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The Mail Herald 1909-04-21

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 "Empire" Typewriter
Fur ei.se uf uperatiun iind perfection
in results produned, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, JliuOU Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
fVcvincial /,,'
The Mail-Herald
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKonzie Ave.
Vol.  15.—No   24
S2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Want a
Pair of
—and so does every other well-dressed man here. They're the
smartest shoes that money can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're made in quarter-
sizes, giving you an exact ht. Regal Shoes are the greatest shoe
values in the world—that's why we sell them.
Let us show you the new Spring styles.
C. B. HUME Sr Company
Agents for Revelstoke, B. C.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season of the year that the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kulsnmiue sume
rooms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the floors. Varnish
Stain some pieces o! the furniture, Bnatuel the beds or the
baths, Keg ib I the picture frames. We are heat able to
supply ull tliese wants, ive cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all ready for the brush. Aspinall's Enamels,
B. A. r. Enamels for hath or woodwork. Biiplac Varnish
stains, Iroulte Varnish stiih)S. Lacqueret in all colors.
Berry Bros, house varnishes, Liquid Granite fjr Minora or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture. Moors, boats or carriages,
all fur all inside work.
Painters Supplies iu all lines and at prices that cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money. Leave yuur orders for work with us and we will
send you a mini and guarantee that he will give ynu the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr AgentH at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, Han Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate frnm date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
.   i
Voiles, Panamas and Lustres, in
all the latest shades and colors
MRS.   A.  O.   CRICK
First   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
ll» —   III  ■!      llll        '■■    ■      ■   ■       I   I' ■    ■     ■■    I   ll    —■____—
Work on Central Section of
Revelstoke Sanitary Drainage Begun—To be Completed
pleted by October 15th.
A large gang uf workmen is already
busy sinking (lie initial excavations
that are tu complete the central portion ol the sewerage system of the city
ol Revelstoke and hy the middle of
Ocluber, shuuld the terms uf the con
tract be carried out, the whole central
part ol the city from the School Block
to Orton Avenue, and Irom the C.I'.R
trackage to the waterfront will be un
deruiined and drained with a complete
modern septic tank system for the
handling of the sewage of tlie business
and part ol the residential section.
In June 11)07 bylaws were finally
passed by lhe city council having been
previously authorised by tbe rate
payers lor the expenditure of $99,581
odd dollars for sewet age purposes and
since that time debentures in the Bum
of $35,000 have been successfully
negotiated. Out of this latter sum
the present improvements arc being
carried ou.
The plans at present uuder prusecu.
tion involve the laying of au 18-iuch
main on Cuunatight avenue extending
as far as Sixth streetb where, the septic
tank will lie located uu a piece of city
property and draining from there into
the Columbia river. On tbe*west side
connections will be had by means ol
mains laid in the lanes between Third
and Second, Second and First streets,
aud between First street and Victoria
road as far as the General Hospital.
This will complete the system on the
west side of the Smelter spur.
On the east side the system will
entail a main in tbe lane between
Connaught and McKenzie avenues
from Eighth Btreet to Victoria Road
and in the lane between McKenzie and
Orton avenues from Sixth street tu
Victoria road. Also an extension in
tbe lane between First and Second
streets joining tbe Robson avenue
drainage to tbe McKenzie avenue
main. On the laue between Second
and Third streets the sewer will extend from Ruhsun to McKenzie avenue
and ou Third and Fourtii streets, ss
well as in that between Fourth and
Fifth streetB between McCarter avenue
to McKenzie avenue Between Fifth
and Sixth ihe lane will be drained
from Orton avenue to MoKenzie avenue, thus providing a complete watershed for the release ul all cesspools
and other menaces to the publio
Oue ol the features o! the present
system which cannot be too highly
Ciiminendeii is the pruviainu for lie
diversion fur the two streams which
now croBS the C.P.R. track , one at
PearBon street and another at Camp
bell avenue, both of which have been
leeders for every sort of germ that
natural selection and cross breeding
could produce. These strcama have
dralte.l tbe seepage Irum cesspools aud
closet? all uluug their course and iu
warm weather at every stagnation the
processes which go un iu a septic tank
uuder cover might be witnessed without microscopes in the uncn air. Tbe
new system involves the complete
cleansing of these, their protection hy
proper curbings where necessary and
tbe enforcement uf laws probibitiug
their defilement in any way. This in
itselt will go a long way toward removing one ol the more immediate
and ever present sourceB ol danger,
especially during the Summer mnnihs.
So far as that portion ol the city
affected by the present plans, it may
confidently be expected that when tbo
system is iu operation, no mure pruperly drained nur conveniently piped
city will be luuud in tdis province.
The site o! this city is such that
unly average depths need he excavated
and with twu 18-incb mains and a
series ol 6, 8 and 10 inch feeders, ample
[all will be secured.
The contract was let to the Rick-
man Ce i ent and Construction Company, ol Vancouver, and construction
ol the pipes throughout will be of
cement. The city has been fortunate
in that it has secured a tigure for the
whole work which is something like
33 per cent, less than would have had
to be paid in case vitrified had beeu
used. All the construction work is
guaranteed fully equal tu the best
vitrified and and probably Revelstoke
will be the first city in the province
to make the cxperimentuf au entirely
cement system.
Much favorable comment is heard
respecting the action uf the Council
in resolviug to employ ratepayers
preferably aud residents exclusively
upon the work. The ordor in which
these are tu be mustered to the roll
call is also commended. While perhaps not more than hall a hundred
men will be employed these will he
kept constantly at work uud it is expected lhal hy the expiry of tbe contract tbs system will be oompiete.
Brilliant  Success by   Ladies'
Hospital Guild
Tbe annual ball, given under the
auspices of the Ladies' Hospital Guild,
was held last night in the Opers
House aud success heing its characteristic feature. The Ladies' Guild have
spared no pains to insure this, their
annual event, a success, and if hard
work and constant attention to details goes fur anything, the ladies
certainly deserve much credit lur tlieir
eflYirts. Assisted by the members of
the Hospital Board, the ladies succeeded in presenting a very prettily
decorated hall, colored lights, bunting
and Hags being extensively UBed. The
attendance was guud and i In me present
spoke in enthusiastic terms ol the
dancing. Supper was served at midnight, and departing from the rule
which has been adopted in pust years,
that uf having a sit-duwn supper
upstairs, the pleasing part of every
dance wus partaken in the main hall,
benches being used as improvised
tables. The many dainty articles
among the supper were much appreciated and the least provi d most
enjoyable. Tbe Independent Band, as
usual, were up to the mark, and judging by tbe unusual Bight ol many ol
Revelstoke's confirmed non-dancers
disporting themselves un the floor,
"la danse" is still initiating new
members into her fascinating toils.
Thuse whu were present voted the
utVair u jolly success and a handsome
Bum was realized. The Ladies' Guild
are to be congratulated on the success
of their annual dance.
New Mills Under Construction
to Meet Spring Orders
"Conditions iu the prairie provinces
are better than they have been for the
past two years. If the crop is only sn
average one the demand for lumber
this [all will be the largest since 1906.
The demand at present is excellent,
but prices are at a liguie which leaves
no profit for the coast mills. Tbe
acreage under cuitivatiuu in Saskatchewan will be double tbat of last
year." Such was tbe opinion expressed
at Vancouver by Mr, J. C. Shields of
Regina this week.
Mr. Shields is manager ol various
lumber companies, including the Independent Lumber company, which
are the largest distributors ol lumber
in the new provinces, Recently he
has branched uut and tbe companies
he organized with a paid up capital ol
$200,000 will own three sawmills in
British Columbia. Oue uf the new
corporations is the I'itt River
Lumber company whose mill noar
Wesi minster junction will be completed in less than twu months. It
will hav
Advises Colonial Conference—
Shylock Outclassed—Martin
Means Business—Canada's
Railway Census.
London, April 21.—Speaking at
Glasgow on the question ol the Navy,
Mr. ABquith expressed generous ap
preciatiun ul the line spirit shown hy
the Colonies Speaking for himself
he declared that it would be eminently desirable to bring together in consultation the great Colonies and the
Mother Country, "so that all might
act in general concert in the spirit iu
the spirit which they have so finely
exhibited, and with the commun object which we ought to have in view,
to ascertain our respective shares in
this great and independent wurk ol
naval defence of the Empije."
Ottawa, April 21.—The Railway
Commission has handed down a judgment refusing the application of the
British Columtiiu Government for an
order of tbe board to compel tbe C.P R.
to reduce freight and passenger rates
in that province. The appliontion is
based on a resolution of tho l'roviuoial
Legislature last session, and the case
was heard at Victoria some time ago.
The province claimed that the present
discrimination iu rates waa a violation
of the contract made by the C.I'.R. in
1880, The company claimed that its
contract was with the Dominion and
not witb the Provincial Government.
MoNTitKAi,, April 21 —The C P.R.
earrings for the week ending April 14,
increased $185,000, compared with last
year, while thoBe of the Grand Trunk
increased !(iiV,),00i).
PiTTsiuitii, April 21.—Alleged to
have outdone "Shylock" in haviug
actually cut portions of flesh from the
breast of a mini who refused tbem
money, Salvatur Roberto and Nicolo
Digliotti were today held for trial
without bail, at Braddock, a suburb.
With his wounds bandaged, tbe man
could not walk from loss of blood. He
is in a critical condition, and will
probably die of his woonds
MoMiiK.il,, April 21.—A special
cihle from Loudou says. "Mr. Joseph
Martin begins his campaign in Strat-
Inrd-on-Avon to-night in high hopes,
not ol winning—the three-cornered
fight precludes that—but of showing
British politicians that be means
' business and can light. The Minis-
! terial Whip, desiring to give Mr. Martin time, is nut moving for a writ until
Apiil -li'.th. The earliest possible dale
lor lhe election is the end nf ihe first
week in May.
Ottawa, April 21.—Nn formal od-
j.liniment ut parliament is expect, ll
u capacity ol 70,000 leet t0 uku I1'1100 bo(ore Friday, May 21.
