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Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family u.c there is nothing to
wholesome and so pure aa HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Provincial Library j| 1   W A   rfk    1    1.  ""
\ --:'        ''i'C'.j/.
VoL 14.—No 18
MAR 16 19(
For ease of operation and perfection
i.i results produced, Ihi* Machine
js unsurpassed —Prioe: $60 00 cash.
I   :
interior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We can interest you in all kinds of Smoked,  Salt or
Canned Fish.
Smoked Kip. Herrings
"      Flnan Haddie
Salt Herrings
" Salmon
" Maokerel
w Codfish
and boneless Codfish in 1 lb
2 lb. packages.
Canned Salmon
the best  K«l Sockeye in
1 lb, tins.
Canned Herringe
Tomato Sauce
" Lobster
in 1 lb. and \ lb. tins.
" Kippered Herrings
" Shrimps
'• Sardines
in 0 different brands
" Clams, Etc., Eto.
All these goods can be had in the best brands that are
put up at the very best prices.
We also carry a large stock of the different Sauces and
Relishes used for preparing some of the above articles.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
rail Ctotto AnM-is OaNy.    MwamaMit*- rutd Mttflnwy Room*, Snd Row
See our 50 cent Window—Snaps in
China—Goods worth $2.00 now 50 cents.
Our 25 cent Window is a winner—New
Goods put in every day. Every lot a snap.
Now we have a 10 cent Table—Goods
worth 25c. for ioc., and alsoa $i.00 snap
in China Goods worth $2.00 and $2.50
for  $1.00.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 60 x 100 feet.     —I 660
Corner on Third Street, 186 x 100 feet. - -11400
Two Inside Lots Fifth Street, 50 1 100 leet. -      - 900
Two-Acre Blocks suitable lor Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre - |100 and 1160
Capt. Keller Makes a Dash for
IWr.uE, Wis., March. 10.—Daniel
F.Keller, lormer captain ol the 27th
Infantry, arrested last December at
Kamloops, B, C, charged wlthoishlng
lorged ohccks at Keno, Nevada, aggregating |7,6O0, made a desperste at-
tempt to escape irom custody here
early last Friday. He was on the
way to Fort Sheridan, Illinois, where
while stationed at that post, he is
charged with stealing quartermaster's
checks amounting to 150,000. He
smashed the glass and jumped through
a window in tho toilet room ol the
ocaoh In which he was travelling in
charge ol United States Marshal Wit-
mot. He was captured two hours
letsr and taken to Chicago.
Vast Herd Took Ninety  Days
Passing Valley.
Dawson, Maroh 13.—Tbe trek of
oaribou Irom the Tanana valley to the
head of tbe White river was more
than ninety days in passing the head
of the Forty-mile valley, and at la. t
reports all evidently bad not paused
0. F. Jenkins and A. R. Purdy, who
have returned from Ketchumstock, at
the head of tho Forty-mile, r.ring the
news, Tbey state that the vast migratory bands started to run iu November past the headquarters of tbe
Forty-mile, and still were moving |uut
that point early this month, when
l'urdy and Jenkins left there tor
Snap—hand cleaner at Bews' drug
Commission   Lays Blame  on
Ottawa, March 13.—The report of
the Commissioners appointed to enquire into tbe cause ol tbe collapse of
the Quebec Bridge, Messrs. Henry
Holgate, C. E. ol Montreal, John G.
Kerry, C. E., of Camphellford, Oct.,
and Paofessor John Qalbraitb, of To
ronto, baa been presented to Parliament. The report consists of several
hundred pages. The Commissioners
find that the disaster was due to the
failure of the lower chords in the anchor arm near the main pier, the
design o( which was made by P. L.
Scalpka, designing engineer of the
Phoenix Bridge Company, and approved by Theodore Cooper, consulting
engineer of the Quebec Bridge Company, and that the failure was due to
errors of judgment on the part of
these two engineers. These errors of
judgment were not due to lack of
common professional judgment, neglect of duty or desire to economise,
bnt to lack of ability to surmount one
of tbe most difficult engineering problems of tbe day. The loss of life
might bave been prevented by better
judgment on tbe part of those in
responsible charge of the work for the
bridge company and the Phoenix
Company. The Quebec Bridge Company should have appointed an experienced bridge engineer. The work
done by tbe Phoenix Company and
the material used were good. The
engineers express the opinion that a
bridge of the span proposed can be
built, but the amount of metal used
must be larger than if engineering
knowledge were more exact. Finally,
Mr. Cooper's selection as consulting
engineer was justified by the authoritative position be occupied, and the
confidence placed in him was deserved.
Junior Teams will Compete for
Championship of Province
The junior basketball tournament
will be a notable event says tbe Vancouver World. Entries have been received from Kevelstoke, New Westminster, Victoria, the V. A. C. add
Mount Pleasant, while the local Y. M.
C.A. will be represented by two teams.
At the request ol Revelstoke an age
limit has been fixed. The age of tlie
boys must be under 17 years, and tbe
weight 135 pounds. Revelstoke is
reported to possess a fast bunch of
We have every confidence in our
boys tbat they will do themselves
The following is the lineup oi the
Y.M.C.A. Junior Basket Ball team
who leave next week for Vancouver to
take part in the junior championship
of British Columbia:
Right forward M. Calder
Left forward B. McEachern
Centre forward S. Carmichael
Right guard J.I). Sibbald (capt.)
Left guard A. Doyle
Spares—H. Creelman, M. Andereon.
Minstrel  Maids.
The Minstrel Maids, who are now
playing in Tapping's Opera House,
bave been a novel attraction this
season and have already drawn two
good houses here. The company consists of fourteen charming young ladies
who carry out their repertoire of song
ai.d dance in a dainty and graceful
manner. Many of tbe turns are exceedingly pretty and tbe danoes
enhanced by many colored lights produce a most pleasing effect. The girls
are clever, both in their acting and
musical work, and the large audiences
were very appreciative in their applause. The pickaninnies caused
much merriment in their jokes and
musical turns, tbe former being most*
ly local hits, creating considerable
amusement. The chorus work was
carried out witb extreme precision
•nd with a swing that showed tbe
girls were well up to their work.
Miss Ruby Lang in her song, "Blow
tbe Smoke Away" scored a distlnot
success, and Mies Fay Oriflin as
"Budweiser" made a hit. The per*
formaneos conclude with a musical
character sketch introducing many
now and dainty songs. Little Halcyon
Martin made many friends, her singing snd general deportment drawing
rounds of applause. Miss Jack Cusad
as the famous baton twirler, did some
good work. The Minstrel Msids have
pleased the Kevelstoke people, their
performance Iseing original, dainty
and attractive, and a return engagement will be looked forward to.
Ontario Elections—Natal Act
Again—Ottawa Parliament
—Shot for Moose—Murderer
to hang.
Toronto, Maroh 14.—The Globe announces that the Ontario House will
prorogue before Easter and the elections will take place tbe second week
in June.
Ottawa, March 14.—In the senate,
Luugheed wanted to know if the government is going to defend the Hindus under the British Columbia Natal
act as it bad tbe Japs. Hoo. Mr.
Scott said no action would be taken.
The Hindus and Japs are on a different basis. Tbe Japs bad the protection of a treaty and negotiations were
in progress.
Ottawa, March 14.—A long and
acrimonous debate took place in tbe
House of Commons on a motion by
Perley that tbe government did pub
lie works for tbe benefit of favored
corporations and not for the publio
benefit. Notice has been given of si
motion to abolish the bonus system
in connection with immigration.
Fokt Francis, Out., March 14.—
Peter Jansen, homesteader on the
Rapid River, was shot and killed by
Charle. Wingrani, a neighbor who
mistook him lor a moose. Wingram
gave himself up to the authorities.
No person witnessed tho shooting.
Buffalo, N. Y., Marcli 14.—As a
solution to tbe problem of the great
unwed, the Right Rev. Charles Henry
Colton, Bishop ol Buffalo, has recommended that all the unmarried women
under his spiritual guidance pray for
Denver, Colo., March 14—Guiseppe
Alia, who shot and killed Father Leo
Heinrichs, in St. Elizabeth church, in
this city on Feb. 23, was found guilty
of murder in the first degree. Hanging was the penalty fixed hy tbo jury.
Kootenay Fruitmen .Hire Expert
Nelson, March 13.—R. C. Brock, a
noted expert ol the Hood River valley,
Oregon, has beeu engaged by tbe
Kootenay Fruitgiowcrs' Association as
secretary at a high salary. Mr. Brock
will not only perform the secretarial
duties but will instruct tlie ranchers
in the best methods of packing and
planting. The Kootenay association
is determined to spare no expense in
making the produot of its members
equal to the best on the continent,
Five-ton Shipment from Trail
for Hong Kong.
Nelson March 13.—The largest
shipment of silver ever made from
Canada has left the Consolidated Mining A Smelting Company's plant at
Trail, en route to the Chartered Bank
of India, Australia and China at Hong
Kong, The shipment consisted of
140,600.70 ounces, of nearly |80,000
value. The bullion* weighed nearly
five tons.
Moving Pictures.
Victoria, March 13.—The provincial government has made arrangements witb one ol the big cinematograph companies of London to send a
representative to this province during
the present summer to obtain views of
timber, scenery, agricultural lands,
etc., witb the intention of supplying
oopies of these slides to lectuiers in
other countries.
A local photographer has been retained to take pictures of events of
interest as they transpire for tho same
* Begin at Prince Rupert.
Ottawa, Maroh 13.—The Orand
Trunk to-day awarded a contract for
the construction of ont huudred)milis
of road from Prince Rupert eastward
to Foley Bros., Larson and Stuart. It
involves an expenditure of over
$0,000,000. Some of the rook cutting
is estimated at 170,000 a mile.
2Must Obey C. P. R. Rules
Tuiiontii, Maroh 17. — Canadian
i'acitic Railway ulllcials aro evidently
determined to have their ruins obeyed
by employees. (Inly a few days ago
116 men were dismissed for not living
up to instructions, and yesterday 17
more wero dismissed, The list with
the former ones covers all sorts uf
Canadian   Postmasters   Hold
Ottawa, March, 13—The executive
if the Dominion Postmasters' association—now, by the way, changed in
title to the Canadian Postmasters'
association—met ut ihe Grand Union
hotel yesterday and elected officers for
the year. The gentlemen are: President, M. Lawrie, Morris, Man ' first
vice-president, W. B R"eseau, St
Jean, Que ; second vice president,
Robert Puxton, Oticrville, Out.; general secretary, Ira titration, Stonewall,
Man,; auditor, Robert Pax ton.
The central or executive committeemen present were: Messrs. G. H.
Burgard, Wetland,Ont.; J. V. Bourque,
Shediac, N. B.; H. McMillan, New-
haven, P. E. I.; J.T. Mutrie, Wolseley,
riask.; Alex. McRae, Revelstoke, B. 6.J
H. E. Proctor, Aurora, Ont.; and H.
H. Gaetz, Red Deer, Alta.
This year's report, financially and in
regard to provincial organization, was
a most flattering one, the membership
in Canada being already more than
5,000. Tbe constitution will provide
for a higher standard in the service.
Revelstoke Jolly Time Club.
The citizens of Revelstoke bave for
years beeu boasting of the city as the
gateway lo tbe famous Kootenay, the
convention city of the Iuterior, the
lumbering and mining centre of Eastern British Columbia, etc., etc., and
now it can boast of being the "club"
city ol Canada. With its Pink Tea
club, the Tea Splash olub, Revelstoke
club, Swastika club, Young Conservative club, Basket Ball club, Revelstoke
Football club, Wanderers Football
club, Lacrosse club, Baseball club,
Cricket club, Lawn Tennis club, Curling club, Hockey club, Bowling club,
Turf club, a dozen or two Fraternal
clubs, Policemen's club, Esperanto
club, tbe Tye Hoe club, the club that
father used in the good old summer
time, Curbstone club, Shillalah club,
Whist club, Merry-go-Round Whist
club, Bridge club, Alpine club, Dramatic club, Gun club Rille club,
Tourist club, and last but not least
the Revelstoke Jolly Time club. Tbis
latest addition was organized on
Thursday afternoon at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnson, Third
Street Weat, by about twenty of tbe
growing generation of the city when
the following officers were elected:—
President—Miss Frances Lawson.
Vice-Pres.—Miss Alice Johnson.
Secretary—Mr. James Lawrence.
Treasurer—Miss Laura Johnson.
Chairman—Mr. Djuglas McCarter.
Committee on By-laws and Constitution—Messrs. James Lawrence and
Arnold McCarter.
Executive Committee and Members-
Misses Rita Doyle, Gladys Urquliart,
Muriel Porter, Bertha Hobbs, Miriam
Elliott, Frances Lawson, Doris McCarter, Valerie Cunningham Morris, Edna Johnson, Laura Johnson and Alice
Johnson. Messrs. Arnold McCarter,
James Lawrence, Handy McRae, Oscar
Abrahamson, Douglas McCarter, Haz-
en Gibbons, Frank Jackson, Charlie
McRae, Arthur Young, Albert Abrahamson.
The club colors are green and white.
The monthly dues are 5c. or more
and the olub meets on the 12th of
every month, from 3:30 to 6 o'clock in
the afternoon. After the organization
of the olub on Thursday refreshments
were served.
Y. M. C. A. Basket Ball
There is to be an exhibition game
between two fast teams Road vs.
Shamrocks on Wednesday night next.
