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 ''Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, thia   machine
IB unsurpassed.     Price, $00 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 14.—No  89
J___    &faJjL
_■___— 11—1 T _——_______     —II
jjNew Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   MoKenile Avo.
Tt;. ..'HOI.-   iJ
32.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Cc.;^«
Stfir a. at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Friday Bargains
Row.u's Mixed Pickles. I-_j_f. pint or 16
oz. bottles, standard goods; sold anywhere at
2sc. and toe, FRIDAY, 20c.
Working Men's Shirts
in Hair line stripe and Tweed effects,   Colored
Shirting, all sizes, Regular $1.00 for 75c.
Laces and Embroideries
Special sale of Laces and Embroidertes,
remnants oi Torchon l.ace, Trimming Embroideries, Valencienne Laces, Corset Cover
Embroideries, all placed on a table for easy
Special Sale of Drawn Linen
We have a new lot of Mexican Drawn
Linen in all sizes. These make nice Xmas
Gifts. You will do well to get some of these
at the price they are selling at on Friday.
C. ___.. HUME  & CO.,   LI ITED
Store* at Rovelstoke and Arrowhead.
With the In lis f one package of Imp Soot Destroyer
you can always have a clean chimney. When the Are
bums dull and the chimney smokes it shows the chimney
is choked with soot and liable to catch fire. Do not
spend your time taking down the pipes, using up your
energies and profane language, getting yourself, your
bouse and everything in sight soiled. Buy an Imp and
save this. Good for Furnace, Cook or Heoting Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
r O-OO OOOOO-O <_KMH_K>-0-0-CH>0-0- 0 -Q
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
mints in Canada.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches er Agents at all prlnolc
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, hnglaud,
Lloyd a Bank, Ltd. Chicago- -First National Bank, Corn Exchange
National Bank. Seattle -.Seattle National Bank, San Francisco-
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
i General Meeting—Election of Officers
The  snnual general meeting oi  the
Revelstoke  Conservative  Association
huh Ii Id limt night in  Ihe association
rooms, P, Bums block. .!. MoLeod,
president, took the ohsir, Aboul 66
members were present,   , Oongratula*
tory letter* upon the result ol tho
recent electitn   were received Irom the
member elect, A. S. Qoodeve; the
president  ol  thu B. C. Conservative
Associal iiiii, and many others, the
magnificent majority given in tie
llevelatoke riding tiring ptirticulitrly
oOmmeuted upon, and tributes psid lo
the work ol lhe association through
out the riding. Proceeding to the
election of officers the following appointments were made:
Hon. Presidents—Hon. H. L, Borden, Hon. R. McBride.
Hon. Vice-Presidents—A. S. Good-
eve.JM.P., Thos. Taylor, M.P.P.
President—\V. W. Foster.
1st Vice-President—A. E. Kincaid.
2nd Vice President—H. McSorley.
3rd Vice-President—J. G. Fulton.
■1th Vice-President—Angus McLean.
Secretary—T. Wad man.
Asst. Secretary—B. R. Blacklock.
Treasurer—N Abrahamson.
Executive Committee— Messrs. A.
Higgins, J. A. McMillan, J. Carmichael, Rout. Squarehriggs, I). Jackson,
U. Chapman, 0. O. Brown, T. Long.G.
S. McCarter, VV. A. Foote, It. Buckley,
F. Corson, T. Downs, C. M, Field, P,
Hooley, \V. Hornell, B A. Lawson, A
J. MeDonell, R. Pupping, F. Young
\V. H. Humphreys, H. Manning, E.
Dupont, J. McSorley, W. J. Lappen,
J. Laugh ton, W. Clay, A. Y.Anderson,
E. M. Clay, J. H, Armstrong, W. J.
Law, W. Smythe, C. Young, J.Nixon,
E.Trimble, W. Watson, A. Arnian,
Willis Armstrong, T. Lawrence, J,
Hume, R. Smith, A. G. Brooker, E.
Corning, S. Sutherland, R. N. Doyle,
C. Holten, E. M. Allum, J. Hooley.
It was decided to retain tlie present
rooms, and have them open every
Friday evening for business of the
association and general purposes,
A committee oi those present waB
also formed to look after the voters'
list, aud arrangements were made to
have a commissioner present each
Friday evening for the purpose of taking declarations from non voters.
Speeches from tbe member of the
local house, Mr. Thos. Taylor, and
others closed a very successful meeting.
Deposits of 91 and upward, received, and interest credited four
es a year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Reveletoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Ladies' and Children's Wear
See Them before buying Elsewhere
Thi'y Cannot be Best for Value
Coats,  Furs, Blouses
Just   received    a    fuil
stock   of   Ladies'   and
Children's Shoes.
White   Iwansdown    By   The   Yard
Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
Mrs.  Harvey   Passes   Away
on Tuesday the 24th Inst.
We regret to announce tho sad
intelligence of the death of Mrs.
Rebecca S. Harvey, ^he wife of Mr.
Thomas Harvey, of this city. The
deceased, who was 06 years of age, has
been residing iu Revelstoke for a
number of years, being a faithful
attendant of St. Peter's church, and
jusl prior to her death had been suffering from serious internal complaints.
Mrs Harvey was pu', under an operation yesterday morning but succumbed
later, never really rallying.
Considerable sympathy is felt generally for the bereaved husband, who
has for a number of years been em
ployed in or near the city, and who is
broken down at his sad loss. The
funeral will take place tomorrow after
noou at two o'clock from the residence
on Third street, for St. Peter's church.
The deceased was a well known
tigure in cur midst and ,the breaking
up of the home of this aged couple is
a sad blow to the husband left behind.
The .Maii.-Hkkai.ii joins with Mr.
Harvey's many friends in met.ages of
condolence for his lereavement.
Rebekah   Lodge  Holds   Successful Function
The shirt waist dance under the
auspices of Rebekah Lodge, No. 21,
held in the opera bouse on Friday,
Nov. 20th, was a marked success, both
in the matter of attendance and enjoyment while in progress. The hall
had received special attention, the
decorations being artistic and elaborate. Prominent over the stage were
displayed the "links" the emblem of
the Order, with its colors. The general scheme was a credit to those who
arranged the decorations. The independent Band was in fine form and
provided first rate music. Refreshments were served at midnight and
were of a nature that pleased everybody. The dance was perhaps one of
the mod popular events of the season
and the Rebekahs have every reason
to congratulate themselves on their
School Trustees Conclude Their
Labors—Election of Officers.
Final Debates.—Next Meeting at Chilliwack.
Diirin,' 'lie afternoon session iiii
Thursday, .uv. lOtb, ol tlm Sohool
Trustees Convention, Dr, Robinson
Supt. ol Education, was introduced to
the delegates. In addressing the
convention be snid Hint ho did not
wish to hamper the disoussion by his
presence as u Covernment offiolal.
He referred to the free text, books
staling that the Government had
tried to he lair to all. In touching
on the salaries of teachers he pointed
out that it was the business uf trustees who should pay tlieir teachers
well and increase tlieir pay when
necessary. He said he was glad that
B. 0. as a whole hud received the new
School Act well which wis (or the
advancement of i dticutional  interests.
A vote of thanks wns passe 1 to Dr.
Robinson for his address who then
stilted that the number of tch ol inspectors would be increased.
A long discussion then arose over
the Hug qui si inu.
Moved by Maxwell Smith and seconded by R. C. Hodgson (on behalf of
the joint kchool beards of Itirnaby,
South Vanoouver, Richmond and
Point Grey.
" Resolved that the Bohool trustees
of British Columbia in convention
assembled do hereby record tlieir
strong disapproval of the action of the
Minister of Education in ignoring the
repeated requestB of this Association
and individual boards to make the
Hying of the Canadian ensign over the
public schools of this ptovince obligatory;
And, whereas, his orders to trustees
and teachers dated at Victoria, July
1908, to fly the Union Jack, was in
direct opposition to their requests
and tantamount to ordering down the
Canadian ensign which "uud already
been hoisted br a number of the
boards of school trustees;
Bo it therefore further resolved thai
this convention respectfully requestB
tbe Minister of Education to withdraw the orders to trustees and teachers dated July, 1908."
Mr. Smith, ic moving tbis resolution, said:
" In speaking to this resolution,
when we refer to the Minister of Education for British Columbia and
criticize his ollicial acts, it must be
distinctly undersiood that we are not
throwing any bricks at the genial Dr.
Young as an individual.
And when we say thut the Canadian
ensign has a status both on land and
sea and is calculated to promote a
healthy, patriotic Canadian sentiment
in the minds of the rising generation
when flown from the llngstutl's ol the
public schools, you must hear iu mind
that the grand old Union Jack is not
on trial and needs no defence.
The plain Union Jack has its place
as symbolising the union of three
kingdom!) ol England, Ireland and
Scotland, which has meant su much
to the cause of civilization mid the
promotion of peace in the world, and
the Canadian ensign has its place us
symbolizing the union of the various
provinces of British North America
into one grand federation under the
protection and guidance of the Mother
country; an example tu the world of a
nation born in peace.
On January 15th, 1908, 1 wrute an
article.which was published iu lhe
Vancouver News-Advorti-er, World
and Province the following day, and
which I will uow read for the information of the convention.
