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The Mail Herald Dec 22, 1909

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■   " Empire " Typewriter ■
For ease of operation and perfeo'inn
m remits pr duced, this maohini
]S um-uipasted.    Prici—|(iU Cash.
Interior Publihing Co.,
e Mai
Visiting Cards
Make a Suitable Christmas Gift
We have a good  variety at
a reasonable price
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 15-No. 92
82.50 Pe-  Year
{ Wishing You
One and All
Smart Window Dressing by the
!       local Merchants
Wintaw vs, Wing Settled Ont
ot Lourt
Winlaw v«. Cuahing, set down for
hearing at .Nelson, has been settled
out     uf     oourt.   Thin was an aotion
Tha Christmas Sunday School     Entertainment held laat nighi in the .Ilu
thoitist church  was a aetndeU success.
'll.-. young people acquitted tuemselves
in a manner mat delighted  tlie audi -
enco uud demonstrated    the fact that
window with a Christmas turkey being   thoy wero all interested in tuoir work,
tho excellent  and  artistic window dis-   The programmo included many  soloc -
play of our stores.   C. B. Hume A: Co  tions which     were renciorcd in credit-
have carried out  a  particularly      at -   able stylo.   Tbe singing was a special  brought by J. 13. Winlaw against Cus- j
tractivo scheme,  showing nearly every  feature of  the    occasion, tho choruses  hillg Uros. of     Calgary, in connection I
line in Christmas goods,  the     cornor   under tho able luadorshi_p of Mr.      T.  whl>  »  contract  for delivery  of  lum - |
window wjtt a Christmas turkey boing  Pagden, being sung in a ma'nuor that bBr-   B5' ,1"i settlement  Gushing Bros,
excellent.   Bows  drug  storo  as  usual,  would do   credit  to far older singers,  accept   the lumbar in question,  taking
presents  a  haudsomc appearance with  Miss Mclntyre's largo junior class, lod  delivery at   the mill, and also pay in-
its well arranged  assortment  of curds  by Miss Myrtle Cuthols,   greatly     do-  tBl'es<  °"   ,h" P«ce since  the  lime   of
calendars,    and  Christmas  gifts.   Mc -   lighted     tho audience, and it  was     a   lh" purchase.
Rao Morcantilo Co. look smart and pleasing sight to see lho hide totN! '» November 11107, dafendunts bought
dressy, the greener,- being set iu with lifting up thoir innocont voices in ll'" plaintiff's cut of lumber amount-
deer heads while tho whole reflects praise to the Christ child, whilo be - >aS <'-> 1,680,000 feet- They took all
skill and credit on the him. McLennan hind were rows of boys snd girls, who b,,t 800,000 feel and were sued by A.
ds Co. have a handsome double win- will some day in their turn listen with B' Winlaw for payment lor this bal-
dow tastefully and daintilv arranged, pleasure to lhe singing of their futuro allcc ,lt tho ra,° '->' 810 per thousand,
Included in the scheme are the hand- generation. The decora lions were ""'king 813,142, together with insur-
some prizes for the winnerB of the tastefully curried out. In a corner of
tickets. C, R. Macdonald has made the platform stood a beautiful Xmas
tho most of his window space and the tree laden with gifts foi the younger
cornor storo presents a brilliant ap- i-lassos. The appearance of Santa
pearance. Manning's Candy Palace us C'laus in full regalia caused much ex-
usual is the centre of attraction for citcment and he distributed the pre-
the  little  ones,  Xmas  being exempli -   Bents remembering each child ol      the
fied in the decorative scheme.     Heid fc  story of    Christmas.   liegrct   wus felt      As  announced  in our last, issue ono
Young,  Lawronce Hardware  Co..      G,   for those who were unavoidably   kept  ol the most important lund deals con.
uwny by sickness, but they were not stimulated iu this district for some time
forgotten. XX'. Bews, ns superinteu - past has just been closed by which 0.
dent of tho Sunday School officiated L. Macklem, and XX Vi. Shafor have
as  Chairman,    tho    Rev.  T.  Vi    Hull   acquired 2,000    aores    of .-hoke    fruit
mice $260, and $1332 interesl.
I    By lhe settlement defend,.tits pay the
full claim and costs amounting to $600
in addition,
Important Land Deal
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches «r Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Aeents in Oreat Britain and United States- London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Ohicago- First National Hunk. Corn Exchange National Hank. Snattle-SeattleNational Bank. SaiiP.un-
oigoo—Well« Furgo Nevada National Bunk Hpnkane-bx hange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of *1 and upward, received, and interest allowed m
ourrent rate from date of deposit.    Cnriespundenie solicited.
W. Bell have prettily decorutvd windows as well aa the two meat mar -
kets Burns and Maundrell, these hitter
two being a triumph ol decorative urt.
Bourne Bros, have a
like appearance,
whole have a goud old fashioned
Christmas air about them, denoting
propserity   and   stability.
Revelstoke storekeepers are always
up-to-nato and at Christmas they invariable make preparations on u lavish scule to meet the prospective de-
mauds of a community that requires
ihe best of everything. We would
ugain urge early shopping and it will
pay better to take lime and leisure
in choosing presents thnn to scramble
uver it at the Inst minute. There is
also a larger and wider range of se -
lection and last but not least tho satisfaction which follows tho completion
of a well executed task. In shopping
early our people not only consult their
own     interests but  the    comfort    nnd
neat und holiday   leading the opening prayer.
The    stores    as a
•Grip and Password
F. O. E.
the following have boon olocte
the new uthcors for Hevelstuke
No' 432, F, 0. E.
G.  XX'.  P.-L. Winner.
Vice P.—J.  B. Cressman.
Chaplain— H. J.  McSorley.
Secretary.—XX.   E.  McLaughlin
Treasurer.—J.  AbrahaniBon
Conductor.—S. Norman
T. G.-M. M. Collinge
0. G.-E. J. Burridge
U., R. K, of P. CO. Nu. a, B   (
The uniform Rank  Co   No. 3,
tached  to Gold  Range  Lodge No.
Knights of Pythias has adopted
lands al Johnson's Crook, on tho Arrow Lukes, from Mc.Micken Bros., for
$40,000. The intention of the pur -
chasers is lo subdivide the tract and
to dispose of the smaller tracts to
MesBl's. Ma.-klein and Shufer are ul
presenl in Nelson afler visiting the
various fruil growing centres of Washington uud other sections uf the United Slates
Speaking to a representative of the
Daily News al the Strathcona Hotel
Mr. Macklem said Ihey had bad no
idea of purchasing in ihis district
when coming first to Kootenay some
' ten days ugo, bin had boon so favorably unprosseil witff the demonstrations mado to tbem of the district's
possibilities as n fruit growing centre,
that   they  made the closest   investigu -
convenience of the merchant,   the sales   Canadian  Militia drill iu place of that   tion with  the  result   that   they      have
man and the hard    worked drivers of  of the United States.   Election of olh-   bought  one of  tho largest   tracts     of
cers for the ensuing term wns hold on   'r"'1  'and   that  has  been  snid   in   this
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
deliver)- rigs. These last named do-
«erve special consideration, for Christmas Eve has little fascination iri
pleasurable comfort for them.
'The Choicest Gifts
Can be Secured for Your Friends,  and at the
same time Save Money,  by making your selections of Christmas Gifts from us.
The Secret Is This:
We wish to Clear our Large and Well-Assorted
Stock, and to do this we will sell to you at a
small advance on CASH COST whatever you
choose to select. Call and See Our Goods-
It will Pay You to make your first Christmas Call Here
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Snow Shoe Club
The opening official run of ihe Snow
Shoe Club and Ski Club took place
last night. In spite uf the intense zero
weather quite a number of t-nthtisi -
asts of this great winter spurt turned
up. Rendezvous was held nut side the
opera house, aud headed by Captain
McMartin with Vice Captain Miss liar
Monday, l)oc. 20th.
Captuin.  -I. B. Scoir'
1st Lieut.— G. U. Brock
2nd Lieut.—T.   XX.  Bradshaw.
Recorder.—E. IV.  B.  Puget.
Treasurer.—A.   K.   Hillier.
1st Sergeant.—tt. Gordon.
2nd Sergeant.—T. P. Smith.
Commissary.—E,  Somes.
Installation of ollicers will be held
on lhe mird Thursday in January, K.
Squarehriggs being appointed installing ullicer.
A. F. fc A. M.
Tho fiftieth anniversary of the Intro
whippor in ai the tail, the par- duction of Masonry into Briiish Col -
ty started out making for the Big unibm was fittingly celebrated lasl
Bend road. On reaching Maley's nur- wees in nearly ail tno principal cities
series a diversion wn= made to the ol iii(s provinco.
left across open country, severnl
slides being indulged in eu route. The
return journey was taken by wny of
Columbia park where excellent snow
was found, and the parly somewhat
tired though glowing with the warmth
of the healthy exercise, finally wound
up at the homo of Mrs. W. H, Pratt,
where they wero regaled with a liberal
supper. High spirits and enthusiasm
characterized the run and the outlook
for the season ia auspiciously bright.
list fi.-1 for scmie timo
Boforo leaving Kelson Mr. Macklem
will let n contract for the erection of
a $4,000 residence ou tho portion of
lho tract which ho proposes to buhl
himself and whieh will bo pul intu orchard shortly. Whilo the orchard is
coming into hearing Mr. Macklem will
spend each winter on  the property.
"I consider thul ihis district is second t« none on iho continent tot-
fruit growing, nol excluding lhe famous Itood Kivor vabey ui Oregon,"
concluded Mr. .Macklem.
An iiiijiurmiii luuuscry
iii » luveuugauug rteve)
Iihh arrived   frum     Lo«
visit to    Mr. und Mrs.
An Bosteru
<fH*«H» >i< o> 't» $ $ >t' $ $ ■!■ H> $ ■$ Q 't' ■* 'I1 't' fl 'fr'T' »f
o The Little Folk's Store
\    Amateur Dramatic Club
I Mr. and Mrs. H. Cunningham Morris
wero hosts on Monday night to the
Amateur Dramatic Club, at tlieir rush
dence on the occasion of a social gathering in honor of Miss Muriel  Buck,
! who is leaving Hevelstoke- Thero is
no     more     genial     or jolly a crowd
, than the amateur Thespians and when
gathered togetner over cards, tea cups
or part books, a delightful Bohemian
.Miss Foote
Angeles on a
Vi. A.  Eooto.
Miss Dent ol the Burrnrd Sanitarium
stoao as a aim lor ii hour mill uud stall, , ancouvcr, arrived Uome lor tue
elevator, ana tuo posmuiuues ul on- Cnristmes bolnlays.
tuiu.ug electric power Irum lue City Dr. MuliUemas, oi Wainwriglit, Alta.
puwei plant fur iue inausuy iius uo ,, spanning tne Christmas holidays
auuuuuu oi lite promoters, wuo ro- with nis parents
guru Levulsioke very iuvuraijly. i    „     ,,    . , ,     .,
, „,.,,      __.„.., , ii      Mr. C Lawlor aud funnly will move
Coiliunly      wiien the Arruuueud and   .
K„„,   , „,,,.  ,„ „     ., .   , into the house on    McKenzie     Avenue
ivooteiiuv  railway  is cunipiotuU und  u
„;„„,„ |. ,„,,!,  ,,., _  ,„ recoutly purchased by  Mr.  Lawlor.
raiiuuy is Inult Irom  inu north there
is no city in the west that will be   u I    H,  U. Megwood of the P.  Burns Co.
Iwtter location for such an industry       Kevelstoke otlice stall, has been     pro-
ui'.tiitl to n similar position in Vancouver
.1.  Smith, iiiiuiugei  for J    V. Gritlin
Company,  Kevelsloke, loft    Tuesday ou
St.     Peiors-Angl.cuu.-Kev.   C.       A. ' R lloJldny   trip tt> Wiuni0(,K  (lnci      Ld-
Tiie Churches
Procunier    M.   A.   Kector.   Services on
Christmas   Day     Holy   Communion   at
S a.  m.   Morning    Prayer     and  Holy I    M'HS  Morcier,   late of   the      touching
Communion,  11 a. m„ nnd Holy Com- Bllllf of ibn lo('ul Public' school   leaves
munion on Sunday   next, first Suuday  tonight for    Vanoouver.   Miss  Merrier
ism pervades     the     whole.   The Club l""" GtotortBM* will bin, repetition of
Christum,- sorvices.   Evensong nl  7.30.
on Sunday evening.
Chu.eh.-Hev.      XX.   0,
will  deliver  his  farewell  sornion    niter
ten years in  the ministry in thb cil).
A Store Full of Toys from 5c. lo S20
Bach and every article at a very reasonable price.
A Nice Place to Shop; everything on the
Ground Floor.
Remember Manning's for Fresh Candy
They are made To-day,
was well reoresentcd on Monday. .Progressive,     whist   taking up the earlier
part of the eveuiug.   Supper was  served shortly before midnight,      during
which Mr.  Vi   M.  Lawrence, as presi -
dent  of tho Club, presented Miss Buck
• with n dainty little clock as u   slight
token of  the  high esteem  fell  for  her
by  the members  of  the Club       Many
brief speeches were made, some   grave,
some gay, each testifying to tho valuable assistance Miss  Buck has rendered the Club, and expressing deep     re
' gret    nt    her     departure.   Miss Buck,
| who was much    moved, thnuked     tho
; members for their kindness nnd saying
i how much she had enjoyed  the work,
lhe hearty singing ol Auld Lung Syne
brought  a very pleasant evening  to n
. close
lu Miss Buck Kevelstoke had a charming  and      promiiing  actress  faithful
to her wurk, and keenly Interested   in
. all   the  Club  has  done.   The president
in ooncluding his address made mauy
pleasing allusions lo their guest's con-
, neetion with the Amateurs, tendering
fatherly advice to the new members,
and warnings to the old
will outer the Normal School.
Methodist  Church
Christmas Borvicos "ill bu held and
sermons pronehod nn Sunday 20th at
usual hours. Spoclal Christmas
musi.o will Ix- given by bulb choir
morning  abd evening.   The church will
bo suitably decorated fm the occasion.
Alia Scandlnavler i Revulstokc am
inbjudna till juluttan, sum hallos i
Huptist Kvrkan pa juldagsinorgnneii,
kl. 0.
Hoppas alt ingen gar Mlate nm
ilciiiiu liugliilligu mi ninl.
Alla Volkomxa,
Kev. P. All'. Peterson.
Urs, Thus. Taylor und family left
for Victoria on Saturday, Hon Mr.
