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The Mail Herald Sep 4, 1909

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" Empire " Typewriter
For ease ol operation and perfection
in results pndiu'i'i1,, thit machine
is Unsurpassed.    Price, iflio 01) OaBh.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Hepald
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A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No62
la' a
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Our Fall Lines of
Clothing have just been
opened. As usual the
" Twentieth Cen t u ry "
Brand excels all others
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Quality, Fit and
Perfection of Finish are
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In particular we wish
to call your attention to
to our Blue and Black-
Serges; these are all
genuine West of England
Cloths and are finished
along the lines which
have given " Twentieth
Century " Clothing the
reputation which it now
Priee $22 per suit
An investigation   of   our   Special    Measure   Samples will
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C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
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1009   TENNIS    BALLS       regular     50c.     now     85o.
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
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AgenlH in Great liritain and United Statea -Umdoii, Knglitnd,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago - -Kirst National Hank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, Ban Fran-
lisiio   Wells Pargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of *i and upward, reoelved, and Interest allowed at
currenl rale frnm dale ol' deposit,    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Twentieth Century Clothing for Men
Clearance Sale of Summer Goods
To make room tor Shipment of ball
Stock all our Summer Goods must be
cleared out. Now is an Opportunity
offered you to buy goods at a great
reduction in prices.
MRS.   A.  G.  CRICK
First   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Annual Session Opens in Revelstoke on Wednesday-Delegates Banquetted-Address
by President
The annual convention ol the B, C.
Fire Chiefs and Firemen's Association
opened on Wednesday afternoon at
No. 2 Fire Hall, Chiel Fink, ol Cranbrook, President of the Association, in
the chair.
The Convention was duly constituted. Assistant Chief Brock was
appointed secretary and an adjournment waa made till I) a. ni. Thursday.
During their stay the visitors were
handsomely entertained by Chief
Foote, who showed them the sights ol
the city, took tbem for a drive ami in
other ways ensured them an enjoyable
On Wednesday evening a banquet
was tendered to the visitors by Nos. 1
and 2 Brigades. The banquet was held
at the Central Hotel, and Messrs.
Abrahamson Bros, presented an excellent bill ol fare. Tbe tables were very
prettily decorated with llowers. A
pleasant feature ol the banquet was
the presence ol the ladies, the Bremen
being attended by their wives and
Mayor Lindmark presided, supported
on his right by Mr. W. M. Lawrence,
President ol the Board ol Trade, and
Mrs. Lawrence, and on his lelt by
Chief Fink, Mrs. Fink and the other
Chiels Foote and C. Abrahamson
were croupiers.
The Mayor, in opening the toast
list, spoke of tbe splendid banquet
provided lor them by Messrs. Abrahamson Bros., while to Mr«. Abraham-
son was due tbe credit of the beautiful
setting out ol the tables before them.
He proposed tbe toast ol " The King,"
which was accompanied by the singing
of the National Anthem, led by Mr.
W. M. Lawrence.
Tbe Mayor then proposed "Sinter
Cities,'' coupled with the names ol
Chief Fink, Mayor of Cranbrook and
Chiel Davidson, of New Westminster.
He spoke of tbe importance of the
Convention which they were cow
met to honor. One of the most im
purtiuit parts ol city administration
was the tire department, which existed
lor lhe protection of their homes and
The loast was drunk witb honors.
Chiel Fink in reply said he was glad
to see the .sisterly leeling existing
between the cities of British Columbia, and instanced the help which
Cranbrook, the city he represented,
had rendered on that tateful day tn
the sister town ol Fernie, represented
by his friend, Chief McDougall. He
regretted there was not a larger representation ol Bremen, but many ol
them had gone to the Fair at Seattle
He was glad to see the attendance ol
the Imliei-. which would have the
etVect ol milking them look to their
behaviour at sli events. (Cheers)
He urged them to support liberally
their lire administration, and could
say (ur the city he represented Unit so
iong as he hud anything to do with it
he would see that policy was still
coutinued. (Cheers). He rolerrod to
the good that resulted (rom exchange
ol visits betwefl i representatives ol
different cities and even between the
citizens tliemselves. fCheers). He
warned them against allowing politics
to enter the fire brigade administra
tion.   (Cheeis).
The Mayor I hen propmod 'I Our
Visitors," coupled witli tiie names of
Chiels McDougall, ol Fernie, and
Dick, of North Vancouver.
Chief McDougall referred tn the
good work ol tlie tire department! ol
cities. He reviewed the story ol the
latetul day in August, ol last year
when the city lie represented was destroyed within twn hours, and only the
ruined walls and chimneys were left.
Ile referred tu the g nsi work done by
the Convention last year when tbey
sent a delegation to the Provincial
Government to urge legislation to pre
vent lorest tires. The result had been
legislation which would have the
good effect ol stopping much cure
lessiiess iu future. He instanced the
till..iv leeling shown Fernie by the
neighboring cily of Cranbrook during
their time ol trial. He said the lesson
ol his lire experience wss that cities
should lie ready to protect tliemselves,
and the only way to protect against
lire was lots ol apparatus, hose and
water.   (Cheers).
Kx-chiel Dick.ol North Vancouver,
urgod llieiii to back up their lire department in lhu wurk they had taken
(Conlinued on Page Throe)
Date Set for Court of Revision
General Business
The regular meeting of the city
council was held last nigbt. Present —
The Mayor, Aid. Macdonald, Sawyer,
Wells, Pradolini, and Kimberley.
Board of Trade, suggesting $101) lie
voted to cost of advertising city in
special edition of Vancouver World,
and !f200 voted lor getting together
exhibit for Spokane Fair.—$150 granted for mineral exhibit,
Harvey, McCarter A Pinkham demanding refund of poundage fees in
case ol J. Amain; also from pound-
keeper stating he had evidence to
prove Amato's cattle were not herded
—Referred to city solicitor.
City Clerk, with statement of water
and light revenue and expenditure.
C.P.K., claiming $l!i for cutting ice
off'track, cau-.ed by broken main.—
Mrs. Lunibe, asking rebate ol water
and light rates under special circumstances.—Assistance be given.
G. Laforme and ,1. Maddocks re
share ol dividing fence between their
land and recreation ground.—Referred
to Works Committee.
The Fire, Water and Ligbt committee advised haviug obtained report by
Smith, Kerry <Nt ChaBC on the city
power plant.
The Mayor asked Mr. Buck's opinion of Mr. Sinclair's offer re eewer
connections, and he advised its acceptance.
Superintendent Duck reported on
power plant aud dam slating lhe demand for light and power was now up
to its full capacity. The dam was eo
injured by the recent Hood that it was
in an uusafe conditiou and should
bave immediate uttenti ui. Mr. Duck
was instructed to furnish the council
with a detailed report in writing and
it was understood a special meeting
should be held to deal with the whole
question of the power plant.
The City Clerk submitted a statement that the council was still within
$111,320of its borrowing powers.
It was resolved to bold tbe Court ol
Revision at 2 p.m. on Ocl. llth, and
Aid. Wells, Stouc, Sawyer, Macdouald
and Pradolini were constituted the
The Mayor reported the appointment ol H. M. Parry as Chief of Police
cut of 10 or 17 applications, and that
officer was also appointed Fire, Health
and Building Inspector, and Road Tax
The Works committee wub instructed to look into the grude for the
concrete sidewalk on Second street,
between Ford and Pearson streetB.
It was resolved on motion of Aid.
Sawyer, seconded by Aid. Wells to
vote $&00 lor the Fair, Aid. Pradolini
aod Kimberley opposing the grant
and seeking to reduce it to $300 on
the ground that only $200 waB given
the Labor Day committee. Aid Kimberley said he also objected to gambling in tbe form of horse racing.
The Mayor Baid thnt to tlio credit ol
A. J. MeDonell and A. McRae, who
were the committee on tho racing al
last Fair, they had straight, and clean
sport and these gentlemen might lie
depended on to take the same precautions again.
The bylaw to raise $1,300 lor concrete sidewalks was passed.
An account by .1. P. Forde, O.K., lor
$100 lor report on power dam was
1200 lives Lost, 15,000 Homeless
as a Result
Monterey, Mox., Hept. t.—Floods
have destroyed 136,000,000 ul properly
and resulted in the death of 120(1
people, Mosl ol the ciisualtius occurred Irum fulling buildings in lhe
city. Fifteen ihuiisiiiid people me
homeless. Pestilence billowed the disaster.
Rifle Shooting
Tlie lollowing scores were iiuiile
the Rifle  Range last   Saturday,   Ai
28th, by "F" Company:
Bint         Numn               W0 'illll IHU Ti
Cul. Bat, ,i, Donald   '-- 28 US
Le.Cnip. .1. Meek       '.'.I IH 2H
Die. VV,  Allen     '.17 All III
Sot, II.Hhunlhiiv       2Ti liy o|
But. G. Qurnor    '•*' III '2d
|.e.-C, D.MeD iid   '2D 22 18
Pte, II. I'rati IB 12 '2D
Mr. Huik   2(1 III 11
Die, A, !• .in /1 ib ni.., lu la IU
Opera House Architect in Trouble-Wants Guillotine Instituted for the City Council-
Warm Discussion
R. Tapping wrote the city council
last night complaining the C.I'.R. had
chopped down his bill board on Campbell Avenue. He tailed to see why it
should couie down and said the Mayor
promised to have it reinstated north
of the track and he asked this be done
within three days.
His Worship asked Mr. Tapping on
what date he made the alleged promise?
Mr. Tapping did not know but
thought it was in January.
The Mayor did not see how Mr,
Tapping got such an impression.
These bill boards were no credit to the
city and were being put out every
where elsa. These boards ot Mr. Tapping's were on C.P.R. property; not
under control ol the city.
