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 " Empire" Typewriter
Fur cse ol operation and perfection
in   r. -lilts  pruiliu-i'il.  tbi-    machine
ia uuauip used.    1'rice, ifliu 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
Provincial Librarj
^he Mail-Hepa
iNew Wellington Coal
" ^vj   LeRliRt+.''-v/Jdj,  pft^,ET,    McKenzie Ai
i/->$> f""— ft4fePHONE   39
Vol. 15.-No  11
ho* ' £?-50i Pel Year
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Saturday Night
Hosiery Specials—
No. 115
Children's All Wool Ribbed Hose
pure soft Cashmere  wool.      Perfect i
black, all sizes 5 1-2 to 7 1-2 at per
pair 35c. or three pair for
No. 146
I.allies plated Cashmere I lose,
full fashioned and shaped, absolutely seamless. All sizes, 8 1-2 to 10.
Pei feet black, at per pair 40c or
two pairs for      75P
No. Marv°l Van
\wi\c Cashmere, black
Cardinal, tans and browns tor children, sizes, 5 to 7 t-i. Silk 'ot aiu
heel, per pair 35c. or 3 pair for
No. 147
1.adies black or tan all wool
Cashmere Hose, full fashioned and
shaped, perfect colors, absolutely
seamless, at per pair      Cftn
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Rev«l»tok« and Arrowhead.
Your Opportunity!!
Stock Taking Bargains in a Good Liue
of English Enamelledware
75c. Blue Enamelled Preserve Kettle now at 46c.
86c. "          "              "            " ''   " 60c.
$1.00 "           "              "             " "   " 65c.
86c. "           "    Sauce Pan         " "    " 60c.
$100 "           "       "       "          ,: "    '' 70c.
$1.00 "          "       "       "          " "   " i'Sc.
See Our Bargain Table.    Always
Something Your Wanting
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offloa   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
llritiiehi-N tic AgenlH at all principal points ill I'iiiiadit.
Agents in Great Britain and United stales -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Ltmltod.   Chicago   First National Hunk, Oom Ex-
cluing!- National Hunk.    Henllle -Seal tie National Hank,   Sun l-'ritn-
ciHeo   Wells Kargo Nevada National Hank.   Spokane—Exchange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
26 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's   Winter  Wear
Must be  cleared   to  make room   ior
new Spring Stock.
MRS.    A.    CRICK
I F 1 ith T   STREET.
Snow Shoe Party Entertained
at Big Eddy Mill
" L A-M-l' wick, lamp wick,
Wick, wick, wick, wick—Lamp wick."
Such were the enes tint echoid aud
re-eohoed among the bills and waiting
trees (rom 11 score nr more ol young
and lualy ihro.ua, clear on the frosty
air ou Thuisd y night, hb a gay party
of snow sheers in picturesque garb
wended their way across the gleaming
surface ol the snow crust up bill and
down dile on a tramp to the Dig Eddy
mill. The assembly mn called at the
Opera House from wbeie the train per -
in twui and three*—chiefly twos—
sped easily and more nr lei-s gracefully
over the snow un what turned out to
be the jilliest tramp of the season
The suow was perfe t inr walking and
excellent time waa made till the B'g
Eddy was reached when, casting al!
reserve aside the party indulged in a
great game of "1 slide you slide,"
down the steep declivities to the river,
causing endless fun and excitement.
8everal pairs of ski if were brought in'o
requisition which heightened the
merriment On reaching the mill
village ail were ready lu unlit se iheir
shoe strings, and tiiis being dm e,
mine boat Hess, bis genial [ace beaming with good humored welcome,
rounded up his guests into llie conk-
house mess room, where a rare repast
had been prepared, Nothing loath,
the crowd accepted the invitation with
zeal lind after a briel but appropriate
grace ny Mr. J. MoMartin, whu hy ihe
way had made the trip nut on akiis,
the merry tune ul the kuife and lurk
and the soft lapping ul steaming tea
anil coffee, iieruiiogled with the running ripple of chart' and repartee, were
the only Bounds tbat could tie heard
lur the next half hour.
After tbe appetite, whetted hy the
gloriuus exercise of the tramp, had
been satiated aud the inner man and
inner woman appeased, the room was
cleared and a series uf dances ami
games started, which would have
caused much amusement to any
person who chanced to pass that way,
the din and whirl being surprising.
The dancing could be rightly termed
the "dancing marathon", so killing
was the pace. As the hours flew by
the enthusiasm and hilarity rose high,
the musicians bravely weilding their
bows ever tlie melodious strings uf
their violins, inwardly remarking,
"and to think that city fulk should
bave audi carryings uu." The host
at the close 0! the dance supplied hut
coffee ail mund, and once more shoe
string* were tightened and adjusted,
and with cheers for tbeir kindly host,
Mr. Hess, tlie party shut down the
slupe across tlie Ed Jy aud hit the trail
for borne, the only diversion this time
being the frequency of the ladies Bhue
Btrings coming untied, rtquiring the
aid of \he only too-willing men—and
the muni away up in the sky humming the well known ditty, "The
mniiti has got his eyes 011 yuu, su he
careful wbat you do."
Home—and ihe happy hut tired
suow -diners dispersed with a tiinil
burst ol "L A-M-l' wick, lamp wick,
wick, wick, wick, wick, lamp wick,"
which died away un the frost laden
air witli a silvery laugh.
Matsuda v. McLennan Ends in
The wrestling match between Rory
McLennan and M Matsuda, oatoh-as-
catch-can, on Thursday nigbt, ended
in a fiasco, the match being declared
utl alter 1 hour and 40 minutes
wrestling. The contest was not very
exciting ll. .ry being on tbe defence the
whole time and uot tryitig to wrestle
his opponent, Matsuda was the clever
or man ul the two, iu spite of his handicap in weigh! i.f 50 lbs. The Jap
secured a fall in 17J mina. with a full
Nelson aud scieeor hold. Io the second bout tlie match lacked excitement
being slow and without any particular
point, and ended by tbe Jap pulling
Rory'a hair, which caused the latter
to reluse to wrestle any more although
lie didn't claim auy foul Irom Referee
Lynch, except that such tricks weie
not in the contract. The match waa
declared utl much tu llie disgust ol the
arge audience, who expected to see a
guml I'niitesl The Jill jitsu exhibitions did uut eventuate.
Card of Thanks
I desire tu express to my friends and
late lelliiw workers in tlie C.I'.R. shops,
my sincere appreciation ior their token
uf esteem anil guud wishes extendi .1
tu uiysull and 111 tn ily, un the occasion
ol uur departure Irom Revelstoke.
Roui.ki Akmbtronu,
Plans and Specifications Being
Prepared for Fine Brick or
Cement Structure in East
End of City.
The ad mi noe. and progress ol Revel
stoke c»i .it be more accurately
gauged an.1 mure conclusively ilriu by
the increa>e in tlie number ol cliil-
dien attending uur sch ols. Tne
present building, alilniugh nl ar.iple
proportions, is over crowded and inadequate fur tie large number of
scholars and every available room has
been utilized,even the top storey. As
regards this top storey, it was never
intend.d that it should be converted
into claBs rooms, but the increasing
number ol children made it necessary
that these rooms should te used, although it was understood to iiu only
temporary as the light, was imperfect
and general arrangements uusuited
[or convenience, a. tl in .re over the
danger in cse .1 lire wa- (trea Ij in-
creas.il. I'he question of » new mhnul
building Ins neeii the subject fur eon-
tinUil discussion lately anil with a
definite idea tli .1 the scheme wuuld be
Favorable to the oity as n whole, the
tr lisle s have engaged Mr. \V. King of
tbis city, who is now preparing plans
fur a new building to be ereoted in the
east. end. The plana will be ready in
ab.iut two weeks and consist ol aline
brick ur content hlu.-.k structure nl twu
Storeys, containing eight ci .s? r urns,
teaches rooms, assembly ball, principal's ullice, cloak rooms aud lavatories
these latter to be titled witli hot and
cold water. The ciass rooms will be
airy and commodious.
It is the intention of the trustees to
abandon the top li ior rooms of the
present buildiug us well as the high
school building, and accommodate the
pupils of the latter ou the first rlunr
ol the public sidiool building.
According to tbe plans tbe prop .sed
new school is a handsome building
quite equal to that ol larger cities. It
is not thought that tbe ratepayers
would turn down the by-law when
put before the people, since all must
recognize the value of education as the
leading factnr in the prosperity of the
city and B. C. as a whole.
Immediate Construction Is Reported-Valuable Link
From rumors and reports that have
been authenticated it is inure than
likely that the construction ol tlie
Arrowhead & Kootenay Railway, which
will give a direct oon Dec tion to llevelstnke with the Crow's Nest branch ul
tbe C. i'. R., will be commenced at au
early date.
The importance ol this railmad cannot be uver estimated, as by its means
a large portion of the heavy freight
trallic ol the C. I'. R. will be hatiltd
over the road through Revelstuke,
making the city a great railway junction. In view of the fact that it ia
prnbable that the whole ol the grain
traffic (rom the prairies will be sent
west to Vancouver, the value ol the
link can easily be seen. Besides tbil
there is a large and valuable area ul
rich land which needs development
contiguoua to the railroad, aud any
further extension ul tbe charter will
be a detriment tu tbe development and
opening up uf these districts.
Takes Oath of Office on Inauguration Day.
Wabiiinuton, March ft.—Win H.
Taft touk the oath uf ullice aa pre-.idem
ol the United States in the senate
chamber at 12.fin yesterday altcrnonn
and concluded bia inaugural address
at 1.30 o'clock.
Owing to the blizzard that raged
here laat night and tbis morning the
inaugural exercises could not he beld
on the spot just outside of the capitol
building, where so many presidents
have taken tbe oath of ullice. Tbis
was the only change in the program
as announced by the committee on
President Tali delivered hia address
immediately f. Ilnwing the inauguration ol Vice -President Sherman, and
the taking nl the oaths by tbo uew
senators. While Vice-1'resident Fair
batiks was reciting the oath hia successor kissed tho Bible and then rained
tbe gavel and uaud it lor the lirst,
First-class programme tuuight al
the Edison Parlor Theatre.
Complaints Received From No.
I Fire Brigade re Opera House
The regular meeting of the cily
council wiih held last night, with
Mayor Lindmark and Aid. Wells,
Sawyer, Maod maid, Kimberley and
HtiiiKi present. Among the communications were:
From Chie! ol Police, reporting lire
alarms t)   K.
Ropnrt of the Superintendent ol the
power li use f ir month ol February.
Ci'iz-jns c munition ol F'ernic stating
that   a-,   s ion   as   lhi'auililieiiiilil be
oompleted a full statement ol the
manner in which tlie Revelstoke do-
natinn to the sufferers in the Fernie
fire, would he sent.
