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 Illll*.    I I'll1.  \t-HI
Miidc from pure carbonated Halcyon
iLiiliia Water. When you ask for Halcyon
| be sure you £ct it. Sold at all hotels
iiaiiil cafes.
ine iviaii
h0Ti»^l lie;
n-d—rmCF.:*IBO0n 'asl
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 13,-No 91
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Did you see the beautiful display of
Jardinieres in ,C. B. Hume & Company's
Corner Window. They are well worth
going out of your way to see. These are
the names of some of the new -vvares—
Staffordshire China
Victon Ware
Japanese China
Fancy Earthenware
Austrian-German China
You will see by the display that there
are manv new designs and novel patterns.
They certainly are a beautiful collection.
We can put you on the same basis as
to price as any City Store. The prices are
50c, 90c, $1.50 and $2.00. See them in
the window; each one has a price ticket
on it.
A Nice Jardiniere enhances the effect
of any flower, and they make a handsome
room ornament.   GET YOURS I
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Coods Arriving Dally.    Ortssmaking and Millinery Dooms, 2nd Floor
If you want to get the best
90c our stock.
Over 50 Heating Stoves to
select from and over 25 Cook
Stoves to make a choice from.
Wo have over two carloads
of Stoves and Furnaces oh
mu- Floor and in our warehouse.
Wo buy the boat and can
jive you the advantage of our
extensive buying.
We only buy from the Iiest
Stove makers in Canada.
We are showing Airtight
Heaters from 93 50 up. See
our line before purchasing,
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves snd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
snd Sswmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing snd Tinsmithing.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Residential Lots, 50 x 140 Feet, West of Hospital
4-Acre City Lots.      »      -       Best Fruit Land.
w",™   W. H. HUMPHREYS R^Cke
Att). M. Sproat's F.t.woll Estate Offlco, Oowan Block, Third St.
Successful Gathering—Music
and Patriotic Songs.
"Together joined in crickot's manly
toil," has been the motto of tho leading English cricketers magazine fur
many years and even in Canada this
noble game has its thousands of devotees and enthusiasts. No greater
evidence of Ihe popularity of cricket
in Revelstoke could have been demonstrated, than was evinced last night in
the Selkirk Hall, when the Kevelstoke
Cricket Club entertained tbeir many
friends and associates at a smoker
Tbe hall had been tastefully decorated
with greenery, Hags and emblems ol
tbo game and some two hundred
guests tilled the room, finding comfortable seats at many tables, while
excellent refreshments supplied by the
Enterprise Browing Co., pipes and
tobacco were handed round most
liberally. A long and interesting
programme of vocal, and instrumental
numbers was rendered, all the songs
chosen being most appropriate with
chorus in which there was a general
joining in. 'lhe evident pleasure ol
the smokers in the music was demonstrated by Ibe continuous encoring of
every performer ss bis turn came.
Patriotism was tbe feature of tbe
gathering, and no more popular,
patriotic or jovial aggregation of
Revelstoke citizens can be found than
in the Cricket Club.
\V. \V. Foster occupied the chair in
a highly efficient manner and made
neat little remarks appropriate for the
occasion, ln presenting the prizes
for Ibe best averages of the season,
Mr. FoBter referred to the excellent
record of tbe club during the year,
only one match being lost. F. Bourne
with a batting average oi 22 received
a handsome "willow." Entwbistle
topped the bowling and also received
a bat, although being in the Old
Country he could not receive it in
person. J. Maley as captain received
a hat, the chairman congratulating
him on his energy in matters connected with the club. W. H. Humphreys was presented With a bat by
the club as a recognition of bis valuable services and untiring interest in
his duties as secretary.
Alter the presentation a fuur round
boxing contest was put up by Messra.
Macguire aud Haddick, which caused
much amusement. Of the performers
much could be said, but space dues
not permit, suffice it that each individual was greeted with loud applause
and encored.
Tbo smoker was pronounced the
most successful of any hold in Revelstoke and reflects great credit on the
promoters, a fitting wind-up to a
season of cricket which has been 0. e
of success and all round enjoyment
Cricket has taken a strong hold in
Revelstoke, I eing a link with the
Motherland, and last night'* smoker
has demonstrated that Kevelstoke
citizens are not wantiug in loyally to
the Bag ot to the king of all games.
vvvwva %%v«v%%*«^*»v%%%%%%%%%%%%%% vi
HKAI) IIFKICK:  Cakukv,  Au.K.HTi.
Wholosale «nd Retail Moat Morohantt
Pork Packets an.l Dealer 'in Live Htoek.  Markets in all tbo principal  ('ills, and
''..wn. ol Alberta, llritlall „„iaiol,l» and th. Yukon.   Picker, ol tl.e Celebrated llrand
\ 1111psr.it..." Uiiiii. and Bacon, and > , Leal l.arrl.
Crow Miners—Fatal Accident
—Lumbermen's Trial-New
Journal — Violent Deaths-
No Dispensations.
Liverpool, Nov. 20.—One hundred
and fifty Welsh miners Bailed by tbe
Canadian Pacific steamer EinpjoBS of
Ireland on Friday. They will go to
tbe Crow's Nest Pass dislrict.
Winnipeg, Nov, 20.—In a wreck at
Chater, Man., near Brando.., brake-
man Xi'ii! McEachern was killed and
Conductor John II. Pratt was badly
injured und may die in the Brandon
hospital. Both reside in Winnipeg.
An engine was backing up a caboose
when it struck a horse and turned
over. McEachern and i'rutt were
riding in the caboose at the time.
Edmonton, Nov. 20—The trial ol
members of the alleged lumber combine will begin in the Supreme Court
Monday morning; tbe first case being
against W. H. Clarke, ot the Edmonton Lumber Co. There are in all 12
indictments, each with 1'2 counts preferred against the twelve lumbermen.
Vernon, Nov. 20.—Mr. Nolan Davis
who has spent several years in the
Iruit raising districts 0! California, is
about to start- a paper in Summerland
to be known as the Review. He expects to have the first number out by
the beginning of tbe new year. Like
everyone else who has a olianco of
studying conditions in the Okanagan
Valley, Mr. Davis is enthusiastic over
thc outlook.
Spokane, Nov. 20.—One man dead
from a rifle; on.il wound, self-inflicted,
but accidentally, and two attemps by
other men to destroy tbeir lives is a
recprd of a lew days in Grand Forks,
B.C.,and vicinity.
Montreal, Nov. 20.—A message
Irom Archbishop Bruchosi was read in
all the Roman Catholic churches in
the diocese ot Montreal Sunday that
the church will uo longer grant dis
pensations Ior mixed marriages, as it
has dune in the past,
Winnipeg, Man.. Nnv. 20.—The
Bank of Winnipeg application for
incorporation is now before parliament
with the following names : Chas. E.
P. Conybeare. K.C., of Lethbridge; W.
E. Seabcrn, barrister, Moose Jaw; W.
L. Nichol, broker, Vancouver; Frank
Denton, K. C, Toronto; R. Matson,
broker, Toronto; Horce Chevrier,
ex-M.P.P., Winnipeg; and Clarence
H.F. Bell, banker, Winnipeg. The
applicants comprises tl.e provisions
board, who will direct the affairs of
ibe undertaking uutil tbe charter is
granteed, and there are regular shareholders. Tbe capit. I is $2,000,000 and
head oflioe in Winnipeg
The Great McEwen - Hypnotism
Mind Reading, Vaudeville.
The theatrical season brings to tbe
local opera house un engagement of
the Great McEwen and bis popular
organization, in a prugrammcof hypnotism, magic, mind reading and
vaudeville, There is no entertainer
befoie tbe public that is bettor known,
or giving bolter satisfaction to larger
audiences than the Great McEwen,
and bis appearance hero will be welcomed by those i terestcd in tbe mysterious or seeking fun iu the amusing
hypnotic performance.
Mr. McEwen has spent lhe entire
summer in searcbing among the new
ideas in magic, and has perfected a
number of tricks and illusions tbat
will create a sensation wherever produced. The new and startling illusion entitled, The Magician's Dream,
has puzzled the brightest minds iu the
magical world, while the complicated
trick, "Huchamosa," suggested by tbe
Hindoos is most perplexing.
Hypnotism in all its Orancl.es has
been a lile study with tbe great McEwen, and tbe results be obtains,
using a class oi local men, is wonderlul. There is no entertainment bo
interesting to tbe scientific minded
and amusing to the pleasure lover as
a well conducted class in hypnotism.
Tbo Great McEwen's reputation was
made in this line of work and the fact
that tbis science will be a feature ol
his performance this season, assures
all theatre goers ol a highly enjoyable
evening, when this clever entertainer
again visits us on Friday and Saturday, Doc. 13-14.
"Wo are King" was staged on Mon
day night at the Opera House under
the direction of Mr. C. P. Walker.
The production is an excellent one,
full of satirical comedy, combined with
a certain dignity ol expression surrounding all court scenes, " We sre
king" is delightfully romantic,dealicg
as it does with the love affairs and
court intrigue of kings and princesses
it is especially interesting. The plot
is a fine one, resembling closely the
lamous "Prisoner ol Zenda" by
Anthony Hope, when the king.debased
to his people, is deposed and a wandering journalist, who bears a striking
resemblance is made king instead,
while being at first confined in the
palace as a spy. The climax is reached
when the journalist is rrally proven
the rightful beir lo tbe throne. Aud
through it all, plot and counter plot
tbe other character making and un-,
masking complications, the situation
being delightful in the extreme.
Mr. Gaily, in tbe leading dual roll,
is a young actor ol marked ability and
charming personality. His oomedy,
satire an.l imperious manner, all show
pesfect study. The rapid changes in
the dual roll make it difficult to believe it it one and the same man,
Above all a sense ol refinement, a
pleasing ease of bearing in an excetd-
ingly dillicult piece should make Mr.
Gaily a general favorite.
Miss l.'l if ion makes a charming and
dainty princess, while the other psrts
sre sell sustained. Tbe scenery,
costumes and gowns being appropriate
and handsome, >
The play was again presented Uit
Golden, B. C, Nov. 19.—Captain
Ellison, aide to Col. Holmes, reached
bere yesterday. He has inspected the
militia corps and rille clubs of tbe
Okanagan and Boundary districts.
Everywhere be found tbe members
enthusiastic, looking forward to next
season's shooting. The captain says
that prosperity prevails in all districts.
Fernie, he says, is making pronounced
strides. He predicts that it will
become tbe most important town ol
the interior. He thinks the Kootenay
Central Railway will develop the
southern mining section, the Columbia
Valley and mountain region Irom
Golden to Rovelstoke.
b. cTTrITlaurels
British Columbia fruit continues to
repeat its triumphs of other years in
Great Britain.
The gold melal of the Scottish
Horticultural Society has been taken
at Edinburgh, the gold medal at
Sheffield and tho highe.t certificate of
merit at the Tunbridge show in addition to the silver medal whioh it was
announced last week bad taken at
the Crystal Palace London, and the
highest award at tbe ^Hereford exhi.
The lollowing cables were received
on Saturday by tho Provincial Gov
eminent Irom It. M. Palmer.
" British Columbia Fruit Exhibit
was swarded gold medal at Sheffield
and highest certificate ol merit at
From J. H. Turner, Agent-General
lor British Columbia in London:
"Scottish Horticultural Society
awarded British Columbia Iruit gold
medal to-day."
