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 " E n'-ire " Typewriter
For eme of 0|ierarion and pet feet ini
in r-iilts |,i-,,diii"ei1, |l"i- ma,'liine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $-0 00 fas!.
I.iterior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Special Prices on
Five Cord Lots
E. W. B. PAGET, ' MoKenile Ave.
Vol. 14.-No 78
'C.B. Hume^i-">,d,
Stor.s ut Arrowhead ami Revelstoke.
"Lion Brand"
IT'S BEST because there is more work and
stj*'e on tMs m«k." than iny other.
The ii-.-, i! ii!", concave shoulders, the
shoulder and sleeve pads, the double elbows in
the sleeves, the double seats and knees, double
stitched seams in the knickers.
Boys who have tried this make say it's the
We have the best assortment to show. Boys,
come to us for a "LION BRAND"imake.
"LION BRAND" does not cost all it is worth
but is well worth what it costs.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Stoves! Stoves!
Dp not wait until the first cold snap comes, but come
right in and pick out your heater. Our men are very
busy and we cannot set it up at short notice—so give us
the chance in plenty of time.
We have our usual fine display of coal and wood
heating stoves anil al prices to suit the purse. Remember
we set up all new stoves purchased from us free of charge,
using only our own hand made ri vetted pipes.
Stove Boards, Coal Hods, Fire .Shovels, Ash Sifters.
A fine line of I'Viideri* and English Coal Cabinets.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches or Agent*, at all principal points in Oanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States London, England,
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd. Chicago First National Hank, Corn Exchange
National Hank. Seattle—Sea (tie National Bank, San Francisco-
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Hank. Hpokiine Exchange National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest credited four
times a year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.   A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
LADIES' furs::
See them   before buying
Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
A Lengthy Session.—Important
Water and Light Resolutions
—Gratitude Extended from
citizens of Fernie.
The   regular   meeting   of   the cily
council   was   beld   l'st    night   with   wer,!
Mayor Lindmark and   Aldermen Sawyer, Lefeaux, Foote and Stone present.
iMiniit _ of last regular and special
meetings were read and adopted.
From Chief of Police re lire alarms.
From T. F, Sinclair iu cunin ctioii
with the city sewerage work. Tbe
council agreed that the central section
ol the city was in a bad state from
cctmpnulH and decided lhat the matter
of constructing fe-svers in that part
wsb essential to the city's health. A
resolution was pasted that the matter
be left in lhe hands of tbe Fire, Water
and Light commit lee to take up the
question witii Mr. Sinclair and get a
dt linite proposition from him and nee
if it falls in with the views ol the
From tho Secretary ot No 2 Fire
Brigade, enclosing the report ot W. A.
Foote, delegate to the Fire Chiefs Convention it New Westminster. The
report was received aud a resolution
pat-seil expressing appieciatiou ol the
work nl Mr. Foote at the convention.
From E. Picard applying for appointment of city chimney sweep
Prices were included in the communication of 75c. up to 15 feet, and 5c.
per foot up to 40 feet. The council
were opiuioned that the people should
be compelled to have their chimneys
cleaned and that a regular inspection
shoild be made. The question of appointment was laid over.
From C. Nortb, city electrician, requesting sn increase of salary on the
grounds tbat the city electrical work
was heavy and increasing. The council felt that tbe request was justified
and res.lved that the city electrician's
salary   be   raised by   $15 per month.
From tbe provincial government
acknowledging receipt of the resignation of A. M. Pinkham as police magistrate for the city.    Piled.
From (i. M. Sproat re assessments
on certain latins which were the property of the Realty Co —Filed.
From tbe superintendent of power
house submitting a report for the
month of September. Tbe report
sli wed that the plant was running
Lighting Plant—K.W. generated,
30.16..$; Hours running, 411.
Power Plant—K. W. generated,
2,231; Hours running, 450.
From F. Bourne requesting that the
sum of $6oO be forwarded bim on tbe
lots 1, 2, 3, 4, in Block 10, the present
goal properly. The council resolved
that the matter be laid over aud tbat
the money lie paid over when the
titles are in sight,
From the Fernie Citizens' Committee expressing gratitude to the city of
RevelBtoke for their donation during
the great tire tbere.—Filed.
From No. 1 Fire Brigide requesting
that tlieir tire hall be supplied with a
dozen new chairs. The letpiest will
be grauted. The brigade also requested that new hydrants be placed
at the corner of Pearson street and
First street, and suggested that the
hydrants now situated in tbe centre
of Block 49 should be changed to the
corner of Ford and Second streets.
The need of a hydrant at the corner of
Douglas and liana, n streets wan
badly felt.
Referred to Fire, Water and Light
,1. Mathie was present, representing
the Trades and Labor Council and requested lhat tbey might have the use
ol the Council chamber every second
Saturday for meetings. The council
felt that they could not give the
chamber for every society or organization and resolved that tbey could
not establish a precedent in allowing
the chamber to be used for regular
meetings of organizations, but the
Trades and Lab ir Council will get tbe
same privilege in regards to any
special meeting, as other's get.
Local improvement by law for
boulevarding was re considered, finally
pamed and adopted.
A resolution was passed that lumber be purchased (or II. Noedham's
bouse at the power bouse. A request
from the chief of police lor lumber for
a woodshed at the city gaol was
The matter of the vaccination
account from Dr. Curtis, medical
health officer, and of attendance in
connection with Nam Sing, was left
with the mayor, the vaccination accounts to be looked into.
An agreement between the C P.R.
and the city allowing the latter the
right of having their pipe line under
the track from the city water tank
and the former the right nf using the
overflow from the water tank, was
Tenders tor clearing a  part nf   the
MoKenzie   nvenue   recreation ground
Ope  "I   that   of   W.    Fleming
being acct,  i I.
The question of overdue water and
light accounts formed a long discussion, tlie Council feeling that there
had been a neglect in looking after
and colled.ing the same. Over $4,000
was due the city from these causes.
In many cases there was no excuse
for non-payment and it was nicessary
for the city to tnke pains to secure
more prompt payment and a resolution was pissed that the city clerk
shall notify all delinquents that if
these overdue accounts are not paid
within thirty dayB t cir water and
light wiil be cut off. Iu discussing
this nut I ler a h.rni.g resolution wns
passed that till water mul light accounts liiusl le paid' within thirty
days froin the date due fordiscuUUt or
the water ami light will he out off.
The meeting terminated at 11:30
Public Meeting, Tuesday Evening Next.
Mr. Duncan Rise, if Yule-Cariboo,
and J. A. Mac.Don.ild, leader of the
Provincial opposition, will address a
Public Meeting, Tuesday evening next
An invitation is extended to opposi
tion speakers aod especially W. J
Bowser, Attorney General, when a
opportunity will be afforded him to
reply to tbe statements made by Mr.
Duncan Ross, late member for Yale.
Cariboo, in charging Mr. Bowser
while solicitor for Mr. Gotoch, witl
having drawn up contracts, through
which thousands of Japanese laborers
were brought into B.C. last year.
Tbis meeting should prove the most
important political event ever beld in
Western Canada. Place of meeting
will be announced by band bills. God
Save the King. Committee.
Logger Loses Arm from Accident on South Track
While the south train was en route
from Arrowhead to the city on Saturday, it appears that a hunt er jack,
whi was under tbe influence of liquor,
and who was beating his way up,
managed to fall off the car on to tbe
track. It was not discovered that an
accident had taken place unlil some
lection men, who happened to be fishing not far from Wigwam, noticed the
body lying ou the track bleeding profusely from several deep cuts, They
immediately communicated with Revelstoke and an engine was despatched
to Wigwa.n, which conveyed the injured man to the city where he was
hurried to tb • hospital. The nmu
cal's liiiiitell by the name of Stewart
but is reticent about giving any in-
formatiop as to his action that day or
nb to who he is. The doctors found it
necessary to amputate tbe right arm
at the shoulder, which had evidently
been crushed beneath the car wheels,
and several deep scalp wounds also required attention.
Revelstoke Branch will Open in
a Few Days
Work in connection with the fillings and fixtures of the new branch
of tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce
which has been established on Mc
Kenzie Avenue is now being carried
on, the necessary linings having
arrived frum Vancouver on Thursday.
G. S. Holt, of Vancouver, who ban
been on inspection work of the interior branches of the Bank of Commerce
has arrived ami will open the branch
hero, although be states that he is not
in a position to say whether bo will bu
permanent manager. Tho bank will
open its doors for business just as soon
as tbo interior of tbo building is
ready. Mr. Holt statos that he be
lievcs tbat Revelstoke is on tbe eve of
a steady run of prosperity and was
pleased to see, the local improvement
work in progress and the active state
of business generally.
Children cannot be cheerful and
flowers will not flourish in impure
air. Gas is bad for both. There is
none in Coursier's ooal.
Seventeen Burned to Death
in a Relief Train Accident
and Hundreds have likely
Perished in the Forest Fires
of Northern Michigan.
Detroit, Mich., Oct.. 17.—The total
lusstiflifo in the great forest fires
which, for tbe second time thiB year,
broke out. in the Michigan timber dits-
tricts is unknown at lhe present time.
The towns of Me'z, with 200 inhabitants, Millersburg, wiih 800 inhabitants, and Posen and Pulaski have
been wiped out. A relief train bring-
ing out about 201) refugees from Metz
and Millei'sbuig ran into a burning
culvert and seventeen lives were wiped
out by the tin; wbioh totally destroyed
the train.
The Detroit and Macinao railroad
headquiirleia ibis afternoon iseued the
lolloHii g stutome it.
•'Atmiil 2U0 men, women and children were ou ibe Metz reli.f train
which was wreekeil and uunitd. Seventeen bodies hive heen found Abuut
twenty-five sni viv.irs have been heard
(rum The fate of the remaining 185
at ibis tiini! is unknown. We hope
many of then escaped, but it would
he impioper to In Id out too much hope
We have ibree. rebel trains with d titers, medicines and cuokets on tlie way
to the nCeue.