Taylor now making his family rosi .
denco Iheraf S. 0, Kobbiiis i> muviug
Into  Mr. Taylor's holiso hole
Pythian    Sisters
New Year's Eve.
Shin   Waist  Dan
Keep the date, New Yeur's Eve, fo
the Pythian Sisters Shirt Waist dano
in the Opera House
To Correspondents
I'uulutuimo. We cAO&oi n coop I anonymous lotton on tho municipal nitu-
ation though wo mhull bo j/lml to pub
Huh lottew to whioh, oorrospondonU
aro willing lo attaoh thoir muneq   nn
otfnring     cu uoat,   critic.am or lUggW -
gestionis—Ed. M. Jl.
Across the Divide
I his splendid story iu moving pictures will bo repented nl tho Edison
Parlor    Theatre   tonight,    iho  picture
is full nf exciting Incidents, depicting
..imii ol ihe scenes of the early days
lu ihe west during ihe Gold Excite-
inenl, "Plppa Passes" being n beauti
fui -.lury ui ihe Sung nf Conscience
iw.. Comedies make a llrst 'lass pro
gramme tonight.
Xmas Groceries
The Plum Pudding or Fruit Cake will be O.K. if the
ingredients purchased here, especially if couked by a
Kootenay or Saskalta Range, which will happen to a
great, many in Kevelstoke.
Our stock is complete with New Season's Goods,
comprising Raisins, Currants, Peels, Nuts, Dates, Figs,
Glace Fruits, High Grade Candies in Bulk or Fancy
Packages, Cigars, etc., all the finest we can obtain.
We are showing some nice designs in Cut Glass, also
Limoges' ware, Fancy China Vases, Cake Plates, Bon
Bon Dishes, Jardinieres, Dinner and Tea Sets, Toilet
Carving Sets, a splendid line of English Cutlery,
Knives, Forks. Spoons, etc., in all sizes at prices to suit
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    PlumbmS
Crockery    Glassware    Sherwin-Williams Paints, etc. j
be afraid of
your shadow
make acjood
You can't  cast a  shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light unless you are dressed well.
We can dress you well let us coat you over
w ith one of cur Blue, Black, or Grey Beaver over- )
coats. I] will please you. We satisfy oui custom-
eis. We say "customers" because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A clearing sale of Boys'  and Youths' Overcoats
and Pea Jackets, szes from 22 to 35—$1.85 10 56 75
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently been completed under  which th« br«nrh_sa
of this tljnk are able to Issue Drafts on the principal polnl*
In the following countries:
Faroe Islands
Fr'ch Cochin-China
Great liritaia
Phillipine Islands
South Africa
Straits Sett!
West indies ■
and elsewka*
Xmas Presents
TOYS ot BVBry description   Uolls, Doll'i, Carts, Hand Sleds,
Rooking Horses, eto,
FANCY  DRESSING CASES, Manicure Pieces, Military
Brushes, Bent's ami Ladies' Travelling Sets.
PERFUMES   Bert Ku-nch and English makes, Atomisers,
Pipes, Smnkers' Outfits, Cigar and Cigarette Cases,
KODAKS and Cameras and everything you need with them.
XMAS CARDS   Thousands to choose from.
BOOKS bv Hundreds   the Poets,   all   beautifully  bound in
Leather nnd the Newest Books in Cloth.
C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store THE MAIL-HERALD KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
hatdbdatt a'j
revelstoke. b. c.
Jntertoc publlsbins Company
Subscription   Rates
I Deluding postage tu Kngluml, United Buiita
and Canada,
Br the rear {through postoffloe]    (2-flO
flaU     Loo
yuAn«r "        " •*   LOO
J JH HINTING promptly exeouted at reasonable ralaa.
i ERM»-( wb. Subscriptions payable In ad
Legal notioe* 10 oenUi per line tlr«t. insertion,
ooenuptrline each lutMOQUent Insertion
Mwuureuit-uti Nonpanul tl- luitw niaku one
inch J. diore and general business an
nounc«menu fJ.dJ pur inch per month.
Preferred pofllltona, 25 per cent, ad-
duii m-iL Birth*, Marriages and Deaths,
ace.  each  [n&oriloo.
Land notices $7.M All advertlssmentd
subject to ihe approval uf Lhe managemeut.
Wanted and (Joudensed Advertlsuuionts:—
Ageut* Wanted, Help Wanted, Hituatiuus
wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, 10 words or
loea Wc, uaob additional lino lo cents.
Changes in standi ug advertisements must
oe in uy y a. ui. luesday and Friday of
fafecn week to secure good display,
OOHRKaPUNUKNCK Invited on matters ol
puudc Interest, Communications to Kdi-
tor must ue accompanied by name oi
writer, uut ueco»eanJy fu publication, but
an evidence ut good faith. Correspondenct
should be brief.
Eight Roomed   Hotn-e on  Second  Street,  close  in  to
centre of Town, ,.t $25 PER MONTH.
Six R lomed House on Fifth Street; all modern except
furnace; exceptionally warm for winter,  at   $25 PER
Seven Roomed House on Third Street; plumbing com-
plete,at$25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on leased land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed   House on Fifty Foot Lot,  for sale at
OrncKS :   Impekial i akk Ucildiko Kkvbl
S.UKK,   11. 0,
Money to loan. .,
Ollices: Bevelstoke, B C.   Cranbrook, B, t.
io H
HBO. ti. Mt-'L'AM'BK
___. il. Pl_SB___UM
J. A. Hakvbv,
Cranbrook, t). C.
Solicitor, etc.
Saliiitor for:—
Thk Canadian Bank of Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Ktc.
i )OBi.Kl' SMITH
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Miuiiik Suiveyot
McKknzik avenue,
Box ltw, Revelstoke
gard nnd admiration inr Got-uiany and
tbe Germans does not blind me to tbo
sinister    design*     of   llie  pan-German
Vancovvkb and REVELSTOKE, B, C. |wbi- purty.   It in with tire German go-
All enniinuiiicatii
iffiit-, Revelsluke, wul bave prump
C.   W.   O   W.
Mountain  Viow Camp. Ho. MB
s^w-ss^es sssrw-'"* °< tt»- ■ ■>
The case of Miohael McMurray, at
present a patient in the hospital at
Whitehorse, Y. 1',, where be is being
treated for decaying fingers, the result of freezing, is almost without
parallel in the annals of Canadian
frontier history. ili-Murray was* located in tho very heart of a vast and,
but by himself, unexplored torritorj,
ono huudrod and fifty miles northeast
of Teslin post and noar tho headwaters of tho Deaso rivor. lie had been
there live years, making an occasional
trip to the post of Taylor & Drury at
Teslin for supplies. On tho wuy uut
last spring ho hud tho misfortune to
badly freeze tho two lingers on his
rigut hand. As a result tbo two injured fingers began to decay, and in
order to romovo the dead bono file -
Murray tied a strong airing around
the boue, fastening tho other end to a
tree and witb a cioterrained jerk, pulled tho bones of both lingers olf at the
tirst joint. While tho injured digits
did not heal, McMurray wont ahead
with his work of prospecting and mining and when winter set in to hunt -
ing and trapping.
Throe weeks ago ho was one day
scleral miles from his cabin skinning
a number of wolves ho had shot, and
when ho returned in tho ovoning it
wus to Iiud his cabin in a heap of
ashos, it having been entirely i-onsuina
tod by tiro during his absence. Everything ho possessed on earth, except
the lew clothes ho wore at tho time
wero gone. All tho grub bo bad left
was a piece of frozen mooso moat
hanging in n tree nearby, but ho had
not even a match with which to light
a firo to cook it. Willi the chunk of
the frozen moat he started for Taylor
& Drury's post 150 miles away. As
his moccasins soon wore out he was
forced to use his drawers to tie up
his feet and that loft nothing to cover
his legs save a pair of overalls. How -
over, he pushed bravely on, travelling
day and  night,     without  sleep,     and
  I with nothing to eat snvo  the     frozen
|mooso moat.
The Directors of the Grauby Con- | At tho end of six days he reached
Bolidated Mining aud Smelting and j the Hading post mure dead than a-
Power Company have declared n divi- live. At the post he was cured for
dend of $270,000. This will be the for a few days and then sent on to
danger since tho time of thn Spanish eleventh dividend paid by ihe Granby Whitehorse via Atlin. He at once eu-
Armadn, is the conviction of very Company. Of the eleven dividends tared the hospital whore Dr. Cade
many of  the sanest anil  best informed ; seven were    at  the rate of three     per: found   it   necessary to   remove       more
Car of
P. Burns & Co., Lid.
not  with  tho kindly,  homo
idivsstd lu Pusi   ly German people, we have lo reckon,
That tho Empire      to-day     confronts
llie greatest crisis and most  imminent
min oonliall)' invited io ai.u-ud.
JOHN i'AKLbO.N, Con. Com.
J   JlilNTYllK, Clurk.
F. O. E.
The danger is
uot confined to a design of an invasion, It is of nature much more seri -
ous, much more difficult to meet.
In tho face of the enemy thero should
bo but ono party, and but ono policy.
As an Englishman I havo no politics
ond no party while tho   country is in
W. K.'McLAUi.'HLIN.Ukcbbtab!.
Kootonay Lodgo, No. 15, A F. * A. M.
to go, or about HO days work,
they will  tap tho ledge.   'This   ii     the
Everybody  looks forward  with plea -   MS° which shows such tine quality of
sure    to     Christmas     time.   Old   ftnd j ore in the  upper workings.
In the     upper tunnel  they huvp     iu
cont—a dividend of two per cent, and | bones from each of the injured lingers
nu extra dividend of one per ceut. The 'before there could be any process nf
first dividend was at tho ralo of    one 'healing.
por cent aud the lust three at two per j McMurray will return lo his isolated
Mnt- retreat as soon as he gets out of tho
AURORA MINT: 'hospital,    he having located no fewer
The Aaron mine has over 1,500feet h?"9':! llromis,il>8 I"** ledges, five
uf tunnels drive. The lower tunnel is ° WWch «"*'«»• S°IJ *'>r' the sixth
now iu 360 feet, with only 200 feet vet   T'"7 "     ,    ,"V mat8,'in1'    Ho     has
when 'oeated  placer gold,  and from   &
shaft  look .*( after ono fire only a few
days before losing hi-* cabia.
. -
Oddfellows Hull, ou
f   .    - '    ' .. ' ths third Mouday in
J   , •'.■* §aeh   month   at    5
f f> ■ ' ir_Ja_  p m. Visiting breth-
* —-. ■'^&SJfff  t.n    cordially   wsb
■ j ~::^ii%z-?J^ com.
Tbs rsnulitr meet- .
'.1s,_*!?..'_S'.'}.lIi.,ill_S! young alike find in this season of
Kp^iSfr-  com.
Meet* every Thiirb-
day  evening  in   8el-
|. -. Uali at 8 o'clock
 FViiiting brethren are
coruially inri-.ed to atteud.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
eaca monta,   n ddl.ii   ,t
H»ll    at    b    ,'cllok.      Usllin
Kniijnt* *.-t cordially   uvtle.;.
sight  about  50,000  tuns uf first   class   plain    sewing
yoar something     from which they « - ■ mMiug or„.      At present ull  that     is   Mrs.    Bickerton
poet merriment      uud happiness,     and  required is a concentrator when     the   N'eedham.
ihey    thank the story of    Christianity  mine will  at onco Iw on  lhe list     ol 	
fur the inauguration of uu annual fes-  >Wppe™.   Not  long since a carload of
,;,.;,,. ,i   .       ii    ,    .i      n   .i   . ore w;lB shipped from this property to
nvity thut  calls  forth ub   that  is best     , '     '      '
the smelter nt  1 rail   to ne treated and
and most generous in human life.   No U, returna  ,,..,.„  !n„,.   ,.,._ fa . irv  .,
one  will  claim  that  tho  busiuoss   anil   th,. owners.
commercial life of the time is  in     ac- MIN INL  .M ' 11 -
cordanco with tbe teachings of Christ,      ,,. .   , ■„ ,__,„.  „    .      ,•  . ,  „
6 Koss   i bompson,  the I ithei     I  Koss-
Wuite the reverse, and  il  ia  something   laud,   ind   it    :_•■ i Cai
to be thankful for     that  there should   adian   millii
bo     even     ono   day iu 'Mb wheu  the  r"'1'  c"PPer   properties   at   i'i
civilized world    demands  that    I Urij ■   !?" ' '        	
ill luck ol isrs in the   tear   fu-
Han principles shall     reign.    What     a   ture
blessing it woold be ii something     ol
nm      prepared   to   do
i    reasonable prices. —
address    care of S.
Irrigation in Canada
un.- ol the main Irrigation projects
in Canada is tho Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, which coinprispH n
tract of some 3,000,000 acres, situated along the How Kivor, eastward
' ilgai Of this tract some 2,*
i rea ia considered irrigable,
*nd   • this will  require      an
■  $5,000,000.
-.   Uberta  Land Comp -
A LICENSE to uui timber can be au
tiuirt;tl only at public competition, A
rental ot $& per square mile id ulmitfetl
fur all Umber bertha except those unu
aied weut of Vale for which the rentui iy
■u uie fate of 6 centB per acre per annum
In addition to the rental, due* at th'
following rateB are oharged.;—
Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousano
feet   U.M.
Hallway ties, eight and nine feet long
I l-'i and 1 3-4 cents each.
.-i.iiiyu- bolu, _£ cents a cord.
All  other  product*,  5  per  cent on   tht
A license Is issued bo soon as a berth
.d granted, but in aurve>ed territory no
nutter can tn- cut on a bttrib until ih<
Icensee has made a survey thereof.
ivi'uiita tu cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except In the cast
of actual settlers, who require the tlm-
.   mi   men  own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to luO cords of wood for
s;i,t'    without    competition.
The dues payable under a permit an
«1.GU per thousand feel B.M., for eyuar*
.inuiT and sawiogs of any wood ex
ept oak; from 1-2 to 1 1-2 cents per lineal
iuul fur building logs, from U 1 J to &
•enta per cord for wood; 1 cunt fur fenc*
..iibi.'i, ml cents for railway ties; and w
-ems per cord for shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes are Issued
.or a ttiim of twenty-one years, at a
tenia) of two cents per acre per annum
Coal   lands   may   be   purchased   at   l)<
tier aero for soft coal and (2u for anthra
lie.    Not   mure  than 32u acres  may   bt
■ cqulTfU  by  one  Individual or company
Hoyalty at the rate of lu cents per tor
i -<mi' puuuds is collected on the gros*
Entries for land for agricultural pur
mosus may be made pcsunally at the   °
al   land office  tor  the  district   tn  whirl.
he laud  to  be taken  up is situated,  oi
i   the  homesteader  desires,   he  mcj,  on
ippil'-ation to the Minister of the intern*!
it Ottawa, the Commissioner of Imtuigia
ilon at Winnipeg, ur tlie local agent fui
he District, within which the laiH i>
situated,  receive authority  for sume om
u make entry for him.
