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1 i &-»-■'■
Y *
Vol. 12.~No 150
$2.50 Per Year
lSiaumi!£ij3K2SniHlEk 3W :5»^u:j*-taBt.:-*> BJ»..*H"&LlSiJ.-l
. a. ..... u ...-.„,. J^ MGER T0 CITY C0UNCIL
REMNANT BAR&AINSt      boundary
We are Stock-Taking and have a pile of Remnant
Bargains which we arc clearing al Bargain Prices, del
Your Share.
Hundreds of samples of Children's Silk Dresses,
Children's Coals, Misses' Coats, Misses' Silk Dresses,
Misses'Serge Dresses, Misses' Wash Dresses.
Ladies'Dresses and Coals. Thev are almul Half
Price,   Gel Your Share.
Specials for Next Week
Our table uf Assurleil .lams, Jellies, Syrups, Molasses ami
Ulimax jiuiiH uud Jellies lu oil). I'.iils, the I'i.II.living k i lit Ih :
IVitf.   I'liiin, Bench,  Heil  Ciiii'iiil, Apricot,  Apple,   ItiisphciT)' and
.I.'ii.i Ciiiiu Syrup in I quiii-t, half gallon mul I gallon tins.
(int.ui.i Haney in 20c, HOe, nud 7."..-. .In.-*.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A a'.iip........ ol thus.. Famous Biscuits juit. arrived;  here
arc a i.-.v speoials ;—Philippines, linml, llieh Tea, Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, l-'rnit, Kindergarten, Ch.iriv.tri.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Waters, Ico
Cream, Chocolate and Coeoauut Creams, also other varieties, which wu would lie pleas d to show,
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves and 1'ioklc-i :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple
Heume's Preserved cherries.
lUin/.t'i* Apple Butter,
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Ohorkins, Mutidaliiy Sauce
and Tomato Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Interesting Presentation to the
Citizens of Revelsloke.
Log  Drive on   Kettle   River    rh, nm regular meoting ol th«
Threatens Grand Forks.     new ciiy council wus held last
,, , nighl willi Mnvn.' Brown nnd Aid.
UllAXII  I'OIIKR. Poll   I —A molt -t-l-       ' •
, i     .    , ! IL....-.ui.   Aim. iiinist.n.    I rim be,
lous prol.leni - a  presiinl cnlmming
the Yale Coin   Lumber (*.,., the S"w-m'   Sl0,"'   a";l     U ",,lll,,,",s
liriiiii.yi'n iiinlilii- resident, of this present-    Tho minutes of the Insl
vnll.-y which is no less Ihni. the fact statutory mooting wen.   nail ami
that   ni   iln   pres. 11    time    nuiirly adopted,
5,000,000 leet. of new   logs   nn   being •      ciiM.Mi:.VICATI().NS,
cut on the .North Pork t,l Kettle river     .,,„„,  |,*   A_ Llaggeu ic,|UeBtinR
by ,: ntrnctors employed by tl.e Yule, l|m( y ^  ■      ft (,iaM (|f (h„ oU
('.>lii...l..a  I.iu.il.i-.- l...     I'l.eso  lousi      , ,        ,. i  i      ,. ,
.,, ,,    ,    ,       , ,    coal  supply.— riled,     rruiii   A.
will   presumably  I.-  I.i-i.ugl.i  in ilie1 ,,     , . ,   .
',,.,,     ,   ,    Hutchison lendering his rcsignn-
i-niii|iiiiv s saw mill at  Casciule by
driving'them d wu tl.e Kettle river.  i as operator at tho power house.
If this is done wh.it will bee e of the M"vetl ''}' Aid. Stone that llutehi-
big dn t the (ii"anby smelter? This | son In* requested to give his reasoiiB
for leaving and to give a month's
notice belore doing so.—Curried.
From  tlie   Canadian    .Municipal
Journ il Co. of Montreal, requesting
tlmi.  ilu; council   subscribe,  the
benefits of which would give the
council till municipal information
anil increase municipal cooperation.
Moved by Aid. Woodland that the
I icily supply lhc council eiich month
'iie.    Fi-.in present iippearnuoes theI wi(*b copies.—Carried,    From iln*
Yule Columliii. Lumber C'liiipan;.  tvill B. C.  Iltmiu Magazine requesting
r.iit- a  iniii  of sane that the council subscribe and ttn-
is the question that is inti.(-.ins the
public just now. It is Intimated thnl
a log chute might possibly be buill
over the .Inn., but il tins was .1 mu
and lluj chi,ie should inil to do its
iltt'y,.ii i.*- hinted ilt.-t the smelter
ilniu might be soriou ly injured and
possibly carried nway completely,  in
whiel se iht' city  ol Urn.id  Forks
would he llnnli-il. entailing great loes
Boots and Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing .'
(IAI.T COAL The ni.lv
Satisfactory Dumeslie Cual,
for ('..ok Stave, Hunter ur
(li-iili-. cleilii and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any l.r.igth.
Ilny, o.its, Wheal and
Cliopf I.
Express nud Denying lo
anv pari of the city.
Furniture Stored at lleson-
able Kales.
Office, McKenzie Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
TELEPHONE        -        -        73.
—— in ———I
Hot Water
Guaranteed for one Year,
A comfort for sick people
in cold weather like this.
Always keep une ill llm house
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Besides tillering Bargains in China and other Useful arlielt
at attractive pried, wo beg to call your special attention lo n
"The Kookizer
Cooks your Breakfast while you sleep.
Cooks your whalo dinner while ymi piny will, baby,
Call and let un explain m you nil about the Kooklser,
Made (Specially  lor   British  Columbia,   Wide Wel.
Strung mul Durable,
V 9
I... I' .reed tu o|
kind up the Nurth F rk and thus
dispense with the rivoi driving prcce-s
this coming spring, although no
announcement irom the lumber oompany has as yd b.-uii officially made.
Annual  Meeting at Nelson
Report of Proceedings
New Officers Elected.
The annual meeting el tbe 11. C.
Fi uit Growers Assooiation took place
Weduesdaj nnd Thursday last at Nelson, and was well attended, .1. Johnson, lirst vico-presideiil, taking tl.e
chair in the nb-cui-e oi T. A. Brydon,
president, Several important communications were rcud, 0"ie from the
Dominion Express Company in particular, promising llie institution nl
ventilated cars for the handling of
fruit shipments. Another from the
C. & X. express company at Edmonton promijing a table .<( .file*.    I'nt
ft Capt. II. (.(.Tatlow in connection
with citrus fruit inspection and one
from Ottawa promising that lho if utter ol an experimental (arm slnuilil be
taken up by the D -minimi government.
The see . lary'j i* port dealt l.rii Ily
with the Dominion conlerence al
Ottiwn last March and its n suits of
constituting a fancy grade of apples
the adoption uf a standard box fur
interprtivinci.il trade, ait.! tho i xpn .-•
Jionol n, opinion that Ihoexpressconi-
pauics bo placed under tho control of
the railway commission. Tl.e secretary, reporting on the fruit crop Insl
yea.-,sai.l that ll.e strawberry and
raspberry crops were light] blackberries uvernge; apples iiiudeiati-, nnd
prioes were better. Tl.o financial
repurt showed receipts ol $2/232.84,
with expenditures ol if34».0i), The
report ol tl.e committee on tl.e sine oi
strawberry and othor fruit boxes was
then read, the npple, pear, plum nnd
cherry boxes being recommended to
be the same as last year, and thoso ol
Btrawberrles, raspberries and ..theism.ill InnI* will In a t.itl.. si.inllor]
in. restriction on ihe size..[ the boxes
in which tomatoes were sold,
lu the elect lun ol ollicers, J, Johnsun
.i.i* elected president, .1. Ritchie,
ol Stiiniuerlaiid, 1st vice president; .1.
C. Metoall, oi I' it Hammond, Un.l
vice president; T. A, Bryduti, ..( Victoria, Hnl vice presi lent; IV, J, Brandritli, secretary; R, M. Palmer, lirst
member ol tho executive committee.
Thc April meeting was fixed for
Sumnierhitid, July at Kaslo; October
nt New Westminster. A resolution
was passed asking the Dominion
government to consider the matter ul
establishing experimental farms on
Vancouver Island, in the dry belt and
in the Kootenay.
The C Hindu Drug Store s. II  hockey
sticks, pucks, shin guards, ankle  sups'*   ports and Bkatestraps,   Don't lorget
9    the place.
9       Fresh now laid eggs from Bhuewaj
Shake ranch, i coming In regularly now
| to Mho's Grocery next
ware, Htoves nnd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's 9    Carpel at prices from 2f.o. to 7'*c. pe
III Supplies, etc., Plumbing and TliUmlthlng.       .J,   yard Ior noxt 10 days only,  Cull i.
derltiko city advertising.— Filed.
From tlie warden of the Provincial
(.Inol at Kamloops inclosing a bill
for keep of prisoner $87.60. Moved
by Aid. Abrahamson that the bill
lie returned,—Carried. From 11.
Lumbke, city olpctrioian, in connection with light circuits.—lie-
fi-rri-d to Kin-, Water and Light
committee. From thu School Bonrd
requesting $14,405 for the school
estimate, — Referred to Finance
committee, From tlie C. P. lt.
stating ihal llie conditions offered
by the council for ihe supply of
power and light stieriie.l satisfactory and enclosing terms of an
agreement which they submitted to
the council.—Referred to the Fire,
Water and Light committee.
'I'he Mayor .'ten introduced K.
W. Matthews representing the British & Foreign Sailor.-1 Society
who was nn a patriotic nnd educational loin* of tlm Colonics. Mr,
Matthews explained his mission ns
presenting to cities and schools
souvenir mementoes of Admiral
Nelson and the "Victory" his ling
ship, tin) souvenirs being made of
wood mul cupper taken from the
old vessel. Ili- iiim nt presenting
these gifts, which Innk tlie lorn, nf
busts, n.cd..is, shields, plaques and
charms, wns to instill into the colonial'youth I'm* idea of the Umpire
it iiii teaching him patriotism nnd
love uf Country saying that it was
tin- F.iilors thnt made England as
powerful ns slu- wns. Ilo had just
returned frnm Clirislchurch, Now
Zealand, where lie hnd visited thu
Exposition nnd said the Canadian
stall was llio linesi of any there
and thnt Canada was there magnificently advertised, Ilo was plons-
.-.I to make city of Revelstoke a
gil'l of one of Iho relics..( Nelson
un.l hoped llmi it would In- appreciated by tho citizens and luoked
upon as a memento nf England's
greatness, .Mayor Brown accepted
the pliupie on behalf of the cily
uiul in thanking Mr. MatthewB
for it said tliiil il ivould receive it
very prominent pluee in the city.
The plaque is circular in shape
made uf copper taken fnnn the old
II. M. S. Victory und is engraved
with a linn picture ol thu ni.l ship,
surrounded by a life buoy bohind
which is au anchor, the famous
motto nf the haul., nf Trafalgar
being engraved round it. The gift
is n handsome one and wili he
much valued by llio citizens of
Among general businoss discussed
it wns agreed to give the Mayor a
telephone, which he (Mayor) requested mighl be placed in his
uHicc; nnd it was resolved Ihnt the
Public Wurks committee be authorised lo gel llm rond to tho cemetery opened at onco, Thc Mayor
urged ihal the city wntei should be
conserved nnd not wasted by allowing taps to run ihereby causing the
Innk to be emptied nnd running
the risk of having no water supply
in ease of lire; he urged tins very
door to Oity 1 strongly and atBO the construction
"   of anothor tank.   A resolution wns
Dealera in liardw
and Sawmill I
.   w.   have 200 yards ol Tapestry
9999999'•''I'9999'J''+*'+'*♦''*''*''J'99'♦"♦'*$*"$*   .mi -• thun, c.u.iiu..n & Co,
passed that the city clerk ho in
atruoted to write for prices of tank
r of similar  enpneity tu llio one in
ii I use.    Tho  accounts   were passed
and the meeting terminated.
oix Thousand Starving Steers
Break Into MacLeod,
MA.fl.ia.n. Aha., Fob. 1 —Tho tui.ll
was invaded last, night by fully six
thousand bend of ball famished range
cattle. A bust of mounted men are
now endeavoring to drive the animals
outside I Uu town limits. Tho range
entile are in exceedingly bad ihnpeantl
the losses this winter will run high.
As ii result ul walking through crusted
..now, ihe legs of many animals "ie
run- and blooding. Many of theni can
haidly sniid and every night may die
Iiniii exposure and weakness.
The chinook wind, which visited this
pa.t lust week, wns warm but of brief
duration. While it lasted the pruirie
in ninny pi,cos was covered with
water nud sloppy snow. Ten minutes
nftei tbo chinook dropped, tlio prairie
wns one sheet of ioc and before morn
ing .be drifts culd be crossed on
h .rsebnek, It is impossible lur cattle
to leach luod and tbey nre now
hunched logmhor and their cmiBcless
iv.ik hits ieiin going no night and day
eve. -...ci-. This is reducing the oattle
in Hi -h wonderlitlly last
Tl.e present winter is the coldest
uxiieneuced in twenty years. All inside wnrk is stopped i y the cold
weather, which lus prevailed almost
without a break since November.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engine Men. of
Dominion. Elect Officers.
The npresi utntives ol the Brother
hood oi Locomotive liromeu and engine men. covering tbe whole Dominion (rum Halifax to British Columbin,
who have been in session nt Ottawa
fur the past week have concluded their
lllliui-s and have adjourned after a
mii-t profitable meeting. During the
session many matters of vital importance to tbe order were discussed and
different hills were brought to the attention of the Dominion government
atl'oetillg railway labor interests, each
of which have been discussed and re
ferred to committees with instruction's
to take them before the railway and
labor departments.
Thoy l.f.v.i elected a legislative ro
presci.talivc. who will remain at
Ottawa and attend the sessions ol the
House In the interests of the order.
The ollicers olected. are Messrs.
lit,i. K, Wnrk uf Turouto.us chairman
...nl legislative representative Mr, I..
K. W. Bailey ol Moose Jiiw,8askatclio
wnii, secretary treasurer; Ceo. Crow-
hurst ol Town to, chairman of tho
executive board; F. It. Mitchell of
Rovelstoke, British Columbia, secretary uf tho executive committee; executive, W. Ski-llcy i.f Ottawa nml T.
L I'lliioiner ul Nelson, vice-chairman
(or the province of British Columbia;
IV, J. McCainbloy ul Calgary, vice-
chairman lur Albert..; L. I'l. W. Bailed
for Saskatchewan, .Ins llnird for
Mnuitt.l'.i. Geo, Crow hurst, (or Ontario,
Al. x. Devine lor Quebec, F. W. Henderson for New Brunswick, II. W
Pinhi-y lor Nnv,i Scoiin, nud E. Dotsey
for Prince Edward Island.
During tlie entire sessiun Mr. A. 1-1.
Bull, fourth vice grand muster wns
The legislative representative will
take up bis duties at onoo.—Ottawa
(Prom (iiu- Own (Jmniiponilonl)
Mr. MoOitllum, nt Salmon Arm,
presided nl I. meeting nt Nutcl. Hill
on Friday night, culled for lhe purj
pose of petitioning' tbe Dominion
government in conjunction with the
Salmon Arm and Revelstoke district
settlers to cancel the timber lenses ....
igge.l over lands   in   these districts
and to throw them opon lor hoii.e-
Evoryono in the district is vory
gratified to learn that Mr. Turner and
Mr. MoGlllre, ol Salmon Arm, are
coming here on the (ith ol February,
to lorm a Farmers' Exchange nnd to
eprolo member) in the Salmon Arm
District Farmers' Institute. Mr,
Turner will also road a paper on fruit
growing, as it is a subject on which
wc are all much interested.
Tho weather still continues very
cold and we, nre not going to talk
about tin. California of Canada or the
banana belt till the heel thaws out
next July.
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
We Still Have Money
Lei Us Build Vou a Home on Our Easy|Method
of Re-Payment.
We will be pleased to have you call and learn about it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency. Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Ilriiiii-lio.* in lbs Province! ol Mnt.iU.liii. AltierUt. Saskatchewan.
Itriti-l. Columbia, Ootarlo, Qnelwo.
Capital Subscribed -        -        -        $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   •4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        •4,28o,OOO.oo
D. It, Wii.icik, l'..-*i.l.-iii : Hox. II. .I.m-kiiav, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savimis Dbi'ahtsiknt Deposits icccivfil antl Interest allowed
ni current r.ite from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts suid available in all pnrUof Canada, United Slates ami
I'lurnpe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A lew good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. A*. SPROAT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
Catholic—Kev. Father It. Peooul,
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sunday
at tb.. lollowing hour-: ft a.m. Communion Mass; 10:80 a.m. High Mats
nnd .Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; "IIU p.m. Rotary,
Instruction an.l Benodlotion,
Si. I'rri'.R's.—Hev. C. A,Proeunier,
recur. Sexigesiuia, set vices as follows:
8 ...in . Holy Cnmiiiiinii.il, 11 a. 111.
Matins ami Holy ('111111.u11u.il; 7:30
p.m., Evensong. S indny School at
•2:111) p.m. Choir practice on Friday
nt ft p.m.
Knox PlIESBYTERlAK—J li. Robert
soo, II.D., minister. Sunday morning
eervico at 11 u'c'ock. Subject:—"Tbe
Religious Message of the World's
ilreitost Catastropho." Evening service at 7:80 o'clock when the pa-tor
will preach a special serin.... to young
people on tho subject—" Three Ureal
Crises in the Lives of Y.nuig People."
Suitable music, will Ik; lend.Ted anil
lhu young are specially invited to be
present Sunday School and Bible
Clnss at 2:110. The Young Peoples'
Guild on Monday night at ft ..'clock.
Cottage prayer meeting on Wednesday
night nnd choir practico on Friday
Methodist—.1. S, Woodsworth pastor. 11 a. in., Morning service. Subject, "Fhst Things First," 2:80 p. in.
Sunday scboul and Adults Bible class.
!7:'i0 p.m.. Evening sen ice, subject:
I "Bu Sincere." Tho lirst ul n series oi
; practical talks on everyday living.
1 Anthem—"Who are these in white
I arrayed."—Staiuer.
Bi, A.mu.kw's 1'kksiiytkkiak—Rev.
W. Calder pastor, Services at 11 a.m.
and 7 3D p.m. Sunday school and
Pastors llible Clnss at "ii.'IO p.m, Bible
reading, Wednesday, at 8 p. m. Choir
practice. Friday, 7:30 p, ni. Teachers'
meeting, Friday at ftp. m.
The snow fall this week was the
heaviest tli.it has been extjioricnced in
Revelstoke (or many years, thc mails
and sidewalks lieing kept clear with
much difficulty. The eight-horso
plough hns beeu continually at work
and the snow banks are as high or
higher tlinn thc ordinary num. The
heavy snow has had the ell'ect of disorganising tbe train service and connections in many placet have been
made with difficulty. The south train
ran into a snow slide on Thursday
morning nenr Wigwam and was forced
to return until a plough could alTect
a passage. The train subsequently
left ngain lor Arrowhead late the same
night. Z\k flfoaiivibeualb.
HKI.  WKI.NKsl.A*!
AM. .-
;  -• ig. :.. England,
ami tii...
By tlio;.
■ir iiim.'.,:!. postofllce]
i,.-:.--- -
'Jl! 1 KIN 1 INt. nra...]itly executed al
able i.e.-.
i ii-h.   Subscriptions
... .Ill'
.OKKIsl'iiNliKNCK invited on manors ol
; -.; .f.-.tro-t. Communication! to Edt-
lor imi-t be nooompanled l.y name of
writer, Mut neoonarilj. lo publication,l.nl
ai evidence olgood faith, Correspondence
should bt- brief.
Legal noUccs in cent* per Int.- tir*. tnacrlinn,
j.cent*i"Tlino each aubacqucnt Insertion.
.MeAsur.iii.-i.'.- Nbnpnric] il- lute* make '.no
inch!   store   ana   general l.ii-ino-* announcement! S-.*" per ... -it per montli.
Preferred parilloni.  ii   per   con:,   nd-
.li.i. ted  Birth-. Slurring.- ninl Deaths,
ire. eaoh in-eriinn.   Timber notices$5.00
Land nolice,  .«-.'..   All advcrtiiomenti
- ,b ■- - ■   I... n;ij rovnlol the niAnagemeut.
Wanted tnd ' ondensed Advertiscmcntf:   I
Agents Wanted. Help Wanlod, Situations
-...-.-■ ..   Sii ..,:......    Vacntit,   Teacher.!
w.-inu-d, Mechanic. Wanted, in wordi or
1.— -.-... .-.. :-,   arltiitiolial  line  l.l   fonts.
Changes In standing advertiiementi mint
be in by U a. .... 'l..e*d.ty nnil Friday uf
h ch week to secure .m.*! display.
solidity to fulfill in anything like a
my that would be acceptable to Unpeople. Our representative is elected
to press our needs nnd push forward
our claims at tlie sum: time having an
eye to what is just and impartial lo
the whole province and let him bear
in mind tho confidence placed in him
and in nil his dealings let him pruve
himsell capable ol filling successfully
and conscientiously the position of
t.-'.'.st In which lhc riding h-.-.s called
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mubphy.      Haroi.h Fished
ill.l.AN & ELLIOTT.
Barrister., SolieiiJira, Etc.
KI'.V ELS   >     --I. IIUU'I I.AKE, II. U,
('. E Onus. I*. C Kl.l.l'
Hank Iilik-k.  Rkvbi.'
Money to loan.
Oitloc-: Revelitoke, II. C: Port Steele, H. C.
Geo. s. McCahter,
A. M. l'lNKUAM.
Ileiel-loke, II. C.
.1. A. IIai'.vf.v.