11. Tupping insisted ou what he
claimed to be his rights.
Tbe Mayor said the Council had a
large amount of business to transact
that night and could nut have its
time wasted by matters witli which
tbey need nothing to do. He must
retuse to allow Mr. Tapping tu take
up their time further on this matter.
Mr. Tapping again insisted on having his say.
The Mayor said he in list insist on
Aid. Wells—Then the damage on
the part of tbe city so lur as Mr.
Tapping isciuicerued is nothing. It
is a matter between the C.I'.R. and
Mr. Tapping.
The Mayor—Ves, the C. P. It. cut
down the boards.
Aid. Macdonald—Has Mr. Tapping
any hoards on the street ?
The Mayor—No I According to this
letter Mr. Tupping wants this board
moved lo C.P.R. properly. The city
has no control over that and can do
nothing witb it.
Aid. Wells moved, Aid. Sawyer
seconded, that the damage having
been done on C.P.R. property, the
matter is not within tho province of
the Council —Carried
Aid. Tapping—Can't I hive the
privileges of h citizen on this matter?
The Mayor—You can so long as
you are reasonable. How soon will
you have the opera house improvements completed as required by tin
Mr. Tapping—1 decline to answer.
You must nut think I am a [ool.
Don't you dispute my word in this
Tbe Mayor—Shall 1 cull the Chief
ol Police ?
Mr. Tapping—You passed tbat
motion without allowing me to speak
on it.
The Mayor—Complaints huve come
in again about your opera bouBe and
wo mind insist on tlio improvements
being done for the public's salety.
Mr. Tupping—You can shut it up if
you like. The Council insisted mi
tliese boards being removed. Is thut
uot correct ?
Tlie Mayor—Yes.
Mr. Tapping—Mr. Kilpatrick came
to mi: aboul. it, and the Mayor
stated he was arranging with Mr.
Ford tor the city to take over tlie
The Mayor—How much did you
receive iu rent '.'
Mr. Tapping—I huve the floor now.
The billboard was two (oot on the
C.P.R. riglit-of way, und I throw np
my lease so recognised I hud no
right to use tho ground. I do not
blame the C P.R. but expected the
Mayor to protect mn. I am a poor
man wilh a largo family and bun
di-lils lo puy lam being discriminated iiguinsi i» tliia city. There aie
purls ol   the  world    where   mei.    ui
guillotined and we should have that
law in Kivelsliikii.
IliiarH ul   laughter   (ruin  Mayor and
The Mayor— Answer my qilOBtloi!
iiboiil. thn opera house.
Mr. Tapping—I decline to do ho.
Mr. Tupping then lilt the hull
threatening the Mayor.
Mr.Tapping, it is understood, immediately cabled to France lor the
most up-to-date guillotine and in-
stmoiiiiiis for use, and Intends Inviting
the public lu an exhibition ol his new
attraction at the opera home il be
can   succeed in   inducing   the   Mayor
ami aldermen toaooept his Invitation
to submit to   his   proposed   method ol
dealing with them,
■ •,
The Groceries carried
in our establishment are,
from every standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. The;r
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. lt will be money
in your pocket to deal here
because vou not only get
tlie highest grade ol goods
but pay the lowest price for
Cams', Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys'. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
The Picture Wis a Story
Now its a Two Piece Suit Sale.      Just the left-overs
of our own choice stock
per cen
Fit Reform Clothing
f.sTiiiu.Mii.1) iaei
b. e. walker, pruident Paid-up Capital, S10.000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,Gtn_.nl Manner    Reserve FlUld,    -     6.000,000
Tba new Travellers' Cbcquttl recefltlj issued b)  this Hank .-ire a mmi roavenienl
wmr to which to carry nOMV when u.\\> IHogi    The) Wfl IMUC I "> liemKnicuUJatkS ot
$10,   $20,   $50,  $100  and  $200
and  Um rt*. i amouni payable in   Austria,   Belgium,   liciimark, France,
Germany, Great Itrltnin.  Holland, Italy, Norway,   Kussia,  Sweden
______.!  Switzerland  il stair,1 on the fare of each   cheque,   while  in  oilier
t_Wy mrm payable at current rmU I
Tbo cheque* and all inlonnaliuti regarding ihem may be obtained ai r»ery
ml ths Bank. '"
III tlilll   lipoli i ll-lolll'l- ll lloiipplei  ..lie
Fine Moots
I ■ \ I >,-! Ill      I I'lO [11 ..|h   I I Y     It llllllli'il.
mul always kepi nl 1 he rorrei t freezing
temperature. I lore's i he plai >■ foi lin
laky housekeepers looking for luicy
steaks, royal rnnsl *. and tender I unl
Nut a -uiikIc 'bargain' on oui premises,
hut 111\v11y- the liesl meals foi lhe
tnniiey. Km lim isi meals and fl weekly
saving on the whole b-t. give us a
chance tn pi o\ e It,
Stiusagei I  C, ..I. I   Meats .1 ipo
Ollllly,     Hone-   111 il  in'il fill   loin  i liirk
ens dally,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
The Independent Hind  will furniib and an additional $6 will be given for
the ln-nt loal ol bread ol any Other
make of llour. Tin louf may be
entered lor both pii/ei-.
the iiiu.iii-   lm   the   dunee sltor "Con-
Iiihiiiii ut the opera bouse Friday night.
A. Hohmii i» giving |6 lor   the   belt
loal ol broad baked Irom Parity   Flout
Zbc flfeaU-lbcralb.
Jntcrtot publtsbtno Company,
Subscription   Rates
Indniing postage to England, United Statee
.unl Canada.
By the year (through postoffloe]    12.50
rj'.w ■• ■• "       Lull
Quarter " '■
J in    RiNTlSU prompUyexeoutedal reaBon-
nCBUS—Cash.   Subscriptions payablo In ad
. AllCf.
LemU noUcet. 10 oenta por line flrel Insertion,
Scents per line each nubsemiont Insertion
-,- ... . menu S'onparial [12 lines make one
inolil. Store ind general buslnoss an-
nounoement*  •-.:■ SO  per inch  por month.
Preferred   i tlons,   24   per    cent,    nil-
ll . _,,:   iiini,-.  Marriages  uml  Deaths,
... h  ii.- ni.ii..
I.,,..,   .       ...   ;- I)    All  advertisement*
.... ipj   ., il ol Ihe manageinenl.
.. „  . -.  ind i on i.i, nl A.U.-rt i-,in. in -
\,.,,.. v, jtued  II. li. Wanted, Situations
-    ,, ions     \ in .mt.     leacliera
... Me, !.,,.,■- IVanlod. 1" words oi
 .,. h   ...liiu...um  line   1"   cenls.
. hanges In standing advortlsi ments must
in.- in bi '.' .i. in. 'I uesday nml Kriiln) oi
c.. i, wet i. i" -•' ire good display.
i il'.l'K-l-iiN'liKM I noiii'il im matters ol
I .' .. ■■ ■:•-!. Communlcnt - lo miliar   muil   be mnlod   bl   "■" '   '
irritei noi necessarllj lo publication, bul
,.',\,.„. eolBood oon.. torrospondenoc
-■_        '.■  briej
i i &.RVEY, McOARTEK       	
Ornate     iMi'Kio.u. Hank Uiii.niM. I'.nvti.-
Money to loan.              ,     .   „ ..
otttce': HereUiake, B 0.   I ranbrook, lli I.
UKO. 8. MoOABTEB n,„n.-v
Kevelstoke, I ranbrook, B. C.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor for:—
Thk I'ASAiuAN Hank of Oommkroe,
Thb Molsons Hank, Ktc,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
Bnx luu, Revelstoke
TEAI min   ol
|i, \n,i.   Vol AL.  TllEUHV
Uertificated from Trinity   Uuivei-Bity
and Toronto Uoiiservatory
STlI'lol-NhXT Mail-Ukrald Office
aug 2b 1 in
C.   W.   O    W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 119
Menu Second uml Fourth Wed not-it tip in
esch month m Selkirk Hull. Vision «ood-
meu coruiili)' invited to aitund.
JullN CAHLSON, Con. Com.
J. AK1MYKI-, Clerk.
F. O. E.
.VAc.'.Villas breii.r.i. cordially invited,
oeiooa.    ti»™»    „ ALSU,  l-aaslOKST.
W.E.'jlcLALi HLlN.SEi'BKTAKl'.
Kootonay  Lodge No.  IB, A   F. * A. M.
t_f^V The regtiliir meet-
a. r^   -^      [oaa ar0 tr,«_. 1 cl in tho
Uddfellnwi. Hull, tin
me third Monday in
emrli miiuth nt 8
,i m. VisilhiK brotli-
reu cordially wel-
SELKIRK LODGE 12, I. 0, 0. F,
Moot- every TEurs-
iluy eveiiitig in Sel-
I kirk Hull atSo'clock
f Visiting brelhren sre
oordlally .i.vr.-.i t.. atteiid.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,  Reveletoke, B. C.
except i ■■ ul Wednesdaj oi
each miiniii. ui ' iddlellow-'
Hail »i 5 I'clJck. M«liin.
Knlgho-n-. cordially   nvlteil.
T. P   SMITH, r. C.
0. H. bHu' k   B     I  li   A 8.
J   li   si i.iTT. U, ut F.
