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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
The Mail-Herald
VoL 14,-No 4:
.     I el ^bt
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this Machine
is unsurpassed.—Prick: |60 00 cash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Clothing for Boys
WJ. have the celebrated Lion Brand Clothing, the new swagger 2-Piece Double Breasted
Suits in the New Tweeds. They are the top-
notch ?rs in Boys' Clothing.
Boys' Lion Brand Suits. Fit boys from
10 to 16 years—$5.50 to $8.00.
Boys' Lion Brand separate knicker pants
in good, heavy serviceable Summer Tweed,
double seats and double knees 75c. to $1.50.
Footwear for the Children
Children's White Canvas Low Laced Shoes
(Oxfords) also in tans, lovely, light, comfortable Summer Shoes, pretty, for Children's
wear at $1.50 and $i-75-
Children's Slippers in Tans, Blacks, Patents and
Bed, in tbe Laced and Strapped kinds—$1.25 to f 1.75
Tbe Instructor Shoe for Children in the New Broad
Soles, extra wide toes, the acnie of comfort for children's school shoes. People who know this Hue—
(Instructor) ask for tbem at $2.00 and $2.26.
Stores at R_ v-lstok« and Am.wh.M_cl.
Why keep the little ones in a hot bed when you can
keep    them    healthier    and    happier   in a   HAMMOCK
Get One of Our Snaps
We are offering our full line to dear at less than Cost
Onr best $3 50 for $2 25—Our $3.00 line for $2 00-Our $2.00
line for $100.     Come  early   and   have   your  own  choice.
AU kind* of Lawn Goods and Lawn Games. Be in Une and
get a Smart Lawn Mower, the only kind that can always
be depended upon to do good work-
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited ,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Hrauohes iu the Pro.inces of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Uritish Columbia, Ontario, Qaebee.
Oapital Authorised ...        •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    04,925,000.00
ROM-V* Fund ...        -        04,025,000.00
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. B. Jafkbay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Jrannaoted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Btates and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
ChiM-en's Wkite Dresses, all
sizes, all prices, in Qrgamlte,
Silk, Lawn and Cotton.
A new coasigamsnt of Ladies'
and Misses' Dress Skirt, in
Veils, Venetian, Panama, Dnck
and Lustre.
Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
Y. M. C. A.
Election of Officers—Report of
Year's Work Most Satisfactory and the Institution in
Good Shape.
The general annual meeting of the
Y, M. C. A. was held on Thursday
night, President K. Howson took the
obair. The meeting opened with a
brief prayer from secretary ES. M.
Cooke, wbo then read the statistical
report for the year:
Atlendanee, 25915, ou au average of
71 per day; baths, 7976; 300 gymnasium classes, attendance 4148; three
entertainments, attendance 615; three
men's socials, attendance 97; nine
meetings ol literary society, altendance
119; 23 men's meetings (Sunday afternoon) 886; junior members, 32; senior
members, 257; ourrent expenses (paid
out, $4,808.03; paid ou building fund,
$4 508.15.
Tbe report stated that tho work of
the year had been successful and the
institution was in good shape. Tbe
report was adopted. Next followed
the election of directors to tske the
place of those retiring, wbo were themselves eligible for re-election.
J. Lyons suggested tbat directors
be chosen if possible from those who
took active interest in Y. M. C. A.
work and sports, besides those who
looked alter the business end of it, It
was finally rt solved that tbe retiring
directors be re-elected witb the exception of those not now eligible, their
places to be filled later. Tbe meeting
then adjourned.
Tbe annual meeting of tbe directors
was then beld. The minutes of tbe
last meeting being adopted aa read.
The bills against the association were
ordered paid. The following officers
were elected:
President—R. Howson.
1st Vice-Pres.—T. Kilpatrick.
2nd Vice.-Pres.—J. H. Lyons.
Rec.-Sec.—A. E. Miller.
Treat.—C. B. Hume.
General matters relating to the progress of games and institution work
wore discussed. The board felt that
the letters Y. M. C. A. should be
painted on the building, in order to
give more prominence to tbe association. It was resolved tbat this work
be done. It was also suggested that
an electric sign be procured and the
matter was left witb the president and
secretary to procure designs, prices,
etc. W. A. Alldritt, physical director
said tbat tbere was no fire protection
in the building, and suggested tbat a
hose be installed, and that if that was
done he would form a volunteer fire
brigade. He said that tbere were a
number of valuables in the building
and if a fire broke out there were no
means of extinguishing it.
A committee wae appointed to look
into tbe matter,
Mr. AUdritt also recommended that
tbere should be a boys department.
He said tbis was very necessary as the
membership of boys wan large aud
they had no place where they could
read, write or talk, for themselves. He
suggested that a boys department be
arranged for and fitted up before the
coming winter.
Tlie board laid the matter over till
next meeting and adjourned.
Smith Curtis of Ro'ssland Nominated for Kootenays.
Nelson, June 5.—At tlio Liberal
nominating convention hero yesterday
Smith Curtis of Itossland, ex-Minister
ol Minos under tlio Martin government
wae nominated. Three mimes wore
before the convention in (lie order
named: Smith Curtis, G, 0. Ilnchan
ian and F. J. Ueano. There was only
ono ballot, tho figures being eighty-six,
thirty and twenty-two respectively.
On motion of Oeane the nomination
waB made unanimous.
The convention was very largely
attended and as enthusiastic as the
most thorough going admirer of the
Laurier administration could desire.
Smith Curtis is widely known throughout the province and in Manitoba as
a splendid campaigner. He is unquestionably the aTblest platform
speaker in British Columbia and has a
big following in tbe ranks of organized
labor. He is in every respect a strong
In acknowledging the honor done
him, Smith Curtis spoke strongly in
favor ol a clean campaign and expressed bis personal desire that the
votin in Kootenay should take place
on the day of the general elections
throughout Canada and nut lie deferred
as in the past. He wanti-.l the square
unbiased vote of the people.
Delegates Elected to Attend the
Nelson Convention
A meeting of the Revelstoke Conservative AsBociation was held on
Wednesday night, the attendance of
the faithful being good. Tbe gathering was an enthusiastic one. J. McLeod, as president, took the chair.
The chief business to be transacted
was tbe election of delegates to represent tbe Revelstoke riding at the
forthcoming Convention to be held
at Nelson on a date not yet named,
bnt to be beld at the eall of the
Kootenay executive. The following
were elected :
Revelstoke—T. Taylor, M P.P., T.
Wadman, H Sawyer, Willis Armstrong, J. Laughton, E. Dupont.
Albert Canyon,lllecillewaet,Glacier.
—J. Tector.
Camborne—J. Otto.
Beaton and Comaplix—A. D McKay.
The delegates from Arrowhead have
not yet been named, the meeting for
election taking place last niglit. The
report from Big Bend has not yet been
received. The alternatives elected arc
A E. Kincaid, A.G.Brooker, N. Moore,
F. Corson, J, MoSorley
The question of the premier visit ing
Reveletoke was discussed, the anion
of the Board of Trade in inviting Mr.
McBride to come hero on June 15th
being endorsed by the association,
who felt tbat there were many subjects
of great importance to the riding to be
Organization and Election of
The lirst meeting of the W. C. T. U.
was held in the Baptist cburch on
Friday afternoon, June 5th. There
waa a good attendance and great enthusiasm.
Tbe following officers were elected :
President, Mrs. John Beck.
Vice Pres., Mrs. T. W. Hall.
Cor. Sec.—Mrs. A. Johnson.
Treasurer.—Mrs. Benjamin.
Delegates to the convention which
is to be held in Victoria June 16, 17
and 18, are: Mrs. Angus McLean,
Miss Norma Smith, Mrs. Benjamin,
Mrs. J. Scott.
Tbe different departments of work
taken up by tbe union are :
Juvenile work, superintended by
Mrs. McCinn.
Evangelistic and hospital work,
superintended by Mrs. Creelman.
Flower mission work, superintended
by Miss Norma Smitb.
Tbe Union has been organized
under favorable conditions with 54
The place and time of next meeting
will be announced later through the
Signorinetta, an Outsider Wins
English Turf Blue Ribbon
LONDON, June 5.—Lured by the fact
that at least half the horses which
were to run in the historic Derby wore
considered possible winners, the largest crowd that has been seen in many
years found its way to Epsom Downs.
Special trains from different points in
tbe provinces landed scores of thousands of persons at the Downs early in
the day, while one hundred special
trains left the various terminals in
London, crammed to suffocation lor
the famous race con ran.
The historio race was won by K.
Ginistrelles' Signorinetta, by Chaleu-
rux, out of Signorina. Tbe Duke of
Portland's Primer was second, and
Llangwn, owned by Barclay Walker,
was third. Eighteen horses ran. The
betting on Signorinetta was 100 to 1
against; on Primer 40 to 1 against;
aod Llangwn, 100 to 8 against.
Government Contract
New York, June 5.—The gigantie
turbine steamers Lusitania and Mmt-
retania have earned for tbe Cunard
Steamship Company the annual subsidy of $750,000, according to a cable
message from Liverpool, received
yesterday by the New York represent-
rtives of the Cunard lino, to the effect
that the British Government announced in parliament yesterday that
the two great steamers had fulfilled
all tbe conditions of the subsidy
Mattresses, pillows and bedding at
0. B. Hume A Oo's.
Another Dry Belt—Oakes Winner-Session May End—B.
