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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ease ol operation and pel lection
in results produced, |,hi« machine
is unsurpassed,    i'rice, Iflin 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol 15.-No47
REVELSTOKE, B. C, .JULY 10. 1900
$2.50 Per Year
^^■■■^■^■■^■^■■■^r'l'ovincial  Library
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Hole Proof Hose
As the washing machine banished the wash
board and sewing machine shortened the labors of
the seamstress, so " Hole Proof" Hose will do away
with the drudgery of sock and hose darning.
'Ibis Hose is made to wear, extraordinary durable, six strands of yarn interwoven in the feel, made
to resist wear where the wear comes.
"Hole Proof" Hose is the most cleanly and
sanitary hose in existence. Sold only by the box of
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Menu Hole Froo I Hose in Tan, Black. Red
or Green, absolutely guaranteed for four months, no
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of  four pairs      iPtilHI
Women's Hole Proof Hose in Tans and^Blacks
absolutely gauranteed for four months, four (JjO CJj
pairs in a box, at per box     IJIfciUU
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Revelstoko and Arrowhead.
Have you seen onr "WHITE KIM 1ST" line nl
Refrigerators, just makes you cool to look ut them.
All finished ill White Knninel. Circular'shelves—no
waste of room, lee box easily taken out and cleaned
The most sanitary, and the most handsome mi the
And will lnsl ii life lime. Wc have a few Wood
Refrigerators left, and we will clear out at Eastern
Prices. Small size, regular $18,150, on sale nt 810.00.
Large size, for large family or restaurant, regular
$85.00, on sale at $2.">.IH_. KOOKiy.KltS the Kin-less
COOKEKS-at $5.00 each.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at nil principal points in Oanada,
Agents In Great Britain and United States -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Hank, Com Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Sent tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and unwind,  received, and  interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Dress Trimmings
A large variety of dainty Laces and
Embroideries for your Summer Dress
Trimmings. Some very pretty pal-
terns to choose Irom.
MRS.   A.   O.   CRICK
First ^Street IK-.^Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Engineer Dewar and His Fireman
Beattie Dead as Result of
Accident Near Rogers' Pass
Yesterday-—Train left Track
Alexander Dewar, engineer, and .1.
Beattie, fireman of the locomotive on
she second section of No. ti train east-
bound, were killed in a wreck which
occurred near Griffiths' siding, easl of
lingers' Pass, about two o'clock on
Friday afternoon, The cause of the
accident has not yet been ascert lined,
but it is thought that il might have
been due to a rail bent by heat
or a broken llange. The train was
a "deadhead" composed of twelve
empty cars which were being hauled
easl. Xo one was on it except the
train crew and six porters. Fortunately no one besides the engineer and
fireman was seriously hurl.
The train was running through the
pass at about thirty-live miles an hour
when the engine left the truck and
rolled down the incline currying nine
of the twelve cars wilh it. lu the fall
it struck the telegraph pole and carried
down the wires, shut ting oil communication in thai way. Oliver Jones,
front brakesman, was in one of the
cars that went down and he said he
rolled over several limes, but escaped
without any worse Injury than a bud
bruise iu the side The crew got out
nnd drew Beattie's body, scalded from
head to loot from the wreck of the
engine lying on the. lope. Dewar niusl
have jumped |or been ■lirown out, as
he was lying unconscious sonic distinct'from the engine with both legs
broken and a cut in bis skull.
Some of the men made for the nearest telegraph offlce and sent word of
the accident, Thero were some medical men coming on the second section
of No. 07 westbound, and the railway
company got them to go to (he assistance of tbe injured men with as little
delay as possible. A relief train was
also sent oui from Kevelstoke with
doctors aboard. When they reached
the scene of accident both the injured
men were still living, bul Beattie died
on the return journey. Dewar reached
the hospital here about ten o'clock.but
died an hour alter his arrival. His
legs were broken in three places and
be had a deep cut in the skull. He
was married only about two years ago
and leaves a young wife and a baby
daughter, Mrs. Dewar is distracted
with grief and has the wannest sympathy of the community in her affliction.
Beattie, the fireman, was unmarried,
He came here from Scotland a comparatively-short time ago, and il was
bis second trip out as fireman, The
accident tied ap through traffic on the
line for several hours, delaying the
second section of No. 117 eastward
bound and No. IK) westbound, hut. tbe
wrecking crew went out and last night
the line was all clear again.
An Inquest on the dead engineer and
fireman "ill be held liy the coroner,
Dr. Hamilton, on .Monday at 2 p.m.
1. G,
Matheson Dies from Injurias—
Fractured snd Arm Broken
A. (i. Matheson, a man employed at
the Big Eddy mill, died in tbe hospital
here yesterday morning as a result of
injuries received from being struck by
tlie locomotive of No. IMI at the
entrance of lhe ('ohmihia rivei-bridge
mi Thursday morning, li is reported
that Matheson had lieen drinking, and
a companion was trying to assist bim
back from the city to the mill. At the
curve just west of the bridge Matheson
•lopped and stubbornly refused logo
further, but seated himself hy tin; side
of the track,as ii seemed to bis companion well nut iif the way of danger,
It appears that as tlie train rounded
tbe curve he must have leaned over
toward it. He was struck by the
engine, bis skull I'raclnii-d and bis
right anu broken. Tbe train pulled
up and brought bill) to the city en tlie
baggage   car.    He   was  taken   to  the
hospital, hut never recovered consciousness.
The coroner, Dr. Hamilton, will hold
an inquest to-day.
no capturT made yet
Special Police Still lifter Train Robbers-
Believed to be Qrganisad Gang
Advices from Kamloops state that
while pursuit for the train robbers
around Ashcroft has proved fruitless,
the chose is still being kept up with a
hundred special police ou the trail. It
jl now believed by the police thai the
hold-up at Ducks was the work ol part
uf a gang of aliout twenty crookslrrom
the western slates who have lately invaded the province.
It was reported that the police bad
found traces iif Decker's murderer but.
to far no capture has I u made.   A
woman who saw suspicious characters
hanging around Kamloops before the
robbery, has Identified tin- man shot
at Ashcroft as  one nl  the gang.    So
far about twenty men have lieen placed
Under arrest, bul there is no evidence
to bring tin- crime hnmc to any oi
thi'in. Most of those arrested were
Mayor Brings Up Interesting Question—
Permission Granted for Apron on River
Little business of Importance cann
before the Council at lasl night's meet
ing. Those present were .Mayor Lind
mark, Aid. Wells, McDonald, Kimberley and .Stone,
A letter was read froin It. Gordon,
Government Agent, saying that he
had been advised by the public  works
engineer that there was no objection
lo the city putting its sewers through
the mattress on the liver bank on tbe
plans submitted, but that it was imperative that the culvert should he
carefully inspected and kept in repair
at all times.
The communication was considered
very satisfactory and the clerk was
Instructed to acknowledge it.
The live stock commissioner wrote
that Major James Shepherd, Canada's
foremost authority on road making
would be in the province this fall, arid
would lecture In-fore the council on
this subject if tbey desired it. At, the
close of his tour he would be open to
make arrangements with municipalities for practical demonstration work.
The mayor said he thought it would
be a good thing to have bim come and
lecture, and they might invite Ihe
Hoard of Trade and llie Trades and
Labor Council Lo come '.'11111 hear him
Aid. Kimberley thought lhu meeting
should lie public.
The mayor said that  wa.
they might consider later.
Aid. McDonald moved thai they
invite him to come, nnd the clerk was
instructed to notify the livestock commissioner to lhat effect.
Dr. Tlioinii-', veterinary surgeon,
reported lhat he htul examined all the
cattle byres within the city limits, and
found all satisfactory but one, which
was too low for proper drainage.
The clerk explained that this byre
was not occupied at present, and the
owner said it was not li tely In be
A letter was read froin the Standard
of Empire newspaper in London, offering to advertise the cily in that paper
and the London Standard at the rate
of $10.80 a week for a small space,
either weekly or fortnightly. A fortnightly insertion would cost. $145 for
six months or $200 for a year.
The mayor said this question had
come before the Council last year, but
tbey had not seen fit to do anything.
They had good fruit lands that
might be advertised, and be had hoped
that some of their live real estate men
would have done that instead of leaving it lo the city,
Aid. Wells thought lhe offer should
he laid aside until tbey bail something
special to advertise. 11 was no use to
advertise for men to come bere to buy
land if it was held at itil'i' an acre.
The letter was laid aside.
The mayor brought up the question
of the cily putting in four-inch sewer
pipes from the street lines to Ihe
buildings as far as lhe plumblt'g work
began. This bad been spoken of some
time ago. 11 was ilu night lhal the
work might lie done by issuing live
years debentures to cover the cost, and
allowing the ratepayers to make repayments mi a frontage tax. It would
he easier for tlie ratepayers and wuuld
enable the Council to have the work
done in a systematic manner. They
would have to make it compulsory and
in order to be effective every house
must be connected. It would of enure
require a bylaw. The cost of the pipe
and superintendence be estimated al
10 cents a foot, and Mr, Sinclair hud
offered to do the digging and lllling-in
for 65 cents a foot. It would conic to
about $i"> to $35 a  lot.   If anyone
wished to pay the whole cosl withih
00 or 110 days be could do so.
Aid. Kimberley objected to the proposed charge of 56 cents a foot for
digging. Ue considered thai if a man
wished to do lhe digging himself ami
save expense be should be allowed lo
do KO.
The mayor said the idea was to have
it done in ii satisfactory manner,
Aid. Kimberley thought it might, in-
done to the satisfaction of a city
The mayor said they would have to
bold a special meeting to consider this
matter and the question of tlie septic
lank and calling tenders for it.
