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Vol. 13.-No 65
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
■    -*
Crosse & Blackwell's Jellies
Jams and Condiments
All Fruits, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Plum, Apri-
coi, etc, Orosse A Blaokwell's finest—the nam.! is a guarantee of quality.  Put up in 4 lh. .ins. 65 Cents
Made of Finest Seville Oranges, Crosse A Blackwell's
goods. Purity is assured. These people turn out the
linest tu be had.   Put up iu 7 Ib. tins at One Dollar
C. A B. Best Malt Vinegar. This is something you
should look for purity in. Pul up in quart bottles to sell
nt 36 Cents
Or Olive Oil for Salad Dressings, etc. Perfectly pure
Italian Oil, put up hy Crosse A Blackwell in  10 ounce
i.oi.ies, so centa
English Sour Pickle. Put up by Crnsse A Blackwell.
We Imve a fine assortment in Glass Bottles In finest malt
vinegar, all sizes. Finest Italian Olives, Real nlives, no
imitation cheap goods, but the real thing put up by
Ctnsse A Blackwell in all size liottles.
We have any amount of all kinds of Glass
Jars nnd other Preserve Jars. Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint Sizes at per dozen $1.15
Quart. Sizes at per dozen SI.4-0
Half Gallon Siee at per dozen f 1.7S
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
■a .Va a*. Am A. At At .'
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
**        Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
snd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $960, terms un balance. PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey Dwelling, plasteie.l and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Sti'iot.     Cash 1)11150 and terms on balance,
PRICE   $2,950
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
At G, M, Sproat's Farwell Estito Olliee.
COWAN BLOCK.       -      -      -       THIRD STREET
Rich Copper Property Comprising Twelve Claims near
Golden Acquired by American Company.
Mr, Charles H. Taylor, a Cleveland
Ohio, attorney, recently visited Golden
and Revelstoke in connection with thc
affairs ol his company, Ihe British
American Cupper Mines nnd Smelter
Company, which company, represented
by the J.C. Kernoham Co. ol Cleveland,
have acquired from Messrs E. A.
Bradley and G. S. McCarter all the
shares of the New Imperial Mines,
Ltd,, a British C .l.n..bin company
which owns twelve copper claims on
Warren Creek and Wells Creek, a lew
miles .outh ol Golden.
Mr, Taylor visited the properties
where work is being carried on on an
extensive scale by a large force of men
and expressed himself to a Mail
Hf.uai.d representative as highly
pleased with the excellent showings on
the claims and with tbe progress made
with the work. We are informed that
the properties have heen examined
and reported upon by eastern and
western engineers and all agree that
the copper showings are among tbe
best to he found in the country.
There is an enormous vein of rich
copper bearing ore traceable throughout the claims nnd ns soon as modern
transportation facilities have been provided the owners should be in a position, within a very short time, to make
heavy shipments of ore.
The announcement Irom Winnipeg
that the construction ol the Kootenay
Central railway is to be vigorously
pushed by the C.P.R. is a very gratifying one as it will bring these properties within reasonable distance ol a
coal and coke supply Irom Crow's
Nest Pass, and as a consequence the
ores can be smelted at a convenient
doint on the Columbia River wbich
can be reached by a tramway from the
mines and thus cut out tbe transportation charges whioh at present prevent many valuable properties in
Nortl. East Kootenay from shipping
to the smelters in Weat Kootenay.
Negotiations for these properties
were commenced about a year ago and
options were then obtained by representatives of the British American
Con.puny and considerable sums of
money have been put in circulation
among the owners as a result and
during July last active work wns commenced, the lateness of the season
having prevented an earlier start on
the properties. It is proposed by the
management to lay in large stocks of
winter supplies during September and
continue a lorce at wo k during the
coming winter, comfortable quarters
Ior tl.e miners having been erected
and equipped during this summer.
The property on Warren Creek is a
tunnelling proposition entirely and if
indications count for anything the
work to he done can be carried on in
ore throughout.
Tbe ultimate success of this mining
enterprise will mean a great deal for
Golden and vicinity as it will not only
be the means of putting a large
amount of money in circulation
among the claim owners and trades
men and miners, but will serve to
draw attention ol mining men to the
undeveloped resources of Nortl. East
Kootenay camp, which is oneol the
oldest quartz camps in the interior,
but which has, until the advent of the
Kootenay Central railway, remained
largely undeveloiied because ol lack ot
adequate transportation facilities to
bring in smelter necessities at a reasonable cost,
Mr, Taylor returned home by wny of
Seattle and Salt Lake City and is
expected to return early in September
lo complete arrangements for the
winter's work.
Crops Have Not Suffered any
Sixty-Four Celestials Put up
Vancouver, Aug. 20 —Sixty-four ol
the 671 Chinese who arrived on the
steamer Empress ol India, Sunday,
paid $500 each, the total amounting
to 137,000. Ten entered at Victoria
and 64 came to this port, Thoso who
did not pny were either ticket ol leave
or ol the exempt classes. Tl.e Chinese
aro now ol the opinion that as labor
hero is much bettor paid than ■ lew
years ago, thoy can afford to pay thc
$500 head tax,
Fishing tackle, guns and an.n.u
oitioo.  Bourne Bros,
Calcuky, Aug. 20.—The Olds district was visited by a slight snow storm
early Saturday morning For twenty
miles north of tho town the ground
was covered by a while co.it two inches
Sunday night a heavy frost fell and
prevailed Irom Calgary right up to
Edmonton. A good deal uf trepidation
was felt but luckily s.) far no damage
has been repotted lo crops, The
soulh escaped the snow entirely but
the thermometer dropped below the
frost mark at Lethbridge shortly after
il o'clock.
Over two inches ol snow lell at
Banff Saturday night and it was bitterly cold. The snow came hum the
west striking in a nurtheasier.y direction. Passengers (rom the north stnte
that snow fell for upwards ol an hour
but lhat the wind kept it pretty well
The above is a good likeness of
Frank Lawrence who is wanted by the
police on a charge oi highway robbery
and jail breaking recently in this city.
Vancouver, Aug. 20.—The C.I'.R.
has taken tenders for 14,000 cubic ieet
of wooden piles wbioh will be required
for the construction of tha sub-structure for the new bridge over the Belly
river at Lethbridge, The bridge will
be tbe largest on the construction
route of the road, ind in fact wilt probably be the longest in the world. The
bridge wili consist of 67 spans which,
from face to face of masonry ballast
walls, will have an aggregate length
of 5,326 foet, thus making it nearly a
mile in length. Tlie superstructure
wil! also be of the most modern and
perfect construction and will bc oi
steel trestle. For about two-thirds ol
its length it will have a height ot 200
to 325 fed from b.i-eroilto the ground
line. The steel to be used will be
manufactured by the Cnnndiau Bridge
Company of Walkerville, Out.
It is said lhat the Erie Railroad is
planning a pension system for its
engineers and conductors.
According to some Chicago reporters, the Burlington has invited passengers to drop into a locked box
placed in the observation car ol [their
test train between Chicago and St.
Paul, any suggestions they may have
to offer concerning tl.e quality ol service on the train,
A remarkable long-distance run was
made recently by S. F. Edge on his six-
cylinder Napier motor car, over the
Brooklands racing track at Weybridge,
Eng. He oovered a distance of 1,581
miles and 1,310 yards in 24 hours, an
average ol lid miles an hour. Nothing
approaching this speed has ever been
maintained tor 2-1 hours by motor car,
railroad train or any other locomotive
apparatus. Mr. Edge u.,d.rti.ok lo
cover 1,440 miles in 1,440 minutes,
hut bettered it by 141 miles and 1,311)
yards, In the ninl'-. hour ho traveled
almost 72 miles, and in the lourtecnth
hour 78,
Frost Menace to Crops—Drastic Measures —A Terrific
Cyclone— Homesteads on
the Decrease.
Winnipeg, Aug. 21.—All wheat
markets were nervous and excited on
reports olerop damage Iron, frost and
the prediction ol further frost tonight
Ottawa, Aug. 21.—Tl.e immigration
ollieials intend to carry out the law
rigorously respecting the deportation
of immigrants convicted of a orimina
offence within two years.
St. Paul, Min., Aug. 21.—A cyclone
and tornado, accompanied by cloudbursts, swept across the States ol
Minnesota and Wisconsin on Sunday
uight With many places to hear
from it is known that at least one
person was killed and over a dozen
Ottawa, Aug. 21.—The Canadian
and Australian governments aro in
daily communication hy cable on the
subject o! tariff preference, lt is
believed here that Canada will very
shortly be given the same treatment
by Australia as is accorded Great
Ottawa, Aug. 21.—A decrease of
0,944 appears in the number of homestead entries reported to the Interior
Department for the six months ending
June, compared with the tirst six
months oi last year. The decrease is
accounted for by tbe unfavorable
weather in March and April.
Will Be Established—Commercial Rate IOc a Word.
Ottawa, Aug. 20,—Marconi announces the establishment in September ol a wireless servioe between Canada and Groat Britain, Tho terminal
points will be Clifton, Ireland, and the
wireless station in Cape Breton, The
ordinary rate is to bo livo pence (Hlcja
word nnd tho press rate two pence hall
pence, (5c) in additiun to the land
charges, and it is expected that the
facilities offered will attract a large
volume oi business.
Kin.:  lculhcr-l.uu.id   books   just to
band at Bews' Drug Store.
Revelstoke in Holiday 'Attire on
September 2.
A good day's sport is promised on
Labor Day this year and the committee in charge of arrangements, have
drawn up an excellent' programme,
Prizes to tbe value of $1000 havn been
apportioned besides several valuable
trophies. Cheap rates on the C.P.R.
have been promised and every effort
has been made to give the townsfolk
and visitors alike a day's lirst-class
amusement. The chief feature of the
show wil! be a monster public parude.
and demonstration ol labor; nearly
every organization in town turning
out with a float, for which $100 has
been given in prizes. Curing tho day
football, Kamloops v. Rovelstoke;
lacrosse, Armstrong v. Revelstoke;
gun club matches, Vernon and Arm
strong, Kamloops, and Revelstoke;
tennis tournament, Golden, Kamloops
and Revolstoke, will keep tho people
amused, besides Iir. men's races and
athletic sports. Another feature ol
tlie celebrationwill be a tug-of-war f.
tbe Labor Day Sports Cup as wel! as
h indsunic purses. Music will be f.i
Dished throughout tl.e day by 'he
Independent Band. The event I1..1
been widely advertised in every dis
trict and a large crowd ot visitors from
all parts is looked for. Revelstoke
has the reputation of being a goud
entertaining city and she will not
allow thit reputation to decline.
Northwestern Editorial Association Tour the West.
The convention ol tho Northwestern
Editorial Association will be held at
Cranbrook 0.1 Friday, Sept. 13. Thero
will he a business moetiug during the
day and a banquet in tl.o evening and
thu ladies will bo taken care ul iu the
meantime by 11 special cummitlee of
ladies appointed fur that purpose. The
next day tho party will tako train for
tho west by way of Kootenay Lake,
Nelson, Arruw Lukes and Revelstoke,
and through tbo mountains to Calgary.
Nanaimo, B, C, Aug. 20.—William
Manson, ol Nauaiuio, lato Provincial
Secretary, has boon appointed by tho
provincial government to make a several weeks' tour throughout British
Columbia, to report on prices ol wages
paid (or unskilled labor. Tlio government is in receipt ol eunllicting reports regarding prices ol unskilled
labor, especially relative to govern...ent
road work, henco Manson's appointment. Ho wHl hnve no authority to
interlcro with any work, but simply
obsorve and report to tho govern...cnl.
Choice eating apples, pears, peaches,
watermelons and all other new Iruits
(daily at C. B. Hume A Co.
Headquarters for  Tetley's   Teas
And   you  will be
y satisfied.     Your   nei
won't have better cd
or get any lower prices
on the same quality
Come in   and   examine   our  stock
of  Fine   Goods   such   as     Imported
Olives, Salads    Dressings,    Sauces  and
Extracts. Theyare as good as can be obtained
Headquarters  for Tetley's Teas
$500 CASH
Buys New House finished with all modern
conveniences and ready for occupancy.
Offices s—Molsons Bank Building,     Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
tt Op. i
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
1 Ir.,!,,-.,n . il. tl.s I'm.luces ot Hal.iu.llB, A!l.<<rtn, Hii*lHtcli..wiiii.
Hfiii-li Columbia, Otilnrlo, Quebec.
Oapltal AuthOrlied        •        •        -        tl 0,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   i4,825,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        14,825,000.00
D, R. Wll.KlK, President; Hox. R, JAFPBAY, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Inteiest allowed on deposits from date of deposit nnd credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ralph Connors' BookB-any one you I Harness-heavy, team and driving,
want you can always get at the Canada I riding and pack saddles, etc. Bourne
Drugstore, *1!ro»" vi*uc   injrtii'iuciciiiv'.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mi-rphy.
H.u.oi.n I'ishek
lla rri--tern,|
. K   HIH.AS
ioluil.,rv Klc
V. V- Ki.i.itrn,
Urricas :  Is. -tfi.uL Hank Hlock.  Ukvei.-
'btoss, H.C.
Cranbrook, 11. C,
Motft-y to loan.
Office: Ilevelstoke, H.I
Geo. 4. UoCaktsr,
",, M.  l'lNKUAM.
Kevelstoke, 11.0.
J. A. Hakvkv,
Crntirotik, H.
nnd have a good idea as to how his
pupils are going tn shape, although in
some cases (he results are not accord
ing to expectations, tor or against. No
written examination should count (or
more than half in any promotion and
forty per cent is not tou low. The
teacher's estimate of the whole year's
work and the age and general health
,.(the pupil should be essential (actors
... the decision. This would lead to
steady work trom August to June,
would prevout lazy pupils Irom dawdling along when they could do more
work and would check ambitious pupils whose minds are stronger and
more active than their bodies.
J. M. Soot. l.L.ll
W. I. HriUK*.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
fcoucrroRsiFOR'Moi^oNS Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
AssftT, ol all Ores,   sami.lea by mail or express
receive |.r..m|.: attention.
