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o r. 3 *- c V »
» Vi'/ P     S*J^3     fl    1  *a    p.      U        ;-'--'   *', ^' ,j/°ii!     -
^.siative M^N
*> '*
Vol. 12,-No 146
S     JAh 21 W
We aie Stock-Taking and have a pile of Remnant
Bargains which we are clearing at Bargain Prices. Get
Your Share. _______—_—
Hundreds of samples of Children's Silk Dresses,
Children's Coats, Misses' Coats, Misses' Silk Dresses,
Misses'Serge Dresses, Misses' Wash Dresses.
Ladies'Dresses and Coats. They are ahout Half
Price.   Get Your Share.
Jamaica Disappearing   Money
Specials for Next Week
One table of Assorted Jams, Jellies, Syrups,  Molasses nnd
Ollmi.x Jams and Jellies in 5 lb. Palls, the followiug kinds:
Pear, Plum, Peach, Red Currrnt, Apricot, Apple,  Raspberry and
Java Cnne Syvitp in I quart, hull'gallon nnd 1 gallon lins,
Ontario Honey In 20c. 30e, and 75c, Jars.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A ahipme.it ol these Famous Biscuits just arrived; lure
..re.. lew specials :—Philippines, Brazil, llich Tea,Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Waters, lee
('renin, Chocol.ite and Cocoaiitit Creams, ulso other vari-
. ties, which We would l.e pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Prosiuvcs and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heiirze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Miiiuhilay Sauce
and Tomato Cn'snp.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes. Men's Furnishings. Ready-made Clothing
HALT COAL -The only
Saiisfact.uy Domestic Coal,
for Conk Stove, Heater ur
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and liiich Wood,
any Length,
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Denying lo
nnv pari of tho city,
Furniture Stored at Roson-
able Rates.
Office, McKemio Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       ■      ■       73.
There Are 3 Reasons
why vuu should use
Nairn's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil j
l.-ll. isguni-aiilec.l lo he ul.s.i-
lulely flesh.
2.—It contains .'ill per cent, of
Pure Norway Cud Liver Oil,
which is claimed by no preparatory emulsion of Cod Live. Oil
nn the market.
3,-It ispul up in full pim hollies foi-$1, while iu ordinary kinds ilie $1   bottle
contain tlirec-ipinrters of it
pi nl.
These are lhe reasons which
any user of Emulsion  uf Cod
Liver Oil, call readily see isja
isadecided advantage.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
■ fo
Besides offering Bargains In China nnd other tisolul articles j-
at attractive price.!, we beg to oftll your special attention loa T
"The Kookizer"f
Cooks youi* Breakfast while you sleep. fo
Cooks yonr whole dinner while you piny with baby. fo
Call and let us explain to you all nliout the Kookizer. fo
Made especially  for   liritish   Oclumbla,   Wide Web
Strong and Durable.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves nnd Tinware, Minors', Lumbermen's 9
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., I'lumbing and Tinsniithing.        fo
■T, ,t. tt, it. A. A, .1. .tt it. A, it, At .*!. **t. Ai ,t, .I*. ,1, it. it, ,t, ,t, it, Ai .*!*, ,1.
.n ,11 IM MJ. lv iy i" iv iv iv iv iv iv iv i^t ,v iy iv iv iy i^f ij, iy iv iy iy
1 class lor business men has been
oiganizcd in the V. M.C. A. gym-
nasium, Monday,   WedneBUay  un.l
Friday, Ir    lUil-i to  11:80,   Any
mnn who can spare three-quarters of
an hour from business a couple of
lime? a week wil! Hnd the class snappy,
nnd bright. Lols of fun ulong with
the exercise. There is room for more
men.   Why not come?
Every Sunday alternoon al 8:80
there is a gathering lor men in tlie
To-morrow Hev. .1. 1{. Robertson
.till make n brief talk.
The Bible Study Clttl. moots at JO
it.in. Sunday morning. This is nlso
open tu all men.
work has been done l.y ..
1 pnrtios con
oi -iH-'l. and In tween   toi
ny  and  lh
dnv n[ election the conl.
sl will con
tinue with I-" n  more
vigor.    Th
nominal ions fur the Bevi
Istokc ridii.)
nro us follows:
T. TAYi.nl!,
Proposed by \Y. A.
Seconded hy G, Bn
1 or.
Supported by F.
■' Fullmer,
.1. Lap-pen,
1'',.  I'l'lllli   I'll
li. CALEY.
Proposed by W. M
Seconded Hv \V. 1.
Supported l.y 11. A
. Brown,
.!. M
.1. A
S. Ct
Proposed by 11. C
Seconded hy II, Si.
Supported by li. F.
!'. ,\
The nuininatious clus i
at one p, m
Nomination Day Throughout
for the West-Fatal Collision! the Province-Conservative.
Canada Aids Sufferers- 6.' Liberal and Socialist Candi-
T. P. not Exempt from Taxes'   dates for Revelstoke Riding.
N'l-lW York, Jan. 19.—Tho Abso-|   Today is January 19th, nomination
oiated  Press  to-day confirms The|<biy Ibroughout thc province lor thc
World's tidal   wave  despatch  ofI-t-Pltrooolilnu ploetions, nnd coi   ■
yestonlny,   Wireless report to-.L,     ;'    '"'  ' '<  '   "vincwl   «' ;,:  *
,,,..                 ,    ,, I'm- . nii'ii s liin- loiiitlu nuintull    :
Bays;— Kingston gradually -ink- '                      ,
. *     ,,.,   ,     .                 ■ gnii iie- upper hand .md the Bin    - n
lllg.    V, Intl.-   i llv    I...if   slip   lli!n ,.,,,,,       ,          ,            i
■        • I ■    2nd will hc keenly   ai igi rlv
lav. S.hi I li ,-ule now innlei-  water. .I,
looked lor.
Cousl line going down.   Jamaica ,„  ,||0  ,.        ,
Hay ruined. /
Loxiio.n, .L.n. 19.—One brief
telegram (rom Governor Swetton.
ham nnnnuncing thai Sir James
Ferguson's lui.lv Im.l been found
in tho ruin? of a cigar store, and
milling that no English ollieials
were killed or injured, is as yet,
ibe only  additional  information
i riling tin- Kingston catastrophe
received al the col..ninl olliee ihis
morning. Difficulties in the way
of communiealion with Kingston,
lho constantly growing list o! tho
(load mul injured whiles, tin-knowledge ihal ninny ot them will be
buried alive, and the reports of llie
threatened ongulfnientof iln- ruins
oi ilu- city, enn.Itine io increase ll.e
anxiety of ilu* relatives anil fiicnds
in ihi- country, who are besieging
all tl..- popular sources ..f information in search ..t news. Kv.-n lhe
big business firms operating in
King-lmi arc unable to obtain
replies l-i urgent requests lor details.
L11M...N, Jan. 19.—Tbe Associated Press lenms that exchanges of
cerlain definite proposals between
the United Statesand Great Britain havo reached a rather advanced
stage, su tlmt well informed circles,
believe lhat the approaching meeting between Secretary Root and
Earl Grey, Governor-General of
Canada at Ottawa, will result in
arranging the long pending controversies.
Ottawa, Jan. 19.—In reply to a
question by Dr, Ruche, the Minister of Railways to-day stated that
the Government did nol understand lhat the Grand Trunk Pacific
was entitled to any exemptions
Irom luxation, and had never
heard of that railway claiming
MoXiKii.ti., .Inn. HI—Win. Whyte.
of the C.P.R., is here wilh lhe vein's
estimatts and i- going over them will.
the pn siih-iit for approval, Thero will
be large expenditures in the west this
year and groat quantities of rolling
slock will be purchased. Changes
foreshadowed lor weeks will undoubtedly le made publio in the near
1 lure.
Bi.u,iNi;ii.iM. Jan. 19.—A serious
accident befell lhc Owl train from
Vancouver at 2.26 o'olcck Ihis ... rn
ing. Driving over;. misplaced switoh
the train plunged ho .Hong inlo the
Great Northern roundhouse, killed a
wiper who was working on on engine
which stood iu the wny, and in the
snarl. Engineer Scott was so badly
scalded anil injured internally thai he
will probably die belore night.
Ottawa, Jan. Hi—In view ..[ the
distress and suffering oaused by the
earthquake at Jamaica, it is suid the
('..ni..linn Government mny recom
mend to Parliament ihal substantial
grants he given such as were made
last year in the cise nl the Sun Fran-
olsoo disaster and that the money be
available lor relief work in and about
Kingston with u* little delay us possible,
Y, M. C. A.
QfjS 9
Jeweller Butchered With an Axe
No Clue to Perpetrator of
Awful Crime.
Vehnon, Jan. 18.—Zimmerman,
a jeweller, oi Pentieton, was brutally murdered there soroo time last
Wednesday nighl, being butchered
with an axe. Chief provincial
constable Simmons received tbe
information by telephone late ibis
afternoon from the provincial constable nt Pentieton.
Zimmerman, who was a man
aged 55, bud been ill business at
Pentieton two yeats. lie slept
back of bis shop. Citizens noticed
this morning llmi.ilu-sion- wns nol
opened up as usual an 1 wondered.
This afternoon the provincial constable decided to force an entrance.
In the back room Ziramerm tn was
found with his head crushed in and
a bloody axe lying close by.
Son." twenty watches thai wore
in for repairs nre known lo be
missing, also sonic rings. There is
no clue at present lo the murderer,
Chief Simmons leaves for lhe scene
of the crime in tlio morning,
Will Advancs the Interests of
Revelstoke in Boston and
New York,
Cliuilcs Don t noli 111 an j the discovoror
..f lhe  Ianu.us eiii,-. near Boss Peak
hue lell for a trip east to Boston and
New   York.     Mr.  Doulsohnian, who
has gone to visil several woll known
l.ig gnme hunters, has dono much ex-
cclU-.it work ol recoilt years In the
eastern states and is rosponBlblo for the
very favorable opinion nl sporlsiuon
and hunters iu general, ol the distriot
round  Ilevelstoke und tho wor.dorllll
attraction ol the Deiitsohnian Cavos,
Lust  yenr  Mr, Deulsch....... while in
Boston bud oharge ol the 0, P. II.
exhibits at the Spui'tsmnn's Club in
that, city a,ul made u spocial atlraotlon
of Rovelstoko calling public attention
to tho great futilities for sport ol nil
kinds near here. Mr. Deulsoliinaii
will endeavor again this yenr to »u
advertise Itevolstoko to hunters nnd
sportsmen, and when he returns In
the Bpiing it is hoped thnl, his work
and success will follow hini here.
* *»»
The lowest lide ol  the  year  has
iccuiTcd ut. Puget Sound niul exposed
the oyster beds ol Puget Sound to tin.
cold 11 above zero which was sufficient
to freeze oysters so thnt all me (lend.
New heils will huve lo he planted and
it will be live yeurs bnh.rc the so-culled
Olynipia iiyslcr will again be on the
market. The loss amounts to several
hundred thousand dollars.
H, A, Brown Elected Mayor hy
19 Majority Enthusiastic
Crowd at City Hall waits
Result of General Pollinq.
Thursday wm 11 busy dny in iln- city
ml Uu. ' '11.1. "ii ibe -I..ei" was woll
r.picseiitcil   the ci'iitvil all  wending
1 in ir \i -. mi 1 in .-mm dircolion. '1 he
mi ,1 it ili f. i 1 .till- 1.! ll.e w. I sen
ll.nl i.i:.. -.  I. ..ugh!    ..   I n..'
1 11 ' . 1 1" -|i e mh' um! llie City
llllll   1 • :n 1    1 le-eliliil   un :..iiu.filed
sec .- i.b day will, rigs 1l.1sl1i.1g up at
iiii. rvnli bringing volors in llie poll.
The .-.-.ndi.I..!cs themselvo', espcci illy
ll.o-. I'm- ihe mayoralty woro particularly in 1 -. id.n.co rustling up their
.tippurlers ..ml reminding stray dec-
inr* ni   tiieir   ol.ligati lis   as cili/e.is.
Tiie minis.- 0 up well, over hall the
mi iilhj, having r C'.iileil quire eaily
in Iho alti mi..'.., .....I uln.osl every j
...,,i'ul-i. vole being polled. Between
7 nnd 8 ..'clock 11 lnrge enthusiastic
crowd gathered round lho City II..II
lo Iuin- lhe resull ol the polling,each
slice.-s-1'..l candidate boing cheered ns
lho results hocn.no known
On llm m ij'oi eleel (11. A Brown)
appearing beinro ll.e crowd, he wns
tendered an enthusiastic ovation and
in a lew words thanked the electors
lor ih.ir support, snying that he
would .li vole hi., whole energy for lhe
'enel'.t nnd we fare nt ll.o city and ulso
thai 10 in-y should nol he wauling to
extend tho prosperity ol Rovelstoke,
.'I, ud cheers,) Ue referred to his
go .1 irit nd, John Mel,-oil,saying that
he (MeLe il) dill nol huve the time lo
devote 10 Uie city seeing Ihnt he had
his own Work wilh the C. P. R. und
that il he (Brown) wns in tbo same
position be would nol huve done half
is well.   (Cheers).
The results ul the elections ure very
popular an 1 the citizens of Kevelstoke
hnve done their best. It was recognised thai llie 111nyor.il contest would
'it close and so it proved, nt least com-
pimtively so, although with a larger
majority than lust year when J. Mc-
Leod polled two votes over 11. A.
Brown, Oi 508 voters on the roll, DM)
were recorded ior mayor, Thc elections resulted 111 follows:
High Class Crocerier. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crochnry, Glassware, Etc.
Bou:m\n±] beos.
.■iiiii—mi mum 1 ■■ ■mmii 11. *im»«<
II. A, Brown " 192
,1. McLeod 173
Majority for Brown 19
Spoiled bullets 4.
WARD   !.
.1. .1. Wf ilL.iul 75
Ed. Trimble 87
G.D. Knapp li!)
Spoilid ballots 4
R. Hows 11 02
It, 11. Sawyer 62
F. H. Lewis -IS
H. J.McSorley -17
R. Tapping 21
Spoiled ballots 4.
W.tlll!   111.
.1, Abi'iihnmson H2
J. A. Stono BO
S. MoMahon 48
Spoiled h.lllotS I.
C. .1. An.:..., returning officer, declared II, A. Brown elected mayor; J,
J, Woodland and Ed, Trimble, abler-
men for Ward 1; R, llowson and It,
II. Sawyer, aldermen tor Ward 2; and
,1, Al.r.ih.iiusou nnd ,1. A. Stone, aldermen tor Wnnl :i. ForWard I, 133
voters polled of HIS on lhe roll; for
Ward 2, 111 votes woro casi of 201 011
lhe mil; fm- Wnnl 8, 05 woro oasl of
Hill 1.1 tho roll,
fail ,Ji.& „. ;i,-wU
Two Ricks,   : .ve    ...... :    '
Three Ricks, Hove tin  *& ;'"
Furnace and Stove Coal ■'I'.1 00
Nut  Size, suitable  loi   Sell   Feeders,    Base
Burners nnd Ranges  H "0
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
IVIolsons Bunk Building.
jpj-jjJ, ——.———
QESl ffl Oi Ml
►iUMESLE,..- - M
[j v. mad           I ;- ivealth in. iti      -.:-:i i<
woul 11   t be un. ian   -. '*: ■'
to foil. ,v tbeii '• id by iv tin? in 1 e n.arkel which
we hav  Bel* ted ns 0     ipi IS.. ;
LISTEN     Brand 1 .-euroomd 1   I           treet, two
lots, Imt and ..'Mil water, 1 c 1 .cells    lawn, large
woodshed Buitable torsi ibl ind in fact-every! tc make
a modern, up to-d te dwi lling,
Pricu 32,35.1.   ror.ns S600 Down, Balance on Time,
10    •  " '-■
m - ■
Imperial Bank •       --^a
Head off:.*:  Toronto, Ontario.
Bran.' !
*M .
s;j Capital Subscribed
KM Capita! Paid Up
'   Rciervo F:.:nri
3i.,r,:so,ooo.oo  ' I
Tiuioxtii, Jan, 19 —A high tri!)
uio wns paid in iln- nowspapor
uross of Canada by Mr, A.ILU,
Calhoun, Deputy Minister of Education, in bis address before Hie
I).lighters of iln- Empire at the
Canadian Instiluto, Mr. Colqu-
houn's subject was Tho Press ol the
British Empire, mul be said that
ho considored tho Canadian press
for sincerity, earnestness and unselfishness, to bo easily in ll.e lirsl
rank in tho Empire. The Canadian
press was frank in its expression
of opinion, but intelligent in its
opinions, nnd the spun km* knew 1111
country where public opinion wns
so accurately refleoted in its periodicals. Canadian papers were,
perhaps, less brilliantly written
than tboso ol England, but tbey
wore noaror to lhe life of the
SS      li. It. Wilkik, Presid     : Ho ■      Pn iident.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
S       Savinos Hi i-Aiii--.;.m 11 illotved
i'<y nl    enit, ..:    rate   fl ■                                   and   com-   3
£& pounded half-yearly. g.-
■ffy        Di-i.l'i -*o!.i   ". .liable iu Sii ■■   and £.',,
R*/ E pe.   Special attenl i '                                             psj
M P.euelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager, g
fc,,*; *       mmmffit
K*£AM*~H**m&t J  ■
■ Wil llM—rWiiiiHW 1    ii>
Good City Lots on Easy 'terms
A ; . -ii the market at
preseiu prii • .   i er :-.-    \pply soon
G. M .SPROAT. Real Ltstaie Offiice, Cowan Block.
t"w%V%-*V*%»V%'»*-*%-V-V%%*it»•*.**%'*»%•» *-t*%"V% %*-
1'LACH \'. il
:       i^tEET
I'm \ tt Bt.     J \
I,, . ,,  . .    . I ,    .     ,
British Companies Heavily Interested in Kingston, But
Will not pay Loses.
I...SI...N, Jan. 18.—Tho lire insurance polloies in lamaica affected
through British Companies are said to
aggregate aboul ^.SOO.OOO.    All the
policies, however, ure safeguarded by
an earthquake clause, and n lending
manager who was seen yesterday Baid
that the companies would not recog-
nits nny liability tor diunnges cuiiBCil
by earthqiiuke.
Bargains in Ladies Shoes, regular
if.l and 13,60 valu. now?196,st C.B.
Hume i Co's.
lie- -     i.'-   01 -i on Friday, J.u
j j.'iiIi. iu if -I- • li nlso, will I-e om
of  Hie    ■ -1   ev. 1   givi n in tin eit
B Bid. ■   Misi  Que. uie  McCoy, wit
1 whu... overyon. was delighted at ber
1 in Knox Church, tbo committee  havi   !"• 11 fortunate In securing
Mrs Mi 1 vill.   Parry oi Nelson, one ol
tho  leading so| ranos ol B. C., who
will ri ndi; ion 1 choici selections.
I In- Miiti 1 Blair of Knmlui.ps, will
giie a number ol  Soottish dances to
the music of a piper iu full Highland
Quite a  number oi original selec-
'cn- are also on  tbe programme
which will be out early In the week.
The prices   arc the popular ones ol
76c.   foi   reserve!   -'-.its, mil general
admission  60c,    Tickets ...... now on
sale at the Canada Drug *t Book Co's, 1'    LISH1 i' v, . 1'Msn.tv    ■ ;. SATl'll
;>'.'    .
aSVEliSTOKE, i".:"..
I       •  : .   -    .!
.   -   , -   l-i-' re tie new .- ni cil fuel
:: i- ! op ,1 ihnl these questions which
now.. I. the   ili- ■     y this
will receive tin- '-iff cdiate   ml closest!
.  I. !,-. lie- lienor am! IlldcriUJ
, r
n    Ml', riNG I       llrcs    ,   .'. .: reason
.■ • ... .
l'KI.Ms   L'n payable ii. fitl*.
ORRKSI'OX'OKXl'F li.viUjd uu matters ol
tiubll,  lm.... . M
(or v. i-l 1 j.   uiiiii'.- ul
writ. I. I   '-- irilj  fo   p Ibfii alii ,i. !.';!
•■*... m    ■   -j    .        ,  t'orrt |.on.li-i cc
ljtr.a-.il notices I
nl Insertion.
.". ... S'o.      . [v: lln.. .,:,,;. . nc
-     . .   ....    :      .-.;,.■- 111.
-   ■   .      -. :   per month,
1-   •■.    i . cent,    "!•
MM.     . . [([rtl M:'!     [I'ltll-.
1 , .- 111
..-■■-    .
-.'.   ■
Wai lui. M I" worn, in
ili.   ■ : m
■ !   .... 1... *j1ij- find Kriil.iy (.1
Inter. -I'm;; rep nts c....... Imn.   Bur-
.! uus - i Kperiments in llie public
s in !■ -ariliu tholiroprootqualities
ti ir nted «-.oil.   Thore is to he
S« -■''';:■":,'     '::S:H::;;;*i»,:vacoraoration of the City of
in  ben id nice to ..eq'iil Ihem- ,.,.,.,,„.,,, ,,- sunlc  , -ia| which ' X 1.1
. ■ •
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T I A W A
Parliamentary.   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas, Mcrphy,      Haroi.ii Fisher
REV .. .-
M 1. GU.U*.
Barrister., - !   tur.   El
.Million I.AKK HC
IJ C. I l.l.l"!
■ lv. ■ e j diii.l.ly  i:  is only im     ul I
, vpeel   I!.;.!   lb.- nuw  I-".nl will una
gel   down  I"  wmk   righl  ;.„:,.. nnd
, omplol ■  ilu-  schemes   which   hav
- en -inini Hini m inipnlnted by the
council (luring the pnsl U nn.   Finn
■ -   ., nn uiio  ninl   impartial  judg-
iiii ni nre essential in a civic i.dmliiis-
■ nol only tooutsidecorpoi'iilioiis
■ ul i s| ocinlly in reganl to the city s
wnrk uml dovelcpinent, and fim-e the
citizens  i-i  Revelstoke   havo placed
In h   -I presold .liv. - for Ibis year al
il ■   coi . -11   lahl ■   It -I h g  thai  iln-
- ;.'   :*, ■  I, .si-' ei n d aled will be
■I ! tn n  liuni, delinilc nnd satis-
fnc   i;   head,  il   is   up   lo lho new
b ii rd ! i-'erve tb il eoullil nc i nml
* husin. -s men to seek ill all times to
lu ■ hi im- t .teres!., wcUnro nnd
: | d ■.'"ti "1 llevelstiiko,
Tl.e faculty of enjoying anything
co ues in pari irnin gelling used lo it.
That is especially true of nny lorm ol
democratic government. Municipal
ownership is receiving a great deal ot
attention in British Columbin at the
[iroscnl time, but it bus many opponents, One ef Its weak points is that
p.- pie, in many cases are not accus-
Itoniiil to it. The city ownership ol
i r systems is accepted, because lho
ity has owned il no long and every-
would .. -I cuch Iir,-. Ol nil tl.e to
... .!:n suhniitlrd il was decided ihnl
the lu sl was sulphate ot nn.onia IHI
grains! borate nf sodn, 15 grains; boi-ie
uoid Ifi grains and water l.ntlll gram I
A huge pile oi lire shavings were aol
on lire nud into IJ.i-. wns throw., wood,
kindling and sh.ivincs prepared us
above, When lho lire bud exhausted
ii .oil the impregnated wood nud shavings wore toniid to be simply char.id,
•-■' v !: -! -■:-,-■ ■! oul ii' llamo,
1RVEY, McCARTER :<--.» ■»«■	
AND l'lNKUAM,  |„,,!V expcclsil.  In (net the wnter nnd
  lidi'l sy-t'i. j i Hevelslokc is ono of the
tilings tlmt Imve bellied tbeoityout
Om- 13 :   I.Mll.lil M.   Ham:
Money to loan.
Offices: RevcUloke, R (
ILOCK,    IlKVl../
,-!•.-. II l*.
Bbo. S. McCaktkk,
i. M.   I'lVKIIA'..
Revelstoke, B.C.
,1. A. Il.iifv. v.
For. Steele 11. C.
\f. l. BrlgK".
BAnnisTEiis, Solii ituhs, Etc,
I Mokev to Loan
First Street. Revelsloke, B.C
^^^^^^^^     Ut ]„u)d .Surveyor
Mine Sm'veying
McKexzie Avf.ntk.
Box I".. Revelstoke.
Gbe flftaU*1beralb
"Ii : . . , ■■ i-:.- -;',y .i vise them for
thi Ire I to ■;■ r * h •; iper lo be punctually
B ■:■■■ L ui ked   ipon as u part of
the U i equipage.' -Addison.
SATURDAY, JAN. 19, 1907
The civic elections held on Thursday were a subject ol greater interest,
than ever before in Reeelstoke with
the result that the new municipal
board is made up ol half the old mem-
i ers and ball new aldermen, the latter
serviu in that capacity for tbo first
time. Thee mpleiion "I the council
has i- n * :. ■ what altered. Of thc
ifly three will occupy seats
at tbe tabli this year and the three
new aldermen, one in each ward, have
the confidence ol the people. John I
Abrahamson has been an alderman so
long that he has become familiar with
8 - isidorubly,   Try to sell Hint out
li' in private individuals nnd see whnt
a great thing municipal ownership ul
city  water nnd  light  wiil ut ono-
bcconie.    Tbe   people    would'   nol
countennnce it tor a minute; yet the
city  ownership ot   the   wnter nnd
light system is municipal ownership.
