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 " Empire" Typewrite
For ease ol operation and perfection
in results produced, tbis machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, IftiO 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
It IT       •
e Mai
New Wellington Coal
E. W.  B.  PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 15-No 2
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Discount Sale
For the month of January we will run a big
Discount Sale in each of our departments.
Come in and get your wants supplied at prices
you never before thought of.
For the Men
We have exceptional barguins.in the following lines:
Underware from $ 2 00   to $2 50   for * 1 25
Men':; fox at                iio for 25
Men's suits at        18 00 for 10 00
Men's shirts at        1 50   to $2 00   for 95
Boys' Buits at        5 00 for 2 50
For the Women
*    50    to
*   liO
*    25
5 UO    to
8 00
2 'JO
6 00   to
8 00
■1 90
I 00   to
1 00
1 50
Ribbon   II
minis   and   i
oi other
For the Family
We are-finding a lot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we are putting
on a Bargain Table and offering at a
reduction ol
All good goods and articles that ure of daily use
in the kitchen.
Book    your    orders  tor   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Brandies or AkoiiIs at all principal points iii Oanada.
Agents in (heal Britain and United Stales—London, Knglnntl,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago Kirst. National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Boat tie National Bank, Han Fran-
Cisco--Weill Kai'go Nevada National Bank. Spokane- Exchange
National Bauk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
Current rate from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Thirtv-three and one-third per cunt, discount ou
all fiirs. Curtain muslin from 15c. to 30c. per
yard. Tapestry Curtains at 25 per cent. off.
Tapestry and Linen Cushion covors from 20c. lo
50c. each. Twenty-live per cent, discount on China
.md Glassware.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladles'and Children's Winter Wear
Must be  cleared   to   make  room   (or
new Spring Stock.          .          .          .
M R S .    A.    C U IC Iv
A p IKS T    s T R B 10 T .
1> i       ■     ■■     in   ■■ ,  n
int hiiiIUAL
Of Fruit and Produce Exchange
—Reconstruction Discussed
—Better Provincial Basis
of Co-Operation.
The second annual convention ot
the Fruit ane Produce Exchange of
Uritish Columbia opened its lirst session yesterday.
Owing to the delay in tbe arrival ol
No. lib, on which were tbe major
portion of tbe delegates, the morning
session bad to be abandoned, tbe real
business commencing at 3 n. m.
There were quite a number of delegates from all points, including C. 1'.
11. ami dominion Express officials.
Tho following is a list of those who
\V. B. Robertson, city; C. E. Hand-
cock, Enderby; Mr. Saltweed, Enderby;
\V. Salt, Enderby; C. Ericson, .Mala
kwa; E. Ericson, Malakwa; J. Arnot,
Chilliwack, K. Robertson, Vancouver;
A. J. C. Clarence, Peachland; H. E. It,
Smythe, city; J. Wilson, city; H,
Cunningham Morris, city; J. John
Btoue, Nelson; E. Smith. Dominion
Express Co., Nelson; M. Lee, Dominion
Express Co., Vancouver; R. Helme,
Supt. Dominion Express Co, Vancouver; C. H. Robertson, A. S. F, A.,
Vancouver; Maxwell Smith, Vancouv
ei; H. Morrison. Mael'berson Fruit
Co., Winnipeg.
J. Ji hiistone, president of tho Exchange, culled tbe meeting, formally,
to order and Mayor Lindmark declared
the convention open in a lew well
chosen remarks, referring to the first
meeting ol tho exchange two years
ago and its subsequent progress. lie
dwelt on the fact that Rovelstoke was
a closed town and explained that tho
introduction i t butter morals and law
abiding practices would result in untold benefits, in welcoming thu delegates to the city, he expressed a hope
that their deliberations would be for
the general benefit ol B. C. and the
fruit industry.
W. M. Lawrence, as president of the
Board ot Trade, welcomed the visitors
on behalf of the board, pointing out
tbat Revelstoke was keenly interested
In height rates and hoped that tbe
transportation poople would co-operate
with tbe Iruitmeu for tbe country's
A general discussion on transportation and facilities then ensued, communications being read Irom Senator
linstock and R. L. Palmer, regretting
tbeir absence. L. M. Hagar cited
several instances when the rates on
fruit seemed out of proportion, pointing lo the fact tbat ratea in Eastern
Canada seemed more reasonable than J A large number of the business men
iu tbe Weat. of the city were present, nil professions
Mr. Robertson, assistant general being well represeuted. Prominent
freight agent C. P. R., poiuted out among the guests were Hon. Joseph
that be did not understand that iu- Martin, Judge Forin aud Mr. Farris
dividual questions of rates wus to bo of Vancouver; Mr. Robertson, A. O. F
discussed at tine meeting, but pointed A., C.P.R.; Mr. Helme, Supt. ol tbo
out tliat there was a geueral meeting Dominion Express Co., Vancouver
called in Victoria about the middle aud Mr. Maxwell Smith, Dominion
ot February (or the purpose of looking Fruit Inspector
into any complaints generally (rom all The viands provided were clioioo
points.and if necessary, readjustment! and dainty, aud lull justice to tbem
would be made as'were considered was done. Mayor landmark presided
witb the conditions at those points.
Representatives ol all districts in B.
C, railroad and government representatives would be presout.
Other speakers followed along in the ! connection*, Judge   Forin, Mr. Farris
same line, 'and Mr. Maxwell Smith, who enlarged
ial that all contract growers should
abip through their exchange. Tbe
luck of this had been fatal in the past
and the exchange had suffered because
it wae not able to deliver the goods
when the fmit season waa on, on nc
couut of the fact tbat the grower's
estimate;- fell short.
Mr. Morrison, of Winnipeg, said
that contracts were necessary and
that luck of proper BUpport and capital
hud been at the bottom of the trouble
in the I!. C Exchange last year. It
was finally moved by Mr Clarence and
seconded hy Mr. Smythe, that the
Fruit & Produce Exchange ol B. C.
make a lull call on balance of stuck
Mr. Jonnstouu then poiuted out
tbat be bad always been strongly in
favor ol this step being, taken and was
glad tlmt it had come about.
Mr. McCleneg.um, manager of the
Imperial Bunk, spoke a few words on
the importance of a solid basis on
which the exchange Bhould work,
pointing out that the banks would be
glad to support the movement.
The mcthuds of procedure for 1909
were fully entered into. Mr. Robertson
A.G. F. A., urging centralization of
shipping points, which, if brought
about the C.I'iR. would give a hotter
height service than ever beforo.
Mr. Morrison stated that, as far as
the wholesalers were concerned, whom
he was representing Irom Winnipeg;
they preferred to deal with a central
organization and would not bother
with sniiill individual shippers. The
successful operation ol the 15. C. Exchange would menu thut the vol nine
of import, business from the United
State- would decrease and hotter
prices for the growois would result.
Mr. Hagar then rend a paper ol
" General Reconstruction Principals
of the Exchange," from which a long
discussion arose and plana for next
sen-oil's work, an adjournment being
made at 7.30 p.m. till the following
On going to press at noou today the
delegates were Jn session discussing
the matter ol the conducting of the
business next year, going into the
details of otlice Imsiness, shipping,
etc. This afternoon the Imsiness will
be called by the president and the
eleotion of ollicers will take place.
Visitors Entertained by Board
of Trade.
The delegates to I he annual meeting
of the Fruit aud Produce Exchange ol
B C, Limited, who are holding session
bore, wore entertained at a banquet
last night at tbo Oaotral Hotel, given
by the citizens of Revelstoke uuder
the auspices of tlie   Board   ot   Trade.
in the chair. Prominent addresses
wo delivered by Joe. Martin, who
caused considerable amusement iu bio
reference to   bis   legal   and   political
Discussion took place on tbo ventilation ni fruit cms, Mr. Hagar claiming
that ventilated ears were useless and
only refrigerator cars suitable (or sale
carriage oi Iruit, and suggested that
the Pony relrigerator service be
Mr. Helme, superintendent nl the
Dominion Express Co., said lhat bis
company would carry these relrigci-
aturs, lieing easily handled, antl
pointed out that he would look into
the matter ol fruit cart generally.
Mr. Johnston pointed out that the
B. C. government would support the
Iruit industry and were anxious to do
all in their power to further its in*
terstB. The investor must see that be
has a market tccured as well as land
(Citable (ur Iruit growing.
L, M. Hagar gave a general outline
ol the procedure ol lhe best methods
of handling and marketing Iruit,dealing with the whole operation Irom
orchard to market which proved
highly Interesting,
A general discunsioti uu the Imisi
methods of reconstruction of the exchange ihen followed,   the delegates
lei ling Hint tlie central exchange bid
in it Wen run on a hnsiness bin-i-
hacked up by siillicient capital.     The
neoesilty ofolotot oontraoti by (be
growcra was dtuuiltd, it being esaenl.
on the Iruit industiy of B. C, its
great tutors nnd progress.  He touched
00 tbs ultimate success of the Fruil
Exchungo if bundled and Conducted
on sound linttiiciiil und businesslike
bull, an I    relerred   with   lunch   en-
thusiiism to the unbounded hospitably
01 Revelatoko ami her citizens.
Mayor Lindinuik in reply  to   " the
cily " gave a briel synopsis of its progress anil prosperity.
