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"Empire Typewriter"
APPLY Til I'll K
/v?rJ /*>>
e Mail-Herald
Empire Typewriter
Vol. 12.-No. 116
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hnt 4 Cd
Tlii. i» tho Western Depot tor Dr. Jarger's Sanitary System
of Woolen Clothing.
We cun put you on the same basis as the Eastern Cities with
thi'si celt'liruted specialties.
The highest grade of Underclothing for Children, Ladies and
Men. Dressing Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Men's Fancy Vests, Ladies'
Golfers, Children's Tam 'o Shanters, Gloves, Hosiery, Woolen Boots,
Infant,' Unities.
These goods are all catalogued at standard price—the same
price here as in any other town in Canada.
See the Big Window Display on Mackenzie Avenue.
Ask at the Counter tor Booklet.
We curry the largest and Lest assorted stock ol Groceries in the
City. We can supply vou lully with anything you may require in this
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
which your doctor gives you must be
tilled exactly as he ordered it and ol
the very best medicines in every
respect to make it remedy the illness
for which he hns presoribed it.
Considering that we have been
doing business in Revelstoke only a
a lew months is a result of CARE
lully, ACCURATELY and CONSCIENTIOUSLY following the
doctor's order and giving that
branch ol our business the personal
attention of the proprietor.
Remember 1'reecription work is our
Red Cross Drug Store
D, NAIRN, Phm. B.
We have received the October number of the "Rod and Gun and Motor
Sports in Canada*' which is as usual
ol a high class, instructive and interesting nature. The number is devoted
chiefly to hunting which is the popular theme at this time ol year. The
frontispiece is a line example ot the
difficult work attempted by the
Alpine Club and the description of
"How We Won Our Qualification" is a
revelation to those who have never
attempted Alpine climbing. A treatise on "scientific deer hunting is a
decidedly instructive article, and much
space is given tishing, shooting and
camping under every possible condition. From cover to cover the Fall
number ie teeming with first-rate
reading, the various illustrations being
well chosen. W. J. Taylor has made a
happy choice in material for liis
hunting magazine.
Labor Leadership Crisis Fernie Mines Closed Tight, the
Outlook Gloomy The London Bribery Charges.
LoniiiiX, Oct. S—Shall labor follow
1 John Bum,, the liberal, or James Keir
Hardie, socialist, is now the question
I agitating the labor party ol Great
Britain? The Federation of Miners
have declared for Burns, and railway
servants in conference have decided to
follow Hardie.
Saxtiaiio, Cuba, Oct. 3.—Two thousand rebels near here have refused to
disarm and the situation is serious.
Havana, Oct. 3.—All bu.inees is
resuming with renewed energy here.
Great satisfaction is expressed at
Roosevelt's announcement that the
United States has no intention ol
annexing the Island.
Fernie, Oct. 3.—The otitlouk is
gloomy for the settlement of the Crows
Nest Puss Coal strike. General Manager Lindsay left last night for California and the mines are closed tight.
The men are very orderly despite the
inflammatory speeches by some ol
their leaders.
Lokdon, Oct. 3.—At a banquet laBt
night given by the directors ol the B.
C, '* ompuny, Sir F. Borden, Minister
ol Militia, said there was no likelihood
of militarism ever existing in Canada.
Boston*, Oct. 3.—Theo. RooBevelt, jr.
and lour fellow students have been
sunimtmed to.appear lielore the Grand
Jury to answer a charge ol assaulting
thc police.
Toronto, Oct. 3.—At a hearing of
the London bribery charges yesterday
several witnesses swore that they IS-
ceived $10 for their votes. Jerry Collins paid   them*.    Others  intimated
Important Organization for Revelstoke Has its Birth.
A muss Meeting nf ivorkingintu and
wage earners ol every branch ot trade
was held in the Selkirk Hall 1 st
Saturday night. The meeting was
convened bv W. 11. Trotter, organizer
ol the Trades and Labor Congress ol
Canada, who is working out his campaign on behalf of Trade. Unions
throughout the Dominion, and is endeavoring to establish a Trades and
Labor Council in every city of impart-
mice. A large number of trades representatives attended and the meeting
was well supported. Mr, Russel, ol
the Machinists Union, waB in the
chair and introduced W. R. Trotter
to the audience. On rising to speak,
he said that he was very pleased to see
that so many had responded to the
call of this cause, especially when the
notwe had b^en so short, and it was
all thc more satisfactory because it
showed that the interest in such all
important questions as Trades and
Labor called for was there, only that
it required centralizing and developing by a proper organization. The
speaker then went on to explain the
real objects of Trades Unions and the
need of the ilitt'erent unions uniting
lor each other's benefit. He instanced
the value of such unity by the assistance given the Plumbers Trade Union
in Winnipeg. This body, having a
strike forced on them by the action ol
their masters, was supported by the
Trades and Labor Council of Winnipeg, with the result that the masters
were soon forced to concede with the
men's just demands. He advocated
combination also amongst Trades
Unions 'ir the purpose ol being wel-
represented in municipal bodies and
in parliament, to keep an eye on the
actions of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, who are well represented there, and who have emissaries
in parliament watching tor their
interests. After explaining the principles and objects of Trades Unions.
he asked that members of local unions
High Class Grooeries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaoes, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry
A large supply of this wood has been received at our
yards and is now ready for delivery at
$4   Four  Dollars  Per Cord   tn
The best and cheapest ci-al for sll purposes, lt is tree
from dust and docs not clinker. We guarantee satisfaction
or will refund money.   Leave your orders (or luel at our office
Moltons'  Bank  Building
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
they had been paid ten dollars apiece Ishould renlain behinl1 when tlie meet
, ii        , .,,    ...     , ing closed, and to decide on the form
for  work  done  fur the liberal cauBe.     B
One witness i-aid Collins took *fl as
C. P. R's.  Rude  Shake is
Awakening the Old Company
ation of a Trades and Labor Council
for Revelstoke.    Some remarks from
R. C. Pegler, secretary of the  Soap
Makers Union of Calgary, who specially urged those present to  buy  only
union made goods, were followed by a
call from the chairman Ior a vote of
thanks to  Mr.  Trotter,  whicli  was
heartily responded to.   The following
were present at a  meeting  held  on
Lonhon", Sept. 30.—Referring to the Monday night at the Queen's  hotel
all British mail route, an  official  of for the purpose ul  forming a Trades
the P. & O. Company states that his and Labw Council ir' Revelstoke,  to
company will  take  the  mails  Irom represent their unions:
London to Hong   Kong in   twenty- >    Cigar Makers—J. Walker,
eight days average time.    He denies     Firemen—F. Mitchell, J. Rogers,
that there hat been a race  with  the.    Maintenance of Way—H. C. Cam-
Canadian Pacific.   The importance ol eron, D. Farquhar.
the last route to ilia east via  Canada     Boilermakers—J. Sneddon,
cannot  be overrated and in times of     Federal Laborers—W. Thompson.
European trouble it could be  utilized
with little risk.
•• (VjiXiiXliXiiXiiIli jT,,i^i!*ui!ui!uiIiiXiibi!ui!Z!ii!uj!ui^iAiZu*uiXiiX.
-..J.-I*-X--X*-X*-37 X X X 4-  X * X X X X wjrii.ijnT.ttHi. .j,. .j,.'
Is an  indication of THOUGHT and " thoughtful <$*-
people r' realizeThat tlie-Best IT always cheapest in
the end.
We guarantee that the stoves having the Gurney- **■
Tildcn trade mark arc the BEST.    Furnaces' Stoves, .♦.
Ranges, Airtight Heaters, all sizes and all prices.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen') T
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmilhing. i
iTi dU ,*ti i*l*i .***i .*!". 1*1*1 iti i*l"i ,t, iti iti iti iti iti iti iti i*****. it, i'l*, il*, it, iti dU ,*t> ,t,
rjB .^,. ij,, iii 1*1 iii ij,i ix' 'X- 'X 'X 'X' -X* *X* 'X *X "X" X* X  X  A' *  X X  X *
Tailors—.1. Anderson.
Blacksmiths—A. Armiin, H. Gough.
Blacksmiths'  Helpers—E. Serrianni,
Machinists—C. Calmer, A. Taylor,
R. Talliui, I). Jaokson.
H. W. Carmen—W. Bnnctt.
Barbers—A, Parsons.
D. Jackson moved that a Trades and"
Labor Council be  formed  iu  Revel-
GRAND Forks, Oct. 1—Word  has
reached here "I an  immensely   rich
Btrike ol cobalt near West   Bridge on       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thc west fork of the Kettle River.    It I stoke.—Carried unanimously,
has created great excitement in the j    R. Tallon moved that  F.  Mitchell
be elected president,—Carried,
J. Rogers moved that D. Jackson
be elected vice-president.—Carried.
D, JackBon moved that A. parsons
be elected secretary— Carried.
The amount ol the charter fee ($10)
was subscribed for by thc various
members present. The meeting then
adjourned, to be convened by the
secretary when the regularly accredited delegates frum the unions have
reported their appointments to linn,
when the permanent ollicers and committees will lie appointed.
campt. It is claimed the strike bids
fair to rival the Cobalt Camp iu New-
Ontario. Prospectors from all over
the country are flocking into thc
camp and are staking all the vacant
ground for miles round.
Another jeneral store business will
soon be launched on the great tide ol
commercial enterprise and sail side by
side with its bigger aud elder brothers.
J. Mclntyre, who successfully carried
on bis business at Notch Hill, will tr)'
his fortune in Revelstoke, having
taken premises al the corner of First
Street ami Orion avenue. The business will be grocery and lumbermen's
supplies. We wish every success to
the new ventire.
Another shipment of McLarens
Cheese all sizes, also two pound cakes
ol Limburger Cheese jmt arrived, at
C. B. Hume 4 Co.
^^^^^^^^^  SHARE BROKER
Agent for the Non-Combine Insurance Companies.
Insurance Risks covered at lowest rntes.
Plate Glass Insurance, Employers' Liability, Guarantee Bonds,
Accident anil Sickness Insurance, Live Stock Insurance. Life Insurance.
Mining and Industrial Promotion.
Mines and Timber, City Lots and Residences, Fruit and Farm
Lands, Hotels. Stores, Dental Practices, Liveries, Restaurants, etc..
for Sale.
Steam Furnaces and Coal supplied at from .1*7.50 to $K 60 per ton.
MONEY TO LOAN in large or small sums on City, S'iburbao, or
Farm Properties in any part of British Columbia at from 7 per cent,
to tl per cent.
Shares Bought and Suid at Current Prices.
The Overseas Mail Will Make
the Trip From Coast to Coast
in 93 Hours.
Twenty-two days Liverpool to Yokohama, 21) days Liverpool to Hong
Kong. The " Ovorieas Mail," the
Canadian Pacilic Railway's new Dyer,
currying the Imperial  mails  botween
Great Britain and the Orient, will
leave Quebec on the arrival ol tlio
'•EmpreBB ol Ireland," Friday, September 28th.
First-class sleeping ear passengeiB
tor Fort William, Winnipeg and west,
who have Beeured accommodation on
the "Overseas Mail" will be forwarded
by regular train to North Bay, joining
the express at that point.
The "Overseas Mail" will stop only
at the following points west of Winnipeg:—Brandon, Broadview, Moosejavf,
Swilt Current, Medicine Hat, Calgary,
Laggan, Revelstoke, Kamloops North
Bend and Vancouver. Passengers
lor other points west ot Winnipeg
will require to leave the "Mail" at
nearest station at which it stops east
ul desired destination, and proceed by
regular train, any mpense incurred
while waiting being borne by themselves.
What is known ss the Palllser tunnel ii now in course :! construotion,
about one and a half miles ivesl of
Palliser on the C. P. II. The tunnel
will be approximately 700 leet long,
and li being constructed with a view
nt eliminating a 28-degree curve with
whicli everybody traveling between
Calgary and (ii Ideu i- f.iuiiliir. Construction was begun in llie early part
of last October, and It is expect"! tc
Le llnislieil by the end ol next month.
Uptvarda ol 100 men have been cm-
ployed on thia construction night and
day, and when completed it will efl'i it
a considerable saving of timo and
wear and tear of rolling stock. Al out
10,000 barrels ot cement will le used
in the construction, and tne cost will
be approximately $160,000,
It is urgently requested thai all
citizens who are interested in the
river Lank question will accompany
the deputation and Senator Templi -
man to-morrow on llieir tour ol inspection nf the «ori< on ii,i i.-.i. Iln
Navigation Co. have placed the
steamer at the disposal ol the deputation and the tour will be made
during the alternoon, THE HAIL-HERALD. REVELSTOKE, B. 0
Lumber has Another Rise —
Rough Grades go up $1.
R nigh lumber bus again been advanced a dollar a thousand throughout liritish Columbia. Thii decision
was arrived at nsa result ol a joint
meeting ol the Mountain Lumber
Manufacturers' Association and the
11. ('. Lumber Manufacturers' Association in Vancouver, Other matters oi
common interest to < st and mountain mills were discussed; among
tin-in the present cur shortage, but no
definite action wus taken except on
tin- price "i lumber, l! Is understood
that the reason for  the  rise in  the
Chinese—$50 in Prizes.
Victoria, Ii. C, Oct. 1st.—John
Bums,. laboring man and in his
younger days a Chartist, wns impria
lied lor some oll'ences against the
law in his eiiili'iivoi- to promoti bis
political views. Such a thing is
impossible I ow, Nearly all his views
ire at the present time embodied in
iicls of parliament, lie spent Irs
pri-oii lite in Improving and broadening his mind, and lie tu day holds one
ot a dozen of the most coveted positions in thi- Old Country, lie is a
member ot the ministry, and as such
is one of the King's advisers. Soon
altor Li.- appointment he was "com
priii*! was that lhe mills hud been!
forced lu this course as llie price of
lugs Lad risen, wages were high, labor
BCarci- and above all tlie supply of lops
wns Bhrinking rapidly. The export
lumber trade is most satisfactory.
Nov. i- before Iii the history i-i 'the
trade have urders been so numerous
11 is said thai the export mills will be
not .ible tu consider  new  urders for
sever.;l month* to i '.   The shingle
situation is satislactory, The margin
o! profit is small, but tlio demand
heavy, which enables the manufacturer U measure hia prollts to better
advantage than for years. The shingle
market is not handicapped eithei1 Ly
ixhorbitantly high wages or cheap
Lil or, principally Jars cun be utilized
fti securing the shingle bolts, etc.
The '-.ir shortage is very serious ut
t!ii- time and is more lelt than in
previous years becau-i owing to the
enormous settlement into the Nortn-
west the volume of business is greater
lliiin (".ir before, ll is tsaid llmi oven
il imi-rniilil In-sent west empty, the
supply would In- inadequate, Mutters
however, ure much worse in ibis
respect on the other side of the line,
where ilie car shortage is crippling
b i*i'ii-.**. It is caused through con-
gostion ol tru'lic. ninl it i* snid to be .,
n-temlcd" by tlio King to aco»pt his
common thing tn delay a passenger
train to allow three or four freights to
go by. In Washington State millmcn
are holding indignation meetings
against the railways whicli are powerless to relieve the situation,
hospitality. John asked leave to
appear In ordinary evening dress. But
our King Is a stickler for form, as one
of our judges is here—an-l 1 hig ly
approve of Loth. Clothes help to
make the man, and thoy add dignity
to bis olliee. John Bums gut court
dies, and it became him sn well
that the King complimented him on
bis appearance, and he even recommended une of Ins older ccurtiera to go
to John Iinins' tailor. Juhn Burns
was quiie tqiiul to the situation and
reminded the King that this was not
the lirst time he had worn Royal
':ery, John Burns is far Irom wealthy, but he is rich in the esteem of
his country.
Well, t have been thinking that if
some of our labor men were only a
little mure.open minded and broader
in their views tbey might perhaps
become second editions of John Bums.
They hold their opinions strongly
enough in all conscience. Even
Hawthornthwaite might become some-
The trade unionists owe much ol
the liberty gained for them by men
like John Burns, and nowhere in the
wide world is liberty and freedom
more secure thin in the Old Country.
We  forget  sometimes  that    liberty
The latest issue from the Provincial
Bureau ol Information is tlie supplement to bulletin No. 21, "Timber in
Britisli Columbia," ivhich brines the
statistical information on tin subject
of the timber industry up-to-date and
sh iw* an immense increase in the
number of timber cutting licenses the
figures for the current yem indicating
that the area under licence by ihe
end of 19011 wjll be double that o! any
former year, while the new mills reg
istered -bow a total cutting cn| icit;
Hi*-.-like a stream trom precedent to
precedent, and that all labor troubles,
strike*, and so on. are softening, and
we nre flowing in th" direction ol
Socialism so far ns ii is consistent
with practical politics. Further thin
that no one can see. But extremists
may hold their views as a pious belief.
Now i conn- to my point. This
luovinceis-.it present kept back lor
want ol labor ol the commonest sort
Nn wonder they can erect a fine triumphal aroh on Y'ates street.  It is
reckoned we have 10,000 Chinese in
the province. Taking them altogether,
they now get $10 a in mtli more than
ihey did before the exclusion tax WaB
put ou.     Ten dollars a month ami
len thousand people makes $1,200,000
a rear—just ubout what   the   cily ot
Vic'oria wants to buy out the Esquimau Waterworks Co., stock, lock and
barrel, and   no  Iubb  about it.   Wc
could then buy like wealthy men who
care not what they give and could do
as much every year.   Think of it! All
ihi- money thrust into the pockets ul
the Chinese here.    When 1 wrote trying to prevent the   exclusion bill
being passed by  tho  legislature live
years ago, I invited the ladies ol Victoria, and they are chiefly atl'eetcd by
the high wages, as the money generally  comes    out    of    housekeeping
expenses.   Very few ladies were at the
trouble to call at Hibben's and sign
their names.   In Vancouver the ladies
were much more active.    I hope all
will sign now.   The thing  Ib  monstrous that we should heapjsneh a lot
ol  money  into  tlio hands   ol   thc
Chinese and make them bo rich and
independent, and their ohargos will
go on increasing,    Those companies
who employ labor, individually and
collectively, ought to ask tbe representatives iu parliament to be united,
irrespective of politics, throw out a
piece nf ill-considered and pernicinus
legislation which  bus been tried tor
five years and found to be adverse to
the bent interests uf this province in
The women ol Victoria through
their organization, could help this
endeavor, What doeB Mrs. Day say ?
His Excellency Earl Grey believes in
Chinese temporary help in Africa, I
see by the local papers. Is it asking
too much of our local parliament to
unite by agreement with eacli other
and assist in this matter ? Few of
the members ever considered the serious wrong that bus been done and is
being done to the province in keeping
back large industries and improvements. Are railways likely to be
built now ''.
It just strikes me ! I will place $50
in the hands of the editor of the
Victoria Daily Times and I will give
the following prizes lur suggestions as
to how the province might best spend
this $1,454,000 for the good of the
province, if they had it instead of the
Chinese—the suggestions to be written on two sides of small note paper,
Founder! in Cinidi of
I-Itnd Tailored Girmemi, completely finished.
MotlOfl is horoby K^'-nt lint llll dt*y*H niter <lale
i inii'ii'i tn apply to iiii! chief Commissioner
of I.Hints nml Wnrks for ti n-jin-iikl lteense tu cut
ninl carry nwny timber from ihi> following
(U'siriWil IniirtHln tho district of West Koote.
nay, Rovelstoko Divisioni
Commonolng ai a inmt punted on thu cast
side ol the Columbia rivor* and nliout 2 miles
irom river <»n tho north sldo ol a small creek,
nud ulmut-'mill"" nhovo Carnes Creek, thenoe
north nu chains, thonoo onst su chains, thonee
Mm iii su i'i,Hi m., thonce west 80 chains to imiut
of com mo uno ment.
Datod Wnd day of Boptomber, 1006.
oclll A, F. JOHNSON.
"New Things'*
in Trousers.
Each succeeding season sees the
standard of Fit-Reform garments
raised higher.
This is especially true of Trousers.
Cloths are richer-patterns handsomer-colorings more striking—than
Fit-Reform has ever imported before.
Coupled with the beauty of the
goods, is the peerless Fit-Reform
tailoring. That is a combination
that the well-dressed man finds
irresistible. B     ^^
Notico I* horoby nlvon that 80days after dato
I iiiti'inl to.ii*|iiv to thc chlof Commissioner of
Lands and work* lom special licenso to out
nml m rry .twuy hiuln-r from tin* to I low in k
iii'hcriin'ii iiuiiixt-ituni-.- in iln- Yale dhjtrlot,
i, Commonclug ni n i>»ni mnrkeil "8, Hill's
uorth-oast oornor post," plantod about ow
mllo oast of the Bhuswan rlver( aboul ftmlloi
uortli oi Chorry Crook, thonco south mi chains,
ilivtiri-wi'tUMi clinliiH, llu-iiiv north mi i-litilnv
tlionco I'HNt wi chains to pointol commence'
ment. -
rmteit sept, iiith, Wi.
i, ('o)iiiiiciH'Uii* al a post marked "S. Hill's
Bouth'OQSt corner posi," -jiluiiiH mi tlie went
imiik of the -Shuswap rivor, nhout i mi leu smith
ut Sugar l.akov thoneo wost so chains, thouce
norlh Hi) rlinins, thonco east m ohains, ihenco
Bouth mi chnlns lo jn-iiii of commencement,
:i, Commonclug nt a post markod "B. Hill's
south-oast corner post," pinniwl on the wost
in1 nl. of the Bhuswap river, about ■> iiiIU-hkuuUi
of Sugar Lake, thonco wost hi clmins. mirth hu
chnlns, oust80 elinlns, theuco south hUelinins
to point oi commoncement,
4. Commoneliig nt a post markod "8, Hill's
north-east corner post," planted on the west
bank of the'fluuBwnp Itiver about 5miles south
of Mni'iii Lake, thonco west hiicliHltis, thenee
souih cl chains, thenco enst hi ohains, ihenco
nortli un ohains to point ol commencement
«*i. Commencing ntn post mnrked "S, Hill's
northeast corner post," planted on tho west
Imiii; ot llie Shuswup Itiver, ulmutti miles
souih of Sugar Lako, thenco west40chains,
thonoo south Uiu ehnins, thence enst *1U ehniiis,
llionce nurth I00 chnius to poim of com men cement.
Dated Bepf, 17th, liwit.
oct8 .   ■     ,'s. HILL.
n mi
Incorpornted by Act of Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molsiin Maci'iikhson, Pres. S. H. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything iu way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
Rbvelstoke, B. C.
Farmers ou our uncliured lund. and       „  ... . .
many other industries, particularly „,,t more, und tho most approved
railway building, require it. Tin suggestion will get $30, the seonnd $16
result' in these two industries par- and tl.e third $■''■ Tne prizes are
ticulurly named is this: Farmers chiefly intended lor young people who
and Iruit growers cannot live and cam:"!!"- early take un interest in
don'l continue to come into this public niatteis, and the judges shall
country, and railway building ia I be Mr. G. F.Gray, labor delegate, and
comparatively at a standsti'.    T lis is the Rev. Canon Beaulands, neither of
t!.,.,M nourownlslai    toa    ich ffhom has  given  me permission to
greater extent than is genera yki iwn mimehi u l these gentlemen may
Railway '     ' "; -' either acl   r nominate sime one who
0.735 OOtTleet per diem."not including I gradual ' «       will, and the two shall select a third,
several small   mills  supplying      :al   .borer* ver   n iol    -  le.irabl    md     ...   ike Mt   Gray  toienda
dem-inds in various parts ol tin sho.   wecann t kee,     it; th.    * .     this etter!    the president ol
vince     The details   fthisai i binese  -.    vhen the;        -     - -    • e greal    eeti .- leld here and any
valuable information are included  in Ull intend and do nearly all ret . i   *    ■< . r* he thinks best.    I am not at
this very usefu -1|   -   em
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ice  Toronto, Ontario.
