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 Tne ivian-Mepa
Vol. 13.-No 17
$2.50 Per Year
For week commencing Feb. 25th we have a lot of
Ladies' Nightgowns made of muslins, cao.brica, and fine
cottons, lace and embroidery. Thev run mostly in
email sizes and a good many ol them would do for girle
and Misses, They are $1.50 and $1.75 Gowns selling
at 95c.
Ladies' Corset Covers, in muslins and fine cotton
trimmed with luce anil embroidery, a good many small
sizes which would do lor girls and young ladies. 75c.
and 90c. goods selling at 45c.
White Underskirts—Cottons and Lawns, lace and
embroidery trimmed, all sizes. These are $1.50 and
$2.00 skirts, selling at $15.
" Peter Pan" Silk Shirt Waists for young ladies,
embroidered with silk. Lovely goods and entirely new.
See these—they are only $2.90.
Fresh Smoked Halibut, Fresh Kippered Herring
Labrador Salt Herring, Salt Maekerel, Salt Salmon,
Victoria Cross Canned Salmon, Canned Shrimps, King
Oscar, Albert Roche and Golf Club Sardines, Maple
Leal brand Lobsters in half pound and 1 lb. tins,
Herrings in Tomato Sauce, Kippered Herrings in tins,
Blue Point and Cove Oysters, Fresh Mackerel in tins,
Findon Haddock in tins, also all Sauces used for serving same.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Storee at Arrowhead and Revelitoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
GALT COAL-The onlv
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stqve, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Outs, Wheat and
Express and Draying U>
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Meson-
able Kates.
Offlce, McKenile Ave.
Next Bii mi* New Block
TELEPHONE -       73.
Papers that please everyone who
appreciate stationery of FINE
—made by the leading manufacturers.
making a specialty of a box of line
Holland Linen Paper and envelopes
—each sheet lithographed Revelstoke.
NOW 400. A BOX.
Try a box, it will please you.
D. Nairn
Red Croee Drug Store
O      •   '        O
1.        Hcsidcs offering Bargains in China and other useful articles J.
* * at attractive prices, we beg to call your special attention to a V
The Kookizer"
Cooks your Breakfast while you sleep.
Cooks your whole dinner while ynu play with baby.
Gall and let us explain to you all about the Kookiter,
Made especially lor  Hntii.li  Ct.lun.bia.   Wide Web
Strong and Durable.
Dealer! In Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
■nd Sawmill Buppliet, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmlthing.
Sworn in as Provincial Secretary—Preparations ior the
Opening ol the Legislature
Next Week.
Victoria, Feb. 28.—Upon the re.
commendation ol Hon. Richard Mc-
B.-ide, premier ol the province, His
Honor the Lieutenant-Governor ha*
appointed Henry Esson Young, M.H..
moniber elect lor lhe constituency if
Atlin, and its dinner representative in
the legislative assembly, to the olliee
ol provincial secretary, and was duly
sworn in yesterday morning.
Active preparations are lieing made
at the parliament buildings lor the
opening ot tbe session next Thursday,
lirst occasion upon
This will be the	
which His Honor James Dunsmuir
will ollijiute in this capacity. In addition to this the lact tlmt it is a new
parliament will contribute tu alt.net
greater attention to tl.e lunction than
usual. Already Sergeant-at-Arms
Saunders is busy getting tlie chamber
in shape, tbe arrangement ot the
chambers resembling that ol other
openings, with the seats bunched so as
to allow of chairs Ior invited guests
being placed on tl.e floor ol the house.
During the opening proceedings it
be necessary to elect a speaker. The
opening ceremmies this year are expected to be unusually brilliant.
Mechanical Monster ot 240,000
New York, March 1.—A special
Irom Pittsburg says:—
" It is announced here to-dny that
the heaviest passenger locomotive- in
the world has ticen about completed.
It is to be used on the Pennsylvania
lines west of Pittsburg, lor the run
between this city and Crestline, Ohio,
Hrst section ol the journey tn Chicago,
It is the intention to have this engine
draw the eighteen-hour New York-
Chicago flier out ol Pittsburg and
bring back one ol Ihe last trains.
Before the ei-tablitliment oi the
eighteen-hour service between New
York and Chicago, speed tests demon-
•'rated that faster time could be made
than is required lor Ihe eighteen-hour
journey. The announcement of tbe
intended operation ol this great locomotive renew, speculation as to
whether the Pennsylvania Railroad
contemplates the establishment ol a
lixteen-hoiir service.
Tlie new locomotive will have six
eight-inch drivers and will weigh
240,000 pounds. The weight on the
drivers will be 170,000 pounds.
B. C. Court Imposes a Fine in
Connection with Alien Law
Vancouver, Feb. 28.—An advertise
ment offering Yankee aliens work in
British Columbia wilh tl.e additional
encouragement ol prepaying transpor
tation and providing the aliens with a
lunch basket, is a "contract" wil bin
the meaning of Canada's Alien Labor
Act, and therefore a violation both of
its spirit and its letter, This is the
effect ol Mr. Justice Morrixm's deci
lion in the important case recently
heard against tl.e Mundy Lumbar Co.
Aa one ol the results that extra-provincial Pennsylvania company will
forthwith pay $200 to Mr. Richard
Nichol who was ousted ss a high
priced man when Mr. Slack ol Bradford, Pa, brought himself and a hall
dozen other unskilled laborers to the
company's Revelstoke mills, and proceeded to work for less pay. I'nd.r
the act the penalty is up to $1,000 in
tl.e discretion ol the court. But Mr.
Justice Morrison holds that while S
A, Mundy, tbe president ol the Mundy
Lumber Co.. by that "ad" violated the
act, he was satisfied that he did not
know ol the existance ol the Alien
Labor Aot and that he did not deliberately ignore it. The penalty wae there
fore $200 with costs. 11 was urged by B,
P. Davis, K.C., who fought the case
for the company, lhat under a late
decision the contract made over the
border must be such as to give the
alien a right of actio., against the
company should employment be refused when he arrives, but the court
didn't agree.
To brighten up linoleum and oil
cloth, apply a coat ol Lino shine, sold
at C. B. Hume 4 Cu's.
Regular Annual Meeting Held
in Enderby This Week.
The annual meeting of Kainlnnps
Presbytery was held on Wednesday
and Thursday of this week in tho new
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, Enderby There was a good attendance
ot ministers and much interest was
manifest.d nut only in tbe handromo
new church, which is, without doubt,
one ol the most beautiful in the interior ol liritisb Columbia, but also
in (lis evidence ol substantial develop
ment in the town, and growth in the
congregation under the guidance ol
their .unci, loved pastor, Kev. I).
Rev. J G. Duncan, ol Salmon Arm,
was elected moderator tor the year.
A number of interesting matters
were hetore the Presbytery. CallB finm
Ladysmitl. and Ashcrolt were presented in tavor of Ewing G. Thompson,
who has lately been laboring in Ash
croft. Mr. Thompson decided to at-
cept the call lo Ashcrolt, which was
good news to the Presbytery, and tl e
induction was arranged for Maroh 13,
The congregation ol Firet Presbyterian church, Vernon, made request
that Presbytery grant wish of congre
gation and pastor io have their name
changed to that of St. Andrew's church
which was granted.
Commissioners to the grand assembly which meets in Montreal next
June were appointed a. follows: Revs.
D. Campbell, Logic Eacdunnell, W. A.
Wyllie and J. It. Robertson.
Rev. E. D. McLaren, general secretary ol the Home Mission Committee,
was nominated I ,r tlie ModeratOtship
ol the General Assembly.
Conveners ol standing committees
lor the year were elected:
Home mission, D. Campbell; Foreign
missions, W. L. Macrae; Manitoba
college, J. R. Robertson; .church life
and work, A. W. K. Herdman; Sunday schools, T. O. Miller; Young
Peoples Societies, J. 11. Miller; statistics and finance, W. A. Wyllie;
systematic benificence, C. W. Whyte;
examination of- students, J. G.
The statistic.il report presented by
Rev, W. A. Wyllie, showed steady
gains in families, communicants and
large gains in tl.e amount paid to the
missionary funds ol the church, also
tl.e general revenue lor ull support
bad grown.
The report on Young Peoples
Societies hud grown J. II. Miller
spoke ol some good work lieing done
by our y.ung people and ol our new
society which was organized in Knox
church, Ilevelstoke.
The Home Mission report was presented by Rev. D. Campbell, This is
the most important work of the Presbytery aud some interesting matters
nei«*r.t.d. Aslicroft has gone up to
the standing ol an augmented charge
and called a minister alter being on
the Home Mission list Ior a great
many yeara. Nicola, one ol the most
difficult and extensive fields has been
on the Home Mission list for a long
time and has also gone up to the
standing of an augmented charge with
the expectation of calling a minister
in the near luture. Rev. D. K. Allan
is doing splendid work in this district
and is greatly beloved by the people.
Arrowhead is settling down to more
permanent conditions in church work
and the missionary, Rev. E. W. C.
McColl, after being there nearly a year
was requested by tl.e cong.egat.ion to
remain, which the Presbytery gladly
granted. Tlie question ol placing a
gasoline launch on the Arrow lakeB
so that tl.e people all along the lake
shores could be visited by a missionary
was acted upon on the recom.nenua-
tion of Rev. Dr. Herdman. A committee consisting of Rev. J, R. Robertson, convener, with Rev. E, C. W.
McColl, ol Arrowhead, and Messrs. G.
M. Cla.k and A. E. Miller, elders in
Revelstoke, was appointed to cooperate with a similar committee ol
Kootenay Presbytery in Nelson, for
the purpose of carrying this mutter
into effect.
The Presbytery is sending an overture to the General Assembly asking
for the appointment of a superintendent for the Synod of B. C. alone. The
work in the two synods ol B. C. and
Alberta is now lar beyond the talk ol
any one man.
An interesting lunction took place
on Wednesday evening, when the
ladies ol the congregation entertained
the Presbytery to a supper in the
basement of the church, which was
greatly enjoyed by all. Alter this
function a public meeting waa held,
interesting addresses were given by
Revs. A. W. K. Herdman, Logie Maedonald and D, K. Allan.
The Presbytery adjournod on Thursday evening to meet lor its regular
autumn meeting in I'eacbland. j
Resolution in Favor oi Disestablishment and Disendow-
ment of Church Carried by
Large Majority.
LoRnOH, Feb. 28.—ln the House ol
Commons last night a resolution in
favor ol the disestablishment and dis-
endowment of the church in both
England and Wales wa, ml. plnl by
198 votes to 90. This resolution does
not commit tho government, but. Mr.
A. Birrell, chief secretary lor Irehnd,
said he tailed to see hew the continuance ol the established church could
be justified, Pur Irom harming the
church as a spiritual body, disestablishment, he said, would restore it to
a position of spiritu.il authority
throughout the land. The govern
nient's hands, however, were already
too lull to assume any responsibility
in the mutter. This is the lirst time
in its history lhat tho House of Commons has adopted sueh a resolution.
I'he only previous time a similar
resolution wus pressed to a division
was in May 1871 and it was then rejected by a large majority.
Movement on Foot to Mobilize
Militia at Kamloops
Lieut.-Col. C. M. McDougall, ol No.
1 military district, stationed at London, Out., the ntlicer who is in charge
of the provisional schools ol instruction
now being held in British Columbia,
says thut a movement is on loot for a
innhiliz.tion ol all the troops in
British Columbia at a summer camp
to be held at some convenient centre.
Everything is in the air nt present,
but il l he various corps concerned ure
sufficiently anxious,lor the camp it
will p-.obably be arranged. Vancouver
is working for it, also Nelson and
Kamloops. Col. McDougall was one
of the ollicers who went to South
Alrica in 1899 with the first Canadian
contingent. He is an experienced
officer, having been in the service for
many yearn and is well qualified to
pel lorm the ditlicuties now assigned —
those nl training snd examining
ollicers, lv.ilI. commissioned and noi.
cniiniseiiined who arc anxious to
secure certificates ol efficiency and yet
who are precluded by circumstances
from taking a course in one of the
permanent military sell. ols. Colonel
.McD.ugall spent some li.tle time in
Revelstoke  recently  and   examined
thoroughly the local 'militia c puny
expre-sing much satisfaction 11 the
status ol the company and also in tin-
ability nl and inteiest taken by, the
Some Close Games Played in
the Finals.
The curlers huve been taking advantage ol the slight frost this week to
finish up ihe competitions for the sea
s ni. Thursday morning Nairn and
Rae met in the liual lor the Calgary
Brewing Company's cup. The game
throughout was keenly contested
Nairn led with two singles which Rue
equalised or thl next two end . One
in the filth and three in the sixth put
Nairn lour up at hall time. Rae
singled ou the seventh and eighth and
scoring a five end on the ninth put
him three up. Nairn scored two in
the next two ends aud in the last end
waB lying two when Rae went to play
hie lust stone, the latter however succeeded in displacing tl.o winner, thus
winning by 10 8. The Calgary Cup
carries with it tho handsome silver tea
sets which are on view in tl.e Ked
Cross drug store,
Yesterday morning Ita.. and Robertson met in the Equitable Cup semifinals. This game was also a light to
a finish, although a good deal of muscle was required as the ice was very
heavy. An extra end was necessary
to decide the game Robartson winning
out 8-7.
Ottawa, Feb, 28.—Last night, when
the House resumed McLean's Railway
Bill, reported from tbe Railway committee with a recommendation that it
bo not passed, w.ls discussed. The
bill was in lavor of a two-cent rate
for paesengersund some other things,
ull ol which were killed in Railway
committee, but there waB an arrangement that the bill would bo reported
to the House, and this was done, The
procedure was out ol the ordinary and
caused a good deal ol talk. Mr,
McDonald (of Pict.ni) moved a six
month's hoist to McLean's bill. This
was carried by 80 to 35, defeating the
(Junker Brand Canned Goods, Aslicroft Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Fowl, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
We Still Have Money
•Vflfjj     ON
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
ol Re-Payment.
We wil
bo | leased to have you call and learn about it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
BraDcl.es in tha Provinces ol Multiloba, Alberta, 3a.lii.tctinwriii.
Britisli Columbia. Outario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed.
Oapital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. K. W.i.kih, President;
Hox. R, Jakfhay
• 5,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department-Deposlts.ecelvedand Inteiest allowed
at currant rate from date of, opening account, and coia-
DraftsIsoldavallahlo in all purls of Canada, United Slates.mil
Europe,  Speciul attention given tu Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good Citf Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
pre.ii:tit prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. HI. SPROAT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
The regular session ol the city
council was held lust night with
Mayor Hrown and all the aldermen
The minutes ol thc Inst special
meeting were adopted as read,
Communications were received Irom
the Chief of Police, reporting the lire
alarms working 0 K.—Filed.
From W. MaiiBoii, acting provincial
secretary, stating that Aid. E. Trimble
and F. B, Wells have been appointed
to the Hoard ol Licencing Commissioners in the Revelstoke licencing
From ll. S. Dennis, stating that he
will meet the city council on his return from Vancouver to discuss the
city water supply, pipe and pole lines,
etc.—Filed. ,
Mayor Brown, under the head ol
giving notice, said that U, Cameron.
oF Salmon Arm desired to bring a
number ol cows  to Rcvelstuke and
than tbe water. The matter was
finally left in the hands ot the Fire,
IVater & Light committee.
The accounts were then passed and
the meeting terminated.
At the Y. M. C. A. alley on Monday
the C. P. K. team defeated the Dent
House in a series ol three games by a
score of 1UII8 to 1779. J, Palmer ol
the C.I'.R. team bad the highest individual score (or any one game ol the
match with 2-14.
Last night the Dent 11...is., defeated
ihe  Cnrley   House in a three-game
mulch by 1811 to 1671,   G. E. Rose ol
i the Dent House and W. W. Macdon-
I aid of the Cnrley House tied with 163
lor the highest single score.
Three serious accidents have occurred within the last week or so, each
being attended with latal results, A
Swede who was injured recently in the
snow plough on the west track succumbed to his injuries on Monday
A lumberman in the employ of
Lamb-Wats.... Lumber Company
lint. _^^_^_^___^
the Lamb-Watson Lumber Company
at Arrow heud. sustained a Ira 'lured
thigh and other injuries from falling
nil a log chute which resulted in his
^_^_^___^^^^^^_^___,death, On Sunday last A. Tail, in
start up a dairy business, and lie bad j the employ ol the Bowman LumUr
made application to t|ie C. P. R. Ior Co. at Comaplix, met his death by
live acres ol land near thc weit track | :-' '--' --'—!-
whereon to gruze his cattle, he also
required the council to arrange for a
supply of water lor this purpose.
Aid. Woodland brought in a motion
to the effect that the rate on water
supply to the citizens be reduced In
discussing this question, Aid. Abrahamson suggested that the light rate
might very well  be reduced  rather
mercurial lead poisoning,
The members ol the Revelstoke
Independent Band desire to thank the
public for the generous patronage
extended to them at their dance on
Thursday evening last, hav at
Inch: iln.- postage lo Knglund, I'nitod Slat*,
and Canada.
.   1.10
.. 1.0.1
Ht lh. tear lthroiil.il ixsi.otHcol .
H'aK '
Quarter "        " ' ■
J lil HINTINU promptly executed »t reasonable rate-.
i KRMs i *■!.. Subscriptions payable ln ad
C IKRB8P0NDKN0K Invited on mailers of
public interest. Communications to Bailor must be accompanied by name of
writer, not necessarily fo publication, bill
w evidence of good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
Legal notice., in cents per line flr-t insertion,
Scents per line each ''i'.,"'.**'.**"1 ^ft™°"
Measurement" Nonpanel [Ulines make une
Inchl Store and general liu*ine-s announcement- fitf l*r '"L'h lK'r ,'""nli"
Preferred po-ilion.. It per cent, ad-
diti.nl. Birth-. MarrlagM and Ileal hs
.is; each InaerUon. limber nonces jaw
Und nolice.. *,:..*.. All advertisements
■iibjeclto.he approval r.l the management.
Wanted anil Coiideii-td Aihertisenienls:-
Attau Wanlod. Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant. Teachers
Wanted. Mechanic* Wanted, III words ..r
lc*. >v each additional line 10 cenls.
Chang."" In standing advcrllscmcnta mint
M in bj 9 a. m. 1 ursdny and V n.laj ol
eid week lo were Kiss! display,	
CbC    i1Dail**1I)CValb. "ie m*&*[im that the uovernmem
I'ciiusHKii WKDNiesnAY and (UTUii "qalre holders of limber licences
to cut a certain amount of timher
off their lund ench year, thus avoiding timber being h'-ld lor speculation and encouraging legitimate
trado, The proposition is one
which must not be handled without
full and due consideration. The
timher licence holders nre in a
great measure responsible for tbe
enormous progress and develop,
ment of the lumber industry. The
incentive to surveys is given at
their instance and the possibilities
of the further development of the
industry is brought to light. It is
due to them that capital has been
brought into British Columbia,
which capital has, and is developing the lumber industry ol the province and inoidently aiding in thc
great march of progress and prosperity. By the passing of bucIi
legislation, the necessity of small
mills would be lelt and in the construction ol such thc work would
not be sufficient to keep the larger
concerns on a paying basis. Labor
being scarce the mills if built could
not be operated and the speculator
failing to comply with tho Government requirements would seek
ways and means of protecting himself, with perhaps detrimental
effects to thc country. Men who
risk capital in enterprises of every
nature should always be protected
by thc Government and they should
not in any way be discouraged
from investing in timber for the
purposo of getting advantage of the
increase in values.
B. U. LUMBttl
Review of Past Year's Progress — Licences Covering
an Area of 4,000 Square
Miles Issued.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Harold Fisher
Barristers. Solicitors. Etc.
ilKVKI.sri.KK am. TROUT I.AKE, B. C.
C. I*.. QILUX. I'- C- K,-'-'"TT"
Orricas: iMrr.nna Bask Block, Rtsvat!
■stokb, B. C.
Offlo&PeS&toltt, B. C. Fort Steele, H. 0.
Hio. S. McCartbr,
Revelsloke. B. C.
J. A. Hakvbt,
Fort Steele, B. C.
J. M. Scot. l.L.II W. L Brians.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Monbk to Loan
."solicitors fob Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Stuveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box ino, Rbvblstokk.
Gbe toaiMberalb
"lwoul . . . earnestly a viaottieni lor
their good to order this paper to be punctually
served up. and to be looked upon as a part ol
the tea equipage."- Adoison.
The growth ol a system of combine interests in all lines of business is causing some nervousness
among the retail merchants as well
as among lhe consumers in the
Dominion. The gravity of the
situation is being forced upon them
by the actions of other merchants
and they are justified in viewing
certain demonstrations with concern. It is a regrettable fact how
ever lhat combinations in restraint
of trade are not met in a different
manner than by the means surmised to be planned by retail merchants. It may bc necessary to
meet combinations with other combinations in order to be successful,
but it  suggest*? that lhe laws are
Labor Very Scarce—Lumbermen Submit Data on Cost
of Production—Teh Lumber
Combine Inquiry.
The highest wages ever paid on the
coast in Ibe history ol the logging
industry are now being drawn by the
men employed st the camps and even
the incentive ot extra large pay has
tailed to draw forth the number ol
men required to efficiently operate the
camps now running and about to
commence operations.
Logs are just as scarce as they were
two months ago, but judging by the
preparations now being made (or work
in the woods this season, there should
be an ample supply on hand by midsummer, it is estimated by men in
touch with the logging situation on
the coast tbat by the end of next
month not less than a hundred new-
logging outfits will be at work. During the pust month many new donkey
engines and thousands of dollars'
worth ol logging equipment have been
dispatched Irom Vancouver to points
along the coast to the North, an.l
many new camps will be in operation
The review number ol the Canada
Lumberman contains an interesting
account ol British Columbia's lumber-
ing activities in 1906. Tbe article
The most phenomenal phase ol in.
dustrial activity in British Columbia
in the year 1906 was that involved in
the expansion ol the lumber business.
Licences covering 4,000 square miles
ol timber limits were issued by the
lands and works department, almost
twice as many as during 1905, and
nearly 40 per cent ol the whole number that have been issued since the
prnvinco was constituted. The follow-
i ig statistics lor tho past lour years
eloquently tell this story:
Timber Acreage
Licences Issued        Covered
11103  1307     836,480
1904 1421     938,640
1905  2173  1,390,720
1906  4000    5,560,000
East of tbe Cascades, each licensee
pays un annual rental ol $115, and
west ol the Cascades, $140. Those
isiued during 1906 were almoat evenly
divided between the two classes, with
the balance, if any, in favor of the
latter. Taking the average ol the two
sums, therefore, as a basis (127.50),
.ho revenue derived from licenco fees
alone was $510,000. In addition** to
this item there were over 2,000 hand
loggers licences issued Bt $10 each,
making a total of $530,000 derived by
the government from timber licences
l.ist year.