Tbo banquet, which has heen a greal
font mo of tne lin it glowers' visit and
meeting, terminated at an early hour
this morning.
Conservatives of Comox-Atlin
are Divided
Victoria, Fob. J—Despite tho action
ol the British Columbia Conservative
association in Vancouver ycBterduy in
eiidnisiug the euuditlatiiro ol Mike
Miinson in Comox Atlin unopposed lo
III.) I,lh. ml camliiliile, Ilon. William
I'l-mpli in.in, Conservatives in tbo riding lire Widely divided us to the wisdom nf a contest mul it is fell by many
of them thnt Manann ha- a pour
chance of lieing elected. Many lead
ing Ciiiiserviilives here nnd elsewhere
would   have  been   belter   sutisllcd   il
Mr, Templeman had been allowed t"
take bin seat by acclamation.
Grand Master Retires—Total
Loss—Canadian Curlers-
Fatal Fire—Rare Honor-
Horrible Crime.
TORONTO, February 3.—Dr. Bproule,
griind master of tbe Sovereign Grand
Orange Lodge of Uritish North America, will retire from tlie position ut
the annual meeting at St. Thomas in
GLASGOW, Feb. 8.—The second test
mutch against Sootland was played at
Orossniylo'.f yesterday, resulted in a
victory lor tho Canadian curlers, the
score being 101) to 77. Tho third and
final match of the series for the
Strathcona trophy will bo played on
February 11.
Melbourne, Feb. 3.—Tbe British
steamer Clan Ranald is a total wreck
near Ediihburg, and the captain and
Hi ot the crew, most of whom were
Asiatict, were drowned.
Oakvii.li;, Wash, Feb. 3.—Meres
Scbiiin Saturday afternoon killed
Arthur Gestland by throwing bim
upon a revolving buw at tho Harris
mill near here.
Canton, China, Feb. 3.—At least
200 lives were lost in a lire which oc
curred in a Meet of llower boats. The
charred bodies ot 170 victims have
already been recovered, but many
persons are still miEsing.
Cincinnati, 0., Eel). 3—Presidentelect Taft will receive tbe rare honor
of being made a Mason ut sight, when
he arrives hereon February ly,according to au announcement made by the
Ohio Grand Lodge today. There is
only one similar instance of the conferring of musonic degrees on sight in
the lust hundred years of masonic
history in Ohio.
Over Quarter Million for B.C.—
No Revelstoke Public Building
The main estimates for the fiscal
year ending March 31st, l'JIO, ware
tabled in the Federal House, Ottawn,
yesterday afternoon. Tbey call lor a
total expenditure of $110,1M7,774 aB
against a total of $129,788,173 voted
for the current fiscal year This paring down of 119,300,391) is to be reduced by Bii'siqucnt supplementary
Public buildings to the approximate
C0Bt of $250,000 are allowed for B.C.
und include—
Dominion public buildings, improve
ments, repairs, etc., $H,UO0.
Fernie public building, $25,000,
Lndysiuilli public building $17,500.
Prince Rupert Quarantine Station
Vancouver public building, $00,000.
Victorin immigration building, $43
Victuria poatoffioe, alterations snd
additions, $8,000.
Williams Head Ituurantiiio Station,
1 improvements und repair! to buildings uud gl lings, furniture, ule, $5.
Columbia river improvement!, $20,
I lui bora, rivers, budges and general
repairs, $H,noo.
No provision has boon ma.lu as yel
for the publio building at   Kevelstoke.
The judiciary estimates provide $1,-
(Ilii) each (or two new judges iu Br tisli
C. P. R. SPEND $2,000,000
Extensive Work on the Pacific
Division This Year
E.xliiusivu work on thu C. P. It Pacific Dlvlllon, am..nnl in;; approximating $2,000,000, will bo curried om
this year uceording to -tateincnts
made by F. F. Busted, general superintendent nt the Pacific division. Resides minor work Ihere will be now
bridges at OilOO, ueur Lytton, also ill
the Kooleniiys ami FriiBer rivor at
Between Vancouver anil Kamloops,
21; masonry or oonorete urohoa and
culverts will be constructed. Between
Kamloops and l.uggau, the budge
work will mil bo extensive, ns la
much lins been done ill the last lew
years lhat the bridge work on tbis
section bus been prncticully completed
A number ol culverts, however, will
bo rebuilt In concrete. Ten or nion
bridges « III have concrete abutment.,
replacing piles, und iniir ntntil anil
masonry bridges will be built on tbe
I'.ngln rivor,
With tlie development ol the Iruit
This   is  a
Range "  that
such   excellent
cut' of   the
is   doing
service in
many Kevelstoke homes.
There is nothing to equal
it at the price and no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay. We have them specially fitted with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements. Be
sure you buy a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Groceries        Hardware        Harness
V v.-
"?■> -1
jl -_- KJS
rm$im4fi Mr.Bre$sei:
If the  laundry has knocked out your shirts and    ||
'-rc'tci --:•••      -IU...    ....,..,1 .1-,   ,lrv     __,! .  .„ -1  ....  _ ))
uiKivsii ;vmi    Hluu   »wa.at-UB —'»-   •  i   ■ ,■ »V3C
with your cuffs; if you have made holes in the toes of
your socks and are not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for you; if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut"; or if you need any furnishings for
your body conic to us.
SHIRTS ,    From 75c. up
NECKTIES From 25c, up
UNDERWEAR .. . From 75c. up
us  furnish   your  body  and   make  it tit to
McKinnon & Sftrti
Fit Reform Clothing.
111 .in mi ICE, niiiiisro
I SI llll l'.IIIIII   I8«7
B. K. WALKKR, President
Paid-up Capital, 310,000.000
ALRXANUKK I.AIKH, Oaneral KtOlgll    ReSvTVe FlUld,    -     6 000,000
DRAFTS  AND   MONEY  ORDERS sold, nnd money transferred by
telegraph or h-tter.
COLLECTIONS  made in all \ irts of Can;.da aid in li . .i, i countries.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great liritain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     123
growing industry ol the Okunugun,
tho railway company will make i x-
teiinions to the wharves and hnihlingti
at Okainigati Landing und Kelowna,
to facilitate the handling of Ibe fruit
At Field u new Imilor nnd engine
IlllllSO  will   he erected.
At Itevelslnke .u d Kill H I illusions
'nil repairs will be miide to the shu|s.
il tOOtb paste at Hi wi-'
ttee onr con
Inssets,    Nort
I'.ivis      (lot them   now
I igher Inter ou.    C   11
•r window lor npplo*—
ern    "I'V    and    lieu
tbey will Is
lluinc ill C'■.
Colgate a rihln
lirug Btoro.
line week only—WH AT"    A obeip
»alo. Boiling pint, l5o; potato maiber
6o; wooden mixing Ipooni, Mc eaeh,
aiid Chopping ImiwIs Iroiu llllc to  lilio
each at 0, ll. Hume a Oo'i.
Prepare-lot thi cold snap this week.
We sre Unloading 2 curs ol briquettes,
1 car 'labor coal, 1 car Wellington
OOal, and I cur ol Baiiklicud stove coal
is tn the road. Order early and avoid
delay in delivering when the cold
weather ennies and tbo demand is
heaiy.    licvi'lstoko (.icncral Agencies, TH MAILHEEALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flDaiWbcvalb.
published i.;:\ -i..iv a: d Saturday AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc.
I nequalled   for   [uirity   of tunc  and
beauty of design.
^■^MSs I Ne^lM Williams Pianos
Office    and   befoie    Railway,
Hon. l 11 \.ii.i> .Mrniiiv . M.l'.
■■... risers, Solicitors, elf,
B. I.U.l.AS .      I    .   ,
At the head of the list of the High Grade
Pianos in the Dominion.
These High Grade Pianos can bu purchased on the monthly
payment plan, A payment of $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in vour home." We are also agents fur
the CHASE & BAKER and   ANGELUS Piano Players,
, i .CK- 1   I.M' i to '.l. 1  INK  111   I.1HK11 U'-\ i
i , B. e,
1 ii i'
... i ut
bo. i, i  . ■' J. '.
K.■•.,-.-■ < . a
,._..,. . .   '     m.i i.n
\. M. I'im.    ■ '
I.   ! .   I. UiVKY,
.'■   .ilk. 11- I- -
^^^^^B  banister
Solicitor, elc,
S li. ilorl  ;
fm. i anauian Bask oi- Commkuce,
'liit Molsons Bank, Etc.
FlliST ST.,   •   HEVELSTOKE, li.r.
■" Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
McKENZIl    .''    ENCK,
I.   O.   F.
rl   :   .;i; Begbie, N. . 8461, meetfa :'■. i... 1
1th M ..   ..--  .... i :;.■.... wi Hall, next lo Opera
.     ting brethren cordially Invited lo
titan i
,t. Hart, C.B.
H. W, Eowabds, R.S   •
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   View Camp. Ko. 229
Meet-  Second uml   Fourth  Wodnei-dayti in
em-li month, ln"Selkjrk H&U.
....  r'nvlWdtoatWiid.
iv   li   MtMSTRONG, Co
J.MON'iVKK.  Clerk.
Visilin   wot".
