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The Mail Herald Sep 1, 1909

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 '• Empire " Typewriter
For ei.ae of opera lion nnd pet lection
in mi-ill I _. pi'.idnce.l, tbi- machine
is unsurpnased,    I'rice, $00 00 0
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   /.,. »?,•
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Primers and Publishers
V , J
Vol. 15.-No61
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead antl Revelstoke.
Friday and Saturday
Children's Shoes
We still have left twenty-live pairs of
Children's Shoes in black nnd tan, as well
as a few tan bals. They range in size from
ft,yi to lojj. Kvery pair is
a bargain at	
$1.25 per pair
Boys' Suits
This i.s one of our best bargains, livery-
one knows the famous "Lion Brand" double
seats and knees boys' clothing. For Friday
and Saturday we will sell tlie balance of our
Gray Tweeds at a big reduction. Keg- flJC HE
ular $7.00 and  $8.00  suits at     iJUifcU
Drygoods Department
More Print Bargains Just the tiling lor
school aprons. Light and dark, stripes,
dots and figures. Regular i 2 ' _.c. and 15c.
values, on sale  Friday  and    Iflp    nop  l/nnrj
Saturday  at,
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Rovelstoke and Arrowhead.
Big Cut in Sporting Goods
tt >t
tt '•
■WIKKH'AN Association Balls'
regular   $ 76
1 110
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$1 25
I 50
I 11(1
I! ."ill
now    $    60
num  TENNIS   BALLS     regular    5»ic.    now    85c.
UM) •• •• " 50c,        " 2.1C.
BOYS'    " " " 860'        "        i;*-'
BOYs' LAOROSSE STICKS  " 75c.      "       oOc.
See Our South Window for Bargains in Hammocks
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off Ice   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Audita al all principal points in'Caniula.
Amenta in Ureal liritain and United Statea -London, Kngliind,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Ex-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seal tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh
-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
durance Snle oi Summer Goods
To make room for Shipment of Fall
Stock all our Summer Coeds must lie
cleared out. Now i.s an opportunity
offered you to buy goods at a great
reduction in prices.
MRS.   A.  Ci.   CRICK
First   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
To Consider the Power Situation
-Action Deferred Until Next
Regular Meeting—TheSewage
Plans Discussed
Special meeting last night.
Present:—Mayor Lindmark, Aida.
l'radolini, Kimberley, Macdonald,
Sawyer and Wella.
A report wan rend by Messrs Smith,
Kerry and Chnce, hydraulic engineers
ol Toronto, reporting the reault ol
their examination of the power plant
and making recommendations for ita
improvement, witli estimates ol costB.
Aid. Macdouald Baid the present dam
was in an unsafe condition and could
not be repaired.
The mayor aaid it wsb their duty to
let the ratepayers know the true
poaition of affairs and place the matter
lully before them. If they decided to
adopt the recommendations of the
engineers, the work could be completed by next spring.
Aid. Sawyer—You are now about up
to your limit of power!
The Mayor—Thia proposal would
give ub 1000 horse power more than
oow. We have at present about 100
borac power which is practically all
Aid. Sawyer—The superintendent
tells me this winter you will not be
able to run both power and light 111
the same time.
Aid. Kimberley—Il ia iu bad shape.
The Mayor—It was a good invei-l
ment wheu it was bought, hut the time
has come when it must he improved
to meet the increased demand. The
matter should be laid lully before the
ratepayers and a public meeting held
at which it should be open to tin
fullest discussion.
The City Clerk eaid that laat hub
year the light and power plant paid
tbe city a net prolit ol $(5,100 alter
paying ail expenses and that with 11
heavy charge for repairs and fuel.
The Mayor eaid il it were not for
the gae plant they would be down aud
out. The gas plant waa now working
The City Clerk Baid the interest and
sinking luud un the amount required
to effect these improvemants would be
$6,100 per year.
The Mayor pointed out all that
interest and sinking fund would be
absolutely saved by the saving in the
cost ol repair rendered necessary to
keep tbe preeent system in running
Aid. Macdonald—Would the tail
race trouble us again'.'
The Mayor—Mr. Smith says that
tbe larger body ol water is not liable
to give trouble with drill ice. This ia
one ol tbe moat important things the
city has to face, for here ie our income
—tbe very means ol running the city
—at stake. Then thia improvement
is neceseary to meet the growing
requirenienta of tbe city and of the
C.P.K., wbo will take power from ub
ae Boon ae we can assure them of a
permanent and reliable service
Aid. Pradolini urged protection
against frost and suggested a tunnel
be ptovided at the o allow to protect
against the weather. He urged doing
permanent work, wbicb wsb the only
way to do away with the trouble they
bad had. it would be better to face
an expenditure of $10,000 a year for
interest and sinking fund and make a
thoroughly permanent job of it while
they were at it.
That progress be reported and the
matter he taken up again at next
Friday's meeting of tbe Council.
Aid. WellB considered they should
let the public know what they proposed before laying the matter before
the public.
Aid. Kimberley urged that provision
ahould he made lor every man being
able to eaat hie vote on money bylaws.
The trainmen were so busy they could
not be in town on a fixed day to record
tlieir votes.
Tbe Mayor said they were bound by
the law regulating polls and could not
depart from it.
The mayor regretted the hy-law
voted on that day for purchase ol the
school grounds had been deieated.
Aid. Wells thought No. 1 Ward
must have vetoed it.
Aid. Kimberley said he bad voted
against it.
Tbe Mayor read a letter to Or. Pagan, Provincial Health Officer, asking
permiaaion to run their sewers direel
intu tbe Columbia river instead ol to
septic tanks. He said a reply had
lieen received from Dr. Fagan giving
temporary permit to run the sewage
into the river provided no person between Hevelstoke and Arrowhead uacd
the river water and that residents nl
Arrowhead offered no objection. Dr.
Sutherland advised him the medical
council were opposed to septic tanks
Dr. Sutherland and P. Cordon on be-
hall of the government, and be on
behttll ol the city, had seen all Unpeople between here and Arrowhead
and found no objection. The government would test the river [rom time to
time to ascertain whether bacteria
would exist below the sewer and to
what extent. The cities ol Chicago,
Detioit, I'ttawa and Montreal all
dumped their sewage iulo the rivers,
and no bacteria were (ound more than
J" miles Irom tbe point ol discharge.
The I'lnin e iu the disposal ol the
sewage wuuld save the city $18,000 in
lhe cost of septic tanks.
On motion of Aid. Macdonald, seconded hy Aid. Kimberley, it was resolved that the council acknowledge
Dr. Fagan's letter and telegram and
express their satisfaction at the manner in which the matter has been
handled by the Board of Health whose
proposals arc quite satisfactory.
The Mayor reported having met the
directors of the Kevelstoke Luud company, who had withdrawn tlieir oppo
sition to the council in regaid to
turning the creekb, suhject to arrangement with certain individuals who, be
found, offered no objection. The city
would have to extend Connauglit ave,,
to give access to a road the Provincial
liiivernineiit would build aoulli of the
The aldermen expressed their satis-
faction at the sett lenient.
Aid. Macdonald invited the mayor
and aldermen to a banquet, to be tendered by No. 1 and Nu. 2 brigades to
the vieiting lire chiefs—Accepted witb
thanks to the tire brigades lor their
The council tben adjourned.
The Delegates Assemble In Revelstoke---The
Banquet Tonight
The annual convention ol the Fire
Brigade Cbiets opens today at Kevelsloke and delegates are arriving. The
arrivals ao tar are : Chief McDougald,
Fernie, Chief Fink, Cranbrook, Cbiel
Davidson, New WeBtminater. Cbiel
l-'uoic of Kevelstoke No. 1 Brigade, ia
extending the courtcaica of the city
to the vieitora, who will be the gueats
or Nus. 1 an.l 2 Fire brigades at a
banquet at the Central Hotel this
Police Court Called Into Requisition-
Will Probably Take Action
Police Magistrate Foster wns called
upon to adjudicate on a queer case on
Monday morning. A C P. K. brake-
man, bulling that the lady ul his love
wished to have no mure lu du with
Inin, took rather a peculiar method of
eudeavoring lo avenge bimsell. He
laid a criminal iiiioiniatii.n against
her late ou Sunday uight, charging
her with stealing a uiamond ring
valued at $200. She v as arrested,
bailed out, and appeared on Monday
morning to answer the charge, W. 1,
Briggs appearing for the defence. Tbe
informant admitted be had given the
woman the ring and the magistrate
very pruperly dismissed the case without culling on the defence.
There are other circumstances connected with this matter in which the
C. P. K. will probably take a band
and that in a way tbat will give general satisfaction to the company's
employee who know the circunieiances
ol the case.
Mineral Deposits There are Practically Untouched says G. C. Taylor
C. C Taylor, of Phoenix, reached
tbe city last evening on his return to
the Boundary from a two weeks' trip
to the Big Bend country, eaya tbe
Nelson Daily News. Mr. Taylor has
made several tups into thai district
during the summer, and says that
while tbe district is yet somewhat
hampered by the lack of transportation
facilities be sees a great future before
"The mineral deposits ot the Big
Bend country," eaya Mr. Taylor to a
representative of The Daily News at
the Hume laat evening, "are still
practically untouched, but there ie
every proapect of a revival of the
activity of the early Bixties taking
place in the very uear future. Theie
is a considerable amount of hydraulic
mining going on there just now, and
everything points to a rapid develop
ment throughout that section of
Mr. Taylor is operating the Montgomery group ol claims on Downie
ereck and the McGregor group on
Lalormc creek, b ita of which he says
are making splendid showings aa the
reault ol development work dune during the summer hy the stall ol men
he has at work. The dinner is a
copper property situated 45 milcB
north ol Kevelstoke, while the latter
ia only 20 miles distant. The ore ol
the McGregor group iB silver lead
" The timber areas ol that country,
continued Mr. Taylor, are unsurpassed
anywhere, and Btretch Ior 50 or (iO
miles to the north ol Kevelstoke. The
timber is all under liconce and some
is being cut. Tlio Ilig Eddy Lumber
Company has several camps through
out that district, the farthest north ol
which is that at the junction 0.'
