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The Mail Herald Feb 6, 1907

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TLB 12190/
Vol. 13 -No 10
$2.50 Per Year
We ate Stock-faking and have a pile of Remnant
Bargains which we are clearing at Bargain Prices. Get
Your Share.
sjocpIiIe  saxZe
Hundreds of samples of Children's Silk Dresses,
Children's Coats, Misses' Coats, Misses' Silk Dresses,
Misses'Serge Dresses, Misses' Wash Dresses.
Ladies'Dresses and Coats. They arc aliout Half
Price.   Get Your Share.
Specials for Next Week
Our table of Assorted Jams, Jellies, Syrups, Molasses and
C.i.iiax Jains and Jellies in .">lb. I'.-tils, tl.e following kinds:--
Pour, I'liii.i, Peach, lied Cui'iTllt, Apricot, Apple, ll.ispl.en-y and
Java Cane Syrup in I quart, half gallon und 1 gallon tins.
Ont.-ui.i Honey in 20c, 80c. and 7.">c Jars,
Choice Biscuits
A Bhipme.lt of those Famous Biscuits just urrived; here
uro ;i fow specials:—Philippines, Brazil, It id. Ten,Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit-, Kindergarten, Charivari-
Plnntati. n. Household, .Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ico
Cream, ChocoLte and Coooanut Creams, u!bo other varieties, which we would be pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mand.ilay Sauce
and Tomato Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
HALT COAL-The onlv
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
foe (look Stove, Heater or
Urate, clean and free fi-i.iu
Dry Fit- and Birch Wood,
any Length.
lluy, Outs, Wheat and
Expross uud Untying to
uov purl of lho cily.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
able It.ltes.
Office, McKenzIo Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       •       ■        73.
Hot Water
Guaranteed for One Year.
A comfort for sick people
in cold weather like this.
Always keep one in the house
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
i •*"H»##$###M,##^MfM>MtM,<"H->'
Besides offering Bargains in China and other useful articles fo
at attractive prices, we bog to call your special attention to a *
"The Kookizer"
Cooks your Breakfast while you sleep,
Cooks your whole dinner while you play with baby.
Call nnd lot us explain to you nil about the Kookizer.
Mado especially  for  British  Columbia.   Wido Web
Strong nnd Humble.
McBride Administration Endorsed by British Columbia
With Large Majority—Thos.
Taylor Returned.
The election is over at last, after
weeks of thc most vigorous campaigning throughout tho province, during
which both parties strove hnrd for
victory, the electors ot British Colombia on Saturday returned tbe Conservative government to power with
an increased majority. The election
produced some staitling surprises,
so.r.c seats which were conceded to
one puty returning the opposite candidate with good majorities.
In Vancouver nnd Victotia the
electors returned solid Conservative
tickets. The result was unexpected
in botli camps, when such an issue
hid not, been to the least degree anticipated. Out of 42 oons'.ituenoies
the Conservatives have gui ie.l ".IH; tbe
Liberals 12; and the Socialists 2, thus
giving the McBride government a
good working majority, The results
are as follows.
Alberni— H. Brewster, Liberal,
majority 45.
Atlin— Dr, Young, Conservative,
majority 32.
Comox— R. Clrant, Conservative,
majority 49.
Columbia— H. G. Parsons, Conservative, majority 119.
Cranbrook— Dr, King, Liberal,
majority 18.
Cariboo—Jones and Yorston, Liberals, majority 50.
Chilliwack—S. A. Cawley, Conservative, majority 14.
Cowichan—W. H. Hay.vnrd, Conservative, majority 10.
Delta—John Oliver, Liberal, majority 90.
Dewdney—R. McBride, Conservative
majority 105.
Esqiiinialt—John Jardine, Liberal,
majority 59.
Fernie—W. R. Ross, Conservative,
majority 51.
Grand Forks—J. Mclnnes, Socialist,
majority 83.
Greenwood—G. R. Naden, Liberal,
Islands—A. E. McPbillips, Conservative, elected.
Kamloops—F J. Fulton, Conservative, majority 83.
Kaslo—N, F. McKay, Conservative,
majority 30.
Lillooet— M. Eugleson, Liberal,
majority 9.
Nanaimo City—J. H, Hawthornthwaite, Socialist, majority 132.
Newcastle— D. T. Thomas, Liberal,
majority 17.
New Westminster—T.   Gilford, .Conservative, majority 130.
Nelson City—G. A. B. Hall, Liberal,
majority 5.
Okanagan—Price Ellison, Conservative, majority 201.
Rossland City—J. A. Maedonald,
Liberal, majority 54.
Richmond— Fi L. Carter Cotton,
Conservative, majority 4.
Skoena—Dr. Kergin, Liberal, ma
jority 55.
Revelstoke—Thomas Taylor, Conservative, majority 189.
Suanioh—1). M. Eberts, Conservative, elected.
Similkameen—L. W. Shatford, Conservative, majority 57.
Slocan—W. Hunter, Conservative,
majority 78.
Victoria—McBride, Con., Maj, 417
—Davey, Con., Maj. 286.
—Bobnson, Con. Maj. 278.
—Thompson, Con. Maj. 203
Ymir—J. SchuAcId, Conservative
majority 110,
Vancouver—Bowser, Con., Maj, 907.
—Macgowun, Con., Muj 905,
-Tatlow, Con., Maj. 898.
-Garden, Con , Maj. 825.
—McGuire, Con., Maj. 745.
Yule—Stuart Henderson, Liberal,
majority 309.
Now that the elections are over and
the government once more in office,
the country should get down to business ngain and resume the course of
occupation undisturbed now by outside inlluences. The votes iu Vancouver and Victoria, and in many
other places were the greatest on
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Minors', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
All ciniins against la.dge Loyalty,
8.0.1-'..U.S., must bo submitted in
writing, duly certified by J. I. Wood-
row ol Rovelstoko, to the undersigned
on or belore Februnry 28th, 1907,
Henry 8, Akkuuust,
Kamloops, B, C,
Shipment of Valuable Horses
Lost Through Suffocation on
Two Separate Occasions.
Vancouver,  Feb. 5.—Mr.  Dngnld
Rosb, of Streetsville,   Out.,  is now
lying at the Hotel Vanoouver seriously ill from the effects ol a severe chill
and the lou of a whole shipment of
thoroughbred horses.   About a week
ugo he lelt Onturio with 11 thorough-
hnd bores, mostly Clydesdales, and
including two teams ol lino hackney*.
They werc coining through in core of
the Dominion Express Co., nnd bud
reached North Buy when lhe conlo.l
heater exploded and  belore  the car
could ho ..pened and the ho. sob taken
out, seven of theni   were  suffocated.
Again on Friday nighl, while the ear
wa» between H.rrim.......I Agassiz, il
took lire Iron, tlie heater nud five mine
horses were killed, leaving only two . f
the original shipment, The horsss
wore destined for Portland, Oregon,
und their value wns e-tininted at
ubout $18,000.
California's Attitude on School
Question May Head to War
Between Two Nations.
New York, Feb. 4.—A Washington
despatch to thc Times says: California
can bring on war with the people ol
Japan il she wants to. That is the gist
of what the president lias been telling
the Californiaus ever since thc public
school incident in San Francisco lirst
attracted international attention. All
they have to do is to get into the fight
and keep on insisting on their present
course, the result will be certain. Not
now, or in the immediate luture,
because Japan is not now in condition to fight, and knows it, but a continuation of Calilornii's oout'.e will
bring about such a careful preparation
for war on the part of Japan as took
place before the struggle with Russia:
It will lead tbe Japanese to think
that war with tlie United States is
invited and once they got that notion
settled in their heads they will not
retrain Irom preparation lor war, when
tbey are ready tbey will go at it, and
if we are not ready, ton, so much the
worse for us. Tlie position taken by
thc Japanese is simple and clear.
They believe in their social equality
with any other race on earth. They
are ready to make it good l.y force ol
arms. They feel that they have already proved it by defeating tlie Russians and have no desire to make any
further demonstration of that kind,
but if a situation arises where it
would seem necessary to them to make
such a further demonstration thoy
will lose no time in getting at it.
Mines and Smelters in Kootenay and Boundary Seriously Hampered,
Rowland, Fell. 6.—The difficulty
experienced in securing fuel continues to handicap both mines and
smelters. At tlie Le Roi mine during the week the management seriously considered the question of
shutting down, but managed to pull
through without, owing to the
timely arrival of n supply. The
smelters cannot he operated to
their full capacity nnd us a result
the mines enn only ship n limited
quantity of oro to them. Thus the
lack of sufficient fuel supply oper-
ntcs to the disadvantage of both
mines and smelters. The question
of a fuel supply is a serious one nnd
should at once be' taken up hy the
authorities to thc end that it may
be remedied. Tlio mining section
ol the province cannot afford to
have itB production so seriously
curtailed from such a cause if n
possible remedy enn be found,
Blizzard Sends Snow Over
Plains at 60 Miles an Hour
-Manitoba Towns Without
Flour, Coal and Coal Oil.
Winnipeg, Man. Feb. 4.—During
Inst night the worst storm in twenty
years raged throughout tbo country.!
botween Fort William and tlie Rocky
nn..... tains" On the prairie the blizzard was so bad that it was impossible
to see more thin, a lew yards. This
morning not i. wheel was moving on
the railways in Manitoba, but the
companies hope to got somo trains in
during tlie day. Three and perhaps
lour eustl.o.ind trains uro stalled near
Swift Current and tho wind is so
strong that it is in.possible to dig
them ...it, tho truck tilling up us fust
as it is dug out.
The Winnipeg street car service was
paralyzed during the night nnd nil
tbo-e living oh the northern and
southern portions ol the city weie
o'-lige.l ... walk through drifts to their
work, St. Churles, S:. Boniface nnd
Hendhigly cur lines were still snowed
up nnd ilitr-- is but li'tle hope cf
getting lh. in open tu-day.
G... iliti.i.is in the ranching districts
aro desperate. Cattle in Alberta me
dying l.y thousands. Somo hope was
held -mt for a percentage of ranoliois
but with this storm it is hard to Buy
what the result will be.
Pinoaer Cheek, Alb., Feb. 2.—
Every passing train kills large numbers of cattle and tbe slaughter has
become heavy on tbe Crow's Nest
Pass Irom Dunmore Junction to
l.ell,bridge that the C.P.R. has employ..! a large number of Indians to
drive cattle Irom right-of-way. Indian
scouts nre patrolling the line for
iniles throughout Grassy Lake region,
holding half crazed cattle by every
device known tu experienced cowboys.
Stock drift with the wind and snow
until tbey strike a "cut" or the side ol
a heavy "Iill"on tho line, where they
are protected from the fury of the
storm, Here tbey remain in ever-
increasing numbers until passing
trains scatter them. Under the Railway Act, transportation companies
are practically responsible for all
cattle killed on tbe right-of-way,
regardless of the existence of cattle
guards and wire fences. Witii the
blizzard prevailing, sending snow over
tbe plains at a sixty mile nn hour
velocity, tho strongest fence is snapped
like paper before a rushing herd ol
stock cuntaining several hundred head.
Sxo.vki.ake, Man., Fob. 2.—There iB
no conl in Snowllako and no Hour; no
coal or coal oil in Mowbray. No train
bus been in here since January 18.
The track is completely blocked at
Mowbray with snowdrifts.
Go to C. B. llunie & Co. lor carpets,
linoleum and floor oil cloth.
Musks for Carnivals, gold and
lilver papers, etc., at Canada Drug &
Book Co.
Window shades, curtain poles, rods
tnd fixtures at 0. B. liumo &, Cu's,
The lollowing is the results of tbe
ditferent polls in this riding as far as
can bc obtained at [.resent.
Taylor Caley Lefoaiix
Clanwilliiim ...    10      0 0
Revelstoke  205   131 78
Albert Canyon .42 0
Illecillewaet .. .    (i      3 0
Glacier    10      -1 5
Arrowhead    51    37 3
Halcyon     5     0 0
Big Eddy Mill..     0    11 0
Big Bend     7      8 4
Adams Ranch..     3      0 0
Galena Bay,,.      3    13 0
Comaplix    15      7 0
Beaton      5     14 0
Can.borne       20     25 1
Opera House
An iinporrunt engagement is hilled
for Wednesday, Fob. Ill, in tlio Opera
House when Will J. White, tlio
cleverest of Toronto's singing comedians, will give a popular entertainment, As a con.elian and clever
impersonator, Mr, White has no equal
in tl.e Dominion, being an artist of a
high ordor, bis caricatures, character
songs, witty sayings nnd vaBt (und of
comic and humorous selections and
impersonations keeping an audience
in uproarious merriment for hours at
u time. The entertainment sliould
draw a big house and is in aid ol tho
Y.M.C.A. which iB sufficient inducement ol large pntronage, Tho management has displayed good judgment
in securing tlie services ol such an
entertainer as Mr. White. Resorved
seats, 75 cents.
.1 list tho plnce Ior to get lotions lor
chapped hands. All prices. Canada
Drug & Book Co.
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
We Still Have Money
v,*-,£7J'lj     ON
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
of Re-Payment.
We will be pleased to have you call and learn about it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency. Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Ilruiiclio* in the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
liritish (.'olumbia, Outnrio. Quetoc.
Capital Subscribed -        -        •        I5,ooo,ooo.oo
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        f 4,280,000.00
D. R, WllKIE, President; llnx. K. Jakfhay, Vice-President
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savinos Department—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at   current   rate   from   dato  ofj opening account,   and   compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available in nil paris of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstof 0 Branoh, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. M. SPROAT, Real Estate OfEice, Cowan Block.
Tlio almvo English Company ol Artists who are visiting Canadian shores
for the lirst time prior to their trip to
Australia and New Z.nlanil, and art-
to introduce themselves to .uulieiiceB
hero at the 0|.cra House, Friday and
Saturday, Feb. Llth and 16th, is certainly somewhat ol a mystifying character, ami tho various commentB upon
thoir peculiar title aro invariably followed hy such enquiries: "ls it 11
musical comedy?" "Is it a concert
party?" "Is it a melodrama?" "Is it
a burlesque?" "Are they conjurors'"'
"What are they?" That is tl.e mystery. Thisexcellcntcon.pany Becured
an i111u.01.se success in London, and
wo may explain tbat this celebrated
mimical combination consists of two
tenors, a baritone, a baou, two very
funny nnd first class comedians, a
lightning art-humorist and .. pianist,
who for some years have been delighting English audiences by providing a
very bright, romantic, musical and
artistic entertainment, full of lun ami
genuine humor and Bcntiment, but at
tbe same time quite tree from vulgar-
ity, The company bold high positions
both socially and ir. tlio inimical
world, and in support ol this it may
be mentioned that tb.-y have heen
individually associated with the I'ntti,
Melb... Claia-lliilt and Harrison tours,
apponrod at the Queen's Hall Symphony and Pi..llmimo.iio concerts,
perlorined at Convent Garden opera,
played in the ohiel musical comedies,
l.illill.-d star oiigugemei.ts at tbo ben
London theatres ol varieties, given
rooltals at the ijticen's and St. James
Halls, .mil appeared by command belore His Majesty the King, This
entertainment should draw bumper
houses during their engagement in
tliis city, a» it is one of the greatest
musical and comedy treats that over
appeared in the opera house. Plan ol
hall now open at the Canada Drug ill
Book Store.
We have all kinds and prices of
valentines, the neweststylesat Canada
Drug A Book Co.
Now is your time to buy,if you want
a real good map in carpet squares,
linoleums, or any kind of furniture.
Giving big bargains at John E, Wood's
Furniture store. -v   1 .  V -...^V.*.-     If-'M    -.1..*   '
rii,l.l-HKu WEDNESDAY ASH -.'.UK
re\ eijStoke. ac-
postage ;.i Kucl u
aud Cuiidd.1
id, United
SUil -
Br the ye
it [through postolll
'Quarter "
■JU   KlN'il.N'b prouiptiyuxocuiod at i
•u.u uii
• :...■ ;
i'.v.-Ii.   Subscriptions payable
iii ad!
.OltREHPoKDENCK invitud un umuuo of
; ubilo tiiUTt-i-t. Communication-: to Kdi*
tor must bo accompanied by name uf
"alitor, uot necoaoarily fo publication, bill
.I-. i...euco utKood t'uith. Correspondence
should U briot
L?bMl it'.ti.' - Ulcerate per line llrnt Inn
"..-■■- per lino naeli ■mh-ru-qtient insertion,
Mi ■>• .:■ imenh Kou| iricl (12 lilies make one
inch). Store and -•■■*. Mi-nii*-,-. announcement* •j:.'*' p r incli per month.
Preferred position*, 23 iter cent, nd*
ditiiMt Hirtli-, ..!.:;. I.--• and Deaths,
.'■ c i-.i li lui trti m, 'I imber not ii * s$5.iK!
Land n itices ;".-'" All advertisements
- .   ■  ■ ap] ■-*. ■'■ ol tl *■ inniinKciiieiil.
\\ ,,-. . .::'.*-.-: Advi :;:-i*iiii*:ii-:
Agi ■ iVn I, Help '•', ,-. . .*.. SltnotloiM
wanted, Situation! v.,, mt Toacherii
W,,i,i,-,;, M,.:.,:,. - Wanted, 10 words ur
- . , eacli i.-..' ioiml line I'i will*.
Changes ... - aftdliiR ndverttwrnionts must
i-* in bj 9 a. n., 'l uesdii) uud Krldaj of
-v h :\- ■ r. WMfciirc ifood di-play.
Barristeks, Solicitors, K
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
ana Pateni Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,      Hakoi.i. Fisher
Jt.iiri-f.r-, Solicitors, H.c,
l.l.VI.I.-I.-Ki. mi.-|!HU I I,IKK Il.C.
. i:. onus. I-'..'. I'.i...mi
DvPlCBS: IM.-...U.U.  Hank  Hlock.  II.-.vki,'
'STOKK, 11. I .
l;.(\; Kort Steele, B. fj.
Money to I.»a.
Offices: Ilcvel
BKO. S. M.I'A.ff..!.,
A. M.  t'INKil.lM,
Revelitoke, H.C.
J. A. ll.uiv.fv,
Kurt Steele I!. C,
J. M.Scott I.L.D W, I. UrlKKH.
.con ami brigos
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Mosey to Loan
SOLICITORS Full .Mt.l.s.lNffi BANK
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.C,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
.Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
tbe ADafWIbevalb
"I woul . . . earnestly n vise thorn for
their (tuo.1 to order ibis paper to be punctually
lerveu up, and to be looked upun as a part of
the tea equipage."—ADMBON.
Xow that the greal provincial election campaign of 1906-7 bus passed
into history and thc minds of ull have
not that t-.-nsiun and anxiety o! tl.o
contest, which has beeu evinced on
every -ide, the course of business and
home industries will take its original
groove, whioh , lor the hist lew
weeks has been filled with anything
bdt harmony and co-operative action.
The great issue of the day lias conic
and gone and wo once more enter intu
routine ot* city and home life whi h is
ol m. re vital importance to us than
the doings and affairs of the province
whioh are ia .. measure made up ui
many cities, towns, and districts oi
which we are one in Kevelstoke. Certainly to a great extern, cn the just
and business-like administration of
tbe provioce depends our welfare us..
city but our reputation, our success,
uur development and our comforts of
home and social life depend entirely
on our own efforts aud on the energetic
co-operation ol tl.o citizens ..s a community. Getting together is the
slogan raised ly progressive thinkers.
Tin-time when the individual stood
ap.,rt by himself, sufficient thereunto
has passed. Always tho iodividua
ha> needed the i isistai ■ ■• I his !••!•
low-, but only ir. comparative.) recent
yr.„r- bat h ■ realized thia ni cd -
keenly thai voluntarily in-ha-asked
audit inee I. .m his li II m w. rken
Hi rei lor. anything in the i .lure ol
a request ol this character hai been
.-...- :..;. I ai . la il admittanci ol
lm! :■ DC) - r claim ofs. II lm ilficiency
on thc pf.rt of those asking ll T. •
.! iy .- !- regard -I ai lhe natural ox
presii n ol a natural desire Mi
have "got together" ever Bine, there
hai been .. semi lance -1 - icietj on
earth bul amalgamation ol inlet isl
has been brought about through divei
pretext- inst. id I frank admissi ..-.
a de.ire for help and to help, The
keynote ol the whole mallei i- n
f! --i.e lo help ..- well as n ri ulizatio
thai the Individual may bo helped
V a i- art so strong but that at tim.s
thoy need the stimulating assistance
and companionship ol otliert, and
none so  weak but at li .- the) e...
give aesistanc . Th. r< is, however, u
reluctance tc n ake the admission that
assistance i- required, desired ot
Decenary, Human nature is so constituted that the individual rebels...
the thought ol being held insufficient
unto itself. U hen people got togelh. i
in  the  rial  souse ol  ll.o work for a
I.: elll   and  at  lhu same lime all'
them  mutually, then   is a fl.-.r lo
meet   tl.e .'.:.. r  f.llov.   h If-way, r
...uro than half-way and tho result is
for  the  adv...... Ill 1:1   f  lhe co....... ..
ii terests.    Tho* ior the .idv.itiien.ent
of Rcolst.-L- ui -I ..or own interests.
... tl  tl.o questions  which ult'eotoui*
home ni.d oity life lot os get together
and   work  in a spirit of "•opc.utiou
...id  right  now, got down to business
not only (ur tho on...ing season but for
all lime and concentrate our energies
and resources.... what will l.e best and
wisest for the Kevelstoke community,
On Saturday tho voice of British
Columbin spoke, nud aftor the keenest
fought fight .....I i. some ousos the
most vin.l.-i.t ibo Conservative government have regained the public feeling,
In tho administration of n country
there must needs be an opposition to
I..ok int.. the questions brought up l.y
the government, and lo weigh the
prosnnd cons for the wolfure of the
people. Debute is absolutely neocssnry
il we nro to huve good government
and debute is Impossible without opposition, nnd It is this fact oi ..pp..si-
lion that condenses uud silts the
various propositions inlo satisfactory
shape, and l.y lhe use of argunienl,
pro and cun, the real value ol the
...(-...-..res as benefitting the peoplo arc
discovered. The Hon. Kiel.aid McBride hits .. good Aorking majority
and Ilu- peoplo will now look (ur good
work from bis government, liis in
be hoped that the devolopmont of the
province will receive additional impetus and that slill further attraoti in
fur the bringing in ol enpii.il will be
bold out. The "twentieth century for
Canada" has oft been quoted, but lei
ii be parliouliirly'tho twentieth century Ior British Coluinbin," Tl.e
government huvo much to do .....I let
them use every opportunity to increase
thc prosperity of the province, and
since thoy huvo more power now thun
wus vested in then before, tl.e people
ol Britisli Columbia will look to thorn
to see that tbat power is rightly used
for the advancement of common interests. The Revelstoke riding, which is
ono of tin. must important in the
province, and one which has the most
possibilities, will look hopefully for-
aid to see herself becoming ..ven
• till more popular, und with increased
facilities lor development and for the
spread oi trallic all money expended
on improve.i.e.its und t.'orks necessary
for the proper expansion of so important a riding us Kevelstoke hns undoubtedly become will bring multifold
results and prove that the money has
been profitably invested, Let our
Council, our board of trade and our
citizens, then, co-operate with tbe
government in working lor ll.e interests ol our riding; nnd furthermore wc
trust thut. the government will realize
I.ow ll.e develop...out of tlio K.-v.-l-
toke riding muy perhaps materially
affect the interior und oven the whole
Tenders for Construction work
Sent in on Monday.
Tendo.s for the construction of ti...
proposed i.o.v hotel for the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway ut Princ. itu-
pert were callul on Monday, The
plans, which were prepared byArchi.
tect Kattonbur..-. were finished some
time ngo, and forwarded to hi udqunr-
tors. Once the contract hns beeu let
the work will be pushed ahead al once,
as according to the arrangements made
by the railway company, it is neces
-.try that il be completed by I ily -1
the present year.
Although u is only designed as..
tern* - ff.ry provision ... see the ..en-
port through the lirsl few yeare ol its
existence, the new hotel will .ea
i. -i.:- me itructuro. it will consist
(,.:.. .u. m dy lou   ■        ... height,
with two   large wi .ga    o storeys
each. Tlir.iUnbo.it, the building is
fitted up in the most nn dern manner,
It .- being I nili primarily lor the us.
ol ti. ise -ili i will -I.- ■
railv. >y construction * rk, bul o il
in running order it ii expected thnl it
will ilno lie I irgel. palroni .-.I bj
hunters and tourists I- >r ■
ii,.I convenience it will be, despite ill
ioniewh.it pioneer, net surpassed by
Mi* In :. i - f. the .-".-• It .- estimated lhat it will cost in the nelgl.l or-
hood ..." |60,00O, .1 will lie bulb
through..nt ol wood,
Ahead) largeq i intitic. nf building
in.Hi-rial imn- been rushed to P Ince
Rupert  by various ol  thc companies
U...I   hnvo   tak'-n   Sub-contMOtB from
thi oompany thai is building tho rail
way, and there i- already nsn ed al
Prince Rupcrl material H.illicienl to
allow n start being made on tin hotel
jii-i as soon ai the cnnlrn. I .- Iol
It bus boon iiu.illy decided thnl J
llureini, .M.I'., of Three lliv. rs, will bo
appointed Solicitor-G.-iior.il of tbo
Uominion. Tl.o post has heon vacant
since the promotion of Mr, L.-mieux
lu the position of Postmustor-Gonerul.
i no- fiiErciNci
Makes Good Progress '.. om
Features of Past Year's
Development Worthy of
(From the British Columbin Mil •
ing Record.)
Mining in British Columbia is a
decidedly progressive industry and its
growing impoi tan o and augmenting
value should bo moro emphatically
and persistently proclaimed by tl.o
newspaper press of the province,
which, us a rule, duos nut give it tl.e
pm...inonco it merits, 8in.il.irly in
ollicial quarters its stonily expansion
and consequent weighty inllueiice on
tl.e general industrial situation do not
always appear to bo adequately reoog.
t.izod. For iusi.ii.ee, the honorable
thc premier, who is also minister of
mines, in his published address to tho
olootor.ite of British Columbia, is, wo
think, altogether too modest concerning il. llis brief comments on ibis
industry and the attitude ol the provincial gov.-inn.oul towards it nro us
"lt is gratifying to know that this
imp..riant industry is iu a mast flourishing condition; that in the last lew
years Ihore bus boon a remark.ible de
vol..p...cut in particular ol the Coast
mines some of which bid fair to rival
iu volume and the value of iheir output the richest of those in the inlcrior
of the province.
"The government has not thought
it desirable to mako alterations in lhe
mining regulations, believing that tl.o
interests ..( that industry are besl
se.rv.-.l by creuting the impression lhat
the laws affecting it aro nut likely to
be changed."
Now, iu uur opinion, the premier
would have been quite justified in
directing public attention tu tbo fact
that io the most productive placer-
gold districts—Allii) ni.d Cariboo—
finunciall) strong companies arc making extensive preparations for the ic-
covory uf gold on a much larger scale
and in n m'nnner that gives promise of
permanence of operations; lhat Rossland, Boundary nnd Coast mines nro
steadily increasing their output olgold
and silver in conjunction with copper;
th..i iln- production of silver in 1'Jllli
was larger iu quantity than for years
previously, notwithstanding the c.ru-.
pi.r.uivo smnlliiess of production of j
this metal iu the Slocan during thai
year; that .... increase of nearly
1,600,000 lbs. in the amount ol cupper
produced was an udvi.uoe over thut ..I
2005 ol nearly 20 per oent; that ths|
production of lead is being woll nuiii-
tained and tips without any . re*, nt
assistance in the way of bounty from
the Dominion, Iho estimated small decrease tn!- year ..*- con.par. d with last
In-.:.g attributable tu the con.puis..rj
closing low., f. r si vera! weeks i I the
load smelter* - wing to labor troubles
,.i the Crow's N- .1 Pass Coal & in-
pany's  c liberies;  that   there   .-. is ii
larger gross tonuag. i
despite  the  al i ve   menti. ued     -  r
trouble     nd thai    -     iof
V.U'.co.iv.:   I- nnd  c       v.is lost I
oous double . th    3ai
Fi I - -f
r. there are  the  |
..;....--.        e expected - sC.iV.
- ■   . I
Russlund - '        ■
-- -. ,- in
with the  - *•• ;
-   -
j at
is  having alt.
llambler-Canl       '  impanj
,■ .■
■   II   .if-	
i     -  can Ut   d
.1  ill -
..   - .   I tbe a.
\ M |   I-
Portland    -
potations ii also
fit  N.i-ol.i 	
pro] i
ii   .-,-! in  l.e C. ■ - i   Seal   I',.--
; ti i il i i-'.-wi kind-
made In V.111CI , , . t
Soap I-'.- tor; -■ of Win...
peg,    House  ol.       [and
And iiu  im no)   .vi
lllount.-vin VfC-v Oamp, No. 209.
Alt.I■  .-in..in. a.r.l 1-riin-ili VVudiiuailai's hi
-..rli .......111. ...   Si'llfilk   llllll.    Vi*.. Hin Munil-
..iini.mm..11; ...iiu,1 i'iallini.l.
-.'.. ij. A.uisi'UOSO,Con.Com,
II. tt", kii.'..'.ifl'S. Ulurk.
RcVELSTOKIi AtK.t No. 432.
F. 0. E.
Thu moiilfo iiioftiii.ps arn liolrl in tlm Selkirk
...ll fi.-.y Tuesday avoiil.iK.il 8n'cloci. Visit-
-.-,' Iirr.lliriiii an. ifi'.i.li.iliy im-iled.
li. (,, l.i BllIDBK, I'nt.siiirM.
II. COOK, isr.. ..K-r.inv.
rloor,. nr.y LdcIku No. 13 AF, & A.M.
«...    ■■./,** Tho regular nieot-
*V~-vV-    \_   inn-are held In Ihr
■•M'lV^.V sTJ Miisiinii. T.....I.I.,
*yX.<'  V    '17   .ddFollow!Halfion
• '-SkaMiC'     .. "" tliird Mondaj...
t- W   ' .  iii '"''" n.imtli   at   I
^/*-'«w?*-TB» '''"'■ 7i8W'!Kbr"u'.'
irdinliy   wi-1
ll, A,  I'llUI'l NIKIl, SKCItOTAIiV.
SELKIRK LODlili. NO 12. I. 0. 0. F.
.M.K.la every Thiiradni
i>v....||lK   in    svllirk
if     t\  affi      -^ Hull   at   8   o'olook.
It stf •—-"1^. IvistiiiM brathronoor-
vmF --■w(|i.lll). ,„,„,.,, w ,t,
It.J.TAOOAItT, S'.ll.
... M.UHIK, Sic
Colli Range LoUge, K. of P.,
No. 21, Revelsloke, B. C.
n .",1 Third Wc.lno.ila)- nl
each .. .tut.,... .l.e Oddlcllowi'
Hull 1.1 s o'clock, Vliltlnii
Kn.1.I.1-no- .-i-riliiillv nvlled.
j. A, lksIjIi-:, .;,.-.
II. II. 111(01 li. K. r.f 11. A S.
Do...- Heads, Al.in.f.ls, lllr.ll, Pill.,  Etc.,
.Mill NI'HII
Animal lliiita Motnitod.
I'. II. Ili.xai,
Slllili..:   Curuer..f l-'iist St. nti.l Hnvle Ave.
Revel Hake, li. C.
Windsor Restaurant
Mrs. II. J. lln..bury. Manngress.
First-Class Table.
Private    ining Boxes
Lar.*..! DlniiiBroon. L.r
llanijilols, Siii)|.ors, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
for   .   j^^_^^^_
John I". Wood's Furniture Slore
Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal nnd Feed.
Phone 71, House Phone 7
Incorporated by Aot cf I'arlintnenl, I8jj,
Wm. M.U..S..N Maci'iikiihii.n, Pros, S. II. Ewino, Vie.'-I'
Jamks Elliot, General Miinagei".
Capital paid u% $8080,290
Resene, $3,000,(100
Ki.'.-yllinni in way ol hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice., youi-.it rurioiil rates on Savings Hunk
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvkutokf, B. C.
Has.. lm.. tl stuck nl* liro.-ories ami
. line assort...oni uf J..p.I.coo China.
Agent lor Kevelstoke Farming
Co...pany, growers of nil kinds of
Far... l'i'oilii'.'o, Hay and Wood.
Fur Agricultural Im piemen ts, Cflrri-agOB, Wngoaa Klc, John
Doers Ploughs, Mo! Ine Wugonsi Canada Carriage Qorapauy'e
lliillixlcs IMiinet Jr„ Gardon Boodors nnd Ciiltivatur.s, Whool-
wrlght and Dlnuksmlth Wurk attended to, Horso Shooing a
v* Siiocinlty,
Winter Carnival
February 124344-15 and 16
Five Grand Trophies and $2,(11)11 in prizes.   Two bunds in attendance
HOCKEY—lntornotion.il and luter-Provlnoial championships,
8N0WSH0EING—Championship of British Columbin,
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute down the "7,1 P."
SKI-1NG—Jumping nnd Racing    Championship ol Canndu.
SKATING RACES—For championship ol British Columbia.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Racing, Masquerading, Tug-of-War ...id oilier interesting events
Reduced rallwav rates on .-ill linos      For further particulars applv to
J. S. C, FRASER, President, E. ADAMS, Secretary.
Is a specially milled high grade granuinr Hungarian
broad Flour. Evory particle of lino dust, or break Hour,
is eliminated nnd the grains nre uniform in size ns well
ns superior in quality,
" BEST " iB milled from the choicest Wcstirn Hard
Wheat and so d under our unconditional guarantee.
Secure n trial suck of "MOFFET'S REST" Irom
your Grocers nnd you will never use any other Hour
for Bread,
HOTEL—One of Lost located and
most profitable businesses in
Hrilisl. Coluiribia—$15,000.
HOTEL SITE—Immediate business assured, Important mining and industrial enterprises
proje ■ e.l in vicinity $1,500.
DENTAL PRAI Tlt'K in one of
oft eiiies in lhe Province, i
To Let      !
HO   -.. -mu !■' r-i Street, Revel-
$15 00 pei month.
Arrowhead Ranches
-    lexl   Hall Bros.
.;.,.   bo—$800,
i-.l'.Il I'.   .. ree  of  rich  alluvial
■ i igh *.v iter. Partly
- I     Price $1,200.
Kor ] n tii ii.ar- ol above
Apph iu
surani-i  \ enl   Revelstoke, B, C,
inf Ni (o., Ltd.
Premium System
Booklet toll   vb il •-.
Ro. il i iiiwfi Wrappon   8. nd
for    il-   i'ri'i—Ainu   lry   tl.o
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Water Notice!
. .     . '
'     ■ l.,pl
...,,, Ill la.