F. O. E.
■Tho rego it n tiug__i arc held lu the So.kirk
Ha     - Tu availing      i    8   o'cloc k
Visiting I :•■-.: --.. are cordially iuvited.
■ i.   WALSH,   PBB8IDBNT.
W  E. McLAUi HLlN,SuuKurASv,
Kootenay Loclae. No. IS, A   F. & A. M.
•*V» Thu regular meet-
1:1-1- are held in the
/   Oddfellows Hall, i.n
the third Monday in
. each   month    ut    1"
, - i [i m. Visiting brelh-
v   reu    curtliuUy   wel-
-f._t*  come.
O. A. fKUCUNIEH, £ecketahy,
SKLKJKK LODGE No. 12, 1.0,0   1 .
Meets every Timr
laj   even ug   lu   8i
kirk Hall at SoVlocl
r V       ug brethren an
^^^    Cold Range LotigG, K. of P.
TTa^^.      No   76,   Revelstoko, B. C.
Mr).\ -  1 , ..I Y   ■•■. EDNESDA
except rn.id Wudnosd ,
1 ddf'.l!    .-.
m.i'.    ut 1 ■. ici.     \ istUn
Kn.ytiW> v- c ir-il-illy   uvi tod,
Q   H. BRO<  %   K. of  H   & H
J, It. SCOTT,     . ol I
Call and see ike New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
been  almost  as great a Philistine on
he   bench   as   bas   fighting  Joe  in
I politics."
IMitnr M.\ii..Ht.:ii.u.o.
Dear Sik,—Uppetoruster certainly
lias my sympathy if Mephisto has
Mich a tine ilic influence on bis life
The ootnedy spoken of in bis letter
consists of the fact that one ol onr
leading and most reipectfd Y.M G. A.
men should appear in that costume.
Also, Upperoruster certainly must
lack sense of humor il he cannot see
any comedy in Satan appearing on
skatt'B. 1 think tlie criticism savors
more of the undercruaher than an
uppercrusti r.
Yours truly,
Onk op the Juuqks.
oil. "Opulens Sine Dubitate,"
which is the motto of Hevelstoke,
is particularly applicable just now
and in view of  the fact  that pros-
following from  tlie Kamloops Sentinel regarding our new advertising
scheme tells its own story:
" I lie Revelstoke board of  trade
feel that this motto is»only loo
true und will receive practical exemplification. To the business
men who have laid the foundations
of our present commercial and industrial activity, sometimes under
circumstances of difficulty and discouragement, much is due, and
tbeir solidity and faith in ltevel-
Utoke's ultimate success shows a
line spirit which is worthy of emulation by those who are coming in
almost 'daily to make their slake in
lhe oity. The Maii.-Herai b ha?
contended along Uiese lines for
some time past, and those who
were sculling at lirst over our arguments are now joining with this
p'aper in advocating the same
The city council are considering
the advisability of organizing what
may be   termed   u   salvage   corps
Uvhich body   will   work in conjunc
lion with the lire brigades, and Ibe
i members   to   receive I he same call
■when an   alarm ol  lire is rung in.
I It is claimed lhal the firemen have
en ugh lo  do  lo cope with the I'n e
and to  operate  theii hose and op
j paratus with   the  In -i advantage,
ind iv lule in lie   evi   '    :        -:....
outbreak the firi uu i . pi rbap
vere   not   act
ioso could ii ii"-'. - iry, removi  ihe
irniture.   va luables,   eb  .
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   the 1 iill'
■M.-li.W, FEBRUARY li, I" I)      '    '"'   "' ,r'
I dang' red and the  i
perity is in  tlie air, we can indeed [ proposes   to   inaugurate   a   nove
scheme ior calling  attention to the!
natural resources  of  that city and
district. It is intended to erect a
permanent building near the C.P.
II. station and exhibit therein
specimens of iruit, vegetables, produce, lumber, mineral.-, etc., besides photographs of scenic features,
sporting trophies, industrial mid
commercial sample.-', and suitable
literature, so that transient passengers can be attracted and enn see
what Kevelstoke has got to offer to
the tourist, settler or hunter. This
plan is much on a par wiih that
adoptetl in many towns uml cities
in the United States, where some
centrally located premises are tie-
voted to what, is really a permanent exhibit of agricultural and industrial products. The Sentinel
bas on several occasions advocated
the  adoption   in Kamloops of this
All Sources of Forestry Taxation increased 50 Per Cent
The revenue of the Provincial Government from the timber resources ol
British Columbia during tbe past year
baa beeu over 50 per cent, more than
it was in 1907, despite tlie (act tbat
all unalienated crown lands were
placed in reserve and could uot be
touched during tlio twelvemonth,
comparative figures dealing with the
receipts ior 11)07 aud 10U8 on account
of timbur are as follows: 1907, $1,723,-
0211.28; 1008, $2,657,690,89,
Tbe quantity of the logs in water
at present is estimated at 100,000,000
leet less than was tlie case at this
time oihv, year ago. Twelve mouths
ago there were 170,000,000 feet ol logs
in the water and but 70,000,000 leet
The quantity ot logs scaled for the
different months ol la»t year show
considerable fluctuation, the ligures
January, 110,372,142 feel; February,
22,802,865 feet: March,-10,837,895feet;
April, 28,244 082 leet; May, 36,126,407
feet: June, 37,.ri47,'J03 leet; July, 44,-
681,142 feetr August, 211,265,783 feet;
September, 50,357,480 feet; October,
38,236,821 feet; November, 32,146,141
feet; December, 33,654,728 feet.
Old Timers' Reunion
The Old Timers' Association is on
the trail to successful organization.
The lirst steps are being taken for a
viand reunion to take place in tbe
Opera House on  Thursday, Feb. llth,
plan. Perhaps the example set byjand the affair is now in charge ol a
Kevelstoke may incite the Kam- Uapable committee of arrangements,
loops board of trade to take a simi- 'Tickets for the affair, including sup-
lar line of action. p-r, can he procured fnnn V. B. Weill,
Zbc ADaiMberalb
n the best "f n-.
■ the wont ol ds,
.,.   any ol as,
Tn talk ab..ut the rest nf as.
'1:.- :•  .'.        ■   m re e) - turned
jtoki        :. i     West
. ring tbi   ou ng   i ar
i . r   1!      I  fi LAI IER
n.ore or ^m^^^^l
I ire in  tbi   ...
'   • ■ . re non :
■ ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
eed and  in moet
•    ■ ... |   for 'nore  deal
Mil   ,.-
■.,-...    •     in- I "
.     • .   | ind    let
and   carefully   organized
... ■    11     i n d 1 i n g
ll.•  ■ -   . ' :  .-      Pub-
with the   water,  the   -
■ -oely ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
■Unable. « Iqnorance is Bliss » r ilt'"'"1 ""
-     ■■" • • •'" ""'!i'h"" l*tb«
- imely H '      ' Febru»r3     ' ' '""•, "<,',i"
;  nave  been ,„ Jtbe city  tin. week in cordially invited to bop,-
-    ■
ii   n and  wi believe
•  - en now im-
l busiasm ol ad-
I   the ultimate sue-
• >,j.i ,i i -
. '     .
'iei- ri. iti tig i" Ibe - il
wi   in irutb 1" Iii
of   a   1 eu   fin ul
■  r    ettei
:     ii.   pel
ml trained boil
nd   nb'. f remove
bo t h fi r i
. -  lioi d    tsclf to
li •  public   ■ ipp> i    ii. .
■ i li nine    i,ill    onlj     tO    li.
■   j        . ■     'ill bo' iii/' ;      '
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i I n nil'.
.M tin- -ky.      i'n,, )•■-   i,a-  aiu'ir - marked the
!.     .-  ■ wat   never ; ilioj ol  Revel tokeV citizen   and
i tu •   and In many Instances .-be lm  Bet lhe
-h pirit iin y 11 (ample lo other  interior lown   In
ol  io . "      Li i o establishment ol improvements
-.nn'i ai ■   ii      ii -Mil tin,i   along  Jevelopmental   linen lor tlm
ij'ir   people  i I   :, i .    i  loie     publicity and advancement of the
tlmt their uiuiir- will jo surd icily nnd community al large.   The
connection with tbe case ol Coursier i8"1' •,"1 tbe commilte.  .ill be K|».| to
time belore
.... _. - wit ii gri .Hy
>l   tbe (unnieil   breiki i n    ''"■     "
i and
, . Hy m-
.   , . . . . ' •-'" ■(
 L -    »tion
I   lurnituro  and oil." " '     ' ''"y ""
■   .
Hon i.. i     .1-  ippob '• r . 'ion.
■   ■
.    .... ■ -■
be threw up the job to  bun
i | ,,.,1
bw nf Mr. Juilioe  Martin'i ■ ':- ' '
,.,.,., , j whatever ii their ordinary apparel.ihtt
i   ,      .•■  Hon, loieph bad - ..
i alii (ed   ippoinl mi nl
positio irder to  lind   loope loi
naking li loirn fhat
"A itoi ■ In to ;".' lhal the lm
pa, I ii,. nt ''I  J i-i ■■ ■ ' i   'lid
ln.li',r   in.iiei   llie   iii,|.i. iiion  thll the
man  who wai being appointed  wn
none other than Fighting Joe and his
tmoi i in Ottawa weie oongritulal
Ing i iiein"lives on having stowed bim
nafely   nway   on   tlm   lieneli.     If tlmt
were   the   0116 tbey eettainly did   not.
realize then loudly mtioipated peaoo
Lumbermen Meet.
