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 ''E-n.ire" Typewrite:
For I'.ise of operation and perfection
in  r.-ults produced, tli-   machine
< lliisu.pn-si'd      Price, fill I 0(1 C„a\i.
Interior Publishing Co.,    -    Agents
•> _
dry:fire wood
Special Prices on
Five Cord Lots
E. W. B. PAGET, IMoK___le Ave.
Vol. 14.-No 82
$2.50 Per Year
Stor.a _.t Arr-jv.hoati and
'J    ?rOVl:;
Thanksgiving toy
Monday, Nov. 9
Only one week away, and tbere will be
some fixings you will require for tbe Holiday.
Let us bave your Grocery Order early in
tin* week to insure good service we will be
rushed toward tbe  latter days.
Table Linen lor the Thanksgiving Dinner
We have a profusion of line, strong Table
1 rapery and N'apery.
All next week wc will make a special showing of Linens.    See windows and counters.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
n n  tt o  ^      T , i«,CONVENTION
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd s    terminated
duuu.., .hool Delegates Tendered a Banquet—Important
Addresses Made.—Valuable
Work Accomplished.
The closing sasaiou of the Eastern
British Columbia .Sunday sohool As-
sooiation Convention which Iuih been
sitting in the Metbodlat church, waa
held I.uu night nnd waa perhaps the
most Impressive and interesting uf
any previous. Prior to the opening uf
lhe evening sessiun the delegates were
entertained at a banquet in the City
Hal, by the local ladies ol every denomination.
Mayor Lindmark presided and after
full justice had been done to the many
good things, or, as Mr. Jus. Patrick
said, " the gathering bad received
inside information," on tlie banquet,
a toast list was honored, W 0. Pearce,
8. Muirhead, A. E. Miller, .1. G. McLean, Kev, Newton Powell, .1.0.
Junes and others responding ably io
the respective toasts with which their
names were coupled.
Mr. Miller, in tbe course of his remark, urged the importance ul Sunday
School w.irk and pointed out its value
for the welfare of all, luth at home
and at school.
W. C. Pearce, among other things,
in connection with bis visit to Revelstoke and the manner in which the
delegates had been treated, said that
he was glad tn see that Revelsluke had
a mayor who took such a pleasurable
interest in the Sunday School work
and how important it was that the
civic authorities themselves should
encourage morality in the community.
The Mayor welcomed the delegates
on behalf of the city aud discoursed on
the value of Sunday School work,
pointing out th it 1 c tl option must
eventually come nnd it should be tbe
people's duty to say so at the polls.
Hu compliment! d the ladies in the
excellence ol the banquet.
R. Howson reviewed the Sunday
School work in Revelstoke and how it
had kept pace with other improvements. He pointed out that moral
sentiment must be behind the en-
forcemeat of law.
At tiie conclusion ol the pleasant
banquet the gathering adjourned to
the Methodist church. The choir
gave ail excellent rendering of the
opening anthem after wbicli several
hymns were sung.
A feature of the music was the solo
by Mrs. R. Squarehriggs, which was
beautifully rendered and appropriately
chosen for the occasion.
The chief speakers were Principal
Sawyer, L.L D., of Sunimerlaud college, and W.C. Pearce.
Dr. Sawyer took up as his theme
the " opportunity of the Sundny
School in promoting good citizenship,'
and dwelt on the many valuable
points ol how good citizen.hip may be
aimed at. He urged chi.Ily that temperance was the gnat object to be
gained and how ite practice brought
out good qualities in dory community. The Sunday school can do a vast
.iiiiuinii oi good iu the moral training
ui children m.d he urgi-d that all lhe
workers devote their heart aud soul to
that end.
W. C. Pearce gave an eloquent and
touching address ou soul winning,
showing buw by gentleness, patience
and thought, many solila who are
living wayward Uvea can be brought
iuto the "light of truth." He gave
many practical inalancea of how souls
had been won uud concluded a re-
markiihle nud impressive address liy
,i-king f,,i cu-npi'inii ui ul lbs workers
tu persevere iu the great cause,
'throughout his lecture there lay a
pathos, an carneal sincerity which
could uot but appeal to bia audience.
Several resolutiniia were read expressing tbe delegate's satisfaction over
tbeir visit and in their hospitable
Hymns and a lew moments of
api-.itaneoua prayer brought an impressive and valuable session to a
Tie Sunday School Convention
reaerved ita work on Wednesday
morning aud began by taking up the
leporta of the several districts. Among
ihe host district reports were those nl
Okanagan by J. J. Wallace and Revelstoke A. E, Miller. On the general
Ibemeol" Ollicera and their Work,"
(jilt brief, practical and interesting
addressee were given by Rev. J. R.
Robertson, .1. J. Wallace, J. A. McGregor ami .-mart Muirhead, while
W. C. Pearce gave
HEATING 80VES—We   only   carry  the   best   of a
makes, every one guaranteed to give satisfaction.
OIL HEATERS—Just the thing to take the chill off
the room.
ASH SIFTERS that are Conl SnverH, Fire Shovels, Mica,
HORSE BLANKETS—We have a large and well assorted  stock.    Can   give   lumber   camps  wholesale
rules by the dozen.
BLACK AND GREY ROBES—Get one early, ns last
year we sold oui nt the first cold snap.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
-tranches nr Agents ai all principal points in Oanada,
Agents in Great Britain and I'nited States - -London, England,
Lloyd's Bank, Lid. Chicago First National Hank, (Ituii Exchange
National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, San BVanolsoo—
Wells Kiugd, Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits 6f $1 and upward, received, and interest credited four
times a year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Ladies' and Children's Wear
See Them before buying Elsewhere        They Cannot be Beat for Value
White   Swansiiown    By
Hear   Skin   Coats,
Schooi I )resses,
Gaiters; Slides, Rubbers
The   Yard
Oppoaito Climax Hotel, First Strocl.
important of which was that of be
j coming a member of the International
Association of America. After this
business was disposed ol Mr. Muirhead gave an in teres'I ig and practical adores, in the work ol the
primary deputtttinn while he took up
ihe work of the junior department
The matter nl the Cradle Koll was
introduced and much interest manifested which will likely produce goal
At the evening session Mr. Stuart
Muii'heii i look up a resume of the
S.W ivu.l. f li. C. and showed how
gnat thi ' ik has become in uur
Rev. It. N. Powell, of Nelson, gave a
forceful address on the boy problem
which every buy iu Revelstoke ought
to have beard as well ns every tenober
and parent
Mrs. W. Hews sang with much
appreciation a beautiful snlo, and
then all the claims of the S. S. Association were presented by Mr. Pearce
and n liberal uttering asked to support
this work; it was a great delight to
find that au offering ol IflOO was given
in a few minute.*.
W. C. Pearce gave a strung and
inspiring address ou "the adult Bible
class wink," nnd it is safe tu say that
the crowded bouse will not soon forget
the winds spoken.
It ii imped that something may
result in the matter nl the organized
I'ulile cliS8i's among the local churches.
Thursday,the Inst day of ihe Convention, was crowded with work from
morning iill midnight. In the morning such subjects as "The Teachers'
Meetings," lhe library anil lending
Circle and the Teachers' Training
Class wee earne tly discmsel. Iu
the afternoon more hnsiness wns dune,
aftei which an earnest discussion touk
place uu tlie " House Department" in
Sunday schools.
Rev . VV. A. (iiliurd gave an instinctive address on Temperance and
Moral Reform, to which be has given
considerable attention,
Tbe great success of the Convention
was conceded by all. Of the local
Revelstoke district, A. E. Miller, as
president, and J. Q, McLean, as
secretary, did much to secure the
success of the Convention.
On the Provincial Executive for
next year, F. VV. Laing and W. Bews
were elected from RevelBtoke.
The Convention meets next yeai in
half hour talk
in the wnrk ol the S 8, Superintendent
which wae greatly enjoyed.
The afternoon  ration  waa  largely
taken   up   with   business,   the   most
Bowman   Lumber  Co.'s Safe
Tampered With
A very crude attempt at I urglary
was made some time on Thursday
night or early yesterday morning in
the otlice ol the Bowman Lumber Co.,
near the south track. When the ollice
staff arrived yesterday morning they
discovered that the safe had been
tampered with and attempts made to
to force the lock. The cracksman,
whoever he was, had used a hammer
or some other heavy instrument, and
used it wilh considerable force lor the
knob on the combination lock was
smashed, the dials bent aud twisted
aud tbe door handles bent an I dinged.
The burglar was evidently a novice at
his job, fur afier apparently endeavoring to break themselves, be got tired
of his futile attempts and left tlie
premises. No one noticed any suspicious character around the ullice and
lhe staff are at a loss tu know how an
entrance was effected as the windows
aud dm us showed no signs of being
interfered with. We are inturmed
that there was about ifl 00 iu the sale
at the time, although large amounts
are rarely kept there. As il ia, tne
safe cannot be opened without either
drilling or ny the use of dynamite.
Nothing else in the ollice was disturbed.
The Thanksgiving Day read nice
under the auspices of the V.M.C A. is
attracting considerable local as well as
outsiUc interest. A large number uf
entries have been registered and the
race should be a keenly contested one,
Tbo grading contest of the senior
class at the Y.M.C.A, took place tins
week and was largely attended, The
names uf the h. st ihicu and then
marks are: 11. Miilliolliiiiil, 80.6; D.
McDonald, 70.6; O. Kuowlton, 70.1.
The Gym and Sbaiuruck basketball
teams mul Wednesday night in a veiy
fast game, llie former winning by one
point, the seme being, (iym 12, til.am-
rocks 11. The next game iu tlie series
will be playod Wednesday night, between the Alerts and Intermediates.