The  mismanagement "f   municipnl
affairs by city officials is the hardosl
obstacle  in  the  way  ol   municipal
ownership of public utilities.   When
, tho city cannot conduct its ordinary
I affairs in a clean business-like manner
it seems dangerous lo pluce the man
agement of  big undertakings in the
same hands.    The new council has
much to do and several very important   questions  to  Like in bund nnd
nuke as good deals ns possible for the
city's good.    The mayor bus it in his
power to change, entirely it mny be,
the line ol  piog.-i Bsion in Hevcstoke
and be  iln.uld at  nil times exercise
liis authoi'itiy with justici and impar-
Utility, devoting   liis   whole time nnd
energy iu seeing tho work ot city improvements effectively  and economically carried out, convince the cili/.ens
that  its officials  are able to handle
such   Important  and   added  dm ies.
such  as a growing municipality ns
Revelstako demands, and the adoption  of entire  municipal ownership
ideas  would  be  much   easier.   Our
electric light plant bus been proved ; ■
be  a   most valuable asset I i the city
and ii properly handled can be made
to  produce  even  more profil
has  dono,    There nre many thing*
which  ii  instituted  in    Revelstoke
would repay the city tor the
ture and ns i wned by tl inicipality
A teaturo ot the pre.enl big ib m nd
tor lie, i.si s ii ihal many limits nro
la ii • tnki ii up, which it would ii l
p..y in log nt present, us the lumber
"; "ii Ihem i- n.a i i .. i|'.nli!y Hull is
nan lid here, ll is evident thai these
buyers ure looking lo tho future, when
Me lint-class timbor Hut is at all
ccessible will bo exhausted, nnd there
till he a demand tor the inferior
gi ides. In il c meantime the holders
f tho limits nre paying rentals into
lho Government revenues nnd nt tl.e
sn.no tun" in their own interest, nre
protecting tho timber from spoliation
in every way that ii is possible for
theni to do E0.
A practical test ot the durability of
iir is to be mado hy the United Stati s
government, in conjunction with thc
Northern Pacilic Railway, 24,000 lies
are to he placed under tho trackage of
the Northern Pacific at n point In-
tween Tacoma and Spokane where a
steep grade, heavy rainfall und lnrge
volume ot traffic tend to shorten the
sei-vi t the timber. Ot the 24,000 new
ties, which nre lieing placed in position
a I liird are being treated with creosote
.....I an equal number are ordinary Iir
trees sens..ned by about two years
drying. Tho remaining portion nre of
green wood just ni il comes from the
forest. The ordinary life of a tie ii
(rom 5 to 7 years. The creosatcd tio
will not rot tor fully 24 years, but il is
ii question ii the mechanical power
will permit tho tie to remain in use
.luring lhc long period,
Financial Statement for the Year 1906
ui i'i..
in i-i
n e-i tin!.
.-. ,-imI to. llie.*	
leel" blceiue.	
biil'ior    "     	
Soutl Tux	
sn!-.-u! ..I.I I'yncil-rllur,
Roltnuii, m : iml'! by
.Hivi-riutiiiil    lo-tinl    nt
Police Courl l-'ini'f	
Accrued Inures., IJebon-
i,iii- "I"	
!•„,■ Tax	
(!o:::clcry Lois	
Int. uu Sinking l-'u'i'ls...
7,nm Ul
77J .'nl
1,11,0 III
11! if.
J'i ,i.l
ill -Jl
2,188 -I'l
77 III
l-.-ii mi
■JS! im
JU! 10
nicr '"..! Light Union
\i la-ius, Insiiilln-
ii,,...--, -...! Tapping
W A X T E I)
all   municipal  methods and   treats
them  with  that degree ol  reverence
that the  public  likes a councillor to,.^_^^_^__
display, I it yel n t t   c. mine himself would largely I- neiit th   .
I Couple of young Indies willing to
j\ slini-esfiiiii- iiiiiii., can procure
board nnd cnnifnrtuhle lodging wilh
...inil family on McKenzie Avenue.
Vpply Mail IIi.iiai.h Offlc.
(7011 SALE -Four full blooded Fox
I1 TeiriciiJ Apply at Union Ilolel
nOUND   A lady's parasol ou Fhsl
I'    Slreel.    Owner may have same
by paying fm  Ihis iidvprtisen.e.il and
proving properly.   R, A   Ul'PKlt,
liOl!  SALE-Magic  Laiitern   ...fl
I'      Sli,le*. nl   f. *;i,-|-iliee. Hill' plll.ll   -
W.   M.   Bilchie,  111 ibnrd   S i.
Vi f"i, !'.. i .
1 flST Al ill" I .IML -I- pul, - i
I i ring with gold nnggel nnd initial.
inside J.H. Fiiulci will receive libeial
reward  by leaving same n!    M in.-
Hl1HAI.ll olllci'
\\7AN1 i'i,.
> I     wni
it ..',■-   Mrs. Then.T, tiidgal     Irnin-
In id, li. i .
TTTANTED-Girl for general
■    .
■ .
■    it v,
Apply'.!       H
llllllllll'l. .III. 1, limi*. »
sin II
Irecli nml Sliletviilki, iii-iv
,'.ISJ .Ml
U] till-- I I -'IIL-i-!* 	
|.,:l 7tt
Ire iiiiya.l,. lo'iii'iitcti. .
,11011 02
X'u.l Fire lliill	
1,"  in
ilt.i 7:1
507 60
"      Firemen
SleoHoi cspcuaei	
I.iii p.
ilcll niul lleillluto	
'J IJ. 17
.-.'liuuls, Idt.ii! lux	
7S llll
■ns (.->
'JS/, SI
.'ypoivrlilug iind lilinu Ity-
■Jll 7,1
it-liillilfiiiioiii-y p.ii.l In cily
28 ,">J
Scnlea, luapocllon (eo	
il III
Mi.tiiiifMiin i-til. iti't.i! Tux
lit. lit,
?rcuiluiiis,clerks' bonus.,
-.'■. nil
I'elopliuiio licn.nl	
81. .V!
jiiii.uu s:i
llt-|,iiyiiiciit en inx linn,
'.nlcrctt nu Tax l.inli.s	
1,312 In
Civic Snlnrlcti   	
2 i7.t UU
Police snliirlua	
2,805 ci.
:i..,..7-.. ill
PoliceUi-iicr.il Expenses.,.
70! in
Repairs ...ul nuil.Uunfliico
$,ii!,ss| 17
ol bollilliiga	
170 llll
i;!,ii'Jii IS
ll,-uiiii Uopiiriincnt 	
Kcpnlra n. let.In .....I in.pie
851 '.fi
7J 7ll
ili uu
bumping ground	
S3 -JU
5.2 li!
■J!S "ll
.'.. l.i
l'uviiii-ii.s tn Firemen
lijti   Ml.
printing inul Sliillonery...
mi tin
101 (ill
I'lisinu-r.*- Keep	
I'll "II
f fill
siiii on
1-cbi'iiinrc Inleresi "A" ...
7"ii tin
■'     "ll",...
"     .•(■"....
lou no
2J.i t,l
ilii'i nn
HKI Iill
"     "11"...
3,112 60
1,000 HO
siiikiinj Fund, licl.cn. "A"
■177 12
"           "           "("'
,,           ,|j„
Ii-i s.i
1-15 lil
Oil J)
211 III
211 11
1 S-IS 78
•MH   i'lU
1'u.ti.ic School
'1'oncl.erstO 860 i»i
Janitor.   510Sn
Sceroliry   Cil un
Inciil'lll'l   ISS 21
l.cpiilrs     21! sli
Fuel         HM M
Suppll™   131 S3
Furi.ii'ro  is.i'..j
lirtft.nils   .17.1 l-'i
 10,001 ul
lllllll Sl 1IO01."
Tcioliori 1,885 00
Janitor      53 no
Furull'ro  251 -m
Allcr'.'i.s mu ii-i
1 iltrnry'  -Jin a*.
Ill'l.l'ill'l   10 :is
Supplloi       3 05
112,708 lil
I t. McltAK, |-!iflirn.nli..
. 11  FI.OVD, Sft-ri'liiry.  1
tVATER.1 l.llillT HI-I'T.
LiRllI |.llllll 	
1,1s-.. 1.2
1,102 ffl
1 in ::;l
Printing nnl sintloner."
7ii !"l
"J tin
ti nter ,-ffilrs ,v mnlntoi
.     iiu.' Jl
1,255 Iii.
i'X, 17
fllil :.ii
i!S» ili
5 IB
are i ii
Wuler ,.n.a!   	
a on
1". toallil >i"t<-rs
.   8,061 711
l:.*i nlr   ind ncivtvnrkon
- ...I n-i
.,,.11, in-],-'-. nl Motors
IIS •'<!
" l-ritiiiiif fttiil Slutit'liory	
■' Toloplt. Henllli	
.' Wnter Ropnlrs..nil ilii uut
'■ Uoner.ilKxlioiiito	
'• Sli.sli Ico	
" BlocliloltopnlHiuulMnlnloni
" Survoya 	
•' li.suri.nco	
•- Wnlor Ileiilnl 	
" llopnlra to Dn...	
" [nspocll. f llnlor-	
rroiu anu LjOss /iccuuni.
    S I,3l:i2ll| Ily Wnler Ilniu*	
.: ;ni
72.It |
•Jiir, 17
iiiiii :,n |
380 .Tt
ti.tiilii hi
:, I'll
iiiii in
JS 1:11
7,139 ftl
118 30
■ Tupping M-iin-	
■ liMtiillfiliiinnutl Fixture* .
* Molor Uuu.*.	
818,801 til
lliiliincoli.i-.ilil)     11,51.1 ll
Sill, 183 7»
Certilieil Correct-1), A. LAWSON, City Auditor.
Jnniiniy 12th. 1907,
130,48.', 7J
II. 1-LliYH,
City Treasurer,
Ik Oeto Of Revelstoke ill
(.'iENTLICMRN:—-Having been nominated lo contest this
Killing, I lug to offer you my host services, nnd to slate that
il elected lo represent you, 1 will do my utmost at all times to
advance the interests of tho Riding.
I believe in clean Government, and Ihnl the party in power
should l.e beyond tho suspicion nf wrong doing.
In Ibe nuiili -r of Pub lie Works, 1 will see Ihnl wo gel, np-
prnpriiitioiiB commensurate wiib the large amount of revenue
wu Imn inlu llm Treasury, nnd suitable lo our extra needs of
roads, (mils, and bridges, mul tbe proper maintenance of same.
1 believe in the return lo a system of Slate Education,
which will allow proper salaries to our School Teachers; will
make provision for lhc up keep of Schools in tin: Rural Dis-
Iriets, and the free distribution of school books, etc.
I will at nil times oppiise (be introduction of the Asiatic
element into our initial, or lho bringing of aliens who cannot
lie.assiiuilutcil, inlo Ibis province.
1 helievo in lho conservation of our lands and other assets
ami will strongly oppose lhc giving the sinue to Corporations,
J believe in the reorganization of tbe Lands Department,
ainl would favor the surveying by Provincial Land Surveyors
of the lands suitable for agriculture or fruit raising, so that
pro] cr information can be given intending settlors; also assistance to settlors in clearing the lund and making tho samo
available at an early dule.
Awaiting the honor of your call, gentlcmon, on the second
of February, 1 beg to subscribe myself,
Vour Obedient Servant,
 131,789 U2
Public Meeting
\W M.P.I'., will address tho Electors on the abovo date
£»: at 8 p. m. Sharp.
,711 78
I 77,501 85
Atlin—I>:  Voung 0 n.
Alberni—Wn. Mai   *  '   n
*,,-      -J M !*]   ;   Lib	
2nd Seat—H  ] nei, Lib	
•:,, | ,-ack-C M ii m, Li
Colombia-W. C. Wi .- Ub..,
Conn-x—L Gi ..."  U
r. .1;.-:.,i -J.X.I ! :
Cranbrook—Dr, King I ib	
Delta—Ji bn Olii
liew.ln.y-i: McBrid.   Con
K-.-iiii'iiii'-1' E Pooh    C ;.
Femie—W R. Il< - '   :-
Grand Forks-Oi     I   -     '' ■>
Qreeus od—J R Bi   ■- Lib,
Itlandi-T.W. Paters. n.L.b.
Kami   p—I - I. Fultoi   Con
Kasb—R F. Oreen.C i
Ullooet-A. McDonald, Con..
tfanaimn-J.  Hawthornthwaite,
[felson—J. Houston, '   n	
Sewca«tle-P. William! Soc.   .
Hew Weitminster-T. Giffoid, (-
Okanagan-P. Ellison, Con	
Revelstoke-T. Taylor, Con	
Ri-hmond-F. I. Carter-Cotton,
Capt.J hn Irving I'll   Bn '- •
|.   y,,r ton Chn Ies Wilson
BALANCii   Current Revenue and Expenditure Account,
r i- k
Rossland-J. A  Maedonald, Lib.
laanich-H.Tanner, Lib. .......
Jimilkameen-L. W. Shatford, Con. .
9keena-C. W. D Clifl -i-l- • on,
glocan-Wra. Davidson, Lilb, Sec
Vanoouver, 1-R-O-Tatlow, Con.
2—0 Wilson. Con	
,,        ;i_.i. K. Oardon, Con,
.. (_\\*. J. Bowser, Con	
6—A.H.B.Macgowan, Con
M     I     ■ ,.
-. \   '
II II ■ -
W. Ilii
,\ il
I-  II Mm
:    *
C I-. I'
W, i; i;
Er ■    .1
E, O, V> ,i n
a. t. McPhilipi
I-'. J Fulton
N..-il F Ma......
A McDonald
In-..- 0 Brian
I. A. Kirkpstri ik
I. B Cain -
I Gill rd   ,....
1'ri  ■ Ellin
II .-. I tiylnr.. .1	
I . I.   Carler-CottonlStuart f.iviir-st
^^^^^^^^ i
.1. A. Maedonald   homo A Campbell   *-■  I-  I'■
H, Tanner  D, M. Ebe ta     .
Smith Curtis      L. W, Shatl rd
It   Kergln    ..     W. R. Lonl	
\ I, Docksteador, Wm, Huntor
I! O, Tatlow	
Dr. G. A McGuire
,1. I-*. Gardon ....
W .1. Bowior
\. II
i* W, M i ro
u C. Well.
I, B Beunetl
.1. N  Ev.ns
I'i Ki .-
Koberi J .rdtni
' 1 ■
Wn. Dicki ■
Herbert Gregi  ■
I.    Nei'-ll
. T, W. Paten -
i. 11 Swanson
John Keen
Mr  Eagli ■ n
II Slu ii .i. I
Hr. ii. A. li Hall
I-  IV Howay
Iir. Maedonald
Robert Caley,
,|J,W, Weari
i lynes, Soi
IV  I  boding
I. II  i! iwlbi fi  ■    i
Phillips, ■ "
p. Willi,  Soc; D. T. Tin    ■
l ,-' Bainey Lob
IV, \\   Leleaux, Soc
[nd. Con.
Gen L. Wink ■
u m David in -
I!, P, McLennan
.1. W 1 tr r. 1-nrii-
,l.i |ge Henderson •
T, I'. Neelands ..'
W.W.B Molnnei
ll, P. Pcttipiccp,     -
,1. II.McVelV, -
"J. II   I lubberly, I I    .
11, M.icgnwiin \  II Stobblngs, Soo, .
I-* Williams, Iml f,ab,
\.., Perry, Ind, Lab
Victoria, 1—R. L. Drury.  Lib.
"      2—W. (.. Cameron, Lib.,
,1-J. D, McNiven, Lib,
1-R. Hall. Lib	
Yale—Stuart Henderson, Lib,   .
Ymir—II. Wright, Cn	
R L. Drury,,,
\\*. c. Cameron
.1. 11. McNiven
R, Hull 	
.Stuart I lender."
J. F, Iluinc .  .
R, MoBride...,
II. B.Tompson
Henry Bohnson
. I'*, linvey	
,., 0 A. Ken.lin.
.1, Sohonold,..,
John Houston, Iml.
• \        -1 .i
.«  in: :,7
ii.il li
1,813 II
'   'Ititi ll
. It,
■   ■
,.   -
i   ■   ■
. ■•  i
.    ■      ■        ■    .
"   ■
"  '
a i
.<  i
' .
12 ,n
hofli ■ \»-'
'in '-, .
',' ,i.-r md I.      i
i   [-.nml (Jrc-iitirli
i ,. ii. k     i i|iilpm(inl
1 ii    ■. tfltn .
Rflcrodtloii fl nl
l iv Hall
i,,,i 1 inns, Rlonh '■''■
fjllloo Pnrnilnra
Toolannd [mplflinoiil
iiulmiHL Aiioti ovof MnMIHloa ,
m M09
llnlnnootlui Comolory Lot
.    ."  ,,"  I-
120 SI
Ml,    ,1
-11,    il
. Ill '
Jill-,,:,:., uh
n    ' II
I.M'l.     ||
MM   M
MM.   12
nlu ir!
1,022 SO
1,131 II
1,800 00
1,180 IS
330 i..
:,:.:. V
(m .'.I
800 in
Winter Carnival
February 124344-15 and 16
|.'ive Grand Trophies and $2,HiH) in pitas,  Two bunds in attendance
UOCKBY—International and lritor-Prov1tioI.il championships,
HNOWBHOEINQ—Championship ol British Oolumnla,
TOBOGGANING—A mile a mlnuto down lho "HIP,"
BK1-ING—liimiiing nnd Raolng,   Championship ol O.uinda.
SKATING RASES—For championship of British Columbia.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Racing, Mnnqneradlug, Tug-of-War and oilier inicresiing evenis.
Reduced railway rales oil all li..'"-      for further particulars apply lo
j, s, C, FRASER, President, E, ADAMS, Sccrelary,
InonriHinilod l.y Acl .! 1'urlln niu.l., 1851,
Wu. Mm.w.N Mai'I'iikiison, I'i.•-. S, II. SWING, Vie.'-I'ie.-..
Jami-.s Ei.i.i.ii', Oenenil Manager.
Capital paid \h\ $3,000,000
Resent:, $3MMQ
Everything In way of banking builnoss transacted without up.
......-s-u.-y delay.
Intoresl credited twlcon year at current rules on Havings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager, •        Rrvklbtoki!, li. C.
i 1
A Girl's First Flight
From Home
/ /~\ OIN'j away to schuol!" What
I -r tlnills of eicllement the
VJI thought gives to the young
girl who ls to mako her Orst
venture Iron) home. Tho great event
looms nil Important. Never before lius
Kathryn or Dora or Margery occupied so prominent a place In the family
circle. She Is quite overwhelmed with
the uin.suii! utter.tlons paid her.
Perhaps she has been a younger
daughter Inured by long habit to made-
overs and hand-ni*-downs which big
listers scorn. There indeed Is the excitement of n whole new trousseau of
her own almost overpowering.
l-'lttlngs-lhut horrible bugbear when
bugo red and yellow plaids which looked bu wel! en dark-halrrd willowy slater
Maude must be readjusted to chunky,
ruddy-locked and Inwardly rebellious
Margery—are a positive delight now
that the little girl has it last been
given a voice In her own wardrobe.
Even haled sewing and long hours
•pent In lu-lping the visiting seamstress
cease to be a drudgery when dainty
lingerie nnd fascinating mill are io be
evolved (ur the adornment oi aweel sixteen, who Is "going uway to school.'
Is any shopping in life ever quite so
(Hilling as that of these next few
weeks, when new shoes and hals, ribbons, gloves and laces, and all sons of
dainty accessories that a girl loves, are
to be bought*.
What if lhe extra dollar Is put on the
piitent dancing pumps, while the sensible, thick-soled walking shoe is pick-
jd up on a bargain counter? Old heads
may shake disapproval, but ll takes
young feet tu dance, and 'hert Is .ime
enough und lo spare for considerations
of utility when years and cure or perhaps "embonpoint," have clogged the
feet, and motion for motion's sake li
no longer a joy.
I.ei .In- Unit- daughter nave her fling,
you mothers who have h.id yours—and
then, perhaps, forgotten It.
lt is ;... j.uxiuus time wn the carefully cherished darling Is tc go out and
ihlft for herself—moro or less Do not
make ll overanxious.
Impress upon her that there are a tew
things thut really count in a woman's
life—truth ami purity and unselfishness
,and henllli. Tell her that without these
a brilliantly .rained mind, a I; cinanng
manner, social charm or business acumen will avail her nolliing. snow her
the value of reilned associations; the
'need of discrimination in making new
friends, the fatal ease wllh which bars
are let down-ilie arduous, often fruit-
Jess, labor to replace them. Tell her
yuur Ideal Margery is u relined. cultivated, good and womanly woman, with
a mind thut has expanded, but not at 'he
expense of her body; with a hear! that
-is loving, and a life that has no hidden
Then let her go. Do not nagi do not
worry. Alter all, our most tenderly
cherished ones must car.e out their own
iMves. Instil principles and their practice is assured.
.Mothers, do you know wherein ls your
greut lack-oftentimes'.' Can you tutuiui
what it is lhat causes the estrangement,
thc indifference, the almost coldness
thai is lelt between you and your child
at a lime when you should be most
closely knit together? Vou have lost
your young heart
Do not expect your daughter to grow
up to vou-keep her age. By and by the
years 'will have sobered and saddened
her too. and you will look al life aime—
bui, unlil it does, do nut fortdaie the
day of woe.
The Hght-heartedness of youth Is
too precious a possession to be lost,
lt goes-all too soon, f.las; do not try
to hasten the going by a single hour.
The triteness of "uld heads on young
shoulders" has overshadowed Ils
truth As far as is In your power make
vour child's young life pleasureful.
13g sympathetic, not critical or disapproving of her youthful happenings They may seem to you trilling,
even slllv and time-wasting, full of
evil portent for future character
bu.lill.ig, but do not. as you valuo
your motherly Influence and wish to
make It enduring, say so.
Do you know thc surest way lo turn
girlish llght-heartednen Into permanent frivolity! lo make the natural
love of pleasure of ;outh that most
despicable thing, lhe pleasure-cravor
of maturity, ...sutt.ib.e in us demand!,
ruthless rn' others in Its achievement!? Forbid lhe legitimate gaieties
anu dear silliness ul "lhe leens."
Innocent pleasure frowned upun assume* undue proportions. If I Is nut
"sneaked" to the ur.er deterioration
of character, It Is cr.ivod with an Intensity  ilm!   is bound   to   bear  un-
^:tx^^ .-^1,1^00,.
are! Vfer' air but typical W
Ion- iej mother! .vhoso daughters
ure entering un n new phnse of life,
one in whicli you will -.ol be thc all-
Importanl (aclor. "gel wise.
The old lies arc tu be luuaelled; see
to il tlmi new ones are formed closer
ami si.o.igi-i und sweeler yet.
Make yuur liiUc girl roallM thai you
,-nli-r Into nil lhat e.ineerns her for good
or III: lhat In nu one *'181* ™n be
found such loving und chummy com-
radeslnp; that advlco when nsked wl
bo given unconsciously, yet helpful
withal; imn her Jolly time! and her
"dumps" win ui.ke und a sympathetic
Thus "HI >'oo "I've "u v*"180 t0 tcar
thai  dreaded drilling  from home t.ei
that haunli every mother's heart at mch
n time, "doing away to ichool  will be
"... .... epliode in life—0 delightful one,
'tis tr.lo-M.iiil .in- llmi s!l..ul.l he ninde
nussiltle Inr ev.-ry girl wli.ise elrouin-
l ,„*„.,.,,!,, imi absolutely forbid, bul an
episode, after ill, lhat will oily ...uke
heme iccm dearer uiul more desirable
thun ever before.
Preventing Colds From
C\NF! nf the i-lil'-i drawl neks it,
1 rlillng n» n regular exercise la
J the danger many women die-
' cover in ii "f heav) colds, ihll
seems almost unavoidable, -is one ls
bound lu gel ovcrhccled, even with n
horse o. gonllcal gall.
Now It is almoit Impoiilble to nvold
chilling when uno H In «" «„c«"'v?
perspiration lhat is very npl to fulluw a
hrlik trot,  Especially if o Ilsmounts
fur .... I.uur or sm, as io [roquoiilly nap.
pens when riillng Iii the country, is tin*
danger aggravated.
It seems n ilty . .-.! any woman
Fl.ii.lld In- deprived of one .,: II... mosl
delightful uui! ii.-iiiil.ml (ormi ol . jier-
clae ilinl "fi" hi i.ili-ii. whon by sliiiht
precautions its onl) disadvantage ma/
(„■ overcome.
It is a well-known fn.-. ti.i.1 if per-
snir...a...  miii   in-  iiiii trliod  it   oil ly
prove! Injurious; therefore, if wo n
,|i,.,,i (... rl.llllB --!'!1 Uill I" vi'-.v. ""U
Will Illll follOW,    l.ll'.hl Wee!        Wll.il to:,I
Fill. nes. ... lho skin i - x"!l--'ii to prevent chilling, foul   H   lln". ihould
Molt won.i-n, iii'i'iii"! al the Idea ol
ii i, warm clotlilm . i irn mli ndvlco
utterly If ih'-v will ""l weni wnnl. ut
|, „.. ':,.. .1.i-n. .'.."if inni'i 111. i. lt.il.lt
on,, nf tin- ciiirihlnullon iuin nl woven
ce. in... Clionii- .- llylo wuli long
Sleevci, lm' reaching Iml lo ihe knuos,
This nlisoibs llie poriplratl.il. aim.
nn woll its wo ml li now generally
wnrn by nt-'si lioriowumon wlm Uke
t'.iinfiir. in riding unlil- i.f.ii imiii ti.e
l.ksi-n.-il danger »l cnld, n il.lrlwnli. .... i
liii.n si.l.-i » 'is n i ii iii-iii-i .-I I
or looking froih nl  ml uf n .mig
ride if Ihls iiiiileri-.'iililiiK ll worn, .is
one rarely perspires through it.
PARIS, '06.
taken kindly to those picturesque creations of the French
milliner that make such Irresistible frames for baby faces will welcome with delight some new derlgna
more fascinating even than their predecessors.
It fs to girls of 4 or i*—still a bit below the cold comfort of a hat—that the
French bonnet- proves a boon, giving,
with a grateful,degree of warmth, all
the plcturesquenefiS that could be desired. And even the severe and cruelly
trying lines of the tiniest baby's cap
have iheir share of French prettlness In
big rosettes of laee at either Bide studded with miniature pink rosebuds.
To fashion a French bonnet Is the
easiest thing in the world if you havo
the least artistic taste, for it Is this that
furnishes the style. How it Is done Is
best told by describing the models pictured.
