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The Mail Herald Jul 24, 1909

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MRS.   A.   O.   CRICK
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Well-known Citizen Sent up on
Charge ?f False Pretences-
Alleged to have Obtained
$180 From Mundy Lumber Co.
E. A. Haggen wae sent up for trial
by Justices  of  the   Peace Foster and
Jackson   lasl  evening  on  a charge of
obtaining money under false pretences.
The Court offered lo grant him ball of
$6,000 In Iwo sureties of $8,000 each,
but his counsel, Mr. Gillan, refused it,
and Intimated that he would today
make application to Judge Forin for
Imii in the higher Couit. Afterwards
the ball was reduoed to $4,000 in two
sureties of $2,000 each, which was
agreed lo, and Ah. Haggen allowed out
on payment by his sureties, J. Abrahamson and F. B, Wells.
It is understood that Judge Forin
may hold a special session to try the
case iu the county court next Wednesday.
ii. s. McCarter appeared for the
prosecution, and Messrs. C. E. Oillan
and W. I. llriggs for the accused. Defence was reserved.
The court room was crowded, and
the keenesc interest manifested in the
At the opening of the Court, magistrate Foster read the charge, which
was that E. A. Haggen did on or about
May 21 defraud the Mundy Lumber
Company at Three Valley, by representing himself as agent for the Lumbermen's Fire Insurance Company of
New Vork, and hy stating that he had
deposited in the bank a policy as
security, obtained froin the Mundy
Company, a bill of exchange for $180
with intent to defraud.
E. N. Hallock, general manager of
the Mundy Lumber Co., at Three
Valley, vswore that on May 1908 he
took oui an insurance policy from Mr.
Haggen, who represented himself as
agent for the Lumberman's Insurance
Co. of New York. The policy covered
lumber for $10,000. In Alay last (1909)
when the first policy was about expired, they received a letter from the
Molsons Bank saying that Haggen
had drawn on them for $180. Next
day Air. Ilagccn himself came to Three
Valley and Air. Hallock called his
attention to the notice froin the hank.
He asked if il was for the renewal of
the insurance policy, and Mr. Haggen
suid it was.
'■I asked him," said Mr. Hallock, "if
lie had deposited the policy with the
Imperial Bank and he'said he had. I
said if that is the case I will accept the
draft, so I tilled out the notice and
returned it authorising the acceptance
by the hank.''
He added that his company received
no policy and none was ever deposited
in the hank so far as he knew, A few
days later they received a nolice froin
the general agent of the Lumbermen's
Insurance Company at Portland saying that he had renewed their policy
and requested the payment of a bill of
$170 for the same. The lumber company wrote to the general agent that
they supposed they had renewed the
policy with Haggen. The general
agent wrote hack that Haggen was
not authorized to act as Iheir agenl.
The Alundy Lumber Company then
sent in the cheque to protect themselves. The draft for $180 matured in
the hank on July 21, when the company paid it-
Mr. McCarter.—"I have beard Unit
since tliese criminal proceedings
started Air. Haggen hits deposited this
amount to your credit in the bank?"
Mr. Hallock "I have beard of il,
lint know nothing of it officially,"
Cross-examined by Air. Gillan, Mr.
Hallock said that iu his conversation
wilh Air. Haggen al Three Valley, the
100m door was open and the book
keeper, who was aboul 16 feet away,
could have beard every word if she
was listening.
He could not remember  that Air.
Haggen had sent him notice lhat the
policy was alioul to expire. When
tht-v had heard from the general agent
they wrote to Mr. Haggen to attend to
ihe matter. He (Mr, Hallock) had
met Air- Haggen on the street and he
had promised to lake care of it. Later
All. Haggen said be hail written the
head ollice aliout the matter, Witness
could not remember that Air. Haggen
had written any letters promising to
straighten lhe matter up, but he had
made a verbal promise.
Air. Gillan produced a Utter written
by Mr. Haggen saying the remittance
had liccn returned to bim froin New
Vork, snd that he had mil known the
change in arrangements for agency,
He would take the matter Up with the
Molsons Bank and very much regretted the mistake,
Reexamined by Mr. AlcCarler Air.
Hgllook said thai when Mr. Haggen
had told him that be had sent the
money to the New Vork ollice they
had sent a message  In   New   York  Io
ascertain whether it hod been sent or
imi.    Tiny  reported   lhat   Air.   Hag-
gen's obeque bod heen returned hy the
Portland ollice on June 211. It was on
July 11 that Air. Haggen wrote to tbe
Alundy Lumber Company that he had
just received the returned cheque.
Magistrate Foster pointed out lhat
while lhe policy expired on May 21th
the accused had drawn on the 10th,
five days previously. Was it customary to do this ?
Air. Halloo'c said it wits not, but Ihey
were not particular to a few days.
Mr. Pratt, manager of the Molsons
Bank, swore lo the draft which Mr.
Haggen had draw n through thorn last
May on the Mundy Lumber Co., and
which they had paid on the authority
of tbe company, Air. Haggen on the
day that, he drew the money used it
il to pay olf another note held against
him by the Molsons Bank, so thai the
proceeds were soaked up Immediately,
So far as he knew, though Air. Haggen dealt with their hank, he had
never Ihrough them sent any cheque
or remittance lo the head offlce of the
Lumbermen's Insurance Co. in New
Cross-examined by Air. Gillan he
said that on July 21, when the draft
expired, he had presented it to the
Imperial Bank early in the day. Air.
Hnggen had the privilege of paying it
up to the closing of the bank that day.
Air. Haggen was out of town when
they paid his draft on the Alundy
Lumber Company. It was understood
that the money was to he left wilh
hill: lo discount his other note.
Asked what letters he had received
in reference to this matter, Air. Pratt
ptoduced one from Mr. Alundy which
Air. McCarter insisted on having read.
Air. Gillan objected. It was no part
of the evidence.
Mr. McCarter- "Vou brought it out
yourself, and I have Ihe right to demand that it be read. It is said that
I started this prosecution, This letter
will show whether I did or not.
The letter was read and in it Air.
.Mundy said that Air. Haggen had
rendered himself liable to criminal
proceedingf and intimated lhat Ihey
would be taken.
That was a month ago, before I
knew ai ything about the case at all,"
said Mr. McCarter, "it is evident that
Air, Mundy had his mind made up."
A. B. AlcCleneghan, managet of the
Imperial Bunk, said that Haggen hud
not deposited at tlieir hank last Alay
an insurance policy on the Alundy
Lumber Co. for $10,1100. It was about
the 7th of June tbat he got a letter
froin the Alundy Lumber On. asking if
uch a policy had lieen deposited with
them, us Air Haggen had stated to
them that it had been. He phoned to
Mr. Haggen afterwards and culled him
over to discuss the mutter. He tusked
bim if he li.ul sent a remittance to the
heiul otlice of the company, und Haggen saiil he had not. This happened
about June 7th. Huggen said he would
arrange the mutter at once and send a
remittance. The witness pointed out
thut it was a serious matter us unless
the money wus puid the policy of
$10,000 would he of no force, and it
affected the bank as it was interested
in the company's business. Haggen
s.titl he wus sending a remittance.
Late Lhal day he phoned for Haggen
again and askeil him in what manner
he sent his remittance and be said "By
marked cheque." It was on July 21
that the Molson's Bunk presented the
draft for $180 on the Mundy Lumber
Co. They hud instruction from the
company lo puy ull paper uud paid it.
He asked the Molsons Hunk that
morning if they had the bill in question us they would like to see it, They
sent over the draft after some little
delay, and it was about a quarter to
eleven when it was entered in the
ledger, but il was held hy Ihem and
actually paid on the following morning.- Yesterday (Thursday) about one
o'clock Air,Haggen presented a cheque
for the payment of the amount to the
Imperial Bank. He suid. "You are
holding a bill of mine and I want to
pay it." Air. McCleneghan told him
that tbe bill had already been paid.
He refused to release the voucher because be knew that criminal proceedings hud lieen entered, and the bill
needed in evidence' Mr. Huggen then
tendered payment. Mr. AlcCleneghan
told him Ihey eoultl not accept payment., but he might place lhe amount
lo Hit- credit ol the company, and Mr,
Huggen deposiled a inurkcdchcquo for
Cross-examined Air. McCleneghan
said that after the draft was paid
Huggen could not get il, of course,
Air. (.illiui asked him to say what
Mr. Mundy had told him about, the
collection of the draft.
Air. MoCleneghan refused lo answer,
bul being questioned by the Bench
said Air. Mundy bad mentioned lhe
due date of the bill, and had given
general inst ructions. Hr hud beard
that Air. Mundy hud laitl an Information against Haggen, having been
Informed so by Air. McCarter on tin-
previous day. lie had the transaction
on his 111iml, uud this prompted him in
being anxious about the payment, of
Ihe draft in good time.
Mr. (illlun    "You   wanted   to assist
the prosecution!"'