Fori Steele, ll. C
J. M. Scott l.l.l)
W. I. Brings.
Babristebs, Solicitors, Etc.
M. inky to Loan
solicitors fob Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
il Land Surveyor.
Mine Suiveylng
McKf.nzik Avenue,
Box inn. Revelstoke
Cbe ni^aiUlberalb
"I woul . ■ . earneitlyn viicthem for
thoir koix! to ordor tlii* paper to bt- punctually
served up. and to bo looked upon its n jinn of
the lea equipage. "—Addison.
Thai the eliiunli- and the beautiful
natural rcenery ol which Revelstoke
boasts aro lound so much superior tu
many other ciii.-soi ll.e province, as
to assure her becoming evi ntuully the
acknowledged leading mountain city
resftrt is iln- opinion o! nm only our
citizens themselves but nl*.. ..1 tho
m.ny transient visitors who are continually passing through Ilevelstoke.
There are two points which wc should
take into very serious conside a'.iuli in
our endeavors lo advance tin: interests
of nur city Firstly, that present residents slu...I.I lend their support lo the
efforts which will undoubtedly be
made by newcomers, to establish industries nnd other mmns of assming
th, in an income which will permit
lift-... to make their homes here. They
will desire to invest their money profitably unci we shuuld put everything
belore them in the proper light. Secondly, we Bhould grapple with and
keep ever before us tlie p.oblem uf
education and strive to place the
standaid, physically, morally nnd
practically, as high as we can and are
able to d i. These things are the chiel
(actors of cncouinging newcomers in
making their homes here. Incur..ing
capital desires profitable investments
and when we consider what we have
on every side ol us in the way uf
natural resources, we sliould endeavor
to encourage them to assist in the
development i.i such resources fnr
mutual benelit. The Board of T:ade
has much in ilB power to du for tlie
development and improvement ol the
city and district and it has done so in
tlie past, but they must hnve the cooperation uf the people nnd if lhat is
given iiinn, tnis year will see good
wnrk done. Hevelslokc has not been
sufficiently advertised either in natural resources in the near vicinity or
in ber possibilities and attractions a
a tourist and sportsman's centre. It
lies in our power to do much tu bent-lit
and popularize our city, and every
effort should be made with the least
possible delay.
their local papers nml
other opportunities
the existence of retail business in
their midst it is up to them in consider this matter iu the true light, nud
prevent a measure that would bring
inevitable ruin on nearly every city iu
tin. country. While urging tin- point
mi behalf nf nur retail home merchants at the same time however ..e
would caution them against high
ohargos lur goods which in many cases
lms been tho causo of the spread um'
popularity of the mail-order business
throughout the country. Study your
city CUBtOttiers' interests and they will
study ynu.
i   In the report of the speeoh made by
Marlin Burrill mi Tuesday night last
in the Opera House, whicli report appeared in our last issue the paragraph
" that one of Rcvelstoke'scitizens, Mr.
Lindmark, hnd spent six weeks iu
Victoria tn help putting the lumber
industry una solid basis,and bud done
guild wnrk, (cheers) with the oo-oper-
ation of Mr Taylor," should have
been in E. A. Hngeen's speech, the
editor having, through an error, interchanged the sheets in thc first copy.
We regret tint tliti error should have
occurred and have attributed remarks
to Mr. Burrill whicli were never
uttered l.y him.
nl a thousand placed there sinco his Inst trip, Hoi
'orded thom by must make himself thoroughly famil-i
iar will, all tho provisions ol 11... lime
tf.l.l.i and bnnk ..( rules in effect, being
so conversant with then, that ho will
know the right course I., pursue under
nil oircumstancos.
Tho ongineor must know the pa.l-
tion nf all signals governing the movement of trains, ns well ns those Hint
indiooto the position of switches and
grade crossings, and ho must, direct
bis attention to such signals os soon
as they come within the range of his
vision to guard against accident to his
train or to another. He must instruct
the fireman in the economical use ol
Ittel nud supplies, ..nil see that he complies with instructions pertaining to
the safety of tho train.
He must be respectful to his superior officers and courteous to his subordinates, bearing in mind that the
hazard of his calling makes it doubly
Incumbent upon him to perform liis
duties to his employer, to his family
and to his fellow men, lo the end thnt
it'inay be said of him, ' He knows his
duty mid h'e docs it."
As Seen by Himself.
TT.Vt .Ii»:.'.":.m.'m■#...:
: I'.irlfif.toiil, IS",.
rn ujs"i.y  stat o-ni*5!ri3  oim.TT?'
I Slh mljhbufflh BANK
Incorporated l.y Aol
W.'.l. M.U.S..N Macphkiisun, I1..-
.I.uiks Elliot, (
S. II. EWINO,  Vice-]'
w^ii unuJNi*
Capital paid up, $3,000M
Reseri-j, $,
tv ol* banking In.sin-
Has a good stock of Groceries nnd
a line assortment ul Japanese Chin...
Agent   (or  Revelstok.:  Farming
IC pany, growers ..f all   kinds of
Far... ProduBO, Hay and Wood.
■Ui ffflfl
Everything in way i
in i-"**.-ii y delay,
Interest credited twit-
transacted without
.ye...-at current rates on Savings Hank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
a-* t-w'i w% ■**-vvvv^'Vfc^*ft.'a.%iv%<k*v%%'VtfV'4yv*'* v«
c. w. o. w,
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Moots Socond nnd Fourth Wednesdays in
ouch montli. In Selkirk Hull. Visiting Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
W. ll. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
It. W. EDWARDS, clerk.
F. O. E.
Tin. ritttliliir meeting! are hold in the Selkirk
Hull ovory Tuesday ovoning ut 8qolooic. Vtait-
in.: brethren are cordially invito.'.
E. ll. lllMIHIlKIE, I'.IES.I.KNT.
It. COOK. Sni-liin'Ai.v.
Notices have- been distributed round
the city by the civic authorities, warning tbe citizens gainst allowing their
taps to run day and night to prevent
their pipes frmn freezing up. Tl.e
water thus wasted, apart from what is
legitimately consumed fur household
purposes has been a heavy drain on
the supply and nu.re water has been
drawn from the tank of late than bus
heen flowing into it. While the heavy
frost lasted this practice nf allowing
taps to continually run, was in a measure permissable, although too much
license should not bc given, but during tin- warmer spells there is no need
to keep the water running at all and
incur the danger of a shortage of
supply in cases...(lire. In a city such
as Revelstoke, where botiBes are constructed chietly of wood and close to
on. another, an inadequate supply nf
water in the case of n single outbreak
would inevitably result in a large and
serious conflagration.
It is up to the people then to use-
judgment and care, and not use up
the city water extravagantly when
there is no Deed for doing so.
Ere this sheet has reached all our
Canadian subscribers, li.e result of the
provincial electi >m will be known.
All the steam and energy that has
been generated in tl..- last few weeks
has risen to its culminating poinl to.
day and ti,. ... neral discord, quest! -liable criticisms and hard words, which
have freely passed Irom all to all, will
; ."■:, be forgotten, and men and communities will one- in ■ r. - II " I. - il
daily occupati mi and thc groat cam
paign of I'.iui'.-T will be a tiling nf the
passed, Looked al in a straightforward light the :--..- I elections should
not depend bo much on the past, hnl
on what will come in lhe luture nnd
what abilities the chosen candidates
may have in taking a level headed
view .-I tl..- affairi "l the province ainl
being able- lo grasp .-very detail in each
situation in whioh they may find
themselves placed. What conccrni u-
here chiefly in Revelstoke an- the
city's needs and the city's development, and whoever is elected, it will
be with tl.e object nl doing good for
the whole- community and tbe district
In which we live, became nur representative in tlie Provincial House
takes on hil shoulders a very serious
obligation and an obligation which
requires, tact, iklll, perseverance nnd
Opinion has been rife concerning
the bill about to be presented to the
Dominion parliament nnd which if
passed will probably be harmful not
only to retail merchants but ulso lo
the country itself, The proposed leg-
islation includes provision lor a C. 0.
D. system whereby a customer can
send to n mail-order house Ior g mils
for whioh the postmuster is to make
collection when lhc parcel arrives at
its destination, The catalogue lious. s
are evidently at the back cl it nnd it
is necessary that every retail merchant in the country put forth his
utmost to prevent it. The best way
to decile the merits of a measure such
as tbe one in question, is to consider
the principle upon which it is based
Let us think n little on the principle
on which tbe mail or ler business is
founded, to see whether it- tempts the
general public or nut, We musl
assume that ii the existence of one
mail order house is a good thing il is
also a good thing that all the retailing
be done by such houses, that is, dealing with the principle of it as we have
From the standpoint of an engineer,
his duties seen. Iar more onerous and
exacting lh. u to liis superior officer or
to the uvernge observer not in  rni
road service.
A com nit... expression often  heard
by the engineer is, "All you  have  to
do is ride," no thought being given tu
tlie preparation necessary to making
that ride with safety nnd dispatch—
safety for the lives and property entrusted solely to liis care, the greatest
responsibility that csn hc placed on
nny ono man's »huuldors in every day
wurk, with  tho dispatch required by
the present day limited trains, which
annihilate  time  and distance, and
whicli are seemingly made necessary
by the demands of the tu.velling pub.
lie in the hurry to get to somo  place
tj rest, to hurry home nfter such rest,
or to chase the nimble dollar whioh
has hud a few hours the start.
To  begin  then,   tho   mechanical
duties ol an engineer are a  routine,
aud consist, alter  finding out  what
engine lie is to take out, in making ns
careful au inspection of tlie machine
ns is possible under the circumstances
and with the Incililies given him lor
such Inspection, so that bc can be
certain Hint its (ar us be is concerned
the machine is iu condition lu stand
the strain to whioh it will be subjected. He must know that his engine has the given quantity ol lubricants and the equipment ni nml- prescribed l.y .he management i..r use in
ca.-e ni necessity.
He must know that  the  headlight Hedia.liart'.TS
of tbo engine is in condition to throw for    ,
as.....cl. light ns possible on the track, i .\liri-T:
mi whistling posts and mile p .*:-. the
Ins- ni which might cause disaster.
II.- must know tii - condi ion
air pump .- tn ns ability ti   n ah la n
lot- press in  it the ■ , lire I    te,  ind
be familiar e.    _• i ivii    its mccbai
ism !.. i cate any (ai        in I
ni.ii- i--   epair it -
make nn inti lligent report cn
rival it till    '       .:... .
II i must I edgoi
tiie eonsi -
that in . .i-   ; i i -■ i-.i
ot its pari ..-t gi • .
to Its destine rn st
Kootenny LndKe No. 15 A.F.Jr A.M.
Tho rcgulnr nieel-
iliK- nro held in lhc
Mnsonio Temple,
Jtld Fullows Hnll.oii
the third Mondnyi.i
■tnch inoiitli nt 1
p.m. Visitlngbreth-
ron cordially wel
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 13. 1.0. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday
evening in Solkirk
Hall nt 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
n. .1. TA.ieiART, N.G. J. MATHIE, Sue
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
ex-Bj.t 'I'lar.l Wednesday ol
each ifi.auli, .n tl.o Oddfellows'
Ilttll nl s o'clock, Visiting
KnieM* nro cordially invited.
(1. H. HHOCK, K. of R. rfe S.
H. A. HROWN. M. of F
Pur Agricultural Implements, Carriages, WugonB Etc, John
Iiivro Ploughs, Muliiio Wagons, Cmmdii Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plimot jr., niirdiin Boedars ainl Cultivators, Wlmel-
wrlght and Blacksmith Worll attended in. Horse Shoeing a
'  ly.
Hvimvt ^%-vwn.^ww^. vvv*v*--*«>*vv**%-v%i
TENTH Rossland
Winter Carnival
February 12434445 and 16
Five Grand Trophies and $2,111)11 iu prizes,   Two ha...Is in a 11.....lane...
HOCKEY—International and  i..ter-1'r..vincinl championships.
8N0WSII0EING—CliampinnBhip nf IS.itiih Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile n minute down the "ZIP."
SKI-ING—Jumping nnd Racing    Chniiipioiiship ul C.inula,
SKATING RACES—For championship ul liritish Coluinbin.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Racing-, Masquerading, Ttig-of-Wnr antl oilier interesting events.
J. S. C,
nilwav rail's nn all line
FRASER, President,
For I'lirllle.
pnrliculnrs npply to
IL. ADAMS, Secrelary.
r Honda, Animals, Hints, l-'isli, Etc.,
Aniunit lii-:s Mounted,
1'.... BosSl.
Studio: Comer nf Pint St. and Boyle Ave.
Kiwisloke, Il.C.
Mrs. II. .1. Ha.ibury, Managress,
First-Class Table.
Private    ining Boxes
e lii.iiticrintln Ior
if.-, Suptiori, oto.
Furnished Rocms To Let
ls ii specially mi
led high grade gra
miar Hungarian
bread Flour.
.arliclc of liue dual
und the
grains are uniform
a]7,c a
superior iu quality
is milled from the choices'
eut and so
d iuiiii-
nur unconditional
Secure a
tti..] sack   of   "MOFFE*
vnn.- Grocers
.....1 y..u
will   never  use  .
((iiniii Hiinf Milli (o„ Ltd.
John c. Wood's Furniture Store
All Kinds ol Light and Heavy
Haul;;-g Undertaken
said.    On  iln- other  hand if  it
wrong to have the retail trade totally i' possible, eil
in the bands ol the catalogue houses, train, bearing in mind his fir.     il    -
it  is therefore wrong that even one to clear tbe main track.
II- musl know thi cond - e Phone 11
water gists and i -i. .i they'
si...I.lil exist I. t i- suppose thnt the
lj.it :.-.-::..[.-,ni idea ctintmll-.I the
retail trade in Canada, thi n we vould
have un retail merchants in Mm- Do
minion except tin-.- carpi - il ion
We would have no wholesale mer-
t-h.iiii- .ii.'! only t : -..   in ni .in Hirers
here would 1»- no newspap
then- would I"- ti i niorohoi i-i- iilver
tis.- ...nl tbo crushing down of' the
pn -- ii old mean a return tn barbario
conditio..- andd pressionsol the olden
imn - Tin- direct result would bo
that nur cil . - nnl towns -a....Id dwindle .lm itn  no it- depots inr mail
Ordci Inin-, U lifil i. ;i inly m- I...-in
niter nil bin an aggregation "I merchants, take Ilii--.- tit.I and whal .-
Ihen- lell I-, keep il ,i lawn' The
quostion ii.it;. I"- asked why don'l
rclailcri sell tbaii g.-.'ls. as cheaply ns
tl..- departmental -inn - -   Simply bo-
caillO tlm postal system will carry the
(reight   nl   the   depart.i.e...   store It)
mail (or a thouiand miles ..t tl..: same
. lie   as    for   Oltl-   llllll C. o  .1. l.l thnl
Invariably  most of  iln ilorinl of
catalogue llOUSCS is it.il'- shoddy and
iu tl.e end Initie expensive tin... ll.e
hottei quality Which you cnu se.. uill,
your own eyes when you buy from tho
home merchant, 11 the people Ihi..);
that the retail merchant is any b.-iiolii
to the city or  town and il tbey value
r  .■       Mi,.i,   Coal ...id Feed.
House Phone 7
indicate the true
Hie boiler, ..ml   he  must i hi
w-.Im,  ti lhe level   tha'
lh, best i- ulis.
II.- musl  trj   tin    i. '   oi
leaving Ilu ei jo.-  h usi
they wili work win n required      -   -
t;f  ....   .■   .  .     I with c      -ii'.
lie  mi, t. ciinpar.     - n
.. j- -..mil.ni cluck and
ll.-   musl   i tan
1. Mill- In -i •• if .... -.    '..'!'
I m n Royal Crown kind--
in...li ... Vanoouver barges!
Soap Factory west nl Winnipeg, House I'l'Mtn' ■- nil
washing aro easy with its help,
Ami ihe money saving .s ll.e
Premium System
Booklet, tells what wi givo loi
R..V..I Crown Wrappers, Send
lor It—Freo—Alio try tl.e
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
eof besl      f'.'il and|
■ -.--  in
,, ■     i—$15,000.
, i.   .-, n       ■
red,   Imporl
in vicinil   11,500
-   .. ■-.-...
the I'l
To Let
[i First St reel   Re -
stoke    JHfi.(XI pei month
Arrowhead Ranches
! Hill'l ,      i    i. -■■   lli.il Bros j
Ranch.     -WHU
ICIOHTY I-"- of rich al
Iml : uve high waler. I
i...i--   n.l    Price $1,200.
Exiieptlounlly busy Summer and Full selling hns placed
nn uur hands a large number ul' second-hand planus anil
uig.ins,  taken   in  exchange on new styles nl MASON &
Risen un.l PIANOLA PIANOS.   Our ".Upper Country'"
warehouses—it. Nelson and Revelstoke—are now comfort-
ably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, too,   These used goods must be Bold,  ive wish
It...... io move ...pi.llv.     You'll appreciate  thest. uiillsnl
Small Uprlglit "Lull .. Sons"
plane, l-lngllal. make, i, octavea,
nub.nl caio 	
"Cliarloinavla" Upright l*%no
V nt'Invna, I ft. J. in. in lli-.nl..,
l-'ri-iiol. itfilina case, soi.ill front
Bell tiijiin.., fi. high, u-itl-
nut i.i*.'. .. octavea, J', *.-ia .if
roods s -t.iii*. In good liino. ..
'Avlll 4 Smart" Uprlglit Plana
nt inn.■..'.. ! In. high, full
nnil lran.li, excolutnt value ;tt
i     ..ui* f..r	
N'ngent" I'i.tin. Noii V'.ik.-,'
Ot M   I   -   1-0.   ..    f I
'I-    '! ...
Ill i!   iv.im, Unelph I	
Imitation Erench « ibml
. m-i .irt'illM.ll |
i i.i.ul.iilgo
. Ill -ll    I'll	
...   . Ill lllllll til..Illl'll
III        ■   Ml       ..lllllhlgfl       ll"lli-!'  'HM
.. • i Iiiii    I  i- now,
 i ii M.  ailing it . ,,,
8 40
"Mumiii ft KUrli" Piano, largo
Upright (Irani!, liuiiutifiil imt*
hi-giwy oarnii 4 ft. n in. ImkIi. oohb
slip.hiiv niiirri'il, otherwise lint'
condition, sploiiillil true. Was
solil [or (550, take It for	
"■MiwonA llli-cli" Piano, Upright Orantl in Art finished hurl
walnut mw.t iiraotloally nuw,
prima condition, perfect tone.
Whs 9550, extraordinary value at
"Dominion" Organ, walnut
case, 6 ft, lilgli, fi ootttVflB. 'iy/t
nets of rooilH, V stops, Vox Hu-
iiniini, flrflat, nml llraml organ
■'Hell" -Jraan, tnasiive waln-'t
i*;isi*, .scroll fmni, tlsets of reeds,
in stops, imtli swells, Yini'll
not lose on this at	
"Dnlii'itj" Organ, iilnek walnut cast' wllh hovelled Frenoh
plate mirror, Bootaves, 8 sots of
i' Ih, lUitons. l'.i.v, and treble
couplers ami knee hwoIIs, snlen*
did valmi at I his figure	
We've alsu n number uf.il hers,    Full  Ii -sl   sent   upun
in. i.   Vin. ...ny In... in any nno nf IIh.hu liisli'tiliienta
,,. lull  mine,  nn |.inli.tl  piiviiii-nl  nn n  new MASON &
IIISI II I'lANO, within two yearsuftei" purchase.
rliciilars ol nhovo
A i. 111 .*■ to
JiiKtiiaiicii Agent, Revelstoke, U. C.
Under   New   Management)
B.   C.
Firsi-clus iiccuinniuiliitinti for travellers.
Benl brands   ol  Wines,   .Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $1 GO   PER   DAY
Fronl Stat, Revelstoke
Mfinufactiired for all olasseslof buildings
All kinds of liiiililiin; nml plastering
Evans & Woodrow
Heulci-s in Heef, Fork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nud Game in
Season.    Orders    promptly nt-
tended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Und.'i- thi* new ...aiiiigeiiienl of
Hahiiv MoIntosh,  Hoffman House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most cueative In the
world. A perfect, nniuinl remedy fur
all Nervous an.l Muscular dlsenses,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That. Tired Feeling," Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails strive and depart, every day.
Telegra I. communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS-$12 to $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arroiu Lake. "B. C
Henry's Nurseries
Headquarters for Pacific Coast grown
and imported Garden, Field and
Flower Seeds.
Thousands of Fruit nml Oriiiiiiiftiil.nl
Trues, Kliinluilninlriiti., Rosob nud hardy
plants nowgrowinp iju our owu grounds for
tut ii n* plauting.
Nooxponse, loss nr delay uf fumigatiun,
Inspection norcustoinsdutiostopay,
Visitors are always welcome to inspoot
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants,
I'nt Flowerstilld Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Hon Hivos and Supplies, Spray Pumps aud
Spraying matorial.
No iiKmits-thnrofore you havo no commission tu pay. Our catalogue tells you
about it. Lid mo price ymir list boforo
plnolugyonr order,
Wo do businoss on our own grounds—nn
mul to pny, mul urn prepared to moot all
cumpotitimi. Eastern prices ur loss. Whito
labor.   Catalogues Free.
P. O. Address and Greenhouses 1-8010 Westminster Road. Branch Nurseries:—South
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
Houso nud Lot, on corner First street
and Boyie Avenue, a business
Warehouse and Lot on Comer Smelter
Tr-ck and Third Street with
spur to ..'..rehouse.
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits on
liig Hend Hond.   A good stone
quarry  and  lirst-cl.iss   gravel
and sand fnr building purposes,
j A guud bed of Briok Clay and
tliree acres cleared suitable for
fruit growing.
