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Vol. 13,-No 47
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. JUNE 19, 1901
$2.50 Per Year
* ,
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
iV.M*.-.- .,
i :mmm
A;. '
M     ■     -.. . '..'     ML'
-m, ,(->r,,;     vjte?    Wagstafi'B Preserves.   The
>; «^ I*.■'■'. 5$ |1(,r[ection in bottled preserved
■.-'.-.'" ' "■ >tv (niits, in small bottles—very
.:;.:::.:■   | js* delicious und appetising. They
■":T^**f''"/ ■ x! °o|nPr'se ')ear8, ''ea°'i68i APri'
I ■ --W-""^" C0t8' plum°' et0*These lire
»...'    "■■•';•''!51'.-     lovely for a liice dessert.
A decided novelty in the line of  Delicacies.   This Peanut
Puller ranks very high in (nod qualities,
Raspberry Vinegar, lhe renl old lasliion
kind llmi mother used lo make.
Fruit Syrups, ihal make a delicious
drink* -n change from lea and coffee
wilh your meals.
Lime Juice, the mosl cooling drink
known. Purify your drinking wnler wilh
a link* Lime. Juice it prevents cramps or
New Neglige Shirts. \V, l*«. & R.
Hliiris, the easiest and mosl comfortable
filling Shin made. Some in the new coat
style, others in the open hack and front
in all the new colorings and from ihe
ordinary priced muslin lo lhe finest wash
Men's Eancy Hosiery in New Embroidered patterns, laee effects, tan shades,
Ribbed Wools, English Cashmere- Lambs Wool, etc.
UMBRELLAS   a great assortment of new ones
ihe finest Silk Presentation Umbrellas with gold and
from the
silver lops.
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
i ip 9 $ i|i $ il>Mt$<MMHfr$)ftMfo$)<M<iHiH
Sawmill Supplies, Pelting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Sburly and Dietrich High
tirade Saws.   Garden Tools in gieal variety,
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Olliees for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stovea and Tinware, Minera', Lumbermen's  9
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing an 1 Tinsmithing. <$»
There is reason tor believing that
the present high price in copper will
continue—and eastern authorities nre
ol the opinion that Ihe price muy advance during the next sin mouths'
period, siiys the Mining Reporter.
Firstly, the restlessness of labor in a
majority ol the Imge copper mining
and smelting countries ol tlie United
States and Mexico since the lirat ol
tlie year has resulted in a decreased
output lor tlie lirst quarter ot 1U07 as
compared with the corresponding
period ol hiBt year.
Secondly, the available supply ol the
metal is comparatively uniull—6 per
cent being estimated on hand at the
lint ol tliis month—and selling agontB
reported their deliveries Iur behind
until a tew weeks ago.
Thirdly, the loreign demand lor tlie
metal haa greatly increased eincc tlie
lirat, ot tho year, and thero is no indication nl a lulling oil* of thia demand
tor American cupper, inasmuch as the
supply Irom Europe and other coun-
triea shows little, il any, increase
fourthly, the electrical apparatus
in mauiitiictuiiug industries ul this and
other countries, show an Increased
business and withal a larger consumption ol tlio red metal.
Kilthly, the largest operator! are iu
unanimous accord, according to press
statements, i.s tu the uuiinlcui.noe uf
both tho demand lor and tlie present
price ul the metal.
Inspection Ordered  By   the
D. 0. C.
An inapection ul the Rocky Mountain Rangers has been ordered by Col.
Holmes, district ollicer commanding,
to take place on Friday evening, July
5th.   The orders rend a» appended :—
Dress Review Order.
Pny lists in triplicate duly signed,
musl be in readiness lor the muster at
the cl fie ol tlje inspection.
Target practice reportB to he completed helorti date ot inspection.
Parade stalemen s to bo handed to
Impeding ollicer on his arrival on
Inspection ol armories, hooks, etc,
will he held ut an hour to hc hereafter named.
It is to he hoped that on this occa
sion No. 5 Oompany will turn out in
lull strength.
Persona interested in Iruit growing
would do well to inspect the small
orchard ol Mr. P. Patrick on Second
Street where an object lesson in the
rapid and vigorous growth ol fruit
trees ill this vicinity may be seen.
Eaoh tree is fairly loi.dtd will, fruit
and must be worth at least eight or
ten diilliira In their (iirttinale owner.
The Rovelstoke General Agencies,
Molsons'Hank lliiilding huve the exclusive sale ol the splendid home and
grnunda ol Mr. Patrick' iuul intending purchasers would do well to call
on the... regarding tern.B and price ol
the property.
Music and Drama and Dancing
in Opera House.
Dominion Day, July 1, will he, ol
course, a general holiday, and ull
visitors to Revelstoke cn l.e sure ol a
good solid evening's entertainment.
What mote lilting ending lo a i1..j-'b
pleasure than a .ent in the theatre,
good niusio ..nd the fascinating waltz.
Tlie Woodmen, well known here tor
this entertainment hnve prepared a
good programme and have engaged
the Revelstoke Amateur Diamalio
Club, who will present the well
known nn.1 popular drama " Cast'-".