A fast game is expected.
The Junior basketball scries opened
last nigbt wilh a game between Doyle
and Carmichael teams. The teams
were very evenly matched, but both
were without some uf tlieir beat men.
The game ended Doyle 11, Carmichael
The live teams entered fur tlie junior
cup this season are: Doyle's, Car-
miehaiil's, and McEacbern's Irom the
working boys, one from the public
sulii.nl, and one from tbo high acbonl.
County Court
Ou Wednesday evening Judge Furiu
held court here and tried Frank Cie-
tana on a charge of Stealing a cheque
from Chas. Carlson, ol Albert Canyon,
Thu aoouaed was convicted and
sentenced to one month wilh hard
labor. (I S. McCarter appeared Ior
the Crown and J. M. Scott defeudeil
the prisoner.
The next sitting of the County
Court wiil bo held here ou Nov. 2-llh.
Royal Auto Accident—Turkish
Revolt.-Curfew Enforced.--
Penny Cablegram System.-
Ex-Premier Dead.
London, Oot. .'II— It is reported
that King Edward was thrown from
his automobile this afternoon while
en mute from Newmarket with Sir
Ernest Oaaaells. The report, so fur
bus not been verified. The rumor did
not indicate whether the King was
supposed to have been injured.
I'AitiK, Oct. HI.—Special dispatches
froin Smyrna sav lh.it the Yuiing
Turks, believing tbat the Sultan has a
secret agreement with Tew Ilk Pasha,
the foreign minister, have decided to
dethrone him and replace him by his
eon. Saloniua Hoops will be sent to
overawe the Albanian Guard and
fanatical reactionaries.
Seattle,  Oct.   81.—The    Curfew
ordinance will he enfiroed strictly hy
the police and suspensions will result
if the reports ul juvenile offenders and
tenants were not made more regularly
by the police. Minora under the age
of 16 must uow he at home noi lad r
than i) o'clock p. ni.
Ottawa, Oct. Ill—Postmaster Ocn.
Lemieux leaves for London, England,
to-day to rcpresi nt Canada at the
conference in London during November as representative of the Imperial
Colonial governments, of cable ci ni-
piinies and others interested in the
development ol the Imperial penny
cable system along the lines of Imperial penny postage, which has now
proved so great a succe-s.
The Bowman-Sine Lumber Co.
Make Large Purchases
Alex Whyte has just completed a
lumber deal of considerable importance whereby he sold the yardB of the
Didshury Lumber Company and the
Carstairs Lumber Company to the
Bowman-Sine Lumber Company of
Reveletuke. The Bowin i n-Sine people
have already extensive interests iu
Alberta and have made important
addiiiuiiH in these recent, acqu sitious.
They have also   bought   three  mure
lumber yarda at Strome,  uear  Days ■
laud, Alta., where tbey already have
large urd extensive intereata, the
purchase being made frnm J. E.
Vanderhurg. The deal of these lum
ber companies at Didshury and Car-
stairs was consummated through
Messrs. F. E. Sine and F. W. Hess.
The price is not yet announced, but
we understand tbat it was a most
resectable figure. The faith in the
country and i"i the lumbering industry of this firm is a demons!ration
that business will llourish and that '
commerce is expanding. It is their
Opinion that the coming spring will j
see a g eat impetus in lumbering and
that conditions are improving.
B. C. Timber in Great Demand
by American Capitalists
Several milium dollars are likely to
bo invested iu British Columbia timber limits by a wealthy American
sjndicate which was recently or_a -
ized in Chicago. Its chief promoters
arc Messrs. Charles lleulley ol Chicago,
Hurry E Hooper of Indianapolis, and
John Evans of Enioraon, Iowa, who
are touring B. C.
Mr. lleulley states that it waB a
certainty an enormous amount of
American capital would be invested in
Coast timber areas after the presidential eleiiiioiia. His friends and himself bad just cumpluted tho inspection
of larg • tracts near Alert Bay, Van-
cnuvcr Island and on Knight's Inlet
on lhe mainland. Mr. Heniley frankly
admitted that be did nut intend to
clu.e any deals for at least a fortnight.
He feels confident lhat Republicans
will place lumber on thu free list.
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting goods.
Wo are showing the best line of Heaters, Ranges, eto., that
has been seen in Itevelstoke and oui-Increasing sales prove that
we have the light goods anil prions.
Our Plumbing department is
the best wm I.   hal i- done in tin
i oity
-dale   and
are lining
Bouir-NE  Bros.
/* //tt£iv ovel-eozit
•faton /rrioinlna
Buy at right
C-af/njKr Us"/
Dr. Horse sense has prescribed for you one
new Overcoat and one New Suit, to be put on
morning and evening. He has told you to buy
at the right place. That is just the same as
saying to buy your clothes'lrom us. Our store
has become the RIGHT PLACE, because in
our store we treat people right. We remember
you are healthy and have many clothes to btiy
years to come, tfierefere we sell you clothes so
good that (•m challenge anyone to show you
that you not gotten good value for your money
when you buy clothes from us.
A New Overcoat will cost you from $15 to
$25 and it will be a good overcoat.
One good new Suit will cost you from $15
to $35-
We sell you a $15 Suit of Clothes for $15.
We make a profit.
McKinnon C& Sutherland
Transcontinental Trains Change
Time of Arrival
Official announcement uf the time
ol arrival and departure of C.P.R.
transcontinental trains which will go
Into tll'ect tomorrow has been made
Train No. 1 Irom the east, which now
arrives at 4 1.0 a.m. will not get in to
Revelstoke until 716; train No.il",
duo at, present at 17.'20 will not arrive
until 19.10. Train No. '_ from the
the west will not change its time of
arrival here, namely 11.20 p.m., bul
No !IC, which now gote here at II a.m ,
will arrive at 8.05 a.m. Tho aoutb
train schedule remains unchanged.
The C. P. R. Empress ol Ireland can
now  well  lie called the greyhound ol INS' K.vs'i'K
the North Atlantic, for on her arrival
at QuebflO at '1 o'clock ou Thursday
afternoon, she clipped something liki
three   hours off the record previoueh
belli by bur sister Bhip, the EmpresB California grapea, eating
of Britain. The new record ia 6 daya, I serving pesra, apples ol s
20 minutea. I to-day,   C. B. Hume A Co.
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-Up Capit_tl,$1 0,000,000
alex. laird, Gen. Mgr       Reserve Fund,   -   5,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United Statea and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits uf $1 ami upwards are received and interest
allowed at current rates, nnd is paid four times a year. Accounts
may lie opened in the names ol two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
At 8 Per Cent.
and   pre-
I   kinde—
I to-day.
To Rent—Large modern residence
in desirable location, $30 per month,
Apply Reveletoke General Agencies, THE MAIL-HERALD, llKVRLSTOKti, R C.
Zbc n&a.Mfocralfc.,
li.W   AT
Barristers, Solicitous,  Etc.
0 T T A W A
Parliamentaiv,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.        Harolu Fisher
li'it     , etc.,
.:. i.. OlU ts }, r. ELLIOTT
AND Pi    •  HAM,
BAHRlsn-'Iio, SOLICITOR., s.l'il.
O.'VICK- :     Illllli'l    BANK IIKVEI.
STOKK,  11, 0,
Motiey to loan.
Offloe<:Rereliloke,BC    Uruubrook, 11  I",
liBO. s. MoCartkr,
*i. M. Pinkham, J. A. IUkvkv,
Rerslatoke, H i       Cranbrook, li.   .
J. M. H.oll   LL V>. 1. HriKKH.
Barristers, Solicitors, Ivi
.M'i.nkv to Loan
|3 ILICITOR.   Ft III  .MllI-SUN-t   I.AM.
Fum Street. Revo    nke, U.l
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
McKenzie Avknck,
tl isi M. K. CBEtGHTON
Certiflcaled Teacher nt
Piano. Vocal Theory.
.Musical Kindergarten
Classes lor young children.
Si nili-i uvi"
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
Banff Hard Coal I
We ure now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market,
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to,
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open  (irate.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
There i= su much bad iu the best of us,
And so much sood iu the worst uf us,
That it hardly behoores any of us,
To talk about the rest uf us.
The number of applications for
municipal franchise this year has
fallen considerably short of that of
last vear antl in spite of the repeated reminders thut bave been
handed out through our columns-,
only a few have taken advantage
nf the opportunity. All those who
wish to be placed on the civic
voter.' iist have had ample opportunity to do so und by negligence
or disinterestedness in taking the
trouble to go to the City Hall and
hand in their declaration, tbey
have allowed the chance of becoming a lactor in moulding municipal
government to pass by, Such
people as these who huve no vote
in civic matter- and who conse-
i(uently have no legal right to an
opinion are the very ones who
register the first kick- when thing?
don't go just as they want them to
go. The list closed at 5 o'clock
thits after noon,and all who have neg-
••■•.'-•.1 to apply foi a place on the
list have only themselves to blame.
As year, go on and modern methods of civic improvement develop,
and as progression marks the way
oifcai.ii successive council, tbe civic
elector should be all the more
sensible of hit privilege in having
a say in the administration ol
municipal business. The more
enlightened we an* the more particular we should be over details,
and the citizens should remember
what was good enough a few years
BgO will not d'j at all now. No one
in Hevelstoke has a right to kick
or criticize unless he has a franchise, and if he has no franchise it
is probably his own fault.
son, even in Revelstoke, is sometimes disposed to speak evil of
others, and tattling is a fault from
which very few can claim to be
entirely exempt. There is a distinct class who make tale-bearing
the constant business of iheir lives
and tbey pry into the affairs of
every family in the neighborhood;
they know the exact state of one
neighbor's feelings towards another,
and they understand everybody's
faults but their own. If there is
the slightest chance to create a
disturbance they take immediate
advantage of it and do all in their
power to keep people in a constant
stale of vegetation by whispering
into the ears of olhers slanders and
abuses and at the same time pretend to be the must sincerest friend
of those tbey talk lo. Tlieir black
and nauseous pill.- of malicious
slander ttto coaled with smiles and
honeyed words of friendship. Such
tattlers and gossips are confined
to no particular sect or clique;
tbey belong to all classes and
operate in all, both in church and
out of church. They are people
who have no higher ambition than
to be well informed in regard to
other people's private business and
to retail scandal to their neighbors.