A special meeting ot tbo City Council was held on Saturday night to discuss tho matter ol a petition to the
Government Ior a traffic bridge across
the Columbia River and other business
tbat might be deemed necessary. The
minutes of tbe last meeting wore
adopted aB read.
Communications wero received from
W. A. Galliher, M,P. and Mr. Green
shields, post office inspector, in con
neotion with drop letter hose.-..—Filed
F.otn Supt. T. Kilpatriok ro th»
proposed power house spur track —
Tho matter of tl.e opening of the
road by way of Seventh Streot and
Vernon Avenue to the south city
limit was discussed. A petition bail
been sent in some time ago signed by
soveral ratepayers requesting that this
work be done. The council at that
time passed a resolution to the ell'ect
that, tho city would undertake tl.i-
work provided the provincial unvern-
ir.out did tbe same outside the limit,
whioh would give access to certain
lands in tbat vicinity. Tbe Mayor
Baid that the Government Agent had
informed him that he had received no
word that tbey (tho provincial g vvorn-
ment bad decided on constructing tho
road this year and that bein j tho case,
he did not see tbat anything could be
gained by tbe city doing their part.
The council agreed that they would
take no action unless the government
did the same.
In the matter of a traffic bridge
across tbe Columbia, Aid. Abrahamson
said that tbe bridge was a necessity
since thero were many families over
on the west side.
Aid. Sawyer said that if communication could be obtained the settle,
ment would inorease rapidly,
It was then moved by Aid. Sawyer,
seconded Aid. Woodland that a peti
tion be drafted and signed by the
Mayor and City Clerk, requesting the
Provincial Government to build a
trallic bridge ovor tl.e Columbia at
Kevelstoke to provide means of communication between tl.e city and the
settlement on the opposite side-
RepairB to Fire Hall No, 1 were reported on and the council deoided that
repairs be carried out, the cost not to
exceed 11150.
Tne request of Firo Hall No. 2 lor
hose washing racks was granted, and
arrangements will be made fur such
racks to bo supplied tu both brigades.
The misting then terminated.
Saginaw, Midi., November 19 —
Add.esaing the Interstate Forestry
Conference'hero today, Dr. E, B. Fer-
now of the Univor ity ol Toronto, held
that the elate should encourage private ownership of timber wastes. Their
exemption from taxation for a term of
years, together with tbe ultimate taxation of the timber harvest in its
value, would promote private replanting, he declared.
Bourne's Tea
That's a very pleasant sound
when you are tired and feel
like something refreshing.
Vou won't find all Tea refreshing, but you will find
that our's is nol only refreshing, but it is pure,—the most
important thing of all.
and BOURNE'S SPECIAL on sale now. These are tbe
choicest Ceylnn Teas, specially blended (or the water ol the
district. Don't forget we are headquarters for Tetley's Bulk
and Package Teas.
Vpo-f+aVllfC We 8e" "'e ver>'«be8t that «r<"»- Special
V CgCLdUlCo   price 011 quantities.
StOVeS and HeaterS ot these this Fall, but have a
good assortment left. See ub before buying. We sarry tbe best snd
will set them up free of charge,
Bourne Bros.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots andjShoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office- Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in tl.e Provlncs ol Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Quobec.
Capital Authoriied       -       -       -       110,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   •4,860,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,860,000.00
D, H. Wilkie, President; Hon. It. Japfkay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United Slates and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Bank Department
Interest, allowed on deposits from duto of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good Coal Stock Is Better than a Bank
A consolidation of the Haines Mine, just north of Lethbridge,
Alberta, wiih several surrounding sections, making it one of the
largest and most valuable coal lands in Alberta,
Capital, $3,000,000—3,000,000 $1.00 Shares.
Amount, of Ooal underlying thoir lands is variously estimated at
from 80,000,000 to 70.1100,000 tons.
They bave tbe same coal measures and the same quality of Domestic anil Steam Coal as the famous Gait and Diamond Coal Minos.
The Barnes mines bus been working for veai-a, and has large
areas of conl blocked nut. In less I ban a year this stock will bo Worth
double tbe price at which il is soiling. Gait Coal is coining money for
its stockholders.   So will Itoyal Collieries,
Unlimited Demand.   Unlimited Output   Unlimited Dividends
will be Ihe result when tbis company completes its tipplo and lays four
milos of track across the level prairie to I/flbbi-idge, where tbey
connect with the A, R.'&I. and C.P.R,
Got it. the Hint issue of treasury shares which no are offering to
the public in blocks of Wl to 5,000 nt 25c. por share.
The same pooplo who flouted and mad.-such a success of the Granby
Minos.and International Ooal and Coke Oo. are the prime movers in
Itoyal Collieries. International went on the market at 23c. per shure,
and is paying 112 por cent, annually on tbe money Invested dl tbis pi-Ice.
One dollar invested then is now wpttl£$8-W. an increase of 98 per cent,
pet'year. Why be content with 8-psr cent, when an opportunity
such us tliis presents Itself?
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Zbc flDatl*iDerai&.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Harold Fisher
B.-ti-.fi-! Soli, lota, Etc.
c, K Onus J f- Elliott,
in,':-.:-:  Im.kiai.  Hank  Block,  Kfvki.-
•sTuKk, H.C,
Alone) :   - wn.
Offlce, Itevelitoke, B.C.; Cranbrook,B.0,
li.M B. SIcClRTSR,
A. M.  l'lNKUAM.
Ili-.cl-.oke, 11. C.
J. A, Hakvkv.
Craabrook, H. i*.
J. M. Scott I.L.ll
,con*  AND
VV, I. Briggs,
Barristkbs, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
SOLICITORS Fun Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
As.av ol all Ore*,  Samples by mall or express
e promt.: atteatio...
T-.-rtna Moderate.
-     ■     Box 131 Kasm, B. C,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sun-eying
McKenzie Aveni-k,
Box loti, Rbvblstokb,
run ijkcai..,i\ CArAnotun.
It is satisfactory tn note that the
public ol Revelstoke are evincing such
enthusiastic inteiest in tl.e .natter ot
a trullic bridge across the Columbia.
The Board of Trade bave heen prompt
in circulating a petition which will oe
presented to tl.e p rem ior at tin early
dato by a delegation appointed l.y tl.e
board for that purpose. Tho city
eouncil have passed a resolution which
will be forwarded to tl.o premier, with
the E.mie object. Entile 3o-operatioii
is necessary in ordor that this matter
may bave duo consideration at tbe
bunds of Mr. McBride, and all parties
headed by Ibe Board of Trade as representing tbe Kevelstoke public, should
lend tbeir unbiassed suppoit. The
matter is not oneol sectional or party
interest but ol publio benelit ami ibo
delegation should goto Victoria with
that object in view, having the Interest! ol tho oity at lieu, t and taking
tirst place. There iB not the question
ot a doubt as to the need ol it bridge;
ihe nucleus of ii settlement is already
it. existet.ee, while largo ..ores of valuable land will al onco be opoi.ul up,
It is to be hoped that the delegation
who have been chosen to represent the
city will pisce thu matter, clearly and
urgently, before the premier, laying
stroe on tbe inct that a future settlement will be the immediate result and
that Kevelstoke as a rich and valuable
centre of a prosperous riding will so
much more expand and increase as
this communication il obtained will
assuredly permit of its so doing.
oue       ,»(; uiiiufirituiu oin. s.,ciai i„n
books nre 11 be Introduced aller
Christmas und prompt action is
necessary il the plans siiguesied mo to
bu ciurie.l out. Il seems.... reasonable
to suppose lhat British Columbia
c.nild not do for her school chi'dren
ivli.it tbe ciiy t.[ Toronto cat. di lnt
How Britisli Columbia Received
its Name.
The VOty interest ing volume, "letters of Quiet. Victoria," edited by A,
0. Honson u-d VUcouiit Eshor, just
published, contains it letter written on
July il, 18!)8, by which two interest-
i„C pjints arc mnde clear for the lirst
li.i... wil. r.i ni.ee to to the naming
..I lifiti-h C iiuu.bin—lii'f-t, thai Franco
ohjooied lo the iiilinoo! iN.w Caledonia
und .eo-ind, that the cretLt ol suggest
ing the name of liritish Col.in.I..a
belong, to ho Queen. The letllit is
as l-.llows:
'•'l'lie Queen bus received Sir K. liul-
wer Ly I tun's i- l.er.     If   tl.e ......... ol
New Caledonia is objected to as being
already borne by another colony or
island claimed by lho French, it may
be better to give the new colony west
ol the Kocky Mountains another name.
New Hanover, New Cornwall and New
Goo.gia, appear from the maps to be
the names of subdivisions ol that
country, und do not appear on all
maps. Tbe only name which is given
to tbe whole territory in every map
tho Queen has consulted is Columbia.
But ns there exists ulso a Columbia io
South America, and  the citizens of
UMis ana jkwblki
Our jewelry represents the most
ai'listic expression nf the goldsmith's
er.ifi, each a.'tide an entirely new
creation, fashioniibli. t<, tlie highest
degree, ihnl "il nppeul In yonr
interest ihe .u.uneul you vie. it. Out-
diamonds cine direct from tl.o cut-
tots and are sold lu vou ..I pleasing
prices for gems of such quality nnd
beauty, Pleased to bav.- yoll see then,
at any lime.
First-Class Clover and Tim-
o ilij' Hay for tale. Also al
kind.', of Garden Produce.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty
illo ('inuliiiii'il ill on" now do-
siuiis in I'lirpotB. Oul'stock is
coiill'li'it., uu.I the colors rich
.in.) etf....tlvo, ihoilostiinKiiiIiR-
lie, .ind the " tout ...isoinb o "
Is sinking .'ml Ileum fui. We
huvo .... et' shown su -b it i. Ido
vnriou of pfillein-, un.l ve
l.n v.- lie of plnocd <ueh low
prices ii|niii so it...di I.igh
quail'y I..-I*.......
R. HOWSCJi   > CO.'Y-
1ss m. e, creighton
teacher ok 1'iano, vocal
harmony counterpoint, ktc.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and university Examinations,
STL'llIO-At   Mr*.  J.  0,   Hotcl.isou's  Cou-
nuUfe'Lt Aveuue
Zbc flDaiklberalb
"1 would . . . earnestly advise them Ior
their good to order this paper lo be punctually
served uv. and to be looked upon as a part of
the tea   ifiipage."-AODlS'3N'.
WEDNESDAY, NUV. 20, 1907
Apropos of tbe opening of the new-
wing ol  tbe Y'.M.C.A. the inaugural
dinner ol whicli  will   take place tomorrow, it  is  titling that tbe public
should again be reminded of the excellent work that the local institution
ii doing and  the enterprise tbat bas
been shown by  tbe  directors in thoir
orlorts to place the local branch on as
secure and solid fouodatiou as any in
tbe province.   The association in general has  made  enormous  strides almost from ocean to  ocean in Canada,
but particularly  in British Columbia
bas tbis growth  been demonstrated.
Revelstuke has  an    institution    of
which ber  citizens  should be justly
proud and in a railroad centre such as
this, the need of an associalion iB particularly great,    since the inauguration of tut local branch great progress
has been mode and the interest shown
in it by all  sorts  and  conditions ol
people, proves that the movement has
universal support.    The usefulness of
the Y.M.C.A. iu cities, railroad centres and  manufacturing towns is generally recoguized by  all the captains
of industry, and tbe railroad companies, recognising how invaluable the Y.
