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The Mail Herald 1909-04-07

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"Empire" Typewriter
For cist! ol operation and pei feet ion
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $(iU 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Hera
New Wellington Coal
E   W.   B.  PAGET,    McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 15.-No 20
$2.50 Per Yoar
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead antl Revelstoke.
Come In and Try On a Pair of
If you have never yet worn Regal
Shoes, by all means let us supply you
with a pair this season.    Only in custom-
made shoes can you obtain equal quality
—and then you must pay many times       tjrWW'
the Regal price.
All the Regal styles are exact
reproductions of expensive custom models—you can tell that
by   their  smart,   trim   lines.  / ^»_. , !_%&
And we can give you a
made-to-measure fit in Regal
Shoes, because they are made
in quarter-sizes.
The new Regal styles will win your approval on sight
C. B. HUME Sr Company
Agents for RevelstoKe, B. C.
Stores at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season of the year tbat the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kalsnniine some
rooms, Varnish tlie woodwork, Paint the floors. Varnish
Stain some pieces of the furniture. Enamel the beds or the
baths, Regild the picture frames. We are best able to
supply all these wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Fluor paint, all leady for the brush. Aspinall'v Enamels,
B. A. P. Kuium-ls for hath or woodwork. Baplac Varnish
stains. It-unite Varnish stains. Lacnueiet in all colors.
Berry Bros, bouse varnishes. Liquid Granite f jr tlloors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture, floors, boats or carriages,
all for all inside work.
Painters Supplies in all lines and at prices that cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money. Leave your orders for work with us and we will
send you a man and guarantee that he will give you the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle -Seal tie National Hank, Sun Francisco Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 91 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate (rom date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
ies' and Children's Boots and Shoes
I have just received a large shipment
of Spring and Summer Shoes for
Ladies and Children. Made from selected material by experienced workmen
tliese shoes are guaranteed to give
good service.    The prices are right.
MRS.   A.  G.   CRICK
Flrnt   Street      •       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Happenings Throughout Week
in B. C.
Vancouver police authorities have
determined to suutV out tbe club
uuisancc and since the passing ol the
Club License Act by the Legislature,
tbey have the power to make life
strenuous for the clubs. The kick
made by the commissioners, the Ministerial AsBociatiun aud other reform
bodies, together with the Licensed
Victuallers, wsb that the clubs sold
openly on Sunday without let or
hindrance. Under the new law a
license fee of $ll>0 is payable and inspection is provided for.
W. VV. B. Mclnnes, the last deieated
Liberal candidate for the constituency
of Vancouver, has returned to tbat
oily from Ottawa. While at the
Federal capiial he was made Senior
Ouunty Court Judge, retiring to the
bench aft r a sensational political
career in British Columbia and the
Tbe Methodists ol Vancouver celebrated the Jubilee ol the arrival ol the
earliest missionaries in the province
la-t Sunday. Rev. Dr Robson and
Rev Dr. Crosby, two ol tbe pioneers
were tbe cbiel figures in the celebration.
Commander Era Booth, of the Salvation Army, has announced that on
April 10th the Army will launch a
tcbeme for the founding of a "world
university of humanity." Five million dollars will be required to initiate
the scheme, and the raising of this
will be commenced on the above date.
Tbe Hudson's Bay and Skeena river
steamers will this year make tlieir
terminal at Prince Rupert, instead of
stopping at tbe mouth of the Skeena
It is reported tbat the government
has under consideration a scheme for
the reclamation of the lands of tbe
lands of tbe Kootenay Valley, eouth
of Kootenay Landing.
The contract for the steel rails to be
svpplied to the Grand Trunk Pacific
for tbe first hundred miles of line
(rom Prince Rupert to Copper River
bas been awarded to the Dominion
Iron and Sleel Works. The company
tendered against tbe strongest American sijel firms and succeeded in submitting tiguses wbicb carried tbe
It is now definitely announced tbat
tbe sale ol Prince Rupert town lots
will take place beginning on May 25,
and lasting five days. The lots will be
disposed ol by auction and will consist ol an equal number of government
and company property. Between
2,000 and 2,500 lots will be offered for
Members Indignant at Gover-
ment over Mr. Wheeler
The value of the Alpine Club ol
Canada to the country is now so well
established that argume ts in favor ol
its existence are no longer necessary,
and should anything happen which
would mean tbat the Club would have
to go out ol existence, even temporarily, it would be nothing lees than a
national setback. It can therefore be
imagined with wbat feelioge the news
has been received that the President
of tbe Alpine Club, A.O.Wheeler, and
his stall' are not to be permitted to
attend the annual camp ibis year, tbe
reason given being that* his services
will be required all season on Departmental work. At this stage of the
Club's history Mr. Wheeler's presence
at tbe camp is an absolute necessity,
and unless he is permitted to attend,
to organize and manage the camp it
will bave to be abandoned altogether.
In addition to tbe regular attendance
at the camp, which is expected to be
greater than ever this year, a number of members of the British Association, which will be meeting in
Winnipeg tbis year, as well as prominent members ol the English Alpine
Club and other men of world-wide
lame, have accepted the Club's invitation to attend tbe annual camp, and
it tbe Club is forced to cancel the
invitation to these distiuguisbed men
because tbe Department cannot afford
to allow one ol its officials and bis
staff to spend ten days tbere il is very
apt to make these distinguished
foreigners wonder what kind of an
institution the Government of the
Dominion of Canada is. And not only
will the country lose the splendid advertisement it would otherwise obtain,
but it will advertise itself as a community which haa asset which is worth
millions of dollars annually, if properly used, bul wbicb it has not the
•eme to take advantage ol.   Pressure
is being brought to hear on the De
partment to have the present arrange
ments changed to allow of Mr. Wheel
er's attendance at the camp, as in
former years, steps to this end being
taken by the local centers of the Club
at Revelstoke, Vancouver, l.ethbridge,
Winnipeg and Toronto, as well as by
the executive ol the Alpine Cluh at
England and War Balloons.—
Railway Earnings— Lumber
Prices Have Advanced.—
London, April 7.—Great Britain
seems to be waking up to the fact that
the other nations of the world are
leaving her behind in the race lor
oommand of the air. While the members of the House ol Commons were
yesterday afteruoon dm-ing the attention of the Aoverninent to the fact
that. Germany has built or ia building
a dozen dirigible airships and urging
the Government to take up with
energy the construction of a British
air fleet, there wai being held at the
same time a meeting in the Ma sion
House, under the chairmanship ol the
Lord Mayor ol London, in support ol
the same object.
Montkeai,, April 7—The C.P. R
traffic earnings for the period ending
March 31st increased .1121)0,000 over
the same period a year ago. The
Grand Trunk earnings for the sume
period increased $85,031 compared
with laBt year.
Winnipeg, April 7—The labor unions
ol Winnipeg bave decided to appeal at
once to tbe Privy Council against tbe
ruling ol the Manitoban Court oi
Appeal, preventing the picketing ot
lactorieB wbere a strike has been declared. ThiB decision deeply affects
all labor unions in Canada.
Nanaimo, April 7.—Tho embargo on
publio meetings in Nanaimo imposed
on account ol a mild iorm ol smallpox,
will be lifted to-day. The publio
schools opened yesterday, the disease
having been eradicated.
Winnipeg, April 7.—British Columbia lumber manufacturers to-day have
advanced prices throughout western
Canada, one tu three dollars per
thousand. Tbey claim there has been
and will be a heavy demand for railway and bridge timber and for lumber
for building railway cars all season.
Southev, SaBk., April 7.—Supposed
to bave got up from her bed and
walked in her sleep, Clara Kreinke,
nearly two years old, was found dead
on the C.P.R. tracks here at midnight
Saturday, having been hit by an
engine. Her mother put ibe child to
bed at nine and thought her sleeping
soundly till told ol the tragedy.
Nanaimo, B. C, April 7—Captain
Seward, maBter of the barge Oregon,
lying at Henry Bay, near Comox, uncommissioned, is reported drowned,
according to a despatch received from
tbe Union Bay yesterday. No details
of the drowuing are as yet to hand,
other than the body up to the time
the despatch was Bent had not been
VANCOUVER, April 7.—Sunday afternoon fire broke out in the mission
church building at Rivers inlet, and
belore anything could be done to
check the flames the whole building
was consumed. The mission was in
charge of Rev. R. W. Large, M. I)., the
medical missionary at Bella Bella,
a local preacher supplying during bis
$15,000 GRANT
For New School to be Included
in 1910-11 Estimates
The Sohool Trustees are in receipt
ol a communication from the Minister
of Education, Victoria, stating that
tbe government has arranged for an
appropriation of one-third of the total
cost of tbe new Revelstoke public
school building, the grant itself not to
exceed $15,000. This appropriation
will be included in the provincial
estimates for 1010-11. As soon as the
plans are ready and the necessary
alterations made, tbe petition for tbe
bylaw (or the balanoe ol the money
will be submitted to the counoil The
school trustees' deputation who obtained this promise from the govern
ment have this record to tbeir credit
tbat they have secured the largest
appropriation for any local work that
has yet been made, of any request for
money help tbat was put before the
government. Tbe grant ol $50 by the
council towards the expenses of this
deputation has beeu well spent aud it
would have been juet the same if
tion ble tbat amount had been provided Irom city (undi.
