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The Mail Herald 1909-05-08

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For e.ise nf operation and perfection
ii rufUlla priiiiuceil, this miiehiue
is unsurpassed.    Prioe, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,    -    Agents.
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
-.ers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No
Provincial Library
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Come In and Try On a Pair of
If you have never yet worn Regal
Shoes, by all means let us supply you
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And we ean give you a
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The new  Regal styles will win your approval on sight
C B. HUME Sr Company
Agents for RevelstoKe, B. C.
b&mz:: g
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season of the year that the gnnd housekeeper wants lu brighten up the hunie, Kiilsniuiue some
moms, Varnish the woodwork. Paint the lluois. Varnish
Stain smne pieces of lhe furniture, Enamel the beds ur the
baths, Regtld the picture frames. AVe are best able tu
supply nil these wants, we outer for the trade, und we
carry ihe goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, A la bust ine, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all ready for the brush. Aspjnall's Enamels,
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents ill all principal points In Oanada.
Agents in (ileal Britain  nntl United Slates   -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Hank, Oom Exchange National Hank. .Seattle—Heal lie National Hank, San Fran-
cisco- Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane -Exchange
National Bunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,   received, and   Interest allowed at
current rale from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Special Bargains lor the balance of this
month in Ladles' and Children's Straws.
All the latest fashionable shapes.   We
also have the newest designs in Ladies'
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First   Strool
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■       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Council Lays Over Petition of
Trustees for Money Bylaw
—Public Works Board Presents Yearly Recommends
After cunsiderahle discussion at the
special m eiing ol the City Council
last night the memorial of the School
Trustees asking that a bylaw tu
authorize the raising ol $40,000 for
school purposes was laid over for a
fuller meeting of the Council hoard.
The recumniendaiiuns of the Public
Works Committee were carefully canvassed anil each item passed. Tenders
will be called (or all work specified ex
cepting the laying ul cement sidewalks
which will he carried nut under the
frontage tax bylaw.
The council enlivened at 8 o'clock
nub the Mayor iu the chair and all
tbe members excepting Aid. Sawyer
and Stone in attendance.
The memorial of the School Trustees
asking for tbe submission ol a bylaw
to raise the emu ol $40,000 for school
purpuses as already uutliued in the
Mail Herald, was fully considered.
Aid. Wells thought the memorial
should have been accompanied with
wider information as ibe ueed Iur the
outlay as the council hid nothing be
fore it but tho mere rei|ii»Bt for the
submission ol a bylaw. His Worship
explained the anomalous relaiiuns
existing between the Trustee and
0i uncil buards under the laws uf the
provinoe aud staled lhat the Trustees
being an elective budy had tlie right
tu make such requests. It was the
duty of the Council to facilitate a reference uf all such questions tu the
peuple whu are tbe liual arbiters in
the matter uf expeLditure. He alsu
suggested that perhaps a cunciliatory
conference with the Trustees might
secure a reduction ol the amount requested to $35,000. He thought, bnw-
ever, that the Trustees deserved cedit
and sympathy frum the Council as
during the laBt lew years they had
brought the Revelstoke school up to a
position second to that of auy in' tbe
province and that good value bad
been obtained for the school expenditures. The question of the location of
tbe new school waa briellly touched
upon after which the whole matter
was laid over tor a fuller attendance of
the members.
Bylaws Nos. 134 and 135 were recon
sidered and finally passed, receiving
the eignature of the Mayor and tbe
corporate seal. These were the two
money bylaws dealt with at the last
meeting ano already reported
The report   of   the   Public
Committee was aB (ollows ;
RevelBtoke, B.C , May (i
His Worship the Mayor
and Municipal Council,
Sins: Your Public Works committee recommend that the lollowing
work be done :
1. That a sidewalk six leet wide
extending fnr one block and une-half,
be built uu Railruad avenue.
2. That a wagon ruad to Kightb
street he opened up un Railroad avenue.
3. That tenders he called to open up
Vernon Avenue from the city limits to
Sixth street, to connect witb the
Government wagon road.
4 That a sidewalk be built Irom the
corner of Charles street to the coruer
of Kootenay Btreel, on the north side
of Third street.
5, That tbe ground uu the Columbia river bank from the C.P R. bridge
to tbe city limits be levelled and
surfaced with a coat of gravel or
(i. be made to tbe
Buard uf Kailway Commissioners and
to the Superintendent of the C.P.R
lor permission to build a subway
crossing leading to the cemetery at a
place to be determined.
7. That a sidewalk be built ou
Second street, on the north side, from
tbe corner of Pearson to the corner ol
8. That tenders be nulled to brush
uut (Iurden   avenue aa   far   as   llmad
Resp ctfully submitted,
K. Bawykk,
<' li ii ir lium Pub Works Cum.
lu connection witb the above roport
it was decided that the block specilied
in Clause 7 would be suitable lur the
purpose ol making an experiment with
the Finnlagc Tax system, and it was
resolved tbat a cement sidewalk bo
laid, the cost of which shall be borne
by tbe properly owners aud the city in
the pmpiii tiun ol two thirds and one-
third respectively unless objection is
taken under the provisions ol the
by lawa by the property owners
It waa also resolved lo comply with
the petition ol the property owners in
the block ou First sireet Iroiu tbo
Olub House one block west, wbicb petition was received last year, and lay a
ten foot sidewalk on the north aide ol
the street in this bluck.
It waa further definitely decided that
uu mure petitions lur cement sidewalks under tbe Frontage Tax By-law
will be entertained Ibis year unless
received within une week from laat
An in vital inu Irom tbe management
tu the Mayor to he present at the
..pcning ceremonies of Ihe Alaska-
Vukon-Pacilic Exposition on Juno 1
waa received, aud on motion of Aid.
Wells and McDonald, the Mayor was
requested to accept it and attend. Tho
Mayur thanked the Council aud signified that he wuuld endeavor to attend,
alter wbicb the Council adjourned.
Persian Revolutionists Are Still
Active. — British Marksmen
Captures Target Score.—
Moonshiners Kill Sheriff.
Baku, May 7—One thousand rounds
.if rille ammunition wero confiscated
here to-day, juBt as it was abuut to be
shipped to Persian ports. The ammunition was being forwarded to the
Persian revolutionists who, in spite of
tbe Shah's promises to summon Par
liament, do n..t cease their activities,
DrjLUTH, May 8.—Advices received
last nigbl are to the etl'tct that the
Steamer Shores, six days overdue at
Dulutli, wenl down off Whitehall
Puiut, in Lake Superior, with all on
board. The crew aud passengers
numbered 21.
Hugo, Okla., May 7.—In a light
between a posse and a band of nmuii-
s'.iiners near Turkey Creek tudny,
Utuied Statps deputy marshal Luu
Hulden was killed. The* band was
muted, and after many Bhuts had been
lired, three of tbe moonshiners were
captured. The atill w .sdestroyed and
ft quantity nf whiskey confiscated,
Washington, May 8—British rille-
men bave soured an overwhelming
viotury uver American marksmen in
the international small-hire match,
which haB just been ended. Tbe
match was oo gal lory ranges in the
respective oouutries. The British made
the giand total of 14,683 pointaout ul
» possible 15,000, ur au average nf 2111
per man. Tne American te un scored
The National Rille Association in a
statement to-day Bays it is dillicult to
explain the inferiority ut the Americana
since the team was made up uf sume
ul the best marksmen in the cuuntry.
Wide Swath in Shusway Valley
Swept Clean by the Flames.
Farm Houses. Buildings and
Mills Licked Up Like Straw.
The whole Shuswap valley, particularly the districts near Mara aud
Lumby, were this week subjected to a
terrible scorching, and heavy damages
trom the travelling ol bush fires fanned
by higU wiuds. The d:y spring had
left the bush everywhere in a fit condition to invite conflagration. It is
reported that small lirea started Irom
tbe camps lelt by road workmen and
tbat for ten days' previous to the big
burn tliese were Been smoking at various pointB. No alarm was lelt, bow-
ever, for the anioke was distant and
tbe air still.
Last Monday the winds arose and
by evening had increased to almost a
gale, tanning the Humes and driving
them before it like adevouriugdeinou,
leaping streams as tin.ugh these were
not and feeding upon everything coin
buslible within thi track of lhe hulu-
cauBt. Farm buildings, fences, residences itint nil Wooden structures Went
duivn like stubble and iu many cases
the stuck and implements of tho
fanners were destroyed.
The roaring swath of Hume sunn
reached Mara ou the way to which
and at which a story of similar devastation is told. Iu additiou to the farm
building the big mills and machinery
ol tbo KuthesiiY Lumber Co., with a
part of the lumber in the yards was
consumed. Throe bridges wore binned
out along the highways.
Lumby, Blue Springs and Shuswap
Falls were the next to anll'or. At
Blue Springs tbe sawmill and box
factory of W. K. Megaw went down
together will) a quantity ol lumber.
The house and stables of Price Ellison,
M.P.P., at his bay ranch, went up in
smoke and a long list of other losers is
When inice tbe liames took headway
there was n.along that could stay the
devouring clement uwing to the tierce
winds. The trail ..(the fiend is une of
blackened ruins and it will ho many
years befure the losses sustained can
be made up by sulVorers. Fortunately
uu lives are reported lost in tho story
ol the bla/.o.