[>.. lil
...■ lii.r.-l,-. ul to -
||)    OMlM
Kxui'|itinnnlly busy Simiiimranil Fall selling bus plucwl
un uur hands a large number.' of second-hand pianos and
tngans, taken iu exchange on new styles of MASON -&
KISCII and IMAXOI.A'PIANOS. Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—In Nelson and Uuvelstoke—are nfiw oomfort*
ably crowded-- we've winter shipments on way from
factory, ton. The.su used goods inusl.be sold, we wish
theni to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these untisal
Hmalt 1'priii!it "Lull" .V SoilB"
piano, i*;ii,;ii-ii iiiiikr. t; octavofli
walnut CB8B	
"Cbarloi Darin" Uprlglit Piano
7 notaveH, i ft. .1 in. in height,
1'H'iirh unliiiil i::i".i", mciiiII friilit
"Boll" Organ, a ft. hlgli, wai*
nut cane, '• nctavoi, 2W iota i»(
reudi h iteps, In good tuns....
i ...'Linn,4It. f. In. Iiiiiii, full
inm frame, 'ixn-llciit value at
1100   yiiir-H fur	
'Nugent" Piano, New Vork, 7
... 1.ii.'s, cli'jiii/i-.l (.'ii.ii', u Houd
Liij al ,
"Bell" Piano, U.ii']|.li, ?', nc-
I. rei  Imitation French walnut
-.. ■■ roneei partially ofT one end
*   ilo foi liallorlotlge
ilal v KUoll " Piano, U
uclavei, Hi. .Mn lilgli, (lnliuod
in   -hi   Domingo  mahogany,
lll)(llt|y lln."I Lut gootl ni IH'w,
* •  ' mi hnl it'iw H.-llin^ai	
$ 20
"Milnun .V HiHi-li" Pimm, large
1]iti;:lit (Iraml, beautiful ma-
hogany casi;, 4 ft. 11 in. limli, case
slightly marred, otliorwlSB flue
cini'llt imi, Hplciiilnl ti no. Wan
gold (or $660, tako it foi*	
"MiiHoii.t Itinch" Piano, Up-
right Grand In Art Hnit-hud Imrl
walnut I'iisi*, practically uuw,
nriiiiL1 conditio!), iierfiict tone,
Wiih ■?'i;".n. c\i runr.luiiiiy value at
" Dominion" Or^an, walnut
ciisii, f. ft. Iiiiiii, fi octavos, 'i%
si'Uiif rcoda,7 HtnpH, Vox iiu-
iiiiiiiii, (Iniat, and Uratid oimni
"Hell" iiii;.in. luamjlvu walnut
cam', (Cffoll frmil, 8flOA uf r«ed«,
)() itopl, hulli iwella, Vini'li
lint In hi* nu IhlKat	
"Dotiorty" Organ, black wai-
nut t'linn mtli bevelled Knuiuli
|ilaii>uilri'i>r, fioctavi'H, BHQtflof
rmlH, 10 r^botm. boa*- ami treble
coUplen ami knoa uwells, Hjib-n-
did value at tljlhllKiiri>	
IVe'vi* ulso.. iitiiiil),-,- of others, h'tilt N-.1 Bent upun
ni|in-s.. Vou .nay turn In any ono of thoso Insli'tiinunts
ni lull vi.b.... nt. pi.i-tl.tl payment on .. now MASON k
IIIHI'll PIANO, nilliin ltio yoiii'Hiiflo.'pur.'hiiso.
huKS2kmv NELSON, B. C.
P. 0. BOX
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought.
Cash Prioes Paid
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Under   New   Management)
liOBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Kirnt-olns iiccon.m.illation for trnvellen.
Beet brands of Wlnee, Spirits, nnd
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Front Street, Revelstoke
Mnuufacturod for all rlus-oslof buildingy
All I, imls'iif buildluir and plastoritiff
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beet, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish ami Game in
Souboii. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Spring's
U.idnr the now management of
llAllllY   MOlNTOSH,    Holl'llHlll    llollst'
cyon are the most o.ii'.i.ivo ln the
world. A perfect, natutal remedy f.u-
all Ne.vous and M.is.-iilar diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Keeling." Special
rates on all boats and trams. Two
mails airivo nnd dopait evory day.
'.- elegra h communication with all
iiiarl.H of 111.' world.
Tkkms- $12 to $18 per week,   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arroto Lake. B. C
Henry's Nurseries
Ffeadquurters fnr Pacific Coast uruwn
niul iiii|iiirl'id Garden, Field and
Flower ScodN.
TliouBtinds uf Fruit and Ornamental
Troon, Rhododendrons, Bosos ami hardy
plants nii.v growing 'in our own grounds fnr
future planting.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation,
i inspect inn norcustomadiitlestopay,
Visitors are always woleomo to inspect
our stuck.
Greenhouse Plants,
('tit Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilisers
Boo Ulvoa nnd Supplies, Spray Pumps and
Spraying material.
Nu aftonts-thorofnre ynu have no commission to pay. Uur i-atalngufl tells ynu
about it. Lot mo prlco your list boforo
placing your order.
Wo do businoss on our own grounds -no
rout to pay, and aro prepared to meet all
competition. Eastern prices or loss. White
labor,  (.ntaloftues Froe.
P. 0. Address and Greenhouses:—8010 Westminster Rond. Branch Nurserios.-Sotith
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot, on corner First Btreet
and Boyie Avenue, a business
Warehouse and Lot on Corner Smelter
Tr ck and Third Street with
spur to wurehouse.
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits on
liig liond lto.itl.   A good stone
quarry and  iirst-cliss  gravel
and sand tor building purposes.
A good bed ol Brick Clay and
tliree acres cleared suitable for
fruit growing.
Six Lots in Block 40.
One Lot in Blosk 44, 50 loot.
Two Lota on Eighth St., 100 foot.
Ono   Lot, Block  97,  with   office
Fjur Ijuts, Block 98, 2j foot, Cor,
Third Street and Counuuglit Avenue,
One Lot, BO foot, on Douglas Street
Hill.   Contains goed building, gravel
and sand.
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harueru—(1 set ol
driving, 1 set ol work,
Interest in good mining property
nnd timber limite.
Twenty- acres go. 1 land in North
Vancouver—$1)0 per acre.
(I ...1 Faun hinds in Buckley valley.
Four lots in tl.e town nf Golden.
First-class residential property.
One Cement Block Plant in good
working order with all attachments
For lull particulars apply to
O KAI.KII TENDERS address . to tlio undor-
H Blgliod, and ciidoraod "T.mdor for I'oat
Ollloo, tenia IU'., w 11 bo riralvcd at thia
olilco until Monday, ternary 18, 11107, incln-
alvoly, f..r llio construction of .1 I'oat Ollloo.Stc
1...II.1H.k nt Pernio, H.c.
Plant......I s|...cl ilr.nl Ion ...m be soon and forma
of tonuor obtained nt llili Departi t and on
iiiiiii.nil inn to Hubert il Kerr, Km,, Clerk of
Works, Kornl... Il.C.
Persons I0111I0-I1.K nro i.otllled ll.nt tenders
will not l.e cenalnoriid unless ......te ot. It...
printed lorn. s.i|.r,llod, and iIkiiciI with llieir
ncl.Kll slitnl.ires.
Kadi tender ...>.r.t be accompanied by nn
n.-enpied chc.|..o on 11 chartered batik, mndo
iiriyni.lo to tho ordor ol tho Honourable tho
Minister of Public Works, -ei|.i.il 1,0 ten per
cent (10 li.c.) of ll.e ii.n.iiint or ll.o tender,
wl.lol, will l.o lo.-Ii.ltc.l If tl.o party londerlnir
decline li. cntor Into n contract when callo.1
upon to do mi or If bo fall I., complete tliu work
opntrooted for. If tho tender be not accepted
lho cl.o.uo will ho returned
Thn Department does not bind Itself to accept tho loweat or nnj- tendor.
By order,
Uop.irt.net.1 ol Public Worka,
Ottawa, Januury IS, 1901.
Nowsiupcri will not bo paid lorl Mind ver-
l.so.ncnl If tnoy Insert It without autlioritv
Irom thli tiepiHiuii-u' '
»i section,  sevor.il
boii-f    -yiue -. a.
tf.o upper Klk
proper' io.- iu
lu connection with the rudnotlon ..f
oil's, th.■ oonly modern iuipn.VM..i*..l
..it'i"- nlro.dy H nd.. oi- i. l.ivii.l.a*
lho oniipor sni'-lii-rs in thr Bo.iiidnry
disir.c> and at Tin.I; tne installatii...
of inipi .v,:d roasting anil other plan
al the load smelters at Trail, Nelson,
nnd Mary-ville, und tho op.ritinn the
grater part ot i ho year ol the Crof-
t.'ii works after a long shut-down, aro
nil nolewortny evidences of progress
in 1996.
Best of all, though, from the point
of view of tl.o cnoouragement of the
further investment of oapitul in the
mining and stuelti-g industries o|
Britisli Columbia, tl.tre is lie fnc
that np.irt from llie lnrge amount ot
net. prollts expended in further development antl equipment l.y several ol
the bigger companies, and the not
eirnings of close corporations engaged
in mining, between lr'H.000,000 ...id
If 1,000,000 were divided among share-
bold... s in mining companies, Since
nothing else iB so convincing to prospective i. vosu.rs, this distribution of
surplus net prnlils may well be regarded as a matter for sincere con-
gr. t nl ;i tion.
Now tho Mining Record is not suggesting thut the honorable tho premier should have included in his
manifesto the whole ol these facts.
It is simply hiking tho all too brief
and in idost statement ol the head of
the gov.'rniiieut us.. text uiul [rom it
is venturing upon the foregoing little
discourse, which mny well bo given
publicity, since it is simply a review
of some of the leading features of a
very gratifying situation in regard to
niiuii g in the province, the value of
lhe products ot which, is greater for
1906 than that estimated lor the
lumbering, ngriciilturul nnd fishing
industries of British Columbin combined.
V »J* ».    t
rrom    ^^^
...   .  ..I  !l. u-.ii, '.  C rpets
its rn k wi h the highest of
nnd  domes.io   brands,
the wny we weave  in
..ur high-art lloor coverings,
thre.i.1  of   honest  pricing !
There   isn't    a    householder  or
tenn.it in town who oan afford to
overlook this establishment.
R. Howson & Co.
It you are looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, we have them hen*.
0. P. R.  WATCH   IN8PECT0R.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Severe Cold Weather General
Throughout the Northern
The winter thus far has indeed been
one of the old fnshionsd sort, too old
l.tshiooed altogether to suit the ell'eni
ina to people of these days. We do not
like it at all. Wc would infinitely
prefer to slick to the new fashioned
weather to which we have been accustomed, il the powers that rule the
atmosphere would be so kind as to
listen to our plaints. The past month,
meteorologically, bus been just such a
one as the British Columbia pioneers
tell in the lirst month ol tlie year
used to be in tl.e old days. At the
same time we must uut forget that we
in Ilevelstoke are not the only sufferers, Low temperatures have been the
rule throughout the prtions of the
earth io which tli3 people aiefar
enough advanced to note scientifically
the condition of the thermometer, lu
every part ol the continent.. long anil
bitter cry has gone up about the
weather. And not only is this stress
of rigorous cold confined to this continent hut throughout. Europe ll.e
winter has been one of unusual severity and the general suffering has been
intense, We draw attention to these
facts merely for the purpose of convincing the individual who is inclined
to grumble at Kevelstoke weather thnt
ihe winter has been au exceptionally
cold one everywhere, nnd that, as
usual the dips thnt hnve descended
upon our heads have been merely
feeble blasts from the cold waves that
have repeatedly swept over the province aud the whole Domiuiou,
(><}<><><><}<><><>o<><><><><yoc<Ki oooo-o-o o
I Look Well! Feel Well \l
T Do you enjoy that well diessed fooling?   We .ill know what Y
0 it fools like to bo hot, to ho cold, or to l.e tired, and it is 0
Q just as title that we all know what it feels like to be well A
dressed,   It fools good, and it's good to feel good.    Vou can        ^
O novo., ho well dressed if your clothes are not made by the
Q right maker.
X Get toknow we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
T and you will find what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to be
0 well diessed.
0 Suits and Overcoats  SIS, SI8, and $20.1
0 Blue and Black Suits, the best made, »20, & $25
q Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: $18 and $20
X Special Trousers $5 and $6.
ft Tailoring is out- businoss.   Wo mako a .nan look well
and lie knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
To checkmate the dishonest use of
JAEGER," look I'or lho
label on each article, and insist lhat
goods bo Invoiced as " JAEGER'
j.'-fG *:.' --rr'i.si
Ski.i.ino Aoents in Rbvelstokb
C. B. Hume & Co.,
and cun
lands s -ii
hi»[.jilv'n 'toi hii'K'umii.H'ifUii'-r of
I V n.lr'-i i -r <i *• Ma. icei-e (•■ nil
t mber from llie Mhwlii-i defer!hed
nd a .ii l.iu» •" dlrtllctj
i. > mnmfni Itik ft a |«wt injirkcl "Brlt'di
('nlumhtt limit, h l.H . iinrtn-emt vomer poM
No. I Limit," plftnle.i tit Hiu miuilnrnt cortiM ol
Umber Liniit No. 501*4. tlinn*.• wests chains,
ill. in   Smith   91   tllJllIl.i, thMH'U   HCrl   NOfllfljtW,
thence Houth in chains, ilienre unst RO ulmiiia,
theuce nnrtli 20 chain-, thence east bO rim itn-,
rht'iire imrth 40 chains to pnlnl nf commence
•i. Onmmi?nctog nt a pnst nmrkcil "liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd, north-went rornerp6ftt,
Nn..' Limit," ptonted on south boundary of Nn. I
Limit nbnut 1 mile from east end, tlienee tiniitli pn
rhalna, thence ent. 80 chains, tlience north ho
chains, theme went mi clialns to point of commencement.
Un ted Hint December, Wt,
8, Commencing nt a post mnrked "Britisli
('nliniilila Timbeni Ltd., north-west corner post,
No, B Limit, planted at the smith-went corner of
Ko, 2 Limit, thence uouth 80 cliains, thence east
80 chaini, thence north 80 chains, thence west go
chains to point of commencement,
Dil-il Dec.B-lttl, 1906.
4. Commencing at a post marked "British
rtolurobla Timbers Ltd., north-east corner poit.
No, 4 Limit," planted «t the louth-woat corner of
Timber Limit No, .vim, them-e snutli hu chain*-*,
thence west SO chains, tlience rortll 80 clmins,
thence east 80 chains to pointof cimimrncciui'iit.
r>. Commencing at a post marked "liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd., nnrth-west corner pist,
No. :> Limil." phtntrd nt (he south-west corner nf
Timlier Limit No. 54111, tlience soulh 811 cliains,
theme eusl til) chains, theuce north mi ehniiis,
thi'iire west BO chains to point of commencement.
Dated Der. mh, IfKltl
1 UltOllU 111 M>|H) hi um i 11101   1 iruniHuotuufli ■■■
Unds nud works fur a special licenco to out
and carry awny timlier from the following qe-
scribed lands;
fouinii'tidiiu'nln po-t planted nt |lw1 north-
wes' corner of tliu -out h » wl qnari i'i' ''l onel Ion
2k Township W, mnrked "W n.nollingswortu's
southwest, corner post." thence eust Ni ohains,
thence north Wi ohains, Ihenco west 80cliuins
ihenco soulh 80 oh 11 In*lo place of coi nee-
mont. ,     ,„  . ,
Tbe above location is tho north Imlf of ace*
Mnn 23 and I ho sunt li half of Sect loll % Township 67.
Dated November 22nd, I9mi.
snt inn 26     W. H. H0LL1NG8W0RTH.
Notico in hereby given that 60 days aftor dnl e
intend to npplv to tho Hon. Chief Com missioner of Lands nnd Works for pormission to
* P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
HEAD omOKi Oaloabv, iAlbkkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'ork Packers nnil Dealer iu Live Stock. Markets in nil the prirlpal Cities and
Towns of Alberta. British -...iiimbm and the Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand
"lm erator" Hams aud Bacon, nml Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard. A
Extensive Programme ior the
Coming Season's Operations
W'lNNll'EO, Feb. 4.—The following iu
the ollicial programme of the work
planned for the C. F. li. western lines
during the coming season:
Continuation ol double tracking.
Completion of the following lines:—
Pheasant Iliiln branch to connect with
Wetaikiwin branch; W'olselcy-Itcsien
branch; Weybnrn-Sloughtou branch;
Mooscjaw.north 50 miles; Bredenbury
and Knaterhii/.y branch; Shell.) to connect with Pheasant Hills branch,
Grade reduction on Medicine Hat
seotioii.   ,
Grade reduction on Lcthbridge to
McLeod including a bridge one mile
long mil) 300 feet high. Grade .eduction between Field and Hector.
New station nt Port Arthur.
ltecreatiou and lodging buildings at
Ignacejfor engineers and trainmen.
Change lliggius avenue subway,
Winnipeg, for double track.
New yiirdn at Coleridge.
Completion of holel at Victoria.
Changing 3110 miles of light sloel
Ior 80 pound steel.
(.lenernljbettonuiint wurk consisting
of  ballasting  aud  other work of
permanent ohar.ioter,
Doii't forgot lhe suit, of  work   and
music,. 1 social in the Selkirk Hall
Tuesday, February 12th.
Central Hotel
Newly built,     First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.SO per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably  furnished  with the choicest the '
market affords.    Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT     STOIfcTE     PROP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Iravellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Hotel. M
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -       Proprietor
Notice is hereby glvon that00 days afterdate
1 Intend to apply to the Hoimraiipi the Chief
Commissioner nf Lands and Works f.ir permission to purchase the following described lands
iu Osoyoos division ol Vale District;
1 CommeiiciiiK ut, a po«t planted nliout. lun
feet from north-east end of Ki'ofei Lake,
limited/'w, h. Hol'tngaworth'sS, W, oornor.
thence north-in chii'is, cast H1 chains, south its
chains,oa"t 40 ehiins, soulh 20 elinins, east Wl
chains, soulli 10ejains, went K0 chains north
20 chains, west to chains, north 20 chains, went
•ptchuins to placo of commencement.
2 Coinmeneing at a post, marked "W.H.
Hollingsworth's son th-east corner," planleil
about It i yards from the north-oast eud of
Keefer hike, tl moo west 40 chains, north 20
cbnins, west 4o ehnins, north 20 chains, wesl 80
chains, north in (ihalns, cast 80 chains, south iio
chains, cant 40 Hums 30Uth 2u ohnlns, east 10
chain-:, south 4o chaum'to place of commencement.
.1 Commencing at a post planted about 75
ys1**-soulh from the west end of Keefer Lake,,
-ted "W. H. HoUlngsworth's northeast,
corner." tlienee west 8" chains, south 80 chains,
east fi uhnins. north 80 chains to place of commenoement.
I Commencingat a post planted nboul !in
mile north of the mouth of Polar Creek whoro
it runs into Barnes Creek, aud marked "W. H
Hoi lings worth's north-cast corner," Ihenco
soulh 41) chains, west UH ehains, north 40
chains, cast 100 chains to point of commencement.
Commencing at a post planted about} % a
mile north from the mouth or I'olar Creek
where it runs into Barnes (reck, nnd marked
"W, H. Hollingsworth's south-east corner,"
thence north 41) ehains, west hill chains, south
4l) ehains, east 160 chains to place of commencement.
6 Commencing nt a port planted about 1 of
a mile south-east, of cast end of Marsh Lako,
marked "W, H. HollingsworLh's north-east
corner," thence south 411 chains, west H>i
chains, north 40 eliains, oast lfin cliains to place
of commencement.
commencing at a past planted ahout i of a
mile east of west end and near south side of
Marsh Lake, niarked "W.H, Holllngs worth's
north-east corner," thonce south 4(1 chains, west
UK) chains, north 4(1 chains, cost IMI chains lo
place of commencement.
8 Commencingat a post planted about 200
j ai-ds from the south sido and about half-way
of Keefer Lake, marked "W.H.Hollingsworth a
north-west loruer," thence south Iio ohains,
oast 60 chains, north GO chains, cast 20 chains,
north 20 chains, west 00 chains, north 00 chains,
west 20 chaius to point of commencement.
9 Commencingat a post plauted about200
yards soutli and about half-way of Keefer lnke
ana marked " VV. H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner," thence south Kin chains, went iu
eliuiiis, north 100 chains, cist 40 chains to place
of commencement.
10 Commencing at a post planted on the
beach about \'% mile east of west end of Keefer
Lake, marietta "W. H. Hollingsworth's northeast corner," theuce south 100 chains, went 411
chaius, uorth 1(10 chains, theuce east 10 chains
to point of commencement,
II Commencing at a post planted about 1
mile aouth of Kettle River, aboul 2 miles west
of Keefer Lake, marked "n .H Hollingsworth's
north-west corner," thence east io chains, south
20 chains, east 40 chains, south 80 chains, west
40 chains, north 20 chaius, west 40 chaius,
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
12 Commencing at a post planted about \
mile south of Kettle River, about j of a mile
cast of Porcupine Creek, marked '-'VV. H. Hoi*
liugsworth's north-east corner," thence south IGO
chains, west 40 chains, north 101) chains, cast,
40 chains to point of commencement.
13 Coinmeneing at a post planted abuut lj
miles south of Kettle Itiver on Trap Crtek, and
marked "W.H. HollLigsworth's N VV corner,"
thence south Hu chains, enst ni chains, north 80
chains, west t'i chains to point of commence
14 ('ommeiieing at a post planted nbout 50
yards above the lorks on Trap Creek, about
one-bail mile south of Kettle Kiver, and marked "W H, Hollingsworth's 8.W. cornor," thence
north So chains, east 8u chaius, soi'lh 8ucliains,
west an chains, to point ot comii'uncemciib.
15 Com mono ing at a post pluine.i noon. J
mile wesl of thu torks of '1 rap Creek and about
Sue y anl:-. wust oi t he creek, marked " .i. H. Hollingsworth's north-east eoruer." thence south
80 chains, west to chains, nortn 8u chains, east
Et) chains to point of commencement.
10 Coinineneilig at a posl planted about 100
yards to the south of Kast Creek about !j mile
.-outh uf Kettle Kiver, marked "W H Huiniigs-
worths iiortli-east corner," thence south it j
chains, wot-t 40 chains, north U'j cliains, east 40
chains to point ol commeiicenict.
17 Commencingal a punt pluuted abuut5o
i ards north ot Kettle Kiver aboul fc milu below
CuiTumiie Creek, niarked "W it, Uollings-
worths south-west corner," thence easl 4u
chuius, suutu so chnius, east 40 chains, north I2u
ehuins, west 80 chains, south 40 chains to
place uf commencement.
ls Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted on the
soulh inuiK ui Hupsedam Creek ahoul % mile
up from Kettle Kiver, marked ".V.H Hulliugs
worth's norili-wcsi. corner," Ihuneu mjiiiIi 40
ehuins, cast ltio ehuins, north 111 chains, west
lliu chains to place uf loiiimencuinent.
10 Commencing ul a post planted on south
bank of Hupsedam Crook, ubout', mile troui
Kettle River, marked "W. H.ilulhngswurih's
southwest eurner," Ihencu north tsi chains,
east W chains, mjuiIi &0chuin», west 80 chains
to pomt of commencement.
20 Coinnieiiciiig al a post planled on the
south bank of Hepsediun Creek about % mile
from Kettle River, marked "VV 11, Hoiiiugs-
worth's north*uu»l corner," theiiec wust mi
chains, south 80 chains, eust 8uchaius, nurlb
fin chuius lo placo of comn.eiicemcnt.
21 CummuncliiK ut a post planted ou the
south bank of llep»cdum Creek about i mile
from Kettle River, marked "W.H Holllngs-
wurlh's southeast corner," tbeuce north 40
chains, west 40 clialns, north 20 ehuins, west 41)
north AiclmuH. west mi chains, soulh 40 ehuins,
castM) chains,south 20 chains, cost lOchains,
south 20 chains, oast 40 chains lo point of com
Duted Dee. 31st. UMi.
wod jan 30      rV, H. HOI LING8VVOUTH.
Notice is horoby glvou thut 30 days after ditto
hc intend lu npply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a spocial license to uut
aud carry uway timber from the following de'
scribed lauds in dislrict, of Wost Kooteuay:
Commencing al n punt planted 4 mile-.vest
from uori.H'Hsi comer of Ui% No. 0140 and
marked "L. VV. L, Cu.'s 8. VV. comer WMtt
(hence norlh 100ohl lus, ihenee easi4u chalim,
thouce soulh I0U chain*, Ihence wesl IU clialns
to place of commencement.
Dated Decern Imr ffltb, 1000.
intend to npplv to tbo Hon. Chief Commit
.oner of Lands nnd Works for ponnl""'"" '
purchase the following described hinds:
Commencing atthe N, K, cornor of T. L. N'o.
70111, on the shore of lllind Bay, Upper Arrow
Lakes, thence south 40 chains, thenco east 80
chains, thence north about 80 chains, thenee
westerly following the southern shore of Blind
"     of comn '  --•'-'"'■"
       ud eighty
Dat-ed this_lfil.li day of December, lllOli.
point or commencoment, oontuining
four hundred and eigbtyaere** more or less,
Notice la heroby glvon that».laya »lt« date
welnio.i.li.. a..|.(y lottieOlilelllnuunliulaner ol
Uinta un.l Works Inr niicelillliii'iiMtociil
uut rarry u-ir tltnl.ur Irom tho followiug
,liwrll...il lm..I* Kltuiic.l In Wiiat Kfiii.ifiiuy
C'oiiiiiif-iir.|nK ft. a tins, "nlftllto.l.', mile tmrlli
olilm so.iiii ettitt.ori.srol Lot 7047 and inatke.i
I.. W.I, (,"...'b N.W.o.iruer," tl.em.o UIU clmliiH
rail, tlM-lNM ... .Iiaiii- aolllil, llll-...'.' 1C0 .'Iiniii*
iviiai, Uio..™ 1.1 rl.ul..* nortli H. |ila™ ot com-
liKio.l llai-cmber But, KM0,
Notioo is hereby given that IK) days
..ft...- .int.. 1 iutond to mako application tn tin* Ohlef Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a speoial licenso
It. out ami curry away timber from
the toll..wing described lands situate
in West Kooleuay Distriot:
1. Ooi.miencintj; at a pnst planted at
the north-west corner of Timber Limit
7631 mid mnrked "'A. Al. Symons'
north-east corner," thence south 81)
chains, thence wost 80 ohains, thouoe
north 80 chains, thenceeast 80chnius
to plaoo of commencement.
2. Commencing at a pnst planted
nt the south-west corner of Timber
Limit 75*il, and mnrked "A. AI. Symons' north-west corner," thence
soulh SI) cliains, tlience oast 80 ehnins,
tlienee north 80 chainB, thence west 80
ohnins to place of oommencenient.
II. (Ju.imicncing at n pnst plnntod
nt the north-enst cornerof Timlior
Limit IKB5 and marked "A. AI. Symons' south-east corner," thence wesl
1110 chains, tlience north 40 chains,
thenoe east 1(10 chains, thence south
11) ohnins tt. plnce of connnenceinent.
Dec. 14th, 11)06.
4. Commencing nt a post planted
on the lake shore, three miles north
of Nakusp, ou the west side of Upper
Arrow Lake and mnrked "A. Al. Symons' north-east corner," thence west
III chains, thence south 10(1 chains,
thonc* east 40 chains, thence north
1(10 chains In plnce uf commencement
ii. Commencing at a post plnnted
on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake
and one mile north of the north-enst
corner of No. 4 and marked "A. AI
Syinnns' north-eait corner," tlienco
west 80 ehnins, tlience south 80 chains,
thence enst 80 chnius, thence north 80
cbnins tn plnce of commencement.
Dec. 15th, 11)1").
wed jnn 2 A. Al, SYAIONS.
••("..ir" f
Is uutli-
.... biif-i-
i- effect
of the Com-
irjslittive author-
of   British Col-
Not ice is hereby given tlmt 30 days
after date I intend to apply lu the
Chief Commissioner uf Lands and
Works fur a special licence to cut and
carry nway timber from the following
descrilied lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted
on the nurth bank uf Snow Creek
nbuut eight miles east of Burton City,
thenoe west 80 chaius, thence soutli 80
chains, thenee east 80 chains thence
north SO elinins to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a pust plnuted
three chains north of No. 1 post,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 81)
chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thence
norlh 80 chains to point uf commence
3. Commencing at a post plnuted
80 cliains oast of No. 2 post, thence
east 100 chuius, thence south 10ehuins,
tlience west Kill ohnlns, thence north
40 chains tu puint uf cumniencement.
Dated December 20lh, 1000.
wed jan 2  J. It. JAAIII'ISON, Locator.
Nut Ice Is hereby gtvoil thai ive tlm uutlenlsneil
Iuieml, ■lllihiysfri'iiiihite, tn apply tn the Dob,
    Inner nf Ln iids Mil Works, mr
ml carry away timber froni
Chief CommisHlt
Kin-Hal license Incut
Ciiiiimtincfntr, at a pnst planted almnt nne-
Quarter of a mile ensl of Kish Hirer nnd nne mile
frotnCamborne,thence north N) chaini, thenoe
nasi bo chains, tlienco ionth 80 chalna, thance weit
HU i Inntli tn puilll nf COinmel ment     >i jii.'-l
ii. i;. miii i'ui-v
Daled .January Uth, 1907.
Nol in* in hereby ilten that -su dnys ufler date I
intend to npply I" the Ilnn. the Chiel CoiimlMion
er nf l..i-1'l-* ami Winks fnr a npucial licenso to cut
and carry awav tinilur from the following de-
ICTlbed ludl iii W«l Kootenay diatrict:
Cmincnt'ln-i nt a pr»-t planted \u chains Kent of
the Douth-vext rimer nf Tlmlwr Limit flWW and
marked "C Skinner's north-east corner," thenc
100 ehnins smith, Ihence |0 chains eait, thence 100
chain* north, thence 40 chaini weat to place of
l^ated December M. ItKXI,
dec 1! vit A. M. Symons, Af enl,
Notice is hereby given thatOOdnya afterdate]
intenil toapply tn tlie Hi-nnmbli*, the Chief jCuni-
missioner of Laml* and Works for purmismuii to
purchase the following duserlbad landi, situated
about one-half mile north-east of Angus McKay's
pre-emption ou PUh River:
llegiimitii* at a post marked ' (I, H.'s S. K corner post," thence ft) chains north, Ik) chains west,
MO chains south, ft) chains east to point of cum
Dated .January 10th, 11)07.
wed jan 30        I'er (leorge (ioldsiultli, Agent.
NOTICK is hereby given that 60 days after
date I intend to upply to lho Hon. the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
permission to purchase tho following described
lands, situated in West Kooicnay, on Hie cost
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
degimiin*^ at a post on the south ilde of Capu
Horn, running east nil clmins. smith 80 chains,
weat 80 chains, nortli til) chains along lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated January 17th, 1007.
wed jau "in Thos. Wright, Agent.
VTOTICK ia lioritl.y glvi.i Unit II.. dayi ..(tur il...o
1>|   1 iniHi.il toapply to tin .Uon, I'l.u cl.i.-l
VI OTICK la hereby kIyou that thirty ilayl
il niter date we intend to im.ly to tl.o CH.'.of
I .munitioner i.f I.iiinl- niiilWurks lor ai>oclu!
licouae 10 cot liiul rn rry nwny linil.'ir from the
fnlliiwiiiK deacrilied lumi*   altu.it...) In Woat
Kootonay diatrict, B. IV
|-.iiiiiin.iiriiio 0 11 .m-i plnntod on tl.o aouth-
east Imnk of K. fi r.vor, about ono mllo aouth
of Johnson Creok .....I marked '1. Melntoah
and Wm. lloya'a north-wesl oorner,"thence
emt BO chaini, thinco aouth HO chnlni, thenoe
wii.-trVir'ii-iiis, tli'inci. nortl. Ml chalna toph.ee
of commencement.
lif.Hrl January 7th, IM7.
Comuiiaalonur of l.ii.i.l* u.i.l Worka for ;. N|>i-<-i..l
l.ii-.-ii.si- to ....I uml .-firry nwny tl.ul.Hr from ll...
(ollowlng .li-ai'llliHit l.iu.la in Wual Korili-niiy Dli-
1.   U<'ii.iiiirll.'il..t lit I J'oal  J.I..I.I...I   lh...I.  ......
...lh! .iiiiii-,. t. I. wi iiii tin. mat l,ml. ol ll...
Coluinbin lliver, o|>puaitu KHyatouu .-i.-.l. anil
marked "(H.i Lund'a N. II. cornor", iliOBce woit 81
. Iniin*, lli.-in'i- 1.111.1. SO rhalna. Di.-in-.- utiat ell
.-li.ilna, theuce north su .-hul... to pnlnl of oout<
-.'.. Con.nie.»'l.iK ... .. J.oal. jilnnlnd iibiiut 1)
...ili-*.... Seymour Cn-.-k i.r.il iilmii. ', mil. Imm
UicN, W.r-iiri.i-rnlT. ... 0.. .7 and inuik.-.l "On*
l.uu.l'a N. w, i-orni-r", lliHiic.'enal 10i-hiiitiN,tl,(-,u-.!
...nil I. lln .-lm in*, tlience wea. 1.1 ilm in.. I lu-i'i-.-
i.iirlli l.H. (-lifiiiiHl... point i.f.'iiit[ti.iii.'i.|iiunt.
:.. 1.'iiiiiiiii.iii-...| nt n ]...-.! I'l.uiti-il ul lln- N.W,
Hiirni-r of loc.ilIon No. I* un.l iiifiiki-n "(Ina l.nu.l *
N. I-:, cornor", ll.ni.cu «.-*. tn chaina, th.....'.. *.-... h
luo nhiiina, tliHiii-ii misl .0 i-liiiin*. llioiiol nnrth 110
.lllllll* (n .uiillt of l-li...l...il..'0.liulll,
1. i:..iumiiiii*liiK al fi jmat pluntml .ibmit one
Imlf inil.1 wtial frum the N. W. i-nrnur of location
No. .'. and mnrkeil "I tea l.iuul'a N. W. corner",
tlience enst 111 cluilna, thenci aouth 1.10 chaiua,
t lii-iii-u wual .0 cluilna, tlionco nnrlh 111) nhiiina tu
pnlnl ol commence...not.
1.. (-i.iiiiui-iii-liiK ut.. post .ilfinli-il nt till N. W
Conier of lounll.... Mn. I and miirkinl "Our Luud's
N. K. comer", thence weal... .-'mlna, tlienc. -..ut li
ll''.. i-linii.s, t lii-iu-i- enst 10 t'liiiina, tl.e».-n ....rth lut
i-liui.is to point ol i-uiiiiii.-iii'i'iii.-ut.
0. CuminuncInK at a jx.it pl.iul.i.1 at Ue N. 1-:.
corner of locution N...;. .onl lunrki'd "tins Luu.l'
S. V,. corner", thenee north lOohulna. thence west
1011 .fiiul..s, tbonco soulli II. .-halns, tl.cu.-u euat 100
chuina to point of commencement.