NELSON, Jan. 30—The convention
of Mountain Lumbermen, representing
65 mills, closed last Saturday night
with a banquet given by the Nelson
Board of Trade to tlie visitors.
Ollicers were electetl for the year as
follows: President, Otto Lacbmund,
of Arrowhead; vice president, Olis
Staples, of Wycliffe; W, A. Austie, reelected secretary-treasurer liy acelain
Important resolutions were paseed
praying the government to impose a
protective tariff on lumber aud endorsing the action of the Vancouver Board
ol Trade and the Canadian Manufacturers' Association in this connection.
Speeches made declared the upward
tendency of tbe market.
Mayor Lindmark, F. E, Sine, F. W.
Hess represented Revelstoke's lumbering interests.
JThe Late Mr. E. S. Needhani
Tlie funeral ot tbe late S. E. Need-
hum took place on Monday afternoon
from tlie residence on Douglas street.
Out of respect and esteem for tbe
dead and of the memory ol one t f
Revelstoke's oldest residents a huge
number of citizens attended the final
obsequies, prominent among whom
were many old timers who were associated with the deceased in the early
days, these following tho remains to
their linnl resting plane in the cemetery. Tlie llev. C. A. Procunier officiated at the burial service, the pallbearers 1'eing J. M, Kellie, P. B. Well-,
F. 11. Young, Chas. Abrahamson, H.
Edwards and \V'. Watson. Many
beautiful wreaths on and round the
casket were evidences ol tbe esteem
which was widely felt for the deceased,
Notice to Contractors
Columbia Rivbk Bhudoe, Ruvklstokk, B. C.
Re Tenders fur inm Work.  Addenda:
IK order to Insure thu rapid delivery of tho
iron work |in flocordducu with ttie above
Not ieo to Contractors^ tenderers aro Invited to
submit tlioir tenders at a price por pound on
ouch span separately, and shull state In their
tender the earliest dato at whioh they »ro pro-
pa rod to dolivor lho sumo
The Government reserves the right to accept
louder-fur any ono span ur all tlio spuns; the
tenderer to fabricate uud dolivor lho iron work
in tho order to "o do.-enhoe by tho Public
Works Engineer
K. f. QAM1JLE,
Publio Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,26th January, 1900.
Notice to Contractors
1 K< in wnii k, t'oi .I'M Mi \ Iin i i; Hi: 11 h.i:. ai Iti.v •
. i.sioki. It. ('.
CtRALKD TKNDKR8, ondoraud "Tenders for
yi IVroughtandCasI iron, per poundi" will
in- rocolvod i>> the tiiiiiiT-iftiHci up to and in
eluding lho Mb day uf tfubruary next, fortln>
inaniitfletura and doltvyry, f.o.b. cars ai Rev-
ulHloko, nil Lhe irouwork ior iho abovo bridgn
us called for in tbo Hills uf Iron aud Drawings
HpoDlrtcatlon*, drawings, hills of Iron, forms
of contraot aud tender, imj tie seen at the
office of the Public Works K'nglnoor, Victoria,
B.C.; lho uin ■«• of iho Provincial Ttmbar lit
Hpcotor, Vancouver, Il O-i and ut tho otttoo o(
the Oovernmonl Agent, Itovclstoko, B,U., on
and after January Wth, noxi»
Each proposal must ho acoompanlod hy an
iccepted bauk obeque, or cortlflcaieof doposll
on i chart) mt bank of Canada, made p tyabla
to tin- undersigned, m ihe sum of nlno hundred
dollars (I8U0.0U), which bhall i»- forfeited if tho
party tendering doolluo toentor Into contract
w 1 ni cnllod upon t j do su. or if ho fail lo rum-
plote i ho work contracted for. Tho cheques
or ocrtlfioatos <>f dopositof unsuccessful ten
• h-ti-rs will in- returned Lothein upon thoexo<
en tion of the contrail. Tenders will not be
oonsldcr**d unless mode out. unth- forms of
U*nder tuppliod, slgttod with the actual fignii
lure of lho tenderer and onclosed in the envelope I'nrnUhod,
The loA'csi or any tender notnecossarily
o ri ipted.
Publio works Engineer.
Department uf Public Worlw.
Victoria, B.C , January '.'uth, 1000,      jim -.»:(
Big Discoun
on all
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
4  P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. %
HEAD OICFIOK1   Cai.oauy,   AWKKTA. e}
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants Jji
Pork Puckni's and Dealei'S in Live Stock.   Miirkels In all the prlni'l    f
pit Citi-s nul Toivns of Alberta, British Oolumbln and the Yukon.
I'tcki'i.i ot' ill- Oelebratod  Bmnd  '
ill" iPminnick" Brand I. af Lard,
Lish Oolumbi t ami thi* Yukon.  £
1iii|i..|',i|, r" Hams and Bacon,  d
»    iii " .i.m'mo. h    Di'imu i.  ii  unriii »-.
i^•V»■«w^_^■i^^•*■•%^%^^^'<^^-'*%'l^^',*^*^ **»-'
Bevelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, iii accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and assessed taxes
and income tux, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act," and
amendments, are now due and payable foe tbe year mill. All taxes collectible for the Kevelstoke Assessment
District aro due and payable at my
ollice. situate at, llevelsloke. This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
lo a personal demand hy me upon all
|tei'sons Liable foe taxes.
Dated at Hevelstoke. Sth January,
Deputy  Assessor  and Collector, Revelstoke  Assessment  District, Kevelstoke I'osi Office. ianll lud
Certificate of  Improvements
Last Chance ami Lost Chord   mineral
claims, situate in  the Trout Lake
.Mining lli vision of West Kootenay
WbeiiT   located;    At   bead   of     Coon
Creek.   No rib   Fork   of Lmileiin
Take notice that I. O. II. N. Wilkie,
actios as agent for Henry W. Schlors,
Free .Miner's  Certificate No,  H91015,
intend, sixty days from dal.i boreof,
to apply to the .Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements,  for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Qrant of
the above claims,
Antl Further take notice thai action,
under section 'Al, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this Uth day of January, A,
I)., woo.
.jan HI UOd O. B. N, XV ILK IF.,
,   '
bein oi    '
nd   ■ i.' «   ,   ■   old   ac-
i 'i ■     lhe old,
..ft    ever   new- Ol Hi" 'liy"  "I
luld I ing Byne
II   i   wi l.l.l AMHON (lata oolltotor
i..  el i"ke sii'iim Laundry) liavlnf
now iiiii Agenoy lor the  vanoouver
I..     Laundry,  nill  rail at  your
in      Mondays,    rueidtyi    and
Wl ilii.-H.Iny«.
ol mind  lor  Mr. Justice Martin   has All Work Cuaranloeil    Prloei Moiloruti
Notice to Contractors
Him im . ( oi IMIU \ ItlVMt 41  llRVKLITOKH
■ i  mmi I'KNDKRM, properly Indorsed, will
™ i aivod i >  ' in- Hon. Lhe HtnlsU i of
iVorks np to und Including Monday,
■ i. in . i, fm  the oreot Ion aud com
' i iirldgs acroa tho Columbia Hiver
ii Itiivi l«loki   it • .
,     i   ■' .-I conditions uf
I'lidcrliiK and onntrocl ma) he won al tho De
:   i   i.h.  Wink*   Victoria, H«', nt
of tin I'io-.iim [alOovor ml 1 Imuer
■    ne. .mil ,ii i he (loi oi n
immi mil' e Uevolsiolte, n.i , on and after tho
i ai h U ndei must in- oi ocinpanlod i>> an %t
m    •  di  "iniiiiiii' of do WW 11
i   .i.i. Uj  Fii lion i hi' Minli ter uf Pub
III   VV'orks lm thesumof i wo UmuHinil i loi lain
,   ■ i :- ii   hall !•'■ forfeited if   I ha parly
n it ip< iin■' iu in" i Into i on trod when
i'i.ii i|Kin to do "i    Thoohcaues of unsua
■■I mi iirnt «i tc Lnom upon
 il if the ocnl i im I
I he . hi i| ill ol i In-   in ■ .--fill tcmlr.tci will hn
' .in"! ipan in   furnUhlng a bond ■ullsfac
• the Ilon. iin- Mlnlstoi ol  Public Work-.
.       ion 1 ho i snd (110,000), for the
tin.- fulfil inon I of ti «/ni i ni i
\o tender  *'ll  be oonsjdorod unloss made
'•     foi "i    •   tpplled.  "iKnnd    Wild    the
gi .  .1 • ',r - i.i i.h.i. pi, tnd endow d
,: ■ ;   rn   i" d,
11.   I-,.-, i  ot   "i>  ii i.-ici   not nocossarll]
I    I     i. Willi.I.
I'ablla um Iri Kng I not r
.    . I   .i  I H oik-
-.   . ii i    i ih I inuary, 1000      Jsn £.