The witness replied   that  be   would
nut like In .,ay I hnl      He did not know
when tin- warrant for Air, Haggon's
(Concluded on Page Four).
Seven Canadians in Last Stage
for King's Prize-Speaker of
Australian Parliament Dies
with Tragic Suddeness.
Hiri.uy, July 28—Seven Canadians,
two of them from Western Canadian,
have qualilied to shoot iu the final
stage Inr the King's prize. The pii/.e
is only open to ono hundred competitors who make the highest score in
the first and second stages combined.
London, July 23—Sir Frederick
Bunion and Hon. L. P. Brodour, tbe
Canadian delegates to the Imperial
Defence conference, have arrived and
will diue witb tbe King tomorrow.
MULHOUltNE, July 23—An all night
sitting ol the commonwealth parliament last nigbt bad a tragic ending,
whe Sir Frederick Holder, the Speaker, was sei/.ed witb a tit and died
shortly afterwards. When Sir Frederick was seized the House immediately
LoNiioN, July 23—Madalari Uliing-
ari, tbe Indian student who shot and
killed Sir William Wyllic at the Imperial lustitute'ijii July 1, was today
fiund guilty and sentenced to death.
The prisoner showed no concern.
When the Lord Chief Justice concluded pro ouncing the sentence the p-is-
oner eul ited Buying, -'I thank yuu my
Lord. I am proud to have the huuor
to lay down my humble life for my
country. Your sentence of death is
perfectly illegal. You are all powerful and can do wbat you like now, but
remember we will have the power
sume day."
Paris, July 23—Aristide Briand, a
pronounced Socialist, has been called
on by President Fullieres to form a
government. He bas succeeded in
doing so witb Bartbou as Foreign
London, July 24.—Commissioner
Coombs, of tbe Salvation Army, bis
completed details for the Salvation
Army colonization in Canada.
Sydney, July 24.—No new developments in the strike situation. Clergymen in tbe district are trying to
negotiate a settlement.
Grand Scribe Banquetted
George F. Bennett, Grand Scribe E.
ol tbe Freemasons of Canada, has been
a visitor iu town lor the pust day or
two. His visit was recognized by
local Masons by a banquet given in
tbe .Masonic hall on Thursday night
after the lacrosse match by Kevelstoke
Chapter No. 120, G R.O. The leasl
was served in elegant style by Mrs.
Hanbury ol the Windsor hotel, and
Mr, Bennett stated that he bad heartily enjoyed his visit. Yesterday morning be bit tor a degree meeting at
Rossland accompanied by Messrs. R.
Howson, J. Cuy Harber, Dr." Sutherland and Frank McCarty ol this city
County Court
Judge Forin held a sitting ol the
County Court here yesterday morning.
In the suit of Mountain Supply Co.
against J. C. Hutchison, judgment
was given lor tho plaintill'for $30.50.
In Pioneer Fire Insurance Company
against E. A. Haggen, judgment was
given lor tbe plaintill' tor ?2fi.   .
G. 8. McCartor appeared Ior tlie
plaintill'und W. I. Briggs tor defendant in botli cases.
Several judgment summonses were
also entered.
Starting in lime
The Socialist campaign for the next
Provincial elections was opened on
Wednesday night, by a mooting bold
in tho city ball, Vancouver, at which
J. H. Hawthornthwaite, M.F.P., was
the principal speaker. Mr. Hawthornthwaite went for all governments gen
orally and impartially, and took a tilt
at tbe   local   option   movement   as
wroug measure to euro orlme. Tho
one panacea for all flu: worlc'u iih
was the adoption ol the Socialists
Some mouths ago while engaged in
rifle practico at Slocan u member of
tbe militia was injured by the burst
ing of tbo rille with which be bad
lieen suppliod by tho Dominion Gov
ornment. At tbo advice of tho senior
ollieer in the vicinity he went to some
expense in procuring medical attendance, and whon the bill whs rendered
departmental ililht.ult.irs arose aB to
recouping bim (or the expense to
wlnclvbe bad bocu put.   Uu arriving
Summer Cooking
We have a few Gasoline and Coal Oi! Cook
Stoves left with ovens for same if desired. These arc
very nice to use in the hot weather, as they save luel
and do not heat up the house.
Remember we are agents for McClary's [Stoves
including the Saskalta, Pandora and Kootenay Ranges.
These stoves are in use in the best homes in town,
proving that good people appreciate a good thing.
You will make a mistake if you do not purchase a
range of us when you need one, as there is nothing
to equal them.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc.,
Tents, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle and a full line ol Groceries and Fruits.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Mr Swell Dressei
SS. Y.
A Clean-up in SKrb
Broken Lines no range
complete, sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
NOW   81.00
Fit Reform Clothing
b. £. waliir, President Paid-up Capital, $1 0,000,000
AUBUHDBB LAIHD,General Manager    Reserve Fund,   -    6.000,000
Tb* mWW Travellei i" Cheque* recently istlied by thi* Bank are a moot t
wmj Is which to carry money when travelling.   They are issued in <
$10,  $20, $50, $100 and $200
aad tha exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Fraaea,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Ruiuia, Sweden
tmd Switzerland i-i staird on the fare of rach cheque, while m other
thay era payable at rum-ni rair.v
The cheques and all informjUloo regarding them auy be obtained al
tt tha Baok. UU
When   ive  offer the public a coin
plcte line of
Jltlcy lleof.   lender   l-ilnh.  dun   l-'ed
Pork, nml Smoked Moat*, in sanitary
surroundings, at prlooa lhal pIchm-,
we can claim that si'c.ci-'ss baa beeu
won. Your opinion. Come in uud
give it to-day,
J umi arrived -h   choice   Mhipiiieiit
of Poultry.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Ham* and Baoon
in Ottawa, however, Mr. doodeve, M.
I'., within win ite constituency the accident occurred, took the matter up
with (he Minirier ol Militia mi vigorously, and presented bit coustitueut't
claim witb sucb effect tbat Sir Frederick Horden iteued instruction! to bit
Department to have tbe claim admit'
tod and the man reimbursed lur tbe
expense to wbicb be bad been put, THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flftaiMbcralb.
interior RMibtisbiiifl Company,
Omasi   iMimiAi Hank 111 ii.msti Revil-
Money to loan. .,
OrBce-i EteveUtoke, II C.   I raubrook, H I .
9no. s. McCarter
Kevolntoke, Cranbrook u. u,
li ,i: istei
Solicitor, etc.
S .lititoi\f.>i:  -
Tuk Canadian Bank of Commerce,
im  Mulsunh Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Land Sui veyor,
Mining Sui v eyor
Mi KKNZIB Avkmk,
Idix 1U0, Ki:\ i i.sinKK
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   View Camp   No. 110
Meeu  Second  and   Fourth  Wednesdays in
...  ',  ,„„:,•■,.. [n Selkirk HalL   VlslUn   Wood-
nitn cordially Invited tu attend,
J. MtlNTYKK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Th. regular meetings are held iu the Selkirk
Ha'.'every 2nd an-l »» Tuesday pvooiii.K at 8
?Eloek    Vislttnc brethren cordially invited.
W. E.McL.U'l HLIVSkuetary.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M
The regular niout-
jug* are lit-UI in tho
Oddfellow.-, Hull, im
tho third Monday in
limb miinlli at 8
p.ni. Visiting brethren cordially welcome.
I.'. A. ri'.tll'L'NIKlt, SKtllKIAllY.
Meet:- ovory Th ur-
day  evening  In   Bel-
kkirk  Hall at 8 o'clock
 FVlslUttg iirottirou are
cordially Invited to attend.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
except    i,id w edneedny 01
each miini.'i, iu iddtaUowB'
Hall    at    8   o'cl 'rk.      Visiting
Knights ft: _■ oordlally invited,
T. P.   SMITH, ('. I'.
0. H. BROCK   K. of  K. A S.
J    B. SCOTT. .11. nf F.
KKITIl lil.K. PHONE 118
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at   $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 280 fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements,    At a bargain.
10 Acres at Summerland,
newly fenced and under irrigation.
Good buy.
800 Acres at   Galena
V H 1
near   landing,   all
650   fruit   trees.
acres cleared,
fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable property tn subdivide into
5 and 10 acre lots.    Only $32.00 per acre.
briii;; forward candidates for lhat
purpose. We will Buppose, however
that the largei vote in other portions  of tlio town Bwamped tlu-ias,
I   that   all   the  aid
20 ft-t-t yearly.
That Mr. Cotsworth's theory is
reasonable, doeB not require a
scientist to prove.    Miners in   the
eriiii'ii were
Yukon   have  t
Zbc flfoatl*1bcrato
: !
