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The Mail Herald Oct 2, 1909

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Array I-
" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in retiult.it produced, this machine
is unaiirpuiiaed.    Prioe, $6000 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
s - /
Vol. 15.—No 69
Jr°nn«m Ul
S2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead antl Revelstoke.
Fall and Winter Coats
For Misses aod Children
An imported line of the prettiest. nuttiest
little coats for the children ever shown in
the interior. Thoroughly lined, line, warm
garments,and very attractive in appearance.
You must see the Coats—the priceB are
reasonable too—for children from 2 years
to 11 years. Ask particularly to see the
Children's New Coats.
Mere is a bargain in Infants and Children's
White Hear Coais and SI igh Robes, a line
of manufacturer's samples.    You can get a
JflioO White   Bear Cout for *4.50
*5 00
"         "   •'
"         "   "
*2 50
It                u       ll
"    Holies "
$;i oo
Don't pass our bargains in Lndies' Underwear. We are still selling tbat 200 dozen
lot of garments purchased from the mill at
a eacritice. All nice warm goods, this season's make, in white, cream and natural
colors at
Three Garments for $1, or 35 cents per Garment
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Now is the time to think about your
Heating Stoves. We have just received
a car from the best makers in Canada.
We arc not tied down to only one factory,
but take our choice from the best makers.
Airtight Heaters for Wood at $3.50. $4.50 and $5.00
Airtight Heaters, cast top. $6.50, 7.50,8.50 and 9.00
Coal and Wood Heaters     -    from $8.00 to $15.00
See our new line of Hot Blast Heaters
Let us explain the new features
Mere again we have chosen from tho
best factories in Canada and the States.
Look over the list:
The Great Majestic
Clare Bros.
Stewart Mfg. Co.
Tilden Gurney Co-
Copp Bros.
Moffat Mfg. Co.
Kvery Range sold under an absolute
guarantee. Wc have not one dissatisfied
customer in Kootenay. We arc never
too busy to show off our stock.
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
House on Second Street West
Stripped of furniture
One of the moat darine robberioH
perpetrated in the city look place thia
week when tbe furniture and carpets
were stolen Irom the house recently
occupied by Mr. XV. H. Pratt, and
owned by Mr I. K. Taylor. Mr. Pratl
had movtd to the hoiiHe recentlv oceu-
pied by Mr. E. A. Bradley, and Mr.
Gordon, Government Agent, bail leased
the house, which waa handsomely fur-
ni*hed. Mr. tiordon waB having the
bouse li.xed up and had not yet moved
into it. On Wednesday it was discovered that the robbery had been
committed and it, is believed it was
done on Sunday nigbt last.
Borne ol lhe lurniture was so bulky
and heavy it could unly have been
removed by a vehicle, showing the
boldness ol the thieves. Wbile this is
not tlie first time an unoccupied house
has beeu robbud ol its furniture in
Revelstoke it is the lirst time iu which
a theft of the kind has been committed
in such a thorough and daring manner
We have known unoccupied lioiiBes in
the east end robbed, the furniture and
stoves being even re painted before
removal so as to make detection and
identilicatipn dillicult. It is up to
tbe police 11 spare no i IV irt to catch
these thievi s and have such an example made of them tbat Revelstoke will
be no more troubled with robbers of
unoccupied houses. It is rather alarming to lind out there are such darinu
thieves in tbe city and it is essential
they be run to earth eurely and
The value of the furniture stolen
amounted to $300.
Twenty-one leading American railroads operating 96,000 miles of track,
or over a third of the mileage ol the
country paid in the way ol claims for
injuries done to persons or property
laBt year, $56,000,000. In one decade
the reverue of the twenty-one railroads designated increased 130 per
cent. During tbe same period tbe
sum paid lor property damage increased 437 per cent., while the
amount paid on account of injuries to
persons rose 254 per cent. Damages
and injuries cost American railroads
last year over 2J per cent, of their
gross earnings. English roads paid
but a quarter of Shut amount.
The Canadian Western railway has
completed the location of tbe line
from Calgary to Montana and will let
contracts for the construction of
grade within a few days.
At Cieston Sir Thomas Shaughnessy
is reported to have corroborated previous reports regarding the making ol
tbe Crow's Xest PaBS line the main
line of the C P R. and stated that thia
would take place just as Boon aa the
necessary arrangements can be completed.
Higher rates are now being asked
for money at the principal centres
abroad and the advance in the ollicial
discount at Berlin suggests that
similar action may be taken at Loudon
aod Paris before long.
Ely Central and Kerr Lake were
the conspicuously strong features of
the New Vork Curb market last week.
It is ninlfd Kerr Lake has ample
luud* with whicii to make a bonus
distribution in addition to the payment of the regular ll per cent, quarterly dividend.
plane hat is somewhat nl this order'
Another novelty is the Oooke hat, a
small draped turban with white
mount un aido, which ia a perfect
craze in New York al the present
time. Velvet, moire, ottoman silk
and beaver are the lending millinery
fabrics, and one ol the newest, ideas is
to introduce the metallic etVeots, gold
and silver tissue, and shut tissues of
gold and black. These are combined
with fur most successfully and will
be seen a great deal later in the season on the few turbans. Henry VIII
styles arc really rich in fur etfeots,
The Cossack sud llumiir variety are
strong as are also the low Arabian
draped turbans. Wings and empte
feathers have the greatest prestige
unless one excepts ostrich, which is
entirely in a class by ilsolf. The
Robin Hood hat has turned up brim
back and sides, trimmed in wings, as a
strie'ly tailored or suit hat. The
Amici model, in velvet aud (ur, is one
of the Russian turbans. We shall see
many ol these this winter, Taken all
through, hats are not quite as extreme
and more becoming to llie majority of
faces than those ol the past season.
Power and Light Direct From
the Sun
Mr, George H. Cove, of Soinerville,
Mass., has a solar thermo-battery
which is claimed to produce enough
current in ten hours' sunlight to
supply thirty tungsten lamps lor
threedaya. The apparatus consists of
a frame of violet glass, like a large
window below which a number of
metallic plugs are set in an insulating material. One eud of each ping
is constantly exposed to the sun while
the other is shaded and cool, and the
rays permitted to pass by the violet
glasB set up a reaction in the special
alloy used, causing a constant fl w of
current to the storage batteries.—
Scientific American.
The Churches.
The Millinery Opening
Thursday was the day of tbe [all
millinery opening. The weather was
wet; yet a large number of ladies
turned out to see the latest styles and
secure first choice.
Ill.lli .1 VOTING,
whoBe millinery department is under
tbe supervision ol Miss McKenuy, had
a line display. The prominent new
colors of this aeasun in thia linn's
ihowrooma were wisteria, raisin
brown, tana, taupe shades ol grey and
and all shades of green. The shapes
arc very large, draped hats witli tan
crowns being tbe favorites In trimmings, wings ami leathers are largely
in uae. A large black hat with plumes
is one ol the new things lor this
winter. A new feature in this fall's
millinery is moire silk bound with
velvet facinga. Lots of jet ia used in
the form of buckles and piua. Messrs.
Reid & Young report an excellent
day's Balis iu their uew stock of fall
millinery, notwithstanding the unfavorable weather for the opening
c. n. iiiimk ,t oo., LTII.
The millinery parlors in C. B.
Hume a Co.'s store have been en
larged and muoh improved and ou
Thursday they presented a magnificent display nl the new season's millinery tastefully arranged by Miss
Chamberlin, who presides over this
department ol the firm's business.
Opening styles ahow that tho large
hat is still in the ascendant. Picture
hats and the much talked ul turbans
are large. Ol the larger shapes tbe
majority have the high side roll, or
newer style, the gradually rounded
roll. These hats are all on tbe Cava,
lier order, «it li tbe long line Irom
bsck to front. The novelty shapes
are. many ol tbem, on tbe Marquiee
or tha Tricorn order.   Tb* new Aero-
St. Andrew's—The conmiuion will
be dispensed on Sunday at 11 a.m.
instead of on the 12th ol October as
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, Pastor. Preaching services on Sunday at
11 a.m. and 7 30 p.m. Sunday School
at 2.30. B.Y.P.U. Monday at 8 p.m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, at 8 p.m.
Morniug subject: 'Staagand Abounding." In tbe evening the Pastor will
preach from "Tbe Mount ol Testing,"
1 ting the lirst in a series of sermons
on Bible mountains. Special attention is called to the Young Men's
Bible Class at 2 30. Studies in "The
place of religion in the nation's life."
All young men are invited to tbis class.
Knox—Rev. J. R. Robertson haa
returned from the Coaat aud will
preach bis farewell sermon at Knox
church to morrow evening when there
will doubtleBB be a large attendance
ol his congregation and friends. Rev
Mr. Robertson will be a great, loss to
Hevelstoke at be has taken an active
part in every movement iu the interest ol the city aside from his church
work. Much regret is therelore felt at
his leaving Revelstoke, though his
resignation was a sell-sacrilice on bis
part, in order to bring ahout the union
of the two Presbyterian churches iu
the city.
Methodist—The pastor of the
Methodist church intends to give a
series ol sermons on the 10th chapter
of Luke, beginning on Sunday with
"The L'npuriiosed Truth," uttered by
the Pharisees iu thoir criticism ol
Jems for eating and drinking with
publicans and sinners. A hearty
welcome is extended to all.
Alex. McGregor Has Arm Broken
and Spine Injured
Alex. McGregor, the well-known 0.
P. R. bridge foreman, was badly injured on Wednesday alternoon by
falling from the roof of the 0. P. It.
roundhouse at Revelstoke. In tbo
full he had an arm broken and sustained concussion of tbe spine which
resulted in paralysis.
He was conveyed to the hospital,
and Dr. Hamilton, who al tended him,
expresses hope of bis recovery as he
could Iiud no displacement. Much
sympathy is felt with the family in
their misfortune, this accident to Alex
McGregor following as it does so
closely on the recent death ol his
brother Duncan.