Brunches ill the Provinces (if Miiiiilnliii. Alln'rtii, Saskatchewan,
British I'liliiniliiu, Oniurii), (Quebec.
Capital Subscribed ...       $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,280,000.00
I), li. Wilkie, President 1 Hon. li. Jai-'fkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department— Deposits received and Interest allowed
nl highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly. 17W
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canadu, United States and
Europe.   .Special alien!ion given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
nqtISS. I
VTOTICE  Is   hereby "nil-nil   Hint   80
IN nltnrilulo I Intond to ,-ipjily to tho B
iiiiiii tin- I lilol Cinninlsslnnor nl l.uiiil.-	
Works fur a gnoolul llooiiso to cat mul carry
iili-iiy timlior .rule the following described
lunils in East Koutoouy District i
1. Coinmoiiciiiit. ut u jiosl murked "Otto
Lucliiiiniul's liurlli-nii*! enrnor |iust," lituntud
iiii tin. Huhl liuni. "I Windy Ilivor ut houd ill
Kiiilmsket Lako, mu! *."-, miles Frnm lnke,
thonco smith limrlhuiiis, wosl In cliiilui, mirth
Isi) chnlns. nasi 111 ehuins'to plnce ol com.
2. I'.iuinieiiciiiK nt u poBt mnrkeil "lliu.
l.iichtiiunil's tuirlli-wisst corner post," plnntod
mi tlio right lunik ol Windy lliver, ntho-id nf
Killlin.-il.ot Lnko, uud !!!.. miles from Ijiiko.
tlionco suuth Iim chains, oust40chuius, north
Kill clmins, wost 411 chains to plnce of commencement.
Iluluil Sept. 15th, 1903.
8. Commencing, at n post mnrkeil " Otto
[jtiotimuiltt's siuilli-wust curuer |mst," plnuled
on ilie right bunk of Windy Hivur. -1., miles
Iriim Klabaskol Lnko. tlionco imrtli sn cliuin..
enst Ml ehuins, snutli sn ehnins, wnsl Sn ehnins
to pluco uf commencement.
4. CommoiicliittE nt n posl marked "Otto
Ijuchtiiund's nnriii-west corner post," pluntuil
un right side nf Windy lliver. I!., mile* frnm
Kinliuske! Luke uud hull u mile west frnm
river, ilieucc Booth 80 chains, onst Hi) chains,
nortli sndinins, west so cliiiins to piece of com-
5. Commoiictiig nl n posl mnrkod "Ottu
Liieliiini.uil's south-east corner post," pluniod
0 . tlio riglil Inink ol Wiiuly lliver,'1 mile* fnnn
hond uf Kiiiliu-ket Luke, tlience nnrtli Sll
chains, wost 80chains, soutli mi chains, onst EO
chuius to i,1.1.-0 uf I'limmeuceineiit.
l)ntoil-*V|it. Hit.li. mm.
il. Commencing ut a post mnrkeil "'Otto
Ijiti-liinllnd's-oulli-we-t curuer pnst," pluuted
nu north hunk of Klllllliskot Luko inul 1 mile
from Inul nf luko, thonce norlli Ml chuius, oust
Sll chuius, snulli Sii chaius, west Ml chuius tu
plnce nf coiumolieeinoiit.
Dated Sept. 12th, IM.
oct !<
to die, a                    villi their j a .              . ..    unjona,   Qur
-   | stances    make    me
;-■"'  write. .  -   bu k        - e   lelegates
'i-   - ■   '     All the bei -• ....      ,     id and gone before
-■    employ   I - .,-•:-.      rake tM.,
■'--.. iti     flood and get
lorn week             .                   I       ,     , I other utilities.    ] have,
* -       ■      •■'    -    ii .   -     interest
len..   But I  .                    . chi-
■'        new . me a
isonable.   1                    -        . . .-ner
i      ,i.
.    . i i
Oi ii well k ii wti n | ter
generation - in c nitl
t    ■ I repeated - ith   sl
rna ..-••    Il »is this 1  u   -
p lined   li sei   i     ■ t ise
i-.  ■' Ii, -;■•■     I        ly was
' lire to | ]
bu jlarwaiiu        ledonii '
t ■ i     ■     i.- ..-- : * '
B \        ...,■'■■      I   '
..... irerl
- b - reel
I writer, hi '   '       "      :   '*
ri itea to  XI     Glads!  '        '  '
,     ..,,;-:,.    ..  .  n|,    ... -     them   ■-■■  honsi   -    - *-
ll    in   - was -: bj  theec- '"   ' -*''      !-":-"       "  ' '!
centric press mai     'I   -   idsl ne al *
thee nclusionol mm , msin-       ery few know what the exclusion
PUItHUANT   'I'd    THE      " Oil UDITUKS'
Tiu-KT Dkuhs Act. 1001."
\ For tUrlcultural Implements. Carriages, Wanopa, Ktc, John
^ Deuro Ploughs, Molino Wagoua, Canada Carriage Company's
■r BokbIob, Plaaol Jr., Qarden Boedora nml ('ultivntors, Wheel*
r writilit mid Blauksmlth Work attended to,   Horao Bhoelng it
Specialty. •■!^^|^^^^
. -   md li "■■
 -- tnd   • ;.--       - - • thi
I - ce I...-- ir of thi * -'
'wh hid I ■ • to -- - educed)
t to thi provinoia treasury
$254,000—the amount which Ottawa
rel i ed I don'l know, This is a ing
sun Many ol these arrivals went to
bin ■ ii We h ive nothing to do
with that   But $254,000 is n small
sum compared with wl have had
to pay to the Chinese Inr inoreased
—    — price of their labor,   Our-lay laborer
Horrors will never cease. "The clearing away rubbish Irom our homes,
Jungle" Theatrical Company has been has inore sed (rom 75 dents a day to
incorporated to produce a dramatize- one dollar and a quarter and a dollar
and a hall. I'lenty of labor unionists
pay   these iiilvinc.es.    ill  wages fur
array oi quest!
expressed hia pli isure it meeting the
intervii vei 1 he latter, in a high state
ol delighl "i-l with enthusiasm
'- The pleasure is mutual, Mr. Glad-
atone, bul i- all - i. ;;.- lide, —! n
. ♦.
Let  us supply  yon with genuine
Aslicroft   potatoes   ior   the  winter-
Bourne Bros.
tion of Upton Sinclair's socialistic
tract. The first olfence will bo com-
inited in November.
household  servants have   advanced.
Houses and Lots
ecu re  some 1 il
*    i               -     * ;-   -   ! t
m tin   Da ipl  - :■'-.''
Mai        itward         fore Knglish
is Wi te -    lor  tii"1 vy^/^//*^/^^^^^^^^**^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ettling the 	
ihi . --.- pic men and
companies vh*o are actuated by greed
the »ellare ol the
settlers they send out and on whom,
ii ol ten, thoy bold a
,,. is m irtgage permitting the
settler onl * snfBoienl tn exist on,
Nol another aore ol Canada's public
lands should be alienated  Irom  the
oro - lepl to actual settlers them.
selves io-I to them the quantity Bhould
he limited to what they can make uso
nf.—Kye Witness,
.lohn George Maediiniild of tho I'ity of
Ilevelstoke in the Province of British
Columbia, Merchant, bus bv deed dnted the 2Hlh day uf September, A, ll..
11KH1, assigned nil Lis personal property, real estate, credits and ell'ects,
which may he seized uml suid under
execution tn Allan V. Anderson of the
said City of Revelstoke, Accountant,
in trust for tin* benelit of his ci editors,
The said deed was executed by the
snid John George Mncdoniild und Allan
Y. Anderson on the 28th day of Sup-
leiiibor, A.D., 11)00.
All persona having claims iip;iiiiisi the
siii.l John George Maedonald are required on or before llie Isl day of November, A.D., IIHHI, lo send lo the
trustee full particulars of (he same
duly verified, together wilh thenar-
Honiara of tho security, if nny, held
by theni.
Notice is hereby flll'thl'l'given that
after the said Isi dny of November,
A.I!,, 1000, lhe trustee will proceed to
distribute lhe assets among those
creditors whose cliiiins hnve been
lodged willi hini. uml llmi be will mil
lu- responsible after said dale for the
assets sn dlsli'lLutod, nr uny purl
llicieof In any person or iici-siiiis, Him
oi- corporation, of whose di-Li or claim
he shall nol ihon have received notice.
A meeting of the creditors of tlio
suid John George Maedonald will bo
held at the olliees of Burns oi Wnlkein.
Iliii'i-islei-s, Room I, Hack Hlock, Vancouver, ll. ('.. on Friday, the lUthdiiy
of October, A. I)., 1000, at the hour of
four o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Revelstoke, II. 0„ this 1st
day of October, A. I)., WOO,
Revelstoke, B, 0„
Solicitors for the above Trustee.
lUnclor^ Nuw   Management)
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
Kirsl-clns accommodation fur travellers
Beat liriiiulH of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
Look at This!
WANTED—Known—1  have what
appears to be an excellent opportunity
for i in with $050 to handle the
iiL-cni-v for the Interior uf British Columbia »f I'"* PITNER GASOLINE
success and will pay from $150 to $200
a. month.  Apply to
E. A. Haggen,
Uiiii Estate and Investment Broker,
,...,, .,„(.     , ..,...ij/.ffn»]miiii«imiMiii«.i,. jiK-wum
"ii ML m&s&'ia  W ifi
Steel Ran<#©
grates are mai.
extra heavyan* stray
London* Toronto-Monfr-saJS
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Pure London Gins
Celebrated Specialties—the Purest snd Moat
Wholesome Obtainable
Gilbey's "London Dry"
Gilbey's "Plymouth"
Gilbey's "Old Tom"
Dl.llll.il, Battled ue Cu.r.nle.d by
* P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. \
HEAD OFFICR; Oaloaky, Aerkrta. m
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants f
Pork Packers and Dealer   in Live Stock.   Markets in alt the principal Cities and d
Towns of Alberta, British wiumhlu and the Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand A
"Imperator" Hums and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard. J
i^ifeSJ     " )'ou alv locking for something nice in SPOONS AND
-'-'•     PINS,    BELT   BUCKLE8,   WATCHES,    " BUNN
SPECIAL" ior Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
I J.   GUY   BARBER,  -
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
ami bouse furnishings go lo
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, liesi Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $| a day.   Monthly rale.
Hurricane Wreaks Havoc on
Gull Coast Tidal Wave
Causes Appalling Damage-
l'i-:.\*sAooi.A, Fla, Sept. llll.— The
worst sea-Storm and hurricane thai
tne Gull Coast has experienced in a
century, bus burst. It is reported that
many lives between Ilic cily and navy
yard have been lost, but the report
does not obtain credence. It is
known, however, that many streets in
that section are under live to ten (eet
ot water, and many women have been
taki n Ir iin second-storey windows.
The estimated property damage is
Ifll.OiiU.lKH) Every house in Pensacola
has sull'eri d damage, and many roofs
are blown oil*. Telephone and telegraph and electric light wires are
among the mass. The water-front is
strewn with wreckage for iniles on
either side oi the city, aud vessels are
piled on Ihe wharves, or where the
wharves once were, iu uiter ruin.
Big iron steamers and many lighter
sailing ships are lying high and dry
up in the city, where the tide has
never before been known to reach,
The wharves for miles round have
been swept away or damaged beyond
repair. The electric power was shut
off at one o'clock this morning. There
is no street-car trallic and communication with the outside world is prac
tically cut ott*. The streets are
strewn with timbers, tin roofing and
broken glass.
This despatch, wilh other telegraphic
matter, iB being hurried to Flomaton,
Ala., by lhe Western Union Manager,
who makes the trip by train. It iB
ieared that great havoc and loss ol life
will be ihown when reports from the
entire section along lhe Coast can be
New Orleans.—For more than
twelve hours a tropical hurricane has
been blowing at a speed varying Irom
35 to 60 miles on hour. The telepraph
and telephone wires are ail down between here and Gull o! Mexico points,
where the storm is reported to have
been worst. The damage reported
thus far is confined mostly to the
havoc ot tbe tide driven by the wind
up the Gull Coast to an unusual
height. At the mouth of the Mississippi River, pilots were compelled to
abandon their towns. Seventy-five
Austrian fishermen and their families
spent the night in boats on Doullut's
Canal, to escape the water, whicli is
rising over the Lower Mississippi Delta and threatening their cabins,
Thc rice-tields are considerably damaged in this section. No vessels have
attempted to. enter at the mouth ol
the Mississippi River since Tuesday
night but are riding the storm in the
open Gull.
A wash-out is reported on the
Louisville .t Nashville Railway at
Lake Catherine, and the New Orleans
& Northwestern Railway reports its
track under water at several places.
The damage in New Orleans is small
so far, Lake Ponchartrain is five
feet above the normal. The wind has
swept away a few ol the fishing
Three barges were sunk in tbe Mississippi River at Southport abuce here.
Passengers arriving here over the
Illinois Central tonight, said that
while the train was stopping at Macon,
Miss., a In .tel suddenly collapsed in a
wind-storm there, killing two persons,
They said that a heavy wind was en-
countered at Macon. *
New reports ol the havoc the hurricane is creating in Us progress northward have been received here. At
Vicksburg, the steamer Madoc was
blown from its moorings in the Mississippi, and stranded and a drydook
was reported to have broken loose.
Washington, Sept. 27.—Belated reports to the United States Weather
Bureau tonight from Pensacola, Fla.,
announce that the Gulf hurricane
passed inland west ol there. The wind
reached 3S miles an In air at Pemaeola.'
The storm is probably centred tonight
in gouth Central Mississippi. It is
lielieved to be decreasing in energy
and the Weather Bureau predicts that
it will move slowly northward duiing
the next 24 hours. An increase in the
energy of the storm, however, is expected by the Bureau when the disturbance reaches the Lower Lake
region. Its probable course during
the nexl 24 hours will be north-eastward through Tennessee and Kentucky into the Ohio Valley.
She flfoaiUlbcralb.
Inolullng pontage in He-gland, United Statei
nml Ci.tiii'lii.
.   I,*
..   I.IKI
Ry the your (through postoltlottl-.
Utli    *■ *;
Qiliirler "
Lwiil notion W (li'llUi I'l-c Imi" llrsl in-crll	
:,.-.-nl-li.-rliiii- i-in-li Blllisonliont Ilisortloll,
MclUlireluolll - Nuil|iiini-l 11- Iim-*- IllllKO olio
Incli).   Store  anil  gonornl ini-.lii.-~s uu-
iiiiniii-i-iiifiii- ?i'-> i''-i- imli I""-  la.
l-ii-d-iri-il i»i«iiIon*. '■' por '-.-in. i"l-
ilii ii ...I. llliili*. Muri'logos nml DraUia,
.-.- each Insertion. Timbor notlccH|o.U)
I...ml notico" ('.:>'   AH odvorll onU
.iiliji-,-1 Inl Iiim1|i|ii-iivii1 nil In-Hii.liiiK'-lll.'ll.
W.nliil nml Ciniili-ii-i-il A.lvi-ili-i- nl-*:
Agonl. Wauled, lli'lli Wanted, Situations
wanted, Situations Vacant, Toachon
\v.i,,ii-il, Mechanic. IVanlod, 1" worda nr
Ino lie., i-irli mlilii Iuiiii! lino In coats.
Changes In standing advortlsomonU mast
ni- inliy II a. in. *l ili-«il.) mid Friday ul
cull wi-i-k In .rriiri' K"od dlsploy.
ilii   KINTINU pi-oiniiilyexcciitedntroojiun-
ai.li-rates. ,,  ,     „
TERMS Cash.  Subscriptions payable In ml.
"tiliK-iroSliKNCK invited on mutton, ol
pubilo Interest. CoititnunloatloiiB to Kdi-
for must !''- aoooinpanled by namo of
writer, nut nccossarily fo inililiculion. bin
us evidence of koikI imiii. Correspondence
-I.milil la- brief.
C. K. lill.uv
Solicitors, Etc.
miTIIiiI'T l,A Hli, Il.C,
1'. 0. Kl.l.llllT.
Ohtokh:   liiiiiiui.  Hask BLOCK,  ItKVKi"
'BTOKK, 11. C.
Money i" lm.". .   ,. .*
Offlcosl ll.-vclslokc.ll.il.-, ForlSloelc, B. C.
Quo. S. McCihtbr,
A. M. I'ixkiiam. J. A. Hahvbv,
Rovelstoke, H.c.        KortStoolo,B.C.
J, M.Sootl I.L.H
W. I. Brlggs.
Baiiiustkhs, Solicitors, Etc.
Miinby tu Loan
mii.ii i-riiiis Fun lliu.siiNK Bank
pit-.t Su i. Revelstoke, B.C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveylng
Mi Ki:s/ii--. Avunik.
llnx Hid.  llEVELSTOKK.
rillWARl) A. HAGGEN,
Mining Engineer,
(Mem, A'licrliiun Instluiic MiningEnglnoorel
Canadian Mlulng Instltuto.l
Revelstoke, B. C.
(examination ol nnil reports on Mineral Pro I
pertlcs a 8peolalt.y.
i       I,. WIKNKIt \ I'd.
j\, (Ineni'poi'atcd]
Baxkkhb & BnnKKiis,
Dividend paying, mining nil and Industrial
investments, Illaliosl snooiilallvo profit*coin
liini-il will,   liiink  soourltyi ii. Ilvldond
cheque* moiled every month to client*  Call
un nu-or willi-l-'i- iiiuiii-iiliii'*.
K. A. IIAiiiil-.N*. RKVKLSTOKK. 11.C.
Ageni lur Kootonav.
worst accidents, may have been
caused, liy throwing responsibility
on uver worked or incompetent
officials, Neither of these causes
can properly lie regarded as unavoidable. Over working should
not be tolerated by any intelligent
management, and would not be
practised by any humane manager.
Tlie public have no means of
knowing whether, in the cuseoi
niilway track nml train hands, the
men are subjected to adequate and
repeated tests of Bight, bearing and
capacity to stand nerve strain.
Long experience lias amply demonstrated that neither a coroner's
jury nor a court of law is an
efficient means of investigating the
cause of a railway accident. What
is needed is an inquest far more
systematic and elaborate than
either of these is capableof conducting. The time seems to have arrived
in Canada for the intervention oi
the Canadian Government through
n commission appointed for tlie
purpose of throwing all possible
light on the series of railway accidents that have created so much
uneasiness in the public mind.
Such an inquiry might usefully lie
conducted without tlie least prejudice to the railways, indeed, the
motive, would be to assist them by
bringing to light remediable conditions, not to convict them by
exposing negligence. A precedent
for such a commission is tlie one
appointed to inquire into the working of our life insurance companies,
which, important ns they arc in
relation to the welfare of tlie
country, fall iur short of our railways us instruments of destruction.
II there is in be such nn inquiry,
which will benelil the railway com-
panies us well as the public, the
sooner the better before incidents
ninl dales are forgotten nml witnesses disappear imm view.
Roman Oiitlinlic- clm?ch,- therefore if
is wrong, then it follows that every
other doctrine ol the church is wrong,
and il thai is so we must give up all
Christian doctrine including the I eing
ot God, for whatever else that church
teaches, she certainly teaches all the
principal doctrines held by protestants.
If Mr. Davidson will rend Leviticus
Irom Hi to 25 he will lind eight oi ten
different Sabb.itbs all under the same
imperative to he observed as statutes
torever. It seems strange that neither
he nor liis friends carry out their
doctrine in regard to the Sabbath nor
the Catholic church as pointed out
lt would be amusing if it were not
sad to note the sell confidence with
which Mr. Davidson wrests tlie Scriptures Irom their natural setting and
applies their anathemas to his opponent, If Mr. Davidson or any of us
wish to lind the man of sin the very
best place tb look for him and tlie
surest to find him is in our own
I have made these remarks not in
the hope of convincing Mr.  Davidson
or those who believe with him of their
error, for it would take the dream of
another  woman   to do that, but as a
warning to those who may  read  his
purblind quotations and take them as
correct without looking for themselves.
Yours ever.
Jaco Gwyn.
—      • ^.	
An Old Maid's Purr.
Editor Mah.-Hkkai.ii
Dear Sir.—In your paper ol the 2!Hh
there is an article on "Taxing Bachelors," and you seem to be enquiring
the reason why so many of the aforesaid gentry are in B. C. and especially
in Revelsloke, and frnm what I can
make out ymi seemed to be putting
the blame on the girls. Now Mr.
Editor, not having tlie pleasure ol
your acquaintance, I am not in a
position ,to judge whether the shoe
pinches or not, or if you were just
giving voice to the plaint of bachelor
friends, having got tired oi listening
to it yourself. Now what do those
poor, shy, disttessed bachelors expect?
Would they have us Ily into their
arniB without any advances on their
part. 1 think not, as t i their having
to go to foreign lnmls for their wives,
don't you think its a case of, "The
(lirl 1 l.i-ft Behind Me," with the
most of them, as lor the  others,  well
KootBira   Lodge No. 15 A F, h A.M.
The regular meeting-nro held in-thc
Masonic Temple,
jdd Follows Hall.on
lln-liilnl Monday In
-nch month nt 8
ii.ni. Visiting brethren cor.lii.lty wol
C. A. I'llUCCNIKlt. Slil'llCTAIIV.
SELKIRK LODuE. NO 12,1. 0. 0. F.
Moots ovoryTliamdn'
tllnll    nl    »   o'clock
Vi-itlng brethren cor
11. .1 TAiiuAIlT, N.O.
linlly InvlUid to al
In small or large LotB, from 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
in n.lilfi'llnw*' It All nl s
-lock Vistlliii,' Kulgllts lire
rdlally invited.
A. .1. HOWE, CC.
(1. H. I1I10CK, K. ol 11. AS.
H. A. IIHOWN. M. nl F
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibiiry. Wanagress,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.iirite Dlnlugroom fur
Banquets, Suppers, etc.
Furnisijd Rooms To Let
quarters  p^j-^ ,
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Henry's Nurseries
Kxtru lurge importation of
piii no  tn urrivo frmn Hulluiul. France
DULDv uud Janau in September
For Fall Planting
Thousunds uf Fruit und Omamotitnl
I'rees, Khododondrous, Roaos nud hardy
iiliuit- now growing on our own grounds I'ur
future planting.
Nn expense, Ins- or dolny nf funiigntioui
inspection noroustoinsdutleslo pay. Head-
Hiiftrtors for Pacific Coital grown mul Imported Gurdon. Field nnd Kluwer Somls.
Visitors tire always welcome tn luspoct
nur v-inek. '
Greenhouse Plants.
cut Flowers nud Flornl Designs, Fortiliwrs
Bee Hives mul Supplies, Spray Pumps mul
Spraying material.
Nu agents therofore ymi lmvo no commission to pay. Our cataloguo tells you
about it. Let mo price yuur list before
placing your nnlor.
Wc ilu busiuess on our uwu gronuds—no
reutto ney,'aud are prepared tu meet nil
competition. Eastern prices or less Whito
labor. Catalogues Froo.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders tor Beet and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days
afterdate 1 intend tu apply to lhe
(iliief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for n speeiul license lo cut and
carry nwny timber fnnn the following
described lands situated on tlie west
sideof the north-east arm of Arrow
Lake, Wesl Kootenay:
Coinpienchig ata post planlcd nbout
ID ohains west from shore nn Ihe
soulh sideof survey line of the M. C,
Young Canuck, I hence west 150 chains,
south III cliiiins, east UUI chains -th
ID chains io place of commencement.