Dr Fagan re plans nf city sewerage
Bys'em as lieing passed and approved
of by the hoard of health
.1 E Owen, engineer expert, stating
that In- won't! he pleasul to stop off in
Revelstoke a lew days and make a
thorough iinspectiuu and test ol the
new producer plant
Dr Mel.cin, cily m-tli.-al health
ullice.', I'ip.ii ion un Scnlet fever oases
iii tli*- <; illltli fiiuilv aid 1 speotion
nf the * -ii.i.i! ciii dten.
Fire 11 igade N ■. 1 st.itiug tint the
cottdiiiumi and arrangements nf exits,
window., stuns, etc , and lurouce
ro in ui the Opera Hous-wereiot
such u- iv uld be e ife for use or emeig-
eiiey i-1 cise of li . The council felt
that wi*-1 on the window was dangerous. Tit- furnace room badly con-
strncied, the stairs too narrow and
likely to cause oougestion of 11 crowd
pissing   .uu.      Tlie  In-. nco
riiunilil ast exits a daug^.ous lire
trap, ami it was agreed .luu the is-
oipes were unsuitable; thai double
exit ilours it, tiie sales nf the house
ate.in.! ii.- ptit iu and w Or stairways.
The niiuter was left in lie hands of
the Mayor and Aid. Sawyer und Kimberley tu limk iuto nnd  report.
No. 1 File Brigade alsu submitted a
aet ut by-laws governing the brigade
which were referreil to the by-law
C 1111 mil lee.
The by-law authorizing the payment
of $000 as a salary to the Mayor for
the current year was adopted.
The Mayor Btated tlmt be had seeu
the nllicials ol the Seattle Fair regard
ing the Revelstoke day and had decided 1I1 it tie idea was not practical
since a sufficient number of pei pie
would not le pn sent Irom the city
at 0nee tu make a shewing. He said,
however, that Capt. Tallow and Mr.
rainier i.f ibe agricultural department
uf B. C, had promised tu make arrangements 111 show Revelsluke straw--
berr-ua at the fair, The Miyor also
Stated that the Minis'er ol Lauds a-
well as the Minister ol Puhiiu Wurks
luul promise.! tn ilu all iu tlieir power
to further the construction uf the
wag. ni road   ft om Revelatoke to Mara
The matter uf the bad roads in tlie
city was dietMSned, and it was deoided
tu put a iruuk mad in guud shape f->r
trallic at once, the whole length ol
tbe city
I'he ae.i: iitnla were then passed and
the meeting nilj nirm d.
To R. Armstrong by C.P.R. Shop
II Armstrong, who lor over twenty-
five years hue been in tiie service of
tbe C.P.R,  and nail of  that time in
the loo 11 shops, was the recipient this
week nf a handsome mantel cluck
frum bis confreres iu the ahops. The
presentation tuok place at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong on BiMli
Street, Mr. Armstrong during his
residence here has made a large circle
ol friends, and his loss as a citizen
will he generally folt especially among
the simp employees with whom lie
was a general favorite. In making
the presentation the men expressid
their regret at hia departure wishing
him every success in his new sphere ol
life. Mr. Armstrong, who was tieeply
touched by ihe kindly expressions nl
his friends, assured tbem that he
would value highly their gilt and their
good wishes. The family leave tomorrow ni^ln fir Victoria, where they
will in future reside,
New Post Office
The   Poatmater  General at Ottawa
has arranged lur lhe establishment ol
a pust ullice al the Big Eddy Mill
which will he opened about March 1ft.
C. F. Lindmark lias heen appninted
postmaster ul the new office which
will lie located in the premises of the
mill office. Tlie Big Eddy mail bag is
geiting heavier every month and the
need ol a post ollice has been much
lelt. This convenience is the begin
niug of a thriving suburb settlement
which will he largely increased when
tlie new   government   I.. ."go is
completed across the Columuia,
The Best Yet
Our endeavoi i.s always
to handle the best in everything in the Grocery  line.
Just now wc can recommend Salt. Smoked and
Canned Fish   oi   all   kinds.
Pure Maple Syrup. St Ifrising Buckwheat Flour, H my in glas-
and in the 00111 b.    Eg^s direct fro .1 the hen—We are  strictly   in   tl
Egg builnesa and can supply any quantity at right "prices.
Hams and Baonr..   THesc arc the liuest   Canadian   ;     in
cured ments and an; winning us a lot of cuetuin.
Celery, l.e'•• ■• nd early green vegetables are sfririn-f in go-al
condition, nnd hu Ii Frti - as Oranges, Bananas. Leu. s, etc., are at
tlieir best
Harness        Plumbing
MgWfflglhes on Tap.
^^ —    " ' if you dont
., See Yf hat you
want  M^
You are not dressed right from head to
foot unless you   have  a   New   Spring Hat.
We have .til tiie latest English and
American styles in Soft and Stiff, and
we have all the new styles in Fit Reform
Clothing. We s ilir.it inspection from
prospective buyers. It docs not pay
to lie out of style.
iifau ui 1 n 1. inn..-, in
I SI llll I - III h   1««7
B. E. WAXKER, President Paid-lip Capital, $10,000,000
alexahder LAiwp.Gceuii m.iaagei   ReserveFund,       6.000.000
Tlie nr*  ". uii io'    ( - il bv thii Hai k are •• mosl - onvenienl
way in which to enrn   ■.. -.., . .-■  eti iiing     Ni    are ia min itioia o«
$13,   $20,  $50,  $100 nnd  $200
and the exaci .un..l.e payable In  Aii-iiria,  Belgium   !-   iinark, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway,  itussla, Sweden
ind Swil7.cil.ind is staled on the face of»carli cheque,  while in other countries
ilxry are payable al currenl rate*.
The chet|iu", and all information regarding tlit-.n may be oblaim .1 al ever)  office
of the Bank, 131*
Foster's Forecast
March lilli—Warm wai" will orosi
Paoific abuut "th, coltl wave will cross
Pacific llope March 8th, great central
valleys 8tb, eastern states Imii.
This will be a severe winter sturm
with blizzard accompanimi ■ t« and the
billiard features will reach lar southward   for the seas.ui.    This  will be u
repetition ol tbe February bli/.zards,
but Dot quite IO severe Tliese March
Cold waves a..d billiards, fnllowinj-
high temperatures will be exoeeditigl;
oppressive l.ir ('.'■ ,.lahn people cast ol
the Hockics.
Convention is Postponed
William A. Anstie, secrotar,- of the
British Columbia Lumber L"ggii g
and Forestry Association, announces
that us a result of the Alberta elections
la-ing set Iiii .March '.!_!,the cunventi n
ol the lumber manufacturers and retail dealer! oi tbe oountry between the
Ureal 1-aden and the I'aiilic, which
wai to lie held at Calgary on March
2'A. has lieen postponed uuiil April 18.
lust opened "| a lull stock ol
biscuits aud candy. Link at the
good I, and wc guarantee you don't
_.. k l. the prices     C. B, Hume '  " THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfoaiMbcralb.
13arristbrs, Solicitous,   Etc.
0 T T A VV A
immense  sums ur sec all lhat has
been .spent thrown away.  Then the
uml i \ opt in u  few cases the fran-1
chisc has   lieen   used carefully,     ll i
time comes  lhat the British inves-1 is only fairto lhe women who have New   Oats   and    Nc    Exercise
tor Bays no to  the further appeals as much   right   to   an  opinion of    Have Fatal Effect On Horses
Supreme^ ind Exchequer Conn
Agents. Practice in Patent
Onice and befoie Kailway
Hon. rii.\ni.K-;.\lrHpiiY, M.P.
Haroi u.l-'isiiiiit.
fur money. Let uur motto he
f'slow luit sure." Let tin check the
tendency of some of our publio
bodies to enter into enterprises fur
which they have no knowledge or
fitness, Let us finish one great
nutionul undertaking before coin
mencing another, this being applicable to our own selves. Once
again let our public men and bankers sneak   out    and net  in lhe na-
uid in 09nl'y returned from ihe Arrow Lake
dist.ru", where lie has lieen  treating a
f   Azoiuria
i> :  Imperial Bank Bendinh Rbvbl- ; t.ional interest and preserve to Cun
min   bei   fair
S'lOKK,  B. C
Mouej to loan.
Offloea: Kuvel-tokt., B i
i. M, Pinkham
lit, 11   I ■
Craubrook, B. U
1 LLI AM  I. llKH-iliS
Solicitor, etc.
s Hut.H for:—
Thb Molsons Bank, Etc,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Buiveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box  lUU,   Kl-.VKI.K'IOKK
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   Viow Camp. No. 229
Meet* Second and rVnrili WednotdayB 111
. . n umnth, in Selkirk Hull. Visilin Wood-
men oonllaUj Invited toatteutl.
Vi. II. Alt.MSTllONli, lun. Coin.
_ J. MelNTYKK, Clurk.
F. O. E.
Tbe r«Kiilar meslnms are lielil in the Selkirk
Hall every Tne^daj evoiiiuK nl * o OlOOk
VLititiit brethren are cordially iuvile.i.
T   J. WALSH, 1'bbsidknt.
W. K. McLAUt HUN.Secretary.
Kootenay Lodso   No. 15, A  F. & A. M
Tlie riiinilar ineet-
laga are liel'l in the
Oddfellows Hall, on
llie third Monday in
each    nn.nth    at     H
p.m. Vlsttttig brethren cordially welcome.
I'. A. i'Kut'L'NIKU. Secketakv.
SL'LK IRK LODGE No. li I. 0. 0. K.
Meots every Tlnir--
day   eveiiiiitf   in   Bel-
I kirk HhII at S o'clock
IVlsItlng brethren are
cor.il:i',.y iurlted to attend.
W. A   Kl" ITE, N.Q.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
MBETS __.v__.uy aeiinksiiay,
exiept i . ..i Wedoeadi j o.
eaoh month,ia - .ildli-u tv_c
Hall    »t    s    I'cliok.     Vlsltlm
Knights s i- o ,r-lisliy   nvilel.
SMITH, 0. I'll   H.  BBOl K   K. ol   It   A
J    11. SCOTT,
... of K.
Zbc flDail*1foettil6
There is ao much lind iu the best ol u
Aud so much mind in the worst of us
That il hardly behooves any of us.
Tn tslk about tlie re-t of us.
name   amongst tlie
people of the Old Country.     As ive
have saiil  so  often before, we need
not rush our development.   Time
is   on   our   side,      Let   us hasten
slowly.     We  are  glad to sec that
the quality  of  our  immigrants  is
increasing, as well as the quantity;
we arc making a nation, not collecting a mob. So in the development
of our  resources, build solidly.    A
London editor said recently, "What
astonishes   me   about Canada and
he. growing ci lies   is   that  it  has
such old heads on young shoulders.