C. Donation -Medicos Meet
—Socialist Paradise.
Victokia, June 6.—The government
has announced that no liquor licenses
will be granted along tho lino of construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific
in British Columbia.
London, June 6.—Tho Cakes Stakes
ol $25,000 for throo year old fillies,
about one mile and a hall, was run at
Epsom Downs yesterday and won by
E. Giiiistn-Ui's Italian filly, Signorinetta, tbe winner oi the Derby last
Wednesday. Lord Falmouth's Courtesy was second, and Santeve, owned
by G. Edwards, was tbiid.
Ottawa, June 6.—There is a prospect now of ending the deadlock, bo
tbat business can be concluded within the month.
Victoria, June 6.—In response to a
request from Earl Grey, tbe local government has agreed to donate the sum
of $10,000 to tbe fund which is being
raised by the National Battlefields
Commission for the perpetuation of
the Heights of Abraham and some
adjoining land as a national park.
Ottawa, Ont., June 6.—Two hundred and fifty doctors coming from ail
parts of the Dominion will gather at
Ottawa next week to attend tbe 41st
annual session of the Canadian Medical association.
Hamilton, Out., June 6.—The town
of Dundas, population 4000, was seized
yesterday morning by Robert Stewart,
sheriff's officer, because of its failure
to observe a judgment of the court
for $43,250 on suit instituted by Mrs
New York, June 6.—Filty followers
bave promised to aid Gustal H. Antler
the well-known social anarchist, form
a paradise colony near Vera Cruz,
Mex. Ander's scheme is to abandon
all clothing, having his oolonists wear
nothing more than the garb of nature,
without even a fig leaf.
Grant Hall Tells What Company
Want in New Rating
Winnipeg, June 5.—Before the con
ciliation board Grant Hall for the
C. P. R. agreed to go on yesterday,
taking the eastern and western mechanics' complaints together. Roughly
speaking, he said, only livo per cent,
ol the men were affected under the
new schedule. It was not I lie intention of the company to interfere with
the good men, The company wanted
three classes ol tioilerinakers. If this
relief could not be obtained tbey
wished the boilermakers' helpers abolished. The company would simply
put in a laborer for that was what he
Asked as to the meaning of a committee of representation he said a
committee ol representation was a certain number ol men iu every shop to
deal with the foreman or master
mechanic. It was objected that two
or three men in every shop should do
tbis, taking up the company's time,
the time consumed by the committee
being charged to the company. The
company requires that ono ol the parties affected by grievances should ap
pear in every case. Other grievances
set down for inquiry had reference to
hours ol work, rcdiiotion of expenses
and employment ol apprentices, as to
which complaint, was made against
tbo filling ol shops with apprentices,
none of them getting an opportunity
to loarn the trade proporly.
Hall intimated tbat among witnesses he proposed to call were tbe
general foreman at Rovelstoke, the
master mechanic at Calgary, the district master mechanics at Moose Jaw
and Kenora, Master Mechanic Hon-
gerlord ol Winnipeg and others.
This morning, oil the stand, Hun-
gerford gave a summary of changes iu
the rates involved in tho changes proposed. 01 202 machinists 25 were
reduced, of 30 boilermakers
reduced, of 68 blacksmiths
reduced, and ot 28 molders
19 wore
8 were
6  wore
Great Disaster.
Victoria, June 5.—Bringing news
of unprecedented disaster to the pearling fleet off West Australia, involving
a loss of 40 luggers aod 270 lives, 20
only being whites, in a typhoon, the
Canadian-Australian liner Manuka
arrived yesterday afternoon.
Garden Requisites
Your garden cannot possibly lie 11 success unless you
have tin-proper tools to work
with and GOOD SEEDS to
I sow, all of which can lie obtained al our Store. You will
then require a length of our
guaranteed RUBBER HOSE
and a sprinkler to water said
garden and possibly a Wood-
yatt Lawn Mower or a pair of
shears to cut the grass.
If your house needs painting, Sherwin-Williams'
Mixed Faints are the best, but at any rate see that the colors
are mixed with Sherwin-Williams' " Screw Press" Linseed
Oil for which we are agents. We also carry a large stock
of dry colors, colors in oil, varnishes, alabastine, etc.
Our Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers, Oil Stoves,
Screen Doors and Windows, Wire Netting, etc., are in big
demand these days.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  $0.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feeders and
open grates.
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
wiU^flU your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Strong .<
"Swell Cresser"
■R* *wk    K«s -.US.
ouh sryLEs a he mot
LATE:"     THEy
A   HUMT>HE1>.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At 8 Per Gent.1
CLv flDatl-lfoecalfc.
RIVtlsMSS, B.C.,
Barrist_.ks, Solicitors,  Ktc
•O T T A W A
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mirphv.        Hakoiji Fisher
up a dollar or two. Of courpe
when it is an election it is different,
they then all take off their coats
and work; this is because affairs of
this sort have become habitual.
These were the earliest signs ol
progress by our forefathers, but we
want something better now. We
would therefore remind all our
good people to bestir themselves
aud help to make the coming 12th
of July an epoch in the history of
KarrUiters, Solicitors. Etc
C. S. GiLLAS .)• <-'. K.i.i.uvrr.
Owcks:   1« 'Kkial   Bank   BLOCK,   Hkviu.-
srora, B. C.
Money lo loan.
Office.: i-evelsuiko, B.C.; Cranbrook, II. C.
Qso. S. McCaktkk, _
i. M. 1 .skiiam, J. A. Haiivkv,
Kevelstoke, B. I'runlii'ouk, B. C.
1. M. Scott L.L.D    ' W. I. Brlggs.
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box ion, Revelstoke
1   A. HAGGEN,
Mining Engineer
Member American Institute Mining Eugiuoers.
Member Cluaduu MininKlnstituto.
Mtfm. Dominion Institute Associated Enninoory
Revelstoke, B, 0,
Examination of iincl Reports ou Miner til Properties [or Inventors.
Cable Address—"Kanagan," Berelstoke, B. C.
Codes—Bedford-McNeill; Moreius & Neul;
Western Union; dough.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled en Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C,
Che-Inn Tobacco
The big black plug.
1                                                                        2209
Cbc nDa.Wlbeval&
Au 1 -•
That it
T.. Ull
in up., baa in the bes
ti *r i il /!! the wiir*.
Uj he'irwiT^* nn) of
•a; lhe riM. of us.
. of OS,
nf us.
From authenticated reports from
the prairie it is evident thnt the
outlook for the coming grain season
is as promising as it has been for
many years, aud a feeling of elation
and hope has filled all the farmers
over tho prospects of a bumper
crop. In almost every section of
the grout wheat-raising country,
the crops are coining on very IftBt
and the reports show that conditions never looked better. In no
case doeB there appear to be any
likelihood of failure, and the
weather and elements have been
propitious in bringing on the grain
which is woll up. Rain has fallen
in almost every district in sufli-
cient quantities and the general
prospects augur well for a magnificent harvest. It can be readily
recognised and understood what a
rich harvest will mean to Canada
as a whole, and how the wave of
prosperity will flow into every
channel. Farmers on the prairie
who after bad seasons have scarcely sullicient money to purchase
the necessities of life, much less
luxuries* will _now be enabled to
launch out and erect buildings
which they bave not hitherto been
able to do. Actuated by the
possession of capital the farmers
will procure such things as are
necessary for the further development of their lands which will
mean increased business and commerce in almost every department. The Buccess of the harvest
this season will mean renewed
vigor in trade and its far-reaching
influences will be felt in British
Columbia, whoBe product, will find
ready markets in the prairie sections. It is anticipated that the
demand for lumber this year
will be unprecedented, and
that building on a large and extensive scale will be carried on, so
that instead ol the mills of this
province being forced to stock up
their yards with lumber, the enormous demand will necessitate their
running dav and night to keep
pace wilh tbeir orders. It is calculated that the coming season on
the prairies will turn the tide of
dull times and create a return of
prosperity. The farmers will buy
wlmt they need and markets will
aiJiiiii   ho   open.   The    lumbering
Important Factor in Harboring
Natural Resources.
The following BiiBHestioiiB were held
out by Q 0. Buchanan, of Kualo, in a
recent lecture on  forest   preservation:
That tho acquisition of timber lands
oven under 21 year licenses, is likely
to be a good investment.
That B C. should have a forestry
commission, and that every acre of
timber lands, the title of which remains in the province, should lie
turned over to the control ol such
That fire protection should bo tinder
the supervision of a body of men of the
training, discipline and freedom from
political inlluence ol the Northwest
Mounted Police.
That the lirst department of the B,
C. University to he equipped should
be—not one ot mining, nor agriculture, nor ot law, nor even ot arts, hut
ot forestry. Tluitthc endowment lands
should be turned over to such depart
ment That funds should lie provided
(chargeable against tho lands) tor their
cial governments, and tliia will later
be supplemented by a special investigation ot districts in regaid to which
no reliable information is available.