For the centre bonnet a big fiat nt
cream-white felt is wired In "walls of
troy" fashion, as are all the bonnets
made of fell hats. The wire Is sewed
outside of the brim, because it Is covered
with a ruffle of rich point d'Alencnn lace,
which falls curtain-fashion over tha
The felt shape is fastened with pleats
upon a bandeau of cape net which haa
been fitted to the child's head. The brim
Is cut off in back, where a continuation
of the lace rutlle droops prettily. A
ruchlng of lace covers the bandeau, and
a pretty novelty is shown in ties fashioned of a laco scarf. An unexpected
color note is the bow of black velvet
ribbon on tup, which gives the linal
A simpler affair Is a felt bonnet made
as to foundation In exactly the same
way, excepting that the wiring is dune
Inside lhe brim. Pale blue feit, ..'Ith
liberty satin ribbon to match, is used
here, a big pink ruse holdl each of
the strings on.
One 6f the cutest and most orlgln.il,
as well as simple, styles Is of blue velvet made over a foundation of cape net,
and drawn over the crown uf the head
from ear to ear. There Is a surt uf Napoleonic hat effect got by Its ending at
each aide In great choux of blue chi If on.
It has the usual full ruchlng of lace
finishing tlie back as well as fronl.
This Idea is only pussible for a child
who has an abundance of soft, curly
hair, because of the curious huck, which
describes a broad line, curving slightly
upward from the ear lobes toward the
crown of ihe head—a repetition of tho
line tn Iront.
A clevor treatment for a very broad
face is to turn the many-curved brim
slighiiy backward, and catching it with
big ribbon rosettes. Then be careful lo
arrange the hair in curls to fall aUut
ihe face—this coiffure is prettier for ail
baby faces, and, for thai matter, nearly
always essential with-In a way, -hall
the charm of-Freneh bonnets.    E. D.
rrSnrth fi&by •Banners* ^*-
/«! American Mothers
CHESTNUTS arc becoming much
moro generally used as a vegetable In recenl years. The Ilal Ian
has long recognized their worth
as a nourishing food, but In this ouun-
try we have used them moro ns an
aside as It were.
Boiled,  roasted,   raw  or  In  marrons
nnil Xessolruje pudding, even as a stuffing for fowls, the chestnut Is an old and
tried friend, bin not ......>y realize llio
pun It should play un the dally menu.
When boiled und mushed with butter,
salt and pepper und a little suit thev
form an agreeable change from pola'-
They nre equally good when boiled
nun served whole with llollauda.su
I'or an entree nt a luncheon or dinner,
Chestnuts served in u browned loaf are
as good to eat us thoy ure good looking lo see. The nuts are belled rather
soft—the big French ones are the best
to use lor this purpose—the shells removed. It la even letter lu lnke off ll.e
shells Hrst and cook them In a steamer,
Prepare n rich cream sauce by putting two tablespoonfuls of batter on to
"i.'ii in ti skillet, stirring in a lablespoonful of flour and n.l.llng when smooth a
pint of boiled cream or rich milk. Cook
Uu- milk separately und have .....ro than
Is necessary, so the bauce may be
thinned If found too thick. Season
highly with salt, pepper (cayenne and
black) and a Utile iiulineg. Some people
add a little sherry jusl at the last. Slir
the chestnuts into tne hot Bauce and
pour Immediately Inlo a hollowed loaf
of bread which has been thickly buttered on bom sides and brow.iod In the
ln serving this entree where It ll
not well known, pass It lirst to the
hostess, who cuts through the loaf
und takes a portion of it wilh the
This same mixture may be put Into
roiis. prepared in the same way, or In
cubes of bread, . out live inches eaoh
way, the centre of which has been
taken out before it ts buttered and
GO over silk drop skirts ana silk petticoats every now and thon with a
chan cloth, wrung so hard out of
waier that It's barely moist. It's surprising how much dust the cloth will
take up and how much It udos to the
lite of the skirt.
SOME one has aBserted, as boldly aa
you please, that women are once
more to be blessed (?) with pockets; that the popularity of the ubiquitous vanity bag (which provided a
place for so many toilet indispcnsablea
that it was like a minlaluiu dressing
case) is threatened.
Is lt, or isn't it?
It is certainly true that the more voluminous skirts ma..o such a thing as a
puoket possible, which is more man it
has ucen during these many days. Uut
then, pockets uie buund to gape or Lu
sag so that the seams are disturbed a
little, and even a IKUe counts,
But tin; question agitated suggests
many .' Hither ralher mure amusing une;
Will the pocket uf the future rival the
vanity bag In number and kind uf fur-
nlflhlngs? Will the tiny powder puff,
an inevitable adjunct of the aforesaid
vanity bug, and Its wee mirror be regular inhabitants of the also aforesaid
pucker.' Dame Fashion forbid!
At any rale, many a woman Ib anxiously awaiting the verdict, nine out of
ton of ihem casting their vutes fur the
bag and against tho elusive, awkward
NOT long ago a wealthy Chicago woman announced that
she had solved the much-
vexed question of domusiio
service, She simply engaged three
sets of servants, paid them full wages,
and arranged their duties so that
none was busy moro than eight hours
out uf the twenty-iour, It waa
inertly keeping house un factory principles, she said triumphantly, and she
felt repaid by the smoothness wllh
which the domestic machinery ran,
and by the consciousness mat she
could give a luncheon and a bull 'in
the same day without having to fact,
a kitchen rebellion
Nuw, of course, this arrungemunt,
very delightful lo Mrs, Moiieybaga ia
only within tho reach of a very i'ew,
but there is a suggesvlon about it that
might be useful to those of us to
whom the weekly stipend of ul.u maid
of all work la a consideration.
In almost every locality there aro
several reliable middle-aged women
who have never boon trained to any
special employment, vet who need
money sadly. Let the housekeeper
who has been tilt d by the ■shortcomings of Topsy or Bridget seek one of
the women out aim make her ,,
stralgh for ward     proportion     along
these lines,
"I need someone to assist, me Id my
household duties, and 1 can afford to
pay—so much. If you will come to me
every muruiug at V u'clock, remaining
until li, and again ln the ufteruoun from
four unlll eight, I will be very glad to
have you."
In most small households the middle
of the day Is a slucii time uud cxc.pt
in times uf emergency—when a small
Increase in compensation might be of-
fered-all the heavy wurk uf the house
could be dune in those eight hours, with
u very small amount of friction.
l once stayed in a small Southern city
where troubles with servants were almost unknown The cook usually came
at 7 o'clock In the morning, and left
after she had "cleaned up" after the
early dinner—usually abuut three or
half past In the afternoon. The housemaid tame and went a little later. The
family gut up a picnic supper [or themselves about seven In the evening, sometimes from the cold provisions left in
tic pantry or refrigerator; or, sometimes, when ihe nights were chilly, a
chuilng dish or tiny gas stove were
pressed inio service, but nobody worried
about it.
The bi*'I'*(I dishes were piled up for the
maids to wash In the morning, and It
never occurred  to   them   to  grumble
What May be the
Coward's Solace
HAVE you ever tokened suddenly
in the night an* Mi some one
was trying your dour? if you
have, never will b? forgotten the
tense fear of that moment, when your
heart stood still as the first creak of
the Intruder's success was awaited.
If you have a cowardly soul that forbids a bold raid on nuuiiight invader*—
and it may be said in passing that nine
out of ten women are craving, quaking
cowards when it cun.es to strange sounds
at night-then It behooves you to look
to vour bolts.
Keys are anything but a safeguard,
and even bolts can be cut with unpleasant ease. Occasionally, too, one lands
tn a house where the inhabitants art so
trusting or courageous ihai no fastening
at nil Is In evidence. Then does the
timid woman, having strained her muscles dragging heavy furniture against
the ton hospitable door, retire to a
night of wakefulness and breathless,
fearsome listening for the rubber she's
sure is lurking around.
Sometimes, even, one may go where
Visitants yet mow alarming than robbers are awaited.
Did vou ever pass a night as guest of
the officials of a hospital for the insane9 A mighty pie,.sunt place it is.
usually, for the superintendent's quarters In our big asylums are generally
luxurious and cheerful. It Is ail right,
and you have a beautiful time while
daylight or the evening's gaieties last;
but It gets a trifle creepy when the party
separates for lhe night and you retire
alone to yuur room.
Then, should you by any possibility
find your door unprotected, what a night
. f horror ensues.
Common Sense says "there Is no danger; those poor, afflicted people are lucked !n and guards are stationed in the
corridor." ,   .
"Yes" responds Imagination, but
bars will break, guards grow sleepy and
lunatics are proverbially cunning about
escaping their bonds."
"You're a silly coward," storms Common Sense.
"I mav be; but that does not get me
through' this awful night any sooner,
moans Imagination.
Thus vou lie with eves staring stiffly
Into the dark, ess, fiercely strained cars,
thumping heart and clenched hands
through imermlmble hours of torture-
tortuif as great as if the expected visitor really did come-whtch he never
Now all this nerve-racking bos been
made a thing of the plat by a simple
and rather recent Uttie Invention that
makes one independent n; ii-cks and
It is nothing more tban tw> small
and slender Dleces of steel, wedge
shaped, held together by strong rivets
and crosa bars and furnished with a
thumb screw In th? tfc.ckm Dart This
wedge is merely si.pped under a ant,
the thumb screw is turned tki It Id
firmly caught in wood or carptt, and
there you are.
With this simple, uncomplicated contrivance the coward c-n grow lion-
hearted and defy the most daring
burglar. For no Jimmy can move that
wedge from the outside, nor could a
lunatic open the door beneath which
It rests without rousing the household.
Not only doors are made safe by this
burglar-proof invention, a window,
with it forced between the sashes, cannot be lifted from the outside.
Some women have two little holes
made through the middle of the sashes
of their windows, and a stout nail Is
pushed earn night through both. This
is also a burglar-proof arrangement,
but the wedge has the advantage over
the home-made contrivance. In that It
does not damage the woodwork and
mav be used in any window at any
time or place where one would hesi
tate to pierce a host's hardwood
Another trial of the cowardly Is lhe
dearth of ventilation that is Inevitable.
The reallv timid woman would suffocate
on the hottest night and inhale carbonlo
acid gas indefinitely rather than leave a
bedroom door ajar or a window on a
porch open.
Here again this now Invention Is the
coward's salvation. If slipped under &
door that Is enough open to create a ■
draught, yet not admit a robber, that
door cannot be moved With It a window
may be similarly raised without danger
of being pushed up farther.
As this wedge Is small enough to bo
carried In a pocket or handbag. It Is
particularly useful fur wotren when
[ravelin?, or to give seclusion without
stlfiii'.T at a summer hotel.
Altogether, this Utile burglar defler
should prove a distinct boon to every
coward, be it man or woman.
Individuality Noted in
AS IF individuality hadn't expressed
Itself In enough forms this winter,
It must needs attack hatpins.
Those great amber balls which almost
everybody tuok up with such enthusiasm paved the way very neat I j for
such a happening, but the Individuality
craze has   gone itself one h  *er" since
It has been applied to Hum
Yuur favorite flower, a gay butterfly
(by the way, butterflies are rival I iir peacocks us a jtwelrj faui, yuu; pot stone—
ur color made up Into one of the thousand .and one "jewels" that lasl year
saw manufactured In such profusion,
and this year has found n hundred new
forms wllh which to add to tiiiii profusion—anything and everything is permissible Only It mii.M mean something,
mu. t in some way—esoteric or otherwise-be a key to youi individuality.
- -■■,- ">'^'W,
■■   W WW-
g."nWMcmJroxr.-»M.r»-» \reem
.... f;'"   '
*. ..m'.'-*- -
- ,-j a .^v<Mtg
mm? y- ■" ■
mm}  fftM
9; «.
:,..■     :..mmV^*'V;,<   ' ■.■'*.**■'   '  "
'.«,#     '"■ "   -■
•jAj-J: "4  ib*, j,  *j.
'\ .(*-v;..   "-■''-^♦'fwamr/-*.-
*$■'/!.   '*'■"*.   n1?p\ *'*'''**S*^
WyM*l.&a$^i -   ^-  .'..!'■:-''!-
'A Cheap "Paper Varnished
%n "Attractive faTilry-dresser
Walls of Rou£h White fluster
/it-  Oorotlf)   Tlllll
IK u-fiiis ... n kitchen ihould
pl.ncr he lefl in Iho f'-'igli pi"-
i,, , nt, ,|. ,,r pap. red wlili I
varnished puper On f ll - n- ■
liilin.  illii-n.it'  -
[,;,,„..    l„   (I ||   |   .. .      *■ •   -     ,
ran lie l« iikIU   llhei I.   Ilu or-
stiti" (or II! ii ■ -1 lesi  ind
.... he varnished .ilu-r It Is up, or else
lho regulai glased papoi sold ior klu-li-
.-.11 ...ni baihroomi oan be bought, l'tet-
i\ . ffccli m - had In a kitchen by
I ,i tins the wolli Apple-green ..r lerra
.-,-.., would make s.iractlvc rooms, or,
,l in,, room 'f i- .i Southern mi i, It
I bn pnlnlcd I   --   fluch wnil. ran
 r- ... - .. ■'   ■   .p and wnter. nnd
un- therefore, lho moat tannery to uso.
Tl... walls ln lho oilier lllmlratlon hnvo
been lell 111 tho natural piaster, and
give n lighl, clean effect.
The llu.tr covering ol a kitchen ihould
be cllh.-r of linoleum or of oilcloth,
with strips of carpet, The carpet strips
or runs can be easily Inken up and
shake.., nnd tl.e llnor fan he washed.
The hand-woven ruga nre pretty In a
kitchen, snd. an they in waihable. can
l.e put Inlo the tub each week, II neoos-
sury. Cork carpet is deilgluiul fur a
kitchen lh">r. b»i this Is beyond the
purse Of mltliy of UN.
A ''liol
llgl.l fl.lfl
henllli i
ver • l*.:.lud
no -inl erj.
to It..' nl'
II   Kill
ila .if the In
i. Ito
i.-lr v .,"
. which la
most objectionable.
Often for u small aum a window can
be k.uicked oul uf a wall; and It In well
worth having It dune. A p.ctt, window
lo have Is one high up Ih th. wall und
wide, ll :> ripe, mlly attractive with
small (nines of leaded glass This, if It
hns ., wind' w le.lre, with .. pt-int or two.
,1,1(1*, much to 'he appearance of thl
r'-nm.  i.-lows  the  hen.  em!  .nielli  to
pais oul, and give, light without inking up any apace.
A Mit.tll kitchen la often mure convenient it.an ;t huge one,   It. I-'ral.oe they
i.e  ......ut.-.   Tne chef sit....is in on*
ipo.   Iron, wh,r,  hi t-.tti cook, ptepare
tho food Dn a tjble, reach lua link and
hla cupboard.   Wl ihould arrange the
k.n hen io al lo save us much run,niig
ha k and forth a   .    ill t
tin   •■■.. ,...;.•,, kin hi ii ,..is a lurge
....  ...        i.,.....,,  . i i,,,. room,   . t.o
d.iik j,. fitted Intu thli, and the i Ipei
 r.t il in ug ..,.. celling and
brought ,. ....    , i. ■ :i,,„. * ,j,.-.,v,,,. hti.g
flier, ll . ....ny n .it.-.-st-r built lu
both lln   kitchen and lh.  pantry wlm
Ul.gi :  fs    11 lhe kll....', <iliti pantry
.... .- .,. t, ll .t i   •! , lun lo f il. ■■
t, m   -if, .....ie foi .... - la,
i hi Ives of all hons ihould bi built In
.. m , In ii oi .*,... c. u. those that mu
.ut for use loo., p.uti) with a pii , ,,:
,,,,.■ mm,., ,.,. Iht :i, fl ; ,,. , ; .:, in, ,,r
a lots books, ■■ f. ■ ■ tki or Bent ,   ....      ■ i e ...,   ■ . ilu I...
Th.  curtail     hould b   ol   Itin doited
Swl         -   materia.!    hu. can bu
lecn Ihrough and i-asllj d.  They
 er long, ol .... I    .. -. , ur-
...ins, an-: iho . J hang .-        hi   for .1
sake  of   privacy,    If   Ihey   -.re    ..,..,
enough, th. mi        in I   It out of tin,
window! without having to part .hem
wllh grimy handi,
The furniture .0 a kitchen should bu
.-Imple. I*lu.-re ahould be two or three
aide chairs and a rocker, either ull wood
or w-iil. a cane -■-■..., hut the wooden ones
are moat aervlooable, The tablet should
be square, w.ih one or twu drawers. A
.able is io!.l 111 Uie store, Willi one huge
circular drawer, which reachei nearly
10 .tie ground, This is in.aut fur Hour,
and !s a useful economizer uf apace,
'there are so many clever contrivances
for a kitchen ihnt It would be Impossible to mention them. Must of them are
good, sume are unnecessary, others ure
useless, but the good onci uro well
worth gelling, especially If the l.uuao-
wlle li doing her own work. Ji IMA1^ ii ii^iniii^  inAiiJJ^   IniSNlW   ll U\& u vu/uvmnu!'/   wwwwixiw a uwuv
ii \i!/ii\l      uu \a/uu-jljcjou
Planning  a Wedding
ATA   WO - ■ fa tr.an
|! In   g w. ro
I, and  to
llier hand-
.  .-.
"When ! on :■ .: al! that 1 nov.- Imve
'bu! for the
ill 1 shall do for you.
. n      iggei tl   .- spi nd II as you
pi. ■     mhe.   if  must meet
,..-. nd inl to ■ ou. wed-
A      .      -.-   Idlng had been thought
:     .- Idea was d ed v ... n
 ■ tti in   r. t'< .,:■-..   : ■'■-.   f id. ly
pari the two 'l'ho
first .planned ! .       .    ■■
She had      hu 111. .  mo
■,    v
Present ie nai ol-
i...   wed-
thei pro-
I he     was
marry!. am             -         tmo did
not oj .  -                      ,-i   .very
1-:.:.-.      ■    .   :   : lth. •■   Wai   • X-
pendt !■■ I' per-
wei    ■      ■ .   ki ■ p -iff. as
.    Inti    sht did not
own a or a i ipl um nnd
; .schold linen, every
bit ad   ■-. 1--  bought
with Neither ot
them .    '■. ng about small
it the end of live y.-ari
olvel  li ira   --fl  by
;. i by tho o.-'k of a
mv. :.:■ nc. a ii..,f a littlo
forethou    I i ilgl I   iavi   iui piled
■   -   ;   .:.:.. ;   I,,-.   Wed-
-M , ly    Sh.   decided
upoi     ■    most. f.Mi.ious iiM.n.- affair,
..■-,, tatlon.   to i ..   two families
• |      .      m onda,   ifti rward lending
■ . nt cards   Her . istt-r's ox-
p,..   ■        .   •-, . flu her lhat wedding
present,     u   .eldom be counted upon
,..,<  ,.   pr i •: nl part of furnishing a
I    ■....    ■ \        acted ..-."-:-. fi ;:;■
Hei   -.-.-       . ■-■  dress   was   a slmplo
lite crop.   -Ir-      lue, built so that It
ltd .;   good service after the cere-
,   mm      I!- r     underclothing,     while
; ■ tty and dainty, wa.       of tin- typo
■ • .-ould !■•■ replac.
I wanl always to bt- nblo to hnvo
.. .    ,.  ..,•! ..; thlngi ft.i a wife mat
I am !.m Ing as a bride," sin- explaln-
. ■: ... she carefully made her sclec-
■ mi
Having disposed of tlie Itnportnnt
.--• : if slothing, sh turned In r nt-
..-nliori f - household supplies. Whnt
I er n! ji.-^M.vn* antl chi mlsos lacked
in elegance sin- pul In . hor table
linen. if- r I -'- - ''.-'iiu- wer, miracles
,,; .;,,,.,   lam   ■■:   In i- napkins n do-
 - i . •';..  . ye and touch    sin- laid
-.. :   supply   of   bed linen and
• .... is   an! consulted a relative, re-
• m.,,1 for lor skill a.* n It-- if- .no,
; i th   re   ■■'■■••  Is"( nn' kitchen.
ai: wn*- bough! il.- re still remained .     .mfortahl. llttb sum from
-  .  pat. f ■ .1 cneck, and tit!   she laid
- :• a.    :. ■ mi r"ency fund.
It   fM.-i .*   hardly   necessary   to   afil
that when (hnl girl uml he. husband
ted their wi    - n wedding they
•ere oi    ti   high road   t prosperity,
:„,-.,'   . tis   qui suiii,   of  planning  a
trousseau is n broad on , and thero
arG   , -km .-.-. people who content! that
. ....        ■ band's pli t     ond should
..  his    ■ .-lit. lo supply everything
for ti,- i mm i. uio-   Th j   -mm: thnt ir
: ,t mi .i position tf- furnish lho
'-'..-  , ..il,! uui !„■ allow, ,1 in seek
■ . matt , that, as the wife is tlio
- ,    ..,..      r,   l.e  should   supply   Uie
bi les  - .:  of   whl. li   i' *   I io  is
, .   an i i'.ore i.* a '-:il o! wisdom
un tlf.'l: sh!
Still   i   m    ■   i-  fi  partnt rshlp;  It
'..=, o: ii ougln i - Im -. niutu i! benefit
..,- iv   and  surely  in- ■ ■  seems no
ren-tori 1,-- -:;■>■ r mi mber   I in,- (inn
.  •:,.-..!   Inlo  ;i   empty  handed,    lt  Is
..........   .    . ;   .. .   l ' Blip] ...   '.'.-hnl ho
,     . .-,-.  that  m- if"  ri .mi,  i.iiv  the
f,       ■. I : it do si .: ■ thlni  too,
,-,, , ,m ■   ii.- -.- an many Instances
L gl,    ha    been  tv citing  for
i. - living    nd :. is bei n nble to lay
I ,■   .nough  ;.,:■  bare  neoeusl-
.....   , me from a family
rcumstanccs are bucIi tlmt lt
,.    .  |        ..!.-..■..   f   tht    ' iirly
M-.lii.iu but the must
.. ....  toward  her  preparation
,,. ,■„..     , i| lm| .nam day ol her life.
,  I,    .st M llkt : ies. ii is general-
'.'-,..:.   to bring a lit! Inco
.  .. ... •   ... is no. so much In n lifc-
! ... ,ej saved ..111 do
. . expended lu the
 ily expt nded ... lmuse-
■ knew  :i rich lady, who, unfortu-
, ;.,.'   ,- ,. tht      ii  i   In  has left, has
:,. | .        to m .vi.      ! i that every
...: mntrlmoi j should
,   :;    i to -; ■ ■      Wh. ii t!,e glrla
'.',....     lalntanci wcro lacking that
...    .   . ■       . plea   ml littlo habit
, ■   supplying   it.  If  there  were  only
... - or,   there   would   bc   fewer
Une,,   ,f peri   slty In lhe foreheads of
I m..  -,.-■ I !ect.
People Who  Don't
>-     Like Pets^
DID you ever notice the —:er.or
air with wilt h tl - pen - who
don'l like pi la  ire f
thi Ir i nl ue -  whose ch ic*
**'. friends art clothed in feathers, and
A '  has her good points, of course,
th ■•  remark In a i .ne of pity or con-
tempt, '    il shi m such a 1   I over anl-
I     *      md they g     I   thi     supi     r
-.- m    - ■ .■:   In mi Ing th .1  the)   lln m-
rei   !   .-.:■■■■   f pity I   aun   -  y
I ■       I a pretty .       thing In life,
worth}    I     ntemi    I    luse
thej   re 1. I un I   il -mi i g the
,    .. ■ ■; ore ti !   bc got from
.1       m| in! : Bhl| ol a well-br   ighl ■ ip
edttorla  In a big iper
:        ng sine. h. 1 am o li
the cdlto.   .-.- b   wit! effer
vescing lens     :-:■   wi   iuperloi      i-
,: :m     ii    wai banging .:    ha
,,.-.-.. enta upon
her     .1 when  thei     . te
: f bablei In the world needing at-
t.   Ilo.
n't Mm     adopt a child, 11
, mething to pel ...
,      blng   arg n Sh<        i     no
much owi ■',. r
N .w, It '       -  ia 11
. rived at th. .    n
.    -i     ture bad . ■■
....      '    . • ' •
.:■'.-      ■      ■•      .,
... , »
I a dOg
biscuit,  would pn    .'-        •      .,]
.-    j ...--   ichool ....
t ce. . j
Ir,  iplnsiet         •        tul
, ..'■■...-'.,,
I dog I ft.,.        ,|
lympn          '• ■' .
(loft)      I of a kill
i ... -    f atom I ■                  .-,
,         I l ■! du.y
.   tired that tin    ■ i ■ r
'... !' ' ...'',.
■        ll]       01       -       ■-•'!.-'!
i ere ...
II :  i I
ire not hulli
. '       -  '
There It.
...   ■    ■
jl    .   ...    lhe.
ibi.ol II
free   Iron     I imn
, . ■ ■    • rjnow *■ ■
■ , ■ -
:r  ■ t P"»I
.. -      ■• ■ '■ r
hf-a. i low.   ... yuu, and not
■     -I
. in
I'jn-j rI
LONG   with  the mandate Issu d
by   Paris  that whole ci stumes
are to supplant, to a marked degree,   the  elaborate  tailor   suit
and its accompanying lingerie blouso of
several  seasons  pnst, cornea -a  pretty
fashion  "f matching ue plainer tailor
suits witii a blouse of silk.
The prettiest nf these are embroidered
In self-tones, simpler des gns being used
than characterize the usual blouBQ A
few have othcr colors inir.ulu.vii, but
those best Uked are all in a single mne,
or, at the most, In two tones, the sec-
cfnd a deeper one of tho tirst. or lilm';;
or. if on a very dark blouse, i f a lighter
Bhnde,   On  tho rich, beautiful browns,
for instance, whicli hav ime out in
such profusion ihis fall, two-toned embroidery Is mosl effective, while in gray
-also very good—that in a bIi gle tone, is
'Hie pattern shown wns designed
especially for applying to silk* Almost
any weight silk may in* us-i) foi it,
crepe de chine ami loulslne probably ihe
most satisfactory of ail.
With crepe de chine oi with iliiiin
silk, or those other silks that wash and
wash, it is well to baste them upun
paper, or upon fairly cuurso canvas and
to work straight through.
Very little padding is dune in such
work, except lhat upun crepe do
chine, and then it is done with mercerized cotton of the same color. The usual
embroidery is Mat, on lho order of
Chinese and Japanese work.