Iiati.il January lllth, 11*07.
7. Ciiniuii.iii-ii.f. ntn jioat J.l.inle.1 nu.tr (lolil-
strun.n'ilt the H. K. corner of T, J, l)77.t (Ih.H.|
renewal of T. L. .11102) and niarked "Una Luiul's
N. li. corner", Ihenci soutl. 80 clialna, tlium-u west
aii-hilna, theuce ....rtl. fl'i clialna, I'liucc east io
cluiina to pot... uf commenceiuent.
1. Out. nciii.'. at fi .i..-.t .ilinl.-.I,.! Lliu N. W,
corner of T. L. .'.Vi-.'i, near llnlilslreiiin, ....rl ronrkotl
"Olll Lund -. <S. W cornur", tlience euat 10 chains,
tlii-iH-i- north luu clllllu, tlium-e well .0 ehuins,
tin-in-., tu.tit I. lOOciiaiua tu point nt cotnluHUcninHul.
S.   C(ilnmun..|..K al a J.oal tilaiilcil ul the N. W.
corner of T, L. 7075, lu-nt 11..I.I u r....... uml u..irk...l
"Una Lund'a N. U.corner", thunce noil 10(hull. ,
Ihence auuth 100 .-l.tiln*, thenci ...isl .0 cluilna,
Iheuce north 100 ohalna tu pnlnt ni commence....'....
li....-I January loth, 1007.
iiim LUND.
I'vum: l
Province w Hiiitihii Colusiiiia i
No. 3811.
THIS if. loi-eitii'y thnt the
Columbia Timbers, Limited,"
nt'lscd and Ik-.'..sod to carry
ness within the Province of
Col.....I.,.-., and to carry out
all or any of the ..l>j>
pany to which tho le
ily of the Legislature
uinbla extends,
The I.ea.l niiicii of the Company is
situato at llie City of .Montreal, in the
Province of Quebec.
The.........tit of the capita] of the
Company is oue hundred thousand
doll.us, divided into oue thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
Tbe head olliee of tl.e Company in
this Province is situate un b'iisi Street,
liovclstnke, au.l Willi..... Irving
Briggs, Barristor-at-Ijiiw, whose address is il... sain..* is the attorney for
the Coiupanv.
(liven unuei* my hand and seal of
olHceal Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, ibis I7lb day of December,
one tb....san.1 ..in.- hundred and six.
[i,.s.|     is, V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint stork c tnnanies,
Tlie objects for which the Company
has been established anil licensed are:
1, 'I'., on.tv mi throughout Canada
nml elsewhere the business of ludiher-
ers, timlier merchants au.l man.if...-,
tiueis of timber and ainl lumber iu all
its branches, and all other business
incidental theroto or connected thei-e
with, in..lulling th.' manufacture of all
products of the forest or lumber industry.
2, To acquire by purchase, lease or
otherwise and to own, utilise, and
operate timber limits, timber lands,
and timher berths, and rights in sueh
timber lands, timber limits and timber
l....]-ths, licences or rights to out timber,
lumber yards, mill and factory sites,
water lots, docks, wharves, piers,dnins,
slides, aqueducts, viaducts, steamboats,
and other vessels, sawmills, pulp
mills, water and steam powers,
hydraulic powers, plants, Improvements in lakes, livers und
creeks, and other waterways for lumbering or transporting lugs. ti.til.er and
all other rights and interests uf every
kind appertaining to any ... the above
enumerated property so acquired, as
may he necessary for the development and purposes of the Company,
and the said property above specified
or any of it, to improve and develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or dispose of for cash, or upon rentals, or
for any other consideration as ...ay be
in the interests uf the'Company:
'A. To cuiistiuct.operate, charter und
employ vessels of nil kinds for the purposes nnd business of the Company,
and for the purpose of transporting
products uf the mills and wurks or
other materials or manufacturers for
any place within Canada or elsewhere,
antl to du a transportation business in
Canada ol' elsewhere, to lease or acquire all accessories necessary for tlie
proper working of the said vessels, and
to lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, or accessories, or moveable effects in i-elntion thereto as it
may be advisable in the interests of
the Company:
4. To construct, or aid, or subscribe
towards the construction, maintenance and improvements of roads,
docks, piers, dams, slides, aqueducts,
viaducts or other works and buildings,
including Humes, bridges, ditches,
wnter, stenm or other hydraulic rights
or powers, and any other wo.ks necessary for the purposes of the Cunipany
or for the carrying out uf tlie Company's powers.
5. To establish shops or stores on
the property of ll.e Company, uud to
sell merchandise thereon, in su far as
it muy he necessary for the Company
to carry on its said business:
6. Tu acquire, own, sell, lease nnd
dispose ul* snares, debentures and securities in uny ulher company similar
to this Company, anil to acquire or
amalgamate with any company having objects similar to the Company
hereby Incorporated, on sueh terms
and I'or such considerations as the
directors may decide, and lo pay for
the acquisition of any such company
in shares uf the Company lully paid
up and made non-assessable for calls:
7. Tn ...uke, allot and use in payment or exchange in whole or In part
for any real or personal property,
rights, licences an.l privileges which
may be purchased, taken on lease, or
otherwise acquired by the Company,
shares uf the unsunscril-ed capital
stuck uf the Cunipany as paid up and
made non-assessable for calls in accordance With the terms of au agreement executed l.y and between the
Cumpauy nnd uny sueh vendor, lessor
01' other grantor on or before the issuo
uf such, paid-up shares, aiM whirl.
shares shall thereupon he deemed nud
tnken to have been lully paid up, and
shall not thereafter be liable for calls
or future assessments!
ri. To make, allot ..nd issue as paid
up sluok, shares of the iiusi-ribi-.l
capital slock of the Con.pany for sol
vires rei.tiered tothe Company or In
the promoters thereof, provided .. bylaw of tho directors is passed specifying that the value given lo Ilii-Company isc.piival.'ill In the value of the
shares so lu.idopai.l iq. an.l i ssuod and
alii.t.-.l for such Borvlcei, nnd said bylaw has been passed and sanctioned by
.i voie ..I* not loss than two-thirds of
tho shareholders of the aaid Company
present  In  persuu  nr  l.y proxy al a
special general ineeliuiiof the Company duly called for the approval of
said by-law:
I).    I'o sell or dispose ol tl... under-
if. ki i.e ..I the Company for such consideration as lit.' ('.....pany may Ihink
lit, ami in particular fur shares, doben-
lures antl securities of any company
having objects similar, or in par. similar to thoso of this Oompany,provided
by-law   is  passed l.y .he directors.
inter ii   .-  i in. i
Chiel  (' i-l -.
Wo.ks fiirpein. ■ i.
following fl.-i-fl....l Inmi
W'.-i lOuti'i'iiy
..    f,|...l   ...Mm-
i   Liu -   mil
. ; ill, 1. -e lhe
In.,1ml iu
Commencing ..I  a i u»t plan., il....
ili.. norlli -.ili- uf Downie I reck ulmut
; . I n  mile smith nf lhe HJ mile pust
nn the Downie deck Trail uud marked "E.  McHean's smith-west corner,"
. theuce north I.S chains, thence east li'.i
chains, llieuoc south IU chaius, llienee
' west IKI chains to.point of commence-
I ment, containing ilOacres more or less.
Dated December 10th, 1888.
wed Jan 2 I-:. MeBEAN.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
lays after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Ijandsand Wo.ks fora special license
lo cut and carry away ti.nl.er Iron.
the following described land situated
in the West Kootenny llisitu-t.
Commencing at a post planted } of
. mile .'..si of Boulder Creek and about
Ihreo-quartere of a mils nortli of
Downie Creek an.l marked E. McBean's south-easl corner, thence nortli
80 chains, tbenee west 80 chains, thence
uth80chains, thenceeast 80 cliains
to the pointof couuuencomeut,
Dated the 18th day of Deoember.1008
wj2. '    K. MoBEAN.
SotlcO ll hereby given tlmi thirty days after
late I intend i" apply toilierhief Commis-
a toner ui Landi nml n'orkl lorn special license
tu cut nnd carry away timber from the follow-
In-; deicrlbed landi .-ituated on Hock Creek
tributary to Adam- Lake in Lillooet District:
l. (jommenclna ata posi planted mi smith* Heat
corner marked "A Met unuell's tooth-west corner
It-nk (jreek, Limit No. 1," iltuated about seven
mllei from tlie mouth of Rock Creek, running 60
chaini north, B0 cliains east, 80 chains south, 80
chaius west tn place uf cummeiiceuienc
i. Commencinc at a post planted on south-east
corner inarked "A, McUonneil's south east corner
Rock l nek, Limit No. t,' situated about seven
mika from inou.h nf Hock Creek, running Ml
cliains north, 80 chaini west, 80 chains south, 80
chains east to plate of commencement!
j. Commencing at s post planted nn north-
weit corner marked "A. McConnell's north-west
corner Bock Creek, Limit No. s," situated about
seven miles from mouth nf Bock Creek, running eO
clialns south, £0 chains east, 8C chains north, bo
chains west to place of commencement.
i. Commeueiug ut it post planted on north-
cast comer murked "A, McConnell's northeast
corner Uock Creek, Limit No. 1," situated
about --even miles from mouth of Itock Creek,
running si chains south. 8u chain.-* weal, SO
clmins north, 80 chains east lo place of commencement,
5, Commencing at a po?t planled on south-
wost cornor marked "A.McConnoUa south-west
curuer Kock Creek, Limit No. fi.1 situated
Uboui live mile- from mouth uf huck Creek,
running sj chains nurth, so chain-, eut-t, mj
chains south. 80 -ihalii!-, went to place of coinmencement,
li, (.'ommeiieing at a po^i un south-east corner markod "A. ftlcConnolTs south-east comer
Buck Creek, Limit No. C situated about Ave
mile- from moutb of Bock Creek, Limit Nu.O,"
.situated abuut Ihe mile-(loin mouth of Buck
Creole, running 80chains nortb, 8U eliains wost,
mi ohains south, mi chains oast to place of commencement.
7. Commencing at a pont pluuted on north-
west corner inarked "A. McUonnelt'i nurth-
west curuer Buck Creek, Limit No. 7," situated
about live mllei Irum inouifu of Buck creek,
running 80 cnains south, ou chains east, Ml
chains imrih, M1 chains west lu place uf commencement,
8, commeueiug at a post planted on northeast turner marked --.\..McConnell's north-east
corner Buck Creek, Limit Ho. 8," iltuated
abuut live mllei lr«iu muuth uf Bock Creek,
ruuuiug so chains boutli, tu chains wesl, W
chains uurlh, so chaini! east lo place of commencement.
■j. Lummeiictng at a post plauted ou north-
weit corner marked "A..McConnell's north-
went curuer Buck Creek, Limit No. 9," situated
uu norib bank ul Buck Creek about one-Julf
mile irum creek and about luur miles east of
Adams Lake, runniug su chaius auuih 80
chaius cast, bUcnaiu* nurth, so chains west to
place uf cuinnieuceincnt.
Dated December loth, iwo.
wed jau 2 A, MoCONNKLL,
Notice la hereby given that 80 days after dato
1 intend toapply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and u orks for a ipeclal licence to cut
and curry away timber irom the following
described property situated on HsherCrecK
emptying intu the heud ut,Adum>- Lake in llie
Di.-inct ur Lillooet. 11. C:
l. Commencing at a post planted on the west
bauk of Plsher creek, South iwk, abmitfutir
mile- from Adams Lake marked *A. McUonnell'i
N, K. corner," running 8o chains sru*^i, thence 80
halns west, Ihence si clialns id,rtli. theuce ao
lm lib ea.-t tu point of commencemeni
i Commencing at a post planted on the vest
bank nt indict Creek, south mik, marked "A. Me-
Uouneiri *S. \V. corner, al-mii four miles from
Adams Lik>.-. running 80 chains .-multi, thenee bo
chaini east, thenct* trO chants mn h, thence mj
liains weat to point of comuienceinei .
■j commencing at a post planted on Jie west
auk ..i Fuher Crwk, South Fork, about fire miles
itnin a.lam.- Lake, marked "A. McConnell's N. K.
corner, Limn nn, .1 Father Creek,1 running to
chaini wuth, 80 clialns wait,8Q chains forth, bu
chains east in place ui commencement,
j, Commencing "i * post planted on tbe west
lank »f Plilier Creek, South Fork, about live miles
from Adams Lake, marked a. SlcConnell's N.W.
comer, Liuni Ao. 1," running bO chains south,
tbenee w chains eaat, ihenee so chains north,
thence mi cbafni w i->t t<- place ol aommcnceuieut.
Ii.   CoUitu-.ni ing at a posi planted on the west
bank ni Fuller Creek, South Fork, about six mi'-s
from Adama Like, marked "A, McConnell's N.K,
comei, limit No. 5, running BU ebains iouth, SU
chains we ., VI chains nortli, 80 chains earn to
place nl c.< uilieiiceiuellt.
u, Commencing at a twit planted on the west
bankol l.-inri rok, South Firk, almut six miles
from Adama i.ake. marked "A McCopnell'i N.W,
corner, limit No. e, running 80 chains uouth, su
chains east, mi ohains north, 80 chains webt to
place of commencement,
.limitary :.tli, 1IW7.
sat Jan IB A. McCQNNKLI,.
Patronize  Home
Revelitoke Cigars,
Industry.    Smoke
specifying the consideration whioh tbe
Company will i.-ceive for tbe said stile,
au.l the said by-law shall hav.. been
passed and sanctioned l.y a vote of not
less than two-thirds of the sl.aielu.ld
ers of the Company, passed al a special
general inc.'tNig of the Company .-..II
...I f.n theipurpimes of considering and
approving uf said by-law.      w.-ti jani'
NOTICK ii hereby given that On dayi aftur dale
I Intend to apply tn trie Ilnn. Chief Com
missioner of Unds and Worki lot i-ermlsiion to
purchase thn following described lands hi the
WuitKootenaj Dlitrlcl *"^i^^~
('i.mtiiuiii'ing at a post plunt-'d 10 chains aait
from the sonth-wc-d corner of Loi HM and marked
"R. 0. Tralford*i unrth-eaHl curnr pott; that
ninth 40 chaiiH, thonee w-"*»t ^chains more
lesH to Uke ihore, thonce north Hfniig iln-re to
Hi-iitli-wuit enrner of l,m lii.V't,  th-u**" east
chiiiim to point ol commencement.
Dated November Uth, 1000,
dee fi wed K. C, THAKFORD.
Revelitoke Cigars Union Made Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all other*.
Notice i-hereby given tint B0 (lays afterdate I
Intend to apply lo the chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works fnr a ipeclal license to cut and
carryaway Umber from ins foKoHiug described
land.*, on Michel Creek, irihuUry to Adams take,
Lillooel District, B.C.,on east ilde:
i. Commencing .tt a post planted on tbe wesl
bankof easl fmk Michel Creek about eight mile*
from Adams Lake, marked "A. MeCoiiuells
iouth-west corner Michel Creek, Limit No. l,"
running 80 chains east, 80 cltalns mirth, wi chain-
wesl w ebains south io point of oommtbeameot,
:. Commencingat a post planud on the west
bankof tbe east fort Michel oreek abont eight
miles :■ m .Clam- Lake maiked 'A. McCnnneit's
north-wesl eorner Michel creek, Limit No. v
tunning so chains t-.i-t. 80 clmlru south, BOcbatm
treat, so 'hains north to point of commencement.
,i. Commencing .it a poitplantedon (he-ust
hank of Michel < reek aboul six miles fnuu Adam-
Like, uiaikfd " \ Mi Connell'i soutn-wtjt corner
Michel creek. Until Nn. s," riinuing un cialns oasl,
•ii chaini north, ncliiini west, so chains miuUi to
pi.ici' <>i commincfmenti
4. Commenotiig al a poil plinied on tlm east
bank of Michel creek almut *lv milu from Adams
Lake marked "A. McConnell's north-wsit comer
Michel creek, Limit No I,' NnnlngBOchatnimut,
ni chains lOUtb, *■ I dutlns west, WJ chains imrth tn
place of commencement
i. Com oenelni at a post planted on tbe wesl
bank " (Mlchei Creek almut seven miles (nmi
Adams Uke, marked "A McConnell's south-east
comei Michel c. rk, Limit N». .'■," running Itm
chains no.th, 40 chains west, ioo chains south,
chaini last to place ol commencement.
Dated 1K-. i:th.ll«<.
jaiaw.il A. McCONNKI.l,
Nolice Is hereby given thai 30 days alter dale
waintend toapply to ttieChlefCommlsnluuerof
Undiand Works tor aijieclal license incut
aud carry a»ay timber from the lolloping
■tr crit'i"! isii'l- In West Kootenay district:
1.  OommSDOlOg  Ht  a  pust planted ab*ut 1
mile north from tne norih'weit ooraer of the
K. A 8. Hlock 803, am) marked "Dig llend
Lumber cumiiBny'*- unith-ean corner mist,"
Ihence north so ehaiiis, theuce west MJ chalnn,
thenci south 80 chains, thenci cast so chains
tu pointol commencement,
1. Cummeiti ing at a poll planled al-oul 1
mile north Irom the north-wesl corner ol K. A
.S, Hlo.li wm, and uiarked "Hig Hend Lumber
Cumpaiiv'i ni-rlh-east enrner poll," thence
west 10 clialns, tbenee iouth so chains, thence
Ull sVfiiain*, thenee north ^chains to poiut
ol commencement,
.' Commencing at spust planted abmit'.'
miles wesl irum liiiiiin'ck hiini, no I'pper Arrow Luke, and marked "H,H.L,('o.'s huutli-east
corner poit." thence north su chains, thence
weit 10 Iiaiii-, iheuce south ho chains, thenco
easl wchains to p-dntof cnminiincement.
4. Commencing al a post planled about8
mile-we-l Inun llannock Point, un Upper Armw Lake, and marked "Jl.H.L.Cu.'s south-east
oorner poit," thence north b0 chains, ihence
west bo chains, thenee south HO chains, thenco
Mil JQChllni to |MJiiu of cumiiH-ucemeiit.
Daled December lath, r.'.t.
-«t jan i      HI'.- BUND l-L'MUti. CO., LTD, i> Hi w
ditf.atMMi ■•— mm*mmmmmmt*immm*t
New Skirts New Waists i
These goods arc direct from one of llie j In plain Black and Plain White Washing
best manufacturers in the East. New Spring | si,]{Sj ,howin| Xi.u S]ti[.K. ;i|,,_ v,v
Steles.   Tailor-Made Garments.   Right up f
to the  minute in   style.
In its arc
j can guarantee this line.   You will only have
all guaranteed to lit. If yon arc looking for Il0 look *'lt ll"-*m once to know their quality,
something good in this line you had better I We invite the ladies to inspect these Waists,
id look ihis shipment uver. J -|-his shj|1llu.lU |s on|v jus, jn,
5 }ll..11. a that   t'.-  ......nig. menl   have
taken up, for thc baud is one, if not
in.f ... .I |. -,...l,.-i ii'.stitutinii in Revel-
*tuki, n.ni ....- which deserves much
creiiit f i ilu w.-.k ..:..! the s..liil  Hues
ft. f I.ich it ie f .i.i.lc.l.
'I'........ i-.i'.-,- .....hi  .1... ni.uingeinor.t
have il.'ci.leil I.. I1..I1I  11   (.rand  masquerade carnival in  the rink, when
tue   Liuni   ..'ill   If  in  n-.lciiiliir.ee
Handsome prizes -.iiii lie 11 .....'lied to
tho best  liulj''-, gentleman's, boy's,
girl's and comic costume.    The ad-
miss.... fee i.- 85 cenls ..nil it is hoped
that all who can will Ink.- atlvantnge
of this opportunity nnd .- me uut in
orig'u nl eostu.i es ..nd mnke tho enrni-
v.tl tin- event 11 the sumou, Those
who are keen on tl.e winter sports ..I
curling ami skating, biioiiI . tako every
opportunity ol e, .ing t" ll." rink; llie
ivinlui* canniil l'.-t f .rover!
w w-tfvrw ttmt m&
I Sore Hands     |
t and Faces      f
9 9
A We have the niceit prepar- 9
7 ation }-. 11 have ever tried, ^,
9 called " B.-.izoin uml   Al- Y
<|t mond Cream."    Only   35 9
fo cents;. bottle.    It heals in tjj
I .. night. ^
fo SOLD AT 9
f Canada Drug & Book Co. f
9 9
Wednesday, Fel.. Gil..—For 2'
hours. Light variable wind?, cloudy
with light rv.ovi. milder, Temp.—
Max. 12 degree?; Min. 2 degree?.
Never before bus our stock
I..-.'ii -.. complete in Fancy
Groceries, in.-In.Iim: New
Nm?, London Layer liuis-
ins, Fig?, llnl.-?, Orange?,
Bananas, C 1* a 1. berries.
Lettuce, Xmas Slocking?,
Smith's Crackers, Mislle-
ti.c ami llullv.
W A N T E 1)
1 -ini; SALE   I' * full Ll led Fox
j'    *l'.-.i-i-t-u Apply nl Union lintel
II. 'ala un.nl.
Local and General.
A special meeting of the city council has heen called for to-night when
the power and light question will be
taken up and discussed.
The Court ol Appeals has reserved
judgment in the case 0! C. M. Hays,
president oi the Grand Trunk, for not
giving two-cent passenger rates in
accordar.ee with the road's charter.
Owing to heavy snowdrifts and
snowslldes in the Vale canyon, No, I'1'.
(fill :.--t reach Revelstoke until late
this evening. A west bound train came
thr..ugh at 11:30 this morning.
Choose a good costume, bring your
skates, and even if you don't win a
prize at the Masquerade Carnival tomorrow night at the rink, come an.l
have ;i is od time. The band will be
there too'
The Board uf Trade will hold il?
annua! meeting tomorrow night. The
;..- gl :;.::.-.- fur lhe coining year is
extensive and comprises many important questi ns ui much moment to tl.e
city and di-triet.
The Rossland Miner is duing good
-.vi rk advertising the carnival to be
held there n Feb. li to 16 We were
pleased t receive Iheir pictorial post
..,: ■;. -;. ;., . 1 rinted f..r the carnival,
depicting scenes in Canadian winter
.-:. :•-
Citizei - sh tl '■ n it forget the repeated warnings against leaving their
t .ps running unnecessarily ...i.e. 1 he
link soon becomes empty ii this
practic- i- carried ... any extent and
the city in that case would le wholly
without ii.'.-: - ol lighting fire ii one
should break wu   which  i-  Ly  nu
-.ms unlikely.
5c. To $2.50
Send  in   your
orders by Mail
W. BEWS. Pta. b.
Druggi-t and Stationer,
Mail orders promptly attended
Th.. Ladies' Hospital Guild will hold
a special meeting at tl.e Hospital
.... Saturday, Feb. Dill, at -l:IIU lor tl.e
purpose of passing all accounts owing
by the Guild. All persons having
accounts against tl.e Guild arc requested lo send tl.e s..me to Mrs. J.M
Scott, Secretary, before tin; above
mentioned date.
The Ladies' Guild of Sl. Peter's
Church are giving no "'At Home" on
Tuesday, February 12th, afternoon
antl evening, in the Selkirk Hall;
afternoon admission fiee. The amuse,
inents will include a sale of work, lish
pond and candy stall. During the
eve.rng a musical programme will be
carried out. Evening admission 50
cents, including refreshments,
A Kamloops despatch ° f Feb. 1st
states: "J. Fleishman, jeweler, of
Vancouver, was relieved ol* a satchel
uf jewelry on Monday morning, valued in iln- neighborhood of two ur
three thousand dollars. Mr. Fleishman was on a trip through the interior, and gut oil'at Kainloups tn hnve
some refreshments at the station restaurant. On his return tu tl.e train
la- discovered tl.e loss of the satchel
and at ence notified the authorities.
The satchel was lound in lln- neighborhood nf tl..- C. 1'. If. yards, bill
the valuables had heen removed, save
for a few rings, eto,
Patronizing the C. 1*. K. transcontinental route, M.ll. Low Zero jumped
oft' at Laggan on Sunday morning
with ..II his frosty hand baggage. I 0-
incident with bis arrival all the thermometers in il..- town, s.vt- iiu-. 1 thi
spirit variety went uut ni business.
The lovely recorder cl the arrival ol
the man iron, tl..- .ast registered i. -
temperature as 57 bolow, Ti..
i:y at Laggan is reflected in lesser
measure nil through tl..- interior ol
theprdvincc and reports Irom man]
points ull ni steady down-zero-way
Social and Personal
Mi.-- I.orr lei       terdaj  for Vi, -
Mr.   ii,.1   Mrs I   I:  I >
M nd 1. nil
Mi-   i        1       ,
ii 1- ....      ,-    lil weel. .1.
-^I. ■ I f. 1
i.-1   .liter,  Mr-   K. nnetli  McRae
ti.is city,
A. It. II.   Il-arii     I ;i- tgi
Imperial Bank al I     ige . 1 Prairie
..-.-   g Mi-..I.. Buck,
if--        - -..-   game..   Im in
played II   nee   -    .  roport:
In the competition for the Burns
Cup, Bol ortson's rink, which lms been
iln- surprise ol the season, added an-
I other victory to their unbrokon record
defeating Nairn ly 20 1.. II. I lus
nuis Robertson In tho (Insl in this
Brown's rink won a .1 le victory
inis week defeating Jackson in tl"f
Equitable, ni.d Upper in iln- Calgary
I'rewing competition.
The annual Qoldon bonspiel oom
mences tomorrow. It Is not known
. et wiiu will represent Revelstoke.
To Buy n House.
To 11.-Ill :t  Hull?...
To Hi iy Nice iini liling Lois
close iu.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
IKtaitf k Mra
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
1 .1ST Ai llnl I'.i!. dt'iiot, i. gold
I i Hun wilh gul.I ntiggel .in.I full litis
iiisiili- ,1.11. Kinder «ill ii'celvu liberal
i.-ivniil l.y leaving siiiiii. al .Mail-
llKUALD ('.llice,
WANTED A single uum requires
well heated, comfortable ram..,
n-ILhimt board, Replies to MAIL-
11 uiu l.l) Olliee,
J )I.AI.\ ..... I On. Hnl I'lustering
•      A., ili.-in I sin.... of any .l.-siun for
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.-.-..I., work   taken by ......I..-a.-i ...- day
work,   Apply nl M.vii.-Hnitw.i.ulli.-.-.
Mia Margaret (reifiitwi
Teacher of Piano, Vocal and
Studio i-l .a whence Ulock.
Pupils prepared (or  University and
Conservaioiy Exams.
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices,
ntlOl    J11.(.Ll,    "   CITY RESTAURANT
Lady Victoria Grenfell Succumbed to Severe Attack
of Typhoid Fever.
Ottawa, Feb. 4,—Lady Victoria
Grenfell eldest daughter of His Excellency E...1 Grey, died at Government
House shortly after midnight, following an illness ol three weeks. Sho is
believed to have contracted typhoid
fever while travelling with h.-r lms
bind, Captain A. Grenfell, in Mcxic
wh.-i.e.-she came direct to Ottawa,
about three weeks ago. The (ata
malady developed immediately after
her arrival. High hopes were held
out for I.e.- recovery and the .-...I .;.....■
somewhat unexpectedly In-n night
Business Locals
Nothing bettor than Our "Speciul
Bargti   - if. ...... i tpei and * ip. str.
carpi is at C. t;. IItime  . Co's.
Train Robbing Fraternity will
not try Conclusions with
llie N.W.M.P. in Canada.
.-■ * ■
- • .-.
now  decid.     I al   I       ■ -•■■ 1
great and in.- game .if-: ■-. rtl
the rep
. .-■   Maj   in  llie
leipcrado. i-orl
iie at lean
I In- ion    t. bids fii
Cl   ,1 il,  linn.li-l:i-
1   Ite
i--ii.i ..'* thi msi    -   f
be... favorabloand th. pr tract. -   ■ 11
..1 intens.        tl veather, vluoh - ven
won       1   1   '■-    f
I.. Iped I., keep tlw Ice goi 'I   ■
1: .1 skaters iii*.'-.   Since taking  - ■
the managemnnl ol 0 kating   1 nk
ih.. Curling club lm* found that the
arrangement hns worked well and by
reducing the pr." of skat, rs tickets
and curlers subscription foes the
results have proved m ry tisfnetory
The charges thi.-. year ine oxtromelj'
moderate and 'In?  lad   h is oaused
III... IV   P.  l.lU   Mm. if 1 I- ...
othor spaoial (1 att.ro is thai iim band,
which is Hunt welcome wherever iti""
for   .   .   .
John E, Wood's Furniture Store
Designs fur Am- Departmental and
Justice Uuildinys, Ottawa.
rpilK time for i.-t-.-iviii^ enmpetitivo ilr*iffn* for
I tho |irr.j.o«orl now IJe|.artu>....tal ■....! .i.isii.-e
l.ullitl.iia fn ni",-.-.mi. 1. hereby extsntloil (ro,o
April I:, t...liilyl.l:.f.7.
Ily .ii-n.-r,
Department of i'libltc Works,
Nowspaj.era.ii-llln.il Ik pali! for tl.ia a.li-ertlae
1. .m Inae.t ii ffltho.it authority Irom llie De
..fin itn.....
VTOTIt'E IS HI-.ilKHV UIVKN tlmt thirty
I\ ifti !■ date wi* Inti'iid toaiijjh* iolhi
1 '■ ■•■■' ■ '• ->::i 1 :-■:..:"-i* o( l-.m-i- nud Work.-- ['op ft
onl find carry away timber
,   roll-owing described   lands Bituated
 ■ district, B.O.:
1 ..* n posl marked "Lamb-
i 'o'h norlb-east corner post."
.. miles up Csllstn Urceli and
-   1,1 crei k, ihenco south 19)
■ .     -' lOchains, thence north llW
in chains to point of com-
nif at a  i'"-: marl 1 il "Ijanii;-
i'« south-i ■'■-: corner noat,"
: es up Hi --:.i' reek
■ nee north "HI
: "i cliniii-. thence soutli mi
■ ■   -' ■ 'i.i::i- tO   ;■■. i   'i,
*     1007.
I v; - *- Li mc; r I'n.Lrii.
Then vou want to get a good one, and this Store is the place to buy it. If you
lost a Hat, send the winner here to buy it, for we have the best Hats at the least
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FEBRUARY    15th   AND   16th
i Id ward Branscombe
Presents the Famous
Scarlet Mysteries
Frum London, England!
This oelebrated o.inibii.atinn of KiKht
Artists who are orossing Canada
in route for Aust.ulia, will
appear as ..bov.', prsent
ing .he
in refined musical comedy including:
Mnsi.-nl Skotch Crrmorlinu
(From Daly's 'rheatre, Lon ;onl
MR. THOS. WALLS, Character Artist.
Llghtulng Cartoonist
101 Quoetl'l Hall and Crystal r.ilnccl.
(Of Uiiyal Oar! lion 0|ior.. ('...)
(Of Savoy fiiul Terry's Theatres)
(Of Royal Opora House, Convont (iar.lonl
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ed,   l
■    -:      -        V|
Lakeviow Hotel, Arrowhead. D. C.
i Hobson & Bell j
.  Or	
linkers it- Cm.I..cl io.iet
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there is nn telling when Ihey
might fail you.
Tired eyes, sore eves, Inflamed
eyes. Eyes that gel tired and bhir
after it short time. We win remedy
nil the troubles.
Our Optical Department is in Bole
charge of Mi". M.S. Hastings, Hef.
D,, who hns hud a I honing1, training and wide experience In the
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Fitting children's eyes n specialty.
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Office, McKenzio Ave.
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>■• i «■? "X* "X* 'X X X ▼ X w X w X ♦ ♦ X X X » X X • X » X X
Mr. Hyman Returns to Ottawa
-Illegal Imprisonment—G.
F. Kane Succeeds Judge
Ottawa, Feb.!).—Mr. llyman, who
resigned tbo Ministry i.f Public Works
in November, lllOli. but whioh has]
never been accepted owing to pome
technicality nnd wl... has i>ecn spending the winter In OriiiforniH on account of ill health, lias withdrawn his
re-ignation and returns to Ottawa
much benefitted by bis sojourn in
the soulli.
Seattle, Feb. il.—The British Em-
Iwsy nt Washington has demanded ul
the State Department at Washington
that Andrew Hughes, a liritisb subject, be allowed adequate compensation for being detained in j.ii' live
dnys after .. case in which he was
concerned and judguioiit given iu his
favor, hml been settled, Through misunderstanding he was returned to
prison instead of given bi- freedom.
Bki.uxuiiam, Feb.9,—The Nooksnck
River rose lour leet last night and is
now at high water murk with indications ol still further rise. Indications
ure that thousands of ncres of orchards
and Ianu lunils will be inundated.
Farmers are moving their cattle to
higher ranges
VANCOUVER, Feb. 9.—It is stated
this morning that U. F. Kane will
succeed Judge Henderson its County
Court Judge. The bitter resigne I to
contest Vancouver city iu the interests of llie Liberal party at lhe late
Important Work Ahead —New
Officers Elected.
The annual meeting of the Board
of Trade was held on Thursday night,
but owing to sickness and other
causes, the attendance was small.
C. F. Lindmark, as president, took the
chair. The minutes of the last annual convention were read and
adopted, Thc president then rend his
annual report which summarized the
work done by the Board during the
pnsl year and explained lully the
needs of the city and district, and
what the Board had to undertake for
the coming year The report reflects
much credit on the president, who'
has been very active in taking up all
matters of city interest and development. The report shuns what thc
hoard hits taken up during the year
and what is necessary lor the coming
Benson .'or discussion.
E. A Haggen congratulated the
president on the report, nnd moved
that copies ol it be circulated among
the bonds nf trade and in the city
The motion was carried unanimously.
The election of ollicers for the ensuing ye..r was theo held, C. F. Lindmark being ngain elected president
unanimously, and E. A. Hag en, vice-
president. H. Floyd was ngain elected
secretary treasurer. The new members elected to the executive committee are: Wm. Lawrence, H. MoSorley, It. Howson, G. S. McCarter, H.
Cunningham Morris, F. Lewis, A. E.
Phipps, W.H. Pratt, T. Kilpatrick,
J. P. McLennan.
Several con.uiu,.i.-nti.ms were read
nnd disposed ol, the only one ol importance being from the Victoria
Board of Trade, asking co-operation
in the establishment of free ports on
the Pacific coast. It was resolved that
tbe Victoria Board of Trade's resolu
tion be endorsed and a copy to be sent
to the Hon, W. Templeman and Mr,
On the iliscussiun regarding the
closing down ol the river wing dam
works by thc Dominion Government
it was moved by E. A. Haggen that a
telegram be immediately sent to Mr.