Six Lots in Iilnek 40.
Ono Lot in Block 44, 60 loot.
Two Lots on Eighth St., 100 foot.
One   Lot,  Hlock  1)7, with   olhco
Four Lots, Hlock 118, 2ii foot, Cor.
Third Street and Comuiught Avenue.
One Lot, fiO loot, on Douglas Street
Hill.   Contains goed building, gravel
..ml suutl.
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harness—(I set ol
driving, 1 set ol work.
Interest in good mining property
and timber limits.
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—$1)0 per aero.
O od Farm lands in Buckley valley.
Four lots in the town nl Golden.
First-cbiBS residential property.
One Cement Block Plant in good
working order with all attachments
Fur lull particulars apply to
LlRAlEI) TENDERS nddroiicrt to tho under-
.~ hIki.c.I, .mil eildonad -Tirade.- for I'oal,
.llll™, Kcti.I.i, ll.e, will Ire rtiotilvodBt thli
illloo ....111 Monday, Kul.r.m.-j-18, 1(1.7, luel.,-
lively, fill-1 llll nnml riiiitluii .if ti Post Ollltj.'.&e.
l.iiilifiiiK ..I I'Vl'lile. Il.C.
■'tana.i.ul i|iD0llliuilloii in... bonce.and forms
..f tender iililnliu-.l .... this lliti....'ti..(...tmi.l....
iii>|.lli.ntlii.i lii Hubert A, Ktirr, Kit|„ Clorkof
Worki. l'Vi-ni... H.c.
I'.-.*.,..- l.tiitleiiiiK urn notified that tomtom
will nnl l.e oot.8ldo.od ....leaa ...ndi. on tl...
Iirlnli'd ftirm a.iiipllod, nn.l alunod will, tl.olr
fi.-tiiiii *iuiiliii-i-.,
Knch leiidor nui.*t lm nooonipuiilcil by nn
Iccoptod cti.i.iuo on ii .tliiirtored bank, .in.ilc
iinynl.lif lu the nrduruf tho Honourable tho
Mlii.Hii-r uf I'ubllo worki, oi|iinl totonjioi-
.font nn ...c.) ,.f tl.o ....iu.ii.1 of tl.ottindor,
whioh will bo forfoltod If tho part; tendering
ilocllno ... t-iilor inlo a oonlraot who., oallo.1
.....in ... .In mi. or II hi. fall to complete the work
miii.......i-il lor, if u... tondor be not noooptod
theolu..(|tio will hi. roliirncd
Tl.o uopsrtmont dooi not bind Iteelff to no-
.:c|.t i li(. loweit or nny lender.
Ily ordor,
Iiorinrtnic.i. uf Public Worka,
Ottawa, .Innunry IS, IOO",
Nowapapers will nol bo j.ni.1 for thia.idver-
ii-i-iif.fiii if they insert It without authority
from thli De'iai Unotn, '
4 in
\ jm Tit's Tricks
h i
HAVE a really curious and surprising oxperlment tif tell you about
today, boys and girls.
Take a piece of thin wire or a
hairpin and bend it into lho shape indi-
•fttcd on tho right of tliiH picture.
ln (lie sharp bend you have given tho
•ne end of th* wire firmly fix a coin,
and on thn hook at the other hang a
Now take a darning needle, stick the
head of it Into the smaller end of a
well-formed cork, Ret the cork on n flat
•surface and then reat the coin on top
•f tlie needle.
Or your letting go, It would, of course,
Upside Down &.t the Bottom of the Se&.
Balanced on the Point of a Needle
Hri-m lhat tlie wire, ring and coin
would Immediately fall over, But that
is where thc Burprise comes in!
instead of falling over, the weight of
the whole apparatus adjusts itself on
the needle point and finds a position of
pcrfecl equilibrium, and there it rests
for an Indefinite time.
Suppose you then give a gentle touch
that sels it Into motion. Even then it
will not fail over, but will apparently
awing around on the needle point as a
pivot, and you can keep it moving as
long as you please.
Try this experiment. H will Interest
your friends as much ns yourself.
Now I shall tell you of a perfectly
Safe wager you can mako if yuu wish,
or you can exhibit this as a triek.
Make a proposition that you will till
a glass with water and place It on a
table In such a manner that your friend
cannot move it to another place without
Spilling tbe whole of its contents.
The way to do it is as follows: Pill
a glass with water, and having laid
•vi r it a piece of paper, which covers
the water and the edges of the glass,
place the palm of yt-ur hand on the
paper, and, taking up tbe class with the
othcr hand, turn it upside down very
quickly, and place it on a perfectly flat
part of the table.
Then g, ntiv. very gently, withdraw the
paper, The wator in the glass will remain In It, since the air cannot enter,
lind vour friend cannot move It any
way without allowing thc air to enter,
and   consequently   spilling   the   water.
You see, do you not, how safely you
ran make a wager on the success of this
CAPITAL diving story ls told
In an English school paper by a
man signing himself "An Amateur Diver."
I believe (says he) by some remarkable process of nature every
third male person is horn a diver.
WhltStablo Is the place where most
divers grow, and where 1 caught the
temptation to go a-divlng myself.
! mentioned my desire to one or two
old divers, hut met with Jeers and
suspicion. Hut WnttBtable never produced n diver that could put me off.
1 bought a diving dress, and got permission to go down and amuse myself on a sunken coasting vessel lying off shore a little distance.
It wns a noble diving suit, and tho
new India rubber squeaked musically
as I moved, and smelt very refreshing. There was a shield-shaped plate,
rather like a label on a decanter,
hanging on my client, and a noble
metal collar — ahout thirty-two the
size would have been, on the usual
1 had also a very fetching red nightcap, while my helmet was a terror
to all beholders. 1 don't mind confessing to a certain amount of discomfort while they were building me up
in this dress—partly due to a vivid
imagination, The helmet made me
think of the people in the story who
put hot pots on Hie heads of strangers, and I seemed stifling at once.
All Heady for the Descent.
There wasn't much comfort to be
pot out of the leaden shoes-try a
pair for yourself and see—but when
all was ready, 1 made a shift to get
overboard and to crawl slowly down
the ladder.
It was not a great deal of the outer
world that I could see through my
windows, and 1 hum: on to that ladder with something of a desperate
dutch. When ut last the water
stretched away level around my windows, then, I confess. I hesitated for
ji moment, Hut 1 made the next step
with a certain involuntary blink, and
I was under water.
All the heaviness—or most of It-
had gone mil of my feet, and all my
movements partook of a curiously
easy, yet slowlah character after all.
At the top of my helmet the air escape valve bubbled merrily, and I
tried to think of myself as a plumed
knight striding among the fishes. Vou
do think of the silliest things on certain (Inerful occasions.
It was not as long- as it seemed
before 1 was on the wreck, and down
below in the nearest hold. (Regular
professionals had already been at
work, and access to different parts of
the ship had been made easy,
Now, in ihis big hold wore an Immense  number  of  barrels,  stood  on
end and packed lightly together—bar-
of oil,  to judge  from  externals.
d to move one, but plainly they
iill Jammed tightly together, and
me would budge.
1 took the light axe, with which I
had provided myself, using it alternately as wedge and lever, and at
last felt the barrel move. I had certainly loosened it, and I pulled up
the axe with the intention of trying
to lift the barrel, when suddenly I
was ingulfed In an awful convulsion, as
of many earthquakes in n free tight!
The world vas a nmb of bouncing
oil barrels, which lilt me everywhere,
as I floundered in Intricate somersaults, and finally found myself staggering at the bottom of the hold, and
staving at the roof, whereunlo all tho
barrels were slicking like bullions, absolutely blocking Up the hatchway above
What was this? Some demoniac
practical joke of fiends Inhabiting
this awful preen sea about mc?  Were
1 trie
\\-i re
not .
■i Molly,
Careful Sue;
And there
Ijjok hi iln- two
Girls' hair,
Look ni tin- clothes
They wear—
llnw nice niul kempt
Miss Sm- nppenrs,
But what ii fright
From toos In rnrs
Tin" other is: she says
Slu. thinks it's folly
To In* sn prim nn.l ni".it'
Slit- can't be jolly
Like her brother Jim;
But he'd be proud,
1 think, und say,
"My sister." out real loud,
Not nf Careless Molly,
But of dear Miss direful Sue.
Qoubu -. lusssle.
Here Is a very Interesting piiaxle,
Tb" picture on tho cross-shaped suction
oi cardhonrd, win u pot Ingelhi r. ■ hows
a g in ic approaching ;| vess I "i w iti ■*.
Ti„. problem is: HOW V.A VOU
'TTS WITH Vul'll -Ni'IKmillH AMI
they grinning at me from the corners of the hold? Ur, had some vast
revolution ln the ways of Nature
taken plnce in a so.ond, and tho law
of gravity been reversed? It was not
at all warm down there, but 1 perspired violently!
Then a notion Hashed upon me.
Those barrels must Imve been empty.
Jammed together, they stayed below,
of course, but once the jam was loosened, they would fly at once toward
tlio surface.
Gloomy Thoughts of a Fool.
Then 1 thought more. I had been
an ass. Of course, thu=e barrels would
do as they had done, even wero they
full of oil. Oil floats on water, as
everybody should know. They might
be elthi r full or empty, It didn't nutter a bit. I tiad forgotten that 1 was
moving In a different element from
tlie air I was used to, where barrels of oil did not rise up and Ily into
space without warning.
Obviously, 1 had made a fool of myself; hut 1 had some comfort in the
reflect ion that there was nobody
about to see it. Then It came upon
me suddenly that I would rather have
some one there after all, for 1 was
helpless. Those horrible barrels were
having another Jam In the hatchway
now, and my retreat was cut off entirely.
Here I was, like a rat in a cage,
boxed in on every side. My communication cord and my uir pipe led up
between the barrels to outer safety;
but what of that? Why did 1 ovor
make a submarine idiot of myself,
and go rummaging about, where I
had no business, at tho end of a rubber gas pipe? If 1 could have dated
myself hack an hour at that moment,
I believe 1 should have changed my
mind about going In for this amusement.
I made un effort, pulled myself together, and determined on heroic measures, My axe lay near, and, with a
little groping. [ found it. I would hew
my way* out of this difficulty through
the side of the vessel, i turned on the
inoffensive timbers at my side and
hacked away viciously—with, 1 really
fancy, a certain touch of that wild,
stein, unholy Joy that any one feels
who Is smashing somebody's else property wiih no prospect of having to pay
for It. Every boy with a catapult, who
lives near an empty house, will understand the feeling I mean-especially if
the empty house has a large conservatory,
The limbers were certainly stout. The
work was n bit curious to the senses—
the axe feeling to work with a deal
more dash and go than the arm that
directed ii. At any rate, the. exercise
Wiis pretty hurd. Any millionaire In
want of an excellent, healthy and expensive exercise should try chopping
I.* way through the sides of sh'ps—It
wl 1 do him a world of good, and will
rise In tho world makes some people
giddy. All that i had boforo felt of
amazement and horror, I now felt
multiplied by llfty und squeezed into
about two seconds, so that they felt
like ten hours. Up through that awful wator and those moving shadows I went, feeling that I was in
reality lield still like a man in a
When at last I stopped, I felt that
ft was but a matter of moments, and
the air would leak awav through lhat
out tube, mid I sho \| K0 down again,
sllll head under, for the last time, to
die in that grisly combination of mackintosh and copper kettle; also I felt
choking, stilling, when - something
had me roughly by the ankle, and I
was dragged, a wretched rag of misplaced ambition, into a boat. Tho appearance of my lega sticking out
above water caused intense amusement among the boat's crew-a circumstance whioh probablv ought to
have gratlfled me, although It didn't.
1 have little more to add, eieept that
I shudder to this day whenever 1 see
an acrobat standimr on his head because It is so remindful, Hut, if anybody Is thinking of going in for dlv-
Ing, by wav of placid enjovment, I
shall be delighted to treat wllh him
for the sale and purchase of a most
desirable diving dress In unsoiled
condition, cut In the most fashionable
style, with a f. uating copper helmet and commodious collar and a
neat label for the chest. The Hhoes
will not be included in the bargain
having heen Inadvertently left In a
damp place.
A Daring Feat
YOU have heard of intrepid steeple-
clina-TS. of course. N, ,,i .-*. .ye.,r
pauefl lhat the newspapers t» pj.-t
publish a taie about some si-eple-
cllmber or other having made a oar-
tlcularly dangerous ascent in sulci*
But, have you ever heard of anVone
attempting the daring feat nkHtred
here—standing ON ONE'S 1IEAO on
top of a steeple?
This was dono by an En g) is toi an
whose business is laying dowr/Wttte
roofs Ho has become so accustomed
to dizzy heights that he thinks nothing
of such performances as this.
I Had Turned Upside Down
be as expensive as anybody could possibly desire. After a while 1 found that
I had well started a plank, and, once
through, chopping away round the hole
was not so dlHlcult. Still, when i had
made a hole big enough to get through,
I did not feel by any means as fresh as
I had when first thai horrible copper
pot was screwed down over ray head.
1 squeezed through tlio hoio and at
the tirst step 1 had ever made on the
sea bottom, I camo a complicated cropper over my communication curd. 1 got
up, but as I stepped clear of the cord,
a frightful conviction seized my mind
that 1 was a bigg,er fool than I had ever
given myself credit for being.
What in lhe world was the good of
petting out through ihe side of the vessel, when that communication cord—
my only means of signaling—and that
;iii"pip"—my only means of submarine
life—led up Ihrough the boat itself and
among those horrid oil barrels? Awful! Awful! 1 sat down helplessly on
a broken rock ami stared blankly
through my windows. To weep would
have been mere bravado, witii so much
salt water already about me.
J tried to signal with the ccmmrnl-
cation cord, but It was caught somewhere li, (hat congregation of oil barrels. It seemed to me all up, except
myself, who was all down, with no
prospect of ever rising iu the world
again. Shadowy forms came and went
in the water about me, and I speculated desperately in how long or how
short a time these sea creatures would
be having a dinner party, with me ns
the chiot' attraction, 1 wondered, casually, whether the India rubber would
agree with them, and hoped that it
would not. Then I wondered what they
would take for the indigestion, and 1
thought they would probably take each
ether-it's their way. I believe.
1 was wandering on in this way. when
nn inspiration seized me-a great Inspiration, t should have called out
'■Eureka!'* as did the venerable discoverer of that principle of specific
gravity that had lately (literally) taken
a rise out of me, if 1 had thought of It,
but l didn't, which was forlunate. because ii was rather a chestnut alter
This was mv notion—b desperate one,
but still one with hope In it. 1 would
shut off the air-escape valve on my
helmet, so that the air being pumped
in would Inflate mv India rubber dress
like a bladder. Then 1 could out my
air-pipe and communication cord, stuffing the pipe and tying it as best 1 could,
Do You Know This Game?
Cracker Contest
WE BOUGHT ii quarl of those
elephant cracker1- and emptied
them into a dish and placed
the dish on a table at one end
of the room. Then while mamma
held her watch one of us took it lublo
knife and tried i" see how many 'lackers we could manage |o get on the
knife willi"at any help frnm our other
hand, ami then :■' see if we cuuld carry
the crackers on tlie knife ail the way
across tin- room .u.d put them into another dish, mid all within a minute by
the watch. Bach one was given one
minute, and the one wh i succeeded in
getting tin- mosl crackers Into the dish
ncroBB tin* room won the prize.
Bow and Arrow Stunt
"*AKE a tub of water find set afloat
iu it n number of red, yellow and
green apples, Let the guest.-
take turns shooting with a how and
arrow nt the apples, Whoever fires an
arrow into a red aople will have good
health; a yellow apple mcane plenty
of money; a grein apple means good
l first ii i<i in-: i.isy  r nnnpli.   Your
i   Idi '   wjuhl be io  fold  ihe cross,
i t  ilu  (wn cuts mid put iln: pieces
h i  mi shuwii Iii  iln   mv ..rd pic*
i*  .i  ibis way, you havo to
Ihi    lot'ii'   piece in the cen-
• t Hu . ro«H    That Will nol do.   The
1*1 i|   in ■    I|lM|    * .0    our   bil   of   Ibe
ii i   IiiiiI be 'hrown aside
i   whn|   if   (hr    orreci   Million  nf
pUtUh '*
■e If M.o nm dl'i.o.r p
Candles for Months
■ACE   twelve   lighted   candles
the Roor at intervals of two
Ihr..    fi < t   and   name   thi m   1
twelve months
t ea.h person in turn jump o>
iln* ian.il. 3. one nl a time, If ,.
* audio goei oul thai will be i
month th- pi rson's wedding will <
A i
IS   called   a   game   of
Pails, and Is very jolly.
. number of children form a line,
holding each others' hands, and act as
the sons und daughters. Another child
or a grown person acts as the mother,
standing in front of tho line, while it
sings to hor, swinging bands.
The words arc as follows:
Mury's gono a-mllking,
Mother, mother,
Mary's gone a-mllklng,
Gentle, sweet mother f
Take your pails and go after her,
Children, children;
Take your pails and go after hor,
Gentle, sweat children o' mine.
Then  the  following verses,  with tiie
Children-Buy me a new pair of milking pails,
Mother,  mother, otc.
Mother   Where's  lho  i oj   to  come
from ?
Children, children, cb*.
Children-Sell my fathers featherbed,
Mothor-What's your father to steep
on? etc.
hu iron—put hlm In the trundle bed,
Mother-Whal   an*   tho  children   to
sleep on? etc.
Chlldron-Pul them in Hi1' pig-sty,
Molher-Whnt are lhc pig.*, lo lie
"hildreii-1'ut theni in th" washing
tubs, ele. \
Mother—Whal am I to wash In? elc,
Children—Wash in your thimble, etc.
Mothor—Thim bio won" hold your
full er ■. shirt, etc.
Children—Wash In the rive. etc.
Mul her—Suppose the clothes should
blow away? etc,
Children-Set a mnn tu watch them,
Mothor—Suppose tho man should  go
to sleep? otc,
Children-Take a boat nud go after
him, etc
Mother -Suppose the lioul should be
upset? etc.
Children-Then lhat would bc an end
of you, etc.
When the children imve sung the last
verse the mothor swoops down upon
them to seize and boat whom she can
The first one caught must act as
mother in the nexl game.
The children should advance mid retire |n rhythm with lho music as they
sing thoir verses, and the mother shuuld
Sway   her   body   rhythmically   as   she
take off my leaden shoes, and rise to
the surface triumphantly, like an air
cushion, or, say, an oil barrel. Specific
gravity having taken a rise—all the rise
—out of me, 1 would proceed to take a
rise out of spoeillc gravity—a great,
glorious and effective rise to the upper
world. No office bov on promotion ever
looked forward to his rise with more
hope than I to mine, it was a desperate
expedient certainly, but what else could
I do?
I took off one leaden shoe and loosened the othcr, ready to kick away. I shut
the escape valve. 1 eut the cord with
my axe on the rock I had been sitting
on, and then, when the air had blown
out my dress to most corpulent proportions. I took the decisive stroke, i chopped through the air-pipe. I stuffed It
as well as possible, and tied It in some
sort of a knot-it was very Btlff—In a
great hurry, and then 1 kicked off the
leaden shoe,
Everything Upside Down.
Never, never, nover shall 1 forget the
result of my forlorn dodge. 1 kicked
off the shoe, as 1 have said, and, in an
instant, the whole universe of waters
turned upside down and swirled away
beyond my head. Jn sober fact 1 had
turned upside down-as i might have
known I should.
Of course, the moment my leaden
shoes went, down came my copper
head-pot. being my heaviest part, and
up went my feet. I had a pretty; quick
rise, certainly, but I prefer not to
recall my feelings during the rush.
I  can  quite  understand now why a
How Paper Was Invented
JUST (Link If somo one had not Invented paper! There cuuld be no
surh thing ns l'ully Evans' litory
I'age for Hoys and (llrls!
Hundi-eda of years ..go tlie.-,. was no
paper! We couldn't get on without it In
these ilaya, could we'.' Me ur.. always
wanting it—to write upon, tn wrap
things u|. i.i; ami last, but no. leas., Io
prim our books nnd newspapers on.
II was n clover little Japanese gentleman wlm Hrst Invented It. Tills little
man was .. merchant, and as he had
ever so .....ny pa.eels to send out from
his shop every week, lie found .he silk
In which he always wrapped then. ..
rather expensive Hem.
He was always thinking and puzzling
Ills brains to try and invent something
thai would bo eheaper.
One day while l.e was walking In his
Knr.lt'ii he came across a waspB' nest,
and ho noticed how wonderfully it was
made-how the, clever wasps had uied
somo kind of wood, softened I. into u
thin paste with th.-lr jaws, and, .tiler
carefully sl.aping it, had left it ... dry,
"ll wasps can do a thing like that,"
thought llie little gentleman to himsf.-lf,
"why can't I? If 1 could get some kind
of wood, form it into a pulp by means
of river water, wouldn't th* result be
something like the fabric of the wasps'
nest. I'll try, anyway, and ne whnt I
can do. 1. would save myself and oilier
people quite a lut ..f money tf mv cx-
perlmen. succeeded."
The Unit. Japanese gentleman trlod-
iinil succeeded, too. it. putting i.,.,, pn.o-
tlce tin- lesson that Ihe wasps had
.....gin him.
So that's the way paper was Invented
—years ami years ago out In far Japan.
y- ■
•■••> ,i **-
' -Ss"*■•- -
■'■■ '■'.■''   >■'
Standing on his head on the lop oi a
steeple; a daring stater's feat, rivaling those of thc professional gymnast.
Hospital Talk.
SICK Utile girl who had spent
many weeks In a hospital and
.consciously picked up many
ti-iisf -; commonly used by lhe
nurses and doctors was lelling her doctor nbout the death of tur little brother, which had occurred lust liefure her
own Illness befell her.