SATURDAY, JULY  'Jl   1909
We understand that tbe Trades
and Labor Council has inaugurated
a movemnnt tor the abolition ol
the ward -_\>tt-ui in this city. The
motive no doubt is that the aldermen instead of pulling for any particular eecti i.. shall work for the
good ol the city as a whole. While
this SOU tide plausible it seem- t"
us a mutter in which it would be
well to go slow. The ward -ystem
1 i- after all but a copy in miniature
of the system by which all coun
tries that have true representative
.-.'.ernmenl art- ruled. The Dominion is carved into large constituencies called wards. The purpose for which this ie i me ie the
same in each case, it - tbat eat h
district may have it- own representative to v.n •• _■- sentiments ind
make iu wishes known in the legislative assembl ■. « hetbt i
asseml . thi   Housi   il   ' om-
tjoii^. thi Pro ial Legislature ur
the Cou   .i    iard
We bavi et I bear ol anj ii -
■tam • n which the ah ilition ol the
k ,r: . item :. i- worke I to partic-
ilai idvanl _■ SVhen the
walk ie iroki ■ the Blreet needs
Bxing in .i. ■ particulai pla •■
not bettei to bavejaome one person
t.i    -i-     ■.:■ ■ :'     it. than   tO   hate to
apply to any and ail tli' memberr
of the Council, each oneol whom
may claim that it is the business ol
everybody else It seems to u.-
tliat it would work back to ward
representation without defined
boundaries. Kach sectiouof tbe
city would wish lo have at
least one pi reon in the council, and
if they were thwarted in thai desire by the predominating vote ol
other sections, they would cry for
representation again.
As an instance to band we mi^ht
take the lower town in Revelstoke
That portion of the city li certainly
large and influential enough to
have its representatives on the
council hoard, ami under o general
system uf election would no doubl
elected practically froin the one
quarter, we cannot think that that
would result in a satisfactory state
of feeling. Or we will admit that
under the general system each portion of the city succeeds ih getting
its aldermen in, who shall unolli-
cially be regarded as the representatives of their different sections.
How is the line hetween tlieir
spheres of work to he drawn? What
is to prevent Jones from saying
that to Smith, and not to him,
belongs the responsibility for the
scoured out sewer on Fourth sireet,
or the rotten roadway on Broadway drive? The result would be
that boundaries would have to be
again defined, and we should be
back in llie same position as before,
lt seems to us therefore that
it would be well and wise to hasten
slowly in making tliese changes.
If the experiment is to be niai.lt-, it
could he done without disturbing
present conditions ureatiy, by
electing three ward aldermen and
three from the city at large. That
it seems to us would be a more
sensible solution of the difficulty,
Then each ward would still have
its alderman to apply tu for the
adjustment of its ditliculties, and
there would be three men also free
from sectional inlluence, who
would take that broad view of
things which it is hoped to bring
about by the proposed change. It
is Baid that signature.- to a petition
fur the abolition of the ward system have been Becured which represent three-fifths of the entire property of the city We would advise
these gentlemen, however, t" give
it a Becond thought, and before
plunging into rash experiments,
allow tlie changes from tl» old
ortler of things to broaden down
steadily from precedent to pn
up   the   frozen
bones of mammoths, which coulil
only have lived there when the
climate was semi-tropical. Ureal
coal beds have heen found in northern countries, beds that could only
have been formed when the rank
vegetation of the carboniferous age
flourished in the Turkish bath
atmosphere of the pre-galacial
epoch. The prorotype of the great
fossils could not have nourished in
the stunting cold of Arctic winters.
In addition to this the pioneers uf
the prairie pruvinoes will tell you
that the climate of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, is warmer
to-day than it was MO or 40 years
ago. Then it was almost impossible to grow wheat that would
escape fiost in districts where summer frosts are now rarely known.
Much no doubt is due to the cultivation of the land which rentiers
the soil porous, so that it retains
the heat of the day, and radiates it
through the night; but this cannot
account for ihe fact that the basins
of the Peace ami Mackenzie rivers,
years ago regarded as little better
than an Arctic wilderness, are now
in places inhabited by settlers who
grow hard, red wheat from Edmonton TOU miles north while the
farmer is driving the fur trader
from the shores of the Lesser Slave
I.alee. North of that again indefinitely cattle can be raised, antl
potatoes and vegetables and oats
can be grown.
This northward movement of the
temperate none must mean that in
years to cume Canada will he settled   hy  a  white   ] pie  irmii the
international boundary to the
shores of the Antic sea. In the far
north settlement will be more and
mure scatteri I, as it v ill re .uire a
larger area to sustain life in the
short summers, bul som settlement   there  will   almost surely be
nnil the great mineral wealth of
the Mackenzie river, of which we
have heard hut faint reports as yer,
will, a.- it I't'Co'i.es developed, almost surely mean tin- establishment of large camps along the
course uf that great artery. All
this will call for the rnnstructiiin
of new railways, be -ause plentiful
as the waterways are in (he north,
ihey can only be used fur a portion
if each year. This in turn will
mean vast expenditure of capital,
bo that Canada before this century
closes will become, if it is not now,
the greatest field of investment in
the world. I'rinee Rupert anil
Kilmuiiton anil the cities of the
uurih will profit, by I hose great new
openings, and the south will also
glean ils share uf their wealth.
With all this in view Canadians
may well rejoice that Nature herself conspires with the march of
events to number their country
among the greatest naliuns that are
yet to be.
The Liberals, of Golden, have
gut in ahead of things. They are
the lirst people in Hrit sh Colum hi a
to put a candidate in the field for
the next Provincial elections.
While it is usually wise to take
time hy the forelock it appears to
us that there are cases iu which
this may be overdone. As yet no
provincial election is actually in
sight, ami there is nothing to prevent the government from postponing it till another year. Should
this be done it will mean that during all this time the lone candidate
in Golden will be held in the limelight and all his failings and
shortcomings searched. It will
mean further that any enthusiasm
that may gather around a candidate on first appearance will have
time to lizzie out, and his words
will fall on the elector's like flat
champagne, ll appears to us that
fur both parties a short fight and a
merry une would he hest.
A short lime ago we called attention to the necessity for taking
immediate action to purchase block
52 adjoining the present school
site, and also the rights nf Judge
Sproat in those sites. We have
not heard yet that any definite
step has been taken to that end,
and we would gently remind the
sehuol hoard that time is passing.
Only sixty davs was allowed from
the defeat of the last bylaws to get
another bylaw under way, and we
should like to ste some steps taken
to accomplish this. The need of
more scboul room and play room
is obvious, and steps should he
taken to secure it with as little
delay as possible. Before another
week has passed we should like to
hear that a petition has heen circulated looking to that end.
It was good tu see the business
men of the city, some well advanced in middle age, turn out as
they did la.-t Thursday night to
help out the hospital with their
lacrosse game. It was a case in
which virtue wn,- its own record.
Tiny turned out primarily to
assist a deserving institution, and
in doing -" forgot their business
cares, and fur the time became buys
Muses B. Cotsworth, theeminent
English Actuary, whu will shortly
be in Revelstoke on tin   Civi    Ser
■. ii e Commission   with   Mr.
Mara, is also quite a noted
gist, and some observ ations tb
made to the N'ews n hile   n  Ni
n cently an oi more than urd
interest   to  every  i anadian,    Mr.
Cotsworth   ad'.anced    thi    Iheory
that !■«ing to the gradual tilth
the globe bj I he ;real weight ol ii ft
hi tnisphere,  tbe
: pole   I-   -hifi-
i nd the warm  and  babil
in extending grsd
toward  tbe   A • i     Mr
■ ..■- ■ o   b  hold
tie north pule pa rough the
soul I. ol i Ireenlan :
side idua
Irom | iin! I    poinl  with I be fur-
in ition  ir melting ol
the    _i.. .•   .i the .'."i"     i .
was  situated   i houi   one third   hetween    the    | re and
the -";i. . ti.' uio ibotil   ■ 000
ago he has reason <•• believe  frum
the form and position of the I
tiun   pyramids    whu h   wen ,
siruoted purely for the purpose i
taking easier calculations from ibe
sun. 'Ihey were but Jt with a slope
which war always nt one angle bo
that frum Ilm  -haduu ui  the .-un il
wuuld be an ea-'. matter to <alcu-
late the period ol the year, the
month,   tha   wei k   and   ■•ten  the
hour ol the day. Mr. CotSWOrth
thinks that there is no surer indication that the pule ii still moving
than the great glacier at I i lacier,
B.C, which according to the Investigation of Independent men of
science, is receding ut the rate uf
The Best of
All Breakfast Foods
There- a reason behind all fads and fancies.
We required light breakfast foods and the
market waa flooded with health foods (so-called.)
Bul the best breakfast food in the world Li
"Zephyr Cream" Soda Biscuits crushed in cream
or fresh, sweet miik.
'Zephyr Cream" Sodas
have more original goodness than all other sodas
manufactured on this i oi M ire than that,
the original goodness of Christie'« Bincuits t*
lasting.    The flavor does not    ar
All bitf biscuit makers bu a Rood brand of
flour.   We buy all Rood brand we blend the
best hrand.s, sift, and test the blend until we find
a doutfh that, will sustain the Christie reputation.
