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 Vol. 12,-No 132
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Your attention is culled lor thc next week
to our Crockery Department.
Hand painted Toilet Scls direct Iron. England 111 several differ-
enl ilo.*i|*iis; also a number of cheaper sets ut $3 50 per set.
Hand-Painted Limoges, Cream and Sugars, Dread and Butter
Plates, Cocoa Jugs, Melon Howls and other articles.
Dinner Sets and Tea Sots all English made in the latest pat-
Our Japanese China and Gold Engraved Glassware are worth
your inspection before purchasing Xmas Presents.
New Dressing Gowns
New Dresssing Gowns in Heavy Saxon Flannel, Fancy Patterns,
very warm, for Ladies' House Wear, all colors and sizes, at $3.50.
Fancy Kimonas
Beautiful creations in Eiderdown Flannel, in Delicate Pinks,
Blues and Greys, prettily trimmed with Wool Lace lor $3.25.
New Fancy Neck Ribbons
In Ihe Floral and Plaid Patterns, sll Widths Ior Ties, Sashes,
Belts, etc.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
he-miuartess for
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Denying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Heson-
able Rates.
Office, McKenilo Ave.
Next Burn*' Now Block
One of the best and most amusing
entertainments that Revelstoke has
ever witnessed was presented by Messrs,
Patten & Fletcher on Monday last at
tbe opera house. The show was a high
class vaudiville production, every turn
beiug good and (ull of life and fun.
The Pattens are in every way good,
all-round comedians, and provoked
continual mirth. Harry Bruce, in his
many roles was a great success, while
Messrs, Campbell mid Fletcher are
acrobats and athletes of no small re
pute, doing their turn with a life and
vigor that was pleasant to see. Tbe
company, including the band, is well
choBon, and will be heartily welcomed
back lo Kevelstoke.
Toronto, Nov. 26—A communication Irom the chairman ol the Christ-
church, New Zealand, exhibititn, was
read at the meeting ol the executive
counoil of tl.e Canadian Manufacturers association, complimenting the
association upon tl.e splendid exhibit
Irom Canada, and stating that it was
second only to that ot Great Britain,
125c-:-CALL AND SEE 0UR-:-25c
In useful articles for the Kitchen
Dining Room, Bedroom, and
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
•nd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing snd Tinsmithing.
Chasing Niagara Murderer -
Smelter Strike Settlement-
Albert T. Patrick Gets Life
(Irani) Forks, .Nov. 28— The greatest police chins ever experienced in
the Boundary country is now going
on near Ohet-tw, Wash., where Frank
Ccitio, accused of being the princi|ial
in the dynamite outrage at Niagara,
lias been seen. His capture is expected today.
GREENWOOD, Nov. 28.—A conlerence
is proceeding this alternoon between
tl.e smelting employees and thc company.   A settlement is looked lor.
Vancouver, Nov. 28.—According to
tbe eastern repirt, Mr. R. Marpole,
general superintendent of the Pacilic
Division, is to bo promoted to thc
position ol assistant to the president,
with headqusrteis at Victoria. Mr
F. F. Busteed, now assistant chief
engineer, with headquarters in Winnipeg, is slated to becon e general
superintendent of the Pacific Division,
with headquarters in Vancouver, vice
Mr. Marpole.
New York, Nov. 28.—Lawyer Albert T. Patrick, under sentence ol
death for the murder of William
Marsh Rice, has won his fight for
life. His end will not be in the elec
trie chair. Before Governor Higgins
gives up his office as Chief Executive
of the State, be will sign a commutation of the death sentence. Life
imprisonment will be Patrick's fate.
New York Nov. 28.—For four days
1,500 passengers on the Italian steamer Florida, which has arrived Irom
Genoa and Naples, were kept below
decks while the steamer pitched and
rolled in a gale which at times assumed the proportions of a hurricane.
The Florida came through salely,
however, and none of the passengers
suffered sny permanent injury.
Railway Traffic on the Prairies
Lokdon, Nov. 27.—Probably the
worst storm which has visited the
Canadian West during the last thirty
years was tbat experienced during the
early part of last week. Winnipeg
lelt but a small portion ol thereat
strength of the storm, the centre of
activity having been farther to the
DiBpstches Irom the west, and
the statement of passengers who
have been ablt to reach the city,
indicate that the heaviest portion of
the storm was between Moose Jaw and
Swift Currant, on the main line ol the
C. PR. Wiliiam Why te, second vioe-
president ol the company, staled that
more snow had fallen than ever before
in his experience. Traffic was almost
suspended on the msin line, and the
brancli lines were entirely blocked.
When the storm struck its gait it
caught the railway companies unprepared. No special preparation bad
been made to fight such an unprecedented fall. For a time all went well,
but as the drifts piled up, the trains
out on the line began to feel the
strain, and it was not long until double headers were necessary il any progress was to be made.
Wile Tied to the Bed ior Two
Calgary, Nov. 27.—Battered, bruised and bleeding, Mrs. Galloway was
lound in a shack here yesterday. She
told the police she had been tied on
the bed and locked in Ior two days
by her brutal hnaban who has again
and again assaulted her. Tl.e girl is
only seventeen. She is liable to lose
an eje, has an abcese forming on her
cheek and generally presents a piteous
spectacle. The husband has been arrested, He claims tl.e girl was too
friendly with employees of a livery
barn nearby.
The sixth annual edition ol the
copper hand book, tbe only publication devoted exclusively to tl.e copper
industry, has been issued. The major
portion of the hunk is devoted to a
chapter describing practically all
known copper mines of the world and
listing every copper mining company
ot importance. It contains much solid
information of a sort valuable to mining men and practical miners, including a list ol the copper minerals, witii
their various names and characteristics
a summary ol copper geology, chemistry and methods ol treatment, including milling, leaching, smelting,
etc. To the practical men engaged in
the work of making the copper and
not in the gentle art of mining by
prospectus from an eastern office, this
book will be found ol great practical
value, as it gives details ol promotion,
including officers, organization, finances, etc., ot a sort that usually are
hard lor the man ou the ground to get
at, and a strong side light is thrown
upon many companies, ol a kind that
may save money to the practical man
who reads the book.
The copper mind book for 1906 is
edited and published by Horace J,
Stevens, at Houghton, Michigan.
A  representative  meetilig  of  I
Revelstoke Curling Plnb was held Ins!
night in the City Hull to ilirouse the
final arrangements before launching
forth on the coming Benson,
H. N. Cniirsier, president, took the
chair and briefly stated the reason
why thc meeting had been called. C.
F. Lindmark staled that he hnd concluded arrangements lor tlm renting
of the rink uu behalf of the Curling
Club, and Iu." this winter nil mutters
connected with skating, hockey, carnivals, elc, will be handled liy lip
executive members of the club. G, 11.
Brock moved that the management ol
all aft'iiirs bo left in the hands of
Messrs. Lindmark, Jackson and Dour-
sier ami if there lie any surplus at the
end of thc season it sliould he disposed
ol by tlie club.   Carried.
G. S. McCarter moved Unit the loo
ot $8 Ior club membership lor the season be charged and that the clergymen be appointed honorary members
of tlie club.   Carried.
II A. Brown moved that the executive mako a canvas to get members,
appoint skips, and provide each skip
with a list ol tho members, with request that e ch turn in bis rink at
the earliest possible moment to tl.e
secretary.   Carried,
Several questions of general interest
were discussed and the meeting terminated.
A meeting of the executive was then
held and several important points discussed nnd new plans adopted. Curling has taken a good boid this winter
and tlie membership promises to bo
good and now that the curling club
has takon over the whole rink it is
hoped that Revelstoke will take up
keenly all the winter sports. It has
been arranged that those wishing to
skate can purchase season tickets at
tbe following rates: Gentlemen $3;
ladies $2.50; boys and girls $2 each;
the tickets not being transferable.
The entranco (ee for skating for non-
ticket holders will be 25 cents. It is
hoped that all will avail themselves
ol these tickets. Members ot the
curling club may have the freedom of
the rink. An extra charge will be
made to all who enter the rink nn
special occasions. The Band will be
engaged if possible to play once a week
which will be most pleasant to skaters,
curlers and spectators. The rink can
be hired out by private parties for
carnivals, etc., at reasonable rates on
application to the secretary. Many
improvements will be made this winter
at the rink, and special attention will
be paid to the ice so that tha best
possible surface can be obtained. Improved lighting facilities will also be
attended to. The season promises Io
be a gay one, and the rink should be
the leading attraction, both day and
night. The spirit ol keen sport tuns
high in the blood of Revelstoke's
citizens, and curlers and skaters should
take advantage of the rate now offered
Medicine Hat, Alta., Nov. 27.—A
ghastly find was made last Friday by
a laborer taking a short cut home
from Pnrmal's brickyard just outside
the city limits. He was walking along
the bed of Ross creek towards tl.e main
trail leading into the Hut when he
found the remains ol a man frozen in
the ice to such an extent that, only
ono shoulder and a portion of one leg
was exposed to view. On the police
being summoned u solid cake ot ico
containing the remains wae cut out
and then carefully removed from tlie
body, which was identified ns that of
Thomas Armstrong, loreman ol the
Dunmore Junction O. P. R. construction gang, It is thought that Mr.
Armstrong, who was in town on Saturday, got lost in tbe storm uud
missed the trail sufficiently to lull
over the bank at the loot of which lis
was found. He wns probably rendered
unconscious by the (all, as he broke
through hall an inch of ice when be
came in contact with it, During the
week thc cold was so intense as to
freezo the ico to a depth ol almost a
foot and leave only u small portion ol
the laxly exposed. The train mon
took charge ol the remains, which will
be forwarded to relatives in Woodford,
A very pretty wedding took placo on
Monday alternoon at St. Andrew's
Church when Miss Molly Thomas and
Kenneth McRae, brother of A. Mcltae,
Revelsloke, were united in marriage.
Tlie ceremony was perlormcd by the
Itev. VV, O. Caldor, The brido was
attended by bor sister, Miss Jessie
Thomas, while I). Calder performed
the duties ot best mm. Tho wedding
was largely attended and tl.e church
was crowded with the many Iriends ol
both parties. Miss N, Smith presided
at the organ and played tbe Wedding
March in honor of the newly married
couple. Tl.e bride was attired in a
handsome gown of cream silk, trimmed with tucks and chiffon She
wore a full bridal veil with a wreath
of orange blossoms on her hoad, At
the conclusion ol tho ceremony the
bridal party sat lor the photographer
and went later to the residenoe of A.
MiRae whero a wedding recoption and
supper were hold. Tho bridegroom's
gilt to the bride was u handsome nugget necklace and to the bridesmaid a
dainty pearl necklace. The happy
pair lelt the samo night on No. 97 lor
Vernon where the honeymoon will be
spent. The Mail-Hehalo tenders
their congratulations snd sincerest
wishes for luture happiness, Mr. *»*
Mn. K. McRae will mako their home
in Revelstoke.
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific   Exposition at Seattle will Exploit
the Pacific North West.
SEATTLE, Nov. 27.—At the present
time much interest is centered here in
the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition,
which will bc held iu 1901), opening
June 1st and closing October 15th.
Although three years remain before
the fair will bo opened to the public,
the nmngement is bard ut work perfecting and carrying out plans to
make the enterprise worthy of tho
purposes it, will aim to accomplish.
Beginning with ll.e idea of making
tho new western world's fair original
in every possible way tl.e management
has succeeded admirably up to tbe
present time, and il the financing of
it, which broke nil exposition records,
can be taken as a criterion ol tlie
manner in which the plans already
outlined will bo curried out, there is
no room for doubt as to tl.e originality
that will characterize the 1909 lair.
On October 2nd, lust, live months
after the incorporation ol the exposition company, which wus effected Mav
7th, tlio people of Scuttle were called
upon to limine,,! the enterpiiso by subscribing in one day to its capital stock
of $500,000. In a generous and public
spirited manner they over-subscribed
to the extent ol $150,000 making the
total amount available with which to
begin work, $650,000. No other city
for any purpose ever equalled such a
Aa soon as the capital stock had
been subscribed, John C. Olmsted, the
noted landscape artist of Brooklyn,
Massachusetts, who laid out the
Chicago and Portland expositioni, was
called to Seattle and he is now busily
engaged in designing the grounds and
arranging tho buildings Ho hai pronounced the site as, scenically the
finest ever utilized Ior such a purpose.
Henry E. Reed, director ot exploitation, ie now busily engaged in making
arrangemunts for tl.e states to participate,
The executive committee of the exposition has appropriated $100,000 for
tie live stock show, which will be on
an extensive scale, and from present
indications promises to be the most
successful ever held.
The primary purpose ol the lair is
to exploit the resources and potentialities of Alaska, Yukon and the Pacific
North-west, and to make known and
foster the vast importance of the trade
of the Pacific ocean and of the countries bordering upon it. Different
Irom other fairs, the Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific Exposition will not celebrate
any particular event. The awakening
of the Pacific, the wonderful achievement in all lines of effort of the
oountries in and bordering thereon,
and the important role the commerce
of tlie great ocean plays in that of the
world, are the most noteworthy things
the fair will celebrate. It will be a
great international exposition. Historic j.1 sentiment will not be depended
upon to arouse interest and induce
Horrible Transaction Reported
from Northern Coast.