NunuroiiB letters have since been
written on the subject reiterating the
same things with a lew additiona
The latest is a booklet published hy
Mr. F.C. Wade, of our terminal city of
In dealing with voice ol public
sentiment in this matter he suid that
the wishes ol the people must be considered and should not go unheeded,
and the Canadian emblem cannot be
done away with. He cited the fact
that the British admiralty had recog
ni/.i'd the Canadian ensign as the
flag of Canada at the luneral ol the
late M. Prclontaine. He pointed out
that the order came from the minister
of education and not from an order-
in-council. The Canadian ensign has
by long usage become tho national
flag ol Canada and must remain so
aud it would   bo shameful   to   sweep
Advocate Abolition of the Ward
System in Revelstoke
A well attended meeting of the Hevelstoke Trades and Labor Council wus
held iu the eily hull OU Sulunity
evening, Presidont F, I!. Mitohell In
the cliuir.
The inulls council me preparing to
take un active   inlerc.t in the coming
munioipal elections, and an Important
disoussion took place in regard tn the
sdvisablliy ol ah dialling the present
waul system, This would mean thai
instead of each waul eliding iwn representatives, as at present, to ttieal-
ilrrniiinie, hoard, that six aldermen
would be electud by lho city as a
The chief arguments against I lac
present system aro the inequality ul
representation, sud the prevalence uf
sectionalism. For instance, a ward
with, say, one hundred residents, has
the same voice in tlie administration
of the city's affairs, as the ward with
five or Bix times that population,
Again, by electing men to represent
the whole city, instead of a portion
thereof, thejjaeotional feeling, which iB
so evident ut times, would be eliminated.
During the discussion it was pointed
out that, the city oi Kamloops had
adopted thi- system three or four
years ago, and it was found to work
most satisfactorily.
After full discussion it was decided
that the Trades and Labor Council of
Revelstoke put itself on record as
being in favor of ihe abolition of tbe
ward system, believing it to he in the
best interests of the city, and that an
effort be made at once to bring this
In order to make suoh a change it
will be necessary to present a petition
to the cily council, bearing the signatures of property owners representing
u majority of the total assessed value
uf the city. Upon this lieing done it
will be up to the council tu introduce
and pass the necessary bylaw making
the change.
Petiiions are being circulated this
week by a co hinittei of the trades
council in order to obtain the mces
aary content of a majority of the ratepayers so th.it the inu I ler can be laid
befure the next meeting of the cily
Revelstoke Merchants Preparing for the Holidays
Oue month from to-day will be
Xmas Day. The merchants of Revelstoke this year are looking for good
times and steady Xmas trade, While
wo understand ii is not the intention
to cany large stocks this year, the
quality andjehoice will be everything
to be desired. Revelatoke has always
been considered a first-clans shipping
centre, because the merchants huve
always made it a point tu have the
guilds .in bund ihut people want at
holiday season. It pays to buy from
your home merchant because you can
actually see the goods you are purchasing which ii nut the case when
gouds ure ordered ' from a catalogue
house,and besides in most cases tie
co t is just as low as there is no
I'Xptessor duty to pay. Tlie Kevelstoke inerehauts are not afraid to buy
good goods and it is sale to say that
this Christmas no better stuck will be
fuiind between Winnipeg un.d V-
oouver than those that will bu s*.r.....i
by the local merchants.
(Continued on Page Three).
Rifles,  Shot Guns,   Am
munition, Good I [tinting
Knives,   Axes,   Fishing
Tackle and   other sporting (foods,
We are show Inu the best line ol Heaters, Ranges, etc., that
has been seen in l{ ivelatuke and our Increasing - ilea prove thai
we have i he i i {lit g i > I- an 1 prices,
Our Plumbing department i- up-to-date and we are doing
the best work   bul Is done in the city. ■
Bourne   Bros.
You certainly
do look \VfoRjj*
Mr Swell Dresseris
Ottawa air. B. C.
Dispatches frum Ottawa ,»^e   tlu't
the eleotion if Mr. G_,  ll. 'Oowaoi
Vancouver, and Mr. J.iD, Tayloi
New Westminster, is gazetted tod
It is reported that a protest wJu.'"i
entered against the return <rf Mr. U.
11. Barnard iu Victoria.
It appears to be very probable tIiht
Mr. Ralph Smith, M. P.-eloct lor
Nanaimo, will be given a seat in the
St. Peter's Sooial
A very successful social and sale ol
work whs held by the ladles' guiid ol
St. Peter's church, yesterday afternoon and evening at the residence of
Mrs. J. J. Porter, McKenzie avenue.
The fancy work table contained many
useful articles, purchasers being well
pleased with their selections. The
home cookery proved very profit'
able many dainty "pieces d!
resistance" fetching good prices.
Refreshment!  and a  good   musical
programme mado up a very pleasant
eve.iing. A novel guessing competition created considerableamuBemont,
il Cordon, Miss Olga Coursier and
Miss Doris McCarter being prize
winners. A handsome sum was realized and tho ladies deserve great
credit for the excellence ul their work.
You know it is not a crime to leel real
warm. It isn't a pleasant thing, is it to have
chills chasing each other over you?
And while you are keeping warm you
might as well have an overcoat that will "look
good," too.
" Our Overcoats will make you feel gooJ,
and look good, and make good."
Let us coat you over with an overcoat."
Our Foot-rite Shoes we sell have good
bottoms on them and also good tops, although,
you wear shoes at tlie bottom. Our styles are
topp_\. A pair veill keep your feet in good
McKinnon Cbl Sutherland
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-up Capital,$1 0,000.000
alex.  laird, Gen. MKr       Reserve Fund,   -  5,000.000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of ifl ami upwards tire received antl interest
allowed at current rates, and is paid f oar times a year. Accounts
may lie opened in the names oi two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
*******•;*-■<•. *#*tH;*******»-. ■»*fr*»s*-***'t;'(,--»-j*<*-*»,fr»**S»,****S(^ *
Zbc -TfoafMLxralb,
liAY  AT
Barristers, Solicitous,   Etc
0 T T A \V A
Parliamentaiy,    Departmental
and Patent Ollice Agents
JJJPractice before Railv.-y
Hon, Charles Mfui'iiY, M.l'.
11ahiii.ii Fisiiku.
/-. ili.an i- 1:i.i.i it
Bsrrisurs, Bolloitori, eto,
aKVBLSTOKE on 'lltot'T I.lur u 0,
,    V.  oil US . C, Kl.l.i'.lT
. mats :  Imperial i
BTUab,   11. I'.
Money lo lo*n.
iunci--; Itcvcli-loko, H I
Heo. 3, Mi-r.iKTi.il
\. M    I'lSKIIAM, J. A. HARVEY,
Cranbrook, 11 D,
Cranbrook, ii. 0,
J. M. rV-oll  IX
ricuTT   ._   BRIGGS
W. I. Brines.
haubihtkr.1, Solicitors, Ei
.MiiNKV   TO   I.HAN
a ilioitobs kuu M'ii.sun" Bank
F.tst Street.
Ri've -.like, B,C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sut\ ivor
ard Coa
We ;irc now receiving a full supply of ihe
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be  promptly
torily attended  to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in y
Open Grate.
il   satisfac-
Olir  Kantje or
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Certificated Teacher nf
Piano, Vocal Theory.
Musical   Kindergarten
lT;i-ss-ss tor young i hii-
di in.
St iniiii over
Zbc flDaiMberalb
that tbo wurilH are n federation,
and thnt there are certain things
in which federation must be solid.
This realization ia a step in municipal statesmanship and how they
aot in the face of such things is a
test of their fitness us representatives. We hope that the Revelstoke public will fully discuss this
question for the benelit oi the
whole community,
There ts so much bail iu thu best of u£*
A:, j so much  ...i. '. in tho worst of u_,
That il h_.rt.ly behiHi.dss any ut us,
To talk about the rest of us.
Apropos, of the movement on loot
by the Trades and Labor Council
in the city to abolish the ward
Bystem, much can be said in favor
oi both but it is a difficult matter,
now that tbe ward system has been
in force so long in Ueve'stoke. to
see just how the public will lake it.
If we could be certain that all this
idiotic and harmful cliquisni and
sectionalism, now so rampant in
this city would be eliminated by-
doing away with wards, then by all
means let us huve the change.
Wards are invariably jealous oi
each other and the wants of one
seem to be the wants of all. Revelstoke is a diliicult city to administer and were she more compact
then wards aud their accompanying discords could perhaps be
done away with. Where public
works are concerned friction among
One feature in connection with
the B. C. School Trustees' Convention held in this city last week was
the fact that there was a decided
tendency among the delegates to
allow themselves to be swayed by
politicalinlert'sts. Those present
who were connected with the education deportment in nn indirect way
naturally ul luu oil their thoughts
anil expressions to follow along
the lines set by the provincial government. It must not be understood that in calling attention to
this fact anything derogatory to
the department in tbe matter of
furthering education is intended,
but those who followed the deliberations of the convention could
not help but notice that the presence
of ollicial and semi-official members of the education department
of the province considerably influenced the general feeling of the
convention. We would take it that
a meeting cf school trustees should
be confined only to trustees and
while the co-operation of officials
act as a means of information and
advice to trustees in their work,
yet at lhe same time, it is hardly
likely that these ollicials will
allow anything to go against the
interests of the department. Trustees should deliberate, unhampered
by any political bias, for the good
of their association and for the
welfare of teachers, school children
I,   O.   F.
