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The Mail Herald 1909-02-20

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''Empire" Typewrite
For ease ol oporation and perfection
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, IjiliO 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
The Mail-H^ald
    (- FFR^IQO'i       J
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   MoKenzie Ave.
Vol. 15.-No 7
I'l'Jv UK
C. FEBRUARY 20, 1900^
———    ——— —,—  ■ a **'
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Ladies Smari Shoes
The "Merry Widow "a new new pomp iu  Enameled
Calf, turn soles and new  heel, dull kid trimmed, a
veiy neal. and dressy shoe  $4.00
The "Merry Widow'' in tan colors, trimmed  with ligbt
shade  ol   calf  leather,   neat   self bow,   turn sole,
with new   staple  heel     $3.50
A  new  Patent  Oxford,  plaiu toe, with dull kid matte
top,   faucy   creased   vamp,   uew style Oulian heel a
pretty ahoe,  it nice finish  to any ladies'costume — $3.50
Itnssitt Oalf, two eylet pomp, Directoire toe extension
soles,    ine   st itching,    with    new   Cuban   heels.
Medium   weight   soles     $4.00
New Dress Goods
Duchess Satan cloth,  new bright linished   cloth, just
what is  lined   for the styles of gowns  worn at  present, in
browns,    greens,    wine,    black,    navy    and    grey.
Selling at per yard      000.
Shadow striped   ChilTon   finished Panama cloth, in the
new colorings uf greens,  browns,  navy, black  and
grey.    At per yard    $1.00
Fifth-four inch   Panama cloth, tine close weave (note
the extra width) in  the  new  colorings of browns,
greens, greys, blacks and navys.    Per yaul      $1,00
•tare* *t R«v*Utok« ansl Arrowhead.
Your Opportunity!!
Stock Taking Bargains In a Good Liue
of English Enamelled ware
Blue Enamelled Preserve Kettle now at   45i
Sauce Pan
See Our Bargain Table.   Always
Something Your Wanting
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offica—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points iu Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada Natioual Bank. Spokano—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 91 and unwind, received, and interest allowed at
-ent rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Por Cent. Off All
Ladies' and Children's Winter  Wear
Must be cleared   to  make room   lor
new Spring Stock.
MRS.    A.    CRICK
Used in Election Act Debate in
B. C. Legislature
Victobu, Feb. 19.—Sidestepping,
subterfuge, compact, conspiracy, withdraw it, rotten, were hurled by Socialists through Nanaimo to Rossland and
Revelstoke (or a lively hour alter the
house late yesterday bad heaid Hon.
Mr. Tallow's monetary masterpiece.
"Investigate," finally came the demand ol Delta
"Very well," readily agreed the attorney-general, "I will write at. .nee
lor an explanation from both the registrar ol votes at New Westminster and
at Revelstoke "
"We are proud ol our officials."
Tbis Irom tbe attorney-general stsrted
"Oh, you are!" came bsok Delta,
"and just the other day I told you of
the officer at New Westminster who
placed names on the list alter giving
his certificate striking them off.
"If tbis case, which arose months
•go, was so serious as you would have
us believe, why didn't you then bring
it to my attention?" asked the attorney-general alter Delta had dwelt at
some length upon his complaint.
"Why tell you, because I have no
confidence in you."
Then arose the Liberal leader witb
the Revelstoke Observer and a charge
tbat 250 names had been struck off
the lists just prior to tbe Dominion
election, the paper containing affidavits tbat many of these were improperly erased.
In explaining this, after Nanaimo
had contributed verbal pyrotechnics
upon alleged compacts and conspiracies, Hon. Mr. Taylor said thst the
Observer was extremely partisan aud
tbat the names had not only been
properly struck off as absentees and
dead men, but had been submitted to
the secretary ol the Liberal association ol RevelBtoke. From the word
submitted" the opposition inferred
'connivance," and Nanaimo carried it
to "conspiracy."
But the Minister of Public Works
calmed the storm by giving it tbe
meaning he intended, merely tbat the
Liberal secretary had access to the list
aod approved of the striking off.
During the debate tbe secretary ol
the Liberal Association of the province waa mistaken for the secretary
at Revelstoke, whereat Delta flared at
the offender, Nanaimo.
"Oh," put in Parker Williams, "it
would require an expert detective to
find either the secretary or the Provincial Liberal Association. The best
way to settle this little matter is for
the government to return the deposit
of the Socialist candidate in tiie Revelstoke election."
San Francisco Opera Co.
The announcement tbat the San
Francisco Opera Company's return to
Revelstoke for two nights next week
is causing a Hood of pleasureable
anticipation, for never has any company presented such excellent operatic
productions as tbe San Franciscians.
This company will be remembered lor
the bit it made in tbe "Toymaker"
last September. For tbis engagement
"The Strollers" will be presented on
Friday nigbt and "Dolly Varden" oo
Saturday night. Both these oongic
operas bave been great successes in all
the big cities of tbe east, and where-
ever presented by Manager Healy's
forces they are recommended as the
best pieces of his extensive repretoire.
In tbe company tbis time will be
found all tbe favorites of laat visit and
many new people wbo will be introduced for tbe first time. Teddy Webb,
tbe clever comedian, still heads the
comedy, and Mabel Day ie the charming and petite prima donna. Tbe
chorus bas been materially augmented
and many thrilling voices will be heard
iu tbe ensembles. There are forty
people in the oompany, wbicb is quite
tbe largest organisation ol tbe kind
ever offered in Western Canada. Tbe
scenery and costumes are said to be
very beautiful, wbile many consider
il the most extravagently gowned
show in America.
Witb the splendid record ol tbe last
engagement and the favorable reports
that bave preceded it this time, there
is little doubt but thst Tbe ?an Francisco Opera Company will attract two
ol tbe largest houses ever seen in
Revelstoke for sny travelling company. The tickets for both nights
will be placed on sale at Macdonald's
drug store on Tuesday morning, ard
the prices aie 76c, $1 and f 1.50.
Car ol oats just arrived. For prices
inquire at Fruit Exchange.
Tbe ladies of tbe Catholic Church
are preparing an excellent programme
(or tbeir annual St. Patrick's concert,
Express Order Thief Run
Earth by Local Men
A smart piece ol detective work was
effected this week by several local
meu, resulting in the capture ol one
ol the slickest crooks that, ever struck
this town. This gentleman goes Ly
the name ol Sinclair, and bad a particular interest in cashing express
orders, s-vcral of which be made good
wilh, until, elated by suocess, he was
caught unawares lli- lasi exhibition
look place in the store uf the McKac
Mercantile Cu , where he tried io easb
a big order, alter making siveral large
porcha-os. Kenny McRae, doutitlul
as to the genuineness of the order,
aud lotting bis mind wander back to
a paragraph in a newspaper abuut
some express books being stolen in
tbe States, put two and two together
and rang up J. L Stark at the express office, where his suspicions were
verified. Tbe description giveu tallied
exactly witb tbat of a man wanted in
Savannah, Georgia, ior stealing express books, for whose oapture a reward of $200 is offered. Cbiel Bain
was telephoned for and the man was
arrested, incriminating evidenoe being
found on bim. Sinclair had evidently
been reaping a rich harvest on his ill-
gotten gains until he struck Kenny
McRae, who proved a snag. The reward will probably be divided up between Mr. McRae, Chief Bain and Mr.
Stark. Tbe prisoner is being held
here pending extradition proceedings
as he is badly "wanted" in the State
of Georgia. This is the second time
tbat our local "detectives" bave recently effected a smart capture.
Contractors Here— Labor and
Material Supplied Locally
Messrs. Maodonald and Gillette, tbe
successful tenderers for tbe government traffic bridge across the Columbia river at Revelstoke, bave arrived
in the oity and are making preparations Ior the immediate commencement ol tbe work of construction.
Mr. Macdonald stated to tbe Mail-
Herald yesterday that all supplies
and material would be purchased in
Revelstoke, and that all the labor required would also be secured in the
Both the contractors are well known
men in tbe Kootenays, having done
extensive contract work in tbe dis.
trict. Mr. Macdonald has been, until
recently, carrying out governmenl
contracts at Prince Rupert. He is
well known in Revelstoke, being one
ol tbe first to enter tbe town.
It is expected that as many men
will be employed on the work as can
possibly be put on, in order to push
on the construction before the water
Tests were made yesterday ol the
thickness of the ice along the line of
bridge site. Tbe contractors will lose
no time in getting tbeir men and material on the ground, and the next lew
weeks will show much activity in
When completed, the bridge will be
a fine piece of work, both Mr. Gillette
and Mr. Macdonald being noted for
their thoroughness in workmanship
and detail.
Receive Grant of $8,000 from
Preparations are being made for the
early erection of a new wing for tbe
hospital. Tbe matter of tbe addition,
tbe want of which has been badly lelt,
has been under discussion for some
time, tbe hospital board leeling that
operations would not be commenced
(or the erection of tbe new wing until
tbey bad sufficient funds. We learn
tbat tbe government has given a grant
of 18,000 towards the hospital, which
will materially aid io tbe work, boing
exactly double the amoont applied Inr
last year. Tbe accommodation of tbe
hospital bas been much taxed this
year, and as the city increases in sito
so will the requirements ot tbo hospital
be increased, especially as the gov.
ernment require tbat consumptive
patients must be kept tbere. Tbs
publio should lend tbeir best support
to any reasonable scheme for promot
ing tbe welfare and utility ol the
Moving Pictures tonight.