The Independent Rand will play
si-lections and the evening will be
c ticluded with u dunce. Don't miss
this opportunity ol having a good
I. 0. F.
Annual Church Service.
Last Sunday, Court Mount liegbie,
Xo. 34(11, I.O. !•'., attended St. Andrew's cnurch Ior the annual service
of the ...der. The church was lllled to
the doors Thc arrangements made
by the chinch management were
ported, while llio simple niter was
graced with lu.eiy llowers that increased the beauty ol tlie service.
A feature ol the ohoral service was lhc
singing by Mrs. Shanks ol " Pear Nut
Yen; O Israel." This lady, who was
accompanied l.y Mr. It. N. Doyle,
violinist, possesses a voice of rare
power :i..d sweetness.
Tlie Rev. W.C. Calder then preached
on, "Our Ideals, and how to Reach
Them." The reverend speaker commenced l.y instancing the various
ambitions that inspire youth, and
bowed how ! hese ends secured, there
wus s:ill lelt an unsatisfied longing
Ior nn ideal thnt could never he
attained, Tlie avenues ot whic 1 were
merely scllidi ell'ort. While not decrying tlie laudable ambitions of men
and women to succeed in their chosen
spheres. The preacher pointed out
the final disappointments that inevitably overtake all human mate.h.1
ambitions.   These views wereenlorced
l.y hriel but  vivid   instances  qu. teil
from the historic pust.
In regard lo Ideal Fraternalism,
the sermon was nol at the outset—
such as tn increase tlie sell complacency ol the lodgemen. The pastor
pointed out the sad (ailing away fi oni
ritualistic ideala, shown by members
ot lodges at the present dny. There
were no personn! instance." in mind.
Tlie tact being generally indicated and
in (orceful words the preacher denounced the spirit ot selflshnesB in the
individual, aa the prime factor in this
great evil. Members did not live up
lo ideals, and were governed by tho
principle of self,
The preacher showed how true Irn-
tcri.alism brought nil races i: to touch
and was a grout power for peace, and
further, helped to bring a divine influence into the homes of the poor.
In severe terms the preacher described
the present duy tendencies, even trt
high and most learned sources, to
cater to growing sc. ptioism and material selfishness. In a dosing peroration he urged nil to be laitl.Iul an.l
loyal to what ie true
At the close ot the sermon"M<,
Annan feelingly Bang "The Holy
Oity,'' being accompanied on the piano
by Mr. J. S. Hooley, and the service
was concluded by all singing the
hymn, "Lead Kindly Light.''
Mention should he made ol the
hearty and inspiring singing of ll.e
St. Andrew's congreg.ili.in.
On ro-assoiubling in the lodge room
the Court moved u special vote ol
thanks to the Rev W. C. Calder for
his sermon The Court then adjourmd.
Port Ahtiiur, June 13.—The dock
strike Iwb been settled, Ihe otter made
by thc Company being 20 centi per
hour Ior day and 2 J cents extra tor
night work, with a guarantee ol steady
work in either the sheds or in the
railway yards. Tlie decision to accepl
was arrived at a meeting held this
morning. Tlie men went back to
work this afternoon.
Mrs W.J Lightburne, Arrowhead,
is in the city to-day.
The MaBimic Grand Lodge of B. C.
and the Orunge Grand Ludge of
Canadu, are both holding sessions in
Vancouver this week.
We have si few lots left at $100
each. These are close in and we
guarantee them all perfectly level.
They will be on the market for
30 days only. Prices will be advanced in the course of a few days.
Lethbridge is fast becoming on
important city and its future prosperity is assured.
Buy now and get in before the
Three Railways, vast coal deposits, and best wheat lands in
KINCAID & ANDERSON, - Local Selling Agents
A Graphic Description of the
Successful Scaling of Rev-
elstoke's Most Picturesque
and Highest Peak.
Mount Ileghie stands tlie chiel glory
ul the Gold Range This range ol
mountains stretches three hundred
miles trom north to south along the
western course ol tho Columbia River,
lis summits are not so lofty as those
ol ihe Rooky Mountain Range, norot
.lm Solicitks, but, much more lofty
than lhi.se ..(tho Coast Hange. This
(iold Range stretches ..hove the timber
line and reaches in its IhoiiBiind sum-
mils the altitude ol perpetual snow.