Stamping Is probably the hardest part,
simply because tho silk is apt to slip
and give so thnt the pattern stitches
crooked. The besl way is to pin the
silk down i-o a sewing-table or other
flat, hard surface, using plenty of pins
so that it can't slip. Then lay impression paper uver it ami lho pattern on
thu*., using mure pins lo keep lho pa pel
layers smooth, Gu over the design with
a hard pencil.
if the blouse Is lo he light In color,
use the ordinary blnck Impression paper, but for the darker shinies, get
white or light yellow, which often
proves moro satisfactory than while.
On a thin silk, such as china silk
(though such an1 hardly Improved by
embroidery), It is sometimes possible to
true.* the design off almosi as easily us
with handkerchief linen. Kor it use one
uf the white or light-colored crayons
that children love so lo draw with
WiHi tin* design shown, the blouse may
open either in front or back. A pretty
way to make il up Is lo tuck yoke .nd
front piece, letting the embroidery
bound the Iiu .s,
The figures at lhe sides may be i mltted,
and only the lung rounded strips used,
with their Utile vine. And lhe parallel
lines muy be simply outlined r used us
guides for the embroidering of a solid
§_*. .;;■ t .:   without M ■
fl   Mmi 1*"
1    .    . *-:
thi  ■•■ '-rn i'. ■* h irtalns and plcl .-■ i
It Ls nothing  more nur  less  than  a  strong,
light,   J i
thai  livldi
picture wire
I  around  01
up'in thi
b ■        in •         le to serve as a   i >r arm.
Flowers and Fruits in
MAHQU1BETTK In any shape ls
prohably the choices! material
for dressy gowns tho season offers. Cut lor pure bounty and
aili-mc loveliness tlie lluWor und fruit
bordered marquisette has nu rival.
These llnwer and fruit decorations are
much in evidence just nuw, or will be ii
bit later whon the opora is on once
more and society has renewed its mad
it is to be seen In ornaments fur tho
hair; ln deft toucher on wiuiei hats,
where berries and grapes, roses and
hydrangons bid fair lo rival the seemingly moro seasonable breast and wing,
which knew such a wonderlul popularity last winter; in gay lilllu banded
vests for tailor suits; in tho hand embroidery for gowns and waists and in
lancy work.
We may have borrowed the combination from lho arts and craftsmen who
have used it recently with such good effect in china or hammered brass or
woodwork even the newest papers show
traces ul tin; prevailing eruze. However
ii   .iiiii, it is welcomo for Its real Io-jo-
The flower and fruit bordered mar-
q ue ittes p isslbly sin w the beat results
of this new decoration. The silky
tram purency ol thc texture enhances
, ., *y of Uie broad bauds uf soft
colors with which it is primed.
These bunds are from eiyhl to ten
li - a ,.- .-.I arranged that ihey bor-
del the Bklrt several Inches above the
. oil mi 1 :■' j are printed In the soft-
pastel shades, In a shadowy effect nt llowers and fruit, simulating their natural tones, yet blended
into perfect harmony.
the borders are wide and the
designs dashing, there Is nothing loud
these  new marquisettes,
.      :■       * pel;   il is the culorlng, they
have a quiet i li ganco that sho ild com-
me   : * ■ m to women of refined taste in
mi     « ho esi hi w the bizarre
- r     thi    as distiin iiy bud form.
*   ■ '■■ - - m irqum utes   In   black
:   ;.   i.i.■. .-■'. touches of
Ink,  Iavi nder, blue and y< How
pe   and hugi shadowy
flowei ids i  turn  & iy, d*.es it
with  Hi   soft,  bar-
fiad '-'■. blending ol colors  it
ii. * -i satisfying mate-
he white     th a   border   of similar
■ ■ ■.*    ii    li i ;:n   ind   ■ ■ lorlng   was
uui lacked the novelty
Nor could ll be c n p rod
■    ■ itllltj   when m ide
;   ■■ worn on ni.'i'iy
- -   whlti   -. ...i ■
o q iln   "over-
pen   ilii'i
 iy mean*
, . i *.'. ni,
■ :   be '   ■        ■ ;
/                           *.■■-,        ;.*.*■ a
rvon wl its lawn
i ii        i prevail to a
,■. ..]
I   I  h
ipi   a con
.* tone ol
: to a .-■ thai
>■  that is su
■ - ■   n     i *
i     ., t,
li [i*ii uf
it womai    ."
■ * M
'    ■ Igi ■
*.  i* '.- ». thi u [hi
-'■'.'., ie    i-,... , ,.
Potatoes for Pen Cleaners
■  ■    ■
'   ■
■   ■
,   ' ■ ■       '  -   *  I   	
■ ; ■ I II
■      '    I "   , .    ■ ' .'Ml.      ".
■ i  (fli more than yuu d
IWJAV 111! II il-,..-, -it. .-in cruel .,, put n end
down i-i a dally "siiiiii" of lowing, nnd to
r<i*. ever, wllh her until i ho li nn act ompllahod
i,. ->..- -.- mm. If ll does, li hi ono of lite seeming
Clil.-ltlei ihui mnko ynu later only good,
No matter (o whnt station of llfo vou are .
railed, it p-.ya to know how to do things with a
needle! and lhe easiest time of all to be ground-
ed In such work Is when you ure very little.
And, bt'tlili's, there's a certain discipline of
work Ihal la worth whole ..nil thai helps with ,
the mom. more Inevitable ttuki of life.
V  V
-■-■-'   ■■--'*'/*. - m   v     - /, "    '   J(y\y  FOUNDDtS IN CANADA OF
Hind Tailored Garment-, Completely Finished.
Dress Suits $25. $30. $35.
The finest garments made in
And that means
the Enest materials
—the finest tailoring— the linest in
every detail of style,
fit and finish.
I   $25. $30. $35.
McKinnon & Sutherland
the solid satisfaction of our perfect fitting underwear can't
be tempted to vear any but Knit-to-1'it. They know
that money can t buy undergarm nts that are more carefully made—that fit so perfectly—and are so thoroughly
comfortable foi winter wear.
Combination disks
are knit nil ill cue piece to fit the figure frnm neck to
ankle.   '. ■ uie i.i all fabrics from silk to cotton.
.'. lit -. iur dealer lo show you the winter weights and
styles or write us for our dialogue,
P. 0. BOX 12330, MONTREAL
Will Prove More Sustaining
Than Ever if Made From
" BEST" has many imitators, but lew rivals anil
no equals.
" BEST" Flour U milled in Ii. 0., from cnrelullv
selected Western HarJ Wheat, and contains more
gluten, or nutriment, than any Flout tve know ol. For
light, delicious, sustaining luea.l every time, use
Columbia Flouring Milli (o„ ltd.
Kingston Destroyed—Ruin and
Desolation Wide Spread-
Life and.Property Perish in
Quake and Fire.
Kingston, the picturesque capital
of the island of Jamaica, has been
devastated by a violent earthquake,
The first great shock was fell, about
3.30 o'clock Monday alternoon, and as
in tbe San Francisco and Valparaiso
disasters, lliimes immediately sprang
from the wreckage, to carry on the
work ol destruction. Tuesday alternoon the lire was still burning, although it wns believed to be under
The Myrtle Bank hotel, the principal hotel at Kingston, which sheltered
probably tbe great bulk ol the visitors
on the island, is reported destroyed.
The great military hospital was
burned, and forty soldiers are reported
Sir Jimies Ferguson is said to have
been instantly killed, but according to
London reports, no other Englishman,
Canodian or American is believed to
be missing.
The extent of the destruction whicli
h.i9 been wrought in Kingston, a city
which already bears the scars of a
number of disastrous visitations by
lire, earthquakes and cyclones in years
gone by, is still left largely to the
imagination. Tbe city is one ol low-
lying buildings clustered along the
shnres ol the finest and most securely
land-locked harbors in the West
Indies. The population is ubout (10,-
Many steamers carrying tourists to
Jamaica were en route to the island
when the earthquake occurred, but it
so happened that according to schedules none ol the ships Irom Mew Yoik
or Boston were iu Kingston harbor on
Monday afternoon.
London, Jan. 17.—Details ot the
Kingston disaster arc given in one ol
the despatches received here from
Holland Buy, Jan. 15th. According
to this report the whole city shrivelled
up, buildings crashed together and fell
in a crushed mass like egg snells at
the first shock. The business streets
at tbe time were well filled with tourists, who were shopping, and according
to this correspondent, no doubt many
of thein were injured by falling brickwork and were buried in the debris.
Fire broke out at tliree points immediately alter the crash. The fire department station in Sutton street was
wrecked, rendering resistance to the
llames impossible, The conllngration
continued unchecked until Tuesday
morning, by which time ll.e whole
business portion ol Kingston had been
wiped out.
Reports received here Iron. St.
Thomas dir.-et estimate the casualties
nt Kingston at about one thousand
killed; nine thousand persons are
homeless, ami the damage is estimated
at ten million dollars. Concerning
the latter, while the lire insurance
companies here, as cabled yesterday,
repudiate all liability, under the earthquake cause, in their policies, Uwen
Phillips, chfiijnian nf the Kuyal Mail
Steamship company, bad a conference
with the colonial olliee ollicial. this
morning regarding the [immediate
measures t-, be taken fur tbe relief oi
the earthquake sufferers.
The undersigned leaves for China shortly for
seveniI months' holiday,
My premises on First Street I havo routed tu
Qwong Kco for three yeurs und hu iiluno will he
responsible* for all debts ho may incur iu tho
business now carried on by him IQwong Keo).
My Lots I'l, 18, 19, Hlock li, Rovelstoko, uro
for sulo- Intending purchasers muy upply to
Harvey, McCarter & Finkham, who can carry
out ull negotiations for sale of same.
Dated Dec. 31st, 1006.
jan 9  2t
MIKE PAT (Wing Won).
I, William Hamilton, hereby give notice that
it is my intention to apply tothe Board of License Commissioners for the distriot of Rovelstoko, for a transferor my liquor license for the
Hotel Lardeau at Comaplix, to Hussoll M.
ComaplW, B.C., Deo. 12th, 1906.
satdoo 1530d     WILLIAM HAMILTON.
Under   New   Management.
Fint-olai accommodation for travellers.
Best brand., of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built.     Kir.-t-cli.Rs in every respect.    All modern convenience-
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Queens Jtotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek, will find excellent accommodation at this
In th? matter of thfl Estate of Joseph Dunn,
late of BoTststoke, British Colnmbla de
i**»a<»d Iotostate,
3rd '**•' if January, hWi, an Order was granted
appointing George 9 McCarter,Officii- a ;-
mioistrator for u.b Rstelstoki i setori
triot nl thc Count; of Kootenay, to bo A in,.,*. -
trator "f.!,. and ilngolai the estate of the .-aid
NOTICE i- hereby farther riten that all
Twiii.ir- sod other hn dr i lafmi against th*
sstateof the said deceased are required on or
h-flfore the l.'ith diy of February 1901 ui -mni b;
post prepaid ot leilvei *<. tt.-; .*- lei g * -
tbefr Christian and uruatnet, id re ■* ind
descriptions, ilia full psrtienlon of theiri  tin
duly vnriflnd. tlm lUttmenl  of tbfl I
and the natora of the securities, if inj   n I
-n,"i. tail mentioned date tha Wn nl tr ito
irlll proceed to dl tribute the i el ol the ild
deceased amongst the turn.*- entitled thereto
having regard onlj ta i      nl whioh he
the   have   oth a in I I  it the  ild  I
mlniitrator will   not be liable for the is Id
.1 ■ m ■ i,r itiy i.iiri thereof to soy person >i
person of »ho s ■■ i n iol ce hall um bate
beet) received by him at the'lam of rachdU
Dated al Revelstoke, British Columbia, I
ith day of January, a ij. 1901
Jen B 2t Official admlni -tr.ii.-r
Uotlco ij hereby given thai IOdayrfnfterdate
I Intend to applj w tne Honoraoli the l ■ I
Commlsslonor of Landii and Works fora special
license to cui and carry away timber from the
following described lands;
1. Bltnateln the West Kootenay district about
Iflmilesfrora Barton ity, Commenolng it a poit
planted "n the enet aide of Carll ' rei k, thenee
th uiu chaini. thanes east 10 halm tlience
north 160 chalna, tnence weal to * baton to point ol
2. Bituate in the Wail Kootenay dtiti
14 miles frum  Burton City,    Commencing il i
poit planted on the  »eat ild  nf I aril ( ri i k,
thence sontli 160 chains, thence east W chaini,
thenca north leo chains, thence west 10 clialns to
lolnt ol commencement,
.; Commencing at a poit planted on the wesl
Ide ol Cariboo Creek, almut lit miles from Burl m
City, thenco nuiili 160 ohains, thence pu il to
halns, thonee north 160 chains, tbenee west 10
hains to point of commencement.
i,  Commencing at a post planted on thi >ii
Ids of Cariboo Creok, annul II miles from Burton
Clty,thom ostl60 chains, thonce north lOchains,
hence wost ino chains, thence south -in chains to
point of commencement.
*>.  Commencing at a post planted on tho uouth
-uh* of Cariboo (.'melt, almnt / mlloi from Ilnrton
city, bianco Kiiiith 160 chains, thonce west 40
chains, tbonco mirth iti'i chains, thsnes cant-to
huhiN to point of commencement,
0. Commencing at a post plantod on tho east
hank of Cariboo Creok, about r. miles from Burton
city, thence east mi ohains, tlienco north BO
ohalni, tiitim-i went nu ohains, tlionco sontli 80
< h iiu * to point oi commoncement,
Dated 14th day of Septotnuer itxiu.
wetlileoia ;8. ' HARLOW,
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet* Second and Fourth Wednesdays in
oaoh month, ln Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
W. I>. AtlMSTRONG, Con. Com.
II. W, EDWARDS, (.'lork.
F. 0. E.
The regular mootings are bold in tho Selkirk
Hall ovory Tuesday evening at 8 o'cIock. Visit-
inir brethren aro cordially Invited.
H. COOK, Becrbtabv,
Kootenay Lodare No. 15 AF, ft A.M.
Tho regular meat*
iiiki-iiri; held in the
Masonic Temple,
Jdd Fellows Hall.on
the third Monday In
-jacli month at P
p.m. ViHltingbroth-
ron cordially wel
PKOOUNIEH, Skcketakv.
Meets everyThuradav
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cor
dially iiivitod to attend
Gold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
' No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday of
eaoh month, in the Oddfellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock. Vltdtlug
Knlghts.are cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. AS.
H. A. BROWN. M. of F
Deer Heads, Animals, Birds, Fish, Etc,
Animal  Ruga Mounted,
P.O. Box31.
Studio: Cornerof First St. ami Boyle Ave.
Rovelstoke, B.C.
Beauty Unfolded
Eye Delighting
has residence In om* show i-oonis,
will have residence in y.nii- home
it' you need i. Hoot' covering. Ap.
predate the elegance of the designs spread out before you, nnd
hnve n Hi..unlit of yonr pocket
Imi.k. Many real carpet Bargains
are here ready for your choice.
Avail yourself of then.,
R. Howson & Co.
Mrrino run o/icc
Good, >-..'iml. No. 3 Apples at
85c. por It.**, f. ■-. I). Ver.um.
li you are looking for something nice In SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" inr Souvenirs, wo Imve llieni here*.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Look Well! Feel Well!
Do you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We nil know whnt
it fuels like tn lie hot, lo he cold, or to l.i* tired, nml it is
just ns true Hint we nil know ivh.it it feels like to be well
diessed. It feels good, and it's good to I'ei'l good. *t on enn
never I).' well dressed if your clothes nre not ninde by the
right maker,
Get to know we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
nnd you will find what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to bo
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  $15, SI8, and $20.'
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: SI8 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tailoring is our business. We make a man look well
and he knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
Mrs. H. J. Hajbury, Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Larso Diulngrodm Ior
Bant](lets, Slippers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Alice J. Robinson, my wife, having
left ray bed nnd board, I will not be
responsible for any debts incurred by
her on and ufler this 12lh day ol January 1907.
Of Furniture, Real  Estate,
Live   Stock   and    General
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot—50 feet, next the
corner McKenzie Avenue and
Second Street; 7 rooms and
cellar full size of house. Good
business site.
House and Lot on Second Street, 50
feet, one hlock from School
house. Brick, ten rooms with
furnace nnil all modern (plumbing, closets, pa..tries, bi.if.ment,
stone foundation.
Houte and Lot, on corner First street
mul Boyie Avenue, a business
u .rehouse and Lot on Corner Bmelter
Track ,in.l Third Street with
spur to warehouse,
V   ,. I.f.t a.lj.....ing Oity Limits on
Big Bend Komi.   A good st......
t|titirry and lirst. cIhhh grave]
...:.! .and lor liiiililini; purposes,
A good bed ol Brick Clay and
three acres .-!.f,.r.-'l suitable lor
fruit growing,
.-ix l/its In Blook 40,
i.i.e Lot in Block It 50 loot.
1 wo Lota on Eighth St., 100 foot,
Ono Lot, Block 1)7, will, office
Four Lots, Blook 98, 26 foot, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
One Lot, 60loot, on Douglas Street
Hill, Contains goed building, gravel
,ui.| fimil.
A well bred Mure, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon,  two Sets liarneas—(1   -.et   of
driving, 1 iet ol work.
i-'.inn Lnnds in Okantgan.
Interest In good mining property
nud tin.loir limits.
Twenty ncres good land in Nortli
Vancouver—900 per acre.
(l-od Far... lnmls in Buokloy valley.
Four lots iu  lhe town ol  (lolden.
First-class residential property.
(inn (liinie.it lllo.-.k Plant in good
working order with all attachments
For lull particulars apply to
P«« 'JAEGER' Wool
To checkmate llio dishonest use of
lie name of " JAEGER," look for llie
label on each article, ami insist llial
the goods be Invoiced as " JAEGER'
Sblhno Agents in Revklstokb
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Exceptionally busy Summer and Fall .selling has placed
on our hands a large number of second-band pianos and
organs, taken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
RftOH and PIANOLA PIANOS. Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—in Nelson and Kevelstoke-are now comfortably crowded- we've winter shipments on way from
factory, too. These used goods must lie sold, we wish
them to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these unusal
small Uprlalit "Luff A Bonn"
piano, Kiuiii-.il innkn, fl oL'tiivuu,
walnut rami	
"Clnirlim DiivIh" ['iiriKlit Plann
7 octavea, l ft. :> in. In lin-jlit,
Frond] walnut cum', ncrnll front
"Bell" Organ, 6 ft, lii«li, wai*
nm ciikc, r, notavei, i\\ sotfl <>f
roods hhIii-m, In gootl turn.....
"AvIll'A Hmart" Uprlalit Piano
j octavea, i ft. 6 in. Mich, lull
irmi frame, exoollont value at
il-ni  ymirri fur	
"Nugent" Piano, New Vork, J
octavea, elwnlisotl cnao, a kij,"I
"Bell" Plan". Ouelpli, U oo.
tavcri, Imitation Kronen walnut
cum', voneer partially off one end
mllable for nalloi imlgo	
"Huonft tltscfj " Piano, 71
octavea, l ft. 5 in. IiIkIi, HiiIhIuk]
In Kau D'uuiiiK'i iiuiliii|*aiiy,
allghtly uaed Imt good hn new,
wan *fVri*o imi now.Holtlng at	
"Miismi & Hisrli" Piano, taint*
Ujirlglit (Imml, liuuutiful inii-
liu-uatiy ooae, 4 ft.»in. Iiluli, ooae
sliulitlv marrt'il, oUmrwUu fine
cnu■ 1 it imi, Hplmidld ti in'. Wa-.
rtiild fur ir.r.D, Inkn It for	
"Miimiii A ItUoh" Piano, t'p-
ii«lM (iraml 111 Art tinish.'il Inirl
wiilnul ooae, practically nuw,
iniiiu' i-iiintiiimi. iii'tfi'ii i'uie.
Wiih isril), extrtwrdlnary vitlnn at
"Dominion" Organ, wulnut
0080, ."i ft. Iligll,   f.   urtuvi'H,   t\,t
'..'is of reeds, 1 Htopx, Vox lln
miuia, tlruat, ami Oraml or|*an
"Itell" iirijaii, maailvti walnut
ciiHit, Hcndl front, :i huIh of ti'tul-*.
10 ntopa,   liclli hwcIIh,   You'll
llnl lull' (111 Mii.'Wll	
"Doliurty" Organ, lilack walnut <Min with lii'vi'lli'il French
plate mirror, 0 oqtavei, 8 aotn of
ii'.'iIh, in .'iiniii. iiiisw and treble
ciiupl-nri- and knee awella, aplon-
ilnl value ;it Uiisiijjnvi*	
Wo'vo also ft iii.ii.be.' of others. Full list sent upon
r...|.i.-s.. You may iuin in any one of these Instruments
nl lull v.il.i.', ns puillui payment on a new MASON k
BI80H I'lANO, wllhln two years aflei- purchase.
, P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. \
Wholotalo and Rotail Meat Merchants f
I'.irk Packin Md Dialer 'In Un Block.  Mnrkltl In all thi prlnrlpi) 'Clliei uml a
Towns ol AllnrtS, Brlllal. m„........I.i Mil thl Yukon. Packmufthi L'llehriM Bland A
j  "1... orator" Ilu.... and Bseon, snd Sbamrooli llnn.1. Leal l.anl. \
In small or largo Lots, In.... 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Maiakwa
Hns n ii'K.l stii-l; of Qrocerics nnil
.. line nssortoieiii tt! J.p,.ne.-ie China,
Agent for Eevelstoko Fiirminp
Coin puny, grmvers of nil kinds of
Fnnn Proiluio, Ilny and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Manufactured for all olnssosFof buildings
All kinds of lmildiuu and plastering
Halcyon Hot Spring's*
Under the new ti...nii|;ei..Pii( of
Hakhy McIntobii,  Hoffinau   II..use
mill? MEDICAL WATKHS ,-r |l,i-
_L oyon nre the must t-nraiive in the
world, A pe.f.'.l,....tin.il..'....'.ly fnr
all Neivous and Mu-.-uliu- diseases,
Liver, Kidney ..ml K1....1...I. niloients
and Metalli.- Pohnniui;. A inn* eure-
for "That Tired BVi'Tltiir." Special
rates on nil boats .....i li-.iius. Twi.
iiuiils anive and depmi every .Iny.
Telegra h i-oiiiniiiiik-nlloii will, all
uiai-ts of ;,b.. world.
Tebmb- $12 io $\A per ive.-k.   For
further pt.rtleul.irs apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's •
Arrotu LaKc. S. C
Henry's Nurseries
Huadi|iinrlors fur Pacific ('nnst growtl
aud imimrii'il Garden, Flold and
Flower Seeds.
TIkiukuikIs nf Fruit and Omanientnl
Troos, Rhododendrons, Rosoa anil hardy
plants now (irnwinf on our owu grounds for
huiiri! planting,
No expanse, Iobb nr dolny uf fumigation,
Inspection noroustomsdntiosto pny,
Visitors aro always wolcnmo to inspect
our stuck.
Greenhouse Plants,
('ut Flowers and Floral Doalgns, Fortllizora
Rao Hives and Supplies, Spray Pumps and
Spruj'ini; nintorial.
Nu UKunls ihf'rofnro you havo no commission tn pny.    Our r.ii;iliii:no   idi- ymi
almut it.   Lut mo price yum* list bofore
placing yonr order.
Wo do buslnoRSon our own urounds—no
rout to nay, aud aro prepared to meet nit
com petition. Eastern prices or loss. White
labor,  ('atnloguus Freo.
P. O. Address ami Qreunlioii>es:-3010 Westminster Road. Hriinrh Nurseriesi-South
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in llcef, l'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Uamo in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Crow's Nest
Soft Serened Cual
Sacked if llequlred
$9 per ton delivered
'Phone 65       McKenzie Ave.
That's Royul Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest,
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House denning and
waehlngnroeasy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells ivluit we give Ior
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the-
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Tm"": Furniture t
Johfl E. Wood's Furniture Store \.    Hi lfdi/e (q Givg
,A     up tl7;s
'■ ',$\ Housekeeping
Jj^-T/7 • /if Pone *bfes/7/'/7f
"There's the sweepin'. nn' dustin' nn' elennin';
An' last night a mouse broke frough the door,
An' bit my dear precious Jemima,
So her sawdust bled over the door'
"An' tiie kitten got into the parlor,
Where she sat on my very best chair;
An' the puppy che.v'd Ohrystabel's slipper,
So she hasn't dot any to wear I
"The chimney is most awful wobbly,
So when I'd done washing today,
1 tied lhe clothes line to tho door knob
Of tourse, it wns in Muvvcr's way!
"An' the cook—that's my big wux Eliza—
She told mc—well, what do you s'pose?
She would have to give notice—for cooking
Had melted the end off her nose!
"So if things don't get any better,
An' my fam'ly's no larger next yenr,
I'll hnve to give up this housekeeping,
An' go into apartments, 1 fear."
OUR "counsel together" this week
is wide in its range. Week by
week our territory ts enlarged,
and our sympathies expand in like proportion, taking in women of every ngo
and nationality. We are justly proud
•f our catholicity of feeling and oneness of purpose. I nm proud, too, and
devoutly grateful to Him from whom
ts the Inspiration to every good work
and word, for the gradual, steady
growth of the conviction that there are
dignity and true beauty In the daily
put Ine of household duties. It is not
j'cessary to idealize them by stralnlllf
Uie Imagination, Work, done for love's
aake, ts never homely. The woman who
chases worry from her neighbor's face
by pointing out the, flaw In her bread-
making, which has fretted the husband
and sickened the children's appetites, is
as truly a home missionary as she who
leaves home and domestic tolls to carry
the gospel to Alaska or Oklahoma.
1 never weary of thinking over the
lessons bound up in the legend of Elizabeth of Hungary, whose niggardly husband surprised her on the way to .feed
the starving villagers, and pulled open
the bag she had made of her apron, wllh
an oath and rough demand ns to Its
contents. She had filled It with bread on
leaving home. He found It full of roses.
The miracle Is repeated hourly for the
faithful housemother. What would seem
to a critically scornful eye common nr
unclean has meaning and sweetness for
her. Deep Jnv with which the stranger
and cavifer Intermeddle not Is In her
soul as she performs, one by one, the *
tasks laid to her toil-roughened hands.