A. S.  Goodeve. M.P.. Presses
Revelstoke's Claims
The secretary of the Board of Trade
had informed us that he is in receipt
of a letter from Mr. A. 8. Goodeve,
M.P., at Ottawa for Kootenay, relative
to matters of local interest. Among
the chief items is the question ul the
Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway,
Mr. Goodeve slates thai he has succeeded in having amendments made
to tho hill ly which they will he compelled to construct 15 per cent ul the
ruad immediately. Mr. (iuudeve put
up a hard fight fur this amendment
eventually gaining his puint. The
amendment is as lolloivs:
The Kootenay it Arrowhead Railway
Company shall, within two years after
the passing of this act, construct 15
per cent of the mi cage of the uncon
structed portion of the railway which
it wai authorized by Section 7 of
Chapter 10 of the Statutes ol 1901 to
construct and shall complete the suid
railways and put them in operation
within (ive years and if the said 15
per cent ol mileage is not constructed
and il the said railways are not completed and put in operation within the
said periodi respectively, the powers
ot construction conlerred upon tbe
said company by Parliament shall
cease and be null and void as respects
ao much ol Ihe said railways its theu
remain uncompleted.
In reference to the town wharl Mr.
Goodeve stated that he would urge the
matter when the Government went
into supplies fur ti. C. He said mure-
over that the Minister of the Interior,
on grounds ot eoonomy, has decided to
du nothing in regard to the various
claims in Kootenay for wharves, as
the reserve would not warrant it Had
tbe matter been brought tip earlier in
the session an amount might have
beeu placed in the supplenientuiy
estimates. Iu these matters, he said,
be was getting the unanimous support of all the western members.
With reference to the eight-hour
bill, Mr. Goodeve stated that tbe government will allow thiB to come to a
vote this session.
F. C. Campbell of Trout Lake
to be Government Agent
The provincial executive has decided to open a government agency in
tbe Peace River district. Hitnerto
there has been no agent ol the provincial administration in that country,
but as settlers are now beginning tu
gu in, it is necessary tu bave a representative thi re. There has been u
large influx uf peuple lately into the
Pjuce Guupee cutiutry tu the south ol
tbe Peace River, but so far settlement
has been dillicult.
The Government Agent selected for
the post is Fred C. Campbell, lur many
years mining recurder at Trout Lake,
having succeeded the Hun riiomas
Taylur when the latter gentleman
gave up the appuiiitmeut. Mr. Campbell is one of the hest known mining
men in the Lardeau and Revelsioke
and one of the pioneers uf the pro
viuce. Iu the Peace River country-
Mr. Campbell will be in a position
whence frequent, communication with
the government, will be impossible so
he will be clothed with large powers.
He will combine iu his single person
the (unctiuuB uf guvernment agent,
guld cummiseiuner, assessor, deputy
commissioner ul lands and stipendiary
Provincial Constable McVickara will
accompany Mr. Campbell to his now
post. Mr. McVickors is oue of Revelstoke's uld timer>, bciug provincial
constable in this city abuut ten years
ago. The two will proceed to Fort St.
John, a Hudson Day post near which
tbey will provide themselves with
The post is situated iu the middle
of vast territory of large, natural resources, a big slice ul which bas been
given tu the Dominion guvernment.
Tbe province, however, line still large
holdings ol valuable land there and
pioneer settlers aro already beginning
to work their way in from the Alberta side. It has heen aaid by those
who know the oouutry that a great
doal of tbe best agricultural land in
tbat Bcctiun is on the Uritish Colum
bia sido ol the boundary lino, lack of
transportation being the unly thing
that keeps it back. There is no rail
road there nor any immediate prospect ol one, as it is hundreds ol miles
north of the Yellnwhcad pass, where
tbe Grand Trunk I'acilic creases the
See our display of Wagstaffo's jams
and jollies—C. I). Hume lie Co.
Whatever kind of Tools oi Hardware you may you
will lie sure ol the best quality here and al lowest priees.
We carry a great variety of Tools for all trades. Household Utensils, Cu rtai n
Stretchers, Step Ladders.
Kitch I lelps and Builders
Hardware. Wire Netting
and things needed foi the
garden and farm. Alabastine, Muresco, Sberwin
Williams Paints.
McClarey's   Famous  Stoves,   Ranges   and   furnaces.
Enamel, Copper ind  Tinware.      Plumbing Supplies, etc.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness        Plumbing
You'll have a
kJ tv..
__. ■'**.
"_.«,'-' •' -   '"   '■
<_«"-/'vt     .£
y.qlif, !9o7
No matter hou- good the cloth is
unless it is eut right it won't fit you
well when made into a suit.
And remember the suit that will
lit the other fellow won't tit you. You
must come to a store that has suits
enough in it if you want to i_,et on that
will lit you right.   We carry a big stock
Remember our clothing is not
sawed out and slung together, but are
hand-scissored and hand-made by the
best tailors.
Fit Reform Clothing.
B. E. WALKER, President Paid lip Capital, $1 9.000,000
ALEXANDER LAJRP, General Mana-er     Reserve Flllld,    -     6.000.000
The new Travellers  I - «d bj lh - Bank are .i moet convenient
way in winch to curry mom -     rhe)' are iasued In denominations rt
$10,   $20,  $50.   $100 and  $200
and tho exact anionic lliatria,   BelRtltm,   I >cnmark, France,
Germany, Greut lin inn. Holland, Italy, s" »■•>. Knssia, Sweden
and Switzerland in Hated on lhe face of rath cheque, while in other rotintrie*
they are payable at current r.itov
The cheques and al! information regarding them m.i'   be olilanrd al every office
of the Bank. l,W
Sunday School Association
The annual  district  convention   ol
the Interdenominational Sondaysobool
Association will be held in Kn.,.\
church uf this city on Monday and
Tuesday, April I Uth and Uth. There
will be tbr.. sessions. The lirst
session will be held Monday evening
at 8 o'clock The second session at
■1 o'clock Tuesday slternoun and tl.e
linal session on Tuesday evening at 8
o'clock. Stuart Muirhead, general
secretary fur Hritifh Columbia, will be
present antl add res.- all the set
All Sunday Sol I workers are particularly requested to in present on Tuesday afternoon
Edison Parlor Theatre
The Kdison Theatre will be open
tomorrow (Thursday) evening at tbe
ueual hour. The programme will be
a lirst daft- one and tv 11 include some
good oomedies, tin Good Friday
attcrnnun there will be ■'. matinee at 3
..'clock, ami among the pictures to bi
ibown will be one entitled—"Tho
Happiest l)ay ol Her Life." This ii
an exceptionally guud Children a
Good Friday picture. The evening
performance will cummence sharp at 8
I'olook. On Saturn iy nigbt there will
he ii new pi igi imi
A lull assortment  ol
at Hewn Drug Store
Hbe flDatl-lbcvalb.
,   ... I    SS8UA i   INI
...     .,'    A
. . ELSTOKE. B.   C.
-.■ ici roRS,   Etc .
a       I xchequer Court
i    I    befoie
in i-'atentl
Kailway \
Five Roomed House
Second Street
rd   Street
Seven "
Fourth Street
ij.,,1-:   iMi'i.iu.ii. Bask lit ii.uim. Uimu.-
BTUKK,  11. C.
Money to loan,
ni-.'.c, -. li. '. ci-tokc, li i
inu. s. McCakteb
\.  .,1     I'INKIIAM
Uranbruolt, li I'.
j. a. Harvey,
Cranbrook, It O.
11.1.1AM I. BRIGGS
Solicilor, etc,
9 Iii Itoi fori—
Tiik Canadian Hank of Commbrob,
im. Molsons Hank, Ktc
I'inviiiii.il Land Surveyor,
.Mining Sm veyor
McKenzie Avenck,
Box 100, Rbvklstokb
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp. No. 219
Meet.-  Second  uml   K utlli   Wuiltiui-tliij'
t«ch month, in Selkirk Hull.   Visilin
men curiiialiy Invited i° uiivntl
n. ARMSTRONG, l.'on. Com,
J. MclNTVItK, Clerk
F. O. E.
The NWlilar mooliiiK- lira Imlil in tlie SolkirL
Hall every Tue-diiy avenlog at » ooluoit
VUilim tiretlirei. urn oordlally Invltea.
For Sale (Special)
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would be well for intending purchasers to look into.
at the same conclusion  especially I holiday,   rost,   recuperation    antl
Kootonay Lodge No. 15, A. F. & *■ «S.
_., JT'-i The nwuliir moot-
ti' V_.'* - |nBS areliold luth«
11 Oddlelluwa llaii.im
"V    ilie tliitil Mimiliiy in
li    nili   nt    f
t. Visitingbreth
oordlally   wul
__. Mont- ovary Tliur.-
Nday  .Hoiiin..'  in   Mul
kirk llnllnl 8o'olook
V..-^ Visiting lirathron lire
ally Invited to Htloud.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P;
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
excevt I'nird Wednesduj
each moulh, in '• idilii-lliw •
Hall at a o'olicS. Mkltin
Knights arc cur'lially .nvllcd.
SMITH, i . C
O. H. BROCK  K. of R. A S.
J. B. SCOTT. M   of r
Zbc _flDail*1bcral&
as it has been eleurly intimated by
lurye purchasers on the prairies
that they will not buy from individual shippers. The opportunities for recourso in case of inferior
fruit or bad packing are eliminated
and a strong central excliange is
recognised by tbe buyers at least to
be the solution of the problem as
far as the relations of seller anil
buyer are concerned.
While there may exist some unfounded prejudise against the relict
of the B. (J. Exchange this cannot
affect the fact that Kevelstoke is
the natural shipping center for all
tbe fruit areas of the Interior.
