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The Mail Herald Aug 8, 1914

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 flf ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦ -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f
TT -f
♦                            -f
ff Chief     lumbering,     railway, ■♦•
rf mining,      agricultural      and ■♦■
(f navlgiatlon    centre    between -f
■f Calgary and tho Pacific ocean -f
The Mail-Herald
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-f           THE    MAIL-HERALD ♦
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nized  advertising  medium tor ♦
the  city and  district. -♦•
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-f-*--*- -$--*--*- 4-4-4- -♦•-*--*- -♦■-»•-♦■
Vol. 21-No 57
$2.50 Per Year
ispension of Royalties
on Timber Requested
Boar*   +
ade Asks Government to Extend Telegraph
Salmon Arm and Nelson—Park as Game
Extension of Boundaries To Stock Lakes
With Fu . Freight Service on Arrow Lakes—Telegraph Rates—Arrowhead Gas
A   resolution
bourd  ut  trade.
Thursday evening asking the Dominion government to place in the estimates next se'-isi.ni pro .'.mon for the
construction ot telephone lines to
connect Kevelstoke with ba'mon Arm
and also with Arrowhead, Trout Lake
Comaplix, N'akusi, Camborne, Beaton and Nelson, whenc con nuinica-
tion can be made with Calgary aud
Spokane. Other resolutions were
passed petitioning the Dominion und
provincial  government
Rainbow is Ordered to
Leave San-Francisco
Applications  for enlistment in    thc      The force will be Imperial, and bave
Canadian  contingent  for active serv- tbe status ot  British regular troops.
ice will be received by otlicers of the Enrollment will be voluntary for   all
Rocky      Mountain  Rungers  iu  Revel- ranks.   Physical qualifications will be
stoke today and tomorrow. as follows:   Height  5    feet  3  Inches
All     volunteers     desiring to serve and  over;     chest,  not less than  31'i
was   passed by tbe   received  from some  man  of  promin -   with     the     active force should hand inches; age limit 18 to 45 years.     In
at   its     meeting ou   ence that would warrant the expendi-. their names as applicants at. once, as regard  to  musketry and  general  pro-
ture of further money. I the roll has to he completed in time ficlency, a high standard  will  be    re-
A  letter from lion. Thomas Taylor'to allow     of its arriving at Ottawa quired.   The term of service will     bei
was read     which  informed the board   by August 12. next Wednesday. for the duration of the war.     Appli-
thut the report of Professor Emmens ■    Enlistments may be made at     the cants will bc selected in the follow -
on the Arrowhead gas situation   had   office of the Revelstoke Wine & Spir- ing  order:   (I) Unmarried    men,    (2)
not  yet  been received  by  the  depart-   it     company     this afternoon,  where married   men   without  families.      (:',)
ment    of    mines.      When the    report   Lieut,  Grant  will  receive  names    up married     men with families.   Officers
comes to hand    Mr.  Taylor promised   to ii o'clock. ' on the reserve and others with  mili-
to let the board know whether or not |    This  evening  applications  will    be tary experience, although not belong-
u copy could he sent to the board.      (received at the drill hall from 7    to ing to the active     militia,  but who
The question of telephone commun-   1" o'clock and tomorrow nt the drill fulfill  the foregoing requirements are
to  suspend   Nation   between   Revelstoke  and  out- | ball  from  H  a.m. until  3  p.m.,  when eligible.   Applicants    must  be    medi-
British Legation at Dresden Mobbed—Japan Protects
Pacific Liner—Three German Army Corps Cut to
Pieces Italy Siezes German Ships—Montenegro
Joins in in War Against Austria Today's Latest
Cables From Seat of War
San Francisco, Aug. S.—The British that I25,0fl0 Germans participated in
cruiser Rainbow, which put in here "'e assault on the forts nt Leige but
this morning received permission late   that  ,h(''V  Completely failed  to    make
today from the     port authorities to
any  impression on the forts.     Three
the collection of timber royalties and si,lt* Points was brought up by     Mr. either Capt.  R. H. Sawyer or Lieut. | rally  examined  by  an army  medical
to      postpone      the   sale      of  crown McCarter who said that not even.Ar- 0. H. Brock or Lieut. R. R. Grant of   corps officer where available.
granted mineral claims,  favoring   an rowhead or Comaplix could be reach- the Rocky  Mountain Rangers will be
addition  to  th..    Revelstoke  National '''•'    The luck of communication
cl,..  present.
The text of the official notice is as |    The intention is to mobilize a con
follows:— | tangent at Val Cartier, Que.
park an.; asking that the park be de- Prlved  ""* cltJ of     business and    I.e.
clared a game preserve. The questions thouKn*   t,lnt   the board   of   trade
of the freight  Bervice  on  the  Arrow should  take the  mattei   up actively.
lakes  and   the  stocking   ot   Kva   and The government was building lines in
Miller   iak.s      In   the   National   park ,l"'     BOuth-    Kevelstoke      was cut oR
with lish were .us., discii-ssid f,om "'"-ii'1" Points.
11.   S.   McCarter   intl   idll     1   the sub- Mr.   Lawrence said   that   the  lack   of
ject of the payment ot timber licence communication was driving away
dues. He proposed that tbe Uoun.i- trade from the city, especially iu thn
um ind provincial governments be Malakwa valley.
requested ;.> postpone the collection Mr. McCarter Baid that he did not
of timber license fees r.nd dues .i- blame the Revelstoke telephone mailing the present financial strii.(.•!,<■/. ngrr for not extending bis lines out-
The condition • •: tlie i. e i •■ u.i.ie-iiy .-ide the city as the lines would not
at present was such thai 'i< li ailier lay. The government was getting
Iirms had difficulty in n:"tii„' «' • ir settlers into the country but was
pay rolls. The provincial govjrumi.it giving them no communication,
was carrying overdue land payments Mr. Kilpatrick advised the board
and      might      '•'"''.i  suspend  the pfi.al "ot   t..  take  the   matter  up  too  long
claubet   of the             regard t..   tun- before a session of parliament.    If a
ber licenses petition were sent to the government
W.   M.   I.                                  '.    bat the t.ow  it      might   lie lost before spring,
■ it- when    the  board    started  it    should
ed time and  Mr.   McCarter  suggests press the matter vigorously.
h,\  •, Mr.   McCarter  declared  that  in  his
T.     i.                     though      that     it opinion nothing was of more import
would be bettei  to leave' the time op ance  t,, the district than roads   and
rn.     I                ■    -;..|i      would  be  neees- telephones.
nan during the war. He thought The resolution asking the govern-
that the board should go further than ment to provide telephone connection
the timber Industry, instead of tnak- ftom Revelstoke west to Salmon Arm
ing a  sped                  t.    He understood Bnd south t.i Nels.in  including Arrow-
itmt tl                                    .lt',1  to   in lea.I.   Comaplix,    Beaton,  Camborne,
Bist  u;                                     ".'  taxes this ami  Nakusp was passed unanimously.
year. The question of     freight   und tele-
K.  B,  Wells     pointed out  that  the grapb rates was introduced by A. Mc-
tinniiT holders were In e different po Rae '.sh" said    that    Kamloops had                                rvrninnr
■Itlon   tei   land                    Und  told (or Chea,pet  rates to the east than  Revel-        A|    TIVF    SFRl/ll    E
taxi    .            !•>'• redeemed but timber stoke,   It cost -| tei send a uight let-]    "V I l¥ L   OL.I1 V IvL
Waif all Might
To Secure Homesteads
Eighteen Hundred Acres of Land in Railway Belt Thrown
Open For Settlement Yesterday—Fourteen Canadians and Three Englishmen Among Those Who Secure
Choice Sections— Lams South of Revelstoke
army      corps  engaged     in   the  attack
take  50 tons of coal,  which is suffi- were cut  to  pleceB  .,„•,  I(.IU|ere.!  use-
cient to take her to thc nearest home less, it is declared,
port.   Victoria,   B.C.   She   must clear NO HOLD UP PERMITTED.
before 10 a.m. tomorrow. Ottawa, Aug. -.—Steps will be tak-
The Canadian  cruiser  Rainbow goes en   b-v  th''  government  at  Ottawa    to
, ,,      _ . deal effectively with all who endeavor
south of Golden Gate.
, to make excessive profit out of food
GREAT BATTLE PENDING. , roducts during the war.
London,  Aug.   8.—Prance ami ior \,, BATTLE YET.
many are assembling   armies   for   a London,      Aug.   5.—Decisive    naval
.   will  great     engagement that     will over- battle '* >>ot expected  Immediately.
,       i          „„ „ii i             i .   ,             .= ....•          u   ■ Heavy rains an            ng the Meuso
be preserved as far as possible.             shadow the fighting    which  continues
nver and retarding the Germans ad
east of Liege. valice
The  Belgian  government seized to- The  Belgians gave  -*'  hoars an:.is
day ::i     German     steamers and two tice at  Leige feer the  burial  of     the
sailing ships in the port at Antwerp. German dead.
I    The  ton-man  cruisers off  the North GERMANY   WANTS ITALY'S  HELP.
,             , Home.   Am:.   -.    Gem  iny   and    V.s
Atlantic coast are running short    of
,,..,_,      , trla have renewed the strongest pies-
fuel and a raid     on   British, French
'end Belgian merchant ships with coal
is looked for.
The bombardment of     Belgrade by
Austrians  has been  continuous    since
tl    29th   many large buildings have
been destroyed.
Servia   Is no longer    satisfied    with
irself  against   Austria and
.   ■ slve plans   [ta
Ian svn nathy Is     with Prance
night, others  gathering as early    as   when the office closed,'.'JO of the 1S0I    ,. 'ortugal   has  decided
I      ..'.Uni.     ...      «-!...     nn.nlnr.        n      ...-mi   .1      .    I*        .......     I....1     1....H1     ii 1 .'11. ic',1      lit     tl.     1\\        Ull.    I
Some    waiting    on tbe streets    all ' i Mentions      recorded.   At   5    o'clock
I o'clock in the morning, a crowd of acres had been disposed of to 2:'.   ap
some 25 persons were waiting at the pllcants    The     nationality  ot    Urns,
door of the Dominion lands office at who secured  land  was as follows
9 o'clock yesterday  morning, the time Canadians, I Austrians, 3 Engllshmei
I'ii- opening tbe office.   All were eagei l  Russian   uni l  Dutchman.
to secure choice sections of the  I,-mi The  land    thrown    open    yesterday
acres of land that were thrown   open consists of      100 acres in the railway
for homestead entry or as purchased I elt six miles south   oi     Revelstoke,
homesteads yesterday. . ml  1 mo acres above Halls Landing.
Bach  applicant      as  lie  entered   the Through  these   1400 acres the go\
outer door was given a number   the ment  wagon road from Arrowhead to
earliest   being  number  1  and  the rest Revelstoke p 'Sses ami tl'.e land is    ot
ii   rotation.   Two by two they    were good  quality  a.id    suitable  foi
admitted to the office and    their ap- tural purposes.
Ctil ll     ■■ :'       F
Th--    Gntmt     f": - es have     retired
...      in | ... ... i.
An  .;■ c .atir ned  report
i b have Bug
in the Humber .and
• leel'i'.el.e
bi ... - ■    ■   ost.   The Russian port .>;
Lilian  is  being  bombarded  by  a  German cruiser.
in  the Italian  government   and
King Victor En ■ *    Becure It
aly's help in wai    eve    I    tl"   ■
of promising territorial compensation
Italy has hnnly refused.
I.on.ion.    Aug   -     \ from
Milan to ti.e .s that the
Italian  authorities  at   Genoa     have
an(j   Belied  German tt
■ Moltki It is
explained  that   tie -    vas  I
coal,    thought    t.
' .
■KAISER '.!. t LANT.
er has
the  Hr-.tsi,  ambac
that   he     will :.. .
again by  rearing a  British uniform.
He resigns all !•..-
Mntish Army.
Loinl. 0  ilas
Revelstoke Company of Rocky
Mountain Rangers Has Vet
erans in Ranks
The   Revelstoke   company   of   the
could not  be i. ter from Toronto to Revelstoke where
Mr. that   timber dues M  from      St.   Paul,   nearly  half   way
w.i.e paid in advance while land tax tcros    tht   continent  the charge was
m weri . ..i!■ ii - ami he : '•- ■■■
thought that  ti.   tin .'i  Holders nad     "  waa decided   that the secretary
a spinal claim for consideration but should write to the Kamloops board
would  In' glad  * the scope of ••'  trade    to    obtain  .,    copy  of    the
lus prop Kamloops telegraph and freight tar-
Mi    i., tho that   ihe gov Uh  With a   view of  taking the matter'Rocky   Mountain   Rangcis held a  drill
ennui nt  should  help things out. dur- up with the railway  commission. on Thursdaj  preparatory to the     iu-
-   !'"  - "•"       ™"     'W,«M   —' '   "-   *«™    spec 'Tuesday   by   Capt.   M ,    [Jf*   ££££ J   pTb nt'
the folios lutlon which was lakes     was criticised by Mr. McRae, ' ciaed <" •" *' (' ''" ''■   '"•"    *
draw,, „p ■    Ur. I and unan- who sat 1 tbat t (rom Revelstoke ol BSQuimalt. district staff adjutant,  farlous plots, teleph    ed    yest    I
Imouslyp tor   Arrow lakes   points was carried   No orders have been received by Capt.   fo.  thc police
That   • e,  and  provincial '" West  Robson and delivered on the  Pawyer, commanding the company, ln
<govei requt  ted to suspend return journey.     Freight  from    Nei-  connection
collection ol   ttmbei   loyalties     and son was delivered the same day where    ""■•''■■i1'  regarding
ground   ■ at nenti gen- ;,;- freight I
family  pending  thi   lettlemenl  ol the livered for    two days and .-.en,'times
Euro;. ,i penaltiespayi •*•■ carried backwards and-forwards  service that may be reo.uired of i
able by   tlmbei     license holders   be ' •' a week befi ered,    ti
waived b)  th.   provincial government     Mr.  McCarter thought     that  the.. '"' t'1" eompany are
.".ndth.it   tax sales of  lands and crown KM  not   time  to      make the calls on
sent iu his
Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 8.—That the Lionel of thi
! ort iguese have decided     to support JAPAN   AT  WAR.