It has been found impossible to obtain complete statistics of the total
production ol lumber in British Columbia, but by one authority it has
been estimated at 600,000,000 leet, or
125,000,000 feet more than in 1905,
This estimate, in our opinion is too
low. A number ol new mills were
completed early in tbe year, and every
mill in the province was practically
glutted with orders lor lumber. The
one great drawback to thc year's
operations was the scarcity ol logs and
labor. In other respects conditions
were ideal,
There was no interruption to the
steady advance in the price of logs.
Nearly every increase made was looked
upon as representing the top notch,
only to bo followed a lew weeks later
by another rise, Merchantable logs
which in the early spring were worth
$7 per thousand, had advanced to $14
belore the close ol the year. The price
ol tho manufactured stock aas likewise increased, but not to the full
measure warranted bj tbo rematkable
conditions. The maximum price ol
rough lumber was $17, which, considering the cost o! Ions, Higher wages,
and the luct that the average mill employee is a much less efficient workmen
than lormerly, cannot leave a large
margin of profit,
The shingle industry also enjoyed a
moderate degree of prosperity
there were periods when thc demand
was not brisk The average price of
shingle bolts was $4.60, while the
manufactured   product   sold   in   the
Mountain Vlow Camp, No. 219,
Meet. 8eoon.il and Fourth Wednesdays la
each ...nuiii, lu Selkirk Hall.   Visiting Woul
men cordially invltod to attend.
w. ll. ARMSTRONG, Con, Com.
II. ft, KDWAHDB, Clerk.
REVELSTOKi Ai-RIt No. 432.
F. O. E.
The r.Kilsr muting, are held in the S.I', irk
Hall e.ery Tuesday uTo-iitm nt 1 o'eloei. Vi.it-
iug brethren iinicnnliiilly invited.
Kooteuav LinlKii No. 15 A.P.& A.M.
The regular meeting, are held In lh.
Masonic Temple.
Jild Fellows Half.o.i
the third Monday ls
-noli month  al
p.m. Vlsltingbre.il-
ren   cordially   wel
Pltl.l'UNIKIl, Hm-Rtmnv.
Meet* every Thursday
evening tn Selkirk
Rail at S o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invltod to at-
II..I.TA<iriART. N..1. J.MATHIK, Sue
Look Well! Feel Weil!
Do yt.i.>njoy that nell diessed teellligf Wfl all know whal
it feels like' In be hut, to be cold, or to be tired, llllll It is
joat ..a irni. that we all know whut it feels like to be well
(Leased, Ii feels good, and it's good lo leel good, You enn
never he well dressed If youi ciothes are nol made by the
light maker,
(i,.i to know we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will Hml what a pleasure and satiafi.ctio.i it is lu be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats-$15, SIS, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $26
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers 15 and $6.
Tailoring is uur business.   We make a man look well
and be knows it.
..Cressmau  and Morrison..
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
1 No. IG, Revelstoke, 0. C.
cx»e|.t Third Wednesday ni
each r.ii.utli, In the Oddfellows'
Ball al s o'clock. Visiting
Knights arc cordially invited.
J. A. LESLIE, 0.0,
O. H. BROCK, K. ol K. k S.
B. A. BROWN, M. of F
Bear Honda, Ani....ila,ll.lnls, Fish,  lite.,
Ani.i.iil  Bui's Mounted,
P. 0. llnx 31.
Stu.lt..:   Comer of I'irat St. anil lloyle Aie.
lii.vela.oku. II. 0,
Incoria.rated by A.t ,1 r.tlia.nii.it, leli.1.
Wm. SIolhdn Macphebson, P...a. S, II. EWINO, Viie-P
Jamkh Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking businesa transacted without unnecessary delay. h
Interest, credited twice a year at current rates on Havings Hank
Miu Margaret (upon
Teacher ol Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—Lawrence Block.
Pupils prepared lor  University  and
Conservatory Exams.
Mrs. H. J. Hu.ibury, ManugreBS.
First-Class Table.
Private   ining Boxes
Large Dlntngroom lor
Bttmiuols, Suppers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
5*"T Furniture!
Jobn E. Wood's Furniture Store
Manufactured for all classeslof buildings
All kinds.nf building nod plastering
W. H. PHATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, Ii. C.
IIVIIIV   .. I ,MBWW, . vsj
Ilenri<|iiartars fnr Par-illi Coast (trown
nnd impii-rimi Gardon, Field and
Flower Scoria.
Tluni-nii'U of Fruit and Ornamental
Trae*, Rliodniloiidruii.*-, Ilium and linrtly
plfiiiin now prowinf on our own ground** for
lulu rn planting.
No expanse, Iohf* or il-ilnj ot fumigation ,
ilispflcl ion nor cUtttuniH dnl i«s to pny.
Visitors lira always wwUotne to inspeet
our iilnek.
Greenhouse Plant*,
Tut Flown rs und Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Him Hifes and Supplies, Bpnij Pumps ami
Spruying mntorUl.
No Agents—therefore you have no ■om-
mission to pny, Our catalogue tnll* you
about it. Let ina price your list before
placing your order.
We no business on imr own grounds-Hi
rent to pay, aud are prepared to meet all
competition. Eastern prices or lesa. White
labor, Catalogues Free.
P.O. Address and Greenhouses:—3010 Westminster Road. Branch Nurseries i-Stmth
r%%i+%i%i%%%i%%i%i%i%%l%%l%i%r%%%W%% <\*%\i%l% 1
For Agricultural Implements. Carriage,, WugonsYEto., John
Deere Ploughs. Mollue Wngons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr., Garden Seeilers «nd Cultivators, Wheel.
Wright nml Blacksmith Work nttoi.ilo.l to. Horse Shoeing A
**4    V»W«M»U*»»VHn HU%VUUU1
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
De.iler in Wuod, Coul and Feed
,l  Phone 71. House Phone 7
not being  well enforced ii  men
must  do  business  in that   way.Ino quibbling about the price ol good
Mail-order houses are being attack
by April.
It will be months belore the increae-19Pnn«" f'*r OnUrio delivery, at $3.60
ed output of the logging camps makes ,or XX3CXX 5 to 2 inch, and $3.05
any impression on the market price, '"r XXX l! w - inch- Tlli« Pr'm "'»«
owing to the fact that all the mills on | twice advanced and when tl.e year
the coast are practically without logs oll)8ed ,he quotations were $3 SO and
of any description, and there will be j*3-25 respectively.
ed by the smaller merchants and
the battle is becoming fierce. The
Boards of Trade have taken the
side of the retail men, and the retail men in these western towns
should nol forget that fact in striking their [.rices. In the United
Stales 286,000 retail merchants
have combined to put down the
mail-order houses and it looks as if
serious step; may be taken. Be
this aa it may, wc do not entirely
suggest that a like contingency
will happen in Canada, yet at
the same time, all things are possible and the retail combine is not
beyond possibility. If the wholesale houses can control the price of
produce and the price of the finished article, and the retail associations can dictate as to which firms
the wholesalers may deal with, it
looks as though the consumers may
themselves need to combine to control the price to be paid lor the
necessities and comforts of life.
Loggers and speculators in timber are alarmed, and rightly so, at
Statements in respect to the cost of
producing lumber on this coast will be
submitted to the Parliamentary Committee charged with the investigation
of the reports reg.ir.ling the alleged
combine smong the lumber producers.
This inquiry will open in Ottawa on
March 16, and among the data submitted hy the lumbermen will bc information regarding the amount paid (or
labor, Ior logs when bought in the open
market and for labor at logging ramps
operated by mills. Freight rates will
also enter largely into the explanation
of the millmen to account lor the
present high prices demanded fur
The wages ol all classes of en ployees
at logging camps have increased during tlie past year aud a hall. Skid-
road men who werc formerly paid $2
to $'2 Ml arc now drawing fifty cents a
day more; lallers who were getting $3
now command from $-1 tn $-160; bunkers who used to get $3 now secure (r. m
$3.50 to $4; booktenderi who were
content two years ago to work lor $4
are now hard to get at $5; rigging
slingcrs are drawing from $4 to $1 Fill
where they were lormerly paid $3 50,
and the wages ot swampers have been
advanced Irom $2,75 to $3.50. Engineers were lormerly paid by the day
and they averaged $50 per month and
board, but now tbey draw $80 per
month and board, nnd are paid by the
month, so lhat they lose no pay il
they are unable to work on account ol
adverse weather conditions.
Foreign shipments ol lumlier from
British Columl.ia show an increase ol
approximately 17,000,000 leet over
those ol 1906 and 26,000,000 leet over
1904. The exports to South America
and Australia increased nearly one
hundred per cent., while one shipment
was made to Egypt. Tho Kraeer Kivi-r
Sawmills, lormerly known as the RoSI>
McLaren mills, resumed operations
during the year, and are now an important (actor in the export business.
Several other mills arc now lieing
li.nli. lor lhe purpose ol engaging in
thai cargo trade, which promises In the
near luture to show a tonderlol
*" I
New spring goods, we have tl"' leading suit in the city at $15—Crewman
A Morrison.
That's Royal Crown kind-
marie in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west, nl Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the .....ney saving is thc
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try thc
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
! can do belter (or you I
I can arrange (or you to own your
own I.'.'- ■
To I.ave a home built lor you to
suit yonr requirements on your own
plan, at ymir own limit of cost.
To enable you to pay for it in in-
stal .its lhat will cost you less than
Bee me at .inc. about it if you want
to tak". advantage ol this exceptions!
Kir-t come, lirst served,
K....1 Estate and Insurance Agent
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughi
Oaeh Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Notico lihorob, nl v-n thei'si .l«j.. «lwr.|«ti.
1 Inleii'l 'r. fii.nly In the ''Mel1 ..in.nU.lr.nef „l
Unrls nn<l  wnrks Inr term!,.).,...... par0t.AU
.he following *.esr-rl wl Isri'l.i
'■itmrn.'t.i'ing st a, post planl.-.! a. the s w
eorner (.1 T. Beech's pre-emption, msrk...|
..:h«s Reek'sC W .-..rner |.i..i," running ..».t
Sll elu.n., mull. SO .-halns, »n t wi.-l.elii,,
thence n'.rlli Ul chains to point "I ...uon.-..'-.-
ment, cn.n prising I'M acres more or lou,
l.ale.l K..L. 7..h. IW.
Ich 18 Ml CIIA8, in IK
All claims against Lodge Loyalty,
S.O.I'*,. U.S.,  mils',  be  submitted    In
writing, duly certified by .1. I.  Wood
row ..I Itovelstokn, to tin. undersigned
on or boforo February '2Nih, 1007.
HknhY S. Akkiiiih.it,
Kamloops, B, C.
Costs no more, but will produce more loaves
of sweet, nutritious bread,  to tl.e sack, than any   .
other Flour ever milled.
We positively guarantee
this Btatement.
"BEST" is rich in
gluten (the  element ol
nutriment in Flour) and
possesses rare absorbing
qualities.   Try a sack and
you will be delighted with
the results.
HOTEL—One of best located an.l
most profitable businesses In
British Columbia-$15,000. .
HOTEL-Well built houit, profitable
the best ci ties in the Province.
LAUNDRY-Well equipped, wilh
good business,
Furniture of two of the best
houses in the city. Lease of either
house at moderate rental, goes with
To Let
fv% «^VVV*"V%^VVV*VVVVV*Vty%%%VVVVV**i Vi
HEAD OFFICE:   Cai.iia.iv,   AI.I.KI.TA. #
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants J
Pork Puckers An.l Healer   in Live Stock. Markets In all thu principal Cities nnd    •
Towns el Alberts. British .....umhiii anil the Yukon. Packers ot the Celebrated Brand   S
\   "lm erator" Hams and Bacon, and Hl.amr.ick llraml, Leal lonl. a
Street, Revelstoke—115.00 per
TEN-ROOMED HOUSE on Mackenzie Avenue—$25 per month.
Street, $12 per month.
Arrowhead Ranches
EIGHTY ncres next Hall Bros,
Ranche —$800.
EIGHTY acres ol  rich alluvial
land, above high water. Partly
improved.   Price $1,200.
112 ACRES within a mile and a half
of tl.e City of Kevelstoke.
ORCHARD and market garden in
good locality.
For particulars ol above
Apply to
Insurance Agent, Revelstoke, B. C,
Notice li harab; glvaa that80 dayrt afterdate
wo Intend to apnl? to the Honor*Ma the Chief
Commlaiilnner of Lands and VYorka (>r special
llctnie lo cut aid t arrj away thi ber from tlie
folltwlni deflrrlhtd tandu, iltaatnd in Diatrlut
of Weat Kuotenar, B. O.
L Commencing at a pout marked "Lamb*
Walwn Lumber Co'a. aorta went corner' potd "
plauted an north bank of JJeKeniie Creel ami
•bout four mllei from the moutb, the act* south
8U chaiua, thenct west 40 chains, thenca south
40 chains, tbeuce eaat SO chains, theuce north
120 chains, thence west 40 elialm to pointof
com meneement.
Dated this 10th day af February, 1807.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Lamb
Watson Lumber Co, norlft-east corner post,'
planted on north bank of MoKenelo Oreek and
about four miles from mouth, thence west w)
chains.thence south 80 chains, thonce east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of com*
Dated this.Mth day of February, 1907.
wed feb 30 Locators,
Central Hotel
iaa-r—-REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.     First-clasB in every respect,    All modern convenience.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Ratet,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Notloo la horeli)- given that % dare alter dale
I Intend to apply to the Chief Conimlaeioner of
Uu.de and Wnrk, Tor a -iim-inl ltuenao to cut
and carrjr nwnr timber Irom the following
dee.lbe.1 landa .Hunted in Weat Kootenay
Conimenclng at a poat planted on tho I1I..1T011
the west side ol Wh.akey Point and murked"W.
F.Oellvle's southwest coriiorpo»t,"thci.co north
tOonalnu, Ihence eaat 100 chalna, thence nontli
III chain, moro or lcm. to lako ihore, thenco
went ISO chains to point of commencement.
Dated Fob. 12th, 1007.
 wed fob 80 , W. V, OGIl,\'IK.
Not!ce ls hereby given that 00 davs from dale
1 Intend to apply to the Honourable the Cnlrf
Commissioner of Lands and Works for per*
mission to purchase the following described
lauds, situated tn Galena Bay, and more particularly described as follows:
Beginning nt a nost planled at the north-east
comer of Andy Olson's ranch, and called •*l\
J.Olson's N. W, corner post," thence4uchains
oast, thence 40 chains aouth. tbenee 40 chains
west, thence 40 chains north to point ol com-
men-rement, containing ico acres more or less.
Dated Jan. 2fith, 1W7.
feb 16 sat P, J, Of SON,
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
l'ish CreeK wilt find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, -        -       Proprietor
Under  New  Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   (
Kirst-cl.iR accommodation lor travellers.
Heat brands   of  WineB,   Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.60   PER   DAY
Notice i. heroby given that 30 days aftor dato
I Intend to apply Ui thu Chief ComnilHalontr of
I.ukIm and Worka for a ...eclal licenee to eut
nnd cat ry awny timlior from tho following de-
acrilied land, ail.i.a.eil ln tho Weet Kootenay
I. Commonolng at a poet iilanled alai.it one
.nil..iiorth from tlio norlh-weat cornerof Lot
No, S00 and marked "Bert llij-lh'. aonth-eiut
corner posl," thenoe north sn chalna, Hieneo
wnst SO chains, thenco aoutl. su cltalns, thence
east SO ohnins to point ol commencement.
i, Commonolng at a post planted alwut one
mllo north from the north-west corner of Lot
No. 800 and marked "lk.it Blyth's norl li-oast
corner pust,' thenoe west SO ehnins, thi-nco
south SO ohalna, Ihenco east 80 ohains, thonco
north 80 chains to point ol commencement.
3. Commencing at a postjilantod nt the
north-west eorner of Location No. 1, markod
"Bert* Blyth's north-oast corner post," thenoo
wost 80 chains, thenoo aouth SB chain,, thenco
oaat 80 chains, thonco nurth 811 chains ta poll)
of commencement,
I, Commonolng at a poet planted at the
north, weal cornerof Location No. I and mark'
cd "Ben Blvth'saouth-oiwt corner post," thence
west 80 chains, lhcnco north 80 chalna. thenco
cast SO chains, thence soulh 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated February 18th, 1007.
feb 20 wod BKltT BLYTH.
ll day. alter dato we Intend ta apply ta ths
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for a
special license w out and carry aivaj- Umber
Iron, tho lollowlng described lands situated
OolWUi Crock, Lillooet district, B.C.:-
1. Commonolng at a post marked "Lamb-
Watson Lumbor Cos north-cost,corner poat,"
and planted about ii miles up Cellsln Creek and
hall a mllo cast of creeii, thence south 100
ohnlns, tliiucc west III chains, thence north 100
chains, thence oast 10 ohalna ta point of com-
l Commonolng at a poet marked "Unit
Watson Lumber no's south-east corner itost,"
and planted about live miles up Cells!* Creek
and naif a mile east of ereek, thenco north 80
chains, thenoe wost 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenco east 80 ohains ta point of elm
niencemcat. .
Dulod this Wth day ol January, 1007.
wed lth t UnB-W«aoi.U*MBBBCo.,lirii.
, 11IL,    N&jnL&iU
OP ALL tho women crooks in
world, probably tho most dar-
ing, the most ingenious, the
most versatile, the mosl mysterious, is Mny Sharpe, sometimes
known as May Churchill, und
more widely known simply as
Chicago May.
A year ago May Sharpe was report-
' ed as having died in prison in
France, where she was serving a
sentence for helping to rob thc
American Express Company in
Paris of $20,000. A few months
Inter a clever, though unknown,
womnn assisted "Eddie" Guerin,
imprisoned for complicity in the
Amorican Express robbery, toes-
cape from his living tomb on
Povil's Island.
Now from ltio Janeiro, Brazil,
comes the astonishing news that,
infatuated with Mrs. May Church-
Ill Sharpe, a charming American
widow, a young Englishman of
noble birth, upon being Informed
that sho is none other than Chicago May, a week or so ago,
committed suicide.
How, then, did May Sharpe escape
frnm France? Does ber nam'1,
like that of Guerln on Povil's Island, decorate tho stone upon another's grave? And nfter nil,
was it not she who aided tbe
daring Ouerin in his remarkable
flight from tbo penal rock in the
ALTHOUGH her maiden name
was Mary Vedis, and her husband's name was Sharpe,
"Chiogo May" is best known ^ Mny
Churchill. She has also been called
ni times May Fletcher. May Latimer,
Katie Fitzgerald. May Quorin and
May Miller.
It was under the nnme of Mny Miller, wife of George Miller, thnt she
wns convicted and sent to prison in
France four years ago for her share
in lhe robbery of tho American Ex-i
press Company.
Miller, who saved himself from accompanying Eddie Guerln to Povil's
Tslnml by turning State's evidence, i«
Bald to have died something over a
year ago while still n convict. Hut
om, it seems, cannot believe nil such
reports from French prisons,
"Eddie" Guertn was reported to
hnve dti'ij on Devil's Island, yet during lhc summer of last yoar he turned up In New York, almost n physical wreck, after having made an nl-
' most miraculous escape from that
terrible penal station, once selected
as a living tomb for Captain Dreyfus.
When it was reported that May
Churchill—*bord, dashing and resourceful "Chicago May"—had suc-
cumhed to the terrors of French prison life, most of her former friends
and acquaintances accept wl the report as true.
A few months go a tall, stylish-
looking and handsomely attired woman landed from a Bitish steamship
at Rio, Brazil. Giving her nnme as
Mrs. May Churchill Sharpe, she took
up quarters at one of the best hotels.
Although sho is now nbout M9
years of ago, May Churchill appears
much younger. Her method of Hfe,
her encounters with the police and
her terms in prison have neither fur—
rowi'd her blooming cheeks nor whitened the wonderful masses of her
bronze-red hair.
Of good figure, she is a past-mistress of the art of effective dross. Her
gowns are quietly elegant. Moreover, her manners two perfect, her
speech thnt of a well-educated, correctly bred womnn. Always of magnetic presence, she seldom fails to
bring her men acquaintances to Iter
feet as warm admirers.
Perhaps her fascinating ways and
her knowledge of human nature stood
her in good stood after hor arrival
In Rio. In any event, the woman
known there ns May Sharpe made
the acquaintance of many people of
social consequence, among them a
young Englishman of noble family,
who was residing temporarily there.
Tndewl, ho is said to have become
deeply smitten,, nnd, nfter nn ardent
courtship, Inid his honored name nnd
his fortune at her feet. A few weeks
ago, however, when lie is said to
haw learner! the unhappy truth
nbout the woman who had gained
his affections, ho prnmptlv shot himself.
If not really affected by the trng-j
edy, Airs. Sharpe protended to be. j
and those who knew her in ltio were
under the impression that she intended returning to the United States
or England. Tt is not believed by
the police, however. that May
Churchill will soon venture into any
country where tho detective bureaus
take such a lively in her career or
whereabouts as they do hero ond in
AreatB rltnln.
A wanderer in    many lands, prnc-
Stezf CZuzn&tlt, Qtzeen. of J&aen
or dry goods store ami in passing! pluytul disposition. Once sho made a
majestically, along thc aisles, to i wager that sho would invade the
sweep from the counters to the lloor, Lambs' Club—tho fatuous nrganizii-
a number of articles ol as great j tion of actors and their frionds In
value as possible. \ West Thirty-Sixth street, New York-
Then, while an accomplice engaged and obtain a drink there.
the attention ol the salesman, she Arraying herself in her finest gown
would nttach the articles to hooks and donning her most Hushing jew-
bencnth her skirts, stroll nonchal- .-Is, she walked into the club. Tho
antly out, -get into her cab and driv© scandalized Lambs tried to get rid
off. j of. hor, but she emphatically declined
In spito ol the notoriety that at-ito depart until she had had a drink,
tnciied to her career, May Yochs sue-This ireing |irovided and her l.ct won,
ceodod in escaping arrest until 1890, she coolly marched away,
when one of her boldly planned and Always attractive to men, May
daringly executed "badger" games Churchill scorns to havo steeled her
brought her to grief. heart ngainst returning any ol   the
After leaving this trouble bohind,, nlloctlon bestowed upon her. Sho
she concluded that a change of scene plnyod with victims ns a cat would
and air might prove beneficial nnd a with a mouse, but never Ior a mo-
new field of work more profitable.. men! did she lose sight of an oppor-
Consequcntly, she graciously permit- timitytn roll,
ted London to make her acquain- In 1890 she married a man of
tance. wealth named .lames P. Sharpe. The
It was in 1901 that she sprang an wedding took place In the Little
entirely new game on the police of .Church Around the Corner, nnd
I that city, It caused them to sit up Sharpe provided a handsome home
'and rub their eyes. In fact, it wns lor his liride.
