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The Mail Herald Jun 2, 1909

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 '• Empire " Typewriter
|.'.e i■■.-■!• ill operation nnd perfcotioi
iu  .  -i.ii--  produced, this   nuic.hini
IS  II   .Ml.',.    Hill |'| ie.'    $111) IK)   (',•! :n_._- „      •      ,      ,.,
Provincial Library
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Afiei	
Vol. 15.   No 36
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
Storos at Arrowteea i and Revelstoke.
I [ere is something for
real comfort for llie foot
in Imi weather. We
i' are selling them nt n
price th.it anyone cm afford i" have an extra pair ul
shut's and Li' kind tn their feel in lhe hut weather.
Men's Grey Colored Canvas Shoes
reinforced wilh  Ian Leather, in low cul, a good,  dressy,
clean-looking shoe with two-strap fastener.
1 he\'are a n".iilar $j.js shoe.    Special at
Men's Grey  Canvas   Boots   Reinforced
with  ran leather, laced bals.   not  laced ton   high,   solid
leather soles, heels  and  counters—a  shoe tlmt cannot
'he duplicated lor less than   I12.50 per pair.
Special .11	
Men's Fancy Hose, Light   and   Cool
Inr the Hot weather.    Just the thing to wear with   ()x-
fords and low shoes, in line lisle thread, plain or fancy
plaids,    All colors  and  sizes,    You can   buy
them here at per pair	
Cool Negligee Shirts with our attachable
collar thai you can turn insiil.: and wear a separate collar,
in neat fancy stripes, good (£ -| OC ift (bQ \Zf\
wash goods at M> I .^0  10 $£.OU
C.B. HUME  ^ CO.,  I.ivriTFD
Stores at Rovelstoke and Arrowhead. I
This is the season of lho year Hint the guud housekeeper wants to brighten up the borne, Kulsomlne sume
rooms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the doors, Varnish
Stain some pieces ol the furniture, Enamel the beds or the
bulb-, Regild the picture frames, We ure best utile tu
supply nil these wunls, ive cater for the trade, und we
carry ihe goods that give tbe satisfaction.
Agate wall llnisb, Alabastine, Whiting, House puint,
Flour paint, all leudy lur lhe brush. Aspinull's Kunincls,
li. A, I'. I'ui.un. Is for bath or woodwork. Baplac Varnish
si.iiiis. I run Ite Varnish Bliiins, Lacqueret iu all colors,
Berry Bros, buns,- varnishes, Liquid Oranite for flloors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture, Hours, boats or carriages,
all for all inside wurk.
Painters Supplies in all lines nud 111 prices that cannot
be beat, give us a Chance to quote ynu, we can save you
money, Leave yuur urders fur wurk witb us und we will
send ymi n inun and guarantee thut he will give yuu the
lie-l uf guilds.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Bronchi or Agents ut nil prlncipiil not nis in Oanada,
Agents In Oreul Britain and United Huiles London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago Pint Natlonul Bank, Corn Ex-
change National liank. Seattle Seat tie National Bank, BanFran-
eisen Wells Fargo Nevada National Hunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Hunk.
Savings Bank Department
Hepusits nf Ql and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date iif deposit,   Correspondence solicited,
Revelstoke Branch-A.B.McCleneghan, Mgr.
Per   Cent.   Discount  for   Cash
MRS.   A .   (i .   CRICK
First   Stroot       -      .Opposite    Windsor   Hotel
Calgary Buyers Will Take All
Local Gardeners Can Produce Quality Makes Market
for Goods.
Advertisi ig is 11 vain ible medium nf
communication between the people
who ought tu know each other, but. a
mure important thing is to be able tu
deliver the guuds In the mutter uf
strawberries Revelstoke would appear
tn be iu 11 position in make pood  for
1111 nrilpi' wus received to-day fur 1000
cnsi's nl si rawbel rios us well ns n similar
order from Edmonton, This being
somewhat in advance nl the business
ol the season is uu indication thnt the
quality uf the fruit grown in the district is of more tbiin ordinary value,
The order for the supply ol the
thousand casei came from Calgary
nnd the price offered .'or the local
production tells the tale.
Great credit should be given to the
members of the Kevelslnke Board ol
Trade fur their exhibit of strawberry
and uther fruits at the Oalgary Fair
last Pall for there is no duubt that the
excellence of that display hud much
to do with the urder sent In from the
prairie capital.
In the letter sent nnd containing
the urder lor the fruit, intimation is
nmde that there is a luc.il market in
Oalgary tor all the fruit thut the district cun produce. There ..ill be no
surprise ut such un intimation because the imttiral market fur horticultural products uf Hritinh Oolumbia
is iu tbe prairie seotions ninl there ii u
widespread feeling that as fur as
possible. Incal products should iurce out
With its many other surrounding
resources nnd industries tlie city of
Revelstoke enn make for itself a name
that it will tnke its pluce with any of
the horticultural districts ul the
Sir Wilfrid Yields to Wishes of
Followers and Will Hold
Position He Will Retire in
Ottawa, June -.—Although he bus
a lunging desire tu withdraw from tbo
Held nt political activity lor over, Sir
Wilfrid l.aurier is Baid In huve acceded tn the wishes nl ilu Liberal party
and will remain us their lender until
the next general election in 11)12.
There is uu secret about the premier's eagerness in retire from political life, ns not long ago, it was declared today, he tuld lhe cuhinet
ministers of that desire. His ndvanoed
age, cuupled with the (net tbat he ninl
Lady Laurier are not enjoying guud
health, is said tu he his principal reason tor wishing to resign and quit
publics. When the party leaders
heard uf this tbey urged the premier
to remain, using the argument that
his resignation might injure their
Millions to Be Spent by Canada
in Defence
Ottawa, June 2—Admiral Kings-
mill and Major-Qeneral Luke will accompany Sir Frederick liurden and
Hon L. P. Krndeur to the Imperial
defence conference tu be held in London in July. There is little doubt
that tie conference will result in a
programme that will involve an
annual expenditure by Oanada ol
$2,000,000 ur $3,000,000 for naval
defence. English shipbuilding firms
already have their representatives here
looking fnr urders
Forest Protection
Southeast Kootenay has learned a
cnstly lesson frmn forest tires in this
district. In many places it was the
Becond burning which usually means
that reforeatatinn is made fnrever
impossible. Many of these lurest tires
have been caused by sparks from passing engines. Forest rangers Bhould
be appointed and the whole length of
the mad through the luresta should
be patrolled by these rangers.—Prospector.
New Powder Explosive
London, June 2.—A Canadian  In-
ventur stopping at a London hotel is
being closely guarded by secret service
men huth day and night on behalf nl
the admiralty, with whom he is almut
to negotiate a deal dI a powder explosive.   It is understood the Inventor
has already received a big obeque from
tbo admiralty by way ul uptiun. The
Inventor declined to bs interviewed on
the subject by the Canadian Associated Press. Germany is said (o be
alsu anxious to secure tins new explosive
Canada Becoming Known
CALGARY, June 2—A letter bearing
the Mump uf the republic ul Punaina,
Surcharged Canal Zone, attracted at-
tentiun in the ullice oi tho manager ol
the Alberta I'ruviucial Exhibition
this morning, and upon Isiing opened
was luiind tu cuntuin it request fnr a
prize list and other Information in
regard to the big lair.
Rogeis Left Millions
Ni... Vuiih, June 2.—The will ol
Henry II. lingers has been filed in the
surrogate's utlico. The vuliic nf the
estate is not given but ic supposed to
approximate $100,000,000, Definite
knowledge cannot be bad until sp-
prsisers arc appointed to inventory
the effccti.
Record of 1894 Reached By
Confluence of Today-Lower
Level Residents Worry-
Washouts on Railway.
The damage caused by the recent
high water cannot yet be estimated^
but the peuple who have beeu Buying
tu themselves and everybody else "1
tuld yuu so,'' are more than satislied.
Seven stalls between here and li Id nn
the C.P.K., witb the snuthbuuud train
belli up and delayed trains from the
coast are sullicieiit to make businessmen think though the trouble will
probably be over in a duy. The high
water mark is already reached, however, causing some anxiety to even
the old settlers, lu tiie canyon of
the Illecilleivaet to-day the water level
almost touches the b gh water mark
ol 1804 which is lung to be remembered as the year ol highest water in
British Columbia. People on the
lower levels aie beginning to wonder
whether tbe Indians who have propb-
ecitd higher water this year than in
1894 bave lost the cunning instincts
ul the aboriginal nice ur whether there
might be sume truth in what they
predict. Tlie lucal troubles in tlie
way uf small ditch washouts have
occurred us usual hut arc nut worth
Grand Trunk Pacific Firemen
on Strike—Strathcona Generous to Ottawa—War is
waged on Closed Shops
l'in.-iiriiii, I'u., June 2.—Several
thousand employees oi tho Republic Iron and Steel Company today
received an advance of ten per cent
in limit wages effective at once,
It, is suid practically nil other concerns wbioh eul wages on the lirst
of April will restore former soale
beforo July.
Sai i.-amkmii, Cal., .Iiino 2.—Five
com I in u ies from tho Kiilli regiment
mul Troop li huve been ordered lo
proceed to MoLeod tomorrow on
uciount ol disorders arising froin
lumber strike
Winnipeg, Juno 2.—The engineers, lircnien ninl conductors of the
lirand Trunk Pacific Railway have
applied to Ottawa for n board of
conciliation to settle differences
with the company. John Albrandt,
Winnipeg, and John Powell, Wat-
erous, arc in conference with Manager Chamberlain today.
Winnipeg, Juno
■Judges in
Sad Event Happened at Chilli-
Ciiii.i.iwak, June 2—This locality
was thrown intu a Btate of gloom and
surruw during the past week end by a
must lamentable drowning accident in
which two Bellingliiini visitors lust
their lives in tbe swulleu waters ol
Camp slough on .Saturday. Mr. Emmet VV. Bolden and Mrs. L. Bhepherp,
of Bellingham. were driving along the
ruad which skirts the slough when
tbey reachiil a spot where the Hood
water had overflowed on to the roadway. Driving intu the ovcrllow, evidently thinking it only ol shallow
depth, Mr. Boldon found it rising tu a
depth ol four feet. Fearing it might
be deeper il he attempted to linn
round, the burse walked off the edge
ol the load Into the deep waters ol tbe
sliiugb und the rig with  its   two occti-
pants disappeared,    Ihe  bodies wen
quickly recovered but life WSB extinct
and ull clVurts tu revive lliein were unavailing.
Fell Five Storeys
New York, June 2.—Patrick Sear-
son, aged Inur, ia the luckiest little
Irishman In New York, in spite ol tho
fact that he is the youngest ul thirteen
children. He (elllivc storya yosterihi\
and escaped with n slight gash in the
head. lie was playing on the lire
escape nf bis mother's Mat, live flats
up, lit No, 1096 Beoond avenue, when
he fell off. Ho hit the railing ol the
lire [escape IWO sturys dnwn mul
bounoed from there to n clothes line,
ii story lower still. IIiB next stop was
another floor below, whero he tumbled Into a woman's skirt bung uut on
lhe line and inflated by the wind. The
skirt was too big fur Patsy, and be
slipped through, but his lull was broken and no ill results followed.
New Seeds Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McOlary's Stoves
Crockery. Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
tho court uf appeals have made nn
order dismissing appeals against
members in the Dominion House
of Commons for the electoral districts of Portage la Prairie, Brandon, Macdonald, and Lisgar constituencies. Petition in these mutters being dropped us against
several respondents.
Victokia, June 2. — Stephen
George, a Syrian, claiming to be a
Nestorian priest was arrested here
today charged with obtaining
money under false pretences. Declaimed tu be authorized to collect
money for an orphanage to be
built at Adana for Armenian children lefl penniless by the recent
Ottawa, June 2.—Lord Strath-
conn has decided lo present Stnith-
cona Park in this city with n magnificent fountain.
Kkntvii i.i;, N. S., June 2.—The
action for libel brought against
Walter Cnrnitlicrs at the instance
of Sir Frederick Borden came up
today, the grand jury finding a
true bill, The alleged libel consisted in the distribution of certain
letters suid lo have been written by
a Mrs. Allistou coin,lining statements reflecting upon Sir Frederick
Borden's character.   •
Wheeling, W. Va., Juno 2,—
Ollicial notices have been posted at
all mills of the American Sheet
and Tin Plate Hill Company here
stating lhat after June .'iOth all
plants of lho company will be open
shops. At the same time notices
sent to newspaper ollices stale
that the company would not longer
treat with Amalgamated Association. The order effects 10,000 men
who have been working at Wheeling, and Martin Ferry, Ohio, under
ilm Amalgamated Assocsation.