If there could be found a spot in
this world where village pleasures
might go round without the village
tattling, that spot would ho blest,
where people could be free from
the endless prattle of gossip.
"The Holy City."
Among the many brilliant seems
that the production of "Tho Holy
City" presents, none is more sensationally superb than the one in which
Salome, the beautiful daughter of
Herodiiis da licet- before King Herod
and his court. The gorgeous drapery,
kalcidoacopi d as butterfly wings in
rainbow rays, its folds rising and falling around and above her nimble feet
like clouds caressed by summer winds,
lieiulin.' und b. uying in harmonious
motion lo the ■ , i . ing music played,
the royal datvi-i ll it- like a bubble
on the palace leri if*-", bewitching the
intoxicated monarch, who first offers
half his kingdom, but finally grants
the head uf John, tbe Baptist, bs a
reward for sensuous duiight. Exquisite as are the surroundings of this
situation, its dramatic intensity is
never lost; the conspiracy and its fateful ending hidden lor tbe moment by
the alluring acting seldom witnessed
on a stage. "The Holy City" will be
produced at Tapping's Opera House
on Thursday, Nov. 5th.
Dr. Sipprell Speaks to Men
The serieB of Sunday afternoon talk
for men iu the Ry. Y. M. C. A will be
opened next Sundi.y at 4 o'olook by
Dr. J. VV. Sipperell, B.A..D.D, Principal of Columbia College, New West-
minsaer. Tbe Doctor is a very intei-
esting speaker. Every man is invited
to hear him.
May Run in Yukon
Vancouver, Oct.hi.—It is reported
that W. VV. I). Melnneti may yet sit
in the House of Commons fni a western constituency, ihe information
'>eing that overtures have already been
nv de to him by prominent Liberals
in tbe Yukon that he accept the
nomination there. While no ollicial
statement regarding the matter could
be secured, it is understood on the
authority of a prominent member of
the party in Vanccuver, that the
report is true.
The election in the Yukon will not
be held till January so there yet remains plenty of time for Mclnnes to
conduct a campaign in that constituency.
A consignment of ladies and gentlemen's   visiting   cards   in   His newest
•tyles luu arrived at the Mail Hi.kai.ii
Mice.    All work neatly executed
is the man who
has tried to get
the same senke
out of some
other mak»
Coaranteed Waterproof
and Sold EwywM
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week
Single   meals
15 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Miuiiifm-tnrnd fur       classic of buildings
for sale in .nr^e ur small quantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
All kind* of ..i_il.liii_. and plastering
To Trappe
Raw Purs    ought,
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
reputation is a potent .actor to be considered ns it is synonymous wilh the
quality, merit and prices of the gouds
sold. II you deal at Hastings, Doyle &
Alluin'a you will know you will be
treated fairly, nu " utter how you may
hn lacking in technical knowledge of the
value aud quality of jjwels nf any kind
We keep only the best and choicest.
Where gold is used it is marked with the
carat s" a nip, with silver it is sterling, in
gems and precious stones tbeii quality ia
fully guaranteed.
Hastings. Doyle A Allum. Limited
A New Carpet
from our choice and handsome
stuck of A.iminster, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and hen ii: iful effects of the colors
nnd patterns and the durability
uf the fabrics Our carpets are
n iide hy the heat manufactures.
nnd are made to wear well, as well
its to li ok well.
■ l!.'s.v i i<_>liilW<5>Ja»li(.
Import direct from country ol origin.
_a__Cl"V**E3I_iSTOK:_E!    _B. O.
S%.*%^*%^%^'%^%%^_^'%^^%^^%.-%%^%^%.'%^%.'%^^^% •*-»
,  P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
• HEAD OKKICK i   Uai.ijahv.   Alhkkta.
i Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
• Puck Packers and Dealers in Live Stock. Markets In all the nrlncl
ii pal Cities and Towns of Alberta. British Ooliiuibi i and lhe Yukon.
d Packers of ihe Celebrated Brand "Imperii. I'" Hums and,Baton,
i mil •"Shamrock" Brand Leaf bard. a
i^-v%'V%/%-_.%%'%-V4V%%/%/%'V%-%. -_/%•%*/%*%%%%%•_< "vi
Por Agricultural Implements. Carriage:*, Wagous Etc., John
Deere Ploughs. Moltue Wagons, Canada Carriage C-ompAuy's
Buggies, PI;*not jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Rlacksmith Work attended to. Horse hoeing a
Central Hotel
_________ REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Newly built        First-claBB in every respect.     All modern conveniences-
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
The smaller a community the
more strained are the relations-hips
and feelings between its members,
and the bigger the mountains they
make out of the smallest mole
hills. Every community is cursed
by a class of people who make it
their business to attend to everybody's business but tbeir own.
Such people are tbe meanest speci-
mens" of depraved humanity which
are allowed to exist on earth. Jt is
well known that almost  every per-
One of the most important conventions ever held in kevelstoke
and one whioh probably bus done
the most, real, honest, hard work
is that which has just closed its
sessions, the Eastern 11. C. Sunday
School Association. Few people
realize what a great organization
that is to-day or fully understand
the valuable work that it is doing.
Evolved from ahandful of children
and a teacher in different parts,
the Sunday school has spread and i
grown and to-day stands n great'
and powerful institution, having as'
its object the moral training and i
bringing up of the coming generation. Those who have heard the
various addresses during this convention, delivered by able -|ieakeri
who are imbued with the magnitude of tbeir work, cannot but
realize what a great movement
Sunday school i- ami how it- influences nre Iinmg felt in old as well
i- young. There ar" many le-- di
which can be derived Irom
1 ontentioii, iiii of which bave a
■earing nn the moral tone of our
community an I will open ibe eyea
of the parents, of our children to
the necessity of the cultivation of
moral ami borne influences, In
our children is nnr hope and if we
wish to see the high standard of
men and women continued we must
endeavor to instil into their minds
the ethics of morality and clean
living. The influences of thiscon-l
vention can never be forgotten and
Revelstoke's parents should read,
murk, learn and inwardly digest,
the great truths that have been
expounded here for the benefit of
our children.
O    F-
t'uiirt Mnaut Begbie. N, 3461, nieeti 'imi ami
lib Mondays in OddfelloWa Hall, i.'-ii '. i l|.s-r,i
llmisie. Visiting tiriithrou cunliatly Invited lo
J.w. Garland, t'.H.
H   W. Kdwhuis. li.S
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
Cor the .arm, Cardan Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties al reason-
I able priee.s, No borers, Scale
or fumigation lo damage slock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees anil
needs thai grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,  Cut
Flowers, elc. Oldest et-t&b
lisheii nursery imi the ni;-inl ft mi
ofB. C.   Catalogue free.
Green I louses ami Seed  Houses
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS, -   $.500
K. Company, K.M.I.., will drill every
Thursday evening until further notice.
By Order,
oct 2190c. B. SMITH, 0(5.
The Kvan., Institute fur the eure nf
tho drink aud drug habits, established
in Winnipeg 14year.., and tuiVancou-rer
1 year, with entire success. Nuw re*
moved to more commodious quarters at
y..D Park Drive, tfrandview, corner of
Parker street.
Prospectus, testimonial*', etc, sent
privately on application. The superintendent nr secretary may be consulted
at auy time.   Phone II 4020.
c.  w.  o   w
Mountain   View Camp, No. 229
Meoti Second and Fourth Wedni>.t_ty_i Ib]
each month, in Belldrk H..11. Vi-i n Wo-*.- >
men conlii-lly invited ro attend.
W. I). ARMSTRONG. Con. Com.
J   McINTYRK. Olerk
Sale of Mineral Claims in Revelstoke Assessment District
F. O. E.
Th* regular •....■-. tio_?« are held in the Selkirk
Hall   every  Tuesday   ev .-nnix    at    *   o'clock
Visiting brethren nre c^rdiatW invited.
J   LE-JLIK, Pbmioest
W   ... Mel-At-i HUN Skt_.eta__y
Kootenay  Lodge   No.  t5, A   F. A A
I hereby give* notice Unit on MONDAY, the SEOOND DAY ol NOVEMBER, A. I)., 1008, alt 1 he hour oflO
o'clock in the forenoon, ill (be Court House, llevelstnke, I sbnll offer for sale at public auction the mineral claims
in i be list hereinafter set out, of tbe persons in tbe said list hereinafter set out, of which Crown Grants have lieen
issued, for all unpaid taxes accrued and due and payable on the IHItb .Mine, UKIS, and for t.bu expenses ofadvertigln-.'
slii- nutice.
If the iaxes i nil ex | senses of advertising, as sel out iu said list ale mil paid to me Oil or before tbe day of sale,
i he ,1,1111- may lie sold to the highest bidder, and a conveyance executed lo the purchaser of all right nnd interest
i . said claims legally alienated hy the Orown by the Crown Giants thereof.
In the evenl of there being no purchaser, or if the price offered shall not bo sufficient to pay tbe tuxes nuil
uf advertising, ibe I. mil sbnll revert to the I .uvi nee and Ibe Crown (.rants theieof shall be deemed void.