Warning to the Boys
The local C.I'.R. ollicials aro much
worried over the action ol buys allec-
lod witb more or less ol the spirit of
adventure whu persist iu jumping un
tbe incoming and outgoing smith
train at lho crossing and when the
switches are being taken lor the right
tracks. The hoys take groat risks as
.lynn little (ollows who can scarcely
roach the steps cling tu the bars and
railings and hang un kicking their
loot inin tho air. The train crews
havo dune everything in tlieir power
to discourage the buys and have warned them of tbo danger of their practice but to nu avail. It may do no
barm but much good aud savo, some
day, liioken hearts if parents ol such
children will authoritativoly cum-
iiiand thorn to desist. The poril of
such conduct is great and the time tu
take a firm stand is before, nut aftei
an accident. Tho railway cumpany
may, in Boll protection bo obliged to
take measures tu stop the practice
which wuuld nut be to the liking ol
the parents ol children hut parental
inlluence should bo able tu prevent
the necessity tor tbis.
New Educational Home for
Children is Spacious and
Modern.—Plans at City Hall.
—Provision Made for Staff.
The plana fur the new divisional
schools tor which the Trustees will ask
the ratepayers through the City Council tu authorize tbe raising by debenture the sum of $10,000, may he seen
at the City Hall. These exhibit a
structure in every way calculated to
meet the needs ol the city for aome
yeats to come and of architectural
character sullieiently distinctive to
suit the must critical taste. Viewed
Irum the outside the plans show a
building with concrete foundation,
the superstructure being of brick
55x112 feet in dimensions and two
Btoreya in height, with basement windows well elevated above the level of
the earth.
Tho trout facade exhibits twelve
windows (or ouch lluor and the side
elevatiun bIidwb six, thus providing
ample lighting for the claaa looms
within. The aide e.evatinns alsu show
steel stairway lire escapes of mudoin
design facilitating escape in alarms
and danger lr in lire. The ruuf is
Hat with malihoid ur rubberine protection. The approaching stairway
and porches are ample in capacity and
the vestibules and oorridors within
Un the tirat floor there are lutir class
ruunis, each 24 x 34 leet while in tne
centre of the building and between
these is the assembly room, a magnificent hall 28x110 feet. This floor haa
alsu the Principal's room, which is tn
be 10x11 leet. Lavatories, retiring
and clunk rooms, are also conveniently
arran ed
The second Boor ia almost a repli-n
of the. lirst save for ihe size and ar
rangenient of the rooms. The claaB
rooms arc ol the same dimensions, but
the assembly room is Binaller, being
but 28x24 feet.
A teachers' room 13x17 and a library
11x21 feet, cutnplete the hat of the
larger divisions of the building. Cloak
and retiring rooms, aa on Ibe llour
below, are equally convenient. The
atair platform on the second lluor
landing ia lix25 leet.
The basement, in addition to tbe
janitor's roomB, furnace room, luel
bins and store rooms, is divided into a
girls' room 22x40 and a boyB1 basement ball 26x76. All tbe basement
rooms are cement lloored and tbe
furnace and store rooms fire proof.
The specifications call lor the beal
material throughout in the construction and finishing of the building,
while every modern feature safeguarding the life and convenience of
the pupils haB been incorporated iu
the plana and will be stipulated iu
the tenders.
Should the by law meet, with the
approval ol the ratepayers and the
authorization to build be given, the
Trustees expect that the legal red tape
necessary to the lotting of a contract
may be speedily dispused of and the
wurk ul conslrucliim begun. While
ii is not iheir expectation lo bave the
new building leady lur occupation b)
lhe end of the Midsummer In.lidnys
Ihere ia every anticipation that the
beginning of the year will sec the new
premises in use.
Happenings  Throughout Week
in B. C.
Fierce bush lircs have been raging
in the Shuswap valley all the way
from Lumby to Shuswap Falls. Much
valuable timber and many settlors'
In.uses and clients and several mills
have been destroyed.
After being conceded to bave been
practically worked out by the former
ownois, tho Canadian Consolidated
Company has uncovered an ore body
in Hie War Eagle that contains a
million dollais. It is on the ninth
level anil is the most important disci.very in lhe liistury ol Russland.
The lender ol the Liberal party and
uppusiliun iu lhe Legislative Assembly hub been presented by his friends
wiih a splendid portrait of himsell
ilouu in mis. The prcsonlaliun tuuk
place Ibis week in the ruunis ul the
Victoria Liberal Club
Convict -I. Clark wlm escaped Irum
the penitentiary with Bill Miner, was
tried this week and sentenced tu servo
an six month- fur hia escapade. He denied furco or violence
in making bis canape and thus evaded
a penalty ol seven years. He alsu
staled Uml   hu   was nul   iu   cullusiun
wiih Mimr  and   the  other escaped
convicts and  know   nothing   of   Iheir
freedom nil he met iiicin outside.
Wednesday, at Nelson, observed as
Arbor Day, was marked by twu latali-
tius. Wallace E. Milldren.a workman,
..bunt 40 years of ago whu had been
digging a sewer trench, gut caught in
a huge cave iu and was smothered, all
attempts at rescue proving unaucccss-
tui as he was deeply covered, .lainea
S. Colo, a C,P.R. brakoman, committed suicide by shunting while in a
demented cuudition.
The North Pacific Lumber Company's mill at Barnet wiib completely
destroyed by lire un Thursday night.
Tho lire broke OUt shortly before midnight and was soon beyond control.
Assistance was called lur Irum   Van-
New Seeds Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    MeOlary's Stoves
Crockery. Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
objects to a
fair price for
the ri§ht
thing   "
*^/o "'*»«'*
We give our customers such good service
that they glad}' pay us the price we ask for our
clothing. We do not keep cheap, poor fitting
clothing made out of poor cloth.
We have built'up our business by making
a profit but we make only a fair profit. Holding
up a customer would not pay us. We would
rather hold up the quality of our clothing for
this is what holds up our business.
Large consignment of Trunks and Suit
Cases just arrivec
B. B. WALKER, President : Paid-lip Capital, $10,000,000
AIIXAHDEH LAIHD, General Manager    Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Tha new Travellers' Cheques recenll) issued b) tins Bank are a most convenient
way in which to carry money when travelling   They Arc issued in den om inst ttmm ei
$10,   $20,  $50, $100 and  $200
and Um exact amounl payable in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
(Hermany, Ureal Britain, Midland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland is m.iu-,1 on the (are trf each cheque, while in other co
tb__ry mre payable at current rutev
Tbe cheque* and all information regarding them may be obtained at
at th« Bank. 1"*
Huuver ami the engine* went mil, but
irnvril tun late tu nave tbe mill,
iliuu^li they managed in comim- tbe
lUmeH lu tbat building ami prevented
tbe fire Irom spreading to ibe lumiier
yard. The damage U ctttimatetl at
f 260,1	
That Armour a Co., the nn-at meat,
packers, witb headquarters «i Chi-.;... intend iuvestingand establishing
ollices In British Columbia, in indi-i
natod by the lael that tbeir rcpresen- j
tative in thin provinoe. W ■ A. Cutler j
has just oompleted a tout thmugii the I
Interior, snd ha" prepared a report un |
the   prevailing   which   he
will rii'iui to bli employers, He wa»
sent tu report un the punaihilities ol
the Kootenays and Okanagan tin.
triots, and lound everything in a must
iliuiriiuiiiii- condition during a trip
which lasted lur ten day!
Buy tbe best Flour,     That's Koyal
Adding More Buffalo
Wissiiiu, May 8,—Cenadian cuw-
buya have gathered at Lethbridge,
Allierta. preparatury to leaving for
Montana tu asaiat iu ruunding up SOU
hulValu, the remainder uf tbe big herd
purchased two yeara ago by the Cana-
■lian Qovemment, and wbicb burst ft
corral and got away last summer.
Special Iraine uf especially constructed
earn will convey tbem tu Canada.
Canada will auun bave 1,000 buft'alu
running iu a park at Klk Island.
Broke From Durance
Stanley Kida held iu the provincial
gaol here awaiting his trial at tbe
next assizes Iur unlawfully placing
ntwlructiuns on the main line of tbe
O.P.B., broke gaol last nigbt and
escaped. 1*. Const. Kington is in hot
pursuit and the recapture ol the Austrian is expected today.
Everybody meets at the Roller Kink, THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B C.
iTt BDaY   at
riov publishing Compang,
O T 1 A W A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Ollice and betoie Railway
l urn miss ion.
Uus. Ln.uti.bij .ilt ..nuv, Sl.P.
Haiujlu ritjuiiii.
it AKll-.K
UrriCkh ■    iMfLhiAI. : ANK BUILDING REVSL-
tllu__.__., ti, O.
jloiii-y LO iuan.
ui_tii.«B: Uovautok.
uiio. s. MoUaHTBn
jl.  M,   1'ISKH.IM
ll C.   Cranbrook, n D,
J. A. IIauvkv,
i iranbrook n. 0.
■vttilliam i. Biuaua
Solicitor, .'ii-.
