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The Mail Herald Aug 1, 1914

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*.4+ ♦•+ + ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Chief lumbering, railway,
mining, agricultural and
navigation centre between
Calgary and the Paolfio ocean
(f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f
The Mail-Herald
"f-f-f       -f-^-f       ♦♦♦       "f-f-f
Published     twice     weekly — ♦
Rend by everyone—The recog- ♦
nized advertising medium tor ♦
thc city  and   district. -♦•
-f-f-f f + + -i>-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f
Vol. 21-No 55
$2.50 Per Year
Tax Sale This Year
Decides City Council
Bylaw.       Purchase of Market Site will be Prepared
Liqu    vcense Bylaw Given Third Reading—Remission o      ik Taxes Cranted to Anglican Church
Tenders        Wood Pipe Opened   Government Road
Third reading "( the liquor license
bylaw   was   given   at   the   meeting     ot
the cltj council last nlghl and It was
deluded   to   hold a   lax   sale   this year.
Tenders from the Pacific Coast Pipe
company, and the Dominion Wood
Pipe company lor    extension ol   the
power pipe line were opened and a
d<BClsloc as to awarding the contract
wan postponed until the next meeting
ot the council.
A petition signed by A.P. Levesque
T.K.I..  Taylor,   11.   Mulholland,  A.J.
Mel)..tier., H.G. Hews, Janet E, Minns, F.H. Bourne, I!. Tapping, J, A.
Stone, w.A. Sturdy, W.M, Lawrence,
J. t;. Barber, R. M, Smythe, F. W.
Laing, I. Q, McKinnon, F.B, Wells,
R.M. Hume, G. McCarter, ( .11. Macdonald, G.W, Bell, Thos. Steed, was
presented asking that the necessary
steps be taken feir purchasing as , a
market site lots 4 to II, block 9, on
Campbell   avenue   between   Second and
Third streets, lt was decided to have
the ta  ei sarj  bylaw pri pared.
tin motion oi Aid. McSorley, seconded \id. Needham, the ree.an
mendation ol the finance committee
that ill churches and rectories be allowed e .. tnptton from taxes for the
years I ■ to 191- Inclusive was adopted,
A I tt.er was received Irom John II.
Sibbi Id stating that it was out ol
the tuestion tor the Hull-Slbbald
syndicati 'ee assist In closing government r.e 1 and stating that in his
Opln ■ ■•   road   COUld   only   he  clos
ed by .      Inli n legisl itlon.
Aid i:- rested tl at a bltu-
lit1 r alv. ey might he constructed
whirl. -.■. uld serve both as a toad and
Me Bell -..-'■ i nai row hltu-
llthli driveway with a narrow celii ■
ent path on each Bide.
On suggest! i     nl   vi. N Iham and
Aid. Bourne the council will meet tho
school ' iard tee arrange what is best
to be done.
The new liquor license bylaw came
up lor third read ng \M. Needham
Bald  th it      other cities  provided    for
licensing bartenders and seconded by
Aid. Bell moved the third reading.
Aids Needham, Smythe, Bell voted
for th" third  reading and  Aids.  Mc-
Soi ley. Bourne,  Pradolini against
Mayor      M -1x11111011   objected   to   the
clause providing that an applicant tot
a bartenders' license must have a recommendation [rom the cl lei ol po
lice as iieing a suitable person to
hold a    license,     but  voted  tor  the
third  reading  which  was  given.
Aid. McSorley said tbat there were
other objections. The bylaw served
l.o good object and    was a hardship
upon  hotel  keepers.
The mayor advocated    eliminating
the elaiiSe providing ior a recotunien-
latlon  from  the  chiel  ei|  police.
Aid, Bourne suid thai the building
bylaw on which the council wasted
much time was not enforced and had
only been an expense. He th.night
thai the provision for licensing bar
tenders   would   have   a   similar   result.
Aid, It'll said thut the licensing of
bartenders would not effect anyone
conducting a respectable place. It
was a questlou of securing control.
\id. Needham thought that the police Bhould  inspect   the hotel  bar3.
M.I. McSorley said that the proper
regulation  ,,|  hotels  was  the  duty  ot
tiie proprietor. He would support
the licensing ol bartenders if he
thought that it would be Ol any service,  hut  he knew   thai   it  would not.
The Mayor s.o.l that be int.ended Interviewing threi hotels and If the pro
li 'teas did not suggest any othei
remedy for existing conditions he
would vote for the licensing e.f bartenders on the final reading ol the
i ylaw.
\   liscussion took • •   the
. Ivlsahility  ol ie a  tax  sale.
\ Id. Bell advocate i     holding
m|   Needham said that it was   hard
times  and  some  people  were  not  in il
Tlie rity
•.as drawing interest on the arrears.
The M lyor said that s. me people had
been  using money owing to the city
for  s| elation.   On   motion   ol    Aid.
Boll seconded I.y Aid. Smythe, it was
decided t" bold a tax sale, Aid. N'eed-
1 am dissenting.
The     public   works committee will
take eip at once    with the Canadian
pacific  railway  superintendent,     the'
niestie.'i of laying a water pipe   ac-
rOBS   the       railway       ttaek   near     the
quarry. I
Eighteen Thousand Acres
Opened For Homesteading
Notices huve been posted announc- , t aihvay belt six miles south of Rev-
ing that on August 7, 1800 acres of'elstoke and linn acres above Hulls
laud   iu  ths  Kevelstoke  district  of the   Landing.    Through      these   1400  ucren
tlie government wiagon road from As-
rowhead to Hevclstoke passes and the
lan.i ts.,f good quality and suitable
railway   belt  will   he  thrown open  tor
homestead      entry   or      as  purchased
bomesteads in  m acre blocks.
The laud consists of 40D ncres in the I for  agricultural  purposes.
Governor General Hurries
BacktoSeat of Government
Premier and Ministers Return to Capital -Cabinet Meeting This Afternoon—Canadian Troops to Aid Empire
in Case of War All European Nations Mobilizing
Forces   Latest News Today From Over Wire
liunff,    Aitu.,  Aug.   I. -The itntnin-   the action of the council,   «..s   tlvei
Will Hold Session   in   Revelstoke This Evening- Two
Judges Are Now in City
Three Certificates of Naturalization Granted   Land
To be Sold
The commission to enquire into the
best methods of subdividing the province into electoral districts and of
defining their boundaries will hold a
session in the court house this evening at N3ti o'clock.
The commission on redistribution
recently appointed to investigate
'natters relating to the proposed'redistribution of seats for the provincial legislature, consist.-' of Mr. Justice Morrison and Mr. Justice Mac-
donald. W P. Ogilvie, barrister is
secretary ol the commission.
The Revelstoke meeting will be followed by meetings in other towtis
throughout the interior, the commie-
Ed on will return to Vancouver for a
few days after which it w 11 leave for
Tete Jaune Cache and Fort Qeorge by
way of Edmonton, following the line
ol the G.T.P. through the northern
interior and Skeena River towns and
settlements to Prince Rupert. After
the northern trip is ended the commission Will then visit Vancouver island. It Is expected that the work
ol th" commission will occupy tw.i
The unprecedented development that
has taken place in the North consequent on the building of the Grand
Trunk Pacific renders it necessary
that very great attention be given to
the question of the boundary lines of
the northern constituencies.
(Continued  on Tage    Four, i
The only ease on the list at the
county court presided over by Judge
Forin yesterday was that of the Revelstoke General Agencies vs. Charles
A. Lidy for 842.65, a judgment summons. W.I. Briggs appeared for the
plaintiff and a consent order for payment of s."i a month was made.
Mr. Briggs made an application for
hale of land under the Execution act
in the case ol .l.K. Johnson vs. Karl
iiaii aclough. Aii order was made
confirming the registrar's report on
the title and directing that the land
lee sold oy the sheriff,
Certificates of naturalization were
granted to John Ellis MarkBtrom,
lumberman, of Taft, to Oscar Larson
rancher of Halls Landing, and to A.
.1. Halvorsen, driver, foimerly of
CK. Gillan on behalf of William
Cowan made application for probate
of the will of Thomas John Walsh,
ivhich was granted by the judge. In
the case of Laughton and Tapping
\s. 1*. s. Jackson, Mr. Gillan made
application for payment of 835 out
of court, in the case of Sutherland
and Hamilton vs. Olander for the
payment of 835 out of court and also
in the case of Henry Dolley vs. Olan-
' ■ the payment of monies out of
court. The applications were granted. In McGaghran vs. storey. Mr,
Gillan made a similar application,
which was held over pending the posting  of necessary notices.
j once oi war an.l the fact that Canadian   troops  ate  certain  to  he      dis -
i atched if I (real  Britain becomes m
I volved    is   curtailing   the   holiday     ot
I U.K.II   the nuke of Connaught,   who
leaves  here   for  Ottawa   in  the   morning.
Ottawa, Aug. 1.—Sir Robert Borden
and all the cabinet ministers who
were away from thc capital are returning and a cabinet meeting will be
held this afternoon to. discuss the
Yicnnu,  Aug.   1.—Complete military
and   naval     mobilization  was  ordered
| liy the Austro-Hungarian government
tonight in  reply  to the  Russian mo-
i hilizatlon.
BrusseUf), Aug. 1.—The Belgian government tonight ordered genernl mobilization.
Copenhagen,   Aug. 1.—Preparations
for mobilization of the Danish   army
were completed today.   A declaration
Of neutrality  is expected  tomorrow.
London,   Aug.   1.—The  Japanese foreign minister Takaaki Kuto in an interview with the Tokio correspondent
of the Times said:    "11 hostilities un-
! fortunately arc opened between Great
Britain      and the other powers,     we
jure rea.lv to do what developes upon
'us in virtue ol our alliance."
St. Petersburg, Aug. I.—Imperial
Ukase declati martial law in Finland and ten t irial waters, curt notices signlfyinj that the Emperor hus
decided to     i lohilize in the     Empire
Twenty Horses Packing From
Mine   Railway Spur Built
Into Property
I*. Dorenburg, manager ol the Lao
ark m ne at Illecillewaet, was in
Revelstoke tins week Mr. Dorenburg
has just made a Bulpmcnt of one car
ot silver lead ore to tbe smelter at
Trail and is now jetting out u second  cur.
This ..1,1 property was worked years
ago by the Home Payne Interests,
The property was supposed to have
been worked out, but nndei Mr. Dor-
enburg's management it has developed more ore than the former owners
ever thought thev bnd. The Canadian Pacific railway has put in a spur
at the property and Mr. Dorenburg
lias JO horses packing ore continually from the mine.
Mr. Dorenburg is highly phased
with tin' showing the property is making. This is the firsl ol tin old properties in the Illecillewaet district to
resume operations but mining    men
believe tint the time is close at hand
when a number of other properties
Will   resume   operut n IM
Sale of Foreign
Money Orders Cancelled
i'. Potter, Dominion express agent,
Revelstoke, received a telegram from
his I.end office this morning Instructing Iiiui not to sell any money orders payable outside ol America.
Two Bands, Two Boats
Picnic Great Success
Five Hundred and Forty Persons Leave Revelstoke For
Merchant's Excursion to St. Leon—Brilliant Weather
Herd  Will   Brouse and   Play
Week From Tomorrow
Basket Picnic
A sped ii coach will leave the station at *:18 on the morning of Sunday. August '.i. carrying tbe
Order "f M'.eese and their frlendi on
what is expected to be one.of the
Itosl   pop •'   tl I  year.
The   party      will      I- Albert
Canyon where a basket picnic will be
held, Ml kinds of spe.rts ,,ud chll-
drens races win take place and the
I icnlcen will return on the after-
noon  train.
Albert Canyon is . ae ot tl.e most
beautiful spe.M in th" country and
tickets feet the excursion are selling
about 4,000,001) men  ami  ordering tbe
reservists  w inction to   re
port at the nearest police st ition by
six o'clock Saturday morning have
heen posted at the street corners.
London, Aug. I.—An extraordinary
council of ministers held at Peterhofl
according'to a St. Petersburg despatch to the Times was confronted
lust night Friday, with a modified
situation resulting from assurances
by the German ambassador following
upon a message exchanged between
I ihe Russian Emperor, the Herman
Bmperor nnd King Qeorge, The Impression  among  the     ministers  with
Favors Trip   Handsome Prizes Given for Races anditi.e despatch is that Germany is dis
Sports—Pie Eating Contest 1,osed t0 '"'"ur in|1,iencp to ***** upon
^_^_^^^^^^^ Austria  to   resume  diplomatic    con -
versations on  grounds acceptable    to
EportS     was     available.   .Many went   the other European powers and there
boating and Bshing and there was not !seems some hope ol a compromise,
a iliill      moment.   Thr,... hundred and1 SITUATION DESPERATE,
twenty-seven      adults    and   127 Child-      London,      lug.   1.—In the desperate
reus      tickets    were sold,  bringing  in   situation   there are   only   two   factOl
(199.15.    The     expense)     wire   8126.80   tonight   giving   the   faintest   hope      of
for the Doats 85.65 for printing   and j averting a  general     European    war.
| The picnic of the merchants association  of  Hevclstoke took     place    on
'Wednesday, and was a huge success.
Kive hundred and forty adults aud
children  took  advantage of the beau-
'tiful trip down the Columbia river.
The Canadian Pacific railway sent
two of their boats, the Kootenay and
.Mil.to up to tin Kevelstoke wharf on
Tuesday evening, and a number of
people took staterooms ami remained
.en board ail night.