Conductor Kinsville, after the wreck
uf his train, managed to pass tbe but
blast, but when he reached Milloraburg
Was loltilly blind. Tbe engineer of
the doomed tiain broke through but
waa terribly burned, ilow many of
the 200 persons escaped is unknown
as tbey scattered through tbo forest
and tlieir bodies have not beeu recov-
eieil. In a bouse near the railroad
nek at the edge of the forest an aged
duple was roasted to death.
Alpena, Mich , Oct. 17.—The whole
of Northwestern Michigan is burning.
Tbe flames already bave swept four
counties, and tbe loss of life is heavy,
lt is believed that if reports could be
obtained the results uf i-.e fires would
be the most appalling in the history
of tbis p_rl of.the country. There is
practically no hope for the 200 refugees
who lefl Meiz on the relief train tbat
was wrecked in the burning forest.
One refugee wbo arrived from Metz
today says that very few escaped, and
tbat be believes practically tbe whole
population of the town, numbering
more than 200, was lost.
Saolt Ste Makie, Mich., Oct. 16.—
Tbe forest tires forced their way into
this city early today in spite of the
desperate work of the citizens, who
bittl.-d nil night to keep them outside
tne cily limits.
Special Meeting of Council
A apecial meeting of the city council was held on Tuesday night, with
Mayor Lind iu ink, and Aldermen 1.°-
feaux, Foote, Stone, Woodland and
Sawyer present. The special business
for discussion waa that of reconsidering, finally passing and adopting the
bylaw which received its assent by the
people ou Sept. 21, authorizing tbe
raising of $10,000 by debentures for
the completion of the auxiliary power
and light plant. Also to introduce
and deal wilh a bylaw authorizing of
boulevards on certain streets and
raining money (or same by local debentures, and also for any general
A resolution was passed that tbe
bylaw authorizing the borrowing of
money debenture! for the completion
of 'be power plant, he reconsidered,
dually passed and adopted by the
council, sealed ami registered.
The bylaw authorizing tbe carrying
uut nf boulevards ou certain streets
antl the raising of money for the same
on local debentures, was introduced,
receiving its three readings and finally
passed with the unanimous 'Consent of
the council.
The meeting then terminated.
Canada's Bank System
Thus. Church, ul the National Bank
of Australia, is now in Canada to study
tbo lenttircB of the Dominion's out-
rency system. What has most in-
pressed him, so far, is tbe absence of
gold. When it was pointed out that
Canadians preferred paper money be
cause of its greater convenience in
handling, Mr. Church romarked that
Australia had never felt the incon
venience of carrying gold, but there
was something in the Canadian point
of viow
$2.50 Per Year
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting goods.
are showing the h
has been seen iu ltevelst
we bave the right goods
Onr Plumbing department Is up-to-dal
llie best woll.   Imi is done in tbe citv.
•st line
ike and our increasingsa
md prices.
prove that
we  are doing
Bourne  Bros.
Rain has fallen since the world began. Rain
will fall as long as the world lasts. It makes a delightful feeling to walk out in the rain wearing a
nice cravenette and not getting soaked, besides, a
cravenette is just as good tor sunshine as any other
kind of overcoat.
All cravenette coats are not alike you might as
well get one that has style. When you are at it
come to the store that has style in cravenettes.
We also carry a fine assortment of Umbrellas
and Rubbers for Rainv weather.
McKinnon C8_. Sutherland
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
At 8 Per Cent.
and the idea of adopting it was popular in Australia. Last year a bill to
establish the use of paper money was
passed, but nothing had resulted so
(ar. The difference between the Australian and Canadian banking system
wat this: In Australia the banka
loaned  more on   the   loan   company
He said that a great deal was , principle,   lending  on realty or uiort-
heard of the Cadadian banking system, | gage, with the   difference   that   bank
I" 'iie were all repayable on demand, •
clause never put iuto actual practice.
There was no savings department in
tbe Australian banks, tbis being supplied by tbe post otlice saving* bank.
One know is better than two don't
knows, aud those who have tried and
tested it, know tbat there ie no gas,
no smoke, no soot, and no duat in
Zbc ADaiMbcralfc.
Bakkistkrs, Solicitors,   Rtc,
Farliament-iiv,    Departmental
and Patent Ollice Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Muk. hy.        Hakoi.ii Fisher
Solicitors, etc.,
0, X UlLLtN _ 1. V. Union
AND l'i       HAM,
'I..,, k. :    I_._.<:.!     Hank ItuVKi.
BTOU,  11. U,
Mum) Ul Us..;..
OOoeai RsvelstiOke, B (',    Cranbrook, B r,
UltO. ti. HoOabtkb,
1. M.   HlNKUAM. J. A.   IlAHVKV,
Hcvtsisioke, ii. i       Cranbrook, n.
J. M. "S..v>ti IX W, 1. llriKKs.
MuNky To Loan
S iLICI'I'uKS KiJK  MoLHtlN"   llANK
F.est Street, Keve    oke, H.C
1 _
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mining Butveyor
Engineei ing
Mi Kknzik Avknl-k,
Box Pxi, Kkvi.lstokk
Certificated Tench.'I- ol'
Piano. Vocal Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Classes tor young children.
Studio I've
Banff Hard Coal
We ar_ now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be  promptly   and  saiis.ac
torily attended to,
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open (irate.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
IOC.      The latest
The big
black plug
chewing tobacco.
Zbc _TDail*1betalb
Thero is so much bail in the best Of us.
And so much good iu tlio worst of u.,
Thai ii hardly behooves any of us,
To talk about the rest of us.
Successful politics hae been said
to be the art of hypnotizing the
victim into believing that it is a
patriotic duty to look pleasant,
while being robbed which in more
than one case has been definitely
proved. Successful politics, can
also be said of a candidate who
come* out of the campaign scald-
less from the attack of his ojiposers
who at these times rake over the
past life of their enemy and bring
to light all his shortcomings and
failings, which, with more or less
embellishment, are presented to the
public ;is pari of the tactics of political warfare to secure iheir ends.
Although it -.hould not be a chief
isssiie in any political campaign
that a proposed candidate's -shortcomings or default.- be taken as
ia.tors for disqualifying him from
holding public otlice, yet moral
decency is the tirst rei|uirement of
a man who essays public life. The
plea that a legislator'- private
character should be totally exempt
from criticism is, in fact, worse
than nonsense. When a man
»spire_ tu _ position of public trust
he should be prepared lor the
white light of searching investigation which at lhe present time is
one of the principal methods oi
campaign warfare. The drunkard,
the libertine, and the grafter should
be taken without the camp and
s'.oni-d wilh viter to political
death. Along this line should
parties acl, the unclean can only
bring decay and death to the party
which tolerates their company, lt
should lie the business of the electors in the coming elections to
mark the bawds and swindlers, of
public life of whatever political
-tripe fur the political  shambles.
Apropos of the fact that the C.P.
R. intend to operate their trains
throughout li. C. in the near future
by electricity, tin* possibilities of
the vast power lying dormant in
the waterfalls, rapids, and torrents
;n the vicinity of Revelsluke tor
indu=triaI purpos .p. cannot he overestimated. This phase of development hat:   never   been really given
serious consideration, apart from
the present power and light plant
on the lllecillewaet river. We can
safely say that few cities in Uritish
Columbia are better situated as
regards the accessibility of water
power, than Revelstoke, and when
we consider what e results would
bn were our streams and falls, or
even the Columbia Hiver itself,
harnessed for the production of
electric power, the importance of it
cannot be overestimated. Kevelstoke has ideal facilities for almost
every named industry, both owing
to her geographical position on the
main and junction lines of the C.
P. R. iitul also to the fact that
electric energy can be secured more
or less cheaply. Were Revelstoke
to develop into nn industrial and
manufacturing city, which is more
than likely, there is an abundance
of power which enn lie utilized to
drive all the machinery in the district. To those that know the
country round about and are familiar with the waters, this fact
cannot but appeal to them, and it
is a question which can very well
be taken up and discussed at the
Board of Trade sesBionB when the
improvement and developmental
schemes for the district are before
the board.
The manner in which civic authorities are imposed upon has
been evidenced by the recent case
at Vancouver, where u man, his
wife and family of four small children were stranded in lhat city in
.in absolutely destitute condition,
and arc now dependent on tbe city
for support. It appears that this
family had been supported for several months by Calgary, and had
been eventually sent lu the coast
iy a church society there. Inci-
lentally it may be said that thir
man was suffering from chronic
rheumatism and unable to do an)
work. Revelstoke bas frequently
had to face u proposition ol this
ort and it is certainly unfair lo
the people to have to bear the expense of outsiders who come
uuongst US for a little while ami
then become a charge on tbe i
Although humanity calls for the
care of such people who wander
from place to place, yet on the
other hand lhe town where such
people have originaiis lived should
not turn them adrift to set ure
a he Iter and food wherever possible
and thus become a source ol expense and worry to any Community where they may happen to
land. Revelstoke bas all it can do
to look after it- own people without being saddled by those who
irom the outset require the hand of
Comment of Labor Organ on
Terms of C. P. R. Strike
The Winnipeg Voice, the organ of
union labor in tlmt city, comments
thun nn the settlement nl the C. P. K.
mechanics' strike:
The 0, P. R. mechanics' sttike ia
over. The process has been ten med a
settlement. Certainly. The strikers
were "settled" bust Sunday, and announcement was niiide on Monday
morning last,
Up to the present time no full, frank
and necessary explanation of the startling climax has been tendered to the
organisations and the general publio.
No adequate explanation has been
given, by anyone competent to give it,
of the extraordinary occurrence.
'1 hat there must he such nn explanation we feel confident. If there
is none other than baa already been
given, then there bas been plundering
most colossal, and that to the gieat
injury of the organized movement and
to every wage earner^  (the Dominion.
The strike itself was an avertable
misfortune- it never ought to have
been culled—this year—but as a misfortune the calling of it takes second
place to its finish,
A   neatly printed   visiting card is a
pleasure to look upon.
