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ine iviaii-neraia
Vol. 13.-No 38
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY 15, 1907
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Light Grey Worsteds
—we have them—you
want them. Conditions
of fellowship in this
age demand tl.ata man
be well dressed.
Tn dress economically
is a duty evory man
owes to himself. We
can dress you both
well and at a fair
Wee our New Spring
Clothes around 122,50.
Now ie the time for planting all kinds uf Flower and
Harden Seeds and one glance over our stock will convince you of
tlmir quality and our variety.
All our seeds nre bought from two of the largest growers in
Canada—Steele Briggs and 1). M. Ferry.
The following are of the package and bulk seeds we carry.
D. M. Ferry's Garden and Flower Seeds. Steele Briggs'
Garden and Flower Seeds.
Our Bulk Flower Seeds are :—Nasturtium and Sweet
Our Bulk Garden Seeds are Onion, Carrot, Turnip, Wax
Beans and Onion Setts.
Our Bulk Grass Seeds are Red Clover, White Clover,
Timothy, Lawn Grass and Mammoth Clover.
All these SeedB are fresh in and can be relied on with
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. SimondB' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
».*        Paints and Oils, Knlsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsuiitliing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done. .
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs,
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmithiug.
The Williams Dixie Jubilee singers
gave a performance last night in the
opera house under the auspices of the
Y.M.C.A. This company is well
known in Revelstoke and attracted a
crowded house. Every item on the
programme reeeived hearty applause
aud numerous were the demands lor
enoores. Negro melodies were handled exclusively by the singers.
On a programme of music on other
cccaslonsthis fact would probably have
led to fatigue after a certain length of
time, but the clever manner in which
old songs were revived and new ones
rendered, kept the audienoo interrsted
antl drew from them much enthusiasm
Tl.e aggregation is evenly balanced
and each member possesses a line voice
for that peculiar chins ol entertainment, The three ladies and lour men
when singing togother made a splendid
exhibition of harmony. Among the
lings give., woro "So Long Mary,"
"{(•Uie Orey" and "Ding Dong Ding."
A cry for help and a waviug of
arms from a couple ol rowers on the
lake caused some excitement among
the residents and travellers at Sicamous the other day. One moment the
pair were quietly making their way
ashore in a small boat; and tho next
they were struggling in the icy water.
The accident had been seen and a
rush made for boats on the beach.
Boat after boat was launched, only to
bo returned,for they appeared not to
have been in use for some time. At
length one was got away, minus rowlocks and paddled with care to the
scene ol the disaster, and landed the
much shaken but othewise unhurt
navigators salely on terra firms.
A little l.itcsight in keeping a boat
iu readiness Ior such a., emergency
might he the means of saving life on
a similar occasion.
See Howson's ad iu this issue
Morse Resigns-Murder and
Suicide—Fatal Fire—Dominion Administrator—Deal is
Closed for Fast S. S. Service
Winnipeg, Mny lo—It iB under-
Btutid that F. W. Murse, general manager of the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway, will soon resign, He is now
on a visit to the Northwest, and this
will like'y be his last.
Toronto, May 16.—Kingston reports that a terrible murder and suicide has occurred close to Oanoni.qiic.
Willii.ni Wallace, a rosprctcd resident,
killed his wile and two children with
a hammer and then cut his own
San Luis, Ohibpo, Mny 15.-rThe
coroner's jury on lho wieck of the
Mystic Shriller*' special train at Hun-
da lound yesterday that the accident
was due to defective equipment, thus
throwing the blame on the Southern
Pacific Railway Company
Mexico, May 15.—A lire, suppused
to have been started by a cigar thrown
liy a miner into au abandoned drilt,
caused tho loss ol ninety lives, according to a special received from Terrain
Kingston, Out., May 16 —The Canadian Locomotive Works are being
extended at a costal 1:100,000. The
new power house alone will cost about
Ottawa, May 15.—Hon. Charles
Fitipatrick, Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court of Canada, has been
sworn in Administrator of the Dominion in the abrer.ee of Lord Grey.
London, Eng., May 15.—A speoial
cable announces tbat the Imperial
Govern men t has accepted Sir Wilfrid
Laurier', proposal for a fast Atlantic
and last Pacilic service between Great
Britain and Australia and the Orient
across Canada.
Goes off With His 19-Year-old
Cauiaky, Alta., May 13.—An American rancher named Tennent, aged 58
years, eloped with Rebecca Reid, his
111-year-old sister-in-law a lew dnys
age. The family lived in Smoke valley,
2G miles eastol Gleichen, and although
Tennent was known to be fond of the
girl, nobody stt-pected he cared lor her
other than as a relative Tennent's
wile, a sister ol Rebecca, and a three-
months-old baby are still with the
elder Reid, who informed the police.
Tennent also took two brood mares,
and if caught they have to face a
charge of theft and abduction. Residents of Smoke valley are highly incensed at the action of the couple,
and personal violence to Tennent is
feared if he is arrested ar d taken back.
Twenty Killed, Many Injured-
Bodies Terribly Mutilated
Honda, Cal., May 14.—A score of
passengers killed and as many injured
in a wreck on the coast line of the
Southern Pacilic, live miles south ul
Surf. The train was a special, luaded
with Siiriners, who were on tho way
from Los Angeles tu their homes in
the east. The train consisted of six
coaches, and while running at a high
rate of speed a wheel on the engine
broke and the loo .motive jumped the
track and turned over. Four ol the
fronl cars of the train followed it, and
wero smashed to pieces.
Tl.e dead and injured were thrown
iu every direction. The train caught
fire immediately after tlio wreck, but
the lire mis extinguishid by the passengers ol the two rem* coaches, who
were uninj.tre'i. The cars were thrown
all over the engine and many of the
passengers were burned and scalded
to death by the escaping steam.
The wreck occurred on a level
stretch of track near lhe beach. The
roadbed is of sand at this point, and
the broken cars ploughed into it and
were hall buried. Some escaped alive
although injured The engineer was
hurt about the head and wandered
down the track in a dazed condition
toward Surf, a few miles distant. He
had almost reached that place when
he was overtake . and was carried back
to tbe scene o! the wreck,
A wrecking train readied the spot
fron. Santa Barbara with a large number of physicians and nurses on board.
The injured were given immediate
attention. Some of them were mutil-
ed beyond recogniti in.
Caloary, May 13.—A prominent
real estate man named Curry, has
been arrested at Iunisfail as he was
going through the town on bis way
out of Calgary. He is charged with
tbe thelt ol $270, being the first payment on lots he had sold Ior a man
named Cook. When arrested he was
travelling with his wife in a prairie
schooner and was just leaving Innis-
Isil for other parts. He has been
brought back to Calgary and is now
at the police barracks awaiting trial.
Madria, May 13.—Queen Victoria
gave biith at 12:45 p.m, on Friday to
a son, who becomes heir to the throne
ol Spain, The baby will be named
Allonsn. The birth ol the royal babe
has been awaited with eager interest
throughout Spain.
The s m born to King Alfonso and
Queen Victoria will, according to a
decree of the Spanish Government,
bear the title of Prince of the Asturiae.
The queen insists that she will her-
se.f nurse the child, despite fhe opposition of the royal household to such
a departure Irom customs, as she desires to insure its  ood health.
Surplus on Ordinary Revenue
of Dominion Estimated at
Found Dead in Trail Hotel
Decesed Well   Known  at
Kamloops —His Companion
Now Under Arrest.
Trail, May 13.—About 10:30 last
night, David Hosker, a machinist in
tho employ of the smelter, was found
dead with his neck broken and bleeding profusely Irom wounds about the
face and head, at the loot of the stairs
in the St. Elmo hotel, and Gustavo
Bouchard is in jail bete with having
c.ns.tl his death.
From thc evidence taken at the
coroner's inquest ibis afternoon it was
brought out that Bouchard and Hos
ker, who were both under the iullucnce
..I liquor, had an altercation in one ol
the rooms upstairs, where it is alleged
that lloiicliaid beat. Hosker and then
dragged the body down to the foot of
the stairs, where it was found by one
of the boarders in the house.
Bouchard, after tl.e fracas, went on
shift at the smelter and was arrested
a couple of hours later by Chief of
Police Dcvitt and constable Chapman.
David Hosker was .veil known to
railroad men of the Pacific division.
For some years lie was locomotive
foreman at Kamloops, where hie
brother, Teddy, who is a C. P. R.
locomotive engineer, resides,
In Our New Store in the Burns' Block.
JUST ARRIVED--New Stocks in Every Department
Kootenay Central Railway to
be Proceeded With.
Ckanhrook, May 14.—The following
most important and authoritative announcement has been received by J.A.
Harvey Irom C. Hungerlord Pollen,
the promoter ol the Kootenay Central
railway project;
"Victoria, 12th May.—J. A. Harvey,
Cranbrook: ' You oan announce that
the Kootenay Central will now proceed. Hops to be successful in urging
work Irom both ends of route, O,
Hungerlord Pollen."
The effect of this statement, rumors
of which have been current for Borne
time, will soon be manilest in Cranbrook and through East Kootenay
generally, in a stimulated trade and a
rapid advance in the values of all
kinds of properly, timber, minerals
and land.
The news is ollicial, and lar and
awny tbe most important that has been
made recently,
Ottawa, May 14.—The final financial returns for theli-cal period ending
March 31 a.e not all yet to hand, but
there is enough to show that the year
will be one ol the best in the history
of the Dominion. The revenue for the
nine mouths is $67,138,594, but this
will be increased by two million when
all collections are made.
Hon. Mr. Fielding, in his budget
speech, made an estimate of $05,000,-
000 but it will be about four millions
more. The expenditure Mr. Fielding
put at $62,000,000 on ordiuary revenue,
and on capital $12,000,000.' To date
the ordinary expenditure is $45,000,000
but this will be increased by four or
five million; and the capital is ahout
$12,000,000, which will be increased by
half a million or more, so that the
revenue has increased and the expend
iture has been kept down to a greater
extent than Mr. Fielding anticipated
The surplus on ordinary revenue
Mr. Fielding estimated at $14,000,000,
and judging from all appearances, it
will be three or lour million better,
which will be the largest on record.
This will be sufficient to meet the
capital expenditure and all other
liabilities, and reduce the not debt by
a handsome sum. It should be remembered tbat all this is accomplished in a nine months period,
On C. P. R, Lines in the North
Cawary, May 15.—Tho O. P. R.
patBonger department has issued notices that the 3 cent passenger rate
per milo will go into effect today.
This will reduce fares in Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Rates
west ol Calgary and Macleod remain
the same,
Commercial travellers will rejoice in
a i\ oent rate Irom that date throughout tbe same territory.
Monorail   Surprises   British
Engineers—Will Revolutionize Land Transportation.
London, May 14.—Everybody is
talking about the new monorail, which
promises to become one ol the world's
seven wonders. The demonstration
on Saturday before the Royal Society
impressed the practical engineer as
much as the pure scientist. Eminent
engineering authorities already speak
ol  the  invention   with decision as a
revolutionary achievement."
Many people have been becoming
rathe." sceptical on the matter of scientific marvels, but a railway train
that run,, on a tight rope is enough
to create a sensation. The idea of a
single wheel structure, which will be
seen balancing by means of gyroscopes
lias attracted many inventive minds.
Now, at least, the lirst practical
success seems to have rewarded Mr.
Louis Brennan Though primarily
designed fur monorail purposes, the
system seems likely to have great in-
lluence in the development of certain
forms of road transport.
The inventor iB an Iri-I.man, born
at Castlebar fifty-five years ago. He
received .£110,000 ($500,000) from the
British Government in 1887 Ior his
steerable torpedo. II Brennan 'e hopes
are realized, a new era de luxe of
travel by land is within measurni.le
distance. He expects to drive cars
as large as ships and as comfortable as
some hotels alung a single line, with
perfect smoothness and safety, at a
rate of a hundred and fifty miles an
There is something uncanny about
the way his monorail car while running on a curved monorail, leans forward and so automatically balances
the effect of a centrifugal force. But
this model shown belore the Royal
Society is not the only length Mr.
Brennan has gone with his invention.
He has a large carriage capable of
carrying passengers running in his
Price of Product will be Reduced Four Times
. CmiisTiANiA, Norway, May 11.—According to Swedish papers, Mr. E. 1.
Rinnan, ol Upsula, Sweden, has lately
made an invention by which aluminum can be extracted fron. blue day,
by which process the price ol tho product will be reduced lour times. The
silicio acid which is latent in clny
masses, will also be utilized by the
new method.
Simultaneously with tho Swedish
inventor a Norwegian engineer, Mr.
Liniliiig-Lardon, has made independent investigations into the matter and
has succeeded in inventing a method
which seems to be ol the same nature
as that of Mr, Rinnan. It is statod
that Mr. landing■ Larsen has lately
hoc. communicating with a foreign
company about the utilisation of the
new method, and that a representative ul tho oompany will arrive shortly
lor tbe conclusion ol a contract.
A fresh stock of high class goods—quality
A line assortment of Enamel and Granite,
Tin nud Woodi'iiwiiie, Heavy and Builders'
ll.udw.tie. Mining .Supplies, Hose, laiwti
Mowers and llll Garden Tools. Screen Doois
and Windows. McClnry's Sieves, Ranges,
eto. Rifles, Shut Gun's, Revolvers and
One of ihe besl assortments in the Province,
Tea, Dinner nnd Toilel Sets.   Wec.ii-ry a full
line of Hotel Supplies.   A line selection of
Rich Cut Glass.
We ciili'V a line slock of these goods,   .lust
ask fur what you want.—WE HAVE IT.
Tklki'Iiunk -37. 	
8o x no feet, in first block east side
of McKenzie Avenue, fenced, cottage,
fruit trees, small fruit, strawberries, etc.
$200  in Cash; Balance on Time.
PRICE: = $1450
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
First a Op.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Hr.iiirli.is iu llm Provinces ,.f Manitoba. Alberta,Bultltohswan,
Itrit.-li Colombia, Outario, Quebec.