At T::;u the two large boats left the
wharf, with bands playing, and much
shouting and laughter. Nothing oc-
iunci throughout the day to mar
tne plMIUM of the many excurion-
ists, until just before the departure
of the b.e.its. it was announced that
a little boy, two years old, was missing. Searchers were sent through
the woods,  and in a short time,     he
.e.it itn-1 review of the developments
te date was sent out by a semi-official news agency.   Tins communication
in pail says -'We kinew of grave
acts which have been Committed,
communication has been cut, routes
have been barrel and prohibited by
soldiers, numerous automoblllsta have
I .st their machines through confiscation. Railroads In proximity to the
frontier huve been destroyed and
machine guns have been placed along
this district."
Lond..:.,  Aug.   1.—A  financial crisu
.:. all  its most  serious aspects developed  here this morning.   The culmination to several  days of -mobilizatior
was  the  total   suspension  oi  the   01
inary rules i.1  nusii • bs and a bi
ing down   in  the  mechanism  • :
financial   structuri , ...
ther wholesale fallui       il    i  i •  -
t ia- stock ex. tee 1
t.'it compelled t. that instl
tution :'.-:  ti'.e   a st time In it^
history, until  ful thei   11 ittce.
Chicago, Augl I .—Hi 11       port 1
In wheat c mpleti      it   iped tor   the
time b.e: •   . •   •
inevitably decliued.   Prices      re J     I
t o 6 l-S down as compare    t
Sew York 7, i 12
"'ash- ■' Detroit
it. Bl
St. Louis 2,  Bun* i!
insas Cl ty 7. 1
..  _
i 'Inclnnati   I,  New   '
Pitts! ii - klyn   9.
St. Louis 0, Bosl m 2.
' 'bicago l. Philade ; I . ■
Baltimore 7. Rochester 1.
Providence 7, Bull i
New York 3, Montreal 1* .
Jersey City  I, Toronl    "
Board of Trade will Visit Mines
To Obtain Accurate Infor
mation of District
•"."   for   bands       leaving a   balance   of
S6.70   which   has   been   given   by      tbe
merchants   to  the   two  Funsters  lod-   both  Great
ges,  Court Cartier and  Court Mount   using then
Following   is   a program    of   the
-p.eits,   the  winners  and   the  prizes.
i" irst  Russia and   \u-tri.. are engaged  iiguin    in      in tiations,    Second,
Britain  and   France      ure
Utmost   endeavors   in   favor  ol  peace.    (in   the  other hand   Hus
sin bus ordered    a genual mobilization and     Germany hue declared    a
worth  of laundry,  donated  hy   Revel-
stoke   Steam   laundry,    won  by     Miss
Lady     clerks     race   1st    prize 815  state ol aelge which  Is undoubtedly a
prelude,  if it  does not covi r moblllz
ai n ii.   France has not  yet  mobillz<ed
i ..tiieis; 2nd prise, clock, given by C.   but    cabinet     councils sat  late last
R,   Macdonald,  won  hy  Miss BS.  Hell,     night and   issueel   three  dectees  estab-
Miss McBachren, a waitress at the  lishlng a moratorium and taking oth
St.  Leon     hotel,    competed and tied   '*' action which could only  be determ-
for tirst place,  but the judges found
lined  on   the  eve of  war.   Great  lirit-
was found playing unconcerned by the  ihe  was  not qualified ns the race was ' ■""  iK practically though not official-
Controller of Umber
Inspects Revelstoke Office
11. L. Vorke, controller ot timber
ml gracing throughout the Dominion
i pen! Wednesday an.I Saturday In the
city and left on Thursday afternoon
for Kamloops. While in Revelstoke
ln< Inspected the crown timber office,
and  reported  that   he  found     every -
iniiiL' in eieellent ordw and the business affluently conducted,   Mr. Yorke
went   from    Hevclstoke  to   Kamloops,
whence he goes te'  New  Westminster.
l.rookside.    Five     blaBts     from    the lor clerks, so the first prize wub giv-
eteamer's whistle called the searchers ' en to Mjbb Cathels.
in and all  was smiles again, Clerks  race—1st  prize  one  pair    ot
Each boat     had a band  on board, boots,  donated  by  K.G.  McRae,  won
and on the return trip   they changed by E. McMuhon; 2nd prize, silk shirt
I oats,  bo      that   everyone     had  the donated by K.G.  Mcliue, won by   G.
pleasure of  listening  to  both  bands. Cocrouche.
One of thc events of the return trip
was the pie-eating conteBt. Five contestants competed,    but  H.   Manning
Merchants     race—1st     prize, silver
ly mobilized and the smaiiei European states ai a precaution have ordered the mobilization of their arm-
Berlin,     Aug.   I.—-The German  Km-
peror made a war speech to the people of Berlin today In which he   ei-
cup, donated hy .1.(1. Barber, won by   pressed  the hope that  if he waB  un -
K.G.   Mcltne;  'Jnd  prize,  pipe,  donat-   *li,le to induce his opponents to main-
polished up the two pieces of pic,   in   ed  by Mayor     McKinnon, won by J, j tain peace he  would wield the sword
the shortest  time,  and  won the prize  Mclntyre. |and sll"w tne ''"etnics what it means
ol    a  box    of    cigars  offered  by  A.      UoyB under siitecn-lBt prize,  fish- to proyokc  Germany.   The    F.mperor
Cowie. J ing rod, donated     by     Walter Hews,   has summoned the Reichstag to meet
Another event was thc dance, which won by Leo Goodwin; '2nd prize, jack ' <"' Tuesday at the Hoyal palace and
took plare on thc lower deck of the knife, donated hy Revelstoke Hard- ll<!tir the declilon of the Kmperor and
steamer Kootenay, for which the'ware company, won by Graham Coc-;11'*' Bun lesrnth, and if necessary to
Revelstoke  city  band  played.        Tho   louche.
The mmittet
• oard   ■ •
t*. R, v
I   IV   li',:. •      will
the I
»;:      lugust   "        .       rt       will
leave     I;.--.- ■ '.'..:
t to Beat
■.  road to i the
li ua     mining     :        rtiei     •■•■.
i Islti d
The first I
i iki. I-'- rg ■ • . i ,
great succi I 11
it will be i the I
The objei t   ol t is t
bring the business mi i   ol R< ■■■■' •
Into toucb s ith thi tricU
to obtain accurati
prospects of the     district*  and      to
make t>>     ; OSS
ities     Lett, ■ ■•       . . r.ected
that me st of tht of  thi
i ity      Will   visit   the  I
trict   which   la  oi
minerals in  the  Inti 11  r
vote a war credit.
Provincial Constable Rothwell. ol
Hevclstoke, ig ln the city today.—
Kamloopg Standarel
louples     who took advantage of the      Boyfl    under  12,— 1st prize,  lishlng1
fine   nniBic   will   not  forget the  band   rod, donated by Walter Hews, won by      Paris,
! and their kindness
The  beautiful  grounds of thc     St.
i Leon hotel were thronged all duy nnd
! an excellent place for races and other
Aug.   I.—The French cabinet
(.'. McHorlcy; 2nd prize knife, given by   council  deliberated      until  early  this
Revelstoke  Hardware,  won  by    Leo. '(Saturday)      morning  discussing  the
■ ] crisis  and  prospective  measures.      A
(Continued on Page Four) | brief formal  statement setting   forth
GET IT AT                  -£
"THF   BUGAR   BOWL "         ■
See our wind-        [or pari            »
lars of     our     free   Trip I       ■
Vancouver   and   Sold Watch    «
Competition                                   g
GFT  IT   AT                       ■
" THF SUGAR BOWL"        H
.■w... .......... PAGH TWO
SATURDAY,  A.UGUST 1,  191*.
CAMPERS'  SUPPLIES   Tents, Stoves, etc.
LAWN GOODS   Hose, Reels, Mowers.
PORCH REQUISITES-Hammocks, Netting.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS-Fishinf? Supplies, Rifles, etc.
KITCHEN NECESSARIES-Refrigerators, Freezers.
DRIVING COMFORTS-Lap Robes and Dusters.
All to be had at
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing      Tinsmithing      Electric Supplies
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate ot
Title to Lots 1,2,4 and 5, Block 3,
Town of Nakusp, Province of British
Columbia,  Map   11)4.
Notice is hereby (riven thnt it. Ib my
intention to issue at the expiration
of one month after the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Titlo to the above mentioned
land in the name of Ellen MiicDouk-
ald, which Certificate ol Title is
dated 15th Muy, 1897 and numbered
Nelson, B.C.,  llth  June, 1914.
J.15.8t,      Deputy   District  ReKlstrnr.
Big   Eastern   Interests   Purchasing British Columbia
destroyed the old Trucman Studio but not
our ability  and  willingness  to  serve  you.
May we have the pleasure of taking your photograph? Or
that of your family? We shall be pleased to arrange a sitting antl guarantee satisfaction in style, quality, permanence
and price.
We hold a stock of Victor and Edison Machines and
Records, Discs and Cylinders and make a special point of
obtaining shipments every few days and with all possible
speed. Why send orders out of town? We supply at lowest
Note  New Address
A. Douglas Tourner, First Street
P. 0. Box 441 Revelstoke, B. C.
The World's Greatest Invention
The New Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records    ■
No Horn       -   •
■ Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
Howson Sr Co.
Sole Local Agency
From Maker to Wearer
Oar six years' experience measuring, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
gui ran tee a fit. The lamest assortment of samples in
the city to select from.   Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailoring Company. Toronto.
Dominion  Security Co., Limited
We ire thoi   tghly in touch with the R*»a
• ion in the I nl ei i ei  ind can furnis
' ! •■. I    elllle'   il,    -lllli     ■•■•
.'Ill   ('..III) • I
I. Drawer No, 4
A. Mckae.
T. Kilpatrick.
Take notice that I, K.I'. Henry, ol
Arrowhead, B.C., Intend to apply to
the Commissioner of Lands for a
license to prospect for coal ami pet"
roleum, on ami under the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nnd
marked B.P.H., planted on the West
boundary of the Arrow Lakes Lum*
ber Co., Ltd., mill Site, thence 20
Chains south, "fl chains east, SO chains
north, SO chains west anil 00 chains
smith to the point of commencement.
Containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated this 23rd dny of May,  lull.
Aug, 19p. Locator.
Application for a license to store or
pen hack water will he made under tho
"Water Act" of Uritish Columbia, as
1. The nunc of the applicant is,
Charles Bliott Fuller.
2, The address of the applicant is,
Craigellachie, B.C.
:'.. The name of the stream is,
stream has no name.
The stream nas its source in Twp.
23, Sec. 23, Range ii, sixth mer, flows
in a south to southeast direction and
sinks into on N.10. 1, Twp. 23, Sec.
14-0-0, ahout lino feet south
from the N. W. corner post of N. E.
i Twp. 23, Sec. II, Range 0, sixth
I. The water is to he diverted from
•lie stream mi the south side, 12H ft.
cist of N.W. line of N.E. ', Twp. 23,
Sec,  II, Kan^e il. sisth meridian.
r>. The quantity of water to he
used is "in acre feet per annum.
7. The purpose for which the watei   will  he  used  is domestic and  irri-
S. The land on which the water is
to he used is lescribed .is follows:—
•i" acres of N.E. | Twp, s'.. Sec. II,
Range 6, sixth meridian,
9. Tin- notice was pe.sted on the
ground on the 28th day uf .July. 1914
10. A copj "f tins notice and an
ippltcatlon  pursuant  thereto ami tu
the   requirements of the   "Water Act"
if Water Rc-
it V»rnon,B.<".   (injections may
d witb the' said w it>'t 1 :■•<-. • .i.-r,
• . the     Comptroller .'f     Water
Parlian lings,    Vic-
for garden and farm oro best
for B C soil See Catalogue foT
solid guarantee of purity
and germination
Send now for Copy free
Sutton iSent TheKin£'sSoedmon
If m n ei i ,,£   r. t. yt lond
A    J   Woodward
Je c I oe e n       &        Vancouver
efc I 1  Wort   Sr 617 Granville Sr
leic agents roe sp'thk Columbia
The first fruits of the heralded
prosperity that the opening of tho
Panama canal is to bring to the
province of British Columbia, was
seen this week when four wholesale
lumber buyers, representing four of
the largest lumber concerns in tho
Eastern states, completed arrangements   foe    the      purchase   of  several
shiploads of choice British Columbia
lumber, to he delivered nt the wharf
at Vancouver for shipment. The object ami destination of the heavy
purchases made during last week was
not disclosed until the identity ot
the     buy ers     was   made   known   hy   n
well-known Seattle lumberman, The
lumber will probably he among the
first commercial cargoes to he carried hy way of the canal from the Pacific coast  to the  Atlantic, states.
With the object    of supplying   tho
Atlantic states with high-grade British Columbia cedar shingles,  Messrs,
\li.watt St Co., are now erecting a
large shingle mill at Powell lake, in
the lieait of one of t.he largest areas
of cedar in the province. News to
the provincial timber department
sbuws that work on the mill is rapidly making progress, and thc mill,
which will employ over 1DU men, will
start cutting shingles in September.
As the best proof of the gigantic market 'opened up for British Columbia
shingles in the east, the entire output
ol the Mowatt mill has heen contract-
id for by eastern distributors.
"I would not be at all surprised to
see by Christmas time this year 20
ships employed in carrying lumber
out of Vancouver to thc Eastern
states," declared Timber Inspector
Ceorge 1). McKay today, when Informed ol the active buying of car -
goes for the opening of thc Panama
( anal.