Great Britain in the general European Pekin,     Aug     s.—The  ,
Anr was announced today afterGer- '■
many had demanded information    of ;"M   ,;  '-   -  Ts         .      ralij    eon
Intentions. stroed  I
Residents   On   Hill    Send    For     Paris, Aug. 8.—The landing of E IMANS STRONt
Police—Found to be Loval     ' ~" troopa '" Kr:i,lc'* Ais "i,;
by crowds who cheered the  Bng tbat thi Germans
men. ■   - e on Weed
 . BATTLE GOBS ON, ibtltty
Residents on the bill at the back ol London, Vug. S. It is reported that
the Revelstoke Imtel becoming al - :' decision has been reached regard
armed at the   ictions of a Busploious  ii;- l'"* German request foi  an arm-   ned.
istice and that the battle at Liegt Is BAVARIANS DEFEATED,
contlnu    •
The whole German division ol eav-  patch    I
airy which crossed the Mens.-   north
,1  Constabli   Rothwell and  "'  '•'''-''••  W:,s ^prised and annlhtl
wltl   the European war,   Constable Garnett responded to     th.     r"j ">* Be,*lan »"»^ ;""' *"";:'''
the enlistment  ,.f   call ami the    man was arrested B s"'*"'" '*
.lle.   volunteers for the Canadian conting-   taken  ... the  police station. He was *  mrrendered. MORE SHIPS  CAPTURED.
but the company Is ready for any   found to be a loyal Canadian lumber-    CANADIANS SAIL THIS MONTH pture     of
jack   and   a   nienilier  ol     a   prominent       Ottawa,   Vug.   -      \  I ..mullim .liv I t  contli
tbe veterai s who are serv    secret society.   He was released. '"    men will sal) witl    eai- a rate great
It is reported that  an .nien.pt was  "! "*''••' • In n '"•-' weeks In m Qui
made to   blow  up a  railway bridge, APPEAL TO ITALY. ■ ■■ oil
near Kainloops this week  and a bus      London, Aug. 5.—English pa pen
plcious looking German who was at    peal to     [tal] to Join   England and Thanks  T •  IRELAND
Kan.-  France against tbe ci :     Dublin tsquith
1*'"'.  " Karl ol
SoUtb   \fnca  and      VS".   Dance  who  is
on the reserve of the  Army  (irdniinee   tempting to buy  dynamite  in
Corps oi Woolwich. loops  was al rested.
w. Allan
ami Sergt, \v. Durrand, both of whom
granted mineral claims be suspended the down trip If passengers were   to  were with.the Gordon Highlanders In
until the financial situation Improves 'each Nelson In reasonable tune.
Mr. Mci   ti         d that tbe Arrow- Mr. McRae said that some landings
hend  gas  Held  had   been  turned  down might   be  CUt   "tl,   if necessary.       Mr.
I.y  R.   Vi.   Uriiek.  deputy  minister    ot   Kllpatrlck  tl gbt   that   there      were
mines,      who    siM   that a   pel m,ment I'egul.u       dayi      for   the  delivery     of
gas Held could  not   possibly be found Height    st  virions points und   C.  R.
in the locality on  account Ol the (or- vlnriloiiaiil ami  K.  H.  Bourne declar-
mation of the rock,  When iii Calgary ed  that   the     freight     business from
he saw  the head ,.f  the Canadian  l'a- Revelst,4...  had  materially  diminished
citlc   Natural    IReSOUrCSS   department, because  of the  unsatisfactory service,
who   told   him   not   to   worry   because Mr.   Lawrence   gave  an   instance    in
of Mr   Brock's adverse report.    Ex- which lumber and nails had been ecar-
pcrts hnl     t.ild the Canadian  Pacific field up   ami down the lake for a week
Japanese is Killed
i    By Passenger Train
whii- „-aiking on tbe railway track Kjng>s Portrait and Union Jack
this  morning  near Talt,  a  Japanese        .        .,     „, .     ... .
Loudly Cheered   National
Anthem Sung
Scenes  of  intense  enthusiasm    were
Lond in,  Aug,   8.—   Led  by  the Ma-   qtiately  pro.   ;   I for,
barajafa ol  Nt pal .-ll the Indian na-
was struck by Tram No. 2 nnd killed
railway that then could be no coul because the boatl bad no time to put uiK |)0(^y wns brought to Revelstoke
at the place Where the', had discover- Oil the might ,n(1 j, D0Vat R. Howson & Co.'s lined one of theti best coal fields,    He Mr. Kilpatrick    said    that if the    |erta>king parlors.
also  saw   Bugent    C.iste,   president   "( board   were  t..  collect   the  (acts    and      The engine      was      in  charge of M.
Ibe  Canadian      Western   Natural  Gal 'ake  the  matter  up  wit11   the  railway   Crawford,   mayor of  Kamloops.     who   witnessed  at the   Empress  theatre  on   tive   Htates   have   offered   then   entire
company win. alio told bim not t.. commission thi     grlevanct  would be new the whistle    but the   Japanese Thursday evening when pictures ot tht   'Ml'"''"'* forces to the British I
worry on account of Mi   in..ek*sre   ip lily removed.   I't waa finally   fie   took    no    notice.   The body is not British fleet ware exhibited. GERMAN RESERVISTS ARRESTED
port nml hint pr lied te. ,,,..,.•   t., cided to write t,. . .           r   Oort, j much mnngied the cause of death be      immediately before the naval   pic-!   Ottawa, Aug. 8,   German reservists
Inspect tae Hold himself. Professor chief of the inland navigation serv  ing due to being struck on the head, tares a, cot... ,i photograph i.f King ,n Canada will be arrested and par-
Hanson will al... b.e.k it OVSI Mr. "f the Canadian Pacific railway, n«k- i Qeorge was throw,, on the screen. ' 1'*'1 "' P,BW<I '" Mmpi All railways
Hansen   has 'linen   I-  gal   Stelll    and Ing   him   to  meet   the  board   of  trade       J    \\.   Mi-Lean,  bead  packer  for tbe   The  entire  audience  with   the  except-i"re  K"*"*1'1*11'
■ays thnt gas is    where it is found, when nut intbe city.                         Pioneer Hacer Mines on French creek  ion of n few foreigners, rose and  ac-          MONTENEGRO at war
Ml    M" ■""■'       ' ll *'  '"■ ,1"1 i'"' Ml    McCartet   proposed that     the  tronghl In the pack train ol 28 bor- compnnied by the orchestra sang with!   London, Aug. g.-Montenegro Is  at
pared  the papers foi   Incorporating, Dominion government be rtquertM to ws from the mine on Wednesday. The vigor the National anthem.              : war with Austria-Hungary.
I>nl  on   ICCOUnl  ol  Ml    Brock's VSrdlCt Include   |a   the      Revelstoke    National   f,tck   train   will   probably   return     tO       At the   close   Ot   the   navy   pictures
tie had m>t thought  it advisable   t. I ~—	
Dresden, Aug. 8.—The Brltisl   legs- i ,;,,,.
as mobbed todaj  and all win-  gratitude at  i                          Ireland
broken,                                       i is offei .. hour."    tii.
JAPAN PROTECTS EMPRESS              ' it ind
Yokohama,   Aug,   -.-The   Cal  ...
Pacific   liner   Kinpl ess   of   Japan,    un-   '"
der charter   to the    Biitisb gi
ment, sailed from  Yokohai   •
for Hong Kong convoyed by a Jap-
mt   e   warship.
PEN -*i   * CAN viu \\s
DS  will    be
hi soldiers
wounded at 1 Thi   relatives
of nil  kill.. >#i|]  |„,     11(|r
-■*■>....... ^ .. H
take further Steps until  B  report was Continued   on   Ts^e   Five) Imlnes  tomorrow  murning
*   •    Big   Kind   Witt   supplies   for    the   the Union      .lack appeared      nnd was      London, Aug.  8.-The win   office has   Bl
niiiina       »nn.nKK^.«        .mI.   .       .      ...... .. . I
greeted with vociferous cheering
issued an     otlicial
stiitcment  sayitu:    .......*........,
"THK  sri. \i:  BOWL "
rlndowt f,,r particu
lars of    our    Free   Trip to
Vancouvei   md   Gold  Watch
petit -ii.
" THK  SOQ \l:   I'  WI. " PAGB TWO
CAMPERS' SUPPLIES- Tents, Stoves, etc.
LAWN GOODS- Hose, Reels, Mowers.
PORCH REQUISITES-Hammocks, Netting.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS-Fishing Supplies, Rifles, etc.
KITCHEN NECESSARIES-Refrigerators, Freezers.
DRIVING COMFORTS—Lap Robes and Dusters.
All to be had at
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing      Tinsmithing       Electric Supplies
R. J. Klrkwood has started work
on the Mabou group of claimB adjoining the Enterprise on Ten-Mile. He
expects to spend ^JOUt) in prospect
work  in  this  group.
J. P. Wilson and R. 0, McLundery
of Sandon have secured the contract
from the Consolidated company of
Trail, to take up and load on cars
the rails of the old Kaslo and Sandon railway.
The World's Greatest Invention
The New Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records   ■
No Horn      -   ■
= Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
HoWSOn Sr CO.    ::   Sole Local Agency
From Maker to Wearer
Our six years' experience measuring, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
guirantee a fit. The largest assortment of samples in
the city to select from.    Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C&> Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
The Molly Gibson Is looking fine,
according to reports from there and
is shipping ore taken out only during
the progress ol development, A few-
days ago, R.H, Stewart of thc Con-
solldated M and S. Co., went nearly
ns far as the mine with an automobile.—Kootenaian,
Alex Paterson, another of the old-
limer.s of the Kootenay and Boundary
left on Thursday morning to continue
development on his mining property
in the Luke Chelan district of Washington. The claims which are four -
teen in number, are considered among
the most promising in that section of
the state assays from picked samples
ranging as high as S24tl to 8360 in
gold, silver and copper. A general
assay, however, taken two years ago
which was considered a fair sample,
returned SIM.SO, $56 of which was in
silver. Mr. Paterson has refused
what many people think wns a very
tempting offer.—Phoenix Pioneer.
Emil England, a Swede, was killed
while running a coyote tunnel on the
Kettle Valley railway construction
on Five Mile creek. It was the last
; shot he was tiring to complete bis
i contract when he was overcome with
powder gas, and that with the explosion was the cause of death.
The addition to the Standard mill
at Silverton is about completed. ln
this will be placed an experimental
1 plant to test the dotation process to
save values that cannot be obtained
in the mill. The process has been installed at the Hewitt mill and is said
to work satisfactorily.
Hilly Morton has made a good strike
in the Arlington camp, eight, miles
above Carral, of copper-gold ore. The
lailroad eul.it at. a depth of 80 feet,
but this wus overlooked until Morton
liiil the assessment work when lie
found several feet of high grade ore
(allying  Into IS per cent copper.
Now is the time to get a good wheel. We huve a. splendid
line in both Mens and Ladies' at right prices. Also full
stock of Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles, and Repairs.
Baseball Goods—we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Kootenay, Saskalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
James ('. Dale reports mining more
active around Carmi and Beaverdell
than it has been in 10 years. Considerable me has been recently treated
in the Carmi mill with highly satisfactory results. Mr. Dale says that
on the strength of Mr. Alex. Robinson's efforts townr ! leveloplng the
resources of the West Fork the attention of prospectors has been drawn to
the camp and many good strikes
lave  been   made  this  summer.
Small Jobs a Specialty Free Estimates Given
Four Leases are Taken
On Reco Mine, Sandon
Dominion Security Co., Limited
We are thoroughly ill touch With '.lie Heal Estate, Milling and Timbet
situation iii the interior and can furnish ymi with valuable Information on these subjects.   Oome in and see us al youi pl<easure.
First Street   ami Connaught  Avenue,
P. O. Drawer Nn. i.   Telephone No. 121.
A. McRae.
T. Kilpatrick,
See. Treasurer
Sandon, H.C., Aug. 7.—The Watkins
brotbers have finished their lease at
the Keen mine and arc having their
ore peeked down. Johnson, Ericksou
■■nd lsenor will begin shipping soon
from their lease ou the Reco. Fred
McDonnell and Reuben Home have
I egun work on the lease they have
taken on another part of the Reco
.nil Con Stewart and .lames Weather-
l-y have just taken out the fourth
li use   on   the  same   mine.
A car ol iron pipe came in for the
rew   compressor     ut   the     Noble  Five
week   nml is being hauled     to
The Surprise mine is shipping three
i are 'if clean ore tins week.
The Stir shipped I'e ears of zinc
and lead ore last month.