Capital Paid Up ....   S4,7oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund •4,7oo,ooo.oo
D. R. Wii.kik, President I Hon. It. Jakkhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available iu all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe,   .Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interest allowed at cut-tent rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four times a year,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
An ideal place to spend your holidays. Buy a ticket for Halcyon Hot
Springs and spend May 24th at this
favorite resort. Single [arc and one
third for the round trip, good Irom
May 22 to May 27. Boating, fishing
and launch excursions, and a delightful t.ip on the C.P.R. palace steamers
Irom Arrowhead to Halcyon. Extension trip, Iron. Halcyon to Nakusp and
return, fare only 00 cents,
The following is a statement of tho
customs returns for month ending
April 30th, 1007:
Revelstoke $ 0,693.82
Ashcroft    1,14687
Golden      096.98
Kamloops    2,417.12
Vernon    2,320.80
Total  113,673,69 Z\k OtafrDeralb.
lit F.I', ION   RATES.
Inclullng -,■-■ .-■■ ■■■ Kngland, United Slat,*
f l    .!..,,1.1.
Hy th.- year (through postofflcel..
Hall    '
. 1.80
.. 1...I
j jB   HINTING promptly exeouted at reason.
.'-•■ : .:*"- ...     „
IKBMS-' ash.  Botocnptlotii payable in a.i.
S .vance.
il was natural and wise that luni'er
men should remove limber, mostly
paid for in a lump sum in advance,
as cheaply and thoroughly as they
possible culd.
Forest lires and other drawbacks
caused the lumberman to cui his
timber off without much thought of
tin- future. What was good forestry
for the lumberman was not wise
however (or thc country, and the
sooner methods are employed ol protecting the interests of both, tho
better it will  ha  for all concerned.
Hlll-mri    ...    >"■>     ■--.    -
ollicers, wear jewels, wit. adopt.d.
I'l..- linanei.il statement s ...wed tho
Grand Domain ol II. 0. Knights ol
Pythias to le in a good and Bound
.- iKRESPONDENCE Invited on matters ol
public interest. Communication! '-- Bailor n.u-t be accoi.ioiii.it-.l by nana, ol
writer, not necewarily to publication bul
ii evidence ot good faith. CorrMpoodonce wit li security ol tenure, the lumberman would be equally interested with
the country in conservative lumbering
occni- pel Ine ca
Cash on hand
Real estate
should be brief.
1 -                              SKK and cuuld afford to adopt outtin
J1-.-.:■■•  tt Nonparlcl |l2 lines mako. ,..,...... .,..., i     i... i„„,ii.;„
San- regulations to that end.   liy instilling
*■:    .   .., <Zr& the teaching of   torestiy  Into the
....    i inl    Ma.    - '" :'■;;. lunibermcii thev will be convinced.
limber i  ■  . 	
. Ul  ...!i.-ili-i-i"i-ii'-' ____——
,-■ ■ '      M.MMl.M.fl.
....  Sltualoiia
'- -   !-      loaclicrs
. w I. ii ., i   words "i
... ulditionnl line 111   corns,
,   ,. ...   .  . .  .. .- ,:,.-!.i-. iii.-ii'- noi-l
........   i , ...,> and l-'rlda,  ol
,.     »-eek ■ -   in - IdLplay,	
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Olliee Agents
Practice before Railway
Cha*. Murphy.      Harolu Fisher
Barrister.,, Scliritnn, Ktc
,    |   ,, .,,*. 1. O. l-.l.l.K.l 1.
Ofticks:  Im -KKI..I. Hank Block, tow.
'stokb, B.C,
.Money to loan. ,     ,   ,, ,,
O.Hce..; Revelstoke, Il.C: Cranbrook, H. u
Bso.S, McCarter,
.*,. M. I'IMUl.lM. J. A. IlAllVlfV
ReveleUike, B. C.      rrnnrook ILL.
J. II. Scott l.L.I. W.I.BriKgs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Money to Loan
solicitors for molsons bank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.C
AuavioIallOrc!   Samples by mall or cspret.
rei ..... prompt alteullon.
Term. Modem!*..
,....     .     .     .     Box if-: Huw, 11. ('
A censioiiliile and the following
week is the season cltcsen iu Canada
by nearly all religious bodies for making appeals lor BUppottol Home Mission*.    Iii the history ol ll poning
up of Canada fur more tin... In thai ol
the United States, Australia, South
Africa, or any other of the new nations,
the frontier preacher and missionary
has l-een f.u important llgure, ll is
often refened toss n disgrace to Can-
mi. that financial assistance for its
religious ludies should be sought in
the old country where tho uvernge ol
prosperity Is lower (ban in Canada.
lint no oilier country has had anything like Canada's problems to s live
and, on the whole, Ihe effort has been
successful. There i- no doubt that
the maintenance of law and public
morality in which Canada has undoubtedly excelled all other countries
in their pioneer periods, has been
greatly assisted hy the frontier preachers, Tl.e inil.ic.ee on lhe Koutouay
of the life and work of many men well
known in the mission field can hardly
be exaggerated.
Total assotB  ifl:l7,olliS'i
A.  J.   Howe,  ol   Ilevelstoke, Past
Chancellor,   received    Gland    Large
The D O. K. K. an advanced order
ol the K. of P. held council during the
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Mc-isKii-s. ainlTl.lnl WttlnwUy In Uio month
In Selkirk Hall, npstaln., at 8 p.m. Snhjeot Ior
.lisciis*iini "Trade. I'nlonlam v. Socialism,   All
illl.-|-.*l,-.li..-l' ttt'll'llllUJ.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 129.
jlci'i. Second mul fourth Wotlnomlays In
unci, montli, In Selkirk Hall.  VlalllnK Woodmen conllallj Invllod to ottond.
w. n. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
II. w, EDWARDS, Clork,
F. 0. E.
Tlm regular mootlngs are hold in tl.o Solklri.
Hull ovory Tuosilnyovonln«iit 8oolocK, Visil-
lug brotl.ro.. oro cordial lv Invltod.
II   A. UUOWN. I'..i;«....:sr.
W. E, M..1..U*. lll,IN,S.:e...:TAliv.
KooUnnv LodKuNo. 15 A F.&A.M.
,„,    ../,,;, Tho regular moot
' - * -     lugs aro held In lla
Masonic    Toinplc,
loh ninntli al .-
in. VlBltlnghroth*
-ii   corilliilly  wel
11. A. I'ltlll'lfNIEl,', S.fC.UTA.lV.
SEhKIRK LODGE, NO 12, I. 0. (I. F.
Moots overyThursdny
ovoning it. Mflki.-I.
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially united to alien.)
H.C. l.Ai'iilll.ls*. N.e.      .1. MATHIE, Sec
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKenzie AVENUE,
llnx lnJ, Kevelstoke.
.Membei American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits. Mine*,
Mills .ind Buildings prepared in sliupo
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
Cbe riDatUUxvalb
" 1 wo : .::,.-llv a vise them for
.-.- m to order this paper to bc punctually
served up. and to be looked upon as a pari of
the lea equipage.'—Addison,
"By the establishment of schools ol
Forestry, forestry would become at
once a practical question," was the
theme -j! Mr. Thomas Southworth,
director ol the Ontario Bureau of
Forestry, before the Canadian Institute recently. Tliis is very true and
it is doubtful if there is any business
in British Columbia carried on with
so little regards to economy, with so
much waste aB the great lumber industry. This, has been due to no lack
oi desire on the pari oi the limit
holders, to make as much money as
p uible from their timber holdings,
but their operations were conducted
on a large tea;..-, often at great distances from tbe head olliee and the
proprietors depended on their men
-.-... -. training had been received
under sin.liar wasteful conditions,
These men have learned, in their
gradual promotion in tne logging
camps, to estimate the quantity ol
timber a given tree would make and
give a goal guess at the quantity ol
standing merchantable price on a
given area, but their methods ol re
moving tliis limber are in most cases
those followed by tbeir predeccsi rs,
The damage to young timber iu telling
trees, which could be avoided, is seldom considered. In fact trees to.
small for merchantable timber ar.
regarded as uf no value. Men with
only., practical logging experienci
are apt to have very little idea ol the
rotation of lorestorops, ol the reproduction of tree and many other thing!
useful to know in forest operations,
involving a long term ol years. Lumbermen to ultimately realise this fad
will have to be convinced by aotual
woikol trained lorestets. While it
cannot be denied , that the method-
adopted have been successful, Iman
cially, still forestry is a practical and
simple businesa and in the case ol
timber licences issued year by year.
The fruit growers of liritish Columhia arc organising in order to secure n
more regular and scientific system of
distributing their produots ill the
North West Provinces. They are also
talking express rates with the Dominion Express Company. Frnm this
out, Rcvelstuke, where there is a Gov-
.'innient cold storage warehouse, ia to
he the distributing point for all the
fruit growing districts of the province
Anything that the iruit growers of
British Columbia can do to place their
produce more cheaply upon the tables
ol tbe North West will be welcomed
aud appreciated by the people of these
great inland provinces.—Edmonton
.Morning Journal,
Election of Officers   Revelstoke
The lollowing is n complete list ol
ollicers elected atthe Pythian Grand
Lodge convention in sessii n at Ni Ison
last week:
Supreme Representative, George
Johnson, Nanaimo.
Alternate Supreme Representative,
W. A. Ferguson. New Westminster.
G.C., Jeffrey Hammer, Grand Forks,
G. V. C, li A, Hrown, Kevelstoke.
G P.. J. A. Townley, Vancouver.
G. K. of lt. and S,, E.nil Pferdner,
G. M, of Ex , Thomas Walker, Victoria.
G. M. at A., John Thomson, Cumberland.
G. I. (i.. Chas. Rawlins™, Nanaimo,
G. 0. ti.. -I. Fleiscbmann, Fernii.
The election of ollicers of the grand
temple  Pythian Sisters,  resulted as
Past Chief, I. M. Roberts. Rowland,
Grand Chiel, M. A Seave, Nanaimo.
G, S., M. Agnew, Revelstoke,
G. J.. M. Harris, l.ailysmith.
Grand Manager, A. Wilson, Nanaimo.
.i. M.ol K. M.Stuart,Grand F irks.
I,. M. ol R.and >, V. Collia, Rossland,
i,   P., E.Campbell, Trail.
m. ii i,   Mr- DempBtcr, Victoria,
The repn •• ntstives ol tin Far West
lodge, Victoria, invited tbe grand
lode-1" hold its next lesBion in Victoria, and tin- invitation was endorsed
by the representatives ol the Vancouver Island lodges, and wa« supplemented by an Invitation fron. Mr Cuth-
berl seen Urj ol the Victi ria tourist
a-- elation.
On    tion,  llm    invitation   was
unanimously accepted by the (1
lodge next year's grand lodge will bo
held in (he Capital City.
During the convention many ques
t.Mii-  relative to the welfare of  tlie
order  werc  discussed,     Among the
mn,.I ,-r were 'I. that to create Inter,
est and aro..-.- enthusiasm each and
every subordinate lodge at least once
a v.-i.r, hold a roll call of all the members; (2) entertainment of ll... grand
I ,.lg.- by the subordinate  lodge or
lodges ol the oity ... which tlie annuel
convention  may be held; (.1) electing
alternate supreme representatives; (4)j
ipieslion of uniform application blanks,
containing     doctors'     certificates,
lnought iu liy the ci'......itl.ee was nol
adopted; (6) question ol aid tothe
aged ...id destitute of defunct subordinate lodges.
A recommendation that it be lelt
optional with thc subordinate lodges
Cold Range Lodge, X. ol P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday...
each i-Mimil., In lho Oddfellows'
Hull   at   s  o'clock.   VIsltlOH
Knights uro cordially Itvltod.
,1. A, LESLIE, CC.
(I. II. BROOK, lv. o( R. A S,
H. A. UUOWN, ,M. nl I'
l.i-i-i- lli-iiils, Animals, Blnln, I'M., Etc,,
Animal llut-s Mounted,
p, 0, Box Sl,
Studio:  ('.irii.-r..f l-'irsl St. un.l ll.iyl.',*..-.-.
_ Hovnlitnkil, Il.C.
for  .   .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Manufactured (or all olasseslof buildings
All kinds of bulldiugand plastering
furniture, Pianos, or Merchan-
ili*.-,stinvil in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
E.   A.   HAGGEN,
Real Estateand Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Mi -. -  Supplies   1.*
Fresh stock i     . - ? al
vest prices,
FIRST STnttT, • c.t» «esr.u«»HT
Halcyon Hot Spring!
Harry M< Intimii,   Hi lira ti   H   i
i : f,....- the mosl curative In the
world.    .     -
ill \.m . ind Mu«i ulai diseases,
Liver, K dney ind Stomach ailment*
and Mel -       * Il sure cm
for " I'h.ii Tired Feeling, l| ■ ■
i . ,. i and ti
nuiii.   .nn.- in.i depail evi -     laj
Telegi i h   M-n ii m- i ..ii. -.   with  all
ni n t.   f    .r- ... Id.
1 immi -1 : |l pel iv -ms. I-' i
further panic.il.ti ■ apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring.i
Arrohi £.u*t*>. 7*1. C
ecdlesa   Plumfl]    No Pities,
Appleij  V. Cob         *     ;
r. liable v ties at reus.	
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Sprnying Material, Cut Flowers, etc
Oldest established nursery ii the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue Ires,
ciirr-NHOiistii n.u. -irriei.e.,. -. VAUCOUVtn.n.C.
I'.S— II your  local  merchants do
not handle my needs,  (1 direct.
We prepay fifty packets, assorted
varieties of garden coeds in 5o, papers
(tested stock), to  your  i rest pnst
..llice for $1,110, twenty packets lor oOo,,
trial collection. i
I)., you enjoy thai well diessed feeling? We nil know whal
if feels like'lo be hul, lo I." cold, or to be tired, and It Ib
jusl .is i i-i... I hnl we all know whul it feels like lu he well
diessed, ll feels good, .....1 il's good In feel good. Vouch
never I... well dressed If youi-clothes iiru mil made hy the
i-ighi maker,
Got to know we handle tho SEMI-READY GAItlMENTS
and you will find whal n pleasure mid sal infliction it is to he
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  SIS, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tail...-ing is uur businoss, We in.ike a mini look well
and he knows il,
? ..Cressman  and Morrison..