"My tout bethought of this:
In Just that very place of His
Where He hath made ami ki-i'pnth you,
Uo-i hath no other work to oo."
How many, besides myself, have been
glad lhat  Adeline Whitney  "bethimgnt
herself" of thnt blessed truth, wu shall
never know on earth.
1 said to her once;   "I -ran sit down
by the weary housewife and sympathise
with her, and so counsel her how to
bear up under her weight of cares. You
fnsten wings to her burdens so lhat she
rises into purer nlr by means of them."
She hns gone lo her reward.   Wo who
are left learn still of her how to grow
strong nnd hopeful through the doing
of the work God has for us to do-
"Tou In your small corner,
And I in mine."
Boiler That "Scums" Clothes.
Two more have a fling at the unfortunate boiler that "scums" clothes, fine
has a reinedv less heroic limn throwing
away the offending utensil:
If "Mrs. P., of H-Miton Harbor, Midi.,"
will clean 'the boiler flioromrhly with c*ml
oil  before using  K.  nml   never  omit (Ids,
the Bcurn will not appear.
.   2,   When ralaiua become rather dry, put
the package In Uio bread hox for a day or
two. and they will bo plump and moist
again. Mra. J. E. '/.. (Denver, Col.).
Some Startling Items
I have rend the letter of the member
wbd lias trouble with ber boiler, and 1 wish
to sny a word lo ber. Galvanized Iron Is
Iron zinced over, and zinc Is a poison. My
husband Is an nld tinner and knows what
he is talking of. Wo would not eat anything cooked in zinc. Nor would we drink
water lhat has stood for any time ln a
ilne-ilned vessel,
I uso granite and porceinln-llned ware
These items may be of service to some of
our number.
M.s. S. C. S. (Sipubcnvllle, Ohio).
Thc "Hems" are somewhat startling,
and call for further Investigation, Will
some nf our excellent chemists oblige us
with an analysis of the zinc hero condemned, and also enlighten us further
with regard to the composition of galvanized iron? Kor the public good tha
matter should he looked into,
"Flat" Butter
Will somo good country wife who ran
make good butter toll me of her m.thod? I
hav,' been making butter for two yeara. but
It Is alwavs "flat." Thai Is. there h no
taste—no iluv.ir in It. Wo huve good pasture (not nil clover) and I have tried to do
Just as I have been told by writers "n the
subject. I never hn.i anybody to teach me
ly word of mouth ur by seeing it dune.
How old muHt the cream be;
IGNORANT 11 (ox bo rough, Pa.),
Heing a countrywoman for half the
year, and a bit fastidious in the matter
of cream and buller, I can answer the
query as to tho ngo of the cream. Tho
sooner It la churned after It Is "lop-
pon-d"-that Is, thick-the better for the
flavor of the butler, Old cream Imparts
a miiHly taste to butter, sometimes a
rancid "twig." 1 leave experienced but*
tar-makers to give you directions for the
nice process from start to finish, Vuu
do not need to be admonished to have
every vessel used In the work perfectly
clean, nnd sterilized by sunning and
scalding.- An lll-ki-pt churn will ruin
the sweetest cream and nullify the most
skilful performance of every other duty
connected with butter making.
I shall nwalt with Interest, not nulte
disinterested, the response of our country housewives.
A Laundry Tragedy
T,nflt   week   my   washerwoman  ruin*"!   ft
beautiful linen gown for me. It was black
and white with a polka dot. That woman
boiled    It    wllh    somo    tidies    that    bad
rod atrlpea In tham, and It nil faded out of
lho tldlffl on to my nice new -hen (town.
What can I do to get tills re.l .lye out nf
my dress? I have tri-d a number of things
bul wilhoul Fuecess.
A  BUBHCniBBR  (Atlanta.  Oa.).
If the linen were not black and white,
I could write confidently as to the cer
tainly of remedying the evil. No all-
WhUe material can be hopelessly stained. The only means I can think of as
of possible use to you were successfully
tried In a similar case In my laundry
some years ugo.
A handsome breakfast cloth, ln the
border of which black and orange were
conspicuous, came out of the wash, as I
thought, ruined beyond redress. The
black and yellow hnd run all over the
while centre of the cluth, and mixed
themselves up confusedly ln thfl border.
My cook-a sensible Englishwoman-
took the ruin In hand. She washed It
qulcklv with borax soap and hot water,
rubbing It vigorously, but not letting il
lie for a second in the tub. Next, she
rinsed it through two clear wafers-
still rapidly-an.l dried it ir, the shade,
where a brisk wind was blowing. With
like expedition the cloth was Ironed. It
emerged from the trial as good as new.
1 have lt still. It has been washed repeatedly without "running" again.
The 'triumphant experimenter says
that pure white soap, and speed,
wrought the cure. You may try them.
1 but tell the simple, true story, Some
member of the Exchange may have a
better way at her call.
Anent Winter Butter
I am sorry ^ bother you. bui I am anxious (o have your opinion Of a few matters.
Ia thera a flavoring eximet for winter
butter to mak.* li   taste like  -summer but-
ter? Something like clover essence* Please
tell me ull you can with regard to it.
U U had lu< k to take the Iiu rae shoe
from abfive the floor when it hns baen thure
[or lome years? And which la ihe right
way to banc If
Doei tha Jeruaalem cherry tree bring good
or bal lui'k to a bouse?
Kindly (five ni." the Virginia anake root
cure for rheumatism.
What li ne;.iini:s? Is It doniflrouaT What
toIII cure It?
M   S, (Cumberland, Md.).
I have heard that anntta and other
harmless dyes are used to Impart tho
rich cream color we look for In pure
butter. 1 make no doubt, in the recollection of the horrible reports of humane and scientific experts touching the
admixture of chemical poisons In food
and confectionery that fill our dally
papers, that what you Intimate Is true.
I know nothing of the clover extract,
and I cannot believe that honest butter-
makers would use It.
If hanging it up brought good luck,
taking It down should reverse the current of fnte.
I cannot answer this query seriously
without speaking my mind with regard
to It and the query Immediately preceding It. In all the universe of God—thfl
all-wise nnd all-mereiful Ruler of every
world and every creature—there Is no
such thing as chance or lu"k or fate.
Call ft by what name you will, the term
dishonors Him and is unworthy of tha
belief of unv intelligent being.
The thought that nailing a horseshoe
above the door of a house tenanted by
God's children, or sticking a bunch of
peacocks feathers behind a looking-
glass, or sitting down thirteen to table,
or wearing opals, or stumbling In
mounting a staircase, or spilling salt,
or killing a spider, or seeing the moon
over the left shoulder, or planting a
dwarf cherry tree, or any one of a hundred other haps and mishaps, could,
would or should change the temporal or
eternal destiny of an Immortal being,
is too absurd to merit sober argument.
Pull down your horseshoe and set out
vour Jerusalem shrub, and give yourself no uneasiness on the score of luck
or disaster. , ,
The root Is macerated In a quart of
old, pure whisky. A double handful of
the root, If It bo fresh, rather more If
dry. Let It stand for a fortnight; stra n
and press nut the strength of the herb.
Dose a lablespoonful taken In water
after ench meal. This ia the formula
sent to me by a doctor. I know no
more of Ingredients and efficacy than
he and other correspondents have tola
"Nephritis is generally known as
"Brlaht's disease?' an exhaustWo diagnosis of the malady having been made
In 1827 by Blchard Bright, an eminent
English physician, il is an affectioni Of
fhe kidneys, curable In lhe acute form,
reckoned as Incurable when chronic.
Wall Paper and Painted Walls
Mak*. P0".,..",   ,, ,.,,, .,!,] one pint "f
siuiirfu owhVuii.u!«"V 4,w,a
St Ml or it w » ifi*. •' y^ an3
bor'of -crapln^^oTO TRIED IT.
Tapered celllngB are coming fast Into
favor among those who cannot afford to
have carved wooden "llfe-protcclnrs.
This Is what one man calls the oaken
celling he had put In his dlnlnc-rimm
nfter the fall of an elaborate construe
Hon of moulded plaster and stucco
scalped his wife nnd nearly killed his
Infani daughter. 11 Is nol a week since
a maid rushed Into my study with the
tale nf lhe downfall of the painted
celling of the laundry, and lho almost
miraculous ".Tape from injury of two
maids who were ironing nt n tnhlr In
the middle of the mom.   A long spell
of rainy weather had weakened the
plaster. In another part of the house
a similar weakening brought down, ten
years agone, nn hundredweight of debris upon abed from which I had arisen
but five minutes before, ln some of our
rooms hardwood has taken the place of
the treacherous mortar. In others, tho
ceilings were covered, first With cheesecloth, then with stout wallpaper. The
combined cloth and paper bind the
plaster in place.
The danger of falling ceilings Is especially to be apprehended In country
houses which are closed for the winter
Crumbs of Information.
Can you use theso bits of useful Information? They are but crumbs, yet thoy
may help somebody.
A small paint brush Is nice for greasing
brtad and cake pans and to (Often with
butter the crust of bread that Is baked too
'I Raw potatoes, scraped nnd bound upon
a burn, are soothing and will draw lhe lire
3, lllml four thicknesses of outline flannel together with tape and put a hanger on
It.     Hung  It  near   tlm  stuve   tn   lift   hot
dlahea with.   It will save hands from burning. ON'K OP US (Mundamin, Iowa).
Your crumbs nrn welcome.  Won't you
send enough to make a loaf?
Art Magazines Asked For
I enclose a pickle recipe, obtained from
a friend sonm yeurs uko. which 1 hnvo re-
paated yearly since securing It. Nearly
every guest who inslea llio ulcklna carries
SWay thi formula:
(iiift cup of rock suit
One cup of dry   niuslurd.
line 1'iijj nf silgiir
■line riiii uf gratod   hon-eradlati.
(inn Ballon of elder vlneiur.
nne i|Uurt of inin wnler
Thus mn ih* oiiiilnul recipe. I modified
It to suit my nei*.In und convenient.) I
line common suit nnd cold bulled wnter.
The 1-rltin In mixed In a fix-gallon alone
rhnrii, titiught I'lpM'SHiy fur tne purpose I
wash tlm Ducumoora,   weight   ihem  down
to keep Ih.'in utld-T the pleklo, nnd In
winter they are ready for thfl table when
they imve been rinsed,
This Is my contribution lo the general
fund of household Information,
Nuw for a regueati I hava a d>*uf sifter
who, ui the ago uf ts, bus become Inlereatefl
in water colore, and Intend* smm to ink"
up china painting, ir possible. Bha devours
ravenously nny iiieraiur.* pertaining tu urt.
I lmvo thought thai  perhaps sunn* of ih*
conatlluflncy muy have maganlnea o( thnt
kind which they would bfl  willing to send
io hor If they bad her address, I enclose it
to he used ut your discretion. 1 um paying for her lessens, ninl  I COllld pnv poaiftgfl
to the minium of ti fur h'l.iks nmi periodicals, hut I should noi like i.i exceed that
■um, imini: puor myaotf.
K. (I W. (New YorV)
Your recipe is novel to me, It may
deserve ilie favorable opinion of those
who have oalon It. 1 am curious to
know nmre of ihe process, Do you scald
the vinegar? And Is not lhe large quan
tity of salt unpleasantly perceptible to
the taste, even after the pickles have
ripened? I ask these questions through
real interest in what vuu have written.
Your address and your sister's are. registered.
Laundering   Painted   Bits.
I have bad much experience In painting
on linen, mualln and similar fahri' i, using
oil paints, und tritlmr turpentine or gaso-
line ns a "vehicle," and applying over blotting paper.
I have washed the articles thus painted
many Uni*'8, and they do not fade in the
least. I think tiie secret lies in letting thorn
get thoroughly dry. and washing them In
warm water
Make a lather with uld white soap, rinse,
nnd dry QUlCkly. They are ironed like
other  pieces.
I hnve just washed a pillow, paint"'! three
months ago, wllh roses and foliate-' It ii
done un white lawn, ft lias '"laundered"
beautifully,   as usual.
1 hope this will be of service to "Mrs.
II. Si. B„" an | havo derived much help
from the Council Table.
J, li. (Coldwaitr. Mich I.
It Is with genuine gratification, not
easily worded, that I note the steady
spread of the spirit of good fellowship
and mutual helpfulness which Is the
very genius of our Exchange. We long
ngo accepted as the expression of this
contagious and generous gluw-"l hnvo
been helped; therefore, 1 help." The
principle h;i8 Its i<"*t very far below the
To Keep Ants at Bay
Another letter laid to my hand today
Is from the f.ir Souih:
For thn Information of "M 0. it. E.." l/t
nie say that General J"s<«ph J^hnst-n'*
"Nirnrtlvo" mav be obtained by wriiin-t to
"s   a   1'unniiiuhuin. Confederals veteran,
NiiHlivilb-.   Tniii."
2 K tboso suffering from corni. bunions,
tic, would npplv common Uklnt; s - !a to
the nllllcted puns, they wou     get
dial**  relief.    Uumpen   lhe   n-dii  mil   wrap
the too wiih llm or cotton, ovei thi sods
3. To thoia troubled with onti Wrap
ft bit of Kum camphor In i cloth and dr p
In the can or barrel of sugar, and no ant
will venture in Lay it alia m tha shelves
of Ho- pantry and other placea frequented
by ants.
I Tu k-ji thi- tlm t* lublera * If of tail"
nml uiu uf Bates; Plasolve a small <*;uan-
twv uf .- irr -.*-•■ lubllmata m al hi, nut
paint tin* legi of the furniture with It So
Inioct «iii ■ ro«a ii You will notice that
I ilv.i In a tropical climate and know rK.me-
thlng aboul Inan ' peats
W, J. B. (Cocnanut Grove, Fia.i.
I wish the friendly masculine contributor had told us how big a hit I f gum
camphor will keep the ants at bay, without scenting thc sugar Into uneaiable*
ness. And would It not affect the taste
of food kept in the pantry If laid on the
shelves? Camphor Is highly volatile and
The hint anent palntlnjr the legs of ta-
blos and sates '-''inmi'iids itself at once
to ihe housekeeper.
(i •*I*'E1.1. Young Housekeeper of
19" to get a cake of yeast
foam and dissolve it in half a
cup of warm water. Have read j a
quart of warm waler iu which potatoes have be/an boiled, mix Into it the
dissolved yeast, add half a cupful uf
sugar and' let the compound rise until it is light. It will foam high, looking liko soap suds It is then ready
for use Save a little for Hit* next
baking, i'i.1 inn more sugar ami potato water. I have this 'starter' made
thn'o years ago, and it is good still.
"1 set it at noon, and at bed time I
mix the bread. It is beautifully light
by morning In summer I use cold
water for mixing bread 'Young
Housekeeper of 19' may write me If
Bhe would like to know more of thi
"Mrs. V. IT' (West Kails, N. Y.)
Kidneys a la Creole.
IA West In Uan ri-clpe )
Wash and skin lamb kidneys, dry
them and leave on Ice. Wiih a sharp
knife cut Into neat dice two small onions, a carrot, a green pepper that has
been scalded and allowed to cnni, and
a firm large tomato, Heat to a bubble
a great spoonful of butier in .i frying pan. add the minced vegetables and
cook for five minutes after the conttnts
begin to boil anew 'Ihen add a tart
apple cut Into die-.', season with salt.
paprika, and a lablespoonful (scant) of
curry powder. Stir Into a cupful of
good stock a tablesi nful of browned
flour and cook logelher, stirring to prevent lumping until tiie slock thickens.
If you have no stork, use hot waler.
When yuu have done this, rut the kidneys into small pieces, fry for three
minutes In hot butter, and add lo the
heated vegetables Boil up -nice, add
th" thickened slock and simmer all logelher live minutes bofure serving
Mrs Ilundle. (Alexandria, Virginia.)
Stuffed Peppers.
Cut the peppers In half, remove the
seeds with care, not touching the sides
with them, and lay ilo* halved shells in
boiling water. Let them gel cold In the
Water, then drain dry and set on h*e
, until you are ready to cook tljem.
They sh iuld be firm and In good shape,
Stuff each half with a well-seasoned
mlhce of cold chicken or lamb, made
soft with gravy and mixed with one-
third as much boiled rice, or bread
crumb--, or cold cooked green corn, as
you have meat. Hound the forcemeat
on top, arrange the shells in a bake-
dlsh. pour a cupful of gravy about them
and bake, covered, for half an hour,
then brown lightly.
Peppers stuff- d with cold fish are
nice. You may vary the recipe given
above by filling them with green corn,
boiled, cut from the cob and seasoned
with butter, pepper and salt.
They make a delicious vegetable entree
Codfish and Cheese Sauce.
Cut a neat square or oblong of codfish; lay in salt and water for half an
hour, wipe dry and rub all over with
melted butter and lemon juice. In the
bottom of your baking pan, under the.
grating and just not touching the fish,
have a cupful of veal stock or weak
gravy, strained. 1'epper and salt tha
fish; cover and bake ten minutes to the
pound. Take up then and sift dry, fine
crumbs thickly all over It. Put dots of
butter on these Set In the oven, uncovered, to brown while you strain tho
gravy from the pan. Thicken with butter rolled In browned flour, add the juic-f-
of half a lemon, four tablespoonfuls of
grated Parmesan cheese and a little
onion juice. Poll one minute, pour a few
spoonfuls carefully upon the fish, lh»
rest Into a boat.
Quince Marmaladb
(By Request)
Pare, core and slice the quinces, stew-
Ing the skins, cores and seeds In a vessel by themselves, with Just enough
water to cover them. When .this has
simmered long enough to extract all tha
flavor, and lhe parings are broken to
pieces, strain "ff the water through a
thick cloth. Put the quinces Into lhe
preserving kettle when ihis waler Is al-
mosl cold, pour It over them and boll,
stirring and mashing the fruit wiib a
wooden s ti ns it becomes s-.ft    The
Juice of tw.i oranges to every three
pounds of the fruit imparts an agreeable
When you have reduced all to a
smooth paste, stir in a scant three-quarters of a pound of sugar for every pound
of fruit, boil ten minutes more, stirring
const ■' tl) Take off. and when cool put
Info imaII jars, with brandied papers
ovp* them,
(Hy  Request)
Soak four ounces ,of pulverized gum
arable in a teacupful ol cold water for
two hours, Put into a double boiler
wiih cold water in the outer vessel and
bring gradually to tin* scalding point.
When the gum is dissolved, strain
through coarse muslin, return to the
double boiler with a heaping cupful Of
powdered sugar, and stir steadily until
the* mixture Is white and stiff. Remove
from the fire, beat very hard fnr a minute and flavor with vanilla; beat a minute longer and pour Inlo tins, the In-
sides of Which have been rubbed with
cornstarch. When the paste Is cool, cut
Into squares of uniform size nnd turn
each of .hose o/er and over in a mlx-
ture made of three parts cornstarch
and one part powdered sugnr. Keep
parked in a tin box until wanted, Of
they soon dry if exposed to the air.    j Is
SHE.-is n't wanted-SHE cant take
(\ hint. there are lot^ of others
who cant takg a hint there are
people Who viill take Your Watch or
To Take is advice
/f* T^Ou-ft «.«.{£
/^? *#r _^/
i ■
Mountain Lumbermen's Association Eiecl Officers—Small
Raise Made in Price oi
Cheap Lumber.
The Mountain Lumbermen's Aran
ci.iiinii mi't :n minimi '* n\.-iiti 11 on
Wednesday nioruiug in llio board ol
"trade rooms, Nelson, niul remained in
j session .villi ii briel iulerval (nr luuch-
i-un up (ill 5 o'clock in llio nllorno. n,
Tlio Imiii mills wore represented by
C. F. I.iiiiliinirk, Revelitoko Lumber
Cm ;T. Ludgsto, liig Bond Lumber Co.;
0. I.iioliiiiiinil, Lamb Watson Lumber
Co.; ffiil \V. Hobcrison, Bowman Lum
bor (*..
'lh.. officers eleoted lor the .vuu
wero: 1". Lund, (Crow s Nest Lnmbir
Co.) piui.U-ni ;T. Liidguta, Arrowhead,
vloo-presidcnt] George Wells, Nelson,
ronialning ns Eeorelary.
Tbo business accomplished was the
raising ol lho price ol some .-( tlio
cheaper guides ol lumber 50 cent, pi-i
thousand leet, This, ii isoxplni- id,
i* n ly in equalisation nl prices .-ml
Micro ii nut likely lo In n. y furl-her
raise lm* s uno lime. The lumbermen
il:BCiis*-cd at como length th" advis-
uhility nl ntlraoting labor in Iron, the
tnsl .....1 Irom Groat Britain and Iron.
BciludiluU'lll by getting cbeipci* .'..lis
I'..: such hn.iiigrft.iis an.l also lhc
vi.luu i.i au dvi-rtis ng canipnign iu
♦ Europe il tl"' pru.peots before this
province so i.s to atiraot a desirable
class ol settler.-, tho industry being
much b nipi'iul in its development
by (he lack ol a propor supply of lab r.
Great Engineering Undertaken
Along Route of Grand Pacific
,    Railway in Province of Quebec.
Qdecec. .lm. 17.—A in.nil cr nf
engineers and nicnil" is of the stuff
engaged on ll.e construction of the
new transcontinental railway fnnn
Quebec to La Tuque speak favorably
ui the progress made on the work.
The heavioBi Inbor, according to their
account, is in tne districts approach-
i .g La Tuque, where ruck cutting is
an immense undertaking and is
cini.il un will, the liberal aid uf
dynamite nnd powder.
Speaking of the iiumcsc plant
necessary in some places, one of the
engineers said that preparations were
i.ii.de to overthrow the side of the
mountain into Lnke Muskelsey, ut tl e
head ol the Arch river, near La Tuque
belore be left, that would inquire an
enormous amount ol dynamite and
powder, A turn el was ninde to a
depth oi sixty-two feet into the .noun
tain and six tons - i lyna uile and 4'JO
0 kegs ol powder, lho latter wiighiug
twenty-lire pou:.ds .nch. were deposited in ib ■ excavation to be let oft' hy
iiieans of elcotriciiy.
Interesting Lecture by A. 0.
Wheeler, of the Alpine Club.
Referring to Aithur 0. Wheeler's
illustrated lecture on the ' Wondors ol
|,he Rookies," given inTi.ronl" n few
days ago, lhc. Toronto Gl be says;—
" Tho wonder-world ol thn Canadian Bookies und of the rjcikirks, with
their inexhaustible enchantment ol
bueuio grandeur, una deeor.bed in a
rarely Interesting illustrated lecture
given to a huge audience in the auditorium ul the University chemical
building by Arthur 0, Wheeler, presi
dent ol the Alpine Club u! Canada.
y Mr. Winder, win. has   himself con-
nuered over Lid mountain peaks, is
the moving spirit of tho new club,
which aims at a membership of over
one thousand in tlie nenr future, and
is doing much lo mako tbe Rookies
the national playgiound lu all Canadian lovois of nature in its most
beautiful and majestic terms, His
rdinnrks about the work of tho club
and the awe-inspiring and varied
scenic resources of ll.e mountains
were illustrated with many unique
and exquisite views taken during bin
course of climbing expeditions in
Britisli Columbin, The difficulties
surmounted by the Alpine club in
nsoendlng tho Vice-President lust
Buinmor wiib portrayed in a  reninrk-
I.I.I..series ol photographs, and Ibo
program llio laid out for the coming
(...minor1*, wink wan also pictured on
the screen.
"At Home," Open House, Tuesday,
J..... 22ml, under (be auspice ol the
Ladles Auxiliary ol the  Brotherhood
to ol Iiiiilniad Trainmen,    Tlokots $2
'v per couple, oxtm l.uly 76o.
Nolhlng bolter titan Our "Speoial,
Threo 20 1. C-nlury Brand Ovi r-
0 tils ht*:. Kegnliir ils Vibe, now
lfl0.76.   C 15, Iiim. & Cu., I Id.
Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Denier in Wuud, Coal and Feed.
I'hf.re 71. House Phone 7
Nn.ii-i-i, li,-.-.'i.)-Kiu-iiil,-ii 30 ilnyi nltor dato
1 itiii-iiil iiMi|.]ih lo llio Cliltif r.itiiiiii.*-iiiii'-i-ii!
Un.li .....| works i.it-ft -I'-fifti lit-i-iitfi- local
un! carry away tlmtor Irom llio followtiiB
.l,'.*..-i-i!t.-tl m-ojicrty ilt.ii.to.1 on I'lslier Crook
...mt. ring In. it. I.-- I..-..-1 oIiAilami I. .In,- it. i l.o
Dlilrict ■» Lillooet, H.C:
I. Commencing at fi nt.it |iliuiti.>il on tlio neat
tank nl Flihor I'r.ek, Mou.li I'urk, ..I.....I Ii.ni-
miles frou, .1 .lama Lako rowkml "A. Mot!o....cll*a
S.Y.. corner," rimninir SO cluilna irulli, tlienc. su
fltailts ut.... ill-tit-.- 80 .-li.-iiii* il<irlll,.tllcni ■
.-li,mh* onal i ,., .itn ol comment-on I
•:. Conn... ii.-itm .il i. in,*, plantei! on tlio ivcal
lunik of Ksli.tr Creek, ioii.li fork, innrkeil "A. He
('uim-il, N. W. coiner," nliout fuur mllei frnm
Vilama Uko, uiiiii....-.*.. chalna aoutl.,llienee8U
chalna caat. thence so clialna north, tlionco sn
chaina ivea. .ii|ioilitnf ciuinicnccmont.
ii ' ...tinii'tii itt-j t.t -i poll planted on the well
luiikofl-'Wicr Creek, South Fork, ahoul Uro ...Ilea
Iro... Adorns hake, marked "A. Mcuonncll'a N I!.
c.n-.cr. Limit .mi. :i I'l.lier ('it'I;,' running 80
i-i ...ii- si.ii.lt. so chalna ..eat,80 chaina north, SO
.In it,ifi*. i.ipli I commencement.
I 1'uinnicnelng ft. :i poll planted nn the wort
tank of l-'lihc.' reck, Smith l-'ork, iilionl llvu ...ilea
Iron. Adams Lake, markoil "A. .McCtiilinll*»N.W.
corner, Limit No, I." .-.limine 80 rhalna south,
thenco SO chains east, theuco -.-. chains uortli,
th. ..co S - cluilna m-t fn placo ol nt. nrvuiuiit.