Sandon Mines
Are Looking
A. Douglas Tourner photographer
For Good Portraits    Have a Sitting at Once
Films Developed and Printed
First Street
Next to Union Hotel
mi • lie '!■ i i.liii_ :t' ci• supph • he
lumber,     li   the   fl ei.-
livwii s  will   be   | There
«ill railing
In   the
will   be  the  di
-•.l-.     •■•      i       *      ■
ly  ami   t ipidly
..i de
General Blacktmith
Light and hea •        - •
Sleighs, Buggn*
Farm Implement-   *«om m«dt jm r.0,.,M
Agent for John Deere and Company and International Harvester Co
Farm Implements
Sanitary Washable Water Paint
Over   One  Hundred   Beautiful Art   Shades
Write for Illustrated Booklet—"How to Decorate"
LAWRENCE     HARDWARE    < <>.,    LTD.
Molly Gibson Kline
Re-starts Snipping
 unil  Panama  mines
;:     - tb    district,
■ tbe Consol-
Jmeltlng company
■ Trail,     List
■  • ar, ami
■   ■
Indian Woman is
Bitten liy Rattier
• ■
■ •,
ring  ■ .'*
i       n
■ 'i il tbe ' iat
H thr makes and had placed tbem
in .i co ii oil tin f'er 1ifei v nnd in '-ii
deavorlog te. taki
■ hi Assistance of t he todl
man,     the   latter     rewired s deep
■ utriic'   from the ei ike, in
th<- upper pari of the iei e-^nitnt
ing Immediate medical attendance.
Di Archibald succeeded In prfefesntlng
tiie spread nt the deadly poison and
thr   woman   ia  now     making   as  good
progrssi nn can bi eipected
Onp of the most satisfactory ne
pecte of thr local mining outlook is
*.he fact that thc industry in and
around Sandon appears to be now ou
n thoroughly permanent basis. At the
present time there are about ->0
miners employed in the vicinity of the
camp and the forces are being steadily increased, says tbe Kaslo Kootenaian.
In Sandon itself there is not a vacant house to be had, everything but
the poorest shacks being occupied.
The somewhat tangled condition
which the municipal finances got into
following the depression is now being
straightened ont and at the present
time the debt is being gradually reduced and the city put in the way of
getting on its feet again.
The two brightest constellations in
Sainton's mining firmunent at the
present, time aro the Slocan Star and
the Surprise, both of which mines are
working fairly good sized crews.
At  the .Star a new  showing of tine
re that looms large as a tonnage
producer, has been opened up in No.
10, on thc lowest level of the mine
The rest of the property is looking
• iceedingly   healthy  and  it  may  not
• long before the grand old standby
.'  the    camp     is     paying  dividends
The   Star   mill   is    steadily   turning
• nti.ili's,  luster in fact, than
•- proluct can be hauled down to
the  loading  platform,  not withstand -
• he    fact    that two     four-horse
. a are on the job.
Star mill  ts producing zinc as
well   us silver-lead  and is  making as
- •-.in .i separation .is    can be    found
en  ;it be country.
I-   Is confidently predicted that the
irpriBe will be a Becond    standard.
".eis according to report to
• everywhere and at tbe present.
t two C irs a  week  are  being
:  this  being  taken  out during
■ ... irk which
teadll    ■   tt 'eiled.
are now nn foot for the con
tratOI      fur     the
nd lt • ■ ted  that   it
he  indei construction soon.
e'e  tbe  Payne has rini   yel
the   lung   iTnss
is I .used no un-
ll   the   Surprise   fared a  elm-
Ion  '.f  .ill.,ith for a yen nr
gging ind    through    the
i-  tune after the
•  . r contact  wai past.
upraise from
•    tht        I v   rkings   ol ths
'   •   loi ii ion .if the lead   i«
•  'f atrmgiTH of
grade nre at I three points
.- the i unnlng ol the crosscut is
'•    •!•• .' Ion   that when
illy  found    thl   I'.ivne  will turn
• .   oni   '.f   th-   biggest     high   grade
properties m the    whole country and
' hi -ii-. i * i t'  ei imperative
ii faci workings made In thi big
.       '       e|     Vl.l.ee   .]      v,.,'^      ,,(     f f, f     SIl.Tfin.
Hetween the lurprlso and the Paym
lies« atie-h-i, of country that will
probably receive .tu share of atten
tion later The Washington, it B
i,•■!■  i.ast  Chance,  Noble Five,  knto
ine and dozens ol <Maiiuw aid fraction! are embraced within that area
.md   pant   tbem  along   the   rim,      ei
tending clear to the Mountain eolon
iea a aretloii  that   must   be  rich  in Ull   ,
LooK. For
This Sign
Mail-     . ^jgj^N .   Electric
Herald ^%^g^> gg™
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information- -we
can help you.
We Vrint
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forras - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memoriam Cards   -   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mail-Herald Electric Vress
Revelstoke.  2.  C. Phone No. 8
explored     mineral.   At the Con lieu- showing    up well.     Taken altogether
nett    and   McClure are  reported    to the Snndon  mining outlook ih better
lave  promising  things     while across than  it  has been  at  any  time    since
the gulch the Freddy Lee, one of the 1897.   Expensive   and   retarding  lttt-
first   Slocan  shippers,  is likely  to  be g.ition    in the    case of some of    tbe
• en k..l by A..W. McCune, of Salt Lake largest    properties  is at an end, the
City.    Bruce White is operating     the interest taken  by outside capital   la
the camp is steadily increasing.
Noonday and on the lleco an interest
nig experiment    is being tried by    a
couple  of  leasers,   who  arc  putting  a
great      quantity    of   stope    fillings
through a hand jig.
The Consolidated company's Eureka I
Is maintaining a small crew and leasers are at  work on the Ivunboe.
Much Interest attaches to the Won
derful, at one time a plucer silver-
lead 1111111'. where it is believed that
thl linn'sought ledge has been loeat-
• 'I at last, For the past 16 years the
leilg"1 mi this property has been diligently sought for hy different parties Because of the low price of copper
I.ut Without success, The syndicate I snd the curtailed market caused by
now operating is confident that tbe ; the European war, the Granby and
ore bearing rein has been definitely British Columbia Copper company's
located. Then' is believed to be a ' smelters will be closed down. Tbe
huge body of ore somewhere in ths ! Granby closed on Tuesday and tbe
neighborhood, as the great blocks of I other will close on September 1. The
galena sluiced out of tbe surface dirt Trail smelter of the Consolidated
in the early days indicate that. company,  which has a large  gold Bnd
The Ruth, a close neighbor   to tbe ! si iver output,     will    continue opera-
Slocan   Star  is also  reported    to be'tions.
botch q
"Twelve Si ..I i,... of Solid Comfort"
In Hie centra ot* tlilnire—theatres
anil Blurcaon bothalUes.   Ituililinic
atxilu'.i ly l'irt'proof—concrete,steel
and liinrllle.
With Baths—S2 per day op
B. C. Land Surveyor
■Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
REVELSTOKE,  B.C.      J.31p
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstokc.B.G.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held ln
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visitiug brethren ure cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,   Secretary.
C. Vi. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.    W.  EDWARDS,  Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE NO.  3481
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
in  month.      Visiting  brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
G.Vi.   CARTWRIGHT,   Rec.-Sec.
I.  0.  0.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk  Hall  at   -  o'clock.   Visiting  brethren  cordially invited.
A. Q. DUCK.  N.  G.
JAMES  MATHIE,  Secretary.
Meets     every      Wednesday
evei •';.,   in  Selkirk
Hall.        Visiting    brothers
cordially invited.
MCKENZIE   ll!72
Court  Meets  In    Foresters    Hall,
over   Smythe's   Pool   Room  First
and   Third   Wednesdays   at   8:30
G.  D.  SHAW.  0.  R.
A.   H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec.
!'"V i ll     'll1. i'    ! .eltlgf       |
Nn. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in tin- Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.
Dr. Me 'LEAN, Die.    ILL. HAUQ.Sec.
Dealer In
i Pri nil--; Designs)
DRES8MAKINC:   Fit Guaranteed
Fi out su ei
Lower Town
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke. B. C
before buying your outfit of winking clothes
for the bush. 1 make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirti
Blankets anil everything
roanlrwl in vonrbusiness
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42    -    Night Phone85
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
Show The Way, England
The following poem hy the Canadian poet, Wilfrid Campbell, will come
with es|ieciul force home to all Canadians in this hour of trial that fac-
eB the  Uritish  Empire:
Show  the way,  England
Not in thc bright hour
But in thc dark hour
When the world threatens,
We are your sons—
Not for the might, of you,
Shelter and right  of you—
Not for the paid-coin,
Not for your guns,
But that we love yon,
Sucked at the breast of you,
You are our Mother,
We are your sons.
Show the way England,
And  in  the  fated
Din of the battle
Stand you alone'.'
Loyal Canadians,
Sons of  the sons of you,
Back of the guns of you,
Hone of your bone,
We will stand four square.
Rock of the rock of you,
Ribs of the steel of you,
Let the world thunder,
Ere you go under
We  will  follow  you,
Might of your might.
Show the way England,
Let that grim master
Of earth's dread disaster
But darken your son,
Trust your child Canada
She will be with you
Shoulder to shoulder,
Run to your gun,
She will  reply  with you;
Fight for you
Die with you,
So, wide to the world
Be the old flag unfurled,
Slmw the way, England!
Bush Fires in
Salmon Arm District
The fire wardens In this district are
Laving a very busy time seeing to tho
| various fires that have been started
says the Salmon Arm Observer. Most
of them, happily, have been just
ground fires and very little damage
has been caused after taking into
consideration the large amount of
land that  has  been burnt over.
The fire nearest to town was along
the Chase creek which bas been burning for two weeks but a fire gang is
now trying to extinguish it. The
fames can be seen quite plainly from
several parts of the town. Last week
end it was working towards the Dam
i'nd waterworks, and employees of
the Adams River Lumber Co. were
sent to watch that no damage was
done to the flume, as in case thut
should happen the water supply and
l:re protection of the town would
Lave been endangered.
A fire going through Scotch creek
district burned down a shack belonging to John Westburg, one day
lust we<tk.
In addition tires are also burning
at Squilax and at Adams lake, besides several other smaller fires.
Do Flower Shaw
Because of War
Rossland. B.C., Aug. 7.—A meetiug
of the executive of the Rossland flow-
er show was held In the Bank of Montreal chambers on Tuesday night. It
>vas decided owing to the unsettled
condition of affairs resulting from the i
European war to cnll off tbe flower
show for this year. Tbe secretary ,
v ap Instructed to write and thank
all who had oflered to give prizes for
the show.
The tax rate    in    Penticton    is 21
The  Yukon   is  full  of  tourists  this
Spuds are 825 a ton  in  New Westminster.
Kaslp  raises  the  finest  cherries  in
the land.
The Kootenay Central railway huB
reached Wilmer.
There is likely to be another boom
in  Poplar Creek.
There is no poverty in the small
towns of the Slocan.
ChiUlwack will soon have a continuous telephone service.
The streets of Ohilliwack ure oiled
to keep down the dust.
Mission City ships raspberries by
the carload to Calgary.
Carloads of new potatoes are being
shipped   from   Chilliwack.
The recent fire in Northport, Wash,
caused damage of SIOH.OOO.
Tne gold produced in the Yukon
this year will lie worth 86,000,000.
The hot water ut Ainsworth makes
that town a desirable health resort.
A telephone line will be built this
summer, between Kamloops ami Ce-
When the peaches come ia the can-
nery at Penticton will employ 80
In East  Kootenay  large quantities
of tomatoes are being shipped   from |
Save your  Lawns and Gardens during the
August dry spell  by using our
HOSE I in, regular 22c. ft., reduced to 18c
"    i in      '"    20c. ft.,        "     to 15c
"    50 ft.^lengths, regular $6.50.   reduced  to
SPRINKLERS from  25c. to 75c.
With one of our Wire Woven Swatters
reduced to 10c. each
Just a few left, regular $2.00, now $1.25
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Rarges.
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday nigh*.?
You get tired of writing everybody
does—let us tell tlie news in the
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically,   fully,   and  truthfully.
Here is Our
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
Si only, and we will send Revelstoke's best newspaper to any address
in Canada or Great Britain for SIX
FILL MONTHS. Take advantage
oi this exceptionally good offer today. It may be withdrawn at any
time, lf you wish to boost Revelstoke here is the easiest, cheapest,
and most effective way.
To The Mai I-Her a id, Revelstoke
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald for six months
to the following address
for which I enclose the sum of SI.
fours  Truly,
All quiet at Duck (.'reek this week.
Most of the brst citizens are picking  berries.
The crops are good all over British
t olumbla and business will be boom-!
ing this full.
This year there is a substantial Increase in the number of miners, lie-
i uses in  11.  C.
Sunday shunting Is now prohibited
in the Saanlcb municipality on Vancouver Island.
Bill Noble ol Cranbrook was .lack
Lucy's partner In a saloon at Granite
Creek In  l^vi.
The Excelsior hotel in Lillooet cau
put  up   IU0  guests.    The  dining room !
•will seat .10 people.
The Creston Review hus been reduced in size. Few papers in B. 0.
are  making  any  money.
Recently in one week 10 mineral
claims were recorded In tbe government otliee at Cranbrook.
The big Kettle Valley railway
bridge over tbe Fraser river at Hope
will be finished next winter.
Hard coughs, old coughs, tearim; coughs.
Give Ayer's Cherry Pectoral a chance.
Sold for 70 years.
Ask Your Doctor.      US&t^tilEZ£!
The Copper Tavern will open at
Skeena Crossing this mouth. Mr. R.
Jamieson will be the manager.
Sumatra tobacco is now grown in
the Okanagan. Perhaps tea and coffee might grow around Kelowna.
ite is reported that there are - ' '
empty  buildings In  Vancouver     and
that rents have fallen  below aero.
The Western Canada Irrigation Association will hold a convention in
Penticton upon August  IT,  IS and 19.