Dated llllll Sept. 1IHHI.
sen22     WILLIAM I'AHTUN.
Nol ice in horoby given Hint Si dnys altor dnlo
we Intend in npiilj in lhc llmi. Chlof Commissioner ul Liun!* and Works fur a speciul license
tu cut. nnd eni-i-v nwny timbor fi-inn the follow-
Ing dostrloed 1 Is situato on Upper Arrow
Ijike In Wosl Kootonay District: . t,
Commenolng nl n posi planted at tlio lirst
south-easl angle of K. & s. Hlock su. nnil
marked "Dig Bond Lumber Company s northeast corner post," thonco west 10ohnlns, llienee
oiil.li lOOobatlis, Ihouco enst In ehains, thence
imrlli 101 chains io point of eominciiccinont.
Sopt. Mlh, I'.Kli.
sop 111     HID HUND l.UMMilt CO., LTD.
.;.  ilillll   We-iiiiiii-te
in-eiii-:- Snulli  Villi-
Rond, I
over.   |
hereby given tii
■• j would . ■ . onrnostly nilvlso theni Ior
thoir good to order this paper lu be pimotunllj
served up, and lo bo looked upun as u parlol
the lea eijulpngo."- AunisoN.
There is somelhing inexplicable,
if lint mvsterious, in the recent un-
,    . .       .    '..... intend tnnppb In 'In- ll
ll thev will do as iniikIv (tin, when he  ,|nller nf Lands nml Works 1..
,   ,' ,,■■.   -, ii   i-ut nml carry nwny timber imin lln-fnllnwiii^
asked a Scotch lassie " il  she would
have him th" first time In- met her."
sii- answered, "Aye Sandy I'll hue ye,
but ye n gie in'- my dues o'courtin'
ii.uiil' tn tin- fact  that Mr. Jus
tiee Duff has accepted the vacant ny-tin-sum.-.''   Are the bachelors in
,     . ,.     ...     ,   B. C. not wanting to do that!    Ymi
peat mi lln- Supreme I miri Bern n , , , ..     .
n ist acknowledge that u i- the aforesaid bachelors  place  t" say,   -Wilt
tao days alter dale
lhe Cliief I'liiiituis.
peclnl license 0
descrilied lnmls in Wesl Kootenny District
I'liiiiiiiiiin-iiiii nt n pnsl mnrked "Binviiinn l.uiii-
Ii.tCii.'* nurtii-ensl corner pint," |iliuited on tlio
east side -if si-iulu-r Lake, nl iln- north-west cor-
net- nf l.-ii Nn. .'iiinii. thenee suuth 80chn|na, west
Su cb-iliH. imrtli 80 elinlns, oustSO chains to pnlnl
ol commencement.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Dated ilii. lilllnlayiil September, iwo.
sep in       BOWMAN l.l'MBEH Co.. LTD.
of ('in.ii i .;' i Itt twa, there.- n w
I Vlicancv    'li   lhe Supreme C'i  irl   Thou    three yeara out ol every   lour.  vroTIOK Is hereby gtren Hint60 dayi alter date
,..,-,... ,    ,       ,.„     1\    lintel).! ti) .iliuly Iuiiii- Hull. I'liiel Com-
Ranch ol  British  Columbia     1:;-     I think, Mr. Editor, you had m-iter mu-<i<>,,er of Lamia ami Worki tor perminlonlo
''*"    '    ..:,.., ,,...   ... .,11   pure  Hie loltowlng describe, land, laths
n ■  rti :   vi ■-'■.:. thai -:  ..
• m   - efore you lay al!
- :
. -
usual succession "f catastropln - on
tin- railways oj   Canada   and   the
United s*■■■• -    T
property, ic<  nlii ; tn thi '1
Globe, and ol human lu''- d
thi- past few month? has
beyond prei edei
irt to the i     :•.■:■-
ro .-■'. iv mileagi —the   I --.j  •■
lines the widi
In .0
cated the trail -'-
ible I
i pre ntal i
but it im     ■.      ed  tho i        *'
 n train
n  ■    ■      Mm-     . Ill   ':■'• ■   '      ' "    '*    '
...    , . ,. ■ ■■-. -. mber Mr   i'.  dsoi    ndu .:- •
iii-i- .     In- tern ol   .mi ii- ,      ,,    .,
ne talk re Mr -! - -
ling 1 is -'.-    ■-.   - efnl i-i*  -:-   ,   i    ,,,..   i i&noe
iim,--   ne can so       thai      id  fl       co ho insinuated thai  Mr   "ihea
ih.- ■- ise - im- -.     would pr    '
tie blame al        I Hi ping you
Maedonald lhe i ip|  - , ....... evening that I
,. • eal       •   ,i ■■ .        tin
i.-iiiler.  !. i-   r--; .-■-:  the positioi .
West Kootenay District, mi lln- unst side of Lpper
Anow Like, aliout fl miles nmtli uf Nakusp:—
i-.iiiimi-ncinu ill :i pnst planted near the Lake,
thence ii..nli 10 clmins, tnence west iio clialns,
tiionca nnrtli 20 chain,, tlience nest 2Uchains,
thenee tin liains, ui"i i-less, to tho Arrow
I. ,*.. tlience - mm ill] chains along 'In- like in
puim ■■(   nuiili..im.-in.in, i talniii), wi ni-res
i !..**,
Iiiii-. nlii. i:ilnliy..fs..|ii .innii.
I. J. KDWAUDS, Loenlnr,
Seventh Day.
Revelstoke  I'. C
Notice i* hereby given thai lin days
iftei'dali-1 intenil toapply tothe Hon,
.      ilu-1 lm-!' !' nisslniiei1 of Lands nnd
"  Works for ii special li'-.-ns,' to cnl aud
-""• eaii'Viitt m timber frmn Mu- 1
ile.ci-ll.iil lands
.     i-nl
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Notice ij hereby Bivkm'that thirty day* »l(er
date I intend to apply tu the linn, Cliief Com
minsitjut-r of l.ainlh iuid Work*-, for a spuclal
lionise tiw-ut and t'«irry sway timber from tlm
follDwiHg-deticrltfe-d lanilx.
i I. ■roiiiineticln-g ut n j'ih-1 nlfintetl ulioul l'w
miles from tho east Innk of Columbia river
iinil nbout 1 mllo nortli of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hig licuil trail nud marked 'II. A,
liimd'H nortli oaHt, corner." llienee south 80
chain*, thenco went Wl olmlnn, ihtfnco north W)
chaiiiri. ihenco etut Wl ehnins Lo iioinL of commencement,
2. Commeuultig ut a post planted about Pi
milf'K frmn die eastern bank of ('olumbia river
and about 1 mile north of tin- Thirteen .Mile
Tree on Hig Bend trull and marked "11. A.
Lund's north wew eorner." thonce south 80
chains, Miepco east n- clmins, thoneo north 60
clmins, tlience west BO elinlns to point ot com*
l-i. Coniniem-iiiK At a post plnnted about l!a
mllea from the cwterii hank of Columbia rivor
and about 1 mile north of Ihe Tbirleen Mile
Tree on 111k Hend trail and marked "li.'A.
Lund's Kouth west corner," them-e north 80
chains, ihence eiwt Wi chains, thence south 80
cIiiuiih. thenco wost 80 chains to point "f commencement.
Dated AuKUNt uth. 1000.
I. Cutmiifticiiin nl- u pout planled about l1..
miles from lioldHtream on the Big Hend Irail
to Mci-iilloiiKb ('reek and inarked "It. A.
Lund's north eaHt corner," thonco west Wt
ehnins, tlience uouth Wl chains, Ilieucc oast Wi
cliiiins, | hence uorlh Wi oliiltns to point of com-
0. (VmimencinK at a post planted iliont
one mile from UoliMrfiim ami marked "li. A.
l.undV nortli west, corner," ihence oast Wi
clmins, Ihence south 80 clialns. tlience west Wl
cliains. thence north 80 clmins to point of com-
li. CommeiiciiiK itt- a post plnuled about
one mile from Qolilstieaiu and mnrked "R. A.
Lund's north east corner," thence west Wl
ehnins, thenee sputb 80 chains, thonce east 88
Chalill, tbenee north 80 ehains to imiut of com*
mencemetili ,   .
7, CommeiiciiiK al a post planted about
unc mile from (Joldistreuin and marked "It. A.
Lund's north west corner,' thence east SO
ehains, thencu south Wi chains, tlience wesl Wi
chains,tlience north 80 chains to point of commencement.
8. Commonolug at. a post planted aboul imlf
a mile from thc south cast cornor of Berth 670B
anil marked "It. A. LtlU's tnntli wi-^l corner,
thence cast to ohains, thence south UIO chains,
tlience west ill chain*-*, ihence uorlh 100 chains
to point of commencement.
it Commenolng at a pout planted about imlf
a mile from the south east corner of lierth ->7o0
and nmrkcil "11. A. Lund's north oast conier.'
llienee wcM IP cliains, thonce soulb Pin chains,
tlience cast 10 chains, thence north ItWchalns
to point of eommoucemont.
iUi August iiith. m    H A LUNa
Nollec is herein- given Hull IH) 'leys "Her dnlc
we Intend in amity in llm Don chlel Commissioner ui lauds nml Works lm n spi-i-iiil llconse
lu cut iiiiiI enrrv tiwnv tiiiilu-r fnnn the follow-
ing described landa, situate In Wesl Kootenay
1. ('oniincnoiiii! sl n post pliinled .limit one
mile north Irom lhe uorlli-wesl Comoro! K. .*■
s. liliiek sun nnd mnrkeil "lllg Bond Lumber
Uomiiuny'i uniili-eii-t corner posl." ihenee
iiiuili 81) oha'lnslthence west siielunns, Ihence
south su ehnins, Ihenee ensl Nl chains I" |i..llll
ol eiilniiielieeiuelil.
•i. ('niniiieneilll.'iilli|iisl pliinti-il nlimil une
mile norlh Iruln 1110 nerih-.vesi oorner nl K. i.
s. liliiek sill,, snd innrm-il "Hie Bend Lumbor
company's nurili-onsi eurner pnst." liience
west se clmins, thonco soulli SOohains, ilu e
CBSt SO ehnins, Ihenee uorlh Sll chains In point
of commencement.
llllleil Anil. ISlll, Ills',.
llll! Ill-.MI 1.IMP1-:   CO.. LTD.
Notice is lu-reliv Riven thai llll dnys alter diile
we Iiileml In apply l« Un- Hull thiol CollllillH-
siimi'i- of Lnmls nml Works for n speollll liei-nsi-
in cm mul carry away ilinbor Irom tho following ileserllieil liiiiils, situate ill West Koiilenay '
district! ,      ,  ,
I. ('oiiimclieiiil.'iil apnst plnnlei! uliuut uvu
miles ives; Inmi lliinniiek Point on i pper Arrow Lako and maikcd "B. II 1. Cu'ssinilhensl
eorner posl," thonoo nurih so chains, ihoneo
wost su ehnins, ihcm-2 soulli su -iinins. theuce
east se chains to pnlul "1 coniincncemenl
■j, Commencing '" a imil plnnieil nlmni
Ihree Illiles wesl   Irom BllllllOcli Puilll "11 l'p-
per Arrow Lnke nod mnrked -It. ll. I. ('ii.'s
Kiuiih-crtsi eurner pusi." tlienco imrlli so
chains, thonco wost so elinlns, ili io soulh 80
elinlns, thenee enst Sn rlinins lu |mltll ol colli-
limed Aug. lsih, nisi.
-flower Pots
Uniorolhi Sliui.ls
Ijiinch BaskotS
SmokillK Jackets
Tea services
Cane Chairs
Hanilkciclilefs ",811k Goods,
finest stock ol candies nnd Iruila in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Sates nnil Furniture,
Ceneral Draying.
Premium System
i umiueucina ul n posl marked  "J.
■   Porters noi'tli-eiiHl   eopnei   post," al
casi    .1 in i of Thomiis I'eiii-
.1,    in.- empi m n,  llienee   noulli su
*" .li.nn*. Ihence
- ii*. Ilieucc ensl mi cliiiins
iuhii' nf M'-ii'i-iiii-iil.
--.I Sept, 17th, I'i'"!.
j   ■■ .1. I'lHITI.II
Soap Co., Ltd.
■ liitouver. B. C
i.:.   ..... m ii ii -■ -I*--- I il  I ■' thi
improvements mi ntioned. .\'. -mli
a time .1 .- nut i-.. hi '-> M .mm: a
[nl ilistii attitude mil abandon nil
hope oi "- ni- nt. Nor is it
necessary to throw ihe blame entirely on th'-  railway  cotnpnnira*!.
ill the v
ny,    - hie li ii  lamed bn tl
he nexl   reath he -iys  ilia!.
it..       » ,.... rial     -   leventl
the >-".-..    the       i ihbath
I* -Mr   llivid   n I      [to  pu
tin- -      .mm   the  i'vus  -.! -  -
■■! in-'-:     .r i    :n   ,       nut    m!
tin- !.m - thai 'in- Bible n - I      ipeaks
ol tl." -I uth day -f ilu k.    Par
Their liability for damagea, apart '"'' *»l.te11 »' h\ wl'
two evils i ■ laamicted,   Mr. lu- idson
from lie- destruction nf their own
property is a guarantee that thoy
will try lo iiiii':- llieir service an
Bate as thoy know how in mil-;': it,
sn Inr a- appliances go. Thoro is
rcii-iiii tn suspect tlmt some ni tho
also finds taull *rlth the Christian
church for I i-opiiij! Hu- lirst dny of the
week ns ti,i Sabbath because ii is nn
institution handed down by the
Roman Catholic ohuroh, Now il llm
laol that In"-nis'i the lli'st-day-ol-tlie-
weok-Sabbath is an institution of tlm
Voters' List, 1907.
H'iUiI-.I*- . I' I   .' I
n  .nl. I-in m
I'llcc! ioii . the)   u uiki
Inn i
I       M    I   MM. 11	
,      inntli i . lho
II Well II
i  I.J
'" .      Ml  Ml
i, I'l elm III ■ '..|ili...-■!
I   II    I I'-ill -ON
-       , M   111 i'   II,.    I Mil
id   -   i'-        i', m ,,   i iniipnny hits
I,  llie   Dlstriel I ind
!' I Mini    il  I. milonp . I*. I'.. :i
m .     |i,i,|      md bo .!-. -if reference
showing  -m   im .| i  I.,- ,i-i- ii nt ,i
i, ,1,. i,  i i    : , ii,.   Mm,iii Lumber
i iimp n.     - mi ! Tlii-eu Valley
Uke,  I'i-- M I   I'-i 1'i li  Cnl -	
MM.!     l|l  ll      fo   M      IM-   1. .Illl-l      UM      -1.Il'-
ll I    lin.   I'tielllr    I! lilway
-I   ' "I'liyinj    ' *"'- I'l'11   ; -  lln
-I,     ,.,     M,   -i,,   i       i        rlunne   " ' "'   i;"lv* '■  '""   ' '' '"
__ ■   . t I I.... l .iT-..iii..l».;l
the month of October
I'-,i i-     ' my i'!)'M-i'
in nml .iii.-i i). i.iiii I I,
II   I I ,i i , 11
i Ily I'li-il,
Hovel n.l."  -'j-    fi    II
i om,I I-. Si!  178 ill Hu- Ualb
M lj    \- i. I-"    I,only   io l - n -ini-l
llie .ml ilinl
mm,   il,     "m-1 il ,- --I  Hi |il  ii'in-i.
I!, M M.'I'iiI.Im
si-pai in-ill i.il Hupeiinli'iidont,
Office: McKenzie Ave. LdwK'ilik
Office Phone No. 71.     House Phone Ne, 7.
IMI   11.
ml-. Animal., iin-i., i..ii, i-ii.-,,
Uilmnl Hug. Mnimlod,
stiidlii! (ii'l'iisiTK I*. (i.
KevnlHliike. II. C.
Soiled In herebj kIvoh Ihal Hdilayiiftfloi'dalq
I mh mi iniimii) io the Chief Uominlw»loiior of
l.uiiil-, .md Wiitlo for pcniiMou tu cut ami
i Ai*i j awai Limber from llio following tlosorlb*
ni lund. -nu.iii in \\h Kootonay'lUlrlcl,
i. Commonolng al it pout planted on ihe
norl Ii liiink of Downlo Crook, aboul three
null - above Canyon Crook ami marked
"(i. n. Nnglo'n norLti-ofuil oornor ikm." thonco
ivesl <" cbmii-. thenco -multi nn ch-iliis, thonco
--.i-i 80 cbaiiii, thonco north 80 clialns lo tlio
poinl uf coiiiineiiccmurit.
Dniixl Hn- -'I-'''"? "1 Sopt,, 100(1,
■!   ComuioiicliiK .ii ii imsi plnntod on the
milli -A<  -   Inul.*)!   DoWllIu Creel,, almul   -.lm
'.nil heloH iln* mouth uf Cass Crook ami
markuil "U, ll, Saule'H -uulh east cornet' iiusl.,"
thoiioenorlli -11 ehnlim. thonce vvoit80chnlns,
Mn in - «i»iil i ■" ( h lin-, I honco easl mi chaini
iu thi* poinl ut' "iii'in ii'i'ineiit,
* 'iim i lui'  ni  .i  ini-l planted on the
-uiiiii ivi -i Imn. ul Downie Creek, about
ISO yard* nlmve ilu* mouth of Pobh Creek
iiiiiuii.nl i, U,Nnglc'H norib-i'ii-*! comer
post," llmnec iviui   ^i ehnlmi, llienco BOUth wi
chain . ii  i wi 'U chaini, thence nortli ni
chains iu tin point ni commoncomonti
i. i omumnciiiK al n pout planted on tlio
-miili wr-i Imui, ,,f Ijownlo Creek about ono
Hid .i hall nnii   above thei th of PawCrcuk
nnd marked '(I i; S'aKlc'n iiorlb-oaul corner
pO*t, Un ii" ivi ~\ *u chain-, thonoo suiilhHn
11.-nn ihenee i-i-i Wi clialim, thonoo north BO
chain Ui the poim ofi ommoncomont.
i. ComincnctiiK -it a imst planted ou tin-
outh we-t inul. nf DownloCrook, about ono
and ii hiill mile-, above the mouth of iV.
Croek ami marked "U. B, Nflglo'ii nortn-weitl
*, Micncn -outh W clmins thonco
• -.1 ' ■"' ii.nii.. thence north 80chaliin, Uicneu
i\. ■ i(hn i- in 'i,i point uf commencement
Haled thl-33th day of Sopt, 1000.
sepW <i. H. NA'iU-:.
Nutlco Ih hereby givmi thai .indny* after date I
intenil to apply tn the chief Coimiliwiunerof
Liuid.s mul Wmks f..r us] Inl licence to cnl and
carryaway timlier frmn lln* fnllowhiR ilenertlHjil
lniuls sttiinteil in Hu- Vale Dish i.i:
l. ConiinenctiiK at n pust marked ".I llarry'H
smith-west curlier pust.,' plnnted un tin* snutli
branch of the uasl fmk uf Sliaswninlver, tlience
imrtli tn ehuins. IheneeeastlOUehaiiw, thence
Kiiiitli -in I'ltiiiun. tlience wesl 100 chains in puint nf
•i. (joinmenclnit at a posl mnrkeil ".I. Hurry's
north-west conier post,'' planted mi ihe south
branch of the east furk "f sliiis»ii|i Hivor, theuce
Hniitli 40 chains: thuiicu oast 100 chains, thence
imrtli -10 chains. lllOIICO uesl Kill chains In point of
8. CoiHinenclnn at a post inarked "J, Harry's
north-east cornur ho-st," olantcil mi the smith
hnincjiof the cast fork nf Hlmswap Hlver.tliei	
suulh Ml cliains, tlienn- west mi chains, ilu-in-e
nortli 80 clialns, thonce easl sn rhnius tu pnlnl nf
-I. Ciiiiinieiieinn nt u pusl marked "J. Harry's
soiltli-oast enrner pnst," plaiiteil ull the ninth
branch of the eastfork nf Hlmswap river, thence
imrtli mi i'liains. thenee wesl SU clialns, thence
suuth 80 ehalus, llieueo casi su chains to point nf
.,. Coniiiieiiclug al a pusi marked ".I. Harry's
mtiilli-u'ust cunier unst,-1 plnuled abuul three
miles from the uumtli of the cast furl; nf shuswap
lllver, theuco nurth sn ehniiis, enst S» ehaliw,
Miiiih hi i'liains. vvestBO clialns Lo puint ut com-
ti, Connneiiclnii al a post marked "J, Harry's
imrth'Wostenrnor post." planted about mm mile
(rum (he month nf tlio ens! fnrk of Hhuswnp Ilivor,
llienee cast 100 chains thonco -uulh lu ehniiis.
tlience west imi chains, thunce north lOchains,
tu lhe puilll nf culllllli-lie Uill,
T. Commencing at a post maiked ",l, Harry's
Kiititli'WUtit comer post," plnuled ulmnl um- mile
(nun ihe mouth of U ast fnrk nf HhitKtvnp lllver,
thence imrtli 40 ehalus, uasl 100 chains, suulh 4U
chains, west 100 chaini to pnlnt uf commence
i*. Com mencing at ii posl marked ".I. Harry's
luuth-east corner |iu«t," plumed mi ihe west slile
nf  HllUswap  liter, iiiii,ul nm'ami mil-Imlf  miles
above llio montli ut tl ast fork, theuce muih lu
iliaius,  lb e we-l   lliu cliailK lite uill |U
clialns,thencu oasl lOOchains tu puiui "f ruin
Dnted Aupst 50th, 1000,
-.■li m .1. H.VUHV.