;not until a numbor of complaints, Whothor tit the time Sharpe was
j nil giving similar details, had been Ignorant ol his wlfo's pnst, to been-
1 turned into Scotland Yard that thc lightened Inter, or whether he simply
Iauthorities realized that  they had a  lired of her, is not known.   In    nny
vent, he left her nfter a few months
of married life.
tically expatriated from her own,
Mary Veohs was horn in New Y'ork
city, where her lather, a German,
was an Kast Side linker. During her
girlhood she removed to ('liici.RO,
when, she residerl for a number ol
years. Then she was noticed Lack in
Now York, a rather popular concert
hull singer, who from that time on
was known as "Chicago Mnv."
Concert null' on Coney Island nnd
the Bowery knew her woll. So did
the "badger" men. the expert pickpockets   and swell crooks generally,
'Ior she associated with Ihem almost
from the first.
In time, sho became one of tho
ex|K*rt women in the world at the
"badger" game—that ol luring men
with money into places where they
were blackmailed or robbed outright.
Iter a time, "Chicago May" added
another side line to her activity as a
crook. She became an enterprising
Her favorite plan was to drive In
great style up to a fashionable   fur
new woman crook of nerve and resourcefulness with whom to deal.
Her happy little plan at Ihis time
wns to select n man with le.npj.lng
diamonds (lashing front his scurf or
Bhirt front nnd Induce him to take
her driving in a hansom or a four-
wheel cab.
During these drives she wns not at Sharpe,  that    Impelled her    to
It wns chagrin at this unexpected
termination of her r'.nns nnd the
prospect of losing a liberal allowance
of money, rather than love for
ali averse to ardent love-making; ini tempt suicide l.y drinking poison at
fnct, she invited caresses: she pre- a place in Sixth avenue. Take poi-
ferred to hnve her victim's armjson, however, she did, and it wns
about her waist and her head resting I only by the flutter of nn eyelid that
comfornbly on his shirt linsoin, lor hor life was saved,
then she i'.nuld bite or pull out the I Whatever her motive on this ocrn-
.llamond; and that she never failed'sion, F.ddlo Guerln, master crook, is
to ,]„. suid to have been the only man   of
Whether, when discovered and nc- whom she ever wns really fond
cusid, mi she sometimes wns, she Meeting hlm on the oher side during
swallowed the diamond Is not known. I her London campaign of 1901, sh..
On several occasions she was arrest- becanlo his ally and his assistant
Georde Miller, a. member
of t/j£ Guertn - CAztrchlUfffflfi
On this   trip "Chicaso  May" pose,
as the wifo of Miller.
Shortly after their arrival the sal.
in the olliee of the American Express
Coni|iany was blown open nnd a sum
said to bc nearly $20,000 wus stolen. On this occasion the French police were too quick for thc clever
American crooks, and they were
gathered in beiore. they could escape
with their booty.
Guerln was convicted and sentenced
to what was regarded virtually a Uie
term of penal servitude on Devil's Island. Ko human lieing, it was believed, could survive such a term
there. For complicity in the robbery
the woman, on June 14, 1802, was
sent to a prison In France for five
Something over a year ago the astonishing statement was made that
Ouerin had escaped Irom Devil's Is-
Innd. It was reported that ho bud
jbecn assist.il by a woman, who managed to get him money w ith which
to bribe thc guards, and that this
womnn wns none other tihan "Chicago May."
That some friends were working for
him on the outside wns evident. He
was removed without warning or i.-.i-
.son from th» prison in which he had
been confined on the island, .....1 set
to work with a convict gang In tho
fields. When he nnd two other convicts lound n convenient opportunity
to slip into the woods, the guards.
seemingly, were rooking the other
wny. The next day. when a convict
died in the hospital, the authorities
buried the body and erected over It
n gravestone marked "Guerin."
- With infinite Inbor. Guerin and his
companions fashioned a rude ducout
canoe, and in it. without food or
water, set out for the const of South.
America, 200 milos awny.
On the wny Guerln learned .hnt his
companions had planned to kill him
and throw his body overboard. So
for three days and nights he sat up
with a revolver in his hand, compelling them to row.
After mnnv adventures and much
harshlp, Guerin succeeded in reaching
America again. Then lie announced
that he would sett'e down nnd lead
an honest life. Appnrentlv, he mado
no attempt to rejoin "Chicago May"
or to call her to him.
It would have been Utter for him,
perhaps, had he done that. Instead,
he tell a victim to the wiles of another woman of his own shady set,
and follou-ed her to London. A few
months ngo It was stated that he
ha.l 1-een arrested, turned over to the
Taris police nnd thnt ho would be,
sent back lo Devil's Island.
od, but always escaped through lack
of evidence against her.
Throughout her career, May Y.-.'l.s,
or May Churchill, ns she was known
from time to time, lius manifested a
Tho    couple   returned to  America.
but soon decided that Paris offered a
moro promising field for their genius,
nml, consequently, thev Journeyed
there, accompanied by George Miller
Grnnda .locko says'
"Why are you there upon a tree.
Instead of school where you    should
Littlo Jocko replica:
"I'm bunging here,  because, you see,
The teacher has s-ispcnded me."
WHILE on the subject of fires,
it ls not out of place to
mention thc calamity that
nearly overtook Dresden, Tenn,, not
long ago.-
One Perry, a restaurant clerk, went
to his room about 11 o'clock and lit
a lamp. Tho oil In the vessel caught
fire, nnd I'orry promptly threw tho
'i-holo thing Into the street.
Xow it happened that a town hog
was peacefully rooting tho ground
beneath the window, and the blazing
Inmp landed squarely on Its hack.
Thc lamp was broken, the oil, fiercely hurning, sprend over the hog, an.l
that astonished nnininl, with loud
squeals ol protest, prollptly sot out
on a tour of the surrounding section.
Ho hnd awakened to the situation.
Taking a rapid turn nround part
of tho public Square, tho hog returned to thc plaee where he hnd been ns-
s-niilled nnd rrnwled under the building. Soon the restniirnnt structure
wns iil.ln zo and the entire fire-fight-
Ing force of tl.e town was callofl out,
For n time It. seemed Hint, the Whole
of llie cast sldo of tho town was
dually,   however,   thu hlnzo was
conquered, nfter tho floor of tho Sn-
staitrant had lawn torn up to gel nt
tho Incendiary porker. Tho loss wan
covered by Insurance, but this did
not nssuugc the blistering pain In
the Log's book.
George Adams, ol Watorbury,
Conn., wns fatally wounded by a
wo.idclnick. This animal Is not re-
gai'ded ns ferocious, but the particular wno-dchi.ck that Adams encountered Iinil a rille bullet into the man's
Adams wns in Mklillcburg on business, and at night went with others
In pursuit of nn nnininl that hnd.liiui-
rowod near lhe l-nrn of Clifford Bar-
niini. The mon poured bucket after
bucket oi water Into the hole,   and
jsoon the little animal, gasping for
breath, appeared at the entrance.
I When Adams tried to push the
wnodchi.ck hack under the water
with tlie butt of his rifle the animal
struck out with Its paws, seized the
trigger nml discharged the weapon.
'lhe bullet entered lho man's stomach, causing a wound from which he
died the next dny. In the excitement
full.iwing the   ."hooting    the    wood-
johuck escaped, I
'I'he expe...lit ure of six .-.-..ts without her husband's approval, It Is as-
si-rteil, caused nn attack by hlm upon Mrs. Wllllnin Leonard, nl Paterson, N. .1. She-wns taker in a hospital In a precarious ...uulii im., while
iln- mnn wns arrested, charged with
hioaltng    Lor vli-imisly will,   an   axe
! handle.  ^
According to the Btory told the police by a young son ol 1 connr I   th •
|mnn became lurloua when li Issed
six cents which he had left In the
When Mrs. Leonasd acknowledged
thnt Bhe hnd spent the money, the
boy said, his father attacked her as
she stood with a month-old baby in
her arms. He felled her wilh the axe
handle and klclted her as she lay on
the floor.
At the Jersey City terminal ol the
Central Onilronrl ol New Jersey small
boys plundered an electric battery
used in the signal system and tied up
the entire line for lorty minutes, to
the great discomfort of thousands of
commuters, who were eager to reach
their suburban homes.
The urchins stole the zinc from butteries thnt opernte the automatic
signal switchings In the yard, ami
which, if sold, as the little purloln-
ers Intended, would have brought only almut 20 cents.
Just at the bus, time in the afternoon, when trains were being made
up to carry home the thousands of
commuters, the switching signals refused t.< work. In consequence, trains
along the tracks were tied up automatically and the entire - stem
thrown -nit ol working ordor ns far
ns II,ni...I [Irook. Aif-i iill for some
pieces of zinc n.ni aire that would
have ■."....! if 'l.i il plunderers
i...I-. -Jn cents      *\
ll. i.i h and '■■.!. Ino arc frequently
moii'n -■ I ' -   I   f f   - ant things   On-
' ly the other dny, In Philadelphia,
Alexander Alrorn put on a tight-fitting collar, snt down on a chair und
dropped to sleep.
Some time later he wns found dead
—his high collar hnd choked him to
death as ho slept, 'lhe man wns
weak and the weight nf his head
over his sharp collar wns sufficient
tn cause strangulation.
Blithers nt Ihe seashore frequently
get sand in their enrs, but siiflcr no
111 consequences other than n temporary annoyance. Sand In his ear,
however, ca\lSed the death of Herbert
Lawrence, a lifeguard at Atlantic
While making a rescue early ln
August, Lawrence had some sand
driven Into his ear by the lorce of
the waves. It could not be removed
by ordinary methods, so the guard
went to a hospital and submitted to
nn operation.
This failed to relieve hlm, and an
abscess formed ln his hoad. Two
other operations were performed, the
third resulting fatally,
A common housefly caused Miss
Mary Ryan, of H'-novo, l'n., to lose
the sight of nne eye. Only with dllll-
oi.Ity was the other saved,
While proceeding about her household occupations one day during the
summer » fly flow into Miss Uynn'B
eye, causing hr-r excruciating pnln. A
physician   applied appropriate   rem-
lollies, but the eye continued to in-
|flnme, At lust Miss liyiin was compelled lu enler .. hospital, where on-
| Iy extreme ...re onablod hor to re-
tnin Hie sight of 01 f her i-y.-s.
When Hernial. Wi.ile.ielt, ol l-'og-
elsvllle, Pa., goes fishing horoaltor
hi. will not put n fishhook in his
mouth, or, If ho does so, will bo
i most careful to retrain Irom sneez-
1 While overhauling his fishlngltackla
some time ago, preparatory to an
expedition to a nenrliy pond, Winter-
lelt plnrod a hook, to which was attached several Inches of line, Into Ills
This would probably not have resulted In trouble li Wlnte.felt hnd
not been overpowered by a desire to
sneeze, {ind when he sneezed he swallowed the fishhook .....I line. Afler....
operation,   two physicians siicccedod
in removing the ho
lortunatelv sufforo
Little Millard Li
old bab) ni Chesl
mat ch in hi.. '-.-Hi
and Wlntorfolt
. ill results,
it, n lfl-l th-
Pa,,    found   n
night,   mid   li
playing with it caused ll lo Ignite.
In n sIimi-i li...,. ll.e i.-ili-lntliiiig was
on lire, and the child w..s severely
In.rn.si aboul I In- face, nrms and
neck. Its BCI'OamB nio.ts.il the mother, who was horrified to find her
baby on fire, .....I who oxtlngulrjbed
the flames with .. rug. v
•> Dr.    0,    W.  Wilson, of    Montreal,
| might have thought the more stealing of a kiss a trivinl ...alter, yet,
according to a dispatch from Toronto, thai little Indiscretion was responsible for a ]nil sentence of nr-vr-,i
dnys, Imposed by the Julqe ol 'he
Toronto police ciurl
The report stated thnt A T- Severance ol Now York, wns silting
with his daughter In tho rotunda of
the Nine Edward Hotel, when Wilson
slipped up bohind thc young lady,
i-inli.-aceil her and kissed her.
That great minds move often In the
...nn.. channel mom of us win admit.
The creative genius burns the midnight
nit at one end of the world tn finish his
song of love, which his brother, tn another place, sits ln the noon-day sun
singing the same sweet song. Tlie Inventor does the H.imo thing—has done
so for centuries, and will continue so
to do to lhe end of time. He fasts In
Ills shop, spends sleepless nights working out ii way to kill the jiotato bug.
nml when he geci. forth triumphant
(rom Ids toll, iltidn a nlnibk-r genius
killing ii with n club.
When Agnes Laut not herself to the
task of resurrecting Rodtson and set-
ling hlm up on a gilded throne whose
foundation was largely fiction, another
singer wns singing the glory of La
Similarly, when lhe Ornn.l Trunk Pa- I
clflc Railway sought n fitting name for'
the new eoafll city, whose lofty spires
nnd gilded domes shall soon -     I tie
Ihe lower nj ton m« ..f lhe erstwhile
silent   sl.    :i   rival   railway   was
B.veeplng the cobwebs from the world's
archives to find a name for o new hotel
I Int" which they had put millions of
\ money.
Ni -a - - - ■ I.-, i. iljlcrs had been
blessed win. thai faith In lhe inilneneo
ct one mind over another which, with
■ . . ■ ints almost to superstition, the) woui.i have hastened their
decision, and ha* ng . ome to it would
have as hurriedly announced It to the
world, taking lho wind all oul of the
". ncmy's*' Ball   Bul they did ..ot.
Although they art-ear to have selected ;i name, they hugged tho secret
to themselves, True, they had to make
use of It. They worked it :nto the
warp and woof of things, stamped It
upon sheets and Hew I: Into bottles.
They even cast a dis In which to
shajie their silver, yet kept the set ret
all tr. themselves
In the meantime the Grand Trunk
Paclfl. :-i i-l offeri d 0 cash prize for the
most appropriate name for their unborn sea-coasl eity, and set the wheels
of all the mental equipment In Canada
So much "thinking" along one lino
was hazardous to the hotel people, but
they were without superstition. Thin
was il.ingerous enough, bul when all
Ihe army of ollieials ln Ihe employ of
the rival road, and in tho secret, began
to pray silently, that the <:. T P.
might not hit upon the same good ...uno
which, as before stated, was already
l.lnwn In their bottle, the menial colll-
slon was Inevitable. And out of the
multitude one mind "In tune" caught
the current of thought, and wrote:
The rl vlng held Us hreath
for ■- - ':    ' :■ .the: deeply   'dammit,"
b     i thi die In whl h thi y had li-ipe.l
■   Iheir sliver, and called tha
*Q THE LOYAL ALEXANDRA." *5 Mrs Herrick Sees tne Necessity of an Anti-Gossip League
1AM i^aKNINQ to start an Anti-Gossip League, and
I am rather anxious to know how many girls wish
to belong to It. Perhapa some ot you won't see tho
necessity for it; but 1 aol
No doubt, there will be somo girls who will express
a prompt desire fur member-ship, but 1 wonder If thoy
will when they know the league'a platform? It Is an
unusual platform, for It has only one plank in It, but
that is long enough and broad enough to support the
whole league.   This is it:
ABOUT YOURSELF, And why not take
foi ■■' hi '■' the Japanese saying: "Speak
no i vil, u. h   i vil, heat no evil"?
.->.... you to Join  and sign Um
pii   ■
laic *.,"■■ fact lhat, if we lived up
is that, a i:i' it many of lis would have
not! I  '   *■ ally, I know those who would he
t, r a deaf und   lumb asylum If thoy fol
lowed ' ■ literally, Llfu would also be very-stupid
•fori a until we had it quired the habit of talk
ing mething boaldi       • neighbors'shortcomings,
\   . -.*. iw thi ri ■ Ing nmi we always reel
n i, .  .:   In lhe ml tori *  iur friends,  Borne char-
lo      pei   ft led thai Into moaning tlmt wo
rej -.■■*. we !■ u "i ih" bad luck of others becauso
we feel tti I ;■ ■■-■. fortunate and urn thankful
ness for ■ r b --■! i rtune is emphasized by the woes of
those less lucky. At th'i risk uf putting myself down
ab hopel ■ rltable, I must sny that 1 don't be
lieve that, We may not be glad to hear ol lhe troubles
of other.), bul we are certainly much Interested, and wo
ta]fa .!- ■ ■ matter ft great deal more than we would
about go ll ■  ine,
Here le an illustration: The girl who is nearest you
h> th< offl -. ■ r next to yuu In school, or who lives across
thr street irom you, comes in some morning full of news.
"Sue! i thing to tell you," she begins. ".Mary Jones"
(whom you both know well) "has Just had a beautiful
bracelet  or necklace or pin—given her by her cousin."
Ol ■ '.:-■■ you arc- Interested, and you ask details,
but without any mud enthusiasm. Hut suppose th' wero
the ; lece of news;
'Story Jones has a beautiful bracelet, and soma one
told me sh'- bad stolen it from her cousin!"
Imagine iho sensation!
The worse the things paid about a person, the more
Interest Is aroused. An Indication Is given of this in the
enormous sales of the papers that contain tho account of
some terrible crime, ur in the way the stor> spreads once
a Bcatidal is aroused, lt is well said that twenty persons
hear a slander for one who hears Its contradiction. A
reason fcr this is that the slander Itself Interests those
who hear it so much thai they pass lt on as rapidly as
fiossll Ii while the correction is rather Hut and stale, ami
t Is t) th nltless I tsk to repeat it.
Po slbly it seems like trying io muzzle the comuiu-
'.See    no    Evil,
mty, or at least that portion of it comprised in Each and
AH, when we ask for universal reserve with regard io lho
shortcomings of the world at large. It would be cruel to
rob the general conversation of all Bplce! Hut cannot the
members ot the Anti-Gossip League—that is, if there are
any who join It—endeavor to observe reticence with re
gard to ihe fault: of their fellow-members and of their
own Immediate families?
Hy this last 1 don't mean that nny "f tha girls aro
given to trumpeting abroad the detects of their own people, ] have known some girls whu did not hesitate to
sneak freely to outsiders nbout the shortcomings of tholr
•jlslers .■uui brothers, to criticise sharply their own fathers
and mothers: hut I hope no suck girls nre in Each uud
All. Whal I lmvo particular reference to just now is
criticism between yourselves.
Sume time ngo I said lhat, if I had the management
uf a family absolutely, sn that 1 could rule ihem in all
things 'it Is probably vory lucky for them that! can't!), I
would lay flown Ihe'rulc that they should not discuss tho
actions of one another, oflen and oflen a fault would
dif n natural death, a mistake would bc* overlooked and
THK needloworkers are to the fere today, with llieir
offers of help and their desire lo exchange wurk
and pti items.
I have some ombroldorj palterna - Mount Mulllck,
■badow, eyelet ain] French—which I wnuld bo glad to copy
for -any who will pay tin-* postuKO. I will also kIvo lii.it.-j
tn regard to ihe first three klnda I um a grandma, ton
mv bean Is yuung enough tu bt* Interested lu .ill tho letters from the dear girls.
I hope Borne of tii.*in will write i" me I have also a
few scraps of .Gllk. etc., and Bomi magazines thai I will
"pafs on." I am only sorry that i cannot afford tho
postage Dn all
Can a crandmu, who ls ftill young enough to earn Iht
own living and who Invi    y  mg peuulu .»f i-oili soxos, ub-
Seclalh* Each nml All gtrli, join yuur exculleni society,
en:  Mr?    Herri ■;'*
Ulese vou fur your wnrk. and put mc in work at nny-
thlLh' you tiiink I can do.
GRANDMA (Montgomery, Ala.).
iBn't that a di ir oftei of h< lp?   Ymi may be sure that
I   BIT,   '"t*.1   '•■   .*.'   .".-   tin.   i'l i ml i. inl lun J   it-lien   I VlflV   llflVO
in  having ho many Illustrations so closely crowded together
Interest to Invalids
.Bn t mai a u* ir on i oi i. ipi imt muj ue Hurw ui<u
i nm glad to welcome thb grandmothers when they,have
luch girl hearts is this one.  Bhe will never be really old!
Willing to Help Others
I'm a marrli girl 20 years of age, who docs not hnvo
many friends here I um willing to help any one I can.
I do oil painting, nnd havo many useful household roelpeBt
I urn ■:..:■.■■:. :,-: :■. .-. i; quilt, ainl wmtld I ilu* lo ia-1 nllli. velvet and satin patches I also embroider atrawoerrles beautifully, and I am willing to help nay une. 1 'also huvo
■many home- doct   lag ri clpes
Mrs   6.  B,  F.  (Martinshurg,  W. Va,).
It would be delightful If those two Southern women
touli get In touch, I am sure they would enjoy each
An Opportunity for Exchange
I am married and have two small children, nml ns
I can'l afford a curse, I have nu one io leave them wllh.
except on Saturday afiermiuns, when my husband is
home    I havi  - ire time, however, which I might
v.- j ir b me one I du white Bewlng very nicely, and on-
■  . mi - i fancy whito waists: also baby
Clothes    I v     Id 1 I■*  t ■ exchange sueh work wllh any nno
who d"es china painting or water colors, or l would do
the sewing very reasonably as to prices if no one cares
to exch ns     I hav, quite a few magazines. wlii*h I have
beer, sei ling I   the Salvation Army, which I might divide
with s me of the girts if they Bhould care fur them.
Mrs   E   B   R,  tLos Angeles. Cal.).
We have china palmers who would probably be glad
-o accept thia ■    r,
Of ers From a Southern Girl
I will s<   ■ ■ rl wl • writes to me sumo quilt
£ altera*,  dli   I   ni I   w      'lean a skirt ur gloves, and any
In l ^t cakt* and candy reclpefl
:  llvi   |i   the 8 ulh. and will send the glrla that live
Inti    Nortl     Hon li     11  cuttings of fern and leaves of
different I. ■       t flowers    Uso sea sl        i  es ih inge fur
i        i and music,        PEARL, Q   t M mtgomery, Ala )
.*. ither Southern girl! Her offers an very attractive,
x: iviii ap]   il espt ually to collectors of ourlos,
Interested in Music
I am verj Interest! I mm and have studied piano
ramie for u img time, although I am by no means q past
rr.ar.er in the art I .**■:.■ ■'■■■ C Ifeglate Institute
here for thr-.--.- years uo till thU present year, and I um
Just staying me this pear
Book; ar* *hat 1 re a .-• fi r In the way of amu.ie-
txer-i, and I read a greal deal I like hlstorh tl novels
best of all. I think in reading books of this kind one gelt
t irreat dea! of information ami n knowledge of hlsl u*y
that one wi uld t I ■ -.-■ * dl - tnd delve uut of dry b loks
or hist :.- I llect postcards lust foi tht pli usure -;
having remembrances i: m my friend;, not because I want
to have ti number of card?. Uo any of the girls collect
pictures? 1 hav* a collection of about ItiO of all kinds
ar.*j descriptions, large and small, and I have them all
bung or. rather pinned, up In my den. along with ail my
p st **rds I cut the ■ . - - mag izlm - an I p i ite theni
on co '.:• In    nti   B    o of them I 1 n win-
pli tlpaper, wl        makes a very pleas ng   back
er   nd * larger   ne** I have |usl pinned up without
pasting th< tins. .    te <;ibsun
sei I'   B   Fl    *:.*.:■ .:...;■:     ..   them
t i I hard (
cheten: e (wu i p. ■.  m •■ i
Our Canadian girl 1 t of \     I ideas that
for       mai i for
doming I . . : ibt the
ffect Is gem ing
tl ■ :■ mi I tiring I
Requests for Christmas Work
1 :.''V pleasure in put    : together hei
. *.; Chrlstm . -  ■■
'.     .