Not only is there a great demand
for large timbers in the cast such ns
ran he best supplied by thc giant fir
trees of the Pacific coast, but owing
to the beautiful grain and figuring of
the local fir, an extensive market is
waiting to he supplied with interior
taiish of good quality.
It is regarded as likely that coast
lumbering will he prolonged into the
winter season this year to cope with
the demand for lumber that Is now
i omlng ia from the east.
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Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Williams Paints.
Kootenay, Saskalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
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LooK. For
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a «»mm* st
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information—we
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To Prosecute io
Bush Fire tes
ii -   wiil   be   pi impt.
will be  i  ■      ■
In   the mliei
he Ihe >li
u^il kind   lluil  ivi'l work   up
i>- hIiIv .uni  rapidly.     I < i
t Imik   we   had   bei tei    have   the
ordei '
General Blacksmith
l.iRht anil  heavy Wagons  lu;ht ami heavy
Sleighs, Buggies Cutters, Plows. I fnrrown
Farm Implements, ttosjont made and rsiialr^
AKont for John Deere antl Company and International Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
PK1C1-.    f> I.B   IRON   %S 90
It is not ;i mark ol ireeding
to write visiting cards
r."t   tin   • TV-fail I' raid
put   you   right 'I
price   will not
your   exi heq » i Wr
print in the besl tyl<
Wholesale prosecutions of prrsons
who leave camp lires alive, or who in
other ways carelessly cause forest
Pres, ire to be instituted hy the
forestry department, was announced
by Timber Inspector Geo. D. McKay.
"The department Is getting tired of
putting fires out that other people
start through their carelessness,"said
the official in Intimating that tactics
will now be employed to make those
who use the woods for work or
I leasure take more cure to prevent
forest   ires.
Under the  forest  act, a  maximum
fine i'f 82iifi may he Imposed on those
found guilt)    .f causing lires.  In view
i the Kreat damage that can he done
i h Ure, and tbe great cost of
nr Ares, even where little loss
to timber   Is occasioned, the depart-
proposes  t.i  make  use    of
he punll iv -■■! tions .if the act.
prospectors and campcr« are     not
m -■ as many   believe,
[fl ; ■ ■ te.i   McKay,   On the   con-
i|    In e   i ,',,. pii,|,,.|  pre
The chiel
ild    t..    be the    bo-
e  • Willi  work
i' Ion '• imps.
. amp they
Ih   in  utter
■ ■ ■  ■ to I be t im
ef   i he eountr]     oi   t he
nd     roporty ot the
MOB!       "I      Hi"      tiri'S
latel]     have
irW "ee|      ll IM
■   batch   "f
■  found.
We Vrint
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memorial!! Cards   -   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mail-Herald Electric Vress
Revelstoke,  3.  C.
Phone No. 8
New Stamp Mill
Built at Kamloops
Within a few miles of Kamloops, a.
sta'ii|i mill has heen established and
will be in full Working order next
Monday. Prom time to time, prospects have heen made, likely properties tested and assays taken, t.he results in most eases being that mineral  in  paying     quantities     has been I
leeiind. With the completion of the j
Btamp mill now being erected hy O.
8, Bachelor and his associates on the
formers' homestead land tome three
.mil's north of Kamloops, on the west
1 ank of the North Thompson river,
the mining industry should receive a
big  Impetus  and  the  further  develop- |
eiieiit  of the many rich properties in
the viclnitj   encouraged,    There are,!
it  is said,    over 18   good prdpertles
from   which  free      milling  ore  can  he
taken,  some  nf  them  Showing  hit,'  as
: ays f"i gold.
,« All   chanRCs   of   advertise-
|Sj ments    must   positively      he
Si handed  into  this     office  by
jSl Monday cvcninR in order thnt
S] the    change  shnll   appear   in
Si Wednesday's  issue,    and   nny
SI changes   intended  for   Satur-
Si day's issue must he handed in
Si not later     thnn      Thursday
Si evening of ench week.
Si S Bl SI Si SI li Si Si SI Si Si SI Si «
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want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
■ e.r, |ony
ind  thi   I Prank
i ipii illst, and
.'.    Mi H                ■ Bank   "f
-...*   Me, ,u,      W ilea,   both   "f   Sydney,
e        •  ret   as
thej     had
nnen,    Phe*j   predicted   i   irreat   future
t ii the iiiniiii'i tween Aus-
t. ilifl  nnd     Bi mbla.      Mr.
i e,n j en mlj  ol    ' h    'ipinlon that
i e ills    ihould   mhstdizc  the  Cans
dl ,n Vital i.iii in  line   u   New '/■
lot      'inl then more ipnce could     he
found   on the liners   lor cargo from
i m  i end .ef the k ingaioo.
Beveral black  hears have been   observed "ii the outskirts of Coquitlam
during the fast few days. line day
list   week   one   hrtlln   was   noticed     to
he marveling at the vocal powers of
,. tiny terrlei mar the Junction ho-
tel, 'in Saturday morning another
spent quite a few minutes on the Pitt
river road flats, but bad vanished before Mt. Mai Marshall, sr., was able
• ■• i the peneti itlve powers of a
i licet from his run. Still another was
 n by Mr? H Whlttlngton on Monti iv morning This fellow was in dan-
gerous proximity to Engineer Verners
I 'ends.
filiating I'll I for Women.. J.ri a box or threofOf
jiu. Hold ut nil Jirup Btores. or mulled to any
addraion receipt of price. Tut SoobkU. Dkikj
Co , st. CaUtarlnea, Ontario.	
Vitnlftv.for Nerve and Ilrain; incream-ej "j:rey
matter ; a Tonic - will Imilil you up. t'.i h liox.or
two for j.',. at Unit.' Mores, of by mail on receipt
of price. Tim BCOBELL Hiiro "Co.. St. Oitlmrini*
News comes from Molson, Wash.,
that on Wednesday Joe Chesaw, a
half-blood Chinese Indian, came into
town with live bottles of Canudian
liquor, and on heinc asked by the
l'nited States customs official to pay
duty struck the officer a heavy Mow
on thc head, cuttinp and bruising him
badly. Joe then escaped and is now
being hunted  for.
\ SATURDAY, AUGUST 1.  1911.
What is Doing in the Province
This year the apple i rop n t>,8
Kootenay and Boundary will he over
1011 carloads.
A Had death, through accidental
poisoning, took place on Friday at
Pentloton, the victim being the little
two yeur old child of Mr. and Mrs.
Mueller. It, appears that tho little
fellow swallowed some liillH which he
found,  with the  fatal  results stated.
Announcement is made i,y i'.e N,l-
Bon chief of police that the '*ew i y-
law of the city, which '.ills ? ei- r'nl-
drcn of tender age not In tho t.m-
pany of their parent or ,'i.u' li oi, lo
ho ofl the streets by 8:15 mVIo'M In
the evening will be strictly ei'creed
iu the future.
Jack Hindi, of the Newcastle hole)
at Nanaimo. whose  eat  has been ;>..rs-
ing the baby cougar lately raptti.*3d
by James Craig, at Parksvlllo, I ..s
sold the young feline to W. AnlfJWB
of the Central hotel, who intend, to
send it over to Vancouver as a surprise to liis wife.
John Robinson, of Peachland, who
is a veteran e.f the Fenian raid nl
I860, received last week a medal ami
broach made of bronz from Nelson's
I'agship Victory Mr. Robinson was
stationed with the troops at Qoderlch
hut the only time they came in contact with the Fenians was near Ma-
jara. when the enemy was soon overcome.
An exceptionally tine crop of raspberries has heen grown this year, thc
fruit being large and of very superior
flavor. Salmon valley always shows
trisdoin ln one thing at hast. She
never puts in Interior stock; ami she
reaps her reward, for whilst low
prices have . uly heen obtained in
other districts for fruit, the very best
have been tecured in that valley.
Apple and plum shipments from the
Vernon district will be begun about
August I, by the Vernon Fruit Union
The last fortnight has heen quiet, only two or three carloads of vegetal.les
and an OCC islonal mixed carload being forwarded, hut express shipments
have been numerous, Duchess and
Transparent apples will bc the first
to ripen In that  part'of tbe Okanagan
Imring the past we'k several prospective buyers have visited the Mara
district. The opportunity with com-
parlson with conditions in other parts
of the valley is good this season, the
ci.eps in this district having suffered
comparatively little from the hot dry
spell of weather which has prevailed
for the last few Weeks. Land buyers
are gradually awakening to the fact
Hint the Mara Grinwood districts offer exceptional advantages, and good
Duncnn Campbell Scott, deputy
surveyor general of Indian affairs, has
gone to Prince Rupert. He stated
tiiat he Intended to meet thc chiefs of
the Indian tribes around Prince Ru-
pert and Port Simpso.i to discuss a
number of questions witb them. He
will also meet sevecal of the tribes
is the interior before returning to
Vuncouver. Tbe Indian commissioners are in the north country, but their
inquiry is in no way associated with
thc Information being sought by the
department head.
Hon. Martin llurrell visited Ender
by and addressed a meeting ol his
constituents lu the opera house lu
the ift.tnoon. The audience gave
bim an enthusiastic welcome. The
member for the district reviewed the
work of the session and impressed
upon the audience that Canada's
grsatnSM lay in her agricultural development more than in anything else
and outlined the steps thut thc premier was taking to assist the provincial authorities in this department.
The member, in speaking of the present bard tln.es, believed that the outlook whb Improving and that a return
to former prosperity was not very
far distant.
Home consternation was caused at
Sea Otter Cove, near Helia Coola, thc
other day hy a cougar attacking the
10 year old son of Mr. Fredcrlckson.
The  monster  came  out    of  the  bush
00 to the beach and sprang at     the
1 oy,   who in the ensin iggle  was
scratched and mauled iat inr   badly,
but Was, however, saved from further
harm hy the appearance of several
persons attracted to I In SCSne by tbe
i lies.      The OOUgar    vanished  for      n
time, hut reappeared some hours iat
BT, staying in lhe vicinity of Mr.
KrederiekHiin's  house for quite n long
while   prohabl)  In the expectation ol
it.mie   youthful   and   easy   pny.    There
isa growing alarm In the neighborhood and residents ate taking prs
cautionary measures for the protection of th'- children.
The lirst annual tlower show, un
dor thc uli9plces of thc Prince Rupert
Horticultural society will be held in
the spaolOUS offices of the hoard of
trade on August 12. Prizes are otler-
ed for 38 Moral exhibits.
On and after September I next, a
supreme court registry will he established at Fort George in the county
of Cariboo, to be known as the Fort
Qeorge registry. This announcement
was made in the current Issue of the
p. c. Gazette,
Mary's river about four miles west
ol St. Eugene mission grounds. Some
Uu or 4H locutions were staked. The
,-ui'face gravel was panned and in all
cases line gold was found, with Borne
samples running us high  as 20  cents.
Mining prospects in the Baker region seem to he brighter than for
some time hack. Several parties of
prospectors have been working on
claims on   the Red mountain and in
the Hold Basin ledge and the showing bus been good enough to attract
Inspection from Mr. Crosslnnd, the
government  mining expert.
five hundred feet of casing on the
ground. The game laws are being
well obssrved in this district, as thc
leading citizens are old timers who
are broad gauge enough to think of
the future.
The citizens .if llosmei have arranged to hold a large mass meeting
relative  to   the   future   welfare  o'  thu
community, resultant, upon the action
of the Canadian Pacilic railway closing down the mines there, and thus
rendering property appraised at half
a million dollars absolutely worth -
Residents of Mission municipality
an petitioning the Dominion government to construct a dyke along the
Fraser river lands. The grounds for
the petition are that the river is under the jurisdiction of thc Dominion
government and much of (he lands
subject to overflow is the property of
lhe federal  government.
There was great, rejoicing among
lhe public school pupils and their par-
nils at Chilliw.-irk when it was lcurn-
ed that Mr, Calvert's entrance class
lad  passed, almost the hundred   per
cent ..f the candidates writing. With
one [allure in three years Mr. Calvert,
rot Ires from public school work In
Chilltwack with a record established
that  will possibly stand for some time
That conditions in Nanaimo arc
generally on a most satisfactory basis
when all the circumstances are considered, and that the outlook is most
promising, is the opinion of J.W. Co-
1 urn, one of the prominent lumber
operatois of the island. Mi. Ooburn
gives a .Iat. denial to rumors current
tothe ell'ecl that members of the United Mine Workers' union havo boon
drilling with the idea of again pitting
themselves against, the constituted
ruthorltles of the country.
There was considerable excitement
in Cranbrook during the past week,
which caused a stampede to a gold
Held on St. Mary's river. J. Buck-
land and D. Sutherland came into
Cranbrook on Sunday with samples
of placer gold. On Monday morning,
uftor tbe whereabouts of the new fields
had leaked out, the grand rush took
place. Automobiles, wagons nnd cay-
uscs, laden with prospectors went to
Ihe Holds on the south  hank of    St.
The raspberry crop this season has
leen .-, prolific one throughout the
ChiUlwack district, hundreds of
quarts being picked and canned or
sold to the markets outside thc valley. The Producers' Exchange, alone,
during the height of tho season shipped  nut daily  about  IHO cases. Black-
j berries aie now on the market and
aie   reported   to  ho  fully as good     a
11 rop as raspberries.
Game Warden C. F. Lewis and F.
Harmer returned on Monday from a
week's trip through thc Flathead
territory. They report game being
very plentiful, the country being very
highly charged with white-tailed deer.