May Returns Show Considerable Decrease
Tbe returns tor timber licences fi r
May nre available and and show a con
sidcrable _eoreii_e over the figures ob
111 ined last year. In December, for
instance, the revenue from timber
sources amounted to $234,451.07, while
in January they went as high as
$347,206 65. For May the figures are
•11164,267. The drop in the receipts is
due, ot course, to the policy of the
government in placing a reserve upon
all unreoorded timber. The revenue
derived Irom the annual licence fees
still, however, continues to cut a very
considerable figure in the provincial
The detailed returns are:
Timber licences eaBt of the
CBtu'ndes  46(1
Timber licenses wont of  the
protection against fire, and lor the beginning, at least, cf the work ot forest
improvement. Such work to be carried
on by the stntV and students ot the
forestry school.
That all lands in B. C. in the interior above 4,000 feet in altitude, and on
the coast above 3,000 feet, should be at
once and forever reserved from every
form ol alienation of title. Mining
and lumbering Lnder strict supervision a i to forest protection, to be provided for.
Thit the cutting of immature timber should everywhere be prohibited.
Tbat tlie use of hewn ties by the rail"
ways be ut the e rliost possible mom*
eat discontinued, and sawn ties
That tbe manufacture ot lumber  in
advance of requirements be   in
w.iy discouraged.
Cascades  784
Coal licences  8
Timber license fees  $162 545
Coal licence fees     800
Timber lieencc trauslor fees. 1,272
Penalties  450
Total $165,067
Knotty Question
Ottawa, June 5 —Ou the motion to
gi into supply, Col. Hughes drew
attention to tho fact tbat tor the past
fiscal year the value of lumber im
ported into Canada from the United
States was $12,730,000. A duty on
be tbis lumber would work considerable
benefit to the lumbermen. Mr.
Koowles of Assiniboia, protested
every   against  any   agitation   which   would
As ha? already been announced,
the twelfth of July, the great day
of Orange  demonstration  will   be neweil life and energy into all
! increase the   price  of  lumber  to   the
That, the Indians be bribed by bales   Northwest   settlers   und    tho  matter
of silk to cease the stripping nf   cedar ; dropped,
trees   on   Vancouver   Island,  and Iy! "
| barrels of sugar tn cease the girding of i      Knot powders for sore and tired feet,
pines in East Kootenay. ! sold at C. K.  Macdonald's.
Tbat the balance of timber on   pro- \ =s===_===s==__=^=
vincial lands be for some time to come |.   O.   F-
indUBtrj   of B. C.  will   revive  and j retained by the govern- ent fur by the ; —
money will   bo   once  more in   free forestry commission U formed.)    Tba. U°M*^^^
circulation which   will   mean  that \th* 8 moment be adwsed tn offer lib-  gjs*.  Vi_ltl_«.bratlir_a __r__.ll, MM to
,    , .,, ,'eral terms for the surrender of existing J-w Garland, C.B.
every   industry   will   resume  and i "j H. w. Edwards, r.s.
.,, ,       . ,     licenses and leases.      That the largest
that impetus will be given to trade i        ,, , .       ?.,
,. , I possible amount of   timber   be   will-
m even line.     With   a   successful i ._„   . A ._.   ,-  ,,      _   ,. .    .v.
j drawn and kept on   the   market,   the
season we may look to  better  and | g0.el.nmeDt retaining it.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain   Viow Camp   No.
with  a view |    xfMt>   second   anil   Fourth   Wednesdays In
brighter limes in B. C, which after | to (utllre revPnue poasibilities.and also ! men r^rt^iy "n?-!^..1. "i^nriT""'10  Wood'
the recent stagnation, wil
celebrated here and it will be
beholden to the people to get busy
and Jo something towards giving
tbe guests and visitors to the city
a fitting reception. While we do
not suggest that the merchants
ciose their stores, yet what we do
most assuredly advocate is that
every business house in town spend
a little time and energy on decorating their buildings and giving a
gala and festive atmotpbere to the
town in general. It is estimated
that several thousand ol visitors
will Ik? here that day and we
should endeavor to get as good a
turn out as possible and welcome
the visitors and let thorn see wo
are glad to havo tbem. Revelstoke
needs criticism in this respect ami
we have frequently rubbed it in,
but it amount.- to about tbe same
thing as pouring water on tho back
of .1 duck. Perhaps the groatost fault
of the tribe* of Kevolsloke is their
utter listlessnefs, their apathetic
indifference. a» a rule, to progress,
their cold-blooded desire to see
things done as long as they do not
have to do it themselves, and then
grumble at those who do the work
and accuse them of graft. " You
take the lead." is the motto of
ninety ]ser cent of the citizens. This
would be all very well if the rank
and file would follow, but they
dont. Tbey expect tho main guys
to do all tho work and nre satisfies
put   re-   to prevent the acquisition by   middlemen of a monopoly, such si may easily
  — in the near f'lt'ire become one  of   tn<
I A\  U. S.   Ll MBh.R \ most oppressive that can be imagined
Apropos of a  recent  resolution •    Tbat tbe Dominion govern mer t   ie
passed   by  the   Board   of   Tmtle.  advised tbat tbe present it a mosl   in-
expressing themselves in favor of a ' °PP"rtune time for the enforcement of
dutv lieing placed on lumber  and  »» order recently made by   them,   re-
w. 1). ARMSTRONG. Con. Com.
.1   MrlNTYHE. Clerk.
being pi
shingles coming into Canada from
the United States, we note that the
matter has been diseusspd in tho
Ks-.leral House a I. i Utawa, but
without any practical result. It
seems only fair to demand that tbe
lumbering industry receive the
same protection as other industries, ur, as the Vancouver World
says, that it be granted relief from I
tho duties charged on tha machinery and other supplies used, This
is particularly necessary in Mm
case uf I'.ritis-.li Columbia because
the heavy class of logging and
milling machinery used here ij not
being manufactured in Canada, so
qU'ring lessees m tlie 40 mile belt to
cut. their timber, and that the operation of such order should be suspended
That nothing contained in this
pa[mr is to Ins c iistrui-il si intended to
d -ler any perar.n present (rorn making
investment* in such timber berths aa
are in the open   market
Survey Forest Resources.
Ottawa   i ine 6 — Sti [w  havi   si
taken   i,y the foresl rj      inc     f   the
Inti rii t   Departi lenl   il   Ottawa   •
obtmn a oomplel i  ••■.   il t he forest
resources, of   Cm, nl.i.      ,\   ||. |i   I;. ...
leoturer m for. strj   i   |. n nl
sity, lias been   appointed to assemble
all available  data in regard to linn i r
that the duty has not the excuse d! *'"'  pulpwood   resources    Statistic!
F. O  E.
Ttii fwilAr rniwtliijt* urn !i«l<l iti tho Hnlkirlf
3a i " Tuesday evnninK at R tVc.oci.. Vinit*
■iv brwUir»>n t.r« cordially invited,
■J     LBS LIE.   pRKHtDKNT.
W   K. MrLAUrHL.N.HK. brtary.
No. IS A _T * A.M.
The r<<-ffiili_r inoot-
ifik> art; hnlri In tho
Eaafonio TumpU*,
Mr! hVllow-H Halfon
thi- I.hinl M-ititl.i) in
.met) month at 8
-.ni ViriltlnKhruth
r«'ii ''opilHlly wnl
M«!«'*• i,i ry'lhiirnda*
'■vpntriK in Belktri
klUll Ml * r/•-.lock
|Vi-ilium ir. ■ hrtm nor
'llally   'iivi-tv,   Uj  at-
IKK   S O I  Mil llll-'   BH
Cold Range UUko, k, of   P..
No. ;■'., RovoU-toke, B. 0.
a IDKCTD.tr,
rV_ Ipwdw of
lO thi ' I'l'-fs-llowa'
Hull m - o'clock. VimtitiK
Ko [hi -   ,   - .-'."j.
IJ Hon. Alexander Mackenzie was one of the
army o( builders who became Premier of
Canada, because he could think straight, and
be straight.
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HKAD omOR :   Caloarv,   Ai.hp.hta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets in all the prinrl
PhI Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
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Decoration Day
Gold RanKo Lodge Bo, '20, Knights
of Pythias, and Selkirk 1, .,\fre No, 12
LOCK., will assemble tomorrow iifier-
noon  at  LB.8OI1. at  tht'ir respeotive
Inline ni'inst ai.d msroll to tlie. C6mB<
teiy for the purpose nf decorating tbo
graves of decased members, A ful1
turn out is requested. Pythian Sisters,
lli-bi'tmlm, mul K.o! P. Uniform Hunk,
attended   by  tho   Independent   llntid
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partinont, nnd from the various provin-
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Reveletoke. Vancouver.
Revised   Statutes of Oanada-,
1906, Chapter 115
Ptii'Hiiiint to the above Statute the
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited; give notice that they have
applied hy petition to tho Oovernor-in-
Couucil for approval of lho site and
plans for certain booms proposed to lie
constructed in the Columbia River
near Golden In the Province of British
Columbia, 11 plan and description of
tlie proposed situ aud of the booms to
he constructed have heen deposited
with the Minister nf Public Works at
Ottawa, and a duplicate thereof in the
Land Registry nflflcM at Nelson, B.C.
Dated this HOth day of April, 1008.
Coi.umhia KivKit lumber Co., Ltd.
my 2-30 d Managing Director.