:     .<.-•■■■'      • i      '      '.
.       '.     '■
ere  i for aa
;  ..   . . ' ents if then
.. - ■ ■   * :
have Biio i
., ■     . ■ . ■ . ,
[ul bead ■ ■
md -:    pearl i in I
u,xt elabcrate »nt, I
*r»^ belts, wllh I
*mbr;: len in i -■
collar   tnd    iff s<
collars  II wall ish-
loai of vi Ivei
l-jcs w blue is."eia ribbon, wllh
Etch »*
:*i MOts ar, 1 li: embi Idered
ne   It* Bach ft* ■ AH  '■ -::;:
L*e  lMt end I-ath hi. - .'- . .. heart
hook marks. v.lth Lord's Pravei on. 1
D0Qm v. I a  r  ■   .
I wonder If anv of our i   ml ■ ri mak
h.>ip #oms of nur chut '.       *■ ■    In U     It)   -■■..*      If
trco at Chrtitmu fM the poor?
Could n*t each one of us pledge at leail
be it ever so imall, foi ll I am sui      s would
b* fcllo'Aii.ic ooc Pleof« Ing somo oi        ■ I    .. id
thjn ourstlvei to he  happj     bet ui   rake up   ■■   ■
whit »*o can do. an thi I ■
thli kind of work li needed
tn.s wpu wi BUZABBTH (Doi "    I
I mak" little booklets of Ca',:; rnto    vlth flowerij sea
tnosMl snd ferns, which I would ei hange foi
ih'jie of th* Atlantic coail   ' nni natural ipeolmens fr-.m
tar other Kate-
OBNBVIEVE (BI M^nte. Cal,).
I live In tlie country, far from nelxhbors, and am very
husy as a favmer'B daughter, and want some Invalid member who can hemstlt-'h men's or women's handkerchiefs
at moderate pav to  write for mv address.
AN  ARIZONA QIRL  (Prescott, Ariz.).
Wc have several such workers who would be glad to
avail themselves of this opportunity.
Wants to Buy Home-Made Things
I tee somo of the girls hav.* painting and huui,*-maile
articles I.. Bell. If thev will lei me know about them by
druppim,- me a card, l will try to patronize them.
M  A   S   (Whlttter, Cal.).
From a Student of Psychology
Another demand i'ur, work of a different kind:
I would like i" help uk man*'' girls as I can, In aay
way Uuu l can. 1 am a stenographer and typewriter, and
will help any one who wants Instruction tlmt way. If
any invalids would like me to write thorn, I will be only
too Klad J am u ml.hot of psychology, and would like
to hear from anv .on- else Interested in it. I am very
athletic, fun.!   of   animals   How. rs,  music,  reading, etc.
Won'I  s ■  one wrlle to ,t   jolly New   Hampshire glr! of
18 who lovos her friends and Is anxious to help?   1 will
ul su exchange cards
anANITB stat:: aiRL (llennlker, N. II.).
Wuh this diversity of Interests, correspondents ought
to come thick and fasu
On the Management of Children
A while ago 1 wrote u request that mothers let me
know whal their ideas were on lho management of children. A number uf answers have como, and 1 print several holow, Any further comments or suggestions nn this
subject I will gladly welcome. 1 may sny, by the way,
that 1 believe in Implied t tedlcnnc In children, and hud
■ -. I something on llie page w that effect:
Vou hive asked the mothers ti give their views aad
experience about   tho tralnln r of cl     ron I Henco
Now,   may   I,   In  behalf ur    n ■ ,     -     is of  tbetr
number, ask for  your experl i I       training
children?   Does not n child ■■•■.. ■ Inl ■ ■ rn dis-
position or Indomitable  .vlll lb parents
huve t-> be "arguod Into obed who
Is now 0 years ot age, I h *.       :.■. .
ence, I.in havo - mi ll ,:■ r
him.   Children differ In I ai   extant
thai wh ;   ■ nil another will wear
one oul i ef ro ho "gb os li      | ■.      I give us
mothers a nice,   help!
mothen read your i
be Intel   *   i Ur* M.  W.  (Philadelphia
Yen:   invitation to the i man>
agement hildri     was    he appreciated    .   this
mother    C four,   I am natut .
the Bubji
help     : .
i ah ill look engi ihe i pi mlso
us. and   mow thi
bers   i '■*.
is strong
. r •■•■■ ■•■■■ responsive ipon
I confi ib I r -       it the man
agement of children.
My '-■'■■. ' I notico a
■   ■ .
;■ trt iro not *w
Instead of "1
'■*..*.: ■■:..-
the ro m,   [repeat 1 *
foi   :•■■: Hera, icki
sentences   tur.:
I wond ■
porous a. thing it I
ever, I will     it a restraint u
: :.-:
.     ■
tleness I thai
What 1 m
begun witi
■     ' ■
dream.   N'o mm
•,ratl obi *.:*..'
.    ind, 111 t of hum
wrong sometimes
parent's I that a child
. o ■■
remark.! ■
. ■     .
riils Is not theory.   1
.   .
. ■    ■   ■■ ■    ■
.- .    . ■
.    - .
8 t was ami
.: ..
.   ■
t.    Fnr I
.   -
■    ■
.     :     .
have hi
eet good r vithou It all
:   .     '     ■   .
that It la ■
* ■
.   . .   , ,
■ : f th
i, felt and ti
■ .:        ■. i inn
Wili A '.ch<i.};<c Pictures
I hn - take i
* ; ih m ■ ■ ■ I IT f
■    .   |      ■;■!■.* i * ■      i  with  s
'l here Is a chance here for tin if I :
foi  the *■<'*■  who are In ten   * rl  In  Canadla
ie inui.
I vil."
"SiEBak. no Ivil
Special Appeals
DEAR Members of Each and All:
Hero is a chance lu give a cheering word and kindly
help, whether you ate Interested in postcard collecting
or not. We hi.ve Just no.veil from Philadelphia to
Washington. My mother ban given up old ties and associations   uud  ll  Is hard  for an  elderly person to take  up
lire aguln in a Btrango place.
Will the girls everywhere send her it birthday greeting on December 2*1, 1000. when she will he 74 years old?
Please send tho ordinary picture card of local town or
State, as the pretty birthday cards win not give her Imlf
se  much  pleasure as seeing new   places.
When the Idea occurred to me, wo had no thought uf
leaving Philadelphia and mother was just taking Interest
In the new cluoroom, nnd wanted lo help the girls la
sewing and knitting. Now we wili have to start all over
with  the Washington  r-|'-|s.
Please accept mv thanks in advance. Later Mrs, lier-
rlck mav give mo a chance to do su through uur page. Sincerely  yours.
P   M   B   iHialrman of Esperanto and Sewlne Class).
w:,... r.-ading of the Invalids and shut-ins in tho paper
last Sunday,  an  Idea came  to  me.    If all  llie members of
tii*- camera chapter will send me a picture of boiuo pretty
scenery I will uut them together and Bend them to some
phut-lu who will appreciate such a gllmpso of nod's out-
of-doors it would bo all tho moro Interesting, as iho
views will come from as many States and cities. I mako
ihis  bu early,  as  I   wish   to  -take  timo  by tho
forelock." if you will publish this in the paper, it will
help nn a [rreat deal, for it takes not only lime but money   to   D'.iifv   all   the   L-ii'13 ,   „
Y-.ii p.- ■ .. tell me of some nne to send them
■■    .\:.'   one do   provided she cannot get uut to seo
riglnal, nml It must bo some one who is longing, al-
i dying, to sei t t h n thing! Vou see, I wish to
ser ' :*  ■ ne whom ll will h.>!p lho most.   I migbt
suggest  :.   i ■ lle   p etry  to go with  each  picture,  If the
si   ler can think of anything appropriate.
TEDDIE  (Chairman Camera Chapter,  Dorchester, Mass,).
I can paint and do nice shirtwaist panels, cushions
aad some *.* * things, for which I wish I could find sale.
I want *      . me money so much, not for pin money;
■  ■. ethlt re.    U*i you think tho girls would glvo me
some order
Mrs    I.   B.  M.   fSprlns   Hill.   Nova  Scotia).
1 can t imething really new  fur Christmas gifts
at a IE   20, 2-5 and 85 cents oach—or will
,-, ;   ■ Ikerehiefs ir  three-guarter inch
t es . * br silk In fancy colors
IRBARA  (Portsmouth, N. H.i.
I like I    sell ii novelty that I think will please
thi   gtr ■-   tuch .. nice little Christmas gift and
....     I pul up In a dainty white tl.ssuu
paper , Is i new), lie wiih baby
. ib ■ inder ihe ribbon, ainl send
enti    When  ordering, say whether
rl  il  placet  or beautiful scenery is
atlon    ■ ih ed
■*.   ii  Q. (Portland, Maine),
I   am   :." fancy   work   or   Christmas   work.
ith * mbroidery, crochet-
ind (Pernln system). for type*
ever atu lied either, and hopo
.   .;.. also lnten  ted in German for bos'.'    F.   13    (Boston).
tions for these addresses must be sent at
■   ■
A Poem of H lpfulness
*   *,*!'■  nor the author of In-
are . propi late to tho
uirit that 1 copy them to send:
ot i
■ .
i... meet!
■    .
.    ■
,■ t In
-  ■
-  ■  ,
it the;i
■    ■
■    .
i    .
I idly
r eomt   I
do and
•' i,
i  w   i.  (Bridgewater, Mann.).
forgotten, a slight would bo Ignored, wero it not galvanized inlo life by discussion.
This Is lho way in which It is done. Thc speakers are
two sisters:
"I was furious nt Jim {their brother) for tho way in
which he talked about your Ruing to Jane Smith's party,"
rays one, "Ilo snid he had thought better of you than to
think you would accept an Invitation lo the house of a
girl who had been so hateful to you us Jane had been."
"Jim would hotter mind his own business," returns tho
othor "lie is always saying nasty, critical things ubout
one of us. He can't even leave our clothe--) nlono. He
lold mother yuu and 1 both luok like scarecrows In our
ntw hats." ,    „
There is a very nice little quarrel ready for Jim.
What has been gained by repeating either remark? Nothing hut hard feelings, Jim had made both hastily, and
lhe best thing to do would have boon lo let them
fall to tbo fjrotmd. Neither was of sufneient Importance
tt, be noticed. Mut there Ihey are, preserved for the Hake
of producing irritation. I have no doubt thai every girl In
Each and All could give me similar illustrations of the
harm that Is done by repenting useless sayings.
Yot In a family there Is a cerlain t^egree of safety
that docs* not exist oulsldo, Whatever disagreeable things
may bo said, (he members of the family nre prclly sure
to uphold tlm character uf one another su far as the outside world is concerned. Hut this is not true when nc-
tjitaintances and so-called friends speak of one another.
Then there often seems to be a eompelilion as to which
can make the story about one nr another nmre telling and
interesting, and truth, loyalty and love go by the board.
Of course, Ihis Is not tl'UO of nil girls, but It is of too
many. J wus much hurt lhe other dav by receiving an
anonymous letter. It did not say anything lu criticism
of me. If It bad, 11 would have heen a struggle between
my vanity and my sense of humor as to whether 1 should
laugh or be ntlgry, Mut It was worse than that. It was
from a girl who helon-^eil to oim of our chapters, and
who wrote to mo disagreeable, critical things nbout nn
tdlleer In the chapter, and then was too cowardly lo -sign
iirr nnme! I don't tloubl that, if I had chosen tn send her
letter to the person she criticised, I could have learned
Who lho writer was; bul 1 don't want in know, It is had
enough to know Ilul Hutu Is In Kaeh and All ll girl who,
having signed her pledge, cuuld so far depart from lt ns
to write such n letter, she easi no reflections upon tho
porsonal character of iho woman she assailed, but sho
hinted at flofeclS, and round fault with her bitterly.
J know J ask a guud deal when I Intimate that thero
should not bo criticism nf any girl, niul I don't exactly
mean that. Sometimes it seems almost Inevitable, when
a person Is In fault, The wrongdoing or the mistake
must bo recognised, Mul. there are ways nnd ways of
doing this, aad, If wo stand ilnn on the plunk of tho
Anti-Gossip League, we can't go far wrong. Suppose you
make a mistake yourself, ll' you are sensible, you will
not bo angered ihal ll should be seen, and, If the comment
upon ll Is kindly, no harm Is done. Wlmt If you have
made a blunder7 Every nne does It, sooner or lalor.
Verv well, lli'Mi try again, nnd lake comfort from the
thought that some of the greatest gifts to the world havo
been founded on mistakes,
Mut it Is quite another matter if your mistake Is flls-
Cinsod unkindly and censured. There Is the sting! And
the- sting I.s Just as keen to others when you do the discussing and the censuring. But do you not see how lhat
would nil disappear if yuu said nothing about any one
else lhat you would not be willing to have said about
yourself In similar circumstances?
Come nnd join, girls! It will ho hard work for all
of us for n white, niid we shall fee] at limes ns though
iv wero gngged. Bul after we once establish the habit,
It won't be so bad. Send me your names, and don't. I
beg nf you, leave mo to run the Antl-Qosslp League with
no member but myself!
]'. H.-Kvcy mall brings a l...:n o( loiters asking °n«
or lln- othor (or both) of thi'so lwo .mentions: "How shall
1 address your-letter?" or "How cm. 1 get n budgo?"
Address ..11 letters to me, In cure of tl.e liniier In which
you see nur I'liRe, Inclosing n stnmiK.il, self-addressed
envelope, If you wish a iiei-sonal answer.
For llio badge—send 50 cenls In s.amiis, registered letter or money order, made payable lo me, and addressed
to me In care of this newspaper.
Training Boys
I MUST express my lndlE.ia.lon and deeply touched feel
inn nt tin* Btory of tlm e„y you .iinil.' iin.t >".n- poi-sona
1 remark, added thorete.  Vou are u woman who wl.ho. t„
Ju,,,  1. -ss.   who  u.iil.-iliilu-s  to  u.h-i™  ,,1.1,-l-ri  uud
iilk.ui.te young minds. 1 ihust protest twalnst what I
cotitilder brutal iliouglillessneas and (pardon ...u. l«..o-
You write:
••I imve known noopi,- like that niyso.l-many of .horn.
One was a "null hoy, ol .vlnuii 1 may have told you before iio Inul a pleasing linblt In his lender yours of
going and "landing behind t
..... ,n ii aoiiiliii; ..nn'.   INouri
"Perhaps 1  'f.ulriii't
tloors nt Intervals uml .
I,„■..«   IIR..'
nn. tliliu:  with   hi...,
oven It 1 had tnken him I I u nn nfant, but I have
Svarv ilroni persuasion that, if ho had been so unfortu-
Saw os to bo my uon, he would, In tin, good, old-fashioned
hrnso, have ln'id 'somolhlng to he unhappy for, und
would have etii-iii-it thoro woro vory Immediate mid pulii-
ful onuses tor .Linking the world waa iianlnat hlm. I'os-
i lv this wouldn't have cured hlm-and yet, you remem-
Lor tho old countryman's advice about a balky horse-to
mil ..irl lii lil" mouth, becauso 'It gave hlm n now IJeo 7
f fancy I would have glvon that small boy ... new Idea'
which would havo taken hi. mind off tho palm of Lla
iieni-t un.l centred It ..n thoae ... Lla L.uly.
••   don't moan Hint switching Is un unfailing cure lor
inorxls.   I wish It wet-el   li would bt a rreat comfort If a
lew good application, of tho rod would exorcise Hie hluo
ilev.la ll.nl posaoss BOtno of us nt limes.
In tlio ..rs. pace, 1 do not wonder that ";n"lt»e
children tool that way i» the usual atmosphere of Indlf-
torenco" nilsunderstanoing and IoiioIIiiobb ot (l.o average
Atnorlc. t. home, where each little ptg lives for I.IrnaeIt.
!. Who., a child expresses a Bonllmonl for which we
grown-uiis Bee no reason, wo sl.o.il.l reverently anu (in.-
gentlv aein-eli ... understand. We aro lhe ones to learn.
Wo are rioallng wllh the greatest rrinei-y of tho un-
vorse-A HUMAN BOUL. "Switch"' a sour; Or tlio outer
shell, frail, delicate, Intrusted to .-...; care and love,
enlle.l inn. Hiis llfo and word ilir-unh no will or not
of their own but ours! Bhair.ol Corporal punishment,
relic of barbarism un.l tl.e most stupendous iii.iiiiiiucnt
of human luve for power. Belf-lndulgonco un.l spinahneBS
of iill iyi.es Is Hie declaration of bankruptcy of all ...entiil
Influence nil Inner life and roBnonieut of s.uil. Not the
child Is to blame, but we, who have ffi.letl somehow to
reach that s.iol whicli nt that moment must bc nuehed.
Pardon the Btrongth of my words i.m your words roach
fin- Think not onco but a thousand llin.-s before vou tutor
thorn. FLORA  D.  .1    Illusion,   Mil's.).
I do not agree with this correspondent lu her estimate
nf the atmosphere uf the "average American home,
where my observatlmi hap shown me ton much Indulgence
nml too illll" discipline, rather than the reverse. Nor do
I hold lur views ..bout the lu-ui-illiy of occasional, judicious corporal punishment, when ll Is given calmly, without anger, ns n d.-s. rved penalty, 1 would like io hear
the opinions of oilier mothers on those questions.
A Charming California Letter
I havo resisted tho temptation to wrltn to you for
months ns I um not nt all suro what 1 call do fnr the
club. I enme oul ... California very 111, a year ago, and
though fairly well now. have not strength for much.
I could write nn occualon.il letter to ou Invalid; though.
BS  my husband nnd all  my  friends live In the East, my
list of correspondents is a largo mm.
I can end will wear the ..lu (when I get one) where
It will show. Never yet Imve I been able to discover an
Kaeh and All Bin hy that "outward and visible sign,
.ind vet I have watched for It. And you wish to know
what*! would Lave llm club do for mc? Realty, nothing.
I only want to feel thai I belong, nnd that I own Bo.no
Blight* sl-nro of lhe generous Interest that ynu give to llll.
I shnll bo glad In do what 1 eon. Tho spirit Is willing but as a Herman friend onco remarked, "The meat
Is weak." M. M. H. (Highland Pork. Col.).
This ls one of several chnrmlng loiters I have had
from this correspondent, who BUrely would bring cheer
by her epistles to some sick or lonely member.
Anxious to Do Good
Ton naked mo what I expected to do for the club and
what 1 expected lhe club lo do for inc.
Well I expect to help (ho mombors all I can. I can
make hnls nnd trim them. I am a conll'iilt.i singer, and
I suiipose somo of lho members have heard mo sing
befnro I also can bow. druw woll. and enn do a littlo
... ..iiln.iiig Bp If I cnulrl help any member with thoao
Ihlnga 1 sll.mill ho very glnd. Now what I expect tho
.-hlb lo do for in.. Is lis follow.; I have a nice violin,
but do not ler.-w how lo play It. I would liko verv much
... learn, nnd If nny girl enn glvo ino lr.sao.ia cheap, 1
will be very glnd ... lake Ihem.
I love lhe outdoor sports, but can play very fow
gomes if any member would like to teach mo a fow, I
will do anything 1 oan fm her.
MAROARBT (I.na Angeles. Cnl...
A i-lrl wllh so many Interests will surely (Ind l.er
niche in the Loa Angeles Chapter.
An Ojfur From Vancouver
I have  about   H'O Hominy sehonl enrils (eulorerl),  por-
fer.iv new ond clean, only ont of .lm... which I will send
 ,  ..io- who .end. |i,.sliige    They would do Muelv for
. untri Bunday school or mi-dii oheor smim itivaiid. I
would  be willing uud pleased ... send the girls cooking
,     .   i  ...    ...run   very   nlee   "lies;   also  give  somo
, f  fancj  work    i can make a cushion out of
il i .I..1 it .* very pretty.  I will lell any one
bow to make Ii  If she wilt nsk.
I;. ."*... I-l (Vancouver, H. ft),
Same nf our mission workers will be glad in g'-i thes-i
md  lb'   other Offers of help will bo as heartily
Is Collecting Photographs
I mn willing ... help iii any way I oan.   I nm Inter.
.  .. ,  m, iiniii,*. i Iiinn .......Hug, born, wood,  music und
i,,   .   work
I   uiu   -.11,,-ring  ..hntoururiha of girls,  mir]  would
...   mi..-I   .--  - ■  li.Mi.-e  .villi  any,
Mra  ,1. II   .1   (l.ynn. Mass.).
Thoro ore several other gliis ttilcrosted in the ox-
.   ,..■ f pei  i photographs who win wish tha name
...   corn pomli nl,
Sound Vievii on Malri
v„,ir editorial on "A Perplexing Matrimonial Problem,"
a.,lob i     ■ lho i:.,n fiiol All page, wus line uml
'       .'Kill i.
[l.  i. ilm    .... wrota lust n. i ttiinii .., regard
kind     f mnrrl ig< -   Ohl 11 young girl, would
,,niy a.-.., .mi - |. ■....   mi . [Link  llio.B imi,i ver and
.., m.i -.-.■ Igh    II, Ihore would not bo so many
. m   name..)- hopo nil lbs girl, have read the
urtir i..  .....i that ihi. .vin prom l.v It
I, til ll   n gi    l i.i.m Ic '.if v..nog glrla going lo
church i,i-i Bunday -  ovory Sunday, nl... continuing
i,  ...  ii,.. slum, f.fi.-r Hn--.- un-  married, r.'K.irdi.-„s ,.f
young husband r.,"r .«..-    if .. v.iin-i wo.......
*i ... op ...ending church regularly to plosa. her Luj-
hati.l. she will surely live to regret it. nnd so will Lor
I  .hin.. evory womnn should ...tend when sho lias tho
beul...  und  cm..   1  .....  not u  fanatle.   lull   I  do think ft
helps ovory one In bring ui> Iheir eli.l.lren .ho right wny-
particularly mothers win. have the ..........lug of tl.o little
one's lives" Mrs. H  F. A. (Soranton. Pa.).