Tins reiftiiH. ni-t-t-
... ,-s- n.ld In tbt
Oislf.llnws. Hull. ",ii
the tbinl Munsliiy .:.
ettfli month i;
e m. V -
run    ss,,"! h   .
A. i-l-.iit ITXTKR. 9kcr_TjIRT.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, 1.0.0  F.
ilfjil- •.•try Tl,,,r
t«y ""vein!,,. ,i, 9.
kirk ll il   si *..'	
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   VinitiiiK lir-tii".,
oordlslly invit-wl tn ,itt,.ti,l.
X penile
'• ".MK  'sK   I'l-'.ltS.iV
O.  H
isniHT n'.i;
Cold Range lodge, K  ol P
No   .I-..   Revelstoke, B  C.
KKi -     . in ,      |.;;.Nh-|.i
txj_.pl •   •    ll
t".»fn in..,,
(Ul!     «l     I <
II   ' I.NNIMillAM KOBRIfl I    '
S   H   BKOI 'i<   K   ,,'   H   4 s
j  u. si orr   ,    ' r
Special uffer of gentlemen's visiting
cards neatly printed, 60 lor $1,26, ami
100 lur $1.75. Ladies' cards In newest
styleB, 60 lor $1,26 and 100 fur $1.76,
Linen liniHli cardH are tb,i lateHt importations.
Han IT Hard Coal, all sizes iu stock,
Kevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
HAL till TKNIiKH  mlilrn   «•!    ■     ,,,.   iri.|„r
-ilin'lfl,   slll'l    nllilnr-:*ltj   ■ T"t,,l,.r for Pabllfl
RiiiltliiiK. VemoD, tl <   ' will .i ,■.,-«, v.i.i Ht till
olllisn until 1110 ii.m. 1,11 Fn,l.iy   N,■■,■«,„Imp 20th
l!*n.v for th. eoDStnietfooofaPabiloRallrllnn
nt ".'union.
Plans mul .petsifioillion run lm .uui, iitisl f,,rrns
,»f l,niiitiir nlitnifiotl sithifl Ilflpiirtmiinl,, ,u,,l ,,„
appllosUon to thn Piistinimi.nr ai. Vernon.
Pftr.iinst tfltitlnrinK nr« notifietl ton". '.ii,,|j.r-
wilt not lm eonsldflrad nnless on ths ;,r.M_,i
ftirin   stipplifltl. Hll'l   >ii_tii"'l   with   t.hnir   ,rl,,.,l
Karl, Ifln'inr nsiilsit lin HOOO-lMDlsd l<v .si,
imtstlpl.-l'l   QhSga.   On   n  Mlinrl,Ufiiil liank,   mutln
itsijanin tn tl,n uflor sif the Honoarnblo the
Ulnlstei "f Pabllc Works, o-jasl to inn p-ir rnn!
'in ti.r.,l ul l,lin nmsniiiL,,r l.hsi l.till'lnr, whissh will
in- fsirfnitnil if this person ten-.rlnff deollne to
nnlnr inin a fsiinl-riiist whnn rallntl npon to do
so. or If hn fail to oompl.te tlm wurlt oontrsoted
fur. If thn tJiiitlnr Ins nut niisnitliisl s.lisi fsl,,i,j,in
will lm tuttiriinil.
Thn liniiartrnoiitilons not liintl it-.nl T to S0C.pt
thn lowostOr any tui,ilnr.
Hy nrijor,
Imparl,,i,nn", of I'nlilii: Work-,,
Ottawa, Ootober uith, le*.
Nnws.|inpers  will   not lm paid for thin nilvnr-
tlsemont if Ihey Insert it without authority
from the Uopartmeut.
\..\I Oraig, I'M Cai
l-'l',ii"ii'e MeOai I v
(ii-Im   11,    It:A II,,,, I
John Brown, W  H
\|   I-.   ,.
\ -I   •
i 'ui,in,i   , ,\ ,
i,. \|  i ,,. M.l
Oeo,   \
Cimi linn Girl,
Victoria IV
Maple l.eni
H haul rock
Mammoth No. 2
Silver Tip No. _
Kiis-ft'i i, Kinir
Little Joe
Molly Fraction
War K.iglc
I-..L No,
Vfeti   I,- v- M ('■,.,.f |jtit|ejitiljil     New  Ymk
VV. N, Brayton
A. VV. dray and T. R  Davey
Hugh Sutherland    ...
Smith Curtis    	
Dalphne \l. ,v liev. Co
s.ui Francisco
Metropolitan Fraotlon
Chicago Fraction
Silver Chief
Kamleopa Fraction
I X I.
i __ I, Fraction
Copper King
Hig Four
Silver Tip
Mountain M
Mritiluw (jneeii
« *."'
1711.*)       (Iroup 1
52 mi
2 (K)
54 IX)
_7l.l             *'    1
(!,"i IH)
07 IK)
•_7'.l              *'    1
ti". IK)
2 00
07 (X)
__?:_">          "   l
(12 ."ill
2 IK)
(il 60
rm         "  I
46 (Kl
2 IK)
47 00
27(17            ••   1
n.1 w
2 IK)
(li 00
27(lri                 "     1
21) IKI
2 (Kl
22 00
27(i!»             "    1
(12 50
2 (H)
(ll 60
.-.41K.              "    1
40 "Kl
2 00
42 00
.*>KII               '"    1
17 (K)
2 (K)
B842            *"   1
b*. iill
2 00
17 50
5845            ■*   1
I im
(1 00
,*iS-l(i               "'     1
10 60
2 00
12 50
.-tSI7               "*    1
2(1 IKJ
2 IK)
28 00
6848            •'   1
16 80
2 IK)
17 50
B8BS            "   1
111 ill
2 (K)
Xi 50
IH2II                 "     1
.   lllll IKI
2 IK)
182 oo
272K              "    1
IM) (K)
2 00
IOI 00
2727               ""    1
llll IKI
2 IK)
145 IK)
27211              '•    1
III isi
2 (X)
18 50
2.-.H.')              ••    I
III 60
2 (K)
18 50
6826            •'   I
27 75
20 75
6826            **   1
'XI li)
2 (X)
35 75
6827            "   1
28 50
2 00
;*) 60
6828            "   1
211 26
2 00
25 25
6820           ••   1
:«i oo
2 01)
41 00
6880            "   1
:«i oo
2 (X)
41 00
6881            "   I
4 50
2 00
:M2          ■•   l
6 25
2 (X)
7 25
III,*i2             "    1
17 50
2 00
I9 60
-VlKl                  "     1
25 50
2 1)0
27 50
I-.IH2              ""    1
25 00
2 (ki
27 00
6888            *'   I
18 50
2 00
20 50
608"            "   1
8 00
2 (X)
6686            "   1
10 50
2 (X)
12 50
4727              "*    1
25 50
2 (X)
27 60
llllltl             "    1
25 00
2 00
27 00
IHI7              "    1
XI (K)
2 00
41 00
4HK1             "•    1
XI (Kl
2 00
41 (X)
8682            '•   1
28 00
8886            "   I
211 IKI
2 00
28 (X)
:iKi(i           ••   I
25 iV)
2 (X)
27 50
:ki7          ••   I
2(1 (K)
2 00
28 (X)
8840           "   1
28 (K)
2 00
28 (Kl
6810           "   1
2(1 00
2 00
28 IKI
8604            '•   I
.*.) 75
82 75
8806            "   1
28 00
2 (X)
25 (XI
r>i(/7          "   I
55 00
2 00
57 00
uu,,I iii Revelstoke, II. ('., Oct.1Mb, 1808
Deputy Assessor and Collector Kevelsloke Assessment District.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
SAiim _s .Jt*
Sat. Nov. 7 Lk. .Manitoba
"Fri. " 13 Emp. Ireland
"Sat. •' 21 Lk.Champlaln Wed.Nov.4
"Special Christmas ships
Intermediate Season from iioatrtal
an_ Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class jrd. Class
$90 00    $48 75 $28 75
IS!, Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$72 .so       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       827 50
Cheap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
points   iu connection  with steamship tickets
Passengers booked   to  Norway,
.Sweden, Antwerp,   Hamburg   and
all other conlinc  Inl ports.
For further Informalloii npply lu
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelsloke. Vancouver.
Certificate of Improvements
Winsluw Mineral Claim, situate in llie
Trout   Lake   Mining   Division   of
West Kiiolenay District.
Where   located;—At   head   of Seven
Mile Creek) Tumi Lake.
Take nolice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent   foe   Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C'. 37(13: William Bennett.
F.M.C. No.  BD5877;   Bruce White, F.
M.C. BI4524; and   P. H. Murphy, F.M.
(/'. 11221)87; intend, sixty days from the
date  hereof,   to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a
Crown Giant of the above claim.        •
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
I)., 1908.
oct.-l-AOd O. B. N. WILKIE.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewsl of lhe
retail liquor licence for tbe Kootenay
hotel, Burton City, B. G.
Dated Oct. 24,1908.
Wm. Lovatt.
R.V6lstok. Land Dtairtet.
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notiee tbat I, Norman T. MaeLeml nl
Letbbrldae, Alta., oooupatlon Broker, lntenda
to applv for permiaaion to purchano the follow
lug dencribea land.:
CommencinK at a pout planted at the mnuli-
i'sa corner or Lot 1.112 in toalhnll Valley
about su milea Weat of the wont ahor. of Arrow Lake .nd marked "N. T. Mac', N. w.
Corner," tbenee to cbalna aouth, thenre 20
cbalna eaat, thence 40 chalna north, thence M
cbalna weat, containing SO aorea, more or leaa.