While en route with a party to
Groundhog Frank Watson Injured
his foot and had to return to Hazelton.
In   ROBSland,   Martin  tl.ilit,:   «.is  lin-
i-il (10 for having the bar door ot his
hotel open on Sunday While swamp -
ing ont.
The trail between Hope and Princeton is in had condition, and almost
Impassable [or boriee upon account
of fallen  logs.
Fighting .Joe Martin Is coming
lack to live iu Canada. Joe Ins
grown tired of the way they play poker and  politics in   Kngland.
The O.P.R, may build a hotel (or
tourists in the National park, lt is
about time that great company built
cue on the shores ot Slocan bike.
Bob Heddle and Han Ross who lett
lor I'cuce river In the spring nre at
present in business ut Lake Saskatoon. They will move to Hudson's
Hope when the roads get  better.
It is not a mark of breeding
to write visiting cards ....
Let the oTWail-Herald
put you right. The
price will not wreck
your exchequer. We
print in the best  style
It's good policy to think of the Future.
It's still better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have in st< re
I for you.   The surest way of protecting
i yourself and family Is a
with a reliable company.   The high
financial standing and  long b -in-.--
career   of   the   Kootenay   Agencies
makes    it    absolutely    trustworthy,
Youi     time   mav   be   near   at   band,
1 Don't delay.   Taki' out a policy now.
A. E.  Kini.mii, Manager.
S 10.000.00
.   I   r\l\l\l     COMMISSION  ACENT
MART: Mckenzie Ave.   Phone33il
Every Wednesday mid Saturday
nt  L' p, III. of
Special   CROCKERY   Sales
in un 7 till s;:;e; o'clock positively
0.     '       ■
Vs-v:"-    ■
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents ami storage
Furniture and  Plano-niovlng a
Phone 40—276.   Night Phone34Q
.1. II. 0URTI8
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We spifiali/e in
Metallio Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnnce Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work simp -Uonnaughl Ave.
REVELSTOKE      •      •    B.O
' ts of the Do:.
in Manitoba, Si Bkatcbewan ami    Al-
terta, the     Yukon    Territory,     the
North-west Territ iriw and in  a  ;   ■•
tion of thc Province
lumbla, may be Issued : n  .. 1.1 :;i   of
I cl of     II au ai        Sot tha
•   es will bi ■   ap-
Application f. i .st be made
i >   the api llcant    In person to    thi
Agent or    9 ol t!.>    Lstnct
' in which   the i 1 for   art
situate I
The lease ».ll Include the r.ial mining rlgl may
be permit!
avallal rights ma]
ildt red nei  isarj  loi t be * ■•■■.•     '
the  mil 810.00    an
In surveyed territ I must
t e    described    by   sections,   or
■ab divisions   ol  sections, and  in  un-
s.i. l territory the tract   applied
for shall    be stake.l out by the   ap-
1 lir.mt   hi'i.-'   '
Bach application must he accotnp in-
led by a fee of 85 which will be refunded if the ru-hts applied for are
not available, *■,>it not otherwise. A
royalty shall !>e paiel 00 the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate ol llvt  ct -.ts per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the agent with, sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable real mined and pny the
royalty thetrton If the coal mining
rights vre not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at lenst
once a year.
For full information application
should be mode to th" Secretary of
the Department of tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to the Acent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Zbe flfcaiUlbcvalb
Local Reading Notices and Uusiness
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion
Minimum local ml charges 25 cents.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
inch each Insertion, Btngle column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices 12
tents per line first insertion and 8
rents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses S!i.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses ST.50,
Oil pre^spectins: notices 57.">0.
Land Purchase Notices. $7.
Water Application Notices, up to
■jee'i words, 87.50, over 100 words in
j roportlon.
interior flMtbllsfMitfl Compang
l.i.Min i'
E. '*.. ROOKE, Manager and Editor.
\:. ther good purpose will be served if tbe Revelstoke National park is
proclaimed a game preserve; and the
government is hardly likely to refuse
the request of the board of trade
i!,.it this be done. Not only will tbe
...ie! animals which will then multiply
in tbe park be most Interesting and
instructive, especially to tourists but
the reserve will have the cllect of
I'l.ikinK tlie Revelstoke .listnet a paradise for sportsmen. The park will
become a centre from which neighboring districts will be stocked with
game, and ample sport will be provided without depleting  unduly    the
f mm,  of the park.
the mower or binder, to make some
adjustment or repairs, while the horses arc hitched and liable to start,
end thereby cause a serious accident.
When threshing and Bllofilling time
comes, every precaution should be
taken to guard ugainBt accidents.
I reventlon is a thousand times better than neglect and carelessness,
which latter often lead to accidents
end loss of life. Human life is held
far too cheaply and if the parents
fail to teach the children to be careful, and to avoid unnecessary risk
.- ml danger, they can Bcurcely escape
responsibility when preventable accidents, causing distigurrment or loss
of life, occur.
commercial motives for desiring that
the British Empire's naval power   be
] kept invincible. And if the purely
commercial motives are strong, still
stronger are the motives of Imperial
loyalty and national self-preservation. Canada has become a great
country, has become a granary of the
; Empire, because her development
has gone on securely under the shield
of Britannia. The riches of this
country would long ago have attracted the greed of envious powers had
it not been that Britain's matchless
navy was ready at any moment to
come to our defence.
ra.,  Benediction and Rosary at    'r.'W
p. tn.
St. Peter's, Second t-'r.., Rev. C. A.
Procunier, rector. Tenth Sunday after Trinity. The following are the
services'—8 a.m. Holy Communion; 11
a.m., Morning prayer and Holy Communion; 7:30 p.m., Evening prayer
and sermon
best valleys in the interior of British Columbia. Apply Box K., "Wail-
Herald Office.
Methodist church, McKenzie Ave.,
Pastor, Rev. Lashley Hall. Sunday
services are held as follows:—11, a.m.
Sermon preceded by five minute ad -
dress to juniors; 7:30 p.m., Summer
Vesper services; 2:30 p.m. Sunday
school and Bible classes. You will be
welcomed at any or all oi the services.
FOR SALE—Piano, hand painted
china and cut glass for next two
weeks only, 15 Fourth street, east.
Ag. 5,  It.
FOR RENT— Rooms to rent with
board. Near post office, excellent
cook, moderate terms. Apply
S. Gale, Rokeby avenue.        t.f.n.p.
In the province of Ontario, during
the year 1012, there were l,s:tl
deaths due to external violence. Many
of these occurred on the farms. Nei
ii ss than 25 were caused by injuries
itceivel from animals. Many others
were due to carelessness around farm
machinery, unsafe harness, causing
torees tei run away, falling tlirniiL'!i
trap-doors or down feed chutes,
ladders breaking, etc.   In some cities
■ ■! over some railway lines, a "safety    first"      campaign   Is  under  way.
■ Stop, look, listen." is ii     splendid
warning Blgn for a railway crossing
I it Its - quivalent should be Bounded
in  many  other places.   The risks    to
d   limb "ii the farm are so  mini-
~.' plain  that  one    ci uld
ect to see them largely   removed
■ they i re not.   Children   on   the
I irm   should   be  taught   the    '1
le from     association     with
itock,   uul to be careful always.
nil m iy bc thought te.
;entle, but be can nevei be trust -
. ;    Thr ■•• deaths,  In one week,     by
•   ire among the casualtii
the press reports
■ i    ers an -  I
-    r getting In front
In the last fiscal year Canada ex-
I orted merchandise, coin, and bullion
tothe value of 8478,992,298 and imported articles of all kinds to the
vale 018633,561,179. The total value
of mir external commerce for that
year was, therefore, $1,112,557,107,
As our exports to the United States
amounted to 8200,459,373, and our
Imports therefrom amounted to 8410,-
786,091, that country's dealings with
us last year account for 8611,245,-
164, or considerably more than half
the value of our external trade. The
value of our trade with other countries in the last fiscal year was there-
fore 8501,311,633, This half-billion
dollars' worth of commerce was all
sea-borne traffic. $400,000,003 of it
consisting of exports and imports
from other countries of the British ]
Empire, As a considerable part of I
our commerce with the United States
is carried by vessels on the coast
unites of the Atlantic i.nd Pacific the
value e.f our commerce that had to
t.ike the hazards of the sea last year
was in excess ol half a million dollars
A risk of the sea that has been
long imminent, one for which the
marine underwriters have always re
si rved to themselves the right to Impose the highest special rates on sud-
len in et ire is the contingency of war
among the great powers ol Europe.
i anada is n.>t yet one of the must
populous  nations,     but     she    holds a
Igh place in the list .if nations that
maintain the world's foreign trade.
• hi ts one ol the rather small num-
hei whose external trade exceeds a
1 illi.m dollars i year in value. There
are tew countries with weightier
commercial reasons for valuing protection it sea in time of war. Without adequate protection on   the   sea
she   would   he   ex] osed   to rtlin-
sses in .i war among the
European powers   Her distance Irom
those powers and I        i Inclpal
re    no
quencei fact, for   t
i niff ••      rl Isttifl
st  tenipt
The much advertised Irish firm of
"Redmond and Co." has been eularg-
ctl for the purposes of defence of Ireland against the enemies of the Empire and will be hereafter known as
"Redmond, Carson and Co." May it
live long und prosper!—Edmonton
St. John's church, Rev. J. W.
Stevenson, pastor. Morning service,
11 o'clock; Sunday school and Bible
classes, 2::'.u p. m.; evening service
7:'!H o'clock. Subject, "Christ, a
Young Man's Hero."
TO LET—Front, room on Third street
about a block east of McKenzie avenue. Gentleman preferred. Apply
W.S. in care Mail-Herald.      t.f.n.p.
WANTED Immediately, unfurnished
house. Apply to L. W. Wood, Box
"05. Ag.o.t.f.
FOR SALE—New four-hole cooking
stove with reservoir. Western Green
Apply S. Gale,   Rokeby Av.    t.f.n.p.
Negligee Shirts
Straw Hats
We  have them both in
McKinnon & Sutherland
First Street
Kevelstoke, B.C.
It is timely to recall the old superstition to the effect that wheu two
powers go to war the one whose name
is commonly mentione'l tirst Ib an invariable loser. Modern instances arc
the Franco-Prussian War, tbe Span
ieb-Americau War, the Turco-ltalian
War and the Russo-Japanese War.
The present war is likely to be called
the Austro-Servian War if no more
powers become involved— Toronto
Mail and Umpire.
The people of Canada ought not to
allow themselveB to be perturbed
because of anything that has transpired or is' likely to transpire. The
year is proving to be a very difiereut
one from what any of us expected, but
nothing is to he gained by becoming
pessimistic. We do not believe there
is anything in the local situation ard
by this we mean the situation throughout British Columbia, to warrant
anything resembling perturbation. It
nay be necessary to exercise patience
with each other in business matters,
I ut if this proves to bc the case, it
ought to be done cheerfully.—Victoria
'. tolonist.
A   new  day dawns this  morning  for
the Kamloops Standard which will in
future   be   published   every   day   as     a
morning   newspaper.    The  chance  was
not  taken by tbe management    until
the matter bad been carefully considered.    The   need   ol   a   morning   paper
has  long  been  felt  in  the city     and
ol our readers have urged   the
which is initiated today.      We
:   voyage with  dark  clouds
Ei -t    but with the
spirit  of   optimism that  has   guided
believe that     we
•   the silver lining tbat    le
the  ancient    proverb
• • on.    At lirst
lUgh  but   we  will
the journej      so
er and
gloom    on
crew  is  willing
■ rs who
iVill   have   mi
'     '
,    i
.   Fridav.
|.\ mi Ii church.  Me t
Paitoi .if • J. C
MacKenzie. Sunday RrrvireH I,'.*
Mail nt " ., in iiiui High Mass at
10 30   a.ii..   every      Sunday,       Sunday
school for the children at ■ io p m ,
Ponedlctlor and Roeary at 7 50 p ra .
i onleisloni Baturday i to 8 and i tn
to   '.I   p.m.   and   Sunday   una nliu-    i   10
tO H.    Weekn days:    Musk every morn
inu at 7 o'clock.  Confessions      before
Uses.   First Fridays --Mass at 8 a.
Charged With Stealing
Sixty-Five Dollars
Harry Holey and D.H. Mc.Gilvary,
charged by .1. H. McLean with the
theft of Jtiii appeared before Police
Magistrate Hamilton this morning.
Mr. McLean, who iu head packer
for the Pioneer Placer mines, said
that he came to town from the Big
Bend on Wednesday. Yesterday he
went down to lower town and bought
a purse in which he placed his money, some sun to -S70. He put the
purse in the pocket of his shir'
went into the Oriental hotel and into the bar where he had a drink. He
then went to the end of the bar to
hand his purse to Albert Stone for
safe custody and found ft gone.
Boley wns beside hint in the bar,
and when he demanded the return of
his purse ran away. Witness followed and caught him and called the police. McQilvary also disappeared but
afterwards returned.
H. Turnri ss confirmed McLean's
Holey said tbat. he ran away be •
cause he was afraid there would be
a row. He denied having had the
money. He was searched by Mr.
Stone, and no money or purse was
found on him.
Defendants  were  remanded  for  two
Fncreased Attendance
At Summer School
FOR SALE—Two dozen young pure
bred laying chickejis, price Jl each.
Write P.O. Box 1G2. J.20.np.
FOR RENT—Four room house, bath
room. -5? 17.r>0 per month, on Second street, next to Union Cigar
store. Apply McRae Mercantile
Company. t.f.n.p.
Our Roughing
is meeting with big
success. Our customers are satisfied.
Just what they have
been wanting.