A Discreditable Performance
The entertainment announced at
the Opera House on Wednesday evening by the Warde Karniim Company
waB a discreditable atl'air. It was after
nine o'clock belore the curtain rang
up, and in lhe meantime tho audience
had become impatient and the rowdy
element was in evidence,
Mias Wardc is a good reciter but the
irritated audience had no appreciation
Ior the items she contributed. Tbe
piano was poorly handled. Joe Webb,
coster comedian, who might reasonably have been expected to make a
hit, brought about the reverse, and on
his second appearance was interrupted
and a large part ol the audience here
lelt the hall in digust.
Paul Parker, the director, is a Iair
singer, but a failure at telling stories,
The entertainment ended in a generally hostile demonstration on the
part ol the audience.
Card ot Thanks
The Rohckah Lodge were unanimous
at their meeting on Friday night in
passing a vote of thanks to all those
who so kindly aBsisted in making
their dance ol the 28th inst. such a
pronounced success.
Rkhkkaii LontiE, No. 21.
Major Jas. Shepherd ol Ontario will
lecture on "Roadmaking" at the City
Hall on Thursday. October 14th, at 8
p.m. No admission charge This iB
a rare chance to learn the science ol
The Land Trust Company and tho
Mercantile Trust Company, ol PittB-
burg, have closed.
Asked about, the prospectB of opening more branches of Molsons Bank,
Mr. Elliott, the general manager, replied he had received very many
urgent requests to do bo in some of
the western towns, but so far there
had been no arrangements made. "In
the near future we may do so," said
Mr. Elliott, "but uot just now."
On his return easi 1). R. Wilkie,
president and general manager of the
Imperial Bank of Canada, said that
prospects were never better, that
without exaggeration they could be
rfeeerihed as magnificent. He declared the Imperial Bank will do its
utmost to keep pace with the rapid
progress ot the west. Four large and
imposing buildings are to be erected
at Prince Albert, Wetaskiwin, Alberl a,
Regina, Cranbrook and others are
contemplated. When the additional
branches are to be built will be decided on Mr. Wilkie'B return to Toronto.
With regard to money for the harvest
he sad it was abundant ss the crop
Leckie's New Shoe Catalogue
You ought to send and get it. We
have just received n copy and examined it carefully. Just aa a catalog-
just ns a piece of liist-cliiss, artistic
printing vou ought lo see it, to realize
what can be done at the Pacific coast.
As a superior product of Pacific const
craftsmanship, it evidently embodies
the spirit of its publishers, thej. ___.,_.
kie Co. Ltd., of vanoouver.
The quality of their catalog is a good
standard by which to judge of lhe
quality of ihe boots and shoes they
make for British Columbia wearers.
The boots are shown in the natural
colors, und are described in detail.
Nothing of practical interest—nothing
that will be useful iu buying shoes has
been omitted from the information
which tbis fine catalog contains.
Theie are three distinct features
aboul it. Tbe first important one Is
thut it shows the points of the shoe.
It is an education in this line, of unusual interest for tbe buyer of shoes.
ll is well to kuun what to look for
when buying shoes. You will understand it better after you examine ibis
Then in the second place, it tells you
the retail prices of Leckie shoes. You
can decide ou the shoe you want from
the catalog and know exactly what it
will cost,
In the third place it tells you where
you can get Leckie shoes. It gives
the names of all the dealers who handle this celebrated line.
All you have to do to gel ihis artistic, useful book is in address .1. Leckie
(■ti., Ltd., Vancouver, 11. C, on ;i
postal card, telling them you read
about their catalog in the Mui.-Hiai-
Al.li antl would like ti) have a copy.
Best tlo it right now, while you have
il in mind.
Business Locals
Wc have just taken into stock a
shipment of the famous Muisli, Laminated Cotton Down Bed Comforts.
0. B. Hume & Co.
II ynu want warmth without weight
buy a Maish Laminated Cotton Down
Comfort. Suid at 0. B. Hume it Co.'s.
A choice line ol cocoa mats. C. B.
Hume & Co.
A new lut of linoleums and lloor
oilcloths just in atC. B. Hume it Co.'s.
(Ins Lund had a lemarkable crop of
potatoes this season at bis garden on
Second Street. The variety grown iB
the Northern Hose and sonio ol the
tubers weighed libs. each.
Aid. Macdonald and Pert Howe
have received numerous offers Inr
their young bears which disport at the
Kevelsloke Mess, but ao lar have been
unable to make up their minds to
part with tbem,
Aftor waiting patiently through lour
years ot liquidation proceedings 114,-
000 shareholders and claimants against
tho di-lunct York County Loan Co.,
aro about to receive thoir first dividend ol 26 per cent.
Spain announces the complete
success ol the manoeuvres in Morocco
agaiuet the Moors. The entire coast
lino is illuminated with the fires ol
burning Moorish villages.
G. Chapman is retiring trom tbe
Lakoview hotel at Arrowhead, W.
Irwin, lormerly managing the City
hotel thorc, haviug purchased his
interest in the lirni, which will here-
alter he kuuwn as Plumton & Irwin.
Who are in doubt as to
where they can best obtain
all kinds of L'p-To-Date
Sporting Goods, should
bear ;n mind the fact that
we carry a splendid stock
of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle,
Traps, Tents, Camp Stoves
Blankets, and in fact cvery-
_T rapper  and   the   Prospector.
It will soon be time to purchase that Heater. We have
just* the stove lo'suii vou and will be pleased to show you
its good points. Remember that we arc agents for the
Kootenay Range, which you will read of on   another   page.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Our clothes
values are
easy to see.
w trSm
..   - >~__U« **_P^4__, K.       *__.   • v*.
Field glasses are not needed to see the
line points of perfection in the kind of
clothes wc sell. Style, fit and every detail
of line tailoring are there inside and out. If
better clothes could be made this store
would have them. We especially invite
paiticular dressers, men who never wore
ready made clothes to see ours.
KM A HI.IMI Mi    I Ml
b. b. walkik, prudent I Paid-up Capital, ,$10,000,000
AIZIAHDKH LAIED, Gentral BUMjtr I Reserve Fund)    .     6.000.000
The new Travellers' Cheques recently issued I \ this Hank are a mo« rouvouenl
way ia which to carry money when travelling.   Tbey are issued in denomiunhnns tt
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and the exact amount payable tn Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Franca,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, K inula, Swedes
—m\\ Switzerland iti ylateJ on tbs face of each ciieque, while m other
they are parable al rum-tit otrv
Tbe chscj— and all information rrfaniinK then) may he ofctainfld al amy i
mf lhe Bank.
ol "inning the "badge of quality.'
ringed with gold and decorated with
public opinion. You'll Mini this badge
ill lllll
High-Crade Meat Market
In quality of meats, spotless premises
.nnl sanitary surroundings your sale
guard for good cheer and health, Hest
meats, honest weight, plea-inn prices
Sausages ,'iinl Cooked Meatsaspe*
eiiiliv. Bones crushed for your chick,
ens dally,
Maundrell Meat Market
Wc handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Provincial Exhibition at New Westminster
October 12th to 16th. 1909
Only $12.35 Return.    Good Until Oct. 20th
Zbc  m>ail=*Hxvalb.
jntertoc publtebtno Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to Kngland, United States
.md Canada.
Ht the vear [tlirough postoQtce]    f2.fiQ
H.Uf ■'      LflO
Quarter "        " " '•'H'
J jrt    HINTING promptly executed al reason*
abit- rate*.
rKHMd ■ < m&h,   Subscriptions payable in ad
Leg.il ootii■•- i etita per Une tir-t Insertion,
3 cents per line each subsequent insertion
Mi- isurementi Nonpariel U- lines make ono
inch]. Store and general business un
emem - ■:-'- • ■ per Inch por month,
Preferred positions, 25 per cent, ad-
ditii&AL Birtha, Marriages and Deaths,
5uc   each  lni»ei I Ion.
L. : notii ••- ?:.-> All advertisement*
I. to ihe approval of tho management.
Wanted and Condensed Advertisements
Agent* Wa.aU 1, Kelp Wauled, BltuaLloiis
\s i: ■-._.. Situations Vacant. Teachers
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted. 1" words or
c, eai i. additional lino lo conU.
i hangi - .ii standing advertisements muBj
oe in bj '.' el in. Tuesday and rrlday of
ix ch week to sei in >■ good display,
< DKRJCSpONDKNCK Invited on matters of
public Interest Communications Lo lull*
tor musl be accompanied i»j name <n
writer, noi nectxwtrll) fu publication, bul
u evidence <<f g<**t faith. Correspondenoo
should tui hrii'f.
OmCCB :    l.MI'KIOAl.  I'.lNK  Hi ll.nisn Kkvki.
81 'IKK, 1). C,
Modi-)' loloau. ,   „  ,,
Offloor: Kavelstoko, ll i .   Uraubrook, H, I.
Ueo. d. MoCaktkb
tu   U,   I'INKIIAM J- A.   HAHVKV,
Revelstoke, I'ran brook. H. L.
Six-Roomed House
Finp Rp^idpnop '"a desirab1^ ciua.rter on Third
I Ilio IICOIUOIIOO Street at a bargain 12 rooms
and bath room, all modem improvements, furnace, large
basement.    Reasonable terms can be arranged.
PRICE $4,500
extra warm   and well finished,  on    Fifth    Street,
modern plumbing.    Terms to suit a good purchaser.
PRICE $3,400
Eight-Roomed House w[ry.StrModGe°r°n
plumbing.   Terms to meet purchaser.        PRICE $2,600
inenl are helpleBs lo secure and
mui lt.-iin decent order the police
should be calleil to their assistance
and au example made of offenders,
Thin kind of ihinR cannot be :il
lowed to go on iii Reveletoke and it
should be forcibly demonstrated to
those who cannot behave decently
that tlieir presence at public gatherings- is not desired.