S llll l!..I   I..11
'lm  I ANAiUAN Hank m- ComMKites,
i'nk Molsons Hank. Ivn .
l-'iitsr ST„
il Uiud Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
Mi Khnx.ik,
BuX   ll»i,   ItEVKLSTUKK
c.  w.  o   w
Mountain   View Camp. No. 229
Meeta  Seoond  and   Kuurth   Wednesdays
each month, in Selkirk Hall.   Visum   Woo
mun cordiaiiy Invited m attend,
W. I). AHMSTKONO, (_'oti. Com.
J. .Mr I.VI VltK. Clerk.
F. O. E.
tlm Selkirk
6    o'clock
The reittilar meetings are imlti 1
Hun  «iwj  Tuesday  eveuiug    nt   »
Visiting brethren tiro o.nliHlly iiivilml.
IT   J   WALSH, I'lU-tuiiKST.
W. K. McLAl'l HLlN.Shi'iibtAUV.
Kootenay  Lodge, No.  15, A   F. & A. Nl.
Tlm ri'itiilut
.iiu-.-- urn lielil Hi llie
U.I.IIell.Ai.- Hull, on
the third Mimiiity in
each niontli hi It VisttiuK bretli-
rou    cordially   wel-
r. a. i'Kui'L'XIKI!. Skcbbtakv.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, 1.0,0. K.
Menu..every Ttiur.-
day   Hvotiiiiy   iu    Sni
kirk Hall at 8 o'clock
_  Visiting brethren are
cordi   ally iuv
W. A. Km IT)'..
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
JUUbthlV  O!
il dlcllinv
except i ii.i-l Wed.nesd
each miinth. iu
Hall   at   ?    .'.-I ick.    \ laitlnR
Kuiiihts are c irdially .uvited.
G. H. HKUCK   K.
J.  H.
if  K. 4 S
■ t K.
Zbc m>atl=l)eralb
There is so much bed iu the best ot in.,
And so much irood in the wor.-t uf us.
That it hardly behooves auy uf ns,
T>. lam ah,int the rest of us.
SATURDAY, MAY   8, 1909
already taxed it beyond its capacity. Such iucroasc in tlio population will continue and the health,
comfort and convenience of the
children must be taken iulo ac-
count and adequate accommoda-
lion provided, As we have said,
the determination to do this at
unce i? a mutter fur gratification.
As to the desirability of obtaining a title to Block LU. there are
scarcely two opinions. The city.
within it-elf, has ut present nu
recreation grounds fur its youili
and both the location of the block
and its general features render 11
admirably adapted fur such use.
But beyond and inure important
than this is its adaptitude for future, if uot for present educutional
purposes. With its increasing circumference of industries Hevelstoke
| is bound to become at no far distant date mi educational center in
wbicli High Sohool facilities of lhe
most advanced character may be
enjoyed, Moreover, the inevitable
rise in land values would suggest
und sanction the purchase at once.
Already the block bis alinoBt
doubled in price since the lapse of
the city's option and it is now
offered at its assessed value, There
is every assurance lhat, failing its
acquisition by the city it will be at
once subdivided anil placed on the
market with the city's opportunity
lost. W'd Bhould suppose it would
lake little else to induce the support of the bylaw.
Heverting tu the question of the
new school, the memorial of the
Trustees asks fur authority to build
on the block purchased by the city
sonic four years ago on Sixth street
mist of McKenzie avenue. Such a
proposal ut once introduces the
principle of Ward schools as
against the policy of centralization
and each of those has its ardent
supporters. Geographically the present school premises ure almost in
the center of the city but the preponderance of school population
lies eust of Connaught avenue,
out of un enrolment of 111 two
hundred uml ninety live east of
that avenue while 1.51 reside on
the west side. Most of the former
urn primary class scholars the class
registration gradually rising us the
older part of the city is approached.
These facts ure among the considerations which weighed with the
Trustees in resolving lo ask for
authority to build in tlie east end.
beyond this they are arrested with
the reflection that when lhe rate-
pavers authorized the purchase of
the eust end block it wus tube
used fnr school purposes the obvious thought being that a school
would be erected there some day.
It is doubtful if the Trustees could
erect a school elsewhere without
breaking faith with the ratepayers
und the present Hoard at least feels
that it bus no right to ignore ihis
feature of the situation.
Aguiiii-l these arguments are
strongly  urged   the general advan-
of political and capitalistic opposi
tion—with lhe building of   brand
lines making the country the hack-
ground fabric of u network of ruil-
wuys is little less iliuii amazing.
Particularly is this the case in the
Northwest where, this year alniie
almost $100,000,000 urn being
spent in the construction of feeding
lines. While railways bave a characteristic distinction of going where
iheir promoters please, the neees-
-ity for providing transportation
for the iullux of settlers and the
conveyance of their enormous
ii lieul crops bus doubtless made
the prairie provinces the cenler of
development and extension this
year, Slowly but surely however,
is the empire creeping westward
und when once the imperative
necessities of the middle west have
lieen caught   Up   with    and   rivals
successfully distanced these exploiters of   the country's resources
will    look    toward    llie setting sun
fnr new provinces to conquer It
may be   because  British Columbia
is the last west that she is so slowly coming Into her own in the
matter of railway promotion yet
even in this province there are not
wanting the signs of tbe laudable
covetousness of the railway magnates in their desire to monopolize
the mosl advantageous routes and
reach the salt water terminals
quickly. The unconfirmed report
that the Grand Trunk Pacific and
the Canadian Northern are lucking
arms instead of horns in their
adoption of u joint route from the
Yellowhead Pass to Vancouver, if
confirmed would simply prove that
it is sometimes better to compromise than try conclusions.
Such a compromise and combine
cannot now affect railway development within the province. (liven
a straightforward and luisineelike
railway policy by the provincial
government und the taxpayer of
the province like the taxpayer of
Canada will be prepared to stand
his levy to see the country served
as other provinces are being served.
We are quite prepared to believe,
judging from tbe frequent visits of
railway magnates to the government ollices in Victoria that in the
incubation of great schemes and
the devising of great railway systems the desirable routes through
'.he province to the coast cities have
not been overlooked. It would
perhaps be idle to expect the greater lines lo be delayed for the lesser
but the development along the entire line bus been so rapid it needs
no optimism lo foresee that British
Columbia must -nun cume in for
that share uf attention which she
and her resources merit. Perhaps
the next race will be iur Hudson's
Bay but such will in no way return
the extension of necessary railways
in ; he pro\ nice.
A capital  in ii the de
moralizing   lin' '   .t   Kr'-ut
mmunily for
many   mill -    -    i stani ed in   the
ational authorities,     The holding  He that   almo*
of   all the similar classes of a ci       ' f   the stati hashing
by  one teacher   wherever possi tie   '	
and a- nearly under the eye ol the
school principal as a i     i  with its
tuges of a policy of   centralizati
now so much in  favoi  among   d i-  reports * is iron,
It i- gratifying to know that, by
the action ol the School Trustees
and tbe City Council the ratepayer : Kevelsloke are to have un
early opportunity of voting upon u
bylaw to raise money for school
protects, particularly ihe building
I • new school and the acquisition
ol    le irable   property   for  school
purposes.     The     rsl  lui     ■•   thi :.,-■., genera sh p   I          teaching
state   toward   us   offspring in this staff are not   questions that can   •
age   is   to   provide   the  means uf disposed of   with   a   sneeze.    It is
acquiring   an   education-—at least moreover,   pointed    out   that   the
an elementary education—but foi- distances in no  case are great a ml
lowing this   closely   is the obliga-! that   in other cities even with the                              NiM,:      '   "'
tion to-ee thnt   this   is done with best ward   Bystema the pupils 1                                           mch an ag-
the   greatest   possible   regard   fur togo   farther to reach school than ~'r"                       sit the J
the   health, comfort  and conveni- would be the case in this
■•nee   of   the    bildren during the With th,-    lifferenoe o!   op
)"•'•' :"<   *-■■■' :   scholarship    Thi existing   among   the resident oiti-|'ornl
■ ■' mission   I i byl w to    ithori • ,,.,,    u   behooves   the  ratep
thi raising   ol   540,000   will bring «-i,., will   vote  upon  the bylaw to
icstioni   with   tbeir related acquaint     themselves     with    the
■" ■•        'rely   before thi |ieo| weight of argument ol each
''■''■' '   i '• lhe prioe cate and  be governed iccordingly,
1 he   memorial   ol   'In-  ir i. eet While   we   would   be relucti
,::'     '■'   l"     re    •-■-    authoritj believi thai an} division of opinion
t0   build   ll   ""»   'Chool   tn I lhi .,.      , i,   m  matter could defeat u
P IWI ' ''    I ■" ■•-'- '   >'■'"" ■   Ml  the desirable   bylaw   it   would he well
vacant   property   lying acroia Lhe to thoroughlj canvass the situation
Btreel   from   the     presenl     chool and leave no misunderstandings to
premises,   The estimate of the cosl arise after   the   voting   hai  taken
of   the   new   school    building   is
145,000 ni   which   ll
li*«#i*MN^k;;i«l*---,''S ■
A Wi
Why Christie's Biscuits
are the best
iOOD BISCUITS arc made
by more than one or two manufacturers, and can he baked from any
one of a few excellent brands of (lour,
but   the   Christie   way  is  different.
The best millers in Canada ship us samples of
their flour twice a year, or oftener. We test the
samples and select the best brands for our purpose.
Wc blend the brands wbicb we bave proved best—
keep on blending und testing by actual baking until
we get a dough good enough to sustain, or better,
the Christie  reputation.
Every ounce of raw material is carefully analysed
before it can  pass into the mixing room.