Everything returned
already to iron, flat
pieces  all  ironed.
Give us a trial and
be convinced
Only   35c a dozen.
Phone 342
FOR RENT—Comfortable home
McKenzie avenue. Apply W.
Lawrence. t.f.n.p.
TO LET—Spacious well lighted offlces
to let. Apply Forest Mills of B.O,
Limited. t.f.u.p.
WANTED—Two well furnished rooms
(bed room nnd studio, piano not
essential). With board preferred.
Must be central. Miss Boyd, Box 10
Mail-Herald. Ag. 8.1t.p.d.
The    summer    scbool      at    Tappen
showed an increased attendance   over
last year.   The idea behind is to com-
line education with recreation, in the
interests of the     Sunday scbool and
the  working life of the church.    Rev.
John   Dobson,  one of tbe field secretaries of     the department ol    public
welfare   .temperance  and   moral     re-
form)  of the Methodist church    gave
■ ires each day  as well as Hev.  J.
P,   Westraan,  field secretary for  Bun-
da;      schools.   The     beach was lined
villi   tents  of    campers.   The   week's
exercises came  to a close on   Thurs-
ay,  when  tents were struck in    preparation    to leave on  Friday,  apart
from  campers    who are staying    on.
n Friday a group oi those interested
went over to Canoe creek in     motor
ats to Inspect that location with a
' -. a  possible camp there      next
■ii, at. the Invitation ol the people
' ' hat  place,  who wanted to exhibit
' heir     beautiful     beach and bathing
grounds.   No decision     was reached,
.' the mattei  Is undei consideration
■  lets - ites    registered in con-
wlth the seliiuil, making corn-
(rom     Revelstoke
li ong    tboie    ramping,      In
ctlon   ■■ Itb Hi'- school e.r   nt hei
md needlt having     a
Notice is hereby given tbat water
must only bc used for the above purposes between the hours of 7:30 and
8:1)0 in the moruing aud between thc
hours of 7 and 9 p.m. in tbe evening,
'ihe penalties of the water bylaw will
be strictly enforced, as several reports have been lodged where water
has heen allowed to run night and
day. Those uot complying with this
order will bc prosecuted.
Victoria, B.C.
Sept. 21 to 26, 1914
Bxceptional| Cash Prizes in all
competitions, a list of whtoh,
containing all Information will
lie forwarded |ou application.
Half Pare Hates over 0. P. It.
lines from as far «ast as Pott
Arthur, particulars of which
may lie obtained from any C. P.
K. Agent.
Oo not miss Ibis splendid opportunity of seeing the Pacilic
Coast, us well as winning honors
with your stock and other entries in the National Show
Special contractions
Horse Races Daily for Seven
Display of Horsemanship, etc.,
liy specially selected corps ot
Royal Northwest Mounted
Dl st Highlanders' Band of
Hamilton, Out... and othorhigh-
class musical organizations.
Bronco Busting and Wild
Horse Racing Daily.
Polo Tournament for Northwest Championship.
Horse Show sessions every
Stock Piicules Daily.
Pull details furnished by   mail
from ollices of  H. ('. Agricultural Association.
Purses!        Purses!
Best Quality at Half Price
For   One   Week   Only~
J, Guy Barber, Mckenzie avenue
*'.' re i''.ei m, one and a ball miles
(rom Arrowhead, ! acrei undei cul
tion House, stable end ben-
bouse Ki nl li Beg, good hay and
potato land. Apply to I! Oil ling,
Arrowhead, B   I \r    It.p.
FDR BALE   Large Quantity ol Hound
A,   birch   and   lire.   I   (.ml.
Apply to M.   .1    Plnlayion   &  Co.,
Blcamous, B  I
TO RBNT   Modern furnished house
Revelltoke Oenei al Agenclei.
wantkii Mangle girli and tronere,
Apply Revelltoke steam Laundry
company. Ag.S.S.t,
WANTKI)—IfoiiHi-   In    Revelstoke,     in
exchange for fruit land in one of the
Subscribe Now
Daily F
and receive thr latest, most complete
and  must  reliable reports   published
in  Uritish Coumbia
Rates:    $3.00 Per Year; 25c a month
The Daily Province, Vancouver, B. C. SATURDAY, AUGUST S, 1914.
paob rrvw
Officers of Yale Kootenay Trap
Shooting League are
A. J. McDonell of Revelstoke wns
re-elected secretary of the Yale-
Kootenay Trap Shooting league at
the annual meeting of the league held
at Kamloops on Tuesday. The other
-irticers elected were:—F. F. Busteed,
honorury president; A. Evuns, Armstrong, president; und R.T. Meyers,
Vernon, vice president.
Delegates from Kamloops, Vernon,
Revelltoke and Armstrong were present at the meeting, as well as the
president and secretary.
lt was decided that the next annual shoot of the league shall be held
at Revelstoke nnd that any two
members from each ciub shall form
the executive.
A vote of thanks to A.J. McDonell
the secretary, was passed and to the
business tirms which subscribed to the
Kamloops shoot.   A copy of the res-
lution will be sent to thc Dominion
Cartridge company, Vancouver, Dupont Powder company, Wilmington;
Hudson's Hay company, Kamloops;
Morlett i- McKenzie, Western Liquor
company, Wilcox & Hall and N. S.
Dalgleish, all ol Kamloops.
Coming to Tournament
of Revelstoke Tennis Club
Lawrence Hardware Cup and Kincaid Cup for Championships of Revelstoke Doubles and Handicap Singles
Included in Program
The Lawrence Hardware cap for
men's singles, emblematic of the
championship of Revelstoke, and the
Kincaid cup for ladies' singles, the
ladies championship, will be played
for at the third annual tournament of
the Revelstoke lawn tennis club to be
I eld from August -Jti to 28.
In addition to the two cup competitions, veterans singles, for players
over 3s years of age, men's doubles,
ladies' doubles, mixed doubles, men's
handicap singles and ladies' handicap
singles will be played.
Tbe  Lawrence  Hardware  cup      and
the Kincaid cup are to be played for
and won three times in succession before coming the permanent property
of tbe holders.   The present holder of
the men's singles cup is Kurt B. Betz
of Winnipeg, and of the ladies' singles, Miss Schmitz of Vernon. A first
prize will be given for all events and
vbere there are over seven entries a
second prize will be given. The club
las three splendid hard courts in
last-class condition and spacious
grounds. Everything will be done to
make the stay of the players in Rev-
ilstnke as pleasant as possible, and
competitors are expected from Nelsou
Vernon,   Kamloops and other points.
The president of tbe club is T.E.L. j
Taylor, the secretary, J.D. Sibbald,
jr., and the treasurer, L. W. Wood.
The committee consists of Mrs. L.W.
Wood, Miss J. Hardie, W.H. Wallace,
A. McCarter, F.E. Gigot, B.R. Reynolds. P. B. Shaw, H.H. McVity.
Board of Trade
(Continued  irom  Page One.)
Darkness Comes at
End of Fourth Inning
On Wednesday evening last on the
Y.M.C.A. grounds the Beavers met
lhe Fire Hall team in a game of ball
which was called at tbe end of the
'mirth inning or. account of darkness.
Both teams hit the ball very hard,
ind the tans had plenty of excitement.
The following is the score by in-
Heavers — 0   2    3    2     — 7.
Fire Hall — 0   1    3   7—11.
Batteries—Hope and Eaton; Calder
,nd  Bruce.
Last night another game wus call-
•d on account ol darkness when the
C.P.R. met the Fire Hall in what
proved to be a very hard-lought
game as far as it went, the game at
the end Ol the fourth inning beinc \-'-'
•   favor of the fire hall.
The s"ore by innings:
Fire Hall — n   1   0   3 - I.
C.  P. R. - 1   0   0   2 - 3.
Batteries—McLeod and Bruce, Nich-
11 and Trendler.
i i;i Monday evening next the Beav-
:> meet the Baby Giants, the remaining games of the league will be
ailed at <>:30 sharp.
Kamloops Plays Here
Again on Thursday
The Revelstoke baseball team will
lay in Kamloops on Wednesday next
i d Kamloops is billed to pluy Rcv-
lst oke here on the following day.
Cricketers leave for
Match Against Vernon
K. H. Bourne, A. E. Davey, C. M.
Field, 0. Q, Warren, James Bourne
„inl K. Whittle left last night for
-almon Arm where they will join
members of the Sain.on Arm team to
form an eleven which will pluy the
Vernon team at  Vernon today.
()n Bunday the combined Revelstoke
and Salmon Arm team will pluy the
Coldstream ranch and on Monday it
«lll play the Lavington team at Vernon. The return to Salmon Arm will
' e made hy automobile nnd the Rev-
ilstokc cricketers will reach home on
Monday night's train.
Yesterday's Baseball
'  Chicago   I,  New  York R.
St. Louis ti, Brooklyn 3.
Pittsburg B, Boston l.
Cincinnati  ••,   Philadelphia 3,
Philadelphia  4,  Cleveland 0.
BoltOO  I,  Detroit a.
Washington n, Chicago 2.
New  York   I,  St.  Louis 8,
St.  Louis:',   I .t 11.1. n»;  1.
park any unsettled lands west of thc
park and south ol the Columbia river
canyon. He said that this included
one of the most beautiful drives in
thc country and its inclusion in tbe
I ark would decrease tbe danger of
tire, lt would be a great attraction
for tourists.
Mr. McRae said that, tbe land was
useless for agriculture hut would be
ideal for park purposes. He supported tbe proposal.
Mr. Kilpatrick and Mr. Bourne
said that tbey were not in favor of
including in the park any land fit tor
settlement. Mr. Kilpatrick added
that Revelstoke had been granted a
rity park but had made no use ol it.
Mr. McRae said there was plenty of
good land suitable for settlement.
The pari; was not a Kevelstoke but a
i.at ional   park.
Mr. Kllpatrlck said that the inclusion of the land in tbe park would not
preserve it from lire danger. Things
had been going well in regard to the
park. A larger area thun asked for
1 ad been included in it and the auto-
mobile iiiui was being built. He did
not think it, wise to ask for more at
t he present time.
Mr. McCarter was appointed a delegate to take tbe matter up with the
government, Mr. Bourne voting
• gainst the proposal.
Mr. McRae thought that the National park should be declared a game
1 reserve, He said that if tbe game
in the park were preserved there
would he better shooting in tbe vicinity, as the park would become a
1 reeding ground. Mr. Kllpatrlck said
that he underatood that the purk
i nine under the provincial game act,
nnd mi the suggestion of Mr. McCarter it was decided that the secretary
should write to the attorney general
asking that the park be declared a
game preserve it it is not one at
C, It. Macdonald luggested that
the lakes in the park should be
stocked with tisb und he was instructed to write tn Professor Prince to enquire as to the belt fish with which
tn stuck  Miller lake.
A resolution of sympathy with
President Wilson on the loss of his
wife will b« forward.'d I y the secretary   to   the   l'nited   States   secretary
• d  state.
A. Tbiaklason was elected a member of the board and W. A. Anstie,
W.J. Coultbard, J. Qordon and H.H.
it. Miiintt wen- iii.minuted for membership.
Those present were T. Kilpatrick in
the chair, WfH. Pratt, F.B. Wells, ]i.
Gallicano. F. H. Bourne, Vi, M. Law
tence, G. S. McCarter. CR. Mncdon-
ald, A. McRae, W.H. Wallace, and L.
W.  Wood.
Fires Still Rage
in Timber Districts
"No Improvement ln the fire situation in the interior." This was the
way   in  which   H.R.   MacMillan,  cbiel
• it the forest luanrh of the provincial
government, summarised on Thursday
conditions In Cranbrook and adjac-
i nt districts, where huge conflagra-
tlons have devastatsd the timber arms for the past tew daye.
"All telegraphic reports agree that
conditions are worse than at any
tune in the lust JO years," laid Mr.
Ma.Millun.  '-I'rohubly over 5,000 men
in Cranbrook district are out fighting
the rlames at many widely-separated
"Weather conditions are alarming
in the extreme. Temperatures remain
very high, accompanied by strong
"No further news hus been received
hearing upon the fate of the greater
part of 500 men who were on Monday
reported to have beeu surrounded by
a wall of llame in tbe Bull river section. Telephone communication not
yet being restored, it is impossible to
hear from the rescue party who went
in from Fernie.
"There are big fires raging at Waldo, Corbin, Baynes lake, Perry creek
and otber points, and they are all
reported to be beyond  control.
"In respect to the situation in tbo
coast districts there are about 2D lires, but they are not as yet out ol
Sev -nil forest, tires, some of large
proportions, have beeu raging iu tbe
northern part of the Ukauagau valley
this week. The most serious were ou
Grande Prairie, up Irish creek, up
SI wash creek, and on the wooded
I ills just west ol Armstrong. At laBt
accounts tbe tires were well under
control, despite the high winds.
Uuring the past week bush fires
lave been all to plentiful throughout
thc district, 18 being reported at one
time in tbe territory presided over by
Jas. Evans as fire warden, says the
Salmon  Observer.
Parents whose children have passed
tbe entrance examination and who desire them to join the Commercial
class, must notify thc secretary of
the school board of their intention
before august 10 next.
Ag.lO.n.p. Secretary of Board.
A Double House on McKenzie avenue. Sale will take place on tbe Kith
of August. Building must be removed from present site before the 30th
of September, 191 I.
The house will be sold to tbe high-
ist bidder. Those who have a vac-
nut lot now have the chance of a life
time. Live in the one side and rent
the other to your friend. Present owner, T.  E. Taylor.
Agent, J. D. Sibbald,
Ag.l.Jt.n.p. RevelBtoke,   ]l.   C.