Date Sept. 4, H0»,
■ep 11* IM By John E, Taylor, hii Beaut. m
Tlie crowded stove top—
haven't you often wished
for more space ?
pipe-hole may be
used if preferred but—
Uhis pipe-arrangement leaves
the top of range free for pots,
pans, etc.
wish for more top
space. Grantor :—
"Sask-alta" Range.
cutting in half of
washday. Grantor:
"Sask-alta" Range.
Granted:- The use
of a top space sufficient to prepare
a meal all at one
time. Grantor:—
"Sask-alta" Range.
"Sask-alta" piping
adjustment is
easy, but you will
not find it on
any  other range.
Mc. Clary's
__»_•_. Tt. mU, r-.Mi_.e_4, Wlnnlpe_. Vane euver, tit J .Im, NamlltM, Cal_-_y
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
0\   ________._B_E_R,T     ST-OHSTE      _E»-E?.0_P.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ot Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Eastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims -situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District. Located on lhe North side of the North-east
branch of Laforme Creek.
Take notice that I, Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate Bi 3.165, as agent
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94266; for Ed. Adaii, Free Miner's
Certificate B94-51; Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate R94262; Walter Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94J65; F. G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94264;
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
R94261, and R. F. Greer, Free Miner's
Certificate B94J63, intend 60 days Irom
date hereof lo apply to Ihe Mining Recorder for a cerlificale of improvements
Cor the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take nolice lhal action under Section 37 must be commenced before
the issuance of  such  certificates  ol   im
Daled this.
171b day of September, 1008,
i"i v L. Williams.
"*cp -..-nov j.i
InthkscruEMK (oiiiT rn-- British
INTHBMaTTRR   ok Tin:  WtMil.N'ti Ul"
And iu the Matter of The lilwood Tin
Woi-kei»Gold Mining Cumpaiiv ul
Lardeau, British Columbia, Limited, Non-Peisonal Liahilil) .
TAKE   NOTICE  that   ihe under-
signed has appointed Friday, tlie 80th
day of OitoiH'i", lmw, at ihe hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon at the
Court House in the City of llevelsloke,
II. ('., for the purpose of bearing and
confirming the Report of the Oflleial
Liquidator upon the claims, of credit*
ors, and of settling, determining and
finally passing the Dividend Sheet,
and of passing the UfHciai Liquidator'!
accounts, and settling bis remuneration.
And let all parties attend.
Dated this twelfth day of October,
A. D., 1908.
District Registrar at Revelstoke, H. C.
All  kinds  ol  new
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. O. Box, 206.
Phonk 26
Powerful car, seats live, for  hire hy
the day or hoar at reasonable terms.
Regulai street trips all day.
STANDS—Union Hotel. Phone 27.
Oriental Hotel, Phone 18,
C. TURNR-M, Proprietor. Phone «1
____EE, _9_____,
RaotlflMtlon al Orown Grant
Whsn.au on the HMh dar of Nimmher. l»n. a
lirown Grant waa Intuit*! In trie nama of Frader-
lok Wasthbonrna for Lot 1117, Group I, Koota-
rtaj District. That aridanca haa ainca biwin
bean 1 -roducad ahowlnif that Ilia saiil Fradarlek
Waahbonrna diad ou tha 7th ol Ananat, MM.
some time prior to the lunuanoa of Uttuid
drown Grant. That hi aaraetnont. .dated nth
Atianal, IHUrl, thaaald Frederlolt Waahbonrna
atmlmied all hia eatate, rlnlit, title, interest.
olaim and demand whataoeter In the aald land
tn Thomas Shanks MoPherann.
Nntlre ia therefore hereby (Ivan. In pnrsn-
anise of Section M of tha "Land Art, ' that It I.
tlio iiito.it Inn to cancel thn Haiti frown (Irani
intuied In the name ol Frederick WaahlKiiime
and to l-mi". one In Ita Htead In the nama of
ThomaaShanka llePhariton three montl a Irom
the data hereof nnlaaa (nod nana* la ahown te
the contrary.
Chief Comnilsisiliiiier nf Lands aud Work..
Landa and Wurki Danartment.
Vlcl-orla, B. Ch Uth Ocmher, int.    ocl il-la
Real Estate, Insurance
Commission  Agent
Revelstoke. B. C.
Reprencnl.tliV-i  of   ilu*    following
Insurance Comp-.nie.lt—
FIRE INSURANCE -London Mutual,
Montreal - O-tnadai Traders',
Slandanl Mutual, Ottawa, Anglo-
American, l'..|nil\, Winnipeg,
Colonial Ontario, I) -minion.
Lancashire Life, whose policies
are the most liberal olTered in the
Dominion to-day.
Guarantee and Accident insurance Company]
American Surety Company, the
oldest and .strongest Surety Co.
on the Continent.
FOR SALE    llounes, Business blocks
City Lots, Fruit and Farm lands.
TO LET—Houses and Stores,
INVESTMENTS—Timber, mines
municipal and Corporation Bond ■
In the matter of an application for
the Issue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to North _ of Villa Lot 28,
Town of Revelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that it in my
intention to Issue at the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof, duplicate Certificate of Title to
the alaive mentioned lands in the name
ol John Larson, which Certificate of
Title is dated the 1st dar of September
1I>(>:. and numbered 2711 A.
District Registrar.
Und Reg Offlce, Nelson, B.C.
7th October  UXM.. net 101 m
1J.0B   RKNT-llesidenre    of   J.    If,
I    Scott.   Apply to Stott A Biigffs.
WANTED -Rnni-drr" nnd Roomer*
in II   minion 11 hie   home.     Mini
grata terms, home rooking.   Apply tn
Box 7W.
Smith Curtis, Wm. Davidson,
and F. J. Deane Address the
Electors on Political Issues
—Lively Discussions
A large audience gathered at the
opera house on Tuesday nigbt to bear
Smith Curtis, Kootenay Liberal candidate; W. Davidson, Socialist candidate, and others deliver addresses on
elect ii 111 issues. Present on the pint
form were   J.  M. Kellie, who acted an
I but the workers must sell their labor
iu order to live, and that labor product should belnng to tbe workers,
but now tbey got almost nothing,
ile explained that both liberals and
conservatives by tbeir policy advocated
slavery f r workers and tj get j slice
the workers must get the reins ol
power to Iree theninelve. and get the
reins ol power to free themselves and
get the full value of tlieir labor. Production must bu for all and not (or a
few and these parties will see that the
means ol life is held for the benefit of
a lew, for tbeir own ends. He said
that the wage slaves dared not express
their demands lest they lose their jobs
and that capital meant the robbing ol
1 ilmr ol ite products,   He pointed out
chairman, VV.   Davidson,   P. J. Deane
of Nelson, and Smith Curtis.
Mr. Deane was the first speaker, and
commenced by saying the liberals felt
good in tbat tbe honor of Canada had
been vindicated by tbe return of
Laurier and his party to power and be
■aid that tbe beet thing the Kootenay
electors could do would be to send
Smith Curtis to Ottawa. The people
however bad to choose between three
candidates, wbo each had a record.
Mr. Curtie's record he pointed out was
a good one and unquestionable one;
nobody could attack him with impunity and he had the confidence of
the electors. He explained how Mr.
Qoodeve bad taken a sudden, remark,
able interest in labor, in order to get
the labor vote, whioh interest wae very
different when he was mayor ol Rossland at tbe time ol tht minora' strike.
Tbere he had acted against the labor
classes, which tact the miners oannot
forget. He said tbat be was surprised
tbat Mr. Goodeve should advocate
Asiatic exclusion, according to bis
former views on the matter. He
pointed out that Mr. Davidson, tbe
Socialist, couldn't do anything for the
people in tbeir lifetime if elected,
whereas Curtis would have the government support lor the good of the peo-
tliat Mr. Smith Curtis bad promised
everything except the non-exploitation ol labor, and will promise anything to get votes, and then forget bis
promises. He showed how foolish it
was for liberal and conservatives to
try and make labor believe they would
look alter their interests, when they
were directly opposed to each other's
views. In referring to Mr. Deane'a
remarks about his voting on the C.P.
R. tax exemption and land grants and
vindicated his actions as being in the
beets interests of the country. Small
capitalists, he said, were as bad as tin
big ones and just as dishonest, and in
referring to Canada's prosperity, he
pointed out how in spite of prosperity,
people were starving and always would
be while the workers supported capital. He referred to the thousands ol
unemployed in England as being the
same in Canada, and that it would
get worse if Canadian workiugmen
supported liberals or conservatives.
He said that it was a shame that the
discussion of labor interests in the
legislature should be deemed out ol
order. He referred to the C.P.B.
strike and said that it was the men's
own fault that they were licked and
well licked. He explained how the
Socialists   could   not     be    deleated,
pie. He reviewed the progressive
policy of the Laurier Government and
how they will do much forlaborand
how Smith Curtis can do a great deal
lor the people at Ottawa. He referred
to Mr. Davidsim's record in the house
when voting on certain questions in
connection with the exemption ol the
C.P.R. from taxes and for grants to
them of public lands, and said that
both Davidson and Hawtbornthwaite
bad voted against the interests ol the
province and bad lost an opportunity
ol saving much public money. He
■aid tbat the Socialists were inconsistent in the campaign and in conclusion he showed bow much the Laurier
Government had done (or Canada, and
tba develop-nent ol her resources and
urged the electors lo give Smith Cur-
til their support on Nov. 12th.
Mr. Davidson, in referring tn Mj.
Deaoe's strenuous appeal lor bis candidate, said that labor has many proles-ted friends, when these friends want
votes and in the end they turned out
bitter foea. He showed bow, by electing the Liberal government to powir,
tbe workers bad agreed to be in •ub
«ction   to  oapital.     He point id out
iiHirming that they neither give or
take quarter, but light to the finish,
and the fight will continue long and
bitter until tbere is no such thing as
masters and slaves. In conclusion he
said that if the workers want (air play
tbey should vote (or Socialism.
