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The Mail Herald Oct 27, 1914

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Chief lumbering, rallwuy, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and tbe Pacilic ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium for the
city and district.
Vol. 21-No 80    ^V
$2.50 Per Year
Two Story Brick ^lock
On McKenzie Avenue
lecal Syndicate Buys Lot Next to H. Manning's Store
New Block will Contain Three Stores and Modern
Residential Apartments-House and Store also
being Improved and Enlarged.
.   .      .    „„ urate has bought from ,    The upper floor over Mr. Manning'!
A .ocal syndicate Uastmub ^     ^^     ^
H. Manning the lot south    oi sultes
.tore  ou   «*r— crVE   o^i^n apartments fitted with hot.
r^iLrrr::rWork «^.>-»~- ^« —
a  substantial
on Fourth  street  improved.
tract for whiC.   has aUeady^n ^:^i;ouiiaatio|i and vermulu ar0  b,
Thc block  w"J^ZTZlo*-'^ built,  the roof will be reshingled
three stores ^   ^ ^ ^  ^^ anfl tnc     hou„0
upper door
will contai
er floor and suites "J"^- , -^ ^   ^  ^  ^ ^
The  bouse
the lot will be moved.
by malakwa
First Invasion of United States
Market—Surprise Parties
I comfortable homes in the city.
Committee Appointed lo Consider  Offer  of Reve!s1oke
Hospital Association
Chase,  B.   C,      Oct.  2I.-A  public
meeting was held on Monday cveming
(Special to the Mail-Herald) ^
Malakwa, B.C., Oct. 37.--T e - the Black Douglas hall when
kwa farms are ni»w loading • b McConMU wa8 appointed chairman
Dominion Express car with celery o ^ ^ ^^ ge(.retary
be shipped to Minneapolis. Minn. ^ McConneU announced the pur-
recent copies of the Siow w y. ^ ^ meeting_ t0 be the Con-
lowu, Journal celery is J«J" sideration of whut could be done
35 cents per bunch. This is » ^ ^ chM|i nospitul M the Re.
wa's flrst invasion across the bou.ia ^^ ^^.^ bourd had given
*ry, but not thc last. Fancy Malka- ^^ ^ ^ .ntenUon tQ cloBe it
;elery is now quoted in all tno ^sttm
Ll w.-w
in  weBtern  nt the end ot this month
Dr. Scatchard at the reqwest of the
          CO'VRiaHT.UNDERWOOD «   UNOEHWOOD.  N,  V.
charge: of heroic scotch Highlanders
The hardiest ot thc BriDish troops are these Highlanders composed oi the sons of Scotland. Their coolness
in the face of d.,ngcr, nnd the manner in which they ure more than holding their own against the German
troops, is evidenced in the reports coming from the front.
Twenty five Dollars Voted by
Aerie to Belgian Relief
Revelstoke Aerie Ao. 432, Fraternal
Songs, Speeches, Tableaux
at Mass Meeting Tonight
Judge Forin Will Deliver Patriotic Address—Good Music
and Attractive Program Collection for Benefit of
Patriotic Fund—Services Free for Good Cause.
Final arrangements have been ma 13
Order ot Eagles,  has contributed 996   for the great mass meeting     to
principal  daily     papers      in  weave- Scatchird at the revest of the I Order  of  Eagles,  has coniru.uteu «w for the great mass meeung     vo .   ■«
Canada. _, |t'chairman   gave an outline   of condl-jto the Belgian Relief fund. The   foi- held in the opera house tonight     in
Miss  Alma Howard    visited     with eonneotion  with thc running! lowing letter from     E. G. Burrtdge connection with the patriotic     fun..,
Pettipiece in Revelstoke inBtitution. At present     it   is  secretary  of the Aerie, has been   re. a„d the program prepared is certi.n
--        ""   ■**"'—'-■■-'■■ to draw a
Tableuu in charge of Mrs Robbins.
Band, selection.
Address   Judge Forin.
Solo., F. Puulding.
Tableau, in churgc ol Capt. T.E.L.
TurTng Iw ek °' "" T^Tin the'pi     had paid'       ^bv Mrs   T   Kilpatrick:                 to draw "a    record     audience.  Those  Taylor, Home Guard-
*SS -ell. irom   Arthur Robin- no    Paying M.In th.^a.   had paid                ,    ^^ ^^               ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^                       .g                                Tipperary"-
.on,  wno is now on Vancouver     Is- r£^f ^/Voara cases might be   Mrs. T. Kilpatrick, city.                       | liminary meeting in the Masonic ,all<0.  Hawker (and everybody).
land states that he will soon    be   a <icc           (or treiltment  which hither- j    Dear Madam,-At the last    regular  say  that his  speech  was the     most
resident ol  Malakwa.     «r-  Robin8°" to ha(i bCPn sent to Kamloops.   Mr.   session of our Aerie, it was    decideuI patriotic and inspiring    ever     heard
purcha*e<l land     ot     J. H.  Johnson secretary ot the  Revel- \ to vote a sum of W to assist     the   in Revelstoke, and all are determined
two years ago, on which he Will set- Hospitai board bad stated that  ladies in their etlorts to     help     the   to be present at the meeting tonight,
tie as a farmer. tnev were wiUjng to    tum the build-  needy Belgians.  You will find enclos-  Band music, tableaux, speeches     und
Surprise parties are now the order . ^       ipmcnt oVer free of     rent   ed a cheque Ior that amount     to be   patriotic songs are included   in    the
of the day.   Such parties   have     re- »        ^ the mJU opened_ ,urther   used hy the ladies' committee as they   program which will be as follows:
cently  been  neld at Anderson's,   Mc- entf for the purcbase   could   think best.     1 remain yours truly.    |    Opening address, The Mayor.
Gloves und  Carr's   and have  proved _^_ ^ tfct     Hmo   ThB pimnlne EDGAR G. BURRIDGE
be made at that     time. The running
such big successes that it is  not unlikely tbat everyone will get a
during the winter.
Mrs Joe Lonei left on Friday
morning for Calgary to reside. Mr.
•boner will join her in a tew weeks..     ^^   ^ ^.^ geveral caMg of op_
The scarcity of potatoes is proving  eration8 [n whlch prompt acti0n sav-j
a handicap in  filling carload lots of
mixed vegetables.
George aud Dave Koker and families nave moved to Taft for the winter where they will open up a shingle
trol ot a local  board cases might be ' Mrs. T. Kilpatrick, city. , ...,   „ ... —
mmmmm^ ^^m^^m.._L    ,— „__.! ,..-   u  —- &v.     m„Jf I    Collection taken by the high school
Accompanist, Mrs. Fleetham.
God Save The King.
Doors will be open at 7.30 p.m.,
and good music will be provided until the program begins. As a large I
gathering is expected all are advised
to come early. All arrangements to
have a comlortable hall have been
made and it is hoped to start on
time and disperse early. The collection will be purely voluntary, nothing will be too small to gratefully
acknowledgc and nothing too great
to meet the merits of the cuuse.
The arrangements    for the meeting
were completed at a joint meeting ot
  jthe executive and  nominating     corn-
London. Oct. 2S.-AU    the   nations  sistance and hns taken steps to quell' mittees of the     Patriotic Fund     on
-   •-• I Mcnduv evenir
visit  expenses amounted to about $300 per      Secretary, Revelstoke Aerie No
month. jl. O. E.
The speaker further emphasized   the
loss it would bc to the     community
and district     to     have tbe hospital
Band selection. ^^^^^^^^^
Address Rev. J. C. MacKenzie.
Solo, Miss Parker.
erations in which prompt action saved the victims of accidents from far
more serious results of their
injuries. In future casos of this nature if the     hospital     were    closed,
Kaiser's Eye on England
De Wet Joins Rebels
hey will open OPaW"  w<JuW have to be taken to Kamloops  (.ngagea in the mighty
and migbt result in the loss o, life.      ^ ^ ^ ^ „ ^n.^-^ ^SV^!"- ""   Atkins, which had been ap-
..e^eH^e^e^e^e^ejeoe^e^e^e^B I Monday  evening.   The  I'lUiiuiittee  con-
Nearly Hundred Dollars Subscribed for Belgians at
Sacred Concert
The sacred concert given on Sunday
evening  In  the  Empress  theatre     by
Miss Frances Lawson in  aid   of   the
Belgian      Relict  fund  whs a  splendid
success.      Long  belore    the     concert
started, the theatre was crowded   to
its  utmost  capacity.  The stage    was
most artistically decorated by     Mrs.
Bruce Lawson, assisted by the   Home
Guard  which    arranged     Mugs  which
they loaned for     the occasion.     The
Mugs were:  British,    French,  Belgian,
Japanese,  Russian  and  Servian,  and
they made a pretty picture, arranged
on the white background. The   stage
was beautiful with cut flowers     and
potted  plants   The centrepiece was a
great  bowl     of     autumn leaves and
berries while at each end were   huge
vases ailed  with  magnificent blooms.
On one side were     yellow marigolds
und  ferns und  on    the  other dahlias
and sheaves of corn. The fiowers were
the gitts of Mesdumes H. N. Coursier
A.  Haggen and  S.  G.  Robbins.     On
the platform was a smull table draped with thc Canadi in Hag, where the
well filled plates were placed after th.j
collection had been taken up.
The concert Itself was well rendered
the program  being     carried     out as
published   with  the  exception  ol  the
solos by Mrs.  Walter Bews and   Miss
Pauldin.' who  were unavoidably    absent on account  of illness. The   concert was preceded by a short   speech
by  Dr.   J.H    Hamilton,  explair.'.ng ln
a  few well chosen  words,  the  object
of the gatherine.      Most    of the performers were well known to the public, but special mention may be made
of a few who were strangers     to the
musical  world  of      Revelstoke.     The
violin solo by Miss Wilson was splendidly rendered,  proving her to be an
artist ol ability.  Miss Borden has   a
soprano voice wnich   .rill le ,i    great
asset  to  musical  circles here.      Miss
Robertson has a rich voice     ot very
pleasing quality   and  her  "Son?     of
Thanksgiving"    was greatly enjoyed.
The Belgian Anthem sun..- in    French
by  Mrs.  S. G    Roblvns 'v«s sn^ndid
indesd and very  appropriate.    Major
Sclater oi  Vancouver   delight<ed   the
audience with  the singing of      "Rule
Brittania" and for an encore, "Scots
wha hae "
This most successful gathering was
brought to a close by the singing of
"Tne Maple Leaf" and "God Save
the King," b\ the entire audience
standing. The proceeds of the concert
amennted to nearlv slim, th's beinc
made possible by the generosity     ot
Mr. Barker being     asked     for  his
of Malakwa. ■    vtr   Rarker  being     asKea     ior  nm i ucucmi lhhub duuiii,  Hi<;.......   v..  —
Word  received     from     the    states  Jn^ed ^t he agreed     with  silent In regard to tbe actual happen- | ^ of ^    Afrjcu h,ig P*^^7 wa °dScd "      n^
.ays that there    is    a     natian-Widc   ^ ^ prpvious     8peaker bad 8aid   ta„ ln  thut battle scarred zone.  So  the (ront   Tbe British admiralty   Is- ™PO*ed "»*"«- *•■** «^°
movement there to aid the victims oi   ^ reRnrd tQ the need for keeping the   far aB is known there has heen   Ut-jsucd a warning     to     vessels    whose . v_  "...
the  European  war.    irrespective     of ...  ..._.. i
movement there to aid the victims oi ^ ^^ ^ ^ Qeed ^ keepiDg the   far a8 ls knowm there has been   Ut-jsucd a warning     to     vessels    whoso ^^  ^ uJertllkcn  ftt the      "bM
the  European  war.    irrespective     ot ^            Qnd hQped tfaat Bome^                              ejther giJe but   ,rom  course may carry them to the waters
nationality. This move is known   as f th         th    , IrelanJ a9 ,„     tho80 meeting tonight,     but tn.it a
the Christmas    ship.      Donations   of th^ W0Ul^ bJ^'   whcQ a9ked fQr   the  accounts     that      ha-lBtt«il                    ^^     ^     ^ ^ ..uent meeting would be held to     «
money,  cothes and  provisions      will   h,f ^iaion  J tbe    chairman  stated  thr0Ugh fr°m  Val'°"S    *°""!'  n ^""i laid, with'the result that one British   "ive «"P°r\  ot     thj
I noremher  so oivinion   oy  tne    cuaumuu  aw engagement which hus been go-! „_,.«,,    committee and tor any
be  despatched  early  in  December so proposition seemed fair and  s"      ,,,,..„,._.,..     tor several days '< •ste,lme' ■ tho     M»n<*'»tor Commerce,
M to reach the    su.Terers   by Christ- The Umited  ing c    ™<*™*«>   J  tfTS-tS h» "<*» btown ""*  AdJiUonal dm'1'
man. lt Is said that every little dis-  J^^   howcver      might prevent   may  be considered as   tl.e fiercest      i^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^    been
the whole war. | (,pclnred c,,mt>1, b    tbe lltiiniralty.
Thousands  upon  thousands ot Ger- ...—■_
man reinforcements h.v, been   added I PORTUGAL JOINS  ALLIES
to the great masses ol  troops which j    A Portuguese mlssitin is In London
trict is doing its share. it from evef paying (or itself
Some time ago there appeared     in ^ Adum River dumber company had
the Mail-Herald an     nitlcle relating ma^    ^^  ,nveBtmentB   bere;     the
to government telephones in     whicn provincinl government had seen fit to
the  Revelstoke board  of  trade     - -
vocat.ed that a line be
tween Malakwa nnd Revelstoke. It ls
hoped hete that this subject has not
been shelved by the board ot trade,
as MalaKwa realizes that this con
miction would ^^^^^^^^^^
besides being ot Inestimable benefit to
the business men of Revelstoke. Although Revelstoke captures the bulk
of our trade, we are afforded none
of the modern methods of communication with it. It is hoped that cooperation amongst those Interested
will result in both road and telephone connection between the two
places within a year.