Aid. stone. "Is the ground settled P"
The mayor said thai it soon would
be one way or lhe other, and there
would be no lawsuits. Nor did he want
Calvin's Anniversary
The 400th anniversary of John Calvin is being celebrated this month
throughout   the  Presbyterian world.
Today, July   10th,  is tbe date   of   bis
birth. A great monument is being
established at Geneva in commemoration of his life and work and while the
celebrations in his honor are centering
at Geneva, tbe Presbyterians of all
Countries are observing the occasion
and gelling better acquainted than
ever   before   with   the  character and
work of this great reformer,    In emi-
lorinit v with the request iif lhe Synod
of  B. c.    Kev. .1. II. Robertson will
take for the subject of the service on
Sunday evening: "John Calvin and his
prototype in thu New Testament."
Board of Trade Wants One to
Include Registry Office-Ore
Samples for Seattle Exhibit
Asked For.
The dog days are apparently having
their clfect on the citizens of llevelstnke for lhe attendance Ht the board
of trade meeting on Thursday evening
was very slim. Nevertheless some
mutters ol considerable Importance
were considered, among which the
most important were tbe erection of a
new courthouse which should also include a In nd registry ollice; and a
special mineral exhibit for the Seattle
W, M. Lawrence, the president, said
he had been invited to meet Mr.
Bowles of the C.P.R. in Vancouver to
present tbe claims of the board on the
question of better freight rates lor
Kevelstoke; but the special committee
appointed to look into the matter had
done nothing, and he had no ollicial
report to work on. He would see Mr.
Bowles next. Monday or Tuesday when
he was down at the coast.
A. H. Allen suggested that they
might ask to be put on as favorable a
basis as Kelson in the matter of freight
rates, and Mr. Lawrence might dig up
some instances ol discrimination from
his own experience. He would
prohaly be going down to tbe coast
about that time, and would try tn
iicci inpauy Mr. Lawrence in his inter
view .vith the C.l'.ll. officials.
Th question ol a mineral exhibit at
Seattle was brought up by a letter
requei-'.ing the district to make an
cxtiibi it lhe intcr-stiite (air in Spokane this Kail.
11. Gordon said that lie was unable
to lind thut anything had been done
towards getting a special exhibit of
minerals tor the district at the Seattle
fair. The Dominion of Canada exhibit waB one of the finest there, but
Revelstuke was not represented in any
way. He had received a letter from
the commissioner asking if anything
was proposed to be done. The opportunity to advertise the district was a
good one. Tbe Dominion government
would pay tbe Ireignt to Seattle, and
the Provincial government would pay
tbe freight from surrounding districts
to Revelstoke. It would be a permanent exhibit that would afterwards be
taken to the Mines departmeit at
Ottawa. It was an offer from the
Dominion government they would
never get again aud they should take
advantage of it. Just now tlie prospects for mining iu the district were
brighter than they had been for a
long time and they should not, even
at this late date, neglect this opportunity to advertise their resuurces.
Willi the views expressed by Mr.
Gordon the board heartily concurred,
and it was decided tu ask the press tu
uige property owners in the district ti
bring in hand samples without delay
and leave them at the courthouse, so
that the exhibit might be shipped by
about the 21stof the pies- nt mouth in
a little later.
Mr. Lawrence reported that thi
special committee on fruit exhibit at
the Calgary lair had taken up tin
nm' ter with tbe Council, but the time
was tuo Bhort and they were unable to
get it together. Besides it would not
have been of mucb service from a
commercial standpoint as be under
stood tbat practically all, the local
strawberries would bo needed in town
this year.
The subject of the establish men I 0
a local land registry ollice was brought
up by A. B, McCleneghan. " It seems
to me," he remarked, "tbat we are
hardly going about in the right way.
We ought to have a land registry
ollice, and wc might easily expect Irom
the Provlnolal government a new
court hnuse, but I don't think we can
get one without the other. Wo should
offer a suggestion to thu government
Unit tbey might build a new courthouse and include a land registry ollice
in it."
Mr, Gordon agreed tbat they would
hardly be likely to put in a land registry ollice without anolher courthouse
Some time ago he bad asked the public works engineer for money to paint
and repair the present courthouse, and
be had advised him to spend no more
money on it. It was certainly inu
dilapidated condition     It bad suttlcd
su that the tower was out ol plumb
and sume of the doors had sagged. A
new courthouse would certainly be
needed soon, and if tbey could get u
laud registry otlice with it so mucb
the better.
It wiih pointed out that the govern
ment was building new courthouses in
other parts ol the province, and it was
something that should certainly he
done here. Finally it was decided tn
ask the press to keep the matter befure the public, snd it will he dealt
with hy the Hoard at a special meeting
to bu held later.
The secretary, II. Cunningham
Morris, was instructed to renew the
free write-up for the town In "Oppor
tuiiities ol Canada," a bouklet published by the Heaton Advertising
Agoncy of Toronto.
A letter was received Irom F. 0.
Gamble, public works engineer, saying
lhat the question ol the establishment
ol a land registry ollice was under
consideration, and that tbo construe
lion ol a road to Kight mile (alls
would he reported upon.
K. A. Hnggen was chnseu secretary
pro tern, during the absonce in Kng
laud ol 11. Cunningham  Morris, who
25 Per Cent
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 4S piece China Tea Sets,
some very fine pieces of Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods arc marked in plain figures and there is no
deception about this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a good chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
i Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Mr Swell Dressei
shirts are
/T- /*   O 1*. /eTa 1. ft*      •
A Clean-up in Shirts
Broken Lines no range
complete sizes 14 1*2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
Fit Reform Clothing;
b. e. walker, Pmident | Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
AIXXAWDEH LAIKD, General lUnaxtr' Reserve Fund,   -    6,000,000
Tba new Travellers Cheque* recently issued by this Bank arr a most rotrvoaieot
way to which to carry mom*) when travelling.   They are issue.I in denotnt&ftboaa ot
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 and  $200
ud tha exact amount payable m Austria. Belgium, Denmark, Fr
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Kus-iia, Sweden
aad Switzerland ll staled on ihe faca of rach cheque, while in other couatriaa
they mr* payable at current rates.
The chetfiiei, mnil all information regarding them may be obtained ai
at Ihe Hank.
We Admire Every Woman
u ho insists on having her
choice of our selected Beef,
Lamb, Pork and high-
grade Hams. .She's after
the best and were pre-
pared to give it to her.
Fine Meat Market
i uters to particular buyers
und always shall. Prices
nil light too.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
expects to be away aliout three months,
Stun .Sutherland was elected as
member ol the board and li. Cordon
waa appointed to the executive in
place ol Mr. Lewis who has lelt,      H	
lt waa decided   lo   hold   the   next J Hume A Co's,
monthly meeting at (our o'clock iu
the afternoon to see it a liettcr attend-
slice could not be secured in that way.
Bamboo   voraniU   blind*   al  C. B. TlIK MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flftaiUlbc valb.
Jntcrior publishing Companv,
OrricKs :   iMiKiiiAi. Bank lit hiding Hkvki.
Money to loan. .... ,   „  ,,
Offlcet: Revelstoke, B C.   I ranbrook, ft I,
Uko. S. McCaiithk
V.  M.   I'lSKHAM J. A.  H.lHVKY,
Revelstoke, I'ranbruok. H. C.
Solicitor, etc.
S ilicitor'for:—
Thk Canadian Bank op Commkbok,
The Molsons Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Lnnil Surveyor,
Mining Siuveyoi
McKenzie Aybnuk,
Bos 100, Rk\ klstoke
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp   No. 119
MeeU   Seoond  nml   Fourth   Wodnenlaya in
each m.intli. i" Selkirk Halt   VUltln   Woodmen cordially invited to attend.
JOHN CARLSON, I'on. loin.
J. Mi'IN'l'VHK. Clork.
F. O. E.
Tb. regnlar me ss are held In the Selkirk
Hall every tad and III Tuesday evenlngKl 8
"„    Visiting lir.ihreii oordlally united,
ucmek.       - V   j   WALSH. PbesiDBNT.
VV.'E.Mci.AL'l HLlN.SKinu'lAllv.
Kootonay Lodge. No. 15, A  F. & A. M.
a *& -
The  regular moot-
luits are hold In Um
Oddfollows Hall, '-n
, tho itiint Monday In
lo.ioh   month   nl   <
Ip.m. VlsiUuabroth-
ii   oordlally   w.'-
'   Cum.-
SELKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0,0. K.
Moot.- every Thursday  evening  in   Sol-
hkirk Hall al 8 o'clock
^_^ IVisitiiin brothron aro
cordially Invited to attend.
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed  House  at  $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. jSo fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements.    At a bargain.
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation, 650 fruit trees.
Good buy.
800 Acres at Galena May, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good bouse and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable property in subdivide into
5 and in acre lots,    Only $32,00 per acre.
Cold Range totlgo, K. of P.
No, 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
e_o i'i"i . 11 nl Wednesday in
each mini Hi, Ul "i niillclhw.'
Hall al 8 o'clock. VlMting
Knight* arc cordially invited.
T. P.   SMITH. I'.l'.
G. H. BROCK   K. iii  K. & S.
J.  H. SCOTT, M, ,,I F.
Zbc flfoaiUlherafo
Almost exactly thirty days huve
passed since the ratepayers ol Revelstoke voted down the by-law to
riiiM. t,0,00J ior school purposes.