A   fee  of  HO  Is  charged   for  homer  rant ry.
A settler who has received an entr foi
i  homestead, is required to perforn   th*
onditlons connected therewith unde   on*
*r  the  following plans:—
li At ieti.M six months' residence upor.
>nd cultivation of the land In each yeai
turlng the term of three years.
It is the practice of the Department tc
equire a settler  to bring  U» acres under
ultivatlon. but if he prefers he may sub
-ittuie stock; and 2c head of cattle, to h»
ictually his own property, with builUinn>
■or their accoramcdatlun. will be required
nstead  of cultivation.
(2) If the  father (or mother. If the fa
iur ts deceased)  of any person  who  i*
Tii'ie to make a homestead entry under
he provisions of the Act, reside* upon
i lunii in the vicinity of the lend en
terod ior hy such person as a nornestead
he requirements of the Act as to resilience prior to obtaining patent may be
satisfied by suel) person residing with the
;ither or mother.
(3i If the settler has bis permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him In the vicinity of hie homestead, the
requirements of the Aot as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon the
-ai-l    land.
Application for patent should be mad*
at the end of three years before the looal
igent, suh-ugeni or a homestead inspector.
Before making application for a patent.
'In settler mu8t give six months' notto
m writing to the Commissioner of !>•
minion L:tnds at Oitawa, of his Intention to d" so.
W.  W   CORY,
Deputy Minister of  th*   Interior
QUR 144 page Catmogue
illustrated i.i colors will
be SL-nt free upon request.
This is the fta< t Catalogue ol Diamonds, Jcwolr;,
Silverware, China, Cut
Gloss, Leather Good:.,
Stationery and Novelties
ever issued.
Vv'e prepay iill expref1-
charges on t vc ry ante'
sn!d by us a.d tiieei
refund tie monc y ii
are not satisfactory.
T   P.   SMITH, C. C
a. of B. A 8.
'■'    ' is   mdei    onstruction     a
AH   '  ■         •   >             ■      • f canals for the irrigation ol
Ummmas memories    nould be    arried mining   _...,. ..      ■           of land lying between
J. B. SCOTT, M, olF. |int0 e'lch aud ever>' olher da>' of  ln"   Pr"- - ■'  mim           eing Bon    River   and   Belly   River   and
year.'   Is it asking too much     of   the  0l?    ' ■:■'•      '    '•" Green* ■•    Wedi , .<■  Hn-.
lutelli^eni-e wiih which Proviilence has Tr»m°;'1.v Company.   Di    ...         ma '   "   '■ l»rta   Railway and  Irrigation
euuowed humauity, and of the ao-call-  Mwry *'" rommenc"          '     ■'     ' "  "'" '"'":'""r irrigation com-
nil early in     Januar-     ffhi i   i ii   haa a canal «y«tpin
ed march of civilisation that it should   thia tunnel wlil be ow (hn.(.  ,   , ... „    .,_.„ ,,.n.t of country
ba s0?                                                            eng b                  •..;.'..;   dining   b •'    " •   ipment  ol which  irriitaied
What a great thing ii would be if to   Smelting I ompany  nun aci-|uircil      the '*rminn  haa  taken  a  prominent  part,
all Christmas meant a revival of   tiw  N"   " mir'* '" c,!!l,,'nl (;au>I'   The      •■ expended   ...niiidpr-
will b*  trammed            Boundarj   Fa '     00,00   on   ita  ny«tom of
Che nDaiUHDeralb
old Jewish Jubilee, wheu ail men bur-
Look  oui for your loogue— its iu a   led their differences, with their vindic ■
wel p.k'.e     and liable to slip,
your fool slips you may not do mors   ,ta
-has break an aim or leg, but a s.ip
and concentrated.
1 he Beli her mine ,,l Republi ,  k
When   liveuess,   the  wrongs don.,   to  ihem  ur
heavy    in    iron,  and therefore
hey sought or aeek to inflict on Bak„ s jO0d gu, (ol imeitillg   ,,,,
u,_iid u. d.<,m..  'Jlher"'    -nen each   man might   trul;   poaea, haa made a   ontract to
regard hie neighbor aa brother   act ia    ' '"   "" "f '"'" ■   1""l< '" ''''■ ' onto
feelings,  the -..me ''"""'  ■ni"l'"r "'   'r,,li     rh" [!"   "
owned bv Winnipeg r#onle
principles,      and     the same    impulaea?
The ' onaolidated .Mining and   -
and  repj-.utioii ol  many  a good man.
We in  Csnadu  are diopo.ied  to look :
led  by  '.he    same
principles,     and
J'hat  is  practical  Chriatianitj
upvn  -.ue Qerman -aro in Britain   i
aou.o wud    cruauou   of ihe imagine
tion.    li      anything     were    net-de-1   ti
bring  home  to  the British  people  the into  ilic
lacl of Um reality of tho '.erman peril it can.
it ii the fact that Robert Blatchford- wc see great unu united movementa
the mo.i outapoken man und the clov- -„king form   for     tho betterment     ol
eren jouriia:is-  in  England,  although i0cial conditions.   One of the grea •
he eons  tne Clarion, tho ftocialist or-jnnd grand".I     movementa tho     world
ting ''.. .    ■,< Troll,   are reported
have purchased the Ilo.Hn mine
life ami happiness if  the world      had Charlotte  [eland ,  foi   1200,000
more of it,  and if it could  be infused	
lif<' of Revelatoke?   And
Canadian Bank of Commerce
could inaugurate would bo „ movement to projoel aomothing of Oirist-
mns inio every day ol the yeor, instead of lulling it all in one day in
lho 3ii.'>, and diluting the other til
daya to tin' worship, .ind accumuln
lion of the dollar.
gac— Au-r, after a personal investigation, become a voucher for the reality
of the 'jorman menace. In e seriea ol
articlei in one of tho Englilh daily
papers Mr. Blatchford declares that n
crisis imperilling the very oxiltencc ol
the Empire is close ul hand, an ..".on
greator peril than the Budget Ue
says: "I allude to Britain's unread!
Less for war in the face oi the gigantic preparation.- the Herman liovern •
tnent it now making to break up tin-
British Empire and force u German
dictatorship upon ihe whole of Europe. 1 have the frioudliest feeling to- lour readers all A MERRY CHRIST
'■ard ihe Herman pe»pl«, but my    r»-  MA* AXB A HAW NBW THKH.
Alpine Club
.' the   Upino     I lub
■' ' "' ">;.  Mi    \. 0, Wheeler, has is-
owing  ( hriatmaa  ^reeling
memberi --.ereof
ill 'i  Happy    i hriatmaa
Pi >apei   ia  '■••--.    V.-nr      The
■'        exiati nee aa an Al-
- coesful   beyond
■ '   .■ •-I to n most daairable    mem
"•"   in lu ilxlh hundred   We
'-"../:•   our   own   ('(Tori.,   buill
'   whirh we   may be
Ryrie Bros., Limited
134-138 Yonae Sired
A Itit i    ItUAU, it. .
Spei-lal Ai'i-iiii.in given to nuiiiiiieri-iai
.iih,i mill Inu iHta, l-'irst-i-liiM-. aaniple
..."inrt. I-'tnest -ceni-ry in Itritisli t'oluin-
biu, ov«ilo<>king Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
■■ d
II... .
\M ED   TO   RENT   fur tin.-.-
in  i.i i.k ii I ii i I, lr d himw In.in
■•I    I).'. ell,In I.      Applv  al    M.iiild . 111. ,'
ki-   |..-S-
I-..-.. Inn,   tnl v   i|ii I'lHi-d.
U   i ' II        t,l 'llllil   ■   of OlllHI III fill-.I , S
i   I .-, I-.     II Hi villi .     Aipli    \V.   N
Um ... un nf Mail Herald.
- Iliiul ll-   i ni iy   H ,, k-
in   i iini'ki • i'i-i   iii-sii np
l|ll I'lftl'll. It'   'IMIII I'M
roud   In  1009 the i amp proved
.   •  -i'.l '..■• held,   ■,", the
I la- statoment of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce for the yeai ending Vo-
ember 30th ii  just to hand and  -I o
'l'"'   ■"' '     '    "   "" '           - ittendan -.   ,n,   hundred
"'"■    "■      '""'"' ' ""I"*'"'"1      I'  I        el      „i    ,||    The     „ i ,,-
ommcri nil  activiU   u, I anada.                 ., ,. t ,,    , • ., ■                    ,   , ,
"..rk .1  me ' .no .  iii.i,.l„.i -  hold..     .1
Ilu- lotal n.i-11,1   of tho bank amou             ,| .,,,. i anndian
'."i   lo "118,098,182.68 and tl noil l  thank    you lor yam
"" <u' "    Jl20,486,987.98    II..' I...  ind take l pporl
in..... .ii
if   profll  and lo
un,   8161,244,5
ng " fen ",.' hope thai ll may
Ible to hold anothei   lUcoeaaful
Wo tiu,i om- rondora will do     what  while the net proflte for tho year, of- camp in the coming yeai    11 our plana
they con  lo make this Christraae     n   lei providing loi all bad and doubtful nrry  you    mil   find If  In a new and
happy one   for others, to    bury their  debl   waa 11,810,698.86, a total    ol   dingly attractive    I Iltj       one
differences, and make toi n unitod Hev 81,971,940.74,     Thia  haa been appro thai will give the fulleal   latlafaotloti
elatoko,   In ao doing they uiil ensure printed ai followa ft  Is expooted     to   open    the Club
the greatest  happiness nnd solf-aatls ■ Dlvldonda at  9 per cenl ...8800,000,00 Honao un the lal Jun», and to
faction lo themselves, and wo     wish ' Written off Bank  Premises., 119,801.72 vide n
Panslon Fund
rsrrl»d  Feiws'd
A   |.
,., ...i
r     Hi
M   i.r
V  sli
ii i
rk  iii
■1,    Apply
'  II .x
mil BALE    Hair   an   i  i f  lund
mid I-'.. in -ii. ..nu il  house and oni-
1 nil Id ni' 11 1'. n i .1 p. ix.  It. hi i ng or ill ii d
I',,,, mkhi.   Ai i ii i   r tiiiiuiii. n.i
li'AM Kn   KNOW N     Fii	
» \      n ..ii, i.  i. i i     i nli liii-akfiisi ii
n ipiii eil     Applv ai Mul lli'iiilil.
Is Coming
With Peace and Good Will,
Bringing All Sorts and Sizes
Of Stockings to Fill.
Jam Them Up to the Top:
Cram Them Clear to The Toe:
Watch The Merry Eyes Twinkle
And Rosy Cheeks Glow:
And We Beg to Suggest
If You Wisely Invest
Old Royal Crown
The Best Soap in The West,
The Premiums Given for Coupons
Will Help to Solve Tho Christmas Problem.
CODAS  are made almost entirely of flour and lard.   These  art
"~    two of tho principal and most valuable food-elements.
Now a perfect flour and a pure lard combined cannot be surpassed
ln nourishing value and you get this combination in its most satis-
tying and most delightful form in Foley's SODA8.
Tne flour uset' in them ii
specially ground and prepnred
for the one purpose—that of producing the lightest, creamiest,
most delicious sodas that are
old in Canada. Every particle
of lard that goes into Foley's
Sodas Is proved "choice" afUr
rigid   examination.
No material can ever be used
in Foley's Sodas unless it hu
been proved perfect and pur*.
Every housewife will know what
this care means. She will know
that Foley's Sodas have the
very highest food value and that
every Foley Soda is all good.
Thousands of homes already
know  this  faot.   Does yours?
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
Wo want v ">u to Judgo
Foiey'o Bodao by tho
■oworo t toots and doclda
fo youroolf Mrhethorthoy
are BEST.
Toot them for ihe
quality of the material*
used. Toot thorn for age
—aro they • Iwaye frteh,
so crlep that you know
th*y aro not long: from
the ovenT
Teet thorn for flavor,
wao tho yeast allowed to
"work" prop rly, so that
tho bttr.ult* arou-lform-
lyploMlngand satisfying
to tho taster
After th se toete we
know you will always buy
thee* psr foot-made,
woetorn.made biscuits.
Import direct from country ot origin.
R.Fl-V-FlI-iSTOKE!    -H-
Your 'Xm s Gift
Km- a Suitable, 8 n ibl efd
PIphbIiih Pn-s. ni fm- Father,
Moitii-i', Hioili r, Si in- nr
Fi'ii'iid, tlii-i'i- in iin'lung io
coin i.n re    «nli Handsome
Piece of Furniture. We lime ii
Ni-\v Sinrk
C-nn-mul olionse your Xinae
Pi-mi lit.
R. Howson & Co.
1  The Vernon fire showed the need
i  gf our
The best nafe-nuard in which you can invest. Every hotel should
lie fitted with tlie.se as a matter of safety to occupants. Every limine
should have one on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here. ^
Revelstoke, B. C. S
I Hnl ,'  ..  . It .Hi \i in .. III.i ii u
I   H-.     I   ..   In     I-. i      I  lhi' mill.   K   i, I
. I 11 Ull     n   I   I •   ,   I, ll,
lllllludlllliili       fnr   ,	
80,000,00'alio to keep peranum »mpi  (olng F  LIbIU VL~\,.
732,189,08 il ralteble lM»Ut|n, ' ftkll.BrraK Ofl>
I'UK   BALM       Hs    i    private   snli
1     l|. uspbi  il   Pini-I li" lit,    0,   11
\|..,n^'^ iiiiiiiii,. lli M ii'il. i,I-in
Mi An Inn A"', Ki 11 \ I (ling n ii-i fi,
i.v ih'   Will ii.-I.
/ tl.t. WIN Fi,   - i 7, H'|i.iii.i.h
\^ mul Iii..i i_- nn.I Plain -..wiii|<
Apply m Mis. r.H.k, Tu ping III... k,
Km i hIii d Um.in' fm
keeping,    Apply nl
4^%-%^%*/%* *%%'%/%%%.'%*/«/*»'%*.»*%«/%%%«*%'%% «^4
Capital Paid Up       •       $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Scotch   WhiSmky
Genuine Scotch is Good for You.