Solicitor, etc.
S illcitor for:—
Thk Canadian Hank ok CoMMBBOB,
The Molsons Bank, Etc.
Provincial Lnnil Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
McKenzie Avence,
box 108, Kevelstoke
'Mining Engineer^
Kevelstoke, li. O.
Mem. American Institute Mining
Mem. Cun. Min. Inst.
Examinations   and   Kejiorts   on   Alines,
and -Miniufc-  tuvestnieutB a specialty.
Blue Prints supplied ul  plans uf La.no,
Mines ami 1'imbeb
Cable Address— "Kanagan," Kevelstoke
Codes—Moreing and Neill, Bedford .McNeill, Weaiem L'niuii, Clouuli.
C.   W.   O    W.
Mountain View Camp. No. 219
LMeei* irvcond and Kuurib Wednesdays in
Sm.iii.ii' Selkirk Hall. Visitta Woodmen cxirdituo ti.v tuxl to rtiu-iid.
Juil.V i AHI.SUN. Con. Com.
j. ild.MVUt. C'lork.
F. O. E.
The rego'.nr meetings aro held in the Selkirk
Hall every 2nd aud 4lti   Tuesday evetuuK   at !
o'clock.    Vuitim brellirea cordially invilea.
W.B. McLACl HUN.Skokktabh.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. * A. M.
Meel- every TEurs-
.iay eveuiug in Sel-
k kirk Hull at Bo'clook
FVUltlDg hretbreL are
oordlally Invited t-. aueu.i.
ALHERT AK11AN. N.t>.      IAS   MATH!£>>:' .
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except i.  rd Wednesd  ■ oi
sack moDtb* lo     -  oddlellowa1
lltil      .1      i      I'cl ick.       V If-HIUtr
KalKi,'.- i -liaUy  otIIs 1.,
SMITH  i    C.
0. H. HKU' K. K   ..!   H   * S
J   ll   SCOTT, U, o! P.
Zbc flfcatl-lberalb
.-AI UBDAY, OCT, 2. 1909
);•■ a booster. I ion'1 be a Knot k-
er. Booat Revelstoke every chance
you get.    Yon will lie the gainer.
Tiie occurrence ol typhoid at
Comaplix ami Arrowhead is n matter tbat should huve tbe Btringenl
investigation of the Provincial
Health Department. The numerous capes that have occurred tint,
seai-on should have already drawn
tbe attention of tbe Department to
the mutter, and the sooner it is
taken Up the better fur the public
Fortunately it is not oiten that
complaint has to lie made about
the conduct of audiences ut the
Opera House, but tbe behaviour of
some of tbe boys and youths in
the gallery on Wednesday night
was disgraceful.   If tbe manage-
Complaints are made to us of the
''rustling" of camps and cabins on
the Big Bend trail. This kind of
thing is contrary to tbe square,
generous spirit that has hitherto
been the unwritten law of tlie miners and prospectors of the country
antl it would be well if the newcomers who bave set themselves out
to break the grand old traditions
of the miner's camp of the great
west were taught they will not be
permitted to do so with impunity.
Tbe custom has been to leave bedding and camp open to all who
wished to use tbem, but to leave
there tho property found in the
camp and use only what is required
of tlie grub. The custom has been
a blessing and help in need to
many a man. The thieves who
sleal the property of others they
find in these out-of-the-way trails
and camps will meet with no mercy
from the courts and tbe public if it
should become necessary to go alter
and prosecute them in order lo stop
the practise complained of.
The Kootenay country is one of
the richest countries in the world
in silver, lead and zinc. The out
look for the mining of these metals
was never better. The market for
silver is particularly bright. When
Lord Morley was asked last February what would lie done if the
value of silver rose above 43d. per
ounce, tbat is, to a point at which
the rupee would be of more value
in the melting pot than as a current coin, the answer from the
Secretary of State wns prompt anil
decisive : "We Bhall be quite
ready to cross lhe bridge when we
cume to it. Nothing would, a- a
matter of fact, suit India belter
than a rise in silver, if it went to
the intrinsic value of tlie rupee
(43d. per ounce or over we -lnuiM
raise the issue price of tbe rupee to
one-aud-six, and would ol course,
retain our rupee currency.''
The Mining and St ientific Press
points out that it -uch i pledge as
that had been given years ago it
might have prevented tbe at
France and the United Statea
which hf.ve had something to do
with tbe fall in tiie white metal.
But there ia an enormoua and
growing demand for the Indian
rupee in Africa, and the abandonment uf any Berious design b;
India to introduce gold i- a medium
of circulation—it was tried and
failed miserably—ia a further assurance that the call fur silver
ini reases.
: hen we ha i'e the argu men I ol
the bimetallism which the gold bugs
have never been able to refute, lhal
tbe adoption of a bimetallic standard uf ' 'linage that i.- two metals,
silver nntl gold in ratio of value
would tin much to stop the financial panics, to even prices, and to
-npply enough basis money to do
the world's work. The leading
economists, as Jevons, Walker.
Fawcett, Frewen, Balfour, Chapman, who have closely studied the
problem, support the bimetallic
movement as undoubtedly sound
and it iH one that is of vital interest
to the mining Interests oi Kootenay,
The principle of municipal ownership lias been n  blessing to Rev
elstoke, This is a scattered oity,
involving n large expenditure in
maintaining lengths of streets and
sidewalks out of proportion lo the
population of the town. It. bus
bad to maintain two separate lire
departments, The school system
is Becond to none in the province.
Parks have been acquired und improved. The city has lieen generously lighted and public ind charitable institutions have lieen aided
to an extent that few cities have
been able to concede. Electric
light rates have been substantially
reduced. These achievements could
not have been possible but for tbe
municipal ownership and operation
of the water and light services.
The city council also very properly
aims at operating in connection
with tbe light system a power service that shall be second to none.
The value of a lirst-class municipal power service to a city is shown
by the results in (!lasgow,Scotland,
of which the Scientific American
"The city of (ilasgovv, Scotland,
whose record for an c-flicient and
economical municipal tramway
system is well known, has also a
remarkably well-conducted electric
light and power supply department,
according to ligures recently received for the past year's working.
In spite of a decrease in income of
$38,000, due to reduced charges
for current, increasing use of economical metallic filament lamp,
and general trade depression, an
actual increase in available protit
balance of $1-1,000 has been made.
The aggregate horse-power sold is
29,500 an increase of 6,000 over
the previous year, and 1,232 new
consumers bave lieen added.
ISighteen million units out of
thirty three sold were for power
purposes bringing in on the average 1 _• cents per unit."
This Bhowa tlie  extent  to which
municipal ownership of  power can j
be u-eil lo develop   the   industrial
resources of a city.
The results in Kevelstoke, with
all' the drawl.neks experienced,
bave shown the wisdom of the action of the city council who. iluriiiL'
the term of Mr. M. J, < I'Brien as
M r...". acquired tbe water ind
light servicea irom the c< i
formerly operating them. Yet,
Burpriaing is it may now -• i m
tbat step w .. in     :
the  citizens
defea ed six years aj
'•I ii .-        en place
iince   then       rhe rown.
have   sprung
inb '•"«■   industries
...   cit] and
Burroundin ■■ i ountr
ieing   settled   up,     The I
ii •■   ". itb the liemaiula
Today we liml the
. iri e- ,,i   the pres-
_■!,' ind power plant
manding more power
{■. ory wise   ind progress ive inan
is fat •• to (at a with iusl such «
i in   ihe   development  ol
business, And he arranges to meel
these ien. i i,o- which are to him
the healthiest and mosl latisfj ing
Hign oi Lhe success ol bia work.
So it i- with the oity of RevelBtoke. Tin- time has come when
the city must enlarge ami improve
it- power :niil light plant to meet
ihi demands on it The time has
come when Lhe contention of Re
elstoke   lor years to be recognised
a wholesaling   point,   from    which,
to cover   the   whole of   the interior
is   lining   recognised.   The opportunity is   here right, now according
to the    Board   of   Trade interview i
with   Mr. Whyte   to have Ilm railway workshops put in a position loi
handle the whole of the rep iir work I
on   the   Mountain   and   Shuswap
division. This all menus a demand
for more power and light, antl for
production and supply of these at
the lowest possible cost consistent
with efficient service. It is for just
siieli a condition that every progressive man and woman in llevelsloke has been striving, and
Bhould continue to promote in
every possible way. This satisfactory condition means an increase
of values of all property in tbe city
and district. It means the general
improvement of the citv as a home
town. In submitting plans to the
ratepayers for the improvement of
the power plant In meet tliese conditions nnd tin- growing demands
mi ll, the City Council have taken
a course that merits the whole-
souled support of the ratepayers of
lhe city, and we hope they will roll
up at. the polling booth and give
tnis policy Iheir hearty endorsement. The Mayor and aldermen
have al bosta thankless task. They
give a great ileal of time to the
work of lhe city and have honestly
done their best in its interest. This,
1 lien, is lhe lime to show Unit
appreciation which is due them for
their services, and to support them
in tlieir policy of progress which, if
carried into effect, means much lo
every man nnd woman interested
in llie welfare of Revelstoke.
FOR SALE—An Ellison Phonnei-Hph
uiii't-  $35 00.     Applv  nl   Mail-
lll'tHAI.Il  (llllee.
ANTED—Millinery upprenliceby
0.13. Hume anu Oo.
IiUMSALE—An Edison Phonograph
'     and   Hi  leioiUM—Apply  at .MAIL-
HKIiAl.li ollku. sep IS lin
WANTED—Lodgers (with break-
last, if pii-ttiii'UI in a uoinlui'-
litiiie Inline on Second St., near tbe
school.—Apply ai this nlliie.
IOST—Order book, between Hit-
J lliiental Hotel anil llie In m,
nuiei last nighi. Please rei un, io the
Miiil-Hei-iiiii ofiice.