^s  in      whicn ,    , , . ,.  a    .„„ «. t„   to  tne  great  n.asscs  oi  nu^.. .........      «  ■ •——   - - —  _ in-r,
f  trade      ad- I,rovincuU government had seen fit to   ^^ ^ endeavori,^  to ,orce their  arranging  details    (or    the    possible Rirl8
installed   be- erect a i""''  9Ch°01 bUildin? 'wuv to the northern ports ot France.! co-operation  of the Portuguese nrmy lecto
. I ...    .... the surrounding country  was  rapidly        » useless     rush- '< with the allies.
surrounding country was rapidly
beinq filled up which circumstances
were a guarantee that Chase is ou
the map to stay.  He suggested   that
It is Said thut this ceaseless     push
ing forward of vast  bodies of     Germans U uy the order of tbe emperor
whose eye  is     fixed     on England, a
e^e^e^e^B ... Stmng     I. e III II111 t !'•'      |,.      ., p [ e< < 11.1 I'll     to e^e^K e^.^.^.^
fill a long telt want gQ tnoroll{;hly mo ^ maUer ^ campaign against erhich at an en.-ly
to consider ways and means to se-: dute is ™««We"* «"lon« the "09-
cure monev for     operating expenses.  sihiUtles "rovidcd ■ Buitable bn9e CaD
*      „„.„„^.>.  »v,» »„„_.„.  _i.i,       i he found  trom  which  to direct     the
to approach the government with   a
view to securtng a grant, and   when ■      ce8"
all necessarv information had been! *™M»^ the allies h»ve be«"
gathered to report to another meet-, 8tro,";1>' reinforced and among the
ing of the citizens. new tTO°v« at    thfi     ,ront are     the
The chairman reported that in ant-1 Briti"h  lndians wno »™°^S to all
icipation of the present crisis he had' rtCC°,,nt8 bave been     bearin8     them'
put the following proposition   up   to'       es  we
  Other  necessary business .     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The wurmest support has heen   received by the committee (01  the meeting tonight. R.  Howson has loaned a
plnno tree of churge. the teaming  w
free, the  music free,   the high   schuol
are acting ns ushers and     col-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      lectors  and  thc  high    school  cadets
with the allies.                                            are     distributing     dodgers tree     o(
TERRITORY  INVADED              'charge. Miss Parker,  who has recent-
A  Hnvas despatch from  Lisbon by   ly suffered througb the deuth     of her
way of Madrid  reportB  that  German   mother, had not intended to Bing at
troops have   invaded the  Portuguese  any  public function     for some time,
province of  Angola,  West  Africa and  but, the call ot country and dug has
that preparations are under  way  tor   moved her and on behalf of the Can-
the despatch     to     that province of  adian  Patriotic     fund,     she will be
warships and  troopB Irom  Portugal,   beard uguln,  at the  big  meeting   at
RUSSIAN   VICTORIES              lthc °PKTa- aouse tonight.
„,                                         .   _                     D.  Gallicano  is  giving  to  the  Pat-
The Russian  general     start  reports     ...,,,.. , ,..
.    « l.l. , riotic fund 2.i per cent of tbe     pro-
the commencement of    lighting along r
°      , .   ceeds of a sale of macaroni,
the front in    eastern     Prussia     and     „    „ ,_, , _     „
Vi. A. Smythe in loaning the Empress theatre and of the Dave Orr
orchestra, which in itself -is a great
attraction. Miss Lawson piayed all
the accompanynients in her usual
finished <tyle
The program was as follows:
Overture. Orr's orch-stru.
Son1-,,    "A   Sailor's    Grave,"
iolo.      "Mantana,'
"Abide    With  Me,'
Ave Maria." Mrs. Robbins,
(with  violin  obligetto),
Bong, "A Song of Thanksgiving,"
Miss Robertson
Light Cavalry,  Orr's orchestra.
Quartette. "Peace Perfect Peace."
Miss Borden. Mis« McKay. Mr. Hadden,  Mr.  Paulding.
Song, "Rule Brlttannia," Major
Song,  "Recessional"  Mr.  Paulding.
"La Brabanconnc" , Belgian Anthem)  Mrs.  Robbins.
"The Maple Leaf," "God Save the
Hadden is Winner of
Billiard Tournament
the government     through Mr   J.
Shaw, the local member
A new rebellion     in     thc Union ol
To continue to the support   of the   South Africa has broken out.  Oener
Chase hospital  the per capita   dally , als De Wet and Beyers both notable
figures in tbe South African war have
placed themselves at the head of a
revolution in thc Orange Free state
and Western Transvaal. The extent of
grant of U."0 for each patient trent-
mm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    i ed.
'  I    A yearly grant to the resident pby-
Tho  billiard  tournament     at     the sican. ,- fgggggggmm-
Y M C A. was finished on Saturday. , A grant toward the purchase ot the this rising is not known nor can its
A ('F Hadden won from A.E. R6se hospital from the Revelstoke Hosplt-1 importance be foretold, but already
tn the final by 160 to 117. The handl- al society ol halt the purchase the South African government which
caps all through the tournament amount and additional grant of tl."HI | bad Knowledge of tbc prospective
were very sntlsfactorv, making tho
games very interesting. ' ( Continued on Page Four.)
cluims victories over the Germans   at
various points in RusBian Poland.
Thc Nelsou school trustees have
been testing brands of coal the past
week, to see which fills their requirements the most satisfactorily.
The  Nelson  Canadian club    ls run-
On Friday evening Mount Cartier
lodge 1. U. F. will give a dance in
Masonic hall, 5b per cent of the profits of which will bc devoted to the
Patriotic fund.
Dr. G. C. Read of Kaslo will attend to the medical requirements of
all municipal 'indigents during the
coming winter, free of charge.
ning a cumpuign    to secure   cast-ofl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
clothing,  funds,  etc., (or Belgian re- it is expected     that the telephone
lief. service beeween New Denver and 8an-
A  chicken  rnnther at Grand Forks don will boou be ln satisfactory work
bad  Knowledge    of     tbe  prospective i lost  100 birds hy  foraging     coyotes Ing order. It is possible to talk from .
I movement has issued b proclamation I this year, but he bagged six   of the New Denver to Kalso and from Kaslo
to the people     calling for their     as-1 varmints. to  Nelson.                                                |
are in thp fighting line
are in the giving line
Notes from the cTWines
An addition to the crew at the New discoveries ot copper deposits
Cork-Province wns made on Wednes- are reported from Skeena and Roch-
day several miners going up to sturt er de Boule Mountains and the Bulk-
work in the mine. I '«'y Valley.
belt which was advirtised some,
months ago to be put up Ior auction
In the east, is understood to havo
heen acquired by the Consolidated
Mining nnd Smelting company, who
are expected to operate it.
Four cars of timber in all   will bo It is   reported    that   thc    Kilders
t.,.u,      to     he       used     in     timber- company,  operating on  Slate   Creek,
ing  the upraise from the 1,500   foot In the Onienica country, has     struck
level at the Payne mine. ]'il'h placer ground.
\V. R, Will, who has been developing the Capella, on Goat mountain,
near New Denver, has gone to On-
tai rn tn Bpend the winter.
Lessees working two claims ot the
Silver Standard group at Hazelton
have struck ore in two tunnels and
nre making arrangements to send out
The overhauling of thc concentrn-'
tor at the Cork-Province is about
complete and things should be in
Shape  feer starting  up soon.
Mineral claims offered   for sale   on
Novembei   3,   e.i   last   year    and       QOt
sold will revert to the crown on November I nest unless previously redeemed.
The deep-level tunnel at the Noble
Vive mine, np Cody gulch Irom Sanson, is now in 7U0 leet. Thc power
plant is expected to be started going
this wetk.
D. F. Strobeck, agent for F. R.
Wolfle, is applying for n crown grant
ior the "Hope Fr.," "U.T.K. Fr."
and "Jas. K. Fr." mineral claims,
located in Ainsworth camp.
A meeting ol the shareholders or
the Rio Mines, Ltd., was called for
Tuesday last, to be held at the
Rambler mine oflice, to authorize the
leasing of the company's property to
the Rio Leasing Syndicate.
At Hazelton the Harris mines pro-
poBC resuming shipping, f.nd expect
to operate all winter. It is stated
that high grade ore has been Btl'UCf
in the long cross-cut tunnel nt the
Rocher de Boule, operated by the
Montana Continental Development
Tip to tbe end ot lust month, the
total Kaslo-Slocan zinc shipments to
V S. smelters amounted to 9,1-11
tons, as against 2,864 tons shipped
in 1913, The shipments made by tbc
various mines contributing during the
period mentioned were: Rambler-
Cariboo 699 tons; Van Roi, 8011
tons; Standard, 451S tons; Hewitt,
2226 tons; 0. S. mine, 70 tons;
Uttea, 73 tons; Blocan Star, 696,
Rossland is the most active mining
camp in southern British Columbia
today, shipments running close on
7000 tons a week. For the portion of
the year to date shipments from this
camp have amounted to close on
250,000 tons, ol n probable value ot
about $2,500,000.— Vancouver Province.
A property that has attracted a
good deal of attention from tli me to
time, mainly ou account of the fact
that platinum is associated with the
values, is the Molly Gibson in Burnt
Uasin. Two veins have so lar been
developed. A third has now heen discovered, and is reported to he seven
feet wide and to carry values of $31
per ton,
It is very gratifying to find thc coal
miners on Vancouver Island exhibiting their loyalty by handsome contributions to the Canadian Patriotic
Fund. The employees of the Western
Fuel company have sent in their tirst
subscriptions, and the employees of
the Canadian Collieries Limited have
agreed to a deduction from the payroll regularly for the same object.
While none of the big silver-lend
mines of the Slocan are now' shipping, there is considerable activity
among smaller properties. A thousand sacks of ore have been packed
out from the Mountain Con. The
Reco proposes to resume shipping
when snow flies. The Payne has again
started up. J. Keene Iiub taken a
lease of the Ivanhoc mill nt Sandon,
and will use it to treat the ores of
the  Surprise and Wonderful.
Indications are that the Florence
mine at Ainsworth, being developed
liy the Florence Silver-Lead Mining
Co., of Spokane, will take rank as a
large producer in this section at no
distant date, as, according to one
informant, who w?s through the mine
recently, shoots of a good grade of
ore are being opened ap everywhere.
The Florence has shipped very little
hitherto but development bas been
■steadily maintained.
A solution of the problem of what
to do with the unemployed might be
lound in placer mining ulong the Lardo river, if conditions next summer
show no improvement over what exist? at the present time. It is said
on reliable authority that as high as
$5 per day nas been made by "panning" along the banks of the streum
that flows into the north end of the
lake, hut in ordinary flush times this
is not considered a fair return for
the unpleasant nature of the work.
No donbt the owners of large leases
of placer ground would favorably
consider the sub leasing of small
ureas to individuals on a royalty
■basis, as this method would serve to
help prospect the ground.
A total of 7,.'is I tons of ore was
received at the Consolidated M. &
S. smelter at Trail between October
9th and October l.'ith, inclusive. Of
this amount none at all of the Slocan or Ainsworth shippers contributed a ton the only silver-lead shipper
of importance being the Sullivan, in
East Kootenay, which sent in 585
tons. Shipments were:
Mine T0ns
Centre  Star,  Rossland        4477
Le Roi.  Rossland       1421
Josie,   Rossland          26*J
United  Copper, Chewelah     580
-Sullivan,  Kimberley       58S
Ben Hur,  Republic       iliO
Rnthfon  Reduction  Works,            SH)
F.merald,   Salmo           .l">
Hudson  Bay.  Salmo         "1
Total          7384
The proposal of tho Consolidated
Mining & Smelting Company Limited for settlement of purchuses of silver-lend ores have not met with acceptance of Slocan mine owners, with
the result that none ol theso mines
appear on thc list of shippers at
present. The change to New York
e.iuotations for settlement of lend con
tents in not considered so favorable
as tho London quotations formerly
in use, and objection is taken to the
additional 1 per cent, deduction for
such lead contents. No doubt an effort will be made to arrange these
points of contention to enable the
silver-lead mines to resume shipment.
An excellent illustrated advertising
pamphlet now being given wide cir
culation by tbe bureau of provincial
information, Victoria, has the following notes on mining in the province: It is officially estimated thai
the CrowsneBt coalfields alone contain coal suthcient to supply tive million tons ol coal a yeur for seven
thousand years. There are 300,000
square miles of lund open to prospecting ,or mineral. An individual
Iree miner's licence costs $.*> a year.
A licence to prospect tor coal over
a square mile ot unreserved government land costs SUM n year. Iron
ore exists In large bodies. Some ol
them close to extensive coal areas
and water-power. Steel and iron
manufacturers are Invited to examine conditions. Gold, silver, copper and lead mining are firmly established on a paying basis. Mining
for zinc is in Its initial Btagc. British Columbia smelters are handling
many hundreds of thousands of tons
of high and low-grude ores, and milking thousunds of pounds of blister
copper and also of refined lead. Marble, fireclay, limestone, sandstone,
and brick clay are subsidiary products, chiefly used in building, the
manufacture of cement, etc. British
Columbia mining affords a first-class
field for capital, handled by experienced and careful investors. The industry, in practically all ot its brunches throughout the province, is developing in a stable and satisfactory
manner The incoming of railways,
the extension of the present railway
system in British Columbia, will undoubtedly stimulate mining in the
province, and render accessible areas
known  to  be mineral  bearing.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Arrowhead Hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, iu thc province of Britisn
Dated this 1 Ith day of October, 1914.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt on
the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the provincial wholesale
licence to sell liquor by wholesale In
the premises known us the Revelstoke
Wine & Spirit company, situate at
Revelstoke, in the province ot British Columbia.