Court Mount Begbie. ' . , ;ui",l, intuitu 2nd uml
uii Mondays in Oddfellow. Hull, out to Opera
ll.-u-ii Visiting iTiHiirtni oordlally invited lo
J.w. Garland, c.r.
It. w, EEdwabds, us
c. w. o w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 119
Moots Seoond and  B-iirth  WeduosdayH In
eaoh month, in Selkirk Hull.   Vlsttln   woodmen cortlistlly Invited to attend.
Vi. li. ARMSTRONG, Con. Oom.
J. MislNTVllK, Olerk.
F. O. E.
Tbe regular meetings are held in the Belkl.1i
Hull every Tuesday evening ut tt o'olooK
Vlslting lirotlirmi itro oordlally invitod.
Kootenay Lodge, No. IS, A. F. & A. M.
The rok'ulnr meetings urn linlit in tin'
l i.I.Hull..vs. Hull, on
the Ihir.I .lmuliiy iu
eaoh   month   ut   8
p in. Visiting broth-
run ciirdinliy wol«
SELKIRK LODGE No. li I.0.0 I'".
Munis every Thins-
v  i!ny  nvniii,, •  in   Sit
kirk  Hull in s   Vliirlt
Visiting brethren are
it end,
rdlitlly invited I"
H. KNIGHT, v '
*,S,2ul,...56, while the postal rev^
nue shows an increase for the six
months of .,195,000. Tt is antici
pated that for tbe balance of tbe
year the revenue in all the Departments will show improvement.
Some politicians tell us that the
Government is the maker of good
times and the builder of i country's business prosperity, b hese
figures indicate the reverse ihe
business of the country is the
builder of the litr-rrnmen revenues, and w e busi .ess t, s a
slump, the Government's re. lies
und when business takes a slump,
the Government bus in sit helpless
and watuti its income  decrease.
j hool
i rusiees—social Success
The visiting delegates to the School
Trustees' convention last week were
entertained oo Thursday night at the
close of tlie final session at a banquet
at the Windsor Hotel restaurant, by
the Mayor and city council.
The guests did ample justice tu the
many good things prepared, the menu
being one of the best ever put up in
Revelstoke. When the inner man hud
heen satisfied a long and nteresting
toast list was honored, headed by the
toast to the "King." Then followed
the "Province," ably responded to by
Maxwell Smith, who reviewed tbe
progress and importance of B. C. aud
its agricultural and fruit growing possibilities iu particular. Uy F. W.
Flunimerfelt who referred to the
Northwest a. the greatest country in
the world, and by P. Peebles who testified to the excellence of Northwest
girl-i in particular.
Mayor Plants il X inaim . i A J .1.
Dougan responded to the tins:, of tbe
School   Trustees'   Aasooiu i,:,.     Mr.
Raid Range Lodgo, K. of Pi
No. 26,  Hevelstoke, B C.
.    .   t .-letluead -
eni'ii 'i oulh.  -i ' '       ddfell w«'
Hall    ,u   8    i'ol sen.     Visif.n
Kniiilils i     il .rliilly   nvilii.l.
U. H. BROCK   K. of  tt. A .-.
J. B. SCOTT,  ... of F.
Bevelstoke Assessment District
TAKK NOTICK Hint 1 shall held a
Court, of Revision and Appeal, under
the provisions of lhu "Assessment
Act."respecting the Assessment Rolls
fuv 1009, for the lli'vel-tiike Assessment
District, on MONDAY, tin- 21_i duy of
Dee ber, 1908, at the hum'  uf  eleven
o'clock  in   the  loieuoini, nt lhe Const
House, Revels! like.
Dated  at   Rovelstoke this 17lh day of
Niiv.iinlier, 1008.
Judge of lhu Court ol° He vision and
Appeal,  Revelstoku Assessment
Dtstrl.it of West Kootenay,
Nov 18 Die. 0.
Take notice that 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel at lllecillewaet, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st. 191)0, to June
30th, 1009.
Dated Nov. 7th, 1008.
nov 7 lm 0, D. Mounts.
Take notice that we intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Lakeview
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half
year from Jan. 1st, 10U9, to June 30th,
Dated No.. 71 h, 1908.
nov 7 lm Plumtos A CHAPMAN.
Take notice that 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police foi a renewal of Ihe
retail liquor licence for the Lurdeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the hal
year from Jan. 1st, 1900, to June 80th
Dated Nov.
nov 7 lin
6th, 1916.
Joseph Dumont.
Dougan   reviewed tbe   hist ,-> of   t!
association   and   prophesied   a  great
future for it.     Miy  .  1   . its |   en finished his address  by  un exceiieii- -
and   schools   generally.    Political! wi,ich WR8 much appreciated.
\\. P. Argue replied I   "Education
influences in matters oi this kind
must, at all cost, be eliminated and
if our schools ure affected by the
intrigues and differences of political opinion, 'heir education in thi-
country will become a mere farce
;.nd   the   development   of   broad-
Take notice tbat ive, Messrs. Ogilvie
V McKitriek of Nakusp, intend apply-
'-   ing to the Superin .endeni of Provincial   Police   f'.r  ;i   renew.*] of   retail
liquor license for the Leland  Hotel at
Nakusp, B.C., for the hull'vein from
January 1st, 1909 to June 30th, 1909.
! Nov. 7th, 1908.
lm     Ooilvie A McKitrick,
wards is bounds to make itself minded, clean thinking, children
known. There is a good deal to be 'will be rendered impossible. It
said  for the  ward   system from a should   be   the   endeavor   of   the
theoretical  point  of view; it is in
the true   line of   descent  from the
school trustees of   this province to
put forward  every effort  in   order
system   on   which    Anglo   Saxon t > prevent this end uf the   politica.
nations were built and in this de- wedge from being forced  into edu-
scent through stages to the elector- cation, and our children should be
al division to  parliament we have, allowed to grow   up into  healthy,
a sufficient sketcii  map of popular honest manhood  and  womanhood
government which likes to broaden untrammelled   by the  hampering
slowly   down   irom   precedent   to effects   oi     parly   politics.    Time
precedent.      That   aldermen—ex- enough   when   our    youth    huve
cept those of  the  ideal   sort which arrived  at   years   ol   discretion   to
we read of  in   books but rarely get teach   them   the   art   of political
—think   more   of   their own ward opinion, but while in an immature
than of any other i.-only in uccord-'agc our chief  object should   be to
ance with human nature;  even an foster honesty and uprightness, the
alderman is human. An alderman
who will do well for his ward, is
the idea that the average elector
has when he drops his ballot in the
box. Undue appropriation of
money to special wards has not
oftener occurred because the fighting strength has been pretty evenly
distributed. It is perhaps better,
however,   to   have   an
The revenues for  the  Dominion
for the first six months uf the fiscal
year ending September 30th,   show
a decrease, ol  $9,307,186,  says  the
open ward , Imlut-itrial   Canada,  as    compared
y-ten_ and above board than work- j with the corresponding period   last
love of home and their country
and allegiance to the Imperial
ing mole like and incognito. The
ward system sometimes produces
aldermen who, having (ought well
for their wards, get their eyes open
to the fact that the ward is only a
part of   the city, and   then realize
year. In September, however, the
decrease was very much less, than
for the preceding months, indicating a revival of business activity.
Of the lotal decrease, the falling
off  in customs is  responsible for
saying that   education   was tne cbi<f
object of the century and tha: mom
spent   on   schools    was   well   -.
Truiter-.-    u   w    ,-e    things  in a    -
light   and   B.   C.'s   education _>-••
cannot be fxcelled.
Ur. Scott ol Culgary, foi I n
ors," congratulated  the aseocia
its work, and   enlarge'! tbe |
facilities fur modern education.
VV. Irvine complimented tbe city on
its   Y.M.C.A    and   the great Intense
taken in education.
\V. MoBrlde and W. E. Booking
replied to "Rural Municipalities "
i tie chairman, Mayor l.indmai -
reviewed early history ol education li
the city, and snid that Revelstoke waa
honored by the convention sitting
her midst. He pi in ted out that nsr-
row minded men and w mien were a
detriment, tu. oommunity, and urged
thatthe children be educated free;.
intin unbiassed manner He testified
thevaiueof tbe local school teaeben
us lieing broadminded men and wun
t*n. The population of the city was
growing and anotiier school building
was now necessary, in welcoming the
delegates to tho city be wished them
all success in future conventions, and
expressed a hope that, thny bad enjoyed their viiiit.
Mayor I'lanta sang another song
which received hearty applause,
Maxwell Smith in a few remarks
laid that the convention hoped to
attain great ends, and that be was
gluil that Revelstoke had a mayor and
oitizens who took such keen interest
iii educati'.ii.
"Auld Lang Sync" brought u most
enjoyable function lo a close.