Wheat Reaches Top Notch Figure at $1.61 today
Sr. I  .   Mo-,   Juno 2.—('usi,
wlu'iit again established a new high
record today. No. 2 Rod reached
$1,02, the   highest   record for fifty
Crop Reports
Reports received today tram many
parts nf tho Canadian prairie west
tell ill wonderful good done tbe spring
wheal crop   by good    rains and warn.
weather.     It is  estimated   that tin
Orop has oaught up su much in tin
laat ten ilnye thut il is uow well uheml
uf the  average,   while It nwor looked
bettor at this season,
Canada Captures Trade
liKiiiiu'i,   Mich,    June   2.—There
promises to bs lively o petition tins
yesr between American and Canadian
boats loi il"' nr|li" cmrying trade between tin- pmis at the head ol the
lakes nnd the seaboard.    Usi yesr, loi
tlie lirsi,  li    grain   was oarried by
Canadian vessels from Fort William
to   Montreal   as   low  as JJ cents por
|R> f\r Swell Dresser
T' weirs the
Swell f)re3ser "
KMertwl,     R.j is U b.
To get the right cloth--.;  must you not go
to the right place?
Wc   sell   clothes   with no cotton   in the
Just now you perhaps wish a light weight
suit to celebrate in.
You   can   get  right   into one of our two
piece   suits   and   wear   it away with one of  our ,
negligee shirts, anu   as   for  straw hats we have
them (or men or boys.
Fit Reform Clothing
b. e. walker, Presidtnt Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Alexander laird,Gtner.i aur,i%„   Reserve Fund,   -   6.000,000       /
Tbo new Travrilri -  Chi ■■ I J  'h.s Hank arc a most commnient A I
way in which to carry money when travellings   They arc issued in denominahn— at
$10,   $20.  $50,  $100 nnd  $200
.md tha exact amount pa abl    Austria,   Belgium,  Denmark, France
Qtmamy, Great  Britain,  llulland, Italy, Noi way,  Russia,  Sweden
and Switzerland i.. stated et, lhe I.i. • ol each cheque, while in other
they mrm payable a! current rates.
Tlie cheques anil all informal  regarding '.hem may be obtained at evi
at the Rank. Ul4
f\ mmt
It's a Wise Chef
thai   knows tine meat before
he   OOoks   il.     Anil  it > a wise
butcher that knows not only
huw tn buy, to freeze, to trim
to least waste, but also how to
keep down prices on
High-Grade Meats
-nli as we always keep on
hand. Beef, Lamb, Unttou
nul Poultry always tbe beat,
kept tnspotlosa ice chests, and
at priees thai are always satis-
fai im v. Hue ii- a onanoe to
prove it.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
bushel, while the rate by tbe American  cun vensel owners have become alarm-
route by wu\ nf  Buffalo to New York ••( tlm- year at the prospective loss ol
was sevs nts,    As a result  muoh ol  their   trade, anil   the   grain  carrying
the grain shipped frum tbe bra.I ol the  rale between   Buffalo   anil .New York
hikes went tu Montreal,     llie Ameri-  has nuw been lowered tu lour cents.
Zbc flfcafUfocralb.
Jnterior publishing CompaiiB,
Harristers, Solicitors,  Etc
O T T A \V A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Otlice    and   befoie    Railway
tins. Charles Murphy, M.P,
Hakiii.ii FisiiKit.
barristers, solicitors, ktc
UrriCtS I    iMfKKlAI.  I'ANK   Hi 11.1.IMi ltKVBl,
Money lo loan.
Otflcw: Revelstoke, B r.   Cranbrook, ll I),
i.  M.   I'lSKHAM J. A.  HaUVS.Y,
lU-ielrtUilie. 1,'nitibrook. U. C.
^^^^^^1    Banister
Solicitor, etc.
.s ilicitor.for:—
The Canadian Bank of Commerce,
The Molsons Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
Mi Kk.n/.ik Avenue,
C.   W.   O    W.
Mountain  Viovv Camp, No. 229
MeeU  Second  runt   Keurih  WotlnoEdaya in
each month, m Selkirk Hull.   Vi.-iiiu   wood*
meo vurdiftllj' Invited to utteud.
JuliS i ARLSON, Hon. Com.
J. MoINTYllE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tti« t»ifiilar moetiiiRs nr« hiM in thn HnlkirV
Hall e\ery Tuesday ovbiuuk at fc o'olook
Visiting brwthrau ars coriliully invited.
»T.   J.  WALSH,   PfcErUDKNT.
W. K, McLAUI'HUN.Secektauy.
For Sale or Rent -
11550.    Kent
I'liiril  Street.     Trice S'2100.    Rent
on corner of Fifth
Blnek '22, just east of
Six   Roomed   House  with
Sjsl7.50 per month.
House, six  rooms,  on
$20 per month.
liood buy in Lots 23 and 21, Block   II,
and Robson Avenue.    1'riee S'150.
Two good  buys  in   Lots 21  and 22,
Queen's Hotel.    Price !?7G0.
Two goud Lots on Eighth Street aiid eorner of Orton   Ave.,
100 x 100.    Price S8o0.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on  Sixth  Sireet, improved
ground.    Price $3500.    House and Lots only §3250.
llouble   House, renting for $30 per month, lor sale at $'2750.
unable tu control their tempers should
abandon the name to uther self governing contestants whu can.
Kevelslnke lias the nucleus nf Future
worthy competitors lur the Minto cup
il taught to play properly, nnd now it
is up to us tu encourage and insist un
our boys becoming scientific experts
in our great Canadian national game
or by delaull, permit them to become
savage human body smashers operating under the name of sport.
OR SALE—A Six-roomed cottage,
npply 11. N. Doyle.
rANTED—Ed german
Lumber Co., Wigwam,
B. O.
unl  Sell.
Apply Le
way?     He   must have been away
for a day or two.
Kootenay Lodec No. 15, A F- * *■ ""•
Tlm reuular inset-
Ides urn held in the
Oddfellows Hull, on
tlm third MinnIn) lu
oncli nii.iitli »t II
ui m. Visitii.ltlir.Ule
ron oordlally wel-
l-\ A. rmiCT'NlKlt. 8KORK1 inv.
SELKIRK^LODGE   12, I.  O, O. K.
Meets every Timr.-.
.iny   ovoliini:   in    Nnl
Skirk Hull nt So'i'liiek
_^^^_ ____.._f Vlgltlug brethren uro
cordially iuvilt-,1 to attend,
W, A. IfOOTE, N.ll. JAS. MATH1K;si:i-.
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol Pi
Ho. 16,  Revelstoke, B. C.
except in id Wednesday m
each muutti. in ->• nldlullii.i'-'
Hail at ^ o'clock. Viniiine
Knigbts are oordlally  uvi ted.
T   I'    SMITH. C. I'
Q. H. HKO. K   K. ul  It. A S.
J   li. Sl'OTT, In. i,f K.
Probably nothing has been done
better since the days of James
Whitcombe Riley than the appended gem from the pen of Wall
Mason. It is philosophical, rational, metaphysical, human, musical, poetical, and everything excepting patriotic. Run as a piece
of humor in the average newspaper
it is worth seriously re-reading because it has the germ of deep and
subtle truth:
"When 1 cash in, and this poor
race is run, my chores performed,
and all my errands done, 1 know
that folks who mock my efforts
here, will, weeping, bend above my
lowly bier, and bring large garlands, worth three bucks a throw,
and paw the ground in eetasy of
woe. And friends will wear crape
liuwknots on tlieir tiles, while I
look down (or up) a million miles,
and wonder why those people never
knew how smooth 1 was until my
spirit (lew, When 1 cash in 1 will
nut care n yen for all the pomp
and nil lhe vain display, will just
bo pomp and feathors thrown away.
Su lell iue nuw, while 1 am on the
earth, ynur estimate of my surprising worth) 0 tell me what a luoloo-
bird I am, anil Iill me full of taffy
and of jam."
wanton or accidental destruction
but to make the conditions of commercial value such as lo make the
timber marketable, and to realize
for the province all that is ratable
in the way of assets is quite
Capital which to-day is looking
toward British Columbia as never
before in the history of the province
is coy on account of the uncertainty
of the tenure of timber licenses.
The present law which makes such
a license car lable under the conditions which are stated in the
terms of the Aet creates a feeling
of uneasinesB among those who
hold licenses und an unwillingness
among those who might otherwise
pour large sums of money into the
colters of the country.
KKITH lll.K.
I'llilNI.  lbs
Zbc flfcaiUlbcvalfc
Tl era [__ so much bad in the be-t uf n-
Aiid ... -nucti _f.^,d in the w-.r-il of us.
Tr nt   -. I.ardiy behuoTe- nny i.f u.-.
Tu laiic about the rest uf us.
Watch Theodore Roosevelt scour
Africa   without   Bbooting  ut   anything as big as   Uncle  Sam's  opin
ion ol himself.
The townsite officials ami committee uf the C. V Railway who have
been expected a t Kaiiilu..ps fur sonic
time hare ken delayed. Just how
long the delay will last i.ae nut lieen
stated urn Bevelstoke n- out a leni cker.
There arc not wanting the sounds
nf ominous clamoring fur tlie statement of a definite railway policy
by the present provincial government. It is everywhere Conceded
thut the best help is selfholp nnil
while outside corporations hnve up
till Hie present initiated and carried on the railway development oi
Hie country there is a growing feeling that definite action nn tin- responsibility or the credit of lhe pro-
vinee in the mutter uf opening up
new ami extremely neoessary lines
of railway has arrived, Hitherto
the heavy eust ui making simple
roads ami trails has been the ex-
cum-uf the government fur inactivity. That necessity will continue
but the announcement "I a vigorous policy of railway construction
would tie u safe test of patriotism
were an appeal nnule to the pi- |
ANTED-Pluner  hand,  able  to
handle  III inch   inulclicr    und
innke mouldings,    Apply Lee Lumber
FOUND-A Rosary nnil Crucifix,
owner may hnve same liy proving
property and paying fur ihis notice.—
Apply MAIL-HERALD nlllcc.
Wail l'i
hir Palace
per mouth,
•Ismke. B.C,
Restaurant,   $2n
Applv I'. O.  BOX   112,   Bev
in t us mu. agents in unrepresented territory. Sample wheel supplied nt wholesale prices. Particulars
tree.   Tims. l'i,milky,  Victoria, B. (_'.
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C,
mi Friday, June llth, 1909, between
the limit's uf Nine o'clock, a,in., and
Seven o'clock p.m.
Olerk of the Municipal Council.
(1ST    H.I vv.
Fifth mul Third Sis
gof McAi-lli ir live,
silver mug nuil pilclier. bulb gold
lined. Mug bus "Borden''engraved
upon il. Will tinder return sume to
A. W. Mc Inly re's house nnil receive
reward, my 2i>
girl   fur
I'i     1',  It.  grounds nuar
Squaring the Public
Editor Mui.-Hl.li.ii.n:
Victoria, B. C, Mny 27, 1909
Gentlemen: You state in your
pnper uf tho 22nd inst, that at a meeting of the City Council un the night
uf the 21st a proposed by-law that
referred inter alia in Block 52 was
laid over because "since the oiler uf the
"owner of the pruperly tu sell at the
" assessed valuation a change ol mind
' has been experienced anil a higher
" price is now asked."
This cumpany, which mviis said
blnek, dues not know what ynu refer
to, because between the receipt of the
Bohool board's letter nt 27th March
declining tu purchase and the above
iliitcnt the Uiiy Council meeting, 21si
inst, neither the Buard nor lhe Council was in receipt ul nny communication (ruin this company on the subject,
and, moreover, neither in thai interval
nnr later, bus the alleged change nf
mind been experienced.
Yuur above wrought! interference
with the private business uf this company, apart Irom the deception uf tlie
public and ratepayers and parents in
nn important concern, requires tbe
insertion in yuur newspaper ol tins
letter uf contradiction, preliminary to
any further pr needing- that may he
deemed necessary in the occurring
cuurse nf even!.-.
1 um, (ientlemei
Your Obedient .^.-rvaiit
11. M. 81 i i..
r .- ll. ■.. i-t.,». Bealt;  C     I.t.i
uv pub ih tbe il        -".   .
loomed on O,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Intiiui, wilh
20 year lease on gioiind. Tills bouse is
iu good I'cpuii with line gitrtluli nnd
fruit trees, Will sell ut u bargain if
sold at once. Apply for further particulars in l'i. .1. li.mi ne, Kirst street,
Before the Kirst nf May, two bix-
rooiued houses, in Revelstoke, with
two acres of land each; including, if
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated west of C.P.R. track
Lower town.    Apply to
tc Bnx 2311, Revelstoke.