II was all along of eatln' too mneli
and uitfp.-r nuts," she i-.ir-
ralid, \iiih unction i.j .he doctor Then
she smiled beautifully, "it was a
beautiful death, doctor," she wi.ut.it up
His Praying Wns Nothing!
A little boy was on bis knees recently
at night, find auntie, staying in .he
house, was present.
"It is il pleasure," she said to him
afterward, "to hear yon Faying yn-ir
prayers so well; you speak earnestly
and seriously, and mem. what you say,
and care aliout it."
"All!" he answered, "ah! bul, auntie.
you sliould hear me gargle!"
f.f   •■xi,".'
■-" ur^w
Henrico is no longer afraid to ride
thc uuciir.rj broncho his brother
it him ,'rom Texas-
Rawer be  Slapped
True Story About Hugh
|     I     .110.
*   *   ......
UGH'S  father was a switchman,
went  to  work  early   ill  the
lornlng nnd stayed all day al (he
railway  tracks.    Hugh   look  hlm
his limil. at noon.
Thero was a long bridge over the
river which ran near ll.e place where
Hugh's father worked. At flist Hugh,
who Is only io years old, was afraid to
walk across the ties and Hee tht. river
running beneath, but after a while l.e
thought it fun to see how .illicitly nti
could cross the I.Hugo.
(hie day he Ita. .taken l..s fnlhor'a
lunch, and, after his fnihor hud eaten,
Hugh storied Intel, lion..-, swinging the
big  lin dinner pail.
Wh... was llmi smoke that Hugh saw
a lillle way ahead? I. seemed to come
from ihe railway brldg*..
"Kile, father," cried Hugh, "the
bridge  is tin  Uro,"
."Uiiii, Hugh," answered his father,
"(.let son..- water from tl... rivor! I cannot l.nve llie BWlteh to help you. Be as
titilek as yuu can."
Hugh slid dnwii the railwai enibunk-
nient to Hie river. In n in...nenl the
cove, wns off and Hugh Iml .. brimming pailful nf water.
lie climbed t... .he I
pail as carefully I
shoes sunk liitit the
water slopped over lln
Hul Hugh reached the t..|i
stt-ppeil   ....lel.ly   upn
poured tin- w (or up
he   slid   illlWll   to   Illll
lle could he...- the flumes ..fiuip nud
eriieklc abovo bin. and he wondered
how many limes lie must go luieli nnd
forth boforo ho could put them out.
The .tail hml sometimes seemed large
In Hugh whon be brought Ills father's
dinner,  but now ...       looked nt  tbe
II-Forhe has invented a safety cage which protects him beautifully while
Snorting Bill is rearing and kicking.
uk. I..tilling the
could. Hm liis
ravel, and ll.e
t..p nf the pall.
if lhe lianli,
bridgo  find
blaze. Then
lu  mllll   Ills
leaping  ......i.s  It   itemed  verv  small.
Again I.. . i.itnii. nu up in., bunk, pour-
od ai .....el. wo ier as he could tun	
lhe iltiu.es and went i k for more
Thc iwe.it «.  ..... on h.i forehead,
till buck in ... I   mm Jim- ihi ..* tt. i.   :i,,i d
win. gravel, . n n did ... t nop. lb-
eniilil see his talhcr .'landing near lhc
switch watching bun.
"Take nnolher pmlful, Hugh," he
heard hint fall f.om far down ine track,
"you will havo the lire put out loon."
Hugh could in., .mu.i in ■ 1.1  that
lu- dipped ids imii Iii tho running water
nnd climbed Ihe Stoop t.fitik. Hut with
each trip tht red and yellow names
grew small.-.- fuel the li'itMi charred
sjiui on tin' bridge grew largi r.
Al lasl iln- fire disappeared and the
nwny. Wilh bis empty
■ -I bat:. lo bis father al
s't.ivt | i.
*>'■-.■ who. ki th.  ver the
river I.   ■ •'       h). i.rhli;..
he Is oi    ■ rod ll ' - n burn
ing     I'll.    LUU.   l l,r. i.e i,
An Owl Stole a Puppy
CONNECTICUT paper, ilo
uke drift.-
■ml Hugh ;:.
the switch.
"Well dono,
"you have
lug.    I ..
now, and resi."
iiugh wont !iumt>, proud and happy.
II..   forgot   his   a. hln?   hack   and   thn
Hugh,"  snid bis father.
tl a i ridt'.- frnm burn-
fnr.u .   of  you.  lie  bu.ne.
purchase ..( n Une
puppj by a gentleman named
added: "On Thuraao' hc w.-nt
awai tu wurk, leaving iho puppy shut
up In .he bar... He did ..- gtl lark
Mil * o'clock In lb. evening, ami while
In- was potting no. ii* hones lhe p.lii.v
ran oul in Ihe barnyard
■In a few minutes llnai Iimim it yelping ullcoualy,  Thinking .1  u ..f h,,-
cut il. la.l .Hb.-r hooked il or ste.ii.nd
nn It. he ran m.t JnM In lime t.. se,. n
huge homed owl flying off win. the
puppy In bis .laws He ran ad, r b..n,
i- but   the   owl   --wiii^vtl   ,.ff
ihroigh an orchard, j.i.i tils tytut th"
last h- has sini-e seen ol Ills Oirrlnn
puppy "
My! Wasn't This An-Arrow Escape? I RilV^ 1 LVuJDlLj   llWUOmiwi^i/   o w vjvju-iv/ i xvx^
SHE who Is accustomed to uttering a lament, year by year,
that there Is nothing new In mo
shape of bridal offerings, has
no room for BUch a plaint this season. The shops are fairly overflowing with new and delightful Idea-
and the opportunity for charm tin
variel) m gifts la only limited by
the giver'-i   puree strings,
Should something abs d itely new be
desired, turn your intention to tho
gjafee ah d china uj >n which silver has
heen deposited. This, by the way, ih
by no means the same thing as tho
itlvn d ountlngs which have been
. igm fi : several ■■■ ars, but 1 ■ ma le
b ■ *■• ovei ing ■ ii ware with i er-
:, .:,. |c . which enable it to
gi .,,- the onsla ight, and then pro-
It ing thi ■ '-'■ silver mi" it by
ni .-.-■ of a battery. The pntti rns aro
i llghtful . - the effect is like ex-
I -..- iti mesa    work
. \&\ >   dei ant* rs,  bottlos  and  Jugs
of many kinds are made of Austrian,
Iridescent   lattice  and  crystal  glass,
: ,.-*,. n tented in th a fashion, 13vnn
morl    ■; I  to ; iu h the heart of thc
nestli   brl lo   are   the  fascinating
little cofiei   -■■*■■ ■'- Brown Betty pot-
-■ ry   si il  white '.-< nox   ware, whose
i ■*.; oul vlv-
11;     i ;    >:■ -    -    * *:      I    with   Iti"   BlWcr.
■i"*ne tiny * ;■- ittj  Bet in white  Li nox
was pretty ■ n   .-*.    to start tin   on-
ti i on the i '.'l to shoplifting and
■ iln
Iver dish - always make   i  ■• ;■■-
I,   tftta ■    ■ on   this year
either to thi d i olid with
Itttl rati in,    ■•   to   whui   tho
■ •■■■ ■■ * :    *.v irk"—a
-,    * >    !\.u   !■■  illy     ... :.* -   11*     ''■■:*   ■ s*
pUnatloi   w th  II     l-'l it silver  iruit
bon     Raring al oul il Iges
ivlth I * ime (lares pierced
■ ::- -■ ■   designs, are among tho
new things shown.
Bave tin' rich. They come in a variety
.ii shapes-grandfather clocks lens than
a I'  ini-ii, dainty little sedan aiuim,
ami ono tiny vision presents a fate thai
suggests nothing no much as an anua-
Jewelry tlie bride Is aupi'sned to re-
w from thoso who are her nearest
ari'.sl; nnd lure again thorn Is a
wide choice. Bracelets grow in popular- .
Ity day by day. There Is the plain round
liaiiil of gold, of whicli we never tirt; iim
llnl hands of chain or open w«tk. with
settings of precious stones, In a dozen
diffi'iTiil patterns, and ln the antique,
Human or rose finish, Ono special bracelet looked like nothing 80 much ay a
huge finger ring. It waa a round hand,
with lhe nld. dull finish thai has a suggestion of green iu lis tinting, ani had
an immense amethyst Imbedded en tne
Necklaces are as much worn as over,
hut those in the festoon styles and those
wllh pondnnts are the mosl popular.
Flat collar effects, pearl bands and
strings of pearls hold sway; and if we
mnv b.li.ve the evidence of our eyes,
tlie long line chain, which has heen papular for so long, iv dead.
Rings are elaborate as tu setting; ■
brooches either look like those that our
grandmother won*, with big alene centres, surrounili-d with smaller stones or
lint gold bands, or else are floral designs
lu enamel and precious stones, Chatelaines In the most fantastic deBigns are
shown, and -but the list is endless.
Truly, the bride nf the fall of HOti Is a
much favored mortal!
7fe toptfArr
Tiny little silver butter plates,
with a tine thread work about ilie
edges, win never come amies wllh any
bride, and the oval silver bren Itrays,
a little flatter than in Benson ; ast, still
hold llieir own.
lloi*s d'oeuvres are "relish dlahes"
wllh a glass tray, bonstlng three compartments, to hold yon- ch i ■ ■■ nf pickles, i ii*., which Is sol Into a frn newi k
of silver. This (■ ■ ■ '. ii '■ is a silver
handle for convenience in passing. It la
pn sumed,
Once mofe the wheel has turned and
salt cellars are to the fore, The once-
popular Bhaker must take a bach Beat,
and Ine new cellar boasts of greater
depth than ita predecessor of years
hark, and ' is also the "pierced" edge
to prove that ii Is of tho 11WG variety.
Individual castors, tiny affairs ihal
are siir.iv miniatures of the atrocities
that adorned the centre of the table tn
grandmother's day, are also'shown, The
little casti r * i ■ r -'■■'■'■ r, ■ cour ■*. and
holds Ihree botth s, for I lack, white and
red pei per, or paprika.
And now mav all womankind call
.but ii blessings upon thc head of the
man-it' man it wai who Inve I l sll-
vor h ddi i - for - ati up and sauce bottles, cheese jars and boxes and other
such paraphernalia, whose disposition
has long tried the soul of tho beauty-
loving housewife.
No longer must vou remove ymir sar-
dlnes from the box at the risk of dismembering them, or else present to thn
view of your family and friends a gilt-
lettered assurance that these sardines
ur* put up In the finest oil and bv the
most approved methods! A sardine box
nf rock crystal glass and possessed of a
silver top i.- now on sale, and tliis perplexing article of food is turned Into a
* beauty.
Simp lelty is the ievnote of the new
silver, yet there are pretty things In tho
so-called fialtimon? repousse work, and
no liride hul who would be pleased at
receiving a chest full uf small silver,
decorated with orange blossoms or
bride roses.
Silver-handled carving seta are liked
for wedding presents, and. by the way.
the -sizes and kinds of carving sets that
are nuw being shown are practically unlimited. Of course, there is the regulation set for joints nnd roasts, and
then the smaller size, for steaks, and
lhe tiny si ts for squabs.
Fowl shears are on the. market-Instruments that look as If their place
was in a surgeon's ease,  rather than
J*. M   | it   -.     *. luaemolher."    Within the
I have doul ted if i
tl |||   ■'■•■:     ■   a   ;   -    -vifO,   ur,   (or  that
r, ai ■- » rl if a wifo
Hi   ; ■ ■      . tny .' * >    I am 11 ''■"■*< n-
■mat taik It oul i    wm twd)    >i •" ]
i ,    r cite! Tou see.
JWI1    | haven't had        i I waa 10
■   .:-  ■      | be    . ■*.....'
...  - I -,-.-       ■ -.....-■
*,,*-■.     thei     :• nt for
In     l>elter    r f mine
.     *        -      . *-•   : .'*:   ■■"-
•■■..„      in my fa-
...     t she want
.-....;.      ■     ■     ■ was
led. I      ■   ■ ...,:■::■.. I
u s        ■-'■' t I loved to
■ .    .
■    | ■
-:  I ■-,-      t of i      I; and oo
,   ..     .     ...    ■ ■     Um* I waa
.-,.*. a foi mo
.      : * "  ■     * r.      1      ' ■ ' i
I tt now
j • ■ "     ■  '
' •  , :
v . - .   .        ne
■   • -. -1-
.   *        . H said
.   .:  i
•   .   * ■ .   .
* .
* I  I
■ ' ■
■ ■ r
'   '  K
I n
n t care
■'   ■
.    I  IDS
I 1
_      -,      t,     .    -      ■    "V   •     .
V   |
«• .  tt* ttm*   *
\ ■ lettn bookkeet-lr.s   . ■
r. ll m   -
•   -.'»•-.'-■        ■
;. .     .
work or
,      vr  .-.-'-•    ■•
tl.e    wn»c    N ■   r: Ul    I •
■ .-  *     *
I* im % hoi      iwi thit 11 •
« rntn'i ;•- .-•-■  n t        •  I   -■"■
.   . ...«■ ■ .  *   .
•     .   .. -   '       r-uhloned to '  "
| it uUen i oi I ww ',•■"'        ''   ';'
l Mm ,ht lion    f th* 'ho J   -d.lnt a -
t rd i" Vf*. a *'■■ ond hire o
io n*> Milled th.  mottor bt "irrylni Ml
c-k   I  ibM   ' -1   that  i  ho»d ho had
c ioe« *t baeauM b« bellevod l -* il I help
inm cr u in mind anil in lattc I
things in>m klti lien dn  --1
gave him credit for mere i
than ;. ii me i:        '
forward to tea llnR and  -    " Ing "-'
an. . *    . ami "
rid.   I had been a     nil-Bin
life   h -• far, an.A     I '
hi. ■: ■; ..*::   f ItarneoB I tnlibt
n u   wi
.■■'■:,:■...   ,,.  |    ■
for It.
u ;■  :•..- parted
In all the i   in     o      i -
othrr, and t havo n
i        ' ■ ■     '"
■■:• lay nig	
ar.il i don't havn I    «        m
the     .. -    -    i *'--: ,   ' '
a-* much  thi
ns a ■     "
to learn how
*■     *     r
" ' ■
*    *   -
*        *
.      ■      ■ :   ' '
- .      - -
- .   .    .       -
f   ■.   ■■ ■■
■  i   ,
'   ■
.  *
■ ■
': ■ ■
.,      -   *
Taking your la
wiferj i
th.*m       * ' '
! •    ■
t their r
their    K*atl
girls, 1     t for
,   : '
and Kaeh
had ninto of kitel nn   • I ■
the credit of my rooks   I I. not
f ihen      .'.■■'■•■, ft of
11..   . . m i]   -   ■:,:, iln    H   ih"
i our   a)   di ted 11 <      mopy
of mv own early Inexperience and cruel
mortifications urged me cr, in tho en-
.:. v      ■■■  ::■ ike  the path i
then   than it had
ten for i     !*- d
. ■ ■ ivn case, I ad-
*   it .   * i'i for
...-   - ■ -    ■  ■       :'
* ■
. . . . :        ■ *      -   -■■
.... * idler tn
i every da
. Ita t a
home. To see him happy, and to enjoy thi ■ ffe< I nf clean, orderly rooms
.,; -i wi - ■■ rved meals, I am willing to
perfori ta.4 foi which 1 have no real
, ■ • . game Is worth the c in lle
.  . fact,  than any wax-
lo iViaKe   lea
.«.!::.      ICO     ■-
:..- -I-.-,: i, tea n aking "ovor ino
en .'■- of the party    I    l
t     not t   *-!■.■!'*
to hi        rA. grwn. or
. t . . . i- - -■ ■ i        uu
... bolUn* watei : ■'
■ "
....       man i   I   f a new   wrinkle
la to put the ten   ivoi   ■ ia
■■■ . me 1    i boil,
. t .. ir it oul
■   .-.  ■       ■ "' ■ ■       i   '
*    r ■  md besl
: ...    *
-.  .   . md     ire   It's
-  •
i -,  .
*. ■  ■    :
it Int i
In tea
■  ■  -:
■   ■     i .
■ It
know that the ways of thc "heastle"
are dark and his tricks mean beyond
compare. He lurks in tho walls of old
houses and waits until every bed Is
clean, nnd every worn in the apartment
is swept and garnished by the fninily
Ihnl has hi-t moved In—people who, as
tbey will tell you; never saw "a bug"
In   their   Impeccable   lives.   In   tho
silent midnight watches the enemy 1s-
Biiea fr.»m hi., for tress and descends In
•- F'ligth upon the sleepers, made savage by long fasting. Henceforward
men is .. ceasoess battle. Nolliing
short uf i con Hit gra Uon or the whole
hlock will rout the handlts utterly, for
ihey migrate from house to house with
cheerful Impartiality, being burdened by
no belongings except iheir appetites.
The tales of the trials of the neat-
handed dweller In city Hats nre harrowing to hear when the Cltnex lectu-
larius ia sounding name, out down to
an offensive monosyllable for every-
ind every night use) is discussed,
"The female deposits her eggs In sum-
mei in the crevices of furniture and of
tl ■ n ills of r •• ns"- nn entomological
treatise  remarks  coolly,    That  way
- ■■ ■   i lies, While the dainty hotiso-
fi fe  taki i a  mudi-n loi]  vacation,
i.i-■:■■-■ are preparing for a new
Hence  lho cloud  of sor-
nl itles thai darken  my spirit
.i -oi when householders have
pel irned with fresh heart to renovated   . ■
ror the  ' creatures    In old
[is   1   have
laid   Vet tho 'I. rn  • battlo I hav.* ever
hen   ■-      n tl - lry cot-
Wire- the first tenants.
; - i|d mi iii1 ii t:':|1
,-■'■»,■!*■  new   wood
",,; q hai 11 r foi  i. ■'■ i ggs and young,
■   ,.,, ■   i irq forth as sown
■ ,* -. ,i.  sei king  their
Roast a cupful of peanuts, and
while they are hoi, nib between
your hands to get off all the
■HUlns dial will enme awny. Blow
these off and crush lhe mils with a
rolling-pin. Cream a Imlf cupful of bulter with a heaping cupful "f sugar, add
three yolks, bealon smooth, and the
crushed peanuts. Lastly, stir In lightly
the frothed whites of the eggs, alternately with three Bcant cupfuls of
sifted Hour. Drop the dough by tho
spoonful upon a (loured pan, pat Into
shape with the lingers, and bake
They are very good,
Almond "Hermits."
One  cupful  of butter,   worked  to  n
cream with two cupfuls of sugar; two
eggs; thn ven cupfuls of Hour sifted
twico wllh a teasp iful of baking powder; half a tcnBpoonful of ground mace;
threo dozen almonds, blanched, dried
and split in half.
Having croamed the butter and sugar,
work in the beaten whites, the aplce,
then tlie frothed whites and tho (lour
alternately. The dough must ho Just
soft enough io ndi out. Make tho rolled
sheet less than half an inch thick; cut
round; wash lightly wiih while of egg.
press half an almond Inlo the heart of
each cake, und sift granulated sugar
on top,
Hake in quick oven.
Old-Fashioned "Ginger Cakes."
Warm two cupfuls nf molasses (not
syrup!) until It is a hitlc more than
tepid; take from the lire a,id stir for
three minutes; beat Into it a gnat
spoonful of warmed butter, a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and (wo of
ground ginger.
Winn you have stirred the mixture
until tt is several shades lighter than It
wns when you began, add three cupfuls
of Hour sifted twice with half a teaspoonful of baking soda, The dough
must be stiff enough to bo rolled Inlo n
Sheet. Out round, wash the lop with
molasses mid bake quickly.
Yorkshire Fried Cakes.
Measure a heaping cupful of Hour, and
sift into il half a teaspoonful oi baking
powder. Scald a cupful oi milk, and,
without removing from lite fire, stir tn
the prepared Hour. Now slir Into the
batter- which should bo so stiff thai the
spoon will stand In it—a tableBpoontul
of butter, and sot aside to cool. When
cold, beat inlo It the yolka of three
eggs', one by one, mixing in each well
in fore adding the next.   Finally, whip
In the frothed whites. Drop the Mixture from a tablespoon Into boiling fat
and fry as you would doughnuts.
Cream Cucumber Sauce.
Lay two cucumbers of fair pine on
tiie ice unlll chilled through. Pure,
then, and mince with a keen knife.
Drain in a colander without pressing. Turn Into a chilled howl
Which has been rubbed with a split
clove of garlic. Season with B dressing of pepper, snlt, a lablespoonful of
lemon juice ami a lablespoonful of
onion juice. Have ready in another
chilled dish a cupful of whipped
cream. Into whicli has been beaten ft
pinch of soda. Mix this lightly with a
silver fork  into  the cucumbers.
Serve Immediately.
Tomato Sauce.
Pare and cut up eight flue tomatoes.
Cook soft antl run through your vegetable press. Pour Into a saucepan ami
season wiih salt, pepper. BUgar and a
leaspoonful of union Juice. Simmer
for live mlnutea, stir In a tabli'Bpoon-
ful of butter cooked to o "roux" wllh
one of (lour, Simmer for a minute
and serve.
This Is one of the must convenient
of sauces, suitable for both moat and
Mint Sauce.
Mince a handful of green mint, and
slli Inlo six tablespoonfuls of vinegar,
previously seasoned with two Uitile-
Bpoonfuls of white sugar aud a littlo
while pepper.
Boarnnise Sauce.