5, Coiiinipnrine.lt n |)ost planlcd on the .veal
1 ink oll-'lsher Crock, Soulh |..i':..■..,.,,:. all ...Ilea
(.., , lihiins Lako, murked "A  - ...ell   N ;:.
ihalns west, BO chains north, H) i-lia! itt to
plane... commencement,
ii.  Commenrlng ft. a post planted on the ivost
i- uk of l-Mi.-i i'ft'..k. Siiii.l. F. rk.nl t six ..,.!<•*
f■.-i>. a.i.uiis Lnke, marked 'A Mc(Jonnoll*a N.u*.
comer, limit No. 0," ru ...Ina sit ehalus south, 60
chains .-..-., 80 ohalna north, 80ehuins well to
phicool i-imiut, iii-t'iiii-itl.
January 6.I., 1007.
\()TH'-- 1Ui"UL*
UWX1UIJ   !     , ,i,i..,Mt...   -i     N.-llrui lou   s      i   liI.iyjiill.LTd.it..
:-..--■■■      " ■    . .„n,.,M,..i.. ..111 Mi-!.-:. I) f i-'-s   ..nm.!   ...ii i "I
. I.l.f.l.l   ...   al-J.ly ."Hi1 ■■     ■ • ..,.,.,        i        ,   „   ,|, (.,.,   ...   ,    .     I.MM   ,,..;    .1 f   j     pffciiil  Imm
Uomn.l -i■ .- ■ -: : , -.,...     mWr Imm Ilu-lull     '    dun       I    nd nrrj -mm. In..!  I l ho .- II win     ■
st.i.l ll. |.f.-!!.' ' ■        .:;....    |     ,|   .    ,,„ ,.    ..-■.,..;; .-r    •	
i„.|, ty.,1    U.vl               i                                                                                                               ii-i     Illll.-..i ■" '  m fl   f  -'   pillttll'il ft! In1' -i- llll'
1    .-■,;.,,,i. 11      ;'   -     ■ ■     '    - !""»,    '     ."'    ..      .     .   ' IV. .'i-til-l Ilu-   UH 'I »   -1'   mm' MM	
f    .. '. ■ ' "' '■ -   . ,     ;.:„.,.MM'M-f ■-. li ll-;:..." 'a
, , Ins .., ■:.,'   ■    .or."i ,."•, I 	
A. .
.uti*.. iinf
il'„..u   f.'.'f- '•"..-   '..<-..
■ i."!.' ■   - ■■ ■   ■ '*..,:,
.. , ::.   : . '■■:•'
i i-oinnicnolni!  .1   ,'        marked '• It.II.       >;" B"rtl' <     !; ''  '    i'  >:' ■ ' ' ,;!"-     *
llullingsivprtl.'s foiitl.onsl    ■- n  ucoj   .
nt-i -Jn i-ii.ii.i-f.ni.nl. Jn .-imi. - v..--. Cii.-hfiiii*,    :>   Cnuinienclng at  ..   |i.»l markoil   .irum.     |.,iu..l Nuvoinhor Mad, 100(1.
uortli 10 chains, ens. 1 IDi-liiuns, south "J chains,        ...hi   Timhci-s 1,1.1 nli-iu-i rornerii.nl,
oast 20 chains south III chnlm     plus   ol t tin- ! ■ S Limit," |ilniitcdoii snutli botiuilni-y of No, I
 ,„,. .,1 I, i. .   1. '.. i mi!-   m mm if fin!, thence snutli SO
;. Co... if-mm: ii a posl plnntod ..toil :■'. flmlni, Ihenco ens.  -    i-lial.ia.tiiei.ee. n.t.c.80
nrd» soulh Iron, tho wont end ol Keillor Land,  --  '..-  nee wesl Be .-halns to point of  ■
...firl.nl '*«*. II. HollliiBswortl.'B   ..orllHiost   iii nconient.
corner," tlionco onst8-i ohnlns, noulli 8..chnius,     I...U.I-Ji-t li •...!.•-•., HM).
ivost 80 chains, north 80 chains to place ol ooiu-     a.  Cummencing ..I ;. posl  marked ' BrlLb.li
lunlhln Thnhers Ltd.. north-ivost coruor post
Dafod Oot. 21, IM.
I Conimenclng ut a post plnuted ahoul!, a
..lilt- norlh til .In. moutb ol Cooler Cr. ek where
i. iii... inl.. Barnes Creok, nud marked "W. 11
Hollingsworth's north-onsl cur...-.-," thenco
south in chnlni, wesl 101 chains, nonh in
chains, onal mi chains to pointol commencement. ,      ...
,i. Commencing ol;. i".-i nlantcl nboulM
iui.,- .iuiiii li-'iin il,-' inoulliol I'mmi-iiit-ii
where it rum inlo Uar.ici. reck, and marked
"W, II. Ilolllngsworth'i south ow. corner."
thenco uorth 10 chains, wet Hi- chains, south
I., ehalm -. ISO chnlni to place o comin ■in-fiiii-iii.
Dated "Jet. "Olh, I!"-'.
t. eomincnulng .t" ft poll planted iil).-ul i nf
ii ....It- auuth-eas! "i ii-i end nl llursli Lake,
marked "W, .1. Hulll.isswurlh*s norlli-cast
corner," tlienco south I chains, wesl ll!-l
.-liiiins, inn iii i ii hains, im-i iiiiMi.i.iii. -ii pi i-
o( coinmcuoomeiit.
;  t.......in ,-iii-j- a!;. posl ili in! aboul i ,.i a
inlln .-i.-i nl .ui i-u! iiiiii in it south i .imi
Shmli Uko, marked --'..II, llii.liuiisivorlh'a
nortli-cwl corner," lho .cc so ill. loch - . wi-i
IDitfliiiin*. north m chuius, mul lwjchulns lo
pluce of couiniencomi nt. I,.
Unlcl Oct. iilli, in ii, I,
S Ing "I f liiwtph -I .'.".'.I *-'""
uirila fron. ll.o south sldo anil  , .on! ini--.i-.iy
.,. li filler Lake, nuu-keil "IV. H.ll.ill   . worth's | jl'
tiiirili-v.i-sL conier," thenco -<    '
oust 110 chuina, north GO chnlns,
Nn 81.in.lt, phnlo.1 nl Un- soutl.-wcat corner nl
Nm -j I.':,:1.. Llionce aouih sn chains, thenco .ft-.
so chain,, thence .!„il!i SO i-hnina, theuce wosl -.n
ilniu. ... imiili ofcomiiieliceinent,
Dated I..-L-.-Jiih.injo.
4. Cominonchis at n pusl markod ' llrlUsh
Columbia limbers 1,1.1., north-wit corner put.
X... i Limit." plant.-., at ll.o ioutli-m.il curuer uf
Timber Limit .*.'". UIO, thoncu nontli 80 chain.,
Ihoiicu west su chuina, tlionco north 80 clialna,
tlience ens. ^" clialna to pointol commencement.
,-..  Coinmeneing   -i ft i"'-t   maiked "Britlah
Co! lit; -liini.it* l.i-!.. north-ivost coruorpost.
No. I Limit," phinto.l nl the nrnth-weit cornur nl
Timber Limit Nn. Ml.;. .1 :oaouth80chains,
ihence eait -   chains, Lhcnco north BOchalus,
tit n .- tti*. .-'i rli.i m* lti]i,.iii;-tifi-iiliiiiit-tli-;;. l.l
Dated Dec. 8.1th,	
illtlTlSII fitl.lMlll.. TlMllBlts   I   II
...   ,1 rgivi -. i-.iiif'iiilti-.stitir ■!.",.
!...    ,      i.'t ChlcICoininliSHl i.    '
1 w ..*     : .-.ipcolnlll  e l.n
rn   un  . M mt ln-ri ll..- (ollut.1:!.:
..! 'i   :■   - i" cal I'.,   fcnnydlilrlcli
i.,-!ii 80 chains, ti. nee wosl ■'■.'.,-l,nin-
Mi.iit ■ i chains in iihiuc nl eoiuinei.ee
li in- Ini-fiiiiu i* .in- nortli half of Sec-
nil the.-.null I...If ... Sec! 20,Town-
-hi ,!.-,-If,     IV, II   110!.LIN.:-«'..I!TH,
■ -I -Ju
i.uit uiul. inin. iui. wu) ni im lifer mUc
i-i.t'i. --U'. II. llolllngswurth'suorth-onst
lii.i.t-i- * null    itin   tfiiiiin*.   .vos!   I-'
iliiiin itiiii-iiitin-f,i.*: inifiii-.ii ■ i-i place
..!. .'.nn i.n-..... -ih ■-,..-! coruor ". lhc
•   Itlock st.', nml iiturki...! "Ulg llcud
Lumber Company's Miutlvenai corner p.-'si,"
..I..--.' i' ii-trlli 80 .-Iinins. ihenco west so clmins,
Notice i- boreby given Innl 30 days ado.- duto
I inl.-in! in apply ,o .he Chief Cominlsslouol- nl
LomLsntul Works lorn special llccnac to cut
nu! carry away timber from tlio following
ili-st-riltt-,1 In ils situulc Inl!"- Villi-Hi--riel:
1. Coinmnnclng nl .. post plantod ni llm
north enn corn-.- of Timiir Limit USB and
markoil "A. M. Symons' south-wesl coi-nor,'
thenco north 111 cliains, llionuo onst 100 ohains.
Ihenco soulh 10 rlinins, thonoo west, ItlOohnlns
in piaco ul coiiinicncciiiunt,
2. Commencing ul a imst, plunled ul ilm
north-oast cornor nl' "J. Harry's No. 8 nnd nl
ilu- umili nl lie--inuli fork of ilii'i-tt-i branch
uf ine Shuswup Itlvur ...nl marked "'A. M.
Symons1 sonth-wosl corner," lhcnco north in
chains, IhoncooiLsi 100clmins, iiit-ttt-i! sunlit It.
chains, lie-i.e.. -vest liin clmins to placo nf commencement.
:t. Comin m h . ni .■ i-i-- planted aboul !\
i„i, , ..tu It ut ..,. nortl. i il corner ol Ul
2811 n.u! tiiifl- ■!  -\.   '... Symons nortli cum
nu,, ,-.- ..I.e.. ■     -.-I  n Iinins, thouco soulli
loiflmlns ihence ivi -. I. chnlns, thonce south
111. ehiiLis, i. n - i .-. -ii .lm n- mora ur loss in
huii.iiln.-y ul Lu- 2812, Llienco nor! I.orly along
-itiil imn il.iry Mi .'Iinins mora or lesa... plnce
-.. i.it -iiccuiot.l,
liilnl .',... I Itll.M'fit.!. IHU!
A. Al. SYMONS, Lniiiliir.
sal tl-if ll I*. Ulhbouu, agent.
y .tire i- horoby glvon Uuu 30 days nfu-r tln'e
weltiioiul loappfy i..ll.uunlcf.:ominis>l. .-"I
Un.l. tu.-I .Vnn,* lm- uipoolel license lo eul
ttii'i enrrv ui.iiv timber from lho following
ilCfflihed  luuda slluutod   ...  West linn. t>
i isirfei:
,*i.t Jan in
Notice is hereby given thai do days
atU'i* ilati1 I intend lo npply lo the,Chief
Commissioner ol Uuuls tV Works I'or permission io purchase thc following described lands, silimlcd in lhc Wosl Kootenny
tlisirici on lhe west side ol' Upper Arrow
Uke in the Fosthall Valloy:
Commencing at n posi marked "T. S,
McPherson's south-west corner posi,"
planted al lhe north-wesl corner of Loi
So:: lhcnco north So chains, thencecasl
So chains, liionco soulh So chains, lhcnco
| wesl So chains lo poini of coinmencement,
containing ''4° 'teres, more or K-ss.
Located 23rd day ol November, kjuIj.
uo\ :S wot!      T, S. McPHKRSON,
\'OTli E is heroby given thnl thirty d
1> nticr dute we Inteud to upply to the Ulifot
Uommisslonerof Jjundauud Worlta fur siieciul
Uceu**-o to cut uud currj* nwuy timbor from Uio
following do-'cribi'il luods aituuted in West
Kootenay district, li. ('.:
Commencing nt a imst (iluutod mi ilm southeast bank of pish 1 ivor, 11 bout uno milo south
uf Johnson Creek nnd murked i) Mcintosh
uud Wm. B'lyn's north*wost coruor,"theuco
cast S'l chain*-*, thunce soulh M) clmins*, thouce
west SO chuius, tlionco north 80 cluilna to plnce
of contmoncoment,
DiUcd January Ub, 1907.
janlfiwed WM. BOYD.
is. NMI am uP ItEUULATlONS tiL, .
hiluMMU Till*. Ulbl'OSsAL. Ui*' D[>-
.Mi.NiuN LAXliii \\IT]ll.N i UJi
lN<.h; OP BttlTlSIl OJLU.UlilA.
-v LiCKKSK tu LiiL limber cun iie acquired uiuy al pijijl.c i.Ollipt*tltlOil, A
leiitai ut v-j per stiuure unlu id ciiurgau
tur all timber bcrtlia l-xcl-jil ui-^: ■ sau
utt'ti west ol l'aii tur wiucli tno. rcuini U
... lm iaiu ui' o clius per ucro per uaiiutn,
iu .idaiuu.i tu tliij lemai, ttuea at Uiu
CudOWing rales uro cIiuihi'm;—
Bawa iuinber, au ccius pur ihoiisnuu
teot li.il.
Hiiliwuj ties, eight and nine feci lung.
11-: and i ;m ct-iud eavlii
oniiigio uo.is, :u cents u oord.
All oilier products, •-, per cent on tbe
su leu.
A license is itisticd tu soon us a beriii
i.s bianuij, but in sui'i-OjLd teirltory uu
Umber uuu bu cut uu a berth until the
licensee liua made a survey thereof,
I'd in,is tu cut Umber uiu msu granted
at puijlic competition, •xcuin in tlio cusc
ut' uuiuui seUiera, who requlie uiu ttin-
. ; 1.1 ■.iK-ir own use.
SuLiiuia and otlicra maj uIhu ubtani
pernios tu cut up 10 luu cuiiis ui wuud loi
SUiU     WiUlUUt    Culupt.[iLU'Ik.
Tnu uuuh pujuijitj under a permit are
J1.6U per iiiuudana icu*. U.il., lur squam
iiiiibtl' and tiaWiu^ ul any woud c.\
apt uuKi irum i-i tu 1 1*. cuius per llneul
luui for bui idi ng luys; irom ^ 1-11 lo -u
uu*iiis pur cutd lor Wuu'l; 1 cent lui* Icuu^
posts; ii cunts 1'ur runway tics; and Eft
utniu pu*,- uuiu lur an.niiiu boiu.
Leases lur unuing purpusi-s are issuciJ
for u term ut iwuiuy-uuo years, at a
rental oi two cuius pm acre pur uuuuui.
Cual lunds may bo purchasco* ut fill
pur acre tor suit cual ami i'iu for anthracite. Noi muio thun iiHD acres may bt;
acquired by one Individual or cuiupan>.
ltoyalty ui the rate of 111 oentt pur tun
ut "Mm puunos is collected uu the gross
Uhtrlos lur laud lur ftgrloultural pur-
pOBOJI may bu made pc.iioiully at llie local land oiliue I'ur lhu liisirict in whn.ii
lhu laud to be taken up is Situated, ui
ii the hoiiieateauer dusirert, he luity, 01.
application 10 the Minister ol tiie Interim
at Ottawa, uie (Jumiui*-sluui.*r ot Immigtu-
liun at Winnipeg, ur the iooal uguuL iui
Lhu Dlsltlcl, within widen the land |i
sitiutied, receive authority for stimo one
tu make eiiliy inr hlm.
A fee ol *10 Is chained lur nuiiicsuail
A Kuttlcr who bus received un entry i.i
a iiomesiead, is required lu pciloiui tlifl
conditiuiis conneeled lliurewith under 0116
ol Uiu following plans:—
Lii Al leaM six mouths' r-sidence upun
ana eultlvuiiun uf the land In each yeai
during the lerm ui three yeurs,
ll ls the piaeif..'e ul' lhe Ueparimeni lc
require a eutilei ta bnny lii auies amlei
cuitlvatluu, bol it he prefers he may sob-
sioit.i.* sLuek; und 20 head of cattle, tu be
nclutill) his own prupony, with buildings
tur their acconiniudailun, wili be rcqmreo
Iu.steud ui cultivation.
(.- it the father lor mother, If the father is deceased) of uny person who ij
eligible lu make a homoitead entiy undei
tlie provlsiuns ul lhu Act, resides u;;uii
a farm In the vicinity of tho land en-
lurcii fur by such person us a home*tend,
the leqiilromflnta uf the Act as to resi-
U'-uci] prior to obtaining paiunl may in
satlslled by sueh pursuit residing with the
tat hot' or niutlier.
i.ii 11 iim BOttlor bus his pi rmanent
residence upun fatmliig laud owned b>
hlm In Uie vicinity of his Iiomesiead. tlie
i-equireiuenftt uf lhe Act as lo residence
may lm Niitlalled by residence upun the
said  land,
Appilcullon for patent should be made
at lhe cm! uf three years before tho l"tiui
agent, sub agent ur a honiui-tend tnapec-
llefnru making iipplh'iitlun fur a pmenl,
iln* Hi'itler must glvo six months' hOtiCfl
In wrltliiij to llm CommlsHlonor of U«»-
mliilun 1.'Hulu ut ici.irt.i, of his intention lo do HO.
Deputy Minister of thc  Interior
Ottawa, Pflhruruy Uth. IW.
In L'ouimi neing ul .1 iiost planteil 0 1 il
beach abuut Hiiiilo enst ui wesl end of lCeiiier I ••• '*»'«'
Luke, nmr'KccI "W. li. Hollingsworth's north- :i C
eusl eorner." Iheuce south IW chnius. wcatiO miles \
Uialns,norlliloUeludus,thenee .*i-. litiui:i> rowLi
10 poinl ui L'uniiiH 1111'iiii ni. corner
11 Uommenciiig u> u post planteiUboutJ wmh
milu south ol Kettle Hlver.n'j-jui - iiillcawesl eastSO
uf KetU'ev Luke, mnrked *m It lloillngswortlu , , ,■
uiiri ii \m.-i cornur," thence oast Jo ehuins. south \ Mll;,.. ,
■ju*. ..ii,-, cu- lu chuius, south SI eliains, wesl ruvV L„
M chuius, uorth :M chains, we>l IU eluins, j panuiT
imrtli bu ohains in point ol 0 uiimeiicjment.
Dated Oct, 91 li, UWU,
12 t noticing al a post planted about ,
nnli*i*ii--Lui Kettle Kiver., about ,* uf a milu
-uiithui t'orcuplno Creok, marked '"i*. 11. Hul-
lings worth's north-east eorner," il.c.ee wv-t uh
iiiains cuu.1i IU chains, cnsl Hi) ehuins, norlli
lu chains to jiotul ul' eoimuenceuient,
li; (Joinnieiicing at a posl planted about lj
niilesenst ji Kettle Itiver oni'rap Creek, and
marked "W II. Holli .gsworlli's a h curuer,
thenee north SU chains, \\o~i *jiieii*.titis,soulliKU
chains, cast mi ehains to point ul commencement
ll Commencing ul a post planted nbout 60
yurdfl above the lorks un tliu nurth fork 01 Trap
Creek.uboul - mile eaat ui Kettle Itiver. m.irli-
eii-W H.Hoiimgsworttrsb.W. comer," thenee
north 8u cliains,« esl ii chain 1 t chain-;,
casi Stichidiw, iu-,u.i.i ol tonmienceincii .
Daled October ffllh. linn!
l.i CuinuiinciuK al a posl pKn odabou \
mile muii h ui uie torks ol Trap 1 reek and nooui
■Miyards wesl -nil reck, marked"■*.. 11, ilul-
llngdwortli's norlh-west corner." tlienee south
su chums, cast Ml clialns, north SU chains, west
to chains 10 point uf eonimenecmuiil.
lu Commencingal a po.it planted about l"'i
yards to the south uf K.i>i Creek nboui '; milu
east oflictlle Kivor, murked "IV 11 Uollings-
worth's north-wist corner," theuce -*uuiii It)
chaius, ensl tlKiehaiiw, north In chains, wn -l 100
clmins to point ui coiniiiciicomet.
Daled Oci 31st, ISMi*
17 Commenolng nl a poat plnnted aboul uti
yards wesl ol Ketilo Itiver about !a mile below
Porcupine Creek, innrkeil "W 11 UolUngrt-
wortlis south-west eoruer," tlienco uorlh I'
chains, ensi Su elmius, south 100 chalus,,west
iu cliains, north Mb chums, south lilclininsto
place of conuneiiccmeiit,
Is Connneiicing at ,1 pu.-i pin ted 011 lhc
south bnnkol llcpseyiluin Creek about U mllo
up irum Kettle liner, mnrkod "W.H Uollings
worth's BOUlli*wesl curuer," theuce ei-l WM
chains, norlli 10 ebains, we-t Uiu chains, south
10 chains iu place 01 comincnceuioiit.
ID Coinmeneing a a post planted on south
imnk ni Uoiweydani ( reek, almui -> milo from
Kettle Itiver, murked "W. ll. llollingswurlirs
south-enst corner,' thence uui t u mi chnlns,
we.-i Nil Imiii-, -muii bO chains, emtSi)chains
tu puint ui commencement,
:'ii Coimnencing ul a po*t pliiiitod un iht*
south bankof Uepseyd on (.'rces nboul '■■ mile
Irum Keiiie River, innrkcl "W H. Hollingsworth's notlh-wcst cuii.!;.' Llienco ea-l M)
chains, soutli Su i-lia.u-. .vcsl u cnains, north
*:i Coiiimeuclng at .1 i->-i pluutuil un the
south bank 1.1 Hopsoydnin 1 re kaboul mile
trom Kcltlo Itncr, 1110.0*11 "\\ ti lioiliugs-
w.rili.- -.ni inn-l corner," tlienco west lu
chain*-, north'iO chains, wesl IU ehnins, nurUi 30
chains, wesl SJ cnains, nortli Y> cnains ci^tMi
cnains, muii ii jn clialns, ca*"l lOchains, .-until 2U ^ ,.
chain-, u.t*-i I'1 chains to point ot commence
Daled Nuv. 1-L, 1'.' 0
wcddeeitl      tt. II- HOLUNGSWOUTH
■ i imiiitul cuiiitncueomout.
.'   Conimeiirin*,' ul n imst planted nboul 1
milu nortli from Uio north-west cornerof ii -^  »i, a 1. c,
-. Itlock fifl", me! murked "Big Hend Linibe
ijoiniintiv'B   norlh-enst corner i"'*-','' llieni-
west 80 ('liu-ns, thence m\lh £U ehnins, Ihence 1 ineut'Cimeiit.
.*:i"i so chi u-, ihence nurth SO chuius lo pnlnl |   |.,llM| in. L*mbcr Hldt, IDQO,
Jmii'i   UAIH-WATSUN ' I'MBlill CO,, I.TI
nt .1 (»i-i [ilnnteil '-■ mile imrtli
st conier ni hot 7*,ii7 and marked
\.'>V. curuer,1 llieueo bin ehnins
. ii .ins somh, ihenee bin ehnins
n chuius nurth to place of com*
mrul nb.-uil >
..mUppei ir-
Nuiili- i* liuivliy given llmi 6u [lays
alter elate I inlcnd to upply lo the Chief
Commissioner iii' Lands and Works tor
permission lo purchase six hundred and*
Ihui acres of Inmi lying in the Foslhall
Valley uu tho wesl side of Upper A.raw
Lake, described as follows:
Coinmeneing ;ii a posl marked "Russell Nichol's soullt-eas! corner posl,1
planted al iln- north-west corner oi I.e.
Sijj, Group 1, Kooleuay, Ihence norlh 80
chains, ihenco ivesl 80 chains, llienco
soulh 80 cl.:.i..*. thence eas! So chains 10
ll..- place ol* commencement, containing
n.|it acres, more or less.
Daled tlii*. 13rd day ol' November, 1906.
' R. Xlt 1101..
nov jS wed      PcrT. S. MePherson,
lu .. .1111 nl i-.it.tin fi.t i-iiitnl
.(-ing ui u ..oil |iin:iii-tlii.!.ii-ii.:
un,.-u-'-i iron. Itiiunock l'ol.il, ou Upi-or Arrow ..ii..-, and marked "II.IU.Co.'s soulh-oist
corner post," thence norlh 80 chnlns, Ihcme
ni*! -11 ehaiiis, ibeuceBonlh 80chains, Ihence
ei.-i So elinlns tu poinl ol commencement.
luiii-il Decemberistli. I'.'-f..
aitjauo     i.'-.i ii--:sii i.ujim:-! CO., 1,111.
Nut ino is hoi-.-liy given Unit 80 iUvs
iiffi-i- .l.l.- I liittiiil In npply (11 lho
Chief ('■>..11..is*:i.....-.- nf Lands uiul
Works, l.n- a special licenso U. cnl .....1
carry awny tiiiilu-i- fronl 'In- rullowing
ilcscil.ci lnmls sili.,-.!.. in W.-sl |{..-.'I-
1. Cnn.uioncing nl 11 ptist plnnlwl
1,1 ...i'i--- ....-tl. of Tin.I...M- Li.nil 'i'i!!!
nml 2 niilea wesl ..I' Upper Arrow Lake,
.-tiiii uiarkt'tl "jV. Ill, Syinnns' north
fit*! t- iriier," llionce west Sll chains,
Ihence mh.iI. Kii .-l.f.i.is, thonce easl Si!
chains, thenco nortli stl eliains !,.. place
1 fcoiniui'i ccinenl,
2. L'oinu.Riicing al ;. post pi.int.-.1
2(1 clii.ii..*- s.ni Iml' lite ni.rlli-wesl .-...--
iit-i-i.f No. I .-iini ...ii.-kt'il "A. Al. hy-
1.1..i.s' ....rll.-.'.ffi i-i.i-nei'." II..-n.-i' .vos'
SU i-liains. llienei. suulh ,'vl eliains,
ll.i-i.i-.-...-1-t sii i-hains. thenee uorlh sn
.-hains in place i.f conitncnccn.i.nl.