Zbc flfoaiUlbcralfc
-I- q's ."sju".t *bri,
SATI BDAY,  SEPT. I   1908
-••.ilm,. :.,,-  'in-r" been gathered
• igethi i 'i: tell gent • arneet
.   . Iminded   body   ol   ini n
thai, lh -• ■'■ I. no' al the Fire-
: .' •_' i i i-enti m ii thi il y tbii
week. The addn --• i I he
lions, the p - pei re i I put to ih ime
■: ■ mual nm nt politician! and
public men. Il is a pleat ml relit I
and tendi lo ■.-- ate mankind, to
•n i body ol men issembled to-
gether who can throw behind them
the grovelling commercialism ol
the age ind aspire as these visitors
(Inl to higher and nobler aims ol
ife with which their calling it
' --oi nt' i '-"t >iily the Having of
tii" ti vi - and property ol others,
but the preservation ol the most
valued national asset* formed the
theme of tbeir   best   thought and
advocai y, and no moi latesman-
like suggestions ever emanated from
men devoting tlieir attention to
public affairs than were heard from
tbe lips and the pens ol the lire
''biefc. Their resolutions and work
should have! the earnest consider*
at ion of  the   Dominion  and   I'm-
40 ACRES!,;
be had at a bargain.
ruit  Land one and a hall
miles from   Revelstuke, to
Qf| APRCC partly improved, two miles
OU HI/nlO from Revelstoke. Will sell
live stock and implements.
2»pnro   with   river   frontage;   good
Hl/llCd   1,uh1, partly cleared and close
to the city.
iiiiiiiii governments as well as all
members of Parliament both at
Ottawa and Victoria, and the addition to the statute hook of many
ni their suggestions would make
fur the preservation of human life
and property as well us the preservation Ol Mime of the best of our
national resources. The forest
and the scenic beauties of nature
have already suffered too much
damage by lire.
Kevelstoke is the most centrally
situated city in British Columbia
for tbe meeting of conventions, and
it is gratifying to see the spirit of
hospitality that is extended to
visitors to these conventions. This
hospitality is appreciated in turn,
and helps greatly to advertise Revelstoke favorably throughout the
'rovince. The Mail-Hkuald endeavors to do ils share to promote
the interest of Revelstoke as the convention city by furnishing us full
reports as possible of such proceedings. In this way we have rebutted the argument recently riiieeil
by a jealous coast paper against
the recognition of Revelstoke as
the convention city. This paper
made the charge that the press here
could not give conventions as full
reports and publicity as the coast
press. The report we are publishing of the Firemen's Convention is
probably fuller than would be supplied by any other newspaper in
British Columbia, and the Mail-
Herald will adopt the same policy
as regards future conventions held
in this city, which we are anxious
to see recognised us the chief convention centre of the I'acilic Province.
'lhe     Provincial     Government
should lose no lime in getting to
work on lhe trail up Bigmouth
Creek to give access to the property of the Big Bend Mica Mines
Company. As mutters stand this
company is heavily handicapped
in the way of transportation, having to puck its supplies right round
the head of the Big Bend and back
to Yellow Creek, a trip occupying
u week, when the same point could
be reached by the Bigmouth
in three days The development
ul the Big Bend is oi great inter--'
to Revelstoke Hen is a li
work for the Government to undertake in the imi pun-' that
country. The Big Bend Mica
Mines i lomp u loing bona
tide development and the ' loven ■
ment should issist them at leasl I
the i stent ol lurnisbing them * i I
i trail bj tbe shortest ind
i     -   ble route.
First Ascent, by R. R. Copeland
and H. Siegfried
The first ascent ol Albert Peak,
altitude 0,988 feet, was accomplished
liy li. li. Copeland, member ol the
Canadian Alpine Cluh aud Revelstoki
Mountaineering Cluh, anil H. Sieg.
A atari wiis made at 1 p.m. on Aug
30th from Twin Butte, and after
reaching a plateau at au altitude ul
ahout 600(1 feet they camped for the
Starting at i.'AD next morning they
reached A.O. Wheeler's survey station,
H.D'A'A feet, at 10 am. Here some
suow was melted alter some dirticulty
hy the aid of a lire made of heather.
This was the lirst drink they had
since leaving Twin iiutte, 21 hours
previous, and to some extent accounted for the rather tlmv progress made,
especially during the morning. Alter
a refreshing meal Messrs. Copeland
aud Siegfried descended about 1000
feet to a valley where they could see a
stream, and camped at what they pre
sumed was A. 0. Wheeler's camp of
some years ugo, spending the after
noon iu sizing up the situation for the
morrow's climb.
Tbey left camp uext morniug at
5.30, aud after an hour's pleasant
tramping over Alpine meadows, reach
ed the loot ol the Glacier hetween the
two Albert Peaks, which at this point
precipitated its huge seracs on the
rocks lur below the glacier. Hurryiug
past this danger /one they reached thi
lace ol the main peak hy followiug an
old lateral moraine,
From tliis poiut to the main western ridge—a height of about 800 feet—
proved to bo rattier unpleasant work
owing to tlie exceedingly rotten state
ol the rock anil necessitated consider
able care to avoid (ailing rocks. After
reaching tbe ridge the climbing proved
much better, and keeping up this for
aliout 2000 feet they finally reached
the summit. 9,998 feet, at 1.30 p.m.
At intervals during the morniug they
could hear the thunder ol the seracs
as they toppled over.
Altera light lunch a small stone
man was tmilt against a Ooulder which
was the highest point of the summit
ol tiie south Albert Peak. Tbe view
wns somewhat obscured by the smoke
from hush firei, sti M unl Begbie n
ttie one side, md sir 1) maid a: ■: bu
neighbours on the ither could be seei
.     j  plainly.
After lescea    they
reached    ■> -      er, de
scend. Dg lilws      ■ ■ ■ in  rning
in time i     itol r Revelsl   Ice
well   bi ■ -        ■> it     successful
licb many an en-
t liiisni-' taineer bai   inged to
n !' r .
of Manitoba
«ll mtmttTK. auoea
Ifl It not si"-« thnt Soda Biscnitn mado and packed and shipped ai
Foiiy's am, wul be the most satisfying for ynu to HBe7
The materials used ensure purest
form ot soda-biscuit, sweet, beautifully flavored, fresh aa from tho factory.
No laitory in Oanada is ns new and
complete in equipment as the factory
where Foley's Sodas uro niiido. Every
modern device lor the making ol ble-
cuitB  has  been  installed.
Every Foley Soda IS ALL GOOD
FOOD Nothing is put Into lt that Is
not nourishing, and healthful, and easily digested.
The richness of riavor, the FRESHNESS of Foley's Sodas are not
equalled. When you buy Foliy's.
note tho air-proof, dust-proof ami
molflture-proot construction of the
box. Then remember also that
these biscuits were made the day
they were shipped and you will
realiz- why Foley's Sodas have sweeter flavor and crlsper Ireshnesi
than other sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
In Foley'* Western-
riSdO Hod i-i you tfOt
puroat matarial«i Mer*
tectly  prepared.
Mado In iho Peat
Eci dipped Factory In
Canada " A neetern
Factory," i»nd alwaye
ithlpped the aame day
mado never from Old
Shipped in specially
prepared tin pailb, with
the easily  replaced tops
They aro the iwoot-
cat - flavored, freehent,
crispoat, moet eatlafy-
ln£   Soda    Biscuit   eold.
Make Splendid Exhibition of Trophies tor Labor Day
In the window of 0. 11. Macdonald's
drug store is il splendid exhibition ol
trophies procured by the Boeay Mountain Hungers to be eompeied for ul
their rifle matches on Labor Day. The
trophies include mil-rots, cups, clocks,
shaving sets, salad bowls, pipes.razors,
tobacco pouches, biscuit jars, carvInK
sets, umbrellas, score books, n handsome silver water jug, gold and silver
medals. They are well selected nnil
should form objects of keen competition am one the crack shuls who will
no doubt lie here in full force.
Great Success of Advertising
In the short time that the C.I'.R.
have been working on ihe campaign
of advertising their lands they bavi
met with phenomenal success in re
gird to the number ol inquiries
The range uf advertising has not
been confined to Britisli Columbia
only, but. Manitoba, Ontario and the
whole ol the United Btate*. From
the time the Company started, which
might he called the 1-t. of July up to
tins date, they have received and
answered in the neighborhood ol five
thousand inquiries relative to tlieir
holdings in British Columbia,
The lull results of the campaign
hive uot yet come in and they expect
More its finality has heen readied
they will in all probability have re
ceived in the neighborhood of lo.onll
inquiries,and seDt out probably 30,000
■:.-- and 50,000 items ol literature
pertaining to British Columbia.
I he   prize fighi   reported   ti
u r inged    in    I Iiii   citj     ifl
,n opportunil v  lor   the   polii i
pul   i stop to thii        1  ol   thing
here     I be  i itizena    il   Re elstoke
. , e no desire to have Ihis
 ne   notorioui   tor    ui h
We ■ uggest to i he  I liberal Asso-
. iation.tl rganisat il a fitting
reception to I Ion, Frank Oli er
Minister of the Interior, on his
visit lo Kevelstoke. Mr, Oliver is
a man ol whom the Liberal party
mav jti.-ily leel proud, and the rest
ui the citizens would, we leel -ure,
be glnil i" ,<>in with the Liberal
A Mii-iii I inn iii lining him honor
Trainers of horses complain
about ilm race trunk, stating it hns
not been fixed linco last season
The trunk committee of the Fair
should have thia attended to im
mediately us otherwise wn urn
assured the state ol the truck is
Hticli us may lead to serious accident ami owners will hoBitate about
running their horses over it in its
present condition.
