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The Mail Herald Jun 3, 1914

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 ♦ *♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦. + + -f
* ♦
+                          4.
4- Chief     lumbering,     railway, ♦
4- mining,     agricultural     and +
<♦• navigation    centrn    between >•
♦ Calgary and the Pacific ocean +
♦ ♦ ♦ -f«♦■ 4 + •»■ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ >* +
The Mail-Herald
♦ •♦--♦- + + + + ♦ + -f-f-*- ♦ ♦ •♦:
♦ ->:
-f         THK   MAIL-HERALD 4
-•> •*•>■}
-»■ Published     twice     weekly — +
-V Read by everyone—The recog- -t-
-►■ nized advertising  medium for ♦
-»- the city'aud;" district. ■*■
♦ 4
-♦--♦-->• + -H4- 4-f+ -f -♦■ > -► -f -*
 _ (      *
Vol. 20—No 38
$2.50 Per Year
b_£ Flow of Natural Gas  Struck  ai  Halls'  Landing
Will Open New Bridge at Tag-
hum   Additional Expenditures  for  Roaos
Hon.   Thomas   Taylor,   minister     of
Public Works an I membei Ior Revel
stoke reached the city on Sunday
from the coast ind left on Monday
morning lor Nela in, He will visit
Greenwood, Rose! md end other cit
ics in Kootenay in I Boundary and is
expected to reach Revelstoke on his
return about  .1 u li   11.
Mr.  Taylor's  1     .;   ol      the interior,
will embrace visits to all important points I the Slocan, Ymir
Rossland and Bo indary districts. At
Taghum, on the Kootenay river, be
will officiate _t the formal opening ol
thi' new  steel  bridge,  which has    just
teen completed it a cost of over
Here Mr. Tayli •' ex] Bl ts to be joined by .i.n. Bch lefteld, M.P.P.,   and
William Hunter. M.P.P The party
will then make n tour of the Vmir
district. Mr. Taylor's itinerary will
take him t" Ri ssl ind, where he will
go over that sec': - In company with
Lome Campbell, M.P.P, Proceeding
to the Boundary district, he will be
accompanied by Ernes! Miller, M.P.
P., and J.R.  Jackson, .M.P.P.
"I am merely n il Ing one ol my
annual tours." said Mr. Taylor, "to
acquaint  mybell     wltl    the progress
which has been ide m the val'iou.;
public  works   wh ire   In   hand      in
that Bectlon ol thi province. I am
personally verj ■ i' Interested In
the rei -'al in the minim: Industry, and    n my obsei va-
tions and reports lilch bave reached
the government, tl present activity
will necessitate - additional expenditures by t! Public Works department which had not been anticipated at  the tin.-      I the  last   session
of the legislatur ■
new properties  ar
and  this  will   re.
roads.    I   •
Victoria a
Gas Struck at Fourteen Feet
Burned All Night—Still Burning
Gusher of Oil at Arrowhead Piediction of Expert—Gas Prospects Unusually
Good, Declared Professor Aughey—Abundant Justification for Drilling
—Anticline at'Cranberry Creeks—Gas and Oil Sand Within Six Hundred Feet—Thousands cf Acres Staked at Arrow  Lakes.
United States Capitalists Pass
Through^City     Sanford
Evans With Party.
Arrowhead. B.C. June 3—(Special; A steady and increasing flow of gas was struck last evening by Hall
Bros, on their ranch. Under 14 fett of blue clay was found a bed of sand relet sing the gas with a rushing
sound. Men working in the excavation had to be dr„\\n up instantly with a rope. During the night the
gas was heard as if toiling through water in the tottcm of the hole.
The ho'.e was roughly capped with an oak barrel packed around with blue clay. A 3-8 pipe stuck in
the barrel lit like a jet and burned 20_ inches high all night, and was still burning at 9 a.m. today. All
around the loose capping the gas was also forcing its way and could be lit anywhere.
SAMPLE ESCAPES,                I good, that capital is abundantly jus- ry  creek.   But      mistakes    are  often ('.red leet.    With  the Pox Hills, noth-
The report on the samples Of natural  titled  to  risk    money  needed to drill made  where  folds  are  more  or    less ini; can  yet bc said,  but my cotmc-
gas taken at Arrowhead and sent for for gas, and almost equally to-drlll complex, especially,  where in addlt - Hon is, that it is absent, as I found
analysis  to  Calgary  and  Trail,  have,for  oil.   The  expectation     would    be ion faults     occur,    hence    additional no samples of it in drift or float,
not yet been received.    Tin'  sample legitimate that gas could nnd would drilling sites Bhould be selected when: shallow well
sent to Calgary was insecurely s<ealed |m   ■         ■ : In commercial quantities the ground is bare of snow. "Hence we need only reckon on   a
and so much of the gas escaped thai   and    would    enrich those tbat made i    .exiie depth of gas cannot often -be few hundred feet   probably ol Lara-
an examination was                   and a the vent 'definitely     ascertained     previous to mic rock.   Tins would bring the gas I the reports of the pi
telegram was received fi •". Trail last               QUSHBR EXPECTED drilling, owing to the variable thick- and oil  sand tei within, Irom GOO  *
night    reporting   that    the    sample     professor Aughey Indicated the best ness of the overlying rocks, and the BOO feel  of the surface, allowing     a
shipped by express ha I n il yet comi   ; c. i;   infi     ,QT     arillinn. of   two ol presence or absence of certain form- possible  loo feet at  the utmost
'" '••"",'                                                       [which   be  Bald:    "If  drilled  at  C.  Oil ation8,  and   the  horizons  Of  the    oil the boulder drift,  though  it  la
A test was made or Sunday at the mlgl,t hl. obtained and owing to the sand, even In the group In which   it ably not over from SO to 75 feet,  a
residence of G. S, fld  irter.   Some oi   _ftg pregsure th,, weH  lnu!lt  be      a ocourB,   Sometimes  the oil  sand oc- well therefore should strike pus     at
the gas wus burned and I   * marks on   _usher    t, arUied llt D< oil mI-ut be curs In the upper part of the Benton from 500 to 1000 leet and it might at
r  obtaini i.  buj  11   would bave t.      be end sometimes in the lower part. OU 500 feet.
lumped." land ens may also have its source in "In the Byron tield     in     Mont
Reporting on the anticlines be said: Dakota group, or even in the Jurras- where I calculated a well   would strike
"One of     these     is   in the Bannock bIc, (il at 300 or ''Oi' feet, they struck oil
Point      district across tbe Columbia "My  conviction   is  that   in  the  Ar- !"   *'""  'eet-    K,,,,r  other  wells    now
liver from  Arrowhead.    It occurs be- rowhead      territory,   the gas has  its ' avc oil     thereat     nearly the same
Big    and   Little   Cranberry source in the Benton shales, and the uel,th'
In  places     the      lake    itseli -a8 B-nd  lV|„.,.,. the  gaa is stored, is "A  fl,ct  t0  '"* remembered  is,  tbat
believed to show that the gas is pf
mineral and not vegetable origin,
Thousands of acres  of oil  rights
have been slnki'i!  in    ''a- neighl •
ol*   Arrowhead  aiel   Beaton   si    •
Large numbers ol   flrst   n miles were   staked   by   the
opened   up,   Revelstoke Byndi
Ire more trails and   um Isaac crock m-.i   W _■.•. am. Ifl
a way
ver two weeks.'
from   fr0m Revelstoke, h , ""': "'' "' '"' ln Bn 1,ntk'Um'* the n"'k  Bb°™ «"    mi,ullf °«    **>«• «'""" or  '" l"" ,""*' °"^°T'f thM«    :,r"
'dipping from it on both sides. These  near the top,   The group in Montana.   Bome ary     tt*'lls close t0 productive
j an Arrowhead syndicate.
The Arrowhead eld was care
fully e\,,mined for the Arrowhead Oil
Coal fi     Ga ■ y, limited, by
Samuel  Aughey. Ph.  D., L.L.D..    E.
M.,  who !.'i>' -'  1 vorable   re
port.   He said:
"Alter having examli ■    oil and gas
territories     in all the l'nited SI
.nd    In    oil .iistricts   in
Misted   by   Mis* Canada, and particularly noticed sur-
r, who is takinc   f.,re  Indication! f. -  gas, 1  have been
Improvements at
St. Leon Hot Springs
M.   Grady,   pr ol   St.     Leon
hot   springs,  is     cbls year   making
many Improve!*-) its designed to add
to the comfort an I convenience     of
ins guests.
Mr.   Gradj   is
Smith  as  bousek
special pains  to   accommodate visit-   prepared to risk Igment on lin
ers.   A  Hnl   'las-   look  bai been en-   , pened    nnd    un gal terrl-
gaged  and  the  mineral  baths  will be   tory.
in (ull operation    those for Indies be-      "My  judgment I   the  Arrow
ing upstairs and.     the    inrn's baths lead rub    pros;     -      •■ unusually
downstairs.   The    euch is being clem-  	
ed  up tor  the  I t   ol  the chil
dren   and   the   n roves     above
high  water  mark  pr.iv.de s  delight
ful ( i spot durl g Mi" hot weather.
Any Varlet] "■ u Will this j ear
be offered for hire, specially safe
boats for children    ind otlnrs suitable
for    fishing,  sculling or excursions,
Candies,   tobaer,     a." 1   Cigars,   camera
■applies, fishing tackle, bocks magna
ines nnd  soft   d;     ..-   ., ill  also  be  BV
Mr. Qrady is anxious that lodges,
societies or excural mi Intending ti>
viHlt thc sprines   .' ill give early no -
rocks however,   were   themselves   in averages close to 1000 ft. ln thickness
waves formings complete fold." Then  we musl  calculate as to what
ll>- continues, "there Is little chance   overlies it.   The Pirre is     never,  so
wells. In Kansas in one tield. five
veils were drilled before one was productive,  though  all   'id  reached   the
of   making   a mistake   in   selectim;    a   far   as I       have      been   able   to   learn  ■' *"1  '"•''   "n   s'""1'    <"""'   authorities
sight for drilling, where the folds are   thick in  Uritish  Columbia  and  prob-
snnple  as at   Little  and   Blg.Cranber-    a'bh   not more than two or three bun-
Winners of Nelson
Shield at Public Schools
Tin- Nelson shield in the Central
school is won for punctuality und
regularity by Division Y11I with a
rercentape ol 07.28. In the Selkirk
school Division VI wins the shield
with a percentage of 98.38.
*t mini BCHOOL
The record of attendance at the
high school for the month of May is
as   folli
Div.  1  Div. 2 Total
Has   Been   Closed   for   Past
Month—Tramway Will
be built
mention:—Stanley   Blower,   LUCJ   Cat
lin, Harold Morgan.
Junior     Second     Header     class. —1.
Irchie Rowlett; -', Rosins Rowlett; 3,
Donald   Kilpatrick. Honorable ment
Ion:—Delia   Collison,     Aura   Coming,
Rosamond     Lawrence,      Peter   Lonzo,
Charlie   Mackenrot,     Joe   Rowlett,
Kied  Skene.
Division [V., Junior Second Reader
class.—I, Wendall Porter;     2, Wesley
enrollment 10 IS 23   Henderson   8,  Annie linllicnno.
,,,„ 7 ir,      Senior      Second    He ,der clas
P.  c,   attendance...  08       .'.'7       .»>   Js b Millar; 8, Dlgby Leigh; >, Ver-
The  following  is  the  honor  roll    of   '"'i'*'*1   Psleck,     Honorable   mention
tbe Selkirk icbool: liiuih    Goodwin,     Jack Oarmlcbael,
Division   Mil. Receiving class.-l, w»l*«r McCuUoch.
William B. D is opei    Eva carmichael, 2, Annie Tevini;  3,1   Dlvtolon IU. Jantor   Third Reader
..ting the Lanart   . imUeslrotn  .,,.,,, PradoUnl,   Honorable mention:IclaM'   '* K"""' K'"y* J* Ert,U8 Me
tbe city, to in Bevelstoke preparatory f_ BlmM   Hu Elm,   Walkden,  Donell; 8. Bugene Camoisi.     Honor
tice  of  the,,-   int-i. -.,,,   N  tbat   every   ,„   ,.,._.      .,,    .       .        - .„    property   >lbi_  N„r,„lL.    .t,,,,,.,,   ,,„„„,,„, UlUlV . aid"       mention-Dessie       Mackenn,,.
comfort,  mav   Hlll0h  l..,s  been -"      I   the past    Kutherford toirdon   Voum;,       Vera   Hand,   Lilian
arrival.    The month on account'o( the danger   ol     Division Vn   First Primer claw.- Hayward' Ail''''" t*wrence'   "'•'>'■"'
Leon ' snow slides.   H" '...vi  i-    "1'"   i.  in.iiy shepherd     and   Mary    ku.|Bell. Rachel Pagdin.
Division   11.,  Senior      Third   Header
class. Section D.— I, Fred Curvcon; 2,
arrangement tor their
be made before their
natural      ndvai
if       St.
Divisnn   VII    First   Primer  class.—
1.   Dollv  Shepherd      and    Mary    Kil-
Ppri,,KS are well  known and the num- k,„_ ma rammer.    A vrent qUBn. ^
ber ol visitors ll every year lucres        . of ofe hftg ,. ..,, __, ^ Hiimp.  y  Jo>eph  g8^.   Hon.
'shipping  will commence  immediately. : orab]v mentioned:—Florence .lackBon, I' w™e  Inkster; 3, Mary   lies,,none  and
.MAN MM is
are open L  .lay. both afternoon and  " enlng,
Coiiie in     inl en Joy a cool
iced drink at thf fountain.
Hoik will be begun this year on the HHZe] r{an(j   ^nnie Jenkins, Delbert Beverley Kenward.     Honorable men
3  construction ot a tramwaj  and until n00|ey) jPllll onwards, Franc<es Law* I tion:—Albert Henderson.
S|ie. i.ii to-day
H-|-H-|«i.   «>.   .   -   ««e«   .««.-..   -
this  is     completed    the ore  will  be Ifnrp
paokedt    the rallwaj  lot  shipment second Primer,   I, Mary Ousso; 2,
to  the  s,,,elter. Boyd  Kinratd; :;. Kail  I'ettipiece and
The      Lanark   .               -   staked  on Xorsten   I.uiidell.