Whip the yolks of two eggs to a
smooth cream, and turn them Inlo a
Bimeepan set In a vessel of boiling
waler. I'm over the lire. and. when ihu
waler begins to boil anew, stir into the
eggs-drop by drop—throe tablespoonfula
of salad op, b-aiing as you slir. Then,
ns deliberatelyi three tablespoonfuls it
boiling water, one tablcBpnonful ut lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne and salt
A popular and coincident enuce, since
it goes well with chops, cutlets, uleak
and various kin,is of list).
Ctenmed Horseradish Sauce.
Make a cupful of good drawn butter,
and whip Into it wiih a silver fork, gradually, two hea pi-ig tabtespuonful'j of
hosorndltih, frepnly grated, am; a table-
r-poonfiil of lemon juice. Heat to a
light ereuni nnd ont with beef, roust or
coined, nml wilh stonk.
Economy of Beauty in Furnishing
IN THE) days when millionaires
were not quite so plentiful us
umv, a cerlain man who had accumulated a large fortune by tim#
I I hai Kecipe
.   ■
etter ''■
I at 36, and a	
f i he<       ■ •
...        ting to s
ting and   • • in "xaci
,i  i**  n"t   f'.r
. I,... e, i  lave my husband ani
■ ■.   -
*.'    ■ ;    .
*   *. *   '
-,'■.*" '    * * I ...
..-.-. fOt Ofa  "il
,   f| ,i,i   ynur   Kleliill.il",
■-,,.■      Ii  Is fur two
iiki :■    mr for
■"  * I l" '■'*"
it thi     i'i wn* mld-
ili li Nut
.    -I    ..,        |i    r(l ■.-;■-'. hi.
■   ,.   .    ,-,.: ,*   ■ ,      .
,   ,.
I        I "   '       ■    I '   I "
vos cn am In it
-    '    *    V'     -.■     i     .-,,.-
,-■■'    I of huttoi    i'
i lend It to   ou if rm v.'iiM
' -    " :        --     ".,",.   till
rrroip     foi    cream   cui itmbi i
;-... .-   In  Ho*  rnclm* col-
i .!   pot rn ill thai for "Quick
Broad"     Will   somebody   who
■   •  iei   io havn lt( In exchange
our i roam   enke   om   roi ■
..  .,    iftni  pi-vn- ioi lo  send?
work -»f his hands sent his sou to be
educated. The i...y did not Bhnro his
father's views concerning th'* desirability of thin education ■ neither hnd
he ability, and bis tutor, having labored long and diligently, came to the
iinronl with thn plea thai further effort Waa useless, sine* bis pupil Inck-
i.i capacity,
"Buy hlm one, Ihen'" thundered U
Irate  father, "Buy  him one'   Do
vuu   undersland  (hat   I   h
onough to buy my children nnythlns
tin , hi .*,i"*   Mai I he had nol  Money
win buy a gn-ai many things m this
world, hul ability Ih not one of them,
and nollhor is taste,
The   most   expensive  homes   are   nol
:i] *, I- , nn* mosl aritstb* Elaborate
furnishing^ do nol necessarily produce lb" besl offootB, A can nf paint
nnd a piece of cretonne, used by a
skilful hand, ibat Is directed by an
,..,, with n true i Hbc of lho benuil*
fill, will bring aboul results far OX-
cnedlng anv acwmpUnhed by an unlimited purse |n the grasp uf a tyro.
.Many a room thai might have been
charming Is ruined by an overplus of
d atlon    and    furniture.    Pictures
,ii(. bo crowded upon the walls that
ih,. individuality of each Is lost, and
vuu are merely conscious of n mingling of frames and a glare of color.
Iirlc it i.iac is crammed   upon   man-
l.'lpicec and cabinets till they resemble nothing so much na the show-
eases   In   shops,    (.'tialro   and   tables
press against each other -.111111 crossing lhe room la a perilous font; and
the owner of tins conglomeration
gaxofl upon it with an air of resignation and wonders why her rooms have
not the air of those of Ilu- woman
across lho street, who does nol spend
one-tenth as much In the course or a
year upon ber house,
A few chairs, selected wllh an e«e lo
comfort  and arranged no  that  their
-ry altitude |; an unspoken luvlta-
in to Come and rest a while, are in
.      , k   belter   taste   than   Innumerable
(Wti^'iiidli -leg   nml   over-carved   affairs,
which are always avoided by the wary
guest,  Pictures selected to give pleasure in (he people wbu look at tliem,
and no I because of the iimgiiltleenee of
their frames, and hung wllh regard to
their possibilities, add far more to thn
beauty of a room than the uUempf. at
an Imitation of an arl gallery, which
some persons Beem to affect.
Harmony In color ts not expensive.
Fitting your carpet nnd your hangings
lo lln- general style of your furniture
cosls no more than buying a rug thnt
sets your teeth on edge ovory time you
see It/ In Juxtaposition wllh the cover
of your pel armchair; and a pile of
Mip'TiluMi'i ornaments und cabinets
makes a hole in your pocket book,
spoils tho temper of hor who must do
so much unnecessary dusting and
ruins the effect of your room, lt may
not lie possible for every woman to
"live up to her blue china," but ao far
as lies within her she should make her
surroundings harmonize with It.
Q      fay HEW °atc-st)
-  -«—
ib r^^ttis''1. -D UC kT)
/ ■d    ( nr/ i
r  b
&rl Ji U^/ni^iiiiVv^jfiAi^  InlUUH   InXUMUH   ia uvtfzi wmanias  \&w\£>i±a>w uuwm   uwm    uu Mfyuvui^yuu
TH well-dressed woman ls the
woma'n who pays attention to
details. Her small belongings
art ilways tress, dainty and In per-
Owt taste, for she knows lhat .. well-
s*od foot, a well-glo.ed hand, a care-
telly adjusted veil and a neok whoso
arrangement Is artistic will go a long
wy toward redeeming even a shabby
Mockwejtr Is of ipeclal Importance,
9f4oe It is "with us" Loth Indoors and
iff. and she Is fi wise woman who puts
Hoi* surplus pennies Into some ol tl.o
*.&>, prriij- slocks, collars and tloi
f*E ire spre.-id upon the counters so
tpTOin-.k-ly tb.s s'ftM'ii. ,,    ,
frjliee Is doing her duty nobly In
ti. partloular lino, and has sent oyer
• bewildering array of new itocki.
"mere Is nne of sheer linen, with rows
iffTue tucks, thai lifts u soft silk col-
wet. Ue ending In a tiny ready-made
Sfrerlly bow. One little beauty mado
to \lils style has a touch of hand cm-
bgrn.l.Ty In between each tunk. and is
(Milled at lhe top with a ruchlng or
ft*, linen. The tie is a delicate shade
of link, and a quarter-Inch border ol
Ibe linen Is hemstitch".! on to the
ei>s of the pink butterfly bow.
Ikese stocks may be made nt home
at*ma!l ens. by the woman wh" doe.
fclnty needlework, and they mnv '"*
Xwith n white blouse or even
■ dark tailored shirtwaist.
A Ultle less fliilfv an.l feminine, but
na/lf ns pretty In their own way. are
j white slocks with tho tloman ties
■fr..* are made of silk—the BOft
■ te silk of the stock tucked 0 give
It Wly. and the It** may be either a
..'« or a fonr-in-hund; or thev are
mft<- of linen- -while and plaid—and
*r« to be recommended (rom an eto.
.iMMcal standpoint, since tbey ail
w.-Bhable. ,       , , . \
Atother of the stlffer stoek.. which
premises to be very popular ls one 01
ieiry white handkerchief linen, laid
!n »ds. Only one end Is visible, and
tha. is drawn through a small buckle.
The effeet is very neat and smart.
"*« thinner storks of linen, mull, laee
tr.* en.brniiterv never seem to lose their
hold, and come In almost endless variety They nre perhaps a triile higher
than In seasons paM. but Ihen neckwear
fashions this year have a tendency toward making us bold our .-bins high.
l-'ron. France come fascinating affairs of fagoting, open work, cluny
ond Irish lace Insertions, edged with
the lnevlial.1" valenclennes, which
pr as out on even-thing this year. These
cobwebby trUles have usually a bit of
ribbon run through ih"m, palo In tint, of
cours". and lavender seems to be a
Rather more durable and scarcely less
attractive aro these same stocks when
made of handkerchief or heavy linen.
They have a tinv point In front-not
tho lab. which lias grown monotonous,
.hough It Is still secn-and lhe work on
tlinn Is exquisite. It is all dote- l.y
hand, of course—evelet work, lloral and
conventional designs. Here Is nnolher
chance for the nmhltlous home worker.
Turnovers nre prettier and more elaborate than ever before, and. like the
res: of tl.e neckwear, thoy nre deeper.
They eome, of course, in the sheer materials, beautifully embroidered or hem-
slltelir-d. In the heavy linens, and there
ls a tremendous demand for the stlffer
linen turnover collars.
These collars are perfectly plain sometimes, or have a tiny hemstitched edge,
In which ease both baud and turnover
are stiffly starched. Then Micro are embroidered ones, which are left soft, the
band only being starched. Now. the
turnover proper mnv be fastened !n back
or front, at the wearer's will, but tho
turnover eollnr must fasten in front,
tlwl Its finish when fastened Is a very
Important item.
Its possessor may wear one of the
very narrow silk string ties, or sho mny
wear u r.ttir-ln-hn.ul, or an embroidered
mull tie, or a Jabot and a simple clasp
pie, and, what seems a bit incongruous
it tirst. sl... may anil does wear this
turnover collar and its appropriate tin-
iBhlng ni.l. her soft white blouse.
Mull ties and Jabots are a revival
of ;: few seasons back, und they are
promised a fair degree of j.opularlty.
The llos nro narrow, not over thrtio
Inches at the most, the ends are eilher
■tuirt or pointed, the embroidery or
them is well worth looking at, and
they are tied in the Jauntiest of little
butt.-illy bows.
Jabiits - lhe French have recbrls-
teo.-d Ihem rabbits ibis your, though
ne one seoms to know Just why—aro
for the most part very frilly and much
triniiu.'d. Thero aro somo very dainty
hemstitched alTairs suitable for tbo
woman In mourning, but these aro
the exception, and most of thoso
shown huve bits of Irish crochet Insertion set !n, plenty of hand embroidery ubout them und aro odged
Willi vat.
"When  you  weir   your   new Jabot
With your equally new turnover eollnr, you will fusion tlio lower edges
of  thc collar  tog..her  with a  long,
l.lalii gold pin, Whoso shape Is a bit
suggestive  of   the  .....aery,  ......   then
jou have an effect which may not In.
beautiful, but Is utiqubatlonabiy up
to date.
Pome women do not cure for collars
Hint are a part of their gowns or
The Mew Standup Embroidered Collar
blousoS, and often a costume that has
to do duty for many different occasions is quite transformed by the addition of a pretty and elaborate hit
of neckwear. For this purpose there
are some charming things fn lace and
embroidery this year.
One filmy Paris affair is built entirely of drawtiwork, fagoting and
Irish crochet lace, with narrow black
velvet ribbon run through at regular
Intervals — this touch of black and
white being vory much liked in
France just uow, The stock is soft,
with an edge of the lace coming up
about the throat, and there is a. long
jabot-ntmost a panel-reaching to the
waist line A pair of cuffs—deep like
the collars tliis season - finish the
,;ct, which will do wonders toward
lighting up a dark costume or setting off a simple white silk blouse.
C C I D K NTS will happen, l
know," sighed a woman the
other day, "but this ono
grieves mc sorely. That blue howl
belonged to my great-grandmother,
and to think, that after having
been kept intact for more than a
hundred years, I suould break It by
knocking it against the side of the
sink, when I was washing the dishes
last night."
"Tho moral of which seems to be,"
returned the friend to whom sh*.1 was
making her plaint, dryly, "don't wash
your tine china In the sink. It Isn't
the proper place, anyhow."
Many another happening that tries
the soul of the busy housewife might
have been avoided If she had only
obeyed the law of common sense.
Did you never hear a woman mourning over the pair of lace curtains that
had to .lie sent to the cleaners, and
all because the lamp had smoked, and
tiny particles of soot had got Into
every crack and crevice of the room?
Well, lamps that are pwperly eared
for, evenly trimmed, and regularly
lilled, nnd not turned too high when
they are first lighted, seldom smoke.
That is one of the accidents that
might be avoided.
Have you ever h ?ard an outcry
about the silver coffee pot, who.*!1 foot
were melted off the last time it was
set on the hack of the range? I have,
if you haven't, and 1 felt like telling
the owner that silver coffee pots have
little use in the kitchen, except to be
washed, dried and tilled, and—It is
never necessary, never even permissible, to put them on the stove.
There were those sliver teaspoons
that were discolored from the boiled
eggs—and now they seem beyond the
skill of tho amateur cleaner. Xow, In
the first place, Ivory spoons are much
better than silver for eggs, but If
you must have silver remove the discoloration, after each using, with some
table salt, and you will be saved further worry In the matter.
And then those ivory-handled knives.
The handles are yellow nnd cracked
,     »-*faV$*'
■        l    v    "ll     -',',
" "fe-.":-".-.-*
tZJbbon instead/of £>onin£
Iron, being i>ut into hot water—but
why put them there? Very hot water
Is bail for steel, und surely any knife
in a civilized household can l.e made
clean in lukewarm water anil soapsuds.
Those fruit-stained napkins. They
are thc handsome dinner ones, too. I
know, and il was foolish to.use theni
for fruit. Thon aren't you sure you
didn't economize on linger bowls at
the expense of the nankins? Somo
pooplo hnve a habit of doing fills, and
neither themselves nor anybody else
can explain why.   Just n habit.
And the bag of sugar or rice Ihal
the mouse got into—hut there Is a
glass jur for the rice, and a can specially designed for sugar on your
pantry shelves, and paper bags are
very untidy.
Then—but 1 could go on Indefinitely,
"Accidents wiil happen in ttle best
regulated of families." but in ninny
an Instance the accident is entirely
THE revolutions of (lie fashion-
wheel In footwear must necessarily be limited. There is less
opportunity for variety in shoes
than in most articles of apparel,
unless your taste runs to contrasting
tints In luces and leather or Blaring
slltches and beadwork for thc street!
and the shade of difference ln lho
width of a l-.e, or the slight variation
in position ur height nt a heel is fill
tbat marks tin- passing from the cult
of one season to Hint of itnotlier.
High It.-els ure having their innings
inst now, .mil many and divers are
ihe ills ihnl result therefrom, fhere
Is no denying tl.e (act that In ItMlf,
npart from its effect upon a woman s
health nnd Iter grace of movement,
n.e high heel Is preiiy. It makes a
foot look small.".-; .1 gives .unlil "
destroys it altogether) an appoaranc-J
.,.- greater height to the arch ol.the ln-
* on anil il looks more In keeping
Th ff daintiness and frivolity of a
true woman's gct-up: but here Its ad-
vantages .nil- th)ng particularly
retchlng about a high-heeled, pointed-
tood slipper, just peeping J'gS.™™?
the voluminous rubles of a frilly pet
Heoat, but Just let tb- owner of that
-dinner get up t" cross the room, ami
'ne "cases' out of let. thei Ihus^on
Is spoiled! Tin- French-heeled woman
la rarely comfortable nbout the feet,
and if Her feet ure not comfortable
she cannot walk well. „„„,,.„-
Watch n crowtl of women entering
lh, lilng room of a hotel, nnd she
who cones with an easy, graceful.
skl,„n.?ng movement .. the woman
whose heels are of moderate height
und whose b are not crammed Tnto
-. snaoo a quarter of an Inch loo narrow  for them; while sh- whose walk
? characterised by little Jerks and a
lack of rhythm Is she who cllnga.de-
spile all warnings, to her beloved high
'"\"'ow all feet are not built Just alike.
The common-sense las., tor one type of
extremity. Is anything but common
sense for another. A woman whose instep is by nature high, and whose big
toe extends somo little distance beyond
its fellows, enn comfortably wear a
higher heel nml more noinled toe than
her flat-footed sister, but eveo she must
have a cure as to how far she carries
ber privilege, or the day of reckoning
will come.
Fulling instep ts a disease ..ommon
among nurs.-.* and other Women who
stand much on tln-ir feet, and the acllvo
woman who affects the extromely high
heel while going about her dally iumks
fairly courung this danger. Half
the sprained unki.-s in tho world result
from high heels, two-thirds of the corns
and bunions, but despite 111 Ibis il is
pretty certain tbat women will continue
wearing them to the end "f time.
For .he womnn who refuses to use hor
ounce of prevention, there is the p.eiifJ
of cure for Ihe resultant evils in the
numerous powders and lotions that
Hood the market, ant! since this benefits
the merchants the wind Is not altogether in. Tho woman who adores high
heels should bathe her feet oflen. and
cultivate a talent for massage. She
will need iho latter If she wants te k - -..
ber Joints the normal size. She lh iu .1
keep raw cotton near at hand, and put
t Between her toes at night in order
to throw thom |,ar]{ int0 t,hl.,.  am) s|„,
suould patronize a good chiropodist as
often as- her means permit.
She should also keen an eve t. her
figure lho heel-habit will do wonders
lowuru throwing the human body nut
oi plumb, and lt requires constant
watchfulness to circumvent Its wiles.
Hy an.l by, when she grows older and
more sensible, und less vain, she will
•ike In Hat heels of her own accord,
out she will have fewer Ills to contend
with then, if she has been diligent la
her tight ap-iitf, the high heels dangers
while she had the habit.
Beds as a Part of Room Decoration
"iSfrhpJ* z^rapjnpfe^^w^^
Ghost Parties
GHOST   parties,   where   the   guests
appear  clad   In sheets  and  we.ir-
ing   masks,   or   else   with   their
Snm changed by the use of powder
from all resemblance to anything hit-
JXX-/I8  v,-r)i   P°Pul*r   among  the
young people just now.
It Is supposed that each ghost has a
story (o t-'ll-othiTWlse whv should ho
be a ghost? Uut even when these
ales are particularly Interesting and
thrilling any little new feature introduced into tho evening's entertainment will surely never come amiss.
» hy not have your next assemblage
of phantoms try their skill at making their own pictures, offering a reward to him who produces the moat
artistic result?
The method of procedure Is not difficult, and the only materials needed
are a sheet of paper all round, pens
and a bottle of ink. Each ghost
writes his or her name lengthwlsy
down the centre of the sheet of paper, taking care to avoid economy In
the use nf Ink. The sheet Is now
folded lengthwise again, and when it
is opened lhe ghostly portrait Is made.
Silver Bags
A Oppfuiil with .i 'rixpir^xj /jor<V*/-
By Dorothy Tube
BEDS are not often thought of except Just as convenient and
comfortable things to sleep on.
They are seldom considered as
a form of decoration. Since they aro so
distinctive a part of a bedroom It is
strange that moro thought Is not given
to them.
Those who are the proud possessors of
a real old-ltme four-post bod take an
interest lu them and realize how they
add to a bedroom. But verv pretty ef-
foots can also ho had with modern'beds
at small expense, though how rarely wo
sen nuythlng done to them,
Something of the effect of a four-
poster can be had by having four poles
put,Up at each corner of tho bed, and
four strips of wood to hold the ends in
pi . plaited valance should be fanl-
ono,. ..i the strips of wood and cuitains
hung against the four posts, The curtains .-shuuld be of figured material In
keeping with the rest of tiie room, Such
a bed. having no covering over the top,
nnd with washable curtains, is quite
healthy, and it Is sometimes a convenience to have the curtains pulled to
keep off a draught, but above all ly
the wonderful improvement It makes to
a room.
Sometimes an enameled bed can be
Improved by having a simple little dotted swiss curtain hung behind the head
of the bed. This is particularly daintv
if the wallpaper is dark or dingy. Most
beds are Improve.) by having a plaited
valance round the bottom, and most of
US find under the bed a convenient place
for hatboxes, etc.. but we object to hav
ing our friends see this each timo they
enter the room.
The idea BOems to he horn In us that
beds bhould always be while. This idea
Is all very well If they at" always really
while, ami 11 we use the mom only an
•a bedroom. Hul in a dirty city It la
hard to keep quills fresh and clean,
figured bedspreads are really quite uh
preitv If In keeping wllh the room, i hoy
are much in vogue in England, Those
used tin re have fast colors ami can ho
washed anv number of times, If a bOd«
loom is used much as a sitting room, a
dark spread dens not attract attention
to the bed In the same way. gome people always have two spreads, one a
white one, for the rerun as a bedroom,
another darker one for it ns n boudoir,
Even In white gpreani a  littlo moro
Individuality might be brought to hear,
There arc lots of cheap washable things
on the market. I're.ny spreads can lie
it.nde hy applying a border of figured
miiflln tn the spread, or hy stenciling
a design around thn bottom.
A Clever little brido has made use nf
Knnch tablecloths fur bedspreads and
the napkins  for pillow shams.
In France "hoy seldom use while
inbleelnlhs, hut have them of ginzod
linen In soft shndes nf blue, pink and
lavender. The napkins, which match,
are, enormous, and so make excellent
pillow shams, One of the accompanying
Illustrations shows twn beds covered in
this way.
The wonden beds are fast disappearing,
nnd the hrasi and enameled beds taking their place, hut these do not furnish
n room In the same way. In seme
rouuis, where iwo single white beds nre
side by -side, there is an unpleasant
amount of wliite,
Beds can t<- unamoled blue or green,
and often very pretty effects can be
obtained by having hodi done in this
way. Beds sometimes nre enn meted
blink, hut I wnuld not recommond that.
Box couches are superseding beds
where the room Is used much as a living
room, and these nre certainly n convenience, although I can not vouch
for their comfort.
The Utile cols are useful, fur If lhe)
hnvo a cover thrown over ihem in the
daytime and pillows pib'd on ihem they
are not readily recognised,
But a prMiy bod, t&etefully (Trap*1.! or
covered, add;: tn the appearance of ..
room, nmi I should advocate making
the bed more attractive rnlher than
abolishing It.