Templeman and Mr. Galliher advising
ihem that the work is shut down for
want ol funds and asking for necessary
money to be provided to complete the
The question ol roads and trailB was
gone into, the Board seeing thc neces
sity of opening up the surrounding
district in order to afford fncilitiei for
prospectors and settlers who would
make Revelstoke their headquarters.
The traffic bridge over the Columbia,
an isolation hospital and a provincial
gnu! were discussed and the Board felt
very strongly that these imtitutions
were absolutely necessary to Revelitoke and that steps shuuld be taken
to get these matters on loot. E. A,
Haggen moved that the president, G.
S. McCarter and H. MoSorley  should
bB appointed as a deputation to wait
on the government at Victoria at the
commenoement of the next session
(March 7lh) snd submit the matter ol
Canoe River trail, gaol, traffic bridge,
isolaiioii hospital and trails in general
to the government Ior early consideration.—Curried.
H. C. Morris suggested that the
Board sliould take stops tu protest
against tlie proposed legislation al
Ottawa, (or tl.e introduction of a C. O.
I). parcel post system, which legislation would be very harmful tu the
Mail ine.ehiints ol the west, the lllllll
order bouses being al. the hack of it. J.
1'. McLennan moved that Mr. (lalliher
should be oulillliuuioated with by the
Baud, protesting against the proposed C. O, D. parcel post legislation,
E. A, Haggen urged that active
stops Bhould be taken tu look into the
and settlement question. The president appointed E. A, Haggen, Will,
Lawrence and II. C. Morris as a o-im-
mittee tu take up lhe land settlement
There being no further biisineis to
transact lho Board adjourned.
Communication Cut Off —Ice,
Snow Drifts and Slides
Demoralize Traffic.
The unprecedented long spell ol
severe weather through which this
whole continent has been and is
still passing, is having a most
serious effect on the transportation
companies both in Canada and Hie
United States. Locally we have
managed to get along alter a fashion,
but the continuation ul the cold spell,
combined with heavy snowstorms, is
bringing about a rather serious local
situation. East and west trains are
being continually held up hy snow-
slides, while transportation to the
south is completely ice bound. On
Thursday and up till today communication with NelBon was practically cut
off. Passengers who left there in the
morning for the Coast had to walk into
Arrowhead over tbe ice. There was no
communication between Arrowhead
and Nakuip, the ice being of unusual
thickness and extent. A joint affort
will be made by the .-..a. Rossland nnd
Kootenay to break a passvge and tl.e
ice breaker will be called into requisition. To add further to the company's trials and tribulations a portion
of Slocan Lake has frozen over, for the
first time in 13 yours. Thero has been
no connection uver tho Crow line, but
efforts hive been made which should
result in success u-iless thc thaw of
the last dny or two has caused snow
to slide. The fuel problem remains
a serious tine and until older is revived out of the present chaotic state,
no one can say what to expect. From
east and west and middle west come
the same stories of stalled trains and
snowed-in communities asking for
relief and fuel, Now that the thaw
has come for a brief time tlie traffic
difficulties will be continued still further.
Fast Melting Snows Threaten
Washington with Floods.
Seattle, Feb. 8.—With the foothills
of the Cascades in Western Washington covered with snow to au unprecedented depth, a Chinook wind fast
melting it and a strong southwest gale
blowing, the prospect ol the country
being Hooded to an extent never belore experienced, is imminent, The
storm warning has been issued front
the weather olliee, and already much
damage has been done.
— ... •«*     	
The Young Cuneorvative Club held
a smoker in the Selkirk Hall last,
night, the gathering being a large and
merry one. A programme of vocal
and instruments! music was carried
out during the evening and Mr. Robt.
Green, late Chief Commissioner of
Lands & Works, and Thos, Taylor,
M. P. P., gave addressee and touched
on the political questions ul the day,
dwelling briefly un the late election
campaign, affirming that the future of
the province looked very rosy and prosperous.
Thc following took part in tho programme:     Meisrs.    Doyle,    Veith,
Humphreys,  W.  Smythe,   Murphy,
.Marshall, Oait and Richardson.
 . ^* —
Spring Catalogue now in the press,
tu be ready shortly and will he mailed
out this month. Customers should
hold their orders until this catalogue
reaches them.—M. J. Henry, nurseryman and seed merchant, Vancuiivor,
A Revelstoke Brakeman Crush-
to Pieces under Runaway
Train—Remains Gathered in
a Blanket.
Phoenix, Feb. 7.—The worst wreck
and totality that ever happened on the
Phoenix branch has just occurred,
when one man was killed outright and
a I le-l  runaway  to  train was de-
ii.olisl.ed, ll.e brakeman killed being
lite.ally gi..uml tu littlo pieces. The
liiin ol 19 . re cars bad left the tank
and stared down the hill, the ..ir
brakes being thou lasted and found in
working order. Later on the engineer
die.vered thai the brakes refused to
work and be was unable to stop lhe
train which was steadily gaining
speed until when passing the Raw-
bile mine thu spoeii is thought to
have easily exceeded 75 miles an hour.
Engineer McGuIre, the lirenuui, and
lhe brakeman stayed at their posts as
long at possible but linally leapt from
the trail, narrowly escaping death,
Brakeman 11. Ruahton while trying to
get duwn from an oro car slipped and
fell under the train, being lulled over
and over and ground to little pieces
under the wheels, the snow for 50
yards round being spattered with liis
blood. Both feet were cut off, his
head split in two, the budy frightfully
mangled and severed, aud the t.ack
was littered with particles of clothing,
llesb, bones, etc., a blanket being
required to get the remains together after the fatality. The engine
went over the hank 25 feet down while
tho ore cars arc piled in an iilmcst
inextricable mass iu thc ruck cut near
the Rawhide. Rushton was on his
first day as brakeman on the Phoenix
bill, having come here from Revelstoke. The wreck will probably cost
the C. P. It. $20,000.
Severe Injuries on  a Snow
Latest reports show today that no
trains arc moving at all, east, west or
south, slides blocking the track in
every direction. The worst block is
near Glacier where there is quite a
little colony of trains bound both
ways, stalled with their complement
o! wc.n y and benumbed passengers.
Eight snow ploughs within a stretch
of 40 miles are endeavoring to break a
way ihrough, but if the thaw con
tinui-s thc possibility is that traffic
may bo suspended indefinitely.
While engaged in clearing the track
yesterday morning, a little west ol the
depot, the snow plough lelt the rails
and plunged 20 feet down the bank
the sudden severe jolting causing the
stove inside the car of the plough to
break adrift and strike with great force
a workman named Sawicki, who was
standing near, indicting severe injuries
to his right thigh which is badly fr.ic
tured. Thc injured man was immediately conveyed to tlie hospital where
his wounds were dressed and be is
now doing as well as can be expected
The "Scarlet Mysteries" Irom London, Fingland, who have been bunked
lor a Canadian tour, are to appear at.
tl.e Opera House Ior two nights only
on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 15, ami
Hi, This clever combination of artists have earned for themselves a
brilliant reputation in England,
where lur six years thoy have enjoyed
an unbroken record ol successes.
The Company includes the follow.
ing prominent English artists: Mr.
Roland Henry, a musical sketch
comedian Irom Daly's Theatre, London, who .villi lie romeinbered here us
having been associated with tbe Canadian tour of the Meisli-r Ulee Singers; Mr, Thus. Walls, a character
artist, whoso Immiiroiis Scotch impersonations are highly spoke., ol; Mr.
Percival Mackenzie, a lightning cartoonist who also gives impression
pictures in colored chalks in the ree
ord time of (il) seconds; Mr. Pendorcl
Price, a magnificent tenor who has
mured with Madame I'atti; Mr. Ben
Calvert ol the Carl Rosa Opora Co.;
Mr. Heury Luscunilie from the Savoy
and Terry's theatres; Mr. Gavin Wood
ol the Itoyal Opera liuuse, Cuvent
Garden, and a very clover pianist in
the person ul Mr. David Norton.
Newest in tally cards, invitation
and envelnpo boxes sold at The Canada Drug & Book Store.
Now is your chance tu get a snap
on ten.nantsul carpo; and linoleum at
Howson's furniture store,
We keep a big supply of post cud
albums, any prioe — Canada Drug
Window shades, wall papers, plain
and decorative Burlaps—C. B, Hume
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
We Still Have Money
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
of Re-Payment.
We will be pleased to have you call and learn about it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Brancl.es in the Province ol Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Qoebec.
Capital Subscribed -       •       •       $5,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   14,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       S4,28o,ooo.oo
D. It, Wilkie, President; Hox. R, Jakfhay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT— Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rate from date of; opening account, and coin-
Drafts sold available in all parts ..I Canada, United Statesand
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A. few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
fi. M. SPROAT, Real Estate OfEice, Cowan Block.
Protective Legislation lor Timber Will Be Asked from Provincial Government.
An association, the aim of which
will be to watch over and proteot the
Interest of all timber owners in Britiih
Columbia, is now iu process ot organization in Vancouver and a meeting
was held on Wednesday lo make final
arrangements to enroll every person
whu owns timber, either on the coast
ur the interior. The membership ol
the organization will embrace sawmill men, loggers, timber cruisers,
speculators and capitalists. One ot
the principal objects iu view is lo
watch and foster legislation which is
deemed to be in thc interests..! those
who are engaged iu developing British
Culumbia timber resources. A vigorous campaign will be commenced to
secure thc establishment ol an adequate system ol protection against tire
iu thc woods which annually destroys
hundreds ol thousauds of dollars
worth ul valuable standing timlier, and
in this regard it is ex'«cted some
suggestions will shortly be placed
More tbe Provincial Oovernment.
200 yards Tapestry carpet
l..w prices—C. B. Hume A Co.
at very
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High .Mass
and Sermon; i p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:80p.m, Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. ANDREW'S (Presbyterian)—Rev,
IV, 0, Calder, pastor. Sunday services
at 11 a.m. and 7:110 p.m. Sunday
School and Bibb* Clais at 2:30 p.m.
Bible Rending Wcdueidny at 8 p.m.
Chuir practice Friday at 7:110 p.m.
Tencbors' meeting Friday at 8 p.m.
Knox PREBBYTERliN,—J. R. Robertson, B.D., minister. Services as
usual at 11 a.m. anil 7:30 p.m. Morning mbject, "The Divine Call." Eveu-
ing subject, "The moit heroic quality
ol the Christian Life." Sunday School
ami Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. The
Young People's Society on Monday
night at 8 o'clock will be, addressed by
Mr. E. A. Haggen on the subject ot
"Minerals." Cottage prayer meeting
on Wednesday night and Choir practice on Friday night.
Methodist, — .1, S, Woodsworth,
minister. 11 a.m. subject, "How to
become 11 member of the Kingdom."
2:30 p.m. Sunday School, Minister's
Bible Class, subject, "The Book of
Job." 7:30 p.m, subject, "Is the
church becoming too respectable?*'
Anthem—"God so loved the world."
At the Wednesday evening service,
the Pastor will give an account ol a
visit to the Holy City.
St. Peter S.—Quinquagesima Sunday. Holy Communion at 8 a.m.
Morning Prayer at 11 a.m. Evening
Prayer at 7:30 p.m. Sunday School
at! :30 p.m. I'll I.IMII.I.   v l.l.Nisi.AY AM. SAT. It
DAY "1*
Iacluliu; postage to liagl.uui, United States
.uui Cun.-: i.
By the year (through poitolHoul K.M
Hall     "      ** ■•           l.tS0
Quarter "       " "   l.n.
MB . HINTING prouipil) executed at reasonable . if. -.
IKRM.-*-. it-h.   Bubior.ptioui payable in ad;
,URl'.l>l'iiSliKN('F. Invited .... mallei* "I
public leterest Comiuunlcalloni lo ICdi-
tor inti-t be accompanied* by name of
i*ri:.r. cot neoossarUy i'o publication, i.ul
is evidence of good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
Legal...:-..•-10 .-nit- per hue :ir*t Insertion,
olent-t..r lin,- ..ii:1i Bubscquoiil i rllon.
Measurcnicnt* N'onparlel [12 lin..* mnku <....-
ineb). .Store in.. gcnvral business an
nouncements 12.50 per inch por ...ihiHi.
Preferred .«i-i.i...i-. ..*. per cent nd-
diti.'.il. Births, Marring. - and Dcalhs,
■ •    ... li in*. ::i    Timbor notices $5.0(1
l.n  I    f.  ■... -   .--. -      AU   ii.llei-.i-. nil-Ill*
-...  ■ toihi ... providol -.In- iiiaiiiigciiii-iii.
IVanler" and L'oi.do.i-cd Adverliaci '-:
Ageni* Wanted. Help Wauled, Situntloui
wanted,   Situation,    Vncini*   Teuehci-a
IVs. led, Mo In - Wanted, in ivurdi or
;. -- . • , each additional line lo   cenls.
It. .-.:.-■ ...dl. -' ttdV. I'.l-.-flM-li1- .mill
oe ... Ijv '.' .l .... I iicmIii)' and Friday (.1
«... i...k ...-.-.- in gout display.
. I
Barristers, Solicitors, Ivn*
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,      IIauoi.i. Fisiieh
/ .11.LAN ,V ELLIOT"!'.
BarrUlera, Srilieltora, Etc.
i:i:VKI..*li'i,r: iMiTROD'l LAKE Il.C.
C. K. QILLA.V I*. ('. I-il......
OrriCEs:  Isu-ki.iai. Dank  Block,  11kv.-:i.'
'stoke, B.C.
.Money to loan.
Officer-: Revelstoke, 11.0.1 Fori Steele, 11, C.
A. M, PlNKU.lM. J. A. Hakvev,
Beveliloke, H. C. Fori Steele, II, V
J. M. Scot. I.L.l. \V. I. llrlggs.
con* ami iiuiiiris
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Mones to Loan
Solicitors for Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, li.i*
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mini' Su.veying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box Uk', Revelstoke,
Gbe fll>atl45evalb
"I woul   . . . earnestly a vise them for
their got 1 to order thil paper to lc punctually
■erven up. and to be looked upon as u juirtof
the tea i ^ijipftge."-APi)isox.
SATURDAY, FEB. 0, 1907
Now that the question of an
auxiliary power plant has beeii
brought up again it is only natural
lu suppose lhat the matter will be
brought to a head early this year,
aud ii we voice correctly the mouth
oi the people, the citizens will not
turn down any by-law which shows
that the proposition is being carried
out on a thorough business basis
and that in supplying power to the
C. P. R. ll.e contract between them
and the eity is made .-o as to protect the city in the cost of running
and leaving a moderate margin
uver and al the same time giving a
rate to the C. P. K. that is proportionate to their consumption and
that without being excessive. An
auxiliary plant is now necessary
for the economic lighting of the
citv and it is necessary too for the
production ...;' cheap power much of
which will readiiy be consumed by
the industries already in existence
in Revelstoke when -uel. power
becomes .■■■■ iii ible. With :. plant
installed and working satisfactorily
and th-- railway 1 ompany ■- .1 big-
ge.-t customer f.-r power, tti" incentive 1 ttl-i.-i. '.tli-r industries in
the. it; Id be *■• -. -.':--..* ami ii
we ar- lo <■*".* in I ;!.;-> a metropolis
.:.-: be. on -• - imetli ng more thai, a
2500 : -.-; - - itj wi musl encourage .1. lustry an I advcrl
Ol :.- I ;■ ■:• :. Thi it; '-.ill.eil
hav.- agreed th:.! tl,.- :..',.- ,.;';.-r. -1 1-.
;!;. C, P. II. is.. i.i: one, .. I .
ing at ii Irom .. business p iii |
... ■■'■ ll certainli 1 its the cost .-I
power ver} .--'.v. bul not eo low ..-
to endai.-- r ti,. city in loss in com
of production ami at th.- - .me tin ••
the (.'. P. K. ..re lieing prac ii
charged whnt they asked i"r. 'I he
council ar.- - - ■•■■ ■ in their ->■!.- ■
tion of a 1;..- 1 ro lucer planl with
two engines, although the lirst co.-l
is perhaps a little higher lhnn
iteam, i".*. the depreciation, cost ..i
operation uiul repairs is consld' 1
ably less than ti..u nf a slenm
plant, Gas producer plants an-
the latest devices for economic
work and today are capable of development in units of from ten i"
ten thousand hor-.- power. The
ordinary gas producer plant can he
1 gas type, wuler gas type and tho
Mond gas type, (.las producer
plain menus gas generated by the
heating or cooking of coal in a
retort, ns is done in gas works in
large cities, and such gas is consumed by ignition and explosion
in tl.e engine to give the motive
power.   A strong feature of the g.is
i producer plant is that it is practically self contained, being complete
in itself an.l automatic in action,
IThis docs away with the expensive
necessity for skilled engineers. The
consumption oi fuel is from one to
two pounds per horse power per
hour, find, another important i: cl
is thai only low grade fuels are
l'. quired, il being specially .1.
signed for the consumption of
charcoal, coke, bituminous Black,
peal, lignite, sawdust, and, in fuel
anything combustible, Formerly,
gas   plains  proved troublcsuill.	
account of tin- sm.-ll. Imi lhe modern plains hav.-, l.y .. scientific
arrangement ..i drains, entirely
eradicated any offensive ...lor. Additional points iu ii* f .vor ure that
il .-an In- placed in an enclosed
position, ii has no boiler, no moving part-, easily operated, and last
Iml not least, pays ior itself in
few years. In order to get the
maximum results at lhe minimum
of cost from a gas producer plant,
it is necessary to secure the best
gas engine obtainable, which means
a correspondingly large outlay, but
which will, loo, pay for itself in a
few years. However, an auxiliary
plant is necessary and once installed and in operation will repay lhe
city for its outlay and serve as an
additional inducement for industries of every kind and magnitude.
Let ll.e people see what sort of a
business proposition is being made
nnd they will not be so shortsighted
as to turn down anything which
will directly or indirectly benefit
Installation of Power Plant
Discussed and Plan of Rates
Submitted to C. P. R.
jV special iiueting ol the mayor nnd
city council was held ou Wednesday
night to finally pass and adopt the
two by-laws ut their third rending and
also to discuss the report of the Fire.
Water ii; Light committee on tlie proposed installation of an auxiliary
power plant and of the supply ol power and light to the C.P.R. Mayor
Brown anil Aid. Howson, Abrahamson,
Sawyer, Stone and Woodlm.d were
Tl.e by-law for paj ing to the mayor
a Salary ol ifiiOO for tlie year was read
for the third time ami passed unanimously. Tl..- by-law for the borrowing
of .|l.,0U0 Irom the Molaon'a Bank on
the current revenue of the city was
re.ul for the tl.i.d time and pass-.1.
The report of the Fir.*. Water & Light
committee on tbe supply ..f electric
power to the C. P. R., was then read
as follows:
Corporation ok the Citv os
Revelstoke, ll...'. Feb, H. 1907
Tothe Mayor and Council,
City ol Revel--. Ite.
Your Worship and Gentlemen*.—
Your Fire, Water & Light committee beg to report a« follows mi the
supply nf electric power to the Canadian Pacilic Railway company, a...I
the ni-tai :i.ii.: ..(.... auxiliary plant
.it tl.e power I.- use,
\ ur .- 11 mitti.-   -. commend  that
th» in .cliii ar) I ir these  pui
pot h. is soon .'- possible,
For il..- supp y 11 power ! li
ii.g plant a...I pquipme      ire roc
II.- 1 ih-.l —
m- Im-i K  IV . 200 ll p   *! j-l  ''.11
M- mm i.-. .-- ji t dynamo with
f...--liar) electricattncl menl .ting
about |3,500.
Ahoul LJ ....I--, j -in...'I N...'
weather prool Inmi .t.-.l wire, or. -
armi and insulatora on preienl poles,
a' ist ol |1,200,
Connection! foundations, etc., for
ah .-. .. -..-.I |I,300, M.ikiiig the
total 1 nit Ini 1 iwor pi mt, u estimated
by Cnl, Ir.i.-oy, (8,000,
For.... auxillarj ■ hint, '
rue n.in- ndi .ii-.-  -  mm   and  Pro
rn..--1 plai' . 1  j refc  ii'-e  to steam,
ami your committee believe this will
I..- il... I...;: Ior the lollowing reasons:
1. Economy in I .•■], jteam requlr-
h... live pound* of coal per I. p. per
hour, Hgaii.-i ..rn pound 1.1 -.- is,
2. Economy in nporati n ..- iteam
requires u certificated eng .-r alwayi
on hand, when-,.- 11 gas ph.nl can Inntli l.y an uncertificated person.
8, A gus planl can In: slnrt.-.l Up
from ni.!.! in onchall an hour ard
Irom hanked lire- lu ID minute, steam
lakes at least two huun,
use, vtl.eie.is a steam plant deteriorates considerably.
The most delink) quotation reoeived
to date i» $17,01,0, (in place), (or two
eip.ii! ..nils, aggregation 3S0 h. p.
Vour committee recommends that the
aggregate sliould reaoh 400 h.p., the |
cost for wl.ieii is estimated at if20,0U0.
An additional building, coal bunkers
and siding would cost, say, $1,0110,
.nuking the total anu.imt required
"filU.OUO. The ami..al interest ..ml
sinking I.....I (or this when Bpreud
over 25 years i» $2,322,81.
Vour conn..iltee recommend that a
by-law he submittal to tl.e taxpayers
In burrow this an...not 011 debentures,
ami that tl.e security he on tlie whole
of tl.e Light and Putvor plants,
With regard to the rates at whioh
power should hi' supplied to lln:  I*. P.
It., a 1.taxi........ rate   ol  three   cuts
per K. W. hour is siiggeslt.il, and all. r
deducting Irom this revenue thus
obtained, tl... fixed charges on capital
ai.-.l ..pera.ing expenses, lhe city
sliould retain 20 per omit ol the balance, and rebate the remaining 80o.
This would eliminate the uncertainty
of a profit at a rnto less than three
cents, and no guarantee need he required us tn the quantity used.
This report was duly received und
laid on the table lor discussion.
Regarding the question ot a steam
or gi.s prod neing plant the latter was
dee...eil more ee1.1101nie.il and more
effective, twu units being recommended, aggregating 380 horse power.
Aid. Abrahamson suggested a sliding
scale for rule 1:1 the supply of power,
an.l favored lhe idea of installing the
plant lirst and then alter testing and
proving efficient, to then make the
proposition with the C. P. It.
Aid. Howson said that he thought
the C. P. R. were getting oil' very easy
in the rate suggested by the Fire,
Water A Light co.nniiltce and suggested thut the plan proposed by Col.
Tracey seemed a better proposition,
namely ol supplying power to the
railway company at 3c. per lv. Vi. for
tl.e lirst year, 2Jc. (or tlie second yenr
an.l 2c. for each succeeding year. Hy
referring to the figures the 2c. rale
was lound to be too low and not even
sufficient to safeguard the city in the
cost of production.
Mayor Brown said that l.e fell in
favor ol submitting tlie rates, as proposed by the committee, to the C.P.I..
ami felt assured  they  would  be accepted.   In discussing the advisability
ol putting the by-law, for borrowing
money on debentures (or tl.e installation of the plant before the people, it
was decided to await the reply (rom
the C. P. R. to the following resolution unanimously carried, and submitted by the council to the  railway I
company, that  with   regard  tn  the
rates at which power should be supplied to tl.e C. 1'. I... a maximum rate
of 3c, por K. \V, hour is suggested l-y
this council and after deducting from
this revenue thu. obtained the fixed
charges on capital and operating expenses, the city ihould  retain 20 p. r
cent ot the balance and rebate the r.-
miiniiig 80   per  cent.    This   iv. u ■:
eliminate the uncertainly ui a p   lit
at a rate less than 3c, and  no  g  tr-
a..t.-.-  ......I   be   required  as to the
quautity us. d
May    Bi i.     . - iti   ed   ihethi
• li.- pei pie would ace. pt thi     ;
for tl   1   i*i       ml    nless the 1 ity
t h at they
il    . . . - *
tig    I
plant and ier       1 ol re-
gul ir lighting at a    eosow
as an indocemenl
menl     industries    1 thi
the C. P .-:-..
"tin   •-       imion sal      takl
lo| I
many pin- ol thi  citj     ; -   ■
l.e wnrks .-
.   -. - .
c became im|
.   .    ,     ■
-  .      ,    .     -I
i   M   I'
M.i.h- in        ioiivi
-.  ■,   :  m li        ■       ol   Win:;!
peg.       HOU - 1.- -1
.   ■   ■   ■ 1.   ■ - |p
And ih.-  ney   .- ing is the
.Meet. M-.fomi nml fourth Wednesdays in
.-.di nl,. in Selkirk II..II.   Vliltlnp. Wood-
..... curtilnlly Invited to attend.
w. 11. A.IJ18TRONO, Con. Com,
II. w. KDWAKDB, Cleft.
REVELSTOK*-. AF.KIt No. 432.
F. O. E.
Tin. reculnr meeting, fire lield in tho Sell.irk
Hall overy Inwlay eve ilnn a. S o'cloc.. Visit-
ing brethren ;u- -dially invited.
I* ll   IH'IIHIIIHK, t'.:..;s.>>.;.*.'.
II. .'.Kill. SlfClfEtAlll.
KooUliny Lt.ilKii No. 1.". A F.fi A.M.
...    W--Y *lh" I'eg.'lai- n.cot
"^\l—3.-&-- "V. ng nro hold in th.
.\i,i.-nine Temple,
..l.l K.-llow* Mull 011
ihi third MnndiiJ In
inch month al. <
...in. V'isiliiiglirelh-
rt-n cordially wel
I". A, I'lflll'INIIvlt. SRORBTAIty,
SF'.'.tlRK LOOUlf,, Nl,  I'i. I. O. 0. F.
M eow every Thursday
ilP^V '-"""ng   in    Sella.'!.
^Ilall   al,   8   o'cloos.
Vi-iiing brethren ec-
dialtj- 11.viicii to ii'-
II..I.T..OIHHT. N.Ii, .h.V..'illll-*, Sl-
(VTmSx   Cold Range loilgn, K. of P.,
***' No. 2.1, neielitoho, 11. C.
0. apt Third Wo.l.ieadnj- ...
i-l., Ill .III' I.llllleil,ills'
Hall   .11   s   u'clock,    Vlilllnj.
iifli.Mi.e cordially .nvite.l.
.1. ... LESLIE,.-.('.
(I. II. BROCK, li. ,.f It. A S.
il. V. IIHOWN, M. of F
Deer tleaila, Anhnnli, llir.la, l-isli, lite,
A..iaif.l lliijra Mounted,
p.... Hox81,
sti.iii..: Corner of I'hat St. aiiil Boyle Ave.
Iluvulsroko, H.C.
Windsor Restaurant
Mrs. II. J. Hi...bury. Mntuigress.
First-Class Table.
Private    ining Boxes
Lur .0 Dllllllgrootn Tor
Hal. ...o -, Supper*, olc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
"«."""! Furniture!
John Ii. Wood's Furniture Store
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Denier iu Wood,  Coal and Feed.
I'hone 71,
House I'hone 7
.*. ,...jw.j-.     ...v.*. .^..^,.j v..   : . i^y     Jf^^AJ., ......a,
Incorporated by Act fl I'nrKil.iout, IS,",'..
Wa. Molson Macphkhsox, Pies, S, II. E.vixu, Vic.-l'
Jaiius Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid lm, $3,000,800
Reserie, $3fiOOMO
Everything in way of hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice ...yenr .it current rules .... Savings Hunk
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstoke, B. C.
.->/».% "-M..^**>v%'%-V*'V-*"M^ V>
\ Vor A(tr!oultnrftl rmplemontu. ('iirriiin«s, Wiikhiih   Kto.t John
\ Douro PIuurIib, Milliun Wiigoua, I'uundti (InrrliiRQ (/ompauy's
\ llugtflos, l'liiiiiil, jr., (liinlim Somlors ami Cultivators. Wheel-
wrlslit uml ninuksmlth Work uttoiidocl io.   ITorso Shooing R
w Bpooinlty,
Winter Carnival
February 124344-15 and 16
Five Grand Trophies aud $2,(11111 In prizes.  Two hands in attendance
HOCKEY—Inteniiitioii.il and  ii.ler-l'n.vii.cinl championships.
SNOWSHOEING—Championship ol British Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute down the "ZIP."
SKI-ING—.lumping and Racing,   Championship of Canada.
SKATING RACES—For championship ol British Columbia,
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Racing, Masquerading, Tug-of-War and oilier interesting events.
Reduced railwuv rates on all lines      For fttrtlicr particulars apple to
J, S, C. FRASER, President. E, ADAMS, Secretary.
It's Simply a *,
Question of
Do you want common Flour and questionable
results in bread making, or do yon want "MOFFET'S
BEST " Flour and uniformly superior remits ?
The answer to this question means much in
your hoind. Don't leave it to the inclination ol yonr
Grocer, He wili naturally send you tho " FLOUR"
t.-n which he makes most profit.
In ordering, say distinctly " MOFFET'S BEST "
and your dealer will see thnt you get it.
HOTEL—One of best local.-.1 and
most profitable businesses in
British Columbia—$15,000.
tl..- best cities in the Province.
Furniture of two of the best
.---- in lin- city.   Lease of either
house :." moderate rental, goes with
Kuril   ■;:•.:.
To Let
:i": -. -On Fir-t Street, Revel-
si ke.   $15.00 per month.
Arrowhead Ranches
--   ■ m-i!   lliil  Bros.
i:.   be —*8
EIGH1     acres   uf   rich  alluvial
ive high water. Partly
.-..I.    Price $1,200,
i: ' .ke, ll. ('.
Premium System
Booklet toils whal -   -
ltov.il Crnwn Wrappers. Send
(or   it—Free—Also  try  the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
1)1,AIN* and Ornnnienlal Plastering,
Artillcbtl l.i I' nny dr Ign Inr
building nmposes, Ce.nenl nnd concrete work taken hy contractor day
work,   Apply al M.Mk-HERALDoffice.
Water Notice!
■  ■
. ■   .. .
"■ iDn-i n   . nplfltely .Mm' nfl
■    ■
■ * ,
'.-!■.- - Ityrlftj-
,; oi |«r,
II    i-l.'iH),
Exceptionally busy Summer and Fall selling has placed
.... ...... blinds a large nun.ber ..( second-hand  pianos nml
mgiins,  l.tken in exchange .... new si vies ..I MASON .V.
ItlSOH and PIANOLA PIANOS, Om* "Uppor Country"
warehouses—In Nelson and Revelstoke are nnw comfortably crowded— we've winter shipment*, on way Iron.
lacnuy. In... These used j*ood.s must he sold, we wislt
I ben. to move rapidly, You'll appreciate theso uinisni
Small l'|irif.'lit "Lull ,v. Sniis"
l.ifi.i... Kn.lisl. mako, b octaves,
"Chillies navln" Liprlahl Piano
"in. 6 iii. in height,
I r neli h ilnul oatui, iurull fn.nl
Roll' MrpiMft, lilffli, mh
mil ii-. li imtaves, *.:*, hoU ut
"   Is - itupH, in g I tune, ..
Vvllld Smart"Uprightl%nn
-     I ft. fi ni. Jili*li. full
Iron n nne, excellent ■viiliio at
II in fnr	
*  il   I'll  Nimi V'urk, 7
' '   I   I, l liuni/.' I CIUO,  il  ti 1
1   '        	
■ IMI1 I*  (Inulph i   •■'■■
■ nil itltin I'ri'inii rt'uhint
: piirtliillyiiiTHi mi  (5*1 C'i
. fm lialliirlmtgu   ... .  3»I3U
Uawii v  Hindi " i ,71
I fl    .in   high  luu.In* I
ii   Doi    ir liogaiiy.
nil hnl h I m in v.,   (bORn
"Mnsop a* ltlsch" piano, largo
Upright Grand, boautlliil mn-
hogniij caac, 4 ft 0 In, high, vuhu
Htiglitly iiiiirrril, titln'i'iviHi' Ilnn
i-iiiiillliini, s|i|.'iiilnl Uno. Wa
wiil for tBfiDt tako lt for	
"Monona ltlsch" I'iiino, Up.
rindl Oi'.iintiii Art IttllsllOll hurl
uahiut oano, practical 1J now,
prime condition, porfocl tono,  tftyinn
Waa (560, (Htraonllnary mine at mHHIU
"Dominion" Organ, ivultint
caae, (1ft, hijili, fi octiivan, ilA
neUiif reoilaj HtoliB, Vox Hit-
iiiiiiiii, Oreat, uml Uraml mxun
, i.i,.........llninl
"Uill" jriAn, maiilvQ a-aln.'t
ena... aunill fr..i.i, 1 aotinftao.li,
... itopi,  I...II. -.it'll*,   you'll
I.Ul I.*.' "11 Illirtttt	
"Iinlieiij" ..in...., black »f.l-
 mo willi I...-..II...I I'ronoli
l.liiieinlmir,I .uvi.i, Siotini
in-iH, ln*ln|ia. luas iiiiiI tri-lili.
ii|il.-i* un.l km-.- awella, allien-   A   EA
lldV.il it tills tlftiin
We've also 11 nuiiibur nl.ilhers. Full Hit sent upon
i i] ii-... Vuu ...ay lun ill any une nf Ihese Insll'IIIIICIlts
ai lull value, i.s pa.'tl.il pnymenl nn .. now MASON ,v
Klsi'll PIANO, wllhln two years after purchaie.
To Trappers
R.aw Purs Boughi,
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Under  Now  Management)
ROUT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
Has a good stock ol Groceries and
a fine assortment ol Japanese China.
Agent lor Rovelstoko Farming
Company, growers ul all kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood,
Front Street, Revelstoke •
Manufactured for all olussoslof buildings
All liiiid-i.of building and pliiBterlng
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in llcof, l'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and (iaino in
Season. Orders promptly attended In.
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under tin* new in......nei...uit of
IIai.hv  MclNTObll   lloir.nnii   Huiis..
L eyon arc the most curative in the
world. A perfect, nntuial remedy for
all Nervous nod Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney ..nl Stomach ailments
and Metnllic' Poisoning. A sore cure
I'or "That Tired Feeling." Speciul
rales on all boats and trains, Two
mails ai rive and depart, every day,
Tolegm h communication with ali
marls of th." world.
TERMS- $12 to $18 per week.   Fur
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arrota Lake. "B. C
Henry's Nurseries
tToadqunrlora fnr Pacific Const grown
nnd Importml Garden, Field and
Flower Suctla.
Ttimmiinds of Kmit nnd Ornnmontnl
Trnos, Kliudndondriins, Rosos nml hardy
pltuits nuw Browing ou our owu grounds Tur
fuLiini planlliig,
Nooxponso, loss or dolay of fumlgntloii,
Inspoctfon uor customs duties to pay.
Visitors nro always woloomB to Inspoot
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Flnwors nud Florril Designs, Fortlllzors
Boo Uivos and Suppllos, Spray Pumps and
Sprnying mntorlnl,
Nn ngonts—theroforn ynu hnve no commission|U) pny, Our catulogUO tolls ymi
nnniit it. Lot mo price your list beforo
plaolugyoiir order,
We do business ou our own grounds -■ mi
rout tn pay, and aro prepared to moot all
wnnpetiM'on. Eastern prices or less. Whito
labor.  Catalogues Froo.