•'!    I'.-i ii'-iiij! at   ii pusl piniiled
:.l ll.f uorll.-.-nsI ciirni...ol' No. 2 anil
.1 iii-l.t-tl   "A.  M.  Sy.......*' snulli-ensl
corner,' llienee wesl Sll chains, llieiiee
nnrlh Si) i-|...ii.s, tlienee ensl Sll .-It.-.ins,
ll......-.- su.ill.  Sll cliiiins lu  [ili.cn of
Dateil Nnveinlier 211th, IUIIII.
I,   tlmt, nolng .-.. ;. pusl planleil I
.nil., imrlli ul' Iiu* south-wesl corner of
Lui Siiil ami marked "A. M. Syinnns*
snulli ensl   eurner," llienee   wnst  in
cliiiins, llienco nortl. Kin chains, (In.......
oas. lu elinlns lo lln- norl li-west ciirner
til* Lu! sill, Ihence ■..mil. 1(10clialns In
plaoo nl* ........nono.....onl.
Dated Novoinl.e. 23rd, WOtl.
iloc 15 sul A. .*.!. sy.MONS.
-. . Mil-It.;
III Work. In
tlnit .1
NOTICE is UK UK BY R1VE1I tbat iiktydayn
alter ilate l Intend to apply to iln* Hon. t'lii'-f
1, mmlMl net "i I in Is nml IVi il- t r pertulssli n
to purchaie the following desciibed lands in the
Wenl K "itetmj ilifltrict:
C.uiiiiu iu iiu .i' 1 ]•■ -; pi mted 111 il.c west did ■
u( iwrth-eail arm of Vrrowhend Uke.iof b milt
frmn Uock UlulT, inarki I * I: K.Mcl-; - outb-i til
coruei piwt," tlicncfi ^ chnlni north, tho BQ
chains west, Uisnci -' chains"soulh.thence80
clialns easl nloi - laki ili >n i" poim of coin-
Dated n..i- lotlt, I  -
i\q\ ii MHS. li-     McKlTUICK.
Nuli.-e i-ll- :. bj Lillli thai i-'il.iv- .tllrl'iiu.i-
I ii tend to npnlr (o Uu- Hon, i hlol Commls.
-iiiiti-i-nf l.uii'l- lot-! wm!- fm- permission to
purohaao U.ololloivlnK.li n Ibed lin.l.i
Common dug nt iho K. K. oornor oIT. l- Nn.
Tniti.Mii tin.-inn.- .-! llllnd I'j.m Cpper Arroi,
Ij.ki-.-, Unuei- -null. I" chain., llicuc. cnatSO
eliuiiis. liuni.e nortli about80ohalni, lhcnco
ivesl.-.ij- (u.luwi.ig lie ■■-if'.In in -li...-.' ul HI.nil
Bay in polul ,i. iuiiiii.iiiecliii-nl, coii'iiIiiIiuj
lour hundred and i Ighty aoro, moroorloii,
Datod thli lltli dar of Dooembcr, IWO,
*nl il.-c j-i .1   n. KENNKDY,
NotlCB 1,  Ili.-.M JMMifli.l  W  li--    I.Mililt.   I
iuii'ini tn apply I- Ibe Chlol CommlMlottoi ol
I.ninl.* uui Uuik* In. |.rri!ii.*.ui.... purchoiothi
niiuii iiii .|.-,ril.iil!iin.|-in i it.l -Iff-'-
M .. ■      !„ ;t,j    I,.     ,1 pi -.    IIMliuii     IV.  II    OllVe",
mull.-eaal come, poit,   planti 1 m trail Icullno
Irom Ninth llio.np« n lllrei to 'nli' »li.™i Pan
...nl iili.n.1  ;. inili-* in t   llmi; ilnn lii ii Innii
I'r.itiiiiirv l.ii.i.. riiiiiiiiuf north HI chaini, thenco
iiicnn aa, p.. n fi.li -mil..ii.-. llionce call
to chninatn point uf conitueneew. nl
i..i.'-i| mini.) ..iNi.v.-iiiiM   •
nor81 IV. II. in.li B, Locator.
.... MM      „l|  |l  | MJt,...|
iii.iii'l SOilay, ft..in -1 tie. I-, ippl) I" ili. lluii.
riiiiliMinii. loner ol I ... - ami Worki, lor i
-j.i'i ill lil'.tl-. .OCU!  oi ' m. iikiiV lillila-l flntn
ill.' (ulliillllia  ti - t.l .  I inil   ;
i"uiiiiii..tniiiu i. .i poil uli" 'i iboul ono
i.iini.'r nf ,i mile mil i.f Pl.li Hire, ind on. mile
fromI'lii.il'.uii- llienc. north W chain., Ihence
.-.i-i - i h mim. Ihence -. it'll - .'
80 cluilna i" poll! t: on mil   Sign, I,
Dated .laiiii.ii) IIU., 1W7.
icrl.H.. Imii* in Wi
I'M.Ill -;tl.
.1.0    -MI.il..-.,..
iiniktil ■('. s
I llcilllocc
dec IJ *,i:
|.   [lull
r, llionce
hence uu
, placo of
.*. SKIXKKll,
.1. ..l.Sinii,!,*. ,t(0..t.
Nutlco la liereliy given tlmt (10 days
ufler .lui.- I iuii'ini iu apply in tlio
Chief (.'on.missioner ..I* Lands ..nil
Win;.s for noriulsslon In nill'cli.iso sis
Imudrod ana fn.ty noros ui' lain! lying
in lln- l-'tislliall Valley un ll.o wesl side
n[ Upper Arrow Laku, .!.-.-.-.-il..! as
Commencing nt a post marked "Wil
lia... I la.low's .....tl. •.-...*! CI.I'.lC." post,"
uiaiiU'd Ilu chains wosl nl* Ln! 4570,
blimp 1, Kni.ten.-.y: ll.ei.ee wesl Sll
.-hains, lh.-in-o soulli81) chains, thouoe
.-.-.*! Bt) ..-I...ins, thence in rlh SU clialns
it iho placo nl i-iinini.-i.i-onii'iil, containing 010 ucrw, nu ro rn- loss,
llninl ihis 2llh day nl Nuv.-iulu'.-,
nov 28 w.-d   Por T, s. MePherson,
SotlcoIilionbytlvonll.il sodaji altw date I
illli-llil   tn  l...|ilv  In  111. I'll.il  ('in i -liinei-nf
Un.li and Worki lorn aneelnl lleomo lo eul nml
carry away tlmlw. !r".n ilie lollnu'lng .l.-.c-lltuil
I.tin-.ui Mu'lii I i.'ii-ik. inini! hv in Allium Uko,
1,111 i Dlitrlct, I'., C on*! i,i-ln:
!.  Commencing .... a post planted on lhu ivoil
bankof oait !..rk Mu-lt.-l i-i.-.-kal t i-ieIil ...ilea
I...... A.li.i.ia  Uko, titfiiki-il   -"...  MeCunnoH'i
lotilh.weit coruer Michel Creek, l.ln.11 No, I,"
i iiniifi. ■",Iiiiiii*.n-i,-n chain. ..ni.l.,M.iliiiliw
woat, su chain, soulli to pnlnt ul comineucoment.
I*.   I'lilllltlelieiuuflL It pn*. 1 iiniiit-il nu lln- lu-al
iiiiiii, i.f lhe im-i furk Micheloroek abnutelglit
ii.Hm liuni Ail.ni>.. l.-ike. marked "A. Mei' u-ll'a
north-wcil coram Mlclinl creek, l.i.nil N... i,"
running 80 • halnicaiti si chaini iouth, si.iliiilns
weiti -<i chaini imrilj in polul nf comrcoucomonL,
:.. Cniiitiii'iii-iiii. ni ii pu*. iiinn.ed uii thooait
Mu,k uf Mid,rl oreok iii.uii. ill .ulle* I Ailami
l.ilit-,.......k.-.l "A..\le  oll"i aoiltli.weal corner
Michel ere.-li. l.h.iii Nu. 8," running Buclwlni eail,
Ml tllliili* Inn III. st. el... in, ..'eal, HI i-llllltl* aouth tu
•i. Commencing at a poll phiiloil onthouait
l.i.nk nf Michel creek ahoul ill mil"* rutin Atlaiue
Lull.' marked "A. MC'onnell'i norll.-wcit cor -
Uiilulcreek, Lllllll No. I,'ri ineMclitlmoait.
Bo elialm iouth, BO chain, ueati Bucliitlni uortli tn
place uf comtuoncoinonti
.'.. Coin nenclug ul a poat planleil on the weit
bank o Michel crook ibnul aovcu mllea from
Allium l.-ike, innrkeil "A. McConncll1 nitili-t'iiat
cornel Michel croek, Llu.lt Nu. ft, uuiiiinu l-ju
cl.al.ilnorth, 10 chnlni wuit, 100 clialna -unlit, 10
chaini oait tu place nl coinmoncoinanl.
Iiniiil Doc. inii, litoo.
Jimt\ml A. MoCONNHLL,
Notice In hTchv glvon ihnlWdiivH niter dnlo
i Intend to mako fti.pllciUloii to thoOhlol cum-
mltsloner ol Until A \VorkHfor|iortiilNnlonto
purohato the followlm- ilcHcrlhcd laud situntc
In  nriboo distriot, in:.;
i .'Uiuienclii'.'iit ii poil mti iked "J.M, Kcllle'H
Houth-woii corner piwi," iiiiiiiici ou the nuuiIi
Uiu ul 1-ruM'i lliver nour'folo Jaime(Jaclio,
runnlun north bo chains, thonoo * ait 80 ohalni,
tlionco south ni ohnlns, thence woit ho chalna
tu nolni ut i-uijiuii'iiitiuciil,
Dated this luth duy ul November, HWH,
nov 17 J. M. KKM4», hoenlor,
N.nif,-; horoby Bivoutl.nl Sll ilnys nltor ilnto
wciuluiiilti.mmlj l(itho(:i.iof.-..niml8s -ol
Liilnl* un.l Works fur n -..Mini liconso ..- eut
nnd curry uwuy timbor Im... the following do-
..-ril.'l iui.I- it. dbtrlol nl Wost Kootenny i
.■un.li un- nt n pu*. planted I mllo wost
from nuril.-.'..-. corner ...' I...I No.0140and
tniirk.-.l -I., w. I., .in.'a s, W oornor post,"
Iheiu-e nurlli Iiu chnlni, Ihence east -10 chains,
ll.e-..-.- sotiil, liki ehalus, Hi -ncc .vcsl IJ elinins
1,. ..In ,-ui i-uiiniieiiifciiietil.
Dili.. I ember Mill, I'M'.
Ml.iil.in   l.i.Mil-A   'I'SlIN I.UMllfilUO., LTD
Police in hereby given ihnt bo dnys
nfter dale I inlend to apply lo thc Chief
Commissioner id' Lnnds Si Works for permission to purchase ihree hundred and
twenty iieres of Iff nd Kiiij^* in the Fo.slh.ill
Vulley on the wesl side of Upper Arrow
Liii;.*! described ns follows:
Commencing* nt a posi murked "Robert
.Vhbic's north-easl corner posl," planted
ai ihi- north-wesl corner of Loi S0j,
Group i, Kootenay; Ihence So chains
wesl, ihence 40 clmins south, llienco So
chains east, Ihence 40 chains north to the
poinl oi commencemeiii, containing 320
acres, more or Ies-,.
Dated llio 23rd day of November, 1906,
ii. ABB1E,
lu.v jS weil I'erT, S. McPerson.
N'oliee is liereliy given that 00 dnys
afler date I intend In apply In tlio
Chief Ctiuiniissinnur of Lunils A
Wuil;. fut- pt-i-inissiiii. In pti.-chase six
hundred ,-inii forty aces..[ hind lying
in ll." Fosthall Valloy on llie wosl,
si.l.. uf Upper Arrow Luko, ileserllieil
as follows:
(Jommfiicing al a pusl marked "ll.
Harlow s in.ill.-.-as! corner pusl,"
l.lui.I.-il Ilu chains wnsl uf Lut 1570,
Group I. Koolenay; thencu wosl Sl!
ehniiis. lh.....-o s...uh 81) chains, llionce
easi Si!ohiiius, tlience nurih 80chains
iu iiu- place ul' cinnnioiicement, containing i'.l" acres, more or loss,
Dated this 21th dny ..I Novo...her,
nuv 28 wed   I'.-rT. S. MePherson.
N'ulii-o is l.o.-ol.y glvon that 30 days
nfter date 1 intend lo make application it. ll.o (Jliief Commissioner ul*
Lands ...id Works for a sp '.-i.il license
Inc..I and carryaway timher from
Hit. following descrihed lnmls situate
iu West ICnotenay District:
1. .'iiiiiiiii.neing ata posl planted at
Hi., north-west coinet'nf'J'lniliei1 l.i.nil
7531 and mnrked -'A. M. Symons'
i.i.iih-i-a.sl .-un.oi-," thenct. suulh SU
cl.ains.lhei.ee w.-sl 80 chains, thence
imrlli Sll chains, thoncu cast Sll ohains
In place nl coll.ll.tmccuieul.
2. ('....-iii 'neing al a pnsl planted
nl ll.o ouih-westcorner of Timber
Limil. 7531, nml marked "A. Al. Sy-
u...ns' north-wesl onrnor," lhcnco
suulh Sll chains, llionoo oast Sll chains,
Hi.-...-.■ uorlh Sll chains, tlienco west sn
chains I., place ul ooiumenccment.
3. Commencing ..I. it pnsl iilanled
ni Un. nurlli-oiist eurner of Timber
Lin.it 0035 and marked "A. II. Symons'soutli-eiiKl cornor," llienco wesi
lliu chains, tliuuco north 40 ohains,
lheI.oo oasl HKI .1..litis, thonoo soutli
III oil..ins lu plaoo nl'i'iiiuiiii'iiceiiii-iil,
Doc. mh, iihhi.
I. Commeuelng nl a pnsl planled
.... lho hike bIio.'o, threo miles north
ul* Nakusp. ou lhc wosl sido ..I' Upper
Arrow Lako an.l market! "A. ,\l. Syinnns' niulh-onst corner," llionoo wosl
III olinlus, thence south 100 chains,
Ili.no■ east III ohains, Ihoi..'.. i...ill.
liin chnius in placo ul commencement.
.'..  .'........on.-ing nl a pnsl planled
mi ilu- wosl sido ..f Upper Arrow Lako
niul nm-inili-nuiili ui  tlie   iinrlli-oasl,
cornel' of Nn.  I .....I marked "A. M.
Symiins' north-easl cornet'," tiionoo
wosl 80 chains, Ihenco suulh 80 chains,
tboncu east sn .-hains, llionce nnrlh Sll
ehalus in placo nf comu.ence.ue.it.
Iim-. 16th, liHin.
wed jan 2 A. M, SYMONS.
Notice is hereby given thatOOilnys
..I'!...- .lato I inlend In apply -In lin-
Chief Commissioner uf Lands and
Works fur a special licence to cui uiul
carry away timber Irom iho foil..wing
doscrllietl ianils:
1. Commencing ,-.i a pnst. planted
nu ll.o nurlb Imnk uf Snow Crook
alii.ui clghi miles easl ..f Hiiiiuu Cllv,
thunce wust SI) ohains, llionoo suulh sii
.•It.ins, thence eaal 80 chains tbonco
IIOl'lll Sll ohains tu puiui nf iiuiuiuoiioo-
2. Commoneliig ill. a poBi planled
Ilii'.... ebains nnrlh of No.  1  posl,
tlienc ist so clmins. thenco soiiibsn
ohnins, llionoo wosl, Sll chains, thence
nnrlh Sll ohains lu puint nf ...numonoo-
!!. Commencing at a pusl. pl..nli-d
Sll ohains nasi of Nu. 2 pust, thenee
oasl IHU chaius, llionoo soulb IH rlinins,
Llienee went UU) ohnlns. thonee north
III .-luiiils lit pnlnl nf .-..iu.nonoomenl.
Daled December 201.1, Hum.
wed jan 2 J. R, JAMIESON, Locator.
i- d,.(.  1 ii.i'oi ...     lin*
■. ..   i   '   ..    is-i .no.     ■    bin
' . ■ ;      111 p i.. r I
m .- lii   :
: ■ . ■   ' p   :.-■ ■ ■ M
  : '-'   i
: . i   f.   mile south   I   .,  2   mil. posl
. filuinbia  I .mted,   i       It- (J|| (i, ,, , : ,,: .,, ,...
ii "M.   Mi Bean's south-wesl corner,"
Canada: i
Piiijvi.vci'.oii*British Con ■-.
No, 309,
THIS is I., cerlifj il.ii ilo "Ilriiish
irised and licoused to carry on i usi-
nesswithiu  tlio Provinee ul' Brllisli them.pnol.th ,C1U (jq
...I  l
■■ mil or i ;v,-i.-t
t;. .mi i, tin m i- soutli Hlchii   .    iciice
all or i.i.v.ii  lhe objects ot the Coin- WM .,..,;.,.■
pany in lyln-lii,,,- logisliitiveiiutlior-        , cml„linillgo!|U.lcl.,    ,
Legislaliirc ..I   ButishCol-     1)(.,„„| n,,.,,,,i., , . ,.  - .
Tl.e head oiltco uf lln- Cn...puny i-
■iiii.it.-.-ti llio Ciiy uf Montreal, in lhe
Province nl Quebec,
Tho an.unnl uf  lln-  capita; ul  tbe
Cm..pany  is  ...... hundred  thousand
.l.ill.is, divided intu oue Ibousand
shares nf ..no hundred dollars each,
'll.., head offlce of iln- Company in
I liis Province is situate on Fust Street,
1,'ovoli.iku, ,-iifil William Irving
Briggs, Biirrister-at-Law, whoso ad-
.Ire* if tin- si.in.-; is ll.--.illuino.,- for
the Cunipany.
Given under my  In.ml uml seal ol
itlli'o.-il   Victoria, 'I'm.in i lliiii-it
Culumbia, Ibis 17th .lay uf December,
uno ll.uiisanil nine hundred ,-....I -is.
[i„h I     .-,. \. WOOTTON,
Registl-ar nf.li.inl Stock C inpanies,
'ylwobjects fm- which ll.o Company
lifts been established ..ml licensed are:
1, To carry mi througboul I i in
and elsewhere ll.o business of lumberers, tin.I..-.- merchants uml inanufac-
Inn-is uf I in.I.e.-and and luu.l.o. in all
ils branches, and nil othei business
incidental thereto nr connected Ihere
will., including lho manufacture uf nil
pi-udiiols nf iln- fores! or lumber in.
2. Tn ncqttire ity purchase, lease ur
otherwise ami lu own, utilise, ..... I
i.p.'i.iio limber limits, limber lnmls,
fiiul Umber lierlbs, and rights in such
limber lands, lin.I.e.-lunils and timber
berths, licences or rights in cnl limber,
1.1.ul.or yards, mill and factory silo*,
water lots, ducks, wharves, piers,datns,
slides, aqueducts, viadiicls.sleiiiubo.ils,
fiiul other v.-s.-ols, sawmill*, pulp
...ills, water niul steam powers,
l.y.Irani..- powers, plants, Improvements in Ink's, livers nnd
crocks, niul other waterways for lumbering or trnnsporling lugs, timber and
ail otiiot' rights and interests uf every
kind appertaining to any ... ll.o above
enumerated property so acipiired, as
may bo necessary for lhe development ami pm poses ..I* tliu Company,
ami the said property nhovo specified
or any uf It, to improve and develop,
..oil, mortgage, exchange, lease nr dispose uf I'...- cash, rn- upon rentals, or
I'or any other consideration ns.nay In-
in the interests of the Company:
.'!. Tn constriiet.operale, charter and
employ vessels uf all kinds I'm- tin- purposes and business of the Company,
ami fm- llio purpose of transporting
prod.nits nf lho mills and wnrks or
ulher materials nr manufacturers [or
any place within Canadu in elsewhere,
anil I., du a ttanspnrtalion businoss in
Canada or elsewhere, to leaso or ac-
nccessories necessary for the
proper Working of Ibe said vessels
In lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, uy accessories, or moveable olloois in roliiliun therein us it
mny lit- advisable in lln- interests ol
Uu- Cunipany:
I. Tu construct, ..r aid, nr subscribe
Inwards lhe construction, maintenance and imp...von..'ills of rond
ducks, piers, .linns, slides, aqueducts,
viaducts or ntber woiksand buildings,
including Humes, bridges, ditches,
water, si..am ..ru! I.e.- hydraulic ri-jjits
...- powers, ainl any ulher winks nei
snry I'm- llio purposes ..111... Compi
or I'...- ll.o .-.•..i-ying mil nf the Company's powers:
'..' Tu establish shops ur stores..
ll..- property nf lh'' Cunipany, and I
soil merchandise thereon, in sofarns
il may be necessary for the Company
lo carry mi its said business:
il. To acquire, own, soil, lease and
dispose of shares, debentures un.l securities in any other company similar
lo this ('.....pany. ami In acquire or
amalgamate with nny coinpan} having objects similar lu lhe Company
hereby Incorporated, un such terms
.....I for such considerations as the
directors may decide, and to pay for
the acquisition ol nny such .-mi.pany
in shares ..I' llio Company fully paid
up and mado non-assessable fur calls:
7. Tu mnke, allot and uso in pay-
menl or exchange in whole or in pari
[or any real ...- personal property,
rights, licences nml privileges ulii.-li
n.ny b.u purchased, lakon nn lease, or
otherwise acquired l.y ll.o Company,
shares nf the nnsubsoribed capital
slunk ul* llm Oanipiiny as paid up and
made noii-ttsscssaule for culls in ac-
curdanco with Uu- lermsul an agree-
 ni  executed  by ami bolween lhe
Company uml uny such vendor, lessor
...- other grant...' on or before lho issue
of such paid-up shares, find which
shares shnll thereupon bo deemed and
taken in havo been fully paid up, and
shall mil thereafter bo liable for calls
or fuiuro assessments;
s. Tu make, nihil and i-sin-a* paid
up shirk, shares uf the unserthed
capilal slock nf the Company fur services rendered in the Company nr in
ilm promoters thereof, provided a bylaw of the directors is passed specifying thai ll.o value given lo ilu- Company isequli-alcnl In tlm Villi f 111.'
shares so nuulopald lip iiiiiI i --inil aii'l
,-illnii-l fur stitli services, uml wild lu
law has bo.-.. p;is*e<l .uui sanctioned by
a vuieof mil lo-s lhnn iwo-tlilrdi ol
iho *bftioi...l.lo.s nf th.- -.ml Company
present in pei suit or by proxy at a
special general meeting ul Un- Company duly uiillcil I'm- ilm approval .-i
said by-law:
II. Tn soil nr dispose ..f Ho untie.
lukiuL'..I* ll.o Company for -ml n-
side.-a!Ion as lhe Company may think
Mi if  | III .
I'l, MeBEAN.
Notice i- hereby _■: ■:. th ,- thirty
ibiys after date 1 intend lo npply tn
the Hum i ible I hiel I . iniuissioi.er uf
Landsaud Work: luu special li en ■■
in mi and . uf ry away limber Irom
ihe following described land situated
in lln- Wesi Kootenay District.
Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted J of
i mile easl "I Bouldei Creek and about
three-quarters ol n mil- uorth of
Dnv.tii- Creek and mnrkod li. Mc-
Bean's mtli ;--! corner, 'I., nee north
su i!. litis.th. n .wesl 80chains,lhi nee
-i .uh sn ,.|i .in*, ihence easi SO chains
iu iln- |in:iii uf ei in m-i inoiil.
Dated the 18th day of December.lOOfl
ivj-1 E. MeBEAN.
\ ■ , . i.. iv;. given that Ihlrty days alter
I uit i intend to apply to ib< I hli 11 oramls
sioni i -: I in i- and \v.,rk*- tot* special license
t-i cut and carryaway timber from Lhe follow-
in» described land* situated <.it Rock Creek
ini.uiury ic Adams Lake in Lillooet l>it-tri<*:*
i. Unmiiiencltij* ,ti ,t )i.,-ii planted un south-west
L-orner markwl "A Md onndl'i bouih-west corner
Hock in*.'., liliuii Nn I,' situated aboul wvon
mil.- from tlie montli of Uock; Creek, running 80
■Inili". in rth, • ■ lialna ■■■-■■ •''■ cl: il- -"Uth, sn
eli iiu- west !<* i-l ice nf commencement,
Ci mnn ii- ni ■■■' a posl plnuted on south-east
i.m-   ■ .*i -A. MH unnelT*. uouth eaut corner
l, 1 .   k, 1 ■* *   **. all. it* ; nboul sen n
■ :;:;. Creek, munlna ni
u.   north,*     - ih - nesi •■' chains south, SO
«. r^t
.ckip.k. Limit Ni'. ■:. situated about
sc'Vi u mit.--f:'"iii mouth nl l; ■■ ■!. Crei 1.. rumdng -"
ch.nii. imiii,80chaina east,80 chains north-tO
ch liiw wust m place of comiiieiioeuient.
!. Commeuelng il anoul planted on north-
oflhl corner marked "A. McCouuell'f north-east
corner Uock Crook, Limit Nu. 1." ultuiUcd
:iboin noveii mil.:- Mom mouth of Itock Cnek.
ruiiiiiitiK 80 eliains -omit, m ehniiis wesl,M
clmliifl north, 80 eliahiHeiu.1  in plncoofcom-
litt'tH CtllCtll.
,'.. C01 tiu-iiiK ;i' a poit planted on southwest conior market! "A-McCoiinolls -.outh-HesI
eoruer Uock Creek, Limil Nu- .'i.' situated
ubout lhc mile*- frum mouth of Bock Creek,
I'liiinjiii: -ii chniu- north, to chains east,*)
chains uouth.!*1 ahalns west to place of commencement.
il, Commencing .it a post on hOUth-ca«L eorner inarked "A. McConncir* -..uih-ci-t corner
liuuk Creek. Limil No. 0," situated about ftvu
null*- irum mouth of Ituck i'reek. Limit N*0.6,"
-ituii'cl nbout five milt- fiom mouth ol Rock
Creok, running x iciiains north, *» chains west,
>iic!.:ini- -nuiii, 0 1 iii.u- casi in place of com-
'. CounncuulnH at .1 posl planted on north-
wot I'nnur marked "A, Md 1 nm Il's m-nli-
west corner Hock creek, Limit Ko.7," aituated
aboul u*.. miles from mouiU ol Kockireek,
riii.iiiitt; •■' chaini soutb, so 1 halm * asl u
chains uorth, su chains west toplacool commencement.
