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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
i«i  results  pruiliic"!. tbi.    niaebine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $litl 00 Cash
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
■—__"     o_,t.
For eassjrifrcmeration and pw^ection
in  result* t-J>i_fiiceU_this  Mfa>pin,e
| i »fi M x ui,dYins_t|ynn niriiiii|j
lnte>k^ff^..J*vsl.gg go, fi&ffc
Vol. 14 -No  57
Provincial Library
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stor__ t-t Arte..head -.   I Revelstoke.
io Wash   Dresses in   Women's sizes,   all
White Gored Skirt, Waist trimmed.  Regular
$3.75 dresses for
10 Girls' White Muslin Dresses, fit girls
from 6 to 10 years—no two alike, all white,
some lace trimmed, some embroidery tiHmmed
—$3 and $5 dresses selling at - -
10 Children's Dresses in Lawn, Gingham,
and Fancy Muslins, embroidery trimmed,
some  lace  trimmed.    Selling now at
Five pieces of Muslin, the last of our Summer line in the new pattern and coloring.
They sold at 35c. and 40c.    Now going at
15 Gents
Three Ends Linen Crash for Skirting, 1 yd.
wide, Pure Linen, y. Bleached, make good
Skirts.     Regular Price  35  cents.    Now
15 Cents
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead. M
Surveyor   of    Pioneer   Days
Crosses the Divide
Nkixiin, July 30.—At 10:S0 o'clock
yesterday morning Arthur Staudhope
Far Wel I, the well known Dominion
and Provincial land surveyor, was
found dead in his bed at his residence,
by his friend Mr. Scions. The. deceased was in fairly good health, and
spent the previous evening chatting
witb his friend at the club, leaving
that Institution about midnight for
homo. He undressed and went to
bed and apparently read for 8 une
time; turned out the light, went to
sleep, and, us near as the doctors can
say, died at about 7 o'clock this
When Mr. Suloua went to enquire
why his friend was not up and about,
he I .und him resting quietly in bid.
Closer inspection (Unclosed the fact,
that he had been dead lor about Ave
The deceased waa greatly respected
in this city, where be had resided
during tie summer months lor the
past 12 or 14 yi ars. He three times
was 11 candidate for the Provincial
legislature, in 189'.), 18D8 and 1890,
but was nut successful, lie located
the town of Fiirwell, now the city of
Revelstoke, and in one way nr another
wat instrumental in surveying large
porti'ms of the Kootenay. He was
tuj son of a Devonshire clergyman,
and came to the coast via the Isthmus
and San FranciBCO iu 1862. In the
early eighties he acted for the government and the C.P.R. in locating tbe
line of railroad in tlie Rockies, including the road through E igle and
Rogers' Passes. He leaves no relatives
in this counisy but a brother, and Mr.
Justice Farwell in England is Baid to
be a cousin.
Throughout the entire province the
news of his death will he received with
sincere regret. *
We are slill ki" ping t.ie knife
going and culling down nnr
stick. We have too 111 ny Refrigerators You want one Here
is your chance
A First Class Family Size,
made to give satisfaction, a Fowl
Preserver and an-Ice Saver
No. 1 Labrador G 8.5<l
0. 2 Labrador  10.00
Other sizes cut to co li.ni't
miss this chance.
.$ .im
^^^^^^^ , 150
.1        "    2 00
Get man with kettle .75
"      150
Glass Bottom.., . 1.25
.... 1.50
.... 2.25
1 lltirnir, Cast Bottom
A   chance   of   a   life time to
nnik" a Good   Bargain.     Don't
miss it
Mountain Mills Withdraw from
Victoria, July 31 —The annou'nee-
nigbt   by the nionn-
thal they would   till'
agree ..cut with the
.  prices  has been fol-
nient made last
tain luiiilu I uin
be bound by any
coast mills as tn .^^^^^^^^^^^
lowed by a reduction on the part of,
the coast, mills. The price is said hy
C'iast- iiiilliucn In have been cut to a
point Blight Iy telow the cost of production on till grades, which are manufactured iii the mountains On the
upper grades which are not cut by the
mountain mills titer is no reduction;
On rough lumber and Bhip'ap tn II
points in Um northwest taking 40 cent
height rate per hundred pounds, the
price lias been cul Irom $'22 to $17 per
thousand, which means $9 per thousand bet at the mills. On short dimension material up io IU feet in
length, there is a reduction to 40-cent
freight rate points from $24 lo $19.
Movement to Inaugurate Annual
Fall Fair—Preliminaries Arranged—Election of Officers.
Success Assured.
A meeting of the slookho'ders of the
Agricultural Association and tubers
interested in the movement ol inaugurating an annual Fall Fair iu Revelstoke, was held on Thursday night
in the City Hall.
Mayor Lindmark was voted to the
The statement of the late Turf
Association for tho year was read and
The question of organizing a fair
was discussed and the meeting waB
unanimous in their approval ol the
Tbe chief business transacted was
the election of ollicers, which resulted
aB follows :
Hon. Presidents—Hon. Capt. Tat
low, Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., W. J.
Brandrith, T. Kilpatrick, A. McRae
President — His Worship Mayor
Vice-President—A, Johnson.
"Treasurer—F. B. Wells.
Lecrctary—C. R. Macdonald.
The board of directors is composid
ot the following;
C. B. Hume, J. Abrahamson, VV. A.
Foote, R.  Howson,  A. J.  McDonnell,
E. A. Haggen, A. Stone,  W.  Cowan,
F. Bourne, F. B. Lewis, J. M. Kellie,
E. A. Bradley, F. Young, K, Caley, H.
McSorley, J. Laughton, W. Bews, G.
S. McCarter, Guy Carber, and A. Y.
It was lesolved that the Agricultural Society take over all the liabili-
ities and assets of the late Turf
Association. It was decided that the
Imperial Bank be the bank of the
Q. S. McCarter wus appointed solicitor for the Society.
The capital of the newly formed
Society will be $15,00n, and yearly
membership tickets can be purchased
for $2.00. !
Mayor Lindmark, O. B. Hume, W.
A. Foole, and I!. R. Macdonad were
appointed ss a committee to arrange
and make up tlie various commuters
for the different bram-nes of the society and for the cunying out of tbe
Fair in September.
Ciinsicerahle interest was evinced
by all present at the meeting, in the
prospects of the Agricultural Society
and in the success of the For in
Baron's Narrow Escape From
Banit, Alia, July 31—All IlanlV
and hundreds of the visitors arc talking of the sensational, if  not miracul-
By-laws Finally  Passed at a
Special Meeting
A special meeting of the city council was held last night witb Mayer
Lindmark and Aid. Foote, Stone,
Sawyer, Lefeaux and McCarter pros-
en'. Minutes of prev'ous me stints
were adopted as read.
The mayor stated that he had raisid
the an mint of the city clerk's bond to
$10,000; Iho council approving of lhe
Tbo cement sidewalk by-law wiib
r'Considered and finally passed, signed
and Bealed. Aid. McCarlor declared
himself against the motion, ou
grounds that the timo had not yet
arrived when cement sidewalks were
ncccdBury in Revelstoke.
A resolution was passed that tbe
purchase of a cement mixer bo deferred
until such time as the fate of the bylaw authorizing cement walks was
The Boulevarding By-law was re
considered and finally passed with the
unanimous consent of the council
signed and sealed.
The automobile speed limit by-law
was reconsidered and finally passed
with tbe unanimous consent of tl e
council, signed aud sealed.
Aid, McCarter said that rigs using
the streets at night should bo compelled to carry lights as well as automobiles.
Power rates and the matter of coal
bunkers at the power house were discussed and left with the Fire, Water
and Light committee.
The question of the council proceed-
ure by-law was discussed and tbe
matter of considering the accounts.
The accounts were passed aud the
meeting terminated.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Branches Id this. Provinces nf Manitoba, Altmrt-i, Saskatchewan,
^^^^^B British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapital Authorized        .        .        -        Si 0,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up - S4,025,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....        04,925,000.00
D. It.AVn.KiK, President; Hon. R. Jafkkay, Vice-President.
-»--     -h^h   -Hm        ,- mis escane of Baron    Von    Rosenberg
Rouah lumber and short dimension  ous, escape o  uaroi a
_r__.,h_r_r: _,A.,"™ *•" • •** •»-*« >—»°-
agreement   was   ma _   ,      , .topped   Qn   „(mie   pro.
Tune 27 to  ast   or one month.      L,ast  "rl • »• ,
the largest mountain  jecting snow near the summi    of   the
K famous mountain.   His weight caused
the bank to give   way.   and   he   wus
12,000  Chinese    Drowned—
Property Destroyed
Canton, July 30.—In a devastating
typhoon here yesterday morning thousands of native craft, including the
entire fleet of the flower boats and
many launches, cargo boats and lighters wei\- swamped, many people lieing
It is estimated that 12,000 Chinese
were drowned or killed.
The new ollice building ul" the Pacific Mail Company was smashed. It
was nearly completed til a Oust of
The new Pacific mail steamer I'er-
sia-ivns blown ashore, but has since
been Boated,
Tbe British river gunboat Uobin and
tlie French river gull boats Arguus and
Vk'ilanle went adrift, and were considerably damaged.
Tbe West, river steamer Tung Kong
foundered, the ullicers of tlie steamer
Cliay Song gallantly rasccuiug Capt.
Basin and his ciiov, seventy eight survivors in all.
In the city numerou h-uses collapsed, entombing the ecu ..pants. The
public gardens were wrecks d
If you are going fishing we have all kinds of
hooks, flies, fly books,
leaders, trolls, rods, lines,
automatic reels, landing
nets, sinkers, baskets,
mosquito hats, etc.
Hunting Supplies
We also carry a large stock of Guns, Rifles, Carbines
Revolvers, Ammunition, Hunting Knives, Tents, Camp
Stoves ?nd suitable Hardware, while for provisions we have
been outfitting parties here for the last 22 years and can give
you the best goods put up in lirst class style.
Agents for McClary's Stoves, Ranges, Etc.
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament of
tbeDomit-ioo of Canada
Head Office, • Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL I $2,000,000  In 20,000 Shares of $100 each with *10 Premium
Tlm Hank of Vuucouvar is boiutrfurg .mixed to meet iu part the increased banking
accominodutiou required by tbe natural and steady expansion of business coincident with
tho great development a ttie country and especially of British Colombia, and while
organizing to couduct a Kenoral bankim. tm-siuess, will give special consideration lo the
industries and commerce of the Province, aud is being established primarily for thii
, pnrposo. and through its connections in Great Britain, Eastern Canada aud tbe Doited
Suites, it will bo able to greatly facilitate tho investment of ouUide capital io the various
enterprises of the Province.
It is the intention to open branch offices at various points from time to time a_ opportunity arises.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
have beeu appuluted Fiscal .U-ont- for tbe Hank at Revelstoke.   Applicalloo forma and
terms of Stock Siihscriiitiou may be obtained from tbem.