P. O. Address eud Greenhouses:—8010 West-
miuslor Road. Branch Nurseries .-South
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot, on corner First street
and Doyle Avenue, a business
Warehouse and Lot on Cornar Smelter
Truok and Third Street with
spur lo warehouse.
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits ou
liig llend Rond.   A good stono
quarry and  first-class   gravel
uud sand lor building purposes.
A good bed i.f Iirick Clay and
tliree acres cleared suitable for
fruit growing.
S.x Lots in Block 40.
One Lot in Block 4-1, 50 loot.
Two Lots on Eighth St., 100 foot,
One   Lot,  Hlock  1)7,  with   ollico
Pour Lots, Hlock 1)8, 2;. loot, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Aveuuo.
One Lot, f.OIo.it, on Douglas Street
Hill.   Contains goed building, gravel
nud fiiml,
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harness—(1 set of
driving, 1 set of work.
Interest in good mining property
and timber limits.
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—lf',11) per aero.
U.od Farm lands in Huck Icy valley,
Four lots in the town ol Golden.
First-class residential property,
One Cement Hlock Plant in good
working order with ull attachments
For full particulars apply to
First-clas aoc.mm...Inlion for travellers.
Benl brands ol Wlnea, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
iKAI.KI. TBNDKR8 addrosiod (o thu under-
i~ siK.n.ii, ami ondorssd '"fonder fur Host,
(lllli..., K..I..I... Il.C," will Lori.oo|v«,l ut thw
ulllee until Manila)', Koliruary 18, Hln", Indie
lively, fur tin. onstruclli... of a I'uat Olllou.&i.
I...I1.II..K al Kern!.', 11,0.
I'li.n- .....1 .-iwcllioaliun can lie seen nnd forma
of lender obtained at ilila Dcimrl mom and on
a|.|.ll.:allu..... Holier. ... Kor.-, lis..., Clerk nt
Work*. I'Vi-nle, H.I".
Porioiii londorlllK aro nollMthalloader,
will not I... conslrlercl unlws .....do on tl...
printed fnr... «..|.pllo.l, ami h1k,io<1 with tluii..
uei.uai ilanlitroi,
Kadi fonder n....*l t.o aooonipanlcd by....
nc.-iiierl choouo on a eliaricieil bnnk, ...a.lu
..a.fii.ie to tin. order of il... Honourable the
Minister of Public \. .irks, c.|....l ta ten nor
cent fin .i.e.) nf ihe aiiiiiiini. of Uietcii'ci,
i.l.lcll will be fi.rfi.Hc.l |( tho party IcnilcrlnK
doollno In c.tnr Into a contraet ivl.ini callc.l
iiimii in do so, nr II lie fail to coinnloto . l.o work
i....t.-..i!,e.lfor. If .be tenilor be not nocei.te.l
tlloclic.|iie will be l-ctiu-iuid '
Tl... Ilc|..irln.ent does not bind Itself to accept the lowest, or any tenilor.
Uy order,
, Secretary,
Iieiiitriinc.it ol Public Worka,
ottJiw.,, January is, iwi.
Newspapers will not bo paid for thia ...Ivor,
lis'-u.i-ni If thoy inacrt 11 without authority
from tb.li bi-1'i.rl...i-ni. ' *-.
P?   *v"7
■   n
, & ,
ii   cub
* kt-
.(O 0 you'll have In .1.1 II tills, lime,
V Perks, I in afraid." Tl.e i-l.il'l-
. ) isl, face looking Ihmngh tho
v-/   railings  ..r  the dingy square
Eir.li-n grew very wistful. Perks M.....K
h head, heaved a big ilgli and gazed
hi .an- ..r '.if. lnrge, white-gloved hands
li ..i-.-f. it...-.- tn meeting llio mournful
brown .-v.'s.
"I'm .iii-alil sn. Mils Kitty; yen see.
il's I lit- il.li-d, ..r Is -I Uio .....nli time?'
Tin- brown eyes clouded ovor, Their
•wm r looked down ul llio small wlilto
......iy cuddled In l.'-i- nrmi.
"ii's it's tho fourth lime, Porks,"
A-fiii. Perks heaved a sigh, nnd pol-
lain..I a button nbitractedl)' between Ids
Mi....... nnd forollnger,
"I can't go dead agen my ilnly. Ml*-s,
■ow can 17 More especially as Colonel
Itndgery law it.' Iio added, wnl. doubt-
I.I inlegrlly.
"No, 1 b'pobc not," sf.l.l Kitty,.......nihil... winking back a u-.-.r tli.it wi.ulil
(Nir.-i- I.s  wny  l.|..  .Ies].He l.er bravest
effort! tn keen It bnck: "but, Perki," a
rl....... nf li...,.- lightening ll.e sndnois of
ler voice, "If they know be was only a
pui.itv. :.tnl very sm;.l! for his age?"
I-crks shook l.ls head,
"Don'l believe as how It would make
a.iv difference Miss, Kitty, though he
•In*, above six innn.lis, is he?"
llnl. genlly wagged his stumpy tall,
.h.i opened nne sleepy eye in honoroblo
protesl-tho nthr-r was crumpled ..p
against ll.e pinafore of bis lillle nils-
Kith- sighed heavily.
"Seven months, threo weeks and live
tlavs tomorrow, r.-rks."
She inouinfullv shook her head ns If.
ll*.- George Washington, she could
...I swerve fro... the truth, however
The big policeman looked down at
her, with sympathy expressed on
•very fenture.
Puppies will be puppies to the end
•f thc chnpter, nnd he knew that
Ibere Is nn going against nature, but
kt (ftd wish tl.f.t cither Hob wnuld
bow to the Inevitable, nnd not evade
bis muzzle nt every turn, or tlmt llio
Majesty of lhc law were a trifle less
»n Jostle.
lle took n turn or two up an.l down
tbe pavement, while the child press--.!
her forehead against the railing an.l
wailed for tl.e oracle to speak. There
was no greatneBS nf whioh she ilia* not
believe Perks capable, and certainly
Ihe worthy man's most marked characteristic was love fnr children and
animals. He bad often notlecil tho
•bll.l flitting about lhe garden of the
dingy   square,  and  had  marveled  a.
her solitude, lie soon made friends
nub her, find rejoiced In (be full, as
she did, When lln milkman gave her a
puppy r.-r bn- very own. T" the
motherless child -living with n linusc-
keep.-i- ...ul a nurse In n great, gaunt
town house, whose omptv passages
echoed bnck solitude an.l Inl.; which
ll.e s.m never soo 1 to shin tl..;
puppy  ..-.....- ns ..   v.-rl.able  gloum r.f
llghi!   Dolls woro nil vorv well, but
Hob  was able tn lalk  will,  bis eyes,
ears .....1 Impudent seiillv tnll.
Hob was oompnnj when twilight fell,
n. hi nurso dosed in hor chair. Bob
ennld piny a capital gnme of 1. do-
nnd-seok mul In bis soelelv Kitty
tnB.o.l s...ii.-. nl leant, of the 'ovs ...
She thought hlm lb- '""st lalontod
.log In il"- kingdom, .....I even nurse
was hnrtlly proof against his endear-
ini; wiles, though she grumbled at hor
charge's roughened hali- and tumbled
pinafore, when Hob had worked his
Hub was like a dear but harum-
scarum son. and at times he enuseil
bis mistress considerable anxiety. Ho
bad om- very w. all point, and thai
wus .... utter contempt fnr Iho muzzling order. Tl.e llrsl timo Kitty showed hi;., ll.e ..lizzie be sniffed nl ll contemptuously i.ml sb.mil It from sldo t"
side, us If under the Impression that
he was worry-In.*- a rat.
Then Kitty pul it "n the mantelpiece oul of reach, bat llnb Jumped
on a chair nud mounted the tnblo us
If determined to Bet It or Imperil
his life in ll..- attempt, lie would not
keep sllil to have It put on, so Kitty.
in despair, picked him up nnd took
hlm  nut tn  I'erks. the policeman.
llnb adored Perks, Ion. but fumlllar-
Ity in this inst..".-. failed to breed
contempt. Puppy Hmugh be was, Intel! lhc power of tl.e law, and allowed Perks to put on the muzzlo.
Then be careered madly acroie the
strip of grass, nnd robbed his nose
against a tree trunk, putting up his
paws nuw and then in u vain endeavor In tear off the hated thing.
Kitty burst Into tears ns she looked,
and then turned for comfort to the
sympathetic I'erks.
"Poor Hol.l Dn vuu think he'll e.er
get over It. Perks?" she sr.bbod. "Oh.
I   dn   believe   he'll   die    nf    a   broken
■'! d.tli'l think as dogs ever rl thai,"
replied I'erks.
Kittv still sobbed in her pinafore.
ami lint, kept nn his mad career, ro-
gardlesi for once of he- feelings.
Trapping Wild Animals
"What's tills?"' suvs Mr. Ptrii» s. tin- tiger. Ih* walks slowly round, sees
Us own reflection In the looking glass, thinks It's iiiio;Ji«*r tiger, and crash!
bang! lu* jumps through the looking gluss, down comes ilii- liii nf thc box, and
Mr. Stripes is a prisoner,
A WHITER in tho Playbox gives
bov ami girl readers a fnscmat-
[ng account of how the lions and
'ii;ers which ymi see at lhe Zoo
antl (lie circus are trapped.
■'Ai,* you frightened. Winnie?" asked
Aunt   Jano.   .
They hail just entered the tiger house
al the Jc.00. an.l tin* little girl, holding
. ker aunt's hand, wna looking very timid nml Beared.
"No, auntie, I'm not frightened,'' sho
wild; '"hut i was wondering "
"Well, what, dear?"
"1 was wondering how they caught
these tig wild  tigers."
"That's a verv sensible question, Winnie, so Dl toll you how they do It.
Tou know lhat tigers live in India.
dun't vou. in the jungle?"
"What's the jungle, auntie?"
"A very thick forest, my near. Well,
when the men who catch animals want
a tiger they go to a cloarlng-that Is,
h part of the jungle wlv re there anno trees-arid thoro they build a kind or
huge box, made of heavy logs, very
Btrongly fixed together, with a lid thai
shuts with a  sprint:."
"Like a motiBetrap?"
"N'o; the bov Isn't lhe ssnre shape as
a mousetrap, hut the ltd works in
something the same way, Then inside
■thev pat a large looking glass, fixed to
(hi- spring, and open Ue* 'id wide. Pres-
rnttv Mr. Hiripcs, the Mpor, comes hy,
and' lv* sees this stratw box in tho
middle nf ihe clearing. 'What's this."
lavB lu*, am] he wn.ks ulmvly round It
-fut- ilgt-rs are very ear Fill nnd presently In- just puis his forepnwB on iln-
tun ..r iln- bo. mid look* "' lh'* tup.
There h* sees bin own rclloctlon la the
looking glass, and he think* 't must he
tnoth'T ti<-er looking nl nlm. New,
ve! know, tigers are verv iimirrelsomo
'-ihey .'in* always lighting ■'• cl when
Mr Stripes sees what he thinks Ih
nnolher tiger In ihls box, over ihe edge
he lumps, crashes Into the looking-
glass, and—bang!-down cornea thi' lla,
»ild ho Is caught without being hurt
ki ilie least."
"Can't he get oul?"
"No; you see ihere are heavy weights
eu the Ild ami be can't Ijfl 11. So, yoli
see, Mr. Stripes is caught jusl through
being Inquisitive and quarrelsome."
"Do thev catch all wild animals like
Hurt, auntie?"
"Ob, no; thoy couldn't! The hippopotamus, for Instance, Is captured quite
"llnw. auntie?"
"Like tliis: A deep pit Is dug in the
ground and covered over with branches
and leaves, earth and grass, unlil you
would have to look carefully tu see thnt
Ihore wus anything there hul the
Winnie was listening wllh wide-open
"Mr. Hippo conies blundering along-
Hitch a great, heavy, cbmisv old creature h" Im, Vvlnnle-nnd be doesn't so*
this hlndon pit In Ids path he goo*
stumbling right over ll. Tin- branches
break under liis weight, the whole cov-
. ering givofl way and head ovm* heels le-
goes flown to Hie bottom of (lie pit."
Winnie laughed merrily.
"II must he funny In see a hippopottt-
111 mm turn bead over heels."
"Yes, 1 should think II would be. Ami,
you see, tl Is all because lie doesn't look
whore be is going."
•'And how nre monkeys cnughl,
"In  it  very  qunor  wny, denr.    Vou
know, monkeys are vory, very greedy,
and it's all through that that they got
trapped. The men take a number of
small jars and put -some nuts insldo
them. These are chained to posts stuck
firmly In the ground, and everything
is ready. l*p conies Jacko, gumbollng
aad frisking, and he sees the jar.
'Hello, whit's this?' he says, 'What!
Nuts? Now, that's just what 1 like.'
Ami he puis his hand in the jar und
takes as hig a handful of nuts as he
"Greedy thing!"
"lint then he finds that while it ta
very easy to put bis open hand In the
jar. now that it Is full of nuts he
can't draw it out again. So there he
sits, tl*' Ing to decide whether he'll
bold onto the nuts—oh, he doesn't
want to lose those nnts!-or whether
It wouldn't be better to let them go
and get rid of the jar. Ami while he's
making up his mind the man comes
along and Jacko is caught, all through
being greedy."
"Yes. Winnie?"
"P'r'npB it's a good thing they don't
catch greedy littlo hoys and girls?"
"Perhaps It is, dear, Would you hi*
caught, do you think?"
"I-I don't know," answered Winnie.
"No, Siree!"
IN a recent discussion on juvenile
crime Charles Richmond Henderson, professor of, sociology, told a
story of a youngster who was asked
whether In- knew ihe meaning' o( "re-
"Yes," responded Ibe hid. "It means
to he horn again."
"And wnuld ynu Hie to be horn
ag:^lu,,''  he  was i-sked,
"No, sine'" exclaimed the bov;
"I'm too much afraid ol being born
a girl."
why be should have to wear a muszle
Jl is hard, isn't It?"
"Very hard," agreed tin* magistrate,
Kilty's face brightened,
•*l knew you'd undersland," she ex-
claimed, delightedly, "and I'm so glad
l came wllb I'erks in 'suli-Un. Boh is
really not u had dog, and I knuw he's
liuly sorry. I got the money out of
my money box.  Perks dldn-'l know now
mUCll   It  WUllld be.      Hoes  H   go by  sir.c'.'
|i.;   iilg   dogs   pay   more   than   HUlo
Sho held the money out on her palm.
m (\   r\   A ■     ■■■/""■'-^- i*;*i '»»>. H LlC
"He'll get over it, never fear, Miss
Kitty,  He's such a sensible little chap
for  his  age—he's  bound to  sei
force of it soon."
,\n if to give I'erks the He, Bob jusl
then performed yet wilder feats, going
round nnd round in a circle, then describing a figure thiti iniyht have represented an isoscelts triangle; finully, In
a mad endeavor to stand on his bead,
be rolled over and over, ami lay panting
at the foot of ibe tree.
Even I'erks began to doubt the doy's
**lle do lake it terrible "anl." he said.
Kitty nodded sorrowfully.
"I 'sped he's thinking of tbe bones,"
she said.
"Hones?" queried Perks.
"Thi! milkman brings him a bono
nearly every morning.' Kitty strangled
ihe sob in tier throat; "he says for bis
mother's sake-nut tlie millyuan's mother, hut Bob's—and Hob always ate it
under .;hat tree. Nu wonder In* feels it
dreadfully, Porks."
"No wonder, Indeed, mis*-*," responded
I'erks, with deepest sympathy, eyeing
the *sLiii recumbent Boh; "nuw you just
take him home, and let him see he
won'i wear it Induors. That'll soften
thc blow; and ull him be must eat his
bones on the mat  indoors."
"He wouldn't believe me if 1 did," said
Kitty; "lather won i let him. Hub had
ii very favorite mat that he liked even
better than the grass, a nice woolly one
—you know the sort Perks—at the fout
of the stairs, and one day father didn't
see Hob there, and nearly fell over him.
lle was very ahgry, ami said Bob was
never to eat boms in the house. So if
he can't have them anywhere he will be
miserable. Ho you know, Perks, Bub
always growls when iie hears father
moving about—always. Why do you
BUppose he does ft?"
She tixed her large brown eyes Inquiringly on Perks' face. He shook bis
"Seems queer," he said, reflectively;
"can i imagine, I'm sure, mlSB."
Kitty sighed,
"Neither can I," she said, "but I wish
he wouldn't. Good-morning, i'erks; I
must go in."
i erks watched tin- little figure cross
the strip of grass followed by the now
chastened Hob.
"Don't 1 know!" he ejnculated, as he
i*. sitim-d bis beat, "more puwer tu you.
Hob, my boy, for growling at the old
heathen. It makes mv blood boil to see
the life little Kitty bads. Its cruel
when a Child has to pai every bit nf
!*.'* love on a dug; though I dun't say
they're not a deal better very often thon
humans. Still—it don't seem rlgiw. P-jor
little InssI"
Perks had several lassi s of bis own
al It. me, and felt that he ought to
An elderly man, with stooping shoulders and fast whitening hair, and that
absorbed, inward look so often worn by
scientists, hurried past at that moment.
He carried a heavy volume under one
arm, and was ton preoccupied to return
the policeman's salutation,
ibe other dwellers in the square always greeted Perks in a friendly way.
and it was only tor Kitty's sal;,- that
I'erks saluted the eminent scientist, her
And now the time had enme when
Perks could shut his eyes to Hub's in-
luuitles im longer. Hob was a flagrant
sinner with regard io his muzzle, lie
would frolic gayly through tin- j-,-,1, *-,,
the policeman's very fut, an.) even
though Perks might turn his haei;, and,
mi iaphoricnlly, close his eyes, until
Kitty hurried Bob away, the dog would
InsWt on obtaining recognition from lho
limb of the law by circling round his
feet, uttering light-hearted b rks Mich
as only the unmuRsded dog i-- capable of
Ami t iday Perks km w hc musl shut
his eyes no longi r.   Bib had risen I   tl
mornfi g In i  mood Hum usual: h'-i
puppy i»l I v .* ■ ip, :'n! lh was ripe for
misehi"f.   as old Miss Forbes crossed
the roan, he darted out and caught the
skirt of her gown between his teeth, In
a good-natured desire to aid, or retard,
her progress.
Colonel Badgory came to the rescue,
his Anglo-Indian blood at boiling point,
and as Perks met the llnry glance, he
knew thai affection must givo way tu
He handed Hob to his mistress, and
ft it like a criminal as be took out bis
notebook and Inscribed therein the
name-Miss KatK-rlne Galbraith. The
colore, wi nt on his way mollified, and
P'-r'-.s, ns before recorded, abased himself !,, Kitty.
lt Was n hot, breathless dny. The
nun shone fiercely on Ihe garden of thfl
square. The patch of grass wus burned
hrown, and the painted seats were blistering in tlie sun.
But Kitty hurried across, wllh Bob
tucked und'-r her arm, to where Perks
stood waiting pear the railings,
"I'm afraid I'm very lato, she said,
breathless with haste, and apparently
oblivious of tho beat, "but, yuu see,
Perks 1 thought I'd belter put on my
best clothes; and I don'l know how it
Is, but best cotlns ti'ke much longer
to put on thin ordinary ones. Whv is
it, I wonder? And then 1 had to collect
my niom-y, How much do you think
they'll fine mc. Perks? Does it go by
size?   Bob is such a mite?*'
"It ought; but I'm afraid It dun't,
Miss Kitty."
They had started by this time, ami
though there were few people ahout.
those few turned to look, with some
amusement, al the huge policeman and
his small companion. Kitty's face was
rosy-red under her wide-brimmed.
Happing hat, and hor eyes were shining
with excitement.
She held Bob under one arm, his
hind leg dangling behind. The Indignity
of the muzzle, in addition to this mode
nf conveyance, proved too much for
He growled softly under his' breath,
but he was In deep disgrace, and Kitty
took ho notice.
She knew that she, too, ought to feel
snd, hut somehow there was a tinge of
excitement In the air, and Perks, oft
duty as he was, participated In Hie holiday feeling. Nurse's horror of police
courts was Mupondnus, and sh" bad allowed ber charge to accompany Perks
in preference to g-iing herse'f. The
way to the court was not long, hut It
was desperately exciting.
There were ihe shops-shops tha>t were
not of the highest order; in fact, very
ibird rale, but none the less marvelous
in Kitty's eyes. Nurse was obi and nervous, and sought the untrodden ways
when taking her charge for a walk.
Kitty wanled to stop and look at everv-
thlng, but P.-rks glanced at hi-i watch,
iind applied his frequently spoken advice for once to himself, by saying they
must "move on."
They met several dogs, fU which sight
Boh raised bis head and growled again.
lie forgot for lho moment that fighting
days were over with the advent of the
muscle, but when this was borne in upon him, melancholy again marked him
for her own.
Here tbey were at last!
Kitty's heart grew he-ivy; slie held
Huh more firmly and clutched her coins
in the other hand.
Thev Were only Just In time, Perks
said. The Magistrates' room was far
hotter even than the oni'sidc world;
Stuffy ami dusty and grimy, and the
Magistrates, having gone through a
great many cases, were hot and tired
and rather cross.
They though! tholr work was done,
and frowned when Perks appeared with
bis small delinquent.
The sunshine that llllered through the
dusty windows circled round Kitty's
bright hair and eager, frlghieii-*d eyes.
She clutched i'erks lighlly bv tin- coal
sleeve wilh one band ami under the
other arm held Hub, who sniffed In a
truculent manner, as if lie objected lo
tho atmosphere of police courts, Kitty
saw everybody's eyes fixed upon her,
ami the room swam In a mlsl before her
frightened gaze, but thc touch of perks'
The Tricks of Tom Tit
First arrange thc ilrlng on your left hnnd. as shown here.   Then give It a  amnrt Jerk.
sleeve and Bob's rough t-ont gave her
One of the Magistrates looked stern
and careworn, and the kindness In his
eyes wus tuo deep duwn for Kilty to see
It; but the other, who wus much older,
had a merry, cheerful air that went
straight tu her heart.
lie put up Ills eyeglass to survey her.
He knew Perks, and spuke lemon-
"Now, I'erks, what's tl.e meaning ol
'his?  Lost, stolen or strayed?"
Perks lilted Kitty, Bob and all, on to
f. i.-tialr, find then stood beside them,
without moving u muscle.
"Breach nf .lie muzzling order, your
worship. I.ndy wlsh.il In givo evidence, and pay her own line."
Wliei'elijjui. Kilty dropped ber trf.t",'
on Perks' sleeve, and unclosed til;
hot hand that contained the coin.
"Please, I'm truly, sorry, und so i.
Bol., bv this time considerably bored,
had sunk Into a doze, but al the sound
ot his name he opened his eyes and
gave a short, contemptuous bnrk, as
If to refute tl.e last Item of evidence.
There wus n pause. The elder magistrate was nonplussed, and glanced
at Perks lor assistance, but Perks
looked stolidly in from of bin., like a
dummv policeman In a show.
"I'm* afraid Bob must be a naughty
dog," remarked the younger maglstratp,
a smile banishing the sadness from bis
fan- for a moment.
"He's not really," said Kitty, forgetting lur shyness In Bob's Interests.
-It's only lhat, tlwugb he's so clever
in   other   wavs.   he   can't   understand
Tbe cheerful magistrate put up bis
eyeglass and jieered at It gravely,
luppressing the twinkle out nf regard
for her feelings.
"llnw much have you there?" he
"A shilling, a sixpence—hold out your
lu.n.l. Perks, please, and I'll eiii.nl ilii shilling, sixpence, two threepenny
bits, a penny and Hire half-pennies,
llnw much ls that?"
"I—I'm really afraid I have lost
cunt"—bis worship bent forward tn
look at Perks' outstretched hand, get-
tlng iiuile eager over the discussion.
•■Ynu sold n shilling, two sixpence*,—"
"One sixpence," corrected Kitty.
"One sixpence, two threepences—well,
that Is lwo sixpences." Ills worship
spoke triumphantly.
Kitty looked at lilm with a pcrplexc'
frown puckering her brow.
"A sixpence und ti threepenny bit are
tiulte different," she remarked severely,
taking Perks' hand, and Indicating tue
coins in iniestion, "now. nren'i titeyV
"Oh, quite! -Ills Worship felt that he
was "hoist with his own petard.*' by
being [int into bis own witness-box, and
knew thut he did not come off with Hying colors—"totally different! What
came after the two threepences?—a penny—three halfpennies, and—"
"That's all," said Kitty, "It ends with
three half-pennies.   Nuw how much ls
Ills worship glanced appcalingiy at bis
colleague, who had been surveying the
scene with interest, his carewnrn eyes
rarely leaving tlie child's eager little
Her brnwn eyes, such lnrge, velvety
eyes, touched a heurtstrlng somewhere,
making It vibrate painfully.
He was evidently of no use whatever.
Perki? Perks stood there with .list renin d band. looking Into spaei Tb.
clerk, .he only other Inhabitant el .he
dusky room, was Bmlllng ... r ih. n.v.'.
scene,   and   gathering   up   !-.:'    papers
preparatory lo departure,   A poll. .n
stood just outside ll.e half-open dooi   ■>
I.-I...-bill tie Ily  bUZZed ;,.. Ill)   Ifi   i l.l  I..:'.
window, ami Bob's breatbtng sleli "im.
the air.   N.. Imp,- lay anywber.
Hi* worship's brew wa- siif.iis.ii with
■-A shilling," jn iii.;riiuir.ii. 'm. sixpence.   I    in.;.ii    fm.    Ittrecpei	
lie again l.r.ik.- down under K :,. - retention gase, feeling ..* ... I.f... never
felt llnce schoolboy ciennadea 11. w.n.
tiered whether Lb. bulling n-ullj rami
Iron, the window, or II II w. r. .... I.
his own head,   Kilt) broki Ihi -in...
"Porta can count," il if.iii.-.i «...
an Irony which his worship lell *:,r
richly merit, d. "can*, you, P.rks-
T.li Inm how much .. cimei I.
"Two shillings and Iwopcnc. i...'-
penny, Mis* Kitty.
Their worship! rose with one ...-
pulse .....I dismiss'd tin- celirl
Tb. clerk disappeared. 'I'll, careworn Magistrate palled Hob's .«.»...«
"Knp vour money, child As B.b'i
verv sorry, we «iu forgive bii. tbli
lime." he said, smiling s.. klii.Ur l.l.
the brown eyes thai Kim smiled
down .It Iiim ... r.-t.irn frum fair elevation, und allowed I,. rs.-K to lie lifted down.
She did not see a spaBtn . r. ss l.r-
sail face beside Inr. but III. .11..-
Maglstrate suw it and wondered.
"What Is your name?" askei .is
Worship of lhe merry countennn..
"Kitty Galbraith."
Tl.e younger Magistrate marled ii«-
il. drew Perks aside leaving In.
. i.e.-rful colleague to reinstall kin.
self In Kitty's good opinion. "iTkn.
dues she live. Perks?" he a*ked. bis
lace full of dcepr-r Interest than Ihi
case appeared to demand, "and how
comes It that the child is out wltboul
a nurse and In a Police .'nurt of all
places? What can h.. people bt
thinking of?"
"She has no ninth, r. your Wor-h.,-.
and. begging ynur pardon, her lather
thinks nn more nf her than if sin wail -lock or s.one. He's Professor J.-de-
<lt.li Galbraith, your Worship; «ulte
a big gun, as I dare say you're heard
. brought h.-r along today as mii.h
lor a change as for anything ilse. I
was a bit late .... purpose. If h. r
lather knew ......... the li...- he'd m..k<-
hi r give up ll.e dog, tb. Only llrl.g
(httig ■ lie has lu play wilh."
llis Worship sighed.
"I ..... glad v.... brought ber I'.-rVf
I knew l.er mother, and saw tb. .<-
seinl'lanec at one-. Thank >,'..   I'.-rk.
And I'erks. looking duwn. saw a
sovereign placed within his pal*.
That memorable visit to the I'.li..
Court opened out a new lit. I. KlttJ
and Hub.
llis Worship called "" lb. prolessor
the following dav, an.l now il Is ....-
ol the commonest sights of ll..- -itunr.
to see KIttv an.l Bob and his W.rshl.
going off for a visit tn fairyland, an.
Kittv—thanks to her naughty h... .,
loved dog—is a happy 11.tie gtrl.-Bj
thc author ot "The 1'endletons-
Only Mitten Juice.
FOl"ll-YEAR-OI.D Hoy had groal (Injure In bis ml ml.tens. though (her
soon put wet through in handling ib.
first snow of the season.
"Wbv, Roy," said his mother, ns be
warned his hands by the kllchc.
stove, "what ails ynur hands?"
Hoy look a careful survey «f bis
stained hands, and replied In a. »XI-
banded manner.
"That's just mitten Juice." i
Set in Ker Way.
DOT innk ber city cou-il. nut I. lh.
hen-l.if.-j in gu .'.. eggs, but tin
ipecklcd hen was rm her lies.. *l. r
miner, tn s. t. ami Do. .'fid ml dn.l I.
lake her off.
"We can'l gel these eggs Ben," sii.
said, "fir old Bpreckle i- awlul srtt..
ft.ri sLc if se cries. I ... afraid el bir.'
-Utile Chronicle.
Some Curious Facts and Figures
THIT.F'E Is an enormous number of small landholders lu Egypt, Ei.tHHi.OW acres being cultivated by
over 1,O0Q,l"."j landowners, of whom UUOfj nro Ei*ro-
peons. owning, on an average, a little over 100 acres.
Nine hundred and forty peasants bold under livo acres
end), or Hj per cent, uf the whole cultivated hind; while
Yt.UiX) men nf means hnvo holdings above llfly acres, llieir
total being over 2,250,000 acres, or -II per cent, of tho
whole, proprietors uf between live and Iwenty acres having '21 per cent.
Tourists of nil nations spend SiMi^O a day in Italy.
Considering tbe poverty of lhe country, this crop, which
Is produced hy tbe national ruins, Is of far more value
than uny cereal or manufacture.
Tbe Supreme Court in Berlin bus decided that an
editor can le sent to Jell for publishing an article speaking disrespectfully of the ancestors of a king,
At St. Osytb, England, an ejectment order has been
granted against a tenant who, It was stated, had paid no
rent mr forty years.
There are many ships which barn fiom UKi to MH) tons
of coal per day, the lowest consumption being when the
vessel i. going nt a moderate rate. The ockui passenger
sle.imors often burn Irom 2f.''0 to 8500 ions during u passage lasting six to seven days.
A walking portrait gallery lias been arrested In
Tunis, where he bad long been wanted as. a deserter.
Thu name of the human picture show ls Harthe. On
entering ih** police station he removed all his clothing,
and said, "Observe mv skin. You nhun't have It; It Is
worth its iveight In gold." on his chest were tattooed iwo
pictures of ladles, In color, blowing klescs lo a cavalier.
On his right Harthe has th" portraits of President Louhet
and the Shah of Persia rhakinr; hands. On his loft side
are *lme. Vvette Ou'lbert and Muyol, tho muslo-hall
singer. t*arthe's back is treated in purely decorative
stylo, rather after thc tminner of Boucher, Podgy cuptds
aro re^ret-iented in garlands of rosebuds, and a Bcroll uf
flowers runs up and duwn Rartho's spine.
Norway hns fewer arrests. In proportion to population,
than any other country.
A   piece nf h-rnliei.   with  tb'   H    Istai   •■ ef  •;..   latest
machines, cun be IrapBfon i-d Into i pah nt i iii In
thirty-four minutes, tn which I du It i is m through lhs
bunds ut !-i\i> -three [ ;.'' and through nftton machines.
l'beie |s*a pollcemon'i c llcgi In SI Petersburg to
Irnin applicants foi' the forei it consists "i a in uwu m
combined wiih the Bchuol, when Uie '....■ make then*.
solves familiar with th< t' ils of criminal! Jimmies, drills,
chisels nml contrivances ier robbing collection-boxes, &
upeclal field ef Russian the ■■ -
one nf ihe natural curiosities of South Africa l« the
"sm-eze-*.\ * "ii tree, which is to called becausi e*"' cannot
cui it with a saw wlthoul sneetefng, ae the iim- dust has
exactly the effect uf muiIT. Nn Insect or worm will touch
It; It Is very bitter to Hie taste, and when placed In
water tl sinks.
Tin* two oldest secret trade processes now in existence are said te be the manufacture of Chinese rid. or
vermilion, and the mi thnd r.f liihivlng the liardest steel
with gold ami silver, which seems to hnve been prectlCDd
ut Damascus nges agn, and is Known only to the Syrian
smiths and Hm ir pupils; even to this day.
The Gall-FIy and Its Wonderful Work
"A   with   I:
* *  Lewis,
T IH really quite a trick to be able
to break off n length of Bloiil twine
nr sewing rot tun.
If you watch nn rxperteim tl wrapper In lhe shops, you mav tlnd lilm em
ploying the same method as descrihed
I, ere,
Take the twine or thread and wrap ll
mound your hand and firgirs, as Indl-
eiitid In tl.e pli tun
lose  nn  ynur left bund, and
.  ,4V.J       -   I'".   " Ulf       /IIU.        .lil I       .....,,.,       uuu
wiih n <iulck Jerk pull ou the twine with
your right hand.
After a little practice, you will tlnd
yourself easily breaking the twine without hurting cither bond.
, UNT JULIA," said Eva, whu,
her brothers John and
had jusl returned frum
a ramble In the country one bright
June morning, "what Is ibis spongy
ball on Ibe stem of wild rose which I
found growing along the rump.'"
"Oh!" answered Aunt Julia, examining It, "this is Hn; work of a gall-tly."
"And what, pray, Is a gall-llyV asked
"Doubtless you have seen them many
a time In your rambles in the country,'
replied Aunt Julia, "but did not know
wlwit they were; and what wonders they
can work bv their muglc touch! They
nre small Hies, generally black lu color,
with translucent Wings; hut th-y are
veritable fairies In the Insocl world,
making wondrous creations spring up aw
though by Ihe touch of a magic wutld.
The little sprite, upon mischief bent,
pierces the leaf, twig or bark, Inserting
un egg or a number of eggs, nnd at tho
same lime injecting a drop of fluid which
produces the most extraordinary effects.
"That pari of the plant touched by the
fluid is forced into an abnormal growth,
ami rapidly incloses the egg:-. On leaves
the galls nre usually quite round and of
about the same consistency as a goOBe-
beny; other leaf-galls are flat, like
small coins, while others hang by strings
like bunchi B of currantB, Home are covered with leaflike appendages that look
like artichokes, while the gall of th"
rose Is clothed, as vou see, with a mass
of inug, BOfl filaments."