Smith Curtis was then called upon
to speak and commenced by relerring
to Mr. Davidson's remarks about himself as being wide of tba mark. He
■aid that the term wage slave was
very distasteful and the working men
objected to it as being unjustifiable.
He pointed out that tbe workers could
not be dictated to aod they sin uld
resent tbe title of slaves. In referring
to the socialists he said that if Mr.
Davidson was elected no obange in
oondions would result, Socialism was
too Utopian and bound by conditions.
He said tbat be represented labor
■aved and labor to he done. Capitalists were not robbers and he stood (or
a parly system which tries to cure sli
ills. He showed that voting should
not be hereditary and how some men
were influenced by bribes. He pointed
out tbat Mr. Davidson hoped to limp
into ollice, but be would on tbe other
baud lose bis deposit. The socialists
bad no reason to give for remedy ol
evils anil I heir ideas were too lllliigin
ary. lie eaid that Ihe unemployed
question should be deait with in Cat -
ada and that the Minister of Lab r
would h.iIvb the problem. He would
do all he could i( sent to 0 tawa to
try and bring it about, which would
mean a gre.it salvation for labor. He
explained bow tbe Lemieux Act was
ol great benefit to labor classes, and
although defective iu places it would
be remedied. In referring to the C P.
R. strike be said the act was lair to
the company as well as the men; each
had an opportunity of getting ready
and whoever wanted a change should
ask for arbitration.
He affirmed'that if elected to Ottawa
he would try and remedy the defects
to suit, all parlies. In relerring to Mr.
D.iv iiImhu's statement that politioino*
make promises lu break, be challenged
any one tn a.scum him uf bieakiiig
any promise lie bud made. He ex-
plaii od 1 bat if the Ho l.ilisl guvu null
thu product nf bis labor there would
be nothing to be saved and all pmgre-s
would cense, lie said 1 hat Mr. Davidson hud voted agtinst tin; interests nf
bis own patty on important questions
and stated mat the .Socialists had
never done any g ud in the Home, lu
dealing witb the Asiatic immigration
problem be said that the C.P R. had
brought a Jap no.ooy into the North-
West and not as Mr. Goodeve bad
asserted liy the liberals. Lieut -Gi.v.
Dunsmuir had also done thiB. He
o.aiiiicd that the liberals will not allow
Jap farmers into Canada, while on tbe
other baud B. 0. lets them. He then
read a telegram denying the allegatii c
by the oonservaiives that the liberal ■
had allowed Japs 10 come in for tbe
G.T.P. work. There was no woid
about Asiatic exclusion in Mr. Bor
den's platform. He explained tbat
tbe conservatives were not friends of a
white Canada. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
had excluded Orientals and few Japs
have come to stay. He said that if
he were sent to Ottawa he would urge
for tbe Australian Immigration Act,
and he hoped his voice would be heard,
and urged tbe electors to vote for tbe
man and not the politician, and said
that the Laurier Government bad
been tried in the fire and come thru'
scatheless. He showed how he had
tried to bave Kpotenay eleotions on
Oct. 26, but the act would not permit,
as the proclamation couldn't be got
out in time. He said that tbe Laurier
government was tbe best Canada ever
had, progressive aud prosperous. He
pointed out that anyone can get in to
the oivil service if they paaa the examination and tbere could be no gralt
there. He solicited the support ol
tbe people and eaid that he stood (or
high principle, progressive legislation:
tbe worki rs would get the beet wages
and he wonld do all he could for tbem.
He would owe his election to the labor
vote and they could look to bim for
adjustment of all troubles. The Laurier govern -lent was worthy ol support and he urged that it be endorsed
by sending him to Ottawa. He would
promote the Hudsons Bay railway,
and the union ol Newfoundland with
the Dominion. The all-red route aod
better terms (or B. C he would light
(or, and give his best interests to lumber, mining and agricultural industries
anil tlieir development. He said he
was in favor of experimental farms in
B. C,a'il in _oi.olti-.inn said lhat if
hi were -c t In Oitn« 11 be would de-
V ite bia e tergins   to   llie welfare of B.
C. and tbe k'niiU'iiays.
8' venil i|iie ti'ins were asked bv n-
dlviduuls i'i tbe audience, which were
explained by the speaker.
II N. Coursier asked Mr. Curtis
why the liberals Iiud put Dunsmuir in
as Lieut..Governor of B. fl., when be
employed Oriental labor.
Mr. Curtis said that the liberals did
Wrong and pointed out that be would
protest if such an appoint ment was
1.1 ml.- Again,
Mr. Coursier then asked why the
liberals and conservatives bad sup-
pnrted Dunsmuir in his action.
Mr. Curtis pointed out that the II.
C. legislature had refused to let a
motion of censure of Dunsmuir go to
Mr. Curtis explained that the government had a scheme for putting the
unemployed to work on lands until
better employment turned up. This
waa a good scheme lor opening up the
land and profitable for tbe people as
well as the government.
Several questions in connection with
the Columbia A Western lands and
other mattera of past history, led to a
long controversy, tbe matters being
chiefly a rehash of the last provincial
Three cheers lor Laurier oloaed the
Inland Revenue
Statement of revenue collected at
Port of Revelstoke during tho month
of October :
Revelstnk  $3304 73
Ashcrolt  624 lfi
Golden  709 10
Kamloops     601 47
Vernon  1896 66
Total    17036 02
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results pro-
duced the " EMPIREI"
TYPEWRITER ia unsurpassed.
The "EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE "needs less
care than any other machine
because there aro fewer parte
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
oi these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for E-limates and Advertising Rates
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white and grey knit goods Drawors and
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J4 i.l.Vl.l.MOKK,   ii. tl '. -"
Local and General.
I iday is tin  ;. stival ol llallowi 'eu.
Tuesday, November 3rd is Presidential election day in the United States.
Come to tbe opi rn house Mi nday,
Nov. iuli. and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with the rest.
The Rebekah Ijodge, No 21, I O.O.
F., bave arranged to hold a Bbirl .-.at
usdc- in tii" opera bouse on Friday,
Nov. 20th
Don't forget tho Thanksgiving din-
.'..] .n tlie opera house Monday, Nov,
9tb, undei auspines of Knox Church
Ladies Auxiliary,
The Uon. Richard Mo Bride, piemi r
ol   !   ■ I.,   and   Dr. Young, provinci
secretary,   will   be   in   Reveletoke on
I"riJ -     Nov.   6, and address a public
Dr. J. W. -:; , II, B.A., D.O .
prineij'-l ol Columbia College, New
Wet:    innter, « cl   in tb     let!
i ,!j-,    Ch irch Suud iy,  morning
.11   :     •■■   .   :'
(.'.... tei ■ ,     i... ••■ ■■"■ Nov -,
-.-.. ._: will i ;:, '. ,..   half  paid   nine in
be moruing aud  cii -~<-  at  a quarter
p irt thn •     i.   I he   afti moon  during
th-   .\ ii ter months.
A dispatch irum   Rome says the e i-
gagement of Prince Victor Emmi
Count   ol   Turin, to Princess Patrii i,
daughter   I the Duki   ■ ;   d   naug  t,
soon will be am
.1   II. Hawthornthwaite, the S
ist iead Idn -s-  a  i ublic n
..■    •; i i        -,    n Wedm
Nov. ll       l: | n -■   • -I ive« i f political
ited to speal
:itj   u uucil    i, ive    rca ivi d
..    ........ j
I      .: n ■ ■ •   ' '   •    i'i" in nu nl
,\   V -■-.-   : •  e C.P R. i    i    Bti a     -
Pole    '■:  .   ..- the city.
incil  will  very  shortly
, .-■     a net   ire light at tbe  intersec
;   f - ■    • ■    ■   and   McKen/.ii
.i v>.:, .       , flit will be ol the
ng ai     , | •      3,000 candle ]   wer
I . • •• .i pi I lie  meeting held
in   tin    :       in   Parloi    1 -     tri
Tbursd ij    '• ••    5, (or the p irp se of
.-...,-.      Citizen's   League    Mr«,
...      rgai ter lor tbe
".V.C.'l   I   ' " '.-■-■;     ■   •   1
Ails ices fi state thai
..    -    ..    | bus heen de-
c an ition I   n   -
reuei       be  c       iti '
■ ||   .     itberca e beii    offered
pre.   ling opin-
i in tr- re is tbal thi     mstilui
i   it make _ itroog i id foi thi  Bi il ih
i   .    ntl .   ;   rtl -:...'. cant I y
•   ■ defeat i f   Hon.   Wm.   rempleman
in \ irr  i ,
''■'    '        '.A''-       ;
:" - - -.■... .-"
"''.-   i
'    \      A
initke n gi'L'itl coinbiiiation,
especially if the cake be of
our lm'- ins., i 'ome aud sou
how ,n my viii-iel ies we have
and - ,'\ i cmpi in ,..;,-li is to
Hi,' evi". Km pleasing as
tbnj n ■• ' , In ik nl, it is
iintliii>_- I'liiupiu'ed with the
delighl     ib.ti    accompanies
the   lii-i     uthful,     Serve
nuv cake ,,n ynur ';11> 11- nnd
luaiikiud will adore you.
A Well Stocked Lanier
is- ,i good houuekoepei"'H pridn
Kill villus wiih lho kind of
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une in loll n ll ill have l"'l li'i.
Stlll'l to il iy wil ll ;i 11 -i.it
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prise yuu I" I im thai 811-
pei'loi1 in ... . 'i'ii'"S are,
nuv prices I-, n ,i .i Iiii
higher than y >u hnve been
usi'il I,, |i tyi ,,. foi' I be in -
dinary kind.