Incorporated l>y Act <', Parliament, 18!i&,
W.M. iM.11.SIIN M.UTIIKHS..N,  Pies. S.  II.  E.VIN.I, Vice-Pies.
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two In-.iiiches in Cnnnilu and  Agencies in nil purls of the
Interestprwlll.>d fimi' times.. yeni-.H piiiti".I  rales on Savings
B.nik deposits, until hull..-.- iii.fi.-.-.
W. H. PRATT, Malinger,
Rkvelbtokk, R. 0,
Many are selecting their ranches now, and, fora small deposit,
are having them rescrvid until they can arrange payment, thereby
getting all the advantage ol early purchasing and nt the same time
accommodating Iheir nuances. Our property is a seller, and when
buying if you tail to sue us yon mny not buy to your best advantage,
House Cleaning Time
brings to the eye of the "careful
^,|| housekeeper the blemishes of the
carpets under her supervision. When
necessary to make renewals in carpets,
rugs, mattings and oilcloths, visil
HOWSON'S and see their well se
lected slock before buying. You'll
find it a lime und money suver. Our
Spring display bents anything we
ever offered.
Howson & Company
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
N.v.1)   uill.    First-class in every reflect.   All modern eonvenii nee.
Large Sn tuple Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day. Speci 1 Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
iuitably  furnished   with the choicest the
market affords.    Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rat is *.; .. lay,   Monthly rate.
Queen's ftotel
.rands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
, ish Creek will find excelleni accommodation al tins
Look Into
the Advantages
ul a good lire insurance policy.
Don't wait until you have lost all
your property and pi.8sessii.ns
bei ire yuu insure, il you are
s.itisli il ibat insurance is good,
then tho sooner yuu are pro-
protected the better fur yon. Wc
write very liberal policies and
make prompt and satistactury
Agent fur the N' n Combine Insurance
Companies, Kevelstoke, Ii. C.
Notice is hereby wiv.-n thai 'Hi .lays after [lata
I Intoiiii i..fi|.|.ly in Um Cliief UoinnilHsloi.orof
hinds it...I Wnrks fui- .. speoial llceiifia Io eut
iinil oairy away thnlior from tlio rnlli.wiiiK.lc.
si-tiln'il 1i.ii.1k Minnie in West Knntenay ills
1. l-iiiiinii'iirili.: ..
Ilinl. nl n liii«..i-i-i...|
inc.ii. 1, Orook Ii.lln.
mil..* Irnin L'nlllllll.l
lll'llll's    IfMlllMMMl
aon.li, thonoo ...
;. p..st plantod on tl..' wost
fl.1,1111 I. Illil.'S SOIllll llHUf
lllg tl.o Crook ..ml nlm.lt .'.I,'
Ilivor alltt iiiaiki-.l "II, Mourner,"   tiionoo um chains
oast, tlionco Iim oliaim
Under   New   Management)
til, Uii'iH'i'   I" i'linins  wi'sl. In |)filnt nf colli*
•>. ComiiioilcliiK ill a pnst. iilnnleil iinllu'wi'nl-
tank <>f 'i Litruo crook nlnnit i'. milea south nf lie
month Creek, fullowliiK tin1 crook ami aliout fni
milos from i.olumliln Itiver and marked "K McBean's li-Ttli-i'iisi corner," tlienco IHO clialns
.sonili, tlionco io cliains wost, tlionco 1(10 chains
north, tlienco 40 chains oast to point <>f coin-
;t. (tomitK'iipliiR at u lmnt planted about S6d
yintl.i went nf ii small crouk and about innk'
Bouth nf IJIninoiith Creek, ami ahoiit iWmilea
frnm tin1 Columbia Itiver and mnrkod "i'i, Mr-
Roan'B north-wost cornor," thonco khi chains
smith, thonce 111 chains east tliuuco UKI chains
north, thence 4ii chains went tn pnint nf com*
■i Commencing at a post planted about mo
yanlswesl nf a snnill oreok audi mile m-iit-lmf
'lliu nimi li Creek  I U mill's frmn the Columbia
Hivor, and marked "li, McBean's nnrth-enst cor-
nur," tlionco Um chains smith, thonco 40 chains
west,thmtco inn chains north,thenco lOchains
east tn pnint of commencement.
6. CnmuionclnKil'* a pnst planted at tho northwest cornor nf Location Nd. 4 and marked "B.
McBoan'B imrih eust corner," thonce su ehuiim
BOUth, thenro Sll  chains west, tlicn.e  SO ehains
norths tlienco «> clialna east to point of com-
Dated April nnl, lOiff*
ii. Commonclng ata post planted abont 1 mile
north nf Blgmntitli Croek and 8 miles from I ho
Columbia Hivur niiiliniiikt-il "B. .Mrlliiiiii'n smith-
west enrner," theiini liin ehuins east, thenee III
chains imrth, ihenee IOO chains woit, thonco 40
clmins smitli tn pnint of commencement,
7. Commonclng at a pnst planted li miles
umili nf Hb-inmith Creek and B miles from the
Columbia Biver anil marked "B, McBean's southwest corner," thenee Iiiii chiiiim unst. thoneo4U
chains north, thetice ioo ehuins weat, thence40
ch'ihis sun ili in point nf commencement.
Dated April Utli, 1907
s. Commencing at n pnst plunted ut tlie southeast enrner of Lot lil, nlmiil G;t ehuins south of Hip*
mouth Creek and marked "B. McBean's norlli-
eust. coiner," thenee 80 chains south, thence 80
chuius west, thunce so chalna north, thenee su
chains oust to point ot commencement.
9. Commencing at a pnst planted at the northwest cornor ol |,oi, ]8 uml marked 'K, McBean's
soiltli*wesl coruer." ili e ton clmins u.-rlh.theneu
40 i-haltH east, thenco lOOuliulliS south, thonee 4u
chains wesi tn point of cominuncoiuout.
lu. Coinineneilig ut a pnst plantod at the northeast corner of I,ot 18. and niarked "K. McBean's
Bouth-east corner," tlience lliu clmins nnrlh, tlience
4tichains woat, tlu-nce mo clmins suuth, tlienco -to
clmins east to pnint nf commencement.
Dated April iith. 1007.
11, Commencing nt a post planted nu the smith
hank of Canyon Creek and auout IU miles frmn
Biginouth Creek and marked "I'l. MoBean'a north-
west corner." tlience |0 clmins smith, theueo 40
ehains euat, thonee 4u chains smith, thence SO
chains east, tlienco 4ii ehuins nnrth, thenco 40
chains west, thence 4<i chains north,thenee8C
chain west tn point of commencement
12, Commencing at a pnst planted on the imrtli
hank nf CaitjotitCrcok, almul , milo frmn mouth
and maikuil *'K. McBoan's nnrlh-west enrner,"
thonce su chainB south, theuco 80chains east,
tlience Sii ehuins nurth, thonce SO clmins west to
point of commencement.
18, Coinmeneing at u pnst planted mi the cast
hunk of llimnoutli Creok, ahnnt fi miles almve
Canyon Creek nml mnrkeil "B, McBean's south-
east cornel," thence SO chains north, thence SO
chains west, ihence 80 chains sonth, thence '*
chains eust tn point of commencement.
14. Commonclng ut a post plunted on the
eust, bunk of Biginouth Creek, about 5 miles
above Canyon Croek and marked "K. McBean's south-west corner,' tbonco 80 chains
north, thunce 8W chains cast, tlience 80 cliains
south, thencu 80 chains west to point of commencement.
lu, Commeiicing at a pout planted on tbo
east, bank of Biginouth ("reck, about ii miles
abnvo Canyon Crook und murked "E. MeBeun's
north-west corner,;' Ihence 80 chains east,"
thence 40 ehnins south, thence 20 ehuins east,
thenee 40 chains south, thence 80 chain*- wus1,,
thenee IU cliains nortli, thenee 20 chains west,
thouco 40 chains nortli to point of commoncomont.
Dated April 27th, 1007.
1ft, Commencing at a post plunted on the
north bank of UiKinout.h ('reek near the mouth
of south fork and marked "M. McBean's north-
west corner," thenee IliO chains south, thenee
lu ehains eusl, thence lliu chains north, thence
In chiiiim west to point of commencement,
17. Commc
ehnins nor'
below north
suiilhweNl corner," tlienco UK) chains east.
thenee 40ohalna uorlh, tbenee HM) chains wos<,
thence 10 clmiiis south to placoof commence;
Daled April 211th, 1007.
IH. Cimiiiiencing ut u post planted 10 chsins
east of the .souih east curuer mr.U lUlfiS and
uiarked " I*. McHean's nortti-we t corner,"
Ihenco Uio chain" smith, theuce 10 chains mist,
theuco 160 chains norlh, thenee 40 ohains wesi
[.('point ol coinmeiM-eineut.
imtod ;'.nih April, I1HI7.
10. Commonolng at a post planted u mllo
north of bo uth* east comer of I, U 7*148 und
innrkeil '• K, Melloan's soinh-east corner,'*
ihence 40 chains nnrlh, tlicmie 80 chains weal,
ihence in obaina north, thonce 120chainsca»t,
ihenco80chains soutn, ihence lu chains west
Li. point nl eiiiumeucenieiit.
21, Commencing m a post plantod about one
mllo westof Columbia Hivor, and about oik-
hfllf mile souih of Bight-mile Creek and
mnrked •■ l-i, MoBoan's north-cast corner,"
di' ncoSU chains vital, theueo 80 chains iouth
tbenee 80 chains east, ihoneo 80 eliains north
Lo point of cninineiiceinent.
lulled Isl Mav, HO',
21, Commencing at a posi planted al the
MHitlMM'st con erol T.t, 10700 und marked
"I', Mi-lii'itii's sniitli-eust comer," thenee Hi>
i:I,nlnn w.st, thencu80ohnins imrih, Uieiiocso
chsins misi, thenco Bo cbaina south to polul ol
22, Commonolng al a post plnnted on the
tn ilium nl inirdon Creok, uboui IU miles
 I      ,,,,. r..,,,l     .ll. I.;, II.,.. ,,,.
That's Royal Crown kind—
muiJe in Vancouver— .Urgent
Snap Factory woatpf Winnipeg, House cleaning and
washing are easy with iw help,
And the money wiving ia the
Premium System
Booklet tella what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Hend
Ior it— Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
mmonolng at a post planted about l.i
orih of Bujmout.li Creek, two nilics
irtl* fork mid marked  "E. McHean's
From 25 to SO  Per Cent
Saved on yenr Grocery Bills.
We sell At retail nt lowest, wlioltimile
prices. Hotel uml boarding Imuwi
keepers, dinners, miners and lumbermen will Hntl it to their advantage to
Investigate ns,
to any railway Station ... British
Columbia, We inly handle llrst-class
and pure (innils. We guarantee
prompt delivery. No order too small,
none mo large. Write lor our price
lift. IT IS FREE, lie convinced
tlmt yon can save money.
250-261 Stanliy St., WINNIPEG, Man.
Nnl Ico Ih hmohy iii ven that .10 days after ilaU* I
Intoml to apply tn tlm Hon. tlm Chief CommlBaion
or nl liiioih and Works for a special llceuse to cut
nml enrry awny limber from tlm fullmvinjt; do-
scribed landa in Cariboo diatrict:
1. Commencing at a post maiked "W. J.
Otto's iinrih-wesl corner," planted on Caiino
Hlver. aboul. 10 miles from moulh of Ptarml'
Kim Creek. Iheuce KO elmlns east, Ihence 80
ihalns south, thenoe 8(1 chains ivesl, tlienco 80
ehains north lo polul or commencement,
Dated March fifth, 1007.
2, Commencing at a post marked "W. J,
Oito's souih-west corner,"plnnted un l'larml*
Kiiu Creek ahoul I miles up iiom mouth,theueo
Mi chains cu-t, tbeuce Su ehains nnrlh, ihenco 80
chains wosl, thenee 80ehalus soulli to point id
3. Coinmeneing at a post marked "W, J,
OUo'h south-wost corner, planted ou l'larml-
Kan ('reek, ahoul. T miles from mouth, thonoo
Hu cbnins east, Ihenee 21) ehalus south, theme
Mi chains east, thenee 4(1 chains nnrth, thence 80
elmlns west, thenee 2u chi,ins north, thenco Hi
chains west, theueo lu chains south to point of
4, Commencing at a post marked "W.J,
Olio's south-west corner," planled on l'larml-
Kim croek nbout 0 miles from tho monl h, thonco
liiu chains east, thenee 10 chains nurth. thenoo
USO chains wist, thenee 10 ehains south to point
of commoncomont.
Dated Harob S8th, 1807,
fi, Commeneing lit a posl, marked "W.J,
oito's north-east corner, planlcd mi Canon
Hlver, ahout 00 miles from mouth, thoneo IU0
chains wesl, thenee 40 ehnins south, theueo UKI
chains enst, thenee 40 chains north to point of
Dated March iHst, 1007.
il. CoiiimeneiiiK at a post marked "W.J,
Otto's north-east eorner. planted ou (anoe
Itiver ubout (lii miles frnm inoulli, thenee 80
chains south, tlienee Ml chains west, ihencu 80
chains north, thunce 80 chains east to puint of
7. Commeneing at a post marked "W. J.
Otto's south-east corner, plantod on Canoo
Hlver, about ().'* miles from tho mouth, thencu
80 chains north, thenee 80 chains west, theuce
9) chains south, thence 80 chaina east to point
of commencement.
8. Commencing at n post marked "W. J.
Otto's north-east comer, planted on Canoo
Itiver, about 70 miles from mouth, thencu 80
ehains south, tlienco 80 chains west, thenee 80
chains north, thenee 80 ehains unst fo point of
II. Commonolng at a post marked "W. J,
Oito's south-east comer," planted on Canoo
Kiver, about 70 milos from its mouth, theiieo
160 chains west, thenee 10 chnlns north, tlienco
100 chains east, thenee 40 chains south to point
or commencement.