A. L. OEWAR, Secretary.
Monday four of the Urgent mountain
miliB withdrew from tbe association
snd price-cutting was started.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Oanada, United Suies and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
aa   b_. MaaS   off tha Dollar
15 Per Cent. Off the Dollar
Ohildren's  Dresses
Underwear,   Stacking!   and
Slippers, Wash Skirts, otc.
Summer  Millinery
All Slimmer Millinery must
be cleared out.
Ladles'  Blouses
Underwear,     Wash    Skirts,
All tbis stock must  ro to
make room for winter stock
whioh will commence to arrive next month.
Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
Three Blackhand Suspects Recaptured.
F_K..l_, B. C, July 31.—Three members of the Blackhand izang were
captured Sunday morning at Elk-
mouth at 2 o'clock. Constable Clark,
wbo was at one side of the bridge, saw
two men coming across and told them
to halt. Tbey ran away into the
bushes and were captur.d by the help
of the provincial police. The third
swam Elk river, landed on an island
and lay down lor four hours, He was
afterwards captured and t ie three
brought bere at 6 o'clock last evening.
■ ■
Hydrophobia in Toronto.
Toronto, July 31.—Robert McGill,
aged thirteen, was taken to the hospital yesterday suffering Irom hydrophobia. The disease developed suddenly on 'I oi-filiv night, when, without warning, the boy suddenly started
to bark like a dog and tried to bit bis
mother and little sister. About six
months ago the boy was oitten by s
dog apparently witb no serious results,
until tbe first symptoniB showed on
Tuesday night.
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord   wood—Hevelstoke
General Agencies. Ltd.
carried down wilh it about forty feet.
Fortunately at ibis point there was a
small cliff, tinder which he was carried
and there be remained in safety while
vast quantities ol snow and ice rumbled over him in a mad rush to the
base. It would be hard to imagine,
the Baron's feelings while this terrible
avalanche was passing over him. The
slightest move and he would have been
buried beneath thousands of tons ol
ice. When tbe avalanche ended the
Baron crept out Irom under tbe cliff
and descended to the village hundreds
of leet below.
Italian Accused of Dynamiting
Hanged at Kamloops
Kamloops, Aug. 1 — FrancoiB Cedio,
waB hanged here yesterday morning at
9,20 in the presence of the jail officials
and a few spectators. The execution
should have taken place at 8 o'clock,
but it was delayed owing to tho confession he made tbo day previous, and
which was transmitted to the law
officers. It was after nine yesterday
morning when orders were received to
carry out the sentence.
The confession Bta'tcs that he is
innocent ol the crime charged against
him, nnd named two others, Maravelh
and Caglistro, as instigators and
perpetrators of tho destruction ol
'ling's hotel at Niagara in November,
lyOb, which resulted in the death of
Louise King.
Deaf Telegraph Operator
As an instance of the ability of ko ■ e
men connected with railroad service
the following will he interesting:
" I'eter A. Foley, the " lightnin
taker " ol Portland, is the most wonderful telegraph operator in the world.
Foley is totally deaf, an ullliction
which ordinarily would bo supposed to
make telegraphy an ut'er impossibility to bim, but since be became
deaf eight years ago, Foley Iuih developed what may bo called a sixth
sense and by touch and sight he can
detect tbe finest movements of the
instrument and correctly interpret
them. His nervous system is a part
aod parcel of telegraphy and by means
of the sense of touch in bis linger tips
he takes messages transmitted Irom
the ends of the continent. He can
read a message by watching the
sounder. With his lelt forefinger
placed lightly on the sounder, he can
by his wonderful sense of touch take
a n essage as accurately at any man
n the offloe."
A doctor a few days ago met an old gentleman
on the street.
" Why, Major, I am very glad to see you !
How are you feeling ? "
" Pretty well for an old man," answered the
" Old Man ?" asked the doctor.
" Why, yes, 1 am nearly sixty."
" You certainly don't look it."
"Oh, that's because 1 get the kind of clothes
that make you look younger."
" Where do you go?" asked the doctor.
" Oh, there's just one place to go," replied
the old gentleman with an assuring smile. " That
place is
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
C.P.R. Accepts Findings
Ottawa, July 31.—The labor department today received a letter Irom
General Manager Leonard, ol the eastern lines ol the O.P 11.. accepting the
report of the conciliation board.
''While we consider the company'i
contentions bave not in some respects
given full consideration by the board,
we are prepared to accept it in order
that the work of the board may not be
rendered nugatory, and the object of
the act defeated. We aro also prea
pared to accept the suggestion of the
board that its recommendations be
given effect from Aug. 1.
At 8 Per Cent.
She _TDa.Mberalb.|
Barristers, Solicitor     Ei
Parliamentary,    Department,-!
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mi-Ki'HY.
IIakoi.ii Fisiiek
Burri-isr-. Sollcltor-i, Etc.
J. S. BlLLiX si  C   Kl.l.liiT   1
irriciu I   Ivpsbial   Bank   I'-I'-ck.   IUvitr
HT'IKK,  It. U,
Money to Iain.
Offlue.i: Rovelstoke, It. t*;
li. 0.
lllll. 3, Ms'l'AHTl.ll.
..  M.   1'IXKIIAM. J. A.  llAKVKV.
Revelstoke, B. C.     Cranbrook, It 0.
J. M. -Volt  LL W. 1. Brlg-.ll,
noorr  .-   BBIGQS
Barristers, > olicitous, Eto.
Miinky to Loan
Boi t'iTnit-s I'lm Molsons Hank
Revelstoke, B.C.
First Street,
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Minii   ' Si    vcn
Knglnepr ng
McKenzie Avbmje,
Box 106, Revelstoke.
.M. -v \V.   A.   WHIDDINGTON
Revelstokb,   -   R. U,
Members Alberta Association of Architect-
H. M. WhioDs .ai W. '   Wiiuuusii i'iin
Siratbcntm, A 'ta. Revelstoke.«B.(
"Biggestand Best"
Chewing Tobacco
Zbc flDaiUlberalb
Real I
hed House iii Good Locality $2,100
.state investment in the City paying 12
per cent, clear profit     $2,500
11 Residence tin Fifth Street      $3,200
ng House on First Street  $2,000
nee on McKenzie Avenue  $1,950
Acres of Fruit Land, close in  $75.00
Per Aero
Building Lots in All   Parts of  the City.
Revelstoke Genera* Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
411 trees of mixed varieties of appliB
could lie planted in lhe acre, lhe lxm
kinds being Wealthy, Wagner, North
eru S|.y. whioh sic Biii til tile fi-r tbis
dlstriot. Mr. liriiniliitli concluded
his lecture by a few pnioticiil bints on
general fruit culture.
Trout Lake Mining Activity
A good deal of work is being done
this summer at Trout Lake mining
district. Advices froin there Mute
that the Silver Cup ii finding latter
ore depth and is shipping steadily.
The Tine Fissure and Noble Five are
getting out ore preparatory to raw-
hiding. The latter is working on a
vein of lH-inc:i galena running ififiO
to the ton. A gang of nmn are opening up the Btllhniire and Brooklyn
group on nurth f..ik of lite Lardeau,
aud a big lind was made lust week on
the RtiBty Axe on lluskins C eel ,
where a two foot vein ol $100 galena
ore lias been uncovered. The government iB building a trail into this pro-
p'-rty to facilitate tin work.
that purpose. We understand
that the retailers association has
put its foot down on tliiB wholesale
subscription, nnd while we have no
doubt that every merchant and
business man will come up handsomely and liberally in donation,
lo the Fair as n whole, they will
not countenance subscribing to 1 hit-
that and Ihe nlhor thing. Allho'
the time is shorl before tho date of
the Fair yet, if every citizen gets in
and does his share the lirst. Revelstoko Exhibition cannot hut he a
There i- so much bad ill tlio host of OS,
And so much good in tho wont of us,
That it hnrtlly bohisuve- uny of u-s,
To talk iib'iut the re-l uf as.
Now that tin- preliminaries ul
the Revelstoke Fall Fair have been
entered upon, and a fair proportion of the people interested, do
time must he lost in getting down
to solid hard work. This is a matter which affects the whole community and an undertaking which
should be equally borne on all
shoulders. The benefit that Revelstoke will derive from such a
scheme cannot be overestimated
and -ueh being the case,every individual citizen aa well as those in
outlying districts, should give all
possible assistance. An annual
fair here will promote business, encourage civic sentiment, stimulate
industry, raise the standard of
agricultural and manufacturing
production, provide entertainment,
advertise the distriet, its advantages and possibilities, and is also
an educative ayi-ncy. Energy and
skill on the part of the directors in
the management of this great un-
ueriaking. especially at such short
notice this year, mu.it be abundantly evidenced. Ths- citizens must !>••
liberal in their support, for cooperation mc.ni- success. Tbe
Agricultural Society include! the
name- of all Revelstoke'a citizens,
who bave been bidden somewhat nf
recent years in tbe Turf Club,
which as a matter ol fact i.- the
same thing, and it is their duty to
help out as others have done so far.
The city possesi-es a magnificent
park on the Columbia Ri er, which
tan be tamed Into agricultural
grounds. Concentration alone of
events anil attractions of the fair
will lead to success, und while we
are unfortunately unable to have
concentration this year, still, harmony and smooth niiininu under
the circumstances will do much to
secure the looked for results. Labor Day and its accompanying
amusements, the race meet and
other forms of celebration must In
their aggregate, make up the attractions- of the Fair, consequently
there should be one subscription
list alone circulated  in the city lot
In the introduction of the civic
improvement by-laws, the council
lias shown n wise and at the same
lime progressive policy, in that
they are making the lirst attempts
on a permanent basis, at beautifying the city. There can be no
question but that cement sidewalks
will amply repay the initial outlay
bulb mi the part of the city itself
and also tbe residents whose property will directly benelit and who
will pay their Bhare by frontage
tax. Cement sidewalks well constructed nnil laid will pay for themselves in a very short time and arc
what Revelstoke really wants. The
greatest cart' will have to be taken
that the pavement is pul down
according to specification. Those
who do the work will have to be
thoroughly acquainted with lhe
nature of it. Conscientious supervision must Lo demanded, which
will secure to the eitv the Batisfac-
ing the only strawberries on exhibit,
as a result of tbe tiller of the soil being
shelved, only to be used ns a cnta paw
when wanted by our so-called business
men,who ure so illiterate and ignorant
that tbey do not. realize what a benelit
the fanners arc to the eily.