At one camp these animals arc so
tame that they came to the hack door
to he fed. \t the camp of the Flathead Petroleum company a small sawmill is in operation and comfortable
cabins have been erected for thc employee's and their families. This company have a standard drilling rig and
A. fire of Incendiary origin at an
early hour Sunday morning destroyed u Chicken house together with 250
chickens, the property of Mrs. John
Stevens, of tlie Five Aero Lots, Na-
naiino. Mrs. Stevens was awakened
short h after three o'clock hy the
crackling of Haines and upon making
investigation discovered the chicken
house   a   mass   of   Humes.    She    gave
the alarm and neighbors   responding
saved   the   residence    and    thor    out-
l uildings from destruction,   The loss
was "dOOn  with no insurance.
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F. A. Brewer left Hazelton on Tuesday for the Groundhog district wdiere
he will prospect during the summer.
He was accompanied hy Aid. G.
Kerr, of Prince Rupert, who took a
small crew in to complete the trail
which is to connect the coalfield with
the telegraph trail, between sixth and
seventh cabins. The trail will reach
the Skeena via Currier creek, which
ih the probable route for the P.P.R.
k A. railway. Pete Enoch was in
charge of the pack train which accompanied tho party.
There is talk of forming a    chess
club at Coquitlam.  A  number of de-
votees of tho old game are enthusiastic about tho idea and hope their
wishes will materialize in the organization o f a strong club. The rumor
that the players will muster in check
suits and caps on club nights is without foundation, although it appears
to be likely that all members will
have to steal their entrance to the organization with a slip from their
check hooks
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Phone 46—276,   Night Phone 840
J. li. 0URTI8
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,   Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Coal mining rights ol thc Dominion
in Manitoha, Saskatchewan and Al-
lerta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province ol Uritish Co-
lumbla, may he issued (or o term ot
twenty-one yeart at an annual rental of jl an acre. Not more than
2,880 acres will he leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must he made
hy the applicant in person to the
Agent or Bub-Agent ol the district
in which the rights applied [or are
The lease will include the coul mining rights only, but the lessee may
he permitted t.> purchase whatever
available surface rights may he considered necssnrv Jor the working of
the mine at tbe rate ol 110.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
re described by sections, or legal
subdivisions of sections, and in nn-
eurveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out tiy tbe applicant himself.
Bach sppllecatletra must he accompanied by a fee of IS which will be refunded if tbe rights applied for are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
• royalty shall he paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of tive cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable Coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
rights arc not being operated, such
teturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
phould bc made tn th^ Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, nr to the Ager.t or Bub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
SATURDAY,  AilUlUST 1,  1914.
Che flftaiUlbevalb
■interior flMtbltsbtng Company
;-*   G. ROOKE, Manager and Editor.
SATURDAY,  AUGUST 1,   1914.
.■ ■  thri iw ing open lor set! lemrot ol
ei     eighteen hundred acres    ol
-. the    Dominion     railway belt
itary to    RevelBtoke  is   another
-■•;   forward     in tbe progress ol the
ity.   Tin' lands surrounding     Revol-
■  ...    eic admirably Bultod lor agricultural purposes nnd Mr, R.F.Green
e tltzed the Importance to     tbe
>ity e.i milking them available    for
settlement and the Buccess ol his el-
forts in  this direction     have already
een  ol much  uenefit.   BucceBBlul agriculture is one ol    the chief foundations ol prosperity, and when the ter-
inds surrounding Revelstoke are
populated  with  numerous prosperous
Fettlers, as thej  soon will be, anotb-
■:  great source "I    wealth   and pro-
egress will bave been added t" the resources uf the district.
The excursion under the auspices ol
ml ol trade to Trout l.uke,
Ferguson and Gerrard In the early
part ol the summer was an unqualified success. It was not only a delightful trip, but it demonstrated t.he in-
terest felt by the business men of
Revelstoke in the progress of the
mining Industry and Bhowed their iic-
Fire to cultivate a friendly under -
standing and to co operate in all tbat
would be ol advantage to the district.
to discuss what can he done to secure
and develop foreign markets for tho
product ol tho mills of British Columbia. This is a matter of much
importance and one which the open -
Ing Ol thn Panama canal makes particularly timely. Already Hoveral ship
loads ol lumber and shingles have
leen contracted lor with a view to
shipment through the Panama canal,
and the possibilities for extensive development of the foreign trade in
lumber are extremely bright. In a
recent issue of the Ottawa Journal
reference was made to the development nl trade with the West. Indies,
and   it      was  stated  that  the hulk  ot
the trade ol those islands in lumber
is with the United States. It is upwards of 82,000,000 annually. The
Journal expressed the opinion that
the preference, secured by sir George
Poster am! incorporated Into the
West ineha trade agreement, will have
the eflecl   Ol  gaining  the  greater  part
• ef tins business for British Columbia,
now      that    the      Panama  canal  will
shortly   be available  for  traffic,     lt
Only hall nl it can be secured (or
Uritish Columbia mills, it would he a
very valuable addition to their busi-
■less and give 8 substantial stimulus
to the lumber industry of the interna', not only because the mills ol tbo
Interior would secure part ol this
business hut also because a foreign
market for the product ol the coast
mills would tend to decrease the
competition ol coast lumber for tbe
trade ol the prniricB.
a.m., Morning prayer and Holy Communion; 7:30 p.m., Evening prnyer
and sermon
Methodist church, McKenzie Ave.,
Pastor, Rev, Lashley Hall. Sunday
services arc held as follows:—11,a.m.
Sermon preceded by tive minute ad -
dress to juniors; 7:30 p.m., Summer
Vesper services: 2:30 p.m. Sunday
school and Bible classes. You will bo
welcomed at any or all oi the services.
0. T. Bibb President and Manager of Multiplex Company-
Mining Revival Expected
Not only are the godless of Calgary
prevented from buying soft drinks
nnd ice cream on Sunday, but bo far
this year most of the hottest days
have heen Sundays, That's rubbing
it  in.—Calgary Herald.
Tonight the feature picture at the
Empress theatre will he a drama in
two parts "The Great Gold Robbery"
Two other reels "Jealousy and Giant
Powder,"    and    " Ike  (lets  a   Coat."
will also he shown.
On   Monday      night a   great,  comedy
drama will he shown "When the Glrle
Joined   the  Force,"      with  two  other
good  eels.
on Tuesday night the feature   will
I i' a  two  part   picture  "In   the  Wolf's
Fung"    On    Wednesday      night   " The
Blood Test." on Thursday night,
"The  Burning   Train"  in    two parts,
aad on Friday, :' Lucille Love," this
great story has been mentioned he
line  as  .'Hilling.
Bach night there will of course he
additional pictures all of which are
said to he highly praised wherever
Vi. A. Smith announces tlie hooking
of the great  play "Peg O'  My Heart"
Visit to Revelstoke
Will be Postponed
Owing to the sudden return of the
Duke of Connaught to Ottawa from
Banff, bis visit to Revelstoke on Sunday, August IH is not expected to
take place. A.h'. Kincaid, president
ot the Conservative Association had
invited him to take an automobile
trip up the Mount Revelstoke road
and Mayor McKinnon nnd Mrs. F.H.
S, Md.can had invited the duke and
duchess and Princess Patricia to be
i nests of the citizens of Revelstoke
while in  the city.
A  visitor from  Kastern  Cnnndu,  on
\isirim;  the  public golf course a few
The trip to     Camborne     should he   ,. ,vs ago ami seeing the linkB crowil-
equally     successful.   Camborne     has ed remarked ,,n the great spread   of
atold mineral wealth and unbounded  f0" i,s " ,av"rit" f"r"' "f recreation
In  Canada during the past few vears.
possibilities   and   the   tiusini'ssinen     of  *
i Helllg a   medical   man   he   referred      to
Revelstoke areas eager as the actual lf ,,s l„,|,,L, tll(, |(|im| fnrn   of ^^
residents ol    the camp   to    see that i ise for i.eeth  fnik employed chiefly at
-needy development which the richness "l,iri* ""'   Inside    work ol sedentary
.,, the territory amplj  warrants. The *"''"'"•   " "»« « beneficial effect upon
rile nerves,  the  mind and  the body he
excursion planned tor this month will
mike the  possibilities e.f the district
nore definitely understood,  will pro-
tin- cordial Bentitnent  that   already exists  between the people     ol
Camborne and those •■[     Kevelstoke.
■ nd will tend to advance the develop
ent    'f the district.
natntained    Saskatoon star.
iWTtlo], li
st.  Francis cburcb,  McKenzie Ave.
. nd Fifth Btreet. P istor, Rev.   J. C.
j MacKem.nv    Sun.In     -■ !.. -.v
                                     ■'           •           ■::.  and
THE MAKKtl  l*UK Lunr._i\        >r,,t>       .  .
en   will  the  result   ol the In-   f*nedlct
Picnic Great Success
(Continued  Irom  Faee One.)
Hobson   ami   Cordon   Young.
Men's lace open. -1st prise, S1O.O0
worth 'if laundry, donated liy Revel-
stoke Steam laundry, won by Fred
McMahOI .      Jnd   prize,   set  of  razors.
given !.y Lawrence     Hardware   company, won ii>  K. G. McRae.
Both  winners    were  undei a  bandl-
; three yards.
Girls      under       lii—1st   prize,   salad
bowl, donated by Geo. Bell, won   hy
Morgan; 2nd prize, pair gloves
'.■•ij and      Young, wo
-• pi'ize, pair rases
'.< I   SOI       K  II     ley   In
Ind prize,  mirror,  given
O.T. Hibb, F.M, Lyttle and Joseph
Sjlevenson ol Revelstoke, with Bdrlc
B. Smith ol Snn Francisco, und F.G,
Wrightson of Golden, wore elected directors of the Multiplex Mining, Milling & Power company nt the statu -
tory meeting of the company hold at
Revelstoke on July '-'7. The otlicers
Ol  the company are:
0. T.  Ilihh—President, and manager,
15, B, Smith—Nice President,
p. M, Lyttle—Secretary.
The secretary, who bus recently arrived In Revelstoke, has great, faith
ill the future of this country. He has
I andleil mining stocks iu Boston und
New York, for a number of years and
lias visited  numerous      mining  ramps
all over the country, but says that be
h».s never seen a country where there
are so many opportunities as the
RevelBtoke district   oilers.    Mr    Lyttlo
believes that the RevelBtoke district
is on tlie verge of a great mining
<fContinued  from  Page One.)
The scope ol enquiry endorsed upon
the commissions, authorizes the commission: (I) To enquire Into the suitability of the Constitution Act dealing with the creation and the establishment of provincial clcctorinl districts and defining the boundaries
thereof; 2) the best method of subdividing the province into new electoral districts, and also defining the
boundaries of new districts having
regard to area, population, natural
resources, industrial development.,
community Of interest, and existing
conditions; i'ii the classification of
electoral districts for purposes of
representation; (1) the representation
in the legislative assembly to be al-
lowed to each electoral district,
i The itinerary of the commissioners
is as follows:
Thc commission will proceed
eastward il.mg the main line to
Northeast   Kootenay and from Oolden
down to Windermere valley to Cran-
l.rook, thence westward to Nelson
i nd into the Boundary district on to
the the Simllkameen and Okanagan
Ing Government License, can supply
nil kinds of help for farmcrB, railway
constrnctors, logging camps land
clearers, sawmills, and odd jobs
mound the city. Send your applications to Roy Smythe, Revelstoke.
Post cards of Mount RevelBtoke
park nt Macdonald's drug store.
Look I Look!—yes you can if you
get those glasses fitted at J. Guy
Revelstoke pennants, small nnd
large at Macdonald's drug store.
Gait coal is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
A Double House on McKonssio avenue. Sale will take place on tho Kith
of August. Building must, be removed from present site before tho 30th
of September, p.m i.
The house will be sold to tho highest bidder. Those who have a vacant lot now have the chance of a life
time. Live in thc one side and rent
tho other to your friend. Present owner, T.  ED. Taylor.
Agent,  J. D.  Sibbald,
Ag.l,2t.n.p. Revelstoke, If. 0.
FOR RBNT— Rooms to rent witb
hoard. Near post oilice, excellent
cook,     moderate      terms. Apply
8. Gale,  Rokeby avenue. t.f.n.p.
TO LET—Front room on Third street
ahout a block east of McKenzie iiv-
enue. .lentIonian preferred. Apply
W.S,  in  care  Mail Herald.       t.f.n.p.
FOR SALE—New four-hole cooking
stove with reservoir. Western Croon
Apply S. Gale,   Rokehv A,v.    t.f.n.p.
FOR SALE—Two dozen young pure
bred laying chickens, price ?! each.
Write P.O.  Box  162. J.2i».np.
WANTED To RENT—House, furnished preferred. Apply Box K., Mail-
FOR RFNT—Four room houso, bath
room. '817.50 per month, on Second street, next to Union Cigar
store. Apply McRae Mercantile
Company. t.f.n.p.
FOR   RBNT—Comfortable    home    on
McKenzie   avenue. Apply  W.  M.
Lawrence. t.f.n.p.
TO I JOT—Spacious well lighted offices
to let.      Apply Forest Mills of B.O,
Limited. t.f.-.i.p.
Large tract of good [arming land
row open for free settlement in Oregon. Over 200,000 acres in all. Good
climate, rich soil, and does not require irrigation to raise finest crops
of grain, fruit and garden truck. For
large map, full instructions and Information, and a plat of several sections of exceptionally good claims,
send $3.40 to John Keefe; Oregon
City, Oregon. Three years a U. S.
surveyor and timbcrman. An opportunity to get n good fertile tree
homestead near town and market.
j    Aug.  .".i.n.p.