There ..re a number of sublime heights
rising nl. ve the normal range, and
standing like walchlowers over the
endless mountain cliains, and there
nre yet u nun.l.er..(virgin peaks that
sland uli.il to dare aud inspire the
inountaincer. HI these Mount Begbie
is the el.iei. Probably the range lms
some higher range, hut Ileghie is
among the highest, being approximately 9,000 feel, and its threelolil
summit with hanging glaciers make
il the glorious .mil mighty king ol the
Gold Range,
This mount catches the eye uf every
passing tourist and ..rouse his enthusiasm, hut so fur no tourist, has essayed
to elin.l. it. This mount is th * cbiel
pride of tl.e cily ol Revelstoke. For
jenrs her citizens have lelt that in a
peculiar sense Mount Begbie is her
own. The eyes ..( every visiting
stranger aro turned to look at "you
nu.nut." Day by day und yeur hy year
the admiring eyes ol Revelstoke have
...ili bed those snow clad heights
around whicli played tlie sunrise and
sunset beams, the shine und shuduw,
.he golden tints ot the snow crowned
summits and thu emerald shading ol
the hanging glaoloia, and the everlasting panorama ol cloud and mist,
ol storm nnd cam. So lar as known,
however, this mount had never known
the tread ol human loot, A tew
mountain lovers have tried to semi
iln.se heights uud have succeeded in
sealing both the north and south
pinks. I'or Ibis ihey deserve much
credit as the work nf pioneering is
always dillicult und sometimes thankless, and In succeed in scaling any ot
ihe peaks of Ileghie, means much hard
work and many dilliculties. However
ihose who have heretofore tried did
not find any way hy which to reach
the summit ol the centre and highest
peak, and some huve thought it impossible to climb.    When therefore it
us known ihnt a party of four hud
really gone lurth to conquer the highest peak ot Mount I), gbic, much interest was manifested in the daring
project Many hoped that it would he
done, but some doubted whetlur it
culd he done.
(lu Monday morning, June 10th,
Ihis party ol tour Blurted from theoity
of Kevelstoke at 7 o'clock in the morning t nink-.i Ihe climb. The party
consisted ot Mr. Edward Feng, Swiss
Guide troll. Glacier; Per Dr. llerd-
iiii.li, Calgary j Mr, 1! IV. Haggen,
and Rev J. lt. Robert-..... The Inst
two were eitiz-ns ot Rev Istoke and
wore instrumental in arranging tor
.he nli.. h, and all lour were members
of the Alpine Club ol Canada. Tint
Swiss Guide has the reputation ol
being one of the best guides in li. O,
Dr. Herdman lms climbed over forty
mountains, while Mr. Haggen and
Rev. Robertson had d no some climb
ing last year in connection with tlie
Alpine Club. The guide would not
take more than three with him iu tl.e
party uud i.nly those who had done;
some climbing.
liy the kindness ot foreman Morris
Anderson, wc .villi our luggage were
tnken down the railroad truck abuut
lour ...iles and til-n by tho kindness
of Mr. Lee we were loaned a row boat'
l.y which to crosB thc Columbia Itiver,
The bunt being small we hail to make
two trips across the river in order to
net. baggage and all over. This did
not take long however, so that by 11:30
o'cluck we bad our boat beached, our
packs on our backs, each pack weighing Irom 18 to 20 pounds, ami then
our eyes were turned to the woods and
to the hills.
During the next two hours we began
to realize sum.-thing of the task we
hud undertaken. Our course lay in a
south-westi rly direction through dense
woods with many fallen trees and
much underbrush. Here we were alsu
climbing up a good grade in crossing
nver the lower range ..I hills that
follow the course ..( Ihe Columbia.
Ifi-.e wc became acquainted witii the
long stalked sharp prickled "devils
club" which gave us much mure pain
than pleasure and whicli tre.|uently
met ub un our wny. Here also wo
were swarmed by an army ol a thousand million mosquitoes that gave
battle against our excursion through
I heir forest home and made least of
our llesli and blood long before we
were dead. During those that two
hours lew words were spoken; our
mouths were tightly shut, our nostrils
were distended, and we got rid ol
much superllunus perspiration, We
balled now and Ihen to admire some
beauty spot 111 the forest and to take a
little breathing spell, and to question
in our minds whether climbing Mount
Ileghie was work or play. Presently
a deep sound is heard of rushing
mighty waler and wc tear thut our
way is blocked. Coming to boo we
lind a strong mountain stream pouring downward to the Columbia
through rough tortuous canyons, and,
In Our New Store in the Burns' Block.
JUST ARBIVED—New Stocks in Every Department
A Ereshstock of high class goods-quality
A line assortment of Enamel and Granite,
Tin and Woodenivare, Heavy and Buildets'
lliii-ihvaie. Mining' Supi.li.-s, Hose, Lawn
Mowers and all Garden Tools. Scrceu Doors
and Windows. McClury's Stoves, Ranges,
etc. Rifles, shot Guns, Revolvers and
One of lhe besl,. 'tuients in the Province
Tea, Dinner and Tollel Sets, We carry a fui
line of Ilolel Supplies. A line selection of
Rich Cui Qiaos,
We carry a flno stock nf these goods. Just
nsk fm- what you ivaut.   WE HAVE IT.
TkLEPUO.NE -37. ________
Revelsle Insurance Agency, U.
Three Lots on Fifth Street, the
only  good   site  now   on   the
Market north of Sixth Street.
PRIOE $850
GOOD TERMS.                      t
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, ltd-
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.
V _-_-_-__-___.  /
ion ■& Mill
Gent's Furnishings
Boots andShoes, Etc.