Dated Marcli :10th, 1007.
satap27 W. .1. OTTO,
Sixty days after dato 1 inteud to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to pnrclinse the lollowing
deacribed lands situated on Upper Arrow Lake
and more particularly descrihed as follows:
CiuiiiuenciiiE at a post planted aliout \'% mile
north of south-east corner of Timber Limit 7010,
thence north 80 eliains, thenee east 80 chains,
aouth 80 ehains, west 80 chains to point of commencement.  Containing 040 acres more or loss.
Dated May 4th, 1007.
wed may 8 L. H. McLKAN.
Notice is horoby glvon that 00 days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. tho Chief Com
missioner of Lhu Is nud Works for permission to purchase tho following lnnds situated ou Uppor Arrow Lako and described as
Commencing at a post planted ou Half
Way creek almut three, miles trom lake shore
ami inarked' J. 0, McLean's ti, K.eorner post,"
ihenee went 80 chains, thenee uorth HO ehains,
thence east 80 chains, Ihenee south 80 chalna
lo place of coinmencement. Containing 040
acres more or less.
Dated May 7th, 1907,
wed may 8 J. 1). McLKAN.
Notice is liereliy given that 00 days after date I
intend to apply to llm Cliief vommlssioiiur of
Lands and Worka for permission to purchiiNi* the
following described lauds, Hituate in west Knntenay dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted at the north-east
comer nf A. Johnsou'd application and marked
"W. J. Kraser'a S. K. corner post," thenee north 80
chains, thenee west 80 chains, thenee south 80
cliains, theuce east 80 chains to Ihe point of com
iiieneemeut,   Containing 0fO acies,
Datod tilth March, wo?,
wed inch IH \V. ,1. KHAHtCK.
Kiwi, olid ;..-<-.....i...,.1..lion for travelled.,
Best brands ol Wines, Spirits, iind
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
the month mid marked *'K. Mellean1
iiiirih-fiiM corner." themv su chains BOUth,
thenco mi phaina weal, ihenee so clialus norlli.
tii'-ncoMioioiins ('list to point oi commence-
m < in
{, CommouolUB at a post planted ou the
tii imnk nl Gordon Crook, about 2mllei
from thn mouth nod marked "B  MclloaiiV
corner." ihoneo IM chains wost
thonoo 40 chains nnrtli, tbenee Hid clmins east.
o lu chains south to poini of commence*
_t. Commencing nt a p«st planted on tbe
-outh bank of Gordon Creek, about214 mllct
from il"* mouth end marked "lv Mcllnnn's
norih-oaat corner,," thonce Hi chain.*- south
Llionce 8U 'hains wosl, thouce BO chains north,
tbenee M chains oaattu pointof commence
Dated May 2nd, 1007.
wod my 8 E. MoBEAN,
Advertize in the Mail-Herald and
get tbe beat reaulte,
Nolice Is hereby glveu thatiio days from date
inii'iid to apply to the Ilouourablt lhe Cnlet
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands, situated at (ialcna Bay, in west Koote*
nay districl;
Commencing at a post marked "W, It, Keid's
Bouth-east corner post," and planted 40 chains
south from tho north-wesl onrnor of C, Heck's
Lot 7ni:i, thence west JO ehuins, thence north
It. chains, thenee east 20 ehaliiR, thence soulh
M chains to point of commencement, and containing 80 acres more or less.
Daled March '.aiid.M?.
BaUpM W, It. REID,
Notice Is hereby Riven that 80 days after dato
I intend to apply to tho Chlof Commissioner of
Unds and Works for a special licenco to cut
and carry away timher from tho following
described lands situate In Yalo District:
24. Commenoiiig nt a post planted at the
soulh-east corner of No. 21, and marked "A. M.
.Symons' 8. W. cornor post," thenee north 80
chaius, thenee east 80 chains, tbonco south S'l
chains, thence west 81 chains to placu of commencement.
Dated 23rd March, 1907.
wod my Ifi A, M. SYMONS,
Notice la hereby given that sixty days after
date 11utend to upply to the Honorable the
cbiel Commissionerof Lauds and works lor
permission to purchase the'folkmiiig lands
situatod on Upper Arrow Lake aud described
Ai follows:
Commencing at a post planted on Half
Way Cieek, about one and a half miles Irom
lako i-tiore and marked "J K. McLean's 8, E.
corner post," thenee west 80 chains, theuce
north40chains, thenceeast 80 cbaius, lhcnco
south 40 chains to place of commencement,
Louialnlng -lit) acres more or less.
Dated May 7th, LV07,
wm?| J. K. McLKAN,
i A special nicellnisnl tl.e executive
ul the Hour.) of Trade was held on
Monday alternoon to discuss the <iih'b_
tion ol eiilcrtiiiuini; the deli'isates ol
the Fruit Growers' Association at the
convention to he held here on Mnv 22.
W. M. Lawrence was appointed chairman, in thc absence ol the president
of the hoard, 0. F. Lindmark.
On calling the meeting to order the
chairman brielly stated the causo lur
which the meeting had been culled
and said that it was the intention of
the hoard to co-oper.ito with the local
Kmit Or.wiirB' Assooiation in ei ter
taining llio delegates during their
visit to Hi'velstnke on May 22.
Owing to the uncertainty as to
what length ol time wuuld be taken
upun llrnt. day with the business of
the convention, it was doolded that
the mailer ..I entertaining should he
lelt (.pen until this was known. Several
methods ol entertaining the visitors
were stigges'od, that ol engaging the
steiiiiier ItuielBtokelor n trip down the
Columbia river being most lavorcd.
The uneeiiainlj* ol the time available
prevented any definite plan being
adopted and it win moved by 1"'. H.
Lewis ni.d seconded hy W. II. Pratt,
that a meeting ol the board be called
on Friday alternoon, May 17th, and
that the executive of the local Fruit
Growers' Association be nsked t.. meet
the hoard at that time to discuss and
d miile upon the question of entertain-
in.; the delegates ul the Fruit Growers'
Association of the province during
their visit to Kevelstoke ou May 22.—
Carried. The meeting then tetniinat.d.
The local branch ol thc Fruit Growers' Association held a meeting on
Monday night to discuss the question
..(entertaining the delegates ol the
ol the different provincial Fruit Growers' Association!!. H. F. Hay, president, was in ll.e chair, and a larte
number of members were present.
The resolution passed by tl.e Board ol
Trade dealiug with this question was
read. Nothing definite was decided,
until it could be ascertained what time
would be at their disposal to enable
tho committee to iniiki arrangements
for entertaining the visitors. A special
committee was then appointed to wait
on lhe Hoard ol Trade and Cily Counoil on Fliday 17th, to lully decide
upon the matter, General business
was discussed and the meeting terminated.
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with Fit-Reform Suits.
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d val
IN COAT POC.T or tvitl
4 I
Inquiries ior Dwellings and
Building Sites Numerous.
The approach ol summer has given
sn incentive to activity in mostly
every branch ol business in this district, and in the city too, this has been
especially noticeable both in the stores
and it. the real esiate offices. The
real estate market is very linn, with
every premise of still better things in
thc near luture. There are lots of
cn.iuiries and several good sales, and
while prices are advancing yet the
demand is almost in excess ul the
supply. There are in fact more buyers than ihere are Fellers, both in
houses and land and much difficulty
has been lelt in satisfying intending
purchasers. The demand (or residences both for purchase or rent is particularly strong. This is the story
told hy practically every real estate
agent. One agent speaking yesterday
on the matter said that never since
he had been in business in Kevelstoke
a good many years, had he seen any-
thing approaching the present demand
lor houses. Residential property is
much Bought alter, while real estate of
all classes is being inquired about and
transfers made. In connection with
the demand lor residences a prominent
dealer said yesterday that as a result
of it there was a movement on foot lor
the erection ol a number ol houses
and cottages ol all sizes, such as are
to lie lound in so many other western
cities. These, while netting their
owners a good profit on their investment would also help to meet any
possibility there may be ol a house
famine in the city. Nothing definite
has yet been duuo in tlie matter, he
said, but ho looked to somo action
along these lines being taken In the
very near luture in the vicinity ol lth,
5th, and Gth streets. Labor is very
scarce, carpenters hoinit greatly in
demand and the lew who can he obtained havo more work on thoir hands
than they know wlmt to do with. It
is this tact that is tl.o causo of many
now buildings being delayed in erection, and there aro many openings for
good men in that lino of business
which sliould be takon advantage of.
"Let Kevelstoke grow" is a good
motto, but give her tho opportunity
to do su, and tho result will he surprising tu evon the most sanguine.
Children's Garden Hots—Rake, hoo.
fork and sllOVel-60o , 7fic, 91, 91.61)
and 92,00,   Lawrence Hardware Co
McKinnon I Sufotriarai  ■  Revelstoke
The Sunshine is furnished
with a good, big ash-pan.
Ail you have to do is to
grasp two strong, firmly attached, always-cool, bale handles and the large, roomy ash-
pan easily comes out.
A minute or two is all it
takes to perform the operation.
All the ashes are in the pan,
Because they are guided
into it by means of ash-chutes
attached immediately below the fire-pot.
Sunshine is the simplest, easiest-managed, cleanest
ki**d of a furnace. You don't have to wear overalls
and a smock when attending to the Sunshine.
If ynur local dealer does not handle the "Sunshine"
write direct to us for Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
tV*"%%%%*V%%-*-V%»*-%*V%*%*V%*%***VWV* -V**W*%1
5 For Agricultural Implements, Carrinees, Wngons'l Elc., John
\ Deere Ploughs, Mollue Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
*J lluggios, Plnnet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel-
f wright and Blacksmith Work attended to.   Horse Shoeing a
f Specialty.
1% %%%%*%%*%%+%?%*%+%    ■%%%%'»%'%<%'%*%•%<
, %%-%*V»%%%%%%V%*%%%%%%*%%*********1
HKA.D OFFICE! Calgary,  Auikrta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'nrk Packers and Dualer in Livo Stock. Markets in all the principal Uitiea and
Towna of Alberta, British ^.uiinhia and the Yukon. Packera nf the Celebrated Brand
"lin erator" llama and Bacon, and Bhammgk Braml, Leaf Lard. A
and miry away llmb»r from tlm fol'uwluK<!■■ *
aorlbed land*- situated In tliu Kind Koutonaj
1. Commenclujr al a jhmI planted on oasl
bank of Foster Creek aboulB mllo. from tbe
Columbia river ami marked "Una K. Hod-
strum'is n h corner posl/1 ihenee south iiii
ohalna, woat 40 ohalna, nurih >&i rhalns. easi
-in cliiiins tn point oi oorn men uement,
2. Commencing hi a pott plunled on cn>t
Imnk ul KosterCreek atwutamllesfroinCol*
umbia rivor and innrkeil "UusK. Hedstrom's
B, k, corner pusi," ihonce wosl Mi ohalna, nor* li
su chalna, eaat 80 chalna, soulli 80 obaina to
j'oint ot commeucemeut,
;:. Commenolng at a pnsl plauted on eust
bank nu Koster Oreok about 8 mlloa from Col*
umbia river and marked "Uus IS Uodatrom's
8 w, coruer poat," theuce eaat 80 chains, north
mi chains, weal 80 ehalaa, aouth 80 ohalna to
pointol commencement,
l. CommeiiciiiK at h poal planted on west
imnk ut Foster Creek about f mllea frum Col*
mn liiu tlver aud marked • Hub h. HedBtrom'a
8. W. comer poat-" ihence mirth hu elinlns,
eaat 80 ebains, aoutb 80 rhnius, -west 80 chains
to point of oommoncement,
6, Commenolng.ata noat plunled mi west
imnk oi KoBtor Creek nliout 4 mllnn from Columbia river uud markod'UubM Iledairom'B
o K, corner post," thencu north 80ehalus, wosl
B0 chains, huulh 80 chains.0081 80 rhnius to
point uf oommonoemoHt,
6, Commencing ai a post nlanted nbout in
ohaiuseatlof Foater Oreok and about -i'2 miles
north-easl frmn Columbia river ami marked
•tins B. Iledstrum'i N W, corner noat," thence
cast 160 ohains, south-lu ehui us, weal ICO dial iu,
north 4u cliiiins to point ol commencement
T. Commencing at a poBt planted 40 chains
easi of KosterCreek nml ahum it) mllea uortb,
easl irum Columbia river and innrkeil "tiusK.
tiedstrow'a B, W, corner poBt," thonco east lou
chains, uurth 40 ohalna, west loo ehuins, south
lu ciiitiiis iii point ol commencement.
Uatod 'prillMh, 1UU7.
8. Commencing at a post planled about *o
ohalna west ol Foatoi orook and about I mile
norm of Columbia river and marked "OUB U
Hedslrora'a *** W, nuruor post," theuce north
llio cnains, cast -10 chnius souih lliu chains,
wesi 4u chains to point ot commeucemeut
<i. Commencing at a poat planted about 80
chaius westof Foster Creek aboul i mile north
ui Columbia river mul marked "Uus E lied-
urom'a >\ K. corner post," theuce north 1G0
obaina, we-t40chains,somh nm chums cast -in
eliuiiis to pi'in i ki euinineiiccino. t.
baiedAprilZotn. 1U07,
pi, Commencing at a post planted nt N. li,
comer ol T, u 7W7 and marked " nsl*-,. Hod-
Btrom's , h. corner post," tbeuce wesi 100
ehains north lu chains. eaBt 160 uhalns, south
in chains in point of commeucemeut,
Dated April Klat, Mu7.
11 Cummencing al u post planted at the
moulh oi ensl I'm k tit Seulviu river and innrkeil "Uus li Hodslrom'a N. K. eoruer post,"
tnence smith 100 chuius, nesi 40chaius, uonh
100 ehnins, east 4u clialna to point otcoin*
p.! Commenolng at u post plnnletl at the
un hi ih of eat t lotk of Beulvln riverand marked
■(jus li. Hedatrom'a N, \\, corner posi," iheuce
soulli  UUI uhnins, eust 40 chain*, norm lliu
chaius, west Id cunlh-i tu puiut ol eumiueiie
18. Commencing at apost plnnted about l
lillle up lhe easi fork of .-eulun river nml
marked ■•(ius b, 1 led:, trout's   ,4V. corner p	
ihence suulh mi chains, east 80 chains, north
bu chains we.i't 80 chains tu point of commencement.