Thursday next the Juuior teams go
to Vancouver to play in the tourney
(or the championship of tbe Provinoe.
The boys will make a good showing
whether they win or not. Anyone
wishing to help in the expense of tbe
trip can send same to the secretary of
the association or the Mail-Herald.
In the P. H. Boys' League this
morning Corley's team won from
Bruce, 0 to 6. The boys olass is
•bowing up well. In fact all tbe
gymuasium classes are doing faithful
work and getting in good form for tbe
exhibition, April 2.
Six Daily Trains Over C.P.R.
It Is expected in railway circles that
the summer time-table of the C.P.R.
will provide for the inauguration of
three daily transcontinental traius in
and out of Vancouver. Last year the
summer service was started with two
daily trains each way and later the
Transcanada En press service was established. Owing to tho increasing
trallic it is probable that all three
trains will be placed in operation simultaneously iu June tbis year.
Selling at specially
low prices here, also
extra cash discounts
on all Crockery lines
during this month._
Hams and Bacon
A shipment of Hams and Bn^akfast Bacon just received.
These are genuine Smoked Meats, mild in flavor and the
nicest we have seen for a long time.
Salt and Smoked Fish
We have Labrador Herrings, Holland Herrings in Kegs,
Mackerel, Digby Chicks, Finnan Haddie, Halibut, etc.
Washing Machines, - Wringers
A number of the best kinds kept in stock. They can be
seen set up ready for use in our Hardware Department.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  $0.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces. Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feedera and
open grates.|
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
willjfill your order promptly,
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Cent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Eto.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office)—Toronto, Ontario.
Ilranchas  in  lhe Pni.inou of  UatiiWiha. Allsarta, Haakatthaarma,       *
British (olnsBbla, Onutio, l*aeb*e.
Oapital Authorlaod ... •lO.OOO.OOO.O*
Oapital Paid Up ....    S4,860,000.00
Roservo Fund .... *t4,aeo,000.00
D. It. Wilkib, President; Hon. R..aitiuy, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts Hold available in all  parts of Canada, United Hutw and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on dopoi.it 1 fr»m dale of deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branch, B. C—H. T. JatYay. Manager
Remarkable Surgical Operation
(      in Berlin.
Hkiii.in, Maroh IS — Aa astounding
medical operation is reported to Prof.
Sultan in The Qerman Medics! Weekly. The heart of a person who attempted suicide and fired a bullet into
it was taken out and sewn up and the
patient discharged from hospital sii
weeks later absolutely oured. The professor says:
"To hold the strongly-beating heart
while sewing was in progress required
considerable force. Kvery time the
heart was turned to tbe right in order
to make a stitch the pulse was diminished till it was scarcely audible, but
when the heart was turned round tbe
beats again Imcame normal. After all
the blood had been drained from the
«M   tbe   entranoe-Uole  ol   lho bullet
became visible, and it was Immediately closed by oatgut. When the onset
inoision bad been repairtd breathing'
and pulse became entirely normal."
Epidemic at Vernon
Tbe coast papers report an
epidemic of spinal meningitis In
Vernon. Thi* disease ia one of the
most battling tbat modem medical
science has to deal witb. It is said that
so lar science baa beeu unable to trace
tbe germ of spinsl meningitis to his
lair, Tbe doctors of Vernon are reported to be near prostration Irom
overwork, One ot tbe patients ie a
Mr. Kennedy, of New Westminster,
who lias been unconscious for some
days, and whose rooovery is feared to
be doubtful Ur. I'nderhill hu
..Bitten to Provincial Mtdioal Health
Officer Fagan for full particulars.
Water crets and lettuoe fresh to day
:RiZDGh"w--AJY"'s :f.a_:m:otts tea
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRAD   I TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD        ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
She flDatUlberalb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mcbfhy.
Harolu Kisheb
Barristers, Sol o tors, Etc.
C. B oiium J. C. Eluott
Orncas :  Im 'krui  Bank Block,  Hsvat.-
Im gnut Bank
•rroao, B. C.
Money to loan.
Ottoee: Rerelstake, B, Ci
Qso. 8. McCarter,
A. M. PrnaBAM,
Rerelitoke, B. C.
Cranbrook, B. C.
J, A. Babvet,
Cranbrook, B. C.
J.M.Scott I.UD
W. 1. Br1«s.
Babhibtkm, Solicitors, Etc.
Monet to Loan
wolicttor8 fob molsons bake
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Aeeey   ol all Om.   "ample, by mall or expreis
receive prompt attention.
Term, Moderate.
Annua BoxISI K aslo, B. C,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suivpyiiig
McKenzie Atence,
Box 108, Revklstokb
Pupils prppared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
naofhi At.hu..
J.   C.   Hutchison's   Con-
Mining, Real Estate,   Buiinens,
rial and Share Broker*.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life,  Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee anJ   Live Stork Insurance
Mapt,   Plana, Blue   Prima  ami Reports
eanpiled on Mine, Laud and Timber.
B. C,
Never forget that you are part of
the city and that your own deportment helps to make up the stranger's and newcomer's estimate of the
place. Sell all you can and buy
all you can at home. Every dollar
that is sent or carried from home
makes the city that much poorer.
If you have the means, invest in
something that will give somebody
employment. Do not kick at a
propoped improvement simply because it is not at your door.
Zbe iT>ail*1bcvalb
There || 10 much bad in tb* be>t uf U
A.. 1 »o much good io tht wont ot u«.
Thu It Ural} trthoovw any of u>.
To (Mi »buut tho n. 1 of ■;«
We nr* gratihed to see that the
question ol a Eterelitoka exhibit at
the Dominion Fair, at Calgary in
July, bs1 been UTiouily taken up
by the citizen* and that it is now
an accutufilished fact, in that the
Board of Trade representing tho
commercial side ol Kevelstoke has
definitely decided to go un with
the scheme. In our opinion, the
movement is one that will amply
repay auy eipunea that may lxi
entailed, when the object* that are
in view are concidered. We claim
that there is an abundance oi land
in our vicinity which can produce
first class Iruit and such us would
appeal to the eye of a practical
farmer. By an exhibit of Hovel-
stoke Iruit, produce and industries
and resources, we can demonstrate
what the Kootenays possess and
what advantages can be had by
invetUug in lands in this section.
Every settler that cornea in and
ftarlw his orchard going brings 10
iiiu'-b benefit to the city and in
turn receives back tho increased
value of his close proximity to a
commercial centre such aB wo have
here. Kvery citizen should do his
or her part in making tho Revelstoke exhibit a credit to our city,
In view of the recent disasters
through fire resulting in loss oi life
in public buildings, as well as in
school, it is the duty oi those who
have charge of such places, to see
that every precaution against fire
is taken and for the safe egress of
the people who congregate in such
buildings. In wooden structures
such as wo have in our own city,
the chances oi .fire are always imminent and it is only by studying
carefully the rules which safeguard
human life that we can ta void a
holocaust, many of which have
horrified tbe whole of the new
world. We have on former occasions found it necessary to call
attention to the fact that in the
event of lire in the Opera House,
the construction of the building is
such that a panic would probably
end in fatal results. We would
urgo th.it the management remove
the wire nets off the lower windows
go as to give f^ee egress in any
emergency. Attention should be
paid to the gallery stairs and all
exits should be conspicuously
marked, and lead directly to the
street. Regarding the Selkirk
Hall, a panic there, if caused,
would not be without its direful
effects, owing to the iact that there
is only one exit that is generally-
known of, which, aided by the
jamming of chairB in the single
aisle, would result in considerable
danger to rapid  and   safe   ngreeB.
In every building passage? and
doorways should be large and wide,
and stairways should not converge
into one point and deliver a mass
of human beings against one door
inadequate for the purpose. Our
churches, our public buildings, our
school und hospital, and all places
whore people oongregate should be
inspected and safety precautions
aeuinst lire bt rigidly enforced
Slip-tlie-Slip Structure lor Winnipeg Schools.
The Winnipeg school boapl basl
placed an order for the erection oi
peculiar etyle of lire escape at the
('.irlton school, it is in the form of a
tubular steel structure inside o! Which
is a spiral slip-tlie slip. in ''use oi
tire children in tlie spiral slide ami
slip down to the pound in safety. It
is stated that this ityls of Moapsf,
which is Oalled tlie Kirker-Bender
has been used with /real success, h
several cities.
At the Carlton Mbool, it will le
erceated iu itich a manner tbat entrance cau be made to it frorn win
(lows of each uf tbe two rooms on the
second and third Boon. The slide
has a Biilhcieut number of coils to
regulate the S|seed with which the
childrou descend.
The cost uf the escape is oi course
very much moro than (bat oi ordinary
escapes, and it in listed that lhe 'inn
tu   lie   cracteil   at the Carlton school
will cost between |1,600 and 9S.Q00.
If it  proves • rrulok snd tale method I
of emptying tbe school, similar escapes will, it is Understood, he pUrrrl
at sll the schools
Testing Locomotives
A new locomotive engine undergoes
a thorough test before it is seat out
on tbe road to take its share of the
work. When a new engine is taken
into a shop it is turned ov<jr to a
mechanic whose duty it is to lit it up
and make all connections and adjustments of the interior niecbaniBin.
Tbis completed, the engine is turned
over to a fireman who steams it up
and blows it off in order to remove any
grease that may have accumulated in
tbe boiler, or such foreign substances
as might cause a boiler to foam while
iu service. The cugiue is then turned
over to an engineer, wbose duty il is
to "break" it io. Tbe engine is
steamed up again, and if it will it is
taken for a little tryout about the
If all goes well and tiere is no
heating in tbe journals or brasses, tbe
engine is worked for a few hours, and
then tbe steam is again blown off. It
is next sent out for a long distance
trip at a speed varying from one to
twenty miles an hour, and draw ng
about half its full load.
Heating is one of tbe principal  dis-1
eases of an   engine,   and   it   is   this
feature tbe  engineer   looks   to  more
than anything else.
'Die mechanical sense of the ex peri
enced engineer is so developed thnt he
can detect tbe least defect about bis
afforded by a
L. O. T. M O. T. W.
Hold their regular fortnightly  Ra?lewa the
bacon■ i and  Fourth Thursdays iu eucb mniiMi,
at S p. tn. iu tbe Masonic Hall, Second Street
L. McDONALD. Lady Commander.
J. M. MOHAN, Record Keeper.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain vi*w Camp, No. 119.
Mftfttl   rieeoud   aud   Fourth   Wedue days i
each month, in  Selkirk  Hull.    VUilfu    Woo*
men cordially Invited to attend.
w. i», ARMSTRONG. Con.  'om,
J. MciNTYKE. Clerk.
F. 0  E
The r*)>*uiur meant.*"*! are held a. LhefUelkirk
Hall erery Tue-day etAniii** ttlo'ctocri Visit*
io* brethra I ireoord ill)  -.■> t*i
J    LESLIE. Phk^iiihm
tv  B. McLADt.HLIN.aiowrrABT.
Kqoi-mhv   Lodsre No. IS A F A- A M
••»    V"* 1,1C r«t<ulAr  meet*
* ~ nic- \re b*»M in the
IfAeonie lVmple.
t-id Fellow* HftlLoii
■ ;.•■ bird Monday ii>
-.n i. monl n ut ■
p.m.  Vifitintt t.reib
p-li        '.r.|   Uf]      wl
Nl EH. SncKrr.tR y.
SELKIRK  LOOT.B. MO   12. I. O. O. F.
Ifeete tveryO I u K&aj
erentng   in    S< ikirt
Hull     at    I    o'clock
Vi.ji.itiif brolhrsn oof
dlAll)     inV]t"d     Uj    ftt-
0. l.KMHKK   N '
Patronize   Home
R-welatoke Cigars
Industry.      Smoke
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 28, Revelstoke, B. C.
MUtTB   I     I .   .      ' r I.SK.-liA V.
-.    i.t Thli. Wi"lii.■-!.■. ..'
■« b i...into hi ti.    ','M'.
li...    tt   I .      Vlaltlni
K'-i   ;lit. s-.   .   .- 1,s     ,•    ii .■   ',.,|
I    MtTHIK   '     '
ll   H   HKIJi K.  K |ol   H   A -
H    I   BXOWM    If, ..I ?
That's Koyal Crown kind—
mash' in   Vancouver—l.ar/ist
A'a|) factory west of Winnipeg. HOUN eli-iiiiirig and
waHhiiigareeaay with its help.
And the  money BBYing is the
Premium System
Booklei tells what, wi- |/ive for
Ruval Oown Wrappers   -lend
(or it—Pree—Also 'ry ths'
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
$5  TO   $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty
aro combined in our new de-
signs'in carpets. Our stock is
complete, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking anil beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
afc."   ~&»
.T-'-I*   **''«,'*"-W
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, WttgouB Kto., John
liiicrii Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Oanada Carriage Company*s
Hug^ioy, Planet ir., Qarden Boetiors and UultWators, Wheo'*
wright and Blncksmlth Worlt attended  to.    H»rso Shooing ;»
HEADOmCK:  (Iai.uaiiv,   Ai.iik.iita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Puis. Puckers nnd Dealers in Livestock.   Markets In all the princl
pal I'iliis nnd Towns of Alberta, [liiiish C/Olnmliii and the Yukon.