MaskH for miiatpioraden at Hews'
drug store.
Noti lereby   given   that wo in
tend to ma ke appli uition to : he Super*
endent of Proi incial Police for a
renewal of the rel II liquor licence for
the OUu ler House, .it Glaciei'.B.C , for
the half year from .1 in. I it, 1909, to
Juni   Bth, 1909,
Dated Noi   7 b, 1908.
nuv 7 lm ( .  P.  Hv. Co.
'l ike n il li s  I hal   I intend to make
■ he   buperlntendenl of
l'i ovincl il   Polli" foi a renewal of the
. liquor li'-'-i fur   tbe   Criterion
Hotel .i i i" " une, It. c . for the half
yaai from J in. lat, 1909, to June 30th,
Di I N iv. I I'll. mux.
'■• '   il I in F. T, AliKV.
Take notice thai I intend to make
sn i" the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal ol tbe
retail liquor licence i"i the Oamborne
Hotel al ' 'araboi ne, l;,i ., f.,i the half
year from Jan Ist, 1909, to June 30th,
Dated Nov 5th   1608,
nov 7 lm DaVI Oku.
**<   ' jiS&S&'ftk ^__S_J_r
^Vs_-fc^''^'^'"' J______f~;
DIAMOND SETT AT $75.00 ySBfe ■ VfeW
I      ..l^^^SQ^U '.■"•■"-.
CALL AND INSPECT «      ''■ ""'t"A-:'
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Among Preparations
Dining liiiiilii Furniture is pH'tlo
nlurly essential, and in view nf
ibi- fact in' have (elected a very
d.t-riiile line ul eleu.it.'. ui.il
...nit-tic dining talile», c'mirs and
sill I ian s, An em ly inspection
-li uld be made, uu ihe price wc
ari ii-king f"i'meli sup-ii'ir furn-
it iue 11Hikes t neui a um-1 ih fimble
R.  HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
P. -_/%/%^V%*.*%/%'%%*%'%%*'%*^%*'%*'%'* -v%/%*^-_. v»
P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HKAD 0_"KICK :   CAMJARV,   AmikhTA.
Wholesale and Reta.il   -loat IMorchanto
Pink Packers und Dealers In Live Stock. M uki-is in all the prinei
pal Cities und Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon,
Puckers r.f ibe Celebrated Brand " Impernt i" Hams nnd Biiton,
mil "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
_%.%*.'■«_'%'%.%*_/%*%'%■'* i
k*fc-*V_|   *r'
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a clay.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBERT     STOTT-EJ      PROP.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
Cul Flowers
Wreaths, Bouquets
If you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crofses, etc., made up from the
choicest flowers, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Speci "1 Prizo at the
Vernon Show on the 16th Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Mauu.actured for       classes of buildiu^s
for sale in lari.q or small quantities
at thn lowest, prices for cash.
All kindi of hmldjtii; and plastering
All   kinds   of   new
l)i nlern in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
I*, o. Box, 206.
Phone 'iii
Revelstoke Land Diatiict.
West Kootenay, B. O.
Take Nolice thai (HI days after date
I R. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, B. C,
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
_or permission to purchiise_lhe following described lands situated on Fish
River, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at tho north-east corner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked " R. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post;" thence
8 chains to west line of McKinnoii's
pre-emption* thonce 50 chuins south;
thence ,8 chaina east to MacKay's;
thence north 50 chains to point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 15th, 1008.
R. W. Lindsay, Ijocalor.
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Slur, Eastern Star, Grand
View,  Flora   Bell  ami   Eureka  mineral
claims situate in the Kevelstoke .Mining
Division of West Kootonay District. Located on the North si.l, ,,f the North-cast
branch of Laforme Creek.
Take notice that I, Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B13265, asagenl
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94266] l'or Kd. Adair, Free Miner's
Cerlificale K94251; SamuelMc.Mtirlv, Free
Miner's Certificate 1194262; Walter Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94265; F. G.
Walsh, Free Miner'ti Certificate H94264;
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
B94261, and K. F. Greer, Free Miner's
Certificate B94263, intend 60 days Irom
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol tile above claims.
And further take notice that action under Section .47 must be commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Dated Ibis 171b day of September, 1908.
sep 23-nov 23 Guv L. Williams,
In the County Court of Weat Kootenay,
In th'- matter of the Estate ol Peter
Mellatraln* and
in the matter of Ihe "OfflcUl Admin*
[siiiitisi-'s Act."
Tnke notice    that   byOnl'-i    of   Mis
Honour .1. A. PVirln, !/ss;,i .iiui^,.,
made the ^Ist day of October, \ h,
ishih. 1 wns appointed Administrator
'iri.be Estate of said Peter Mollstraln,
deceased, nnd all partita having clalma
against the snid ratate are hereby required lo furnish same properly verified in me on or before the 2>»\, day of
November, iikim, and all partlei Indebted in snid Efiitato nre renulred to puy
the amount of their Indebtedness to
me forthwith.
Iinled the I lib day of Nov., MUM.
QBOKGK H, Mrl'Airt'Hii,
Ollicial Administrator.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Notloe is hereby given thai I, II. Me-
Intoeh, of Halcyon Bol springs, B.O.,
Intend to apply to tiie Buperlntendenl
of I'liivineial Police, at the expiration
nf une month from dale hereof, fnr 1,
renewal of my retail liquor license for
Ibe   premises   known as the Halcyon
Hui. Springs Hotel al Halcyon, B.C.
II.    Ml  IVIOHM.
Dated at Halcyon, H.i:.. Nov. 2 linn..
nov I Im
Notice i« hereby given, that thirty
days after dale, 1 Intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Po
[Ice for a renewal of the retail liquor
liei'iise for thu Queen's Bote!, Comaplix, li.c.
Dated Nov. Sni, 1.W8.
nov 4 lm J. H. You.vu,
Take   nolice  that I intend to make
application lo the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Oity Hotel
at Arrowhead, B, (.'., for the half year
from Jan. lit, 1009, to Ji 86, 1008,
Dated Nov. 4th, UK'S,
nov I lin John OalbV,
In the unit ter of an application for
the is-ue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title In Ninth J of Villa Lot 20,
Town 1 if Revelstoke.
Notice la hereby given that it is my
Intention In issue at  the expiration of
one mon 1 h after the Bret publication
hereof, duplicate Certifloate of Title to
the above mentioned lands In the name
ol John Larson, which ('ertiflcatu of
Title is duted the lht day of September
1008, and numbered 271 IA.
District Registrar.
Und Reg OUI.., Nelson, H.C.
7th October imw. oct 10 lm
Nolice is  hereby  given that the CO*
partnership,  heretofore existing lie-
tivei'ii the iindei'sigiieil an Real KHla'e
and Commission Agents, under the
Hi lit name of Slbbald A Field, at Revelstoke, II, C„ baa been this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts, due to the said partner.
ship, are tu he paid al the Imperial
Hank,   Revelsl'ike, H.C , and all part-
nerthip debts to be paid In equal pto*
portions by said John D. SlbbaM and
Charles U, Field.
Daietl  at Hevelstoke. H.C, Ull October. 1W0..
oct :il-lin
-I. D. .SiuiiAi.il, .
Chas. M. Field.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For ths Farm, Cardan Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reason
able prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation lo damage slock,
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies.Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc, Oldest] established nursery on the mainland
of B. 0,    Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed Ileuses
i" TTSl.i
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.  -   $.500
K. Company, ILM.If., will ill-Ill every
Thursday evening until furl her notice.
Hy Order.
oot__80d H. .SMITH, O.C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
•Pri. Nov. 27, Kmp, of Brit.
*Sat. Dec. 6, Lake Erie,       Nov. 11
"Fri. Deu. 11 Kmp. of Irel'd Nov. _7
Fri. Dec. 26 Bp. of Brit. Fri Dec 11
'Special Christmas ships
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$90 00   $48 75 $28 75
IS!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$72 50       $42 50       $2' 50
Other Lake Boats—
•2nd. Class 3rd.       it..
$45 00      $27
Cheap rates to Atlantic Sean     it
points  in connection with 1 tn ( ,11-
ship tickets
Passengers booked   to  Norway
Sweden, Antwerp,  Hamburg  and
all other eiiuliue  tal ports.
For further information apply
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B.Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Revelstoke. Vancouver.
Certificate of Improvements
Winsluw Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout   Lake  Mining  Division   of
WeHt Kootenay District,
Where  located;—At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Luke,
Take notice that I, O. U. N. Wilkie,
acting us agent   for   Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 37(1.' William Bennett,
F.M.C.  No.   Bl)5_77;   Bruce White, 1<\
M.C. 1.11524; and P. H- Murphy, F.M.
0. B22087; intend, sixty days from the
date   hereof,   to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certifloate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must he commenced
before tbe Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvement.-..
Dated this '-Dili dav of Ootober. A.
D., 1008.
oct.-l-OOd o. B, N. WILKIE.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Kortansy
hotel, Burton City, B. 0.
Dated Oct. 24,1008.
Wm. Lovatt.
And in the Matter of The Klwood Tin
Workers Hold Mining Company of
Lardeau, Brltiah Columbia, Limited, Non-Personal Liability.