Let us keep up to that.    Do not lot
tho   enthusiasm of youth—magnificent quality   as   il  is—run away
with sober judgment.     Let us take
precious   care   of    our   matchless
birthright, and in Kevelstoke justify   hat our   motto,   "Opulens sine
dtibitale,"   is   carried out in every
tbeir   own, lo   bave   a  sny in the j    D   G. \V. Ttiutuaa, 1) V, S, mis re
administration   of  affairs
the case of  the  Australian Com-,
series  ol   twses  ul   Azoiuria    or   uric
miinweiilth,  where  women are fri • acid poi oning in several horse* be-
quently found at the  bead of  con   lo-igiog to the Arrow Likes Lumber
cerns which play a   leading part in!Co" A'-™*llB«d-
lu describing  the diseiee, which is
the welfare of the country—we refer!
chiefly to revenue producing farms,
ranches, and other estates—a woman lias even more rigbt to voice her
the   kevnut
An ex-alderman called on us
yesterday to expostulate with us in
our content ion in a recent issue
that the snow service this year has
been better than lhat of previous
ones. We still claim that good
work has been done, and especially
on the sidewalks during the heavy
snow, as the walks have been wider
this year than usual. We particularized sidewalks, and up to Ibe
time of writing lust week the sidewalks were fairly good, though
since that time the thaw has made
walking particularly dillicult, Ke-
garding the streets, the public perhaps have cause for comment since
the council never really made use
of the big Il}-foot plough to take off
the snow which would have enabled a double truck to bave been
cut on the roads. Tben again it
is doubtful if rig and bus drivers
would keep tn their respective sides
of the streets and not converge to
and development should I one central track, even though they
f the policy of I may have hud a little ploughing
and track making to do on tbeir
own account. Since the recent soft
weather the pi ten holes in the
streets have increased consider
opinion.      The    contention     lhat
women would   not  take advantage
uf   a   franchise cannot be substantiated   and   does   not take iuto account   that    woman   toils quite as
faithfully as her husband or brother
in tlie building ni) "' the borne and
that her  interests in tbe welfare of
the country are  quite  as strong as
theirs.       It    is   only that  she bus
been   educated   through successive
generations in the belief that voting
is   outside   here  ''sphere," that she
has   not   given    tlie   attention   to
municipal   and   political   matters
that   she  otherwise might.    Even
in Kevelstoke at publio mt clings of
both   political   and municipal nature, the large percentage uf women
invariably   present  is an evideuco
that the  interest  in   these inutleiH
is   nu  deatl   issue,    (live a womin
tlie right to  exercise   ber franchise
and she will   sn.ui learn how lo intelligently,    In.in- Iv,      dim-lively,
and withoul bias, o.-e il.
Why Westerners ara So Proud
of Their Country
Both the st ry and the success of
Purity Flour begin in the rich, black,
heavy eoil, the gumbo, as it is called,
that characterizes the plains of Western Canada. After examination liy llie
world's foremost scientists, this s..il
has been proclaimed the richtst on
earth's surface in every constituent
that gut's to the making of wheat
Western Camilla must, therefore, i.«i
licked to for tlieir wheat by all the
Wheat-eating countries that wan' the'
best Hour, or require full, ban! wheat I
So tbat the reason fur tlie existence nl ■ Soil    Conditions    Should    Form
the   great St. Boniface   mill   ol   ihe ri •  ,  «..  .
... . _. ,      , ...     ..... ,. thief Study
Hesterti ( lunula Hour Mills Company i '
lies in the fact that it stand- »i  ihe      What cla-s ul n en   make  the  Left
door of   the   provinces   which possia  success uf Inu   giowiug iu British Co-
thia rich wheat soil. ' hi.,? is  a  ipiesiiin   which   is  not
The Western  Canada   Flo tr   Mills  infrequently beard, and iih ch is more
Company baa a far-reaching system of or  |WH difficult  to  answer.    In  this
storehouses scattered  throughout |heloor"""ot"
entire   west,  whi di   are   used both as
purchasing   depots   and   ll  or    warehouses     Aliing  the main  ami   'laiich
not at all prevalent in B. C, Dr.
Thomas states that the disease, ur
poisoning, has lieen but rarely so
virulent in IS. C, there being only a
case (rum time to ti ne. The severe
cases at Arrowhead recently had been
the first for some time. The cause of
the puisoiiiug is tiie fact that there
Iius been too much nitrogenous matter in tlie horses (o.nl, brought on by
excessive (ceding of new oata and
wheat and lack of exercise, causing a
ripid chemical change in the animals
system and an increase nf blood albumen into uric acid, at the same time
li'ling Ibe system with carbonate uf
ammonia. The t (Teets of the poison
are so rapid Unit ibe horse in must
cases succumbs '.> i s effects before a
remedy can be applied lo counteract
it Ur. Thomas slates that live valuable horses belonging tu the Arrow
Lake Lumber C i, died ol the poison;
the best slock, as a rule, lieing affected
The onlv symplo • s ol the poison
arc weakness of bick aud nervous al
feci ui, causing the animal to fall and
prevents ii Irnin regal  ing it feet.
New wheat hi d oats fed to a horse
will cause the |i. ison, and if animals
are to he kept in good condition during an off work season, all new wheat
ur i.ats sh.mill be avoided and only
iei d given tliat has hie i stored a year
nul llie albumen gone out of it.
The doctor slated that, the district
was particularly free from any disease
in cattle, and thnt I lie stock he has
seen is in good condition. He recommends lhat. there shuuld be muru
frequent inspection hy government of
loca1 cattle, especially ni'lMug cows.
On Icing asked what means should
be taken to prevent the fatal effects of
uric acid puisoiiiug in hursts that
might possibly contract it, tlie doctor
said that much .nod could he done if
the animal were given purgativs occasionally, prior ti the opening of the
heavy wink season, to eliminate any
poison (lint might lie in the system
antl thus save a y puss'ble luss to
owners ..f burses.
day nt Vancouver, RevelBtoke ]and
Nelsou. The principal features of tl e
system are the reduction in expense
through the curtailment ol clerical
labor; quick action in the manage-
ment ol affairs through the abolition
ol endless red tape, and a better een
tralisiil.ion of Ilic staff operating under
tlie superintendents reporting to the
general superintendent, One result
of the new system has been a reduction of the clerical staff on the Pacific
division of between 20 and 30 men.
Under the new system all correspondence affecting the operating business
of the company goes to the general
superintendent and is then forwarded
to the superintendent, who secures
the desired information, and then forwards a reply direct to the general
superintendent. In thia way endless
liles ol correspondence will be done
away with and the rapidity of com
muiiication effected.
Cars Will be Built of B. C. Iron
and Steel.
Advices (rom Vancouver state that
large and' moilernly equipped cur
building shops which will forin the
nucleus ol a plant that will ultimately
turn out finished locomotives built
frum Uritish Columbia iron and steel
is saiil, on the best authority, to be the
latest project of the Canadian Pacific
railway. Tlie shops will be built on
thu line of railway at Westminster
Junction, about 20 miles from Van-
c uiter, and it is Baid to be the intention ol ihe company to start operations
ai unco au that finished cars will le
ready for   the   weslern   movement of
grain Ihis fall.
— -   - • -*■- —
C. P. R. Summer Service
Preparations are being made by the
C. P. 11 for its increased service during the summer. Fifty new sleeping
cars are being constructed, aod it is
expected that even with these there
will be none tqo many to take care ol
the trallic offering. The double transcontinental service will lake efl'ect
about the lirst of May, and when the
exposition takes place at Seattle on
June 1st it is probable lhat another
train will be put on,
Railway Commission
The Railway Com mission passed
through Revelstoke shortly after 1
o'clock oo Thuistlay afternoon fr rn
Vancouver en route for Nels n. Several mem b'rs nf the Hoard uf Trade
iried to arrange an interview but lack
of tine prevented anything being
d .ne, the CuminiBsione s transhipping
to the siuiili train immediately on
arrival uf N i. Oil Mr MoMu.lin, C.P
lt. s licitur, In.never inl tilled the
members of llie Bo ird of Trade that il
possible Mr Liiiiilii", Cl'.A , should
he rei|ites ed to siupt IV In re, anil have
» talk with the Board
Lucky Numbers
for February
Below we give the numbers for February that aro entitled to the
ten beiutiful and costly 109 piece china dinner sets we are giving away
each month to the users of ROYAL STANDARD flour'
Compare your coupons wilh lhe numbers quoted below. If you
find you have a duplicate return it to us, and we will ship you one of
these beautiful dinner sets carefully packed and fully prepaid.
38381   45782  29414  29998  43168
37677  31175  41614  31574  33149
11 you are not in the list this month save your coupons, you may
be nexl month. You may lind your number among the winners at any
time. Remember tbe coupons are placed in the sacks as they leave the
mill, and you are just as liable to win next month on one of this
month's coupons as not. In the meantime gather all the coupons you
can. Ten must win each month, why not you? Persistence will win
its reward.
The woman who buys ROYAL STANDARD "°ur ^
using the best bread liuur that ski'l will produce or money will buy,
and al the sume lime she has the prospect of securing a handsome prize
each month.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
1 linse
even Canadian city ol the west
ami that development should lie
attained not at tbe expense of ilm
civic liberty of tlie community in-
diviii i&iiy. but by a slow luu sun
D .--meiit that. based ou the
. lations oi permanency,solidity,
a level-headed and far-si eing policy,
and a system   of   caution, will ic-
ho.cver, those best in-j
formed will tell yuu thai intelligence
is far m re important than experience.
.Some nl im- most successful Iruit
lines of ihe western railr ..'_. there|grower* in the ir.ivince sre men wbo
are at present over 76 of these, .ml ti u bail practically no experience ol the
number is being constantl) ■ ded to art '" ' "' embarking in it here, but
as new lines of railnadt opei up virgin wtl" *''r" I'ossessed of snlHcient bus!-
wheat country. Tl.ey bave a capacity '"'•"" lr"" ' 15 t" enable tin m to apply
of over two and a ball milium bushels. ■*"""' ' uiiness methods in conducting
As feat ia I i eat s boug ...Ire t,"lr lr"" i!,"vvi"K enterprise Tie
quired at any ol  the  company'* i  ills   '"'   '"" "   .'did not pretend to k
making driving dangerous-  and the it ia shipped ti   Brandon, Winnipeg or anything a ...ut  the profi-ssi.. aiie
liability   ol   damaged   rigs   tlways   Koderieh    in   which  citiea '      '     ng to begin at the beginning
,,,.                                ,       . ..., . i     U _.re Incited and learn the business al ng improved
present.      Altliougn     these    pitch   pany s  n    tan     caiec ,        ,       ,
■i    ■      i                         1   .. -t    Boniface mi      ■   me   , •'   th. '-■ *""  'ne 'act   thai   they
holes cannot be avoided   -   ugether        "   '     "...u.a..e .,,,,  > ,„.   ,.     ...