Scotch Whisky is an excellent tonic and
digestive. Many elderly    people    find    it
absolutely essential to    their physical    well-
b ing.
But, like everything else, it benefits tbe
user only when used  in moderation.
Also, its benefit to you depends very
largely upon the brand you select.
Use- a genuine Highland Pure Malt Whisky.
Use Watsons a brand tbat for nearly a
century bas been beld in tbe highest esteem
wherever Scotch Whisky  ts to be found.
Distilled in the Highlands of Scotland,
from pure Barley Malt, and by tbe old-fashioned
Pot Still process, our Whisky is aged in Sherry
wood until it i9 smooth, mellow and rich.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR' -A mill, tlinroujlily matured S:otct.
"NO. 10"- A full-bodied, richly Unvoted Scotch.
JAMES WATSON ft CO., Limited  ■ Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a Jay.    Monthly rue
■X_   .AJL.ZBT^.RT     ST03STE3      PBOP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock it a
small advance on cost. lt will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and linpioved.    Flrot-Olwu in every respeot,    All modern nonvehlencui
Largo Rftmple Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Mayoralty and Council
For  Mayor
dr. j. h. hamilton
For  Aldermen
r. Mccarty
A.    J.   STONE
Committee Rooms-Selkirk Hall—Open Daily
To the Electorate of Revelstoke .
A very lar^e number ol the representative citizens of Revelstoke having requested me to become a
candidate for the position of Mayor of Revelstoke, I consented upon the understanding that gentlemen in whom
the electors would ,ilso have confidence would undertake
to run as Aldermanic candidates, in order to ensure the
election of a Council competent to deal with the serious
situation confronting the City of Revelstoke.
Briefly the object of nnself and associates, if
elected, will be :—
To face the financial situation by obtaining a
complete grasp of the City's finances, and take the citizens
into our confidence by issuing an absolutely correct and
pl.iin statunent so that the position will be clear to all,
anJ then take the necessary steps to restore the ciedit of
the city.
By the pr.'iciice of the st ri. tt st economv endeavor
to reduce a rate oi taxation which is not only becoming a
menace to our own citizens, but, whieh because of its
most unfavorable comparison with the rate prevailing in
other cities where the assessment i.s no higher, and where
water, light, and power are also municipally owned, and
other advantages of sewerage, cement sidewalks, etc,
prevail, as in Revelstoke, is at the present time prohibiting the investment of outside capital, despite the fact that
Revelstoke has natural adv images far in excess of those
of other cities. A fairer method of valuation is also a
To give a good, clian, progressive adminisra-
tion which shall command respect throi ghout the city,
and by restoring confidei ce on the outside, lav the foundation for that development and prosperity which tliis'city
has the right to enjoy.
Finally, I would add that having been promised
the co-operation of the best and most practical men in this
city whose one object is the welfare of Revelstoke regardless of every other c msideration, you may be assured
that the council \ou are asked to elect are prepared to
give you the administration which the ciisi^ we have
reached demands, and on that ground the support of
their fellow citizens is solicited.
Faithfully yours,
a A*AAA*A*A*A*A*AA__fc_ft_ft_l
I You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Rod and Gun
Ilu- wealth uf iniiini' mul variety nf
suhji'i'ts, overyoiie interesting in sport
inu men,     the    Christmas  (December)
llllllllii'l- uf lloti nml linn ill t'nli.'iilii,
published liy XX. A. Taylor, Hood •
Block, Om,, i« notable. An appropriate Christinas lingo is given in tlm
first two stories mul adds something
to the interest both will evoke. I Inn
ting, (isning, nml exploring papei.
widely ditierent in character and displaying in a remarkable wny iho wou-
tlertui resources of tlio Dominion in
tliese respects, iill a number no spuria
mmi cun auord to miss. Uud suooters
will revel in tile papers dealing witli
iluck und wild woodcock, while one on
grouse shooting in thu Motherland is
included liy reason of iis exceptionally
strong descriptive force, giving Can-
ndinu Bportamen a pleasant change,
and enabling tlii-m to enjoy u different
view point to lhat generally taken by
them. Mountain climbing in east and
west, o mysterious Indian story, and
many other items Iill a number which
I'ythian    SiMi-i'-
Shin  Hai i   Dance
Xcw  Year's Eve.
II.   X.  Drown, of
SieiunoiiSi  w -i        Q
isiun  iii tho eity
Tin-     annual     c
invention of    1'. C.
ftlunicipalities will
be  held next   year
at Salmon Arm.
Synopsis of Cen^uian Homestead Regulations
VM bv [lal Dow uiou Laodi within tbe
Hiinwrtj Belt iti Jin -i. I o.'-i- I. ■. um;
U) U' UieSUjaiitfCj bj ni.y per OU Kbo is the Kilt
UttmJ ul r. 1,1.1 ii) <>T  ei.) u aie twt    b youra uf
| fi«e, t     U.BKI Hi.ul"..-     I'.nl.'if Ml'i.    I,    ul    luu
aCfba iLufe nr Ieo:-,
*uUj n u>t be mnde 1'ersi dally
1«U I .  U.>-    I(,r  _Ltl   di-lfi    .    lu   »Ui<
t it e local
be laiiU ta
Em.lt>   Lj)    priii)    we),   lit never,   1-9
<iue uu icriaiL. ■ .. . ,i.' ;.- i.y tl.u lallier,
■ ilier. .-uu UnuKiiier. UruiLer ur suter "1 au
teuUiu* iinniesieauer.
'1 i:e bumes eudir is ri-qu;red to psrforaa tb«
■ii-.ji.• i.s ni,i,n.-.ui .it tHiiL ui.ue. uue ul
i« iuna - iuk pt&i ? :
■.     Ati
MX u, .i-iUe" re-H-e c« i poo ftnd
iu.t>itiud u e. ci   ita    i i  mut e
should bo included by nil interested in
the groat outdoors, in their Chriptraaa |er than the majority of cities.
reading.   Thoy cannot fail t<> liml
The dance to bo given New Years's
Eve by tin1 Pythian Sisters is a Shirt
Waist Dance.
Joe Watson, of the Imperial Bank
staff left Saturday night lor a holiday visit to his home in  lurouio.
During tho recent snow iall at Uia *
ciotj lit ty two inches of suow ieii in
thirty six hours, says a correspondent
Tho regular monthly mooting of    bt.
Peters  Kestry will  tako place this ev-j
oning at a o'clock at the residence of |
Mr.  A. 11.  .UcClonutflian, Imperial Bank '* '-*«ieuie ma> be Mtti»n«d  u>  rt,_,iueu^« upun
° ■ ttie laid luud.
.Montreal has  iho  highest  birth  rate
of any city in tlio     world, Bays      the
Lodgo,  aud ils death rate ib also high*
U)   Ii t&a father (i>r mutter, il tht lathe ia
devuaatHlJ ul lL.t u- u.Baieo ef iniuoi up- t. a
i .tut iu wic viciuii) ui iu« idi.u eutciuu i r. iue
tqutreuiouib a* tu ro.-i- ouio umj be ktsuriiml
uy sucd pe'a-ii reaidtuK v*nii iue Utue' or
t3j   If ihe settler lias bit poraiautut rsUdtnce
UlAiLj tntl) lag letiU uWLOu b;   L.IU   IU   • i.-.  > li.'Ui-
> ul tils lu-ii.' ■,• i.i    tbo   ii-^L::mt.•_!.,-   aa   to
terest  and pleasure in its pursuits
The Lardeau
• I. Stuuber, of Troul Lake, is u \ isi-
tor to the city for the holidays. -Mr.
Stuulier is one of the pioneers of the
Lardeau. He reports conditions there
normal this winter. Tho Silver Cup
is working abd shipping ore ns UBual,
S. A. Diiney mid T. Huston have u
lease on tho Broadview, and aro working the property with the intention nf
shipping ore. The Winslow iius shut
down nnd the bondeea lime abandoned for this winter the installation     of
Six muiHtir. oouca id writing should bt git.a
w lho Lun.ini-.-ienor '.'l UonllJlUD Laua. hi
uuiiwai.I tuteublo-. to epply lur pftieut.
LOAL—Conl miaiDg rih'lil- mny bq leased ter
rt l.enod ol iv.eb.j-uLe )enr.- at au aunual
reinai of. II i«-i njre. S..1 morn ttian S.itili
aoreb shall eu ioa..ad 10 ..... muiviauai ur
cnipauj A n.ially at ihe me ul tive ceuis
. i.er Iud shall ee eoiiected ou the mercDaolttle
ing  the bounty on lag horned     owls i cal mined.
lu   llriiisli  Columbia  panics  .iaim •
Deput} of the Miuister ol the Interior.
N B.-   t'uaulhtirized publualiou  ot   this
voiu.-eu.eoi wu. l-i be paid for.
must in future produce the head
not tho legs as heretofore
Dou't forgo! the I'ythian Sisters
Shirt Waist Damn ou New Year's Eve.
Come and dance the old year out and
iho now your in at the opera house. A Hevelstoke Land Ulrtilct.
good time is ussurod. Distiict m West Kootenay.
.,,,     ,   ,.       ,    ,       ,   ,   ,,          ,       , T.-ke Notice that 1,  41. k. Lawson,
J he ludies of  ihe Catholic      i liun-h < uf Revelsloke, housekeeper, inieuU io
ure holding mi afternoon and evening I apply for peimleelou io pur.i.n.e tiie
Social on the    lirst     Thursday of the lollowing uehcriU.d h.ude:
v ,    v ,       ,.ii           i \,   '■     _.- t'uuniien. ing ai a post plauted at the
New Year at the home nf Mrs       Ken- b0utu.eaet   curnei   ol   lit  8,668,  aud
nody, 2nd street west.                       tt. marked "il. K.  Lawsnu's Norlu-wtst
,, ,-.         ,    ...                            ,ii Coiuel lVisi  ;   I neuci.- 10 chains souib:
MclM.unims Cigar More ure holding thenee Jo chains wef-.: thence ai chains
their annual prize druwitig this week . uunh; Ilieuee  'M  , l.aius   east: tlience
tlieir plant unci tramway us intended.   I.\ large number of useful articles   are   aJclmiw, norih  to nne ot Lot  e,U0e;
\ property, howevor, thul ..
to the front, is tho Bthel, owned
J. I', f.mil hers. Tliis property i'
close to Trout Luke City and is under bond to Spokane parties who have
driven Uut r four tunnels al different levels and proved up tjic nre body
in each. The oro of the Kthol is amongst' tho highest mude ore     ol     tlie
ing displayed und good  value ia  assured.
hy . Each draw is "ill cents, and there
o nunc is 1 inning   .mi
well the bondces are shipping Su sacks
a day of high grade, nud it is
od the mine will lie as hig u
ns the Silver Cup this winter,
helping out things in tho cnm|
Cherry Creek
i Sum Hill is in frum Cherry Creek
for the holidays, lie says sei dement
is progressing steadily in the Cherry
Creek country, A number of settlers
huve como in     from    Oklahoma     and
no blanks.
Fori GoOrge is probably the only-
town in America that has u uewspa- i
per und only nne white woman. Tin-
editor dues nol have to write up tea
meet ings there, or run u fashion col •
iinin in his frontier journal.
thunce along said iiue lo place of commencement.
Llaled Uclobel lb.li. ISA*..
Nov. 17 tl.    .MINNIE li. LAWSON.
Kevelslnke Lund Distliet
Uistliut ol West Kooteuay.
Take notice tliat  Roderick William
Lindsay, ut Ferguson, H.I .,occupation
■ i-i i   , ,,ii      merchant, intends   tu  apply for i>er-
I he a inuiii drawing contest  held hv    ,      ,  ,    , i, ,.'   ■ .  ,,    '
b Ullasloll   lu    puichas,-   llie    tollowing
Smythe s Cigar     Store is nuw going J described laud!
on. The prize this year is u handsome toiiiiuencing ul a post planted on
case of s II. B. It. pipes valued H, , east liouudaiy line ol Lot 7S06 aboul
^10.    The  tickets  are 150 cents      each,
and the drawing will go on till Xmas.
Every public building or any build -
ing  which is used   for publi-:  purposes I
and  where crowds  collect, should have ( oc op
ull  their     doors      made to o|*-n out- |
wards, und    the gates of outer fences
kept    open    while  the buildings      are
publicly used,   in    order   to facilitate
10 cbaius north uf south-east corner of
said lot, thence east 20 chains, thenc
north '20 chains, thence west 'JO chains,
thence south 20 chains to point ot
Dated Oct. 4th,  lWOll
Alexander McKay,
Agent for K. W. Liudsay.
Wonatehee  Valley,   A  large batch     ofjegrese in case of tire, under section 10 J
Dunkurds is expected to tak.
nniiiig   spring.
up  lund
settlers ure going in for winter wheat
with great success. A ranch there late
ly sold for 817,000, so valuablo is the
lund becoming in thai section. People
are looking forward to dim lllll extending the Great Northern up the
Kettle river, through Chort-y Creek
and Lumby into the Okanagan Valley
and pernups by cumnig through liable
Lake and three I alley, striking Kevelstoke and lho Columbiu Valley with
a branch from this line.
'ihere is excellent mineral property
al Cnerry Creek but owing to its distance trom transportation there is nothing doing on any uf the holdings,
Liiuinering   is     pretty    active.     The  8"od swimmer and  kept  himself aliout
Kevelstoke l_and DiBtrict.
District oi Wesi Koolenay,
'take uutice that Walter lr\ Coiifan.
of the net to prevent accidents by fire I of Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
in public buildings,  hotels, etc,   l>y7.     punier, intends   to   apply for peruns-
j sion to purchase the tuiluwiug desciib-
The local custom  house reports  that | ed laud:
tho Christmas business  this  vear      isi    Commencing   at   a   post planted at
j the   le-eiiiiHiii   south-west corner ol
this year
considerably above the average. ->o , UM --„,,, ,,.,,,,,, u ,.M +()..,_....,,. ^.^
less than seventy parcels were received | ,uulh 40 chains: thence easl 40 chains;
and cleared one day this week, while j ibence north 40 chains to the poiut ol
tho weekly average is very high.   The   -ommencemeui,   and   containing   IHO
-icus, inure or less.
average is very high. The
post ollice lm, report a very heavy
Christmas mail, far above the average
of years pasl.
A workman omployed on the new |
Columbia river bridge, known to his |
mates as "Missouri", slipped off the |
plank gangway on  the lulse work  on
Uate Sepl. 27iti, 1009.
Revelsluke Land District.