TAKE   NOTICE  that   the  under-
aigned has appointed Friday, the 80th
day of  October, 1008, at the  hour of
eleven o'clock In tho forenoon at the
Court House in the City of Kevelstoke,
H. C, for the purpose of hearing anil
confirming the Report of  the Official
Liquidator upon the claims of  creditors, and of settling, determining ami
finally   passing   Ihe   Dividend  Sheet,
and of passing the Official Liquidator's
accounts, nnd seining his remuneration,
And let all parties attend.
Dated this twelfth day of October,
A. D„ 1008.
Dlstriot Registrar at Revelatoke, H, tt THE MATLITERALD, REVELSTOKE, I.- C
The crowded s_uvo top—
havcia't you often "T-iahsd
for more space ?
■ (;-~-.+A "\\
•This pipe-hole may be
used if preferred but—
this pipe-arrangement leaves
the top of range free for pots,
pans, etc
wish for more top
space. Grantor :—
"Sask-alta" Range.
cutting in half of
washday. Grantor:
"Sask-alta" Range.
Granted:- The use
of a top space sufficient to prepare
a meal all at one
time. Grantor:—
"Sask-alta" Range.
"Sask-alta" piping
adjustment is
easy, but you will
not find it on
any  other range.
Continued from Page One.
M* Clary's
Leo-on, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, tit John, Hamilton, Calgary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Wsr _____ -^^*t_. ;:_-_.___...
■ai-lsMBM_B__-i---r__*-_B-rt-_i« Hoent9atK9WKi
Import direct from country ol origin.
a way atone blow what bad taken
years to accomplish.
A number uf other speakers gave
their opinion both for and against the
resolution, Mr. Smith Btanding by bit-
conviction and successfully checking
all compromise which would force him
to give in, hut stating that he did not
wish anything derogatory to the
Empire, but rather to preserve the
Empire's unity at all costs for the
sake of the children.
Inspector Stewart spoke along these
linea similarly.
Mr. Smith closed the debate saying
that all he wanted was the order from
bylaw question, und it was decided to
leave the matter wilh the executive to
bring in an amendment before next
The committee on resolutions
brought in the following, which were
all adopted:
Votes ul thanks to the City Council
and Y.M.C.A. of Revelstoke, and the
railway company for courtesies;
To the Press for reports;
To the Alberta delegates for addresses;
To the delegates and others who
read papers;
To Inspectors Stewart and Dean,
and Dr. Robinson;
To the school teachers and Principal for their welcome and the pleasure
of tlieir visit to the schools.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Rtotlfieatlon of Orom Oruit
Whereas on the 80th da; of Novom__r 1907. «
Crowu Grant was issued In the name of Fredar-
c™W_-__..„ri.« lor Lot 8U7, Group. 1. Kooto
nay District. That evideuce has since been
bi>en t reduced showing that the studJ*"^— rk
Wil-lib-ill'llil thf   '■ ■^^ggl       ■   I".
to     :'-^___       Hk''*
CriiwuG-ant. That by ,-r s ^^^^P^^^~th
Aastut,   11*1,  Hie said Fret- iVurhbounie
RsajgnO- nil his eslale, right, titlo, interest
chum and demmid whatsoever in the said land
to Thomas Shanks McPherson.
Notiee is therefore horeby given. In pursuance of Sec-tioti 98 of the "Land Act,1' that it Is
tho intention to cancel the said thrown Grant
Issued lu the name of Frederick Washbourne
aud to issne one iu its stead in the name of
Thomas Shanks McPherson three montl.s from
the date hereof unless good cause is shown to
the contrary.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department.
Victoria. B. C. llth October, 190S.    oot 2t-3m
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, Norman T. MacLeod of
Lethbridge, Alta., occupation Broker, Intends
to applv for permission to purchase tbe following described lauds:
Commencing at a post plauted at lhe southwest corner ol Lot 81W In rosthnll Valley
about Si-, miles Went ot the west snore of Arrow Lake and marked "N. T. Mac'. N. W.
Corner," thence 40 chaina south, thence 20
ohalns east, theuce 40 cbains north, thence 20
chains west, containing _0 acres, more or less.
Date Sept. 4, IKS.
aepl260d By John K. Taylor, his agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 iutend to apply to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for a renewal of my retail liquoi
licence for the premises known as the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, B. C, for the
half vear from J in. Ut, 1909, to June
30th," 1909.
Dated Nov. llth, 1908.
nov 18 lm Wm. Boyd
Take notice that I intend to make
application Io the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal ot the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hotel
at Camborne, B. 0, for the half year
from Jan, 1st, 1909. to June 80th, 1009.
Dated Nov. llth. 1908.
nov 11 lm John A. Thkw.
for the first number of
Subscriptions and advertisemen's
received at theoflice of
E. A. HACCEN, McKenzie Ave.
well Smith: That the new i■xecutiv
be a committee to act with the committee of the Medical Association of
B.C., to enact resolutions and pinna,
etc., iu connection with the work laid
before the Government.—Curried.
The following officers were elected:
, President—Mayor Pluntu, Nanaimo.
Vice-Pres.—J. 0. Robettson, Chilliwack.
Scc.-Treus.—,f. J. Dougan, Vancouver.
Tho new president said that he
would wait a little while before deciding oh bin execiilive.
The following resolutions wore
That the resolutions passed ut this
convention be forwarded to the Government at once.
That power he given the executive
to add to ith numbers when visiting
Victoria as a deputation to the Government,
A     vole   i.f    l luniks    11
offlcors wn- 111 --. d nnd
nual convention of ib
Trustees'  AsBOri.itinii  c
TAKE NOTICE that I intend io
make application to 'he Superintendent of Provincial Police for n renewal
of the retail liquor license fnr the St.
Leon Hotel, St; Leon Hut Springs, B.
0„ for half year from January 1st to
June 80th, 10ij9.
Dated Nov, 26th, 1SD8.
wnov23 M. GRADY.
Take notice that I intend to make
ap|dication to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor licence for the Reception Hotel nt Oamborne, B.C., for the
half year from Jan. 1st, 11)00, to June
HOI h. 10O0.
Daled Nov. 7th, 1008,
nov 7 lm CuHY MBNBENICK.
Take   notice   that I intenil tn make
application to the Superintendent of
Piuvincial Police for lhe transfer of
the retail liquor licence of the Lardeau
Hotel, now held liy me, to Joseph
Dated Nov. Uth, 1-08.
nov 7 lm R. M. Evans.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to tho Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for thu Coronation
Hotel at Camborne. B.C., for tho half
year from Jan. 1st, 1000, to June 30th,
Dated Nov. 7th, 11)08,
nov 7 lm Cohy Mknhbnh'K.
Take notice that I intend to make
nppl cation to the Hnpeiinleiident of
Provincial Pollen for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for tbo Union
Hotel at Arrowhead, B.C., for tho half
year from Jan. lat, 1000, to June 80th,
Dated Nov. 14th, 100..
uv 11 lm W, J.'L.oirrii-hn.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
Between Orace Westfall, Plaintiff;
James L. Stewart, Assignee for benefit of creditors, under "Creditors
Trust Deeds Act. 1C31," of James
A. Griffith, and James A. Griffith,
Notiee is hereby given that pursuant
to the Order made herein, of the Honourable Mr. Justice Clement, May the
18th, 1007, and to the directions of the
Registrar of this Court at Nelson, Lots
__, 23, 12, aud 13 in Block 51, iu Trout
Lake   City  Townsite, registered plan
530, will be   offered  for sale at public
auction on the premises in Trout Lake
on   Deceuilier the  loth,   1008, at the
hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon by
George M.   Yulll an Auctioneer.   The
said   premises   will Imi offered for sale
subject to a reserved hid.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to Taylor A O'Shea,
Nelson, B, C, solicitors for the plaintiff,
the educational department withdrawn, claiming that politics was the
whole cause of the trouble.
A resolution was finally passed,
"resolved that this convention respectfully requests the minister of education to supply the Canadian ensign
free to any school in B. C. asking Ior
same."   Carried.
Mr. Smith then withdrew bis
resolution finally.
Tbe meeting then adjourned,
Tbe closing session commenced at
7 p.m.
Moved R. 0. Hodgson, seconded
Captain Stewart, tbat tbe Board ol
School Trustees in any city or rural
municipality may be given lull power
to handle all school funds, submit bylaws, and generally administer school
affairs independent of the council and
in the same manner as tbe order ol
business of the city or rural municipality shall be administered by the
Resolved, that for each set of examination papers issued (Entrance, Junior Grule, e.c .) a committee of three
should be appointed (one to retire each
year), null whose names should be
printed ut head of each examination
paper, and whose duties shall be:
(n) To see that lach paper is of
uniform difficulty with previous rets;
(h) To see that all qiestbns are of
sufficient impoitance to Iiud a place
on tbe paper;
(c) To st-i- tbat all papers are ol
reason.11,1-   length;
(d) To see that questions are of
such a nature thai a solulion is
This was introduced by II. IS". Coursier and (seconded by J. J. I* irter. Mr.
Coursier explained that tbe responsibility of examination papers lie [diced
on the committee and that the names
ol those selling tbe papers be printed
on the head of the papers, and also
tbat questions should le soluble.