A G E X T  1* 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
llrni.ct.os in tl.o Pro-duet**, nl Manitoba, JUbeiis.Saskatchewan,
liritish Colombia, Oi.lr.rit,. Quebec,
Capital Paid Up ....   S4,7oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....        $4,7oo,ooo.oo
11. It. WlLKIB, President ; II.in. It. .I.UKtiAY, Vi President,
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all pari* of Canada, United States and
Europe,   Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interest allowed al current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four times a year,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.--A. E. Phipps, Manager.
us il placed there to await our coining,
were too trees lallen across the can-,
yon In the shape ol a cross and for...- j
ing a bridge lor ua to pass over, having
crossed thia bridge and stream, we
honored them l.y visiting them lorl
half an hour, Wc built a smudge to
drive oil' the mosquitoes, hud a good
drink Iron, the stream nnd partook of
our lirst lunch. Before leaving this
lucky spnt it was suggested lhat we
nun.c this bridge and river, (lur ...lide
suggested tho name ul "Cross Bridge"
f.r tin. two treeB that formed our
passage over Ilic canyon, and as these
wild waters wero evidently coming
down Irom the upper reaches ol Mount
liegbie, Rev. Robertson suggested the
name ot "Begbie Totreut," and what
ever names ulher oracles may give
them those are the names by which
they are known in uur party.
With packs again strapped on our
backs we continue our journey in the
same Bouth-wet-terly direction and
alter about an hour and a hall we
Stood on the ridge of the first range.
We consulted ..ur aeronold and lound
thai uir altitude was '.1,7(10 feet above
sen level and as tl.e altitude ot Revelstoke is ia approximately 1,.1(H) teet
above sea level we were now l,'200 leet
above the City. The view of the city
mid valley Irom here wub very heauti
fui and there is a fine prospect of tl.e
winding Columbia and the proud
Hunks of Mounts McKenzie and Green
t'jiii uui.yl on 1'iiKC Three \ilK   iii.'au^-ii.'vuu-v.'.
;     USfl  .     . f m.  - .-.\   ■ -.m SATl '.
I.A"!  AT
REVElSTOliE. Il  "..
.     ON   HATES,
;   . illng postage! I State!
Hyl     - itolHce]        ?'-'■■*'
H        '■     '-''
......     I.'"
.1 .. III] tls   ■■■ UU lal
rl ;-.-  ...     - .bscr.   I.   - parable In lui
-f   Sl.KXCK invited tn ..inner- ...
Merest.   .'• mm i. . . Ions i" K*H
■..--..   •       panied bj   name ol
. .      -.. .-.. .tion, bul
■ olgoi : ' .'M   ' - f
be brief.
Leg ■-■ ■ Insertion,
Nl.-.--.-.    .  --N,   - ■ ■  ,-f    ■■ innk.	
inch!.    -    - -
P   ■
...    i...    -   ..
-,, .      .mm      .-...■        i-'-;
H   p wm    ,. - ■ ititioii
-        , -       \ I-,, .,i-f-
cil, 1   word, or
-'- "I
....       •• ... ii'- inn-l
|      I.-,,    nd Kit.]..;  ..I
j; m.  .-: f RS
i A W A
Pari amentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mvrphv       Hakoi.ii Fisheii
i . ll.l.AN fc KLLIOTT.
I, ft inter'   - I   • -.-. Etc
t.i,-,.:.. m ■ ,i. ritoui i.ake n.u,
..-. i; giiuv i  i*. in' "I
.,,: ,,-    b. -i if....  Baxk  ri.'.- k.  Uifvifi.
'.-i-.K... B.C.
Money to loan.
mm. ... Kei .     to. B. C-, I miibrook, Hi*.
QEO.S. M.iil-.lKlt.
... M.   I'.NK.I.lM.
Keielstokc, H.
J. A.  IlA.lVi.Y.
Criii.rook It. t*.
J. SL Scott I.L.I.
W. I. Brisk"-.
, Etc
Bahristkbs, Solicitor.
Money TO I...AN
Solicitous fid. Molsons Ham;
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
•■ ■   Sample, by mall or express
f. ..Ive pr. m|: atteutlon.
Term. .Moderate.
A .       .      .     -     BOX 432 Km-.--. B. C.
ff.i ut :* contemplating tne esiim isn-
.ni-iil of moro experiment il fm ms and
Vancouv.. I-l.in.I bus pnc.i.' ■ lj 	
0'ioscn lor eiie ..( them. Professor \.,
S Hinders of the Dominion Agrionltiir-
a' Departint nl is inakit \: a .uir of ill
government farms and is contemplating new out-*. We would urge Unit
.. eolaim of lho interior be uol over-
ioked ..ml ihnt the possibilities of
the soil, whioh bus already shown its
values, I-e trikon into consideration.
Onr farmers want the experience un-!
tl.u training, und lhe interior has risen
.- such an Important position in agri
cultural pursuits Unit circumstances
ni least demand these facilities. We do
nol urge that alarm »hould be established nccessiirialy near Revelsloke, but we
do hold ...it t hut a cent., nl point bo chosen which is easy of access lo all parts
.1 ll.e interior, There are many good
sites .-I.iui..iilile iu tho Knotenays ..ml
-ii.ul.l the depart ...ent decide to establish an experimental (arm there,
Uie support, nf all tlm farmers is
assured. Such n movement would be
popular In ll.e extreme and a wise one
for tl.e ili'p.ir'niei.t, while taking int'
(.....si.le.-i.il..i. ll.e rich possibilities to
...- derived Irom exploiting ...ul experimenting in tin- interior. Science up
plied to tiiii..re in Ibis directiun,
nature already so generous in heights, tho result ivould well repay the
\\*. .1. ('..tii.*, piano tuner, is in
town this week, All orders (oi tuning
may i.m left ut Huwaon'd Furniture
Store, and will receive pru.npt attention.