In that by-law the question of securing a site for another school,
and buying out alien rights in the
present school site was confused
with other issues, Buch as the
expense of building a new school,
and the problem oi location, and
this no doubt largely accounted for
its defeat. Subsequently the school
trustees secured from Mr. Sproat
■ui extension till August ::i of their
option to purchase Block 52 in
front nf the present.school, to acquire his rights in the closed -treet
and lane running through the
present school Bites, ami to purchase Block 58 the triangular piece
of laud adjoining the High Bchool,
Half the sixty daye illottedb) Ian
for the ibn -- in i a new i'i. iw
after the leleat of the last have
passe I and I - • . ti • that
some ictioi should bi taken without lela or the i .'.;■ will find
:■•■ li i| igainsl • greati _ ... ol
expense in the near futbre,
- ■     al   pr tit  i-  this
Thi Higl bo -• i- .rn tt'ynn
-■•••■ ; to the b
eil is a street,
Spi • - . • i.n- threati m I anit
against tht ity foi tn i nl n ■ il
on ir- propt tty. i inli-r the mme
i onditione bi ilt i o« nt the , ine
running through the presenl public
-clio"i Bite ind if be were to assert
bit righU I wo do rtainly leave
the - ur i in i ver) awkward
j. isition. It i- therefore, essential
that these ri__.'111.- should bo bought
out. ind it it • run., mosl desirable thai Block ',2 should also be
purchased lor use, either as a
future -i liool site nr i- ii present
reoreation ground. Al present
High school pupil- during recess
must either piny mi the Street or
sit -iii the sidewalk, an intolerable
condition in any progressive town.
All that i- asked for the purchase
o/ this whole block and Judge
Bproat'i right- in the High school
sue and the lane running through
the Public school site is 16,500, oi
which il 000 il for the purchase of
Block os and rights in the   present
si tee, and f 5,600 for lilocks'-i. the
only block unbuilt on and intact
in the centre ol the   townsite   and
should the piesenl option be allowed to lapse there is nothing lo
prevent the owner from subdividing
and selling it in lots, and the city's
opportunity will he gone forever.
t Mice the land is built upon, the
difficulty of acquiring it is increased
ten-fold, and even if it still remained unbuilt upon, its value is
sun- to advance. In Vancouver
during the past year blocks for
school purposes have been purchased at prices ranging from
$20,000 to $ 10,000 which five years
befure could have been purchased
for n tenth of that amouut. While
Hevelstoke may not increase as
fust as the terminal city it is hound
to continue to grow with the development of the province, and its
land values will advance proportionately.
Apart from thu question of the
purchase of Block 52, that of acquiring Judge Sproat's rights in Block
53 is a most pressing one. If he
secures an injunct;on compelling
the city to remove the High school
from his land, in what position
will the city be ? lt is true that it
may resort to expropriation, but
that will prove an annoying and
expensive process. Our advice is
buy now while the present chance
Before a by-law can be submitted
it is necessary that a petition
should be circulated and the. signatures of fifteen per cent, of the
ratepayers secured who will be
willing to act as bondsmen for the
expense of submitting the by-laws
if tbey fail to pass. Wc believe
that there are enough public
spirited citizens in Revelstoke to do
this if properly approached, nor do
we think that if tho matter were
presented to the ratepayers free
from all oilier entanglements, that
there is the least danger that they
wuuld fail to endorse it. That the
position may be perfectly clear, so
that there can be no confusion or
misapprehension, it would be
necessary to submit two by-laws,
one for the purchase oi Judge
Sproal's rights in the present i-chool
,-itcs. and the other for the purchase of liluck 12.
Action in this matter Bhould be
taken without delay. We would
suggest as an initial step tbat the
Council appoint a man to visit
personally the ratepayer- with a
petition for the submission oi
the by-lawB and that be Becure as
many signatares as possible. Then
the by-laws could be prepared and
submitted in the brieiest poi
form. The sum to be voted on
would not be large, but the -
quences oi that vote would be
fraught with tremendous significance for the future of tl ■
tional institutions ol the '
I he citisens have a In idy voted
by plebisi ite in favor oi   ei trailing their education t
ind the by laws   propose :   would
give t In-ill in lo  carry
•nt'   wish   into effei I       Let   the
-..-._■ •     in
tbeir dm ■ tots     md   their
Iren    The  student   ba ■ d
. nnol  levelop to tht
■ rived   ol
■ Is lo ■' pn in- '■
I ■
inu--  iii   i\ hit ii   i.e   deli
(live the children the opportunity
In develop lhe best Unit is in them;
lav the foundations for larger and
belter educational institutions now;
and the city and the stale will
reap the benelit a hundredfold iii
the years to come.
I'll A.M I'LAIN.
''France Bent many knaves, fools
and adventurers to Canada. In
Champlain she sent one of her few
men." Thus tersely docs a recent
historian sum up the charucecr of
the man, the tercentenary of whose
life lias been celebrated during the
past week on the shores of the lake
that bears his name. It was certainly litting tbat prominent representatives of Great Britain, the
I'niled States, Canada and France
should take part in tlie commemoration, for in territory owned by
each of these nations today, he
played an heroic part, In reality
the greatest honor was done Cham-
plain in tlio tercentenary celebration of the founding of the city of
Quebec a year ago, for it was on
duly o, KiO.s, that Champlain cast
anchor by the rock on the St.
Lawrence and laid the foundations
of the city that he called Quebec,
and Quebec was the root from
which early Canada Bprang.
The story of Champlain's life
reads like a romance. Brave,
chivalrous, yet entirely rational, be
became early possessed of the
wanderlust, nor could all the temptations of the luxurious court of
France ever detain him long from
tbe wonderful new world whose
mysteries he loved to explore.
Many of his adventures, it is true,
proved disastrous, such as the attempt to settle the island of St.
Croix, where half his small force
perished from scurvy within a year,
hie first winter at Quebec, where
two-thirds were stricken down, and
hir alliance with the Algonquin
Indians against the Iroquois so
fraught with coming trouble. But
whether fighting the Indians, exploring new territory, or laying
the foundation oi future cities, this
purpose burned within him like an
unquencionable dame—to spread
civilization in the wilds and to
Christianize the people already
there. At heart Champlain was a
deeply religious man. One of the
most beautiful incidents of his life,
w i- bis devotion to the wife he had
married as a young girl, and wno
afterwards came out lo .-hare with
him the carer and hardships of bis
life the    west       Her   beauty
. , . ii.-   ii.: tbe
i-iit ,' me        : .  '  em   she
lell i fragrant memory.
ke a ro-
: a happy
from te  a moun
ts fl .iu    •■■;. ■
Found a tran-
i .     reel ien   I might
■ ir the hen veil- above, The las I
■e were
bi      •-. ol Quebec
'iinled,       Hor    thai
• ,. ■    id   el giiin   reigned
tn   i."wed  iii"   fat •
, .-...1 i he -welt- ol
. .. i   . ■
ind  in   I lod      li  mi-
said that even the rough Hiildiersin
that period became careful and
precise in their devotion to the
church. In this calm and "peace
the truly religious nature of Chum-
bcrlin must have drunk of on
deepest happiness; and when, its
Christmas Day, 1635, the bell from
the tower of the Jesuit Mission
told to the little settlement on the
St. Lawrence that its founder and
many times savior had passed
awav, though many hearts wen-
sad, many rough souls were made
better by the memory of the noble
life that had been lived among
We are glad to see that steps
have been taken towards holding a
Fall Fnir. Tbis will be at least
one day in the year when Revelstoke district, will be able to show
what it oan produce, and by iut-.it
ing competition all exhibitors will
be encouraged to excel, ll is to be
hoped that the exhibits will include
n good mineral display, so that the
wealth bidden in the earth can be
seen in conjunction with that grown
above it. All citizens should show
their interest in their own locality
by helping the fair along in every
possible way.
The Board of Trade requests that
hand samples of ore from claims in
Kevelstoke and surrounding districts be left at the Court House to
make up a special exhibit for the
Seattle Fair. This is a request
th.it it is in the interests of all
claim holders tocomply with, since
it will give them the best possible
advertisement for their properties
without costing them a cent. They
should, therefore, bring in tlieir
samples without delay, so that as
much of the remaining time of the
fair may be utilized as possible.
Those best informed believe the
district is on the dawn of a brighter
day for its mining industries, and
no opportunity should be lost to
make its possibilities known.
WANTED—All kinds of typewriting  and   stenography   work.
Apply to W. Bews, I'hin. B.
ITIOli RENT Five-roomed Iioubo next
■     Lougheed  Block.    Apply to A.
Hadi.kh, Y.M.C.A.
FIVE ROOM HOUSE located on O.
P, R. grounds near station, with
2<l year lease on gionnd, This house is
in good repair with line garden nnd
fruit trees, Will sell nt it bargain if
sold nt once. Apply for further particulars to K, .1. Bourne, First street.
FOR SALE—Ten acree Btandlng hay,
apply Mrs.   Mary Palmer, I'liui-
ivilliain, Three Valley I*. O., B.C.
FOR HALF—A  cottage,  also piano
and   furniture,  apply   for terms
and particulars to 11. N. Doyle    jly 2Q
WANTED—A fiesh cow state price
and particulars. Apply Hurry Mcintosh, Halcyon Springs, B. 0.
ININti ROOM GIRL   wanted np
ply al the Oriental Hotel,
JTioR SALE—A six roomed house
1 Second Street, east, lm ((flam.
AKi< :i live roomed house fully furnished, hath, pantry, etc., fitly foot
Inl, Third Street, East, all for $1250.
A snap as owner niusl sell, apply to
Bnx 105, Revelstoke, B.O,      jly 7 :it
/ lABINET URANI) I'lANO foi-sale!
\ splendid instrument. Terms, ap
ply Mail-Herald. jly 102t
Revelstoke Lind District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Roderick W. Lindsay, of Camborne, H.C, nccupation
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land i
i lommencing at a post planted at l he
i-east corner of A, D. McKay's
pre-emption, No. 7805, and marked
"K. W. Lindsays North-West Corner
Post; thence about 8 ehains east, lo
west line uf McKinnon's pre-emption,
thsnee about 50 chaina smith, tuence
aboul - west   to McKay's side
line, thence north about oil chains to
jiniiii ol • mmencemenl and containing 40 a ire or leas.