Dnted this 9th  day of October, 1914.
Steel nas been laid to Otter summit by the Vancouver, Victoria &
Eastern railway which there connects with the Kettle Valley railroad. This gives indirect connection
with the coast via Merritt and
Spence's Bridge. It will be possible
to reach Vancouver in one day from
Princeton by this route. When the
Coquihalla pass routp is mushed the
run to Vancouver will take rtx hours.
At the present it takes two days and
one night
The Phoenix mine, in the South
Belt of Hossland, one of the best
known of the old properties operated
In the early days, has been leased by
the aeents. A. S. Goodeve & Company . Limited, to John Ruflner. The
Phoenix Mining company is in the
hands of Spokane men. They have
leased it to lit" Ruflner (or a term Of
years. The conditions call for the employment of at least two me- *<
work at least JO shifts a month The
property is immediately south of the
Sunset. The Sunset mine in the eouth
Rosslands  patriotic   fund  contribu-
fv amounts to 8645.40.
Making and dressing dolls was the
tion of a German spy, arrested
on the Yorkshire coast, garbed as a
woman, nut in reality a mar. Instead of the usual sawdust stuffing,
the dolls' bodies contained carefully
prepared maps of the east coast.
This arr.-st tends to strengthen the
demand Neing made Ln many quarters
■11 Gcrmuns he prohibited from
living wjthin fifty mil's ol 'he east
NOTICE is hereby given that on
thc first day of December next application Willi be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of thc Hotel Licence to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the l.akeview Hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, in the province of British
Dated this 9th dny of October,  1914.
NOTICE is hereby   given    that   on
the first day of December   next    ap-
| plication will be made to the Super-
1 intendent  of Provincial Police   for   a
renewal of the Hotel  Licence to sell
1 liquor  hy retail  in  the hotel    known
ns   the   Hotel Queens,    situate     at
Comaplix, in thc province of British
Dated this 21st day of October, 1914.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the tirst dny of December next application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ns the Halcyon Hot Springs Hotel,
situate at Halcyon, in tbe province
of British Columbia.
Dnted this   -J Ith dny of October, 1911
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of the Hotel Licence to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known |
as the Glacier House, situate at
Glacier, in the province ot British
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Dated this 2 Ith day of October,  1914.
Phone No. O 215
'Two rings.)
Sub Agent for
$7.50 to $9 25 a ton
in any length
Austrian sharpshooters checking the advancing Servians on the Danube Kiver
A    ■«•!    l..*.r    Rlmulatllon
A     S'tm't'.tl ,tmmj |    r*n*rnnt
rffrf     lrMi     an     *af»hll«hry1
Arm      tt'i urn flvint a war
« at- Irtm    to   ihnris*nfla     . (
P->  i 's   all     n»/T     UM
world    n     m     him
a.|»> tlsmnrnl *nw
ll t il i-han** t,,
BlMl I -.- Writ*
now, rnrlaalrts- m
Mftt< lof < M i f ■ ||
(MtriOMbll I -.il (■■•
1t*nt      flnai la.       rr
ami*   a iwn-,   m„|
•fesrr **■> iti-1 m wttr
ttCfc, alt rt\
■IB >■» w vt>« Kr-M
Itrwv • Itfhfli •Tm
f'i»M-itrt^l fl • rmi,i,
■ft-.. I     )■■!     '    .o    ttA-
»** is,' ,.( f,rif n-nr-ev)
Inm r>ft«t w# npart too to tail ■, nr f,., n.li
mtmi M *"<1 mhnm Iham tl* Uvi ,iJ -. •-.■(.
r*Mn'l think this ftffitf ton m-m*, t,, i* t,.„ i,,. ,„,,$
IS emnU tftAmt »rwl *am « r<** «a',*> \'m
wilt h* am***' Wir.I.tAMM ♦ fJOU.
J#wal|*MflM>ti«.M7 i, m. Cornwa.ln I* a i, , , h
Envlan-I '•
Advertising    Pays
IF      you advertise
in   the  Mail-Herald
We unloaded a car of exceptionally fine Apples this
week. Apples, Potatoes, and Vegetables are good
buying at present prices and we would advise laying
in a stock for winter.
We want to dispose of two or three carloads of Hay
and will sell at from two to three dollars below regular
price. It is good hay and can be seen at our warehouse.
are selling fast—we have a good stock to choose from,
also one or two slightly used ones at second-hand figures.
Lump or Nut Coal
Dry Birch and Cedar any length
PHONE   201
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You get tired of writing—everybody
does—let us tell the news in the
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically, fully, and truthfully.
Here is Our
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
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FULL MONTHS. Take advantage
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and most effective way.
To The Mail-Heraid, Revelstoke
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald for six months
to the following address
for which I enclose the sum of fl.
Tours Truly,
"Twelve Slorleiof Solid Comfort"
111 the (flltl*- of tllill|,'»—Iheillr.'R
ami .slue;, .. 11 Im.IIi nidi's,     lliiil.linic
sbolutely fireproof—concrete, ituel
and inm 'el.'.
EUROPEAN PLAN—tl per day np
With Batha—S2 per day np
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
K Second Street, Revelstoke.B.O.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New MaBonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.   GORDON,   Secretary.
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.   W. EDWAKDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE NO. 3461
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
tn month.     Visiting brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
H. V. MORGAN, C. R.       '
Q.W.   CARTWRIGHT,   Rec.-Sec.
I. 0. O. F.
Meets every Thursday  evening  ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
Meeets every Wednesday
evening at Sk,, In Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
H. KEMPSTER, 0. 0.
Revelstoke Ixnlge
No. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
^^^^^^^    in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordiallyinvited.
Dr. McLEAN, Die.   ILL. HAUG. Sec.
For Rent
$15.00 per Month
Also House vacant by Oct. 15
Cheap rental
Dominion Security Co., Ltd.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents aud Storage
Furniture nnd Piano-moving a
Phone 40-276.   Night Phone 340
United Slates Tariff Overruled
by Customs Officials, Who
Impose High Duty
As a result ol the ruling just promulgated by the United States customs otlicers an ad valorem duty of
15' per cent has been imposed ou a
large number of lumber items which
have for months been entering the
States duty free from Canada, and
the situation affecting the timber industry in this province has beeu further complicated. Inasmuch as the
new order is the result of a decisiou
by the assistant attorney-general at
Washington, who has overruled the
opinions of the customs department
and the board of e.uBtoms appraisers
at Now -e/ork, it is probable thut the
provincial government will bring the
matter to the attention of the Department of trade and commerce at
Tho customs appraisers, in a case
originating in New York State, held
that under the new tarifl all the
lumber iu question should be admitted free. These rulings have now, apparently, been set aside and instructions issued to collect a 15 per
cent nd valorem duty.
In announcing the action of the
United States customs officials in
placing the duty on British Columbia, The West Coast Lumberman
gives the following details:
"All lumber which is further manufactured than planed and tongued
and grooved is now held to be dutiable. This covers all beaded material,
coved lumber, novelty siding, moldings and a large number of other
"The customs officials hold that all
coved material, such as coved flooring, is dutiable. Also that car roofing which has a cove on the bottom
nnd  battens are dutiable.
"The new ruling has caught a number of British Columbia mills with
United States orders on their books
who are either compelled to cancel
the business or pay thc duty to get
their lumber into this country."
place, they Inst much longer; secondly, they fit any foot, and thirdly,
they are so quickly knit.
"Cust on first as   for an ordinary
ribbed sock, and knit so for     six inches, then two rows plain, then   caet ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
on five more stitckes by degrees, ».nd | Winter fruit and vegetables are pleu-
Tomatoes are now   olt the murket.
continue so until the sock is t&l inches long, after which decrease on
all three   needles    at both beg'nu-ng
tiful.  Celery  ih selling  for  lJJ  cents
a pound.
and end, knitting two rows p'a'n be- 'Bananas,  per doz 40@ .50
tween each decrease. You then have a Lemons, per doz	
| long sock   the     same     all round  Inlpiums, per husket 	
every part. Knitters must not t n i.Oy Apples, new, i to lilbs.
nccount Jet a knot como in tbe toct .** | crab Apples, per'bos ...
1    The rcflUest. for socks for che troops orunges,  from 	
having come from no less exalted   a penrSp ;ui)S  for 	
source  than  Lord  Kitchener  himself,
Pumpkins, n>.
who asked Queen Mnry to nppi.il   to  Citrons, u, ;	
the women of Britain to    sup'/emmt Qrix],os   nj	
government supplies hy kn'itting 3<>0,-; Cranberries   th	
lino socks und cholera belts,  the   ul- Qjapes, basket 	
gent   need for theBe is at   once    ap-!pigB| cooking, Jibs, for
parent.  The  government  supp'.ies  en-' j),^   Hallow!	
ly three pairs  of socks to each  man
and these arc worn out in a day   on
a long march, so it would seem     i>1-
Datcs, Kurd, -Jibs, for ...
Dates, Dromedary, pkg.
Walnuts,  per lb	
most impossible to supply to) mnny. Ipecans   ])CI. n,
It   is  further     stated      that knitted
Filberts,  per lb.
mufflers    12 inches wide and -JJ  yurds Almonds,  per 11..
long, will lie moBt acceptable gifts in prazjls,  per !!
view of  the approaching  winter.
AT     HAT
Fresh killed beef, retail
Pork, retail 	
Mutton,   retail  	
Veal, retail 	
Hams, retail 	
Bacon,  retail   28® .10
In a tit of temper, or jealousy, according to reports, Charles Perrnult,
an Indian,  shot and killed n girl   at ,      , .,
... „  .   "     , Lard, retail 	
an   Indian  camp  near Hat Creek   on ,,. , , .,
.„  .       , .  ,.   ,    ,    „ ,       . Chickens,  retail 	
Wednesday   nicht  last.   He  took     to _ .  „
, ., ,. .    . Sausages,  retail 	
the mountains and the police are hot ,„    , „
.   „ , ... Turkey, per IT)	
on the pursuit. No particulars of the _ „
,*   .   _,     ,     ■ Geese, per lb	
tragedy »re vet to hand. Charley Per-
;.        ,     •       , , .   ..       _ ,, Ducks,  per tb	
raiilt   and  thc  girl  are      both      well „
known in     Ashcroft.—Ashcroft Jour- ,
Granulated B. C. Cane
  1001b.  sack 	
ILump sugar,  2Ibs	
GOLDEN CURLERS |c,ran. B.C., 20tt>. sack,  ...
Brown sugar, .'litis	
Thc Golden Curling club has     been  syrup, maple, bottle 	
.25® .35
.25® .110
.25® .30
.18® .25
121® .25
131® .27
.25® .30
.17® .20
.23® .25
.13® .15
Now is the time to purchase your Guns
and Ammunition for the fall shooting.
We carry the best stock in the city,
and every article that goes out of our
store in this line is absolutely guaranteed by us.
SHOT GUNS-single barrel from $7.50
to $9.00, double barrel from * 12.00
to $40.00
RIFLES Winchester, Remington, and
Ross from $15 to $30
AMMUNITION No. 12 U.M.C. and
Western. Recognised as the best
Shells made
&c., &c.
re-organized and the following officers Syrup, gallon      1.78®2.00
elected: 'Honey, comb, per Ih. ...
Patrons—R. F   Green, L. D. Rogers Honey, ltb. jars	
and Dr.  J. N. Taylor. FLOUR
Hon. President-Col. Walker, gf Cal- R0bjn Hood 	
Eery. |b. & K   Bread Flour ...
Sporting Goods
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Rarges.
.25® .35
President—John Bulman.
'Five Roses	
Three Hundred Thousand
Pairs of Socks
So much controversy has risen in
knitting circles on thc question of
the "heelless sock" that Mrs. Bullen
convener of the Daughters of Empire
Bewing committee, sends the following pronouncement of Lady French on
the subject. Writing on August 20
from the Manor House, Waltham
Cross, London, to The London Times
she states: "Socks without a shaped
heel have three advantages, firstly,
the pressure not coining to the same
First     Vice-President—Jumes   Hen- Lake of the w00nB| bag
derson. ! Royal Household 	
Second Vice-President—W.R. Grublne p,,rity Flour
Secretary-treasurer—   J.   C.    Sheir- King's Quality
Chaplain—Rev. F. Yolland. iBntter,  creamery 	
Official Umpire—C.  H. Parson. Butter, dairy, per t*b. ...
Ice Cotnmittee-D. Bowes, J, A. cheese, Canadian, per tb.
Buckham. W. L. Perlstrom, N. M. cheese, Cun. Stilton, lb.
Foulkes, F. R. Hill. Cheese,  Imp.  Stilton, lb.
The lollowing were chosen skips:      Eggs, local  new laid, doz.
H. ti. Paison, 0. A. Warren,     Jas.
Henderson, J. A. Buckhnm, T.   King,  cauliflower,  each   15® .20
D.  Bowes.    J. C.    Shellock,     A. M. parsley, per bunch 	
Lnnglands,  J.  1.,-unontagne, Dr. T.ll. 'Green Peppers, per Hi. ...
Taylor. J. C. Tom. Dry, onions, 5 ths. for
Silver skin pickling
Rev.   Isaac Wilson,  pastor of     the     on'ions'  ms* for 	
Memorial Methodist church of Milan, Brown PicklinB °>»cmB.
was knocKed    down,     stabbed in the
libs, for
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Export*.-
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
(or the bmh. I make a
specialty of Logeging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reronlred In vonr bnslnean
for garden and form orwboat
for fi.Csoil.Soo Catalogue fox
•olid erfunrnntpe of purity
ana germination.