Expensive! Yea but we know no other way
of starting to make biscuits up to our own high
Every ingredient entering into our "baked"
is the purest, and beat we can ler,
Our " Zephyr Cream '* Bodas cmahod in
cream, or fresh milk, certainly do make an excellent liffht breakfast.    You test them.
&oid  in hoik, nr in   small   Family linn, damp  and  itrrat pr*«f
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
Royal Standard
Koyal Standard Flour is
pre-eminently a product of quality. You may buy a cheaper
llour, but Hour i.s the .staff of life
and the one product which you
need always. A food which
above all others should receive
the utmost care in its manufacture. We have made a hobby
of making good Hour. Its reputation is known throughout
Uritish Columbia. There is and
there can be no belter.
Then too, in each 41)!!). sack
i.s placed a numbered coupon
entitling you to a chance to win
a beautiful 109 piece dinner set.
Ask your grocer for Koyal
Standard   Flour.
MANUKA) II l;l-:ii   HY
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., Lid.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month.
Four Rooms on MoKenzie Avenue, $1(1
per mouth
For  Sale
Good building Lots.
Two  bouBes  suitably  located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market Gardening,
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit anil ornamental trees
Iiiiiiiii grown, hardy, tested
antl proven Our trees do
not have to he lumigattd,
Tbey are grown in the tnly
part of the continent not
infested with tbe San Jose
157 l'ajje Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Bring in your Plana and Speoirlontiona
ami we will Rguifl on tin m.
Tlm Brest West Permanent Loan
U IN.MI'I'.ti,
First 8lrool, Roi/olutoko, B   C.
Certificate  of   Improvements
1 \ 1. nnl Hllvtu I'lck uiiiiuritl
, inn,., ii mile in ihe Troul Utke
Mining I ii 1 Ion nl Weal Kootonay
ilimi let.
Wlni,. Iiii .oe.I   Ik 1 Heen Hie north
in.!    outh  fill I.    nl   l..il'l"   I  reek.
'I nke noi Ire Ilinl  I Oat bin Inu   I'lor
 ■ Heal 1 Vi nl N  l rl • " ' '■• '''	
\Ihi..|      I  Mil iii'   ile Nil,  II 1817(1,   inli'llll
nl v 'In    Iiiiiii ilnle lieieul,   lu   apply
to iin- MiniiiK Rncordui lm 11 certlfl
• lie of Iniproveinnnta for tho purpoie
of .ililiiiiiini,' I 1.umi i-i.ml-, of tho
.iliuve claims
Anil I'm lint take liulleo H1.1t iielioli
under Section 87 muat be commenced
hefore iin> laauance of auob Certificate
uf Improvement*,
Dated   thi'< twent) vi-nili day of
May, A.U , imiu.
IJiyiiO  (JA I'll Kill Nk I'l.ollKM I'. Ill'.A'ITY.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents nnd Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
At all Branches.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
___■_»,»—; «••«•
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our liiinil8-_'nie parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade Bilk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
itidcllnitely. We I ave many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the home that are taste
lui, ell'ective and inexpensive, and will
slio« your rooms to the beBt advantage.
in C. P. It. contract for facinj; Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
'  P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.
HKAD OITICK:   Ualoakv,  Ai.iikiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Marchtnts
Put-k Packers and Dealers In Live Stuck. Markets in all Hit- princij
pal (lilies and Towns of Allien,1. liritish UolunjhU and tbn Yukon.
Packers of ilu- Celebrated Brand " Imperator" Hams and Bacon,
ami "Shamrock" Brand Leaf tiii-tl, j
Import direct from country ot origin.
REVELSTOKE    1=1.  O.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
.small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate tlieir prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut   lilass,   Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford to use ike best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour thai: is Different
II   you   du   vou   will   find    that   the cost  of
ROBIN HOOD is Smallest after all.
I ho bigger loaf is one difference
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
I'he sweeter flavor is a third tlilleience.
There are other points  of  difference.     Any
one of ihem worth ihe extra cost.
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
A Healthy Life
A Happy Home
in the British Oolumbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands  eminently suited for  the   raising of
Fruit,  Grain  or  Stock
may be purchased in these Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
Timber   Lands   of   the   highest r,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Good Shipping Facilities. Easy Transportation
For Maps, Application Forms, Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
Box 1317, Calgary, Alta.
Town Lots for Sale io Revelstoke and Arrowhead
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout; John Hendry Represents British Columbia on
Seattle, Wash., July 2'A.—At tbe
concluding meeting ol tlieir convention the Pacific bugging Congren- late
yesterday elected the lollowing officers:
E, F, Blake, Seattle, president; Frank
H. Lamb, Hoquiam, vice-president;
Cleo. M. Cornwall, publisher of tbe
Timberiiian, Portland, secretary-treasurer, and, as members of the executive committee to repre.ent tbeir respective states or provinces, J Hendry, British Columbia; W. W. Peed,
California; W. Deary, Idaho; ,1. S.
0'Gorman, Oregon, and J. F. Ives,
The place ol the ne-x', meeting of the
congress will he selected by the executive committee.
The loggers left this morning tor
Mukilteo, where they will be entertained at a luncheon at the camp of
Merrill autl King.
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that a sitting
of the Court ut Revision to hear and
determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to be levied and
Imposed on tlie lands or real property
affected under the provisions of Bylaw No. 148, being known as the "Local Improvement Sidewalk By-law
No, 14H, Won, ' providing for the construction of concrete sidewalks (al on
lhe north side of First Street froin the
corner of Campbell Avenue to the
coiner of Boyle Avenue and (In on the
north side of Second Street from the
corner of Pearson Street to the corner
of Forde Street and (c)on the west side
of Front Street from the corner of
King Street tn the corner of Victoria
Uond, will be held in the Oity Hall al
the Oily uf Hevelstoke on the llth day
of August, 1900, at the hour of eight
o'clock iu the aftei noon.
A statement showing tin-lands or
real property liable to and proposed to
lie specially assessed fur tin- said Improvements and the names of ilu- owners thereof as far as same can he ascertained from the Inst revised assessment
coll and otherwise is now on Iih- in tlie
ullice of the City Clerk and is open for
Inspection thu ing office hours.
All notices of appeal .--hall he served
on the Clerk of tlie.Muiiiiip.il Oouncil
at least eight days prior lu such Court
of Revision,
Daled this-.'1st day of Julv, 1000.
ilv217l City Clerk.
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Kevelstoke Land District.
I liatrlct of West Kootenay,
Take not ice that Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson. BO., occupation Merchant,
Intends to apply foi permission to pur-
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
Hve miles north   of  Downie Creek and
almut fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Oolumbia Kiver, thence 8(1
cliains north along the Oolumbia river,
thenoe 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
SOUtb, thence 20 chains east to point of
Robert ii. Caldwell,
I'ec John W. Fulls, Agenl.
Dated 17th June. 1000. iun 8060d
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of Wesi Kootenay.
Take Notice tbat Roderick W. Lindsay, of Oamborne, B.C., occupation
merchant, Intends to apply forj permission io purohase tin- following
descrilied land I
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east oorner of A, I). McKay's
pre-empt ion, No. 7806, and marked
"ll. VV. Lindsay's North-West Coiner
Post, thence about 8 chains cast to
west lint-of McKinnon'S pre-emption,
thenoe about 60 ohalns soulh, thenoe
about 8 ohalns west   to McKay's side
line, thence north about Tin chains to
point of commencement and containing 4d aeres more or less.
KuiiKHii K William Limihav,
Local or.
Haled April 80th, I'.hhi. my 22
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   MoKenzie Ave
MaiintHClnred For all clauses nf  buildings
for sale in laru.i nr -null qaanttttsi
Ht the lowest prices fur oath,
mj it
[ilii JiTlllK
KevelHtoke Lund District.
District of West Koutenay,
Take notice lhal I, Adran La Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation married woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purohase   ilm   following   desorlbed
lands ;
Commencing nl a post planted ou
Hu- south-west curlier of Lot hi in.
thenoe west in chains; i iii-nct- north
OOohalnsi th leeasl 10uhainsi thenoo
south IM> chains to place ot coiniiifni'c-
Mum  AliKAN Li Hiiahil
li. J. I.A lin \  ii. Agenl.
Dated Mav 171 li, 1000, my DU
Palace Restaurant
McKensie  Avenue
Kriiit, Candies, Cigars ,Tobacco.
Meals 85 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
i.HVK ROOM HOUSE located on 0.
I' I', ll. grounds near station, with
'2d year lease on gi omul. Tills house is
iu good repair with linn garden nnd
fruit trees. Will sell at a bargain If
sold al om c. Apply I'm fuithei pai
titulars in IC, J. Bourne, First street.