SII.VF.it purses and bags never seem
to lose iheir popularity with worn-
"iikind, and the makers vie with
each other In producing a variety of
shapes and sizes. Two new beauties
have made their appearance thia sea-
wn; but, alas: ihey are rather beyond
tti** reach of most ordinary mortal*.*.
One Is the usual chain bag, but is
much fuller than anv of its predece8-
sors. This fulness la gathered,Intn na
regulation clasp; and one deah r remarked, with a smile and a shrug, silica
about live times as much silver waa employed In the making aa there was in
rdli iry hag, so would the prlco bo
about five ttmea as high.
The other Is copied after the leather
satchel purse, whi.-h is a pet with many
*■■ -    - -   bul i' made "t solid silver and
lined wllh satin    When my lady goes
abroad with this exquisite trifle swing-
her arm, frmn us sliver chain,
* ii  be    urprfsed if even her
■     friends   tre tempted to forsake
the path of n til ide I ir that of "purse*
• nati him;."
THERMOMETEB8   hold   their   own
among lho desk furnishings that
are being shown   tor   Christmas
presenta this year.  The tendency seems
to be to have n case lhat shut? the thermometer iway from the prying eyes of
tiie world, and many and various are
the nlmpi ■- and forms these cases take
Silver cylinders—some to stand, some
to hang—are seen on alt sides; ana when
n hidden spring la pressed, the cylinder
suddenly flics open and the thermometer
"in.es into view*.
Oup r.f the most attractive thertnome-
icrs of the year, however, is one that is
combined with a clock Th*- whole affair is of silver, some six in-iies long.
hns a clock face at the top, and the
th**rmomrf*-r In the spot In which you
might look for the pendulum.
V./ *•*   .---sv..' V,.****   -vX
J   v      \ /     >' *, .*'   L
\ *■>    *i   <s
" N' ..    r liLMJ ^jMinr air
"fV7v B
comes along to put us outofbusiness.
Vhv dont ve Stop once in a while
HEARING AND flOODBlfffiST/flN.VHi" ■'?
/C-TTouTZZu/f-' yJtiSiMi
01 !•
Deserted Family Endures Cold
Snap Without Food or Fuel
Bread and Tallow for Xmas
Alone in a  small   three-roomed
hulls.-, with little or no fuel und a
family of seven small children to take
care of, and with no warm clothing to
protect them Irom the cold, was tbe
fate of Mia. Runge,;. Gorman women
who cunt, to Vane ni v..." nn Dec lln
oompany with her husband, and who,
liuee that time. li-n. been living alone,
her linsban.l having tnken .ill his
money ..nd ilt-serted her. In an ell'ort
to relieve the woman's Buffering the
provincial police have taken up the
case and are lt.nv.irdi.ig any contribution*, ol (nod and clothing which may
be sent to theni.
When the culd snap set in belore
Christmas the woman and her seven
children were in thnt culd bouse without one etick of woo.t or one lump ol
coal. Added to their distre-s was the
fact that the children had very little
clothing to cover their emaciated
bodies. What few cL.thes they had
failed to ward off the bitter cold, and
for days anil nights the little tots
cried in their agony and it is a wonder that they were uut frozen. The
stove stood in the kitchen and in an
ell'ort tn at least imagine they wore
warm the family stood in front of the
heater, huddled together in order to at
least ward off the hitter wind which
found its way in through tl.e doors
and windows. There nre no lids to
the stove, and the doors arc mostly
broken and f.llen awny. In one room
of the home stands a Led, and the
entire family were compelled to sleep
there to keep warm. The clothes
which were used for covering wnuld
hardly suffice lor lit summer bedding,
and the small children suffered continually from tbe cold.
Clirislinns time came, nnd the children werc looking forward eagerly to
tbe visit ol Santa Cl.tus, and the poor
mother's heart ached as she heard the
children talking of the expected visit.
With little or no food in the house, it
wa9 hard to imagine what to give the
children. She went to a store and
obtained, free, a small quantity ol
tallow antl with what bread she hn
in the bouse prepared a meal for her
seven small children which they tlior
oughly enjoyed, but which it is bard
to imagine anyone being brought
down to eat. Tbe meal consisted of a
slice of bread, on which was spread
the tallow, and the seven little ones
made this their Christni'ns dinner
while throughout the city thousands
of people were sitting enjoj ing turkey
and plum pudding.
All through the severe cold snap the
family struggled for an existnnce, and
bow they sutVered may he imagined
by those who, even while well clothed,
suffered intensely. Imagine seven
small children with no sh.ies or stockings to ever their legs and leet nnd
with little or no upper clothing to
protect them during ihret- weeks of
zero weather in a house without any
lire antl a lew bed clothes.
C. P. R. has Expended Hali a
Million Dollars in Fighting
Snow and Frost.
The serious effect of this winter on
tbe railways of this country is well
exhibited hy tl.s liuanci.il statement
ol the Canadian Pacific lur December.
Although the gross earnings ot tl.e
system amounted to almost $6,000,000
and showed a handsome increase over
the returns for December of the previous year, so great was the cost ol
operation of the line that there was
an actual lulling off in nelt profits uf
almost $81,000, which was caused hy
nn increase of almost hall a million in
working expenses nearly entirely due
to snow and frost. The figures for the
month, which is one ..I the quietest in
the yenr, are sullicioiitly imposing.
During the montli tin. gl'nsB earnings
of the road were $5,1)22,098, as compared with $5,0111,182 in 11100, an increase of $372,1110. The working expenses during thc same period were
$3,726,503, as compared with $3,272,-
511!) Inst yea., au increase of $4611,1)04.
Thus the nett profits for last December
were only $2,2ti5,0!)4, a decrease ol
$80,088 from the $2,3-11! 083 profits
earned in December, I'.IOO
First Survey Party Sets Out
irom Dawson for White Horse
Mail advices from Dawson state that
headed for the some ul lhe White
River, Captain Juhn llcaly and party
started from Dawson tt. make the first
survey lor the Traiis-Ala»ka-Kil.eri.iii
Railway. Thc party comprises 1-1
men including surveyors, .iHsistituts,
cook and lour Indian ...ushers who
bundle the supplies and tlio captain
You Can t Get
jrv Away rrom It
—lhe fuel il.ui Howson's Carpels
and Units rank .villi the highest ol
imported and domestic brands.
And then the wny we weave in
with our high-art (lour coverings,
the thread of honest pricing '.
There isn't a householder or
tenant in town who can afi'o.d to
overlook this establishment.
R. Howson & Co.
ii you are looking for something nice ... 8P00NS AND
SPECIAL" ii.r Souvenirs, wo have Ihem here.
J.   GUY   BARBER,  •    STEA£
Import direct from Country of origin.
i Look Well! Feel Weil!
Dr. yuu enjuy Hint well diessed feeling? We all know what
it. feels lii... lu I... hut, tu he cold, or to in? tired, .111(1 it la
jusl i.s I.-ue that we nil knew whnt it feels like tt. he well
diessed. It feels good, and It's good lo feel good. Vuu eau
never In. well dressed if yonr clothes lire not made by the
right maker,
Get to know we handle tho SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and yuu will Iinil what n pleasure nnd satisfaction il is to be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  $15, SI8, and $20.'
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tailoring is our business.   Wo make it mnn look well
nnd be knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
TRADE /Aj\to*ftt\
To checkmate the disbotiesl use ol
the inline ul " JAEGEK," look for the
ibel on e.iL-1. article, and insist ih..t
or. the goods bo invoiced as "JAEGER'
Sklliko Admits in Rbvklstokk
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
HKAD OWICR i Cammky. Amwiita. i
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants J
Hurk hiekors nml Dun Ifi*   in Live Hlock.  Markets in nil tin.' principal Cities nml sj
Towns of A limit a. iiritisli .j..iiiuil)ia and the Yukon. Packoni nf tha Celebrated Braml d
—•   "lm orator" Hams and Bacon, nml Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard, a
Central Hotel
aa— fiEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.     First-class in every respect,    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sume management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
murket affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   .Monthly rate,
■J.   ALBEBT     STQ3STE     PROP.
Queens Jtotel
Hest brands ot Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
Ni.ll.-i- ia hereby itlvi.'.. llllll ne ll.e underalcncil      	
liitpiw, 80 dun Iron dale, to apply to ll.o fi..... I... ol Und. ind Worki for ■ special lice.™ to"
OlilofOmnmriilpiiirol Un.l, and Worki, lm » ..ml ,-,,„, „»,,, .„ , Irom .1.. Mlowlni
*lll-l'll        IIMIMI    lm  II     .III.    I' MM   .1.,...   fill     .M   ll...        ....It...I  .......   In  .,'...,   .«.«...  Al.lmM... **
Notice is herob) gin n tbat mi -Jim ufter date I
Intend 1.1 applj to tlie lion, tlie Clilnf ('nuiulHlon
■"■ "f Ltnili fimi Works fur a special liccnsu to nil
■noolnl llcome to cui anilearr) away timber from
tin' following doscribod lands i
Cmniiumchig ni ii posl planted ali.nn one
quarter of a mile coal nf Ki-.li Itiver and ons mlli
nuiiiCamborne, tlii'iK-i" mirth mi i-hiiitii, iliiiin
I'lllt 8111'llllllH, tin
■tii-1 landi in Wesl Kootonay district.
Commencing al ap"-i planted in chalna west of
tin' N'.iitti-wi'ti e truer of Timber limit ww and
marked "C Sklnner'e north-east corner." Uionee
i-aui'luini ,.intii Uience i" rljalns east, tlienci
   -,,-.„HI   uii-iM r f" ii i.i. ■ r:iM. I!n li< ■
ibalni,tnencofrutIclialntnorth)thenee to chain* vent tojiuci
wi chains to pnint nf e nii'tn'1'tiii'iit   Hjjrnid,     i eotninoncetnent.
U. It. north K v.    I   Located December int. L90&
Nolice Is hereby given that :w days aftor dato
wclntendloiipplyioibeChlof Commissioner of
Lnnds nmi Works fur hs evlal license to cut
tun] parr) t mber from tho following doscribod
landa situated tu Lillooet dirtrlct:
i. Commencing .-it :i pnsl markoil "llrltlah
Columbia 'i'lmliera Ltd., iiortii-c-ut comer nbal
Nu. ILImit," planted at the sutiUMv-Jst corner of
Hin ber Limit No, 68W, tlienco wont ft) chalna
thence smith -ju chains, tlience weat unchain-;,
tnence soutli -iii chains, thunce eaatsOeluuns,
thenco imrtli 20 chains, tlionco enst 6U chaina
tbenee north 40 chains to pninl ,.f commence-
,-,* Ci'iiimi'tichig at a posl marked "British
Loiumuia nmbers Ltd.. north-wesl enrnemosl
No, ii Limit," planted on south boundary of No i
Limn about] milu frmn cast nnl, thonce aouth SO
chaina, tbonco cast mi chalna. tiience north SO
clialna, tlionco weal m rlinftn to point of com-
Datod Hist December, 19%
... Commencing at a pnst, marked "British
Columbia Tlmbera Ltd., north-west cm ner pnat
Nn. 8 Limit, plant ml ni tho Bouth-west corner ol
No, 2 Limit, tlience south 80 chaina, thonce cost
80 chains, thence north Mi chainB, thenoe weat BO
chains to polul of commencement,
Dated Dec. eith, 1906.
4. Commencing at. a pnst marked "llrltfrah
(olumbia Timbers Ltd., north-east corner nest
N». 4 Limit," platiteu nl the H0Uth*wost enrner of
Timlin* Limit No, ..410, thence .smith 80 rliaina
thenco wost bu chnlns, thence north 80 chains
tlience cast ni chains to point of commeiicomont.
... Loiiiinciichig «l a pnst marked "Hi'tUsh
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west cornor post
No, 6 Limil," planleil at the mint li-uest enrner nf
limber Limit No, 5,10, tlionco south80 chalna,
thence east mi clmiiis, thence north mi chains,
tlionco weal 60 ohnlna to point of commoncomont,
Dated Dec 20th, iwiti.
D.ilo.1 .iiiiiii...) UU., iu>>.
,      die 11 ut
('■ BK1NKKR, ,
A. M. >).ff.,.i-, Aaji-nt.   I
Notice Im liereLy given that 00 davs after dot*.
i iiiti'inl in apply To the Honorable the Chief
Conunlaalouer of Lands and Works for permission lu purchase the following described land;
in 080X008 division ui Yale District:
1 fomiuoiicingat n pi>-*l planted aliout, 100
feet from north-oust end of Kcofoi Lake,
murkod/'W, JI, Hnllingsworth'ti 8. \V. corner,"
thencu north 40 clmins, east I'1 clmins, south '20
oiuilii*!, east 411 chains, south 20 ohnlns, east 80
ohalna, south in chains, west. 80 clmins, north
20 chains, west JO chains, north :'o ohnlns, west
Jn elinins to place of commencement,
2 Commencing at a post marked "W.H.
HollingflWOrth'a south-east corner." plnnted
about Ust yards from the north-misl ond of
Koefer Lake, thonoo west 40 chains, north 20
ohalna, west ip chains, north 20 chains, west 80
cliains, north 10 chains, east Hi chains, south 20
elm ius, east lu chains soulh 20 chains, east 10
chains, south 40 chains to plnce of commence
:t I'nniiiiencliiK at a post plnnted about 7.'
yard" south from the west end of ICcefur Lake,
mnrkeil " IV, II. Hollingsworth's north-east
oorner." thenee woat 80 chains, south mi chains.
oust Ml chains, north 80 chains 10 place of commencement,
4 Commencing at a post planted about-Via
mill! north of the mouth of Polar Creek where
ii runs into Barnes Creok, and marked "W. H.
Hollingsworth's north-oast coriioi*," llienco
soulh 4(1 chains, west Ilii* chains, nortli 4(1
eliains, cast 100 cliains to point of commence-
,j. (Jommenelng at a post planted about % a
milo norlli from the mouth ot Pohu*Greek
where It runs into Barnes t.'reck, and mnrkeil
"W, IL Hollingsworth's south-east corner."
Ihence north HI chains, west 100 chains, south
(11 chains, east 100 chains to place of com*
0 Commencing at a porit planted about', of
a mile south-east of east end of Marsh Lake,
marked "W, H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner," thence south 40 chnius, west, llkl
chains, north iu clmins, cast 100 chains to place
of commoncomont,
7 commencing at a post planted about \ of ft
mile ctsL of west end nud near south side of
Marsh Lake, marked "W,H, Hollingsworth's
north-enst corner," Ihence soulli 4it cliains, west
KM) chains, north 40 chains, east 100 clmins to
place of commoncomont,
8 Coinmeneing at a post planted about 2IX)
j aids from the soulli sido and about half-way
of Keefer Lake, marked "W.H.Holliiigi-iworth s
north-west eoruer," thonce soulh Unchains,
east 00 chains, north 00 chains, oust 20 chains,
uon li 20 chains, wosl On chains, north 00 ehuins,
west 2*i chains to point of coinmencement.
0 Cominonoing at a post, planted ubout200
yards south and nliout, half-way of Keofer lake
anu marked "W, H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner." thonco south 100 chains, woat in
clmins, norlh 100 chains, east 4U chains to placo
of commencemeni.
in Commcncinp; at n post planted on the
beach about \<t mile oast of west end of Keefer
Lake, marked "W, H. Hollingsworth's north*
east corner," thence souih ltio chains, west to
chains, uorth lOOchains, theuce cast 40 elinins
to poiut of commencement.
11 Cominencing at a post planled about \
mile south of Keltic Kiver, about 2 miles west
of Keefer Lake, marked "W.H Hollingsworth's
north-west eurner," llienee east 40 chains, south
'.'0 clmins, oast 40 chains, south 80 chains, west
40 chains, north 20 chains, west 40 chains,
north Michnins to point of commencement.
12 Commencing nl a pust planted about 1
mile eouih of Kettlo Kiver, about ij of a mile
cost of ■Porcupine Creok, marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's norlh-easl corner," I hence south lliu
ohnlna, west 40 chains, norlli 100 chains, cost
ID chains to point of commencement,
Ll Commencing nl a post iilanled about. \\
miles south of Kettle River 011 Trap Ci\,ck, and
marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's N W corner,"
thenee soulli Mi eliains, east mi chains, nortli 80
cliains, wesl 8(1 ohains to point of commencement.
14 Commencing nl a pust plunted about 50
yards above the lorks on Trap Creek, about
oiic-hiilf mile south of Kettle Itiver, aud markod "W H. Hollingsworth's fcLW, corner." thence
nurt li 80 chains, east Ml chains, -.-outh 80chains,
west 8u chains, to point of commencement,
l."i Commoneliig al a posl plt»nicd aliout \
mile west of lhe lorks of Trap ('rook und about
800 yards west on lie creek, marked "A. H. Hollingsworth's north-east conier," tlience soulh
Mi clmins, we-^l mi chains, nortli Ml chains, east
mi liinius to point uf eouiiuencemunt.
in Commencing at a post plauted about loo
yards to the suulh of fCatt Creek about \\ mile
■south of Kettle Kiver. uiarked "W. H Hollings-
m.ulis nurtli-east eorner," thence suulh Hill
ohains, wosl 4o chains, norlh 100 chains, east 40
cliains lit puim ni coiunieiieeuict.
17 Cummencing at a post planted about 30
yards nortliof Kellie KlvoraboUtMj mile below
Porcupine Creok, marked "W. 11. Uollings-
worths soulh-west coiner,'' thenee east lo
ehuins, south 80 ehalus, east III chain*-, north 120
cliains, west 0U cliains. south 40 chains lo
place of commencement.
18 Commencing ut a post planted on lliu
soutli Uank of Hcpscdnm Creek aboul % mile
up from Kettle Itiver, liinrked "W.H.Uollings
worth's north-wesl eorner," Ihouco south 10
cliains, east Hid chains, uorlh Hi chains, west
Itin chains lo place of commencement.
10 Commencing ut a post planted 011 soulh
bunk ut Hopsedam Crook, about W milu from
Kelllo Kiver, marked "W.H. Holllngs worth's
south*wost cunier," llienee nortli ttu chains,
oast so chains, suuth Michnins, west SO chains
Lo poinl of commencement.
■i\) Commencing at a post planted oil (lie
south hank of Jlepsedam Creok about Ja mile
from Kettle River, markod "W. II. Huttings*
worth's north-cant corner,'' thence west M)
chalu-i, souih 80 ehnins, east 80chains, uorlh
Mi cliains lo place of comuieiicemont.
•il Commencing at a post planted on tho
south hank of Hepseilam Croek about 1 mile
from Keltic River, marked "W. H Hollingsworth's southeast eurner," llionce north 40
chains, west40 chains, north 30 chains, west 10
north L'Ochnliis, west 60 chains, KOiith 40 chains,
li.r-i -11 ehains, suuth 2u chains, cast Hi chains,
south 20 chains, cast Hi chains (0 point ol commencement.
Datod Deo. 81st, 1800.
wed jan HO     W. H, HOLLINQSWOUTH-
IIU uwu.
N1.1 ico is heroby glvou that Wl days after dnte
I iuii'ini to npply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works fur n special llconcfltocui
ninl earry away timber from ihe fuHiiwiiiK de-
scribed lauds:
Comnienulng nt n posl planted itt the north-
wes1 corner of llie umitli-wcutiiunrlcr of Section
i'l, Town**hlp37, inarked " W.I I.Ifoil lugs worth's
soul h-we-,1 eoruer post," thence enst S) ehains,
Ihoneo llOrtll Ml chaius, Ihenee west Michnins,
Ihence soulli So ciniins lo pluee of commence-
Tin* abovo locution is tho uorth half of Sco-
tion23and the south half of Suction % Township.57.
Haled November 22nd, IIIOO.
sat jan :'ii    W. II. KOLblKGSWOKTH.
Nolice is liereliy given thai tin days afler dale
I inlend lo applv to ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works I'm* permission to
purchase tlio following described lands:
Cominonoing at tin: N. K. cornor of T, L. No.
7010, on tho shore of Hliiul Bay, Upper Arrow
Lakes, ihenee -outh 40 chains, Ihenee east 80
chains, thenco north about 80 chains, thoncu
westerly following the southern shore of Blind
Bay to point of commencement, con'aliung
four hundred and eighty acres mure or less,
1 luted l his 1Mb day of December, 1000.
sat dee 22 .1. I). KKNNKDY.
Nolice is lioroby civen tlmt IK) dnys aftor dato
we iuii'ini to apply lot he (Ihtof Commissioner of
Lnnds and Wurks for it -.pncial license to cut
ainl carry it way timber from lho following do*
scribml  lnnds in districl, of West Kooteuay:
commencing ul u poit planted '. mile went
from north-eabt comer of Loi No. 0140 and
marked "L. W.L, Co.'l 8, tt, enrner poil,"
thence north 100 cliains, llicneu east lu ehniiiH,
thenee soulli Hill ehalus, tlienee west 40 clmins
lo placeol commencement.
liHlnl Herein her .'Ulh, I'."*!..
m Jan u LAMB-W.iT.stiN LUMBER Co., LTH,
Nolice is hereby given thut OP days afterdate I
inli'iid toapply in un* Ilniimiihlti, the Chief {Com-
missioner of Lmids uml Works for permission to
purchase tlm inll'iiMin: dowrlbod lauilu(si|iialcd
nhmit mmlmlf mile liottli-oasl uf Angus McKay's
pre-emption mi Fish Riven
Beginning at a pint marked ■ (I. n.'h H, li enrner pnst," tlieni'e 811 1 h.i him north, 811 chains weal,
so ih.iui. -.null, h" 'Inin*. oast to point of cniii
Datod January Mtli, 1907.
wed jan 80      Por Qoorgo (loldsmllh, Agent,
J OTICE is horoby nivon that thirty dnys
_. alter dnlo wo Intend lo npply to thu Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Works for apodal
liconso in eut nnd carry nway timbor from tho
following ili'-criln"! lands situated lu Wost
Kootenay district, B. C:
(' iiH'iicitn: nl 11 [m-i |>L.iiteil on tlie soul Iiii 1 ( li.tuk nl Fish rivor, nbout mio niiln -nutIt
of JoliiiMin Crook nnd mnrkod 'h Mclnio-h
and Wm Boyas north-wosl cornor," thonco
east 80 chains, tlionco soutli HO oliniua, tlienco
wost KiirliHiiis, thouco north HO elialm* to pluce
of commoncomnnt.