Local Rcvcta-okc
Social.st Party of Cnada
Meet, I'M iui.1 Tl.lr.1 Wednesday in tin. ..."nlli
in Selkirk Uill,upstairs,at - imu.   Snldertior
ili*'-ii*-iiiii  "Armii.mnonl "I Capitalism.
in!, rested mv li-elcnlnu
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp. No. 220.
II,..-.- Second ...nl fourth \Vcilncsdn
,.,.■1 li, in Selkirk Ilnll.   Vi-iiniBWuf.il
iiii-.it coril.nlly i... ited to attond.
w. Ii. AllMSTHONG, C ('......
II. tt. KDWARDS, cl.-rk,
F. 0.  E.
Tlm rotftllltr ini'iilin,:* fin. hold in lit" Selkirk
Hull ovory Tuesday ovo.ilw.it 8 o'cloc,,. Visit-
tut. I.rotliron aroci.rdiully h.vitod,
II  A. IIHOWN, I'tfiMi.ifsr.
W  I). M.-I.AlVII],IN.Si.Mlfifri.il-.
"i'J&Kj   XfiMh^imo  £>_-£.l<iX-,
liicr.,.......,! l.y Ac. cl I'm: lin net, IS',:,.
Wm. Molbon \lii.|.|ii..i.s.iv, l'n*. s. ll. Ewixo, \'ie..-Pres,
.Iam.:s Elliot, (!■-...-:-.] Maimgei.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Agencies in all purls of I
Sixty-two hriinclii
Interest credited lour limes
in..I, deposits., until further.-.-.
W. II. PRATf, Manager,
ye;... at current rale.- on Savings
25c. Per Lb.
25c. Per Lb.
20c. Per Doz.
Houses, Husiness Blocks
Business & Kesiilciui.il Lots
Suburban Lands
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm and Fruit Lands
in Revelstoke, Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
ovine.ul Liml Surveyor,
^.Mine Suiveying
..; Kenzh Avenue,
Box l"'-. Revblstokk,
TjiDWARD A  11 U.i.KN
Me.ul--.    Am-:i.-m    Institute
.'.;    ug Engin ■. rs
Member Canadian Mining Institute
Revels tokb, li. 0,
Mine Management, Examination!
and Reports.
Hep...i* compiled, Plans an.1 Hlm
I'i :,--. t Land, Timlier Limits. Mines,
Mills nnd Buildiugs prepared iu shape
for submission to prospi :tiveinvesturs
.'1    .  If|.-i.  .-,  M,
Koot. nnv LoilRo No. 15 A F.& A.M.
»o,   m'   ■ Tlie regular mool
"V-.,-,-   -v
House Cleaning Time
h.-iiig- In tin. eye of lhe careful
lions.-h-riier Ihe blemishes of lhe
carpels under her supervision, When
necessary to mnko renewals in carpets,
rues, mattings iuul oilcloths, visil
HOWSON'S and see Iheir well se
leelid stock before buying, You'll
liiul il a time and money saver. Our
Spring display bents anything we
ever offered.
Howson & Company
45c. Per Bushel
We Ship These Direct
to the Consumer.
We Guarantee Quality
and Packing.
Cash to Accompany Orders or
C. 0. D.
A. HPUtT & (0., ltd.
Butter held by
Us in Cold
Storage, and
Shipped by Refrigerator Car.
nXAMINATIONS for Ino no-lidon nl Lispcc
'j  li.r- ..r S........ Ili.il rs iii.illM.-icliin.-rs-.....
Inr Hit- Sli-fitn Rollers Ill.-I lion Ant, IMI, will
,0 hold at .In I'M iiinii'itl Hulldlntfs, Vi.'fnriii,
mmiii ni-i'iif ..it   Mi.niliiv.il  Willi IHI.   Air
ilir.ii inn nm! instruction [..r.naonn lit-lind mi
applicilfluu  ...  ll.o lllidorslljnoil,... .v....... tlm
lurmor must  lm rolurnml,i-nrrocily lilli'din.
n... Inter Uuu. Juno llth. S.ilnrios, SHU .....l
Sll.'. por montl,
Clitol Iiispoctorol Mfichinory,
W-J12 Id New Westminster, 11. (^
.'. A. I'ltuUUXllill, Hkcbbtakv.
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12, I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Tlitii-.*.lf-v
ovenlng   in   Selkirk
.Hull   ul   8   o'olook.
I Visiting l.ivtlir.-ii .-...■
Holly iiiviuiil to at-
. ttfii-i
. LAI OIII.IN. N.i..      J. MATHIE, Six-
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. Jii, Revelstoke, B. C.
pi Tl.lr.1 Woilnosday o
..nuiii,... il..- Oddfellow.
t   s   o'clock,    Vl.liln,
nn- cordially invited,
the flftalMberalb
rise them for
r thl. bc punctually
cd up m as a pnrtol
[t is of but n     t years thai the
.    rior .-  n try I British ('- lumbia
:.....        -      eveioped to allow i I
it being i .. .. in it, not
[ its rich r. - mrci *
::.   mil • ruts  an :  lumi er pi  lucii E
fore-:- : it ..-    in the a u d. r! .1 p is-
iii ilii es for   .f. ■ ill ir.  d .ry.- . .n.i'.