Vancouver, Nov. 28—Thnt slavery
and that of the vilest and lowest
character, actually exists within the
limits of this province at the present
time, is tbe belief of Mr. C. J. South,
Secretary of the Children's Aid Society of this city. Lust year this
officer culled attention to the practice
among north coast Indians of selling
their girls, both pure-bred and half-
bred, to the highest bidder. But nil
tl.e tales be brought out during hie
Investigations ->t that time were outdone when he oponed a private letter
Irom a trustworthy source this
The communication stated that last
wookat Kiugcon.be Inlet a ballbreed
child only nine years ol age waB sold
to a mnn twenty-live yeurs ol age for
the sum of $100. The writer goes on
to say that tbo fuots of tl.e ease are
well known among the Indians who
are themselves indignant at tl.e circumstance on account of the youth ol
tl.e girl. It is stated that tho practice of selling girls in tl.e locality is
common, but that the case cited is the
first ouo where one ol such tender
years has been sold into blindage of
tho clues. The urgent attention of the
local society is asked in the matter.
Ottawa, Nov. 27.—The minister ol
railways beard uu Saturday an application from the Edmonton, Yukon A
Pacific Railway Company Ior the
approval of its prop utnl lino through
tl.e Yellowhead pass in the Rockies,
This is the charter and route in
whioh tl.e Mackenzie A Mann interests aro reaching out to the Pacilic.
The application is held over, however,
until December 12, in order to ascertain whether there is room for
Mackenzie & Mann's tracks, as well
as those of the Grand Trunk Pacilic
to pass through tlie same valley.
The Grand Trunk Pacifio's intended
location through the mountains has
now recoived the sanction of the government.
Big discount Bale of (urniture and
furnishing! still on. We are staoked
lull Irom lloor to roof, We want to
get the goods moving. If you want a
snap on anything we carry call and
71 it. Come and convince yourselves John E. Wood, tho Furniture
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Two Kicks, stove sizi $3 76
Three Kicks, stove size $5 60
Furnace and Stove Coal. $9 00
Nut  Size,  suitable  for  Self   Feeders,    Base
Burn-rs and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
MS.       uBFWlLli'i    -*>;*/4.o
Secures one ol the linest Hume, in Uie Mr with lhr« I/its on Conier.
Tins property „ complete with all in. u,„|„i n cmtrttUaneu un.l is hx-stol In llie best
Residential District.
. Price S3,loo.  Terpi. aieoo Down, Balance on Time,
•AJOUONS., BANK   Bl'ILDINO.    „'..".
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Branches In tho Provinces ol H.iiitolia, .lllwita. Sask.tche.rau,
Brituh t.'olutiil.i.i. (ininrm. yimltec
Oapltal Subscribed >       ■       .       •6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   14,200,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,230,000.00
I). It. Wilkie, President; Hns. K. Jaffkay. Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DEPAliTMENT-Dep'-Bis received and Interest allowed
nl highest current rate from due of opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Huiope.   Speoial attention given to Collection .
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.- A. E. Phipps, Manager.
The Imperial Guarantee and Accident Insurance Co. of Canada
Head Office  46 King St. West. Toronto, Ont.
*     Revelstoke^Office -Molsons' Bank Building
Capital Subscribed, 11,000,000.00   Paid Op Capital, $100,000.00
Oovernment Deposit,     100,000.00   Reserve Fund,        S0.000.00
Special (attention paid in Accident and Sickness
Insurance fnr railway men, Policies being issued nn
tho iiitisi approved plans nnd at low Premium Hates.
Investigate lhe followlm, Polloy Benefits. Payment!
fu. !■•»« .if life, limb nr. 4'ht; weekly Indemnities for
total and parit... i.,. Optional Inder**-'1
Mn- '"--- 'j',.,,,, nd-unai .mi !■-• nasi
nllles ii   pha. Indemnities and' iol nolle
for Total w-~i ••■•„■ Disablement.
See our Special Combination Pulley or Select
IVcfi'iTi'il It k», covering mitmii Accident liisiu-iinc.'-,
$1,000 Health [nsiiraii     iVeekly Indemnities for any
Acciib-i I in- in. ■ i [ness.   P ists 11.00 net* mutiUi,
Bonds issneii fm- Dominion and Provincial Km-
ployi'i's, Municipal Corporations, Hanks, Loan,
Financial and Cuinmo.-clal Institutions, Fraternal
Societies, Administrators mid on nil parties occupying positions ui Trust. Absolute security and Low
*  ib.     |     miii M i    nm i || ,
Revelstoke \mm Agency, (Ity ifeob
H. F. McKimion. Special-jRailway^Agent,
E, H. Levis, General .Agent.
For the best {iHuated RESIDENTIAL and VILLA Lois
in the Chy or on its borders, ami for choke FRUIT
LANDS, Call and see 6. M SPROAT Soon.
Farwell Estate Office  •   Cowan Block,
hclulii ; postage to England, United States
and Cauada.
Br the year (through postoffico] f2.60
Half      "        » "      l.fiO
Quarter"      '* "          1.00
it)B PRINTING promptly executed at reason*
able nti*--.
TEEUS—Cash.   Sub-cnp;ioiis payable in adj
0RRS3P0NDENCE inviied on matters «f
public interest CommunlcatlonB to Editor must be accompanied by name of
writer, noi necessarily fo pubtlo&tion, but
m evidence ofirood faith. Correspondence
-should be brief,
ill.I.A.N & ELLIOTT,
and commodious as is tlio building
still the membership has so increased
that an enlargement ol the premises
is necessary and a separation made
between boys and men. The Associiition has been instrumental in upholding the moral status ol the youth of
the city and such being the case the
institution should receive the support
due to it. Every encouragement iB
given to the young man making his
home in the west and in Revelstoke in
particular and wo have every reason
lo believe that those who have como
Irom the east to settle down anion
us will maintain our reputation.
3.rTlsten>, Solit Iton, E.f.
BBYKLSTO      .Million LAKE, B.C.
('. B. l.il.u-, 1-". C. Elliott.
OmCBB:  IMIEHUI. Hank Hlock,   Rbvkl!
-ST'IKII. 11. C.
Money lo loan.
Olflct.-: Revelitoke, B, C; For. Slculo, H. C.
Oso. s. HoCaktkb,
a. M. l'lNKUAM,
Rerelstoko, B. 0.
A. Harvby,
Fun Btoolo, 11. C.
J. M. Scon I.L.li
IV, I. Brlf-ga,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Mourn to Loan
Solicitors for Moisons Uank
Jlrst Street, Revelstoke, B.C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
.Mine Sun-eying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, REVELsroKU,
Ube itiail*1betalb
' I -. ild . . . i-.-n . ily ti vise iIiiiiii for
I'm. M . o order thisnaper to bo punctually
servedup,nml to bi-look-el upon as a partol
thut .   [uipage."—Add.son.
WEDNESDAY, -NOV. 28, 1906
The needs ol our city are ever belore
us mid it behoves om* citizens to keep
alive to the fact that they must be up
and doing ii they ever expect the re
quirements of Kevelstoke to bc
attended lo and that one big burst ol
civic patriotism will do no good. The
Dominion government hnve been
plodding steadily along with their
work of excavating a new channel foi
tbe waters of the Columbia and at the
same time are constructing n wing
dam to divert these waters into this
channel and thereby prevent nny further destruction ol the river bank.
Thia work ol dredging will soon he
liniihtd and il is to be hoped the
freshets ol next spring will be diverted
iuto their new bed and thereby save
tbe uortli hank Irom the terrible onslaughts which have in past years
eaten into the vitals, of our city and
washed away acres ol valuable land
and menaced still further thousands
of dollars of property. Granted that
the work done by the Dominion government proves the success anticipated
and adequate in preventing tbe full
force of the terrible Columbia current,
from hurling its whole volume against
the bank, still there is this to be considered, that however successtul this
work mny turn out, the errosion of
the bank must always continue even
in a small way, still however small,
the gradual eating away ol the suit
soil aud disintegration of mud and
gravel must gn on and the agony
instead ol being quick, will be long
drawn out. To prevent this gradual
errosion the bank must be made
impervious to such influence and to
cope with the difficulty a mattress is
necessary t-j ,'orm a hard and unresisting surfac-. which will defy all the
fldies and whirlpools that must of
necessity occur in such a river as this,
Tt save expense and continual work
toe Provincial govern incut should take
Home active and specific steps to efl'ci t
permanent aud adequate repair- in
constructing n mattress and otherwise
strengthening the hunk so as to prevent any further failing or washing
away ol the -oil.     To make a quick,
la-tii.gsn(l!,iii-i:ict..iiyj.iboItbe.vork|;v7i';,;tic;ij'v.iti(iM| win be appointed
the mattressing should be commenced geuera| superintendent al Vancouver,
a- • n ,.s possible and since lhat | where B„ opeuing \m been caused hv
conies, within the limits of provincial the retirement ot R, Marpole at tbe
;:..-: tion, Revelstoke will now ook eild o( the year Artnur L. Smith,
to that government to, once aud fnr
all, put the bank in an efficient and
perm mi nt state ol repairs and prevent
any  further  loss  ol real estate and
Hon. Mr. Tatlow's Good Work
for Profitable Immigration
The Minister of Agriculture for British Columbia shows himself fully
alive in the importance ol the demand
for white labor iu this province, and is
spnring no olfort to co-operate with
tiiose having the idea that to people
the liirms with desirable immigrants
Irom the old country will do not a
little to relieve tbe situation in the
cities, to which points there is bound
tn be continuous movement from the
agricultural districts. Capt. Tatlow
has not been beating a drum lu announce his operations, but appears to
have been doing effective work quietly
through the ollieials ol liis department
and the office ol the agent-general for
liritish Columbia in Great Britain.
It is reported in the Victoria Colonist that Capt. Tntlow has received information from Mr. R. M. Palmer, ol
his department, on his way to the old
country, to the ofl'ect that he has had
nn interview with thc Governor-General at his request, and that Earl
Grey has furnished him with letters
of introducti in to General Uouth,
Commander Booth-Tuoker and Colonel Lamb. He also has met Brigadier Howell, who tells him that tne
chiefs of the Salvation Army look
upon liritish Columhin very favorably
ns a lield for work on the part ol farm
laborers nnd similar people, and he
believes Ihere will bu no difficulty in
getting Irom one thousand to two
thousand selected people. Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy was also seeu by Mr.
Palmer in reference to low rates of
transportation. In connection with
this work, it is proposed to hold a
public meeting in Vancouver under
the auspices ol thc Salvation Army, at
which Mr. Tatlow will preside. The
date of the meeting is December 3rd,
Mr, Tallow is giving this subject vory
great consideration. He lias not mndo
any llourisb of trumpets over it, and
it is only because he thinks the publio
ought to know what is being done to
relieve a difficult situation that he has
coiuented to report progress. Personally, hc would inuohpreIertowi.it
until he is able to announce definite
There will be a strong quartette at
work for British Columbia if we can
secure the co-operation, as suggested,
of the Governor-General, lhe Salvation Army, the Canadian Pacilic Railway and tho Provincial Department
of Agriculture,
General Superintendent Tim-
merman Going to Montreal.
One of the biggest shuffles uniting
the general and dislricl superintendents of the C, P. R. is shortly to take
states the World. Tbe most
important change  is  that  of II. P.
fim.nerman, general superintendent
of thc Ontario division, who will
change places with .1. Oburne, general
superintendent ol thc Monties! division. It is understood that Mr. Tim-
mermen's going to Montreal as general
ttperintendent will only be a prelude
to a higher appointment. Thinner.
man is a son-in-law of C, Drinkwater,
assistant to Sir Thus. Shaughnessy.
C. Murphy, ol Toronto, superintend
ent of the second division, is slated loi
general superintendent of the Atlantic
division, with headquarters at St
John,    IV, Downey, at present on tbe
Cold  Keenly  Felt-Many in
Actual   Want-Food and
Clothing Necessary.
From all sides comes the same story
nf cold, hunger and privation, experienced by the Hindoos and now that
the whiter has set in in real earnest,
the BiitVcrings ol these poor wretches
will bo doubled Brought to British
Columbia, by what agency no one
knows, lured here possibly bj wild
talk circulated around their bazaar,
and whispered on the temple steps, ol
n land of promise whoro money is
easily earned, here wc now see the
consequences and llie only natural
result ol endeavoring to acclimatize
these men of tho tropics. Totally unfit.
Ior the conditions ol life in this zine,
handicapped by llieir limited knowledge of English und by their peculiarities of preparing their food, which
perhaps is the hardest of any, since
the Hindoo upholds his cusle to liis
dying day, theso miserable men are
practically stranded, cold, shivering
and liall starved, in tho middle of a
country who does not want them and
has no use for thcin, Common
humanity, on such a case as tliis, is
what must be expected ol ive who nre
Chi Minns and enjoy coniforlnhle
lioinis and it lehovcs us to do what
we cut), now these men are hero, to
relieve their miserable plight.
Small wonder is it, lhat the Hindoo
becomes savage and threatening, when
he is starved and cold, and a race, by
nature, fierce and impetuous, will soon
become worse if deprived ol the necessities of lite. Hundreds of Hindoos
employed in construction ciimpsof thc
Kettle Valley line nenr Grand Forks
are in desperate straits owing to thc
excessive cold weather, A score are
ilreudy dead from exposure nnd the
remainder are nearly distracted. Tbey
are without funds to purchase warm
clothing and do not appear to have
the initiative to protect themselves,
Fully 400 Hindoos are in actual want
and without means. The Women's
Christian Temperance Unions aro
collecting clothing and provisions for
One hundred Hindoos were ejected
from a house just outside Vancouver
and spent a very cold night lying in
the woods with no covering. That
city is arranging to house 500 of them
in an old cannery ou the Eraser river.