-. Cominenrlug at awl planlcd in north-
easl cruel' uitukt.'ti -*.\, UcCouuell'i nortb-eaat
conn ■ l-toi i. 1 reek, Limit So. *." siuintcil
aboul livo mllea *.r.<!ij mouth "i Rock Creek,
running so chains south, Bu chains west, 811
chains north, 80 chains cast to placeof commenci me.it.
o. Commenolng nt a post planted on north-
ivesl ('"nu-r marked "A. McConnell's north-
wesl corner :.'■(■>. 1 c*«. Limit Su.9," situated
ou north bank ol Roclf Creek about one-half
mile from creek and about four miles ewtol
AdnniB Lui;'*. ruiiuiiii* W clialns « "iih 80
chains ea-st, wctiaius uorlh,tsuchains west to
place ■ : conum neei cut,
Dated December lOlh, Ifl ■*.
wcdjan2 a. MoCOKMiLL,
Notice i- hereby given th.ii 00 days
nfier date I intend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of l-ands & \ViM-ks ior pcr-
ini-s-ion \o [jurehase *>i\ hundred and forty
acres ol land lying in the Fosthall Valley
iiu iht' wesl siilc oi Upper Arrow Lake)
described as follows.
Commencing ai a posl marked "Fred-
eriek Washburne's south-easl comer 00^1,"
planled So chains uvm of lhe north-wesl
corner of Loi S62, Group 1, Kootenay j
thenee north -^o chains.thence west80
chains, thenci -v-nili 80 chains, thenco
east So chains \o the place 0: commencement, containing (140 acre-*, more or ii'-.**.
Dated ihi- 23rd day of November, 190O,
ii.-a .> wed      Per T. s, MePherson.
OTICE i- herehj gl      that,60 dayaafter
fate. I  intend 1. t<- tne Chief Com*
missionor of Land ^nrk- fnr permUsion
tn purchase t* . wing deseribod lands
situated in district, I'*''.:
Commei a posl marked "Alexander
McLaren's     uth-eabi   c iriier post," olanted
lafua wi -1 ol 1...I. r*.- nil .■   hro ..-.
Starvation Plats In a soulborly direction from
'I., tr  'tuiu.1 Cache, running norttn
thence wesl SO chains, thence soulh si ehnins
theni 01 1-: -* cl alu   to | "in: <•( commencement.
Dated IlilaOtJi dayol N***.' mber 1906.
in". 1;       ai i'\ imh.i; ii.- \i;KN,
NOTICK I-* HKRBBY QIVKN it.,.*. -i*n ilays
iii:**rtiate | Intend to applj t'* the Uon, ' In*''
Comn      '. .   * 1 i iVorks foi permiuion
'         :        - ■ the (ollowlllg iie-' I.-!.*.
Ill (VII ii-irict   R c :
Commencing ut a post marked "George H.
Rlui it's north pmi c 'nur post," planted
al        * I iln* wi ii nt imii running torougb
-1.'. ith :i Flats.'; 11 loulhi ri*. d.r* 1 tion Irom
I ■■ 1, ne 1 ai in running *•■** -t bo chains,
ih.'in* -1.mti -»' halns, thenee easl BJ chains,
:■. -.. ilm to point "i commence
hm- -i uh 'im of November, 1 •«•.
11.iv 17     '-i-u,.,! ii. BltfUHl l.i.uertt.ir.
Certificate of Improvements.
Hi,,. i-..ii.iM.iiii-,,ii!,iitn, .......lout ii..-nit-
iiiliutiiii MintiiK Division of Kootonay .11--
im i.
Wl 1....,'..!-   Kill. . '.-t-<-k.
I'i ihnl i. .Inini Albert Kirkot tho
I'mmi .if ttovelitnke. B.C., acting ai ngont for
.1.8 i I'l-n*.:-.!;.,,,. it,.. Minor, Corttlli .to
s. I. . i" .ui Wnigarot A. Kl-.m, Kt-u- Mlnot'a
iii-i.i. im So. ll-ft-, iiiti-ml, dxty .I..,.- from
il,,-,!.,',' Imi,,,!. ... ii|i|il. ... .In- Mining Kill, nml in |iiirlioiil.-ir lur shard), deben- oordcrfor ,. Cerllltoato «( Improvement!, for
uros and  securities nf any company "" porpweol obtaining a Crown Onuitol tl.e
bavin •ultjii-tf. -iiiiiiiii-, or in part similar lu lb..'so nf Ihi- Cm.ip...y.|.riivii|n.l
a by-law if passed by ilu- directors
s|)oc'ifyln« Uu- consideration which ibo
Company will receive for iho said sale.
ami ll.o" said by-law shall have boon
pass.-.I an.l sanctioned l.y .. vote of nut
less than two-thirds ol iho shareholder-, ot ll.e Company, passed al a ipeclal
general meeting nftho Company culled I'm the,purposes of considering and
approving of said by-law.     we.lj.in2
\f OTICK is hereby given tha i» ilayi after date
XS I intenil to apply to the Hon. Chlel Com
un ■!'■ ii-'i i>i Lumi*, nmi Wnrks tov permiuion to
purchase the fullowluti iL-scribcil landi in the
West Kootenny District;
UoratnenelflB at n poat planlcd *• >*Ji:iiii-* oait
fr tlie south-wesl comer ol Lot MM and marked
■I*:. 0. Tmffonl's nnrth-eoat cun it po-i.' thonce
foiit h -in chains, thenco tvostlOcKaluraoreor
ii'n>. tn IjiIli- shore, thonco north alonf ihore tn
south-west cornor of Lot im, thence aaal "■-
chains to nolnl nf commencement.
Dnted Novomber Iflth, lift'.
.lee fi wetl K. 0, TRAPPOBD,
Rovelstoko Cigars Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
abovi rl.iiin.
And further Uko notice that action, nndot
section 'C inu-t he oommoncod bjforo the lunu*
aneoof -uch Ccrtlflcrtlc ol ImprovemenU,
Dated lhii 2tlh dny ol Septontber, A.D., iuin.
,,,-, 21 .1. A. KIUK,
N"OTICK i- heroby glvon that 60 dayi after
date l Intond toapply tothe Honourable
Uio Chief ComniliMoiicr ol L-andinnd W'urk-
foi pcnnlnlnn to purcluwo t hv following de*
scribed lands in Cariboo distriet, H.c.:
Oommcnclug u; a i*'»i marked "William Kd-
He's north-weil corner post," plnnletl hihjui *2t)
ebains weit of trail running thrmnfh stiirvn-
tion Flats in n soulberl) direction from Tote
jaune cache, running sail SO ohalm, thenoe
loud - * balm, it.* n.c well BO chains, tbonco
north BOclialDi I" point Ol corniiicncemeiii.
Dated Bth day ol So rem ber, IW6,
nnv 17 Ull.l.lA.n KKLLIK, l/jcator,
Nolice l*herel»j eiren that ivi days ;ilter date I
Intendtoapplj to tin* Uon, Chief Commlnloner
,.f Lands -mil "rt'ortwto parchawthe following
dcicrlbodlaniUiltuatedln ('aril llstrlct, Il.C.:
Commeneing hi a i-in-t marked "O, A. Forbes'
iouth-weil enrner poit," plantod nliout 'Ai
chaini wcitol trull runnlnc through ^tarva-
tlun Flaiiin n southerly direction romlcto
Jaune Cache, running nnrth no chain*, tbenee
■cwt Hi chalii**, llii'iu*' -ouih y> ebal ni. thence
veil Nj'*lmiii- t" point nl cOuiuicueeiueHt,
Jjated tflh daj of Nnvtuiber, YM.
uov 17 0, A. l.ullBl>, Locator, Business Locals
Spoeii.I I :t:.':.i'f
11 Hume ,'. Cu's.
We are clearing up our odds and ends regardless of Cost.
All Furs at less than manufacturing prices.
Men's Overcoats at your own price
Boys' Reefers and Overcoats at less than Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Jackets selling at just half price.
Children's Jackets-Prices ranging from $3 to $7 each.  Any
Child's Jacket Now for $1.50 Each.
Trimmed Millinery ai Half Price.
I Sore Hands     ft
t and Faces      |
# 9
& We have the nicest prop:.**- (fo
11 I-.;,.:, v ii have ever tried,  i
+j+ •■■■.'
c-a.itil *' Benz iiu and
mond Cream
cent! a b tl -
lt Ifl-lll
- in
n night.
nadH DPBg
& 3ook
Nevor before has our stock
been so complete in Pnncy
Groceries., including New
Nuts, Loiuloii Layer Rnis-
ins, Figs, Dales, Oranges,
Bananas, ('- r a n berries,
Lettuce, X in lis Stockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe liiul Holly,
- lay,   January 19.—For -'I
i    . ,        m. wi n snowfall,milder
_,, -        - in. |_v cold.    Temp.
;,;  . .,.     -....; min, ij i eliiw ," im
Local and General.
;.,.      .]  Mm. ,1. M   Scut! e.tv.-fin
'.; -:■"-.       I:u*£i
mt   ..-,;.. -..- il    .- being sen! nut.
1,. ,. ,..;, -. , will in ii" probability send ;. Irum .1 ivn l„ Uossland
on Fel . y 12th I - tuk. purl in the
can ivn mutches i - be held there,
A -.• :\ enjoyable evening was spent
,:. h ,:-!.i-,- when Mr. and Mis.
Pagel were " at home." funis and
dancing passed the hours most pleasantly.
Thi  Ladies'  Guild  ul St,  Peter's
church will lmId au entertainment on
Tuesday, Feb. 12th, in Selkirk  Hall
.,.,,. Hi:.: programme lms been
imn :-,!.
F. v.*. Aylmer, Dominion engiiicer,
arrived in I wn fn m U Men yesterday. Mr. .-:-.: er has eome to look
. ,, ■ con: ictioi works mi the
river bed.
.!. A. Maedonald, M P.P., the leadei
; tin lil    il party, will deliver a cam-
i .._ :;.-■-   .i.   ilii:   Opera Hi list
To lluy :i House.
To Rent n Utilise.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
oloso in.
Tu Buy Splendid Fruit
Industry.    Snioii
The It. C. Gazette o! Jan. 17th, announces tl..' i'i poinlinent ul William
.1. Ciuopcl nt Nelson iu lie Di-puty
Coninii.-sionei* ul Lands niul Winks,
iu the r mn anil sleul -I Neil I-'.
Miii-kfiy resigned.
In ilm Urand I'- rks civic elcctiuiis
.1. > tit in in,-,- was i-lictiii! niiiyor by 7b*
majority. Messrs, N. I), Mcintosh, S,
II irnnr, .1. Iluui.ldso.i, ,1. Hardy, II.
I'l. Wo. nl In...1, I', T. McOullum iv. ie
elected i.lder.neii.
During mi election campaign conducted ou putty linos, (lie elector is
ivii'i- nli.i noi|i. ....Is l.i...soli with the
policy ol each party, and alter euro-
tuily weighiug tlie snt.ic, pro und cun,
decides to east his ballul in tnvor nl
thai party which offers ll s:.(e and
sound system ol government lm* the
The bridge gang on the construction
works ol the now CP.R. Columbin
bridge are lining goud wurk nnd u
large quantity of masonry is already
in position, li is intended to get ns
uuieil wnrk done ..s p issible belore tho
winter closes nnd tho river rises, The
steel superstructure and girders have
In i it ordered Ior some time nnd are
ready lor delivery,
The recent freezing ol the water
pipes in many parts oi the city lias
led to several methods b. ing tried to
effect ;i thaw. 'I he means adi pti d in
Vancouver mighl be interesting to us
all in Rovelstoke. A count cl n is
mad.- with lla- alternating current i>
Real Estate and Insurance Acts,
Patronize  Hon:
Roi/elstoka Cigare.
Choice t.iblo nnd o inking apples, un
sale i t Cl:. Il.in.i- & Co,
Japanese ('f.iii.o-. lho lus! ii! ilie
s-i-uii, 75c. n I..is, in Huiiii.t: Din*.
li you nun! a su .p in bed ruoiu
carpet, cull nt 0. B, Hume .v Cu's.
Juhiislon's Fluid Beel und  Bovril,
j .Id in nil sizes, at 0.11 llun.c A Co,
Try a p uiul ul nur -IDc.   bulk   ten,
i.s a greal favorite—-C. B, llunie & Oo.
Just  in   this  in.fining  from   tl.e
Sl.usw:.;.  Lake   rnnches, a nice lot of
new laid eggs, nt Mar's. Grocery Slore.
Fresh Kippered Birring und Snit.k
ed   Halibut daily, nl 0. li. Hume A
Dun't furget nur stock-taking sub
ul Tapestry and Brussels carpet. C li.
Hume it Co.
See our I iirg.dn lines nl Men's suits,
$10, $12, $15, nil Twentieth Centiuy
Briiid.   C, H. Hiiniofi Co., Lid.
"At II -me,"Oprru House,Tuesday,
Jan. 22ud, under the auspices o! tl.e
Lttdies Auxiliary ol tho Brotherhood
oIJR.iilro.id Trainmen. Ticket. $2
per cjuple, extra lady 75c.
Big bargains in nil lines ulfurniture,
carpets, carpet squares, linoleums and
lloor oils, tn iiiiikit run... Ior spring
stock, Cil find see the snaps we can
givo you. John P.. W. ml, lho Big
Furniture Store*.
The people seem to l.o .ill hip-hip
hum-all over the elections, but Cross-
innii A Morrison, lhe importing
tailor.., ..re always winners fur bigh-
oltss clutliing There's always a
c'iin in ii with n new bunch, b it yuu
nover lake a eh i ee with Crcssinnn &
Morris u.
is wli.it troubles most people this cold weather, bul you will have no trouble in
keeping yourself warm il you buy your warm clotning here. You can't bent our
variety and prices anywhere and llie quality is the best we can procure.
ight     Othei   speakers   -'i'l  alsou tap iu tl.e lioi.ee on each side i
,. Idn 5! tin mi ■' ...
jm ,, . | ,1 ... ten |..:..! in is
,1 .„;.. Irifting • stwarJ and the liuni
.-'- :-   : th essive cold spell an
S8ing ver us and a u ild.: pen. I is
:,  r tu tt .--., ccted
■ At II mn Ope. li ■-,T lesday,
- in mm m I, ,1 spices ui the
i . - a ixiliar. -i thi Brotherhood
im Raib id I.,.-.!. :.. rickets ■*-
per c  ipli  ■  tra Is ly 75c.
W, Barrel, who has been wanted
I ; .ssing ■: iri um cheques 1 tb .
).. . - .. . : •* In iwh. id «is
neatlj hnded un Th I layevei . ,
the I ■ nstal i - and : iken down
I j       ...unity morning
■   is trial
Catholic—ilev, Father It, I'ccnul
O.M.I., pastor. Servicesevcrv Sunday
ut "he lollowing hours: H a.m. C un
iiiiini.'ii Mu^; 10:31) a.m. High J ass
.....I Serinoni 2 p.ni. Baptisms; 2:1)0
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Ilosnry,
Instruction und Benediction.
St. 1'ktkh's.—Hev. (!. A. Proeunier,
rector. Ephipliany 11. Matins at 11
a. in. Evensong ut 7:30 p.m. Cole-
bratioti ol Duly Communion al *■> n.ni.
Sunday Sol.onl nl 2:30 pan.
Iwu.v, Pi.ksii*. liun an —J. II- Bob,
eitson, B.I), Sunday morning service
,u 11 o'cluck, subject, "The First
Great Tragedy." Evening si ivicc at
7:30, subject, "Whal Chris! '1 iv ugl.l
ol tin- Old l.-sii...i.-ni.'' Sun.l.v -■ ."!
and Pastor's Bible Class at 2-30 p.m.
Voting lv pli - " i: tl un Monday
nighl nt S 'cluck. Cottag . yer
::... ting ' i. ', -if. -: iv und Cl
practice on Friday i
m me     given     all.   The Pastor
■    ■ .,-- thai    .e is starting        v
To Cook Without Coal. Gas or
Willi nil iiltsii'iito saving ni trulli
eighty in ninety por cent in (nol, to
say nolliing of the prevention ul die-
UM.-, enblc - dors nnd ll.o steiini inipreg-
.. .ted iitinosphore ol ihe kitchen. The
United Stales Government lms adopted it utter exhaustive experiments nl
Fort Biley, Ivans is The Fireloss Cook
Stove I.,.- stood as severe n test as il
cuuld he pussil ly given und it- wns
recommended to general adoption by
the United States Government.
The cost ul fuel can be reduced
lour-lifths or even nine-tenths,
I'i..- puis nre nol ninde difficult lu
.,.,-.-li; Ihey arc not blackened,
Tl.e I.. d is better cnoked, more
tasty, more nutritious und inure digestible.
Kitchen - il.-i- are obviated.
Ti  o and labor nre saved.
'i ■ ere is I ol stirring tor lent
ol -i- irchii:-' or burning.
'! i. can   -1 tin- In.ii-i wi:'.. nre l.ss-
mi '.     I ber health ... 'I happiness
nr. I   is      - ".ed,
I., i need .. .1 bo in dis trder
can   always  bo hud
illness i   the i. use und
part when' the tn e e hasoc  .
the  current  turned nn, - - -
iinee   ol   tii
amount ol beat and the cu
ing   along  every  secti n. uf the pipe
between tin   I  uses, the pipe is
thawed out,
.    .   ,; m, rn lires nro
■   -   study l
generates a bu
-    m .   . . i—R. C
..ii'.f    ■ ■ iter's   1
!9 at 2.30 |
ind Tern ? I     iy at 7.9
■ ; .   crvir.
the |..'in,a. >,1 cold wavi   ivhich has
I ft \ iiii 1   thn ugh ul   : resteri
portion "i tho continent ti
: .. -.,- .-.fin to the Greal 1. iki -
1 he baromi trie pn ssure has lor the
ii -' pari 11 ii abnormally I
on Saturday Insl i low pressure area
deve oped ■ n the interior and North
Pacific md the inrush nl colder n r
caused the .trong icy winds to rush in,
11.. area now lieing sonicwhero in
Manil - - ihall c .ns. n, n it tl y have
l mild read lor u lime but with
vy sn  - '.i  -  nd I j -.
i ntn-,- .-.in bc kept warm
-',!.-    . in i ot    live
■ .f        o -f i '■ ■:- - n     be id-
nil  - ,.:-, i by kitchen
led by tin Fin li »s Cook j
mil 'ii-   king c in
',.   ii rning,
f .' ..'-   Ill ll o
im various m- minis
* i   . take the it dil
iim-   ou,   It,   .ii'i'.ingi-il
In stylish cuts and the best material.
Mackinaw Goats
and Trousers
CARR'S   MAKE.     Just the  right
class of Clothing for Rough Weather.
Winter Gaps
Cloth and  Leather, with Fur Hand
Ear Protector.
Lined Gloves
For Street wear and work. Mocha,
Leather Mitts, lined and unlincd, wool
mitts and gloves, all weights.
In one and three-buckle,
lry a pair of these.
You  musl
Warm Underwear
That will chase away the Shivers. We
have all weights and kinds from $1.50
per Suit up to $8,
A Nice Line
of Shirts
Flannel and Homespun,  all sizes up
Sweaters, all Colors
Have you seen them ? They are
priced from $1.00 and up.
Gome In and
Look at Our Stock
We will be glad to have you do so.
Get Prices. You do not have to buy,
and if you do and are not satisfied you
can return the goods and get your
money back, at
uus;.ie. s nl the
Young Conservative Club
of Grand Forks
God Save the King
with .' 11    ■ tiplli - 'rk with
-Ml-' : ■-lil"    ■",,! '    .-. mi      . '   -i,  i" - iCooker.
im   '    Mr* '*  '     - .-I .,   n.     11     -      -
'■■■ *""1 Ml   ]■      - ; ,      -,        : ... the
Conk ol the V M C. A   .. in. evi
h :     1...- ■ Ii ting - 11 da - " 1 pei
li I)., w-.ll be in -
k  I.I:
lln l.nu *■ sl i a 1 .-: ■
ben :* start—before it
- thi io dway, Bi
-. ■ • ..1 .- a :t"f. dy that
:,;... 1 igh j, the bud,
.Suit 1 ■ ,;.- i. when tlio
firsl - - . -;.*n ol chilliness g ei tin nl um. It is
best   • -if-     Don't
I       '   kii ds  of   Coughs,
C   :-. - re I In- ni. I' arse-
1.... ii   : chitis, etc. Price,
W. BEWS. «.. b.
Druggist and St ttioner,
Mail orders promptly attended
Annual Congregational Meeting
I in mn d mei tii j il St, indrew's
church was held in the chur ih on
.Vedncs lay ■ vi ning last, 1 he n ports
ol the iliffcrnnl brunches ol the
oh in . ■ rk in re pn -1 nted showing
ti,.-  congre nti. n   tn  be  in   a very
healthy  and   prosperous   0 litlon
Lasl 1-.it tho iMfi'.'ii-jiii ii ndvanced
tho pn-i'-i -'i; and 1. (DO ; or month
with the intention,  il circ in itni 1 - -
One  of  lhc   best
exponents of Socialism
on tliis Continent,
Walter Thos. Mills
will give address on above
in   the
Mn vi* thou, attended to now for
iln-i-o is 111.  lolling when  Ihey
might lf.il ynu.
Tired eyes, sure eves, Inlliilued
eyes. Eyes Hull gel tired and blur
iill. I'll shni'l time. We can remedy
all ll.e Irnuhh-.H,
Our Optical Department is in s..!.-
obiirge ul* Mr. ll.S, Hastings. Kef.
; I)., win. has had a! bni-oug'. I raining and wide experience   in Ibe
■A   liffitment. of the eyes by glasses.
3 11! yuur eyes give yo.. trouble, don't
delay in having ihon. attended to.
Killing children's eves .1 specially,
1 tti iii t*ti il*i 1*1*1 r*i*i ti'i ii'i Ai 1*1*1 ttt t'tt 'fr* it*, liti Ai nti ilti ■'^* iii *^* 1A11X1 iii c
F *$?l^,' *lf "X1 li» 'X' "X* lX' "X* "-I-" "X* "X" "X* w "J? "X* "X' "X1 "X1 '-X' "X1 X1 "V "X1 \
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
.--iii  m
... ,. ..ill ..I, !
.       1 ' 1
.1       '      1 11 oi
— *•«'
I'M'i-  ! 111 17.—Tin    ■    m- m cted
1 htirch  and   -• tte  Iibb brougl • <• •
1 ',.- mm -1,iond CURLING
pollpot the  painter  has renl  ■
abbey mil 11 id. - stud   ■' it '  '
Victor' .rpi nter thi   noted 01 Browinj        1 cu|
hm   leader,  hai  leased 1 ti ■   ,. ,,  ,;k , ,•
,1   "     .„ church    ,d I      .
, 'IM.,., rl i.f.li     I. ere in thai  -
-iii,,,:-   ol  tinted  oolumi -     '  '•' ''    '
willi tin- benign ( hrisl ol Ti ml 0. It. ild      I. Hn
um; mi eternal blessing from fin- high  n  y Co... ier       C M   I .-  !
Thursday, Jan. 24th
8:30 Sharp
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G li N T  F 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Miss Margaret (repn
Toachor 11 Piano, Vocal und
-i. mi. — Lmvhi.s. .-. Block,
■ npin I lm  University and
. ,i, i .uiiiii)- Exams,
dome  he    irects i hundro i an.l flftj
mi tbusiastlo   amateurs,   win,   giv.
warranted, al the end ol lhi. year to month'y concerts there,   All hit
pay over to their pastor  tho  sum  ol sons are taught In that deserted home
.f 1 -j.i. thus .....king the stipend eiunl
to tlOu a month   'I his has I lone
and tho stipend lor   1007   I
li.vi-.l al $100 n month,
ol iln- monk.', and he has red -
tho mnjestic n .ve. A piano stands
where lho devout worshippers used to
Itn ... n.ni players with their music
i'.. i I- mm! to the very fool ol tho
Tbe work nf llm year haa gone on uliar.
quietly and happily. Evidonco of The only visiblo transformation In
pi u.tcss nnd deepening interest being I inlcrior nrrangemnnts Is that this al*
steadily manifest. The new year Is tar and thc oonl.issiiinal boxi iro
being faced in a spirll nf clioorfnlneiB swathed In biaok Tho other parts ol
with an earnest dejire lor tho dovolop ; the church Carpenter uses us his liv-
.. ent of ohrlstian life in tho work of | Ing apartments, The sacristy is bis
tin congregation, olliee,
I). M. Ilo- kip I'i   '■  II  III
To the Electors of  the City
of Revelstoke.
I.Aim -- -   - Churn i m *'
I have to iliuiik ynu (nr your anil-
port al ilie pulls, uml <:in only assure
yon I will dn everything in my power
to Iniilii-i* iln- Interests ol the oity.
Yniii'H respectfully,
11, A, BilOWN,
|-'i.ll in,.' ol tlrooeriea and Dairy
proline.'  Men's Supplies, Etc,
i,, I, look always arriving al
■ t pi .'-'■*..
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling and Lots, Third .Street .     .      ,      ,
Dwelling and bits, (eurner) Fifth Street
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
Lols on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each
bits on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .
Lots oil Fourth St., east uf McKenzie. Ave,, each
Luis on fifth St., east uf .McKenzie Ave,, each   ,
,   200
.   150
fl ,,. in.-,- i.f tin- Liberal Association ..! Revelsloke extend an Invi-
...liun in Mr T, Taylor, M.P P., Mr.
U. IV, Lclonux,and Mr. Martin Bur-
it Ilul Grand Forks, to speak at their
meeting In the Opera House tonight
Having just, received a large shipment ol Pipes, Imported
Cigars, confectionery, stationery and Tobacco, we are now prepared to Iill your orders with the highest grade goods at the lowest
prices in the City.
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