The best sugar, pure, fresh creamery butter, new'
sweet milk and delicious cream these pure ingredients mixed with our blend of Hour, in the Christie
scientific way, yields that delightful, appetising crisp-
ness and delicate  flavor which bas made
Christie's Biscuits
favored above all other table dainties from ocean to ocean.
Yes,  Christie's  are  the  best   biscuits   money  can
buv, vet thev cost no more than just ordinary biscuits.
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Christie, Brown & Company. Limited, Toronto
Ynu are if you huve a duplicate coupon hearing one of the
numbers below, li yuu hnhl a luekv numbpr mail it to us, nnd you
will receive a beautiful llll' piece dinner set, Bul remember—you are
as like! ■ ,•,:_. u;xt mouth on ihis month's coupon, so save your
coupons uml collect as man) as you can.
The winning numbers fur April nre:
37199  49534  49232  45230  47354
40751  29152  45225  39848  45224
Royal Standard Flour is h winner anyway] IT IS TUE PUREST AND BEST FLOUR MADE. Every 491b. saok oonUi.i- a
coupons eniitling the holder lo a chance to win one of ten beautiful and
cosily dinner Bels given away eaoh   month.   Gather ihe coupons, and
watch this space for illilioillieeiiienls.
The New Edition of the
Vol. \ III   is.i
pages,   \\ iih
eil May. 1909, couloii
nearly 50 per cent
rnatter'than lhe preceding edition,
chapters with nine desci iption.s
statistics have been carefully revise
the bulk of lhe matter therein is
md on
tl  and
j5 chapters.
for   ■
..   .
1.    . ng musl
1 tion.
oi ii
• nn _•    :'   ■.   ini-  br iftd   •
the .- emp ted   io   man
oai     ■■    ttie d
■   .
glei iei! .....
Ibal    ' tioal on   il    I
|tgel| eave many ol
of partici      :- indisposi d li  return
iund   when it is over
Covering Copper History, Geology,
_ ipliy, Chemistry, Mineralogy, .Mining. Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Kefining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Termtnologv, Deposits by
Districts, Suites, Countries and Continents Mines in Detail, Statistics of Pro-
■    ■    Consumption,   Imports,   Exports,
Finn '
er Ha   Ibook is i ui   ededly llie
tins,   ui   ihis
lai ged   edition,   aboul
the   Bible
iter bulk.      Ii   is   tilled
\ roR
1 HE
•l.l.l  KIM
I'I IK   OON!     MEH
1 HE  Ml Ml'.
1  lop, or
Send  no
.,    :
' '
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       otlice   McKenzie Ave
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
JNow  is  the time tu urder yuur mill
wood.    Five luuds aud uver
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   any puint   between Mill
nnd Kootenay Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order nt ntlice nf
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
(e J. Stevens
.    MICH
lu.- engogi i
-inning the
1 v 1 a w
rt third
hi lavorabl)
. oted upon tbe am it at the dis
Nn student ol  tile lin ••- • nn fail
to be impressed with the marvellous
posal   of   tbi    Trustees     will   be  railway   development   in   Canada
155,000, leaving   a   margin ample and the strenuous rivalry of   com
fur tin purchasi of block l.ll. peting  companies   to   push   their
I'he necessity of increased accom- lines into desirable territory, espec-
Uiodation need not   be argued here,   ially   during   the   last   few years.
Seven years ugu when the present
school was built it was deemed
adequate to meel the needs of tin
oity lur many yean bul lhe natural   increase  in lhe population has
The giguntic undertaking of the
Qrand Trunk I'acilic—though in
no sense as giguntic un undurtak-
ing ur Umi ..I the 1 .IMi. uur bosel
iuih half it.- difficulties in the way
leature of lhe 111  hghi
, i proposed   in   he 11
uf i lotnmon    is   lhal d effei <
..    ,n  ... .. 11 Ition to
the people to voluntaril j adopt the
pri in iplo   ol   ;i n    huur- .nl ■ i nOfl of
the   1 look      Then-  Is   no pi
clause in  the bill and violation of
it will strike no terror to lhe be 1
of any community.    80 they will
ull tlo as they please        W hut's the
Full ituck   nl   typewriter
supplies at Hows'drug Store,
unl u.Hoo
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Uash PricfjH Paia
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Bxporter of Purs
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lirst elii-in   Wurk    (iniiraiiteed.
Mail Orders  Promptly  Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Stri-ct and Robson Ave.
.iilii 1
,1 (hi
liiriro nr.  .11.nil   1	
I,,amiil   iin.'". tat ■ '. lh
All klnitl   .( I,nil.Unit 11."I plntl.TlilK
W CUAM-Sr le****:  THE MOST
v        and
cheapest In the
wears longest
I.m (____..«!.« C* ■■
.•■••-a tt.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Yotir^Home Beautiful
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Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohants
I'm k Packers and Dealers In Live Stm-k. Markets in all tbe prlncl
nul Cities and Towns of Alberta, Briush Columbia and tho Yukon.
Puckers of ihe Celebrated Brand " Imparatur" Hams and Bacon,
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Central Hotel
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United Stales, lt is an absolute preventative andVurc fnr Pear Blight. We
Invite Investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Stution bus n«ed this lice
pain' for three > ears. November; 10O7i tbey purcbrsed BO gallons Ini' free
distribution among lending orchards.    Send for 16-page fie.; booklet tn
G. It. LAWKS, Enderby, B, 0., Sole Manufacturers fnr B. 0,
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Seeds for the Farm, (iurden, Lawn in- Conservatory, Te-led slock from
tho best growers in Bug*
land, France, Holland,
I'niit'tl Slates, Canada,
Fruit nud Ornamental
Trees, Small Fruits, ling-
lish Hollies. Orown in
the unly pari nfJAnicrican
Continent nut infested
with the Sin .lose sen le.
Our trees tin nnl have 10
be fumigated nnd {-tinse
quently damaged.
140 Pauo Catalogue. Froo
M.    J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed  Houses '
3010 Westminster Road
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion Mineral Olaim, situate in
the Troul Luke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located:  -Rapid Creek..
Tnke notice thai I. Uathertne Maud
Eraser, Free Miner's CertiHoate No, B
84283, intend, sixty days from the date
huiciif, to apply to tlie Miuing Record-
er fm n Certificate of Improvements,
fur the purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further lake uotice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
nf Improvements.
Dated   this  22ndday of   February,
A.D. 1088.
uiuv 12      Catherine Maud Fraser
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
31st. imrKMiii-'i!, 1908
Security Fop Policy Holders
l'nidnii stuck ..% 311,411000
13al. uncollected 1'.8,470 00
Government requirement.. 192,608 08
Balance at cradtt      24,976 29
■   Tutal Security $376,584.82
(established half a century)
Revelstoke Land District.
District nf Wesi Kootenay,
Take Nulice that I, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
tn apply for permission Lo purchase
the following described land:
Commencing at a pust planted nu
lake shure, at lhe northeast corner of
lut 7005 and marked "A.W. Dickinson's Northwest Comer," thence suuth
■ID chains, east ll) chains, north 40
chaini), west 40chains, followiug lake
shure tu place nf commencement.
Dated April 71 h,  1809.
Ap. 10. A. VV. Dickinson.
IN THE MATTER OF AN  APPLICATION   for   .li-   issue  of   a
duplicate Certificate ol Title for
Ixits I, 2and 8,  Block 88, Tuwn
of Revelstoke (Map 1I3U).
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of une month after tbe first
publication hereof a duplicate uf the
Certifloate  of  Title    to   the   above
mentioned lots in the name uf Dennis
McCarthy, which Certificate is dated
the   5th" of   December,    lOUti,   and
numbered 0S4SD.
District Registrar.
t.and Regis! rv Ollice,
Nelson, B. 0., .March 24, IH0II.
Notice of Dissolution
the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned as eigne manufacturers at Rovelstoke, B. 0., under
the name of ihe I'n un Cigar Factory,
bas been dissolved by unit unl consent,
Tbe business will in future be carried
un by James Walker, who assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and whu
is entitled to receive payment of all
sums due and payable to the partnership.
Dated April 3rd, 1909.
ill. A. Brown,
I Jas. Walk 15it.
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between
tbe undersigned E. J. Branford, Frank
Hill ami A. Wallace Dickinson, carrying on business as E.J. Branfuid .V Co.
as freighters and puckers at Oamborne
and Beaton, B. ('.. has this day been
dissolved hy mutual consent. The said
A, Wallace Dickinson retiring frnm
the said firm and the said E. J. Branford and Frank Hill continuing the
Imsiness under the same name of E. .1
Branford & Co.
Dafetl April 14th, 18(111.
K. J. Bhaniokii.
a. W. Dickinson,
ap 14-iuy 5     Frank Hill,
Notice is hereby given lhat, pursuant
to iln> "Creditors' Trust Deeds Act, 1909*'
and amending Acts, Joseph I>. Oressman
and John Morrison, of the City of Kevelstoke, 13. C, in the Provinoe o\' British
Columbia) trading under the firm name ot
Cressman and Morrison, is
tailors, did on the i7thd.1v of April, 1909,
assign all their personal property, real
estate, credits and effects held by them as
partners, which may be seized and sold
under execution) lo William J. Law, of the
said city of Revelstoke, Sheriff, for the
benefit of their creditors.