Hesidcnts near there arc making every
possible objection, going so far as to
refuse loci! to and otherwise hamper
the carpenters engaged in preparing
tho building. Tlie feeling of the out
of town neighborhood is intense. It
is certainly the duly nf those who are
instrumental in bringing them in to
see that thoy uie properly housed and
foil, and when their period of work I**-
over endeavor to get them other employment, The cities of tlie province
can ill atfo.d to have these men ou
their hands Although there are not
a great ninny Hindoos in Revelstoke,
.-till those that are here, ure beginning
lo leel the etl'ects of winter. Tbey
cling to their gauzy turbans, but are
frequently seen on the Btreits with
hals ol all sons perohi .1 on top of their
unlive headgear fully six inches nbove
the crowns of their bends.
The C. P It aro endeavoring to lind
suit hie quarters (or these Hindoos at
lean! during the winter months and
il is to he hoped that whenever called
upon to assist, our citizen* will do
what they can for humanity's .-ake,
to alleviate the sull'erings of these
liritish subjects, even if they are black
and ignorant.
o *r s -v^f i, a  y   bj      |   SKI
(   Fresh Groceries      Fresh Vegetables 9
a    Fresh Dairy and Creamery Butter I
IRQT QTRFFT       ^st Corner East X
mo I  01 nLC I,    ■   0f Imperial Bank 2
o-oo-ooo-o O-O-O 0-0-0 O-OOOO-OOOOO-O-O^)
Dwelling and Lot,
Second Street     ....
Dwelling anil Lot,
1 701)
Dwelling and Lots
Third Street	
Dwelling and Lots
(corner) Fifth Street
.   8,200
Double Corner, Sei
ond Street, near Y.M.C.A.
. dim
Lots ou Second St.
eust uf McKenzie Ave., each   .
Lots on Third St., i
list of McKenzie Ave., each   .    .
.   2(H)
Lots on Fourth St.
eiust of McKenzie jVvo., each    .
.     175
Lots on Fifth St., easl of McKenzie Ave., eacli   .
.   ISO
ai, iy !:.- ■ ■ r j -nding danger  of  cur
rich and val ial e townsite properly
becoming engulfed In the waters ol
the Coin-: : ia.
The young man problem in the
west is materially different Irom that
in the east and it is very reassuring
that in Revelitokd the moral ilstui ol
tl.- youth ii a- high iip ii i- Whi n
conditions, so removed from tl. ...
existing in ilk-east wherelhemaj :•
ity i-l Bevels) ice's young men como
fri in. are considered lhii city has rea-
son lor gratification, Toe various
[ypes ol young men arriving ilm ...
daily. Including men ol many nati n
a;ities, make the process ol assimila*
tion rather criticil and yet thl■ Is
g ling mi most Batislactorlly, (''-mini
from the eastern part if Canada most
ol theni leaving homes, the young men
are confronted with fresh phases ol
life snd nl seeking new abodes under
altered condition!. The high moral
standing of this oommunity goes tu
show that lew newcomers gn to excess,
An Important (aotor in the working
out of the west's young man problem
is the wi.ii koi such agencies as lho
Young Men's Christian Assooiation,
which it is molt pleasing to learn, u
rapidly growing in this city. Atthe
present time there are over 200 member! in the Kevi-lst'.ke association and
this lull the increase has been greater
than ever, our city can hoist of as
fine nnd complete an establishment
and building ns any city, practically
in the province and the citizens have
been mainly instrumental in bringing
this about,   Revelstoke hut. made cou-
'j* inspector of despatohers and stations
ou C. 1*. R, lines east ni Fort William,
is named as Superintendent Murphy's!
iui i-i--ir A L. Smith's position will
likely be given to W. Killings*
of Toi into, chief despatcher ol the
' ii tario division. Anol her ohange
i| ki n ol is thai A i Bain, cbiel
clerk t j H. I', Tiuuiii rniiin. who will
sit rred to St Ji hn, .1 G, Shee-
mi        el clerk at that pnint, taking
ii.- p ii ,ii I'i ronto General B ipei-
inten i- nl I-'. 1*. Brady, ol the Port
Arthur lines, was first mentioned for
.'■:.- ral superinti intent "i the Ontario
ii.-.-.ii m- but it has been stated h u
bo ii.nl dec ined to accept it. Changes
will gn into '-il'- it lhe first ol nexl
year, although uflloial oontlrmatii n ol
tin- sh .;!!.- im- not yel been given
Earthquake and  Tidal Wave
Destroy Life and Property
Newsol alarming oartl quake shocks
in German New Guines followed hy
lidal waves which devastated nativo
villages for a distance of lorty to Illty
miles causing heavy loss of life among
the mi lives, was hmuglit by the s.s.
Miowera Irom the South Seas. Capt,
I'n-gaw.i of tho German Bteamshlp
Siur, which reached Sydney, Australia,
reported that when anchored near
I'inclinfi'n his vessel rolled und vibrated considerably. He thought the
cable had parted and lho vessel driven
on n reel until investigation showed
that the shock wus UUS to seismic
disturbances, .Next morning tbe offeot
uus plain ashore,gaping fissures being
visible iii the mountain, A tidal
wave swept in upon tin: low lying
const  districts,    Houses  ami  boats
Abrogation  Relates Only   to
Second-class Matter.
Washisotok, Nov. 27.—Ae tbe result ol the friction over | u - ers'
rivi - _■- in the two countries, the
1 a- adiai - - Bra nt has notified
bis -1 .:.,■■ .* thai th ;■ stal con
vention between the tw ■ c nntries
will i e al n gated :. M iy 7th nexl
[he ■ lice is ace p ied itate-
mint that it .- :, • a - lar it il
■ M--- : - ..-: i,;-- iti thai
- :■ sired to exli nd.   If hy
legislati n   or   departn ■ iction,
nut ions  are  framed
!  the   i'i:.'--1 States    il
i-   !- pai tment   ri gard ng -• ■  nd-
Canadian autl    itiei
■'   prepared I non
i .        , tion
elating to th      isi        ttter
. , very inperioi article can be
:.ni i the -uiu'- price u an inferior
articl the I ■ .y.r has no hesitation
.-1. -    •. taki.   Tin- ihou I  - -. nr
.1 I rig • readiiu m ttter
[n to  .--'ii   local paper you
nl ha great home n sgatine
the  Sow   Idea, by lo g -':
nagsnine in ( an tda    To all
new -oi icribsrs to the Mail-Hi iui o
the Sen Ides for a whole year will be
This i*- i ."■:.'nn.- offer
- In :i   -.'ni d   value   for  the  money is
: - ly  guaranteed     Gel
ynur money—subscribe lo the \! m-
Hkiiai.ii and the New I on 12 50 for
lhe two pul icatinni I ir . wh ir
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in   Vnn':- iim
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House c.li-iitiiiig and
washing are easy with itshelp.
And the money saving in the
Premium System
Booklet Mils what we glvo for
Royal Crown Wrappers, Send
for   it—Free—Also   try   the
Son p.
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
The uniformity and superb quality of this western
family Hour that has made it so popular, has
caused competitors to represent their flours as
" BEST."
There is only one "BEST" flour on the
B. C. market today, and that's " MOFFET'S
Avoid disappointment in bread-making by seeing that your sack bears the words " MOFFET'S
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
amm^S^ittli   "li"   I|I)II.««*S»1SSS»«»SM»MSSM»SM«^
Import direct from Country of origin.
Incurporated by Act ef Parliament, 1S5S.
Wm. Molson Macphkksiin, Pies. S. II. Giving, Vice-Pres.
[James Elliot, General Manager, |
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,900,000 _
Everything iu way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current [rates Ion Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
IIevelbtoke, B. C.
swt   »\ M\*.%M\-M*A«t1^'t*>!j%*^tt«*^t% 1
* Fur Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wnip>ns   Etc.. John
Dft'-re Ploughs, Moline Wrkuhf*, Canada Carriage .Company's
Bungles, Planet jr., Garden flflndors nnd ('nlLivntorH, Wheal*
V wru'lit nnd  Blacksmith Work Jnttanded to.   Horse Shooing a
•0 Specialty. w
^.^ Fine Furniture Makes Fine Rooms
■■'- r  u' u r-'.'f-^—t-^5r
but it is not alwjij's possible to got furni"
', lure tlmt is us Ilrn» as it lonkfl.   You cun
do so and be BUie ol it, by dealing with
-'!' R. Howson & Co.
^^^^^^^^^^1 Every piece of nut1 Furniture is gun-ran
ft 'W]L£ '»<  ..           j imi! to be the besl, in style, material,
"w tP.WJ£i".'' workmanship and finish.   We have mado
i.-i.; ii life siinly of the trade, and we know lhe
.*' ful' value of artistic taste In designing,
f'TjIy iti-il lhe ("'ire nnd skill necessary in ovci-y
——^     .             . |', i.-id it nuking and finishing. Uui'prices
I..oi   \r                     -f im moderate, vet our customers get the
■ "^t*'j-j-;.   r*''-,""- li'iiilll   ill style nnd (|iinlily that plonso
<Vv.J •'■~'V--" *—■<- •« and i'iv • thorough durability,
",. looking lm .omclhlng nice In 8POON8 AND
SPECIAL" (or Sum.-uus, wc have iln-ui bore,
J.   GUY   BARBER,  -    TSg&
0. P. R.   V/ATOH   IN8PE0T0R.
Under   New   Management!
Kirst-clns accommodation lor travellers.
ISi'hI, brands of Wiiuw, Spirits, and
In small or large Lots, from 100
lbs. to a Carloi.it.    Kor price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Has a gocd stoek of Groceries and
a fine assortment ol Japanese China.
Agent (or Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers ol all kinds ol
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood,
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beet, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly • attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
RATES   $1   AND   $100   PER   DAY
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services
Cano Chairs
JFlowor Pota
Lunch HiiskcUi
SiuokliiK Jackdn
; Silk Goods.
Finest stoek of candies and fruits In town,
Front Street, Revelstoke
I have clients who wish to
obtain houses, rooms and lots
lor building purposes, and shall
be glad il parties having such
will advise me of same,
Ileal Estate and Ii>>uraD'.!e Agnat.
llevolitoke, 1*. 0.
Deer Hentl., Animals, llir.l.i, Pish, iKtc,,
Animal lings Minuilt'il.
P. 0. llnx Sl.
Stuille:  OPPOSITE P. 0.
ltuvelstuke, ... 0.
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury, Munagress,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Liu.;o Dlnlngroom for
Banquets, Suppers, otc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Halcyon Hot Spring j
Under tbe new inanngenient.of
Hakht McIntosh,  Hoffman   House
\_ cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy for
all Nervous nnd Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
fur "That Tired Feeling" Special
rates on all boats and trains, Two
mails a. rive and depait every day,
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hoi Spring's
Arroiv Lake. 3. C
good potatoes, onions, carrots,
sauerkraut, home made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken or oggl, or
If there is anything wrong
Abou Tour House
that wants fining, from open
ing your safe to cleaning your
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Miiuiifiii'liiri'il for all clanso.;lo( buildings
All k iml.'. nf Iniiltiiiiff nnd plastering
Buys one of the most roomy,
comfortable and convenient residences in the city, with two lots,
corner site, in first-class location.
Terms may be arranged. Particulars on application to
Real listate & Insurance Agent,
G. M. SPROAT, Office, Cowan Blk j
lilil I-.-Hull * Hn 11,iiii
lin-third Mtimtuy ir,
-mull ilinul li ut S
p.m. Visit ini<breth-
ren .tirdlally wol
SELKIRK LODi.E. NO 13,1.0.0. F.
Meota every Ttiti radar
ovoning In Selkirk
Hall ut I unlock.
Vtsilinjr liretlii-ncoi-
diftllj- llivltr.l fo Bi-
J. MA1II1I', Bkc
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, u. C.
l  t-xl'Opt Third Wednesday nl
t-iii-ti iiiiinlli, in the Oddfellows'
Hull   in   8  o'clock.    Visiting
Knights are cordially invited.
HOWE, 0,0.
Q. H. BROCK, K. ol B. 4 S.
H.-A. BROWN. M. of P
F. 0. E.
Tha rogular meetings nre held in tho Salkirk
Hull overy Tuesday evening nt 8 o'cluc**:. Visiting brethren nro cnrdiully invited.
li.il.  ItllHltlJHiK, i'ttl-jUIDKNT.
ll. COOK. Seohbtam.      %x~
Henry's Nurseries
Extra Inrge ini])urtnti<>ii of
Dill RC   tl; arrive from Hollmid, Franco
DULDO  and Japan iu Soptombar
For Fall Planting
Th i ni mi 11 la of Fruit and Ornamental
Troon, Klio'iodenf'roiiK, Jtosos mid hardy
plants now growllii*. on OHt own grounds for
future planting.
No excuse, Iopr or delay of fumigation,
inspection uorcustumidutlostopiiy. Heud-
quarter* for Pucillc ('oust grown and imported Qnidcu, Field and Flower Seodi.
Victor*** nro always welcome to inspect
onr -inri.-.
QrccnhouBo Plants,
Tut Flowers and Floral Dosigui, Fertilisers
lleo liivos nnd Hupplio**, Sprny Pumps nnd
Sprnying material.
No ngcuU—thorofore you hnvo no commission to pny. Our catalogue tel Ik you
nbout it. Lot mo price yonr list boforo
plnciug vour ordor,
Wo do business on our own grounds—no
rent to pay, nnd nre prepared to meet ell
competition. Enstorn prices or less. White
Inbor.  Cntnlo**ues Froo.
Greonhouses: — .'UUU   Westminster   Road.