14. Commenolng at u post planted 1 mile u;
east lork ol.Seulviu riverand murked 'UusK
Hedstrum's \ VV. corner posl," thenoe norlh
Hi chains, east 80 chains, soulh su cha,us,
west Hi chains tu pointof cummencement.
15. CommenciuB at a post plau'ed hIkiul2
miles up the oast lork uf Beulvln river uud
inarkod "(ius K.Hcdstr in'sS.W. corner post,"
thoneo east UK) chains, north 40 chains, wust li>0
chuius, soulh 40 chaius to puint of commence-
16. Commoncing at u post plauted about i
milos up enst furk uf Seulviu rivor und marked
"QusE. Hedstrom's N.W. cornor posi," thonco
oust Uiu chains, suuth lu chain*., west Ilk) chuius,
north 40 chuius to poiut of com in ence in eut.
17. Commencing ut a poat plantod about 40
ehuins up the north fork of Seulviu riverand
marked ''Gus E- Hedstrom's S.W. coruor post.'1
thouco oasl 8ii chuius, north 80 chains, weat80
chains, south Hi chums to point of commencement.
Duted April :3rd, 1907.
18. Commencing ut u poat plauted about IS
milos up the nurth fork or Seulviu river und
marked "(Jus E. H -dsirom'sSE. cumor post,'
thenco norlh ItiO chnius, wust 40 chains, south
100 ehuins, oust 40 chaius tu iioiut of commencement,
10. Commencing ut a post planted about 5
miles up tlio north fork of Seulviu rivor uud
marked "Ous E, Hedatrom'a S.W.corner post."
theuce oust 80 chuius, uorlh 80 chains, wost Hti
chuius, south 80 chuius to puint of commencement,
'20. Commenci uk ul u post planted about 0
miles up tho north fork of Seulviu rivor and
marked "(Jus li. Hedatrom'a S. W. curuer post,"
tbenee eti*-*i Hi chuius, north 80 chuius, west 80
chuius, south 80 chuius to point nf commence-
'.'1. Commonolng at n post plunled about 7
miles up the nnrth fork of Suelvin rivor und
marked "lius E. Hedstrom's S W. corner pust
theueo east SOchuin.*.,  c It 80 ehains, west Nl
chuius, south 80 chains to point of commencement.
22. Commenc ini: at a post plnntod about 8
miles up the norlh fork of Seulviu rivor uml
mnrked "(lus Ii. Hedstrom's S.W. coruer post,"
tliouce eust HO ehuins, north 80 chuius, wost 80
chuius, south 80 chuius to poiut or commencement.
Dated April 8Uh, 1007.
in. Commencing ut u postplautod atS W.
Corner of T. Jj. 7818 und marked "(ius li. lied-
strum's N.W. cumer post." tlionco south hii
elinins, oust 8o chains north SO chuius, west 80
chuius lo poiut <>f commencement.
24. Commencing ut u post planted ut S, \V,
cornerpost of T L. 7818 aud masked "Qua E,
Hedstrom's N.E. corner post." thonco .-uuth
80 ohaina, wast 80 chains, north 80 chaius, east
80 chuius tu point uf commenoement.
25. Commeneing at a post pluuted ubout 15
chuius up uortli fork of Seulviu rivor und
marked "(ius K. Hedstrom's S.E, corner post,"
tlienco uurth I'-'i chains, wost40 chuius, soutli
IliO chaius, eust 40 ohains to point uf coniinouee-
Dated April 25th, 1901.
26. Commenolng ul u post plunted ubout Ji
of a mile ca-l of ft ind)* river and ubout', milo
suuth of Columbia river uud murked "QuaE.
Hedstrom's N. K corner post," ihouco south 811
ohalna, west 80 chains, north 80 chains, eaat 80
ehuins tu imiiii uf commencement.
27. CommeiiciiiK ut u pust pluutod ulmut Jj
of u milo eust uf Windy rivor pud about 'A milo
south of Columbia rivet uud mnrked "Ous E.
Hod. trom's N, \\. corner pust" theueo south 80
chuius, eust 80 ehuins, north 80 ehuins, wost 80
chains to puiut of commencement.
Dated April 27th, 1007
28. Commenolng at n pnst plunted nt S. li
coruor uf T.L. 7317und mnrkod "Ous E. Hedstrom's N.E. cornor pnst," thenco south Sti
chains, wost 80 ehnins, uurth 80 clmins, oust 80
chains to point uf fummoncomeut.
Dated April 28th, 1W-1.
snt my \ OUS E. HEDSTROM.
uud curry uwuy Umber fro- ilu fo l-nving
lienor! bed landa nil mil oil In West Until en i]
Upper Arrow Lnko dUi-rhi:      ,
1.   ' nmmunolng al  n ihwI planted on the
norlli aide of Leon Oreek, Ul four ml cn frum
the iiioiih, marked "li. N. Huiim-kV Initial
|Hwt," thenoo aoulh in chains, ihoncouual hi
chains Iheuce uoi'Mi 80 chni lis, I hence wost 80
Ohains,  theuce souih   tu clmiiis ti  place oi
iiii Pn
tnd in chain*
th siil'i of Looil Creek and nliniil
;vt miles from the month, marked "K. N, Hal
lock's north-weal oornor poat," ihence aouth 80
I'hitins, Ihence eusl 80 chain-, thence uorlh Si'
i'linins, thencu west SU chains lo plnce of cum
:i. Coinmeneing ut. a posl plunled on the easl
sldo of tho wosl fork of Leon Crook und aboul
2 mlloa frum the Fork, mnrked 'T.. N llnlloek-
noiLh-wosLcorner poat," thonoo south80 clialns,
I hence cast 80 chain*, thonoo north Michnins
I'M 8U chnius lu pluee of CO ciur
I. Commonolng at n post, planted nboul.fl
chuius eust of the soulh-wesl eorner of Limil :t
m tho wosl Kock of Leon Crock, marked "li-
N,   llul'iick's  north*W(Sl   enrner po-l," I hence
suulh Hi chains, thonoo oaat80ohalna, tliouce
norlh SOohains, Ihenee west, 80 ehuins lo place
of fomtiit'iircmciit.,
5. Commonolng nt u pust plnuled nliout ii
elinins easl ol tlio sou ill-woat cmiiei-of Limil
No. i. marked "K, N. Hallock's north-wosl cor
neriioM," thenoe aoulh 80 chains, thonoo onal
mi clialna, theuco norlh so ehains, thonoo wnl
80 chains in plaoo of commencement,
0. Commenolng ul a pust piautod mi lhc
soul h side uf Leon Creek and aliout nine inlion
from Ihu muulli. where said creuk elliptic- into
tho Anw Luke, marked '*K. N. Hallock's
north* weel corner post," thenee suulh 10 allodia,
Ibeuce eusl Hill chains, ihenc irlh H1 chains
lln nee wesl lliu ehniiis lo pluce of coniiiienec-
Iinii'il April 23rd, 1007,
wed in, I li, N. IIALLOCK
Noilcc is hereby Kivunihui 80 daya after dato
i Intend toapply lo the Chiel Commissioner of
i aids and Wnrks for u special licence In till
and carry nwny timber frum the following
descrilied hinds situated hi Wesl Knntenny
Commonolug ut a post plantod on tbo ensl
bank ot Long Creek und one mile nurth uf
Downlo Crook, aud marked "E, McBean's south
west corner posi," thence north 160chains,
ihence enst 40 ehnins, ihence soulh 160chains,
ihenee west 4U chains to the pointof001U-
bated Ihls Oth day n April, 1007.
gatap'Al li. MoBEAN,
Notico in liorohy iiiini (luit lit. .lays afterdate 1
Inleml to ..|.|.ly ... .1... tll.lel C........issi....i.i-...
I.finils [.ml Wiirlisfnr ]).-riiii.-.f.i<in lu purclmao the
If.ll.iiving .lo.crll.oil liinilf. in tlio West Kootenny
Commencing ata )....-! ..I...... .1 nt tlio caat bank
i.f ii... cnliiiiiliiii iiiv.-r,|ii.  iif.- immi.i ... m-Miio
l.ilili- aiiil mnrkeil % 11. D'a uorth-wost comer"
thonce oasl m chains, thonco soulli m. .-Imi..*,
tlience wost iti chains ... .1... Colnmhln Itiver,
.1 co In ii  nm 11f.-.!>'  iliri-i-limi lull..u-i.iK Ilu.
monnilorlngaol the Coin ulila Itlvor an i-hilnsto
pnlnt ..I couinieiice.ueut, containing nhout nm
Dated Mnrcli fflnl, A.I)., 1007.
we.1 ap 10 K. lt. 1)1 TION.
I, Tims Watson, acting aa agent for J. Wstson,
iiiti'inl sixty days after date to apply l« the
Honorable tho Cliief Comioisaloner of 1-itnda and
Works fur permlsalun to purchase the following
descrilied lands, situated on Cpper Arrmv Luke,
and mure particularly described us follows:
Commencing at apost plunled at the 3, li. corner uf Timber Limit 7583, from thence aouth 10
chains frum thence west 100 ehains, from theuce
uortb 11) cliains, from thetice eust ion ehnins to
pnint uf commencement, (< lalena Hay dislrict,
Dated April 20th, ||HI7.
wed my 1 Agent for,1 Watson
Municipal Council..r the Curporatlou of the
-Ity nl  ItevoMuko intend- to undorCike the
mint ruction of main nml ' initio lowers mi
hojitrooUand lanes throughout tho City, as
Imwnu tho plan of thoCity Euuiuoer herein-
ilier ui'iitiiuied, nnd in assess the expense ur
oost thereof upon tbo lund or real property
abutting ousuohstreoU and laues to be bono*
Hind thoroliv uml tlmi u statement showing tho
Inmi rn* nml properly liuliln lu pny tho asaess-
ment thoreforo uud the nnme- and owners
(hereof, an far as thoy can be aacertalued, to*
;:elher with the reiiort-iiiid |ilnu-of Thos.   H.
Trucuy, City Buglueor.aud the proposed assess*
niDiii and tlio roportthereon <-f the City Clerk
are now ou llie iu the olliee uf the City Clerk
nud opon for Inspection of all porsons durlug
Tho estimated cost of the work la 189511*75,
Any objection to ihe proposed assessment uud
undertaking shall I lade by petition to the
Council within liftenn day-from the dnte lnTi>"f,
the poraoua   ontitlod to petition being ihe
iwnora of tho lands elected thereby.
DatedIhisflratdayofMay,A.D. ID07.
City Clerk.
Notice Is hereby given thai *. Jay, alter .late I
iiilrn.l to apply in ilu- Ilnn. tin-I'ln.-i ...iuiiii-.
slonor n( (.unit;. .....I IV..rk* I... ...>.-.........i lo ..*>.
chase lhc lollowlng iloscrlbc.1 Un.li in We-l
Kootonay ill.trlcti
Cotninoiiclng nt;. po.1 plante.1.... the >..-i .hore
..( Upper .tr.-,.., Uko on lho north side ol the
l.i..... kiln post, marked '"!. II. McKlu'. s K.
.-..riitii-," riiiiiillig west In chains, north 10 chains,
east in chains, sjutli in chains to point ol coin-
linled Mnr.'l. "JUth, 10.17.
anlii|iii  T. II. M.KI.M.
Notice ii hereby glvon thai 80 days alter date I
Inleml ti. apply to lho ll"... Il.eCl.i.-l C. Il-
Blono. ..11 I* ...nl Works lor permission ... pup
cIi.hu tl.e lollowlng described lands in uv..
Kootonay district.
C eiielng in ii post plantod atthe north-west
corner of tl..- Lin..- Kin. Lot. running weat 40
chains, tlionco south In ohnlna, thenoo eaal I"
ohains, tlience ....rtl. In chnius ... place ol coin-
llninl Maroll 2311., 1007.
satapO       Tlin.M.is isKINM--.lt BCO'lT.
Nolice is hereby Ki ven thai 00 days af tor dnl
I iuieml tu mako application to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Laud- and Work- for pcrmla
sion to purchoso tho ollowlng described lund*
situated in West Kuuteiiay dial riot, ou i he wos
slioro of I'pper Arrow Lako opposite Nakusp
h, a
CoinineneiiiKul ,i posl murked "H. Nelson
nortli'OasI corner," ihence weal 10 chains
Ihence suulh su chains thence cutlO chain
mure ur less to lake shore, thenco nurth n
ehuins fulluwing lake shure to puiut ol cum
moncomeut, containing 320 ncres mure or ies.-.
Duied this Snd day or April, 1907.
sutupiS HAlUUNfi NKLSON.
*oby given thut lie days after dati
Nortec is hc ,
I intend to mnke application tu lhe lion. Cliief
Commissioner of Lands nud Worka for pormlB-
sion to purchase thu following described land.-.
situated in West Kooleuay district:
Commenolng at a post planted on (be west
shore of Upper Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp.
H, C, and marked "K. Wilson's south-east
corner," thenoe west lo ehuins, thence north 10
elinins, thence east in chalna more or l
lake shore, tlience aouth 10 chains following
lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated this 2nd dayof April, 1907.
sat ap fi Hunting Nelson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that. 00 days afler dnlo
1 inleml to apply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Lam.s and Works for permission to purchase
the followiug described hinds in West Kootenny
sitnnted iu Galena Hay, commoncing ata
poat planleil on the oast shore of Uppor Arrow
Lake close to Galena point, nnd marked "R.
Simpson's BOUth-east eornor nosl," thence west
lOchains, thence norlh Hi chains, thoncu oust
40 chuius more or less to lnko shore, llienco
along hike shore to point of commencement.
Datod April 12th. 1007.
sat up 13 RALPH SIMPSON.
Notice is hereby given thatHO days after date
I iuieml lu npplv tu the < liijif Commissioner of
Lands nud works fur permission to purehaao
the following descrihed lands in Nurih-easi
Kooteuay District: ■
1, ('omineucin^ at a post marked ''W,.l
OUo'b uorlh-eaat corner," planted mi the Culumbia Kiver, about'Jin chnlns upstream from
Kinbasket Lake, thence westlOOchains, thenee
suulh 4U ehnins, thenco east lliu ehnins, theuce
north in ehnins to point of commencement,
Dated April ith. 1007.