Terms Moderate.
Aubr.Es*     •     ■    •    Bui lie Kas.o, b. (
Provincial Land .Surveyor.
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avknce,
Box 11)6, Revelstoke,
10L1N      CAMPBKLL.
Provincial Assatrr St Chemist,
Phune J
(Member   American 'Institute   of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining institute)
Reyklstokk, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Lind, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
Gbe flMUIberalb
■'1 would . . . earnestly advise then. lor
their good to ordor this paper to be punctually
served up, and lo be looked upon as a part of
Uie tea equipage."--Amiison.
The question ol school examinations
has been foremost, at this time, in tbe
minds of the general public of the province and much has been said against
them.    The provincial  press  havo
published letters from many "Citizens"
and "Subscribers" wherein the writers
have specified in the support of their
arguments the unfairness ot a written
examination  as a test o!  a  pupil's
ability  and   the   nervous  strain   to
which a child is subjected, not in acquiring an education but in preparing
for an examination; and they advocate
the sweeping away of such   tests.
Their contentions are correct iu tbe
main but the remedy proposed is ex-
tnme.   No one knows better than the
teachers  whether   the candidate for
promotion is lilted mentally and physically for a higher grade or nut, but
it is quite a responsibility to feel that
the settlement ol the question depends
upon him or her, and  accusations of
impartiality and injustice are sure to
follow  tl.e  teacher's report.    Every
teacher knows this and feels relieved
in a sense.   Then tl.e written examination, set  by  an  outsider, takes the
responsibility    oil    their shoulders.
Apart fron.   the view   point of  the
teacher the d.rnial examin ati'.u is not
st all an evil as far as tl.e child is concerned.   It is nu annual mental stocktaking, a method ot linding out exactly
where he or she stands, ol comparing
his position with that ol other pupils
of  his  own age  and grade and when
conducted on a Common sense plan is
rather a blessing than a curse.    One
way to make it the latter is to hold it
up before the child aB a dreadful ogre
only waiting till the end ol the year to
gobble up all lazy pupils.    Another is
to attempt to "cram" during tl.e laat
two or three months   to cover work
that ibould have been spread over the
whole year.     The teacher can obviate
the necessity of the latter l.y devoting
the  first  week ol  the school year t.
laying before the pupils ol each gra.h
a synopsis cf the work to be covered
explaining to them that if the|wurk is
properly done each week May will be
no harder a month than August and
the thought of examinations will create no more dismay in June than in
October,    In many schools the children obediently swallow the mental
nourishment that is served out without even the vaguest idea of what is
really  cxjiected of  them,   A teaoher
can invariably size up thc situation,
The wish is very often father to the
thought, and nowhere is this instanced
t.etter than in reports for publication
iu newspapers near and lar. One olten
hears a paper criticized or derided (or
the inaccuracy ol its statements, but
the public at  large  little realize the
dilliculty which  a news gatherer experiences in  getting at the real (acts
of  the happenings of  every dny life.
There are several reasons Inr this.   In
the   lirst  placo  it  is simply human
nature  to  present  facts in the light
mo.t favorable to tbe speaker.    This
leads the one interviewed to place the
favorable features of a story out in the
lime light and shield the unfavorable
ones.    Then again, prejudice and the
point of  view   have much to do with
thc color  ol  a story, for what to one
seems a favorable manifestation of a
character, may seem when looked at
by  different  eyes  a sign of folly or
vioe.    Downright  dishonesty  is perhaps the least of a reporter's troubles
A false report can be likened to noth
ing so much as a snowball on a mountain side, and it need travel only a lew
blocks  to  become  an  avalanche of
fiction.   Marriages aro constructed on
nothing more substantial  than   tl.e
purchase of a yard ot ribbon for.. pet
oat.   A divorce is made up simply because a man seeks an opinion on a lad
debt.  Embezzlement and bank failure
follow   thc  hurried  visit of  a lank
cashier  lo  his sick mother.   All o!
these instances are but a few ut the
many   that   take  place;  they   have
tbeir amusing side oi course, but too
olten   such  unlounded  rumors work
great hardship on the hapless victim.
One  il  often  led to wish that there
were fewer amateur detectives in the
world and that some people who are
particularly aillictcd with a deranged
and distorted imagination could  secure some sort of mental  spectacle
which would come at their point ot
We have just received the initial
copy ol "The North Coast." a new
publication devoted to the inleicsta ol
thc coast districts and northern interior. The new journal is published
at Simpson, B.C., by P, F. Godenrath
A Co., under the management ol Ed.
Rowland and will iucidently aid in
the development ol the vast resources
ol the northern districts ol this province, soon to play nn important part
in thc history ol B.C. This lirst issue
Ib ii ueat six page sheet with illustrations of Port Simpson, and should be
warmly received by those for whom it
is intended. Too much publicity to
the district embraced cannot be given
and by the medium of the Nortb
Coast, settlers and capital, will have
an additional source of information.
when contemplating ninking n home
in the north of B. 0. P. F. Godenrath
is one ol the best known journalists in
western Canada and a hustler second
to none, and under his guidance the
North Coast should be another link in|
the chain of journal- devoted tothe
interests ol our province.
A g..od deal has been heard within
tbe last lew weeks about the I ab .OS—
the native ollieials—ol India »ho are
supposed to Is* responsible 'or the
present condition of unrest in that
country. The lollowing story, however, is about a baboo lawyer, who was
defending his client, a woman icoused
of assault and battery. In the curse
ol his remarks he addressed the opposing attorney as follows:
' My learned Iriend, with mere wind
Iron, a teapot, thinks to browbeat .....
from tny legs. I only seek to place my
bone nt contention clearly in ver
Honor's eye. My learned Iriend
vainly runs amuck upon the sheet
anchors ol tny case. My poor client
has been deprived ol some of her valuable leather (skinj, the leather ol her
nose, Until the witness explains
what became of my client's nose leather he connot be behaved; l.e cannot be
allowed to raise a castle in the air l.y
beating upon a bush."
New Burner Employed on. a
Western Railroad.
Keeping the right ol way on dirt
ballasted tracks free fmm weeds is n
problem I bat has vexed railroad . IH-
cials for years. To keep Ihe weeds
down will, scythes and shove's requires
a largo force of men at work all during
the weed growing season.
Th. Union Pacilic has built n gasoline weed burner which is doing the
work very successfully at a moderate
cobI. The gasoline weed burner is in
reality an automobile mounted on
railroad car wheels and equipped with
the weed burning apparatus. The cur
carries the fuel tor tho burners as well
as for its own power, and it is a comparatively easy job for one man to
handle tl.e machine, In (act in nice
weather a trip through the country is
a very pleasant ride.
Attached tu the car are a number ul
tanks carrying the supply of gasoline
sullicient for lhe day's run on the
road. This gasoline ii forced into a
system of burners carried on the back
of the car, making a very hot flame
close to the ground and extending out
several ieet. on either side. This kills
the weeds,
The machine is capable ol burning
trom 20 to 2!) miles a day, running
about three to lour miles an hour.
Three men compose the crew ot the
car, which is handled on the .ond
under orders ns a regular train.
Where weeds are cut by hand it requires approximately 111 men to cut
one mile ol track per day, hence tbe
machine does tl.e work ot about 800
men.—Kansas City Star,
TliJti  lttUJ-»sj.HS Jtf2iJMJ&.
Incurjwnitod hy Act r.f Pari In nent, 1853.
Wm. Mor.s.iN Macheiison, Pies. S. II. EwiNB, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capiat paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
branches in Onnndu and Agencies in all purls of the
.11 Savings
Interest credited four times., year .it current rate
Bank deposits, until further notice.
W. 11. PRATT, Manager,
Deer [loads, Animals, Blhb, Hull, iKtc.i
Animal Uuj-h Mwiiileil,
0. Box 81,
Studio: Cornerol First St. and Doyk-Avu.
}'<*YI>1|11,1,0.        .('.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our {Store if you want to purchase
a Now Carpet, Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, malting or linoleum and see
how much furl her its contents will
take you in purchasing than it will t.t
any othei store in the eity. Our
Hpi-iug styles are ready for your
Import direct from Country ol origin.
On* packot
hu actually
killed a bushel
•f flics.
DiNoiirt, nooni mi emiiui irum
Ite, Mr paoact, ar • packet* f»r ISO.
-Ill I ut a whole ooaoon.
Local Revelstoke
Socia.lot Party of Canada
Meets First an.l Third Wednesday in the month
In Helkirk Hall, upstairs, at 8 p.m. Subject lor
ilisc..8slon-"Arraln[ment ..I Capitalism." All
Intereatetl are welcome.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Meet. Second nnd Fniiril. Wednesdays In
each month, in Selkirk Hall.  Visiting Woodmen cortliiilly Invited in a.lend.
w. ii. ARMSTRONG, Ron, Com,
J. M.-INTYKK. Clork.
R     ELSTOKE AERIE No. 432.
F. 0. E.
Tho regnlar mo-Hiti***. nro held in tho Sol-kirk
Hall ovory-nd and 4tb Tuesday owning at I
o'cltif*. Visiting brethren are cordially invited.
W, B. McUl'i RUN.Sei rbtart,
KootenBV Lodge No. 15 A F. flr^A.M.
■WV Tho regular  meet-
" - "* ing- are held in the
Masonic TVtnple,
idd Kellows Hall.on
the third Monday In
■ icfa month at s
. -. ing brnth
ren cordially wel
i .   L  l'!.*i'      NIER,   ■SECRETARY,
SELKIRK LODGE. NO  12. I. 0. 0, F.
Ueeta ••rpryThtirsdAj
* P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HEAD OFFICE: Caloahy, Ai.iikkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'ork Packers and Uualer in Live Sleek. Markets In all thc principal Cities and
'■"owns of Alberta. liritish u„iuuiuia and tl.e Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated ..rami
"Im er  or" Hams and Bacon, ami Shamrock Brand, Leal Lard. a
k «**%*%%«%»%%'»«*%%%%%%«'%*%%%%**'«'«
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
FIRST STREET, ■ city restaur»iit
Place your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Hoots
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
Manufactured for all olaastslof buildings
All kindsfof building and plastering
k*v%-v*%%*%v%%*%*».'%^%ii*%% mntnuH vj
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons'i Etc.,S*J(iht>
Deero Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr., Garden Seedom and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work atteudod to. Horso Shooing a
Improperly fated glasses arc worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Onr Optical Deparlme.il is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Ref, D„ nnd positively gi.arai.icc satisfaction.
It has been proven that 90 per cent, of
headaches arc caused by defective eyes
and it does not follow thai because, you
have good eyesight that your eyes are no.
To Buy Property In and Around
Never Again will it be so Low
I have lor sale the following:--
One Collage, corner Charles and
Douglas St.—$800, easy terms.
Two Houses, Third St.—$1,500
One House, comer King and
Front S.s.—$1,700.
One I louse on Douglas St.—$800.
Eight Aces jus. outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together with larger lots
of Fruit Lands near the Cily.
Also one 25 fool lot suitable for
business site on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave.
For full particulars applv to;—
Revelstoke, B. C.
25c. to 50c. on thc $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone
WE PAY FREIGHT to anv railway station
in Western Ontario, Mani.obn, Saskatchewan, Albena and British Columbia,
Write lor our Latest Prioe List, ii is
mailed Iree ou request.
We only handle the [besl goods money
can buy, only goods of besl mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments,
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Coods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
1. is a duty 10 You, lo Your Family and
lo your Pocket Book lo investigate our
We do not belong lo lhe Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References : Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company iu lhe City, or ll.e
names ol twenty thousand satisfied customers in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Northwestern  Supply   House
239 and jfii Stanley Slreel
Have you.- eyes intended lo now
save trouble and expense,    '
Jewelers anu Opticians
Next th Imperial Bank
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
■ - -ff.; --
Hall    al
0 clock.
...n^ breU 1 -i .■•
: .... Invited wi at-
Cold Range lodge, K.
No. 56, RevelBtoko,
ol  P.
3. C.
MEET*  BVER1    ' I II F-; >v
... -.|«f - '
...    -   ml Idlellijw.1
.      .'I.l.lnii
Knight, in cordially -
;W BBADSR ,'.'.
11. H  BBOCK, K   ..I U   * a
II   A. I.KOW*.   SI   „l F
Members and visiting brothers are
particular!.- requested to attend Indgo
on Thursday, August Hilnd, to meet
Grand Master Emhledon,
r, Thimble, n.g.     j, Matiiib, Sec.
The best. Brick In the Province,
Well bo.... Brick in huge or
small quantities -.i Reasonable
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
UomDon ol both Mtu wl#h lo ■■<■
change cardi Bend _fl o«n(i io Join and
*'*''■; a 15 fancy, handion*Bl in port od
i'i mt 1 hcIi and y-',r nMiiH- cn ared on
HM itn II lm
10   Haddon   Bldg.,  Vancouver.
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars, Travellers to
Fish CrceK will lind excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - .        Proprietor
'Under   New   Management;
B.   C.
That's Royal Crow., kind-
made in Vancouver—-I,finest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg, House, cleaning and
washing aro easy with Its help,
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what wc give for
Royal Crown Wrappers, Send
for it—Free—Also ti*y the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Kirst-clas accommodation lor travellers,
Rest brands   of   Wines,   Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
Court of Revision.
Nolice is hereby given that the Hrst
sitting of the Ooill't of Revision to revise nnd correct the Assessment Roll
.is prepared by the Assessor for the
Oity of Ilevelstoke for the year 1907,
will be held nt Ihe Council Chamber,
Citv Hall, Revelstoke, B.C., on Wednesday, September 4t,h, 11)07, at 7:!«J
td 11. FLOYD,
Oity Olerk.
James Evans
Dealers in   Reef,
Poultry,   Fish
Season.    Orders
tended to.