I.   O.   F.
i nun, Mount Begbie, Si Mil, meet" 2nd aud
Ith Mondays iu oddfellow, Hull, ualt tn Opera
House Visiting brethren oordlally invitod n,
J.W. Gaei.akd, C.B.
H. W. Edwards. K S
Autos and Hacks will be Busy
on Election Day
Vancouver, Oot. Ki—Despite anything in the provisions of tbe act to
amend the Dominion Elections Aot,
the electors of Vancouver \ ill ride to
the polls iu carriages, hacks and automobiles on Monday, Oct. 26, Automobiles are the most popular mode of
conveyance wilh the men charged by
both parties with getting out lhe vote
On election day, and aa a conacquence
the harvest per auto will be $50 for
day. All the automobiles, hacks and
carriages in Vancouver which it. haa
been possible to secure have already
been siiiippeil up for service one week
(rom Monday.
Sections :'0 und 111 ot the act to
amend the Dominion Elections Aet,
aet (nub in exceedingly cumbersome
ami iitinieldly term, that it, ia unlawful (or any candidate, agent or party
on behalf o( any candidate to hire, or
pay for, or promise to put for any
conveyance lo take voters to the poll,
or the vicinity ul the polli, and Unit it
ia also unlawful fur any person to let
to hire any conveyance to be used in
transporting voter, to or from polls or
vicinity uf pulls. The sections are ou
the books, but it i- .aid to be extremely i)..uiiiini il s conviction could be
Becured under til t >i and apparently
no attention ie being paid to the pus
Bible dire penalties.
C.P.R. May Electrify Lines in
British Columbia
Winnipeg, Oct. Ki—Sir Thomas
Shtiugbnessy, president ol the Caua
il ia n Pacific railway, who yesterday
competed a survey ol the doublr-
traoking between here and Fort William, intimated today that work
would he atarteU by tbe company iu
doubling its trackage between here
and the Rocky Mountains. I.ugt expenditures .if (he added capital of
$50,000,000 made nl the r-1 c t annual
meeting, will be made in • .rrying out
this work.
It Is also stated Chut the company
will (ipeiate all of ita lines in Uritish
Columbia by a system of electric
trains, the current to be generated by
C.   W.   O   W
Mount,.,..  View Camp, No. 129
Meeta   Second   und   Fourth   Wedne-day- in
each month, In -Selkirk H.U1.   Visitln   Woodmen coniiiilly Invited to attend.
vv. li. AKMBTRONQ, Con. Coin,
J   MoINTYRK, rierk.
Boarding   School   for    Girl*
Children of all Denominations ad.
milled. Complete Preparatory Studies.
Iliifh School Course. Music:- -Piano,
Instruments, For terms and other
particulars apply lo—Sister Sii'krior
OPENING    SEPT.    1st.     1008
reputation is « patent factor lo he considered na it ia synonymous with the
quality, merit and prices of the goods
aold. If you (Iiul at Hastings, Doyle A
A Hum's you will know yuu will be
treated fairly, no n atur how you may
be lacking in technical knowledge of lhe
value and quality of j.iwela nf any kind
We keep only the best and choicest.
Where gold ia used it ia marked wiih the
carat, s'amp, with silver it is sterling, in
gems and precious atones their quality is
fully guaranteed.
Hastings. Doyle & Allum. Limited
A New Carpet    m liMi^M
  !.___.. t iB . l___ll  TlO      .
from uur choice and handsome
atock ul Ax minster, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you sec the rich
antl beautiful effects ol tho colors
and patterns and the durability
of tlio fabrics Our carpets are
made by the beet manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
aa to look well.
Import direct from country ot origin.
>%■ %r%r%*r%*+*rV%>%r%<%r%*Ar+r%%*r'lr%r%%%r%%*>m/%^
I     P.
HKAD OKKICK I   Oaloakv,  AMimri.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I .nk Packers mul Dealers in Live Stock. Markets in iill i tit- pi'lni'i
pal Cities mid Towns ul' Alherlu, British Colunilii i and lhe Yukon.
Packers of ihe Celebrated Brand " Imperii! i*" Hams nnd Bacon,
an l "Shamrock" Brand Leaf LhiiI.
4^%.%'%^^^k^,v%^_^%^s^-_^%^^^%"%^%'%^-%-'%^^%^^% •*
Pnr Affric-.--nr._l Implement*. (.'arrlnffSH, Waffons Ktc., John
Deere Ploughs,   Molina   Wagou-i,   Oanada   .'arriaffe Company's
Himffiiis. PL'net jr., Oar-Ion Sender-" and Cultivator.!. Wheel-
■■vriifM aii'l Hlack smith Work attended to. Hor<-e hoeing e
Central Hotel
__________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built        First-clasB in every respect.    All modem con"»>nianoes
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 81.60 per Day, Special Weakly Ratea.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   inana^ement
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees S™
and Plants
For tha Farm, garden Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable   varieties at  reason-
_     able priees,     No  borers,  Scale
or fumigation lo damage stock.
No windy agents (o annoy you.
Buy   direct and  get  trees nnd
seeds lhat grow.
Fertilizers, Hee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,  Cul
Flowers, ule. Oldest established nursery on lhe mainland
of B, 0.   Catalogue free.
Qrcen Houses and Seed I louses
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
fie- SAILINGS J,™,
Bat. Sep.aOLk. Maui toba
Kri. Oct. 2 Emp. Britain
Sat.   '•   10 Lk.Chumph.in Kri. Sep.ai
Km.    " Id Emp. Ireland Kri. Out. 2
Sat.    " 24 Lake Erie     Wed.   "   7
Fri.     •'   I Emp. Britain Kri.   " It)
Intermediate Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class and. Class jrd. Class
$9000   $4875 $2871;
1 si. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$72 so       $42 50       $27 50
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 <w       $27 So
('heap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
points   in connection  with steuin-
ship tickets.
Passengers honked to Norway,
.Sweden, Antwerp, Handling mid
all other continc  tal porta.
Kor forth r information appl    to
T. W. Bradshaw,    CB. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
D raying
Stora? e
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Ooal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
F. O. E.
Ttie regular mMtiuf. art h«W In t*-« 8-»IMrj|
Hall every Tim-day eTotuuK .a S o'clock
Visiting brethren are cordial j  ai ted
J    LE.-i.lK   t'i-iuM)!-*r
V-   K. He LA L'i HLIN.Be-!.__t _bv
Sale of Mineral Claims in Revelstoke Assessment District
Kootenay Lodge   Mo. 15 A  F. * A  M
*"    _.
Tt.e reiruinr m**
LBtl  1"o  BCW
__AS<.M<  TKM.M.K
Oddfellowi iis
Um tt. rd --■•'.; 1)   ■
-in. t.     _-.ni.tt.      .".
p on   Visit-Dp bretti
c ' ' _ 1 i-
I betel,v give notice that on MONDAY, the .SECOND DAY of NOVEMBER. A. I>.. 1IHW. ul the hour of 10
o'clock in ihe forenoon, at the Court House, Revelstoke, I shall oiler for sale at public auction the mineral claims
in the lis-' hei'ciiiiifie.i' set mil, ot the persona in the said list hereinafter set out. ot which Crown Grunts have heen
issued, for all unpaid taxes accrued and due and payahl 1 the SOlh .lime, P.Kis, and for the expenses of advertising
tbi- notice.
I f I In- taxes and expenses of advertising, as set out in said list are mil paid lo me oil Of before the day of sale,
■ he claims may be sold In the highest, bidder, and a conveyance executed to the purchaser of all right and interest
in said claims legally alienated by the Crown by the Crown Grunts thereof.
In the event of there being no purchaser, or if lhe price offered shall not be sullieienl lo pay the (axes antl
. ,|,-i, .s nf advertising, the land shall revert to tbe Provinco and the Orown (.rants theieof shall he deemed void.
. -     ,fbrotti-
f. .\. I'l-.is UNtBR, BioiBTAHT.
SELKIRK I/ODOK No. 1_. I u n  F
Utwl-  n«.t>   l'i, .-
.ta>  evanliii   >■   Bal
.-.  11 ,    ...... Incl
tllll*  ',r.,ll,r.i.   ira
y it,,>i0<i "■ -oband,
.■os !
n   H    K '.;,,HT  '- 1,
Cold Range Looks, K  ol P
Ho   It,   Revelstoke, B  C.
M. r     -        .,.!., I.    -Ir.-.'t
■        1 1   .-. -•-1...— I
• ■a. II um ll1
lllll.       sC .   . 1-fl'
Kine'ii. « Mil
il       1   NM .Ull VM MsiKKI-  '    '
li   It    UKI'i  1    K    s,f   R    k .
.     I!    Si OCT    M      ■(   S
Anniversary Festival
The seventeenth nnniversftry feati
val of tbe Methodist Ohurch will lie
given in .Selkirk Hall on Thursday the
2_ud of Ootober. Boston beans, pumpkins, lemon and apple pies, lusaiiles all
other delicacies for which the Ladies'
Aid of thia church are. noted will he
served in abundance Supper will hi
served from 6 to . 'All o'clock. Good
mimic will be supplied during the
evening. The ladies are making
special preparation for thia event antl
bespeak the presence und patronage of
a full house. Everything necessary
will be dune to make those preannt
happy and aatisfied. Admfsali 11:—
Adults ftOc. Children able to help
themselves 26c. !
IMK OK  I'Klts,,-;   A88B88B0
_.M 1 ralg, P.McCarty, R.W.Northey
I'I in I- .Mi-en ty 	
1,  li   Ih )
.l.ihn Brown, W  (,.    lark, Bl al.
\|. K   K
\ Mi \1-t1
'      n        • '  ■
VI  1
Notice ia hereby given thai the un-
dei dgned will, Al the expiration ol one
in,,nib apply t" the -ltiperintendi.nl
of Provlnolal Police i"i .1 tranafei to
Coronation Hotel Company, Limited,
of the hotel license now held by me In
respect of I he I kironatlon Motel al
I   iinlwnnc, II. ('.
Hilled this 3rd day of Auguati 1UOM.
align lin CiiltY  Mkmiiniik.