:     V.. .i.i, ■
m   :       ,f- Ives to  -:.-• district, but i
..    inleriol   sec i - s,  tlnit
ft, at  inland  empire which it. at the i
present -.:-..- t tl - li - the eyes of tin-
whole outi-iM- •- r.'i and i* of Buch
natural  wealth as to induce capital j
:':  ..   evi ry  .pianer  to  inv. ;t in it,;
thereby  adding  almost  daily to the
future -.--.-. j ■ ■-:.'• of ti.if- large terr.-
tory.   N  -:-;   ' inities in advi rtising
and demonstrating ti.- possil ilitics   I
the iota ri i      • try liavi - een over,
looked, .: :  tl ■   :■■•'<■ *:..: .:-*■ real i,.>
|   ne     en -   ' • uteri i in all
inter: . - Cti ni h is pi vi ! that thia
ICC   is d ■-.;.. (I er.
long t   be tin       insl -..   I tbe n li li
In  tb.   K   ■•. ■. -   ... I   Okanaj
;. lit ::  »i alter, tl I
any other  Becti ns of pracl th.
wh .le D mini ti   and   ..-  - -   Hi nc.
from   a   cu:: merclsl ]
the fruit ii.- beeu cli    .       in by th.
unqualified success of the B. I        I
exhibit* in England an I i
pesitions.    .N'.-t onlj  eai  d
excellence, be grown t   high c miner-
cial advantage bul the raising and
breeding ol cattle, shi ep, and h .- .-
also carried  on successfully,   I >■;- ill
and vegetables "t splendid quality and
i.. ei.urn,"ii- quantities »xo grovvn iuul
have invariably taken lirst prizes in
provincial lain.   Buch Instauci, wi I
go to  prove  that tin- interior i.- ca]
able oi producing almoit  unlimited
wealth in commercial   commodities
....il this has been done without those
on the land haviuc, any speoial knowledge or training in agricultural pur-
SUitt.     True that the Ottawa nsiiicui-
tur.,1 department bus sent ..iin-ials
touring all these sections from which
much ,:.'".l has emanated bul with
stub prospects in view ol quick and
lirifl,lnl.le returns, we think that the
agricultural iu.lu-iry ol ih'- inteiior
which give, such great promise should
he materially lostered. Experiments
in agriculture have never been tried in
these districts and the natural powi-
bilitiei ul tlie interior di-limnd special
li. II. BROOK, K. ..( 8. A s.
II. .1. UUOWN. M, ..( I"
That's Royal Crown kind—
made in Vanoouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the money saving is tl.e
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Ki-v.il Crown Wrappers, Send
for   it—Free—Also  try   Uie
Import direct from Country ol origin.
lui.-i.t—smxK xi,i-K i___as». ajBaw_B".*5«rc««»"«
Id.   O.
Central Hotel
Newly  uill.     First-class in every respect.    Al! modern convenience.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rater.,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $1 a day,    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STOTTE     FF-iOI3.
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly .:•
tended t".
First St. Revelsloke
ens 0otel
Besl   rands ol Wines,     .. rsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will ellent accommodation at this
Certificate if Iinp.ovements.
Jlusct.l, Mineral Claim, situate in tl.e Hovel-
siuke Mining liivi.-itm of west Kootenay
Where located:   U llm head nf thn Middle
South Fork of Downlo Crook   ndjolnliig
tlio Chief ol Uio Hill- Mineral Claim
Tiik.' uotlco Hint   I. II. Smith, F.M.C! No.
lls*7l- iu-tlni( n* agent Im* A. M. Clark, Freo
Minor's I'l-riiii.-nin Nn. Iissiiul, in.ninl, sixty
thus (ro... 'line hereof, lo upply lu lho Mi..ing
lli'eni-iii-r fnr n I'oi'llllcnto nf Improvements,
in- Un- purpose...' obtaining a Crown Grunt of
And fiu'tliui'tako notice tlmi. neinn ulor
....eli.... ;i7, must lm commu.ioud bnforn ll.e
issuance or such Certificate ol improvrini-nis.
Datod this 23rd day ol May. A.I.,, UK..,
wed my '.".I
ii. s.Mirii.
\roTK;K is luTt-'liy given tlnvltiO ilnyn aftor ilau*
iM Iink'iul tn apply tolhu llmi. I'liiel Com
miauionBr of I.iuiiIh ht»I Wnrlis fnr pormlirtinn to
imrcliRH-a the [ollowlng iloscrlbed lamU in tlie
WcBtlvDiitcnay District:
Comraeuclng ul a p»hL plnntod aliout Mmlla
north of aouth'oast unniur ol Timber Limit 7018,
tiit'iit'o imrtli Hi cliains weBt 80 cluilna, soutli Stl
i'linins, eaat h« chalna tn pnint of comtnonceiueiit
Cniitniiiiiiu uiu ni-res nmre nr lun8.