And notice is hereby given that a meeting ot the creditors of the said Cressman
and Morrison will be held iu the office of
Gillan and Elliott, Lawrence Block, McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B. C., on
Saturday, the 15th day of May, at the
hour ot j.;o o'clock in the afternoon.
All persons having any claims against
the saiil Cressman ami Morrison are required lo forward particulars of the same
duly verified) to the assignee at Revelstoke
B. C, on or before the 1st day of June,
1 got).
And notice is hereby given that after
that dale, the assignee will proceed to
disbribute Ihe proceeds of the estate,
having regard only lo the claim*' of which
ho shall have received notice, aitd he will
not be responsible for the assets or any
part thereof so distributed to any person
or persons of whose debt he shall not then
have received notice.
Dated this 4th day of May, 1909, at
Revelstoke, B, C
Solicitors  for Assignees.
Before the First uf May, two six-
roumed houses, in Revelstoke, with
two acres of land each; including, if
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated west of C.P.R. track
Lower town.    Apply to
tc Box 236, Revelstoke.
Tnke notice il'at thirty days aftir
dat.- 1 intend lo applv to the Siipeiin-
tenilent nf Provincial Police for a re-
j en nl nf lhe retail liquoi license fur
be Onion Hotel, Arrowhpad, B. O,
for the half year from June 30th, I mill,
to December 81st, 1808.
Daled this ."il h day of Mny, 11)1111.
may nliii W. J.  LlQHTIlOKNB.
Tnke notice that we intend to mnki
application to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a renewal of thi
retail liquor license foe the Lakevlen
Utile), Arrowhead, B. ('.. for tha half-
year from June 80th, limn, to Dec. 31st
Dated -Mny 5th, KM!.
my 5, lm       Pumitun fi OiiAl'MAN.
Noticeia hereby given lhat thirty
days after dale I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the Queen's Hotel, Coma-
plix, B. 0.
Dated May 5th, 1008,
.1. 11    Vm \i..
Notice Is hereby given Unit I Intend
io apply to ihe Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Kooteuay
Hotel, Burton City, B. 0.
Datetl May 5th, 18o8,
Wm, Luvatt.
Take notice that I Intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the City Hotel
at Arrowhead, ti. '-'., for the Half year
from June 80lh to December 31st, 1SH.D.
Dated May 6th, 1908,
John Calby.
Nulice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend tn apply tu
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for ji renewal of my retail liquor
license fur the premises known as the
Hotel Beal mi, lit Beaton, B. O, fur the
half vear from June 80th to December
81st, 1000.
Dated May 5th, 1UU0,
W.M. Botd.
Take uutice that 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fura renewal nf the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hotel
at Oamborne, 13. O, for the half year
from June30th, 1808, r.O December 81st,
Dated .May 5th, 1008.
John A. Tiieiv.
Take notice that t intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the St. Leon
Hulel, St. L-oii Hot Springs. B. C.
for the half vear frum June 80th, 11)09,
tu Decembei 31st, 1800,
Dated May 5th, 1!K)9.
M. Grady.
Take nulice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal uf the
retail liquor license for the promises
known as the Baby on Hut Springs
Hotel, Halcyon, ti. 0., from June 30th
to December 31st. 1909.
Dated May 5th, 1900,
H. Mi IxTusii.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend toappfy for permission
to purchase the following desorlbed
lauds i
Commencing at a post Planted at
south-east comer of Lot 8800, thenoe
west IU chains, Ihence south 7 chains
mow Or less to lake shure, thence along
lake shure lo puint of coiiiiuenceineiil.
Dated 3rd April, 1809.
ItplO-flOd        ,11'LIA A. SIMPSON.
Rovelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nulice that I, Jnhn II. Selkirk,
Agent, of Vancouver, B.C., Intend In
apply to the Commissioner of Lands
and Wurks for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Beginning at a post planted about
20 ehains east of ihe north east corner
of'limber Limit  No,   12160, on Upper
Arrow Lake. West Kuiilenny. running
west 80chains, Ihence north (III chains,
thence east (Kl ehains, thenoe south III
cliains, thence   east  20 chains, thence
smith 2u chains to point of commencement,
Daled April 7th, U*lll.
up ll JOHN ll. SELKIRK.
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Hicahon   IIHH)
All whu wish to be members and to
he Included in lhe list ni players, an
ii'iiueslnd tu send iheir names nt unci
iu VV. II- HUMPHREYS, Hon, 8oay„
|>, (I. Bnx 71)1.
Membership Ke $o.        up lu-iny 8
Xi ed. $3(1 per month, must be experienced—Halcyon Hnl Springs.
UR SALE—A Stx-rootned cottage,
apply It. N. Doyle. tf
WANTED—Edgerman  ninl Setter
for  circular  mill.    Applv Lee
Lumber Co., Wigwam, B. 0.
WANTKD -Planet hand, able In
handle 13 Inch uiaicll luuibel,
nnd make moulding. Apply Lee Lumber Co,, Wigwam, II. ('.
OR8ES  FOR  SALK-Suund nnd
yuiing.   VV, E. Smith,  Box 708,
WANTED-Plnner hand, able to
handle 13 huh matcher nnd
make mouldings. Apply Lee Lumber
FOUND—A   Rosary and   OruelBx.
owner may have same hy proving
pruperly nnd paying  fur this notice. -
Apply Mail-Herald ollice,
1 )LA('K SO1L-200 loads on  hand,
I >   silling I'nsi ni  ,( baigaln
iiilyT. A. Li:m is, fiK.i,.
Take notice that 1 intend lu make
application to the Superintendent ni
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Windsor
Hotel at lllecillewaet, B.C., fur the
half venr from June 80th to December
31st, 1800,
Dated May 5th, 1008,
O, I). Morris,
Tale uutice thai I Intend lo make
application to tbe Superintendent of
Provincial Police fura renewal of the
retail liquor lincense for the Lardeau
Hotel at t'uiiinplix, B. O, tor the half
year from June 30th lo December31st,
Dated May 5th, 1909.
Joseph Dumont.
Nulice is hereby given thai we in
tend to make application tu the Superintendent uf Provincial Police fora
renewal of the retail liquor license tor
the Glacier Hnuse. at Glacier, B. O,
for the half year from June 30th to
December 31st, 1800.
Dated May nth, 1000.
C. P.  Ry. Co.
Tnke notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license tor the Criterion
lintel ni Oamborne, B. 0 , fur the half
vear from June .'Kith to December 81st,
Dated May 5th, 1000.
P. T. Abbey.
Take uutice tlmt I Intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police tor n renewal of the
retail liquor license tor tbe Oamborne
lintel ut Cimborne, B. O, for the half
vear from June 30th lo Decembei' 31st,
Dated May 6th, IUUD.
Dave Orb,
And Its Keeping Qualities
SOME people find it necessary to buy a considerable quantity
of (lour at one time —sufficient to last, fur a long- period.
Naturally I bey arc anxious to procure a Hour of the kind best
adapted to lengthy storage.
There are two important reisons why PURITY FLOUR
possesses these qualities. One it. that it is made entirely from
Manitoba Hard Wheat. The othir lies in the fact that the careful
milling: necessary to produce "Purity" absolutely excludes all
low-grade particles of the wheat berry. It's the high grade
Manitoba Hard Wheat Flour that keeps —stands longest storage.
That's "Purity."
"Purity" flour may cost a little more,
yf !{;«j but is more than worth the difference.
Try it.    Watch results both for quality
and yield.
"More Bread
and better Bread"
Western Canada Flour Mills Co., I.imiteo
Mill, at St. Boniface, Ooderlch, Brands..,
Office, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Board of Trade Discussed Industrial and Publicity Campaigns-Will Request New
Judicial Circuit.
If hall the resolutions ul the Buard
of Trade reach the target and ring the
bell with the petitions decided upon at
the regular meeting on Thursday
night that budy will prove iteelf invaluable to the business interests und
general progress uf   the city.   A wide
eral superintendent nt the G, T.I'acilic
railway, Mr. Hnggen stated that con-
Hiding ruuiurs as to tbo several
routes lieing sought fur by rival cum
panics from Yellowhead l'ass to the
Thompson river made this desirable.
He thought it in the interests of the
cumpany as well as of the city tbat
the facts stated in the letters
of the Buard should be befure the G.T.
P. ollicinls. In this connection he
also muveii that G. S. MoOarter be
requested to furnish the lluard with
the letters uf President McKenzie ui
the 0.N.R, already received by Mr.
McCarter in reply to the resolutions.
The secretary was instructed to cor
respjiid in huth matters.
Introducing new business E, A.
rauKe uf subjects was disoussed but | Haggen brought up the matter uf
the practical reaolutiuns pas-,ed were j greater publicity lur Revelstuke stating that be bad received many inquiries trum United States nnd Kn. -
lish points asking fur definite news as
tu available lauds and upenings fur
industries. He suggested that the
publicity committee be instructed to
compile an up tu date bouklet setting
furth the characteristic features of the
district and that it uutain information
as to tbe eust uf such publication and
lay these belore the next meeting
with a view to the issuing of 5,010
copies. The resolution carried alter
numerous suggestions.