N"OTIOK is hereby given tlmt 80 days alter tlnLu
I   iuieml toapulj tn the  Hull.  The Chief
Commlssloiior of baniis anil Works for n speeiul
MceiiBotocutainl carry away lliuln-r from tin-
following deaerilwd lands In West Knoteuay Dislricl:
(a) Commencing at a post planted 11 milos
west of the ('olumhlu lliver, on I he uorlh hunk
of a large creek emptying inlo the Culiiiubia
Rivor about -.'mile- nhovo Gordon ItapUU nnd
marked "11, MoHoaii's soulli-oast enrner.'
tbonco west 100chains, tbonco norlh lo chains,
Ihence onst nm chain-, thouco noutb m chains
Lo tho point of commencement,
(b) Commencing ul a post plant eil about.l.|
milos wost of the Columbia lliver un ihe north
bank iif n largo creek em-jitylng inlothcCol*
iiiubm llivornuoul *J mile- abovo Gordon lla*
plils ami marked "C. Mrllcun'- norlh-easl
oorner," ihence south HJnolinimt,thonoo west
in clmins, thonco north 100 chains, tlience ea-l
10ohains io ilu- point m commencomont,
Dated I his-.'lib day of August, liluti.
sep g K, MoBEAN,
Notico ll lioroby «lvon Ihal 00 day. afterdate I
Intend lo apply to llio II arable tho Chlel Com-
inliilonor ol Umli mid w,,rk» !..r permission lo
iiiuelmso tlio Inllnivluii deierlhod lnmls In lhe ill.,
inil ..I Wesl Kootonay, Itcvolitokcdlilil •
f-iiiiimeiieliiK nt ii t'u-t planted mi Ilu- (veil Imiik
ul Un. Columbia River al t Imlf a mil.- Iielmi
Print llupi'l"1 mi'1 mnrked "n. s. MeCarlor's
iiorth-weil cornor po.t,*' ilu-. .outh SO chaini,
Hi.mi- isl III i-ImIiis limn-or less 1.. Ilu- "est hunk
u! ihe r.iiuiiii,11 Ilivor! thonee in ,i iiorth-ii-eitoril-
illiei-iiim iiiidfi.lli.il im; lln-in-*! Innk nl the Columbia Kl.'-r In llll'pnllll n[ I'nlliliii'llietill'lll.
lllled till! l.V.ll ill) III AUgUSl, IBM
Now that the great, Foresty Convention is over the next part is that
all tbercsolutinns made therein should
be carried out and that in tlie most
efficient manner possible.    To summarize the main results of the eon.
vention a lew nl the leading features-
can  Iw  taken,  prominent   among'!
them being the stringent precautionary measures taken against fnreit fire.;
the   most  effective  menus- ol  extinguishing such fires and the eventual
minimising the possible outbreak ol
conflagrations.    As   regard, tbe prevention nt fires, great credit mu«t be
given to Mr. Lnnmv nnd Mr. Muodnn.
gld   who  have bppn   most energetie
thintlghntlt mnny district" in taking
prpciintionfl against fire nnd tbe erTeo
tivp coping with the ..me.    Fire wardens  bavp bpen annointed with men
under their control and  each section
is in loneh with each other, and thus
al anv time n l.rge fire fighting fnrre
is available.    It i« to those men that
we owe th» fact nl there being sn W
fires In this part nl tln> cnnntrv,  Fir»
is the greatest enemv nl   the  lumlier
industrv  and the convention  bus do-
eidod that no points should l"* missed
in having   a   thornur/bh* effective fire j
fighting "v.tem in   British Columbia.
Annth.r point   of   iiniinrtanep is tbe
continnal replanting and   scattering
of seeds wherever the timber has been
cut sn  that the nncleii* nl   the   v»«t
forests nf   flip Intnre e.n  be started
Small t'mber also must b. -irpsorvoil
Eerhans the ninst important resolution
of sll was that nl instituting a School
of Forestrv,     0, F. Lindmark of this
citv hns Iipoh instrumental in in-ging
tlie  npcessitv ol fluch an institution
and steps will he tnkpn tn dordde upon
what enn  be  done.    Mr. Lindmark,
who is perhaps one ol the best authorities on lumber in the province, states
thnt  in   a   School nf Forestry, men
could be taught Hip work nf fthnnsing
timber, the various ivavs and mpnns nf
cutting, hauling, milling, sealing and
measuring, in  faet all that a lumberman   should   knnw.   and   those who I
lpavp the school would be thoroughly
capable  of  taking charge of  logging
concerns and nf bringing Hip industry
to a fine art.   This is a vpry important
question nnd we wnuld strongly suggest that the Dominion and Provincial  governments  should  co-operate
nnd takp up this matter which would
lie of such infinite benelit to both.
Albert Canyon |will have to start A r ll r ll T   n I A pl/Q
ordering llieir winter clothing from U t IW t II I     DLUUAd
Timothy Eaton's.
A, E.: Sharpe; our enterprising
agent here, says he would not trade
Albert Canyon station for all the
stations on the C.P.R. system, as
his station lias been painted from
top to bottom; . R. Mooney, night
operator, thinks diffefent, he says
the only thing against tliis place is
not having enough work to keep
hi in awake during the night.
Miss Harris, our school mistress*,
thinks Albert Canyon is an Ideal
spot to jteach school in, and the
children are improving a great
deal under her tuition.
lt is rumored that a dance is to
be held shortly in the hail in honor
of Miss (Irift'iths, who will most
likely have to give up the school at
Illecillewaet and return to her
home at Victoria, that is ii the
school attendance diminishes, we
hope this will not be the case.
Manufactured fur nil clii-*e- of buildings
All kind? of building and plastering
111 HOI
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on lhe. shores
of Arrow Lake.
Good Trout Fishing,
Boats always for hire,
Sample Rooms iu connection.
First-class house for Tourists and
Commercial men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
COLITAIRE and Three-
v~ Stone Diamond Rings are
the most favored of all finger
adornments - especially as
engagement tokens.
In both styles Diamond
Hall has particularly attract'
ivj values at $25.00, $50.00
and $100 00.
These would cost you
considerably more were we
not Canada's largest import'
ing gem-dealers.
•d and we will
large Hint.
Houses and Rooms
To Let^£>
House. First Street, hot water
laid on.-$20.
House. Third Street. Plastered.
Rooms ou First Street and
Mackenzie Avenue.
I have a client who is prepared to lit up room.-- to suit
Tenant in one of the best and
most central buildings in the
A LICENSE to cui limber uan be an-
quired  only   at  publlu   coi..poUtiou.    A
rental ol* & per square mile is charted
for all limber berths except those situated west of Yale tor which the rental la
at the rate of a cents per acre per annum.
In addition lo the tenia!, dues at the
following rates are charged:—
Sawn  lumber,  io  cents  per  thousand
leet 11.M.
Railway ties, eight and nine feet long,
Mr. and Mrs. P, W. Mooney and |
family paid us a flying visit herel
Irom Illecillewaet last"Sunday and |• ^\^fl^i cord
were the guests of Mr. anil Mrs.
Mise Griffiths, the genial school
ma'am, from Illecillewaet alsopaid
a visit here. There is some talk
going the rounds that the school ut
Illecillewaet will close down soon,
as the attendance is decreasing, we
all hope this report is not true, its
we will be very sorry to see Miss
Grifffths depart from amongst us.
Fred Forrest bus been busy
shipping  two  barrels  of    Iy thin
All other products, ; per ceni on the
sale.. ,.
A licenso Is Issued so soon as a oelth
is grunted, but in surveyed teiritory no
timber can be cut ou a berth until too
ilcensee has made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut Umber are also graiueo
at public competition, except in lhe ease
of actual setllels, wliu require the uin-
M.-i- lur their own use. ,
Settlers and others mny alio outain
permits to cut up to 100 colds ol wood lor
sale   without   competition.
Tin- dues payuble under n permli are
11,60 per Ihousund leet U.M.. for square
Umber and sawlogs of any wood except oak; from 1-2 to 11-2 cenls per lineal
tout (or building logs; from IS 1-3 to
Court of Revision, 1906.
Notice i- heroby given that the first sitting of
the Court of RotIsIou to hear complaints
nuatnst the Assessment Hull, as prepared by
tbe Assessor for the Citv fur tho year 1900, will
lie lield at the Council Chambor, Citv Hall,
Revelstoke, B. C, on Monday, October 1st, im,
ati:3Qp in,
Revelstoke, B.C., Aug. 28th, 1906.    uugtttd
Import direct from Country of origin.
Notice u hereby glVen that pMays after -late
i iuieml in apply to the chief Comratuioacr
of Lund*and Works for a tperfal liwusc to cut
Hint carry awav timber frmn the following
deserilied landa-in the iiisiri-'i oUVest Koote*
nay, Hevclstokc Division!   ■*•■       '■*'
Commencing at a pust planted on tbe east
Bido nl the Columbia river, ainl about 2 miles
frnm river mi lln- nnrtli tide of a nmall i-m-h.
and ahout-j ttllci above Camel Creek, thenee
north 80 chains, tho line east-SO chains, thenci;
south mi chains, tlience wesi .-n chains i<* j>"int
of eoiinneii cnti'lil.
Dated 22nd day of September, 1006,
Incorpornted liy Act of Pari in mont, 1H>V>.
Wm. Molbon Maophkrson, Pics. S. H. Kwino, Vice-Pres,
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of hanking husiness transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year at current rates on Savings Hank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Britisli Cnliiiiiliiii. (Iiil.-irin, Quebec.
Nn. 288,
"C'omi'axies1 Act, 1897.'*
"Smith Creek Mining and Development Company' has ilii*. day been
registered us an Extra-Provincial
Company under the "Companies' Act,
1897, to carry out op effect all m nny
nl' the objects of tlie Company io
which Uie legislative authority of the
Legislature nf British Columbia extends,
The hend office of the Company Is
situate at Plm-nix. iu the Territory of
The amount of the capital nf tlie
Company is Hve hundred thousand
dollars, 'divided into five hundred
thousand shares of one dollar each.
The bend office nl the C unpauy In
ihis Province is situate un First Street,
Revelstoke, and John Manning Scott,
barristei'-nt-iaw, whose address is the
same, is the attnrnsv for the Company
(not empowered to issue and transfer
The time nf tin- existence of tin-
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. R. WlLKIE, President;
-    84,280,000.00
Hon. 11. Jaithav. Vice-President.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
A General Banking Business Transacted. _
Savings Departs!ent— Deposits received and Interest allowed
nt highest current rate from date of opening account, antl compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available hi all parts of Canada, United .States nnd
Europe.   Speeiul attention given to Collections.
Notice li hereby glvon ihatiloday, alter dole
I IiiIi-iii! in n|i|.|y inili. inii'ii'iiiiiin!-*l..ii.-r nl
hnnds and work, lor a special license to cui
nml carry away timber (nun the following
describe!! lands situate in the Vni.-iiisin.-i:
1, (Joinincnclnii ala pott niarked "8. Hill's
nnrlh i-nsi corner post." planted about one
liliti-i-ii-l ,i| Hi,. Sllll.WRll nii'i, illmul A iniU-s
norlh ol 1,'horry Creek, ilieucc souih so ohalni.
u .- wuii su chain., lhe norlh 80 ohalm,
tlience in*t sn i-linin- to point of commence-
bated Sept, loth, HXKj,
2. riminii-iii-ine ui n imsi marked "S. Bill's
south-oust corner post/' planted oatho weit
lunik ol tbe Shutwan river, al Hindi's south
nl sni-iir i,,tk.., thonoo well sn ctialoi, thence
norlli siii-tiiiin*, theuce eait so cnains, tbenee
soutli 80 chains to point ol commencement.
:i. Commcnclnc, al a post marked '''9, Hill's
uth-oail corner posl,'1 plum.id no tlie west
bmik ol tho Shuswap river, about omlleuoutb
olSiiKnrl.uk.-, Hi  well SOohains, norlh80
halns, cast80 chains, thoncC -nntli SO clialns
in pninl olconinicneemeui.
i. Commencing at s post marked -s. Hill's
north-oast corner post, plantoil on tin- west
bunk o! the Shuswap Rivor about I miles south
nl Sugar Lako, tlionco wesl MM-lium*. Ibeuce
snulli su ohalm, llieni ist SO chains, theuce
norlli 80clialns to point nf commencement,
... Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
north i-nsi corner post,'1 planted nn the weit
lunik nl the Snusivsp River, almtnt ,i miles
snulli nl sugar Lake, thonee west40 chains,
thei "onili Hill chains, thence cast 40 chain*,
thonco uorlh ii.o ohnlns lo point ol cdrameoce-
Dated Sopt, 17th, 1900,
ootil S.'HILL.
* PL/
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wugons, Etc. John
Doere Ploughs, Muliue Wagons, Cauada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plnuet jr., Uardeu Seeders aud Cultivator.-, Wheelwright nud 111 neks m itti Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
Houses and Lots
VTOTICE is hereby given that 30 days
ii afterdate I Intend to apply to the Honorable tho chief Commissioner ot Loads and
Works for a ppocial license to out and carry
nwny timber frmn the following described
lands in East Knoteuay District:
1, Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Ltichm unci's north-east cornet irtst," planted
mitherlghl lank of Windy Itiver at head of
Kiubaskot Lnko, and 2% miles from lake,
ihence south 160chains, wesl to chains, north
Ifio i'liains, oast 10 chains to place of com*
2. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
LaclimuiidV north-west coruer imst," planted
on tho right hank of Windy River, at held of
Kinbasket Lake, mid 2JiJ miles from Lake,
theuce south IGfl chains,onst40chains, north
Iti.) chains, west tu chains to place of com-
Diitinl Sijjji. 15th, 1000.
S. Commencing at a post marked "'Otto
Uchmuud's south-west cornor imst," planted
on the right brink uf Windy River, 2H miles
Irom Klnbaskot Lnke. thonce north flu chains,
east 80cbnins, south 80 chains, wost 8a chnius
to place nf commencement.
i. Commencing!! at a posl marked "Otto
Lachmund's north-west cornor post," planted
on right sido of Windy River, m miles from
Kiubaskot Lako nnd half a mile westfrom
rivor, tlionco south 60 chain*, east ni chains,
imrih SOclinin.s, wost80clmins toplaceofcom-
5. Commencing nt a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's south-oast corner post," plauted
mi (he right bauk of Windy River, 2 miles from
head of Kinbasket Lake, tlienco north Hi
cliains, we-l. Hi chain-:, south 80 chain-*, east 80
chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sopt. 10th, IOO).
tl. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Lachmuud'ssputh-wost comei post." planted
on north bank of Kinbasket I nko and 1 mile
rrom foot of lnke, thence north 80 chains, east
hu chains, -outh kii chains, wost *•.) chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Sipt. 12th, IOO1.
of July, imm.
'ills flllli!
nnd sent i.f
•nf British
.lohn Shields, Aslicroft, to get it
analysed, and we hope this will be
tin- nii-iiiis ol forming a oompany to
operate it,
li. C, Fraser, bridge foreman,
com. per coin ior woou; i own ivi .»..-- i    . v    ,
postsi S cents tor railway ties; and »   .""  *'"',
tenia per cord lor ahingle bolta. lhe H'tb iln>
Leases tor gruniin purposes are issuia |    11„. Company i- linnii-il.
(ur ii term ot ivveuiy-01,0 years, at_a     (;i , .     .  (     ,
rente ot two oeats per acre per aanum, ■      .
Coai lands may  bo  puiohaacd al 1101 nllii-i- nt Mctnrla, I i-mmuu
per ncrc ior soft coal uud lm tor Btitnra-1 C'oliiiiibin, ihi- lm Ii dav of September,
, cite.   Not niiuo thun 120 acres may uei 1 1   j     1     -|    1      1 _j
water from nur mineral springs toUooulred by ouo individual or company, om inuii       uiu  iiiiau  » ■
'   llm ally at the rate ol lo conu per ion       L.S.J S. 1. \\ OOUON,
.; m pound, la oul.ooied on tho *ro»a Heglstt'ill'of Jolnl Stock Companies,
"anm'e* lur land Ior a»rlculturul pur- The objects for which the Company
poiot uiuy in- Hind*- potsuniiiiv at tneio- |1M heen established ami registered
,-:il Iiiiiii olilco for tho dlairlci  In which 1
!!"i,;;"'i!„^,ru:i,^o^ «,S    To«,pemle«nd enriyonthe business
.niplli'iuloii lo the Mlniiior oi ilie Interior 1 „f mI,,,.,,,.   mi.i ipinilz gnld  iiiiiiini; in
a Ottawa, tlm Commissioner ot Immlgra-1,. '  1.,
, Hon at WlnnlpeK. ur tlio lucal agent lur
who is located at   12th   Cross tig, the Distriot, within which Uio land Is
81  siiuati-d. receive uuthurlty Ior «om» one
insl ensl of Albert Canyon,   8 busy to make ontry (or lilm. ,,„_„...d
A 1*6 o( 110 Is charged fur homeaieau
with his gang driving piles for the
new trestle being built there and
expects to have it ready for traffic
aliout Christmas.
Miss Alice Smith is paying a
visit to lingers' Pass, the guest of
her sister. Mrs. W. McClelland.
Mr. Gosling passed through
yesterday on his way to Winnipeg,
where he enters the Manitoba
college to study for the ministry.
Quito a crowd gathered at the
station to say good-bye and wish
l.i 111 good luck nnil bon voyage.
Mrs. li. Green bus jusl roturnotl
from Muru, whore she bus been tho
guest of Mrs. Win. Oalllen, She
reports having bad a lino time and
enjoyed her visit immensely.
The weather lias tiirncil very
cold and wel.   The good people  ol
A acitlor who luu received an entry (01
a lionicetead, la required to perform tne
condition, connected Uiorcwlth under one
of tho following plan.:-
Ui At least six months residence upon
nud cullivutlon of tho land In each year
during tlio term of three years.
11 Is llie practice of the Department 10
rcuulrc a settlor to bring 15 acres under
cultivation, but If he prefers bo may «ub-
siiltde stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be
acluullv 111. own property, with buildings
for their accommodation, wUl be reijulred
Instead of cultivation.
(!) If the (nther (or mother, If tbe fa-
llicr Is deceased) of any person who Is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the Act. re.ldes upon
a fnnn In the vicinity of the land entered for by such person as a homestead.
Ilic i-ciiuli-eiii'-'ils of the Act as to renl-
dence prior to oblalnlng patent may bo
lhii Provlnc
Canada nml
gimil* .-iml inerchandls
1 British Columbia,
icwherei to transport
by vessels 01
otherwise; to purchaae uml uoldtlliibei
lands nml engage In the manufacture
und sale uf lumber; to own nnd con-
duel siiu,j* ninl trading posts, and
generally to have therlghl ol engaging In any und nil kinds nf luisim-s-
th.-ii ii natural person might or could
in the United States or uny pail of the
world. sep 22 Iw
VTOTICE ii herebyglven thatG* dayi
ii   date I Intend to anply to the lion, the
Chief Coiiiiiii"ioin-r of Land** and Works for
rmbulon to pnrcliaso tho following describe'
iitnl*. -Iiunt.-il iii ll*'-*! Kootonay, woit -n
Columbia river, Kir.- Ville):
Commencing al a po*i in chain.-noi-ihni'
Langel's tu.rtli wesl corner post ond marked
lllli---'    VJI'i-mIm.   bOrih   l-'-M   MM-I1M- pO-i
tis'licii'by such penon"residing with" the  thence weal -- chaini, Ihenco -muii 80ohalna
(iiilicr or mother. them-—■
131 If  the  settler  has  his  permanent
en-t -Mh,in-, tbenee north BO ohalna to
place ul t-oinmonoomont,
Dated June nil, 1000,
t-i'sldence upun farming land owned by
lilm In Un' vk'liilly of his homestead, tho
roqulromonto of Uie Act a. to residence
may bo snllnil.-d by residence upon tb.
sold land. ....
Application for patent should bs mado ,
nl Um nnl of llir.n' yeara before the local I
agent, mil. iim-iit ur n liomoolead In.pec-  Raw FUrS BOUght
lii-foro innkliiK application for a patent,
iln senior musl .:i>.' sii month.' n.tlce
In willing In lln- Commissioner of Dominion Lands nt Oltawn, of bis Intention to do so.
Ilepiiiy Minister of the Intcritr
Oltuwa, Keliruray lltli. 1**5.
To Trappers
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Steel Ran|»e
prates are made
extra heavy and strori
Winnip€f^niw«yar»$fcJohn N.F»j
*5uUKJNii BROS., Sole Agents.
Pursuant to   thi:    •• Creuitors'
Trust Derds Act, 1901."
■lohn ll ge Maedonald of ilm City of
Revelstoke in the Province of British
Columbia, Men-hunt, hits hy deed d.-it-
i-d lhe !isih dny of September, A. IL.
HUM, assigned .ill his personal property, real estute, credits .md effects,
which may he seized und sold under
ex tion tn Allan X. Anderson uf the
suid City of Ilevelstoke, Accountant,
In trust I'm-iho bonefil of his ci editors,
The snid d I  w-fls executed hy tho
snid John GeorgeMucdnniild and Allan
V. Anderson mi the 28th d tyol Sup.
1 t-t.iii.-s-, A.D., imm.
All persons having elaimsuKainsI tbe
snid .lohn George Maedonald are required   before lhe Isi d.iv of No-
vi-iiilii-r, A.I),, imsi. 1,1 *.nd' i,, i|„.
trustee full rnit-tit-iilui-s of thesame
duly vi-i-iiii-d. I.,M.ili,-1 wllh iln- particulars of the security, ll nny, Inld
by 1 In-ill.
Nutlco is hereby I'm,I.. 1 given ilm
after the snid Isi dnv of Novuuibei
A.H.. IUDU, the ii-ii-i,-.- will pi ..di,,
distribute lhe .1--1-1.    ii„..
('i-cililiii-s whose 1 li    i„iv-i    bei 11
lodged wllh lilm. ninl thai he will nol
In- responsible uflei auld dnti foi 11,,
11**1-1* *n 111 -11 linir-.I up utij |,, 11
llii'i.-iil in nm 1..-. -... 11,1 heinous, Iii ii.
orciirpoiullon, "I whose ilebl or elulin
In- shnll imi Hun I, iv.- received notice,
A meeting ul  the  . i-edltm-s ,,1 i|„.
snid  .Inlm  (I i-i- Mncdiinuld will lie
held ul ll dices of Burns* \\ .it, ,„
Barrlstem, Itumu I, l-'l.i.k [Hunk, Van-
uouver, II. ('.. on l-'iid.iy. tin |2t|, dnv
nf October, A. II.. 1000, al the hour ol
four o'clock in Un- .ill. rmiiiii.
Dated ul liovolstokc, 11. c. ihis 1st
day ni October, A. I).. 1000,
Ilevelstoke, B, ('..
Solicitors lm-1 he 11 hnve Trustee,
Look at This!
(Underjj New   Management)
LAUGHTON,   Prop., 1 REVELSTOKE, gB,   t"
First-clus accommoiliitinn for'vravellcrs.
Host brands ol Wines, Spirits, [and
WANTED   Km.un   I   Imve  whal
appears lo ba an excelled np|  	
for n 1 1 with sut'iii in h.milli- iln
agency fnr lhe Interior nl Brii  ', 1   .
iiinliin   nl  the I'lT.VI-l: 1, VSflLINR
success nml will pny from SLV) lo 820
11 iniuiili.   Apply tii
E. A, Haggen,
Heal Estate und Invesl n. Broke)
i,in- Ii..t:n,l l. -niki-Mr.i-ii.-.ul: n is: ili.-l liK-l(';n,i
111   eluiinsi  east   >'''►, j,"".,,,,,,, „t Landi 4 Worki (or permlMlon to
in pulnl nl*
Notice is hereby given
flftor d.-ile   I   intend  tu
Chief Commissioner of
Works for a -jii-i lal license to eul nnd
carry nwny limber from ihu following
described hauls situated mi Ilu- west
•fid.i of Upper Arrow   Lake,  West
Kootenay d -iiidi
1. Commencing at n posl planted
:il tin- nni-ili ui-si curlier of l.ni ".'ill,
and marked "A. Mi Symons'southeast corner," thenee wesl HKI chains,
north io ehnins, easl 100 chains, soulh
I" chains in phtee nt commencement,
2. (iuiiii oncing ui n posl planted
nt ilu- north.wesl eoruer uf Lot "SHI
ninl uiniked "A. M. Syiuons' nurih-
i-nsi   i-.'iiii-i   post,"  ihenee  west Illll
lllilill*.   souih
ehuins, mu ■ li
!!. Comnii'iielng nl n pnsl plnuled
In chains south ol ihr north-west eorner "i I.ul 75.11 .ind linn k.-il "A. M.
Symons' norlh-ensl coi-ner post,"
Ihence wesl Uill ehnins, snulli 10 cliiiins,
i-:i*i inn ri ins, north lu ehnins lu
poinl nl i- -iii-i-iiii-iii.
I. Commencing m u posl planled
BO chains si mh ul iln- north-wesl corner of l.oi 75114 uml marked "A, M.
Symons' iiorth-eusl corner post,"
thence wen 100 ehuins, smith ID
chaius, ensl Hill ehuins, north 40 chains
in pointol commencement!