Branch Nursorien-South Vnncouver.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding! and Distributing* Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture.
General Praying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. SS&ftK
OtTlM Phon. No. Tt     Noun Phono No. 7,
'E is hereby given that thirty dayi
_. after dato I intend tu apply to the Chief
Commissioner uf Lnnds aud Works for special
liceuse to cut nnd carry away timbor from the
following described lands situated lu West
Kootenay diatrict,B.C.:
I. Commencing ata post planted on tin north*
west ubore of the north-uast arm of Uppur Arrow
Lake, ata point about VA uillus south-wait of
Comaplix, and murk-ail "John Conmir's north-east
coruor post," thence south loo chains, thenca west
-lutliiiiiib, thunce north IW chains, thunce eastttO
chains to point ■ f commun-jeinuut.
Duuald Dewar, Agent.
II, Commencing at a pust planted ahout -id
chains west of tlie north-west shore, north-east
arm of Upper Arrow Lake, at a point about 2J
miles soiith-wiMtof Comaplix, ami marked "M.J.
.Smith's south-east corner post," thence west bo
chains, thunce north BO cnains, thence east 80
chains, thence soutli 80 chains to pointof commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
9. Coinineneilig at n post planted on the northwest shore of the north-east arm of Uppor Airow
Lnko, nt n point about VA miles south-west of
Coinaplix, and marked "Mitten Daily's south-east
cornur-)u>st," thenco north 100 chains, thonco west
4u chains, thencu south lOOchains, thenoe east 40
chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
i, Commencing at a post plnnted at the north-
oast corner of Location No. 2, and marked "John
Connor's south-east cornur post," thence west 80
chains, thencu north 80 chain.-,, thunce east 80
chains, thencu south 80 chains to point of coin*
Donald Dewar, Agent.
6. Commencing at a post planted at the southwest comer of Location No. 4, and marked "M. J.
■Smith's south-enst corner post," thence north 80
chaius, tliuuco mist 80 chnlns, thencu south 80
clmins, theuce oast 80 chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
0. Commencing at a post planted about 26
chains west from the souih. west cornur of Location No, 2, and marked "John Connor's north-east
corner post," thencu west 80 chains, thonco south
80 chnius, thence east 80 chains, theuce north 80
chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Arrowhead, B.C., Nov. 7th, 1906. nov 17
Nolice Is hereby given llmt 60 days
from dale I intend to apply to (he Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B. C, for purchase of following
described lunils in Lillooel district:
Commencing at a posl planted nenr
south side of Otlcr Crock, 3 miles norlli of
Adams Lake murked "W. S. Burlon's
soulh-wesl corner," iiuiiiiiiK Ho chains
east, 40 i-hains norlli, 80 cliains wesl, 40
i'liains south, containing nbout ,ijo ni-i.-s.
Daled Nov. Nth, 1906.
nov 14 W. S. BURTON.
Notice ia hereby given lhu. 60 days
frum date I intend lo apply lo the Cliief
Commissioner ol Lands And Works at
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of lollowing
described lands in Lillooel dlstricli
Commencing at a posl planted near
south sideof Oiler Creek, 3 miles norlli
of Adams Lake, marked "A, McConncll's
llollrl-wcSt corner," running 40 chains
south, 80 chains easl, 40 ehnins north, 80
clmins west eoiiiaining, nboul 320 acres.
Daled Nov. uih, 1906.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL.
Notice is hereby given thai 60 tluys
from date I intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lauds and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of lollowing
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a post planled aboul
Iwo iiiiiI a half miles from head of Adams
Lnke on wesl side of river, inarked "J. A,
Knox's south-west corner,"  running 80
hains easl, 40 chains norlh, 80 chains
wesl, 40 chains south, containing about
320 acres,
Dated Nov, llth, 1906,
nov 14 J, A, KNOX,
'     W IILVILflLU
Brilliant Prospects of our Inland Capital-Real Estate
Solid and Splendid Investments.
The timidity ol capital is well known
and it i- equally well known tlnit its
inve.itin. nt in any enterprise is made
only alter it lms been convinced of
safety combined with adequate returns.
That tin! real estate market ot thi*
city is in a healthy, ll-jurisliiiig c nuiili.in is amply verified by the many investments by local capitalist! as well
aB by the influx nl outside capiial tor
investment. The faith of local capital
in tho future advancement of Kevelstoke is jif*iili'd liy liin excellent
transportation facilities, the increase
ol industrial enterprises, tbo rapid
growth ol tb ■ p ipulatiiiu and the continuous anil speedy develnpment of
territory irilniinry to this city. Watoh
Revelstoku Grow can be salely used as
a motto, and watching it grow and
tiikin.L' lm"! i i(S growth has been uur
privili cf ol l hose past years. While it
must bf remembered that Kevels.oke
is no' yet ul age wo can easily picture
to wiiiii proportions she iviil jot
altain. No city in tho iutcilor has
been moro (imply endowed with opportunities, both natural nnd improved
and our citizens aro fully alive and
awake to these opportunities Thc
lute extensive intercourse which has
taken plnce between the east and west
hns given the opinion ol those who
have watched our growth, Irom an
outside point of view, and that they
have to acknowledge Kevelstoke ns a
city of no small future.
The city has steadily grown mid
expanded Iron, year to year, singularly
freem from the "booms" of her neighbours. Business as Bhown by lank
clearings and inland revenue returns
will tell the progressive state ol affairs.
Tlie general development of the province and the garnering of its natural
resources must assist in the prosperity
and advancement ol Kevelftoke. It is
the leading city of the interior and
we believe we are justified in expecting
a continuance of the prosperous timed
we have recently enjoyed. There is
no better city or district in Canada In
which to invest money, either in the
purchase ol real property or for the
placing out ol money on first mortgages at current rales of intern t.
Everything indicates that the buck
bone, the fulcrum of the city from tlie
real estate point of view is the great
commercial value of the lands that
have been sold and lands that will
always letch a good price. Industries
ure growing up all the time and the
development apparent at present is
only a small part of what wili yet be
seen. Tlie scarcity of rentable houses
is becoming quite serious but it is
thought that this will soon right itself
when capitalists realize what a sale
investment house property is in this
town. The general outlook is very
promising, but values can only be
estimated by comparison with those
of other cites, and suc.i values while
low at the present time must leap
upwards to keep pace with the onward
march ol the city's development. This
development is sure, since it has as its
foundation, besides commerce, great
mining possibilities, immense timber
areas and agricultural interests amiss important as any—a mild climate,
which is most suitable for the British
race. There is no sky without clouds
and it is possible that realty here may
have its period of depression, through
over-specula I i'.'ii, but it can be salely
said that so far price s here are on a
very solid foundation, The city is
growing so fast that values of property
have increased through the expansion
ol the cily in every direction. We
may have hard times and dull times
but according to our judgment not for
many jours as we are only on the eve
of the development of our great western country, which is responsible Ior
the nourishing condition of Canada in
general. Farmers mutt bc supplied
with machinery, crops inuBt be liar-
vested, buildings must be erected for
incoming settlers and vai ious other
tortus of employment have relieved
the labor market, increasing wages
generally and benefitting Canada aB a
whole. How long will this continue?
So long as the west continues to prove
what she has been proving to the
thoughtful minds of tbe world Ior the
last few years, that tl.e west will be
tbe mainstay ol supply of raw material
used in the manufacture ol our industries and that a great portion ol Canada's wealth will be centered here in
West Kootensy. Tlw lover ol natural
scenery can, Irom the streets of Kevelstoke, behold majestic snow-capped
mountains that equal and surpass
those celebrated ones in Switzerland.
Water ol the purest for drinking and
culinary purposes is here in abundance. The slopiig lands furnish all
desirable faculties for drainage. Our
river and streams can be converted
into power and form valuable assets.
Immense tracts of fertile lands that
are waiting the woodsman's axe and
tl.e husbandman's plough, where Iruits
and vegetables adapted to the temperate zone will flourish, all this will
show what RevelBtoke possesses.
Faith in its futuro growth and pros
perity is universal. With all theso
Isots belore ub aud with the knowledge ol the hundreds of people who
will eventually swell our population,
we can only arrive at the conclusion
that tho prospects of Revelstoke as a
large commercial, mercantile un.l
residential city are not equalled by
any other in the interior, and those
who think real estate high today,
will five years hence wonder why ihey
did not embrace the golden opportunities of the pro-en',.
■wn  IIVII i   I Wl    IIVII i
Du yuu enjoy that well diessed feeling? We nil know what
it feels like to be hot, In In- cold, Of tu be tired, end it is
Justus true Unit wc all know what it feels like to be well
diessed. It feels good, and it's good to feel good. Vou enn
never be well dressed if your clothes are nol made by the
right maker,
Get toknuw we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will (tnd what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  $15, SIS, and S20.|
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, S20, & S25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: SIS and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $B.
Tailoring is our business,
and be knows it.
We make a man luok well
..Cressman  and Morrison..
To checkmate the dishonest use of
the name of " JAEGER," look for lhe
label on eacli article, and insist that
ON lhe goods be invoiced as " JAEGER'
Selling Agents in Revelstoke
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Now thai the strike is settled, full supplies of Ihis celebrated Coal will
again be available after Ihis week.
PRICES-Speeial Hand-picked coal—best in the market-SB Per ton
SCREENED COAL  18.50 per ten
miHOr;MINE  7.50 per ton
Having taken over V. McCarty's Coal Warehouse, full stocks of this
coal will be kepi and orders promptly filled.
E. A. HAGGEN, AGT.    Revelstoke, B. C.
Office—Mackenzie Avenue, Next C. P. R. Telegraph Office.
HEAD OFFICE: Caloahy, Ai.nEitTi.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Purk Puckers nnil Dealer   in Live Stock.   Markets In all tho principal (lilies anil
Towns uf Alhertn. British oviutuliia anil the Yukon.  Packers ol the Celebrated Brand
-±   "Itn i-intor" Iliinis nml Bnt'iin,!'id Sliamroi-k III .ml, Lea. I.artl. a
•V%%%%%*s^%%%%**^%*v»%%«-%^j%-v»% vv-v-vvtv-cl
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every resp( it.   All modern convenience-
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rate,
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG, -       Proprieto.
NOTICK In heroby given tlmt 00 days after
dato I Intend toapply to thc Honourable
tlio Chief Commissioner of Land*, and Worki
fur permission toptirchtwa tlio follow ing de*
scribed Intnl.*. In Caribooillsirici, H.C:
Commencing It a pout marked "William Koi*
llu'i! north-wotfl enrnor pout," planted about 20
chains weit of trail running through Hlarva-
ilnn I-1 iii a in a southerly direction from Tote
J an no 1 iii'liu, running east ,10 chains thence
uouth 80 chains, theuco wont 60 chains, tbenee
nortb wi chains to pnint of commencement.
Dated nth day of November, lD-oO.
nov 17 WILLIAM KELLIE, Locator.
Nothing; better than Our" Speoial
Good, sound, No. 8 Apples at
85o. per box, I. o. b. Vernon.
Notice In hereby given tbat CO days alter date
I Intend to make application to thc Chief Com*
missioner of Lands,!; Works for permission to
purchase the following described land situate
In Cariboo district, H.C:
Commencing at a post marked "J.M, Kellfe's
south-west cumor post," planted on thc south
bankof Fraser Kiver near Tele Jaune Cache,
running north 80 chains, thonco east **" ebains,
Ihenco south 8U chains, tlience west KO chaini
to point of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of November, 1006,
nov 17 J, SI. KKJLIK, Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that itO days u'U-t date I
Intend to apply to the llmi. Chiof CotMUtillonsr
of Utuls ami Wnrks lo purchase the following
(ItiHrrltHid lands situated hi Oarlboo district, Il.C:
Commonolng at a poat marked "U. a, Forbes*
louth-wosi corner posi," planled nUml Ji)
cbnins west of trail running ihrough Blarva-
tiou rials in a southerly direction from Tele
.iiuiiii' null.!, running nurth 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence south si 1 halm, thenco
west HO chains tu point ol ooininoneniieHl
Dated ilth day of November, 1000,
nov17 u. A. rOBBB. Locator,
Nol .t-o li hereby k.v.-ii i>i.t so d»s» tiler .lair
ite Intend to.ppfy to I'-eChlelVnminlssloiienif
lands nml Murks lor siptolll license In cu.
and parry »»ay Umber Irom tho (olloi-lini
de-erllit-il lauds In Wo.l Konlonay district:
Commonciug at a post plnntod about oue
aunrterornrailowost ol th. lorks ul Fosiluill
Creok niul marked "Big Bend Lumbor Company s south-east corner post," thenco wost KHI
chaius, llionce north 10 chains, lhanoe east UIO
chains, theuce south 10 chains to poiut of emu-
Dated October 22nd, IMS.
-:t2i Bio Bend Lomdir Co.
Notice is heroby ftivon thut 30 days after date
I intend to applv to tho Chief Commissioner nl
Lands and Works for a special licenco to cut
and curry awny timbor (rom the following do-
scribed lands situate iu Wost Kootonay district:
Commencingat a [toH markod "L. H. Eraser's
north-west corner" and planted abont Sl-i milos
nort.i of Cape Home on tho oast sido of Upper
Arrow Lako. about oue half mile from tbo
-li"'- : thence east 40 chains, tbenee south UVJ
chains thenco wost IO chains, tbonco north HV)
ehaini to the point of commoncement.
Dntod this 9th day or October, IMM.
* t 20         L. H. FHASKR.