I'he Sovereign Lumber com- A return tabled to-day ahuws that
pany, another of the corporations con- for two decades, 1S8M to 11)08, exclus
trolled hy Mr. Shields, is building a ive ul the Canadian Pacific, Grand
sawmill at Sicamous. It. will have a Trunk, Canadian Norihern and Grand
oapacity ol 50,000 leet per day. Tbe Trunk Pacific, charters bavo been
third une is the Monarch Lumber granted lor the construction oi 03,809
company whose plant al Savona ro- niiles ol railroad iu Canada. Ol 203
ceutly went into commission. It is companies incorporated only 25 have
cuttiug 70,000 leet daily. The output constructed any portion ol the railway
ol the three mills will be shipped to authorized and 88 charters have
the prairies. lapsed.      Eighty eight  charters  have
    , i  been given une extension of  time,  '12
bave received twu cxteusiuns,  and   18
' three extensions ur more.    Since 1909
Dr. Kilpatrick's Meeting
Rev. Dr. Kilpatrick, Pruhssor in
Knox Collage, who is at present taking
part in the Chapinan-Alexauder evangelistic campaign in Kootenay, will
visit Revelstuke and hold a meeting
in Knox Church un Friday night ot
this week, April 23rd. Other churches
are co-upemting. Tho full ohoir will
load in the Burviuo of song. Doors
will he open ut 7:30 and service will
begin at 8 o'cluck. No one should
(ail hearing Dr. Kilpatrick's message.
Admission free.
"Aladdin's Dream"
A first-class program mo of motion
pictures is promised the patrons ol the
Edison Parlor Theatre ft r the end ol
the week—Friday and Saturday. The
programme will include the beauti
fully staged punt mine "Aladdin's
Dream" which ooncludos with a grand
cnlureil tableau. " Making Maple
Sugar" is an instructive picture showing the pru-Miss Irum the treo tu the
finished pruduct. Tho first clash
comedy "Hutry Up I Please" and
other features will make up an interesting, instructive aud un amusing
hour's enjoyment.
For Private Sale
The household guuds ol   V, B. Lewis
117 charters have been granted, ol
which 213 have already lapsed.
♦     ■ —
Refused Church Charter
Moniukai., April 20—The refusal of
the t.'uc.hi'C legislature to grant aclmr
ter of Incorporation to the First
Church of Curist. Scientist, on West
Mount, has cuiiced indignation among
the ti listers and mum tuns ol the
ohurch. 0. L lhu hind a member ol
the church, said tbe refusal on tbe
part of tho provincial government to
grant tho church a charter was nothing ithnit uf infringements of the
rights ol the subject.
If the Christian Scientists could he
accused ot any wrong doing there
might be some grounds lur refusal,
hut the facts ure, be said, that tbey
are a very puwerlul force for good,
and cuiiBcqueutly this parliamentary
refusal uf tlieir rights was nothing
short ul outrageous.
Evory other religious hotly had been
able to secure what tiny had been denied. Even religious of the most extreme typo had been granted these
privilegoB, antl yet they whose very
fiiiiiidalinu was tbe duing ol good,
could not, In this Ireo country, get the
same treatment us other citizens.
ut his residence, McKenzie
until Tuesday, thu 27th inst.
weloome at auy hour.
Avonue, I Don't locgel ymi can procure the
Gallon) |ohotuically pure spraying mixture for
21-SJt      your treos at 0. R  Macdonald's,
Whatever kind of Tools or Hardware you may you
will be sure of the best quality here and at lowest prices.
We carry a great variety of Tools for all trades. Household Utensils, Curtain
Stretchers, Step Ladders.
Kitch Helps and Builders
Hardware. Wire Netting
and things needed for the
garden and farm. Alabastine, Muresco, Sberwin
     Williams Paints.
McClarey's   Famous 'Stoves,] Ranges   and   Furnaces-
Enamsl, Copper _t id Tinware.     Plumbing Supplies, etc.
Groceries       Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
rile LUHib-3'.ses my
%,      finish!
Mk Swell Dresser.
,   ....,,_ his coats
eopynqhl, I9o7 	
by /P-/TO''A»" "N Y
The wool irTour clothing does not come -
no part of it—from the cotton fields. Many a lamb
has had his fleece shorn for the benefit of our customers.
We 11\- to sell out customers only such
clothing as we ourselves know to be good. The
cloth is all right; the lit is all right: the price is all
Then the Caitcr Hat and a pan of Foot-
rite Shoe will make your dress complete.
Fit Reform Clothing.
b. i. waixir, pr.iid.nt j Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
auxasdkb LAinD,G«n.raiiunaj.r   Reserve Fund,  -   6,000,000
Tha oew Traveller* Cl equea recent!) i«ioed b) 'Ins Bank are ■ most rnnvenliwrt
w%\j te which to rarry mone) when travel] tig.    They »r'' issued [a denomination! of
$10,  $20.  $50.  $100 and  $200
and Um exact amount payabh in Ati.suia, Belgium. 11 en mark, Franc*.
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Kuaaia, Sweden
and Switzerland 1* .-v..'. on th. fa.e pf mch cheque, while m mh.
tfcay are payable at current rates.
The cheque, and all information repaj-d ng tbem may be obtained at every
of the Bank. Ilii
Socialist Favors Japs
Prospecting for Land
Advices  Isom Cranbrook state that      A despatch frutn Seattle dated Mon>
five field partic-   ml   ing H nt out by j ,|Ky Bay, there je much aiscussion and
Columbia Lind Depart. | considerable   indignation     in   labor
circles here today beoauae ol the state
tbe   tlriti-1
ment ol tbe C I'.It at a cost ol *:i".,U00
to inspect agricultural and timbered
areas in Bull and Went Kootenay districts. Knob party will consist ol
Bcvcn person., including timber
oruisom, topographers and Instrument
men, ami t hoy will spend all tummer
making s thorough ii ipeotion ul the
country lor the purpose ol gutliering
information regarding ibe lucation of
land suitable fnr settlement, and lumbered areas to bo tlevelo|ied to supply
tbe Increasing demand fur lumber In
the prairin provinces. The wurk is iu
charge nf K. Mallindainc, Cranbrook,
ments made by A. Oilhaus, Socialist
labur candidate lor presideut last (all,
snd the nominal bead of the party on
the Pacific Coast, who, in a speech at.
Columbia hall last nigbt, denounced
the anti-Japanese agitation in the
i»est, declaring that tn keep out the
Japanese would harm rather than
help the condition ol the working class
Workmen can secure their freedom, be
.leclared, only by economical, indus-
irial and political organization*.
Fresh   gulden   seeds
donald s drug store.
at C. K. Mac
Clilurjilc Lime, large bottle ol Ammonia and cleaning and disinfecting
goods et Bews' drugstore. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE. B. C.
■ ', .. ; !■ ,      .1 .
RI li\   & FISM
:,. •....:  .  Soi.. : i ui -
O 1 T A W A
S u prei
Agei ts.
Office    and
i ic ■■ e
|iiei  Court
in   Patent
II ... In mi.in Ml uin ... M.l'.
II mun.n FlSHKIt.
I yyicaa :   bin hui. 1am. Htii.iiiNii Huvkl-
btoke, B, 0,
iloucj lu loan.
(ffluom Rovalmoke, B I      I'i lubruuk, it  I'.
I    u. -1. Mil AHll.lt
^.   il.   l'lMvliAM
Etevelst iko,
.1. A.   llAUVKV.
Cnoi brook B. I
Five Roomed House
Su ii
Seconti Street
Third Street
Fourth Street
$15.00 per month
$25 00 per month
$25 00 per month
For Sale (Special)
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Comer Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would he well for intending purchasers to look into.
ii t
Si ... .Li
S -lull H
I UU   I    l.V.M'l . >    ll.SMi
1 ut. M..i.-..-.n Hank
I n;si ST.,       i;i:\ ki.moki'
I >ii|il-.IU ^M1 I'll
Provincial Lam! Survey ur,
Mining Sui i '-ii. i
Mi Ki-nzik  A vi-.'.' i
li. i.\   |i«,.   Ill \ ISLSTUKK
c. w. o w
Mnuntain  View Cump. No. U79
Menu  Second  ..".i   !•' '.uii  Wudnutiltiys in
ouch inuiii li. in Sulk
k 11.ill.   Vlnitln    Hiiuil
moncord ) ."■'•'"' ""•■"'•   ,.
u. 1). Alt.MSTKONQ. Con
^tm      J. .MiINTIliK.
F. O. E.
i um.
..^ am Imlil i
tl,,, Selkirk
8   o'olook
Ttin tnit'iUr meetiii
Han every Tuesday  evuinug    __
Visiting brethren tun cordially Invited
IT. 0. WALSH, President.
w. t. Mcl.AU llLlN.Sin i.t.i uiv
Kootunay  Lodec, No
"i • —i'?
?■ \
- .>,   --•
15, A  F. & A. M.
Tlio regular mem-
inus ittti hold m t'.n
UilillelUnv, Hall, on
tlie Until Mi.if lay in
each iniiuili nt !i
p.m. Visiting brethren cordially wo!
SELKIRK LODGE No, 12, I.i). () I".
AUitils ov-.ry Tlntrs
^lv duy  oveniug   in   Sol
•• kirk- Hull at guVluck
V Visitiug brelliro.i are
filially Invited tu attend.
W   A   KOOlE .N.I
T. P
Colli Range LoUgo, K. of V.
Ho. 26,  Kevelstuko, B. C.
i   .1 KUN Cili.ll
.-. >i ti_iue.il
dtliull .
^ cl'tut.     ilsiim
NUlitnti, •. - o.rttliilty   nviti.1.
SMITH.i    .
U   rt   nK' lOK   K. ul II. .'•  '•
J. II   Slot'I.     . ot K.
i iii *.
... ,
-top Irir- salary and says he will ilu
;i- In' likes, supplies ur no supplies.
Among the demands tu be submitted tu Parliament liy the Independent Labor Party was une fur
an increase in the amount in old
une pension payments wilh a widening nf the scope of thu Pension Hill
hy ii reduction in years. How
tliese are to be provided for dues nut
seem ;i matter ui serious concern
tu the members oi the congress.
I'hey are matters tor tlie representatives nf tliu people tn lose
sleep over, sufficient having heen
accomplished fnr the present fey the
members o! the congress ii ihey
uuike uneasy the head thut wears
tin., crown. Another proposal not
less easy tu comply with is the
founding uf a school childrens'
medical institute for the free treat-
iiieii ui such children as are found
by the government inspector to be
in need nf such.