Declaration or Householders
all householders within the Municipality wishing to have bis or her name
Inserted on tbe Voters' List for the
t'ity for the year lulu must make a
declaration before a Justice of the
Peace or other officer entitled to take
Buch declaration, and the same must
be handed in to the City Clerk's office
on or before 5 p.m. on October 81st
Forms of   Declaration   ean  he  ob-
i.iiiieil .it the Oil v Clerk's ofllce.
Hevelstoke, B, C, Sept. 23rd, lHOIl.
City i llerk.
MnntifaciaretJ fur all classes of   buildings
*        xTt/t. nr -ifrmii qaantltlei
it tha owMt prices for caah.
*    < talldlos and'plAltering
lei must!
B. u i L     6 gU rV 0    -
tolL ^JMirU^ttt/i
'^MrpCUri, Lff-t orvtxi QlM/t
-fy tiu. 0<* - tf
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
OILED       .1
will give you full value
for every dollar spent
and keep you dry In
the wettest weather.
every mmi
fan Own OtntJMW (km,
Royal Standard
Makes Better Bread
You will appreciate this fact if
you have tried it. Those who
have used it admit the fact, and
they are the more competent to
Judge. Royal Standard makes
more bread. That i.s because it
goes further—because it i.s a
pure product of genuine t|tialily
throughout. You will require
but little inducement to use Koyal Standard Flour if you have
once tried it. It is its own hest
Then too with every sack you
buy, you secure a chance of
winning a beautiful loy piece
china dinner set.
Ask your grocer for Royal
Standard Flour.
Vancouver Milling 8*
Grain Co., Lid.
VANCOUVER,       -       B.C.
Alillil'VIII'.AIl, IJ.lt.
Special Attention given to commercial
men autl tinnislH. l-'irst-i-liiHs (sample
l'ntiiiiH. finest si-eneiy in Itriliitli Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Homegrown Iruit Hnd ornamental
trees, grown oo upland soil without irrigation in the only part of
Ihe American continent not infested with the San Jose scale—
tiaideu, Field and Flower eeede—
Tested stock from the best growers in the world—Wire fencing
nnil Oates—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supples, Cut fllowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—New 157 page Cata-
Ingnc free
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery     -     South Vancouver
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Anglo-Ameriean Pipe Insurance
or io mi n 1-   * J1 05 Adelaide St. easl
on Imi'  y.ii  ending 80th .lune. IlKlll
li,   lim        1'ieni
nn     Income
Inn  30th %21'A nun lu
t I^'h- rebate a ml
: i i-i ni i, premium   B0 Mil 00
%\rl,2 00H mi
i Li     ie in .tii.iin e    :,:i '.mi I6$l!tf) :,m HI
By inien-t n :.o:t 90
9186 hot "I
| Tn net li".,e. pioil.-jif,:' 170 17
To net. ItiMst-H   tin
tlei adjustment II mi 71
Gov,   1'eeH,    tllxt'H,
mul   nil   other
charges 17 _iii os
Balance Or. profit
and lo«s    -       ll it2H gfi
1183 ;_1I7 74
(leii. Man. Agent,
When you visit the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at  the
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
48a31 Delightful Scenery
A   large  quantity ol   Prairie
nnd   Timothy   Hay    always
on hand
Frank A. Lackner,
Itepalrs of all kinds noally   curried ou
liiryele antl (lun work a specialty
l-'.slimates gfven nil nny class
of work.
Front     Street.
For Sale
Under instructions from clients I
have to offer for sale the following
desirable residential  properties:
1. Resilience   and   three   lots on
McKe  zie Avenue.
2. Residence with lot and one-half
frontage on McKenzie Ave.
3. Residence   ami   two   lot-    on
Fifth Street.
4. Two good building lots with 50
teet  frontage  on   McKenzie
Aven ie.
5. Rooming House, (16 rooms) on
Fourth Street.
Terms   to  suit purchasers.    For
prices and particulars apply to
sep 11 lm       First .St., Revelstoke.
500 More Orders for Winter
Why pay two prices for your winter
wants when by sending direct to lhe
producer von ean purchase al first cosl.
We are now quoting as follows; '
Potatoes 60o. a hundred
Turnips, Beats and Carrots 60c.
a hundred
Cabbage 76c. a hundred
Onions $1.50 a hundred
Tomatoes,   Squash  and Pumpkins 2o. a pound
General Merchant     -     Salmon Arm
sep 22 i in
A Hall Safe
An Oak Standing Office Desk
A Roll-Top Desk
A Long-Carriage Empire
First-class Work  Guaranteed.
Mail   Orders   Promptly   Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
Last Chance for
ill Wood
Owing to tlillu'iilii' « in delivering in
November and December, we will not
irimrantee prompt delivery alter Nov.
Int. We have two teams ou now nnd
will deliver all 'rder* promptly hi $2
I or load iiiiiIt live Irudd and |1 75 per
load for live IohiIii and over.
Bowman Lumber Company, Ld.
m p 22 lm
Notice in bereliy given that |Hm firnt
sitting ol the Courl 111 Kevin n to
revine the Assessment Roll for the year
P.lll'.l, will be beld in the Oouncil
Chamber, Ciiy Hall, Pt velrtiote, B. C.
on Monday, October llth, at 2 p.m.
September 4th, 1909.
sep 4 lm Citv Clerk.
Revelstoke Land Di.stiict.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that I, M. K. Lawson,
of Revelstoke,oooupatlon housekeeper,
Intel] 1 lu apply for permission to purchase the following desorlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted nt
tlie suuiheiiNt corner nf Lot 8068 anil
marked "M. K. Lawaon's nurihwest
oorner post," tbenee 40 chains southi
thence ID chains west; thetice20chains
north; Ihence 20 chains easl; theme 20
chains norlh lo line of LottSIHVS; thence
along said line lo place of commencement,
Dated Hept. 7th, Ham. sop8
Revelstoke Laud District.
Distiict of Wiwi Koolenay.
Take notice lhal L. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, Intends to apply
for permission to pin chime the following described land-:
Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of Upper Arrow Lake, about
one ami a half miles south of Ij.-innoek
Point, thence west 2(1 chains, thence
north 21) llntills, thence west 2(1 chuins,
thenco north (HI chains to IheK. & S,
line, thence following the K. & S. line
east 20 chains, south 20chuins, east 20
chains, .south 20 chuins lo lake shore,
thence following the hike shore to
point of commencement.
Agent for L. A. Dewar.
Qiited July 29, 1909. aug 7
Revelstoke Lnnil District.
District ol West Koolenny.
Take notice that A. W. Dickinson,
of Arrow head, occupation Lumberman,
intends In apply (or permission lo purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
the north-east corner of Lot 79(15 and
maiked A W. Dickinson's N. W. C,
thence south 40 chains, east 40 chains,
north 40 cbains to lake shore, Ihence
west 40 chains following lake shore to
place of commencement.
Dale Aug. 16th, 1900.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Nels Bodlne, of
Trout Lake, ti. O., occupation Miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following descrilied land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Trout Luke between
llaskius and American points and
about four miles from the foot of the
Lake antl maiked the S. E. corner
posl, Ihence 20 chains north, thence
20 chains west or to Lake shore, thence
following the I_ake shore to point of
Located this 23th day of August, 1909.
sep 8 60d       NELS BODINE, Locator.
Revelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Harney 1'lumt.on nf
Arrowhead, occupation Holelkeeper,
Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot 7585, thence
south 40 chains to T.L, 12150, thence
west 20 chains, to the coiner of T.L.
1215(1, thence south 40 chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
west 40 chains, thence norlh 40 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Harney Plumton.
Dated July 2«. 1009. aug 7
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a transfer of retail liquor license of the Lurdeau Hotel, Comaplix, now held by me to R.
M. Evans.
Dated Sept. 29tb, 1909.
Jos. Dumont.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, iiiii-iuls tn
apply for permission to purchase the
following desorlbed lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east eorner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
aliout half a mile froin the north-east
corner of Lot 79115, thence south 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, Ihence
north HO chains to lake shore, Ihence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 20, 1909. aug 7
The farm of the late Joseph Dolan
situate near Revelstoke, being a part
of lhe N. 15. Quarter Section 29 Tp. 211
and containing H4 acres more or less.
Application" for the purchase of above
property are invited and will be
received hy the undersigned up to and
including September 80th, 19011.
Solicitor for Dolan Estate.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C,   August
24th, 1900. lmon
A lew of your space dollars on winter
Underwear, Clothing and Boots autl
Shoes at John Hull's Sale. Most of the
summer goods have been cleaned out,
and the new fall and winter goods ordered six and eight months from the
manufacturers arc just coining in, all to
be sold lor cash at wholesale prices.
Such well known goods us Sunford's
clothing, Si.-inficlil's underwear, Hell's,
McPherson'8 and other makes of first
class shoes; all of which must be cleaned
out by the first of the new year. Are
vou interested in saving money ? We
nave lived up to what we advertised ut
the start and will continue to do   SO  unlil the stock is disposed of,
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
'■'"■_____*>-?%__'"•-v ■""-
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely. We have many new anil
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the home that are taste
lui, effective and inexpensive, and wil
show your rooms to the hest advantage.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Queen's Park
October 12-13-14-15-16
Greatest Agricultural, Horticultural and Stock
Exhibition in Western Canada
Airship Flights Twice Daily.
Championship Lacrosse    Vancouver v. New Westminster,
Official Opening    : p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12th, 1
Wednesday. Oct. 13th   -Devoted to Scottish Spurt.-, under
the management ol the Suns of Scotland.
Thursday. Oct. 14th— Vancouver Day. Champiouship   Lacrosse—Vancouver v, New Westminster.
Friday. Oct. 15th   Children's   Day.     Children's  ?