Downie creek and the Columbia river.
They are taking out 11 good quantity
ol timber wbicli is being brought down
tlie Columbia river to their mill at
Officials are Favorably impressed
With the Projected Railway
from the North-Interviewed
by Mayor Lindmark
On Monday morning Sir Charles
Kivers Wilson, Chairman ol the I_on-
duii Hoard of Directors ol tlio (irand
Trunk Pacilic Kailway Co, President
Hays and V.-l'rea Chamberlain passed
through llevelatoke on tlieir way eaat.
May r Lindmark took advantage of
the cccaeion to interview them regarding the proapects ol building a line
down the Columbia Valley to connect
Keveletokc and other points in the
Columbia Valley and Arrow Lakes
with thn main line of the Grand
Trunk Pacilic Kailway.
The ollicials ol the big company
favorably entertained the siigge-.tion,
aud as soon as their main line ia
sufficiently advanced to allow ol branch
construction lie ng undertaken the
opening ol the valleys ol Canoe and
Columbia Rivera, and connection with
Kevelstoke and the Arrow Lakes, will
be one of the lirst matters to have the
attention ol the company.
Visit of Superintendent Campbeil—Interesting Experiments Made by Department
On Saturday, Mr. It. II. Campbell,
superintendent of the Forestry branch
ol the Department of the Interior,
visited Kevelstoke and wae tlie gueat
ol Mr. K. J. VVataon. Mr. Campbell,
although a young man, ia recognised
aa one ol the ablest olliciala of the
government. Ho has re organised the
Forestry branch and iB determined
tbat the policy ol Forest Conservation
shall take ita proper place in the administration at Ottawa The department has bad ita men out getting
information ae to tho areas ol existing
[uresis, the ctaaaea ol timber, their
condition, age and time required to
mature. The amount of land covered
by forest aud yet suitable lor agriculture is h. ing ascertained and permanent reserves made of the reel of the
timbered lands under control ol the
Dominion. Where land is suitable
for settlement, holders 01 the timber
rights will be required to remove their
timber witli all reasonable speed bo
tbat tb" land may be available to
settlers. Mr. Campbell of course
recognises that the great obstacle to
settlement of forcat lands ia the immense cost ol clearing them for cultivation and the length ol time taken
to do the work.
With other forest lands, care will be
taken to preserve the younger timber
so ae to ensure a never-failing supply,
berth-, being rested eulliciently long
after eacb cut to afford another crop.
The prevention ol lire ia the serious
problem that has to be faced aud
On tbe prairie the department have
beeu making interesting experiments
and find they can reforest a large portion to meet (uiure riquirements.
Eiperiments have been made to ascertain the most successful plan of planting tbe seeds of the future trees and
foresting areas at the lowest cost. Mr.
Campbell considers great success is
attending this branch of the work of
the department.
Conquest of the Albert Peaks by Two local
It. It. Copeland and II. Siegfried
have scored Alpine Club honors by
making the first ascent of the Albert
Peaks, two high mountains on the
Selkirk divide south of Albert Canyon.
Many mountaineers have had an eager
eye on the ascent of these peaks.
Which me sleep iu contour and form a
dillicult clltnb, Messrs. Copeland and
Siegfried were 22 hours without water
in making Ihe ascent.
Amusement Next Week
The Kdison Parlor Theatre will be
open evory night next week—Fail
week—Change ol program on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday. Among the
features will be "The Inauguration ol
President Taft, March 4th," "Tlie
Calgary Indian Pageant Picture," considered a splendid Icature lilm, and
other special pictures to be announced
fall fair Theatrical Attraction
The presentation at lhe opera huiise
liy the Amateur Dramatic Club of the
larcical comedy "Confiiaion," promisee
to he one ol the chief attractions ol
Itevelatiike's second annual fall fair.
Thie comedy was produced at Nelson
laat winter by tho amateurs ol that
city and drew crowded houses two
anccesaive nights. It is one ol tbe
brightest and funniest comedies ever
presented ill this city and juat the
claaB ol entertainment which the public look lor on a holiday. As is customary a dance will take plane at the
close ol the performance, music for
which will la) Iiiriiinhcd by tho Independent band. Tickets will bo on
atile at 0, It. Macdonald's drug and
book store on Saturday. Secure your
scats early lor the only theatrical
attraction ol Fall Fair week.
Friday and Saturday
A lirst-cliiBa program will be put un
next Friday and Saturday ol this
week at the F.iliaon Theatre.
I'Yoidi  green corn,  ripe tomatoes,
cauliflower, celery, ailing beans and
vegetable iiiiiitmW, liid.iy. If you
want the freshest you'll always Hnd il
here.   Qi Ji. Hume 4c Co,
The Groceries carried
in our establishment are,
from everv standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. The'r
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. It will be money
in your pocket to deal here
because you not only get
tlie highest grade oi, goods
but pay the lowest price for
Cams'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys". and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
The Picture tells a Story
Now its a Two Piece Suit Sale,     Just the left-overs
of our own choice stock
Fit Reform Clothing
B. E. WALDER, President | Patd-Up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAJTDKH LAIHD,G«ner»ll_U_i«i[er     Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Xhm ftew Travellers' Cheques recently issued by ihis Bank are a most (nmtmmtit
war kw wbicb to carry money when tra\ riling.   They are t_s.su ed in denominating at
$10,  $20,  $50, $100 and $200
it payable in  Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark, Pr
Germany, Great Hritain. Holland, Italy. Norway, Russia, Sweden
mbj Switzerland „ itatrd on the fare of each cheque, while io other
t__My mrm payable al current ralcv
Tbe etttqae* mad all mfonnaJjon rrfanJinj them may bt obtained al rrtrj
at the Bank.
Mid good OUta, A a careful altt-nt inu
In 'phone  ordart)   aa   personal   lines
Dry-picked Poultry,
Better quality, cleaner sntrnundiiiK*
and lower prices than elsewhere.
Fur all-round goodness yuur 11 ( f
will work hard for vim here.
Sausages and Cooked Ments a
specialty, Bonee crushed I'm your
chickens daily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
What ocfltll y11111 fruit   jai>   for  the
iniliiiii'i- of your preserving.   We will
slid hnve a few uf the  Grown   i.us   in
pints, quarts nml halt gallons iif stock,
One price to all And that the lowest
possible price.   C. ti. Hume & Cu.
I ut l-'iiday and Saliiiilay unly uf
ihis week we will sell toilet soaps al *
Imrgaiii   priee ot   unly  S_0c<   per   box.
Regulai price 80, 86 and fiOc,   Tho way
tn liml uut aiiniit these Is to cone In
ami examine them. 0. II   Hume & Cu. TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flfoaiMbcralb.
interior publishing Gompanj?,
Subscription   Rates
-i.ii. -
I      . Ung ; •-' igi  '    England, United
.    : i uiiadu.
Bj   be year (through postofflce] P-®
H , . " " "        l.iil)
' .. .- 1 IHI
V tarter    '•'"'
J in    RlNTINO promptly exeouted at reason-
ible ir--. .,   ,
1'KKM.-   Cash.   Subscriptions payable In ml
. ,-.■
i-i rtim
Hike un
i. _. ■ - 1 ■ oenl    ,
ScenU pi: line each nubseouonl
-.    .. irementi Sonparlel 118 llnei
SU   ■     md   general Ihi-iiu-- iue
... .....       %-j .   per Inon per month.
Prelerred  positions,   26    per   cent,    ml-
.    nil   Births,  Marriages   uml   Deaths,
..    .-.. i.    i.       nil,
1.,;.,,   notices   ?: ■<    .Ml   advertisement
... ..,.. ,vvni\ ,i..i il,.- management,
....     .   : ' omleii .-i liliertUpiiiimls:
v„, ;i._ i, ,. ■,..,   ii,  :.   a uiiwl, till ual loin,
..,■■.:      -.'.,' I io ml,      11' " In
.    ■„.   .  , l\ li, ed,   III   ivords ur
...     -     . . :.    nldlli Ine   I"   cents,
i ; ingen in «landlng udvortlseineiits must
.   .   ,   m    I icsdas  and  Miln)   dI
„.,  h ivei .. lo ..... good ili-|.l vs.
,   .Kill- -l'i INDKNI I   Invited   on matters pi
. ■. -,.    I ..iiili.Hi..   illott     '"   I'I'
ist i " i '! ■"■ ':■: [: ,"
write!  : ' I  : '■"";•,"'
t__. evldeiim ufi I railh.   i orrospondenoo
should '-■ l'i Ivi.
0.nets :   lMi'i.iii.u. Hank Bl ii.ihm; Ki.vi__.
■TURK,  H. 0,
Money to loan,
'JlHce-i KeveUlOke, 11 i
Uto. i. McCahtkh
tl.  M.   I'INKIIAM
raubrook, II. I'.
J. A.  llAUVKV.
Cranbrook, It. ('
11.1.1AM I. BRIGUS
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor tor:-
Tuk Canadian Bank ok Commbrok,
Thk Molso.n-s Bank, Etc.
i , ulii.Ul SMITH
■'•*' Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
li. CHEllillTON
Piano, Vui al, Tukuky
Certificated  from Trinity   University
and Toronto Conservatory
SlTi -Ni.vi M vn.-lli iiAi.iiOi'i' I'
aU),' S> lin
C.   W.   O    W
|Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Meet,   Second and   fourth   Wednm-days In
each month, in  Belklrk  Hall,
men cordially invited to attend.