Kodkrk'K WtLLlAM Lindsay.
In-.    April 30th, 1909. my 2-2
L. O. I     l'i".-, will nice   in old P.O
Mali, hi U 30 p in , .Sundny. .Inly   llth,
,' service al   St.  \n-
",- • \ II   in«mtier-  are  re
letted Ix    present. snd vi-ning
n vIted
3 l'i B   i un-1 n hi  VV   \l.
Take your choice of the
"Purity"  Family
SIZ    i , : ut quality is tbe same
Hig ;rade in the world
"More Brrail and bcller Bread "
Purity tr.irlc mark Riinrantee?
satisfaction or your money back.
Milliiiti.Sen_f.___i Oil  •
Ood«r,«h,  Br.ndns     W,niiip«(  M.n,
11 moi™ .mn w^
»7 Pounds
14 Pounds     24 Pounds
49 Pounda 98 Pounds
Have you drawn one of these
numbers from a Back of Royal
Standard Flour?
40613  47269 42072
41763  70363 49379
48275  61404 51347
If you have, vou are entitled to
a 109 piece china dinner set. ISach
month from the duplicates of coupons placed in the sacks of Royal
Standard Flour leaving our mills,
we draw ten numbers. If you were
fourtunate enough to secure one of
these you are entitled to a dinner
set. There have heen many successful ones—you may he next.
Royal Standard Flour is the
best and purest household Hour in
the west—made from the finest
selected wheal by special machinery—watched through every process — guarded unt 1 it reaches
your tabic. It is perfection itself
in a llour.    Ask your dealer for it.
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., Lid.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month,
Four Rooms on McKen/.ie Avenue, $10
per month
For Sale
Good Building LotB.
Two  houses  suitably  located on McKen/.ie Avenue
Acreage lor Market Hardening.
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees do
not have to he fumigattd.
They are grown in tlie only
part of the continent uot
infested with the San JoBe
157 1'agc Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery     -      South Vancouver
Bring in ymir I'laus nml Specifications
ami we will liguic on tlii-iii.
Tin; Qpeat Western  Permanent
l.iiiin Company
First Stroot, Revelstoko, B. C.
Certificate of   Improvements
I. \. i,. .nnl silver pick mineral
claims,   -Uu.ite   in   tic   Troul   Luke
MllliliK    Division    of   Went    Kniilellliy
ih-'i let.
Where  Incited,   hei wi-en   llie   north
mid Houth forks nf Liinlo Croek.
Take noi li a thai I < '.it hei ine   llor-
• ni -    III .iill.  til   \ ,11 ver.   11.11.,   I-'n-e
Miner's (IertIdeate No, II IXI7M, Intend
ilxty davs from date hereof, to npply
to tne Mining Recorder for n oertln
cats of Improvements for tho purpose
nf obtaining Grown grants of the
above claim •
\nd further tako notice i Imi action
under Section 87 must in- commenced
before lhe Issuance of suoh I'eiiiflr.ite
uf Improvements,
Doted   this  Iweiil v -I'lelitli  day  of
May, A.ll .  1900.
inyX) catiikiu.nk I'lhiikmk Biattt,
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
wiih one of our nauds'.nie parlor sets,
upholstered In high grade silk, or
ilainaak, with frames that are in overy
coi.ioi'vuhle deoign, ami made to wear
indefinitely, We nave many new and
heatitilnl parlor sets and odd pieces for
l.eaiiiiljing the home that are taste
lui, tlfcctivo and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the beBt advantage.
in 0. P. II. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By fur the cheapest m.-ilerial for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about have yoi'r insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
HKAD OlfFICK 1   Calqaky,   AlBBIITA,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers nnd Uenlors in Live Stock. Markets in all the princi
pal Cities and Towns of Alheitii, British Oohlinhl-v and the Yukon.
Packers of ihe Celebrated Brand " Impei-utor" Hams and Bacon
ami "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Import direct from country of origin.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.BO per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBEET     ST03STE
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Class,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
*        Theso destroyers oannot live whero trees have been treated with    ^^
W A K N OCK'S    T R B E    PAIN T
Pear Blight, itubiiiis Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, Han .lose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louso and Bun Scald. TlIK COST IS VHHY SMALL. Il will
not wash otr. tin" application protects for two years. Warnook's Tree Paint
Is not an experiment, It has stood the test for six years in all parts of the
United States, H Is an absolute preventative aud oure for Pear Blight. We
invite Investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station lias used this tree
paint for three years. November, 11)1)7; Ihey pui'chrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.    Send for Ill-page free booklet to
<l.  It.  LAWKS, Knderby, B. C, Bole Manufacturers for B. U.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Reveletoke, B  C.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughb
Cash Prices Paic
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Mnuufiictnrfld fur nil olfisnflx ut  buildings
fur nels lu large Ol hidhII (juantltlsa
et the lowest prices fur resh.
All klndH of building nndfrUsUirlni
»%J Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd,
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour that is Different
We must stand ready to prove it and
also prove that the difference is so marked, so
worth while, that you will feel this is the flour
you ought to use.
That is exactly where we do stand.
We ask you to take no lisk. Buy a
bag of ROBIN HOOD and give it two
fair trials. If it does not prove perfectly satisfactory, so satisfactory that you too say, "It is
really the Hour that is different," you may take
it to your grocer and he will give you back
your money.
Will you make the trial on your next
Hour cider?
ine Saskatchewan flour Mills Co.,
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   MoKenzie Ave
Palace Restaurant
McKensie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigar^Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that I, Adran La Blush,
of Nakusp, occupation married woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following desorlbed
lands :
Commencing at a post planted on
the south-west corner of Lot 111 III,
thence west 10 chains; thenee north
(il) chains; thence east It) chains; thence
soulh (Hi cliains to place of commencement.
.Mns. Adran La Buasii.
H.J. La Buasii, Agent.
Dated .May 17th, WOI). my 2(i
Revelsluke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
Clinton, Iowa, U. ,S. A., occupation
Mlllowner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described laud:
Commencing at u post planted at tlie
S. K. coiner of Lot ill 11), then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains more or less to lake
shore, Ihence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more oi less to point of commencement.
E. McQaghran,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 3rd, 1908. jun 211
Steamer Revelstoke leaves Landing
at ibe head of Canyon evoi) Tuesday
and Friday at (i a. in. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie Creek
aliout 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Lauding.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the.steamer. Tne number
Is B216. All Information as to rates
and other business may be obtained
at offlce on board the steamer froin
F. SWANSON, Purser.
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John W. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
live miles north of Downie Creek on
the Oolumbia Kiver and aboul liftv
miles north of Kevelstoke, thence 80
chains .south along Columbia river,
Ihence 211 chains west, thence 80 cliains
norlh, tlience 20 chains east to point of
John W. Fai.i.s.
Dated 17th June, MOIL jun 3U (KM
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West. Kooteniiy.
Take not ice that Robert It. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
live miles norlh of Downie Creek and
aliout fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Oolumbia Kiver, thence 8(1
chains north along lhe Oolumbia river,
thence 20 cliains west, (hence 811 chains
south, thence 20 chains east to point, of
Robert K. Cai.hwei.i.,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 1000, jun 30 OOd
$10 Reward
A reward ol $10 will be paid for
such information that will lead to the
itrreBt and conviction ol the party
illegally milking our cows.
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
The Glorious  12th July
Will be held at
Monday, July 12th, 1909
Special Train Leaving Revelstoke
Six a. m. and Returning One a. m.
For further information apply to
J. A. STEWART,      F. E. POX,
W. M. L.O.L., 1735,        Rec.-Sec, 1735
Vernon, B. C.
In the matter of "The Judgments
Act, 1908," and in the matter of a
judgment obtained in an action of
this Honourable Court.
But ween:
Plaintiff, (Judgment Creditor)
Defendant (Judgment Debtor)
Hi-fore His Honour Judge Qrant   ill
Chambers, Friday, the 25th day oi
June, 1900.
Upon the application of the Judgment Creditor herein, and upon hearing Mr, A. (i. Harvey on behalf of the
applicant,and upon rending lhe affidavits of A. E. I-'. Liddle and A. 0.
Harvey, sworn herein the 1 'ttIi of May,
liiofi, and the affidavit of A, (!. Harvey
sworn herein the 211 h il.iy of June,
1009, all filed.
It is ordered that unless cause to the
contrary be shewn liy the Judgment
Debtor herein, T. J. Tompkins, on
Thursday, the 22nd day of July, 1000,
at the hour of 111 o'clock in Ibe forenoon to the presiding Judge in Chambers at the Court House, lit the City
of Vancouver, B. C, Lots one (1), anil
two (2), in Blocks Forty-six, (Kl),
Forty-seven (17), and Forty-eight 118),
Sub-division of District l_Kit Two
Thousand and Twenty-two, (2022),
Vancouver district, or a competent
fart of the said land, be sold liy the
District Registrar of this Court al
Vancouver, B. C, according to the
usual practice, to realize the amount
of the judgment herein, with interest,
on said Judgment up to the date of
And it is further ordered that the
publication of this Order for four ion-
secutlve semi-weekly issues of the
MAIL-HERALD, a newspaper published
and circulating in Revel-itoKe, B.C.,
shall be deemed good and sufficient
service of this Order upon tlie Judgment Debtor herein.
And it i.s furthei ordered that tho
costs of and incidental to this Application and Order, and of the. proceedings taken thereunder, be added to lhe
amount of the Judgment herein.