Send now for Copy froo
Sutton & Sons The Kin^'3 Sooduwn
Jtmmelinjl Cn/Jlond
A. J.WOO d wa rd
Victoria     a      VanMvver
<!<! ftrt  It. *67 «r»nvlll. »l
throat,  gagged    and robbed of (4800 ,'"»"'»«- ***. »<* -
by   an     unknown    man  at London,   N>" Potatoes, Ib	
Ontario,  on  his way to the railroad 1^"'"*.  "> ••	
„,        _ ...  .      . „,, | Green Onions,   1 bunches
station   His assailant escaped.
Tomatoes, crate	
New  Carrots,  lb	
Turnips, per lb	
Sweet Potatoes,  llts. for
Celery,  lb	
There is no Investment
that brings such sure and constant
returns and profits as printed salesmanship as we do it. There is no
other method of getting business
so inexpensive. At the present
moment you may be in need of
Billheads, Letterheads, Catalogues,
Labels or Receipt Books. Now is
the time to get in line with those
who have found that good printing
pays by helping build up business.
Let Us Do Your Printing
The Mail-Herald
Job Department
Printers and Publishers
McKenzie Avenue Phone No 8
.0.5@ .10
.10® .15
"The Watch on thc Rhine" was
written hy Ma* Schncckcnburger, a
Wuerttemberg manufacturer, ln "t** 10,
when France was threatening the left
hank of the Rhine. It was set to
music by Carl Wilhclm, and during
the Franco-Prussian war ot W0-71
wns adopted as the national hymn
and rallying cry of the army.
A voice resounds like thunder peal,
'Mid  dashing waves and clang ol steel
The Rhine, the Rhine, the    German
Who guards today my stream divine?
Dear fatherland, no dnngcr thine:
Firm  stand  thy  sons to watch the
They   stand   a   hundred    thousand
Quick  to avenge their country's
With filial love their bosoms swell,
They'll guard thc sacred landmark
Thc dead of a neroic lace
From bcuven look    down     and meet
their gaze;
They swear with dauntless heart, "O
Be German as this breast of mine!"
While flows one drop of German blood
Or sword remains to guard thy flood,
While rille rests ln patriot hand-
No toe shall trend thy sacred strand!
Our oath resounds, thc river flows.
In golden light our biitincr glows;
Our hearts will guard thy stream
Thc Rhine, the Rhine,  thc German
I t'sgood policy I o think of the ful ure.
I fs si ill better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have in store
for you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long busiii'ss
career of the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trust worthy.
Youi- time mav be near at band.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid, Matiager.
E. 6. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Mctnilio Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Conniuight Ave.
S 10.000 00
..- '' ■'■ --••.'■■
WITH C0UF0M5 I oumo IN ivtry MS tF
' ■-. m. N o   '
Transfer      Draying
H.andiing Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42    -   Night Phone85
• a
Prohibition has been carried ln the
State of Virginia by a majority; ol
All changes of advertisements must positively be
handed into this office by
Monday evening in order that
the change shall appear ln
Wednesday's Issue, and any
changes Intended for Saturday's Issue must be banded in
not later than Thursday
evening ot each week.
It is not a mark of breeding
to write visiting cards . . . .
Let the ^ail-Herald
put you right. The
price will not wreck
your exchequer. We
print in the best style
Coal mining rights or the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
terta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be issued Ior a term ol
twenty-one years at an annuul rental of $1 au acre. Not more than
2,500 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which tbe rights upplied for art
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surluce rights may be con-
eddered necessary for the working ot
the mine nt thc rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
te described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and In unsurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of ?5 which will be r-a-
funded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with enrom returns
accounting for the lull quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
leturns should be furnished at leant
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to thc Secretary of
tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ot Dominion Lands.
Jf. .¥. COM. , PAGE FOUR
Zbc MaiUlberalb
Local Reading Notices und Business
Locals 10 cents per line eacli insertion. Minimum local ad charge '25c.
Display advertisements 2.ri cents per
Inch each insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government ami Municipal Notices 1*2
cents per line first insertion and 8
cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing  10 lines to thc inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50,
inl prospecting notices $7.r>0.
Lond Purchase Notices, s*7.00.
Water Application NoticcB, up to
100 \v..r.is, $7,50, ...ver 100 words in
manent   active nucleus   upon    which I whicn to go to the country.     At no
to build     contingents     Ior    Europe,   previous time in     Canadian    history
was  thc  maintenance    ol  thc  moder
These requirements   of   thc situation]
ate Canadian tarifl iquitc so necessary
of    the
Only the ,'stablishment, temporarily,
of a Canadian standing army will
give us the basis for successive con-
ti"gents. The Government's intention
of having a division of -22,000 men
always in training under arms, in
addition to 8,000 men on garrison
duty,  will tfive us n standing
Smith Winner of
Spoon and Gold Medal
With a record score at -200 yards,
one point less than the possible,
trial suicide on a national scale. We ('apt. K. Smith at the rifie range nt
need-the tariff today almost aB much the beginning of thc week captu»>d
as we need armies and navies. j the silver spoon and gold meilul     in
, the   Home Guard competition.     Tho
AT   THE   THEATRES j  silver medal    was won by H. H. B.
_j ..,.-   ^      medal     by
are Imposed jy the    conditions     of t0 the economtc     stability
equipment and arming ol forces on a   country,  and the material welfare ol
scale Canada has never contemplated  the working classes. To preach     Iree'
trade  in  I'.M 1    is to  advocate Indus
I    Tonight  at the
\bbott and the   bronzo
H. B.  Stonex.
Empress  theatre, j
ttrmy j there will be a Goo.  Kline picture in
ranging, according as contingents are   two pUrts showing the lighting     men
sent,  from   12,000 to W.OOO men. We   of  Britain.  Prance,      Belgium,   Swit- |
will thus be assured of steady organi- \ zerland,   Austria and  Germany  in ac-
zatlon, a sternly    How     of    reinforce
ments to the front,  each and all well
tion.  it is claimed  to  lie one of the
biggest   war  pictures  t-ver  produced.
Rocky Mountain Rangers
Train in Vancouver
The famous three part lecture     "Tho
trained, well organized, and properly oubliette" will be shown together
outfitted The system ii- not so spec- with a good comedy., and tomorrow
tactllar as the rushing of immense night "The Legion
forces, Hurriedly raised, armed an.l
organised    but  it is much  surer   and
of the Phantom
Tribe" and "Tales of the Sea" will
be seen. On (Friday night another
series     of     "Lucille Love"     will  be
sntertoi i&ubltsbtng Company
E.  G.  ROOKE, Manager nnd Editor.
The bitulithk pavement is now
completed and is a credit to the
city. The next thing is to keep it e
credit to the City by attending to its
cleanliness. This would be aided by
the enforcement of regulations for-
bidding the scattering of paper and
garbage on the streets nnd by thc
erection ot a few receptacles at the
street corners for thc reception ol
Those who cannot reach thc firing
line can yet perform good service fo:
the emprre; and their first duty is
toward the dependants of thc gallant volunteers who have taken the
flag ol Canada to the front. The
Patriotic fund has assumed tbi^
■duty, and its work should awaken a
"hearty response Tonight's meeting
should oe enthusiastic, representative and practical, r.evelsto'ic must
not fail  in its  duty.
It has been suggested that if it is
necessary tt. provide civic work next
winter for those who are destitute,
nothing would be more appreciated
than the inauguration of a system
hy whicn the main business streets
of the city might be kept free from
snow Montreal ,ind ether cities in
the east shovel the snow from the
main streets and cart it away every
winter. A similar system would be
practical in Kevelstoke and might
perhaps be adopted with advantage
the exceptional circumstances
that ma;, arise next winter. The idea
i=eems at least worth considering.
more  practical.  Hy sending      smaller shown and on Saturday     night     the
and   more  frequent    contingents     we feature  Will he  "Honor  of the Hum
shall  ease  the strain upon  the     Ad- 	
tnlralty  lor  transporting    nnd     con-      ,,    „„   ,   ,        ,, . ,  _   .     ,
J I    On Thursday, Friday and Saturday
voyitig  them,  enable     thc  War Office ol  th,g  .,V(,ok ,lt  Uu,   Km),rCB8 theatre
to handle them    more   expeditiously, there will he shown   in  addition to the
and  make  them effective  on  the battle Vines  more quickly.
usual program, films describing the
different processes in the manufacture
of stoves by the McClary Manufacturing company at London, Ontario.
The McCiarys' have tbe largest stove
lactory in the British empire and
the Aims should bc vcry interesting
to both young and old. Messrs.
Toronto  ritar:      "Look  here!"    ex-   Bourne  Bros, have  been the  McClary
claimed the amateur     strategist     to   local agents for upwards of 25 years.
the busy  editor.  "What's all thistle-'
Col, Duff Stuart announces that
one of the two battalions of infantry to be raised in this province for
the second contingent will be mobilized, trained a.-id lilted for active
service in Vancouver. The total force
will comprise 12JO mcn and will comprise 25(1 each from the 72nd Highlanders Sixth Regiment, Irish Fusiliers and 10Ith New Westminster .Regiment. The remainder will he drawn
from the 102nd Rocky Mountain Bangers whose head quarters are at
Kamloops. The training ground will
be at Hastings Park aad supplies for
the camp will be purchased locally.
1 lt. is hoped to have thc battalion
depart for England before Christmas.
Most of the men have had several
weeks ot  training  in  drill.
lay in driving the enemy out of
France*' The thing to do ie to turn
both German Hanks and pierce their
centre, and that would end it." Thc
caller was advised to table thc idea
to Kitchener.
Kingston  Standard
On November 12, the opera house
will have J. Hartley Manners' delightful comedy of youth, "Peg o' Mv
Heart," which Olivei Morosco is
sending here with his newest and
youngest leading lady, Marion Dent-
ler   to interpret the name part.
Realizing that there may be n
dearth ol toys this Christmas, owing to several European countries,
notably Germany, having been cut
off as a source of supply, the pupils
of the Hume school nre undertaking
to supply  the needs of Nelson.
There will be an exhibit'ion of arts
and crafts work early  in December.
There  will  be good  pictures at the
I Apollo    theatre    toniggt.     "The Im-I
has   poster"  and  "The  Hidden  Clue"  are
Sweden ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
decided to incorporate Sir Edward !)oth strong dramas
Grey's speech on the causes of the
war as a part of ordinary school
curriculum, holding it to be an
authentic page in the history of the
world. We would sugi'est that Canada should follow this excellent example. It would certainly inculcate
imperial,  true  and  honorable  idens in        _
besides  teaching   No-  7S6"  and a great comedy  "Just
The Ring" and
"A Warm Welcome." excellent pictures will also be presented. Tomorrow night, the big feature will be
the seventh episode of the "Million
Dollai Mystery" a picture which has
created great interest among tho
patrons of this theatre. "The Revelation,"   "The   Strategy   of   Conductor
the   pupils'   minds,
then,  history.      It  is a
rrand oppor-
Kids" will be shown.
War Subject of Debate
on Friday Evening
The wai  is evident ••>     bc
t -■■    .•' ••-- ii V      the
exercise   of ronsiderab e   tystem     in
I • despatch     of
•   • idlan '*'" pe     Oui   >i ity 's     not
with the sending •■'.   *'.. t
th-  Te r  Bto   Male
and Empire Perhaps it will not in-
done by sendln ■ 0 men. w«
must keep c instantly training many
more men than c.,n he despatch.1 at
one time in order to ;. ive trained r<>-
Berv-as, not onlj as a source ol pr.i-
tection  tee  Canada,  but as     a     per-
London Broad \rr..-v Sir John
French gives us littl" more than the
framework of the story .if these
days and nights of lii'rd fighting, but
1 nil 111 tin' details ourselves.
ite bow splendid wns the com-
mander throughout. How worthy of
bun  were the leaders     of    his    army
corps—General Haig who extricated' wiU b(, beneficial to tbe world.", a
bis corps m pitch darkness from quegtlon that interests everyone. All
11 very ritic.il situation, and Gener- m„n „r,-. lnvited to come to tbe huild-
al Smlth-Dorrlen, whj by rare conr- .nc. Bnd teke th,s ,. ,,,- Knd.,y evened determli nd strength ..,_. tt . ., clock.
eif character, saved the left wing of T-,. f]j le .,..,,.,.- ,„ tuu
the army on the morning of the 26th ^^g inr] cl0M
August.  We lean,   too, how sp".endi.'.                                  ,. j      otT   T .
NOTICE is nereby given thut on
the 13th day of November, 1914, at
the hour of 7.30 p.m. ut the Council
  I Chamber,    City  Hall,  Revelstoke,  B.
_.     ... ,   , , C,  there  wMl  he held a Court of Re-
The literary an '• debating    society .     1%    .      , T .
1   vision  under the  Local  Improvement
of tbe Y.M.C.A. will men on Friday 4ct [or the purpose of hearing corn-
night. Twenty were present at the plaints against the proposed assess-
Laat   meeting.  The subject for debate,   ments or the accuracy     of    frontage
measurements made  in respect of thc
"Resolved that the present     war
ly  the  different     aims  comieir.en*      in
'   readv each was at   need
to sare .rt the   ot-
arnved  ai I   Ing   is
ndition.     On  Friday
h,*r<  '"   -* ■ te altuatiot        lfl their mnnd game in the    leag
and we   recognize   w.tb (thankfulness,j
and    nor     without .1  n-r.ip      In     the
The ..mazing courage, cheer!,.
I '.le Study class,  held    each  Friday
•    idfast men of  Btir  arm ...