Instructions were given the secretary to communicate with F, VV.
l'eters of the Industrial Department
of the C.I'.R. and call nttetitiuu to the
desirability of establishing a brick
industry at one of tbe numerous
points available near the city. With
goud material and a demand fur the
product there   seen ed   a prospect for
nANSY PLANTS for sale, 23c. per
J. dozen, all llrsl class growing
plants, Apply to Mrs.Jamea Relghley
ni Columbia Bridge, myo2t
IOST—Collie hitch, sable nnd »l 
j, in color, strayed from hnmeon
Sunday morning, Mny - Reward
offered tn Ruderon leaving same at St
Andrew's Manse, or tonnyone giving
Information loadiugto her Hading,
mu LOT   Klglll   Roomed Home  on
I    Third  Street,   with   nil modern
Improvements,    li.'i,  512.1 .1  intuitu,
Apply lu Bi A. Hnggen
Take notice that I intend lu make
application to the Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for a renewal ot Uu-
retail liquor license for the Reception
Hotel at Oamborne, B. ('., tor the half
year from .lune 30th to December31st,
Daled May 6th, 1800.
Cory Menhenick.
Take notice ilinl we, OgllVle .mil Mt-
Kiiriik. intend 10 make application 10 Ihe
Superintendent nl Provincial Police fur a
renewal   of   iruil  liquor license foi tin-
l.elainl   hotel   al   NaKusp,   B, I'., lot llie
H..H year from June ,io, uim), to December
Jl, 19O9,
Baled Mai ."ah, ii|my.
chielly confined to   matters of   purely
local interest.
The Board convened at 8 u'elock
with 1'reBident Lawrence in the chair
and a dozen members. During the
discussiuns ul tbe evening E. A. Haggen raised the question uf a separate
judicial district along the main line of
the C.I'.R. with resident County Court
judge at Revelstoke. He pointed out
that the business of the courts here is
often much delayed by the inability of
judges to complete their circuits; that
witnesses often come to the city fiom
distances and at great expense and are
obliged to return home without attending court; that the distances
covered by the Kootenay judges is too
vast to afford the convenient transaction ot court business. He suggested
that the provincial government be
asked to designate a new judicial district intimating that from Wiluier to
Kamloops might be proper boundaries and niuved tu that effect with a
lulluiv-up resulutiuu tuask the Dominion government to appoint another
judge. While the members ol the
Board concurred iu the resolutions
several thought that inure explicit
information shuuld be befure the
buard nud the secretary was directed
to request the solicitors uf the city to
attend the uext meeting and confer.
A further grist of petitions to provincial and dominion guvernments was
precipitated upjn the Board and most
of these passed without much debate.
Une, of some importance wus an instruction to the secretary to write to
Hon. ThoB. Taylor and inquirs what
are uow the prospects fur the opening
ot a land registry ollice at Revelstoke
the matter having been already placed
before the guveniieut. It was agreed that
the matter uf a new cuurt buusc was
so closely ussuciated witb that ol a
laud registry ollice that the pressing
fur the latter was cunsidered sufficient
to bring the whole matter to a decision.
Another petitiun to tbe government
was for the re-upeniug uf the wagon
road leading to Light Mile creek it
being impassible for a short distance
at a certain puint. Still anutber was
fur tbe stringing ul a cable across the
Jordan river lur the cunvenienco ol
those using the ford. Huth were
unanimously curried.
A resulutiuu wus passed tu be forwarded to Hon. W. Templeman and
to Hon. VV. 8. Fielding stating that
in the opinion ol the Board the enn-
tinuunce of a substantial subsidy tu
the Canadian Australian steamship
line was desirable, and another endorsing the Daylight Saving bill was
voted withutit debate.
Among tbe coiiiinirniciitions was a
letter from Hon. Thus. Taylor stating
that the matter nl building cabins lur
tbo use ul 1'iuse gniug nurth on the
big trail and installing a terry across
Canoe river tu facilitate their juurncy
was now before the department for
Dealing with railway matters E. A.
Haggen and II. Cunningham Morris
urged that copies of a resolution passed
at a Inrmer meeting ul tho Buard suggesting a feasible shurt runic from tbo
north via   Ruvelstuke   tu the coast be
Work Promptlv
Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
the establishment ol a pruuiieing
A l.tter frum A. S. Goudeve, Ml'.,
stated that owing *o lack ol appropriations the building of wharves and
other public utilities in tlie district
must be delayed but be was still tirg-
iug the matter upon the ministers,
He also called utteiitiuu to the amendment passed at his iustigutiun iu the
House of Commons amending the
charter ul lhe Kootenay i Arrowhead
railway su as to compel tbe construe-
tiun of 15 per cent uf the road within
two years aud its completion within
live years wiih alternative forfeiture ol
tbe charter. Tbe letler was acknowledged with thanks.
The Vancouver Information and
Tuurist Associatiuii asked fur printed
matter and samples ol the products of
the industries uf Revelstuke for incorporation iu its museum exhibit and
the committee on publicity will deal
luvnralily wilh the request.
Sume hull if./en advertising schemes
were laid befure the buard by oom-
municntiuns but these were filed, the
hoard Considering that it cuuld make
better   use   uf   its   funds, than in the
ways suggested,
The matter ol a "small Iruit" exhibit at the A. V. I*. Exposition was left
referred fur Information to P. It. Stewart & C 1. of Vancouver and tbe deputy
minister ol agriculture. A mineral
oxbiliit will be   ready fur the big show
embracing some nl the be4 sample!
from   tlie   suiinuudiiig    mines.    The
buard then took Informal adjournment
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
lurwarded   tu L. J. Chamberlain, gen-' Orown
Kinrade Verdict
When the prolonged iuqiicst into the
Cause ol death ol Ethel Kinrade war
bmuglit to a conclusion the jury
returned the following verdict:
"We, the jury assembled to enquire
into the death ol Ethel Kinrade.
hereby lind that the deceased mel her
death by shut wounds inflicted by
some person or persons unknown to
the jury. Owing to the tact of the
unreliability of the evidence produced,
the Cruwn is specially requested to
continue its investigations, and we
also desire to express our heartiest
appreciation ul the Bble, courteous
and kindly manner which iu this investigation bus heen conducted by
Coroner Anderson and Counsel (or the
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
Knr ease ol operation and
perfection in the results pro-
duced the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed,
The " EMPIRE" embodies
no  complicated   movements,
while its manifolding alignment. margin1 i facilities,
automatic ooa\ iniences, durability, visible writing, minimum nf noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The" EMPIRE" needs lees
care than any other machine
because there ue fewer parts
to he cared fur also due to the
strung lines uf simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. Bfegan using tin-
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1896, continued to add to the
number, ami nuw have in
constant use mure than "00
uf these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
"*\! Q-O-O-OO-OOO CH_>-(>0<>--CK>a-aO<>-0<>^0<H>-Q    f
Men's Shirts
A e have a swell 'me  id   Travelers
Samples which mo bought at a  low   price
and we can give you the best of bargains
in this line oi goods.     Now selling at 75c.
Men's Pants
Good   every   day   working  pants,
made of the best of Tweeds and guaranteed
to give the   best   ol   satisfaction   in   wear,
now selling .11 81.50.
Lace, Embroidery
See our window loi' bargains in Lace
Embroidery and Allover Laces.
I)res      Skit ts   in   Panama
and Venetian Cloth,   In Biown, Navy and
i 1 u ■-.  colors,      1 he so goods were selling
at the regular pru'c   of   $0 50  and    $N.oo.
bale price $4.50.
Blouse Waists
In White Net and Cream,  all  this
season': goods .unl of the very best   materials mi tiie market today.     Kegular price
^7.0 iand s.s.00.    Sale price 84.50.
Table Linen
V inch Damask pure Linen at   ;-,e,
1 .     ,'ard.      Oo not miss this opportunity.
Pure Drugs
combined with catetul
compounding, prompt
delivery uml reasonable
price* nre the factors
which have built up uur
business I., its present
immense proportions.
Bring yuur next prescription here if you
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Local and General.
Edison i'ailiii Theater tonight.
Ueu     ll.    Knight   lins   moved    hip
tailor shop into  the   premises adjoin
ing tbe Maundrell Meat Market.
The following is the program fur the
Summer months ut the Y.M.C. A
athletic Beld; Baseball, Tuesday uml
Friday, Lacrosse, Monday and Thursday; Juuinr Baseball League, Wednesday from fi t.. 7 truck wurk. fr. 111 7
till dnrk    Smirduy night, open.
Among those selected by Manager
E Grey, of Kegina, to play tbis season
in the Capital lacrosse team appears
tbe name ol Tim Dunne, of Nelsou.
Dunne is an old Revelstuke boy und u
general favorite here. His membership in the Regiuu Club will cutisc the
Revelstoke boys to watch the scorer
with interest.
J. McLeod, a painter, who bus  been
'27 years in the employ ol the C.P.R .
0! which time  nine years  have  been
ent   in   RevelBtoke.   will   sever his
■ eti 0   with   the  company tins
week  ind go into business in the cm
Mr. McLeod bus several
I conn tcts   to  begin  witb   nntl it
nt tl   • with the building boom
on in the city then  will be  plenty ol
i work.