It, ...|.|i,li.. I.mul lllnlrtt'l,
Ill.lrltil "I W'Ml K    .
ink'' null, i' Hi.i I. ' 11. I mul. „l Mian*-
a|h.||.. ,i|.,.ii|.,iti'iii mill .....ii. r Inlondi lo-
spnlr for imnnliisliiii tu purehue the liillowloi
i..,,n..i mint.
Il'iniiilnii. Inn ill 11 poll I ..oil.  I hi   th, -"'itli
i„.i aorntr „i Loi IMI snd uirlbsd'O. H
i.a.iii,'. ,oulh*oMl cornor poit," thinoi ■■'
I'liHtiiH north thi'ii". jurbslm won, ibsnei tn
.imiii- -..iiii, insnai /" obalni p*.i in iiiint oi
1 '11111111.-11 i'im nt mil 1 "iilmnlint I'linru. miirf
Ol    ll'.".
o. B. .-.. wilkie, A,ooi.
■ '•ii-1 .-."' I"'" '  -'ll''. I'JOI.
Kevelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay, ti. 0.
Take Notice thai 00 days after dale
I lt. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, H. C,
occupation, merchant. Intend to apply
jor peiiul8siou to purchase the following described lands situated on lisli
River, Wesi Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east cornel' of A. I). MacKay's pre-einpiion
No 7,806and marked "It. W. Lindsay's Noi tli-West Corner Posl;" I hence
8 cbaius to west line of McKinmin's
pre-emption; tlience 60 ohoins south;
thence k cliains east to MacKay's;
Ibence north 60 cliains to point of
I'liinineiiceiiii'iit, containing III acres
moro or less:
Located Oct, loth, UK18.
H. W. Lim'sav, Locator
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice ili.it George II. Frankfurter of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college prolossor, Intends in
apply for permission to purchase tho
followiug described lands:
Commencing at a pnsl planted at
the southeast corner of lot7080, thence
west 00 chains more or less to llie
boundary of lot 7070; tbenee south 2U
chains: thenoo easl (III chains more or
less to the shore of Arrow Lake, tbenee
along saiil shore iu a northerly direction 2U cliains more or less It)  poinl of
commencement, containing Liu acres
more or less.
GBQllUK  1).   FltANKl'tlKTKIl.
Dale; December 0, ItltlK.       janiHIOd
Rovelstoke Lund Distrlet,
Dlstriot oi' West Kootenay,
Tnki lice Mini  Frank ll. Winter,
of si. I'm.i, Minnesota, oooupatlon
merchant. Intends in apply fur permiaaion to piirehn-tc tlie following described lands:
I 'omnii'iiiiiig nl n posl planted al llie
sniiili wesi oornor of Lot 7000) thenoe
west UQchains; Uience norlli Mil chaius;
Ilieuee ea.I   IH  chains;  Ilieuee -I,lllll III
chi.ins; thence eoal UO chalnat theuce
--•nil h in chalna to point of commencement, containing 100 notes,
Frank Q, Winikii,
Dili..: Ili'i't'inlierll, IUIH. JanOOOd
Tested stock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from (he best
growers in England,
France. Holland, the
U n i t, e tl ,S tales, antl
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee .supplies
spraying materials, cut
flowers, etc.
140 Pago Catalogue   Froc
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed I louses
jon   Westminster Road
Certificate of Improvements.
Kingston, Mag/ie li, Tongue, Senator,
aud Pittock Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in llie Lardeau Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located—On tbe western slope
of Lexington Mountain near Caiu-
borne, H. O.
Take notice that I, F. It. Blochbor-
gcr, F.M.C. No. II, 2111122, agent for thu
United Kingston Gold Mines Limited
non-personal liability. Free Minor's
Certificate No. li 111312, Intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of oii-
laiuing Crown Grants ot lhe above
And further lake notice lhat action,
under section ji, must be commenced
before Ihe issuance of such Ceriillcale
of Improvements.
Dateti this 21st day of December,
A.U., 1008,
l'\ Ii. Ili.in iiiti.;it<:i:n, Agent,
Certificate oi'Impro voments •
Winsluw Mineral Olaim, situate iu the
Trout   Luke  Mining   Division   of
West Kooteuay District,
Where  located-,—-At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake,
'lake nolice that 1, O. II. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent   lor   Neil O'Donuell,
Special F.M.C. B708) William ileuneti,
F.M.C.  No,   IJ!.."iS77;  Hruce White, F.
(M.O. Hil.".2l;and   I'. II. Murphy, FM.
1 0, 1I22IIH7; intend, sixty days from the
date  hereof,  to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a OertlUoate of Improve
inenls, for llie purpose of   obtaining a
Crown Giaiilol llie above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under Section 117, must be commenced,
before the issuance of such Ceriillcale
of Improvements.
Daled this 2Uth day of October, A.
O., 1008.
oct abOOd O. B. N. WlLKIffl.
Notice is hereby given I bat I intend
to apply to ibe Superintendent of Pro*
vinciai Police for permission to trans-
let lo Art luu Evans, nl Kenton, II.C,
the retail liquor license held by me in
respect   of  llie   premises   at He.tion,
known as the Hotel Beaton,
Dated Dec. 21st, Uiis.
dee U0 WM. BOYD.
Notice li hereby given thai putmmnl lo
the provisions «>i ^ impier i.s.s ol ilu* Slat*
ules fi Canada 7-H, Edward VII, Shuswap
ami 1 hompooii Fllvors Boom Company
hnve filed in lhe odice of tha Dominion
l.iuiK Agenl >ii Kamloops, II.C, und in
iheoRlceol rhe Honourable lho Min later
ot Public Worki al Ottawa, OuiArlOj plain
and   Specific At lolls id   fin lain   booms and
oihei wciks pii'|Misi'ii to bo cohslrucled
by --ani Company in, over ami atontf (he
North I hompton Rivei In the Kamloops
Division ol Vale District in tin- Province
of Mulish i olumbia and thai nn lhe ioih
da) >'i I'eiiML.i \, 19091 a I the hour of ii
ii clot r\ in iin* forenoon, oi so soon there"
afi'-r as iin* application can bo heard*
application will bo made by lhe under*
signed to His Kxcellency lhe Governor*
,n 1 .'im. il at Ottawa, Ontario, ior his
Approval i" in- given lovuch plans.
Dated 'his 411t day of Deicmlu'r, lyoH.
Shi'bwap and Thompson RivfRs Booh
By Otu> Ltchfflundi Seeretaryi
Dec. % 60 d
Hevelstoke Land District,
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Take notice Unit Annie  Louisa Uo|»-
luu of Hazel wood. West Virginia,
oooupatlon married woman, Intends
10 apply for permission in purchase
Ibe following descrilieil lands:
Commencing al a posl planted at
Iho south west corner of Lot 7111.11:
Ihence south 21) chains; thence easl 211
chains: Ibence south 211 ebcins; thence
easl ID chains; ihoiice norih HI chains:
thence west 00 chains to point of commencement, containing 2(XI acres,
Annuo Louisa Ooplan,
Dale; December 0, tin is.        janliiiod
Rtotifioatlon of Orown Orant
WhereSB nu lho imh -Iny ol Nnvemhnr, \\*\l. n
(rnwn < 11.1 nt «',!■, i imi.ul in th<) uiiiini nf KkhImi
Ick Wa ilil'iinrini  for   l.nl.  8147, (1 roup I, KnotO-
liny   DiStrlot.    Thnt    evhlONRf)   Iiiii   milieu hflom
Ii.hid i roduoed iopwlDi tost tut s< Id Prederot
\Sa-,hln».ni.ii UiO'l nn Ilm llh nf AUffUlt, 1M)7
..mn t unit prim- tn tho IMUBOOS W UiohiiIm
l ruwu (Jriml. That hy auroomoiit diltod i-th
Aufiusl. I'.,|i,», ' 'ini Krndorlok Wiitdihor. un
-UnlfO 1 nil 1> Salute, right, titin ntorn^t,
C' 'ii d doir I wtiiii« ue 'in tho ....nl lun-l
to Thomas 8h    <« T'dMe   m.
Notles Is thsrsfore hereby «ivon, in parse*
si uoof BsptlouOflol tho "Land Aot/1 i limit in
I l"i intwnt i.m   In  oiHirol   tho said ( rown Oriint
i ■ ni«l in  tho tmnio  nf   Krodorlck Wsshbouma
and  I" i-'ii"    (MiO   111     it      -(mimI    ill    tllO IlIlDlO ()f
Thu  si Hiiit.Kr. Ilorherion three raOntLi from
tho daio h"""d ni, ifi . u i oattse ll shown to
i hint ' ninini. -i.iii'ir nf l.nii'l. Hud Workn
1/in'l   aud W..rk ■ DouHrltnonb.
Vloturin, DC. llth Ootoborl  m t- ;   I q TTIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C
Tize winners
Royal Standard
Flour Coupons
The following ten numbers have been drown frnm duplicates of the coupons which left our mills during January:
28415       5686        7423        26307      27775
17000      28201       25766      27579      25933
To each person returning the coupons bearing any of the
above numbers wc wiil, as previously advertised, deliver free
of all charges, a Handsome 1'inner Set of 109 pieces.