Notice is hereby given that titty days alter
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mlialooerof Landa and Worki fori, .iission
i purchaie tbe following described '-mdsln
tbe district ol West Koutonay:
t'ommencing nt a poll marked "Herbert Kod*
fern's mirth-wost corner poit, aud plnntod on
the east bank pf the Cc .unbia river, about four
miles south i.f Nakusp| thenco oast 10 ehuins,
l itinco south 10 chain*, thouco wont III chains,
thenee north lo objini to point of commence
ment. cnntai'iiiitf Wl acre1, moro or less.
Dated ibe Mh Beplomler, .*■ D-, 1008.
-ri'ilied hind* situated in lhe Dig P.eiul district
oi Weil Kootenny:
1, Commencing at n pint marked "Gus
Lund's south-east coiner pust," plunted abuut I
n u ■ Holdlch ur Uno Mile' reek, and ahout
1 n i.i fro ii iho west Hank of Columbia lllver,
Mn.:, j north SO clialns, ivest 80 chains, soulli -sn
ohains, cast su chain * to pointof couimenuo*
li. Commencing at. ii posl mnrkeil "Our
Luud's mul It-west cornor post," planted abuul. 1
mile up Holdlch or One Slilo Crook, aud about
1 mile frum the west bunk of Columbia Itiver,
tlionco north su chainB, east -Su chains, south 80
ebains, west 80 chainB to point of commence*
3. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's south-east corner posi," planled abuut 2
miles up Holdicli or Ouo Mile Croek, oast bunk,
and about'J miles from Columbia Kivor, Ilieucc
north 80 chains, woat 8U chainB,wmtli HO ohains,
oast *.*u chaini to point of commencement.
i. Commencing at n pout niarked "Gus
Lund'tt south-wet.icornor pnsl," |iluntedabuut 2
miles up Iloldichor Ono Milo Creek, cast bunk,
and ubout 2 iniles from Columbin river, thenoo
north 80 chains, east80 chums, south 80 chaina,
west 80 chains to point of commoncomont.
Located Oct. 21st, 1900.
nov3 CUB LUND.
Netiee is hereby giren thut 30 days from dato I
Intend to apply to tbo Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Winks fur permission to
purchase the following described lands in the
West Kootenny District:
Commencing at a postmarked "L. K. Mc-
Dougald's south-west corner," planted on the
eastiideof Upper Arrow Lake, I miles uorth of
Nakusp, B.C , thence nortb :>i chains, theuce
east4uchains, thence north 20 chains, Ibeuce
east4i) chaius, thonce south (10 Chains, more or
less, to Arrow Lnke, thence westward bit chnius
moro or loss, along the Arrow Lake to point of
commence went, containing iuu acres more or
Datod this loth day ol Oclohor, limi.
Notice la hereby given that SOdnyR ufler date
I intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds und Works for n speciul licenco tu cut
and curry away timber from the following described lands situated in tho Hig Hond district
of West Koolenay:-
Commeuciuff at a post-marked "James Anderson's north-west cornor post," plucod alongside H. Duuuelly's north-enst coruor postou
the west sido of Frisby Creok, running south
lOOchains, theuce east 80 chuius, thonco north
00 chains, theuce wost 40 ehnins, thonce nonh
10cliiiins, theuce wost 40 ehuins to place uf
Datod Sept. 25th. 1906,
Notice is hereby given that E0 days after dale
we intend to apply to the Hon, Chief Commi.
sioner of Lands aud Works fur a special lieem u
lo cut ana carry away timber from the following described lands, situate in West Kooteuav
1. Commencing at a post planled aboul one
mile north from lue north-west corner ol K. -V
S. Block 800 and marked "Hig Hond Lumber
Company's south-east corner post." tbenee
north 80 ebains, thence west 80 ehains, tlienco
south 80 chains, thence easl so chains t" puint
of commencement,
2, Commeueiug ata post pluuted about one
mile nortli from the north-west curuer of K. &
B, Block 86C, and marked "Dig Heml Lumber
Company's north-east corner pust," tiience
west 80 chaius, thonce south 80 chains, thouco
east 80 chains, thence nurth 80 chains tu point
of commencement.
Dated Oct. 18th, 1*90(1.
oot 20        BIG BEND LU.MHFH CO., LTD
Notice Is hereby given that an 'lays alter date
wo Intend toapply lo the Hon Chief Cotumbi*
sioner uf Lands nnd Works fnr u special license
lo cut and carry away timber from the following described lands, situate iu Wosl Kootonay
1. Commencingat a post planted nbuut two
miles wesi frum Bannock Point on t pper Arrow Lake and maiked "II, B L. Co's south-east
corner post," thenco north 80 cliains, thence
west 80 chains, thenoe soulb 80 chains, thenco
cast 80 chains to pointof commencement
2, Coinmeneing at a pust planted about
threo miles west from Bannock Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "11. B. L. Co.'s
south-easi coruer post," thence nnrth 80
chaius, theuce west 80 chains, theuce soulh 8o
chains, thence tast 8u cliains to puiui of coinmencement.
Dated Oct. 18th, 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days aftor dato
intend tu apply tu the ('hlef commissioner nf
Lands and Wurks for a special liceine to cut and
carry away timbor from tho following described
lauds situated iu the district of Wost Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post plantod about ::ou
yards sontli of tlio Ton (10) Mile Tree, Big Bend
trail, and marked "George Laforme's south-west
corner pest," running oust 100 chains, tlience
north 40 chains, thencu west 100 ehains, thence
south 40 cliains to point of commoncement,
2. Commencing at a post planted about 200
yards south Of the Ten (ie) Mile Tree, Big Bend
trail and marked "Ceoige Laforme'snortn-west
corner post, running oast 100 chains, thence south
40 ohnins, thouco west 100 chains, thouco nortli 40
chaius to point of commencement,
Daled tHh day of October, 1006.
3. Commencing at a post planted about one
and one-half < l-i) miles imrth of No, 1 post nml
marked "George Laforme's south-west eorner
post," Ihence east B0 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence wost 80 chains, tlience smith SO
chains to point of commeucemeut.
Dated 3rd Not. 1900.
nov 10
GEO. LAFOEME. Lucater,
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 days after date
I intend to apply to the lion, Chlof Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands In the
West Kootonav District, on the east side of Upper
Arrow Lake, aliout 0 miles nortli of Nakusp:—
Commencing at a post planleil near the Lake,
thenco nortli 10 chuius, liicncu west 20 chains,
thence north 20 ohalni, thunce west 2<) chains,
thencu south OO chains, more or loss, to tbo Arrow-
Lake, tlienco tast 0<J chains along tlio lake tu
point of comuiencemoi i containing 100 acres
more or loss.
Dated this 17th day of Sept.,1900.
Bgpgg L. J, UPWARDS, Locator.
Notice is heroby (riven that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Ootn.nissloner of Lunils and
Works for pormission tn purchase the
following described lands situated In
West Kootenay district!
Coinmeneing at a post planted on
the north side of Downie Creek, about
one-fourth of a milo south of the
Downie creek trail, near the 2J mile
post and niarked "Ernest McHean's
south-west corner," thence north 40
chains, tlience enst 00 chains, thence
south III ehains, thence west 00 ehnins
to pointof commencement: containing 210 acres more or less.
Dated this Uth day of Sept., 1000.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days from datu I
Intend lo apply to the Hon. llielfliiof cuiiniis-
sioner of Unds and Works furporuilssloiro inn*
■hini' the following destribod lauds, In tbe West
bfjootenay district, west shore of Upper Anow
"Co iiuienelng at a posl markod ".]. L, Illrscb's
smith Most corner," at lho smith east corner of
Lot4670; and aboutll miles south of Fosthall
Croek; llionet north 80 chains, (honco oasl 40
chains, theuco south 80 chains, thonce west In
chains to point nf cuuiinoiiaoiueni, containing 820
acres mure or less,
Dated this Slat ilay of Mny, 1906.
oct 18 Por Ralph Hlye, Agont.
Canada : |
Province of British Columbia, /
No, 362,
''Lamb-Watson Lumber Company, Limit-
oil," is aulhorised and licensed to carry on
business within the Province of British
Columbia, and lo earn* uut or effeel all or
any of the objects ol' lhe Company lo
which the legislative authority of the legislature of British Columbia exlends.
The head office of the Company is situate in the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the Company is eight hundred and lift) thousand
dollars, divided into eiglil thousand five
hundred shares of one hundred dollars
The head office of the Company in th's
Province is situate at Arrowhead, and
Olio Lachmuiid, lumberman, whose address is Arrowhead, is lhe attorney for
lhe Company,
Given under my hand anil seal of office,
at Victoria, Province ol British Columbia,
Ihis 5th day of November, one thousand
nine hundred and six,
[ls.1        S, Y, WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Joini Stock Companies,
The objects for whicli the Company has
ieeii established and licensed are:—
To manufacture, buy, sell and deal iu
>fcs, limber, lumber, shingles, fuel, pulp.
ashes, doors, boxes, lies and all articles
manufactured from wood, and In all kinds
of building material and building supplies,
including lumber, -stone, brick, tile,
cement, marble, tools, implements and
machinery; to acquire, bold, purchase,
lease, sell, mortgage, operate, conduct,
manage and dispose of saw-mills, planing
mills, bouses, buildings, factories, wharves,
docks, stone quarries, brick-yards, coal
mines, peat beds, clay and plaster beds,
limber limits and real and personal property of all kinds; lo earry on the business
of contractors and builders in al ils
branches! to own, operate, conduct and
manage slores, magazines and all other
places for storing, selling and disposing
of goods either to employees of the Company or to the public generally, or botbj to
acquire, construct) operate, purcba .e,
lease and hold on the properly of llie
Company convenient tramways and log
ging railways; also lo have and acquire
Steamboats Ior the purposes of the Company, and to charge and collect tolls for
freight and passengers carried thereon; to
act as agenls for other persons, firms or
corporations! to acquire and bold shares
iu the capital slock of other companies
engaged in a similar business*, to amalgamate with any other companies pursuing
the like or similar objects, and generally
lo carry on any oilier business and to do
all acts and things necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any of the above
businesses or operations, or calculated,
directly or indirectly, lo enhance the value
of the Company's properly or rights,
nov 14
Notico is hereby given that 80 days after dale
1 Intend tn imply to the Chief commissioner of
Lands and ,,'orks lor a spools I license to cut
and carry away timber from tho following
described lands situated in Lillooet dislricl.:
5, Commonolng at a post marked "A, Me*
Council's north-east corner, Limit No. fi,"
planted on east bankof Upper Adams Rivor,
about four miles from mouth, running 80
ebains west, ku eliains south, t!J chains east, 80
chains north to place of commencement.
6. Commoneliig at a post marked "A. Mc-
Counell's tomb-east cornor, Limit No. fi,"
planted on east bank of Upper Adams Kiver,
about four mites from mouth, running 100
I'huiiH north, 40 chains wesl, 160 ehains south,
■iu ehains east to place of commencement.
6}. Commeueiug at a post marked "A. Mc-
Council's noith-eust corner, Limit Nu Oi,"
planted ou east bankof Upper Adams itiver,
about 17 miles from mouth, running 40 chains
west, 100 chains south, 40 chains east, 160
chains uorth to place of commencement.
7. Commencing at a postmarked "A.Mc-
Cuiniell's south-west corner, Limit No. 7,"
planted on west bank ol Upper Adams Kiver,
ubout 18 miles from mouth, running 80 chains
oast, 80 chains uorth, D ebains west, 80 chains
south to placu of commencement.
8, Commencing at a postmarked'-A. Mc-
Council's north-west corner, Limit No. 8,"
planted on cast bauk of Upper Adams River,
about one mile abovo outlet of Mica Lake, running 80 ehains south, W chains cast. 80 chains
north, 80 chains west to placoof commencement.
0 Commencing at a post marked "A, Mc-
Council's north-east corner, Limit No. 0,"
planted on souih bank of Harbor Creek, about
2 miles from mouth, running 80chains west, 80
chains south, 8» chains cast, 80 chains north to
place of commoncement.
10. Commencing at a postmarked "A. Mc-
Connell'i north-west comer, Limit No, 10,"
planted on cast bauk of Upper Adams Itiver at
outlet of Mica Lake, running 80 chains soutli
80 chains oast, 8J chains north, 80 chains west
to place of commencement,
11. Coinmeneing al a post marked "A. Me-
Council's north-east corner, Limit No, 11,"
planted on west bankof u small uiinamud
crook, tributary to Heaver creek, llio feeder of
Mica Lake, running 80 chaius west, 8u chains
south, 80 chaius cast, 80 chains north to place
of commencemeni.
Dated Nov. 9th, 1UC0.
nov 14 A, McCGNNKLL.
Notice is hereby i;ivou that 30 days aftor duto
I intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for a special licenso
to cut and carry away timbor from the following doscribod lands in Kamloops distriet:
Commencing at a pust planted on the east
bankof Adams Hivur ubout oight miles above
Adams Lake and markod "G. A. Luiiiiimr.*.'
south-east cornur post," thence uorth 80 chains,
theuce west 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains,
thouce oast 81) chains to puint of commencement.
Dated 5th November, loi.-i.
nov 14 GEO. A, LAMMEKS.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
afterdate I intend to apply lo the Chief
Comtii ssioucr of Lands and Works loi- a
special license to cui and carry awry
limber from lhe following described land.1
situal d in lhe Ossoyos Oivisio.i of Yale
Dislricl :
Commencing at a posl planled near Ihe
northern boundary of timber limil No.