"Oh, I have often noticed these little
growths on the leaves, but never knew
what they were," said Lewis.
"Hereafter," paid Aunt Julia, "when
you se-* these fairy creations, you will
knew thnl they are the work of some
kind of a gall-fly. Were you to cut thli;'
lovely spnnge of the sweetbrlnr open,
ymi would tlnd Us bard, woody centre
packed full of cells, which first contained
tht liny egff, then the pi imp larva I '
lowed by Hie chrysalis, ami al ,• i] n.
the full-fledged gall-fly, knowi. as th(
Cynlps rosae. Suppose we open imp
feathery sponge to see if ike utile
midges an Btlu within."
Upon dlBWCtlng It they found the long
ei IN imply and each one with a hole
gnawed through the shell, showing
wlur- tbe liny sprite's bad 1-oanV ilielr
cscape Into the brigm world without
"And now. children, to*Show yuu tbat
Men the gall-flies have a use. as everything has. in natuh. It wan tlmusnni's
of years before any one discovered that
the galls on the oak could b, of any
service to man; then they lound that
within the gull lay the principal element
for the muklng of ink. And ink. ynu
know, has played sb imimrtttnt a part
in civilisation an tho press itself. Ski me
of these nallH arc also valuable (or tanning and ore used for medicinal purpose*.''-Jessk* Howies Fisher. u imwi u mir&& imw mm nn^nwrnimn ^lyj^WMiliiiy/lM ITW
i—'■»   i
The Right Plates for Your Plate Racks
?e ffdny A'erv P/<$at9d /%<&&
Bags for Christmas Holidays
THIS Is a s**a.^'in when a separate
skirt, to be worn with ber lnce
or lingerie blouses and her
EWter tailored shirtwaists, is u nrcts-
arf pari of the well-dretised woman's
Time and experience have taught
hor that thc skirt which must do duty
fer atreet occasions soon loses Its
freefcueBS and styk* If wora In tho
iiwii-c; and constantly recurring tall-
>r'b bills for sponging and pressing
have convinced her that she is better
dressed, wiser and happier if she la-
veata their lumped fum In a pretty
separate skirt for home wear at the
winning of the season.
iJ di '    direct   "
^^^^^^^^^ from the other side
shaw thit the plain alne-gored skirt
le very much liked with suits, hut the
separate skirt, for the must part.
Is pleated, ru91ed, trimmed and Btrap-
I ed—anything but plain,
One very attractive skirt come* li
-ie of the gray Hnglish mixtures
tha* aro both durable and, as their
Bngllsb makers would say, "smart."
.lila particular model just cleara tbe
ground, and is laid all round In double
iox pleats. Tht* inner pleat la stitched
.- fitr down as the knee and Cared
gracefully from there down. It also
beasts of a tiny flap pocket oi each
of ili" I"-- front box pleats.
This aklrt 1'ioks exceedingly welt
with thr- popular Scotch plaid shirtwaists, or with the stiff white tailored
onea of wbfeb ho:ne women novor
wearf. Tan pumps und stockings aro
*• h- worn all winter, and the womae
is -.is them will (ind that they
■i I ■ - mixed gray skirt are very
*  sen ■■ harmoi y
. I       taffeta  I     •■*,-' staetory
material foi   *, irati akin        . ■ rend
ry |    tty styl     are shown th    yoai
nt a bit i lal  r -* -. bi t i    e the I m
ful and appro]   ite, la I   li   * t) ree
rge ruffl       Each of theae I iffl j w
i |        ■ i ■ i     [ and        pin i.te-1 il
■ i i   (.-■*:■■.. ■ be b ,
,   -.*. ■;,  thn t raws of black  velvet
; ifabon    The (*klrt w. *t r i ind length,
i ■   h '.* the flo p,  ind the whole
.,,,..      i charming
her black taffota aklrt U made ot
i nan ■',-. ;■ ■■ i( i   :  g laid oa
• ,     i. .. .ni   e th    lack ap
r.i u the two pleat    '. hi fl
n man) and
t* th a r imber of the dlf-
. *   i
m  .' ■ .<  t) itraat  !**>-
- .lack sxirtfl
rather too decided for good taste. For
them rnme tlie black net -walr-la-oll
black—or the black laco or net over
white, which Is distinctly a '.his year's
feature, and the black and white plaid
silk waists, which aro promised a certain rogue this winter.
When a woman *eara her black taffeta
skirt over u fluffy white petticoat ajid In
combination with one of these black nei
waists over while, and In addition dons
a pair ot black patent leather slippers
adorned with tulie rosettes, she lias
achieved a very attractive costume for
home wear.
Most   charming of nil the   separate
skins, however, are the whit In
voile,  albatross,  c ishtni re and
cloth.   White, especially i ie a *'"■
white of those wo i   n I   itei als, Is becoming to must womi...   tnd
very few home occasions wh n   in   ■.-'-
white costume doea nol look well
A white broadcloth tii   lei
year baa fine meats In fron       I box
pleats on the Blue, these box plea
finished with crosswise
skirt barely touches all around and
tbe    wearer   a   cl! 11 to
buckskin pumps and white st . sh rs ail
winter.   It is beautiful worn b
lace, net or silk blouses, bet it is unfortunately an expensivi   beauty.
livery   fleck   of   flying   dusl
chance bit ef dirt or staii
touch of a finger leaves its mark
broadcloth, and then It  m isl  -
professional cleaner.   To be sup
ncsla will soften down a  -.
not been ground In, and there a
beriess   * Btema of di .■     eoning
pli _  up  everj   daj
ia the hands of amateurs wsra ever i
doubtful result
Bi   • -.- tin   ■*■ im< ■"", " "    "
weal th at their
■        :     .
i ... mi nt    A i   three   mater i i
i .-■'....
.    Blve ir r  aa  broad
uh, and then i ■■ ■   ■
ap an' ■■ i1 r, and this is no
.. ie of theie *   i    *
t* made tn h ime, either I
herso f or by I
i        to
styles of ma
;;.-  i. ir.)  for the amateur
mon '»-■ :,''■■■*.*   . * ■'
nee they  ire tu
■' ,  laundi
The pattern *.'•■ I for I I of th
taffeta iklru menth ned Is n
for He soft while sKIrt fltol 1s to Ce
mode at home. A nine-gored skirt Is
easy of construction ami usuaily hangs
well, lhe narrow pleats nre not so
troublesome to launder an.l the applique
Is by no moans necessary, although it
given a pretty finish and may he bought
In washable man rials.
Ii goes without saying that these
skirts are unllned. They look extreme*
ly well over a white taffeta petticoat,
but If ynu ar,- not bo fortunate an to
possess i ae, m el looi Ue affair oC white
cambric and lawn, n ill a pplled with
'"■'■''■* of lace or embroidery, Is really
Just as pr iti f
One very Important Item for rhoh'W
dressmaker   . *   c maid -   Is   the   place
where her -"■ rt la   *     fast i ■ I,  Many
•'■ imen prel -r i front * | enl g for all
:   .    .   ■ inder tbe
:''*'. -  * ■   :
this mode of f : has its
ig  I   ■•:-.   ■ ■■   g
I ;   ■ al
tot   ii    *■• *.-■ wearer      *    . ■
id hips will thlnl
s |i
iiii it ba    -  ire        g to
i over fat or
effect la \ are
. ■ ■    t the fulness of
le with a
that you is
ito 1 se, is worth
t&GS!" said a well-known actress tersely, when she was
asked how she managed io arrive at the end of a long, dusty railroad journey with a fresh, uncrumpled
wardrobe. ••Hags! I use ihem for everything,"
•Now, there is also another tale of a
man whose wife su,.plied him with bags
of every Bort and kind, whioh she Insisted he should take with him wnen he
went off on a short business trip. Being
an accommodating husband, the man
complied. His suit case was filled With
bags—the coljira, shirts, shoes and
Other trilles of a like nature were left
behind, because there was no room ior
i lowover, these are extreme cspes.
Unless y*'U are a woman who spends
tn. i-thlrds of her time In trains and
hotels you do not need a multitude of
bags; liui \t you want to keel) your belongings in good order you must be the
- isor of a few.
Laundry bags are an invention whose
origin has been lost In obscurity| yet,
despite this fa : and their homely use,
thi . are acceptable Christmas presents.
..-. ge ones  fur  large ploces,  built of
:... ■!• gray linen, simply erabroldi ed;
nea In white or colon d linen
for handkerchiefs and collars—either has
■   but  sep t' ll  that all your
. ar-* washable.
Ing I ■■■■ are looked at askance
by ih'* young< - gi neratlon, though they
And a i ai e In the affections, of
a '-.. wno were young a while ago,
I * ■hn;; generous proportions twggoat
s ther .-:" A while linen --nil is not
a bit the worse for a white linen bat- to
- j   and the flowered lawn affairs
t ■ f ie  m    various si/»s~tn fit over a
blouse or over an entire party gown-
should be highly prized by any woman.
A sponge bag is a necessity for traveling, uml attractive ones may be
made of linen or denim or crash, decorated as simply or elaborately as J-U
piease. A plain white rubber bag, whose
cost Is nominal, ls used for the lining,
of course.
A twine bag of soft gray or brown
linen is very good us a Christmas gift.
This bag has a deop heading and a
casing, through which ribbun Is run aa
a drawing string, the loops being used
for hanging the bag. The bottom is
gathered and sewed to a small ring,
through which the twine ls drawn out.
This twine should be of a bright, contrasting color to complete the effect.
livery woman must have a work bag
and some are glad to have two or three
-for stockings, or fancy work, for the
ordinary bit of sewing that she takes
with her on the cozy afternoon sho
spends with a friend.
Pongee makes an extremely pretty
work bag. It may bo embroidered In a
contrasting color or the ribbons used as
draw strings may be depended upon
to give the relieving tints. Flowered
silks are pretty, but not bo durable.
Cretonne makes an attractive darning
Then there aro white linen bngs to
hold the smaller pieces of soiled table
linen; bags that are little more than
eases tn hold handkerchiefs and veils
for the unusual woman who always
keeps her top drawer fn order. There
In the tiny envelope bag whoso llap is
"supplied with a buttonhole anil button
for the woman who carries her money
around her neck.
LAT1S-RACKS lell many a sad tule
1    of taste—or, rather, of the lack of
It!  One's collection,  made  by  u
series of Christmas contributions,
may consist of many and varied Ideas
on the subject, but the plates displayed
around a wall should be simple and dignified tn style-anylhfng that is garish
carefully preserved In the darkest, deepest corner of a closet, or Intrusted to the
hands of a servant  who has made herself famous for her "outbreaks lu Chinn."
Seriously, though, that plate-rack is
either a bit of attractive decoration, or
an Inharmonious something which spoils
the whole room, no matter how carefully every othor pant of the furnishings have been chosen.
bering in choosing such plates; -.'id ibat
Is, to choose only simple designs mi
colorings, unless yuu do, ae one womua
did, make a hobby uf collecting plates
id u cerlain country or kind, bin * imt
In" for Chinese plates, and UBt'd iwiy
Hie pretty variations ot modullton aid
its kindred wares, with the result tkat
her plate-rack was In-tercBliiig in iui
orientalism. Another woman, whMO
dining room—the whole house, in tact-
was a copy of quaint old English styles,
used only old plates of Kiiglfub nuko
on her rack, picking them up ow at a
Endless possibilities suggest themselves
as you study the subject ever so HUto-
pnsslbllitles  which express so  wel  Ifee
d      n a .,»    a .'.   t Plln h« vcry character of the owner* of a bratft*.
So-called "handsome   pieces are to be ])ul ,jon.. , niato-raek to fth-aw •*
avoided.  They are usually conspicuous -SiSS^^mSv^ e?e?y Mb,
in every Bcnse of the word-a confusion instead,   harmonize   with   every   utSp-
of color and design without a single
really attractive feature about them.
They are usually expensive—these monstrosities In the shape of gift-plates, for
surely nobody ever went so far as to buy
one to live with! Less expensive plates
are passed ovor purposely, in spite of
the fact that their dignity of style and
an exquisite simplicity of coloring make
for the prettiest sqrt of decoration.
Avoid those plates which are gay
with a profusion of highly colored roses,
perhaps made still more striking (I) by
a broad band of green—the strong, Insistent shades of the fields and trees fn
midsummer-touched off (save tho
mark!) wilh Irresponsible splashes of
gilt. They cost, probably, a dollar and a
half, and make, as one woman said, with
unconscious irony: "Sueh a showing
for your money." That plate went as a
Christmas present to a woman whose
dining room was n combination of soft
tapestry green and rich, though dull,
old rose.
For fifty cents there was a pretty
plate at which the purchaser had sniffed contemptuously-just n band of gold
around the edge with a small, graceful
medallion ol gold lu the centre to sot it
There's one rule that is worth n     :n-
plate and with the general chani******."** kf
the room. That sort of choosing i-uriOtfi
the difference between tbe rig in anl
wrong plates in a collection.
Novel Pincushions for
A PINCUSHION is a very i. 
adjunct  to. tho average wi -J
dressing table, and sin- to aft i
he specially appreciative If the oae I'
stowed upon her at Christmas U i
In some novel form.
Ijruochea that are worn often are a»-
erully kept sumewhere within ojn*-
reach, and they are preserved In biiiar
condltlon If their ordinary resting pbu-o
ls a wash leather cushion Instead ef a
china or metal pin tray.
To make this brooch plncushloa  "-*■
a round   cushion   covered   with   w,
leather for yuur centre and sow to 1
tour flaps of velvet, heavy silk or I
other material that vou choose, Imej
each flap wilh the wash leather.   Etlx
your brooches Into the centre toshf
and fold the flaps over.   The two (J
foltl on top are tied together wild* 1
Home-Made Candy as Christmas Gifts
MANY persons prefer . ndy that la
u a :■ at home * m< it i x-
!■•-: Blve that can be boughl if
I know an itiillvldu.il nf th,: aorl tnd
' lo send him a trifling i re«nl tl
■ f na* and at (he some I i.- pay
di ferei e to this taste, a b ix of ). *ma-
• te i indy attractively Rotten up *ifl
exactly mei l your requ remi i *..
ive *' ■■ boxes thai come your way
oiiai boxeB, glove boxes    ilmoat any
that come from the departtm nt i;. res
a* well as those whoso orlcmul use was
for candy, and Invest in sum*' colored
tissue paper and ribbon.
|  These boxes may h" covered with -the
tissue pap*-;   'giving particular eare ta
the limns, which would besl be while),
and decorated with paper flowers, an.)
faliig"    If you  are clever wiih  yuur
Angers, these li-it  may !•*• hom"-mid*
alse, otherwise th»y may be bought for
a "--.mall sum. The box thus constructed
la filled with I idg     h
r rti..it* ver the parth ular goody may
I-" an.) then tied up with ribbon.
A r. md box covered with violet papnr
and adorned with fl hunch of violets la
very attractive; n square one in red
wiih a bunch of rosea equally no. onV
hox covered In the red poper by a girl
full of Ideas waa finished with a spray
of holly, whkh gave it the dlslinetlve
C'hrlslmaa all
ir you are n devotee 'if ih* nn nf
basket-mak ing you can vary yourChrlat-
rnnn boxen by waving baskets In any
desired ahapea, supplying ihem with
covers and lining them *vl"h Iocs papT
doylip.i In while- or silver. These bflSketB
are ijxceodlngly preiiy tied up with
bright-colored ribbon, i «pray of hoi iy
or rnlMlMoo slipped  through lhs loops
Of  th-  bOW.
By Dorothy Tuke
///> rfttrdctivfi Corner fetich
COZY corners arn fast gdng out. nn
;,. * pifl .if realisli g thai they *r»
dum iraps ai ■: ire ■ I ••■■■'
sanitary Hut though 'h^y h id their
faults, ihT" was certainly a charm
about (h'*m, nnd th<*-y tv"1l deserved
the nam" of eoxy comers if we wish
to arrnng" an &ttrastlv« little Spot,
of almo.'if any wort, the eorner is the
b<"it piaen to choose for It, There win
alwaya be cosy corners, hul of * .;if-
f'l-enl. sort lo the old-fashioned, hmv-
IIV draped ones
■.- . ornsrs of everi  room ib i ild
i-i- attractive   Often this    in bo
di   ■   by  puttli -t ;*i''" s of fui   tun
ill the ' orr.er, for if the corner is
br *^"n In thia wa/ n given s pis Ming
...  i effect to lhs room
a very pretty corner seat is «t iwr
i.i   ,o Illustrations This w-t:» n 11■■ by
« - - mg bride of limited means   The
n ■ ■ len v-m   ihe   painted   white lo
mal h  ihi  rea-* of  the  woodwork Ifi
Ihf  room    Bhe  then  fast*n*d g'-wn
denim behind tha ■••! an** finished It
off st the top by nailing up r piece
of white ptoture moulding, Hhe made
tin i ishlon of cheap hair and covered
II with the green (li-iilm. On the pic
1 ure moulding Bhe ai ranged iliiln
•  i-i and saucers, which give a pretty
tile to i'h or colo Bho made n few
cuahfoni for the seat from romnants
■iti" picked up in ih" storoi for * few
rants. Ho aha Is now thn proud possessor of a delightful comer seat
which, owing tO DSf capability, coil
alrnosj nothing
Anothei odd Mill" effect 1 have aces
Is directly In the corner, a era:**
home-made boukraok Willi a piece of
pottery on top. Before this 1« a small
oval home-made rug. This rug Is
made bv plaiting tliree strips of den rn
together and then sowing the J"*'11
round and round lo form an oval, un
Ihe window Mil li a plant which
stands on a pretty and unique stand,
it is Just s pretty tlio, with rich blue
and green coloring, which Is framed
with n pliln blnck picture moulding.
On Ihe other side of lhe bookshe.lt
hsnrn s clever Utile device for hold
ing newspapers. It i.i wade frees fs
oyster broiler. The broiler was gifted, pieces of t ardbuard woro -aovavitfi
wllh groon linen and t&ckod to two
broiler, while a bow of grooi ribbfji
iiolds the handles about tUn» lu«U*fwi
apart to allow room fo.* tbu a»ws-
Attractive corners can always fas nsie
around uu open fireplace. One ef t><-
lllustratlouu Hiows n corner of tbia nojtH.
The Irunlng table, which flanks tine l4t4-
place on one side, wus picked Bum n
-ui Junk shop for 7*5 cents. It v*h
painted dark greuu. This seat Muik. pn
way to the porch In summer, but fiu^w*
a fireside seat In winter. Tho trounwt
uf the room Is particularly good; Bv
wallpaper has a bold design of Jaik-S-
the-pulplt leaves In two-toned greif.
The woudwurk tu black. The cbulrs, by*
the most part, are black, with gve-fa
leather seats, while thc desk and uru-
< iiair are puintod green. The effect'gf
this room la decidedly bold and Blrik.il,
without being ln the least unrastfm *
A pretty corner effect waa made :
room having a single low and Im
window at one end. On either side i
Uie corners were filled In wllh trial.
lar closets, with leaded glass doora, j
shelves beneath for books and the 1
This was a clever Idea, for It not <
greatly improved the room by takl__
away the sharp corners, but the sw-
boards were found most useful, whjie
the reflection of the light from tbe wfc-
dow onto the leaded glass doors lightened the room considerably.
Bvery home maker must think cui k
to arrange her corners for benelf, ;
the more Individual they are the I "
the house that has odd little f...
here and there will surely be cosy ■
comfortable, and one that Is adaalr
:/  /
l y
v \\J   \ k zj      x   ■■«■■■   J
\,'V" J
-■' -'r> ('--.■■•— <■') r
» *'. ■*:  .J  / ?: -.   *,'   >
i. 1
pVWWlrK'fy    tyfV++ V+VV+W'    <p* —
' lu
:   '441    *
• ivivl ,m
'Ji .h' tit
#•*,*> ...
■ r
fSi-"*--   ■       . iMI-m'^O",
ut Close, to the Skin
HUE wny loug ago—so far
feck ia tiie past lhat I was a
lttle giH, ia short frocks and
pantalettes, sitting demurely in
•hiiuney-ooraer,  hemming my
'stout?' uf cambric ruffling—
mothor and two young lady-
n» read by turns and aloud, a
in Oodey's Lady's Book, called
aud   Mrs.   llarvey   Wood-
"    It was written by Miss
Leslie, noted for tho broad
and wholesome teachings, of
• domestic tales and as the a'-
a standard cook book.'
'tk story turned upon the for-
_*•*> of a sensible young hiu.ba.td
Sat hu pretty, extravagant bride.
'Ink wore several chapters of it. I
<p*nll but one. That described a
ijpawir-party, aud tl.o ingenuity with
rOssd. the pouud-foolLsh, penny-
<Bm wife served to the wretched
: af tho house for a week there-
the iiiiocrable remnants of a
whicli had been a failure
oagbout. Day after day she '"fed
upon the poor shadows of a
!,* related, the author—a phrase
■rct stuck faat iu my memory.
Ht has been revived there timed
\ijsiiout iiuinW by the open mur-
aann and unspoken yet evident dis-
tfa. of men and children for tho
ling's" ol great occasions.
"One broad streak of fat nnd six
aanrcw streaks of lean!" I once
Imtrd u 15-ycar-old lohoolboy growl
ip ba* week oucceeding Thanksgiving. "Our house has been a reunite lu«.h<.r/ uver since Unit one big
Wow-oat. Turkey-rack and turkey
itaaBng; odds and ends uf chicken
sis, oyster pie and pumpkin pic;
fi*e ham uui rusty lean ham; dabs
af eeanborry-itnuco and npple-31u.ee
sad vcKiitnbl.-a warmed up until you
mm\ tell potatoes and turnipi apart
that's tho bill-of-fare with us
uawadijs. 11/ Jimiiiy! when 1 havo
> kii.v of my cvm, I'll sec to it
i-lnA erory blamed bit that isn't
»«Wa on tin. first dny goes into the
-M-bog*) pail—iuatantcr!"
We cunnot du away with the stub-
ban fuel that tho remutfnts of the
laaldej fcual must bo utilized by
*aW pnuleat liouoemother. Kor cun
we ieaj that the discontented lad
M tome reason un his side, l.efI-
avsts and atalcueai are synonyms
tt same iiiiti.k There is reason,
tea, "in this prejudice. Divorce of
"msc twu ideas ia » fine art. To ac-
uwi this art is better worth the
at-nVs time and pains Ho... any
• sWi part uf her profession.
Whan > hungry ....lle.gii.il culled
IsM galantine lie nud devoured wilh
gait. "ml..rifled hca'd cheese," and
a eoutented husband declared his
wife's "second-day dinners better
than any other woman's lirst," they
paid unconscious tribute lo this
same domestic art.
Tic '"motif" of thia familiar
talk with my fellow-students is such
transmogrification of tho tlotsnm
and jetsam of tho abundant
Thanksgiving ilitmer as shade down
the festivities gradually and gracefully to thc level of everyday living.
That "transmogrification" is a long
word, but it expresses my meaning
as uo other can. The character of
the left-overs must bo changed for
tl.e eye and tho palate or the art is
Begin we with tlie first course of
the family dinner: Soup may be
made, ns i shall show presently, of
the bones, or, technically speaking,
the "rack," of the big turkey. I
advise that this be deferred until
a late day of the week, when the
meat has been strippod off for other
purposes. Even bones are more
juicy when they arc kept covered.
A palatable bisque may bo compounded of tho traditional chicken-
pie, without which the conventional
Thanksgiving dinner would not de-
servo the mime.
Mince the meat very line. The
best way to do this is to run it
through the meat-chopper. Meanwhile, put the hones over the lire
with the gravy, tliiinic.il with warm
water. The bones must be crocked.
Simmer, covered, for two hours.
Mince and crush the remnants of
pie-crust, and dry them in the ovon
to crumbs, the finer the better.
Half an hour before dinner strain
the soup from the bones, and set it
back on tho range, seasoning to
tuste, and adding a cupful uf uys-
ter-liquur. When it boils, put in
the minced chicken, cook tun minutes, slowly, stir in the dry crumbs;
bring to the boil, add half n cupful
of hot milk in which has been melted a tnblespoonful of butter rolled
in a teaspoonful of cornstarch ond
As a "chickeu-and-oystcr bisque,'*
this will puss muster at any dinner,
uo matter who the guest may be.
If you have not enough pastry, substitute dried breadcrumbs. Judgment is required to apportion materials properly. If there be much
meat loft, increase the quantities of
other ingredients. Tho cornstarch
is added to prevent separation of
tlie. ingredients.
Turkey Hack Soup.
Ureuk (he newly denuded carcai. of
the turkey inlo nuiuli pieces, and put
over the Dr. will, thc Juice of in nn!.'n,
a slalk of u-lerv. cl Int.. Inch lonalhl,
and a bay loaf. Cover will, two quarts
uf cold water and cook slowly for three
houn. Take from the range, turn into
a bowl; cover, aud leave It aa tt Is until the next day. Then ikim it, and
strain the bones, elc. Senon to taite,
add tbe stuffing, which has been rubbed
through a colander, and set the soup on
the range. Prepare In anothor saucepan
n cupful of hot milk, adding a pinch of
soda, und u "route," made by heating a
heaping table-spoonful of Hour with one
of bulter, and working to a bubbling
paste. When the thickened milk has
cooked one minute, stir in a beaten egg,
and j.uur Into the simp, llcmovc ut
unce frum the lire and serve.
A tableapoonful of minced parsley
added to the liquid t.t. the tire two minutes befure the thickened milk goes in
ls an improvement to this savory family
Turkey Scallops.
Cut-not mince-cold turkey into small
pieces of uniform size, when you have
freed it uf gristle- and skin. Mix wllh
these one-third us mucli One breadcrumbs. Season witii salt, pepper, and a
little union Juice. Moisten with gravy,
or stock-ur, if you like, oyster liquid.
Kill silver or china scallop shells with
the mixluro. cover with lino cracker
crumbs, stick bits of butler on tup, arrange In a shallow baking pan, nnd
bake, covered, ten minutes, then brown
lightly and quickly.
Set in order on a platter and garnish
with parsley or celery tops.
Potato Souffle.
Scald two cupfuls of milk, adding a
pinch of soda to avoid curdling. Stir
into It a heaping lablespoonful ot butter. Have ready in a bowl one large
cupful of cold mashed pntato, and work
tho ho. milk Into it gradually- until you
have a smooth puree. Season with
o.-ppcr and salt. B-at two eggs very-
light, and whip them into the puree.
Turn Into a buttered liakt-disli. and bake
In a quick oven 10 a light brown. Serve
at once, ns it soon falls.
Filed Celery.
Thc refuse stalks of celery may bc
used her... and those whicli are slightly withered. Scrape off the skin und
rust, and cut Into pieces from Iwo to
four inch's long. Leave in iced wa-
tpr for an hour. Cover, then, with
..oiling water, and- ...ink ten minutes
afler the boll begins again, lnaln
und set In ice until cold and llrm.
lloll In beat.-n .'Kir. then in cracker
du*., lemoned with pepper and salt
Leave on tho ice until you .ir.' ready
to cook, nti.I fry In deep fat lo a
delicate brown.
Drain and nrvs upon a dish lined
With a hot napkin.
Cabinet Pudding.
Crumble the fragments of the
Thanksgiving plum padding with your
finger., unlll almost as fine as coarie
Halt. Add to u cupful tin equal quantity of cracker dust, and moisten wllh
a cupful of milk. Heat three eggs
light, with three tablcspoonfuls of
sugar, and stir Into the immure.
Heat hard for one minute, and bake
in a buttered mould or dish. Serve
wllh liquid sauce.
Turkey Salad.
You may prefer to make other use
uf tho cold turkey than lo cotiverl
It Into scallops. Turkey salad is better than chicken, although nut so
often lervod, probably because of tbo
expense of the big bird.
Kree the meat from .-.rings and ekln
and cut Into dice. Mix two cup-
fqli of thc turkey and one of celery
cut Into dice. Mason with pepper and
•alt, and with a mlxture-of three ta-
ble.poonful of oil beitcn to an emul-
•ion with one lablespoonful of vinegar. With a illvcr fork torn und stir
thil Inlo lhu meat and celery; (urn
(ntn l chilled lalad bowl mil pour
a good mayonnalu drr-HiiT.:. ..vr-r n
1 have hesitated long as to the propriety of admitting tu my column tho
letter 1 am now about to lay hofore
our family. Perusal of ll will rc.eal
thc cause of my doubts. 1 should bo
untruthful, ns well as ungrateful, if 1
fniled to confess that words of honest
praise und affectionate appreciation,
such us come to me with tho opening
of every mail, stay my heart and animate my courage to attempt yet
greater good for those 1 gladly servo.
I withhold these precious evidences
that 1 have not spent my strength in
vain and labored for naught, partly
because they would sometimes lose
sweetness if shared with the public,
but chiefly because delicacy and taste
forbid the publication of complimentary mention of myself. This ls a column devoted to serious work, and not
lo "advertising purposes."
I am so conlidont of the faith our
member! have in the sincerity of my
motives that I trust them to believe
what I nuw affirm, I print the letter
before ino because I know the advice
thc writer quotes to bc sound, through
and through; because I owe my own
marvelous vigor, and, 1 devoutly believe, my very life, to obedience to
the precepts here laid down, and,
finally, because I would strengthen
lhc faith of others by thc added testimony uf an Intelligent nnd responsible
advocate of my common-sensible regimen.
1 feel I should telt others what I havo
enjoyed through the Hoilsftiiluther's Hx-
il.an.ie. After my lirst cl.lld was burn 1
feared that 1 alluuld go imam), su niuel. did
1 suffer. Fnr months ! wus nlruid to he
alone, fur fear nf dulni some grout liurm
ty invself and child.
. was nway (rum all my near relallvee.
As 1 could nut And corn-ago lo .ul! any one
of my dread I rl.terniliir-d to take Marlon
ll.rlanil's tree prcicrlptlon. ts'.uv a mother
ot three ehlldref.-iny yoUUgaat a boy 7
nitil.ll.ti 1.1.1-and nt  tlie uuu  nf 2fi.   1   (tel
younger un.l lu..k younger than I did when
1 win 2*. hu'I mn perfectly woll.
The proscription Is this;
llrr-alhr fresh uir tlir.nji.li the noic due.)
Intu the lunils, and often,
Prink ...ellty c( fifsh wnlor.
llulil younelf i-u-i t alwaya,
'J'alie I.k-nty of sl.-e...
Dun't tod OWII! don. worry.
Ki-ej. Uu. b-.dv clean.
Iliad grul brsiks.
IJun't wnrk too lin... If you have In iln
all your own wurk. If you havs three children yuu lau't do ll. I.e. 11 go, und rj.m'l
worn' nboul ... Twenty yean no... now
the. will hive a mother wt... .. altogether
anile, which will hu a tip-fit..- bbasmn Iunu
all llie ire.lv ctothll .in.) such Ultima thoy
uu- ... ..rived of nuw.
I tiut-li my rhll.lrrn l" l.r.-:.lh<. llirniiuh
their nuses ..... in hold their ihuuld.Ta
strait,-..!; ilv-e ihem wholesome food and
tel. l.ulii atorlr- i.lll'h Inlorail them.
J   V.  .,  IMliinuaut:.).
HERE  Ih  n  tradition  that  haa
come  to  uh  across  seas   and
through centuries that tho much
prized grapefruit of today Ib
mnn' oilier than tne mysterious forbidden fruit that grew iu lite Garden of
Eden, Perhaps H in* inn*. Perhaps, too,
its slight bitterness la symbolical »( the
heritage of suffering that Mother Eve
laid upon all succeeding generations
when she listened lo the voice nf the
tempter ami turned longing eyes upon
the tree of knowledge.
Certain it is that in some Eastern
countries the pomela, an it If sorne-
tlmea called, is still known as thc forbidden fruit, yet it would be hard to
lind a modern housekeeper who would
not willingly forgive Eve for her shortcomings when thia season rolls round
and she can add ihe appetizing dainty
to her menu to tempt the jaded palates
of those to whom she must eater.
Grapefruit is looked upon In some
households as an expensive luxury, hut
•when you consider th" heights to which
the price of oranges is Si arlng just now
and the scarcity of other fruits, ami
when you remember that In many markets the grapefruit may lm bought
three for a quarter, and that half nf one
is quite enough to put before each person, this notion scorns a hit exaggerated.
Of course, the primary use for grain-
fruit is as a Hrst course fnr breakfast,
luncheon or dinner, but it is sometimes
ised ns a dessert for a simple lunch,
md its possibilities in the way of
saliids and sherbets are almost unlimited.
For a simple home breakfast the corn
is usually removed, the fruit loosened at
the sides from the skin and a tiny bit
of sugar added lo it, lt is well to put
this sugar on with a skimp hand, for
many persons do not care for -too much
sweet, nnd It is always possible lo add
it afterward.
For a more elaborate breakfast, remove all the seed and white fibrous
parts, eut the pulp Intu pieces and mix
with cracked Ice, This, of course. Is
served in the shell of ihe fruit, and ts
perfectly permissible for the more ceremonious meals of the day, However, if
you want something a little different
■opportunity is not lacking.
You may take red and white California grapes, cut them in halves, seed
them and lay them about the edges of
the grape fruit. Or you may take Malaga grapes, seed them and pile them in
with tho sugar and pulp. Maple sugar.
used Instead of tho ordinary powdered
sort, gives a peculiarly delicious flavor
to the fruit.
Grapefruit glasses nre now used
very much by people who have wearied
il the serving in the fruit ahell Th*
cracked Ice Is piled In the outer gH"*
while the fruit and iti ju.ee are plaffM
in the inm r glaaa Sometimes wbwi
ihls method of serving is employ*! tt*
pulp and sugar are mixed and set Htdt*
several hours before they are necdei,
Salads are beci mlng more and more a
matter of course In thin country. a«l
the average man has u leaning towanl
those whose component parts are af
fruit, one grapefruit salad allow* *»*
pulp of half of one lo each p«w».
This Is served on crisp lettuce leavre*
and garnish.".; with Hunched almeudfl
and about a tablespoonful and a half
of mayonnaise dressing.
'I     111,' ,. ' '   ■ . I ■. .. •.    -  ,-v-iii*. .
Anothor salad is made of the
fruit and celery  in  equal  parti-., _—
another   of   grapefruit   and   piweamrto.
The question of dressing is very nuw a
,,." ., ,. .-■ m very nuu a
matter of Individual taste Many ***-
sons think thai mayonnahw dressing I*
entirely out of place In a fruit sal*4
and thnt a French dressing is tbe ottf
proper thing. One of Ibe latent i-wu
Is to make your French drensin-g tt
lemon Instead of vinegar, since the a#4
of the lemon hlenda better v«.i »•
Whether sugar should or should Mt
he used is another matter oftcm **>-
cussed. There is a theory ih'st It Ih «t
of place with most salads, yet the w*-
men who make the best dressing wunttr
confess to adding a little-not enc *
to let the outsider Into the secret, Mt
enough to blend with and soften mw*
the other Ingredients.