ININii IH him (illtl.  wanlei
ply at the Oriental Hulel,
I np
Jnhn Nelsou of the Victoria Times,
who has just returned from attending
the Imperial press conference in London, speaks highly ol the treatment
ihey received and expresses cjn-
lidence that some goud in bringing
about closer communication between
different parts of the empire will be
A new coal port hai been opened
for the Pacific Coal Company's mines
at Suquash on Boat harb.ir, Vancouver Island, north of Nanaimo. Vessels will hunker aud take out coal from
there regularly. Uther discoveries ol
coal have been lately made od the
north end of Vancouver Island, which
promises in time to become quite a
colliery centre.
The Columbia taxicab company has
been formed in Vancouver for the
purpose of introducing taxicab motors
on the streets ol that city. They will
bring in ten machines ul tire latest
Eoglisb make and 2-1 burse power.
The charge will be M centa lor the
lirst hall mile and ten cents tor every
quarter ol a mile therealter. This
will be the charge for a cab whether
there is one person in it or four. In
the vehicle is a metre which shows
the distance travelled and the amount
to be paid.
The Jebsen line plying froui Vancouver; will charter two or three
steamers tbis season to carry Northwest wheat to Mexico. This will mean
heavier freight trallic through Revelstoke and more help.
T. Dale, who lost b s arm some time
ago while working on the Dominion
dredge at Nakusp, has entered action
in the Exchequer court to recover
$5,000 damages. He was offered $200
and the position uf watchman ou the
dredge in compensation for his injuries,
but refused to take it.
Donald McDougall, ol Port Moody,
was killed on Tuesday night near the
C.P K. depot at that place. He was
walking home along the track when
No. 1 overtook him, striking him on
tbe head and killing him instantly
One of the latest issues of tbe Winnipeg Free Press contains a line full
length picture of J. H. Gillis, the
Vancouver policeman, wbo proved tbe
dark horee at the receut meet ol the
Canadian Athletic Union in that city.
By winning the all round championship be earned his right to the title of
the champion amateur athlete of
Canada. "Jack," as he is called, bas
long been prominent in athletic circles
in Vancouver, and will be warmly
congratulated thereon his return.
Pat Bums, the Calgary meat king,
seems to strike luck in everything. He
practically owns the First Thought
gold mine near Orient, Watli., which
in four years' production has netted a
proiit of $1,500,000. For tbe fiscal
year just closed, dividends were $500,-
0(10. The ore is shipped to the Trail
smelter, wbere 7,000 tuns in June
averaged $31 a tun. The working ol
this mine has beeu kept as mucb a
secret as possible.
On Tuesday last the Nelson Canadian Club gave a banquet to Professor
Adam SSbortt, chairman of tbe Dominion civil service commission, and
a noted civil service reformer.
Sergt. Richardson, of Victoria, won
tbe All Coiners Aggregate at Bialey
last week, The prize is a challenge
cup valued at $1250 autl a gold medal.
Sergeant Blackburn, of Winnipeg, won
the Prince of Wales' prize of $500.
The fourteenth anniversary of the
founding ol the Rosslaud Miners Union
was celebrated in that city last Friday
with a big procession, sports aud
speeches. Among the speakers, the
one that stirred the crowd most was
Anna Hurley Flynn, an 18 year old
Chicago girl. The sports included a
lacrosse match between Kosslaud and
Nelson in which Rowland won hy N-2.
The drilling and mucking contests
were also watched wi h interest. A.
Setto and J. Mattsuii drilled -10 inches
in 15 minutes, winning the $100 prize.
Iu the mucking ccntest 11. Williamson
came lirst moving a little over a tonol
rock iu 4 minutes, A't seconds.
The mayor ol (Irand Forks has
suspended Chief ul Police (Savage and
appointed W. II. Dinsiuore iu his
The Hoard ol License Commissioners
of Phoenix tuok drastic action last
week when they granted renewals for
only seven of the fifteen licenses held
by hotels in the town. The cancellation went straight into ell'cct with
no provision 'ur disputing ul stucks ol
liquur in hand ur granting compensation lor lusa.
XV. H. Cochrane, pulice magistrate
of Urand Forks, last week received a
threatening letter purporting lo   bo  a
black hand nolice. It is the general
opinion that it was llie work ol a [ool
joker. General indignation was rt-
pinned against thin end inpttble kind
ol "huniiir.
(To h lather who 'Hod fat from home.)
Ho sleeps beneath the southern cross
Who toiled beneath lhe northern star;
His Held of work - his scene of loss
By sea and mountain sundered far.
The winds of winter round us sweep,
When o'er him burns the southern sun.
Above his grave the spring   llowers
When ours are laded, past and gone.
And yet the same blue  heaven enfolds
His children in each hemisphere,
The same white moon al ovetbem mills,
The same sun gilds each falling tear.
We sorrow, yes, but Cod is good
And gives us Ibis tu soothe our grief
He fell as falls the mellowed fruit,
Was garnered as the ripened sheaf.
The lesson of his life was writ,
His  furrow   turned,  his  day's  work
With clouds of evening over it,
He sank its sinks the setting sun,
And we who stay, and we who mourn,
Can only hope like him to dome,
Like well filled ears of ripened corn,
In God's good time to harvest home,
Like him with deeds of usefulness
We too may smooth the rugged ways,
For those whose feet shall follow us
When darkness seals our shortening
And  resting   froin  the   hard-fought
We reap the fruits of love and toil,
In brighter day, in larger life,
In Heaven's eternal smile.
Hevelstoke, B.C., July 21, 1900.
.1. M.
Card of Thanks
I wiih  to   thank   all   who  were so
kiud during my ullliction in the death
ol  my husband, Albin   A Dewar, also
lor the many tokens of respect sent.
Annie Jean Dewar.
Jewelry Pluntlered at Golden  -Many Arrests
But No Convictions
The drug and jewelry store ol A. J.
Buckham, at Uolden, is repurled tu
have been bruken into on Monday
night and a quantity ol goltl watches
and other jewelry stolen. The police
bave been notified at different points
along tbe line and a number ol men
have been arrested and held, but so far
the real thieves du not appear to have
been captured. Oue man was arrested
by the local police in Revelstoke on
Wednesday morning, but no jewelry
was found on him, The story he told
of his movements, however, was hardly
satisfactory and he was held for some
time f_ir further investigation, but
has since been released.
Provincial Constable Kington also
picked up two men on Thursday who
had been hanging around the out-
skirts ul the tuwn, but there was no
jewelry on them either, aud after being
held for investigation they were released. It is also reported that a man
who was here sweeping cbimiieysabout
a week ago, had been held in Field,
but was released as there was nothing
to connect him witb the crime. All
whu met the man here are confident of
his honesty. Besides, a man whu will
sweep chimneys fur a living, is not
likely to Hteal.
Card of Thanks
The captains of the Lower and
Upper town lacrosse teams desire to
express tlieir thanks to the players
who turned out so nobly and also to
the spare men, Messrs. Skene, Ebert
and McLaughlin. To the referees aud
other ollicials; to the V.M.C.A. lur use
uf grounds and other courtesies antl tu
the citizebs for their very generous
supp it. The collection amounted to
$01.35, expenses $1; proceeds paid to
ho8pit.il $57.35.
Who Will Lead
An informal conference ol leaders
of the Liberal party in the province
was recently held in Vancouver at
which Hon. W. Templeman, J A
Macdonald, Rossland; Stuart Hender
son and Dennis Murphy ol Ashcroft,
aud several of the lo al men were
present. Jt is generally expected that
Mr. Macdonald will accept the chief
justiceship of the Appellate Court to
be established this fall, but 6o far
nothing has actually been done in
looking towards the choice ill a successor, though among the present
members ol the HutiBe lhe chuice
would be almost sure to lad between
John Oliver and Stuart Henderson.
While nu canvass ol the members has
been made, those who know are ol
opinion that if it came to a ballot
Oliver would be chosen, as he is at
present recognised as his leader's right
hand man and the warhorse ol the
party. Belore another election, however, a compromise may be arrived
at by bringing in some dark horse
from the obtaide.
Prisoners Howled for Liberation-Inquiry
to be Held,
A serious lire broke out aboul midnight Wednesday in the Penitentiary
at New Westminster, destroying completely the paint anil turning shops.
There was only a gentle brue/.e, not
sufficient to (an the Haines, so that
the Koyal city's lire brigade easily
confined the outbreak to the building
destroyed. The man part ol the institution was never in danger, although the 2X1 convicts incarcerated
therein seized the opportunity to
make night hideous with their
claniorings conjuring their gaolers
not to leave them a prey to the
dames, and beseeching liberty Irom all
and sundry.
The cause ol the fire is not known,
but incendiarism is suspected, and an
inquiry will he held as soon aa
The building ill st inyed  un I    a    two-
att.rcy one ol brick, and was elected
a year ago in place ol one which had
hi en iu une lor 80 years. The value
is estimated at $20,000, including the
stock and furnishing.
End of World Sept. 15
The Holy (Ihost Society, of Maine,
predicts that the end of the world will
come on September 15th at 10.30 a.m.