-    a    placet          a  ...  peg     Among thing to forget made tin-com-
are cut on larqe
to give the wearer
the utmost comfort
mui mumeraatxw
Taws* Caiia-Mar &.__■__»
>-et at the same time wereaby- , _  .   (-  |iarat,v,ly _y.   Tbe Old C mntry or
":     -:'   ;   '      "ll  '  '       '         peril     -      .ip, Eaater,     trme.    who   formerly man-
imperative for all vehicles  to  keep .    .        ..     .     extent tbe nr     n     '-" ■            iam»n»gtd  a   small Iruit
comphsb  better and  more lasting  ,,..      f, lf ,. ,   ,„„,i    ,u„   un; ln tD"   oria"         r>t-utiii< pr
i     i.   ■'   of the   rmi.    the   llkli- covorB nver 12 acree    Tbe mills wbicb   P   ""    '     on the aide    ia the most
result*.     Municipal improvemehts  hood   I i lei;  pitch holes  would   bt weri           ....    ,,   ,.„„    ,.,,,,,   , rer|ditfici         lividual io lilt out ol tne
mg corn cl   lines
1906    cosl   ovei
i.'i..i- irau    wi     tbe growth ol  lessened      Undet  the present con-   (1,000000    1 ne mill proper ia levei   " .   : -a
olumi     il   business    ••'■   '■■'     bolild    the   tbaw    go   on   itories in height, with a floor  apace if when
tni   .   .'
olumi    il   business
r.i..- -. ••       ii   the ; ro-, •.  - of the
■ iIiihIm    arc   mi-
e eu ti ..     x\ insi       ind   i • ■ • ■ i •
unless 8te| -  in
:. enl   I   "        luBtrial reao in es of  ,|.e tr(,,,!,,,.
rapidly it will be almost impossible  71 laquareleei    ind a '  v - and re-
to drive over the streets with safel     mill I    »"   H   tanki   »ii lifferent to
taken   tu   ri'iiu-il
ed i    Iii' I i on.' surround-
imn  it) ' ■    -:.■'  Id  la- i .irrieii
u:  I   ■_ id reasonable improvement
A most
I ,■   pa, _ warel "
ovei 500,000 buabe -   an ell »al  ■   I •
■.-..;     •   16,000   buahi "   "'  ""'"^   ,lwlt  tl,e
an- trie power plant Irom ild I* a au slut fruit
•IA "    H-I..V.I. ,_      (]|||   p(jwer    |,ghttnd      1( .    ,. Btitiah   Columbia al    iIri
schemes must be avoided.    A most       rhe question of women' the entire establishment
-■.;.   lesson  ha-  been learned in ie   of   particular   imports rhe meel i     ■
"., Old I ouDtn      Men ol limited  i, iw, an
Certifi cate of Improvements
Pluto aud (iulillno Mineral claims* situate in
tlm Trout Lake Utning Division of Wmt
Kooteuay District.
Where  located;   On  Divide between(taaoade
iiri'i Poplar Creeks and about H milo from
A- \ K. Railway
Tako notice that I. O. R N, wilkie.acting as
ii«ont. for B<dward Itaillio, Free Minor's * ortill-
rntn So    IWH3M. iiitnnd.   sixty   flays   from date
imrnof, tn apply to tlm Mining Recorder for fl
Certificate of rmproTementSi fnr tbe purpose of
i.'iiii imii' 'i On wn Grant of the above claims.
Ami   furt Imr   take   notice that action,   under
action -t". mn^t b>» rommenoed before the Ism-
inceoi   urli < ertlfloate of Improvements.
Dm*.I thti Iti. day of March. A.D., 1000,
O. H. N. WU-KIK.
Feb   i Trout Lako.
rd   io-   precon-   Revelatoke Und DIi
I I     ll-icl   '.!   West   Kl
.   i mel -   • • hi uatn,n
apart   from   l ig ridi-  "'- " ' ' '      -
nti aetm  mej   bi  eal mated  fri n    " ' ,WI|M
outlook and   utile businew experi- culed   .    some deem   :.; to i     m
n... ii. ii.. Councils ul citiee and the other hand the matter desei bs
country districts have plunged iusl and careful consideration. It
headlong into vast schemes of elec- is argued that because bul b -m.ili
trie tramways, electric light, gus, i fir Dortion ol ti women at present
telephone ami   uther projects, with  entitled   lo  vole, avail, themselves
the   rei-ult   lb.it m  manv cities the
of  ibe  franchise lhe>   are i ontent
rate*  bave   gone   up lo so high a  to have  condilions remain as tbey
figure   that   huainusefea   bave been are   and   would   not  exercise the
■ be hogs (even   «t..ry
building ol I he mill itsell I bi	
than  ii-ii   iiit-n   employed   tin-  entire
work   laiing  carried on 'iy autoti I
Take Notice thai   II iderlck William
.-   ind   lm    i -ii it   Lindsay,     of    Oainhtirne,     ll.    C.,
I   |',nl,.i,  ( .,-        upalion,  ri h nil,inli'iidi. In apply
, - - imalic conditions, and
, . irententi, and alter ne has
. . :■ i.i-ral knowledge of theae
. - applied lo ' be fi iii  growing
an ai   as     win e it is lurlliei necea-
forced to close up ..r move elsewhere ami an almost intolerable
burden laid upon the communities
right to vote to any adequate extent if it were generally granted
them.    This   contention  does not
generally The danger in Canada ! al all meet the fact that women as
is that before tbe mass ol tlie peo-1 a rule are quite as intelligent as
pie realize the oxtent to which they  men, and taken together represent
have been   committed, great public
enterprises will have been so heavily   entered   into   that  they nm-i
either   go   on    borrowing   further force for some   considerable time
a far higher moral anil intellectual
standard than nmn. The women's
franchise in   Australia  Iibk been in
W  ii any wonder these  westerneri "" ■ ' ;'"""' * 'P60'"   "     '   ''
•!..   :,•:, id lal locality in  ■   ich be t> -
pecta •    iperate.    Varietiea which aie
........ n one part ol Bi itiah Colombia .ay be a decided failure u.
others and the methods of cultivation
n j'l.r" to be vanetl accordingly
Now in Vogue in Operating Department of C. P. Ft.
The syntern  of  handling  the  nlTairs
of the operating department ol   the
C P Ft, "ii Ibe I'acilic division haa
been reorganized hy Mr. P. I''. Ilua-
teetl, i.eiierni   Superintendent,    The
new system went into ell'eut un  Minn
are proud, proud ol their dun ll try  anil
its loil   I In-1r wheat, and ol the product
... it       8, 1 'n r i ty Fii
Rushing Work on G. T. P.
Mr 0, A. McNicholl, Purchasing
A-.;n111, til the 'Iraiid Trunk I'acilic,
who is hack frum a. trip to Prince
Etupert, is calling fur If-ndc -i for the
supply of 300,000 cross and switoh
ties nnd   I It'll! Iclegraph  poles lur use
on tlm section  between Prinoe Rupert
anil Kitsilaa Canyon nn tlie ISkeemi
river. lie states that construction
will lie rushed without, delay, and that
the UK).mile section on the coast will
be ready by next autumn,
i.n permission to purchase the follow
Ing described land;
I 'iiiiunenciiiK .il the moth cast oornei .if A. I). MacKay's pre-emption
No 7.Win ,iml ii.inked " H. W. LlUll
aav'sN. W, Gomel Posli"thonce ehoul
8 chalna tn west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption,  Ihence aliout to ohains
-ulli; I b'-liii' .ili'.ol   H   chaltlS    I'HSt to
MncKay'aaide line; ihence noi lb about
.'iu ihi in-, in polnl ni commencement,
■ iiiii.iiiiioi; l'i acres nunc or less,
Dated Jan. Zoth, Hum.     feb lil
Kevelstoke IjuuI District.
Iliatrlcl of Wosl Kootenay,
Take nolice lhal   Walter P, OonfutT
nf si.   Paul,   Minnesota,   occupation
printer,  Inlends to apply for perinfs-
ainii   tn  purchase   ibe   following tie
-icrilied liiiuls;
I 'uiilincncillg ill a pnsl phi III I'll along
side ol the re-enliiinl anuth-ivesl collier post uf Ia,\ 7H7II; Iheuee weal 10
chains along the south boundary of
Lui 7U7U; ihence sooib 10 chains;
Ihence easl 40 hains: thence north l"
chalna to polnl of commencement,
containing um acres,
Wai.tku P. Comauk.
I late: December H, lUU*. janUOOd
Make Your Home Beautiful
with une ul uur hands une parlcraeta,
flpliolsii ied in high guide silk, or
damask, with fm nits lhat are In'every
cm i e vali'e thi-igi , aim maile tu wear
indi llnili ly. We i aie many new antl
I'launful pari r nels and mid pieces lur
heaunfyiug ihe bouie ihu a e ttsie
fill, i tl'- Clin iiini inc.,| i'i sive, and will
show your na ins lu the bust advantage,
Zt HOWSON Sr co.r.
Big Discoun
on all
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
HKAU lirriCK :    CAI.OAHV,    Al.llHlllTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pink Packet's and Dealers III Live Stuck. Markets In all the nrlnel
mil Oltl-a and Tnivns uf Alln'iia. British Oolilillhta and the Yukon.
Piickei-s i.f the Celebrated Brand  " Imperatur" Hams and Bacun,
»   mil "Hhauiio. k" Brand Leal' Laid.
i^%%.%.%.^^%%^.-%^%^.'%^%^%^^^%.'%^^%'^%^-%.^^%^% 9.
Import direet from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
a^     pfvfi STOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       Kirat-elass in every reBpect.     All modern eonvHinences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Ratea.
Quoon's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sninii   management
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nf"HE All-put pose  Flour, and
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"More bread and better bread."
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Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Vancouver Acreage
Sci.il  I b si rip'iiii , Price n ml
Terms to
Andrew E.  Liddle
K'i,| l'.-tate Aeent,  Box   137
300 Hastings St. Wesi, Vancouver, B C,
MamiF icti.'H<l fur nil olftSSM of   bulldtugS
for sale io Urge or small (juauttttes
at the lowest prices f«»r cash,
/ 11 kind> nf huildinc and plastering
u title rtnkeu.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boagho
Oash Prices Paia
F.   B.    WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Fii. .Inn. LM Kp. of Brit.
Sat. Feb.   tl Lk. Chmnplaiu
Fii. Feb. 13 Kmp, of Irel'd    Jan. 3>
Fri. Feb. _9! Kmp. of Britain Feb. 12
Sur. Mar.  8 Lake ISi-le i.Mi.17
Fri. Mar. 12Emp. u  Ireland Feb.lW
1st. Class and. Class jrd, Class
$Sj 50   $48 75        ' Sjt 25
tat. Class 2nd. Class  -,rd. Class
$65 00        $42 50        $,iu 00
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $30 00
Cheap tates to Atlantic Seal* aid
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers honked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and all other continental
Por further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Revelstoke, H.C.