Packers if ihe Celebrated Brand " Impeint 1" Hams and Biuiin,
11 " Sh.mnioi-k" Brand Leaf Lard. a
►%fiw%.'%.'%% v%^%^%-'%^^v%^.'%. **/%'%^'%*%'V%'%**-»l fvi
Central Hotel
Newly Imiii.       Firet-claes in every respect.     All modern convenience?
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Tl'OUt Lake, under  s;ime   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market atfords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
3\    ALBERT      STOTsTE      PROP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
u"ish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
i nave cm ui e
upland prairie hay
.md   I imothy, .ils.j
oats,      wheal    and
feed to offer in i ar
load loi
Delivered pr
criven  'in  request.
D. C
CALGARY,   Alta.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm,  Garden,
or Conservatory
Reliable Varletlea nt reanonnblu prices
No Boron. No Scale, No fumigation
in damage itock, No windy agent* to
iiiiiinv vnu Buy direct and gel trees
uml si-imIm i lull  grow,
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, spiny Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut flowers, etc.
Oldest   estahlUhod   nursery   on   the
iniiiui.mil of ll. c.   Oataloguo free,
Oraenhouies snd Bond Houses
VA'Ncorvi'.i:,      •     -     -     B
ItcvdHtoko Land DistriuL.
District of West Kootenay.
Take uolico lhat I, R Y, Koamy, of I'oplar
Creek, H. ('., oooupatlon Prospector. In^otidalo
apply for a BpeolaJ Hocnoe bo out and carry
away timber from tho following duacribcd
1. Commencing at a post planted about 200
feet, on tho north side of I'oplar Crock, marked
"It. Y. Reamy's north-east eon or post." adjoin-
ing lho west boundary of Timber Limit No,
lltii'i, about, one milo wost of tho first south
fork of I'oplar Greek, tlionoo west 60 ohains,
tlioiu'o sou ih so chains, tlience oast 80 ob&lUR,
thonco north bO chains to point ut eumuiunec-
moiit, t'oniaiuim; liiuapres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 200
foot on the north side of I'oplar Croek, markod
"it. K. Iteamy's south-cast, corner post," adjoining tho west boundary of Timber Limit No
11401!, about one mile west of tho drat, south
fork of I'oplar Creek, thence west. SO chains,
tlience north 80 ehains, theuce cast *0 chains,
thenco south &) ciiaius lo poiut of commence
mini, coutainiug 610 acros moru or less.
,t. Commencing at a pust planted on the east
hank ot the second south fork of I'oplar Creek,
about one milo up markod "II. Y RoamyV
norlh-east oorner post," thenco west JO ehains,
thence soutb ltK) chains, thouce oast 4" chains,
thonco north 100chains to point of connuciKc
ment, containing 640 ucrci more or less.
4 Commencing at a post planted about Hi
miles westerly from the first suuth fork of I'oplar Croek, marked *'B. b'. Reamy's north-west
corner post," Ibcncu cast 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thoncc west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to pulutof commencement,
containing (HO acros more or less.
6. Commencing at n post planted about i\i
miles westerly from the Hr-*t south fork of Poplar Creek, marked *'B. F- Reamy's north-east
oornor post." theuce west P< chains, thenco
south 160 chains, thence cast 40 chaina, thenoo
north 160 chaius to point of commencement,
containing 6|u acres more or less
6. CuintneniiiiK at a post, planted about five
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked "11. Y. Reamy's sunt h west
corner pool," thonce east 16o chains, thence
north 40 chaius, thenoe west 160 chains, thence
south 10chains to point Of commencement, containing 610 ueroi more or less.
Located 17th December, 1907.
wed jan 15 11   Y. HKAMY   Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that 1, R Y. Reamy uf I'oplar,
B,C, occupation Prospector, Intend lo apply for
a special licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands:
1. Commencing at n post planted on the
west bank of Rusty Creek, marked "B Y.
Beamy's south-east corner post," about S miles
southerly from the Lardo river, be; ween Rapid
Creek aud Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit L1260 running west, theuce west 160
ehains, thence norlh lu chains, thence east 160
ehains, theuce south In chains to puiut of coin*
mencement, containing610acres mureur less,
2- Commencing at a post planted on the wost.
hunk of Rusty Crook, marked "B. Y. Reamy's
nort h-east corner post/' aliout 'i miles southerly
from Lhe Lardo rivor between Rapid Crook and
Tenderfoot Creek, theuce west 160 chains,
ihence south 40 chains, thenco east 160 chains,
iheneo north 4u chains to point of commence
ment, containing 610 acres more or less.
3. Commeuciug at a post planted on the
wost bank of Rusty Creek, marked "B. Y.
Reamy's north-west corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tender!out Creek, thence cast 80
chaius, thence south 60 chuins, theuce west 80
chains, theuce north 80 chains to point uf coin
mencement, containing 610 acres more or loss.
Located 15th December, 19U7.
wed Jan 15 B. F. REAMY, Locator.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wost Kootenay.
Take notice thai we. C. U Woodward und B.
F. Reamy. of Poplat Creek, B. C, occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds:
1. Commencingr.t a post planttd ou the west
bank of Poplar Creek, about b miles up, markod "G, O. Woodrow and li. Y. Reamy's southeast corner pust," running along U. K. Revull's,
north buuudary of Mo. 2 Timber Limit Ulh'J,
thenco west 80 chains, Ihence north &i chain-.,
thouce oust 80 chains lbeuce south 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing610 acres
or less.
2. Commencing at a posl nlunted on tlie
wost hunk of Poplar Creek, about 5W miles up.
marked "C. U. Woodiow und B. Y, Hoamy .*
north-east corner post, thence West 80 chains
along ».i. K. Revcll's No. 2 Timber LinuL 1216H
south boundary, theneesoutli 60 chains, thence
eaat 8u chaiiiH, thoncu north Ho chains to point
oi commencement, containing 010 acres more or
Irocatcd 18th December, 1007.
wed jan 16        C. O. WOODROW.
B. F. HKAMY, Locators.
KoVtilsloki Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
i uK.' notice that I, ll. J.l'aiks, of Arrowhead,
B.C., lumbcriimu, Intend to apply for a special
timber licence over lhe following described
Commencing at a post plautot at the south*
weil corner of Timber limit Ne. 11171, mid
marked "ll. J. Parks' norlh-easi corner post, "
thenee south 100 ehains, thenee wesi 40 chains,
ihence nori-h 160 otiulus, thouce east 40 chains
lo point ol commencement.
Dated Dec. 14th, IU07.
H. J.  PARK.-,
wed jan 22 D. Dewar, Agent.
Rovcl-itoke J-ami DlHtriot.
District of West Kootenay,
Tako notice that w , tho Latnb-Watsou Lum*
bur I'oiiipiiny. Limited, nf Arrowhead, IJ. C,
occupation Lumbermen, intend to apply for
permission to luaso tha following described
foreshore, holm* purl of Lne fu row ho re of Ualotia
Hay, for ln}*f-i»K put pu-es :
( omtnencingHt a post scribed "Lamb-Watson
LumberCo," planlod al Ihu H.W.coruorof
L.ii Mui, thenco southwesterly following high*
water mark, a distauceof 110chains.
l>;Ued lin. :tuth dm of October, IHOi.
LaMII-WaTHON   LtMUKIt Co i   Llll ,
Jau 16UK By O. B. N. Wilkin, Ageut,
If. M I'lute Lain! District.
District of woit Kootenay.
lake notieo Unit A,Q. .lohusluu uf Puplar
Crook, OOOUpaUoD Merchant, intends to apply
for a sp, rial licence | o out uud curry away timber from tbo following descrtLed lands:
<'oiuuieming at a post planted about tl
miles up I'oplar Crock fiom Poplar townsltu,
'iililng for the snuihoasl corner of Timber
Limit 12Ml. marked 'A. li. Julim>Umle south-
wes.curuor post," thoncu east 80chains, thence
Ninth Mi olialns, tbenco wont80 ohalns, tbenee
south mi chaius tu polntof commencement,
coiituininK tltu acres more or loss.
Located 1Mb Dec, IUU7.
we.l jau I.t B. F. Beamy, Agent.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that I, Noil McKnchern of Revelstoke, occupation Timber Cruiser, Intend to
apply for special timber licences over the foi*
lowing described lands:
1. Commencing at a post, planted about 3
miles east of Doro ('reek and about. 44 miles
south of P'raser River and markod "Neil Mo-
KaChern's south-cast comer," thenoo west 80
ehains, thence uorth 80 ohalns, (hence east 80
chains, thoncc south 80 chains to polnl of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles oast-of Doro Crook and ah ut 4S mdos
south of Frasor river and marked Noil MeKachern's south-west corner." tbenoe oast 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenee weM so
chains, thouce south 80 chains in point of commencement, containing tile acres more or less.
3. CommencinK at a post planted about 4
miles east of Dore Creek and about. 4-1 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil MeKachern's southwest corner," thenco ^east 80
chains, thonco north 80 chains, thenco wost80
chains, thenue south 80 chains tu poiut of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles oast of Doro Cieekaml about li miles
south of Fraser river and inarkert "Neil Mc*
Kachern's north*west corner," thence south 40
ehains, theuce etrst 160 ehains, thonce uorth 46
chains, thence west 160 ohains to point of commencement , containing 610 acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted about fi
miles east of Dore Crook and about 4 miles
south of Fraser rivor and marked 'Neil MeKachern's norih west ooruer*" thonoo south40
ehains, thenoe east 160 cliains. tbonoe north 40
chains, thence west 161 chaina to point of com
mencemont, containing 610 acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted about 5
miles oast of Dore Creek and aoout' 4 miles
south of Fraser river aud marked "Neil Mo*
Kachern's south-west corner,' ihence north 40
ohains, thonce east 160 chains, thenoe south 40
chains, thence west 160chains lo polntof com
mencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Located Doc, istlu 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted about 2
miles west of Doro Creek and about 4 miles
south of I"'nisei- river anil marked "Noil Mc
Kachern's south-west oornor," thonoo north 80
chains, thenco east 60 chains, thenoe south *'
chains, ihence west 80 chains to point of com
tnonceinunt, containing 610 acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post plauted aboul 4
miles west of Dore Creek and about IP., miles
south of Krasor river and marked "Neil Mc
Kachern's uorlh-wust corner," thoncc soulh 4u
chains, thenoe east 160 chains, iheuee uorth 40
chains, thenoe west 160 chains tu point ot com-
munceiuciit, cunt timing 640 acres more or lass.
9. I ommcucing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dore Creek und about ,'i}3 miles
south of Fraser river aud marked "Nuil MeKachern's southwest corner,' tlieucu north 40
chaius, thenco oast 160 chains, thence soulh 40
chains, thence west 160 cbaius to point of com
mencement., containing 640 acres muru or less,
10. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles of Dore Creek and about3V4 miles south
of Frasor river aud marked "Neil McKachem'-.
north-east corner," tbeuce south 40 chains,
lbeuce west 160 chains, thenco north 40 chains,
theuce east 160 chains lo poiut of commence
ment, coutainiug 640 acres more or less.
11. Commencing at a post plan tod aboul 4
miles west of Doro Creek aud aliout $% miles
south of Frasor river and marked "Nuil Me
Kachern's south east corner," thouce north 40
chains, thence west 160 chains, thence bouth 40
ehains, thenoe east 160 chaiiin to point of com
tuencumenl, containing 01u acres more or loss.
Located Dee  19th, 1907.
12. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore Creek and aliout 6 miles
south of Kraser rivor and marked "Nuil Mc
Kucheru's south-west corner," theuce north 80
ohains, thence east 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, eontainlng 646 acros more or less.
13. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore Creek and about 6 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mc*
Kachern's southeast corner," thenoe north 80
chaius, ihence wost 80 chains, thouce south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
14- Commencing at a post plantod about 4
miles wuvl uf Dore Crook uud about 5Vi utiles
south of Fruscr river and marked ".Null Mc-
Kachern's north-easl coruer," theuce south 40
chains, thence wust 1G0 chains, theuce nurth 40
chaius, thence east 16o chaius lo puiut of commencement, lontuming 64u acres more or less.
15. Commeuciug at a post planted aboul 4
miles west of Dore Croek and about 54 miles
soutu of Fraser river aud marked "Neil He-
Kaoheru's southuasi comer," thouce west lOu
chains, thenoo north 40 chains, theuce east 16u
chains, theuce south 40 chums to pointer commencement, couiuluiug 64u acres more or less.
16. Cummeuciug al a post plauted near Macintosh Creek auduhuut 34 utiles south uf Frasor
liver uud marked "NeilUoKacheru's north-east
corner.'' theucu south 80 chains, ihence west (vi
chiiiu-, thence north 80 chuins, thuuee oust wj
chaius to poiut of commencement, conlaluliig
640 acres moro or less,
liocaled Deo, 20th, 1907.
17. Commencing at a post planted near the
I hree Milo Reserve Line ou the north side of
Kraser river and lying norih oi where tho Ooat
river empties into lhe Fraser river, uiurked
"Neil McKuchuru's south-weal coruer," tbeuce
east 8U chains, theuce uurih eO chains, inence
west 80 chains, Uience south 80 chaius to point
of commencement, containing 610 acres more
or less.
18. Commeuciug ut a post plauted 3 miles
north of Fraser river und lying north of w here
Coat river umpilu*. into bruser river, marked
"Neil MeKachern's south-east corner," theuce
wust 80 chimin, thenee north 80 chains, thenoe
easl 80 ehains, thenco south 80 chuins tu point
of commencement, cuutaiuing 610 acres more
or less.