When it conies they expect to see tbe
sky go to smash, the earth being consumed by fire aud the sun trembling
somewhere, while they themselves are
transported iuto a realm of bliss and
ail otherB destroyed.
Cun Club Shoot
The following scores were made at
the regular weekly shoot on Wednesday last :—
NOBLE TROPHY (50 birds)
MeDonell scratch	
Sturdy "       	
Barber "       	
Miilholland gets handicap 12 .
Cooke " (j	
Devine " 12	
Brown " 18	
Skene " (1	
Cuuk wins trophy for the week, also
wins the weekly button,
A big tournament will be held the
day belore the Fall Fair starts. A big
crowd uf trap enthusiasts are expected.
one years' experience—growth from a small
linshop Io l6Jri acres of floor space, from a half dozen
artisans to 1,500, from an annual wage sheet of $4,000
Io one of $670,000, from a capital of energy to one of
$3,000.ono, Irom obscurity to recognition as Largest
Makers of Furnaces in the British Empire.
was placed on Iho market the first furnace  to  be  wholly  and
solely designed by a Canadian Company. #   Tj
Wi* employ a consulting staff of furnace experts, who are *
continually experimenting with new ideas in order that Sunshine _
Furnace "shall not have to travel on its past reputation for ™
We buy materials in such larpr quantities that its quality is
guaranteed lo us. We have our own testing rooms, so that super-
Vision of construction is exercised down to the finest detail.
McCIaryfe   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Leon Ling, the murderer of Klsie
Sigel, who was once reported by 1
Coast paper to have heen arrested
in Kevelstoke, has during the past
week been reported as having heen
seen i 1 London and Buda-Pest
almost at the same time. The
Wandering Jew is evidently not in
it with tbe Wandering Chink.
Wireless telephones for talking
without wires (long or short distance)
are the intesi great  Invention of tbe
age.    Agents   wanted   lo   sejl   stock.
References required. For particulars
address Imperial Finance Co., "B"
Departmenl. Pender Street, Vanoouver, II. 0, July 17-lm
Private sale ol household   furniture
of Mrs. Ii. W. Funic, Third street,
Kaiim may be seen between the hours
of I j 11.111. and I p.m. any day.    17-1 f
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
"WATKII  Ai I,  1000."
Attention is oallod lo section 103 of
lilt- ' Water Act, 1000," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has 1 n granted, pursuant
loll Rivers   anil   KlrcaiiiN Acl," In
surrender such authority within ono
year of the passage ,,i suid "Water
Act," and rooolvo a licence for same
FUKD. .1. I'l'LTON.
(thief Commissioner of Lands,
Limits Department,
Victoria, llllli July, Itmo.
Jytfi hn
Rovelstoke Land District,
Dlstriot of Wost Koolenny.
Take nolice that Lal'uyel te Lamb, of
Clinton, Iowa, r. H. A„ oooupatlon
Mlllownor, Intends lo apply for permission to purohase tho following tre-
scribed land:
Commencing at 11 posl planted al the
K. K. corner of Lol HMD, then norlli 20
ohalns, then easl IW ohalns, ihence
Houth 20 ohalns moru or loss to lake
shore, th e wostorly along lake short
21) ohalns inon' 01   less to point ol coin-
10.   Ml (iAIIIIII IK,
Agent for Lifiiyi'tlc Lamb.
Dated JuncJIril, UW, jun 2:1
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
Steamer Kevelstoke leaves Landing
at the bead of Canyon evoiy Tuesday
and Friday al U a. m. (Water permitting)   IU"'   arrives   at   Downie  Creek
aiioiit 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis'passenger stage and freight
wagons transfei passengers and fi eight
bel ween  all eily  hotels   and   Landing.
Leave orders with Mr, Lewis, telephone No, 72.   Tin-re is telephone 1 ■
1 tion with tho steamer. The number
Is 11216,   All Information as to rates
and other  business   may   be  obtained
ai ollice ou lioaiil tin- steamer from
1-' 8Wambon. Purser,
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of Went Kootenay,
Take nolice that John XV. falls, of
Nelson, B.C., oooupatlon Miner, in-
tends to apply for permission to pur"
chase tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted almut
live miles norlli of Downie Creek on
the Columbia Kiver and about llftv
miles north uf Rovelstoke, ihence W)
chains south along Columbia rivei',
1 hence 20 chains weet, thence sn ohalns
north, thence 3D ohains east to point of
.Inns W. Fall*.
Dated lith June, 10U0. jun HO (Ml THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. 0.
Half Price Sale
Men's Straw Hats. Men's Linen Hats.
Boys' Straw and Linen Hats. Children's
Straw Sailors. Children's Muslin Bonnets
and Hats, Trimmed Millinery. A great
reduction on Ladies' White Muslin and Duck
Skirts. On all Ladies' Whitewear. Wash
Muslins, regular 18c. and 20c. lines, now 10c.
July Sale Prices All Over The Entire Store
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
OHiee on First St., Opposite the Club
O      Rents Collected, Loans Notary Tuulk
likely t
 but a
uked    lur.     Wheat is
and fourteen   inches
Moving Pictures tonight.
Statistics ol the Inland Revenue department for the past year show that
C ina.liati-i are consuming less wine
and spirit-, but more beer and tobacco
There will come to the opera house
during tbe coming week some live
thousand leet of moving pictures depicting the different rounds in the big
Burns-Johnson tight.
July   reports   ul   the prairie wheat
crop show that cutting is nut  likely
I*   general   before   August
laage yield   is I
well honied not ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The Moyie Rochdale co-operative
a-- iciation at Moyie has been obliged
to cloBe it doors hs ii bas nut been
found a paying venture. It waa
i.;,.';-.I ni February, 1008, and supported by the workingmen uf the
In Wednesday's report of Monday
night'.- special council meeting it was
stated thai Aid. Pradolini had objected
to the estimate ol 10 cents a loot lor
laying Cement sidewalks, as too high.
This was a mistake. What Aid. Pradolini really meant was that the estimate wis su low that he did not think
go-d wurk cuuld be done, lor it.
The Mill Herald ha? been handed
a rei;••:! in  booklet  form of   the convention  of    ilu-   British    Columbia
School trustees   Association   beld   inl
Bevelstoke a year ago.    It Bontains all
tbe  resolutions and ,i summarised report of ti:e discussii ii-     It is not only ;
a valuable memento ol the convention
it is altu a   iiselnl guide to all persons
interested in educational wurk.
William Mackenzie, president ol the
Canadian Northern railway company
has just leuirned liom a trip to the
old country where be succeeded in
raising a loan lor $ 10,000,000. Tbe
money is to be used in the construction ol between l'«i nnd 500 miles ,.[
new lint-i- in western Canada this
The announcement ha.- beeu made by
General Manager Hays ol the Grand
Truuk I'acilic, that the main line antl
lome f the branches will be completed
in three years time. This will be welcome news to everyone, and should
stimulate the people here to (resh
efl rt« to have thu Vancouver branch
brought thruugh this way. With the
Canadian I'acilic and Canadian Northern scrapping lur the Fraser canyon
route there would seem to be a good | passed through
Call and inspect our stock of Onion Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
None hut new seeds kept, in stock
We carry   n   complete   line  of
staple and fancy groceries,  and
can iill'i-i- you the  best   goods at
llie same pi-ice as yuu pay  for
inferior lines.
Our bread, cake and pastry trade
is   rapidly    increasing,   a  trial
order for any one of lhe above
will explain why.    Our aim is to
keep only the best.
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   must   important   items
in \iuir business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look aftij.r this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Moving Pictures ti
From reports that come down Irum
Alberl Canyon, tbe twenty-four buys
camping there under "Pr ilessor" Al-
dritt are having a glorious time. Tbey
bathe, swim, play baseball and fish,
and in the evening have a large' camp | in the
^^^^^^^^        night.
Private sale of household fiirnilure
of Mrs, IL \V, Foote, Third street,
Same may be seen between the  hours
of II a.m. anil I p.m. any day.    17-11
Mrs. 11. Bruce, Second street, has
won one ol the uinner sets given with
Royal Standard Flour, Paget Supply
Co , agents.
The marriage ol Nicola l'isacretu
and Miss Miilia Bandiera timk place
at the Roman Catholic church this
morning, the Kev. father Coccola
lu return lor the gift ol two aeres ol
land uear the C.l'.K depot in Kegina.
which belonged to tlie city, the C I' P
have promised to erect a fireproof
union station lur tbe accommodation
of the C P.E., C.N R., and G.T.P.
railways and any utl ers that may wish
to use it.