Tapping, as it does, the growing
industrial centres of the Kootenays
and the Boundary country and on
the main line over which the fruit
from the Okanagans and the Coast
oiusi be shipped it would seem to
be geographically the single marketing depot from which all the
contributions of the various parts
ol the province may profitably be
The refusal of the government to
make a grant to the local excliange
at tho instigation of other institutes
would not appear to be justitied
and the instigation itself was not
one of the wisest ways to overcome
the failures of the past. Moreover,
the establishment of exchanges at
the Coast, in the Okanagan Valley
and in the Kootenays—as is proposed—does not commend itself as
a step in the direction of the most
economical handling of the large
tonnage tbat will have to be transported during_,the coming summer.
The larger the business done at ai
• Spring the single point, when properlj carried!
—  nd   tl A name is. on. the   more   econoniicui nre the
7- .... |s go i—,c). bad iti tt.e best of ns
i'_ ■ -   mnci good In the worst of us,
I tat -. r.araly bohooTO-i auy of os.
II talk -'. '.ii u.a rest of ns.
■: SDAY, ait,,;. 7, imiu
..  :-.. TI  EXCHANGE
other things are in contemplation.
Curious things these appeals to the
throne as an excuse for a holiday-
jaunt to the old country. In the
Premier's case it was the question
of Better Terms—and by the way,
what Iiiib become of that issue as
between the Provincial and the
Federal governments'!1 With Mr.
Bowser it is the Indian reserve
question with a possible side-crack
at tbe fishery rights of the province.
But we may be sure that the Attor-
ney-General will lose no time in
stacking his private papers at the
Hotel Cecil and hieing across the
channel to gay Paree, Home, Vienna, Venice and possibly Budapest), though it is stated often that
in the latter place virtue is its own
It is not likely that any ol the
other members of the Cabinet will
essay a voyage across the hig pond
though the Minister of Education
is nexl in line for such a jaunt.
The Chief Commissioner would
scarcely venture so far away from
home, the Minister of Public Works
is too new to his ollice to leave its
cosy arm-chairs, and Hon. Carter-
Cotton Is too busy watching the
rise of his skyscrapers in Vancouver. Hon. Captain Tatlow makes
no excuse for such a trip; he simply goes " 'Oiue" for a visit. Should
there be a dissolution of the assembly and a defeat of the government
—a thing quite unsupposable at
present—the chief members of the
executive will have hail their holidays anyway.
mean (adieu, autl we challenge the
authorities to eome forward with any
evidenoe which wiil show that any of
our people had anything tn du vtiih
tlie writing uf Itinera, and il they cau
show iih tinu any memher nf uur cum
muniiy is pruperly suspected of writing Bllob letters, we ursine you that
we and our friends will do all pussiblc
iu assisting to procure evidence
against the culprit.
Thanking you lor inserting thif
letter, we are,
Yours truly,
1'. SlltlA.NNl,
M. Ragnem.i,
l). Gallicano,
Revelstoke, April 5th, 1909.
A second letter, similar in tone, has
been banded iuto this ollice by Mr. A.
Pradolini. Lack ofspace, and because
the mutters dealt with are the same,
prevent its publication in full. The
concluding paragraph ot Mr. Prado-
lini's letter ia as lollows: En. Mail-
" 1 wish to state that whether the
oulprita of the latent blackmail he of
latin or some otb r extraction, the
Italian inhabitants uf llevelatoke, as a
whole, may he relied upon to do their
duty aa citizens aud to perioral their
part iu maintaining tbe institutions
aud laws under which they live aud by
wbicb they expect tbe same treatment
as applied to others; then no otber
nationality or faction can assume as
tuey may at present, if the Observer's
justice be tbe standard, tbat immunity from crime is assured tbem on tbe
assumption tbat whatever may occur
the blame will be laid at tbe door of
Simply Incredible
A remarkable return has been laid
on tbe tahle of the House at Ottawa
by Hon. A. B. Ayleswortb in regard
to the escape ol Bill Miner, the road
agent, from New Westminster penitentiary. Tbe return, which was
aeked for by J. D. Taylor, one of
British Columbia's new members,
shows beyond doubt that the celebrated train robber escaped through
the ciuiiiiving of utliciaIs.
The most interesting section of tbe
whole viilutniiiuus page return is the
account of an interview Instructor
Geo. McKenzie bad with Bill Miner a
short time previous to his escape.
This interview tends to bear out the
story that it was the C.P.K. which
secured Miner's escape in return for
bis surrendering to tbe company certain Australian bonds valued at fifty
thousand p unds sterling.—Ex.
A Public Challenge
Editor M .; .-Hi :. ,:...
SIR In a recent issue of the news-
pi; •■- called "The Observer," we
•  itice an article in   which   the editor
it paper  makes   the  insinos
that eertain anonymous letters which
ulture, expenses and   with tic more conn-
f fruit, dent   re: itions    between   shippers
ideations  and buyers, are maintained.   Mure
im   -:;-.- im-.    than   this.   Bpecial considerati
t, ■ ■ , A ,                i     i. •     i .-         .u     . :i   bave • een   re eived   i.y some
Br:v. :i l.ciiim- can be obtained from   the   railway -                       . >
I,.ive st ke     i   p ■    were   written   i y
-   i- ' ■--    :' the Italian colony in
      r vie
..-   halleage the
..   lUt
few ni  there papers co upanles  when  the final load   g
v    ii    .    matter of  is    lone at  one   puint
Provincial Elections Act
'.a <vE NOTICE tbat I have an objection in writing to ynur name heing
and   fruit
- vera 1 revert  tn  ns made up for the destination i
.on of   tl '    if       it   om •    " ' -     the Observer -jr any ol  those'
■■,..- •   is   m    Iream as it has „     - . n witb ii lorn   -
•   - ■ i     .-•..-   i .  ■ -■ vera! times - subject I    ih m tbal
-,'• traffic managers of the roads ■-- -- lat the
I'hat any effort to reorganise the ■"•'-       ■ -'       - '   »rhtei by hi,
.•   ban   ■   must   initiate  in Italian and  noi    :   si    Englishman.
Kevelstoke   goes    without   saying It is all very well to make Insinuations
i, .i. .    t   ,i » u., ,_-,     against pe ' it ii another thing
But we  think that, it   the business
:   ■ se ol t
ear, v        I Iquaiters at
[ii -.   -•_    •■   was   admittedly a dis-
ipl    • to both its promoters
an i its pair ms, ei me of tbe Utter
quite without warrant waxing
harsh in their cr;-.' is ma of the
management. Insuffii .-nt paid-up
capital, independent shipments by
-. ■_ er.. ■ irge subsi ribers t.. its stcs k,
fail •■ ■ . i :t;.- for Btoi k subei ribed,
ami what .- perhaps of more mo-
mei . these, a lack of genuine
appreciation   ol   what   a properly
irg ii teed, well mpported and well
managed exchange can mean,
are mor" responsible. The experience ol the B. C. Kxchurge
wns not an isolated or singular
case. Many similar organizations
in other provinces and even in li.
C. have tp.ne the =ame way bul
that fact has not disheartened the
men who see that co-operation in
shipment is in the best interests of
shippers and, learning by their
past mistakes mu-t of the eastern
provinces now have their exchanges
where tin- whole output frnm certain sections is controlled. Independent shipping has become a
rare experiment where foreign
markets are involved.
We believe lhat with a calm anil
unbiassed consideration of the subject lhe shippers of B, C. will arrive
men of the city realise the vain-
;ii. ■• asset which would accrue to
Kevelstoke as an advertisement in
ca.-e the exchange is revived tbe
would not be slow tu rally liberally
to its support. A sii li ii ■
..-.ion would do tbe tru-k and lhe
demonstration {wbii b would follow
would -pee.lily ensure tbe o-oper-
atii :. ..f shippers in all parts t the
pr iv iiic.
A public meeting to wbii b i
rally call could he i.-sueil would at
once determine the amount of local
interest that exists in the re-estab-
lisbment of an exchange here and
would, in the interchange of views
have an educative value far beyond
immediate power tu estimate.
Su Hon. W, .1. Bowser, Attorney-
General will take leave of Uritish
Columbia fur a visit to Knglaml
"and the continent." on Sunday
morning. The vi.it is primarily to
lay an appeal befure Downing
street on the question of the conflicting rights of the Province and
the Dominion in the ownership of
the Indian reserves but it iH incidentally stated  that a wull-eariiud
to tumuli    proof   in   support   of  the
| slanderous charges which this   man is
i    •      '   making   against law-
sbiding citisens who are his superiors
in many ways.    Tlie Italian residents
I Revelstoke  are,   as  a   rule,   a   lau-
tbiding pe  pie, and they are nut  lor  •
moment to be sonsidered  «« lympa-
■ ■ h iin   members -.f tbi   ■
cai.eii    'Black-band    Society,"   ami
I   only be tOO   ^lad   tO   assist    the
authorities in driving out of their
midst an unworthy memlier ol ll"'
Cnlnny wini i .nlil beguilty of -uch an
Offence     us    writing   an     anonym, lis
We Itnnw -ome people in Revelatoke
who   do   not   belong   to   the    Italian
nation, who are given to doing that
sort of thing, and we do not know of
any Italian in this community who
has ever had a charge nf that kind
brought hnme to him We protest,
against, this vile insinuation Hgainst
tbe members nl mir community, and
we believe that all right-thinking
people will agree with us Mint, an uncalled fnr insult, has been directed at
nnr people,
We consider it. a useless waste of
time to a»k an apology frum such an
Irresponsible person as une who would
make a charge uf   that,   kind,  but   we
take this opportunity of placing before   the   public   our   disapproval   of
retained nn the List uf \
ulers fur  the
it.-nk!.ike Electoral District :—
Airs, Thomas,
Alii.-. Magr!,
Anderson, .lames H.