19. Commencing at a post planted 3 miles
north of Fraser rivor and about 2 miles west of
Victoria Creek, maiked "Nuil MeKachern's
south-west corner," i hence oast 80 chaius,
thonce north 80 chuins, thonco west 80 chains,
thoncc soulh 80 chuins tu point of (commence*
ment, con tuining 610 acres more or less.
20. Commencing at a post planted 3J miles
north of Kraser river aud about t miles wust of
Victoria Orouk, markod "Noil MuKachoru's
south-cud coiner," ihence west 100 (.bains,
thonce uurth 4o chains, ihence east 160 chains,
Iheneo south 40 chains tu polntof commencement, coutainiug 640 acros mure or loss,
Loeatod Doe, 21sl, I lie'..
sat feb 1 NK1L McKACIIKHN.
win) ran nil, .Miiiinirii! ■ rand lea
without liiivin((  B0m<   little   (wl
in;' uf  gratitude fur   tlm  donor,
01 oourie you've got to iiiiii your
uivn lunf battles,young man,   Iiiii,
iiiir oonfeOtlom you'll  Bod to ho
ii itrong nily In i  wooing.
Mannings Cindy Palace
frrfpei ■ 'I   l)'vi'|,i|ir«f.iii
Bfl.nl "i Britiflh Columbia
Nil ul.. I ..al .mil I 'ike
Columbia l-'ruit and l.mil
llnwill Mi <
IdlV ll '  'illil'l ii-s
Chiirli"!  DJaknna
HiliVi u"
lin un
MO mi
I'm nu otliy
251 kind
Pi rat-Gags CloverJ and Tim-
Hay for sale. Also al
if Garden Produce.
Ureal Wnal Ixwn.
Above Miilij'-i'l ti
ProRpsatuvoa an
corning any
,r iin
rulilll lllillilill,
purl Itiulnra  ci
'    I'lHnl".UN'
MkoIkjiuiu Avumie.
telephone 19.
Front Strkut,     Revelstokk
11.wis, Aniiii.il., I'.it.ls, Flail, JK.li'.,
n."i Morula, Ani I., Blnli
MOUNT' nil
Ailllniil   Unas MtnuiM.
o. Boa 11,
sinilln:   rnrniirol First Ml. ainlllliiyli
Ilu i I  liiksi 1 ...,s.)   lilsirirl.
DUtliotOl Wust Kinili'iniy,
Talin linlli'i. tllat I, Iiniiiiiii Di'i'iil'il liLnvhiMil,
ki mi IHitluil I 'rillsiir, nil -ii. I In ii |ilily lur liormlssl'in
i" purchase tue lollotdug deeenueil ia.ui-
I "ttillli.lirlnu ul thu Bulltb-nustcurnsir ol Lot
Mil. aroufl I. in snlil illstrlut, ttliBOe wi'Kl'Ai
uliaiiis, l lu-i" „ nnrtli UU rlriins, tliam-a west 211
rli.'ilns, tlii'iicn ...'iiii Id rlialna. tliiilira eaat 4U
cliains, ilicncr nnrtli '-11 chains In unlnt nl enrn-
Dated Jan, IStli, nius.
susljim «i DONAI.Il IIF.WAR.
11. 1;
Certificate  of Improvements
Hir Ilu|u* KiiflKM) MiiH'iiil Claim, •ituate in
tho Trout Luke MitiiuK Division of Kootonay
Dlstriot-   Where ,opaletll   E'opUr Creek,
l.ikit nalic'1 that l.Charle-i John Allim Newton riMlloy, of Noltorii B.O.. Krao Miner's t'erll
11 iiir No.MBOB 11. iiii-'H-l. -1xi > days from flute
beroof, to apply lo too Mining Recoriar font
i cf'tiilfjih' "f Ituproveni^nts, for the ptirnone of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above eialm.
Ami further Um DOtlOS thut aoUoO, UOdflt
Ni 'Hun STa munt be OOIOtnonood before the
I- 'him',' of such CartiAoata of tmprovananta,
I>ated tbis Uth day of January, AH, lt*i-,
w djaald C, J. A. $. PAULEY,
To UK. Riiamy, Mrs. A. II, Nock 1111,10 V.
lliiilisjl,,,. t,i whu 111 .iiiii.t limy nn,) 1,.,,0
Inuislnrriiil their imiirnl:,:
Tnke uolioe, thnt wo, tho uudorBliiuoil in-
uwnors with ynu iu the [iilliiwiliar nun,.ml
alumni, vie. 1 Viviuu'a Luok Nu. 1, Vivinu's
Luck Nu. 2, livmu'a Luck No. a, Vlvluu's Luok
No. 4. \ ivluu'a Luok No, li, Vivian's Luok Nu. ll,
and tho Silver llruwu sltunted 1111 Uoat Moun-
uiin, Lnnlouu MmiiiK llivisiun ol Wust Kinite-
nay llialriot of tbe Pmvluce of Brltluls lluluin-
Inu, luivo doue the reuuired wurk ou tho Hlmve
uiuutiiiuod miiioriil cfiiiuis for tbe year outliuil
Oolulier aiib, mn, iu order to hold the Mime
uuder Hootiuu U ol the Miuoral Act.
Aud further take uotice tbat If within mi dnya
from U10 llrat imblicuilosj of this uulice, ynu tuil
iirroliise lu niiutriliuieyour ptsri mn ol audi ei-
■ •oikIili.i'u, tuiielhor with Ibe c i...l tbia udver-
tiaemout, your Intoroat in tlio saiil miuorel
clniinii will become tbe iiroperty uf tbo uuder
sikuoii, uudei Sectiuu UU of tbe Mineral Act.
Deled at Ounborue, B.C., this ilst duy of
Juiliiiirj, 1908,
nu'lenH'i Uo-Owners. •
Itovelsluke Land lllatrlot.
iilsirlctol tti'st Kimicuav,
Tako notice that I, J. II. Youue.ol Comaplix
hotol (iroiirlelor, Intend to emily to tlm chiel
riiiiiiiilsBiniior ol Leuds aid Works (or a ape
del tiiuiier llcenco to cut end carry away
limber Irom tbo following described lau.ls:
1. OoinmcnclUK at a poat planted and ad-
JnllllllK lho nurtli-eiial corner ol Lot 1 Ita ninl
marked "J.ll.Vouug'e soutli-oasl corner niist,"
anil altuetcil ebout U mile norib-oast o( the
bcail ol till! tun ol Arrow Lako, lliouco ivoatao
chalua, thenco north Wl chalua, theuce cuai no
chalua, iiimicn aouth no eheiue to puint o.
couimeiicemeni, lonlaliiln. Mu acrea more or
2. .Oommonolpi at a po,tplinwd an*ad'
Joining me iiorib-eaai corner ol un liliiuiil
marked "J.il.^uuug'a aooih-oaat coruur,' and
sllliated aDOUtM mile north-east ol tbi'head
u tlio arm ol Arrow I akc, thenco north eu
rha Ui, tbanoa oaal no chalua, thenco auulu an
nam., iheuee weal au chalua to polntof coin-
uieuceuieut, containing (Ho»orca lnoro   r,
Hated Uooemlwr imi, najv,
piRST of all we
ask you to view
correct styles —
Fit-Reform sets the
fashions. What
appears in the Fit-
Reform Wardrobe
is accepted, without
question, by Canada's well-dressed
Let us show you
some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring.
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Chinese Groceries aod all kinds of Fruit aud Vegetables
Board by WeeK.
enzie Avenue.
Best Local Grown __^>
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
Most suitatile varieties for tliis soil and climate. One and Two |
Year-Olds. Prices 100 and under 25c. each; over 1U0 20c. each.
Varieties are: Duchess, Gravenstein, Jeffery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter St. Lawrence, Laurence, Jonithan, Kinj?, Northern Spy,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin, Spitzenberg, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin. York, Imperial Apples.
Hyslop and Transcendent Grabs.
Orders Received by
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson MACPUEitaoN, Pies. 8. H. EwiNO,;Vice-Pres.
.Iasiks ELLIOT, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches in   Canadi.  and  Agencies  in  all  parts of the
Interest credited four times A year nt current rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelbtoek, B. C.
Import direct from Country of origin.
RBVEL8TOKB'  3rf. O.
Hevttlhtukc Land District
District of Wust Kootenay. '
Tako not ieo that 1, C. 0- Woodrow of l'oular
(,'reok, H.C., occupation Prospector, intend to
apply for a special licence to cut and curry
away timber from  the   following described
1. Commencing at a post plantod aliout 1
mile np tbo Hi t-t smith fork of I'oplar Creole on
i-iwt bank adjoin log Timber Limit No. KM J, on
the west boundary, marked "0. O. Woodrow'*
north-east corner ptmt,"thonco south KJO chains,
thonce west to chains, thenoo north 100 cbalns,
thence oaat 40 chains to point of commence
tnent, containing OVi acros more or Iohh.
2, Commencing at a pout planted on the
went bank of the lint south fork of Poplar
('reck, about 3 miles up, adjoining Timber
Limit No. 16015on the suuth boundary, marked
"C. u. Woudrow's north-west comer pout,"
Ihence oast H*> chains, thonco south 80 chains,
thonce west 80 ohaliiH, thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 610 acred
more or lee k.
located 18th December, 1907,
wed Jan 13 C. O. WOODROW, locator.
Restaurant aod Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, - Eaet End
A. PKHK1NH, Deceased;
Take millco Mint by Order of Hi* Honor P. K.
Wilson, Acting Jwikg, rand* the "1th day nf
February, 1908, I wan niipnlnted administrator
of the estate of said H. A Fork ins, dMOWd.
and all parties himnt- claims against; the nald
estate aro herohy required to furultdi name pro*
por'y verified i<» me on or before the .'tint day of
Miurh 11NI8 And nil parties Indebted to laid
estnte nre required to pay the ainomit of their
Indebted now to me forthwith.
Ollicial Administrator,
Dated tbo 86th day of February, liem.   f2*J Zt
Maoufactured for all classes of buildings
for sale in large or -ma!! fi mi it in -
at the lowest prices for cosh.
bulldlna aud plastering
Kevelstoke band District.
District ol West Kooteuav.
Take notieo that fiOdnys after data I inifiid
to apply to the Chief Com mist* inner of Lund-
and Work* for pa roil-* Lou to purchase the fob
lowing described Und-1
Commencing at a nost pUtitnd nt the north-
oust corner of Lot 7*r» u Lon FlshKljrer,
thenee east I obalni mora or Iwatcwwl line
of A. A, MiH'Kniiitui'H | I.-1'i. | i i.Mi thiMirw
south 60 ciiaius. thence wo*t 1 chains moro or
lest to east Una nf Lot TB05, Q, l, thonce north
ui i liain - to poltlt <d cmiimaiiconicut
Located thi • 3rd day of Fab  Hftfe
,atf«h * THOH   W   WILLIAMS, Local*!.
Big Bend Mica Mines Company Commences Operations
From Revelstoke -Expect to
Ship This Year.
J. F. Moodie, uf Moodie Brotliern,
Oiilgury, waB in the city on Tliurciliiy
c mpletiDg the fnml nrrungenienu for
the incorporation of tlie Big Bend
Mica Mines Company, Ltd., which
coiiipiiny intends to commence operation? in the Big Bend almost immediately, In an interview with Mr.
Moodie at the Union hotel, the Mail-
Hekalu representative waa informed
that the new company hue secured
twenty-nix mica claims in the Bend
in the vicinity if Big Mouth creek,
north west from Kin basket lake and
directly south from where Canoe aud
Wood livers enter the Columbia.
Between 80 and 100 men will be at
WJrk on these claims this year, and
supplies will be transported up the
Columbia from Beaver just as soon as
the ice allows. Later on in the spring
when the s s. Revelstoke commences
running, supplies, etc., will be taken
up from Revelstoke, which will be the
headquarters for the carrying on of
the work. Mr. Moo die stated that the
company hoped to bring out somewhere about |8u0,000 worth of mica
this year.
Arrangements will be made for the
establishment of a winter camp during
the fall of this year. The claims
cover an erea of nearly 1400 acres and
are rich in mica crystals. The company will go iuto the veuture with
their capital fully paid up, and the
profpects of a profitable year are very-
There will be a ready market for nl
the mica produced, the Canadian
Westing House Co. and cithers being
the largest consumers. The prices for
sheet mien are the standard prices in
New York, nnd in retail lots show
good value Some of the quotations
Sheets 2x6 inches   if 4.30 per lb.
3x3     " 5.50    "    "
4x4    " 7.50    "   "
tixG     " 11.00    "    "
8x8     " 16.50    "    "
8x10   " 17-50    "   "
Mr. Moodie stated that it was quite
probable thnt a tramway would be
constructed round Death Rapids which
would facilitate the transportation of
the products of the mines. This commencement of activity in the Bend
country is very promising and augurs
well for the future, It was learned
incident!)- tbat Mr Moodie is the
owner of some of the finest race horses
in Canada and will in all probability
bring some of his crack pacers to
Revelstoke fur the race meeting this
Report  of  Annual  Meeting-
Important Discussions
The annual meeting ot Kamloops
Presbytery wns held in St. Andrew's
Church, Kamloops, on Feb. 26th and
Feb. 27tb. It was probably the largest
meeting ever held and members were
present from the uttermost ports—
from Field on the east, Caribou on the
north, Nicola on the west, and Simil-
kameen on the south, Rev. A. H.