I     minin il     ol     particular
inten sl Big Be id bu   as) gont
.       to   have   lull
.Oi. .".II loll    Hi
i.i I e n, was i n
'. ing come   down       m
■   .  .  he hai    isi     pern 'I
hi   mici i   iii
Bit) .!     I in    1
• .!    |   '"
It, pa  new  and
promising   si eti il   the Big I ■
M.--S'.   \i     .■ i nrl  \ iidi nt   in
Irom i lo den    iking their  pack   train
i ■ lie Bend l     M les   i'n:-n    ind
Hey i ■ wiih   Mr     '  .'ing.
of Kamloops amine i heir  oli mi
on helm ui     . investors
Opera House Sunday Night
In   address Walter   vv.  Baer
Topic-     The iJesire    ■! All    Nations
1 en- liegin promptly at H o clock
Hit win re you  please.    Three    hymn*
'H mil ol   Ages,        i inward   Christian
Bo diiit     and     I Huve the King.
Memorise the verses as tnere will be
no hymn books, No admission fee
Ottering only.
i m ifter September 1st, 1000,
COAL and IVOOD orders will only he
delivere nettleraent has previ
ously heen mode at the ollice.
i: - '. i -.1 it u. Aoi v ins, I.i ii.
H      Mt I'AI'.l v,
K   \\     li   l'i   il.
II    N    COURBIl li
. : 22-23-24
The Winners
For August
Uid you draw a winner ?     Here
are the numbers.
51871 57171 59324 30499
59561 73542 50192 56603
47059  56622
If you did, you are entitled
to a log piece Dinner Set. Each
month from the duplicates of the
coupons placed in the sacks of
Royal Standard Flour leaving
our mills, we draw ten numbers.
If you are fortunate enough to
.secure one of tliese, you arc entitled to a dinner set free of
charge. There have been many
winners. lt may be your turn
now. Watch this paper every
a bettor Hour—not merely different, but better. lt is the best
and purest flour on the market in
Western Canada to-day.
Vancouver Milling 8*
Grain Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,      ■      B.C.
-. . I!    I
i   imhup
BiGGfr no mm \m i«m
I,' i; \ I ES O.N    .1.1.
-: 'OB   I     V    1    "   '     ■       UM'.
... ,. ■ iei ..f
-Hurt t:\nn WRITING
f o-t class   Work    (iiiarniileed.
Mail   Orders   Promptly   Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner iri Street and Robson Ave.
The ll ml Lumber Company have
now got their logging railway completed iiin.iigii the (ira/.y Creek
canyon mio their limber limits and
an: running tbeir logging engine and
curs through th" canyon. They will
be all ready to itart up iheir mill at
'J aft by iicjI spring,
C. I, 8USK. Pros.       f, I SUMY. Mgr
0. C HUMS, Secretary
Box  •. Nelson, H  11
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
iJash Prices Paid
F.   B,   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phon* 39        Oltloe   MoKenzie Ave
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with oneol our handsome parlor sets,
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damask, with frame* that are in every
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beautiful parlor sele audi dd pieces for
beautifying the home that are tasteful, etlectivo and inexpensive, and will
Bhow your rooms In Ibe best advantage,
in C, P. K. contract for facing RevelBtoke station. A large
Flock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. Hy fur the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Haves most of
your painting and ahout hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
are what most penple will t, and Ihey
always get them at P. Minns A Co.'s
Meat Market. It is no trouble for us,
beeiiu.se wn always have the stoek.
The very linest selected beef, lamb,
mutton, veal, pork and poultry, and
our priees wont, hinder ynu from
P. Burns & Co.
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suitably furnished with the choicest the
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J".   Ar,BJ']RT    stozste:    prop.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
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small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
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Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford to use the best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour that is Different
ll  you   t.\o   vou   will   lind    that   the cost  of
ROBIN  HOOD is smallest alter all.
'I lie  bigger  loaf is one difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter llavor is a third diffeicncc.
There are other points   of  difference.     Any
one nf tliiin worth the extra cost.
me Saskatchewan flour Mills (o., an.
Moose Jaw, Sask.
A pure, wholesome,
reliable Grape Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder
Tltc cr??m of larlar used in Dr. Price's Baking
Powder is in the exact lium and composition in
which it occurs in Ihe luscious, healthful grape.
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-
fulness of the food
JVo Alum
Jfo lime
yQfa       UT*       Ta
f Price's!
■        Cream       ■
Annual Session Opens in Revelstoke Wednesday
"Water Ait, 1900."
Attention is called to section 192 of
the ' Water Aot, 1909," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has heen granted, pursuant
to tho "Rivers anil Streams Act," to
surrender such authority within one
year of the passage of saiil "Water
Act," and receive a licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, 19th July, 11)09.   jy25 lm
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney I'liuntuti of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends io apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot 758o, thence
south -9) cliains to T.L, 1215(5. thenco
west 20 chains, to the corner of T.L.
12156, thence south W chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
west 40 cliains, thence ninth 10 chains
to lake shine, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement,
Agenl for Barney Plutnton.
Dated July 28, 1909. aug 7
Hevelstoke bind District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends io
apply for permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east coVner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
about half a mile from Ine north-east
corner of Lot 7965, tlience south 4(1
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
north SO chains to lake shore, thence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 28,1909. aug 7
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John W. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C, occupation Miner, intends to apply foi- permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted about
the miles north of Downie Greek on
the Columbia Kiver and about liftv
miles north of Kevelstoke, Ihence 80
chains south along Columbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence .SU chains
north, thence 20 chains easl lo point of
John W. Falls.
Dated 17th June, 19U9. jun 80 (50d
Hevelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
five miles north of Downie Creek and
about fiftv miles north of Kevelstoke
on lhe Oolumbia Kiver, thence 80
chains north along llie Columbia river,
thence 20 chains west, tlience 80 chains
south, thence 20 chains east to point of
Robert K. Caldwell,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June. 1909. iun AD OOd
The farm of the  late Joseph   IInlail
ituate near Revelstoke, being a part
if the N. B. Quarter Seclion 211 Tp. '2A
and containing HI acres more or less.
Applications for the purchase of above
property  are  invited   and    will    be
received by the undersigned up to and
including September llOtli, 1909.
Solicitor for Dolan Estate.
Dated at Revelstoke, B, C,  August
24th, 1909. linon
Take notice that 1 intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, aftei thirty days from the date
nf tin- tirsi publication of this notice,
for a transfer of ihe holel licence held
hy me for the Kootenay Hotel nl Burton, B.C., tn Stephen Fodliielani ik.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., llth of August, 19(19.
William Lovatt,
By bis Solicitor Edward A. Creole.
aug 11—sep 11
Kevelslnke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice lhal Lafayette Lamb, uf
Clinton, Iowa, V. S. A., oooupatlon
Millowner, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following desorlbed Ian tli
Commencing at a pnsl planted at the
s. I-;, coiiier uf Lot 7iu:i, ihen north 2(l
chains, then east. 20 chains, Ihence
south 2(1 cliains more or less to lake
shore, Ihence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more or less to point of commencement.
K. McGaghran,
Agent foi' Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June Hid. 1908. jun Zl
Kivelstuke Laud Dislricl.
llislrict ul' West Kooteuuy.
Take nulice lhal L. A, Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, intends to apply
lm- permission to purchnso the following desorlbed In mis:
Commencing at n post planted mi ilm
west sidi- nf upper Arrow Lake, about
one anil a half miles smith uf ll.-iniiui'k
Point, thenoe wobI 20 chains, thonco
north 2ii iluiins, thenoo west 20 chains,
thenoe north uu chains tu the K A s,
line, thenoo following ihe K. & s, line
east 2(1 chains. South  2(1 chains, easl 20
ohalns, south 20 ohalns in lake shore,
Uionoe  following ibe lake shore to
puiut uf ciiuimi'iii-emi-nt.
Agent. Inr Li A. Diivni.
Paled July 29, 1909. aug 7
"Public Inquiries Act."
NOTICE is hereby given that sittings
of  the   Commission  appointed
under the "Public  Inquiries Act," for
tlie purpose of making Inquiry into all
matters in connection with the timber
resources of the Province will lie held
ill the following points on the dates set
opposite each, namely:—
Vancouver—Aug. 28rd, 24th and 25th.
Seattle   August 26th, 27th and 28th.
Kamloops -September 7th.
Vernon—September 8 and 9.
Kevelstoke   September Kl and 11.
Nelson -September I'A.
Cranbrook- September IJ and 15.
Fernie—September Ul.
Qrand Forks   September 18.
Owing to the members of tbe Commission having accepted an invitation
to attend the  meetings of the First
National Conservation Congress ol the
United states, lo be held iu tin- Auditorium nf the Alaska-Vukon-Paolfla
Exposition,  Seat tie, Washington, mi
August 30tll, 271b   anil  2Slh in-l., the
meetings on the last day of tlie Oom.
million in Vancouver, advertised I'm'
the 2111 li, and the meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th and 28th,
have been cancelled. Arrangements
for the holding of meeting! at these
places will be announced later, The
meeting at Kamloops will Ih- held on
the 7th of September, and not mi ihe
mull August, as originally advertised,
otherwise  ilu- Itinerary remains the
Announcement will be made later if
it shuultl be decided to lie necessary or
advisable lo hold meetings nt other
Lands Department,
Victoria, II. ('., 12th August. 1909.
uug ilti-sep 18
We   will   pay   JUKI   reward lor the
arrest and conviction ol soy one who
has ilt'lsi-i'il ur obliterated log marks
on our logs mi the Columbia Hiver or
Arrow Lakes. Our registered marks
trc letter "I," and letter "8."
aug 11 lin Hevclstuke, 13. C.
Continued trum l'tuto Ono.
up,   (Cheers).