JOHN CARLSON. Con. torn.
J   NklNTVllK. Clerk.
Visilin   Wood-
F. O. E.
w.kiIcLaCi HUN.Sbobmabi.
be had at a bargain
Fruit  Land one and a half
miles Irom   Revelstoke, to
partly improved, two miles
from Revelstoke.   Will .sell
live stock and implements.
with   river
laud, partly
cleared and
to the city.
(if    Miii'lMil'ft
I,     Whatever  personal Nelson, Fish  Creek, M&lakwa, and
have been created in the in fact all poiuU tributary to Revelstoke, thus  milking  the Fair the
bip annual holiday of the oity and
imlilic go
past will be buried so fur us we are
concerned, so   Inun  as others treat
u-   in the siiiiu- spirii.     We invite
everybody lo  unite with the Mail-
IIkhai n trom now on in promoting
tho progress   and   development of
Revelstoke   and   the  Burrounding
Kootonay Lodgo, No. 15, A  F. * «. M.
• ..V. The  TORliliir moet
M ^ *""- [nm nre hold in tlio
Oddfellows Hull, nil
the third Monday in
mc'i nmulli Ht b
., ni. ViiiitiuKliretli-
iordlally   wol-
Meet* every Tii'irn-
-lay evonitiK iu Sel-
Ikirk Hall at 8 o'clock
I Vtoltlng breihreu are
cordially Invited t.. alteud.
T. P.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except I.i rd Vi tduesday u
each mnnlli. in .ddlelliw
Hall    »t    o    ici ick.     VlBllln;
Knights ».-- oordlally .uvlted.
SMITH, e. C.
0. H. BROi'W: K   i.f  K. A 3.
J   B. BCOTT, M, of r,
Zbc fl>ail*1beralb
■.'. ing the announcement in
our news columne "f tbe change in
thi mti il I th paper, the M
li . ■.'. ill I.-- in futurecondui ted
■.- tn independent newspapei. h.r.-
. . ;. -,'. the lm uting nl Re el-
stoke ami distrii t, and will make
it a point t'i give the wi lest
publicity to the attraction! of this
section ol British ' olumbia and its
n sour - - At ti"- -inin' time the
Mau.-Herai.ii will be a fearless
critic, and any public mal-ailiniti-
istration nr attempts lo abuse the
public tru?t will meet with denunciation and exposure in tbe column! of thir paper. Tbere ore no
stringr- on the M mi -Hi i: ■ u>, We
can assure everybody, ol whatever
political alliance, of iair, accurate,
and impartial reports of public
meetings in our columns, Oui
derin.- is to pull with every public-
spirited and loyal citizen for the
best interests ol Revelstoke, first,
last, and all tbe time, Every
effort will be made to extend the
utmost courtesy to all wishing to
Use our columns. or Beeking our
support  in any wvypwent fur the
The Board of Trade arc to be
congratulated on the success of
tlieir interview with Mr. McNicoll,
Vice-Presidenl of the C.P.R. Mr.
McNicoll, from bis position as Llie
second highest olliciiil in control of
the C.P.R., is doing great work in
the development of this country.
He is ii man of broad mind, exceptionally keen intelligence, and in
the interview referred to shows his
earnestness to meet the public requirements at- far as possible, and
in n fair and reasonable way.
Revelstoke will,- in the future,
develop great resources, especially
in land, mines, mid timber, which
will afford profitable employment
in a large population, We must
remember that at presenl however
tbis city is mainly dependent on
the railway business, and the cooperation of the city anil railway
company are essential lo progress
and prosperity.
For that reason there should be
a thoroughly good understanding
between tbe head ollicials of the
C.I'.R. and the public bodies and
citizenB of Hevelstoke. The head
ollicials of the C.P.R. arc broad-
minded men. Their very business
makes tbem so. In getting in
touch with them our representative citizens get away from tbe
narrow localisms that too often
pervade the lower ollicial life, ami
make for lugger and better things
for tlieir citv mul district.
we publish in
The item which
another column as to the willingness of llie Grand Trunk I'acilic
Railway Company to build a
branch south from their main line
at Tete Jaime Cache, opening up
the Canoe and Columbia Valleys,
and giving Revelstoke a second
railway, is one of the hest pieces
of news we have bad the pleasure
of publishing Revelstoke people
are heavily interested in the timber
and mineral wealth of the Rig
Bend. The opening of that country by a railway means placing
tbeir valuabln holdings in a position accessible to the world's markets, ll means opening a new hive
of industry in tlie great territory
to the north, now closed for want
of proper transportation. It means
the elevation of this city to the
great railway junction and com
mercial entrepot of the interior of
Rritisli Columbia, with its mercantile warehouses sending their goods
far and wide, the organisation of
manufacturing industries, and of
enterprises which will develop the
latent wealth of the north land.
Truly Revelstoke iB coming to Ub
own—it may be slowly but none
the lesB surely.
Ii lt not sti"i thnt. Sodn Biacuiti mads nnrl parknd and shipped as
Pc'iy'a are, will ho the most satisfying for you to use?
The materials rsert ensure pureBt
lorin of soda-bisouit, sweet beautifully flavored, fresh as from the fuctory.
No factory in Oaniu'n is an new and
complete in equipment as the fuctory
wliore Foley's Sodas uro made. Every
modern device for the making of biscuits   has   been  Installed.
Every Foley Soda IS ALL GOOD
FOOD Nothing Is put into it that Is
not nourishing, and healthful, and easily digested.
The richnef,3 of flavor, tho FRESHNESS of Foley's SoiIbb are not
equalled. When you buy Foley's,
note thn air-proof, dust-proof and
moisture-proof construction of the
box. Then remember also that
these biscuits were made tho day
they were nhlpped and you will
rea,liz«. why Foley's Sodas have swoeter flavor and crisper freshness
than other sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
I.i Foley's Woitorn-
r.mda Bod -s you uot
puroat matormlH, por-
tectly preparnd.
Mado In iho Dost
Equipped Factory In
Canada " A wttmtmrn
Factory," Hnd always
shipped tho same day
mado never from Old
Shipped In specially
prepared tin pails, with
the easily replaced tops
They aro the eutfoot-
cat-flavored, freshest,
crlspost, most satisfying   Soda   Biscuit   sold.
The tourist trallic of Revelstoke
lias been poorly handled this
reason. If this valuable adjunct
of the city's business is to be properly developed arrangements must
be made to have enough horses in
the city to meet requirements of
visitors who wish to take in the
principal scenic re orts. Tbe day-
will come when it steamer will he
run daily on tlie Columbia. When
tbe   road   is completed to   Eight-
making it n poinl of recognised
hospitality, broad-minded ciiizcn-
ship and a healthy national spirit.
Witli llie growth of Revelstoke
the water supply ol the future is a
matter for serious consideration.
There are two sources from which
tlie present supply could be augmented. These arc Eight-Mile
Creek and (ireely Creek. Both are
fed by glaciers, making tbe supply
assured in tlie heat of 'summer,
when it is most required. The city
have a water record on Eight-Mile
Creek and we suggest ihey also get
one on Greely Creek, as we lal.eve,
all things considered, the tatter
will probably prove tbe most foas-
able scheme," the cost of laying pipe
line and flume construction being
much lesB along tlie valley of the
lllecillewaet than along the steep
slope of tbe Columbia Valley. A
head of 300 feet can be got between
the city and Greely Creek.
It would be well if  the Board of Mile Falls, there should be a dailv
Trade   and   City  Council took up stage or taliy-ho at   the   service of
the work  of   representation  to the; tourist.- ior the run out there.
Dominion   Covernment   a-   to tiie
desirability of placing Mt. Revel- The suggestion tbat. in view of
stoke and its beautiful park within tiie valuable assistance given by
the National Park grounds admin- Mr. William Whyte, Second Vice-
hUered by the Federal Government. President of the C.P.R., to the
If this were accomplished the V.M.C.A, and other institutions
nonunion would take in hand the ' - excellent results the
provision     and     maintenance   of   lir'iir ■   ' '   -   -''r--
buildings for tourisU, the preaerva- erallj
tion of the tree.- and I  e    mstruc- ■■■:,■■ omplimentary ban-
tion of   a   carriage between
Revelstoke and the I'ark.     1 hi- is visil - ne that v
a result worth   striving lor by our '•""   ■' '"   • ipproval   There
public   bodies      When  it ia coi lone so n
sidered   that   the  tourist trail,-   -:-.•■ ma  railway pumt
worth as   much   to Switzerland as I t*.    He has tha
twice the value uf the ant ia '    ' ■ " '
crop ol   Canada   the immense ...,- ■ 'II '* ""■ publii.
lortance  "f   tbe   development
" F " Company, K. M, K., will commence winter drill, Thursday, Sept.
3rd, All members will atteud in
aim 28 2t BY ORDER.
Strawberry Plants
From   my  celehrated   Due  d'   Alps
Bbipping   lierry,  thoroughly  acclima-
il exipnsite   Ihvor, Iff)   per   100.
1'Unt thin 'all.    Address:
Thos. Skinner,
Aug  2.) lm Kevelstoke, B. U.
tad   alter .September 1st, 1909,
COAL si i WOOD orders will only be
delivered when   netrlement  has previously been made at lhe ollice.
Ri General Agencies, i.id,
F. MoOabty,
E. W. B. Page*,
ii   N   Coursier
-in b a   profitable   traffic ia i
from   a   railway    business,    and
.. j.  poinl "i rii
nn. iair.