And now, at the last meeting of ibe
city council, $200 mure waa granted
Are ull these city grants and private
donations—amounting to hundreds of
d.'lliirs to p'y express on that crate ol
strawberries, ns tlm lumberman at the
exhibit is paid by the lumbermen? 1
would itdviae that pxbi'.iit. committee
to read a hook entitled "the man be
hind the line," and Icitrn lo treat the
farmer as a man entitled to a voice in
what CO corns him the :i ost.und trust
bim to tin lhe Imsiness, und not. ask
the high flyers to do lhe thinking and
talking for him The farmer and
producer got no chance to represent
ils trade in the Iteveletoke stall al
Calgary. Thanking yiii Mr Editor
for Bpace, I remain us ever,
(Having interviewed many of the
farmers nnd fruitgrowers in connection
with the above complaints, we find
that Mr. Tupping is speaking only for
himself unit does uot voice tbe opinion
of the farmers generally, who allirni
that they are all satisfied with the
manner In which tho Revelstoke ex
bible wiih conducted   at   the  Calgary
fiiir und that the best possible vulni
for tbe money ruipeil wns obtained.—
VV. J. Brandrith on Commercial
Strawberry  Growing
W. I   Brundrilh, .ecretary of the I
lory carrying out of the tindertnk- c  Fruitgr .>•:-   .«sncistion delivi ed
in;'.     Boulevarding   certain   reni-   in interesting lecture oi mmercial
dential sections of the city will strawberry growing, i
meet with general approval, for night in the city
nothing adds to the attractiveness "th said bebsd been identified with
and value of a cit v as well kept »«rionltl,ie tor « years and recom-
streets. Here again the cost will -"ended-hat tbe besl location for sue-
,   , ,        , .-I--:'ii   culture    -In.iild   be rn-ir rapid
lis-del raved  bv    the    frontage    tax _.     . '
transportation.     I lie rietr.inil I'.r br-
svstem, the cttv paving her   share, .,    ,
- ' ' .   i   -     _ ri..    , ,.    ... ,■ |     tlir- lurge
Sensible and reasonable municipal q„antjtyorgeU|(    .    .    ..    .■„.,.
improvemenl cannot hut meet with  tl„,   prg*.'e,  dlir*ng   • .   ;,a,
the unanimous consent of the peo- ,.  .      .   .,
I.  O. F.
Curt Minim lln„liii', Nn. 1*461, iiioul* -iiul ninl
li li Mondays lu t iddfolluws Hull, noxt to Opera
Hume. Visiting brothron cordially invited tn
Htlenil. . „
J.W. Gutl-ANli, O.B,
ll. W. Edwards, RS
c. w. o. w
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Ment* Second nnd Knurl li WednoBdays in
each month, ill Selkirk Hull. Visil.in Woodmen oordlally Invited lo attend.
W. 11. AHMSTKONH. Con. Com.
J. MnlNTYIlK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular moet lugs are held in the Bolkirk
H.ill 1st uml Bol Tuesday *>f each month, 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren, are oordlally invited.
J.   LESLIrC.   lM.KrllDr.NT.
W- K. UeLAUOHIilN, BbobetaB-T.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M.
Tho regular meetings are hold iu the
Oddfellows Hull, ou
tli". third Monthly iu
each month ut a
11 m. Vlsltiug brethren cordially welcome.
U. A. l'ltue UNlKlt. SKOBBTAUY.
:___-.__■  iii 1 1 1 i § ,   iiiii a
4 There is more profit
to tbe wearer in a
pair of $5 Shoes.
fl George Westinghouse devel-
•" oped electricity and electrical
appliances just as the Slater
Shoe Company has improved
and developed new shoe
A Slater Shoe at $6 Is the
cheapest and best shoe for the
man who earns his own living
and who has to study economy.
And every man who would
grow rich by his own endeavour must first buy the good
things that last
The Seal
on the
Slater Shoe
The members of E Company, ll.Al.lt.
are hereby notified to attend tor company drill every Thnr day, ill 8 p.m.
until further orders,
l!y   Older,
O. C.
_____________ nOR-GS
C. B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
II. H   KNIUH'r. n.i;
SELKIRK LODUEj No. 12. I. O. O. F.
Moots ovory Thursday
nvi'iihiK In Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'olook
VluiUug brothron cor
dtally Invited to attend '
Cold Range lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Rovelstoke, B. C.
s-«.'|it Thlid Wednesday oi
 ■-1 inli. in ilu    Oildlollnws1
Ihil.    nl    8   o'clock,     Vlnillng
Knigntanro cordially  uvlled,
U. H. BKOI K, K. nr   K. t.8.
J. H. SCOTT, M, nl V.
Now is the li  io order ynur mill
si ood.
Five luud-. mid over, $1.76 per load,
delivered al any point between the
mill and Knot nny Strt'i'l,
Kiln Dried Kindling, i<2:Vi | er loid.
Order it nfllre or
Wt dnesday
Mr.   Brand-
First   Class   Work
11 j .,<'" - r, order* promptly
.1". inlcil   tu
V"   '
_•-   s      .-tin ligbl
and such boulevarding as-   planned  sandy soil, free from atone* and sticks
by the council,   will   have   to   be      He   explained   in   detail   tht
placed in co_n|it'teiU hands in a like  ni.th.d-    f   plantin_   and adv..c. ted   p  *y^   D     DAQFT
tiianiier a-
tin- cement sidewa lice.
The Revelstoke Exhibit.
Kililur Mi.i Hi SAI "
Revelstoke, li. C , luly SO.
I'l.'i, fin—Please allot* me space
through the columns nf ymir papei
for an expression of my opinion oo
tbe Revelstoke exhibit al the Lfomin.
ion exhibition recently hold In Calgary.
Aj the most of the lunds is. defray
lhe expenses of the Revelstoke exhibit
was voted fur that purpose hy our city
fatherH, the writer of this article lieinx
a heavy rate payer, claims lhe rii<ht to
oritoise tbe manner in whioh the
management conducted the Revelstoke
exhibit, hy breaking faith with tbe
ratepayers.    Alter $250 being granted
in good   faith    by  the city lor ll <
penses  of   the   exhibit,  an  we fruit
growers and farmers understand it,
the pricinpal object of linvihK  a  ttall
in Calgary was to advertise the K«v I-
Itoke dlstriot for farming and fruit
growing, antl now nir, it appears to
your correspondent, alter seeing the
stall at Calgary—H well supplied with
beautiful samples of lumber and heads
of wild animals, of the Kootenays—also
three or four good heads of lumbermen
mid while the absenco of the farmer or
fruit grower, or anything that tbey
produce, proved the stall a total failure
ns far as wo British Columbians as
farmors and fruitgrowers aro concerned
in Kevelstoke.    Mr. Wing Chung hav.
planting in thi   ■
cultivated the    win.In   of   tbi  gl    I
season II .- nnadvisable t" lei tbe
fmit set the lirst year, He urged
■special   sttention   be paid  to picking
and packing and affirmed that tbere
will always be a market for Ii C,
■ur.iu in
Mr. Brandrith then explained tbe
I liferent rariel • - listing tbat Revel-
■ .1 wherries bad uanmed nearly
the highest place of »ny ither pan i f
li i' Regarding the crop returns ne
-.ml thai -■"i"    i   - - i erage
yield per aeri- otting in instance .it
Burnahy where G Clayton bad netted
.iv.-, .ihu) orates frum I 1.8 acrt -
li.inimical is r. good lerl liiser I i r
cm  be heightened oy using sulphate
of polalll if there || nn liiri" 111 the
■oil, if there is lime thi ii III
ol potash, ft. i« nnwiae to pick wiicn
tho dew is on the berrieB, After the
:(nl crop li taken it is boil io plough
nnd sow with clover or grain, and out
In the spring, planting potatoes in
every third    furrow.      lie pointed out
that, nothlnr could be giined hy growing crops lietwccn trees in an orchard,
unit said that in many cases thn roots
extended   threat  times as^fnr  as the
In answer to several ipmstions be
•aid that cherry trees should be pruned
when tbe cherry is ripe, lie ndvunit-
■d careful pruning of trees and unly
whim necessary. The proper time to
prune a plum bearing well is in
.Inly to produce Iruit. Regarding the
planting of orchards   he advised that
All Kinds of Light  and   H avy
Hauling Undertaken
BAFEfl   I'lAMis, t-'.i'i;.
Dealer in Wo d   Coal ami Feed.
•  71. Home Phone 7
Certificate of Improvements
re have the largest line   of GOLD-HEADED
UMBRELLAS and CANES in ihe City :
Hastings,   Doyle & Allum, Ltd
JEWELLERS        (       AND       : OPTICIANS
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs In carpels. Our slock is
i emplete, and the colors rich
and effective, thedesigns artistic, and ibe " tout ensemble "
* Is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, uud we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
Jt howson fr co.r.
> .
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Slock.    Markets iu all the ptlnci
pal Cities and Towns nf Alberta, British (Iiilunibi i and Ihe Yukon.
Packers if th,- Celebrated Brand  " lmp.-i-.-it. '•!•" Hams nnd Bacon,
j    mil '• ahiiiniock" Brand l_-nf Lard. d
Import direct from Country of origin.
For Aurlciiltnral Implements. I'arriniios, VVuiiiius Ktc , Jnlir,
lloiiro Ploughs, Muline Wagons-, ('im,uin Carriage ('oiiiiiiiny'a
Baggies, Plimot jr., Qardeu aoodors ami Cultivalnrs. Wlienl-
wriiilit unit Blaoksmlth Wurk iittonileil to, Hnrne BbsiHliiK a
Si!v«r i r., ■ s.i.ts, in tlie l*t-
-faun Mining   I'  n  ol   »Vt   Ks^.ienax
I     Ss
Whsi. neslsdt    is u .i i.e.'i ..f Mohawk orssli
,. !  . I,. - Isim
Takaootiw  thai  I it  SnlUi   K M.i    Ko. II
•  .     until   f..r   Kv i   llernr'l   K M.l I
Sn  HBISIII, Inland, llltrdajl rr'.sn  dntelinrMil.
nthelClnlDg  Beeordsr for .I'^nifl
ootnof I m.f.i/si'Tieiit, fur  lha  purpnM ol f,li
Minings Crown Oraotof thn above
And   fnrll.^f  Luke   iii.ti'e that ictloo, ondsr
inctloo fl   H i ' hecommiioond hafofnths is."
iiii-n ..f raoh ' nrtifl'iite of f'Ti|.r..vsmi_,l.
Datsd iin   -si. .1 ii of Jau  I D   ISM
,i , . It   UMITII
Certificate of   Improvements
Mmi;   iiiiii.-ril i'i. iiiii, - Hint  Hi-    I r.inl l.iil..
Mniiii/'ii" ..S..H..I w.-.i Knetans , BI trli I
Whern let itad     n tha linad "I <i"ni. Orneli llMln
 inu Mi.  |.'.Ii.iin   mini.sil   ilulm, I...I I.'.IV
rjrotip i.
inkf  I.- thai  I. It   imiiii. I M t:   IBMIB.
aciiiiii m agenl fori  It  Maolonsle, K.M.0. N".
mu', tend, sixty days from the date i,.-r.-. .f, tn
apply tui in. MiniiiK BeooMonor ■ (Jartllt-'at* of
liii|ir.iviiiii"iiu, fu, iin- iiurpn i. ,if ohtalnlng A
(Jrsiwn Ur'uil i.f 'In' ills", llll.I
Am! furthar oilm itntlrn Mini, not.liiit, iimler
Si"li..ii 87, mint im .•iiniiiii'iiryil befolU Mm Imhii-
suicis nf -iii-li I '..rl.ltlisiitis nf liii|iriiviii.iisiit,s.