Andersen, J.ilm,    Albert Canyon
Aid, William C,
As! le, William U .
Austin,   Percival,   B,,
I i-^k.'
A i "I'I .  Mel/.ei .
Bailei. Herbert,
liuii.'-   Hut uld,
Barone, Antonio
lim »••!. Lawrence,
Barkhnuse, Boy S.
ies, Ernest A.
li- k, rlui'li-,
Bi-i_.'i.-  ( buries  It.,
B"ll.   .V.it'imtn    Lawson,   Strawherv
Benjamin, Hallie B-,
Benson, Kopert B.
Beradine, Donate I'e
Hei iib.n.lt, Jacob,
ii. /,._ on, Melborn W,
BUki-iii"t.-. Alfred
Hh'ii. Bert,
n d ii-. Henry,
1 iitlibul'lie
Bennell, I/mis
Bolton, .Inin.--.
Bourne. John Dupre
■. iltei
Boyd, John Perey
Buy". Joseph,
.. Thus. V
ll itler, Wnli.itn, J.
! iimbol'lir
ilad i, in  Thomas,
' omaptlx
IO .n. Jos. P.i
i ampbell,  \iik'n- P
i ampbell Hph. B„
< ai.. Christie
i .   iaban, Ken..   E.N
( ar lisle, <."o. D.,
Carlyle, Leonard K ,
f itier, ll <_)., Churchil
( ayley, Valentine, O.H
I 1. i'i.,ml   Win. A..
Camboi ne
Chilton, John Wm.,
Chi Istopherson Ohas,,
Clark, Albert A.
'   .1". Wyman,
Ai luuhij.'iil
t up.iub. Sum,
I '.U',,' li". Kiltiuu'iii.
1 list num. diiiseppi'
Crowjp William
Darragh, John A.
Ditri'iigh, Mexiiii'h'i
1 .iniiini ni-
Duvles, Duel l»
lieni,i. Giuseppe,
Deiitsohnutn, *' 1 ■ **.«Ic
Dickenson, Frank,
Ai i nwhenil
Donald, Charles,         Km ky Pnim
i lonoher, Charles,
llini'ivun, M. J.,
Donnelly, Hamilton
limey. Fred. O.
A I I "ll'lieud
Dull', .1..lin.
Galena Bay
DulTv. John,
Dully, Joseph
IhuiMunrc, Joseph,
Edgar, Andrew
Kills, Ail bur K.
mnis, win.
I'lrvin, Thomas .1.
Kevin, .Iiiiiii
Evans, RtiHsell, Arrowhead
Evans, Weston,
Everltt, lil mar, Oamborne
Faint,  Edward, Kevelstoke
Fleming, Win. B. "
Fletcher Melville s. Comaplix
Floyd, Henry Kevelstoke
Folllln, Hairy "
Fowler, Arthur Oamborne
Fraser, 1). ('., Revelstuke
Fuhliii, Harry "
Fowler, Art bur Camborne
Frazer, D. C. Revelstoke
liiillieitno, Abel "
fieroiv, David 11. Cumhorne
Goi't'lng, Albert, Rovelstoke
(liii'ii'll, Charles, Camborne
Gould, Arthur, Arrowhead
Graham, Walter, Revelstoke
(iiiinsley, Ernest T., "
Guiette, James "
(■min, Arthur E. Oamborne
Hall, ThuuiiiN Revelstoke
Heavener, Harvey Camliurne
Kill, .lush Beaton
Hill, 8am' Revelatoko
llilley, James Cam home
llinmiin, J. O. Revelstoke
Holbert, John Arrowhead
lliiiioway, William Oamborne
Hnrnell, Allan D. Revelstuke
House, ILM.
Howe, Jesse Comaplix
Hudson, Thomas Revelssoke
Hull, Robert Arrowhead
Hiinerfiiui'tli, Fred, "
Htilton, Charles Revelstoke
Jucksnn, Edwin S. "
Jay, Jnhn W, Arrowhead
Johnson, Peler Olaaler
Johnson, Frana Camborne
Johnson, O. E. Revelstoke
.limes, Clement "
,Ieigensnn, J. H. "
Kellie, Bobt, W.     Albert Canyon
Kennedy, Pet.e.1 Revelstoko
Kerr, Edward, Jr. Arrowhead
Kirk, John A. Revelsluke
Kb k. Charles B. Arrowhead
Lade, .lames A. Camburtie
Lade, Vincent F. "
Latham, Charles Peter Revelstoke
Lavery, .1 nines "
Lee, Joseph "
Deeming, Fred
Leinbke, Gen. O.
Levesipie. August "
Liddle, A. E. T.
Liness, John Beaton
Livingstone, John 0. Revelstuke
LniiK, Tuny "
Lynch, Michael "
Lynch, Michael, Rncky Point
May, Charles "
MacDonald.A. A. Revelstoke
MiieFiirlanil, Duncan C.       "
MocKay, Chas. R, Beaton
Moore, NoriuanT.W.   Revelstoko
Morrison, Frank B. Comaplix
Miilholliinil, .luck W.    Oamborne
Muntne.   Walter. Revelstoke
McAllister. .LP.
McAlpine, Daniel Arrowhead
McCarthy, Jonathan (■• Comaplix
McCorv«e, James Revelstoke
McDowell, John Ciniborne
McDowell, Clarence A.
McEachern, Duncan,   Arrowhead
MoGowan,  Frank Revelstoke
MoGulre, Edward Ohas,       "
Mi.-Guire, John "
MeGurlie, John Comaplix
.Mcintosh. 11 n|__;li Oamborne
McLennan, Julin I). Revelstoke
McLennan, David Camborne
Ogilvie, William F. Revelstoke
Osborne, Lewis
Osborne, William E.
Perry, Roger F. Oo'illHds
Phipps, Albeit E. Revelstoke
Plumton, Llewellyn Ani whead
Pool, William B. Revelstoke
Powers, John J. GoldHelds
Price, James Revelsluke
Raynham, Leunanl Camborne
Reeve, Albert E Kevel-iuke
Rhode, Edward Goklflelda
Roberts, A D Revelstoke
Roose, JuleB T "
Rosa, John Arrowhead
Rumens, C J Revelstoke
Kus-ell, John
Samson, Robert "
Schneider, Louis
Sharp, Albeit M Arrowhead
Shannon. George Revelstoke
Shannon, James "
Shannon, Geo W "
Shannon, J W
Siiianni, Guiseppe "
Smith, A B S
Smith, James
Soules, Silas C Comaplix
Spring, Clifford Revelstoke
Steiss, Robert "
Stevenson, Harry E •'
Stewart, Geo A "
Stringer, Alfred "
Tagoart, Robert J
Tavlor, John Edward "
Taylor, James H Arrowhead
Thomas, Lionel J Revelstoke
Thomson. Frank V "
Thomson, John T Clnnwilliam
Thomnson, Orville McCulloch Ck
Trimble, Geo J Revelstoke
Vallroth, Charles "
Velnot, Kenneth B Arrowhead
Vincent., Ne/.eio Revelstoke
Vye, Alfred S
Wall, Ernest Arrowhead
Wullis, Harold E
Warner, Frederick "
West, Cecil Camborne
White, Jnhn Revelstoke
White, William Wigwam
Wilson. William Revelstoke
Williams, Hubert W
Woodrow, James I
Zoro, Peter Camborne
AND TAKE NOTICE lhat at the
Court of Revision lo be held on the
.'Inl   day   of   May,   UMX). at  the Court
House, Bevelstoke, at 10 o'olook in the
forenoon, 1   shall  hear and determine
lhe  same,   anil   unless ynu, or   some
oilier provincial voter on your behalf,
satisfies me thai   saiil objection is pot
wsll founded, I shall strike your name
off lhe said Register,
liulei] this6th day nf April, 1008,
Hegistiir   uf   Voters fnr   Hevelstoke
Electoral District. ap 7 w.'lt
nze winners
"for March
Do you hold tho tluplicato coupon bearing one of the numbers
below? If so you are entitled to an elegant 109 pieoe china dinner set.
Remember if you do not lind your number among the list this month,
reserve your coupons, gather what more you can as you are Justus
likely to win next month on this month's coupon as not.
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ISvery 4!llb. sack of Royal Standard Flour contains a numbered
coupon entitling the holder to a chance lo win one of ten beautiful and
costly china dinner sets that are given away monthly to the users of
this famous bread Hour. Save your coupons, make an effort to gather
all you can—you will (ind your number among the list one of these
days. The winning numbers will appear in this space the first issue
of each month.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
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with one nf our handsome parlor sets,
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damask, with Intuits that are io every
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beautiful parlor sets und odd pieces for
beautifying the home tint are taste
lui, effective and inexpensive, and will
slum your rooms to the beet advantage.
Big Discount
on all
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
i p.
HICAD OFFICE :   Calgary,  Alhkhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Pill-kern autl Dealers in Live Stuck. Markete in all the prinei
(I pal Cities and Tnwns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
.) Packers of lhe Celebrated Brand " Impei'iitm" Hams and Bacon,
~   and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard. .t
4^.%%^%%%.%%%%^%%%^%^%^%^%%%'%i%^%%% *r4
Import direct from country ot origin.