August  18, 1880 by J   Boyfl ■ part-i   oiriaion VI.,    second Primsr.— 1,
ner  of   T.    Bain.         Mr.   Boyd   was ,)mrli(>  Henderson;  2,   Laura   I'urvls;
afterwards    drowned.    The  mine  was *'., Mary     Gastnldlni,    .lohimy Craw-
sold :\ ysars ago to the Belkirk Mln-,lord, Menu Wallbaun,
ing &.- Smelting  Company, Limited ot Kirst      Header,      Class  A.—I,  Roso
Victoria by whom It i - - old tothe Pray;    2.    Kathlpen    Bquarebrlggs
Home      Payni    iyn<dlcate,    It    Is .12 Blair Dickson; 3, Dorothy Nelson, Al-
niles  fr.un   Rtvelltokl  and   -1   miles lerta Hobson, Dorden  Marlntyre.
last  ,,f the lllerillemict     The ore   Is Division  V., First  Rsadei  class.—1,
rich and in Constan.ee Cummins; 2,   \maiida Desi-
I silver lead and
i 1 e  quantitj
I     I,   Victor    Lonzo.
Section A.—1, Klslc I'rcy: 3, Chest
cr Laughead; 'I, Laura Beech. Honor
able mention:—Klslc Dnveii| ort, Jack
Murray, Robert Beech, Lisle Hon-
gnrd, Kdmund Kincaid, Jenniefi
Division   I.,   .Junior  Fourth   Render
class. Bectlon 11—1, Beatriot Hny; 2,
Annie     Cnshato;     S,   Tom Camoz7.l
Honorable    mention;—-Leonard    Man
Section  A.—1,   Neva  Douglass;     2,
Cecil Johnson; 8, Jean Patrick. Honorable  mention—Dorothy   Mnckinrot,  tlm  ol    a  drowning   accident  there
Honorable   Robert Lawrence, Leo Hobson. (The body bas not heen found.
I eh, vi' that occasionally the sand
stone at the oil horizon, Is so dense
: nd hard that it cannot abSOI
cr Oil. Others again have claimed
tl al in many eases the holding
las pinched out, as veins of the prec-
ii us metals sometimes do. Whatever
tl.e cause the fact remains that all
developed oil territory contains one
1 r  more  dry  wells—non-producers.
"The  practical      lesson   from  these
ii cts is that a company proposing to
drill  f.ir  gas  should  calCUl it
1 Continued  on  I'm:"  1'ivei
Nakusp Engineer Says Passengers   Cancel   Bookings
Rough Voyage
I'".  N.  (Use.  engineer of  thi
ihovel   at   Nakusp,   who   has   barn
ipending a six months' holiday In I •■
land, arrived in tha city this morning
from the ea>t and left on tha
train for Mai U -p.
Mr. Cosa, who crossed the Atlantic
iii the Alsatian, Sft) 1 thai the voyage
was  rough and  foggy.    The   V
passed the Etnprasa of treiai
the Storstad two hours before ;he accident which   sent the great  liner to
thc bottom of the Atlantic.
Mr. Cui-r uya that th" accident has
caused ■ remarkable dread of -•
ages in the east. While he was in
Quebec more than I DO who had booked
passages across the Atlantic cancelled their tickets,
\\. Bantord     Evans,     a pi imi
business man ol     Winnipeg, formerly
managing editor   ol    the    Winnipeg
Telegram,  twice mayor of Winnipeg
and now chairman ol     thc '*,,■
bay     canal     commissi, n.  came
RevelBtoke  in Sunday from the south
and proceeded west an hour later.
With him were Robert A. Uihlein,
se cretary ol the Jose] b Schlitz I
Ing company ol Milwaukee, W, 1..
Ross, secretary ol the bond department of the Second     Wardi  Savii •
bank of Milwaukee, and several ot!	
capitalists  from   the   United   States
who aw making a     toui  ol Canada
with a view to studying the oppbr
tunities for  investment.   Mr.   1
already owns extensive timber limits
on Canoe and     Wood rivers ...   tb
Big Bend.
1 .   thi   part)   are  C.   W.   Ro
manager of  the  Canadian   Ba
1 ommerce in Winnipeg; J. W.
-ei. a banker of Nee'th i' I ota;
liam i.. Ro er of Mil■•
and   \\ illiam   Fe .
Kissel, Ki::-
nicutt .'.   ompa ... a ... ..   Nev   I n .
finan ■;..' house.
The part)  were much interested   in
Ing oil at  Arrowhead  and  expressed
1 >•::   II
ed with thi   I -    ■  the      \::
lakes, thi
land and the grandeui  ..f the .
tain sc mi ry in 1
engagements at   thi   c    bI
them  •
Mr. Kvai.s s ivs that
tion     of   the    Georgian  ba)
scheme ei tails  the 1
vast  :n iss ol    ■ T ■
. :.■:
;'c Issued In ti... I
md an;  other
teresl       Thia   rill prevent •
■ ■ tort an 1     w
tbat the stat is)
as j. asible.   When all the figures re-
tary have been collected t!
of three 1
- will make a tour ol te In-
mj  evldi
may be presented
route.    Ii  v
at a lal
what tra li
• by wa;        .
The  part)
man and .     ■
1 H it, P
came  to   B
the vl
Vi '■
..-lit    to typewrite
loetry," said the harsh editor.
"i;reat Sett.** replied Mr. Pen wig
If I   were  expert   1 DOUgb   *
that   kiie.i of    typewriting, do   you
think  I'd I lltting in  in;   time    ort
poetry   '—Washington  star.
Prince Rupert    expects to become a
great mining centre.
Leo   J, Fraser, n     river driver for
the     British  Canadian  Lumber com-
I any at Crescent valley, waa the vie-
■    ■■■■MUX*..*.
•  «
SlllillfllSSIIIIi fAGH  TWO
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  3,  1914
Bargains in Shoes
We have on  sale  Children's  Shoes  in sizes
from 6li to 2, selling at Bargain Prices.
Ladies'   Oxfords selling  at less than manufacturers' prices.
All these shoes are selling at greatly reduced
P. O. Box 848,
Revelstoke, B.O.
P   First-class wood, dry or green
full   measure,   prompt delivery. »
TERMS- O.O.D. unless other- ^
wise <arranged.    Discount for -gj
|  cash. I
Plume Rush Orders to td
Dealer in  SIl.K GOODS and  BANC'S
THINGS.   Prettiest Designs.
DRESSMAKING.   Fit Guaranteed
Buttons for ladies' costumes made iu
any material to suit special orders.
Buy a |
You will get a
full season's use
out of it.
100 per cent ot
your snapshooting opportunities
will be realised.
You will get the
best value and
lowest price in
town. Perfectly
NEW Goods.
Free instruction gladly given.
f_____l£ Trueman Studio
McKenzie Ave.
A   Real   Lover   Simulation
A  .traiBhtftirwurd urnrrtitii,
nlTrr    (rum   An   f-flU)>l|.liril
firm.     \\> iirp ttvmr hwij.
■eeVau-ljM   to   tlie-iiieeanili,    ol
tieople all    over    tlio
world    ni     .     lutk'e
a«lvei'tfwln,e!H.     Now
li    your    ("tinne..    t>
oleir.in .tip.     Write
now,   ncloiliu   'J'>
mil. for cin> ol otll
lUblotMlllfl   I.'..lire.'
I-unn      (liinrelej,     or
OpOtH* AlOOttel, I0QI
Pnrr.ACP pttlij to w.or
Willi tlie ivali-h, wtii.-h
well lie ultra lie-
(tie.-..- r.-ntrli,.. r.re
i>:nrit!li I mc v n: ;i.
.I.  ill.I   v .1   1 iku   mi.
natam e-.f inir ninrvel.
Ion.  oftor.     We  oxpwt   rnn   to  tell   ...or   f^rndi
RbOtll     .:■     Mill    BlloW    tll.em      lllP     ItJllllll..!      .\ftl.-h
Don't think thlf offer too good to !«• time, hul rcnd
25 cent* t.ilav ..n.l .nee, a Ke... v.„e.'i v ,:
wiir lie ami., WILLUMH A I.loll.. '■■ l.n'.-nl,.
.1. -   ■  en il.. i-t.l 17 ), «,. Cuinwalli. Iloftil,  l.n  .,     \
Be sure und put out your cuuip-
Mcvico wns a nation 5-,(K)0 yeurs
Prospectors ure becoming scracc
in  British  Columbia.
Billy McKay is now manager of the
hotel at Waldo.
There will be a big honey crop
around ChiUlwack this year.
During April there were 13 cases
before thc police court In Kelowna.
In Fernie the aldermen Ret S5 for
every  council  meeting  they  attend.
At Pingston creek on Arrow bike,
TO men  are working at the sawmill.
Bd. Williams died ill Hedley from
Injuries   received   in a   mine   accident.
in High River a Chinaman was lined .fl  for riding a bicycle on  tbe Hide
A burglar recently entered a burlier
shop    in      Merritt      and   stole three
The Okanagan hotel  in Armstrong
has   been   sold   to      M.    Mulligan    of
The creek at 1'etiticton recently overflowed its banks and caused considerable damage,
A factory has been established in
Rossland for milking concrete work,
and cement walks.
A new wagon road will be built between Agassi/, and Hope station, on
the north shore of the Fraser.
There arc :!8,_M0 Hindus, Japs and
Chinamen in British Columbia. The
total population of this province is
An eight foot vein of copper bas
heen struck on the Discovery claim,
eighl   miles from  Spence's  Bridge.
A  report from     Three     Forks says
that   Hugh   Niven   is    married   again,
and  running  an  auto  stage  between '
two good towns ou the prairies.
Now is the time to get a good
wheel. We have a splendid line
in both cTWens and Ladies' at
right prices, also full stock of
Tyres, Tubes, Lamps, Saddles,
and Repairs.
Baseball Goods—we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Kootenay, Saskalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.    Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce that they have opened up offices at the
corner of First Street and Connaught Avenue tor the purpose of handling real estate, timber, etc. It will pay you to
call and get particulars, and get in on ground floor prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
> _!»;_T_r»
Douglas   Tourncr
Kootenay Agencies
PHONE   46
'     ' mining rigl *      11
Manitoba    -   -   itchi«  i     nd     \*
I e rta, tbe     Vuk m    T< 11 Itory,     the
•    .'. .-st  Ti rritories ai .1 in
■ f the Province of British   Co- |
:■■' la,   naj ed tor ;. term   ol
twenty-one years
..] of     $1  au  acre.   Sol
■ - will  be leased 1
■ ti for leai
I.y thi I    In person to   the
■■  !
The le,-.so will ■ ■■ ci a\ min-
•   •
ti   permitted to   purchase   w
ti i i i ■   .   rights maj
. (or the   -
mini    t thi    rate of  ll
I nvi«
. .
■ . Islonl  of sect and  in  un-
1 territory the tra
for shall     be stalled out hy thi   ap-
j licant bin
Each amplication must !..•■
ir-d by a fee of 85 which will be r.*-
funded if the right! applied for are
rot avail/thle, but not otherwip'. A
royalty shall be paid nn tbe merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of nve cents per ton.
The person operating the mine fl]nil]
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal mining
licbts .ire not being operated, such
icturns should be furnished at least
nee a year.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
Of Dominion  Lands.
,W. W. CORT.
Daily fruit Trains
For Okanagan
• ■
"-killed and i lomi
'.' iii road  and  i.'^
Western Labor Exchange
P. 0 ;-
FCanilnop*, 11 i
One H
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repair's,   Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
• ■
■   .
• r r.nr.H
.   '.   •
if   Mie       oervirc.      \    rl,;,.,,-.
'   ■   •
also   HI [,,<-;,n
that the fi   I
r.oon or after .ih last
The   fr.iflie   situation   was   di»
at a meeting    I ■  ■     sited Growers
nd s
nouncement of   the summei  schedule
tlcl) ei'-ei
Oonnaught  Ave.    -    Revelatoke
Right   ind a  half ho
('le daily going through   imnoeuvres,
if. Hie     training tbat the     ,,
corps are getting in samp al *• • rnon
and  the      men  are  pretty  Itlff us      a
r' f»tiIt.
A bear and three cubs wire recently seen one night on a back street in
RevelBtoke. Thought there was no
one In town, perhaps.
A   lodge of Chinese  Masons  in  Cal-
gary is -suing tbe chief of police In
thai city for 81,000. The chief raided the lodge thinking that it wus a
gambling joint.
The McLaren Lumber company will
treble the size of their sawmill t'olc- '
man so that it will  cut 20-, ,01)0 It. |
e   year.       This     company    owns  M ■
square miles of timber limits.
At  the Clinton assizes,  Hen Ulakley
v. .is found guilty of murdering Archie
Theverge ,-tt.    Bridge river live years
ago.    It      wns proved  that  he killed '
Archie in Belf-defence. I
The     merchant     who sends out of
town   for   his  Job   printing   never   ^*ets
dollar of it back.   If Ins customers
did the same     thing for tbetr goods]
ie  would not  need any store or Job
i nit Ing   in a  short  time.
i   are 2,100     people In     Trail,
and     I ,'.'Ai    can tnik  Irish,  Scotch, I
h.     ilanadian     and  American.
When  the  writer  firsl   saw  Trail    it
ned  two houses, and  BUI Man- I
iked    breakfast   for our party. I
We     bave     never forgotten  Hill and I
A  big shoal ■>( suckers are running
i» lid ia     \ Iberta, and the oil   stock I
;eti Ing latter every day. I
ind his money are soon di
eventeen  years  ago f-i To .
. ii.iii <1   Rossland
■  cks  In  I he same m ay and |
ol   ■' -   imi cursing Bi it
I hi      ri eatcsl   .,^s.-t    ol
I olumbla    Tins |.ii,vimi   bas
much scenery at  Swltzei   ,
.-els  millions 'if
e(1r   Ireeni       il      1 ine   BwlSS
ed I  leei n<  baa a i >< • | >n I j. t ion
and  is visited annual!)   by
New  Denver Is   the
■   ;' ,UCel r I  Alliel |CS .   hilt  IICciIh
•   to  the distil- ilng   inability
Lord to undei iti nd tha King's
Knglisb, .1  number of the Welsh resi
dents of Pboeall have decided that
it ih abOUt time to remedy lhe state
.'   afTalTl     They  me HieriOiu.lv  COnSld
'Mm' rhe advisability ■,( importing a
i e ,n in i from the niii land, one well
rersed la ail the homy lore and vei
nncular of the    anoienl  principality,
In   addition   to   his   duties   as     High
i mil and Heavenly Interpreter ha
will i,e expected to follow oul      the
eiistfims In vogue In tie Sunday
schools  of  Wales,  and   inut r not        Iho
younger generation of the colony in
u,e doubtful advantages of a thor
i.uglily useleas, time expired and Im-
poesible tongue.
^/Iltvays the   Best
"SAamrocfi" "Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up under new management
Al •-. XI. MARTIN-SON liagi to announce to the Revelstoke Public
ih it sin- intends to open up this restaurant and run it in strictly
first-class style. Everything up-to-date and strict attention
given to its patrons.