E Paul explained tbat tbe name ol
examiners Mere always gazetted, slid
how the papers iven- set, pointing out
that care is exercised but mistakes
were always possible.
Inspector Dean, who was introduced
to the meeting, said that all questions
were fair and none were unreasonable.
The motion lost.
£. Paul stated that he would bring
the matter before tbe board.
Moved by Maxwell Smith, seconded
by J. J. Dougan: Tbat tbe Government be asked to take the necessary
steps to ascertain the number ol deaf
and dumb persons in the provinoe
requiring instruction, and if deemed
expedient, that provision bo made for
their education.—Carried.
Moved Maxwell Smith, seconded
H. N. Coursier: That thickly populated rural municipalities may come
under the same law as the cities with
regard to cumpuLuiy attendance.—
Tbe report of the auditing commit-
too was read and adopted.
The bylaw oommittee reported that
A resolution was also passed thanking the Government for their assistance to the convention.
J. F. Fowler, of Wetaskiwin, Alta.,
said that tbe work, order, and system
of tbe Revelstoke schools was excellent and some of the best be had ever
seen, especially in the primary class.
He urged the local trustees to organize a kindergarten for young children.
A resolution was passed thanking
the Government Ior free text books
and a resolution to Bend two delegates
from British Columbia next January
to the School Trustees convention at
Strathcona, Alta.
A letter from Dr. Fagan was read
expressing his regret at being uuable
to attend the convention but enclosing his paper. The chief points were
that health in schools should be carefully looked after both in the children
themselves as well as in the buildings.
Trustee Delegates Praise the
i.eveisloke Schools
During t ie visit. i tne li. C. School
Trusties last week lm the cccasion ol
their tilth at uu il enventiou held in
tnfB city considerable inieiest was
evinced by the '■ li • at'-s in lie local
Bohools. I'iincipal Miller invited
them to in-1 i the schools en Thursday last, and on arrival of the delegates, very emir, io'ialy to ik them over
the building into several ol the clues
rom. v h- m samples of children's
work were shown and thu methods of
tea thini
oenterid   m md
where a   nuiube
being   instil id
education     The
Ciilluiigl.,   put
through several little drills  and
' Chief interest   was
iii"   pri nun y cla-s
l   little   lots were
in   tbe  elements of
teacher,    .Miss   ,Mc-
her   sni ill     ciiargcs
exercises, followed by reading.    Tbe visit
ors could not but be impressed witb the
excellent work being carried on in the
primary class and weie loud in their
pzaise ol the methods employed. A
number of the delegates were particti
larly struck by the way iu which the
teacher's personality and manner
enthused tbe little children and complimented her on tbe progress her
class wns making, After visiting other
rooms and looking in at the topmost
one in the building where the genial
Mr. Pollock reigns supreme, a move
was made to the entrance hall where
Principal Miller rang the recess bell
to enable the delegates to see how the
children left the building. The order
and absence of noise and confusion
caused the visitors to compliment Mr.
Miller on the admirable way his pupils
were trained, several stating that the
Revelstoke school was the best conducted of sny iu the province. Pie-
vious to this a fire alarm test wns
given and the  visitors watched wiih
Dated ut Nelson, B.C., this 17th day
of November, A.D., 1906.      nov 21 3w  tbey were unable to go fully into tbe
Care should be exercised in crowded
schools, and delicate children have
special attention. Dr. Fagan suggested that ventilation shouid be a particular point, besides the lact that
there should be every lacilty for light,
hearing, seeing, etc. He referred to
the spread of consumption and urged
that every precaution bo taken to
guard against it. Ho advocated clean
life (or teachers as well as children,
Inspector Dean said that much dc
peuded on the way the children sat at
their desks for health and good physical development.
A vote ol  thanks  was passed to Dr.
Moved C. E.  Hope, seconded Max-
interest the orderly manner in which
the building was cleared in a little
over a minute, all running and ex-
oitement being conspicuous by their
absence. Much interest was taken in
tho new tutsido fire escape and alter
admiring tho woll kept and neat
grounds the delegates lelt the school
well pleased with tlieir visit and taking away a good impression ol an
institution of which Revelstoke has
every reason to be justly proud.
Apples For Sale
J. h. Wobstor, of Vernon, has Ior
sale an excellent lot ol sound apples
No. 2, and cooking, at 86c. per box.
F.O.B., Vernon, B.C.       Nov. _l-_t
So Clear, So Shining and su Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
thon   nnd
stntsi   pro-
pe: ft't'liuii III  till:
dune, lhe " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is uii.-.ir-
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no   complicated   movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic convenience?, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs lens
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
*-3*_   rtf"
..at*    m
_____ nV5i_>
Ladies' Tailored Long
Coats--$20 Now $15
This   season's   newest  .- pies   in   Heavers.
Handsome   seven eigbtln   length, semi  nr
eluse fitting.     Five Twee !   Coals  at prices
Men's Furnishings
Men's Serge Suits, regular $16 now $11 50,
Men's'   IIt'iivy Tweed   Punts selling at $1.60.
Men's Overcoats,  regular $12.00 now $7.00.
ranging from .flli  0 to ..IS 00.   Now ..10.00.
Men's Underclothing
Hood   heavy  winter  suits selling at $1.26.
Silk, Moire and
Sateen  Under Skirts
Prices from li,;. tO-fO.OO each,    Plain colors
vide width,  well  made   skirts   with   deep
flounces and dirt frilis.
Men's Cardigan
Jackets and Sweaters
Dress Good;.
All  lines  in   1'     .-  Goods at  2U per cent.
lieod coloring, host of  styles,   all   new   this
Benson's goods.
discount.       1 hese    Bpecial     prices    every
woman  Bhould  see.
Millinery!   Millinery!!
Hosiery Values
Ladies'  full   fashion, black  cashmere  hose
Keeping   our   Btyles  rijiht  by   new   goods
coining to band aud selling at special prices
at   -lie.   per  pair.
Boots and Shoes
Large   stuck — New   goods— Low   prices.
We bave just  opened   up  our    Christinas
Umbrellas—both for ladies and  gentlemen.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected,
#### iM"Miifi
I Liver
I Oils
We ii.tv.
all   kinds  i
if it.
Sweet  t:
stilly,  had
hit- and
sion    in
the  pure  1
Sl.IKI        I,,
_ Ml lll-
iii.-i.l-- by
i new pr c
•ss lit
Revelstoke, B. C
Karn is King
The right Piano at the right price.
Call and see us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, insurance and Financial Agents.     Mjucy to Lo in.
$ i|i i|i iii t|i 'I' r|i $ _& et' 'I' '3. i<
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Nov. 25th. — Colder,
with clnSnse to snow (indicated),
Temp.: Max. 50° . Min. 29 '.
Local and General.
-New programme for Friday and
.■Saturday at the E lison Parlor Theatre.
__ special meeting of Fire Brigade
No. 1 will be held to-night at eight
On Friday night the North Stars
play the High school and a good game
is expected.
'■ The Little Easter Fairy" at tbe
Kdison Parlor Theatre Friday and
Prepare youi fancy costumes for the
Masquerade Carnival, Thursday, Nov,
2-th, at the Holler Kink.
Announcement   was   made   to-day
from Yictori.i tbat the LJriti.h Colum
bia legislature will
21, 1909.
Ci me to the Roller Kink to-morrow
night and hear the new Military
Eaud orgs*} and see the fancy cos
tun es.
J. J. Devine has about completed :i
neat set oi buildiugs on bis ni.del
chicken (.urn near tbe track west ol
the H isi ital.
New moving pictures
Parlor Theatre Friday
at tbe  Edison
and Saturday.
Don't forget the Fancy Dress Masquerade Carnival at tbe Holler Kink
to-morrow night, Thursday, 26th.
The city council have arranged fur
for the iustallalion of several new
street lumps of the Nernst type, eaoh
giving 200 caudle power, similar to
the arc li^lns now in use.
VV. •'■ Brandrith, secretary of the
13. C. Fruitgrowers' Association, will
address a meeting in the Court House
on Friday, Nov. 27th. All questions
will be answered by Mr. Brandrith and
the lecture will deal principally with
fruit growing.
A Fancy Dress Masquerade Carnival
will he held at the [toller Kink on
Thursday, Nov. 26th. Prizes will be
|given tn the best fancy costumes,
bulies and gentlemen, nud liesi gents
comic costumes, and liesl girl and boy
costumes. Admission 2."i cents, no
extra charge for skates.
Local Chinamen are, with the rest
of their countrymen, mourning the
loss ol their emperor. Several of the
Chinese stores have been showing the
eel* on"January i wllite draping, the ^Chinese _ signs ol
I mourning and a few '■ rings'' or com-
panies have banner? bung low.
rhe congregational thank offering
social of the Methodist church was
held in the audience room ol the
ohurcb last evening. A splendid programme consisting of vocal and
instrumental music, and several short
iddresses suited to the occasion were
given.    The ladies Berved refreshments
order was securnl in open competition
with many outside poiuts. The total
weight of the shipment was nver four
tons, probably tbe la ^est shipment
sent to any Bingle purchaser ou Vancouver Island. This is only another
instance of the phenomenal develop
ment of tbis great industry.