The next toast was ''Our Fire Department," coupled with the unmee of
Chiefs Foote and Abrahamson, and
Assistants Brock and Needhani, The
Mayor spokt of the hearty way iu
ivhich the two lire brigades in Revelstoke were working together. When
ihe citizens were divided on other
matters the firemen seemed to pull
-till closer together. (Clicers). The
Oity Cuuncil endeavored to support
the Brigades in every possible way,
but it must be remembered the firemen were rendering them a great
service.   (Cheers)
Chiel Foole said that while he was
Instrumental in getting this convention lor Revelstoke he wns disappointed th»l they had not a larger attendance. He did not think the Bremen
-huulil have allowed lhe attractions at
■Seattle to interfere with their duty
here. (Cheers.) He reviewed the history nl the two tire brigades in Kevelstoke nod said tbey got along as
brothers though they worked under
separate organisations. Sometimes
they thought the citizens did not
ipprecitite tlieir work, but lie must
say this lor the present mayor and
council—they had given the brigades
all the assistance they had asked.
They had the best lire alarm system
in the world—the Gamewell system.
The boxes would riog in, and they
would know just where the lire was
nt once and so avoid any loss of time.
Where danger was a fireman was
always ready, and he gave instances
he had seen st tires at Vancouver and
Seattle. He thanked the mayor and
aldermen lor acceptiug their invitation. (Cheers.) He thought it was a
departure on the right lines to have
the ladies with tbem to look alter
them.   (Cheers.)
Chief Abrahamson brielly acknowledged the toast.
Assistant-Chiel Brock pointed out
the danger spots in Kevelstoke from a
fireman's poiut of view, as for instance
tbe burner at the Bowman mill. Fire
brigades could do much to lessen lire,
were it not lor the adverse criticism to
which volunteer brigades were sub
jected by reportiug such matters to
the city council. He urged steps being
taken to prevent fires in the cities s
far as possible. He was pleased to
see the One gathering they had tbat
night.    (Cheers.)
Assistant-Chiel Needham said if the
other parts of the city worked aB well
together as lhe firemen they would
achieve better results.   (Cheers.)
The next toast was "The City Council and Board ol Trade," coupled with
the names ol Aid. F. B. Wells and W.
M. Lawrence, President ol the Board.
Aid. Wells said it had always been
gratifying to them to see the able way
in which the Fire Brigades had fulfilled tlieir duties. He was glad to see
this convention and the work it wsb
duing by the exchange ol iieas.
Mr. Lawrence spoke ol the entire
trust the business men of the city
showed in the ability of their lire brigades, aud with the city council doing
all they could the interests ol the
town were well preserved. They had
every confidence in tlieir brigades.
The one source of weakness wsb the
possible want of water hut he was sure
that was a matter the city council
would take steps to remedy. (Cheers )
The Mayor proposed "The Ladies,"
coupled wfth the names of Aid. Macdonald and Fireman Squarehriggs who
Chiel Fink said that as President of
the I). C. Fire Chiels and Firemen's
Association he wished to express the
thanks and appreciation ol the association to tlie citizens for the splendid
way in which thoy had entertained
them while here. He bad never
visited a town wliore there was so
much kindly feeling shown toward the
lire department, and be was veiy glad
to see it.    (Cheers.)
Mayor lindmark, in responding,
said reference had been made to the
danger to the town Irom the burner
at the Bowman mill, but they were
working on a plan to make lho city
sale. Instructions had been given to
the Chiel ol Police to see that the
hotel regulations as to lire escapes
were strictly complied with, and no
carelessness allowed to exist. They
were also ligmiiig on locating a lurthei
water supply. They were also eliminating the danger ol lire traps in public
incident Fink, in taking tho chair
st the Third Annual Convention nl
British Culumbii Fire Chiefs and
Firemen at tlio City Hall on
Thursday,  called   on   Chiel   Foole   to
iiitrodiico   Mayor   Lindmark   to  the
lhe Mayor then welcomed the delegates and was glad  to see  the oldest
city on the Coast represented by Chief
Davidson nl New Westminster, II"
was glut! lu see the Crow's Nest, die
triot bo well represented,andeBpeoiillv
by that happy combination uf Mayor
and Fire Chiel in ihe poison of Mr.
Fink ol Cranbrook. He urged tliem
to go on with their good work despite
tho adverse criticism to which they
were sometimes subjected. They had
in their work the highest satisfaction
that could fall to the lot ot men, tbe
satisfaction of doing their dity Ior the
public interest. (Cheers), He had
this to say fur Kevelstoke, that notwithstanding their other differences,
the City Council, over which he had
the honor of presiding for the past
two years, had pulled together for the
good of the city (cheers), aud that was
also the principle on which their fire
brigades were working. (Applause).
With a central station they mighi be
able to do more efficient work, and he
looked forward to the time when they
would have that and their own horses
in readineBS lor emergency. Tlie
question ol a paid brigade would event
ually come up, hut in view of tl c
hearty way in which lho present
brigades hud worked together lie
doubted whether he would he iu favor
ol a paid brigade. Ilo extended to
them the hearty welcome ol the city
and assured them ol its interest in
tbeir deliberations.
President Fink thanked the Mayor
lor the welcome extended, and said
they appreciated the kindness shown
them. They admired the beauty ol
Kevelstoke, its pretty shade trees aud
its flower gardens, nnd thoy had never
had a more beany reception extended
to them than they had received here.
While he was mayor ot Cranbrook for
the Becond term, he had been ten
years chiel of the fire brigade, and of
the two duties he prolerred the latter.
During his two terms ol office, the
Council, with which he waB associated,
had worked in harmony, and bad done
good work.
Chief McDougall (Fernie) thanked
the Mayor and cilizeus ol Kevelstjke
Ior the splendid reception accorded
them, and would favor Kevelstoke as
the point tor another convention. He
regarded the occupation of tire chief
or fireman as one ol the noblest callings in life. It was a noble, unselfish
work, devoted to the saving ol the
property and lives of oti ers. He
thanked the Mayor for the welcome
extended to them and he thanked
Chief Foote for the manner in which
he bad arranged for this convention,
Chief Davidson, ol New Westminster, thanked the Mayor and citizens
ol Revelstoke lor the kindness extended
to them. He hoped soon to see the
Fire Department here equipped with
horses and a paid brigade, which
Kevelstoke would soon require il the
time hsd not already come lor it.
Tbe Mayor acknowledged their expressions of appreciation and assured
them of as hearty a welcome when
they met hero again. He congratulated Chief AhrahaniBun on the
splendid way iu whicL he had euter-
tained ihem the night before. He was
glad they made tbe departure ol having tbe ladies with them at tiie banquet, as it added an elevating tone to
the happy event
compliment MAYOR of REVELSTOKE
Chiel McDougall  moved and Chief
Dick seconded, I lint Mayor Lindmark
be elected   honorary president of   the
The motion was carried unanimously, and conveyed hy the President
tu Mayor Lindmark who acknowledged
tbe compliment.
Chiefs Foote, AlcDougall and   Davidson wore appointed credential committee.
President Fink  road  the following
To   Till:   Oil li Kits  AND MkMUUIIS iiK
Assih iatiiin in-- B.C. Fikk Chiefs
QKNTUtMKN, in opening unl- third
annual convention, 1 uui ice, with
■until regret, tha absence of many uf
our members, Ilu- cause uf which I
will speak of luler      No doubt a great
deal of guud has been accomplished by
I lie nu'iiibei's ol* I his Assiieintiun during the past three years and It is to be
hoped that every city and town in our
great provinoe will ussisi and enoour-
age our Bremen to do greater things.
We aie all criticised more or less for
our every day actions, but wo need not
allow this to Interfere with the duty
we owe to our positions) There are
always plenly of men who tan lell un
huw to handle Bros after the Are is
over, bui when the actual responsibility Is placed upon them thoy are en
tiiely   ul    sell, Illld   us   a   result Iheir
ability lu dictate anil Inability in manage a lire reflects no> only upon him
ibe "would-be" firemen, Imi un the
whole department, li is the business
of this Association to moet In convention mice each year anil talk over
matters appertaining to uur various
department! In every way we can,
The members of volunteer departments nn' rarely paid anything and
those of tin- regular departments receive a bare  living: yet, in im ml eases,
we are expected to upend twenty four
huiiiN a day ami six days each week
not only lighting  llres lhat may ouoiu
but duing nil we can to improve our
departments, and then, if we wish io
attend out- annual convention we are
to'd, in must eases, t hal we will lie
allowed lo leave lhe cily but must pay
our own expenses. Gentlemen, this
is not righl. uui' expenses should be
paid by the oity thai gels the benefit
nf mu' deliberations here, I defy anyone tu prove that our time is lost in
our annual meeting, even if we did
nothing except tell each other huw we
conducted uur respective departments.
Our guud old fiiend Chief Deasy says
it bus been an uphill fight in the past
years but we will gain recognition
before many more have passed. Our
mayors and counoilmen usually sny il
is only a holiday, We want and expect
the city to pay the expense when we
ask to attend our conventions. Thero
is a certain fascination in Are fighting
but most of us want a little of the
financial goods of this world us well as
the fascination and glory,
I refer with muoh regret to the hnlel
Hoe which receiilly occurred in Vernon.
The luss uf life iu Ihis lire is evidence
In abundance of the necessity uf this
Association demanding more stringent
fire escape laws.
The permit system   permitting the
burning of brush—should be entirely
done uwuy with dining t be monl lis of
July, August and September, uml
while this Association sent n strong
delegation lo Victoria lo pluce this
mul ler befure lhe Government, Mule
bus been done except appointing more
men as lire wardens. The towns of
Fernie und Cranbrook were again this
year in grave danger and the loss to
the Guvorninlnl in dues and expenses
should be an incentive tothointodo
something. I expect there are a number of papers to bu read so I will take
up no inure of your time. In closing
I wisli again to thank you for electing
me to the position of President of so
Important a body as the B. C. F, C.
and F, Association. I urge every one
lo put his shoulder to the wheel and
innke next year's meet a huge success.