Dnted January ith, p.«i
jeulGwod WU. BOYD.
Notice is horoby given thai *'0 daya after date
we intenil toapply toiheChlcfCominiasiunor nl
Lnmls and Wurks fur a special license to eut
uud earry away timher from the following
described lands situated ln West Kootonay
Commenolng at u posi ^planted '. mile norlh
of the south'oast corner of Lot 71147 and marked
"L. W.L.co.'a N.W. eorner," theni:'' 100 chains
oast, thenee 40 chains south, thenee 160 ehalus
west, thenee 40 chains north to place of com*
Hated December 81st, 1900,
Notice ia hereby given that 80 days
after date I Intend to make aupllua-
lii.n to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works I'm- a special license
In cut antl carry away timlier from
Hit. following descrilied lands situate
in West KnnltMiiiy District:
1. Coinmeneing at a post planted at
the north-west corner or Timber Limit
7584 and marked "'A. M. Syn.oi.s'
nt.itli-easl corner," Ihence south SI)
chains, thenct. west SI chains, thence
norlli Sl chains, thence easl Sl elinins
to place of con.i.i'eiiceinent.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-west conier of Timber
Limit ToHt, and marked "A. Ill, Symons' north-west corner," thence
st.ulh SI) chains, tlience east S) chains,
thence north 81) chains, thence west SI)
chains to place of ;.......................it.
8. Conimenclng at a post planted
at the north-east corner of Timber
Limit 1)833 and marked "A. M. Sy-
in.ins' south-east corner," tlience west
IUI) chains, thence north -ll) chains,
tlience east 180 chains, thence south
ill chains to place of commencement.
Dec. Uth, 1006.
4. Commencing at a post planted
on the lake shore, three iniles north
ol' Nakusp. ou thc west side of Upper
Arrow Lake antl marked "A. il. Symons' north-enst corner," thence west
40 chains, thence south 100 chains,
tlienc. east 40 chains, tlience north
160 chains to place of coinmencement.
5. Commencing at a post planted
on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake
and one mile north of the north-east
corner of No. 4 and marked "A. M.
Symons' north-east corner," thence
west SO chains, thence south 80 cliains,
thenee east 80 chains, Ihence north S)
chains to place of coinmencement.
Dec. 15th, 1000.
wed jan 2 A. JI, SYMONS.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
after (late I intend lo apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licence to cut and
carry away timber from the following
descrilied iands:
1, Commencing at a post planted
on the north hank of Snow Creek
about eight miles east of Burton Citv,
then.-., west SO chains, thence south 80
chiiiis. thence east SO chains thence
north SI) chains to point of commencement.
2, Conimenclng at a post planted
three chains north of No, 1 post,
thence east SI chains, Ihenee soulli S)
chains, thence west SI elinins, tlience
north Sll chains to point of commencement.
3, Coinineneilig ...I a post planted
Sll chains oust of No. 2 post, thence
east IS) chains, thence south 40 chains,
Ihenee west IIU) chains, ihence norlh
111 chains t.t. point ..f commencement.
Dated December 20th, 1008.
wed jan 2 .1. II. JAMIESON, Locator.
VTOTIGB is hereby given that (todays after
ll dale I intend lo apply tu tlm Hon. the
Chit I' Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission lo purchase tho following described
lauds, situated iu West Kooteuay, on the cast
shore of .Upper Arrow Lake:
i-Ji-iiiiiiinu at a post on the smitli aide of Cape
lorn, running east mi chains, smith 80 chains,
wesl so chains, norlh ,->i) chains along lake shore to
poini of commencement.
Dated January 17th, 1007.
trod jan 80 Thos. Wright, 4geui,
V[OTIOK ll tle.-t.liy ..ivm. tlm.:.(. ilitya nflur il.lt.)
Ill   I Inlend In .t|...ly... tl.o ll..... I'l... Chlol
I■ i**i.i.ii.i- ..f u.nta foul Works (<>r a Speoial
LtcetlH tr. .-lit mill curry uwuy ti.iiliur frnm tliu
f<.ll<miiil. il.-H.-iili.-il hinla ii. W.-.st  IC..nil-nil. Ilia-
.   tf..i.iiiiifiu-iiiK... .. poit 1.1,-iii.-.i <il...ui. one
...ito iili.iv.. T.... em. un tl... weat imnk ..1 tl...
.'iiliiinii.fi iti,.-.. n|i|iiisiti- Koyitono Croak .....I
inini..',i '.(ina ......il'* N. K..........i". thun.'.. woolS'J
i-linin*. thonce aoutl. *.. chalna tlience cal go
chain., lhu...... ....rth so chain, to ....I... ..I ootu-
-j. (loinmencln1, ai .. poil j.tf.»l..tl nhonl M
mllea ..jMScy.......rCrtick .....I ul...... '.• mile fin...
thuN, W. corneroIT. L.MM Mil ...ark.-il "Una
l.iin.l'a N.... corn...". theneeeaiblOohaloa,tliince
..uiiii ioncliiiioH, tl......:.. ..-I-... ,(| ohnlna, thonce
north no chaini to point ofcoioiuincoiiieiit.
ii, (,'omiiio.iolii.. nt a poit j.laiite.1 nt the N....
rn,'.- ol locution No. I ...nl ...urko.1 "Om l.iin.r*
N. ll. corner", th........ weat... chuina, lh.ii.cu an.ah
loo chuina, liionco ou-d... chuina, tlience iin.il. lilt
-hil..-. I*. jiolnt ..I c.i.inhci.oim.nt,
1. ('.iinnii-iii-iiif; jit ii post |iIiiii!i-i. ..linn. one.
hul. ...ll.....--. ir..... tl... N. w. corner of localion
No. II un.l nif.ik.-il "(ina I.iiii.I -i N. .V.Comor",
thinic. cual 10 chuiim, thence a....th Hie eliitni,
thence weal .0 cliuiua, Ihoneo nortli..... chuina lo
pointof tirniinicncoiiiunt.
;.. C....inl.....-i..K uiu post phoi.r..l... LI.oN.IV
. .mer of location l.o. 1 an.l i....rko.l "Oua l.iiinl,
N. K. comer", thenco wool ". chuina, thonc.- aootll
III. chuina, thonce cat .1) chuina, thence north lun
ehalm to point of comuioneeneiit.
6. l'iiioiio-in-ii.,1 nt u poat ..Inninl ut. 'ii- N. I-:,
coruor of Incattnn No... un.l nn.rkcl "Oua l.ittr.r*
rj. M. corner", thoncu no.lhl.lchul.ia, thunce wilt
it... chalna, tlience ionth lOchalni, tnence cual lo.
.-l.j. in* in imiili of co...n.....c.f.i.('i.L.
7. c.i.uu.ci.cli.Kutu im*. .iiuiii-ii near f'ol.l-
atroambtthorJ.K. corner of 'I*. I. in;., (ln.1...
t-i'iii-f,;ii of'r I.. .i-,'..i'.fi iim! marked "(loa I......I'.
N. l-f. colour", llionce ao...I. In chalna, th.-l.cu tveat
80 chalna, thence north 10 chaina, thuueu .it-l m
chuina lo point of coniniunconicut.
a  ('... -in i'ii:ut ii |m.t |.lfiii!i-'l .ii ll... N. w,
...nur... T. 1,. ..Till, ..nur. ...1.1*..... m, ...nl ...urke.l
-....a i.iiuiiMS, wcorner",thonce cal ... chain,
thence .....'111 100 cll.llha, tlu-.o-i-   w.-al   ,(. chuina,
thencu so.i.ii it;., .-..fi in, it. poi.a ..I cointnencenioiit.
0. UnlDmenotni al a p..-. ..iuut...l nt lhu N. W.
cornur ..IT. I,. 707&, ..our .roh.atru.tiu, un.l tuurkcil
"Una l.nn.l'l N. K. corner"; thencu tv.nl 10 chuina,
thence ao.ill. 100 chaina, thoncu cat ll. chnil.,,
tl......:.. norlh IOO ohnlna to pnlnt ol crnnim.nceuiont.
Dated January mlh, 1907.
•'Cojipa.vikb' Aw, 1807."
Canada: i
l'lt(.VIMI-:i.l'l!ltlTlf-ll ('.'Ll M.IIA I
No. M.I.
THIS is to certify thai the "British
Columbia Timbers, Limited," is authorised and liens...! to carry on busi-
I ness within the Province of liritish
Columbia, and to carry out or effect
all or anv of the objects of the Company to which i l.e legislative author-
ity ..I* lb.-Legislature of British Columbia extends,
The I......I ..llice of the Company i-
silu.it.. ai the City ..I' Montreal, iu tl..-
Province of Quebec,
The amount of tbe capita} of tl.e
Company is one hundred thousand
dollars, divided int.. one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
The I....-..I ..llice of lho Company In
ibis Province is sit..a...on Ki.si Street,
Hevelsiok.-, fimi William Irving
BrixifH, Barristor-at-Laiv, whose address is the samej Is the attorney for
lhe Company,
Given in.tier my baud an.l seal of
ofllce.it Victoria, Province of British
Cnl.....Iiiii, ihis ITll. .lay of December,
one thousand nine hundred .....I six.
[L.S.]     &. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stuck 0 ii.pt...ies.
Tne objects for which the Company
has heen established and licensed are:
1. To carry on throughout Cauada
and elsewhere the business of lumberers, timber merchants and manufacturers of timher and and lun.ber io all
ils I..-.inches, and all ..ther husiness
iuei.lent.il thereto or connected there
with, Including lhe manufacture of all
products of the forest or lumber industry.
2. To acquire by purchase, lease or
otherwise and to own, utilise, antl
operate timber limits, timlier lands,
antl tin.her berths, and rights in such
timber lauds, timber limits and timber
berths, licences or rights to cut timber,
lumber yards, mill and factory sites,
water lots, docks, wharves, piers,dams,
slides, aqueducts, viaducts, steamboats,
and other vessels, sawmills, pulp
mills, water and steam powers,
hydraulic powers, plants, Improvements in lakes, livers and
creeks, and other waterways for lumbering or transporting logs, timher and
all other rights and int.'rests of every
kind appertaining to any ... the al.ove
enumerated property so acquired] as
may be necessary for the development and purposes of the Company,
and the said property al.ove specified
or any of it, to Improve and develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or dispose of for cash, or Upon rentals) or
for any other consideration as .nay be
in the interests of lhe Company!
3. To construct,operate, charter and
employ vessels of all kinds for the purposes and business of tlie Company,
and for the purpose of transporting
products of the mills and works or
other materials or manufacturers for
any place within Canada or elsewhere,
niul to do a transportation business in
Canada or elsewhere, to lease or acquire all accessories necessary for the
proper working of the said vessels, and
to lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, or accessories, or moveable effects in relation thereto as it
may be advisable in the interests of
the Company:
4. To construct, or aid, or subscribe
towards the construction, maintenance and improvements of roads,
docks, piers, dams, slides, aqueducts,
viaducts or other works and buildings,
including flumes, bridges, ditches,
water, steam or other hydraulic rights
or powers, and any other woiks necessary for the purposes of the Company
or forthe carrying out of the Company's powers:
5. To establish shops or stores
the property of the Company, anil It.
sell merchandise thereon, in so far as
il may be necessary for the Company
... carry on its said 1.1isi.less:
0. To acquire, own, sell, lease and
dispose of shares, tlel.eiil.ures and securities in any oilier company similar
to ibis Company, and lu acquire or
amalgamate with any .-on.pany having objects similar to the Company
hereby Incorporated, on such terms
and for such considerations as the
directors may decide, and ... pay for
the acquisition uf any such company
in shares of the Company fully paid
up and made n..n-assessal.le for .-alls:
7. To make, allot and use in payment or exchange lo whole or in part
for any real or personal property,
rights, licences and privileges which
may be purchased, taken on lease, or
otherwise acquired by the Company,
shares of the unsubscribed capital
stock of Ihe Caiiipany as paid opa.i.l
made non-assessable for calls in accordance with the ten.is of ..nag.	
ment executed l.y and between the
Company and any such vendor, lessor
or other grantor on or before the issue
of such paid-up shares, and which
shares shall thereupon l.e deemed and
taken to have heen fully paid up. and
shall not thereafter be liable for calls
or future assessments:
S. To make, allot and Issue as paid
op slock, shares of the .inscribed
capital stock of the Company for services rendered to the Company or to
the promoters thereof, provided a bylaw Of tho directors is passed specifying ihal the value given to the Company is equivalent to the value of Ihe
shares so i.iadep.titl up and i sailed and
alloled for such services, and said by.
law has been passed ..ml sanctioned by
t vol.. of not loss than two-thirds of
the shareholders of lhe said Company
preseiil   III  person  or  l.y proxy at ..
pi-cial general t.i.'.-iii.L'of tl.e Company duly called  for llie approval of
said by-law:
1).   To sell or dispose of the under.
takinu of the Oompany for inch consideration as the Oompany may ihink
lit, and in particular for shares, debentures and securities of any company
having objects similar, or in part similar to those of this Co.npany.provided
a by-law is passed l.y the directors
pacifying the consideration which the
Company Will receive for the said sale,
mil the said by-law shall have heen
passed and sanctioned l.y a vole of not
less than two-thirds of the shareholders of the Company, passed al a special
general meeting of ll.e Company called foi thojpurposes of considering ..ml
approving of said by-law.      wed j.u. *.'
Patronlio  Home
Revelstoke Cigars.
Industry,     8moko
N'ol..-i- is hereby give . Il.nl .Is days
after .lui.- I h.i ...i i" apply tothe
Chiel Commissi ner of Lanls and
Works fm-pi-.-n.f--i.... io |.urclu.se thd
following i1.-m-.-iI i-l land situated in
■ W.-si Ivooli-i.a. .lUiicl:
Co.nine.n-i.ig ai a pnsl planled on
lhe nor.h * .lent Do.vnieCreek almut
! of i soulh of ih.- 2J mile post
on .1..- lh... ui.- .Mock Trail and oiai-k-
[ed "K. .McHean's south-west corner,"
ll..'...-.- north 18 .-I..-.ins. thence easl till
chains, llii-i.ii.. sii.i.li Hi chains, thence
.vest 0U chains to puint of commencement, containing 2IOoc res more orless.
Dated Decembei I'.uli. 1880,
wed jao '> _ I*. .McBKAX.
Notice is hereby given thai thirty
days afler date I inlend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissi.mer of
Landsaud Works for a special license
to cut and carry away timlier Irom
iln- following descrilied land situated
in the Wesl Kooleuay District.
C.........neing at a posl planled i of
n mile easi of Boulder Oreek and about
three-quarters of a mil*' north of
Downie Creek and inarked E. McBean's south-east corner, thence north
80 chains, thence wesl 80 chains, thence
soulli .SO chains, iheneeeast Ml chains
io ihe poim of com inoncemeut,
Dated the 18th day of December,190fl
wj2,        __K. MrBKAN.
NOTICK ii hereby Riven Unit60 day* after date
I Intond to apply to lhe Hon. Cliief Com
miH»ioner of Landti and Work*- for peruiluion to
purcliat-0 tlio following deHcrtucd laml* in the
We.HtKoot-jnay District;
('iiniiueiiciiii* at a pnst planted &i ciiniri-* otut
fnnn the smith-west corner ol |.<>t MM and marked
HBi 0. TrafTord'**. imrtli-e.ist cun er port," thence
imiili 4ii chains, thenee weat BO clialns motp or
b-s- to L'ik<- ihore, thenco north along ihon to
Month-went corner of dot MM. thence eart an
ciniinstojMiint of commencement.
H.it.d Novomber nth. \m.
dee.', wed K. C, TRAFPORD,
Revelitoke Cigars Union Matte -Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of ail other*,
Notice is hereby jlven that thirty days after
ttate i intend to apply to the Chiel cummin,
siuiicrol Lauds and Works fora upecial license
to cut ami carry away timber from the following described (audi iltuated on Kock Creek
tributary to Adams Uke in Lillooel liisirict;
1. Commenc Inn at t post planted on BOUth*we8t
eorner marked "A Met onnell's smith-west corner
Rock Creek. Limit No.l," situated about seven
miles from tin- mouth of Rock: Creek, running DO
chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chain.*-* nontli, on
eliains west to place of commencement,
2. Commencingat a post planted on southeast
corner inarked ",\. McConnell's south-east corner
Itnek Creek, Limit No. 8," situated aboutseven
milts (rom inou»h of Kock Creek, miming ni
chaina north, 8u chains west, 80 chains south, 80
chains etst t<> place of commenoement,
3. Commencing at a post planted on northwest corner marked "A. McConnell's north-west
comer Rock' reek, Limit No, .v situated about
seven miles from mouth of Rock Creek, running up
chains south, 80 chains east, 80 chains nortb, 80
eliains west to place of commencement.
1. Coinmeneing at a post planted on north-
east corner marked "A. McConneH's north-east
corner Itock Creek, Limit No. 1," sit tinted
about seven miles from mouth of Itock Creek,
running S" chains south, *<■ chains west, 80
chainB north, ni chains east to place of comin encement.
5. Commeneing at a post planted on smith-
west cornor marked "A.McConneUs south'woet
corner Itock (.'reek. Limit No. fi,' situatod
uliuui live miles from mouth of Kock Creek,
runnjng ho chums north, td chains east, So
chain.-. BOUth, 80 olmlns west to place of commencement.
ti. Commencing nt a po-t on south-east cor-
nei marked "A. McConnell's BOUth-east corner
Uock Creek, Limit .So *V situated about live
miles from month of Kotk Creek, Limil No. ti,"
situated about live miles fiom mouth of Rock
Creok, running 80chains north, so ehnins wosl,
***■ chains south, SO chains cast to place of commencement.
7. Commencing nt a po»t planted on northwest eoruer marked "A, .McConnell's northwest corner Kock Creek, Limit No. 7," situated
about live iniles from mouth of Kock Creek,
running &n chains south, bu chains cast, -o
ehuins north, 80chains west tu placoof commencement.
8, Coinmeneing at a post planted -m northeast coruer marked "A. McCouueH's north-east
corner Kock Creek, Limit No. 8," situated
about live miles irom mouth of Kock Creek,
running ;»> chains south, fto chains west,80
chains north, eo chaius cast tu place of commencement.
V. ComiiK-ncing at a post planted on northwest corner marked "A. McConnell's northwest corner Kock Creek, Limit No. if," situated
on nortli bank ul Kock creek about one-lulf
mile irom creek and about lour miles emit of
Adams Lake, running so ehains sjutb bo
chaius oasl, &u chains north, N) chains wesl to
place ul commencement.
Dated December 10th, t'JOO.
wed jan i A. MaCONNKLL.
Nolice is hcreoy given that SO days afterdate
I intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works for a special licence to cnl
and carry away Umber from the following
described property -situated ou Fisher Creek
emptying into the head of .Adams Lnke in ihe
Dislricl of Lillooet, Il.C:
I. Commencing at a post planted on the west
batik nf Fisher Creek, tJoutn Fork, alsmtfour
miles from Adams Laka marked "A. McConnell's
N, K. comet," miming So chain* sru.ii, thence Wi
chains we-t. tbeuce ni chains north, thence so
chains en-t t<* point of commencement
i. Commencing at a post planted on the west
bank of Kisher Creek, -outh fork, marked **a. Mc-
Council's >. W. comer," almut four miles from
Adams Lake, ninillligSO chains south, theuce 80
chains east, thence so chains north, thence sO
chain- wosl to point u commencement.
;; t ommenclng al a post planted mi the west
bank of Kisher Creek, South Fork, al m iiu* miles
from Adam- Lake, marked "A, Met onnell'l N. K.
vomer, Luiiit Uio, ;s Fiaher Creek,'' running 8*1
chaius south, SO chains west,80 chains north, go
chain- east to place of i oliuueiiceuieiit.
(. Commencing .tt a post plauted on the west
Uitkol Plslter Creek,Soutli F'»rk, about Hre miles
from Adams Lake, marked -A. McConnell's N.W.
comei, Limit No. I." running Mi chains south,
thence no chains east, thonce 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west to place of oommenrement,
l Coinmeneing at a post planted on the west
bankof Pishei Creek, South Pork, about six mllei
from Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's N.B.
comer, limn No. ,v running Bu chains .-outh, #'
chains west, hi chains north, 80 clmins east to
place of commencement.
tj. Commencing at a post planted on the west
bank of Fisher Creak, South Fork, about six miles
from Adams Like, marked "A. McConnell's N.W.
comer, limit No- o," ruining so chains soulli, w
chains east. So chain- north, 80 chains west to
place ol commencement,
.l.uniarj .'.th, lfl"7.
sat Jan IB
Noli.-e is hereb) utter. .1.,t 30 Oaja iltcr (UK I
intend ... apj.ly ... tbe Chief <J...umi«s-i..ner r.l
Until ..nil Hi.rks Uir ;i special tlperjlfl ,-, cut and
carryaway timber Irom til tnl'na'ng d..aeril*d
lands.... Miclir-i ..'nelt, tr.ln.tirv te Adam, 'ake
l,ille.iet lliatrict. 11. ('.. on eaat Ible:
1. t'ommeni-iiiB al . poat planted on Ibe wa.1
bank ..I nil fork Michel Creelraboul elgbt mile,
Iron. Adama ...ike. ,i].irfc.-d "A. .\llt:..i.t.eH'.