I fi... grateful tor this cordial Indorsement uf my talk
un marriage, and 1 return the commendation by agreeing
willi th.- writer .... Um cliui-chgolng question.   1 am no
bigot, .iml I believe in ln.ihidi.nl liberty, but, personally,
1 lind churchgnlng one of ll... greatest helps, and would
feel life tn be much harder without It.
Playing [Villi Edged Tools
Will you ..le...'.. give me jo.ii opinio i lhc following: If a man-led ...an, ....fortunately married, but upright nml I rui-le ni ovory way. cares for u girl. enro.
for her enough lo respect and honor hor in everything,
and they moot partly Ir. u business u-uy uml nol prlvilloly
l.erhiii.s a dozen times a year, and thtlBO mootlnga lire a
hull, and porhlipB un Inspiration lo hlm, Is 11 Hint gill's
duly to glvo ui, those meetings? And Is I. her duly to
" glvo .... Ibo thoi.iU.t (hut she is a bell, to some one who.
although not cqnnl to her In Bocfiii luisltloi). Is far abovo
her In natural nobility, anility and ..Is.. In education?
Ill othcr words, if he lacks ail belli nml sho la nble to
plve 11 in tl.l8.way, ought ho to be left Willi.tut tt beeuuao
he la married? MARV E.
Problems and templntlons of this kind present themselves In a variety of forms, mid, when ihey boar the
semblance of providing needed help, they nro hardest for
the generous person to meet. Hut there is one very
safe saying to ..note In euoh a connection: "It is dangerous playing with edged tools."
Of course, you don'l ihmli tliey nre edged. Hul human
nature Is a queer and unruly thing, and, when a companionship between a Bln.ple girl nnd a man who ls unhappily married Is n source of happiness to both, thoy
ar-. pretty near the danger point. 1 know nothing more
of the rl.oumstn?icos lhnn what Is said In tills letter, and
I would like to know more, In order to replv mon. Intelligently, I would like to know whoso Is the Inult that
the mnrrlage Is unhappy. Is It not perhaps .. case where
consideration and devotion might change affairs? And
even If not, what harm does It do the man tn be unhappy?
May not such .inlia.ipinoss, If taken In the right wny
and borne bravely, do moro for llie devclopm.-..-. of liis
character than any help ii woman to whom he can be
nothing ran possibly bring him? Is he bo weal, that he
cannot lighl his own way? Has l.e no oilier friends who
could give hlm l.oli. and cheer but the one won.;... who
is endangered by his fooling for l.er and hern for him?
These sound like hard sayings, but 1 have seen so
many situations, nnd ll.e end nf all Is lho same. Un-
happiness, worse thun anything thev have known before,
cither because tbey learn lo love nnd must part, or else
because they Irur.i to luve and havo not tho strength to
pari. Tlie only way Is lo sever the companionship, nb-
J.i.-e private meetings and know one another as mero
friendly acquaintances.
I would like the Judgment of some of lhe others r-n
tin's matter, Tell me what vou think of It, girls, married
uuu unmarried.  Think ll over nnd write to mo ahout If.
// Housekeeper of Thirty Years
Young girls of all ngea, must Include even n housekeeper of nearly 30 year., therefore, I write to know tf
1 may become a member of Bach nnd All. I huvo no
special t.ilenta, but would most gladly render any assistance poaslblo through the exchange of housekeeping
ideas or writing.
.lust now I nm following your tessons In Esperanto,
nnd If anothor beginner, with invself, cnulrl l.o uf mutual
benelit. through correspondence, 1 should esteem It a very
great favor JENNIE 0. C.  (Santa Crux, Cal.).
Another would-be Esperanto correspondent When
are those who would liko her nnmo? I am glad to welcome this new "girl" lo End. nml All,
An Invalid Wants Help
I am nn invalid, and perhapa cannot glvo much help,
but I often see ofTers ol help of which I would like to
nvntl myself. 1 om InteroBted In postcards, embroidery
and baflketry M. II. Jl   (East ltrldgewutor, Mass.).
Have we not other members hitercsicl in basket-
making? 1 hear a good deal of reed and .-.-illln from
friends outside, nnd I am sure we must have many In
Each an.l All who make baskets and would like lo exchange Ideas nbout tholr work.
Wants to Help hy Teaching
I have asked  myself what  I could do ns *ii  membor.
l.ntely I huvo found ll.o answer.   I am a school teacher
by profession, tint ..... not leaching this new school year
hpeaiiae 1 thought 1 wna needed at home.   v.... know the
work of all kinds tn be done.   I alneenlv dlsllli.,1 housework,  but.  alraligo to sav.  I  el.loy It  now
Then  I  have a few  small  iielglibnrs  ...  whom   I  glva
mualc lessons, so vnu .fee mv lime is well tult.-ii un
I would glntlly give n lis. of Ins.rue.Ive books for girl,
wishing to Improve in English and grammar,
H. M. C. (Concord, Mnsa.l.
The way ..pons mure and ........ fur worll lo those who
look for II    I im sure s..mc girl will bo found eager
to got the help offered In her studies,
Turnover Collars to Sell
I have aboul liftv new embroidered and liemitltchad
Collars,  which   I  sell  for u verv  smilli sum.
LIS (Jersey CIV   N.  J.l.
1 havo tbo address of this ........I..-.- und can supply
Objects and Aims of Each and All
PERHAPS somo of you, seeing this page for the first
time, wonder just whnt the Kaeh and All Society
really In; what there Is nbout Its aims und objects
Io create so widespread an Interest among "younf
girls nf all ages,"
The BOOlOtywas founded In February, ]£I03, with Chris-
tin.' Torhuno Herrick fur Its president, and with un almost Initunl membership of glrla in nearly every Slate
in iho Union nud in Canada,
Itn object Is to help girls help themselves by develop-
iim their talents in'" something the world wants; to solve
illlllnilt problotns-the sort a girl wants B COlm, unbiased,
out-of-tho*famlly opinion upon; and to promote the exchange of general help
Any girl can belung, There Is no red tapo about It.
The sending of yur name for membership gives you
Hli- range of every opportunity the society boasts. And
Mm. Herrick slundu ready to welcome, to advlM aad to
. —-.    \ffiow. DUCK !
*     . /'*\ J.    V7 fL-il^i      L/1VHV
iiv^iiiiN*    iii    i likji nvyi^
nunc miceniiouse
Frocks for Afternoon
Drawn by
Cecil W* Trout
The dressy afternoon
frock is important now ■ to
the overage American. She
does not wear it only between noon and evening,
but makes it serve for the
theatre, for receptions,
luncheons 1,1.1! evening weddings. These frocks have
been designed to sail the
woman of overage purse
who must have one elaborate frock to wear for many
Evading from left to
right they ore:
Firsl. Empire style in
dull green Marquisette,
which is a fabric like silk
grenadine. It is trimmed
with tucks of material and
folds of green messalinc.
Thc pointed drapery over
shoulders is edged with
messalinc and shows a
waistcoat of gold and white
brocade. The hat is of
ivory velvet trimmed with
green plumes.
Second. Frock with short
shirt of gray messaline laid
in deep pleats, the edges
covered with braid in a
darker tone. Over the
shoulders there ure wide
bretelles turned in toward
the front. These arc ulso
edged with the braid.
The dcepyol'.e end sleeves
are of Vol. lace lined with
gray chiffon.
The hat is in Directoire
shape in white felt trimmed
with a wide scarf of gray
Third. Gown in modified
Empire effect with high
girdle. The . color is dull
ecru in satin finished crepe
de chine. The skirl is
quite full and simple without trimming of any kind
and sweeps the floor.
The blouse has a deep
square bertha, back and
front of filet laee edged
with tan and pink velvet to
match Ihe girdle. The
sleeves are made of a puff
of net finished with a scarf
of pink satin ribbon. Over
this hangs a square drapery of the lace.
The finely tucked yoke is
of tan chiffon without lining.
mm wmmmyt
IOS-  )
Vv \
vi.Mil   m'^:M
* l'n Irel m\  Y
/r^ Ll- prophecies to the contrary,
ZJ| the tight Bkirt is finally routed.
A il Or to put it more correctly, the
skirt without fullness is not to be in
fashion this season.
We ure to wear skirts that chug so
closely to the corset that not a wrinkle
is allowed, not a crease Is permitted,
yet once below that line ilare or rather
the fullness Is to be without parallel.
Flare Id not quite the right word to
use, fur there is to be no stiffness lu
the new skirt. It is to swirl and fold
and wrap us tho wearer movi s,
ln many of ihom there Is even no
lining, A son petticoat Is worn, full of
frills, To steady tho outer skirt thoro
Ik a deep facing—about ten or twelve
IncheB-of llnnnel covored with satin
Thil keeps the skirl from turning in f
tne reel wnon the wearer is walking
This i-. p.uti. ularly useful in such
fabrics as crepe de chine, satin, niessn-
line -radium and other like materials.
Although most of the radiums have to
be lined so do marquisette, barege ami
chiffon cloths.
In the sterner fabrics sueh as tweed,
cheviot, broadcloth ami velvet tho
Bttlri is not on... uullned bui il Is imt
faced with any heavy material, Even
the in si ones are sold and made without   lining.    This   Is  a   COHlforl   lo   the
woman who cannol afford tie- besl taffeta fora lining and only tin* bosl gives
tny satisfaction.   Tb.' other splits and     sltlrt ele
wears so quickly that the outer skirl
is apt to lose lis "hang" months before
It should. Why dues not every woman
realizes this, the Importance of the lining for anything-sklrt, coat or bodice,
becuuse of this very letiuency iu iuoe
lis body or split, instantly the top
garment is worse off than If It did not
have any lining.
lt is not even necessary these days to
wear a stilt petticoat of silk. Such wns
onco considered the tap notch of luxury. Now it Is thought of only as a
saving In th** way of laundrj*.
Lovely plaid and plain pettlcoatl ap'
worn oif the strret ami iu tie In.use,
but the.*, are not us fashloaaul ur as
pretty as llie line lingerie ones. Thi ■■
are worn by those to whom laundry
bills have no terror on the street with
heavy skirts. Whatever Uu- choice,
however, the walking skirt is unlln.-d.
It ts only .silk underneath by special
request or preference.
These heavy skills are very Bhort.
There is a wide difference I etwei n
Um.';" I'm* ihu pavements and Ihoso for
I, ms.* affairs. TWO Inchi -^ is an aver*
age cut <>ff for* walking, imt mnny
women- and tiny should have neat
ankles   and    well   shod   feel   let  th.
Even in the gored ones, which are not.
as pupjlar as int.- platti u ones, the
fullness is there, The pattern u:' fast
Winter's skirt which wus cut so narrow lhat the hem really clung to the
Instep is not in fashion. Even the
very short ones are full at the hem.
This does not make them ns hard to
manage as one would think f"r lhe
plaits ar>* pressed t' porfectly and the
hem U adjusted with so much precision
that tie* result if t\n even ''hang."
li is the short circular skin lhat
gives the trouble al I ie hi m. There
has been fo md no way that will keep
this cut In an even condition at the
footline, $ag it will and sag it must
by tin- order of things,
When making a walking Bkirt, a f*t ■-
Ing of the material, If not a hem, sliould
be put at tue tool, it li not n im a.mj
P. put braid, alttlt Ugh some of the
best tailors dolt. Crinoline in tbe hem
is a tr. ng of the pas;, Which, as far
as anyone knows, may be revived at
any moment No one Is ever sure what
will happen in the realm of fashion,
The Duchess of Devonshire thought sho
pul hoop skirts oul if commission for-
1 -.*.-- bul 1'i'V have bobbed up and
* -; si  oral 1   ■ - since then,
this f*  IB "*■*•"** *>u»o
Inches deep Is that li protects the outer
edge frum wearing oul ugnfusl the top
of thc shoes, Nothing cuts the cloth
worse than ibis The braid also protects
the Bkirt, but lt ruins thc leather ol
tha shoes, So ll remains a question ut
Kor the house the skins are extremely
full. They arc long, sweeping the Hour
lu the ordinary skirt, ami ■ ^loading Intu
•' •■■', >.iii* court train on 11 iuuni(u ball
'frocks. Tne latter Will uut be worn,
liuwevor, uy luu uiajontj lur uie*-. an
intended foi liiat i iujs who gu In \^ry
lurmui Buddy, 'jihj biijuiu noi bo
worn cubuuily to a Bimpiu ailair. Tlie
debutante wiil not wear timiii as -sho
once did. Tiny are uno m Uiu fashions really kept exc.usiveo for iho matron.
ilie ordinary sKirt has n length uf
about five Inches un Luu Hour, Tins
is •■■•. 11 obsei red for (.'luu iralo visiting
gowns, They are still long in front for
lhe average American woman has
learned to dispose of uus length quite
gracefully, Abuut one Inch Is ijulto
lt looks as though the short skirt, no
mailer of how splendid tho material,
Is imt lo be worn for any house af-
ftir except the most casual afternoon
lea al the house of an Intimate friend.
The long skirt Is just whore we departed from it live years ago.
'I'd in fore, it seems UBetess for women
to havo vol vol frocks made witii Bhort
skirls and alsu eluburuio cloth ones.
UIvh these Uie distinction ui being different from yuur street skirls. When
a woman goes Into u house for a so-
rial ullair she would, out of courtesy
to   lhe   hoSteSS,   dress differently   I'rotn
what she dues when she Is shopping or
It is um necossary to pul on an expensive guwn ior every luforuiul occasion for it is worse to over-dress llian
io under-dress, but the cruzi tur outdoor, ntlili'.ie life lias Inul ils 111,ilk*.I
. iu iet mi lho dressing of women for
any day-time affair, No matter who
does It ilie extra short skirt, white
slilrtwnlsi ihnl has no prestenBo al bi -
lug a blouse, ilu* 1 trnovor uullar and
• nn,11, im' plain streol uu ami hoavj
Shoes have nu placo at the live o'clock
lea lu a rasllloiiubw lotlBO, Nun'*
women do it to show how casual they
consider sueh a social occasion,
A coat suit Is proper although not an
pretty (his season as n blouse frock
worn to the house under a top coat;
this is merely a mailer of testa   The
point is that the suit or frock should
bo the best one has. Alt accessories
should be as good us om can afford,
for there Is to l.- u strung reaction
this Winter from the fashion of street
dressing used in tho drawing rooms,
As tii.' colu ^e,iin. 1 . ...ii'.- .ui wu see
tho  now   toiii-;-   !n   lull a   .- fits  on   the
women Instead of on th ■ models,
tin fashion books and tu the Bhops
There is a difference, certainly. Fash
Ions ih.it looked atlractlvi are really
quite hideous nn ih>- human figure.
Othor styles thought ordinary liavi developed Into great p .polarity, \umbeis
Of things ill detail have born tried out
ami found wanting, Fashions that
promised favoritism bav. failed. Now
we know wii.n we tu nt The daj of
experimenting Is over
•flusi as predicted, the long coal
holds a cprinln place and does nol
look nld-fnshlnn d She Who did not
r ii hers oil l« glad. One thing is
proved; Unit for smart wear the short
coal is the thing on frocks fm* afternoon. U li un Uu slreel ihal tl ■ I
j .riiy of long ones ere w irn, There
is nn afternoon coat which Id I ing and
mnsl 1 He,-live, It is tie- truo Dli
almost tight-fitting,  With long poinl   :
rovers and roll urn    t'jmallv tht skirts
Leading Points
in the
Newest Fashions
Still the spangled robes
increase in ■ vor. They are
nearly all >nade up over
white. Gold is a leading
favorite.   ■
Pleated skirts for the
street are more popular
tlinn they were two seasons
Elbow sleeves will still be
worn in short coals and in
all blouse suits.
This iti lo be a great velvet year. Every color in
two toned plaids are seen
in the shops.
Ermine is again in fashion and sealskin short coals
and muff sets arc to be
Street skirts clear the
ground by two inches.
Rainy day ones are another inch shorter. Alt
house skirts are very long.
There is no return to the
wearing of the separate
fancy blouse with a Muck
skirt as a house costume.
Colored slippers remain
in high favor for house
wear. Black suede are
fashionable and beaded
bronze are in the lirst style.
High laced tan shoes
have taken thc place of
pumps and spats for wear
with short skirts. *
of the coat are attached at the waist
If a woman cannot afford two coat
suits, one for morning and rough wear,
the other for all so-'ial afternooa affairs, then by all means let her choose
the on.- for the street. For '.'.e other
occasions she oan wear a blouse frock
und.-r a coat. This [s ll.o best arrangement of her money. Tl.e latter
may l.e made at home and guile Inexpensive In material. It can be lace
trimmed wllh unllned yoke an.l lace
sh eves, Tins sun will serve for every
social affair 8*uch as receptions, luncheons,  tens and theaters,
The sin.-tly plain street suit of cloth
serves for all open-air wear, for church
an.l for traveling. It is the most necessary thing a .woman can have.
Tha great designers :.. Paris hive
a criticism they constantly ™»ke of us
In our buying uf clothes It is what
they call the national question: "Can
you give me a frock that I can wear Ior
church and evenings." It I*- true that
our women are the only on*s who ever
nsk bucIi a question Not all our
women, of course, but those who Insist
upon considering attendance at church
ns a social occasion Why this should
be so no analyst has arisen to toll us,
but there is n subject at his hand,
Tin- whole poinl ol view la wrong,
and no one knows when the great mass
of women will learn lha. one sh - .i-i
go to church f.u etlj In the simplest
raiment The street tailor suit Is the np-
proprlate thing. II Is t - iluiely lm-
,, iSSiule 1, have n gown that will do
[or church at d evening an* ilrs and bo
anywhere near correctly dressed or
, uner oo salon
A tailor * fi' In thi ho is. In th. even-
l„g |, :n ,,* bad taste as a lighl, thin
frock wllh lace yoke In the church.
j. v. . ild - rtalnlj ... it. ng. easier
,-,,,. mo di - -mi If women would'only
... the absurdity t such a . holce I.
of .,..- ..*.-   'if..1 does
■ enb: -i'1" '• '''"'' a woman must
have a street frock rather than an
1 vi ning oni
asm: kii-ii.Mi.if>.;.
a VERV attract!.*, wedding present would be the tea strainer
1. tin upper par. held thc
t. u boll, the lower had n cup to hold
tl.,- drippings,   I.  ,.,,.* all ol sterling
111  - :
A Ilal purse of sterling silver, beautifully chased, with silver chain.
.*. . rystal bowl s.. In a stand of
- 'i-.---1 and plei Ivei for holding
urujie ll-iii
Darl brown calfskin '■■ :■ ■ ,. ■,«
style, l..n In
/rf-~ M
-v           i«,       /'Yx             V~v*n)               ^T>\ C$««©    *a~
j>l *- 1  \,.,   M        .    rn     .  .'IVi-1      V'  (■TV a mCiK.Wm, iB.        Vf   *\  "  t _fp\}Q]
■CV\Q f
. v.-> "    *-e"   T£i.L.uw n*l.r<
l*i*, fl PLENTY HICB
?**»■■. P (7,1 YELLOW Hd'.fk
iSffiw.J Wife
4«f,fe:-Vltf? .- '
|A-m,m/'W."";mm,mm!m/        ^g,;
. Me&be Mb see ) I
[BIG-BEAK.} *,.
l&fiiINQ-HIM HOME, ll
, 1 TO P/HN£Ri'   )
HIJ'o 0
* ' (/ #iC <
fjf /rtVCW 77,'f1 Jff A
5*»   Ss*
L°/.4C*.-   l/MEGE
■ *%
Copyn-jht. 1906. by Thn Nonh American
About thc end of KUSH-KUD-ENE KEEZIS, thc FREEZING MOON (November), the Indians have a least day, giving
thanks to the GREAT SPIRIT for the plentiful harvest of corn and potatoes and berries and other good things they have gather:.! during the summer and laid up against the coming ol winter.
Onemorning NOKOMIS said to LITTLE GROWLING BIRD: "Today heap big feast-day. Go pick pailful MUSH-
'flH-wussf-Cro'm^ ft,^~%   [Wftffl
BAP GOBBLER'      ^-irM    ) JUST V
A>5r  <><lj^ .:■
When TURKEY-GOBBLER saw LIT/I'D- GROWLING BIRD and AUNDAK : tiing iheir ; I wi . the cranberries he
became ven,- angry indeed. He was so lull of the hard round berries himself that he . tl I -.-. ill iw another one! Yet MES-
E-SAY was so greedy that he did not want any one else to have a single one    He rape  the tips
of his wings on the ground, while his head and neck turned scarlet with rage.   Hecamerunnit       card t      tt! VV  tti
Stealing MY cranberries, are you?" he said.   "GOBBLE! GIBBLE'I G !   I'll gobble j
There was nothing cm to don. - .  t to | ithet   .     - pilled berries and tie lhe Ic     if Ml        IAY
a lone, pole and carry him back lo the WIGWAM
"NOKOMIS will know what to do with Mr GOBBLER!" said AUNDAK, with a sly wink it BIG BI A R    B. I tl
old lellow made no reply—only licked his lips a little as th.    an   i     ;ht of the WIGWAM     IOKOMIS v -I
when .lit saw .he fine big TURKEY.   She quickly dressed it, and, while it was cooking, BIG BEAR ini  iduced
.*••*.. -'
-   '\h   *■■>.
'■■ - vi, W^>
MAUNOU/i ?-")
THAT?-        |
-^ s. —7   -r*.      w    ■**-       v //—■-■*        ■ '
"^v   ■- J/s  '■■''■■   *-•'
~=%   ^xc^-a-^.C;'fl.y. V • .-■ >':'r;'^>,'''-...--.<^:*w-:;y1'-':^ §WZ "■■'■ -'■■-
lu, it, &■/    .• ^*---..--*<'/•-■'*..!• *'.1*4' -:.-'-—-■■ ■-■ Sssa*8* •'-—- :
*■■.■.,-',*. :  ,i'*'-m-   '"y.
" . "• ,ty,\   \ • ^ " ' ..^iiT
t \i^#K\^ H®^bu~ Af W:.mS^
h     \  -A Wfjii^m
Now the CRANBERRY MARSH was just outside the boundaries of the REFUGE GROUND, and on that account AUNDAK kept a sharp lookout for any prowling beast that might try to harm the little boy. There was no one in sight when they
came to the place, except a big black bird that was so busy picking up and swallowing the ripe berries that he never noticed!
them. It is ME3-E-SAY, the wild TURKEY GOBBLER!" said AUNDAK, 'and hc is the greediest bird in all WINDEGO
HE tVAS &0/NG-
GREEDS GOBBLER was almost as tall as thc little boy and twice as fierce. He would surely have knocked him .down
and pecked him severely, but—just in the nick of time—who should come upon the scene but BIG BEAR himself! He had a
little black bear by the paw, but he dropped him and, in a minute, had grabbed Mr, GREEDY GOBBLER by his red neck and.
with the other paw, gave him such a blow on the head lhat GOBBLER dropped dead on the spot!