Central Hotel
"?>      REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Newly built.      First-clans in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Ralee SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Ratea.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
«T.    ALBEET     ST03STB      PROP.
Queens J4otel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Prpprl#tor m
~T"HE All pu pose Flour, and
1 superior for every purpose.
Highest grade in the world. Purity
label guarantees success, or your
money back.
"More bread and better bread."
Oilier, Vl _tj. M«lnti_b4,
*       These destroyers oannot live where trees have been treated with    *^^
Pent Hlight. Kabbits, Mice, Borers,   Canker  Worm,   San  Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Hark Louse and Sun Scald.    THK COST IS  VERY   SMALL     iMyill
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B C
Hammering Away
at the fact that our sanitary,
well supplied and attractive
market, ufTets unly the finest
Meat and Poultry obtainable,
expert selection safeguards
public hen Iih. We're no novices—have been selecting meats
for 25 years. Our guarantee
your satisfaction in quality,
health and money-saving. We
invite inspection of both premises and priees. Give us a trial.
Maundrell Meat Market
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
31st.  DECEMBER,  1908
Security Fop Policy Holders
Paid on stock . .$ 311,490 00
Bal. uncollected 118,47000
Eggs for Hatching
Single   Comb   lllaek   Minorcae—The
barge White Egg Fowl
No 1—Exhibition Pen $3 per 13 Egge
No. 2—Heavy Laying Strain $2    "
Apply—li. H. SMEDLEY,
Enderby, B. C.
Government requirement.. 192,608 03
Balance at cradit      24,976 29
Total Security $375,584.32
(established half a century)
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingles, but the beet
i oof-covering (hat auy man can tup
oil with is a
Fire Insurance Policy
in a reliable company. So that if the
flre-tiend lays Lis  home  in  ashes,   he
gets dollar for dollar without delay.
nn the manufacturers of shingles
offer a kind to beat this? If not insured, let us shingle your roof to da\
for To-morrow may be too late.
Lowest premiums in best, enmpanies
Kkal Ehtatk and Insurance
Man ii fact ii red fur all clashes uf  buildings
for salt ia large or small quautitio*
at tha In we* t priees for cash.
A11 kinds ol building act) plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Vancouver Acreage
Hend  Description, Price anil
Terms to
Andrew E. Liddle
Keal Mutate Agent,   Ilm   137
500 Hidings Si. West, VjncouvcrJ, C
FOR SALE—One dozen thoroughbred White Leghorns, with (Jock.
erel, Blunt-hard's si rum; 2 dozen Brown
L"gtiiirns, with Cockerel, Morgan's
stiain. Applv ur address J. A. Aluu-
iiAN. Box -221, Revelstoke, ti, V.
1710B SALE—Four acres uf rich land
} cleared, tented and planted in
led clover; only 75 feel fiom cily limits
electric light and watei mains; on main
road In cily: valuable propel ty; suitable for market garden or residetital
purposes; owner must sell; price $1,IK!0
Apply Mail-Herald offlce.
TiiOH .SALK - Twelve silvcr-lnced
j} Wyandotte hens, good layers and
one prize rooster.   Apply Mail-Herald
MONEY WANTED-ljSoOl) wanted
un 100 lilies nf Iruit land as security. Apply lo Mail-Herald for particulars.
girl 13 years old, wants situation
as housekeeper ur cnuk, will du Intm
dry work. References given and required—Box 70, Pniiuka. Alta.
roomed bouse on Second street,
between he Laughead block and B. B.
Camozzi's store. Apply to F. E.Wilfeii
WANTEh-S. A. \Va7i^mT~Wiii
" pay $725 Send Merchants Bank
Vancouver, ti. V., with sight dratt on
B. XV    ut kell.
WANTED—Experienced first-class
luiubeinian wants einpluynier.t
as travelling salesman, nr any position
of trust with lumber concern, Apply to
"Successful," Mail-Herald, Revelstuke.
inch 27
WANTED—Position as   yard fore
null) ur edireruiaii by flrst-elass
lumberman.    Apply to   -Faithful,"
11**1*. Mail -Herald. Kevelstoke.
WANTKD- Men's easi off clothing.
bunts,   eti-. — The   Revelstoke
New und Seeuiul hand stole
Belore the First of May, two six-
roomed bouses, in Revelstoke, witb
two acres of laud each; including, if
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situs ted west ol C PR track
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Box 236, Revelstoke.
Notice of Assignment.
NOTICE is hereby given that pur
siiai.t to the' "Creditors Trust
Deeds Act, 1801," and amending acts.
The Fruit and Produce Exchange of
British Columbia, Limited, a corpora-
linn having Iheir head ullice at the
Cily of Revelstoke, B. (-,, Commission
Agents, did on the 24)h day of March,
WOO, assign all tbeir personal estate,
credits anil elfecis, which may be
seized and snid under execution to
William Blair Robertson, of the said
'lily of Revelstoke, Accountant, for
tbe benelil of Iheir creditors.
And notiee is hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of llie snid
debtors will be held in the office of XV.
ti. Robertson, Fust street, Revelstoke}
B, C, on the Seventh day of April.
1900, at the hour of 2:80 o'clock in ihe
All persons haviingnnyclaimsagainst
the said debtors are required to tor-
ward pm titulars nf the same duly verified, to the assignee al Revelstoke, B.
C, on or before the 1st day of May,
And notice is herehy given that after
that date, the assignee will proceed lo
dislribute the proceeds of the estate,
hitving regard only lo the claims of
which he shall have received notice nnd
he will not he responsible for the
assets, or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
debt he shall not then have received
Daled this 25th day of March, 11109.
Harvey, McCahteii & Pinkham,
mcb27 Solicitors for the Assignee
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto and Galilleo Mineral claims, situate in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
Where  located;—On Divide between Cancade
and Poplar (-reeks and about ?« mile from
A- A K. Railway.
Take notice that X, O. B. N, Wilkie, acting as
agent for Edward Baillie. Free Minor's Certificate No. B88393, intend, siity day- from date
hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Qrant of fhe above claims-
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1th day of March. A.D , VM*.
feb 24 Trout Lake-
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion  Mineral Claim, situate   in
the Troul Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Rapid Creek.
Take notice that I, Catherine Maud
Fraser, Free Miner's Certificate No. B
64293, intend, sixty days from the date
horeof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated   this  22nd day of   February,
A.D. 1999.
may 12      Cathkhisk Math Kkabkr
Tenders are invited for clearing,
slumping ami plowing twenty acres,
as fulluws: Seventeen acres Iviug j
HI lie east uf Big Eddy nan mil), ami
three acres Iviug ( mile east nf C.P R,
station, and Joining the right-of-way
iu each Instance.
Tho lowest oi any lender not neres-
salilv accepted.      tenders must be in
by April ldih inst.
Kir fuller particulars apply personally or by lei ler to
llevelstnke. B.C.
Revelstuke April 2nd, 111*11,
duplicate Certifloate of Title for
Lots 1, 2 and 8, Block 09, Town
of Revelstoke I.Map 686),
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certifloate ol Title to the above
mentioned lots in tlie name uf Dennis
McCarthy, which Certificate is tinted
the   5th    nf    December,     1900,    and
numbered ihihd.
District Registrar.
Land Registry Ollice,
Nelson, B, C, March 21, 19011.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Harry J. Lallrash,
of Nakusp, occupation hotel keeper-
intends to apply for permission to pur.
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
north-east corner of Lot 7896, thence
west 30 chains, thence north 110 chains,
thence east 30 chains, thence south 60
cbains to place of commencement, containing 180 acres more or less.
Dated Feb. 8th, 1909.
feb 13       Hahhv Ja.miis La Uhasii.
Notice is hereby given thai, al thi
expiration of three months from date
hereof, application will lie niadi to His
Honour, the Lieutenant (ioveinor-in-
OOundl for an Order in Council change
ing the name of Woolsey, LeFeaUX fi
Company, Limited, tu "Lefeaux fi
Sutherland, Limited.''
Dated this 8th day of February, 1909,
Habvky, Mi-Caiitkii * Pinkham,
Solicit ors for the said Company,
may 2
Action Against Ah Sing for Sup
plying Liquor Dismissed
In the Police Court on Saturday a
somewhat lengthy hearing was given
the charge against Ah Sing, keeper of
the Palace restaurant on the complaint that he had illegally served
patrons of tbe bouse with beer, not
being licensed to do so. Ah Sing
immediately pleaded not guilty. Tbe
principal witnesses for tbe prosecution were two Italian women, they
being the same persons as had given
evidence in tbe case against tbe Jap,
lined for a similar offence last week.
Tbe first of theBe, Mrs, Magray, swore
tbat she bad gone to the Palace on
March 29tb in company with Mary
Veltori. The latter had ordered two
buttles of beer and tlici.c hsd been
brought hy Ah Sing. Ah Sing had
drawn the cork, brought gimmes and
poured the liquid. One bottle was
carried away by the spies and was
produced aod identified in court. It
was witb tbe supper that the liquor
had been served. Both the Bupper
and the beer were paid fur at the same
time. A $2 bill was given in payment
for supper and the beer and $1.00 returned.
In tbe cross-examination by Mr.
McCarter, Mrs. Magray wae submitted
to an uncomfortable grilling as to her
occupation and means of support, she
stating tbat she was being practically
supported by tbe city. She bad not
received any of the money paid for the
information laid in the case iigiiutsl
tbe Japanese excepting her wituess
fee of $1 50. Phedid not know bow
much Mary Veltori got. She bad no
promise of anything for information
in the present case.