Cameron of Similkameen, our veteran
pioneer, was elected Moderator, and
performed his duties well.
As usual the Home Mission report,
Kev. D. Campbell, convener, received
much consideration. 'Some splendid
work has been done by the missionaries in the field, which has been augmented by visits oi Superintendent
Wilson, Imagine the surprise of
Presbytery when a request came from
■"iriboo to be placed on the augineii*
tatiu status with leave tu call a minister. Similar requests came from
Salmon Arm, and Htxllcy and Princeton.
Rev. J. H. Miller of Field tendered
bis resignation of that charge in order
to accept a call to Agissay. Mr. Miller has done good work in Field during the past three years and both the
congregation aud Presbytery will re
gret hia removal.
A very interesting meeting was held
on Wednesday night when addresses
were given by Revs. Jas, Hood, I).
Campbell and Supt. Wilson on Home
•nd Foreign Missions.
The report on Mural and Social Reform was presented by the convenor,
Rev. J. R. Robertson. Dr. Shearer
was present and a spendid conference
was held with him on this very important department of the church's
work. Several recommendations were
adopted dealing with Ihe liquor Irnllic,
gambling, the social evil, etc., and
also on thn ndvianhility of organizing
"Brotherhoods" in all our congregn
tions. At the Thursday evening public liii'i'iu.g Dr. Shearer delivered a
strong mill11 as. The Doctor has already a firm grasp of the work given
him by the (ieneral Assembly,
The   reports   on   Church   Life and
W' rk b> K v A VV, K Uerdinan; un
Sunday Sell.".I.- by Rev T n Milh rj
.hi Wtvig People's So ielii-s lij Rev,
,1. ll. Miller, and on Ohuroli Property
lu Mr. .1. D. Swauson, were nil cure-
fully prepared and showed progress all
thing the line.
An Important overture to the General  Assembly  ou   the guarantee of
missionaries' salaries was presented
by Kev. J. K. Robertson and after
canful consideration wns unanimous
ly approved.
Rev. . C. \V. Whytc presented the
report on Systematic llenelic.unce, and
showed that, the Presbytery was at last
coming to its own in missionary livings Contributions to the schemes
have doubled in the past two years
and it is the hope that in doing our
proper Bhare for the great mission
work uf our church we shall again
double our givings in the next two
In presenting the College Report
Rev. J. It. Robertson, convener, drew
special attention to the good news
that Kev. John Mackay had been seemed lor Principal of the new Theological College of B. C. It is felt that
with Mr. Mackay as Principal the
success of the college is in safe hands.
The first session of the college will be
held this coming summer nnd classes
will begin next mouth in Vancouver.
The closing session of Presbytery
enjoyed a very hearty discussion on
Church Union. Rev. Logie Macdon-
nell opened the discussion, taking the
ground thnt the church is not ready
for union at present. Rev. J. R. Robertson followed, taking ihe ground
that the church all through its history has stood for the principle of
church union and therefore our present duty wns to ke p in L.yal and
sympathetic spirit with lhe p.esent
movement, if haply a suitable basis of
union can be found. Borne splendid
addresses followed on both siJes and
it was manifest that the Prosbytery
was about equally divided on the subject. Some of the speakers on both
sid-'s seem to have almost reached
definite conclusion in the matter, but
the large majority hnve still Ihe open
Rev. J. R. Robertson was appointed
one of the commissioners to attend
the General Assembly, which meets in
Winnipeg early in June.
To the R3ve!stoka Public
Tent Caterpillar Numerous.
Mr. Tom Wilson, superintendent ol
fumigation and Dominion fruit tree
inspector, sounds a note of warning to
orchardists regarding what he considers tbe unusual signs of activity on
the part of the tent caterpillnr. Iu
recent examinations he lias found a
greater number of this pest than in
any previous year and he advises all
interested to get busy and rid their
trees of the p»et before the usual
hatching period in May and June.
The teut caterpillar is easily discerned,
the larvae being found on the twigs
and branches close to their extremity
in tht shape of a little ferule shaped
body entirely encircling the branch.
They are found mostly on apple trees
but also show a predilection for pear
trees. They mny easily be removed
by cutting.
Nothing; better than Our "Special.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Sal. Feb. 21). I.k. Manitoba.
Fri, Mch. II.     Kmp. Ireland
Silt.   "     14. Lk.Chiiiuplain Feb 20
Fri,    "    20. Kmp. Britain  Mch. II
Sat.    "     28. Luke Erie, "   11
Winter Season From St. John
1st. Class Sllds Class 3rd. Class
$Ho 00       $4     o       $28 75
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$65 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Clasa 3rd, Class
$45 00       8I27 50
Cheap lutes to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets
1'iiBsengei'H hooked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other rout iue  tal ports,
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke'* FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
,1. 0, HUTCHISON, Prop.
Open Day and
Special attention  given  to
Supper  Parties it banquets
Meals, 2So.        Meal Tickets, 16.50
OPPOSITE   Y.  M.   0.   A.
Meals at all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
Dray ing
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and  H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Ravoletoko Land District,
Dlstriot of Wost Kootenay.
Take notice that 1. C. O. Woodrow of Poplar
B. C-, oooupatlon Prospector, intend to apply
for a special licence Lo cut and carry away timber from the following described lands:
Co nyn cueing at a po"L planted about j of n
mile southerly from the 27 mile board on tho
C.P.K. railroad adjoining Timber Limit 11260
ou went boundary, and the south boundary of
Timber Limit 838, marked "O. O. Woodrow'n
north-east corner post." thence went 80 chalnH,
thence -■out h 80 chains, thenco east 8u chains,
thenre north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
Located loth Dec. 1907.
wed jan 10 C. O. WOODROW, Locator.
PUBLIC NOTICE is herby given that the
Cauadiau Pacific Railway Company has this
daydepositod in the District Land Registry
Otlice ut Nelson, in the province of British
Columbia a plan profile uud book of reference,
showiug a proposed branch lino from the Revelstoke Smelter Spur to C. B. Hume A Company's warehouse, situate iu the City of Revelstoke iu the province of British Columbia
aforesaid; aud thut the said Canadian Pacific
Railway Company will, us soon after the expir
atiou of four weeks from the first publication
of this Notice as the application cau bo heard,
apply io the Board of Railway Commissioners
for Canada for approval of the said branch line
in accordance with tho provisions of the Railway Act,
Hated this fifteenth day of January, A.D.,
sat feb 22 Im General Executive Assistant.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that I Alexander McRae Luti-
merof Revolstoko, occupation Cruiser, intend
to apply for a special timber licence over the
followiug described lands;
1. Commeuciug at a post plauted ou the
right bauk of Little 9 in oity (Uvor, about one
mile from tho mouth, thouco west 100 chains,
theuce north 40 chaius, theuce cast 100 chaius,
theuce south 40 chains to poiut of commencement and rout aiiiing 040 acres moro or less.
2. Cummeuciug at a post plauted on the left
bank of Little Hmoky Rivor, about one mile
from tho mouth, theuce oast 100 chains, theuce
north 40 chaius, theuce west 100 chaius, thouce
BOUth 40 chains to poiut of commencement and
containing 010 acres more or less.
8. Commeuciug at a post plauted ou the
right hank of Llttlo Smoky River about l'i
miles from tho mouth, theuce 1>>0 chains west,
thenco uorth 40 chains, L.iouce east 100 cliains.
tbenoe SOUth 40 chains tnjHiiuiof commouce*
ment aud containing 010 acres more or less.
1. Commencing at a post planted ou the loft
bauk of Little Hmoky River about I] miles
f-4-nii tho mouth, theuce oast 100 chains, thonco
north 40 cliains, theuce west 100 chaiuH, theuce
south 40 chains to point of commencement ami
containing Hit) acros more or toss.
B, Commencing al u post planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, .toont 2 miles from
the mouth, thouce east W) chains, thenco north
80 chaius, thonco we»t 80 chaius, Ihetico suuth
Wi chain-to point of commencement, and containing 040 ioros inure or lens.
ti. Commencing at a no -I plantod ou (ho right
bankol Little Smoliy Rivor, about S miles from
the mouth, thouco west 80 chains, theuce north
80ciiaius,'Iheuee oast 80chaiiiH, thenee ..mil, .in
chain., to point of commencement, containing
040 acres moro or loss.
Dated Doc. 17th, 1907.
wed feb 20    ALKKANDKR McltAB LATIMKH.
' iirtboo   mi'! District,
lM-in. t til   an boo
Take notice tli.tt .Alexander MeRae Latimer -,
Revelstoke, It. c., occupation t rawer, luWndiPi
a) ply tor a special timber license oTer Uu- follow*
ing described lands;
7. Commenolng at a post plant. <t mi the Mt
bank of the Little Smokj river, about thn-e miles
from iti mouth ami marked -A..M.L. .v\\  corner,
thence   east  Ittti Mains    tfasuce  north in chains
thence west it) i chaius, tlience i*outb -t" chains to
point of commencement and containing frtu&ci. ■
more or less.
8. Commenolng at a post planted on tbe right
bank of the Little dmoky rivur about < i>r< < tin.*
from its mouth and marked "A..M.l. > l. corner
thence west   10U   DllSIns, tlience   n..rtli 4U -lunii*,
thenoe east hju chains, thenoe south jocium-. ui
point of cummenoement and containing * t- atn-
more or less.
o. Commenolng at a pout planted on tba left
bank of the Little Smoky river about three ftmi
ouc-half miles from its mouth ami marked "A.M
L. s.w, corner." theuce east 18o chains, thenoe
north 40 chains, thenoe west l*1 chains th nee
south 40 chains to point of comuu-iu'euient au<!
euniaining tim acres more or less.
10. Coiumeuciii)* at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky nver &i*out three aim
one-hall miles from its mouth .ml m.trkvU "A M
L ts.K. eurner," theuce west itxi chains, thenee
imrth 40 chams, tlience east leu chaina, theuce
south 40 chains to point of lomiQenceiuent ami
containing 04<i acres more or less.
11. Cominencint' al a post planted en the left
bank of the Little Smoky river about four miles
from its moutliand marked "A.M.L. 8. W.corner.'
theuce east 80 chain-* thence north *S0 chains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence south »0 chain-> to
point nf commencement and containing 640 acre*
moru or teas.
12. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Hnmky river about four mile-
from its mouth and marked ''A.M.L. HE. corner."
Ihence west 8o ehains. thonco north 80 chams.
tbenoe east -So chains, tbenee south 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing :ft40 acres
moro or less.
Dated Dec. 17th, 100T.
I.i. CMinmeiiuitiR at e post planted on ths left
bank of the Little smokv river about five miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
theuce north 8ti chains, llipnce e&ii 80 chains,
theuce south 80 chains, theuce went 80 chains to
point of commencement ami containing B4Q acres
mure or lean.
U. Cummencing 'at a post planted on the left
bank of the Little Hmoky river aliout six miles
from its mouth ami marked "A.M.L. N.W.corner,'
thence south 80 chaius, theuce east so chains,
thenco north 80 chaius, ihence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 640 ac
more or less.
15. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of the Little Huieky rivor aboul six miles
from ita moutliand marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence north 80 chains, theuce east 80 chaina,
thence south 80 chains, thence weit 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 64U acres
more or less.
10. Commencing a. a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Hmoky liver about seven miles
from its moutliand marked "A.ML. N.W corner,"
thence south 80 chains, thonce east 80 chains,
thenco uurth B0 chaius, theuce west 80 chains to
point of commencement aud containing 640 acres
more or less.
17. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Siauky river about seven milt-o
from its mouth aud marked "A.M.L. H.W.eurner,"
thence north 80 chains, Ihence east 80 chains,
Ihence south 80 chains, thence west so chains to
point uf ooniu.encemenl and containing 64D acres
more or less.
18. Comment dog at a post planted un tho right
hankof thu Little Smoky river about eight miles
from its month and marked "A.M.L. N.W.corner,"
ihence south bo chains, thenee east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chaius, theuce west 84 chains to
point of commencement and containing 040 acre1,
more or less.
19. Commencing at a no*,, planted on the tight
bauk of the Little Hmoky river about eight miles
fiom the mnutbandmarked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,'
thence noun bO cliains, thence east SO chuins,
thence south su chains, thence we*t "'■ chains to
point ut Commencemeut and containing e4u acres
mure or less.
20. ('ommenoing at a posl planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky rivor about nine miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. N.W.coruer,"
theuce south 80 chains, thenue eaat 8*J chain*,
Lhuuce north 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains to
point of commeucement ami containing #40 acres
more or less.       •
Mollis, tl.eure south ■" chains, thenes west 80
Mills, thenc ii irth AU i hatUS to point of cum*
•.ii t-n.oji ,ii.i ContalUlOg otu a< re* mure ui le«s.
l' .    i DUiUeiit ll v, ttt a  pusi i.i.iiav" ou the nnht
ink ut Uii es*t fwik of iin I iu it- buioky rivor
ibout eigbl and oiu'-l.alf milea fiom tlie fork* .1)4
marked "A Ml. s.W. curuer, thtmeo noiUiHO
chains, tbenee e.«i c obalni thonce south 80
chains, thence *e»t 80 chams u> point of com*
Hjencfiueut ai.il confining *MiM*res uiure or lesa,
4l Cnnjuienring at a post planted on the right
l«nk <■( :,..■ . ,ti; :..ik -»l the Little Smoky river
al-mt nine »nd one -naif miles frum tbo forks and
iLJirkeo "A.M.L. N W curu. r, ihence east 80
. imiua, tbenoe south t*j . ii,.in*. thenco »wn sO
cliains, tbenee hnrU) &u chauis to -.nmiof eom-
iin-iit- mem ami containing ■•*> a. tt*- mote ur leas.
it Cvmuieiuing at a pu»l pUuietton lhe right
oinik of the tMti.1 fork ot the i.uilo au.oky rivor
iiH.nl uin.■ ..ni i.he-hall mi.***, from lho foiko aud
maiked "A,M.L. a.W corner ihone* north .-0
Ci-aUM,   theuce   east   eu   i totiu>». tlieniO  Su«tb SO
■•I..mi*, thence M--Ht {jo ctiauu* to pumt of com*
mencement aue coniainiug t>4" »< re« luuiv or loss.