Cut This Out and Keep for Reference
£$iam£!kmih_$»r1 al! the couPons bearing the .1! ove nunr-
i^wmvrHiiivj'Gg   bers |iave left our mills, but seme may
still be in the hands of the dealers.    Prizes will be awarded no
matter when the lucky coupons are returned.
Dnn't Foro-M we ;u'c ^ving away 10 sets of
k/vrai  L   rui gC b djshes every month, and every
49 lb, sack of Royal Standard contains a coupon.
Capital - $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 05 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branc.i, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Amon^ Preparations
Dining llooni Furniture is particularly essential, anil in view of
tbis (act we bave selected a very
desirable liue ol elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboards. An early inspection
slnuld be made, as the price we
are asking lor such superior furniture makes tbem a most desirable
At A* A. A. .'tm Am At ti*. t'i'). .'I'.t .*___*« 11| A. A. Ai 1T1 Ai iXt. ifi i*ti 1T1 i*t*i iTi it\ i*ti fTi
tj* tJ,* t^lIJ1 f.Jl MB 11' *\V "4." 'X' *\V "  '4*' '«K *4>! *m\y *>\y *\J? *+T 'X-   *r   +   +   4*   V +
I   S.   MCMAHON   I
3* All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
Import direct from country ot origin.
I?.E■V"_BILl8TOK:E,  U.  O.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience
Large Sample Room*.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
ifc-IL-L.U-ll   L .' 1 -III -■.-' ! _. 1         ' Ml      1 1
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jtotel
Host brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
l'i sli I'leek will lind excellent accommodation at this
Of the British Columbia Fruitgrowers Association
A large number ot delegates from all
parts of tbe Province attended tbe
annual meeting on Friday last at
Victoria of the B. C. Fruitgrowers
Association. The financial statement
showed a lair credit balance, while
the secretary's report showed that the
fruit growing iupustry had made excellent progress during the past year.
R, Helm, superintendent ot the
Dominion Express Company, wrote
that the company is unable to make
any reduction in its present freight
The election of ollicers was then proceeded witb and resulted as follows :
President—Henry l'uekle, Victoria.
First vice-preBideut—F. K. de Hart,
Second vice-president—Tom Wilson,
Third vice-president—James Johnston, Kootenay.
Fourth vice presideni, it K. Bruce,
Secretary treasurer, W. J.Brandrith,
Executive comniiltee.Henry l'uekle,
F. R. de Hart, James Johnston, T.
Metcalf, W. J . Brandrith.
T. Cuuningham, provincial orchard
inspector, gave an interesting address
on spraying aud orchard pests, aud L.
M. Hagar, ol the Fruit and Produce
Exchange of B. C, Revelstoke, in a
letter, gave a lengthy and instructive
paper on the best methods of handling
and  marketing  fruit and produce ol
B. C. It dealt with the whole operation from orchard to market along
practical and commercial lines.
R. M. Palmer, Deputy Mi.iiater of
Agriculture, in a brief address pointed
out lhat be thought the condition of
the fruit industry was now somewhat
critical, tbe past year not having been
as successful as other years. He
stated, however, that the express shipments from British Columbia during
1908 had been 1,750 tons greater than
in tbe pievious year. He thought thai
that was a lair Indication ol progress.
Steps Taken fo Inaugurate a
Revelstoke Day at Seattle Fair
A special meeting of the executive
ol the Board ol Trs.de was held on
Monday evening. The meeting was
Called lor tbe purpose of considering
a communication from tlie manage-
n.ent of the Alnska-Yukon-1'iu'ilie Ex-
posit iin, Inviting tbe citizens ol Revel'
stoke to attend (be Fair aud inaugurate a Bevelstoke Day. As ibe Dominion Government weie giving 1800,000
toward   tbe   Canadian   exhibit it was
thought thai an exiii'.it might be m-
rangiil by Bevelstoke In ooontotion
with the Dominion exhibit nnd il B.
C. were qaving one lo co-operute with
the province also. A resolution was
passed tnat the board take steps to
see il it would be possible Ior Revelstoke to have an exhibit in connection
with the Dominion and Provincial ex-
blbitl at tbe Seattle Fair It was resolved that the next meeting ol thu
board be beld on Wednesday, Feb. 10,
instead ol Thursday, Feb. 4th, and
the meeting adjourned.
To License Clubs
The clubs of the province are to
come under tbe supervision of tbe At-
I torney-lieneral. All those now in
oorporatsd, and those hereafter seeking incorpoiation must annually take
out a government license and pay a
lee ol IUK) Iwlort they can obtain tho
privilege ol selling liquor. Tbey mint
alio submit to inspection when ii -
ipection is by the government authorities deemed necessary, and tbey
shall  not sell to minors,   These are
the chief features of cne of the earlier
government measures which will be
introduced at Victoria by Attorney-
General Bowser. The bill carries with
it no retlection upon the better class
of clubs, many well conducted and
long organized institutions against
which there is no suspicion ot abme
of present privileges, but tho new
measure will bave a wholesome effect
upon all others.
Orientals Must Give Way in
Wjork at Fraser River Mills
New Westminster, Feb, 8.— All
Hindus, Chinamen, Japanese and
other Orientals at present employed
at tbe Eraser river mills aro to be replaced by married white men next
summer, mauy of tbe benedicts and
tlieir families being imported from the
mills along tbe Rideau river, in Ontario. This announcement was made
Saturday by Col. Davidson, one of tbo
largest shareholders in the mills, who
is Bhortly going east lor tbe purpose
of organizing the migration of the
milllninds, nil of whom will be pro
vided with transportation to the coast.
Conataut trouble experienced witli
Orientals, especially Hindus, is the
reason assigned for the change of help.
Tuberculosis has made ravages among
the East Indians, many ot theai being
incapacitated for work for long periods
Once illness overtakes a Sikh, a substitute is provided lor his work, but us
all turbaned employees look alike to
the managers of the several departments, the change is not noticed until
the substitute's poor knowledge of the
work he ia expected to do is made
Tbe preference of tbe management
for married white men Ib on account
of the (aet that single men, such as
were employed at the mills previous to
the inlbix if the Hindu hordes two
years ago, are not reliable, and cannot be depended upon to remain at
work alter pay day,
Discuss Question of Disposal
of Relief Fund
FERNIE, B. C, Feb, 3.—One of the
stormiest meetings in Ihe history ol
the eity was held here Saturday afternoon. Tbe relief committee met the
lire sufferers to discus, the disposition
ol rebel funds eeut in last August.
The meeting was crowded, praotloally
all the men present in town during
the lire being there The late mayor,
W. \V. Tuttle, und Mayor Sherwood
llerchiner win'   present,    The   muyoi
chii'ily spokn with reference to aitaoks
made upon bim in ibe Ledger, Heroh-
mer aooused F. Sherman und L. Briggs
as Instigators of ilu- present agitation
to intlucn work-people not to puy back
moneys loaned to rebuild. Tbn mayor
stated that many people had not re-
ceived relief, ami it was unfair to
them,   F. Sherman, L I'eekstum ami
L. Briggs spoke in reference to attacks
ami the Anal disposition, Several raen
called one another liars. Finally il
was decided that tho roliri committee
meet the general committee to dilOuss
plans for distribution,
An  Interesting  and   Exciting
Tho fact that President Roosevelt
and liov. Hughes have Intimated their
intention to bunt the "King ol tlie
Forest" this year bus caused a goooil
deal ol comment and great prqiar -
lions are being made and at an
enormnua expense. Tbe Ellison Parlor
Theatre are going to give its patrol s
an opportunity next Friday anil Saturday evening to witness a lion bunt ft
I tbo  minimum   ol  expouse—S16o   lor
adults nnd 10c lor children. You will
see the zebras, the hippopotamus and
the lions in the jungles ol Alrica
Besides tbe "Lion Hunt" you can see
the pretty colored picture entitled
"Miss Hold's l' ppels" a masterpiece
ot photography, and the best and
biggest comedy ever shown here, entitled the "Vacuum Cleaner." Filteen
minutes laugh and a whole police
force cleaned up. There aro good
pictures, too.
Manufactured fur till classes of build lugs
for sulu in lan*o or Bmalllquautttloa
at tho lowest prlcos for cash.
All kinds ot building und plastering
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
For2 Sale—34 ;icr^s linest
fruit Lund at Revelstoke.
Partly cleared, Ou easy
terms.    Price $2185
Loan Wanted
$500 on freehold security
ol 160 acres close to the
Shares Waded
For client, 1000 to i'ooo
sha resP-iince Mining and
1 levelopuient Company's
stock. Price One Cent
per share.
=Apply to=
Real Estate and Insurance Agent,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Fii. .Ian. 211 I'll), of Brit.
Sut. Fob,   It Lie. Cbniiipliiin
Fri. Feb, IU Btnp. nl' lii'l'ti .Imi. 21)
b'rl. Feb. ai Emp, of lo,lain Feb, 12
Sni. .Mai-.  0L»1ie Erie Feb. 17
I'll. .Mar. 12Emp. of Ireland Feb.SM
lil. 111." s anil. Clan*,  jnl. Class
$Hi go   $4H 75 $.ii 15
tmi. Class and. Clans 3rd.I Class
$115 ou       $4.! 50       $,10 00
otiii.u i.akk Boats -
_nul. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00      $30 00
Obeiip rates to Atlantic Si'iiIk 11 I'll
points in connection with steamship tlokets
Passengers booked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg nnil all other coniini'iilnl
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B.Foster,
Agi'iil., A.U.I'.A.