19 0 8.
1.1VKRV nsaiiniin-iiii  ol tha right of  1 S'„it.i,
Iu  Ar.irmi volunteer snilils- n. .1 land sranl
itin-l htl liy whv nt Hnpoiiitin-iitt nt .1    iils'tilutt,
Hllsl IIIIHt ha it, tills liirm tirMvintwl hy III . Art,
Hi,fMiin] attention ■. ■, i„'i tn Siiii-.tM.t.M„, 1 ,,r
Baatlon S nf tht, volunteer Bonntf let ittns,
wiii'-h pfovldsa tlmt 1111 Bssbpnnsnt 6? ilm 01.1,1
ui 11 vi,l,,i,Li,it' !•'. . t," n|i|iiiifitititit,t ,,f ,1 mbstl*
t.titt. .ball Im hc_«iiI_iI or rtMsiiipii.iwI l,y tlm liss
partmentof ths Interior wnlonli hot rxboutt n
ani, DATSD ",ri art Tin-. n\ rt;i»i tiik w mius 1
khr iiik i.AMniittNt isfltintl by tha Mini,tor ol
Mil,tin siisl I,sf„n'« .1. fttvnr nf tlm V,,liii,i.M,r
rjommlaalonerof Domlnlos Lands,
Mtii BapUmbar, iif«. iniima
('una   inn Girl,
Victoria IV
Maple I/t'llf
Mammoth No, ii
I Inchess
Silver Tip No. _
Kiislfiii K 11114
Molly I'tiiciism
War Bogle
Lot No
(ie .   Mexandi     el al
M.i,  .,„, 1 ,..,«■  v-s.M 1 .. ,.f L-iiib'iiiiLI       New  York
W.  .V    lllnvloll
A. VV. (itay ninl 'I . It   li.
Illicit Hinhci'bi" I
Hmilli Curtis
Diilpbni' M. ,V llev. Ci
s.iu Pranclscn
Pull view
Metropolitan fraction
Chicago l-'iitcliiin
Mil.er Chief
Kiiinlniips  I*'l',o I 1011
I   X   li
I x I, Pi-act Ion
I oppet  King
ibe Pour
. .nn,..Hi
Sliver Tip
M iiini M
Meadow ijiiccn
Knnn 1
. 4705
.'•I'M I
(Iroup I
" I
" I
•• 1
"• I
"• I
" I
" I
•• I
" I
" I
" I
I    j
.72 00
06 00
05 HU
112 50
15 (Hi
05 on
■_>ll IKI
(12 50
III on
17 1)0
15 Wl
I 110
10 sid
28 00
15 ."10
81 60
I'm nn
UU no
118 mi
1(1 60
1(1 60
27 7.i
■AH 75
28 50
2tl 2.-
I 60
5 25
17 "-0
26 60
26 on
18 '"iO
10 60
25 60
25 (K)
■fll (Kl
:«i iki
_fi (Kl
20 00
25 50
20 (KJ
21) IK)
2(1 IKI
:. I 75
2. (Kl
55 IKI
54 00
117 IKI
2 (Kl
1     (17 UU
Ul 5(1
2 (K)
17 IKI
2 IK)
i      Hi UU
2  IKI
22 W
2 IK)
III 60
;    12 (K)
10 (Kl
2 IK)
17 50
2 (IU
ll IK)
2 UU
12 5U
2 IK)
28 (K)
17 60
2 IK)
ill 60
2 IKt
182 (Kl
mi iki
2 Wl
145 00
2 IK)
18 iVI
18 60
211 75
'to 75
2 00
;*. fio
2 UU
25 25
2 (K)
11 IKI
2 IK)
ll UU
2 00
0 60
2 IK)
7 25
2 UU
.tl 60
27 5U
2 IK.
27 IU
2U 60
5 (K)
12 ."in
2 uu
27 50
2 (K)
27 Ul)
2 (K)
II 09
2 (JO
41 OU
2 UU
28 (K)
2 UU
28 IKI
i iK)
27 5(1
2 IK)
28 UU
2 <K)
28 00
2 00
28 IKI
2 UU
H_ 75
2 00
25 (K)
2 IU
57 00
West Kootknay Lanu District
Tnke Notice that Utldavs after date
I Arthur E. Evans, of Beaton, B. C .
occupation, prospector, intend to
apply for permission to purrha.-e the
following described lands situated on
Fiab Biver, in West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east, corner of A. D. Maekiiy's pre-empti-111 No.
7.805, and marked "A. E. Evans,
North-west Corner post." thenee 8
chains to west line of McKinnoii's
pre-empt ion; thenee 50 chains south,
tbenee 8 chains west to MacKny's,
thenee north 50 ehains to point of commencement, contnining 40 acres more
or less.
Located August 8rd, 1808.
A. E   EVANS, Locator.
for the ii_ue of 11 duplicate Certificate nf Titlt
to Lot IH97, Uroup One, liislrlot of Kootenay.
"True Ms.ure" .Mineral Claim (cxcepltnnan
undivided onetwclftii Interest therein).
NOTICK IS IlKllKHV GIVEN .bat It is my
intention to issue at tbo expiration of one
mouth nfttir the Ontt publication hereof a
duplicate or the Cerlillcutu of Title for lot
um, Uroup Oni, lllstricl of Koolonay •Truo
Fissure minern! claim (excciiliiigan undivided
one-twelfth Interest therein) in lho name of
Iliiiiims Uowns, which ("orllfloatfl is dated lho
17th of   'arch, IS97. and nunioeretl 83BJC.
,      , „    ,        __,, Ulsirlct ReglBtrar.
Land Seglstry l> fflce, Nelson, B. C.
September lu>h, 19uS.
Daled it Revelatoko, II. C Oct. nth, Itsw
Deputy Assesatu- and Collector Revelstoke Aasessuent District.
Powerful till", Beats  live, for hire by
the day or ho.11   at   reasonable terms.
Regular sli t dips all day.
STANDS-Ulllotl  Hotel. I -nine 27,   "
Oriental Hotel, Phone 18.
C. TURNR0S8, Proprietor.        phone «i
llevelsloke I .anil Dlstriot,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that U. Brink, of H,t|.
cyon, H. 0., Cruiser, intends to apply
for permission to purchase tho following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted on
Hie oast side of Upper Arrow Lake, at
Ihe south-east corner of Lot 2151, and
marked -G. K. Blink's North-West
Coiner Post"; Ihence east 20 chuins;
I hence south 20 chains; thence west
21) chains to the lako shore; thence
northerly along the lake shore 20
chains more or less to the poiut. of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
„      , , G.K. BRINK.
Dated Annual 5th, 1008.
fl fl II 'T J"*""*. OOC TO*   or
I IM      I despair.     •< Don't do   ■
UUIl       I «hJ.*r^tl"J'»»«eel™rtT
p_r v a -      ■ what. best by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
Telia wbat ron d ub a doctor/but doti. like to
M0 pages, lfltiatratod, 28 oenU; but tolntrodiiM
i.S_t-r0I*e   r to anr i*"* »iSSSK
Notice Face Above!
It Signifies Peace.
Notice thia Scowl!
It Signifies Trouble.
draft is operated
at the front end-
no work—no danger—no leaning
over hot pots—no
getting steam in
"Ordinary "direct
draft operation
is over cooking
top —mostly requires a towel-
always a scorching job—sometimes disastrous.
Which Face Represents the Wisest Mind?
leu-Hen, 1 orout•, Montreal. Winnipeg. Vanoetrve., St .•nn, riamliUn, Calgwf
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke,
This Trademark Guarantees
d@^*%i       that  Fit-Reform  Suits and
tfr  riT.  ^a     Overcoats are always in perfect
""-   r ■ *     •?*__ i       i i       i ii
REFORMjjv   st^   a   taste—   *    ^
give excellent service—that they
are the best values, for the
money, in Canada.
This trademark guarantees that every garment
bearing it, must give complete and lasting
satisfaction or your money back.
Behind this trademark is the Fit-Reform
Company, founders in Canada of hand-tailored
Fall styles are ready.   $15 up.
Rs-velstoke,  B. C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   __^Ij_B-_-3-RT     STONE      PBOP.
Queens ffotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, ■       Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Slar, KasU-rn Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell anil Eureka mineral
claim* situate in Ihe KcvelMokr Mining
Division of West Kootenay Diatrirl. bo-
rated on Ihi- Norlli sitle of lhe North-nut
bt hui h of Laforme Creek
Take notice Ihal I, tiuy I.. William-.,
Free Miner. OertlAcato 1(13^65,at agent
lor Chariest Walsh, free Miner's ('eilili-
cale B941661 lor Ed. Ailaii, Eire Miner's
Oerlirkalc Bu'jM Samuel MiMuily, Free
Miner's Certificate E_Ml6l| Waller Walsh,
Free Miner's CcrtlffcalO ll'i.|.'ii.; F. O,
Walsh, Free Miner's ('crlifiiale ll,i|ii,.|.
Gilberl Wilson, Finn Miner's Oer.l_C_.tl
lt<i.|;fn, ami I". F. tireer. Free Miner's
Oriiifinile 89416], iiilentl (hi tlaya Irom
dale hereof In apply lo (he Mining Re-
nordei for a rerlilieale of improvements
for the |nir|K!sr of obtaining Crown I'rants
ol the above claims.
And further take notite lhat action under Section .17 must he commenced before
Ihe issuance ol such certificates ol improvements.
Daled this 17th day of September, 190a,
»ep j3.nov ij Guy I- William".
In ink Siriii .mk OoCKT ok British
Ami in the Matter of The H'lwtxxl Tin
Workers Oiilil Mining dun pan v of
I., 11 ti.-.iti. lit ii ish Columbia, Mini-
till, Non-I'ersoiiftl l.ialiility.