Board of Trade
The regular inunthly meeting uf the
Kevelstoke Buard of Trade will lie held
in the City Hall nn Thursday, June
3rd, at 8 p.m. All members are rc-
quested to attend
11. Cunningham Morris,
my 2!) 2t Secretary,
There has   been  so much criticism
of   the   federal   government   il t becauae it is ol .i.y public interest
bandlingof  ihe  (irand Trunk Pa-      '  '  ••  ■■        ged to d
cific scheme with the proper state-H - ngs uf the
ment   that   the    country,   having  '   ' Wearing in   tbis paper
practically financed the coet of th.   "'     ' ' ^ " '
,    ,      ", , , ,. .   uniy  in,.; il    -'uti-.l   at   that
road should own it that u poln
'.    i hal  an   important    ny-law
public ownership under wise man    M,    ,   .  iheko|
agement,   might   not   lie  an evil under.tanding m  to   tbe   priee  ol
tiling to   suggest,      It would  be a    Block Lil       Wbeo our correspond
brilliant thing  for the province to
undortaki—nn a moderate scale—
Steamer Revelstoke
On account ol the sudden rise of
water in the river lhe steamer loft today for the Five-Mile landing and will
until fit rt her notice leave that landing
every Tuesday nnil Friday tit li a.m.,
returning the same day. T.A. Lewis'
atage connects with the boat.
By-law No
A By-law to raise by way of Debentures the sum of $9,000
for Street purposes.
WHEREAS tt is deemed expedient
lhal the streets of the City be improved and for the carrying oui of such
Improvements to purohase necessary
road-making machinery.
AND WHEREAS a petition tins
been presented to the Municipal Oouncil uf the Corporation uf tlie City of
llevelstnke signed by the assessed
owners of ut least one-tenth in value
nf the real property within the cily nf
Kevelsloke as shnwn nn lhe hist re-
Vised Assessment Bull of said Oity,
requesting that a by-law he Introduced
fur ihe purpose nf authorizing the borrowing by the said Corporation nf the
-uin 1.1 Nine Tliuusunil Dollars ($9,000)
fur the purposes above mentioned:
A ND WH EB IDAS l he whole amount
nf ihe ratable property within the said
Oity of Bevelstoke according tn llie
last revised Assessment Hull ui the
snid Cily nf llevelstnke, is the sum uf
AND WHEREAS it will lie noces-
sniy to raise annually by special rate
sufficient therefor the sum of $096.00
fur paying the suid debt and interest
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council uf the Corporation of lhe City
of llevelsloke in open meeting assembled enacts as follows:
1. It shall lie lawful for the Mayor
nf lhe Corporation nf the City ut' Rev-
elstuke fnr the purpose unit with ibe
object aforesaid to borrow mi lhe cre-
dii uf the Municipality by wny uf debentures hereinafter mentioned from
any person, pei suns, lirni, body or
bndies corporate, whu may he willing
tu advance the same us u Inun, a Sinn
nf money, not exceeding in the whole
lhe sum of Nine Thousand Dollars
($9,000.00) und to cause all such stuns
so raised or received lo be paid into
the hniids of the Treasurer of tin1 Corporation of tlie Ciiy of Bevelstoke.
2. li sbnll he lawful for the Mayor
uf the snid Colporatlon of the Cily uf
llevelstnke in cause any number of
debentures in be made, executed and
issued fur such sum ur sums us mny be
required fur the purpose, and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, howover, lhe
sum of Nine Thousand Dollars, Such
debentures shall be nf the denomination of One Thousand dollars each,
and all uf such debenlures shall he
sealed witb ibe seal of the Corporation
nf lhe City nf llevelstnke und signed
by the Mayor and Clerk thereof.
8. The said debentures sbnll hear i be
date nf 1909, and sbnll he payable
in twenty-live years from the snid date
in lawful money of Canada, ut the
ullice nf ihe Molsons Hunk nl Revelstoke aforesaid, which suid pluce nf
payment sbnll he designated by the
snid debentures, unit shall huve ultnch-
eil lo them coupons fnr ilu- payment nf
interesl,   und   lhe   signature   In   lhe
11. This by-law shull, before (.he final
passing thereof, receive tlie a.ssent nf
tbe electors according to the provisions
uf und in the inuiiuer proscribed hy
Hie Municipal Clauses Act.
Read u first time llie 28th dav of
May, 1IHH).
Read a second time tbe 28th day of
Mny, ltHJI).
Read a third time the 28th day of
May, 1009, nnd pusseil with llie unanimous consent uf the Counotl.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds, Stoves, Tin
uml Enamel ware. Bunts aud
Cl>.thing bought, sold ur exchanged.
■i. c.huii,Prop. \t::.r^!;^;
jutiQ ZQ
Palace Restaurant
McKcmic   Avenue
. i it rn Ip -. l igur- Tnliucce
Meals ■'.") ..iii-
A. H
General opinion will support the
Winnipeg  police magistrate   who
upheld th*- fre. sacred i oncerts on
Sundays. It i- difficult for the
ordinary m m to •■• thi lifferem e
between a concert which is pretty
much like a church .... ;,i,,i ;,
church service which is pretty much
like a concert.— Kaslo Kootenaian,
■•nt «pea'k»      ' wrongful Interference
nul n" inr things  the situation
railway construction  under sui b s ■      ising    it is ibi  bus n< --
policy,    Whether   thai will be the
direction in  which the present ad
miiiistriturs   will   look   when the
premier makes tbe announcement
that i- expected on tbe occasion ol
I this papi r to report news —En
The Canadian Game.
hii next visit
item of newi
to   Revelstoki is an
thai i- awaited with
(inr much respected contemporary, The < ib-. rver, raise* laments ti oui . ii.- ivet tin- lin t that a
suggestion in a lettei from tbe
offii .in- ol li.' ' N. railway was
communicated to thi public thru'
the columns ol thit paper before
the iiit' r wil- submitted to the
board of trade where it properly
I • mged, i'i the crockodile tears
nf ..nr much respei ted contemporary are noi being hi d over the fact
that ii letter Irom tbo Kamloops
board of trade appears in the besi
type that our r'" pei U d cotem i an
display beforo bsving been read or
shown to nn.'' member of the local
board. Wbo run.- the board of
trade ol the city ol llevelsloke any-
Kdu.r Mm, tlmii.n
...ii   | lie slstoks
nl genuine iporl ami .i belli    i
• bal a iu>"t should   be kn.'l to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    hia gui'MlH, let me  proles!    iiju.. •
— language   I s number of the
riMBER   REG tTLATIOFH tonehed   il tbe players
rhe chief known asset ol   Britiib   ftegloa lacroae team dorlnj tbe pri
.    -.un ii.iy Friendly meteb Monday even
r lucal stick handlers
i  .. imbi i todaj .j it- timber. ,^uc
u statement .lm -  not intimate i bal
there is not untold  mineral wen lib
in the   provinoe   or that there are
not   unbounded   agricultural  and
horticultural  resources,    Agricul
ture and horticulture are, however,
cultivable quantitie    while limber
Is   a   natural   produi t   and ni ■
unly tin- toll  of  num to nriaki it n
marketable  quantity.     In   Bonn
form or other timber   i- u nei.    II
beyond the possibility ol valuation
for   the   thousand   reasons winch
make   il   n factor   in  human Oom
forls.    'I'u conserve   it. is one thing,
Ii [proposed under tlm rogula
lions which call   (or a slnfl   ul men
lo watch  lor  fires  and to prevent
.ii_;'»it.h ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pin-. .'.-nee i regret further, eui.ie i
Ihi charged to juveniles unly. The
principal culprits being full grnwn
mlultn Much exhibitions. In'.
dogenerate taste, are on ly too readily
copied by youthful enthusiasts and if
tolerated will, I venture to predict
reitult In the relusal ■•( true, sportsmen
visiting  Our   tuwn  and   an   absSHOI
OUI (mr   thinking   citi/.uris   Irum   pal
r.iiiiign ol our games.
In this oonneotion  let m<   refer to
ilu- deliberate rough exhibitions en
gagnti iu by members on imiii subs
during thn play. Accidents often
happen in lacrosse OOOteSIS, but there
Is DO exOUie lur wilful slushing oyer
bead iueI bully when the ball  und play
is elsewhere in Hie field| and those
Sing, Proprietor
Land DI rtrlct,
a ,.• Kootenay
i bal   I, \.ii.u i..i lii.i-b
■ • upal. -ii mai i led w i itnan,
ipply   for   pel ml    Ion   to
: lie       follOU ing        ib'M  I |l,i it
i uiiiini      ii.'   .i    .   p.. i   planted  on
■ •   'ii n
i"  . inn,       liem e  ieui b
...    tat I!     ' hence
i commence
ie nl
lm       l     i:- - -it.
II. I. i.i tin ■       -. ..ni
■,   IT' li    I  Ml I,,..    .5',
■ i"
■   ■
hiiti-1   a lor ibe
n thai   u.i.
if. i   .1 ...    |   Inti ml !..  npply tn l.hii
Htiperititetitlenl   ..f   l'i.... lm Inl I'olli n
I'U      ..      I .ie   W.ll     'if     ! I fill    ll.pll.l     ll
lhi   Hotel (li .mi il Nakusp,
I'm     thi      Iiiil   ,ill     Inun     lime   HUI,  In
, i .     i i   mm
Dated Hnj I !th, 1909,
my i . lm ll.  i   i.aI'.h \ ii
A liut'lnud nf Hie fainoll Aylmer
i '.in.nl i I n i I leiim uml Canada Find
Milk Jusl hi rived. Hnve you I rind II }
ll not, vou -In.uld. For sale by C, ll.
1111nn- iV ' n
illhor iviil-
shitll bear
0 pel  cenl
Interest coupon
Ien, printed ot
I, The snid debentures
interesl at the rule of liv
1,1 I per annum from the dale thereof,
which Interest slmll be paid semi-
unuiinlly ut the ullice of the Molsons
Hunk ul UovelStoke aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada on the day
of und on the day
of respectively in each and
every yem- during the currency thereof, and il sbnll be expressed ill said
debentures and coupons to besopayable.
,"i. ll shull lie lawful loi' lhe Mayor
of the suid Corporation to negotiate
and sell the suid debentures or any of
I hem for less Hum pur, but in no case
shull the suid debenlures ur any uf
them be sold fur less Ihun ninety-two
mul one-half per centum (92J I of the
face   value  ill.-lulling   the eust of   sale
and brokerage und all other nejussary
II. There shull be levied und raised
in each year during the currency of
■iiid debentures the sum of Four Hundred uml Fifty dollars ($430,00) for the
payment of Interest and Two Hundred
uml Forty-six dollars and Sixty cents
I$210,00) for tbe payment of the saiil
debt under the suid debentures by a
special rata sufficient therefor on all
the ratable real property In the said
7. II shull be lawful Inl' lhe Municipal (nu licit nf the suid Municipality lu
repurchase any of the snid debentures
up..ii .neb iei ms its may be agreed
upon with the legal holder or holders
thereof, either al tlio time ol sale oral
uiy -ubse pn-nt time, und all debentures in repurchased sbnll beforth-
iv 1111 cancelled or destroyed and no
i' Ensue ..I  debentures shall he made in
COn   ."ilieliee ul   hlll'll  I'eplll ellllSC.
8, Tbi- by-law sli.ill take elfecl on
md ifter i he day nf
li. I In- bv I,iw shull, lielui-c Ibe Hunt
piiHsuiK ihoreof, receive the assent nf
ilu- ratepayers of the Corporation
.ii. ..i'lint'iu ihe provisions of mul in
iin- in.une-I prescribed by ilu* Munich
.        ' ' |    e ■   ,\ i I
I!, nl ii lbs! lim,- Ihis 21*1 dav of
M.i .. All . USUI.
i(....i  .ml lime ihi- 2lsi tiny of
i        \ |)„ 1909,
li,...I .i   third lime ibis 21*1 day ol
' .      1,1)., 1909, mul   pu I   nub ilu-
unanimous consent nf the Council,
ell! llf
By-Law No	
A By-Law to enable the Corporation of the Gity of Revelstoke to raise by way of
Debentures the Sum of
Forty Thousand Dollars
($40,000) for the purposes
of the Board of School
Trustees of the City of
WHEREAS the Board of School
Trustees nf Ihe City of Revelstoke
have in pursuance of llie powers
granted lo thorn by Section 12 of the
"Publio Schools Act, 1905," us re-
enacted by Section 82 nf the "1'ublic
Schools Act, 1908, Amendment Act,
mon," caused to be prepared und laid
before (he Municipal Council a detailed estimate of the sums required to
meet, special or extraordinary expenses
which may he legally Incurred liy the
Board, uml such estimates hnve lieen
considered and finally approved by
llie Council :
AND WHEREAS ihe said estimates
provide for the creel ion of u new
school building, furnishing and
equipping sume, mul the purchase of
additional school grounds;
AND WHEREAS, to meet Um expenditure as provided by said estimates
il is necessary tn raise on the part of
the Municipality the sum of $40,000.00.
AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to raise upon the credit of the
Municipality the sum of $40,000,00 for
school purposes us aforesaid;
AND WHEHEAS the total amount
required in l.e raised annually liy
special rate fur paying tlie suid debt
mul interest theroon aud for oroating
n sinking fund fur pitying lhe snid
principal dohl wii bin twenty-live years
is fm- interest $2,000.00 and for sinking
fund $1,008.00, milking a total of
AND WHEREAS tho amount of
the whole, ratable laud within the
Municipality, including the territory
comprised within the Revelstoke
School Di-liict for sohool purposes,
according to the lost revised assessment roll is $1,077,788 50;
NOW, THEREFORE, tho Municipal Oouncil of the Corporation of Ibe
City of llevelsloke in open meeting
assembled, enacts us follows :
1. It shall he in\\ ful for the Mayor
of the Corporation nf lhe Cily uf Kevelslnke for Ihe purposes aforesaid, and
he is hereby authorised, tn borrow nn
the credit of lhe Municipality, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from nny person, persons, firm, budv
ni- bodies corporate, whu may tie
willing tu udvunt'c the smne us it Inun,
u sum of money, not exceeding in the
whole the stun of Forty Thousand
Dollars i-SIii.ihkIi, ami to cause ull such
sums so raised or received to be paid
Into the hands of the Treasurer of the
Oqi'piiyutinn of ^he City of Revelstoke
for the purposes aforesaid and with
lhe object hereinbefore recited,
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
llevelsloke to cause nny number of
debentures to bo made, executed and
issued fur Hitch suiii or sums as may be
required for lhe purpose nud objuct
aforosaid, not exceeding, howevur,
the sum nf Forty Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures shall be nf the denomination of Ono Thousand Dollars
each, uml ull such debentures shall
lie sealed with I lie seal nf Ibe Corporal ion of the City nf llevelstnke ami
signed by the Mayor mid City Clerk
Received the   assent, uf
the             (lay nf
Re-sonsldered, ad ...pled
passed Die  Council   the
, 1900.
the electors
, 1900.
uml   finally
day of
Crrv Ci.khk.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy nf lhe proposed Hy-law upon
which the vote of the Municipality
will be luken ut, the City Clerk's oflicc,
Cily Hull, oorner nf Second Street and
McKenzie Avenue, Revelsluke, RO,
mi Friday, June llth, 1909, between
the hours of Nine o'clock a.m., and
Seven o'clock p.m.
iny2u   Clerk of the Municipal Oouncil.
, , lie.I    Ibe    Ul
■I IV ul
 i.i - .1.   adopted
,1  I lie I  inun ll    I be
I.I).,  1000
III', ( I l.lll.
I I leeli.l 'i
,  USUI.
mid fimtlly
ilny of
TAKE NOTICE that Ihe nlmvi Is a
11 ne copy of ihe proposed Hv law upon
which ibe vnie ..r the Municipality
u ill he taken al ihe 1 ii v (Hei k'-. offlce,
Oity Hull, eurner uf Sei uud Sireet uml
:t. The said debentures shall bear tbe
date of ItlOtl, mid shall he payable
ill t w enly-live yeni-s I'l-uin the suid date
in lawful money uf Canada, (it tin
ullice of the Molsons Hunk al Revelsluke aforesaid, which suid place of
payment shall lie designated by the
said debenlures, und shull bave attached to them coupons for the payment of Interest, and the signature to
the interest coupons mny be either
written, printed or stamped or lithographed,
I.   The  said  debentures shall bear
interesl ut lhe rale nf live per cent
(5 .1 per annum from I lie date thereof,
which Interesl shull be paid semiannually at Hie ullice uf the Mnlsuns
Bunk ui Kevelslnke aforesaid ill lawful
money of Canada nn the day
ul                   mid un the duy of
respectively ill each und
every year during th irrenoy thereof, ninl It shall be expressed in saitl
debentures and coupons to beso payable.
.1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City nf
Kevelsloke In negotiate und sell Hie
said debentures or any of tlmtu for less
lh.in pur, but in uu case shall I be suid
iiliuin mi's or any of tbem bo sold foi'
less than ninety-two mul one-half per
cenl inn (112'.. i of lhe face value, Including Hie cost of sule und hrukci'iige und
nli necessary expenses,
ii.   Thero shall he levied nud raised
in i uch year during the currency of
-nut ilelieniine iIn* .sum uf Two Thousand dollars ($2,000,00) Inr lho payment uf Interesl nud One Thousand
umi Ninety-six dollars ($1,090.00) for
i he pay mem nf the suid debt under the
suid ilelieillllles by u   special lull- Slllll-
eieni therefor on all ihe ratable real
property in Um suid Municipality.
7. Ii shall be lawful for the Municipal Con noil of Ihe snid Municipality to
repurchase nny of tho suid debentures
upon such terms us may be agreed
ii i ii ni wiih ibe legal holder ur holders
thereof, either al tho time of snle or at
mn subsequent lime, nnd all debentures sn repurchased simii in. forthwith
cancelled or destroyed, and nu reissue
of debentures sbalt oe made In conse*
.pici of such repurchase,
8, In this by-law tbe word "Municipality" shall be deemed to extend to
und Include all territory aud property
eoinpi i-ed    within    ihe    Revelatoke
s, I I Distriel, and all such property
shull be liable lo assessment her ler
na provided by Section Hut the said
"Public Schools Aot, lisj.1, Amend-
mem Act, 1906,"
ii. This by law, il passed, shull lake
effect and come Into force on und after
the day of ; 11)01).
10. This by-law may be cited for all
purposes as lhe "Revelstoko (School
Board) By-law No , WW."
ilu-Municipal Council uf the Corporation of tho Oily of Kevelslnke intends
lo undertake Hie construction uf Concrete Sidewalks on certain parts of
First Street, Second Street, und l^t-out
Street, within Lhe suid Oity; vi/.:
On the North side of First Sli eel
from the coruer of Campbell Avenue
to the coiner of Boyle Avenne, and
the North side of Second Street frum
the eurner of Pearson Street to the
corner of Ford Street, and on the
South-west side of Front Streel from
tbe corner nf King Street to the corner
of Victoria Road, aooording to the
specifications und estimates prepared
by the City Engineer, and to assess
the expense nr cost thereof upon tho
land nr real property abutting on lhe
purls of such streets us above mentioned, and to he benefitted thereby,
and iiini a statement showing the land
or real property liable to pay tho
assessment therefor and lhe names of
the owners thereof us far as can be
ascertained together with the specifications and estimates of the Oity Engineer uud the proposed tfssessment
and report thereon uf the City Clerk
are nuw nn llie in the ullice uf the City
Clerk and open fur inspection during
ofllce hours,
The estimated cost of the work is
$4911.60, of whioh it is intended that
the City at large shall beat' the whole
uf the cost nl' the work on street crossing nnd necessary retaining walls nnd
one-third nf the cost of tbe Concrete
Sidewalks, und the property owners
bearing two-thirds of the cost of the
snid sidewalks.
The total estimated cost to he borne
by the property owners being $8274,81,
und liy tlie City lit huge $1037.10.
Any objection to the proposed undertaking uml assessment therefor
shall be made by petition to the Oily
Council within FIFTEEN (16) days
Iiiiiii Ilic dale hereof, the persons entitled lo petition being the owners of
the binds thereby affected.
Datod this 29th day uf May, num.
iny 211 Cily Clerk.
Kevelslnke Lund District.
District nf West Kootenay,
Take Nolice that I, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
to apply for permission lo purohase
the lolluwing described hind:
Commenolng at a post planted on
lake shore, at the uortlieast corner of
lot Wi uml marked "A. W. Dickinson's Northwest Coiner," tbenco soutb
40 chuins, east 40 chains, north 40
chains, west 10chains, following   lake
shore to place of commencement.
Dated April 71 li, 11)00.
Ap. io. A. w. Dickinson.
Certificate of Improvements
I. \. I,, anil Silver Pick mineral
claims, situate in the Trout Luke
Mining Division of West Kiiotenay
Where located, between lhe north
uml south forks ol Lurdo Creek.
Tnke nolice that I Catherine Florence Heitlty. uf Vancouver, B.C., Free
Miner's Certificate No. B 18170, intend
sixty dllVS Inun dale hereof,  to apply
in iin. Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for tbe purpose
of obtaining Crown   grants   of   the
above claims,
And further take notloe that notion
under Section .'<7 must he commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated Ibis twenty seventh day of
May, A.D, 1001).
iny2<i Catherine Florence Bkattv.
Kevelslnke Lmnl  Dislricl.
District of West Kootenay.
Tnke uotice that Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead,  occupation    married
iv..imiii, intend loitptily for permission
to purohase the following desorlbed
Commenolng   at   a   post planted ul
south-east oorner of Lot 8800, tbonoe
west  III chains, thence south 7 chains
more or less to lake shove, thenee along
lake shore Iii puiut of commencement,
Daled Hid April, 1IHI0.
Private Sale
A private sale ol household (lirni-
ture including steel range, 8 holes,
also brass mounted single express
harness. The above may be seen any
day.   John McPHAIL, First street,  THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE K (J.
Royal Standard Flour
]*ffi*TmZ\[7tV The   following   are   the   lucky numbers
drawn for May:
41250       30133       4S500       56152       -11468
45637       31039       48192       39728       -141-13
ii/Ttr/T:'-^^^y Here are the names of some of   the lucky
winners to date:
M rs. Coakley Rossland, B. C.
Mr.-. Conners Nanaimo, B. C.
Mrs. Sh.in,un   . . .ll-i.'i Seventh Ave., Vancouver
Mrs. K. J. Smith Little River, Comox
Mr.-. Telford North Vancouver, B.C.
Mr.-. Wn Ids Hamilton St., Vancouver
Mr-. A. H. Adams Anaconda, B. C.
Mrs. Crawford     Sixth   Avenue, Vancouver
Mr-.   M.   B.  Hutchinson  Langley, B.C.
Mr-. C. Adshead  Aldergrove,  B, C.
Mr.-.   XV.   llnwe   Harvey Victoria,   B.  C.
Mrs   M. Higgins Comox, B.C.
Mr.  \V.  H. Heighton Mission City, B. C.
Mr.-. M. Ferguson Saanichton, B. C.
Tl.e-e have each received, free of all charges, a handsome dinner
eel of 109 pieces, Cut thi- out and keep it for reference. All the coupons bearing the above numbers have left our mills, though some of
them n. y still be in the hands of the dealers. Prizes will be awarded
n . matter h hen the lucky coupons are returned. We are giving away
10 set- every month, and every 491b. suck contains a coupon.
B      '.', val Standard Flour and save the coupons.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Brandies in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all 8-anohes     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 3. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely, We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the Imme that are taste
fill, effective and inexpensive, anil will
slinw your rooms to the hest advantage.
are disposing of their
entire stock at a small
advance over first cost
For Cash Only
J  P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HEAD OKKICK:   CaLOaky    ai.hkkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
P u-k Puli-r- hi I ll-ilei- iu Live St.-ek     Muk.es in all the princl
pilCit'..- md T • v ii .if Alberta. British OolumhU and the V   k
Packers    f th-- '' >lebi n..-1 Brand " Imperatir" Hams and Bacon,
-.i'i 1 " Sn* aro t" U in I L mf I..cl.
i %■%.%■%-■%.-% *.%-%.«%.%%.%%%%.%. ■%.«.%■%•%*«.v%^*^% %
Import direct from country ot origin.
REVELSTOKE     H    (~i
Central Hotel
,— <___________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built       First-class in ever] reaped      Ml modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1 60 per Day. Special Weekly Raton.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake,   inder   lame   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liqtion and
Cigars.     RatSS $i a day,     Monthly rate.
J".    AI,BEET      STONE      PROP.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish CrecK will find excellent accommodation at this
Take notice that thirty days after
date 1 intend to applv to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal uf the retail liquor license for
the Union Hotel, Arrowhead, ti. 0.,
for i In- half year from June 30th, 1009,
to Deceinhei-Hl.it, 1909.
Dated this nth day of May, 1909.
may 51m XV. 3. I.uiiitmohnk.
Take nulice thai we intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Lakeview
Hotel, Arrowhead, B. 0., for the half-
year from June 30th, UK*), to Dec. 31st
Duted May 5th, 1909.
my 5, lm       Plumpton & Chapman.
Nntiei' i.s hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend to npply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the Queen's lintel, Comaplix, IJ. C.
Duted May 5th, 1909.
,1. H. Yium;.
Notice is hereby given Unit 1 Intend
in apply iu the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Kootenay
Hulel, Burton City, IJ. 0.
Duted May nth, 1909,
Wm. Lovatt.
Take nnl ice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Citv Hnlel
at Arrowhead, ti. C, for the half year
from June 30th to Decembei' Hist, 1909.
Duted May 5th, 1909.
John- Caley.
Nulice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Pulice for a renewal of my retail liquor
license for the premises known us   the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, U. (_'., for the
half year from June 30th tu December
3ist, liKiii.
Dated May 5th, 1909.
A. Evans.
Take notice that 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Pulice fora renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hotel
at Oamborne, B. C, for the half year
from Juneljoih, lliiil), tu December 31st,
Duted May 5th, 1909.
John A. Tiikw.
Take notice thut I intend In make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fur a renewal of the
retail liquoi' license foi' the St. Leon
Hnlel, St Luin Hut Springs B. C,
fnr lhe hull' vein- from June 30th, 1WD,
tn Decembei -list, 1909.