We  urge e\er) i""ly  in   hi
tbe Fair all  the)   possib
exhibits,     Nearly   all   •■• ho
Bower and  vegetable gardens, and
all fanner-. Iiii re   good   exhibit   il
tbey will go to the trouble to end
Ihem   in.      lhe   merchant-   ba
novel und special lines which I be
could show  to   advantage, helping
out the  exhibition   le iture of the
Fair, and obtaining   ;ood id erti
ing frmn their exhibits.  All manu
[acturers cun send   in samples ol
their   uurk   and   industries,   The
i iun cluh -hoot, on the "th and the
ImrM    ram"-   on    the Oth and Ifj|,li
are lining gul up  in BUcb n manner
that attractive programmes will be
presented in each of these features,
People   are   coming    from   Trout
Lake.   Golden,   Upper   Columbia
Valley,   Kamloops,   .Salmon  Arm,
Okanagan points, the Arrow Lakes,
i   the  men   whom  the
,  leligbt io hoi
ipportunity ihn
ig him   ' be  ipprei i
[el    lo
-i '. KNTK   A.N ,M A I,
September, : 22-23-24
time to  time men promi
ne poll I.' i
life  visil
ind   i     ...uii lion
I in meet Ihese men and enter
tiiii them      We know ol no institution   -.I   well   adapted   to    Lhe
purpose   m   i he Canadian   < Inh,
h could forin   it  brunch   iif  lie
Board ol I rade, Tins Club sj r
now extends across Canada from
tbe Atlantic lo the Pacific and h i!
achieved groat results by entertaining leading men in the various
wilks of life, procuring their views
in the form ol popular addresses
anil gmng publicity to them. With
ii central location, few oi ties possess tbe advantages of Revelstoki:
a- a meeting-place lor leading men,
and hern ih an opportunity lor al-
Iracling attention  to our city and
' HF.AP B VI EH "'.   ILL
,t fall to Me the possibilities ul
C * BUSK Pres.      f. I. STMEf, Mgr.
0. C. MORRIS. Secretary
Boi  '. - N.l-i..ii, It c
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Oaah Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
The Winners
Fnr August
Uid you draw a winner ?     Here
are the numbers,
51871 57171 59324 30499
59561 73542 50192 56603
47059  56622
If you did, you are entitled
to a iocj piece Dinner Set. Each
month from the duplicates of the
coupons placed in the sacks of
Royal Standard Flour leaving
our mills, we draw ten numbers.
If you are fortunate enough to
secure one of tliese, you arc entitled to a dinner set free of
charge. There have been many
winners. It may be your turn
now. Watch this paper every
a better Hour—not merely different, but better. It is the best
and purest Hour on tbe market in
Western Canada to-day.
Vancouver Milling &
Grain Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,       -       B.C.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
witli one nf our hands- me parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
diiuuiHli, with frfliin- that are in every
conceivable design, -iei made to wear
inili llnitely. U'e lim- many new and
beautiful parlor sell- iindndd pieces for
beautifying the lunua lhat are taste
lui, t-llictive and ine.pensive, and will
slmw jour mollis in lhe hest advantage.
in C, P, R. contract for facing llevelsloke.station, A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities, By far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and aliout hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
are wlutl  sl penple win I, ami Ihuy
always gel Litem nl P. Hums & I'n.'s
Meat Market, ll is no ti'niilile for ns,
hecansH i\e always have ilu- stock.
The very lines! selected heel', liiinh,
mul Inn, veal, puik and pniiltty, nnd
nnr prices wont hinder mui I'iuiii
l*. Burns «v Co.
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Import direct from country of origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rule,
J\    -A-XilBUilRT     STOHSTIE      JP.Pf.OI3.
Pirst-olass Work   Guaranteed,
M.ni Orders  Promptly  Filled,
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Streel and Robson Ave,
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phon* i'i       OITloe   MoKenzie Ave
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
arc disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford (o use (he besi buy
Robin Hood Flour
Tbe Flour (bat is Different
II you  tin   you  will   find   that   the cost of
ROBIN  HOOD is smallest after all.
'Ibe   bigger  loaf is  one difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
Tlie sweeter flavor is a third dilleiencc.
1 here are other  points   of   difference.     Any
one of them worth lhe extra cost.
Moose  Jaw, Sask. m
A pure, wholesome,
reliable Grape Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder
The cream oi tartar used in Dr. Price's Baking
Powder is in Ihe exact form and composition in
which it occurs in the luscious, healthful grape.
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-
fulness of the food
ffo Alum
/.Jo  lime
Baking f |
v PoWder iff i
f Price's
I     _ Cream
"Watkh Air, luwi."
Attention iti called I o suction 102 of
lhe ' Water Aet. IU0U," which requires
any person lo whom uny power or
authority has heen granted, pursuant
to the "Itivets ami Streams Act," to
sunenilee such iiethniily within one
year nl llie passage of said "Water
Aet," and receive a [Iceuco for same
Chief Commissioner of Ijitnds.
Lands Department,
Victoria, lUtli July, 1909.   \y'S> lin
Itevelscoke Land District.
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney rlumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends to apply fur permission to purchase! the following described landsi
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot 758."), thence
south 41) chains to T.L, 12168, thence
west 20 cliains, to the corner of T.L.
12150, thence south -10 chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
West 40 chains, thence north 40 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore tn point of commencement.
Agent for Barney Pluuiton.
Dated July 26,1809. aug 7
Kevelslnke Land District.
District ul West Koutenay.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission io purchase the
followingdescribed lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the hike shore ill the ninth-east corner
of A. VV. Dickenson's application and
iihoui half a mile from llie north-east
cornel' of Lot TSMio, thenee south 40
ehains, thence east III chains, ihence
north SO chains to lake shore, thence
along lake shore to poinl of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman,
Dated July 26,1909, aug 7
Take nolice thai I intend lo apply to
the   Superintendent    of    Provincial
Police, after thirty days from the date
of lhe lir.-t   publication of  Ihis notice,
l'or a U-ansfernf lhe hnlel licence held
hy me for the Kootenay Hotel at Burton, H.C, to Stephen I'odhielatn lk.
Dated  at  Nelson,  B.C'., Oth of August, num.
William Lovatt,
By his Snliiitor Edward A. Create,
aug 11—sep 11
Kevelslnke Ijinil Distiicl.
District of West Kootenay.
Take mil ite lhal Lafayette Lumh, of
Clinton,  Iowa,  v. s. A,, occupation
MillowniT,   intends   to apply for permission In purohase the following de-
scribed land I
Commencing at a post planted at the
H. U. coiner of Lot 7648, then north 20
ohalns, then east 20 chains, Ihence
south 20 ohalns more or less to lake
shore, thence westerly along lake shore
20 ciiaius mutt-nr less lo point of commencement.
K.   Ml ■liAIIIUI \.\,
Agent, for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 8rd, 1008. jun 28
Kevelstoke Land District,
Dislriot of Wesi. Kootenay,
Take notice that Li A. Dowar, occupation   Housekeeper, Intends to apply
fm' permission tu purchase the following desorlbed lands:
Coitiiiii-ueing al. a pnsl. planled nil the
West side nt tipper Arniiv Lake, about
une and a hall' miles south uf Bannock
Point,   thenee   west 20 ciiaius, Ilieuee
north 20 .bains, thenoe wesi 20 chains,
thenoe north 60 chains in iln-K. .vs.
line, thenoe following ilu- K. A S. line
east 20 Ohalns, SOUth  20 ehains, easl 211
ohalns, south 20 ohalns to lake shore,
Ilieuee following Ihe lake shorn to
point, nf I'lininielii'i'liii'lil.
Agent for Li A. Dewar.
Dated July !»i 1900, aug?
Kevelstoke Land District.
Distriel of Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice that John W. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends tn apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at it pnsl plauted about
live miles north of Downie Creek on
the Columbia Kiver and about fifty
miles ninth of Kevelsloke, Ihence 80
chains south along Columbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence SI) chains
north, thence 20 chuins east lo point uf
John W. Falls.
Dated 17th June, llRW. jiih 30 OOd
Kevelslnke Land Di-liicl.
District nf West. Kootenay.
Take notice thai Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ahout
live miles north of Downie Creek and
ahout fifty miles north of Kevelstoke
on the Columbia Kiver, thence 80
chains north along the Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence 80 cliains
south, thence 20 chains east to point of
RoiiBitT R. Caldwell,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Daled 17th June, 1000. iun 1*1 OOd
The farm of the late Joseph Dolan
situate near Kevelstoke, heing a part
of the N. ES. Quarter Section 211 Tp. '£i
and containing 81 acres mure or less.
Applications for the purchase of above
property are invited and will he
received hy the undersigned up to and
including September 80th, 1909.
Solicitor for Dolan Estate,
Dated al Kevelstoke, 11. 0.,   August
2llh, 1000. liniin
"Public Inquiries Act.''
NOTIOE is hereby given that sittings
of   the    Commission   appointed
under the "Public  Inquiries Act," for
the purpose of making Inquiry into all
matters in connection with the timber
resources of the Province will he held
at the following points on the dates set
opposite each, namely:—
Vancouver—Aug. 28rd, 24th and 25th.
Seattle- -August 20th, 27th and 28th.
Kamloops—-September 7ih.
Vernon—September s and t).
Revelstoke—September in and 11.
Nelson  -September Vi.
Cranbrook- September ll and 15.
Fernie—September 10.
Urand Forks - September 18.
Diving to the members of the Commission having accepted mi Invitation
to attend the meetings nf the First
National Conservation Congress of the
United States, to he held in the Auditorium of the Alaska-Yiikiiii-Faeifie
exposition, Seattle, Washington, on
August 26th, 27th and 2Mth inst., the
meetings on the last day of Un- Commission in Vanoouver, advertised for
tin- 26th, and the meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th aud 28th,
have been cancelled, Arrangements
for the holding of meetings at these
planes will in- announced later. The
meeting at Kamloops will be held on
1 he 7th of September, and not un the
HOlh August, as originally advertised.