Give us a call
Open until 12 p. m.
From Maker to Wearer
Oar six years' experiense nrJasurinK, coupled with our
law numbar of satisfisd customers, is surely a testi-
m my worthy of your favorable consideration. We
Ki irantes a fit. The lanfe-it assortmsnt of samples in
the city to select from.    Inspaction invited.
John Mclntyre C&> Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailoring Company, Toronto.
your Barn, Chicken-hou.se or Stable.
Wc have 20 Barrels of partly air-
slacked LIME to move out at
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd. "WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 3,   1914
of the splendid bread on your
friend's table will be found in a
visit to this bakery. Just a glance
at its golden brown crust, its snow
white body will tempt you to try
a loaf. And after that trial no
further argument will be necessary
in order to make you use our
bread regularly.
Phone 41
Box 734
The World's Greatest Invention
The flew Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records    -
No Horn      -   ■
■ Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
H0WS0n Sr CO.     ::    Sole Local Jlgency
Nev. S.s. "Laurentic"
15,000 tons
New S.S. "Meeantic
First Class—$92.50.    Second Class— $53.75    Third Class   $32.50
One Class (II) Cabin Service
Express S.S.''Teutonic"1    -   •» c is, .   ,.,■     fS.S. "Canad.a'
- . , .     . Twin s, rew steamers    .   ... ,      ,
582 feel long I (.ill leet long
Secoi d Class   $50 and up.    Third Class—$31.25 and up.
One Class (II i Cabin Service
s.s. Arabic i      Splendid      i S.s. Cymric
16,00       lis    '       feel long      Twin Screw       l.i, 11(10 Ion-    600 feet long
Rate, $53.75 I     Steamers      I Rate, $52.50
Fast Express—One Class (IU Cabin Service
S.s. St. Paul | I s.s. New York
S.S. St, Louis s.S.  Philadelphia
: tons    554 feet long    I I     11,000 tons   576 leet long
S.;3   Also carries Third Class al $33.75.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, Etc., apply to
COMPANY'S OFFICES. 619. 2nd Ave.. Seattle
Agencies-  C.P.R. Tickel Agent, Revelstok
Robin Hood Flour
makes a delicious, light, sweet loaf of breead,
with a beautiful golden crust.
Try a loaf of our HOME-MADE BREAD,
with a pound of our AUCKLAND BRAND
yon will lie pleased.
P. O.  Box 208
Phone No. 23
1 ii,. -t : a I uMnf-- house is
reflected I" i:- ststisni ry  it Pavs
t,, !.„.••; ie !»■-:  that- ioine.   We
f:i»,. you t!a l.ijl.e'-: quality .u its
,.»»..■ jerie-.   Vmestimates.
Eloctric Press
We offer you expert sen left. Print
is our lm.in.-v. ui,l our hobby too.
To the best selection of papei ani
type we nelel originality onl smart-
nV-s 11 design oiei rapid delivery.
The Right Hev. Mathlas C. Lenl-
han, bishop ol Great Falls, Mont.,
was received by the pope and presented a party ol American pilgrims.
A further change In the date of
the church wedding of Kermit Roosevelt and Miss Belle Wyatt Willnrd is
announced. The religious ceremony
is to be performed on Jun«  11.
M. H. Hancock. SI years old, of
Waco, Tex., has a third set ol teeth.
He went to a dentist to have three
upper front, teeth removed because
they were causing him pain. The
dentist found that they were being replaced by three sound, well formed
new teeth.
Commander Tweedie, oj His Majesty's ship Essex, which has heen aiding in the search for the .bodies, said
be believed it would be impossible
to salvage the   Empress   of Ireland.
He  expressed   the   belief  thnt  the   bull
of the Empress of Ireland will have
to be blown up with dynamite to prevent it from becoming a menace to
After u voyage made perilous by ice
which forced her three degrees out of
her course, the Campania arrived at
New York from Liverpool 24 hours
late. A great. icelioc oti the Newfoundland banks, with its towering
bergs and numberless "growlers," extended, passengers said, as far as the
eye could see. At times the liner
barely held her headway.
That the government has no Intention 'if relaxing in any way the reg-
ulatlons xvitli regard to the entry of
Orientals Into British Columbia is
indicated by the fact that a new or-
der-in-councll has been passed making
still more rigid the present prohibitions. Tlie present order-in-council
prohibiting tlie entry of all artisans
and laborers for six months has been
extended to include two new ports iu
British Columbia, namely, Newport,
near Vancouver, and Alberni on Vancouver island.
The annual spring migration to
Nome '.f Alaskan business men and
miners, who spend the winter in the
states, began on Monday when the
steamship Senator, the first large
i assenger vessel to sail for Behrlng
Seta this year, departed from Seattle,
with 381 passengers and a cargo of
freight consisting of fresh vegetables,
provisions and general merchandise, to
ifplenisb the stocks of the Nome
merchants. The Ice at Nome has not
broken up yet, mushers report im:
that the    field    extends !S     miles out
from shore.
ival courtmartlal sentenced
Vice-Admiral Matsunioto to three
years' Imprisonment for nccepting
. from a British shipbuilder,
the Vickers company, which built the
Japanese battleship cruiser Kongo,
costing about $13,640,000. The court
ordered the confiscation of the sum
which the officer illegally accepted.
Captain Sawaeaki is also sentenced
to a year's imprisonment. This sen-
j tence is the outcome of the sensational disclosure started in the Siemens
Schuckert case. In which the Renter
company's agent in Toklo, Andrew
Fooley, figured prominently.
Sir Jas. P, Whitney made the announcement that the provincial elections are to be held on June 20.
The Australian parliament has succeeded in passing a bill forbidding
the granting of preference of trade
Unionists as regards employment on
public works. The motion for the
third reading was carried by the
casting vote of the speaker. The bill
was sent later in the day to the Senate where it was promptly rejected hy
a majority of yi.
Joseph Martin, M.P., who decided
to resign his seat in order to ascertain whether the government really
really intended to throw him over
owing tee his having voted against
party on the maroonl division, says
' he has received a letter from Percy
lllingworth, the Liberal whip, stat-
ing that the government would not
oppose him,
A   bulletin   issued   from   the   poultry
branch it ittawu by the Dominion
Livestock commissioner, this week,
impresses m all poultry keepers the
advisability of getting rid of their
male birds now that the breeding
seas.m is .ver. Infertile eggs keep
longest and fetch accordingly higher
] rices. By selling now higher prices
may be obtained for roosters than
later e,a e., the' summer. From June
I, these binls are non-producers and
feeding them is an unnecessary expense.
University Recognizes
Value of Klines
Housekeeping Is Not the
Task It Used to Be
[ODERN invention has done away
with   much  of the   hard work.
For instance,  the  cleaning   and
polishing of hardwood floors, the dusting
of moldings, the tops of hinh furniture,
the stairs, unaer the radiator, etc.    These back-breaking tasks
are now made easy with the
With \t you can dust, clean and polish a hardwood
the time it formerly took you to get ready to do it.
Besides, you do not have to pet down on your lundd and kni
under the bed or other hard-to-get-at places, or
to stand on a chair to dust the top of the high
furniture,    All of the hard work is now made
easy with the O-Cedar Polish Map.    It gathers
Slltboduitof dirt Irom everywhere ami holelj Ir.    The mop ii
easily rlr:mr,| by washing anj then rciicweJ by pouring on  a
few dropi ol O-Ccelar Poliib.
TV—  IeV  _* ■"lii-  I?;.I,    T"* '• e»" »'t".le Jay,  Kill
lry It at Uur KlSK   ,i„, underiniidiofI   ll yog
do rieet liiiel it lanslactitry tu every repel w mil r.-rurn > ear
money. The price ii only tl.SO lad i; will mvc iu price ni->uy
time j over lu a aburt lime.
floor in
es to dust
By a mistake of our shippers we find we are
overstocked with O-Cedar Mops for this week
only.    We  are clearing these out at -$1,25
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Limited
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
Success in Business
If you have a good thing let the public know. The merchant that does not
talk about his wares is committing business suicide. The best way to talk
about them in this town is to advertise
in the c^VIail-Herald.
"It covers the ground"
Our advice and help, gathered in 12
years experience of publicity, is at your
service. If you want ideas, a scheme outlining, estimates of cost—either for space
in the Mail-Herald or printing—we will
gladly oblige.
Tlint tin' hit: veins ot ore in Kootenay nn '. Boundary should peter out
'at depth or that it is likely thnt anyone would he justified in saying that
he had got to the ultimate limit of
sin h mineralized bodies is almost in-
credible, was the effect of an emphatic declaration of Prol. Arthur
lakes, th" well known geologist <>'
Denver. Colo., who for two years hail
resided nt Ymir and who was one ot
the speakers at the annual meeting
of the western branch of the Canad
Ian  Minn;_  institute in  Sols.01.
Demonstrations ol th'- pulmotor.au
explanation of the work of arranging
for   classes   lr first   aid to   the   injured
aim.ni- ' illiferous   miners      of
lhe province which has heen decided
upon hy Sir Richard McBride, minister of mines, papers on geological and
other subjects Including a detailed
statement ol operations at the Mo
ther Lode mill at Sheep creek wire
pi ven.
in a telegram expressing his dis
appointment it being unable to attend tin- meeting or to suppl.. a paper (or i :' !•". ErttbrOOk, presi -
dent .ef the new Uritish Columbia na
Itersity, .-.'.,'-ei his Interest in the
mining industry and tli determination of the authorities that the new
provincial si-it of learning shall pay
full attention t,i this branch in     the
following   wolds:
"Daily I am becoming more enthusiastic about th.' posslbilltlM of de-
velopment eif that branch of the work
represented hy the Institute and have
, spent some considerable time in    go-
I int: over the matter.
' "Vim may depend upon the university to recognize to the full the unique
opportunities and commensurate responsibilities of tin' province in die
establishment ot a strong faculty.
"We desire  to  meol   the full    share
j Of   university   responsibilities   and    to
co-operate in '-very possible way with
othi'i   agencies  uf the  province   and
Dominion in  the same development .'I
the people ni.'I then- resources."
i ifflcers elected hy ballot are:
Chairninn-.-S.  S.  Fowler, ol   Hiondel
Councillors—John Hopp, Barker-
ville; Charles Graham, Corbln; (VII.
McDougall, Marysvllle; Oscar V.
White, Slocan;  u.i\   Uderson, Sheep
'  i>. i'*.  c  Merry Ferguson;  Fred
crlc Keller, Greenwood; Gomer r.
Jones, Hedley; W.H, Armstrong, Van-
couver; F.M. Sylvester, Vancouver;
William Fleet Robertson, Victoria;
Thomas Graham, Victoria, Those win,
are ex.officio members of the council
ure: M. F. Purcell of Houslnml;
Wakely A. Willinms, Hidden Creek;
Robert  H.  Hedley,  Vancouver.
At. Hazelfon, Win. Kerr line increased tin' size of hlS pack train hy
bringing in a carload of horses Irom
George Onookl win he hung at
Kamloops on July 31, for killing
Harry rotter at South Kort. Oeorce
last  ChrlHtinns eve.
Our Clothes
are   made to fit
Xi)e Guarantee
~Ttyle, Cut, and Finish
Cressman SSL Co.,
Custom  Tailors
Must Keep Province    Io Supply Data On
White Says Premier      Natural Resources
Hinting that the present attempt
to land a large party of Hindus in
this country had a Larger and more
serious aspect than would appear
fiom superficial-Indications, Sir Richard McBride in an interview outlined
i is views on the QUeBtion of muni -
gration  from   India.
"While we must, of course, recognize that these men are British sub
iicts." he said, "fair and full consideration must he >:iven to the local
and domestic side ol the issue We
have the right to determine who
shall   and   who  shall   not  enter      this
country—who shall become part      of
mil    household,   as   it   were.    1   do not
believe   that   a crisis  will   be  precipl'
t.eted in India if   thesi    Immigrants
are refused  entry,  ns  hae  1 n   sug
gested in some quarters,     Th'- Brit
Ish government  hus successful!-.
erned  India   for   many   years   and  bai
i niit   up and  developed  a vast   trade
ruder  its jurisdiction.
"I know of ne. reason '•'.hy the lur
plus population of India should seek
io settle in this country against ee'ir
wish. We concede the right of th"
Indian government to refuse admls
sion lo Canadians if it so destresd and
so »e should be able t" retserve the
same right.   \ serious sltuatlo
arisen, it must he admitted, bj Ha'
arrival of a shipload of thetse Hindu*
hut  il   must   he dealt   -'.ith  tirmh   and
we must  act  with patience and pru
dence in tin- matter.".
With ., vii v   ef looking into t. ■
•> isai.iiity ..( supplying •    ■ in. i
ment dal a with respeel
resources ol this     province,     Alfred
Shaw, vie- president  of the Vancouv-
• .   has  left   on
to  London, Glasgow and  Edinburgh.
If   It    IS  decide,1    to    follOW   OUt    t!
the data will i.,- placed m the Agent-
"■ ..ion or in some
otbei  publli  .ei' i •       This course   bas
leen tbougl t ad . -on  of
some exploitations  which have prov
ed  harmful  to  the  province.    As    the
lesult of a     rot,' ■ reen     Sir
Richard McBride ami Jonathan Rog
ers,  president  e.f tie ',,,, rd ol trade
Mi.  Shaw   is undertaking hiR present
tour.    With such information Irom an
official source the powibillty ol undue
i iploitation  would he  obviat-ed   I
large extent.
Hair Tonic
Ayer's Hair Vigor keep* the scalp clean
and healthy. Promote* growth. Checks
falling.   Does not color.
Ask Your Doctor.
Hil.< 1.7.1 0, AjKrl',
M..„!r..,i   l'fen»,llt.
Following   the   final   declaration     of
the Immigration department that only  1.' of the Hindus    already landed
are  entitled   to  remain  111  Canada   hv
previous residence, of nearly KM
aboard the "Komogata Mam,"   the
Vancouver      Hindu   societies   held   an
Indignation meeting attended hy ov
er IKIfl of  their      members,     at   which
over llOO.OOfl was pledged ami donal
oil towards making 1 stubborn legal
fight   to     prevent  then      countrymen
aboard the "Katnogata Mara" t>e-
Ing sent hack. Prominent sikbs and
Hundiis made Impassioned addressees
The   family   remedy   fur   Coufhs   and Colds.