Mary Veltori, being sworn, corroborated, without apparent hesitation, tbe
evidence of the previous witness, while
under direct examination by Mr. Gillsn. She bad frequently bad drinks
of beer at Ah Sing's. Under cross-
examination she swore that she had
not been promised anything for informing in esse tbe charge against
Ah Sing was made to stick. On being
asked if sbe bad received auytbing for
informing in the case of tbe Jap lined
lust week, she at lirst '. nied, but on
being beld to tbe question admitted
receiving $50. No one bad sent ber
to spy on Ah Sing. She bad told the
chief of police after she bad got $50
for informing in the Jap case.
Chief of Police Bain testified that
be had heard no complaints as to the
general sale of liquor at Ah Sing's
place. Had heard that Sam Suey was
sold about New Year's time. He knew
nothing about tbe character or occupation of the witnesses.
For his defence Ah Sing told his
story without hesitation. He had
taken an order for two suppers from
the witnesses. They hsd gone into a
box and immediately alterward Mary
Velori had come into tbe kitcheu, laid
two quarters on lhe order table and
asked him to get her two bottles of
beer. He had donned hie coat, gone
out and got it. He did not open the
bottles or pour the bier. He denied
tbe evidence ol tbe prosecution that
he hsd taken a $2 bill and given $1 in
change. "He liar," said Sing with
CroBS-examined.—He often went out
and got beer when requested hy his
patrons, but only when they paid the
money in advance. He never drew a
cork on his premises and never sold or
kept Sam Suey. Two other Chinese
gave evidence clearly corroborative ol
Ab Sing's story as to the order for tbe
beer and the advance payment of tbe
At tbe conclusion of the evidence
there was the usual cross firing between the legal lights as to the applicability of the civic by-laws to the
case and its amenability under the
Municipal Clauses Aot.
Police Magistrate Foster in summing up aaid that he could not see
that the procuring of the beer for his
patrons hy Ah Sing " advantaged bim
any or had in it the element of barter,
sale or profit. The ease might lie
different if beer were constantly being
supplied aa an inducement for custom." As it was it appeared to be a
case of accommodation. He accordingly dismissed the charge.
Game Hog Nuisance
Rditor Hau.-IIrkai.i).
Sik. Could you tell me why the
Dominion Government regulations
relerred to, under the above heading,
in your issue of the 3rd. inst., have
been arranged so tie to make tbe open
season lor trout fishing, east qf tbe
120th meridian, cover those months
(with tbe exception, perhaps, of July)
during which the trout are on their
spawning beds ?
Yours truly,
F. W. Ayi.mi.k.
Revelstoke, April fith, 11)09.
OR SALE—A Slx-rooinedcottage,
apply ll. N. Doyle. If
WANTED   Hy  gentleman,   hoard
and room in private family, or
i <umi near guud hnariling house.
Terms reasonable. Apply M. A. L.,
P. O. Box 255. ap 7
Remarkable Growth of L.O.T.M.
Since Inception in 1892
The corner stone of the fraternal
organization known as the Ladies of
the Maccabees of the world, was laid
in October, IMI2, and the event was
hailed with delight since the plans of
the Order gave women extended opportunities lo care lor and protect
their homes and those dear to them.
The building of the Order has gone on
apace and every structure reared has
had careful planning and management. From a membership at nil it
has grown by leaps and bounds, the
year 1U0U leading in gains, the increase heing 24 719.
Its growth is thought by some to
be more remarkable in that the association has been from its inception
the work ol women alone. Founded
and built up hy iv.mien, of women mid
for women, its ollicers and managers,
ite field workers, its deputies, aud its
members are antl have always been
only women.
Its solid foundation, upward growth,
its splendid achievements are tbe
renult ol woman's brain, woman's
effort, energy and forethought,
Pu Mrs. l.illi.n M. Hollister, supreme commander, a woman In nud „*
a fraternalist throughout the United
States is due in great incisure to tie
marvellous growth ol the institution,
In her charge for many years has
been the field work, with its many
responsibilities. Sbe has contrellt'd
and directed the competent force of
women deputies and leaders, wlm
under the training and with the example of their chief, have each contributed largely to make the order
known throughout the land.
For the personal achievements nu
less than in connection with the great
order of which she is the heud, is Mrs.
Hollister known.
All of the charters issued by the
order to subordinate hives from organization to the present time, Lear the
signature of one woman, Mise Bins
M. West, supreme record keeper of lhe
order. She it was in 1892 who shouldered the undertaking of founding the
order, with only faith and a boundless
enthusiasm and belief in its future to
back her.
The funds of this great institution,
amounting to over three millions of
dollars in the emergency fund alone,
are and have always been in the
hands of women financiers.
The Ladies of the Maccabees ol the
World is established in 54 states and
territories of the union and provinces
of Canada.
The latest manifestation ol the
fraternal spirit in this order is the
National L, O. T. M. home, which it is
proposed to establish. A considerable
sum fur this purpose has already been
contributed and on Oct. 1 ol this year
the sixteenth anniversary will le celebrated by the hives wiih an entertainment to raise money for the loud.
The home, when completed, will give
shelter and hospital service to destitute, sick and nged members nf the
urder us well aa urphaus   nf   menib'-rs
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
While   Leghorn     from    BlnnchaiiVi
is t i.i iii.
Brown Leghorn from Morgan's strain,
Klu nb- Island Rids lium .Millet's sl min
A selling nt 15 from any of thenhovc
strains $2.   Apply or address
.1. A. MORGAN.
Bux 227, Revelstoke, R. C.
Notice of Dissolution
the partnership heretoforeexlstlng between the undersigned as cigar manufacturers at Kevelstoke, 11. C., Under
the name of the Union Cigar Faetniy,
has lieen dissolved by mutual consent,
The business will in future  be carried
On by James Walker, whu assumes all
liabilities of the partnership ami win,
Is entitled to receive payment of all
sums ilne ninl payable tn ihe partnership.
Dated April iiiil, limn.
ill. A. Hiiiui n,
i.I a*. Walkkii,
Seeds I'e * i - lhe   I-'ariu, (iitr-
tlen, Liiivn nr Conservatory, Tested stock frum
iiiii best grnwei'tt iu Bog-
land,    France,    I lui la ml,
United states, Oanada.
Fruit    ami   Ornamental
Trees, Small I'Yuils, Eng"
li-li Hollies. lirown iu
the unly part of American
Continent nut infested
with   the San .lose scale.
Our trees do not have to
be fumigated and ennse
qucnllv damaged.
140 Pago CatnloKuo   Froo
M.   J.    HENRY
Groan Houses and Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
So Clear, So Shining and sn Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
"THE E£?if£
A  Canadian   Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in tlie results produced the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER 1= unsurpassed,
.The" EMPIRE" emb idie
no complicated movements,
while ite manilo.ding alignment, margin 1 facilities,
automatic 1 onv miem es, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter pur
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to ihe
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernmer i:
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Ba.ik of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
ii    ih
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call lor Estimates and Advertising Rates
Goods  at  bargain  prices.      Victoria   Lawns,   special  at   I2j4c.
Cross-bar Muslins at ioe. per yard and up.      Pretty   Muslins   in
. ... sellingat n^c,   per yard.      English Gignhams and Galateas
selling at 150. per yard.     N'ew Whitewear in skirts,   gowns,   corset
aii at special prices.     Spring  arrivals  in  men and boys'wear—
ictoter Hat, we have it   here.      New   Ties,   new   Gloves,   new
..  rvear, eic.      Ladies' and Mis.ses Boot and Shoe Department—
• ■=. v ., lie of special interest to every woman.
Our Millinery Department i.s at its hest now. You can depend upon seeing the
most up-to-date modes ami the very latest styles. This department is under the
supervision of Miss McKenney, while her skill and experience should be a sufficient
guarantee 10 one and all.
Pure Drugs
combined with caietul
compounding, prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices are the factors
wbicli hnve built up our
business to it? present
immense proportions.
Bring your next prescription here il you
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Local and General.
Don't  forget the Y.
Anril 27th.
.M.C.A. social on
ap 7
Good Friday Matinee at 3 o'clock
at Edison Theatre.
Don't fail to hear Sacred Concert in
opera bouse Good Friday.
The charge for the Easter Tea in the
Y.M.C.A. is only ">0c.   Children 2.ric.
A braucb ol tbe Imperial Bank ol
Catatia has been opeued at Wilkie,
Tbe Ladies' Auxiliary to B.R.T. are
giving a dance iu opera house, April
22d.   Gentlemen $1; Ladies 50c.   td
Don't forget   tbe lecture and stere-
pticon vi. wr   by A. 0. Wheeler, Esq.,
F.R.G.?.. in the EdisonParlor Theatre
un ibe luth. up U
Cold meats, salads, lemon pies,
jellies, brown bread and cakes, wiil be
sume uf the dainties served at the Tea
on Easter Monday.
We aim to keep only the
best in Groceries. A trial order
will be appreciated as we are
convinced that we can save you
Our Bread, Cakes and Pastry
are made fresh every day, when
tired of your own baking, try
ours for a change, you will lind
it very appetizing.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Nice Five  roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House for    51,900
Other Houses at reasonable
prices.—All kinds of Insuiv
ance.—Agents for the cele^
brated KARN Pianos and
Piano Players.—Money to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insuranoe and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Keep   Guud   Friday   night open to
hear Sacred Concert.
First-class    programme
night at Edison Theatre.