Iliitml Ilu. lath 'Iny 'if.lium   All . IIHIS.
Kfttjw ll SMITH,
Central Hotel
zr______ REVELSTOKE, B. C
N. wly buill        Kir, t-olass in every respnot,     All modern ioii»«iiiei ojj
Large Sample RooillB.
Hates SI.60 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  mann^um nt
suitably furnished with the choicest the
murk't affords. Be.st Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $i a day,    Monthly rate.
J.    ____.T_B_____R/r      STO_r>T___]      _P__R.O_P.
NOTM I, is liorohy /:ivisn tluit tlm iMiiiiiditrlos
nf thn Nulsiin, Kuvnlsloko uml Slucnn
liitnd ItocunliiiK Divisions of Wost Kooliiiiny
District, nut) t.it-Similkiimuoii I.uml Hcconlinu
D>Vision of Yalo Dislriot, luivu boon uh'-rm.,
uml   that oh iiiiilitflor SopUMiiho- Lhe 1-t, limH,
tho bnuudnnesof iho suid Laml Recording Divisions will Im us follows: —
Cotmnonciiif. at a point cm the liiterinitinniil
Itnondury whoro it is intersectod hy thti wn- turn
bnundnry of s»< linn 2,Township 10A, Kootentty
District; hninir, also the wo-icru isitindary of ihe
Nolsnti A Kuri Slioppiird Kailway Lund Grant:
tht'iici) doo north idiinit 8'*_ ntilos to sonthoru
honiiilary of l.ot B,8'0, Un np 1, Kootenay;
thonce duo wost to tho onuioni iMiundary of the
ri«hi-<if-way of Iho Cotumbta & Western Railway, which forms tho boundary of Lot 2,(198,
Group 1, Osoyoos Division of Yule District (now
dlmllkameou : thonco oastorly anil northerly,
following Bald ohhIoiu boundary of said riKht-
of-way, to tho tiortli-eiist. comer of Lot 2,(-96;
thenco duo wost uIoiir the northern Ixiuudnry
or Lot 2,698 tbt.ied-T.de botwoon tho waters
ruuniuR iuto tlio t'olnmliia Kivor und Arrow
Lakes from those llowinfi to tho wost; theuce
northerly, following tho summit of the mountains ton point ...ti nn Ies due north of the International Bouudury, which is also the north-east
minor of tho Uimilkumetn Division of Yale
District; theuce duo east to a poiut due south
of tho south-west fortior of Township (19, Kooteuay: theuce duo north to i he north-east comer
of Township HI), Osoyoos Division of Yule;
thenco north-westerly to tho summit of the divide separating the waters (lowing Into the-Tol-
umbia ltivor uud Arrow Lakos from the waters
flowing to the west; thouco foi.owing the summit of lho mountain.-, iu it uorthorly direction,
to a point duo wont of tho north-west corner of
Lot 'J'.'.h. Group i. Kooteuay, whioh poiut is the
north-west corner of the Nelson Laud Record-
ii'K Divisiou; thenee duo east to the summit uf
tho watershed dividing thu wuters flowing iuto
tho Arrow Lukes from tho wuters llowiug iuto
Slocan Lako, which is tho north-oust coruer of
Nelsou Luud Recording Di ision; theme south*
orlyulimg the divide between tho waters llowiug into tlio Arrow Lake, and the waters flowing into Slocuu Kivur uud Bloratl Luke to a
point near tho ho'iidwators of Puss ('rook;
thenco following tho height of laud to thu
mouth ol Little Slocan Kivor; thenco crossing
Um Slocan Kiver mul following the divide sop*
urutiug the wuters llowiug iuto tho Slocuu
Kiver uud Kootonuy Lako from the wators
Mowing into Ki.uteuuy Kiver and West Arm of
Kooteuay Lake to the north-Wist coruor of Lot
7,628, Group l. Kootonuy; thouco duo eust along
the mn -th Inu, mini in,- or Lots T.t'C'if and I .hii, to
the wost shore of Kooteuuy Lake; thouce
southerly and easterly to p,|.ii Point. thence
uorthorly to the north-west corner of Lot 1,489,
Uroup 1, Kootenay; thoncu oastorly, following
tho height id laud soparating tlio waters flow-
lug into Crawford Creek from the wators llowiug into Grey's ('reek, to the o-tMerii boundary
of Wo;.i Kootenay District, near the bond waters
uf Kuker trcok; theuce southerly following the
divido separating the waters flowing into
Kootenay Lake and Kootmmy Kiver from the
wulors Mowing into St. Mary's Creek ami the
Moyio Kiver, to the International Kouudary:
thouce westerly aloug the International Bouudury to the point of commoucauieut-
Commeuciug at the uorth-west corner of tho
Nelsou Laud ftecordiug Division; theuce
uorthorly, following the summit uf the iuou_i-
tains dividing the waters Mowing iuto the (Jul*
uui bin River from those llowiug to the west, to
the height of litpd betweeu Foster Creek and
Kelley Greolr, Lo the Iutorsectiou of Canoe River; thuuee Southerly down the contro of Cauoe
Klver to the .Columbia River; theuce Tu a
south-easterly direction to the dividing ridge of
lho Selkirk ruugoof mountains I thenee following tho snid dividing ridge in a south-easterly
directiuu to the summit of Rogers Pas.-, j theuce
in ii south-easterly directum, followiug the
wuler-shod nearest lhu Upper Ol tun bin Kivor,
toils iniorseciioii with tbo souihorn boundnry
of Lho Dominion Railway Unit; thouce southwesterly, following the soillberu boundary of
tho Railway Boll, to its intersection with tho
divitlo between tlio wulors flowing iuto Duncan
Rivor and Fish River, near Lhe ii oud waters of
Teel-.nl Ccenl, ; thenco southerly followiug the
height -of bind dividing tbo wuters Mowing iulo
Duncan Rivur from lho waters llowiug iuto
Arrow Luko uud Trout Lake, to u poiut opposite the uorth end of Bowser Luko; thouce
westerly, following tho southoru water-shod of
Lake ('reek, Iti a puiut ou the Lardo Kiver opposite the height of land belwuou L-asouue
('rook uud I'oplar Croek ; tbeuce following thai
height of laud ami lhu watar-shod dividing the
waters of Wilsou Creek frum tho wulors llowiug
into Lardo Kiver aud Kopsbkanax Creek to thu
uorlh-eusl corner of the Nelson Luud Rocordiug
Division, being lho south-east coruor of thn
Revelstoko Land Uncording Division; theuce
followiug tbe northern bouudary of the Nelsou
Li.inl Rocordiug Divisiou due wast to the point
of commencement.
Cummeuciug ut Lho north-oast coruos of tbo
Nelson Laud Recording Divisiou, which is also
iho south-oast coruer of ibe Kovolsioko Luud
Recording Divisiou; thonce followiug tho eastern bouudury of lhu Kevelstoke Laud Recording Division, in a general easterly uud uorthorly direction, lo its intersection wi.h tbo south
boundary of the Dominion itailway Bolt,
tbeuce  northerly   and   oa.-lorly,   following the
pom lu Ion l-.ul_.iy Bull, io its iutetsucliou
wilh the ot.stom UuuUUttry of \Vost Kooteuuy
District; tbeiicu iu a aoutb-iiasterly direction,
following tho waloi-sheil uouresi tho Upper
Columbia River, to iho _Otb-parallel of uorth
latitude; Ihoncu iu a southerly directiuu, followiug thu divido ..upurutiiig tho waters Mowing
into Kootenay Lako from tho waters llowiug
into St. Mary's Croek lo it. iutorsectiou with
tho easterly bound-try uf tbo Nelson Laud He-
cording Divisiou ut tho headwaters ol Urey's
Greok ; thouco folluwiug lho easterly bouudary
of lho Nelsou Laud Recording Division to the
point of commoucemout.
('ommencing al a point on the International
Bouudary wl ore It is iuterseolod by Payaston
('rook, which Is also tho south-oast coruer of
Yale I.uud Rocordiug District;Zhence following uorthorly ulnug the said croek and tbo
South 1'oik of iho Similkumeon River to Ils
junction with the Tulumuou Rivor; theuce
westerly uluiig the Tulanioou Kiver to the
mouth of Chiuu Creek, thonco northerly
along China Creek Lo its intersection with
tho south boundary of Lot 90U, Group 1. Kamloops Division of ..ile District; thenoe due eust
to lho t'-|,-it>.u bunk or (|kao_uuo Kiver; thorn o
in uu uorthorly diruullou, following the oautern
.-diore of Okiiuagai. Rivur aud ukauugau Lake,
to a point distant'.ii null.-, duo north or lho
International Boundary; thouce due east to the
western bouudnry ,,f tho Nelsou Laud Recording Division of Kootenay, Diatrict; theuco
.-.out her Iy, following the said western bouudary
of Kooionuy District, to tbo I.)l!_ purallel;
theuce wost along the _9th parallel to Lho
place of commeucoinuui,
RQBT, A. ttBfcjff&KJ
Deputy Commlssionor of Lands a'it4 Work..
Lands and Works Depastmeut,
Victoria, B.C., Juue.-Otb, 1908.      Jly 13 H
Queens Jfotel
Ucst brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.    Travellers to
Pish l're.*K will find excellent accommodation at this
Notice is lii'i.hy given Unit Hastings, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will,
lluee months after date, apply to tlie
Lieutenant-Governor in Oouncil for an
Oldbr-in-OfIUiioII cliangini; tlie (.0111-
tiany'l name to."Dtiyle A Allum, I.iiu-
Dated the _()th day of June, 1908.
Sollolt'irs for Hastings, Duyle &A|-
linn, limited. jly 4 iim w
iltiMpalr. " Don't do ■
thine" till you no. cliiiirlr
what, ri bint by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature
on lmiili.li, illstnu-ii, love, iiiii ri luijii and paronlAto
Tollii what rou d ank a doctor, but don't llkolo
.lu pagss, llluatraUMl, _5 oonto: but to introdueo
It we He-id one only to any adult for pcwtaKo,
10 cenle.
k———-a f affiu^
Where Shaking
is ncspectable
l, Draft off furnace dome, with no other
assistance, Is powerless to oecrcome the
dust i.n'jiim-8 In shaking time. Only surplus
ttust i . s of Itself above the fire. Great
hulk i ,-ends Into ash -pit, and unlets legttl-
siiii. :utlet Is therein prmlded, dust will
rs.si through ash-d ui slits did Into
opiralor'l face
In "Sunshine" Furnace the
legitimate dust outlet is provided. It's a great big dust-
pipe running straight from
ash-pit to dome, thence to chimney. When big pipe damper
is opened, all dust in ash-pit ascends to dome; then, when
direct drafts are opened, all dust passes up chimney.
Always the clean and quick
dust route in "Sunshine"
Furnace — via grate, to pan,
to dust-pipe, to dome, to
chimney, to open air.