M.C.A.  has  been  in   securing good
men for the road and enabling theni
tj be ever on  tbe spot   when  called
upon, are   amongst the largest contributors to the support of  the Association  in their  different localities and
the splendid response which tbe Canadian people west of the Lukes have
made to the appeal for these buildings
and  association   work  only  goes to
show how wholesome manhood is developed in the man and boy in these
institutions,  which   in itself  cannot
but convince them ol the benefits to
be derived, once the  matter is placed
clearly belore  them.    Tbe C.I'.R. is
making  munificent  support to the
Revelsloke Y.M.C.A. which will hsve
ite  due  reward  in   tbe  creating of
strong, healthy, morally and physically
men and  boys fit lor any task or any
service.   The city will benelit by the
possession ol  a rendezvous where the
youth may congregate In wholesome
pastime snd recreation and the moral
Btandard uill bc maintained in spite
of other varied allotments elsewhere.
In every department hore, excellence
is  our aim, and the people of Revelstoke realising this have risen tu the
o:casi .n in unanimous support for the
enlarging  and   augmenting ol   the
building, whicli the growth of tbe city
and the  expansion and popularity ol
the  Institution   justly demand.   Our
citizens  are  making one ol tbe best
investments in tho tine building that
is  now  erected  mid   being enlarged
wilh tho right, kind of men at its head,
and tbe results will take care ol them
selves  and  be an everlasting monument tu the generosity uf its support-
ets,  iu  the    bettor    upbuilding of
The city ol Toronto supplies its
32,000 school children with all requisites, slates, paper, etc., at a cost of 251 tbo United States call their country
cents a bond. The cost to tbis province, at that rate would be about
$8,000 and it seems that thoro is no
reason why our schools should not be
treated in the province of B. C, as
they are in Toronto city. Thc recent
convention of school trustees in
Vancouver, passed a strung resolution
in favor of free school bookB, which
resolution among others, tho government promised if possible to carry
also Columbia, ut least in poetry,
British Columbia might be the best
name." >
A lady who knows you ...id me,
Asked a friend to the Savoy for tea;
Her friend said, eb ! what I
For a cup or a pot,
A 1-1 b. box ol best candy for the most
appropriate addition. Oompctiiion
open for two weeks.—Savoy.
Incorporated by Acl '. I Parliament, 1855.
Wm, Molson Macphehson, Pick, S. H. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
all purls nf tl.e
Sixty-two brunches in Canada and Agencies iu
Interest credited four times a yeui.it current rate
Hank deposits, until further notico.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvemtokk, B. 0.
Al lhe Opera House Friday and Saturday. November 22nd
and 23rd. -A Stellar Attraction.
A great pleasure is in store for the theatre gocrB of Revelstoke in tbe
engagement of an old friend—Mr. Frank B Fanning—whose clever acting
charmed his audience in our city two years ago. He comes with an excellent
company  ol 15 people, and, supported by Miss Wardna Howard, who is an
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $950, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,   plastered and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Street.     Cash $950 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 60xllX), near Oowan Block
PRICE- $850
BELOW will be lound the names of some ol the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular and liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will bo given hy vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstuke securing the largest number of votes in
the following manner I The businoss men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
9th and ends Fib. Utb, 1908, A ballot box has heen placed in the Canada
Dr.ig & Book Store where the voles arc to bs deposited. At the cIobc ol
the contest the church, school, sooietj or lodge having the largest number ..! voles will be awarded the library. Current accounts when promptly paid wil. bo entitled tu votes. Remember, votes can only be secured by
tradiny with the merchant! listed below, Each week the Mail-Herald
Will .it...ounce ll.e standing of the contestant.
The lii.rary and ca-e are now on exhibition iu the show window ol
c II   11.. .ne,** Co.
FRANK B. Fas*n"in''. as "MephiltO," who supported tbe lamous
Louis Morrison as leading man.
actress ol more than the ordinary ability, possessing as she does every attribute that spells fame—beauty, magnetism, and a wonderlul conception ol the
part she portrays.
On Friday evening, 'The Virginian," the mtft famous western story
of today will lie produced, and every detail in scenery and acting , most
caiefully attend'd to.
On Saturday evening, "Capital versus Labour" will hold the iK.ards.
It is hard to describe the strength nl this play, portraying as it does the
grinding down of the working class until labour revolts, and tl.e climax ol the
second act when the interior ol the machine shop is exposed with whirling
wheels and clang of steam hammers, with the counter..( workmen begrimn ed
covered with sweat, ol honest toil, defying the capitalist and ordering % atriks,
forming the most realistic, scone, r.f life today. It can well he considered tl...
-trongest play on thc road.
C. li. HUME i CO,
i.f eerie.1,    Drygoods,    Crockery
Men'- I'......*....its. Bo. Is and S lies
J li,-!.,- Ftirtiihhiiigs
Cn pons given on Hardware only
f ,. . nil IN DRUG A  BOOK
i ii Ml", NY, LTD
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Meats, Lie,
Fine 1 onfeotlonery. Ice Cream, Etc.
Printers nnd Publishers.
Central Hotel
tfowly built.     First-class in every res|a.(;t.    All modern convenience.
Largo Sample Rooms.
Rt.es 11.60 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
is the one to ask who keeps
the best. She will tell you
MANNING'S is a long way
nlicad of any made. Delicious in all flavors, always
uniform in quality and
always fresh.
fs Candy Pita
suitably furnished wilh the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquorsand
Cigars.   Ratea $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Queen's Jtotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.' Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        -       -       Proprietor
Front Strkkt,    Revelstoke
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wiishii.gorccasy with its help.
And the nionoy saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what wo give lor
Itovul Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
The best Brick in the Province.
Well burnt Brick in huge or
su.all i|uiii..ilii-s ..I ItciMinshle
ENDERBY,        C.
I have many enquiries lor
Fruit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persona desiring to dispose ol
their holdings, largo or small,
will do well lo list ihem with
mc. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, oto.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue Iree.
White Help Only
Manufactured for all classes of buildings
AH kinds of building and pliistoriiiK
(or sale iu law or small quantities
at the lowest prices for cosh.
All kinds of building and plastering
Place your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Boots
and Fancy leather Goods. . .
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
ExDorter of Purs.
All Kinds of Light and H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Dea    in Wood, Coal snd Feed,
Phone 71. House Phone
Ilevelstoke Land District.
Diatrict ol Weil Kooteniy,
Tike notice thtt Donald Dewir, el Arrow,
bead,!...:., occupation Timber Cruiser, liucda
lo «|.|.ly lot a Ht.ei.lal limber licence over .be
following described land:
Commencing >t t pnat planted at the south-
wes. corset ol Timber Limit No. 11171, and
market "l.otiald Dewar,. nortl.-eut comer
post," Iheuce south .So clialna, thence wea. 10
clialna, thel.ee north 16.. cliain . theoce eaatII)
clialna to point ol commencement,
Datod October 'Ind, 1907.
Kevelstoke Land Diatrict
District ol Weat Kootwtjr.
Take notice Hint Krlc stttnd, ol Poplat
Creek, B .! , occupation Miner, Intends to
apply Inr a Hpeclal Umber license over .he Iol.
lowing described landa:
Comineucing at a post planted nn tbe west
aldeol I'oplar Creek, ibout 6(1(1 lee. from the
Creek, ami about seven mllealrom the town ol
I'oplar, thence aouth SU clialus ihence weat so
cnains, lbence north S chalna, thence caat 81)
chalna to point ol commencement, ..ud con-
laliiii.li lin. acres mote ur leal.
Dale.l Oelobet 161b, 1907,
despair. "Don't do a
thing;" till you see clearly
wli.it s Itcsl l.y uld of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, disease, lovo, marriage and parentage
Tells whBt you'd ask a doctor, but don't, like to
210 pages, Illustrated, 25 cents; but lo Introduce
it wo send one only to any adult for postage,
10 cents.
M  HILL, PUB. 00.
IIS Ea.t 28th Btrast, NSW VORK.
1FALED TENDERS addressed lo tbe under*
5  s giied, and endorsed "Tender for Deten*
imi Building, Victoria, B.C., will be received
at tbis olliee until Monday, December 2,1907,
inclusively, for the construction of a Detention
BnlldluK «t Victoria, H.C.
Plans and specifications can be seen and
forms of tender obtained nt tbis Department
and on application to William Henderson,
Esq., Resident Architect. Victoriu. H.C,
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
wilt not be considered unless ma le on the
printed form supplied, and signed wtth their
actual signatures,
Each tender must lie accompanied by nn uc
cepted cheque on a chartered bank, mnde payable to the order of the Honourable the Minis*
tor of Public Works, equal to ten Ilo p.o.) of the
atnonut of the tonder, which will be forfeited if
tho person tenderiug (Incline to enler into a
contract when calloif upon to do so, or if he fall
to complete the work contracted for, If the
teiiderlionot accepted the cheque will he returned
The Department does not bind itself toacoept
tlm lowest or nny tender.
Ily Order,
Depnrtment of Publio Works
Ol town, November 2,1901,
Newspapers will not be paid for this adver*
tisemeul if they iiissrt it without authority fr„m
tho Department. sat nov 0
Revelstoke Und District,
District of West Kootenav,
Take notice that Henry Magnuion of
I'oplar Creek, inclination Ml imr, intends
to apply for a special Umber llceuse over lho
lollowlng described lands:
Commenolng at a post planted on theeast
side of Poplar Creek, about*) feet from the
('reek, ami about six mites from tbe town uf
Poplar, Ibeuce east 80 ehains, thence soutn so
chains, theuce west 80 clmins, thence uonh HO
ohains to point ol commeucement, and containing 040 acres, moreor less.
Dated October Pth, 1W7.
oct 10 sat Per Krlc strand, Agent
Itevolstokn Und District,
District of Wost Kootonay,
TAKE NOTICE tbat Oeorge McCarter, of
Kovelst-ike, I). C., Ageut, intends to apply for
permission to purchaso the following described
lands :
Comineucing nta post planted at the north*
nast corner of Cut H2IK1, lu Uroup One, Kootenay
District: llmnee wost lliil,' chains; thsnee
north 3flcliHitis; tliencowest 10 chain.-; tbeuce
north ft chaini. ihmice east 21,019 chains more
or loss to the west bank of the ('olumbia River;
thonce following tho wost bank of the Colntn-
bin River ftnutherly tothe point of commence-
in-iiii. ."i.ni'iiniiiK iq ucros, moreor leas.
Dated November lit,, 1901. Nov. 0
Notice Is hereby glveu that an application
will be made to tbe Parliament ol Canada at
lis next session for au act Incorporating a
company under ti.c name of ''Shuswap k
Thompson Rivers liuom Company," with
power to attach booms to t'.c shores of the
Thompson River, the Norlh Thompson Kiver,
the Suuth Thompson .'Ivor, Kamloops Uke,
Shuswap Lake audits several arms, the Lower
apftllumti' cen Kiver and tbe navigable tributaries of eftch and the navigable waters connecting therewith aud their respective navigable tributaries all In the Province of British
Columbia, aud 10 acquire, construct and maintain booms, weirs, climes, dams, slldcH, piers,
cribs, wharves, canals, flumes and all works ol
any kind whatever that may be deemed useful
or necessary fur transporting, driving, towing,
collecting, booming, sior.ng, sorting nud delivering pulp-wood, poles, logs, timber and
lumber of all kinds, and accordingly to deepen
and widen by any means whatever any of said
rivers or bodies01 water, aud romovo therefrom
all Impediments or hindrance* lo navigation;
and tor said purposes lo expropriate such
lauds as may tie necessary, ami to collect lolls
from other parties making use of the Company's works, Improvements ur services; lo
acquire, maintain and operate lands, works,
water powers, franchises aud licenses, loadl,
tramways, docks and wharves, and lur tbe
company's purposes only to acquire aud operate telegrhpb, telephone and electric lines;
bo acquire, construct, navigate and charter
peats, tuxs and waiei craft; iu acquire tuo pro*
deny, rights, franchises, stock, bonds aud
to benluros of any other company, and to sell,
lease, hold, exchange or dispose of any ol the
Company's property, and lor all other necessary aud incidental rights, powers aud privileges; and that the Company's undertaking
may be declared to be for the general advantages of Oanada.