David Grant,
July 7-17. .I..I.C. C.
the Municipal Council ol llie Oorporulion
Of llie City oi Revelstoke intends to undertake the construction oi Concrete Sidewalks on certain parts of First Street,
Second Sireet, and Front Streel, within
lh** said City; vizt
On the North side of Pint Street from
lhe corner of Campbell Avenue to the corner of Boyle Avenue, and the North side
ol Second Street from the corner of Pearson Street to the corner of Ford Streel,
and on the South*west side o) Front Streel
trom the corner of King: Street Io the corner of Victoria Road, according lo the
specifications and eslimates prepared by
the City Engineer, ami lo assess lhe expense or cost thereof upon the land or real
property abutting on the parts of such
streets as above mentioned] and to be
benefitted thereby, and that a statement
showing the land or real property liable to
pay the assessment therefor and the
names of ihe owners thereof as far as can
be ascertained together with the specifications and estimates of the City Engineer
and the proposed assessment and report
thereon of the City Clerk aro now on tile
in the ollice oi the Oily Clerk and open for
inspection during ofiice hours.
The estimated cost ot' the work is
$4gil.50| of which it is intended lhat the
City at large shall bear the whole of the
cost of the work on street crossing's and
necessary retaining walls and one-third of
the cost oi the Concrete Sidewalks, and
the properly owners bearing iwo-thirds of
the cost oi ihe said sidewalks.
The total estimated cost to be borne by
the property owners heing $3274.34, and
by the City at large $1637.161
Any objection to ihe proposed undertaking and assessment therefor shall be
made by petition to the City Council within FIFTEEN (15) days from the date
hereof, the persons entitled lo petition heing the owners oi the lands thereby
Hated this 26th day of June, igcx).
jun 26       BBUCE A. LAWSON,
City Olerk.
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
ToTHBSH \iti:iii>i.i>i:itsi>i"ril|._ PlllNCE
Kevelsloke, .lune llltli, 1001),
Nolice is hereby given   lhat   the annual meeting of the Shareholders of
the  Prince Mining A   Development
Company, Limited Liability, will lie
held at the Company's ollice, Kirst
Street, Revelstoke, II. C„ on Wednesday, the twenty-lirsl day of July, A.D,
1900, at the hour of eight o'clock in Ihe
afternoon, for the purpose of electing
ollicers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating lo lhe management of the Company.
The transfer book of the Company
will be closed during the fourteen days
Immediately preceding such meeting.
Dated al llevelsloke, B. C, Ihis lilt h
day of June, A. I)., 1009,
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you must get your
money hack tenfold il you invest it
now iu ch: ice lots close to Second
Narrow bridge iii Vancouver. Let me
explain why'.' 1'riee per 60 foot lot
only if I viii, \ cash, balance if L'i quarterly. Apply to P. O. WINKLER, 42»
Sixth Ave, East, Vancouver, B. 0,
Civic Affairs
Editor Mm. IIkk ii.u
Slit,—Please allow me apace through
the columns of your valuable paper
for a little comment and question on
matters pertaining to the welfare ol
our cili/.ons. Aa we Canadians enjoy
the freedom ol speech iu public and
the press, I, aa one of the pioneer.-.
here, with some experience in the
work have watched with keen Interest
the way the buaincas of thia city has
been transacted. Now as a ratepayer
1 deem it, iny duty to mention jiiBt a
few items ol importance. Kirst, why
were tenders not called lor to supply
those ornamental treea for the city?
Why were those overgrown birches
planted in the (rust anil snow, dead
trees, the people's money wasted by
had management? The remedy is to
plant trees of the right aim- in proper
season. Again, why did the Mayor
not see to it t1 at the city bad pro-
cuicd the water rights belore having
those large ewslly ditches dug lor the
box drains, and not blunder intu public worka fooliahly wasting our taxes,
affecting the sewer work, and ciiuaing
trouble? Again, why did other lumbermen ol the diatrict not supply lumber for these box drains, and why ia
there no inapector tu cull what ia not
sound? How waa the bargain made,
who looka after the city's interest?
Considerable rotten timber ia being
used in the box drains, and several
people have noticed the eanie. Why
were those street crossings that were
only put in laat year, lately broken?
They were cedar when they cuuld and
should have been Iir. Why should a man
supplying this city material aa a
shareholder in the same be allowed a
aeat in the city council, only to break
tiie Municipal Act ol this province'
That act should be enforced or repeal
ed. Now, last but net least, comes
the eewer pipe Ior works ol no small
importance costing about $100,000,
and the ratepayers may sweat a long
time to pay it? Do they not expect
good strong pipe, that will clean and
laat to be laid in, and not material
that will criiinbie liko Johnny cake?
Is there no binding contract made?
The writer ia not an expert on pipe
and invitos anyone interested to seethe tiimplea he has and notice the
contrast. Where ia the Mayor and
the Ch irman of tlie Public Worka
Committee? Do they not reiliBe the
responsibility involved in the offices
they hold? The question is how long
will the borrowing powers of the city
last with an administration, like some
ol the timber in the drain, rotten to
the core. Ia it any wonder tlie citizens voted down all money bylawB on
June 11? They have been bit and are
getting wise and would be likely to
turn down any money bylaws placed
before them by the powers that be. It
was considered a non-confidence vote.
Now, Mr. Editor, should anyone
reply iu a newspaper let them have
the manhood to sign their proper
names. Revelatoke needs more Daniels and lesB Ananiases. The writer
of these lew, iitraight, plain pointers,
hus the courage of hia conviotiona to
sign bis proper name.
Roiikiu Tapping,
July 7, l'JOll.
Lost His Entire Wardrobe
A fire took place on Sunday laat at
S. II. Tuck'a camp on F.Ik river. M.
Weatherhead, who waa lelt in charge,
put in a strenuous time ; clad in the
garb of the noble red man (a Hudson
Hay blanket) he headed fur the river
and continual immersions alone saved
hia akiu from blistering. Clad in the
same raiment he rounded up two
horses and headed for Michel for
more supplies. A Free I'rcss representative, who met hnu on the trail,
promptly took to the aide lulls, but, on
the sign of peace bein - given, was per
auaded to visit the scene of the conflagration, and reports a total loaa of
all personal belongings, including
Jack Lewia' saddle and bridle. Tuck
was in the office today and asked us to
intercede with lack and try to avert
the inevitable day of reckoning.—
Fernie Free Preaa.
Task a Hard One—Thrilling Ride on Bull's
Chmicr for ftalstoka Boys and Girls to
The Secretary of the League cl tic     Tbe rounding   up and transporting
Empire, with headquarters in London, "'   "lp buffaloes which the Canadian
I,, ,, ,    ,,     .,       ,, government purchased from the Anier-
haa Bent to the Ma   .-    i uai.u a com-   r \, i     .,
lean government in   Montana for the
munioation that may be of interest to  Banff   national   park,   wae  a    taak
tbe boys and girls of Revelstoke.     Hei fraught   with   many   difficulties, and
states that through the agenoy of the  now that it   is   practically completed
League „l the  Empire, the pupil. of I Mr. Howard Douglas, who bad charge.
Big Game Hunting
A large audience waa present, last
night at the Ediaon Parlor Theatre to
see the apecial programme of motion
pictures. "Puss in Boots" and ' Hunting Hig Game in Africa" were the
cbiel features, while the comediea were
well received. The picture "Hig (lame
Hunting" waa specially brought in at
extra cost lor thn benelit of the
patrons ol thia theatre. The same
programme will be presented tonight
tor the lust tinu- and no one ahould
miaa seeing this lirst. class programme,
the Public school, Vernon, U. C, have
been placed in correspondence with
boys and girls in all parts of Cireat
Britain, Amongst the places Irum
which they are receiving letters may
be mentioned, London. Birmingham,
Sheffield, Edinburgh, Harpeuden,
Partridge Green, Newport, Ely,
Stroud, St. Albans.
The work of the correspondence
branch which nuinbecs over 15,000
members, is now being very widely
developed and the Hun. Secretary ol
the League of the Empire, I'axtun
Hall, Westminster, London, S. W.
England, will always be glad to hear
from boya and girls in Canada who
may wish to obtain correspondents,
An illuminated curd is forwarded to
all members on joining.
He encloses an application from
which is reproduced below, so that
anyone may take advantage ol it.
State whether you arc liny or Girl,
8tate    clearly    parent's~)
occupation       or      pusi- (
tion,  or   if adult,  state f'"'
own occupation  J
Give a choice ol  two or )
three   different  parls   of !
the  Empire   where  you (
would wish fur a comrade J
State whether yuu ure in- ^
tercsled in any subject,
such as natural history,
literature or c u r r e n t
events, or wish to exchange such tilings aa
stamps, postcarda or different kinds of specimens J
Name and address of Enroller
Signature of Parent or Guardian
Membership of the League.— Minimum annual aubscription: Adults,
le.; under 16, (ii. Hadge, 6d. Federal
Magazine, 3d. monthly. Subscribers
of 5a. yearly will receive tbe Federal
Magazine poat tree. Junior members
magazine, "The All Red Mail,'' price
per single copy, poat free l$d.; per
hundred copies, poBt free, 5a. 6d,
Return this form tu Hon. Secretary,
Correspondence Comradea' Branch
League of the Empire, Caxton Hall,
Westminster, England.
Vernon Celebration Promises to he Large—
Good Programme of Sports
On Monday next tbe 219th anniversary of the battle of the Boyne will be
celebrated in gala style in the city of
Vernon. Special excursion rates have
been arranged fur so that members of
the Order and their (rienils from adjacent towns will not find it difficult
or expensive to join in tbe celebration.
The committee in charge have spared
no pains iu arranging un elaborate
programme, and tbey promise the
largest parade ever seen in the interior
of British Columbia.