2, Commencing at a nost marked "W. J.
turn's south-west eorner," plained on .Middle
itiver, about80 chaiua from the mouth, thenee
north 8U chnius, tiience enst mi chains,
thenee aoulh 80 t-nalns, ihencu wust 80 chaiua
to p nil of I'muiiieucemeni.
Hilled April ULli, 18U7.
sat ap 27 W. ,1, OTTO
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Conl and Feed,
Phone 71. House Plume 7
Green Vegetables
Front Street,
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly tit-
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Nolice is hereby gh'cn that60 days afterdate
I ii.tend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of 1-niids and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land*-:
Situated nbout two miles north oi the muuth
of McDonald Creek, on the cast shore of Upper
Arruw Lake, joining T. L. 0.815 on the souUi-
west comer; running cast 40 chaina, south 10
chains, west 10 chains, north 40 chains to place
of commencement.
Dated March lth. 1»j7-
Notice is hereby given thnt 60 daya afterdate I
intend to applj Ut the Honorabk the chief JCom*
missioner of Lands and Worka for permission to
purchase llie following descrihed lands, sitnnted
OU Cpper Arrow Lake and descrihed as follows;
Commencing at a post planted io chains
north of the aoulh*CMt eoaner of Ul .V)Gli, ftnd
marked "J. K, McLean's B W. corner host,"
Ihence imrth IG chains, thence tast 80 ehnins,
thence soutli 40 chains, thence west hn ehains
to p|aee of tummenrement, containing WHi
Dated April loth, IM,
wcdapi7 ;,K,McLUAN.
sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the fulluwing described lauds, situated about three-
quarters ni a mile up Muiquitu Creek, Upper
Arrow I-nkc nn lhe east side, joining "K, & 8
Block No, »70ou ihesuuth-east corner running
norib Hi chains, theuce east iu chains, south se
chaiua, west 40 chains to point ol commencement.
Dated March22nd, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that 80 daya from date
1 intend lo apply to the Honourable tU.c Chief
Commissioner of' amis and Worlfsfor aspecial
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds situated lu West
Kootenay diatrict;
1. Cpmnieiieing al a post planted nt N.W.
corner of T.L, 6660 and mnrked "11. Hedstrum's
S.W. comer post, Iheneeeast 100 chains, north
40 chains, weal Uiu chains, south 4U chains to
point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted at N, W,
corner of T.L. 06» and marked "M, Hedstroin's
ti. E. corner post," tht'iice weat 100 chains,
norlh 4o chains, cast ldu clmins, south 40
chains to point of eommcnceinent.
Dated April ■JJtb.l'.'O''.
sat my 4 M. HEDSTROM.
Notice is hereby given that HO daya afterdate
I intend to apply to the Honorat^o the Cbiel
Commissioner of Unds mid \Yprks'for special
license to cut and curry away Umber from the
following described lands, situated lu District
ci West ftuoteiiay. 1). C.
Commencing at a post planted on tbo south
side of Downio Creek und about three miles,
abovo Canyon Creek, niarked "ll, McCoimoU's
south-west corner po*t," thonco 80 ohains nMth
thenceeast 10 chains, Ihence south40'chuina,
thenceeast 40 chains theueoaoulli 80chnius,
thenco west 40 chains, tlienco north 40 ohnins,
thonce went 1,0 clialus lo point of conimeneo,
Datod April 18th, 1007,
satap27 1>. McCONNKLL.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days afler date
I Intend toapply to the Chief Commlsslouct of
Landsaud Works for asppolallicense tocut
(liven tha
      ___ ', for a ape.,,
and carry away timber from tlie lollowing
described Uuids In nest Kooteuay dlitrict:
Cummencinn nt a pusl planted at T, ,1. Pearson's
ti. K. enrner, dated April tilth, lnOT, marked "John
MuMmifi's N. t'i. enrner post," thunce south UlO
chains, tlience west 04 clialna, thonee nurih Uill
chains.thence east 04 chains to puiut of commencement.
Dated April 13th, 1907,
wed my 1 JOHN JJILDOON..
Notice is hereby given that 30 daya aftor dull
I intend toapply lu Ihe Chief Commissioner ol
Lunds and Works fur a special liconso tn cot
and carry away Umber frmn the fulluwing de
scribed lands situated in the Lillooet District.
H. c:
i:i Commencing at a post planted un tin
west side of small stream running south * n
tributary to thu north fm-k of Noilh Barrlon
Luko/and abuul four miles nurth from ihe
forks mnrked "A. McConnell's N. W.comer
Limil No, Ll, Fisher Crock Hlock. running llio
ehuins. south, 10 chnius ens', Uio ehuins uorth,
ill i Iinins west to pluee uf cuiiliuciiceu.ciit
11. Commencing at a post iilanled ou thy
wesl side of small stream running soiy *Land
tributary to north fork uf North RMtleroLako
nnil about fuur miles nurih frop^forks marked
"A. MoCoiineH's .S. W, corner Liuni Nu. II,
Fisher Creek Hlock " running U>0 ehuins nortli,
40 ehains cast, urn chains south, IQ chains west
to placo of commencement,
rkted March 2Hrd, 11107,
f.i. Commencing at a po.4 planted one mite
south from creek runnings. W.froin heud uf
Fisher Creek und about three miles BOUtlVWt
from lake at head of Fisher Creek, imirfeed "A.
McCoimoU's S. W. corner limit flu- 15, Fisher
Creek Hlock," running 100 clmins nurlb, III
ehnins cast, IliO chains Bbulh, I'J eliains west to
place of uomnicuci'.muiil.
16. Coinhicueing ul a post plnntod one mile
south (nun crook running 8.W from head of
H.sher ('reek, and about it miles S. W, Irom
lake at head of Visiter Creek marked "A^Me
Council's a. K corner Limit No, 10, I'wher
Creok Hlock,running Uio ohalna no h, III diaov,
WOBt, 160 chains soutn, IO ehuins east to n'^wj'uf
17. Coinineiiciug at a im.'. planted on lho
north side uf small sti'ciui'I'liiiiiing S W. from
heud of Fisher I 'reel; anil nboul :tj miles S. W.
from Lake ut head of Vlalior OrooK.mnrkod "A.
McCoimoU's N. K. corner Limit No. 17, Fisher
('reek Blook. running lo chains south, Wl
chnius west, Ul clialus norlli, 10*) chains easl Uv
place of cuinmeueeiiiout.
Dated March 27th, 1007,
wcdop2i A. McCONNKLL.
\olieo is horoby ifi ven thnt thirty days after
dato wo iutond tu apply tu tho Hun. Chief
Coin missioner of Lnnds uud Works Tor I irons.;
Iti cut uud curry uwnv timber from the follow-
iiiK described lands iu tho Di-lrRl of West
Kootonay in lho Province of BjUUh Columbia,
nbout 14 mile south of Sul^ou Croek:
Coinineneilig rd, a pust plnntod nl Thomas
Pournun'sS, t-,' cornor pust and mnrked "How
man Lumber Compniiy's N. K, corner," Ilieucc
south 10 uhalns, thence west 120 ehuins, Ihence
tiortb 80 elinins, thonee ensl In chains, theuce
south lOchains,thenco east 80chains iu polul
of coinmencement.
Dated April 21th, 1007.
sat ap 27     Bowman Lumiik.uCo., L^ft
Notice is hereby given thnt 80 daya afterdate l
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fora special licence to cut ami
carry awny timher fnnn the following described
lands In West Kootonayi
Cuiniueiiciiig ut n post plunted at thc northwest eurner ol the ('. P. H. Hlock No 'AVI nenr
mouth of Musquitu Creek, and running I'i
chains west, thence UU cliiiins south, thence |0
ehnins east, thence LOO ehuins north tu place of
Dnted 7lh April, 1007.
Nolice Is horoby given that 30 dnys nf tot date
I intend toapply to the Hon., the Chief Cum
missioner ut Lauds and Works fur a special
permission tocut nud curry away timber from
the following lund, situate in Kast Kootenay
1. Coimuenciug at a pust marked "Swan
CurlsMu's aolllh wost corner post," planted On
ihe south Bide of Columbia river, running
north 80 chafns, thenco cast 80 chains, thenee
souih 80 chaiua, theuce west, 80chains to point
uf commencement.
■l, Commencing ul u i*u>t mnrked "Swan
On 1-uu's southwest oornor pu**i,"planted aboul
I'i miles frniu^outh lank of the t olumbia river
.niiuii ui I] milea above Cedar Creek, tlience
tsU ihatua north, thence 80chainseast»thence
bn cUuins humh, thenco 80 chains weat iu point
ufcoMiniom: tiieut.
8. Cuuiiiieiiciiig at a post marked "Swan
i arlson'u iionhcnst corner i oat," planted abuut
*j inilissoiiih uf the t iiiunioi'iriver and about
.  miles cast ot i edai* ( nek, thetice south Kin
. .. s, theuco weal,-Vi chains, thence north 160
.ii.-, i hence oust I'l ehaiiis lo {loint of com-
icnu ■■■■ • 'd.
I, (in,, ,,i neing ata post mu ked "Swan
Curlstut* north weal cornur post." planted on
ihcnorllieusi I'oi'ner uf Bwau Carbtuu^ limit
No, :i. tlience south 100 chains thenoe enst in
ohains, tin nee uurth lliu chains^ ihence wesl lo
chuina to the point uf oommoncement,
,i, Commeueiug at a, p»m marked "Swan
Carlson'fl northeast oovuor pott," planted about
one half milccii-i. of Swail Carlson'-, limit No, 1
Ihence .-oulh 1U> clmllW, Ibeuce west pi chains
tliuuco uorth IW chains, thonoo enst lo chaiu*
to poiut of commoncomont,
i,V Cumiiieuciiig al u pust mnrked "Swan
Carlson's northwosl corner post," planled on
lho northoosl comer of Swan Carlson"! limit
No.fi, Ihence ^oiub 80 chain*. tUncc east 80
chaius, thonco north 80 ehalaa, tbenee we-t 80
ehuins to point uf cummenveuieni,
7. Commencing al i\ yi.wt inarked "Swan
Carlsons -iouth-ea-t, curuer post," planted ou
tho north wost oowor ot Swan CarlnonV limit
No li, thence west mi chains, thence norlh hi
chains, tUcuee cost 30 chains, thonoo south 80
chuHi.'.c point uf commenoement.
8,' Commencing at a post marked "Swan
Carlson's northoosl corner pojt." planted on
the soulb bank of ihe Columbia rivorabout
Ihieefoin'Lhsiif a mile above Cedar Creek,
thence Bouth 100chains, Ihoneo we-t lOchains,
tbenee norlh 100 chains, thence oasl i h Kami
to puiui of couunonoemont
0. Ciimuieiiclng at a ihK marked "Swan
CurKui'y iioilhwc-l corner po-t." iiluiled
Luij south bankof tho Columbia river, joining
Swan C'arlson'a limil No, ■•,, thence south Itn
cliiiins, theuce east III chain-, llanic norlh LOO
chain-, the west 10 chains to point of torn-
IU. CotninenclttH &*« a poll marked 'Swan
Carlson i northeast enrner post." planted iiIkiiiI i
miles south o| the Columbia river and Ina wuth*
orly dlreetlao from Cedar Creek, thence wtat i*du
citato, theuce -uuth io chains, Uience out Uio
t'Luun-. thenee north lu ehains to point of com*
me nee men l.
April lllth, 1007.
Winks lm ,i speciul licence tn cui unit
I'liny away limber from tin- following
li-iiili'il lands, Bituate in WonJ
Kootenay lilstiict:
i. Commencing al a posi 30 chains;
more or less, soutn ol llie south*wcsl corner of lhe south-east quarter of Section
J4. Pownship 20, Range 1. wesl of llm
Sixth Meridian, ihence cast 40 chains
more or less to llie intersection of the west
line ol Loi 811, ihence soulh along Raid
west line of said Lot ibo chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence north 1(0 cliains u>
point of commencement,
2. Commencing ai an iron posi planlcd
on lhe south-wesl corner ol Seclion 241
Township 2u, Ran^r 1, wesl of thc Sixth
Meridian, said posi being situated un lho
south line of ihe Railway Bell in the Province of liritisb Columbia; thence soulh So
hains, tlienco west 80 chains, tlienco
orth So chains, tbenee east 80 chains to
the point of commencement,
3, Commencing at a post planted 80
hains west ol an iron posi on tlu* southwest corner oi Section 241 Township 20,
Range I, west of the Sixth Meridian,
thence SOUlh So chains, Ihenee west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, ihence
e.tsi 80 eliains to the point of commencement,
4. Commencing al a post planled 160
hains  west and 80  cliains south of the
south-west corner ol Section .'4, Town-
■hip 20, Range 1, west of the Sixth Meridian, thence south 80 chains, thenee west
80 chains, Ihence north .Sochains, thenco
ca-t 80 chains to the poinl oi conimeneo*
5, Commencing at a post planted 80
chains west and So cliains south of the
south-wesl corner ef Section .'4, Township Jo, Range 1, west ol the Sixth Meridian, thence south 80 cliains, llienee west
So chains, thence norlh 80 chains, tlience
cist Su chains to the point ol commence-
6, Commencing at a post planted 80
chains south oi the south-west corner of
Section .'4, Town*hip 20, Range 1, wesl
oi (hc Sixth Meridian, tlience soutb 80
chains, tlience west 80 ehnins, thenco
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
the point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a wooden post
planled 011 lhe south-west corner of the
south-east quarter ol Section 24, niarked
'4 in Township jo, Range 1, wesl oi lhe
Sixlli Meridian, I hence south 160 chains,
tlience west 40 chains, thence north 160
chains, (hence easl 40 chains to the point
ol commencement,
S, Commencing at a post plantcil 160
chains south oi the south-west corner ol
Section 24, Township jo, Range 1, west
oi the Sixlli Meridian, thence south 80
chains, thence west So chains, thence
north Su clmins, tlience cast 80 chains to
the point of commencement,
9. Commencing at a post planted 100
chains south oi tlie south-west corner of
Section 24, Township 20, Range I, west
of the Sixth Meridian, thence east 40
chains, thence south $0 chains more or
less, thence east 40 chains more or less lo
the intersection oi Lot 811, thencesouth
50 chains, tlience west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains to [wint of commencement.
to. Commencing at a post planted ibo
chains soulh and Ho chains west oi' the
south-west corner of Section 24, Township
20, Range i, west oi the Sixth Meridian,
tiience south bo chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north So chains, ihence
east 80 chains to the poinl oi commencement,
Dated this ()lh April, 1907.
sat apjo      O.J. McDonald, Locator,
Notice Is hereby given lhat (IOdays afterdate I
intendi,. applv in iln* llou. chief Commissioner
(j Lands unit Works for permission to purchase
the following descriheil lands iu West knntenay
1) strict:
Cnuimunciiig al apost planted mi (he en, ^uva
bank uf the Columbia Itiver about om.'-fouUli ut a
mile below Priest llapids iuul inarM''!*. IL W.\
siiul ii-easl eurner," thence norih lo chains, tiience
west 10 chains, thenee soulb W chains tn the hank
nf the Columbia River, thence iu a south-easterly
directiun following Uie lueanderhigs of IlieCnl*
umbia Kiver to point of commencement, containing ahoul Hid iieres.
bated Mnrcli 'nnh. A.D,, 1007,
wed ill) 10
I Si VY«Jbtf.