Dated May nth, 1909.
M.   (iKAIIY.
Take notice thai I Intend tu make
application to the Superintendent uf
Provincial Police fora renewal of the
retail liquor lieense for the premises
known us tin. Halcyon Hut Springs
Hnlel, Halcyon, B. i'., from June 30th
tn December 31st, 1909.
Duted May 5th, 1909.
H. Mi Intosh.
Take notice that I intend i" wake
application to ihe Superintendent ..!
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor lincense for ile- Lardeau
lintel al Comaplix. B. ('.. for the hull
year from lun.. Mth to Decembei 31st,
Dated May 5th, 1900,
.1 ■ '- Ie I'   '    1 ■     '■!. 'ST.
__.iv en thai we in
■   e.Supei
Intendi -.'        Pro'        ..   P
for  ihe  I
I i
i'i.,-.       ■
ie hall
i , * •       . ■ i
- '
Hotel .'     .in1...! -iii
•   i in June   Kith  '.i  I i. '
l non
Dated Maj uth, MOD
Com   ''If
•,. 1.-,I■   ..!   I'.   •
■ ii        ill ,  ••
I. ■!.,,„ I    I it
..    ■    ...... ..,, I ..,     ....     ,.. , I
|l     e,'..|
D I  Mil   '.lh,     1" .
111,11.. II
Notice   is   hel'i'hy gi i'-li ' li 11    I'l.liy
after date I Intend to apply to 'he
Buperlntendenl uf Provlnolal Police
fur ii renewal nf the retail liquor II-
nenso for the llniei iniiini ii Nik.i.p,
llll      Hie     hull   ye ll     limn     I    I'M ll   In
Dee. Ill Ml.   11*111.
Dated Mny 12th, imiii.
my I.", Im II.   I.  I.aHii *   u
Queer Articles Displayed at the
A.Y.P. Exposition
Seattlk, Wash., June 2.—in the
post ollice exhibit ot the United States
government at the Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific Exposition are a dozen or bo
cases devoted tu the Dead Letter olliee
aud here are to be seen the most curious objects in all the thousands upon
thousands that have been misaddressed
insufficiently stamped, or, as iu many
cases, not directed at, all.
Here are several hundred revolvers,
derringers, pump guns, duelling pistols and all calibre small arms.
Knives, stilettos, machete and dirks
are piled in heaps. Several infernal
machines are on show. Knicknacks,
photos, curios, and hundreds of such
articles are displayed. A petrified
plum pudding and a loaf of bread
some 10 years old are in ironical
proximity to a dozen or mure sets of
falBe teeth, while slung shots repose
suggestively close to unclaimed watches and jewelry.
A which in hattered sections ex
plains its condstion by a placard informing the curious that a train ran
over the timepiece. A scalp of feminine hair suggests the wild weet in
its daj-B of savagery. A mail bag,
inscribed in Egyptian and bearing the
date of 1280 tells the story of bow a
valuable relic o! an early postal service was carelessly lost in the twentieth
century; and the postage due utanips—
amounting to $1.20—that were on a
package, which when opened, contained the body ol a dead infant, give
clue to a police mystery that was never
Hundreds of like objects, all of interest, are on show.
News of Probable Naval Cor-
diale Between Powers
It is alleged that overtures looking
to a naval understanding between
Great Britain ana the I'nited States
have been made by the British government through Ambassador Bryce
at Washington, Premier Asquith bad
this in mind when speaking recently
iu what was regarded as a cryptic
manner of the "Two-1'ower" standard
lor tbe British navy, Tbe Premier
hopes that such au understanding
may be reached with the American
government as shall enable Great
Britain almost to denude the I'acilic
of British warships ol a formidable
class, in return for giving America
certain assurances respecting the naval
situation in the Atlantic. The suggestions made by Mr. Asquith through
Mr. Bryce follow the lines laid down
in an article by Captain Mahan on the
, naval situation, which has attracted
i wide attention in authoritative circles
| in England. The British cabinet feels
that only an understanding with
America can enable Great Britain to
maintain the two-power standard in
\ Europe. Tlie British government is
inclined to seek a naval understanding with the I'nited States on account
of tbe possibility of Japan declining tu
; renew the Anglo-Japanese Alliance
, when it expires. Australians never
cease to urge tlie Motherland to separate its inlluence from tlint of .Japan in
the Pacific and try tn unite the
strength ol tlie Kngiish-speaking race
in that part .if the wurld.
Norris & Rowe Circus
Exciting   hippodrome contests will
. ig   feature  nf   the Nurris &
■ eirc'i" thii leaeon,   The contests
cootai ilemi nl of   lunger   to tbe
-       d is    usi   the   added
il   seasons the linisb of   t he
md raried program ol   the   hig
I n   the pi -- al n i-.n 1 excit-
• . -        ■  -■    involv-
led   p 1 greed   i icing n'.ick,
tl   ■     nedaries,
I- - 111 vie
, rn Men ind
peed trios
... , trioti
Dg racen,
ig and
, -- gh bei
igh rid ing
ieet! ian
-      .. i -       ii ,......
... .y   anil
. realiatio
■ md  tin-  ipuri ■ he > iDtestanti
t    gn .ic .-     id ..      in • o ..-. ,.i.'ni
nnl ■ -     I bees
, Ies   ire   tlwayi - itisfyiog ....!
Bowi ii*v- grown i   big <n.i
uful that ' hey will allow no ithei
v       toeed tbem In in .• portion nl
'  . ■ program     Kaoli ■<■*■
Ittla   show   with  a  high
. ling    title   and    but little slsa to
itnend tbsreii threaten   ipposition
imi the   public   knows  by ••. perienoe
thai  '-.irri« A   Rowe have »Uay< given
full    value    and    ii    Inl.   inure   fur i lie
money expended,   Tbe Norris it Rowe
oiroui provides for amuse nt, enter
I u i ii uii' ii t    and    Instruction,    mi   it   in
assured   tbat  tbe publio whose oonfl-
donOC llM    never   heen    liel.riiycd, will
continue to eupport the energetic
organization whose home is in the
west and whose interests are all here.
Xorris & Rowe will give tbeir annual
exhibition at Revelstoke on Wednesday, June 2nd.
A timber deal involving an exchange of two billion leet of timber
and a quarter of a million dollars haB
just been negotiated by C. D. McRae.
Tbe transfer was to a Toronto syndicate.
Tbe Provincial guvernment has had
two Btrong launches built for the purpose of cruising the coast and enforcing the game and timber regulations.
The boats are 6u feet long with 11 feet
beam and are ol a 40 horse power.
FIVE  ACRES  Suitable
for Market Garden
and Raising Fowl
Close to City Limits
House and Hen Coups
Price $1500
SnaponTtiird Street
PRICE $1500.00
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Mh tin fact tired fur utl classes of   build iugs
for sale iu larite or smitU'iiuiuiiities
at the lowest prices for ■ n-li.
All kinds Ol building Hiid!plnsteriuic
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   MoKenzie Ave
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
li.une grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees du
• ii>t iuive tu be lun igatttl.
They are gruwn in the ' nly
part uf the continent nut
infested with the Sun Jose
I"i7 Page Catalogue Free,
M.   J.    HENRY,
Greenliousos anil Nurseries
1010 Westminster Road,
VAMDI  VBU.    It.  <-.
Iir.ui. Ii   Nursery
South Vancouver
Hit-' ei.i-- Work  Guaranteed,
Mail Orders Promptly Pilled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Caii for Estimates and Advertising Rates
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
Hur ease uf operation and
perfection in the rculis produced the " EMPIRE"
Tbe" UMPIRE" embodies
im complicated movements,
while it* manifolding alignment, margin1 1 fm-i li ties,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum uf noise in operation
make it tlie typewriter par
Tbe" EMPIRE" needs leea
care tlm n any other* machine
because there are fewer parte
to lie oared fur ali-o due to the
strung linos of simplicity that
are pari uf tbe machine.
The C.P.R, began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895. continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than "00
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
Notice to Contractors
Wii.mkk School
C1KALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tender
O tot Bohoot-hoOBo/' will bu reoeived by the
Him. tlie Minister of Pablio Works ap touooa
of Wednesday, the 16th day of -luue, 1909, for
tho erectioii nud cotniiletinu of a small oue-
room frame Scbool-houae at Wilmer, \i. C.
I'luDs, specifications, contract aud forms of
teuder may he soeu ou and after the 21.it day of
May, 1901), at the oldces of the Ooverumeut
A«eut atUi>ldeu; of F M Hall, Es<i , Secretary
of the School Board, Wllmor. B.C., aud at the
Public Works Departmeut, Victoria,B  ('.
Each pioposal must be accompanied hy uii
accepted bauk cheiiueor certificate of deposit
ou a cbartorod bank of Canada, made payable
to tlie Hon. the Minister of 1'ublic Works for a
sum equivalent to teu per cent of the amount
of the tender, which shall be forfeited if rhe
puny tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the work coutracted for. The cheques or
certificatesof deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will bo returned to them opou the execution of
the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made
out on the forms supplied, signed with tbe
actual siffuature nf the tenderer, aud enclosed
in the euvelopes furnished.
The lowest or any teuder not necessarily
Fuolic Works Engineer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, B. 0, 18th May, 1909. juu 12
SEALED TENDERS, .uperscrilisd "Tendor
fur court House, Ferine, 8 0., will be received hy lho Hon. the Minister of Public
Works, up tonoou of Woduosday, the 9th day
of Juue, WIW, for the erection aud completiou
of a Concrete aud llriclc Court Mouse at Fertile.
Plans, specifications, centract aud forms of
teuder may bo seeu on and after the 10th day of
May, 190.1, at the ollico of tho Government Agent
at Pernio, the Government Agent at Nelson,
the Government Agent at Revolstoke, and at
the Public Works Department, Victoria, B. C,
Each proiKisal must lie accompanied by an
accepted bauk cheuue or certificate of deposit
on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable
to the Hon. the Minister of Public Works, for
a sum equivalent to ten per cent, of the amount
of the tender, which shall be forfeited if the
parly tendering decline to enter inio contract
ivlieii milled upon to do so, or if he fail to complete Hie work oouiracled Ior. 'I'he ehenues or
certificates ot deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will bu relumed lo them upon the execution
ol lhe contract
Tenders will not be considered unless made
oui on tile terms supplied, signed wilh lhe
actual signature of the tenderer, und enclosed
in me envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Public Works Kngmeer.
Public Work- Department,
Victoria, B.C., May 1th, 1909.
AMDKKW E. F. LIDDLE, Plaintiff,
[Jadgmeut Creditor)
T. ,1. TOMPKINS, Deloudant,
lJuditniout Debtorl
BtroKi. His Honour J ODOR Ub.im In Chambers. Mouitay, tue lltn day ol May. A.D.
Creditor aud IPON HEAR1.NU Mr. AG. Harvey on behall of mo Applicant aud L PON
READING ibe Adidavua ot A. E F. Liddle a»d
A.G Hartey sworu hireiu, the 13th day of May,
AD. Un aud Med:
IT IS ORDERED that service upon the
Judgment Debtor, T. J. Tumpkius, of the
Notice i. f Motloo annoxed horoto, calllug upon
him to show cau_.e wli> certain laud iherelu
iiuuiod should aot oe sold to realize the amount
of the Judgment l.eteiu by puulishiug this
Order together with the Notice miueied herolo,
iu four couseculive weekly editious ot a newspaper published or circulating iu the Utlyof
Revolstoke. H.C. bo deemed good und sullicieul
service upon Hie aforesaid Judgment Oebtor,
of the said Order and Notice ol .Motion i
cost of and lucideutal to this Application,
should lie added lothe Hinountof the Judgment
TAKE NOTICE that a Motion will be made
bofore the Preilping .ludgo in Chambers, at the
limit House, Vancouver, H.C:, ou Friday, the
Colli day of June, A.11. UMI, at the hour of IU
oi'loik in tho forenoon or so so..u thereafter as
couusel muy bo heard on an application ou
boholf of lhe Judgment I reditor, l--r au Order
eulliug upou the .Juiigmeut Debtor to show
cause wliy I_ots oue ill aud two (III iu lllocks
Forly-sii. Foriy-soveu, Forty-eight ml, tl, 48).
lli-lnct Lol Two Ti,. ii.-iiiid and Twenty-two
V30U), Vancouver District, or a competent part
of said laud, should uot be sold to real 7.e tho
amount payable under the Judgment hereiu:
-upporl ilieroot. will be read Ilm Alii.Iiivils of
V. K. F. Liddle and A. n. Harvey, both sworn
the 13th duy ol Way. A.D. 190), and IIImi.
Solicitor for Judgment Creditor.
ToT. J. Tompkins, Esi| ,
JllilglllOul  I'.lin il.
Kevelstoke Land District,
UiHtriel of West Koolenny.