Distriel ol  W est Koutenay,
IctKt tiu.ice Ihut Annie   l."iiisn Cop-
Monday uml  lull  headlong into  ilic i \     "U.   OI   UuiuliluWU, Eeuusyivauta, U.
current oi tho river,    lhe man   was a   a-A;. occupation  mairied  Human, in-
1  t -nub lo  apply J or pfiiuinbiou iu pur-
lirtst- Lbululiuw{bg iit-bciiirtrd laud:
gors Muling  Company at   tudorby ,   until a boat picked him up about two j     tomim-ncing   at   u   poet planted at
am paying settlers M.-Jfi por  Sl,      lur   hundred yards down  stream-    In  spile
logs, unu next season will extend their  ol  tlie ('oltl 'ce WMt«r ".Missouri"    was
logging opcciuions  uh  tin-  us      Sugar   "one the worse tor his suduen bath.
La»e, wnere there is valuable cedar.    I    The     MaU-Herald    sum  beg  to ex-
' press their tiiuuas  to Smyiue s   Cigar
Tsonation Lharoes    's,tore ,o' u,°Bilt ol *oox ot A1 "■
3 gars as a Uirisiuius present. Needless
1-ornie, o. c. Uec. 13.—liiiouuations to suy tnat tne gilt la greatly appie-
were awm-n to touay, cnurging im,s cmtocl and that tne "Suvuuuua" win
11. ivneiuu und John VtaiKer witn nuv- bo smoEed wuu much reustt. llie Bring voted twu.o at the last elections, oina and tasie are excellent, auu aie
An iiiloiniauoii was also sworn to merely a sample ol iue tirst cib.e
charging Alex. .McDougall with inning goods curried oy bluythe'l   store wnsie
treated or offered to treat men in the
polling booth at Ins mill on election
, According lo the ollicial canvass it
appeared that Mr. Wholan had     voted
in Fernie   and at Elko,   liis number
on the voters' list was 2622. Mr. Eaton, John Harrington's agent during
tlie campaign, swore to the inforina -
tions and is preparing to summon
witnesses to prove that the men char-
'god  with  repealing  actually  did    vote!
|as the record  shows  they did.
j    li is said other Informations'aro to I
ho Inid against other repeaters      and
poi-sonatoi-s,     and  that   tlio Socialists
\ aro determined to ferret out as fur as
possible, these alleged frnuds upon the
election net whereby the electors uf
the district     have been defrauded     ,,f
(their just rights.   It was  thought   by
smne  that      lhe feeling agaiusl      such
frauds wuuld     die out   in  „  few   days, I
but   it  looks  „s   though  sun,,. ,,i   |0„st I
ol the parties guilty ol flagrant     law I
broakers will have to pay
if lho charges  are proven,
quality is the chief Him
(.tie sou in-weet collier ol Loi 7U00;
uenct auuiii IDO i hains; Uience easi Z0
u.our; ihence s.'UiU <£0 chains; ihence
_.,si 40 ihains; in, i,,t- uui lh 4o chaius;
luuce wesi 00 chains lo lhe , i.int ol
uiiiLueiiceiueni   and    coutaiuiug   __!00
.cies iui.lt Ul lees.
nan-, Sepleu.lxi 27ih, 1009.
, An     ANNlL l_.ULl.3A tUl'LAN.
Fur people wbo use mil u is »ery
iop.ii.aui iliai lh. > sn uiu  i,.mu   i,till having a celliUcaic- l.i in a iji.ailhed
veterinarian .hat i Ln cuws Mhicii piu-
luce it are tree Hum TubeikUauaie and
lli uther diat-ase ^ciiui.
j Tho Shuswap Luko Development Co.,
operating al Notch Hill ou their newly acquired    lands on me lake troul , '    U U clllcul1ttU'ti ''lnt OTW Mpc.  of
. . be cows Hi li. L. are more or ,e»a . f
are musing rapid progress in tne open locied with Tuberculosis, and a lamily
ing up ol small acreages for farms auu which is uow in town loet one of thnr
orchard-.     A   large  Dumber  ot      ,neI1   I'lihili'i-u   tluciigh  milk   iiom   a   cow
are employed  clearing  land  and   pie- ."^.^ »'Ul  tub*.cido,is.     But p«i-
,   * , * w        naps the worst   teulure of these gel nis
puring h.i  the erection ul a Iii si-class 11„ that they it-iuain iu the human sys-
! tourist hotel, store and post office at ' lem for ut least 13 years aud then,  un-
'the  landing.   .Several  wealthy  cauuul-   der favorable  circuuiBtauces,  develop
, .       i,        disease and death.
isis trum the eust have purchased lots
nud are putting up summer residence*, '    Oui cows an- all entitled to  be five
A  townsite has beeu marked oui  and   f'"'1"1" d\w.h^',   We sell clean  milk
,,,..,. •  i    - 'n covered  bottles.     Special   milk lu
tho district has a blight future. half-pint buttles fur babies.
Pythian    Sister
shin Wniit Dance
New   Y'e
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
PHONE 7-2.
Christmas Fire Risk
Kisk  ..f Ins.  ,,f Iif,.. and property by
fire or smoke is much greater in stores
ut Christmas time owing to tho   large   Act and iu tbe mailer of  the TiTle to
quantities ol rubbish ;,„,{ combustible  'i'V S'„.!';' ,,l,u^,'u'r.Pf Ht!C.,UmA.
Id the matter of the Land Registry
|    Tlio salmon run this yeai
! Shuswap was  very  small, und
. Town-
. , -hip 211,  Kanue  '..   west  of  the  tab
and    inflammable material     that    is   tII,.'ri(Unn  („^,pl  M   acres  ,nd  lh{.
scattered around.   In  tin-  United  Sn,-   l.l'.H. nght-ot-wayl Province of B. 0.
tes special attention and vigilance i       Whereon tbe Certificate of Title Ho,
paid by ihe Iiic department   lo     the  9,966a to the above hereditaments in
stores "at Christmas time and watch il   '»'* "«»"'■'' Pei«r B«M has been lost
or destroyed and application has been
.....-..,,,,  „,,s  leiy  small,  ami  In snito in ,,   uv ugmreinu mu Buuucauon nas oeen
"f tin- fuel thnt H,is vear wa   the''bin Merchants    shuuld   made to me for a duplicate thereof;
year"     the average amouuI     of ovalb"    purlil-",l"1-v,   'Mire'ul  Lwl» **      -yi^isbereby given that a dupli
taken was considerably  less ihun
^ho ordinary years, lt is anticipated,
too, that the salmon pack will be
■mallor than thai of 1906, which wus
I the Inst big year. Kvery fourth year
the run of siilmou is much turgor than
in  other years.    In   1006, 877,000 cases
'were put up, but this year the number is not expected to exceed 760,000,
cases  ale  unpin ked  uud  when   influin
innblo material is dumped, in order to
avoid ull danger from u serious lire.
Dr. Heard, dentist, has moved bis
rooms from the Taylor Block to tbe
new Molsons Bank Building, upstairs.   Uw- 1B- WW
cate certificate of title to ibe above
hereditaments will be Issued at the
expiration of thiity days from the
date of the Hist publication hereof
unless in the meantime valid objection
to the contrary is made to me in
District Kegieti-ar.
Land Registry Ofllce,
Kamloops, B. 0.
Farewell and Presentation to A.
E, Anthony, C.P.R. Foreman
Un Saturday night about lilty guests
_,at down to a farewell buiiquet ten -
lered by the C, P. lt, engineers and
riremen and shop men to A. 12. Anthony, who ha- filled the position of
locomotive foreman ut tho C. I1. It
shops here. The banquet was held al
the Windsor Restaurant, a Bplendid
bill oi fare being provided by Mrs.
II anbury.
Dr. Hamilton presided, wu. supf
ed  on his right by  the guest of
evening, Mr.   A.   E.   Anthony, and
following ocupied  placos  ni   tho
live board
Dr, Sutherland, Messrs, Krisby,
Burnin, IV. Boyd, D. Caldor, P. I.-'-
vesque, P. McDonald, C, Kipp, Slov •
ens, McDonald, •'. Bucklin, Virkoy,
Peter.-,       Valley, I'I raves,       Fel
gu=on, Hunter. Cunniugham, Mollor,
Hendn, Girley, Gordon, Clomcy, Huggen, Rycroft, Clark, Feint, Hyland,
Shatford, Boland, McRae, 'J'. Jackson,
Wadman, McKinnon, Gordon, XX. Hill,
J, Walker, Ai niiin, Lewis, Kllis, Law-
son, Chumris,
The menus, primed ut the Muil-Hor-
aid oflicc, wero a beautiful production
of the printers art. Tho following wus
the menu:
Raw Oysters. Cream Tomato. Halibut Cutlets, Egg Sauco, Breaded Voal
Chops a la J'etits Puis. Jolly Turn -
overs. Roast Turkey and Cranberry
.Sauce. Roast Goose and Apple Sauco.
Potato .Salad, a la Kusso, Lobster
Salad. Chicken Salad, Celery and
Cheese. Cream Potatoes anil l-'rem-li
Peas. Cream Puffs. Hoi Mince Pie.
ue. ]',.rl Win.- Jolly.
Fruit,   Vm-.  Ton,    Cufe
that Mr. Anthony was leaving theu,
and expressed the hope to «eu him
buck again.
Mr. Levesque said the Chairman had
remarked the i-lmiils were too low for
Mr- Anthony Bl lingers Pass. Hi- liu
ped the clouds would bo too Ion ut
Winnipeg and ihat
wauld sm.n havo i
liovolstoke.   (Cheors)
Toast. -The     Press
by Mr. Llaggen.
Sung.-Mi.   Allium.
Toast.—Tho Ladles, eouploi
names of F, Feint, ll. Calilr
Birnin, F. Crick, who rosponded.
Mr. M.'ltiinin gavo a |)iii-ticttlarly
clever and amusing Bpeoch,
Song.- Mr.   Rhodes.
Thr gatliei'ilig separai.'.I uiili hoarty
liuiid-sliiiking niili Mr, Anthony ull
iniiini and tlio host wishes <f his fel-
low-employoos nf lhu '- P. It,, and
his many friends im- his siu-ress.
-. Mc-
Dinnei over, Dr. Hiunili.
his pleasure at having bee
*o preside at that gathering in favor
of his old friend Mr. Anthony. Mr.
Anthony would feel highly fluttered ut
the send-off given him by his associates and he would look back on RevelBtoke     with     pleasant     recollections.
m.l      ll.
(Cheers.)   He then proceeded   i
toast list as follows:
Toast.—"Tho King."
Song.—f.   E.  Jackson,
Toast.—"Our     Guest," drunk
musical   honor-.,    and     coupled
•iio names of li. Gordon,
A,  J.  Macdonell,  .11  M.-li
Mr. Gordon said Mr. Anthony eamo
from one oi the two most important
towns iu Canada—Montreal and Donald (Laughter). It It was good for
Revelstoko when any of thoir citizens
were going away to show they appreciated them, as they appreciated Mr.
Anthony,   (Cheers). '
Geo.  Blakeley regretted  to see   their
icomotive foreman leaving them. (Ap
plause.) I
John McRae felt highly honored to
be .died on to speak on this occasion '
He had iound Mr Anthony a thorough
gentleman, was sorry to see him go
away and wished him all success.
H-   McSorley  regretted   t.s   -       Mr.
Anthony leaving them.
The Chairman read the following address:
To Mr. Anthony,
From  Engineers and fellow workmen
of  C.  P.  R.   Mechanical  Depart •
ment,  Revelstoke.
Dear Sir:
Ilu conductors of tin1, western linuH
..f the ('. P, li. concluded their ten-
day mooting al Winuipog on Saturday
night, having settled u number of
minor mat tors that were brought up.
Chiof of Ihoso was ihe question nf
manning ihe now branchos thai aro
being opened up by the C. P. It., being settled  very satisfactorily.
Tli.. conductors nf ilu- Cauadiau Pacilic railway nn the westeru lines an:
uot concerned at nil in the petition
ilinl lias been presented by the oast -
i-iii conductors asking for an increased
scale <»f wages and at the present time
have im grievances whatever with the
company. Ilu- eastern mon are ns],
.    ' ;l,i', ing  fin-  n   higher  rate nf wages      antl
'stale   dial    they   an tilled   to   tlieln.
pressed   as ihey received    no increase in wages
requested   during lhe years   1006 and   1007,   when
the better conditions prevailed      idler
ilu- depression.
line nf ihe initst important events in
development nf mankind and ui the
world's progress is announced from
China tolling nf ihe great rejoicings
lolling of lhu groat public rojoicings
that look place upou lhe occasion of
the opening nf the new Peking-Kill
gau railway.
Peace on Earth and Goodwill
Towards Men
To   the Editor,
Sir,—For some years it was claimed
In many that Revolstoke .'ily was
governed by a faction detrimentally to
the besi interests of the community.
A change of civic government was instituted but still wo cannot call out'-
solvos a harmonious whole. Ask, however, any liiomlior of tho various contending factions, as to tho potentialities of tho town and ils surroundings,
I and without the least hesitation ho
will answer, lliere is none greater in
the   lnlnrior.
j Whal then is the nun ler iiitli Revelstoke?   Nothing.   Whal   then  ails      its
Iinhabitants? Am I justified in saying nothing bui unjustiflublo prejudice
uud i-oiiteiitiiiii.   As a community   wo
'are nn more magnanimous mi the
nne li.-ind nnr narrow minded mi tin-
othor iiiiiii ue have clioson  in be.  inn
lie nt       this        80USOI1        nf   "I lnnil   Will"
choose the fiirmer and bury the lal ter?
| An election fnr the Beloction nf presumably the best available citizens In
iininage its ntl'airs is shortly in be
held. Hale mi' tn ilule set aboul this
duty in a manlier commonsiii'uto with
the aims nf good citizenship? If not
are we willing to yet do so? 1 can
answer for myself only, lmt havo ov -
ory reason to believe thai the ihujor-
iiy, afler a littl.- .aim reflection,
would be willing to rule nli' the account nf old scores and unite fnr mutual  advantage.
May 1 presume in suggosl that a
public meeting be called, uot ut the
present lime in discuss details ui
civic management, bin t<. umieubly
choiise a levelheaded citizen in whom
ne .an .ill havo confidence, fm' ut
leusi the position nf Chief Mugislartc,
anil this will mean n great deal. This
is quite possible if ivo desire it. Do
Faithfully yours,
Bonnie Briar Bush
lhe deputy minister nf railways and
canals in liis annual report suminar -
iwn tho result of the surveys made by
government engineers of a route for the
proposed Hudson Bay railway from
La Pas. I.a Pas, on ihe Saskatchewan river, is connected by a branch
line with the Canadian Northern railway system.