Social and Personal
Mrs. .1. B. Cressman will not receive on Friday, Nov. 27.
11. S. McCarter is making a business
visit to points, iu Washington, l". S. A.
Mr. and Mrs. A. McRae have re
turned home from a visit to the
Miss K. Bartlaw, of London, Out., is
visiting her uncle. Mr. T. Tiiylor.
M P,P.
A. B, Phipps, Imperial rinuk inspector from Culgary, is in the city on
official business.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Laughead returned
on Saturday from an extended vi.it to
Spokane. We are gliul to announce
that Mrs. Laughead has much improves in health.
The late Capt.  Pete.son,  who died  during tbe evening.    A large number
recently in Nelson, operated a pack
train in the Big Bend country early
in the sixties.
R'.sck ia now txii,_. quarried for use
:o tbe construction of the new Ule.
oillewaet bridge being built by the
pr 'iincial government.
The meeting of the Ladies' Hospital
Guild advertised for tomorrow i'hitrs-
diy; ha.- beeu postponed until Saturday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock.
s.    eeting of the   members   of   the
-V.L'.T.U. will be held in St.  Andrew's
church on   Friday afternoon   next  at
.   o'clock.     All   members   and   any
ther.   interested   in    tbis   work are
ii ited to attend.
1:. "•   .ritending   going
r'---   to   tiie   masquerade
in   fancy
of people attended and a most   enjoy
.ible time was spent.
The   basketball  game  to-night between  the   Intermediates   and   Road
team will be :i very   fast   oi
latter will win   bi   lerii I     '  tike
this game, aud if  they   lose   and   tiie
intermediates win theirgume with the
(jyiu team, it gives   them   tbe  series,
and if the Cyni beats  them   out,
three teams are even for lirst place.
We understand that thi civic
authorities of Iuns are discussing the
advisability of taxing cats. Uow
wruld this go iu Kevelstoke'. Tbe
tax collector would have a great time
looking for house cats under beds, "tc.
The question us to bow to enforce a
cat tax would be a serious one. beside*
cats would huve to near collars, which
I bun-day, Nov. 26th, are   requested to   most of them wo lid n  I    I ind   for
band in  their   names   and   name   ol ■ aminute.
tbeir character   at   tbe  door   "f the
roller rink.    Skates   will   !"•  reserved
until 9:16 for  tb -•   g ling   In   lancy
*tui ie, .iter which they will  be at
the disposal ol the public
Tbe meeting called by .Mayor Lind
mark to-night  at   the  Oity  Hull   for
the purpose ol arranging the prelim-\ pbore groups or tbesi
naries for an "Old Timers'Reunion,    dowedwitha treated
i roratses t" be at; interesting one. AJ \
•■   te who take interest io the early
l.istory of Bevelstoke and   wno  would I
like to see   our   old   timers  make a|
_rcat rally, should attend tbe i eeting
• -nigbt at 8 o clock.
The following sentence, printed in
the current number ol a prominent
medical journal, explains why there
is nn _reat demand for professional
periodicals by tbe laity. "The virulent
spirillum possesses a great number of
bacteriolytic and agglutinable hapto-
groupe are on-
binding   p .wer
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
.', larger and moic varied
than ever before.
_. Special Rocky Mountain
View Cards,
Christmas Post Curds in
Tasty Calendars,
[or uniceptors and  amboceptors  than
the avirnlent."
Strange things happen at times, in
this city. We have beard of the man
who Iries to mail letters in a fire alarm
box, but we have never beard nf any
one mailing bis meat in the letter box
ut the post ollice until Saturday nigbt.
\ large bullock's light, wus discovers I
:iy some one who happened to go   into
the   ollice Isle   that   evening,   banging half in and half out of   the   news
paper mailing box.
Ah an illustration ul the expanding
business of Mr. M.J. Henry, foremost
nurseryman of Western Canada, it
might be mentioned that recently
shipments were made from his bead
nursery, 8010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, to St. George, Bermuda,
lo China and to Uellray Castle, the
borne of Sir  Arthur  Mlddleton,  Nor-
I! lliuinbcrlaiid, Scotland.      Mr.   Henry
recently supplied   the  full  order   for
{ornamental   tretH, shrubs and  vines
'for the Empress hotel, Victoria.    This
Business Locals
Moving Pictures of B.C. Industries Well Received at London
A novel and up-to-date form of advertisement of British Columbia is
daily to be seen at the Crystal Palace
near Loudon, England, a resort which,
as all who have visited the metropolis
know is visited daily bv an immense
crowd of sightseers. The advertisement consists of moving pictuios
showing British Columbia scenes ae
well as many glimpses of our leading
hulls-tries in o eration.
Omit Tatlow, in a letter to the
Premier of this province, written from
England, states that the pictures are
very good nnd meeting with immense
It is generally considered both an
effective and an up-to-date way of
advertising the country, and gives tlie
bomestaying Englishman a better idea
of what British Columbia is really
like than he could ever gain, except
by coming out in person, which it is
hoped that a great many of them will
do. Altogether tbe experiment seems
to be an unqualified success, and after
the engagement at the Crystal Palace
i« over the pictures will be exhibited
at the chief London music halls.
Knox Church Anniversary
Sunday lftsI was the I bird anniversary of the dedication of Knox Church
ami the induction of the pastor, the
Rev. J, R. Robertson. The Rev. Dr.
MucKay, Prinoipal of Westminster
Hall Presbyterian Theological College
preached an impressive sermon in the
evening, and the large congregation
could not but he touched by the fur
reaching touc of his words. Special
music wns rendered by the choir. On
Monday exening the members ol the
congregati n and their friends held a
reunion social in the church parlors
A very interesting program was rendered, and the Rev. J It. Robertson
and Ur. Miiokay delivered valuable
addresses Knox Church has every
reason to be proud of their progress
and the anniversary reunion has had
tin-effect if further strengthening the
Masquerade Ball
Fire Brigade No.   1   have   arranged
for a Grand Masquerade   Bull   in   the
Opera House to take pbtce on   Thurs
day, 10th       i ne   Independent   fi.iud
| will !••  president.   The fireman intend
making this dance ihe event   of   the
season and will ensure  those   present
•    enjoyabli  :ime.     Ticki ts are $1.50
•   ;iI|(| -m. oe  purohased
at the d: es or irom sny of   the
. . . mmitteemen       C,   Abra-
I'bief;     11      Cunningham
• ■   'ii    FI. Sii gfried,  iius
edstrc      R  i.reenand W.   Harvey
er o! the brigade.    Prizes
■   led to th .-'■   h i ving   the
siginal   costumes.
Refi •■ served dur-
U :- -■   ■ ped that Revelstoke
will patronize this   "ball masque    on
.'■ -[.. oi ■   ■'■''' nu ol the fire brigade
ball  tr,night at
Xmas Btatiom ry now    n  di
Bews' Drug Store.;
c ursii r   will   cart   ■
cellars next wi elt
Horn    ■   ck .•'"■"    bags
prices, at Bews' drugsl
a full ■ •- rtmi nt  ,    beat   hya
10c    ii    ..• Bewi   Drug
Yon '   by   your
tier's conl.
LOST—Dog cart iu-h wbi]
at Mall-Herald office.
A consignment       ad i - i
iting   cards   in
irrived a   the M       d
cilice,   .vu work neatly executed
Resi .-. (or your   .
--'ii   nnl bave tbe
best.     On .-       given
each   d ,■■■.,   cabinet    photos - ;
nan's 81 ud ii tc
Bpei is ei       - un.
Cards neatly print.id   50 for $1 26
100 for 11.76,   Ladies' cards in newi *■
styles, 50 for .1 26 ind 100 I     11.76       ,,.
Linen   finish card- ere | ,...., ,,„       A '  ' '" "'   "<''
portation ■ ": r and     I, are I he order of
—_»«—— the   present     season     Devotees    ol
CANADIAN FRUIT log and sleighing
— ■"      imet   is   ,n   Keu'im, ii, ,.
Market is Rapidly Expanding,   "; " '"" '"
, be the chief attraction tins winter Ior
"riCeS   nign ,j„.    -,ir    .,.,        Indoor   Oardl.gfsms*
and    other
Dominion Fmit Commissioner
Ruddick addressing thi Ontari bruit
Growers' at. Toronto recently made an
exceedingly Interesting u well is
important statement, He laid There
wus not a sound apple tauten off the
trees in Canada thai, could not be
delivered in good condition In the
Old Country and sold at remunerative
prices."    Tbe market, for   fruit,   grown
in tbe Dominion seems t'
mg more    rapidly   than
things       are       usually
indnlgi Ile theatre goers pat-
ronize thi travelling sli wi that grace
the ipers bouse While on tb-subject
if shows tbe Edison Parlor Theatre
must te I noi ided, Tbe little amassment ball has ben  running for  ■"•-.
eral months without a break. During
that   time   It   ban amused  hundreds
of   people    antl    has    now    u    regular
xnand-  patronage    Tbe bouse Is comfortable,
under   cultivation,
statements aa  that
thai, bring" home to
that   "the
the aoreage
and it in audi
of Mr. Kiel.Ink
us how true it is
in   its
For Sale
Dry cedar cord   wood—Rovelstoke
General Agencies, Ltd.
clean and neat and the film service
that, the Edison Is now getting is the
hest that oan be procured on the
continent    The Edison bus come to
stay aud il. is filling u want for cheap
yet. high cIiihh amusement, nnd lho
people like it. Tbere is no doubt that
during  tbe   winter    "tbe    little   show
shop" in the middle of the street will
do a good bus incus.