Fork,   Mutlon,
md    (la.ne   in
promptly  at>
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds of (iree. Vegetables ready lor thc Mantel,
fresh local grown Strawberries $,1.25 and $,i.,lo I'er
Ripe Gooseberries  toe,
I'er 1,1),
Front Slreel, Revelsloke
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Gut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue Iree.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
lUllllY  MolNTOSH,     nITin.l.i   House
I    17011 are the most, curative lu the
world.  A perfect, iml.it.it remedy for
all Nei vims und Muscular  diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Htoiuneh ailments
and Metallic I'oisonliig,   A sure cure
for  "That Tired  Feeling,"    Special
.-..ies on  all  boats and brains.   Two
mails uirlve and di  ait every  day.
Telegra h   coin.......  ..lb...   with   all
1...lets uf the world.
'I'KIIMS- $111 lo $18 ner week.   For
fill ther particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring j
Arrotti Lake, 9, C
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Faia
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
18, 19, 20, 1907
Larger and Better
Than Ever
Something Doing
Every Minute
Cheap Excursion Rates
On All Transportation
For   Information  or
Prize List, Write
P. 0. Box 95,
Rilles, Shotguns. Revolvers,
Fishing Tackle, Tents, Hunting and Outing Suits, Canoes.
Bouts, Typewriters nnd Olliee
Desk, Field und Opera Glasses,
All nt less than half price.
Write nt once for big list,
Nauwlgowanb, N. IL, Canada.
Fruit Lands
I bave many enquiries for
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouvor. Persons desiring to dispose ..(
their holdings, largo or small,
will do well to list them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
I.UI..1...1 hind Illsirli'l,
IHstrini ol MIIiiiici.
T«ko tin.lce tlmi ADdrsw Kllsou ol
lii.vi.ln.ik.., S. I'., nio.init.lnii Miner, Inlon.ls
.0 apply lur > s.ii!i-i,i. .(...Inr license over the
lollowliiK .lu.erlt.o.l Ism!.:
1.  Cf........-...-....: i.t a |„.,l |ila.iie.l sbnut Iwn
...lies nnrtli nl Hinuky limine Creek netr the
north-well ....rner of T, I. Sift*, suit markeil
"Andrew Kltson*. N.K, oorner," thenoe ran.
iiIiik ".utli Sll clialns. ihence wen St. ehains,
ll......... ...inl. SO chains, .hence WIN.chains
to ....lut ol commencement snd ......lal..Ing r.40
a *re. more or Is. .
'1   Cm.......cliia a. ■ postplanli'd ahout two
...Iles nonh ul ihe mouth ol Smoky House
creek, near tho norlh-west enrner ol 1.1,, sift".
.11.. marked "Andrew Kltsou's S. K. oorner."
Ihonce running nonh so ehains, thence west
SO chains, Ihenee south SU chain., thenee esst
s.) chain, it. point ol eotnmenooinent and eon-
talnlus 0.0 acres more or less.
I.ale.l July Slh, 1907.
wed tan 11 ANIIPEW KITBON.
Revelstoke Land Districl,
District of West Kooleuay.
Take nolice thai The Sn.ill. Creek Mining and Development Company, duly
registered iu Hrilisli Columbia and engag*
cd in placer gold mining, iniends lo apply
for a special timber licence over the following described hinds, for Ibe purpose of
Obtaining timbers for mining purposes!
Commencing al a post planted a distance of 1584 feel south from a point on
Smilli Creek, situated 440 feel below lhe
moulh of Pol Hole Creek,  and  marked
The Smilli Creek Mining and Develop-
menl Company's north-wast corner post,"
.hence south 80 chains, llmnce easl 80
liains, Ihence norlh Ho cliains, tlience
west 80 elinins to the point of commence
menl, and conlaining 640 acres, more or
Daled Augusl Kill, 1907,
<)I'mhnt Company,
Per Frank 11. Guffey,
wed au| a 1        Manager and Agent,
} !
i ik raiui
Persons having timber for
sale kindly write, slating full
particulars, to
W.J. Robido. 601 Elm wood Ave.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Kevulistoke Liilnl I listriot.
liislnctof West Kootenay.
Tnke notice thut Hugh McLean of Revel*
aloke.fi (-, oocupalion Prospector, Intendsto
apply for Hpectal Umber licences over the following described lands:
1. Commenolng at a nost planleil 211 ohaina
nnrlh of I'olliUrlii'ri'i'k Similes east oH'oliim-
bin Itiver, nmrkcil "Hugh MnLean'saotith-weat
corner," llienoe nnrlh 80 chains, tlienci* cast Sll
ohalna, Ihonoe aouth so chains, thenco west SO
chnlns to pointof commencement, containing
(iln ncre-i mure or less.
% Commencing at a post planted \\ ini'e-
north of Potlaich Creek. Similes eaat of Col-
iiiiiliin llivi-i, nmi ki'tl 'link'') Mclieati's smith-
west corner," thenee norlh 80chains, tlience
enst 8<i clmins, lhcnco south 80 chains thetice
west Se clmins to point of commencement, containing Olo acres more or leas.
3. Commonclng at a pint- planled I mile
north of Potlatoh Creek. %% milea caat of Col
umbia Hlver, marked "Hugh MoLean'a north
west conier." thence south HOchainc,thence east
811 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to point of commencement, contain
ing Gin acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a post plunled >i mile
north of i.orlh fork of Mica i reek, .Hi miles
frmn the forks, marked "Hugh McLean's south-
West corner," thence norlh 80 chains, I hei me
cast wi clmins, thence south 80 chnlns,thence
west Ho chains to point of commencement, contuiulng tilu acres inure or less.
5. Commeneing al apost planted lj miles
north of north fork of Mica Creek, i\ miles
from forks, marked "Hugh MoLean'a southwest corner," thence north Nl chains, thouco
enst 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thonee
west 80 chains to point of oommoncement, cuntaining 010 acres more or less,
li. Comincncing at a post planted on tho
north bankof the north tork of Mica Creek,
a miles from forks, marked "Hugh McLean's
l}OUth-weat corner,' thenco north 80 chains,
thencei asl SO chains, thence soutli M) chains,
thenoo tveat 80 chainB to point of commencu
ment, containing 010 acres more or less.
I, Commencing ut a po-t planted on the
north forkof Mica Creek,3 miles from thof.irks,
marked "Hugh McU'an's nortli wost corner,"
thence soulh 80 chains.thence cast80chains,
thence nurth SO chains, thence wesl 80 chains
to point of commencement, containing 010
acres more or less.
8,' Commencing nt a post planted on thc
south fork of Mica Creek, three miles frnm Lhe
forks, marked 'Hugh McLean's southwest
cornor," thonce north N) chains, ihence east 80
chains, ihence soutb 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement, cauiaining
010 acres more or leas.
!>. Commeueiug nt a post planted ou the
souih fork of Mica Creek. A iniles from the
forks, marked "Hugh McLean's north-west
corner," thenco SuUtbSO chains, thonce east 80
chains, thence norm IM) chains, thence weat SO
uiiainato pointof commencement,containing
610 acres more or lesa.
10, Commencing at a post planted at a puinl
\<i mile south of south forkof Mica Creek, anu
I'miles from lorks, marked "Hugh McLean's
north-west coruer,'' theuce eonth so chains,
thenco eaat 80 i'liains, tlience north 80 chains,
thonce west 80 chains to point of commencement, eon turning Olo ncros more or less.
II. Commencing at a post planled \\ mile
■•oinh of suuth fork of Mica Creek and i!-i
mllea from forks, uiarked "Hugh McLean's
norlh-wcBt coruee,' ihence BOUth 1ft) chains.
thenca east lo chains, theuce north 100 ehains,
thencu west 4" chains io point of commencement, containing 0(0 acred more ur loss.
Dated July £8th, 10U7.
wed aug 14 HUGH McLKAN.
Diulrict of Went Kootenay,
Take notice that Ohmlea K, Kohl, uf Cranbrook, B.C., occupation nrujjgi.it, Inlu-idsto npply
forspoeial licenses over tne following described
1. Commencing at a post planted aboul IDA
elinins mntli (miii il.- tii'iinii.-: Hig Creeaand
,i.nmi ni chaiua west of L-ontaplIx and inarked
"CharliM I1). Hold's S.K, corner poat," thenoe 8fl
chains west, tlience Hi chains nurth, thence feu
ohalas east-thence «" chains uouth to point of
commencement, and cuntaining 840 acres wore or
2, Cummencing at a post marked ''Charles E
field's N. K, corner post," planted almut 100
t'i i ni ih nuiili from the mouth of Dig Creek and
aliout 80 i'linins treat uf Coinaplix, thenee "
chains west, tlience 80 chains soutli. thence Wl
chains easl, tlience 8U chaius north to pnint of
commencement, and cuntaining 640 acres more or
8. Commencing at a post marked "Charles l-i
field's s. w. corner post," planted about nxi chains
nortli from the mouth of Itig Creek aud about 80
chains wea. of Comaplix, tlience 80 cliains north,
thunce so chains eait, thence 80 chains south
ihmice so ehuins we.it to puiut of commencement
and coulaiuing oto acres more ur less.
1. Commencing at a pn.it marked "Charles I'.,
field's N. Vi. comer post,' planted shout ioo
chains north from lln* inoulli of Big Creek and
about go chains ivest oi Comaplix, thence south 8(1
chains, tbence casi. An chains.thence north80
chains tlience west so chains tu puint of com-
meneement. ami containing 040 acres mure ur less.
Dated -July 18th, nm;.
sat jly 20 Nicholas i'u were, Agunt,
Ituvidstnke Laud District.   ^^^^^^^^^
District of West Knntonay.
Take notice that Charles K. Roid nf Cranbrook,
B.C., occupation Druggist, intends to apply for a
special timher license uver the fulluwing descrihed
Commencing at a pint marked "Charles K.
Keid's S.W. curuer post," planted ubout ;iii chums
north of a post markeil "W.P. 1887, D. Orr preemption." and about i| miles north uf Camborne,
It. C, them-e north 8n chains, thence eiml 8u
chains, thencu Koiith 80 chains, tlience west 80
chains tu puiut of commencement, and cuntaining
640 acres inure ur less.
Dated July 16th, 1D07.
sat jly 20 Mchnlas Powers, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days ufter
date we intend toapply lo the Hou lhe Chief
Commissioner of Landsaud Works, for special
licence to eut and carry away timber from the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post plnntod at thc northeast corner of Robert Ulundiiiiiing'a pre-emption No, 611, West Kootenay District, and
marked "Dig Heud Liun her Company's southeast corner post," thenee north 40 chaiiis,thcuce
weat ItiO chains, ihencu south 40 ohaina, thence
eust Pin chains to poiut of com meueemunt.
Arrowhead, H.C., July 8th, 1U07,
aat jly 'Si        Hm Bbnd Lumheii Co., Ltd.
Notice la hereby given thut 00 daya after date 1
I inleml io apply to tue Hum mi bio, the chief ;Coiu-
I missioner nf Lamb uud Works for permission tu
purchase the followiug descrilied lands, sit uated
on Cpper Arrow Like, Dlstrictof West Kuotenay:
Commenolng ut a post planted at thc S. K.
cornerof ltalph Simpson's application, thence
ti»."» chains northeasterly following the Lake
shore in Galena Hay; tlience north 2u chain*-;
Uience south westerly lOo ehuins purallciiug
Lake shore; thence suuth 'Hi chain*- tu poinl uf
commencement, and cuiiiuiuiug 117 acres, more
or leas.
Daled Arrowhead, IL C, Juno 1, 1007.
jun 2J sat A, VV. DICKINSUN,
Agent for Lamb-Watson Lumbor Co, LUI.
Kevelstoke Land District.
Listrictof West Kootenay,
Take notice that Warreu -* ndrows of Revelstoke. B.C., occupation Prospector, intends to
apply for special timber licenses over the followiug described lauds:
1. Commencing et a post planted 2^ miles
westof Columbia River and % mile north uf
Borta Creek, marked "Warreu Andrews'north-
eaat corner, thence south in chains, theuce
west 80 chains, theoce north 80 >. ham-, thonco
eaat 80 chaius to pointof commencement, coutaiuiug 640 acres more or less.
2. Commencing nt a post plauted 31 miles
west of the Columbia Kivet, 'isi chaius north of
Si-da Creek, marked 'Warreu Andrews' uorth-
east corner," theuco south BU chaius, theuce
west 80 chains, theuce north 80 chaius, theuce
oust 80 chnius to poiut of commencement, coutaiuiug 640 ncres mure or less.
3. Commeueiug at a post planted (} milos
west of Columbia River ou the north bauk uf
Soda Creok, marked "Warreu Andrews' uorth-
east curuer," theuce suuth 80 chaius, theuce
west 80 cluius, theuce uorth 80 chains, thence
oast 80 chaius tu poiut of commeucemeut, coutaiuiug tiio ncres mure or less.
4. Cummeuciug at a post plautod 41 miles
west of Columbia Kiv«r, aud une mile suulh of
Soda Creek, marked "Waneu Audrews' northeast comer " tlience south 80 chains, tlieuce
west 80 chains, thence uorth so ehuins. theuce
east 80 chains to pomt ol cmnineucuuiout, coutaiuiug 640 acres more or less.
5. Commeueiug ut a post plaated ,'ij miles
westof Columbia Itiver aud ft) chaius suuth of
Soda Creek, marked "Warreu Audrews'uorth-
east corner," thouce soutn SO chaius, thouce
wost SO chaius, theuco north 80 chains, theuce
east 80 chains to point of commencement, coutaiuiug '*in Hcrus more or less.
6. Commenolng at a post planted 1% miles
west of Columbia Kiver and U milo suuth uf
Soda Creek, murked "Warreu Audrews1 northeast coruor," thouce west :0 chain.-, theuce
suil lh 8') chnius, tieucu east 80 chaius, theuce
uurth 50 chuius to poiut uf commeucemeut,
cuutuiiiing 04o ncres mora or less.
Dmed July bill, IM,
«ed aug 14 WARREN ANDREWS.