48. Comiuencing ai a puai plauuni on lhe right
bauk of tbe east fork of the Little Blliukf nver
abuut ten and mie-half miles frum too furks ana
marked "A.M.L. N.W.corner." theme oaol BO
cliains, thence south 80 chains, ibence w«i tr
cliains, ihence north eO chains to point of torn
men. ement and containing t4o acnw u-ort- or loss.
44. 1 ommencing st a post plauted ou ths light
bank uf ibe easl furk uf tn« Little Smoky river
about leu and one-half uide* from the forka and
marked "A.M.L. s.W.coruor," theuce north sO
chains, thence east 80 chain*., tbeuce south 80
chains, tbeuce west 80 chains to point of com
mencement and coniaiuing 04u acres wore er less.
Dated Dec. 806B* 1*7.
ib. Commencing at a post planted on lb* right
b.u.k "f the east furk of the Little Smoky rivor
.ibout fle.cn and ono-half miles from the forks
and marked 'A.M.L. s.W corner, theoce north*
t-ii.un-, ibence «ut gu chains, thenc* south 80
chains, theme west 60 chains to point of com
mencement and couUtetng e*0 aero* more or less
iti. Commencing at a post planted on th* right
bank of tbe east fork of th* Little Smoky nv*r
kIhjui -ilovtn ..ml one-half miles from the forks
and marked ' A.M 1. N W.comer," thenc **>*t 10
Chains, tbeuce soulh 80 ehains, thenc* w*st 80
chains, thenoe north 80 chains to polntof commencement snd containing «40 acre* mor* or l*ss.
47. Commencing st a post plaol*d on th* right
bank of the east fork of the Ltttl* Smoky riv*r
about twelve and one-aalf Mile* from tb* forks
and marked "A.M.L N.W.coruet," those* out K1
chains, theuce suuth 80 chains, tbo no* west 88
chaius. thsnee north 80 chain* to point ef commencement and containing 610 acres mor* arises.
48. Commencing at a poet plattt*4 on th* right
bank of the east fork of Ih* Little Smoky m*i
about twelve aud ourtialf mil** from tb* forks
aud marked "AsNl.L S Wormier, thenc* nortk
S> cbun*, tbruc* ,.*ut 60 chains, theSK* MWtb SO
ciiaius, thence west 80 chains to point of com*
mencement and containing 6io acre* more or leas,
49. i ommencing at a post planted on the right
bank of Um* oaet fork or ibe Lull* bmoky river
about thirteen and one-half miles from the forks
and marked 'A.M L. N.W.corner," thenoe ***t 80
chains, thenc* south 80 chains, thence w*st 80
chains, thance nonb 80 ohains to pomt of oom
mencement and containing 840 acres more or less,
bo. Commenoblg at a post planted on th* right
bank of tbe east fork of th* Littl* Smoky riv*r
about thirteen and une-half miles from tb* forks
and marked 'A.M.L. s.W.curnor." Mono* north
so chaina, thence east BO ohains, tb«uc* souUee
chains, ihence west 80 chaius to point of com-
menoement and containing mo acxe* more or 1***.
51. Commencing at a poet planted on tb* righl
liank of ihe out fork uf tn* Liitl* Smoky riw
about fourteen oudonedialf milee from Ibe forks
ami markod "A.M.L N W.corner," tbenee***tgl
chains, tbenoe inuth 8* chums, tUcnu* west 8B
chains, thence i.t-uh M ciuuns to point of commencement and containing s*u aero* mor* or loot,
■"'-. Commencing ai a pool plauted uu tb* right
bank of the ea^t fork of Ih* Little Smoky nvsr
about fourteen snd one-bwit uiiss frwm U* fork*
and marked ' A.M.L. H W.tornor, ihsno* nortV
60 chains, theuce oast 80 chains, then** south 80
chains, thence west W chains to peiet o* cow
meuceineiii and ceuiaining 64U acre* men or loos.
Dated Doc. Slot, 18u7.
wed jan 29 Locator.
iliiHpi.lr.        .... . ww   p.
thine " till j mi auu cluurly
wlnit a lnint liy iiiil of
'Don't   do
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, duOOM, love, marriage und parentage
Tells What you'd ash a doctor, but don't, like to
210 pages, illn-l ruled, 21) COIll-H! bill loinlrodnre
it wgBona one only to tiny adult, for postage,
10 cents.
12* Istat 2ith atrojwt, NIW YORK.
lU'velHlokc Land Distrlet.
Distrlet of West Kooteuav-
Take notice thai 1, V O. Strauss, ol Nakuap,
Kroe Miner, intend to apply for special llcen*
ces to cut Umber from the following described
1, Commencing at a post planted about 100
yards from punt of T, i,. 13.946and running
south ion chains, thenco west 40 chains, theuce
north Itio chains, thenee ea.il 40 chains to point
of commencement.
2, Couuueuoliig at a poit plauted ou tbe
north-west corner of Limit No. I and running
west >ho chains, ihence north so chains, thenee
east 80 chains, theuce south 80 ehains to point
of eummeueumutit.
;t. Commeuciug at a post planted on or near
thus, W.corner of T. I, No, 7410, aud ruiuitug
so\ith80 chains, ibence east80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, theuce west su chains to polnl
of r.ommeiiuemeul.
Dated Dec. 14,1907
4, Commencing at a post planted ou or tiear
the H.W. corner of I L. No 10,242, and running
kouiIi 100 cbuiiiH, thenee esst 40 chaius, tbeuce
north 100 I'bi'lns, ibeiiitj west 40 chains to
polul of couimuliueiueut.
•i. Commencing at a post planted on or near
lho H K, corner oil. I. o 10,242. and ruu*
nlug wust 40 chat.in, Ihence loutb 100 chains,
thuuee east 40chuins, ihence north 100chains
lo point of coiniueucciiu'iit.
0. Comuieuiiiig at. a pnsl planted on or near
the S.W. coruer »TTimber Limit No. 10288, ami
running south 40 chains thuueccast 100chains,
thence north 10 chains, thuuee weal 100 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 18 li*)7.
7. Commencing at a post planted ou or-ncu
thuS K. corner of Timber Limit No. 10,240
and running north 40 chains, thouce east lui
chains, thence south 40 chains thence we*1100
ohalus to point of commencement,
Dated Dec. io, 11KJ7.
sat leb lj F, O. 8THAUSS.
21. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky river about nine miles
from ils iuoulIi and marked "A.M.L. S.W.curner,"
theuce uurtu 80 chains, thence east 80 'hains.
theuce south80 olialns, thenee west so cbaius to
puiut, of commencement and containing 64u acres
more or less.
-ii. Commencing at a post plauted on the right
bauk of the north fora ol tbe Lutie Hmoky river
aliout one mile frum the forks and market! "A.M.
L. .S.W.corner," thence east 100 chains, Ibence
north 40 chains, theuce w«rt 100 chains, ihence
aouth 4o chains to point of commencement and
containing 84U acres more or less.
23. Commencing at a poat planted on the right
bank of the nortu fork of the Little Siu.)k> river
about one mile from lhe forks anu Marked AM
L. S.K.corner,' tbenee west ItfUcUAins, theoce
north 4u chains, theuce east lttu cbams, tnence
.soutu io chains to point of commaneemeui aud
containing 040 acre* more or loss.
Dated Dec. 18th, 1907.
21. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tin; east fork of tbe Llltie Smoky river
about one-half mile from lu* forks and marked
'A-M.L. N.W.curner," ..heme Svtiin 80 chains,
thence east 30 chaina, lbeuce n-r.h -■ iiuin-,
theuce west 80 chains to point ol comiaencemeut
and containing Wu acres mure or less
25 Commencing at a post planted on the righl
bank of the east fuik of ibe Litil** ao>uty aver
about ouvlialf uule from ttie furkii ami marked
"A.M.L. S rt.corner,' toouoe north o1 chains,
thence east bO chaina. tuouce south bo chains
tlience west ni cnaius io point of commencement
aud containing oiu acres mure or less.
20. Commencing al a post planted on tbe right
ban ti of the east lork of tue Lutie Hmuay river
about one anu one-halt milea from ibe force aud
marked "A M.L. N.W.coruer," thenc* south 8u
chains, theuce east 80 chains, theuce north 80
chaina, thence west 80 chaina lo point of com
mencement and cuutaiuing 640 acres more or leae
27. Commencing aia post planted on tbe right
bank uf ttie ea«l fork of the Little Smoky mer
about one and one-lialf -Miles from ihe forks and
marked "A.ML. S,W.corner," Uieuce north gu
cbaius, thenco east .-■ chains Ihence »outh au
chains, tbenee west .>■ chains to puiut of commencement and coutainiug an acres mure or l*-.».
28. Commencing at a post planted on tue right
bank of the east tork ol the Little mui-s> river
about two and uue-half miles from in** fori* and
marked "A.M.L. N.W,coruer," thence soulh io
chains, thence east 100 chains, theuce north so
chains, thence west 160 chains to point uf commencemeut and containing 840 acres more or less.
29. Commenolng at a pust plauted un the right
bank of the easl furk of the Little Smoky river
about two and one-half miles from the forks and
marked "A.M.L, S.W. corner,' Uience north 40
chains, thence east 10u cliains, thence south 4u
chains, tlience west 18" chains to point of commencement ana containing 040 acres more ur l«*s.
SO. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bauk of the east fork of lhe Little Smoky nver
about four and one-half miles from Uie furksaml
marked 'A ML. N.W.corner," tbenco south K0
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north 1*0
chains, thence west 40 chains to point of c< m-
iceiicemeut and containing 010 acres mure or less.
8L Commencing att^a post planted on the right
bank of ihe east fork of the Little Smoky nver
aliout four and one-hall miles from tho folks aim
marked "A.M.L. s.W. corner," thence north Mi
Chains, theuce east 80 chain*, thenco ooutb 8»i
cuaius. thence wesi 80 chains to point of commencement and containing etu acres mure or leas.
iti>. Commencing at a post planted on the right
hankof theeastfork of ihe Little Miioky mer
ai.uiii four and one-half mile- from the forks and
marked A.M.L. N.K. coinor,' thence south 100
chains, theuce «est 40 chains, thence north JtH)
chains, thence eaet 40 chains to point of commencement Ml] containing 04u .acres more ur lem.
38, Commencing at a pott planted ou the right
bank o' the east fork of the Little Hmoky river
abuut live and uue-balf miles from the forks ami
marked "A.M.L. S.W. corner,' tbenco north 80
chaius, thence east 80 chain.*, theuce south 8U
chaius, thonce west 80 chains to puint of cum-
meiicemeiil and containing 610 -acre* more or leu
Ni Commencing at a poal plinted on lhe right
liank of the oast fork of Llttlo Smoky river about
live and one-half miles from tbe forks ami marked
''A.M.L. N.W. coruer," thence east 80 chains,
thence south n<> rltaini, thence west 80 chains,
thence north so chains to point of commencement
and containing 640 acres more or less.
..... Commencing at a post planted on th* right
bank of the east fork of tbe Littl* Smoky riv*r
aboul nix and DM half miles from tho forks and
marked "A.M.L- H.W. corner," tb«nc* uurth so
chains, thi'iicu past 80 chains, thonce south 80
chains, Ihence west 80 chains I* point uf commencement and containing 64u acres more or less.
80, Commencing at a pot.*, planted on th* righl
bank »f the east fork of the Little Hmukr nv«r
aboul sis ami ou* half miles from the forks aud
uiarkud "A.M.L. N.W.corner," tbcnr* *ast 80
chains, thenre soutb 80 chains, thenes west 80
chains, thenee north 8u chains to point of commencement and containing 840 fu-r*s  more or less.
l>.iN>d Dec.  19th, 1987
17, < 'ommencing at a post planted oo the right
bank <ri the east fork oft he Littl* Hraok* riv*r
about seven uml one half miles from the forsi and
marked "A.M.L. N.W.corner," thenc* east 80
chains, tbenoe south 80 chains, thonr* westsu
chains, thence north 8u chains .o point of com-
meneement and containing 840 acres more or less.
&. Commuiiciug it • poet planted on the right
bank of the east fork of the Little suokv mer
aliout seven andune-half miles from the forks and
marked "A-M.L. S.W.corner," thenc* north 80
cliains, thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chaius, thence west 80 chains to point uf commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
SB, Commencing at a post planted on th* right
bank of the easl furk of til* Littl* Nmok> rivor
about eight and one-half miles from the forks and
marked  "A,ML   N W.corner,"  tbenco  *ast 88
MAK\ ANDERSON, D*c*as*d, intestate.