Vanoouver , U.C
Tested stock, .Seeds for
farm, Karden or conservatory, from the best
growers in England,
France. Holland, the
United S Ul es, and
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits,   lininc   grown.
Fertilizers, lice supplies
spraying materials, cut
flowers, oto.
140 Page Catalogue  Froo
M.    J.    HENRY
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3010 WrHtminslt'r Road
The Burden of Loss
would not be so heavy if yon
were properly protected by a
uond Fire Insurance Policy.
If you are not now insured
you should give the matter
your immediate and serious
consideration. To gu uninsured is to court disaster and
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us tell yon about our policies.
Real Estate anu Insurance
first Class Barber
First Class Business
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For full particulars apply to
H. J. WILLIAMSON (late collector
Revelatoke Steam Laundry) having
now the Agency lor tho Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will call at ynur
house Mondays, rueedaye and
All Work Guaranteed.   Prioee Moderate
Kootenay Members Lay Claims
for Establishment
One of the chit f subjects ni diecus-
aion at the Wed 111.- lay's sitting ul tbe
Federal House at Ottawa waa the
question uf experimental farms.
Martin Burrell. Yale-Caiiboo, urged
upon the Minister of Agriculture the
desirability of establishing one experimental station in the arid districts
of Biltiak Columbia, where irrigation
is neceaaary lur proper prod re tion of
Iruit, eic. Owing tu tlie great dilliculty
of reclamation uf tie still, such a station tvtui'u lie i.I gieat service at the
pre-etit lime when peuple are ex-
perimenifug Hi.il Hie mure ur less in
the dark, tiie cum-tqneuce being a
guud deal nl c .illusion.
Mr. Bui nil saiil the fruit industry
of Brireli Columbia is oue which is
getting to leof enormous importance
to Canada, and he hoped tbe minister
would see his way clear tu luok into
the matter at once and establish a station at a point in British Columbia
where be considered it would do the
moat good.
A. S. Guodeve, Kootenay, preased
upon the government the necessity of
of further experiment in the growing
ol Iruit foi tbe purpose ol improving
the market vslues ol truite Such
work, he was confident, would much
mure than pay fur itsi If.
C. A. Magrath, Medicine H.it, supported tbe principle nf the resolution
it) general, but especially in reference
to the we*t. No new country could
be settled without experiments in
ag .culture, he snid, and nn tiiai basis
he heartily supported  the  resolution.
linn. Sydney Fisher ac: Opted tbe
resolution, expressing the policy ol the
government. It would be dillicult,
however, to meet the demand for experimental stations on account of the
expense. Consequently it wus necea
amy tu make a choice, ai.d in making
tbat cbuice the government waa
guided by the principle uf establishing
farms where they wnu'd serve l.irgcr
piipulatii.il rather than smaller pupu
latinn, nr whore conditions were such
that ilu results securul would be applied uulj tu a narrow range. In B
C, be said, the government intended
tu establish 11 farm un Vancuuver
Inland and une on the mainland. In
the near fulure il would be necis-ary
to establish several experimental larms
in British Columbia.
[It mn be remembered that the
lncal Board of Trade toik the matter
up recently, forwarding resolutions to
Ottawa, suggesting the Arrow Lake
Lake and Columbia River District as
suitable for experimental farms. It is
possible the suggestion may be acted
upon. I
at)    .   r;  .  v- 1
cxiniia iniM'i'ua •a-u-ua
Hevelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with tbe Statutes, that Provlnolal Revenue Tax nnd assessed lux.-?-
and income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Ait" and
amendments, are now due and payable for the vear 1009, All taxes ml-
lectihle for the Revelstoke Asse-sincni
District are due anil payable at iny
ofllce, situate at Revelatoke, This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by me upon nil
persons liable for taxes.
Daied at Revelstoke, sih January,
Deputy Assess,ir anil Collector, llevelstnke Assessment District, Revelstoke Post Ofllce. innO IDil
ll..|-..|.|,ili. I,,111,1 Im.i   ■.. :
llislrict ol Wont Kootenai-.
rake nolle* that 1,  C   il. Lamb ..1  Uinna-
ainilli.  ..... ue ni mu   mill   intier,   Intaodi   1.1
__|i|il7 l..r iicriiilMlnn to r'11. Iiion'tltt- f,.||.,uln»
iliiHcrllpsit in 11.1
I II 1,'llrlllK it!  «  )..-!   I' 11*111 -   I  tl    It,,-  .."ith
went t'tirin'r iii lol 7S4S an.I Mflbad • I K.
1 mui.'-   noi>th-t'n<*i cornar poit," thence .*.
I'lmlnii north, ibi-m. .11 <tin:.i. wast, iheuee .1.
tilmlnn ....iiiii, Ibsnoa "_!i> rlmlnii east to point ol
...llllll'-lli I'll.. Ill  All,I , ...|!HI|lili_;    IU A,  . 1 "   mill'.
or li'irn
I). B. .V Willi*, A««nl
I'Hoii Noreratwr MIU, IW.
Prospector's Statistics
The  lollowing table has lieen com-
' piled by a life-lung prospector of   local
' repute, whu has tried  bis hand at pro-
portlonlng   tbe  yrars  of  the HVerage
prospector, and tit.ils that during his
seventy years ol life, he spends:
; Hoping lur guod luck     70
Eating       Ij
Sleeping      17J
I'linciiing mules     10
j l'ackiug cayjaes         li
i Hunting up caytisi-     25
I Chafing cayuses out ol camp..   .      ft
Expustulaling with cayuses      10
Lying aliout miiiea     70
Waited     70
l)re*aing (don't have to)       0
Sick (never)       0
Total  285
Tbeae ligurea seem to foot up too
many yesre, hut everylaxly knows that
a pn.specti.i haa more lives than a cat,
11 he didn't he would have been extinct lung agu.
For Sale
I w ill Mil twu uf my lu. uses uu .'I'd
atieet, luulb of McKenzie Avenue,
lull twn stury wilh furnaces and all
modern improvements, Terms reasonable.    Apply to
Corner ul 3rd St. and MoArthur Ave
Fancy Dress Carnivfl
Tbe carnival at   the 1 it,k '.t-i nijiht
uuder   the   auspices of  K n x Chinch
Lilies   Auxiliary, was  ftirly  well attended, hut owing  tn   the lateness nf
the s -asun and 1 he indetinitenesa as to
Whether the carnival wns to take place
or   nut, the   number  in costume was
nut.   as   large   as   is usually the cafe.
Flie prizes were a warded to the lollowing;    Ladie-',   Miss   Frances   Lawson,
'Spanish Dancer "
Geuts', 0. Buck, "Cowboy."
Girls', Miss Agnes Blackberg, "Spanish Girl."
Buys', Glen Urqubart, "Jockey."
Cumic, F. E. Camp, "Chappie."
Others in costume were:
Mrs. Cowan, Three Leaves uf Shamrock.
Miss G L'-quhart, Gip9y IJu-en.
"    I! Hobbs, Red Riding Huod
"    ll    bs, Sohool Qii 1
"    ,M   I' maid, Liberty
"    B .,  1 tie, Gipsy l^ueen
"    E Thompson, Spanish   Dancer
"    E JobnBon, Mexican Girl
"    F McEachren, Dancing Girl
"    McLennan. Indian Maid
"    Hyal,Rid Riding II aid
"     Edwaid-, Frencli I', iisnnt
"    M Lawler, Flower Girl
L Pet'ipiece, Porta Rica Maid
"    McEachern, Vanity
"    M Elliott, Dutch Girl
"    M McKinney, Liberty
"    V McKinney, Gipss
"    S Bickei'ttui, Nurse
G Urquharl, Jockey
F McMahun, Sailor
G Woodland, Niggir D ml
A Morgan, McKinnon'a Aiituinnbile
E Smith, Telenr-ipb Messenuer
A It Hillier, Mrs Mike Ad.,
K (1 Mcltae, King Mid .8
0 Junes. Cowboy
C Woods, Highlander
,1 Lawrence, Lord Dundreai)
The  j.nines   weie   Mesdani'-s Allan,
Sine, H   ' •   Morris and H di in.
Masquerade Ball
The biichelnrs uf Okanagan Landing
gave a very enjoyable masquerade ball
last week in the hall, many dainty and
fancy costumes were worn. Among
tbe most prominent were:
Mre. Estabonk. Nurse.
"   Van Antwerp, Highlun Lassie
"    Finlay8on, Night.
''    Benjamin, Old Woman.
"    Swerdfager, School Girl.
"    Moure, Gipsey.
"    Welch, Queen nf Hearts.
"    Curtis, Indian Princess.
"    Peterson, Shepherdess
"   Gebringer, Flower Girl.
Mite Finlaysun, Hockey Girl.
"    Grunt. Grecian Lady.
"   McQueen, Night
"    McN uightnn, Spanisli Girl
J, Donaldson, Genera).
Murray Donaldson, Coon.
W T. Leslie Chef.
F, R. Fiulayson, Mexican Gentlemar,
A. Fiulayson, Canadian Gentleman
W. Finlaysun, Muuuted Police.
J. H  Moure, Jester
A  McD.iiiald, Irish Washerwoman
A. E Gage, Chinaman,
A. Peters, Clown.
R. Smart, Sailor.
Capt. J. B.Weeks, Dude of 50 years ngu
W. .Inc.du, Spanish Caviller,
S. Gallic.,tt, Captain,
H. B Benjamin, Mate.
H. W. Sweidf.iger, Colonel.
W.Gray, Clown.
A. Wats in, Chinaman.
F. Nicholson, Teddy Bear.
J. I'llson, Squire
J. Edgar, Obiiiaman.
Excellent music was furnished hy
Messrs. Sam Driggs, J. Geringher &
Co.  _^	
Mountaineering Club.
At a meeting held 0,1 the -Itli iuet,
the final arrangement for the forma
tion of the Mountaineering Club were
made and bylaws adopted There ia
no qualification required fur membership. Any persuu who is in any way
interested iu mountain and glacial
atutly, mountain oli.ubing, mountain
photography, nr Ihe llura and lauua uf
lhe mountains being eligible fur membership. The annual subscript uu lie
iB one dollar.
It iB the intention In buhl the liist
annual dinner uf tlie club uu April
llth, and all intending tn join should
do su before that date, as the arrangements Ior the milliner's work will
probably be fully discussed at the
Application (orma may be obtain!d
frnm Messrs. 0, H. Macdonald, VV.