If the salad is served from lhe I*****'
it is always prettily piled up in ball a
grapefruit shell, which Is net ea a
plate, ono being put in front of ca*rti
guest, If, however, lhe salad Is pat aa*.
the table In a large salad bowl aa4
served from there, a garnishing it
grapefruit peel makes a prettj a*4
effective addition. ft
For the people who like sherbets af
every kind, here is one that ca* a*
made of grapefruit. Squeeze every Wt
of juice from the pulp, being caret*) to
allow not one seed nor a bit of wMe
skin to drop into it. Allow half a pou**-*
of cut suirar to each pound of Inrtt
juire, stir and pour into a freezer.
A drink ninde from grnpefruli. aa*
known as bitter sweet. In made by acting the fruit into sections, extract-****;
the seed and covering with hulllw
water, a quart of water to a quart m
fruit. When tool, strain aud aweet-a*.
This is served in glasses that art •**•«-
third full of cracked ice.
Grapefruit rind preserves are m-Maa ey
cutting off every particle of the ycBMr
epidermis and using two i*o*ndi *f
Bugar to one of rind.
THERE Is nothing uglier than
dull, smeary-looking silver. It
is bad enough In a toilet service, but when ill-kept silver la
seen on a dining table, It presages
a carelessness that la fur from reassuring to the diner.
I have even seen at a formal dinner
where every other appointment waa
handsome in the extreme knives,
forks and spoons that would not have
passed muster with a careful housekeeper.
Such conditions are absolutely Inexcusable, as much for an ordinary family meal aa ai a formal function.
There are dozens of silver polishes,
soaps, liquids and powders, so quickly
applied and cffecUvo In results that
even tho heavy repousse dear to the
housewife can easily he kepi shilling.
lt is not enough,to give silver a
weekly cleaning, as is so much the
custom. Coal gas, steam and furuaco
heat all tarnish it quickly, while tho
dust from even the bcsMcept houdc
will soon dim a polished surface.
To keep silver bright utter use, it
should be washed at once wllh a
chamois leather soaked In warm,
aoapy water, rinsed thoroughly In
boiling water, and dried and polished
quickly with a soft cloth or a fresh
chamois skin.
This, to a well - trained dishwasher,
should be as expeditious as the ordinary
slipshod methods of drying lho table
sliver in constant Use,
If It becomes too clouded, yet one does
not tlnd il convenient to give It a regular cleaning, silver can be wonderfully
improved by a rub wllh a rouged
chamois, One of these should be lu every
well-equipped pantry, They are sure
lo rub iiff on hands and gown, especially when new, but are excellent fur
un emergency.
The mosl persistently and brilliantly
shiny silver I have ever seen belong**
to a woman whose miild confided to
me lhe secret of Its nood nppenrunco.
She always used pure alcohol Instead
of waler to moisten her silver powder.
Never use a t-llff brush or a rough
cloth on a plain surface, for scratches
dim will result.
A very occasional turning over nf all
one's silver to a jowelor for ropoltshlng
Is useful when one can altord the expense.
AVEUY good housekeeper has her
speciul set of recipes which aim
constantly uses, and the tidy
souls of many are tried by the soiled
condition of the cover of any l.oi/
that la kept about the kitchen. Flc-T
will stick, butter will smear, BU(J
has an annoying habit of making I,
self felt; and In a little while she is
constrained to copy her treasures into
a fresh blank book, or else to recover
the old one.
Now, If ln the beginning she would
make a cover for her book of kitchen
recipes out of while oilcloth, she
would obviate much of her woe. Oilcloth is pliable and It Is durable;
moreover, It can be wiped off with a
damp cloth after each using, and In
thus kept In a presentable condition
for n very long time.
Rainy days oflen moan trouble In
the household where thoro aro
plenty of ctiildren, nnd some
one has suggesied lhat the mother of
Mich a brood would do well lo provide
irself wi'h a rainy-day ciosei.
I'o It will hnd their way special play-
,-llnffifi reserved for state occasions;
pictures, scrap books, paste pots, scissors, old magazines and paint boxes.
Anything, In tact, Ihnt uan provide Indoor amusement. When thc rnlny day
comes round the closet may he opened
and n distribution or Its blessings made.
Children delight In novelty, and tlm
verv fact thut there Is a npeolftl treat
reserved for lhe days when ihe sun
doesn'l shine will go a long way Inward alleviating any disappointment over
thc putting off of out-of-door games and
A WOMAN who found herself without friends, and with only her
house and furniture at her command, pluckily stuck the sign "Hooms
to let" In her front window and sat
down to await thc result. It came in
the shape of three young men, college
students, who looked her three best
rooms over, engaged them on th: spot,
and remained with- her for their entire college course.
Her success as a lodging housekeeper began that duy and continued
until a fortunate change in circumstances released her from the necessity for earning a living, but her case
is worth recording. Ono of thc three
first lodgers explained their coming in
this wise;
"We had been looking for rooms all
day, and were feeling pretty well disgusted when we chanced upon Mra.
P—(B sign, and somehow ll had a 'different' look. Her parlor was comfortable, too, not a bit suggest I vo of a
boarding house; her halls had no
smell of cooking, and the bathroom
wasO. K. I think the thing that took
most wiih us, however, was the 'lived-
in' look that the bedrooms had.
"Other houses were quite na dean,
ami often the furniture was handsomer, but In almost every instanee
the landlady had said, 'Of course, this
room will be very different when lhe
beds are made and the covers an* .tn
the dressing tables and waBhstands.'
I suppose they would have looked
different, but somehow vou can't always Imagine that difference when
you are running around looking for u
place to live In, and you aro mighty
apt to froeto on to the .hlng that
seems lhe most like hone"
Thai young man had hit upon th'-
primary essentials for a successfully
conducted lodging house—cleanliness,
proper ventilation, g iod bath arrangi
men in aud a comfortable, homelike
System Is very necessary if a lodging
house l« to bo k>pt clean, if the mistress can afford a maid to help h<*r,
She  Should   Outline   tlie  duties  of  thit
maid so that no day shall be too full
of work, und ao lli-it no room ur floor
will ever he neglected If she must
do the work herself with only occasional outside assistance, she should
try io have thai assistance on a regular day ur days of the week si. that
the work will never uccu nutate
In mime cities regular window cleaners go about from house to house
cleaning windows for a small sum.
and these workers are a boon to the
busy lodging housekeeper, ln addition to tin* windows, fihe must see to
it that her steps nr porch are always
In good condition and that du.it and
cobwebs are fought with diligently.
R,Ugl which can be taken up and
shaken are better than carpets. Rom**
women prefer mattings under the
rugs, some Hi*1 hare floor. If your
taste runs to the latter see that the
staining Is evenly and carefully done,
and that lhe floors are wiped off rnp-
ularly with a flannel cloth upon which
there In a little coal oil
Shades  and  curtains an*  an   impor
tant Item. The latter may I* it'the
cheapest swiss or cheese elota, Wt
they must be fresh and clean. Tov-
els should be of medium size, as ga*4
quality as you can attord. and Ihir*
must be a plentiful supply.
Make your bathroom as attrMttvu
as possible, If it is of the old-faafc-
loned sort, the effort is all the more
necessary. Tiled oilcloth, vamlslwat
to make It wear better, wil! take the
place of regular tiling on the ftoom.
if the tub is tin Instead of porcolal*,
a coat of white enamel paint will 1**-
pruve its appearance mightily. Indu-ed,
if the lodging housekeeper is elever
with her Angers she can. at very little cost, ropaper her bathroom herself in a glossy white paper, aa-i
paint all the woodwork white, titan
adding much to Its attract I ven esa
nf course, she will have a little ea*»-
lnet for bottles, brushes and otae-r
necessities, She will see that the t*at»
and basin are Immaculate, that freak
towels are on lhe rack, and soap aw
the washstand, und she will keep aai
ever vigilant eye upon the drainage
pipes, using plenty of disinfect****
to prevent any odors.
Ventilation Is to a certain exteat a
question ot the position of windows .U
doors. Some halls Will be stuffy, •*
matter how careful tho owners may be.
but every woman can ooen her window*
and doors for n little while every tanning, and li Bhe avoids heavy drapcrti*
she is mut h bi tti t • It
The rooms that the lodgers nct-MMf
inhabit must next b« i asTdered, It ta
nne thing i" be sure lhat the b"om* m
which you live Is well heated and lighted, thai it i.- kepi clean and iimt t*«
hot-water supply In plentiful; It u **•
, ther to i ivi thfl ro im which i? >w
very own i omf irl ii le
i ij. ■ ■>!. n r handKw*
fun |tun.   ul ■■' 'J do exjject ll ,(l hi m
g i ri Mi I il beds are better iba»
H h *        i   A  good  inaUp-fui ha* a
price abovi i ibli t In the i itlmatlon «(
i* t ui ial li Iglng ) inse habitue. 1t*i
linen musl ho whole and frefh, tda*k-
-ii-   in   g I   condition,   counterpaotf.
plthor whit..- nr of tho dark blue or pink
patterns ihal are popular Just uu*,
and an extra quill of Bome am tnaat
always !»■ supplied.
Covers on washstand, drcMlng taWe
and (able: rugs arranged to add to tlm
appearance of the room, a coraforUbta
chair or two and nice curtains j-.ro
tuning the essentials to comfort Pictures and ornaments are not un-ensury.
most people preferring their own; •*«*,
of course, the lodgers bring their «wa
toilet accessories, Some hoJses supyly
soap, but Ihis is by no meana always
A comfortable couch adds ImmeiuMlr
to the furnishing or sny room, and If
the lodg-r Is a student, he will be *»t
to ask for a lamn. in addition u> .*»
gas, or In place of lt, ai-l he will w-aatt
a larger table than  th» buslnean raM,
and perhaps a bookcase, though thin
last Is a luxury rather than a necMsdt*-'.
Renting rooms Is bv no means iitm-
strewn path, but attention to detail* w*l
Insure success to the weman Who a**
hit upon Ihls way of making her braai
and butter, ,
i '•<
' resolved
to err. is human. toslip by accident
but whin vje grease things for, our-
- selves Ve have no business to kick at
results. 1 am a pin head. why will i
not stop andthink before i spread
i'1 'ij
v.; ic vo ' / The President's Annual  Report for Year 1906.
The itevelt.ii.kcf Borii'd ol Trade ha.
just completed one of tbe must activ.
years of iis uock io promote tlie besl
interest* of tbo City of Kevelstoke an.l
the  surrounding   district.   Meetings
have been held mlli more than usual
regularily and great inierest has heen
displayed by the ...embers in tho busi
ness which came before these meetings,
Considerable success bus attended the
representations of the Board on varl
ous mailers of public iulciist.
The paramo ...t .p'estion, asall'ect-
ing lho City of Revelstoke during tlie
past year, has been the serious  encroachment of the Colnmbla River on
the Oity and the efforts ol tl.e Hoard
h.vo been largely d'rected towards tlie
Hurrying  out   by  the Dominion and
Provincial Government!    ol   works
necessary tt. protect tho City against
danger from  fun her river encroachment,    The  Dominion Government
has,  during  the  year, ixteuded the
wing dan. on  which work was begun
over a yenr ago, and hns dredged out
a channel which now lakes part ol the
current at low Water,and which, il tlie
projected plans are completed, is calculated to  (.liable  tlie River to scour
out a new channel of sufficient extent
to divert tlie lorce ol tne current. Irom
the City  and thus avoid further destruction of  valuable property.    Ii
appears  the  vote, placed at the disposal ol  the   Dominion  Engineer in
O'uirgeof works in this Province, has
now been  exhausted and the work is
now shut down for luck of funds.   It
is advisable  that this   Hoard  take
urgent action to represent to the Public Works Department at Ottawa tl.e
necessity of  placing immediately at
the disposal ot the Engineers the .'ur-
ther funds necessary for the completion of the  work, so that it may be
carried out belore high wnter.   Unless
this is done immediately il is possible
the works already carried out may be
destroyed  in lime of high water, the
large expenditure already   incurred
may be lost, and the work ol destruction experienced last summer may be
It is gratifying lo know tlnit the
Provincial Govern ment hnve also at
length recognised their duty to the
City in assisting to obviate any further
damage, and steps have been taken
by tho Provincial authorities to renew
the mattressing withaviow to assisting iu the prevention ol further river
the Go*. ... ui.t l.o complet
Hend  trail  to  t.'aroo Rive .
place II ve's - ke h direct i   -
the lands,vail .hi,, for-et'l - ,-
timlier ...ens tn tile mirth,   a: -I
a direct route  to  the  >.-. ...-
The Hoard made representations to
the Canadian Pacific Railway autnori.
ties thai the lormer'i methods ol
handling freight were very inconvenient and unsatisfactory to the public and requested that arrangements
be mode lor payment of freight at the
freight sheds instead of at the station.
This suggestion has now been given
effect to, and Mr. Bradshaw, the Company's Agent, has now bis cilice at the
freight tbed, thus facilitating greatly
the transaction of business with the
freight department of the Railway,
Another matter whicli the Beard
has had in hand fur ll.e past two years
has been satisfactorily arranged. This
has reference to the Telegraph olliee,
the former location of which in the
C. P. lt. station was a great inconvenience to the public Tl.e Boaid
luccoed in getting telephonic communication and a messenger service
established with a view to modifying
thu inconveniences ol tl.e former location ol the office, but continuously
pressed for the removal uf the Telegraph Office tu tlio business centre if
the City, and the past year saw the
fulfillment of the Board's wishes by
the opening of tlie new telegraph olliee
on Mackenzie Avenue, a very convenient site.
Representations were also made to
the Dominion Express Company that
tho public requirements would be
better served by telephonic communication lieing established letween their
..llice and the business community,
and it is gratifying to know the
Board's suggestion in this respect has
been given effect to.
railway works which will shelly be
p'ued in band in Ihal souliou h tl.e
Grand Trunk Pacilic Company, The
Board regrets that, so (ar nu provision
has been made for this work, though
it is one of the most impnrla it works
lor opening up the interim that It
yet been projected,
The Board has also urged on the
Provincial Government, cither independently or in conjunction with the
Oity Cfin-il, the erection ol buildings
in the City suitable (or Gaol and
Isolation Hospital, and it is a mutter
Ior regret that lit) provision has yet
been made lor these public necessities.
The question of hind settlement is
one of great importance to Revelstoke
and early in the year a conm.it.ee was
appointed to go lully into this question and report.  The matter lias been
ovci looked, so  that  it will he one of
the duties  ot  the new year on which
we are entering to   follow  up this
work.   There is no greater obstacle to
the progress of the district than the
difficulties thrown in the way of the
occupation  of  the public  lands by
settlers.    A great part of these lands
is in tlie railway belt, and considerable
areas of land suitable for settlement
are included in timber  berths.    Settlers  are  prohibited  from    making
entry on such hinds, though it will be
admitted that where land has a greater
value for settlement than for lumbering it is to tho interest of tl.e community that it be available for settlement.
Settlement on Provincial lands is
also hindered because of the want o
systematic surveys, und because of the
incomplete records available in the
Government Offices. This is a matter
the Provincial Government should be
urged to remedy.
Tbe  present  winter has shown the
necessity for tho completionof the A.
As  K.  railway, as for weeks the Fish
Creek and Lardeau districts have been
tu a large extent cut off from communication witii Revelstoke owing to
the  freezing  up of  the Arm.   The
charter for this road expired last year
and the  Board co-operated with the
people of the Fish Creek and Lardeau
districts in opposing the renewal of
the charter by the Dominion Government unless under conclusive arrangements for the construction of the road.
The  Board regrets thc Government
ignored tho representations of the
people most vitally interested in this
work.    Tlie A.  &,  K. railway is ol
special value to Revelstoke, Fish Creek
and  the  Lardeau  in  that it would
complete the chain of communication
so much desired  with the southern
portion  of the Prouince, and would
give a route of   unsurpassed grade,
ovor whicli the heaviest trains could
be battled independent of tlie steep
grades of the main line.   The completion of this railway  would thus make
Revelstoke the great transportation
entrepot  ol  the  interior of  Britisli
While the Board has formerly made
great efforts to have Revelstoke placed
on a more Iavor.tl.le schedule ub regards height rates nothing was done
in the matter during the past year.
This is a matter tlmt Bluuld not he
lost sighl of however, and no effort
should be spared through the Dominion
and Provincial Government, and the
Railway Commission to get better
terniB lor Revelstoke as regards height
rates. II, however, these better terms
om only be got hy competition let us
'ry to get that competition either by
...cans ot it.. connecting line with tlie
Great Northern to the south or the
Grand Trunk to the north.
.•liig now ttVailioie, i.evci*ti.i;e cou.u give
as to tctirlsi.i, holiday-e I; ;-., nml sports-
ivitl. men the he*l t..a- Nn ure i.. her wild-
'. and est grandeur,:... ..tlurd. Will, a view-
give to making better known the mountain
the attractions ul ilie district ihe Board
asked that the Topographical Suivey
shuuld have an examination, report
.uui phutugiapliB of tbe cbiel mountain attractions ol the Big Bend, thc
work to be done by Mr. Wheeler or
some other member of the Dominion
Tlie Provincial Government were
asked for a grant of if.500 towards con
structing n Irail up Mt. Victoria, behind the eity of Revelstoke, the idea
being that ihe balance ivould he raised
by subscription. It was understood
this would be available, and the Board
were disippoii.ted tu lind tha work
could not be curried out during the
past season. With its beautiful park,
the grandeur of the view obtainable
from the summit and the easy acces-
lability ol the mountain from thc city
it is believed the currying out of this
work would pruve a great attraction
to visitors as well as residents.
Another valuable work 80 far as
supplying attractions to tou.ists and
sportsmen is concerned, would be the
opening of the old Eagle Pass road,
whicli would give ac .-ess to some of the
best fishing streams in the district.
Iu timbering ol this part of its
work and with it view tj preserving
the water supply of the city to tl.e
utmost extent, ihe Board asked the
Dominion Government to have Mt.
Victoria reserved aB a public park to
the extent of five miles square. The
Board also took steps to urge improving the protection ol lish and game in
tlie district.
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ll.I .
irnet poat
were taken by the Board to
have thc mail service to the Big Bend
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N... 1 Limil.'  plan.cl ut the south-weal eurili
limber Lln.ll Nn, Mil, thence nests chain
tlienco aoutl. 20 chain*, thenee wesl sucliaii.
thonce soutl.  ... chains, thence east Wl chain.,
tl.ei.ee north go chains, tbenee east so chain,,
tlience tn.rtli in chaina... point nl cotutnenco.
'I. Couuaenclng at a poit iiuirkcil -*Mt iti-.li
1 -.linni-ia Timbers Loi. north-wit cornerpoat,
No.l Limit," planted on iouth I itlaryol X... l
'.bull a'  I mile Ire... .'fist ea.l. thence smith Sn
-labia, Uii'ii'-e eaat sn clialna, tnence north go
cbul.ii, ihence wual so chaini to pointol cone
. niL'lli'elllellt.
Dated Mat December, IWO.
:.. Commencing at a poit .nurke.1 ' Britiih
Columbia Thnberi Ltd., north-west cornor mat
J... 3l.i.uii. planted ai .lie iouth-wut corner of
No, 2 Limit, thenci smiil. sn clialna. thence eai.
SO chat..,, thonco nortl, so chalna, tlience west sl
clialna to. tol commencement.
Dated Dec, Mli, WOO.
_*.  I;,'"» '-'i'i* at a poat  marked   .-liritish
Columbia 'limbon I.I.I., north-eoi. corner poat
go.I I it." plullteil at the aoull|..-eal corner ol
limber Limit No, Hie, tbenee aoutl. 80 chaini,
thence weit si' chiii.is, tlience nortl. 10 chaini,
tlieacc ens. so cbaina to pointol commeucement
I, Inmiuonclng at n poi. u.nrkc.1 "Brlttit.
Columbia Timber* l.l.l,, ..orth-weat comer noil
No.:. Limit," planted at tin- south-rat comer-f
limber Limil No, mis, thenco iouth 80 chaini
theuce eut sn cl.al.li, thence nortl. su chain.'
tlienco in-sl BO chalna to point ol commencement.
Dated Dec. SOU., lono
1. ..:- imi   i.Mri -  mm   ,.   -i,,..i,,i ....
inr] carry am, .i; ..... inm. .1 .• |. il.rwlngda-
cr.I..*!. it,,!-;
' "i. -ii.-in.Mi. . ,,...  planted ;,t .in- norlh-
in-'enrner ..(lln- -.oi lewnsliiu. .-.,.   I Socll. n
-.--. 'l.i.ir.iii...-,:.. ..... • •'. ll HolluureworU)'!
-o-iili-wc*. cornel is --. In. nn ,..-. KOuhatm,
.1. once jionii III chains, theni, .,-; ■ cliain,
hence -.-..ili SO chains to pl.vce ol comment-o-
Tin- .ii...,- locaUon Is the norlh hnlfo! Seo-
lion Hand the soulh hulf ol Section 20, Town-
-l.i;i '.:
Dated November -.'iini. I!MI.
-a. Jin :
Notice Is hereby ulvon thu.OMayi altcr.late
liiiiei.il I., apply...the Uo.ioraole.beCbiel
Commiiilonor ol Landi nml Works for permit-
Tlie Board had under consideration
during tl.e year several public works
ol value to tlie town and district, but
regrets that so far tbe representations
made have not had tlie desired effect.
A traffic bridge across the Columbia
River at Revelstoke is yearly becoming a greater necessity. Tlio large
lumbering Industry carried on hy tho
Revelstoke Sawmill Company at the
Big Eddy, and the loot that thu lands
ou the west side ol the river are l>ei»g
taken up tor settlement, emphasise
tlie necessity ol the work, which it is
hoped the Provincial Government will
make provision Ior at an early d 'at,
cither as a provincial work or in cun-
junction with the City,
The coiintructii.ii of a road to con-
i.eet the lauds ni.lsi.h- tho City to tlie
north of iMn.ckui.zio Avenue wai alio
ii view of tlio great value to Revelstoke and district of the lumber industry the Board urged on the Provincial Government lhat effective
measures be taken to preserve our
forests from the ravages of fire, and
arrangements have been made by
which bush foreman and scalers are
appointed deputy fire wardens with
authority to tako all necessary steps
to suppresBS forest fires. The Dominion Government have done good work
in this direction. There is, however,
still room f..- more effective measures
being taken fur the protection of our
forests and it is hoped the Dominion
and Provincial Government will spare
no efforts to mako buoI. protection as
effective as possible.
Recognising that Rovelstoke is in
tlie heart of the finest scenery in
Canada ol Mountain, River, Like and
Forest, the Board has taken an active
part in assisting the work of advertising the tourist attractions of the
district. Tourist business is among
the most valuable a city can have.
With up-to-date hotel accommodation
trails to Mt, Victoriu, Clachnacuddeu
It is well-known that the demand
for labor in this district is far in excess of tlie supply, and with a view
to encouraging immigration of a de-
Birable class to this district the C.P.R.
were urged to grant an extension to
British Columbia of the immigrant
rates hitherto iu lorce as far as
Recognising the value of cheap
power in promoting industries, the
Board offered to co-operate with the
City Council in furthering the establishment of a power plant in Revelstoke, and it is hoped the enterprise
projected by the City Council will
soon become an accomplished fact,
With a view to discussing fully with
prominent representatives of the Dominion nnd Province the Board met
Hon. W. Templeman. Minister of
Marine, and Hon R. McBride, Premier
ot the Province, on the occasion of
their visita to the city and impressed
on them the requirements of the city
and district Irom the respective Governments which ihey represent
The Board has a heavy year's work
abend and asks tlio co-operation ol all
interested in the welfare of the city
and district,    lu the preceding paragraphs of  this  report  are  outlined
many   public   requirements   which
should still be kept before tl.e respective Governments! and pressed forward
till tbey are accomplished.   Such are
the traffic bridge across the Columbia,
land settlement,   Canoe  River  trail,
railway rates, public buildings as gaol
and isolation hospital, river protection,
promotion of tourist irallic.   To these
should  be added  the questiuns of a
Dominion Building  for  PoBt  Office
and Custom House, in a central location, tlie opening up of the Big Bend
by tramway round Death Rapids, and
steamboat   communication   un   the
upper' river.   Anuther important work
which  the   Provincial    Government
should either take up or assist is the
construction   ol   a    tramway  from
Beaton to Camborne.    At present the
development of the  Fish  Creek  district, which is one of the richest mineral sections ol lhe Province, is badly
handicapped for want ol better transportation  facilities.    With all  the
large expenditure on the wagon  road
between the  points  mentioned  the
road is in an almost inaccessible position during a considerable portion of
the yer, and a  tramway  seems  tho
only effective means of giving that
important dislrict the transportation
facilities it should have.
One of the greatest draw.backs lo
Revelstoke is the lack ol good roads
lending oul of the ciiy. A work that
should have attention at tho bunds of
thc Provincial Government, is the
construction ol a good wagon road as
far as Greely Creek. This would give
access to good tanning lands in the
Illecillewaet valley.
Another important work required
to open up land whicli should be made
available for settlement to the south
ol Revelitoke ie the extension of the
wagon road leading south from the
city to Wigwam, and it would be well
|V%- WV»*-4<VVl»*4*i'i*W***i**»'»*»*'i***\*Vt
* P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HEAD OFFICE: Calqaby, Ai.iikuta,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
fork Pucfcora anil i)ualer in Livu Stock. Market* In ull tlm prliu'ipal Cities and
Towns of Atherta.British M-mraMuamUlie Ynkim. Padteiaoftlio Celebrated Brand
"Ira orator" Haina and Bacon, and Shamrock llraml, Uiif 1 anl. >
Central Hotel
as^  flEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience.:
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sume management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, LiquorsandCignrs. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, -        -       Proprietor
it the Provincial Guverumont could be
induced to undertake this work at an
early date.
The great wealth of Revelstoke lies
to the north, and Irom the Upper
Columbia River and its tributaries
must he derived ere long the supply
of logs required to keep in operation
lhe sawmills nt Revelstoke nud Arrowhead. Until good trail.portation is
provided tl.e Big Hend must remain a
sealed book, and tlie utmost etl'ortB ol
the citizens of Ilevelstoke and of this
Board should bo devoted to making
accessible, and opening up, Hint great
Submitted Respectlully,
Nnllifii ia linruliy civ-ii Unit IH) ill.J's altor 'lutu I
in.mi.i in apply i" il"' .-Iiiel Coinmlsilonor of
Lamia ami Wurksd.r psrmtiilon i'» parooaifl tlm
lollowlng iloic»ll.o.l Iliiiin
Comiiioiiolni. at a .".al altuat..il iilmiiU miles
..inili ul McDonald Oreok .... tin oast ihore nl
I Innir Arm..- Lnko, |olnlii| T.1,. Dili on II... simile
will cornur, riu.nl>..! i-uat .0 .-liains, aiiatli HI
cbaina, woat in elialm tl. 10 obaina i" plaoo ol
Dated .Ian. iill., IW.
M.taal L. A. DI'.WAII.
Nonce is hereby given that ill) days
lifter date I intend to apply to the
Cbiel Commissioner of Lands and
Wo.ks I'l.i-pei-n.i.ssion to purchase the
following described hind sitnnted in
West Kootonay (listi iet:
Co.....ien.-ii.fr,  al   a pnsl planted ....
the north side of Downie Creek ahoul
j uf it mile south of the 21 mile post
.... lhe Downlo deck Trail und inarked "li.  McBean's south-west oorner,"
thenco north I.S chaius, thence east llll
chains, the...... south III chains, Ihence
wesl (Hi chaius tu point, of commencement, containing tllUacrcs more or less.
Dated December tilth, 1880,
wed jan 2 E, MclIFAN.
I.... ti. |...ri-iinsi- iho fr.lli.iiii.it deabrlbedlandi
In osoyooi dlvlil ( Vale murlot;
, l ('o ioni.ii.Kni a p..-t planted aboul no
fi-.-t Inini ii..i-.liifa.. ond of kcofei Uke,
iiini-ked,"W. 11. HolIIngsworth'i 8, W. oornor,
liionco iiurt.lt 10ohalm, nn*. |u ohalni, -onil. 10
cliains, cast in chaini, loath 2i.clu.iii* east 80
ohalm, auuth 10ohalm, weat 80 ohalm,norlh
20 chains, wes. in ohalni, nur. 1.30 ohalm, tvesl
In chains u. place uf ooinraonoamont,
3 Commonolng at a p..*. markod "W. 11.
Ilulltiigsivurth's south-easl oornor," planted
almut Ml yards fro.., tho l.orth-onsl ond ol
Koofor Lako, thonoo weit .n ohalm, north 30
ohalm, tic*, in chains, nur. n 30 ehalm, wl-*. so
ohotm, uo.-.h in ohalm, oasl sn chains, aoutl. Su
onaim, oast 40 chains iouth 20 chalna, oasl 10
chalas, soutli In chains u. plm,o uf commence
:i Commonolng a. a post planted about 7i
yard" south fi-uni the wost end uf Keofer l...kr-
markod "W. ll. Uolllngsworil.il north-otut
oornor." thouco west 80 chains, soulh SI cliains.
cast »chains, noril. s. ohalni lo ..lace of coin-
1 Commonolng at a poatplantod nlwul ", a
mile north uf the inuiuli ul Polar t:rc-.k where
It rum Into Barnes Orook, and m..rkcd"W II
Ilollingsworih's north-oust oornor," thenco
suuth in chains, west 10.. chain-, north ...
chains, cast 10.. chain.* lu point ut commeucement.
6. CuniincnciiiK at a post planled ahoul l, a
mllo north from the mouth ... folar Creek
whoro It rum inl.. Barnes, rook, aad .nark.
"W. II. Hollingsworth's southeast corner
thenco nortl. Ill chains, west lOOchains south
in chains, easl llio chains to place ul cuin-
0 Commonolng al n post planted about 1 of
a mile south-east of east e.ul of Marsh Lnko,
markoil "W, II. HolIIngsworth'i north-east
corner," thence south 10 chains, west lliu
chains, norlh 111 Chaini, cast Ml cliains lo place
of commoooomont.
7 Commouotog at a post planted aliout i of a
milo cast of west ond ami near somh sido of
Marsh Lake, markoil "«,II, Hollingsworth's
norlh-easl cornel'," thonce .south lo chains, .vest
MJ chains, nurth 10 chains, oast 100 chains to
place of commencement.
8 (online, icing at a post planled about -.'.Jo
lards Iron, tbo south sldo ...... about halt-way
of Keefer Lake, marked "W.H.HoUlagiworth'i
uorth-woat coruor," thenco soulh 111 ohalni
cast 00 chains, north 00 clmins, east 80 ehnins
uert 1.20 chains, west 80 chains, north 00 cliains,
west 20 cliains to point of commencement.
0 Conu.ieuclng.il u post planted about HOC
yards soulh and nbout half-way of Keefer lake
a.... markod "W. II. Holltngiworth'i north-east
oornor, Ihence south M. cliain.-:, west ...
chains, norlh 100 chains, east 10 chains tu place
of eunuueiieeme.it.
10 Commencing al a post plantcil on the
bench ubuut yt mile east uf west cud ol Keefer
Lake, niarkoi. "W, H. Holliiigsworll.'s nurth-
cast eurner," ll.oi.ci- suuth Mi chains, west m
claims, uorlh Ml chains, llionce cast In chains
lo point of commencement.
11 Commencing at a posl plauted about i
...Ilo soutl. of Kctilo lliver, about 2 miles wc*l
of kcofor Uke, marked "W.H HolIIngsworth'i
north-wesl corner," ilici.ee cast In chains, aoulli
20 ohnlna, caat 10 chains, aoutl. SO chains, west
40 chains, north 20 chains, west to chains
north 80 chains tu point uf commencement      '
12 Coinmeneing at n post plantod about 1
mile soutl. of Kettle Hivor, about i uf a null-
east uf Porouplno Crook, marked -IV. H, liol-
I lings worths, norlh-easl cornor," tlience south ilii
chains, west .0 chains, north Ml elinins, oast
In cliains lu point of commoncomont.
I'l Cu cueing ..i a post planted about li
miles south ol Kettle lllver on Trap . 'reek, anil
marked "W, 11. Kolllugstvorth's .\ VI* cornor,"
llionce south 80 chaina, oast 80 ehains, nurih su
cliains, wesl so cliains to point of commence-
U Coinineneilig at a post planted about SO
yards ulnuve ll.e lurks un Trap Creek, nbuut
one-liilll mile soulh ol Kellie Hivor. am! marked "W. ll.llulllngaworiir.- s.W. corner," thonoo
north 80 chains, oast s. ehains, south 80chains,
west bf. chains, io point o. commencement.
15 Coui.no.icing ut a post pLmcd abont)
nolo west uf lhe lorks of Trap I reek and nboul
300 yurds west oil he crook, marked"... II. Ilul-
lingiworlhi north-east cornor," thonco -uiitb
8n elinins, west ,*u oi.aiai, ..on.180 chains, oasl
s.l chains tu puint of ou.iiliiuiiceiiio.it.
Hi Commonotngat a post plumed about 100
yards Io ll.o BOUth uf Ka.t .'reek abuut', mile
suuth of keltic Itiver irked "W ll Hulling*.
worths north-east cornor," thonce south n>.
ohalm, wesi 10 chains, north Mi ohalni, east lu
chains to pulut uf coiiinienceinel.
17 Commencing ot u pu,-i planlcd ..hum On
yurds nurth uf Ivollle lliver .ihu.it!, ...ilo beluw
1 umlpnic Crook,  innrkeil "W,  li. Hulling*.
iouih-wost cornor," thc.ee  cn.*t  li
Notice h> hereby Riven that 80 daya alter date
t Intend ... apjjlv ... lho Hun. rhief Commli.
sioner of Land, mil V. nrk- for permission lo
purchase ibe follow Ing deacribed lands:
Commeuelng ul the N. k. cornur of T. L. No.
;i.l.i, un the -liun- ..( Blind Bay, I'pper Arrow
Lakes, thonoo aouth 10 clialna, Ihenco cast so
chaini, tlience i.uril. about *. chains, thence
westerly following the wulhorn -bore of Blmd
Bay to poinl of commencement, containing
four hu ...I rod and eighty ru-re. more or less,
Daled (his lsth day of December, in*,
sal dec 22 J. 1). KKN.NHIY.
Notice is boreby given tbat 80 davi after date
wo Intend toapply totbeCbiefCommlulonerof
i.hii.Is nnd Works lor aipeolflllcemetocut
mul curry nway timber Irom the fallowing
described landi iltuated in Wait Kootenay
Commencing at a poil ■(■laiiu-d -, mile north
ol the loutb cast cunier ol Lot 7947 and marked
"l.. W.L.Co.'i N.w,cunier," tbenee 1*1 obaina
eust, thence *■ chaius smith, ibeuce IM chains
wet, thence *j chains nnrth to jdace ol coin*
Dated December 8UH- IflOfl,
iatjan6 LaMB-Watson LUilBKBCO,,I/rD.