Hut by inr the most radical propositi um ile antl the one which
shows how utterly divorced aie
Socialism and Individualism in
their ultimate uleais was the i>.im--
liig ut ii resolution that " the lime
inis now arrived wiieu the state
maintenance ui mothers anil children should bu made an integral
part ol me Socialist program." It
mails mure like u jeol ihau ifiilu.i.
.uu   li   Is t_Cl'lUU_-i)   .nil,uui i|. I i,,
lie   I      .--:.:.:' -i', ;-   |_t>
Ii    |
i     ■     lie   i • ■■    ■■   i
.■■in.-i i:    ■-'•;. on  .'i  ii ; iiiu ii i u-
CIiiIUU'ii   Unit    lu.,
tu move nul nt all.
Little by little, however, adaptations nf these very demands will
be urged in uur own country ninl
across the line anil the furees uf
Socialism in its direct antagonism
tn Individualism will be made
manifest, in the end common sense
must prevail and that must mean
ilit1 granting uf ninny concessions
to Labor as stir.h that nre undreamed nf as yet, but that any
serious social cataclysm will develop or a sueiiil earthquake shake
the universe, is tou remote tu canst)
serious alarm.
■■-    '
ire lo be pro         I   ■■. i   .
11.. proj.
.   -,               Ul ,1.
['be Indej i.i i.'. i .   Pa
Great Britain held its nuuual cun
fen        a J      iburgh 1 tsl ■   ■
-.  w uu h   last!
■ ii -. ■.•.■.-. dealt wiin planks in
i ...:; .i in  a hich  led  lo n,
less iti.r.ii, mil '•-  ..,:
ally it developed lhat the war between Individualism and Socialism
like the conflict between good   i I
evil, ic a war to the death, and thai
there   appears   no middle ground
upon whit h  thegi     . .   - . _
may meel    nd, by compromise, be
recoi While I lien   -■ ■
have been no i •:.-
... ':,■   a  ml •:   ol   ':'   -"oi ialistE
ranks in Eng i   Ka ■ rii a
ing the last five  .'ears   thie  fa
.  r
■ rete I the leade
par; ■            . .   ■ rn,.    inrea
■ . in altitudi i nl ained
these Irom •• it to eai ... the
tnula I    I:.■•.!   i   itforms
fhat thi    - nu tirm - ti     -
i lhi ring   powers   ol    even    Ihei
.....I- in tbis ii   "•■; .- i ui ■ renl
from 'i ■     i
(tress hi. i  Mi   Victor
■ - ■ iber  foi   |'
who, during thi  pnsl    eai   ha   had
i,i- liiiiul against       ni in   and
everv   man s   hand   against    i  m
-in. i- his eh etion Mr, ' Ira i'hoii  hai
.|tiarrelleil with 11• nny nil i.i- mliui
tolle.i.   ■      lefled  lhi   a  thurilj  ol carrying  nto offeel   f   i  false phi 1
(he Housed Commons anil openl)   osoph\ which failed to offer i
incited people to steal rather than stantial run on lor iI   pi untilgation
lo starve or beg,    I'he Independent   Whntevei   lho  formal
Laboi part)   objects   mosl   Btrenu-  which ma;  bi presented to I'
ously to his inharmonious relatione  mont by the congri  3 may be Iheii
with tbe rest ol lhe party, and i1 calm   moasured   criticism   in  lhe
The report of the fatal shooting
accident at .North Vanoouver last
Friday when a corp of school pupils were engaging in military drill
will be read with horror as adding
another chapter to the already
many reports uf similar accidents
growing out uf ibe laudable
attempt to make little soldiers out
ut our school buys. While deploring ttie evils ut iiiililaiisiii and regretting the apparent necessity ior
loslering it ill the youth ui llie
land one must ail mil tbat, under
the present strained international
relations every loyal subject should
be    latigiit    llie   llr-e ut  arm.-.    'I lie
introuuction   ui   me   drill system
■  public   schools    uiniur tne
ige ol    Loru ."straitieuiiu iia.i
gone unu a   sweep nnil  I-- likely lu
Uo so   -;.iii   more   unless caretull.)
;   bj    iu.-   instructors mm
in':-; ."• beld :•   |      -    ie for results.
. .1 1,nn.    Ihey are lo be main-       [be   veru        i    tbi      .,ry in the
itueil 1   stale,     mi ..      iver   case  un, be ao-
...   • . ....   tbe siaii .• .    .mui   lioiinii.:    less  iii.tn a
iMu-ii uiey reacu . disuiaj       Not Unit uui-
une   supposes    !■ >r a   moment mat
■ .-   intentional but
Indications of Midsummer Famine Before New Crop Arrives
Householders wiiu use potatoes, and
there are feu who Uo not, will be interested to know Uial llie iei'y liigli
price tu whioh tiny have advanced
will he maintained tin' a couple ol
niutitlia yet. Wliile all ui'e using potatoes now, it may lie that sume will
try tu du ivitbuiit them befure midsummer arrives, Fur sume time past
the price lias beeu high, and tuilny
they are quoted wholesale at frum $l.ri
to $50, with no signs uf weakening,
A year or sn ngu the price wns quite
low, not ball the present figures, nnd
funnels not realizing much on the
crop ilitl nut eultivate a very large
quantity in 11)08,'virile, on tbe other
hand, there has been an increasing
population iu consume them. It is
estimated that there is nut uver lOtl
tuns nl potatoes in Vanoouver at present, and tlicae are consumed at about
twenty tons per day. Where tu seen
mure is another problem, 'I'hey nre
scarce aud high in Seattle, and un
attempt is being made to secure some
in California
lt is nut expected that the new potatoes will he in ns earlv this year us
in past lensuus. The season is backward, und in California, where the lirst
new ones cume frum, Hoods have re-
lui'ileil the growth, Commission men
state that it will be .Inly 1st befoie
tbey ure available except at fancy
prices, autl the local uew potatoes will
not be uu hand befure three months
from now.
With bread and potatoes ascending
in price, tlie utitlouk for ihe mau behind the niuuc) is that he will uui
have much lefs iur tiie baseball games
1 his season after bills are paid.
Prefers Wood Blocks.
The Vancouver cily council has at
length deoided t.i use Iir nnd cellar
blu ks for must ul their street paving,
and they huve ail ipteil the policy Ol
having ihi'in creusuied with a proper
plant which drives the treatment
through autl through the wood. It is
contended that liritisb Columbia,
heiug a heavily wooded oountiy, the
olieets sliuuld be paved with wuud,
aud the uurk given tu residents of tlie
Vancouver. lt is claimed that the
life uf treated fir is ten years, und a
guarantee of eight jears goes with the
uurk. Wiiurf street, Victoria, is tu he
liaveil witu vitrilied brick, according
tu the advice ol the ratepayers ullected.
Victoria seems to have a likiug tor
this style ut pavement. It has not
tieeu uied in Vancouver, where treated
bluck paving is must popular,
VV.   J.   Curtis, piano tuner, will be
111 the   city about 2u.li April,    Oideis
left   with   lt.   Howson or Revelstuke
-ieuerai Agencies   will receive niuiiqi
ttttentiuu. ul
Provincial Elections Act
bat  .1 cun. 1
Is   wen    ■. mi   eu
110   member   ot   tbe   Independi ■ ••  ab-
Labor part) shti ■     • jence of their suj eri  r        1 rs ■■
■   ■
-    '
",:..     . ild be Chi
.     ntr ilol •• t   loaded gui
the  thousa '     ' '
no     IBM     ■
. . .    "I""'1 ll'*n ,ilirlnK llr,il-      N'°tl"ng
I'AKE NOT ICE lhat 1 have an oh-
jectiun in wtitinn; to your name being
retained on the List nf Voters fnr lhe
Revelstoke Electoral District i
Airs, Thomas, Revolstoke
Alii... M iK'l'i.
A iiili-i -nn, .lain-'f It. "
stat*.      ll
iders ol
uler    wa-
-i>cl^^^^^^^^Hu"'""u"" l"   [U^k\\\\W """
dangling ..I allrnol ul  one
kind oi  inol I i
lain   '  il".-."•   . : .
ouch  mi -
: ■. i, in .i pro
posa I to uprool bi - In mc rlism ml le
his rool tree mi make hi Inmi i ■
a mere collection of animals in lhe
of this practice      iVe   o uat-
. ■
enforcement   ol
-   for I he
i the boys.
wa? proposed tbal unless he pledget
liim.-flf to work in harmony with
the Labor party in parliament his
salary will bo stopped, lie hoc
openly laughed  at ihe Uimat  lo
debates ol the Lower House will be
-mil   i- lu shOW nl   le.isl I in: re.i  on
ing |iiiriinn mining John Bull's
thinking olaiwes that lo move too
rapidly is far more dangerous than
Mill and Timber  Holdings Sell
for $1,200,000
The lumber mill  ol I he I i  ■•
Dsolul ion    I'd      Lumber  < Inmpany ai. \\..
Hi:., md I 10,1 .ri- ol inu'.
ing iu i but oompany ami to the
linn ..f Hreckuiibridge ft I,uml, have
been acquired by K. O Filer ol M in
iniii', Muiii.. autl a number ol asaoci
atea, fur $1,21)11,110!).
The land Is looated In I ho Kooti n ij
Valloy and nlniig the rivers tributary
tu the Kootenay,    The   mill iM one ol
tin: largest und    muHl iiiudein in Hnl,
lull  Cnliillil.lii
Vnderson, Jubn,
Alberl * lanyon
'.   liam C,
Aatle, Willi  O.
1!..      McOulloch
Itevel toke
II ii. Id,
..... rVntonin
. e  Roy s.
i li.'tiii'i.
i  untiornfi
' oinaplh
it,  Sti'iiivlierv
1 L.tiai.
II. in >
Itevel '"i '
John Oupi
... ,u.-i
lohn  Pi
I    eph,
William   l
'. .i in-
1   iranplh
I       P
'. .    li
i ...     ..■
.um   K' ii..   1-
,   (..      li
|p   1.,..ii uil I-.
II o . ( hun
tli ni Ine, '
nd   Win. A
,   i .im Win
I!.-....I inkf.