Queens Jiotel
Beit brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Certificate of Improvements
Maymle Maok, Hint a,, iron Mast, and Lens
Fraction  mineral claims, situate  In the
Nroul' ake Miulug Division ol West kootenay Ulalrlct.
Where located:—In Uoat Creek Haaln, adjoining the Beatrice (iroup.
Take nuiloe  that 1, It, Bnillh, F.M.C. No.
ItlMi'.!, .Kent lor J. II. Mackensln.i'.M.o. No. B
8877U anil  Archer  Martin,  I'.M.o. No. B17462,
Inti'iiil, sixty itsys Irom dste horeol, to apply
to the Mining  Recorder lor s 1 urllllcate ol
Improvements, Ior the purpose ul obtaining a
Crown lirant ol the above claims.
And lurthcr   take notice that action, under
section 87.  must  be commenoed bulore the
Issuance of such Certifloate ol Improvements.
Dated this 10th day ol April, A.D. 190s.
sat ap 18 WM
rpHE attention ol the Lauds aud Works He-
I partmeut linvluii been directed tn ths faot
that town iota In a townslto name/] Pritics Hu
iiert. bains a subdivision ot Lot 642, Itanrs l>,
Coast District, situated on tha mainland Imi-
twoeu tho mouth of the Blnsna Hirer and Ka Inn
Island, nre being offered for sale, it has been
deemed necessary lo waru the publio that the
said townsltllated at the terminus of the Otand
Trunk I'liclHc Hallwav, nnd Is not the townsite
which Is owned Jointly hy the OovemmeBt of
Uritish ( ..liimhia, aud the (Irsiul Vrunk l'aolfle
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Incorporated by Aet cf Perliimout, 1855.
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James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches in   Canada  and  Agencies   in  all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
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W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
The Ascent of Mounts McKenzie
and Tilley
A party of three, consisting of Mr.
Alldritt of the Y.M.C.A., Mr. Symington, Presbyterian missionary,and Rev,
J. R. Robertson ol Knox Church made
the ascent of Mounts McKenzie and
Tilley this week and report a very
interesting climb.
The party left Revelstoke at 2 p in.
on Tuesday with 121b. packs each on
the back. Goinv, by way of Williamson's Lake and up the shoulder ol tbe
main lidge facing the town, tlie climbers got well up to the timber line by
7:30 in the evening when they made
camp and tlept under the open eky.
By 6.30 o'clock iu the morning they
were climbing upward again and
reached the summit of McKenzie at
8.30 o'clock, about 7,500ft. alt. By 10
o'clock the summit of Tilley was
reached,   about   8,000ft.   alt,     Good
seen steaming southward, nearlj 60
miles away. Above all the great
Links or snow white clouds hanging
on a thousand peaks and flanks in all
directions, presents a glory beyond
description, and which can never be
forgotten by those who have seen it.
Discuss   Plans  for this Season's Camp
0ALQAKY, June...—The local branch
of the Alpine club of Canada met last
night, a large number of members
being present.
An exhaustive report was rea.l by
the president, A. O Wheeler, describing the past year's work, and the jiro-
blenis that tbe club lind to face during
the coming year.
The most important of these is the
proposed new club house, entailing an
outlay of $6,000. The club desire to
erect this building  on  a plot of   land
Liquor Licence Aot, 1900
Notice is hereby given that at the
expiration of one month from date the
undersigned will apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, B. C, of the hotel
liquor licence now held by me in
respeot of the " Windsor Hotel " at
lllecillewaet, B. C.
Dated this 22nd day of April, 1008.
C. D. Morris.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquet- license fur the Halcyon
Hoi Springs Hotel, at Halcyon, B. C,
for the half year from July 1st, 1008,
to Dec. 31st, 1H08.
w np ai Harry McIntosh.
Take notice that 1, F. T. Abey, of
Camborne, B. C, intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for tbe premises known
as the Criterion Hotel at Camborne,
B. C.
Dated May tlih, 1908.
w my 13 30d P. T..Aiiey.
Notice is hereby given that I Intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor licence for the Hotel
Queens at Comaplix, B. C, for the
half year from July 1st, 1908, lo Dec.
81st, 1908.
sat my 2 30d J. H. You nil
Take notice thai I. Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. 0., Intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, at tbe expiration of one month
from date hereof for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the promises known
as the Reception Hotel at Cumhorne,
Dated May Uth, 1908.
sat iu 10 mi Cory Menhenick.
cake notice lhat I, Dave Orr. of
Camborne, B, C, intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence, for lhe premises known
as the Cumhorne Hotel, Camborne,
B. C.
Dated May 0th, 1908.
w my 13 30d Dave Orr.
Take notice that I, William Lovatt,
of Burton, intend applying to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one month from
date herot, for a renewal of my hotel
licence for the premises known as lhe
Kootenay Hotel at Burton.
Dated May 1st, 1008.
s my 9 80d Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that we intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police fora renewal of the iotail liquor
licence for the Lakeview Hotel at
Arrowhead, B. C, for the half year
from 1st July, 1908 to 31st Dec. 1908.
Dated this 8lh day of May, 1008.
sat my 9 30d    Plumton A Chapman.
That notice that I intend to apply to
tue Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Eva Hotel at Camborne,
B. C, for the half ye ir from 1st July
to 31st Dec. 1908.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1908.
sat 9 my 30d John A. Tiiew.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal oi! the Retail Liquor Licence for the Lardeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the half-
year from July 1st, 1908, to Dec. 31st.
wnill.'iOd RUSSEL M, Evans.
Take nolice that 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the St. Loon
Hotel at St. Leon, II. C, for the half-
year from July Nt, 10118, to Dec, .'list,
w my o aod M. Grady.
Take nolice that I intend to make
application to tho superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal jf i lie
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel, at lllecillewaet, B. C, for six
months from July 1st, 1908 to December 81st, 1908.
Dated this 12th day of May, 1908.
w my 20 MOd
Take notice that 1 intend to make
application to tho Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a reiiuwul of the
retail liquor license for tlm Hotel Hen
ton, Beaton, B.C., fur the half year
from July 1st, 1908, to Dec. Hist, lflOH.
w up69 Wm. Hiiyii.
Take milieu thut I intend lo make
application to the Hllpel inlisllilenl of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor llconss for the l 'ily Hotel
at Arrowhead, B.C. for tlio half year
from Julv l.l, 191)8, tu Duo. 31st, 1908.
wap_W J. CALUY,
Take uotice lhat I, Cory Menheniok,
of Camborne, B. ('., intend upplying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, ut the expirntion of one month
from dute hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
us the Coronation Hotel, at Camborne,
Dated May 14th, 1008.
sat in HI 80d Cory Meniiknii k.
Nolice in hereby given lhat I intend
to apply to this Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
liquor license for the Union Hotel at
Arrowhead, B.C!., for six months from
July 1st, 1908, to December 3Nt, 1908.
Dated this Ith day of May, 11108.
winy II .'(Oil        \V. J. I.iuhtiu'HNK.
Take notice thut I intend to make
application to tho superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Glacier
House Hotel, at Glacier, B.C., for the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
for six months from July 1st, 1908 In
Dec. 31st, 1II0H.
Daled this 12th day of May, 1908,
winy lBSOd O. B, Fliniit.
C. than Mr. M. J. Henry, 3010 Westminster Rond, Vancouver, B. C. Mr
Henry tins been in the business for the
past eighteen years. His knowledge
of B. C. conditions, his wide experience
as a grower of fruit and ornamental
trees, the ample facilities nt his com
mand, and a natural nptitude for this
line of work, have all helped in the upbuilding of a very extensive business.
Aside altogether from the patriotic
acpect of the case and, other things
being equal, the "grown in B. C.
brand" should appeal to us, there aro
decided advantages in procuring nursery slock from a local concern. The
trees are uot so long in shipment, cor
is fumigation necoBsary as in the case
of imported Btock, and further, the
local nurseryman relies upon your
continuous support—self interest dictates generous treatment of his patrons.
M. J. Henry employs no travelling
salesmen. His catalogue—one of the
host nursery catalogues in America—
is sent free to all intending purchasers
This is his silent salesman. Although
his sales extend from Dawson City to
Oregon, and from the west coast ol
Vancouver Island to the Maritime
Provinces, this business has boon developed entirely through advertising
in tho local papers ol the country
Surely this is proof—if proof were
needed—of the value of the local paper
as an advertising medium.
time was made on the homewaid trip
the climbers reaching town at 4 30 p
m. on Wednesday, having been 26
hours on the hills.
Among the interesting features of
the trip might be mentioned, first, the
heavy bush work among the lower
hills accompanied by tbe afternoon
beat und the sweet fellowship of
countlesB uiOEquitoee. Second, the
heavy snow work above the timber
line making the climbing slow and
difficult. Third, the best feature ol
the climb was reaching the summit of
Tilley around by the ridge from McKenzie summit. Nothing difficult
was found, but tbe wild scenery down
from the walls ol Tilley and the splendid snow cornices at this season of the
year made this part of the climb very
interesting. Fourth, the climbers had
an interesting and thrilling experience for a few moments coming down
the snow slopes of McKenzie. Rev.