TAKK    NOTIOB   lhat    the   nuclei-
■Igned lins appointed Friday, the .'Kith
ilny of OotUPer, 1908, al lhe hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon at Ihe
Oourt limine in I lie ('ity of Bevelatnke,
11. 0.| for llie purpote of Ileal ing and
I'onlli'iiiiitg ttwIUpnrtof the Official
l,i'|iiiibtiiir upon (lie elaima of I'nslit-
nra, anil of willing, ih'ts.1 'mining ami
llnallv pa-sing the Hit iileml Shcfl,
a'id of passing llit> Ollicial I.ii|iiitl_tor.
account"!, uml net I ling hia l-emuiiei-a-
Ami let all parties atleiul.
IlHtcil Ibis livelflh  tlay of  October,
A. n., um.
District llegislrar at llevelatoke, B. C.
Description of Swedish Methods of Reforestration and
Lumbering-Mayor Lindmark
Advocates School of Forestry
The supreme importance of at once
starting a scientilic system of forestry
is being urged by Charles. F. Lind*
mark, says the \ ictoria Daily Colonist, and was one of the chief topics dis-
I'timi'tl at the conference the other day
between the lumbermen and the
premier and chief commissioner of
lands and works. Mr. Lindmark is a
large timber holder, and incidentally
Mayor of Kevelstoke, and has also
made a study uf forestty. Sweden is
the cradle of scientific care of forests,
and in his youth Mr. Lindmark went
through the Bivediah school of forestry,
while last year lie made a special visit
to Europe to study the met hi ids now
followed hy Sweden and Germany, the
latter country having adopted Swedish
itieth ds with characteristic thoroughness and conspicuous success.
It is now many years since Sweden
realized that her forests were a great
national asset, and she ia conserving
them to such purpose that the supply
of timber is increasing annually in
that country 1 'withstanding the immense amount which ie cut each year.
This is entirely due to the intelligent
system whioh Ibe Swedish government
has Introduced ol compulsory reafforestation. Formerly young saplings
were planted and the government kept
up immense nursery farms for the propagation of the plants, hut advancing
knowltdge shows that 1 hid is no longer
necessary, and the trees are uow grown
from seed which is lirst tested by the
government experts.
Discussing tbe Swedish methods and
the adaptations of it wbioh be would
like to tee introduced to see introduced
into British Columbia, Mr. Lindmark
"In Sweden the forests are surveyi'd
off into blocks, and the rigbt to cut
the timber 11 these blocks is auctioned off. The successful bidde has to
cut tbe tioiler within a specified time,
and when he has cut off the land, he
is obliged to reafforest it. Thia is a
cheap and simple matter, and ia done
by sowing seed which is supplied by
the government. The administration
also supplies an expert to superintend
the operation to all tbe logger has to
do is to Bod the labor. As a matter of
fact tbe sowing in Sweden is largely
done by school children. Tbey are
taught forestry in the schools and in
holidays some of the poorer ones do
very well at it. But even in British
Columbia il would not cost more than
1100 a section.
"Tbe Swedish forests largely belong
to the government, but private owners
are also obliged to re-afforest, in the
same way as tbe loggers on tbe publio
domain. The government, too, is buying up large areas of waste and logged-
off lands and planting tbem, with the
result tbat the forest area of Sweden is
increasing. Formerly they planted
saplings from the government nursery
farms, bul uow seed is used. It merely adds a year or two to lhe time one
bas to wait lor tbe trees to become
merchantable timber. Trees will grow
well from seed in this province, where
the soil ia much more fertile than in
Sweden. 1 have been experimenting
witb some seed I got from the Dominion government and my fir plants are
doing very well indeed.
"Tbe conservation of the timber resources of British Columbia is a more
vital and pressing subject, I think,
than many iii.n seem to realize. The
time to begin ia now. In a small way
much can he done toward perpetuating our forest resources and incidentally diminishing tbe danger from forest tires, but of course in my suggestions, you must remember that I
am now talking only of those lands
which are not suitable lor anything
else hut timber, and iu the interior, at
any rate, I think thai these are in the
"Nowadays a great deal of timber il
being butchered. The license-bolder
cuts every stick he can sell off hit
land, when in the lung run it would
be much better to leave the small stuff
and take only the merchantable timber. My suggestion is that every
license-bolder be compelled every fall
to burn tbe slashing! of the season before, and the following spring to sow
the land so as to bring on a new crop
of timber. Be should then be allowed
to retain his license at a nominal fee
of, say t'A 01 .4 a square mile, while
the young trees grow.
"The government should supply the
seed free of cost, and there should I e
inspectors to see that it is properly
done, and also that Ibe land is only
good for timber and not suitable for
■gricultnrahlc purpose". Thia would
bave the result not only uf perpetuating Ibe supply of timber in the
country, but would also gu a long way
towards removing the danger from
forest flree, whiob so frequently start
f om o!d slashings allowed to lie on
the ground until they are as dry as
liuder. Our « «il in thia province is
such that all tlmt would be necessary
would be. lo scratch tho soil and deposit the seed. Machines are used for
this which enables the sowing to be
done very quickly
"Another point 1 might mention is
that the year after the pile of slashing are burned needs will spring up,
and these protect the tender shoots of
ihe young trees, and later on, when
lue trees get larger the weeds die off.
This seems to be a provision of nature
for the protection of the sprouting
seedlings. In this way, too, we could
control the kind ol timber to some extent. For instance in my part of the
country the timber near the Columbia
river is 80 per cent, cedar. By sowing
we could "dress tho balance, so as to
get a pr p percentage of fir, which
is probal... ,11 round a more useful
"ft seems tu tne that lhe Dominion
and Provincial government should
combine anil start a school ol forestry,
as they both hive large timber holdings In the province. Iu this way the
lumbermen of the province could get a
scienlili ' as Well aa practical training.
If such a sch,ml were startetl, the timber owners would supply tho men.
We would send onr foremen and scalers, and the nine months'cotirse would
be of vast benefit lo them, as well as
to us, ami incidentally to the entire
province. For it must, not be forgotten
tbat our limber is one of the greatest
provincial assets.
"There is one other point, mat t.iut
is that ibe cons, rvutinn of uur forests
is iiicissny frnm a climatic point of
view. When I In-sides of the moun
tains aie denuded of their timber, the
amount uf precipitation will run short,
and our rivers will be torrents in the
spring and dry in the summer and
'It scema to me that. Ibis is essentially a matter foi government, supervision. It is loo much to expect the
logger to go lo the trouble and expense
uuless he is obliged Io. He naturally
wants to make what he can, and the
distant future does not appeal so much
to bim. In this connection it must
be remembered that it takes from 40
to 60 years, according to locality, for
the seed to develop into merchantable
timber. This is further ahead than
the average individual cares to look,
but it should not be too far for a government which is entrusted with the con
servation oi the national resources."
For the latest styles in ladies and
gentlemen's visiting cards call at the
Mail.-Herald office.
DRESSMAKING    at     reasonable
lerina.   Apply Mrs, G. IV.Green,
Fourth Street.
FOB SALE—One 23 acre block and
une 10 acre block of choice fruit
and farming land situated nil Upper
Arrow Lake. Apply John Nelson,
Galena Bay, sepSOlm
FOB SALE—Arrowhead Drugs!ore
lor Sa'e, pensession November 1.
Apply lo M. J. Donovan, Arrowhead,
B. C, sep 16 It,
FOB SALE—Two good  Milk  Cows
Apply   to   Malbisoii   A    Clowe,
South Track.
class Dairy
008, Arrowhead.
. , ...      Nine flrsi-
lass Dairy Cows.   Apply to   Box
Sat 12 Hod
WANTED—Upstairs work or din-
ingroom by experienced woman.
Apply ut once to M. Abel. Golden.
FOB BALE—Small Coal Self Feeder
Sl'ive in good condition.     Apply
Mail-Hkkald office.
PARTNER   WANTED  to    travel,
wilh about$75.    Paying concern,
Write "'Pari iter," office I his paper.
ri"lO LET—Good furnished room wilh
J.   or withoul board. Apply Box 806.
TO SELL -10 shares*" Wmils. v' L -
Kt'.iux and Co. Limited, $11,11(1;
50 shares Interior Publishing Co. Ltd.,
$5.   Apply in Columbia Agencies,Lid,
WANTED—Young girl wants a
situation as general servant in a private family. Excellent references
Apply P. O. Box 208.
WANTED    A   good    selvnnl,    gill
foi'  family   of   I wo.    Apply at
WANTED—Mewing   bv     the   tiny.
Apply lo Misa  Nellie Heck, .'Inl
street west.
WANTED—Young girl m lake cine
of 1 hi Id lei, in private residence.
Apply Miiil-llerald ullice.
WANTED-Ahonl flye or leu tit res
of iiind near Revelstoke lo purchase. Improved or iiniiiipruveil.
Send particulars lo Mail-Herald .
WANTED-To purchase from 2 to
20 iieres nf cleared or uncleared
good level land, within 2 miles of the
Revelstoke post offlce, Owners only
reply. Give full particulars—R, llorkly
General Delivery, Vancouver.        tc
YOUNG   MAN   desires   board   and
loom, or room separate.   State
titiniH. -T. Vernon, earn Mail-Herald.
To Rent
Mrs. .1. M. Moran will rent ber farm,
just south of tbe lllecillewaet traffic
bridge. The property contains a comfortable Irani.' bouse with all modern
conveniences; two storey frame stable
14x20; good chicken houses and runs
for 160 chickens; hog pens, etc. Over
seven acres for easy cultivation; a
large pasture run for horses and oows.
An underground irrigation system insures good orops, garden produce, etc.
Apply to Mrs. J. M. Moran, on the
t*      ".ffw-ej
This trait merit
and the word
t-ttoeu dlstliy
•jut* this h-jk
rf. __*_.£■
Jot aigoo-T
A. H. sing, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meala 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Manufactured for       cIuhham of building?*
fnr stile in Inr-fr) or small quantities
Hi thn In wost. price., for cash.
All kind* of building and plastering
All   kinds   of   new
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. O. Box, 206.
Phone 26
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
The Evans Institute for the cure of
the drink and drug habits, established
in Winnipeg H years, and in Vancouver
1 rear, with entire sucess. Now re*
moved to more commnd ms quarters at
950 Park Drive, Grandv..w, corner of
Parker street.