■   ,,.,..   . .t. i i,
(,.„. in. -i.i
Uld  ; 1      \
i nn lie
i ■. i      1    man
Arrow lie ul
li   Mm,
11        '  lol ■•
... ile   1- .1	
.....    1 ,ul-,.'|i|i"
i i      Ic, William
ll      in John A.
iJn     i.ii   llpxunilei
t illnlinl li'"
I..- ul I)..
Don ii n. (Inl input!
I liii|.,'.|un,.|li.   1 'luu 1
m          ..
l liiikenHiin, Prank,
\ i mil h.'.'lil
liun.il.l, Charles,
1!". liy Polnl
U iiitt.un
Dnimlii r. nharlns,
Drill.,villi. M. J.,
Donnelly, HhiiuIiui
Cum borne
Oitui borne
Otitu borne
Albert Oiinyon
P.ii'.y. I" nl. ('. Arrow heud
Dull', Julin. tiilli'liu linv
Dtttt'y, John, Amiwheiid
I'ull'y, .lnsi'|ili
DiitiHinnre, Joseph,        Hevulstoke
Itlilgtiv, Andrew
Lil'--. Ai'thnr K. t'mnnplix
Ellia, Will. Arrowhead
Krviii, Thomas ,1. Reveli-toliB
Ki-viii, .liunt's
Ki-iins. Hussi'll, Aii'owlii'iiil
Uvans, Weston,
l'-vcnii, Elluini*, Camhoi'ue
Faint, I'lilwiifd, Rovelstoke
l-'li'ining. Win. 11.
Fletcher Melville S. C itplix
Fluyil, Henry Revelstoko
Fuhlin, Harry "
l'nwli'i'. Arthur Oamborne
Fraser, D. ('., Revelstoke
(lullii'iinn, Abel
(ieiiiw, David 11. Camborne
(uii'iing, Albert, Revelstoke
(iiirit'll, Ohavlos, Oamborne
(inuiii, Arthur, Arrowhead
(liiiliiiui, Wullt'i', Revelstoke
lliiiusley, Kviii'st 'I'., "
liiiilelIn, .lames
Ounn, Arthur K.
Dull. Thoiiiiis
llciivi'iii'i', Harvey
Hill, Josh
Hill. Sam
blllley, Janies
11 in inn n, .1. U.
Uolliei't, John
llulliiwnv, William
Hornell, Allan I).
House, II. M.
Howe, Jesse
Hudson, Thomas
Hull, Robert
11 tnii'il'i ni ri li, Fred.
Hutton, Charles
Jackson, Udwln s.
Jay, John W.
Jnliiison, Peter
Johnson, Prans
Johnson, O, 13.
.limes, Oieuionl
Jorgensnn. .1. II.
Kellie, Unlit, \V.
Kennedy, Peter
Kerr, Edward, .1.
Kirk, John A.
Kirk, Charles 11.
Lade, James A.
Lade, Vincent !•'.
Latham, Charles Peter Kevelstok
Lnvt'i'y, James "
Lee, .liiKuph "
Lceming, Fred
Lenibke, Ceo, t'.
Lo vest iue, August "
Lidillf, A. F. T.
Liness, John
Livingstone, John (
Lung. Tony
Lynch, Michael -
Lynch, Michael,
May, Chillies
MacDonald.A. A.
MiieFniliintl. Duncan O.
MiicKiiy, Ohas. R.
Moore, Norman 'I'. W,
Morrison, Frank U.
Mulholland, Jack XV.
Munroe,   Walter,
M.-Allislei', .1.1'.
McAlpino, Daniel
McCarthy, Jonathan I
McOot'V.'e, James
McDowell, John
McDowell, Clarence A
Mel'.uf-lu'i'ii, Duncan,
McOowan, Frank
McGuire, Edward Ohm
McGuire, Jnhn
McGiulle, .luim
Mcintosh, Hugh
McLennan, jnhn D.
McLennan, David
Ogilvie, William F.
Oslini'tie, Lewis
Osborne, William E.
Perry, Roger F.
Phipps, Albert E.
Pluniton. Llewellyn
Pool, William It. *
Powers, John .1.
l'i tt-i', James
R.ivnhnin, Leonard
Reeve, Alherl E
lihudi., Edward
Roberts, A I)
House, .Ink's T
llnss, Julin
H ti mens, O J
Rusu'll, John
Siimsun. Robert
Schneider, Louis
Sharp, Albert. M
Sliniiiiiin. George
Shannon, .limes
Shannon, Geo XV
Shannon, .1 W
Sii'iiinni. Gulseppe
Smith, A BS
Smith, .lames
Smiles, Silas C
Spring, Clifford
Steiss, Hubert
Stevenson, Harry K
Stewart, Gen A
Stringer, Alfred
Taggart, Robert .1
Taylor, John Edward
Taylor, James II
Thomas, Lionel .1
Tlinmsun, Frank V
Thomson, John T
Thompson, Orville
Trimble, Goo .1
VnHrtith, Ohatles
Veiniii, Kenneth B
Vincent, Nessero
Vye, Alfred S
Wull. Ernest
Wallls, Harold E
Warner, Frederick
West, Cecil
Whin., John
While, William
Wilson, William
Williams, HubertV\
Woodrow, .Lulu.- I
/..in B
AND TAKK NOTICE thai ni the
< '..ui i of Ilm i-iiui in be held nn lhe
8nl .lay ..I .May. 1900.nl the Oourl
Hon ", Rovelstoke, at lOo'olock In the
Poi  i n   I   ill ill  hoar and deleiinlno
In           in.I   unless ymi, or   sunn.
othei provincial voter on your behalf,
satisfies me thai said objection Is noi
n.ll founded, I shall strike your name
oil the  in.I Register,
Dated this5th day nl April, IIJ0II,
Registrar  nf   Voters   for   Revelstok
liucky Point
l. Comaplix
V imburne
Am whe.til
McOulloch (^k
l 'aiiihiii ne
egisti   ^^^^^
|.,i,.,i,,i.,l Distriel,
ap 7 will
m"\      IVHUir*
f    youve yet
o learn the bodily
comfort It alves In
the \wttest weather
M*n« row
Tmi Cuutus Ut—
J.t.wi. u__k
Many Handsome Dinner Sets
Given Away
Did You Get Yours?
Kvery user of Koyal .Standard Flour receives a coupon in oauli
40 lb. sack, which entitles lhu holder tu a chance to win a beautiful
China Dinner Set, Ten are given away free eacn month to the
users of this famous bread Hour. • Duplicates of tho coupons placed
in tho Hour sacks are placed in a sealed receptacle and ten are
drawn each month.
The winning numbers will be announced in this space. Compare your coupons each month with the lucky numbers as announced, antl if you lind you bold one of the duplicates send it to
ns and we will at once forward yuu a beautiful 109 piece China
Dinner Jsel free of all charges.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one nf our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, ur
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, auu inaile to wear
indefinitely. We nave many new ami
beautiful parlor sete and odd pieces (ur
beautifying ihe home tint are taste
ful, effective and inexpensive, and will
hIuiw yuur ruums to the besi advantage.
Big Discount
on all -Mh0'
Cash Sales
Doyle & ASium, Ltd.
■'   P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,    LIMITED. *
HEAD OVJflOB 1    CAI.OA11Y,    Al.HK.tTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stuck.   Markets in all the priucl
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, Uritish Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of  the Celebrated  Hianl   " Ilupuratul" Hums ami Baciin,
4   aii'l "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard, ..
4^%%%^^v%.%^%^^%.^%^^^%''%%^%'%^%.%%^%%«%' %^5
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
_£=_______-_ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates. I
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest  the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEBT      STOHSTE      PROP.
Queens Jfotel
Hest brands ot Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.     1 revellers to
Fish Creen will find excellent accommoJilion at this
Proprietor THE -MAII.llllKAI.I). KliVIXS'liiiw.. il. i
*        Thoso destroyers cannot live whora trees havo boo i tre itocl wiih     ~^
Pear Blight. Babbits, Mice, Borers, Canktr Woim,  San
shell, Uurk Louse and Sun Scald.   Till': COS!'
nut wash ull'.   One application protects I'm two
Jnse S'lii,., Oysli i'
lycii-H, Wat-nock's Tree Paint
Is nut an experiment, It has stuutl the lest fur six yems in all parts of tbo
United States, lt is an absolute preventative attl cu o fur 1'ear Blight. \Ve
Invite investigation, Tho Arkansas Experimental Station has u-n! ihis tico
paint for three >ears. November, 1007; they purchrsed 60 gallons for free
uisii-ibution among leading orchards.    Send fm. 16-page free booklet tu
G. It. LAWES, Kndeiby, H.C, Sole Manufacturers for B. 0.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Seeds for'the Farm, Garden, Liiivn nr Conservatory, Tested stock from
the best growers iu Eng-
land, Prance, Holland,
I'nited Stales, Oanada.
Fruit 'anil Ornamental
Trees, Small Fruits, English Hollies. Grown in
t he unly part nf American
('mu inenl imi Infested
wiili the S in Joss Bcale,
Our trees do noi have to
la- fumigated and couse
quently damaged,
140 Page Catalogue   Froo
M.    J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
8l8T.   DKCEMBFU,   1908
Security Fop Policy Holders
Paid on muck . if 89,480 00
Bal. uncollected L18.470 00
Government requiri ment
Bajniiee at eritdit  	
.    24,976 29
v. ■ ■•-'.;  .,- r ■ Il-.triTU
X^/-' kniiiin ..iiii, \*,s, 1 <    -J,
Trac'c Mark
Means to You
TT means thai ll
tained in   bags
so trade
whiter, .
iiud ii, ■
other H.
flour con-
mid barrels
rked is decidedly
cil deal stronger
nu; 1 itious  tliun
Total Security. .
(liSTAIII.lSllKli nai v
... $876,684.82
a century)
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion  Mineral Claim, situate   in
the Troul Lake Mining Division of
West KuutenaN District.
Where located:   Rapid Creek.
Take notice thai I, Catherine M.-md
Fraser, Free Miner's Certificate No. H
94293, intend, sixly day- from thu dale
hiueiif. in apply to the Mining Recorder fur a Oertilicate of Improvements,
fuv the purpose of obtaining a Crnwii
Grant nt' tin- above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section HT, must be couiuieuced
before lhe Issuance nf such Certificate
nl' Improvements.