7685, aboul 80 chains from Ihe north-wesl
corner of same; Ihence north Go chains;
tnence east 160 chains; Uience soulh 10
chains to lhe norlh-easl corner ol timber
limit 76S4; thence west 80 chains along
said boundary to the north-wcBl comer of
same; thence soulb 40 chains along llie
western I oimdary ol timber limit 7684 lo
lhe norlh-easl co ner of limber limil 7685;
thence west 80 cliains along lhe northern
boundary of said limil 7685 lo poinl of
Daled Ibis j8Hi day ol'Sepl. I906.
nov 14 J. U. McKliNZIK,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to lhe Chief Commls
sioner of Lands aud Works fora special llooiiso
to cut aud carry away timber from the fulluw-
Ingdoscrlbed lands In West Kooteuay District:
1. Commencing ata post planted at thesuutli-
t.ost corner of KohiiiSHirs land purchase ami
lurkod "Wi G, Sobultie'i south-east corner poiL"
tiionoo 40 chains north, thouce 100 chains went,
lonce 40 chains soulli, llumcu 100 chains uant
mu; lake shore to place of commeucumotil.
Duted Nov. Uth, Usui.
'£. Coiiiiuuiichig ula post planted about lj uiIIi-h
st of T. L. 8236,oii northeast arm of Arrow
iko, and markod "W. O. NehulUo's norlh-west
irnur posl," thonee Hi ebains south, thence 80
ihalns east, theuco 80 chains imrth, Ihoneo ho
ehalus wost along lako shore to placo ul com-
Duted Nov. Kith, limn.
nov 14 For VV. F. Og-'vlo, agent.
NOTICK IK BBRBDY GIVKM tbat sixty days
after dato I Intenil to apply to tho Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
lu purchase the following dosciibeil lands In the
West Kootenay district:
CoiuiiiunciiiK ata |iost planted on the west side
of north-oast arm of Arrowhead Luko, J of 11 mile
from Hock Hlull', marked "It. IH. MuK.'n soiith-uaNt
eoruer post," thouco {0 ehuins north, thencu 80
chains wost, Ihence ft) chains soutli, thence 80
eliains wust along lake shore to point ol cum*
llllleil Nov. Pub, 1906.
nov 14 MUM. It. K. MuKITUICK.
..nu   L.I..J    H-..HJ    uniun    liuni    uiu  |UiiU**HI|j
described landa situate In do Yale D.stnct:
1. Commencing at a post planted a*, the northeast comer uf timber license No SW, on Cherrj
Creek and inarked " D. Woolsey's north-weit
comer post,' thenee Bouth io-11 halns, then - ■ ul
40 ehuins, thence north loo chains, tbenee wont 40
ehuins to puint of eoromeiicoment.
Ucated iitU September, HW6.
2. Commencing at a poat plantod m the sooth-
went cornor of'.timber license No, 8274, on main
Cherry Creek and marked " f>. Woolwj'i south-
'■ast cunier," them-e north 80 ehains, thence went
B0cliuiiH, tnence south 80 ebains, theiieo e&»t i'*
chains to the point uf commencement.
Located 1st October, WOO.
a. Commencing at a post planted at the north-
tVBSt corner of timber llconae No. 8887 ami marked
"D. Woolsey's south-west enrner," theuce noith
Mu chains, thonce oust 10 chains, thenee suuth
160 chains, tlience west 40 chains to iht- puim uf
Located 2nd dsy of October, lW-'O.
' Commencing at a post plauted at the
north-west oorner of timber license No. &.s"
u id murked "D. Woolsey's south-easl corner
post," thonce nurth 160 chains, thonee wesl 4u
chains, thence south ibuenain**. theuce east 4u
chains to the point of commencement.
Loeutod 2nd Oetober, I'AHi.
fi. Commencing at a post planted atom 1*W
miles north-on it of the south-east comer ut
timber license No. sjts aud marked " D. Wool-
ley's north-welt oorner pust," theoce eut -11
chains, theuce south 80 chains, thence west so
chi ins, theuco north 8j ehains lo the puiui ot
como enoeraeut,
Located llth October, 1006.
6. Commencing at a post planted at the
south-oust comer of timber license No. 8278
and marked "D. Woolsey's lOuth-weit corner
post,'thonco cast lo ehalm thence northnj
ii'iin."., llienei- oast 10 chains, thonce north40
chains, thenco wed w chains, tbenee uouth 120
chuius to (lie point of commencement,
Located Lhb October, 1000.
Dated this 20th October, IIK.6,
octal D. WOOLSEY.
.... jarry
away timber frum   the   following de-cribea
lauds iu W»-: Kooten ..- District:
(uuinienciiu* ai a post planted on tbo north
vide of Pownie Crux, about ono-foortl of a
mile wuw of Ihe DowoUl reek Trail, near the
UJfMllfl post, and it.»rked *G. B. Nagle'i southeast corner poit," thence nurth 40 chains,
thence west 140chains, ihence south 40chains,
thence eu-t l'Xi chains to the point of commence -jiout-
Dated ihi.- llth day uf September, Iff '.
nov? G. U. NAGLK.
Notice is hereby given that so days after .lit.* 1
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Ltiiils and Works for a speciul license to cut ami
I cam* away timber frum the following described
lands situated un Cariboo Flat abont three miles
east of I'pper Adams Hirer, Lillonet district, B.C.
1, Commencing at a post marked "A- McCon-
nail's north-east eurner Limit, No. 1," running 80
chains west, 8vl chalna south, so ehains east, BO
ihalns north to place of commencement.
i. Com 1110 ne ing at a postmarked "A. McCon-
nell's sooth-east eurner. Limit No. 2," running yQ
ihalns nor.h, Hi chains west, so chains south, SO
hains easi to place of commencement.
3. Commeneing at a postmarked *'A. McCon-
nell's north-east curuer, Limit No. 8," running *w
chains west, 80 chains louto, 80 chains east, 80
hains north to place of commencement,
4. Cummencing at a post inarked "A. MoOon-
nell'i smith-west corner, Limit No, 4," running 80
chain* oust, vs chains nnrlh, 80 chain* west, 80
chama south to place jf commencement.
Dated Nov. uth, luue.
nov 14 A. Mil.'ONNKLL.
Notice is hereby given that 6H days after date 1
tend lu apply lo the Honourable tin- Chief Com-
issiuner ofLamls and Works for permlaslon to
irchose ihe following described lands In the dis-
Irlct of West Kootenay, Ilevelstoke division: -
Commencing al a post planted on lhe west batik
of tho Columbia Kiver about half a mile below
Priest llapids and marked "W, ll. Sutherland's
north-west eorner post," thence south SO chani',
thoneo oast lOchains more or loss to the west bank
of tho ('olumbia Kiver, thence in a north-weiteriy
direction uud following thu west bank of the Columbia Hivor to the point of commencement,
Dated this loth day uf October, iwtf.
Notice is hereby given that Oo days
from date I intend to apply to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, H.C, for purchase o\' following
described laiuls in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a post marked "J. Pi
Shaw's north-wesl corner," planted on
west side of Upper Adams river, about 1
miles from bead c( Adams lake, running
80 chains soutli, 80 chains east, 80 chains
norlli, 80 chains wesi, containing about
640 acres,
Dated Nov, 12th, 1906.
nov 14 J, P, SHAW.
the partnership heretofore existing between Percy Scholes, W, E. Edwards and
Fi W. Worsnup, all of Comaplix, has
been dissolved and all business will iu
future be carried on in llie names ol W.
E. Edwards and K. W. Worsnup.
Dated this 13th November, 1906.
nov 1441 F. W. WORSNUP.
Notice is hereby given thut fjU days ufler date 1
intond to apply to tlio Honourable the Chief Commissioner ot Landsaud Works for permission to
purchase llm following described lands in thu dis
tiict of West Kootenay, Kevelstoke division.—
Commencing ut a post planted on the west bank
of the Columoia Itiver opposite 12-Mile llapids
und marked "K. C. McCartjr's south-east corner
post," tlience west 20 chains, thence north 2ti
ehuins, theuce east 20 chains more or less to tin*
west hank of the Columbia Hirer, theuce south
following the west bank of; ue Columbia Kiver SO
chains more or less to the pointof commencement.
Dated October 10th, 1906.
oct 24 K.O. McCABTBB
Notice is hereby given tbat 60 days after date
I intend to apply to tha Chief Com missioner of
Lands uud Works for permission to purchase
tho following described lauds iu West Kootenay, 011 the cast shore of I'pper Arrow l^ke;
Commencing at a post adjoining T, L. £108
on the south-west cornor nnd niarked "D,
Uewat'a north-west comer posl," thencecasl
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thenee west
80 chains more or less to llm shore uf said lake
thenco north along thc east -rhore of said lake
80 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated Oct. lllth, 1000.
net 21 D. DEWAR.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days alter date
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of L1.111.ls aud Works for a special license to cut
and entry away timber from lhc following
described lands in tbe district of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a postmarked "L. H. Fra*
ner'fl north*wast corner," and planted -about 1
mllo- -''mh nf St. Leon on tbe oust >ide of Up-
per A1 row Lake ah mt ono milo from tbo shore;
1 hem I**1..il to elm us, thonce south 160chains,
thine-' west 10 chnius, Ihenco uorth it 1 ohalni
in llm 1  mi of commeiiCBiuaut
DatidthiaPlhdaj of C . bor, 1006.
nosl L. H   ERASER,
Notice is hereby glvou that80daj'l slier date
I iutc'id tu apply in the ChlelL'ommlulonet
ol Lands uiul World lor a ipei in! license to eul
and carry awav timber irum thc following
doscribod lands'situated ah ml a half mil-
west cf iho Upper Arrou lake, and across the
lake irom Nakusp, B (',, In lhc distriet of
rtesl kuuteiiay:
1. Commencing at a post mnrkod ''Kll
Lega-sy's suulh east comer post." running
west Sl ohnlns, thence north 80 ehains, thence
ea-d .■iii'liain*, ihence soulb mi cbnins to point
of commence nt.
2, Commonolng at a post planted at lh<
south-coal eurner of Nu. 1 timber limit and
marked "Kll Legnssy'8 nurth west corner post,"
running onst SOohains, thence -.ou'h SOohains,
tlionco wesi mi cbnins, lhei.ee north so chains
iu point uf commencement.
,f.  1 ommeiieing at a post  plunted at tbe
II rtll-wost corner of timber limit N'o, *>and
marked "Kll I.**g.*i—y - Bouth-woet coruer posl
running north Wchains, lhence oaat 80 cnains,
ihcucc south SO chains, thonoo woit ni chain-
I* point of commenoomouL
Looalcd 8opt. Wth, iimi
icLi Lbgassy,
mi :d F, 1'iovom, Agent,
VTOTICK is heroby given that fid days after
i\ date I Intend to apply to lho Hon. tbo
Chief Commissioner of binds and Works for
prnni-iuii to uurchoHO tbo fcllowlng -doscribod
lands, sltualca In West Kooicnay, on tbe east
shore of Upper Arrow Lako:
(-uuiuioiicbig at a ptifll adjoining T, L, 1780 on
thu north side and uiarked "L. A. Duwar'i
north-west enrner," thenco cast Hu ohalna
I bonce huh b >'i chains, thouco west 80 chain*-
more or less to the oast ahorc of Upper Arrow
Luke, thence north following the shore of said
taken ohnlns to tho point of uuimnotieoinont.
Dated Out. 16th, 1006,
oolU UA. IlKWAU,
Notico Is he-.'by given that 80dayi after lite
1 In ton 1 Lospplv lo iho Chlof Commissioner ol
Lands and works Fora special lloemo to out
mul carry away tluih--r frum the lull..wing
described landi situate In the Valodiitrlct;
Cominonoing at a poit mnrked "S, Hill'-
i.uuttr" 1 1 coruor post, planted shout one
mllo oust uf the Snniwap river, about.i miles
nurth uf 1'berry Crook, thonco north tt chains,
theuce wost 80 ohalni, thence south 80 ehtlos,
Ihoneo unst BO ehuins to imiut of commencement
Dated October»tn, 1900,
nov. 8. HILL.
Nntleu.- horoby given thai 60 days alterdaU* I
intend in apply to ihe chlol Commlaslonor ol
Unds .ml H orks for permission to purchase the
ollowl ig descrllwd lands In Uarll llstrlct:
Cm .iciiik at a pout marked "W. II. ullve's
nuiili:....; corner post.4 plantod rail leading
frmn Nonh I hoinpson Klrot to Yollowlmad Pus
ami al-mt .1 miles ina  11mlh.1l> dirt-In 11 from
Crnnbem Lake, running north SO chains, thencs
wesl it'efialni, thonce south 0 chains iheneeeast
10 cii.n < in point of commencement,
Dnlc, 1 uh day.<f Nov ber, UM).
w, 11 oiIVK Locator.
nm .:•
Sot ice Is hereby glfl n that :Suiluy-all i>r date
I Intend toapply to tho Chief Conim*bnlouor ol
Land-and Worms fora spoclaJnbouso to cut
nnd curry nwny limber from thoTollowlng described lauds un Upper Arrow Lakes, MoKen'
m Creek, Oalona Un) districl Wesl Kootenai:
Commencing at a post planted at the nLrtli
ea.'l corner uf Timber Limit Nu. OUS, marked
"II, IL HanK nurihwci cornocpoit,1 running south ni chains, thonco oast GO ohnlna
thonoo north 80 chains, thenco weit 80 chains
iu point of oommoncement.
Dated this ISlll day of October, 1006,
oct 21 U, II. BANKS.