Dated Slay ith, 19W
wed may a WAItUFN AWnRKWS,
Revelstoke Land District.
Dislrict of Wesl Kootenay,
Take notice lhat I, A. McCallum, of
Revelstoke, occupation ^Logger, intend to
apply for a special limber licence over Ihe
following described laiuls:
i, Commencing at a post planted al S.
E. corner of T, I.. No, 4296, and marked
"A. McCallum's N. E. eorner posl," same
being i}i miles easl of lownsile of Gerard
and about 1''- iniles south of Lardo River,
Ihenee soulh 40 chains, Ihenee west 160
ehains, thenee norlh 40 ehains, Iheuce
east 160 eliains lo point of commencement
ami containing (140 acres, more or less.
Dated lime ith, KJ07,
I'er A. C, McE., Agent.
Revolstoke Land UiMrict.
District ol West Kooleuay.
Tako notice Ihal I, Angus McCallum, of
Revelstoke, occupation Logger, intend to
tpply tor a special limber licence over the
lollowing described lands:
i. Commencing at a post planted
iboul 1 mile east ol townsite of Gerard
and aboul i mile south ol Lardo Riverand
marked "A. MeCallnm'snorlli-east eorner
posi," thence south 40 chains, ihence west
160 chains, ihence norlh 40 chains, ihenee
.ast 160chains to point of commencement
and containing O40 acres, more or less.
Dated June 5th, 1907.
wed je 11      I'er A. C. McE., Ageni.
Ui-'Yclf-loke Liuni IlislPict..
Hiwirietuf Wont Knoteiiuy
Tako uotlco Uuu Juhn ■■imiinn Scott,of
Hovolstokc, 11. C.( lUmntor, IntundH tn apply
furapodul liml'T lluonmw uver tho folluwhiK
dt'iirilied lin ds;
1. I'onunoiiidng nl 11 posl planted al lhc
tiiirlhi'ii-i cornor ol Timber Limit, 8I!Unnd
being alumi:. 1 chaiua nun It uf Qolilatroftiu and
lu cnains o a nf (.'iirtbnn Crook mid murk nd
"J.MB.'u S.K, eurni-r," ilii'iict! werf 111 clmliiH,
ihouoQ north liin ohaina, ihence oust40 ohalna,
1 hoiioe sout h UK) ohalna to point uf coiiiinunuo*
1.tint cuiiiitinin-t. Oluuoi'us uiu cm*less.
2, Comincucllllj at  a post plnuled at tho
norili'Utist ooruoi' o( Timbor Limit (111)1, and
being uliuui HO ehalna norl V of Uoldsl renin and
10 cnalna east ui L'nnbooCrcokand markod
"J.M.U.'s s.tV. ournor," ihencucasUUoham
thouco north HU) ohaina, thonoo woal in chain
llienco suuth H'i" ciiiinis tu point ul cominono
menl and coiitJilnluu ttlOnoi'OH mui'oor less.
Dated May l.'uh, ItHii,
;t. t'oniiiieiiciiii; at n post planted about 120
fluiinsH.'iilli irum it|)U3fJ mitt:.-, upihe h-hhIi
furk oi UuklHlnxun unit marM "J.M.B.'a N K.
eurner,' ii.uih*i: wcM in clmiiH, llienco souih Stl
chains, thouco eaat 1-0 chains, 1 hence mirth lu
ehnins, lucnee ivoat e*l chains, thenee nurth 10
ohalna to iimni or cummcuuumont mid euuiam
iiiKtililnei'cs lUOt'OOl' le-iS.
-I. Cniiimcucini; at u posl planted about, live
mill's up tiie tiui*..li ue 1 1 nrk ni Utildsin-nm ami
uliuut In elinins easl ui muiie nnd uiarked '.) M
S.'a S K. eurner," IhoiiUu wesl Ml elinins, thencu
northbU cbnins, ihcnii-east 8U ohalna, thonou
aouth ni ohaina to pointof: oouimonwimoiit and
uoniallllllK 1)10 acres iiiuruur less.
5, Couilnuuolugalapijabpiautod nbuut uuu
mlie up the uurth lurk ul UulthLroilUland
markod "J.Al.S.'.s n K, oornor," thuncu nortli
lu chaius, iiiunee wist M cbnins, tlu-nce suulh
120 ohalna, thonou cast hi olulill*, tiience north
80cluilna, iheuce easl I'i chain's iu poinl of com-
uiuiicemcnl and con Lal ning UlO ucrus mow ur
ti. Commonolng at a post planted about onu
mile up the norlh furk uf Uuldaircaiu aud
mnrkeil "J.M.S.'a S.V\ oornor," thoncu north
it) cliains, thoilCU cast llio clmins, Ihence suulh
III chains, tliuuco wesl llll chains to puilll ul
euiiiinuncoinciil anil containing liiu acres moru
or less,
Dated May 18th, 1007.
wedjun 12    JOHN MANNING SCOTT.
Sixty days aftor date 1 intend tn npply to lliu
llnnorablothu ('•Idol i.oinmlaalonerol l.unbuild
Wnrks fnr purmlasion tnpurelinnu the lulluwing
iloarrlbod latulH silimli'd nn Upper Arrow Lake
amliniire particularly ilucrtbod .ts follows!