Otherwise the Itinerary remains the
Announcement will lie made later if
it should in- decided to he necessary or
advisable   to   hold meetings   at oilier
Lands Deportment
Victoria, ll. ('., 12th August, 1900,
aug —"i-sep 18
Wb will pay JUKI reward Inr the
arrest and conviction of any one who
has defaced or obliterated log murks
on our logs uu the Culuiithia Rivet or
Arrow Lakes. Our registered mark!
are letter "I." and letter "8."
auu ' ' '"' lieu luluki. ti. 0,
Opening up of Pass by Railways Recalls Remarkable Journey by Viscount Milton
From time to time there conies out
ol ihe IVe.'t reports regarding a race
now going on hetween two great rail
way system*, the goal of which is the
Yellowhead Pass. Each, it is eaid, is
straining every nerve to he the first to
1 icate aud build ils line through that
finions passage across the Rocky
Mountains. In that passage there is
ample room and abundant facilities
for both ao that the result of the race
ij not of paramount importance. The
important thing is that here two
transcontinental railway systems propose croBsing the Rocky Mouutains
and striking the Pacilic Cuast at points
far north of the existing British Columbia ports. This means, not only
new railways, hut new areas opened
to development and settlement, says
the Montreal Star.
The Yellowhead Pans iB not now
engaging fur the tirst time the attention of railway builders. Thirty years
ago tlie Canadian government caused
a preliminary survey of the Pass to be
made, the inteution then being 10
build through the fuss the government railway which had been promised
Uritish Columbia upon its entrance
into Confederation. A few years later
the railway project waa turnfd over to
the present Canadian I'acilic company
and the latter having selected Vancouver as its western terminus, naturally looked for a more southerly pats-
ago through the Rocky Mountains-
Kicking Horse I'ass, the one iu use today, was selected, and the Yellowhead
Pa.-s wai left to enjoy a third of a
ce itury more of solitude. But its
solitude lias at length been lirnken
open. The eugineers have come and
taken tlieir levels and driven tin ir
stakes. Close on Iheir heel" will follow the construction gauge. They
will carry the highway ol ateel throu_.li
the niountaiuB and soou these valleys
and gorges will be resounding wiih
the whistle of the locomotive.
It was only to be expected that the
Urand Trunk I'acilic railway would
uBe the Yellowhead Pass. Alter leaving Winnipeg ita line bears steadily to
the north until it reaches Edmonton,
tbe capital oi Alberta, and tbe portal
ol the great hinterland ol the Central
West. The terminus is to be Prince
Rupert, which is about due west of
Edmoutjn, and a slight detour to the
south carries the line through tbe
Yellow-head Pass, wbicb is the natural
gateway to the Pacific Coast from the
Edmonton country. From tbe point
ol railway construction the pass posses,
sea great advantages lor it is lower
than any of itB rivals, its greatest altitude being 3,710 feet ubuve eea level,
and throughout the greater part of ita
c mrae a railway can be constructed
with a gradient uf three-tenthe ul one
per ceut. There is also room in the
I'aSB (or the right of way of more than
one railway line.
The Pass is heavily wooded, and the
shadow of the forest and still deeper
shadow ol mountain gorges hang over
the greater part of its extent. It haB
changed very little since that summer,
lorty-six yeara ago, when two adven-
turouB young English men. Viscount
Milton and Dr. Cheadle, accompanied
by an Indian guide and his wife and a
very eccentric camp-follower, journeyed Irom Edmonton to the Pacific elope
by way of the Yellowhead PaBS.
It wae a remarkable journey, during
which tbe little party, toiling through
dense forests, wallowing in almost impenetrable swamps and crossing ou
ralte turbulent riverB, endured great
Buttering, encountered grave dangers
Their eupply ol food became exhausted
and it wae only by killing aud eating
their miserable uorseB that they were
able to sustain life until an Indian
camp on .the Thompson river was
reached. By a very narrow margin
indeed did they escape a niiaerable
death Irom starvation. The two Englishmen wrote a graphic account ol
their j nirncy ami Irom its fascinating
pages can here and there be gleaned
descriptions oi the Yellowhead PaBB—
especially interesting nuw that the
Pass ie soon to become one ol the
thoroughfares of the Dominion.
fruit fair at Cranbrook
Chaniikook, B. C, Aug. 81.—On
September 14th and 15th Cranbrook
will bold her big race meeting and
agriccltural lair. Large prizes are
being ottered and the people oi the
district are very enthusiastic. All cf
the ranchers and fruit growers of East
Kootenay are working to make a hig
display so as to show what this district can produoc. The horsemen
have interested tho racing people ol
Western Canada and the Northwestern
States and in consequence there will
he a lino showing on the track.
Cranbrook hae a reputation tor making good on any entertainment that
Mie attempts and the people in charge
nf lhe lair tbis year propose to do
battel than wae ever done in this city
Sits at Revelstoke on I Oth inst.   Evidence
The appointment ol the Forestry
Commission furniahee nn opportunity
ior nil who wish to give tlieir views on
the questions of title to timber licenses
and loieat conservation. The commission will ait at Revelatoke on Sept.
10th at 10 a.m. at the court house, and
they will be glad to hear the views ot
all interested in the important problems with which they are called upon
to deal.
The Commissioners are Messrs. A.
C. Fluiiierfelt, Hon. F. J. Fulton,
Minister of Lands, and A. S. Goodeve,
M. P. for Kootenay. As future legislation will be based on their report
any person having information of
value on the subject ahould not hesitate to lay it belore the oommisaion.
Visitors to Victoria Park
Aniong thoee who have visited
Victoria park this summer are:
Mr. and Mrs. Coursier und family.
Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson and family,
Mrs. Procunier and family, Mrs. Fred
Fraaer, Mr. and Mrs. H. Manning,Mrs.
A. N. Smith, Mrs. Beimel, H. Smythe
and family, Mr and Mrs Hyline, Mr
and Mra Statl'ord, Mr and Mrs Bruce
and son, Mrs Bruce aud son, Mr and
Mrt HobbB, Mr Maolntyre and party,
Mr MaeSorley and friend, Misses Edna
Bruce, Blanche McCarty, Libby Bur-
get, Alma Burget, Annie Palmer, Doria
Bennett, Nellie Bain, Allie Bain,
Sheila Dickey, Cassie Fraaer, Clare
FiaBer, Jessie Byrtl, Maude Byrd, M
Donelly, J Blaney, Katie Simmons,
Lotus Valentine, Annie Corson, M
Diniela, M Hall, W MacRury, F Mac-
Kury, B Hobbs, H Hobbs, E Hobbs,
Peail Robinson, Mr and Mrs C R
Ski tie aud family, Meesrs. .1. Maeson,
A ,1 Howe, W I Briggs, A 11 Allen,
J T P Hock, Neil Lee, S Hillier, A R
Hillier, F Kubiuson, Jack Fraser, F
Yuiing, C Procunier, C Fromey, J
Dallas, li. Blackmore, A. Bennison, A
Tapping, F Tapping, (> Hansen, C
Gordon, H Gordon, C It Macdonald,
Bobbie Reid, Charlie Newaome, G
WatsOD, A iienuett, Eddie Hyatt,
MeBsrs. F McCarty, (1 Edwards, D
MoeCsiinell, P Parker, XV Veith, Ellie
Smith, Benny Dickie, Earle Dickey,
Fred McMahon, C Urquliart, F War-
ley, G Shaw, A Lefeaux, F Lefeaux,
XV Lefeaux, Joe Wataon, C Cunningham, F Fraser, XV Macdonald, E
Morgan, C Ureeuhaugh, W Marion, J
Scott, Mrs. R. J Watson, Mrs. J. P-
McLennan, .Misses Gillan, Brown,
Hardy, Haggen, O. aud E. Wateon,
A. B. White.
American Writer Refers to Well-known Slocan
Old Timer
Sidney Noi man, writing in the Los
Angelea Mining Review, Bays: "No
man who haa passed through the boom
days ol tbe Slocan district in British
Columbia can have forgotten E, M.
Stnailands, better known as "Sandy,"
who lirat entered ollicial life as constable near Graham at Kaslo in 1893
and later promoted himself by eaey
Btages to recorder aud juetice ol the
peace at Sandon. He remained until
the last dog was hung iu the latter
camp, high up in the mountains of
the Selkirks, and then at last in
deeperation cloBed his office door,
threw tbe key into the 20 feet of enow
on the street and "hiked" for greener
fields. After a trip to Calgary, where
he lost in an unfortunate real estate
speculation what he had saved in
Sandon, he gravitated towards tlie
Coast and with tie aid of some ol his
old friends iu Nelaon, secured the appointment of government agent at
Jedway, Queen Cuarlotto Islands. So
well haa he discharged Mb duties that
I learn that he is slated for tho position of gold commissioner of tlie
islands and will probably take ollice
before tbe end ol the year. It is
many years since 1 have heard from
him aud a recent letter waB welcome
indeed. It was accompanied hy local
papers and, after Bcanning them over
I found lhat his duties are se multitudinous as they were in tho earlier
days. Many times have I helped him
in hia duties there and once I was
pressed by him into service to tuke a
dead body from the purling waters
ol Seaton creek at Throe Forks. The
Jedway papers contain an account nl
hia iiHiciiit.inn as master ol ceremonies
at a funeral and 1 presume that tie is
Btill father confessor for the ontire
district, just as lie waa lor many yeaiB
in Sandon. ile iH a line fellow, honesi
ns the day is long, and above all, loyal
to his Irionds, and it ie my hope and
the hope of mine thai diimc fortune
will continue to smile upon him in Ids
island home, He will wear his honors
whatever thoy may be, with niodeHty,
just as lie did in those boom days mid
the snow-clod peaks of tbe majestic
folkirkB, whore both he and I enjoyed
our first dreuiiiB ol opulence."