Take notic* that by Order of His Houor P. £.
Wilson, L.J., mad* tb* 25th day of Fabruary,
190&, I was apt^intedadministrator of th* estate of said Mary Anderson, deceased, aud all
parties having claims again-,1 the said estate
are hereby required to furuiah same properly
verified to m* on or before 81st day of March,
1908. And all parties indebted to said **tat*
are required to pay the am runt of their Indebtedness lo me forthwith.
Ollicial Admiaiftrator.
Dated the 2ith day of February, 1901.   w f*J 8
Tak* notice tbat by Ord*r of His Honor P. X.
Wilsou, L.J.. made the tilb day of February.,
19 a, I was appointed administrator of the
estat** ot said Thomas McNaugui. deceased, and
ah p*tu*s haviug 'kaimsagainok tb* said estat*
are hereby r-jquired to fu'uisb saui* properly
verih*d to tn* uu or b-lor* tb* 8l>t day of
fciarcn, 1V0S. And all parti** indebted to >aid
«- al* are required to pay tbe amoout of their
indabUKlueM to me forthwith.
Official Administrator.
Dated th* 23th day of February, 1908.      ftt It
Bevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1. J Donga 1 of Nakuap
c.iplain, intend to apply for permiasion lo par*
chas* the following described lands:
Commencing st * post planted at Ihe N. W.
corner of Lot No. 5414. rnuu.ug south 30 chains,
ihence west SO chaius, tbeuca north 20 chaius,
ibence east 20chaius to poiut of commeaoemeat*
Dated Dec. 19th, 191/1.
Ian 4 aat D. Dvwar. Agoul.
Ktvelatiik. Land Olainut, :
I'i'ltlil ul Wen KOOI.D.).
Tak. nolle, tbat 1, O A. FrsMmu, •! laalo,
H.i'.. occupation Miner lnien . u. apply lur a
ipcelal licence over tb. lollowlnf dworlbad
1. commencing at a post planted on tb.
weat bauk of Drill i reck. * mile, from .h. Lar-
deau f-ivtr and about I mllsja uortb eaauirlj
Irom tbe N K corner ol Loi 83s), u. 1, th.nc
weal *'j obalna. Uience north listi eualna, tb.nc
easl 40 cbaius, tb.nc. aoutb 1(0 chain, to th.
point of t'"iiimenreraent.
2. Clomuenelng al a poal plant.d on tb.
west bank of Drill Creek, I tall-. Irom tb.
I anl.au Hi vsr anil about? mile, north eaatarlj
from the N K. cornar ol Lot Mt, ti 1, thaoe.
eaat iu chaius, tbenee nurtb IW abalna, th.no.
wcki 4" chain., thence aouth IKI chains to th.
{.jvlulol I'lirami-ncemeut.
H, I'.-iiiim-iiritiK at a post planted on tb.
west bankol Unit Creek, M milea Irom Lar-
ilea. Klver aud aboul in miles noith eeaterl*
frum the N. K corner ol Lot Mt, u, 1, th.nc.
ii..rtli 40 chains, tbenoe .aat 1(0 chains, Ij.nc.
..mill .u chalui, iheuc. w.si Ito oheins to th.
point ol comm.nc.meht.
4. i .iiinuieiinn. al a poat planted on th.
west bauk ol Drift Creek. .K mile. Irom lb.
Lardeau diver and about l^mlle. north east,
erlf from the N. K. oora.rof Loi IM, li. I,
theuce m,uii 40 chain., thenc east 160 ohalns*
theuce north 4* chain., thence weal IW chalna
to tn. point of comm.ncea.nl.
b. ri.iinariiciui al a noal planted on the
west bauk ol Drill Cr.ek. 2 milea Irom th.
Lard, an Klver and about 1 mil. north easterly
Irom the N. K, cornar of Lot M*. ll I. Ih.uc.
wen 40 chains, tkenc. north IW chains, th.ne.
eaat 40 chain., th.nc Math IM chain, to th.
puint ul cummenoement.
Dated Dec. >iih, IWt.
wed j.n » C. A. iMUtaUW,
Bevelstoke Assessment Distriet
TAKK NOTICE that I shall hold a
I 'mn t of ItoTitiioii and Appeal, under
tbe " AswKsnient Act," reipwtina the
Suppleniuntary AnseeHiuent Roll for
1008. for the Hi-veletulie Awesament
District, un Weiluesdav, the 33th day
uf March, 1UU8, at the hour of eleven
o'clock in the torenoun. at the Court-
HotiBi'. lU-velHtsrike.
DaUrd at HevelsuAe, thi. 3ivl iUt nf
March, 1IW8.
0. M. FIBLU,
Judge of the Court of ReTirinn
and Appeal.
Ki'i••l-.l'ikc Assessment Diettiol.
of Wswt Kuolt'iuiy. THE M.WI.HFRAU), REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Wash Qoode
for Seasonable Wear
Attractive showing of Muslins, Voiles,
Ginghams, etc., English Galateas in Stripe
Effects, English Ducks, in plain colors,
French Chambrays, in all the newest colorings-
Embroideried Linens
Robes and Waists
The popularity of these serni-ieaJy Rol.es
and Waists has induced us to buy largely.
New Laces
and Embroideries
This season we make the most extensive
display in all widths. Embroidery for Corset Cover at toe. per yard.
Men's Spring Hats
Just to hand by express from one of the
largest eastern importers. These are the
latest in soft and hard hat styles.
New Styles for Spring
in Boots and Shoes
Stylish showing in Women's and Men's
Footwear in Tans, Patent Kid, Dongola
Kid, etc., both in Boots and Oxfords.
Spring Millinery
Fashionable and Syliah
MISS McKENNY, who has just returned from visiting Seattle and Portland
Millinery Opening, will be pleased to see all
her old customers.
sTs iti  «T»  «T.  .T.  aTa  «Ta af.  .ts a*r« iTs  sTs sT.
*X"*X"T»"*X" "X" *X' 'X™ *X" "X' 'sL* "X1 "X" "X"
Pure Drugs «&
Careful Compounding 4
Prompt Delivery        *£
4» 00 TO <$►
S Canada Drag & Book Co. Ltd. «|»
f       . —-        .'#
X     Mail Orders PromptlylFilled     %
■♦»  ■♦«   .♦.   .*fr«,   a'fr.   .♦a   .♦.  s.*K  «*K  .♦.  »♦.  sT.   st.
I"*!"  'X" 'X1  'X       ♦    ^^^      *       ♦       4*     "    ^T
Shurima-Julun—On the 1st. inst.,
at the Manse, by the Rev. W. C,
Calder. Jack Shurima, of Winnipeg, to Flossie Julian, ol Revel-
Weather Forecast
Saturday, March 11.—Mild, unsettled, rain ur sleet, indicated change,
liglit winds. Temp.: Max. 51 degrees,
Min. 40 degrees.
Local and General.
Don't forget March 17th at tha
opera house.
Buy a Limerick contest sheet at any
ot the store., only 50 cents.
110,000 reward for the eaptore ol
Capt Jaok on or before March 17th,
Opera House.
The ladies of St. Andrew's Church
are holding their annual basket social
on Thursday the  lUth in Selkirk hall.
The Ladies' Aid of the Metnodist
church are holding an ' Easter High
Tea'' mi Monday, April 20th. Watch
for further announcements.
Tbe "handsome' challenge shield,
won (?) from the Gym team at basketball, by tbe Shamrocks, is on view in
window ol Messrs. Doyle A Allum's.
Tbe Dominion government commenced the construction ol s bridge
over tbe Eagle river at Malakwa, un
Thursday. R W Uruhn ia in charge
of the work
Now lire in the latest seusatiou,
In places oi all recreation.
To enforce all these rule.
In our buildings and schools
iLould be our first con.ideration.
B Tupping has juit returned from a
buiinetl visit through tbe Okanagan
where be Las secured the Sole agency
in tbe East aad West Kootenay and
Xorth Yale districts, for tbe sale ol
fruit trees and other stuck from tie
Okanagan Nursery Co
A.J. Dawson coioLia! editor ui the
London,'Eng.) Standard bal arrived
at Wir.niptg accompanied by C. fc.
H^tr. Mr. Damon intends issuing a
large Canadian supplement oi the
Standard, and fur this purp-.se !'
making a tour oi the country collecting facts ami data irum close
persona, observation and investigation.
Mr.. McKitriek .! the i.eland hotel,
Nakuap, is arranging tu give a big
dance on St. Patrick'* daj, March 17.
Dancing will continue until 11:30,
after which a wedding ceremony will
take place Supper will be served ar
12 o'clock after which daucing will be
resumed until the wee hours in tbi'
morning. A cordial invitation in extended to all.
should make pancakes with
uur specially prepared flour.
Then she need not fear any
comparison with those that
"mother used to make." In
fact (he young housekeeper
should come here for all her
groceries. That will make
housekeeping easier and
save her from many annoying aud costly experiences.
Commence with a I rial order
lhe staff of life. It is wholesome, nutritious, appetizing,
Servo it on Your table and
see how it will be relished
and enjoyed. Many clever
home bakers* now use our
bread instead of making
their own. They have now
found that our baking is as
good as theirs nnd that they
save both money and labor
by buying here.
INSURANCE:—Eire.  Life and
K I N C A I D    At    A X D E RSO N
13 — n
Fop Strained Museles
| (.The most affective liniment on
the market
ISc and SOc. tmr BoHI.
Druggist & Stationer
>»■■     m*
What do you know? I know thai
the cricket olub limerick contest is a
good thing
Secure your reserved seats now un
sale at Macdonald s drug store to see
Capt Jack at the opera house March
One of tin1 questions that will, in all
probability be taken up at the next
session of the B. C. Legislature is that
of the "miner's inch ' Both the provincial mineralogist and C. E. Mahnn
C.E. have before now urged tbe gov
ernment to do entirely away with the
miners inch In connection with legu
lutive enactment
The regular Monday nignt entertainments in the V. M. C A .ir*
becoming very po| ular and attract
large numbers who rind the social
evening very pleas..;.I The program
un .Monday rseit March Id, will contain special lelectiii-i-i The director-
invite all those possessing musical
talent to be present and assist In tbe
The members ol Knox Church choir
were entertained after practice last
evening at the home oi Mrs 9, Foote,
Third street, a pleaanni looisl time
lieing spent. After sevcrnl musical
items, of whieli VV, M, Lawrenoe »«i
the chiel contributor, his appropriate
character sketches being much nil-
mired, the company enjoyed excellent
refreshments provided by their hostess
A special meeting oi tho city council
was held on Thursday night, at which
a by-law was introduced und received
its three readings, amending by-law
No. 108 authorizing tbat the signa
tare* of the finance committee be not.
necessary on the notes in connection
with the debenture! oh tbe new city
jail. The council also appointed 0. K.
Glllan, of the law lirm nt Gillan A
Elliot, as city solicitor.
E. L. Kichsidsoii, manager of the
Dominion Fair, Calyary, in a letter to
the Kevelstoke board of trade, stales
that he has re.erved u booth lor the
local exhibit, Instead of the exhibition committees paying the freight
of all exhibits to Calgary, larger prizes
are being offered and will so be iir-
riingtd that no district will root ive
lesa than f!25. There arc live other
cities ol B. C. to be represented.
The Limerick contest under the
auspices of the cricket club is l#ing
well supported. Another addition to
the valuable prize list has been made
by I    f! Hume A Co
The   meeting   In tbo   i MCA   tu
lu.irrow afternoon at I o'clock will tie
in charge of  Secy   Cook.   There .- I
be   special   n usic       Every msn welcomed ti  tbe gathering
Majcr-General Lake wbo assumes
tbe Inspector Generalship in place ol
the late Ma;or-iienerai Vidal until his
tenure ,i office expires in November
will suspect tbe local ll.M.B No. 5
''■ nipaiiv on June 17th
During the cooling Mason (be I  I
R   ....i expend |3fi0,00fl on its navies-
lepartment   In   the Kootenays
Down at the shipyards lliey ii re pre-
. paring t    bnild • tag and a barge, and
other additions to the rleet are in con-
temptation The -hip earpenters are
'busy at Ktkusp and as a reiuIt there
, will   be  a tug and two ur three barg. I
more   m   commission   within    a   lew
weeks—Nelson Canadian
('here  me   thousands ol   sorts! ,,f is
' line small fruit land in the Bevelstoke
district   us  wm ever cultivated.    And
yet  there art not Wn acre, in a thou-
■and planted   witb ibis kind ol Iruit.
: Small   fruits   will   pay for themselves
'and   give   ample  profit to the grower
while   the   orchards   are Inking root
The demand   fur  small fruits is (ar in
execessol   the   supply and price*      'I
' market" nre ulw;.ys good
A large and  successful   meeting    J
! the   shareholders   uf   the    okanag.ui
i Produce  Association   was  held  last
Saturday afternoon in the Court
House. The matter nf allilial.ing with
the II. 0. Central Exchange was fully
discussed, snd was iinaniuiniitly decided in the affirmative. Mr. Brew,
late, of Eli Moorhotise A Co., was
elected managing secretary, and the
old directors were re-elected to ollice,
after a vote of confidence was passed In
which they wero thanked for their
work during tlie past year. The association is rapidly increasing in membership, and it is expected that this
season's operations will result in the
transaction ui a greatly increased
volume ol busmen.—Vernon News,
l.il'L-c ' iv .sinii:ls" ne.ir xshuroft I his
ue' k. une in particular measuring 400
feet in,length, delayed tbo tiallic for
over len li  nrs
The Minstrel Maids gave a successful performance ibis afternoon in lhe
opera house. They will play tonight
at 8:30.