Have vou arranged for yonr
Fruit, Vegetable and Egg
Boxes and Crates
for this sen-nil.   If not order
AT ONCE  from
Salmon Arm, B. C.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
500 Yards of Grass Matting
Both Japan and China.    Nice for bedrooms, camps or bungalows, worth 25c to 'mc a
yard, clearing at      |Oc
We want to call your attention to our CLEARANCE SALE of
As a special inducement for laying   your own Linoleums and Carpets we  tre allowing
a discount of 20 per cent off these goods.
We can give you a fine $45  Wilton  Rug, :  We. have others at prices equally as low.
size 9ft. x 12 ft. for   $36     Hiese goods are all first-class and worth
the regular  prices but   we want to  clear
. them out.
Also a Sio Brussels Rug, size oit. x 10 It.        r , , , ,        ,
vo b Lome in, let us show you the stock and
for   $24 || we know you will be satisfied.
Our Summer Clearance of Ladies' Wash Dresses
We have re-arranged the prices on these and hive now 3 assortm -:hs.    \<> doubt you
conld get one that would suit you at a bargain.. ..$1.93, $2.90 and $3.90
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
Mid=Summer Bargains in White Shoes
All our Wiite Shoes must go.     W; must not have the-n on our shelves after Aug. 1.
A glance at thes; values will convince you of the sincerity of our intentions.
Women's White Button Bj)ts—Buckskin, welt sole, J. & T. Bell make.    Reg. So. now $4
Women's White Oxfords and  Pumps—Genuine Buckskin, welt sole, medium heel.     Reg.
$4.50, now    $;.25
Women's White Canvas Boots -Button, welt sole, medium heel.    Reg. $4. now. ... $2.7-,
Women's White Canvas Boots—Button, low heel, McCay sewn.   Reg. 2.75 and $.--,, now $j
Women's Canvas Pumps    Low heels and high Cuban heels, new lasts, turn soles.     Reg.
2.25 and 2.50 values, now    1.75
Children's Canvas Pumps     \nkle straps.     Reg. 1.75 and 1.50 values.      Now. a pair.. 1.15
Children's Strap Pumps —Buckskin, Classic make, sizes to 10}.    Reg. 1.75 and .■>:. now 1.40
Children's Button Boots    Buckskin, Classic make, si/esto 7$.     Reg. 1.65 and 1.90, now 1.35
A REGULAR SNAP in Women's Canvas Shoes    odd lines, difierent lasts and colors.
Price 95c a pair
Men's Canvas Shoes — A big bunch of odd ones, high and low Shoes.    All sizes.
Price $1.50 a pair
Friday and Saturday Only
Grocery and Crockery Department
Special!   Special!   Special!
For One Week Only
We are selling the well-known
and reliable
Viper Fly Catchers
at less than the actual cost. If
you want to free your house ot
flies with very little trouble now
is your chance
2-inch Vipers at 2 for 5c.
4-inch Vipers at 5c each
Will be on Sale Monday, August 10th, until
Saturday Night, August 15th.
t —
W/ i  i
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you ordered nml no other. And not a
thing missing or overlooked. We iniikc
it a point of pride to HII all grocery
orders just ns faithfully ns if they were
for our own table. You'll find our service always reliable, always prompt,
and our groceries always the best.
Forest Insects in
British Columbia
Shamrock Hams And Bacon
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health""
restorers on the continent.   Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon   Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon. Arrow Lakes.
"Forest Insect Conditions in British Columbia" is the title of a new
bulletin Ol the central experimental
farm, Ottawa, which is the result of
» preliminary survey undertaken by
J.M. Swatue, M.Sc, assistant entomologist for forest insects. During
the past few days frequent reports of
serious forest insect depredations ia
British Columbia have been received
I y thc Division of Entomology, and
in view of the high commercial value
of the merchantable timber in the
province, an investigation was projected, The present publication has
leen written with a view to assisting
immediately the lumbermen and owners of timber limits in the matter ot
recognising the commoner species of j
injurious beetles, and their injuries .
with a view to the adoption of the
control measures which are described.
'Ihis bulletin, No. 17, Second series,
may be secured tree by those who are
particularly interested in this subject aud make application to the publications branch, department of agriculture, Ottawa.
To Lengthen Life of
Telegraph Poles
Nakusp, B.C., Aug. 7—The Lindsley
Brothers company is installing a
plant to treat telegraph and telephone poles with "avenarius carbol-
lneum," a non-volatile chemical product, combining powerful antiseptics
with high boiling oils deiived from
coal tar distillation, a product manufactured in Germany and imported
ly this company. Tt is claimed that
nny timber treated with this oil will
increase the life from 10 to -J.*> years.
This company will treat all its long
poles for its eastern customers and
is installing a well equipped plant at
the Nakusp yard.
A Good  Friond To GIN  PILLS
Thc letter below is only oue of many
thnt show how GIN PILLS are regarded
by those who have used them.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms   Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
"The Organization of Co-operative
Egg Circles," is the title of pamphlet
No. 1 by W.A. Brown, B.S.A., ofthe
poultry division of the live stewk
brunch, Dominion department of agriculture. In introducing this subject the writer defines a co-operative
egg circle, states the need for organ-
hutiou and the work that can be accomplished.
The benefits, methods, and details
of organization are exhaustively dealt
with aid directions for setting up
und using an egg testing appliance
are given.
The pamphlet, copies of which may
be obtained upon application,     from
the  publications  branch,  department i
of     agriculture.      Ottawa,  concludes j
with a proposed constitution and by- j
laws .suitable for un egg circle.
In establishing a dailv car barge
service in this lake, the Canadian
I ucitic railway has put into opera-
elon an improvement, to the fruit
transportation service which is of untold benefit to growers and shippers.
The barge calls at Summerland on
the down trip early in the afternoon, ■
ind leaves Penticton at r.ix p.m ou
the up journey, calling here about an
I our later. Thus the fruit gets tha
full benefit nf the cool night breezes !
in trunsit up tbe lake, anil by losing
its liii-'li orchard temperature, arrives ;
at its destination in correspondingly'
better condition At. the Landing t'u>
cars are attached t.i a daily freight
train, and !■>• noon of the following
day the cars .ir.e .in their way east or
Summerland Review.
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■ forward 1 •
Mini* f
hi]        ,   ■■ I
■ ■•<•
■ li»rice      ta
nnw, ^^^^^
•■- fit fnr fl t     .
1 if li.       ar
•"" 1 ••■ 1... 1 ■.. - u
<•   li     %lrh.h
1   1 ni
■noul 1      -.'it -I  vi.
*»Flt 1  '■■    ,1     .11] ■   ■     ..,        I
flf'T WM       •tltfWt 'I'. ' le Uf hll   It'll!
It     111     Antl     nIl'lW     ttlffl'1       tli"       hMlltlflll . Mi.'tt
*t think till* nffiir tOO HOOd   to   In   trim    1 ,,\
<mnl«   tocUr   »n<i   »*tn   *   ■* 1 ,,(
t- •rn*-..-     WILLI 'i       li.   v i.,\  nd
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The Mail Herald Job Rooms SATURDAY,  AUGUST  S,  1911.
AND  "WATER  ACT,   1914.
In  the  Mutter  of  till  StrramB in
Revelstoke  Mining  Division.
who, before the 12th day ot March,
I'.IO'J, were entitled to water rights
on any of the said streams and yet
have not tiled statements of their
daims with the Board of Investigation, suph persons arc required to tile
en or before the lilst day of July,
11)14, a statement of their respective
claims. (Forms No. 50 for irrigation
and No. 51 for other purposes) may
be obtained from any government agent in the province.
Dated  at  Victoria,   B.C.,  the    25th
day of  June,  I'M4.
For the Board of Investigation,
The wuter rights maps and the tab-
Kamloops Child is
Drowned in Creek
Jules Verne's Dream
is Being Realized
Underwater  craft have  made murk-
ed progress since those    early    dayB
A most distressing accident, with
fatal results, occurred about 1 p.m.
: en Sunday, to the little daughter ot when the tirst Holland boat dived
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Diehl, of Barn- ' clumsily, like a rheumatic porpoise,
hart Vale, an Infant of only eighteen and the tirst luke boat bowled mer -
months of age, says the     Kamloops   rily along, like an ocean wagon,   on
Meetings of the Board of Investigation     will bc held at Revelstoke    on
thc  llth day of  September l'JH,    at    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ten o'clock in the forenoon for all of I illation of records will be open forin-   t1 en, and   left  her
EUOh  streams    draining  into  the  Co- : flection at the court house at   Kam- | whilst  he   returned
Innihia   river  north  of the  main line  loops during otliee  hours on the  l'Jth
of the Canadian Pacific Railway,     at   day of  August,   1914.               2t.  Ag.15
Kevelstoke     on     the  10th day of the	
Mr. Diehl had the little mite out on
the  lawn  after  lunch,   near the  creek
which runs at the bottom of thc gar-
toddling around
to  the house for
not more than three of four minutes.
tin his return he found she bad reach-
the smooth lloor of the Atlantic be- |
tween Sandy Hook and thc capes ol j
the Chesapeake. We have now a
fair tleet. of submarines—31 afloat
and Jl building. A squadron of these
invisible lighters guards each en-
tiniiii' to the  Panama  Canal.  In  size
i-tiil month at ten o'clock in the forenoon for all of such streams draining
into the Columbia river between Wig-
Aiiiii Railway Station and the mainline of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
; ml nt Arrowhead on the twelfth day
rf the said month at ten o'clock in
the forenoon for all of such streams
draining into the Columbia river below Wigwam Station.
All statements  of     claim  to  water
Application for u license to store or
pen back water will he made under the
"Water Act" of British Columbia, as
1. The name of the applicant, is,
Charles  Eliott Fuller.
'-'. The address nf the applicant is,
Craigellachie, B.C.
i.   The   name    of      the    stream   is,
privileges on these respective streams j stream bas no name.
ill  objections thereto,  and  the plans'    The stream nas Its  source
prepared for the use of thc Board will
be open  for inspection.
All persons interested are entitled
to examine these, and to tile objections thereto in writing it they deem
At these meetings claimants who
have not previously done so shall
prove their     title to lands to  which
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in  Twp.
23, Sec. .':'.,  Range li, sixth mer, flows
i in a south to southeast direction and
sinks  into on   N.E.   I,   Twp.   -3,   Sec.
14-li-ti, about        600      feet    south
from the  N.  W. corner post of N.  E.
i 1  Twp.  2'!,  Sec.  II,      Range ti,  sixth
I.   The water is to be diverted from
the stream on the south side,  120 ft.
their  water records  are  appurtenant, j cast of n.W.  line of N.E.   >  Twp. 23,
This may bc done by producing, in
case nf Crown-granted lands, the title
deeds or a certificate of encumbrance
,>r other evidence of title; or in case
of lands, not held under Crown grant,
by producing the pre-emption record,
the agreement of sale, the mining re-
tor.l,  or other document of title.
Objections will be heard forthwith
ii the party objected to has received
■sufficient notice of the objection.
The Board at the said meeting will
.letermine thc quantity of water
which may be used under each record,
Sec.  14, Range (j, sixth meridian.
.*i. The quantity of water to be
used is .Mi acre feet per annum.
7. The purpose for which the water will be used is domestic and irrigation.
8. The (and ou which the water is
' to be used is   described as follows:—
90 acres of N.E.  J  Twp.  2:1,  Sec.   11,
Range ti, sixth meridian.
9. This notice was posted on the
ground on the 2->th day of July, 1914
lit. A copy of this notice and an
application  pursuant  thereto  and  to
the further works which are necessary   the   requirements of the   "Water Act'
t.ei surh use, and will set dates for
the tiling of plans of such works and
for the commencement and completion  of  such  works.
And whereas there may be persons
who, before tbe 10th day of March,
]909, were entitled to water rights on
nny  "f tbe siid streams and yet have   Aug.   -'il.n.p.
not   tiled   statements  of  their  claims    	
with the Board of Investigation; such ^^^^^^^^^^^
persons are required to tile on or before the -.'1st day of August. 1914, ' In the matter of an application for
e statement as required by section the issue of a duplicate Certificate of
.".'I of the "Water Act. 1914." Forms Title to Lots 1,2,4 and 5, Block 3,
i Nn. 50 for irrigation, and No. 51 for Town of Nakusp, Province of British
,'ther purposes) may be obtained from   Columbia,  Map   194.
will be tiled in the office of Water Recorder at Vernon,B.C. Objections may
be tiled with the said Water Recorder,
or with the Comptroller of Water
flights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B.C.
any government agent in the province
Dated  at Victoria,  B.   C,  the 29th
lay "f July   1911.
For  the Board  of Investigation.
It.lW. Chairman.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration
of one month after the tirst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the above mentioned
land in the name of Ellen MacDoug-
ald, which Certificate of Title is
dated 15th May, 1^97 and numbered
Nelson,   B.C.,   llth   June,   1014.
J.l5.St.       Deputy   District   Registrar.
WATER ACT,  1911.
Take notice that I, E.P. Henry, of
Arrowhead, B.C.. intend to apply to
thc Commissioner of Lands for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum, on and under the following
described   lands:
Commencing at a post planted and
marked E.P.H., planted on the West
boundary of the Arrow Lakes Lumber Co., Ltd., mill site, thence 20
chains south, ^0 chains east, 80 chains
north, 80 chains west and 60 chains
south to thc point of commencement.
Containing I', 10 acres more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of May, 1011.
Aug. 19p. Locator.