Notice la hereby given that SO daya afterdate
1 intend to apply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worki for a *-peciul licauco to cut
uud curry uwuy timber from the fullowiuu de*
scribed lands In thedi.-triciof West Kootenay.
1. Commenolng at a poal plunted on lho
north-east bran 11 "f Iiuwuio Creuk. abuul S
miles below ihe Tangier -Mme au.l markod "0.
Sandberg's north-weal comer imst,"  thencu
;80chain-, theuce aoutb 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence norib hi chains to point
f commencement.
2. Commenolng at a j*>-t planted about 20
chains north of the aorth-wost enrnor uf No. 1
Limit, uu ihe north-east branch nf Dowoie
reek, ninl markod "O. Sandberg'i -outh-we*
irnerpost," thence north so chains, thenco
east sO chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thenoe
west BO chains iu point ol commencement.
11.  Commencing at a post planted on north*
ast braucli of Huwuia Creek, at the north-oast
cornerof So. I Limit, ami marked "O. Sand-
borg's Miuth-wc.-t comer post," tbenee north su
chains, theoce oast BO cnains, thence south 80
chains, thence west SU ohaina to point of com*
I. Commencing at a \*>a planted uu north*
east branch of Duwnie Creek about 80 chains
Imm south-eoBt corner of No. H Limit und
marked "U, Baodberg'a west post."
thenco uurth 80 chains, eaat 10 chains, -outh Wt
chaiu-, west lu chains, north ni chaiua to isiiut
of commencement.
.'1. Commenolng at a i"»t plunted on tho
north-east brauchof Downio 1 reek, ubout li?)
cbaina east of No. 4 Limit, nnd marked "O.
Sandberg's south-west corner post," thonce
nnrth si chains, thenee oast 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, theueo west SO chaini to point
of commencement.
Locatea24th March. 1907,
-at ap 51
O. SANDHKIUi, Locator.
Notice i- hereby given that SO daya aftor dato
1 iuteud to apply to the 1 'hlef * ommi-siouer of
Landsaud Works fur a special licenco to out
and carry uway  timber   fmm tlm following de*
icrlbed lands in dlstrictof Wesl K-mienay:
1. Commenolng at a post plautod ou tho
north-east bronob of Dowoie (rook, abont SM
miles below tbe Tamper Mine, un.l m-nkod "J.
P. Kennedy'.-' soutb-WSSl corner po»t, aud
uliuut :«w tool uorth of -aid creek, running
uorth Vi cbaius, thenco en-t 10chains, thonco
north30 chains, tbenee »a-t 80 chains, thouco
-..uth DQ chains, thonoo west ISO ohalna to point
ofcommooi omeot
i Commencing at a post piloted about 600
feel from Dowuie Croek on the ua-tsidound
about half a milo south-west of tho south-east*
(irlycurnerof No. I Limit,and markod "J. P.
Keuued) - north-easl cumor post-r thonco
south 80 ebains, wast 80 ehains, north BO chains,
ou>l Hi Chun*, tu  mut of cumimuirnmuiit.
3. 1 ommenclng at a pott planted at tho
south-east corner of No, - Limit, and marked
"J I' Kennedy's north-east oorner pest,11 run*
ning -outt, 80 ohains, thouco we-^ihO chains,
thencounrth wi chains, thonce ea*t Sii'baiiia to
i-uut of commenoement,
Located Uth March, WOT.
Mtlp20        J, P  KENNEDY. U-eator.
Notice is hereby given that-80 dayi afUr date 1
intend to apply tn the chief Commissioner ol
Landsaud Works for permission to mtrchuothe
lollowlng described lands, situate In West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a pnst planted one chain cant of
thoN. w mer of Loi 100, Group (.and marked
",\. Jolmson'a s. \V. corner post, thencu enst wi
chains, tlience north t>u chain-, thencu   vest si
chains, theiieo smith Ho ehaiiiH to the pniutof
Containing 640 acrei,
Dated Utli March, ioo?.
wed meh 111
NOTICE Is hereby given that flu daji after date
1 Intend lu apply to the ilnn. Chill Con
missioner of Uud.i ami Wnrks (0? permissinn b
purchase thu following described lamlM in the
West Kootenay District;
Commencing at a punt planted about *,oiil»
north of Boutli-eajtjjowrol Timber Limit rom
thenee mirth se cltains, west 80 i'liains.senilis
chains,, east SOglialus to point of commvu'vUR'iit.
('■■iii.imn1*; liiu aerea more or less.
Dated May lth, 1907.
Notice is hereby glren that ou .hns alter dale I
intend to appl) to the Hoo, the Calif Commls*
sioner ol Lamia and Works f"r permission t» pur-
elifUH the following described lands, situated on
Cpper Armw Lakes, ami note particularly de*
scribed m [ollows:
Commenolng it the louth-west comer of Lot
11 t.i. tbenee east 80 chains, Ihencu ionth 0"
cbalni, theuce vest to shore of Lake, theuce (ol«
looiag mianderlngi of -aid lake north to pninl of
commencement. Containing 180 aerea more or
Dated March 27tb, 1W7.
ft.it incli N Per Q. Sumner, Agent.
Notice Is hereby glren thai 80 dayi after date 1
inlend to anplj to the Chiel Commissioner OJ
Land-ami Works for aspecial licenco to cut and
cam away tiinl-w (mm the fi-ll'-viiia deicrilKjil
laud's, iltuate m West Kootenay diittict;
l. Uommenclng at a imst planted on the
north Innk of .-am llili Creek, running 40
chains north, ni chains east, Ml chains south,
R) chains W«t. ihence it chains uorth to plaofl
uf commencement,
Dated April 1-ltb, 1807,
•. * <-i.ino■!)( in,: at a post planlcd 10 chalna
loutb from thc suuth-west eornor of Utl 7:SH,
running *.■■.•; SJ chaius thence southSuchalus,
tbetlCI well Hi chains 1 hence north SO chaini
to placu of commencement,
Dated April Mh, 11W7.
iat sp ,\i
0, BECK, r
Panama and Straw Hats
for Sunday or
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ty We arc Agents for the f j
*£ famous " International t j
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<|l     l.i.r^c sto-'k kept here. Tjj ^^^^^^^^^^^
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ty -+-
.T, i't. ,t, iti ,-t. tt; |t. tt) it. .1*1 .1*1 .***' .T-
Vednesday, May 15, lor 2-1 hours.—
Unsettled changeable weather, showery
...nl oloudy, moderate westerly winds.
Temp. Max. 60 degrees; Min. If),
Local and General.
Grocers, linkers & Confectioner!
The lacrosse match with Nelson al
Kaslo, arranged lor May 24th, lias
been c.lli-d oft*.
Sale ol work, refreshments, candy,
fish pond, etc., nt the opora house on
Friday afternoon, May 17, admission
Cricket is attracting many supporters every afternoon on the Gun Club
grounds, and we sincere'-}' hope that
lhe movement will be sue-essful.
Messrs. Woolsey .v. Letentix will
shortly commence the erection of a
large store on the south-east curuer at
the intersection of McKenzie Avenue
and Second Street.
Une of the mest popular ins.itu-
tions in Revelstoke is the Amateur
Dramatic Club, and this body has
several excellent productions in hand
lor presentation tl.is year.
The lir-t open air concert ol the
leason was given by the Independent
Band last Saturday night under the
arc light at the Imperial Bank corner,
and was much appreciated by the
citizen! in general.
The thirty-sixth annual communication ol the Grand Lodge ol tree
Mason- of British Culumbia will take
place in Vancouver on June 2uh.
Many important matters will cine up
fur consideration.
No. 2 Kirs Brigade turned out on
Monday evening for practice and ladder drill. The boys went tbroueb
their work smartly and efficiently, a
large number ol citizens looking on
with much interest.
C ■; ■ early and avoid the unpleasant task ol "Chiselling" your way
through the crowds that are coming
t hear tl ■ Dramatic Club in their
Kites", production at the St. Peter's
bolie-.' Guild entertainment,
Mr. C, North ol Brantlord, Ont.,
hat arrived io take charge ul the
. - ctrical di; artmi nt -i the Lawn nee
Hardware C Mr. N. rth'.* widi ex-
peril do will enable him t - laki in
hand all kinds i ele. trical work, wiring elc.
Negotiations are being made at Nelson fur the erection uf n new lirst .'las.
hotel to he built by eastern capit I
the need . I this step has been felt (or
a long Iini" owing lo the increased
trulli...   Rovelstoko shuuld notice this!
Don'l miss the sale ol work ul the
social entertainment on Friday, Muy
17. All local talent, Come and hear
the "T..psy Tnrvey" song nud sec (he
"Fire Cracker Dance," and enjoy the
side sp lining farce presented by the
Dramatio Club.
To Buy it I lous.!.
To l!cni ii House.
To Huy Niec Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
iiKuid &
nidi m nr
Real Estate and Insurance Agts
The Canadian l'a-ilic Railway Company uuu.hi.ices that the Ilu.iIT hotel
will open today, Luke Louise nnd
I'-.incriilil I.ake Chalets on June 16th,
The Glacier, Field, Revelstoke, Sicamous and North Hend hotels are open
all the year round,
The crucial stage of the car shortage
Iron, which the industries on the
coast huve been suffering lor sonic
months lias now passed, accurding to
B, W, Greer, general freight agent 0,
I'. R. and that n large number ol cars
are arriving daily for lhe mills.
Within ll.e past seven or eight (lays
there have been one thousand applies-
tioiiB lor timber licenses. This is re
ported by the ollieials..(the lands and
works department, who affirm thnt ii
is a record which, as far as cat. he
ascertained, has never been exceeded.
(living to the (net thai Peck's Bad
Buy Co, are holding Manager Tapping
to their date at the Opera House on
Mny 24th, the Ladies' Guild ol Knox
Social and Personal
Mrs. 0. A. Proeunier will not receive
on Friday the 17th.
(.1. S, McOi.rter hns relumed (rom
(tending (he assizes at Kelson.
F. Forest ol Albert Canyon spent a
few days in town tliiH week.
Miss Lottie Woodley left this morning on a visit to friends at Gulden,
The Rev. J. S. Wordsworth. B. A.
B, I'., h.is been visiting in Kninloops
II. I*. Weber ol the Pythian Shield.
Vancouver, spent a day nr twu iu
town ibis week.
Mrs. .1. It, Robertson wishes to
aim. mice ibat she will ...ii receive
on Thursday ol Ihis week,
.1. II. Schufield, M P.P. I.r V.ni.
uiul Grand M ister of ii e Masonic
Order of B. ('. was in town this wi eY
Miss Mignon  D ike «• II known tu
Revelstoke  as n sii gc        no sin ill
nte for
Forty-five   Inspectors Under
Inspector General.
This week's Cinada (luzette con-
tain", a proolt.nii.tion thnt ll.e act to
provide fur inspection ol canned good
products, meats uud lish, passed at the
last session ..( parliament will come
intu lurcc nn August 1st. Regulations
in respect to tl.e duties of inspectors,
etc., nre now being drnlle.l. The
government will appoint ubout 46
inspector?, under D. Rutherford, us
Inspector General. The lot.nl cost nf
enforcing the net is estimated nt
$75,000 a year, The xispicturs' salaries will lie $1,2(1(1 per yenr.
News Irum Atlanta, Gil., shows Ihnt
the biennial convention ul lho I!iothei lu uui nl Railroad Trainmen  ol ll.e
U. 8, ..ml Canada coinoucd in that
oity Inst Tuesday, with sun.e 7"ill
delegates lu attendance, representing
u luial enrollment ..I'.H.uki men.hois
P, A liih-..i. is Illll I. eal ill Bgllle
aHe.nli.m Ihis impel tilllt gall..-ring.
Two sessions are held dally, in lln
inornil g and ill th . nliernium No fixed program ino hns heeii announced
nnd lliial adjournment will nut lnke
plaoo until ull business bus bun
The (.Ulcers of the llrotl.e.In. .1 nre
lis follows:
IMI, Morris<cy, of Cleveland, 0,
Grand Master.
W.G. Lee, ul Cleveland, 0., Assistant Grand Muster.
T R, Dodge, ul Chicago, III, First
Vice Grand Master.
Vnl Fit/, Patrick, of Columbus, 0.,
Second Vice Grand Muster.
W, T, Newman, of Denver, Cl...,
Third Vice Grand Muster.
James Murdock, ..( Toronto, Canada, Fourth Vice Grand Muster.
A. E, King, of Cleveland, 0., Grand
Secretary and Treasurer.
I). I.. Cc.se, ..[Cleveland, ()., Editor
and Manager ul the Railroad Trainmen's Journal.
Poind of Grand Trustees:
James ltiilhiirt, of Hornell. N. Y.