Solid torn for tbe Applicants,
Dated al Ottawa tbis 1st day «(October, a.d,
1907, lOT 11
Nnllce Is bet. by given ...i. .be pinneriblp
l.er.-...lore .ululating between ua. Ihe under-
■1K....1.11 M munch ind Mm..!.: Pice. >a
sin-, 1 Menl Workers. Ill tbe illy ol Level
si......  itrl'iaii (,'olomtilt, under .he Hyleof
Hiiiri.li an.l Pice, bu thl. diy been dissolved
l.y ninl.ial .im--nt All debt.ot iccqunl.
owing .0 aaid I'lr.nitablp are to be paid lo
md i-dwiril 1'- I'lif.f
lund .hla Slh diy ol October. A.D., 1907
B. M. Hivi'icil,
nenl IDWaKDC. MCI,
In the Matter of the Companies' Winding-up Act 1898.
The creditors and other, of the Ro.elatoke
Steam Lauudr* Company, Limited, of Revel*
stoke, are hereby ....tilled tbat on tue llll. day
of October, Iiim, the Company paaaed au tiitra-
..rdiiiury Reaolutlon to the effect that tbe Company be forthwiud wound-up voluntarily, under
the above act, and William J. Law, of Revel-
atoke, waa appoluted Liquidator ol tbe said
Notice ia hereby given that all creditors of
tl... auld Company are hereby notified to send
by poat prepaid, or otherwise deliver to the
aaid Li.ji.id.tUir, William J, Law, at Revel.
stoke, District of Kootenay, on or before Hatur
day, mh duy of Novombor, 19.17, their full
name., addresses and deae. iptlona, and full
particulars of their clnlma accounta or Inter-
obIs end the nature ol securities, If any, held
liy (limn. Immediately alter tbo aaid IStltl. day
ol Novemlajr, 1907, tl.e asset, of tl.e said Con.*
pany wiil be realised and distributed among
tbe parties eutttlod thereto, haviug regard
only to the claims of which the Ltqulditot
hell then bave notice, tnd all others shall be
deluded Irom the alio distribution.
Dated the 22nd dayol October, 1907.
Revelstoke, B.C.,
Solicitors foi lit Litioidstor, -
Ml Here
Complete.    That just describes our
splendid showing of Winter Suits.
Single and double breasted—3 and 4
button Sacks.
Grays, browns, blues, blacks and
lancy mixtures.
Stripes, checks, overplaids and plain
effects in Tweeds, Worsteds, Serges, Cheviots, Homespuns
—all imported exclusively for Fit-Reform.
They are all here.
Ask lor what you will —Fit-Reform shows everything that
good style and good taste sanction.   $15 up. 261
Revelstoke, B. C.
Steel Range
The Kootenay!
broiler and
toasting door is j
very spacious.
Large enough |
for a feed door.
Free Booklet
on request, pte*
jutton to
open clean-
out door. Use
, scraper and
can be •
out in
a min-
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
> W%%%i%% %%%%*tV%*tV*tV*'»*M^%*€V%*V%% %%%%%% VI
For Agricultural Implements.  Carriages, Wagons
Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Compauy's
Buggies, Pie l Jr. Garden Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheelwright and lb Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
i %%%%%% vr»*%%%%v**v%% *%%%%%%'*%%%**%
To Whon- it May Concern:
Take ootice tbat I, tbt undersigned,
trom tbis date, positively declare myself not responsible for any bills contracted by my son, Frank MoMahon.
Dsted st Reveletoke, B. C, Oct. 19th.
Mrs. J. McGinnis.
Revelatoke Und Distriot.
District of West Kootenay
■ NOTICE la hereby jtlven Ihal SO diya liter
dnte I iuiend to apply to the Chief Commit.
alnner of Landa and Worka fnr i special timber
licence to cut and earry away timlwr Iron,
certain landa situate in tl.e Diatrict of West
Kooteniy described aa lollywa I
Commeueiug nta post planted on the Wost
Hank ol the Columbia Rivet and on the north
boundary o! the railway bolt and mnrked Q. S.
McCirler'a Soutb-Enst Coruor"; thence 121)
chains west; theuce north 52 chains; thence
east 120 chains; to the Columbia River: thence
aouth along tbe wett bank of the Columbia
River 52 chains more or less to the point of
oommenoement aud containing 6.0 acres more
or less. „„
Dated November 1st., 1S01,
Nov. 9 GEORGE 8- Mcl'ARTEH.
Members of above Company will
muster for Oompany Drill every
Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
1 in Captain.
Revelstoke, B. C. Nov. 6,1907.
Cariboo' and District,
Diatrict ol Cariboo. „ ,
Take nolice thit Charlce I, Hyde, ol Revelatoke, U.U., occopitlon, timber cru.aer, intenda
lo apply lor a special timber license over the
following deacribed landa:
1. Commencing.it a post planted aliout one
mile above the mouth of Ptarmigan (.reek, and
about one mile north ol Cnnoe River, thouce
ISO chalna north, tlieuce 10 chains oust, thonce
113 chains south, theuce lochui.fs wost to point
of commencement,
2. Commencing at a poal plnuted ..bout two
miles abovo tbe mouth of Ptiirmlg.... Creek,
and about one mile ...... I. of Cauoo River,
.hence 11* I chalna woat, thouce ta) oba.ua south,
thenco ISO ohalna eaat, theuco 10 chains north
to paint of eommoucemont,
3. Commeueiug at • poat plintek about
three miles above Ihe mouth ol rtarmlgan
Crook, and one mile unrtl. of Cnnoe Hlver,
theuce SO ohnlns north, thonc. SO chains east,
thence Sll chalna south, thenee SO ohalna weat to
point of .-iui.iniiticiinie.it,
.. Commencing at > poat plan tad nboul
throe n.lloa abovo tho month ol Ptarmigan
Creek, ind one mile uorth ol Cauoo lllver.
tiience SO rhalna north, tbence SOchains west,
thenre SO ohnlna aouth, thenci sn chains enat to
point of commencement.
lllled Oclobar Mb, Mil.
wh nov 13 CHARLES L. IIY UK.
Real Kstate, Mining and Financial Agent, Stock and
Hl.are Broker
Has (or sale ohoice Residences,
City Lots, Fruit and Farm lands
Hotels, StoroB, Livery Stables,
and various business opportunities.
Now is the time to buy coal,
copper and other investment
sharea when they have reached
rook boetom prices and are again
SubjHt to confirmation I will buy
Oanadltn Marconi 11.1
North Star     SI
Subliel .0 confirmation I will MS
International Ooal md Cok.      tl
Alberta Ooal       40
SrKk.nr.dg.-lund Ooal     S7
Diamond Vila Coil      It
Cilbrallh Ooal     It
WMlern Ooal «nd oil, (Pratt.)  110
loyal Oolll.rlM      II
NIoelaOMl  tat OS
Domlni.n Oopp.r  I 44
t. o. Coram 4 11
Ortnbfy 0tM4.Mat.iS     tO
Oobilt, Hlr.ia.ln,  and *«!«■
thine in (MS buy. tl
The Currency Problem.
Kditor MAii.-llifl........
IMR : I'l... Mib-loadcr in yonr issue
ol Nov, lllth deserves more .ban pas.-
i...; attention Now that Canada is
leeling tin financial stringency, it is
time tn think about tho subject and
consider the cau-es nud the remedy.
I noli, e leading bankers say this condition is world-wide and the cause and
remedy aro therefore universal rather
than local. That this is not true ii
evidenced by the *act that France,Ior
iiiBtance, has offered Britain and
America such large amounts of money
to help theni over existing conditions.
The cause, not being universal, nius'
bo lo some ...xtent liieal. In Britain.
Lord Rothschild attributes it to the
(Mint ul confidence created in ihe
minds ol cmiitalists by the "hissing"
ut oapltal that is heard, e«|>( chilly at
election times
In Germany the methods ol national financing are blamed as having
oreated a similar want ol cm.fl'.lcuc".
In lho United Slates tl.e attacks of
Roosevelt on the trusts, and the want
ol confidence thereby created, is given
ae the rot-on. In Canada we arc
calmly told by Hon. Mr. Fielding,
minister ol finance, and by leading
bankers that tbe cause lies in tbe
excessive progress ol the couutry.
Now to my mind there are several
causes and remedies eo lar as Canada
is concerned. You have referred to
one of them,
It is an axiom tbat a monetary
system, to be perfect, should be based
on the population, production and
commerce, or assets ol a nation, that
thc circulating medium should increase with tl.e increases in these
features of national development, and
tbat it should decreaie with their
respective reductions Bhould such
occur. This latter phase could only,
however, occur in the case ol a decadent nation, or In tbe event ol a great
national calamity.
Canada, then, is a nation ol progressive increase on whatever basis
may be chosen tor its monetary circulation. The basic system in this
Country is that known as a credit
currency, based on gold. Tho government is authorised by a law which,
judged by the progress of the country,
ought to be relegated to ancient histoy
That law authorises the issue by the
government of currency to the extent
of 130,000,000, backed as you say by
15 per cent, specie and 10 per cent,
national securities guaranteed by the
Imperial government. Any issue
ove" and above that can only be on
the actual specie held by tbe Treasury,
and tbe amount issued on the Bur-
plus basis is 124,794,597. Since tbat
currency law was adopted the population hae increased largely, the revenue
has nearly doubh d, the exports have
nearly trebled, yet the natbnial credit
currency which, alter all is tbe actual
means ol providing fnr the moneta.y
handling ol this hugely increased
business ot the country, has not been
increased one iota.
lt will be s i.l that the increase in
bank capital and bank currency has
supplied ihe required monetary increase Has it ? Let lhc c.nidi'inns
ol tuday answer, wlie.e Ihe bankers
tell you there is not enough money to
go tound, When this financial stringency came to l.e realized there was no
trade depression. The country was
prosperous Irom one end tc the other
The only cloud in the sky was the
uncertainty about the* wheat crop, but
when tbe results were known the
public were assured that there was
abuut a two-thirds crop with a third
better price, so tbat matters came out
about even. Tbis then, was not a
But it was found the banks could
not supply the money to move the
crop; that ships went to Fort William
and had to return empty because the
necessary funds to pay for tbe wheat
oould not be got; and tbat in order
to move the wheat crop, Hon. Mr,
Fielding, finance minister ol the
Dominion, had to come to the assist
snee of the banks, with funds to do
this work. And if be bad to come to
tl.e assistance ol tbe banks, why
ibould he not come to the assistance
ol tbe public with sn smending law to
allow the increase of the national
currency in proportion to the growth
of the country ?