I'im routes have been found, ..ne tn
Fori Churchill and ihe other having
iis terminal mi the bay al Port Nelson, mi the river Nelson, lie sets
down tin' length nf the Churchill route
from Lu P.ms nt Pin miles, of which
about 32(1 miles have been sui lev.'.I ,
and the cosl nt 811,603,585; the
length nf the Porl Nelson route being
3D" miles, aud the estimated cost at
88,677,350 t.. which, in both .-as,'., the
cost of terminals has |,. be a.hied. He
considers   that  the  probable  total cost
nf either  mad  would  be 817,000,1  oi
818,000,000. Ihis estimate however, as
he explains, is based on incomplete
snivels and exploratory reports
According to  the  Ggures gatlu
the Car Efficiency Committee     of the
American  Railway      Associatipn      the
overage distance  travelled   in   a      dav
V,e sincerely regret haviug  m      lose by the.uverage freight car on  the
your  presence  among us,  as we   have  way„ u(    ,,,,.     ( ,„,,.,,    _...,...    .
always     nund     you     an honest and about  twenty-two    inileu      Exclu
straightforward mat. amongst us: al.-..  th„ m .,„    ,-,.„„, the total to
we hope and trust that ynu will got a   the m,,vt,m,m  ,|„, average  .
higher position than  the one you  are  ly  twenty-Eve  miles  a  da}    Stat
leaving,  as we     know  that  you      are  gathered   by   the   Interstate   Cm   •
worthy of it.   And we also hope   that  Committee  show,   too,   thai   thi
you     will have      good     health     and   llge 6ptiUil ut  tlu, [reighi u„
n-.rength  to follow  out your duties  as   roads    ,}f    .,„        countrj   is ol
you have done in  the past.   We   also mi|,.s an hour       lins mean    that   the
tne any    time  average freight car i. moving on     its
■'K"'" journey only  two   ind one-ball
out   of the    twenty-four,    \., the real
I lie Bonnie Briar Bush will be pie -
sontcd here mi Dec 30th, al the opera
hnuse. ll appears ;i. though Ian .McLaren's story of the Bonnie Briar
[Bush as dramatized by -las Mai-Arthur will never grow old. ils success
has been und is still phenomenal but
it nevertheless is not a success that
.iiiiiiiii be accounted (or. Of all lingo.id play- tlmt havo graced the
stage The Bonnie Briar Bush is nne of
lhe purest and best, It is a Btory nf
human interest unfolding a life's chap-
ter in     the simple     Scottish glen,  so
uue t.i nature and life as tn appeal
with irresistible force t.. the audience,
It is fragrant wiih the hoather nf
"Bonnie Scotland," and i- enlivened
imii pointed yet harmless Scottish
A linn.1
in the future when you wis!, to
be amongst ua    Hoping you will havo
ail prosperity
yours truly,
Mr. ,1. Roycroft, foreman    of
boiler shop, then presented Mr
thony   . :, behalf of  -.he engineers
firemen,   and  mechanical  stall,  with    n
handsome _.- i I mounted   imbrcl i
spoke as follows:
Mr. Anthony, I h.r.c very great pleasure in presenting j iu with thii g. Id
mounted umbrella ai a gift from the
Engineers and Firemen, ml tl.. Uo
chanical !)••; •:,■:,.■, ■ ,.f •)„ i |- |;_
shops i:_, Revel • 1 ■ [loping you «ill
us« It in time of need, and that you
will think of the friends you an- lent
ing behind you Wo wish you all sue
cess  and  prosperity.    (Loud  Cheer   i
Mr \,,-' nny, who was re mivod wilh
a great ovation, expressed hi- plea- -
ure al being with them that night,
and thanked th,..,,, f,,r t|„. farewell
banquet thej I..el londorod him. Whilo
here he had mado many friend-. Oreal
credit wa; du.. lo them for tho iplen-
did spread ■!..■;. had that evening. Ho
would look back with pleasure on his
associations with Revelstoke, and
would esteem the gift they had made
him, (Cheers).
Song.—Mr. Arman
Toast.—Canadian Pacific Railway
CompaDy, coupled with names of XX'.
H1U and W, Ferguson,  P. Levnaqim,
of the time it is standing idle
ilding ' I in some yard
I'i..    i       P.   I;, appon
in.ug'.'    '... \inin    -'.■ ie
will     add -..     i he  ^ an    ■■, er Japan
trade oi'i.".      the     In,p..   i    teamei
non ..i. ' c A ■  ..."      ir thi   V'iutoi Ian
or  the   '■ '    l.e  .Mian      iin*
i- nOW '.I.  el"i ll..     ' I..'        | : i'.n
-,:  doing  away   with  brakemen   <n   lue
lop of freight  rors     I hi
would   reduce   llie   cosl   of  bridg ■ 'it
is ing    throughout the I) imiu
I Ic i .iiii- I-. . ..iiiiiii ionori hi- -
i - ii.-.i ui ordei tlint, nil imin ay - ...-
piinie- iiiii-■: 'mi iiiii i mul maintain ul
Hug siinimi. ui table shelters and
wailing room for Hie accommodation
..f freight and passongors, the snid
shelters to bo provided with proper
door- and windows. Pmpor pint
forms and approaches shall also lm
provided. Where tarilf earnings amout
to 816,000 a yeai lho ruilway companies shall construct and equip proper stations with station agent in
■I     McRao succeeds A. Ii, Anthony
as locomotive, foreman at ilm Revel*
stoko shop-.   Mi    Anthony     goes   to
TO OUR PATRONS having heard
that a rumor is being circulated that
other partioa, other than the owners,
havo the management of the Opera
House, wo wish to assure our patrons
aud the public that the statement is
not correct. All dates required by our
local patrons, or the travelling shows
will be held and protected by the undersigned. 1 hanking tiie e. al patrons
for their liberal use of the opera house
we remain,
Yours truly,
Mauofiiftr.'*    '  ■ ri    clauses of   building!
'.,,r ,_!.« ia .ifKi'iir .mn.. ,uMir.il »s
An clLidn ot boildiriff nnd plutefl ng
Repairs ul  ...  k  ul    ni Ulj    -i I - I
Bicycle and Oun .icrk ,i rpecially
K-iiui ites gl ■!. ui sny cfaiw
of w.irk
Front     Street.
We have a few lots left on
the beautiful Rowling Road right
close to the River Road car
line, and commanding an unsur-
passing view.
$275 and $300
Terms $25 cash. Balance,
$10 per month.
We can recommend these to
bring good returns on the investment.
We have also a number of
good lots in Lynn Valley. North
Vancouver, on the new car
line. With the early construction of the Bridge across
the Second Narrows, these lots
will more than double in value.
Prices from -?250 up on terms
$2.1 cash and Jlo per month.
Dominion Stock and Bond
Corporation, Ltd.
Winch Building;   -   Hastings St.
For Fail Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Home gi.'" u fruit and ortninieutal
trees, grown on uplai d soil without irrigstinn in the unly part of
tin1 Aineiiciiii continent not. infested with the San Jnse scale—
Garden, Fie'd and Flower sp-d —
Tt nil stock from ilio best growers in the wirld—Wire fencing
sn.i tire—Sppij pnnipp, Fertilizers, Bee Suppr.es, Cul fl ,-»prs,
Spraying inntni.il.., ite.— White
labor only.—N. « 1S7 psgo Catalogue free
M.   .1.   IllSNRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
VAN'tOlVI'H,   li.  ('.
Branch Nursery  -  South Vancouver
Why Pay Rent when ynu
can Own your Home?
Dwellings,    Building  Lots
and   Acreage.
Also Business Property
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobaeco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
-U\w Furs Bought,
Uash Prices Paio
P.   B.   WELLS,
Rvpoi t.nr of F.I.M.
II,ne yi ii .-een I ticket's special offer
md prizes given from Nov 16th until
I>m_- 81. I' ie wurtli yotli uliile to
visit Ids -'mli.-. if.
Rail Lines Port Arthur and West
Fare and Third for Round Trip
Dec. 21st to 25th
Dec. 28 to Jan. I
All Tickets Good Until Jan. 5th, 1910
For Full Particulars Apply To
C. P. R.   AGENT
Hwri   Hill  »nd  FwgUiea  r»ifretUd   "iniiipi.'i;
Union Hotel
Under .New Management
Stewart Macdonald
ttie Grand Trunk Pacific Branch
Lines Company will apply to the Parlia-
■ oi Canada, at its present sessi"n,
fi r an \* I further amending tbe Act incorporating the Company, Chapter qn o-
the Statutes ol 1906, ns amended bv Chapter 86 ol the Matutes of iqpq. by authorising the consti u non of the following
additional lines of railway: -
ni    From a point on tlu- Western  Di-
i'is*on ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
etweei   the east limit   of  Ran^e  12  and
the west limit of Range   17.   west  of the
•hird meridian, thence in   a  southwesterly
and     westerly    directiuu        to     a     point
in   the     vicinity    of   Calgary,    Alberta.
point    on     the      line     which
the  Company :s authorized,   under  paragraph 14 ol     a IS) '   -aid   t-'hapter 99,
to Calgary 1
ji   Fi m the  proposed line
laragrapl    [1    \^^:<.rrn  the
Range zo and the  ••vest  limit
- vest of i1k-  third  meridian,
an   easterlj    ami  southeasterly
Regina    r to a  point   in  the
ie  proposed line
ngraph  (1    between  the
■ i  < ige    1  md l he  west   limit
.if Rangt  Z7,■• est   I lecond mei
to MofKi i poinl in ' be vicinity
■ 1 the Western Divis-
- 1 nd   'I runk   Pacil
.   ■ ■       \i ■ and and W linwrighl.  1 hi m e
- .  ■, i      lirection
■ ■        [he 1
lei    ;: *   igraph   13   of
■ ..1 ii Chapter 9. ■■     ■■..
Bal   el  ■
<■'-.'■. _■'        11  the
.   -' 1' Lethbridge.   or
tv oi  Lethbridge on
which   1 hi lei
. ,   *     lui if said I b ipi< 1
:ed I from Cal j
' ei -. be indai
,r  11 neai I    utl
I-   -•■■■. a point ■ m   th'    ma >l
■■■--:n D 1 i»iiin     ■ ■■•■ en M   ite alc<
! 1 ine  I fi l hrnugh
age   oi 1 ....,-, .   River,
Kr.rr,   Setpn   -ni'l    indei ion
1   i iii-- Mlloel Kl. ei 01   the  Icjua
bi ' ■■ een   the   lail   1 w ■ ■
iu •■' 1   British  ( olunibtn ,
.   Lr in Ivsife pi bo 1 In to tbe" ilenl
0,   a mile nf the   mid linwi   ol
numbered (r) to (5) im Itisiye  tnd
. ig 1 he -"Ud lines * il bin  wh il  ire
f the unld A< 1 as the "Manitoba,
•« an and  Aiberl/i   Kjitenslon**"]
authorizing an issue of bonch to lhe extent
1,00a   mile  of  tin-  Mid  line  ol
■ 1   ■ 1.    1 m be red if») and comufiilng the
said line within what in defined by lhe said
Aci as tho "Mr iiish t'olumhia Exlonslonsi'
find also amending paragraph 11 of clause
1 1 >i| tin• said Art, as regards ihr southern
terminus M the line thereby authorized,
Dated at Moutrenl thin 89IJ1 i\»y ni Nov-
rmbrr.   IpOQi
Solicitor fnr Applii antg,
TTHE All-purpose Flour, and
* superior for every purpose.
Highest grade in the world. Purity
label guarantees success, or your
money back.
"More bread and better bread.'*
Office. Winnipeg. Mtmtobt.
The u Traveller n
The Ames-Holden
Shoe For Men
Ask Your
shoe is a gentleman's shoo niado for gentlemen. It reflects .style and good
taste, li gives Bervlce ttnd satisfaction, and every shoe is made from
choices! stock in perfect finish.
y.iu can buy "The Traveller" in fancy patent bluchers-light weight,
dressy shoes, elegant and correct in every way, or you may purchase a
I' avii r box calf leather with viscolizi 'I s Ies- a waterproof boot for the
rainy days of fall.    Many styles--rnaiy Bhapes- but big value in all.
. miitttium. u IHM nnm—
&*SSttSZ&&£i^^ ..ISSXxGrS^
i vieim,-
The useful is combined with the ornamental in the splendid array of Holiday-
merchandise which weare showing for the Christmas trade Useful gifts are
always the most appreciated by your friends. We have "Just the things"
you want. Now is the time to select your gifts when lines are complete.
Come in and examine our stock. We can suit you both in price and quality.
Look over this list, it will help you when you come to do your shopping.
j  CILVERWARE that's the
nearest thing to solid
silver—wears for years, is
rich in design —that s Standard Silverware. You'll
know it by this trade-mark.
Its wearing qualities  are
absolutely guaranteed.
You 11  like it  as soon  as  you see   it,  for the  designs are
It's the kind of plate that wears well and the kind of design
you never tire of.
We've just received  some of the  latest   Standard  Silver
designs and we would like to show them to you.
Will you call in?
Round/Trays $2, 3.25, $5, $6^.
Oblong Trays,1$10, 12.50J,
Man's Besi Friend A Safety Razor
All the new Gillette Models in Gun Metal. Silver and Gold Cases
The Autostrap and Arnold's Fountain Safety at $5.   Clauss Safety in
leatherette cases at $2,50; The Ever Ready $1; Christy Hoe Razor $1
Shavewell Safety Razor 35c.: and The Marvel at 25c.
A Christmas Gift
of Silverware
Wc would like you to see our Christmas display ol
silverware. We have some very handsome pieces and
sets in the very newest designs—and they are plated to
last  lor years.
See this display now. We
are sure it will help you
settle the Christmas gift
This handsome set with tray
Fish Sets
In   Leatherette cases, silk lined; silver-plated blades and
pearl handles.   Makes a handsome   present, nt
$7.50 a case.
Children's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets 50c.
In Leatherette
Cases, plated
Pearl Handles
g8   In Leatherette
Cases,   plated
Pearl Handles
Skates !    Skates!
A very accept aide present at this season
is a hanil-onii- pair of skates. We keep
tlieni in nil tnulipp, shapes and sizes. We
can tit the child ol 7 to the man with
the large feet.
A good present at this season. We have
the heavy Kooky Mountain pattern al $5
Men's Club Shoe at $4. and the Ladies
Club Shoe at 13 50. No lif.rm to look
them over.