■outb.«'Ml enmer Michel Creek, Limit X„ l •'
rn.mlnit s.i chains eaal.*. 1h.1i.13 nortb, ID chain*
■eil, w ci.ii... aouth ... ....-iii of cfimmi'iiceiui-i...
j. Comnjenciiu fit I po*. pi.mu.,1 ,„, tbe nei.
binkol tin- r-a-t fnrk Michel oreek ibtwleliht
miles f.nm Adam* Like, marked "A. McOonnili'l
....rth west corner Michel creek, Limit No ""
inning w chains ml, w. ohlln, aouth. KJehnina
».->.. ft .halns ..onl,... poinl ol comnencemenl
3. i'ii.i..iii-iin.iK ... a .....i pi.,,,.r.i mi .heels.
lunik ... Mi.l.fl creek fi.Hjut ai.\ miles from Adams
Lake, mnrked "A. .Mct'imnell's south-west enrner
Miili.-ii-tfi-k, l.n.,it No,I,' runningrDobalniiMU
■".hain ith. Mi.hains »,.,., «J.dial u,,; u'
place nf i'Mluin..ni-em'l.t.
1. Cptntninolni a. a...... planted ontbenil
bank nl Michel. re.lt liun. , , mile, from Adams
Uki luitkod "A, Mr.onull'i nortl.-weii corner
Michel crock, l.l.u.t N... i," running aOchilru eait
U .h.oi.s .mitli, B ch...... «,.,t, so chaini nnrlh b'i
|.l.,.-e of ciiiiu.-ticcmcnt.
:.. t'oin j.;ni-li.« al . poil nlint«d on the wail
Lank  ..   Michel crock   ibonl   n mllea from
Adama Lake, mnrked "A. McOmiir-ll* ...u.l..eail
crner Micbcl croek,  Limit No, 1," ru.iiilne |.-i
cbuln rib,... chain, nut, loo chuina soutl.,
i-li.on- .-ast t,. place of co.iiiuenr-eme.it.
Hated lh-c minium.
imted   A. MoOONNBLL,
Notice Is hereby given t'.-it 80 days afler date
■.-.einieiid toapply to thechlcfcoininis!*ioiiero(
LandK and Works for anpecial license to cut
aud carry sway timber from the foilo-viog
de-crlhed lands In West Kootenay district:
I. Commencing at n post planted about 1
mite north Irom the north-west corner of the
K. & 8, Wiek Wijl, and uiarked "Hig Hend
Lumber Company's south-east corner post,"
Ihence norm M chains, thenee wenl fticnalDt*,
IbencoBOQtb so chains, theuco east suchaiiin
to j-oiutol commencement,
i. Coinmenciiig at a post planted about 1
mile north from the norili-west corner of K. .V
6. Itlock 8W. ami marked **Hig Hend Lumber
Company's north-east corner post," thenco
west SO chains, thenee south »0chalnB, thence
east su rhalns, thence nortli bO chains to pm nt
■ii comnu'iicemcnl.
8 Comiu- miii,. at a post planted aboul 2
miles wet Irom llannock Foiut, on I'pper Arrow Lnke. and marked "H.U.L. Co.'s south-cast
comer j>om. ' thence north w chains, tbenee
•rest 8o "hams, ihence south 80 chains, theme
tut80chains to polutof commencemeni;
t. Commencing at a post planted aboutS
miles west Irom Bannock I'olnt, on I'pper Ar*
.-ow Lak'*. and inarked "li.K.LX'o.'s south-east
comer post," thence north 80 ehains, thenco
west 8o chains, theuce south 80chains, thenco
USt fto chains to poiut ol commeucomout.
I'a:> I J"-miil»*rlMh. ltKjti
sat Jan 6     BIO lit Nli LUMUtK CU., LTD, NEW
These goods are direct from one of the
best manufacturers in -.hu East. New Spring
Styles, Tailor-Made Garments. Right up
tothe minute in style. These Shirts are
,.11 guaranteed to lit. If vuu art- looking for
something good in this line you had hetter
drop in and look this shipment over.
In plain Black and Plain White Washing
Silks, showing New Spring Styles. Wc
can guarantee lliis line. You will only huvo
to look nl theni once to know their quality.
Wo invite the ladies to inspect these Waists,
This shipment is only just in.
W*****>—SSprjH I Wf —SS— WW* ■'. i*** *' &mt* aWW Si I g M-fSSSwg n
*****?******% FRESH DAINTIES
* Sore Hands     f
9 .   - f I       Never before bus our nlncl.
♦ and Faces      f   y^>^^T
fo 9        lirocortos, including  .N. -,v
a     We -i iv  thi fi.'-.-.t |.-.-|-:.v- 9
1      itio.i )*on I.:.-...- ever tried, t"ft
9     called " Benzoin and   A I- t
fo     mond . r.;..-.."    Only   35 9
Scents it bottle,     ll heals in 9
, night. |
«£ SOLD AT 9
I Canada Drug Hook Co, ,|
Saturday, Feb. 2—For -21 hours
Easterly ,..n.l v.tr.a le winds, elront
and squally, .villi gusts Irom tin
south we-t, very changeable. Rtnrn
area disturbance approaching interior
indications of milder neither. Temp
Mas . 6 degrees; inin., LtiJ holow zero
BAKER-1.YTTI.E—At Knox Ohuroh
Sunday, Octolei- 21st last, 190(1,
by Rev .1. I! Robertson, Edward
Baker lo Isabella J. Lytlle.
Shaw—At Revelstoke, Il.C, Friday,
Feb. 1st, infant daughter of Mr. and
Mr- J. Shaw, aged 7,monlhs.
Funeral will leave the family residence, .-ii Douglas stieet, at - p.m. on
Sunday next lor tbe c. motory.
Local and General.
IV. S. N.-.M.i.ii. is iu town tod.ij
Irom Viel ria,
Mis- Borden has accepled .. position
in thc  lliceol C. li. Hume Co.
Dr, Uraham lms returnad from ..
1 - ■*.—iu.i.il visit to the south,
\V ll Humphreys left for Glacier
yester uy to take charge ol the ballot
I.-..T fit that station.
We are glad to see J. I. Woodrow
back »gain and hope tbat bo lias
c mplttely recovered his health.
E, \V, Matthews, secretary ol the
British and Foreign Sailor's Society,
L'jndon, Eng., lelt lor Calgary  to-day.
Miss Orr who baa been visiting Mr.
am! Mrs. II. A. Lawson lor several
months, leaves fur Victoria on Tuesday.
Ni.is, London Layer llnis-
ins, Figs, Dates, Ormiju's,
Ilnn..ini.-, C r n n hurries,
Lettuce, Xinns Stockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe and Holly.
, ntmaufAMmr^j^uttM
Little or no freight is moving Ibis
way ..ml every energy is turned to
ensuing a fairly regular passenger ser
vice i:. spile of tbe heavy snow fall.
A social .lance w.is held on Wednesday night in Selkirk Hull under the
umpires of the Voung Conservative
Club and proved a great success, the
...til being well filled with guests.
(I. T Kf.i.e spoke toa large audience
.... Thursday night in tl.e Opera
liuuse, dulling with lhe Kaien Island
and other questions that have beii.
brought up during this campaign tor
provincial elections.
Ohiel Bain is op ..ml .ibout. again,
i...t ollicer .1. Shaw is down with a
serious ..itnek ol ll.e grippe, aud we
lean, with deep regret lhat he lias lost
llis infant daughter, aged seven
months, who was taken ill and succumbed yesterday, Tlie funeral will
take place tomorrow at l! p.m.
Aiiilouuconio.it has been mndo tbat
the new manager of tbe Ilolel Vancouver, Vancouver, will be Mr, II \V.
Wills, Up to the timo of tbe earthquake ht- was assistant uiunag. i ul tlio
.Si. Ftancis hotel ..t San Francisco,
and is well known all over the . oast.
in.spite of tbe cold weather anil
ik-op snow over the eity, Ibo vigilance
ol ll.e police force lias hot been abated,
in fact they have been ...ur. z. ulous
than ever nud have rid the city ul
several uudesirable characters that
have become daug. reus to lhc . ur-
n.u.iy of lla community.
'lu llllj' :.  House.
To lienl a  Ilouse.
To liny Nice Ihiikling Lols'
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
KiRCdid k Men
| Kincaid M Hbsh ,
;  Real Estate anil Insurance Agts. s
Netting butter mm. Our "Speoial
Carpels and Lin .1 mm al II mson's,
Chamois vests  - Id ul Canada Dr ig
St ro.
II .Vo ii lo, k   fll    Lews'   lil.o   line   uf
Art Valentin. *.
■-, ilii i, iiim* dozen, nt
I.in i...... al Hows ..'.- '*
Then you want to get a good one, and this Store is ilic place to buy it. If you
losl a ll.ii, send tlie winner here to buy it, for we have the best Hats at the least
money.    Xow i.s the time to choose vour Hats.    Thev are here ready for vou.
Navel (Jr..
0. U. il une
I let- I'.i.	
Furiiiu.ru store.
Bows' i ..l.l r.ihiets ;.rj guaranteed
for cold .ii the head—25c. . u„k.
N..W is yonr iin.o tu got n nice
carpel out uf Howson's large stock.
Try our new slock uf Hani and
Bacon, jusi in ni C, 11. llunie A*
A i.i.-.f Inl - i while lish jusl in
from I lm pinmea nt lUo. pur polio.I,..
Mae's Or .Cory.
"lows' Wilol. Hanoi Uroain excels ns
a prcpurutiui, fur chapped hands—26 .
and "i'i.!. f. iiiiiili".
Call...... sm. ,...-   lino  uf  Tapes .y
curtail.,  mul   tab o   covers,    0. ll.
Iiinn. -'. I'o
Hi'....... IJuiiiine t.o break up the cold
.ml.-25c. :. bui.1...   Si-!.I ..i Canadu
D.ug Store.
Aslicroft ainl Salmon Arm potatoes in any ipiaiuities, at C. li.
Ilnn..- & I'o.
/.ymulu ooujib Iczonges, 2fic. ..  bus
Just ll.e thine  loi   the dry, hacking j
cough.    Sold  ..1   ll.o  Canadu Drug
Kippered Herring.*, Fimniii Huddle ami Halibut, ir.-i. daily nt
('. I!. Hum.! & I
..- nre snmi ing nu extra lino line
ol enrpit rqunres and s.nnll tugs at
reason tble prioes.   0, H  Hume it Co.
The all.-.-.!.in.-.- at lho public schools
for Jtiiii.ii.-v was aa (ullows:
High Sol I—Div. I.. IT 81.88 2
** II.. 2d 8157 7
Public School—Div. I.   if 711.-1-1 I!
"     —  " II.   21 TU Sl 7
"      -     — "III. ir. 1871 11
"     -  " IV. 32 7(1.112 5
-■     —  •' V.   65 7U-12 12
-      "     -  " VI. 35 77.!H li
"      "     -  "VII..'ili 75.112 16
..      .•     _  "Vlll'il 11(175 II
...llllll 7492   71
Scotty, McLean,   Dan   Carney   and
Kid McDonald, vagrants   nud   und. -j.      m
sirabie persons to be al  large   iu   tbo fill I   .:.'.
city, were take.,   down   to   tbe  pro-j If I'.l
To-day, February 2nd, ij election
■lay and all partios are out bustling
and rustling up their respective supporters. Tho slot... and blizzard hits
i.ii-ii a great hindrance lo the olectors
in reaching the polls. I.in in spite ol
tho clement the stream has been
At lhc teachers' meeting ol Sl,
Andrew's Sunday school at llio Manse
Inst night, K. "A". Matthews, Secretary
ul the British nod Foreign Sailors'
Society, and who is touring the colonies lor tho purpose of raising fundi*
tor tho society, mado an address ex-
plaining Ins mission and lus prupusal
of presenting tho city with a plnqot
0. mposed of the copper oil' ihr old
'Victory.' To ndd inti res! tn the
sell. in. ..I railing (.....1*1...- the society,
Sir, 11 .nl..-.is produced several little
mo lal- ami charms ninde ol tho V -
tory copper, the Lords of Ibe Admir
al y having given the material to tl -
soeiely, which lie purposed givii ... ami
- Iliiij; tnchll.lt I iln-  eli   l> tl
keeping (resli ... Ibo minds ■ I tbe
fi- : ;. .... ii m: the greatness - I the
Empire and tl ■- 8U| re nucv ol tb.
1      ill i - th*   city «il! pr   .- I- b 	
p an d in f. -   . us. . m .-i        scl
:  "■'■-- I- - particulars apply to
,\ prominent lumberman    I   \'„... onaCPTCrtW
W.    b.    ROBERT bON
- - . i ri
rerenll;        I tin..   I*   ---- r. ;'. r.    I. un.     ..' stor. s
Miss Margaret Creighton
Teach, r el Piano, Vocal und
STUDIO-— l...wiii:>.''K  Block.
Pupils propnred for  University  nnd
(.'oi.scrviilo.y Exann
Two Dwelling   I louses
PRICE   $3,500
We would like lo show vou
our line ..I Suiis, Overcoats,
etc., ele.
to bc found in the market.
Wc carry .: large range and
sell them at prices that will
tempi vou.
Full line of Groceries und Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc,
Fresh stuck always arriving at
lowest prices
"}    '-■ 3^   *• '- ■-''■■'}   '■
;':' i^SW^B^
c:.*' -■ .M.--.M, .-:   *r\^
:.'.;:'-.---*",f--iV:^-::**-.f...M- >■
Water Notice!
■rl..-|.il|.|ii-fi|.-i-;ililii......l ll.lltwl  f.lliinniclii.'.
In In .in™ contlnunnilv I., urerpiit frwalni; iii
tlii8 i-ai.aoilo.. ureal a.Irail. on tl.f rwerviilr.
I....ril..|-li..il!...i II... .'..-.-ri..Ir ... llll up It mn.
I... in-ri-.fin i-n i.ni.ilh, ilu.Ini- II...  ai-vi-n
.u-.ill ■; mpn-l.lv ,1ml' ..ll" II..- i.n.i-r *n.r|.l:
.".Iii-.ii.i...    When till! Ii.m ... .... ,|,MiM i. n.ll ...
f. Stn4..*.-liiL.lt in II...nti............n.l.,1 till'll.ll.li.
fii.-l.i-.vli. ii..|i'f|',l.n..i'|ii.|i.i.|.i|i.ii-li.i-...n .l.iv
II. I l...\ It.
. »sas
Have tlie... attended to now for
thi-l'O is .... telling whon Ihey
mighl fall yon.
Thill eyes, sure lives, inllinned
eyes. IJyes tll.ll gel I ifed and blur
..lie.-., sl.n.-i tl.nc. Ween ii remedy
fill I In- 1 llllllll.-s.
Hi ir Optical Dopnitnieul is in solo
chill-go of Ml*. M.S. Hustings, Uel.
I)., wl... bus bad .. I honing'., training and ivi.l.. experience in the
■ i-.-.-iliii.-tit ol the eyes l.y glasses.
If youreyes give you trouble, don't
delay in having the... nil.....led to,
Fitting children's eyes a specialty.
Canies lhc best Line of Goods to bc bad from
IILVKLST'tlKI-; I!, i:
il and flf-.-f,i-:itiil
...  Painting and Dewrating, Wood Finish-
ing and Polishing
Hry.   First class J —,.,«    „.,„r J
given., fMSo   SPACE .
i ,' c.  -.   M .|.   • •
I NcXT week :
vincial gaul.it K.i.uiiiuj..- thil w. -    in
charge of J. Donald, special coi sl ible
tu serve four,  two and  six
Timothy  Eaton,   head  . f   the  T.
CA. Brady, of the 1. C. S„ recently I Eat0D Co., Ltd., one of I i  .
appointed  to  ihis district,  left '«r|m,rclmlUd m tuB  woM   .......   .....
Kamloopi  this  morning  Ior a short \fka,y A , llls home in Toronto, Out.,
visit. „„ ti,....i.,. ,„«,„!„„ ... ,     i. ,        tbat
on lliursday morning last,    Hoi  tne Uta.uw H.itel, Arrowhead, B. C.
Tbe last issue of the B. C.  Gazette pa8t (e«  weeks   Mr,  Eaton  ....I
,- nUins a notice of tbe liquidation of beeu feeling well, but bis  d    was "
Ibe Okanagan Flour Mills Co.,  Arm- not expected bj bis friend
8!r"''S'-       ___ A despatch states that theS
. .K.ii, ignn hind   Co...pan)   hns  just
closed .. :■ -' lur th.- su
.. rtli.   laud    It .tat.
it i- i-.-I.m itetl   lliill
... ■' . i - .-. - ..
dislricl whi. It i. «u it      inactive
\\ A N T M I)
1.-1011 SAI.i: Four toll l.l nilid Fox
I' Teil-iern Apply al Uniun llolol
I   OHT- Al Ilc-CIMI. Umiml, ii gold
I i .-i..M will, gold nnggel nud i.iiliiiln
inside .1.11. Finder will leeeivo lil.oi-nl
iew..|.||   by   leaving si ■  ul    MAIL-
II Kll n.u i.niee,
VTTANTI'ID   A singl.. ....... reqiiii-en
\V     well healed, i .lorlable r ,
.. ub..... board, ltoplios In llm,
lli.i: u.n (illii-i-.
i ,l..\l.\ I Oiii.oiii-iiif.l I'lfislei-ing
I Ariili.if.l stone ol ..uy dosign for
I nilil ing pi.. poses. Oeittenl and eon-
i-n te work taken by i-nlil.i-i.cl or day
work.   Applv ul MAii.-llKii.u.i.i.ni.-c.
To Trapper?
f - titled i
nring  tho i. -
Raw Furs Bought
Ulll.R   IHI
VA1 I. n11vl>
5c. To $2.50
Send  in   your
orders by Mail
W. BEWS. Phm. B
Druggi-t and Stationer.
Mail ..rders promptly attended
r>   o^SS? rtli Hobson & Bell:
k .   ti.    itlhLhh, . , , :  ,;,,,,.,.,■„„„.,,„„„,„ ;
Y. IVI  C, A.
Exporter oi Pura
....... »•.»..#.....•......*
.   ■
■   ,   !  .      ,.   -,-  |
*l he Aii... I'l  ul.i
lc '-ul.-i - i Uh1  Imii I
... .  i.    ■-,.-.. tl. -  ■
I lllth,    Thi
deal     lers in i  ill. no.    .* — ■
bei   i ind in a  I CURLING
II - ...     :     I In     mi    Knighl
mado i.. .im-i „.,,i- to celebrate tbe     ''**   i"111**'"- ''tn
foundatioi inumaiinei worthy   I the ll"
order. '''
,     ,  I i    '-,    i  . , i   uml     l. ,\|.
A grand liinc*  dr.  -  carnival  will  1{|„ ,„ „   \  ,,    ,,
In- l.i'i.l ii. the   Citlii.i nl Iuin , ,,,    ,,   ,, ,
d„v. K.-l.fiM    ;-.      . auspices     l,urn    '    '     ' ",J"!l1"
,,[ theCurlini* i tub The Tnd p i don    f  H U '■
lit. il will he in a... imI.-i.i-i' and ,    ■-
; will lm given   (oi   thu   best   ladi"«', MfiTlPC
gontleinen - boys   gi  i', and c- n.lo "111 ILL
costutuei   Itcffc.-nmont*   . : be ei cd
in tbo ioearid uvorytliii    -   lb. don -      l" ,:,l,"!* *''-;"'  '   " ' '   ''   ' '■
in order to m»k.. ll," .--i.MM.I .i    ,uc-  S.O.E.B.S,,   musl llbmitlcd    iii
I cesiful and popular bs possible.    Iim writing, duly ccrtilhd by  l.l. Wood
particularly retiuFstfuhhut those a ho row of Revelatoko tothe tindenignod
c...,.' in   costuiuo wnl  u.if-.fi.i   their i ,  ,     _ .   _
„, '        , t... ot before I o   mrv    th, 907,
nnme an I enstutnc represented on a
card at the door on ontoring tbo rink.1 il> -1      ■ Al "" '■■■'■
All please noli- this..        , Kamloops, II. IJ,
A. l-„ 111.'.      0 •• from bu.incss,  his
le ;,. m ing   concern, including
i . .ns, .-I.-.
I) E A I, E R S   I N
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T   I* 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
1 Op. IM
-llifiM and Lm, Socond Si.toI	
'lib.k .nnl Loi, Soconil Street   ....
.   1.7IHI
.Ilii.K .....I Lot*. Tliinl Htiwl	
■ Ili.in ..nd l.nlH, (co.-iiei-) Fifth Hiiii'i
.   8,200
ible ('..in.... Si'coh.I Sii-....|, ..Miii- Y.M.C.A,
* on Socond Si., easl of McKenzie Ave., onel.   .
s.... Third St., .....i of M.-Ke../,ii. Ave., enoh   .    .
.  am
•.... Fniii'ili si., t-.i-i of MclCen/,ln Ave, uneli   .
.      178
..... Fifth SI,, east of .Mi-Kei./.ie Ave, en.-h    ,     ,
.   1.VI
UltANl 1                 NOTAIURS PUBLIC
Having just received a large shipment ol Pipes, Imported
Cigars, ennfeotiouery, stationery and Tobacco, we uro now prepared to Iill your orders with lho highest grade goods nt the lowest
p..ci- In ll.e City.
SOLK llulis, ETC.,
I \ i LSTOKE, I'   (
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