5. Commencing nt n pust plnnted
1211 ehniiis smilli nf ihe north-west
corner of l.i i 751)1 mid inarked "A. M.
Symons' i urth-cusl cornet- pusl,"
ilieucc west Uiu chains, south ill
cliiiins, easl 100 rlinins, north !<>
chains to place nf eoniinenceineiil.
ii. Comiui m.-iiig ,-ii ,-i pu*! planted
nne nnd one-hiill iniles north of lhe
south-west corner nl I.ul 7:111 and
marked **.\. M. Symons' south-east
cornur posl,' ihence west lOOchains,
nnrlh 40ehuins, easl lliu chains, suulh
ll.) ehnins in place of commencement,
7. Ciimn eneeing nl a post planted | [
uliuui one mile nnrlh (if lhe south-west
coiner of L.l   7HU,  thence wesl llili
ehains, north 10 ehnins, easl lOOctmin
south 10 chums to puint uf
inent, H	
8. Coiiin.i-i,ring ni :i | osl planted li
I'lhout one-hull mile north of the si mlh- '
west collier of Lui 7011, and mnrked
"A. M. Symons' south-east coinei
post," thenee west 1(!0 chains, north
■in chains, ensl mn ehnins, south lu
chains lo plnte of coinmencement.
0. Commencing ul ii pusl plnnted
ulllie south-west eurner ol Lot 7311
nml mnrked "A, M. Symons' southeast corner post," Ihence west Kill!
chains, nortli III chains, ensl 100chains, j
south III ehnins lo place of commence-1
Hilled I si 11 SepUmber, llmi.
A. M, sY.Mii.NS.
that SO days I   Nm.,,.|.: (s uijunny aiVBN that sixty days
apply tnllie nfter (Into 1 Intend in iippl)- in the llmi. chief
Lands  und  Coiumlsslouor of Lands and Works lor permission
lu purchase iln- billowing ileserlbetl lnmls situate
in Hi.mv, .i Kootenny district.
Ciimiiiciichig id n pust planted nl tin- uorth-oast
corner u( Lot 2117 nm! marked ".I. Paiton's north-
well corner." thence east In clialns, thenca south
stu-liiiiii*. iln-iii-i- iii-*i in chains, tlience uurilisi!
chains tu plnce ul ctuiinioitceuioiil nml containing
820 ncres moreorlcsi.
Dated lids 10th day nl September, 1000.
wm. Toyo, Agent.
ii'P i
Notice la hereby given that 00 'lays afterdate
1 lund situate
purchase the (oliowinn doaorlbi
in tbe West Koolcimy district:
Commencing at a nosl planted nt tho north*
unit cornur f, C. 7668, ami marked "Clara Mc-
Quarrle's south-west corner," tlnmce nnrtli SO
chains, thunce east -in chains, thence south 20
chains, tlience west 40 chains to place of com*
iiii'iu*! iiii ni. and ci utilising y> acreB more or lus.-;.
n relocation of Snngsler's [ireoinptlon,
Dated this lOtli dny ol September, iBoc,
_«epl![        __   M It. McQuarrie, Agent.
NOTICK is UKHKBY GIVEN thnt sixtydayd
nftur date I Intend tu apply to tin- lion, chief
Commissioner ni Lntiila nnd Wnrks for permidsion
lopureluue the following dosciibed lands in tho
West Kiintunaj district, on .vest side of the Columbia rivor, aland three miles fmni Arrowhead;
Commencing at a imst planted at William Grog-
I son's nm-tli-went corner, thonce west 40 chains to
|T. . mti-' riiiiili-eiist corner, tlience  soutli 40
chains to Wynes th-wtwt comer, thence cast
: in i'liains to Day's south-west  corner, thenco
1 nnrth i'i cliaiii- to point ol commencement,and
I eoiitniuiiii: ico ucres more of loss.
;    Located sift, ith, 10»l),
sups IU liis Agent, S.J, Harlow.
Notice is hereby given that30 days afterdate
intend in apply tothe Hoiioranle the Chief
■immishloner of Landsaud Works for aspceial
..ceiiH- tii cut end carry away timber from the
following   described lands situated in the
Osoyoos Division ol VaU-District :
lieing at a pust marked "S, If ill'
Notico is hereby given that thirty days
afler dale 1 intend to apply to tin* Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works lor ;i
special licence to cut ami carry away timber from tlu> followinx described land*-.,
situated in ilu* Yale District:
g. Commencing'at a post marked "j.
Barry's north-east corner post," planted
aboul three inHc** north of iln- enst fork ol
Shuswup rivor and nbout one-half mile
easl of Miiin rivor, thence south So chains,
thence west So chains, Ihenee norlh Nu
chainR, thence easl 8o chains lo point of
io. , Commencing nl a post inarkod "J.
Barry's south-east corner posi," planled
about throe miles nortli of ihe oiihi fork of
Shuswap river, and aboul ono-half mile
east of llio m.'tiii liver, tbonco north So
chains, tbenee west So chains, thonce
soulh 8o chains, ihence east So chains to
point of commencement*
11. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Hurra's norlb-wesl eoruer post," planted
aboul tliree miles north ol lhe ensl fork of
Shuswap river, ami aboul one-half utile
easl ol the main river, tlience south 40
ohains, thence east 160 ehains, tiionoo
north 40 chains, thenoe wesl 1(10 ehains to
point of commencement.
12, Commencingat a post niarked "J.
Barn's south-west corner post," planted
about three miles north ot the oast fork of
Shuswap river, and about one-hall mile
easl ol the main rivor, thence east So
ehains, llionoo north So chains, thenee
wosl So ehains, tlience sonsh So ehains lo
point of commencement,
1 j, Commencingal a post marked "J.
Harry's north-east corner pest,'' planted
nboul four milos north 01 tlie easl fork of
Shuswap river, thoneo soutli So ehains,
Ihence wesl So ehains, ihence north So
chains, thenee east So ehains, lo poinl ol
14, Commencing at a post marked "J.
Barry's south-east eorner post," planted ,
about four miles norlli of tlio east fork of j
Shuswap river, thenee north So chains,
thence west So ehains, thenee. south So
ehains, llionce east 80 chains to point of
15, Commencing al a post marked "J
Barry's south-west corner posl," plantod
about tour miles uorlh of the east fork of
g'enst iw iliiiin*. il
in--! loo clmins, then
icliee soutli 111 i'liains,
ice north 10 chains to
pnlnl 1
il.  1
-Milli -
lhc en.
f commencement,
tilnineneilie .11 .1 in
™t conier," plantcil
I llllll    Ml    tllC    1 ||
II mill.- nlmve lhc fi
Bi'iisl lu  clmins, 111
«•-! 1 Inin-. the
-I marked »S. Hill's
Ml 111.- -Mllll l-!lllkn(
fnrk ■■!* Cherry Creek
11k-i.f tlie north fork,
slice nortb 10 clialns,
nee —nth in ehnins tu
poinl (1
I 'Mil,tllflll lll.llll.
,  ,  „ ,,.,„
the TOI
1:! 1
*,-p -LL
IF*- t
Kul ice is
hereby given Ihnl Mi dny*
1  intii.il iu njiply lothe
nlii-i du! ^^^^^__^
Cliief Commissioner 11 Lunils nnd
Works, lm- u speciul license lo ml und
cany nwny timber In 111 iln following
described hinds, situated in West
Kootenny District!
1. Commencing nl 11 pnsl plunted
about I nf ,1 mill- ensl -1 N mile liee 111
liig Hend 'J mil. and marked "Ceo.
Laforme's smith-west comet," ihenee
ens] Uiu chains, ihence norlh 111 chains,
thence wesl 100 ehnins, ihenee soutli
llicliiiiiis tn lln- point nl ciiliillieliee-
2. Commencing ut a posi pluuted
nboul $ of a mile eust of the ti mile posl
nn liig BetdTiail and marked "Cm.
Lnfonne's 1 orth-wesl eorner." thenci
east lOOchains, ilu-ju-e south IU chains,
thence west nm chains, thence ninth
40 eliuiiis I" the poinl ol ci mnn 1
Dated thi- IUlh dnj uf Sep!   Il.it
!i.   Commercing nl 11 pi st |
, of.-.  n.ili- enst of ll mill  tieem  1..
llend Trail und   timiked  "tii     I
feline's soulh-west    conn r,"
wist IflOchaii -,ilniui-1 - nh I" I
thence wesi 100 ehuins, thenci ■
40 chains to ilu- point -1    oun
I.   (1 um -1 1 ing 11      1 - •■ ■
ol ii mile ' nsl   t  !' 1 iiii
Bind Trail .nnl marked  "Gi
forme's nouh-west   corner,
east Hi"'lin 1 -. '.I --ii" -i uth I'ich
thenci  wi -   i"11 liuin ■
4n . hains I-    • '• 1 - ;ni -1 " 11.n.- in •
i- ■ h;
fi,  Conn   i ■ ing   11   ii-
i-.i   1,
. 1, tbe J! -.   ll- :
"Gen. Lad in !■'■
south "1
lln 11
above th
i-n-i 1" i-
11,-1 in,
.    Ci 1
,1 Lttki 1
lunli'il on tlie south hank
lurk uf Hi'' nnrlh fork nf Chens Creek
miles nlmve the forks ul the nnrtli lurk,
,-t nn chain.,tlienci.- nortli loclinlns,
-1 um ilinin*. Hun uiillHO chains to
imenclim nl .1 1--1 mntkeil "is. Illll.
-i eurner," plumed mi ilu- nest bunk ul
I,  i,„|,  ,.| ( I1..11;  Creek ulmut!! mill
10 chains, "tlienc
ice-  nurih wesl conier," planted on tin; south bank ol I Shuswup river, tlience norlli  rio ehnins,
the enst fotk ol the north fork nf Cliorry Creek  ,1,  ,      ,   ,.-     1  •      .1 .1   0.
i.il 14! miles nl,.,.,- die l.nks ,.f Ilu- imrtli fnrk, \ tluiUt* e,lst So clmms'  'h"ul   sout!'   So
chuius, thence wesl -So cbnins to poinl ol
16. Commencing nt a post marked "J.
Harry's north-wesl corner pusl," planted
nboul six iniles north ol* die oust fork of
Shuswap river, thence south So clmins,
thence ensl So chains, ihence norlh 80
('iimineiiebiK ut n imst marked -s Hill's 1 chains, thence west So cliains to pointof
1.1.11I1 easl cuiiiei'.' planted mi the smith bank of commencement,
iln 1 furk ul die nurth furk of Cherry Creek ,- .1   1,,,
 ,11 u mil,- nlmi-ethe forks nf Un- north lork,      '7-   Commencing ul u posl .moked "J.
running south lflu clmins, thence west 10 chains,   Barry s north-ens! corner posi.   planted
^l'||n7.|f"■.''l!'lu'■l|l.■.■'l|ll'•'t'''", Ul""''' *"-t "•'*-'l'ili"'-'" I -111"-'"'! *•'" miles norlh of Ihe easl fork of
'""' CommnSn™?1!. pnsl mnrkeiUf-s.llllla Shuswup river, Ihence south So chains,
- ■   ■   ' thenee west So chains, ihence norlli So
i chains, theuce casi So cliiiins in poinl of
is. Commencing at a post marked "J.
I Harry s norlh-easl corner posl," plantcil
on iln- south fork of Shuswap river, and
about cue mile from 1 lie mouth, ihence
wesl So chains, Ihence soutli So chains,
i ihence cast So ehains, thence north Sn
cliiiins to point of commencement.
1,1.   Commencing al a post marked "J.
; Rarry's norlli-west corner post,' plnnted
11 the south fork nt Shuswap river und
nboul   out-  mil.-  from  its ninntli, thence
mm*! So 1 liaiii*. thence south So chains.
Ihence ivesl 80 cliains,  Ihence nortli So
- - li, pninl of commencement.
20.   Commencing al a post marked "J.
Hurry * south-ivesi   corner,"  planlcd on
the south fork of Shuswap river and about
.-• -■ n   , from lis innuih, Ihence nnrth So
chains,   thence  easl  So  .nam*,   ihence
soull Bi chains, tlience ivesl So cliains to
point ol    tmmencement,
m .   Ct n'.mencing ut a posl marked "J.
Barry's 1     li-wesi ., mer ;-. sl,' planled
rk   - S   *■-      river aboul
■   :■     * -  mh, ihence easl 80
.-   ■ -. il     -       .. :.*,   thence
lins, thei        orth So chains lo
point of commencement.
.. riiiiiiinii* iinrtli
[., puilll nl ., liinu
p.,„l mnrkeil "S, Hill's
.1 almul I- elinlns nnrth
!. - u,i iln- -.um-. running
.. . m/..
:       point ■■!' cum-
mm marked "S, Hill's
■   .■ 1
uiilt - 11]. '.in- -.hum
nice ..illtli i
m ■■;-'.
ninth -''■^_.^_
■ I   k,. 1   ..» aliulll Iinil'
...   M      - ' '
.... -    (mills, tlienc!
'.'     Ml ■ -I'
DaledJune BI
pii.t marked "S, II II
■  rtl
^^^^^^^^■it. -
\ ■
I'll :
>e is hereby givi n llm
dnl     I  intend  I
Notice is heroby given ihal application
will bo made lo the Legislative Assembly
ot the Province ol' British Columbia at ihe
next session, for an Aot, incorporating a
Company lo build, equip, maintain and
OperalO a line or linos of railway o\' stand-
ardor other gunge, with any kind of
motive power from a point on Upper Arrow
Lake, Wost Kootonay, near. Arrowhead,
thenoo following the Columbia River
northerly on either side to a point at or
near the confluence of Canoe Rivor with
the Columbia Kiver and thouoe following
along Canoo Kiver ou either side, to a
point at or near Tote Jaune Cache, on
I'lasi-r Kiver, with power lo construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway 1 ami with power to construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection lliere-
wiili; ami lo construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operato Ihe same on
any navigable waters, and lo construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes o\' ihe said
railway and ils branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes to generate electricity and supply light, heal and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
lhe necessary buildings and works, audio
generate any kind of power for the purposes aforesaid,or in eoimeelion therewith,
tor reward; and to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistanoo in aid ol the
construction of the Company's undertaking! ttnd to connect with and enter into
trahic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or oilier companies, aud to
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of the " Water Clauses
Consolidation Act"; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to the premises, and for other
Datod at Revelstoke, H.C, this 31st day
of August, 1906,
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Nutico irf horoby given that 80 days after date
I intend to apply to Uin Chiof Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for 11 spucinl licmico to cut
and carry away timlier frum tlie following doscribod Iniuissituate iu East Kootonay district.
1. Commencing at a post planted uuthe
south-east bftnk of Wood Hivor about 2 miles
below tho wost fork and marked "E. McHonn's
south-west cornor," theuco north bu clmins,
thenco oust 811 chains, them-e sniltn 81) chains,
thenco west Hi) chnius to the point of commencement.
'1. Commeneing nt a -post planted on tho
south-oast bank nf Wood Kiver about Smiles
below tho west fork and marked "K. McHonn's
nurtli-\ve--t corner.'1 thenco oast So chain.-,
theuce south 80 chains, thonco wost 80 chains,
thonce nortli SO clmins to the point of commencement.
3. Cniiiiiieiiciiiu* nl 11 tost pl-tuted 011 tho
south-east bank of Wuud River, ouposlte the
moiiih of tho west fork and inarked '*E. McBoan's north-west corner,' thence south 1WI
ohains, thence east w chnlns, tlience north liX)
ehnins, thence west 41) chains to the [mint
uf commoncomeiit.
Dated this 18th dny of August, l'.KNi
4, Commencin** at a poit plauted on the
north-west bank uf Wood Itiver just above the
mouth of thc west fork and mnrked "K. Mc-
Bean'8 south-east corner," ihence north K0
chains, thonce west Ml chains, theuco smitli M
chnius, thonco east 8(1 chains to the pointof
Dated this 20th day of August, UKW.
•1, Commencing at a imst planted ou the
south-east bnnk of Wood River ouposlto the
month of tho west fork and marked "E-Mc-
Bean'* s*outh*west eurner," theuce nurth 8C
chains, thunce enst Mi chains, ihence smith Ml
chains, tlience west Mi chain.- to the puim of
ti. Commencing at a post planted on tlio
north'Wost bank nf Wood River about 1 mile
below lho mouth uf the west fork and mnrkod
"K. McBoan's south-east corner," thenco nnrth
40 chains, easl to chains, north 40 chaius, west
&0chains, south lOchains, west 40 chains, south
40 chains, oast ho chain-to the point of com-
7. Commencing at a post planted on tho
niirth-we^t bauk of Wood Rivor about I mile
below the west furk nml marked "K. McHean's
north-east corner." thenco smith 4(1 ehuins,
tlieine we.-t 40 chains, thonce -outh 40 ohains,
thence west M) chair.s. ihence north 40 chains,
it ai
thenco onst 10 chnius, thence north 40 chains.
._   .   , „, I thouce east 80 chains to tho point ol commeuce-
m- • ■ marked   1.1 mP11I,
Barry- south-east corner post,      lilted
h of thc casi
ii miles from
ei   -
40 chains,
I 1.    I
I   ■ I
1.11  lln    1 .
Cm    I ■:
I   ■
Inlci - 1
ilonei    1
Cl.l IU '
Kill nl   I
Untiil. I  .1
(omniei -
t.iiiii'ii u
1 m.i i.i,,1.1
nuillii' il."i
norlh n  ■ lm
|,,.,i,. Bn   M..-..I .I'*.
,,,   1 1    1   (/Mllll
- -. -      ' ■".'•
„... i- •
-    II.     .!
Co.'s claim, 1 ip 7108
'. i- nth W
i..  Co.'s eliii- IIM
 1 ■       theni
LflTirc th SO chains
NUIIIjt „,ent
"*" l All; .
1        luits ■ 1  tl -      easl ■' 1. 51
j;*,,   ' '•"■.,
-, im ■     1     -, 1 ■   lOchains    pointof commenci
nmrkni   mm   1      Ni   I   Adjoining ,*•' ii  1, <■«.'   .' *■
''■". "JL* I thence r-ost 160 chains,  thence north j '
Iieii.i-  V
d  Ti-
nt ol • om-
. arked "J.
■     18
.    M       M
;      tins
1   rom-
nilcs froi
- Commencing nt n pn-i plitnied ou the
south-easl lunik uf Wood Rivor about 4 miles
below the west fork and marked "E. UoBenn's
-outh-wosl ruriier.'* ttunice uortli 100 chains.
thenceeas! In chains.theuce south innchniiis.
theuce west lu chuius tu the puint <>t com-
Dnted this Slst day of August, 1906,
!-. lommencini,' nt n pn*l plnnted on Ihe
north-west imuk nf Wood lliver and2 milos
below.lump.upl n-ek-iu.it markod' K. McBouir*
.ontb-ensl corner," thence unst 160 clmiu*.
Ifeiirn north lu eliniii*. tlience we-l lOOohlllus,
theiic, iiii  lu chains Lo tbo point ot com-
mencen eul
lu. Commcnciiig al a po-i planted on the
North-we.l Imnk nf Wood River about .mile*
below Jump-up Creek .uui marked "E. McBean's -<iiii!ieii-i corner," ihenco wosl so
chains, thonce nortli .0 chains, thenco casi so
• iiinn*. thence south so chains to tho point ol
-M    !   '• ■
ll 1 l.i;. nl august, 1006,
li. MoBEAN,
■ He] 1    1 tl
i.i t). Ml 1 MH
1.... .   1. ..j40chains, thence   west  ifil*  chains
■ -  1 .,,
, „U     ■'    '     (.MM ,,,,, „ , ,,,
-'     I    :   ■ _ _.
VWEt   Llt/.IT ff/l' SALE.
,..-,,,,.,,i, 1,,■
'l.n,  mile   !',<
u- v,      to
Trout Lolic Cil/, b. C.
I thenee w uth 40 chains
(:(,n.n,(-(."-ni(-rit,      *f^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Nn. 6, Adjoining Nn   I    it,   i( uth
-,,;,    imi  south B0 ' iiains, tbeno   .  , , .
,,,     '"('- '.,, 1,.-,:!,.! '■ 1.    I, BOobs 1 -    ,\
ijmimi   ni-!  Ml   elm :.'   in   1 (-ml, (if
comnionci innii!
I!.     I ' ..   •      (.Ull        I      *'
1,1, MM' ,   Mill   III
I, m .. '        I llll   -'.,    llienei
in,,th in ili.ini   n, pninl - I iniiiiiM-ii'i-.
K, Mlil.l.VIKIIII.I,,
.,■ ce     '     ■        thai m" djiy  after 'into
 1 • in nloiior "f
Hnd '■',        '■,: ;, .pedal licence tocnt
a  .    I1*    from tin; following do*
ct\)<" 1.1 * Kootonaj distriot i
  - isl 1  11 ted ou ih*-Old
,   ■   , ■.   ..- the ' •■
■ i.ci     T   Kil|iiitric-ri -
 t  Mi 1 Imiii'-,
tlience ■ ■ I *"■ hains,
1.1 I,   to the polul of com-
.. -   ,   ■
2, 1   .- ■ *      gatfl po • I* id ted ou I e Old
, about ', inn'- .-.I 1 .,111 .* 1 ni
ml      i* ,'*r   md iiMiriiTi     T   KilpatrickB
■   .      -.,..,-!       *.' i-i.- D     ic '     M*     cl llili!
•  ■ ■        thenci e« " r-» chum-.
them"'*   lortl   - ki tho [xi ■ * i.f com-
■ , -. I 1 ilm "■'! "ii tlm Olo
hoot'- uui'*   i*-i t ot the 1 ol-
iid n  r. i-'i   T    Kllpstrlok's
nn 01    thenoo   ensl   80 chnlns,
then<   wostBOehalns,
thenci o M,i" pointof oorn-
..,. i.   .
i * i po i planted on ilm Old
-.'.',■ : R ri .■ Imul . ii in i'.l t "f Um Colon ti     R • md  ^ irked    T,  Kilpntrick's
i j     thei'" o i il  80   chains
i ,.(. c     " ■             thonce wost Mi chaini
. to tho point of cow
,. i- ■,-.(. - ■
,- to - - -M ..-■! ■ 1906.
i. ■- i* ,-i ■' 'f'' ■ ilfttf
i   ' * ■ ii.n.       !■■ i
id ffurV lu pun Ims'i
■    ■ -i,*i.   nnl
■  f             ■ i -         ; id Amid
i    ir                 , ...        i
    i i mnn
-.  i   ,    | nti BOi,, i,ii-,*
tl   jOclialns,
'i i - ■   ,. i  ■■ '. i. i :■-1.:,'    ' ne, ment,
and -   iiiiiiin,' 'vi' h ,■ ■
llita-l Hn''/nth "f.lulv, twtfl
;ivC fJKO, '1- NBWMAN
Of Concret.., Ilnllon   lllniks,  sii   Ilrlck  01
,,,      Bulldli       iipaler in Ceinnnl, Mine,
'  ,„,-. ii m ■ in .I. i other building iiih-
,, ,1     ill Inl     mm i, ,m ...    '.,« claii,
i piiuterlng nnd Plastering flupplltwci Bpeolalty.
in I, is  BIOIIT
Nn'iee is hereby given that. 30 days
al'tei' ilnle I Intend tu apply tothe
Chief Commissioner nf Lands uud
Works fur a Bpectal licence lu eul (ind
cany away timber from the following
described lands situated in West
Kootonay district, west side nf Upper
Arruw Lnkei
1. ComuienolnR ul a post marked
"S. Cui-lsim's north-west corner pust,"
planted mi lhe west bnnk nf Plnuston
Creek, nboul II iniles from mouth of
creek, nnd iii a westerly direction from
Bannock Point, tbenee suulh 80 ehains,
thence easl Sll ehuins, ihenee not til 80
chains, thunce wesl Sll chuius In pninl
nl I'lillllili-IHTlllrll!.