Vinolia English soaps, 15c. to 75c,
a cake, at Bews1 drug store.
Watch lor our Cheap Sale on broom
holders, broom hangers and brushes.
One week only, commencing Monday,
Feb. 22nd. Come in and look tbem
over—0. B. Hume & Oo.
B. C. Fire Companies Meet to
Further Interests
Victokia, Feb. 19 —The British Columbia Fire Insurance Agents' association was formally constituted last
evening ai the Boomerang. Repre en-
tative- were present frnm nearly every
section nl the province and the following nffieers were elected; J. J. Ban
field (Vancouver), president; J T Rob-
iiison (Kamioupr.), tirst vice-president;
E Elwell (Cranhrook), second vice-
pri-Bident; C 11 Macauley, bun. sec.-
treas ; conini itee. W A Lawsnn (Vic-
tori-), R. M Bird (Ni-lson), F. B
liCw.B (Revelstoke), D.P.Kane (Kasln),
I*. R Pearsnu (New Weetiuins er), W
S. Holland (Vancouver), T 8. Gilmnre
(Rosihitid), C F. Costertoti (Veruon),
Tbe objects ol tbe sooiety are: "To
promote tbe general interests aud welfare of the members of tbe associatiun
and to maintain and extend tbeir usefulness to the advantage of the public;
to plan agencies on such a basis as
to secure properly qualified representatives; by mutual support and cooperation to protect the agent from
unfair competition; to prevent payment of commissions and rebates to
anyone other than regularly appointed
agents; to oppose " overhead " writing
and rebating and to support white
principles and discourage bad practices; to lend support and co-operation
to companies in effecting good legislation for the general betterment of
tbe business and the protection ol the
insurance public."
Tbe annual meeting will be held on
the first Friday in June in Victoria.
Of the representatives present there
were members of tbe board and non-
board companies.
Creditable Production by Local
Revelstoke playgoers were given a
big treat when "The Little Minister"
was put on by local talent at tbe
opera bouse on Thursday night. The
house wae crowded and everybody
went away well pleased with the entertainment. "Tbe Little Minister"
is a pretty comedy drama by J. M.
Barrie, and all of the parts were exceptionally well taken, especially when it
is considered it was the first publio
appearance in dramatics of seven of
tbe caste.
The leading roles were taken by
Mrs. F. C. Elliott as 'Lady Babbie,"
and Mr. D. M. Rae as "Gavin Dysart."
Mrs. Elliott played ber part very
charmingly, and Mr. Rae made an
excellent clergyman, although bis
stature did not give the idea that be
waB a little minister. Our uld lavorite
Mr. W. M. Lawrence was at hnrne in
his part aB "Rob Dow," and Mr. H,
Cunningham Morris showed bis dramatic ability by the excellent manner
he personated "Lord Rintoul." Mrs.
Sturdy as "Nannie Webster," wae ex
ceptionally good, and delighted the
audience with her acting, especially
during Act II, where tbe scene is the
interior ol her cottage. Miss White
as "Felice" caused plenty of fun, and
tbe audience would bave liked to have
seen her on tbe stage oftener. Mr. W
.1. W. Brown was at home in the role
of "Captain Halliwell," and particular
mention should be made of Master
Jim Lawrence as "Mioah Dow." Olthe
others it is hard to single any special
parte out for commendation, viz., Mr.
J. L Stark as "Tammas Whamond,"
cbiel elder; Mr. J.Carmiobael, "Snecky
Hohart"; Miss Foote, "Jean," tbe
Mause servant; Mr. R. Ackman, as
"Sergt. Davidson"; Mr. J. G. McLean,
"Twaiis," tbe butler; and Mr. J. Donald io tbe double role ol "Joe Cruick-
sbanktTand "Andrew Mealmaker." All
were well played, and tbo whole caste
deserve great credit lor the capable
way tho piece was bandied, The dramatic club should have every encouragement as lhu local talent is certainly
above tbe average (or a city mucb
larger than Kevelstoke, and we advise
tbem lo get down to a system ol rehearsals which would, in a short time,
put tbem in tbe position of lieing ablo
to stage plays in a manner unly
excelled by the very best professional
companies. To Mr. B. R. Copelaud,
stage manager, mucb credit is due fur
the manner in which all details had
bven brought down to a fine poinl,
Miss V. McKinney and Miss F, Law-
ion provided excellent musie between
the acts.
This is
cut of 'the
' Kootenay
that is doing
such excellent service in
many Kevelstoke homes.
There is nothing to equal
it at the price and no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay. We have them specially fitted with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements. Be
sure you buy a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Groceries       Hardware       Harness       Plumbing
|A Hill
«V I    B H i"
*rjtT ***   \}\i'   UJjfo   £ wp,g   ,2 H_*._u?3 P- Jp >>f »*•
furnishings MrDresser.
First-class   programme   tnnigbt  a'
the Edison Parlor Theatic.
If the laundry has knocked out your'shirts and
broken your collars around the edges, played havoc
with your cuffs; if you have made holes in the toes of
your socks and are not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for you; if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut"; or if you need any furnishings for
your body come to us.
SHIRTS From 75c. up
NECKTIES From 150. up
UNDERWEAR..,From 75c. up
Let us furnish your body and make it lit to
live  in.
Fit Reform Clothing:.
b. s. walker, Present ] Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
AnxAKDEKLAiBD,G.nirsui«niier; Reserve Fund,  -   6 000,000
DRAFTS AND  MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all parts of Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     iai
K. C. Extension Approved
Ottawa, Feb. 111.—Tbe bill encoding the time (or the completion ol the
Kootenay Central railway to 1912 was
reported yesterday in tbe house of
oommons railway committee Col. A,
Thompson explained that this is a C.
I'.   R.   project   to   build a road from
I Fort .Steele to the  international boon-
The programme lur the St. Patrick s  Jtry> ^  ^   (||e B(mn&ur t() ()o,.
may lie developed aloit »
concert under   lho   auspioes   of   the
ladies ol the Catholic Church will be den on tbo main line     The company
varied aud interesting. td      hss powori to luild tramways tu any
mines which
tbe line.
Mr. Qooeve, mstnbei lor Kooteuav,
said his cunslitueuti. were nppoie.l to
a long extension "I time. Fruit ranch,
ers in the valley of the Columbia river,
whom this line wiuld serve, are
anliotn to bave it constructed at an
early dute. He asked that a poi tion
ol tbe road at least be constructed
immediately. I'p to the present timt
nothing but grading bail been done.
Moving pictures tonight. THE MAIL HERALD, HEVELSTOKE, B. C.
£be ADaiMbcvalb.
PUBUSBRIi   WEDNE3DA\   •    '_' SAT'JR-
arristers. Solicitor,   Etc.
Supreme^ and  Exchequer Court
Agents.      Practice   in  Patent
Office    ami
a   befoie    Kailway
H...N. I HAnUCSjJIl'BPin , M.l'.
II Utnl.liJ-'l-IIKIl.
Dvficxs    iMii.niAi. Bank Hi iuung Hk\h.
STOKE,  B. 0,
.Moiiej 10 loan.
Offloesi Revelstoke,
Jno. S. MoCaktxb
\.   M     I INKUAM ,'. A.   HaKVUV
I r.u.tir	
Ortutbrook, B. i\
li u-ristei
S li. itoi for:—
im. i Hank of Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Etc,
Provincial Umi I Surveyor,
MinioK Surveyor
McKenzie Avence,
I,   O.   F.
Umrt Mount Heifb'...'. Si S481, moots 2ml antl
Ith Holidays in Oddfeiluwi Hull, next in Opera
Houst.   Visitiug nroili.-eu cordially  Invited lo
C. A. Habte, CH.
h. w. Edwards, H.s
C.   W,   O ■   W "
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
Meets  Second and  Kuiuili   Wednebdays in
rii-ii mouth, Id Selkirk Hall,   Vlsitlti   wood*
men cordiftlly inrited to attend.
W. D. ARMSTRONG, Con, Com.
- J. MclNTVl'.K, Clerk.
F. O. E.
*TLii regular ma^tinas are held in the Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening m fc o'clock
Visiting brothreu ur*» L-uTUmUy invitotl.
T    J    WALSH,   Prksidknt.
ss. k. Mclaughlin, sbobbtakt.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A   F. & A, M.
Tlie regular meoi-
inn are held i" the
Oddfellows Huh. •■"
the tiiir.l Muudiij in
eticli    niuiiUi
Adjoining   the   now   Catholic   Hospital   and
Grounds, South of City Park.
12 Acres of
Price $160 per Acre        $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms an exceptional opportunity to buy Choice
Revelstoke Property.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
case with the British investor, anil
in regard to this we would give a
word of warning, in the past few
years there has been no feature of
Canada'sJprogresB more remarkable
than the position she has won with
the Uritish investor. Whereas, a
decade ago, as we have just stated,
most of the Canadian appeals for
British capital were looked askance
at, it is now not too much lo say
that the sight of a Canadian prospectus attracts mere attention than
that of any other singlti coin-try.