Robertson was leading down a good
glissade which started a snow slide
and in a moment a magnificent slide
swept down a thousand feet into a
broad field below. Mr. Robertson for
the moment wae thrown with the
tumbling suow but by a quick struggle managed to right himself face forward and keep himself on top of the
slide, while by good use of the ice axe
in driving it into the underlying
stratum of snow which was not sliding
he kept himself from  going aB fust as
three and a half acres in extent, and
offered as a lease to them upou condition that they erect a suitable building upon tbe land within a year's
time. Another matter of importance
discussed was tlie advisability of getting a oh.irter from the Dominion
government. Final action, however,
will not .be taken until the annual
meeting, which dikes place this ye r
at Rogers Pass, July 7 to July 15.
In all the club has issued 67 certificates this year. It is very gratifying
to note that over one hundred new
members bave been added during the
last year, bringing the present total
enrolment to over lour hundred.
A new item that will interest the
climber iB that to now obtain a certificate it is necessary to climb 2,500
feet above timber line, on truly alpine
glacier hung peak.
The Rev. James Outram, of Crescent, Colorado, and author of "In the
Heart of the Canadian Rockies," was
proposed as honorary member, and
steps will be taken to inform R.v.
Outram of the honor about to be conferred upon him by the Canadian Alpine club.
The limit for this year's camp is
placed at 200, exclusive of attendants,
and it is expected that some 80 tents
will provide quarters for the club.
Arrangements have been made
whereby the C.P.R. will loan the
guides supplied last year, and it is ex-
Nolico is hereby given that wc intend to apply to ilieHupurlnlendunt of
Provincial Police for a renewal of tba
retail liquor licence now held In respect of I'te Lakeview Hold al Arrowhead, which license has been train—
furred to US by D. Cameron, the
holder thereof.
Daled I'-'s 1st. day of May, 1008,
sat my 280d    Ciiai'man A Plcmiton.
Are Bent on   Conquering the
Alps of Canada
MONTREAL, June 6.—Edward Fauz,
young Edward, his nephew, and Peter
K'liull'nuiu, three famous Swiss guides
and mountain climbers, who have
tackled and overcome all the snowy
peaks in their own Alpine home, have
left Montreal on their way weat with
their jaws set and theii minds made
up to conquer tho Rockies aud win
fresh honors iu North America. These
three men are pioneers of several
guides brought out by the C.P.R. to
help tourists negotiate Mount Sir
Donald, the peaks round Lake Louise
and other snowcapped heights.
thousand acres miller Crop   this   year.
Crop prosp'cts are most favorable '"
Mr. Wilkie appears to fully realize
the importance of the west, and its
prospects, in causing the trade and
commerce of the country to expand
Persian Sherbet—the best hot
weather drink—50c. a large bottle at
Bows' Drugstore.
"i wanted foi Steam Laundry. Apply stating w.'i^es to Vernon Steam
Laundry Co., Vernon, B. C.	
EGGS for Hitching from a splendid
strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Reds, $1.60 for IB.—Mrs. Drew.
Reliable Poultry Yards, Camborne,
D. C. up 22-lmo
FOR SALE—A first-class team of
work horses. Apply to the Revelstoke
Sawmill Co.
OR   QUICK   SALE-Oheap   cash
register,  safe and store fixtures.
Splendid condition,   Apply  Box   014,
Roller  Rink   a few
tinder  will  receive  $2 on returning
anu' to owner through Mail-Herald,
LOST-At   the
nights ago a $1(1 gold piece.
UR8ING—Mrs.   Alice   C.   Lee. of
Fourth Street, is prepared to go
oui nursing.
ATE   HOME    for   maternity
_L     cas
U, B'ix211-Mrs. A. E. Bennison.
TO RENT—Part of a  new  modern
house.   Apply Mail-Hekald office.
WANTED—Finnisbed bouse to rent
for six months or longer. Apply-at
Mail-Herald office. »■ A s
WANTED—Agents in Kootenay and
Yrale for the Globe Fire Insurance
Company—Apply to Columbia Agencies, Limited, General Agents.       2t
WANTED—Man with a trade, capable
of leading a Band. Apply to Frank
P. Roblcheau, Salmon Ann, B C. lOj
the main slide, so that avoiding all
danger ho had a most thrilling ride
for a thousand feet. For tlio moment
the other climbers lost sight of him
over a slope und were anxious until
they saw hi oi—triumphantly on top
of thousands of tons of snow. A good
laugh all round was the conclusion of
what Mr. R. describes as a most niBg-
nificent sight and thrilling experience.
Filth, the vicwB that opened to tho
eyes ol the climbeis were moat delightful.    The  city  ol    Bevelstoke
seems very small from tho heights but
vcry'beautifu! and secure nestling in
the shadows at the bate ol tho mountains. Tho Columbia Valley stretching away to the south with its serpentine river, and the lllecillewaet valley
to lho east, present pictures laiyontl
tho powers ol tho camera. frum the
summit the Arrow Lakes opened lo
view snd the steamer "Kooteoay" wss
looted that the services of at least ono
moro will be obtained.
P, Brisland, winner of last year's
art competition, in tho Paradise Valley, was presented with an ice. axe,
suitably engraved, Blereoptloon views
of lust year's camp aro now obtainable
for those who desire to have some
tangible remembrance of last year's
It might bo   well   to state, for those
Interested, moru especially In tho cuisine, that Mock Hon has advised from
the far-oil'island uf Formosa, that ho
will h.ii 1 in time to tako lull charge of
the club's kitchen equipment. An
application has also boon rocoived
from Jim Pong for a similar position.
A Home Industry
Among the many nurserymen doing
business on tho Pacific Coast, no ono
is belter known to the Iruit men ol B.
New Overseas Publication from
We have received the initial copy of
the "Standard of Empire" a new journal devoted to the interests of Canada,
Now Zealand, South Africa,Newfound-
laud, India, Australia and the Crown
colonies. This publication is edited
aud produced by tbe London, Eng,
Standard, and is practically the first
British Empire newspaper that has
ever boon published. This newspaper
wiil convey the news and represent
the interests of ail the Oversea states.
No form of party spirit or bias will
ever be admitted into its pages, and
the Standard of Empire will serve as a
medium of all the news of the Empire
and will be a common platform and
moutlipiace, a channel of intercourse,
a bond of fellowship and mutual nasi.-
tance for and between all the peoples
and countries of lhe British Empire.
No advertisement from any source
outside the British Empire will bj
given place in its columns, and its
chief aim and object is to foster the
Imperial relationship and bring the
whole Empire into closer touch. The
paper, which is published as a weekly
supplement to the Standard will come
out every Thursday and can be obtained for a year for $2 in Canada.
The Standard is sold in Toronto and
other Canadian cities. This newspaper will have the warmest support
in Canada and will be of the greatest
utility to tho whole Empire as its
policy if successfully followed will tend
to increase materially tho sum of our
knowledge regarding all tho different
parta of the British domain, thereby
making for its general advancement,
consolidation and prosperity. Canada
should welcome tho Standard not only
ou commercial grounds but ulso upon
tho grounds   of   Imperial   citizenship  £"»•' •'
* ,, ,   BbeaTSS,
and Empire unity which is well served
by any movoiiinnt having for its object
the enlargement and strengthening of
existing   channels of  communication
between tho   mother  country and her
overseas dominions.
saw.   Apply  by  letter lo  Lee
for    circular
letter lo  Lee
Ltd.,   Wigwam,
WANTED KNOWN—Rents, interest, loans and trade accounts
collected by liie Columbia Agencies,
Limited, Reve'.ioke.
ANTED-Fouith Class Certificated
Stationary engineer  for  Steam
tindry.   Apply J. 0. Hutchison.
WANTED TO LET-House of five
rooms on Firsl Street. Rent $10
per month. Apply Colombia Agbn-
oibs, Limited.
WANTED KNOWN-We have for
salt one of the prettiest homes
in the city, half acie of land. Price
$1050, of which only $300 to $400 only
revuireil down and balance can be
paid as rent. Apply COLOMBIA AGENCIES. Limited.
The members of E Company, R.M.R.
are hereby notified to attend for com
pany drill every  Monday  and Thurs
day at 8 p.m. until further orders.
By   Order,
O. O.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Lauding ( during stage of high
water) at 6 a.m. on Tuesday aud
Friday, for Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for tbe Boat Landing at 6:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday aud Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
sailings may be changed without
Noxious Weeds
Property owners are hereby notified
to bave all noxious weeds, particularly
dandelions, cut down before seeding,
so as to prevent spreading.
By order of the Public Works Committee.
May 23, 1908.        3t        Chairman.
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 3, Vivian  Luck
No. i, Vivian Luck No.  5, Vivian
Luck No. 0 and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Whete    located:—At  Head of   Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that   I,   O.  B.  N.
Wilkie, acting   as   agent   for   Hector
Poirier,   F.M.C.   B7486,   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. B95061, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Recorder   for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, A. D.
w mj-27 Trout Lake, B. O,
Landsoape Gardener
Florist and
Propagator _^__>
Work done by the day or week.
Contracts Undertaken.