It wa? too bad, but AUNDAK said it served him right lor trying to bully and injure LITTLE GROWLING BIRD.
i    f^/p/-'~~y£i&?
who mm a a \muiikt
prWMCTlCK?] Wuci'
HOW DON'T     '   '
ffl   ms&wm
Mi Ammmi
, ■   'm   >l' mm-m
Mm. KO0N8 (LITTLE BLACK HEAR) was the (ull name of BIG BEAR'S nephew, but his uncle called
Little I  :. , I-,- ihorl    lie wai VERY hungry, and coyild hardly wait till thc table was set,   NOKOMIS gave
.1   /.        H-NEDO, the GOOD SPIRIT, Ior all their good lortune, and then began the first THANKSGIVING
' (TURKEY and CRANBERRY SAUCE-cver eaten 111 WINDEGO LANDI  So, ever since ihen, the IN-
DI/ PALEFACE PEOPLE give ihanki lor good tiopt and eat MES-E-SAY, the TURKEY, lot dinner, A.T..C.
;-f* ■%4W'J *^ S k s ^s
«Wtfy[' • »
Text of the Act Exciting So
Much Interest.—Came Into
Force Yesterday.
Fur tin. iiilnriiiiuion nl its readers
Tiik Mail Hekaid |iublishes beliwm
abridged test nf tho new lord's day
obiervai ce act, which camo into lorce
je terday March I.
His Majesty by and with the" advice,
and consent ol the eenate and House
ol Com.iioni ol Cunudu, enacts as
Iol lows :—
In thia act unless the context
otherwise requirei (.■) " l"xi'» Day"
means the period ol time which bagini
it 12 o'clock on Saturday afternoon
and 12 o'clock on the lollowing alternoon;
It ..hall not be lawful lw»ny person
on the Lord's day, except aa provided
herein to sell or offer lor mle or
purchaw any gnoda, chattels, or
personal property or any real estate, or
to carry on or transact any business
ol his ordinary calling.
Notwithstanding anything herein
contained, any person may on the
Lord's dny do any work ol necessity
and mercy and lur greater certainty,
it is hereby declared that it shall be
deemed to include the lollowing
cl»B«es *.•! work:—
Any i.eeewary or customary work
in connection with divine worship.
Work for the relief ol sicknea, and
Receiving, tr«n*niitting or deli.er-
ing telegraph or telephone message"..
Starting or maintaining fires,
making repairs to luruaces and repairs
in cases ol emergency.
Starling or niainta ning fires, making repairs to furnaces and repairs in
cases ol emergency essential to any
industry or industrial process.
Any work without the doing ol
which on the Loid's day, electric
currmt, light, heat, cold air, water or
gaa cannot be continuously supplied
lor lawt.il purposes.
The conveying ol travellers and
work incidental thereto.
The continuance tu their destination ol trains and vessels in transit
when the 1-ord's day begin.
Loading and unloading incroliandise
at intermediate poiuta on or from
paastngrr boats or trains.
Keeping railway tracks clear nl
mow or ice; making repairs in case ol
emergency, to keep the tracks and
lines open on Sunday.
Work before 6 o'clock in the lore-
noon snd alter 8 o'clt>ck in the alter,
noon ol yard craw* in handling can
In railway yards.
Lornling, unloading and operating
any ocean going vesael which other,
wise would I* unduly delayed alter
her scheduled time ol sailing.
The carrying of milk, cheese and
live animals and the unloading of and
carrying ol perishable products and
live animals arriving at any p int on
the Lord's d»y.
Thc hiring ol Imrees and carriages
or small boats lor the personal an ol
the hirer or his family for any purpose
not prohibited by this act.
Any unavoidable work after six
o'clock in the alternoon ol the Lord's
day in the preparation ol the regular
Monday morning edition of a daily
The conveying of   His  Majesty's
, I'
nny |ie I..MI -n 'ii m* othiT H
liii.il>iI   i thia lint
ll eh ill ..... I.  I infill Inr any ier*. n
1.11    til..    I,i.r.r«   (I   V   tO rlhririt   " itll HI1V |
gn.. i.r , in im ...- ...I., r-in. 11 ."igino British Cu.umbia Soil Suitable
ei'li. t* Inf tain nr in fitch  ii.ftliner i-f
in -...ch places as to disturb other persons in attendance at public worship
or in observance ol the day.
It shall not be lawful for any person
for Tobacco Growing
The (olluivi.ig letter, published in
the "Okatiagau" which explains iteell
has been n-ceiv il Ly 0, Gudwin, si Cre
te bring into Canada l.,r sale or dit-tri- taryol the Okanagan and Spilium-
bution or to sell or distribute within
Canada on the Lord's day any loreign
Every person whu violates any ot
these provisions is liable to a fine not
lees than $1 and not exceeding .$40
with coats. Every employer likewise
will lie lined imt less thin f20 and nut
exceeding $100. Every corporatiin
not lees than $50 and not exceeding
$250 and every subsequent offence not
less thiin $100 and not exceeding $500
Nothing heroin shall prevent the
operation on the Lord's d.iy lor pa<s-
enger trallic by any railway company
Incorporated or subject to the legislative authority of the parliament ol
Canada, ol ite railways where such
operation is not otherwise prohibited.
Nothing herein shall be construed to
repeal or in any way effect any provision of any act relating in uny way
to the observance ol the Lord's day in
lorce in any province ol Canada.
No action or prosecution Ior a violation ol this act shall bc commenced
without the leave of the attorney general of the province in which the ol-
fence ie alleged to have been committed.
Thia act came into 'effect on March
lit, 1007.
The operation by any Canadian
electric street railway company whose
line iiinterprovincial or international.
Work done by any personi in the
public service ot His Majesty
Any unavoidable work by fishermen
alter 6 o'clock p m.
Any unavoidable work on the Lord's
diy to save property in caie ol
Any work which the board ol railway commissioner! lor Canada having
regard to the object ot tiiii act and
with the object ot preventing any
undue delays, deem necessary lo
permit in connection With tho freight
trilBc ol any railway.
Except in caiee ol emergency it
shall not be lawful fpr any pcrion to
requite any employee engaged in any
work to do on the l-oroVs day the
usual wo. koi hil calling unless luel.
employee ii allowed during the next
•ix days ol such week, 24 consecutive
hours without work.
This section shall not apply to any
employee engaged in Ihe work ol any
industrial proceei in whioh the regular
day'l lalior ol such employee is nol
more than "light hours' duration.
It shall not be lawful (or any person
on the Lord's day, except as provided
in any ptovinoial act to engage in any
public game or contest lor gain, lor
any prizu, or reward, or to lie present
thereat, or to provide engagement in,
or to be preaont at any |>erlormanoe
or public meeting elsewhere than in a
church, at which a lee ii charged.
It ilniH not be lawl.il Ior any person
on the I-ord'a day to run, conduct or
convey by any mode ol conveyance
any exouriioB on which piseengen are
gouveyed for bin.
Development of all Industries
Around Revelstoke.
The last days of the winter lull of
commercial activity are last drawing
to a close and the world of labor will
soon assume the garb ol productive
energy. The winter months have
been spent in planning and scheming
out the course ol action lor the coming spring and summer campaign of
competitive business operations
Every branch of commercial progreBi
has now its planl matured, and already ia the itream ol business representatives spreading all over British
British Columbia, offering the laleit
products, ao essential in thil last
progressing era, to success, to the
retail merchants throughout the
province, to be again displayed belore
ihe novelty seeking public. Tie
commercial year hai opened early in
Revelitoke and the riding in general.
In a brief ipace of time our milli.
which have been closed down for the
winter and have been undergoing
fepairi and improvement!, will once
more anume the busy, side of their
utility and Ihe buzz and hum of the
■aw and tl.e scream ol the logs as they
rapidly tike shape under the keen
edge ol the raw, will soon lie heard
near and far. The coming lesson
promises to be a banner one for Revelstoke; the Big Bend will be even
more lully explained and the rich
natural resources ol that vast oountty
ol incalculable wealth will be developed
with more zest, spirit and enterprise
than ol any previous year. With
efficient meant of communicati. n,
trails, roads and trains, that country
immediately to the north of ub will
make Revelstoke the most important
city ol the interior of the province.
The heavy Bnowfall ol the past winter
will directly affect mining operations,
the beautilul supply ol water, which ii
loeisential ol placer and hydraulic
mining, causing the mines and mining properties to be more lully
developed. Nature, aided by the ingenuity of man, will return her wealth
readily and plentifully 1 And not
only is the prospect of a buiy sus.ui
confined solely to commercial enterprise which necessitates such enormous payrolls to be placed in circulation, but good times, glorloui
olimatio conditions, as are to be lound
only in mountain citiei such as this,
and the incoming ot settlers, prospectors and others who must need
oirculate the dollars—these are Ihe
things w..iol. attract the tour-sis and
home seekers. The tourist trallic
this year promises to be tl.e heaviest
on record, and it is up to the citizen).
and all interested in the welfare of
Revelitoke to get together and
endeavor to attract some ol that
itream ol touriits who will come
eagerly looking tor excitement, novelty
and amusement, to attract them here
an.l give them a good run for their
money. The circulation of coin ii a
great factor in the city's prosperity
and when all iheie thing! are
coniidered, tl.o citizen will leel a
seme ol pride in their oily when iti
lame is spread lar antl wide. There
is a time in the lide ol human affairs
which, taken it its Hood, leads on to
prosperity, and il wc are alive to the
situation we will swim with the tide
whioh ia uow last approaching and
will soon be upon ui.
oheen Agricultural Society, tr..m I.
Holman, Keluwna. It deals wilh a
mutter tnat might well repay this
district to look into:
"It has been suggested t.. me that if
there are any ranchers in our district
interested iu the growing ol tobacco
they might like lo grow a small quantity us a tent for suilal ilny ol soil, etc.
and I therelure wrie to ask ynu if you
would kindly co.ntiiiitiicaie the following proposition to anyone interested.
"I may say that I have giown tobacco here Inr the last 12 years and
the soil and climate better adopted (or
it, than nine-tenths ol the placet
where il is grown in the States and
the tobacco produced ol a better
"I think it would l.e fur the benelit
of the whole Okanagan Valley if it
could be grown here in an area large
enough to interest the manufacturers
of Canada, and to prove to theni that
tobacco of.i quality to suit I'ueni and
iu sufficient quantity could be depended on Iron, this district.
"I therelure mnko the InllNwiig proposition: 1 will undertake t-. superintend the growing ul a quarter ol an
acre in Vernon, providing the plants,
and giving all instruction Iur management ol Bame till ready lor curing,
the laud and labor tu be furnished by
your district and also should require
$200 to be guaranteed lor my expenses. All further expenses to lie undertaken by me and the tobacco when
ready Ior manufacture to be the property of Vernon. Should this proposition meet with any response iu your
dislrict will you kindly let me hear
from you at an early date, then we
could arrange lor me tu visit vou."
L. Holmak.
Revelitoke Cigars--Union Made-Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Nothing better than 0ur"8piolal
Notice in hereby gireu lhat SU days alter date
I latent! to apply to tbeCUlef Commissioner ol
Lands aud Works* lor abpecirlllceoi-eiocat
tad carry away timber from the lollowlng
described lauds situated In West Kootenay
1. Commencing at & post planted about a
mile Irani shore of Arrow Lake, on west .ilde nf
lake, marked "W. F. ugllffe'sS. K. corner post,"
thence north Ho clialns, thenca went 80 chains
thence mm ili 80 chains, thence east 80 chains tc
point nf coinmencement.
t. Commencing at a post planted on mirth-east
comer of Location Ne. I, marked "W. F. Ogdvie's
S. B. corner post," thunce north 80 chains, thence
westSU clmins, thence smith 80 chains, thencv east
sn clialns to point of eommencmnent,
». Commencing at a post planted west 10
clmiiii from north-east comer of Location No. ii.
mnrked "ff. F. (Ig Die's S K. comer post." thence
unchains north, tlience 80 chains weat, the»C6 80
chains soulh, tlience ni chnius enst to pnint ol
ci mini r mr i in-nt.
Dated1-Vb. mh, HHI7.
4, Commencing at a post plnnted on tlie north
enst comer of Location Mo. 3, thence east 40
cliains. thence nortli 4D chains, thence west 1«>
'ohains, tlirnce south 40 clmins. thencu enst 1211
ehnins to plnce of commencement.
fi. Commencing at a post ul anted nliout 40
chaius wesl on nurth side of Location No. I,
Ihence BU chains north, tlience so chains wesi,
tlience 80 chains snulli, tlience dO cliains cast to
pointof commence mei it.
0. Commencing at a post planted alsmt to
ehnins from Ji. K. corner of Location No, ft, and
marked *'W. F. Ogilvie's S, K. corner," thence 80
chains north, tlience 80 chains west, Ihence 811
chains south, thence 80 chains east to point of
co iinieiicement.
Dated Feb. Iftth, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted on N. K. cornet of Location No. fl, and marked "W, F.Ogil-
Tie's JS. K, comer post," Ihence so chains north, 80
chains west, su chains couth, 8<j chains east to
point of commencement.
8. Coinmeneing at a post planted on N. F>, corner nf Location No, 7. end inarked "W.f.UgU1
vie'iS. K. corner post," thence 61) chnlns nnrth, s0
chains west, 80 chains south, 80 chillis easl to
point of commencement.
9. Commencing at a post planted nn north-east
corner of Location No. *, nml marked "W. F. »>gll*
vie'i s. B. corner pnst,' tlience 80 chains nortli, 80
clmins west, 80 chains south, 80 clmins east to
poiut of commencemeut.
Dated Feb. 19th, 1907.
inch 2 sat W. F. UllILVIE
Away From It
—the fact that llnw-nu's Carpets
and Hugs rank wilh ll.e lii|:li.-Ht of
imported and domestic brands.
And then tl.e wny we weave in
with nur high-art floor coverings,
thu thread ul hunest pricing I
There isn't a householder or
tenant in town who can afford to
overlook this establishment.
R. Howson & Co.
" The Ontario Fire Insurance Co."
" The Dominion l;ire Insurance Co."
" The Accident Guarantee Co. of Canada."
" The New Vork Plate Glass Insurance Co,"
" The Indemnity  Advertising   Company."
The above Companies are all operating
under Dominion Charters and are not
affiliated with any combination. Thus they
are able to quote the best and fairest rates
to Insurers.
Make your application for Territory  at
once, stating your experience and giving
references.    Write fully to*^-^£>
The Insurance Agencies Ltd,
Import direct from Country of origin.
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Ktc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
eidct •STREET   . NEXT "D0"T0
rinoi oIKEEI, ■ oitv restaurant
Has a good stock of Groceries and
a fine assortment ol Japanese China.
Agent tor Kevelstoke Farming
Company, growers of all kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Multnn,
Poultry, Fish and Gnme in
Reason. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new miiniigeiiieiit nf
llAltitv  McINTOSH,   Hoffman   House
Ki issl.lt..1.
J_ i-yun tue tin* must curative in the
world, A perfect, nntu.al remedy foi
all Nei vow. nnd Muscular diseases,
Liver, kidney und Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speeiul
rales un nil limits und trams, Twu
mails airive nnd depuit every day
Telegi-u h cuuiuiunlcatlo.i with all
nun-is nl the wnilil.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.   Fui
fut llmi' p.i.lii'iili.rs upply lu
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B, C
Two Dwelling Houses
Notice Is hereby given tlmt to days nfter dnte 1
Intend U npply to the Horn rable Chief Commls-
sinner of Lands and Work* for permission in pur
elms* the following descrilied lands:
Starting nl a post marked "It. N. Henderson,"
plnntod nl the mirth-west ci.rner of Lot 663 on the
east shore of Upper tlTOW Lnkr, running east w
clmins, nnrth HI chnlns, weal mi chains, thence
itlong the lake shore smith to point nf coin
Dated Feb. 19th, IS**.
Notice ia linrf-liy trivial thnt !W ilny* after fl.it.i
we intent) u, .....lj- t.Jtl.r .'hlef t'nmmis.lnnar i.f
1,nud-nml Work* fnr naiHMlslllcenneUic.it
and enrry «w«y Umber from the fi.llnwi.mile-
*r-ril....l lnlid. iu district, of Weat Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a poit marked "Unili-
Wnlaon Lumber Co. north cast corner imst,"
plnntod about one mile from North fork of Ilia
.reek on north bank, thence west SO chain.,
thence south HI chaina. thence oast KI chains,
tl.cn.-n south III clialna. thence east 80 chains
Ihence north Ul clialna. thence weat lOclialns,
thence north 1(1 chains to point of commencement.
A Cmiini.ncInK nt a post marked "Lnmli-
Watson Lumber Co. north-east corner post,"
planted at thc North fork of Big Creel., tOIIIM
smith 81. chains, thence west 80 chains, thenee
north SO chain.: thence eaat 80 chains to point
ol commencement.
Dated Ihls IJth day of Kotmiary, 11KI7.
wedlcbM  Locafri.
For particulars apply to
Nolice I. hereby given that ao day, Irom d«le
1 inlend to apply lo the Honourable the Chlel
tViminlnlourol 'swlaind Works lur .special
Mediae lo cut ind carry aw.y Umber Irom lhe
liillnwInK di-.rrllH-d lan.l. situated on ...ilcna
Hay, Vle.i Kootenai" <l»lrlol:
1 ll.-Ki....nik- at a poat plnntod 1(1 chalna
aouth of thc norlh-easl corner of T. I, 0108,
tlience lu chaina north, Iheuce 8(1 chains cast,
Ihenee80chain, south, thence 8.)chains west,
Ihenee III chain, north In point of commencement, containing (U1 seros.
j Beginning .. ' post pls.ti.rd .0 chain.
north of the aiiuilneiat corner o Chta, Berk's
ain-lic.iii.ti. ihi-iii-e so clialns Mil, thonce 80
dial n. "null. Ilienre KI chain. »e.t, Ihence 80
chilli* north lo point ol roinii.enci-nii.iit,
Haled Feb. l.'tl.. IW.
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot, on cornor First street
and Boyle Avenue, a business
Villa Lut adjniiiing Oity  Limits on
Big llend Road.   A good atone
quarry and  (Irst-olass   gravel
and land lor building purposes.
A good bed ol Urick  Clay and
three acres cleared suitable for
fruit growing.
Six Lots in Block 40.
One Lot in Blu:k 44, fit) foot.
Two Loti on Eighth St., 100 toot.
One   liot. Block 1)7, with   olliee
Faur Loll, Block 08, 25 loot, Cur.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue,
A well bred Maro, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harness—(1 set of
driving, 1 set ol work.
Interest in good mining property
and timber limits.
Twenty acres good lan.l in Nurth
Vancouver—IP per aero.   ,
(I ml Far... landi in Buck loy valley,
wOne Cement Block Plant in good
corking order with all attachments
For (ull particulars apply to
VJOTIi'K is lioroby given that sixty 1 days
l\ afler ditto I intend to apply to tho Chiel
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works Un Bpoolnl
licenso lo cut ami carry awny limber from tho
followiug dettorlbod hinds situate In Yalo
cl isl i iet:
1. Cuiiiinencitig nt a post plintfid on tlio oaat
si-Jo of Hahtlmw Creek, a tributary of .shuswap
Ilivor, nnd aliout n miles from its nioittli. and
mnrked "A. M. Syutotis" N 1*). comer imsti"
Ilienre \vst m chains, lliem*e south Ni i-li*iins,
tliouce ensl *•■"' chiiin-i, Liu-ike nurih bu th him to
place of .commencement.
Dated Feb. i itn. I9U7.
t. Conimenclng at a put planted \k milo nontli
of llnhiliow l rook ami \\\i, milos from its itioiitl
and marked 'v. M, Hymens' V \\ ■ corner pnsl
thenoe Boll til   Mo cliains, tlience  east gUclltllllH,
tlience norlli HU chnius, thon.o westftluliuliia io
place of I'liiumem-uiueiit.
Dated l-V-h. 14th, lm;.
3. Commencing at a post, plititcdmi the west
bank of the Slutswnp Itiver ami aliout one mile
frmn its mouth, inarked "A, M. Syinoiis'H. K,
comer post," thencu west mi clinim, thenco north
sn chain.-., thenee east 8*j chains, tlience soutli 80
chains to place of commencement,
4. Commencing at a post planted 40 chains
north of Location No. a, and markoil 'A M. Symons' ,s. W. corner post," theuce north an ohains,
iheuce east mi chains, thence soulh hil chnius,
theuce wesi so elinins to place of commencemeni.
Dated Kuh. Hist, 19U7.
fi, Commencing al a po-sl planted 2 miles hi a
nm I licri v iliiection from the south-west corner of
Loiit-c ;iM\ and marked "A. M. Syinnns' N. K.
comer post," thence smith 80 ehniiis, tlience Must
Ml iliiuiH, theuce north 80 chains, tlience cast SO
chains to place of commencement.
0. Cm n m cue lug at n post planted i miles hi a
northerly direction from tlie soiitli-west corner of
Lease -281H ami marked "A, M. Etymons' tj. W. corner post " theuco nnrth KK) chains, thencu east so
chains, tlience south-westeily liin chains more or
less, following htuiiniary of Lot 'iflla to point of
Dated Feb, .iml, 1007.
7> Commeueiug al a post plnnted lit miles
imrth easterly of Sugar Lake, and marked "A. M,
Syinoiw' N, W, corner pn.it," tlience hi.nlli m
chains, thunce east 80 chains, tlu-nce north 80
clmins, thence west 80 chains to point of com-
8. ('iiiumi'iii'iug al a pint phuteit 20 clialns east
of Location |)ohL No, 7, and marked "A. M. Sv>
iiimiii' H, \\\ comer post," theuce uortli MJ ehnitis,
thencu east ho clmins, thence south 80 clmins,
tiiuiice west ho chains io plnce of commencement.
Dated feb. llBrd, 11817.
snt inch 2 A. M. SYMONS.
j^i dnys after d'lie 1 Intend lo apply to thc t bauds m ! \\ ■■-• fur a* Jjweial Itceuca to cut
Chief Couimittfiotioi'of Limi- nnd Vvorxs for a ' ;l|,1I ,'i,rrJ away ti.nl.cr from the following do-
Mi-rial liccn.-elo cut and earn awaj  LliiiU-j   tfribedlauds:
from the following dnscrlbad lands in ihe I'oinmeimli'aiiU post planM m ll.e norlh*
Osoyoofl division of Vnlo Uincrlct: wes' comer uf the -ou1 h wtwtounrii i A Section
I Commencing at a p(M plauted about loo lit, Township A7, markod "W H. Holllngs worth's
feet from north east ond of Keefei Lake, southwest corner pusl," thenco east iw ohains,
markod >"W, 11. Holliugs worth's S, VV. comer, thence north 80 chains, tlienco wesi vi clmins,
thence norlli IU chains, eu-a to chains, souih 'bt theuce south si chain-to plnce of commence-
chains, cos! tn chains, south 20 chhtns, east an ment,
chains, uouth 10 chains, west 80 chalna, north The above location is tho north half of .Sic-
20chains, wesl lo ohalna,north20chain-, wc I ilonttand lho t.-uih half ff taction20,Town*
IU chuina to place of coDinienuemeut, shin 57.