Bewa, or any member of the club.
Only Fifty Cents Reduction
Washington, D. 0., March 4—Although lhe lumbermen had alnust
given up the light as lost, an agret-
iiient has been reached by the Hoin-e
Ways and Means Committee to fix the
duty un rough lumber at Ifl 50 pi r
This is a reduction ol fifty cents a
thousand frum the present duty, and
while it dues not entirely satisly the
lumbermen it gives them the reasonable assurance that the industry will
not be destroyed, as tbey conteiidid
would bave beeu the caae had the product been placed un tbe free list.
Thos. Morgan,
Ail im en I Gin -  iu .1 VV nul 8 gu W'rii-
i-i Hon ,- nml (Jluui b li.-, 01 no,; ||,K|,
(lass 1'   i , uml P.ipei   11..nc 1, II 1111
VV   iiii   F in-lii,m   hi .1    Fine    Wmk   11
Special y,    11,-i. go- noil eslioi lies f 1 ei
AUdress,Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
Revelstoke Land Disiii- ,
Distriel of Wesi Kuui
'I'nke notice that. Hurry J. l_.tllia.sh,
uf Nakuap, occupation hotel keeper,
intends to apply for permission tu purchase the following described Ian Is:
Commencing at a post planted nt
nt.i-lb-i'.isi oorner of Lot 789(1, thence
west ill) chains, Ihence north III) ciiaius.
thence easl 30 chains, thenee south on
ehains tn place of commencement, cun
taining ISO acres more or less.
Dated Feb. Km, [000,
feb 13      Haiiry James La Brash.
Nul.ice is hereby given that, nt the
expiration of three months from date
hereof, application will he made to Mis
Honour, tlie Lieutenant Governor In
Council fnr an Order in Council changing llie inline of VVooluey, LoFeanx Ac
Company, Limited, to "Lefeaux it
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this 8th day of February, USUI,
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors fur ibe said Company,
may 12
fMrr'wr_aai_t5ii-a_B»s: .  .. . ■
:&."•   563
Revelsluke Lund DistricD.
Dislricl uf Wesi Koutenay.
Take tint ice Unit Annie Louisa Cop-
Ian of llii/.clivouil. West Virginia,
til-cup 11 inn married woman, intends
to apply for permi-sion to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at
the soulh west eurner of Lol 7000;
tlience sum h 211 clinins; thence easl 21)
chains; I hence south 20 chcliis; thence
east io chums; tlience north 40 chains;
tlience uesi Iill oluiins lo puint. of coiu-
mencctiii'iii, coutaiuiug 2IHI acres.
Annie Louisa Coplan.
Dale: December 0, 1908.        .jnnnood
Ceniicate cf Improvements.
IClugst  Maggie K. Tongue, Senator,
antl Pittock Fi'-ieliou Mineral claims,
situate in the Lurdeau Mining Division of West Koiili'iiny Dislricl.
Where located—On the western slope
ul Lexington Mountain near Camborne, B.C.
Take notice that 1, F. R, Blochber-
ger, F.M.C. Nu. B, 211H22, agent for the
United Kingston Gold Alines Limited
non-persuniiI liability, Free .Miner's
Certificate No. B 04842, intend sixty
days front date hereof, to apply tn the
.Mining Recorder fur a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of ub-
laining Crown Grains of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
A Improvements,
Dated this 21si dav uf December,
A.D., l!l'«.
F. II. Blochberoer, Agent,
Certificate of   Improvements
La.-t Chance and Lost Chord mineral
claims, situate in ihe Trout Luke
Mining Division of Vest Kootenay
Where   located;   Al   head   of    Coon
Creek.   No Mil    Fork   of Litrileiiu
Take uutice thai I, O. li. N, Wilkie,
aclinL' us agent for Henry VV. Sclilin-,
Free Miner's Cerl.ilic.ilc" No, B94045,
intend, sixty days from data hereof,
10 npply io the Mining Recorder fur a
Ceriiii. ite of Improvements, fertile
purpose of obtaiulng a Crown Qrant of
the above, claims.
And in 1-1 lu-i- tnke uotice that action,
under ■*> etion 87, must be commenced
belore the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated ihis Uth day of January, A.
1)., WOO.
iatilSfiOd 0, B. X. WILKIE.
Revelatoke I,mil Dislricl.
Distriel of West Koutenay.
Take mil ice iliut George   I
I'm ter of   'liiiiii'iipulis,
oupallou uullego proles,
apply for permission in pi ,
following described Intel -
Uiiuuuenclng at a post planted al
the southeaal cornet-of lot7080, thence
west tin chaius more or less 10 the
boundary uf lol 7U70-. thenee smith 211
chains; Ibence east (il) chains inure or
less lo tin- shore of Arrow Luke, tlience
uluug said slttiri'in a northerly direction 20 ohalns more or less to point of
cuninit'iict'iiiciil,   oontalning 120  acres
mure or less.
GlillHIii:   I!.   I'ltANKl-llltTKIl.
Date; December 0, IOOH.      jauOiind
Revolsltikc Lund Dislricl'.
ili-lrici uf Wesi Kootenay.
Take noticu thai Frank G. Winter,
nt si. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
merchant, intends in apply for per-
mi sion lu purchase tho lollowing dead ii.cil lands:
Commencing ul a pusi planted at ibe
stutlh-ivesi corner of Lot 7000; thence
vvusl nn dini 1 is: ihence north hu chalna;
Ihence etisl I1' chains: thence south in
chalna; Ihence eaal 2(1 chains; tlience
soulh In chains to polnl of commence.
ment, containing lOOacres.
Frank G. Winter.
Dull.; December0, won.        janOQOd
Viiirr ii lii'u'ln jriven lhal pumuanl m
Lhe provUloni t«i Chnnter i ss oi the Si.ii-
utes of Canailn ;-H, Ecfward \'ll, Shuswap
ami Thompson Uivorn Boom Company
have filed in lhe oflico of the Dominion
Lands Ajftfm nl Kamloop»i Ma'., and in
the ofllce of The llonouraule ilu* Ministui
of Public Worksal Oltawat Outario, plan*i
and spccillcalions ol certain booms and
other works pro|X)sed i<> be constructed
by sa'ul Company In, over and along tht
North Thompson Rivoi In the Kamloops
Division ol VM.' District In the Province
of British Columbia and that on lhe 10th
day of Kebruaryi 1909, al the hourof 11
o'clock In itu* forenoon 1 or so soon there-
after    as   lli*'   application   fan   he    heat >l,
application   will   be   made by the under*
signed to  His Excellency thoOovernor
In-Councll   al    Ottawa,   Ontario,    for hii
approval to be ulven to such plans.
Dated ihis 41I1 day t>i December, t«>o>*
Shuswap ami Thompson Rivirs Boou
By Olto Lachmundj Secretary.
DtCi 9, 60 d
V.y aTjL. y
So Cleiir. Si ■ SI
will glimmer throiiffh a
so E  idem that it
1.     ..i   Man's   Kye
A  Canadian  Made  Writing   Machine
Fur ease uf operation a ml
perfection in tbe re«nlta produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITEK is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" rn.bodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifo.ding alignment, tnaritin '. facililieF,
iiiiiomntic conveniences, ilur-
ability, visible writing, mini-
minii of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to ho cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity thut
are part, of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued lo add to the
number,   and    nuw   bave   in I
constant use   more  than   TOD
of ihese machines.
The British Government
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
r<ff«g«B«a_B,yw-7i._-i-:r      :--..*■ li^^^i", _.i___^_____.
1.4. i.
All Work i-omp.lv
and Neatly executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Every day brings New Goods.   See these lines if you aro interested in
fu/ chMwif tnawc   hi WM]
I n-fit inn. lieiuliiigti, I'it I n milt .■>, Corset covet'
tCuibruidtj*.    l-'ii'iii 5c. a \ .ml up,
New Prints
iiiiiii- nul licil'iiins Knnli_.li Print. Vim
.-.uii I,iy uui Imiti-i- .unl n guarantee goes
with every yard.     Price per yard I-'. cents-
New Dress Fabrics
Alexander Cloths, I'.-inauins, Lustres, Plaids,
All selling al -•"> pm ii-ni. discount.
Wash Goods
New  White  Waistlngs selling from   lOc. a
v.ml in _i.V pel yard.
New Corsets
ii;ii Dorset slock ii  now  complete  in  every
detail.    All lin' lieu   styles    Hii tolro,   ii'to.
Curtain Muslins
JM;uli-as, Spot Muslins, Muslins with hill
edee, New Two Tone Swiss Curtains, White
and Cream Lace Curtains. Prices from
$1.00   a  pair   up,
Shirts and Soxs
Having bought a travellers samples al n
reductinn wp can sell Lhesiuil jitsi tne manu-
I'arlurt'is price, litis is a snap* See our
window for prices.
If yuu are interested in old odd lines uf
winter goods, wo are putting all these lines
al jusl half price, Flannelettes, regular Ioe.,
now 7c: \Vrapperefte8, 20c, now lie: Ladies'
Waists til oUc. each; Child and .Misses Drawers
7.V., nuw 85c,i Children's knit, undordrawors,
iV. each, l ><lil sizes in Corsets, regular $1.i'i
now 50c.
All lines greatly reduced. We guarantee
yuu lower prices antl licller guilds.
Hiiiil Estate, Insurance mid Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
)       Rents CoMiEOTED. Loans Notary Puiiliu
) OK>OOK)^0<K>0<K><>0<>0<>OOKK>0-0-0 6
_..     -^—^.
Just received Carload of Prairie Hay. Another
car of Timothy Hay on the road. Leave your
orders early if you want any at the old prices.
Wc have the best Butter in town, a trial will convince you. Also Fresh Kggs and a good line of
First Street, Revelstoke. B. 0.        'Phone 248
New Laces
New  Embroideries
New Wash Blouses
New Goods Arriving Daily
Pure Drugs
combined with caieful
compounding, prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices are the factors
which have liuilt up uur
business to its present
immense proportions.
Bring your next prescription here il yuu
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
We aim to keep unly the
lies! in (limit-lies. A trial order
»ill be appreciate' as we nre
convinced tlmt we enn save you
Onr Urcail, Cakes uml Pastry
are made fresh every thy, when
tired ul your own bilking, try
ours for a change, yuu will find
it very appotizii'tr.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
***»1l*»i»*l¥ ;■•* **-*****18:-****«*»***
Ki i: Wood! n i i—' in Man li Hnl,
at the residence • l Mr. < lovetl
: Street, Revelstoke, hy tin
1. i 1 W II .!!. Mr II. Dicker uf
Ven ..ii. to Miss ('. Wood Iii d I
ti'i ii listoki
Local and General.
ing p
i bi .   bin bas
K  ■■  i--. iki
ir.s tonight
ade  its appear
Other Houses at reasonable
prices. All kinds of Insure
ancc. Agents  for  the celc
bratcd KARN   Pianos and
Piano Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, insuranoe and Flnanolal Agonta.