Revelstoke Not Represented
Kilittir Maii.-IIkimM).
Dear Sir: At the Birmington Croat
Annual Chrysanthemum Show,opened
here today, there is a huge British
Columbia government apple exhibit of
some hundreds of hox of tho luscious
fruit from different parts of the prov
Inoe, and I regret to say that not one
single box bearB the name of a Revelatoke grower.
From timo to time you have advocated in the columns of the MAIL-
HERALD the. necessity and desirability
of advertising the advantages of Revelstoko from an immigrant's point of
of view; and as the majority of emi
grants come from this country itseenit
to me highly desirable that something
from the town should be exhibited
from time to time as occasion arises.
As an old Revelstoke inhabitant 1
confess it hurt my prido to eee| such a
thriving town unrepresented, and 1
am writing this solely to point out to
the people of Revelstoke that to obtain
tbeir share of the right kind of immigrant thev must make known their
advantages on this side of  the  water.
I might mention that Barrows, the
leading provision merchants in Birmingham, have purchased every single
British Columbia apple exhibited.
Apologising for encroaching on your
valuable space, I remain dear sirs,
Your ooedieut servant,
10 Radnor Road, Hnndsworth,
Birmingham, England.
November 10th, 1908,
A Slight Discrepancy
Eilitur M.ui.-Hcuai.Ij:
Dear Sir: Will yuu kindly note a
slight discrepancy which appears in
your issue ot the 21st inst., in your
report of subjects discussed at the
recent Trustees Convention.
In your condensed reference to my
remarks on the subject of " How the
High School curriculum can he made
more practical," you u ade it appear
that 1 practically depreciated the entire results of all high schools other
than those conducted iu large centres,
whereas the trend of my statements
was that the average high school curriculum, throughout the province was
not commensurate, from a practical
average occupation standpoint, with
the coat in money, timo and energy
incidental to it; and in this respect
the larger cities bad an advantage over
tbe smaller places, where high schools
are conducted on the departmental
curriculum only, in being able to introduce and maintain specialties such
as book-keeping, typewriting, stenography, etc., pruticiency in which is in
daily demand in a large percentage of
the occupations in which our high
school pupils will find themselves on
leaving their studies to tako their
place in the business world.
Yours truly,
Scottish Concert Programme
Tb" following is the programme of
the Scottish concert to lie given on
Monday evening next, St. Andrew's
Night, Nov. 80th, by the Willing
Workers of st. Andrew's Church:
I'.MIT   I.
Pipe Music,
Selection. Armstrong Orchestra
Solo   "Annie Laurie"    Miss M. Buck
wilb   Violin   obligato  by Miss
Kuril     "(lb Wi-H   Thou   iii  the ('null!
Blast Mm. Block and Mr,
II. Cooke
Sole   "MacOregor's Gathering"	
Mr. Humphreys
Recital mn   "Wee MacGrcgor"   .
Mi-. .1. Ii. Johnston
i lornel Solo   "Robin Adair"	
Mr   If. II. Sawyer
Mary of Argyle"    Mr, Arman
i-iur ii.
Pipe Music
Willing Workers
Piano Select Ion Mrs. lllaek
Sol,,    "Cun   Ye by Athol"      	
Mrs, Si'uiiiciiiiggs
Quintette   "My Aln Folk''     . Misses
Allan. Jamieson, steed, Bruce,
, and   Bel l"'l
Solo   "Sii,|, Voiii Tickling Jock"
All,   All bill     Lel'eilllX
Solo   "Angus Miieiliiiiiild" .Mrs [lows
Quin telle    "Whit   Wadnii   I'eohl   for
Charlie'    Messrs, Barber, Allum,  Mesibi mi". Squarehriggs,
and Denl
Auld Lung Syne"
Willing Workers
A Few Good Snaps
We have a lot of pretty White Silk and Not Waists
beautifully embroidered and trimmed with lace and
insoi'tious. Some have long sleeves, but most of them
have a throe-quarter pleeve. The sizes run from 34 to
-10 anil the prices ranged from $0.00 to $8.00. Your
choice for $5.00.
Ladies Coats
frum the best inn Iters in Canada, Those are loose-back
tintl semi-fitted and made of a line quality of tweeds.
They conic in sizes -'12 to 40 and $12.50 to $15. We
have loo ninny for this season of the year und to clime
out we offer you your choice at $7.50 each.
Children's Dresses
for all ages, in Flannelette, Serge, Cashmere, etc, well
made of good materials. This is a line wo are clearing
out and to do so quickly wo arc selling them as cheap
as you would buy the materials.
Every Dress ut Half Price.
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Special to the Public.
Not that 1 am needing the work bud
enough to our prices, yet willing to do
the right thing by those who have
stood loyally by me as a Revelstoke
citizen, I will make from now until
New Year a beautiful photograph,
mounted handsomely, with every order
for cabinet photos or larger, and promise you, as in the past, to leave a little
• if your money in Revelstoke where
each of my customers may at least
have another look at. their money.
Thanking you very much for past
patronage, I am very sincerely,
E  F. Tucker, Photographer.
Snowshoeing and Skiing Club.
A general meeting is called for Wednesday eveolng. Nov. 25th, at 8 o'clock
in the City Hall. Mem hers are requested to invite friends, who may
desire to loin, lo this meeting as a
Hood attendance is desired. AH are
extended a cordial invitation.
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemum",   Carnations and
other Cut _.|pwers supplied  by  J. T.
Bonlby, Nelson, B, c    (P.O. Box 897.)
Nov. 11-Jan. 11
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
ITIOll SALE—One bedroom suite,
' also one three-quartet' iron bed.
All iu liisi class condition. Oan be
seun between 10 n,tn, and 5 p.m. Ad
dress P.O. Mux 7211
rnOR   RENT   Residence   of  J.   M.
Jj    Scott.   Apply lo Biott ft Briggs.
CIAFB in Komi condition, for sale at
i5   bargain.   Address rn. mice, Save,
Mail Office.
WANTED Bedrooms to let furnished, board if requited, terms
moderate, Apply A. Gain, 4th stre t,
corner of McKensie Ave.       ocl 21 lm
WANTED   Life and accident in-
K,iiam c canvassers.   Apply lo
E. A. Haggen, Revelstoke,
WANTED Advertiser (20) desires
desires to learn mixed farming
in Uritish Columbia Would K'vc'
services nnd small premium in return
for hoard nnd lodging. No previous
experience, but strong and hard
worker. Moderate capital; highest
references, X. Y.Z. cine of Agency
Mill hell, I nud 2 .Snow   Hill,   London.
E, 0„ Eng,
Cos] enrs arc now coining  to  Coursier's,
C. P. R. Promotion
The following appointments have
been announced by the Causdian
Paoific Bailway i
.1. A. MoQregor, assistant superintendent ul tlie car service department
if Ihe C.P.R., Winnipeg, will go to
Bourii as district superintendent.
D. 0. Coleman, superintendent ol
the Kootenay district, Nelson,becomes
n-siHtaiii superintendent of the car
rorvice department at Winnipeg.
Allan Purvis, district superintendent st Souris, becomes superintendent
of the Kootenay district, at Nelson.
Mr. Purvis wss formerly chief clerk
in tho ullice of General Superintendent
llunici d iii Vancouver.
Xmas is Coming
and our selection of Xmas
(iifts is the largest that
has ever been shown in
this city.
It is not too early to
look nrouud and we invite
you to look at our stock
belore purchasing.
Come one, come all,
J. duy Brier
Official Issuer of Marriage
PHONE No. 51
Do You Want To
Re__t a House ?
I have a 7 roomed house $10; 6 roomed house ,|12.50; 7 roomed house $25;
10 roomed honse $-f>.
Have You Money
to Loan?
I can supply you with first class investments:
One client wantB $1000 nt 7J per cent
on first class freehold security,
worth $30,000.
Another wants $3,500 at 8 per cent on
freehold security.
Another wants $800 at 8 per cent ou
freehold security.
Are You Looking
for a Snap?
Multiply your money 30 fold st ono
I can supply 160 acres first class fruit
lands alongside a railway in choice
location at $500cash. This is the
lirst cost of tho land bought diroo'i"'
from the government. Tbis land
can he cultivated and sold in the
near future at $100 an acre.
Heal Estate and Insurance Agent,
Notice is hereby given that lho
time Ior the reception of tenders Ior
Vernon, B. C, Publio Building has
been extended to December 30th,
Plans and specifications are also to
be soeu at Victoria and Vancouver,
By Order,
Napoleon Tebsieh,
Department ol Publio Works,
Ottawu, Nov. ilOtb, 1908.


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