2. Commencing ut a post inarked
"S. Carlson's noiih-oiist eorner pusl.''
planted mi west bank ut Pingstnn
Oreok, about 11 miles from mouth ami
in a westerly direction from Bannock
Point, Ihence suulh Sll chains, thence
wesl Sll ehuins, Ihence north Sllnliiiins,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
8,  Commencing al a pust marked
"S. Carlson's norlll-West enrner pnsl,"
plantod un ihe west hunk nf Pingston
Creek, abuut II! iniles frmn mouth
and in u westerly direction from Bannook Pninl, thonce suuth -III chuius,
Ihence eust 111(1 ehuins, Ihenee north
•III ehnins, thence wesl UIU chains In
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a pust marked
"S, Carlson's nnrth-eaat corner pust,"
planted nu the west hunk uf Pingston
Creek, uliuut 111 miles from nuiutli
und in a westerly direction frum Bannook Point, tlience snutli 40
chains, Ihence west 11)11 chnius,
thence north 40 chains, ihenee easl UUI
cliains tn puiiii nf commencement.
5, Commencing nl a pnsl marked
"S. Carlson's south-west eurner post,"
planted on the west bank nl* Pingston
Creek, about 14j miles from mouth
und in a westerly direction from Bannock Puint, llienee nnrtli III chuius,
thenee cast. Ilk) chains, thence suuth III
cliains, tlience wesl 111(1 ehuins tn puint
of commencement.
It. Commencing ut it pusl murked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner pust,"
planted on tho west bank of Pingston
Creek, ubuut 14J miles frnm luiilllil
and in a westerly direction from Bannock Point, Ihence nnrlh III ehuins,
thenee west llkl cbnins, Ihence suulh
41) chains, thenee east llkl chains lu
point uf commencement.
Dated August 26th, 1IKXI.
7. Commeneing at a post marked
"S. Carlson's north-west corner pust,"
plnnted mi the oast Imnk nf Pingston
Creek, aboul Hi miles from mouth uud
In a westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thence south 80 chains, thence
east si) chuius, thence uorth 80 chains,
Ihenee west SU ehnins tn puint uf commencement.
8. Conimenclng at u pust inarked
"K. Carlson's north-east corner pust."
planted uu the eust bunk nf Pingstnn
Creek, ahout HI miles from mouth und
inn westerly direction frum Bannock
Puint, tlience smith Sl! ehuins, thence
west SU ehuins, theuce north 811 chains,
thence easl 80 chains to point of eum-
II. Commencing ut a pust mnrked
"S, Carlson's south-east comer post,
planted nne [mile; enst uf Pingstnn
Creek nud about III miles from inuiii.li
and in n westerly direction frmn Bannock Puint, llienee north Sll clmiiis,
tlience west 80 ehuins, thenee south Sll
chains, thence eust SU ehnins tu poinl
of commencement,
1(1. Coinmeneing at a post marked
"S, Carlson's north-east corner post,"
plnnted about three inileseastof Pingston Creek and uliuut 111 miles from Ibe
month nnd in u westerly direction
frum Bannock Point, thence south 80
chains. Ihence west SO chnlns, llienee
ninth Sn clmins, thenee east su chuius
lu puint uf commencement,
11. Commencing ul a post inarked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner pust,"
planted 11 miles east uf Pingstnn Creek
nud uliuut 111 illiles from mouth and in
n westerly iliiection frum Bannock
Point, thence north 80 chains, tlience
wesi Sii chuius, theuce suulh su chains,
tlience east SU chains tu puint of commencement.
12. Commencing nl a postmarked
"S; Carlson's nortn-enst corner post,"
plunted I miles cast uf Pingston Creek
und about Ki miles frnm mouth, ill u
westerly direction frum Bannock Point
thence south 80 chains, llienee west SU
chains, thence north su chains, thence
cast 80 chains in puint of commence
Hi. Commencing at a postmarked
"S. Ciirlsnn's smith-east, corner post,"
planted I miles east nf Pingstnn Creek
nnd about HI miles from mouth aud in
ii westerly direction from Bannook
Point, thence nurih 80chains, theuce
west 80 chains, Ihence south 80 chains,
thence ensl su chains to puint uf commencement.
Dnl cd August 27th, WHO,
ll. Commencing nl a pusl marked
"8. Carlson's north-oast corner post,"
planted nn lhc west side ul* K. A; S.
line, .il'iiiii hull*a mil.' nortli uf Timber
Muill Nu. iili'iii. iu n westerly direction
fnnn tin- hend nf Upper Arrow Lake,
thence wesl 100 chains, thunce snutli
lu iliiiin*. thenco ensl lun ehuins,
Ihoi north io chnlns tn point of commencement,
15, Commencing al a posl marked
"S. Carlson's south-easl comernost,"
planted mi tin- wesl side nf K. k S.
line, about hull' u mile nurih of Timber
I,iiuii Nu. iw*ii. in ii westerly direction
limn iln- head nf Upper Anow Lake,
thence wesl lliu chains, thenee nortli
lu chains, thence eust Kill ehuins,
thence south Ul chains tn pointof
in. Commencing ut a post marked
"8, Carlson's north-east curuer pust,"
plnnted mi iln- west side uf K, k S,
line and aboul Ij miles nurth uf Timber 1,iinil I'i'.i.ju, in n westerly direcliun
from Ihe head uf Upper Arrow Lake,
thenco wesl 100 cbnins, thence snutli
in chnlns, Ihence east 100 ehnins,
thence north IU chuius to puint uf
17. Commencing at a pnst marked
"8. Carlson's south-east corner post,"
planted nn ilu- weal Bide of K. .•; H,
line, nnd nboul IJ miies north of Timber I.iinil (11)60, in u westerly direction
Iriiin ilu- hund nl Upper Arrow Lake,
thence ivesl I IK) chains, thenco north
in chains, thence east imi ehuins,
Ibenco south 40 ehains In polnt£of
Haled August aith, 1806.
Xoticc is hereby given that 30 days
alter date we, the undersigned, intend
to make application to the Hon.
Cbiel Commissioner nl Lands and
Works fnr il special license tn cut nnd
carry away timber Irom the lollowing
descrilied lunils situated in the West
Knntenay district, nbuut Hi miles Irom
Burton City:
1. Commencing at a pust plunted
on the east side ol Caribou Creek,
thence snutli Uill ollilillB tlience east
40 clmins, Ihence nortb 100 chains,
thenco west 10 chains to point ol commencement.
2. Situate In the West Kootenny
district about II miles Irom burton
City. Commencing at u pust planted
30 cliuins Irom the Creek nnd on the
west sido thence soutli lliu chains,
thenee ca-t -HI ehuins, llienee north
160 cliiiins, ihence  nest -III clmins to
point nt commencement.
8, Commenolng at a pust planted
on the wesi side ul Cariboo Creek
about 13 miles Irom Burton Cily,
thenee smiili 100 chains, thence oast
40 cbnins, thence nurth Kill chains,
thence west -10 chains Io point ol
■I. Commencing at a post planted
abuut 35 cliains on .he south side ol
Cariboo Creek about 12 miles Irom
Burton City, tlience east 100 clmins,
thence imrth 10 chains, thence west
UUI cliiiins, thence south 40 chains to
point of commencement,
.'i. Commencing at a post planted
about 60 cliains on the south side ot
CaribooCieek about 7 miles from Burton City, tlience soutli 100 ehuins,
thence west 40 cliains.thcnce nutth 100
chains, thence east 40 chains to puint
of coinmencement,
0. Commencing at a pust planted
about 8 chaina on the east bank of
Cariboo Creek, ahout ft miles from
Biiiton Ciiy, ihence east 811 chnius,
thenee nurth 80 chains, thei ce west
8(1 cliiiins, thence south SU chains to
puint uf commencement.
Located this 15th Sept., 1006,
sep 10 .1. A. DOUGAL,
NntleolH hereby glvon thuUO days after dale I
iuti-iul tuapjil;
heroby given tlmtsoinye......
ui,iim .,, i.|i-ih iuiiii- llmi Chief Ctmunlssloner nf
Lauds ainl Works foi a special license tn cut and
carry away Umber from the following described
lands situatod in West Kootenay district!
1. Commeiiciii|! nl a post planted about % mile
east »f Ulgsllend trail ami about 6J miles from
(lulilsticaiii mil marked "(leorge Laforme's south*
west corner post,'thonce east 100chains.thence
north 10 chains, "*■-! ico chains,south I0cliftlnn to
point of ennimoucomeiit.
'J. Commencing nt a pust planted one-bAlt mile
eust uf Hit; llend trail and uliuui 5) miles south at
(loldstraiui and maiked "tieorge Lafunite's nnrtli-
went corner," thence cast itin chains, smitli 411
chains, west luu chains, north 40 chains to point
of ciituuioiiceiw'iit,
Dated Mil day of Sept., l!««.
8. Commencing at a nnst plaiitetlntiL'-tliltd nf a
mile east ol r.ig Hend trail and almnt 0) mil08
south of (Inhlstreain and marked "Ot'orgeha-
forme's south-west eurner post," tlience east uio
chains, north 40 chains, west lOOchains, smith 4ti-
chains to point uf commencement,
4. Commencing at a post plnnted uiii'-tnird
mile east id Iii): Hend trail and about Gj^ miles
smilli cf (lohl-tteam ami uiniked "(leorge La-
forme's norlh-west corner post," thonce east lii'i
chains, smilli 4U chains, west 180 chains, north 4i>
ihalns tu point n| commencements
.') Commencing at n [mst planted 250 yards eas
it liii: Itead trail; ami abuut6800lyanle from
iovon Mile Creek and maiked "henrgo Laforme's
nmth-Hi-si ciirner pns>," thence eastHJUchains,
south 40 clialns, west 100 cbnins, north 40 chains to
point uf (omua-aceuieiit.
Dated luth dav of Sept., lflOU.
sep in        MEORGK I..U11UML, Locator.
Notice is hereby given thai *m days after date I
intend lu apply tn ihi* linn, Chief Commissioner
nf Lands and Works to purchase the following
described lands situated In llio district of Weal
Commencing at n post placed at the aortlpweet
corner of Lm l.m:, marked ' .1. II. Mackenzie's
south-east corner," theuce west 40 chains, thence
imrtli in ehains. tlience east Wclialus to shore of
Lake, thence following shure of Lnke in starting
puint. Containing Itin ncres.
haled the IMh day of Sept. 1906,
sep in Uy J. A. Mageo, his agent,
Notice is hereby pjvcii thai no dnys nft.-r date 1
Intend to npply tn trie lion. Cliief Cntnnitsiionei
ot Lands and IVorka, Victoria, II. C.lor parmis-
siun iii piiri.'ise iln- I'.lliuiiiii: described lands,
nenr Ulillnnl'ity 111 We-l Knnleiiny district!
i-nniiiieni inc. .il :i pu*l planted uloagslde of Ci
A. SaKiUuiotisdcs' *'iiiih-.ic*i enrner pnst," mul
running Ibenco muili 10 chains, thonee ivoit 10
eliuiiis, theni- Hi in eliiijiis. tlience ensl in
ehniiis in I'limnii'Tii'i'iiielll point.   1'uiiliiiliiiiL- 100
.-llnli-illllsliliiynf .tn.iisl, ID00.
*.p III s. W.U.KKIl.
Notice Is hereby given that fJOdayi fmni dato I
Intend tu applj tothelJoti.tlieCiik'l Commit'
■Inner of Lntuft ami Works (m iieriuisiloii to imr-
chase the billowing described laiuls, In the West
tajootenny district, west shure of Upper Arrow
Lake i
"Commencing at a post marked"'. l„ IllrBch's
south west cornor," atthe ionth east corner of
Lut -two, nud abont 1} mllei south of fastball
Creek; tlience nurth 80 chains, theace east -10
chains, tin-nee smith 80 chains, thence wettiQ
chains in point of commencement, containing a-zo
ai-ri-s more or less.
Dated this 21st day of May. 1000.
J. I,. HlltSCIl,
net is per Hulph Slye, Agent,
VTOTICE I* hereby given that KI days alter
j> dale 1 Intond lo apply'tothe Honourable
tlioflilct Coniiiiissioncr ol Und;anil Work,
for permission to purohas. the following gf
scribed liuni* In the W*st Koolonny dlrtilct,
(inleiin lluy, oast side of Lpper Arroiv Uko.
Comment ng at apoil planted at P. pners
lulli-oust cornor and markod "Bruco A. Law-
sun'* niii'ih-oiisi corner post, thonoo south «
■halm thonco wost HI chains, Ihence norlh 20
, ml* Ibellei- enst 211 ohnins, lli.-ne..-norlh 20
[>li-iiii* llienee ca-t -1" chains lo plane M com.
 iiceinenl and containing 12ii acres moro or
Dated link-mi Ilny, this 10th dny of Sopt, KM'
.,.,, is BRUCE A. LAWSOK.
For Sale or Rent
Containing un aorei, about tlirec-auarteri seed.
P,l .Ilii Tiinntby. Suitable lor bull wowing.
Hmmc nml olltbulldlngi In good condition, Sitnnte
at Crnlci-llaehl.-. a lew miles West ,,! Ilevi-I.lnsc.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend toapply to the Hon, Chief <'uni
Dllsslonerof Lands and Works lor a ..special
lleemo to eut and carry away timher from tiu>
■following described lands,
1. Commending at a post planted about P..
' milos from the cast bank of Columbia rivor
and aboul 1 mile north nf the Thirteen Mile
True mi 1% hend trail ami marked 'It. A.
Lund's north east corner," thenco south SO
ohnins, thonco went 80 chains, thonce north 80
ohnlns, theuce east So chuius to point of cum
t Commencing at a post planted about i'i
miles from the eastern bank of Columbia river
and about I mile north of ihe Thirteen .Mile
Tree on Hig Bend irsil and marked "R. A.
Lund's north worn corner," thence south HU
chain*, thonce cast 80 chains, tlienco north 8
clmins, ihenco west SO chains to point of com-
8. Commonolng nt a posl planted about v,t
mile*- from ilu* eastern bank of Columbia rivor
nndabmil I mile north of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on hli; Hend trail and marked "H.|A,
LUlltl's soulli west eurner," thence norlli Su
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco south 80
cliains, thonco west 80 chains iu point of com-
Dated August Uth, p.m;
i. Commonolng at a po-i planted noon; Iti
niile-[nun (ioldstream on lln.- Hig llend trail
tu McCullough Creek and maikcd "H, A.
Lund's north oast corner.'' ihence west 80
Ohains. thonco soulh su clmins, iheneeeast Hn
chains, I hence uorth 80 chains io point of coin*
fi, Commencing at a post planted ibout
one mile from Goidstroam nml marked "It, A,
Lund's norlli west corner," tlience east 80
chains, tlionco souih so chains, thence west su
chains, theuce north BO chains to point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a posl pi,mini about
one mile from Goldstream and marked "R, A.
Llltld's nurth east corner," thence wesl 80
chnlns, thonce south -SO chains, thenco east 80
chains, tlience north 80chains to point of commencement.
T. Commencing at a post plantod about
one milo from Goidstroam and marked "R, A.
Lund's north west comer.' tlience east 80
chains, thence south So chains, thence west jfu
cliains. thence nortb Su chains to point of com-
n i once mont.
s. Coinmeneing nt a post planted ahout half
a mllo from tlie south cast corner of Berth 3706
and marked "It X. Lino's nortli west comer,'
thence cast fo chains; ihence smith 100 chains,
thence wesi lu chains, ihence nortli nm chains
to poim of commencement.
ll, Commencing at a post planted aboul half
a mill' from the southeast corner of Berth OiOO
and marked "R, A. Lund's northeast corner,"
thence west 4o chains, thence soutli HKI cliains,
thence cast 10 chains, thenee north 160 chains
to poim of commencement.
Daled August I3lh. I'M*..
■j R, A. LUND.
Notice is hereby given that BO days alter date
we intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner ol I amis and Works Inr a special license
to cut and carry awav timber (rom the following described lands, situate in Wost Kooicnay
1. Commencing at n post plained about one
mile iiurili Irom the north-west corner of K. &
8. Block SOO 'md marked "Klg Bend Lumber
Company1! souih*ea»t corner posi." thenee
north B0 chaius,tbenee west 80 cbaliiB, thence
smith N' chains, thenee cast w chains to point
of commencement
NOTICK It hereby given thai, 60 days after
date, I   intend lu apply tn llm Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for.permission
purchase the following   described   land
situated in Wost Kootonay district:
Commeuelng at a post planted un the Lake
shore ahout BU chains frmn tue north-west corner
of l,nt-"111 and marked "Jas, McQuarrle's smith-
east cmner post," thenee nortli 20 chains, to the
north-west corner of Lot Hill, thenee west an
chains, llienee smith tu Luke shure, tlience alone
the lake shore to placo of commencement, and
containing tu i>cres more ur less.
hated this loth day of September, 1806,
sep 15
J, K. Taylor, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given ttinl sixty days alter
date lie Intend In apply to the Chlel Com.
nilssiiinerol l.anils and Works lor permission
to purchase lhc Inlloivlng described lnnds In
ihe district ol West Kenton.y:'
I'liitiiiieuelng nt a post planted nt the north-iveat
corner oil". U. 768.1. nml mnrkeil "il. II. Plnyle's
nurtlienst corner,"thenca west Zilcliatnii ihenee
soulli on chains, tlience enst io chains, thenco
nnrtli nu ehnins lu pltiee nf einiiuieiieelllent ami
containing IIO acres nmre or less.
Dated lids lulh day nl Hoptomlwr, mnn.
sep 15 M. ll. McQuarrie, Agent.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
HARRY  McINTOSH,   Holfman   House
l_ cyon are the most curative in the
world, A perfect, natural remedy for
nil Nervous nnd Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "Thnt Tired Feeling." Special
rates on nil houts and trains. Two
mails ai rive and depiut every day.
Telegi-a Ii communication with nil
marts of Lhe world.
TERMS- $12 to $18 per vfi't'k.' For
further particulars apply to
hanky Mcintosh;
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu LaKt. B, C
Is hcrebv given that iln .lavs afler dnlc
i-uiiuneiii-eiueni. :       .    ! Intend in apply to the Chief Commissioner o!
2, commencing «ta poil planum annulout iimAs nni, ^or|,s |or , spoctnt licenso mcut
mllo nortb Irom Ibe north-west oo'"« °'JVj and carry away timber Irom the lollcvlng
S, Block S0C, and marked "Big Bend """J' de-erlbeil lands In the lllg Bend district ol
Company's norlii-eoat corner post,     J" '*,  west and East Kootenay:
._...-.. .,...!.. ,i, su ..iuin*. in ^ Commencing at a pnst inarked "Krnest E.
Adair's north-east corner post," iilantcdon th.
mer im        ,        .
,Ui 80 chains, ihenee I
hains iu polul j
■si'se clniin*. theni
cusi su chains, ihence north
ol commeucemeut.
Notice Is hereby given Hint He days after date
wo intend to apply to the Hun Chle Commls*
siSnei-of Lands and Works for a special license
lueiit and carry away Umber irom the luiiou- ^.^.^^^^^^^—.—b^,^-——
Ing described lands, situate in West Kooteuaj | WCMt 0f the homlulou post near carnes Croek,
thence south HO chains, theuce west sn chains
west sideof the Columbia river, abouti mile
west from the Dominion post near James
creek, thenee west 80 chains, thenco south
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenee north su
chaius to puint of commencement
2, Commencing at 11 postmarked "Ernest K.
Adair's north-easl corner post," planted 011 the
west sideof the Columbia river, about 8J miles
disiriet: .^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
1. Commencingat a posl plauted about two I tuV^S ^"tfi
miles wesi from Bannock Point on . pper Ar-■lhence Ilorlh
row Lake and maiked "B, B L. Co's south-east
curuer posl," ibeuce north so chains, ihence
wesl 80 ehnitis, ilienc: south 80 '-liains. theme
oast 8u chains to poiut ol commencement
■i, Commencing at a post planted abmu
three miles west from bannock Point on Cpper Arrow Lake ami marked "B. 1' L. Co.'s
south-east corner imst," thence north ;>u
chains,theuce west 80chains, tlience south 80
chains, thence east So chains to point of commencement.
hated Aug. 18th, 190G.
i herehv given that 30 days after date 1
apply'iu the chief Commissioner of
intend 1  -,,-i^^^^^^^^^^^-^^—
Lauds andWurks for a special licence I" cat and
carry away timber frmn the following described
lands situated in the Yale District:
1. Commencing at a post marked ",l Barry's
south-west comer post,' planted on the smith
branch of the oast fork ol Shuswap river, thence
nnrth 10 chains, thence east 100 chalna, tlienco
soutli to clialns, thence nest iff) chains to point of l
coinmencement •
■l.  Commencingat a post marked "J.Barry's
north-wesl enrner pust," planted mi llie smith I
branch of the east fnrk of Shuswap Kiver. thence
smith 4" ehaiiis. thenee east 160 chains, tlience
nortli 40 chains, thence west lOOchains to point of
3. Commencing at a post marked "J. Barry's
north-east comer oust." planted on the smith
branch of the east fnrk of Shuswap Itiver, thenee
soutli so chains, thence west SO chains, thenee
nnrth SO chains, thence east jo chains to puint of
4. Commencing al a pnst marked "J, Harry's
south-east corner post," planted       ■'       '*'
branch of the enst fork of Shuswap river, thei
north sn chains.thence west BO chains, ther
south 80 chains, tlienc
cuninieuct'inent    fl	
fi. Commeuelng at a pnst marked "J. Harry's
soiith-west comer pust," planted almut threo
miles from the month nf the east furk of shuswap
Itiver, theiieo imrtli SO chains, east SO chains,
south 80 chains. West 80 cnains to point of commencement.
ii. Commencing at a post marked "J, Harry's
north-west comer imst," planted about one milu
from tin- mouth uf the east lurk of Shuswap Kiver,
them-e east W* chains, thence south in chains,
tlience west 100 chains, thence north 40 ehaiiis,
to the puint nf commencement,
7. Commeueiug at a [mst marked "J, Harry's
smith-west comer post," planted abont one mile
from the mouth of the east furk of Shuswap Biver,
theuce north iu chains, east too chains, sontli \-<
chains, west 100 chains to point of coimnoiicu
8, Conimenclng al a pnst maiked ".I, Barry's
south-east cunier pust," planted mi ihe west ilde
uf sluiswan river, aliout one ami ono-half mites
above tlm mouth oj the east fork, tlience north 4u 1
chaius, tlience west 100 chains, thence south 101 meneement,
chains, thei  east 100 chains to puint  of colli
Dined August 20th, 1006.
sop 10 .1. BARRY.
*   chains, theuce cast 8U chains
to point of commencement.
Dated August Rth. 1906.
3. Commencing at a post marked ").. K,
Adair's south-west comer post," planted on
the uorth side ul Columbia river, about H
miles west ol the mouth of Cumratngs Creeii
aud about 1 mile north 01 river, theuce east ifin
chains, theuce north 40 chaius, theuco west
ICO chains, thence south 40 chains to poiut of
coinmeuc erne til.