Tnke Notice that Roderick \V. Lindsay, of Cauiboi-ne, ti.V., oooupatlon
merchant, inlende to apply tor permission to purchase toe following
desorlbed land i—
OomiueOOlDR at a pust planted at the
noilli-eaet comer of A.   D.  McKay's
pre-emption, No, "H06, and marked
••ll. W. Lindsay's North-We»t Oorner
I'osi; tbenoe aoout s ohaina cast to
wesi line of .McKinnuii's pre-emption,
tlience about 50 cliains south, thenee
alHitit 8 ehains west to McKay's side
line, thenee north aboul cd chains to
point of commencement and oontalning 40 aeres mure or less.
Roderick William Lindbat,
Dated April 80th, HW». "iy 22
Reveletoke Land District.
Distriel ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John 11. Selkirk,
Agent, nf Vanoouver, B.0.i intend lo
apply to the (JomiiiiHsinner nf IjiihIb
and Works for permission to purchase
the following described landsi
Beginning at a  p»st planted about
UO ohalns east of the north east oorner
uf Timber Limit No. IM66. on Upper
Allow Lake, Wesi Kiiotuniiy, running
west 80 ehains, thenee norlh 00 chains,
thence easl IHI ehains, Ilieuee south 10
chains, thence east 20 chains, thenco
suuth 20 obalna to point df imminence
Daled April Vlb, IU0II.
Take nolice that thirty 'lays alter
date I Intend lu apply Iii the Muperin-
tendenl   uf   I'liivineial   Police   for   a
leiaii liquur license for ths Springs
iotel al   Albert Canyon, II.C -,   from
June Willi lu December Slat, 1900.
paled May 101b. MOB.
Your money
back if
^^— Flour
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
DON'T simply buy flour from the dollar and ccntside "fit. Buy high-
quality flour. That means .PURITY FLOOR. The firsl little eitra
cost is more than maile up by the extra number of loaves of hreail it niaki-s-
by the superiority of the bread and pastry in sweetness of flavor ami nourishing qualities. Buying Purity Flour is a safe investment. Yon get large
returns, not only on account of Purity's ability to produce more, but because
Turity contains the greater nutriment antl the rim of a strong hard wheat
flour. Food made from Purity Flour gives the consumer health, snap and
force, which cannot be gained from the use of tbe weaker soft wheat flour.
pumry FLOUR
You can buy as little
as a 7 pound cotton bag
or in 14, 24, 49, ami 08
pound sacks. Also in
barrels and half-burn.Is
Purity may cost a little
more than some flours
but you'll find its more
than worth the difference. To be genuine,
must bear the Purity
trade mark.
Office, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. Boniface, Goderich, Brandon
Sunshine   grates   have
maximum   strength
Sunshine    Furnace    haa
four triangular grate   bars,
each  having three distinct sides.     In the
single-piece and two-piece grate no   such-like
provision is made for expansion or contraction,
and a waste of coal always follows a shaking.
On the left- and right-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit the grates to slide out.   These four grate bars
are made of heavy easl iron, aid are 6nished up with bulldog
teeth.     The teeth will grind up the toughest clinker ; and
because the grates are made in section!, not only can nothing but dunt and
ashes pass through, but after each shaking a different side can be presented
to the fire. Also, with the Sunshine grate there is no back-breaking
movements attached to the shaking. By gently rocking the lever, first on the
left and then en the right, tbe ashes are released on both sides,and fall through
" McCIaiy&
For Sale by
BOURNE  BROS.       Revelstoke
Fair Days Designated
The management of the Alberta
provincial exhibition has set apart
days which are to be observed sentimentally as is the custom with all
large celebrations of that kind. The
days set are Monday, July 5tb, Alberta
Day; Tuesday, July Oth, Farmers and
Ranchers' l>,iy; Wednesday, July 7th,
Ameri-an Day; Thursday, July 8th,
Citizens' Day; Friday, July Oth, Western Day.
Bank Opens New|Branch
An evidence of the increasing prosperity ol tbe province and of tbe
readiness of banking institutions to
keep up with the times it is announced
that tbe Canadian Back of Commerce
yesterday opened a branch at Nakusp.
Tbe cony little town on the Arrow
Lakes will now bave all conveniences
ol a larger city in the way ol banking
Where Christie's Biscuits
come from—
Tlie cleanest factory in Canada
THE Christie, Brown biscuit factory is in keeping with
the international reputation of the firm. Visitors
know just why Christie's biscuits are the best baked—and
hundreds visit the big factory every season.
The Christie, Brown people stake their reputation on
cleanlinc«3 and quality. The raw product is the purest
and host money ran buy, and every ounce of it is
carefully analyzed before it can enter the bake rooms.
Every device and machine- making for the perfection of
the product -is us?d in the big factory. The bright and
cheerful employes, nil arrayed in spotlessly white uniforms laundried on the premises, speak volumes for the
sanitary conditions under which they work. You just
buy Christie's Biscuits once and you'll know why your
neighbors call them "so good." Th« best grocers keep
them and they cost no more.
Christie, Brown *%. Co., Ltd., Toronto
Board of Trade Explains Why
Freshman Made Trouble
Just becaure the Mail Hkrai.ii is
big enough and broad enough to get
away from petty personalities and unrighteous squabbles of every kind,
tbere is reprinted a letter sent to tbe
secretary of tbe Revelstoke board of
trade by the secretary ol the Kamloops board of trade and explaining
tbe unfortunate mistake made by a
"freshman" who is "unfortunately in
charge ot tbat otherwise reliable authority tbe Kamloops Standard." It
is too bad, for several hundred reasons tbat tbe Revelstoke Observer
should bave to publish such a letter,
but tbe fact tbat it—tbe letter—
appears on the same page as a labored
defence of the attitude of that paper
in its care for the Kamloops board of
trade—an action which that board
now entirely repudiates is too wild for
description. The Observer must
choose other ground and other weapons
if it intends to make a presentable
ligbt. The letter of the Kamloops
board of trade needs no comment and
reads as follows:
Kamloops, B. C , May 19,1909.
Secretary Revelstoke Board of Trade:
"Sir: We notice with much regret
the comments of tbe RevelBtoke
Mail-Herald, on a garbled report of
tbe action of tbis board, on certain
matter which came to its knowledge,
and to which a garbled report waB
given. Unfortunately, we bave in our
midst a freshman in charge of the
otherwise reliable publication, tbe
Kamloops Standard, who is wholly re-
responsible for tbe version given to
what really took place. As the members of this board feel it iB due to us to
make the correction, we take tbis
opportunity and means in doing so.
The facts of the case are these: At
tbe general meeting of tbe board held
in February last, in diBCussing publicity matters, several speeches were
made on tbe lines of getting more
industries located here, one member
stated that it was rumored that at the
completion of the Field tnunel the
C. P. R. would remove the the repair
shops from Revelstoke to some point
nearer tbe coast, and if bo why not
make an effort to get it here. Tbis
member was present at the quarterly
meeting of the board beld Wednesday,
tbe 12th instant, and in dealing with
miscellaneous business, stated that be
bad not had any further definite information witli respect to tbe removal
ol tbe repair shops from Revelstoke,
bnt tbe idea is still prevalent that
sneb will be the case at tbe completion of tbe aforesaid mentioned
tunnel, and from talk he bas bad witb
railroad men, he thinks it will come
to pass. The president waa therelore
instructed to personally interview the
superintendent and lind out if possible
if tbere was any truth in tbo rumor. A
course which we think you will agree
that tbere was nothing dishonorable
in. But these are the facts from
which tbe garbled report was manufactured.
At a special meeting ol the council
of the board held on Tuesday, the
I8ib, and besides passing a resolution
of censure, 1 was instructed to make
the Amende Honourable.
Trusting that tbis explanation will
correct tbe unpleasant impression
which the regrettable sensational report gave.
1 have the honor to remain,
Yours truly,
John F. Smith,
(The secretary of the local board has
stated to us that while he waB not in
favor of the Board matter being given
ta tbe public before being dealt with
by tbe board, yet acquiescing to the
suggestion ol a number ol members to
allow the above letter to go into print
now, on tbe grounds of tbo matter
being practically public property, he
has consented.—in.
An Improved Wireless
"Singing sparks" is the expressive
name given to an improved wiriilom
system just perfected, wbicli, it is
claimed, will entirely obviate tho uncertainties with which other wireless
systems have had to contoutl, says a
•pecial cable to a Chicago pa|nn. The
new method consists in sending out
the vibrations which form the measures as pure musical tones tbat arc
capable ol being board by the receiver,
no matter bow softly they may Ini
attuned. It is declared by the inventors that by moans ol tbis device it
will be possible lor tho lirst time since
wireless telegraphy was established, to
maintain communication regardless
ol the condition of the atmosphere.
Another advantage claimed is that it
will be possible to work with muoh
smaller antennae for the aerial wires,
by wbicb the enorgy is absorbed. In
tbeir passage through tho air, tbe
singing sparks will be entirely noiseless.
Story of C. P. R. Against City
With Scores
The lint local niateb of the year
took place S tnrday last between those
old lime rivals in the noble game,
C.P.K. and City. The company, with
Blacklock, captain, winning the toss,
went lirst to bat on a splendid wicket,
but the bowling ot Cooke (wbo is
getting faster and straighter daily)
autl Maley waB so good tbat Brier
alone succeeded in getting double
figures, and bis score of runs were well
earned indeed. Cooke took six wickets
for ten and Maley four for twenty-five.
Side out for forty.
Tbe City opened badly, Atkins,
Young and Maley all falling victims
to Brier. Brooker's catch, dismissing
Job, was a peach. Foster followed
withjseven, but it was not till Cooke
and Bourne got together that anything
was doing, and tben it was Norris A
Rowe for awhile. Cooke went out
l.b.w. for a splendid seventeen, while
Bouruc carried his bat for a superb 60
in which were t nly li singles. The
innings closed for 109. Brier got
seven wickets for 53, Brooker, two for
30 and Annan one for 21. Ooble's
wicket-keeping for the company's team
was very good and his batting was
much better than his score expresses.
Following is the detailed score of the
two sides—one innings only per Bide.
Brooker b Cooko  8
Armac b Maley  0
Brier b Cooke  20
Goble c Atkinab Maley      4
Blacklock b Cooke  0
Ellis b Maley  1
Barnes b Cooke  2
Hewitt c Halldiug b Maley  0
Hulme b Cooke  0
UriHitliB b Cooke  0
Walker not out  I
Extras  4
Atkins c Blacklock b Brier  1
Young b Brier      3
Maley c Brooker b Brier  0
Ceoke l.b.w. b Brier  17
Foster b Brooker  7
Bourne (not out)     80
Hallding c Ellis b Brooker  5
Maley (Jr.) b Brier  1
Humphries e Brier li Annan.   ... 0
Bourne (Jr.) b. Brier  10
Jeesop b Brier  0
Extras  5
Gun Club Scores
The Oun Club shoot ol May 2(i,
credits tbo scores as follows: Barber
18, MoDonoll 13, Skene 13, Sturdy 9,
Lawrence 7, Cuoke 6,
Happenings  Throughout Week
in B. C.
The Alice mine, near Creston, bas
beeu bonded to au English company,
after having boon worked for several
years by its former owners. It is said
there is a large body ol high grade ore
in sight.
Karl Orey aud bis party will camp
at Toby Creek, near Cranbrook, during tbe month ol September.
The Elk river is badly swollen by
Hoods and many valuable logs were
lost during last week. The Elk Lumber Company bas been a heavy loser.
Receipts lor the sale ol luts at Prince
Ruperts have passed all i xpcctatioiiB,
totalling a million anil a ball.
Flower thieves are worrying the
owners ol gardens iu Nels m.
d'l'lie Be" Trading Company, a
grocery firm of Nelson has been miming small sums of money from the
cash till at regular intervals lately.
By a clever capture tbe police ollicers
of that cily gathered in the thief last
.Monthly antl he is in tin! toils.
The latest strike no the (lolden
Belle mine at Sheep Creek has shown
an assayed value Irom a large sample
ol 411.25 per ton. Tbe Kootenay Belle
mill and mine at the camp is again
under operation by I. L, Warnor and
his associates.
The Grand Trunk Pactfic Will
Develop Province
Tbst the Qrand Trunk I'acilic will
start work immediately on a colonization scheme to attract settlers to the
lands iu Um valleys ol tho northern
interim <>l British Columbia to lie
traversed by the line of the U.T.i'. is
the aiiiiniincenient made by VV. I',
llinttiii, general passenger agent ol the
coin pany. The company is now securing all available particulars ol
actual agricultural operations in lho
Necliiiii. ami other valleys (or use in it
campaign, which iH expected tc attract
thousand of settlurs by the time the
lino is in operation. The railway
company lias a building nl its own at
the A.Y.l'. fair and will hnvo a very
attractive exhibit and Information
Elects New Officers
The W.C.T.U. held a meeting in
Knox Church Friday altcrnoon. A
new Bet Ol ollicers wero olectctl as
follows: Prosldent, Mrs. K. \V. Laing:
Vice 1'res., Miss B. Mills; Cor. Secy.