In bis "Principles of Banking,"
Thomss Uankey, formerly Governor
ol the Bank of England, quotes an
opinion then applicable to England,
which ie now applicable to Canada,
when it is remarked. "How absurd
to expect that the same amount of
circulating medium can discharge the
r quired duties wbeu tbe exports sod
imports ot tbe country amount to
£200,000,000, as when they only
amounted lo £50,000,000?
There are two other causes for monetary stringency affecting Canada.
One ie thtt last year the biiancc of
trade was against Canada to the extent ol 152,000,000, this country's
imports ol manufactured goods mainly
Irum the States, exceeding the exports br thst amount.   This deficit it
yeiiine, cut ms. yea. a wi.cat crop, mil
tbo urcf.t remedy lies iu thi' hn.idling
up imn and -e I and otbe   Caliailia
industries,   .
The uther 1-.1 use is hai tbe oh.. I
Canadian c.pi.alist. nave hen de-voting .heir 11. y tinbedevi'lnpiiieiii ,.f
foreign countries Instead of tl.e laud
where tbey gathered their weallh. I
know must people will ileny this
latter leature to be an injury to
Canada, but «o high an authority on
finance ae tbe late Right Hon, G. J
(ioschen, former chancellor ol the
British Exchequer, in his work on tbe
"Foreign Exchanges" says on this
point, "ln the same way as the
monetary system ol a country may be
endangered when it import, more
foreign produce than the amount ol
its exportation, so may it be endangered l.y the undue purchaso ul foreign
stocks, with the Bole distinction that
the latter arc lar more adapted to for
re-exportation than manufactured
goods or produce." Thia difficulty can
be surmounted by progressive taxations or incomes from such investments.
Auother reason to which some
weight tc should bo given is the fact
that the Canadian banks, though deriving their charters and gr.at
privileges from the people and government ol Canada, are shown by the
government returns of Sept. 30th to
have $03,2118,1)94 invested in call loans
outside Cauada, most ot which is said
to have been invested in New York,
while only $47,2g8,694, was invested
in similar securities in Canada itself.
Unless it can be satisfactorily explained by the bankers this is a feature of Cauadian banking that should
have attention at tl.e hands of Parliament.
With the exception of France the
monetary and banking systems of
Canada are the soundest, most scientific, and best on the face of the earth,
but the weak point about it is that
the national credit currency issue has
not been kept up-to-date as shown by
the fact that, with the exception of
Russia, Canada l.as tbe lowest per
capita money circulation ol any important country. France heads the
list with $37.38 per head, the United
States comes next with $30 per head,
Germany next with $19.92, Britain
uext with $18 29, Canada next with
$1363, aud Russia next with . n'y
It may be objected that there is no
demand Ior actijii by the Dominion
government on this matter, The
reason is ibe people do ..ot understand
tbe position. For instance I tried to
get the matter broached at the Board
of Trade and the Libe.al Association
but everybody seemed afraid even to
discuss it. Well, people get what they
vote Ior as a rule, and il tbe community is satisfied with existing con
ditions without making an effort to
get a rente ly, 1 hey deserve all tbey
suffer, I am satisfied il this m.tler
w, ro underst.11 d every Lib nil Assooiation, and every Bi.ar.1 ..f Trade aonld
take it up und ins st on the Domini. 11
government doing iheir duty under
tbe circumstances. Pmles-ur Walker,
says in his "Political Economy":—
"The demand Iur money is the ..ccae
ion for the use of money in effecting
exchanges." When the bankers tell
us there is not en. ugh money to go
round they show there is a demand for
mote currency.
I have to apologise Ior tbe length ol
this letter, but seeing tbe importance
ol the subject and the complexity of
the issues involved it has been im
possible to deal with it in less space so
sb to make myself understood, I trust
the effect of this letter will be to
induce peuple to think about the
question and create a publio opinion
which will not rest satisfied till a
remedy is provided lor the unsatisfactory conditions now existing.
Parliament meets at Ottawa this
month and unless a remedy is applied
there will be much distress through-
out the country this winter, as in.
duttries are forced lu close and men
snd women are thrown out of em
ployment by reason ol a condition of
things which, by a little intelligence,
can be remedied in a scientific manner,
I have, etc.,
17.1 IK Hale-Pins,  Ymiim   Yortsll ie
1     by   te|!i.|,.|,.,|   M  |),
21 Vf...- It...,1 A....wli-1.1.
vrUHSINi; Ii. nfim..' bi.ll.es wauled
iM    if. .1 won.an of , xp.-i .•■....-, kui.iI
.H.Hl-.-hces.    A.ldl'ewi Ml'S, M. UVfllO.I,
Rovelstoke, net 80
WANTED-It.m.i.s toBent, pully
furnished,   Apply to   Robt.
WANTED-Sinnle furnished room,
with or wilhoul hoard. State
terms, nioderalo.il. letter to A. W.,
Mail-Hebald office.
WANTED—Live wide awake hoys
in every (ily, town and village
to sell Western Cunnd.i's new weekly
newspapei, "The Western Home-
Btcud." Hustlers ran mnko bin money.
No capital required. Wi Its for terms
Immediately, Thu Western Homestead
I'ul     y, Alia.
WANTED io purchase lur client.,
see.....I h.tnil  Sufi' apply to I'l, A.
'   Haggen, Itvelslnke.       nnv 9
Local Rovoletcko
Soclal.it Party of Canada
Meets First and Third Wednesday (n lhe month
In Selkirk Hill, upstairs, a. 8 p.m. Subject (i.r
ilisciis*i,,ii '■Ariffiii.iin-iii of Capitalism. All
Interuatud are welcome.
c. w. 0. w.
Mountain View Oamp. No. 229.
Meet, Sccut.d and Kourth Wcdno days In
each month, in Selkirk Hall. Vlailing Wood.
.1.011 cordially Invited to allond.
IV. I). ARMSTRONG, Con. Jom.
J HclNTYItK. Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings are hold in the Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening ut S o'clock. Visit*
inil brethren are cordially invited.
fl. A. BROWN, President.
W. E. McLAUCHLIN, Secretary.
Koote nnv Lodge No, 15 A.F, ft A.M.
The regular meet*
ingi* are held in the
Masonic Temple,
Jdd Fellows Hall.on
the third Monday ln
moil month at 8
p.m. Vinitingbreth
ren cordially wel
U A. FKUCUNIER, Secretary.
James Evans
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12. 1.0. 0. P.
Meets everyThursdav
evening in Selkirk
Hall at S o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 38, Rsvelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday oi
each comb, in the Oddfellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
Knights are cordially invited.
Q. H. BROCK, K. of R. A S.
B. A. BROWN. II. of F
rooms, lurnaco, two lots (one corner),
Couvenient to business part ol city.
A desirable home for anyone. Price
moderate on easy terms.
Apply:—Mail Herald.
Restauran* and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, ■ East End
Meals at all Hours
EverythinK Upto-Di.te
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
The Japanese government is said to
be considering thoadvisal.i iayolshutting off .he emigration to Canada and
the United States, for the present, on
the ground that economic conditions
render it inadvisable for citizens of
Japan to visit foreign countries unless
they are able to show that they are
amply sell supporting.
Take notice that I shall hold a Court of Ho-
vision md Appeal,under tho "Assessment Act,
respeetini the Assess ..ont Roll of IBIS
for thi Revelstoke Assessment District,
.... Mnuday, thelltltb dny of December, 1W7, at
the hour of ileven o'clock In the lotenoou, nt
tl.e Court House, Hovelatoke,
Datod it Revelstoke this llth day ot November, 1B07,
Judge of the Court of Revision and Appeal,
Revelatoke Assessment District of Wast
ait nov IS w 01
Marriage Licenses Issued
I, Alexander Mer.all, of S. 'n nn
Arm,declare that mv wile h s I.f. my
bed a. .1 bim.d ,.(Ivr own fr.-e will anil
(VIIll<Hit eanee ai d llnl I "ill In I In
reNp.insil.le Inr nnv deb's ti.a. sl»-or
mv children may itrur iron, thil date.
Oct. 2i,d lil- 7.
Amxandkii Mkiiraix.
Open Day and
Special attention given to
Supper Parties A banquets
Maalt, ISo.      Meal Tickets, 15.50
OPPOSITE  Y. M,  0,  A.
Beware of yellow oiri'iilsis which
claim othen have the I rthbridi>e
ooal I They lie I You can get Loth
bridgo coal from one source only, and
that is from its agency.
Place ynur orders with me and get
the realj[..».ls at $8 50 pei ton for four
ton orders, weigh where you please.
Cariboo Land District,
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that Donald Mcintosh of
Revelgokc, B. C, prospector, intends to
apply for permission to purchase lhe following described land:
Commencing al a post planted about 2 j
miles above Blue Kiver, marked "D Mcintosh's S. E. oorner," thence north 1 so
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
soulh 120 chains, thence east 40 chains to
point of commencement, containing 480
aores more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug at D. McINTOSH.
Revelatoke Land District
Dintrict of Weet Kootenay.
Take notice that James P. Kennedy, ef Illecillewaet, II. CL Miner, Intenda to apply for a
special Umber license over the following described lands;
Commencing at a poet planted on the north
bank of the north-cant fork of Downie Creek,
about six milei ubove the forka and marked
"James P. Kennedy's S w, corner," thence 40
chains north, thence e.ist 160 chains, thence
touth 10 chains, thence west 160 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640 aerea
more or lesa.
Dated September Uth, 1907.
oot 6 sat JAMK3 P. KENNEDY*
In the matter of the estate of Charles Gittsmw
Bacher, late or Revelstoke, British Columbia, deceased.'
Notice is hereby siren pursuant to the Re*
vised Statutes of British Columbia, 181*7, Chap.
187, thut all creditors and others baring claims
against the estate of the said Charles Gittsman
Bacher, who died on or about the 21st June.
YM, urn required on or before the 2Uib day uf
December. Wl in smut hy pout prepaid or
deliver to Messrs. Sc.it k Hri.'us.if the ('ily uf
Revelstoke aforesaid, S ncitnr-. fur FMerick
W. >ylmer, Admiuintraiur of the p»tmi ;tl
astute and olio, is f tne .suid deret>eil, their
Christian names mid -miiames, addresses und
descriptions with lull particulars of their
claims the statement- f = li*- i r acmitit nnd Ibe
nature of the so* urine- (if uu>) held by them.
Ami further tune u-tne that ufler *ticii last
mentioned dule the said Administrator will proceed to yistr.buie the u.-.-e -, uf ihede,,ea-.e«i
among the parlie.- eutitletl tiieretu, having ro-
mini only to the claims of wh-rli he ttieu shall
have notice, uud ih.tt ihe said Administrator
will ii- tliu liable for the suid upsets <>rany
part thereof to any persuu or persuusof wbufe
claims notice shall not have been received by
him ut the time of Mich distribution.
Dated at Hevelstoke, British Columbia, this
first day of Novum her, 1U07-
Suli'*it'»rs for Frederick W  Aylmer, Admlnls-
mmi'trutor uf the personal   estate and
etFecis nf said Charles Giltsmau Bncher,
dunm-tnl. sal nuv 'J-Itw
Dissolution of Partnership.
Nol.re.ihorrby alven 'hi. lhe partnership
hcrelolore sub-l-tlnn belaeen ui, the under-
signed, aa conlociioiwri, In IheCity of Revelstoke. na. lhii (lav been dlsaolved by mutual
fiinacnt. All ilebtaowlnii to the laid p.rtner-
al.li. ire to be pild to Allan 0. llornell. ind all
claim.. Milan the -ild ...r.nersblp ire lo be
preseoted to the an.1 Allan D. Hornell. wbo
will In future carry on tbe slid tu.lneu and
by whom thoume will be settled.