Mayor Keary. ui New Westminster,
ou No. 6 on Friday
morning on his way to attend the;
convention of the Union of Canadian ,
Municipalities which is tc be held in I
Medicine Hat next week. Mayor [
Keary goes as the delegate of Vancou-1
ver. Victoria. Nanaimo and New Westminster, the   Coast cities   represented |
union.    He   -tated   that  the
fire round   which they can ^it and tell champion lacrosse team was in rather
stories to   tbeir  hearts   content.    On bad shape just  now, as two  ol  their
Tbur.»! iy - ■• •   ing they invited ill tbe best men were in tbe hospital—indeed
ladies   there   over   to tea and  enter- he juestioned whether Bryson, whose
tained then r iyally. knee had to be cut open, will ever be
'I bi   lab tt  issui     I the Kamloops
t-taiid.iul c ntHiii- sn srticli   di
with the  Ri relstokt   01 server  which
concludes   in   tbii   trenchant   rtyle j
TbeObserrei says that we complaint
because they t Id tbe truth about  a,
a locai  happening,  t ul   nothing  was
• '.■: more absurd.   We are beginning
to think tbat ths Observer  num  does|
not kn m tbe o loi   ! the truth lur if
he did he would display better knowledge ol It.'
0 um   t'   Edinburgh, So
night at tin  Edison Thcatri
tlind   to-
A Brand New Idea
Hinged Top Talcum Can
Williams     New
Talcum Pai kage
The hinged top
iirevents leaking
ing   Fine   Tab
.■um   stunning Perfumes
( al 'lint mn   nul   Viulet
Get    a   package   while   It's
new    Pru b 25 I i.-. i -.
Next Hume Block    'Phone No. 28
abb ti play lacrosse again Wbile be
has the greatest confidence in bis own
team, be looks lur some sharp contests
with Vancuuver lor tbe rest -.( tbe
season as ths terminal oity is hif slier
the cup
George A. Knight has returned Irum
a trip to the Lardeau cuuntry.
Bruce Lawson, citv clerk luok a
trip down to  Arrowhead   yesterday to
look up some land
Mayor Lindmark loft, lur n trip In
the Coast on Wednesday. He expects
to visit Victoria beforo Ins return.
Engineer J. I), Simons, wile and
fu in i ly formerly nl   Hevelstoke, are in
the city   fur   a   few  days visiting old
Miss Marjurin Yoiingiind MiHa Irene
Procunier aro tho guests of Mm. Porter
and Mrs. t npihart in   tlieir cottage at
Allien Canyon.
Dr. Sutherland, ll Howson, .1.11.
Burlier, F. McCarty wen:    members of
ii party of Freemasons who went down
to   ItoHsland   yesterday    morning   to
lake part in a Miihoiiic (unction there,
licoigc O, Bennett, a prominent mum
In r uf   the   Order   (ruin  Toronto also
wenl with them.
Mrs.   Smith   Urquliart, Mrs  Young
ami Miss Mckenny were lhe guests of
Mrs. Porter nod Mrs. Urqubart in
camp at Albert Canyon during the
past week.
Howard Douglas, Superintendent ol
Dominion   parks   was in  the city yes
I terday morning,   and went   uast with
Hon.    Charles    Murphy    whi     passed
through homeward bound.
Otto Lacbmund ul Arrowhead, C. K
Lamb ol Winnipeg, and C. B. Mills ll
Clinton, Ont were three prominent
lumbermen who were all registered at
the Kevelstoke llutei one day this
Miss Madeline Koppes, Irom Minnesota, paid , sil tu ber coosio, I'eter
Leoiob, this week. Miss Koppes has
been through t.i the -cattle Fair and
Stopped off lor a day - twi n her
Mr    E    Switzer re     known
prairie lumberman ■ - registered at
the Central hotel during tiie past
week. He uttt a 001 ol Ins annual
trips to Arrowhead where be has - me
timber nil.-   il -
At tlie Edison Parlor Theatre
A large audience witnessed tbe lirst-
claHs programme nt tin* Edison i'arlur
I'  II  il n      i-t   night.. I lie     scenes    nt
Edingburn Scotland, were muoh ap-
I reoiated i imber it the people
in tin .i . bave been in the
inautilul capital oity ol the land •(
the heather Phe crack rider- ol tbe
itiiHsuii ■ vas s splendid picture
lull ul nn- est snd inst ruotlon The
oomedies   were    ■ ■ -I     I onigbl
i in- • mu programme will be rape ited
nt. t.wu performances
The latest development in the railway situation is that the 0 P l< intends to oompiete us line frum Nelsi a
to Midway and will run  through  tbe
Simillcan n country  and joining its
Nicola Valley line, will come through
to Spenoe's bridge, and from there will
gu down on llie eust, snle ,,( the Kraser
rivercaiiyun lu Vancouver. While it
is claimed thai Ihey wuuld thus 86'
cum a lower grade and not have to
cross un the Cisco bridge, uther barties
say the real motive ol suoh construction wutilil be tu -iiiii, off tlm Canadian
Northern and Grand Trunk Pacific
who also wish to head that way.
Tenders aro being called by the C P.
It lor tho completion of tho remain
ing 27.J miles ol flic Wellington-AI-
bernl railway wbicli lii! between Little
Quallioiim rivor anil the town ol
Albcrni. The full length ol the railway is about lil) miles.
$15,000 -STOCK--$15,000
We are giving up business and selling  out  our  entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
Tlie Sale commences at once and  will  lie continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
The Lower Town Men Win in a Game That
was Furious, Fast and Funny, '
The old Ian howled in uproarious glee
And  whistled and threw up his hat.
"Many's the game I have seen," said be
" But never a game like tbat "
The game was the great lacrosse
match between the veterans of the
upper and lower town played on tlie
Y M.C.A. grounds on Thursday evening. The players were medhine, and
law, and banking and hotels, and
railways and barber shops, and real
estate and sawmills, antl stores and
everything the town possesses. It was
last and it was tunny, and though one
side was beaten everyone waa pleased.
The result illustrated the truth of the
Scriptural adage that the last shall be
first, (ur in ibis case the lower became
the higher, and the upper was the
lower—ou the score sheet. Ol course
the upper town men attribute tlieir
defeat to the presence ol Biune ol tlieir
numbers that went to make up the
full complement ol the lower town
team, and tbe lower town men say if
it had not been for the bulky lorni ul
Guy Barber in goal the defeat would
have heen ten times worse. Anyhow
the game ended two to nothing in
favor of the lower town men.
There was a great turnout. All
Kevels'oke and his wife antl cliililren
were there and lined the grounds in a
deep enthusiastic rank, that laughed
and obeered and heartily enjoyed it all.
The teams lined up under the captaincy of A. B. McCleneghan lor the
upper own, and Allien Stone lor lhe
lower. Alex. McDonnell was referee
and Alex. Mcllae waB the judge ol
play. Must ol the lower town men
wore red sweaters, and most ol the
upper town men were in white, though
all became more or less discolored belore the game was uver. The game
started out with a little preliminary
fencing, then there was a run up the
lield, nnd almost before anyone was
aware of it, the lower lown men had
landed the hall in their opponents net.
This roused the upper town men and
8 lively scimiuaging followed in
the entre ot the field, but the ball
shot towards the upper town goal
again. Thi- time 'iuy Barber's sporting spirit wa- up, and he caught the
ball and amid cheers from the spectator sent it bouncing back into the
middle uf tin ield. Then Couk made
a bold run fnr the lower goal but was
In tbe second >|uarter Or. Sutherland distinguished himsell by a magnificent run in which halfadOZOU men
went do*a iuns belore him,
Imi t In ui ie i tidi got the ball, and it
was again playing dangei nsly a run ml
the upper '    ■     . I tun    hall   tune
was oalled. In. third quarter was
played s good pun ol tbe lime about
thirty jrfl I   I in    uii| er   tuwn
gun] bul the playi rs landed in a buooh
f ibistIes wbi - iu   into   sir
again nm! ,, ■ hall went down
the in-ill .in,i the | lartec ended in an
exciiing scrimmage iu (runt ol tbe
.i i ib< fourth quarter
thi >er towi iashed »g»in, and
Oours ei led anu her in tbs net
Tbe rest of the   ante  wai  jsrky   toi
funny        ll     • .,.    either    a wild lawn
tennis, ur it was a rugby scrimmage
and Donnybrook I-nr rolled uplnone,
But, everybody took everything good
natoredly and vhen it wss all finished
Mu- crowd joined heartily Intheoheers
which each team called lor tbe    ther
Tbe t.wu teams wore composed ol the
following players:
Lower town I A Stone (captain)
J. Abrahamson, J, B, Stewart, B, H.
Atkins, ll. N Coursier, II. F. Brooker,
.I. McM.irt.in, J  p Sutherland, 0,  M,
Field,     .Iiiiiii sun,     (lilli-U   null    Mc.
I Pl'd town A II McCleneghan |
(captain;, Sam Sutherland, E. lJupnnt, j
I. Walsh,'!'. Iv L.Taylor, J. G. Barber,'
Dr. Hamilton, Heo, McKinnon, J. R.
N. Cooke, A. E Kincaid, Dr. Sutherland, U.S. McCarter.
In the course ol the game the hat
was passed round among the crowd in
aid ol the hospital, and tbe handsome
sum of $61,35 was collected.