Mrs. John Beck, Kcc. Hocy., Mrs.
Diokey; Tress.,   Mjbs   L,   Woodland,
An entliuaiastic meeting was held,
and much wurk planned for the coming year. The report of the last year
shows a membership ol 57 and $37.90
in the treasury.
Re-Elects Officers
The annual meeting ol the Kevelstoke Sawmill C mpany was beld in
the office of the company on Monday-
evening. The annual statement of
the business affairs of tho company
was submitted and approved. The j
company was shown to be in a prosperous condition and the shareholders
were pleased with the balance sheet.
The former directors were re-elected,
C. F. Lindmark being president and
F. W. Hess, secretary. The company
decided to continue operations witb a
full force ol men both as regards the
mill and camp operations. A lull
discussion of the lumber market was
in with a resulting conclusion that the
outlook is bright enough to warrant a
solid start.
Apply First Street Weat
at 5 o'clock.
A.   J.   CARL SO Nfi
thin*   of   "rncP'TJEja
H e make l-'olev's Si.In- i
piled-tip nl I stock —all fro-n  - in ie iiie nay thev g
We   -lii|i  only   in   inni-' ir-,.-1 if,   dust-proof
1 he mom frequent disappointment
in 1 u;-ing sodps Is in finding them flat
in taste and old in oppearance. Ton
never find that in Toley's Sodas.
lay they nn- shipped. No shipping from
ni le the day tbey go out.
.   sir-proof   carton*.
Foley s -..lui  retieh your Inin-lit  exactly  theianv  perfect,   freak,
sweet, pii liable c in Ui ri i i   vliieh tli -v leave the factory.
Foleys are well-ilavoro I, w ll-ma le an 1 properly packed freah sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Medium (lover.
Mammoth Clover
While   Hutch Clover
Button's Lawn Grass
German Millet
American Wonder Peas
Ohampion   nt   England
Black   Eye   Marrowfat
(Jolden Wesi  Beani
Beats, Carrots, Tnrnips
Onion Sels.  Multipliers
Sweet peas Nasturtiums
Five Roses, Royal Standard, Wild Rose, Harvest
Queen, Western Hungarian, Wheat Sheaf.
Whole Wheat,    Ciraham.
Barley Flakes, Toasted Corn, Wheat Pearls,
Rolled Oats.    Wheal Granules.
Hay, Wheat, Oats, Cracked and Whole Corn,
Oilcake Meal. Vetches, Chick Food, Beef, Scrap
and other Chicken Specialties.
Manitoba Frost Wire Fences and (iates,
Warnock's   Tree   Faint.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
•^       Theae destroyer* oannot live where treea have been treated with    *"*
\V A R N O C K' S   T REE    PAINT
Pear Blight, Babbits, Miee, Holers,   Canker  Worm,   San Jose  Scale,  Oyster
Shell, Bark Louie and Sun Scald.   THB COST IS VERY SMALL     It will
not wash off.    One application protect* for two years.    Warnock's Tree Puint
Is not an experiment,    It bus sioikI the test for aix yean in aU parte of the
I nited Slates,    lt is an absolute preventative nnd cure for Pear Blight.     We
invite investigation,    The Arkanaa* Experimental station has used this tree
paint for three years,   November, i!«iT: ibey pnrohrsed BO gallons for free
liitiibiitiiin among lending orchards.     Send for   Id-page free booklet tt:
ile Ma
(i. K. LAWKs. Enderby, H. O., Sol
laniifai'tiiieis for B. U,
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke, B  C.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best   and  largest   Stock
of Cigars and
Pipes in
Original   Mac's   Mixture
now  on   hand
and made
expressly   lur   us  by I).
K. McPherson.
in C. P, K. contract for facing Hevelstoke Btation. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. Hy lar the cheH]iest material lor a suln-tantial
house. Conl in summer, warm in winter. Savon most of
your painting and almut have your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C- TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B.C
(Seasonable cTVIerchandise
At Special Sale Prices   Substantial Cuts in all Lines
—\j Q-0<K><_KK><_KH><><K>C_K)HD-<K^
li a 6
Men's Suits
Men's Tweed Suits selling ol $9. Those
are new—this season's goods bought at special
prices, easily worth $15. Come in and look
them over.
Men's Worsted Suits—Sale price $10.
These suits nre made by one of the best
manufacturers and come in blue ami black.
Your choice now for only $10; i.oud value at
from $16 to $ Is.
Boys' Suits
Boys'   'l» 1   Suits   at $'2..ri0.      We aro
selling all our boys' suits at great reductions.
Tiiis ir your opportunity to dress your boy in
a nobby suit at little cost.
Ladies' Specials
Special priueH now given on Wash Suits,
Wash Skirts, New Blouses, Ladies' Underwear, Holts, Collars and Hosiery.
Boots and Shoes
Men'.-, elastic siile boots, regular $3.50
selling now al $2.__.fi. .Men's box calf lace
boot, regular $4.50, now $2.'.)0.
All Ladies' odd Bunts and Oxfords that
have been tin sale at $1.50, are now being
cleared al $1 per pair. These are regular
$u anil $ I gootls.
Never before in the history of lhe oily
have such bargains lieen offered as are to be
found now at our store.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Collected, Loans Notary 1'
> <H>^<KK>0K>O<><>O<KK>0<K>-CK>-C>
$15,000  -STOCK--$15,000
We arc giving up business and selling  out  our  entire   Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at  Slaughter Prices    [
The Sale commences at once and will be continued  day anc
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
j      Stylish Neckwear
fust the touch of daintiness and style that is required
lady's costume is found in the new line of collars, etc.
that we have opened today. Nice, cool,
summery-looking collars, up-to-the-minute
in style, dainty enough to wear with any
suit, and yet will launder well and look as
good as new.
We have them in the Mannish style,
either plain or embroidered, in white or
colors. The new DUTCH COLLAR in
linen or lace and lawn, with jabots to
match. These are in great demand at the
present time, and worn everywhere.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie ave ue
We sell all the besi
makes ol Talcum
Powders. Kor the
Baby, fur Shaving,
for 's,,n-   Feet,  etc.
iln.il.i '1    noi   In
irritate.    Sold in
Local and General.
I ht government lins sent a gang ol
men north to the Hig Bend district to
repair trails and do other work for the
development ol tbe section.
Preparatory service will be held to-
nigbt Wednesday) at 8 o'clock in
Knox church. All communicants in
tbe congregation are specially invited
to be present.
The ladies ol Mi. McKenzie Hive,
Ko. 6, L ".T.M. mul tlieir children
will hold iheir lirst annual picnic at
Eva creek, on the Murau farm, soutb
oi the city, on Saturday, J une oth.
A meeting of tin- Y.M.C.A. and City
lacrosse teams will le held in the
Y.M U A. rooms un Tuesday night for
thi purpose of arranging a schedule
for tbe gsmes ol lhe coining season.
A special review ui Mt. MoKenzie
Hive.   L. O.T.M.,  will  take  place iu
Ci A R D E N    S Va E D S
Call and inspect our stock of Onion Sets ami Garden Seeds oi'all kinds
None Imt new seeds kept in stock
We carry .1 complete line of
staple and fancy groceries, and
can olT'er you the besi goods .it
I hi' same price as ynu pay for
inferior lines.
< Mir bread, rake and pastry trade
i^ rapidly Increasing, a trial
ordei for any one of the above
will explain why. (lur aim is to
keep only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  uin- ill   lhe   iimst   important   items
in \ mir business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look niter ihis branch ol" your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
1 lairy Butter     25c
Potatoes, Early Rose $-.50
Turnips, not woody, and firm. . 2c. Ib
Apples 5c, lb
John Mclntyre & Son, First Street
There were  tiroes,   too
i hen
'Their Own Work
Engineers and  lire;:,- 11   are  said ti
., i_r   n    '__-..  1    _,,_.„„.     .... 1 1 ill-re were   tallies,   mu.    uut-ii   people
Masonic     Hall,     sci-onil   street,    ou      ..      ,    . ...        ,  .. .in
.,. ,        ,       '.,   ,     ...     .,    ,.„.,,,,. ' with telephones fell   11   den-ate   thrill
1 nursdav. June .iid  at -I p.m. Deputy   . ',   . ., -.-.
- ' .„„__,, I because of the tremors that wen  Kent
over the wireless.    The   lightning Railway   Men Have   Ideas of
«truck pretty olose.
There wns a credit a I .It parade of  K
Company.   K.M.R..   last    Sunday    in |	
their attendance on Divine service  at   bold a   monopoly   ol   certain   super-
St,   Peter's   church.     The  company   -,,.;,,-     fhey never have confidence
mustered almost t"   its   full   member ,
1 ■ 1 a i.   i-     i-       . 1     '" :i ocomotive
ship and. preceded by  the   Ke •  -1   III
Independent   Band,   marched   to  tbe accident
place   of   worship  where  Kev.   C. A. I tion the engine  may ^^^^^^
As a result ol tbe thunderstorm last Procunier preached a short  but elo- run she may be   ■-• ey would
.I1*..!!!!!; ~nn.w"FJih!L0i!^ 'ratuer«°autodtlie"«>«» «c™i>heap
Supreme Commander Lady Janet
Kemp, is expected tu be present. All
members are re.iuesteil to attend.
To-night the Nurth Stars and lhe
Schools play baseball, (.lame stnrl.-
at 5:30. Everyone playing is requested
to be on baud at that time. I p to tbe
].resent tbe schools have lost all their
games, but they intend to go after the
-■■tars to-nigbt.
that haa  been   in an
N 1 matti 1 in   ft hat   oondi-
be.   or   to   what
"'K'lt _______________________________________      ________________■ ________^_________________________a
with   its   sources   ol  electrical power of patriotism as affecting tbe members
were put out oi  business and those in  ol military corps under tbe   volunteer
tbe oity today who were dependent on system   in   vogue   in Canada,
such source., ol  power were handicap-1 pres her paid the company a compli-
ped.     The wires" will be fixed and the|moot 00 the line turnout
current  resumed
siime time later this
Mrs, Haylock will n it
until autumn.
receive   A. i
Tbe   disarrangement   of the   tram ^nPIHl   Qlln   PoPCftnol
services, owing to the high waters, lefl WUUiai  QIIU  I   ClOUIIa!
the  Norris A K we circus  unable-to 	
keep   its   engagement   today.     The
aisappointnient   of the children   was
expressed in loud lamentations uu the _^^,_____________________________._________________^^_^^^^
streets, nut  boisterously,  but  in  tbe      Harold Clark is renewing acquaint-
Confidential veiu.      The only ii'deem- ances in the city
ing bul* oo far  a^  lhe  child   mind is       ,,      ,.. .' .,,
concerned i, that there mav -till bee T,M".U"*   n"ril>' *HI
real circu. here. Tborsday nor again this season.
It is not exactly what one doi - 1 it
bi n it is done that makes a bit with
the ptopie. Nothing c- uld be ra re
t.-u.y said   I  tbe 1 srlormaoce
J.   D.   Sibbaid   returned    •■■••   la
tn   .  • isinees      iii
ol   tbe Miss Annie Palmer ban accepted
San   FrsDcirc    opera c mpanj which position   .-  stenographer
will   appear   ben     ■■■ '• ine Itb ti-ii- Lumber Ci
tbat tbey do thing,   well,     rbecoin- A1„  Miller, proprietor ol tin
!""■>■'- DOtpieki I  up but ha.    r iu   ..,,.,  , ()   lt   _.„.,,,„    u,
caste awl,-:.- list   1 people wb   Itnon Mii|il!l.  ,,. ,,„.,.„>.
what to do wben tbey go on tbi stage
A   fl   Mol   sne     in  manager -
I thunderstorm of more than usual |mperia]   Bank    returned   isi   night
proportl ns was an incident  srtecting (rom , business visit to Golden
tbe nerves   Ol  . .cal   people   yesterday
evening, Tbe crash ol thunder amidst L.ll. Coogreve, proprietor ol   the
the hills mure than made tin-   welkm Bellevue Hotel  at Hioamous hai   een
rmg and the subsequent downpour ul "pending a lew dayi In the city,
rain answered all the demand ol tbe ,\|r H,„|   Mrs. A. M. Craig and fain
belongi   _ • ie   hardest
eg is  1 .- :   bad
I any 1 her s 'p-
eportei       ind
prevalent a        ; aBginemi is tbe
turn -l
• •   f - n prefei   torn ng  I
tbe rig e left, a
Mussu wing I he 1 u<
.   n Dg   prayrs.
lr| u -        ie   says, ma
poiol       ■• Bsenl whenever theii
I in orJer I    assure
lone  tbi   rigbl
■., be    ibsence  il hs -
tbey wih      1
1111 1, nsentiuj
1        Sun
attni ited  '..   engines   Ix ing
it v s Ir -nt   hurt
One tep   n tbe 1
with   the   righl   lool       il     I
lid be I: msi quenci -    '
bing mt  il 'he cab on   'i"
iid •   ■ 1,..mi;-     - iota   1   mis
take   would   certainly   resull    in an
luring tbe ten months' presence
among them ul a cross-eyed man, lost
nine uf Iheir number ny accidents on
tho line, su it is said, and the cross-
esed man himself was killed us the
tenth victim All persons engaged in
dangerous occupations are naturally
superstitious, nud railroad men may
be classed with sailors, fishermen, snd
miners in this respect. It is not dillicult to wurk up signs that would
arouse the apprehension of eugiueinen
or utheia liable to meet with serious
Lacrosse Game Won   out by
The lacrosse game between Kegina
nnd Kevelstoke on .Monday night was
a fine exhibition of stick handling and
combination on both sides. The lle-
ginas lind the b si of the game nil the
way. but the local buys showed up
well. The game started off very bint
in the first quarter with some line
p.issing and good work on both sidts
rbe Kegina team hud a very heavy defence nnd the Kevelstoke home found
it haul to get within shooting distance
of the goal. At half lime ihe score
stood 3-0 in favor of Kegina, but after
the interval the local buys dug in and
secured tlieir first goal by brilliant
passing anil combination by Dunne.