"Bhlluh costs  so   little   Slid dots   so much1"
William B.  Charles, chief clerk   of
tile   Vale   Count)    regittrj
nt K loops   1!    In   o'clock   on T
day night.   Mi   CbarlM i.
eetllie     S | |:' '       '.   ,        opi'tl-
I'l -M   yean  at,-'..   He  •*.,.  .,  BiItlsb
Columbian i >     blrtb,   bat ,
horn in   Hope   fifty   years  ago,      an.l
• !l  known  thro . 11   pro
lli>   motbei    ie-idi's  in   \
1..      Mis    Kl.erts.   wife   ..1   thi'  speaker
n.  tin' British   Columbia  li • -: ,i
and   Mrs.   Worsfold   Ol   New   Wi'stmin
Stei,   ati'   sislet>     Th,    !..t .   Mt   Chui
les had heen confined li   the hospital
through   illness  foi   some  true.       (I.-
1 »a-   111,mm 1 n !
a .correspondent wants to know if
poetrj is ., profession, No. u is a
calamity,   Washington Herald,
Attention ir directed by a promin
stockman t.. another lamentable
IIllustration   that  the  die,id   disease o[
I glanders, most common among hoi
i ses, mav tn' oontra<sted readily    by
man,    He pointed to a 1..dice publish
"I 1:1 a SdeattflC journal  as follows —
I "Dr. Bcanlsslaus Droba, ptofcaeoi of
the nnivcrtlt) >>( Cracrow ami dli
tor of the hospital, has died  of elan
ders nfter   siiflrrlng irreat   ai'ony.   Th*-
disease  Was rontracted   while  treat null peasant suffering from gland) PAGE FOtTR
Zhc fl&afl-lberalb
Local Reading .Notices and Business
Locals 10 cuts per line each insertion
Minimum local ad charges 25 cents.
Display advertisements -■"' cents per
inch each insertion, single column.
Legal advertising "f any form, also
Government and Municipal Notices VJ
. ents per line lirst insertion and 8
i ents  per  line  subsequent  insertions,
lowing  li1 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses Ki.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Land  Purchase Notices, S7.
Water Application Notices, up to
words, S7.50, over 100 words in
interior OMtblisbtiifl Company
:•:.  ii.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
the coast mills which will prohalily
engross their complete energies. In
that case the prairies will look to
the mills of the interior o Bil'jply
their needs, nnd In a great and growing market the lumbermen of the interior will be relieved from thc effect
of over production antl unprofitable
What this will mean to Kevelstoke
tan scarcely be over estimated. The
city is the centre of a wide district
containing many millions of feet of
splendid timber. Better conditions
iu the lumber trade, such as thc opening of thc canal may be expected
to bring, will cause aa awakening of
activity and an era of development
from which the Revelstoke district
bas much to expect. When n," Ior-
ins .ef tlie Big Head, nf the ,:irdM '..
■ ef Trout lake, of Arrow lakes, "f
I'ass and of the Slii.swap valley ate laid under contribution to
civilization a production of wealth
. ■. e commenced hose effect upon ihe prosperity of Revelstoke can
baldly be foretold,
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 3,   I'.'! I
V'..1        ei, .     more to it.:   i a cit;
n  the village elm s in appearance
than a  modern  lighting   system  and
paved sir, i ts.    Revelstoke is in
.  ..: tl   il   H  ia W
hi   pa . i :■"■. ■ ii
■   ,.'■>•   city    'iho
. ..   ,.- ,.   •:..,   0f  po   ;.
[!   : -   pro] i  that   thi   pnveti     I
be ] 'by the ov   i
ii on it, leaving the
to bear the co
■ . nt   whei e  crossed   by
• ■. I- street.   Those who own prop-
icli the pavement will
be laid will not only pay the cost of
laying the  pavement   opposite  their
■ rtii  ,   but   -.-'ill   also   pay   their
■share, with other ratepayers, of the
tioi   chi rg■■:  to the city as a
ivEole.    They  evidently believe  that
the pavement will be worth thi  co t,
• is they who have petit ii ned the
:il to pa-.t- the streets.   The remaining pri perty owners have there-
, ,. ■■ to e    sider whether the ben-
' the pavement is worth to them
the ci   '  oi   paving the Btreet cross-
i • ■  oi the advantages of tl    pat
that, once laid, it will   ■
years tht  source of no
se.    It will permit also
: ow applied t" the streets in the
entre on the
■ ts which it  is •
ave.   The outlying distri<cts will
fit thi  ■ through betti
in the   entre the city n
.   ■■■,
■ ,
■ he cit
from maki
■ •
■ •     •
The people ol  Ubert i do uot   like
tne- nei.iraction that lias been i dopt
j ed as the synomym for the full name
I of their province and n. deference to
their wishes the    postmaster general
bas ordered that the 1..1I name shall
be employed so far as bis department
is concerned,   it is not so much that
they are opposed to abbreviating the
e>:   the provinces In date lines
as   that   they      do   not consider  tbat
Alta Is sufficiently significant or suf-
Bciently  guards against mistakes.
Their objection does not apply
with equal force to the contraction
employed to designate British Colum*
i    The     full name    for   Canada's
.".i stern province is one in
which the people of British Columbia take much pride, but it must be
admitted that it has the disadvantage of length. For that, reason the
contraction B.C. has come Into general use, In speaking as well as In
writing. It has become Identified
Witb the name of the province, which
it obviouslj suggests, and the dang.
ei eef misinterpretation ■ >r mistake -
:i nu te,
It is not s.i with tbe contraction
j  adopted to di ilgn ite   I
f   Uberta.   To \ pie In East-
:'. da, -ays •:.•   vla.ll and    Em
I ne, tn.it  Bhort  form d uit     In
stantly   suggest    the   western    pro-
fur tbe m imenl
tilt"        The    : -
Fire Insurance placed in the most reliable companies.    Prompt
settlement of all claims.
Call and see us about Accident ot- Life Insurance.    Do not
delay.    We are at youi- service.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
J. D. Sinn.vi.il, Pros. j. o. Sibbald, Jr., Sec.-Treas.
[.STOKE   ANU   THK   '   V- \L
e to t
•     • trlcl
' ■
'   ' *
. thnt  II
I     •   . ■       •
•        - rill t e-
'     !        ■
..... . .
the world, thi
thi   i e velstnke de-
till will he the fact thai the
it   then     .|e„,rR    will
■   ■  f'.:     Ihe •
e   the
' il I
tbe i
thi   '
■,".   ...
'■f   all
Also new line of
Silver Deposit Ware,
Clocks and Umbrellas
J. G. Barber
British   subjects.     It   is,   however,   a
ory holiday and  coming in  the
leafy month of June is usually one of
the most enjoyable of the year.
The Vancouver and Victoria boards
of trade are urging the appointment
by the Dominion government of a
trade commissioner to foster the opportunities for trade with South
America which will arise from the
opening of the Panama canal. They
recommend the appointment of a
western man. The idea is a good
one. and if carried out a western man
Bhould undoubtedlj     listed with
the wori.. but not necessarily a man
from    Vancouver   or    Victoria.     A
knowledge of the Interibr i> required.
'I' Men  the coast   holds  the view-
that \ ria monopo-
li  of British Co-
i.      They    are    the    ga
ii  which the tradi
t ei urn if it docs not produce oil. So
'■ g as the oil investor uses only his
own money, understands the risk that
le is taking, and is buying in genuine explorations, there is not much
to do with him but let him go. He
bas a right to take his fair chances
witb others. But us a sane person be
should assure himself that he is biiy-
Ing shares in a real oil venture, nnd
no! giving money to bogus concerns
which do not allow him even a gam-
1 ler's opportunity.—Vancouver News-
■  *
-  •
. i
> In,   ai" e
reach nil Is noi n rAlu |     it
n. noi llkelj '■' en.
Corson funeral is
Held at Kamloops
The funeral of J. H. Corson, manager of the Dominion hotel, at Kamloops, took place on Monday at Kamloops and was attended by il. J. McSorley, who was one of the pallbearers, and by Mr. and Mrs. L. Patrick
The funeral waa held at St. Paul's
church where a service was held by
Rev. il. s. Akehurst, the pallbeure -
being 1.. Patrick, II. J. McSorley, J.
ison, T. Sweenev, <i. CJovett antl
.-ly.   The remains were conveyed
e. un (emetery, the coffin  ig
d  a oh masses of wrei ths and
e ibutes, while a long cortege of
and friends followed.
ho   ••iit flowers were:    Do-
. Lei empl >yees, Lelanu hotel,
ipai . Hotel Patricia, Grand i'a-
itel, L. (). I..  100 ■ Revelstoke,
V. in Macintj re, I>. ii. McLean, Co-
hoti I, Imperial brewery, G. S.
It   is     with      great  regret,  says  the
Kamloops Sentinel, that  tbe death ia
■ -   .f Francis Henry Ooraon,
.   ii red ar an eai Ij hour tins
' lie Royal Inland hospital
- Ion tbe di i eased had
Inmate for tbe pasl   month.
■ I.e.    W.lS   one   'ef    till     I,est
■ I      most     popular  men   in
i     foi     uni   time i" en
but  though  the aei lous
■   ognlzed
i ■   bad inn di>  bi •
V   i born In the  i II
■ ai June i -.  i ■
■   "
■'  leaving Eastern Can
r I    ■   ■   ■ |.   i ,, |   ,,
>n the
Ing weal   ba
; '    imdel    | he
el lie i in    whose
I   be i '"..'in' 'i fi.i  ii .pi.ii i
li''  the '"I ipntlon and     ri
where I
one o   tha p   ,   ■
■ men! "f thc bomb bo
loi i i  i ■! rand .
■ ■ o.n bfd h among tbe i Itlwn i
'/ publli,      I bit i
■      lelj     lineal I .".I i f|
■ ..ilv's   Ii lend   and   the 'lei'i
Miv alii be feii foi  \ii i   i 'oraoi d
. en . hlldrsn   i hrei   gii la
win, survive lum.
LooK. For
Thu Sign
Mail-    sU£gm&^> Electric
Herald <«ggPp_> Press
Let ns estimate for yonr next job, or ask
is tor ideas,   specimens, information—we
can help you.
We Vrint
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memonam Cards   -   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mai I-Herald Electric Tress
Revelstoke.  B. C. Phone No. 8
That ..
*Pays . .
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ihe slyle and quality of your Printing. A
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page rrvw
Charlie Lucca May
Fight in Revelstoke
Halcyon, 13. 0., June 2.—Charlie
L.UCCa, the fast Italian light weight,
who will meet French Vaise for the
light weight championship of Canada at Nelson in July arrived at Halcyon Saturday. William Boyd who is
a  great admirer of Lucca, has fitted
Revelstoke  Cricket Club Win
Victory   Bourne Not Out
With Forty-seven
The Loyal Order of Moose put   up
_ good  game at the  beginning of the
neck againet  the    Revelstoke cricket   him  up  with a  lirst class open     air
dub and although they did not   win gymnasium.   Lucca has already start-
,    .   .        ..       ,.,„,. fi,„,.„ ed     in    preliminary work.     He   will
thev showed thai  in the order there * •
I robably   remain     hero   ahout three
iE the material (.era team that with  ^^ Rm] (1|.|iks (|ui|   Halcyo_   wjl|
ractlce would give    a good account greatly    bemjfl1     Mm   for   ^ bard
if itself against tirst class teams. „,„_,,. ln Julv
The scoreboard at  the end of   the ^^ { ^ ^ ^ ^ ^   ^
game showed l*.'l runs for the Revel- ,((,„jv(,(, ;ul   ,,„,.,.   f,.(lln     Reveistoka
stoke   cricket club,    .....1 M  tor   the Bports w))o ^ an-loU8 t„ see him in
Moose.   01 the Revelstoke sere F.H. actlon ^ lg mMng QyN the ofler
i,   contributed no less than   17. B{rjou-j_
He played a splendid innings and put whi]i,   'nghln- thls     m0lnlng   witb
up an   exhibition   of  sterling   cricket, ,,pjd   -ohnrto_ |u,  [an(Jed  fl  ,,  pou_a
.ml kept up hi-     wicket  to the end. s.il|mi|1 tnmt_
F. Fleetham batted well for his    22',	
he and Bourne being the only ones to _        .      .
get into the do        fig ur,  VV'T    1   o a S B 0 B11   IM]   Oil
For the Moose J.  Maley hit up   -i
styli    ii fore  giving  Hartley
.        ,....      . • .•; t.'.l,  C.   Miller
contributed a  well  earned   15  and  0.
Field was • ■' out  ■'• itn eleven.
For  the   Revelstoke  club   Fleetham      Preparations  are  now    in  progress
took five wickets for     14 runs     and at the  Y.M.C.A. for the annual field
[b captured      •   wickets for 15.    i^ay "Ports to he held .July I, Domin-
Ttll, ,    ,.,   -as a8 follows: jion day.   One of the outside amateur
DpvET 3TOKE C   C baseball   teams   Will   be  brought      in.
22 There will also he a football and   la-
«   crosse  game.
Seventeen to Eight in Favour
of C. P. R, is Monday's
Monday evening the Canadian Pacific railway baseball team played
the business men and trimmed tbem
to the tune of IT to S. The C.P.R.
upheld their reputation for heavy
slugging, They pounded tbe business
'men's southpaw out of the bos and
Kenny McRae came up to the rescue.
Domfnion Day
F.   Fleeth.ur.  b.   Maley   	
F.  Hinds c.  Bridge, b. Miller ..
R.   Dabell  c.   Hamilton,   6.   Miller 9   BASEBALL MATCH v,mi
F.   H.  Bourne,  retired    li
*,.  Hartley, c. Maley, b.  Hinds ... S
J.  Maley.    jr.. b. Hinds     0
J. W,  Sankey c.  and b. Hinds ... 0
E. A. Davey b. }\\n<if   1
.i.  L. Warren,  run out   "
W, Whitby  i .   Hinds   6
L. Vi. Wood,    not out    6
I.'-          '
... j Byes   3
A big game is anticipated toda;  oi
the Kamloops cliam nd between Kam-
■ I      and   Revelstoke.     Play   i om-
'n. i. ■•■- al   . ...in.
Tbe public Behoof baseball league
is now in full swing and some very
close and interesting games are be-
leig played.
2.   Bridge   b.   Fleetham        2
A.  Sheppard b.  Fleetham     0
}. Cralgmyle b. Fleetham     S
J.  Rowlette c.  Sankey     0
J.  Ferguson b.  Woods     0 j    _ayg ^  ^ WMtmi_stw. NeW(|._
R.  Hamilton b. Fleetham  I     4 A   8Cnoo,   lacrosge   Uague hRg bcen
,.   Watt   n.   Woods        4   formed   between   Enderby   and     Arm.