Notice Is hereby given that S) days aftor data
I intend toapply tu the I'hief Commissioner of
Lands and H urkf fur a 1, ecial license to cm
and cirri tuikr Irum tho following described
land.-situated in West Kootenay dfrtnet:
E Commenolng &i s i-«i marked "Uus
Lund'* south-west corner post." plauted at the
north-west cornerof Timber Limit wl, thence
nurth *lo chains, east 100 ohalus. bouth 10
etui ni., west Iw chains to poiut of commence-
in ent.
Dated Sept, 181b, 1906,
26. Commencing at *-*. post marked "<»us
Lund'* north-east comer pusl," at the northwest eurner ul limber Limit 6JU6, thonce soulh
B0 chains, west40 chains, south 40 chains, west
Wchaim,, nurth B0 chains, east 40ohains, north
lu chains, east -tu chains lo point of commencement.
Dated Sept, 28rd, KM.
oct 81 OUS LUND.
NVline is hereby given that 60 dnys
Irom dale I intend lo apply lo Ihe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works.-,
Victoria, Il.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing al a posl niarked "T. Kilpatrick 's north-west corner," situated
about 1 mile from west bank ol Upper
Adams river and lwo and a half miles from
head ol Adams lake, running 40 chains
soulli, bo chains east, 40 chains north, 80
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov. nth, 1906.
nov 14 T. KILPATR10K,
Sotife I, hereby given thai ihinj- diva alter
date 1 liitciiil to apply to lhu Hen. uhiel Com-
mlulonei ol Lend, aud Work. Iur a .pedal
license 10 out aud tarry away timber (rom the
following described lauds in the Weal Kootenay district.
1. Commencing at a post planted about i
miles *>uiitli ot P. It. S8 una about 1 j mile. »c»t
ol the L'pper Arrow Lake, mnrked "C, Skinner's nortliwe-t corner." thence south Nl
chani, thence easi su chains, thence north SU
chains, thenco vest ou chtiiiia to place ol com
a. Commencing at a pom planled aboul i
mile* soutli of p, i'„ i, aud 1, miles wesl ol tho
Lpjict Arrow Lake, marked "C. Bkiuner's
north-east corner post," iheuce south Si chaius,
Ihence west Ml chain-, Uience north BO chains,
Ihence east 80 ohains 10 place ot eoumience-
3. (,'ouiiilcncinii nt a post planted I mile
i-oiilh ot Xo. 1 nnd marked "(.'. Skinner's northwest corner post." iheuce soulh bei chains,
thenee cast m chains, thence north su chains,
thence west So chains to place ot commencement,
Uuled October irth, lautl,
A. .M. Syiiions, Agent,
1. Coinineneilig at a post plauted lliuilea
north ot 'I. L 7531 and 1 mile west of (."pper
Arrow Lako, marked "A. M. Symons' northeast corner posl," tlience west io chains, thence
soothSlohalni, thenoo east se chains, thenco
north so chains 10 place ot coinincuceuicut,
Daled October Anl), lwii.
oef.'l A. M. SYMONS.
Notice Is hereby riven lhat 3u days after dato
wo intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
I -ids and W orks for permission to cut and
t .rry awny timber from the following described lands situate- in West Kootenay district:
(\immencing at a post planted &j ehains north
of the north*eait cornerof Lot 7637 and marked
"Lamb-Watson Lumber Co.'s north-west corner,"
tlience 80 chaius south, thunce W chains east,
thence 80 chains north, thence 60 chaina west to
point of commencement.
Located October 17th, 1&00.
Arrowhead, li. ft, Oct,setb, lyuc. od 31
VrOTICK W HKKKBY 01VKN that thirty
i.i days afler date 1 Intend toapply to thl
Lillet Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
peeial license to cut and carry away timber
from the lollowing described lauds situated
in tbe dlatr'o, of \\ est Kootenay:
1, Coini. ,'ticing at a post marked "Alex, Mc-
Crue's nortl-a.at comer." planted on tho Hammtl
Creek trail, about lo miles from ArgeiitA, running
east 190 chains, theuce suulh 40 chains, thence
west itju chains, theve north IU chains to place of
J. Commencing al a po«t marked "Alex. Mc-
Ow - iiurtb-west corner,' planted on the Ham*
ui:l Creek trail, about jfi miles from Armenia
rum.ing east 180 clmun. thence south 4u ciialnc,
theuce west 100 chains, thence north 10 chains
10 puint of commencement*.
3, Commenolng at a post marked "Alox,
Md rue's north-en*t corner," planted on tho
Ii,in,mil ('nek trail, abuut 16 miles from Argcnta, running woit 100chains, theuce south lu
ohalni, ibi'iico oast 100 chuius, thence north lu
ohalni to point of oommoncement,
Dated October 1Mb, 1000,
oct 31 A. MoCIUB.
Notice U hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the llonoruble Chief
Oommbalonerof Land-,und Worki furnipwini
(Iconic to cut and carry nwuy limber Irum lhe
foLuwiiix described lands In Weit Kootenai
Ootntneneltu at a poil planted I mllea itp_BIk
Creek, un north ilde ot < reel, .md unrkfd "Kob*
ert Armstrong's lonth-wul - ornsr," thince east <jj
ehains, theuce north BO chains, thence west 10
ebains, thouce south B0 chains to point of cum-
Dated Sept. loth, 1000
octal ituiir.itr ABMSTRONa
Certificate of Improvements.
River Bdon -Mineral Claim, situate in the illo-
cillcwfttt .Mining Division of Kootenay all1
Wherelooatodi  Ki-di ('reck.
Tako notice thai I. Juhn Albert Kirk of the
town of Itevelstoko, B.C., acting ns agent for
J,8 C Craser, faq., Kree .Miners Cortiflcate
No. it;.-;to,ind MaiK-aret a, KiMui.Kroo Minor's
CertiOi ite No. B88W8, intond, rixty days from
lhe dale hereof, to apply to the Mining BO'
cuni'T f"r a Cortlfloato of Improvements, for
tin* pun-oao of obtaining a Orown Grant of the
above claim,
And further take nmlcc that action, undoi*
Motion 17. uiu-i be commenced b.-foru the ISBU*
uiu*. uf mcfa « ertillcute of Improvement*.
Dated thin -Jith duy of September, A.D., 1000,
nov81 J. A. kihk.
i> days after date 1 intend to apply to the
1 hlef t ommlaslonorof Lands and Works for a
speoial license U) cut and carry nwuy timber
from the following dowriuod lands in Ww
Kootenay district:
Commencing »t a post markod "If. H. Banks'
north we-t corner," and plan ted at the south-
Went corner Of Timber Limit No. 0143, at Oat
ena Hay, running ninth (o chnlni or to post
No. 7043, thenoe we-t fli chains or to post No,
•f013,thence wutli W 'hains, thence east a
chaini, thence north mi chnius, thonce west flu
; chain- to place uf commencement
Dated this 19th October. 1000.
A beautiful variety of styles in these goods just in stock from the
best manufacturer of Knit Goods in Canada. These are comfortable and durable, just the thing for the cold winter coming.
Ladies' Golfers in Norfolk Blouse, and Eton Styles.
See Our Wool Kimonas.
These arc some ol the prettiest goods ever shown here, and what
is more comfortable to wear than one of these, and defy the cold
winter winds.    Ladies, we ask you to look at these.
Childrens' Sweaters.
Children's Sweaters, buttoned on the shoulder and Buster Hrown
Styles.   These goods are here at last and waiting for the little
tots.    Bring the children here and let us try one on them.
MEN S WESOUT AND PLAIN SWEATERS- in Rovelstoke colors as well .is odd colors
A big variety of Toques, Sashes, Gloves,  Mills and Infants' Knit ('..mils.
."*-.  ,t.  it, .-1*1  .t< .t.  rt.  ,t| it, , h tt, ,-t". ,"1",   *  ,
I       ———■—■———■
*•$♦ You will shortly have to get your Xmas Presents
ready to send across thc water, This year wc have
the swellest line of Xmas Cards, Calendars, Souvenir Mountain and Local View Books already for
mailing. Come in and sec them before you
§ Cenada Drug & Book Co., Ltd., Revelstoke, BC.J^
MiKai.-Tho.mas— At St, Andrew's
Church on the 2Cth inst., by the
Rev. W. C. Colder, Kenneth G. .lie-
R e lo Mollie T.Thomas, ol Vernon.
Wednesday, Nov. 28—For 2-1 hours:
Light winds, cloudy, with possible
snow and fog.
Temperature: Max. 42 (leg., min. 14
 ..» .	
Local and General.
The Selkirk Ljdge, No. 12,1.O.O.F.,
will meet iu Selkirk Hull every Thursday 8 p in.
J. Parsons, late of the Imperial
Bank start' of this city, has joined the
staff ol the Northern Bank at Victoria,
J. Kernaghan, of Salmon .Vrm, is
making arrangements for the construction of a new mill whicli will
start operations belore the snow disappears.
Many applications for the post of
janitor fur the schools have been received aud the city clerk has announced that Thomas Steed has been
As an evidence of the interest taken
in the Y.M.C.A. in Canada, the City
council of Moose Jaw have given free
lighting aud water tu their local
The annual meeting of the Hookey
Gun will take place tomorrow (Thursday) evening, promptly at 7 IIU in the
Y.M.C.A. All intending players
should be present.
TL'.- Nelson-Bruce Operatic company
have arranged witn R, Tapping to play
at Afrowhead on Friday, Nov 30th,
thus giving that town an opportunity
t   ti-.- ,. good show.
Dr. Whyte, of Westminster, will
conduct the service iu tlie Y.M.C.A.
on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 and will
take as the subject of his address
" The Four Mechanics."
The nomination of ollicers of the
Gold Range Lodge, No. 25, Knights of
Pythias, ior the ensuing term, will be
held this evening and it is hoped that
the attendance ol members will be
supt. T. Kilpatrlok, is litting oul
sereral suites oi rooms over the Red
i'r -, Drug store ami when completed
should lorm very desirable r.-siilentiii!
flats. Messrs. Kincaid ainl Anderson
have the management,
Skating has been Ireely indulged in
, by some ..-f the energetic youth uf our
city and many could be seen on Sunday afternoon dutng the "outside I dg.-
mii the ice below lln- wing dam mi till
(' M.-iilua.
,!. Kv.tn-. '4 Salmon Arm, tin - nte -
prising butcher wbo m- recenl y
Op. mil   .p ..  Ir-l-i-m.-s   11 - nt   in il i- I
in partni nhip «ii!i .1.1. Wo -Imi 11
this city, will shortly establish u
branch business in Kamloops
At the recent insurance commission
nt Ottawa, there were presented .ictmil
statements in regard to the order ul
the Woodmen ol tne World, li was
shown mat then- were assets amounl
ing to 1167,294, showing a deficiency
by calculation ol $869,820.
The English Mechanic and Wu l!
ol Science, a copy ol which we have
just received, iB ne ol the latest nud
most up-to-date magazines devoted to
mechanics nnd Inventive science tlmt
is published, mid is one which should
apjieal tn all Canadians,
Messrs. K. K, Fleeter and J. A.
Darragh, well known in Revelstoke,
hold options on extensive timber lands
and mineral properties in Nevada niul
other parts ol the states. They are
also interested in tlie Kimoloa Mining
and Development Co., who own properties in Mexico. The Health Fnnn
at Los Angeies, Cal , it resort Ior cun-
lUmptlvM in tl Is-iiilifiiHy situated iH
alsu represented by ihu linn, whu
ban- their otfioel in the handsome
Grusse building at Los Angeles, Cal.
Why do you bake your own luvad
when wc can deliver it tu you fresh
Irom the oven every day. There is
none better, il any as good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment of Cakes and
Pastry on hand.
Quality and workmanship A 1,
The jury found Conductor Most,
Engineer Galnauer and Brakeman
Woodward responsible for the recent
Baltimore & Ohio train wreck, and all
three were charged with manslaughter.
The official death list resulting from
the wreck is sixty-one.
We are pleased to sec that the city
is beginning to realize that the lighting ol the main streets is a very
important factor of civic administration. The oro light at the Imperial
Bank corner is a welcome institution
nnd now our business centre nt night
will ho doubly attractive, Let us hope
a few mure arcs will go up.
"Take time by the forelock." We
of the present day arc more favored
thun will be those of the future for we
are the pioneers ol this rich heritage
ot opportunities. We enn tube our
pick and choice of the Iiest that the
country affords and mnke larger and
often quioker profits than will be tin-
case iu the luture.
The C. P. It. have placed at the disposal ol the wandering Hindoos, now
in Kevelstoke. two cars, when- they
(.-an now get shelter nnd warmth, Tins
was the only thing tlwt could be done
since house accommodation oannot Ingot for them in town. These cms are
adjoining those occupied by tbe
Hindoos employed by the railway
Miss Queenie MoCoy, n soprano
well known in music circles in the
province, will sing in the Knox church
on Tuesday evening next, Dec. 4th
Miss McCoy bus a voico of run- power
and sweetness, and has created u favorable impression wherever she has
sung she will be assisted by local
Insurance in the city lias been very
busy nf Inii- and meeting with oonstd-
erabli success in the city Messrs
Kincaid iV Anderson, agents lor the
i'u..i-i an disutility & Boiler Insurance Ci . reporl a  1 irge   inci *
l-ii-iti- -- ti, th ii special direction, * hi
panj li -. .-. jusl published .. neat
ami wi-i! g-.i up list ol paid claims.