* ^.
K, H. irueiniiii's studio will buopeu
during the Fair,   For ono wuek only.
Tbe Value of Skim Milk as
-Results of a Test
The lollowing bulletin issued by the
New York Experimental Station at
GenevH, N Y , j-ivea some valuable
information in regard tu the use ut a
by-product of many a rancher. These
results will Biirely cut down the milk
ration ot "piggy" at the price to be
obtained for broilers here.
" To learn whether skimmilk could
be freely utilized (or poultry feeding
without ill effect, ninny chicks have
grown to maturity with this only for
drink. None were sickly and the lew
hisses were accidental. Unusually
early und full feathering, especially
among Asiatics, wns attributed to the
free use of the skim milk in tba ration.
" To get information us to the
possibility of feeding it tu chicks ub
profitably ub to ciilves and pigs, t.wu
luts of tbe ohioks wore fed in confinement where all the (ood could be
accounted fnr. Except lor the cloee
confinement they were reared by
ordinary farm methods nnd were
brooded by hens so long us necessary,
" The Bweet skim milk constituted
on the average about three fourths
of the total food. For the whole time
that the feeding trial covered, one
pound increase in live weight was
made fur every 'AA pounils ol dry
matter in tlie food, very slightly less
by one lot and very slightly more hy
the other. Allowing lor the gain in
weight made by the hens while they
were kept by the chickH, the figure
would be reduced to li 2 pounds for
each lot. The result compared very
favorably witb ihe showing made by
other farm animals of lower market
values per pound thnn  poultry.
" Chicks averaging 2 I pounds in
weight at from ten and one-half to
eleven and one-hall weeks nf age were
grown ut acoBt for fond of 5 8 centB
per pound in one instance and of 5.4
cents per pound in the other, a cost
very considerably below the market
value of the poultry. While the foods
and products have fluctuated considerably in price since then there has
been no occasion to modify thu conclusion then made, thai some ol the
akim milk of the farm could be profitably tiaed lor growing chicks."
Canadian Art Souvenir
Mre. Arthur Spragge iB well known
in the mountains by her long residence in B. 0., her annual visits to
Golden, as we'd as by her efforts to
advance the iutereBts ot the province
by brush and pen.
This summer she hua a new enterprise in hand, wl ich she has undertaken owing to the success her Canadian mountain calendars met with
laBt Xmas. Ol these upwards of 100
ol tlie 150 she could puint were Bold
in Toronto alone, dozens being sent to
England as 11 new attractive [nature
0! the season's greetings.
She has now brought out a Canadian
Art Souvenir in the form ol larger
sketches Inch upright and oblong in
frames designed by her, bearing the
national emblems ol the Beaver and
Maple Leal in a charming decorative
and appropriate dcBigu.
Mra. Spragge sold all those she hud
io Toronto belore she left and had
orders for more; sho lias distributed
many among the C.P.K. mountain
hotels. Mr. Buckham has two on
view and several more will go to Vaucouver and Victoria.
The Toronto Globe of July lird
produced one sketch "In the Heart of
the Selkirks" in its Saturday illustrated supplement, and another in the
Daily Globe ol June 23rd, "Sconea in
ihe Mountains." The pictures on
view at Win. Tyrell it Co.'s art rooms,
ll, King Street, East, have heen added
to by the brush of Mrs. Spragge, while
at 17 Wilcnck's street. They are a
Canadian art aoiivenir aeries and at-
Iriiclud considerable attention. The
Beetles consisted uf 11 pictures depicting ihe Rooky and Selkirk mountain)
and beauty spots ol li. C. They are
striking   examples   nf    artistic   skill,
design und coloring.—Golden Star.
will eiiine hack lo ymi if you spend il
at home, 11 is guile for ever If ynu
send il In Ilu- Mail Order House. A
glance through our advertising columns Will give you an idea where il
will buy Ilu- inosl.
V>'inv • mwIuo- CkiiriuM
Qu ^wavi,oiM.ttiwi
^ |tH«4//vn^Htj_to • CU
N\Utr b<UA. Ley <ysut pav*
hi4 %MU tj&u,
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
CZ\c. per acre cash
and CZ\c. once each
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these J3ASY
TERMS from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
Assistant to 2nd Vice President
llu\ 1317, • Calgary, Alberta
Please send mc all facts petaining
to your lands in II. ('.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from tlie Best European
and Japan Growers.
Hi une grown fruit und ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the unly part f
the American CODtineut DOl infested wilh the  San   Jose   smile—
Garden, Kield nnd Flower seedi
Tested stick in.in tin- best growers in the w. rid — Wiie fencing
and (lutes—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Suppl bi. Cut Blowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
lalmr only.—-New 167 page I'nta-
lugue tree.
M.   .}.   HENRY,
Greenhouses und Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road.
VANCOUVER,   It. ('.
Branch Nursery      •      South Vancouver
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avenue
Fruit. Candies, Cigar-,Tobacco.
Meals 'An cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
M«iinfHctnr*<l fur nil oluMI nf   bntldlOffl
foi   m\9 in Inrtfo or -mull qna&tUUl
ni th* Lowtft prtow f<>r  ■" ii
All klndi of bolIdinB nod j>lsitorlug
Our new Pall Goods are
coining to hand and being
put into Stock as quickly as
Ladies' and Misses New
Skirts, in all the new cloths
and leading colorings for the
coming fall styles,
New  Hats,   Ties,  Under
clothing,  etc.,   for this fall's
New French Flannel Shirts
with detachable collars of the
same material, just what you
want if you are taking a trip,
soft and comfortable to wear.
Mountain Supply Conpany. Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we are
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    M ust clear our stock to make room for new goods
W. M Lawrence left for ft ss-
land Friday morning to attend a
Masonic meetiug, and returned Monday, when be left for Armstrong to
attend tliePresl yd ry meeting,
Mesdairen II. I. Watson, .1 t'. McLennan. Mis»ns Olive and Blizabetb
Watson, iiei'iiinpiei'd by Mr Uordnn
Watson, made the ascent ol Mount
Hevelstoke yesterday
W. A. Funic returned Monday Irom
Vaucouver, where he closed ihe sale
of his Styiiiour street  property at  an
advance nl if'-'oilll   over what, lie paid
(or it and made another investment.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Kincaid nnd
children lell yesterday fur Port Elgin,
ii,,t. Mi Kincaid will return in 11
mouth, lilt Mrs. Kincaid and the
•liildren will remain iill beginning ol
N nve 111 he 1.
10C11 AND
The greatest nl this year's (all fair
attractions—"Contusion,"  Sept. 10th.
On Monday two typhoid fever cases
were hronght to the lluspitul frum
F. li. Wells's sto-e was broken into
on Monday night and several small
articles stolen.
The Independent Hand will play
on Thursday evening at their stand
..ii McKenzie avenue.
People with weak hearts Bhould nut
attend "Confusion" at the opera house
on Friday, Sept. luth.
On Sunday night W. W. Baer will
give a lecture at the Opera Hnuse
entitled " Tne Desire ol All Nations."
Admissiou tree.
Trout fishing is unusually good ibis
season. F. Griffith got a liue basket
at Taft and li. B. Atkins had » successful day at Greely I'reek.
The meinbeis ol the BisebaP club
with their Irietuls chartered the s s.
Revelstoke lor a trip to Comaplix on
.Suuday, and had au enjoyable time.
At Knox Church on Monday a joint
meeting was held ul the W.C.T.U. and
Local Optiun Leagues, aud business
transacted ol mutual interest to both
An automobile owned by F. Billings
ol Vernon, ran down Mr. and Mrs.
Hellish, near Armstrong. The latter
was picked up in an uoconsoious
We regret to have to chronicle the
death uf Mis. Moore, ol the C.P.K.
Hiitel at .Sicamous. Mrs Moore was
oneol the best known hotel hostesses
in British Columbia.
We are informed the report supplied
to us concerning bush tires on Pingston Creek is incurred, there having
been uu tires 111 that Bection ol the
Arrow Lakes this seaBon.
Ou Saturday night J, XV. Garvin, a
young switchman, had the ankles ol
I- th legs dislocated by the switch
engine, on which he was travelling
leaving tbe rails in the Kevelstoke
L. M. Hagar has put up lor the
publicity building exhibit a fine
sample of RevelBtoke grown apples of
the Yellow Transparent variety. The
apples were frum trees Irom O.W.
Bells orchard uu Third street.