Airship Flight, Intermediate Lacrosse and
Saturday. Oct, 16th—Championship Lacrosse Match. Vai
eouver v. New Westminster,
Stock Parade    1:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday, S I  1
Rate from Revelsloke to New Westminster 1 Return   $12 35
T. J. TRAPP. Pres.      W. H. KEARY. Mgr.-Sec.
By-law No..
the borrowing by the Municipal
Oouncil of  the Corporation  of
the  t'ily  of  Revelstoke   of   the
sum  of  Eighty-nine  Thousand
($89,000) Dollars for the purpose
of making permanent Improvements to and enlarging tbe capacity of the electric light and
power plant of the Oity.
Whereas in the interest of the City-
it is deemed necessary and expedient
that sueh work lie done without delay.
And Whereas it is necessary for the
purpose aforesaid to raise  by  way  of
debentures a loan of $80,000.00.
And Whereas a petition has I een
presented to the Municipal Oouncil of
the Corporation of the City of Kevelstoke signed by the assessed owners of
at leasl one-tenth in value of the real
property within tbe t'ily of Revelstoke
as shown on the last revised Assessment Koll of said City, requesting that
a Bylaw be Introduced for the purpose
of authorising the borrowing by said
Corporation of the sum of Eighty-
Nine Thousand Dollars for the purpose
above mentioned. \
And Whereas the whole amount of
tin- ratable property within the said
City of Kevelstoke according to the
last Revised Assessment Roil of the
said City of Revelstoke is the sum of
And Whereas it will bo necessary to
raise annually by special rate sufficient therefor the sum of $6,888.00 for
paying (be said debt anil interest thereon.
Now, Therefore, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tbe City
of Revelstoke in open meeting assembled, enacts as follows:—
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Bevelstoke for the purpose and with the
object aforesaid to borrow on the
credit of the Municipality hy way of
debentures hereinafter mentioned from
any person, persons, firm, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of money, not exceeding in the whole
the sum of Eighty-nine Thousand
Dollars and 10 cause all such sums so
raised or received to be paid into the
bands of the Treasurer or the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke.
2, It shall beJawfitl for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Kevelstoke to cause any number of debentures to be made, executed and is-
-ait-d for sueh sum or stuns as may be
required for tbe purpose and object
aforesaid, not exi ding, however, the
sum of Eighty-nine Thousand Dollars,
Such debentures shall be nf the de-
noniination of One Thousand Dollars
eacb and all such debentures shall be
sealed with the seal of ibe Corporation
of the City of Revelstoke and signed
by ihe Mayor and Clerk thereof.
8,     The  s.'tiil    delienl lllvs   shall    bear
the dale of 1909,   and  shall
lie pay.ilife in Twenty-live years  Irom
ibe said iliie in lawful money of Canada, at the otlice of ibe Mols.ni-   Bank
.at    Kevelsloke   .il'uiesiinl,    wbicb said
pii 1' payment shall be designated
by the aaid debentures, and shall have
attached in them coupons for ilu- payment of interest, and tbe signature to
tin- interest coupons may in- either
written, printed, -tamped nr lithographed.
4. The >aid debentures -ball hear
interesl at the rate of Ave per cent
per o num from the date I hereol
which interest -ball l-e paid semi-annually -■ tbe " 1 the M
Hank at Kei ••!-' - 88 lid in lawful
money •>! i anad - day
,-!' 11 lh,. ,1a'.
!•■-! ei ual   evei y   \ ".n
ind   a
.    •-■    ires
LP. LeBeau
Corner Third 5t& Campbell Ave
Horse'Shoeing 4 Carnage Worka Specialtg
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Uo.se Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated Kn^-
lish Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
■   ■
. uicil.
■ .,(   In- .•!.■. ■
'   '
,'. .1    m.l lm ,
1 diij "I
. r   1
'I  \K|i    N'OTll   I-   lhal    the    al	
true ci .;.'. icd v.; law upon
win. Ii iii. ,!,• ,,1 tbi Vlunli Ipalltj will
lie I tli ■ ■.     Office, t iti
Hall, ' .,1 Hei  of    Sei nnil     Ml' ''I    111(1   Ml
Kennic   \veiuie,   Revelstoke,   li <   , on
• '  i-i '     ti. toiler   '/ih . \'tn't.  between
the houi.  ol Nine   o'clock,   a. m    md
Hi ■ • n 'i i lm i; p. in
BRlfl t   \. LAWBON,
< hal. ol the Municipal Council,
Lighthouse, the New Process
The increase in population iu western
Canada is malting notable changes in
the industrial situation. It is not so
very long ago lhat every necessity and
every luxury had to lie imported from
eastern Canada or the I'nited States.
Now, instead "f importing Hour ami
cereal foods (or instance, we are shipping tlieni to the ends of the world. To
a large extent each day we arc becoming
self-supporting and self-contained, pro-
duciiig in uur own territory tbe requirements of our daily life,
It is in the early stages of industrial
awakenings that the ureal inauufaclur-
irg concerns of lhe future are built'
They are brought inl" being by the
demand right al home, ami they grow
and expand with ihe progress of the
Right here il i-- instructive ami interesting to notice that liritish Columbia
alone uses over a million dollars worth
of soaps and washing compounds annually. Must appropriate ii is. therefore,
thai a home industry should arise in re-
spouse to this demand, and most happy-
it is thai ihis new industry should
be the exclusive possessors of new and
advanced methods of soap manufacture.
The Western Soap Co have heen manufacturing Lighthouse Soap in Vancouver
for several months, Lighthouse Soap is
a new soap. It is a vegetable soap, the
basis being the finest imported cocoanut
oil, a material which, by most other
manufacturers, is used only for toilet
soaps. Il is winning a place as the
aristocrat of laundry soaps. The new-
process of manufacture, which is exclusive witb the company, enables the use
of tliese expensive materials without unduly enhancing the cost.
So rapidly lias the demand for lighthouse Soap increased, that the company
arc compelled to enlarge their plant.
The demand at present in sight is about
three times the capacity of the factory.
Tbey therefore propose to erect a new,
thoroughly modern plant with a floor
space of 15,000 square feet, and equipped with the most approved  machinery.
This is the reason tbat investors are
being given the opportunity to acquire
an interest in this essentially western
and thoroughly stable enterprise. The
new company, which has lieen organized
to carry forward the development, is
capitalized at _-__5o.oiin.on, divided into
250,000 shares at a par value of $1.00
eacb. Investors now have the opportunity of yetting some of the first issue
of 100,000 shares at par. It is equally
an opportunity for the small and the
large iuvestor. Seeing wbat has come
out of small beginnings in this industry
in the instances as such firms as Pears',
Ivory, Sunlight anil others, it requires
no stretch of llie imagination to see the
day when Lighthouse shall have achieved the distinction its merit warrants.
Prospectuses and full information maybe obtained from J. A. Kenning, Fiscal
Agent, 710 Hastings street. The director- and officers of the company ore well-
known Vancouver men of long experience iu this business. Tbey have studied
and experimented long and carefully,
and we find tbem able to give accurate
i".■; satisfying explanations of every detail    : their business.
San Francisco Opera Co.
On Thursday night the San Francisco Opera Co. appearul at the opera
bouse in tbe 'Gay Pari-denne." Unfortunately the train was delayed so
the entertainment was lute in opening,
ig Louse anain welcomed this
tr company, which is under the
first class us sgem°nt ol K. W
Bealy, »cd ;.•■ audience wasdelighted
wiih tin- treal provided (or them. Tlie
Comic certain,y predominated and the
bouse w« kepi in roars of laughter
If m st« nigh.    Mian   Day  was
an in.'i.  i -•  success as the Gay Paris-
isnne bui  reddy Webb, who is one of
tbe m ia   clever actor.,  on  the comic
ures  ol never-ending
'   "I   amusement.   The com-
- . ipi rued  ■ tirougbout,
•   teelleot while tbe
..a.iy striking.
■ ;i leturo to   B fel •
; i'b   ■". ii tbey will
■ •,   - ■       ll me pres-
iraic    per* la  the
sr -be Province iay«
\ Runaway Oirl' at tbs E npreji
• ,o   'y  ii Hi-ia   nightly.
I musical   comedy    is
n Mn- rise - .   Hie   fall
[ti rap iu-. ai a- ,ni.
.   .-   maoeMM aver   pro*
duced ■ . ,—y   | i,.;atr-'   a-    I. ,n •
■tilled wbr-n one listens
.     (Sml  that   follow    .ne
i|    Ily,      I nn oomsdy la very
'"'In '   isand   leddy Weld, aci titillates
in the leading role  uf  "Flipper."    He
ian  'uiiutlly  well supported
by""' lompiny »«   there   are novum I
new members tbat greatly add to Mm
strength    .1   the  oompany.   Charles
Couture mz. splendidly andj Amy
Leloesl.fr and Alexander Dale are all
good The scenery anil OOStumet are
elaborate antl make tbo   production   a
most, attractive one."
will eome hack lo you if you upend ii
al home.    It  is grme  for ever  if you
■end ii to the Mail Order Souse, A
glance through our advertising columns will give ymi an Idea where it
will buy Ibe inosl.
lhe World's Greatest Bridge
line of the great undertakings of the
Dominion Department of Railways is
the re-construction of the Quebec
Bridge! This is tbe greatest project of
its kind in the world. The bridge over
the Forth is nearly as long in its spans,
but it is merely a single track railway
bridge, while the proposed Quebec
structure will combine railway, street
railway, vehicle and foot traffic. Tbis
bridge will form part of tbe great Transcontinental Bailway which will connect
the Atlantic with the I'acilic upon Canadian territory and over which the produce of the West will pass through to
Canadian ports nu both the Atlantic and
ilu- Pacific upon Canadian territory,
completing another link lo bind the empire together.
The best on the Market
Shipped direct here in Sealshipt
Carriers. Also a choice supply of
Fresh Lamb, Fresh Veal, Pork, Beef
and Mutton. Fresh Fish daily, Salmon,   Halibut and   Kokanee Trout.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd. Phone 21
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Machinery aggregating 10,000 horse
power and other equipment to the
total value of $100,1100, is now on its
way to Dawson City, where Klondike
mining operations are expected to be
facilitated by the provision of electric
Kerr Lake, at Cobalt, has been
regularly producing around 200,000
ounces ol silver each month without
at all crowding its capacity.