Notice Is hereby giveu lhat tliirly daya alter
date 1 inieu., lu ap-uy tu the Hot/oraiile Chiel
Commissioner ni Uuds and Works lur special
license to eul aud carry away liuihcr from lhe
lolluv-itig described lauds siluated in West
Kootenay, I'pper arrow Lake District:
I. Commeneing at a post planted ou Die
south aide of Leuu creek, aim abuut twenty
clmins i ro iu tin- Creek, aud ahum (uur miles
Irum mc uioiiiii ni Mini, marked "b. ft, ilal-
luik's south-west cumer post," ihence cast wi
ehalus, theuce uurth oo cum us, theme wusieu
ehains tneuce suuth so chains, lo place ol
il. Commencing at a post plauted ou the
norlh side of Leuu Creel, aud about 60 feel
Irum the suuih-eastcuruer pust uf uf lnuuor
Limit No. lias, aud about on feel fioiu Ilo
south-west corner post of limber Limit 7842,
marked "K.N. Hillock's Initial post," theuce
wusleochaiu-*, tneuce auuth 40 chaius, theuce
eul leu chaiua, thence norm lu chain*, ihcuue
weal 80 chuius tu place ui cummeucemeut.
.'). Cummeuciug at a poal plained on the
suulh siduoi Ltuu Creel, nbuut utuu milea
iruiu tin* iiiuiiiii, near ihu suuih-wehicorner ut
'J', U iNu, d'.ii, marked ' li. .*. Hillock's UOftu*
west curuer pom," lhcuce tfiiin lu chains,
thence east li..- cuauin, tliuuco uonh -iu chuius,
theuce wesl leu chaius lu place ul hegtuuiug.
4, commeuelng at a post plauted uu the
e-ssl aide ul llie suuili lorl of leuu Creek, ami
hIhuii ino miie-i Irum ihe torus, uiarked "h. fl,
Hillock's nuiih-weat curuer puai," theueu
auuth 80 uhaihs, ihonce eaal su chains, tueuce
nurih eu chaius, theueu wesi f,u chains to place
ol beginning.
ii Commetitilug al a pust planted on the
weal t-lue ul the south lork of Leuu Creek, aud
anuui three aud uuu hall miles (rom lue inuuih
oi said lurk, marked "ii. N, Hallock's uorih-
wcsi curuer poat," thuncu aouiti su chains,
th-juco easl 80 chains, thence nurih 60 chaius,
thence wesl tb chains tu place ol hcgiuuiug,
6, Commencing al a post plumed uu the
wesi side ol lhu nuuiii iui i ul Leuu creek, and
abuut lour and uue-hall miles limn the uiouih
ol said lork, marked "it. N. ilalluuk'a norlh-
west corner posi," thenee aoulh bu chains,
lliuhco earn so chaiua, thencu nurth Hu chains,
thouce h eta uu chums lu place ut beginning,
Dated July .llm, IM, Ruvuistuko, B. C.
KovelalokoUnd Diatrlot. ^^^^^^^_
District of Weal Kootenay.
Tako notice lhat Itiehnrd Davis ol Itevelalokc
Il.C, on-iipuiioii Haw nler, Intends toapply fur
a special timber license over de following
described lands;
Commencing at a poal planted about one
mile below Kock Pulut, aud abuut 80 chains
Irum the east bank ol lho Columbia lliver. and
marked "Menard Davis' smith-cast cornur
poat," thencu north 100 chaina, thouco west 40
clialna, thence south 100 chains, thuncu east 40
chains to the point of eommoucemont, aud
conlaining 'in acrus moro or loss,
Dated August 8rd,IW7.
widft-iM RICHARD DA Via,
Notico Is hereby given that 60 days after date I
ntend to apply tu the Chief Cum missioner of
Lands and Vi urks fur permission to purchase the
fulluwing described lauds, situate hi West Koutenny District:
Commeuelng at a post planted 40 chains
north of south cast coruor ofT, L. 7016, uud
marked -ll,C.Morris's north-east corner posi,'
theuce south 80 chains, wesl 80 chaiua, north
so chains, easl so cuitlns to point of commence*
Dated June 6th. 19U7,
*edjunl_ H. C. MURK IS.
Revelatoke Land Diatrict,
Diatrict of Weat Kootenay,
Take notice tbat Bowmau Lumber Company,
Ltd., of Kevelstoke, B. C, occupation Lumber
Manufacturers, intends to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
Commencing ata [oat planted on the south
aide oi northeast arm Cpper Arrow Laku aud
marked "liowmun Lumber Company's N, hi,
oorner posi,'' thence eastsu chaiiis,theiice south
Bo chains, thenco west SO chains, thenco north
60 chain- to uoiutof commencement, and con
Laming 640 acres, more or leaa.
Dated July 31,10ii.
wagt    Ity their Agent. John ti. McCarthy.
Kevelstoke Luud Dislrict.
District of Wesl Kootenay.
Take notice that we. Lamb-Watson Lumber
Co., Lui, of Arrowhead, occupation Milluwu-
ers, in.end to apply fur permission tu purchase
the fulluwingdesuribed laud:
Cummuncmg at u post planted ut the S. K,
corner ul Ralph Simpson's application, Ualena
my, ihence north so chains, thouoe cast hi
chains, tliuuco norlh 'in chain-, thence oast 'A)
eliuiiis, iheuce soutli 'in chains more or lens tu
Uuleua Hay. thence southwesterly along norl h
siioruol tiaiciiu .Jay li pointof cumiiiuuceiucnt.
Daled 83rd July, l!J0/.
Lamb-Watson Lumdkk Co., Ltd.,
wed aug 7 U, D. .V Wilkie, Agent.
Ni.tice is hi'.uliy aivul. that tl.e lii.ili<rsl.,|>«,il |.r*.
|.<.*i: lo i.ii-..i[.,ii-,i..- a (Jo...|.a.iy, to bo k.io,,.. as
.....--.f.il.inil... II.v.-. irai.iw.iy Uompany, Limit-
o..." under the '1'r.u.iway Company Incorporation
Act and Atnontlilig Acs, will, uowcr to .....l.l,
maintain anil o|.er.Uu a .l.ml.lu ot- sIiikIo track
railway or tra.iiw.iy with tlio nocessary braucli
linos, si.l,.i.iu-k*, sw.tut.os, turiii.iits, poltuj,ivIrea,
i-.iii.luil., n.u. il|i|,li;.iifi-rt ..[.on, illuna or over ...iy
liimls slluatu In ll.nl part ot llm Jjislricl ol West
Koulouay In tlm I'luviiico ... ...t-.isli c'oluu.liia
c..ni|.. Ise.l wi. Inn tlmt certain area wn hin a rti.lius
ot livo milos lion, .loulh Itapiils in tbo District ol
West kootonay, to carry passengers an.l Iroiglit
ami to uso s.n-h .....Uvo power us may he tleemeil
advisable fi...I for oilier purposos.
'.'lie iienorul route ol sni.i proposed railway or
trii.nw.iy Isaslollowa. Ik-Kiiniing at i, poini on
lhe I..I..K ol the Uoluiuhia u.vot near the foot ot
t'r.esl Ituphls ... West Kootenny JJistrk-l, tlienco
in a northerly direction ill".in ll.e valley ..I tl.e
Column... Hlver to a pouil at or near ll.o mouth of
Fissure Creek.
Hated this 24tl. day... July, 1007.
'.'. KIU'ATltlCK,
sat Ily JI SIM 1*. McUAlliV,
U.S. ..l.-IMtii Kit.
111*,,,!.-'   .'.    '.-■-.   iv.i.iriini,
Tfikc imt it-.,   lh i   II, ii. -j- Ainli.-.isi.
M.ill-is.lf ltl*\". l-iluKl", i.i-i-IIJlf.liiJI) Fl...'
Miner, li..... l.-s ... apply fur special
linil.ci- licence.-: ..v.-.- the fnllowii.g
ilcsciiin-1 If.in.s:
1. Cii.iii.ienciiiK at a pust planted 2
miles up the linrlli-east fork of Five
Mile 1'ieek, lllg Bend, and marked
"Henry Aiiihio.se Mori-ls'S.E,.-...-...'.-,"
thence iinrlh W chains, thence west SU
chni.is, thence soulli SO chuius, thence
east SU chuius in , point of commencement nn.1 containing (Wl acres moie
or less.
2. Commencing at a post plauted 2
miles up the north-east forkof Five
Mile Creek, liig Bund, und niarked
"Henry Ambrose .Morris' S.W.corner,"
tbence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence soulli SO chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement and cont.lining IHU acres more
or less.
Dated July 8th, 1907,
8. Oommenclng .it. a posl planled
about,line-hull' mile s.uiili of the southwest corner of No. 1 on the north-west
fork of Five Mile Oreek, and marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' N.Rcorner,"
thence south SU chains, llienee wesl. SO
chains, thence north SU chains, tlience
east 80 chains to pointof commencement, containing tliu acres more or
4. Commencing at a post planled at
the inii-tli-i-.ist comer "( No, 11 on the
north-west fork of Five Mile Oreek,
and marked "Henry Aiubiose Morris'
S.E, corne.'," thencu nortb SU chains,
thence west80 chains, thencesouth SU
chains. Ihence east 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing Old
acres nmre or less,
5. Coinmeneing at a post planted
about one-quarter of a mile ninth of
the north-west corner of No, 8, marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E. corner,"
thence south 80 chains, Ihence west 80
chains, thence north SU chains, thence
east 81) chains to point .if commencement, containing 010 acres more or
il. Coinmeneing at a pusl planted at
the north-east corner of No, 5, marked
"Henry AmbroseMorri.' S.E. coiner,"
thence north 80 chiiius, thence wesl 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
east SU ehuins to point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or
Dated July Olh, 1007.
7. Coinnieiiciiig at a post plunled
uboui 811 chains north of thc north-east
corner of Timber Limit No, Ii 1507, and
uiacked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E,
corner," thenos soulli 80 chains.thence
west 8U chains, tlienee north80 chains,
thenceeast SU chains to point of commencement, containing (140 ac.os more
or less.
8. Commencing at a post plunted
at the north-east corner of No. 7, and
uiarked "Henry Anil.rose Murrlsj U.K.
corner,' thence west IliO chains.thence
north 40 chains, theuce east 1(10 chuius,
ihence south 40 chains so point of commencement, containing 010 acres more
or less.
Dated July 10th, 1907.     .
9. Commencing at apost planted at
the south-east corner of Timher Limit
No. 10507, and marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.W. corner," tlience
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
tbenee soutb 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of comineiice.iient,
containing 040 acres more or less.
10. Coinineneilig at a post planted
at the south-east cornerof Mcintosh:
P. R. one-half mile east of Boyd's, and
marked "'Henry Ambrose Morris' S.
VV. cornel1," thence east 60 chains,
thence south 10 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north 60 chains, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 00
chains to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated July llth, 1907.
sat jly 27   Hkniiy Ambrose Morris.
West Kootenay l.un.1 Ulstriet. Distriet of Kevelstoke, B.C. lake n..tic- that Rupert ...lluuu
llUKuen, oi Itevulstuko, B.C., occupation Insurance Agent, Intends I., apply for permission lo
purchase the following descrihed laml: -Com-
.ueuc.Ua at a P 'sl planted on llie western shore of
Uplgir Arrow Lake, fit Uunuui-k .'..ml, urn. mark.
eil "ll. W. ililggeus „,nil,,.,,*! corner poll,'*
situate ahout .ill vliallia from the souiheru ..xireu.-
ity ... llannock 1'i.ml, llienee norlh 4.. emuns lo
llie min. Inini boundary ol lleorge Boyd s ,,re-e.np-
In,,., theuce wesl .0 eliuiiis tu tne e..-.te.u bouill..
ury ... Lot S.l, ll.oi.ee soulli HI chains to the .m.i.ul Upper Arrow Lake, thenee east fulluwing the
shore of Upper Arrow Uke lo place ol commencement, contaiiig an area ol .... acres, more or lens.
Oaten July loth, im.  I.upeit Williams Haggen.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has
applied to Ills Honour the Lleutcnant-Uiiverinir
in I'tnuii'il un.li'i- the previsions of the Hirers ami
Nlieainn Act, to clear and remove ohstnictiunn
from Frisby Creek in lliu District of West Koote-
nay, British Columhia, from a puint where it
empties Intu the Uulutnhla Hlver tu a puint on
said creek about l mllus fioiu the Columbia Kiver
uud to construct and maintain houmi At or about
thu mouth of s&id creek ami in thc Culumbia
Itiver ailjaci'iit thereto, ami to attach booms to
thu shore uf Frisby Cieuk uml suid Columbia
lllver at sahl points, for holding, sorting and delivering Ii»k-h aud timher brought down said creek,
The lands lu he ntfected hy the said work are
Orown lauds and thc lolh that aru proposed to be
charged are such un may Ihi tixeu hy a Judge of
the County Court ol West Kootenay.
Dated this i,'.t h day nf June, lUuT.
wcdjnelBOd til- DONNKI.LY.
Null.-., is hereby given that 60 days after dnt« I
iiileml lu apply lo ll... t'l.lot .'oniinliiionorol
Landsaud ....rk. for permmslon toptirelii.sethe
following ileserllieil land., oiu.it.. In .Vest Konle-
nay districl:
. .if.iiii.-iii-.iiK al a poit planted 40.-halns
....rib uf so.llh-casl eurner of T.I. Tolllan.l
marked "J, K. Job.......'. ..orltt-weflt corner
posl," thoncu easlbU chains, suulh SOehalus,
wesl SO chain., nurlb do chaius lu i-oliu ol
Daled Juuo olh, 1WI.
fllniUOU I. t. JOUH60N.