Write to us for
"Sunshine" testimonials
received from your own
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Capital       -       -       $3,374,000
Rest Fund -       -       $3,374,000
Has G5 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all the
Principal Cities in the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in tlio results produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The "EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it t|ie typewriter par
Thu "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cured for also clue to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part, of the machine.
The C.P.R. begnn lining the
EMPIRE) Typewriter in
1805, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" Frenoh Government
" Hank of Montreal.
" Merchant. Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
Cement Sidewalks and Boulevards to be Constructed
A speolal meeting of tlie City Council was held on Wednesday night, with
Mayor Lindmark niul Aldermen Sawyer, Stone, Lefeaux, Woodland nnd
Foote presi r,t. The notice oonvenitig
the meeting waiTead.
A by-law termed the Local Improvement Sidewalk By-law, waa introduced
whereby cement sidewalks Bhall be
laid in certain section- ol the city, the
property owners, whoBe property will
benelit hy such improvement to pay a
percentage nf the oust. The streets
where cement, sidewalks will be laid
are McKenzie Avenue from the C.P.R.
track to the City Hall, on htith sides,
and First Street from Orton Avenue
ti Campbell Avenue. The by-law
was read three times and was passed
with the unanimous consent of the
couiiei'. I.. II. Buck was appointed
city engineer to liy out the walk.
The proposed sidewalk will men-sure 12
feet in width including kern, the estimated coi-t being shout 18762 40.
Each 25 foot lot where benefitted will
be taxed $5.25 per year.
The question nf a pniirrrte mixer for
the walk and the advisability of purchasing one fnr city use was discussed
and tlie council agreed that Biich a
purchase would he a gund investment
for the city, not only fur tlieir own
work but for renting out to contractors. Diagrams and plans of such
machines were on the table and it was
shown that a Smith mixer, electric
driving 5 h. p. motor, and truck complete c ii ri he purchased and landed
in Ki velstoke for under $700, having
a capacity of 8 cubic yard* per hour
A resolution was passed that a Smith
mixer as shown on plans be purchased
from Must-ens I.id , Montreal, the
money fur such to eume ont of the
sidewalk account, conditiounlly that
the bylaw passes.
A by-law termed tlie Local Improvement Boulevarding By-law was introduced and passed its three readings
was passed with the unanimous consent of the council. The by-law calls
for the boulevarding of McKenzie
Avenue from 3rd Street to 8th Street,
and on 3rd,4tb,5th and 6th Streets,
from McKenzie Avenue to Vernon
Avenue, and on Douglas Street from
King Street to tbe C.P.R. track. The
coat of the boulevarding will be defrayed by Irontage tax. Shade trees of
various Bnrts will tre planted, each
street having a different kind. Both
these by-laws will remain open till the
legal tiniu is up, in order that any
complaint against them be made by
A bv-law was introduced amending
By-law No. 7, as amended by By-law
No. 32, whereby the speed limit of
automobiles in the city lie regulated
to 10 miles an hour and that bucIi
autom ibnes Bhall take all precaution
nn approaching a crossing, or any
pedestrian, or horse drawn vehicle,
and shall be equipped with a proper
alarm bell, gong or horn. lt also enjoins that automobiles shall carry
lighted lamp", when iu motion, between dusk and dawn. The by-law
was read thr.-e times and passed with
the unanimous consent of lhu council
Considerable levity was indulged in
by lhe council during the di-CUSSion
if this by-law which has boen introduced in order that the city may be
np to date. The meeting then terminated.
A.  H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals   -   -    25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Manufactured for till classes uf buildings
for sain in liirifo or smtill quantities
at tho lowest prices for cosh.
1 atldjtis and plastoriuu
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spviiytn Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Olde ' a~.ar -fied nursery on the
maiiilin i of B.(J.   Catalogue free,
Grt nhnuses and Se.d Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      -     B. C.
St. Peters Congregation Make
Gift to Organist H. Floyd.
The Rev. C. A. Procunier and Mrs.
Procunier were at homo on Thursday
night in the rectory to a number of
St. Peters church members, the occasion being in honor of H. Floyd, who
has been organist for the past year
and who is leaving Revelstoke. Pro
gressive whist passed the early part of
the evening. At the close ol the game
R Gordon, on behalf of the St. Peters
congregation, expressed regret at Mr.
Floid'b departure, testifying lo his
valuable services, uot only to the
church but also to the city in general.
He hoped lhat Mr. Floyd would meet
wilh success in whatever Held of usefulness he would take. Mrs. EIsod
then made a presentation from the
congregation to Mr. Floyd, ol a handsome cut glass water set snd tray. Mr.
Gordon in concluding his address said
that this give was a mark of the
sincere esteem felt by all for Mr. Floyd
and asked him to accept it ss a
memento of his connection with Bt
Mr. Floyd exprts&td his sincere
thanks lor such a handsome gift, and
was gratified to feel that his BerviceB
had been valued. He said that he
had always taken a deep interest in
church work and was sorry that circumstances compelled him to severe
hisconiidctioii with the city. He
expressed Ids keen appreciation of this
mark of esteem by tho congregation
of St Peter-, and would keep a warm
place iu his heart lor Revelstoke
wherever be should lie. He wished
8t. Peters every success.
Refreshments were then served and
a pleasaut function brought to a close.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing ( during stage of high
wat er ) at 6 n ,m on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for the Boat Landing at 5:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
mealB on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer aud local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
sailings may he. changed without
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Hut. Auk. 1   Luke Erie
Fri.   "    7 Einp. Britain
Sat.  '*  15 Lk. Manitoba Wed. .11.211
Fri.   '*  21 Kmp. Ireland Fri, Aug.7
Sat.   "   21) Lk.Clminphiin Wed." 12
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$90 00   $48 75 $28 75
ist. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lakr boats—
2nd. Class 3rd, Class
$45 00       $17 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with -sli'iuu-
slllp tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other confine till ports.
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
pilily will be taken at the City Clerk's .July, A. D., 1008, and passed wilh t he
OiDce, Ciiy  Hull,  coiner uf Second | unanimous consent of the Oouncil.
Street mid McKenzie Avenue.  Reve!
stoke, I! ('., on Saturday, August 8th
10.18, between the hours of Nine o'clock
a. 111. and Seven o'clock p. 111.
Clerk of the Municipal Council,
By-Law No.
Certificate   of improvements
HiK Hope Fraction Mluonil claim No. 2.
Hi um t» iu the Trout Lake Mia IDA Dlvision"of
tho Kooteuay  District.    Locatori  on   Poplar
TAKK NOTICE that I, Qj J. A, NPiidloy.
Froo Minor's Certificate No. R 8831H, intend 60
days from the date horoof to apply to the Min-
ii>K Recorder for a .'ertiHcuto of Improvements
tor the purposo of obtaining a Grown Grant of
tho above claim. Aud further take notice that
action under Bectiou 37 must bo enmmeuood
before the issuuuee of such Cortl-lonta of
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described
Beginning at a post planted at the
south-east corner of Lot No. 8501) purchased by Julius Dougal, running
west 20 chains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east 20 chains; thence north 20
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 241 h, 1008,
EmvAim Wiii.k, Applicant,
jly 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
A By-law to authorize the hollowing by the Municipal Council of the
City of Revelstoke of the sum of Five
Thousand Dollars (.$5,000) for the purpose ot milking improvements to the
City Park and Recreation Grounds,
Whereas IV Petition lias been presented to tlie Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of Kevelstoke,
signed by the assessed owners of at
least One-tenth In value of tlie Real
property within the OJty of Hevelstoke
as shewn on the last revised Assessment Roll of the sniil City, asking that
a By-law be Introduced for the purpose of authorizing lhe Inn towing by
the said Corporation of tins sum of
Five Thousand Dollars ($6,000) for the
purpose of making Improvements to
the Oity Park and Recreation
And Whereas it is necessary and
expedient that such Improvements be
And Whereas the whole amount of
the ratable real property within tlie
said City of Revelstoke, according to
tlie last revised Assessment Roll of the
said City is the sum of One Million,
One Hundred and Twenty-one Thousand, Eight Jiundred and Twenty Dollars;
And Whereas it will be requisite to
raise annually, by special rate sufficient therefor, the sum of Three Hundred and Eighty-seven and 18-100 Dollars for the payment of the said debt
and interest thereon;
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke enacts as follows:—
1. II shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the Oity of Revelstoke to borrow on the credit of the
said Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned, from any person, persons, firm, body or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same as a loan, a sum of money
not exceeding in the whole the sum of
Five Thousand Dollars and to cause all
such sum or sums so raised or received
to be paid into the hands of the Trea-
sui er of the Corporation of tl .e City of
Revelstoke for the purpose and with
the objects above mentioned.
2. It shall ho lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued for the said sum
or sums as may he required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, howevsr, the sum of Five
Thousand Dollars, each of the said debentures being of the denomination of
One Thousand Dollars, and all such
debentures shall he sealed with the
seal of tV.e Corporation and signed by
the Mayor and Clerk thereof,
3. The said debentures shall bear
date thereof of August 10th A.D. 1908,
and shall be payable in twenty-five
years from the said date in lawful
money of Canada at, the Office of the
Molsons Bank at Revelstoke, aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by said debentures, and
shall have attached to tbem Coupons
for the payment of interest, ana the
signature to the interest coupons may
be either written, printed, stamped or
■I. The said debentures shall bear
interest lit the rale of live per centum
(5%) per annum from the date theieof,
which interest shall lie paid semi-annually at the ollice of IhcMoNons
itiink at Revelstoke, aforesaid in lawful money of Canada, on the 101 li day
of February and tho loih day of August In each and every year during the
currency theteof, and it shall bu expressed in said debentures and coupons
to be so payable.
B. ll shall be lawful fur i he .Mayor
f the said Corporation lo negotiate
and sell lhe said dehentui'- ul .my of
tbem for less than par, but ill no case
shall the said debentures tn any of
them lie sold for less than ninety-two
and one-half (024) per centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiation and sale, brokerage and all
other necessary expenses.
li. There shall be raised in each year
during the ourrenoy of the said debentures the sum of Two Hundred and
Fifty Dollars for the payment of
interest and the sum of One Hundred
and Thirty-seven and 13-100 Dollais
for the payment of the said debt under
the said debentures, by a special rale
sulllcient therefiiioii all the ratable
real property iii the said Municipality.
7. II shall be lawful for the Municipal Council to re-purchase any of Unsaid debentures upon such terms as
may lie agreed   upon   with   the legal
holder or nolders thereof, either at the
lime of sale or at any subsequent time.
ami ail debentures so re-purchased
shall be forthwith cancelled or destroyed and no re-issue of debentures
shall be made iu consequence of such
8. This Bylaw shall lake ellect on
and after the 10th day of August, A.
I)., 11)08.
I).   This Hy-law shall before the Bnal
passing thereof receive lhe  assent   of
tho ratepayers of the Corporation according to the provisions of, and in
manner prescribed by the Municipal
Clauses Act.
Read a first time this 24th July, A.
1)., 11)08.
Read a second time this 21th July,
A, D., 1(108.