A deputation composed of Robert
Irving, Louis Pratt and J.A. Whittier,
ol Nelson, waited on Hon. W. Templeman, making representations in favor
ot federal aid to the zinc industry so
as to place the business oo a sound
commercial basis. It was suggested
that testing zinc ores under government auspices might solve the question in the best manner. Mr. Templeman promised to confer with his
colleagues on the question.
The lowest cost oopper producing
mine in the world to-day is Nevada
Consolidated, which during the quarter ended June 30 last produced line
copper at a cost of 0.75 cents per
pound, beating the record o( Utah
copper by slightly better than two
cents per pound. For the current
quarter Nevada Coneoiidated will very
much better the records made during
the previous quarter and will very
likely show a production of fine copper aggregating 15,000,000 pounds at a
cost around five cents per pound,
which will be tbe lowest cost record
known to the history of copper mining.
New machine shops, new powder
magazine, additional ore bins, electrification of No. 2 tunnel and preparations lor an extensive scheme of
glory hole development are among tbe
important features of the present
operations at tbe Granby mines,
whose ore shipments will increase to
about 4,000 tons daily next month.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in'Canada.
Agents in Great liritain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Import direct from country of origin.
The Revelstoke SHW-mill Company
are putting iu a winter camp of tit)
men at their limits at Rocky Point to
get out logs during the coming
winter. Another st' am logging engine
and plant is being sent up tbe river
to that camp sn that there will be two
steam logging plants working on tbe
company's limits there this winter. A
carload of cattle has been purchased
and will be shipped in by steamer or
driven up the trail to provide the
winter's supply of beef.
Tne Yale Columbia Lumber Co
may put a logging camp in the Mosquito creek limits this winter.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impioved,     First-ClaSB in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Fifty tons of Inc.illy orown
potatoes, in lots to suit purchasers.    Superior quality.
Mail ynur orders to
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars/fobacco.
MealB 35 cents.
F. McCARTY,  - REVELSTOKE I a. H. Sing, Proprietor
Robin ftocM
Is DiffllHen*
quality  would  be plainly  visible
A "O
If, Madam, we could take you right into our
Model Bakery at the Mill, where all our tests are
made, you would sec exactly what we mean when
we say, " Robin Hood Flour is Different."
You would see how favorably ii compares with
other flours in respect to color.
Its superior
io you.
You would quicker realize why you are to add
more waier than usual when using it.
The bigger loaf made by it would lie before you.
Seeing it, you would note its closer texture no waste.
Tasiing ll, you would admire its finer flavor.
In shon, you would surely decide that you ought
io start using Robin Hood Flour right away.
But, Madam, if you cannot come to our Bakery,
we can help you 10 have better Baking Results of
your own.
Use Robin Hood Flour yourself, and prove thai
what we claim for it is true.
We supply the flour-quality. We
give the guarantee. It is up to you
to get the benefit.
Have you asked your grocer
aboul our Money-back-guarantee yet ?
Saskatchewan Flour Mills Co.
Moose Jaw, Sask.        *
M0WJ*W   $
Just Dut
(fel oui' new Catalogue
Art! si ically printed,
shows the shoes In initio al colors	
l,"ain nil about, superior
shoes—the Leckie shoes
—made in Vancouver.
11 descri lies each of t hem
in detail, shows how
well they are made, and
tells you tbe retail
prices and where you
can get them. . . •
Send a postal for it
to-day.     .     .    .    '    .    .
J. Leckie Go., ltd.
The Vernon fire showed the need
gf our
The licst safe-guard in which you can invest, Kvery hotel should
lie titled with tliese as a matter of safely to occupants, Kvery house
should bave one on ils roof.
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Revelstoke Potatoes Second to
None in the Province
Revelstoke is achieving a high reputation as a producer of potatoes, and people who know what they are talking
about declare that Revelstoke potatoes
are of better quality than Asbcrofts,
which hold the banner name among 11.
L". potates. This is something of which
our fanners may well lie proud, Slid il
would he well if more attention is given
to growing potatoes in this district. As
the land is cleared and cultivated there
is no better way in which it ean be (ire-
pared for iruii growing than by planting
it to potatoes, The crop enn usually be
relied on n, n producer and on an average it brings a good price.
F. McCarty raised aboul SO un,- oi potatoes this season. ('.. I,atomic was also a considerable grower, and most of
lhe ranchers had from one to three ur
four acres under this crop tbis season.
Ralph Smith's Strong Views on
the Question
Speaking nl tht- coast, Ralph Smith,
M. l\, said lhat in discussing the (jiies-
tion with men <>f all lines of thought
from the Old Country lie had come to
the conclusion that there had arisen a
a crisis in England, and it was necessary
for the colonial interests lo make themselves fell. lli> natural tendency was
opposed to militarism, but now he believed there was a crisis. .Men like Sir
Ivi ward (Irey ami others of tin- liberal
party who could not be easily led astray
by a scare had expressed themselves on
this subject, and he was now read} lo
support any plan for naval defence.
Tbe most important duty of Canadians
was lo Imild up this jjre.it country, hut
as reasonable men they wanted to know
that when built up they would In- in a
position to hold it.
Take notice that one month after
date we intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for permission to transfer licence now held
by us for the Lakeview Hotel, Arrowhead, to Chapman & Irwin.
Dated Oct. 1st, 1900.
oct 2 lm       Pi.tMTON & Chapman.
Lord Charles BeresTord Speaks
on labor
Speaking ut Toronto oil Labor Day,
Lord Charles Beresford said thai lo the
organizations of labor they owed, not
only in the old country and Canada, bin
in all countries, au immense debt of
gratitude, because it was upon those who
labored that the progress of a country-
depended There bad been efforts in
lhe oltl country and in other countries to
divorce capital from labor, ll wae absolutely impossible. Labor could not gel
on without capita! and capital could noi
get ou withoul labor. lie was old
enough to remember when those who
labored did not get their (air share of remuneration, bin lhe Trades Unions had
altered linn.
A   l-'AIK    SM A Kl     I Ilk    I,AllOU,
There   was   a   lelldelie\    lUUOIIg    some
people lo think lhal the Hades unions in
their   power    llliglll    Want    I"    net    mole
than capital could afford,     lb- did   mil
believe thai lhal would be the ease, lie
believed that those who worked and who
were now educated recognised that capital must have a fair share oi remuneration, otherwise il would not be invested,
and that those who labored must have
their fair proportion of reward. In the
industrial sphere three things were absolutely necessary; there was capital to
start with; there was lhe brain power of
the inventor, and then there was labor.
His hope for the old country was thai
they would never have any real stress or
strain between capital and labor. He
did not believe they would.
He believed that the workingineii had
a perfect right to strike if liny thought
necessary, but in many eases those strikes
would never have occurred if the employers and managers had faced lhe men
and had it out fair and Square, getting
to know what they wauled, what the
difficulty was, and endeavoring to put it
right. Lord Charles added thai in the
navy when ihere was any sign of irritation the captain usually called ihe men
together and enquired into tlieir grievances face to face Strikes were ven
serious mailers for all who struck, aud
more than serious for the women and
Customs Returns
Collections lor month of St ptembtr
at the port ol Kevelatoke amounted to
Collections lor hull ytar mding
Sept. 30th, 190'J, were $55,86118, and
lor half-year ending Si pt 30th, 1008,
$51,216.40; an increase (or this half-
year ol $4,645.78.
Winter Egg Production-Some
Useful Hints
M A, Jull, the expert recently appointed by the provincial government, read
an instructive paper on "Winter Egg
Production," as follows:
My impressions of this country are
gradually becoming stronger, aud the
more I set- of the province tin- more
readily 1 realize ils possibijittes; Tin-
outlook for all agricultural industries is
The poultry industry is practically in
ils infaucv, bul I am ven pleased lo
notice tlie interest nnd enthusiasm of the
poultry in en through the province. I'm
pie arc thinking, and generally when
the practical men who are engaged iu
the business g"et down to work, some
thing'definite ami progressive will be
accomplished. Elecausc of natural circumstances, iin- outlook is good. This
is a young and growing countn , it is a
wealthy country, abounding in natural
resources. It is possessed of a class of
people who are alive lo their possibilities, and this is one of the surest signs
of success.
In Uritish Uolnmbia the poultry industry was lirst recognized as au industry in 1900: In 1901, Lin- province produced $426;629 worth of eggs, and $209,-
717 worth of other produce. At present,
we import annually J500.000 worth of
poultry products from the I'tiitcd States,
and al)out $1,5000,000 worth of poultry
products, besides $720,00() worth of eggs
from the east.    Instead of   sending  oui
of the province auuualh  over $Z, 1,000
we should be exporting the produce and
importing the cash This in a vital
Tlie average number of poultry per
farm in British Columbia iu 190J was
ahout fortj -three. i hir object should
not only In- to increase thenuniher, even
though in a small way, hut more especially to improve ihe laying quality.
Eggs are what we are after,' since the
production of eggs i* the most profitable
business iu the whole industry.
There are certainly some breeds of
poultry that are not well-adapted to this
country. Willi the production of "eggs
as the essential feature, and considering
the climatic conditions, lhe .Mediterranean and American classes should prove
most satisfactory. The poiiHrwneu in
this province should specialize. Do not
choose the breed you fancy, but choose
the breed adapted" to your locality, and
make a success of that breed. There are
good aud poor stranis in every breed,
aud good and poor individuals iu every
strain. The best onlv should be selected.
(To be Continued.)
■  ^ A
JL w Steel Range
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking- fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show method
£~ of ventilation.)
^"The air in the
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of   every
article  is
tastes most
on request.
For Sale by BOURNE BROS.