In ths matter of Monte Creek,
Robbins Creek, Neds Creek, Dry
Creek and other streams flowing from
the south and draining into the
South Thompson River between the
mouth of Campbell Creek and the
eastern boundary of Township 20,
Range  It, West of the sixth meridian
A meeting of the Board of Investigation will be held at the Courthouse in Kamloops on the 20th day
of August, 1914, at lo o'clock ln the
forenoon, when all claims to water
rights or privileges on the said
ft reams which have been tiled, all
abjections thereto,  will be heard.
All persons interested are entitled
to examine these, and to file objections thereto in writing if they deem
At this meeting claimants who have
not  previously  done      so  shull  prove
their title to lands to which     their !
•Hater records are appurtenant.    This
may be done by producing, in case of I
Crown-granted  lands,  the title deeds, '
nr a certificate of incumbrance;  or in '
rase  of  lands  not   held  under  Crown !
grant,  by producing  the  pre-emption !
record,   the  agreement  of  sule,      tbe I
mining record, or other documents of I
Objections  will  be  heard  forthwith  '
it the party objected to has received
sufficient notice of the objection.
The Board at  the said meeting will I
determine     the     quantity of   water j QR.DeVAN'S FRENCH PILLS ft
% 1 ;W
Come and look at our Triangle Sad
Irons   guaranteed for ever.
PRICE-6 LB. IRON. $>.90
A.G.    DUCK
Kutimatea given free
which may be used under each record
the further works which are ueces-
iiii t for such use, and will set dates
from the filing of plans of such works
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ com
pletiOO ol such works.
! filiating Pill fur Women.. J.
}to. Hold nt nil iiruir Mara
iiililTi'MMin ri'i'el|i„( |irli'r.
Co , St. t'litlmrlnrH. PnijtTlo,
ed the side of the creek and had (alien   recent   submarines  approach  that    of
in, having apparently expired already   6tnaij gunboats and destroyers. Great
Britain has six of 1,200 tons displacement, Germany, six of 1,000 tons and
France, two of  1,013 tons. The crer,-s
All efforts to
when he recovered her.
resuscitate her failed.
The  little  girl   was  their  only  one.
in these .lays of scientific management there is a tendency to ignore
the human element In humanity to
create industrial machines which shall
turn out their products at maximum
speed and at minimum cost. To be
sure, the attempt is mude to remunerate the workers handsomely for
their labor with the purpose of furnishing them the wherewithal to live
more comfortably. So far as such a
process is mechanical, however, it
cannot yield the best results. Man is
t ot a machine and he "does not live
by bread alone," no matter how much
of it he gets. A prime requisite for
promotion to positions of authority
should he the possession of those distinctly human qualities which will inspire affection as well at: respect. We
are all attracted to the organization
in which the manager is referred to
as "the chief," "the boss," "the mogul" or some such human term.—El-
tric Railway  Journal.
I of such a boat  ranges from 3** to
Thus far
tc send its
(■ii  the  high
nation Iiub ventured
submarines out to serve
seas.     They have    been
always    relatively   small    boatB    for
driven  by gasoline   en-
surface  and by   electric
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■specif l<*
coast defence, driven hv eaBoline   en- '
gines  on  the
power  when  submerged.      Now,  however,      Jules Verne's    dream of     the
Nautilus, under Captain Nemo, is to
be  realized  in the  advent  of the  submarine     cruiser,  which—on the    surface  in  peace and  submerged  in    action—will accompany battle fleets   ou
the oceans of the  world.      The  British muy is the pioneer in this devel- | •
opment.    While  the details are care -
fully guarded,    the general    view    of
navy experts     is that the    projected |
vessels are to  he  of  about.   1,500 tons
displacement  and     21  knots    surface
speed, und that    tbey will    be    fitted
with  tive or sit    torpedo tubes     for
underwater  attack     and   two  twelve-'
pounder      guns  for    repelling    aerial
craft.      The  submerged  battle    speed I
of   these   vessels  should   not  be  less :
than 15     knots.     Our Navy   depart- ■
n.i nt  is meeting this advance in   the
project  of an  experimental  sea-going :
submarine,  for which the Naval    Ap- j
proprlation bill carries nn appropriation i if   $1,100,000,   The   chiet   difficulty  to  be  met  is  that  of  underwater i
driving at  the liisrh  speed  demanded. !
Electric propulsion, owing to the bulk
and  weight of the necessary storage
latteries may have to be abandoned.
This    development,    if    successfully
tfiected,   foreshadows  another  radical
change —  the disappearance    of    the i
torpedo boat destroyer,     which     the i
submarine cruisers, when in action on
tbe  surface,  should    replace.     In fu- I
ture naval actions the combatant vessels would  then be  battleships on  the
surface,   submarine cruisers  below  it, i
ind  aeroplanes  and  dirigibles above, j
in     which the chief enemies   of     the
t-uluiiarines  would be the aerial cruis- ,
trs.   Prom this height the aviator can
readily  detect submerged  bodies,  owing to his freedom     from the     cfTect
of   reflected light   at the surface    of
the water.—Philadelphia Ledger.
for garden and farm ore best
for B.C. soil. Sep Catalogue for
solid guarantee of purity
ana germination
Send now for Copy free
Sutton SSens.TheKinffs Swdmen
RenJi n £f E nfl land
A. J.Wo odward
Victoria       ct        Vancouver
US   Fort   Sr 6t76ionvill«SI
Por those who fear the influences
of colossal fortunes such <as those of
the Astors, VanderbUts, Goulds,
Kockefeller amd Morgans upon the
future of the l'nited .States, both
economically and socially. there
Bhould be no little consolation
in the present plight of the
' Missouri Pacific railroad. This is
known as a Qould road, control of it
having been secured In the late Jay
' Qotlld, and tlie financial troubles Into
j which it bus fallen are typical uf those
which descended upon all the pinper
ties left by that must UIISCniptlloUB
Captain    d    industry to the  incapable
|generation that succeeds bun.   From
the feeble hands of  the sons,    unable
, to    Wield  the     power   liei|ue:ithed      to
them,  their  b.ive  passed  ill turn   tbe |
, Western       t'liion   Telegraph   company.
.the Wabash, the Lake Krie and  West
| < rn  and  tlie  Western   Maryland    rail- I
roads, the Wabash Pittsburgh termln-|
al and  the  Manhattan   Railway  (torn- I
] any.  Before long it. Is expected that
the  Missouri   Pacilic,   the   ltlo Grande
i nd   Western   and   the Western  Pacific,
ittilroads will   follow the same  course.
One   may   regret  the    misfortune  of
these  corporations  and   the    distress
which tbey  bring upon iiiniircnt stockholders but it Is distinctly pleasing  to
see  them  released   from  tlie  grip    of
u  family  unable to manage them properly.—Philadelphia Record.
^^^^_     Ke-
a teot or three ler
', nr in.illed t'» any
I III S.illiCLl.   I'll: e.
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thc change shnll appear ln
Wednesday's issue, and any
changes Intended for Saturday's Issue must be handed in
not Inter than Thursday
evening of each  week.
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Sifi Her.1.1  Building. Montr..! hQKW^] rAQH  KIGHT
SATURDAY,  AUGUST' 9-, 1914.
C. M. Field returned on Thursday
irom Tappen.
F. H. Boliurt ol Nakusp waa among the guesta at the King Edward
on Thursday.
Mrs. At. t'. Hamilton oi Golden
was in the city on Thursday and registered at the Kins: Edward.
Richard Collins and Tim Barnes,
■charged under the vagrancy act, appeared before Police M iglstrate Hamilton on Thursday and wen each lined 85  and  costs 01   !" 'i xys,
Mr.   and  Mrs   W    !•' lots      it  Revel- '
Htoke.  have  been  the  juests of    Mr.,
nnd  Mrs.  George Knapp    over     tho
week end. returnln : t" Revelstoke last
evmiiie.  -Kamloops  Sentinel.
B. Hannan ol Bautf, official photographer for the Uplne club, was among the guests at the King Edward
on Thursd ly ffl ill a Revelstoke he ]
took several photogi tphs of the district
Mr. and  Mrs     Jos   1 lenderson and *
three sons, ol  RevelBtoke   spent   lam-
week In Notch ii 11   •■     ;uests -if Mr,
and  .Mrs.   V,    R.  Peacoi k.    and     Mr.
and     Mi i.   Wm. ! 3 ilmon
Arm Observer
M. Johnston charged by George
Burton with theft, appeared before
1 olii-i- Magis-t ei.- li ,- iiton yesterday
e lorning and *\ is dlsn Issed the Magistrate Baying that the ■ - lei ■ was
i et sufB tient t.e convict.
Rev G T Browi i .. ei - Pass,
iv:li occupy the pulpit the Metho-
■   it cliiircli oi ing.   The
! ,lSt eel' Will     OCCUPJ '       '      PUlpit        Ut
> Ight.   'i the Lord's
supper will be red after the '
• ■ ening eaervice ite morning,
Ei members ol ral Not thwesl
mted    Police I ng  ::: British
Columbia     ire ted   to forward
;■ names and   i Pert y 8.
Howard    .uljnr i\:\    ■'. the   Royal  N"i-
t   ■.',.■>(   Mounted    'o e \ et : ins' as-
^■ Ti;it li >l..   '-'I I Do       llO       ri UBl    Butld-
The price ) still only    -">
hundred pounds highei  than It was
1 ist     week.   1 ••■ pi ie
1 ist     Momlay and  gro that
they do nor   , r in.
ise in the
l rice i'f in-
ty that tl
A  -;■• • la    ■ ia ii   v the st
tion at   S 15   tomi
rying the i. 15
their fr.
I   ■
•   tin.
■   ■
■    •   ■
Gi. Sutherland of Comaplix, came to
the cit)  on Thursday.
Mis. and Miss McCoy of Nelson,
were at the King Edward ou Thursday.
.1.  i*.  Kirkpatrick of     Arrowhead,
was  at   the   Kini;   Edward  on  Thurs -
The Canadian Pacilic railway has
I uilt 11 new crossing over the tracks
at  the foot  of McKenzie avenue.
T. .1. Wadman, chief forest ranger
im- t.he Revelstoke district, announces that all bush tires iu the terri -
tory under bis supervision bave beeu
.\ telephone message was received
in the city yesterday Baying that a
serious forest tire had broken out at
1'ui'rniit at the end of the tunnel in
Glacier park,
The   work   of   replacing   the   wooden
box  drain  with sewer  pipe has   been
practically   completed   on   McKenzie,1
avenue and the work is now proceed- J
Ing  on First street.
Postmaster ¥011111: was notified tbis
morning that the Canadian post office will uot issue during th,' war my
money orders payable in England, or
which reach their destination via
The posting of the Mail-Herald war
bulletins is dally watched by large
and excited throngs which greet reports of British victories with hearty cheers. The last, bulletin of thc
day, usually posted about 10:30 p.m. |
always attracts a large crowd not-)
Withstanding the lateness of the hour I
Growers '>f fruit in the south end of
tlie Okanagan valley are finding apricots s.i profitable tbey are eliminat'-
Ing the smaller varieties by grafting
new steick, according to Assistant
Fruit inspector W.H. Lyne. A steam
i;r.\ iiiL* plant is working at Penticton.
this year, and growers an harvest -
big   a   heavy  crop.
S. A, Curry of Dubuc, Sask., brothel •• Vi. G. Curry, who was elr" vri-
ed in the Columbia river on Sunday.
Irrived In the city "ii Thursd , 1 1 ,\
yesterday went down the river is lar
1- Arrowhead, in search of bis brother's body, Two boats were Faiten
in which were Mr. Curry, C. Turnross
■Hendi      1   and I'.  Burke.
.1. K   simps.hi. formerly editor   of
Herald,   passed    thru'
" blocks 0 ck in
wood, and W.S. Rugh, of the Giant
Powder Co., Nelson, who is Mr. Cra-
dock's successor in this district.—
Rosslund Miner. Mr. Cradock Is
well known in Revelstoke.
W. H. Binns of Vernon, registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke on Thursday
J. E. Dixon will leave tomorrow
for Calgary and will return on Tuesday.
J. J. Fairfield of Arrowhead, was a
guest at the Hotel Revelstoke yesterday.
M. li. Wescott, provincial govern -
ment engineer, of Nelson,  was in the
city yesterday.
Among tbe guests at thc Hotel Kevelstoke ou Thursday, was 3.Y.. Shep
I aril  of   Nelson.
1). Richardson of Kaslo, wus among the guests at the Revelstoke hotel mi Thursday.
The steamer Revelstoke will make
its n"xt trip up river leaving on
Wednesday morning.
1). R. Hinton of Nelsou, arrived in
the city yesterday and registered at
the  Hotel   Revelstoke.
Owing to a broken rail east of Calgary, No. 13 due yesterday at 4:5(1 p.
111.,  did  not  arrive  until   11:30.
Vi. Vi. Foster, M. P. P., passed
through the city lust night on his
return to Victoria after attending the
eauip of the Alpine club.
The Bishop of Columbia passed
through the city yesterduy from the
south. He registered nt the Hotel
Kevelstoke und left for the coast last
Charged  witb being drunk and dis- |
orderly     Oley   Shelley,   who  bad evi- '
dently  been  drinking  heavily,   appealed before Police Magistrate Hamilton
this  morning.   He  was remanded  [or
a week.
W. B. Farris a prominent lawyer ol '
Vancouver,  formerly  of  Nelson,   nnd
now one of tbe Liberal leaders at the
ee.ast,  arrived  iii  the city yesterday
afternoon and left for Vancouver last '
An operation for appendicitis was
performed by Dr. J.H. Hamilton on
Thursday night at the Queen Victoria hospital upon Miss Muriel Little,
daughter of Mrs. Keegan of Fifth
street. The patient is progressing
Many .if the ranchers round Malakwa and Craigellachie are now engag
.el cutting shingle bolts foi the new
Malakw 1 shingle mill. Contracts
have in-'a given out at satisfactory
delivery In most eases t" be
if the Eagle river.