4. Commencing at a post marked 'K. t
Adair's north cast corner post," plauie 1 on the
south sideof the Columbia river, nlKi.it.*: miles
hack Irom river aud about 'I miles west of
Cedar Creek, thence west HXio'm.ns, Ihence
south 40 chaius, ther.ee east ICO c.mins, thenco
north 40 chains to nuiut ot cim-^ucoineut.
Dated August 15th, l'JUti.
5. Commencing at a pet marked "K. V.
Adair's north-east comer mist," planted on the
south-east side of Columbia river, about half a
mile frmn river and ahout tliree ami a half miles
below Canoe Kiver ami ahnnt one mile above Pot-
! lush Creek, tlienceHiiUtltbU cliains, theuce west HU
] chains, tlience north HO chains, thence east St)
chains to point of commencement.
Dated August 13th, 1MJ.
ssp 1 E. H. ADAIB"
Notice ts hereby given that '10 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a license to cut and curry
nwny timber from the following
described lands, situated in West
Kootenay district nf 11. C.
1. Commencing ut it post mnrked
, „   "M. Grady's south east corner  pnst,"
Iinins tu puint ni I plnnted nliout nne mile nnrth nf Half-
j wny Creek nnd about four miles eust
Iiiiiii Aitu\v Luke nnd adjoining the
Arrowhead Lumlu'i- Cn's claim, No,
ill)"!!, marked on map and adjoining nn
north side, thenci' SI) chains north,
thence HU chains wesl, thence 80 ehuins
snutli, thence SO ehnins east to pointof
2. Commencing nbnut nne mile
nurth ol No. 1, thence south 80 chains,
thence ivest SO clmins, tlience north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
point ol commencement.
3. Commencing at post of N'o. 2,
thence north 80 cbnins, tlience west
SO cliains, tlience suuth 80 chains
tlience east 80 ohalna to puint ol com-
VfOTICK is hereby given that 80 days after date
1\ t intend toapply to the llmi. The chief
Domiulssloner of Lands and Works fnr a speeiul
License tn eut and e;in*y away timber from the
following described lands In West Knntenay Disiriet:
(a) Commencing at a poit plantod ll miles
west of the Columbia itiver. on the north bunk
Of ft large creek emptying into the Columbin
Kiver aboul 2 miles above (lordou Kupids und
marked "K. MoBoan's south-east corner,"
thenco west Hluchains,thenee norlli lOchains,
thonco east 100 chains, thenco south io chains
lo the puint of commencement.
(h) Commencing at a post planted about U
miles west of lhc Columbia Kiver on lho north
bank of a large creek emptying into the Columbia Hivor about. 'J miles above Gordon Hn-
pills and marked "K. McHean's norlli-eont
comer," Ihence aouth Ifli chains, thenee west
lu ohains, ihence north Uiu chains, thonco cast
■iu chains io lhc point of commoncement,
Dated this 24th day of August, Hini.
bop 8 E. MoBEAN,
Notico Is hereby given lhat nu dayi nfter date 1
intenil in apply tu tin- Honourable tin- Chlel C -
iiilssiniier nf bands nml IVnrks fur permission to
purchase Un- fnllmvlim described lands in Uu- di..
Met ol Weil Kootenay, Itoi-olstokc dlvlil -
Commencing nl alios! plnuteil mi (In- wesl Imnk
ul Um Columbia lilvor about hall a mllo bolow
I'rli'st llnplils nail marked "il. s. McCarter's
north-wesl enrner poit," llienco south 20 chaini,
llienee unst. Ill chllhls mini' nrless lu till- wesl lm nl.
nl lln- i-nliiinliiii Itlvi'i, thenco In n Ili westerly
direction .md following tin- weit Imnk ol llie Cob
lllllliili lllvoi In llll! pninl nfeiiiiiiiieiieemen!.
Iinleil ihis i(.:iiilnv,.f Augusi, nasi
•jL.nct 18 li  8. Mi'CAHTKIt.
4. Commencing at post ol No. 2,
thence east 80 chains, thence nortb
80 ehuins, thouce west 80 ehuins
llienee Boutli 80 chains to puint ul
Dated Sept. 1th, 190(1.
sep 12 M, GRADY.
N'otlco Is hereby given that 30days aftor date
I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
hands and Works for a special licence to cut
and curry away timber from lhe following described lands situated in the Hig llend district
of Wost Kootouay:-
Cmnnienciug at a post marked "\V. J. Manning's
aurtli-easl corner pust," planted about a mile and
a half from Big Mouth Creek, on the west side of
the ('olumbia Itiver, and one-half mile west from
tlio river, theuce west 80 chains, thence smith S"
clmins, thence east 8a cliains. theuce nurth 80
chains to point of commencement,
DatetUth September, 1008.
sep 12 W. J. MANNING, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 30 d.ys alter d.t
I Intend to apply to the Chlel (lommlsiloner
of Lauds ami Works (or a iiieelal license to cut
ami carry away timber (rnm tho billowing
ih'-u-rlboil lands situate In tbe big Hend district nt West Kooicnay:
Commonolng «( » I10"1 marked "Sw.n
Carlson's sonlh-west eorner post," planted
annul 11 miles norlli nl T. I.. (IV,'), and .bout)
mile easl of riiluuibla river, tbonco nortb su
chiil'iis thenee ensl so chum,, thenee south 10
ehains, thence well such.In. lo pointol com-
ini'iicemenl. ,   ,	
U,l.,djA,,gU,t.ltb,.m     HWAN(,m80)|
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after
date I inti-iul to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Laiuls and Work*-, for special
license to cut and carry away timber from
I he*fol lowing described hinds situated in
North Kast Kootenay district, B. C.t
(a) Commencing at a post planted
about ono-half mile North Kast of the
Columbin river ami one ami one-half miles
south-east -of Sullivan river and marked
"E. McBean's south-west corner," thence
north 80 ehains, thence casi 80 chains,
I hence south So chains, (hence west So
chains to poiijl of commencement.
baled this ;th day of August, 1906,
lb) Commencing at a post planted on
the north-east hank of ihe Columbia river,
aboul 1 '4 miles above Sullivan river
and inarked "E. McHean's south*west
comer," (hence easl ibo chains, ihence
norlh 40 eliaitis, thenee west 160 chains-
ihence south 40 chains lo the point of
Dated this Slh day ol August, mod,
|e) Commencing at a post planlcd
alongside of the pack trail one anil one-
half miles south-east of Sullivan riverand
marked "E. McBean's north-west eorner,''
llienee east ibo ehains, thence south 40
chains, thenee west ifxi ehains, thcilCi
ihu th 40 chains to the poinl of Commence
men I.
Dated this Slh day of August, 1906,
(dl   Commencing at a posi planted on
the north-east bank of the Columbia River,
at tbe foot oi Kinbasket  Lake, and niarked   "E,   McBean's   south-east   corner,'
thenco west So chains, llienee norlh So
chains,   ihence east   80 chains,   Ihence
soutli So chains to tbe point of commencement.
Dated this 9U1 day of August, 190G,
(e)   Coinmeneing  at   a  post   planled
about  one mile west ol'  lhe foot of Kinbasket  Lake, and aboul 33 chains south
of the   Columbia   river and marked "K.
McHean's south-east corner," thence west
80 ehains, thenee norlh So chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence soutli Ho chains to
the point of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of August, 1906.
(I)   Commencing at a post planted on
tin- north bank of lhe Columbia river about
two and one-third miles from the foot ol
Kinbasket   Lake  and   marked   "E, Mc
Bean's south-east  comer," thence norlh
160 clmins, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 160 chains, thence east 40 chains to
the point of commencement.
Dated this lothday of August, iqo6,
(g)   Coinmeneing al a post planted one
quarter o\' a mile north of the Columbia
River and about two and one-third miles
from   the   foot  of  Kinbasket   Lake and
marked "K, McBean's south-west corner,"
thence north 80 chains,  ihence easl 80
cliains,   thence   soulh   80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to the point ol' commencement.
Dated this roth day of August, 1900.
(h)   Commencingal a post planted two
hundred and fifty yards west of the Columbia river and one*quarter of a mile south
ol  the  mouth  of Cummins  Creek and
marked "E. McHean's north west eorner,"
thence soulh   160 chains, tbenee east 40
ehains, thence  north   160   chains, then -e
west 40 chains to the point ol' commencement.
Dated ihis 1 ith dav of August, 1906,
(i)   Coinmeneing at a posi planted on
the   soulh-wesl   bank   ol  the   Columbia
river and about  three-quarters of a mile
above the mouth of Cummins Creek and
marked "E. McHean's norlh-west corner,''
thence south  160 chains, ihence east 40
chains, thenee north  160 chains, Ihence
west 40 chains to the point o\' commencement.
Dated this nth day of August, 1906.
(j)   Coinmeneing al a post   planted ou
the north-easl hank of the Columbia river
just above the mouth  of Cummins Creek
and   marked   "E,   McHean's  north-east
comer,"   thence   south 80 chains, thenee
west So chains,  ihence north So chain!
tbenee easl 80 chains to the poinl of commencement,
Dated this 13th day of August, 1906,
(k)   Commencing at a post planted on
the north-east bank of the Columbia river,
aboul one and one-third miles helow the
mouth of Cummins Creek and marked "E.
McHean's north-east corner, ihence south
160 chains, thence wesl  40 chains, thence
north 160 chains, thence east 40 chains to
the point of commencement!
Daled this 13th day of August, 1906.
(I)   Commeneing at a post planted on
the north-east bauk of lhe Columbia river
about two and ihree-quarler miles below
the mouth ol Cummins Creek and marked
E. McHean's south-west corner," ihence
north 80 chains,  thenee east So ehaiiis,
hence soulh 80 chains, tlience west 80
chains to the point of commencement.
Dated this 14th day of August, 1906.
(m)   Commencing' al a post planted on
the north-east bank of the Columbia river,
tbout two and three-quarter miles below
the mouth of Cummins ( reek and marked
K. McHean's norih-east corner," thence
west 80 chains,  thence soulh So chains,
thence east So chains,  thenee norlh So
chains to the poinl of commencement.
Daled this 141b day of August, 1906.
(n)   Commencing al a post planled on
the soulh-wesl bank of the Columbia river
about one mile below the mouth o\ Yellow
Creek and marked E, McHean's north*
east   eorner,"   thenee  south   160 chains,
theuce  wesl  4,1 ehaiiis, llienee north iho
chains, thence east 40 chains to the poim
of commencement.
Dated this 151b day ol August, 1906.
(0)  Commencing at a post planted on
the BOUth'Weal bank o\' tbe Columbia river
about two miles above tbe mouth of Canoe
river and marked "K. McHean's norm-
east   corner,"   theuce   south   80 chains,
thence west So chains, thence nortb 81
Notice is hereby Riven that within
30 days from date we intend to apply
iuiiii' Honorable The Chief Commissioner of Lnnds nud Works for a
special license In cnl and carry nwny
timber from the following described
lnnds in West Knntenay Hisliict:
1. Commencing al P. P, Fullmer'!1
north-west enrner pust of Lut Nn,
71011 thenee nnrlh Kll clmim.. ens! 80
chains, suulh 80 chains, west Kll ehniiis
to pninl of commencement,
•>, Commencing al P, P. Pnllnier's
south-west corner post of Lot 7 Hit
(iliiiutlill cliiiins suulh nf file ensl end
uf Armstrong Lnke: thunce ensl lu
chnlns, south in ohains, wesi I2u
ciniins. north 00 ehuins, e-isl 80 chains,
suulh 2u chains tu puiui uf commence
8. Commencing at T, .1. Pearsnn's
north-easl enmor post of Lot,1002on
Salmon Creeks Ihence easl 00 chains,
snutli 80clialns, west lOOchains, nortb
III chuius. east III ehains, norlh lu
cbnins in puiui uf commencement.
Sept. llllll, 1000.
sep 20    Bowman Lumiibii Co., Ltii.
Notice is horoby given, that I, Ham Walker
make application to the llmi'd of Licence Commissioners for tlio Revelstoke Licencing District for a transfer of my liquor lieenco for the
Leland Hotel, Nakusp, to L, P. McDougald, of
Dated 8opt. 3rd, 1000.
Notico is hereby given thatM days after dato
I intend to apply lo tlie Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a epoclal license lo cut
and carry awny timher f'Oin thn following described lands on Upper Arruw Lakes, West
Commoflclng at n post planted about one
mllo north of the south west corner of Lot fll Ifi
Ihenco 40 ohains wost, thoncelOO chains north,
thonce 40 ohains past, thence 100 chains south
to the point of coinnieiieeilH'lif.
Dated August lltli. 1900.
Notice is hereby men that SO days after dato
1 intend to apply to the Chief ommlsslonerof
Lands nnd Work-i fur aspeeld license to out
nnd carry away timber from tho following described lands in Big Hend district Nurth East
1. Commeuelng at a post planted uu tho
north-enst bank of tho Columbia River, 200
yards above Cedar Creek and markod "E. McHean's soutli-WOSt corner post," thouco north
811 chains, thence east 80 ehniiis, thenco south
Sll chains, tlienco we-t 80 chnius to pointof
Dntod this 7th day of August, 1006.
2. Commenolng at a post pisnted on tlie
north-cast bank of the Columbia Rivor iibou*.
one mile below the month of Yellow Crook* and
marked '*E. McHean's south-west corner pust,"
theuce north Wi chains, thence cast 80 ohains,
th"nce smith SOohains, thence wost80chuius to
the point of cummoncenieut,
Dated this 15th day of August, 1906.
oug 29 E. MeBEAN
NOTICE is HEUKBY UIVKN tha. thirty
days after date 1 Intend to apply to tha
Chiof Commissioner of Lands and Workr fori,
special license lo cut and carry away timber
from tlm following dcscrik.il lands situated
in lie Hig Hend district of West Kootonay;
1, Commencing at a post maiked "Gus
Hedstwim's Boilth'WOSt corner posl," plantod
aboul fimil08 abovo mouth of Cnnoe Itiver and
■1 miles east and one-hall mile north ot'T. L.
.Wi.)corner posl." Ihenee en-t Ill'l chains, north
lOJchains, west 100 ohains, south 10 chains,
2. Commencing al a posl iilanled al aouth*
west eoruer uf location No, I and marked ' (Jus
Hedstrom's north west corner posi," thenee
east lliu cliains, south 40 clmins. wesl Uio chains,
north ID chains.
8, Cominonoing at a posi plantod one half
mile souih of nortli-wosl cornor po^tof Nn. i
location and marked "Otis Hudntrom's north-
wosl oornor post," thonoo oasl 100 ohnlns, smith
40 chains, woul 100 chains, north in chains.
I. t'uiiiiiieiiiing at a posl marked "Qua
Huds!rum'*i smith wesl eorner post,"plantod
south 40 cln-liis, oasl in chains, thencu south m
chains from nnrth*weal cornor post of No, 3
location, thonco oast UIO ohains. north in chain-,
west lOOohalns, south tn chains,
,'>. Commonolng at a posl planted al southwest corner pint uf Nu, I location and marked
"(ins Hedstrom's north-wesl cornet- post,'
Iheneeeast lliu ehalus, suulh 10 chains, west llio
chains, north 4dchains,
Dated September Ith, IINI
ii. Coinmeneing at a post nlantfld abmt
miles abovo ih ii f Vtiiuw Ilivor and 1 mllo
south uf T, L. Mini and marked "Gus Hod*
strom's north-wesl. oornor post," thonco smith
80 ohains, east 80 ohnlns, north sn chains west
SO chains.
7. Commonolng al n-post planted nt north-
wesl oornor post of No ti location and marked
"Uus Hedstrom's north-enst oornor post,"
thonco south so chains, west sn chains, nurih
SO chains, easl 80 clmins.
S, Commencing at a post plnnted 2 iniles
west of north-oast eurner post of location Nn. 7
and marked "Gus rTodstrom's north-west corner post," thencu south 80 ehains, cast till chains,
north SO chains, wesl SO chains,
it Commonolng at a poat plantod at northwest corner of location No..Sand marked "Uus
Hi'dstroin's northeast corner post," thence
west ltio chain*., south I-l chain-, oast lOOoiiains
nurth ill chains,
Dated Sepl. ."ith, Mini.
sep 20
Nniii-i-is hereby given that HO days
uf!or ilnle I Intend I" apply to the
Chief Commissioner oi Lands and
Works for u special license to cut nnd
carry away timlier frnm the following
described lands!
1, Commencing nl it pust planted
un lhe north bank nl Snow Creek
about 8 miles easl nf Burton City, und
marked ".I. II. Jamiesnn's north-east
corner," thenci' west 80chains, thence
south 80 ehalus, thence east 80 chains,
thence north su chains tn puint uf
2. Commencing al ".I. If. Jiunle-
snn's north-west eurner post," planted
un the nnrth bank of Snow Creek
about K mill's nasi nf Burton Ciiy,
thenco easl 80 chains, thenco snutli 80
chains, thunce west 811 chains, thenco
nnrlh 80 chnlns to poinl of commence-
:i. Coinmeneing al "J. H Jamie-
sun's north-wesl post," plantod nn the
nut-Hi hank uf Snmv Creek about 9
iniles easl of Burton Cily, theuce east
lliu chains,  thei  south   Hi chains,
thonce wesl Uiu ciniins, thence north
III i-li'iins Iii iininl uf ciiiinneiici'iiii'iil.
Dated Sept, 18th, 1000.
sep *
Notice is horoby given that 30 days after date
I intend toapply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a spocial llconoe to out
aud carry awav timher from tho following
doscribod lands in the Big Bj.ul districtof
West Kootonay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "K. A.
Bradley's north cast cornor post," planted
about I mile wesl of thc mouth of Smith creek,
on the west side of Columbia river, thence
ionth su chains, thenco weht 80 chains, tlionco
imrih BOohaitiH, thence east 80 chains to poinl
of commoncomont,
2. Commencing at a post markod "K, A.
Bradley's smith east corner post." iilanled
about r. miles west of thomoiithof Sml-f-n creek
un west side uf Columbia river.thencc north
in ehains, thence west MO cliains, I lienee south
in clmins, thence east lfin chains to point of
3. Commencing at a post marked "E. A.
Itradl' y's south east comer post." planted
abont 11 miles south of the mouth of Smith
creek and l milowest of Columbia rivor, thonoo
north su chains.thence west 80chains,thenoe
south -so chains, thence oast SU chains to point
if commencement.
Dated August 20th, 1906,
Notico is horoby given lhat 3D days aftor dato
I im cud toapply ai the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special llcons'to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described laiuls sii tint i: In thfl Yale Dislricl:
1, Commencing at a post planted mi the
wost side of Shuswap rivor. about 20 attains
north of limber .Unit 0304 and marked "(', U.
Symons' north-enst corner post,"tbene; wesi
411 clmins, tlience south SH chains, thenci' west
20 chains, thomio suuth 80 chains, thunuo oast 30
chains moro or less to boundary of Lot 2818,
tbence north-easterly along said boundary to
north-west corner of said Lot 1818,00 chains
more or less, t hence north IOO chains to point of
J. Barry, Locator.
2, Commencing at a post planted on the
wost sido of Shuswap River and about 2] miles
south from the norlh-west corner of Lot 2818,
and marked "J. Barry's north-east corner
post," tllOUOO WOSt SlOO chains, thence west iu
chains, thence south (i'l chains, thence east 60
eh,iins,mnre or less to boundary of said Lot 2818,
tlience north-easterly following said boundary
120ohaltis more or less to point of commencement.
3, Commencing at n post plnnted about 20
chains norlh ol Rainbow Creek, iv tributary of
Shuswup river and aboul I miles [pom ils
mouth, marked ' '. M. Symons' norlli cist corner post," thenee west 11)0ohains, llienco south
10oil-tins, thonoo east 100 chains, thence uortli
10 chains to point nf commoncomont.
Dated Sept. Otll, 1006.
fop 19 J, Harry, Locator,
aug 2: i
Notice Is hereby given thai (in days after ilato l
Intenil to apply to tin- Honourable tin- Chief Cora.
inlsiloner ul Laiuls anil Worki tor permission to
ptiri-linsi- tin- following described lands lu in.- district of Wesl Kootenay, Itovelstoke illv! '
('uiuiiii.iicitii!!it.'i,iust planted mi tin- ivesl liiink
uf Uu- Columbia Biver opposite 12-.MiI.- Raplils
nm! marked "(!. 8. McCarler's aoiith-east corner
post," thence n-eit 31 chains, thenca  -lb 211
chains, thencecast -JO chains more or leaa to tlie
»,-*! bnnk ul the Col bin Itiver, thonce south
following tin- ivest Innk ol too Columbia Itjver HO
chains more ur less to tin- puint uf commencement.
Dated Aiicu*! 16th, iniKi.
oct IS a. a. McUAitTKli.
Certificate of Improvements.
Golden Bag!c Mineral Claim, situate in the At-rui,
E.uki- Mining Division uf Kootenay district.
Where locateil-Aitjolnlng Mineral City Town-
TAKE NOTICK Unit I. Kenneth I.. Iini-iu-i,
nc-iil fur Mi*. I'.lli-ii McDongalil.nl N.ikusp. l-'r,-
MiiiiT'sOriiticiik-Xi.. ROSSO"), Intend, slxt) dins
Irom llie d;iic hereof, to apply to the Mining Rainier for a iviilili'iiii' ul Improvement!,for the
purpose "f uiitiiiniiii! n Crown flrant uf tho abovo
Anil further tako notico Hint action, undor sec-
Ion 87, mint b iiiui'-n-i'il before the Issuance
f such Certificate at Improvements,
Dated tills ICtli day ol April, 1000,
Notice ia ;
we, the muii
tu tin- Uui
that 00 days after dato
signed, intend lo matte application
Chief Commissioner nf Lnnds and
Works fur a special licence to eut and carry away
timber frmn the follnwing described land situated
ill tlio West Kootenay dish-id, un the east side of
Lower Arrow Luke, an I about two milos frmn the
lake shore:
1. Coiiimeaciiig at apost planted on the nortli
side of Heart I 'reek, t hence east SO chains, t hence
south sn chains, thence west 80 chains, tlience
north 8ti ehnins to puint of commencement.
2. ('niiiiiienctiti: at a pust planted about B0
chains east nf pnst Nu. 1. thence east SU chains,
tlience south sn ehnins, thenee wost80chains,
tlience north Sn chains to point of commence meet
8, CoiiuiieiiclnR nt a post planted 80 chains
suulh nf Heart Creek, llienee east ») chains,
thence BOtltll  80  ehnins.   theuce west Sl) ehaiiis,
thouco nnrlh 80 chains tu puint ut commencement.
1. Commencing al a post planted 80 chains east
uf |i ist No. :i thonce east80 chains, theuce smith
s:n chains, theuce west 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains to pnlnl nf commencement.
S. Coimuouchig at a post planted un the north
side of Tail Creek, on the sontli strike of appllcaUon N<>. I, tlienci si >'i chains, thence smith So
chains, tlience west so chains, thenee imrth Sn
ehnins tn point nf coinmencement.
Located tlda 12th day of Sept., nuw.
lep in
s. .1. HARLOW,
.1, A, DOUUAL,
Certificate of Improvements.
itulei, Iruli Duke. IV.iti'lnu.ili, lliilluuk nnd
in-Iiini- mineral claims, situate in ilu- Arrow
Uko Mining Hi'i-i I Wi>*i Kootenai Dli-
Whore I Llo.li—On lln- north ilde ol I'lligiton
Creek, nboul S miles wosl of Arrow Uko.
Take nntk-o thai I. -loin, Driimmotu! Anilorioa,
I'.l, s., ..I I'r.iil. ii. c,agonl lm il in* Abriel.