Deposit Claimed by
Revelstoke Team
ten ii I  hy  Mr.  l: 1-"
■'"■■-      "■'    '*""-'•   Fo8ter :*"'* the   to 8.   Weeks days:-Ma«s every morn-
tlsh I lolumbla     tin   ing at 7
watched with create*!    nterest  than in   •v«ss.   First  Fridays—Mass  at
Kevelstoke.      Thl
.,re int'.u. e.t.e;\  conm ct th
of tbe luml ■
: :-...t  n ay tend I      i  •
gross ot thi
■  •     ■  ■
• ■
The  following     telegram  has    been
.•••nt  to the president of tbe B. C. In-
terior baseball league:
Mr. K. (*. McDonald,
Vernon, B. ('.
Kamloops unit  in  sixth   inning  yesterday,   md  we had to refund  money
. n     account   of    their   dirty   tactics.
Wells  wouldn't allow his  men  to finish game   as we had them thirteen to
one,    We contend Revelstoke has right
■li'pe.sit, an they absolutely   quit,
nd   they  cannot  claim  cup.      Would
like to hear from you.
K.G. McRae, Sec.-Treas.
Negligee Shirts
Straw Hats
We  have them both in
McKinnon & Sutherland
First Street Revelstoke, B.C.
> r
won   by
| Mrs.   Holte -.'  w..rth  ol
■.in   by
..       .:
K. Bennett
e    I
.'      .. ■ . ..,.,      .
\    I! ibson   C.   B
.' .  ■ •■
Barber coach.
The    ' .^S'ied       n
challenge to the winr.' ;n». r
national tug    '   •      »H<l la  '»
ver, *'.
■ PLA1 HBRK WKI'NM;-!|,\ ,;
The   first   Incr'issc       match     to      hr
played with an outside team this seaton win be pulled "I on 'Wednesday
n ith the  Vernon  Intei medl ite
li t.i in.'dial.'   champion:    of   tin-  (>k)i n- ■      .^^^^^^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^e^e^e^M
,  ,   , nnd  .lap matting nt Howson s.
i gun       valley.    Hevclstoke   ,;rts   a   in
turn inatcii with Vernon. |   Bmytbe'a Employment Office, bold-
A Public Meeting will be held at
the Court House, Revelstoke, on Saturday evening, August 1st, 1914, at
8:30 by request of the Redistribution
All parties interested are requested to attend.
Government Agent.
Foresters Defeated
By Cricket Club
■   ■ be beginnh f t be week     the
Revelstoke cricket  club  deteated   the
liai   I irder ol Forest* rs on    tbe
:     ■    .als  by   l~  runs.
tnnl MI..   Martin  r.
ell  ie  Maley .11,  F.s.  Saunders
■••     Wintl.y     c,
dale]   I      K W     Sankey   b
0    H    Morgan   n  Maley 0.  W.
H    Ro • -"it  'i    V,    Watson b
ulltvan b Hartley   0,
rtley 0   v\    Parker b
• **    Field   e   Hartley  b
Byi rota! 73.
'     Innings   L    w    Wood    b
ankej I   M    Field  b  Martin   \~.
■'.   Rothwell I. -lankey 0, F ll   Bourne
I ■•>   11    it   Dabell   c'
i    Mali i    re
tin-d 22.   A.K   Davej b Martin 7. 0,
Martin   I I,   R  I    Italian) b
e    k   Fleetham not  out    10,
• i jo
I'oiiltrv food, lice ,. w'Iit, dlslnfec-
tnnis. all kinds, at Macdonald's
drug iton
i.nwn furniture greatly reduced,
hammocks hall price al  Howion'i,
i.il   special prices  on   Rnttnn   chairs
Notice is hereby given that water
■ iiust only be used for tbe above purposes between the hours ol 7 and 'j
p.m. The penalties ol tbe water bylaw v ill be stnrtly enforced with
those not complying with this order,
■ . ral reports have been lodged
where wntoi has been allowed to run
night    md   day.
Victoria, B.C.
Sept. 21 to 26, 1914
Exceptional! Cash Prises in all
competitions, a list of which,
containing nil Information will
lm foiwiiiiliil*on application,
Hull' Fare Rates over 0. P. II.
lines from  as  far  east   as   INnt
Art line, particulars of which
imi v be obtained from any 0, P.
H. Agent.
Do not miss tht* splendid opportunity of seeing the Pacific
Coast, as well as winning honors
with youi' stock aii'l other entries in the National show
Special extractions
Horse Races  Daily   for  Seven
Display of Horsemanship, etc.,
hy specially selected corps ol
Royal Northwest Mounted
Hist Highlanders1 Band of
Hamilton. Out., ami other high-
class musical organisations,
Bronoo Busting and Wild
Horse R<aolng Daily.
Polo Tournament for Northwest Championship.
Horse   Show    sessions    every
Stock Parades Daily.
Pull details furnished by mail
from otiicos of it. c. Agricultural Association.
Have vou arranged for your
Fruit, Vegetable and Egg
Boxes and Crates
for this season.   If not order
AT ONOE  from
Salmon Arm, B. C.
Rough Dry
Our Kniiph Dry Depart ment. will
lie ready for business July 18th.
Rough Di y consists of washing,
starching and drying with the
Hal work (counterpaneR, sheets,
etc.) Ironed and all starch work
starched anil ready for ironing.
Everything Coos Through
for Three Cents a  Piece
By the Rough Dry method you
can have your washing done
cheaper, anil it. does away with
Ine wash tub and the work,
worry and steam of a wash day.
Cut down jrnur fuel lull hy sending your washing to the
Everyone invited to inspect our
Purses!       Purses!
Best Quality at Half Price
For   One   Week   Onljr
J, Guy Barber, Mckenzie avenue SATURDAY,  A.UGUST 1,  1911.
paoh riva
Kamloops Team Turns
Game Into Farce
Refuse to Plajr Ball When Outmatched by Revelstoke     Go Down  Before Baby Giants
Fans   Disgusted With   Unsportsman Like Action    ,    by Two to Nothing Score
Revelstoke Wins Easy Victory -Game on Monday
The hitsehaii game yesterday between Kamloops anil Hevclstoke, ns
tar as it went resulted in a score ol
IS  to   I   in   favor  of   Kevelstoke.      Ia
»he beginning oi    the   sixth   Innlug,
"Wells, the captain of the Kaniloops
'cam threw up the game hy instruct-
ing his men not to try to put out any
of the Revelstoke men and they followed his instructions to the letter
hy  playing  with  the  hall  and  tOBSlng
it to one another.
The fans ol Revelstoke were all disgusted with Weils' method of playing
lall and declare that then has heen
nothing hut trouble with him all thc
'.one he has heen playing with the
The Kiimc hy Innings was as follows:—
Kamloops—Mohler safe on Sprang-
er'B errir; /.ilka sacrifices; Wells singles; Mohler comes home; Cornell Hied
out to Killeen; Williams struck out.
J   run,  1  hit, 1  error.
Kevelstoke—Parent  out,  Gravlln  to
Holmes;  Spranger   struck out;      Old-
beld tlied out to Wells,   nr. lib. Oe.
Kamloops—Peters     two   base    hit;
Holmes   'truck  out;  Gravlin  out Old-
held to    Spranger,   liatcbelor struck
nit.   dr. Oh. 0«
Revelstoke—Merry-j-o-round, seven
Kamloops—Mohler tlied out to Old-
field; /.ilka tlied out to Patent; WcllB
-truck out.   Or. Oh. Oe,
Kevelstoke—Barnstead singles; Kil-
ii'iii struck out; Dudley Hied out to
Holmes ,vho puts Barnstead out at
1st.   Hr. Oh. Oe.
Kamloops—Cornell tlied out to
Barnstead; Williams struck out; Peters hiiiL-hs; Peters out Dudley to
Oldfield.   Or.  lb. oe.
Kevelstoke— Webb three base hit;
home on      passed  hall;  Parent struck
■ut, Burns singled; Oldfield hit     by
pitcher;  Pulley singles went to third
■n Batchelors error; Uuins came
home on pnsscl hall; Derr out Mohler to Holmes; Barnstead out to
Holmes.   4r.  lb. Del
Kamloops — Holmes    struck    out;
Gravlln out,  Derr to Dudley;  Butche-
lor Blnglea; Zilka out Derr to Dudley
Or. Ih. Oc.
Revelltoke—Killeen out, Williams
to Holmes; Dudley walks goes to
second on passed hall; Webb 3 hase
tut; Dudley comes home; Webb goes*
to thirl on passed ball, out stealing
ti<.me. Parent walked stole second;
Burns walks; Parent stole third; Old-
'.• II singles; Burns goes to third;
Parent comes home; Oldfield steals
second; Pulley walks; Derr struck out
■Jr.  '.'h.   He.
Kamloops  —  Holmes    struck     out;
QraVlln  out,  Derr to  Dudley;  Batche-
lor  singles;   /.ilka   out,   Den   to   Ihnl
hy.    or.   111.  He.
Revelstoke—Killeen out,     Williams
to 11 nl mi's; Dudley wull'.s, goes to'-'nd
on   passed   hall;     iVchh  two  bnsc  hit;
Dudley comes homo; Wi hh goes third
on pass'I hall, out stealing home.
Parent walked stole second: Burns
walks; Patent, stole third; Oldfield
singles; Hums goes to third; Parent
con.es home; Oldfield steals second,
Pulley walks; Derr struck out. 2r.
2h.  He.
Owing to the lateness of the hour,
when the game ended, thc two events
left over from thc met chants picnic
were not pulled oft. They were thc
ladies throwing baseball for prizes
donated hy the Union hotel and the
Sugar Bowl, and the hiscuit eating
lontcst. for prizes donated hy Walter
Hews and   H.  Manning.
To the Editor Mail-Herald:—
Sir,—As enthusiastic supporters ol
dean sport, wc wish to express
through the medium of your paper
our feelings of disgust, at the dis-
giaceful exhibition at thc ball park
on Friday evening.
i Manager Wells of thc Kamloops
baseball club has shown himself
throughout the season to be utterly
devoid of the elementary principles Ol
sportsmanship and the ordinary conduct of a gentleman, His childish actions in calling hiB team oil the Held
at a previous game and his continual
bickering were fitting preliminaries to
Friday's  fiasco.
Thc citizens of Revelstoke have
proven themselves consistent supporters of good clean sport, and deserve
•nore consideration than bus been
shown them hy Manager Wells and
the Kamloops hall team. The spirit
shown hy Manager Wells when a sub-
seantiiil lead was established by the
Revelstoke team in instructing his
I layers to "rag" the game cannot be
too heartily condemned and we bold
him wholly responsible for this. We
suggest that in the interests of baseball and to restore the amicable relations which have always existed between Kamloops and Kevelstoke in
the past, that there is nly one course open to the citizens of 'Camloops,
.mil thnt is to rid themselves of this
disturbing factor who has done more
to impair baseball and disrupt the
H.C.I, league than all other difficulties combined.
Thanking you for your vuluable
K. ;;. McRae,
Sec-.Treas., Rev. C.P.R. Ball Team
Un Thursday evening on the Y.M.C.
A. diamond the fans witnessed one of
the fastest   games of the seaBon when
iiir Baby Giants trimmed the     Fire
Hull   to   the   tl   of  2 to  o.    This    is
the lirst  time that  the Fire Hall team
i ,ni been deleated this season in    a
league  game.
With young Tommy Lee pitching in
lip top form the Baby Qlants had
tilings all their own way; Tommy allowed only one hit and struck out
eight. McLeod also pitched a good
game, allowing the Giants to score
only in the tirst inning when a base
i n halls cou|dcd with two hits netted them two runs.
I In Monday next the Baby Giants
meet the C.P.R, team and thc fans
can look forward to another good
Below is the box score of last
night's game:
, A.
Goodwin, c.          1
Pagdin,   lb,            2
Dupont,  lib.   ...... 2
Daniels, s. s  2
Gallicano, cf. ... 'J
Goodwin,  r.f  2
Young,  1.   f  2
Cocorochi,   2b.... 1
Lee, p  1
Mel,cod,   p.             2
Haug, 2b  2
Mulholland     2
Bruce, c  2
Lyttle, 3b.              2
Burridge, lb  2
R.   McLeod,   r.f . 2
Fleming,  l.f   1
Calder,  .j. s   1
1«     0     1    12     .**,     ]
Summary—Struck     out by  Lee,  8;
by  McLeod   I.    Bases   en    balls,    ofl
McLeod 1.    Stolen baBes, Mulholland,
Goodwin,   Gallicano,  M.  Goodwin.
Umpire—Webb   Scorer—Spranger.
Refusal of Kamloops to Abide
by   Wishes of  Majority
is Deciding Factor
Good Wrestling Match Seen at
Comaplix   Local Boy's
Game Battle
There was a large crowd present to
►ee Sam Clapbam, light heavy weight
;hampion of England, defeat Frank
•Hindui Murphy of Comaplix, lost
Monday night at the C. A. A. hall.
The match was postponed from Saturday. Both men were in the bcBt of
condition us they hud been training
Aery hard during the week, nnd much
money changed hands.
Clapham agreed to throw Murphy
three times within one hour, but
Murphy was thc favorite. At the call
of time Murphy rushed Clapbam ofl
tie fe°t and forced tbe Englishman to
play defensive. Although Clapbam
was in no danger of being thrown, he
was kept down to the mat by the
husky local man, who weighed a
couple of pounds more than Clapham
After a lot of hard work tbe champion regained his feet, and some quick
work was then gone through with tbe
KtigliHhmnn coming out on top. Various locks und holds were applied on
to the local man, but none seemed to
have any eflect, and great cheers
greeted Muiphv as he broke them.