In the sporting events the llevelatoke buys will be given oppoitunity
to show their pronese, se a lacrosee
match between   Revelstoke and tbeir
old rivals in Vernon iB the foremost
athletic event scheduled lor the day.
There will alao be a football match
between Kamloops and Vernon, and
baacbiill games. Firemen's sports will
bo a apecial feature, and arrangements
are being made en that those desiring
it can b" driven out to the Coldstream
ranch and Okanagan and Lung Lakes.
The return fare from Revelstoke will
be 12.76,
ol   the work, may well heave a Bigh ol
The Buffalo were lirst gathered iuto
a large corral, and from thia were
driven by the Indiana and cuwboya
employed into loading chutes that led
into waggons provided with cages to
bold them. From these cages they
were afterwards loaded into the r.iil-
way oars. Once or iwice portions of
lie herd rather than he driven into
the loading chutes rushed blindly into
tbe Fend o'Reille river and swam two
miles down to escape (ruin the corral.
At other times they rushed madly
against the fences, the result beii.g
death l'or -ome and escape lur others.
One of the must thrilling experiences In oonneotlon with the wurk was
that ul .Johnnie Decker, an expert
luiind up rider, whose horse was impaled on the horns ol a buffalo and
gored to death under him. Tbe story
ie tuld thus by the Daily Missoulian:
"Decker'e thrilling ride tu what
seemed certain death occurred at Ro-
nan, where the famous l'ablo herd of
liuli'alo ia being rounded up fur trana-
portatiiin to Ravalli and shipment to
tbe Hand national park in Canada.
Decker and his brother, who were cm-
ployed as expert riders to corral the
bison and aid in leadiug them into
the cagea, in which they are being
hauled from lloiiau to the railroad
care at Ravalli, were endeavoring to
drive the unruly bieou from the corral
at Kniian int., the waiting cages when
the herd, goaded to madness by the
e orts ol the drivers to force them into
the wagons rebelled and stampeded.
Oue shaggy monarch of the herd,
which Decker bad been trying to
force through the loading chute,
wheeled suddenly, lowered bis mttBaive
head and, ir, blind fuiy charged toward
the rider. Travelling with the speed
ol tbe wind, almost, the beaat bore
down on Decker'b horse. The rider
waa unable to swing hia steed clear ol
ibe beast's path und in an instant the
horse wae impaled un the buffalo's
horns. With an exhibition ol strength
almost beyond belief the buffalo raised
horse and rider fiom the ground aud
halt carrying, half pushing them, bore
them acrose the corral for a distance
of 300 yards or more.
"With almost certain death etariug
Iii in in the face, Decker attempted to
draw his revolvei from the bolster and
kill the beaet. Hut the weapon caught
aud his efforts tu release it were futile.
While tbe five other riders, unable to
lend their comrade any assistance,
walched to see him go beneath the
hoofa of the buffalo, Decker clung
firmly to bis saddle aod struggled
with hia revolver. Ju«t tben the
buffalo stumbled and tbe gored horse
and his rider were hurled from the
horoa of tbe beaat into the dust. The
horse never moved from where he fell
but Decker, fortunately was thrown
beyond tlie animal, aod aeide from a
few bruises and a severe shaking up,
escaped unhurt, t'ndaunted by hia
narrow esoape, Decker mounted another horse and assisted bis brother
uud the other drivers to force hie uu-
ruly beast into a wagon cage in which
he was safely transported from Kutian
to the cars at Revalli."
Another "Sunshine" Feature
This is an entirely new idea, and will especially Interest people who reside in natural
gas distiit ts. The gas ring takes the place
of the lower Sunshine fire-pot, thus malting
it possible tO hum gas in your furnace without
Inconvenience. Such is not possible in a
furnace where the ordinary gas log is inserted;
for, should Ihe gas give out, a coal or wood
fire could not he started until the gal pipes
were disconnected.
To provide against sweating in the summer
time, Sunshine Furnace is equipped with a
nlckeUed steel radiator and dome. All
bolts and rivets are nickelled, all rods
copper-plated. This .special treatment, besides meaning quicker and greater radiation
from the radiator and dome than cold chill
iron could possibly give, arts as protection
for the bolts, rivets and rods from inroads of
gas. When cast iron comes in contact with
our nickelled steel it is Coated with our special
Anti-Kust treatmentj which prevents the
»ll gilt est possibility of rust commencing
anywhere in Sunshine .Furnace.
The Gas Ring
.     MXIaryfc
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Beaten, But Not Badly
The Revelstoke Cricket Cluh bent a
team to Vernon thia week to play
their team on Monday and Vancouver
Tuesday, but at tbe laat moment Vancouver scratched and both dayB saw
matches with the home cluh. Vernon,
expecting Vancouver, which they have-
now visited twice, bad gathered its
most representative team, and, though
the local team waa minus, the services
of Bourne, Brooker and Cooke, it
made splendid but unsuccessful tigbta
to win. Monday's match eaw Vernon
make fc4, and Revelstoke 53; aud
Tuesday tbe scorea were, Vernon 104,
Reveletoke 91. Tuesday's match waa
moat exciting. Reveletoke had nine,
Vernon wicketa down for 8!) (two tie)
and the last man took guard iu a bush
ul expectancy—even ths Vernon band
forgetting to play the tune it hail kept
up all afternoon Revelstoke braced
itself for a win, but, though bowlers
and fielders did tlieir best, and it waa
conceded by Vernon that nothing they
had met waa better, it wae not to be.
ai.d the score went to 104 for the
Aided by Vernon, the local team did
its best to get a match up with Armstrong the lollowing day—Wednesday
bul the weather and local railroad
time table would not allow it, much
to both sides' disappointment.
The hospitality of Vernon ia proverbial, and as expressed by ite Cricket
Club in the person of Mr. Meldrum,
hon. secretary, and other niembera ol
tbe team, it showed at ita heat, and
left the imprearien on the Revelstok-
ers of "the beet tune yet"—and "its up
to ub." Every effort was made for the
comfort and entertainment of the
visitors, and the kindness of Mr.
Raymond, host of the Kalamalka, was
that of a parent. Revelstoke boya
amongst themselves have cbristcnetl
him "Daddy I" The care and comfort
of the team at Sicamous wae well
looked alter by Mr. Cougreve, of tho
Hellevue, aod bia line new house waa
theirs, coming and going. The team,
though beaten, returned Wednesday
night in the vety best of spirits, feeling
tbey had done their beat and had lost
well to a better side, which they hope
opportunity will allow them to meet
The business ol the local team was
handled in a tiret-claas way by the
energetic secretary, XV. H.Humphreys
who allowed himscll aB much as ever
au enthusiastic lover ul the game. THE MAIL HERALD, KEVELSTOKE B. 0.
Trimmed Summer Hats
All   Trimmed   Millinery on   Sale   at   Less
than Half Price
Children's Sailors, Mens and  Boys' Straw
Hats at Sale Prices.
We have marked all lines of Summer
Dry Goods at prices to clear. Your dollar
will buy more goods than ever before.
Amuse a oil lor tli" children at the
gard-ii pirty Wadnejdiy  evening.
C en ■ an 1 em >y lion ami tiger
hu iting at the Edison Parlor Theatre
Coin., and have strawberries and ice
cream at the garden party Wednesday
A line ullice vault made liy the Hall
Sate manufacturers, baa just been
installed   by   ibe  B"volstoko General
A car load ol lino looking borBcs lor
the Revelsluke Sawmill company was
brought hero by G L. Hunt ol Medi
cine Hat this week,
The Ladies' Guild of St. I'ctcr's
Church are holding a garden party on
tbe Rectory grounds. .Inly 11. Hand
in attendance,
Tbat beautifully colored and atngcd
French pantomime "l'uss-in-Hunts"
can be seen tonight at two perlor
niances at the Edison Theatre.
C mmenoing Monday the Inland
Sentinel of Kamloops which has heretofore been issued semi-weekly, will
become a daily paper ieBiiiug every
A special meeting of the city council was held last Monday nigbt, when
R. 1 Hickman was awarded the contract for making 77uo feet ol 1-inch
concrete pipe at 12^ centa per foot,
Lawn social will be held by the
Ladiea Altar Society of the Roman
Catholic church, on Friday, the Kith
inst.—afternoon ami evening—on Unchurch grounds. Children free. Admission for adults, evening 10c. Hand
in attendance.
Florence Kinrade. the central ligure
in tiie Kinrade murder case ii Bhort
time ago in Hamilton, Ont., was
married in New York to Clare Montrose Wright. B.A.. of Victuria L'ni
rersity, Toronto, on Monday, June
The new lirebell in No. '_' hall has
l-ei-u booming persistently like a
funeral bell fur Beveral days past.
There was nothing really alarming
aliout it as it waa unly tbe electrician
testing tbe new electrical striking
Local strawberries are beginning to
come in freely now. Wing Chuug is
offering them for sale every day. T.
Skinuer lias bargained for the ship
ment ol bia whole crop to Calgary,
and J, R, Haner ia bringing into the
city some fins berries Irom his ranch
at Greel) Creek, and J. Maley has as
usual a fine assortment on his ranch.
t '.ill ,ini] inspect onr sl nek of Onion Sets .uui  UlU'don Seeds of all kinds
None but now seeds kept in slock
a til
• carry   n   complete   line   of
;ile and fancy groceries,  and
oll'er yuu 1 he   hesl   goods  .it
same   price   ns   yuu   pay   for
il'lor lines.
is    l-
lei-ad, cake aud pastry trade
ipidly increasing, a trial
rfor any one of the above
explain why.   (lui- aim is to
only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   tin'   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The Loyal Grange Association will
worship tomorrow evening in St. Andrew's Church. Tbe Kev. W. ('. (.-aider will take as his subject Koine us
ii political piiiver
The remains of C Begany, formerly
section foreman on the C.P.K at Twin
Butte, and who died recently in the
hospital in Vancouver were brought
here for interment, and tin- funeral
took place yesterday aftern ion, Kev.