Address :
Bank President Optimistic
D.B.   Wilkio, the   Imperial   Bank
president, al the conclusion of his
address at tho annual meeting of thu
Imperial Bank at Winnipeg, said :
" There is ovory indication ol a
magnificent harvest through the
Northwest. Nothing could be of
greater servico to us, and to ovory
banking institution than such a
harvest, and wo hope when wo moet
you next year to demonstrate that wo
have not only hum ablo, but also
willing through our resources, to
avail ourselves of the opportunities to
tako a (ull share of the expansion in
tritdo which must follow upon agri
cultural prosperity. Our most rocont
information from Winnipeg, dated
only yesterday, is to the following
effect.   " Nino million   five hundred
Customs Sale by Public Auction
To be sold by Publio A,uet-on uuder thenro
rlj.Oni Of tint CustoniH Act, Ut Uevel -t'sk".  B.C.
in Sufferance warehouse. 0 P.R. Freight H,ied
«.» Thursday, ISth  Juno,  l»«   .mm » uin-   tho
following goods which  hare been forfeited <
which are in default f.ir payment of duties 01
dor thn Clinton... Laws, viz.: PapltSfteof Book
PlotUreSi Revolvers,  Ammuuiliuu. (J)tnua >i in
Exerciser?,  Moving Picture. outfit.    Grams-
iilnmo, HtHKUclen, Electric Batten-. Hat.. Win
dnw Cards. Doll, Needier Watoh, Metal, 3 tun I
BTtli   Telephone   < ahle.  Tree*,   Iron
Scn-oii,   Potato   DlggOIBi Hammock..
Saw el''-, uud other articles in* per List  on file
nud to ho USD at Customs Otlice, HoveUtoke.
TKHMS CAHH.    Sale Mihjoct to continuance
nexl day and until completed
D    It    ATKINS,
Collector of Customs
Dated at BeTelstoke, 1st day of June, lWfe.
Certificate  of Improvements
Hi*. Hope Fractiou Mineral claim No. 2.
Situate in the Truut Lake Mining Division of
the Kootenay District. Located un Poplar
TAKE NOTICE that L C J. A. tt. Psdley,
Free Miner = Certificate No. II 88816, intend 60
days from the date hereof to apply to the Min-
tog Recorder for a ( ertificate of Improvement.-*
fnr the purpose of obtaining s Crown Grant of
the above claim. And furthor take notice that
action under Section 37 must be commenced
before   the   i_--.UHi.ee  of  such  Certificate  of
Dated this 4th day of April, 1908.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the .Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson, B. 0„ for tbe half
year from July 1st., 1998, to Dec. 81st,
John Stauhkr
it* -i"i.: " Don't do a
thing;" till you «fu clearly
what ■■ h> -i by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
Insulin, illsiiiusu, liivi'. mu i UK' ami j. ip.|> '.■_••
To John Ennest, or to whomsoever he
may have transferred hia interests:
Take notice that I, the undersigned,
co-owner with you in the following
mineral Claim, viz.: (iold l'ly mineral
claim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, of tins Province of
liriUs.li Columbia, have done the re-
quit cd work on the above mentioned
minimi claim for the year ending 1907,
itiiitili't' to hold the same undei Section 2. of tbe .Mineral Ac.
Ami further take notice that if within '.") days from the lirst publication of
this notici'. you fail or refuse to contribute yum pni'liou of -ii.'li expenditure together with ihe cost of this
advertisement, your Interest in the
said mineral claim will become the
property of the undersigned, under
Section 26 B of the Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, li. 0., this 14th
day of May 1908.
-vit my Hi'.njil J. A. Lkwib,
lun'l like tu
to liny futtill lor pos,__nc,
Tolls whiil you'll us. ii ilwtor,
210 ii.'iucs, Illustrated. 19 cents: but lolntrodu.
it, wi. send one only
ID cunt*.
East lath Itro.t, NSW YORK
Revelstoke Land District,
District of VVesI Kootenay,
Take notice that 1, M. K. Lawson of
llevelatoke, occupation house-keeper,
intenilH to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commenolng at a post planted on
the line of Lot No. 7B88, and marked
"M. K. Lawson's N. B, corner |x>Ht,"
thence south along "aid line 40 cliains,
thence west 10 chains, thence north 2")
chains, thence eaat 2U chains, thenoo
noi th 20 chains to P. Mailer's pre-emption, thence (   .st 2b chains ti. point of
Manas K. Lawbox,
Dated April 0th, 1008. w ap 20
Notice is hereby given that I intend
In apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for permi_«iou to
transfer to Messrs. Chapman and
I'lumpton, of Arrowhead, B. 0., the
retail liquor lieen." held by uie in
respect of the premises al Arrowhead,
known as the Lakeview Hotel,
Dated this 1st. day of May, 1908.
sit my 2 UOil. D. Cahkkon.
Take notice t bal we, Messrs. Ugilvie
and McKitriek, of Nskusp, intend
applying to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police at the expiration of
one month from date hereof, for a
renewal of our hotol license for the
premises known as the Leland Until
at Nakusp, for Ihe half vear from July
1st., 1908, Ui Dec. 31st, 1908.
Dated April 80th, 1908.
at my 2 aod.    Ooilvib A Mi Iw.ninl THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Some very pretty Muslin Blouses and Muslin
Skirts a new Importation just to hand.
Children's,   Pinafores    and    lllaek    Sateen
I Irawers.
Corset   Covers,     Night   Dresses,      Drawers
Underskirts, etc.
Twenty Per Cent. Discount on all oui Dress
(roods. Oome in and see what we have iu
store for yon in this department.
We can surprise you in this line. Our Prices
are Cut Down. Bargains for anyone looking
for Muslin Dress (roods.
Some nice, New imported Parasols, both in
Ladies' nnd Children's,
Sailor lints, Muslin Hals, Muslin Bonnets,
Linen Tunis,—all Trimmed Millinery tit
reduced prices,
Men's Balht'iggan at 50o, per garment.
Men's Near Silk at $1.00 per garment.
Men's Summer weight, natural wool—$1.00
Men's Kuit-tn-Pit Combination Suits.
Dailies', Children's, Men's and Boys' Bouts
ami Shoes al popular prices.
Our Prices are the Lowest.
Great Saving on  Every Day
.♦_ a^_ .♦. ■'t's .^. ."tt s^*. '***■ -^' ■*fr» nfri |T| iTi
••I *v 'Al *V *V 'J,1 '.J.' ■■J.1 "X1 "X1 *+' '+1 'sis1
Spraying |
Fruit Trees      I
You   can   got    all    the *&
Chemicals   lor   any    re-  *V
ceip: here. We bave them
ready and can advise you
the best to use.
7 Revelstoke, B. C.
if i it* 11T11T11T1 tti 1T11T11T1 iTt
Weather Forecast
Cloudy, moderate winds, lair. Temp
ma*., .3 = .; min. 52c.
Local and General.
The Board af Trade meeting did not
eventuate on Thursday night.
R. H. Trueman will b^ at the
Revelstoke studio for one week, commencing Friday, June _2th.
Wednesday waa the 43rd birthday
of His rf.yni uigbneos mo Priuce ol
Wl . nao was born oo June 3rd,
To* Knights of Pythias and Uni-
form It..iik will attend Divine service
to-morrov, evening   al   tbo   Metbodiot
la -Ti. h.
Ui- Majesty Kng Edward has consented ts.. be uutroo oi the sanitarium
oi the auti-iubeiculosis Bociety at
Dr. Duval, oi the Knox cliurch,
Winnipeg, wae elected moderator nt
the general assembly of the Presbyterian church this week at  Winnipeg.
Mr. aud Mra. B. Clifford aud Messrs.
L. T. and C A. Morris, came down
from Notch Hill yesterday in Mr
Clifford's ga.oiiue boat, the trip occupying su hours.—Kamloops Sentinel
There seems to he a very apathetic
intetest taken in Dawn Tennis this
season by the men oi the city. The
ladies, on the other hind, are keenly
enthusiastic ami are putting up some
excellent games.
The inqudst ou the body ol Joe.
Vinoent. who died suddenly on Tuesday last, was held on Wednesday
evening under Coroner Cross. The
jury returned a verdict ol deatli from
natural causes.
The Knights ...f Pythias and Odd
fellows, accompanied by the Independent Hand, will celebrate Decoration Day to-morrow and inarch to the
cemetery to decorate the graven ol
deceased members.
Henry     Bodine.     the     well-known
Camborne mining man of lour ut tive
years aga<>, has located with his partners su claims in the now placer
camp near tho Kinlay river, in northern British Columbia.
Penny postage between the United
Stata* and Oreal Britain will become
effective on October 1st. The rate
will be the same as between (Ireat
I'.ntain and her colonics—one penny
or two cents per ounce.
The merchant* and business men
havo got together and an angel that
the business section ol McKen/.ie
aveuue will be sprinkled every day
during the hot and dry weather, which
will be ol great bonetit tO all concerned
good coffee; hut it's hard to get
—good one time and bad the
next. You've found it so,
haven't you? Let us supply you
with our Mocha and Java coffee.
You'll find it good all the time,
50 cents a pound. All our
groceries are the same—good all
the time.
You Can Hold
A Whole Loaf
of our bread without feeling the
least discomfort. H is so light
and so palatable that you can
eat a lot more of it t han ordinary
bread. Take a rest froin home
baking and try some of ours. We
don't want to brag hut we think
you will find our bread, cake and
pastry even better than your
own.      Try  them   for  a change
Social and Personal'
II Ko.iys wont south yesterday ou
a business trip.