This is a very rare and valuable
position, ll innans nothing less
than this, that if Canada will keep
a clear head and a steady hand she
can get in Ureal Britain all the
money she needs fur the develop-
| ment of her immense resources
during the next half century, and
Uritish Columbia should not be
behind in a large share o! the
capital. She lias now gained the
conlidence of the British people by
level headedness on the part of her
_ bankers and commercial leaders, by
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.  j ,  .....      , , ,,        , ,
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.    ! lh« Stability of her growth and by
MgBT.s . i'm-v uki'si-shav   the new restraint and caution learnt
p m. Visiting brethren    cordially   wet-
Meel^ every Tlnn i
.lay  oveiiiun/ni
.kirk Hall nt 8o'clock
IVi-itiuK hretliron an:
■orliaUy invited to atteoil.
cape, With the estimates he-
fore them the aldermaen may
intelligently judge the end from
beginning and be prepared to keep
the season's work well in hand.
While there will be considerable
work this year on municipal improvement on the frontage tax, including sewerage system, street
making, etc., public work as a
whole should lie light, and with
the estimates for siuh passed and
out of the way, the council will
have time to turn their attention
to something mure important.
"That the newspaper is here to
stay because it is indispensable, and
lhat anyone thinking of entering
upon such work should not engage
in it unadvisedly nor lightly, but
reverently, discreetly, advisedly,
soberly and in the fear of liod,"
were the statements made by Mr.
Hart Lynns, editor of the New
York Tribune, in an address recent
ly delivered by him nl Yale College
on journalism. Speaking of the
criticisms of the newspapers he
said :
"There arc few things less credit
able than ihe pretentiousdenuncia-
A Commercial Sermon on  Industrial Revelstoke
''Across ttie Alps lies Italy,"
said Nupolenn many years ago.
Today, hundreds oi incoming
settlers to Canada will soon be
saying, "Across the Rockies from
the east or across the Cascades
from lhe west lies llevelsloke and
we are going to live there." Neither
one of the above quotations are
interpolations, but are both stubborn facts and the transcontinental
railway companies being well aware
of the latter fact, are equipping all
their service to carrying this avalanche of immigration to the Inland Empire of the future, and the
sunny slopes and valleys of the
Kootenays. Advices from England
of recent date report that Kootenay
and Revelstoke in particular have
been receiving great publicity from
sources, which, although we are
well aware of, yet which just now
would not be advisable to identify.
Arc we, in this inviting locality,
prepared to meet and hold a share
—or our share—of these desirable
citizens? Ate our land holders
and land companies prepared to
cut up their holdings into small
tracts to accommodate the newcomers with reasonable figures ?
It should be remembered that the
increase of population is what increases tlie value of land and all
commodities, and with this plain
truth constantly before us, we
must take action in no uncertain
way. o secure and satisfy as many
settlers as possible. Revelstoke
citizens can very materially assist
in this by establishing themselves
and inducing others to establish
home industiies that will employ
labor the year round. Would it
not he more reasonable for home
capitalists to invest in home industries of all kinds than to put
their money in lands, timber and
mines all outside of our tributory
territory'.' We believe it would;
and we believe tlie investor would
get quicker and better returns on
his investments. Keep the home
capital at work, building up the
home industries and thero will he
recompense both di recti v and indirectly.
Again we rail public attention to
transportation and the new settlers.
It is more than likely  that belore
Hai:   at
Kill-:.!- ■
d dl'.'l
I'd ink.      Visitm
. ■ . r . ■ h 1, y   uvi ted.
T   P   SMITH. I'   I'.
••   H   KROI K   K. t)I   K    * m
J    li. SCOTT. M.
i! r.
Zbc flfoatUlfocralfc
7:.*.-  - -. d ..:. be I lu the '• --, uf ..-
\:.i -        eh good li   he worst of o
Tl »'. .:   •.-:..:. -■.    ,::j .■' ,.'
T   talk about tbe re.i   ' ■•-
^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    verv lung there will be direct coin-
by bitter experience of her use and ftions of a bad newspaper by those mUnication north with the  (Irand
treatment of genuine capital. , whose patronage helps to make  its  Trunk, as well us south with  C. P.
existence possible. How contempt- |{ extensions, and these companies
ible are the men and women who wighing to reash the richest poss-
love to spread scandal and give I ible country and open it up in
currency to defamation by word of ,,-,!,.,■ to bring in rich returns, will
mouth, while tbey  smugly   profess   tap t|„. adjacent territory by  their
and   push    forward   the
We   understand   lhat the  I ilj
Council this  year   intend  bringing
down the estimates for the year on  horror of the journals which   thej -v'-it-m
general   work  al   au   earlj   date, eagerly   purchase   to gratify a de development    of    these   valuable
Suoh   a   move on the part ol   the {praved taste. Thecriticism of news mineral, timber   and   agriculture
papers ought to be free m : fee .•■-- areas    whii I
and ought to lead toward* the mp- interior,
pression,   noi   thi             tion,   ol ,..■      make ours one of the best
those who provi              . nd busiest industrial and resource.
oughl il                              serin I districts in  the   Pacific   Nort]
  I                            iem .- .v -•      We have the raw material
Ily so  doi
Council would bi i wise and popular one ii the ion ol ihe pub-
.'i .ii large. This - in deal which
should always be aimed at but
vhich has not s Iways been attained, inating.
ng the council will be in ,"",;' '
are   the pride of the
lot I ie banks of the Coltim
bia itini itj lakes with happy homes
led mechanic,  the  fruit-
growei  tnd   the   farmer;   lee   onr
gel... ;.!•.:    with   bright   and
.tore satisfactorily su  •• ...,.  the distriel   ivith
i   better   position   lo   survej   lhi
!• irrt olasi   .  ogrann
year's operations befori thi)   «giu | :..„•.
tnd   will   consequently be able to j    Thl. . . -, |.a,r.rk
THE :    [1 :-H INVESTOR
rbe most essential factor in the
le ■ opmeut ol British Columl iu
and i anada, us a whole ie capital,
without, which our vast resource).
are practically worthless, I'here
is,  perhaps,  no  greater   field   lur
profitable and sure investment in  while   the    inr,.    are   inder ed and iuu   -
any portion ol the globe than Can-1 Without   such   Ion   -
ada today, and the wealth that ha   contr     I  thi   pear's work
been  but   little  touched,  is  lying tically  iai|
read   for the advent uf capital to control! d
turn   il   '..  rich account.    Few, if comes to i counci
any, will deuy that British i  ilum-      itifactioi past admiu
imi  holds out exceptional advan-  tions was in i
lages for investment, and now thai     lefacttl i ged into the
iwners ol mineral properties, tim- execution >! thi work without i
ber areas, agrii ill iral and build- eallj clear perception ol howmuch
mg land.- have begun to tee thai ivai to be done or where and how
tbe days of frantio and wild spend much it was lo coil ot from
ing ui money un worthless prop- whence the money was to come,
ertie* ii- over and that tbecapilalb, Krom -uch methodi unsatiifactory
and investor will only do busineii result! are certain, With no clear-
on business lines, then- can be I) defined limit which muil noi be
little doubt bul that money will exceeded a council has no gooi
flow into thi- province as soon ns , public reason to give ior declining
the capitalist is convinced that to grant improvement! and when
wl>nt he lmvs ur nut0 hi- cash into these demands come thick and last
-..:•. Much harm has been the aggregate expenditure noon
dom the reputation "1 liriti-l runs beyond the amount thnt
t'.iluinl investmenls   by   un
a,i .1- ml ivaracious men
-ahn. i i iheii wild '"ittiiig ain
booming of impo«sibli thing'1, liavi
mad   ii one)  il ths • upense n| il
l"^it;!ii!i'-   iv.-!nra-   in !l   a.-   ' ,' ^	
lecded and uf paying bank interest,
until   Ihev are sold.     From these
proepi rsified   farmers—
■ onsidered    would lie mini •
In' either council, ur bj the
ratepayers thoiriselvns. Thnn i uiuch
lhe   uverdralth. the   OOmplaintl  "I
lm public and the selllngof deben
Hires when the  moiiny   is Urgently
whose hens lay and wives make
gootl butler, and the mountain
breezes will blow soil and soothing
over a happy and contented people,
England Thinks War Inevitable
In an interview which he gave
to the press in Montreal last week
ir Charles Hibbcrt Tupper, in
speaking of matters in Great Britain
where lie spent, the past few months,
'What impressed me more than
anything else, both in London and
tlie country, is the settled conviction of every Englishman you meet
that liermany is making alj possible preparation for a war with
England. As a matter of fact, I
was constrained to laugh at a
country squire whom I met outside
ondon and who talked in the
most serious manner of Germany's
alleged war-like intentions. He
had the matter down line, even
telling mo that all tho warships
now being built by Germany were
only for one purpose, and that a
war with (ireat Britain. He explained to me that tlie small coal-
cirrying capacity of these ships
render them absolutely useless
against any other power, and that
England, and England alone, is
aimed at in all this preparation.
Well, 1 repeated what this gentleman had said while I was talking
to a number of military and naval
men, and, to my surprise, they confirmed in every particular the re
marks of the country gentleman to
whom 1 have just referred. They
said that he was right, and then
proceeded to tell me what Germany
was doing in the way of shipbuilding, all of which, in their opinion,
goes to show that Germany is making hasty preparations for a mighty
war upon England."
"Are the Uritish people thoroughly cognizant of what is going
on in Germany, and are they keeping tlieir powder dry?" Sir Hibbert
was asked.
"They certainly appear to know
what is coming, and I presume that
the mother country will not be
caught napping."