St.   Ilonifiice College, whii-li   is   - ■    , oss lhe river from Winni
peg, in lin- .ily of Sl, Boniface, is directed by the Ji suil Fathers, li lias
four courses ol studies, a Oourse in  Arts (fout   yi to B,A;
degree in lhe University of Manitoba; a Grammar Course nlm-c
years), preparing for Matriculation, medics entrain . law entrance exani-
ination, etc.; n Commercial Course years), leading to a diplo
ma of accountant, and a Preparatory Course (two years), lor Ibe
benelit of those who are not sufficiently prepared for lhe Grammar i ourse
and ihe Commercial Course. Ths Commercial Course is conducted in
English, and in all the other departments there are two parallel courses,
one in English and one in French.
Students are accepted either i- boarders, day scholars, or hall
boarders. For prospectus .nul particulars app it REV. FATHER
Rector, St. Boniface College. St   Boniface, Man.
Wkelker You Have
Here are the Facts, we shall tell them to you as briefly as possible •
Lighthouse Soap has been manufactured in Vancouver for several months. Lighthouse Soap is a
first-class laundry soap, a superior laundry soap manufactured by a new process. The manufacture has l
been wonderfully successful. The Company has been able to supply only part of the demand which has
arisen, so quickly has the new soap won its way to popularity. The Company must increase their output, the demand must be met, so the investors are given an opportunity to participate in the profit of
supplying this demand. A new, three-story factory, with 15000 feet of floor space, is to be erected
This is to be equiped with all the best modern machinery for the manufacture of soap most economically
and profitably. The new process, controlled exclusively by this company, enable it to manufacture soap
more cheaply than it has ever been manufactured before. The process is secret. Its control rests entirely with this company. The company is started on the highroad to success, with a present demand
for its product far greater than it can fill, with a process which it controls exclusively, a process which
enables it to cheaply manufacture a superior soap. Based on the business already done, based on the
demand which already exists, to say nothing of what it will develop, a return of 20 per cent, on the investment is an exceedingly conservative estimate.
Simply ask us to show you the profits
We shall be glad to place all information at your disposal, knowing that the more you examine into it, tho better you will like it An investment
in this sound enterprise combines the maximum of safety with the certainty of large profits. More than this, you share in an enterprise that has almost
unlimited possibilities for development. Think of Pears', Ivory, Sunlight, great firms whose stories of success read almost like fairy talcs Then remember
the opportunity which lies right at your door, the opportunity you are reading about now. Open to all. an opportunity ior both the small and large investor. Much of the capital has already been subscribed. We are offering to the public out of a total capital of 250 000 shares 100,000 shaves at the
par value of $1.00 each. Not less than 50 shares will be sold to any individual and not more than 3000 The terms of payment are 25 per cent on
application, 25 per cent, on allotment, and the balance in calls of not more than 25 percent, at any one time. Applications tor stock should be accompanied by certified
check, payable to the order of the company.   Send for prospectus and full particulars today.   You want to know and we want to tell yon about this opportunity.
Our Autumn Display
Thursday, Sept. 30th
We promise you the newest Autumn  modes.     Never
have had anything in Millinery to   equal this display.
At the Spokane Fair a diploma was
awarded Newton W. Emmens, M. E.,
of Trout Lake, for his exhibit of orcn
from Trout Lake.
Messra. Foote and 1'ratlolini, contractors for tbe hospital, have made
such good progress that the brick-work
is practically oompleted and the roof
is now on.
Mr. Moodie informs us the ganj;
sent up hy Government Agent Gordon
to open a trail up lli.; Mouth Creek to
the mie* country are getting on well
with the work.
The Revelstoke Sawmi 1 Company
have adopted tbe Hti'iiin longer to the
clearinu of their land un the west side
ol the Columbia river with a view to
cultivation and railing a lot of the
produce required at tbe mill and
Chief Boiler Inspector 1'eck bas been
in the city this week holding the semiannual examination of applications
ior stationary engineers, oi whom
there were fourteen candidates.
The examinations were held at the
court house.
The seating  accommodation in the
gallery ol the opera bouse has not yet
been put in and an amusing feature of
Thursday night's performance was the
lact that some of the audience brought
their own sea^  in  the shape of soap
••-. etc.
We are informed  (lie  bridge across ;
Coldstream  in the Hig liend  isiual
dangerous   condition,     As   there   is
likely to be a  gi» d deal ol travel tlmt
way it is  to  le hoped tin- provlnolal
authorities will    have   this,   bridge repaired without delay.
Joe Morgan, of llevelatoke, competed in seven ol the poultry classes
at tbe Interstate Fair at Spokane and
Utid tbe h"nor ol winning lour Brat,
two second and a third prize. His
entries were in Klmde Island Reds
and white and brown Leghorns,
Last week- issue of the British
Columbia Gazette gives notice of the
acceptance by the lieutenant governoi
of the resignation of .las. Carson
Murray, oi Tr'ut Lake as a stipend-
iary magistrate for the County of
Kootenay and as a judge uf the small
debts court at Trout l.ake.
B, Tapping iJ making good pro-
_-'-,- with his improvements to the
Opera Hon-' Tl e ! "oringof the new
gallery is laid and will give mucb
greater accommodation than the
former double gallery. The building
will 1* tetter suited lor its pur poll
thai, hitherto.
Wc have received irom F. McCarty
a sample : pot tl — grown on his
ranch i utl • sal thi 'ity t:,i- ■ ■■„■ n.
The quality is Brst-clisi nml a better-
grown, mealy potato could not be
bt,..!.- Sir. McCarty b ■- •"•" t"i.s
of thi -■ i' --ii et »bicta bi .- advertising lor -i.- ii. i- i .-"ii pur-
At thi I- irt ; esterdaj ■
mg thi • wai a field day fr m Three
Valley Tbn t mi a li mi there were
fined 95 each I r Is Qg drunk and dla-
. rderly, Tbrw cl irgea were preferred
against H. Mitchell from Three Vallev
The t rst cbarg- wm lor breaking win-
I -wi- in tbe red light district lot this
wai dismissed loi want ol evidence.
The aeoond cbargewsa lot insulting
liehaviotir i Mr- a. McBae Accused
tileaded guilty but said be WM drunk,
A tine   of i'2"   and costs war imposed
The ne.it charge »as stealing property
in the red ligbt district ami a line ol
?20 and OOStl Itnpi sed for this also.
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
quite liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes—Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
for House aod Garden Culture
Bulh* planted in garden early in (Itr
Falli bloom bfttei In (he Spring
WE H W E 9 Varieties o) Larjfe
Singli fl-. hi Inth ■■ Several vari*
etii lof D      ■! Hyai mths.
Fiv<   arietM    ol Nan Also
Tulips, Crocus and Hnowdi  pn,
in man> varirlirs.
Plan'   early   and   reap  jo)   .nul
pleasure nexl Spring.
Bews'Drug&Stationery Store
NEXT   HI MK  lll.i" K
L.  P. LeBeau, blacksmith, had  hia
right lm ml badly injured yesterday by
a nail heing run into it.
The City Council held its regular
meeting lust evening, but ibe report is
unavoidably beld over till next iasue.
Andrew Davidson will handle the
Gait coal for J. C. Hutchison and
Millers left with him or at the laundry
ollice will have prompt attention.
Tbe   many   friends   of   Alex.   Mo-
Gregor will be glad to  learn  th.it   be
bus taken a turn for   the   better   trom
the results oi tht-  Berioua   icoidei
met with on Wednesday.
The junior gymnasium classes at the
Y.M.C.A. will start Monday next al
1:16 p.m. and tbe intermed itea same
day at   T 30   |i m.     Seni irs   Starl
Tuesday at s p.m.
The many friends of Harry H   war I,
the well-known Big Bend pioneer, will
regret to barn that be bad t
under restraint yesterday    n account
il attempted luicidi
Tin- May I  '.g  at,
the opera house lor Wednesday next
win ri a full statement will 11
ted of the policy i i  the  Citj   '
in   regard   to the  extension   and |ht-
inan.'iit   improvemenl   ol   the    city
powei plant, and the aldermen ura
j tak ever) ratepayer  to   itti    ' i
take part in tins meeting.
Jobn Oliver, M P P , lor  Delta   » u
the priiu-i|"ii v.itnesa nt i he *•
tbe Forestry Commission  at Vancou
ver   yiaterdaj      Mr    ' diver   ga a   i
masterly   expoaition   ol   tbe   timber
policy   ol   the   Dominion,   luggested
na)-   m wbicb  the  interests   il  the
people    night   I... better   isfeguarded
than at present, and presented i
able collection ol evidence to tbe coin-
mi aionei i,
At tbe Edi Theatre last evening
an excellent programme "I moving
pictures waa presented, tbe illustration! ol   R.chsrd   III , Sbakeapeare't
great play, being particularly well
worth seeing. Kor the lirst time the
management need tlieir aluminium
screen, wbicli projects tbe pictures
With remarkable   clearness  and elfnct.
The programme will be repeated tonight.
At tbe City Police Oourt this mom.
ing a Front street Chinaman, Bam
Ken, was charged with keeping a
dangerOUl ting, this dog having bitten
J, K. riiuolair, thu contractor for the
sewer system, on Thursday. Ham
denied ownership ol the dog and did
not know to whom it belonged. Three
witnesses gave cvidenco that   the  dog
made Ita home at defendant s  store,
He was lined .fii and $2.7.1 cnsls or ten
days, and ordered In destroy the dog
immediately or send it nut of town.
Sum refused to pay the line and was
locked up.