W, Ogilvie of Nakuap was in the
city on Thursday,
K. Bourne returuid yesterday from
a visit to lhe Bouth,
Hun.   K    W. Aylmer has returned
from n visit to Gulden,
J.   Simmonds,   ol   Nelson,   left I r
home yesterday morning,
M. .1 O'Brien ol Vernon was a visitor to the oity on Thursday.
Conductor Hughes left on Thursday
for a visit to the Halcyon Hot Springs.
J. 0, Vance, manager of the French
Creek mines, Hig Bend, whb in the
city yesterday.
Mrs. II. Keays will not receive on
Friday, June 12, nor again during the
Bummer months.
Dr. J. C. Morrison left on Thursday
on a professional visit to Salmon Arm,
Notch Hill and other points on Shu.
swap Lake.
A. SteveiiBon kit on Wednesday
night fur Vernon where he will take
charge ol lhe freight department at
the C.P It. depot.
Mrs. Donald McKenzie was "at
home'' to a few of her friends on Friday afternoon in honor ol her gueet
Mrs. J, H. McKenzie, ol Vancouver.
We aro glad to state that J. H.
Morrison, who has boon ill in the hospital for some time, has entirely re
covered and is once more able to
resume his duties oo the C.P R.
D. G. McKenzie, fo-merly Dominion
Express agent at Revelstoke, and more
recently Btationed at Edmonton, has
been promoted to take charge of tho
company's ollice in Calgary.
Mr. and MrB. A. McBae entertained
a few friends oo Wednesday night at
their home. Alex. McLennan ol Iowa,
Mr. McKenzie aud A, McGregor gave
some excellent Scotch selections on
ihe bagpipes, and  also sword dmcing.
Mrs. R. S. Squarehriggs and little
daughter, Mrs. Bey MacDonsld aud
asm Horace, leave tomorrow morning
[or a visit to their home at Summer-
side, P E.I. MisB Lou Campbell accompanies them to Toronto. They
will go hy way ol the great hikes from
Fort William.
*.  ! WE   HAVE I :*■
_____ I N C A 113    «S_
A N D 1.
r r e i-: t
in the motto at our store.
THAT is why  your physician
haa confidence it,  our prescrip
Your health and future welfare
are loo important to  Iw  trilled
ssst vses ssRSsesimoNs to
Druggist & Stationer
Mail Orders receive prompt
W. .Madden, alius \V. li.iniiart. aiias
.1. J. Curry, who was arrested here
this week for horse stealing and taken
to New Westminster by Detective
Bradbbaw, .vae committed for trial at
tbe next  aBaizes of the Biipieme court.
A new record of British Columbia
was made on the Cranbrook track Uut
week when Tom Keene paced a mile
in 2:19. This is the fastest heat oi
one mile ever paced in the province
Tom Keene participated m the
race meet last Fall.
The Grand Encampment,   I.O.O.F
convenes at Victoria oo Tuesday.
June 0th, the Grand Lodge on the
lOtli aud Uth and thegenernl assem
bly ol the Relseknha on tho 9th. The
latter will institute a grand assembl)
of the Order fur this province.
VV. Abrahamson ha« tlie contract
for extensive repairs and alteration! t..
the residence of (iiia Lund on Third
and Kootenay streets. The building
will be moved back Irom the mail
several feet, new concrete foundations
and basement added,   and    other   im-
. provements,
The Bev. W c, Calder will have bia
launch "Tonka" open (ur service dining the summer months,   The launch
is capable of holding hum 12 to I'i
persona. Picnic parties tu tho many
very pretty localities sround the river
will lind a pleasant outing either
afternoon or evenings.
E, Corrigan, of Hillsboro Texas,
hal lieen chosen    as   assists nl    grand
chiel -if tbs Brotbernood oi Locomotive Engineers to Iill the last of the
two positions uf that title   which   the
convention created.   The offloe oarrles
Willi it a salary ol fHIM) a   year   witb
travelling expenses.
O. B. McCarter has a line   specimen
of h 0. lumber, consisting of a plunk
eight leet long by lour (pet with: and
about au inch thick of lino grade clear
cedar, Irom the Mundy Lumber Oom
pony's mill at, Three Valley. This is
only a small portion of tho original
plank, a large number ol which were
cut Irom the single tree.
L. M. Hagar returned on Wednesday Irom a Business trip ihrough ths
piairies in the interests of tho Fruit
and Produce Exchange of il. 0, He
states that tho cro|m aro in a splendid
condition and the fanners aro anticipating a successful season. Tho
demand for B. C. fruit in that country is very marked and tho demand
will greatly exceed tho supply,
On going to press the B.iard of Trade
are in session at a special meeting.
Miss Crake, ol the public schonl
start', and iier scholars, are holding a
picnic today out on the old recreation
The ambulance has lieen ordered to
meet I lie south train this evening, al
I though no further information -
Iforthcoming for whom it  is   required
A rich strike has   been mule at the
| True Fissure   mine on the Great N .
'•hern Hi,1  behind Ferguson, of sevi
feet ol cipan galena   ore  g'.in. $300 t i
;the tun
T. f   raj lor wh    registered  yr,i
■day at   tbe   Hotel   Bevsistoke
Silvenon, B   I      was   taken   to   tb.
hospital ai noon today suffering from
i 161  attack ol inllamatory   rheum-
■i" in Mr Taylor, we understand,
ih interested in mining  properties  up
the Big Bend.
The following was heard hers
recently. A little girl went into i
local hardware store the   .iher  inon
log mul said " Ma wants a packet ol
tacks and a hammer and says -ho
Will lend   a   dollar    around   when    I' i
'.. ta home, ' ' Verj well ' replied
the ibliging hardware man, But '
continued the child. Ma wants tbe
change out ol the dollar, so she can
get ai.iiie pork chops fur dinner
The lacrosse match last, evening
between the Public School md 11
.-cln.ni resulted in a win lor the former
—tho score being :S-I The Public
Bohool buys played ■ fast game, easily
gelding    round    their    more   stalwart
opponents, The business hoys are
looking fur a game with a picked team
from both schools, pleying 11 men
against lho schools 12 Aro they
game ','
Henry Miller, a victim of tbs lure nl
a search of gold nnd Of the strain ,f
silent, days and nights in tho hush of
the north, was brought down recently
by the steamer Armor. Miller's mind
lias become ho unhinged that he al
ways walka backward. Perfectly ration
al in other reapocta, he cannot lie
persuaded but that hia locomotion ih
different tO bin fellow being. He wns
found wandering near his   little  cabin
at Bkldegate,
Citizens ol Bovislatoko 1 You can
get live luiuls of wood delivered ut
your house for $H 76 Order at How-
man Lumber Co'a oflico.
Canadians Are Justly Proud of
Being Just What They Are.
The following comment, which ap
pea red in a recent issue of tlio New
York Evening Post, will interest
people in the Dominion ;—
" Canadians, instead ol showing a
passionate anxiety to |be annexed, go
Bu fur ii iw inlays as to conic s uth ol
•11) degrees and dine in Btate and proclaim the fact that they are proud of
being just what they are. At a recent
dinner ol the Canadian Club of New
York—one gtieat—it is true, he happens to lie deputy speaker of the Canadian House of Commons—pleased his
hearers by declaring that, though he
was of French origin, ho was proud to
he a subject of tho British Empire.
And, as a mutter of (act, if over there
was a chance that Canada would make
a change ol dominant partners, the
event has been removed into the in.
definite future by the action ot another
Canadian of French origin, who for 12
years baa been premier of the Dominion government. Cum la's patriotism
is stronger now than it has ever been,
and that in spite oi the fact tbat the
rapid growth uf her west, upon which
her buoyant hopes su largely rest,
has been due in a very Urge measure
to settlerB from the United Statee.
But these irr migrants, us the London
Times pointed out the other day,
learn to bear easily the British allegiance, while they constitute, naturally, an added tie of friendship
between the two countries. A friendly
and closely related Canada, such as
Mr. Bryce described a few days since,
reconciles us for a long time to unrealized dreams of ono flag from the
Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Circle,'
Twenty Reach Montreal on Way
to Join Future Husbands
Montreal, June 5.—Among the
125 Scotch immigrants who arrived
here to-day on lhe Donaldson lino,
Aihenia, were 20 young women bound
for western points, where they will be
met and married hy young men who
preceded them to Canada,
A Terrible Plaything.
Brockvii.i.e, Ont., June 6.—The
four-year-old BOnof Samuel Lennox, of
thia town, while playing in a vacant
lot near whero the C.P.R. is constructing a loop line into the James Smart
Manufacturing Co.'a works, picked up
a stick ol dynamite. Shortly after an
exploa'oi. followed and he was terribly
injured about the head and face. His
sight is destr iyed and the attending
physicians say he is not likely to
Plan to Start School of Mines.
VICTORIA, June 5,—Hon. Dr Young
on his trip through the interior with
Premier McBride, looked into the
question ol a school of mines on which
he ha» long been working in connec
tion with the university scheme. He
gathered considerable information relative to it and expects Prof. Porter of
Med ill tn lie here alinrtlv, when the
subject will be inure fully gone Into,
Hard on the Bubble Wagons
Oi a hum. Ont., June fi —The county council "f Kent yesterday pissed a
resolution to petition the legislature to
prohibit automobiles from running ou
rural r'.iuls on Saturdays and Sundays.