Then Sir Hibbcrt went on to say
that a whirlwind was sweeping over
England. Kvery man one meets
on the street, he states, and iu public places,speaks of the want of the
country, which is nothing more or
less than a return to protection as
the necessity, for a radical change
in the fiscal policy of England is
daily becoming more apparent and
that the people will certainly be
heard at no distant date on this
question. He did not believe,
however, that an appeal to the
people would be made during the
present year, neither did Sir Hibbert presume that the present
ministry would ever heed the warn
ing all over the three kingdoms
and trim tlieir political sails in
consequence. On the contrary, the
ex-minister of justice believed that
the Liberal party of England would
cling to tlieir old idols and go
down to tlefeat with their free trade
colors nailed to the masts.
Although some people make light
of the fact that thousands of unemployed are seen throughout the
country, and declare that they do
not want work, yet Sir Hibbert
saw many evidences of tho fact in
different parts of the country districts that large crowds are daily
-iin junking for employment.
There is, he added, a great deal
ol talk concerning Mr. Chamberlain, and really he is, according to
Sir Hibbert, the political hero of
Greal Britain, and this fact hc-
COtnei inure potent as An day of
thai gfiii statesman*! vindication
.1 thi ptople'a Inuiii- draws near,
lb- is llie pnpular man in
'■mat Britain today,says Sir Hibbert, who also believes that the ex-
-ii retary ol lhe colonies will again
present himself fur election in his
faithful Birmingham, which will
. .' h send its idol in parliament
by an overwhelming majority.
8iT    lliiiberl    Tupper   does    not
think, however, lhat Mr. Chamber-
linn will ever again lake an active
pari, in imperialpolitioi, but he is
by all odds the idol par exoellenci'
nl the British people.
Ten Handsome
China Dinner Sets
Given Away
We are placing a numbered coupon in ^ach 491b. sack
of Royal Standard Fiour that leaves our mills. Save
your coupons and compare them each month with the lucky
numbers that will appear in this space in the first issue of the
month. Ten persons will each receive one of these elegant
presents without cost monthly.
The numbers will be announced in the first issue of the
month. All the persons holding a duplicate of these numbers
has to do is to return it to us. and we will deliver free of all
charges, a handsome 109 piece dinner set. You will find all
the details of the contest on the back of each coupon.
In buying Royal Standard Flour you will secure
the most delicious, nutritious and healthful bread Hour on the
market. "
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 (tranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dining Room Km nil ure in particularly inscntiiil, anil in view uf
thin fact we bate eeleoted a very
tlrflimhlo line ol elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs ami
sideboards. An early inspection
should be made, as the price we
are asking Inr audi superior furniture makes t linn a must desirable
Big Discount
on all]
fmr  name ..i  tin   pi    inw,
ii.--ii i,-  leai ni will  in. 11   in.
gotten, aadtbii ii particularly the' inlfalla  the    council  ilwuld  »■
<ucile f>vliiif'r
a cinviT young Oinidlio «iri witb ilm Hun PiYnoticii Open Oo., wim
willbeieen In Revelitoke Friday md Hiturriay nlghta, promoting
"Tim Strollers" and "Dully Varden." Mi«« Palmoi wm born In
Plokerlng, Ont.. and received hernuiiloil education In tbe Toronto
Cul lugs ol Muiic.
♦no because p
wears MMMl
ni.wn tt.
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
__>   n
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pink Packers and Dealer! in Dive stuck. Markets In «ll the minii
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers i.f tbe Celebrated Brand " Imperator" Hams and Bacon,
>  nn I ■• Hiiniiit'iiik" llinuii Leaf Lard• 4
^%.%%^%^%%%%^%%'%^%^%%'%%^%^^%%^^%%i •**
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
apE    bpvfi RTraas b. C.
Newly build       KirHl-clau iu every reepect,     All.modern cnnveiiierctM
Large Sample IIuuiiik.
Rules SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   manafcerticnt
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cignrs.    Ratas $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
The Value & Economy oi Bovril
BOVRIL Is a very concentrated preparation, and contains
all tbe stimulating and flavoring qualities of beef plus the
Fibrin and Albumen.
These elements give to BOVRIL its high nutritive value
and differentiate it from meat extracts.
A i lb. bottle of BOVRIL will make 50 portions of good
nourishing soup at a coet of 3^cts, a portion.
Added to soups, stews, etc. it increases their flavor and
feeding value.
Queens Jtotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Te9ted stock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from tbo best
growers in England,
Fiance. Holland, the
United S talc, and
('lunula. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, borne grown.
Fertilisers. l>ee supplies
spraying materials, cut
flowers, etc.
140 Pas* Catalogue  Free
M.   J.   HENRY
Green Houses and Seetl Houses
3010 Westminster Road
llaniifat-tiirad tor all classes uf  buildiufta
tor sals 111 largo or .-malOiuaiititios
at ths lowest pi I -as for cash.
All nl Imildluit anJ iiU.'turiUK
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Bevelstoke AssessmentjDistrict
Notice Is hereby given, iu accordance with the Statutes, that Provlnolal Ileveiuii' Tax and assessed taxes
and Income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act" and
amendments, are now due nnd payable for the year WOO. All taxes cnl-
leotlble for tbe Hevelstoke Assessment
Dlstriot are due and payable at my
office, situate at Hevelstoke. This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by me upon all
persons liable for taxos.
Dated at RevelBtoke, 8th January,
Deputy Assessor  and Collector, Hcv-
olstoke Assessment District, Kevelstoke Tost Offlce. inuO lOd
litivel»tok« Und
PliMokpl Wcit Kootonay. 	
['Hi., nollco that I, C. A. Lamb of Mltnio-
apollii. occupation mill owner. Intend, to-
apply lor periniwlon to purchaao lho lollowing
3$m£«-.l * DOII I'lauted at the .outh.
wait corner ol Lot ItA and scribed "0. K.
I,amb'» loutb-tiMt corner poal," thsuoe 20
chalna norlh, thonoo 90 nhalu. wu.t, lUanoe a
chalim muili, theuce Hu chalu. eaal lo point o!
conimenceraout aud contalulug 40 aoroa mora
"' l0"       CHiNCBV BOBBRT I.IMB,
0. B, Ki Wllklc, Agent,
listed November -'lib, 1901.
Kevelstoke l-iunl Dislriot.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that Waller P. Conlarr
of Ht. Paul, Minnesota, oooupatlon
printer, intends to apply for permission to pnroliaso the following described landsi
Oommonolng at a pint planted along
•tide of the reeiitianl south-west corner post of l-ol 7<I71I| iHlllftO wust Kl
chains along Ilm soulh boundary of
l_ot 7U7fl| tlienou hoiiIIi 40 chimin.
thenoe east 4ii jhalnu tlipuce norlli 41)
chains to point of iiiiiiiiii'nccmenl,
rontaltibiK III) acres,
Wai.tkh P. OOMfAM.
Datel December 8, I0HH.        i»"» Md
For Sale
I will noil two ol out liouies ou lird
ntieet, louth ol MeKoniie Avooue,
lull two itory with and all
modern improvements. Terim reasonable.    Apply to
Corner ol Unl St. and MoArlbur Ave
H. J. WILLIAMSON (late collector
Revelstoke Sleam Laundry) having'
now the Agency lor the Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will call at your
house Mondays, Tuesdays and
All Work Guaranteed.   Prloee Moderate
Vancouver Acreage
Hend Description, Price and
Terms to
Andrew E. Liddle
Heal Estate Agent,  Box 137
800 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
This applies with as much
as to any other business.
The Companies represented
in   this   offlce    have    Good
Records and  are in posit imi
to give
Low Rates and Good Security
For full particulars apply to
The Burden of Loss
would not be so heavy if you
were properly protected by a
good Fire Insurance Policy.
If you are not now insured
you should give the matter
your immediate aud serious
consideration. To go uninsured is to court disaster and
serious financial loss. Our
terms are most liberal. Let
us tell you about our policies,
Real Ebtate anu Insurance
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Fri. Jan. 20 Ep. of Brit.
Sat. Feb.   0 Lit. Ohamplain
Fri. Feb. 12 Kmp. of Iiol'd    Jan. 28
Fri. Fob. 20 Kmp. of Britain Feb. 12
Sat. Mar.   (I Lake Brie Feb. 17
Fri. Mar. 12 Kmp. of Ireland Feb. 20
lii. Class .mil. Clan* jrd. Class
$8j«o   $48 75 $.11 _i5
ill. Class mid. Class .tnl. Class
$05 no       $42 50       $,t» 00
.ind. Cllll 3rd. Clata
$45 00        $,tn 00
Cheap rates lo Atlantic .Hcal> mil
points in connection with atoiim-
■hlp tickets.
Passengers booked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg anil all other continental
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.H.P.A.
Hi'vi'lsloke, B.C,     Vancouver,11,0
By W. H. Rowley, President of
E. B. Eddy Co., Hull. Ont.
A special meeting of the Board of
Trado was held on Wednesday afternoon .'or the purpose of bearing W. H.
Rawley, president of the E. B. Eddy
Co., Hull, Ont., the largest paper
manufacturers in Canada. Mr. Ron-
ley ia vice-president of the Canadian
Manufacturers' Association, and ie
making bis annual tour ol inspection
ol all Canadian points, and in bis
short address brought out some very
interesting features regarding tbe new
bill of lading tbat was being sdopted,
describing it as simple and practical
and fair for shippers io every way.
He explained how the Canadian
Manufacturers' Association employed
expert! to look into all coinplaiuts regarding customs, insurance, etc., ior
tbe benefit ol tbe manulactureri.