Reveletoke, H.C.    Vunoouver.B.O
So Clear, So Shining and ;" Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
i iiak
m t
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in tbe result" produced the "EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while it? manifolding alignment, margin 1 facilities,
automatic conveniences; durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The " EMPIRE " needs less
care than an}- other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be eared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter" in
1895, continued to add to the
number, antl now have in
constant use more than 700
of tliese machines.
The British Covernment
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
""NJ Q-O0<>-0<)<^0<K><K>0<><K>-CK_H^^
All goods sold .u cost and  under  and   all   lines   placed   on   our  Sale
Tables   must  go   regardless of coat.      Good staple seasonable goods.
Ladies' Underskirts
. i   m   ine - arts   selling   at
■   , .     tin with  deep  flounces and
d..-" ■'  unci    f ■" -  .   )
Flannelette drawers
Child's plair      tite    Irawers,   tegular
75c. now40c, per p ■ .  Sizes: j to 16yean
White ..it   price   75c.
. .-.   (oi    Sizes from 4 10 1 2 years
We are disposing  of   this   seasonable
line of goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These are this seasons best goods,
which sold at 16c, and 18c. pei yard, now
selling at 1.1'__c. per yard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular i-i'je. a yard, now 71.. per yard.
Odd  lines and  remnants,   dress goods,   furs, golf jackets, child's coats, ladies
mantle.-,, child's wool jackets, child's head wear and millinery   at your own  price.
M    ■ clear these lines to make room for new goods.      These prices are lor cash.
'    Pui
mbined  witb  ceielui
li and reas >uable
price* are the factore
built up our
isim - • 1 ■ pn sent
iuimei 1 ' . noi tions.
Bring your next prescription here if you
want satisfactory results
_ Macdonald's Drug Store I.
*~~ ...   -   ,1 ^gftaaa^- ;
We aim   to In ep 01 I;    the
in Gi      ri  :.    A trial  order
will   bo appreciate'   us we   are
convinced tbat we can save you
Our Bread, Cakes and Pastry
are made fresh every duy, when
tiied of your own baking, try
ours lor a change, you will find
it very appetizing.
SON & BELL, Grocers, Baker,
Weather Forecast
Wi Pel     3rd.—Un ■•■' tie I,
.- v. th rain  or   snow,   indieat d
change ■■  -• ■■  1  ii  st   lati r      Temp.:
lax.  :" : . Min
Local and General.
Moving Picture Tonight.
Lion   i.outing at tbe Edispu Pari r
tn   1   it ij  in • 8 iturday,
|i u't lorget   thi   shirt waist dance
-1 Fi I   IT.  1 lommeuces at '.1 p.m,    1 1
Tl t V   M. C. A. ladies auxiliary an
mer >ai tbe 18th iu tie
ti  -  ,.-. mnasium
'■_■. i'i-, meeting [01 irn
- ■   ifti ...    11 in   tbe V. AI. C. A
.. 1 vangi lisl Russi
W list i    irnami nr. under tb ■ aus
tbe I. . :.- . Hi spital Guild, in :
ty Hall,  I ui -day.   Feb. llth, nt
•   .   1 _. .    All an   welci me.   Ticki t--.
5l Ic
1   morn ■••  ■ ■'■ 1 • a  and evening 11
e givei Mrs.  L'rqubarl V.
pices I tbe Ladies Aux-
....        1.  ■. chi ■
. lorgi ■ the te 1 under the aus
pices ol tbe Ladies Auxiliary ol Km x
church, at  Mrs.  Urqu   iri   I morrow
Ihe  id .j;-'.   iiii =
. rci disap
pear in   tl        "    tum   Cli aner,
y and Sal     lay at the Edison.
•.-.-   -...   ■   ■    wl . ■    no;   hn -
■  ■ ..-  .1  month.   Wi uld it, tvi
ask,  would it be p issibli   I
1 thi ■■■■ bite . 1 t with the I   . wi  il
-. urn
l    1 an   .;.'. ited t     1  tea  al    Mi -
.   .- I, • 11. 1:' - 1 .
.....       1
:..■-■      tbe   1.1   ■■       ■        1 iry   I I
■'. 1   1 churcb,
Italisi      Robert
, ■ ,.1 ■ ..'...  .
. ■
tt the pen i
a   • ■  ■ ■ 1 ha vi
1 thi
i it ret
1 r  -'■ ■ • .... ton. bj
... itatei 1
■.      . ■ ...
■    ng bat 1
: ri --    mil could 1
• ■      •
Be li
Trustees held in this city.
Houses at reasonable !
All kinds of Insiuv
Agents  for  the cclc^
KARN Pianos and
Players.    Money   lo
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agonts.     Money to Loan.
^H^^HM   ., liplloll.
n v   ■ "'     I
tt '    *
]    BIWS' drucstore
Moving piotures tonight First
class program me.
Tin. Indies ol the Methodist Chinch
will take a trip around the world on
riiutsday, Feb. 25th, accompanied by
tlieir friends Watch for further developments.
Tbe handsome diploma won by the
board ol trade for tbo Rovelstoke district exhibit at the Calgary Dominion
Fair last summer bas been framed and
Imtig in the city ball
Come ami Bee the famous comedy,
'Vacuum Cleaner" at  work cleaning
up dogs, uld  maids, young   lovers and
1 be entire polii 0 foroe .it tbe E I
I'leatre, Friday and Saturday,
JjJThe city streel watei system ie fitted
with thirty-four lire hydrants.  Taking
llokeby avenue and First street  1
dividing point   between   N s. t and 2
Fire Brigades No. 1 brigade bus Bi
md No. - eighteen.
The presi nt hi avj thaw bas con-
dderably spoilt the rink ioe   both  ior
•urling and skating      L'nli
■.. n   the   Cit)   and
.viil ii ive to   ■
.'. u>t  dance
Pyth -    -.
17th. . House     1 ii" music
will be '       ■ ■ 1        he 1 udepe
.   be e
Hardware I        1   In
»n.:    Is .-.'■
! I lll.lt
■pi 1     lie tak lepi
1   ! • I   II
lllll       '.1,1 I
leet ai     '-I   on   ' his
int,    i here   m iy   I*    101      dilTei
.   1- ■    policy ol   |n iced ire  1ml
- it
U I.   ll   ' ml   to  be    ' ''
A1.  •          is gob     ' ind
. ,              .1 ,      ..     ■ tha
ropped up    It is called
iher    .' ■'      is foi -      Tak
ihi el   f ordina       -. 1 iti tpei    fold
t in.       ■ 1              ■ ink note
11 Ij lui  - em '., .  to pay all ai
md 01      1 id 1
' 11.     di a liiin   ami
,111 mini'' i\d"n.s  bis in'-'  tbe  Ni. «
.. 11 - , ,.      Mow is tbe time ti
110 joke, ii 1 oats 'Rridge'   Hlo igh t id
Tn'   ill bol
A judgment ' hal is ol considerable
mportunce to laboring men in the
p...■. i(ici '" liniiili'il out at the di
irict i. ,iut Edmonton \ la this
,veek by His Honor Judge 11 0. 'fay-
or.   'This   wn-   in   the   ease of some
Igbteen employees "I the United Ool
eriei Company against two directors
I tlmt oompany for wages duo them
miouuting to some $7'iu. Judgment
"as given Ioi the miners. This wai a
toil (use and provides that laborors
.ml    wage-earners    may   collect   tbe
wages due them [nun any or all ol the
directors of a joint Btook companj in
the 1 vent ol that company failing.
Edison     Parlor   Theatre   tonight.
Special   programme   of   comedy  and
other high  class   pictures, including
I the fa nn ms dramatization of   Padrone.
Mrs. A. F. Kincaid was the charm
ing hostess at a progressive whist
party on Saturday afternoon. The
refreshments a la delicatessen were
1 mueli i'n tyed, The prize inners
I were.Miss Mary Edwards end Mrs
W. M.  Law;
\       Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
I    Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
I      Rents Collected, Loans Notary Public
> <K>0<KK>0<K><>0<>0<H><XH><KH>{KH> <
River Bank Case
A court ease ol particular local in
terest has been going this week, H. N.
Coursier being the plaintiff in 1111
action of damages brought against, the
Dominion government by him, for the
destruction ol ids property on the
river bank by thu erosion ot water
caused by tlie construction of the
wing dam. Mr. Coursier luid his
damages at $5,000. The case was resumed this week after being postponed
iroiu hearing nt Vancouver, Mr.
Joseph Martin appeared lor the plain-
iind it was not untibtarly thia morning that the final chords ot the last
dance died away and the gathering
broke up, tired but happy.
Business Locals.
Moving  Pictures tonight.
Do not fail to secure stun   of  Bews'
Art Valentines
Car ol oats just, arrived.    For prices
inquire at Fruit Exchange.
-.-    , ?-SJ^  ' '*■' J . ! ' • £-■ n ' s !-}■ .-few- ~~4i
_ .   "->.?'.-.