Business Locals
Kodaks   and   films   et.   Bews'   Drug
Hire's   Boot   Beer  a..Id   st    0. It.
A dunce lot of new carpet squares
at  (      I!    Him,,.  Jr. Ofl -
Hammocks— best    g'sfsda   at   Bews'
Drug Bton
l.mgc IpOttgM fnr cleaning carriages
for t-i cents at C. tt,  Macdonald's.
"Simp —the only hand cleaner—at
BsW!  Dr igsl  rt
Bissell'S carpet sweepers aavea labor,
•Old al C. B. Hume A Co -
Insect powder and mosquito lotion
at Hews' Drugstore.
Tbis is a   go.*!   time    to   Ofdei  mill
wood.     Ths Bowman Lumbei Oo, are
making low prices for live luada or
Kodaks,   flints,   chemicals  and   full
Instructions for using them at, c it.
Keighlcys arc serving ieo nroain
Hominy, Wednesday and Saturday
afternoons, and have buttermilk and
sweet, cream on hand all tlio timo.
If householder, will order their
Wood nOW Snd have it piled, it. will
dry in a  short   time; if   not   ordered
until hall iho went her will he unfavorable, The Bowman Lumber Co,
are supplying live loads or moro at
$1.76 per load,
Applications for Licenses
Applications for liquor licenses and
for renewal of old licenses are coming
in freely to Superintendent of Provincial Polico Hussey at Victoria, wbo
baa charge ol the granting licenses in
all unorganized territory throughout
the province. Aboul 250 licenses will
have tu be renewed this summer, and
many new applications are also being
filled, particularly for that territory
adjacent to railway construction from
Prince Rupert. Those applications for
now licenses are being held for the
time being, and none haw as yet been
Railroad Strike
Atlanta, Ga., June 6 —Val FitZ'
patrick, vice-grand master of the
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen,
last nigbt sent orders to all switchmen
and brakesmen on the Nashville,
Chattanooga A St. Louie Railroad
ordering tbem out on strike immed
iately. Mr. Fitzpatrick aaya the entire
system between Paducab, Memphis
and Atlanta will be affected.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on tbe First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Com
muiiion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High A.ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
8t. Andrew's Presbvterian—Rev
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, June 7th,
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Young People's meeting Mon.
day 8 p.m. Prayer meeting VVednes
day 8 p.m. Choir practice und teach
era' meeting, Friday 8 p in,
St. Pkter's Anglican—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M.A., rector. Whitsunday
8 a.m. Holy Communion, 11 a.m. Matins and Holy Communion. 7.30 p.
m., Evensong. Sunday school 2 30
p iu.
son, B. D,, minister. Sunday services
at 11 a m and 7:30 p m. Sunday
school al 2:30 p.m. Tlie pastar wi '
preach at both ko: vices. Morning
subject, ■' Now Experiences in tho
Upper Room." At the evening service the members ol the heal lodge
Woodmen of the World, will attend
when the pastor will preach a special
service to the order. Anthem, "And
there were Shepherds. Prayer meeting mi Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Choir practice on Friday night. A
cordial welcome ia given to all and
strangers are 0H|Msc,ially invited.
BAPTIST—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor, Herviceaatllit.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible clans at
2.30 p. to. Morning subject, 'How
Christians gut their name." Evening
subject, 'My Brother's Keeper." BY.
P, I , meeting Monday overling at 8 p.
m. Prayer mooting WediieBtlsy livening at 8 p. m. All are invited to those
Mf.TiioiiiHT—Rcv.T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services   on     Sunday   aa   follows :—
Ai. II a.m., morning service] 2 30. p
m., Sunday school and Bible olaea,
7:80 p.m. evening service, Morning
"Living a Day at a Time." Evening
"Treatment ol lho Needy, a Test ol
Character." Knights of Pythias will
attend evening service.
Woodmen Attention!
All members ol Mountain View
Camp, No. 22tt, C.O.W.O.W. are noti
find to attend lodge room next Sunday
evening. June 7th, to attend Divine
worship at Knox Ohurch. Bo on
hand at •'• l..k.
James Mi Intvkk,
Look at our window and see what an elegant
display we have in White wear. Made of dainty
Sheer Lawn, dimmed with embroideries or luces
of the prettiest designs, that will wash well.
Corset Covers,
Skirts, Drawers,
Night Dresses,
in all sizes
Hcaiililul Sheer Mulls, Oi gaudies and Lawns. .Some have
dainty pin tucks, others with line lace insertions and elegantly
embroidered fronts. Some have sleeves, hut mostly three-quarter
sleeves, all sizes from 32 to 42 and all prices from $1.00 up.
Up-to-Date in Style
Perfect Pit
Nobby Patterns
Latest Materials
Durable and Comfortable
Grip and Password.
The following officers oi the Gold
Range Lodge, No. 26, were elected on
Wednesday nigbt for tbe ensuii g
term :
CO.—H. Cunningham Morris.
V. O—T. P. Smith.
Prelate—F. W. Terry.
M. of W.—Dan McDonald.
M. at A— J. W.Garland.
M. ol F.—J. B. Scott.
M. ol E—A J. Howe.
K, of B. A S.—G. H. Brook.
I.G.—H. Maundrell.
O. G.—J. Mathie.
i. o. o. v.
The following ollicers of Selkirk
Lodge, No. 12, were elected ior tbe
ensuing term :
N. G.—G. Knight
V. G— W. A. Foote.
Secretary —J. Mathie.
Treasurer.—W. W. Foster.
Tomorrow, being Decoration Day,
the Knights of Pythias and Oddfellows
will turn out on parade and, accompanied by the Independent Band,the
Uniform Rank K.of P. Pythian sisters
and Rebekaha will march to the
cemetery and decorate the graves of
the deceased members. The Knights
of Pythias will attend Divine service
to-morrow evening at the Methodist
Reduction in Express Rates on
B. C. Fruit.
The Fruit and Produce Exchange ol
B. C. have arranged with the Dominion Express Company for Ihe following
rates for the carriage of fruit:
Oar lots, min. 20,000lba. refrigerator
service from Kootenay Landing and
all points on the mainland of B. 0. to
points on the main line of the C.P.R
as lar east aa and including Winnipeg,
rates $2 por iOOlha.
Oar lots, min. 10,001)1 Im., air cooled
car as above. Rate, prevailing L. C.
L. charges.
These rates havo been established
expressly lor the purpose of inducing
assembled shipments, avoiding continuous handling, which method
has resulted iu lar reaching success
among American shippers. Advice
must be given tu the express company
iu advance of requirements (or oars.
The minimum load in ventilated
cars, lO.OOlllliH. is approximately 300 to
350 <l-6 crates, and the minimum load
20,000lhs. iu cars uuder ice is approximately 000 tu 060 16 orates.
Mr, R. Holme, superintendent ol the
Dominion Express Oo. at Vancouver,
has taken a lively Interest in the welfare ol the industry and is largely responsible for these concessions.
Sensational Escape
Port Arthur, June 6—George
Manslield and P. Weir, two prisoners
en route to eentral prison Irom Kenora
though handcuffed together, jumped
from tbe train and escaped. So far
tbey bave not been located.
Now is the time to order your mill
Five loads mid over, $1.75 per load,
delivered at any point Iwlween the
mill and Kootenav Si reel.
Kiln Dried Kindling, $2.50 per load.
Order al ofltce ol'
Certificate of Improvements
Silver t'ruwti iiiiuoralolaim, situate io tba Lurdeau Milling-  Liivisiuu ul West Koulenay
Where located: -At Hie bead ot Mohawk creek
ami uiljoiuiutf tbe Payne mineral claim.
Take milieu   tbat   I, B. Smith   F.M.C. Nu. II
1.120S, actiiiif ns i .nut (ur Kvu Itarnnl, f.M.C
Nu. Il(l|:illl, intend, sixty tlnyn (rum date horoul,
to apply tu tbe Mining   Recorder (or a Cnrlill-
cuteol lasiiro.ements. (nr   tbe  purpose ul oh-
tliiliiliK ii t riswn (hunt u( the ulsivo claim.
Aud  (urtber take uutlie Unit iiiliuu, under
section 37, iniisst lie cummeuoed liedire the issuance ol such ('urtitlraii, o( Improvements.
Duted thisithdiiyof June, A.Ji. land.
satjS B.SMITH.
TENDERS are invited  lor  the construction of a dwelling on   Fifth
Plans, specifications, etc., can be
seen st the office of Wm. King A Son,
Cowan   Blook, by   Wednesday  next.
Tenders should reach the undersigned not later than, Friday, Juno
The lowest or any sender not necessarily accepted,
Tenders are requested for the clearing, levelling and plowing 70 acres of
land, one and a half milee from Bevelstoke. •
Tenders to be io by June 15th, 11108,
The lowest or sny tenders not necessarily accepted.
Tenders to be addressed to
w my 20 Revelstoke, B. O.
FOUND-In B'tptist 0bUt.h after Dr
Miinutt's lecture, a lady's iruld
wnU li chain. . S.ime mav he had hy
applying at oflico of Mail Hkhai.ii.


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