Dated   this   _?2iul dav of   February,
A. D. 1999.
iniiy Li      Catherine Maud Fkaser
Notice of Dissolution
lhe partnership hereloforeexisting between the undersigned as cigar manufacturers ni ReveUtoke, li. O., under
lhe name ut the In nn Cigar Faotory,
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
Tbe business wilt iu future be carried
on by James Walker, ivlm assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and whu
is entitled to receive payment of all
sums due mul payable to the partnership.
Dated April 3rd, 1909.
ill. A. Brown,
\Jas. Walker.
I,1011 SALE—A Six-roomed collage
'    apply If. N. Doyle.
11 means
!;    lourhasbeen
to  mature  ils
lull   sli.'. .;',h.
It  means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
It means
if   Purity fails
elimination of  un-
''your money buck"
to  ■'•ive  entire
Costs more than thcothcr kind,
but worth the difference.
Certificate of Improvements
Plain mul Gulilleii .Miooriil claims,  siuiato in
the Trout   Lako Ulniug  Division ol Wm t
Kootonay District
Wliore located:- On Diviiiu betweenCanoada
auil Poplar t'r.ioks anil about '4 mile Irom
A- A K. Railway.
Tnl'0 notice that I. O. It N, Wilkie, aotfng ns
aitent tor Edward Baillle, Fr,..' Miuot's 1 ertiti-
cale No. lifeSifti;!, intoutl, sixty  days   from ilute
hereof, to apuly to the Mining Reeorder for a
Certificate ol Improvements, for tUe purpose ol
obtaining a Crown Urant of the above olaims.
And  further   take   notice ttiat action,  undor
section 'Si. must bo commenced beforo tlio issuance of such l ertitloate of Improvements.
Dated this 1th duy of March. AD , 1009.
feb 21 Trout Lako.
I,IOR   SAM".-Simpson's
I'    Galena   Bay,  Arrow
acres, ball mil
null site nu the
Menhirs apply ti
elslnke,  H. 0.
waier frontage
Vtt'uiv Lakes,  Ki
1   \V. A, S.MYT1IK
s :.2t),
r par-
1,-IOK SAI.K-One dozen thorough-
JJ bred White Leghorns, wiih Duck
viol. Hlini liaiil's sii'iui; 2 dozen Broivn
Leghorns, with Cuckerel, Morgan's
stiiiin.   Apply or address ,1. A. itltiR-
Western Canada   Flour .Mills Cu.,
Mill 1 ,1 .  St.  lioMlAi K, GOURRICIt, BraSIIOM.
i'i..,. WiiiniiH-ir. Manitoba
oan, Box 227, Revelstoke, H, I!.
J7IOR SALE—Four acres of rich land
: cleared, fenced and pl.tuu-d in
red i hiver; only Tn lent from illy limits
elect) ie light and walei mains; un main
road to city: valuable property! suitable fur market garden or resideuiul
purposes; owner must sell; price IHI.UUU
Apply Mail-Herald office.
I7IOR SACK Twelve silver-laved
JD Wyandotte bens, guud luyers .ind
one prize rooster. Apply Mail-Herald
FOUND- nn sidewalk between upper
unit lower lowil, gnld safely pin.
Oivuei iiiii obtain same mi identification of article, and paying lur lins
WANTED—Experienced lli-sl-class
luiiibeiinaii wants employment
as travelling -ali-siuan, nr any position
uf i rust wiih lumber concern. Apply to
"Successful," Mail -Herald, Revelstoke.
inch 27
Notice is hereby given that, nl thi
expiration nf three months from date
hereof, application will be madi tu His
Honour, the Lieutenant Qovei oor-in-
Couneil fm- an Ordei' in Council change
ing the name nf Wonlsey. Lel'Vaux &
Company, Limited, tn "Lefeaux &
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this 8th day of February, 1909,
Hakvky, McCarter & Pinkham,
Solicit ors for the said Company,
may 2
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ul West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John 11. Selkirk,
Agent, nf Vancouver, H.I!., Intend in
apply to tbe Commissioner nf Lands
ninl Wurks fur permission tu purchase
the following described landsi
Beginning at a post planted about
■2fi chains eaat uf ihe north east corner
of Timber Limit   No.  12160, on Upper
Arrow Lake, Wosl Kiiiileniiy. running
west HII chains, theuce north UU chains,
thence east 00 chains, Ihence aouth id
chains, Ihence   east   2D chains, Uience
south 20 chuins tu point of commencement.
Dated April 7th, 1909.
Revelstuke Land District.
llislrict uf West Kootonay.
Take Nut ice that I. A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date Intend
tu apply fnr permission to purchase
the following described land:
Oommonolng al a pnsl planted un
lake shore, at ihu northeast corner of
lot 7906 and   maiked   "A.W.   Diekin-
son's Northwest Comer," thence south
10 ohalns, east  40 chains,   north   ID
chains, west io chains, following lake
shore in place iif commencement,
Dated April 7th, won.
Ap, III, A.  VV.   Dll KINsllN.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Oash Prices Paio
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
man ur edgermui
3, yard fore
by Ills!-,-lass
lumberman. Apply in ■ K.iithiul,"
1009, Alitil-Herald, Kevelstoke.
1,1011   SALE
i woman
tn clean offices
Bank of t'nui-
Twu   bedroom suites.
X'    one Doherty organ in pi,mu cast
,unl nilii'i   household articles
A. ('at ini, haul. McKenzie ave
IiiOll SALE—Sareand Cush Register
J    Second   bund.    Cheap,)—Apply
 '    " ap ID 4l
Box IMI, City.
OR SALE—Four 1 acre lots, 000x60
feet, ten minutes walk from pust
ullice, fenced and cleat ed for sale, price
$230 per acre—$1110 dun n, $100 ill three
months, $75 iu six niunihs. Suitable
for home, market, or fruit. Apply lo
North Vancouver Youth Shot by
North Vancouver, April 21.—The
city is under a heavy cloud Irum lhe
Bttddest final accidental shooting that
has ever uccinred in North Vancouver,
while Mm. Thomas Stevens is prostrate over the loss ut ber little son
While at muck drill with the nther
pupils of the Cbeeterlield school Iste
Saturday afternoon, young Steven?
met his tragic death. Following tbe
movements ul the drill a com anion
held hia gun hoiizontally over his head
when suddenly the weapon discharged,
the bullet penetrating young Stevens'
heart     Tlie youth instantly fell dead.
In the excitement that followed, Dr.
Vernon was sent lur and wurd wan
sent tu the father uf the Ud, Mr.
Thomas Stevens traveling Hileanian
fur Leckie A Sons, boot autl shoe man
ufaoLurere He is mu uf the city.
The breaking ul the news tu the
mother was a must affecting scene.
The principal ol the sell ,   liiv   A
| O. Seriven, is weighed down with sur-
ruw uvir the tvent At the tunc uf
the accident he was, with another
instructor, but a short distance  away.
"Accidental death" was the verdict
uf tbe coroner's jury tu day. They
at'acbed nu blame tu suyone
Revelstuke Land District.
District ,,\' Wesi Kooteuay,
Take notice thai Julia A. Simpson,
nf Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend to apply for permission
tu purchase the following described
Oommencing  at   a  pust plauted al
south-east    'uer of  Lot 8800, thenee
west III chains, thence south 7 chains
more or less to lake shore, thence along
lake shni,. tt, puint uf commencement.
Dated Brd April, 1009.
up 10-000        .(ILIA A. SIMPSON,
Befure the First nf May, two six-
roomed houses, in Bevelstoke, with
two acres ol land each; Including, if
wanted, horse and rigx and all garden
tools. Situated west ol C I'll, track
Lower town.    A pply to
tc Box 21)0, Kevelstoke
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Seahon 1900
All who wish iu lie members and to
i Included   III lhe list   nf    players, ale
'linested tn send   their names at, once
i W. II   HUMPHREYS, Htm. Secv..
. O. Box 701,
Membership Fee 85,      up In mj s
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
While    I,.'gill.in      li.uu      ll'illi'lnud's
Brown Leghorn frum Morgan's strain.
Rluiile Island Reds fr  Miller's strain
A setting of 16 frum any ul thenlmve
strain*92,   Applv ni address
.1. A. MORGAN,
Bux ii7, Revelstuke, B. C, •
Diamond Fakir Arrested
Paris, April 21.—Henri Leinuine,
the diamond maker, was arrested here
today. Lemoine is the man who
created a sensation last summer by
pretending that be oould make diamonds. Alter he bad deceived a guud
many people he was arrested iu Paris
un complaint nf Julius Wernber, uu
English diamond merchant, wbo had
advanced him large stuns nf iniiney,
believing in tin? genuineness ni hia
process, Leinuine brazened it so well
lhat finally lhe magistrate whu had
his oaae In charge released bim
in urtler to give him a chance
to    Bhow     tbat      be      really    cuuld
unik'    the   gems.     Hy varioui pre
;i nee- In  p.islp nied the test until  the
mng si rate's patience was exhausted
and then lm disappeared. Thai waa
mi duly 17. The indulgent magia
trate lust his position and Leinuine
was trietl in default and sentenced to
ten years' imprisonment. Since then
reports have beeu received that he was
in Italy, in Turkey, and su fortn, but
he managed tu evade justice till tmlay.
Two Suicides at Sea
LONDON, April 21 —When the Cunard liner Lucania, which sailed frum
New York, April 14, was two days out,
a second oabtn passenger named Margaret Clark, whu was abuut 89 years
old, committed suicide in ber ben li.
She eviden ly bail tried tu destroy all
cluea to ber Identity, but upon a label
•hat she hud turn up was tbn fldtlrCBI
"66 Clinton Sue i, Brooklyn."
Her room-mate, Annie Miller, whu
is supposed to have been a stran.i'i In
lhe woman whu killed herself, was
trans a nod |, another cabin nn the
day la lure tin- Lucania arrived at.
Queenatown, and she also shut hcrsoii.
leaving a null' saying thut she bul
been upset by ber room-mate's suicide
Annie Miller, whu is 22 yean old, hud
tnltl a Itewardesi that her mum', was
au assumed une. and tbat she had
been married four years. There is no
clue tu ber identity,
Happenings   Throughout  Week
i-vofisd In 8. C.
lining to Hie advaucea in tbe price
■if il,.nr Vanoouvermascer bakors have
announced a raise in tbo price ol ll e
5 cent luuf tu sixteen lor the dollar
retail and twenty wholesale. Further
advances are aunounced as liken.