• V^%_-^ -
' * .   .-'.3     . fl   rv-r.. -.
.. • ' ■" 1        " ■  i ." -«-i"
• ,2&,     ' "a    .  ,- '
I he right  Piano at the ri-^lit price.
Co I .unl -re ii- before yuu buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real lisinte. Insurance and Flnanci.il Acrcnttt.     Mcnoy tn Lor.n
^ — ■"■   •> •> ■'"'  -.—i.    _■■      .    — .,..-. _,.._■_       --Iir
ii .    ■ Bulb
"SNOWDROPS     SinKic antl Ooulile
CR.C'1.1    Sssparnl. v.iricsti.s.
JONQUILS    fellow Double.
N4HCISSUS   Paper WhIUI  von lion;
Etnpri-19; Butter anil ERR1.
TULIPS   Slncrle: Soparatfi Colorn
HYACINTHS   Lar„c; SlnKlf:   Diiihlo;
TO-NIGH f—Moving Piotnres.
our citizen
historically   if   not intrinsically  ,
I '  ,      i'n;       uri
iv   -   once   tin    pro) '-: -
I uther     The di  i
in tlie fiinn ol a e
!, e firn
tnci ....'•■'.
ni .-• :.. tin   .    .
diss I   ■  pi        :   . ,
ci nsenl     i;
I will i
njoyabli ....
lasl '.'■   .    -
pearing to bavi   i .
■!.,- third danci     I  the serie
the managei - ,
to give good danci - will
eceive   tin •   i he
.   ,!-,,,
they hi■
lay ol eh ctrii
■ in- (' r. I;   lep ■
Sevi   ,:.,■■-   i.
n i i
mediatel        sd
ins; like  inaki *
Hashes <-  i
ity i
after -   ni I
.s in . wen  .- i ,, ed
Another   fai       Ion
thi ui ..■ urdi r bu dogue
:   u -..- .-    m lal   ' ■'■'        has i '
, -ir    n> tici-       I.    -li.r.'l-   ,i     VI :-'
farmers, was  gra itcd    i li     te   i he
■ In r   day from his wil •      h he   b
■ t liiu-tl through l hemal .  hiircan
1 ,i ■ catali fi" !, ,"- 1  i  ■   •
' third wile li ■ h id had ni
i \\ e hope i hal   i.' ■■•   I  ■ ■               ihi
■ ronistcs i he  mail    rd
not   u's   thai    dr      i   , i        ... tike
r,  te.
A public work wbicli   » , ild   In    en
, rsi 'I   t y   the city generally and en-
|.i cially by those  ivhn   'I ■ ,   in    ■■ .ml
and coal, is badly needed and that!.
I the  erection   ol  n covi i roi f i     hed
over the city scales, These scalPi are
' usi il   in   all   woalher, and   i    it Inter
when the snow liesdeepand the weigh
i ninu ban to shovel It off, there ia liable
' to be inure ur less trouble over onrreol
Weight, apart    frum    the (net that the
I ucnles wilj   nut Improve by continual
exposure to the weather.
rhe I-.   • ■
Tbe .''
will not    ■   ipen I
Men, hear I
the R   V   >!   ■
i   1111 r,
, .      \l iss '..     rl
ihe    _
iii" under I heauspices ■    I n     i   mre
(Imiii   for   i he  ai asi I    the I
held in •   i t, ruber it the I
.■ il Mr« .1 f Tel
So nu ■  I      ,
..■nn. they term     local    mpr    ■ ment
I'liii.- " i hi   Ides   being tl    p
among lhe <  I ir,en -   I a di ■ hink
ninl work    ui.  plana  and schi - f,
the good ol 'be coiiiuiiiiiity ind alio
for the general improvement of theii
lir,,|i'-r'        We   wnndei hot. miol nn
irg inlznl Ion would conflict «il h i he
jurisdii Ii n ol ilu   oity oouncil a .'I il
they    wuuld    wnrk   iu   linniiunv  will
each nih sr. a Inenl im'proveroon
olub in Revelstoke perhaps might
enooiirnge people to not the pun ol
good citizens mel keep the sidewalks
and streets In front nnd behind their
[iromisoB   presentable.     Suoh « olub
migiil be able  In perSUlde Ihu average
citizen   that   when   a   spike   or nnd
sticks   up   from   ilm   pluuk   walk in |
front uf  his pn iius-c- li" might, with i
■ut iiny   lost  nf dignity, tako a ham ,
mer and drive it in.
Com" null see the pic-tlMCS toulgllt
nl the Edison Parlor Tlmii re. The
fniiurnl nl the King nf P tugal mil
Grown Prince Louis Phillipe, "Stage
Memories," "'Messenger's Mistake,"
.mil "A l.uly Birii .ter," Mrs. Chambers will -ini. tlie illustrated song.
The i,uiiiini cinvention nf H. ('.
Sohool Trustees will be held in tin
city i n November 18 19, Wednesdaj
snd Thursday. Tec convention
promises to he the most impoitant ol
any previous ones and n large number
ni important ques i ns will be dis
ousiied, Addresses by prominent
men of the day wiM hn delivered and
ir, is to be Imped that Revelstoke will
rise to thu occasion and welcome the
delegates who will attend from all
points, furl her details will appear
mi Wednesday in mi.
Social and Personal
Mrs. W. M, Lawrence «i I not receive on Wednesday, Nov. -lib
.Mrs. McKitriek, ,'f Nnkiisp, ivftsa
vi-imr to llieci y on Thursday,
Miss Annie Palmer left on Friday
tu attend the Okuniigau College at
Mr. and Mrs, •' O. Vance and family reliu n lulls ii homo ill 11 id is Ull n
Monday for tin  »inter months.
Mrs. 11 Cunningham M .nis am.
Miss Valerie Cuuiiiii_,ham M r.iaic-
tiiniiil yesterday from n  visit io Lake
Mis. .1. P. Mel eiinuii enti rtaini il
her friends nt a delightful progressive
ivlii-l pni'.v on Widnesday aliernoon
nt In r resilience on McKcnz e avenue
Tlie players numbered seven tables.
Etecherohe relresl mentswere Bcrved at
ilm i lose ul the game. Mis. G. S. Mc-
Oarti r, and MrB. ileum of Brandon,
Man., wi re the piiz.- winners,
A vi ry enjoyable progressive whiBl
party w.ts given on Thursday night by
Mr and Mrs W. M. Lawrence Four-
teen t.,,,'es made up ihe gnme and
whist was played 'ill Biipi er was served
nt midnight After the dainty refreshments bul been served tho spacious rooms were cleared nnd danoiug
finished up a.pleasant inv* ing. Tl.c
prizes were won by Al - \V. Morris,
Mr-. B, H. Atkins, A. l'i. Kincaid and
I!. It. Atkins.
Catholic.— He*.. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are hold on the First
.md Third Sundays in every month
nt the following hours: 8 u.m. Communion Muss; 10:80 a.m. Hin^ "" aas
nnd Sermon; 2 p.m. Bnptjnma; 2:80
p.m. Sunday School; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
Instruct inn and Benediction.
St Andrew's Phesbvtkkian—Rev.
W.-C. Calder, pastor, Sunday, Nov. 1.
Services 11 a.m., 7:3(1 p.m, Suiiiiny
Sohool a-id Pastor's Bible Claris, 2.30
p. in. Prayer meetinK on Wedncs
day 8 p.m. (.'li ir practice nnd teach
era' meeting, Friday 8 p in.
Knox I'ki'.s'    i krian—I   R. Hubert-
-un, H.I i..    -i.-r.    Sunday  services
it 11 ii m, and 7.10 n in. Sunday
•"cbool and Pasti r' i ic Class at 230
p.m. Morning subjefll, "A GrentPro-
verb." Lu:.inu service sjpeciilly for
young men. subject, "1. the Young
Mao Safe?" G l in i-ie   Prayer meet-
',  \\ •-,:.,,■-,I ,iy i iii ll r       Choir I'l'llC-
• , la    in."in     Welcome to
.    and -s :.,•.■--• r- spicinl'y invited.
ilu Bev, W. I-. Fri uman, 11 A.
- • rii , - , i I I a.m.  and  7:3(1
p.m.   Sund '   -'"" nt and Bible classat.
.    "l;  \   !' f    Moi ,liy nt 8
Wi dm sday 8
ivilcd to these services
I    ■   !■  icemaker."
■ in I    Word
,    i r. shall i li ni lie
: -Ri        W. 1! ' i     ■■ tor
-.. i-    : ,,'.."-    —
11 ,,'c!,,ck.    Sun-
Clai       '..' 30 p.
' .'I"   p in.
-         I..U-,
in  Col ege, Ni w
.     , C.A.
20th Bun-
■  -  8 n.in. Holy
rt   Matins, Holy
I-;.--n-.,si_. 2.30
To Mv   Patrom"   ami thk GknbhaIj
The unilersigned begs leave to an-
noiince that he will cirry un the
business of Real Kstn'e, Insnrntioe
mil General Cionmissinu Agent add
Money to Loan, eto, at lhe old pn mi
■er'S of Sililnild tt Field on First Siree',
east ul Hotel Climax, ns before,
John 1). Siiikai.d
Ladies and Gentlemen:
A'   ynu   will   notice in this is in- of |
(he MaHj-Hekald, the firm of Sibhald j
& Field «rc tniliiy  dissolving partner
-hip, inch irniniln'r continuing in tie j
siinic line of 1 iisiucnH,      I iioltoit yi n
pntn iing", and also thank you fir tho
Imsiness   which ynu have given to (he
firm for the last reven years    My new
ullice is   on   the southwest corner ol
First   iSluet   and   Campbell Avenue,
nppoaite   the  Revelstoke Olub, on the
former   site   of   Ihe  Union Huh I     I
hnve already been requested by eever.il
uf   the   oompaniei tne   old  linn have
represented, to iii  future handle tbcii
agencies here.