Tl.ii ] --ii; i.i-i - certainly n novelty
in the line  I id ertisin ■
Now tii.ii iln- snow lias arrived, a
uord of cnu   n tor thi   merchants in
i ii- ■■.t. - ia)  i   n - i iu regard i-
ki epinjj tin i ii- ...i.kr clear and as
i... ■- in dun'emus ico patches, is
possible II the snow and ice is allowed
to accumulate in rugged heaps aroui -I
your dourwaps il lorms t greal danger
I, Hi" liinbs ill yuur customers. A
neat appearance at your doorw i) idd
I., the attractiveness ol tho stores,
Now is youe opportunity! Subscribe
(or the MAIL-HERALD and the NEW
IDEA $2.50, for a whole year for the
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Remember the Scottish concert in
tho Opera Hou-e on St. Andrew's
Night, Friday, Nov. 30. Tlie best
looal talent has been enlisted, a feature being the Scotch Reel and the
Reel of Tullocl).
J. 1), Swanson received the unanimous nominatios lor liberal candidate
on Monday last at Kamloos. Twenty-
nine delegates attended the convention. Only two placeo were not represented. Over twenty delegates wore
supporters ol Dr. M. H. Wade lor nomination, the remainder favoring Mayor
Gordon. Mr. Wade's nomination
threatened a continuance of the breach
in the Liberal ranks in the city and a
proposal to unite on Mr. Swanson was
accepted by Mr. Wade and his friends,
thuB effecting unanimity for tbe first
time since Senator Bostock's election
in 1806,
Business Locals.
Skates sharpened at -lin:. each.
Lawrence Hardware Cm
Wall Papers, Curtain Pules and
fixtures.   C. li. Hume ii Co.
.lust received—Small consignment
if grain led pork—Evans A Woodrow.
We are offering special bargains in
I'apesir. carpets,    C. 11 Hume .<c Co.
Send iii yuur orders early f ir some
ol our delicious grain (ed pork—Evans
& Woodrow,
Linoleums, lloor oil cioth and .lap-
it..-.- matting, .. choice, line C B.
Hume A- i
An up-to-date stock ol ..    ki   la  ol
-- . - >nd ranges for «    I and coa
Lawrence H irdware Co.
.- me lainty little .Japanea'- jardi
mi-:- - iml odd piece* of furniture at
Howson's furniture store
Layer Raisins,  in   1   Ib   packages
........ best |... •„-,....    i
!!. Hume ■  i -i
-        i r _•■ ■■ ,n glasi  jars   Vleen
iketsa   : - . -    ,   m      ci -
fresh in.   (! li. Hume *• I
it. Walker's  hot b isl       iti  -
gum! stove lor littli money     i    . ■•■
.ill  the go  this   winti i
Hard., ire Co.
m   -!''-   table   nl   China  ami
jlasi   ■■  fm  Friday and  Baturda)
. ii ,  edc Co,
gel   hi   Cms        elties in
lapii    io i bin i gold engi .ve I  glass-
•ii..   I muni painted  Liniogi
II Iliiiin     '
\   -i-'- -mi...I mal mm ii.i make i
i ■ in im ii-  Xmas present.   Robl
ll twson'a furniture store is the placo
■'■' 'hem.
We Imve thousand i ni beautiful!)
.iinil XmatTbosks to  chi use  from
we will fix tin-in up for mailing  for
you ui. ilm Banada Drug v Hi .k Co.
Store nn First street, neai C P ii
track, io runt, highly suitable loi
insurance office, Ipply to John E.
Wood, iln- Furniture Store,
Foi I
rs j-ct.terd.iy, h lug put outside iln
uites ! Skates!! Skates!!! Now
': just arriving. Try n pair of
iiiiiiiii skates, light and durable,
re.'tce Hardware Cu.
rite to Riverside Nurserie', Grand
ts, for free descriptive cntiiogue of
e grown,     Ihr,fly,    acclimatised
t.ees ami ornamentals,
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
li the senior bisketlinll series a
league has been funned with 40 men
in line, Eight men were selected as
captains, viz., Latham, Eaton, Hope,
Wu. id land, Kerfo-t, Spring, Milne and
Fisher, The draw Inr players was
iniiile and Ihe following schedule will
lm run tiff, fiiinniencing Saturday,
He*. 1st:
(a) Milne v, Kerfoot, 8.15.
(b) Hope v. Fisher, 9,15.
Dec. 8--(c) Latham v, Woodland, 816.
"     (d) Etiliiii v, Spiine, 11.15.
Dec, 16—Fisher v. Hope, 8.15,
'•     Kerfuot v. Millie, 0.15.
Deo, 20—Spring v, Eaton, 8.16,
"     Woodland v. Latham, 0.15,
.Ian. 10—(c) Winneriiv. winnerb, 8.15
"      (0       "   cv.      "   d, 11.16.
Jan. 17—Winner e v. winner f, fl 15,
Tlie physical director will referee
the games, and opposite captains will
for nn umpire.
An entry fee of 25c. will bo asked
from each player; winners to receive
individual prizes. The eight captains
nre constituted a cuinniittee to deal
with any questions which may arise.
The use of gymnasium floor may be
had tor team practice by arrangement
with the physical director.
Return games arc drawn in the first
round, giving each team two chances.
Total points ou the round to count.
On the second round sudden death
games will be in order. This season's
Canadian rules to govern play.
I  unnsxmas is uommg!
Stand on u chair and you
can iilmust see it. IIuw
abuut those presents you
have to make up. We have
everything thai you need
for Fancy work. We hnve
some Special   Bargains in
China Silk
27 inches, for 40c. per yard,
20-inch lor 20c. per yard,
just what you need lor Pin
Cushions, Sachet Bugs, etc
These silks ire ot the best
quality and .no very pretty.
Wo ask you to inspect them
il you are looking for something really good.
Is the best in town. We
are always getting in new
patterns and keep our stock
well up,
We want to get those all
out of lhe way before our
Christinas Goods have to bc
displayed, so you cnu have
your choice ol any in tho
store ut
Make a most acceptable
Xmas gilt and we huve n
"dandy" assortment at very
low prices. Our souvenir
ol Revelstoke has had n
large sale and we have a
new lot, that .till not Inst
long. We have everything
you need to make up the
Cushions. Pretty frilla, 4J
yards long, worked in colors,
only 75 ols. each. Ribbon
Frills, Conl and Tassels at
35c, OOo. and If 1.00 each.
Cushion Forms, filled with
softest Down, or Cotton
tilled, iii.dnll colore in material fur backs,
A   Solid Oak   Cabinet of Table Silverware
valued at $ioo, will be given away to the holder of
the LUCKY NUMBER on DEC. 31st, 1906.
A Coupon, giving one chance with every 25 Cent
Purchase of goods at our Store,
Coupons will be given on all accounts paid before
that date.
We have a fine stock of Xmas goods.   Call and
see them.
P.lfaim, - Zed Cross Drug Store
Everybody knows tbey can always
expect the newest tilings in Xmas
cards and c. lend -i rs at lhe Canada
Drug Sture on tho corner. Come and
see. Come in and see the assortment
before you choose.
Don't forgot we have a special handsome souvenir Xmas calendar made
up ol Ilevelstoke vfews, nicely boxed,
for mailing only, 50 cents each a!, the
Canada Drug £ Book Co., Kevelstoke.
Certificate of Improvements
Silrer Bell Mineral Claim, situate ia the Rev-
- ■-..    vi .. ng DlTislou o( Went Km>tenny
■- *
■".'■■■-■ . •■.     Keystone Mountain
. * - ■  Lica that li James J Woodrow, F.M.C.
■   ,,--i   igent for Alei  W. Mclm-wli. F.M.
Ia    Johnson. F H.l    IMI7I. «uri
*  h A ihoi  r M i   So BSW4I. Intend,
'•".■ii iti« Jnto ti«r«of, tn npply to I he
'■', ■ ii * for 11 ertlfleate or Improve-
a en e purpose o( obtaining s ' rown
Grant <■' the lime claim
1 tt tKKfl notice that action, onder
. ■ be a ri nen< fl before iho tail'
' -*"•*, i fir nti**) nf IiiipfvornaiitR.
MCJ day of October Lp   1006
F10H H \l-K   A now Piano, pobI $275
will nnil for 9200.   Belling iaroe
■ nf leaving town    Apply to
I  I*  Baku ".mi, Third Btrapt
LADIES—Foi- dressmaking and sewing for children, fancy goods nnd
notions, see Miss Maslisn, opposite
Windsor lloti-1.
ANTED-Two first-class Oarpen
ters,  Apply to E, 0. Fromey.
WAj\TD—Girl for general house
work for lamlly of three; good
wages—Mrs. Theu.T, Ludgate, Arrowhead, a c. tt
r-iOR SALE-Medium sized base
J; burner coal stove, only used one
year, apply to F, C. Manninu, Oity.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Cms. Murphy.      Uaromi Fibhkr,
--   ,-j ...^_^_ ■'—~.     '-----■    .   -,,., ^ ,..,,;.,■). ..,;;. m***j[*
It is high time lor you to be thinking
and acting on this matter. SEE OUR
lines for this purpose. Revelstoke
View Calendars, Souvenir Spoons,
Brooches, Hat Pins, etc, Ideal Waterman's Fountain Pens, I-1.50 tn $14.00.
'l ITi ial **» 'Ti'nT. A A A. i't1. A A A A A A A A i't*. A A .♦. .*♦. ,'i*. A 1'
7 ■+' ■4.' 'JJ.1 *Jff 'J' *qp 0? <ip '.J,' '.J,1 "$,* 'J' W W1JW W t^l t,J11^1 IJ.I IJIIJI IJ.I JJ,i 15
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from-
M1T1 il*. i't, i't, Ai A, A, At {t, if. tti iti .1*. .fr, ,1*i i*fr, ,***, ii*, A it, it, .*h ,*
14,114,' IJ.I 1^,1 IJ.I IJ,' IJ.I IJI 1,1,11^1 IJI 1,^1 1^, 1^1 IJ,I IJI l,|< I■,!.■,. 1-,, .11 III..
No. 5 Company-
Recruit drill Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Drill Hall at 8 p.m.
By order
H. A. Blown, 0. 0.
Notice is hereby given that 60,days
afler date I intend lo apply to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands k Works for permission lo purchase the following described lands, situated in the Wesl Kootenay
district on the wesl side of Upper Arrow
Lake in the Koslhall Valley: .. ,
Commencing at a posl marked "T, S.
Mcl'herson's south-west corner post,"
planted at tlie north-wesl corner of Lot
862; thence norlli 80 chains, thenceeast
80 chains, thence soulh 80 chains, thence
wesl 80 chains to point of commencement
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 23rd day ol November, 1906.
nov 28 wed      T. S. McPHERSON.
Notice is hereby given Ihal 60 days
afler data I intend lo apply to the Ohiel*
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission to purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the wesl side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commeneing al a posl marked "Robert
Abbie's north-east corner post," planted
at the north-west corner of Lot 862,
Group 1, Kootenay; tlience 80 chains
wesl, tlience 40 chains soutli, llionce 80
chains enst, Ihence 40 eliains nortli to the
poinl of commencemeni, containing 320
acres, mora or less.
Daled the 23rd day of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed       I'er T. S. Mc Person,
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 days
allei; date I intend to apply to the Chief
Com missioner of Laiuls and Works for
permission lo purchase six hundred and
forty acres of land lying in lhc I'ostliall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing 111 a post marked "Russell Nlchol's soiilli-easl corner posl,'
planleil al the nuilti-west corner ot Lot
862, Group I, Kootenay, thence norlli 80
chains, Ibeuce west 80 chains, Ihence
south 80 chains, ihence easl tio chains lo
lhe place of commencemeni, containing
640 acres, more or less.
Dated Ihis 23rd &,\y of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed      1'erT. S, Mcl'herson.
Notice Ib hereby given tlmt (K) days
ufler (Into I intenil to npply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
in tho Foslhnll Valley on the west side
of Upper Arrow Lake, described us
Commencing at n post marked "William Harlow's north-east enroot* post,"
planted ItiO chains westof l...t l.'iTii,
Group I, liootcniiy: thenci* west8(1
ehnins, thence soutn 80 chains, Ihenee
cnsl 80 ohnlns, thence nu.-lh 80cbnins
to lhc place of commencement, containing 840 acrei, mote or less,
Dated this 21th day of November,
nov 'H wed   Per T. S. McPhersou.
Notico is he.ehy given that 00 days
afler date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lnnds &
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
In the Fosthall Valley on the west
side nf Upper Arrow Lake, described
as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "H.
Harlow s north-easl corner post,"
planted 1-10 cliains west of Lot 1670,
Group 1, Kootenay; thenco west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, tlience
east 80 ehnins, tlience north 80 chains
to tl.e place of co.n.nence.nent, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Dated this UUh day of November,
nov 28 wed  Per T. 8, McPhersou,
Nolicc is hereby given thai 6o days
afler date 1 intend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission lo purchase six hundred and forty
acres of land lying in llie Fosthall Valley
on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing at (I posl marked "Frederick Waslibiirne's soulli-easl corner post,"
planlcd 8o chains wesl of llie north-west
comer of Lot 862, Group 1, Kootenay;
thence norlli 80 chains, Ihence west 80
chains, tlience soulh 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to the place ol commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated (his 23rd day of November. 1906.
nov 28 wed      I'er T. S. McPherson.
Pleases every Smoker the " Maroa
MIMI  Frtt|lre j
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Return Engagement
Friday, November 30th
Saturday, Deoember 1st
Prces  - $1.00, 75c.
Beats on sale at Canada
Drug & Book Co'i. Store.


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