Read a third time this 24th July,  A.
D., 11)08, and passed with the unanimous consent of the Council,
Received the assent, of the electors
the day of
Re-consiile.red, adopted and finally
passed the Council the day
of A.D., 1008.
■il the assent
day of
if   the   electors
He-considered, adopted  nnd   finally
ussed the Council the day
City Clerk.
A. D„ 1908.
By-Law No.
TAKE NOTICK that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the City Clerk's
Oflice, City Hall, corner of Second
Street and McKensie Avenue, Revel-
stoKe, B. C, on Saturday, August 8th.
1008, between the bom's of Nine o'clock
a. in. anil Seven o'clock p. m.
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
City Clerk.
TAKK NOTICE that the ahove is a
trui! copy of the proposed By-law
upun which the vote of the  Munlci-
A By-law to authorize the borrowing by"the Municipal Council of the
Corporation of tile City of Revelstoke
of I lie sum of Three Thousand and
Three Hundred Dollars ($3,800) for the
purpose of installing a new lire alarm
system for the Oity of Revelstoke.
Whereas a petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Oorporaltou of the City of Rovelstoke
signed by the assessed owners of at
least One-Tenth in value nf the real
property within the City of Revelstoke
us shown on the last revised Assessment Hull of said City, requesting that
a Hy-law lie introduced for the purpose of authorising the borrowing by
the said Corporation of the sum of
Three Thousand and Three Hundred
Dollars ($8,800) for the purposes above
And Whereas, the whole amount of
the ratable property within the said
City of Revelstoke according to the
last revised Assessment Roll of the
said City of Kevelstoke, is the sum of
One Million One Hundred and Twenty-
One Thousand, Eight Hundred arid
Twenty Dollars;
And Whereas it will he necessary to
raise annually by special rate sufficient
therefor the sum of Two Hundred and
Fifty-Five and 60-100 Dollars for paying the said debt and interest thereon ;
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke in open meeting assembled
enacts as follows ;
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Kevelstoke to borrow on the credit of the
said Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned from any person, persons, Hrm, liody or liodies
corporate, who may be willing to
advance the same as a loan, a sum of
money, not exceeding in the whole the
sum of Three Thousand and Three
Hundred Dollais ($8,800) and to cause
all such sums so raised or received to
be paid into the hands of the treasurer
of the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke for the purpose and with the
object above mentioned.
2. Tt shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid not exceeding, however, the sum of Three
Thousand and Three Hundred Dollars.
Three of such debentures shall lie in
the denomination of One Thousand
Dollars each and one of such debenture-shall lie of the denomination nf
Three Hundred Dollars, and all ofsucb
debentures shall be sealed with the
seal of ihe Corporation of the Oity of
Revels!iike imid signed by Ihe Mayor
and Clerk thereof,
8. Tlie said debentures shall bear
tlie date of August 10th, 11108. and
shall lie payable, in Twenty-five Years
front the said ilut'- in lawful money uf
Canada, at il Ill o of the Molsons
liank .it Revelstoke aforesaid, which
said pl.i i' of paj in> ut shall be desig
nnl rd by l lit- snd di'lieul nil's, and
shall have attached in them coupons
for the payment of interest, nnd lhe
•signature to the inleresl coupons may
lie either written, printed or Btauiped
in lithographed.
I. 'I'll" said debentures -'all beai
interest ai the ltdeof five per centum
(5%) pel- a lllllllll fl'lllll Ilic date theieof,
which   illleresl   shall   be   paid   seini-
aniiii'illy at the olfi if the Molsons
I lank at Revulstoke aforesaid tn lawful
money of Canada on the 10th day of
February and on the loth day of
Vugusl respectively in each and every
year during lhe currency thereof, and
it su..11 be expressed iu said debentures
ind coupons to be so payable,
5. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of said Corporation to negotiate and
sell tlie said debentures or any of them
for less than par, but in no sn.se shall
Ihe said debentures or any of them be
sold   for   less   than   Ninety-Two  and
One-Halt Per Centum(92_) of theface
value Including  the cost of sale and
brokerage and  all other   necessary
II. Tlieic shall In- levied and railed
in each year during the currency of
ihe said debentures the sum of One
Hundred and Sixty live Dollars ItlOS
lor the payment of Interest and Ninety Dollars and Fifty Oonts ($00.60) fur
lhe payment of  the   said   debt   under
the said debentures by a special rate
sufficient therefor on all die rat.ble
uml property in ihe said Municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for the Municipal Council of the said Municipality to
re purchase any of the said debentures
upon such terms as may Is- agreed
upon with the legal holder or holders
thereof, either at the time of sale or
ill any subsequent time, and all debentures so repurchased shall be forthwith
cancelled of destroyed, and no reissue of debentures shall Is- made in
consequence of such repurchase.
8. This By-law shall take effect on
antl after the tenth day of August
A. D„ 11X18.
0. This By-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the
assent of the ratepayers of the Cor
poration according to the provisions
of and in the manner prescribed by
the Municipal Clauses Act.
Read a Hist time this 24th day of
July,  A. D., 1908.
Read a second timo this 24th dav of
July, A. D„ 11108.
Read a third lime this 24th day of
To John Ennest, or to whomsoever he
may have transferred his interests:
Take notice that I, the undersigned,
co-owner with you in the following
mineral claim, viz.: Cold Fly mineral
claim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of.,West
Kootenay District, of the Province of
Uritish Columbia, have done the required work on the above mentioned
mineral claim fur the year ending 1907,
in order to hold the same under Section 24 uf the Mineral Act,
And further take noticethat if within IHI days from the Hist publication of
this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost or this
advertisement, your interest in ths
said mineral claim will become the
property of the undersigned, under
Section 25 B nf tlie Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, B. C, this 14th
day of May 1808.
sat iny 10 90d J. A. Lewis,
Kevelstuke Land District
District of West Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, Samuel
James Harlow, ot Nakusp, B. C, occupation, farmer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described laud •
Commencing at a post planted at a
point twenty (20) chains east nf a poiut
eighty cliains south of the southwest
corner of Loi No. 8.149; thence south
40 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 40 cliains, thence west 40 chains,
to point of commencement and containing one hundred and sixty (160)
acies more or less.
(Sgd) Samuel James Harlow.
Dated July 11. 190S.
Certificate of Improvements
Skuokiiin, Di'iiiiilumiuoii and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Kevelstoke Mining Divisiou of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. Btigga
of Kevelstoke, B. C, Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B94288, acting
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII, in the Right
of tlie Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.BP4287, intend sixty
days from dale hereof to apply to the
Mining Reorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And furtb.tr take notice that action
under section 37 must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July, 1908.
jly 4 W. I. Bbioub.
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Lin k No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 3, Vivian Luck
No. 4, ViviHii Luck No. 5, Vivian
Luck Nu. II and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining Division uf Went Kootenay
Wh     located:-At   Head  of   Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOI ICE that I, O. B. N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for Hector
l.ihict, F.M.C. H7_0. and George
Johnson, F.M.C. 1196061, intend, Bixty
dais from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder fnr a Certificate of
Improvements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated Ibis 28th day of May, A. D.
O. B. N. WILKIE, B.C.L.8.
w iny27 Trout Lake, B. C.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Michael Doyle
nf Revelstoke, B.C., Manager, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
the easterly hank of the Columbia
Kiver at the north-west corner of Lot
.771, (iroup 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's south-west corner
post," thence east 10 chains; thence
noi Ih in chains; ihence west 40 chains
more or less to the easterly liank of
Ibe Columbia river; thence southerly
along the bank of said river 40 chains
more or less to the point of commencement, containing 1U0 acres moje or
Hy his agent, Geo. 8. McCarter.
Dated June 20th, 11108. J27 60d
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCarler,
Sr., of Revelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west liank of the Columbia River
at the south-east corner of Lot 8296,
Croup 1, Kootenay, and marked
"George McCarter, Sr., north-east cornel post," thence west 10 chains;
thence smith 20 chains; thence east 20
chains more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia river; thence northerly along the west bank of the Columbia river to the point of commence
ment. containing 25 acres more or less.
By his agent, Geo. 8. McCarter.
Dated June _0lh, 1008. j 27 OOd THE MAIL-HERALD, KEVELSTOKE, B.C.
l i mn   ii ■■■
Ladies' Summer Ves..-,  p
rico only   15c,
Ladies' Blouses selling for 50c. up.
Ladies' Lisle Thread  Vests  with   Crochet
Men's Summer Underwear selling at $1
per Suit.
Men's Negligee Shirts without collar. Reg.
Children's Bleiched Cotton Vests ioe. each
$[.00.  Now 75c. each.
Boys' Soft  Shirts  with  collars,   selling at
Ladies'   Cotton Corset
Covers, trimmed
doc. each.
with lace and embroidery.      Rep.   40c.
Men's Black  Cashmere  Socks—live   pair
and 45c.    Now 25c.
lor $1.
Men's Colored  Working Shirts selling at
Ladies' Wash Skirts,     I.
-K- $2.50.    Now
50c. each.
Men's Congress Boots.    Reg. $3.50!  Now
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Ladies'   House   Dresses.
Regular $2.50.
stand hard wear.
Now $1.50.
Men's Congress Boot, light weight, selling
at $2,03,
Ladies' Summer Skirts in
Navy,  Blue and
Men's Box Call"  Lace   Boot.     Regular  $4
lilack Lustre for $2.so.
Tweed Skirts,
now $3,00,
Summer weight, $...<xi,
Millinery at Half Price.
■ *-"■  s't'm  -'t'- i*-*i  t't. ."&,  .*_?■  t'-Ps tTl  tl*I life- ll*I l!
tJJ,! T^.f t^T »jp T^TT^T rj» -.JT PJfl .Jl TJ.TTJJT
% F0R
I Sunburn
I Tan and
*    Freckles
J* Get a Bottle ol onr Elder
•ijl' Fl.nver Cream. .lost what
+X.   ynu arc looking for.
Revelstoke, B. ('
fl ifr iM> 't' '$' '$' »t> «t"l"l"l>^
I. a fi. hi o\ — At Reveletoke
day, July 30th, to Mr.
John Laughton, a ion,
.ti Thin
and Mr
Weather Forecast
Saturday, August
indicated   change,
Temp Max. 8" - .
1 ■- Pi
. iii '- .
Local and General.