J.   Maley  c.  Hartley    21  str(m_ schoo,g to pJay .Qt tfae     Joe
-..  Miller c.  Woods   15  LaUy meiBie    Thp -^ Kame of tbjj
-•  Fleld  not  out        '   league will be plaved between Ender-
:ohn c. Fleetham      n   by an(,  Armstrong  0_  the  mh      Ag
r^es   "   the Revelstoke schools have also re-
Vltbougl there Is considerable husl-
. esc to be disposed of, including the
• • : of man;, millions of estimates
:•  is quite possible that prorogation
nay taki   place     Friday  or  Saturday
The latest report In regard to   the
:eii;s ■ Ibllti   ii    • " Mini  t ■-•    i-    ' hi'    '1
ractlcally     unanimous     report has
been  reached  that  the boundaries   of
'be constituencies as agreed upon will
be submitted to parliament in the
course of a daj or two and that the
•ill will g,, through with little dis-
ission m the house,
ciived medals from  Lally they
better start and  play too.
"1   find  the      professor's    statistics
"I don't. He told me there were
'our hundred bill on people in tbe
■ .rid, and that I was tbe prettiest
girl in the lot."
I muil be "iu of mv present premises
le. July 1st.   St,min . on the 17th ol
June ..til boh:
Auction Sales
Every Wednesday
and Saturday
at my new place of business opposite
Mall-Herald office.
Auctioneer Phone 356
u.  offer Consolidated OU Shares at
l'i cents,   par   value   one  dollar.
u the ,; arket,    Handled exclusively
■ ■ ii known and ruponilbli firm.
mi ok. hi.mix & co.
Fiscal   \ienls
ifficei nlio ni  Edmonton and
Medicine Hat,
Oil at Arrowhead
(Continued from  Fage One.)
beginning to drill if necessary, two
or'more boles before abandoning the
enterprise, even though gas is struck
in the first in commercial qdantlties"
"Often a Bow of gas is reached
long before the oil sand is tapped.
This is owing to the enormous force
of its owd pressure which forces it
through almost any ordinary rock
especially if the rock is the least bit
fractured or broken. This is tbe reas-
I on when sometimes a well ceases to
I'ow drilling it deeper will cause it
to resume its original flow. Shooting
a well will often have the same
Uu  Sat unlay  morning  last the   oil
i f, ver   overtook   the   people  of  Fernie
vet > suddenly   and   for a while    it
looked as though  a  gusher had been
located  on the  Lluard range,   says
the fernie  Vtea Press.   The rush to
re-stake the old oil claims of      the
ftocky   Mountain Oil  coir.peny.  which
lave  been  allowed to lapse for     the
past  eight   or ten  vears,  looked  like
a stampede.   Horses, automobiles, bi-
cycIeB, motor cycles nnd shanks mare
I were all   requisitioned  in  the       wild
I rush und there was hardly an axe left
! in town.   Who the successful stakers
[were     it, will be for the government
to determine
These  claims,      which  were  located
| some  10 or     12 years     ago hy local
people, were sold to the Rocky Mountain  Oil company for something like
I Nliie.niili  each,  and  were  slightly  pros-
pected, with results which would have
Itemed to warrant deep wells being
sunk, but for monetary rcas<"'ns tbe
cotnpanj devoted their capital •■ tbe
Other        districts        where thev
already   had   Welle,   with   the      result
tbat the local claims reverted to the
government -', (ar as surface Indications can be judged the local field
would seem to be as good an invest-
r,enl loi i legitimate pri
Hung in Allien.,,    l-.u:.   Free Press.
On the First of -Inly (Dominion
May) th.n- is to be a big race meeting;
at Nicola, when horses from all parts
of the district ..iii compete. The
committee who have the arrangements in hand are making' preparations for a big crow.', and a big program <>;' events.
Four Men in  One Cell-Jury
Recommends Construction
ot Chapel
In its presentment at the Kamloops
assizes the grand jury criticised the
condition of the provincial jail there,
to which prisoners from Revelstoke
arc frequently sent. Its report was
as follows:
We, the member ol" the grand jury
at this court of assize, in concluding
our duties, address Your Lordship in
accordance with ancient established
In the firsl place we wish to say
that while the duties which fell- to us
were more onerous than we would
have liked them to be, on account of
the fair name of this city and the
whole province, yet we are glad to be
able to mark one gratifying feature
of the cases which have come before
us, and that is the almost total absence of cases of "rolling" and holdups."
We have visited the different public
institutions in  the city and district,
and have the following recommendations to make concerning them:
Provincial Gaol.
The provincial jail we found very
much overcrowded, in some instances
four men occupying one cell with only
two single cots to sleep on. And we
would urge upon the government the
necessity for the early construction of
a new building. We would also recommend thnt  some temporary building
ere :te I for the use of the prisoners
as a reading room, and for the holding of Divine services \-.hich nre now
held in a corridor that is very poorly
lighted and has not sufficient space
for Seeats, Sai itary arrangements alsi
require attention; the basins and
toilets being unlit for use.
Tranquille Sanitorium.
The Tranquille Sanatorium we
found in excellent condition, bul i*. is
bIso in need of being enlarged for tin
accommodation of patients, and we
would BUggest that the government
take over the institution, as the farm
in connection would materially reduce
the cost of maintenance, and also be
better   for   the   prisoners   than   being
■hut up in an over-crowded jail,
(lid .Men's Home.
At the provincial home we found
the rn■". portion in splendid condition,
but would urge upon the government
the necessity for the early completion
of lii'' remainder Of the new building.
as the sanitary arrangements al present are bad, and the old men do not
get the necessary attention.
At the i.'".'i.! inland Hospital we
found the work being carried on efficiently under aide management.
The city schols we find arc deserv
ing of all commendation, the buildings
modern and convenient, excepting the
lavatorial in the public school which
are entirely inadequate and obsolete,
and should be remedied at once. We
also found the ventilation in both the
public and high schools to be defective in operation.
We would also point out. tin Insufficiency of accommodation at the court
■. both for the public and nece
sary attendants; and the lighting of
th in room, which is very bad indeed.
We   :■    e  ■   that   Your   Lordship
may be pleased to lay these sugges-
bl      " the proper authorities.
La sl j. io  the fire loss on the (a
nadian    timber      ■   ■    •       waf    the
smallest ever known, only one-fiftieth
of  one   per  cent,   of  the  area   being
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
Hume's Garment Sale
is on During June
We have an immense stock of Children's,
Misses', Girls' and Ladies' Wash Dresses
you are going* to get them during June .it
bargain prices.
We have about ioo of those Boy's Wash
Suits left. With each we give the boy a
nice Jack Knife on a chain. All good
washing Suits of percales, linens, etc., in
3 lots at
90c, $1.35, $1.90
A great collection of Ladies' beautiful
White Wash Waists and Blouses. Every
Blouse in our stock is included in this sale.
Middies, Sailors. Balkans, Ladies' Voile
and Muslins. The prices you will find interesting.     They are
$1, $1.90 and $3.90
Special Table of Real Bargains
Misses' Serge Skirts, Women's Petticoats,
Girl's Serge Dresses all at each
No two alike. Lovely White frocks and
nice, colored Wash Dresses. We have
too many of them and they must be sold
this month.    They are
1.90, 2.90 and 3.90
We are going entirely out of Carpets.
Linoleums, etc. When in the store have
a look at the attractive prices we can give
you on any of the above.
A lot of Jap Matting at 25c
A lot of Blair Carpet at 35c
New stock of Hammocks now on sale.
1.75 to 12.50
Mens  Furnishing and Shoe Depi.
Summer Shoes for
ihe Little Ones
CHILDREN'S SANDALS in sizes from
4i to 2. Heavy, flexible soles that wear.
Nice, soft uppers that do not hurt the kiddie's
feet.   The best that money can buy.
1.35, 1.50, 1.75, 1.95, 2.00
from 5 to 2. Dark tan double toe. Spring
heels.   Heavy, flexible soles.   Soft uppers.
$1.75, 2. 2.25 according to sizes
"New-Welt" Brand. They come in blacks,
tans, white horse and gray calf. Just the
thing for summer. Medium weight flexible
soles. Nice, soft uppers, no linings to tear
and roll up. Either button or lace.    Sizes ."i to
All sizes. 5 to 2. Medium weight sole.
Ankle straps.
1.50 and 1.75
Children s Shoes on
the Bargain Tahle
For the balance of this week only, about
fifty pairs Children's Boots and Slippers.
Extraordinary values.
85c a pair
$2.50 and $2.75 a pair
Boy's Cool Summer Suits
Very Special
NORFOLK SUIT-Good strong Khaki
twill, unlined. Bloomer Knickers. Sizes.
25 to 30. Just the thing for hot summer
wear.    Saves the price of a real good suit.
$3.50 a Suit
In our Grocery Departmenl  you can gel anything yow may req lire in Staple oi   Fancy
Groceries. Wc are making a specially of Summer Goods just now and have some tine
lines for picnics and camping parties. All om goods are new and fresh and the best quality
we can buy. In tinned fruits nothing can Much our line of Hunt's California fruits. In
Pickles we have Crosse & Blackwell's and Heinz. Tne names of these two iirms ,ire a
guarantee of quality. For ynur breakfast in camp ymi will need either Swift's Premium
Ham or Bacon it's impossible to get anything better. Docs this windy weather leave lots
of dust in your house ? Try Dustbane when sweeping and see how much easier it is.
If the flics bother you wc can supply you with Wilson's Fly I'ads, Tanglefoot or some fly
catchers. If lhe high cost of living is worrying ymi call in and sec us and vou won't need
to worry.
ONE PRICE AND QUALITY FOR EVERYONE We have jusl finished unpacking
a new shipment of Crockery and Glassware. Among this lot are some very pretty Rose
Vases of good quality and Very cheap. A good line o( drinking glasses and' cheap water
jugs, also a very select line of Crown Derby and Cut lilacs a-- well as our usual well known
stock of Dinner Sets. Any price you want. Stock patterns in white, gold and blue, and
white] Dinner Sets, and a good line of Fancy China in odd piece-. We have now a full
line of I.imogcs China.
IL. a
WEDNESDAY,   Jl'NE  3,   1914
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.'
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rites $1.00 a Day and U; Phone 1029
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. II. J. Hanbury,   -     Proprietn
Steatti Ht-atr i Throughout      Housekeeping Suites.
Corn   :  V.   ■•
and Douglas Stl •
Jaclc Laughton, Proprietor
First Street. Revelstoke, B  C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson ^^^^^
First-Class in a I
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
suitabl*. furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines Liquors and
Cisrars.    Rates $1 a da; .    Monthl) rates
The city council of Euderby strikes
a rate of -Hi mills to increase revenue.
Two trusties mads their escape
from the Fernie jail on Sunday morning and have not heen located.
Homes, an Indian of Kamloops was
found not guilty at the assizes lust
Friday on a charge ot cuttle steal -
The government roud at the head
of Moyie lake is now being improved.
While working over a missed hole
on Pacific Great Eastern railway
construction near Green Luke on the
Cheakamus section, north of Squa-
mish, last Friday afternoon, three
Russian laborers lost their lives and
another  was injured.
for garden and farm are best
for B.C.soil.Soe Catalogue* for
solid guarantee of purity
and germination.
Send now for Copy free
Sutton SSens.Ths Kind's Soodmen
Re<>-din_ England
Victoria      r\       Vancouver
6IS Fori sr. 667 Granville St.
Mike Butcher, an old resident of
Fernie, was found dead in bed on
Sunday morning, death being caused
by heart failure.
A n 11 ii-1 wedding was solemnized ut
Knox Presbyterian church at Trail,
when C.A. Boynton, local manager
for I'. Burns & Co., was united to
Miss Kathleen Morris, a former resident .if Nelson.
Sir Richard McBride at a meeting
with a delegation representing the
Fritish Columbia Radium institute
committee expressed Lis sympathy
with the proposal but would not commit the government to an expenditure
of $15,000 to buy radium until he had
consulted his colleagues.
Ten thousand dollars hus been
granted by the Hon. Thomas Taylor
for the North Fork road ut Grund
Forks and an engiaeer is being sent
to determine spending of same to the
best advantage; also §25,000 has been
granted i" the Johnson Smelting corporation.
Thc joint commission on Indian affairs is now at Hardy Hay in its tour
of the Indian reserves ou the island.
The trip is being made in the steamer
Tees, und the commissioners will be
occupied in this portion of the province until late In  June.
Dan Michel, an Indian, died ut Ucl-
lielet "ll Sunday last as a result of
drinking liquor manufactured by two
members of his tribe. The liquor
dealers, Francis William and Uclue -
let James, were arrested by Constu -
ble  Kvamo anil  taken to Alberni.
W     "i
"Twelve Stories of Solid Comfort"
In tlio centre of thintfi—tlientroa
and stores on both Bides.   Building
abolutdy fireproof—concrete* stcc]
and marble*
With Baths—S2 per clay up
The province will be represented al
Halifax next September at the annual
convention of the Canadian Forestry
association, this being the first meeting of the association so far east. A
contribution of $'-'0u has been tor-
warded by the province towards the
expenses of  the  convention
li. Benedict, chief of the operating
stall of the forest branch of the provincial government, is In receipt of
news by wire that within the past
few days the Fort George district
Las been visited by a series of very
destructive tires. For a time they
were     beyond control but the latest
advices   are  that   rain   has fallen,   and
ill" situation is much improved.
Harold Robertson and Curly Jones
collided in a baseball game al Pen
ticton and the result, was nearly fatal in one case. Jones sustained a
fracture of the collarbone, while Robertson was knocked out and was on
ly brought back to consciousness by
means 'ef artificial respiration.
Tramps, careless "f other people's
property, are believe,i to have been
He cause of the destruction by fire
of the fishing lodge at Shawnigan
I.ike owned by Vi. Ii. Munsle, president of the Shawnigan Lake Lumber
company. The fire completely demol
ished the two-roomed lodge and its
I contents.
without   the advice of an expert   is
rather risky business.    And it. is very
costly   to  make
Why not let us show you some
houses that, we know are all right.
It is our business to know things
about property which you might
nevi i find out till too late. We ofler
our services freely. We know we can
save you both time and money. We
have done it for plenty of others.
A. !■"..  KINCAID,  Manager.
Kepi.its of a man, believed to be
mentally affected, Insulting young
school girls while an theii way to
school, were made to the Victoria
I olice authi n ll les. 'I be James Bay
and southeastern section .if the city,
in the vicinity of schools, was scoured by officers searching for the man
who succeeded  in eluding capture.
• ■ of Princeti n     and     thi
surrounding  district  arc  waiting for
tion  e'f  the Kettle  Valley
(C.P.R.)  ami the Vancouver,  Victor-
(G.N.R.)  nexl   year.
in a lot to    '
J    M,
'  Is waiting
in   the
- '
if  their
■ I lr
Nine   tons  of  steel,   two   I al ll lads   ol
cement and two carloads of stono for
the construction of the Dominion
government building in Port Alberni
arrived   last    iveek.      A   shipment     of
.' 10, I  bricks  Is also on  the way   to
the city for the same purpose. The
Mone work ou the building will be
commence 1 eai In  next week.