M. Grady is arranging to relay the
pipe line between the bot spring and
the hotel at St. Leon, su that by
another Kaao 11 guests at St. Leon will
have the hot mineral waters fur which
!jt. Leoti is lamoui laid un at the
hotel l*the b« formerly,
J. Travcrs ■•. Co, intend to estal .:-i.
m new laundry in the city. I Ic prop
erty lur the ne-* industry lm- a! read j
been acquired mul tin- Iiui.ling will be
under contract within « week, several
prominent oitlteni are ->t tbe back
the enterprise,
1 Bain the •.'; .1 ■ laj- olaim
I   railing  the 1 bampion  potato crop
.1, the e.i;. Hi :. 11 i.ik. 1. 1 1 ickel I
[sitatui 1 from a tingle hill I in- vege-
tat,.- 1 n 1 ■ . . n.i' n an •
round a n mark il 1 11 • -- and have
I.e. I. .i nil .1 ; .-•. 11 watering,
At thi  up'   1 -       " ling ni   the   1 itj
Ceo noi I last night U Green wait. ••. n
tbe C in.' i.    ii  behall ol  tbe   Labor
Day sp. it- 1' inu,,'tei t mk rn,me
Improvement!    to    tlie    Keen ui 11
grnuinl lur Mi.inlay next and u cum-
mittee was appointed t. villi Ilu-
groundi «ith power t" set.
arc now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders witli us at once
and we   will  guarantee   delivery, otherwise   von are
i]iiile liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  mir ul   tin'   must   important  items
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
A filled Ii.u.In..ml punch Imx
11 iih 1 ul-1 combination given
free  I" every   pui'dianci  uf
■ t i 1 k  al
Bews' Drug Store
\ iin  - un 1, ui
Public   and   High    School
Books on Hand
Don 1   forget   'he 1	
Bews' Drug&Stationery Store
Don't fail to h«o the "Confusion '
between the baby and the pet dog, al
the opera bouse, Friday, Sept. 10th.
G.W. bell has purchased the gro-
eery business carried on by Woolsey
ik Le Feaux, Limited, and takes it
uver ou Sept. 15th. Mr. Hell has
already let to D. McCarthy a contract lor lhe erectiun uf a warehouse
at the rear ol the present store
The bylaw for the purchase of
Block 5^ (rom the Kevelslnke ileal ty
Company for school purposes was
defeated at the pull yesterday. Ninety seven votes were recorded 111 favor
ul the bylaw aud 1)1 against it 16
mure vutes -vere required to provide
the necessary majority to carry the
i'i: Saturday afternoon lire broke
out in tbe dining room of the Hotel
Revelttoke Cbe lire originated in a
basket of napkins and spread to the
south wall. Willing hands were soon
at work and extinguished the fire
winch was supposed to have originated
! (rum a oigsrette imit thrown int.
I basket,
Kill 1     ....    . 1-    • 1
visil   to   Band    Laggan   and   r
ind mn 11- in- tiat never   wen  -uch a
.ruts 111 the 111. .1.
1-    Ilu-   jear      At    Lake    Louill
1  1 1   ii i>    lai ge ai il is was an -
icoommi date  the  1 wb
ind had to turn people away,     1
iccommodal Ion   11     Banfl     II     i.ii. . sisary ti  wire al e id
V not he     tl I mei   in   1 In pern
j  M 1 unu   pasied   iwaj   al   Beati
yeitt uii. and in mi im were ieni
i.y tin 11.  1 rain   ti daj
llielll   Hi      It. '.. .-I    III Ml      ' ITI 'li     * I -
"7 yean ol age and Ims been 1 rendenl
ol this district for about 20 yean II-
wi- in Englishman by birth     He bad
sun  active    military   service,   having
been » lieutenant ol tbe leoond Surrey
Regiment ... the Indian Mutiny, and
a men 1 mrade "I ' Ien u byte "I
Ladysmith      lame.       Mr       Green
Wai      f  1      a     number    of      yes™    ,i
resilient iii India, He leaves two nonn
and a daughter. One "I the mm is
l»r. 1 In en. who is practising In 1 in
don, I'.ng , and took pari in the liuur
war. The other is now secretary to
the Irish Land Commission
Vou'll laugh for a whole WOI k iit.
"Confusion " open   bouse, Hept   10th
Opera House   Sunday Night
An address by Waller VV, Baer
Topio—"The Desire ol All Nation!."
Devotion! begin promptly at 8 unlock.
Sit when; you please. Three hymns
"Hock ol   Ages,"   "I inward   Christian
Soldiers'   anil "God Save the King.''
Menu,rise tllO verses iih Inure will be
nu hymn bunks. No nilmlsniuii Ice.
UiH-ruig only,
Mrs. I). M Use and family returned
from a visit to Goldea on Saturday.
Kev. .1 K. Robertson left for the
; Coast on Tuesday and will be absent
i (or a month.
G, S. McCarter left for Banff on
Saturday and will return to-day accompanied  by  Mrs.   McCarter.
F. W.  I_aing  attended   tbe J'resby.
tery meeting at Armstrong   eiterdiy
ias a delegate from  Knox church.
Mr.and Mr-. W. A.  Morris returned
Saturday   from   sn enjoyable holiday
trip t.  St. Leon.
Missel   iir wo   Gillam and  Hardy
mad-' 1  e tri| t   ihe - immit ol Mount
!l   kl  ind hack in the day.
Mist   Hal     ret      - Saturday
I'oro n 1     vhere sbi    it
- ■ " ipeod ng ber     1 g vacation.
M r»   Wm    Lawn
■       - where sin- accompanied
Mr Lawrenci isit,
R,    R     I libbi ns     manager   ol     the
;. ■   .        in   vi.ll   ill
thecity Saturday returningto-morn a
M     1- Meredith,   Pn ildenl
the ' uiiiini.-  Lumber < li mpenj   . 1 I
ras in I a 8 iturdaj
1 trip tu l-.n « Ih nil
.   ii ...1    I Tall
,.i*y morning ta meet   Mr-
it ■ 1 -     '.in...
: •    in Spokane,
M    ■      1       I!    I'- -    ...
1'ali   ni'     1   -l.e 1-  (,
■  ■ 1 1
Hallow - "ui..ni 1 here
'    1'        nrnman    1   1	
I mui ■ 1- ing   1  1.    di
11 i.nrsp ..f which   ne  will  villi ii,..
1   nnl  1    i      nitlon it Seattle
l.nnl Stratbcnni Canada - grand
..id man.  passed  through  Revelt
un Sunday un bin *ny •,, 1 n,. 1 ■. ,,„.
He oooupled ihe private car Karn-
.•I nl-
Mi-. iv l'i.i/.r unl her
iio'k returned this morning Imiu
thn Sinn !"■ Fair laok returns nexl
iverk tu the Gnelph tgrlonllural
Mrs.   Hnlton   returned    frum    thi
Coast     Monday    morning,     mul    hois
annompanied     by    Mrs.   mul    Miss
Temple, and   Miss  Helena, who will
be her guests.
rhe Missel I'ngnl, hud a very enjoy
able, sewing party nu Mniidny nliii
imun    in   honor   ol   Iheir   guest    Milt
I'uild, nl  Calgary,   who  left lm   hoi
b n tli Ih morning alter a very pleas
ant.   lew   weeks   spent   amongst,   the
A. AldtiU   aud
this   morning   ii
ing  among   the
Selkirks.    Tl
11    L    Hnggen   lell.
dn   hiiiui     climb
high    peaks   nf   I be
latter bus resigned his
position wilh the Dominion survey
and on Ids return leaves lor Hip eaat to
enter on his university course.
Mrs Uuhl. (lord.in received lhe sad
news ol his sister's deaih oo Sunday
afternoon. Mrs. Gordon had on'y
recently visited the deceased lady
in Seattle and lutt her in lhe best ol
health. lt is especially sad as a
husband and baby girl are left to
mourn ber untimely end.
Mra. Sibbald entertlined at, llie tea
hour yesterday in honor ol Miss Hunter, the eiiest ul Mrs. McCleneghan,
uid Miss Dodd, who iB lhe guest of
ihe Mies's i'aget. Much merriment
was created in the endeavor ot those
present to interpret the signs and
symbols worn liy each guest to illus-
ratc the title of  a book.      The prizes
Change in Directorate - Meeting of Shareholders at an Early Date
Messrs. G. 8. McCarter and A Mcltae, having resigned the directorate of
the Interior Publishing Company,
Limited, proprietors ut Hie Mam,
Hi itAin, Messrs. C, P. Lindmark and
13, A. Haggen have been elected direct-
urs iu Iheir places, and at a meeting
nf the new buard the lollowing ollicerB
were elected:—
President, 0. F Lindmark.
Vice-President, K. A. Haggen.
Secretary, A. Johnson,
A. Johnson retains the position
formerly held by him an managing-
director and E. A. Haggen litis been
appointed editor, A general meeting
of shareholders will ho called nt an
early dale.
The Fair
C. li. Macdonald, Secretary lo lhe
Fair, informs ub there iB an attractive
demand tor catalogues of the Fair and
1I1.11 great interest appears 1.1 bojtaken
in it.
The (iun Club have got out the
program ol tlieir shool un the llr.-t duy
nf llie Fair, Sept. 8th, and their list ol
events should attract keen competi
The Fair management wish to
announce sonic apecial prizes which
were received too late lor publication
in lhe prize list, viz :
$5 cash lor beHt loaf of bread baked
Irom Purity Flour.
if 11 cash for best loaf ol bread baked
from any Hour.
These prizes are donated by the
Purity   Flour   dmpany,  through A
Our first shipment of Faucy Blouses for afternoon
and evening wear is just to hand. We are always
known to have the newest and prettiest styles, but we
have never shown any so pretty and distinctive as
these, They are exclusive designs from one of the
best makers, in white, cream, ecru and black. Let
us show them to you.
Norfolk Coats
The newest effects in Knit Goods, just what you
require for tliese chilly afternoons and evenings. They
are ot the best quality and at prices which arc more
than reasonable, and sure to please one and all.