Social and Personal
('..ll nnd inspect our stock of Onion
Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
N'tnif but new seeds kept in stock
We carry   11   complete   line, of
i lur bread, eake nnd pastry trade
staple and fancy groceries,  aud
is' rapidly    increasing,   n   trial
can oiler yon the lu-si  goods al
order for any one of the above
i lie same  price ns  you pay  fur
will explain why.   < lur aim is to
inferior lines.
keep ..iilv 1 he best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Beal Estate. Insurance nnil Commission Agent
»    Ofe on First St., Opposite the Club   |
I   Uin is I'm.i.n 1 mi.        Loans        Notary PUBLIC  O
) <M>0<KK^<KH><H)<><H><><KK><KH><M_H> 6
************ *************************** ******* 3ft******
Brokers and Bread
Business Locals
Your Insurance
Is  oui! nl   tin-   must    important' items
in ymir business
LEI  Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your Imsi
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mr. and Mr-. A   Brundre 1   ..I Van
ire in thi city for u lew dayi
-• Mrs. l.ll       :■
Mr. uud Mm. Hurry Aulas,of Neleor,
rere am ng tin. passengers g' ing wesi
97 last night
Mrr. A. W Cn wi will receive 1
Wednesday, May I2tb, unit overy 4th
Wednesday in each month thereafter
1 he Canadian Hank ol Commerci
bas opened a brunch at Carmangay,
Altu . ubout 30 miles northeast ol
Reverends   W.   Lashley    Hull,   ol
Fernie, R. Hughes, ol Cranbrook,  h
■ 1 «ton. I iwell ol S els a, and   LP I
Km x,   I R,  Methodist  min -
i-r-_   .11    their    way to    Sew   Wesi
minster   to   attend    the   Methodii-t
s-iuuai conference, passed tl ri ugh the
city last nigbt
P.-actice Shoot E Co. R, M. R.
I he (olio   ing an   1... -■■ ires  nick,
:! bj local ii  ■.■ :. M.i;- 1-t
■ 1
Pastor Sustains Injury
.   ■
Sri- II. sn ndl  w
I'll   1.   Mi 1 .1.1
1   Meek
■ .
''■■ .   II.   1   Ul   Ill lil   .
"■       \      1'      Kill-
- —
Rev  W. C. Calder,  minister of  St.
VndreivV church, in I Ins city, suffered
painful uml severe injuries  on Thurs
day afternoon almost to the extent  ..I
•i iu. nk  ... ihe main bones in tlie  lell
eg,    \- it wn- ■ ever il .    tne smaller
hones are  broken and  tht   left  a
mi* 1.ei 11 submitted i" a painful -
the effects of which will   I.y  the rev
gentleman   up   lor   several   monl
Mi  Caldi i' and his son   .... 1
igs on then ranch across the rivet
when 11 log, ill; danced on tbe im i -
chain, swung I.y tiie sudden  and
xpected movement ol thi   I
u_- sweep thi     ..       ight   M r   I
partly currying him it wn bi
•aviug himself only   I ■.
jump va
1   . painful 11 not  :.i   .-
■.vi- suffered,
Mi- Caldi r - in •   .- being  1 re il   I
by l'r. McLean mul to-day tin' 0
man is reported m be resting 1 11
Gun Club Shoot
he -li' 'ot    ol    the    KevelstoM  .....
. i on i ii-  new jr. u 1 I
0 t the new Leggatt tiap was
l\... Inesday   evening   with
ing   splendidly   and  tb
i,e shape.     A   n. »      .■.   -
to   enclose   tbe grounds •
club ia preparing to put up 1
. reditable olub bouse,     Tl e
-..1   ,-   tteadilj   inoreasing
sh .ui ing   praol ii 1    ii i 1»-.«t •     r.- a
nesduy al 17 o'clock.    Follow ing
score   lor   bird   targi       •
1 entj -live birds   ;mk .1 iv
1    .,'   Barber   17, A   1   MoD tli
w   A    Sturdy Hi   Mi   Harkina III!
Mulholland III   It  N  Cooke 8  1; A
1 pp.-r H U    Bewi •    Sboi
n.i--und — MeDonell  I   Barber 0
C inl ii .-a', payera bave voted«
•. 1.... :■;, -, m : 1 iiii in provemeni
ol thi streets   I the city     \\ ben com
, . tod tin »..rk 1. ill give the citj - m 1
■ . the : di -1 -ii.'.-i- in ihe pn • in.'.
Do   you   know
1 In- baby, vi.-
Mellins,  Kettle*,   Robin
-on'- Barley,   Bohlnsun
1.1...U .    Horlickn    Milk.
1, i..|,iti.ii Food,   NY...
l-'akay 1,  el 1       Also   tho
i In i„ -1 lines ..I   Nipples,
Hoothen. Feeding Hull Ies
.1111) Talcum's.
White Slavery in Canada
I bal   1     .tin -.f White   shivery   e\ ists
in the Nortnorn Ontario camps on the
I ran conl inental Railway   is  asserted
in ,1 resolution lorwarded to uttawa by
thi   I radea  1 louncil   ul lhe   oil ii ■     '
Port An bur and Fori William
declared thai the men working on  the
• ■HUSHni !• rt, ine outrageously  treated
robbed  lystematically,  lhat  they  an
charged for medloal atteudanoe which
which 1 hey do noi gel, and 1 bat finally
ihey nn- turned nul ol the camp
nnil in nigs.   The ui. .1   men   ol   1 i.e.
min cities have been  lur some   tune 1
urging aotion by  the  Department  ..l
Labor, but  bave been  met won  the
answer that  the department bus no
jurisdiction.   The matter   ia   now  In
the inu.1I1- nl A. 0 Boyee, ol Bault 8te
Marie, who will bring 11 bolnrc   I'arlia-
M"i I  linn at the Itollof Kink.
Pleasing    Performance   to   a
Crowded House
Daintily   costumed    and       n tti y
-i.i j   1 r pei etta drew u
bump.      tud nouse
last   nigbt       I be   perl irmance tro 11
passed oH   without a
I after n und ol  ap-
'     - dren.
teMisa       SJ
. .- .-■   :.   the     , ■
■ -    .    ■
'-  .1
I wren'
'. ids a cl
..I.i,    whili
1 te ol tudience
:  :
this way    being pari c    irly wi
,. 1,.!       Mist Frances
ieei   il thi   Fairies   tnd Mist
1 hai
.   ■ . prise lo ths Revi    I
\   matinee   performs)
... ■ 0 -   aftei 11.... 11 1... i|
id    1   x i ■   -
A •• ental duet by tin  ill   -■ -
I-.,I,I . ,       \ :     ,'. 1
.. 1 ... n.o.-ii appri oiati
ipplaodi .1
. rtn in nii.-iit »«>  gi
picet      !. ■■   Lsdies
ul   K1 ,,   Church, who   he '
-;.',,■ til      ' tC , III cun in -
uml    ll.i-y   ure to be warm I)
lated on   tbe  sucoeli   whioh attended
ii tnnu .. May 1
Etlllur M ui. Hi
Silt: As high priees isan infallible
sign ol goud times, we should all nuw
rejuice anil he exceeding glad. That
much respected nnd imii pensible acquisition tu modern business methods,
the stuck denier, though a consider,
able longitudinal distance Irum here,,
has uev rtbeless shed bis benign intiu- theatre tu-uiglit
eiice upon us nnd put duvvn uur bread
trom 10 to 12 loaves fur ifl and thus
once more pructicnlly exemplified uur
splendid system ol oorapetitioo uud
prolit, which "affords an opportunity
fur the best, tn lent in the individual,"
11 ml ii uut been lor this splendid
chance, bruker Patteu might hnve
slipped through the wurld in ordinary
blue dentins, 11 cuiuniuu producer of
useful things, unknown to fame and
undistinguished Irom the thousands ! Standard
nl similarly clad jays, just nuw demonstrating their "identity of interests"
with his in banding tu him tu make
up his millions ol profits, 25a. with
every dullar tbey invest in bread.
Huw many such illustrations will it
take to convince tbe man who befure
fur a certain number uf hours wurk
received Hi loaves, and whu nuw lur a
similar number ul huurs gets 12
loaves, tbat is be whu is paying fur
Patten's deal (steal) at the puint ul
Patten has not produced a single
grain of ii heat, but by simp y withholding ( 11 business called a "curuer")
the abundance uu hand, cullects frum
thute who did pruduee it and all other
useful commodities, a tribute because
uf tbeir shier necessity ot obtaining
iin- "staff ..I life,"
But Patten did nut even institute
tins system, whereby he waxes lat
Irom the lean uf uibers, but is only
playing tbe game placed at bis disposal, by the very class he cullects
1 here are thousands of Puttensdaily
plying their trade in every town, city
ami .-ule road, iealing in huts, elotli-
ing, buutf, lumbar, advice, sermons,
real estati etc uud us lung as the
buyers of bread, bouts, eie , are willing
uud oontented to .continue the By stem
of profit something lor nothing) why
ild ihere not be as many Pattens
1- tbe aforesaid producers and buyers
lots, tile me willing to
change oui present  methods
tnd suppl   '■ :. ad  noi ts,  etc.,  Ior  use
I lor profits, would  be Revolution     Yet, listen;—Spring  is  here
uud is working a revolution, a
.in   the   influences  ol   the
[rigid 11 inter  tu  the
varmrb of April's welcome sun,
- ind   ol   contention,  jealousy
rd, there iB singing,  gladness
ny  among  ihe  bniii-,  the
- ind I be     - ei
-   longs  ui d   labors  f..r a
irum  the   blighting   effects of
ma      1 illisb competitive inhumanity
tod 1 1 bit fellow fri wns upon
nun a-  un   enemy   to   human   kind,
• ■_    .1 ia mi ly  affiliations   an
i disturber ol tbe peaci     tnd
., peaci.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Meet her at the Roller'Riuk.