Mr, Rowley pointed out tbat the
preservation of tbe Canadian forests
and waters was the most important
movement tbat had spread through
Canada. He instanced the value of
Canadian lumber, and said that there
could be no real profit on pulp
wood unless prohibition was put on
its export to the States. Pulp and
paper mills must be situated together
for profitable work. He tben described
tbe making ol pulp and paper and the
great value it had, especially as
Americans bad eyes on Canadian pulp
The matter ol freight rates was dis
cussed, but Mr. Rowley would nrt
offer any direct statements in tbat
direction. In conclusion be enthusiastically extalled the virtue ol B. O.
resources and prosperity, and thanked
the board lor their courtesy.
A vote of thanks was passed to Mr.
Rowley and tbe meeting terminated.
A Modern Addition for the Convenience of Revelstoke
A towu clock in Revelstoke would
be welcomed by the people generally;
one which would be visible and audible
from all parts of the city. "Time is
the essence of agreement" in all dealings in life, and this fact can be
especially rubbed iu to the RevelBtoke
people, who are celebrated for their
unpunctuality in turning up at all
functions, whether social, political,
commercial and otherwise. In Revelstoke it is legally 8 p 111. until it is t)
p. m., as an instance, and tbe custom
has teen tbat of " what-is-thc-nsc of-
going-now,- tilings never-start-on-time
—8-o'clock-means-balI-past," and it
•eemi impossible that aucb a habit
will be broken.
Witb a city clock, maintained in a
condition ol absolute accuracy, the
purpose would be solved, and tho fact
that Father Time is staring us all iu
tbe (ace, might be instrumental in instilling into our minds the tenets ol
No more suitable location for a big
to..n clock could be found than in the
tower of tbe new poBtollice (when
Apart from the fact that a city clock
would be a public convenience, there
would also be the sentimeutal attraction and (ascination in the booming of
tbe hours on the bell and the clarion
chimes as the quarters go by.
Opened by King Edward—No
Surprises in the Speech
Lonoom, Feb. 10.—A greater crowd
than usual gathered at Westminster
on Tuesday, for the state opening ol
parliament by Kiug Edward, accompanied by Queen Alexandra, Prince
and Princess of Wales,and other members of the royal family.
Tbo King's speech (rom tbe throne
contained no surprises, and legislation
ioreoast was largely sooial in character.
It dealt witb tbe treaty regulating tbo
use ol waterways adjacent to tbe Can
ailian and United States boundary,
tbe advice of tbe Canadian government being followed out.
Insane Patient Ate Everything
from Hairpins to Nails
Month.ial, Feb. 10—As showing
the ability ol a person to perform gas
trononnc feats, and also as showing
the capacity to which the human
stomach can be made the receptacle
of articles not usually considered
among the list of food commodities, a
statement made by Dr. Burgess, medi
eal superintendent of tbe Protestant
Hospital for the Insane, in his report
to tbe annual meeting of that body
yesterday, places one of the late patients in that institution in the front
rank of human ostriches, for nothing
seems to bave come amiss in the way
of metal, stone or glass.
An operation bad to be performed
for gnslrci omy, and the stomach was
found to contain the lollowing: Three
bundles ol broom fibre, one piece of
whalebone eight inches long, one piece
of insulating tape seven inches long,
one three inch nail wiih a piece nf
cloth attached, one pieci of wire f..ui
inches long, oue buttonhook, six
pieces of toiiacco stem, twenty one
tobacco tags, thirty-one small pieces
of wire, four screws, one paper lasteuer,
one bojteye, two plum stones, one
piece of twisted picture wire, nine
pieces ol glass, nine pieces ol iron, otic
steel spring, one iron nut, two pieces
ol stone (one half an inob square, the
other an inch long by ball an inch
wide and half an inch thick), twenty
seven pins, live one-incb nails, fifty-
two two-inch nails, seven two-and-a-
half inch nails, thirty-two three-inch
nails, one live-inch nail, one horseshoe
nail, (our tacks and lour hairpins.
Until a (ew days prior to the opera
tion no suspicion was entertained that
the patient, wbo had been ao inmate
of the hospital for nearly nine years,
was indulging if an iudigestible diet,
the articles having been secretly picked
up and swallowed while out on the
grounds. The formation of an abscess
owing to one of tbe pieces of wire
swallowed puncturing the wall ol the
stomach first drew attention to the
cause. Death from peritonitis foi
lowed live days after the operation.
Wheelbarrow Wage—Auto Wife
Sax Jose, Feb. 19.—"Don't marry
an automobile wife on a wheelbarrow
salary," was the motto chosen by 33
young business and professional men
of this city when tbe San Jose Bachelors' club was organized.
Alter contemplating sorrowfully the
many wrecks on the matrimonial sea
these gay young bucks, with mucb
thought and in a mellow spirit, con
Btructed and adopted tbe following
constitution and bylaws.
"The Bachelors' club of Sau Jose
was organized witb a great deal ol
Btudy, consequent upon reviewing the
mitrimoiiial situation as it presented
itself to a party ol broad-minded and
unprejudiced business men, wbo unite
in oue baimonious body, bound by
ties of friendship mutually beneficial
to all, and unalloyed by tho worry and
bitterness ol married life.
"Any member of this club desiring
to become a benedict must first pro-
sent the young lady of his choice to
the members ol tbe olub iu open
meeting, after which a committee will
be appointed to investigate and report
at tbe next meeting as to her social
aud financial standing.
"In the event of th.i committee's
report being favorable, a two-thirds
vote of all tbe members will allow the
member to proceed with his matrimonial venture.
"In event ol tbe courtship culminating lavorably, tbe members must be
notified ten days before tho dato set
for tbe wedding, and an invitation
must be sent to each.
"On the evening preceding the wedding-day the bridegroom must banquet
all the members of this olub at some
first-class restaurant to bo approved
by the club."
The olub is presided   ovor b. Police
Judge  J.  R. Dougherty, and include
the   names ol   San Jose's boat known
unmarried   professional  and   business
Rates on  B. C. Fruit will be
Discussed at Big Meeting
A conference bel ween fruitgrowers
representing nearly every section of
the province anil tlio Provincial Government, and officials of tbe Canadian
I'acific Railway will be held at Victoria on March 1, with the onject of
promoting the interests of the industry in British Columbia. It will be
attended by Mr, R Marpole, general
executive assistant, Mr. VV. B. Lani-
gan, assistant freight traffic manager
of western lines; Mr. W. R. Haldane,
district freight u|;ent, and Mr. W S.
Stout, of Toronto, general manager of
the Dominion Express company, and
his solicitor, Mr. F. H. Chrysler, K C,
ol Ottawa.
The principal budneaB ol the meet
ing will be the discussion of the representations of the iruitgrowers iu favor
of a reduction of tbe rati s on Iruit
shipped Irom tbis province 11 the
prairie country, the rates Irom interior
points tn Vancouver, lhe general iin
p.nvemeiit ul tlie freigut and refrigerator car service, as well as the question
.1 tbe competition of American fruit.
It is hinted that the railway and
ex pri ss oom panics aro prepared to
announoe a readjustment of rates
which will convert the conference into
a veritable love .east. II the favorable
settlement anticipated is effected tbe
new tariff will bu submitted for ratification to tbe railway commission during its sittings in Nelson lator in the
same week.
Tbe Canadian Pacific railway will
shortly undertake the construction of
a large warehouse at Sicamous Junction to be used as a distributing place
for Okanagan fruit used iu the dining
car and steamship service ol that company. Sir Thomas Shaughnessy has
intimated that wherever it is possible
British Columbia Iruit mUBt be given
the prelerence.
Will be Heavy this Season-
Mountain Resorts Popular
Flans are now under consideration
by the C.P.R. (or the enlargement o(
the Empress Hotel, Victoria. This
hotel is without exception the first on
the continent both in situation, appointments and service.
Owing to the opening of tbe Alaska
Yukon lair, which takes place on June
1, and wbicb will attract thousands ol
eastern visitors from Canada and the
United States, it bas been decided to
open the hotel at Band' on May 16, or
two weeks earlier than uatial. Advices
are tbat tourists wbo visited the Rockies and Selkirks last summer are planning return trips tbis year, and in
many instances many ol tbem have
already applied for accommodation,
extending over several weeks. Hundreds ol Americans are also writing
(or information about mountain climbing and the Selkirk glacier and the
Deutschmann caves.
C. P. R. Transcontinental Service this Summer
Three transcontinental passenger
trains daily each way between Vancouver and Montreal—or two moro
than wero ever beforo operated daily
on the system—is the programme ol
tbe C. 1'. R lor its service during the
coming summer. Tbis service is now
being considered by tbo passenger
trallic ollicials of tbe railway, but no
official announcement may be expected till the conclusion ol a conference of trallic department ollicials,
which will be held in Winnipeg early
in March.
The additional service, in the opinion ol ollicials of the railway, will be
demanded by tho great inoreaso in
transcontinental travel in both direr
lions caused hy the holding ot tbo
Ala-lia-Viikon 1'ai'ilic Expoeition in
Seattle next slimmer.
Car ol oat.H just arrived.    Kor prices
Inquire at Fruit Exchange.
Pythian Sisters Give Successful Dance
One ot the most successful and popular functions of social Revelstoke was
held on Wednesday night in the opera
liou«e, it being the occasion of the
dance given by the members ol Crystal Temple No. 3. I'ythiau Sinters,
assisted liy Gold Range L"dge, No. 20,
Knights ol Pythias. The tlsure was
attended hy a large and enthueia-tic
crowd and the management of the
proceedings left nothing to be desired.