Money to Loan.
Every  child should see the picture, I
li.    Renegade," at the Kdison l'arl.,r;
1 bi .■.-.:•- tonight.
R, H  Trueman will visit Revelstoke
0   MuiiUy.   March luth, and will  be
at th< Btudios for about three weeks.
Up-to-date in Style.     Up-to-
the-minute   when   Promised.
McLennan & Co,
ir~r thhimi
o-*-***-******* '---&-***-»-*-*************A****a****._>***^is,»*»^.<t_J
Edison 1'arlur Theatre tonight,
New programme tonight at the Edi
There are fou
Found—Ou Kirst street, opposite
Oriental Hotel, a pearl brooch. Owner
can   Inve same by  proving property
at.d i i> ,ug charges.
A in vi-i feature ol Bt.  Patrick's  entertainment, March 17th, will be read-1     ,5,! »'"'" »'"' Wlltcl1 f"r the program
iugs,  illustrated   i.y living pictures ,„ i ui nn organ recital to be given in th
tableaux nnd shadowgraph.
ur goud comedy pictures
nt the Edison Theatre tonight.
Evangelist  Baker ia to speak in tbe
, ,   Y. M. 0. A. at -1 p. in, .Sunday.    Ile is
he a performance at     ., ,   , ' ' ..      .
,„,    ■ ,,     i,    said to be a strong   sneaker.    Ills ad-
Theatre on Monday   . ,   ,.
I dress is to men, antl all are Invited,
' r***********^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sou Theatre.
There will not
the Edison Parlo
nigbt. B
Tlie ladies ol   the   Catlmlic   Church I ., °"   Payment    ol   26c   ur  mure tbe
are preparing an excellent programme i -7B_v,„ftl^te Public can be initiated into
| for then annual  St. Patrick's concert,
Be Biire uud watch fu
ii,    ;' tbi ' nt. in bo( Revelstoke's society aniusi iiieiilE alter Lent promises
i ii    nc.i    M.ir.ith in    Dance.
Prizes wiil be giveu each week  tu  the
...       vlio makes  the best mileage
■ i     .
i.i,    ,. tin tali in tea .it Mrs
ig's, T nudity al'.eiii ii,.
ilarch aud buy some ol the dainty
i     madt   cookiug, including bead-
... lakes, pus,   bread, hot
A quiet weddiug tw k place on Wed.
-1 . v • rening at tbe n sidi i :i ol  ill
.   ivei     i hird Pt   ■■•■ In a Miss C.
an J   Mr    li
..--.-• married,   Rev   1   W   Ha
sting       The   I ride   .-  >•     -     nn in
evi  -i >k(     Mr  md M--   . icket will
ki  thi :r home in Vernon.
,  ... . iliO	
"  te   Ri    Isi  ki   io I the work of  re-
natruction of   the
new «    .    -        be   I egun at an early
fhe   tourist   traffic  this yeai
nisei l     -       epti  nally large an :
tbe po|     .:.-...     '. tbe Kev lib s-.-  ■>-. .
..     Mr. A   l   Mci) [.-
• . ., ■     •    2   •;■■ rtere ii      u been
- .      thai   idditi ..».  ace i  ditiou
•    ■ .       ni   ■ -' i ry.
I - a    nei      .' ' lie late M re. K ing I ..
■  ge    ,i   Prairie,  «...   died
idaj   ■    I plac    yesterday   alter
•   ...... !    ii   • lu • ll
Mi.thmlist Ohurch, Friday, March  12.
published  in next Wednesday's issue.
The Unu. Tint.uas Taylor, Minister
uf Public Works, ut advices fri .in Vic-
to a. lu"* infori ed us that the i|ties-
ii..n uf experimental [aims Ior ll C. is
uow mulct the consideration ol the
i \c utive.
"Tin l.'.'i . .K.i. " is a .-p. cial [lictiin
showing a child being kidnapped by
LtidiauB, and aftei an exciting chase
she is rescued and resti red to her
parents at the Edison Parlor Theatre
t  night.
Among the provisions of theOami
Act the bill  provides  that game war
na may search sh..pa, stores, restau
knta etc.. ior any game. It is made
unlawful to trap bear soutb of the 0.
P.R. iiiaiu line.
Supt. Kev G.
eouver, on   his
F nndry Cu.
pi.ice,   and
Secrets of the I run Ma-k tonight
the Kdison Parlor Theatre.
I'he thirty days efficiency test of the
mi gas producer plant will begin on
Monday uext according to the agreement between the city ami the Canada
' • • •:,.«. lire grate is in
Mi. Coleman the company's engineer, is on tin ground
ready lor tlie test.
The  famous   Dead man's   I-i.unl. at
V i :.- uvi r  :-   -      ■•• • bi  site I   r great
gram   elevators,   according to advice
reci ived   yesterday   fr i    coast.
i . ■    -        _.i,i-:.
that Mr  The Ludgati   who  il I lined
. use   fr in   tl
.   .-.      . ni .1-  , -j   sed  .'    -    .  '
i a.gi..      ,■•■■• ,. ■      ri presenting   iarg'-
i heal - _.   men st« are said   ■   bi
the      in    i. ackers
The II fin I li i iii and the t"i •"■mediates
play basketball Wnlnesi!. \ Tnelnter-
iu .(Hales iue counting uu winning tbis
game, fm if they lose they will lie out
ol the running loi lhe shied. Tneyare
np against ibe strongest team in the
league, and wbo ate out lo win Irum
the start  to finish
Lust Wednesday night the Kua i learn
put it nver lhe Alerts in a last .game of
basketball; ne'llier team paid much
attention to their checks Tlie game
was a very open one with son e good
Bbooting, soore ended 2- to 12.
.1 nek Julius n, the champion heavyweight I ugili-t ot the world, is a passenger on the R M. >S. Makura from
Australia lor Vancouver t.i arrive next
week. From Yaic over be will go to
bis Imme in ll l\- stun, anil Irum there
tu f..lli: a series ul music hall engagements in 1. iiidi.n. The riiiM|iierer ul
Tummy Hums has sla'id that be
atm ds ready lo light any nun fur a
purse and a side bet ..i WOO. John-
em sni- In was badly treated in
Sydney He Complains that I he Aus
trail in-. nn> bad looseis He Bays be
r-ieeiveil anything but good treatment
in the music halls uf Melbourne, Perth
and Adelaide 011 the tour he made just
b it ri a tiling
lhe j 1111 i. >r hiskethill team nil I  nut j	
gi to the coast this year, owing  prin-       Evangelist Raker  will begin special
the buys  nut  having llie I services in the Baptist Church tomoi
Spokane Wins Fight
Chicago, March 5,—The famous
Spokane rate case, whioh bus  been in
the hands of the commission Iir more
tlntii two years, is nuw will lhe printers. Dis understood that the decision will lie given within a week and
that ii is fiVurabli1 to Spokane, lt is
rumored in railw .y circles thai the
commission Imlds that the transcontinental freight ratea In Spokane shall
be reduced between TiO and 20 centB
per loillhs. Tbe lirst figure is said to
be tlie reduction ordered on lirst-class
article-i, and the last ligure is the
reduction on filth class. Reductions
on the other classes range between
these figures. Spokane complained
against having to pay, in the majority
of casea, tbe rate to the Pacific coast,
pluB the local rate from there back to
Spokane, which tlie 11111 roads said waB
necessary because if the water competition.
Apropos ol the above, the C.P.R.
bave alwayscuntoudeil lhal Kevelstoke
lias been placed un a par with Spokane in the matter ni freight ratea, as
the basis fur charges. .Nuw 1 hut these
ratea have I een reduced regarding
Sp kuue, it is unly reasonable tu expected that Revelstuke will Ite similarly affected,
Evangelistic Services
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes  in
best and largest Stuck
of Cigars and
anil made
Original Mac's Mixture
expressly  for  us by 1).
now  011   hand
K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Sloven, Tin and  Eniimelviarc, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
A. Wilson, of Van-
ire being made fora; eouver. ou ma way tu Toronto to
lition to the "!«d tbe L'enen" Assembly's Home
Missi.ii committee will spend Sunday
iu Revelif ke ; reaching in St, Andrew's cbun the morning ami
.-."-.   - ebpre         the evening
.'.-.   the  Commons  at   Ottawa,   Mr,
ill•■•-. replying  l    Mr  Ralph Smith
laid tbat tl ol  orientals  in
« January ll I   last
.,-    '.- J'.-     ' 1      heae   17,22'.)    1
• -e 5,131 li ud .,- and 15,84(1
Japanese. The number of Orientals
wbo bad been naturalized ivaa 7,442
During January the total arrivala >l
One1.1 tla were 6fi
nl Mra. Angus McLean   ol   tins   city,      riu   Mm.-Hi 1. u .   atatl    vere   the
.... risking  hen   since  lasl   recipienta   yesterday  ..I .1 box ol hue
fall,      Pri -   ;      |Uite   recently  Mrs,   Morena cigars with   the compliments
■.       I beei  in  good   health   .1     J thi McKinnon Cigar Store     Meed-
pit, of hei ',' .   ■'•  '  .t lor  tin   pi-i   leas to say that the gut.  wa-   welcome
and   mucb   appreciated.      the   rich
jew -j.      bad been aull'ering Iron,
a severe al I . _.   .     la   gnp|ie   which
ighl    ti lever fi om which -be never
M  ring
!'.. : ,l-  tobigllt.
aroma ol tin woed thai cheers" is
uow circling round tho rooma ami
wreathing itself into the words 'Watoh
McKunion." -in..ke.'
An   nitcinoon inu mul sale ol I
111 HI
Social and Personal
Mrs. F. W.Ca *      10I     tseii
.11 Wednesday, March 10th
K   a   Hesa   returned   ou   liuirsday
.- ■•■--   .-it to Calgary.
J. K Wells i» visiting .ii iiie city
aftt" spending an extended  holiday io
Misa Chamberlain, .>i the C
Hume staff, baa returned from
borne iu . ...t ,nu.
Sin r W. Aylmer ami oer sister
M isa Lang I ' lolden, arrived in ibe
city on Thursday.
rhe Bridge clul meet -.>   1 hi       n a
ol iM r-   .   .11   1. >yle aexl  week   which
will be 1 im     e 'eniug
1. vi r wera of the P. Purua its ;
at Wiunipeg, has been appoiuted
malinger .1 the   Palace   Meal    Market.