Watch lur uut  Friday anil Saturday
.rgiiius 111 buys' o(othing. 12
Cuinci'us, kodaks, films, papers, etc.,
ut Bews' ding siuie.
' Life uf  Samson"   at   the   Kdison
Beef, Iron   and Wine—spring tunic,
nl liewo' drug store,
litiy the uuol Flour.    Thai
Drapery Goods
We are   making  special  prices on all our drapery good;
and are showing a splendid assortment.
Cretonnes, Art Muslins
Cretonnes, single and double width in serviceable pat-
lonis Greens, Blues, Reds, Tuns, etc., at 12^, 15, 20, 25,
and 30c, per yard.
Madras Muslins
All the pretty new shades and designs—36, 4^, and 54
inch—in white, cream, greens, pinks, reds, etc., from 35c. per
Lace Edge Bobbinet
This makes neat and pretty bedroom curtains. We have
il in plain and spot, in different widths. All have a good
washing lace insertion with edge to match. The prices are
very low   -17 l-..c. to 35c, per yard.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
and music
Catholic. — Kev. Father Cuocola
pastor. Services are held on the Kirst
nnd Third Sundays in every month
nt the lollowing huurs: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High .\.ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:H0
p.m. Sundny Sohool; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediotion.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pustur. Sunday, Mi.y ll
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
Sohool and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednes-
dny S p.m. Choir practice and'teach-
ers' meeting, Friday 8 p in.
Methodist—ltev.T.W. Hull, pastor,
Services on Suuday as fulluws :—
"Praise  and   Christian  Fellowship"
10 tu 10:46 a.m. liegulur public
service at 11. a.m. Sunday Sohool
nnl Bible Class at 2:30 Evening
service 7 SO p m Kev. F. L, Carpenter ul Golden will preach bulb inurniug
ai.d evening.
Knox Prkhiivterian—,1. 11. Robertson, H.D, minister. Services un Sunday   as  follows :—Morning service at
11 u'clnck. Sunday School and Bible
Class at 2:30 p 111. Evening service al
7 30 pin. Kev. Mr. Dixon will oun-
duct the seivices tomorrow, Good
music, Everybody is weloome and
strangers spe dally invited.
BAPII8T—Rev. W. P. Freeman, It.A.
pustur. Services at, 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m    Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. in P. V. P. V, Monday at 8
p m.     Prayer  meeting Wednesday   8
. ,        pm     Mi   Oook preach in lhe liturnuig
Police  Commissioners  Ask  tor  All„ eriog will be taken for Okanagan
College Evening subject, "God's
Strange Acts.'     Bubjeol in the M
I'p tu-dutt:   sheet    music
folios at Hews' drug store,
Car VVelliug'uu Cnal   just arrived —
&, W. b. Paget.
Buy llie best Flour,    That's   Koyal
Kliubaib, stritwbei 1 ies,i ipe tomatoes,
orauges,   bananas,   leiuuus and grape
■Ji'iiing—U. il.
uu t,   lieoh
Hume iV Cu    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Muviiig pictures at the Edison
I'arlur theatre tuuighl.
See uur cheap sale on Orange meat,
today ouly, regular puce lOo , sale
price today 20c. per pucKitge—C. K.
Hume fi Uu.
Dou't forget to get our priees ou
.-mip.-, washing compounds uud all
huuse cleaning supplies, o e oun save
yuu money.—C  li. Hume i Co.
W. J. Curtis, piauo tuner, will be
in the city u'uuiil 25«h April. O.deis
lelt with K. tiuiisuu or Kcieiolukc
uieneral Agencies   will receive prompt
attention, td
The   hest  ami  largest  Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made  expressly   for  us l>v I). K. McPherson.
"A. A.
(on 1    $53 m
Clean, Sweet, Attractive
is everything about uur  premises
and  uur stuck   ol
Corn-fed   Pork,   Beef
and Poultry
is always in prime condition. Sanitary
surroundings,   experienced    handling
at d prices lhat really savj.
See us today.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Sausages and Cooked Meats a Specialty
FhP f U  f PP!\ C   Tim°tt»y>Ked u°ver> White Uutch
rKLill 0LLU0 cier„iT,i?ss Vegetables:
Field and Garden.
"Koyal Standard" Flour, " Wild Rose " Pastry
Flour, Grain Bran, Shorts and Hay, Chicken
Specialities, Agents;—Manitoba Frost Wire
Fence and Gates,
The Paget Supply Coy.
I You Don't Have To
£      Go outside of Revelstoke to make
g      your  Real   Estate   Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Lighted  Bars
.    meet.111! ' I the
... tn Id    —    •'   : '    ' '   "'jl
....;,..! i City I    o.
„,,„(                        li,     wl   I.y _
Ion of a clause  ir the pan!   ■   i   imi h   I In m , Matins  7 BOp.n .
Bible   class    'Arbitration,"    All  men
o. V ill .1
s.i    l'i nr       A nglii'iiii |—Ke.v.   0. A.
Procunier   "si    \ .   Hector,     fourth
Sunday uliet Enter,     h a, m. Holy
, • .. in-   Evensong ami Sermon
I   ill   '....i   in   licensed  Sohool.
I   litiun dur-
,. •. ,|   i_ .- ... permit tn
,-i.: _•--. ■ ■ ■ I I be
.. mu b by law be
•if  liars
dnbited h nra    I hi aereoom
2:ii) p.
Life of Samson
At ib.'   Edison   I
ti , 1.1 .1 splendid  p
Contractor Imports Supplies
,\ oarload ol oontraotoi 1 upplies
hi iveil in Kevelstoki loi Byi
\nglin, di ri ei Irom Monl real, to In
used in the construction ol 1 he ne*
Molsoni iu nk i.milling The sbip
ment   oompriies   iron   girders, palnl
mills, spikes,  lewer  pipep, soil pipi
galvanised iron, iron oornioo, shovels
wheelbarrows,    lucks,   knnbH,     door
ne iiitlingH, ihell and heavy hardware,
nml other   interior   Bnisblngl lor the
inuiii.     it   is   reported   thai  later ■
oarload ol laboron will arrive to oroo!
Ibe building.
,,, ,.     1 ,     , *ill    be    pans. .1
resolution     unai
    ., ked mu'   thi   hi in  ilu li
 in.I  billiard   roi mi   1 ij
■ 1 atjil   playing   In-  can inl    .11
t| hy bylaw
|n the    .'.'oi.    ■ 01 k   1 he  1 uinmls
reoommend lhal  I he summer
irms for ibe pi Iiei   be purohned
thll yi ar fmin OeO   II   K night
1 he retlgnatlon ol J Knotley was
aocepted and on motion nl Commit
sionei   Sawyer and 1 rimble, Stewart
II ,1 -ii.iid was appointed in the loroe
III hia iteild,
111   Mayoi   presided  with all tlm
in< mbcm present. ^B
rlor   'I'lieilete    tu-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^   igram  nf  niniioii
picture! will ...  pn lenti d    Includi d
In 1 he prugi im li Um biblical  itory nf
- .11.. 1.   .nnl    Delilah"   in   mnving
luel  mil I'uily tn.Ion il nud band-
    . ' 1 ii"..l I be Ii i(h I.iiry slniy
1.. pri riin'iiii- Is alto a beautiful pic*
1 nri 1 wo rami die- will coiiobide I In
l.ll! tO-lliglll
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
A Coming Treat
"AH the OomlorU ol  Home,
ii ,n  • , May   21  n
The 11 ith (ai.. "ini       l.ipti 1 li nine
ai Edison Theatre lo mi_hi
Mi'ii meat the It illei Ulnk.
Rocks Ahead
11 ii. 111 ii ni ti ism, iu the interpretation ol Script ure, can unly survive in
sn far us it employs ihe Bible to regenerate human lives and comfort litlimin
II islnrii'tl eiiticistn OBI] unly tri
lllllpll iu su lur its it is able, nut merely
lo lake the paint nf doubt nut nl
human bends  but   lhe   hurriiw   out   uf
human hearts and the orookedoess out
nl Iiiiiiiii 11  lives
Meantime a Methodism and a I'res-
byterlanlsir, hall traditional und hall
critical iii iis interpretation ol Holy
Writ, is drifting into the difficulties ol
the country Unit   cuuld   nut   surtfve
hall slave   ami  half free.—Toronto
.lusi to remind yuu that "KOYAL
STANDARD'   ia good  llour—Paget I
Supply Cu, '
is called lu the Hiiesl garden and
building I .ol- in the city, just.
North of the C.P.R. hack
Prices   Away   Below   Assessed
Value and   Only   a   Few   Left
l'or pitttleuliii's write
Revelstoke Realty Company, Limited
mix 7ul,   ItUVUI.KTOKK
House for Sale
Une nt the musl desirable resilience,..
in the cily with all modem 0011-
ve.niciiecB. Three nO-fuut luts by llll
leet deep. This property will be sold
at a bargain us the owner is leaving
the city. Apply at premises tuj,
MoPHAlL, First Street, West.      tl


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