Hut   Sptinga lintel is 111
St. Leo
1 living 1.. St. Peters church being
olosed f n painting and general repairs
tbere will l*e no services held there
Wednesday's issue of lhe Mail
Herald whs the lirst paper lo he
printed by means nl electric power in
iii-vi .stoke
We understand that Major Baden
Powell, brother ol tlm hero of Mafe
king, will hunt in British Columbia
this fall, He expects to try the I'nri-
boo and Hig Bend dis-tricis (ur caribou
ami grimly beal
Ths- Kdis-.ii. I'.n-Inr Theatre will reopen aboul August 15, in the premises
now occupied by McKianou's Cigar
3t< ie "n McKeni ii Avenue, Hie
building will be completely refitted
aud made lire prool
W, l-.-inr. a prospector, was "admitted to tlie lio-ipital this week from
Sicamous, having emu- down from
the north suffering Irom a crushed
I t caused by a large boulder falling
on :t.   The loot had to be amputated,
A: .1 geneial  meeting ..I the .lock
!-rs of the Revelstoke Turf Association   on   Wednesday   night   in the
C wan Block, a  resolution was passed
nl rsiiitig tlie  resolution passed at a|
. eeting I1 c 19, 1907, authorising the
change ol the title t" the Bevelstoke
Agricultural S icit ty
Mr. Broadw ...I who in 1882 trekked
ip frurn Moosemia to the Kootenay
river and northward to Trout like,
Lardeau,< lolden, etc . ,- a guest it tbe
Hotel Bevelstoke,     Broadwo d Creek
on the Kootenay Rirer ii nai 1 liter
him. and Chipk* t'reek after hit pony
Mr Broadw od li 1- come up Irom 1 i.i'
I'n I ted  States  t" visit  the Deutsch-
IjiAU 1' ,'.. -
1 be p ri ioi 1 govern m ul h 1- de
' It I to make 1 (urthei d maiion ..I
♦20 000 t . the -knit nin 11 loi tubt
oulosii patients si Trauquillo near
Ki" ps, Lasl .»inti 1 the government m idi the Insl it iti in 1 present ol
$10,000, snd now  they have followed
tl ;- up   ...i'n   1 ieo i gilt ol |20,000
with the promise 'I putting a third
contribution of 120,000 on no_l year's
estimates, making tbo 1 tal amount
of government assistance $50,000,
Baker's Bread
thai will make ynur mouth
walerby its delicious flavor
before you taste its superior
quality we are serving fresh
every day  to   out'   patrons.
live, gluten, grain as well
as whole wheat 'mil French
■rolls wc bake every day in
good weif/hl loaves and of
pure and w hiilesonie quality.
We will serve yuu fresh
every day hy leaving your
Two Cups of Tea
in One
is what yon will have If you use
the usual quantity uf uur ten
when yuu make it. The strength
uf uui'lea is such that yuu need
unly half the usual quantity in
order In make lea of line lin .or
and fragrance. This i-- on ,*-
pui'il v .1 ml quality
Try 11 pound: you'll
flavor  and   also    ibe
if using it.
in   is.
F 1 1. s r s
A N I > 1: K
T R I-. I. T
M Grady, manager of the Si l.ein
Hnl spring.-. Hotel, announces thai
the hotel i-s now open.
A Rabouchcse has been eugigC'l tn
.-li an anil clear up the cemetery ind
make the grounds a- 11e.1t and attractive us possible.
W. Dupiessis waB admitted Ui the
hospital this week Buffering from injuries Bustained while Btealing a ride
west from Edmonton
Social and Personal
Master Ite, Hob-* 11 gavi ,1 most
enjoyable party to tifty ol hi_ friends
i-t Wednesday, it being his sixth
birthday Hie children -pent a
;, ess.ii]! in,, wjt I _ 1 . - ind races.
Ai1.11/.u Dnpont proved himself a keen
athlete, securing several lir-ts in these
events. Dainty refreshments were
served and the children returned n me
tired bul happy, snd a I i ted mostei
I.e.. "a jolly good ;'••
protection against Ihcse
pests, it not only proves
nauseous iu the mosquito
but   also   neutralizes Ihe
poi-iion frum the sling. , . .
2-') cenl and .">tl cent   Bottles
.Mr-  If Creelman i 1 visiting In Van
1' Hooley bos returned Irom a vi.it
tu the east,
a. McRae has returned Irom 1 visit
to prairie points
H. MoFherson ol l'mut Lake was in
the city yesterday
11 Knight lefl In-' nighi 1 n 1 visit
io in* home in Toronto
Miss   Spoiling    ;. 11   lefl   [01    a   trip
through the 1 il_mi.i_.iiii
K A  Bradley ret ui nt d      1 hui ••! ij
li in .ii. p 1.  Port '< 11 iregi 0
f, I., -in ri tor I on Thursday from
Laforme t'reek In the Big Bt ud.
(,'. 1 lorden has entered up 11 Iiii dul
ies a.- junior olerk In 1 hs oity oil ices
Mi-- Duncan, ol Morden, Man 11
vi-ituig liercousins, Mrs. Calmer snd
Mrst. Urquhnrt nl the oity,
II. A. I.aWHoii   'iliicinlly iiHHiiini'H the
position nl oity olerk on  August I, in
place of H, I'Tuyd who has resign!ill InB
Sergt..I Donald, representing the
Kevelstoke   I'M It,   at   tbe   ({uobec
I erci'iiteiiury celebration, reliirnul
homo last nighi.
Mrs. It. II. Urquliart entertained
tbo members nl Knox Ohurch choir
nt her limiio last evening.    An enjoy*
able time was spent.
(Ieo. Carter, ban just returned from
England, where hu went on a holiday
trip snmc three months ngu He is
accompanied by his sister, whu will
reside in tbe city.
.I. D. Silibiild was a passenger yesterday on tho s.s. Revelstoke to the
Bund. Mr. Sibbald will he away sov-
eral days at the McCullough Creek
Hydraulic Mining Oo.'l properly.
C_ i MM .            I:. ' . ;,! !,	
paatoi     Services ai     eld   ti tbe First
.md  Third   .unda      in every n
•it tie ti  , ■■ :.,   Iioui       - Con
munion Mass IO 30 i Higl Mast
nnl 3ei ioi i , ... Baptisms J SO
[i.m  Sundaj - T SO p m, lo - i
ln-t ruction and Bt nedlct io
St Andrew's Pkebfytkruh—Rev.
VI i' Calder pastor Sunday, Aug. 2
'■'- 11 1 in 7 80 p.m , Bundaj
seh. ul a-iil Pastor - Bibb t ins-, 2 80
P ni Prayt neeting n Wednes
day 8 p ui Choir practice and teach
eeting  i   id i    - |i m
Wi i in.!., i   -lies   r w Rail pastor
Services   nn    Sunday   a-   follows —
tt ll a.m.,  ruing  service   _ 80 p
- undsy  ichor I  snd   Bible olsss
Morning subjeet    I he \ i danl I lie
- ic  nl  '.I ths  I nrd's   Supper .u
■   ,,( publio sci". |i e I here si ill bs
no evening service bul tha oongrags
tion will worship in Km < Presbyterian
Church with   lhe   congregation  thnre.
Prayer  tingou Wednesday evening
nt. ". o'clock ai olose ol prayer meet
mg the regular August insrterly ollicial bniiril meeting will  be held
Knox I'kesuvihu in     I   It. Robert
ion, It.I).,  minister     There will Us 111.
morning   service on    Sundny, but  the
congregation will worship in the
Methodist congregation,  Evening wr
vine at. 7:i0  o'olook, Kev. T.   VV   Hall
will  oonduot  the service.   Subject,
"I lur Lord's Second Temptation, and
t.he lessons it should l.esch us," Hun-
day Sohool at 2.80 p.m.
A Serious Accident
I'KltNIE,   B. (
,,   Aug.   1.—A   serious
bump occurred
in  No.   2 mine,   Coal
Creek, at. H  tl
in  morning,    Twenty
una men are In
tlie  deeps  where  the
accident hnppei
ind.    Relief parties arc
making every effort to reach thn entombed mini, but gas is interfering
with operations, ll is feared that tlm
men may bo overcome before lieing
Prominent Member  of  Local
Team Leaves City
A pleasing ovent look place last
night at the Y.M.C.A. when about
twenty lacrosse men met to tender a
firewell to W. Burlier, who is leaving
Mayor Lindmark was in the chair
and in a f*w words explained the nature of the gathering and expressed
sorrow that a member of lhe city, who
was so valuable in sporting circles was
leaving. On behalf of the lacrosse
boys Mr. Lindmark presented Mr.
Hiiber with a handsome gold locket
and pipe as a mark of their esteem and
recognition of his services to Revelstoke lacrosse.
Mi. Barber expressed his appreciation of the. gift and said that, he was
sorry to leave the city, hut it could
not be otherwise.
Several speeches were made pointing out how Mr. Barber would be
missed in all circles.
Mr. Lindmark said that he would
put up a cup for local team con petition, to be presented In honor of tlieir
departing friend. A committee was
appointed to arrange dates.
Iiniuly refreshments brought the
evening to a close, and everyone present could not but feel glum at the
loss of one of Revelstoke'* best lacrosse
Y.M.C.A. Boys Camp Out
On Montla.s morning the Y.M.C.A.
boys left town on No. 116 to spend
three days at Gnely Creek with the
express purpose of having a good time
and cleaning all the li-li out of the
creek. Mr. Alldritt, tbo physical di
rector, was in charge and Rev. Mr.
Freeman alsu went along to help out
aud also to catch some of the linny
dilie. The buys arrived at their destination about noon anil camp waB
made in a very few minutes antl from
then on it was a continual round of
fishing, berry picking, games, eating,
and skylarking. Only one of the boys
had a cold balh in lhe creek and he
didn't mean lo du so only Ins font
slipped. On Wednesday the buys returned brown, tired and happy. All
of them vntid llie trip t_i have been a
dandy. Next, year tbey will moi-t.
likely have a two weeks camp, as this
one pin.eil so successful.
There is going t... he u foothill game
next Thursday nigh', most likely 0,
P. R. vs. Pity, Thn football men aie
looking I. i 1 "line with some outside
The Itieiosse -.ilu i-- losing a goiid
player in Billy Barber, who is leaving
the city, He lins played here a lung
while and is withoul doubt one of lhe
best players ive have in the city.
Lacrosse practise Monday night.
Till V. M 0. A. have decided tu use
the Athletic grounds, Saturday even
inu-, for sill, lie work only. The
physical director will Isc on hand to
give t he I. iys pi-tol starts and all men
interested should try and gel.   0111    to
make it worth while to hold the night
'.1 tin.- purpose thi Monday and
Friday nights the jumps, etc, com-
nis-nce and ciin he practised on the
corners of the ground, lhe physical
director will onileivor to help the hoys
along in their training, lie on bund
loniglii nnd stun tbe game going.