McLennan & Co,
were won by Miss Paget and Mrs. Mc-i i|,,(,s n. the local ageut
Further  Improvements Proposed,—A Foil
Report to Se Submitted to Council
The City Council have bad uuder
consideration for Borne time tlie improvement of the hydraulic equipment
belonging to the city so aB lo seBiire
tor all time and under all circumstances a reliable supply ol electric
power both for the lighting ol the
city and lor industrial purposes, Laat,
year tlie Council adopted lhe policy ol
a generous lighting system lor the
city. A well lighted lown ia one of
the best advertisements that 11.111 be
obtained A large su.n has been spent
front time to time ou the power pla.,l
and equipment, Including a gas producer plant, which was expected tn
eliminate the uncertainties nf the
extremes of winter and the Hoods ol
summer. A former council committed
the city lo his gas producer plum
liter an exhaustive enquiry aud re
port by Mr. R, Guidon, who waa in
charge of the city power plant, and who
visited the power plants of Eastern
Canada. This gas producer plant h.s
not, however, been a success. Willi a
view to getting the best engineering
advice in Canada, tlie City Council
very properly arrangid with the lirni
f Smith, Kerry and Chace, tbe
j leading hydraulic engineers, to ex-
1 amine and reporfon lhe plant and
equipment With tbis view Mr.
fner the firm's British Columbia
representative, made the necessary
lUrveys and last week Mr. Smith.
■   lirm, stopped over   on bis
' ast and made a lull
exatiiiii 1
I:-  reiull   1-   satisfactory   in   some
ways  bt I it means  the city will have
ther expense to carry out
advice, Mr Smith was
very favorably impressed with the site
of the dam  and   puwer  bouse,   nud 111
iver ine difficulties caused
in ■.-. uilii     mul    t.o   ulitain
' isd supply "i power the engi
pmliahly   recommend tbs
., ol a much larger dam
itioi   »hi< ill uv of
1 feel     1 hs dam will catch
■ ' un the fr.i/il ice  while Ihe
,.    •        .I- .       1    a   ' • ii-uil
powi 1   11    'hi   -.'"■■
watt       md   •..■ 1 .1,11 •
,,   In   1 bs   powei   gi nei
.     •     -I.    ii.-   iiiat    by
. ■ i uu pi in- th    oin have
ipply ol pi  I jilting
,1 purpi •' -        thi   1 '   1
. t||i  • pt   bable
.   : develnpmi nl    '   < hi   cil y
.    |vi     tbi     llillloillly   alisn-
.  .1,1   mpp ,    i   power   Inr
,   :    1 h< |," it  the railway oom
1  1 ben  '!'!•' nd    w   the miy
(or po* -. and it could !»■ fm nished mi
■ ,,,i,,,i,,,..,:    basin    1 ihi-.   in
...   C.p.R   .- nn 'ti hut- to an
.-...,'    . 1 1,.i,   would   luiiku   nu-   im
pi ml, ill,   ntiee   Utl     ' I ' IIH 'I   sue,
■ eroially     The power wim li
wuu id be developed nn I hs plant pro-
 I    ' /    Messrs    Smith, Kerry  ai.d
Chnei would amount to 1200 kilowattt,
A full report will be submitted by the
hnu .it n rly meel ing   III   the   Cily
A.J. MeDonell has received advices
frum Dr. Ed. McAhee that he is
bringing Iwo horaea Irom Vancouver
for the race meet.
Mr. Johnson, ol the Pout Ollice
Department, and who is one of the best
shots in Canada, will take 11 baud in
the Gun Cluh shoot.
Ed White, who shoota lor the Du-
pout people, will attend the Gun Club
City Water
Until further notice no more water
•an lie used I'm lawn Bpi'tnklinR,
City Ulerk
Sept.  Ist, 1908.
I lure will Iiii 1111 "Contusion ' at the
dance liter "Condition" at the opera
b'liHi' un I riday, Sept. Illl.li.
. bune and »'' "in iiii \uu
ivbiii wit havo that's new. Something
lining evniy duy and ymi ean  be  une
lo |_p-l  uliil   ynu ni'diT.     Ui II.   llunie
and Co.
Notice Is hereby given thai an appli
cation will be made under Part V. o
the "Water Aot, 1000," to obtain a
licence  In  the Division  of
Revelstoke District.
nu The uiiiue, address and occupation uf lhe applicant Hugh l<:. It
Smythe. Rancher, Kevelstoke.
iif for mining purposes) Froo Miner's
Cei'tilleale No	
ibl    The name nf lite lake, stream ol
source (If unnamed the description Is)
A small stream   lining mi the N. E.
.   Section  8,  and  running In small
IM imp un ,\.  \X.  ',  Seel inn .'I.
(1 1   Tin   point   uf division   When
1 .i-i drain - Into swamp,
oh   The quantity  nf  water applied
Ini  'ill ■ ul.11   feel   per -eenlull     I. |
nu    Tl Ii.iruli'i   of   lhe proposed
-..ii |.,i iini'ii toil purposes un dry
tin. ii 1.uO
ti   I be plenties mi w hlch the water
■  11.ed    il.  1 uin   Humo)   lleiiih
. i.I    ilnplng    lu   ivi-hI ul   nu use with'
Igl   Tin    (uu po '      im    which   lhe
w.iiei   1 -   lu   1 .id   li ligation und
.1  1 li
till     It     lui      11 1 u'.il 11111    ile-.i'l'ilie   the
land intended in he irrigated, giving
acreage   Irrigating   86  aoros   iionny
and <ii v I'lii. li land on Baal bull' uf N.
W     Sei 1  I, Tuwn hlnlH, Range 2,
u '  iu 'in eh.in. ' uiiipi islng Wi.
(I)    II    I lu-    wulei    i-,   Iii iie used I'm
pulV'l     ni     milling    pill I I    deselilip
tlie    pi      " lll'le     li"'     wulei    is lu III'
ni ui n'.'l lu nm.- natural nlinnnol, and
ilu- id Hi-, i-i,,.- iu altitude between
poinl ui 'imi iun md point ul return,
i|i An 1 oi 1 loivii land inii'iiileil in
1 upieii by ilu- proposed works.
Ikl     'I Ills    notice    Was    posted   nn lhe
Hub ilai oi Wigust, IIKKJ I applied
Hon noi in- in.ule tu the Commissioner
nil the  IIHIl dill   ul   Hepl     11*11
ill (live i|u- names uud addresses of
any riparian proprietors or llconsnes
whu nr Whose lands an- likely to be
atlecteil hy tho proposed wni'kH, either
iibuve or below t III' nutlet.     Nunc.
(Signature)   II. K. It  SMYTHE,
sepl      (P.O. Address)   Kevelsloke,
WANTEh   (nil   lm    house   work.
1 On ill   home   and   goud wages.
iiuly ilnee iu family.   Apply nlUceof
iMml-IIhuaiji, Rtvt.itol__.it   sup 131
_______ mMMAmMAMmmmmm*MMMMmmmmMmMmMMtM\ttAMMAMMM\\mmmmMMMAMMMm
I You Don't Have To
~ Go outside of Revelstoke to make
E your  Real   Estate   Investments.
E The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
E have the best bargains in the City.
E Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard E;lour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Annual   Fair
Wednesday,  Thursday and  Friday-—Sept. 8, 9, 10
Live Stock, Poultry,   bruit.   Vegetables and 1'ariii Products.    Hxhlblla
iin- unlimited.
$2,000.00 in Prizes  also Trophies
HORSE RACES ON 9th Cb\ 10th.
The Best Race Track in B. C.    $1000.00 in Purses,
being arranged.
Reduced Rates on C. V. H. from all points.      Come and see
the Best Show ever held in the Kootenays.
Kor Prize List, Kntry Forms and further particulars apply to
C. R. MACDONALD, Secretary, Revelstoke, B.C.
IosT   Ou s.ii iiiiiuy iiu-iii..i Ladies'
j   Oiild \\ ilrb,   fhiiuliiiK  eiiNi'i.    A
reward will hn i i in ihe 11 ■ ■< t. i un
leaving ll al lhe Maii.IIi u m.u uillee,
rjlIVB ROOM 1101 si; located nn 0,
I'    r. It. groundi near station, with
'JH year lease iiii gioiiiid.    Tinu limine ll
in good  rcpiiii with line garden and
ilinl    lieen,       Will    .11   nl.   It bill'gilin if
mild ill  lllll e.       Apply    fill' lllll her pur
lieulitiM iii K, .1. Ifmuiie, Plrsi street,
■ vININII   KOilM  (.IKL   winded  up-
I )    ply ul Hie Oriental II I.
VMIL.M. MAN ilosirnswork in hnlel,
]      -lore or ivnrnllotimi in spare I line
Apply Mmi. lllCll.M.li nlflrp,
l.ll lit HA I.K    An I'Mi-un I'I umpVi
II tune   #:IMII,      Applv   ul    .Mill..
III li M.l. (llll.r.
WANTKH    Aboul Sept. b,t. a lli-Ht-
cIii-h   hiutiuneiy i-iiunii-or   ami
ileum lliti-i' wiih second nasi papfts.
Ilonli Li'Miiiiu Cu., ThIi, B.O.
i.ioit BALH   Aiiii'im-y RaiiRu, site
I"    i',  nix   holes, in aiiod condltloni
ll I     I'l'U I     excellent     I'llllllil illll.
Applv io K. N. linvi.i:.
ANTED   Millinery Hpprunlluoby
Anglo-American Firo Insurance
lll'.vn iil'l'lcin 01.88 Adelaide Nl. cast
lor hal* year ending80th .lune, Iuih
Jly Qroil  I'li'in-
hiiins    liii'inne
Jan. 80th   -    %2\:<, HUH III
i .!■..-- rebate and
return premium   -m nil uu   •
.HIM! llll 211
Lessrolnsuranoo   68 hihi luijdai ;,i»:i hi
By Interest it 808 po
9188 hut 71
Tonal InsieipaldfOil I7u 17
To lift lllMHl-H    llll
der adjustment 11 hud ti
Qov, fct-H,  taxi-H,
and    all   oilier
charges 17 -ill 08
Balance Or. prniii
mul Iiihb    -        II il_iH 86
II. II. Hii K.
(■•■ii. Man.
9188 :<1I7 71


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