Dickey and Woodland. Another goal
cime to Kevelst -ke when Worley got
a long pass - - 111 and with n swift
■ . und the net The score at 1 lie
end I time -1 'I 5 2 in lavor ol lhe
Mention mint be made ol the line
way ■ Simpson   refereed  the
game, keeping the boys in their placei
tnd giving nny rough work a rest on
tbe f.
School Attendance.
■ 1 1 h. public schools
as follows:
Muslin Underwear
Wc arc showing a nice Inl of these goods, in Gowns,
Drawers and Corset Covers, nicely trimmed with embroidery 01 good wash luce, at wonderfully low prices, ll will
pay you to sec them.
McLennan & Co,
1 You Don't Have To |
Wealth of Yankee Millions Now
Pouring Into Dominion
Washington, Juno 2.—-Tint between 76,000 and 100,000 persons, most
of tbem American farmers, will settle
in the western provinces of Canada
during the present year is the substance (if a report suit hy Consul
Franklin D. Uale,of Cbarloltetown, lo
the department of commerce and
" 'I'he total amount ol ivcnltli thi y
will take will run into millions," ci n-
tinucs thu representative "Since I'.llili
over 200,11110 homesteads hnve heen
granted 10 settlers, nnd the population of the Dominion bus increased
over 1,000,0"0. lt is estimated tbat
the total trade has increased $178,000,
and the product ol grain has shown
an iucroase ol uearly 100,000,000 bushels. There are still available for honic-
siends in Manitoba 17,826,000 acres,
in Saskatchewan 104,878,000 and 117,-
309,000 in Alberta."
'I ■
people who art-
looking for the
,ut with a miotoscope
man   with   tbe    nose.
Do   you   know
li u dli - al -1 everything for
lhe baby, viz.:
BABY l< m il iv    VMenbury -.
Mellln's, Nestles,   Kobln-
»ol 't It nl.-v.   Iloliinson's
 nt-.    tlorllcki    Milk.
Lactatod food, N'e.n.--.'.
Uskay'H, etc, Also tbo
the 1..-1 lines of Nipples,
Soiiiin-ii, Feeding Bol 1 Ies
unl Tnl. umV.
-: ,1. 1
117 0»
\% 10
—     11
iii 32
1 IV
-     \i
'i 13
HI 82
-      VIII
■  IX
91 .1
..     .  ...     .   ,   1 :_ .x.    ..   .,     accidenl uxmcr or later    There
ily ..f   1 rout   Lake urn 111 tbe city the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. Tomlinson   »«° to  ™   '   luperstitious  pn
,.   ,.. ,     ...     .,     .,    1   1 against    ocomotlves   whose  numbers
II. Kirk, of thn   llig   lliiinl   Lumbi 1
Company, is in town ior a few days, contain the figure 9 or oan be equally
He is accompanied by Mrs. Kirk and divided by that number.    Tben
isson Harry. apparent roason lor thii and   nothing
V.  Dynes   ol   Nolson agent for tin to explain why the generally aoknow-
Riverside nurseries ol (irand Forks ii lodged  ominoiiinesa ol   18  is   disre
in the eily and district, in the iuten -1- „„,od   ,,„,, ,, j, ,|M|,k,„| (.„ll>|IMl,1,.,,n>,
f thn lino he represents,
hy uiiiiiy worker- 111   looomotive   USbl
Jas. Donald,.!.  Meek and \V, Allen      ,,
.,(   E Company, B.M.H., left on A        ""•   "m   »°">etlmes   M'"'   » *™»
day evening to atteinl the Interior layer who bus Btumbled in crossing s
Rifle Association ibont at Vernon, rail retraci bin steps ami cross the rail
They were joined at Hioamous by H I again with sure leet. To stumble
; ■ ,r"w"' „.v(.r 11 rail ia productive ul misfortune,
M.   11.  Archibald   of tbe Maoleod,land the only way to ward off dUaster
Alta.,  Advertiser, formerly ol  Revel. JH t„ tHk(. th |t        ,„     0roM.eyed
Itoke, is   Spending a   few days   nitbe' mmmmmm
oity with bis bride (Mils Violet Puglio).
lhe    wedding    took    place   nil .olden
inun urn unpopular, Some support to
tins suporstition is disoovorablo In llie
story ul   a gang of   Irnok-liiycrs who,
137   92.21   194
Criminal at Large
: luson s desperate criminal
- rving  -'   lourti en-ycai   ...
v  u   tain ;.. nitontiary
lor arson robbery   and lhe   Killing ol
, 1 hai    bsc .;.' 'I    snd    ll   Still ill
si    tunnelli d a  hols 1 nr >ugb
the pi. -ni   wall   and   got   nul  nn ' hi
roof, and by   means ol  ins Led olol hoi
reached the ground below. He escaped
from     .ml     while    waiting Iiiil,
mul   Is   altogether  reg irded as ono ..I
tbo worsl ci iiiiioiiis in 1 in- west,
Killed hy two revolver   shuts, one
through   li ih   mouth   and   ihe other
1 liruugh ins 1 pie, 11 mini supposed
I... have oom milled suicide and named
Richard Kblert, wai loutid at Iill ludg
mg" 111 Vmtui'ia on Monday night.
Clever Boy Detectives
Omaha, Neb. June 2.—F, Tortecsen
and VV. D Wood.- were identilicd by
engineer Micklejobu and fireman
I'rawley aa tbe men who crawled over
the tender oi their locomotives on
Saturday night Inst and forced them
to stop the Union Paoific Overland
Limited at the Omaha city limits nnd
rubbed the mail oar. Sevetal school
cliililren also Identified all the prisoners as men tbey bad seen in the
vicinity ol tin; llruwn ,,1'ark scboul on
Sunday and Monday. Three small
schoolboys brought about the arrest ol
three men believed to be the robbers.
To these three buys and their teacher
probably tbe (116,000 reward offered hy
the railway, if the men prove to be tbe
ones wanted, will be paid.
When the Bobooiboys (muni bidden
on the banks of the Missouri river
revolvers, ligbtB and other material
nsed by the robbers they told their
teaoher, Mis, Freeman. .Sim advised
ih" police, and deledives after a 30
hour vigil Inst nighi nrresled tlie three
nn 11 now in custody.
Following tbe arrest near the school
bouse, scorei ol detectives began a
search for lurtber evidence, Mrs.
Freen in noticing that a ladder used
lor reaobing   lbs  attic ol   tbe scboul
I,milling bud   been   mliplaoed, decided
1 hal 'be atlio ol   Mia   icbool building
h id    b( .11    used    us n luii.     Lanterns
were prooured and twu men went Into
ih. ittio, white they lound eight, reg
i-i. i..I mall sucks two min coats, snd
.1 pair ol   mu ills.      'I he   police   wen
called     I he ,    in,in.,11 showed thai
ever) letter and package bad been
■ ,11, ipen Un .1 itonti ol value re
moved aud   lho   letters ntuok back in
1,1 1, v lives.
Rfivelstoko Mountaineering Cluh
A gsnoral mei 'mg of tho alwve cluh
«ill in. held 111 1 ic 1 ity Hull on Tuesday,  lime   8th,   nl    4    p.m.    A   lurge
oo 11.1 nn'. ol 1 bi is li requested ns
Important basinets Is to come bolore
the meeting. J, I' Fount. Secretary-
\\ 1 i- ii-ry 11 full  me ..( Health brand
iiiiiiiii -mes, I he IhuU chi up and llieili
um price ninttros-t nil the market—U.
II. Hume A Cu.
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
New York Scientist Recalls An
Ancient Scare
A New York despatch Bays: A
comet living through space nt the rate
of many millions ol miles a minute I
riiiliiilcil a light which wns plainly
visible to the naked eye, according to |
Edwin Fairfax N.uilty, ol No. 160
Fifth avenue, a student ol astronomy,
who is en dited witb numerous discoveries in that science.
Tbe comet, who«e conoradia, or
direct light, was seen by Mr. Nniilly
last, evening, wns discovered by Prof.
William R. Brooks, of Hobart college,
Geneva, N X., on Monday morning,
and by a coincidence its approach was
noted the sntnii afternoon in New York
by Mr. Nnulty.
lie said tin oouiet was lelwien the
earth and tbe sun, nnd that at sunset
its light was at cross angles with the
rays ol tbe sun.
"There is absolutely no danger to
the earth in contact with the comet's
tail," said Air. Naulty.
"Danger Irom contact with the
comet iUoll would be nothing," he
went on, "assuming that the gaseous
elements aro always na shown by tbo
spcclruni. The only danger would be
contact witli the Holid substances lul-
luwing a comet in its orbit, and as
these always have been minute in
size,   tbey are.   except   in   rare cases,
dissipated   with gnH  by the frlotion
resulting (rom their passage through
the air to tbe earth.'
Business Locals
lluy yi ui June presents at nearly
cost price [rum Doyle A Allum, Ltd.
A choice range of carpet squares nnd
iuns iit <;. il. Hume A Co.
Try Veribrite Vonoil on your lurni
lure nnd sea lhe result, sold at C. b.
Hume A Oo's.
\\'e are offering special bargains on
web oarpets, Call and mo thorn, 0.
li. Hume A Oo.
For   tapestry,   luce  curtains    and
draperies go lo C   II   Hume ,V (Jo.
Straws Tell
Daiplte tl simi discreet silence of
ihe railroad oUiolals regsrdlng the Mize
ol lhe hniil innde by the train rubbers
when Ihey luld up lhe (ireat Northern
fast mail west hound io Seattle, between Mead   and   Colbert, ,t fortnight
ago, Information has leaked out lhal
tiie amount   obtained ny ilm bandits
reached above the $50,000 nnirk, which
is n   bigger   sum   than  Unit stolen by
the  notorious  George   Frankbauier.
At the close ul the holdup it wn» given
OUt that thu luut of the robbers did
nut   amount   to   muob,  but   shortly
utter that directions were issued from
the Bt, I'.i ti I office pi tho Great Northern to ntl'er a reward of $10,000 each
lor the six bandits, making a total of
$110,000 f r tbeir apprehension. Tbo
size ol the reward would not seem to
indicate that tbo haul made near
Spokane was a small une.
I'ln- New ICdilion ul lhe
Vol. \ 111 issued May, 1909,contains 1500
lust's, \\iih nearly 50 per cent, niotr
matter than the preceding cdilion, The
chapters with nine descriptions and ou
statistics have been carefully revised and
the hulk of the matter therein is
There arc 25 chapters,
^ overing Copper 11 isi my, Gcolog),
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, LeachingtjStnelting, Inclining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys. Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, States, Countries and Oontin*
cuts; Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, etc.
The Copper Handbook is conceded ly tfio
The Copper 11 an book eontainsi  in  this
new and greall)  enlarged  edition,  sboul
511 per cenl. more matter than   ihe   Bible
though   noi   necessarily  u heller hook
because o\ ils greater bulk,      li   is   filled
wiih FACTS oi vital importance lo
Price Is $5 in buckram with gill top, «>i
$7.50 in genuine lull library morocco.
Terms   ate    ilu-    inosl    liheral,     Send   no
money, but order tlie book senl you, all
carriage charges prepaid imi one week's
approval, lo he relumed il unsatisfactory,
or paid for il il suils. Can yuu Afford not
to see the hook and judge for yourself ol
its value tO you?
Write now lo ihe ediloi and publisher,
Horace J. Stevens
17V ill 8ALE -Columbia gramophone
1    and one and one-half doz records
Price$26. Apply M \ii.-lIi:itai.ijnllli-i-.
June 2-111,
$26 DOWN
Will liny some of the host
building lots near Vancouver. LoIh very easily
cieiirt'tl and close tu Trum.
Now in tlie time lo invest,
Allow mu In giiio you
fuller particulars,
Money tu Luan on Household


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