On rhursday night « rather  buries
in.' of baseball   took   place   bathe    lorosse   team   and   the
!"i-in'-- men.  The lacrosse team look
ng end nl a 16 to 5 score.   There
were no very brilliant features in   the
gsnn   but if any oris  wanted   a   good
they could net it   hy   watching
the gams
Next Wednesday night ths Scuta
Ureys will play tbe Rovers In » league
bosebsl ganii' At present the Soots
hold the bead ol i he lesgne,  but   the
Hover-   will    Mrtainly    try   and    pull
i hi-in down -" * good gams is anticipated
I in i m i a „ei |oi baseball team
It . s .!■• ■'. .1 inn u «■• < up a trip t., tbe
south c'li.try Ami protpsoU seem
go il ol a ii i|. to I in- Vernon l*ir
I in- A lelt* deles tod tbs Hopefuls
,mt Wednesday in ths best game ul
baseball played tbla year by » Mora ol
2 to I      It was a  pitchers   battle  (rum
■tart to finish. I Hums mast have
mastered Bugles Bpil ii*n, mid to see
the way ths fI• '■•«-f•»li swatted al them
must have mode   dipt.  Sqoarebriggi
del like -standing on hii head      lllnck-
adsr  proved   to   tbs   spectator* that
the basebsll sluggers of thin city cannot bal. Iiim all over the lot,    Proolx'l
base running wan supurh and his liiml
leap for home plate would lake llrnt
priM   iii   any   running   broad    jump
c im petition
The lawn tnniiin tournament, is
creating coiinidernblu intercnl In the
ladiet single! Mill   Hardin  won   from
Mrs Elson, 8>0, 8-2, Mm. H Cunningham Morris won from Mrs.
Hcat.bcot.c; 7-6, tt-2.
In the 11 nali yesterday tvonlng for
the ladies singles in lhu   lawn   ton ni
toiirnnient, MisB llardie won frum
Mis II. Cunningham Morris; (i 8, fi 2
Dr .1. 0, Morrison reports excellent
Hailing at Nakusp, the fioh being
plentiful and of good size
A cricket, match will be played here
on AugUBt 25, wilh an eleven from the
South Okanagan Sports Club, A
match has lieen arranged for the home
ground on Labor Day, with the Armstrong eleven This afternoon the
Victoria team is playing the Shamrock
A   Joint   Committee   Discuss
A meeting of the Labor Day celebration committee was he'd last night
to discuss the general arrangements.
Representatives of the Agricultural
Association iu the personB of Mayor
Lindmark and W. A. Foote met the
labor committee to try and arrange
co operation in the handling of the
events and at I met ions of Labor Day
and the following days of tbe September Fair. It waB pointed out that the
Agricultural Association did not wish
to conllict with Labor Day, but rather
by anialganin tit in of interests to help
each other out both financially and in
way of a geneial plan of attraction for
that week. It was thown that the
Fair would draw a large outside crowd
and be a great advertisement to Revelstoke, and also the merchants and
business men would contribute more
liberally to a scheme of that sort than
if various subscription lists were taken
round as in previous years. After
much discussion il, was agreed thut in
order to save time a representative
committee of the Labor Day celebration and Agrictjlnir.il Association
should meet on Saturday evening and
endeavor lo evo'vo some plan of
cooperation for the benefit of all
Canadian Order Chosen Friends
A local council of the above order
wns organized in Revelstoko on Wednesday evening July 29lh, by Prov,
Org. J. II. Mallctt and which will be
known as Rtvilntoke Council No !>i->.
The Order is a purely Canadian one
and has several special feat ores iu cun-
nectinti wi'h ils beneficiary department. It. admits ladies within its
ranks un equal terms with lho male
members and every privilege ia equally
extended to all. Hevelstoke Council
is Ihe eleventh one to be established
in B. C. and Org Mallelt expiols to
see at least twenty councils in Ill's
piiixii.ee by next May, when the first
Grand Council fur B 0. will be held.
The local council has evidently.got
away to n good start, us revealed by the
following list of chatter ulllcei'S who
were duly installed hy Org, Miillelt:
Pas Councillor—George II. Knight.
Chief Councillor—Win, A Sturdy,
Vice Coiincilloi — Mrs. IV. Hews.
Reoordor—A. V. Anderson,
Asst. Records r—Harold E. Spetiee.
Treasurer—Kenneth McRae.
Prelate—Mrs. .1  C. Morrison,
Marshal—Thomas II. Page.
Warden—Mrs. Adeline Jamieson.
tiuiirtl—Aubrey S Doyle,
.Sentry—.lames A. Jamieson.
Medical Examiner—.lames II. Hamilton, M.D.
Trustees—Edgar M. Allum, lyonr;
W. A. Sturdy, 2 years; W. Bews, 3 yrs.
Edison Parlor Theatre
The Etlison Parlor Theatre will
open for a continuous season abuut
August 15, in the building now coou-
pied by MoKillnoil's cigar store on
MoKenzie Ave. When the theatre is
opened to the public, it, will be one ol
nd tidiest little  buildings in
best i
the province. The whole structure
will la; reinodelli d. snd refilled and
made absolutely lire proof and will be
iu every way adapted to the comfort
and convenience of its patrons.
Men'*  clothing  below cost foi next
week—0. B. Hume A. Oo,
Bargain* in children'* (tiromer lams
at, 0, H. Hume A. Co ..
ud fur hi
.1 t llll. e,
WlllllH    -il ii.ll IiiII
or as
as   huiiHc-
i sell an
al eil iii ret urn fnr
I . lnl.i     O, VV,  II.
Hiilniiliiy morning, .Inly 2o, a
t'oikei Spaniel, IiIhcK, curly, short
I.iii, answers In the name of "llarky''
iiiiiiiii 7 moniha old. Lust seen iii.
Ihe Wine and Spirit Company's office,
Reward will he paid on return nfsflUIP
to T. II.    MlllTat.,    K"V,|st^,ke    \V \
spii ii Company,
1      AT    Cold  Ilu
I j    and 11 in it ils
:iid. Bi reels, ensl,
Mm cy. 'Mil. Mi,, it
a h, sol wjib pearls
between  I-i. uml
ltd oi u   in   Mm.
uml received 96.00
iiKKVANT    WANTED   A     young
M    girl wanted  fnr   light housework,
Apply io Miin.  K.   lliuii.i-v, Fourth
mo   RENT   Modern
|     Sixth   Street.   928
Apply Revelstoke o
resident e   nn
pet   month
leral   Agencies,
ANTED   Fir   Brlsco   school,    a
female   leal Ini    holding   third
eilillcale;   $60  pel   month.    For   full
particular* apply to It. Taitinu, of
Ki'vcLiiii.e. H.c, also to Trustee ll.
Ati niHtiN, Brlsco, B. c.
Laces and
When you need anything iu Lace or Embroidery you naturally think uf Ibis Store, as we always have the best assorted stfrfck
in the City and nnr prices are so reasonable that you cannot afford
tu go elsewhere.
See our special lots of'I'm chni and Valenciennes Laces and
Insertions at. 8 yards for 25c; I yards for 25c.   (I yards for 25c.
Embroidery Edging nnd Insertion in all widths and prices.
Corset Cover Embroidery with Stropping lo match—for HOc.
per yard.
All-Over Laces in lllaek, While, Cream and Ecru, at all
prices, — some as low us 25c. pi r yard.
We can supply your needs in any of these lines in goods that
will wear and at prices that save your money.
McKenzie Avenue.
Fancy Wash Vests from $1.2.. to tf.fi 00.
White Flannel Trousers $2.50.
Fancy Lisle and Silk Half Hose—25c. to $1.00.
Balbriggan Mesh Underwear, made of Finest Balbriggan,— OOc.
Negligee Shirts, with or without co'lars, in many
pretty patterns—$1 P0 to $3 5i>.
White Canvas Shoes—$2,011
better not say a word till you have
drunk the soda we serve you. Then
you'll only wish it had been bigger
and that you could hold more. For
if there is a pcrficlly satisfying, delicious drink on the earth it is a glass
of our famous soda. Stop and have
at least one. If your capacity were
equal In your desire you would want
a dozen.
's Candy Mm
For Sale
One uud une-half acres cleared land
fifteen minutes walk from Ihe school
house,suitable for strawberry growing
nr market garden; six-riiiuned house,
cow home, chicken house and wood
"bed; city water laid on; electric light
up to piopeily; price $1,000 cash Apply P.O. Box 718, Revelstoke, B C.
Bevelstoke Hospital Society
Annual General Meeting.
The annual general meeting of the
members of the above society will be
held, as per bylaw, on Monday, August 3rd, 1(108, in the City Hnl' at 8
p tu.
T. Kli.i'ATKK'K, Pres
jly 18 It B. R. Atkins, Secy.
Notice of
Seizure and Sale!!
notice is HEREBY GIVEN that
under and bv virtue of three writs of
fieri facias issued out of   Ibe  Supreme
Coin i oi British Columbia, Revelstoke
Registry   in     three     several   actions
wherein On*.  K.   Anderson,    I.  K.
Aiusdeii and John II. Mllllgail, respectively   ale   plaintiffs   and   the Smith
Creek Milling mul Development Company are defendants nod to llie directed against Hie goods ami chattels of
said  defendants,    I   have  seized   and
taken in execution all the Interests of
the said Company in those certain
mining leases issued by the Province
of British Columbia through the
proper officer In thai behalf and situated on Smith Creek, ill the Kevelstoke
.Mining Division of West Kooteuay
I list ricl known and recorded in the
office of the Mining Kecoidci at Kevelstoke. II. O, ns the "Suiiiine," "Kev-
olsUike," "Carlisle," " Blue .lay,"
" Highflyer," "Gertrude," "Anne,"
" Mtii'gaiul," and "Grace!1 mining
lenses in olaim* ami lhe illiexpiled
term ol said leases rcspectiiely, also a
quantity of uond* consisting of machinery, lumiici', supplies, buildings,
live stock, Iced, provisions, dynamite,
ferry and oableandi llicr attachments,
it' ii ml attachments and Improve'
incuts and personal property of all
kinds situate upoh or about  the said
mining lease* or any of them, an inventory uf all which may he obtained
on application lo the llndel signed.
And I give uutice lhat I will offer
for mile at public auction at the door
ol llie Court Holme, Kevelstoke, II. 0„
mi Friday, the seventh day of August,
HH, at 12 o'clock, noon, all the Interest of the laid defendants In the propel I y above mentioned.
Dated al Kevelstoke, B. 0„ July 28,
W. J. LAW,
Sheriff of North Kootonay.
The attention ol Ihe public is called
to Section 14 of City By-lsw 71, requiring (list all garden hole jets and
spr inkier* be turned off on tbe Bounding of the fin bell, and remain off during Ihe progress 01 * lire. ThiB provision has In en disregarded lately, and
it is hoped lhe seriousness of the nut
ler will induce the publio to give it.
proper attention,
C. F. I iMiMAKK, Mayor,
.Inly 23, 1IIU8.      __ jl 26 8t
Up Ait" anu
In   lho   Matter  of  the   Elwood  Tin
Workers Hold Mining Company
of Lardeau,    British   Columbia.
Limited. Non-personal Liability.
NOTICE is hereby given that an
application will be made lo this   Hon
oui able Court  nt  the  Court   House.
Vancouver, B. C, on thn Twelfth day
of August, 11*18,  nt the hour nf  ]0-'<fl
o'clock in the forenoon  on  behalf of
the Ollicial   Liquidator herein  for an
in del confirming the conditional agree
incut for  side  of   the   properly   and
onsets of the  said   Company   fur  the
sum of 1.20,<)0l).00 made by the Official
Liquidator to one Dillion Marsh.
Dated  at Revelstoke,   B.  0„   this
18th July, 1008.
Solicitors for John E. Jones,
Official Liquidator.


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