A serious enidemic of typhoid is
reported from Cobalt,
E. A. Bradley brought iu a carload
of pack-horses from Karnloop" this
week ami sent them np the li\. Ilentl
to puck in Irom the steamboat landing to French oieek bis sujipli.-. for
tbe winter's mining operations,
Mis. r. Skinner  baa  lieen  arrested
:n connection with  the  theft   of  tbe
furniture and carpets from   I. E Tay
lor's house oppi aite the t'. urt Hi use
Nearly all   the  missing articlea  were
■'■   - hi     |  en ;-• b  in  the  search
by tbe police  md   were  identified  by
T. E. I.. I'n. r     Mr-  Skinner -   ■
wheeled band, art   had  evident!;    et
ised I     movi   tht      isi    g fur   ture
t lar| i with
■ --
C. Haner ie
; '    B   Ms Irug  -: re   i
i- ■ -   ■ i,. and thi
.... :
ochea   .:i girth
plea    of   enn.-    and    plums
M      Ham .   nr-- Inoluded.
Mr,   Mai -    idded to tbi
ttlei cally  gi iwn appli -
eherriee   md  raspberriea pal ap by I
M   Hagar .,: ,,, tbe publicity
,- ready.
A    tnd Mr-. .1. M   Doj le are in • be
-ii Irom Nelson
'Ar-. Hkins and Misses Brown and
Spurling returned Irom   St.  Leoi
1   H-.'hi
1        'in   ■■ '   i i.i|| in   .,f Wind'
onatable lor North-
''ft-t Kootenay,
Mr uui Mr., n«len returned i.
I 'ui "-'I ty Irom their trip to the A V P
exposition 'it. .-cuttle.
I. F, Moodie returned TbOisday
irmn the mica mines he is operating
in the Hig llend.
Mn   H   ''.     Doyle  und    Miss   lloyle
returned Wednesday   Irom   tbeir extended trip In tbe oast.
V, \   Daniel, Sloamoas, Ims heen
appointed commissioner to   t.akn  alii-
davita under tbe Electoral  Ant.
On   Thursday   Mr.  and   Mrs. 0  8
MoOarter left on a visit to  tbn Coast
mul Ibe A .V.I', exposition   at, Seattle.
Mrs. Iir. Sutherland returned yes-
tnrtlny from ber eastern trip, hr
Sutherland having met her along the
Miss Flora Kittstm, of Ottawa,
slopped nver Thursday on hor return
trip lo tbo Coast on a visit tu Mrs. A.
H. Allen.
R. Smith, P.I..S , has returned Irmn
bis non hern trip.
T. M. Bowman his been appoinbd
deputy district bind registrar nl Nelson iu place of A. M. Johnson, ie-
Mrs. W. I brings ami children left
Wednesday lor New Westminster on a
visit extending over a month with
relatives there.
Mr. Jamieson, who has decided to
settle at Arrow Park, nnd hails front
California, entne to Revelstoke In meet,
his wife who had left California to join
Supt. Kilpatrick attended a conference this week at. Vancouver of otbc-
ials ol ihe I'acilic Division to ileal
with ths winter time schedule and
other i.i liters.
Mrs. A. E Miller received at Ingle-
wood, her nice home on Fifth Street,
on Thursday for the first time since
her marriage. She wns gowned in
white satin and wns assisted by Miss
Libby Burget who worea blue jrgaudif,
W. II. Robertson, who wenl to the
Interstate Exposition ut Spokane in
oharge of the Revelstoke minora!
exhibit, returned yesterday, and reports a successful trip, though the ore
samples were late in arriving.
Earl (Irey, Governor-General ol
Can ids, rode over the Toby Creek
Puss (rom Windermere, where he had
beeu spending a holiday villi Lady
Grey and daughters, to Argenta, oh
Kootenay Lake, whence he proceeded
to Nelson to lay the Inundation stone
of the Y.M.C A. building.
Tbe ien beld nt the pretty residence
of Mrs. J. J. Porter Thursday niter-
noon for the Ladies' Guild of St.
Peter's church, was largely attended
Mra. Porter una assisted in the ien
room by Mrs. F. H. Bourne and Miss
Bnrtlett. A number uf young ladies
furnished music during the afternoon
A. W. Bradshaw arrived from Xcw
York on Wednesday aud expects in s
few days Air. Welsh, who was will,
witb him beru in July nnd Augual
last. It is understood these gentle
men have put through a deal of
considerable magnitude on some timber limits in which Revelatoke people are interested.
Moving pictures touigbt.
Public Meeting ot Ratepayers
A public meeting of ratepayers of
iho (ily of Revelstoke Is hereby convened lit Tapping's llpei.i House, on
Wednesday. October 6th,
at 8 p. in
to lay before them and fully discuss
ibe proposed extension and pei-uianenl
improvement of the Oity Power Plant,
The Oity Council sincerely und urgently auk every -ratepayer lo be
Fire Brigade No. 1
On Tuesday next, the 5lb iuat,
duriug the alternoon, it will be ueces
aary to ring the Fire Alarm Bell to
finally adjust and complete tbe system In the event of a lire occurring
during thia period tbe bell will be
rung taster than if rung by the automatic striker without auy intermission.
After thia date the  new  system lor
No, 1 Fire Hall will be complete.
Orders left with Andrew Davidson,
who is handling the Gnlt Coal for
me, or at my laundry ollice will
have prompt attention. oc 2 4l
Tinsmithmg, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Tenders for Freighting of Supplies
for the Yukon Telegraph Line.
Si'..\l,i;i) TKNDHRS addressed Lo Lhe
undersigned uud endorsed "Tender
for Packing Supplies," will be received
until 5 p.m., on Thursday, November
25, 1909, (or Liu- packing ofmaterial and
supplies for points along the Yukon
Telegraph line between Quesnelle and
Atlin, in the course <>1 the seasons of
191o, 1911 and 1912, Forms of tender
nm I specification may be obtained und
form "I contract seen on application to
Mr. J. T. I'lu-lan, Superintendent ol
Government Telegraphs, Vancouver, l>.
(J.,Mr. Win. Henderson, District Superintendent Government Telegraphs, Victoria, 11. C, and (nun the Government
Telegraph Agents at Ashcroft, l». C,
Quesnelle, ii. i\, Hazelton, IJ. C, and
Telegraph Creek, li. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures with
their occupations and places of residence.
In the case of linns, the actual signature
the nature <>i the occupation ami place
of residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Kach tender must be accompanied In
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
made payable to the order of tlie Honorable the Minister of Public Works, equal
to ten per cent. (10 p.c, ) of tlie amount
of the Lender for oue year's packing,
which will be forfeited il the person tendering declines to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for. Il
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does   not  bind  itselt
to accept the lowest or any tender.
liy order,
Department of I'uliiie Works,
Ottawa, September 24, 1909.
iJet 1-1
will take over the above
Bakery on and after
Monday, Sept. 27th.
Your patronage i.s solicited. Families waited on for orders and
Full line of Fancy
Goods, Cakes, etc.
Fancy Cream Goods
three days a week.
■VN'TKI) -A Foni-th-clnss station-
uy etmineer—Apply   lo  .1. ('
Hutchison, Revelsloke Steam Laundry
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the Cil.y.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
ies Ltd., Agents
Vrrsngi   ■.  ■   In your Hiiitii   upply ul goud
ean  lump Cusl. suitable for Kange or  Furnace.
Pur qua ii no belter ooal to be bail, auk
those wbo ii  minx it.   Prompt delivery of orders
* "
I'  11  sox 91
The Finest Loaf of Bread
.11 tin- Revelstoki Hair was made frnm
"ROBIN   HOOD "    Hour.       A   prize
winner every time. Try it and convince yoursi-.il. Order a sack as a trial
n^lit limv lium  the
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
Will lake place tonight, Irom 7 o'clock until closing
time. This is a lucky number, and you will be lucky if
you gut here for the extra values we are offering at these
sales, We have made these sales great trade bringing
events. Rain did not keep lots of people away from
the last, and they reaped the benefit.
the  biggest
We are giving  After  Supper  buyers
values they have ever picked up in   this,   or any  other
store in town, and if ynu want to share in il em,  be here
tonight at seven 0 clock,     Some  lines there nre lots of,
in  others   the   supply   is
come, first served."
limited,     It is a case of "lirst
PILLOW CASES Made of good cotton, with good hem,
only, per pair 25c.
REMNANTS A lot of odds and ends, woolens, cottons,
dress goods, curtain muslins, etc. These are.
all lengths, and sold at all prices, but we are
going to clear them out at 25c. each
CHILDREN'S WOOL SWEATERS A line of good English
make, the most of them button on the shoulder
making them easy to get on and off. Regular
$1.25   and  $1.35   goods,   now only 75c.
LADIES' SHOES AND SLIPPERS A lot of odd styles
and sizes.    They   sold   up   to   $2.50,   but the
price now is $1.00 per pair
CURTAIN MUSLIN A lot of good bobbinet curtaining,
with a pretty lace edge and insertion, good
wearing apd good washing material that will
give you good service and look well, ll sells
regularly at }oc. and 55c Alter Supper
Sale  Trice. , ' 20c.
Last   Saturday  ni^ht   we gave a pair of good
stockings   witli   every pair ol shoes sold at $1.25 or
over.    Many took advantage of our offer, and it was
so popular, that   we   will  continue  it  to-night.
Buy your shoes here and get your stockings   free.
McLennan G& Co.
Has   lal
over   \\
Store and put in
a com]
0 tlate
1  with 1
Is will
speak for th
G.   W.   BELL
Grocer and Provision   Merchant
Telephone No. 33
I nst   arrived  from   the   Hast   a   shipment
Just the  kind you   need   for   this  Season.
Come in and look them over
MRS.   A.   Ci.   CHICK
First   Streot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel X
The Melancholy Days Have Come
No Doubt There is a Reason.
The Rose Will Die;
Likewise The  Fly;
St rtiw Hats Are Out of Season;
Hut While We Miss The Sweet—
The Fair—
The Beautiful Red Roses—
We See About Us Everywhere
Red Ears—Red Cheeks-
Red Noses.
Though Wintry Winds Do Howl and Wail
Like Hungry Wolves Defeated
We Trust You'll Not Forget The Tale
We Often Have Repeated.
Save Coupons For Premiums.


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