II. W. Reiilnp,of Mat-bran, III.
A. I-'. Whitney, ol F.ngle Grove
Grnnd Exeoutive Board:
.1. IV. Rhodes, of Toledo, 0.
R. .1. Powers, of San Leandro, Cal,
William Shumate, ul Louisville, Ky,
\Vo would like you to come and see our display of goods
n these lines.   You won't find a prettier one anywhere, und one
t them is the low priceB.    ««
ol the most attraotive points about
nvenew lots coming every week, keeping our stock fresh «
well assorted.
Lawn Blouses
embroideried designs In
Three-quarter or long sleeves,
mm..! nud others wiih lace or ISmbroldery insertions
sizes frum 82 to 42—only $1.00 eaoh,
Wu have more elaborate ones at
to $6.00.
nnd nil
rices ranging from $1.26
Lace Wash Blouses
M,„l,„l tbe dalnliest all-over lnoeB mid nets, with beau-
i    .,   .  .      ,f.    <ri,„u„ nre ill  ureal  demand  'his
lilully uinhrdidoried mut fs.    mece nr.. in t*'
simsi.ii.   Prices fmni $6.00 lo 912.60.
Beautiful Net  Wash Dresses
*«^^'wm^-T ,       -i-l.. „ ei  .no
Made over While China Silk. Will launder as well as a Lawn dress. They are selling
at from $15 to $25.
We can suit your costume, your fancy and your purse in our line of Parasols. Tbey
comprise the leading shadesin dark colors, as well as Champagnes, Dresdens, Green and
white. The white linen embroideried and dotted muslin are very stylish and thc tops can be
washed.     Our line is our own importation from England and prices and styles beat all others.
Church,  whu  hnd   the   hall   if  the	
comedy cunipany did not play, have ability, passed  thr  ig
secure I the Opera House on May 30lll  the coast th - we. *
lor their entertainment,
The announcement made by Si.
Frederick Horde.1. minister of militia,
iu the lliui.-e ol Commons, Ottawa
lhat ll.e Ross rille, Make -, would
this year be issued to all regiments ol
the Canadian militia, is alrcdy ..ssiiiu-
ing a tangible lorm, instructions having been issued for the withdrawal of
the rilles nuw in use.
Tl.e last edition ol the B.C. Gazette
announces that the government will
give a bounty ol $7.60 for every panther, $5 lor every woll and $2 for every
coyote kili.d within the Province,
*.,.eli bounty to be paid on a certificate
ol a Justice ol the Peace thai such
ininmls wi ■• killed by the persons lcv¥
claiming th. bounty, and the 1 ins , |
pi-'j.lucid W-
At .meeting ol the hospital board t.B"     " "■  hm
nM ;.-!..   night the resignation     ■■*■" '!     '
Miss  M.I..-..1   matron ul the Arrow      Wail paper    Wai   pspcrl   Shade!
II  ipital was received and accept    .nd house furnishing, il II
.1 and Hiss Sharp ol tin* Revelstoke     .... ,
r     .       .       ,   , __|    Wg.it |ni       ■    (1  ■•
; - and fixtures :.t C li Hume 4
The Department ol Interior will
BUrvpyJjdiiring the coming summer
11,000,000 acres ol hind lor the incoming flood of settler* to locate upon.
Lust 8en«'in lines were laid down on
ahout 1,000,000 acres, At the end of
the summer tbe tolal of hinds surveyed in tbe Cnn linn west will total
120,000,OOU acres. It is estimated
that there is at least this much more
good arable land surveyed, but thor-
ii.glily lit fur settlement. It lies
chiefly tu (he north and ensl of Edmonton, where there is a great basin
i.i lan.l ..f a low altitude where the
c im it. - '1 - derate nnd the hours ol
sunlight long.
Marriage Licenses Issued
Dwelling nn.1 Lot, Second Street     .     .     .
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling ni.d Lots, Third Street ,     .     ,     ,
Lots on Sec.ml St., east of McKenzie Ave., ench
Luts on Third St., east of McKen/.ie Ave., ench   .
Lots on Fourth St., euat uf McKenzie Ave., ench
Luts on Fifth St., enst of McKenzie Ave., ench    ,
1—2 und 5-acre Blocks suitable for fruit.
Business Locals
Moth i:- •    rug sl
Nothing better than Our "Spec.nl.
Ri rn      1  m-- -•■      .. -* in   -». •■
;- -■   ur: .1
ge carpel       1 ig g
tO C   B   i!   :m      '     -
ist .pei -      - 1 **   -■
Patronize   Home   Industry.     Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
.New lot ol hs   mocks jusl
Drug Store,
We !.av fresh Moth
Camphor, Pure ' am-
phor and other Chcm-
ica.la   for   destruction
ol Mollis.
If you are
with Mothe
trov them.
trv   this
> hospital wa- appointed matron in ber
place I.- resignation ol A. K
f'bippi - cretary-treasurer ..I the
1. ..nl r, 11 alio received and accepted
i-.i      .    ci      . *   ■ ' -,
A remarkable little booklet
I  . :   under  thfl sell-explanatory
titli   •   6000 facta al iui Canada,  by
Frank   V.-.gl.  ol Toronto,  the well
and lecturer on themes
Perhaps   no one in the
etter qualified to make
-mi.   . ■ mpilation,    In value is, M
claimed,  ' worth i1- weight in Yukon
1 Id  : ' -ball  silver."    The idea is a
I.-,.--..- one, viz,   u fact in a sentence,
giving a wonderlul mass of information in the - ■ •   .-- mpa -  11 evi rj
phasi .1 oui com 11 ercial and ind.is
trial life and nu natural resources.
The booklet is sold lor 25c. and may
be had fr-'... newsdea ere ov Irom tin
Canadian Facts Publishing 1
Spadma Avenue, Toronto,
men furnished on the
It will
, -,■■  ..,.;,
•;..-; -U| I   •
1   ,       .
..i io....lur...    II     ^^^^^^^^^^
instalment plan,
Revolstoke Cigars Union Mndo Our
Special, Tho Union, and Mnrcn Vuelta
nro abend ol all others.
Hammooke, Tennis   .-
1007 I. uiu- Balls N.f-    -    Lawrei
11 irtl mum rj.,
Keep v- ni eye on Eaton Hurlhut
up-to-date writing papers at Bi ws
drug jt...n-.
Any   new   books y ■ I -
int. 1 have heard  »bout yuu can get it at
mi,,  : lie 1 uim.iI.i Drug \ Bool 1
Garden Tools—Hoes, rakes, spadi
Lawrence Hard.
mr own correapondont.
li. .1. Smith, who has been working
near Kamloops  for the past month,
paid    visil   to hil in.me here on Sun-
M rtrude Sullivan is spending
i-.i- with friends in Vernon,
stork visited tl.e home ol Mr.
In   i:   ''  Davis last Friday, and
brought another little daughter.
.; - 1' 1 \| M irris, her child and
Bister arrived from Australia last
Friday. »
Mrs,  H   Traynor  has  two sisters
. .-:ii- -.- k th h.-r.
u   1  .- .un. - .* purchased  -
■ ind buggy,
\l ,1 C      - lell   lasl week to join
\|     I. .1 ....    mh Itiv.r
WANTED -  Waitress,   $30  per
...unlh.      Apply    In   Queen's
Hotel, Ooiuapllx.
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
nwn to reprent the very latest novelty,
Apenis coining money. Get wise, start
working for yoursoll'. Everybody buys on
sight. Profits over one hundred per cent,
Don'l waste lime asking foolish questionSi
but send one dollar for finesl samples in
Space 4, 435 Granville St.,
Vancouver, H, C,
.   1,700
.   200
, 175
,   150
Nkxt to Imperial Hank
Improperly fitted glasses are worse than
no glasses ami neglected eyes often means
Our .Optical Depiirlnieni is in charge of
Mr. M. S, Hastings, Ret. I)„ and positively guarantee satisfaction,
ll has been proven ihal <p per eenl. of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and it does nol follow that because you
have good eyesight Ihal your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense.
I rutt.-r it II. Sawyer
in Stonecrop 11.Cunningham Morris
—A Sculptor's Studio.
Phm. B*
Druggist und Stationer.
Mail Orders pr
10 al Ihis Slore.
nplly attended
"Hot pressed vellum   is good style
und dainty—l!.-i.f.' drug slur'-.
A splendid line of luce and lapestry
curtains atC, li. Iluino & Co'.
The Uwrenoo Hardware Company,
Limited, cnn now attend to all Kinds
ol electrical work, houli wiring, otc.
Mr. Norlh has had many years ex
nerience iu all the branohos of nleotric
work and will guarantee coinplotl
-.. Ibarrows, etc.
f ..r.f Co.
For first-class Painting antl
Papcrhanging, go to L A. Mc-
Clanahan, ono block cast of
tho Queen's hotol, in tho
Loughoccl Block,
Tl... Lawrence Hardware Company,
I,i.oiled, respectfully Inform it* many
customers that (bey have secured the
services ol Mr. 0, Nnrth, iii Brantlord,
Out,, who air.veil  this  week  to lake
charge ol their electrical department.
will bo given l.y tbe Ladies' Guild
Friday, May 17th
will present Iho screamingly
Funny  Faroe
C. P. R   TRA.N SERVICE     ^^.^^
hangei -.. - Ic   ; ,i. Norton  Mis» Urant
,i    n ol thi   ■ ..; tig   -   I  Larkspur D M. Rue
ice,   ni 'if ('. P K.i'"*"*"■
I   sore fullj
* ' ' *'*     ' "' change  ja|e ol Work-
in ths  Deration ol sleeping . iri whi di   .
:     C      .St  tO.    M-'      '     It
. rtain ol lhe ciri which
are ni I I all the way through
will b.    ng   -  .-!    0»n »hich in the
pusl have been operated Irom  Mon
-.-! vinos. ;.-. -... be -- ir m -l ...I
in IImu'V
Thfl Hoo lino will ahoul. June 15th
start the op.; .t--.ii ..I the service Irom
-I, Paul and Mi lapolia to Spokane
For ilu* service six  new  trains are
now being completed  ... the shops,
i...i ■ hi ...  ready I .r the road within
... few weeks,    The ers will be the
best thai   the   most skilled workman
......  construct, und   will   be finished
thru..gh..ut  in  the    most   finished
style All thfl trains will ll electric
ally lighted,
1,1011 SALE   Row d.-up l.i'iid sewing
I'    machine,  baby   cim-lngc   nml
FOR HIRE—A comfortnble, fast, 4 h.p. Gasoline
Launch, which will seat eight comfortably, and will
accommodate the tents and outfit of a party of
three, for an extended hunting or fishing trip. Lake
Shuswap has unrivalled fishing, and from the shores
of ils far reaching arms start many trails into some
of the finest big game country in li. C.
TO LET—A four-room furnished Cottage, on the
shore of Lake Shuswap.    For particulars address,
I.10U 8ALE-Z78 aerea, sitnnted on
1' Salmon Ann neat*Sicamous, $25
per ace, Apply E, A. Harris d Oo„
Victoria, H. II,
Hnd it Here
othei  1 ■"* furniture,
Black, Langlieeil Block,
1... (I.
I..-., ii mmd -when
.... ..,.,.- k I-.i'.- wanledyoiill
call    li....-,    I'll
Come Merc Tirst
■„■*, a., -i
there's in*
mpln  slock
uiul .mil fl ill
oihe purr*™
I,   Our low p
.,.M,|f|ll|.lll  .a
-on want.   ^
roods, 01 ii".
iln bul ih.'1 our
iiiii.-iiii-t .vi..'' V"
n.inlliy besi sinicd
. , ..li,, I. you wanl
L-es will add lo lhe
Iwnys finding whnl
,.„ It's drug slore
1.1011 SALE -Two orthtee tennis ol
J; horses, sulli.l.le for 1.inching, elc,
Weighing lioin llllllll.. 111111 lhs. ouch,
Apply to IS. .1. Ili-unford At Co.,
Benton, II. 0. 1118 2t
Ijioit SALE, on leased land—Two
......ll bouses, furnished throughout. Small one containing two rooms
ints at $0 a month.     Also llll laying
hfiis nnd H cockerels, chicken hous..
.....I wire fencing, only live minutes
walk Iniin slniioii on ensl track, Will
be sold..1 u bartmlu as owner is leaving
evelstoki*. For further pitrtlculars
npplv to .1. Garland, ..i Hobson &
I.llllt SALE   Six   room house  with
J<   .-ellni", and modern   plumbing,
Half.... ner.• of nnl den, good fi'llt'L'.-
$l"i.11.11.1, Haiy terms. For further
particulars upply to W. II. liohoitnin,
Machinery for
nlantlf desired,
I'euse, Sunk.
)I,AIN Mini (i.in.1...-utnl Plastering.
Artilli-i.il sloneof nny design for
building pm pose . Cement and con-
crete work taken by contract or day
wurk. Apply lo .1. Wai.kku and J.
SaviI.KNT. Iti'velsloke, P, O.
1110 acres first-class Faun* Land
011 Arrow Lake, 20 acres cleared,
15 acres now ready Ior crop.—
Frame Dwelling (live rooms,)
chicken house and barn (holding
four tennis.) Plenty nl cord wood,
just two miles Irom town, An
ideal spot lor poultry and a good
market where top prices are paid
for all kinds of vegetables, fruit,
eggs, otc—Prick $'1,000,
I have also large and smaller
acreage suitable for fruit close to
market. For lull particulars
apply to,—
iV|    sale .heap, or
Apply to J, Turner,
Red Cross Drug Store
, a ,1,0 Prompt Attsntli
Bvoiyone having a
bouse 10 sell nr rent to list il
with n.e. I am Ihuulcd with enquiries
for house properties. Phone, call, or
drop mc a card with full desclptlon
and purchase price, or rent required.—
E A. Haggen, Heal Estate and Insiil-
u'nee Agent. Revelsloke, B. 0,
Harness neatly repaired,
New harness made to order on the
shortest notice,
Al. kinds of Whips nnd,Stable t*equl>
sites kept In stock,
Logging nnd   Team   Harness  a
Oppusile the I'nion Ilolel


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