Yours respectfully,
("hah. IM. Fiki.h.
Kevelstoke, 11,0 , 31st October, 1908,
I hereby wish to state that I hnve
no partner in my blacksmith business,
nnd neither am I operating the ean e
in conjunction with any other person
or persons,
W. P, Lt: Bead
New shipment of violins, baujoe,
nutiihirps, guitars and all the fittings
nil Btnings, just opened up at C. ii
11 WMPI IWill.^-1 1  I     W II..H I
I at O,
l,\ Ms
pen is,n al
it. i.I:    Hun
1  i food
■ ,"i ■ bi b   ■     .i let ■
A -■.. load     '- ' • I    bran  bnd
r ioi    '    H. Hi
■ C
Our , ■ t' bles are bel
■or ih.in  ever   tlib     ill     Cow Is the
mi... to put in ,t - no, ,     An
-.ther cat | ist in     Horn ns Br i
l.iii,. homes package of  self  risiim
huokwhnat Hour ,i    ' ,i hull le   or ,i enn
ll ipli Hyi up a  il ■ njoy  t,  good old
fashioned meal, C, II. Hume ii Co
11.- ii in); Htovea, '•' ok stovi i, stove
hoards, ■' ne pipes, ooal scuttles, (ur
mice brushes, kiovc pipe varnish
stoves pi,1 up, taken down, repaired,—
Bourne Bius.
only line suit of a pattern.  Al
Now the cool days arc
here and colder ones are
coming, von will need to
be prepared. We can
show you a lot of stylish
coats in all the new styles
and trimmings and give
you the latesi models at
a very  reasonable  price.
New Dress Goods
We have just opened a
new lot of exclusive patterns in tbe late season's
styles and colorings.They
are decidedjy new and
the new braid   trimmings   to
Our Dressmaking Department is now located upstairs
and Miss Macdonald is ready to attend to your wants in this
m\V() Furnished Beth ms in lei, nil
I.    modern conveniences.   Box 800.
I 1(111 WALK -One bedroom snile.
J' alt.il une i li i .f-111 unl <-i- I run lied
All in lirst class i-omlilioii. Giin be
seen bo! ween 10 i.m. nuil 5 p.m, Ail
dips's P. O, Box 7_ii
I ADY, well known among ivell-to-
i ,lu people in l~.ovi.Kl.nke, enn
",si]v rum n new .Singer Sewing Mie
chilli*(400) A Mi'inling. liliillLin'iili.n
Street, Vnui nu\ m.
l.Kllt SALK Tun ('..on skin e.'.ils.
.1' nciiily new, si/..- Ill, $fi0 em ll, 0.
O.D. on receipt of $1 express charges
—Stat' Loan Company, Vancoiivei",
WANTED—A girl fortreiu'inl house
work.    Apply to liiis i (lice,    tc
^ 7^
Watckes thai:
are Timekeepers
We handle only the best grades
of the well-known watch movements, such ns the Wnlthain,
Klgin, Ball, Special, Illinois,
Rockforil and high grace Swiss
movements. Everyone guaranteed to be a timekeeper.
Ofticinl I isuer of Marriage
Liberal Committee Rooms
Old Salvatiun Army Hall, First Street
All interested in the election of Mr.
Smith Curtis us member f,,v Kooteuay
Eliding in the Dominion House of
Commons, cordially welcomed.
Open Daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p rn.
City Bakery
Call and see our cake. We
handle everything in the cake
and pastry line, .Inst arrived it
beautiful assortment of bouquets and trimmings for wed-
,ii-i,r, birthday and other cakes.
AH kinils nl icing and trimming
done. Stock of fresh bread and
buns always on hand, live
bread iniulo Tuesdays and Fridays, Ten .unl O'ake, Lunches
put up,
J. L. HEADr-ICK, Prop.
l:       ,  Ull u L.in.l 1)1  Hiit.
Wi   i Knoten n.  B  (I
i ike Nolice il 10 lays after date
I It   W   Lind iay ..I Cnnilinrne,   B. C.
.   u| ... i.  t.."i. h ni, Intend to Apply
;,,    j,, , nn --i, ,u ',, purchase I he  l'i'!l"W
,   ,    ll        nils   ..il lllll . ,1    on    I r-ll
,■   . ,   \y, ii Kootenay dislilci,
(',,in,,.. |"M||..  ,it   lhe    inu I ll eil"'!    euf.
!    A   I).   .VI uK.i".      |i iniiiiun
\ ,  i.so.'i in,I ir.nikctl  " It. W.   Lind-
Noi i li Wesi Ooi um I'usi;" i hence
ins lu   Ms,I    line   ni   McK illllllll's
pre elnpl ion:   Iheuee  60   elioills   soulh:
hi ni'  -   ' li iii     wesi   to   MnelCiy's;
thence north 60 chains to   polnl   of
im    , Hi "iii' "I      e,,nl,lining   Hi  III i" ■
,,,,,," I.I  ll
Located OM   I61h, 1008,
K. W. I.iMisv v, Locator,
Notice is herein   given that the co-
|,, r hip,   heretofore  existing  lie-
tweed Ihe iindarslgned ns Heal Hslate
.mil ( ,,i,,n,i- Inn Agents, under ihe
Hi in ii.mie ol' sililiiilil A Field, nl Revel toko,    II. ('..   bus been this diiytlis-
-io|s.,-,i by mutual consenl.
\n dolus, due to the said nartnei
ihlp, .ii " to he paid ni the Imperial
Kink. Revelstoke, B.C . mid all partnership debts to be paid in equal pto-
portions by sniil John D. Sllinald and
rii,i l,,s M. Field.
Dated at Revelstoke, H.C. .1st October, IU0H.
.1.   I>.   SlIIII.VI.H,
iiiii.ai-iui cha-. Mi fiki.h.
Northern Grown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"        paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits        225,ooo
I'lesiileiii    Sir I). II. McMillan, K.C.M.G.   Vice Piesideuts- Edward Gur-
ney and Oapt, Wm. Robinson.   Gen. Man.- .1. W. deC. O'Giady,
Specie.; attention paid to Savings  Bank Deposits
Inieie-l allowed renin dale ul' deposit and cioditcd quaitet'ly.
Open every  C P. R.   Pay Night, nlso -Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 p. in.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Tlni sin.ilii'sl   ficcouul ircrivi-s  from  iih Mio nnmo cfifeful .'iltcntinn
as I In' largcsl ohe.
Office   Cornet* First  St. and Connaught Ave.
A. F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branch
Capital - $3,374,000
Rest Fund $3,374,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, VV. H. PRATT, Manager.
In reference to the Circular issued by the Conservative Association re a joint public meeting set
for Tuesday, 27th inst., the Liberal Association
have; only to state that its sole object was the expected good our City would receive as a whole, and
not for tlie benefit of a few.
In future any suggestion for a joint meeting
between the two parties will have to come to this
Association through a certified committee of the
Opera House
One Night Only
Thursday, Nov. 5
Willis   At  Ciisgliive   |ile
sent Clarence Bennett's
(ileal Biblical I litl lllll
Harold Nelson
MARIUS. a Roman Soldier
Tin" iiei-il sill,linn pluy
ever miiien. E_udui_cd
In lie Clergy, Pei s-h and
I'lfbllo. Beautiful Beanie
.nul Lighting Kll'i'cis.
Prices   $1. and 75 Cents
Seal Sale n.1
('. K. Macdonald's Drug Sinn.
4    FI.W llOO_-.Kr.l- ANI) BOARD-
i\   fin  wn n i hi I   iii private  family,
Anp'V -luil-lleinlil.
I..OK  BALE   limit, lmId  Km nil mc,
I'    nil in Hi'Hl.class condition, caii lie
Heen lii'twccii ID .i.in, anil ,"i p in,—Mrs.
Mai nl\ i'n, Tlilrd Si. ocl 21 .'II
For Sale
Iiry cedar   curd    wood—RcvelBtulte
General Agencies. Ltd.
SAFE In good condition, fnr sale at
bargain.   Address at once, Sai-k.
Willi (llliee.
\TTANTBJD   BcdrooiiH  to  let  I'm-
\ V    nitheil, hoard if requited, terms
iiuileiali".   Apply A. Gain; lilisitci,
im ini- of Mi Keii'/.ie Ave.        ocl 21 lin
liy a » IIoIcmiIh iiniiiiifiiii hi inir
' i iiii|i.in v. none but a bllBllei' and me
ilm enn luniisli liesl, of lefHI'euei'S
iii'i'd apply, also must be able in In.
vest limn $.11X1 In $n(KI .put en all in
open office, appoint salesmen and do
the collecting (no house to house canvassing), To such n ii,an we inn nll'er
il position I'm life and "lie ilinl mi||
nel li im Iiiiiii "rl.sil lu $111(1 pi>t, week
clear profit; Do noi answer this unless ynu inn till all tbe above t-eipiiie-
uieiiis-.   (This is no tack sign, clnnhii'
disiiiliiitinii or hill posting prnposllluii)
imi a straight, luu nt., legitimate offlce
j hnsiness for life.    Wc  are  n foreign
I manufacturing company, These goods
I are largely In use throughout Canoda
i from Halifax to Vancouver,    Knr fir,
ther particulars address Tun Royal
i ■■lr.iJii'.vi'Eii Pood (Jo,. BH Hastings
I St., West, Vancouver, B.C.
' I


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