Mr, i'uncan Unas has completed nil
irraugements fur the invasion of the
morning held of newspaperdom in
Vancouver and early in July a second
morning sheet will be cried on the
stieets ol the Terminal City.
Robert Cnsaiily, K.C., ol Vancouver,
ivita held up un Ocean Boulevard in
San Francisco, last week, and relii vnl
.1 a winch and aunio ifliOt) in money,
It happened in broad daylight, and
ifier tbe lirst nervous shook Mr.
CaBsidy was inclined lo regard Ihe
inuiii i us a joke, i he subji ul lur .i ;oi d
yard on his return to British Columbia.
1 'it.-i.ui is approaching i be I'n vii -
i-iiil ti.ivei iiuiciil iuih pinna lur s
cuinplete sewerage system foi i be t".. i .
A petition tor aid hai In en preBenti tl
iu Mr, ,1. ll. Schofleld, M.l' 1'.
A sale ol 2,iiUl) acres ol Und near
Oastlegar has recently been made lo »
party of Dunk: obors wbointend clearing and planting it n fruit. Tbi
consideration paid was $20,000, Witb
1,' 00 acres at Grand Furks and another 8.000 ut Brilliant, the Douklls
are getting a eineh en somen! the best
agricultural spots in the Boundary,
Their industry will st mi transform the
wilderness, for already 300 acres are
under cultivation.
A vegetable farm, twenty acres in
extent, is nuw being cit and by I In
Canadian I'acilic Railway Company on
its land near Kerrisdalc. It is said to
be the intention of the compatiy tu
use the land lur raising vegetables for
use in ils hotels, steamers ami dining
Captain Thomas I'.ivis, ol the Toronto Fire Department, has been
ohosen chief of the Victoria Fire De
purtnieiit, to iill the plaoe ul Chief
Watson who had heen asked to resign
over sume alleged mismanagement ..I
tbe recent lire in the Pemberton block.
The remuneration is $125 a month.
A matter in dispute between the
B.C. Cupper Company, ol Greenwood,
Bnd Us operatives has, by conseut ol
both parties, been referred for settlement under lhe Lemieux Act. The
cump.itiy has chueen Mr Ed, Cren. n.
barrister, uf Toronto, ua arbitrator,
while the miners have selected Julin
.Mclnnes, .M.l'.l' , to represent them in
A rancher named John Leavock
ivita drowned in the Jordan river on
Saturday lust, by the capsizing uf bis
cauoe iiliile be mis returning (rum
l'urt Renfrew He had just returued
from Ireland and was abuui tu =end
Inr his family.
Bush litis near the t.ubiii I.s ol New
Westminster have endangered the
the re-idences ol suburbans there,
necessitating the frequent calling out
ui ihe lin- brigades. Extremul) dry
ivemhor in the woods is rep irte I to be
the cause
I. I'. Strung, a grain man uf Alberta declares that be will erect a
million ilullur elevator at Vanoouver
at iiriee slnuild the 0.1',ll, fail to carry
out its plans lur similar work,
A contract has been made by the
G.T.P wiih McKenzie Bros., ol Vanoouver, lur the transportation ol lion
freight and passenger cars and a number uf locomotives to Prince Rupert
next niunih Those will he fnr use on
tbe I'acilic division ol the now mad
work will be rushed aa rapidly as the
supply ol men and materials will
W S Stanley, editor ol the Fernii
Ledger, who appeared befure Just icon
Mm ris.ai, Clement nud Irving oharged
with imviiig made a vicioua attack on
the Bench, made humble apology
nn Monday, I'he youthful appearand
nf the iitv.-iul.1- surprised ih,. Oourl
and the Deputj Attorney General II
view ul th i bumble pit. eaten tu the
sstlalaotion ol the Orown, did not
press fm more ill iii ii line, The
judges reeervi d deolaion,
Victuria Y.M.C A. workers have resolved to raise $100,000 lor a new
building (nr the Oapital Oity. Novel
(iiriiis nf appeal were made to the puh
lie, a huge dock being mounted in i
public place tu announce the amount
of subscriptions, lu seven hours
$:iii,()(>() had boon subscribed, $28,000
nf which was cnntribtiteil by lie: I,,,,
neas men uf the city.
Never   pui   off  Iill Tomorrow
what Should be Do.ie Today
Mr.   Mnxwell   f?mi*b   givna ' inu ly
advice   tn   fnii'. ..... •       i  h   tin
.1 illimns Of llie I!   C. I'"liil   I- :■   i   ■
g iinj straight to tbo | >.",! li   _sy?;
"My advice to the B. O. fruitg   ii    i
if to im liati ly   perform  th   .1
which he   mny have neglected tlnrini
the   winter   month?, namely:   Spray
his tills wiih lime  and sulphur solution or d ni ble siren;; ih bordeaux mixture In fore   ilie   Iniils ontno uui: n il i
young trees less than live yens old In-
Bhould prune carefully, with a view to
'lii'i'i'iiiit the fnt.nifi shape in.'I .  j le   i
i ho tree.      tn ihis country n In re i hi
wood   growth   is   su  vigorous, spring
pi lining   ifl   practised  too extensively
in boai i ..' i....   ; hi tti i' iciults n ill bi
nbtu uu il   .ui i    mi ri    i. if    purs pru
duced by   pi   ning    in   Juni   or oi
purl.  •( July,
Iniiin .    ...
hi      I '■>'.    ■-..    .     with
■ 11fui_ ii   bordeaux   mixture,
i In  linn    siilphui   pi•..;   .
ally   di signed   lor   e un m     iptnyi
I I .    ; i •  i       I .   . :     1 . I    1 . I  : ■ i .  •     ll
i '"'.-i    i.i 1. .    preparations   are y. i ,.
tlieir   i xperimeutal    Btagi s,   and    ..
must   procoed   carefolly in tbe use .,:
tbem nl.. i foliage.
"Again   im   sh,.iiiil see tb      li
c.liatil   is   light))    p owed earl) ii
-piing   and   the   b irrowe kepi _   i
■nny week during  the gum iug si ison
in  order   to   conserve   the   moistun
already   in   tbe ground for the development   ui   the fruit crop,    Over tbi
province surface cultivation should he
discontinued when   the fruit begins to
ripen, aud in lhe irrigated districts no
water   Bhould   be   applied   alter thai
time.     As   sunn us the youug Iruit is
formed   systematic   thinning   ul   thi
urop should   bo-proceeded with.    Nul
uiure than une s| ecitneu uu a tw,.
should   be   left ul peal    u i ppl ■ an
ti. two specimens -ti juld turn h i m :
uilu :. Plums, prum s, poachi - an .
apricots   should   be   thinned bo ..- I ,
leave t|iem at iesst ono inch apart.
The result will he all the crop the ri,
is able tu bear aud much more pi feci
and iiiiifiiiin specimens, ami louse-
quently better puces reali/.td than if
the thinning is uegli cted. 'It i-
a huge mistake to leave tbo Ibiuiiiag
uperai ions uui il pi cimt na aro lai •
euuugb to send tu m u kot
"\ 1'iiug   trees   should   uoi  bi      t>
milted tu   bear   at all the lirst •     o
that   Iruil, seta on   tbem, ami the Becond year  iiiry  should only be permitted   io   oariy   a   li uited   nu nn.     .
"In fertilizing, economy may be ex
erciaed by applying the fertilizer tt
the ground two or three feet awaj
irum ihe trunk- and about tivo feel
ueymd ihu extremities of the rooti
bin cultivation .-_lnui.il bo ki pi up ovei
ihe entire surface ul the ground,
"lu districts wliore natural rainfall
prevails and the trees b ivi u ti udcucy
iu c lutiuuo growing ... lab iu thi
.-e.,.-..n. a covei .-r- p sin,iiiii bo - «n ol
vetches, rye, clover, or sunn otbei
i.i.i guu gathering plam su as to , .,,i
up lho moisture and permit u.e
young wood tu tipeu. J lie tn
th.n gu nun wiutei quaitt i.- in a
thoroughly dormant uonUiiiou, ami
gtiiiiil against p sibit dam igu from
wiiitir frosts.
"Tbe   days   of   haphazard in in
>»! :   "■ " u.c Strawberry Plants
aud ibe   orohardist   must conduct hit   " DUC tl   VLI'S " Hen-]
spring pruning   and cultivating oper    iccllmatlzed, of i
aliens   in   au   up-to-date   manner ii    F2.00 per hundred.
order to produce the must satisfactory
resultas, and also negotiate or the tali
ol in.- products  iu a modern busiui ■■
like niauner, iu order to   justify   am
maintain the high   reputation   gun.-1
through exhibits   in   tho old country
and ai the reoenl   national ai d un. i
national   Iruit   exhibitions    ul    tlm
cuui inenl
a—--   ■>—    c~" -ft-. «_-• f—*~. i*-" -f ^»
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
x>_^ ^-. ^i=nn_i-t
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
■:.,_. I,
for Esl mates and Advertising Rates
Notice of Dissolution
Nu! ice is ll
K. .1. Bran       :   Frai
; ■ >rd & I
,, .
:iu.i    !„ .. ton, ti. C, has this
ii   • .nd by mill ual l'i:      ud
A,    XV  "i -• mm
the sai i   lii-4 i '■ ■   -  '.. i-'   .1   H
ford   .i id   , ri ,■ ,     hu com uniiti.   i
business under i be .atue name i i E. .1.
' Bran ford ft Co.
i     Daled April lllll, 1900.
I'I.   .1     lil: V> l OUD,
\     \V.   IU. KINHO.V,
ap 1 l-iiiy 5      Kiiank  li ,i i..
I'HE .MALI ! 11 i IF A\ APPLI-
C \T|. IN foi he issue ol i
I ".    '    ! ■ ''i.i.
ol Revelstoke   Map I
ii is rn. be  i x-
piral ion of    m	
publication   bei mf   i  dupli. ite ..| i he
':'•■■■ ile     ul     'I 1   1"       to       1.,
mentioned lol - iu I he mum , I 11 ■,-,.{-
•I"t el by, which t lerl :li ate is dated
the 5th of December, 10 0, ind
numbered II .Mi.
II. R. JOB \.Mi.
Distriel  1(.