The hall was beautifully deeo'.ited
with Hags, hunting and innumerable
colored electric lamps. The Independent Band was well up to tbe mark—
due perhaps in a meaBiire to the fact
tbat tbe house was better heated thai,
usual—and provided delightful music
which nude dancing even more than a
pli-asure. R. Gordon, aB master of
ceremonies carried out bis duties in a
manner tbat few could resist and there
were none tbat could say they did not
receie a lull snare of the nance pro
gramme. Tut Hour was in line c ndi
tion mid tlie tuut eneerab e was au
aggregation of pleasure and interest.
As midnight approach, ti the start'
round tbe kitchen got busy and veiy
soou tbe company were regaled
witu doluc ton tile dainties for which tbe
Revelstoke ladies are famous. Several
very pretty gowns were noticeable, the
smart uniforms of tbo Knights of
Pythias Uniform Rank, making an
elegant contrast to the shimmer and
sheen of the dresses of the ladies. Few
there were that did not come away
thoroughly satisfied after a pleasant
and sociable gathering.
Social Function at Comaplix—
Pretty Costumes
A most successful inatquerade ball
was beld on Sat unl iy last at Coma
plix, tbe (unction being well attended.
Tbe costumes reflected mucb credit on
those wbo prepared them, and the ball
as the social event of tbe season was
thoroughly enjoyed by ali. A large
number of visitors from Camborne,
Beaton, and surrounding districts were
present. The following is tbe list of
Mrs.G. Sutherland, Miss Canada.
Miss M. Sutherland, Daiaey Dooley.
Mrs. J. Curtis, Indian Princess.
Miss G. Sutherland, Welsh Witch.
Mrs. Toben, Night.
Mrs. Deslaurier, Lady Clair.
Mrs. Hall, Starlight.
Miss Harris, Faitb.
Miss McMillan, Innocence.
Mrs. Poter, Squaw.
Mrs. Gunterman, Indian.
Mrs. Gunn, Schojl Girl.
Miss MacRury, Dolley Dollars.
8. Rowe, Turk
G. Sutherland, Uncle Sam.
J  Curtis, Yellow Kid.
W. Spratt, Lieutenant,
W. Rennie, Clergyman.
Mr. Deslaurier, Dude.
Mr. Burby, Dude.
H. Perrett, Local Option Agent.
Mr. Hall, Clown.
H. Gunterman, Clown.
R. Ballocb, T Eaton.
G. Lux, Devil.
P. Lux, Tramp.
D. Orr, Clowu.
Splendid music was furnished by
Miss A. Mattsnii, piano; and Mr. A.
To Prevent Mine Disasters
St. Petbbibdbq, Feb. 10.— \ report has beeu presented to tbe Rus
sian meteorological congress in sestiun
here, on tbo use ol seismographs to
prevent mine disasters. These are
usually preceded for several days by
slight movements of the strata by
wbicb explosions of gas are released,
or which indicate the coming of earth
slides. The installation uf seismographs would give ample warning of
disasters arising Irom these two cause*.
Moving pictures tonight.
The ladies of tbe Catholic Church
are preparing an excellent programme
fur tlieir annual  St. Patrick's concert
Thos. Morgan,
Artistical Glass and Wood Sign Writ-
11; House and Chut ih Decorator; High
C ass Painter and P.ipcr Hanger, Hard
Wood Finishing nnd Fun- Work n
Specially.    Designs and i-simiales free
Address, Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
Revelstoke Land District.
Dlatrict of West Kooteuuy.
Take notice that Harry J. LaBrasb,
of Nakti»p, occupation hotel keeper,
intends to apply fi* permission to purchase the followiug described lauds:
Commencing ut a post planted ut
north-east corner of Lot 7896, thence
West 30 chains, Ihence north 00 chains.
tbenee east 3U chaius, Ihence som h 00
hains to place ui cuuiiiieiiCi-meni, con
i.lining 180 acres more or less.
Dated Feb. 8ih, 19u9.
feb 18      Hahky James La Brash.
Notice is hereby given that, at the
expiration ol three mouths trom date
hereof, application will be madeiu His
Honour, tue Lieutenant (-inventor in
Council for an Order in Council changing I lie name of Wuolsey, LeFeaUX fi
Company, Limited, to "Leleuux it
Sutherland, Limited."
D.tied mis 8th day of February, 100U,
Harvey, McCarter A: Pi.nkuam,
Solicitors lur the said Company,
may 12
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Annie Louisu Cop-
Ian of Hazelwood, West Virginia,
occupation married woman, intends
to apply for permission to purchase
the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south west corner of Lot 7000;
thence soutb 20 chains; thence east 20
chains; thence south 20 chcins; thence
east 40 chums; thence north 40 cbains;
thence west (10 chains to point of commencement, containing 200 acres.
Annie Louisa Coplan.
Date; December 0, 1908. janll OOd
Certificate of Improvements.
Kiugsion, Maggie R, Tongue, Senator,
and Pittock traction Mineral claims,
.situate in the Lurdeau Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located—On the western slop*
of Lexington Mountain near Camborne, B. Oi
Take notice tbat I, F. R. Blochber-
ger, F.M.C. No. B, 28022, agent for th*
United Kingston Gold Mines Limited
non-personal liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 91342, intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to th'r
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice tbat action,
under section j7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 21st dav of December,
A.D., 1908.
K. R. Blocuheroeh, Ageni,
Certificate of   Improvements
Last Chance and Lost Chord  mineral
claims, situate in   the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where   located;—At head   of    Coon
Greek,   No rtb   Fork   of Lardemi
Take notice tbat I, O. B. N. Wilkie,
ui'i iin; as agent for Heury W. Settlors.
Free  Miner's   Certificate  No.  B94ft45,
mend,   sixty  day!  from dat.i hereof,
lo apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate ot Improvement!, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 14th day of January, A,
D., 1900.
jau 13OOtl O. B. N. WILKIE.
Revelstoke Land District.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay,
Take uotice that George ti. Frank,
forter of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college piolessor, intends to
apply for permission io purchase tbo
following descnls 1 lands:
Commeuciug at a post planted at
the southeast corner of lot 7080, tlience
west no chains mote or less lo the
boundary ol loi 7670! ihence south U0
cliains; thenee east IV) chaius more or
less to tin- Hhoreof Arrow Lake, thencu
along said shore iu a northerly direction 20 chains more or lesH to point of
commencement, containing 120 acres
more or less.
(lEOHOK 11. Frankfurter,
Date; December 9, llnis.       jai>9 m.l
wbioh will be presented lu Revelitoki Opera Houie on Friday nigbt, February 26, by tbe San Franoic) Opera Company.
Hevelstoke Land Disnlcl.
District of West Kootenay,
Take nolice that Frank O. Winter,
of St. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following de-
soribed lands:
1'oiiiinencing at a punt planted at the
mnitli-west corner of Lot 7000; thenoe
west HO chains; thence north 8(1 chains;
tbenoe eaat I" chains; thence south 40
chains; 1 hence ettat 20 chains; thence
soulh 40 cliains lo point of commencement, coniaiuing 100 acres.
Frank G, Winter.
Date: December9, 10U8.        janOOOd
Noiicc is hereby given lhal pursuant,i'
ibr provisions ol  Chapter III of the Stat*
uirs of Canada 7-8, Edward \ II, Shuswap
and ThOmpsbll Rivers Boom Company
bave filed in lhe oBiie of (he Dominion
Lands Agent at Kamloops, B.C., and iu
Ihe office of The Honourable the Minister
Ol Public W01lls.1l Ottawa, Out.ui.,, plans
and specification! of certain booms and
oilier works   pto|K)setl   to be   coiistiui le I
by said Company In; over and along ihe
Nonb Thompson Rivei In tbo Kamloops
Division of V11I.1 Distriel in the Province
oi British Columbia ami lhal on Hie lolli
du ol February, 1909,111 thi hourol 11
o clock in Iho forenoon, or sosoonlhen
ad" as lhe application can he heard,
application will be mado by the undei*
signed 10 His Excellency the Governor-
In-Councll ai Ottawa, Ontario, lot bin
approval io bo given to such plans.
Daled this 4th day of December, 1008.
Sm swar ami Thompson Rivmi Boom
Hi Olio Lachmund, Secretary,
Every dav brings New Goods.   See these lines if you are interested in
Insertion, Beadings, Edgings, Corset cover
Embroidrj*.    Prom 5c. f» vnrd up.
New Prints
Ciiinis .unl lii-.tftons English Print. You'! buy auy hotter ami a guarautee goes
with every yard.    Price  per yard 18J cents.
New Dress Fabrics
A.lexandei Cloths, Panamas, Lustres, Plaids,
All sailing ;it 13."> per cenl. disi >uiit<
Wash Goods
New White Waistings selling from  10c, a
yard lo 25c per yard.
New Corsets
uui Cdrsel stock is now complete in every
detail.   All the new style- -Dlreetolre,  eto.
Curtain Muslins
.Madias, Spot Muslins, .Muslin- witb frill
edge, New Two Tone Swiss Curtains, While
nnd Cream Lace Curtains. Prices from
$1,00 n pair up,
Shirts and Soxs
Having bought a travellers samples at u
reduction wh ran sell these at just tne manufacturers price, this is a snap* See our
window   for pi ice •.