I have the honour lo be, etc.,
.1.  P.  FlNK, President.
The  Secretary   read   lhe   report   of
receipts and expenditure,  but in lho
absence  of   Chief  Deasy,   whu  had
removed froin the dislricl,   they   had
not a complete record.  It was resolved
to adopt the report, but If il should
transpire that there was any shortage
it should lie made up lo Mr. Deasy,
The   Secretary read  the  reports of
committee appointed  lo make representations to the government in the
direction of amending the law relating to forest fires and fire escapes.
Chief Foole also reported on the
representations the committee had
subsequently made to the governmenl
on such matters.
The repoits as read and explanation
by Chief Foote were adopted on
motion of Chief McDougall, seconded
by Chief Abrahamson.
The I'resident said   Ex-Chief  Deasy
hud done valuable work for the  Association.    Ho suggested   recognition of
his work.
On motion of Chief Foote, seconded
by Chief McDougall. il was resolved
to wire Chief Deasy acknowledging
his lotter.expressiiig their appreciation
of the valuable services he hud rendered the Association, and regretting
his absence froin the meeting.
Chief Foote spoke highly of the
services rendered the Association by
Chief Deasy.
Chief McDougall said Chief Deasy
was not only the father of their Association, but of the Pacilic Coast
Association and as lo the fire chiefs of
Betttsb Oolumbia ha was king of them
all.    (Cheers I.
Assistant Chief Brock inovea thai
copies of the Fire Escape Act should
be obtained for olrculattou among tbe
Bremen so tbat they might make any
suggestions lur improvement nf the
Chief Foote said il was most Important that  ihe lives nf  ibe Inmates of
hotels should be properly safe-guarded.
Chief  McDougall said lhe law   gave
lire chiefs lull control   of  tire escapes,
luu when they made recommendations
in Un- case of schools Ihey   were often
turned down bj the municipalities of
whom ibe chiefs were tin- servants,
lie advocated floating Are escapes for
schools, Hospitals wen- considered
poor men's Institutions and Uu- expense of escapes mel wiih opposition.
He ailviieaii'd stringent onfi roement
of lire protection in theatres, lli
urged advising tbo Governmenl thai
the prasont Ure osaapa regulations
wero not efficient and advocated new
regulations approved by Are chiefs as
no other body of men su well understood tbe requirements.
Ex-Chief Dick advocated appointment uf a legislative oommltleo.
Effective bush lire und Aro escape laws
were urgently required and officers
should be appointed to enforce them.
President Pink considered lhu suggestion un excellent one.
Chief Abi.iliiinison considered lire
escapes ill holds should be insisted ou
as necessary not only to tho salety of
Ilu-guests bui iu facilitate thu work of
brigades in case of lire breaking out.
Chief Davidson advocated Are doors
in school walls.
Assist. Brook's uml imi wus amended
In     add      the     appoint nn-til      of     B
legislative committee and the motion
wns passed in thai loi on
The President appointed chiefs
Deasy  and   W.iison   ilu.   Legislative
Coil) in 11 too   and   suggested   Ihey   get
rissistanoe from Chief Gladwin,
HI 11(101,  I IUK   Ulllll
Ex-Chief Dick complained aboul, thu
wus often
i.- it is in.
should be
ui   of the
minner In which Iii e
 Kin. tod  ;n  schools
Hiiifoi-m system. The
conducted under su]
Hi Iiii'fs.
The President suggested drawing
a set of rules and having them carried
Assistant Brock s iid the fire drill in
Revelstoke, as conducted by Mt .Miller,
wassogood the whole building wus
emptied in four minutes and In perfect
order, He suggest el thai the system
adopted by Mr. Miller should be in
general force in the schools.
Chief Davidson advocated runways
at schools.
Fireman Jamieson advocated spiral
lire escapes which had been found valuable for school use in the States,
Chief Dick advocated making ll o
crime to use any hotel or public building where proper fire escapes are not
provided. Many Are chiefs were not
acquainted with the law. He suggested sending each chief a copy ol
.■ici and blank forms to Aliout showiug
the condition of each building.
The President    A good idea.
Chief Dick suiil the govel nun nl  mie
responsible for the murder of these
men In the botel fire at Vernon through
nut acting mi their recomiuendal
The saint- ui Fernie, tt here i he) refused to take any stepi lo extinguish
the bush lire to which Chiel McDougall
hud drawn then attention.
President Fink said they had ordered gasoline tauks iu Cranbrook to lie
put in the ground, bul owing to the
opposition of one man they had all!
kinds uf trouble in enforcing that hy-
law Lecause the insurance companies
did nut demand it.
The convention tben adjourned till
[Balance of report  of Convention will
appear in next issue]
StrewbErry Plants
i    ■ ■    my celebrated  D ic  d'   Alps
-'Ul ing   n. :: y,   ii. ■• i  gh  ilima-
tUi d.   ; site  il tvor, $6   per   loo.
Plant this lal       Vddresi:
I on-    -.'.'. i i:
Aug  25 lm Kevt letoke, B. C.
Fire Alarm System
Now that the new Gamewell lire
alarm system has beeu installed, the
following instructions ns to the location of lire iiiiiiiii bnxes, their number
and system of .signalling mny prove of
FIRE IlliHlAlil: NO.  I WO
District   indications   for  Fire
Alarm  Boxes.
Box No. 1.4.—Corner First Street
nnd McKenzie Avenue, C. B, Hume
it Co.
Box No. 15—Cor. First Street and
Kokeby Avenue, (l'ost office;.
Box No. lli.—Corner Second street
and Government Road (opera house).
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
nnd Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box  No.  18.—C. P.R. station.
Box No. 24,—Corner Fifth street
and McKennie ave. (Catholic church;.
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, (W. A. Foote).
Box No. 26.—Corner Fourtii street
and MoArthur avenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
nnd Townley street (over south track).
Box No. 28.—Coruor Second street
nnd RobBOn avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box  No.  34.—Fire Hall No. 2,
Box  No. 35.—Hospital.
Box  No.  36.—School.
Signal for practise—not less than
six (6) slow strokeB.
One (1) stroke indicates line broken
or fire out.
Signals are given thus: 2 stroke.-—
interval 5 seconds—I strokes; equsll
Box 24. No. of box will also be shown
on indicator at Fire Hall.
StcrcJ'uvrfo Iff*
"ftUvv • tfidu*~ ChUktM
\rCrf  kKi-VAv.^Htfio. \%
-% <=Ll Qrt - Qjr
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from tlie Best European
and Japan Growers.
Homegrown fruit ami ornamental
trees, grown ou upland soil without irrigation in the only part of
the American coutineut uot infested wiili tlio San Jose scale—
Garden, Field and Flower set ils —
Tested stock from the beet growers in too world—Wire fencing
and Gates—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Suppl es, Cut dinners,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—New 157 page Catalogue free.
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tohacco,
Meals ii-5 cenls.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Manufactured fur i
ses of   huiliiiiJirs
>Ale m lar*;* of .-mall ijunntitios
at the lowest priees f'»r cash.
-liliC a
6Z[c. per acre cash
and CZ\c. once each
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain
and may be purchased  on
TERMS from
or  Stock
these   EASY
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps, Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature
Hint ti
2nd iin President
Itnv  l.ll
Calgary, Mbsrta
■ sent
me iill facts pi'iiiiuing
In  tout
Our new Fall Goods are
coming to hand and being
put into Stock as quickly as
Ladies' and Misses New
Skirts, in all the new cloths
and leading colorings for the
coming fall styles.
New  Hats,   Ties,  Under
clothing,   etc.,   for this  fall's
New French Flannel Shirts
with detachable collars of the
same material, just what you
want if yor are taking a trip,
soft and comfortrble to wear.
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we are
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Roots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.   Must clear our stock to make room for new goods
Moving Pictures to-night.
Friday night's the nigbt,Sept
"Confusion" at the opera house.
Remember   tbe   dance     alter
speeches at the opera house on
Day, Monday next
The customs revenue collected at
tbe port ol Kevelstoke for August was
$9,515, an increase ot $2,768 over thai
oi same perio.l last year.
The hospital is again lull ol patients
including seven cases of typhoid, four
ol which came Irom Arrowhead and
three from Revelstoke.
The school attendance for last
month was the highest ever recorded
lor that month in the history of the
RevelBtoke Bchool
The Lawrence Hardware Company
are opening out a spleudid selection
ol plated goods of uew design lor the
Christmas trade.
On Thursday and Friday I'olice
Magistrate Foster was called on to
deal each morning with a charge ol
drunkenness and in each case tbe
offender was ordered out ol town.
A. Hobson is giving $5 for the best
loal of bread baked from Purity Flour
and an additional $5 will be given for
the best loaf of bread of any other
make of dour, Tbe loaf may be
entered for both prir.es.
The Independent Bund gave an
open-air program at their stand in
front of the City Hall during tlie
sitting of tlie Firemen's Convention on
Thursday night. They provided an
excellent and well executed program.
several public-spirited citiseus propose to personally acquire Block 62 so
ae to ensure ic tor the school children
and will hand it over to the city council when that body can get authority
to refund them the purchase money.
Un Tuesday evening, L. Gould,
foreman ol the Observer ollice, while
bicycling on McKenzie Avenue, ran
over a dog which threw him violently
rf hit machine and injured him so
that he has to be laid up, and it is
feared he will be unable to take part
in the bicycle races on Labor Lay as
the result.