The Y.M.C.A. literary society met
last evening and held a highly inter
eating discussion ou tbe works of the
best known writers.
The A. O. U. W. Oruud Lodge have
decided in favor ot secession from the
American Supreme lodge, and the formation of a purely Canadian organization.
Ono of tho most deserving funds
that ia now being largely contributed
to all over the province ia the Widow
and Orphans (und and is one which in
itself should appeal to all those charitably disposed. Arrangements have
been made tor the holding of a progressive wlnat tournament on Wednesday, March 25, uuder the auspices
uf Gold Kaugc Lodge No. 26, Knights
oi Pythias and Crystal Temple No. 3
Pythian Sisters. Suitable prizes will
tie awarded to the winners iu the tourney. Refreshments will be served.
The tournament will take place in the
old post ullice and hull Admission
50c . The Hours will be available tor
dancing, should those pies.'iit feel so
inclined. It is hoped that Kevelstoke
will largely support this charitable
movement and assist tlie K. P's and
Sisters in their endeavor to hand in a
substantial sum to the (uml.
Social and Personal
L. M, Hagar has returned irom a
visit tu the Okanagan.
Fred Kraser left Thursday on an
extended trip to Montreal and Ottawa.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McDonald, of
Sicainous. are ou au extended visit to
the city.
Mrs. McKitriek of the Leland hotel,
Nakusp, made a short visit to the city
this weik.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McDonnell returned last uight alter spending a (ew
days at Calgary.
Geoffrey Haggen, principal oi the
Pingeton Creek school, is on a short
visit to bis borne.
Mrs. Heyward left on Thursday
night fur Vancouver, where she was
called on account of her sistcr'B serious
Rev. J. R. Rubertsun has recovered
from his illness of the past two weeks
und will take charge oi the services in
Knox Church tomorrow.
Word haB just been received Irom
K..inloops that R. W. Haggen has
successfully passed the preliminary
topographical survey examination.
H. N. Coursier returned on Thursday from a visit to Kamloops, whore
as District Deputy Grand MaBtcr of
No. 3 A. F & A. M., he psid an official
visit to the Kamloops Masonic lodge.
On the occasion o( bis fourth birthday, Friday last, Master Victor
Hooley entertained a number of hie
little friends. The party enthusiastically took part in games, after which
refreshments were served.
Mrs. Wm. Morris gave a delightful
dinner party last evening, covers being
laid fur eight. The pleasing announcement uf the engagement ol Miss Daisy
MacLean to Mr. Pierce, of Ducks
caused quite a pleasant sen ation
amongst the assembled guests, wbo
offered Mis. MacLean their beet wishes
for her happiness.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services every Sunday
at the billowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High .Vass
and Serniun; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
Bt. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W. C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Mch. 8
Services 11 a.m., 7-30 p.m , Sunday
School aad Pastor's Bible Class, 2 30
p.m. Murnimr subject. "Enmity to
Christ " En-rung subject, "Lord I iver-
Itonn.' i onng People's .Meeting Monday 8p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday - [i in Choir practice and Teach
era meeting Friday 8 p m
- i B !• minister. Sunday services
at 11 am and 7 SO p m. Sunday
ichool at 2JO p ii.     Morning subject,
1 "Out of   Darkness   into Light."   The
j Sacrament ot  Baptism will I* dispensed it  tin-   morning service     At the
Ievening aervioe the series ot sermons
'on -it. St John I 'impel will be eon-
it.uued "ibject 'Christ's Self Revelation I" ttie Human Mind Young
Peopli s Guild on Monday night at 8
o clock at which the inters.ting anb-
jeot f The 'iordons oi Erromanga,
will be lhe missionary topic. Prayer
ii ..eting .ii Wednesday night and
choir practice On Friday night A
cordial    invitation    is  given lo all the
sen ii ei
Baptist—Re*. W, P freeman, HA.
pastor Services at 11 a m and 7 30
n m -unlay sobool at 2.30 p.m
Horning rabwet "A prayer of David's''
Evening lb* Power Behind the
Throne "
MktiioiiIsi —Kev I'.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follow. •—
At II a,no, morning .service, 2 30. p
in , Sunday lebool and Bible class,
7 80 p in evening service Morning
subject, Bleaaednesi .ml UOt Happiness the Ideal State " Evening, "The
Apostle Peter's Great Confession snd
It's Outcome." Monday evening, Epworth League under direct ion of Hnciul
depart melt at 8 o'OloOk Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
A cordial invitation is extended to all
these services.
8t. Pmut'l Aniii.uan—Rov. C. A
Procuniur, M.A., rector 2nd Hunil'.y
in Lont 8 a. m Holy Communion,
11 a.m. Matins, 7,!I0 p in, Evensong,
2 30 p iu. Sunday school.    Wednesday
and Friday at 7:80 p,iu. Evensong.
Market Reports.
Coast Market,—Potatoes, — From
what, we can li-.iiii, pututoe. are bound
to lower in  price.
Fraser Valley stock quoted ut if 17
f.o.b. Vancouver or Victoria.
Washington stock can be bought at
$17 freight und duty paid Vuncouvei
Potatoes are offered at $0 f.o.b.
Moosrj iw, ou this market.
Nearly all tht linns appear loaded
with uigh priced stock and not open
to buy at any price.
It would appear as if the situation
would result in catching the trade aB
stocks become reduced, and place
available shipments at the best
market price to be obtained.
Advise if we slmll billow this policy
in disposing of your supply to the beet
Interior B. C.—Advice (bows stocks
still on hand. Closing of camps and
mines, with orders given freely in the
Fall show little opening among the
trade here.
Individual   shipments   and   letters
from glowers, is given also as a reason
lor poor   prices, as   I n'e believe large
stocks are carried nver,
Frmt it Produce Kx.-li nge ut B.C.Ltd
Kevelstoke, B. C,
March 12th, 1008
Grip and Password.
liKlll'.l!  Ill    OWI.H.
Ou Thursday evening the Order of
Owls held their lirst grand open
session. At 8 o'clock 53 Owls and
their friends, totaling 10-1, joined in
this, their tlrst open session.
Speeches, toasts and songs were
giveu by members and friends. Mr.
McClennan made the first hit of the
eveuiug, when called upon to sing a
song, tell a story or dance, he promptly retired to the Anteroom, reappearing in a moment playing "Tbe Campbells Are Cuming," on tbe bug pipes,
with a master tmicli, tbis wae followed
by the Highland Fling, Sword, Clog
and Step dancing.
Refreshments were passed proceeding the main evout of the oveuing,
which was a glove coulest between
Bro. D. Ross aud 'Tho Bo Kid" (Billy
Richmond), scheduled to go four
grounds. But as Bro. Roes got cold
feet after a hard lead to the bead
followed by several more, at half time
in the third round, his seconds threw
in a lemon. Mr. Richmond (The Bo
Kid) gave a fine exhibition of sparring.
"Auld Lang Syne" at 11 pm., sung
by the O. O. O.'s and (riends concluded
a very pleasant evening.
Ferguson, B. 0.,
March 8,1908.
Editor M»!i..|lF.lut.li.
At the hockey tournament held in
Ferguson on Saturday last, the Cam-
borno hockey team won the "Junior"
cup after a hard game.
Business Locals
A large stock of Ideal Waterma n
pens at Bews' drug store.
Satinettes—a fresh stock at Bews'
drug store.
For choice hams, new laid eggs,
breakfast bacon, etc., try C. B. Hume
Easter cards on display at Bews
drug store.
Regular shipments uf smoked kippered herring selling at 12,', cents per
lb. at C. B. Hume .v Co.
Revelstoke Cigars —Union Mad*—Our
Speolal, The Union, and Maroa Vuslta
ar* ahead of all others.
First class Navel oranges, lemons,
ban mas and cooking apples at the
lowest market price C. B, Hume A
Miss Nellie Dunne left this morning
for Calgary.
Agent Wanted.
Wanted at mice—an Agout to t&
present tbe North American Accident
Insurance Company in Keveletuke
and immediate vicinity Excellent
opportunity lor live man Apply to
Head Ollice (or Western Canada, 510
Mclntyre Block, Winsipeg, Man.
Twd acres of land jusi nutslde Oity
iiioiis will, 7 roomed house.elty water,
llllllt    all   'le.lied  II llH   Inosllv   Well   fei
Hull iiii .iiii' iii hull trees,
(imilen planted with small fruits in
gsiirii  hearing] onion  crop that   will
bring .sl.'su io S-'SI '-null us ..no., is  off,
lt.nl #2.1 per month or purcliuse price
Terras can be arranged.
Itevehtuke, II, (!.
I' t" Uml lil.lrlr...
DlStrlet ol Weal Kont.nav.
Tak. until', thai rrj Hay. aflor ilat. 1 inland
|0 apply Ut til. I loaf ' "".mi . I'.iiai i.f f.mi.l.
anil Wura. frir isarmlsainii to porrl,., ,1 th. till-
I...IHII ila*orlls«l lands:
i ...iiinnni-iiiK at a isnut slanted at th. norlh.
»...i oorner nf Ut IUK O l.nn Ki.IiHIt.i,
th.nc. .ait 8 chains mnr. nr la., to w«*l lin.
of A. A MacKinnon's pre-emption, th.nc.
aouth SO chain., thenre Waal * chains mora or
l«'iai..en«i Hn. of List ;*>"., il I, tb.nc. norih
SO ch.lus to point of onauxisncment.
Lisnite'l this Srd .laj of Feb   IM.
... (.1. »        THOU W  WILLIAMS, Local.|  >
yoOti. 0REAM5 WILL
«••»«.I**- .*•
ir ii a o«(*m a**-   .
(Drygoods Economist, March 7)
WASH GOODS-Uur slock of Wash Goods is selected from exactly
these classes of goods aud if you have not seen them, you should come
soon mid get your pick.
There are some very pretty designs .in. dresden effects wilh ribbon
over stripe.
Tbe mercerized White Muslins in stripes and cross bars are something
eutirely uuw and exclusive.
8PRINQ OOAT8-Ours are the first of the season, as usual, Tbey
como iu both long and short styles and the short ones are loose or fitted
aud the prices are very reasonable.
WASH OOLLARS AND BELT8 -Our lirst lot is here, and you have
never seen prettier. Embroidered Belts and Collars will be grestly worn
this season. .   .
Wo also have a .well lot of fancy collars and an especially a neat line
of leather and elastic belts. V-
DRESS GOODS   In all tlie season's novelties as well as all the
staple lines.    Our Dressmaking Department is in  charge of   Miss  Rrim.i-
combeand you can depend on (jotting first-class work.
Bevelstoke Opera House
and Saturday Matinee
*       Commencing
Under the Juvenile Bostoninn
A First-Class, Clean and
Moral Production
Clean Comedy, Catchy Music,
Dainty  Dancing by Pretty  Girls
Take a Tip-Get Seats Early
Packing 'Km In Everywhere
PRICES, 50e., 766. aud $1.00
Seats on Sale at McDonald's
Drug Store.
Opera House
MARCH 17 th.
ATTENTION - Men and Women
. wanted to learn burlier trade,
Free. Colleges in nil leading American cities. Beware of iinitatois—Moler
Bin ber College, 21)0 Carroll Ht„ Vancouver, B. C.
FOR RENT—Seven-room furnished
house, ceniriillv loi-Hled.    H. N.
FOR SALE- Bed, spring,  matt ress
mul   Dressing  slaiul,  $25.    One
carpet 0x12 feet   "
*lll.    Apply at this
Under the auspices of
the Ladies' Altar Society
of the Roman Catholic
Church s
25c,  50.,  75c.
Seats on sale at the
Canaii*   Diitiu anu Book
TAKE NOTICE that the shareholders of the above niiniiil Company
have by special resolution resolved to
'•hiiiiKc tlir nanii- of the Company to
" Kevelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and Intend to apply to the
I ,ii uteiiiinl -(iovernor- ill-Council for an
Order changing the name accordingly.
Dated 11th January, 1908.
A. Y. Anderson,
febBBm Secretary
FOR SALE OHEAP-Four gasoline
lamps, .WO, fluo, 700 aud 8U0 candle
power, all in Rood workliiK order: will
linlit 100 feet building. Apply to Chief
Young, Comaplix, B. C.
MATERNITY Cases taken  at, my
home or  otherwise.    For 'particulars apply Mrs.  A. E. Bennison
Second St.. West, or P, O. Box 211.
feb. 12. Im
Apply to Columbia Aubncies,
Limitkii, Revelttiike, 7 1 I.M
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of the best snaps to be bad
in City house property from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. frontage to 2nd St.
all for $2,i5IW of which only $1000 cash
is required -ind balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply nt, once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
WANTED-By family three adults,
furnished   house  for summer,
from 1st April.   Answer P. O. Box 207
Rent a Ht'st-clitHS furnished house
for a month. Columbia Agencies,
TO RENT-Five Rooms, Suitable for
livinit rooms, over Knight A De-
vine's tailor shop. Apply to Knight
U Devine.
WANTED-A First Clnss White
Cook for Sawmill Uuaiding
House, 100 men. Wages no object to
the right man. Apply Box 017, Ar-
r.iwbead, B. C,


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