G001I music   Easter   Monday night,
tea served from six till nine
ou hand Inr 11
Good    Friday-
Lovers ul music be
special musical treat
The Ladies Hospital Guild will bold
Book your seats early  for Good Fri-  a calico   ball   in   tbe  opera house on
Good Friday Matinee—motion pictures—Edison Theatre.
day Sacred Concert, plan of ball at G
K. McDonald's drug sture. Only hull
of lower ball reserved, Admission
75c. and u'lc.
The treat ul a life lime —Mr  Wheel-
The "Care ol Young Girls"  will  be
the subject oi a  talk  by  Dr    Alice.   ,, ,eotura 0n the Mountains of Can-
»' chur(* adaoo   the   16th.   Tickets on sale at
0.   11.   Macdonald's   and    Bews'drug
j Btores. ap 11
contest   which 1    The ud-m, Auxiliary t0 tlle u RT
sed between U. Green   of 8   _vi;,   UM   B elun   wawt ,Unce in the
auJ \ ■ opera house, April 22nd.    Every effort
• ing put forth to    make this dance
We understand that the Methodist
church is holding a tea in the Y.M.
C.A. on Easter Monday.
lie sure to hear Mr. A. 0. Wheeler's
lecture on the Canadian Rock es on
Thursday, the 15th. The lecture and
illustrations are both extremely interesting. ap 14
F. Stirling, C.I'.R. travelling freight
agent,   visited   Revelstuke    yesterday
and bad an informal talk  with several
Excellent   programme of vocal audi members of the   Ruard   of   Trade   re-
instrumental   music,    opera     house, I garding freight rates
Good Friday evening.  _	
April 2()lh
n Thursday evening, April Mb, at
'ciock.    VI   are c irdially invited.
ti.   through,
1 iccess. td
H.A.   Brown   aod    Inin"-
ive   dissolved   partnership
t receive on
n.'t   reoeive
in   tbe
■  Cigar  Factory by mutual con-
tic    -       ind tin business will in future be
.    ii .1    ■. uy  I   Walker.
....-   . i." rations  01    i-'.aster Mi 1
1  M,C a  w,1.  be won 11 --.- . .
1    ng sent to the coast
.i-.-r        wers,      Kiuwers will   be fur
tale I  ■  1 small charge alter t4a is over.
Proclamstii n   bai  been issued thai I
iii     Chi      Ki-/, itrick   Ministi
.  isi ice ••■•.     '' so ing Govei 11 .- ' '<■ tins, durii g  thi  il ■• ni •    I Lord On y
f on. tt.e . .!••   regal tbi   DS       1 no sub-
t rdioatei   ire   • 1;•• ."■■       :     , 1 rl .-m
1 mi i.i.:   "i'    ..-,....-..    ..   ,■,...,,1
, ..-.-   dutiei   with lhe same  li  geoei   '• "bl" l';-''""   "j*1
.     E tbi  tbseoeeol  His Excellency   »■!! cause lun,and fi
: re
K .  v Pn ibvtei in I ' ireh eelebra-
■   ■ ■,.    ....'.•-.,>    .,-.11,
... isi, •,1-ci ii releri net being mad'
t, tin 111,-. :. 1 j 1 '■• Rii Mr Bob
. ■- : ,t uu- • wm g lervlo . In
r i ewiog 1 ••  w rk the im-' I .ur
yean    ind   ths in »dj  gn ■* n
CtUgri'__atl   11    du:.'.*     that   pen   ■! tin-
[ •-• r   laid   ibe   ecasi >n   *a» one
11   ioi    ' :. iiiktuu.' --   for   tbs   • III	
which  had ittended   tbeir labi rs, ind
 I    tbi     1.   1 •      tliat   tbe    bur
m  . atioi - existing in tbe pas'
■'. ,u.d I ng .   Dtinue.
Tbe progressive whist contest ar
:... the lady patrons ol the
1 ncket 1 1111. at tbe City Hall on
Easter Mi nday, April I2tb, promises
1.. be .in sn oyable affair In addition
to wbist, a novel guessing soDtest   .
ipen  lu   all   pr il
.cal. Instrument il
music and  refreshments  will Bil   up
any waiting  ipsCS      Ibe cbarge . f .',11    ^
cents I'.r ticket- is iimie tuo iniicli.
Social and Personal
Miss l.aug left last night on a visit
to the Cuast.
Mrs. J.T. Telfer will m
Friday, tiie ''til
Mrs.   A    McRae   will
1 -u.. rrow ''1 hursday .
Mrs  i;     .  I Keays will nut  receive
on Fr,.:   ■     ■ I :.
%l'■  J   -   '■'■ I I ■ •! i--   has  left  lor
an ■ xtended east.
Mr   snd  Mr- S   ■    Bobbins  bave
returned  :.-   ..   1     ,,,•   •      ■_,,,.   r, m
rhe  Hon   K  W .... -  lelt  ian
Saturday on  a vim  tu Peo t to too on
Government w,rk.
Dr   C. II   r-rintti,   lormerly  dentist
in    tins   city,   died   at   bis   boms   11.
...    10   sst week.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ofliee on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loaks Notaby Puhlio
> <HKK><K>(MXXHHKHK><H><XKK>000 (
If you want good Potatoes we have
just unloaded a car. Special prices
for ton lots. Now is your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke, B. 0.        'Phone 248
If you want style in your Easter dress, you should
patronize this store. We have exclusive sale of some
of the best lines to be had in Canada. They are what
the good dressers want and our prices are right.
In the fashionable Spring Shades
plain and stripes, all nicely button
trimmed. These are splendid
Wc have goods from a factory
that makes "Skirts to Ht." They
are properly linished, seams all
hound and all ready to hem to your
correct length.
We carry "FowneH" Gloves in all
shinies. They are the very best
grade of French Gloves and are
made of real Kid, keep their color
and shape until worn out. Every
pair guaranteed.
We have a splendid showing of
Hosiery in all the popular shades,
in plain, open work and embroidered.
Fancy Neckwear, Belts in Kid and Elastic, all
colors. Wash Belts, Ruchings, Linen Collars,
embroidered and plain. In fact everything that a
well dressed woman requires.
McLennan & Co,
I THIS SPACE IS HELD FOR                             I
* I
* *
* 1
* i
* i
»es, left on Saturday night fur Vancouver, where he will make hie home,
having been. transferred there from
this poiut. During his residence here
Mr Anderson lias made a large circle
of friends and general regret is felt at
his departure. Mr. Anderson is to be
congratulated on his promotion and
his many friende wish him every success in bis new field ol usefulness.
Mrs.   W, H.   Sutherland   wih   not
11 Kuday,   tbe llth,   ur   again
... 'inu,.
Mr   ami Mrs. G, 8.   McCarter lelt on
' .'li-    Light   00    a    visit     to    leall..
I   • be  somi ''Hies
1  r the first time ... its history tbs      lohn   Duncan,   ol   Nelson    Man
0*1 poi tail a  nu   moopied by a   uncle ol Mn  R  H, Urqubsrt, arrived
woman last  Friday  night,   Sbebew   mil ity tbis morning and will visil
iu  Irom  son ne   ol   tbe adjacent   lor ■ short time,
nining camps snd as sbe waa in a de
Easter Goods
fi,11 bind ul   Violeta
ll   Leavos
I... iv 11 e y's   Easter
Battel    lu ids   allll   Novell ies
Tuck- Posl  Cards.
rai •■     idition ibe r i«    oked up
"iu-  appeared   before   W \v   Poster
police magistrate, un   Saturday   after-
 n, ivben   alter consultation  with
tbe   cbiel   ol    p..lice    the    magistrate
decided to lenteoce her to ono   month !
in   the Kaniloups   gaol.    Bbe was an- j
c .rdingiy removed to that detention
b .11 11 Saturdsy.nigbt,
The final game ol the teaion ol the
Merry-go-round -viiist, elub was held
it the pretty home ol Mr. anil Mrs. II.
Ferguson, Sixth street.    Mr. and Mrs. I
Fergus.ui lelt nothing undone to make I
•be evening enjoyable for their guests. |
Tbere were eight tables playing.   Mrs
,1   Purvis was the lucky winner ol the
ladies   lirst   prize,   11  dainty   piece   ol
Wedgewood, Mr. Fred Urquhart earned off the gentleman's  lirst  prize.
At the COUOluslon ol tbn gsme the
'al.les were laid with dainty refresh
ments. Dancing brought the last
evening Ol tbe series ol games tu a
close very mucb tu the regret ol the
members. A hearty vote uf t.hankt-
was tendered to the President of the
Club, Mrs. 1'ortor.
I 1- Sinclair, wbo has the 0001riot
loi   bi sewerage work in tuis eit>, ii
in town making arrangements for tint
commencement ..( the wo.k nexl
Tbe Ladies' Guild of fit. Peter-
■iluircli are holding a tea, apron sale,
home OOOking, etc , at the residence ol
Mi»s McCarter, McKenzie   avenue,  on
Saturday, April  17th, afternoon ami
Mr  and Mrs. 0,   BeaVO,   Of   Nelson,
1 *nri) in tbe city on Satuiday and BOD
I day, ihe   guests   of   Mr.   and    Mrs..).
Jamieson,   mitf   lelt    this    wnek   fur
Vernon, where   tbey   will   make   their
(mure home,
F. 0. Billot has returned from a
j visit to VoncouvHr. He reports eicel
j lent progress on th* property at Queen
j Charlotte Island I be will in nil prub-
| anility Spend tbe cuming summer and
i winter on the Island.