Another heat wave struck tlie city
tllie week, Wednesday. Thursday and
Friday, being amongst the hottest
days of the seas 11. In the upper
rooms of the school and the High
school the heat was intolerable and
cl&aaee bad to be di-m -sed in the
former. Un Wednesday the south
room of the High school registered
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, anil as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
quite liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Ottarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to t'lt
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ul   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mrs. vV. B. lV..se, ul Ki luwna, Accompanied by her younger daughter,
is expected at. Sibhalilene lo uighl,
where bIii: will visit I r a week, and
then proceed on her j iirnny lo England.
John Anderson, fnrinerly mail muster 111 Field, hss l.i'iii appointed road-
master ut the Iti'veiHlike-KiiniloiipM
section ami UieOkansgan branoh,and
bas again taken up hi« residence In
Revelsti 1 e.
A must enjoyable early autumn 1
dance was indulged in list, night liy
some thirty young people at the hospitable home of Mra, MoCleneghan
and 11 thoroughly good lime was
enjoyed by all present.
Mr. l'linlnp, architect, ol Montreal,
was a visitor to the oitv yesterday.
Mr. Dunlop is president ol the Oano
dian Architects Association,andarohi
tret for Millions' Bank, whose new
building here was inspected by Ilinl.
Hon. Th is. Taylor, Minister of I'uh-
ic Woilis, accompanied by Mrs. Taylor, arrived in Ibe oity Monday, and
Mrs. Taylor baa ngain laken up her
residence here. Mr, Taylor went
south, and on Wednesday was driven
round the road works by Mr. Gordon,
Government, Agent, returning thut
alternoon toVic'oria.
President Savage, of the B. C. Fire
Chief's Association, and Chief Mc-
Duiigiild, of Fernie, were hiindsom ly
entertained by No. I Fire Brigade list
uight, and the visitors were delighted
with the reception accorded ihem. In
tbe course of their addresses loth visiting chiefs strongly advocated a cen
tral tire hall for Kevelslnke in lien of
the two brigades as at present.
The Power of labor
Is the title ol one of lie pictures 10
hu shown nt tin- Edison Theatre on
Monday night. "The Electric Hotel"
is a llrst-olaBB comedy; "Bostook's
Menagerie" is interesting snd other
good subjects will he shown.
'I'he splendid "Pageant" picture,
Including a splendid scene ol the lire
brigade inu is expected for Wednesday
und I'liiiisiliiy's change nl program.
Cily of Washington mul inauguration
ol President Tall mi March -Ith last is
a splendid picture aud must instructive and interesting.
Labor Day
no Hpi'cial
■I cluh will
Hiving In Ihere being
irsin the Armstrong crick
not play here on Monday.
An extensive programme, with list
of Labor Day prizes, iH in course of
preparation by our printtrs. The
prizes will he on display in I lie Bhow
windows of Messrs, Doyle and Allun,
and will be presented to the winners
in the opera home on Monday evening at 7 o'clok, followed by a Labor
Day oration nnd danoe. All are invited to attend promptly.
We are again ready for the season's work,
our Dressmaking Department is still in oharge of
Miss Macdonald
and she is prepared  to give you  first-class work
and prompt attention   in   every  manner possible.
Our new Fall Goods are now arriving and
we will be prepared to show you all the latest
goods and newost colorings.
Our line of Trimmings will be larger than
ever, and even more up-to-date. Jet Trillimings
and Buttons will be used to a very great extent
this fall, and some new ideas in braids—We have
them all at your choice and  disposal.
McLennan & Co,
The  city was   brilliantly lighted by
:'■ =t onr ol incadescent lamps .tt No. 1   and will build
and _.' Fire Halls esch evening on the i purpi
^c-uiuii of the Firemen -  Ci ovention
this week and the L.cal   brigade  (urn
-:...: the delegates with handsome
clasps as s memento ol the coasi a
these clasps bearing the inscription
1 '■.. gati Annua! I' mventi 1. F. C,
and 1 1;. relstt ki B 1' Sept. 1 and
:   I'tiio
A certain y una imi). slter reai b-
ing tin- summit ol Mount Revelsti ke
thought -lm would give lu-r horaet
drink at tbe lake, Her horse evident
wss verv I inl . ! water and after gong
out quite >i distance made up Ins mind
to lake a roll, SO down he went, and
the young lady made a dashing leap
from the animal and headed for tInshore. The watir being only three or
four feet deep, no difficulty whs ex
perienced in leaching dry land.
First-olasa program at Edison Par
lor Theatre to-night.
The great comedy ol errors—"Contusion," Friday, Sept.  10, opera house.
Remember the dance at the Opera
House the evening of Labor Day alter
the distribution ol prizes.
The Kebekahs are holding a dance
on Sept. 24th next in the opera house
in aid ol the aged Oddfellows' Home
City   building   improvements show
an increase   ol   $60,800  in value over
last year.
The great comedy success "Confusion" forms a fitting wind-up to the
Fall Fair celebrations—Fridvy night.
On Wednesday afternoon the Fire
Chiefs attending the Kevelstoke convention hud a photo nf the group
taken by E. F. Tucker.
Don't forget the dance it the open
house Friday uight after  'Confusion.   1
Kdison Parlor Theatre will be  open
every   night   ne\t   week—changes
program three times   M nday,  Wednesday and Friday
Ttie Globe Lumber Co., Ltd   intei
to take it liHinl in  improving the city
igbt houses for renting
vie went to   the   Coast   rn
iniiml"   going ea-t
II. N. I>
Aid. Kimberley
next month.
E. C. Fromey has gone  to  Conca^a
college, Spokane.
C. Ii. Hume returned this  morning
from a trip to the Coast.
Mr. and .Mrs. W. E   McLaughlin are
going on a trip to the   loast.
J, H. Ashdown   has  given  $100,000
towards Wesley 1   . 1 ge, Win
Mrs.   A.   H     Ulen   «... rei
beginning   ol   .,-   1    ■   »•   > •_.   her
eastern trip.
A, \\ i.n- aid
.-.  am
.-it   1'
in  count Ition   with   ti
ilii   ter
.istoke  at an
u Mc
id it,.o.l pencil In
The funeral i.f the late  I    M    ' 1 —
of Beaton   took   place at   Kevei-'
on  Wednesday   Bev. C A, Proonnii
ii inlui'iing ih" burial service,
A pri • Hghl I 11 been  arranged
be pulled nil ut tht ink lor i ital
$25 .1 ilde     I ■ ii are t be prii
puis   In the   iffah ll   li   Ik
|Hilice will tak-- sti-|." to Itop  I
t'   r I; engineers win. iun through
the new '..iinci« ii the eoal  i I I
Inform na the new roadbed la the beat
piece nl construction over whioh  they
A tilled In
with inli'i couil
ii. ,■  tn uvei v
school I k- nt
inatton given
purchiiHcr of
Bews' Drug Store
A    I 1 l.h   -I'i" K   01
Public   and   High    School
Books on Hand
Don't   forget   lhe place
Bews' Drug ^Stationery Store
.'. 1 XT   HI HE   III.'" li
have ever travel led
Arrangements   in be ng  made    i
t he erection ol < first class hotel buil
ding nn   First  street Tbe  eust  will
probably   be    about |50,000      The
DUildiDg Will  he of   brick.
A. Hobson is giving .$.'1 for the best,
lost ol brPml baked irom Purity Fluor
anil hii additional |fl will be given for
trie best loaf ol bread of any other
make of llour. The loal may be
entered for both prizes,
The prizes will be distributed tn the
winners at the Opera  House Monday
night    beginning   al    H   unlock.    An
add res j will be given Irom H :in tn 11 30
by E. Kingsley. At. M- conclusion
of tbe address, dancing will commence.
The lire Ml formerly iu No. 2 hall
Iuih hii.ii installed in the tower ol No
I hal'and   the   Ihikuh for that system
I" I have been fixed,     The   No. I hull sys-
I '.em will be   all   couiiiiuled  up in two
• I days.
B   ;.   Frank 0
early date.
Mi    '     i    Lind
.   i ..-. n n.i- recovered fi im
elai '. ■'.. iio.u. '.
11- laid ii|       -ome time.
Mrs   \I,      i .  .    |tg{ |    I,,,,,,
is left \       n "   cake   ip
esidenci ... h
m -- '  iambei lain B. Humi
• Millinery  department, return
ni ber ir    to Spittle
.    iid ..      i|   .,
r  Mr   '    ..oil  ml
i-    perai d on ai   I he hi  •   -
ippend ■
i   F   Moodie    ms     ,   -   ,•■   tl     B .
Bend VI ios Mines        . .     imi     i   •
frnm the Bend   I bi rsday ami went  in
in Calgary
in i lesdaj Mr   i id  Mr-. F, luliai
i iitei i lined h large |irt.y ol friends on
'hs ii ■ , jion   i i j    hilm   of t.iien
eldest  laughter, Mr-,   i lasl an.
Mrs   II   I;   Ebert, wile  of tl,
manager   lor   the   Bwilt Company  is
going nv.iy lo St, Pau    but Mr  Ebon
is not going as stated in a former issue
Revs,   MoDonell,   V,    m    Wbo...
I'eachlandj and   MoRoe,  ol  Guidon
isited Revelstoke   this     ck In non
unction with tin- Presbyterian churches
0. Nugent, of the C. P. H. me
chanioal stall', IihiI one of bis leel
crushed yesterday   by   a pieoe ol iron
filling on   it,   mid    was   moved to tlie
Mrs. MoCleneghan was the hostess
nl. the tea huiir on Wednesday in
honor ol Miss Hunter, ol Portage In
I'rairiii, who Iuih born vmiting her lor
the paHt two witsks.
Rig Discount Stile—All kinds of
wood and coal beaten, I McCiary
Steel Range, Dressers and Stands,
kitchen utensils, etc. Come and get a
bargain. Sale starts Saturday, Sept
4th. Tbe Revelstoke New and Secoud
Hand Store.   Open evenings.