Dated it Revelitoke, B, C, thl. 1Kb day ol
October. 1907.
WUnc»a:-A, M. I'lnkbim. oc.16
Notice is hereby giveu tlmt at the neit meet
iiiK of the Licensing Commissioners for the
Kevelstoke District, application will bo mnde
for the transfer uf the )lcen«e for the Boceptiou
Hot*il,Cnuiboriie, loCnry Menhenaick.
Dated Nuv. Ulh. 1907.
wit nuv Hi lm H. J O'BRIEN
i».'ir ii'A'ic, Anlinalijttlrda, i tb, ,TAe.,
Mul Nl hii
All ITM I   l»U)i« MtiUIltwl,
r -,-si. 'oxiL
Slu in,   L'.-ri-T -f fir*! St. art'1 Bufle *v*>.
.' *•   I     *   It     .
To Whom it May Conoehn :
Take notioe that I, the undersigned
frum this date, positively declare my,
self not responsible for any bills contracted by my wife, Mrs, John Carlaw.
Dated at Kevelstoke, B.C., Oct. 16th,
wed lm John Carlaw.
Uevelsloki. Lind I.lalrlct.
District ol Weil Koolemv.
'like uutlco thit Alexander McCormick, ol
Beaton, B.C.,occupation Teamalir, Intend! to
apply Ior a special timber llcenie over the foi-
lowing tteiorlbcd landa:
8, Ciii.uncn..| nit at I poit plinted almut oue
mllo west ol John Croft's No 2 poat, marked
' A. Mccormick's No. 8, louth-eut oornor,"
thence weat SU ohilna, tbence uorth 80 chains,
tbeu.eeaat SO ohains,lhcuce aoutb80chilna
... point ul commeoccmeut.
Ailed Not. 7th, 11)07,
■it nov 16      ALEXANDER HoOOKHICK.
Notice l> hereby mnn that it the neit meet
Ifig til tlie Licensing OoQunlul -n-r- li.r Re.el-
steke Distriot application will b. made I'.r the
transfer uf lln license lor Ihe Lelind Hotel,
Naku.p. I.. Ogelvii- A McK.trick.
Dated Nov 2nd, 11107 	
sat nov 19 L  II, llcDOt (IAL1)
RevelHtoko Und District,
Dlstrictof WentKooienar.
Take notice thnt w , the Lnmb-watson Lou.
her Company Limited, of Arrowhead, B. C,
occupation Lumbermen, intend to apply for
permission to lease tbe following described
foreshore, being part of the foreshore of Galena
Bay, for logging purposes;
Commencing at a pnst scribed "Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co." planted at the S.W. corner uf
LotW'fl, thence louthwesterly following high-
water mark, a distance uf 110 cnains.
Dated this 30th day of October, 1907.
Jan 1608 By 0, II. N. Wilkie, Agent.
Ke'.ebtoka Land Disirirt-
Districtof West K<x;tenuy.
Take notice that I, W. A. Smith, Agent, 60
days after date intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and tturki for per*
mission to purchase the followinf described
Commencing at a post planted about li mile
north of south-east corner of timber limit 7016.
and marked "W A. Smythe's BW, corner post,
tbence north Wckains. theace east (0 chains,
thence south 10 chains, tbence west 80 chains to
pointof commencemeni, coaiaining Ito teres
more ot less.
Dated Oct. Ulh, 1907.
Revelstoke Laud Distriet.
District of West Ku«teoay.
Takenntice tliail, J. Sauuderaon, miner. 60
i.ijMtfier dale intend lu ■( ply io  tbe Chief
'ummissiouer of Lauds and Wurks fur per*
minion to purchase tl e following described
Cummencing at a poat planted SJchaiai west
f Blind Bay and marked "J- tiaunderson's
north-east eurner pust," theuce south 10 chains,
theme west 80chaius, th^ure uurth 10 chaini
tlieuce east 80 chains in point of commencement, coutaiuiug 640 acres more ur less.
Dated Oct. ML IM.
Per W. A. Smythe Agent,
Revelstoke Land District.
District ul West Kuutauay.
Take notice that 1. P. H GuhSy, mine manager. 60 days afterdate intend to apply to lb*
thief Commissioner of Laudt and Works for
permissiun to purchase the following described
audi |
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains
north of the south-east corner of timber limit
lull', ninl marked "P. H Guffey's north-east
coruer post," thence south 10 ehains, theuce
west 80 chains thence nortb 90 chains, thenee
east flu chaius to puiut of cummeucement, con*
taiuiun 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct Mlh. 1907.
Per W. A. Smythe, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
Distrlctof Wesi Kuuteiiay.
Take notice that I, R. M- Smythe, merchant!
0 days after dale intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioned of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a pott planted 40 chaini
north of the sonth-est corner of timber limit
7016 and marked "R. M. Smythe's norlh-west
corner post," thenre east 80 ehains, thence
south SO chains, thence west 10 ehains, tbence
north 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or leas.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907,
Per W. A. Smythe, Agent,
Bevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that I, W. A. Beavr, locomotive
fireman, 60 days after date intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Land and Works fur
permission to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted about i mile
north of the south-east coruer of timber Unit
7016 and marked "W. A. Beavo's south-east
corner post," tnence north It) chains, theme
west 80 chains, thence south to chaiui, thence
east 80 chains tu point of com meneement, coa-
taining 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907.
Per W. A. Smythe, Agent.
Take notice that Donald Dewar, of Arrowhead. B. C, Umber cruiser, Intends to apply
for special timber licenses over the following
deacribed lands:
1. Commencingat a poet planted about90
chains north-west on a blaied trail from Boyd'a
cabin on Pingston Creek, and marked 'Donald
Dewar's north-east corner poat," (hence weet
160 chains, thence south 40 cbaina, tbeuce eaat
160 cnains, thenoe north 10 chains.to point ot
2. Commencing at a poet planted at the
north east oorner of Location No. 1. and marked "Donald Dewar'a eouth-aaat corner poat,"
tbence west 160 chains, thenoe north 4u chains,
thence east l6u chaina, tbenoe eotub 40 chaina
to point of commencement.
Dated September Slat, 1907.
3. Commencing at a poet planted at tbe
south-wesl oorner of Timber Limit illflg, and
marked "Donald Dewar's eoutb-eewt coruor
post," thence north 160 chains, tnence weal 46
chains, tbeuce soulh Iiu chains, tbence east 41
chain* to point of oummencement
4. Commencing at a po*i plauted at tbe
•ouiheaal, corner of Timber Limit Nu. UiTu,
andmarked "Duuald Dewar's eouth wost coruer putt,' iia-iice nut Hi ftu chaius, ibuuut- east
flu cuaiiH, tutujc huuui au ouaias llivuce West
au clU-aliM iu puiut uf luiuuiou'.uiuciit
iwini svp.-iuixT £)i*U. 19 7:
»iv oct.* UhNALD DEWAR*
Take notice that I, George T, Vuw an, of
AnoMlnad, H. c , uc. up.*.uuii Cierk. in.uu t ie
appt) lur perintuiuu w purcluu-j lut luduwu.g
uvMinuwi una*.:
< uinuiciiciug at a pot plan ed at the N.K,
COriiur oi Ci.tu .vicQ i.irui- ■ out **4'»\ liifu.e
i-oi h tr diainn. tlienc; *vsi ju ci.iiii*. Uience
miii li -ii cliaim, tin-net e.Mi 4u cDeuu., tlieuce
N.uiii 1'ichriiii-., in-cin-* Hat IV CbatU to puiut
ul euuiuiLiicviuenU
Dated dipt. Uth, IK.
rep i\ sat        Ot-XIRGE T. NKWMAN.
Revelstoke Land Distriet.
1-.strict of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Elijah McBeaa ef Revel-
stoke. B.C., occupatiuu Miner, iateods le
apply for special timber licenses over tbe foi*
luwiug described lands:
1. Commencing at a poit planted two mllei
east of tbe Columbia river, ne*r be euuin-eswt
cornor of Timber Limit 9619, aud marked 'JC
MuBean's north-weat cumer," tbence eaat 160
flia.u*i, thenoe wulb 40 i.h»ina, Utuieu west 160
chains, thenco norlh 4u chain* t*. point of cumin, ncement, tod containing 640 aural mure or
Datod 9th September, 1907.
2. commencing at a poit planted on tbe
north bank of Blgmouth Creek about i mile
above tbe south fork, and marked "K. MoBean'a south-weat oorner,' thence nerth 40
chains, thenoe eaat 160 chains, thence aou h 40
chains, thence west 100 to pointof commencement, and containing 640 acrei mon or leas.
Dated llth September, 1907.
3, Commencing at a post planted oa tbe
south bank of Bigmontb Creek about Ii miles
abore the south fork and miried "* MuBean's
north-east conier," thence 4" ehaias aouth,
thence 160 chains west, thence 40 chains nurth,
tlience lOOchains ea«i to point of commencement, and containing 640 acre* more or leas,
4, Commencing at a poet planled on the
soulh bank uf Bigmoulb Creek auout.lt miles
abuve ihexuuih lurk and marked "K. McBean'i
nurtb-wexi coruer," tlivnue 40 chains eut,
theuce 40 chains north, thunce 40 chni Meant,
theuce au chains nouth, iheuce 4o chaini west,
Uience I" chaius suulh, theoct 4*' chain weel
thunco tu chaius nurih to puiut of commence1
incut, aud cuuuiuiug 6tu aorve mure or leaa.
i coir niuncing at a puat planted oo the cut
bank of tiigiuuiin tmtk, aboul five miles
above Cauyuu Crwa, aud umrked "IC Mo-
Beau's uonh weat ourtwr," thenoe 40 chains
Kiutb, thence 4u chains eanl,lbenc« 40 chaini
soutb, ihunce Mt chains earn, thence 4u chains
nurth, thence in chaiua weet, tbenoe 40 clmins
uorth. Ihence 80 chums west to point of com*
mencvmenl and containing 640 acres more or
Dated llth September, 1907.
6. Commencing at a poet planted 100 yards
south of Hijonouth Creek aud above the nurth
fork nod marked "K McBean'i north-weat cor
ner," thenoe 60 ohains, ihence 80 chains south,
thenoe tw chains wast, thenca tu chains uorth te
point of commencement, and oonuining 666
acres more or less.
Dated 16th September, 1907
aat sep 29 hLIJAH MeBEAN.
Revelstoke Und District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Tako notice that Bowman Lumbar Company,
Limited of Revelstoke, B.C0, occupation Lumbermen, intend to Apply for a special timber
license over the following described lands t
Commencingat a post planted abont 1 mile
east of Blind Bay, thence east 80 chains, theoce
south 80 chains thence west 80 chains, thenee
north lOchains to point of commencement, and
cuntaiuing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated November t, 1907.
Bowman Lumbki Company, Ltd.,
sat nov 16      By tbeir Agent, U, C. Lawler.
Hevelsluke Und Di.trloL
Diatrict ol .Vest Kooteniy.