Revelsloke Lan.l District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that we, John Occon.ii-
and C. 0. Woodrow, of Poplar Creek,
1). C, nccupatlon Lumbermen, intend
to apply tor special licences to cut timber over the following described lauds:
1, Commencing at a post planted
on the east hank about one mile up on
Ibe Hrst soulh forkof Poplar Oreek,
thence south 100 chains, tlience west
40 chains, tlience north 1(10 chains,
tlience east 40 chains to point of emu
2. Commonclng at a post planted
on the west bank of tl.e Hrst soutli
fork of Poplar Creek, 3 miles up,
thenceeast SO chains, thencesouth SO
chains, thenc.. west SO chains, tbence
north HU chains to point of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post planled
on the west bank about 4 miles up the
Hrst south fork of Poplar Croek, theoce
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tlience east SOohains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 16th, 1007
4. Commencing at a post planted
on the wesl bank of Poplar Oreek,
ii 1-2 miles up, running west SU chains
along (!. E. Revell's No, 2 Limit, south
boundary, thence south SO chains,
thenceeast SU chains, tbence north 80
chains to point of commencement.
5, Coinineneilig at a post planted
on the west bunk of Poplar Creek,
about 5 miles up and running along
Q, E. Revell's nurth boundary of No.
2 limit, Ihence wesl 80 dining, tbence
north SU chains, thence cist SO chuius,
tlience south SU chains lo pointof commencement.
Located June loth, 1007.
I). Oommonolng at a post planted
8000 feet from C.P.R. track opposite
the 27 mile board, about one mil., west
of Rapid Creek, tiiei.ee west SO chains,
thence soulh 80 chains, thenco east 80
chains, thence north SO chains to point
of commencement.
Dated June 27th, 1007.
wed jly 31  J. C. HADV, Locators,
Revelstoke Uud Distriot,
District of Wesl Kootenay.
Take nolice that A i thur O. .1 ..bnsl....
of Poplar, ll.itish Columbia, occupation, merchant. Intends to apply fori,
special limber license over the following descrilied lauds, situated on Poplar
C.eek id the West Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post planted about
oj miles fioiu the town of Poplar, H.C.
on the east side of Poplar Creek,
m.iike.l,"A. O. Johnston's souih-west
corner post," Ihence east SO chains,
llit'ii.-.' north 90 chains,Ihen...1 west 80
chains, tlience soulh SO chains to poinl
of oommoncement, and containing Olo
acres mors or less.
Located June 23rd. 1007.
C 0, WOODROW, Agt,
j   District of Card	
1 Take notice thai 1). Mcintosh of
Revelstoke, Ji.O, occupation Ulack-
s.uilh, Intends to apply for special timber licences over tbe I'..II..wing de
scribed lands:
1. Commencing at., post planted at
upper crossing ot Albredn Hive.-, ami
marked "D. Mcintosh's S. E. corner,"
thence west SO chains, Ihence north SO
ehuins, thence east 80 .-hains. thence
soulh SU chains to point.>f commencement, containing 840 acres more or
2. Coinmeneing at n post planled
alongside 11. Sawyer's No. 2 posl, ..nd
n...iked "D. Mcintosh's S. E. corner,"
thence west 100 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east, 100 chains,
thence south 40 chains to point of
commencement, containing (III) acres
more or less.
3. Coinmeneing at a post planted
at lower crossing of Alli.-e.l.i River,
marked "D, Mcintosh's N.E. enrner,"
Ibeuce soulh UK) chains, theuce wesl
40 chains, Ihence north 100 chains,
thence east 40 chains lo ph.ce of commencement, containing mo acres moro
or less.
Dated August oth, 1907.
4. Coinmeneing at a post planted
at mouth ol Albre.la Uiver, marked
"D. .Mcintosh's N. E. corner." theuce
west SO chains, thence soulh SO chains,
thonce e.isl SO ehains, Hi. nee north SO
clmins, to point ol* commencement,
containing 010 acres more or less.
Dated Augusl Olh, 1907.
5. Oommenclng at a post planted
2J miles above Apperall camp, marked
"D. Mclnlosh's S. E. Corner." thence
west 40 ehains, then.:... norlh 100 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence soutb 100
chains to poinl of commencement,
conlaining 010 acres moro or less.
0. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
alongside No. 5, inarked "D. Mcintosh's N. li. cornel-," thence west-10
chains, thencesouth lOOchains,tlience
east40chains, ihence north lOOchains
ti. point of commencement, containing
010 acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted
one-half mile above Apperall camp,
marked "D. Mcintosh's S. IV. corner,"
Ihence east 40 chains, tlience north 100
chains, theuce. west 40 chains, tlience
south UH) cbaius to point of commencement, containing OKI acres more or
Daled August 2nd, 1007.
8. Commencing at a post planted
one-half uiiie soutn of Apperall camp,
marked "D. Mcintosh's N.E, cornet-,"
theuce west SO clmins, Uience south SO
chains, thence east SO chains, Uience
north SO chains to point of commencement, containing OIU acres more or
9. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
alongside No. S, marked "D, Mcintosh's S. E. corner," thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, therce
easl 80 chains, tlienco south SO chains
to poiut of commoncement, containing
040 acres more or less.
Dated August 1st, 1907.
10. Commencing at a post planled
across river from Apperall camp, and
inarked "D. Mcintosh's N.W. corner,"
thence east 80 chains, tlience south 80
chains, thence west SO cliains, tlience
nortli SO chains lo point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or
Dated August Oth, 1907.
11. Commencing at a post planted
alongside No. 10, marked "D. Mcintosh's S.W. corner," thtnee east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence -south 80 chains
to pointof commencement, containing
040 acres more or less,
12. Commencing at a post planted
one-half mile below Bone Creek on
west liank of Thompson Kiver, niaiked "D, Mcintosh's S. E. corner,"
thence north SO chains, thence west 8U
clmins, tbence south SO chains, theuce
east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 04(1 acres move or
Dated August 1st, 1007.
13. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planled
at mouth ol Hone Oreek, niaiked "D,
Mclnlosh's N. W. corner," ihence
soulb 40 clmins,Iheuce east 100 chains,
thence noith 40 chains, thence wes.
100 eliains to poinl of coinmencement,
containing 010 acres more or less.
Dated August 7lh, 1907,
14. Commencing at a posl planted
alongside of S. McMahon's No. 4 post,
marked "D. Mclnlosh's N.E. coruer,"
tlience west 10U chains, thence suuth
40 chains, Ihence east 400 chains,
thence uorth 40 chains to point of
commencement, containing 04U acres
more or less.
Dated August 1st, 1007.
lo.   Coinmeneing at a post planled
2 miles below Hell Roaring Creek,
marked "D. Mclnlosh's S.W. corner,"
thenceeast SU chains, tlience nortb SU
chains, theuce west SU chains, Uience
south SO chains tu point of commencement, containing 1110 acres more or
Dated August '.Hi, 1807,
10, Commencing at a post planted
at upper e.i.l of .Meadow, and uiarked
"D. Mclnlosh's S, E. corner," thence
west SU chains, theuce north SOchaius,
thence east SO chains, thence suulh SO
chains to point of commencement,
containing 010 acres more or less.
17. Oommenclng at n post planted
alongside of No. 10, and .narked "D.
Mcintosh's N.E, corner," theuce south
80 chains, ihence west 80 ebains,
theuce uorth SO chains, theuce easl SO
cbnins to point of coinuii.nceuienl,
coutaiuiug 010 aces more or less,
18. Commencing at a posl planted
back uf Meadow, and inarked "I).
Mclnlosl.'s S, E. corner," tbeuce west
80 ehuins, theuce north SU chains,
theuce easl 80 t-l.iii.is, thence suutbSU
chains to point ..I* commencement,
containing OIU aores more or less.
19. Commencing at a post planted
one mile south ..I No, 18, mnrkod "D,
Mcintosh's N.E. conier," tbeuce soulh
K0 chains, tlience west 80 cbnins,
tbenee north 80 chains, thence east Sll
chains lo point of commencement,
containing olo acres more or less.
20, Coiuinciicing.it a post planled
alongside of No, 19, marked "D, Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," thenee west SO
chains, tbeuce mil lh SU chains, Ibeuce
east SU chains, lhcuce south 80 chains
to point of commencement, contain
iug 010 acres more or less.
Dated July 301 h, 1907,
21, Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
21 miles below Ulue River, on oast
hank of Thompson River, marked "D,
Mclnlosh's S, W, coiner," thenco east
80 chains, thnnco nurth 80 chains,
tbence wesl 80 chains, thuncu souih SO
chains to point of commencement,
containing 010 acres more or less,
22, Commencing at a post planled
alongside of No, 21, markud "D, Mcintosh's N.W. corner," thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thonce
west 80 chains, thencu north 80 chains
Sl. i Din...dicing ui .-. p.mi |.inm.ru
...-;..-s river from (iimsi. .-.-imp, and
in n-kud "ll. Mcln-ii-ii's S.W. eoruer,'
Ihence eusl 80 chains, tlience Uurth K0
ehnins, Ihenee west SO cliiiins, theuce
souih su.-I.;.ins I., point ..I' commencement, containing OIU acres more or
Dated August 7th, 1007.
21. Commencing at a post planted
alongside of No, 23, murked "D. Mc
Intosh's N.W. ciirner," Ihenee east. SO
chains, thence suuth Sll chains, tbence
w.-sl 80 chains, thence north SU chains
to point ol*coinmencement, containing
(ill) acres more or less.
23. Conn.icncing at n pnsl planted
2 miles south of No. 24, marked "D.
Mclnlosh's N. W. corner," thence eusl
80 chains, Ihence suulh SO ciniins,
tlience wesl SOchaius, thence north 80
chains to point uf commencement,
containing (ill) acres more ur less.
Daled August 7th, 10117.
20.  Commencing at n post planted
10 ehuins from mouth of Big Slough,
......ked "I). Mclnlosh's S. E. cornel-,"
Ihence west SO chains, tlience north SI)
cbnins, Ihence east 80 chains, thence
soulh SO chains to point of commencement, cuntaining (111) acres more or
Dated July 201 Ii, 1007.
wed aug 21 I). .McINTOSH.
Cariboo I.i.ml Dislrict.
Dislrict of Cariboo,
Tnke nolice Hint II, McMahon uf
Hevelsluke, B.O., intends to upply lu.
special timber licences over the following described lands:
1. Oommenclng at a post planted
one mile above upper crossing of Al-
l.ie.hi River, marked "11. McMahon's
S.E. corner," tbenee west 80 chaini,
Ihence noith 80 chains, thence east SO
chains, thence south 80chains to poini
uf commencement, containing 010
acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planleil
one mile al.ove upper crossing of Albre.la River, maiked "11. McMahon's
S. W. corner," Ihence oast SOchaius,
thence north 80 chains, thenco wesl SU
chains, tlience south SU chains to poinl
of commencement, containing 010
acres more or less.
Dated August olh, 1007.
3. Oommenclng at a pust planted
on the north boundary of Lot 0752,
marked "11. McMahon's N.W. corner,"
thence east 80 cbaius, tlience south SO
chains, thencu west SO chains, thence
north SO chains to point of commencement, conlaining 041) acres more ...
Dated August Ist, 1007.
-1. Oommenclng at apost plant.-il
on wust boundary of R. II. Sawyer's
No. 8, and inarked "H. McMahon's
S. E. corner," tbence west SOchaius,
Ihence north 80 chains, tlience east SU
chains, Ihence south 80 chains to puiut
uf commencement, cuntaining OIU
acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted
alongside of No. 4, marked "II. McMahon's N.E. corner," thence south 8U
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north SU chains, tbence east 80 chains
to point of commencement, coutaiuiug
040 acres more or less,
0. Comineucing at a .lost planted
2 miles south of K. H. Sawyer's Nu. S,
and marked "li. McMahon's N, W,
corner," thence east 80 chaius, thence
nortli 80 chains, thence west 80 chaius,
thence south 80 chains to pointol
commencement, containing 040 acres
more or less.
Dated July 29th, 1907.
7. Comineucing at a post planted
2 miles sooth of Thunder Creek, and
marked "H, McMahon's N.E. corner,"
thence west SU chains, thence soulb 811
chains, thence east SU chains, thence
north SU chains to point of commencement, coulaiuing 040 acres more or
Dated August 1st, 1907.
wed aug 21 11. McMAHON.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Time notice ili.il S. McM.ihon nf
Rcvelstuke, H.C, oCutip,i.,u>. Blacksmith, Intends to apply lor special limber licences ovei- the following described lands:
1. Oommenciuu at a posi plank...
lj miles above Hone Oreek an.l lu
chains more ur less from Thompson
River, marked "S. McMahon's N.W,
eurner," Uience east SU chains, thui.ee
soulh 81) chains, theuco wesl SO cliain.-,
thence nortli SO chains to point ol
commencement, containing 010 acres
more or less.
2. Oommenclng at a post plauted
alongside No. I. marked "li, McMahon's S. VV, cornor," tlience eustSU
chains, .hence north 80 chains, thence
wust SU chains, tlience south 80 chains
lo point of com.uenco.nunt, containing
UIO acres ttlol'O ur less.
3. Oommenclng at a post planted
alongside ut W. Mcintosh's No, 12,
marked "S, McMahon's N.E, corner,"
Ihence west 80 chains, tlience soul li 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, tlience
north 8U chains to puiut uf couiinouce-
inent, containing 0I0 acres iiioiu or
4. Comineucing at a post plunled
at moulh of Thunder Oreek, marked
"S. McMahon's S. E. coiner," Ihence
west 100 chains, tlience nurlb II)
chains, Ihence east 100 chains, thence
soulli-IU chains to point of comiuence-
mi-iil, conlaining 010 acres more nr
Dili ed August Isl, 1007.
5. Commencing at a post plunted
alongside ol* II. McMahun's No. I), un.l
inarked "S. McMahon's N.W. cuiiiec,'
(hence easl80 chains, tbeuce suulh SO
cliains, thencu wesl. SU chains, Ihence
north SU chains to puint uf commence
ment, containing Olo acres more or
It. Commencing al a post planleil
on west bank of Thompson River,
about I) Illiles from Hell's Hate, m.iik-
e.l "S,.McMahon's N.E. turner," theuce
west 40 cliains, tlieuce soulli HU)
chains, tlieuce east IU chains, tbeuce
iiiii-ih luu chains i.. point of commencement, containing 010 acres mure
or loss.
Dated July 20th, 1997.
wed aug 21 8. McMAHON.