Carving Sets
We  have   three-piece  sets, in   Uuckhorn or Bone Handle.
guaranteed finest quality  steel  in   handsome plush-lined
enses.    An appropriate and seasonable gift at
$4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00 to 15.00
Boys' Tool Chests
have the sets in a small hox for the
very small hoy aid we have better sets for
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household should have with good tools in
them from  35 cents to $6
Ladies'   Companions
We have a small assortment of this line
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Electric Goods
If you want to please the Uld Folks give
them a nice portable Electric Limp or a
new Chandelier for the silting room. Come
and muke a selection. We have some
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4 light at from 18 to $15, complete with
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Rich, Sparkling Cut Glass
Thi re  is   nothing you can give a lady that will
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Berry Dishes
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Sl, 11.26, Sl 50, $2,00, *2 50, $8.25
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Glass Water Sets
The popularity  of   this  line  lust season
induced us to offer them again this year.
Colored   Pitchers   nnd   Six   Tumblers at
prices ranging from if 1.25 to $2 Her Set
Covered   Glass   Cheese    Dishes,   New   njid
Handsome i5c
Four-Piece Table Set, comprising 1 Sugar.
Cream, Butter and Spoon Dish at
S1.00 and $1.50 Per Set
Vinegar   Bottles,    Ketchup   Bottles    and
Pickle Jars at      25c each
Flal Ware
Her* is when- we shine. We certainly can
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nnd Stag Handles. Sugar Shells in silver
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Picks.    Pie Knives.    Berry Spoons, Cadles.
Nice Chinaware
There is nothing more suitable, more highly
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Coaching Scenes. Bayeiiux Tapwtry, Knights
in Armor and many other) ln Wedgwood we
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rack.    Prices ranging from 50c Up
Lawrence Hardware Company
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early. Do It Here. Do It Now
Wc have a beautiful Assortment of thej'
Famous   L1BBEY Cut,
Glass.   Salt Dishes,  Bon
Buns.    Salads.    Nappies,
Candlesticks, Water Sett,
Knife Rests, Sherry Sett,
Cream and Sugars,  Cake
Plates, Celery Dishe,
Whiskey Sett,   Vases.
A       i
morning whon Mr, Oibbons wns   fur ■
ther examined, then Hurry 11    John-
Heard at Nelson on
Before Jodye Murphy
,-   thi    -•.-•     '   I'n el te vs,  the   ''11 ■
Lumbi ■   ' kimpanj      the plaintill
ied   tndi     thi    lommon  law and  the
, ,■     ij-er's   i lability  ,\.-i  for damages
..v.;:,:  to hi>   hand while employed
■ ..   . oinp iny's sawmill at I'iugston
. reek  in  .March  last.   Ho  was  adjust-
ig the _. .1 li    on a circular saw  with
rench when  the two forefingers   of
_-..-   hand  were cui  ..li' aud      the
.':. igi -I     I he  v. iin..-- sues      >'ii
grour :-  lhal   the wrench was   not
■ _-._.-■        Imi      .l.f    guides were
theii     prongs and lhal      the
-. ;-    • •: ■  bolts were loose.
_>. '1 .;. loi   and  Jas.  O'.Sheu  ap
I ■ ... . loi   the plaintill and i..  .-. Mc-
>i  KeveUtoke foi  defendants.
, he    '.."-' "• idence given  by plaintill
he "- ■■ I   that « hon employed
thi   - luring  tho previous     son-
.  .    ..-     had    ii- iallj   made a  wrench
I ■:  the pur] , but ihat on resuming
- irk  '.:•   I  llowing spring  that      was
missing i he saw  iiui.it  necossarily
mi tion when being adjuotod,
Ihere were safer forme of guides than
ones in question. During the sou-
son of l'JUT he hud mude adjustments
ten '-ii liflcen times daily, but hud
bad trouble before. Uo denied over
being careless, Hu hud gone to Arrowhead after the accident, where hi=
Land mi, dreasod ul the hospital
thore. >e.\-. he hud youu to Hovel -
atoke au-1 remained there three weens.
Since coming to thu proviuce ho ban
worked for tho Bowmun Lumber Company, Fred liobinson Lumber (_'<<iiiji-
any, •'. 11. IViuluw and tin- defendants.
Previous to that he hud been employed in verj- ni;in\ lurge mills, lie claim-
. i ... eyesiglu w us almost us good
i- over.
In nnswei to Mr. McCarter witness
said he did not lell Hair or Gibbons
the wrench was too short.
To Mr. Taylor: On one occasion he
remarked Uj Hurt that he wanted to
fix ihe pin, but was afraid i" do so.
Ban then lixed the pin, aud in doing
so cut his linger, and remarked ii was
a bed rig.
iiobert McGregor, sawyer nt tho Vale
Columbia sawmill in Nelson tor the
past live years, gave evidence as to
the relative danger of the saw iu
ques'.iou. In ids mill tiie saw wns
adjusted by a lever. When u wrench
was used to adjust the guide il wns
au "a" wreu.h. which would have
beeu less uaugerous than a wronch
such as used in the mill in question.
Uo would not use an eight-inch ordinary wrench. V sawyer earned from *a
lo t" a day aud a tiler from $7 to SID
li a sawyor Btoppcd it stopped the
whole mill
To Mr. McCarter lb' had used a
similar guide lo that in tin' case, "in
had taken it out n year nnd a half
;h-.. Similar guides wero -till for
sale. He had used t,u_h a guide i"'
ihe past two seasons Mi1 di-l not
consider it -aie. Tin.' injur} would
not affect plaintiff's eurniiij
to any great extent   a-  a snwyi
I..  Mr.  Taylor:    I ho injur)
.':-   '     .-     -.; ■- ity   -.-   a liler.
Rand Gibbous, manager <>t  tho Gibbons   Lumbi     '   impany,  called  l.\   - he
efei -•. bail authority to pur
chase supplii       ['hi   plant  was in good
nditioi      l'i ain i      had   advised    him
to i_. .;■    be g ii :    -     whieh the  acci -
deni    happened,    Baying -■ « is better
.:   - - :..-    ' :      - he saw  when the
bought   b;   m-     ■ ompnuy.
fit ■' re the ■-   idi   I pi iii till never took
• v -i it     i to thi   . dde oi  to   inything
.-.   ■.:.■.- tion  ■- ith It.    i '.- saw guidi
.;;   wero  in   tbe in ■
_ondi In        •        idem     hap-
the wrench pr. iduced      was
by pl ,ii.tiii    li..-i.'ii-
u -.:      •■•    .    Ai rowheud
"'-   al.'l   ■*] I .    1 ■ . '-•
I way 1    '': .i' ■    to the mill,
. -  ■ ■   v- ta anxious
tbat   :■ lei ■  ■ ■       I told hii    was nol
king   -..:-■ Hi     .:...
be   mill ai       , i .■:..
.. .   :.■ ■■   .:.■* . I ■    ,--             -   ■■ ,!    ll-i
: .:.  ::.■ law   loi .-,   -'    tl
"•                lhi ■_'.-- '
• - left
-on,  an
tin-  i
employee  of   the   Nel
in feature ,.i tho proceedings
wn- tin- ni-giiinent advanced by Mr.
Taylor, counsel for lho plaintiff, that
tin' bull- .rn tiii- guidus Iuul boon     ro-
ipaired   since    ibe   nccidont happened,
[and iin- luttei uiin.-ss was called for
tIn-   purpose   ..i   iitlompting   to   as.er-
j lain whether "i uot tbis bail boon
.Imii. would have a vory importiuit
bearing . ui tho uvidonco.
_\i ih.' aflornoon session XX. I). Han,
tort-man of tin- company, gave ovid •
euro be bad seen inon saw inu with
hands worse cul lb.ui thai of plain -
till, I'crnetto wus a fairly good man,
inn Iii- eyesight was failing, Witness
wa-  sawing  at     tho Gibbons  mill      in
the    spring     of   I'.m-    an.I   ll rows
wore tben in nn- -ain.' condition as
uow.    lie  bail nevor got   Iiiiii      in any
I way at tli.- mill ami be had novel-
heard ..I anyone .'!-•• getting hurl, except plaintiff.
I'.. Mr. T.u bu; II.- clenrl} remeni
bored whal pluiiiiili ~ni<I when ho __"t
hurt. I'l'ini'tti' wn- buss uf running
lhe saws, lb- bud seen a somowhut
.similar guide used iu Creston and
ilttn il. Voamau, a saw salesman,
deposod In- hnd been ',/, the saw business fnr iwi'iuv years. He know sov -
eral active sawmill men who bud lost
lingers. I'lainiili wuuld be somewhat
handicapped by tho accidont, but bis
earning capacity would uot be materially affected.
Hand Gibbous, recalled by .Mr.     McCarter, said pluiuliff complained Burr
wus bulling  iu  and  asked   him   t.
that he did uoi interfere.
Rocallod by Mr. Taylor, |ihiiiuili denied  that  at   the  ti .f  tbe accident
he ha.l ,-aiil In- via- getting too careless,
Christmas Creed
"Do not keep the alabaster boxes of
your love unci tenderness sealed up until your friends are dead- Kill their
lives witli sweetness. Speak approving
cheoi'ing words while theii1 ears ran
hoar tbem, and while iheir hotirts >an
be thrilled and made happier by tliein;
tin- kind thing* you mean to Ray when
they are gone, say before they uo.
Thr llowers yon mean tn send for their
coflins, send to brighten and sweeten
their  home,- before  they leave  them.
"If our friends havo alabaster boxes
laid away. full nf fragrant perfumes
of sympathy and afieetion, whieh they
intended to break over my dead body,
] would rather they would bring them
nut in my weary and troubled hours,
ami open them, that I may be refresh*
etl and eheered by lhom "hi!.' I need
ihem. I would rather have a plain
colli n withoul a flower, a funeral without an eulogy, than a life without tlie
sweetness  of  love and  sympathy.
"Let us learn to annoint our friends
beforehand for their burial. I'osi ■
mortem kindness doos not cheer the
troubled spirit. Flowers on ihe coffin
ast no fragrance backward over life's
wearv way.'1
Ah. McCarter addressing lho court
for tlie defense, contended there was
no evidence that plaintiff was an employee of the company He had gone
to th'1 mill on hi-' own violitiou, and
ai his own request. Tho companj had
a sawyer aud Tiler at the time ami
hud given plaintiff     several  hint-     to
leave which  he had     taken     In  th*'
hospital Mr. (jibbons had asked him
what he owed him ami plaintiff said
that what hi' had done was not worth
anything and that he did not owe him
anything. Ucftfudant gave him a check
oui of pure generosity. Mr. Kernel to
knew tne condition of the plain and
it was at his own request the kjuide
wan put on. fie gave the company no
not iiient iun he thought the plan' He*
feet ive- lho company had put com*
potent men in eliarge and the evidence
showed the plant v\as reasonably safe.
Tiie wrench and screws were in good
condition and carelessness musl
Hotel Sneak Tnief
The bote1 sneak thief is vory prev-
l.-nt hint now in the west nntl every
precaution is being lukon against this
extremely undesirable class of people.
Edward Hates, alias Yoi.ng, alias
Morgan, bailing from the United States, was arresled in the local V. Jl. C.
A. building I ast week by Provincial
sec Constable Kington on warrant and description from Field, for stealing a
gold watch valued $50 and a ten dollar gold piece Iioiii lhe Mt. Stophen
hotel. Constable Kington found his
Iman who tui.I a voluoblo story and
mnde out ih.-u he had been in Kevel -
itoke for several days previous, in or-
lor to try to prove an alibi. Tho
goods however were fuund on him and
be was uikcii back to Fiold where a
preliminary hearing was held. The
prisoner elected fur speedy trial * and
tho case was heard al Golden Monday
by Judge Wilson.Hutes was found guilty and soutenced tu two years uml nix
mouths imprisoiiuieul in the penitentiary at Sew Westminster. This
should be a warning io other gentry
of that ilk. ami summary measures
will He taken aguinsi ull who arc
caught sneak thieving.
Bridge Strike
A number of carpenters employed on
lhe new government trallic bridge over
the Columbia river here, struck work
on Saturday for higher wagos. Messrs.
toilette & Macdonald, the contractors
have   had deemed desirable to brim? in aev ■
caused ihe wreiuh to slip, The plaintiff had, in any ease, been guilt} of
contributory uogligeuce. It had not
been shown he had Buffered any damage. After the accidonl he asked 86.50
a clay uau:--. and had only been u<'t
lillg s" the year before, and witnesses
had -aid ihey did uot think In- earning capacity had been nuilerialh reduced.    If    li-'  obtained   damage*      at
lI'a,'i,v (reduced,    li     i blaincd  damages  ai
all  ihey  inu-1   be  v .-t j    -:■.   .
Ml',   Ta\ he    -ani   it .-   ■ a-.-   w ,i-        l.'l'i
unicpio  in   thai   -o \ .-ty man)
dielory      iheorie*  had  been xwori
It   W a-   ■ om kn I   i       nt ill e\|XM i
ment iny   foi   his  own  amuseim md
also    i lllll    he   wa-   bo.*S   of   till ll
\\a-   admitted     he  ha.!   mlTen
and  il  was yet  ■ (intended  that
a  better man  than before,    ll « '- said
he  had  uol   complained  of  the  eondi •
lion of  t h«   appliances, J et   it   waa    ;■:■
mil ted     he     hud even    made    a new
wrench for himself, whieh seemed     :
have been ivgarded
thai   he   had   il
guide  with   tin-  mui igei
did mo - rem h  usefl
pro|>er     one   u  I      Mr    M      ■
' i   would rtoi    , . Mr    I i'
■,-   led    ■
, uided   riff thai
i    "   - -
v carried
^;i-   respoi    ■■ •   ■        ■ ■ ii       the
:   . •    ■ ■ pplianci
good tfr.  Ilan
the guide f ■ I v
io he nit I ■ H
! ■    •    ■       was a bad rig.   M
eral workmen specially skilled in
bridge framing work for which &4.0U a
day wa- the wage arranged, lie- men
who   were    already  employed   thought
thai   uie\   too  uere entitled   to  the 81
rale   ami   refu-ed   to   uork   fltfain   until
tin-     wa-   arranged,    Mr.      (>illelte   in
order  to exjK'dite  the  work  and    nave
dela\   b\   ^I'ttiiiL:  in  other men  in their
pl.ee,  agreed   to  give  them   the M    n
da>   rate      with  the o ■  ej l ii      i if     one
man      who  iK'came abusive   and    who
w a-  nul   ' tken    ti   igaii
Uepairs  to  l lie donke\   .■■
■    dow n  on   Krida;
;,- ted    md woi - .-    ■  -
th- bi   •
School Attendance
Tl,.- atteudanci at tin publi   „ .■   It
for Dvci s hs fi
I •  •   • ipiisl    lie  aaki ■
whu-   ■ ■ hii     ml  plnintilT
H..      -                       1     2d
-" Kn
11      IT
82 35
IK.I—1)11     1         If)
■     ■
—      II     :u
ill   :;.'