Prospectus, testimonials, etc., sent
privately on amplication. The superintendent nr secretary may be consulted
at any time.   Plume II 44-2.1.
Meals, 25o.
MEAL TICKETS. •  $.500
In tin- uml ler of no application for
the Issue of a duplicate of lhe Certificate of Title to North J ol Villa Lot _.,
Town of Revelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
Intention to issue ,-u. the expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof, duplicate Certificate of Title to
the above mentioned lamlsio the name
ol John Larson, whioh Certificate of
Title is tinted the 1st. ditv of September
1008, and numbered 2711A.
District Iteftistrar.
Lnnil Keg Ollice, Nelson, H.C.
71 h October lOUH. not 10 1 in
Notice of Sale
I'ui'Mianl to lhe Order of lhe County
Court of Weal Kootenay, holden at Rev-
elsu.kf, made in Ihe aclion of Big Hi. ml
Lumber Companyt  Limited,   v.   Columbia
and Kootenay Kailway  and  Navigation
Company ami Charles It- Kirk and VV. J.
Kane, there will be offered for sale with
lhe approbation of VV. !_.. Mrt_.ni_lilin1
i.si|., Drpuly Registrar of said Court al
tbe Court House, in the Cily of Revelstoke
on Wednesday, the 21st day ot October,
1908, at 2 o'clock in Ihe afternoon,
all and singular that certain panel
or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C, and being composed of Lot No.
Four (4), Block No. Seven (7).
On the lands is said to be a two story
frame building 20x26 with seven rooms.
Further particulars may be had from
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block, Revelstoke, B. C,
or from
w. K. McLauchlin,
Deputy Registrar al Revelstoke.
Dated   at   Revelstoke  thia   1st day  of
October, 1908. oct 3 4t
Nrvi'lhi.iU' Land District.
Dislriot ol West Kootenay.
'lake notiee lhat I, Norman T. MacLeod ol
i.ethbrlrtve, Alta., occupation Broker, lntenrir-
to applv for permission to purchase the follow
Inu described lands:
Com in enclng at a post planted at the sontli
went corner of Lot 8148 In rosthall Valli».
about 9U miles West of the west,shore of Arrow Luke and marked "N T. Mac' . N, w
(.orner," thence 40 chains south, thence J1
chains eut, thence 40 chains north, thence 9t
chains west, containing 80 acres, more or less
Hate Sept. 4,1006.
sep 12 60d By John K, Taylor, his ft|ent
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the rciilts produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parte
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
aro part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" Frenoh Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
Molsons Bank
and all educational instilu-      j
tions of Canada t
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Conimercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
 ,—_ ^r__- - -— r
Bargains! Bargains !
BUY NOW!    Don'i Wait 1    Buy when stock
is at its best.   Bead this ad. ami tnkts  notice
.: the Bargains that, sre i tVnretl here.
Men's Suits
Bpecial  Blue nnd   Hl.ck Wonted   at  $1160
Men's Odd Pants from $1 21*1 to $4.50.
Men's Overcoats, regular $12, now $7.
Handsome Mantles
At   special  discount   prices.     All   tbe   new
modelt, tijjht antl semi fitting garments.
Boys' Tweed Suits
Special Tweed  Suit $2 60,    Sizes   21   to   28.
$8.50 luiysa Tweed Suit, sizes 28 to 82,   Every
Suit new anil this season's goods,
Fall Millinery
An-  you   wearlni'    une   of   nnr    Hats r    You
■houldl    They   ere  being  worn  by  the  best
dressers.      It   eosti    iio   more   to   have   lhe
Boot and Shoe Department
See   uur   Biys'   Sohonl   Shoes.    Every   pair
Oomo along nud see what we oan do for you.
Fall and Winter Underwear
We carry all the beat  makes—natural  wool—
while  ami   gruy   knit   goiiU.    Drawers uml
Veal i" match     Ladies' and Children's lllaek
Tights.   Prices mi Underwear range from _fio,
t,i ifl ..'ill per garment
Blankets and Comforters
All-wool blankets, (nil size, good weight, al $-1
Uog. $8 all-wool blanket  tor $0,60,    Blankets
that were $9,50 now selling  at $h.   a   good
range of Comforters al all priees.
l$H$t ♦$>#♦♦<•!"£ -&#$♦#
$ Cod i
I Liver I
\\ ,■ li.i-.i- all  kinds ol  il,   j-.,
♦ Oils
"t* Sweet   tasting,   bad   tll8l
ing and  the  pine  Kinid- -tjl-
sion    in    $1.00    bottles, &
made by n new pii '-ess ill <
C. R. MCDONALD'S     f
Revelstoke, B. 0. tU
Local and General.
Dr. Harvey's Perfect Spectacles di
cost much money, bul they dn ft gr
deal of good.
Boy Brook, secretary ol the Kootenay Fruitgrowers' Association, Nelson,
has resigned his appointment, Ins
resignation being accepted.
Don't foiget. the Shirtwaist dance
in the opera House on Tuesday next,
October 20th, under the auspices of
tlie Ladies of the Macrabeea.
R. H. Trueman has arrived nnd will
remain until 25ib. H ive your sittings
nn.-for Xmas when tliP opportunity
presents itself for high class portraiture
A progressive whist {party will be
held i . tbe City Hull on Thursday,
Oct. 22nd. under the auspices of tin-
Ladies' Hospital Guild.     Tickets, 60o.
In the report of ibe institution ol
ihe in-* Scandinavian lodge iu the
city l»Bt Saturday, tbe name of J,
Abrahamson ••■ is put in inadvertently
among the trustees, instead of J,
Andeis m.
Nelson is lo be congratulated up.,11
winning for tne second year ill succession the silver cup given at the
Spokane fair for the best general mineral display. The prize was awarded
the board uf trade exhibit sent from
that city.
Thi usands ol people in Toronto and
out of Tor.'iitu have had their head-1
aches entirely removed by using Dr.
Harvey's Perfect S\iecf.ie!is Consult
him at Bevelstoke Tnesdaj and Wednesday, Ocl 20 aud 21, at J. Guy
Burner's jewelry store.
The   17m  anniversary  festival    "f
:,- Metb dial church wiil he held  in
■^elkirk  Hall   on   Tbursduy, October
22nd. An excellent supper of beans,
pie., etc.. will take place that evening
[rom 6 to b.'AD o'clock. A musical
programme will also be given.
I;. public works department at
■ tawa has been notified that the big
11 « dredge purchased in Geamany
fall for work on tbe Fraser river
and at "ther British Columbia points,
is now on her way to the province
steaming via Cape Horn. It will take
nearly three months to complete the
Karn is King
The right Piano ul the right price,
Call uml see us before von buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Deal Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent*.     Money to Loan.
Early thia   week lhe buckskin pony
hoiOllglli.    io    K    C'-u -i, r was foniid I
near the C P.R.   truck   (uttering'rom
several ugly cuts and bruises, evidently eiiuseil l,y being 8tilick by 11 pa-sing
1 rain. lhe animal had probably
sti iveil mi tn ihe tr u'k; the injuries
to the boast aie serious uud although
llie uiuiiil is reentering, it hud 11
close call
It is passing si range I lull it is in
variably the ense in Ite elstoke Ilia I
when one soolul funoliuu is billed for a
ertiiin day, another one ia sure to
0 boose either the same duy or a day
befme or afior, just us if there were
nut heaps of other days just us good
this continual co dieting of these
evi nis do each   other   much   harm as
he people do not want lu huve tlieir
lands in Iheir pookoti every duy of
tbe week,
Social and Personal
Mrs. || ,\ O.Hinder will nut. io-
naive   n Pm stl iy, Oct, 20 h,
ti. S. McCarter, ."•'. H L-'Wls, A. Me-
Una mul E A Bradley hnve 'clumed
(run 11 shunting  trip up tin  Columbia
Mra, John Bhiimip, formerly ul ibis
cily, but now ul V nieouvei', spoilt a
few day. in the eily ihis week renew,
ing in ipiiintnim s
Mis. II. Oiiniiiiuihuni Morris lef*
yi's'i'ldiiy iiiiiiiii ii fur u week's visit
10 Mr. and Mrs I, 1' Morris ol Shuswap Lake, Noli li I .ill.
The opening session for the seasuli,
of tho Merry-go n nnd Whist Olub
was hold mi Wednesday evening Insi
ui th hoinet'f Mr.and Mrs .) Purvis
New rules were drawn up, a number
of ii,\t niimt-s udiltil lo the :oil, uml
irni' genu nta Hindu I .1' the places ol
meeting during lhe season. The club
sviil   mei'i    once   every I wo weeks, on
1' day evening-.    At, III" conclusion
of business ahiiiii. thirty-livo sat down
al, the wbi..t tables, in,"lulling a nu ■ -
ni r i.f invited guests not iiienib rs nf
he 1 bib, The prizes were won by
\1-.H Squsl'ebi'igga nnd R. N Doyle.
1*1 is is ibe Iir.t. 1 1 t i" trout number
,1 Insi si'iis,ui's snoiiil rluh- torn <ken
start in the right direction
siness Locals
Tustch ss cod  livei ui
,t 0. B. Ms
Cross eyes ure being made straight V u sin uld see the duel 1
without pain or an operation by the mite at tbe Edison theatr
use of Dr, Harvey's Perfect Spectacles   and I uesdi 1.