Murphy wan now weakening from the
effects of the bald work and after 21
iiiiiiiilni was pinned f"t  the fust  tunc.
Murphy came buck refreshed after
the Interval and things looked serious
im Clapham when the local man ne -
i ii red a strong hold on him, and held
it for over three minutes. With plenty of wriggling Clapham broke loose
and both men were cautioned for
Hugh work. With a strong croBB
lullock Clapham brought Murphy to
Ihe mat and applying a half Nelson,
nnd head lock secured the second fall
in 18 minutes.
With 21 minutes to go for the last
lall Clapham rushed bis opponent around the ring and it was soon seen
the Englishman had Murphy at bis
mercy. Although Murphy gamely tried to hold out for time, Clapham
gave him no corner, and iu 111 minut-
o' the third and Inst full was given
to Clapbam There was 11 minutes
to spare for the hour.
Clapham Is open to meet any man
in the world nt lTolhs. for any amount up to 'lo1111 Tbe chulltnge is also hurled to Pat Connelly provided
he makes  I8S Ihs. ringside.
Clapham passed through tbe city on
Wednesday on his way to Gull Lake,
All American Girls
Beaten in Revelstoke
After the delinite refusal of Kamloops to abide by the proposed re-ar-
i ingement of the baseball schedule of
thc B.C. Interior League, the Vernon
team was finally disbanded, and the
I layers left the city last week, Bays
the  Vernon  News.
Vernon nnd Revelstoke, because of
the bust-up of the Kelowna team, favored a shortening of the season, and a
re-arrnnirenient of thc schedule which
permitted the playing of all the scheduled games in one month instead of in
two. This was held advisable because
it would reduce expenses— a very desirable thing owing to the loss of gate
receipts occasioned hy thc forfeiture
Oi the games scheduled with Kelowna.
This Kamloops would not agree to,
insisting that the schedule could not
be changed by the majority over a
minority protest. Vernon felt that
legally Kamloops was in thc wrong,
lut rather than go to the eipense of
i.  lawsuit, the team was disbanded.
Dale will probably finish the season
with Calgary, and Mclvor can pitch
out the rest of thc summer with either Calgary or Ballard. Clemenson has
gone to tbe coast with every prospect
of playing with the Seattle team in
the Northwestern while the other hoys
have chucked ball for the season, and
gone to their homes.
The gume on Wednesday between
the All American Girls and the Revelstoke teams resulted ln a walk away for ihe home boys by a score of 7
to 2. There were a few good plays,
hut the visitors were nt the mercy
of the local team nt all stages of tbe
game, A good crowd was in attendance and everyone seemed bent on
laving all the fun possible. Pr. J.H.
Hamilton   utii|drcd  the  game.
Cricket Team Leaves
j       For Salmon Arm
The Revelstoke cricket team con-
| sisting of K. Fleetham, C.M. Field,'L.
W. Wood. W.  Hothwcll, F. Hinds, F.
A,llwood.  R.J.  Ballard, H.J. Parker,
S.  ft.   Bobbins,  B.R.  Atkins and    J.
Maley, left thle morning for Salmon
I Arm, where they will play thc Snl -
I mon Arm team.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
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We can give you a fine $45 Wilton Rug,
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Also a $30 Brussels Rug, size 9ft. x 10 ft.
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Member for Kootenay Returns
to Coast —Praises
Revelstoke Park
Strictly First-Class
Rooms   Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
Fn-1 i Ism in ill peepei ta
AU Model n i ■ .11 v.-;,i.-ii---- -
Special Weekly Rates
R.F. Qreen, M.I'., returned to Victoria on Sunday after a very pleas -
ant week's sojourn In the Kootuimy
country, Iuh constituency, Interviewed in Victoria, Mr. Qreen wtid: " it
wan very encouraging to tlml such a
marked revival In the mining Indus -
try, There can be no doubt thut In
many portions ol tbe interior the In-
duBtry in mi n more promising baaii
than ever before, in lespect to Hosh-
land and Trail, it muy be said that
these |iiuniH were never before able to
report   conditions     mi    satisfactory,
There  is no  longer any  boi m element
in i lie situation. The properties are
being worked in the most hci'Ious
fashion, and on the best business
line's. There ure no idle miners in
the camp.
Another thing thut ^ives cause for
greut satisfaction is the manner Ln
which thc fruit-growing area is iu-
creaslng, Bach year sees a larger uc-
teage under cultivation, und us the
weather on the whole hus been   very
good tins season, thc farmers uud
ranchers  nre  looking   forward     to    a
bumper yield, ami ure naturally jul>-
"Kootenay is benefitting iu no sinult
extent from the railway building program which Iiuh been iu progress for
Borne time. The Kootenuy Central
railway will act us a splendid develop
inent roud for the Columbia vulley
besides furnishing long needed transportation facilities to thc farmers,
who will thus bc furnished new menus
to get their produce to tbe count
markets und get in return the commodities tbey require in a more ex-
peditiOUS fashion thun Hus formerly
been possible. The Kettle Valley ruil
way, now rapidly upnroucbing completion, should huve uu even greuter
beneficial effect ou the district which '
it traverses. This roud will furnish u
i.luck outlet to the couBt to a thickly
settled aud very important section of
the Interior of the province."
Prior to proceeding tu Nelson, Mr.
Green was afforded an opportunity of
Inspecting, in company with Mr. w.
W. Foster, M.I',I'., tlie national purk
on Mount Revelstoke, for the devel-
( pment of which uu extensive program has been arranged. It is pro -
posed   t"   lay  ..lit a golf emu si- nn.  the
is plateau ..a the summit, und
to construct a system of roadways
und trails. There is already available in the estimates the sum of 816,-
tlOO, but this sum will prove Lnsuffl-
cient, and Mr Creen will strongly
iat th,-     government set uside
.-miiier another 8] 1/ .ut    of
.  park     estimates, making
*-*:."■'" tbat   the  mad to the
summit     may  Qe properly completed
this v-
the    park.   Mr. Qreen
oramic  Bcenery is ex-
.illy tine, and will undoubtedly
(tract i ol  tourists.     This
will  have an  immensely  beneficial  ef
•  •     ■      I Revelstoke."
nd that
improvements tie   un
mong  the  i
of over 6,<J     I    I
■ ■     • \ system
-   md trails, making al!
-it.i^ will also
ear, so that
• •    u'. the park ui
■   to the  tbousan is      of
. win  visit  the pi
,r on tin- occasion ol thi
Member for Kootenay Arranges
Interview With Minister
at Vernon
Arrangements have been made by
U.K. Qreen, M.P., for Kootenay, for
a conference between the lumbering
interests of Uritish Columbia and Sir
Qeorge Foster, minister of trade und
commerce, the date to full during thu
forthcoming visit to the province of
the minister, who will be touring the
west us   n member of tbe dominions
royal   .•iiininisslon.
Conditions affecting the Lumbering
industry in this province huve been
the reven f satisfactory, tbe financial depression having had as one dl-
loot elli'it the serious curtailment of
orders from the prairie provinces due
to the cessation of building operations
Prior to the close of the lust session
of the commons Mr. Qreen took occasion to make strong representation to
iiir minister of trade und commerce
respecting the state of the industry
I and specifically suggested that consideration should be given to the wiB-
dom of appointing a number of commissioners to be sent far afield with
instructions to do whut wus possible
to stimulate u demand for Canadian
timber generally, but more particularly thut of Uritish Columbia. The
minister wus very much impressed
with these representations, lmt replied thut it did not appear thut the
government could very welt appoint
commissioners whose duties thus de-
lined should be confined to the timber
industry alone.
On Mr. Creen coming west at the
close of the session he took occasion
to muke a further study of the lumbering situation in Uritish Columbia
and again mude representation to
the minister of trade and commerce,
this time suggesting thut the time
wus opportune for u conference between the bend of the department and
representatives of the Lumber industry. The conference will probably be
held nt  Vernon.
'   •' ■•    \     i
i      i
ana m
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[j ['Mel! I:lil
IN hi:aijtoi«" city
"Tnolv© Sloricnof Solid Comfort"
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nml stores on bothsldoa, Building
iiiioluuiy fireproof—concrete, •toel
nml marble,
EUROPEAN PLAN-U per day up
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B. C. Land Surveyor
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RBVELSTOKH,  B.C.      J.31p
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Bear Rugs Mounted. Funs cleaned
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35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.O.
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New Masonic Hull on thc Fourth
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H.    Vi.  EDWARDS,  Clerk.
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McKENZIE   1372
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KeveNtoke Lodge
Nu. ms.-,
Meets every second
iiiui Fourth Tuesday
in   the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordiallyinvited.
Dr. McLEAN, Die.   H.L. HAUG.Seo.
It is Intimated here that Prince
and Princess Alexander of Teck, and
their family propose to leave for Ja-
uitda towards the end of August.
Spain has ordered every available
warship to assemble at the Balearic
Isles, in the Mediterranean, The
battleship I'luyo and several cruisers
ure proceeding from the Moorish
const und the cruiser Estremadura,
and a torpedo bout squadron are
leaving Algerirus for the siime destination. All necessary precautions arc
being taken.
Right Rev. Hubert M. Purge, Bishop of Southward, Will visit Canada
in September to deal with questions
concerning thc Western Canada fun J,
of which he is chairman,
New North and South Line in
Columbia Valley Nearing
Twenty-five people were killed and
fifty others injured, some of them fatally, ny an explosion of fireworks
liming a local festival at Tudela,
Spain. Most of thc dead were decapitated hy the force of the explosion.
The womeu ol England may yet be
some wny oil from the day they will
be enfranchised, but ihey are slowly,
but surely breaking down old prejudices and securing minor advantages,
which were before reserved lor men
The latest concessions is extended
accommodations tor women who wish
to listen to the debates in the bouse
of lords, which generally is the last
to establish new precedents.
Two thousand acres of valuable
timber already hus been destroyed by
the forest, lire which hus raged on *ho
Flathead, United stntes, national
forest since last Sunday, uccording to
the word received by District Forester Silcox here. One hundred men tre
fighting the flames but have heen un-
uble to check their progress. Two
other lires in the same forest, ea h
having burned 50 acres of timber,
were stamped out.
The Canadian Northern bns just
placed an order with Canadian firms
for more than a million and a half
dollars ol equipment, sufficient to put
i n the most modern service between
Toronto and Winnipeg, by w-ay of
their new line from Port Arthur to
Sudbury. It. is probable thnt through
trains will run from Edmonton to
Toronto as soon ns tbis equipment is
delivered. The successful tenderers
are the Canadian Cur & Foundry
company, Crossen Car company, Preston Car & Coach company.
The bringing in of new settlers i nd
keeping contented those already within their borders are problems which
the irrigated states of the .vest a.ive
in common with the western provinces ol the Dominion. Colonization
methods will be one of thc principal
topics of disrusslon at the International irrigation Congress In Calgary
October B to I), and American delegates may be able to learn from the
Canadians     the secret of   ittraotlng
new  settlers    to  her  lands.      (*■ nada
has  been  very  successful  in  this.
The low ebb of emigration revealed
by the st itisttcs for the half year
ending June 3n, showing a drop from
128-190 last year to 53,000 this year,
drew the comment from Obcd Smith,
Canadian commissioner of emigration
in England, that evidently this is a
p.on-emigrating year throughout Europe. Though the figures compare badly with those of last year, W'hi:h
reached high water mark, he said
they showed an advance on thc figures for four or five years ago. Taking the inward and outward figures,
as supplied by the hoard of trade,
Canada was no worse ofl than other
parts of the Empire. These figures
shewed the balance of movement, as
between last year and this yenr, *o
be: Canada, 80,959, ngainBt 31,543;
Australia 21,882, against 7H07; the
United States -10,014, against 13,119.
European ports suffered equally, as
Piemen and Hamburg showed a le -
crease of 8i',nfl0 and Denmark showed
2000 less.'
— Dealer in —
(Prettiest Designs)
dressmaking:   Pit Guaranteed
Front Street louver Town
Notes from the oMines
A strike of :'. ft. ot clean ore is reported from the Florence mine at
Ore is being brought down from the
Pticu at about thc rate of two cars
per month.
It is likely that this summer will
see the commencement of mining on
some claims up Bear creek, which is
f< tributary of the north fork af Kas-
'lo creek, joining the latter near
Track has now been laid on moro
than 20 miles of track beyond Spilli-
macheen on the Kootenay Central
line sunt it from Golden, stated J.G.
Sullivan, chief engineer of Canadian
Incilic railway western lines, this
morning, The official is at thc coast
conducting a  general  inspection      and
looking over the terminal Improvements, which are now rapidly np-
proaeblng completion, lie said that J
the company expected to have the entire line from Golden to tbe junction
point with the Crow's Nest line near!
Port Bteele ready lor traffic this com-
ing autumn,
The new line, which will afford
direct railway communication from
the Crow's Nest to the main line of
the Canadian Pacific railway through
the Columbia valley is MiO miles in
lingth. Sections from both cuds have
been finished for some tune, the service being placed in operation from
Golden to Spilliinacheen, a distance
of ahout. in miles, several months ago
The Kootenay Central opens up a
large tract of fertile land through the
Columbia valley. Mr. Sullivan, in response to an Inquiry as to when
through trains would be operated on
the line said that no date had yet
leen definitely fixed hut he expected
that service would likely be instituted curly next spring.