HevelHtoko Land Diulrict,
District uf West Kootenay.
Take notice that Richard Davis, Agent, uf
Kevelstoke, II. C, occupatluii, saw mill manager,
Miii'inlx Ui apply fur a special timber licence uver
the following described lands;
Commencing at a post marked "north-went
corner post." sltuatuil about a quarter id a mile
below FiVO Mih> Creak, on the west hank of lhe
Columbia Itiver, running eust eighty chains,
llienco smith eighty chains, thunce weHt eighty
chains, lliuncu north eighty chains tu the point of
Dated July 17,1007.
DiMHotuf Ciirili i,
I Tako ii 'ii'"' ihnl !•■ II. Maw vei nl
| Kcvclsioki*, 8.0,. nccupitinn Millmuii,
Intends to apply for special timber H-
eencefl over Uil* following described
1. Unnnneiicing at 11 post planted
one mile above- upper crossing of Albredn River marked "li. H. Sawyer's
N.W, corner," ihence south8Uchains,
thence east 80 cliains, tbence tuuth.sn
clmins, tlience wenl KU cliiiins Do point
of commencement, conlaining '110
acres more or less.
Dated August 5tb, 1907.
2. Commencing at a po9t plauted
on south boundary of Lot !'7.i2, mark*
cd "ii. 11. Sawyer's X. K. cunier."
thence west HI) eluilny, tlience suuth SO
chains, Uience east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement, cuntaining (Mi) acrus mure or
H. Coinineneilig at a post planted
alongside No. -, marked "It. II. Saw-
yet's X. \V, corner," ihence eastSO
chains, thencesouth 80chains, thence
west SI) ehnins, thence north SD chains
Lo poiui of commencement) containing
(HO acres more or less.
Dated August 1st, 1007.
1. Commencing at u poat planted
at mouth of Thunder Creek, marked
"It, II. Sawyor'sN.W. corner," thence
ensl Wi chuius, thence smith 80 chains,
theuce west hii chains, them-e north hu
chuius to puinl ui commencement,
containing WO acres mute or less.
5. Oommenclng at a post planted
al the mouth of Thunder Oreek, marked "It. JI. Sawyer's S, W. corner,"
tlience east SOchaius, tbence north 80
ciiains, Ihence west80 chains, thence
south HO chains tu point uf commencement, containing till) acres more ot
0. Commencing at a post planted
one mile above Meadows, and marked
"H. 11, Sawyer's X. E. corner," thence
south SU chains, tlience west HO cliains,
theuce north HO chains, thence east HO
ehains to poinl of commencement,
cuntaining (M0 acres more or less,
Dated July 31st, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted
below mouth of Hig Slough, marked
"R. 11. Sawyer's 8,Vv. cunier," thence
e ist HO cliains, Uience north 80 chains,
tlience west HO chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement,
cuntaining (110 acres more or less.
8. Coinmeneing at a post planted
alongside of No, 7, marked "H. H.
■Sawyer's N. W. corner," thence east
80 chains, thence suulh SO chains,
ihence west SO chains, Uience north 80
chains tu pnint, uf commencement,
cuntaining 1140 acres more or less.
9. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles above Hell's Gate on
Thompson Uiver, marked "It. 11.
Sawyer's S.W. eurner," thence east
.Sl chains, tlience north HO ehains,
tlience west SO chains, tlience south 8*)
chains to point of commencement;
containing 010 acres more or Ies?,
10. Commencingat a post planted
alongside of No. 9, marked "It. il.
Sawyer's N.W. eurner," thence east 80
chains, thence south HO chains, tlience
west HOchains, thence norlh 80 chains
to poiut uf commencement, cuntaining
010 acres more or less.
Dated July 29th, 1907.
wed aug 21 R. 11. SAWYER.
uiatrii: ■ ■ ■ i - n....
Hugl   McLean,   of
ltevel^ioke, K 1 Pr  |»    ir, lu*
.-- ■. ml       . ii* i -. over
the . . i. - -:
. ' . mi ng :■■ *! mi ..!■:. "1 ..I the
tiurtb-wi ' * - rn- rof 1 I :< ie, u irked "Hugh
Mi ;    *     -   ul .>•■-: cnrai.,     thi no   ■ ut  -..
: ..' , then - n irttt  i I i tiaini tin i   ■.■*'-.
ill ,* e sooth SO chaini to pi im     i ■;.:■
■:  , ning - !■■ *i. rei mun oi i>--
..  '   inn *.. i h   tl   i   posl planted £ chains
■   I i  I Htfl, roarkud
' Hugh Mi l.- *..... :   corner,'   thenee.
■■  ■ *'        tu   thence ■ --t aij chaini, tbtn:«
•uuth D-Jchabu, theni e •■■■< -t SO * bauu to point ol
commencemeni containing 616 acres more or lew
3, ComiDencinij at i post planted t miles north
uf .Mica Creek anil 2 mile*, ■■■i-i of Columbia river,
marked "Hu*,ii McLean's iouth-weat corner,
thence north 90 ohains, thena eait 30 chains,
then wrath mj cbalni, thence (rest |80 chains to
pnint of commencement, containing MU acres more
or leas.
i. Commencing at a post planled i inQea uorth
of Mica Creek, and 'A milei easl of Columbia
River, marked ■'Uiiiii McLean's south-ires! corner,0 thence nortn so chains, thenci eaat so
chalna, thence aouth 6*0 chaini, tbence woat *i
chains to point of commencement, contalnmg WO
aeresmore orless,
fi, o uii mencing at a poal planted E mllea
uorth of the nnrth fork ol Sica Creeii and i milei
east of Columbia Kim, marked "Huph MoLean'a
north-weat corner," thenoe south 80 cht&na, thenoo
eaat Bfl chains, iht-uce imrth BO chains, thence
I.- -i 80 chalna to pnint of commencement, containing WQ acres more nr less,
ii. Omnencftig at a post planted li mllea
north nf ihe nortli fork of Mica Creek and 4 miles
east "i Culumbia Hirer, marked "Hugh McLean'!
iouth-weat comer,1 tlience north So chains, thence
eaat so chain-,, thence south iio chains, ihenco
west W chalna to pointol commencement, con<
talniug WO aerea nmre or less.
7. Commenolng at a poit piloted 'A mllei imrth
nf Mna Creel nud i'i milei east of Columbia
hirer, marked "Hugh McLean'a south-west corner," thenoe north ao chains, tlienee east so
chalna, thence *>outh su chains, thence unst so
chalna to point ol commencement, containing t>it)
acrei more or lesa.
B, Commencing at a post planted 'A miles
nnrth of Mica Creek and 3;, milea east of Colum-
bia Hirer, marked "Hugo McLean's Bouth-weat
corner,' tnence nurth w chains, tlience easl oO
chains, thence smith BO chalna, thence west su
halm tn point of commencement, containing tiio
acres more or lesa,
ii, Commencing at a post plantod SH mllea
mirth ni the north fork ol Mica Creek and !(•»
miles east of Columbia Uiver. marked "Hugh Mc
Lean's south-wesl corner,11 tlience north Bu cbaina,
iheuce east nj cliains, theuce aouth su chains,
Uience west 80 chains to point ol commencement,
containing (Ho acres more ur less,
10, Commencing at a post planted 2 mllea eait
ol the Columbia niter aii'U miles in-rih «f Mica
Creek, marked "Hugii McLean's south-west corner," thence north &0 chains, thenes east SU
chalna; thence Buulli so chains, theuce west 80
chalna te [mini u( commencement, containing 610
acres more or less,
11. Commencing at a poat plained on tbe south
bank ol Potlatch reek, S miles from the mouth.
marked 'lliiu'i M.Lean's uurthwest corner,"
theme suuth do chains, thetice east yj chains,
thence nurth 80 chains.thence west SU chains to
point of commenoement, eontolnlng sw acres
more or less.
Yi. Commencing at a post planted! milea eaat
ol Columbia Kiver and It milei south of iVtlatch
Creek, marked "Hugh McLeans north-east cor
ner," theuce nest au ehains. tlience south SO
chains, Uience east So chaius, ihence nortli SU
chains tu point of commencement, cuntaining WU
acres mure or lcr<s.
18. Commencing at a post planted so chains
east mi south-eaat corner uf 1. L 9968, marked
"Hugh McLean a aouth-eoat cumer," thenee west
80chalna, tlieuce north su chains, thence east 80
chaini, thence suuth su chains to pointof commencement, containing tiio acres more or less.
11. Coinmeneing at a post planted 80 cbaina
east of Bouth-east corner of T. L 966*3, marked
"lln^ii McLean'a south-west corner,' thencu
north su chains, thence east 80 chalna, thance
south BO chains, uience weat 80 chains to point of
commencement, containing OJu acres more or less
15, Commencing at a pnst planted 60 chaini
ut nl north-east corner uf 1!. L. 7646, marked
Illicit McLean!»south-east corner," theme north
B0 chains, theuco ea.-t iu chains, ibeuce north 40
hams, Uience   west  bo chains, thence south SO
chalna, thenca west m ohaina, tlu-nce smith 40
hams, theuce east 60 chains tn puim of com-
meneement. conl lining tun acres mure of less.
bated July tird, K»u7.
wed dug U 11U-JH McLKAN.
Cariboo Land District,
District ot Cariboo.
Take notice that II. Sawyer of Revelstoke, H.I.'., occupation Millii.an,
intends to apply for special timber licences over the following described
1. Coinmeneing at a pnst planlwl
oue mile above upper crossing ol Albredn Kiver marked "II. Sawyer's
N. B. corner," thence south 80 chains,
llienee west 80 chains, thence nortb 8(1
cbnins, tlience east 80 ebains to point
of coiiiuien.ien.eut, containing 040
acres more or less.
2. Cummencing at a post planted
one-half mile below upper crossing of
Albredn Hive.-, marked "H. Sawyer's
N. E. corner," Ihenee smith 80 chains,
ihence west SO chnius, thence north SO
ebains, thence east SO ..-hains to point
of commencement, cuntaining Olo
.eres more or less.
Dated Augusl 5th, 1(107.
3. Coinineneilig at a post planled
10 chains from Big Slough camp, and
marked "ll. Sawyer's S.W. corner,"
tbence east 10 chains, tlience north 100
chains, thunce west 10 ebains, Uience
south lliu.-buns t..p..int of commencement, containing (HO aces more oi
■I. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
alongside No. 8, .narked "II Sawyer's
N.W. corner," thence eaat40 chains,
llienee south IOO .-b.iiiis, thenc. wosl
10 ..-hains, tbenee north 100 chains to
poiut of commencement, containing
fill) acres more or less.
Date.1Ji.ly 20th, 1807.
,**,.  Commencing at a posi planted
alongside of It. II.Sawyer's No. li post,
marked "II. Sawyer's S. Ii.  corner,"
Ihence norlh SO .-bains, tlienc.. west SO
.-hains, tbence south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to point ..f commence-
..n.ni., containing Olo acres ......f or
Dated July 111 st, 1007,
ll. Oommenclng at a post planted
al.ii.gsi.le of D, Mcintosh's No. 20 post,
.....i-keil "II, Sawyer's N.B. corner,"
tlience west 10 cliains. thence s...ub
100 chains, Ihenee east 1(1 ehains,
Ihenc* north I HI ebains ... p..int of
.......men.......ent, containing 010 iwroa
more orless.
7. <*..inm..neing a. .. pnsl plauted
..bout  .'.j   miles  ab.iv..   Hell's   date,
marked "II. Sawyer's S.W, corner,"
Ihenee ensl. SO ehains. thenee north 80
ehains, thenco west so chains, ili.-...-.-
soutb so ehnins to point of commencement, containing UIO ncres more or
8. Commenolng at a pnat planted
alongside of No, 7, an.l marked "II.
.Sawyer's N.W, cinnei-," thence ea-st SO
.bains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 ehains, Ihence north 80 .'liains
to point »f commencement, containing
010 acres nunc or less.
Dated July 20th, 11107.
wed aug 21 II. SAWYER.
NOTICK li hereby glVOU that 80 day after
dulul inlcnd tu apply bo the Hon. the
Chief Commis-duner of Landi and Work-* for
portulHsiun lo purchase tho following described
buitlH, siLuaicii in West Kootonay:
CummeiiciiiK at a posi planted Jtl chains
WOltOl Blind Bay, marked I>, M. Hue's north-
easl comer post, theuce south 8J chains, wosl
80 chains, north Su cbaius, east 60 chains to
pointol cominenreiueut.
Daled JunoCth, 1MJ7.     wJL-!     D. M. RAE.
Any person or persons found cutllng or car
tying awav Umber uit t;.-. omapiix tuwiiMle.
withuui permis.luu frum the owner lion,
Hewitt llustouk, or his m-cni Chlel Votiug
will be proseoulcd according io law.
Daled this loth day ol Augus;, 1U07,
wed aug 14 2iu HEWITT BOSTOU.
Rovelstoke Laud District.
Uistrlctof Wtst Kuuteiiay.