If you ure interested in old odd lines of
winter goods, we are putting all these lines
al just naif price, Flannelettes, regular 18c.,
now 7c: VVrapperettes, 20o., now lie; Ladies'
Waists til 50c, each; Child and Misses Drawers
7."ic, now .'lot',; Children's knit undeidrawers,
25c. eaeh. Odd sizes In Coi-s-cts, regular $1.26
now 60c.
All lines greatly reduced. We guarantee
you lower prices and better goods,
■ r
Pure Drugs
combined with caiefui
compounding, prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices are the factors
which have built up our
business to its present
immense proportions,
bring your next prescription bere il you
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
We aim   to keep only   the
Uur Bread, Cakes and Pastry
best in Groceries.    A trial  order
are made fresh every day,  when
will   be  appreciate!  as we  arc
tired of  your  own   baking,   try
convinced that we can save  you
ours for a change, you  will  lind
it very appetizing.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Local and General.
I'he    Jmpi-ria     ^^^^^^^
pancd   a   branch  two weeks ago
•;ik i.akt   M.i.tieal Kiver Distriot.
ol    Canada
I he Ladies' Guild ol St. Peter's wil
bold uu afternoon lea and ovocing a!
Mis. Paget'! ou Shrove Tuesday, Feb
will    be   published
A  lull   report  ol the proccetliu
the   annual   meeting   uf     Kam'
next issue
Tbe soil weather lias interfered wilh
the   progress ot   the curling coui|
I ll-
Nice Five  roomed
House lor     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House for    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
— All kinds of Insutv
Agents for the celc
KARN   Pianos and
Players.—Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insuranoe and Finanoial Agents.     Money to Loan.
only   one   game   being play  I
• ince  our last issue,
ing Rae in the Calgary, 11 8.
Keep  Tuesday,  Feb. 23rd, open foi
lhe afternoon tea and evening at Mi
1'sget's.   under   the   auspices  ol  .-
Peter's Ladiee Guild,     ftfternoon, s •
ver collection.    Evening inc.
Tlie   Ladies   Aid oi   the Mothndi.-l
in    moderation ol tbe illn. ■•••
il   .Mn.   Pettipiece   tbeir   president
I ive deci'tet: i ■ postpone indefinite'.,
tbe "Trip Around ibe World'1 on in \
l bursdav i vcuing
...     .....    „g  .,t  $41)  |
ton in tc ■• . ii at c.. gary I'bii is
owing to the I .•.'. tli •' thi iiid i in ■_■ d
»pell iLat r< .-• ■   ly I eld   tbi   who •• i I
\\>«tern Cai •• la in    «  c;          ., hi
the farmers unsw
..     -  : ■ ... i Ird, the
....   • f St. J i Chi   . .
rill        . .   tertaitn lent   at   < in
;'   ."rs. C   !!  Paget,  afternoon
evening     I'ea   music and othei
imusemeol   wi'l pass a pleasant thru
Condu itor S'au H .rue in 1 M r< V'ai
.  :   •   lelt    last night   lor   Victoria
where t.bey will in future reside.   Tl
Mai:.-Hi i.A  ii   joins   with tbi   muni
friend- uf  Mr. anil   Mrs. V ••. Horni
in wishing tbem good heath i . I pro"
peril] iu tbeir new home,
Out I ill I bi liitricti in B, C tin
rlntei Revi III ke lias come oil best ii,
the matter ! climate, Our hoaiy
now [all - alu tl le in its liuimi
iving pi | -■ iei to the soil and un
eating water IU| ply Vea, we cm
•  i title   I " banana belt '
jrtbiog that you think
v uuld .- good : n   Revi 1st lie during
909— which  I .• the wiy, will  is; ti..
iieit year io tbi biitory   :' tbe oity—
.  ind   get   it.    If  ymi  can't   gel it
..■ml! tell t;..  r»rt    :' the jieople ani'
»:i    ...       1 pull   will  be made for it
^. ll. Rowley, president I tbe f
. i.ii-.- Co I Hull Ont., and i. B
I'eme, ol Tees At Peraae, the tirm
Winoipeg agent, srrive<t in the cit.
..-t Inlay, the former addressing tl,
i;..»nl   of   Trade   on   Saturday,   M
It..why   stated   that   be WSI deligbte
with   tne    Kootenay-,   ami   cms,der
Revelsl in one il tbe progressiva
un.111.:-irpriiiog ntio» ol its li/e In
lias yet visit'sl.    It ip probable that
depot of the  Kdil) Company will !•■
established in the Kootenays,
Edison 1'arlor Theatre tonight.
Kvery nmn who is iuterested in
hearing an interesting speaker should
hear Mr. A. G. Kuebel, of New York,
on Sunday, at I p. m., in tho By. Y
M.C.A. He is on., cf the international secretaries ol the railway de.
partition! ol the. V. M. C. A.
Miss Grace  V.  Bonner,  impersonator   and   ventriloquist,   who   entertained a large audience in the Motho- lorop  tored being frozei
(list  Church  aliout  three  years   ago, let at $40 per ton
will viiit Bevelstoke under the aui-     No, ,   Kirc Bri   de ,
pices of  the  Epworth League ol tbe|]edge the receipt ,,f fi,', (tom p. Burni
S Co , lor services rendered iu ccnncc
Don't  miss seeing the "Call of the
Wild" at the Kdison Theatre tonight
Tho  evangelistic   services   that for
I the past three week have Leon hold in
tbo   Methodist   Church were brought
to a close last night.
Wing Chung returned this morning
! Irom   a    visit  to Salmon Arm aud re
i ported   that  potatoes  in tbat district
arc very scarce, a great   portion ol the
Tbe price is
ui Monday even-
oascquently   we   pay
I, jhcul   markcl    pries
:.     giailll .'. ,   ol    llif    On-
. t . . ■ . ■ l'n,o ma, i.
aud •>- > .''i'i'. 'i '•' as ibe
,,.   ■      iill)our p 'tions
y     . .     i   i,,. i,...i.,..: sinn-
i , ......
BEWb'  DRUC  "TCil'i
Methodist Church ^^^^^^^
lug  March Ist.
The time is rapidly oouung all over
the oountry, if one retulB tlie signs of
the limes aright, when the man
who i» '!'.., known "ollicial mouthpiece
ol improper interests" in any city, will
be compelled bj ins own aoti to msk"
his bed entirely witb tbe interests for
whioh be is a tool,
It  is  little   li  bo wondered at th it
really decent travelling theatrical com-
I pauiei do  not  visit   Revelstoke when
they bave to put up witb such abominable conditions in the way ol dressing rooms, etc., at the opera home    A
■! ntly  equipped  theatre in the city
wutild lie a paying speculation
An interesting wrestling match in
the catch-as catch-CIO Style will take
place in the Opera House on Tuesday
next Feb 23, between M. Matiuda,
the champion .Ian welter-weight of
i i i • i tnd n Daily ex-cbampi. i
Washington and Oregon. I d
, eliminariei will also be given tnd
tbe match wiil commence at 8 p. m
Alderman l B Wens and W. A,
Sturdy have been appointed members
ol tbe Hoard of Licencing Qommil'
sinners,   and   Alderman II.  II   Sawyer
and KdKanl rrimble have ben ap
pointed memberi ol the Board I
Police  Oomminioneri   for tbe oity ol
Revelstoke,these appointments appearing in the last numlier of the H. 0
Asa result of   the changes made in
tiie regulations made by the Dominion
Government   last year tlm season  for
trout   bailing   in    Kootenay   and  the
''kanagan waters does   not open until
May 1st   this  year, instead uf   March
26th   as   formerly.    A  heavy line will
ho imposed on any Infraction  of this
,j ' law.    No  trout   weighing   less   than
fi I three  pounds  may lm offered lor sale
-   and none under eight lochia in length
may be captured.
Tuesday next,   Fob. 28rd,   is Shrove
I uetday,  and   lhe commencement, oil
e.iiile'hiuii season, of   which Ash Wed-
tiou with the lire at the McCarty
block, aud wsb to publicly express
tbeir thanks fur the same
\V.   Abralnnis.n    ha,   received  the
■ i iiu-t    loi    tie    Bl ting   up  ol   the
i remises ol Ihe Maundrell meat mar-
leet   on  McKenzie avenue, whicl  a   I
he open i ir buai iei! Man
Che fitting! f tbe best,   Mr.
Bentley,    Mr    0 ind  Mt  Maun
drell .. tbe cit)
pait week -  perinteodiog thearrang -
I ments.   Mr  Beotley will be stationed
; permanently   in   Et. ■■ ■ ••  ts    ookiof
., !•.    tbe interests of the Swift Packing
\ti- eeting I the School Trustees
i. Wedneida; i matter ol ibe
plana i.-r the new school building wets
diicuieed •-■ . auggeetioni were
hefori tbi hoard ill il which would
provi -'iii.ii ;. : ibi requirement!
-   -    . ... ry shortly a pel
tion   ...    be  pren bUd  to  the   Clti
Council  llkiog that a bylaw  lor |30,-
000 is. -iii,mined to the people lor tbe
purpose rooting  ibe  new school
•    itafl   will   be  raiseil in the
iei . idra ogle   u   iooo   ai   I bi
gr    .'   i     '     ,    permit     .t   tine   -tick   Iih -
been secured   menuring ..ver In leet
11 h
Social and Personal
Kil Adair has returned Irom a viiit
to England,
W, B, Robertson returned yesterday
from a I isit, to Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. F. li, Lewll are on a
viai! to Victoria and other coast cities.