Discussing the work being carried
on hy the Canadian Pacific railway,
Air. Sullivan said that thc company
was laying (inn miles ot new track in
the west this year. Another SO milea
< f double track line would be ready
for operation in Uritish Columbia by
October next, he said. With the paralleled section already in service bo-
i ween Vancouver and Ruby creek this
Will give the Canadian Pacific rail -
way double track facilities on nearly
1 12 miles of its main line, almost one
third of the totul length of thc division.
Ballasting is now proceeding on thc
::4-niile stretch of double truck east
of Kamloops, and on a nine-mile section west of Kamloops. Tracklaying
is now proceeding on thc 38-mile
portion  between  Kevelstoke and Talt.
George MeCready is showing up a
considerable quantity of concentrat -
ing ore on the Caledonian, near
With the exception of thc Milton,
which is being worked by Bob McPherson, there appears to be little doing on the north fork of Carpenter
ireek  this summer.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required invonrbusinesR.
Work was started a short time ago
at the Rio, and four men are employed on the McGuigan basin property.
■\ raise from the lower to the upper
workings is being completed.
Sandon, B.C., July 29.—The Noble
Five mine will shortly jut up a com-
The pack train in charge of R.
Miimcnucnr returned to town on Saturday after one month's continuous
parking, in conjunction with Spier's
train from Kaslo, at the Panama
mine at  Hear lake.
J.P. Miller states that two cars of j
I ore are ready for shipment from the j
Panama at Hear lake and that in every way the property is looking most ,
e itisfnctory.   It is hoped thut a gasoline engine can be installed this season, which will  greatly aid thc further development of the mine.
: - i
With the face of the main crosscut tunnel in over 34IK) feet from the
; point of commencement nnd upraising
starting frtm the drift in the Lucky
Boy ground, Vancouver and Victoria
shareholders in the Portland Canal
Tunnel company, the Portland Canal
Mining company, and tbe Glacier
Creek Mining company have every
reason to believe that excellent progress is being made by General Manager W.J. Elmendorf in the big enterprise at the head of Portland Canal.
The drift recently started will provide
natural .-entilation and ultimately af-
f'erd a conduit for thc installation of
the augmented water power that has
always been contemplated, Altogether the outlook for a big body of ore
in the pioneer undertaking of the
Portland Canal camp is fairly well
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42    -    Night Phone85
Murderous Assault      New Shingle Mill is
Made By Chinamen1     Started at Nakusp
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
Two Chinamen, Won/ lling and Joe
Sing were arrested this week at once
of the railway camps near Kelowna,
charged with a murderous assault upon a white man. cook at the camp. It
appears that the "bull cook,'' as the
assistant chef is called, went into the
cook shack for some bread, when
Wong Ping, for some reason made a
stab it him with a knife be was us -
ing for peeling potatoes, inflicting a
t.asty wound in the arm. On his attempting to defend himself a second
Chinaman, Joe Sing, joined in the
fray armed witb an axe. They were
eventually    separated and the police
.ind a     doctor      telephoned   for.      Dr.
Campbell ami the provincial constable
went e.ut to the Camp. \Song Btng
bail fled, but he was raptured biding
:n a lieev car aboUl a mil'' down the
Tin'  pair  were  brought   into town,
.mil ..a  being formal!]   • ..: ged,  wero
; remanded until Saturday.
Nakusp. B, 0., July 29 -The new
industry at Nakusji, Vlpond'S shingle
mill, started cutting on Monday and
everything is running smoothly. Mr.
\ Ipond lias a large crew in the bush
cutting shingle bolts and thc mill
will he kept busy. It has a year's
cutting to do.
Mr, and Mrs E.P. Vipond announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Naomi, to Clyde L. Cusick ol Slocan
Junction. The marriage will take
1 lace  in  August.
Thc Canadian-Dominion Develop
ment company is winding ap its clearing business at Crescent bay and Shipping the entire camp outfit witb men
and teams, to Kosthall, where it has
cxtenslvi cleaning and stumping to
(io this summer.
I-    H.  Keegen.  Dominion seed  COO*
mlSSloner,  is touring the central    In-
terii i opened by tbe O.T.P. railway
t<   H accompanied by a.m. Tomlinson, provincial horticulturist.
Lowery Writes About
Kootenay Did Timers
Below is what Col. R. T. Lowery
has to say in the Greenwood Ledge
cf Chabko Mika and of some of thc
old-timers he met at the reunion there
The Chahko Mika carnival in Nelson last week was thc grcutcst and
most successlul event that ever took
place in that city. There were no
dull moments. It was one continuous
round of pleasurable excitement. Thc
city hand played every day and delighted thousands. A.bout BOO old-tim-
i is registered at thc log cabin. Many
ol the most picturesque und noted
pioneers were not in evidence. Some
of them could not come because they
were too busy pushing clouds with
the ingels. while others dill not have
(lie  price or  were too  far away,
Tbe wild west show played all week,
hut did not perform any of the stunts
that some of the rough riders oi the
early days were wont to do 00 linker
The lirst brass baud in Nelson Jilay-
ed on thc veranda of the Merchants'
saloon, on Dominion day ISM, It was
the worst bend in the world, and
"'iilil only |ila> one tunc, "Yankee
ll lie."
Wallet Miil.il ley was Hie dean nf
lhe old timers, coining to British Columbia from Chile in 1888. A S.
I'lack was a good second, having arrived at  Hem Wc-iininsti'i in 1806,
In 1XM Chatley Olsen walked 900
miles to reach Ainsworth. It made
him so tired that he has stayed there
ever since, and has grown ilrh. He
ttill has a receipt to show thnt he
has paid his poll tax in I^SI, and a
miners' license issued ill that year.
The license ffai written by Charley
Hykert   and   Signed   by   A.W.   Vowell,
Archie  .McDonald    cani|ieil    on     the
sit. ol Nelson in 1878,
Hob   Vinll   was   seen   at    the    Hume
drinking lemonade through a   straw.
Hob at line time owned flic only ranch
On Kootenay lake.
Mickey Monagban was in town, but
be did not cook any bannocks In the
log cabin.
Kino jack,    Porcupine Hilly,   the
Hide   West,   Step   Ladder   lliowli,   Ited
Paddy, Creasy Bill, Kettle Belly
Brown, Velio* Dirk, Wsn, Bonny Boy
One Spot   and   .lakev  DOV01   were some
of  the  trail   blazers   inisHing from  the
Charley  Hanson  came in  from Pop-
Summer of 1914
On Sale June 1 to September 30
Final Return Limit October 31
Winnipeg $<,o Montreal
St. Paul $60 St. John
Chicago $72.50 Halifax   .
Toronto        $92 New York
.    $10 5
Compartment  Observation Cars—Electric Lighted---Standard
"Canadian Pacific Service"
Ticket Agent, Revelstoke
That ..
Vays . .
Vays you
Your business status is often judged by
the style and quality of your Printing. A
poor circular hasn't half the convincing
and business-bringing power of the better
one. A cheap and common-looking letterhead lowers your credit with the wholesaler.
Vays Vs
You are delighted with MAIL-HERALD
Printing for we do our utmost to please
you. We have the staff, stock and equipment to deliver the goods so we get your
next order, sure. Then your satisfaction
rcsalts in recommendation and so our
business grows.
lar creek with a line bearskin.
Danny McPherson and Hit Bhannon
delivered iMtnres up. n 'he early iia>s
in Bldorado city.
Hallux   Mil d  had     a   green  budge.
He is the man who built the wag. n
lead   to  the   Silver   King.
Hob Urecn and several others had
then picture* taken in fH'iil of the
log  cahin.
led Doming f' bi the b.evs ho'v they
mixed cocktails in the old QlUS Pot
Saloon anil related many funny inci-
denta about the late ('apt   Pltiatubbs
Hull SanderSOO prospected for plac-
(r ill IS1l ill the Slocan He pin.o.l
up galena lloat hut paid no attention
Iii  it.
Hilling   the   festivities   tin      leiiiams]
of the old  steamer   Nelson  were  burn- !
..I   mini a shower of tireworks.     The
writer   saw   the   Nelson   launched      in ;
July.   1891,  and  remembers how   that j
laun us    .Id   In ml   saved     Kaslo    Irom
starvation  in  the spring ol  1893 when
ii broke the ire on the north arm ami
carried    to Kaslo    $19,000    worth   of
■Ahisky    and    provisions,    principally
whisky.      The  lack  Ol  space  prevents
further mention ol the old-timers this
v. eek.
i ast sun lav David Griffiths died nt
Kurt Steele In the death of Mr. Gnl-
Iths, Bast Kootenay loses one ol its
oldest pioneers, a man who has been
Identified With the progress and development o| tb,- country lor the past
nft\ years, and who passed away at
the ripe ..Id age ol S"  years,
Buy Your Plumbing
Supplies Direct From
Us and Save  Money
W'   •'*   rt,.   lararri   pltnnbiaa   two*.
Br'tlati   OB'eankia   nlltmc   4tr»«    io   "-
PUtlle     W»   bor   la   hi*  qtaLnlltlM  aad   •-
tor outi     Tbna w, em*, tt.. fh«> mieV.
.nan ■ profit and  raa <to tMT. pay   ftn   d
bad drhta of tth^n      y>M   imim  PS—■
c*n  I'll   tor   lotm  than  any  othar piD*
llXt   hooat  or   alanrDer  In   nrtttah   Co
bia    er^mpar*  oar  price,    for  truii ,
Oar   wi--   for   l-lnnh   satvanlz^d   pn ■
»«.»   p«r   10C   trot     t lerrti
pip«    S4.M   e-r   IM   to*;
1  tsrti   i.u»   SS.IS  err   104
yr.ro ix ttik ri-rmiuvn
CAM      -m.i       YOV      PO*
'•et   roar   plOTttanc   «ap-
f '.em   Urote.   trom    om   mat
moo* rnoney.    Bomi  otoac  ronr   ap^«rfl"r
tlcRM and   wa   will   extra   jo.   prov.  eon
.e"i.  deMlr*rad   la   row*   town,   by   reptu-
maiu wrrnorT OOWT TO TOD.
Thaa   eompan   om   prim,   wtth   ot!,--
Don't  pmy two earteaa to  roem  p*vmti l
mmBtfttem.    Wa   can   mpfty   oooryfoln.   (of
jrowr   bathroom   at   craal   Bartae   ta   *•■
Wiiu IM lodaj  abowl  rowr p<amMn« an.l
bra tine III UMllllea,    U  wlM  coat 7*     '-Olt.
ln«    tor    adTler.
Kmmmmtmmot    th*
w.     ■ a » •     TOO
pe)<M-iMn«        and
•aaalfl   «**>-•
Bros. Ltd
166   PENDBM
PLE-        16 rJ^Uax.
tJ-    -        ■——
Th!  Kamloops baseball  te itn   ' ere
nt the King l'leiwani yesterday.
Charles Lucca, the clevei   boxer   Is
In the  Mty registered at the King Ed-
m    I
It   Frisk ed Nelson,
11110:1.; the
g     Its at   the  Kin"  1'*
• hvat'd
on Thurs-
Ca •
I    11.  Sheppard returned yes-
tarda    ti om a  week's  visit  1 0     3an
F - '
Mortimer was winner if
j > in a recent sweetstake on the
Bl   ■ ird'B cup.
Forin  ind son Laren,    il Nei-
Bi re 1 its at
it        m Thursday.
I    Sidney  l.eary  of Nakusp, arrived 111
e.eni  house grounds are levell-   the city on Thursday and registered
1 the top dressing of earth   ind  ul  the King Edward,
teri       -is  being Bproad 1
I    \ meeting 'if the Farmers Institute
First    Will  be held next Saturday evening at
\ o'clock ni Smytbe's hall.
Work  of  levelling  the  high    school
I grounds it in progress.
.1. Halaly of Hrantford was a guest,
at the King Edward on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of Malakwa,
were at the King Edward on Wednesday.
W. II. Bohaniuin has sold the Rov-
elstoke Review to 3.0, Lucas and W.
\. Dudley.
Aiming the guests at thc King Edward on Thursday was li.j. Wutle of
I'liii'i'   Vnllei .
U. Christie returned from Kamloops
ou  Thursday  and  registered  at     the
the Hotel Revel-   King  Edward.
"I'll    is
being  dug
B{ .  p. Burns .*»• Co.'s building
ir extending  the new sewer
Foote has the contract    for
1 new house lor Mrs  Moran
...        1 esidence wai  recent ij desti oy
1 '
Hev.  Vi.   Lashley  Hall  will lie one of
the delegates to the    Ottawa conference of the  Methodist church.
The  new      sewer  bus      been laid on
I list   street,  from  the   Empress   thca-
II e  across  .McKenzie  avenue and    the
city of Vancouver, barrister at law,
to be a commissioner for taking affl-
davits within the province.
J. MoDonell, W, Urown, 13. Volgie,
Joseph itallalle, William Kant, A.
Smith and C. Ookisse uppeared before Polico Magistrate Hamilton yesterday in the police court charged
with vagrancy. They had been sleeping In what is known ub the Hindu
box car, and as chickens and other
articles have been stolen in the locality the car was raided by tho police.