Take nolle, UM Kobert f. Goodman, of Uu-
Inelle, Wis., U,a.A.,occup»lloi. lumbermm, In.
tenda h. ipply for tuxiii limber licence. •■**
Uie followi.,8 described luau-
1. Conmenolni >. • pot. pluied oi tk,
cu. branch ot Hily CrMk, iboul lhrt».|,urlb
mllM Iron forti, tnd • mll« from tuuts tl
..•ly Ctnk, mirked "Rstttl r.Uttdmta'l
■oath.wM cottar poat," thtnw M tktlst
uortb, ihenc, M tktltu tut. Ib.oc, toebilni
aouth, thenc, Behlln. wut lopluttl wm'
Di.ed ilk Sept. 1IV7,
1. Coamanc.oi it • po.. piloted 2U milu
up Ctnyon Creek, mirked 'kobert r. Uood>
mm', aontb.wut comet pott," IS,n« IM
chilni uit, tsmet tl tbtlw atnk, ll.net IN
chilu wut, thenc, ft ebtlw loulh It plats tl
Daud Mib aot. IHI.
Ml oe. i Ckarlu Oopp. Antl, BIG, STIRRING m
li.r.il tr $10 and iilu ('.
its.           Nuk S9
Our marked-down prioes
i.. in-.'ss ii..- .1* ...
easy buying.
- ;.|   $1,50,
.: 82.0D.   N
range in M-li'..| In
... ..ll colors ..I g2,
White Vcsl Inv Uloiu
in 81,25.   |.'li...i...|..|li
in. All
.., good
Hand ,\ Corset., ivilli Gaiters ntliiolied, Belling
ai !>....   We Imve pul In slock lho now Ilia*.
. , i-.-i*.    This i. ili.. Ural Iiu If.'i.'.l In II. ('.
i .......I I s.-.-ll.-.l   r.il1 f.....I.ul. (.lo,   Try n
i- tii*.
Suits -Only .i few of lho bargains left, Tweed
Suits nl $(i, 812 Suits ui $8, $11 Suits .tl $10,
Men's good heavy Tweed Punts selling ul 8I.HI
per pair. This Is just il...] pi ioo of overalls.
t'.-ill und seo them.
.Men's I leu vy I'lidoi-wcar selling al 50c,
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.Men's Heavy Working Shifts ul 7.'..'.
Vou wnnl l
save ynu i
llilirl I'l'.....
ll.e .-(.lv;....-.
he ICi
il. pl'l
viilne when Inlying.
These goods were
stern miiniifiictni'i'ii
We en n
This |)..|.;i.l|..e..l we |.
I tilwii
irlieiilur -■itti-nlii.il
j - curry n  ft -It .....I up-to-datu
I- I.. I.find dull) hy express
ata mwtMmHMMK -<--*v-tawa«w*aM«
l.e  piesei l.d  l.y
.\ tciy |.leii-ani - veiling wis
.... M... .lay when tl.e n.u nliors ..I
Ai'ri.w l,o(lga. Arrowhead, A V A
werc entertained hv ll.e luc.il I
t  P GOODS  $
9 9
a   ship-  X
SyrlngeB  W
Jmt  opened up
ment of  Fountain Sy
and  hot  water bottle:
very best makes,   -
.' .me and -ce them
Canada Drug & Book I'o.
i.i Mi rtl..
i i.-ioKi:, I
W.-.ii. ...lay, Nov. 2il—St Peter's social
a. .1 stile of work atthe Rectory,
afternoon and evening.
Thursday, Nov. 21.-Y. ,M. C, A
Upmi.-.g Dinner.
Friday, Nov. 22—''Virginian": Sat.
Nov. 2D—"Capital vs. Labor,'' the
Kalining-Howard (A..
Thursday, Nov. 28—Ba/.aar and Social
R C. Church
Friday, Nov. 20—Scottish Concert hy
1. cal talent.
Wednesday, Dec. 4—At Cripple Creek.
Thursday, Dec. 5—Ye Old Folks Conceit] by Choir of Methodist
Friday. Dec. Kt, Saturday, Dec. 14.—
McEwen. Hypnotist and Vaudeville.
Wednesdav. Dec. 18—Sandford Dodge
Wednesday, Nor. 20. for 2-t hours.—
Cloudy, unsettled, rain or snow, not
much change, Temp. max. iii: min. 38.
.  - .m: 	
Local and General.
fee  the   fancy
M. C. A., on Nov
once more re-
ticket  from   the
Don't iail to
table at the Y
Kid McDonald h
ceived his walkin_
The city authorities are erecting
additional poles for street lights in
many pans of the city.
Holly Greeting Post Cards
irom Kevelstoke.
Fancy Xmas Pom Cards.
Over the Sea Xmas Cards.
Dominion  debt and Emblem Xmas Cards.
Fancy Celluloid and Velvet
Fancy Oak Framed Calendars.
Special Prices for Cards by
thc dozen,
Send vour Mail Ordeis to
Willi high grade limit- IV
I'ies, Cakes, I'l.sliyai.d good
II.cud. del il ! Flout'.tlmt
will .....ke Pumpkin und
Mint:.. Meat join in adding
i.iiliii housewife's fame as a
 ik    fimi     hostess,     We
greatly (lesi in yonr Hour and
othei' grocery orders, which
always receive our personal
a Ing llgure
seiison sn do mu
Onkesiind Pastry. We warrant llieni to be the equal of
nny "mother used to in.tke."
Could.i'l say inula] than ill,
cuuld wo? Heller order
yours now. Our ovens ure
large, I.ul so is the number
of people who propose to
eal ils products.
.1 11...
\ M
Ko ite.uy, No. In. At lhs .....ncliisi ui
.[thegeneral business ol tlie lodgi,
the brethren sat down to a sump'in.u-
repast, prepared by .Stewart Ma.
Donuld ..I the Union llestaim.nt, I.
which ample justice wit- dono. Ai
interesting programme of snugs and
r.clatious was lender.'.I wl.ile teveral
excellent speech..* were delivered on
om rout It.pics and miles on order. A
lengthy toast list was duly honored
end i.i the '■ wee firm listin" the
jovial gathering broke up utter the
singing ol "Auld Lnng Syne,"
G    I'opnius, who  has  been in the
the employ ..[  ll.e G.l'.lt, tor the past
season engaged in fnrestriiliun .... the
the prairies, was in the city on S.ititr-
d'ap,    Mr. Poppius comes Inm. Stock
holm, Sweden, and  ia an  expert on
priiclii.il  tree  planting  and general
forestry,   The (' I'.R. have been carrying out extensive Iree planting In sov-
cial se..li.u.s ot the prairies, f.r use as
ties in tho future, Ties are very scarce
atil iliis sell.........I  milking provision
(or llio (iitum is n very lung sighted
..in on I1 e part ..I tiie 0 I'.R, Mr
Puppius slates thai the scheme, is a
very expensive one i.s the ynung tree,
requires almust constant attention lor
several years until they can he 'eft.
Social and Personal
Look Here for 15 Days
We have ll.e exclusive sale of 10 lols on tram line between
Vancouver and New Westminster. Size of lots 50 x 122,
PRICE, $125. $20 down, $10 pei month un balance, This
offer is only good till Dec.....I.e. 1st, next.
Am> i: UKO N
The telephone office will shortly be
removed iron, the Cowan Block to the
new brick building on Second Btreet.
A new star was added iw the American tlag ou Saturday by the admission
formally into the union oi the State
of Oklahoma.
A dance will he held under the
auspices of the Halcyon Club, on Friday night, Nov. 22, in Selkirk Hail at
8.30   Gentlemen $1. ladies free.
The Esperanto Olub held its second
meeting on Saturday, Considerable
advance...cut has been made and the
class is progressing rapidly,
Conn, and  a.1,  some  good  home
cooked food at the Y
Get si li in. n ide candy st the
Y. M.C. . . ..n N v 21*:,
Preliminary reports received in the
department of landa and min.* indicate that the lumber cut of Ontario
th - - .- t will be el n the average
ol the ist lew yea - I - me cases
peral   -     ive a     ... -■  ..
secure all tbe men the; red sn
ins have been limited
with a view ol redoc ng enp.   -■■-
At the m , tesl ...  I at I pioi
b-.idy ol H. Sto-ai
1 lth   tie ..   :■ tn ts.
ame to hii . ., •   ,, und!
resii.ing am si
M. C A [linnet     -. pr ivinci ind timber lound
t. Dinner served Iron. 0 it. thai Dm aid tin i .n. tloncan
Mel ran were jusl i. I :.i ng tin
shuts   which  caused   tbe    death   ol
M     0     ,     !
A. F. Phipps left, I hia week for n
visil, to Calgary.
Mrs, S. G. Robbins will not receive
Thursday, Nov. 21st.
Pustii.aslor Mcltu" lias returned
from a visit to the Cast.
Come and win n prize in the euess-
ing contest to-night at All's, l'lo-
cunier's. (lames and nuisio, Admission, 2")e.
Owing lo the critical and serious
illness of a brother iu Victoria*, Mrs
(Rev.) J. It. Robertson will not receive
o:i Thursday of this week.
W. Bews
Phm. B,
Druggist and Stationer
The delegates representing the
Revelstoke Riding at the I onsi i n
live Convention leave this evening I i
Vane.i..ver.    Tl.e  opening  to   take
place.... Friday,
The petition lor a traffic bridge
across ll.e ('..lun.I.ia. now being oirou
lati-d by the Board of Trade has
received almost unanimous support,
with one or two insignificant exceptions,
At a meeting ol the managing oommittee of tl.e Methodist church Sun-
ilay sch ... I, '.ii M-.n.lay evening it t
decided to hold a Christmas tree
entertainment on Wednesday evening.
December 18th.
The Scottish Concert on St. Andrew's Eve., Friday, the 28th inst,
pron ire* lo he i.. advance of previous
years,   Lovers ol Scottish music oan
look forward  to  a   pleasant  evening.
Local Inlet well to the front,
In ll.c list of promotion appointments ami rutiromenti issued from
tho Canadian Militia, headquarters ai
i Montreal, is lound the announcement
of Lieut. HA. Brown listed as captain
of K Company R. M R, al Revelsloko
A quiet wedding took place i.l. II...
parsonage on Monday morning when
Rev. J. VV, Dickinson united in marriage Morris Anderson, of Revolstoke,
well known in this distriot, and Miss
Anna Sttinrst, of Vancouver. Alter a
short honeymoon iu Nelson tho happy
| couplo will make Until humo in
The lift...>.iil. a......-.I  International
Convention ■ I the North-Weal  Fro t
••■ wers ..Mon   .m!i i.- ;,. ,!  |n
thc city hn      -      -        i Decern b.
I 5-6    fn add I    the  ordinary
programme there wil be -. eompetilon
frt.il display Exhibits Irom all parts
-.1 the province are invit. I     Bpecial
-!   ed rati   i    bi    I to all al
tending thi nvention    Oni    ■•■ ;
the round trip fr ,     ts     B, C
ii i* been arranged.
The Rocky Mountain Rai .
which has consisted i he present
of five scattered companies, willi at
tin! beginning ol the yea- be .-,■
ized into a battalion of sin companies
two ol whioh will i.e itationed ii
Nelson Capt, W. .1. II. Holmes, ol
Kaslo, tl.e present senior captain i II
become lieutenant oolonel, Captaii
Lome Stewart, ol Velaoo, ... nt In
order of seniority, will be major, No
ii Company is stationed at Revelstoke
President Roosevelt, bus presented I
handsome lectern (.. a ohuroh al
Williamsburg, Virginia, in eon.mem
oration of the 300th anniversary ol
the permanent establishment ..( English civilization  in  America,    ihe
lectern is an excellent piece of work,
being the Angel ol Pence, a draped
female form rising fron. a symbolic
base, the bands and wings supporting
the desk. The lig.ire stands on .. globe
ono foot resting on Groat Britain the
At the meeting of the Presbyterian
Guild of Knox Church last, Monday
night the following officers were elected for the year 1907-8;
Hon. President—The Pastor, Rev.