Fifty sis logs, averaging 10 feet
In length and other small timber
.err cut, hy the old timers of Nelson
uh" made n trip to the ranch of ('.
Vi. Busk at Kokanee for the purpose
..f obtaining the logs for their shack
which is t" he erected on the recrea
tion grounds as old timers'headquar
•• rs during Chahko Mtka week.
John  Lynch    was found guilty    at
at Kamloohs or the theft
ef  pork  consigned to a  local  dealer.
I ynch     was capture.i  b\   Constable
McRary  after a     si arp chase
through   the Canadian   Pacific  railway
yards.   The  jury   were  onlj   ten  miu-
irrlvlng at  their  verdict.    Sen-
■ •. ed uni il the end    of
I i- bi Ing made
through the Okanagan district by W.
■ i illei     "f        the   water
il I ie . '• Is   !•■ ■ ■! i ment.   He
' ■ eef      ^6     lllS
ant to have an Irrigation
r.ed  under tbe act  ol lasl
Mr.   V g   Will   make    esti-
ol the cost of bring-'
■   point   grhere     they
the   Mission   Hill set
either by way of a canal f.,n-
the  valley  from     the
■   pumping  system
ni  lake.
Bargains In Builders" Supplies
From inaiiiit* u-i ui .a to consumer
direct. Vou elt'rcl an enormous saving on   Windows,   Doors,   Mouldings,
Porch Col ii-, eic-.,   Building  Paper
ami Builder*    Uuidwiifp,   by   buying
direct by mail.    Note these prices:
doors   foi
d-Ci-oss  panel
R tal 11  or   oil.
5-Crous   panel
stain or paii ;
Window   1'iaii
Door  Frames.,
 si. 70
door.-   foi   dark
es 81.30
lock  lm  immediate
■II  to anyone.    Ship
E\ i-i yi King in
shipment. We
anywhere,     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Write for new Illustrated Catalog.
A. 15. Gushing Lumber Co. Ltd.
SOQ-Powel Street        Vancouver, B.O
Union  Hotel
A. P. [iBVBSQUB   Proprietor
. ... ■
from t .■: of • ,,.. |.', ,,,.
it   Hell' i Gate,  where last   Dei
ie Mirk  |am [rom the
i ,pse of the Canadian Northern   tunnel blocked tha canyon and made It
Impossible for tha salmon to ;e1 pas! 'ditlona wonld
■ Bl 6   obtained
■   leputatlon '>f tha Van
 iel . ..f  trade.
li  conference al  *•> ictorla     with
•   . •■    With   regard
co   ti   islonei   for South
Rli lard  McBride was
 loi ted the
1 itlon ol    tha    delegates,
I I  id* ''on.
mlMlonei   urould be    to promote tba
opportonltlea of trad       th I he open
Ing 'if  tli"  Pal e i:,i     The  prem
ier in addressing the gathering point
ed oul   thai ll   iras    ■, subject   which
■   -. i distinctly to the province of
tm- mlnlstei  ol trade and commerce
(Of     tlie    ll'.Illllll'.II.    ,,,„|   ||     ,,.„„    ,,„     -}jr
Richard's suggest loi th et it wan da
rided ie, Immediately wire Hon.
George ft   Fostei    The telegram rail
ed attention  In lhe fact   that  new ron-
Obtain   and    new    trade
Come and look it out Triangle Sad
Irons    guaranteed lor ever,
PRICK    6 LB. IKON. $3.90
Etstimatea given free
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  C.  Land
Surveyors nnd Contractors,
P.  O. Box 347,  Kamloops, B. C.
Branch Office—Watson Realty Co.
B. C. Land Surveyor
Otliee, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
Accountant and Auditor
Collections and Adjustments
Office Tuylor Block
Office ['hone 322. Res. Phone 808
O.   B.   N.   WILKIfl
Oilice: Lawrence Hardware block
Box 205 Telephone 313
Revelstoke    B.   C.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on tbe Third
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary
i*. Vi. 0, Vi.
Mountain View Camp No. 2_'J
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday In each month iu
Selkirk Hall Visiting Wood
men are cordially invited to
H,    Vi.  EDWARDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT,    BEGBIE NO. 3161
OF 1. O. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth MondaJ-
in month.     Visitini   brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
II.  V. MORGAN, 0. R.      '
Meets every Second and Fourth
Tuesday in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren cordially invito.!.
DR. McLEAN, Die.
H.  I.. HAUG, Secretary.
I. 0. O.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall at 9 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
Meets every Wednesday
evening at ^k.. In Selkirk
Hall. Visiting brothers
cordially invited.
Mckenzie i.it2
Court Meets in Foresters Hall,
over Smythe's Pool Room First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at    3:30
G. D. SHAW, C. R.
A.  H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec.
that point, At the present time n-j routes would be opened witb tba pan-
men in engaged on the work, night'nmn rnnnl coming into operation and
and 'inv shifts being kept going, mot 'it strongly recommended that a spec-
Ing  about   1600  yards Of      rock  from  |lal  agent   should   ba  eit   once  appoint
tha   bed   of  the   river   Ion   |r,|~?       175   ec|   to   loVCSttglte   and   report.        The
feet above tha watei on tba Canadian telegram set   mt     thai     tha   agent
Pacific railway Hid" |Should  he a  western  man.
Notice 1-1 hereby given tbat I will,
OU the 16th day of .June, L914, lit the
lour of 10:30 a.m., ut the Court
House, in t.he City of Revelstoke, B.
('., ofler for sale by Public Auction
nt an upset price, the following Government Lots in tbe Townsite of
Gerrard, being part of Lot No. 5704,
District of West Kootenay.
List of Lots.
Lots  11  and 13, Block 1.
Lots 1 to 18, Block :'..
Lots I. 6, 7. I and '.*, Block  I.
Payment Of lots sold may be made,
i no fourth at time ol sale, and the
I stance In one, two and three years,
with interest on deferred payments
at tbe rate of six per cent, per annum.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this
llth dsy of May. 1911.
June It Government Agent.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets aud everything
reauired in vour business.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty-
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
nulatlnf Pill fur Women, I"i 11 l„,x or throe lor
J10, hold at ull Uniif BtOrtS, nr mulled to any
sddKMonrootlptol price, tiucsi.-ohem. D*m»
on ,-t. Catharines. Ontario._
Vltallt?)fat Kerrs sort Stains Increase!1     iy
in i|i'T":n "J'ni,|.     ,1'! 1.   ; M . .11 i ,.. ' . i' t.ee-     .V
tWO   lOt   JV   Ht (It  I  ' II   ■-■'.       el-   1.  •   ;  , .   I        I !■• I
tif |er|e-.\   | SSI ■     • '   . itunaua,
Ontario. WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 3,   1914
Tells of Riches of Trout Lake
District—Mines Full
of Rich Ore
It is good news to learn that a dc
finite discovery of tin bus been made
in the Litrdeuu district of British Columbia, writes E. A. Huggen. Hith-
• rto the indications of thc metal
have been limited to the small quantities found in assays of ore from
the Payue mine in the Slocuii, and
in thc sings of the Trail smelter,
probably derived from the Slocan ores. The geological survey of
Canada is authority for the new dls-
COVery, which was due to the dilli-
culty of recognizing a piece of lloat
found in Fish river valley, north of
Camborne. The sample was supposed
to be wolfram, a tungstate of iron
and manganese,  but  owing to the un-
eitainty about it the sample was
sent to tbe geological survey for
Identification. Here it wus found to
bean excellent sample of tinstone, or
Cassltorlte, which, when pure, contains Tst; per rent metallic tin. On
lhe discoverers being advised of this
tbey set out to prospect the locality,
and it iB stated they were successful
in locating the ore in place. The locality is understood to be Goat
Mountain, where some Cranbrook
men hold claims carrying some high
values in gold as well as other minerals. Some years ago shipments o£
:re carrying phenomenally high gold
. nd silver values were made by a
Rossland company from this locality
The formation     is a contact of lime
.nd granite, and therefore a likely
place to find tin ore. For many
years it has been believed by mining
men tbat tin would one day be found
in Uritish Columbia, as conditions
for its occurrence are favorable. Tin
occurs In the l'nited States to the
south, and in Alaska to tbe north.
Samples oi stream tin were brought
In la'st fall from Dense river, in Cas-
-i.ir. and it is likely that section will
be prospected With a view to finding
the source of the mineral. In th»
nineties there was u tin boom at Rev-
lstoke on a report that the mineral
lad heen located on Isaac creek, and
the late Jim Wardner hurried into
tbat district witb a view to organizing 8 company t" we.rk the supposed
deposit. Further Investigation proved the report to be without foundation, Borne other mineral having been
nistaken for tin.
Tbe mineral resources of the Trout
lake mining division ale attracting
attention and deservedly so. There
are several promising prospects there
and some mines have been important
shippers. The Silver Cup, formerly
operated by a London company with
which Mr. Horne-1'nyne was connected, shipped ore to the value of
aver 81,000.000. There was a ' continuous shoot proved up from the
surface to below the 100 ft. level.
This Bhoot carried ore of high grade
due to its grey copper, which assayed
eis much ns 1200 ounces in silver and
$2n in gold. The average value was
probably  about 200  ounces in silver,
1.0 ounces gold, and 25 percent lead.
The ore was penalized ut the smelter
n account of its high zinc content,
about 2'- per cent. This mine was
operated continuously from about
IS'.K>- till now, but its most productive
period terminated with the working
cut of tbe original shoot about 1901,
During the past eight years the ore
discoveries have been limited to small
pockets. For some time now the
mine has been worked on lease. Witb
the high-grade shipping ore, a large
tonnage of second class ore %as
mined but was of too low grade to
ship to the smelter. The value aver-
Jiged about $15 a ton, tbe gold being
associated with the tctrahedrite. To
work the old dumps a stamp mill and
chlorinatlon plant were installed on
the advice of the English consulting
fngineer, and about $100,000 was expended on this work and on the construction of tramways. The plant
did not work successfully and, instead of values being saved, the finely
■crushed tetrnhedrite can be found in
the gravels of the Lardeau river between tbe 011 at Five Mile and Trout
Lake City. Along with the tetra -
ledrite is found the mercury used in
amalgamation in the fine globules.
This property also owned by the
Ferguson Mines Limited, formerly
Operating the Silver Cup, shipped a
considerable tonnage of high grade
ore about 1890-1902. The gold values
were not so good as in the Silver Cup
hut the silver values were ns high
and thc mirvc made a small fortune
for thc shareholders of the original
company on the property, being sold
to an ESnglllh company. The eon
centrating ore wns shipped to the mill
already referred to, but no better success attended Its treatment than the
me of the Silver Cup, and the mine
has  not  been   worked  to tiny extent
sinye 1905. When the writer last saw
this mine there was still a shoot of
ore extending downwaid from the
lowest level so that the mine could
not be said to be exhausted. The ore
shoot from which thc shipments were
made occurred where thc vein crossed
a fissure In a large bed of quartzite
which traverses the country.
Since then another claim of thc
Nettie L group, named the Ajax, has
turned out well. When the Nettie L.
was originally worked there was a
strong gossan showing on the Ajax
vein and the engineers believed it
was without, doubt connected with an
ore Bhoot. They ran an incline tunnel on it but failed to develop ore and
abandoned tbe work. Their theory
was subsequently proved to be cor -
leet, for some leasers resumed work
on thc incline and it is reported that
the lirst round of shots put in by
them disclosed the ore shoot, from
which the leusers shipped considerable ore. F.C. Merry, eiiining engineer, who was operating the Silver Cup
in thc interests of the bondholders,
subsequently moved his force from
the Silver Cup to the Ajnx, leasing
the former property. During thc past
winter he tins had a force of about lo
men steadily at work on  the Ajax.
On Silver Cup mountain are several
interesting properties. The Triune,
row idle, made big money for its
former owners, who shipped a con ■
siderahle tonnage of rich ore. It is a
difficulty property to work in winter,
I eing on a steep mountain side, under
a glacier and transportation is difficult, an aerial tramway trected by
a Minneapolis company, having been
swept away by Bnowslides.
Above the Triune is thc Cromwell,
a property which has shipped ore
running high in gold values. It is
looked upon as the making of a mine,
I ut is located on a steep mountain ■
side, swept by snowslides and difficult to work. The vein has a low
angle of dip.   It is stated work is to
be resumed on the Cromwell.
Further west is the Winslow on
which considerable work has been
done and which is regarded as a promising gold property. It is owned by
Mr. Bruce Wnite.
On the north fork     of tbe    Lardo
river above Ferguson nre the Broadview,  and    True Fissure and     Great.
Northern     properties.   The   first-men ■
tloned wns one of those taken up by
Hornc-Tayne interests nnd wbb nn ex-
•client  prospect     when  first opened, i
Development  did  not  however,  prove
up ore bodies at  depth, though there '
Is a strong lead running through the
property   with  several  smaller    veins
carrying low grade ore.     Tbe    True
Fissure appears to have also a large
body of low grade ore, running   con' j
slderably  In  zinc.   The Great North
em,  which  bus  heen shut down     for
some years,  has  been reopened,    and
wus  under  development  during      thu ,
past winter, withitbe result that   an I
ore shoot was  proved up for a  length
of 75 feet.     The ore     here is    silver J
lead, with bunches of grey copper.
On the south fork of the Lardo riv-
er is the Parrsborox,  discovered     in
1910. ThiB has a shoot of most promising ore and a  deal is under way on j
South  of Trout  lake is the  Ethel, '■
fiom   which   some  remarkably    high-
grade ore bas     been shipped.       Tbe
property is owned and operated by A. j
Herman  of  Spokane.     Further    east
ate the Lucky Boy, Hotseshoe,     and
Copper Chief mines, in all  of    which
high-grade ore bas been found, and a |
fair  tonnage  shipped.   The  rich    ore
mainly occurs in  irregular veins     ir.
limestone.   It would not surprise the
writer to hear  of tbe Copper      Chief
making a good .mine.   There isa con- ]
siderable  showing  of pyrrhotite car |
rying fair values in gold and copper, t
Tributary to Trout lake are several
promising silver-lead  properties from
which ore could be
ped today.
mined and ship-
On the Wonderful near Sandon there
is a Strong lead which is believed to
be what the owners have been looking  for.
The Rawhide mine, I'hoenix camp,
which was being worked by the British Columbia Copper company, has
been  closed down.