I    lllll   ll.'.   . -1    VI I'liee,
Nelson, II. t ..   Man h 24, l:> II,
i   i
..in in y
■■ .i.     \ i
The Goal Strike
I'he Vtyci     i   ' rad iou
pubhsbeil ai   W ii ieg,   hut the  ! I
lowing jtul
tu tbe cnal al ke situation In A
.   i  ■ -   SKINNER,
Rei elstoke,
Si Writifl!
ii. i.
SHOW     '■ ■ nl I IMi
i\ii,  HAN
I ii
Sporting Notes
The Y.M.C.A, baseball men will
meet on Monday evening next lo
arrange fur lhe summer schedule ol
Tho V.M.O A, Hack team will hn'd
their annual mcoiing one week Iroiu
tonight at * p.m. Tne annua! athletic
meet on Ibe 24th ol .May will come up
fnr discussion, A full turn uut Is
Tbe intermediate basoball buys are
requeited to be out to practise tomorrow night at 6:80 sharp,
i   BC
■ 1 be sil  alii  i in Bi il I
,e betwi   n tbi  I nu. d \l ine   (V
ami iin- mini     |     itm     I
much to   the   liking     i  , xperii nci u
tiade uui... isIm.
Nn  iiiiiii  \i in. know    bim will
iin.i the a..ihi)   ol   l-'i.i  k   Shorn
tlm presidi ul oi Distriel IH, ,,,-  0j   |, t
kicninss tu gel  Ilm hi si  possible bai
gam lor ihe miners    And tben lore il
mis  unfortunate   thai   In: sin.uiil  l.,
laid aside by sickni »a jual at a erii ic
juncture. Brill the wisdom ol interfoi
ing  to   stop   ibe   ratlfloal    ,,f   u
(rooniont which bad beoi   i
passi u   upon   hj  u   rel rendu „   \  ■■
in iy woll be ■! . ■' iuned,
Pussibl)    ."ia ' mull    may    .. •, ,
g. ml in iu i.e mini  Iroui   i he   ...  .
. n a   Or. « .- ,\, .i  !   u|
siciinl   when   ilny  broke awaj   In i
the aasociali   but  wo \- ill  m
lhal ii. di i lhe circum    , .,■ ■     , tin
long mn it '.t ill   not   pru    aJv ,
tageous as would tho carrying oui
the  understanding   « inch   i, ,.i i., ,.
arrived at during  his  ti inporui y  t
'I in.- in,'id.'ni   will  have  ven   oon
.-id. i.ilile    iniii. uce   iiii     in.      i.,,,,
union movement.    ll  on si   a -
will greatly   Ies-..n   Ine   elTnol   ol   l I
opposition ol i'n sni ni Sherman  i
thu Lemieux act.'
K. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingles,   bul   the  besi
..cling thai any  man  can  top
, !l will.   -   ■
Fire Insurance Policy
in a i.I. ible company.    So that if tin
flits-fiend lays Lis  borne  in  ashes,  hf
ill ... i"i   dollar   without  delav.
manufacturers   of   shingles
ull. i a kind to beal this:-     if not In-
ired,    ■ ii ■ shingle ymir roof Tu dav
foi    to-morrow    may   be   too  late.
!.invest premiums in  best companies
■ i  Estate inu Insi-rasik
Mitruifiictnred for all cltMM nf   buildingd
i   'nrjro or smnJi qnantlttM
•u tt.e towett i»ric«H f..r ctofa
.:. Ii ol building nn 1 plaitering
BOVRIL in the House
Why not take a cup of
Bl )V R I it every uiorning
throughout the .Spring.
It invigorates the whole
system, forti-
fi e s you
lost the
c h in geablc
weather and
helps you to
do the work of
easily made—a cup, hot
wnter nnd a spoonful of
BOVRIL are all you
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
So*   i- tbe time to order your mill
>v     I,    I- ne luatli and over
$1.75 Per Load
l   iveted   at   any puint  between Mill
and Kootenay Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at offloa Ol
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
the ' ■>■.
E. W.
Phone 39
« nu
iii'ir.e   MoKonzle Ave
\   ,      ',_ .....   ._.   bargain   prices.      Victoria   Lawns,   special   .'it    12 U*-"-
,',,,. Cro;  -bar Muslins al 10c. per yard and tip.      Pretty   Muslins   in
. , , v,<. pn. etc., tolling al i.'1..'. per yard. linglish Gignhams and Galateas
ain and stripe, selling ii 15c. per yard. New Whitewear in skirts, gowns, corset
covers, drawers, etc., all at special prices. Spring arrivals in men and boys'wear—
Come and pick out your Easter Hat, wc have it hero. New Tics, new Gloves, new
Boots, new suits of Underwear, etc. Ladies' and Misses Hoot and Shoe Department-
Our newest Spring styles will be of special interest to every woman.
ti ; Milliner)   Departmeni is .11   iis   besi   now.     Vou can depend upon seeing the
p-to-dale modes and the very   latest   styles,      Tins   department   is   under   the
supervision ol Miss McKenney, while lur skill and   experience   should   be  ;i   sufficient
•  arantee to one and all.
Q- 0-0<>0<><>0<H>0<H>-0<K><KK>~CKH>-QO^-0
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ollice on First SL, Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
100^-0<K>0-0<><KK>-OK_H><_K><>OK_K>-0-CK> <
Pure Drugs
combined  with  careful
,     ::.;. IUI) lillg,      pl'nlnpl
,!, iverj and re is mabli
, ■. . are the factors
wbicb ii ive built up our
husini -s i" us j.resent
immense p r oportions.
Bring your next pre-
... ij ti .;i here i( you
wan: satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
GAR D E N   S Va E D S
t '.til and inspect our stock of Onion Sets and Oardun Seeds nf all kind:
None but new seeds kepi In stock
We eery 11 complete line of
staple ami fancy groceries, and
can iill'ei' you the best goods at
the same  price as you pay for
int.'iiul'   lilies.
1 hie bread, cake and pastry trade
is rapidly Increasing, a trial
order for any one of the above
will explain why. Our aim is to
keep unly the besi.
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
Local and General.
Moving pictures Friday and Saturday.
Remember to keep the date in mind
—May 7th.
Roy Smythe a new Cigar Sture is
making gi nd progress.
A aoeeial Evangelistic message to
tbe people ol Revelstoke on Iriday
nigbt, Knox church.
L). M Carty has the contract ur tbe
erection ui an utliee fur tbe Globe
Lumbi : Compauy.
The Grand March at tbo Ladies
Auxiliary H ol K T. in the opera
bouse un" Thursday, April 22ud. will
c. mtnence al H p 111.
\ „ „■,,...   I im pei lormance at   tbi
I .....   I- .1- ...\   hi .1
-a.   ...
. UUI   _. ......
. '
1       •        .  .  ..
A is been   p-
.    -.
1  in  •
    u|    I'.. I
..    iiy and is ma
'   ...   investigation
,v.        .  -    ml tba    tbere   •■
piiti    1   : 'un' ti   ": lor tbi
Maia;! on walti t    take placi   d
tbe dance   n   rbursday  at tbe Opera
fcfouie   iinutt   tbi    auspices     I
Ladies Auxiliary ol tbi  B 1 I R. 1
Tbe n.ai.-biiii rj loi "■ •■ new stern-
wheeler ateatnei 1 w '.ng i"ii!t iu I-.
Tweeddale I - K H Sawyer, in- a ■•■
arrive.! ind is being inetalli
1   ■ 1!    promi-i -
■ imi up 11. thi  ■ vi • etatii :.-    f her
.. ■■■■;. ■ ■  . ■    	
VV.  Flen    .    1       J. C  Huti h -
were fini d by 1 M
eeterday I       11      I    ir fa
nn g at iar_j" in thi itreeti
■ --.   .       ime  '.ie-. -.-I..       - ■
.  •   : Ml
■ - '
I bi  ;. • nil -I-   : tin      •..       'i-i'
tbeii   mui
atti nd li.ui,. -• 1
j.   Al
em be I g   brothers  a
'■..'.■.■   a t ti
111.,-, ii I fi        - ,  . 1
bul do cum plague havi
as yet beei     -        ed I'bia and tin
leeping iiei 1 ri >ut
plsguea ii,,'      ivt   ni I hii ' be 1
lOWn I      .'.:■-:    1    .1... • .... UK"' tl
.':.  .'ker
Your Insurance
Is  one of   the   most   important   items
in your Imsiness
Kootenay Agencies* Ltd.
I.i ink utter this branch of vonr business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
If you want good Potatoes we have
just unloaded a car. Special prices
for ton lots. Now i:, your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Hutter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. B. 0.        'Phone 248
Our Stock of Draperies is large and varied, and    vou   will
he sure to lind what you need at ourstoie.
50 Inch Madras
In all the leading shades, line qualities and pretty
designs, floral and conventional, white, cream,
old rose, greens, pink and yellow, from 40c. to
75c. per yard.
36 Inch White Muslins
For bedrooms, in spots, stripes and floral designs
36 and 42 Inch Bobbinei
With Lace Edge and Insertion, 20, 2=,, 30 and
35 cents per yard.
36 Inch Silkalines
In all colors. These wash splendidly and make
pretty draperies.
36 Inch Art Silks
in quaint Japanese and Oriental designs. These
sell from 50c. per yard up.
McLennan & Co,
********* «** x******************* <,•.*•:***********»*****»
ki       •'' ::. • ■   ml bea r
ll -.     I ir    1. i!p "iii.k   in    "A   Man's I
-ii, ' K in x church, Friday night !
Social and Personal
Keep tl     date May - .        1
val,   ui der
Auxiliary   ol    Ki 01 I
Mra  J. ti Cressman will nut receive
nil Friday.
Miaa Muriel Buck has returned Irum
in cj tt tided ■■ Isit lo Braodi ::.
iny i
I thi Ei :..... ir II. A. Brown, 1 f Sicamous,
given by thi   Ladies    Aunliarj '■'■  - -    -:     ;'    ; ■ city tbis week.
'■ '• ' Mrs    W    Morris    entertained   ber
 lav, fr;,::,;'           "   " Friday afternoon.
1th, during  the   Ma;        - Mrs   :                ck and Mre   A    Mc-
a B               iterday 00 a 1 iiii I   -.he Bt
,    wh    wis ear Rev, Dr  Kil-       R   ' ' I '"'       rgaoiier   : r
uii   sari)   to   K     t ed  in   tiie  citv  on
I . iday nigbt
■■ I '.- Edmonti n.