•J Commencing at a po>t mnrkeil "1V.H. Itetcd November Wna, 1906.
Hollingsworth's south-east corner." planted mJan 26 IV, B HOLLINGSWORTH.
aboul loo yards from ihe north-oast end of
Keofor Lake, lhcnco wesl 40 chains, north 20
chains, wesl to chains, north 2u chains, weal SJ
onatns,north lOchains,easl 80chains,south:'''
clialns,eaat in chains ..uiiiii iiu chains,easl 10
cJiatnB, south lo cliiiins to place of commeucemeut.
;i Commencing at a po-t planted aboul 16
yard- south from ilie we-t end of Keefer bike,
innrkeil "W. II. Holling-worth- north-east
cornor," tlience west so chains, Bouth **' chains,
cast SO chains, norlli io chains lo place of commencement.
4 Commencingal a post plauted about 'ia
mile north of ihe mouth of i'olar Urcek where
It runs into Barnes Creek, and mnrked "\V, H
Uollings wort lis north-east coruer," tlience
ion th io cliains, west 160 chains, north 40
.-hiiiiis, cast ii-o chains tu point of commence*
Commencingal a posl planted about %t
mile north Irom (In- mouth ot I'olar Creek
whoro ll i tins into Barnes* reck, and niarked
■■w. II, Hollingsworth's soulh-odai corner,'
thence north in ohains, wosl 160ohaius.south
10 chains, cast llio chains to place of com
II Commencing al a po-t planleil about \ ol
a mile south-oust of uasl end of Marsh Lake.
marked "W, ll. Hollingsworth's uorth-eaal
cornor," llienei' south lu chain-, west 10U
chains, nonh lOchains, eaal 100chains to plaoo
Of COUlUleilcl'ineiil.
i.otnuicln'iiig al ii pusl planleil about j of a
mile oasl of weal end and near south sldo ol
Marsh l-ako. marked "W.H, Hollingsworth's
north'onat oornor," thonce south 10 chains, wust
160 ohalna, north 10 chains, east ICO ohains to
place ol cuniineni'otnent.
k Coinmeneing at a post planted about 200
yards i'rum the south side and aboul li.ill-way
of Keefer Lake, marked "W.H.Hollingaworth's
notth*woat corner," Ihence south UU chains,
it, 60 clialns, north 00 chains, cast 20 chains,
north20ohalna, west 60chains, nortli 60 chains,
2U chain.- io poinl of culiimoucoinuiiL
Commonolng at a poal planted about 200
yards south and about Imlf way of Keolcr lake
.no marked "\V. II. Ifolllngsworth's north-easl
orner." thonco south llio chains, woat lo
hains, north 100 chains, oial 10 chains to placo
of commencement,
hi Uouinionclnc at a posl  planted on tho
bench about \.x mile easl of wesi end ol Keiler
Lake, marked "W, IL lloiliiuwworth's north-
corner," thence Bouth lOo chains, weatii)
chains, north 160 chains, thonco uasl in chains
to point of commi'iiceinent.
11 CommeiiciiiK at a posl planted about \
mile south of ICetile Kiver, aboul i nuie-we-i
of Keefer Lako, niarked "W.H Hblllntoiworth's
north-wesl corner," Ihence east In chains, suulh
■jUcl.aiiiH, oaat 10 ohalna, south 8ti chaius, wesl
10 chains, nortli ,-1) chains, west lu chains,
uorth SOohains tu point uf coiuiiicuciiiieui.
Vi Cominonoing at a post planlcd about t
mile south of Kettle River, about} of amtle
east of Porouplno Creok, innrkeil "Vi, H. llol-
Ungsworth's nortli'Ousl cornor," thencosouth 16n
chains, west IU chains, north hi:i chains, easl
itt chnius lu point of euiiinienceinciil.
ill Commonolng ui a post planted aboul li
miles south of Keltic Kiver on Trap Crtek, and
marked "W. IL Holli.igsworllis N W corner,"
thenee south 80 chains, cast 80 chains, north SU
chains, west 80 chains lo point of commence*
incut. ,       ,  ,
II Commencing al a post planted about o0
yards above llie lorks on Trap Creek, about
one-halt' mile suuth or Keltic Kiver. and marked "W 11. Iloihngsworth's S.W. corner," thence
north Su chains, east 80 chalna, south 80 chaina,
west so chains, to point of commoncomont.
l.j Commenolng at a post plained about 1
mile west of tlie forks of Trap t 'reck and about
800 yards wost of the oreek, marked" it. II. Hollingsworth's north-east cornor," Ihence soutli
SO chains, west oo chains, north Nl chains, cist
HI chains to point of eommeiiccmciit.
III CommeiiciiiK at a pout planled about loo
yards to the south of Kurt Creek nboul 'i mile
south of Keltic Kiver, marked "W. 11 Uollings-
worths north-east corner," theuce suulh ltio
chaius, west, lo clmins, north ltio cliains, east 40
chains Lo point, of cominuiicumel.
17  Com n olngnt a post planted about (SO
yards noil li of Keltic Ki ver about tj mile below
I'orciipinu Creek, marked "W H. Iloilings-
worllis south-west corner," thence enst 10
chains, south 8U chains, cast 40 chains, north I'M
chains, west 8U clmins. south 40 chains to
place of commencement.
IS Commencing at a post planted on the
south bankof Hepsedam Creek aboutUmile
up from Ketile Kiver, marked "W.H.Hollinga
worth's north-west corner," thence south 4
chaius,east lOOchains, north IU chains,west
10U cliains to plnce of commencement.
10 Commencingal a post planted un south
bank of Hepsedam Creek, about'i mile from
Kettle Hivor, marked *'W. H> Hollingsworili's
south-west corner,'' thence north So chains,
easi 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80 chains
to pond of commencemeni.
ti) Commencing at a post planted on thc
south bank of Hepsedam Creek aboul }t mile
from Kettle Hivor, marked "W H- HoiHiiks-
worth's north en-l corner," thence went bO
cliaitii, south SU chains, cast Hi chain-, nurth
So clmins to place ul commencement.
'Jl Commencing at u post planted on the
south bank of Ifopsodtun Crock abuul ) mile
from Keltic liner, murked "W 11 Huilings-
Widths sou ti east  corner,'   theuce  nortli  40
chains, wust 10 vlmius, uortli &J chains, west in
north 20ehains, weal So chains, muiIIi 4o chains,
uuoL80chains.suulh20 chains, ea.it lOchains,
auuth 20 Chains, easl iu chains tu pointol cum-
Daled I'ce.'tW, liinti.
wedjan ;io      t\. il. UOLLING8WOKTH
OTICE Is hereby giren that 80 days after dale
I intend loapDly to the limi. llie Chief
Commissioner of Lamb and Worki (or a special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in Wtst Kootenay District;
L Commencing at r post planted about one
mile almve l. L, liM'l on the west bank of the
Columbia Hirer, opposite Keystone Creek and
marked "Ous Lund'i .v B. corner", thence west 80
liains, thence iouth so cliains thence enst 80
halns, thence north 80 chains to point of coin-
mem anient.
Commencing at a post planled about li
tulles up Seymour Creek and about >, mile from
In* N. W. comer ol T. L. twi and marked "(ius
Lonl'- N. v.. corner'. Ihence oast 40 chains, thenco
uth lOOchains, thenoe «esi io chains, thencu
irtl] LOOchains to pointol commencement
:,  Commencing at a posl planted at the N. W\
uui ol location No. i and marked "Qui Lund's
V K. corner", tin nee wesl 40 chains, thence aouth
lOOchains, Ihence easl 40chains, thence north 160
Ilul- I., point ol commencement,
t. Couuneuclug .it a post planted aboul om-
nil miii- weat (rum the >'. W. enrner of location
<i». a and marked "Qua Lund's N. W. corner",
tbenee east 40 chains, thence sontli luu chains,
thence wast 40 chains, thence north 160 Ohalni to
point of comuiciiceiiieui.
S.  Commencing al a poll plauted at the N. Yf\
irnerol location Ito, 4 and marked "Qua Lund's
N> K. corner", thence west m clmins, thence south
ICO chaini, thenco eut 10cltalns, thenct north m
liains to pomt of commencement,
ti. Commencing al a post planted at tic N. K.
■oraerof locotionNo.fi and marked "tins Loud'
-s. K. corner , thenco north lOchains. thence west
lOOchains, thence sontli 40 chains, theuce east loo
chalna to point ol commencement.
Dated January Hitli. 1907.
7. Commencingat a post planted near (fold-
itream at the a. K. corner of T. L. U770 (neing
renewal of T. L. 6M) ami marked "tins Lund's
N, K. corner", iheuce wuth B0 chaina, thence west
8Jchaina, theuce north 80 ehaiiis, tll'juce east m
chains to poim of connnenceinent,
8. Commencing at a poat planted at the N W,
enrner of I'. L. 57 B, near Uoldstream, and marked
"iln- LuudaS" W corner",thence east 4u chaius,
thonco uorth 160 clialns, tnence west 40 chain.-,
tlu-nce Bouth 160 chains to point of commencement.
u. Commencing at a post planted at the >'. \V.
corner of T. I. (076, near Goldstream, and marked
"ClusJiUiid's >. B.torner"; theuce west iti clmins,
Ihence south hju cliains, thenco east lu chains,
theuce nortli 160 chains to point of commencement,
Dated January mtli, \w~.
Notice Is hereby given that SOilays afi.-i *iUt»* I
Intend to apply to tlie Cliief Commissioner of
J„nii|> ami Works for a aeecial license to cut and
carry away timber from tne following describeJ
lands situated in ihe Osoyoos divi-donsf Yule
1. Commeueiug at a post marked "Harry
Molutosh's N.W. corner," plnnted about 1 milo
we-t of Sugar Lake on the south liue ol Timber
Limit No. 9128, ihence south 80 chains, theuco
we-t 80 chains, thence nurih 80 chains, theuce
aasl 80 chains to point of commeucemeut.
Dated January -Otb, I90J.
l'. Commencingat a |tfl-t planted at tho N.W
corner ol No. 1, theace couth 80 chains, thenco
west 80 chaius, theuce north 80 chaius, thouco
0u.1L Wlchniu- Ui pointof com in ence 111 ent.
Dated January 28th, 1901.
3. Commeueiug at n poll plauted at the
south-west corner of Nu. 1, theoce south 80
chains, tlience east *" chnius, tliouce uorth to
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of com-
4. Commouciug at a post plnuted nt the
south-west cornur of No. 1, theuce soulh 80
chains, theuce wost 80 chains theuce north JO
chain?, llienee east 80 chaius to iwiui of commoncement.
Dated January 2yth, 1907.
wed feb 13 ByU. K> Brink, Agent.
1 in
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Cbiel Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a special license
to cut aud carry away timber from the following described landa situated iu Vale lu.-trn-t:
1 Ciimmeucing at a poit planted ou the
wesl sideol l.t-us.-.- >]-,«b.iiii one mile from tbe
imrtb end of lease and about six miles north
ul Sugar Lake, marked "d Hill's southeast
corner post," runmug 80 chains weit, ineuce
M' ( halns nortn, tbenee --j chains easl, iheuce
so 1*1,1111. - south to point of coininenceraent.
:. Commeueiug at a post planted on the
ivest sldeol Leaie 28l8,aboutone mile from tbe
uorth end uf ivase and about six miles north
of Sugar  Lake, marked "S   Hill's north-east
ruer post," runuiiighOcbanis south, theuce
sochaini west, tut-iicew chains north,theuce
.vi chains east 10 isnni of cummencement,
Hated Sept, Hlh, 1'JOti.
wed feb 13 .«. KILL.
i:c s heruly given that 30 days after dato
,,ii ii appli 10 mul oici Commissioner ul
Luulh nud Works for a special licence to cut
uui ni > 11 n v li-nbor frnm tho following
in M- .1 \i, pity situated on Ki.-hcr ( u-ck
ciii) I vin 1.1 ■■ * iittiiii u. irtams Lake in tl.e
Ulstrto. 0 Li.Iu.i    H. i'.
I    Cumihiilll'lllg 11 .1 posl   planted   on tin* west
bank of Kloltci 1 uek.  -outh Fork, about four
miuHirmi AdauinUke, marked ''A, M0C01 Il's
N. K. 0" ner." 1 inm.n- rO ihalus iouth, thence 1*1
chains west, tlience on chains Mirth, thence80
chainsua.„     poin  nicol ui ment.
•1. comiiu e .. at a posl plaited on lho west
bank of Fislu r*u\ uouth lora, in uke l "A. Me-
Connell's ,n. \S. ton 1" almut lo.o milts Irom
Adams Lake, running - chains south, thence •'
chains east, thence so 1 ha lus nortli, thence .*-<
cliains wost to pointof commencement,
8   Commencingal a poit planted on the west
dank of Fisher Cieek, South Fnrk. about live uiil«*--
lium Adams Lake, maiked "A. McCoiinell'l N. K"
cunier, Limit fto, 3 Fisher Creek,' running &o
chains suuth, IW chains wait, 80 chaini mnth, mi
chains east to place pi commencement.
4 Commeiiciiig at a post plauted on the wesl
bank of Fisher Creek, South Fork, ,'iUmi live miles
from Adams Lake, markod "A. McCoiiiiell'i N.W,
comer, Limit No. I." running Hi chains south,
thunce ht) chains cast, Iheuce 80 chains nortli,
tlienee 80 chains west lo place uf jointm-nct-uu-nt.
h. Commencingat a post planted on the weit
hank of I'liuor c k, South Pork, about si\ mllei
from Adaui.H Uke, marked "A. McConneU'iO,
comei, limii No. 6," running 80 chaini until, 80
chains went, bt) chains nortli, mi cliains east to
place ol commencement,
tl. Commencing at a post planted mi lhe went
lnmls of Fish.r Creak, South F'Tk.alioiit six miles
from Adams Lake, marked "A McCoimoU'i N.W.
culler, limit No, 0," ru tiling h" chains lOUth, 10
chains oust, so ohalm nortli, 80 chaini wait to
placo ol commencement.
January fith, 100;.
attt jan IU A. UcCONNKLL.
Sixty dayi after date I Intend to apply to lbs
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for pertulnion to purchase ihe following
described lands, situated un Upper ArrowLake,
and more particularly tleacribed ai follows:
Beginning al the Bouth-wntcornerof Lot 1180,
al ,i post marked v.ll., N.W.C.R," thenceW
L-halns oaat, Uience lo chains nirth, ihence 3U
chains eaat, thence iu cliains south, thence 40
.-hams west, thenee 3u chains north to point of
commencement, containing 248 acres more or less.
Dated February 8th, 1907,
wed feb 18 per O. Sumner, Agent.
Notico Is hereby gi veil that no days aflor dale
I intend lo applv Lo the Hon, Chief Commlsslonor of Lands and Wurks for a special II-
OOIJCO to Ollt and carry away limber from tho
following described lands, sliuate In West
Kuuteiiay district:
Commencing ata post plnnted about a mile or
maro from tlm west shore uf Cpper Arrow Lnke,
and adjoining Timlin Limit No. litiiHl 011 the south
nnd marked "C, Skinner's north-westcorheriinst,"
tlience soutli UK) chains, theuce ensl 4U chains,
Ihen*- norlli 1*80 ehititm, Ilii-in-i* well 4o eliuiiis in
place of coiniiienceiii.'iil.
Dated Feb. *27tli, IUU7.
snt null2
Revelstoke Assessment District.
No.lcs ia liorol.y ni vnn, io ..ccuidii.ion with tlio
SI11111I0-, Hint rrii,ii.ni.il Kiivi'iiiin T.111, .....I ull
Haseaaod tnnw a.i.l liic.nie Tux, iissosaorl un.l
lovleS .....lor tl.e "AaH.aanniiit Act, liWfM, uii-l
.iiiiiinilini.nt* tlinrntn. nro ni.iv .Inn Ilinl pnl'lllllo
for tl.o ...ur limi I" mo nt tl.r. (invor.itnni.i
Olilco, Kovelatoko. Till, notice, in Inrm- nl
Jaw, l» oi|iilvnlont t.. .. inraoinil .lomnn.l l.y mo
..j.......II |..ir*.in* llnl.lo lur tnxo,.
Datod lit Itorelatllkfl tills I'lllifluy i.f Knlinf
nry, mn.
loti 13 U DaputyAs.ss.ut.
Null.-..Isl....-In ilnn tii»t.i"-i.i).f"ii.T.lfiti. 1
I.it.-.ul 1.. npply i" tin-11 "f'l'i.-. ii" ii.i.-i Ji'.-in
llliaaii.ll.T ..( I.I....I.  .....I   ".uk-1... |» .......I..
inii.-liiia.-tl... I..II..«...k iloaoribod unili,illuiM
In Un- I'ial. 111.i-i mils, ami nmre pirtlcDlarl) it.
•crlbeu u fullowi.
Il«l(illllill« nt ll,i..at..li.--lli.l(niil.. ....rill t-nat of
A .ki.* McKay1. |ir.-.-...|it...... ...".k.-.l' O. B.'| 8,11
t'lirtii-r pnat, tlience su rlm.n. lut, mi  .-l.iti.ia
llnrlli.h.lLl.flil.s ttl-al, Wlcllillnasnlltl.  ti>   |...illt nl
citmnii.tli't.|in.|it. i-niitiilndiK WU f.'-rea
Duto'l Jsniury lo.li, IM7.
.:. 8UMNK11,
weil loll 13 IVr .l.-,.r|!.' ll..|.l-llillli, A|i-nl.
Sixty days after date i intend to apply to tbe
Honorable the chief Commissioner of i,*u.-i and
Works for pertuinnoti to purchase Ihe lollowlim.
ilcscrilKKl lands situated  on Cpper AtTOS Ijike
ami more particularly described as followi:
liegluuing at a j>*-i planted al the m>rth-ea>|
corner n| Lot BW6 and marked "F F F. N.W.C.P."
llienee 160 ehalm oeat, thence40chaini iouth,
tlienco 160chains west, thence 10chains north U)
point of commenoement, uio ncres.
Dated FelntiaryHth, 1007.
wed feb 13 F. F, FL'LI.MF.ll.
Notice In heroby given that (H* dayi afterdate I
iuti'iiii to ii mil} to tlie chief Commbwlonor of
Lands and Works for pennliilon to purchiM the
following descrils'il lands:
Commencing it a unst iltuated ai-ont** iniles.
north of McDonald Creek on the past shore of
Cpper Arrow Uke, Joining T. L. W\b <m Ihe smlh
west coruer, running easl to chaini, south ti
chains, wost lOchains, north 10 Dhftlni to place ol
commence ment,
lined Jan. Mb, luu;.
feb 9 iat L. A. DKWAK.
Notice is hereby atren thai 80 days after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Coiiinlsaion
.-i of Laiuls and Worki for a ipeclal license to cut
and cany away timber from the following de*
iprilwd landi In West Kootenay district:
Commeneing nt a jm> t planted abont juo
mile and a half uorth of Arrowhead, and about
half a milo en-t from Arrowhead Branch It. 11
mnrked "W. F. Ogilvio'.- S.W, i>o-t''thenco 8"
chains north, theme so chain-oast, thence 80
chains south. Ihenco sn chain-, weit to pointof
Dated Feb. Uth, 1007.
wed feb 13 W, P, OdlLVIE.
Notice i- hereby given that 30 days after d«t*'
l intend toapply io the Ohlef Commissioner ol
Unds and Work* for n -peefnl liconce to cut
and oarry away HiiiUt from ibe following de-
wribed land- In W'e-t Kootenay District:
Cijiiiineiicing at a port planted on the shore
of Cpper Arrow Nike 0IQS0 to (lalena Point,
riiniiing com ni chains, theuce north BO cliain-.
thence west 80 ohalna, Unncc south hu chains
io pninl of commencement.
■.', Commencing at a jsisi planted on the
-bore of Cppor Armw LiutS, alwut one mile
frum (lalena Point, running uorlh HI chains,
thenoe eut ho chains, thence "outh 8o chains
Ihence wiwl mchains lo poinl of commencement along ilu- Inkeshoro.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1907,
MtfobU w, f. OQUiVIB,
Notice ii hereby given thnt A> days after dato
I Intend to apply to tho Boo, Chief Commls-
r-ionerof Ijind-and Works for live (.1) spocial
licence" lo cut and carry nway liiuln-r from the
following described lands, «ltuate In Wost
Kootenay district:
i. Commonolng nt n m-i.plantedjo chains
K. of lhe S.W. corner of Section i, Tp. tt, It. 21,
W alb M.: thence 8.160 chains, thenco W, 40
chains, thence N.hiochiiiii-. them-e If IU chains
to point of commencement,
i. Commencing al a pout plunled one mile 8,
of the S. W. corner yf Section 2,Tp. a. |LW,
W,.MhM.: thence W. DO chains, lhcnco 8,80
chains, thence K. 8"chains, thence N. 80chains
IO i■■«: r11 of cuinnieiiiTineilt,.
3. Commencing nt a post planted two miles
S, of the S, W, corner of Section i, Tp. 3, It. 27,
W, Offith M., thonoo K. lo chains, thence8.80
.hains, theme w. ki chains, thence N, 8U chains
Ihence K. In chains to point of commencement.
4. C'.iiiiiiniciiinat n pn-i [ilniiled two miles
8, and one-half mile W. of llio H. W, comer of
Section t Tp. 11, IL W. Wi of 6th M.| thonce H.
so ehniiis. ihence W, go chalna, thenco N.SU
chains, ihence B. Ho chains lojioliitof comin i-uce in cut.
,1. Commeneing at a post planted three miles
S, and one half mile W, of Ihe 8. W. corner of
Section I, Tp, 21, IL U7, ff, of 5th M.I thence 8.
•j1 chain", thence W. 80 chains, thence N. sn
chains, thenceK. 80 chain" to pointof commencement.
Dated at Kevelstoke, this 19th day of February, 190L
feb 23 ■.. D. J.iMcDONALD, Locator, r
Even* day witnesses the arrival of Men's Spring Fabrics and  Ready-to-Wear
Goods at this establishment.
Our New Spring Ribbons to hand—
We never had anything before to
equal this grand display.
A  small advance   shipment  of New
Novelties in Ginghams.
We keep a full line of the celebrated
I). & A. Corsets. Every pair guaranteed.