Father Coccola officiating.
Sunday will be Flower Day in tin'
Methodist Church when the building
will be decorated throughout with gar-
ded and wild llowers. "Flowers, is
used in the Bible, will be the su
in tiie morning by the past. r. and ir.
the evening the subject will he 'Lesson- [rom the ' tarden - I Eden
roller the city by-laws ill persons
are required I kee] their chimneys
11 r. pi rly cleaned       An oppi rtun I
A lone liunilit held up idle cashier in
the Hink of Commerce at Everett
Wash., on Wednesday laat, and got
away with a small Bum of money
Cashier Lyon grappled witb the rob-
liej as be waii parsing nut. but tbe
latter shut three times, one bullet
seriously wounding Lyon in the neck
unl jaw. Tin' thief rode away on a
bicycle Ins hat being abi i - H by two
other men in his lligbt.
An experiment in wireless telegraphy,  by   which   it   ;j   proposed  to
stal    -.-   i -■ ll .   the Peel   river.
2,000 mi   -      rl..    :'  Edmonton,  the
second wire   -- ital    n   to  be carried
nl   tbi    l  i   idian    Nurth,   and     b)
wbioi • ■ -  successful,
-   pr ivided I ■
tween '. irele  on   the  eaat
side   I tbi divide aod   the  __Te.it  cen-
- .
in, g enl experiment-
jnst now a
now given to carry out this regulai
A   pretty   lawn   social wa.- held on
Wednesday   evening   at tbe residi
ol \V. M. Lawrnece on McKenzit   Ive
The ii istesset w •■:■■':.-::.- :..- - r - (the
Lu.ii-.-_i Aid of Knux Church. The
by the   presence   in   tie- city  oi  Mr
N    k    a   chimney    sweeper,
work   hi-   been    authorized   by
police and
may  be  futin I  any day  at   tbi
hi lei
mg   id . - Fred
- Golden have
•  - ,-i-i grant ol
■ ■ • -> ; uilding »
Mica creek   a-
 they claim' ive a   leal un [ur u-
,1       i,union, the gov-
attendau it   the la has  promised thai hi
given by the ladie viil try to secure   them tbe assistance
^^^^^ .MCA.     n   their   grounds   ssl - isked for, and the own-
unds looked   verj  pretty under thi    iyas by no mea   i as large aa had say they will gi
long strings ol electric   lights and thi   heen hoped  lor, tl -.is  if the disss ■'    "
Indepet lent . - -   -,.,   ,, i. ibt sffei
• ••'.'■■-     -       satisfactory fashion, the attendanci      rtii   adies bad
ed h u.l ind I Is  v
illuminated ami en - k
11 i- to I" hoped   I I ii   better  cess
■ .. -I   their   km.liy   >H     - -
time,    li i i he    V.M.C.A. is cer
i       pri ■        ii   tbe  -■ ■
Westminster  penitentiary came thru
heri     yi-sti rd-...     in    charge   >>!    A. I!
5te| : • i.- t; Pr vincial c instable - f
K'an.'.u j.- 'I hf priseneri were ill
gether a I ugh I -i i:., I inch, I nre,-
of them, J, Gibson, Pal Madig in and
Mike Delougbey. had been sentenced
• 11 a years i ach Iur holding up and
robbing (- pie, and the lourtb \\ illiam
SK tli r will bave I i iei ve three ; - irn
:' i stealing a valuable diamond.
Handcurted in couples tbey were taken
west on No. 97,
Purses and Bags
Tu e ii tj different
-iyl - to choose from
Prices cul away down
Now i- tin- time to
buy this line and  be
In the -wim.
Nl XI  IH ME Ll.'" I-
tainly an institution worthy    I , tod i;
su] port.
I In- Centra] i lollege Glee l
I Vila, Iowa at present on a lour
thi igh . Bterfl Canada Have a
n the sk I'mg rink here I ist
Thursday nening ! lere wen- about
(orty in the num puny mul -umi; of the
numbers were well rendered, Tlie
prim ipal complainl » is that the pro
gramme lacked variety,   Timolol.
eludes some good singers and
eiiteil lady elocutionist.
John Anderson ii jusl putting the
liiiishing lunches on the house be
recently bu It fur Mra. H. M. Oorley,
at  the   corner   of    Boyle   avenue   and
Third street, I he bouse Is l'i I.y '22
feet in dimension, and contains four
bedrooms and a bathroom In tbe
upper atorey, and a parlor and ball
with a dlningroom 22x12 leet, and a
large kitchen and  pantry in tbe lower
storey, Underneath i" a cement basement  with   lurnaoe.   The  bouse  is
fitted in the moat up-to-date manner
throughout, and standing on a oorner
lot MK> x ill) feet in size, ia a decided
improvement to '.hat part ol the city.
Mrs.   I     M   Rae will not n
A edie ida ..-uin until  Fa
llarrv  Bews  bas  retnrned   fr
trip to \ ancauver and Victoria,
N     McDonald,   ol   the   Vane
pol'lCl   :   re. i   ,    |til to l;'    I
.llf I tylor of Nelson waa registered "   he Revelstoke lust Vf, dnesd i
(1 Carter, a well known Victoria
wholesale merohant was in the city on
A.   li,  Currie has resigned the I
minion liuul agency at Karnlnops      li
II. Wright, ia acting agent,
Mra. Crage nnd Misa K.-l wards ol
Nakusp have heen visiting Mrs K It
Wi-IIh this week un their return frum
the A   Y. P. Exposition.
Mis« Gertrude Dent, returned yesterday f-um Vancuuver, where aim   haa
been fur some months past, attend
ing business college.
Miaa   Dunn,   of    Logiuiaport,    Ind.
who has been visiting Mr. and Mia.
Cook for several days, lelt for Seattle
or Thursday afternoon.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First SL, Opposite the Club
Runts Collected, Loans Notary Public
$15,000   -STOCK--$15,000
We arc giving up business and selling out our entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once nnd  will  he continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of. ,
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
XV. XV. Foster, Police Magistrate,
who went down to Vernon with the
Revelstoke cricketers last Monday,
returned on Wednesday evening.
A I. Ritchie, representing lho PaBtor
Russell lecture bureau nl Brooklyn,
was in the city on I hursilay. Pastor
Kuaaell occupies Dr. Titlaniagc'a old
pulpit. In the Brooklyn tabernacle.
XV. T. Dalton , ol the firm of Dal ton
& F.veleigli, architects, Vancouver, waa
in the cily for a day or two this week,
superintending the beginning ul construction on the new hospital addition
for which his lirni prepared the plans
He lelt again [or the coast ou Thursday atternoon,
H. II. Stevens, ll well known Van
eouver real estate broker, passed
through the city yesterday on a busi
ness trip to Winnipeg and other
prairie cities. Mr Stevens waa formerly a resident ol Nelson and Kamloops, antl baa many at'iuiiinlanees in
tbe interior.
.lamea C. Blaine of N'ew York, a boh
of tlie famous statesman ol lhat. name
who contested tbe presidency with
Grover Cleveland in 1881, was registered at tbe Revelstoke hotel on Thursday nigbt. He was travelling east
accompanied by P. A. O'Farrell, a
well known New York newspaper man.
Agricultural Society Arranges Preliminaries
Outlook Hopeful—Committees Struck
At a meeting of tho Agricultural
Society held in the City Hall on
Thursday eveuiug it was decid'dto
take steps without delay to bold a
show somewhere abuut the lirat week
in September at a date lo be set. Uter
It was felt that it would be unwise to
fix a definite date without tiying first
tu arrange it so tlmt il will not interfere with the fall horse races in Vernon.
lt waa felt by those present that the
outlook for the exhibition was fully
more hopeful than it was laat year
Good exhibits in vegetables, fruit, dogB
ind poultry are assured. There will
be a manufacturers' exhib t which
■here was not last year, and the
groundB are in belter shape.
Mayur Lindmark, preaident o! the
society, waa in the chair and Aid.
McDonald again consented to act aa
secretary. People desiring information
may apply eieher to him or the mayor,
The following committees, moat ol
whom had experience laat year, were
Poultry—J Morgan, K McRae, W
Dog—I Devine, T Taylor, F T
\: • y   -   K -kene
-1. V Hagar. H Smythe, (Ieo.
Bell W Colbiok, .1 Maley, J H Mc-
ing and Grounds—J   P Forde,
I Abrahamson    C   !•'   Lindmark,   C
-.,.. •. i—i Fletcher, C Ericson,
Geo Lal rme Wing Cbung, Cory
v -       ii 3keene
Financi—0   li   Hume,   W M Law-
ice     R    II iWSOn,  I   P McLennan, A
K Kincaid   W li' -
Maley,   11 N Coursier, .1
Idvi   ' laing— \  l-.lm-
1 il iggen
Minerals     I    M    Kellie   c iry Men.
il iggen
ing—P    He--    II  I Wat
H      ,-■.'-    -'    Norman,    .1
Ian- -l.e-.. — F   Md 'arty    \
,V Hornell    i   I woi d-
K Ml:...
i . '     Preserve!    Mesdamea
ii   - B ugard    Rap     Lo dn ark
Melt,,,    i    Ahral imson
Mesd inn i   <       iiei
II -   11 pal nek   I'l.u'    Mel      nai
Meadamea  i npihart,
: ■ Veils,   I   --'•    -      Rl ins
,   i' irter
' ttion—1 W  Brad bat   11
■.   '. : ii   i  Bourne,
,, ing will   be led in tho
tbe cuiniiiitti <• i ion handled
,i   .