..:: ■ nee it 8
Prist ■ will ne given 1
tz by tbe Li
\| :       --;.        Ll ;•.■!!
1 ■ .    \i    ndn      Meat   Market
npmenl    ■   I ■
lat allot bei
' i--   1 was at   borne  to
- .    rday   alter
ers leaving cards
W   II   Pratt   mm   gei thi     ca
Bank, baa bei
. | .      ..,
-   • .s ■ ■ ,_■.-.
1   1;
11 K-. -     ,- ■     -       10 tbi
that tbeai e baa bei
g00(| ■ dec   and
glad ... IKool
I ii"    In 1 I    will
1      Bwardi
General regret will Ik   fi
i be an bal   W   H   ,
lolaona  Bank
Iran-''''  ed    to    til
Ml ,   A    He kbam    forroei ly
Reveletoke a   1
.1 nr,. .1   at
iat week to Miea I      .
■   waa pi
,  1:. i   A   M. ll "•    I
...       ," ,..,. '   "     '  ' '
, ,   ,.< .■   ■   -•   , .-ut   \1 r.    ne!   M
are offer!
hy private aali       Mi   I'ratt i
• , . tact dati
■ft 1-      II   Hi!'
... . rn     .- ■
1 ...     \| ...
I,.      - .        .    IMi    and
I      i . .
i iring   bei   -• ■
I'he la      .. .1   tugruvi
.11.-,,1 |.  .    il]       I,.,.
I il : ■
Saturday all
-' to Mi
,..   ■
, lllll , > 1      I   I    I I I K II-    I r .
I    »o Kl .-   :-.. inhearrang
"!■''-     ' "''"     ' ixceptional   abilities
pole breaking tin I   1 ,.„._,,,
managed    to   kick
""" ' ;'!    ;«h ""' r''y  ■■■' .-.I 1, :   1 ■ .
I al    r h  li .rd
chase,   1 he hursi - were uninjured
1. ui 1. ei'd     \\ biU
Ij           , . 1,1     Sweel
1.1- ..I    ■          iiuVlllle.
ilangi     I p. I ii.'.n   Hui I
1 .ui..1. • ti in  hulk
Practice Shoot E Co. R. M. R
1 ie     ... ing an   • bo scorea  pioked
• •
liy local rilletiiel
rii  IHl.li
1    ll    Siuill.
.1    Meek
li   Mi Ii.u 1
'  II. SI,mil .M
. II. Mul In        il
\\ .  All.-n
p  It, Ai kiiiim
.U 1
1   1
Su;!. ,1.   ll .mil.1
r ririniii
1 Ull lull
H.i unimlnu
VV, II   Smith
li Smythe .
w   IV'nl "ii
,\. Mi luelny
Sash and Door Factory
I:     I    '.'   ■ I«        ;. e-       1
I • - ■ Ituati tl just I ehlnd bia saidence
on M- I'.'i '.   ■   i- ■     ■    ■ ■ o| rhn
hi ■   be lm*   1 omroem
ereel I m ai il 1 1 il] nt "I ■>  modern
■aah and door lactory H McCarthy
1.1- iin oon tract I 1 1 he oonatr lotion
ol the building
I'ruate Bale ul Houaebold Furnl
ruiiire mi Friday, Saturday and Mon
day alternooni frum 2  to 8 o'clock
II Inolodea bedroom lurnlture kitchi □
1   .   carpeta, baby's crib ami go-oart
(new, with other household   elTeoti
Over Molsons Bank.—W, ll I'ratt
Winston Churchill Scorns Fear
of Conflict with Germany
l-ONiin.N, April 21—In a long letter
to hia admirers, dealing with naval
matters, Winston Spencer Churchill,
president ol the board uf tn dc, declares that nu more fatal ubsession
cuuld benumb the hrain of any statesman than to suppuse there w j. pru
found aiitagouiBin between Great Britain and Germany which cuuld unly
be Bolved by war, because through
their commercial intere 'a alone these
two countries are necessary to each
In a general defence ol the guvern-
tnent's naval policy, Mr Churchill]
Batly declare* lhat it would he absurd
to build ships against the 1'nited
State* and that it is not the government's policy tu take the American
navy into consideration in framing
■ he British na ' .1 estimates.
"Because," he added, "we do not
believe lhat there is any reasonably
prubable—nay. humanly conceivable
—combination against the peace and
fnedomof the British people which
would include the Americau navy."
Seeding   Under Way
Winnipeg, '.pr,' 21.—The first  re-
port   l  lhe Canadian Northern   Railway on crop conditions in   lho  Wee',
wai compili ' today.   The  ageirts all
over the system send in  gncd  reports
of the farming situation,  and  it  may
■ taken tbat seeding will  he general
by the end  ol   tbi    mil.    lu   many
. -.-filing ■ mu ...day.    A   speci-
.- od   i"p.   .      in        'rum   liisley,
wan,   .vliere live per cenl. ut
tin i- a'n ad-  in the ground,
Upper Fraser Awakening
patent 1 < 1 roc eding apace in
tbem Cariboo   and this year the
-• -.. in.er will   1 "rati? through the
,.  rgn   nu yon   .f   tbe  Fraser
•   and in tbe river beyond, giving a
it 11I1     .'nail) appreciated
.   i resent   1 ttlera in   ihat   dis-
tnd by tbe  -ngc n..tt.l«.r  eeking
■  .- . .-   -   in  r   .-   dow
• 1."  ■     I   al    .....csncl   under
rii ■• nd   1 -   ■'       lePhi s ami
. t pec ted  -      arill       ready fur
g by I I bl   "'.inn are
 .11     Lumber it   Nariga-
. pen)   ll   prinoipali .,( which
peopli      Capl   1  11
. ...I tin I,,* craft,
Contractors Busy
 .': 1'" 11     ind   'i |n litem uf
n j .n ...   ii   11 brink in  lhi li
Besides a number ol bu
.   ;   ibllC  nallire        'h-r COIIStl DCl inn
man) pi I* itt residences lailng
hull!,    and   the    pi ..   SCtl    ll i    many
11,1 ire to ia: imiii 111 1 in- near lui ure  in
• I. 1.1
Kdison Parlor Pbcatrn iplendld
programme (or Friday and Haturdaj
Ii.u 1 (orgOl lhe 100UI al the 1 ,M.
' \ ri del the auspices ul tin, Ladies
Auxiliary on Tuesday    evening    next,
April  27t.ii     (oiorwm, eoltee,oake,
td     Ootnl and ipind a jully evening,
The Cullinan Diamond
Future use of the great, Cullinan
diamond ban now lieen definitely decided. The king and queen, anxious
to make the fullest possib e use uf ihe
Transvaal's vilt., consulted the other
day a firm of jewelers un tbe puint
whether the gem cuuld lie set iu the
imperial cruwn as to bo detachable fur
wear hy the nueeu ou great state
occasions, as it was at the recent
opening of Parliament,
The cruwu and the ilianiund were
taken tu Buckingham I'aliuie, where
the practical side ul the plan was
demonstrated hy the jewelers, who
then receivid instruoeions to carry
out tbe uurk Thus the Cullinan
dntiiiuiid, whil" retaining the status
of a cruwn jewel, will he available fur
wear by the Queen on smiie nrcasions
upon which tbejerown is not In use.—
Business Locals
Don't tail to see Bewa' 75 cent line
of copyright books.
Come and see tbe beautiful panto-
mine "Aladdin's Dream," at the Edi
ton Theatre Friday.
Sick Dogs—go to C R Macdonald's
he keeps everything in dog medicines.
Instruction books on keeping dogs
J. Cosgmve, the well-known theat
rical manager, is in tnwn today
arranging (or tbe appearance abuut
tbe middle of May of the "Swiss Bell
W. J. Curtis, piano tuner, will be
in the city abuut 2,rith April. Ordera
left with R, Huwsun or Revelstuke
General Agencies will receive prompt
attention. til
In response tu city notices printed
recently re tbe cleaning ami burning
nf rubbish around back yards and
premises, cili/ena generally have been
working hard to comply with the
Auction Salt
11 eri    will   be   nlli red   fur sale by
Public Auction on the premises known
as    F.'ciniig'a    l.ivery   at   the City ol
Reveletoke on
Tuesday April 27th
at 10:30 in the forenoon
.Mi in s'i ck ..I htiries.hai in aa, »lf igl i.
aagguna, buggies and Implements and
other artlolea oovorcd by assignment,
.1   ii-i .1   which oan   be  aeen  ai the
nlllM ol  the Assignee
Ifrmf Lasn
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The best and largest Stock
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
of   Cigars  and
The Original Mac's .Mixture
and made  expressly   for   us by 1).
now  on   hand
K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin and  linamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First S^ West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
is sure to be a success if we supply tbe
We take great pains to see that all
our customers are satislactorily served
It's a trim saying, tbat a please customer is the best advertisement, tbat
we have many of them can easily be
seen by tbe business we do.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Qreen Bones Chopped for your Chickens Daily
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Have opened a store on First Street for the
sale of Flour, Feed, Seed and Chicken
Specialties, and would respectfully ask for
your patronage.
Royal Standard Flour        Burpee's Seeds        B. 6- K. Chicle Food
The Paget Supply Co.
You Don't Have To 1
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents I
f IWfff fff fff fff iff fff fff WfVVW VWV VfWWW ■! ff f f f 1 f f ^
imi lith  oompiete  At C- Ha
uditlon   I'.iwdrr
C. Holten, Assignee.
M actions
Stuck Fund anil   C
at Itewa' drugstore.
Aluth halls, cumpliiu llakei and
moth hagn ai Bewi' drugstore.
I bave nearly une thousand nice
calendars fur photographs, and frum
now until tbey are gone, I will give
une complete with every dozen any
sl/.c photos taken by me. Cmne either
nn clear aud cloudy days. K. F.
Tucker. 15-tl
Tbo undersigned wishes to deny the
report that be is selling or has sold
out, aud ia leaving town, and also to
answer to the public tbat be is letter
equipped than ever for all kinds ol
house painting ai tl decorating.
F. H. Frbt/,,
Typewriter ribbons, paper and ollice
supplies at Bews' drugstore,


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