; iced  the                      rarely   and      bai
tied  so   L-reat-h'artertly   across      Be 	
are asked ,-   Tin-  Iirop in
giutn  and    ll to     Kr.-no-.   Had
■ Ive   he   would, we   believe,   hav»
■ gain repeal
paradoxical  truth,    9    ■ lid    ol
mr men at  Albuera    "There     is   no
-into itlng these- English, I
their   th.uk.    L   hi •   their   cen
tre,  thej   were     everyvSh-en   d<
the life
• ■
men's -11   be      hi   '
'    ■
and th.- .i.e.   nat mine; and
know    it,  and   wouldn't
Want Hospital
■ nued  from   Page One)
Toronto   News-    No  time    could    be
more Inopportune than this    for    n
ncaling down of the customs
Newspapers,      municipal      councils,
hoards of trade,    cabinet,     ministers   arranged In Bccordano
and members of parliament  are urg-jment reached Revelst<ske
ing  t.he  people to purchase  Cariadtai
marie   goods,   and   to  pr.t.r .nr/.e  Cans   '     The  provincial  seen' idviA-
dian   industries.      Yet.      in   the  same   ,. |   that,   the  citizens    incorporate   un
hour  AC have Mr.  Joseph   Martin an.l   r|cr   th"  BenevolenI   Boi :"11 r-n  Act      .ri
the Saskatoon "Phoenix" calling for! wMcfa ease they coold he confided of
such a reduction of the tariff as generous support from the govern
would Hood the country  with  foreign   ment,
following  works constructed    by   the
Corporation  of   the     City  of  Hevel-
stake as local  improvement, viz:
(1)   A    (lit   cement sidewalk on   the
north side of     First Street   between the     east     ej-'ifle   ol Wynn
Street  to the we3t side of Ford
1 J)    An  -ft.  cement    sidewalk  on the
north side of Second Street from
McKenzie  Avenue  to  and  including  the  alley   between   McKenzie
Avenue and Orton Avenue;
\  e.'t   cement sidewmk   on   thc
north  anil  south    sides of Third
-licet  from the west  side of Mc-
K.-n/ie  Avenue  to  the east   side
of  Robson Avenue;
li    A  ef.»t     cem nt   sidewilk   on thc
north and south tide   of Fourth
 il ween the west side   of
Mel \ 1 enue  and  east   side
■ 1 non   tvenue,
ent   sidewalk   on   the
west iide eef    1 onnaught  Avenue
■ ith   side of   Becond
te.     the   ie uh side ol
fi)    \  8ft    cement   sidewalk   on the
le ol Third street from
tbe west side of Connaught
\ v.-r,   .■     t.,       the      east    side   ,,1
Kooti nay street;
The 1    nl   i.mIs  for the above
' 11   inspection at  the   Oity
   Hall   from   tins  date,  and  Mny      Cornell dollar subscribed : ' >'  pirsoni Interested  may
■    tr, ,,,.  ■!•■ ind which ih by law
cognizable,     will     bs   n<sard   at the
•  of Revision,
Dati 1 tr.a-  !nc day of November, 19H
w   A. OORDON,
C.ty clerk
products to the inpirv of hard-driven domestic plants. At a mornc^
when some of our agricultural implement   factories have  closed   down,  th.'.
LIQUOR act 1910.
NOTICE ih hereby given that     on
tht   Irel  day of December   next   ap
pliC iH""   ■■ ell    .e   made  to   the  Super
Intendent of Provindal Police  for  *
renewal    .f the  Hotel  Licence to   sell
Mr.   Barker   moved   that   the    chair
man appoint a   committee, the com
rnltt.ee  appointed     consists  of Messrs
R.   P.   Bradley.  A.S    Farris,  Rev.  T. lii|Unr  by   retail   in  the  hotel    known
Liberal   politicians   propose   that    the   H.   Peacock, H.   Bnllai I.  O.L,  Barker, as    the      ileal,.,,   Hotel,   situate      at
reopening of those plants at nn early   F.  W.  Alymer and   A.   McDonnell, Be„t.oii    In    the      luovinre of  British
by   Columbia
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       on       The  Nelson  Y.M.C.A.  has added  :',:l 11    NELLIS
the free list.  The Borden  government, names to Its  membership  list   in   the Appllrnnt.
Could  not wish a better  issue     upon   past  week. Dated  this 28th day oi October,  KM I.
date shall   fie  rendered   impossible
placing   agricultural   implements
We arc just unloading a car of
and they are beauties, all government tested and free
from scab and guaranteed to keep. Potatoes are going
to be high this winter. Get our special prices delivered from car.
L.C. MASSON Lowor Town -Front Street L.C. MASSON
Hi-anch—Oor. Connaught Ave. and First St.
WK 0
Pure Lard
5 Pound I'ails 75c
8       "        "    50c
Canadian |0heese 26o., 2 Ibe. 15c
.'(  pounds Creamery  Butter (Hold
Dew)  I)5c
Brookfleld ^ggs 2 doz. for 76c
Brookfleld Butter 2 lbs. for 75c.
Spring Solmon 15c
Ood 211)8. for 25c
Halibut 2 lbs. for
Plate Oom Boot per lb.
Cbotoe l'ot Roast per Ib,
Shoulder Roast Veal per lli.
Swift Premium Baoon 2 lbs. for
Ijeu; of Pork, half or whole	
Fancy Lean Pork 2 lbs. for
Wo also sell Lwd in bulk	
  ..I5c, lb., 2 lbs. for
Kippered Salmon per lb.
Kippered Herring 2 lbs. for
SAILINGS FROM  \ S.S. Lake Manitoba.   November 14th
MONTREAL      \ S.S. Missanabie ...November 19th
Special Christmas Sailing
St. John to Liverpool
S.S. Missanabie, December 15
Palatial new (1914) One-Class Cabin and Third-Class Steamship. Incomparable Appointments, including a complete
Orchestra. Further Fall and Winter Sailings will be announced later.
Attention is called to tbc S."8. "Missanabie," which made her
maiden voyage trom Liverpool, October 7th. She is thc last word in
shipbuilding and Bhould prove an attractive acijuiftition to thc Canadian trade. Dimensions arc: length 520 feet; beam 61 feet; gross registered tonnage 1*1,000. Capacity, TrJO cabin, 1,-2'W> third cIiibs. There
an- spacious promenude decks, verandah cafe, drawing room, lounege
tymnasium, smoking room, card room nnd orchestra. All the latest
and most approved devices for safety at Bea nre employed, and
special attention has been paid to the ventilation system.
Full particulars as to rates and reservations
to be had from
Ticket Agent, Revelstoke
Build Concrete Barns
and Barnyards
VOU will find that they are best
•**    at first and cheapest in the end.
Concrete buildings cannot burn and many dol
lars are saved in lower insurance rates.   They
need practically no repairs and never need
paiating.   •
Concrete barnyards make the best kind
ol a fr,-dint-floor and save many dollars in
feed bills, as your stock gets every particle
that you teed to them.
Send for this free book '"What the Farmer
Can do With Concrete."   It shows just how
to build your own concrete barn, feeding-
floor or any other building that you may need.
Finwr'i Information Bureau
Canada Cemeat Company Limited
535 Herald Building. Montreal
PAOB vivm
Those having items for publication
in the Mail-Herald social and personal column are' requested to cull
up phone 62.
Mrs. Frank Haney'leaves today for
a trip to the coast citliB.
Mrs. Sigurd B. Halverson Ib visiting friends ln Malakwa Ior a couple
Ol weeks.
R. McDonald, H. FerguBon and A.
Bertleson went south on Frlday'b
Mrs. Vernou English has returned
from a months vacation at Bault Ste
K. Tllman and K. ('orley' left on
Monday for ,, week's caribou hlTOtiUg
up the Big Bend.
Mri. Diivid ('aider of Rogers Pass
apenl the past week with her aunt,
Mrs. J   i'  Butherlaod.
Mrs. Patterson, an aunt of Mrs. 0.
P.. Macdonald is here Ir6m Sault
Ste Marie on an extended visit.
Miss Haney of Fernie, B. C, has
vieen visiting her brother Mr. Frank
Haney, for tbc past three weeks.
She returns home today.
George Watson of Rop-ers Pass is a
visitor in Revelstoke,  en    route to
the coast, where he will     join the
engineers corps,  for  the  front.
Mr. Q. R. Lawrence and P LeiBh
left foi Comaplix on Tuesday morning to take stock In ttie lumber
yards of the Forest Mills company at
that place.
Superintendent J. M. McKay and
the Misses McKaV entertained on
Sunday ovening, after the concert, n
honor of Major Sclater, Capt. Petar
md  Lieut. Grunt.
The name of Little Florence
Bourne was Inadvertently omitted in
the list, of names given in one of the
choruses which are being prepared for
the Patriotic concert on November
At a meeting of the Girls' Sewing
class of St Peter's church, held at
the home of Mrs. Frank Bourne last
evening, the girls decided to hold a
sale of work and a tea, on December
IT, the proceeds to he given toward
the Belgium  Relief fund.
A meeting of the Hospital jjU'.ld
was held on Tuesday alternoon, ht
the city hall. A dance is being talced
of to he given iu tbe near future, for
the benefit of the hospital. Mrs. W.
H. S. McLean and Mrs. Roy ton
Smythe were appointed to visit the
hospital for the following mon h.
A very pleasant evening was spent
at the home of Mr. and MrB. Carl
Megitt on Friday when a number ol
voung people met to celebrate the
anniversary of Mr. Megitt's birthday. Mrs. Mitchell, ably assisted by
Mr. Ainslie contributed un excellent
mnsicai program, while Mr. Hart
Munro as a fortune teller, made
quite a hit with the ladieB. Dancing
was indulged in by those 60 inclined,
while others plaved progressive
whist. Mrs. McDonald won the ladies
prize, a neautilul cut glass bon-bon
dish, and Mr. Stewart fell heir to the
gentlemans' prize, a fine pair of gold
cuft links. Mr. James Munro was
presented with n rubber baby to
make up in part for the loss of the
game. 1'he house waa tastefully decorated for the occasion, and dainty
refreshments were served at midnight.
Miss  Ruth    Llndmark     spent
week end at Rogers Pass.
Mr. D, A. McDonald successfully
underwent an operation yesterday
morning, at thc Queen Victoria hospital.
Miss Frances LawBon wishes to
thank all those who so kindly assisted her at the concert given on
Sunday evening.
on place of thc UBunl weekly tea
given by the Alter society, a whist
drive will he held in Smythe'B hall
on  Thursday   evening,  at 8.'10.
A vcry interesting missionary meeting was held In St. John's class
room on Tuesday afternonn. \is.
Nicholson read a paper OD Isabella
Thorburu It was decided to turn in
the talent money with a description
of how It was made, some time in
The regular monthly social of the
founj Peoples' society of St. John's
Church was held on Tuesday evening
in the lecture room of the church.
After the devotional exercises a very
good program was liBtined to including a piano duet by the Misses
Brown and Crowe, n cornet solo by
Mr. E, H. Bond, reading by MIbs
Mice Munro, solo by Mr. Allun
Thomson, and a recitation hy Willie
Little. Afterwards everyone retired to
the basement, where games and a
pumpkin pie supper was the order of
the rest of the evening,
Agricultural Association
Passes Vote of Thanks
More Contributions
to Belgian Relief
The following have donated clothing
to the Belgian Rcliol since the last
issue: Mesdames. T. Heard, Somes,
McLguchllii, Haggen, R. Donaldson,
J. H. Pettiplece, Manly, H. Bews, A.
McRae, G. R. Lawrence, W. H. Foot*
Miss Hughes, thc hospital nurses, E.
V. Ketcham. Eagle Acie No. 432,
125,; Mrs. G. R. Lawrence, $5.00;
Henry Soohoo, $2.00. i
By phoning No. 18, parcels will he
called for up to tomorrow.
The committee in charge ol the
relief work for the Belgians nre mu.'h
gratified at thc success of thc sacred
concert given in the Empress theatre
on Sunday evening, the proceeds of
which amounted to 106,00, Too nr.uh
credit, they say, can not he given K,
Miss lawson, who hy her untLl'ig el-
("its, greal talents and puln.it Mag
Care arranged all the detail's ol Ue
program and carried 't th.-o'V'n t.)
the splendid finish. The cem li'ttflO
wish to thank Miss Lawson, W. A.
Smythe for his donation ol the
theatre; Orr's orchestra for their
splendid selections; W. H. Wallace
and his assistants for their aid In
in the decorating the stage and all
those taring part in the program.
Dr. Hamilton, who occupied the
chair; Mrs. Robbins, Miss Wilson,
Miss McKay, Miss Robertson, Miss
Borden, Major Sclater, A.C.F. Hadden and F. Paulding. Special thanks
are given to Mrs. Robbins for her
rendering of the Belgian National
anthem, which awoke a silent, but
responsive chord in the henrt of
each listener, and to Major Sclater,
who though called on unexpectedly.
wub equal to the occasion and deli chted nis hearers with hiB heart-
ful rendering of "Rule Britannia"
and "Scots wha hue."
A general meeting of the Revelstoke
Agricultural association was held on
Monday evening at which various accounts were  passed.
At the suggestion ol A. McRae a
resolution proposed by F. B. Wells
and seconded by A. J. McDonell proposing a hearty vote of thanks to
W. K. Smith, W. H. Pottiufl and D
R. Campbell was passed for taking
the RevelstoKe exhibit to Calgary.
Mr. McRae Baid that exhibit had 'been
the best advertisement ever obtained
hy Revelstoke. Mr. McRae also said
thc association had made .money over
thc display at Calgary and he proposed thnt some more tangible expression of appreciation be voted to
those who had charge of the exhibit.