Xoliee is hereby given lhat IK) days
after date I intend tu npply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
\V.,.ks tor a special licence to cut and
carry away timber from the lollowing
descrihed lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted
on the nurth bank uf Snow Creek
about eight iniles east of Burton Citv,
Ihence west SO chains, thence soutli 80
chains, thence east SO chains thence
noith 80 chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted
three chains north of No, 1 post,
Ihence east 80 chains, thence south SO
ch.iins, tlience west SI chains, thence
north su chains to puint uf commencement.
8, Commencing at a pnst planted
80 chains oast uf No. 2 post, tlience
east UK) chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence west 11K) chains, thence north
lo chains to point of commencement.
Dated December 20ih, loot),
wed jan 2  J, R. JAMIESON, Locator.
XTOTICE is hereby given that 60 days after
i.\ date I intend lo apply to the Hon. tho
eb.cf ( oniinissioner of I,an.i* and Works for
oer.i.isiiun lo purchase the following described
lands, situated j., .Vest Kooleuay, on tl.o cnsl
shore of I.fppor Arrow Lake:
Beginning at | poit nn the south »idu ol Capu
Horn, running eul su chalna, iouth 80 chain.,
»..»l 80 chains, north so chains alone like al.ore to
intuit of cuunueliceniulll.
Dated January 17th, 1007.
»«l ian 11" Thos. Wriijlit, Agent,
Deniaiis for New Depurtmenlul mid
Jusl in: Buildings, Ottawa.
TIIK timo lor receiving* ooinpotltlve iloilgni Ior
the proposed now l.i.partniuntnl ami Justice
lii.iiili.ip al Ottawa, Is hereby extend...! Iron.
April U, to July 1,1907.
l.y ur.l.ir,
1'ltHn. (IUL1NAS,
Departmontot Public Worki,
Ottawa, Janoory II, 1007.
Nuwap.ipera,will Hot bo paid for this ...Ivc'lls.-
if they ii.s.-i I it i. Itholll authority from the De
Nolice is hereby given thai 80 daya alter date
welntend to apply to tl.e UliiefOoninilBaionclol
Lands and Horki ler .1 spocial license incut
and earry may timbor Irom ll.e followlna
.locrllic.t lands ll. Weal Kooteuav dl.trlet:
l. c..n..nc..cl..K at a poat planted abuut I
mile nnrlh fruit, ll.o ..urll...roil eurner uf the
K. .V s. Hluek son, .....I marked ..|||K Bond
Lumber .Jonunny'i aoutl..eaat eurner poit,"
thouco uortli 80 clialna, thonoo weat so .-hnliia
llienee anuth 80 .-haina, (honco olltSOoblllll
lo [win. of commencement,
2 Cummencing at a pnst planted about i
inili. north Iron, the .... rtl,- weat eorner.. I K .V
S. Hlm-k sui, an.l marked "lllg II.-...I Lumber
Company', norih-eaai eurner post," thonco
iveal so clialna, tlienee suuth m chalna, thenee
east HO el..Una, thencu nurth SO chalna to pul...
ol eiilnli.eliculiu.nl,
:i Commencing ..t a poat plunti.il nuoui 3
...Ilea weal fro... Ilannick I'ull..,.... luner Ar.
rnw Laku, and marked "11,11,LCo.'notllh-orm
eurner posl," Ihenee north 80 .-lulua, thonce
woit 81. nblilia, thenee south su ehains. thenee
ensi8.. e.iiiins tu iunu. in commoooomont
4. Cummencliig »i a poit planted a'lwuto
...lies weat (run. Bannock I'nlnl, 00 lljipor Arrow Lake, and marked "U.B.L-.Co.'l louth-eill
corner post" ihence north 80 chaiua, thenee
wesl 80 chalna, thonee somh 80 chalna, thenee
east so chains to poim m commencement
Iia.if.l December 18th. looo
in |»u 0      Bio HKNIi LUMBER CO,, LTD
worths  ,_
cliains, south 80 chains, cn-i'.u eliains, north I2i.
chains, west 80 ciniins. .south ... el.a.ii* i'o
place of coniincncciucnt.
Is Commencing at a posl planted on tho
sou... bank ol llcpsu.hu.. .'reck abuul!. ...lie
up Irom K.-tilc Ilivor, marked -iv.H.iiuih.ig-
i.urtl.s iiorili-we»t eurner." thence so.nl. in
chains, cuBt p.. chains, i.or.h ... chalna, weet
ns. chii.il* .o pluce ol comuioncomont.
Ul Commencing ni a |».si planted on soulh
bunk ul lli'p.siiliuii Crook, uliuut',, mile nun.
Kci.le ii.u-r. markod "W.H.Holllngiworlh'i
south-weal corner," thci.ee nurih *., chains
east Nl,I.ul,,-. suulh .-..chain*, west s.)c|,niu*
lu pun., ul ciii.inieiicolne.il.
20 .*unin.onc...g at u pusl planled on the
suuth bank of Ilop-cilu.n L'roof about Kmllo
fr..... Kelllu Ilivor .rku.i "W. II. Hullings.
wortha northeast corner," theuci- woit80
chains, aouth so chains, casi 80 ohalni, ..orlh
su chains Lo plan- oi commencement,
21 Co.nmonolt.il at a post planted on tho
south buuk ..[ liep-ediuii Orook about l mllo
iro... Kl-i.i.. Hive.-, marked "W, ll liuiimg-
worth's loulh-oai. corner,'' thence north iu
chains, west P. ehui..*,..ortl.-J) chain, wu. II
northifDcbaliu, wosl SJclialn^iouUiiocbilni
ouat80 chaini, iouth 20 ehui..-. out .0 chaini,
somh 20 ehalm, east P. chains io puim ul cum'
Ilulc.ll.ee. :il.l, III*.
"r.ljan :».      (V, II. IIOI.I.INUSWullTH
VTOTIOK Is hereby gbron that:!.. daya after date
11   1 Intend to apply to thu ....... the Ohiel
.......iiissiiiueriif Laiuls uml H'.irka fur n Speeiul
luce-lie to cut and carry uwuy thutiur from thu
f..ll.iwi!]«.h.*i-rils...i];,i],ls in Weat Kuuteiiay Di..
1. Commencing at « post planted ulmut one
aide above T. 1.. font on tl.u west bank ul th.
Colombia Rivor, oppoiitt Keystone Cruuk and
inarked "Oul Lund * X. K. corner', thence wu.t 80
chains, thence sunt., su chains, thunce uut 80
eliuiiis, theuce l.urtti su chain, tu puint ul com-
2. Uoinmeacing at a poll planled alsiut if
milea uu Seymour Oreek and about ;r, milu from
tit- N. \V. corner of T. L. ITsi? and marked "Oua
l.iiu-1* N. w. cornor, tlience east ,0 chaina, tlienc.
Uth IOO chain,, theuce wesi «. chaina, thence
nortb let) clialns to point ,<f culuiuuni-euienl.
8, Commencing ,.t a post planted at thu N. W,
corner ol location No. 2 .....I ...nrkou "Uus Lund's
S. I-., corner-, thence west I" chaina, thunce suuth
180 cbalal, thence east .0 chains, thenee north 100
clmins lo p........(commencement,
I. Commencing ll a po-t planted about one.
I...K mile we-l ir.uu the X. W. curuer of location
No. :, iml l.ff.rke.I "Om Lund'a N. IV, corner*,
thence eut In chains, thence south ioo chaina,
tlience west ,.i chains, tlience north 100 chains to
pomt ..f commencement.
;'.. Commencing at., p..st planted nt the N. W
cpraer ..f location Ho. 1 and marked "Otu Lund'i
.V K. comer', tbenee west tu chain., thencu auuth
100 chain., the east lo ehalm, thence north iio
chaini .-• point <>f commencement.
6. Commencing at a pnst planted a. the N. E,
cin.tr ..f location No.5 and marked "(iu. Loud"
S. I., enrner-. tlienee north Wchaina, thunce weal
10" chaini, tbenee ionth In ehains, thence east 100
chain.... jiiiint ..f commencement
Dated ,l»nu»r) 16th, n«)7.
7. Comu.enci.il it a poit plunled nenr Gold-
atrca.n'at tin- s, B, enrner of T. L. 0770 (being
renewal of T, L. 0201) and marked '-...., Lund'i
.V B.corner*, the. iouth *. chains, Ihence wuat
SO chilni, thence oortiilO chains, theu.-u east 80
chani*... point of commencement*,
s. Commencing st a poit planted at the N. w,
comei oIT, L. S7o8, near Coldstream, and marked
uu.I.undiS. 11 cornor", thence cast in chains
thence north 100 chaini, there, weal ... chains,
tlience soulh la. Cuius to |wii-t..! eniun.uncu.uu.it.
o Comminchu it a put planted it thl N.W.
cornor ol I". 1.. 7tS7;, near Oolditniam, anil marked
"....a 1....id'. X. K. mrnur"; thencu weal 10chaini,
Uience 100th Ml .-Inin*. thence oait .0 chaina
Ihenee north l» chain, to point of commencement.
Dated January luth, 19U7.
Notice la hereby glvou tlmt wo tin imilersl«ia.il
Intend, SO dayi from dale, to apply to the ilnn,
Chief Commiiilonor nf Landi and Wurks, fur a
HlM-eI.il llccnao to cut iiim! ca-ry uway timber Iron.
>l.c tallowing .luscr!lH>.l landi-,
Oiiiiiiieiiclng a. a post planted ulnuit  une-
iliurter 111 a ...II .sl ol r"lal. lllver and une ...ilu
rem Camborne, thinci .."rth 8.1 ehains. tlionco
est fjOchain 1, ll 10 ...allI. 80.1.1 in.., th.-cc wust
80 chaiua to pninl ol I aiiuliifeiim-il..   Hiirneil,
D. A, MclNTUSlI,
Dated January 12th, 1007.
11 dnysiiftor date wo Intend tu apply to II. ■
Chief.:.....nilssloncr of Unds and Works fur .i
ipeclal lloonao to cut .....I carry away Umbo.
from tl.u following described laml.* alliiatoil
Collsla Creek, Lillooet district, Il.C.:-
1. Commonolng at a post markod "Lamb-
Wale.... Lumber Co's ...irlli-cnaloornor posl,"
and plnnted al 11 ...lies up ColtsUiCroiik and
half n ...ilo east of crook, llienco south lit.
chains, thonoo WOSt 10ohains, lliou.-e north III)
..halns, ll.e...:.. nasi, 40 chains to pnlnt of com-
2. Co.... ling at 11 post markod "Laml
Watson Lumber co's so..11.-0.1.1 corner noil "
a...I .1I1..1Ii-il about llm milos 11.1 ('.Haiti ('rook
und hallo ...Ilo oasl of crook, thenoo norlh 80
clialna, thonco wnst 8.1 ohalm, thonc. soulh so
clial.m, thonco east 80 ohains U, polul of ion.
nu IIOOuTO.lt.
Dated this 21.U1 day of January, 111117. ,
wed fobi! Lax 11 Watson Le'MBK.lCo,Lrn,
Rovelstoko Cigars Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others,
Notic. .* lioruby given tlmt SO day. after data
wn ...I.....I I.i api.ly lothe I luu! Comml.lloui! ol
Lund* uml \\ ork, lur 11 ipeclal l.cua-e .,1 eul
uml curry uwuy timber frum ltio lulluwiij,-described luuda In district, of We-t Kootenai 1
........u.c.i.-.iik a.  .. poll planlcd - nole wesl
Ir,.... ii...... ..„.! comer ... L... bo,0140and
marked "L. W, 1„ iv. .-. W, enrner doil"
thenee nnrth i.s. chains, (hence out 10 chains,
Uience suulh lui chains, tbouoo we*l 10 chalna
lu phicuiil cuininoiici-inci.t.
Dated n.-i't-iiiber 20th, IWO,
am Jan..  LiiMII-Wil.-...". LUMBER CO., LTD
Xulico i, hereby given lhat 30 days ofler dnlo
Intond loapnly lu the Chief Commissioner ol
Louis and Works Ior a special licence to cut
ind .nny away timber fro... the following
described properly situatod on Klahcr Creek
implying intu Iho luiail ul,A(ia...s Lnke In lhc
D.-trlct of Lillooel. II. I".
I,    ■
i-ii-i'rn,', V'.T': -:""', "'"•';'','", l"*m'i»'"i. i"
pure, mc the lollo. Ing de«.-ili,,,,| lu.i.in, ,ltuated
almul "ii.-linlf....,- north-eait ol Angua McKay*.
pre-emption on Pill. River:
ll.-gbml.ig at 11 post .narked '... s.'i s K mr-
u.-r ....«.,'• 1......ce 80 chain, nnrtli, so chaini mut
80 ...labia aoiitl.,1.1 chains en,, to point ol con.:
Doted January loth. par/.
Per George Ooldiinltb, Agent.
wu.l jun 30
NOTIOE ll lioroby glvon Ilu,. thirty days
uller date wo Iutond ... ipni, ... tho Chief
..1mml11io1.or.1I Laml......I Works for apwinl
lloonao to cut ..ml carry awny timbor fron. tho
follow..ig doscribod  lands   shunted In West
Kootonay diitrlct, H, c.i
('.....niuncingi.tapii.t planted .... lho sou.I..
oust buuk uf Pish rivor, about ono mile suu.h
of J11 ilisiai Trunk uiul mnrkeil 'D Mcllilo.-h
nml Wm. Hoyo's iiorthwost corner." theuce
enst 811 chains, thonce south Ml chains, theuce
west 8(. chains, thenco north 80 chain., to pluce
ol cunimoticoinont.
Dated January Ith 11.17.
JanPSwed WM, BOVD.
I ommenclng ut .. poit plan..,, un llie weal
bank ol ri.iicr creek, South H*..tk, about foot
lull,.* Ia--.it Adams I..L.. markoil "A. UcCoomU'i
N". K, corner,   runn.n. *.elinins sru.l., ti.unce so
chain. 1 c«t. tnence n    . ina ..urth, thenca w
chain, .-n-i to j...on ol.-.».,...    eii......
2.  ('.iiii.ue.i, mc   at ii p,,»l 1  11...... un .1.1 wen
bnnk ol I i.i..-. Creek Ii furk. uiarked "A. Mc-
'- II; S. ... enrner,- about („ut ml|el from
Adam. Like, 1U1111111,. SO chains aoulli, tlienc,. 80
. li mi. east, lliuiu-e ni chaini nnrtli, them-,, so
-bain. wu. lo pointol uu .mint,
:.   I-I..IIIII.-II.UIC a. a |  planted 011 the wet
Lank ol lialin Creok, sneil. I nrk, ..hunt live mllea
fmni Adam-Ukr, luaikni "A. McCoinell". N P
conior, Limit No 3 liiliur (r-ek,-- tMiiiiiiB sf'i
Chaini auuth, 80 chilni wcst.surh.ilni nortl,"„,
.-li.nus o.l.t I., plnce of .-.iliimen.-ulucllt.
.. Commouolni 11 . port planted h«,,,.,t
bank ..I I islier.'ri-i-k,.Suiuh Fnrk, als.ul live miles
limn Adama Ijike. mnrke.l "A, McConnill'l X W.
come.. Lui.it Ne. .," ruiiiii.ig 80ohiin. loutb,
lln-tici- bo ilman .uat, llielieu 80 chaina imrth
llieueo 80 chain, ».-,l to place ol anmiliencelilcnt.'
6. .'.iinmrnemg ai I pul |ilu..Ui.l .i.nii... Wert
bnnk .if l-uh.-r I'n-.-k, Snutli Inrl, nlmul all milui
frnm ...Inns Like, marked "A. McColioellaX.K.
cor...-., I.mi. Nn. ;.,"r ing 80 chaini soi.ll., s..
-liuni. weit, su chaini noith, 8u chain, east u>
place uf ciutlli'liceniullt.
o. Commencing at a pust planted on the wu.t
bank .-I Piihoi i-.eik, s,.u(h Fnrk. about six mil,.,
from Adams Lake, iua.ku.1 "A. McConnill'l N.W,
crn.-r, limit Nn. 0,' running su cluilni auuth, SO
chaina tint, an chalna nortli, 80 clmiiis west lo
place.,( oinnicneoinent.
January lib, 1907.
•atJan IS a McCONXKLL.
NOTICK la hereby given that 00 dayi after date
I inlend to apply to thu Hon. Chief Com
nitasioner of Lamb, ami Works for permission to
purel.a-u the (ulluwhig deacribed landi  in tbl
Writ Kwlenay District;
.   iiiiifif.Mii.- tt .1 po... planted lo chaina out
Irnin the aun.li weal Cnrnerol Lo. iisjlamt ...arked
■'!..  0. Trallurd siturtli-eaat error poat," thuiice
nutli  II. chains, tlienco  welt 20 cliains moll or
his t.. Uke shore, thencu north ailing ibiire to
aui.thwci. conn nl Ul 241.3,  .bunco uaa. 2n
cluiliia to ......it ut ci..ui.ienceioe.it.
Dnted November 13th, 1100.
dec /> wed
Patron,!* Home  industry.
Revelstoke Cigara.
K. 0, THAFruHD.
Smokt N
n*M**-'*r*'-,«*1^--«i'-^ *^^
I <■■! T C
a- •■>../
These goods are direct from one of lhe
best manufacturers in the East. New Spring
Stvtes. Tailor-Made Garments. Right up
ti. the minute in style. These Shins are
lo lit. Ii vou are looking for
1 in tliis line you had better
k this shipment over.
ln plain Black
Silks,  slii«
all guaranteed
■■ mething go
drop in and lo.
and Plain White Washing
New   Spring   Styles.   We
ruaranlee litis line.   You will only have
to look at them once to know iheir quality.
This shipment is only just in
s*i,;^^isw««Jauwwiiw-«."J^s.WRUiMwn!M smw.wj., ., ibssss.
nvitc thc ladies to inspect these Waists
yampvaaflwn m
S.SSSSBSISSSSBSSSSB. -tSAMV^-SSflMiqsSrl*RSIMtB0SSSMr; nousci-srisas-assi-sBsns.
n- si  1.-..1..1.*, r„ uoney, •■ ir-imp,"
Onluoki.rs fnuml much ..nm ....,,,,
in wutcliiiig the skaters an.l curlers
wl.il.>   the  ivlmle   rink run;; .villi life
-...I rig -.-,    'I'!-,',, curling cluh .|...*...--..
HI-ir.il .-.-- -II. !...- til.' f.| •....< i,( tin
'i- .1. rtumiii:, A series .1 skui
t.:,s ...I „..-,-il> bo Iii-Mjn,:. ..-..,,,,1
•s il.. ice has recovered Irom the
■'.-eHt'i.t. thaw nml thecnmpo'iti ...s ur.,
to be made as keen as possible.
Then you want to get a.good one, and liiis Store is ih.* place lo hin- it. If you
lost a Hat, send lhe winner here to buy it, for we have the best Hats at tiie least
money.   Now is the time to choose your Hats.   Thev are here ready for vou.
.', F.i, C. A. CONCERT,
Hewing I" il"' programmo t-r
i-.l -i ih<*.  Opera   House ....
lay evening ...-.u.    The c...
-  under  Ib.f  auspices  oi  in,
Auxi ;...- in ilm i:   v.:-.i.c..\:
S< I... Tl.e Maple Leaf.. ..Inplii
Miss llnz i I*. II
Local Talon   iSo.ib Mr. li.inli
.'.iusi.Ml Sketch,.. .t'l.-.r-n tor Jinpor-
son li-.i.s Will J. White
fin. [i
'h- rein'.
'.r'   is
I.ltlli0.4 .
Mul. () ■ en
■ Withi.
9999 $'l'
e Hand
and Faces
We luv. th nii'd |'-.-"i. ■-
ati i.i y... Imve . ve. trie I,
ca! I " I!-../-.in and Alii..mil .'.-.-;.-.."    Only   35
rents a b .ttle.     It I Is in
ii night.
Canada Drug
f s
C fo  I
J X  a
9 »
j.  «
* .
9 •
fo '.,
9 i
Book Co, fie
......... .. vO» ...... .......
III  IlllV 11   11.
rocers, linkers & Cotifectionets
Saturday, Feb, 9th.—Koi 21 hour-
Much mi'der, cloudy and foggy .villi
slight drizzle. Local conditions poi
.-ii-ly affected l.y approaching colli
wave. Temp. Mas. 30 degrees; Mil.
32 degrees,'
Local and General.
The medical staff of ilevelstoke
have beeu kept busy latelj with victims ol la grippe and also l.y cases ol
frost bite,
Sir Alexander L.icoste, who has resigned as cbiel justice of the Court of
King's Bench, ..ill become consulting
solicitor of the C.P.R.
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew's
Church are making preparations for a
Ba-ki-t Social to be held in Selkirk
Hall on Tuesday, the 19th inst.  111.
It lias been learned that Mrs.
U .--•' ;.ig,., lii-sides her many bt-nili-
cent g'ves hai donated $250,000 to tin-
Young Men's Christian Association.
Tiie i'oung People's Society oi Knox
church will hold llieir monthly literary meeting on Monday night, when
an interesting talk on minerals will
be given by Mr. E. A. Haggen.
Don't lorget the Bazaar and fecial
in the Selkirk hall, on Tuesday, Feb.
12th, by the Ladies' guild of St.
Peter's church. Good things for old
and young alternoon and evening.
Head manager. R. C. Hampl.n, of
the C.W.O.W., will p*y an official
visit to the local camp next week.
Sovereign Ran.plin is touring the
province In the interests ol the Order
of Canadian Woodmen, and a reception is being arranged (or liin. by the
l..cal camp,
Local train service is now at a
standstill, it being impossible to say
definitely when the trains can gel
through. Yesterday the Arrowhead
train was I reel to return • wing to
-:, wslidee, md So, 96 which arrived
here on 1 b irsday night, ii stalled near
Glaciet in >*i ides being very heavy
m di rally,
i Gold Hange Lodge, N'u. "211, IC, of I'.,
will attend divine servico.it St. Peler's
church rn.  Sunday,  Fob, 17, at 7.30
p.m I nil members are requested
to assemble at the lodge room at seven
p. in. sharp,
There will be .. gathering for men
in the lii. Y. M. C, A. Sunday alter.
...uiu at 3:30 for an lni.tr ol singing
mul nn informal talk by Mr. Fred
I'nce, Every mini will be welcome
who comes to this gathering.
A large number of transient visitors
in tho city who have been delayed here
by stalled trains aid unable lo get
nway, have visited the Y. M. 0. A. ..nil
took much interest in the building
and physical culture exorcises of the
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's
ohuroh are giving an "At Home" in
the Selkirk Hall on Tuesday, Fib. 12,
aflernoon and evening. A good
musical and social programme has
beeu arranged, and a sale ol work,
lish pond, candy stall, etc., will bold
attraction for nil. Admission—after,
no...., free: evening, 50 oents, refreshments included,
The Provincial government
commenced operations on tin
bunk and .. large number of men nre
engaged in laying down mattress work
of.. nature thai will, it is Imped, sue-
cessiully withstand the currents and
eddies nnd permanently protect the
bank  ..gains'   all   further    erosion
nu;, cue.
>-i- in.
|    To 11'
Kincaid dud Anderson i
Real Estate and Insuranco Aerts. |
1 MWinminiiW*!*! iihhi in iiiiiih mv* imaww I
Social and Personal
The buohelors are giving their annual ball in the Opera Homo ....
Monday, Fob, lltli.
It.Grcen, lute Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works in 1!, C, spent a day
or two in town this wei'k en route to
the coast.
Mrs. James T Teller will reeeivo at
her home.... Thursday and Friday.
February Uth and loth, from four to
sis and from eight lo len.
Mrs. Kennedy of Sault St.'. Marie.
Mich., is in the cay on a short visit lu
her daughter Mi.-s McCunnell and
son-in-law E, C. Fromey,
W.i.k will be hurried along as rapidly
as possibl. so as t i have a » lid fo in
ilation completed belore the high
ivater commences,
The cute of the i
Curling Club make Things Hum.
navel    .,.,     ,  ,.
I lie ska..ng run presented a pic-
l'r turesque   and   gay     appearance    un
Thursday  night  when a. grand mas
(>uerad|  carnival  i'as  neld under tin
auspices  of  the  Curling Club.    L'ln
ice was... excellent condition and th.
inasquerad. r- turned out i a mass, in
many uow and origin tl c il in.e . the
idges   ;....'•        rork cut uui I
Loon IT it.,.8.i
Musical M •■!. '..gi.e, .Enqulr
Will .1. Wl. I..
I' III- ll
Pii.liu K-lu    ..III   I'.-.-v n,iv.
.Miss Hazel Hell
Cn.iii. *•' - ;• Ilo- b .i Ha-kiiis.Dimvilli
Wil .! Whito
I .'"iii Tallin. Vi. li.. Duet. Misses livrt.
i'u...,  Song,. Piiv.it. .-.|.nvr*. .White
Will J. .Hi-..
Loniil T;.!....... .S.n.g. .Male Quartette
C .mi S - g.l.o.ing ... .. Man.Whin
Will ,1. White
.."I. SI. f THU  KIX.l,
.- Iriin.
i '.'■■'. nuns >,i meal e...- 'ers. oiin.pr.s-
ii.., H. Nairn, Guy li...-l.-i-, .1. Devine,
W. U. Itobi-rtson, A. 10 Kincaid, (I.
M. Field and Buck McKinnon, left nn
Thursday morning ... rake put in tbe
tinldi n tioiispiil which is being held
there this week. titer numerous
iiilds-i.p l.y snmv slides they reached
b.-ir dcstiiintiun yo-tei'dny ..ill a.m.
In the local co...petitions tlie following buiiics have taken place since
our la si i-ep.)i-i:
Equitable Cup—Rite 10, Pinkham 7.
Hrown II, Upper S.
Bums' Cup — Rao 12 Brown 4.
Brock 10, McCnrter 8
Business Locals
Fancy coloied candles end shinies at
TI'O Canada Drug & Hook Slore.
Nothing better than Our "Spocial
Pretty styles ol valentines lor 11)1)7
just, opened up ..t The Canada Drug
Remnants of carpet nnd linoleum,
large enough for a small room, at
Howson's furniture store, at reduced
McCnnkoy's best Canadian chocolates in II.. and Jib. boxes—sold at
The Canada Drug Store.
Come and get your choice of our
remnants of carpet and linoleums—
Howson's furniture store is the plnce,
Card games of all kinds, chess,
check. r<. crokinolo and carrom boards
sold at The Canada Drug Store.
il.'.-i.le  1"  whom ' ■ award .....
A large  nunibei        -. ■ • ■
present, and I -. .
tions ol n.u.        _  the  eveni
Tho  ;   owing    -■-. ■ tne    coitu
empty state ol th.    ..... „   .
watertankoftheci.y water supplj      M,    ...  Hecdl . ,   ,,.
which bis been  a  source  of gru     .   ,,,„„■
anxiety to the civic authorities of iat.       ,...'. .     .:
bas bee,, uncovered.   The watei
near the  Hum*   building, on Track      -,...-
All members of Court Mount Ilegl.ie
No.-UIIII. are requested tn attend tl.e
regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 11,
to arrange f..- ollicial business visit..(
High Secretary, Bro, Tin.inins, who
will vis-t Revelstoke about the 18th.
H. Edwards, R. S.
■  ■- nil -•   Lodge Loyalty,
3.0 i ! -..  must   I-e  lubmitted   in
ily c rtil id by  J. I.  Wood.
> . l-toke, in the undersigned
' :-- F. liruary 28rh, 1907.
Hesrv s, ,\k: in .ist,
Kamloops, 11, C.
We would like to show vou
our line of Suits, Overcoats,
etc., ele.
lo h-' found in the market
We cirry a large range am
*- '.I litem at  priees lliat
FEBRUARY    10th    AND   15tl)
Edward Brranscombe
Presents the Famous
Scarlet Mysteries
From London, England
This celebrated combination of Eight
Artisls who are crossing Canada
. n route I'm- Austnilia, will
appear as above, presenting the
in refined musical comedy including:
Musical Sketch (-..morjina
(From Daly's '1'hoatre, Lm. foul
MR THOS. WALLS, Character Artist.
Liitlit.ilnit Cartooulst
101 Queen's Iinil nur] Crystal I'nlncol.
.01 Royal Curl Ron Oimrn Co.)
(Of Savoy inul T.-rry's Theatres)
(OI Royal Opera House, Convent Qartlen(
(Qulldhnll School ol Mmlo).
PRICES, $1.00    -   75c.    -    60C.
Seats on Sale at Canada Drug
it Book Company,
treet, was found to be fraotured, and
a large v lunie ol water i\,- running
to wuste.   This delict  bus  n. -
remedied nnd the  tank
full, or nearly so, thus giving a good
supply .-I water in case
W. rk hai been  suspended  on  the
wing dam ;., the ron- - ..
mm... in     ind ancb ir ie
severely    handicapped     intislacl
•onstrucl        1:    -  undent
last -i i ■      itiou        uone;
D- nm.i- M .-   ,mi ment I
- <| -:.:    md the nexl  ap
"ill  ... i        ivailahli   foi
month.    IT.e  B ird  of Ti
taken active step
pletion ... ibe work.
■tTTAXTKIJ   A si. gle :	
\\       •       f.   ited,    -,..,lm,ah
.' I-n,.in,
rd.      :.'.'|.|im* i.
'wo Dwelling  Houses
In lake adv.Ullage of the ni.inv us..I'..J
and handsome nillcles lh.it we aro
oil'.'.-ing in our sale of Clocks, Out
Class, Tallin Silver, Watches, Jewelry,
and Novelties,
Ont pi-i.-i's have been reduced ou
nil theso iti-llcles, which are unfit it
for wedding or hirthday gifls, or for
use ui youi' own home,
Dun't forget our Optical Department, We mnko a specialty of that
and we guarantee satisfaction,
At-t.lflcl.il Eyes tested,
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc
A G E N T  F 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first Sl Op. Uui note
PRICE   $3,500
For particulars applv to
Murray  Poll
L MoPbadden, Minm
o Luck,
i ,, ,
.1 ck.   (j
K. Wili
M Mim\ (repii;
. I ,   :al and
(.   —I. VWl:. -m I     Cui, |C,
I ty  and
■ --      i    im..
Those  who  require  homes or stores
painled, papered and decorated
5c. To $2.50
Send  in   your
orders by Mail
W. BEWS. p,„, ,
Drugglit and Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attended
A   Ci mini .  :..    '  - -   .      tyli.i  h.,.
j ist roturned :.
into th. ''..i.  dei. i.i.-,.   i* 	
Iol ihe must arduoui    oxpi   •
The  therm iti rs—thi -    thai   r.
mained In business, n . iat, - .1 up Ui
 greet bei w,   In  such  inti
culd the mercury froze up solid ..,
many thermometers, and i case ol
.- ■ i li whisky, whi ill be 11 opened,
fas frozen solid. I be glait of tl.e
bottle was simply broken and tho
whisky wae eaten lolid,
A  populai entertain nl   will be
givon  in ti,.- Opora If.,use on Wed-
noidaj   Feb, Llth, by Will .1. White,
tin; well known humorist ami enter
tniner,   ns-.i-.teil   by   local     talent.
Thli   p pillar   a.nl   versatile   comedian    i-   woll known   throughout
Canada and hlsolevcr antl biimorout
in.person.ili......  aro a   marvel,     In
character tongt and sk. Iches, im list
ible monologuos, jukes, and olevor
in. (..lions, Will While i- a pasl
master, ami that Revelstoke will appreciate the entertainment isaioto pr'ne, I*djr'« Umbrelln
gone conclusion,   The ontortainmci;!     ''"''',- Oontloman, .1,
-   ■ .-. .in
Ml .MM.,
I  II. H
laiti    mi
.  ..
le , tt     •"   ,
■      ■ .    .    ."„:
Illll  I. . i.f.
A   'I . .mi',  il. ,.| Cook,
D Mel arti r. Sailor Boy.
l-i.-.l Berger, Jockej
r. Parker, II M  S, F.
A. McRae, Don 'i.
Bert Lawrence, El ' apil in.
10, McLean Farnu r,
\\  Chambers, Jester
F. [.', McGowan, Stockman,
l.  Itonger .....I W. Morgan, Nigger
.. niters,
K MoBao, Lord i hesterdcld.
V,. V, i onil! i, I  i   .
.1, W. McKeo, Charles 11,
l-i. 8, Jackson, Indian Chief.
.1. .Miii-rni, Mucker,
The following  were judged  to be
tbi! prize win..i-i
Best Lady, Mist  McNivi u,' Folly,
■   ■ - ■     ,   I Dairy
Men -  - im li.     Bt.
I   ' -      lock aiWili
..EX! U0..H 1(1
t.i» aesriuiiAnT
l.n ' III.. H.C. Plnnlali 1'i.llaliil.g
I -..   \    llnillli.I.   M-.ll   1,1,111,-   VI-IU-S
<   1-     arc in  l'finnl i nnl I'iiilnl
-i ,i, . uill tako. -i.-i* fnr
Painting antl Docorating, Wood Finishing and Polishing
In town or c...i.lry. First class
ivork guaranteed, Estimate given.
i'.i. nice -.I burnt wood process, Moderate charges,   lleply to
L .kci/iow Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C.
Dwelling and Lot, Socond Street     .     .     .    '. $2,000
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street 1,200
Dwelling and Lots, (comer) Fifth Street      .     .     . 8,200
Double Cornoi', Second Street, near V..M.C.A.        , (KK)
Lots on Second St., east of McKonzio Ave, each  .     . 2T.0
Lols on Third Sl., easl of MoKnutde Ave., each   .    , .   200
Lots on Fuui'lh St„ east of McKenzie Ave., each   .     . 175
Lnts on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . .   160
Bakery for
\. E, BENNISON, ha
premises, bal i   wagons, etc,
rom husiness,   llis
ng  concern, including
FOR  PARTICI I..'.!•'.'*
AI'I'I V '
Having jusl received i. large shipment of Pipes, Imported
Cigars, .-..11111011011017, stationery and Tobacco, wo nre now prepared to till your orders with the highest grade goods nt thu lowest
prices in the Cily.
pC ^
1- i.. ..id of the V, M, C. A. nnd under
j ilu. ..iir-pioos 1.1 the Ladies'Auxiliary
Seats mi sale at the Canada Drug ft
Book Store.
W,   MoKe
"Charles II." gold coll' links.
Best Girl, Mies Agn 1 Blackb rg,
"I III. Cetltur) Maid of Honor," sowing cuse.
Scott &
s, ETC.,
!•:, 11, C,
You Can't Get
Away From It
■, fm
- j
\ Mm,
—the lact that Howson's Carpels
and Bugs rank will, the highest of
imported and domestic brands,
And then the way we weave in
with our high-art lloor coverings,
the thread ol honest pricing I
There isn't a householder or
tennut in town who cun alt'ord to
overlook this establishment,
Ft. Howson & Co.
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