HI  12
-   ■
U2 l -
—   •   V.    43
-T ot
—   "VI   19
-.   - ,
VII   17
- •   ■
—    vm.".:
-'1   l>
—       IN     Pt
77 (Mi
—        X     I'-i
-': li.
1   ' ■ •                        III
•- "7
__.'. 1
1   IKI     'i'i II   1.    '    1   l'i
■■     II     '
'   ■ g    ill
not put on the pnyn       I  lhi       ■--;     „ .. ,,,,   ,n(j \|,    |
' "    ■ '    • ,.   ,
ho«   ll  o "in- I      WH    ,     ,.      .
'■■ia    |  . . i,
■aid .ci,,i."I    tnd  Mr    I hi Ioi   ■■ tin it«l  In-
he did i   I  anything   Hi   fin- „.,,_ entitled  '     •■■■   ■    Defendanl   had '!'   '     u      "'"'•     '  !"'   17*8,    thenee
.'•.-.'• him  a    he k loi $60.00   '• i | ,, obliged   thi   toi '■■-.".,          .
what he had done at tho mill    On h'1 him but had protested     fhe lact that j'henn. west 20 chain 	
U.t ver     ■    lhi    hospital defendant i,. . ,,. ,„.,.,,     pBj,| wages showed     he '"'"'   ■'""•'■     '''                       tei
Bxplaint-i that  '-■■•.   the      ident hap- -,..,,   ,,,.    employee    nnd   il  also we  '"  ibom   10 chain* to the
p»Md  there were only  n few  log!  left, nll,,u„  {,„„,  ,1,,. f„. .   .,,,,.   ,.,.   . ,     ,,,
uid   be thought   he had   iwn In too ,),., tho dire n ol H-ur
mu?h of a hurry    WltlMIi expected to      n;,  ||,,,,,,,    ,.,„|  |udgm	
hire him for ihe following year     and j
coniidered he wuuld pay him  nr much
«■(«• an II he had noi m*t with the     11„. ,|„„ ,, December 31al , foi
accident .thian EfliNtori dance, opera hoiife
To Mr. laylor l'laintiS turned [
down a lafety guide similur to thnt "
u«ed at the Vale Columbia mill Tin-
guide now used on bil mill is the kind
turned down by plaintiff and was installed when the new machinery was
put in. The change was made mainly
for the Jake of laving time. He hnd
seen the wrench exhibited used to ud-
just the guides and had never object-
ed. Plaintiff wai not an employe* of
hii company.
The   cut    was    icumed  Saturday
i. H     .a ner   il   ol   17 18,    hi m •■ north
along   cen tern     boundar;    .1   lol   1728
ii......  I"   Iiiiiii   '.. poinl of commence-
 tig  i" acrea more or
ii a.i.ci H'ltb, r.m'i
LP. LeBeau
Corner Third 5t& Campbell Ave
Horsi'SlMing * tmlaot WorkaSpeniltij
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock ef printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
Account Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents f r the fa  ous
$60.00 Cash
am \0
Take all the small parcels Home that
you can.
Remember there is always a rush the
last few days, make your selections now.
Store open every evening now until
"V-.    •' •_?«'!,'■.•.'__«._"   ."Ic,   :t
*ti%Ci'ir l:
1! ;'JeS9
Rules of the Game : Give Something.
Give the best you can. When in doubt
give gloves.   Consult this list, It's here.
You can make the loved ones merry
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Tarry not!
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carf Pins 75 -. lu 1 50
Cuff Buttons 75 . in $1.50
Silk Brushes $3 00
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I landkercbiefe
Ooly Two More
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Keveisioku, ou December 21st., John
A. Iws oi Revelstoke, to Jessie 1'.
l.e Seuer, of Victoria, B. C.
Christmas Groceries
\s  your  lime  is  now growing  short for Clirislnias'Groc-eries and
Dainties, you  may  liml  something in our line lhat will interest you
Progressive Whisi Tuesday eveuiug in
i. ity Hall in »'iA ni Ladies llospiiul
At the City Hall Tuesday the   Jiili^
progressive whiat  party    Come     iuul
bring your friends.
The usual men'- meeting in the "t
M. C. A. will he held Sunday after
noon    R. Uowsou will lie the Bpoakor.   ___
The deputy returning ollieer is in
from Cauoe river and reports a unanimous poll of seven votes for Ilon. T-
The officer, uud men of E. Co. It M.
H., are holding their lirst annual dinner aud smoking concert tomorrow
evening in the drill hall
Wi haVB to hold over till uext issue
report of Board of Trade, lecture by
VV. Gribble at opera house last cvon -
ing,  aud other items
An accumulation of anchor aud lloat
ice which had gathered around the
false work at the eaBt end oi the Columbia traffic bridge on Monday nighi
broke away and carried with it tli"
piling and false work. The mishap
will pul the contractors to some inconvenience iill the false work call bo
The Sunda} School ol tho baptist
Church will hold their annual Xmas
•r«- and entertainment on the - -111 in
•he -hiirch. The i xercises will eon-
-■-• ■' songs and recitations by lhe
• -.    md mtatn  called   " The
Christmas Stocking," closing wiih th..
listributioi "i pr nis to th.- .-hildren. 'lhi- l- ir... to all. and nil intei
• - ■ ■                 iilv invited
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Your Insurance
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LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
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Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
O We take this  opportunity   of
Q extending to all
A Merry Christmas and
A Happy New Year
G. W. BKIjI^
P. 0. BOX 108
\w   ■' ■ ;       ■■•-■■■  ^
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Nice Furs,   Blouses,
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v- "A. \
m A '■   ' •  % X
,   ■      '     11.«    V     This should   be   news    of
i\ , ' W \_v \ appealing interest to women.
*^k     AgOr A  | Think of being able to choose
v .v gjr  /   .i £rom ftn unu8uaiiy desireable
WH, /// collection of Silk- Net or Lin-
[7 gerie Blouses, and of net, mull,
fi       ftWTM, lawn or muslin dresses, suit-
/ 'fln  9/A able for afternoon or evening
■■/       >xWr     m wear, with Xmas but u few
' short days away.
In the collection you'll probably be able to find the very
garment you have been planning to buy; this will but add
pleasure to profit, for the blouses and dresses, if anything
are attractively priced.
Could you think of anything that would give more
pleasure to its recipient than one of these Blouses or dresses
prettily boxed, tied with holly ribbon with a Xmas card
enclosed bearing your Yuletide greetings?
Come and see them-they'll probably take the place of
a more expensive gift, yet be more appreciated.
These Items are out a Hint of the Many
Beautiful Models on Display
Beautifully trimmed Black, White and Ecru Net Blouses
all sizes $4.5o. 5.oo, 6.oo, 7.oo
Fine Lingerie Blouses, the new Fall styles, some of the
best yet shown    $3.5o, 5.oo, 5.oo
Pretty Mull Dresses in white, pink and sky—Princess
style, with beautiful insertions  *lo.oo each
Better dresses, with more elaborate trimmings, in all
shades     12.5o 15,oo, 17.5o and 2o.oo
Pretty evening dresses in net, mull and silk mulls,
at  2o.oo, 25.oo, and 3o oo
These make very acceptable presents and are the very
latest designs.
tr.  o o d
C_.CU    CJ   L>   S .
The tfist choice of particular
people in writing paper is
11 ways Crane's.
( i nn- - Linen Lawn is deservedly the mo-t populai
Correspondence nf the day.
We have many styles in
\ in is paccagas at prices
from 73c, to 85, Holly hoxes
11, 11.25, Sl-60.
Bews' Drug ^Stationery Store
Winter    Cooko,  lhe    younpei   son "t
Mr.   ami   Mid    I      M,   ( ookt),   WM   opoi
nictl  mi  for  appendicitis    on    Monday
evening.    He  i«    ",,u     doinu  woll  and
making excellent progress.
The men sent up i*1 l i'*1" >e i i* er in
November in build tho fern which i-
in be put ucross the Columbia river
in I'onneel the Tete Jaune * ai he trail
with the Big Bend trail from Kevel
stoke, are reported to havi omp
the work and v\ ill returti ■■■ Kevel •
stoke tomorrow
K,    Riddle    is      ipp<   ■
name of the man who was       ui
pieces ou  Friday  last  two miles
of Notch  Mill by u C.  I'   K
nam     Uiddle    was    e\ idei 11
(.ui the tra< It     about  10 p   m   w I i
freight -i rn. k  him, i lie ens ii
the man  loo late to prevent  I he i rain
from  going
fifteoi       ars        wsed    over  I lie
Riddle    imp       in   i lituiwap   ind
evident!}   tie walking   Lo  3   tn<      \im
and ; - to bave ■■•■■ 01111
hauKtod   and   fallen   down   asleep
remain- were interred  ni   \.»tc|i  lltli.
1'v   i  fire  ai   I liree   V allej   >esterdaj
ono of  I he  Mundy   Lumber  i'. unp my'
houses  opposite the hotel was destroyed by lire    li      ivas upied  bj   Mr.
and   Mrs    Fravo      ' their  fur
nit ure   ind efi\
1 f v.       friend kim
___.!■•-     :\-       V _     '
-mi nr'     .'uesd ihe Lad ■
es Hosj is foi
■  ~ ■■ ■ '
■ ■
Dr. T.       h . r
9.-<?-- &&M- ':-''-;4 ^'''j'.n-
^^&4^'..'''i;'4.!,'-v |fe •   ,      ' ■ 'v; ^ •
! '•iM,%^r^-'ov 0^ ^
•*     ,' I '■     '-■'-, '- '"-S-.  flf> -..,: •':■ W^tj&i*
1 -, if.... -f ■-■'
,a^:jv ^Jm,
I >on i Wait' ' ome ai ' )nci
t'm Glass B''st in Town
Silverware, Sterling Silver
Purses I Purses     Ladies   Hand Bags I!
Everything in the Jewelry Line,
J. Guy Barber
. Bro
' ik._n.i_..-.'.   i .,i,.„  . <i
W   Bel
 .'i  termi
■ ■      ■
i ranberriM al  i'- .
• •.ll 'i (.".-.' .
left nd   W   Ball1
Perl.....'-   • i...i •
- I'    Drug  Store
[Inn,.--   -•■'      I   iiei    -. ■..   idd  |
it  Bourni
Head ,      ikes, inri<e
Miortmeni   it 0   H   Bell's
Special  pi i .-    ,i.   . eful   n ti ■..■-   •
i hri«tniii« trade nl   Howton's
I'm' ii' n candle, nnd tinsel I ■
XmiiN treo decoration    ,• Q   itnii'
Eli I hrlstmai itockingi, Jap Oi
HtiKim, CoooanutSi Malaga fimpni. ni
Bourne Itron
Good substantial toys, nnd the pre)
iih»i dolls; nil tlm. nntl pri-'e« at Mac
donald'n linin store
Ilon'l forget where u. look     for the
newost ill    nilnly  bound  hooks,      Mb''
donald's Drug Store knnpn thorn.
Qrapo Juice never before offered m
lhe priee,  only 110 oents  per  holtle nl
0,   W.   Hell's. '
(Jliriiitiriiin diiimir.    luu linn bit   ului.
Leghorn, lor iale,—Applj  M   Pleaifa
nm,   1st  utrei'l   Wtll,
Now at its Very Best Brim-
full of Happy Suggestions  for
Yuletide Tokens
Thin store in Literally Crammed with (Jiftn of Quality,
Nvwni'M. nnd Usefulness, Tbey have been selected from the best
wholesale bounee throughout the Eas', Tbey are nuitable preceiits
for Men antl Boy»; all Iiiiii in Quality and Low in Trice.
-  Make  This  Your  Gift-Sehttiig   Store.
Men's Fancy Vests   A Silk Umbrella     : A Neckwear Bargain
Wa we nhowlng a .mv Pancy
a .1 latent il I '-i.."■ V" ' i
Knitted   and  P inoy i ITecl -. In
nil tbe pr.|.ului pal
2,1)0 to 7,50
All th,. beal   makes, pul  up in
fancy i.'.x.4., sp^i lal !<,■■ Xnm-. .1
ui-." ii "fol and appi npi la'i i/ifi
for men nnd boyl     BOo, lo $2
Paooy    Oomhlnatlon    Sets
Suspenderii Aim let-,  and  Oai
imi in nil populai "li'i'i"". ini up
in boiidny boxes.   *l to»a -"
I'   i a loll      We hnve on \iew
a i bu tiling Array "i mmi „
1 nil.ieii,n, in many pleasing
-i vieB of handles (•. ubooae from
2.50 to 7.50
Wc ni poelally   hIiouk in
iin   Ilii"     I'l.in   Silk   mid  wiib
mil i.i I 7.V , In J I,
Wil li  I nn y ..ilk bin del' lb,:,
Kxoelda bandkerohlo'afl foi BOe
Pure  lii'ib  linen  will. Initial,
8 loi »l.
Linen h indkernhlefs 16c to Wo
All pul  U|i III f.tnry ho(M
Wn h ne 11 Ini nl »ilk Pour lll-
IiiiiiiIh. Ke^iilnr 78o iuul 1.00
Our I'llei.
50 Cents
Just the I blng  for holme went'.
101 ei y inmi appreciates one of
these. H. .me real swell onus,
Pi-Ices $t.iyiin $10.
Comfortable   nnd    dressy,  a
splendid variety,
Mocha silk lined 11,76 to 8860
Wool lined $| to 88.60,
Kid,   lim-il   or   imbued   froin
81.26 to 89.60,
Faney Hosiery
We have a big showing Of
attractive styles, thai will command the iiiiinediiiie attention
of Xmas Shoppers.
35c tn 1.25
"Mufflers and hecxscarfs
llriulley full fashioned mulller
111-- liiih't iiioiiiiil the neck, a
greiit seller at 76i-.
Pboenix Muffler in iill oolori
Ht 75c
Neckseiirfs in funey nilkn nnd
popllni, n tinisit v gift, $1 to $2.75
Pull Dress Scarfs 82 50 to $H 75
McRae Mercantile Co. Ltd.
The Home of Good Clothing


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