O. 1'. K. Bridge crossing tbe Columbia Kiver.    East year this wooden
bridge wss replaced by steel.   About   1)00 yaids balow  tbe
C.l'.K. bridge ie the proposed location of   the   Provincial   Government   trallic bridge to   be
built  this  season.
Social and Personal
.. 1       ..
, ,-'
■ 11
■-., . -   ■
Air. am
Ms I    i
I ■
[lay  Mrs    I    Ir
• I   1,..11,.    •
. :, K' I.run.
honi . . pics   ■■ r   •
ilinl  1. is I]
Evangelistic Services
In   1 In
..iiii  ' btiroh ''...inin ited  bj   w
\\    Itussi :"•, atte idi (1
house boh •■!..!.
: h dug  ....  11...   .unl 1 bo 'I tend
in..     11   Monday  and Tuesday ■
In)   being very good
(in Fii'l iy afternoon al •' ;l1 n olook
a service will be beld lo whioh all the
young 1 pie ol tbe oity "I school age
up' oordlally Invited
Mr. Russell is 11 vi-ry attractive
ipi .ii' r nnd holds Hn attention of the
audlenoe, both old ahtl young, from
beginning lo end ol the service.
till'   while Mr. Farris   of   Vancouver,]
appeared for the Crown.    Mr. Justice j
Martin occupied tbe bench. Witnesses
for  the  complaint   all   showed   that!
previous   to  the   (bun    being put in
there   had been   no   erosion   of   Ml.
Coursier's property and that his  land
had decreased  considerably   in value
from the washing away  of  the   bank.
Witnesses for the   Crown,   including
government engineers,  testified as to j
the impossibility ol the dam causing]
the   erosion   in question,  but on the!
ither hand the whole town   had  been'
practically saved by it.    The court sat
iill last evening,   when   the esse was
eluded.     Mr   Justice   Martin will
report his judgment to the authorities
.11 ' 'ttuiva
A new stock ol single und double
trusses to hand at Bews' Drug Store.
Try our buckwheat liuur and pure
maple syrup for your afternoon lunch
and you will enjoy a good, hearty
meal. Don't take our word for it, try
it yourself,    C. 13. Hume & Co.
Bews' Co'd Tablets cure colds in oue
night.    Price 25c a box.
When you start your spring house
cleaning keep us in mind for your
wants We have washtubs, mops,
scrub brushes, and all kinds of soaps,
washing powders ami washing compounds,   0. B, Hume tt Co.
ing rinks lelt this   morn-
' -   ...'ii  .-)in '■
.:. W   ii mer,
E, E :   •
A   ii   M :l
A, M.'H •      - :
l:   .
.   :
iir. I' 1       in
'    '•[   Fii
'     H    ■,
I'. M
■■"   played
1 up—
■   1
A   Successful  and   Enjoyable
• be
,.: led there
igar  to partici-
pi     cl       rn ol ' ll  i'. 1
,     . 11 1..
1... we
10 dispoi    1
fantast in   '.vu n   1 . idi nt
1 he  1 i.'lipi n'l'-nt Hand
. 1 i.-iit,   music  end
in..       .ii iplendld time snd seleol Ion
ul   pieoes,   mode dancing 1 leduoi 1 re
pli 11 ure     The  supper   was all tb it
' Id bo desired, dalnl Ily servi d, while
refreshments wore available throughout the tuning Kevelstoke baohelori
nml beiuitiiots  were  well represented
11. .1. WILLIAMSON (late collector
Kevelstoke .Sleain Laundry) having
now the Agency for the Vancouver
ritenni Laundry, will call at your
house Mondays, Tuesdays and
All Work Guaranteed.   Prioos Moderate
Children's Underwear
We are offering a splendid lot of underwear for
Children at very low prices. They come in the
.sizes 10 fit ages 3 to 14. Good wool with just
enough cotton to make them feel comfortable and
prevent shrinking in white or grey. Small sizes
35c; large sizes 50c. per garment.
Flannelette Goods
Underwear at big reductions. We want to move
out the balance of these goods and the price
should do it. Gowns, skirts and drawers, well
made, of good material, and well worth the original price, but they must go at the new prices.
Furs!   Furs!
Wc have only a few left and if you want a fur
you can save a lot of money by getting it now.
You will find chances to save money in almost
every line in the store.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best and  largest  Stock
of Cigars
Pipes  in
Original   Mac's   Mixture
now   mi   1
and made
expressly   for   us by IX
K. McPher
C. 1*. U. TOWNSITE AtiliNT
Div Cedar, ll) inch lengths, full cord of 128 oublc feet   $,"i.,*iii per cord,
Dry Hemlock, 10 inch lengths, full cord of 12.S cubic feet   $7 pur cord.
Special quotations on four foot wood antl on  1,-lrge
orders for stove wood of any length.
This coal Is equal to any domes- Manufactured  fiom hard  eoal,
tic soft coal on I be market.    No The  best and  cheapest   fuel  on
clinkers, and  in ikes very little the market.    Freo sample given
smoke, to any who hnve not tried it.
$8.50 per ton $8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Friday, Feb. Oth, to bo held at the
Drill Hull. Refreshments. Tickets,
ifl     Extra lady 50o,
Ibe Independent Hand will be in
il endaneo,
Thos. Morgan,
Art isi 1 .il (ilio.s uml Wood Sign Wi il-
i'l    II     nnl I Inin li I Ii'iol ihu ; High
' 11    i'inu,.1 unl Paper Hunger, Haul
Wood  Finishing   antl   Fine   Work  a
11     _'ii--    .mil     F-l ituati-s
I' ree,
Address.Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
1  r.t M 11 in   No, I HAI.Fl) HAY
.\    fm    ile   .I $17.00 r.ASll p..1 ton,
II i| . . ,■   ii 1 11 v II ikri y,
D\t \ki.m.  1  i.i.ii" terms
I. idli ■'   nits li  ipfi up.    Apply
III in ti 1. ,. nre Mm. fl. Green, lib
I I ■ - ' im '.tu IV \ 1*
II \ -1 F.HN i AI'ITAL ready io in-
l 4     ■  1 i'i'1   ii i.n 11 Investinents
-. md     ' uui" 1  "i  ies   ui Hriiii.li
\ \,n •      in iu ,1 Instance
lull |i 111 ii ill.11 P "( npilal."
■ ,1. Noble A (!()., Molsons Hunk HI'Ik.
V 1111 " iver, 1 in un
1 mi   , 11   A I ulj   gnld watch, owner
|'    in..', have    imi'  in- punmir inn-
1...1 I y ,11.(1 pu) 111.' i    1   ' Iii     lllll 11 i\     Tbi'
' 1..   b nil     "I   1 In- I bi"i  ot
AN'I'FU \ - 11,k girl In look
, , iitii-i child, House wmk light.
Ipply Mi . II.  Uiiniilnghnin  Morris,
1 lm.i si,,.,. 1. west,
WH III-.    WOMAN    COOK    H ini-
uni k. also inr daughter ol   11.
Ilixon, Pingston Creek, 8. O,
WANTKI) Uy nuil) led 1 n iple (no
' iiil.ii <-t 11 2 or :i furnished rooms
Fnr iintii housekeeping. Apply Mail-
U un a ld office,
VanioI'Vkr, January 25,  1909.
THE INSURING PUBLIC is hereby notified that the
Agency of the following Companies controlled by the undersigned as general agents, has been transferred from E. A.
Haggen to W, \>. Robertson, who alone has any authority
Iti  issue  interim receipts or accept applications.
W. S. Holland Aukncy.
Companies Affected :
London Mutual Firb Insurance Co, oh Canada.
Montreal-Canada Eire Insurance Company,
Anolo American Fire Insurance Company.
Equity Fire Insurance Company.
Ontario Fire Insurance Company. i
["raders Fire Insurance Company.
Standard Mutuai  Fire Insurance Company.
Winnipeg Fire Insurance Company.
Colonial Fire  Insurance Company.
Brandon Fire Insurance Company.
of John Smith, latt' ol   Malakwa,
iu Uu' Province of British (Joliini
bin.   Deceased.
No'i'K'K U hereby given pursuant
in tbo Trustees and lOxeeulurs Act,
10 all creditors of tho estate to deliver
to tlm underelgned before ilii.'_i7tli day
of January,   IWA),  full partloulara of
claims, vonfled by Statutory Declaration.   Afit'i' sui'li date the  Executor
will proc Ito distribute the  assets
.ut ird Ing to law.
ui Davie Obaiubars, Victoria. H.C.
Solloltors for the Biecutor.
Dated ibis I7ib day of Decemebr,
A ,D„ 11*08.
Heveletoke Land District,
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notloe lhat   Waller I'. Oonflll'l'
of st, Paul, Minnesota, occupation
printer, intends to apply for numils
elon to purchase the following dc
sorlbed landet
Commenolng at a po..t planted idling
»ide of the re -entrant south-west 001
nnr post of Lot 7070| tbenee wesi III
ohalns along the BOUlh bnuntbny of
Lot 707U: thence south 10 ehalnsi
thenco ea»t 10 ihalnsi thenoe north 10
ohalns to point of ooniinenooraentii
iiiiiiiii iie: ion acres,
W'.M/l'KII   P,  (-'lIM'AKIt.
Dale: December 8,11)08,        janll (XXI


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