They had spent much time over preparing the exhibit aud hnd done
splendid work. Mr. McDonell and
Mr. Wells agreed that they were deserving jf abundant recognition, but
proposeu that the matter be referred
to the executive. They were not sure
thnt the association was in a position to make a grant at the present
Ayer's Pills
Gently Laxative.    Sugar-coated.
Dose, one pill, only one.
Sold for 60 years.
Ask Your Doctor.     "W* ***.*mmSs*
e-fejKega  tomj.   otsm
a r
The second famous Hindu murder ,
trial of Mohammed Khan came to
an end at Fernie, when the jury returned a verdict of not guilty after j
three hours' deliberation. This was
the second time the accused was
tried for his life for the murder of
two Hindus lust March at Bull river.
At the spring assizes he was acquitted on one indictment and the present jury adopted the same attitude
with the second charge. Dominic
Nicholas a Kootenav Indian, charg- j
ed with murdering his fatherJin-law,
was found guilty of manslaughter
with a  recommendation to mercy.
by McCIary's  to
save fuel—to cut out
dust, fuss and bother
and   to  heat   your  house
evenly and comfortably
in the coldest weather.   We
guarantee   the   "Sunshine"
Furnace to save enough to
pay   for   itself   quickeri
than  any  other
furnace you can
I irian
fr'jPkXrn* - **'**• ^*»
lr-   H53S
A scene of carnage on the Baroy Road leading to Etropilly where one of the fiercest engagements of the
Battle of the Marne took I'lace. It was here that the French iniantry and Zouaves engaged in a hand to hand
t-ntaunter with the Germans. The photo shows one of the French fighters lying in the -cavity made by the
shell that killed him. The'-fonft'waft strewn with the dend nnd dying of both sides, ns can he seen by tho
body ol the French Zouave lying beside that of a German infantryman on thc left ol the picture.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
Ha Aim to Clva Maximum
Wear at a  Minimum Price
Blanket Cloth 54 in. wide and all wool, the genuine
Canadian Blanket in fancy color for children.   Warm  Winter Coats*    See them.
Per yard   _   _ $1.50
27 in. French Velvet Corduroy, 10 different colors, all
extra good quality at the price, and notice the width,  cuts to good advantage.
Per yard _        „ _ 75c
Ladies' Fancy Collars, the new starched Byron Collar
to wear outside the coat, also the new Muslin Rolled Collar and the new Ruch
Collar, at   _.... 35c. to $1.00
New Hose and Gloves just in from Great Britain.   No
shortage or high price on account of the war.
New Flannels, pure white non-nettle. Flannel for Infant's wear, new Grey Flannel for children! wear, new Red Flannel and new French
Flannel, per yard   .._ _.._   25c to 60c-
New Wools and Yarns, Shetland Floss, Saxony Wool,
Scotch Knit Yarn, Scotch Fleece, Behive Wool, at _/i0c, 15c, 20c, 25c
House Furnishings
See Our Window of 'Cold Weather Comfort." Flannelette Blankets from $1.25
up. Wool Blankets, $3.90 up, Comforts in Cotlon and Down from $1.75 to $12.00
each.   All piece Carpets at Half Price.
20 per cent. Discount off all Rugs and Linoleums
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't •
Now at the beginning of the cold weather when our stock of sizes is complete, is the very
best time to look over your winter supply.   Tf your needs are great or small,  we are
prepared to loou after them to your entire satisfaction. All lines manufactured
Stanfields Red Label
Pure wool, natural white shade. Guaranteed unshrinkable. The best value for
your money. Price $1.50 garment 01
12.75 suit.
Stanfields Slue Label
Pure wool, natural white shade. Heavier
than Red Label. Guarantee J unshrinkable.
You can't beat the vaiue. Price 11.75
garment straight.
Stanfields l/led"im Weight
Combinations—Fine, elastic RIBB closed
erotch.   Perfect Fitting.   Frice $3.00 suit.
Stanfields Heavy Combin-
ations—Same as  above,  but  made from
long wool, and heavy weight.   Price $4.50
Stanfields Heavy two-piece
wear—Same as above combinations   but
in two pieces.   Price $2.25 garment
Stanfields Silk and
Wool Underwear
Two piece, pure white,  beautiful finif'i,
gooJ winter weight.   Price $3.00 garment.
Grocery and Crockerv Department
Car of very fine WINTER APPLES just
unloaded.   Special prices in 5-lox lots.
We have a few boxes of Mcintosh Red
Apples No. 1 left.
A very few boxes of PRESERVING
PEARS in stock.
Call and get prices on our Potatoes, Turnips, Carrots, or Beets, our own growing, no
better vegetables sold:
Fresh Black Cod, Kippered Herring and
Finnan Haddies in every morning
Specials for Friday
and Saturday
pound tins 55c
12 oz. tins 2 5c
tins   15c
Nice large TEA POTS, each   35c rAGE SIX.
For Your Sunday Dinner
Special for Friday and Saturday only
Choice Loin Roast Pork     -     18c
Choice Shoulder Roast Pork    16c
P. Burns & Co., Limited.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms- Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Try us once and you will come back
Hotel Victoria
K. Laughton, Prop,
Choicest of Wines, Liquors* and Cigars
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
<Flnt-cla<a In all tot\
All Modern ConTenien<nei
Special Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Win-^s, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
Union   Hotel
A. P. LBVB8QUB, Proprietor
Ashcrolt apples are 9-1.50 a caae in
Eggs are about 50 cents a dozen
at the coast.
Alex. Cameron has opened a tailor
shop in Rossland.
At Fernie 50 Hindus have volunteered for the war.
Buy goods made in Canada, and
help your own country.
The cedar shingle mill at Malakwa
has resumed operations.
The Kamloops assizes have been
postponed until November 2.
Argenta is to have a poBtofflce,
with N. D. Robertson as postmaster.
An apple weighing a little over 32
ounces was grown in England this
ln 111 13 the mineral production of
Alaska was worth 20 millions of dollars.
In Rossland, Tom Mim^ick w.-ib lined e88 for allowing his cattle to run
Canada buys annually from the
United States 8400,000,000 worth of
The United Copper mine at Chewelah is shipping its ore to the Trail
At Chilliwack Clarence Smith was
fined 850 for supplying redskins with
Canada is rather fjfcty ol thc patriotism that supports newspapers in
hard times.
Chuck Clark, the hockey player, haa
enlisted for service abroad with the
British Columbia Horse.
The Brit'ish demand for lead will
soon improve lead mining and smelting in British Columbia.
There are a dozen cases of typhoid
in Quesnel, and the citizens have begun drinking boiled water.
John I.. Sullivan, the old-time pugilist is managing the Irving hotel in
Vancouver, and may buy it.
The men working on the Ruth mine
near Sandon give one day'B pay earh
month to tlie Patriotic lund.
Giegerloh and Miller have bought
three rlaims nl Bear lake from the
estate of the late Major Vanmoer-
The B.  C.  Sulphite    company,     at
Mill ('reek, Howe    Sound is skipping
quantltlM of pulp to the eastern states.
Bert Taylor, a packer, was     loimd
the     railway track bitween
Hacelton and 3ealey gulch   .vith   h-s
throat cut. and his body full rf knife
Joh-i  U IJ   a  •■-' ong Indian
was urrested. It is suppo3ed tbat
Taylor fought with the Indian over
a bottle of whiskey.
The MisBes Ualt and Goodeve, formerly of Rossland, are members of
the nurse brigade that has gone with
the Canadian contingent.
Tho Brackman-Ker million company
will build an elevator at New Westminster. It will cost $60,000 and
have a capacity of 51,000 bushels.
The compuny operating the Nickle
Plate mine at Hedley declared a
dividend of 5 per cent last month.
This is at the rate of 20 per cent a
In the ocean that washes the
shores of British Columbia, there is
enough of fish to feed millions of people. (Jet out and fish if you are
short of a grub stake.
The three paper and pulp mills in
Uritish Columbia are working 14
hours a day and cannot keep up with
their orders. The mill at Powell river is making' 150 tons of paper a day.
The Caaba mine at Nighthawk,
Wash., has developed an immense
body ol ore. Here is a chance lor
the Greenwood Smelter to obtain a
large supply of ore when it resumes
Nelson would be a greater city it
it had more advertisers like K. W.
WlddowBon, He advertises in msie
papers than a ny other man in Nelson. Nelson is sadly in need of more
industries and educated advertisers.
Several English companies will di ill
for oil in the Fraser valley, and other parts of British Columbia. Quite
a number of companies in Vancouver
are also getting roady to prospect the
province for the greaay Hull.
The Grand Forke sharps'i )o'ers
have captured six prisoners .f -tar.
They arc Austrians and wsre endeavoring to leave the country io
light against our forces at the front
They will probably be lodged iu "the
detention camp at Yeruun uutil
peace has been declared.
It is reported in London that tbe
K.r.scr owns ^(00,400 of property in
British Columbia. The Grand Ftiks
Sun says that last spring the i"Jer-
inun emperor, through his agents
came nearly making some hear/ investments mi Franklin camp, about
50 niik'S from Grand Forks. His
egotistical nibs has certain'y lad
something to do with the (losing
down of copper mines and iruliters
in British Columbia.
If you require Lumber or Builders'
Supplies of any kind, bring your
order to us. We are giving Special
Prices this fall.
Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
A fire broke out yesterday at noon
in the premises occupied by Mathie-
son & Home A large crowd immediately assembled, and in a very short
time tbe entire building was cleared
of the valuable stock of merchandise.
The Boy Scouts organized a bucket
brigade which was later assisted by
the adults and in n short time the
fire was under control.—Golden Star.
afife,, ZkVtflg TYPEWRITERS
Remington $35   Empire $25   Underwood $65
And numnroun other birgatnn. flenrt for romplat* lint of tllghtly uwd
machine* rebuilt in our own factory unci mad* a* good M now. Wo nave
you $16 to $76 on any machina.   Satisfaction Ruarantaod. *
Caaadian Typewriter Exchange, Dept 21, Suite 305,319 Pender W„ Vaieouw, B.C.
fount  Zepp-lin  | right)  th* inventor  nnd   hnil.br  ol  (iennany'n  fleet   of
dirigibles n«me.|  nfter him.  In now  nt   Wllhelmshnvrn    on  the  North   Sen,
tt-,in *hleb pinre ti„- GODteMtpUtad raid <>" ■ogUnd win protebty    Uke
plnre. Tho photograph «how» the Count in consultation with ll.ieasler.
Carpet Squares _ $7.75 up.
Floor Oilcloth _ _ _ 45c sq. yd. up.
Linoleum    60c sq. yd. up.
HOWSON & CO., Ltd.
Blankets, 7 lb _ $4.40 up.
Flannelette Sheets 12x4 $2.20 up.
General Blacksmith
Light and heavy Wagons.light and heavy
Sleighs, Buggies, Cutters, Plows. Harrows
Farm Implements. Wagons made and repalr.rt
Agent for John Deere and Company and International Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
Reasons are given by
"Economic Advertising"
"It is keeping everlastingly at it—the quiet, continuous brand of publicity that worries its way
through to Biiccess in the long run and it is difficult
to find any justification for breaking the continuity
of advertising during hot weather.
"Clothes have to be worn and the necessaries of
life provided for, and almost every article with the
exception of purely seasonable goods is in equal demand in the summer as in the winter.
"Then, a-gain, in the summer people do not work
bo hard—there is more leisure time, and just because
they have more time for reading it is logical to state
that they have more time for reading advertising.
"To the modern housewife any respite from the
glaring pavements is welcome. She reads the advertising columns of the local paper, and makes it her
shopping guide, especially in the summer. Missing
at this time is losing momentum which will take
considerable time and expense to regain at a later
The Mail-Herald reaches the permanent, earning
classes. In tbe home it stays, the newest edition of
buying guides. It contains the leading merchants'
latest announcements.
Increase Your Summer
Advertising in the Mail-
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mt nen of design and rapid delirery
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Your business status is often judged by
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Herald <3ragpp£> Pre88
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us for ideas, specimens, information—we
can help you.
We Vrint^
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memoriam Cards   -   Lumber Farms, Etc
mMail-HeraldElectric Tress
Revelstoke, 2. C. Phone No. 8
wnat is Doing in the Province
Christ church, at Creston, is to
have a new parish hall.
Some nice bags ol ducks are being
srciired  at  Kootenay Landing,
The average cost ol a run with the
Fernie ambulance is 91.50 per trip.
B. Mallendaine is planning on going into sheep raising at Creston.
The city ol Rossland is paying $7,-
50 per ton for its coal in carload
L. P. Eckstein, a tormer Fernie
lawyer, died at Prince Rupert on
October   I 5.
The Kettle Valley line is now
ready fur traffic between Midway and
Penticton .
J. Willis, Canadian Pacific railway
agent at Sandon, has been transferred to Cascade.
A. A. Paul's fine residence at Rossland was totally destroyed by fire
last  week.
The British Columbia Telephone
company is making extensive improvements to its lines at Phoenix.
Grand Forks is now in possession
of a public market, which is said to
be a success.
The apple shipments from Keremeos this fall will amount to about
2n carloads. .
Quotations for coal made to the
Rossland city council recently ranged
from •sti..">ii to ■li9 per ton.
Only one road show has visited
Cranbrook since the war broke out.
A skull of an unknown man, was
found last week on a Kootenay river
sandbar near Wardner.
There is mncn talk at Creston and
Bonncrs Ferry regarding the Koote-
nay flats reclamation scheme.
Dr. M. J. Vigineux, of Nelson, has
gone east to spend the winter attending clinics at Rochester, Minn., and
Vanstone & McLachlan have commenced winter logging operations on
Wilson creek, in the Slocan, employing a dozen men.