I'.M.C.   Nu.  IIII.VJH,  llliliiirilsinitli, |.'.M.(1. .Nn.
IlflSSIB,  nml   Kliziiln-tli Si-ull. P.M.C, No, IIO.'iMil,
intenil. slxt) dayilromthe antoboroof,lonnply
..^^— .^_   _„       - ,    . tu Ili.MMiiiin,: Hirerlii|'f„|l'i-r'i!li'iili.su! Iin|iruvi-
Chains, ihenee eait 80 chains lo lhc poinl menu, tor tlio purpoioo! obtaining Orown Oranl*
of commencement. I ol the ahove claims.
And Inrther take notice thnt action, under section n7.11111*1 is- commenced belore tlio issuance ol
Dated iliis 23rd Jay ol August, 190(1.
sep 5 E. MeBEAN,
VOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
^A alter date I intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
license to cut and carry away timbor from the
following described lauds situated in Wost
Kuuteiiay district, B.C.:
1. ('mnmeni-im; at a post marked "A. McRae's
smith west corner post, planted about one mile
BMt of Columbia river and about opposite Hoiking creek, thence north 80 chains, east BO chains,
uth so clmfni, west mi ehnins to point of com'
2. Commencing at a pust marked "A. McRae's
north west COntBr DOlt,'   plnnted abmu une mile
eait of Columbia river and itboet opposite Uos-
kins creek, thence south BO ehains, east B0 clmins,
north80chains, west BO chaini to pointol own*
l-fku-d.iiilv lsth.iM.
•nub Certificates of Improvements,
Dated this 28th day of June, tonj.
sep 18 .1- li. ANDERSON,
Notico la horoby glvon that thirty days aftor
date i iniend tn apply lo tlm Honorable Chlof
Commlsilonorof Lnntfsnnd Wurk- foraepoolal
license locul and carry away timbor from the
following described lands in Big Bond distriot
of West, Koiilenay:
1. Commencing at a posi markod "Adolf
Olson's nnrth-oasi oornor post," ami planted
about S)0 yards,Houtli of Columbia Riverand
about 1' milos abovo hond of ICIuhaskol Lake,
thonco south 80 chaliiH, worn RO chains, nm-ihsn
oiialns, oiul 80 chains,
2. Commonolng at n pout plantod at north
oast corner of location No. I ami mnrkeil
■■Adolf Olson'n norl h weal cui m r \wC i honco
south R0 chains, oasl so nimbi*, norlh su ehains,
we-i Sn chain*..
:t. Commencing ai a poil marked "Adolf
Olson'snorlh'onsl corner pus:, ami planted on
-uuiii side of Columbia lllvoi and almut 31
milos abovo KlnboakotLako, 'I !osou|i80
ohains, w-i no chaini" rl h ho chains, <-,i«i hu
Dftlodtlils 3rd day of Soptombor, lOOfl,
sep in AHOLKOLSok,
Notice is lu'ivliy niveii thai thirty
days after data we intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Wnrks for a speeiul licence to cut und
carry away timber from the following
described fatids situate in West Kootenay district:
ComiuencinK at n posl planted nt
the south-west corner of Lot 7587 and
inarked '"'Lamb-Watson Lumber Co.'s
north-ttest conier," thenee so chains
east, 80 ehains .smith, SO cliains west,
80 chains north to place nfc commencement,
Dated at Arrowhead, It. C, tliis 20th
day of September, 1000.
Lamh-Watsox Lumhbr Co., Ltd.
j-ep 21)
Notice is hei'i'liy given thut IHI iluys
after date I inlenil to apply to the
Cliief Commissioner of Limits nnd
Works I'm- iiei'inisslon to purchase the
following liesi-i-ilii'il lnmls situated in
West Kootenay district:
OoniniQiicing at a pnst planted on
the north siile of Downie Creek, uliuut
one-fourth of u mile snutli nf the
Downie creek trail, near the 2j mile
pust and niarked "Rrnoat McBean's
south-west corner," ihence north 10
chains, thenee east III) cliiiins, thenee
suulh III clmins, thence ivest III! cliains
to pninl ul* commencement; containing 210 acres mure or less.
Dated this 11th day of Sept,, 11)00.
A  LICENSE lu cut tiliu.tr can bu acquired  only   nt   public   "impeUlion,    A
rental uf Iii per square mile is obarsad
for all limber berths except those situated west of Yule fur wiiilt Uie rental Is
nt the rule ul 5 cuius i.er acre per annum.
In udilillon tu the .eiilu . dues at tlio
fullowing rates are eli.iig.-'.:—
Sawn  lumber,  oo  cenls  per  thousand
feet U.M.
Itnllway ties, eight and nine t'eet long,
I 1-2 and 1 !1-1 cents each,
(shingle bolls, 25 cents a cold,
Alt oilier products. ;. per cent on thc
"Notice Is hereby given that on days from date i
intenil to applv tu the Honorable the Cmot Commissioner of Lanibwuid Wm-ks for iwrmlssloiito
purchase tin- fulhuvlm* described lamia In the
WeHt   Kootonay   District, enst   shore  of   Cpper
Arrow Lakc:-
Coramonclngat a pout marked",!. D.Coplan's
-until west eorner," nl the nurth west eurner of
|,ut KKI and aboul   I'i   miles nnrtli of   NakllSp,
thonco oasl Kl chains nmre or loss, tlionco nortli
SO chains more ur less, thence went m chains nmre
ur less to ilu- Lake Bhoro. tlienco In agonoral
southerly direction along tlio Lake shore m ohalni
more or foil to point uf commencement, contain'
Ing W0 awes nmn-nr less.
Dated this -and day of May, 1000.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Noi loo Is horoby gl ron t hat 30 days aft or dato
I iiileml in m-pl) Lo tlio Chief Comml sl ruf
l,.iuil-auil Wnrks tw a special liiene lo cut
and carry awav Hindu frum the following do
■scribed lands In  Ulg Hend ill«lrlctof ft'esl
1. Coiilinoiiulng al a post plan Mul 2] miles
north-oastof Coluinbin Ilivor and ahoul 2 miles
oastof Downlo Crook and markod "•>■ UrsonV
north-west cornor post," Llienco oust BQ chains,
smith mi chains, wesi KOohaliiB, norlh 80ohains,
1 Cominonoing at a nnst |ilanted at Million h WOSt corner uf local um No, 1 and marked
"John Larson's Routh*wost cornor post," thonoo
oasl sn chains, nurth wi chains, wosl B0chains,
-outh kii chains,
lornor of local imi N
Larson's norlh oasl corn
west sn oiialns, south 80 chain
north mi chains.
nt Miuth-
and marki'd
post," tlionco
ust 80 chains,
uininncing ni a post plantod at north-
 ..nor of locution No, n ami markod ".lohn
Larson)*soiltll-onsi eurner imst," Ihence wcs|, go
chains north ko clialns, en-t 80 chains, south no
Dated soptombor Hhi 1000,
sop 10 JOHN LAI.HON.
A license Is issued SO boon as a berth
is granted, but in surveyed territory no
timber can be cut un a berth until the
licensee lias made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are amv granted
at public competition, except in tlie case
of uctuul settlers, who require the Uni-
oi i* for their own use.
Seltlera and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to 100 cords uf wood for
sale   without   oomiietition.
Tlie dues payable under a permit are
$1,60 per thousand feet B.M., lor square
timber and BUWloga of any wood except uak; from 1-2 .to 1 1-2 cents per liutal
foot Cor building logs; irom ii 1-2 to ii
cents per eoid for wuod; I ctnt lor fence
pu.si.-s; 3 cents for railway tics; and «>0
cents per cord for ehingle boltf,
Leases for grating purposes are issued
for a term uf twenty-one }eaits, ai a
rental of two cants per acre ptr annum.
Coal lands may bo purchased at tlQ
per acre for suft coal and (20 fur anthra-
eilu. Not muie than iio acies may be
acquired hy one individual or company.
Uoyalty at the rate of lo cents per ton
uf 2000 puumLs is collected on the gross
Entries fur land for agricultural pur-
posos may be made personally at the local land olliee for ihe district in wh.ch
the land to tie taken up Is situated, or
II tlie homeuteadei de iro.i, lm may, on
appllcaUon lo thfl Minister ol ins Interior
at Ottawa, tho Commissioner uf Immigration at Winnipeg or the local agent fur
tlm Disiriet, v.*. nit, which the land is
Bltuated, receive autborlt) for some ot,a
to make entry fur htm.
a fee ur Ji» Is charged for homestead
A settlor wliu boa w-em.ed an entry f-jr
a homestead, In leuuind ■-■ pciform the
conditions connected thorewltn under one
uf the following plans:—
iti Ai least six months' residence upon
and ctiltlvullun of do land Hi cub year
during the lenn of thror- years.
it is thc praotlcs of thi Department to
require a settler to bring lb acres under
cultivation, but if be prefers bo may sub-
BtltUte Stock! and 20 head uf tattle, lu b«
actually his own property, with buddings
for their aocommodaUon, Will be required
instead of cultivation.
(2) If thfl father (or mother, if the father is do'-cu-aed) of anv persuu who Is
eligible to make a homtttead entry under
tho provMons of the Act, residua upon
a fnno In the vicinity of thu land entered fur by Such person ai a homestead,
the requirements uf the Act a to realdence prior to obtaining patent may be
siiilsllcd by such peisun rosld ng with the
father or mother
(81 If the settler baa hli permanent
realdence upon farming l.int owned by
lilm in ihe vlclnltv of his homestead, tho
requirements of ihe Act as to residence
may be satisfied by realdonoe upon the
said  land.
Application tor patent should be made
»t the end uf three yearn before tbe local
nRent, nub-iigenl or a homestead inspector,
lief ore making application f..r a patent,
I th.  settler musl give Six 'non.lin' notice
, In writing to the Oommbiioner of Do-
1 minion Ijituls nt  Otlnw.i   of hlu Intention to do so.
w. w rem,
Deputy Minister of ihe Interior
nttnwrt. Fsbrurav 14th, 1tt.
Pionsos evory Smoker  the
New Coats
Tii -se ar-.i a beautilul line of tlio latest cuts Iriim
eastern market*.  The " I'rlnoe Chap" is a seller.
Individuality aid exolusivonees are featured in
Un* lieu- garment we show for Fall.
Here, ue can safely say, is tins best assortment
.ver shown nutsiile tlie large cities.
Our Fine Furs iiiiiI their low prices are a genuine
surprise tn many, nml they will be a surprise to
everyone who inspects theni.
Its high time you were thinking of wanner
Underwear. We have a full line ol Two-1'iece ""Suits
for Ladies anil Children; Health Brand, In white,
Puritan, Hygiene and Penman's, in natural wool.
Ladies' Combination SuitB in "Knit to Fit " natural
wool and Silk and Wool.   Puritan, in white.
A full line of Men's Combination and Two-Piece
Suits from such well-known makers aB Penman,
Knit-to-Fit, and others.
The Store
that never
The Store
that never
'i .'ft'. .♦. .'i*'. •'i'i ,ti 1*1*1 1*1*1 ti'i ftl ftl [I'l
7 IJ.I IJ.I ip \\i ij,l ij.1 ij,i iy ij,! ij,' 14,1
A Tonic!
If yon want nn excellent
Tonic iinil ensv to lnke. get .1
$l.(Ki bottle of- iini" Port wine
Iml tied especially for ntu'-
Canada  Drug & Book T
f    Company. Limited.    4,
'1 itt iti itt tt\ ti'i ti'i I'll lift itt itt itt itt
f *X *\f "X*'+' w "X %P w "X 'X1 "X1 "X1
The Preserving
As the preserving season is now
here we Invite you to cull and
inspect mu- I mils, including
Peaches, Pears, Plums, Crabs,
always in stock.
Fruit Jars, all sizes.
Wednesday Oot. 3rd.—For twenty-
four hours: Moderate south west
winds. Very cloudy. Rain, Unset-
tled weather.
Local and General.
The ladies of the Catholic church
intend holding a bazaar in the "Selkirk
Hall on November lllth next.
The B, C. Gazette announces that
the Supreme Court sitting fixed to be
held at Kevelstoke on Oct. '2nd., 100(1
has been cancelled.
Tho " Kod and Gun" October
hunting number contains u very-
interesting article entitled '" My First
Hear," from a local pen in the person
ol J, C. Morrison.
The Editor will be much obliged if
the individual who signs *' From an
Old Maid " in the correspondence
column, will furnish him with correct
Mr. Halt, nl Vanoouver, sang in St,
Andrew', church on Sunday evening
last. His voice is a baritone of wonderful coin puss ami depth. His
singing uf tlie Holy City and Ora
Pm Nobis was greatly enjoyed by
those present.
Peter Levesqueol the Windsor hotel
had a nasty experience in Victoria
while on a visit then-. He bud registered at ilie Balmoral hotel and vas.
walking to Trounce Alley win
*lippi-.l and fell striking ins head
he.'Viif against a stone step near Lee
& Fra*er'a -'Mice. Blood Sowed pr- •
finely ((osi   ;i  deep cut on his   ead
and tin wn- carried into tl al estate
agi!.'.'- pllioe where Dr, G b - attei d
ed iui!,, placing several sl r    -
wound.   The victim losl - insiders   e
blood  nnd the wound   i j- ■   iii
on*)  tun 1-  nol  expected  ti
-i-rinqs :•-.■.. B
The "Printer's Bible" is so called
because it contains a curious typographical error in tlie one hundred
and sixty lirst veise of the one hundred
and nineteenth Psalm, which is made
to read, "Printers have persecuted me
without a cause," instead of "Princes."
The Hon. Senator Templeman will
arrive in Revelstoke to-morrow morning liy No. ild  from  the Coast.   A
large deputation composed of the City
Council, Hoard of Trade and Liberal
Assooiation, and others,   has   been
arranged to meet him und will  ao-l
oompany him on an inspection of thei
river Imnk and conier together regard-1
ing tlie present  work  of  protecting:
the city from nil further destruction!
by the Columbia river.    It is hoped
that as many citizens as can will attend the arrival of the train.
"In the beginning Gi-d created the
heavens and the earth," then the;
editor, then the liberal advertiser—
which was all good. The next duy it
snowed and he created the man who I
does not believe in advertising, another who does not take the '. cal
paper—nnd then be te.-ted. And then
the devil gut into tne moulding room
and created tiie men who take a papei
; for several years and fail to pay for it
After he c mpleted that sorry job and
■ having .1 few lumps left he in ited
the excuse I i in th settles .. -
subscription by inl ..ng tl ■ . sl
master *    nark his pap    eluee
Thi        len  - -.    ua    11
mark        l .   statement
Ad ed 1 jured
-! •
tull -     - -   ocs     i]     the
— 1- >■    -1    j.
... 1 he never ga
ol mirk to 1 hedoei    t take tbi
ape   . 1. .i .     -       subscribe
  -     that hi
MS     ,
-■  ,,...■ ....  - .       en il
lot I
... .
Insurance and
Real Estate
Pull Linn Of The Best
■■HI" '■ I -I
Kincaid & Anderson
$10 Suit Sale $10
Wc have a lot of 45 odd Suits, all sizes, from 36 to 40, that we
want to dispose of quickly. There are some very good patterns
among them, but in many of them there may be only one size.
They wese made by Sanford and Campbell, and sold from $12.50
to $22.50. They are in the way of our new stock, and we will close
them out at * 10. Price tickets are off them all, so you can pick
whichever you think the best for your money.
They are all in one place, whereyou can see them to advantage and
you will miss a bargain if you do not get one.
$10      Suit Sale       $10
Etc., Etc.
A In -    supply just arrived
OpukkIbI nnd St.-ill.inm-.
.        .. II 111  Ull'  llllll,'! III,',..
Mu.l f J rtl -i    llnuiiv- Prompt Altontfnn
•    -  ,
today —i   li. Hume *■ Co
flabies' lee/ling  bottles, an]
my size, any make you wa
always find,!' the i anad . Dr - - ore
Our aali- ol Dinner --■-
I  ,   inly three ieti led lame
;, ... f pi ouch — ■('. B II n '■ ■*.- Co.
Social and Personal
J. A. Knox is visiting in Victoria,
A. McRae has left town on a visit to
the coast.
R. -M. Hume spent a couple of days
in Kamloops.
T. limine has left town for a visit
to Notch Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Sturdy lelt on Monday
for their new home in Manitoba.
O. Lochmund came up from Arrowhead on Monday for a few days.
Gold Commissioner Fred. FraBer
left this morning for a trip through
the Lardeau.
IV. Hornell left Saturday for Van-
couver and other coast points, for a
wel earned hi liday.
We regret to learn that Miss Moore,
tl'     spital staff, lias been stricken
ith typhoid fever.
'■'.-• Mabel Hayes lelt Monday even-
.    - . visit to relatives and friends
ii.   h liwack and the coast cities.
Mr    and   Mrs. G,  W Edwards re-
-i" • day   e-.ening   from
■ yinfi'jii trip to Montreal.
i i! Mri - rs f ol frout Lake.
..,-■'     •• ■   .1. thl       ■' . i    were   the
..' -■ *>'      i •■ . -   titter, Mn
ifary Paget
-   ' lalgai the) have
gueiti of the
[itsFranoei    -.-      turned Iron
1 -,, ■ .be iui
- ■ -■     .   pawed •'   ■        .ine-
■   wai ihe
;-,-••   i|    [is,  :■  IStl •
&  -.-■-       '.,*        ii
Paget D S this oil
-    *•   ning   ■
ij guest o
Business Locals.
Shawl straps at Canada Diug Store.
iflO buys a line tweed suit at
Newest wall papers at Canada Drug
New sheet music at Bews' drug
Ontario and California Grapes,
Sweet Potatoes at Bourne's.
Prescriptions receive special attention at Dews' drug store.
Men's Suits that sold at- $16 and -1*20
are selling lor $10 at McLeunan's.
Tilden-Gurney union made stoves
and ranges—Lawrence Hardware Co.
Now is the time to buy rubber goods
new supply just in at Bows' drug store.
Tilden-Gurney union made stoves
and ranges—Lawrence Hardware Co.
Celery, Sweet Potatoes and a car ol
Aslicroft Potatoes in stock, at C. B,
Hume & Co.
Handy pocket bookB for train passes
and tickets, just opened at the Canada
Drug .t Book Store.
A new Winchester rille and a Colts
revolver will be rallied shortly at the
tjueen's hotel.   Tickets fl.
When once yon have tried a Kootenay Range yuu will have no other
iiniki—Bourne Bros., agents.
luce ami dice Imxes, whist markers,
cribbage and chess hoards, all sizes, at
the Canada Drug Store.
C B. Hume A Co.. have a Fine
Display of Fall||Trimmings.j
I.-." .ndi dressed, smiling
aggri gal on il clever western lemi-
ii in k possession of the enterprising corner store on Friday last ami
hi ■ I,.,, it ti were danolng attend-
I    -   l|     thi      I In buyori swarmed
i. ike . hive il runaway bees so that
thi lone newspaper man  was
iboul in n manner not unlike
thai (a - tball nn the gridiron, The
opening wai pronounced mosl success-
i md ■ ih Messrc lloid -i Young
,i■■■ «t tin «iy Mu- ii, ni juooomIuI iu
that line ever hold in Revelstoke.
Almost everything thai tho heart
oould wi'h for in hats, toques (or.
linns, etc. ,,. well as millinery
aocMiorie     vero   placed before tho
ladie so that lhe (eniin  pojtion ol
thi oil, and district may rest assured
nl being up In -data in any ol their
lieiulweir piiiiiliu.es tins lall or winter.
Buttercup bats, English shape, made
of prune velvet nnd folds of tulle and
art ribbon nre much in evidence.
Vesta Tilleys are popular. .A brown
and white, trimmed with brown rib-
bun velvet, sume shades with rosettes
and helm buttons iu [prominence.
What we are told was the Btar hat ul
tbe west ie a pale blue, of chenille and
Bilk braided, trimmed with turquoise
blue wings, in lour shades. Another
ol a French pattern. A large picture
hat made of black velvet with high
crown and brim turned extremely
high in the left side, which is tilled
with cream tips. Felt is popular,
formed like a Scotch cap with deep
velvet binding. In ready-to-weare
there are many and varied, each one
in itself a picture. Little girls are not
forgotten, and there is much to delight the eye ol the most critical
mother. The limpings nf clinging
lace over velvet are extremely beauti
lui. On the whole the milliners have
brought to town the finest array ol
goods ever shown here, among which
can be found something that ought to
satisfy the most exacting demands.
Big  Eddy   Team   Puts   itf
Splendid  Fight  Against
C. P. R.
The tug of war cuntest is one of tbe
oldest and best known sports and dates
back centurieB to the time of ancient
Greece, when Ihe first of its kind took
place lietwecn Greeks and Romans.
Nu liner exhibition ol sheer strength
weight and scientic application of
muscular endurance and lorce has
lii-eii witnessed in Revelstoke, than it
the tug ol war between the Big Eddy
mill and the 0, I'. R. ul the Opera
House on Monday night. A large
enthusiasticorowd tilled lhe building
as the contest was one ol the most
popular and interesting features of
ll.-v. I.iiike. The pull was to be best
two out ot three, the limit of each pull
being HU minutes, When the opposing teams laced each other on the
rope, any ordinary observer could see
the difference in development of the
respective teams and it must be said
that never has Revelstoke seen a liner
or more perfectly developed team than
lhe liig Eddy mill put up. Messrs,
T. E. L Taylor, 11. A. Upper and L,
Congreve acted as referees.
The first pull lasted tha (ull thirty
minutes and when time was called
the 0, P. It had the) advantage of
barely one inch. A delay then occurred owing to a 0. P. mau being
called away, and tbe sporty character
oljthe knights of the aieautl pcevie,
herejlhowed itself, whdn they .allowed
Hl6|C, P, R. team tn pick another man
in place ol the absentee. Tliis magnanimous and sportsmanlike action
on the part of tbe mill men was
roundly applauded and shows that the
love of true sport is strong amongst
The second pull was also the lull
time limit, and again the C, P. R. had
the advantage, this time of under four
inches, consequently they were
declared winners.
Until this contest the Big Eddy
mill, was like the proverbial hard
boiled egg "cannot Ik) beat," and have
successfully vanquished all comers,
still one defeat will only tend to arouse
new interest in the game. The mill
team are all in the prime of life and
possess splendid physique, lieing clear
limbed and muscular, their robust
development being the result of their
us"fiil training  in  forest  and  mill.
They hold the challenge cup pulled
Ior on Labor Day, and on* more
success on their part will bring the
cup into their permanent possession,
an event which they are prepared to
poll off when the time arrives. The
C.P.R. team, bava thus won the
prize Ul flOOTYid must be congratulated on their success over such a
formidable loe.
CATHOLii—Rev. Father K. i'e-
coul, O. ML I., pastor. Services
every Sunday at the following
hours: 8 a. m. Communion Mass;
10:30 a.m. High Mass and Sermon.
i p.m. Baptisms; 2:30 p.m. Sunday
School; 7:30 p, ni. Rosary, Instruction and Heneiliction.
WANTED—By experienced mini,
situation as cook in lumber
camp or mill, excellent references.
Apply this office or J, Walk, Kindt,
B. C.
WANT/iP-General servant, atuall
fninily, good wages.   Apply to
Mail-Hkrai.ii Office.
Pleates every smokor the " Mama
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil of Dr, A. S. Vngt, of
Tejronlo University)
It prepaiW te take pupil* ln Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth Bt
Advertise in the Mail-Herald.
nothing DtttM- tttM Our " Sptofal


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