['he Bridge club met un Wednesday
nignr   at,    r.nc home    of    Mrs     W. M.
Lawrence      ['he tables were ael in   bi
bandaome aalon where a dainty aupper
.vim -im red ai, the close ol the game
row. lie is a regularly ordainod mill
inter aud conies 10 assist the pastor
liij.e, wiih ihe very highest success as
Ins recommendation. The rcrvices
will continue each night next week
and tbe followiug week at least. All
are cordially invited to these services.
, I
time, ai il elk., in part lhat tbey are
v rj I  ■-■■       ■ lie io* depart iiietil.
I ... liuur department •.( Hie Y. M
C   - lie at home  in  1 heir new
1 a rtere    -   Monday night, Maieli 8tb,
lr. in   T 45 p m nu ward.    All li ieud
.-■- itivea and  Bti'Ckholders are invited
A   »win.tiling   exhibition,
OOI ind     lunging    pi.i..:l.inillie.
lol 11.1 Ii) rein bIi . .-nis. will be the
ordei • vents aud all friends nl Hie
boya 1 ■ In 1 ' j inv led to attend and
inspect ■ he new tpis   • ra
1 he Mi \ senior class are
getl ing ■ -'. ipi ■ beir exhibition
on March 11-t antl already some line
pyramid - 1 being put on by them,
1 . apee's ire br gbl r a fine tio a >n
thai    ighl   md 1 1  pars ms interested
ihould make it a point to
gbl  ..pee
, ,i.,r   preliminaries   in   tbe      ''ome in and let  us ijuote yuu on
lampionship al lhe Y. M !""r dinner nets, toilet seta and cups
_.,.,! .,,„...,.,    yy0 (.llM B|lv(, yOU ,)K)n(,y
Business Locals
New stock ol l/o carts at HotVBun's
Furniture Sture just opened up.
I'uekcr the pbutugraphcr, haa all
si/.es uf cameras and films and supplies
lor sale at his studio. td
Try a pound ol our Ram Lai's lea.
The best 011 the market, ami the price
is tight. We are sole agents 0. B.
Hume &  Co,
V. ,,.r looking at eastern Catalogue
prices for Qo-oart«; the cash will give
you as guud value at Huwi-un's Kurni-
tore Store,
Paper Dy tlie Pound
» lhe
g      way lo
;>,.p. •   t,-r  evei y
. orrcspcttdeui e,
Loubiuc Eaton
Paper 5 0c. a
ll     Twn
Ie cooking will be given mler the
auspices of the Methodist Ladles' Aid,
ai ihe home .J Mrs. Horace Manning,
['bird Street, on Tuesday next afternoon   ami   evening.     In the evening
j there will be music and llovol contests.
1 All are cordially   invited to be preient
lu the afternoon there  will b« a silver
collection, evening 26c
The pool tournament at  McKinn-l
on'a   Cigar   Store   is proving a great
attraction   in   sporting  circles, and  a!
large number uf spectators  as well  as
contestants are  io be seen nightly nt I
this handsome and   up-to-date  estate 1
iishiiiiuit,    The   line   cup   and   other 1    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
prizes   are   on viuw  in tlie window oil
tlie store.    Tlie winners   names   will       The  npriiiK   is   the   Limn   to   renew
appear in due course in the columns yuui   carpeWi     Bee   Uowson's large
,,( the M ni   l|i itiu,Ii. atook ul carpets and liiiiiliiiiuis.
Pool Tournament
I 111      llowiug are the result*, 1
uf tin- ailver cup   pool   loornam.i
McKinnon's cigar store
W, Barber defeated  Ed,  Allu
|IKt hall game by  16 balls.
V, McCiunnell deieated Fred. Y
by UG bulls
Till games were very interesting,
uver sixty persons being present.. The
next games of the series will be played
on Monday night.
c    \   were   run off la-t nigbl    Hon.
•iti-i   is Istiiig  taken In
. bi •■ -    A   full n port ol last
nigbl -   pn reeding!   will   spire ti   in
a dnesdaj i issue,
\ wrestling match between M Mai
sinla anil a brawny Hindoo eiuployrd
in   the   C     PR    yards,   la   being ar
. •«* •
I lie linal game foi the Calgiry Hup
was played it the rink yesterday
morning and reaulteil in 1 win for the
Rose   rink.       I'he ice was in p ...t cm
dltion,    The billowing  wen   tbi   rinks
«kip I)
Celery, bananas, grape fruit, orangfi
and   radishes t. day  nl   0. II   Hume ■'
w. w Potter
lievW   P [
V. Woodland
J   I'r.ibyn
1  Ringer
1,'   .Smith
A. E, Roso.skip, '
9      A   .1.  Iluwe
1 and - lueers.
(      I!.  11 Dim- I   Uu.        ^^^^^^^^
Ilu you know where that real nice
butter was purchased thai yuu tasted
when out to lea the other day'' Call
at  Woolsey,  Lefeaux a Oo. ami tbey
will tell ynu
I in re has been placid   un   Ibe   door
oi the Ideal Furniture Store for sale
furniture from one ul the best bunite
in   the   cily.     (muds   aim.ml  good na
new.     1 lilt a biilgitlli.
We   nre   prepared   611   meet   ouslein
catalogue    prices   un    Furniture   -
I UKI'. II I   A DOM)— Ui»0 lie an up
piiiliiiilty lo ligure the pii.positloli out
with ynu.   Howaon'a Furniture Store
II the place.
New City Hall.
Owing  to  lhe increasing .volume ol
business in the cily ball ollices and
the need of better accommodation, It
is more than likely that a new city
hill will belore lung be ere'ted. The
prei-cnt I.milling is anything but a
hands me edifice and a structure that
is in pruportiun tu tlie size aud importance of thu cily, ha tiigniiy and le-
quirements, would he welcon ed by the
ciimmuniiy at large.
While uu that portion of Mi ICenzie
avenue, steps sbntild be taken tu secure
the orectiuu ul two new modern build
iugs 011 the vat'fln! Int.. st Second
Htreet. This is 11 line corner and
should lie built 11, in a manner
m m      	
Caiiiolii'. — Rev. Father Oocuula
pastor. Services arc held on the First,
and Third Sundays in every month
at, the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Cuin-
iiiiiniuti Mass, 10:1)0 a.m. High A ass
nnil Sermon; 2 p.m, Baptisms; 2:80
p.m. (Sunday School; 7:30p.m Rosary,
liislriiotiuii and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Pbebbytbbiam—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Mch, 7.
Services II a.m., 7:30 p.m, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. 111. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 [i.m. Cb ir practice and teaehera' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
Knox Pkesbytebian—.1. lt. Robert-
sun. Services on Sunday as follows :—
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class nt '2:30 p.
111. Evenil'g service nt 730 p.m.
Morning, "An Urgent Exhortation in
Christian Experience" At the evening service Rev. Q, A. Wilson, Supt. of
Missions in B C, will preach, flood
music.   Cordial welcome to all.
BAPTIST—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. in B, V. P. V Monday at 8
p in. Prayer meeting Wednesday H
p.m. Rev, A. F. Baker will preach
morning   and evening.     A hearty In-
vitatiou ii- extended tu all.
St Pktkh'h (Angllcfln)—Rev. C.A.
I'rtMiunier, M. V , Rector, 2nd Sunday
iu Lent. At 8 a.m. Holy Communion.
II a.m. Matins nnd Holy Communion,
7 30 p. 111. Evensong, Sunday School,
2 30 p.m The usual Lenten weekly
service will bu held on Friday night, j
nt 7 .'10 u'cluck.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
lor February was as follows:
a       Si
a    |«
0        *•
tt.    s
Sch 00
—[Jiv. 1     14
04 82     !l
'•   11.    14
06.42    10
Sel 100
1—Div. I.   25
80.80   12
—   " 11.   23
00.11    11
—   "III. li)
91 72   24
—   " IV. 34
00.115   17
—   " V.    38
86.70   111
—   " VI. 45
02 33   2U
—   "VII.51
80.21   18
—   "VIII 47
Hi 38   Hi
—   "IX   68
90.37   27
-  "   X   49
8841   22
— ■- -
91.02 202
Revelatoke will fall "head over heels
in politics" tonight at the Edison
Parlor Theater.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
E. W.
Phone 39
Office  MoKenzie Ave
KRsy.MAKINO ni moderate terms
Ladies' Mills from $5 up.    Apply
GiddhiH, cure Mis. O.Green,4tli
alieel, ,|*ili 20 tv & n
rfJ575lNEHK WANTED-Havlng a
"a fourth elisN ti. O, ceililltale.
Apply slntiiiK experience and wages
expecled In J, Kil iingbiiii, Salmon
Ann. meh 20
CIST   A (iiey I'eisi.m Lnnil) Online
hei ween school buildings and Me
Keii'/.ie   aveiiiie   on   Friday.    Rewind
will be given on iei urn of same In Ri id
& Young's 81 ore.
- General   help,  g;ni"l
Apply Ml'S.S.G.Kulililiin
Methodist—Rev,T w. Hall,pastor
Services    ou   Sunday   a«   follows ;—
Praise and fellowship ill thecUsf romn
10   in   10:45   a.m       Regular   public
, service   at.  II   u.m.     Sunday School
i h ti tl Bible Class ui 2:30 p m     Evening
service at 7 80 o'clook, Alon ing, "The
duty of Chriatiuua in view nl the great
i Consummation, '     Sacrament of  tbe
I he tegular monthly meeting uf the | Lord's   Supper   al   close of  morning
Revulstiike    lliianl  uf   Trade will laku mrvice.     Evening,    'Jacob   wrestling
place on Thursday, March 1 lib, iu the j with the  sugel, and   lessons   ne learn
oity hall at 8  p.m,     Important bust- from It."     Epworth League, Monday,
nell 8 p.in-    Mid-week service, Wednesday,
H. Ciinmnuham Mokris, : 8 p in.    A cordial welcome is entunied
td Seoreiary       ty all.
Board of Trade
WANTKD-(Jiils   to  learn  dies.;
making.    Applv   lo   Miss   M,
Donald nt McLennan ti Co's,
WANTED - Experienced "HrsU'liias
llimhetIIIIIII wauls rmpliiynlei i
ah I ravelling'•iilesnmn, nr nny position
of irust,  wiib lumbermen,   Applv lu
"Siicies-liil," Mail'Herald, Revelstuke
nub 27
WANTED-Fiisiiion na yard f~s
man or edxerman by flrsit lass
liiir.liei'iii-in Apply to "Faithful,"
I'M' Mail llenild, llevelsloke.
Tl'A NTED-Tn sen. n roomed house
VV    on Second stre«t, between lhe
Lniiglie.id Block   and B. B. Ctirnouzi's
stui".'.   Ai pi;. loF. E. Whlffvn.


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