A shorthand olass is beiugorganized      D..n't  forgel   the  Shirtwaist
at the V. M. C. -\   which is beii _• wi II
supported.     All  those whi   leeirc tn
join should    lose in    time in giving
"   M. ('.  A.
the Y
lose in
in their  names   ti
In    luyiug   i hi di    ii  the
new   Calgarj    hospital,  nothing   waa
. -..I.. ..i.1 il   i bal   c luld   add   I
knowledge of   pust   ages  bj those  vh
come after.    A copy of the Ni-w Testament and   the    Eyi    ' Ipeni
posited under the stone,
The sooner 1 few "f these hoi
gentlemen   of   such ilk learn thai
police will  noi  stand for any ini
tbe better  it will be for tbem     A few
Words this week tin iwn back at u local
eoustable  by one if the ' waste,
ternity proved verj  expensive to him,
A demonstration of wb»i electricity
will do for domestic purposes • is
given on Monday it tbe City Hall.
a -ma;. ■ Ii el ric    •■ iiei   1 •■- ■,„ r-
Siz new electric arc lamps will very   uu,,,,   whiol iled   a    threequartei
-:. rtly be installed in the city,    Two gallon kettle 111 less than  11  mn
will be put in. one each end of Front   \ number of residents are purchasing
street;   viie   between   tbe City Hotel  these useful artii ■
snd tbe   Hospital;   one   opposite the
Climax Hotel on   Kirs,   street.  il      Stop tha        item     -'
the intersection  ,1   Set I  itreet and  " '"r^
McKemii avenue and one behind the
', rjyna-
. er • H1.1181 on Tu .la. next,
-■ nd      tbi    ..-;   ' -  ni
si... I.asi.es ■ I ■ be M iccal •'is
C.P.B depot ami 011 the hotel bank
The second  British  t olumbia  Pro
vine.at Sunday    School   convention
will be held   in  this city on Tuesduj
Wednesday and Thursday, Ocl 27. _\
29.    The   principal   speaker   will be
\s". C.  Peurce. International Superintendent of the adult department. Tins
promises  to   be the greatest religl
gathering ever beld in the province.
[j Rubber Goods
of Good Quality
Fountain and Enema Syringes
and hot water bottles.
All guaranteed  nnd  replaced
in the   event   "f   not   giving
We carry only the bed lines
ami your head feel nmnn. You .■,,,,
do it ii> wearing 1 pairol I '1 Hai
I'erfec _pectaclea l take the strain
off your eyes, Hi will be al Be' si ke
nexl I uesday and VV edm ids. I id 20
ami 21st it Guy Barber's jewelry
1. Taylor, M. P. P., has informed 'is
Hint  lue    proi 11.' 1.1.    gOVI 1 mui.nt will
shortly cull foi tenders for tbe con*
Btruction of a steel traffic bridge ovor
the Columbia Biver In bo built on a
sites little above that of the present
i P.R, bridge The .raffle bridge
aero is the lllecillewaet river will also
he pushed ahead.
Aii alarm of lire wul turned Into
Pirn Hail No. 2 early on Wednesday
morning irom  Hon   5,   The brigade
turned out promptly and burned with
the apparatus lo the location of the
box, I'he ularin proved a false call
and wbh cither the work of some smart
individual who couldn't sleep at that
hour and was prowling the Streets
and begrudged anybody else tbe privilege ol sleep, or else it short circuit
wns made with other wires causing
the alarm to ring in.
A new program will   is.   rendi r< d    •
i '       theati Monda
. lead ...   .unl   will   ioe
sinedy -A Duel," -.villi dyna
11 ite, ini .■•.-■      ,  ,. •.
,■ eket
A public mi el ing       the
this   riding   will   tn bi 1 11 -,lu.
latt      - Carib
'■' 1 Id, leader    i   1 be   opi
in   •!"   proi -•   win deliver
ni.'  - - es of tl s-
coming slecl
ik   Eyes.— rhe sun-
painful ami damaging
ur business to
supply -
live sighl   lo noi    -, sight   if : be fact
nhere s nd gel es
pent 1 ,', '    ll ,   ng   wilh  llr    11.uv, .
the Eye Specie - sati
rin    Boa I    i.i..   has n sdi   1
•ii.-1 ,«'• ending  h
toria tt  «mi b  ' he pro
.,-1    ...     is   it   wen
B< •' 1-1 ike  botwei n  tbi   exeoi tivi
1 he government snd 1 be I 'ram! I runk
.   ,      over   the    route   fr mi    1 be
interior loi mpplies 1
tion Damps
I'be Edison   Pai loi   riiealn     ,- 1
I'Hiigetl for the pure ise 1 lew moving picti        Ill be tbe
luteat   patten,   ol   'in.    EdJSOn loclllbi
tion underwrlteu model 1 •■ new
machine is the »ery latest and most
up-to-date on the market and :s aim.
lutely lire proof besides containing
many new and improved methods
which wi I Insun Im i better picture
results      The management hope to be
able In inslal the   machine i,.    |    . ,., K
The Progress ol Bolence.—Dr   ilm
vey  diagnoses  accurately    ami   pre
goribes intelligently   for all rnfracti e
and   heterophorlo  defects   of  sight
I'liiMii deflelenoies, which are re i">n
llble for u groat deal of the lioailao.lit s
and eye   troubles   are now entirely re
lieved by wearing lonsos proper!)
ground to suit the case. Consultation
Tuesday   nod   Wednesday, Oot, 2(itb
and 21st, al duy Barber's jewelry
Discount on ourpels at Howson's
Furniture store
Electric lumps,-I 8 or Kl candle
power, 25c.    Lawrence Hardware Co.
Banff Hard Coal, nil Bizes in stock,
Bevelstoke General Agencies, Lid
Bruikfust biscuits, h autifully baked
nnd browned with Coursier's egg ooal.
We aie just opening up a new line
of dinner sets ill prices antl patterns to
-uii ihe most particular buyer; also a
nice liw" of water glasses in different
de-igii—'  li. Hume & Co,
A   inn.   supply  of  mountain view
b, nks us ('. I!    M icdomild'a.
\\ lien ".,,0 vv it 111 a new stair carpet
see tloivsoli _ Int'ite Block.
See our '.'.', . 1 ut window, lt is 11
money-saver.   Lawrence Hardware Co
You wont keep win' 11 CARRYING
Coursier's COAL to the furnace. A
little IN the 1'TRK will do it.
This is 1 bu list day for our cheap
salt, on jardinieres. Out one before
thy aie all gone.    C. U  Hume A Co.
Cheapest fuel nn the market—Bri-
t-ncttcs—manufactured from BantV
list,I coal.
New lot ol tinted edge crepe tissue
ju.t arrived,  s etliing new at C  R
Mlli'il   1,aid's.
Itipe tomatoes, quinces, celery and
t-aiililluwcr iresh to-day     0. B. Hume
'■  1 11
Special sale of electric tab'e  lamps,
silk -li .ties, your choice   for $5.    Law
■   Hardware Co.
D , r v  or   lire   dicker out with Hie
. 111    lurnace  tilled with a bal you
... ,1    mi-   fuel?    Not if you  used
- ii    - Coal.
lob lot of   wall   p iper ut cut prices.
11  .'.- n'e Fun 1 ui,- Stoie.
P r   bouse   c!eni ing umits wc otter
anything f"■■•  11 cake of soup to a
wash tub        If  } ill ''. .n't see what yon
want   as>; i   r 1 We    have it—0. B
II inn   '   1
The very latest news from A us
1 in lin in tho boxing line is to the
effect that a purse of $42,000 bus been
hung lip for Tommy Hums and .lack
.liiliiison to box for. Of this amount
Burns ia to receive $80,000 for bis
share and the roniflining $12,000 will
act as another fur tho milled colored
man, There is nothing definite aboul
this, however, nnd it is merely 11
rumor I be dale of tlie contest bus
not been sol, hut in Australia it in
snid the 111011 1110 tn get together some
time within the next three months.
At 11 specially called meeting the
Nelson hockey men raised $12,1100 for
the building of 11 new link for the
coining season. This menus that a
challenge for the Stanley cup will bo
sent east, a fine looul rink now being
Tho foalure ol yesterday's sport ut
Lexington, By., wiih the remarkable
hut. unsuccessful attempt of Dun
Patch to lower his record of 1:65.
Although he wont, the mile in l:5tl*|
considering his age nnd condition, his
1 Hurt is suid to havo been inure ro
inin knhle oven than hia record-making performance, Ile wns very tired
a* Ibe finish Time by quarters, :2H,
5Ui, 1:2,.,', 1:564,
Catholic. — Bev. Father Coccola
pastor, Services are held on lho Firsi
and Third Sundays in ovcrv month
ul iho following hours: 8 11.111. Communion Muss; 10:80 a.m. High > ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:80
p.m. Sundny School; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's Presbyterian—Kev,
W.C. Calder, pnaiur. Sunday, Oct. 18
Services 11 a.m., 7:80 p.m., Sundny
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.80
p. 111. Prayer meeting on WetlneS'
day 8 p.m. Chi ir practice and touch
era' meeting, Friday 8 p m
Knox Presbyterian—.1 k. Robertson, B.I)., minister. Sunday services
lit il uin. and 7.80 p tu Sundny
School und Pastor's Bible ('lass -It 2'.'lil
p.m. Evening subject, "Like the
Kidiiess nf God." Al the mnrinug
service Kev. T. VV Hull will pieioh, in
exchange with tbn pastor who will
preach in the Methodist Ohurch on
the occasion 1 { tlieir aiiuivei-ury service. Prayer meeting nn Wednesday niglu 80'cl'ek A Cordial wolciune
In all and sir.iiicii- -|i' iilly invilul
Choir practice on  Friday night.
Methodist—Kev T.W. Hail, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
Morning servio" at 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible ('lass at. 2:80 p
111. Evening Horvico a 7:80 p.m
Epworth League, Monday at. 8 p.II".
Prayer meeting, Wednesday nt 8 p.m
Tlie seventeenth anniversary of this
church will be c.slebra'itl n Sunday
Kev. ,1 R, Robertson, I! I) .will preach
in the morning and the pastor will
preach the evening sermon, subject,
"The Struggles and Final Triumph of
BAPTIST—Kev. VV. P. Freeman, BA.
pastor. Services al 11 a.m nnd 7:80
p.m. Sunday sohool und Bible classul
2.30 p. 111 II. V. P. U Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p 111. All ure invited tu those services
Morning aid jeel, "A Lov r's Promise.'