J. H. Robertson.
President—Mr. Fred L.iing.
1st Vice Pres.—devotional Dept,,
Mr. T. A. Lewis.
2nd Vice Pres.—Literary Dept., Mrs
VV. A. Sturdy.
3rd Vice Pres.—Missionary Dept.
Mr. J. G, McLean.
4th Vice Pres.—Social Dept., Miss
Secretary—Mr. Fred Young.
Treasurer—Miss McLennan.
After tlie business wits completed a
very interesting program was rendered
instrumental music, songs, readings, etc. A special feature was the
rendering ol some Scotch selections
by Mr. J. K. Rie of Glasgow, which
were greatly appreciated. After re
freil.ments were served the meeting
was brought to a close. The society
will hold regular meetings every Monday night tn which the young people
with their friends are most cordially
Renewed interest has been aroused
this    mpetition bv the large number of votes -ince last week.   The following is the resull up till lust night:
I in Hall No. 2 15B286
V. M.c  A  12065-1
Knox Church      101136
St, ;• ■■"■ Church .... 8868
H -   tal     7051)
i Church    6252
Metl adisl Chnroh      2991
-     ol        2882
K.ol F           Httl
of si
YOUR MONEY WITH U.S. We have a lot
" splendid money savers. Lots of people saved money at our
liig Sale, and many have asked if we would not have them for them
pay day. We can't offer them all=they were too good to last, and
wc can give you a good many yet.
You will want a Winter Coat for some one in the family. Wc
have them in all the Late Styles. Our regular prices are as low as
most sale prices, and our Sale Price is helow everyone.
Children's and Misses' Dresses
In all sizes, at less prices than you can make them.
TOWELS, in honey comb, Turkish or Linen.   This is a good time to
buy them.
Men's Winter Clothing
Miii.' .Vool Underwear for 85c. per garment up. Men's Homespun
,11 : Tweed Trousers for $1.io up. Men's Shoes, all sizes, upto$6.50,
silling at $3.95 per pair. Men's Heavy Woolen Shirts, all sizes.
Ri^'iiarff 1,75 and $2 values—Now only $1.15 each.
Ladies' Seasonable Furs
In Caperines, Stoles and Throw Overs from $2.25 up. You will lind
these the best values ever shown,
Flannelette in plain and fancy
We are oflering some great values in
Our offerings in Dress Goods astonish everyone and they will not last
much longer, Lustres, Cashmeres and Fancies at 25c. per yard, Heavy
Tweeds worth §1 to $2, only 50c. per yard.
..da. but  where only  11  single truck |
exists the railway authorities are opposed to tlie system.   Thero was no |
escu-e  for it  not existing, however,
where tin re was a double track.
Locomi live Engineers
K 11 E
t. O. F
C   I*   I!
Sp- iled • otes—76
other on tlm United States.
is stippurted by a lion and
The globe
an  eagle,
.1   11   ll ill,  representative ol the
Railway 1 ......1 at Ottawa, in address
memhi     I  the Toronto ' nivi r
ajty   Engl ring   society    recently,
-,, . i: 1.may   Accidents'  from
the poinl ol »ii w ol the railwayman,
He said that most ol those who were
urging most strongly that railway
1 -ri,.,. ■ - - '.vim are responsible tor
»recks should I* proceeded against
iriminally knew little or nothing ol
the difficulties railway-men bad to
contend with He said it would be
nsl    '-   n taonable   (or a railway.nun
to prosecute ■ doctor who bs thinks
has not pe.formed bil doty properly
* profession. Very few people
know fill ,. cui.doctor or engineer has
to do. There arc so many things a
conductor has to renremi-.r 0 do that
Ihey require all bis attention. Add
to these a cranky travelling publio,
whioh demands every poln.mess and
the work ol 11 conductor is made doubly bard.
Mr. Hall considered anyone, to be
lacking in humanity who will say ..
conductor should be proceeded criminally against, lor forgetting. Mr
Hall recoiiiioenilcd thc students lo go
into railroad work, where there an
great opportunities 'nr young men in
Canada Hu said the l.lunk system
shuuld prevail on all railways iu Can-
Sir James Hector, formerly chancellor of the University of New Zealand, whu was geologist ol the PalUser
boundary marking expedition and
explorations in Northwestern Canada
and British Columbia, is dead in
Wellington, N. 7..
Sir James, then Dr. Hector, rendered
invaluable services under Captain
Pi.llisher and his name will always be
renumbered in connection with the
early history ol Western Canada.
Dr. Hector, in bis writings, makes
the following reference to the Kicking
Horse river which gave its name to
tlie pass:
''Here," says the report, "! received
11 severe kick in tlie chest from my
horse, rendering ,ne senseless and disabling me for some time"
The river throughout the report is
then called Kicking Horse river.
Sir James Hector waB created K. C.
M. G. in 1887. He retired Irom the
chancellorship of the university of
New Zealand in 1903. Ho was a graduate ol Edinburgh university with the
degree ol M, D.
A monument near Field comineno
rates the death ol his eon who died
while en route across the continent.
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Special
Some choice building lots, 50 x 40.
H. N. Coursier.
Furniture and household effects for
immediate sale.   Jessop, Second St.
Patronize Horns Industry, Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Answers to the Savoy Limericks
can be aedrcsscd to the Savoy.
A beautilul supply ol new bound
Looks just opened at Canada Diug
Private sain ol household furniture,
etc. Must be sold at unce. See
Horace Manning.
(let .1 Iml lie ot Red Cross Emulsion
Pure C...I Liver Oil for that cough.
Sure cure,
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
aro ahead ol all others.
Ue ax-sole agents lor Five o'clcck
Ceylon tea—50c. per Ib, 511.. boxes
12.36— CD, Hume & Co.
A full supply ..( perfumes, toilet
articles, f»..e,y snaps, etc., always on
hand at the Red Oman.
ID RENT—A   six-roomed    house,
conveniently   situated on   McKenzie
Avenue.   II. N. Coursier.
Have you tried 129 for 1h.1t cough
lis gau.lug a reputation already.   Red
Cross llrug Slore.
Free demonstration of our Five
o'clock tea on Friday and Batuiday
alter....oua only.—0.  B, Hume tt Co.
Fresh Kippered Hurling, Halibut,
Bloaters, celery, bananas, oranges,
lemons   au.l   eating   apples, at C, II
Humo .V Co's.
Hews' Witch Hazel Cream softens
and wl.it.ini the akin and is not
greasy. For -uln only st the, Red
Don't Iail to call ou Friday or Saturday alternoon and try a cup of our
Five ..'clock Ceylon tea, at 0. B,
Humo >v Cu's.
This yeur we have the newest again
in Xmas Cards and Booklets, we have
thousands to choose from, su come in
and get yuur choice at the Canada
Drug Sture.
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sell a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design,
have just 15 of the same left.
Do not wait, but come in at once
Ior your sittings Ior Christmas photos
and avoid thc rush near that, time.
You will find here everything—workmanship, scenery, cameras, lenses,
mounts and art folios of every description, style and color found in the, best
studios in theeast. All work finished
completely here in my building.
Special—Do unt come for sittings
after 3 p.m, during the next two
months of short days.
Very respeotfully,
tc I'hotograplior.
Kor children we have all the milk
foods, such as Horlick's Malted Milk,
Allenburys food, Nestles food, Mellins
lood, Ridges food and ethers—At the
Cnnada Drug Store.
The Fanning-Howapd
A. O, FOX, Manager.
Friday, Nov.
The Celebrated Drama
The Virginian
Capital vs. Labor
Hnn«l on thn sthigdc of
Laboragainst iho Trust
PRICE8      50c, 75C, tl.00
QKADKD TENDERS addressed to tho undur
\j sinned, mid endorsed "Tendor for Public
building, l-iidysinilli, H.C." wilt bo received cl,
this officii until Wednesday, December 11,1907,
inclusively, fnr tlm construction of a I'ulilic
Building ,u Udyumlth, B.C.
Plans mul spedHeat nm can bo si:en and furniK
or tender obtained ut this Department and on
amplication to thu Postmaster at Ladysmith,
Persons tendering nro notified that tenders
will not bu considered unless iniuiu on Lhu
printed form supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures
Kaeh tendor must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered bank, made
payablo to the order of the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent (10 uu) of the amount of thu lender,
whicli will be forfeited if the person tendering
decline to enter into a contract when oiled
upon to do so, or If he fail Incomplete the
Work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted thu cheque will be returned.
The Department docs not hind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 13,1907.
Newspapers will uut be paid for this advertisement, if ihey insert lt without Authority
from the Department.
I liatrlcl of Woat Kootonay.
Notice la hereby ulvon that 31 days afler .Into
1 Inlend to apply lo the Chief Couiu.lsHiouur of
Lands and works for n special tlniherlleui.ee
to uut and carry away llinher Iron. Section i,
Township:., Big BendiWest Kootonay District.
ll... tu Nuvo...li.i.- Slh, 11)1.7.
wod nov 2U ,1, T. KD WARDS.
lilhtri't of Went Kooicnay.
Noti'-e ii hereby gl ven t bat BO days after dato
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Umlsand Works fora spocial timber licenco
lo cut mid carry awav timber from-Section 2,
Tuwnslnp i. Big Boi.ii. Wont Kootenay District.
Dated November 9tn, 1907.
w«d uov iO Ki T. EDWARDS.
District of Wost Kootonay,
Notice Is hereby glvon thut 30 days after datu
I inlcnd to ajiply to the Chief Commis<.lonerof
Lands and Works for a speoial timber Ileum**.*
to uut ami curry away Umber from Section ll,
Township!), Dig Bund, Wost Kooicnay Distriot.
Dated November fllli, 1907.
wed nov 2U N. T, KDWARDS.
District of Went Kootenay,
Nolice fs horoby given tbat Ifi days after dale
1 inlenil to apply to iho Chief CommiHslouor of
Liuuls and Works for a special timher licence
tu uut and carry away timber from Section U,
Township 3, Big Bend, Most Kootonay District.
Dated NoveniberSth, 1907.
wed nov 20 N. T. KDWARDS.
District of West Kootenay.
Notice is heroby giveu tbat30 days aftor dale
1 Intend to apply to thu Chiof Commissioner of
Uudsand Works for a special timber licence
lo oul and carry away timber from Section 2.1,
Township 3, Big Bend, West Kooteuay Distriot.
Dated November Uth, 1907.
wed nov 10 N. T. KDWAUDS.
Dislricl. of West Kootunay,
Notice is hor, by given that 30 days aftor date
I inlend to apply to tho Chief Cammlssloaer of
binds ami works for a special timber licenco
lo cut and carry away timber from Section 2tl,
Township 3, Big Bend, West Kootenny Dislrict.
Dated November Ulh, 1907,
wed DOv 20 N. T.;EDWABDS,
District of Wost Kootenay,
Notice Is herehy given lhat im days aflor .lulu
I ...to.ul Ul apply to the Cl.iel UuihliiMouer of
I.iuuIh mul Wui'Gff for a special llu.l.or lluonou
to cut and carry away timbor from Suutlon i'o,
Township a, Ills lici.d, West Kootenay Districl.
Dated November Wh, WW.
wed DOT 90 N. T, EDWAIlDs.


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