Win. romlinson of New Denver,
has received an appointment from the
Dominion government to secure specimens of minerals for the province
for the Panama exposition at San
As a result of the Inquiry into the
Senghenydd Colliery disaster the
South   Wales Miners'    Federation, at
Cardiff, passed a resolution calling
for the prohibition of the use of
electricity for motive power in "fiery
nines." T, Richards, M. 1'., said
there was a danger of the emission
of sparks from  the cables.
George W. Rumberger, the founder
of I'hoenix ind for several terms chief
executive of the city of mines, has re
turned to the Boundary after having
spent some years in Hegina. He has
disposed e,[ his business interests in
the Saskatchewan capital and will
again he a familiar figure in the
Boundary.—Grand Forks Sun.
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting company has been doing
unite a lot of development work on
the old Silver King mine at Nelsem
and as a result the property is being
aguin put. in tirst class condition for
shipping ore. The cages have been
replaced by skips and the whole plant
is electrically  operated.
A decrease of 1,000 in the number of
miners' licenses issued in tins province last year is raising alarm in the
eyes of public men, and in those interested in the development of min -
ing. The prospector is the trail blazer, and it is he who paves the way
for the mining development and consequent prosperity which follows. —
rhoenix Pioneer.
Vancouver is almost in the cent
belt. It has a two cent paper, but
beer has not yet lallen to three cents
a shot.
's'^Xrb plainly* VI
On Copper mountain near Princeton, the Star says that the B. C. j
Copper Co., has Il,ii0i),0"n tons of
.ere blocked, and two more diamond
drills will be put to work, to speedily
bring the positive ore up to 20,000, •
000 tons.
G.H. Aylard, managing director of
i the Standard Silver Lead mine, Sil-
verton, B. C, has purchused from
Francis E. Pope, for JIO.UOo cash,
property at Third and Oak Btreet,
Spokane. Tbis is the home of the
new factory and garage of the Ford
| automobile agency.
Enormous gains bave lately been
made in the amount of gold handled
by the Vancouver government assay
office. For the tirst ten days of May
7,000 ounces of gold dl'st were cashed at a value of $112,000. Tbis was
seven times the business done a year
ago. The shipments were large in
number, none excessively large in
comparison, but coming from many
different places in the Yukon, Kootenay and Cariboo.
The crew of the Dtica has been reduced to seven men, this step having
leen necessitated by the supplies at
the mine running low. A large
quantity was laid in late last full,
sufficient, it is thought, to keep the
isual crew going until early spring,
In which time it was anticipated the
standardized K. „ s. would be ready
for steady operation. However, the
opening Of the road appears to be a
couple of months distant yet and the
L'ticii management must wait with
what patience it can until the regular
train service is set going. The V>-
Mile property is reported to be looking particularly rood in the big lend,
where there is a considerable reserve
of ore blocked out. The shaft ou
the small lead is down about 15
feet. Although started in a station
i utside the vein it has caught one
of the walls and some ore has come
in at  the corner.—Kaslo Kootenaian.
Swing Huchan, manager of the
Bank of Hamilton at Vancouver, appears to be surprisingly ignorant of
the sources of wealth production of
the province in which he transacts
business for his bank. In an article
to the Monetary Times he states the
mineral proddction of British Columbia at 824,000,000 when it is over
830,000,000 or taking the average of
the past two years ia about 831,000,-
000 per annum. He adds, "The backbone of prosperity will, therefore, in
my opinion be agriculture and manufactories." Mr, Buchan Is a man of
high standing in financial circles in
Vancouver, and has been president
of the board of trade so that his
failure to tell the truth about thc
importat-.ee of the minerul inddstry in
dritish Columbia is inexcusable. British Columbia is richer In minerals
than any other natural resource. Inclusive of the current year's mineral
production its mines will have produced about $500,000,000, Bnd will
have distributed close on $3.1,000,000
'in dividends.—Mining Record.
TWBIVB HUNDRED AND FIFTY TRACTS ■■( Hve an.l un acrei each tn he uniitee! t" proip»ctife •mien In throwing open
Twenty Thousand AcreM ol Rich, Southern Georgia Land, which ii admirably adapted tee the Krowlaq "' celery, *weet an.l
Irian poutm1*, canteloupea. water melon*, cum, oats, cotton, hay in faot, all HLapft- uropv iirem-n in -.In* fertile ni ifiion, ..- W -11 ai a lar^r
variety of Humi-tropii'iil fruits, ami the faiunn.i immensely profitable u^per'ahell pecans.
Providing you are eligible umler theclaHaitli-ations preHCrihi-il liy im, you are now e,i|\.reil an r\ -tdlent opportunity to luvak away freio
the drudgery ami toil of a hiiiuII wage, or working for the benefit of landlords, and go lock in a lanel of plentv, to *hie:h! if grantsd, you will
hold a warranty deod and abstract.
Tbe best soourlty on earth Is tho earth Itself, and land le tho basis or all wealth, Owners of productive Ian its
are benefiting by the Increasing high eost of living, while others arc mi Mi-ring from it.
Ao Opportunity to Secure Rich, Productive [ond Without (opitdl.
Vou will not be required to leave yonr present surroundings now. All
we ask of those to whom we grant tracts iH that they plant, or arrange to
have planted, a crop of one'of the above-mentioned product* within three
years, after which we will hare it operated (harfested and replanted) for
grantees, in consideration of _;■ per cent, of the net profits derived from
the sale of tho crops, thereby allowing the grantee to pursue his or ber
present occupation until such time an they determine just what tho yield
of their acres amounts to. Consider what this may moan an a source ol
Income, when statistics 1I10W that thn yield of olio aero of celery amount-
0(1 to 81,288.45, and that wue acre of well-cared for paper-shell pecans, in
full bearing should net its owner as high as ■J'.OO.OO per year. We
are of the opinion thai after it is proven by -totual resulty obtained in
operating tho land tbat they will need no further Urging, and waste
time in locating in this land of plenty. We also require grantees to occupy
the land within ten years, or sell i- to someone who will occupy it; otherwise it reverts back to tbe grantor.
The land Included in this opening is located directly on anil adjoining
tlie Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad) about 26 miles west of
Brunswick, a thriving City ol fifteen thousand, and having direct cteatu-
ship service to New York and Boston, and excellent railroad transportation facilities to all points, '['be average temperature for six months of
the year, from April to October, is 77 degrees; the climate is most healthful, and invigorating, and there is an ample rainfall of .".0 inches per year.
As we aro extremely desirous of having settlers locate on tins property and assist in its development, anil thereby greatly increase the
value of surrounding ami intervening property, which we will hold, antl to
increase the tratlic along the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Kailroad,
and thUB facilitate the service, we feel warranted in grant ing these tracts
to those who register with us. Wo also have in mind business and residence plots which we will offer for sale after the opening, but which will
not be included in it- We have "money-mailing afterward" considerations in this liberal-minded opening, sinilar to those of tho NorflT
them Pacific and other railroads when they granted their lands, and we
COLORADO Bl 11,1)1
expect to h»netlt thereby, ai well as the ones who will receive the tracts
We have also planned to develop what is designed to be the best
equipped, most up-to-date, scientific,commercial farm and orchard in et
Istence. It will consist of six thousand acres and will be included in tbis
opening. All who register and receive tracts will get the benefit of tne
experiment!and scientific methods in rogue thereon* While w« *re ar
ranging to prevontover-registraticn, we will avoid many disappointment*.
BUCh as OCOUrded in other land openings conducted by the United Stat**
Government and railroads, by grunting those who register in excess Oi ,.•■>*
number of tracts to be granted, an interest In thin commercial farm *.mJ
orchard enterprise, In the hope that they may later locate in one of our
town Rite^.
Examination of the land will cheerfully be permitted.
and the opening "ill be held at BrOWntown, Wayne County,Oeorgi.., one
id the stations of the A. B  & A. Kailroad, which [s leca'.ed on this pro
perty, and will oocur as noon after registrations as arrangements  can !lf.
The presence o! those registered will not be necessary at Brow ntown
on tbe opening day, unless tbey wish to attend, for there will be no ?a-»or.
Ittstn shown anyone.    It will be con tuoted by a committee seltwC«ni   for
the purpose, and those registered will be notified «.f what they bave t«e«n
granted, a-< soon as possible.
With thc ever-increasing population of thia country there
ia no corresponding incroase in the area of land, and n&tnx-
i ally as tbe population increases and sceUs the land in par-
I suit of health, happinoss and independence, it will continue
| to be harder to secure.
The prosperous and contented cla«s in Kurope today are thc dM0"_
[ ants of those who secured land there wben it was plentiful, while the de
! scendanU of those who obtained no Uud are now tbe peasants arid
I slaves. You must realize that this may bc your last chacce
j to secure land in this country without a large outlay of capital, so it should not be necessary to ur^c you to act at once by furw*rd-
I Ing us the application for registration attached to this announcement.
southern (ieorgia K ulroad-Land Development Hureau,
Washington, D. C.
Registration Department:
1 hereby make application to register for Fruit ami Agricultural Railroad Lund Opening, and furnish you with the I ( rrect aniwers^tO the following
Name  City	
State Street or R. F. D. No. 	
Age     Married or Single	
. ..Widow, Widower or Orphan Occupation .
Nationality Do you own over ten acres of land in the l'nited States	
If my application for registration is accepted, please send me, without obligation, further and complete Information and particulars, including
maps of the land, showing exact location on the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Kailroad. its transportation .facilities, agricultural, fruit and ol*.
growing possibilities, etc.
\ery truly yours.
Signal i. r-r
is the Pay Roll ot the City of Revelstoke to increase or decrease? You
■ftill unhesitatingly acknowledge that a local Newspaper ie essential to a
growing city. It is the beet advertiser lor the city that it could possibly
lave. Have you, Mr. Revelstoke Merchant, realized the vast number ol
eastern catalogues that have arrived in your city since the advent of
the parcels post Bystem ? Have you grasped tbe meaning of this attempt
to kidnap the business which ie rightfully yours ?
What are you doing to counteract ttis encroachment of the man from
the East ? Your remedy lies in the local newspaper. Have you sufficient
faith in the articles you sell to tell the people about them ! Of course
you have, therefore you must advertise your goods Let the MAIL-
HERALD perform the duties cf a salesman—it will be a good investment
for you !
Look after your own townspeople and those in the surrounding country.
Thc MAIL-HERALD goes far and wide, is eagerly looked for, ie positively demanded. The subscription list increases daily. Your announcements
in the MAIL-HERALD will be looked upon with absolute dependence. It
is your medium. Support the MAIL-HERALD and you will not find it
wanting in its aesistance to make Revelstoke a city of sound and remunerative business for its merchants., The MAIL-HERALD has a big
pay roll—advertisements are the life nlood of the paper. Kefp that puy
roll for Revelstoke, allow it to circulate here. Send your money away
r.nd it never comes back; spend it at the MAIL-HERALD office and you
will get a dozen chances at it during the couree of a year.
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 3,   1011
C B. Johnson ol Summerland, is
at the King Edward hotel.
E. B. Magutre of Taft, ftas a guest
at the Hotel Revelstoke ou Monday.
P. Ewert ol Oolden, wan in the city
yesterday,     registered al  the     King
J. K. Bell ol Winnipeg, registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke at the beginning of the week.
,. H. Williamson ol Notch- Hill,
. .nn to the oity on Monday ami reg-
iBtered at the King Edward.
Appointments to hospital boards of
directors arc set out by the lieuten-
«.t governor-ln council as lollows: —
Princeton, CharieB B. Thomas and
Perley Russell; Hedley, JameB Clarke
a al James D. Brass; Sisters ol St.
. Beph hospital, Comoz, James A.
C irthew and Joseph B, Holmes-
T. T. Watlman went to Donald today.
W. A. Anstie went to Nelson on
Mr. and Mrs. W. Boyd returned to
Halcyon on Sunday.
Miss Kellaway of Belleville is at
the Hotel Revelstoke.
(jeoi'ge Williamson, locomotive tul-
ginep!' of Notch Hill, Is in the city.
w. h Bohannah wan among the
visitor* to Halcyon hot springs on
Andrew Craig who curae to town
cu Friday returned to Beaton 0:1
3und 17.
Mr. ind Mrs. C. J. Uustod of Bu-
ford, N.D.. were at the Hotel Revel-
stoke -ja  Sunday.
Vmong the quests at the King Bd.
.'. u :  hotel  on  Monday,      nas M.    J.
Jatheso    ol  Vernon.
Bormese of Shanghai, regis -
'• re -   ••  the Hotel  Revelstoke at the
uses expired at   beginning ol the week.
Ilic fee for the
1 Rothwell of Vancouver, was
v guest nt tbe King Edward at the
1 rglnning uf the week.
wi free miners' lit
midnight on May 31,
■ is 55. Delinquents are en -
abied by a payment ol a fee of 815 to
secure a special  license rood  for six
1-'is, but property previously held
Icense which was allowed to expire is  open  to  being staked   bj   any-
b idy.
Notification is given In the current
Issue of the provincial gazette that
the following companies have beeu
licensed to transact business in lirit-
•r.h Columbia: The Alliance Insi/.r-
1 ■• Co., limited, American Life &
Accident Insurance Co., limited, Pho
enix Assurance company, limited,
fang-tsze insurance Association, lira-
Postmaster  Young wishes tho  pub-
• . know that nothing In the way
of a letter can be enclosed In a pack-
. •• 1 enl by    parcel     post.   All    such
• are required to be
sent m then- proper department. Thc
sending ol anything explosive   is     a
punishable by flvi   years'    lm •
I :!.-• nment.   Celluloid  ("liars     may
lie sent if plainly  marked.
A.E. Kincaid, president of the Rev
elstoke Conservative association and   ,;.      .   M„n,1;iV mi(, Btayed   it    thc
representative ol Gold  Range  Lodge, . iko
K. of P. ut the Grand Lodge convi
tion  this week Bpoke very glowingly
of the solid and prosperous appc
it Barton went to Halcyoi   on
.   returning to ins duties     at
the King Edward on Monday.
J, T. Reilly, drunk and disorderly,
waa   irdered out of town on Monday
Ice Magistrate Hamilton.
A 1 rloace ol Lond m,  England,
and A. \V. Moutaiu of Haucocl; were
lotel Revelstoke on Monday.
.■'.        id    Mrs.   \V.   Armstrong  of
spent Monday and 'I n ■
day        he city, the guests of Mrs.
Mo ..
■ 51   Ke 11, Miss M. Seaton
Seaton ol Merritt, regis-
the    Hotel Re.'.elstoke yes-
ittei e ii ol w Lnnipeg,
'.'-pitchers  Offices   Ol  the I'an-
'.i-  railway  is at  the Hotel
It jke.
i-.A. Pleindt insurance supt. foi   lie
ance ol Kamloops, referring especially t.i the cluster lights and modern
business   structures,     He    expre
himself aa being highly pleased   with
Lin -.isit here.—Kamloops Standard.