In New Denver last week a couple
of hours' canvassing by a lady resident of the town, added $101) to the
Belgian relief fund.
The fall assizes opened at Fernie on
Monday with three murder cases, one
of arson, one of assault and one of
escape from custody.
The third annual winter show of
the West Kootenay Poultry and. Pet
Stock association, will be held at
Nelson on December 2, 3, and  1.
Rossland has a swift fire department and when the weather clears up
it is going to have its picture taken
in action for the  "movies..'
The last meeting of the Rossland
city council lasted half an hour, the
shortest held in that city by the
same body in recent years.
James Adlard, a Creston rancher,
was last week showing a second crop
of raspberries and strawberries.
A. H. Sanderson, the Sandon electrician, took hold of the New Denver
Riile association when it was a dead
organization and worked with it until it has proved ths victor in recent
competitions with both Slocan City
and Nelson.
Milk    tests   at   Rossland    recently
show that the dairymen of that city
I are putting up a bigger percentage of
I butter fat in the milk supplied     to
their customers.
Cranbrook has disposed of 886,000
worth of water works debentures at
38. This will be sufficient to enable
the city to complete the distributory
system this fall.
Fire alarm signals are given thus.
Two strokes, interval five secondB,
four strokes, Box 24. No ol box will
also be shown on indicator at fire
Practice signal.—Six (6) strokes of
bell slowly.
Testing signal.—Three (3) strokes
ol bell slowly.
Fire Out signal.—Two {2) strokes
of bell Blowly.
Defect signal.—One    (1)    stroke   of
•ell slowly.
Box No . 11—Corner First street
McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No. 15.—Corner First street
and Rokeby avenue,
Box No. 16.—Corner Second street
and Government Road and Opera
Box No. 17.—Corner Third Btreet
and Campbell avenue, Globe Lumber
Box No. IS.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 21.—Corner Fifth 6treet
and McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, W. A. Foote.
Box No. 2ti.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
and Townley avenue.
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
land Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. .tl—Fire hall No. 2.
Box  No.   35.—Hospital.
Box Noi 36.—C-Titral School.
Box No. 37.—Selkirk School.
Box No.   II.—Fire Hall No. One.
Box No. 25.—Front street west,
near C.P.R. bridge.
Box No. 16.—Corner King and
Douglng streets. Palace Meat Market.
Box No. 47.—Corner Second street
and Wales street, back of Court
Box No. 18.—Corner Third and
Charles streets, Cowan block.
Wed. 26.—Fire hall A. vs Fire hall B.
Fri. 30.—B. of D. vs Govt.
Tues. 3.—J.B.C.  vb C.P.R.
Wed. 4.—Fire hall A vs B. of D.
Fri. 6.—Bus.-men vs Fire hall B.
Tues. 10.—J.B.C. vs Bus.-men
Wed.  ll.-Govt.  vs C.P.R.
Fri. 13.—Fire hall A. vs Govt.
Tues. 17.—Fire hall B. vs J.B.C.
Wed. 18.-B.  of D.  vs C.P.R.
Fri. 20.—Bus.men vs B. of D.
Tues. 24.-81tre hall A. vs. J.B.C.
Wed. 25.—Fire hall B. vs Govt.
Fri. 27.—Fire hall A. vs C.P.R.
I Tues. 1.—Bus.-men vb Govt.
Wed. 2.-B. of D. vs J.B.C.
Fri.   1.—Fire hall B. vs C.P R.
\ Tues. 8.—Bus.-men vs Fire hall A'.
Wed. <J.—Fire hall B. vs B. of D.
Fri. II.—Govt, vs J.B.C.
Tues. 29-C.P.R. vs Bus.-men
Wed. 30.—Fire hall A. vs Fire hall B.
Tues. 5.—B. of D. vs Govt.
Wed.  6.—J.B.C.  vs C.P.R.
Fri. 8.—Fire hall A. vs B, of D.
Tues. 12.—Bus.-men vs Fire hall B.
Wed.  13.—Govt, vb C.P.R.
Fri. 15.—J.B.C. vs Bus.-men
Tues.  19.—Fire hall A. va Govt.
Wed. 20.—Fire hall B. vs. J.B.C.
Fri. 22.-B. of D. vs O.P.R.
Tues. 2C—Bus.-man vb B. of D.
Wed. 27.—Fire hall A. vs J.B.C.
Fri. 2i).-FIre hall B. vb Govt.
Tues. 2.—Bus.-men vs Govt.
Wed. 3.—Fire hall A. vs C.P.R.
Fri. 5.—B. of D. vs J.B.C.
Tues. 9.-Fire hall B. vs C.P'R.
Mrs. B. P. Stceves has resigned her
position on the stnfl of the Nelson
high school and at the meeting of
the board of school trustees, the resignation was accepted. In addition
to filling the position nn Increase ln
the start ls likely, having been urged
by B. P. Steevee, principal. It is
expected by the board thnt an additional teacher will be required after thc Christmas holidays. The matter was left with the school management committee which will immediate
lv take up the matters affecting thc
ptnffi of both the central and high
schools and report to a special meet-
ing ol the board.
No. 1 from Montreal to Vancouver,
arrive at 0.05 p.m., leave G.25 p.m.
1    No. 2, from Vancouver to Montreal,
'arrive at 11.06 a.m., leave at 11.25
| No. 3, from Toronto to Vancouver,
arrive at 7.05 a.m., leave at 7;20 a.m.
! No. 4 from Vancouver to Toronto,
arrive at 12.45 a. m., leave at 1.06
No. 804, from RevelBtoke to Arrowhead, leave 7..30 a.m.
No. 803, from Arrowhead to Revel-
' stoke, arrive 4.40 p.m.
I No. 3 makes connection w'ith the
Okanagan line nt Sicamous, returning
leaves Sicamous at 11.50 p.m.
| Trains Nos. 1 nnd 2, make all local
stops between Revelstoke and Sicamous.
Trains Nos. 3 and 4, make local
stops between Sicamous and Kamloops.
Second iu command of the British Navy.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest
allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McCLENEGHAN, Manager.
Before placing your order for your winter supply of Apples
and Vegetables let us quote you our prices, as we believe that we can interest you in both quality and price.
We can, at all times, fill your requirements in the feed
line, such as Hay, Oats, lii-an. Shorts, Wheat, Chop,
Corn, etc.
Phone 41 HOBSON'S Box 734
Military Tactics
The wise military commander changes his plan of campaign to
fit conditions as the progress of events dictates. The wiae
business commander does the same.
Firms that have never before seen the tremendous power of
well directed, skilfully-prepared advertising based on a plan
that is fundamentally right, will make use of this modern merchandising force now;., old advertisers, wSse and experienced,
will expand along new lines—by means of advertising.
Canada is face to face today with enormous opportunitiea.
new markets are opening, new opportunities are unrolling before established husinesB. What is required is quick re-odjust-
iment, a change ol thc plan of campaign to fit the new conditions.
Newspaper advertising will be the right-hand assistant ol those
who forge ahead (n this crisis, not ordinary advertising however; the efficiency will have to be high, the plan and copy carefully laid out and skilfully   prepared.
No expense nor obligation attaches to a friendly discussion of
thc new opportunities eithei In person or by mail. The late of
YOOR business may rest on your decision to act on this suggestion.
New Hernhl Building, Calgary Rogara Building, Vancouver
Cantral Building, Viotorla I. C. 8mith Building, Seattle
Don't merely smother your cough
go* UU   fffl Mtthim's Syrup of Tar md Cod Wrer Oil not only
IK<■* I promptly arrests coughing, but thanks to its took and
\t\Jm.mmm   A A strengthening properties it helps the system to throw off
the <cold and thus <effects a epermanent cure.   It is Oils quality which has woe for
tt the largest sal* of any cocgh and cold remedy In ePaneda.
J-5& larg* bolilft, tvetymhtrt.
mm \- MATBICO CO, Ttv*>~
pmrmm + tom*
mtnnoon. rjt». PAGE EIGHT
C. Williams ol Salmon Arm was at
the Kint; Edward hotel yesterday.
J. W Kilpatrick of Glacier was at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
A. C. Voder of. Nakusp was a Euest
at the Kiiif; Edward Hotel on Sunday.
A Hansen of Nelson nnd J. Laniont
of Rossland   were registered  at
Hotel Kevelstoke on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Knox
Sicamous are the guests of Mr.
Mrs.  Harry Bews Ior a few days.
Among the guests at     the     Hotel
Revelstoke.  on  Sunday  were Mr.  and  on  Sunday.
Mrs. bi, .jfctimd and son of Kelowna.
T. A. Garro-w of Portland and J
p. Moore .if Oaksfleld     were
A court of revision of the sidewalk
W. H Bohannon of Chase, B. 0. is
a visitor here this week on business.
Mrs. Wiffiu will entertain the Big
Eddy sewing circle at her home tomorrow.
L.S . Mo-ss of Kamloops was a
guest at the Hotel Revelstoke ou
A. E. Vanetta of Solsqua was registered     at the King Edward Hotel
R. McLean of Belfast,     Ireland
, guest at the Hotel RevelBtoke
the quests at tin- King Edward hotel
on  Sunday
Roy Smyth.• has very kindly oflered
to donate his hall to the dlflereot
•churches and hospital tor one afternoon  and  evening each.
Mount Begbie lodge No. 481, B.R.C.
of A, will hold a social and dance in
the G. Verdi Land hall on Tuesday,
November 17 at 8 o'clock.
among  on Sunday.
O. F. Busteed of Kamloops, en-,
Hineer in charge of the double track-,
inj: and the tunnel at Field, was at'
the Hotel Revelstoke on Tuesday.
Those who have made clothing for
the soldiers at the front are requested to send their work to Mrs. T.
Kilpatrick belore the end ot thc week.
On Saturday a very pleasant af-
ternoon was spent at the home of
Mrs. Smith Urquhart where some of
the ladies met to sew for the bazaar
to be held November 17.
Major Sclatei of Vancouver was
a visitor in town this week. He is
here to arrange the winter quarters
for the soldiers who are acting as
guards on the difierent bridges.
A. B. McCleneghan has received a
telegram from H.»W. H. Marshall
naying that E. G. Hadow and himself have beer, accepted by the 72nd,
Highlanders     for    service    with    the
assessment will be held at the   city
hall on November 17.
M li. vVeweott, provincial government engineer of Nelsou was at the
Hotel  Revelstoke on Tuesday.
There  will  be a  meeting      of     the
Relief Society every Wednesday from
.30 to 5.3l» p.m. at the R.Y.M.C.A.
The girls auxiliary ol the Methodist church is holding a tea in the
church parlor on Saturday afternoon.
Among the guests at the King Edward hotel on Monday were J. G.
Cody, Golden, I, H. Kerr, Kelowna
and M. Syse, Kamloops.
The young people ol the Epworth
league .ire holding a Hallowe'en party at the home of Mrs. Robert Howson   on  Monday evening.
.1. M. Doyle of Calgary, superintendent for P. Burns & Co., came iu
from the west yesterday morning and
is leaving  foi  thc east tonight.
Rev. Hugh Dohson, field secretary
..f BOCial service and evangelism, will
he in the city on Sunday and will
occupy the pulpit of the Methodist
church in the evening.
At the Patriotic fund    meeting   to
be   held     tonight     tht re     will be a
tableau   hy   the  ladies and      one      by
8t?cond  Canadian  expeditionary  force.! the Rocky  Mountain Rangers.  assist.-
' ed by  che Home Guasl.
B. G.  Swan and CE. Webb ot Van-
couver    aud     J.  Austin Elliott     of     K. G. Holmes    of     Spokane spent
Nelsou,     bydrographlcal      engineers,' Saturday  in town enroute east.    Mr.
came tn  from Field on  Sunday  night   Holmes is a mining expert represent-
and registered     at the Hotel Revel-   jne one 0j tj,e [argest companies     in
stoke.  They left for the south   yes   th(, u,ut,,.,i States. He J-.;is been look
j ing over  Sheep Creek  end other  pro
perties  near  Nelson.  H.C
terday  morning.
A start has been made on the erec
tion of an advertising kiosk at Sica- The dance to be given on Friday
mous, where Okanagan products will evening In Masonic hall by Court
be displayed. Ample space is to be Mount Cartier I.O.F. is heing looked
provided for every point in the val- forward to. Refreshments will he
ley to make a display. Only Okana- served at midnight and the best
gan exhibits will be admitted. . inusu   will  he provided.      Fifty
t  of  Lhe  profits  will
There will be a    Patriotic meeting   ....   patriotic  lund.
at  the  opera   house     on  Wednesday
evening.  Judge Forin will address the      A good thing ird     on
meeting.  Rev.  Father MacKenzie will  street the other night.  After the con-
speak on Belgium.  A couple of table-   cert  given on  Sunday evening, one ot
aux will be    shown,     and a musical  the soloists who lives out    '
program   given.      The   girls  of      the   was  heard   to  re     ' wa
high school will act as ushers. hurrying
..'..- sure
• >:
R. Evans of Comaplix was a gueBt
nt the King Edward hotel on Tues-
day. , | :: llllll
J. Hopgood, Canadian Pacific train
master at Revelstoke, was a visitor
in the city last Saturday.—Kamloops
'W. H. Bohannan, of Chjase, who
has owned and operated several
newspapers In the interior, was in
the city on * Saturday.—Kamloops
Splendid Woolbridge apples, weighing over a pound each, and a striking testimony to the frt'it growing
possibilities of the district 'were
brought to the city on Monday by
C. Haner from his ranch .near tha
power  house.