Old Sandburg anil C. Carlion ol Al*
bert Canyon, were visitors lo the city
this week.
Mum L, Q, MoPbaddln nf Saskatoon, Sask., is in thn c.ity, the gueat.
f.,r a few days of Mrs  A. .lohiison.
Mr and Mra A. O, Crick leave
tomorrow on a  visit to  Halcyon   Hot
;ale opens with a rush
Eastern Sale Methods of Lewis Bros. & Co.
Prove Very Popular
This monring at 9 o'clock the doors of McLennan
& Co's. Store were thrown open and the entire
stock of the firm placed at the mercy of the
bargain soekers. Never in the history of Revelstoke was a sale so well patronized and never
before were goods sold at such phenomenally low
prices. Enough drygoods and furnishings were
sold to clothe the entire town, while the way the
crowds pushed and clamored for more of the bargains was almost enough to turn the heads of the
sales people. This Adjustment Sale continues
for 13 days and even greater offerings are promised for the coming week. You can make a saving
of from 30 to 60 cents on every dollar.
McLennan and Co's. Stand
Lewis Bros, ani Co., Toronto, Ont.
LBCTTO     Uf'"U
ll. >. iii«-
-.1 ... i in 'ii
___________________•_■*• mm*. •
in it.
neiday is the first day. It was usually
lhe day on wbicb all Catholics ware
.icoii'l..iiieil to confess to their priest
liter which limy splint the rest of the
day in merriment anil apnrta snd
lined on pancakes and fritter!, Tbo
alter practice still survives, whence
tho name of Pan-cake Tueiday. In
.■Scotland shrove Tuesday is called
I'astoni's K'en.
"Call ul the Wild/'a feature film,
al the Kdiion Parlor   I Iuih tie tonight,
Springs      Mr.  Crick   will   take   the
| waters fur the benefit of his health.
Mr. and Mra. F. Rohfirt.ion and Miss
Ada Robertson arrived by thi delayed
1)7 on Thursday night and will viail
lor a fnw wimka with Rev. and Mrs. .1.
R. Robertson,
Mrs. w. ll. Klion entertained imr
large circle  ol   friends   on  Wednesday
afternoon at her pretty homo on C, I.
It.-Villn Height!, Progressive wlnsl,
occupied lhe altuiitiuu ul  thn guests,
111 I   HV-IUll!
ssion Agent
(Mice on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
, <H>0<><>0<><H><>0<)~0^>0<><H>-0<)-0-CH><> <
Dry Cedar, 10Ineh lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feet—$5.60 per curd,
Dry Hemlock, 1(1 inch lengths, full cold of 128 cubic feet   $7 per  cord,
Special i|notations on four foot wood and on large
orders for stove wood of any length.
This coal la equal lo any domes
im soil conl on the market. No
clinkers, and makes very llttlo
$8.50 per ton
Manufactured fiom hard coal.
The best and cheapest fuel on
the market. l'Yee sample given
to any who have not tried it.
$8.76 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, "a
Just   Arrived
Car of Hay, Car of Flour and Feed, Oar of Oils.
Dor |iriccc are lho lowest on the market. Come
an.I nee ua if von want any, as we are Boiling
it fast, 'inr Groceries are all fresh and prices
right.      Fr.  ii    Butter   anil   Kggs   always  on   hand.
First Street, P.«vRlstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
. relresbmenti "a vuestra
-ul,,,i 11,,. |.ri/e« nere wi n hy Mrs.
.-, '. Robbins, Mrs A. I Anderson
.md Mra  i  Kennedy.
■ .1   must enjoyable MOial
■ inctioi ■   I the Melon was gi»en laal
night   li)   Mr  and   Mil    llei   Mcltae.
.numb-      waa    |,relent   en
na...      - penile   wbtat being  the
rd«      ne evening, tbe prlii ■ being
■ n   .. \i-». T. Kllpatriok, Mrs A   II.
,.   Mi   i   Kilpatrick auu Mr k. ,
Kefreahmi iita "bi Inn lea
\. r« served ifier the oardi,
.unl tbi -psciuna rOOBM ITtM then
c earial and dancing wat kept Up lur
several boon, the gathering putting
ali formality aside and entering into
the fun. "Sir Roger" made tin: 'cuup
de grace' and the party bfokl Up liter
i molt pleasant time.
Extra Tonight   A Great Feature
Oni ..( the Illicit film" made, will lie
reproduced at the Edlion Parlor Theatre tonight This ia eJt.ra. and will
be put nn with ' lien Kor ' and good
Weather Forecast
Saturday, February '_!0.—I nantllcd,
olnndy; annw nr rain, intllcatii'l cold
spoil.    Max  :iH°, Min. 2fi°.
A    large   ahipinnnl.  ul   teapots jusl
opened up it prion from SOo, tu niki
We don't Intend to keep them. Tbal'i
why   Ihoy   are   marked an low—C, II.
Uiiiiri A Co.
Rainess Locals
Moving pictures tonight.
Poultry iuuds of all kinds at licwa'
drug ntirni
Olury  lettuce, uraugca, lemuiis antl
pioeapplei today at 0, B, Hume & Oo.
Colombia double due gripbopbone
reoordl .it liewa' ilrug atoic.
Tucker,   the   photographer,   has all
ilm ol oamerai ami nlmi andiuppliei
tot "ile at his studio. td
Book Sain at Hi-.. ■ drug store, a
wiiiiliiwlul uf $1,38 lainks selling lor
60 cents .-ii. i.
I'im BlVelltokl .Net* and Second
Hand   Store—Furniture,   slovcs, tin
and .-iiKiimli'!>'.an lioiigbt, aolil or
SZOhaoged. First St, near Heaver
Cigir Store.
Don't forget us when Lent begin I,
Wn have salt cotliiah, Labrador bor
rings, maokerel, salmon belliea, Unan
hatidis and kippered lierriugl—0. II.
Hiiiiiii ,V Co.
Efficiency Trial Test
The thirty 'lay elliciimcy trial test
of tlm new g«s producer plant will
start next woek, tlm new lire crate lor
the producer having arrived. Mr.
Coliinum, engineer fur the Canada
Foundry Co will lie present during
the trial and oarelully checked recortli
will bu kept. Should lhu tesl prove
lltllllOtory tbo plant will lai formally
laken uvcr by thocily aiithoriliea
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest  Stock  ol" Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The Original   Mac's  Mixture  now on  hand
mul made  expressly   for   us  by D. K. McPherson.
LOANS        |
Tbo Canadian cutlers  visited   Hal
moral Castle last Tuesday afternoon,
playing on Balmoral pond.    They engaged  rinks  from   Balmoral, Ballater
and Braemar, and won hy 54 to 36.
The ladies ol tbo Lawn Tenuis Club
ate anxious that the preliminaries lor
the season be taken up, and are willing
to bave a meeting any time that the
present secretary or president of tbe
olub may call une.
The Y. M.C. A. gymnasium leaden
corps are a bu«y crowd just now arranging (or the grand closing exhibition to lake place at tho end ol
March. A largo variety ol specialties
will he put on Ibis year, aud sumo ul
tbem havo never been aeon lure lie
The lung expected basketball game
bol ween Rovelstoke mul Winnipeg is
all utl' on account of Vancouver nut
Coining lip with a largo uiioilgh
guarantee, thus making it impossibln
lur lhe Winnipeg team lu finance tlio
trip. Thia is too bad as our local
teim bad loud hopes ol putting it
over the caniein crowd.
Un Wednesday night, thu Uym team
boat the InteriiiRdiato hmkclball team
in a practice match, largely owing to
the fact that the Uym team played a
lait game without getting rattled.
Tho V. M. C. A. boys will lie into
tbeir now i|uarlui in two weeks
All the painting is nuw finished and
thu rooms present a nicu home-like
appearance, being done iu white witb
oak trimmings.
The V. M. C. A. nifii ami laiys will
ho able lo nnjoy tlieir •wiius again hh
thn tank ia now lilled. It is proposed
to hold aoine awimming races in the
near future.
The North Star basket hall team dc-
.luted thn Hen ver   last night, 19*11,
The iHistponeil hockey game between
the aud flankers' leaina will
tako |ilice on Monday nighi, weather
Card of Thanks
Un behalf of the Presbytery ol Ksin-
loops the undersigned wishes tu extend
the earnest thanks of all the members
of Presbytery to the frieuds ol Knox
Church congregation and others (or
tbeir generous hospitality and good
fellowship, as well as for all other
kindnesses received.
J. K, Robertson,
The management ol tbe Steam
Laundry wish it clearly understood
tbat the now Household Kate ol HOo.
per dozen does not include Starch
Work running over 10c. per piece on
I ita, but everything 10c. and under.
Rbveutoke Htkam Laukprt
■ VRBKM9MAKINU nl moderate tormi
U Ladies' suits Irum $."i up. Apply
Ml*, tiiddius, tare Mrs. (!. (Ireen, Ilii
street, jan HI) w & s
WANTKD-.Second   band  cooking
stoves      The lliivulstoko New
and .Second 11,mil Htoi c, First St., weal.
Fruit Growers Assoc.
A meeting of the
Association is call*
ed for Thursday,
Feb. 25th, 1900, In
the afternoon at
2:30 o'clock. All
interested are par
tlcularly requested to attend.
Fruit G


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