Evening, "A Hard Iii with 11 Htippy
St. Peter'8 (Anglican)—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, i\l.V., Hector. Services on
Sundny, Trinity Will, 8 a.m. Holy
Communion. At 11 u.m Matins, and
Sermon. 7.80 p.m. Evensong. 2.30
p.m. Sunday School.
Now c .ii,-- the -'*'- n for chipped
bands and 1 ■■ Hi fore tbey get. Bore
get a t ol '- mpi ived cold cream
. nly 25c keep I hem soft—C.
B. Macdi   . , .I
A c .,,- / .1 ies and gentle-
mis   iii   Ili■■ neweal
ityli ... 1    be Mah Hera i.n
, , vis,1 uled
1 dern    • lidi nee
,:.-;. en 1 ion  $30 per monl b,
Anp    1 •!,. :.. ral Agi items
- .   1 in   1, w VV ay ne 6 hole
igh   olosel     ml «.iti r
frond, <t f l."i     Lawrence II.ml" m Co
\ .bin ■• . isi ! no   will   is-  be .1   in
..   I >|sTa  I Imi-"     n   I j< -d.iy, October
20th. indi    the auspices ,1 tlm  Ladies
of   ih"   Maccabees    K.   Gordon  will
olfii  ,t, s,- master of ceremonies
il offer ol gentlemen's visiting
cards imaily printed, 60 for fl 2o, nnil
IMi for . I 75 I,ad is cards m m-wrst
styles, 60 foi $1 2.", snd 100 for ".I.7..
Linen finish oardi ire tha I iti (I im
portal Ions
Young Conservative Club
Election of officers 't"d social even
ing Wednesday Oct. 21st, at 8 p.m.
in    rooms    over    lliirns'    block        All
young men are cordially invited.
For Sale
Dry ctibir   e-ird   wood—Kevelstoke
General Agencies  Ltd,
Young Conservative Club
Election of ollicers and social evening Wednesday, Oct. 21st, at 8 p.m ,
in rooms over Burns' Block, All
young men cordially invited.
Edison Parlor Theater.
Good pictures and go'jd liousts huve
boon the order of the week ut the Edison Parlor Theater. The management
hnve secured tho services of n really
good li 1111 rental service, and the pictures un: distinctly pleasing to the
public Tho programme tonight includes "Scenes in China," showing tlie
famous walls, imperial Cnnnl, etc.: "A
Good Boy," an interesting picture;
"Poverty and Probity," allowing un
accident ill the mine; "Interrupted
Romance," a laughable ccinedy; "On
I!,id Terms with tbe Janitor," 11 screamingly funny film Mra. Chambers will
sing tlm well known Indian illustrated
song, "N.ipatioe- ' Complete change
of programme f,,r Monday and Piles-
day evenings.
Wedding Bells
Ilm marriage of Mr. Pre lerick VV.
Thompson, freight inspector, Bevel-
stoke, and Miss Jennie Thompson,of
Vanoouver, whs celebrated In the
Methodist church on Thursday, the
16th inst,   Mr. and Mrs   Christopher
W. linden, (if this city   were   Witnesses
ii) tbe ceremony which was performed
hy Kev. T, W    Hall
The young couple left on No. !I7 (or
for the  west   uu I afler   a few   days'
b BBymoon 1 tbey Intend residing in
Hindus Leaving the Country
Vancouver, Oct. Hi.—.1. 11. Harken,
of tbe department ol the Interior announced last evening that the government had solved tbo Hindu question,
so far as the  province of  British Col-
flew "Reel.wear
Wc have just opened one of llie prettiest lot of
Neckwear that we have ever shown. The new
.styles are a decided change to those that have
lieen shown and you will lind all the latest fads
among them, as well as the every day styles.
We have a nice lot of Fashionable Linen Collars in plain white with polka dois, in colors
and colored designs. Hows for weci* with
linen collars ill silk and net.
flew Bva.b.3
Kor dress   CriTninihgS   in
colors and   al
widths. These Hi-aids are the fashionable
trimming for this season, and wc can match
almost any shade of material.
Sibe anb Bad. Combs
One of the best and cheapest lines yet shown
and all prices from the cheapest to the best.
You will lind our line of small wares always
complete. As we give particular attention to
the little things that arc needed every day.
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"        paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President   sic D. II. McMillan, K.C.M.Ii.   Vice Presidents -Kdwnrd Carney und On pi. Win, Robinson,   Gen. Man.   .1. VV. del". O'Gmdy.
Special attention paid to Savings  Bank Deposits
Internal allowed from dale of deposit uml credited ipnirtei'ly,
Open overy C P. R.   Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 p. m.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives from  ns the samp careful attention
i lhe largest one.
Office   Corner First St. and Connaught Ave.
A.  F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branch
umbia in concerned. The entire
Hindu colony, consisting of over 2,1)00
is to bo moved fr in British Colon bin
tu British Honduras.
The plan is lining curried nut as a
result of negotiations which have been
carried out between Sir Willlid Laurier, Lord Stralhcona, Canadian high
commissioner iu London, and the
governor nf Honduras. The Inner was
in London recently and personally
tkluetl over lhe details ul tin'scheme
wilh Lord Stialhcnnu
Mr. Darken wua sent fiutii Ol lawn
by Sir Wilfrid und lefl today wilh Iwn
Hindu delegates for Honduras to
arrange d tails of colony at that end
of the line.
Hindus are aii.iioii- to move, nnd
the imperial government will ussiet in
coat of transportation to their new
home. Scores of members if the
Hindu colony here ure not only out of
work but netually starving. Much
sniveling will result this winter if they
are not moved.
The present plno •* to cburter two
shipi to Carry ibei" to Panama and
send them across th isthmus, thence
to tbeir destin ition. They will be
employed building railways in Honduras.
Liberal Committee Rooms
Old Salvation Army Hall, First Street
All iiit-._vHt_.-l in the election uf Mr.
.Smith Curtis as Dieinber for Kootcimy
I.i.tiiiK in tht' Domini'm House of
Commons, cordially .voleomed.
Open Daily from 9 a.m. to II p.m.
UKAl-KO TKNDKRa ■-■M-0.--.-.WI io   the -iiiilnr-
0 si_.-it.il uut. endnnoi] ' Tomu.r for prod (dug
Conl _i.ir-.inir," will ba rooW.*hl until Friduy,
:. ilIi October, l'.«i.S. at 4 B0 |. m-, lor ilro.iuiij.; ro-
i|iiin.(i ut Conl Hurl-om. Vunouuver. I'ruvinuo
of British Colurubiu:
Teutlers will uot l>o aoustdored nulos.-. mutle
on tlio form t-HlpDUOd, ttml ififftiOd with the net-
mil Bigaatufba of isinlorer-*.
S|Micill'.iition and fc.rm of tenttHr run beob*
lumiiil on n[iplii'iili"ii in (i. A. Wet-fur, H.i- ,
Residoni 1.111,1111'iir, N*'W Wu-tminstor, uud at
thu Duimrtmmit of i'ntilic VViirkii Ultawu.
'l'i iiilnr - inii'st iucliido thn inwitif,'ill LJto i-Ltiiit
to and frnm tlio work81 Only dredges can bo
iiiunloyod wliifh urtiriHii-tfiMid iuCaunda at the
11 mn nf i ho lllin*.; iif l-niiders;   Coutrac*t«»rM mtiHt
be toady Ui besiii work within twenty days after
lho dttlu tbey have boon uoliHod of tho ncce|>t-
mii'o of their teudors.
An ui'ceiitnd cheiiue nu u churtoroil bbukt
|i-<yahle to thn order tit lho llououiablu the
Mini-tor of I'ulilic WorkN, for QUA thousand
i -:i,<«ni im ■. must bo deposited as security. TI.e
oTi_M|tie will he nitnrnod in cit so of unii-Hccepl-
aueo of ti'ndor.
The Ifep-trtmeutdoes not bind itsolf to accept
1 Im tnwn-1 of any tender.
Douarlmeut ef public Works,
Oitobor 7
from tl>e
per-  will   u
if   Hmy   in
it bo   pai
sort  it  w
1 for tl
tin nit
is ad
Public Meeting Tuesday Evening
Ml. Duncan   Ross, of   Valo-I'ui'iboo,
mul J, A. Macdonald, leader of the
I'liiviiii'.i.il Opposition, will address a
public meeting.
An Invitation is extended to mipo-
sition speakers and especially w. J.
Howser, Atltirney-deiieral.
The place of meeting will be an
llOUnoed by handbills.
Ood Save tbe King.
Make n very appropriate
Gilt At tbis particular
Heason  of   Ihe  year
Our Stock Is Complete
We invite you to mil
nnd inspect our handsome
stock ol  these goods    .
Ollicial Issuer of Murrispre
City Bakery
Call and son our cake. We
handle everything in tbe cake
and pastry line, .lust arrived u
beautiful assortment of bouquets and trimmings frit weddings birthday und other cukes.
All kinds of Icing and trimming
done. Stuck of fresh bread and
buns always on hand. Rye
bread made Tuesdays and Kii-
(lays. Tea and Cake. Lunches
pul up.
Real Estate. Insuran
Commission Agents
Revelstoke. B. C.
KepresemaliveH  ol   the   following
Insurance Companies!
FIRE IV8URANCE London Mutual,
Montreal - Canada, Traders',
Standard Mutual, Ottawa, Anglo-
American, Equity, Wlnnl:
LIFE IN8URANCE - London and
Lancashire Life, whose policies
are ihe nuts! liberal offered In lhe
Dominion to-day/'
guarantee and Accident Insurance Company!
American Surety Company, the
oiliest and strongest Surely Co.
on the Conttnonlt
FOR SALE    Houses, Hnsiness blocks
Cily Lots, I'ruil and Farm lands.
TO LET-  Houses and Stores,
INVESTMENTS   Timber,  mines'
municipal and Corporal ion Utiiids.
WANTED   TO   LKT-7    Roomed
house, First 8treel  wosl,  $1..
pel mouth.   Apply to Col inihin Agencies, Limited.


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