Freeman Harding of Kamloops.
crown counsel in Rex vs. Tapping, is
convalescent alter a severe attack of
bronchitis, which has confined him
to the house for two weeks. He lett
on Monday for a vacation trip up
the North River.
But one company is granted incorporation in this week's issue of
The Provincial Gazette, the Majestic
Theatre, head office at Victoria, nnd
capitalized at $10,000. The Canadian
Inspection and Laboratories Company, Limited, and J. B. Turner &
Co., Limited, are issued licenses as
extra-provincial companies.
On.; of the features of the patriotic
concert to he given on November 20
will be the selections by the double
quartette which consists of first sopranos, Mrs. Walter Bews, Miss Bor.
don; second sopranos, Miss Paulding.
Mrs. Goddard; first altos, Mrs. Fred
Bews, Miss A. B. McKay, second altos, Miss Janet McKay, Mrs. Andrew
Court Mount Begby of the Foresters society entertained their friends
at a delightful whist drive on Mon
day evening, given in St. Francis
hall. Bight tables were made up for
whist. Mrs. Whitby won the first
prize for ladies it being a beautiful
cream and sugar set. Mrs. Brierly
won the consolation prize, which was
a china bat-pin holder. Mr. Goldsmith won tbe gentleman's first, a
very nice shaving mug, while Mr.
Cartwright was consoled by receiving
an ash tray. The refreshments served
at the supper nour were excellent.
The hostesses of the evening were the
Mesdames. Morgan, Cormier, Brierly,
and \ustin A number of songs were
sung by the Misses Henderson and
Bell, which ,i.](h"l much to the en-
ioyment .,t the evening.
Dominic Pratico appeared before R.
Gordon, stipendiary magistrate, on
Monday Charged with criminal negf
leet >>f his wife. Provincial Constable Rothwell, who i rosecuted, cal-
led is witnesses Mrs. Pratico. Mrs.
' ish.it.>, Dr. ii.H.S. McLean
and in J.H. Hamilton At the close
of the evidence for the prosecution
; 3 McCarter who appeared for ac-
-iisH.i. asked lor s luminal of the
case. The evidence showed that defendant with his wife und child had
been living with relatives since his
.e. ,^ burned and that the re-
lationk  between his wile   ind his   re-
Royal  Canadian
which iB   under
Capt.  McManus
They will relieve
Rille    detachment,
the     command   af
of    the 6th D.C.O.
for active servHce
t.he garrison
now   on   duty ln Ber-
Mr. and Mrs. Morris of Rogers
Pass were at the King Edward hotel
on Tuesday.
Over fifty ? ere present at a delightful smoker given by the Moose
lodge in  Selkirk hall last night.
George Hartley, formerly in the
employ of Reid & Young is spending
a few days in the city. He has been
with the British Columbia Horse in
Vernon and expects to leave for the
front shortly.
Iu the case af Rex vs Tappiugf in
which J. C. Tapping is accused of
doing grevous bodily harm to Jerry
O'Leary. A stay of proceedings has
heen entered by the crown counsel on
behalf  of  the  attorney  general.
The hitulithie pavement on McKenzie avenue and First street is completed. The steam roller will he
shipped to Vancouver today. The remainder of the plant will be stored
In Revelstoke for thci winter.
The minister of education, Dr. H.
B. Young, who in company with
Capt. Foster, has been purchasing
mounts for the B. C. Horse, returned from Coquitlam last evening, and
left inter for Victoria.—Vancouver
Lieut.-Col, John A Hall of the 88th
Fusiliers and formerly officer commanding the Fifth Regiment, hus
been appointed to take command of
the infantry battalion which is to be
concentrated in Victoria for training
prior to being sent to England with
Canada's second contingent. The battalion which is to be mobilized at
Vancouver fot the second contingent
will be commanded by Major H. S.
Tobin of the 12nd Regiment Seaforth
Highlanders. He has leen promoted
to the rank of lieutenant-colonel.
C. W. Busk, a well-known fruit
rancher of Nelson, and well known at
the coast, writing from Beirn, Portuguese East Africa, on August 31,
says he was at Fort Johnston, at
the south end of Nvassa Lake, when
the native troops were heing mobilized and witnessed the capture ol the
German gunboat Wissmann. Mr. Busk
says: "Owing to the war I have given up the northern part of my tri;>
and am now here on my way hack
to Cape Town I reached the southern end of Lake Nyassa, but was unable to proceed further as the government bad commandered all the
steamboats. From Cape Town I do
not know whether I shall return to
British Columbia via Australia or
via England, hut I expect to turn
up in Nelson about the end of November."
Right for the kitchen range, Coursier's stove coal.
Select line of China ware at How-
On Thursday night the ladies o! the
Altar society of St. Francis church
are holding a whist drive in Smythe's
hall, starting at 8 o'clock. An admission fee of 50 cents will be
charged. lt.np.
The Crown Tailoring Co., of Toronto have a reputation for making
clean cut suits and overcoats. Fall
and winter samples with our agent,
Mr. F,  Lifeaus, next Bourne's Btore.
No trouble to cook with Coursier's
stove coal.
TO RENT.—A nice comfortable houao
on Third street, east, $22.00 per
month. See us about these at once.
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd. tfi
WANTED.—Work ot any kind by
steam fitter. Attending furnaces,
etc. J. R. Bonsor, ganeral deliv
ery, Revelstoke, B.C.
Gait coal  burns all  night,
stoke General  Agencies Ltd.
If you are looking for a snup in
dishes look at Howson's prices.
The ladies of the Relief Society will
be pleased to receive old or new magazines to be sent to the guards along
the lines of communication. The literature may be left at A.E. Kincaid's
office. t.f.
Right in quality, right in price.
Coursier's turnace lump and stove
We still have one hundred plants on
sale selling at 75 cents and 50 cents.
All to go now for 50 cents and 2"
cents. W. H. Pottrufl. Phone 05G.
We are prepared for the demands
you are sure to make for the newest
and most stylish coats and suits.
Ladies cloakings 1(1,50 a yard, 51 Inches, Cressman & Co., Ladies and
Mens' Tailors. tt.
Don't buy black rocks that loo*
like coai. Coursier's coal is all fuel.
Tenders will be received by the
secretary of the School Board, up to
and including Thursday, October 29,
for three cars of furnace lump coal,
(approximately one hundred tons altogether), delivered one car to each
school. 0.28-np
FOR SALE.—Own grown winter apples, #1.25 and up.' Car on siding
near Bourne's store. A. Laitnen.
TO RENT.—A splendid furnished 8
roomed house on Second street
west. 335.00 per month. Kootenay;
Agencies, Ltd. tC
FOR RENT.—One nice houso all.
modern conveniences, close in. S25.
per month. Apply Revelseoke General Agencies, Ltd. tt.
FOR RENT.--Two furnished house
keeping rooms, every convenience,
nlso two bedrooms. Apply 87
Fourth street east. 0.28-y
WANTED.—Maternity    nursing.    Mrs
Alice Lee, 10 Fourth Btreet tf.
OFFICE ROOM to rent. Centrally
located. Apply Box 205. Revelstoka
B. C.     t-fi
TO LET—Front room on Third street
about a block east ot McKenzie avenue. Gentleman preferred. Applj.
W.S. in care Mail-Herald.     t.f.n.p.
New Denver ritle club defeated the
Slocan City riflemen in a five-mac
team, shoot hy 1 points. The shoot*
ing wns at 200, 500 and (iOO yards.
Quality Photographs
for Christmas at the Tourner
Studio. Gramaphones and
A. Douglas-Tourner,
Photographer( First Street.
The Hon. Price Ellison, minister ot
agriculture, reports a very heavy
crop of potatoes in the Okanagan district this season. At Vernon the succulent tuber is sharing the honors
with apples. Digging and shipping
are in lull swing ar.d "t.o.b." prices
around SCO a con are being secured.
In the Vernon distnrt production
was heaviest in the Livingston     and
its longer to 1'.
The      British     censor     announces.
nadian     Pacific Railway company's   telegraph
Commi ■ .       • ,it, ef-
gistered pr may
-   Can-
•    -
Coldstream  sections.      Some farmers   including Egypt,     a*id
estimate  the average yield at   seven  taln'e  AlUei,   ,■ Hus
tons  per acre.  Owing to the   potato   "■'     :'"'
digging and apple picking, the surplus of labor, uever very great in
the Okanagan. is not so noticeable as
it  was  'i month ago.
■ . il
Empress Theatre
TODAY.—Geo, Klelne presents
European armies in action, '2
parts See the mightv aggregation '.f Bghting me • ol Great
Britain, Franc-. Belgium,
Switzerland, Austria an.l German}. Create.t. war picture
ever shown in >Revetitoke. VI-
so showing 3 reel feature The
Oubliette 101 Bison. Irenes
Busy Week, Comedy.
THURSDAY.—Tho Legion of
The Phantom Tribe, Italian
War Picture. Tolls of the Sea,
Warren   Kerrigan.
FRIDAY.  -Lucille      I.ove,   Thc
Gin ol Mystery.
HATl'l'.HA'i Honi I       <>!    The
Humble,  (Matinee     '■'••
The    UlmpreM    Theatre     will
■   McClai   h great    itove
rles, in  motion pictures,
i■*. ■ •       Onhettra.
following   ipi
ments is   given in   thi issue
of     The      Brltll
William   Sch
■   of  the  p.
Ham Orei
ol < Iranbroi rone
Ol  the   c ' -l   ■ e.nster-
I  ■
The Honorable William John Bowser,
K.C.,    it.t.,rney general,     tl
ter ef lands .lunng the ibeence
from the province ol the Honorable
William Roderick  Roes, K 0
Recent changes  m  the federal oat.i
net hnve especial interest for   Etoaa
landers,   in   view  of    the  appointment
.,f   P    B    BlondlH   tO   surcce.l   Hon    It
H.   Nnntel   as    minister      of  cuatoma.
Mr    Blondln has  heen  deputy  speaker
of the house since the  Ilonien govern-
ment gained    power m    September,
I'll I. He Is B hrother-in-lnw of Art
hnr ItuiHflon, of ftofwdnn.l and ..f
the Misses lininson who Visited there
last summer Pierre Bdouard Hlondln
was  born   In   lv74   at   Bt    Francis    du
i Lac, Quebec   and  wns educated     at
LftVal,   He   l.e' one clerk  al tlie  circuit
Iroint,      county    of  f'hnrnplaiti,      and
alderman ol the town ol Grand Mere
He  wns lirst elected  t., the house      of
commons f>.r Cbamplaln at the gen-
leral election ol I90S.
iatives   nere  not friendly.    His    worship   In i -•■   said thnt
idence     of     criminal
  i   hus-
*    him
-   -irday on their      way
-  • ■ raise      •   i'. T   Bl
■ ■ ited     '>.
m ind    of
Under*     1. The r:i
their  new  busi-
■    .
- .•
lice In i
or  as
■' il     the
MAPNDER.—Born on Sunday, Oct.
25, to the wife of F. E. Maunder a
■ ■
■ tei,
"The   Ring
"A   Warm   Welcome"    I *vt ■
I I I *  I    II
'The   | \   ,,no     reel
• Irnma
"The it' iteg, I idu<ctor 7M
Produced i.y the Thaohouser
"The Milli.in li.,liar Mystery"
Episode  N,,    7,  "Tlie  DoOtD  'd
thi  kuto B • Hta" In 3 parts.
"JUST Kill.-" Keystone   Comedy
Foresters and Friends
Spend Jolly Evening
A  most successful social and whist
drive  was held by Court Mount Begbie I.ii.F.  in the St. FranciB hall on
Monday evening, October 26. Promptly at 9 o'clock eight     tables     com-
menreH  under the direction  of   Chief
Ranger  il.   V.   Morgan nnd thc    con-
Inated at  11.30,  with     the
following  prize  winners,  ladies   first,
band painted   cream and supnr    set,
■<■    Whitby;  consolation  Indies',
band   painted  bat   pin   holder,      Mrs.
!■'    r.eirley.  gentlemans*      first,  China
shaving  mug,  F.  Goldsmith;  consola
ish  tray, ii,  Cartwright.      Miss
'.l    Henderson    and    M'iss    Vera    Bell
■1 selection! '.n  tbe   piano.
drive  the     company
ned   to   the lodge   room   and
Ibll intlal  supper   This
IS   the   ■ '   •      I    ,    lei ICl   of   BOClal even
ings  to  he  beld  hy  Courl   Mount Beg
•   the  coming   winter
Made in Canada
Small Sent iron and Wlnei: tho
l.«l  li.nir    a   h<ltll« II 00
Small H..... Tonic tin a II 10
Small Ollva Oil Intuition for
' oiK/he, and tood tonlo II 00
Raiall ci-/. ..on* Soap, vlolat
and roaa. a do/an       13.00
All Rexall Q-ooda gue>
lantfcd   to   givi'   satis
Paction or money rt>
BEWS' Orug Store
The I. O. F. Mt. Cartier
to be held in the
Masonic Hall, Friday Evening
Are contributing 50 per cent, of the
Profits to the Patriotic Fund.
Tickets $1.00.   Ladies Free
Slashing Prices
New Fall Suits
and Overcoats
Regular $25.00 Suits
Special $16.50
McRae Mercantile Company
Shoes for    U Q-pV    T.? A CV "    Shoe8 for
Infants OW   JUsAO I Children
Has belt srade oak soles,  cushion  in-sole.   Children's patent welts,
ohocolate kid tops $2.85
Children's Welts in tans and blacks, button or lace $2.25 to 2.86
Infant h "So I ony " (soft sole Shoes in tan, black, blue, red, and white.
Prices H5c to 75c
Iamb's wool Inner-soles (or crochet slippers  85c to 55c
Cork and Felt Inner-soles, Kuhber Overshoes. Cardigans.


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