Take uut ico that Warreu Andrews ol
Revelsloke, occupation Prospector, intends
to upply fur a special timber license over the
following desorlbed lands ;-
1, Commencing at a post planted Su chains
west nl Culumbia Kiver and lj miles uurth uf
S-Mile  Creek,   aiarkexl  "Warren Andrews'aouth-
west corner," thence north 80 cbaina, thence east
bo chains, ihence south ou chains, thence west SO
chains to point uf cummencement, containing UlO
aerea mure or less,
2, Commencing at a pust planted 1 mile west
uf Coluifll'ta Kiver and i;j miles north of B-Mile
Creek, marked. "Warren Andrew1 looth-eaat corner,' thence nurth &<j chains, thence west SO
chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thence cast SO
chains to point of commencement, containing WU
acres mote orless,
3, Commencing ai a post plnnted I miles west
of Culumbia Itiver ami l mile north of 8-Mile
Cteeki maiked "Warien. Andrew1 aouth-weat
corner," thence nurth si chains, tlience east si)
cliains,  thence  -uuth  yi chains Ihence wet s0
chalna to polul <f commencemenljcontalnlng WO
acres more oi lea,
i. Commeneing at a post planted 8 miles west
nl Columbia Kiver and W chalmi north ol t-Mile
Creeii marked "Warren Andrews'south-east eoruer," thence north 160 cnains, ihence west 10
chains, thence aouth 160 chains, thence east 40
cbuii-' to pointol commenoement, containing wo
aerea mme or less,
5. Commencingat a pnst planted;! miles west
iif Columbia Kiver, indKimlea norihof 8-Mile
Creek, marked "W irren Andrewa'aouth-eoat corner,'1 thence nurth &) chains, tbence west so
chains, thenco aouth su cbaina, thence eait so
chains to point ol lommencetneutj containing610
acrei moru or less,
i Commonclug s.t a post planted 1 mile ouuiji
of 8 Mile Creek and IK miles weatof Columhia
Hirer, marked "Warren Andrewa' north-east cor
ner,"  thence   iouth  Jj-J cbalni, thenci   west  80
cbaius, Uience mirth ni chalna, thenoe east so
cliains to puiut of commencement, containing two
acres mure oi less.
Dated July tttb, i-jot.
7 Commencing at a post planted 2 miles smith
of 8-Mllo Creek, and S>^ miles west of Culumbia
lliver, markeil "Warren Andrews' nurlh*east curlier," tlu-nce we»t BO chains, tlienc south so
chains, thence east 60chsins, thence north so
chaini i" point «( commencement,ooutalnlng .40
acres more ur Ies*.
8. Commencing at a po-t planted 2{t miles
nest   n(  Columbia   Itiver 11ml  I miles suuth nf
B-Mlle Creek, marked "Warna Andrews'southeast corner," tbince north ly clmiiis, tlieuce west
si chains, thence iouth 80 chaina, thence oaat80
clialna to puiut of commencement, containing flto
acres mure i.r Ies-.
11. Commencing at a post planted outbe south
bank o( 8*Mlle Creek, SH miles west "f Columbia
Hirer, marked "Warren Andrewa' north-east corner," thence BOUth So "bains, thence weit 80
chains, tbence north so rhalns, theueu east 80
chalna to puint ol commenoemeit, cuntaining 6ii
acrei mure <.r lesi.
10, Commonolng ai n pMt planted H mile
"outh uf somh fork of 8-Mile Creek and 34
mile-, wo-t of Columbia It ivn, marked "Warren Andrews' north oust corner," thrtice nuth
80chalna, tbonco wml m ehuins, thencu north
BO chalna, thenoo cast 80 ohnlni 10 point of com
meneement, oonUlntngOiQft-CMii more or lens.
11, Couiiiumingai a p(K planlcd lla miles
iouth of l-MUo Croek and 8| miles west uf Columbia Hlver, murked "Wurrcn Andrews'
norib oiiM corner." thonce souih So chnlns,
theme wur-tgo ohalm,thonoo north80chaina,
thenoe out ^i chains to point of BonnioDoo1
iiii'!.!, oontfiinlng uiu acres more or less,
13, Coniint'iicing at n post planled on
thi" M)uih bonk of the smith fork
of s-Mile Creek, I* illiles west of thu Columbia
BITOT, marked "Warren Andrews' north-OUt
COrnor," Uience south SO chains, thenco WOSt S'l
chaiUS,thonce north SU chains, thence oiutNi
cbalm to iwintof commencement, containing
Mi-iores Moro or low,
13. Commenolng at a pust plantod I milo
wjiiih uf the suulh fork uf S-Mllu Creek, 11
mile'-west of Columbia Uiver. marked '■Warren Andrews1 nurih uu>t oornor." thonco south
SO ohalna, thonoo WUt SO clialns, thuuee north
&M'linin*-, tiience easl su chuius lo pulnl of
cnmmeiiceniciit, containing Olo acres more or
11. Cummencing at a oust planted J milo
f'Ulhof south fork uf S Mile Creek, ty miles
we-t uf Culumbia Hiver, markod "Warren Andrews south-east corner,"' theuco norlli SI
chain--, thencu went 80 chain-, thenoe hjiuIi So
chain**, thence ea«l 8u chains tu point of oom-
mpaoomont, conlaining 040 acres moro or loss,
Hated July Will. 1W7.
Revelatoke Land District.
District of West Kooleuay.
Take notice lhat I, Anton Hansen of Poplar.
B.C., occupation Miner, intend io apply ior
permission to purchase ihe followiug described
Commencing et a post planted on thc north
ilde ol the Urdu River, uppoalte the town of
i'uplar, marked "A. Hansen's N.W. corner,"
thenci" ia-t 4'i cbaius, thence south 10 uhuius,
thence ffMt 40 cbaina, Ihence nonh lu chains
to pointol commcncomeiicaud cuutainlug40
acres, more or less.
Datc-i.nd Julv, 1907.
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ifj Wl 1J,I TA' 'X* 'X' "X   X    X   X    X    X   •
Wednesday, Aug. 21, for 21 bourn-
Cloudy and unsettled, Bultry with indicated thunder storm; light to moderate winds. Temp. max. 75 deg. min.
46 deg.
Local and General.
The schools will reopen on Monday
next, Aug. Hi.
Mi. Abrahamson has purchased the
residence of H, Floyd on Second
A. F. Dudgeon and party took a
trip to the Wjj Hend on the Revd-
stoke Fridsy last.
Mr. II. H. Trueman will be at bis
studio lor one week only starting Saturday morning, August 31,
J. A. Magee has been appointed
manager of the Adams River Lumber
Co., Ltd., at Shuswap.
Messrs. G. A. and A. J. Lau.uiers
were in the city Monthly on business
connected with the Adams River
Lumber Co.
S. H, Raker has taken his pack
train tu the Big Rend to paolc freight
for tht mining companies pperating
Hear the Misses Cave sing the
sweet Uospel Bongs at tbe evangelistic
services in the Baptist Mission Hall
So. 2 Fire Brigade turned out last
evening ior a practice for the Firemen's
races on Labor Day, doing 100 yards
hub-and-hub in 10 seconds.
Travel to and Irom tbe Big Bend is
heavy at present. The b.s. Revelstoke
carried between 50 and IK) people and
yesterday bad a good passenger li.-t.
The local branch ul the B. C. Fruit
0rowers Association have changed the
date o! monthly meeting from the
Becond Monday to the second Thursday.
A. H. Fleishman has donated a
bindsuine silver cup valued at $50 to
the Labor Day Sports Committee, to
be competed lor in a one mile relay
E, A. Bradley left lor eastern cities
to-day ou a business trip in connection
with bit various mining and timber
interests snd will h>- away about a
M. Millard bss purchased the stock
and premise! ..I thc late John E.
Wood, and on Sept. 15th will open
up with a complete stock ol everything in the home furnishing line.
For tbe Monday Opening.
Every purchaser will be
supplied with a School Bag
to carry away their purchases. A large auortment
ol tupplies.
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail Orders  promptly attended
lc al Ihis Slore.
J Only a glance at our stoek     ,
• ol Groceries will encourage     •
• you to try them. J
! A  trial  will convince you t
• they are the purest and best •
• ....  the  market.   Try   uur ,
j Hobson & Belli
J Grocers, Bakers A Confectioners  .
Mr. Romig's Bern.on on " Hades"
on Monday night waa a great exposition ol the Scriptures relating to
that mysterious world.
in the case of Taylor v. City of Revelstoke belore Judge Forin on Thursday last, when judgment was given
against the city with costs, tbe city
solicitor haa stated that the case will
be appealed,
Miss A. Maslen has purchased the
building on First street, opposite the
Climax Hotel and will at once fit it up
as a store and remove tier stock to
that place of business Irom Second
A moonlight river excursion, under
the auspices of St. Andrew's church,
will be held to-night on the steamship
Kevelstoke. The Independent Band
will be in attendance. The boat will
leave tbe landing at 7 p.m. sharp.
Revelstoke will put up the Martin
cup for football this year for competition in tbe Labor Day Sports Sept 2.
This cup has been held here for the
past six years and is now the property
of the local club. The trophy was a
gift of the Hon. Mr. Martin of Kamloops.
A meeting of the B. C. Fruit Growers' Association will be held in the
city ball tomorrow evening to discuss
and make arrangements tor a "float"
tor the Labor Day parade. The intention has been to give a demonstration
of the products of the district and to.
advertise such by means of a float
which will be decorated with exhibits
of all kinds, Iruit, vegetables, etc.
About 5 o'clock on Monday morning in a dense log the Overseas east-
hound Limited, No. 1804, collided
head-on with the yard engine No. 2150
on No. 1 siding, the main line being
at the time cleared for No. 1, westbound. Not a great deal uf damage
was done and trallie was not delayed.
No particular blame being attached to
The Revelstoke General Agencies,
Ltd., have placed orders for about a
thousand tuns of hard and soft coal
and it is arriving daily and I eing
stored in the two large warehouses
erected by the firm. The company have also arranged for a com.
plete supply oi wood amounting io
some 1600 cords and have four con-
tractors now it work getting this
supply ready for winter.
Several of tbe iawn tennis players
returned this morning Irom   Golden,
where they have been playing l..rtl.e
last few days. They state that they
have won thtee games out ol live. A
lew of tl.e players have remained to
linisb the games started an.l will return Ibis evening. All speak In
enthusiastic ten..a ol their welcome l.y
tl.e Goldenites, who got up a .la...'., in
their honor, besides ..ther mod.., ol
High up in the heavens on these
clear August nights can I* Been with
the naked eye a comet whirling
through the stars at a rate ol Iill
miles ench second. The territorial
' hobo' is called " Daniel's comet."
.lust.it present it is wandering between the eastern horizon an.l the
llysdrs. On Sept. 3 it will be 47,000,-
01KI miles from the sun and will be
brightest to the earth. Tl.e comet has
a longtail ol Hying "specks" ol burning lava.
One of tbe views shown by Evangelist Romig on Sunday night was of
exceptional beauty. He was illustrating "Abide With Mc." Thli
picture rcpresenled "Change and decay
in all around 1 see." It was a moonlight scone among the ruined arches
of an old cathedral. Tho wise-eyed
owl sat in the shadows ir. the lore-
ground, while behind and around the
moonlight streamed with weird effects
through the crumbling archways.
To Buy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid nnil Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
The party of American botanists
that has been making extensive research in the Big Bend district lax
the past month returned to Revelatoke on Friday last en route for home.
There will be a general footb.il!
practice to-morrow evening on the
McKenzie avenue grounds at 7 o'clock.
At the close ol the game a meeting ol
the tootball club will be held on the
Over lorty young people invaded the
homo of Mr. and Mrs.W, M, Lawrence
on McKenzie avenue, last night (or a
social evening. The affair was got up
by the young ladies, who supplied
music and relresbmaiits. while tbe tine
new ballroom in the Lawrence home
was provided hy the genial hosts.
Dancing waa kept up till the "wee Bma'
hours'' an.l the affair was voted a complete success.
Messrs. M. Carlin ami 1-*. W. Jones,
late of the Columbia Kiver Lumber
Company at Golden, were tendered a
public banquet at Golden last week
an.l were the recipients ol valuable
presents us testimonials frum their
many Iriends in Golden. It ia announced that they have donated
13.000 to the Golden hospital ami
have offered to loan the hospital
society $.'..IH)(. more to enable them In
buiid and equip a maternity ward
These gentlemen are lhe kind ol
citizen, that Golden or a..y .tber
place can ill afford tu lose.
- ♦ •
Social and Personal
Dean Paget ol Calpary preached in
St.. Peter's Chnrobon Sunday evening.
The Dean was the guest ol Mr. and
Mrs. C. B, Paget .luring his few days
visit here
Mrs. II. S, Courtier an.l lamily lelt
this morning lor a .v.-eks camping at
Albert Canyon.
W. R, Trotter, organizer for the
Trades and Labor Council, spent a
lew 'lays in town this w.-ek.
E. A. Haggen went south    ...   Mm.
day on a business trip.
Mrs. K I). Wells lell on Sunday for
a visit to tl.e paat
Miss Fr.in.-i, Paget leaves thu
week for the Coast where she will
study lor 1 teacher's certificate,
Mrs. G. K. Curtit will not. Is* ,.t
Home to receive Tl.urH.liiy, 22nd.
Mayor Brown returned last night
Irom a visit to St. be...
Mrs. Walter Scott, ol Nakusp, is in
the city to-.lay.
Mrs. Ed. Moscrop, ol Vancouver, is
visiting friends in tl.e city.
Mr. and Mrs. I). Cameron, ol
Arrowhead, are in the city to-day.
Mr. Bedmon, ol Kedmon, Pool A.
Co., real estate an.l mining brokers,
was in the. city yesterday,
As I have, purchased a suitable
building I intend to remain in the
city and open a fancy, dry good, dfelS'
making and millinery business ou
First streot, opposite the Climax hotel.
Mrs. 0. E. Spilsbnry of Vancouver will
have charge ol the millinery department, A, MiSliEN,
011 I bUUPML.
The regular Hireling of the city
oouncil was held on Friday last, with
Mayor Brown and board ot a'.lermen
The minutes ol the lust meeting
were read and approved.
Communications were received from
chief c! police reporting fire alarms
0 K.—Piled. Reporting on ll.e recent
Are iu thc Bowman Lumber Company's
mill.—Filed. Reporting on the need
ul a closet in which to store effects ol
prisoners.—Filed. From \V. Bews,
secretary ol tlie Citizens League, asking that the law against public gambling in tl.e city he enforced. Tl.e
communication wae referred to the
police commissioners with suggestions
trom tl.e council that the laws sliould
bo enforced. From No. 2 Fire Brigade
requesting an appropriation ol 150 lor
local delegate to attend firemen's convention at Nelson. The council agreed
and resolved that a sun. ol $50 should
lie granted to tbe tire brigade lor delegate to attend the Nelson convention.