Ontario Party Finds It Hard to Get In, But
Likes it There
Interesting letters have been received from a party of 115 Ontario
people who set out from Toronto on
March 18th to form a colony in the
far-away lands I the Peace River d
trict. Must ol tliese are larmers, but
several Toronto boya, including Don
aid C. Cranston, Garnet Trusx, Geo.
Flint and Sam Sargent, nre wilh the
Leaving Edmonton on May lilth
with 18 yoke of oxen and a year's
supplies, the long trek ol .150 miles
was begun, the direct winter route of
240 miles being impassible (rom
As (ar as Athabasca Landing the
roads were found in a very lair con
ditiun and the 110 miles were covered
in peven days. Here arrangements
were made lo ship most ol the supplies by the steamer Midnight Sun, to
the west end ol Lesser Slave lake. The
women and children were also lelt to
droceed by waler. The parly got a
contract to chop 200 cords ol wood at
$2 a conl for the navigation company,
antl this paid the freight and passages.
The land route from Athabasca
Lauding around the north shore of Ihe
lake ia described as decidedly strenuous, especially the hills. Bald hill,
about two and a hall miles long, took
two anil a half days to surmount, and
four or five teams of oxen had to be
put on a load to get it up. Other hills
were so steep and icy that tbe oxen
were s.metimes sliding on their hips
half ol the way down, and several up
sets occurred. Often corduroy roads
bad to be built belore tbe outfit could
proceetl. Martin river, lo r and a
half leet deep, and ipiito wide, bad to
lie forded.
At Shaw's Point the women aud
children rei lined the party and a
start was made about the middle ol
.lune lor Peace River crossing. They
had some 225 miles still to cover to
Beaver Lodge, (irand Prairie, their
objective point, which they expected
to reacli about July 6.
Everyone is charmed with the district, whioh is descrilied as very beau
tiful, being unite near the Rockies.
Spring is said to he Ihreo or lour
weeks in advance of many places iu
the west, Almost anything Ilinl is
grown In I Intario can be successfully
cultivated. Tomatoes ripen in the
open, Small Irnits grow wild in pro.
Iiisinn.    Coal lias been found   in  groat
Bettleri are Hooking in this year
and as sunn as the new railways arc
built, it ih predloted that the district
will he quickly rattled. The climate
is aaid tu tin all that,   cuuld be desired
The Hniiiiihgtuii mil vi v parly, one
• ,l tIk- tour gangs sunt out by the. Canadian  Northern   Kailway company, tn
survey a route to the coast, bus reached tbe summit ut the Velluwhead Pass,
This party went up the Nurtb Thompson   Irom    Kamloops    ami   owing to
nigh water in the streams have hail a
very strenuous time. Two olliei gangs
are al wurk in the KraHiir tivi r canyon,
one working from l.ytlnn ilnwu and
the other (rum Vsle lip. This is alung
the mute which tint C.P.B claims tbst
It is ready to build  on.      It   is  hoped
that the whole work will he oompleted
in Ootober.
will niine back to you if you spend il
at homo, ll iM goiu for ever if you
send il i" ibe Mail Ortler House, A
glance  through mir advertising cul
11 ti 11 im will give vutl all Idea where il
will buy the inosl,
Three Specials for Saturday
and Following Week
Hose, three pairs for 50c—Ladies' fine
black cotton hose, stainless dyes. Sizes H'/j, to
IO.     Bargain price, three pairs for 50c.
Hose, 50c. per pair—Ladies' Lisle Hose,
plain or lace, in black, navy blue, tan and white,
all size,;.    Special price 50c. per pair.
Cushion Tops, ,',oe. each—A nice assortment
to choose from, all good designs. Special
Sale Price 30c. each.
Twenty per cent discount on our entire stock
of Whiteware.
McLennan & Co,
| You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
('uiitiiiiiiii', from I'ltim (luu.
arrest had lieen banded lo lhe police.
To Mr. McOaitur, witness said be had
received no Instructions I'roiu him or
anyone aliout the payment ol' the
This closed lhe case foi- the prosecution.
Mr. Gillan bubmiltud that no case
bail been made out to warrant sending
lhe accused   up   for   trial.      The lhat
witness was very unsatisfactory. He
knew nothing of what letters had been
written or wbo had written) them. He
was only sine of one conversation
with Mr. Haggen. The second witness
Mr. Pratt, knew very little about it;
and the third witness was really amusing in showing Lhe anxiety he did to
assist the prosecution, and get that
draft paid early in the day so Hint Mr,
Haggen would have no chance to redeem ii before 8 o'olook in the afternoon as he had the light lo du. It
looked as it' they bail been waiting for
a chance lo trap Mc Haggen, or else
why bad this Information laien lying
against the prisoner since .Iiiiii- III li?
Mr. McCarter "No, since July in."
The Com l  pointed   out   Unl lhe in
formation did road Juno nub. ii w.r.
evidently a slip of the pen
Mr (iillan said be would then ank
lm lhe dismissal of the charge.
Mr. Poster  said   Ihey   could amend
the Information, bui   ii  could not be
uullilleil because of   a   clerical el lui in
writing down a dale. It they were to
lie tied   down   to   points of   law   Mi-.
QUlan was out of otdorln addressing
Uu-Courl before Uu- depositions had
been read (hough Ihey had allowed
hlln tu go on.
Mr.   McCai'lci    said   he   would   ask
them For an adjournment till the fob
wing   morning  ho that   Mr. Mundy
might conic and iay it new Information,
The Coiill illicit   I hat [I hei e waa the
ght to amend.
The charge was trail In Mi. Haggen
ami he won ask ed if he bad anything
say.    He replied, "I have nothing
io say at present,"
Mr. (iillan argued Umi the accused
luul done everything possible to
straighten natters up after the mistake was pointed out to him. A trap
had been sel him and on ihe last day
n whioh the noli- was due.    Mr. Hag-
gen might have paid ii In the afternoon
but\that very morning the bill was
discounted, Mr. Haggen bad 00days
in remii io iiii! Insurance company ami
hail sent   a cheiiue  in HO days which
was evidence of his good Intention.
Mr. MeCiirtcr rend tin- clause of  the
criminal code on obtaining money hy
false pr«teu¥e«i   and  contended ' lhat
this chill go lilted into il. in every particular. This man collected money on
a policy live tlays In-fore it was due and
Ihey found that all this time he bail
an overdue pole lying at the Molsons
Hank wbicb be drew on the Mundy
Company lo pay. He went to Tilled
Valley and I old the Mundy Company
that be had deposited an insurance
policy in the Imperial Hank, wbicli
was shown tu lie an absolute lie, and
he had not himself tried to prove that
it was there. Ile made an arrangement wilh Mr. Pratt of tbe Molsons
Hank, that this money could be used
to pay bis overdue note lying tbere.
He had lefl the Mundy Company without a cent of valid insurance from the
26th of May to the 7th of June, and
they would have been out $10,1)00 if
their lumber had burned, wbile this
man was going around with $180 of
their money in bis pocket. He sent a
cbei|iie to New York, and wired at the
same lime to bold it back. He toi I
Mr. McCleneghan be was sending a
marked cheque, hut the cheque was
before the court and it was not marked.
On the day after bis arrest be went
into Ibe hank ami wished to pay that
draft, lull if be bad secured it where
would tbey have been for evidence
to-night? Tbey knew that once Unaccused got hold of il they would never
see it again, and good care was taken
that hs should not gel It. The whole
course nf the accused allowed   Unit  he
had made no real attempt to pay the
money which be had secured by fraudulent misrepresentation in  the lirst
place, Tilt- accusal ion againsl Mr,
Haggen was not lhat he did not nay
lhal. draft on July 21, but that in May
last he obtained this money bv false
The courl after a short   intermission
returned end said they could not entertain Mr. (Milan's application for a
non-suit and would like to bear any
witnesses be might have to bring.
Mr. (iillan said Ile I bought, lhe accused should be simply held on bia
own lecogni/.ances on that evidence,
He bad no wish at this stage to put iu
rebuttal evidence for defence.
Magistrate Foster said evidence of
false pretences at Three Valley bad
heen brought before them, and they
had heard nothing to the contrary.
Since the defence did not wish In put
iu evidence, tbey hod no wish to impose hardship liycommillal, Imi would
send tlie case up and would allow the
accused mil on Iwo bonds of $B,(KI0
Mr. (iillan said he would rather
choose committal and make application for bail before judge Forin who
was hi ill in town.
Magistrate Foster said he did not
think the bail too high and they bad
no wish that it should be prohibitive,
Mr. (iillan saiil Ihey would furnish
bail as belore 111 two sureties of $1,0(X)
Mr. Foster said tbey followed the
usual practice of increasing hail on a
case lieing sent up. 'Ihey would
divide tin- sureties! ,
Mr. (iillan stuck to Ins position and
after fuithei' conference it was agreed
to reduce the bull to $1,000, which was
subscribed and the accused released,


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