The first named on the  above  oom.
muii.- win be chairman in eaeh ease.
Maintain Supply Company Limited
ii the time to pul up Htraw
berriea We are receiving duly a
Irenli supply of Um finest Btiswherrles
on the   market.      These must be sold
every day        Cull in and see tbem and
yet. onr |,iices
A   ohnioe   new line  ol mattresses,
pillnwa  and    bedding   jlllt  In nl 0, H.
1111 llll' it   I Ill's.
For carpets and linoleums go to 0.
li. llunie & Co.   Special bargains in
piocii carpets.
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
British Columbia
W. (iibaor, a well-to-do resident ol
Victoria, has invented an airship
which be claims to be fully superior to
the Wright brothers aeroplaniB The
whole Gibson airship weighs only 460
pounds, whereas the Wright, aeroplani
weighs 7,riti and develops 26 horsepower
where theOibson machine develops li.'i
horsepower. Mr. liihson haa exhib
ited a working model on the p au ol
which he ia now building an airship
to carry rivu persons. It ia equipped
with three bicycle wheels and can
atari within !,D leet and alight on any
reasonably level spot. The motive
power is gasoline. Mr. Gibson bus
ottered to bel $1,(10(1 that be will Ily
to Seattle or Vancouver within a year
and haa found no Inkers.
The Fraser River lumber mills, near
New Westminster, Hie largest mills iii
the world, hiivu decided to do away
with Asiatic labor and replace it with
whites. Five hundred French-Canadians are now coining west lo work in
tlie mills and logging camps and the
Hindus who have hitherto been employed will ho displaced by them. Il
is said thnt. t lie Hindus iu the mills
have been remitting $7,(1(111 a month
to India,d and thu Japanese du the
sume thing un a smaller or larger
scale. The company now hopes to
get more trustworthy workmen aud at
the same time to keep the money in
the country.
Tbe necessary money has beeu raised
lor the lurther development ol the
Le Roi mine at Russland, and the
manager atatca that work will probably be resumed this month.
The first shipment uf ore from Hie
new Blue Bird mine was made laal
week. Mr Carter, ol Spokane, who
purchased the lease Bays the ore runs
in excess of $80 a tou and above an
average of $30.
Joseph Edwards, ol South Vancouver, waa loiind Iviug dead on the
I.yi ton mad laat week. It ia supposed
th ,t he was sciz id with heart failure.
Another badly decomposed body hang
ing to the limb of a tree waa found in
the bush ill Hastings townsite.
S Kirkconnell, who was arrested at
Whoniinck, B.C , about a week ago,
has confessed to the Vancouver police
lhat be was Francis Bailey, who Iwo
yeara ago is alleged to have
stolen the proceeds of a shipload ol gootla that had been sent from
NewYork to Honduras. Kirkconnell
ia a big, bearded man, and everyone
took him for a thorough rancher. He
baa waived extradition proceedings
and haa been taken back to N'ew York
hy detective Wil.uer, the I'inkerton
man who alVectcd his arrest.
A. J. - ake, jeweler, ol Enderby, and
his travelling salesman, F. Belmont,
have heen arrested lor arson and fraud
in connection with the burning of
Hake's jewelery store on Sunday
last. The stock ol the Store bad been
insured a abort time previously for
|2,600, and in the early houra ol
Monday morning Belmont mis   found
searching among the smoking ruins,
A watch bad been set, and Belmont
waa slopped and aearched. A Blocking
full of I.unit and battered pieces o[
jewelery was found on bim. He wis
plaoed under arrest and Dake was alsu
arrested,   Huih have been remanded
I'.l   a  week
Negotiations ars now pending with
a must [avorable prospeol ut materialisation, lor the amalgamation ol the
i:> ii mil Canadian Wo d Pulp and
Paper Company, two ul the largest
pulp companies in Canada, The for-
  eoni'i iii i- e ipitali/ed al. oue million ilullara, and uwna a large pulp
mill ami paper [iieluiy at Port Mellon,
ll  ve Hound,  The Western Canadian
company is a young organisation wilh
a capital ol a million and a half  own
ing extensive  timber  limits   at   Qust
lino Bound, mil al ilu- present time ia
engaged In preparations lur ihe ereo
lion uf a large pulp mill ou thi-
l.i iperty,
I in- Provlnolal Governmenl has
decided to build a watch tower at the
cily end uf New West minster bridge
and will Hiatal a watchman tn look
aflei tin- switch w hi"e the accident
OCOUrred to a (in-al Nurlbern train.
■ lulling iii the loaa of Iwo   livea   antl
an engine and tender a law days ago
Vancouver hank clearings Inr the
week ending Thursday laal were $f),-
088,692, nr f700,000 greater than lor
any prcvioua week.
Tbr C.I'.R. has reduced the rate on
wheat Irom Oalgary lo Vancouver to
Mj cents, a reduction of three centa
uver the lormer rate.
Midsummer Prices
Are k'oiti},' in this store and you will find
many opportunities to save money hy doing
your purchasing here. You will find our stock
well assorted and all the latest novelties at
reasonable prices.
Ladies' and Misses Wash Dresses in Lawns
and Ducks, well made and nicely trimmed at
half the regular prices.
Ladies' Sailors—all new, in white, black and
colors, only 50c Ladies' Linen Hals only 25c.
Children's Lingerie Hats at one-third off.
Children's Shoes in the celebratee "Classic"
make. We heve a lot of odd sizes that we arc
offertng at a hi^ cut.
Speeial Prices in Neckwear, llelts, Hosiery,
Laces, Embroideries, etc,, at
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated Bullish Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Out on $4,000.00 Bail-Frank
Sheldo Sent to Kamloops
Joe Kiil/.etti, sent up for trial a» an
accessory to the act in the stabbing
charge againBt Frank Sheldo, on
Thursday afternoon succeeded in
raising the ¥4,000 bail which had been
set for him hy Magistrate Foster, belore be lelt for Okanagan last Monday.
Tbe bail waa fixed at $2,000 in Falzetti himself and two sureties of $1,000
each. It was rather a large sum to
raise but alter hunting around a little
it was done, and Falzetti ia free till
called lor trial in the higher court.
In the meantime Frank Sheldo haB
been Bent to tbe provincial jail at
Kamloops to await trial at the fall
Gnn Club Scores
The regular shunt for Hui ton and
Trophy was lu-ld on Wednesday lust
Willi a good attendance and keen
competition.    Tin- handicap (or the
Nohle trophy la oroatlng ii great deal
ol'interest. Ureal, credit ia due J. H.
N.  Cooke, ihe chili bundioapper,  Ior
bringing the members so close lo-
gel her.
-lliiuT  loll  III "I'l'ilN
class A   26 birds.
.1. (i. Ilm ber Handicap I   in   16
W. A. Sturdy   ...       "       2   in   17
A. .1. Melliinell ... '• 2 211 IH
.1. It. N.Coiike         KI
W. M. Lawrence         17
< Ins.-, H
II. Miilhiillniiil. .   Handicap I   ll   18
W. .1. W.Brown             10
.1. Devine     13
Miss nnd out for I ie:
lleviue I U 1
Mtllholland    I 0 0
lleviue  winning button in Class II
iiiii .Melliinell winning In Class A.
\iiiu.i. runi'iiN   SO birds
Hurler  Scratch A2
Sturdy        •• iw
MeDonell         •• 10
Cuoke  Handicap 0   :i2 :«
Lawrence        "       (I  HI 10
Brown        "      is   21) n*
Devine   "        12   211   AH
Miilhollanil _, 12   2*    10
Miss and mil loi lie;
Lawrence       llll
MeDonell I   I   I   II
MnllmHand     I (I
Lawrence won the silver amid great I
Fruit Crop of Canada
llcportul the Department ol Agriculture, Ottawa, .lune 30tb, 1000.
Weather conditions in Canada have
been iavorable during the month ol
June lor Iruit development.
Apples—Eastern Canada will have
a largo crop of winter apples from
present indications. Early and fall
varieties will not yield a heavily. The
apple prospectB in British Columbia
will hardly reach the average.
Pears—An average crop is expected
in the commercial pear sections ol
l'luniH arc estimated somewhat lower, generally, siuce the heavy bloom,
but are showing lor gn average crop,
except in British Columbia where the
crop will be light.
Peaches—Early peaches are reported medium to lull crop; late peaches
medium, "Curl leaf" ia very prevalent, all'ecting Elbertas particularly.
(1 rapes—Concords promise a lull
oro|.J white and red grapes medium to
lull crop.
Cherries will be a good average crop
Tomatoes promise a good crop.
Small Iruits promise well everywhere. Strawberries in Southern
Ontario are a very large crop.
Insect and fungus diseases are fairly
prevalent, but comparatively little
damage is reported yet, except Irom
the cankerworin in Nova Scotia.
In the Uu ted States present indications show about an average crop £p
onipete with Canadian winter   stock.
In Ureal. Britain and Continental
Europe the prospects are lor not more
than an average crop nt Iruit.
6. C, Business Failures
According to Dun's weekly review
there were fewer business failures iu
British Columbia for the first half ol
the year 1900 than in any other province in Canada. The number given
fnr British Columbia is only Vi as
against 1)01 in Quebec, 270 in Ontario,
3S in Manitoba, 82 in Alberta, whiln
Bven Prince Edward Island had 17.
Tbe assets in the case ol the British
Columbia failures were placed at $25,-
403, as against liabilities of if2(!,l.'ill, so
tbat the difference between assets and
liabilities in all the failures lor a half
a yoar amounted to only a little over u
thousand dollars all told,


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