From the secretaries of the Labor Day
celebration and Turf Association, requesting a donation for their respective celebrations. A donation ol $200
each was given. *•
In the matter of the law case of the
City v. Taylor, it was resolved tbat the
city solicitor be instructed to appeal
agaiiiBt the decision ol Judge Forin.
A resolution was passed that the bylaw repealing by-laws 97 and 119 being read three times be passed and be
sealed and registered.
The health and bylaw committee
submitted a report on regulations and
fees to be embodied in a bylaw lor
licencing and regulating hacks in the
city. Tl.e report was considered and
a bylaw ordered to be prepared.
The accounts were then passed and
the meeting closed.
r A Clean Sweep
The Balance of Our Summer stock must go if low prices will move it, and to-day
we make some new prices that should close them out. \ye have a lot of odd lines, too,
throughout the Store that we have not room to advertise, but you will find them very low
Now that the harvest moon is
doing duty every night, what more
ideal amusement than a trip under
the moon on the Columbia ?
To-night a moonlight excursion will
take place on board the s.s. Revelstoke
held under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew's
churcli. The weather man has given
fair weather and all who wish Ior a
pleasant, sociable and enjoyable outing
should take advantage of this opportunity, Tbe Independent Band will
be in attendance and the steamer will
leave tbe wharf at 7 p.m. sharp,
The revival meetings which are
being conducted at the Baptist mission hall on First Btreet, by evangelist
Romig, are meeting with excellent
On Sunday and Monday evenings
the hall, which seats at least 150, was
full. The people listened to a most
remarkable sermon on Sunday night
Irom tbe handwriting on the wall—
Tb... art weighed in the balances
anil found wanting."
iln Monday evening he carried his
house into the " Unseen World, " and
gave a wonderfully clear bible expo-
.ition as to the place of the soul after
tenth. In Rev. Mr. Romig we
lind a great Bible student, and bis
ermona hear on the face ol them the
truth of God. He is, no doubt, probably the strongest platform man that
has ever visited Revelstoke.
In all the meetings the singing ol
the Misses Cave is a telling feature.
Tbeir voices are sweet and blend
perfectly They sing the Gospel
message Irom thc heart in such a way
as ... touch hearts.
Mr. Romig uses the stereopticon
views to illustrate hymns, etc., atthe
cloN ol each service.
It i, the intention to Continue these
meetings every night indefinitely,
They are worthy Ol the support of
every cititen,
Ferguson will celebrate Labor Day
In grand style this y>:ar an.l incidentally it will be the first time that such
.... event, has taken place in that town.
The   programme    will consist ol
Caledonian sports, dr illing, loot racing
and football, Prizes to the extent ol
|300 will be given. There will Ik. a
grand ball in the evening in aid of the,
Ferguton hospital.
Large crowds are expected Iron.
Gerra.d, Trout Lake, Button tnd
. « •
Froth celery, corn, cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetables. C. II.
Hume, k Co.
Eating apples, green corn, water
melon", tomatoes and all kinds of
vegetables at Bourne Bros,
Crewman ft Morrison, the Revelst.ike tailor,, are showing thn largest,
an.l iooat up to-dato stock in ladies'
tailor-made suits, skirts and coats evor
shown in Revolstoke. Call and se... us,
we will bo pleased to show the latest
stylos.        ORMBtUN A Momuitos.
'" ....     -■'•-./■ ^
Gingham Wash Dresses-    Only $3.00 Each
Lawn Dresses. Prettily made- "  2.50 Bach
Misses Ghambray Dresses
Ghildrens' Wash Dresses,
2.50 Each
and Colored       -
1.00 Each
All this Season's Styles, pretty and plenty of sizes—38 and 40.   You can get them
here now at I-3 off.
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose -   ,        - - - 10c. Per Pair
Ladies' Tan Lace Hose - - - - 35C Per Pair
We have a nice line of Ribl ed Cotton Underwear for Children S to 12 years old, Shirts
and Drawers at 25c. Each. y
READY-TO-WEAR HATSi   Your choice for $1.00 Each.
We have a lot of Boys' Tweed Suits in small sizes, 4 to 7 years.   We are clearing them
at $1.50.   Boys' Wash Suits only $1 each.
$4.00        MEN'S Shoes        #4.00
See Our Window—Stylish LastSj best stock, Goodyear   Welts—All Styles at $4.00
Ladies' Fine Wool Vests, White, 'no sleeves—50c. eaeh.
Marriage Licenses Issued
V                                 -^
Business Locals
Nothing better man Our "tptolal.
Carelul dispensing at Bews' Drug
Cocoa mats and matting at C. B.
Hume-'A Co's.
Have you tried a box of that Savoy
candy? It's perfection.
Carpets, linoleum, rugs and shades
at Howson s.
New supply ol lace massage creams
just opened at the Canada Drug Store.
Patronize Horn* Industry.    Smoke
Revelatoke Cigare.
A snap in wall paper at Howson's,
All the new school books at Bews'
Drug Store.
Special bargains in odd lots ol wall
paper at C. B. Hume A Co's.
You can get pocket maps ol British
Columbia at the Canada Drug Store.
Leave your orders now lor preserving plums and peaches at Bourne
The prettiest parlor goods ever on
display in the city at Howsnh's furniture store,
Our 40 cent Ceylon Tea in bulk
gives satisfaction to everybody. 0. B,
Home A. Co.
For a nice piece ol cut glass, Limoges china or a new dinner set try
0. B. Hun e A Co.
Fresh candy put up in the neatest
box on tl.e market, and tbe goods are
here, at tl.e Savoy.
When in need ol car|iet, linoleum
or floor oil cloth, call at 0, B. Hume
.'.(..s.   A choice selection always in
Revelitoke Cigare Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ot til others.
f, nm,
fi Lands
l have many enquiries lor
Emit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto,and Vancouver, Persons desiring tn dispose of
their holdings, largo or small,
will do well I., list them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Lillooel bind Diatrict.
District .If Lillooet,
Take nollr.etl.al. Wlllln.il Pe.ist.-nm
of Kevelstoke, II, (,'., minei-, intends to ..pj.ly for speeiul limi or licences over lhe following ilea rihed
1 Co..........dug at   a post nl rked
"William P. rial loin's noi-lli-vast coiner pusl," planted one mile east of Lot
8222, on noith fork of Seymour River,
011 east side, thenee smith 80 chains,
tlience wesl SO chaina, thence nnrtli 80
chains,. heme enst 80 chains to point
of co........1.(en.eul.    containing   flit)
acres more «r less;.
2 C..mn.(....-ii.|f■ at a post marked
•'William PeljettpJII't north-west corner post,*' pMiileil-tllie mile east uf Lnt
8323, on north folk1!)! Seymour liver,
on easl side. ihemW south 80 chains,
Iheneeeast 80 rttnl>, Uience nur. 1.80
chains, thenee west 80 chains to puinl
nf io.iiu.enciti.eut, coulaiuing QUI
aerea more oi- luss,,
3 C'liiinie.tcing nt .1 pnst marked
"William Pe.'lst nun's s11.11h-e.i6t corner post," planted-one mile east of Lnt
8323, 0.1 north fork -nf Scvuinni" river,
on east side, thenre norlh 80 chnlns,
Ihence wesl 8il chains, ihence south 80
chains, Iheuce east .80 elinins it. poiul
nf com...c.H-.-n.eut,. containing iill)
f.c.-.'s n...... oi-flcss.. .,
4 Commencing at .1 (Mist, marked
'•William Perls, l-nttl's* south-west tor-
ner post" planted one mile east of Lot
8323, on norlh fork of Sey.noiVr liver,
theuce no.-lb SO chains, (hence east SO
chains, tlience south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of cKiii.iience-
.nent.containing 040 acres inure or less_
5 Commencing at a post marked
"William Peristeum's smith-east corner post," planted one mile east of Lot
8224, on noith fork of Seymour river,
on east side, thence-- norlh 80 chains,
thence wesl,80 chaini, thencu south 80
chains, tlience' east SO chains topoint
of comirffllc-eimui!,' containing 010
aces more on.less,
H Commencing at a posl marked
"William PerUtrom's souih-west corner post!'' pliimed one mile east ol Lot
8224, on noi lh forkof Seymour liver,
ou east siiV.-thence north 80 chains,
thence eaflt 80 chains, thence snutli 80
chains, thelitis west 80 chains to poini
of commencement, containing 040
acres more of- less.
7 Coiuniejicing at a post maiked
" William -Perls.i on.'s south-east cor
uer post," planted nne mile east..I'
Lot 8225, on north fork of Seymour
river, on, east side, Ihence north 80
chains, Ihence west 80chains, theme
south 80 clmins, thence east 80 chains
to pi.inI I.Woilllueneeilient, contain.ng
llll) acres more or less.
8, G'oumiencing at a post marked
"William Perls..oni's smith-wesl coiner pnst," planted m.i. mile east nf Ian
8225 nu nortn fork of Seymour rive.-,
on east side, tlience nol 111 80 .liains,
I hence east 80 jvhains, llieiice soulh 80
chains, thtlii'e west 80chainslo poim
of coninienue.ne.it, conlaining iilu
acres more or less.
Dated August 11)1 h, 1007.
wed aug 21 i      ... Locator
Dirilrlcl nl i HriImii.'
'Uke notice (htt L(Jy« K, Ileilslrom, of Hev
elntoke, occupation Tltqher ('rufner, Inleml to
apply (or ft apodal 11 in ber llrunno over the loi-
lowing ileserllieil Und:
1, <-<imiu--m'.iiiK hl n-i>oHt plunled on Ulaolcr
Creek and ahout two mllei*. Irom tho moutb of
<i lacier Crenk find mnrked ' iiuu K. Iledalrom'i"
-titiiiieiirii corner peal," thonce north HC ohains
thence weit w chains, thenee uouth hOchnliis,
thence en-t hi chaiiin lo tin.' point of com*
meneement, mH hiiiuIiiIiik avi Hurenmoreor
2. ('iiiiuiii'iiclin; at a tiout nUnled on OUoler
Crri'k nii'litiiiiiii u-,1. yvfU'H from the mouth ol
hlai'liT I'ri'ik, uii'l in filed ■ GUI K. Hedntrom'H
noutliwcHicorner pout," (henco north McIihIiih
tlience i'*ui HouhRliuWheucoHOulh W chains,
thence went mi .thaluir to the point of com-
iiifin t*iin'iit, and containing £4> »•■"% '""re ur
Dated Jul? 18tt), 19U7,
ttodaiiff'.l (IUS. E HKDHTKOM
will be received by the undersigned up
to II p. m Monday, Aug. 20, for additions to the Y. M. C. A. builJmg,
Plans and specifications can be seen
at the olliee oi the undersigned.
Lillooet Land District.
District of Lillooet,
Take nolice that Nuls Thomas Edwards of Ilevelstoke, It. C., ciuiser,
Intends lo apply for special limber
If cn.es over the following di'sciil.e.l
1 Commencing at u post, marked
"N.-ls Thomas Edwards' south eust
corner post," planted one mile east of
Lot 3005, m. north fork of Heymour
Biver, on east side, Ihence norlh 80
chnius .hence west 80 chains, Ihence
south80chains, thenceeast 80 chains
to point uf coinmencement, containing
040 acres more or less.
2. Cn.iimencinK.tt a post marked
"Nels Tlintnas Edwards south west
comer post," planted one mile easl of
Lut 3005, nn north fork of Seymour
River, on cart side, Ihence norlh 80
cbaius, thence east 80 chains, Ihence
south 80 chains, thenye >vest 80 chains
lo point nf cn.ii.iiencei.ient, containing
OWl acres more or less,
Dated August lflth, 11107.
3 Cummencing at a nosl marked
"Nels Thou.as Edwards soulh o-ist
coiner posi," planl.sl alMi.it 8J miles
east of .he north fork of Heymour
Kiver, on south side of Deep Creek,
thence nortli IliO chains, tlieuce west
40 chains, Iheuce sonth 1(10 chains,
thence east 111 chains to point of colli-
mencenient, containing 1)10acres more
or less.
4 Coinmeneing at .. post maiked
"Nels Thomas Edwards' south-west
corner post," plunled .ibout. 3j miles
east, of the nonh fork of Heymour
Biver, on soulh side of Deep Creek,
Ihence norlh lOOchains, thenceeast 40
chains, thence suuth 1(H) chains, thence
west 40 chains topoint of commencement,containing (HD acres more or less.
Dated August 17th, 1007.
wed aug 21 Locator,
Cariboo Laud District.
Dislricl of Cariboo. /
Take notice that Donald Mcintosh of
Revelsloke, H. C, prospector, intends to
apply for permission lo purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted about -.,
miles above Blue River, marked "D, Mcintosh's S. E, corner," thence norlh no
chains, llienee west 40 chains, thence
soutli ifio chains, thence east 40 chains lo
poinl of commencement, containing 480
acres more or less,
Dated July ]ltl, 1907,
wed aug 21 D. McINTOSH.
Cariboo Land Districl.
Dislricl of Cariboo.    '
Take notice Ihal Harry Sawyer of Revelstoke, B.C., mlllman,.Intends 10 apply
for permission .0 purchaie (he lollowing
descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planled aboul
one mile above III...- River, and marked
"H. Sawyer's N, W. corner," Ihence easl
80 cliains, thence sou.h 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains lo
poinl ol commencemeni, conlaining 640
acre, more or less.
Daled July 30II1, 1907.
wed ng -.   Per Donald Mcintosh, Ageni.
Apply Victnria Hotel.
wishing to leave Kevelstoke as
soon as possible will sell enti.e stock
at cost—Miss A. Maslen, opposite
Knox Church, Second Street.
WANTBD-Fnrty Blvet Drivers-
Apply Bowman Lumber Company's Camp, Fish Creek,        ag 17
WANTED-A   dining room girl,
Leland Hotel, NaTiusp, $30 per
DRE8SMAKING-I have succeeded
in prucuiing Ihe services of a
competent dressmaker and milliner
from Vancouver and am now prepared
to take oi-.leis for dressmaking and
turn them out promptly, A MABLIN,
First street, opposite Climax hotel,
I    .
1     1


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