McDonell who was working and had
merely stopped in the car one night
wins dismissed while the others, including Smith, a negro with ono leg.
were ordered out of town.
lion. Dr, Young, minister of education, announced that the new provincial normal school would be opened
lor the reception of pupils at the
lanuary school term, lt has been
hoped that such progress would have
been made to allow- ol the opening ol
lhe school for the fall term, but some
unanticipated delays occurred. The
exterior ol the fine structure,   which
stands on elevated ground south of
the base of Mount Tolmlc is now well
on towards completion. Dr. Young is
Immensely pleased with the building,
aud is of the opinion that it will
prove one of the most beautiful educational structures iu the province.
ttre stall   il     the Revelstoke
1 mndry     was     guests   il  the  trench refilled,
1     ...    it  tb chants  picnic   00
1.uud   progress   is  being  made    with
Vi 'lav. ' ... . ,,     .
1 be reconstruction of cement    blocks
Ross .if the  customs   bouse   ol the Enterprise brewery. The huild-
B\   ■    eaves today  Ior  Kamloops  to   ing  is nearly completed.
1 the collector e.f caste,,- 9     at
1 ice.   He will  be  aw iv     ibout
t 1    •   .  eks.
Edited by  Mrs. Ralph Lawrence
The grounds of the Central school
are now looking particularly beautiful  with  well  kept  lawns aud a  pro-
expected thai the steal Rev    fusion of marguerite daisies.
1 ■   ,vill  resume  her  trips to  the
B      . nd next Tuesday, ft
1 ., sufficiently low to   - ill!
po sible
The death occurred last night of
Gladys Hulett the IU mouths old
daughter ol H. E. Hulett.   The tuner-
ai   will   take   place   tomorrow      after-
A.J. McDonell, J.G. Barber and W.
\ Foote will leave tomorrow uiorn-
.!. ■ iii Kamloops where they will
compete in tbe     shoot of    the Yale-
the test of the new sprinkling
I it  the court buns,' grounds last
;■ ..   Mayor McKinnon wrote to
I !h an.is Taylor,     member     for
I        itoke,  congratulating him  upon
ccess ol the system and thank-
lor his efforts to beautify the   >*-"""*'">   ': >B shooting league.
"■ innds j     ui.iv bave been no serious lires in
11 . .1, „.,,n,„,   the Revelstoke district this year, re-
..••: _- t.. indicalions it the v   . ner *
[to another p I    ot  l*orta T'J   Wadman, chief forest ran-
■   ther with high temperatures,   *«'   S"v''ILl1 Bmal1 QreB b*lVe broken
, ,.„,.„.,. ,„        , icy   wit but have nee., speedily extinguish-
,      ,,   , .,,     1 u by the forestry protection
ie. ,11 deput. lens • •  *
tten! lo   totb il     A „ ,.■■. car wttS ,„. .., ,,„., iri tbe
'"'"■ ■' anadlan  Pacific railway  yards     on
fuesdaj   tnd t suit ol   lot        ind ■>■*>>
Those having items tor publication
in the Mail-Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up  phone 6_.
Miss Marjorie Lee leaves on Sunday
for St. Leon for a week.
Mrs. Vi. M. Lawrence will not re-
celve on  Wednesday,  August 5.
Mr. R. Christie has returned from a
week's visit to Kamlo >ps.
Mr. Sage aad Mr. Ed. Trimble
leave on  Sunday for  Kamloops.
Mr. Keith McQuarrle is spending his
vacation at Vancouver.
Mrs. Keith McQuarrie of Hevclstoke
has a son born at the west end hospital. Vancouver ou July 14.
Mrs. 1'   Limbert acted as pianist at
lhe dance at Masonic hall on Thurs-
1 day of last week.
to come with the team on account of
illness. They were guests at tho Selkirk hotel while here.
Mr, Monk loft on Sunday to take
up his new duties at Cascade, B.O.
It. [). Kenny of Vancouver, is spend
ing 11  couple of days iu town.
Mr. Bertram Hanbury of Victoria,
is a visitor of Mrs. Robert Laughton.
Capt. Leo Matterson of Bermuda,
is visiting his uncle, Mr. J.P. Sutherland of Douglas street.
Mrs. Dent will not receive ou Monday, August 3, nor again until October.
Master Cecil Johnson is spending a
week at the Methodist camp at Tap-
Mrs. II.C. Cameron of Fifth street,
is leaving on Tuesday to spend a few
weeks at  Shuswap.
Miss Charlton, one ol the nurses at
the hospital, is lea> ,1 1 Sunday
morning for  Los Angeles,  California,   j
.Miss 'I'Sullivan of Edmonton, Alberta, was the guest ol Mrs. Haug of
Sixth  street for a week.
Mrs. Frank Hrown of Vancouver is j
■.isiting her sister Mrs. Hughes of!
Fourth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Scafe are J
moving from their homo on Third j
i-1 reel, east to First street west.
Mrs.   Robert  SquarebrlggS and children  are at  St.  Leon  hot  springs  for
u couple of weeks.
Mrs. William Morris and son, Ralph   I
leave for St. Leon on Sunday for   a
weeks'   holiday.    Master  Evit  McClet.
eghan will accompany them.
will last only one more day
Saturday, August 1st.
Positively the last day.
Don't Forget
that we arc offering $40 Men's Suits at    $27.50
Straw Hats at Half-Price
$25.00 Suits at      17.50
Three hundred pairs ol classy men's Oxfords, regular $(*>
values at '  3.95
$l8.00 Suits at    12.75
Boy's Shoes, all styles and si/cs at      1.65
SAT. AUG. 1st
The Kevelstoke city bund extend
their thanks to the gentleman who
mi kindly presented them with a watermelon at the Merchants picnic.
Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Cummins and
children spent a very enjoyable live
days camping at the top of Mount
Revelstoke last week.
Mrs. Blay ami daughter Louise, ol
Three Valley, were in town on Thurs
day, guests of Mrs. .1. Curtis of
Third street.
■Mrs. Mackinrot and children are at
the Springs for a day or two. They
went with the excursion and stayed
TONIGHT is the LAST NIGHT of our
Mid'Summer Sale
SAVE MONEY by spending money
.    . at the BIG SHOE SALE .    .
ned  te' the opinl ■
s will be the
thc vear, and nr • fl
■ -.-. cloned ;
ik |
Li pave-
.-, li :   the
: owned by M. MurtiuBon stolen
e id  i hat   tbe e lothes    were
••'■her:' lioW Oi the
e ai  h.  me
A son was born to Mrs. Win.
Armstrong on Thursday morning
the  Queen   Victoria  hospital.
Mr. ii.w.n. Marshall of the Imper-
,|.   lal  bank stall, did not goto  Victoria
at  as     reported.   Mr.    McDermott was
sent  iu his place.
il     'a ide
\       v
meat    I     ' !l el     Constat
'.' ;
curbing is bein ; I lid hy A. Pradolini
... Mr
■  •'
The Misses Howe,  :ousins of Mr. A,      -Lick Morgan oi     Manning's candy
W    Cowie,   who  hive     been    visiting   palace,   is  having  bis  holidays    next
him for three weeks, bave returned to   week at rit. Leon.   It is rumored that
i   schoola in  Alberta. a gay  party  will attend thc  springs
at the same time.
I Mrs. T. 1:   * lummlns   and
family  and  Mr.   ind  Mrs.   Bert    Van
Thursday  at   Comaplix
Ing,   They  went    n•■■   trom  Ai
:.l  In a launch.
Mr. md Mrs. w.A. Foote are leav
ing today for Kamloops to spend a
lew days. They will be the guests ot
Mr, and Mrs. leorge Knapp, Mr.
Koote will participate in the gun club
gboot   in  that city.
Little David Sturdy goes as mascot
With   the  Kevelstoke gun club to    thc
Interior  annual  competition gun club       S
shoot  held at  Kamloops  next
The members     leave     on No
Sunday  afternoon.
Mr. W.H. Pourpore, who has been
(.rinsing timber up the Columbia river tor six weeks for the Forest Mills
of B.C., returned to town last week,
. nd left again on Friduy morning ior
company's business.
The many friends ol Fred Crick will
be glad  te, know that the accident he
th,  was not as serious as     it
.■night     have been,   A communication
been received from him, say-
■ iterday, feeling a
but  still  in  the  ring."
I   Mrs.   >\  v    Shafei    irrlved
>' Ing    to
•   .'■..    Mr.
35c. Tooth Brushes. 2".e.
Every brush warranted
not to shed bristles
Hard   Rubber   Dressing
Comb with any Hair
Brush Sale
Willard's in Half Pound
Boxes   of   Linen   Paper
and Envelopes
Everyman's Library
3 for SI.(10
Nelson's    Cloth    Bound
Books. 5 for *1.00
and Cameras $1   to $G0
Films of all Sizes
Special Sundaes are
The   Icy Heart S ■
The Chic Sun la •
In [ced Im inks >ur
Orange Cooler
is K'*"'i
VmW All Candy in our
§rmW Window is 'l~,c per
i*T lb. to-day.
■ ' May  I.
g    the
i fruit.
will   ae  held    from
Mi   ciark will aa
*    ll our
The i. it Governor In I
ng appoint a
ilenry Martyn Jenkins, ol Salmon
Irra, lollcltor, to be a lustlce ol tbe
'■■ \t. O'Brien of Skeena ''rom
mr, tO be a notary public. Ilasil
George Bennett  Rennle to be a clem
10 the land registry office at Nelson
from Inly 2, Henry Helwyn Itnnwcll,
'.f the City 'if Kernie, barrister at law
tolif a   notary   public  and n  commls
sloner lor taking affidavits within the
province    .lames Bruce Boyd, of the
Empress  Theatre
\\ he I
edy 'I
\  Man,  lO
The l> i wu oi Rome
*ll   I'H-Ai
I 11     I III'     Willi   .       P"ai   J, .'I     I "Ae,
parte; great 101 Bl
Who .  V. .
The Head wall
The Blood Te il   In two p
with Kin« llnggoi I
Tin' Burning 11 aln    In   ' wo
parte; grtol Hale Rim
Lucille Love, grenl lerlal story
81k Piece Orcheitra
ef the Selkirk school
-i.ill,  :h appointed one ol  tbe teacb
■     at Dawaon Oity,   Vn
lalary    of      *17"i    a
" ihe will be greatly
m my (rlenda ihe'
li   while en Revelstoke, all ir-
■ "I  i..i tune,  and  wish
lew sphere.
a Thanksgiving sale     will be held
■   wore .1    8t. Petei's pariah
tobei  21,   k 1111 particular!    of
tiis    will appear later,   One feature
.■.,,!   I,.-  the Sale  of   usclul   nnd   duinty
it  i moderate pri™.     These
■   mill      be suitable tor  Christmas    gifts    Everyone    Ih invited to
week at the Empress theatre by W.A. ire the officers, elected by hullot lor
Smythe. l.aHl night's prises fell to thc year ending March 1, 1915:—
Capt, Matterson aud Reggie Calder. President, "Mrs. Procunier; Vice Preal-
Oapt. Matterson received the tea set, dent, Mrs. Kenward; Secretary, Mrs
while Reggie Calder was made happy Dickson; Trcasurei, Mrs. Middbtoii
I y n three-months' pass to the mov- Mrs. Marshall was then appointed
Ing  pictures at  the  Empress  theatre,   honorary  president  by'the  president
Mrs.      Procunier.   The  lirst     regular
Mi    John  Lee and family arc mov-   fcueineSI meeting will be held on Sep
Ing  into the  house  they  occupied  be-   (amber j.   All      who    intend joining,
t ire  their trip    to England,  at     the  ^OUld he present at this meeting, as
corner of  McKenzie avenue and  Fifth   )he 8en8on.H w„rk wiu t|1Pn be     out.
Miss Beamish of the Queen Victoria
hospital nursing stall, has returned
from her trip to Eastern points.
Nurse Cowan has been substituting
for her for the past month.
lined and other      important business
will he brought beiorc the auxiliary
on this date.
Little   Howard   Dudley   was  misBing
fur a short time at   St.  I.eon on the
solve the   gift   problem   ' "y "' tho HWrchante picnic. He was
j thought,  to   be     lost   but  was  soon
found by many willing searchers,
vfr-i. Alexander, who has been visit-
' I mghter, Mrs. (1. Moth, loft Master Gordon McKay, son of 8u-
i.,i bei borne at Moose Jaw on Wed- perlntendent MoKay ol the Canadian
nesday,    Mis    Alexander  m  president    Pacific     railway,     has received word
of  the   new   Y.WCA    of    Moose  Jaw,
ffbich   was   formally   opined   In   June.
She will visit the y.W.O.A. at Calgary and their oottage at Banff in
order tO Rerun' information for the
general supervision  "f  V.W.I   A.  work
from St. John's college, Winnipeg,
that he has won first prize ln Latin
and mnthematlrH and made highest
merits In matriculation and won the
governor general's medal lor pro-
Murh   excitement     is  felt    amongst On Tuesday July 2S, the St. Peters
young and old, every     Friday night, I ranch of the Woman's Auxiliary   ol
to know  who will be the lucky    win- the Diocese ol Kootenay,  was organ-
r.ers of the  two  prizes given     every ized In     Revelstoke.     Tbe following
AHMKTRONf*—On July 30, 1914, at
Queen Victoria hospital, to the wife
of W. J. Armstrong, a son.
•:onLE--On July 30, 10M, to the wife
of James Oohle, a daughter.
McCOV—On July 27, 1014, to the wife
of W. J. McCoy, a daughter.
Parents whose children have passed
the entrance examination and who desire them' to join the Commercial
class, must notify the secretary ol
the school board of their Intention
before August If) next.
Ag.lO.n.p. Secretary of Board


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