Morris Anderson, who has been a
resident in Ituvelslukn Ior thn past 20
years, mul a prumimmt member iiftlio
C.I' K. Maintoiiance-uf-Way  Employ-
Business Locals
Onion sets, seeds, gardeu tools at
Bourne Bros.
Wonderful value in Ladies' Satchels
a'. Bews' Drug Store,
Oranges, bananas, lemons, radishes
and lettuce today—C. B Hume & Co.
A large stock of new kodaks and
supplies at Bews' Drug Store.
Some good bargaius in dwellings
conveniently situated—H. N.Coursier.
New shipment ol G. B. chocolates
fresh (rom the factory, just arrived—
C. B. Hume & Co.
Palmer's exquisite perfumes and
toilet   preparations   at    Bews'   Drug
Look out lor uur eurner w udow for
bams, hnakfast bacon, eggs—C. B.
Hume it Cu.
1'rescriptiuns dispensed carefully,
aud purest uf drugs used at Bews'
Drug Store.
Sherwin Williams linseed oil and
paints, best on eaith, uew stuck just
111, alsu paint brushes at Bourne Bros.
l_eavc yuur order at the llevelstnke
iteueral Agencies lur a luad ul good,
dry, cedar, cut in lfi-iucb lengths.
Note the price. $.r)..r)U for full conl
I have nearly oue thousand nice
calendars fur photographs, and Irom
now until tbey are gone, 1 will give
one complete with every dozen any
-   • tos taken by me.    Come either
.  ear    ir   cloudy   days.      E.    F.
1   eki liitf
■   i.e time to have your   wheel
ind repaired.    A lull stuck of
, tires and all kinds of fixtures,
1- • • 'irake.s, front and back wheels,
English i.ic)cles. Everything for tlie
wheel     t\   i-unythe.
Sports for Friday
On Ktnlay morning Ibe Y.M.C.A.
i . Id tln-ir annual p»|ier chase
and mil leave the building sharp al
10am Messrs Cameron and Me-
Esebera will  lead   in   tbe   ch«**   as
•■ the rest nl   tbe   boys   will
tl J :iU  a   football   game   will   take
place liftwsa    the    If events Iterl and
.   .   '■ .vi-rwill-beos.      This  will   b«   m
fast game.    Vnrkey   will   plsy un   the
Neverwsners,     so    somebody    will
suffer    'Wear shin psdsj
A scrub laerr.sse game will be put un
m I p. in , owing to some of the Y.M
C A. boys having to wurk, ths game
will not be a match between tbem and
the city buys ss previously advertised.
However, if possible, sume kind of a
game will bo arranged
Good Friday a Holiday
In accordance with the f.ini" lionur-
ed custom next. Friday will bn nb-
served as a public holiday, all thn
bunks. Storei and public buildings in
RcveUtuksi being closed. The stnres
will litiwnvnr remain open till I0t cluck
on Thursday night to allow nf mioes-
sary purchases tu be made,
Moth  is  Fatal  to Fruit and
Provincial Fruit Inspeotor Cunningham received a batch of exceedingly unwelcome visitors last week.
They came from France, and the
Istuily name is euproctischrysorrboea.
These are nothing more or less than
the caterpillars ol the dreaded brown
tail moth that is at present causing
consternation among fruit growers
and nurserymen in Ontario. At present British Columbia is free from the
pest, and fortunately tbere i but
small danger of ils getting in, ss every
imported tree gets individual examination. The batch found came in a
packet of nursery stock Irum France.
These pests uot only ruiu the Iruit
aud direst trees, but the hairs bum tbe
caterpillar, if they get on a human
being, cause seriuus illness, aud il the
tbo person affected happens to be in
poor health at the time, most likely
death will ensue. The eggs are laid
200 and 30<l at a time, ou the uuder
side uf leaves early in July, and in a
short time thereafter tbe tree affected
will bave its leaves skeletonized. The
caterpillars also are great travelers
and have a bad habit ol dropping from
tbe trees to buggies or autos, and
thereby getting a free ride tu now
scenes of operations. Mr. Cunningham says that no worse curse oould
get iuto British Columbia orchirds.
Citizen Fined for Dumping Refuse on Public Highway
James Mclntyre was brought up
yesterday moruing before Mr. K. Cordon, stipendiary magistrate, on a
charge of an inlractiou of chapter '.12,
section 12 ul the Highway Act, or in
Other wurds for placing an obstruction
un the public highway. It has been
the practice, unlortunatelv, hy certain
panics carelessly or willully ol dumping garbage and other refuse on the
mail uut tu the pest bouse, (orgollul
of the tact apparently that there was
a lawful dumping ground. I'm v.
Constable Kington has heen on the
look um. lately lor the offenders, having previously wsrned all dray uwncrs,
sturiikeepers, etc, Yesterday morning
the constable prtatentited J. Mclntyre
lur breaking the law iu this respect,
tbe charge against him lur dumping
refuse nn lhe ruad heing substantiated
()n appearing befure Mr. Cordon, Mo-
Iniyrc pleaded guilty and was heavily
lined There is no nuiessity lor peo-
pinto dump tbeir gatbavii either 1111
civic ur provincial highways since a
place Inr ibat purpnse hss been | ro-
viflid and any further infractions nf
the law will be summarily dealt wilh.
Ladies Hospital Guild
There will he a meeting ul the
I,allies llnspilal Cuild in the City
Hall nn Saturday, April Kith, 1IM.1I, at
H .10 p.m. A full aitendsnco is re-
Mas. H. Cinmndium Moiinis,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest   Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke,
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture   now  on   hand
and made  expressly   for   us  by D. K. McPherson.
V ■
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Sloven, Tin and  Enamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
On the Canadian Rockies by
A. 0. Wheeler, F.R.G.S.
Under the auspices of tbe Revelstoke
Mountaineering Club, A. 0. Wheeler,
Efij., F.R.G.8 , President of the Alpine
Club of Canada, will deliver a lecture
on tbe Canadian Rookies, profusely
illustrated by stereopticon views, in
the Edison Parlor Theatre, ou Tluirs
day. April 16th, at 8 p.m. Admission
2i'i cents; gallery 50 cents. ap 14
Progressive Whist Party
Under auspices Dady Patrons
Revelstoke Crieket Club
Easter Monday, April 12th
City Hall
Guessing Contest. Vocal and
Instrumental Music. Refresh-
mvnts will he served.
Tickets 50c Commencing 8 p.m.
New Photographic Studio
R. Dillon, ol this city, bas purobasd
tbe business and goodwill ol tbe old
established firm ol R. H. Trueman,
assuming possession tbis morning.
Mr. Dillon announces that he will
continue to turn out the same high-
class work that has characterized Mr.
Trueman's studio, antl trusts that he
receive the pair, nageuf the Revelstoke
public. Mr. Dillon states tbat be is
ready tu receive sitting appointments
Ior tbe Easter holidays, aud will give
for this mouth only oue enlargement
witb every dozen cabinet portraits.
OdIv tbe best and most artistic work
will lie done.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
mon* 39       Offloe   MoKenzie Ave
Cheap Cables
An Australian writer in tbe National Review makes a strong plea lor a
better Imperial news service. In the
course ol bis article he says:
"The Empire, in fact, is getting
along mediocrely on a basis of mutual
ignorance. Nuw ignorance did comparatively little harm twenty years
ago It is not necessary (or one's
contort or saletv to know anything
about one's nexidoor neighbor. But
it 's wise, often essential, lo know ■
g md deal about one's partner or one's
b such managers; and the development!.f the Empire to-day leads inevitably either tn partnership or to
disintegration. -The only rosd lo nn
Imperial council,' ssid the Federal
Attiirnty ilenersl, the other day, 'lies
through cheaper cablegrams; infinite
mischiol will ensue otherwise' Mischief enough hss already been done by
tbe continual misinterpretation, at
both ends of the world, of sets and
opinions which were made to seem
unjustifiable solely by tho mesgreness
of the knowledge at the disposal of the
judges. 'Milk lur babes,' perhaps, but
the thinnest ol adulterated skim-milk
(or the nourishment of a grownup
Empire—what sort of criminal starvation is that ?"
It is pn dm ble thst a six penny cable
rate would do more tn solidify the
Empire than any other sioglf agency,
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
Now  is the time to order your mill
wood.   Five loads and over
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   any point  between Mill
and Kootenay Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at office of
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
Strawberry Plants JISH
" DUG d ALPS " Berry. Thoroughly
acclimatized, of exquisite flavor. At
|i.00 per hundred.
Revelstoke, li. C.
FOR SALE—E ghty Hires ,1 gnnd
land in Mulmnn Aim, $60 per
aire, In he soltl iu 10 ur20 acre blocks,
new school on cornel ( sawmill half a
mile away;  enough  lit- and cedm- un
f(round for house building and all out-
uilldings; un inuiii riind to Enderby
and Armstrong and ihiee mi es from
town.    Apply WAIL IIkkai.d.
IriOR HALE -Simpson's mill ,nitu
I Galena Hay. Arrow I.ukm H80,
acres, half mile water frontage, besi.
mill site on the Arrow Lakes. Foi'lpill'-
ticiilars apply to W, A, 8m'ythk, llev-
slstoke, Ii. C.
Card of Thanks
I hereby desire to express my thanks
to Ihe public of Kevelstoke for their
generous patronage in the past and
sincerely trust that Ihey will continue
to extend the same tu my successor iu
the future.
H. H. TnvtM-tN.


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