All kinds of ripe tomatoes, cauliflower, green peas, green beans, celery,
and beets, freBh in this morning. C.
B. Hume & Co.
Did you see our snap iu toilet soaps,
Thi- is the last day. <iet some oelore
they all go. First tome, lirst made
happy.   C. B. Hume A- Co,
lu Iresh fruits we have pears, plums
oantelonpes, bl u-.kberries, grapes,
bananas, oranges, apples. All new
and Iresh.    C. B. Hume it Co.
See our corner window for llour
and breakfast foods. All kinds, al)
orices and all good. C. H, Hume it
Ihe Fair
While .1. F. Moodie was in the city
yesterday several interested in the
Fair saw bim and urged him to bring
over his horses Don nntl Mnnie Musk
for the Fair here. Mr. Mo die will do
so if t e arrangements made Ht Cal-
gary during bio absence in lhe Hend
will permit.
t'l up-tnwn exhibits in bread and
preserves must be delivered at the city
hall belore 2 p.m. on Wednesdny Ihe
■>th in-l. and any delivered at the
gt, ui.d- m ist tn- ii the bunds nt the
Ladies Committee tin- same evening
n ■   iter than " o clock.
Tbe poultry exhibits particularly
will show great improvement tbis
__ ar I bere will be loo entries as
i _• six o> seven last year.
i ngard, whu is m oharge ol
■   rk ul    the   Fair, has lieen
working   hard   tu make s   succesi ol
this brai ib
,1   \U e    wil'   i'"'.     •   magnificent
■ - pot plants and fruits
ices i   'i i   .sir promise to he
„ splendid leatnre       \   J    MeDonell
■ - ' hat t wi i ti: mis ol horses
from    Vaocou ei     ind    i
•  ,   ■ i     i        ii-     c. miiig   Ir .in    Ver
ti ui
ii    i tub   -nn.       "0     be   'i
Several  •        nl   pro
.ni.ounce Iheir il ll iium to
he pre* ind   keen   oo npetition is
ill matches,
Contusion at the Opra House
no snd   :     i nfoslon
at tbe    per*   bouse  nn Frida) nigbt
-.|.i   loth  when   tbe   Amateur   lira
... presenl   f-.. ih    first   time
jtoki   "' ■        ..'-ily mo
,i   name      I hs play ia  ine
will   cause     mdl n    ours   ol
,  ..     -   orming   i n   sl appropriate
. ion to  Bevelstoke • big annual
Immediately   alter   tbe
. .,.,.   ,i   .!. its        i   is-   held
. ing liirin-biil by  l III   llil|.-p»n
de '- Band,     I Icketi   sr iw on snle
hi 0 \' Maodonald's drug nnd book
store and il you wish to avoid further
confusion   nt.    "Confusion,     reserve
your aests now
The Churches
Ml .loni-r—The p'tslnr will deliver
n Labor Day address on Sunday oven-
mg An Invitation is extended to all
subjeot "The Rotation nl Ibe Oburob
to tlm Masses."
Knox I'liiHiivri'.in in—llev 0 W
Whyln, ol I'laehbind, will conduct, the
servicea in thia church to-morrow,
Rural Telephones
Willi his usual enterprise, W.
Cowan, managing director of the Revelstoke Trout Luke & Big liend Telephone Co., Iibh began the installation
of a rural system of telephones connecting the city of Revelstoke with
the ranches to the south ol the city.
The ranches of Messrs Hume and
Lawson, J. Lonzo, F. McCarty, L. M
Hagar, C. R Macdonald, A. .1. Mc
Donelland A. McRae will be amongst
the lirst to be connected up witb the
city system.
_______ mtmXttAtmmMm^^^^mm^^m^^m^Mm^mm^^^^Jtm^^m^^m^^mm^Amm^AM
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to mako
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Fair Rates on C.P.R.
The 0. P. R- have granted a special
round trip rate of fare and one-third
to visitors (rom outside points to the
Revelstoke Fall Fair. Tickets will be
on sale from Sept. 6th to 10th, good
to return up to Sept. llth.
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. Coursier and family
desire to extend their sincere thanks
to the numerous friends who iu so
many ways imparted help and sym
pathy to them in tlieir recent gnnt
bereavement. Especially do they wish
to thank those who worked so faithfully on the river in the effort to
recover the body ol their little soli
and brother.
Revelstoke, It. C, Sept. 2nd, 19011
Notice to Exhibitors.
All up-town exhibits in bread and
preserves must be delivered at the
City Hall hefnre 2 p m. on Wednesdny,
8th inst, and any exhibits delivered at,
the grounds must be in the hands of
the Ladies' Committee uot later than
7 p in. the same evening.
A   large  quantity ol   Prairie
and   Timothy   Hay    always
on hand
Frank A. Lackner.
Kevelstoke Land llislrict.
District ol Wesi Kootenay,
Take notiee  thai   A. \V, Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,occupation Lumberman,
intends tn apply for permission to pur-
.-li isi- I be following ili'sci'iiii'd binds:
Commencing at fl posl planted near
tb- nm th eoal corner ol Lot 7905 and
marked A. W, Dickinson's N. W. C,
Ibence louth III chalna, eoal In chuins,
mu iii io bum- t<i lake shore, thenoe
west in chains following Like slime in
pl.u i- ul commencement.
Ilo.. Aug. 10th, I imi i.
Notice is hereby given Unit tlie lirst
sitting ol tint Court ol Revision to
revise the Assessment Roll lor the year
1009, will be held in the Council
Chamber, city Hall, Bevelstoke, I). 0.
ui Monday, Ootober I Lib, at 2 p.m.
September Ith,
sup i im
City Clerk.
ies Ltd., Agents i
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
City Water
Until further notice no more watei
iun lie used I'm lawn sprinklini;.
City Clerk.
Sept.  1st, UHKI.
Nolice is hereby given that an application  will  be  mode under Purl. V. of
ibe "Water Aot, 1909," to obtain u
licence  In  the Division  of
Revelsloke Dlstriot,
du The namo, address and occupation of ilu- applicant Hugh to. It.
Smythe. Rnnoher, Kevelstoke.
ill I'm- mining purpoHos) Free Miner's
Certifloate No	
till    'I'he n.i nn- of lhe lake, -ll'i'ilin or
source iif unnamed the description ie)
A small stream rising on the N. K.
', Seel Ion .'i, mul running In small
swamp on N. \X. '., Sections,
01 The point nl division Where
water drains into swamp,
nil The quantity of water applied
fnr iin oublo feci per second)   1.1
(oi The oharactor of the proposed
works For Irrigation purposes on dry
ill-mil lands,
(fi The premises on which ihe water
in lo he nseil (describe same) -Bench
lands sloping to west of no use without Irrigation,
(g) The purposes for which the
water is to he used Irrigation and
llll    If   I'm    Irrigation   describe  the
in ml Intended in he Irrigated, giving
acreage Irrigating 86 acros stoney
and dry bench land on eaat half of N.
W. 1 Section H, Township ai, Range 2,
West ii Meridian, comprising 85.
til If the watei in to he used for
power or mining purposes describe
lhe   place   where   tne   water  iH to be
returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in ultiiudi between
point of diversion and point of return,
(jl   Area of Crown  land intended to
be occupied by the proposed works,...
(Ic)   This notice  was posted on the
19th day of August, 1909, and application will be made to tbe Commissioner
on the Ullli day of Sept. USUI.
(1) Hive the names und addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose binds are likely to be
affected liy lhe proposed works, either
above or below the Outlet.—None.
(Signature) H. to, R. SMYTHE,
sepl       (P.O. Address)    Kevelstoke.
FOR   SALE—Twenty   colonii
Yellow  Italian  bees—by t
ies    of
•by the ool-
iny or in lots to suit purchaser—C, A.
Procunier. sep 4 2t
IOST—On Saturday night, a Ladies'
J Gold Wiitch, (hnntillg case). A
reward will be paid to the Under on
leaving il. at the Maii.-IIkrai.ii ollice.
\niUNli MAN desires work in hotel,
store or warehouse in spare time
Apply Mail Herald office.
Jrioit SALE—An Kdison Phonograph
?    price  $35 00,     Apply  at   MAIL-
II nu alii Ollice.
VTTANTKD-Ahnut Sept. lHl.TiTiwt
class stationery engineer and
sleiiiii llllei'with second class papeis.
Hiiiui Li'MIikr Co., Taft, H.C.
IjlOK MA LK -A (iiieiney Range, size
' II, six boles, in good condition;
also ii Pinna in excellent. I'lilulilion.
Apply lo It. N. Doyi.k.
ANTED—Millinery apprentice by
c. H. Home anu Co,
I Inly
M All.  II
ANTED   Girl
(luud  home
for   limine   wu'k.
and   goud wngi-H,
Only I lll'i'e ill I'umilv,    Apply nlllce nf
"ERALD, Revelstoke,   sep I Hi |
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
lll'Ali OKKICKl  111-115 Adelaide St. east
for half year ending 89th .lime, IM!
Hy doss Premiums Income
Jan. 80th   -    $2111 111)8 III
Less rebate and
return premium   Mi 101 ihi
$182 998 211
Less reinsurance   ->l 'Mi •I5$I21I
Hy Interest (I
.'illH 81
9186 8117 71
To net losses pald$0i! 170 17
To net losses under adjustment 11 8U<) 71
Gov, fees, taxes,
and all oilier
charges       -       .17 211 118
Balance Cr. profit
and Iohh     - 11 H28 86
U. H. Bkok,
Gen, Mao.
8186 :il»7 71


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