According  te.  the  last  issue  ol    the
ettl    seven   new   post
1. * ..ere opened in uniish Colun
iiuring the month ol April. Thej are
situated   it   Riverside  Inn,  Cowichan
-■. Thomas 1 lelger being the p
Lattilla and   Porl Clements,
' ■   ■.. Joyce, in \ ancouver
intzen, in New    Westmlnstei
j   and   Sinclair.   111   Ko iti
J . 01 Ii r tn conform with the ch
n adi  by the   Pacific    Great  East
way in the name ol us c     t to
1_m.1l. the post ol
' v   tl
ol the local poi 1
I ■
. Adfred  11.  Maurice
1       - • It e 1'     .    E. Lond   •
3 witz
-    :
■.,   •
in this   >
ted I    -      '
Uritish     C forks
..- ■•<  iver an<l CB] II
The Broken    HIU    Mining   &  Milling
■ pany, limited,  Varr tuver, il 000
i> 0;     Consolid ited   i) tates, limited,
. rr.uver.     $50,000;    Gorge     Scenic
■ ilway  company,   limited,   Victor,a.
■tlO.OOO,  Howe Sound I roducers,'Van
.   uver,  130,000  Natal   Water,    Light
Power company, limited;    Natal,
itlsh Columbia,    I  New Re-
''hineae Dally Nows| nper Publishing company, limited, Victoria.
JlO.OOO; Outfitters. limited, Kam-
i ops, 136,000; Parfltt Bros., limited,
■ .rtcrin, 150,000; peace Iliver Ilrew-
ing k Malting company, limited, Vancouver, 12 0,001V pr nee Oeorge Securities, limited, Vancouver. $96,000;
Quallcim Water company, limited,
Oualicum Beach, *7.r>,000; United Ohio
i-» ' •ssorlntion, Vancouver, ?11,0O0;
'•'ar.e-oiiver Canoe club, limited, 110,
POO British Empire Lnnd company,
1 Tiifed, aa nn extra-provincial   com-
■   . •■ his n
;.    -
Mrs.  J.F. Hs
. their
George Smith spent Sunday at
Halcyon hot springs.
p, Cooper of Arrowhead was at thn
King Edward at the begiuting of the
L. P. C'oatea of Kelowna was among thc guests at the King Edward
on Saturday,
W. O. Miller, superintendent, of the
Kootenay and Boundary division of
the' Canadian Pacific railway passed
through  Revelstoke on  Sunday.
The Imperial hank building is nay
with window liox'i's^ of particularly
line geraniums.
\V. Parry is building auction rooms
on McKenzie avenue opposite the
Mail-Herald otliee.
Steamboat Inspectors Picard and
Cullom made their annual inspection
of the S.S. Kevelstoke today and
Pound everything In lirst class order,
not having a single criticism to make
and granted the usual certificate.
John McHugh, the one armed man
who has been abusive and rendered
himself a nuisance in town, appeared
before Police Magistrate Hamilton
for the fourth time yesterday. He
refused to leave town and declared
that he would see that the city of
Revelstoke kept him. Three months
in Kamloops jail was the sentence.
Mike O'Meara, 011 a drunk and disorderly charge, appeared before Police Magistrate Hamilton yesterday.
He was fined the costs of the court
and ordered to leave town.
Yesterday, F. Wedgeberry, charged
with being drunk and disorderly, was
released on suspended sentence.
Tha; thei was no evidence against
Thomas Winn, charged by a brake-
man with theft, was Police Magistrate Hamilton's decision yesterdaj
and the charge was dismissed.
I*. Shallue, representative of Wares,   bitulithic   pavement   company, is at the King Edward.
The G. Verdi band will give a .con
cert this evening at 8 o'clock.
W. .1. I yons of Salmon Arm, who
was brought  to the  Revelstoke hospital   last   Wednesday  by   Dr.   Mac-
1 after having beer   seriously
id   while  wo king   on  a  digger
■ : . on whom an opei      -       is per-
..   hr.-.  Macphi 'son, Haniil-
1 .   iiipi.il!. die :       '    hospital
. day.   An inquest will be
John Macaulay, who was run over
by a train ' m inths
arm   aud  right
■ ■
, will li ave the
■ ■  -
Ch  will     be
ac     ball
• •    rland     will
Edited by Mrs. W. A. Sturdy
for the left  -    I
■ -.My tried     to    di«!-
icress      Kinaella   wai
irrested      by  il    M
Chiel   constable,   nnd   taker   to
■ ■!. 1 v he  tppeared before Police
Magistrate    Hamilton   and   pleaded
guilty  to n  charge  ol   tbetfl
' 'I  COfltS  r,r   10    '
.!. B, Miii'T ol Revelst ire,   trhooi
Inspector,  arrived  In  (;.ilden  on Tuea-
day and on  tbe following
Moberly and    tha    Blaeberry settle-
ments and made arrangements for tho
'opening of n school at Moberly ihotit
lii" end of Adroit, Mr. Miller, who
wns Vfry favorably imprpsRed with
the    country north of    BoldM, win
reOOmmrad   the  establishment   of       »
SChOOl   north   of  the  lllaeherry   In     a
ishort      time,    ffp returned   lo  Revel-
Istoka on Thuradny.—Golden Star.
\-   •
I mad
Tictllty   It
-KN I RN( V.~. PASSED   \ 1
ISSIZES   \ I   h Wll OOPS
.1     1 ,   ici   '■' irphy
lowing   lentenci
■ oop< * im
three   ,. 1 . j ,.
entance   to 1 un rom im
Johnnie 1 ulluple, ■ 01
■ ianghlei ,   fe.in    ,■■ 11       Imp
Levi,   convicleil   of    ie iling.
three years' Impi 1 onm-enl
Vita    Murea     ■
pended sentence,
'i ha ca ia agali  1 Coval, u cu '■■! of
murdn al Teste .(.nun- Cache, w 1
-.ei ied in tha ne)• 1
Thos3 having items for publication
in the Mail-Herald Bociul and pergonal column ure requested to call
Up phone 235.
Mrs, A. B. MeCleneglmn will not
receive on Friday.
Mrs. L. W. Wood will receive on
Thursday, June 4, und not again until
the autumn.
Mrs. D, W. Foote arrived Monday
afternoon from Vernon, to spend lhe
summer with her son, Mr. W. A.
Engineer William MacKenzie has
his mother, Mrs. MacKenzie, from
Ontario, spending the summer here
Mrs. .1. II. Lyons Will receive on
Thursday, June 4th, and not again
until October. Hei' niece. Miss limn,
will receive u ith her.
Engineer P, Gosby has been transferred from the western to this division and has taken up residence in the
McRae terrace on Sixth street.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Armstrong- of
Lethbridge have been the guests of
Mrs. Geo. Moth since .Saturday, leaving Tuesday evening for Vancouver.
Mrs. Hermann McKinney of Vancouver returned to Revelstoke on Saturday morning and is staying at her
own home on Third street for a few-
Members of the W. C. T. U. are
reminded of the monthly meeting to
be held on Friday afternoon ai 3:30
at the home of Mrs. Kipp, Seventh
Mr. A. ,7. Woodland has removed
from Fourth street to the new brick
residence jusi completed on the corner of Fifth streel and Robson avenue.
Mi.-. Edna Ginn of Vancouver, who
has been visiting for the past month
with Rev, Mr. Wood and Mrs. Wood
of Kaslo, is now enjoying a further
holiday as the guest of her aunt. Mrs.
.1. 11. Lyons.
Mr. Russel Fvans of Comaplix,
whose wife is among the missing on
the Empress of Ireland, left hen-
Monday eve:.ing for Quebec. Mrs.
Evans was the guest of Mrs. Edward
Trimble last week, en route to visit
her people in the old country,
Mrs. Smith I'ronhnrt has visiting
her tins month, her sister, Mrs.
Becket, and son, from Ruddell, Man.
Mrs, S. ('.. Robbins left on Tuesduy
extended trip in which she will
visit   many   very   interesting   places,
After a short  stay in Calgarj   v il h
e. Sidney, she goes east to Winnipeg, then by the Great Lakes to T i-
and  by  the  St.   Lawrence  and
Thou-.. : to     Montreal    and
■    .. New   Ye   .. where she will
tjuesl of her sister for a iii'.n.h
or so.   Mrs. Robbins will return towards the end of tlie summer via Chicago.
The Winnipeg Free ft-ess has the
following ' carding our city
account published of the Busi-
Hen's   trip!     "Twenty   minutes
' ned   the  stop  at  Revelstoke,
: riving little place formed
one   of   -.hr ni". 1   interesting  points
.   i I   the
■ :' Canada's Ups,'
and  is    :      *-' for   the   world's
of 5000 lies
in the • Columbia valley, sur-
othed  with
peak •;
i loft 5
■   glaciers.    The
lole district
ill on   and
e  in  the  rivers
pie   lid ti
on   may
and bab-
(holding al every turn
■ ■•I splendor
You Know How
Important GOOD
Clothes Are
Better choose yours where there
are none but good ones to choose
from. Your style, color and size
$15 up.
Some Special Reductions in Boys'
Wash Suits and Straw Hats
McRae Mercantile Co.
The " Styles Shop" for Men and Boys
Ladies and Girls' Strap Slippers with High and Low Heels, in a variety of
Leathers at Popular Prices
Ladies Patent Colt 3-strap slippers with turned sole 94,28
Ladies' American M.irv .lanes.
Ladies ami Girls' Fine Kill 8-
si rap Slippers, turned sole..$2.75
Ladles'4-strap Princess Slippers
with turned sole   $2.7")
Ladies' !• ine Kid Beaded H-strap
slippers, burned solo  $8.75
Ladles' stuck Slippers, Rubber
Heels $1.15
Ladies and Hills' Fine Kid Strap
Slippers, turned sole $_.-iii
Ladies' Mouse Slippers with  Mat
heel ill  Doiigola Kid $2.1)0
Ladies' oldfashioned elastic-shied
Muslims .SI..Mi
King's Birthday is
Celebrated To-day
A  concert  and dance under the alls
pices of     St.  Peter's church will be
I eld in Masonic hall on Friday, Junt-
Ti.ilay  is  ihe  King's birthday and   19,   T|„, concert will be under     the
a    statutory   holiday.     The   stores,  Charge 0j MiHS parker.
schools    and    offices   are   closed    and I
many excursions are betng held. ,;>'t   special prices  „n  Rattan  chairs
This   evening   a  band   concert   in I and Jap matting at Howson's.
honor of the day will be given at the
: 1 by the (l. Verdi band.
(   \HI> (IT THANKS.
Mrs. Corson and family wish in express  their  heartfelt thanks for the
sympathy     and     kindness     extended
them by their many Friends in Revel-
Airs. Corson and family also wish
to thank the members of the (J. 1. A..
the B. of L. E. and the I.. 0. L. lodges
for their kind sympathy and attendance.
Co to  Mr.  It.  Tuppini;    tor
garden plants.
Angora goats have been used with
profit   to   keep   lire  lilies  clear  of   in-
Hammable vegetation on national for-
'• 1   in 1 lalifornia.
KuK RBNT—Well .furnished rooms
with hoard. 87.60 per week, Ap'
ply to M. K. Mail-Herald.
J.3, 4t. pd.
FOR    RENT—Rooms     to   rent with
board.    Near post oilice,     excellent
cooking,     moderate   terms.      Apply
8. Gale,   Rokeby  Avenue.
■ i ■:..!.(.,11 p.
Fun SALE   New four-hole cooking
stove with reservoir, Western Green
ply   S,   ".ale,   Rokeby  Avenue
The W.l'.T.I*. will meet at Mrs.
Kipl's. Seventh street on Friday at
3:30 p.m. a special address will he
given. Ml interested are cordially
invited. J.3, It. n.p.
Look!    Look!—yes   ye.u   can   il   yor.
i:.et  those glasses fitted   at J.     Ouj
Go to Mows.m's lor your carpet
Bquares,   draperies  and  curtains.      It
will pay ymi (•■ look "-.ei their large
Seed Potatoes, Farm and (lardeL
Seeds, Garden Tools.—At Bourne
The Anglican church is giving a
concert and dance on Friday evening
•lime 19, in Masonic Hall. Miss Parker iB to have charge of the concert.—
Tickets 75c.
Gait coal is handled exclusively
in ficvelstoke by the Revelstoke Geu-
11 al Agencies, Ltd.
em.lie     tan
Itetiirn  to
Fun RBNT—Furnished hoi
.se lor
s Ttli.   11.>ai
Mi K
quire 1
f.l. Leek.
.8 n.p.
RELIABLE! DAIRY Wants orders for
5 gallon (or more) shipments ot
fresh milk. Mlddlemass Bros, Arrow Lakes, B.C. ,1'spd.
Fishing at Halcyon
Best for Years
11 i      iniie -:      Pishing
•   seen  here      for
1    -   Mclnnis ol Silvei
t'.n,     brought     in  iOfbS.   in   one  day,
Boyd      leaves thlH
morning foi     Ba alt,     Mberta, where
► in-    1 li 1     tbe care ol Dr.
Brett there
'•' ■  ■* 1 returned from itev
1 iHi..k' ■ lib t,i>[ daughter
v,   it   Bohannan,     ■■(    Revelstoke,
10  Sunday.
FOR RBNT—June 1, modern house on
First street. Apply Revelstok6
General  Agencies,  Ltd. t.f.n.p.
Poi i"iii' ■ 1 pector BruM of • ai-
tfiu-y, lm; notiflesd the local postal au-
lie,111 le "f the opening "f the following   new    pe.  '..It n e   in   Uritish
Columbia and othei near the British
Columbia boundai y in Ubei ta: Hreda.
Chateau Lai e 1 "er is, Dal Bonita,
Donald, Esther, Hache, Morrlsay and
Sunbeam,    The offices al Olencurrle
and   le'Ailen   Lake have heen closeel.
The _ftexa£& Store
ni>? Wheal Lemonade Powder ....
 per can, 85c
Mineral Health Salts Aperient	
 per can, 25c
Citrate of Magnesia j.v
Welsh's (.rape Juice. .    40c and 75c
MooteernU Lime Fruit;Juice. .50c
a refresh inn Toilet        _5<- and Hoc
BATH   POWDKR8    for making
the bath exquisite and sparkling.
unexcelled  for their   refreshing
'pialil les'
Turkish Cup Sponges     1.00 to li.OO
Mandruka Sponges 50c to 1.60
Baby Sponges 10c to 1.25
Three excellent Talcums you
will like
everyday  want and HiiaranteeU
to give footjrelief ... .per can, 25c
KODAKS, All Camera Supplies, FILMS


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