E :.!cd  bv  M: |
■ . J(
ation .
in    the     Mail-Herald  S'icial   and   per-,
ire - I
son's     mother,  Mrs.   G.   Glover,    of
Mrs. Munley and Miss Lillian Lee,
left on Thursday afternoon for a two
weeks visit to Canoe.
Gordon Sutherland of Comaplix, is
in town to visit his daughter Minn,
who is in the hospital.
Mrs. 'I*. R. Cummins, accompanied
her husband to Five-Mile falls, to
meet   K.   Christie's   pack   train.
Mr. and Mrs. A. \V. Keillor and
family of Spenserville, lint., ure visiting Dr. and Mrs.  E.H.S,  McLean.
Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Frank ffourne's
mother, and Miss Florence Bourne,
have returned from a trip to St. Leon
Mrs. Ilanbury hus returned to her
Lome   in   Victoria,   after   all   extended
nip among her many friends iii Rev-
Mi. and Mrs. K. M. Cotton of Red
Deer, Sask., were guests of Mrs. Bunnell fur two weeks, and ale now ill
Mrs. Marshall uf McKenzie avenue,
is in Arrowhead visiting at the home
of Mr. Cooper, manager of the Imperial  bank.
Fred Saunders is spending the week
raid with Mr. Moore, park ranger who
has u Camp near the chalet on Mount.
Mrs. Henry Morrill and two child-
len 1 if Kamloops, are visiting her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Arthur Crowe, ni
Third street.
Mrs. R. Laughton of Bellochmyle,
entertained on Saturday in honor of
Mrs. Haiibury of Victoria, tea was
served on  tbe  lawn.
Mrs. F. X. Wintemherg and tbe
Misses Alma Howard and Auralee
Griffith, arrived in the city from
Spokane, en route tu Malakwa.
Miss Urace Pentzer of Kamloops,
who has beeu visiting tier aunt, Mrs.
L, Warner uf First street, is now visiting  Mis.   Jenkins  nf  Third  street.
The four eldest daughters of Mis.
Hugh    Smythe,  Marjorie,   Winnitred,
Amy  and  Dnreeii,  are camping at the
chalet, Mount Revelstoke park,     tor
two weeks.
Miss Parker leaves on Monday for
:-t. l.e,m tn spend a week. On her
return she will re-open her studio in
tue Taylor block above the McRae
Mercantile  company.
Mrs. ii. McLenan uf Sixth street, is
returning on Sunday from au eastern
trip, extending over nearly two and
a half months, Mis. ,'cl.eaai'. is now
at  Field,   Visiting  friends.
.Muriel, youngest daughter .if Mrs.
i'ii Keegan, Fifth Btreet, was oper
ated    mi    fm-   ippendicltis early    on
Friday   morning.    She  is at   the Queen
\ let.,11a   hiesp'.t,.l   and   is  lining  nicely
Capt.      Albeit      Forslund    came  tO
town   'in   Wednesday    tn   resume   com
ailillil   Of   the   Bteamcr   Kevelstoke.   but
found the water in the Columbia still
inn liiL'li tn navigate the upper nail,
es  nf  t.he  river.
Mrs. Alice la.' Iris as gU<SSt, hei Bister, Mr.-. Staple, of Oxbow, Sask.
Mrs.   Staple lias been  at tl.e coast fur
mo itha and is spending
:   'a.'   in   Kevelstoke  before
!er return b
Big Bargains in Our Stock of Men's
and Boys'
Summer Underwear
Tennis Flannels
Summer Oxfords
Men's Suits
Boys' Wash Suits
White Vests
McRae Mercantile Co.
500 pairs of Summer Footwear regardless cf cobt right in tho height of
the Summer season
Ladies' White Canvas
Hoots, Pumps and Oxfords in languid black.
Children's ami giiK'
Slip pe rs, children's
Hoots and Slippers in
while nubuck, up la
$3.25 values.
$1 95
Ladies' Pumps and Ox-
lords ai a variety ot'
leathers up to $4..).S
values $2.95
Oirls' white canvas
S lip pe is. children's
Boots, sizes 2 lo 6,
Harefbol Sandalls up
io SI.75 values.
Ladies'   Nubuck Knots,
Pumps and Oxfords in
a vnrielN of leathers
and     colored      suede,
men's Oxfords, button
ni lace, tan and black,
up to So values.
SPONGES.... 15c ti) *.*!
Wash Clot lis .2 for 25c
Violet Dulci' Talcum..
... .waa 'i,v, now 25c
Rexall Fruit Saline B0c
Skeeter-Skool for mos.
([ititoes. ...36c a bottle
esli Fly Coils, (i for  .
BEWS •"•}*;£""
she will spend the next si\ months,
Mrs. Davin was accompanied by Miss
l.usby, high school teacher of Ann
Arbor, Mich., who is going tn Seattle to spend the remainder of her
Mi.  .inhn Ogilvie ni Vancouver,  is
spending a  few  days 111  town.
Misses   Myrtle   and   Kuth   landmark
ai'- visiting at  Albert  Canyon
nf  Mrs.   Carlson.
Mr. l'i. Ralph Lawrence ts at Ce.in-
apli.x tor a lew days 111 connection
with the closing uf the Comaplix null
Mr. Freutlein won the «'l'i geild
plec*   and   Mabel   Sminiulls   the    three
month pass at the Apollo theatre last
Mr.   K.  ll.   White,  wlm  was  tormei
ly with the Canadian Pacific railway
111   this  city,   was a   visitoi   here   last   «— ——.
Fourth Btreet        honor oi Miss Eva
Miss Cyudrine Mats wuti tbe tea-set Thompson.   Mr.     Paul    Soinson and
at tie'     Kn,press theatre last  nuilit,  Mr. lt. Patterson, three popular mem-
and Master Williamson the three bers nf the above classes, who are-:
months pass. Bhortly tn remove trom the city. Tht
president   (Miss    Manning)  and   the
Mrs.   II.   K.   Atkins      returns    today   members   ,,f  the   G.B.C.   provided      a
from   St.   l.e,,,..      when   she   has  beeu    ,,„,,,,„,„,   program   „f   Bamea  ,md  de.
spending the past few ■■ superln- udous refreshments which were both
tending the erection oi her summer heartily enjoyed. Mr. Harry Maxwell
*"U;lBe- ' t lion called the young people to ord
er and rend a valedictory address to
Mr. Paul     Samson, accompanied bj
Mrs. itniibiiry, who has been visiting Mrs. Robert Laughton ut her new
home "Ballochnyle," if three \v.■.•*-.
returned t" *•> ictorla tins week. Many
little  teas were  given  In her houor
during   her  stay   111   Kevelstnke.   which
was formerly her borne.
Miss Warrington, who has been vis-
1 ■
Manning's Founts
Caramel Nut Sundae
lr ( 1 e- nn   n ub  d Map.
1 Ing an I nut ■
(herry Cream Puff
Haystack Sundae
A    tnck ol  : I  'Iniiif-  'I -
let rod
All Candy in window 25c a
pound at
•' k.   re
itave of  the
■■ ■.  duties for      the
- impai coast     The
it,.ait    i    Lome A,
Campbell   M P " , occupied the chair,
• bairman being M.E. Purcell
- be than ii, ii,   bail   pi opOSfid   the
health ',f His Ma|esty the King, Mr.
F'urcell   proposed   "Our Guest,"    tha
t ,.n,t being accompanied bv tbe pi"
nentatlon by  the chnlrman,  on  behalf
of Mr. ci tdocl 'a Rossland friends, 'if
a unliable gift The recipient responded appropriately nnd the occasion wns
an en-oyable one from every  point of
mow    Besides the managers   of   tbe
Kosslnml     mines    nnd     other      local :
friends the guests included w.li. Bell, j
of  the  II c    Copper  company,  Oroon- |
Mr. B,   R.   Blacklock    re-
ast   week  from    a delightful
a- visit   tei     ilie ee.ast.   They were thc
■'■ ililalll   BrOWn   WbO   Was all
i ii., I lai dwai e
irS     They
ft  ..    !*■■ ter, M i* I*
■    .- '■'. .if   the   I I
neli i ssi Isteyn was
■ ' i ■ .    bllt
left bur-
i   . Ile.l
the presentation of a nicely framed
group photo of the members of the
two classes] In replying Mr. Samson
ide a neat short speech. This was
followed by the presentation of a
1 ively Kodak album to Miss Thompson,   and   an      address   read   hy  Mrs.
itmg her aunt, Mrs. Cameron, since Tourner, representing the G.B.C
last December, left on No i "■ last Miss Thompson expressed her grent
evening for hei home In San Francis-  surprise at the beautiful gift and al-
CO.    Her  father will  meet her  in Vuti-   so of the     purport of      the evening's
couver and together    they will visit  meeting.   Mr.  Patterson was       afsc
Victoria and  Seattle en route to their   the  recipient  of 8   similar  group  pho-
I'liine. Miss Warrington Isa verv tal- to nnd an appreciative address read
euteil young lady, being a pianist  eef   by     Mr. El. Corley.   Mr.     Patterson
ability,      and   Will   be  greatly   missed   made a suitable replj   and  referred to
a ng the     many   friends     she has  the     pleasant associations with the
Empress Theatre
Pfogr - mi
! t \ '■
in  twi
Tl E8Da1
it u ri ng    the
Ford Stei II
'I'll,   '.aliilih-l        lni|.
Nairn   Is ot ' he P
Tl   KMi.W    Alt.    I III,
I', mi', a   ri,) et
Daniel Fi ohain pi e lent i John
Bai i vi ■   iii   i lie   celebrated
■ omedy romance   'An An
( ali/'ti        in     me.t inn     |,i, I in eg
four on '
In » Persian Qardei
The Two linn Mini
HI H   I'lere   (Iri'liestl a
young people ol the Methodist church
Very   appropriate  speeches   were   made
l.j Mr. Llndmark, Mr, Manning and
Mrs, Lashley Hall (the pastor being
unavoldabl) absent.) A vote of
thanks    was accorded to the genial
be cathered t"
II  petition the direct-
e     in
•   wish
> ■.     Ploreni e
if the L Mies
\id  ,,f the  Methodist  oburcb,  a  lawn
alii nn     the lnwn of
*.Il   I        I'        , I '        '" Till'
Cltj      nd will  be in at te,,,linn i    i,-.
fi alt,   ' indies, Rowers, etc,
'■ni ne proi i delightful   ev-
imin- .. ,'id
Mr tnd Mrs v, 0 Forsyth and
daughtei   Marjory ,,f Toronto,     whoe
have been vinlilii' the l.i l ,-.-! western
i I ties     al''   the   ,-ae.ts   uf   Mrs.    It.    11.
MeVltj Mi Forsyth has been examining pupils f'ei the Toronto'university  of  iiniHii   throughout  the wont.
Mrs. Nicholas Flood Ilavln nf M -'
JaW, wife of the late member of parliament, visited on Thursdaj hei
cousin Mrs. Qeorge \le.th and left fi>r
the ooail  mill Hunt hern points, where
made while here.
Those      Who    attended  the   Kuipiess
theatre   Thursday evening   were well
ropaid,   The theatre    was decorated,
inside   and   out       With   llagt,   and   was
crowded with people foi both snows, hostess and bust and tbe gathering
when the picture of tbe King was KM dismissed after singing s favorite
thrown    mi tin- screen, great cheers  verse,
l a -i   forth,       md     as the orchestra ;   	
commenced  playing the national an-]
them, everyone spraug to their feet,
and mmed',,, singing a. In one grand'.HOLLIDAY-On  August 5, 1914,    tc
 i Save the King." Follow-1    ,l1" ttifp "' n   H- Holllday.a son.
• OW ii   the  war pictures. The
i-liips of  the  Uritish navy  were shown
also a Heel nf submarines, Through-
i ut the showing nf the pictures, Dave
mi's orchestra played national airs.
Hie audience often lolnlng in the re
fralnfl,    A  word  must   be said      about
the orchestra, which is doing    such
One  Work.    Miss  Lillian  Lee,   who has
lain   substituting   tin    Miss   Lawson,
'Mis   absent   and       M,s.   I.unbelt,   has
Special prices on dinner sets at
Howson's, t.f.n.p.
Look! Look!—yes you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Gait coal  is     handled    exclusively
nie.e.   taken  the  piano 	
son's return, Mrs. Llmbert isa pian-
Ist "i wonderful ability. She came to
tin theatre mi short i,..tn e and read
all tl rchestrs music at sight. Besides the high rlnss pictures Mr.
Smythe * nightly, it is without
a doubt, this nmst popular orchestra
which draws such  large crowds.
until Miss Luw-I"' Hevelstoke by the Revelstoke Uen-
eral Agencies, Ltd.
Special sale ,f curtains, draperies,
tabic covers, comforters, etc., at
Howson's, t.f.n.pf
Mr. R. M-Gregor, authorized Plane
Tuner and Regulator for Mason ft
in, Wednemliiv evening last a most j Risch, Limited, intends being ln Rev-
IntSrssting gathering comprised of rlstoke within the next two weeks.
the members of the J.B.O, and G.B. I Parties requiring his services for
i ef the Methodist church, met at Inning, etc.. will kindly leave their
the  home  Of   Mr    and  Mrs    Manning.   iddrSM   With   Ml    ll"*snn       Ag.H.t.f.


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