In the best Japanese Wash Silk, the
Lyons finish.
Pongee Silk in all qualities.
Good Range of Fancy Silk Brocades,
Sprays and Spots—new novelties.
Our delayed freight coming to hand as
fast as possible.
Agents for Butterick Patterns.
v ■■ ■ , )
At At t^a At At At aT. At aT. it. iTf. iTi
"X" "J,   "X" "X" *X*   el    ""■' "X   "X" *X' "A1 "X*
| Sore Hands
I and Faces
We luve the nicest prepar- £,
atton you have ever tried, Jt
called " Benzoin and   Al- V
in.jiid Cream."    Only   35 W
cents a bottle,    lt heals it. &
a night.
^ Canada Dpijf& Book Co. f
At At Ai A, A, i-T. A, A, A. A. A, A* Ai
Saturday, March 2nd — For 2*1
hours—Moderate southeasterly winds
and cloudy, unsettled, mild with slight
rainfal1. Barometer high and steady
Temp, Max., 48 degrees; min. 34
Only it glance at our stock
of Groceries will encourage
you to try them.
A trial will convince vou
they are the purest nnd best
nn the market, Try our
j Hobson & Bell j
• Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners  .
• •
Local and General.
L. H. Congreves, ol Comaplix, is
spending a few days in town.
Tbe Ladies' Aid ol St. Andrew's
church are making preparation lor a
sale ol work to be held ou May 21 in
tbe Selkirk Hall.
J. L. Curveon of this city who Iisb
been seriously ill with appendicitis in
the hospital, has been operated upon
tbe result being most satisfactory and
Cantata practice will be held as
uiual in Methodist church, Tuesday at
8 p.m. Ladies are requested to come
at 7:30; regular practice will commence at 8 p.m.
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew's
church will hold a social in the church
on Wednesday evening, March 20th.
A good programme is guaranteed and
refreshments will be served.
A meeting of the Lord's Day Alliance o! R>ve'«.o';e will be held on
Tuesday night. March 5th,at 8 o'clock
in the City Hall. A full attendance
is requested.
Gns Lund was br. tight down this
week from the Big Bend, where he
had been timber cruising, suffering
from frost-bitten feet, and has lost
three toes in consequence.
The Independent Band boys gave a
very successful dance on Thursday
night in the Opera House, a large
number of guests being present. Good
music and a good time was spent by-
A resolution has been passed by the
City Council to the effect that the
municipality of Kevelstoke shall
become a member ol the Canadian
Union ol Municipalities, Montreal as
The Sunday meeting in Ihe Y.M.
C. A. to-morrow alternoon nt 3.30 will
take the hour (ur singing. The male
quartette will take two numbers on
the programme, This is a gathering
lor all men.
A special meeting of the Ladies'
Auxiliary of Knox church is called Ior
Monday alternoon at 3 o'clock, in the
church parlors, lt is hoped that
every member will he present to complete arrangements for the Kcrmes.
A. Howard Fleishman, the popular
young jeweller, presented the Y.M.C.
A. with a much needed cl*xk Ior the
gymnasium, Mr. H. Creelman gave
a line set uf valuable books (or the
library.   Many thanks tendered.
The time has arrived when Revel-
ntoke requires dairies in or near the
city for a supply ol milk I The Dominion Express Cumpauy have raised
tho rate on cans from Salmon Aim,
where Revelstoke derives her milk
supply, from 28c. to $1.25 per can I
Mr. Chas. F. Lindmark will leave
shortly on a trip tn Sweden to settle
up the estate of his lather, whose
death occurred last week. Mr. Lindmark will visit the Dublin exhibition
and make a tour ol Europe befoie
returning borne next lall, Mrs.
Lindmark and family will accompany
A visitor to Ilevelstoke, so impressed
with the magnificence and sublimity
of the scenery, having learned tbat up
till now Mt. Begbie has delied all
attempts of climbers of reaching the
summit, has expressed his intention til
making a determined effort to reach
thc top this year. We wish the enterprising mountaineer every success in
his undertaking.
Yesterday alternoon the pupils ol
Divisions 1, II and III ot the public
school assembled in the principal's
room after recess to hear Miss Manson
give an account of her trip to Scut-
land. Tl.e description was most
interesting fron. start to finish and
was greatly enj iye.1 by all who were
fortunate enough to be present.
Tbe last B. C. Gazette announces
tbe following appointments Irom the
Provincial Secretary's olliee:—To be
members of the Board of Cum mission-
To lluy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
The firm ol Benson & Tucket wish
to inform Ihe citizens ol Kevelstoke
anil surrounding towns that they are
now prepared to do any i.ork in their
lines, either in portrait, view work,
copying nnd enlarging photos ol alt
kinds mid sizes, and in the very latest-
.-i vie and linet-t finish. All work done
ni th.-ir Armwhe.ul branch, togelh.r
i> ith all work taken in Revelstoke will
be finished in their studio, Mackenzie
avenue, ground lloor.
Soliciting a liberal share bi y< ur
patronage, we are very sincerely yours,
Kevelstoke, B. C.
At a special meeting on Monday
night the city council received lenders
lor the insurance tit the city power
house and plant for the ensuing year,
and that of E. A. Ilnggen, agent for
tbe Xoii-Conibine Insurance Companies, being the low nt, was nccrpto.l
for tbe whole contr,.ct.
Business Locals
Patronlte Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Get an Ostermoor mattruss, at
New laid eggs arriving daily, at CB
Hume & Co'b.
Bargains in a lew carpet remnants
at Howson's.
All the new styles for Spring Suits
at Cressman &. Morrison's.
Go-carts, Gu-carts, Ior the babies,
at Howson'i.
Navel oranges, bananas and Russet
apples, at C. B. Hume & Co's.
Carpets and Linoleums at Howson'i
a splendid stock to choose Irom.
Window shades, wall paper,curtain,
and draperies, at C. II. Hume & Cu's
Conic and see the large line of
cirpets and linoleums at Howaon's.
Griffin's 1'remier bacon and government creamery I.utter always in stock,
at C. B. Hume & Co's.
Call nnil sen our new spri. g patterns ot Carpets an I Linoleums.—CB.
Hume .*. Cn.
Thegreat bargain on Maple Sugar
closes today, don't be late.—C. II.
Hume ,**■ Co.
By making early purchases we have
succeeded in getting our new goods
in this month. A person does not need
to eo to the city, you can get the best
right   here.     Call   and   see our new
en ol Police for tl.e City of Revelstoke |spring suits at 115—Cressman & M..r-
—Aid. R.    Sawyer    and  Willis  J. j rison,
Armstrong.   To be  members ol the
Notico is horoby Riven thnl mi days lifter dnlo
I intond tu iuiiii) to tin- Ilnn. Chief ('.....mis.
Blotter <>f Lunils nt.d Wurks for u a|.oci..l licooco
t" cut .....I curry nwny timber frum the lulitiw-
in... doacribod lunds sitliuli.d in Woat Kootonay
1. Com.no..clnK at u post planted on the enst
bunk t.I .-firilinii Crook, itli.iiu aovot. milos from
lliirtiil. City, mul duted 2n.li Fob. mill, thenco
south UH) chnius thenco oust 10 chuius, thonce
u.irtli UKI ehnins, thonce west 11 ohains to jiuint
of 1'tHn.nencun.eut.
2, ('..innit'iir-iiii: nt n .-mi plnuled nbout one-
hull milo oust ol Cariboo Creek, und 7 miles
[rum Burton City, duted 2tltl. Fob. Ml, thenco
enst 160 ehnitis. thenco a uth .0 chains, Ibeuce
wost 160 chuius, thenco north 40 ehnins to point
of commeni-emont.
S, Commenolng ot a ..st plnnted nbout 12
miles Iron. Burtou City, on sooth side Cariboo
Creok, dnted Fob. 82nd. imi. thouce enst 16(1
ehuins, thence south 111 elinins, thenco wes" 160
ehnins, tbenee uorth 10 chuius to imiut of com*
1. Commouciug ul a pust plunted on the west
side of Cariboo Crook, abont 13 miles from Burton City, dnted Feb. 21th. imi. thoneo south 160
cbnins, thence west 4(1 clmins, thenco uorth 1611
cbnins, thenco enst 40 chnius to poiut of coin-
5, ('ommoncing ntn post, planted on tho wost
sido of Cariboo Creek, about 14 milos Iron. Bur-
tunCity, latorllEitliFeli. IIK17. theoce sooth 160
chains, thonce west 411 ehnins, tlienco oorth 160
ehuins, thonce onst 40 chums to point of com-
6. Commeueiug at, n post planted on tho eust
side olCuriboo Creek, nboul 16 miles Irom Bur.
lou City, dntod Fob Sfilh, mli, tlience south 100
chnius, thonco oast 40 chuius, tbeuce north 160
chnius, thonce wost 40 cbnins to in.int ol mini-
Dnted Fob. Sith, limi
Notice ia horoby glvou tbat 30 diiys aftor duto
I intend to apply to tbe Hou Chief Commissioner of Lands nud Works for a spocial licence
to cut and curry away timber from the follow
in-; described lands, situated in the Osoyoos
division of Yale district:
*>. Cn m in end in: at a post planted at the K.W.
corner of Timber Limit No. 9123. marked "H.
Mcintosh's TS. E. comer post No. 5," thence
north 8ll cliains, tlience wost 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence oast SO chains to poiut
of commencement.
Dated 22ud Feb. IPO?.
ii. Commencing at a post planted at the S.W.
corner of No, ii, marked "H. Mcintosh's S. E,
corner post No. 6," thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 ehalus. tbeuce south 80 chains,
theuce east 80 chains to point of commencement.
1. Commencing at a post planted at the N.
W. corner of timber limit No. 9122, marked "H,
Mcintosh's S. E, corner post No. 7," thence
north 40 chains, thence west 160 chains, thence
south 10 chains, thence east 160 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated 23rd Feb. 1901.
By 0. K. Brink, Agent.
sat inrh 2
Board of Licensing Commissioner lor
the City of Ilevelstoke—Aid. E Trimble and F.B.Wells.
From 25 to SO Per Cent.
Saved on your Grocery Bills.
We sell at retail at lowest wholesale
prices. Hotel and hoarding house
keepers, farmers, miners and lumbermen will find it tu their advantage to
investigate us.
to any railway station iu British
Columbia, We only bundle lirst-claas
and pure goods. We guarantee
prompt delivery. No order too Bmall,
n..ne too large. Write tor our price
ii.-t. K IS FKEE. Be convinced
that you can save money.
2511-261 S.anl.y St., WINNIPEG,Man.
The past two years were eitremely
short, were'nt they*1 You'll admit!
that. Then don't talk about its beir.i>
an endless proposition to pay for ami
own yonr own home when you can d i
it during the coming two years, by
making small monthly payment.
amounting to no more than tbe rent
y..u have to pay for somebody elie'i
house.—See E, A. Haggen, Real Knt.it.-
Agent, alaittt it.
Catholic.—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
0.M,I., pastor. Serviceseverv Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon;  2 p.m. Baptisms; fill
p.m Sunday Sclio,,!; ilii) p.m. Rosary, !DEATH OF  WM.  H.  DOWDING
Instruction ami ll.-iii-.liction.
\M.Kl.u a—Rev. W. C
ervfces, 11  .i.m.
7.80 p.m
At the Royal   Inland   Hospital,
is the ability to leal and
judge quality! to know doses,
to lell how drills and chenv
icals act in combination,
and to Im* able to combine
theni correctly and in proper
It is important to you that
your preoptions are filled
by those who know luuv.
We pride ourselves on our
knowledge ot prescript ion
Phm, B.
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attended
Take noti.-.- on Monday and Tuesday next, March 4th and 5th, Mrs. I).
McPbadden will offer (or sale at her
residence, ..p|«.9ite the Opera House,
the Imlann- ..I her furniture by private
sal.-. Intending purcbaiers can call
at the house on Monday and Tuesday
neit... any hour between '.i o'clock
a. r... ami ll o'clock p.fll.
Are pouring in now, and we will have a showing that will surpass any previous
year. We think we can offer you a little better value than others can, and we certainly have
the up-to-date goods.
We can fit you either in G.
N. R. or Campbell's. They
are both top notchers, equally
as well made and trimmed as
any custom made Suits, and
at a very great saving in the
You want to have a look at our new shipment
ol STIFF HATS. The cream of tbe shapes ol the
Best English makers as well as all the best shapes
Are now to hand, and if you want
something just a little bit nicer than the last
shoes you wore, come and get a pair of these.
1 McLennan's
Our Watches are "Au
Fait" Eight Day Clock*
for $4.50. All Silverware Guaranteed Quality. Watch Repairing
a Specialty,
Sunday  .School  and   Pastors  Bible Tuesday morning,   Feb   11),  at  ter,
OlaM at 2:80 p.m,    Morning sjubjeat, o'clock,  William   H.  Dowding,   lor
"The Value ol I'rayer."   Eveningiub wwral yeari resident In  tins city,
ject, "The  Lord's  Day mid tl.e New where   he   made   numerous   Iriends,
Law.'*   Bible Reading, Wednesday  at pM'«d away at the  early  age  nf   III
8 p.m.   Choir practice and Teaoliors' y«"*», alter a very brief Illness
meeting, Friday at 8 p.m, Decerned was Ihu..  at  M,.rk.lale,
..ler.    IL.m rning service.- s.tl, '"   ^'yy   he WM in theeffl- \V   pl> B. 11"-"' «    '■
ject,'The Chriitian Home"; 2:80 p. ploj'°J hi" br°Tr' G*J- Dowding,lor  poR 8ALK iv,, handsome show
in, Sunday lohool and pastor Bible ,mJ»' yeaia.   Knuryearsagohsoame  h   , ,n.| a enanttr, cheap  Ap
class; 7:30 p.m   "A Service of Hong" 10 Kamloopj and W«l engaged   inti,.-   ply thi- ..Ili.- ..,- City Bakery.
W A \ T E I)
p, m, "A nervier. 01 Hong,
opening anthem, "The Hun Shall Be
No More," mixed quartette, "No, Not
Despairingly," lolo, "Plains of Peace,"
vocal duett, "Tarry with n.e." Tbe
members ol tl.o congregation are requested to lie in their seats at 7.25.
Knox—.1. li. Robertson, B. I), min-
butcher husiness with bis brother until a year agu, Since then lie had
been following the occupation of
brakeman, running east, from Bevel
stoke on the 0. P. R. main line.
A week previously he had an attack
of grippe and wai laid up for several
days and was on his lirst trip out alti
tster. .Sunday services as usual. Morn-1 thftt ||]neM w|)Cn ",, c„ntr,„„.,| „„.„
ing subject I he Work of Kami ops i ^ He hft(, (Mared 1V WCHlwttr,
Presl.ytery.     Sunday johool and pal-! r„„ an(, W„R „   N„t(.h   m|, „,,,,„ ,,
Ijl.AIN and Ornamental Plastering,
Artificial -u.ne of nny design for
building pu.posr****!. Cement, itr.fi .ut.-
erete work tnken hy contract or day
work.   Apply ...I M.uimIIkimi.doffice,
... Halcyon
t„r» Bible ol«» at 2:80 p.ni, r.ven-iWM ,uddetl|v uv,n in, M,.
ing service a17:80, subject, "A Great ;b ought ,,„„„ t0 Kam|n(,p„ ,„, s„,„,„y
Intercession. Young peoples guild morni „,,„,, ,,„ „„ „,Ut{mii t() ,,,„,
on Monday night at s ..cluck. I'rayer
meeting and choir practice Wednesday
St, Petkii's-TIk. Rev. C. A. Proeunier rector. Third Sunday in lent.
Services as follows: Holy Communion
at o a.m., and Morning Prayer at 11
i. Evening I'rayer at 7.30 p.m.
Lenten Service on Friday at 7.30 p.m.,
and choir practice at H p,u>,
hospital and remained in an uncon-
scioim state until his death,
The funeral took place Wednesday
afternoon [rum the resilience ol bis
brother, 0. .1. Dowding, Heymour Mt.
thenco to the Methodist. Ohuroh when;
the funeral service, was held. Tito lie-
c.i-aseil was a member ol the Ancient
Order ol Foresters, who had clta.ge ui
the formal arrangements.
Jlti ing
II. ,\I.
11 -At one.
.lining.'.......   /.rl.    Apply   Bt   "....■   l.o
"   Mrl.VHiSII, Prop,
Notice li beret*;?given fiat 20 dar** alter dite
I Intend toan-ptr tone Chief Comraluiiloner o(
1 midland Worka fnr anfiecta] llconse to cut
nnd carry iway timbor (nun the following
de oribed land." In Weil KonteiiAy diitrlcl;
I Commeneing tt a post about 8i> chains
weit from lhe uorth-eait corner ol Lot 873, and
mnrked "John Connor'i S.E. corner poet,'
thence north 80 ehnins, theuee west 80 clmins,
ibcnceaoulh SO chainB, thence taut BU chains
to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at lhe south-eaitt cornerof
T. L c.'.iti, nl u jinst marked "John (.opnor'aS,
W, cornertioBt,"thenceuorlh 80chains,tlience
east 80 chains, tlience south 80 chains, thence
west W) chains to pointof commencement.
Dated Feb, 18th, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post about 30 chains
east from the north-eaatcorner ol No,2, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 8U chains thence
south 80 chains, thence west 60 clialna to point
of commencement
4. Commencingal the north-west eorner of
T.L liTi.'.t, ilii'iice north 80 liming, thence easl
fit) clmins, thence south 80 chains, thence west
80chains to point of commencement.
ii.  Commencing at tbe southwest corner ol
Nu.4. thence north 80 chains, thenceeast '
chains, thence aouth80 chalna, thence west
chains to pointol commencement.
0.  Commencing at the north-west corner of
No. ft, thence nortb 8o chains, thence east
chaius, thence south 80 c'.alns. thenee west 80
chains to pointof commeucemeut,
Hated Feb. Kith, 1007.
7, Commencingat the north-west corner of
No. ii, thenee north 80 chains, ihence east 80
chain , thence south 80 chains, thenee west 80
chaius to point of commencement.
8, Commencing at the north-cast corner of
No. 7, ihence north 8t> chains, thence east 80
'■limns, thence south IM) chains, ihence west 80
chains to point of coinmencement
Q Cummencing at the north-east corner o'
No. 7, thenee north 80 chains, thenee west80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
.'hfilns to point of commencement.
Dated Feb mh, nun.
in, Commencingat tho north-west corner of
No, 0, thence north 80 chains, thenee easl 80
ebklns, thenee south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to pointof commencement
II Commencing at the north-east corner ol
No. fl, thenoe north 80 ehains, thenoe eastM
chains, thenee iouth ho chaius, thence west 80
liming to point of commencement.
Imte'l Feb 21st, 1*907.
wed feb Ti 1'ur .Angus Campbell, Agent.
N OTIOK n lirruhy given thuttlo ilayt ufU-r dale
I Intend tc apply l»tlm Ilnn. Cliief Cum
ini«r nf UihIs ind Works (or permission to
Veil Kootena; District, Gftlena Hay, out side of
purchase the following doHcntH-it imuls  in the
Upper Arrow l,akt>
i .tii-nifi.t in** nt )i poet planted at P. Mnher's
.hiit eaal corner nmi marked "Bruce A. lAwaoh'i
south-east corner poit," tlienee innili -tochnius,
thenoe weel -to chains, thenca north w chaini,
thence easl no cliains, Uience north M chains,
thence eaat i'\ chaini to point of commencement,
"m-i con*ralnlng i2<i acrei tnoreot less.
Dated n i len a Bay, tliis mli Pobruary, iwr.
feoff wed BBVOK A. 1-AWsoN-
to t.tke advantage of the many useful
and handsome iu tides tli.il we are
offering in our sale of Clocks, Cut
Glass, Table Silver, Watches, Jewelry,
and Novelties, I
Our prices have been reduced An
all these .i.ticl.is, which are mi fail
for wedding or birthday gifts, or for
use ui youi- own home.
Dun't forget our Optical Department. We make a specialty nf that
and we guarantee satisfaction.
Artificial Eyes tested.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
First k Op.
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .     .     .
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .     .
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street ,     .     ,     .
Dwelling and Lots, (corner) Fifth Street
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
Lots on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  .
Lols on Fourth St., east uf McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Fifth St., easl of McKenzie Ave., each   .
.   200
.   150
Notice Is hereby xlven that 80 days after date
ire Intend toapply tothe Chief Com missioner of
Landi and Work* for ai .eclal license to cut
and carry timber fnnn the following described
lands Kiinste'l in the O*i*yooi division Ol Yale
i ommenclnaal > poit planted near the northern
 milftiy of Timber Limit, No, a;*:,, .iml nU<ulMi
bains from Lhe nuiii west corner of saine, them
\NTKD   (lirl tVOe-imii tfofllfl
Ih* good   plitin  COOk',     WfiK**"--  $.
innnl.h.    .VIltH. T, T.  IjUDOATK.
mi    j-Yri'Ticrni-e!    ""r"'   ""  ChelM,   lii'-me   cHilLiO rlinins, tlience
-in   t ip* rn*ri( pa  mth ^ i.(i(u|m (fl [||(i |]i(rUH,Mt (.lim,t lpf TiiI1,H,r
Minit 7044, thence wit 80 ohalni along aaid imnn
-inr*/ Ui the nortn went cornuf »f lime, iimnm
smith W chains .-.lung the we-dem l-oni'dary of
Timlier Limit 7«w to the north-welt cornerof
Limber Limti MM, thence wst tto clmins tilmig
tii.* northern boundary of *,iiil Limit '■'■"'■ to point
nt -ni".- icemen).
. Dated Lhe 7th da) nf frh , IW>7.
fel.**7 w.'.l .1   II  MACKFN/IK
ANTKI)   Ity yniinKumri, it dftuf
tl'll-k-H    tO    kl't'li     'luiHi-i.'    HpJIII'
hours. n|>ply nl. thia oBlCJ
•\  drey  Km-
/.UI'.NII   A   drey   flip, owner fi...
'   have tame hy paylnff fnr thi
Ivertliement.   Mm. II. Hanson.
rpo LET Homo keeplnu roomi,
L furnished, to y..uui( couple, no
children,  Apply at this ofllcc.
Furniture, Piunon, or Merchandise, ftoreil in dry-well-built warn*
hotHO in convenient location.
Real lOnUtci.ml Inmiranco Agent
Hovolntoke, 13, C,
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWAR&
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
ttt Ai tTi At At 1*^1 At At itt iTi ilti ill iT* 1X1"* Ji iXi ill ill At *^* At At '^» At ■' jl
ttv iti tii rrn tn iii vm ijv hi ih 1^,1 hi i^i *^,s w '4,' '^' w 'X' "X" "X" "X* "X™ X" 'aJJ*" r
Subscribe for Mail-Herald
$2.50 Per Annum.


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