Coiuuionoing at » pnst planted about W milo
north nf aouth-oast corner nl Timlier Limit 7«10,
tlionco n.'tili sn elinins, tlioni'U oast HI ehnins,
HiiiiUi sn chains we-i mi chains to pnlnl* ol com*
mencomont.   Containing 010111 res nmre nr Iuhk.
Dm ed .Mny lth, 11107.
wrihiiayS I,. H. .del,KAN-
New   Management.
B,   C.
First-clae accommodation
Bent brands ol Wines,
- igars,
for travellers.
Spirita,   and
RATES   $1
AND   $1!
0   PER   DAY
Nitico is hereby given thnt 60 dnys aflor duto
1 intend to apply to the Hon the Chief Cum
missioner   (>r   Lun Is   nud   Wurks    fur    por-
mission to purchase the following lauds sltuit-
ed mi 1'iiper Arrow Lnke and doscribod aa
Commencing at a pnst planted on Hall
Ah'.i ri'"k HliiitiUhree, miles frum hike shure
una mnrkeil ■ J. D, McLean's 8. B.corner post.'1
thenes woit80 chains, thonce north so eliains,
Lhenceeast80 ohains, ihence suulh 80chaina
in pluee n( commencement, Conislning t!40
ncrei mnr«orlo8a,
DatOd Mav 7tli, 1907,
ved mays 1, D  Mel.K\N.
Itcvelstuke Land Distriot,
Distriot o( VVost Kuuiumiy.
Taso mmcc that Julm .Manning Scott of Rev
elntuke, B.U , Barrister, inienda tu apply for
Bpoolal timber lloousw over ibo following du-
-scribed landa;
1. (JuUHiieiiciug at a nosl planted about
1 [live miles uesi uf lhu tulumbia Kiver ami
abuul 1^ miles south uf Dintlll Creek and
marked J.M.ti 'a S.W, corner," ihouco nonh on
chains, thonoo east fiO cbaina, tiionou south 80
ohalna, thonoo west NJ chains iu point of com-
munccineiit und coiiiiuntug Olo acres moro o.*
2, Commonolng at a post planted about
threo milea west ui ino Uoluinoiu Ilivor and
ubuut Ci miles suiifn of Suuth t ruuk and
marked "J.M.S'sN hi, iuriier,"Liieiieuauiilli8ti
chains, thelieu west S'l chuius, Ul HOO UOrtll jtiO
chains, thuuee cast otj uhnins lu pninl uf cum*
mencomont mid uuutuluing om acres more or
It Commonolug at a pust planted abuut llvu
miles westof ihu L'OiUnibia Kiver and l-i miles
south ut Snulli tlu k and inaikid'*J..\l.S.s
S.W. corner," ihouco eusl wi chains, Ihencu
nurth do chains, th iico wost uu ehalus, llieueo
south 80 ohalna 10 puint of cumuioiicuiuoniiiiiit
containing UIU acres muru ur less,
1, Communcing at a post planted abouL five
miles wesiui ilwCoiUmbia River and 11 miles
suuliiut Miuiii Ciii'i-. .uui in.11 i.nl ',I.iM.s:'sS.
K uurner," ihencu uurth 80 ehnins, Hiuucu weal
80 chains, thence auulh -0 chuuis, thulioo oast 80
cliaiiis^iu putut uf couimuuuomuiit, and cun
tuiiiinKlihJuci'es moru ur less.
Dated May 22nd, 1W7.
S, Coiiimeiicing at a po.sl plantid aboul 1
miles west of the Columbia Kiver nud ll miles
suuth of Suulh Creek and marked "J.M.S.'a S
\V, enrner," in lttOO norlh 80 chains, thuncu east
80 chains, ihouco suiitn Do etminv, thuuvu west
8U chains lu puinl of luuuiieiiccineni and con
; Uliiing 010 acres mure ur loan,
) 8, Commoncing at a pnst planted iibnit seven
I uuleii wesl nf tliu Columbia Klvet nud I'.i miles
aouth of-Smith Creuk and marked "J.M.U.'s B K.
ennier," Iheuce west wi chains, llienco nurm w
clialus, theuco cast ni ehnins, theueo BOUth N)
chains tu point uf commencements mul ooutaiuing
tilllm-ivn mini' nr less,
7. Commonolng at a punt planted abont oight
miles west uf ihe Columbia River and at the f«rkn
of Smith Creek, and niarked "J.MtSJ/s .N.B, curlier," thence smith 80 chains thenee west so
eliuiiis, theiieu uorlh sn chains, tlienco east .sO
chaiua tu pmut uf coimuonceiuunt ami cmitainhiK
tiiu acres mure ur luaa,
Datud May mird, 1007.
wedjun 12       JOHN MANNING SCOTT.
All Kinds of Light and  Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
li nli r fii '.'■   ■;   .'m.iI and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Vancouver Mtinufm hirer  ... .-■!.  kqocI
men... reprenl lho very linenl novelly,
Afjfcnl-s coining money.    Gel wine, .......
working for yourMlf.   15%    "liody buys on
tight,   I'r.'lits ..v.'.-...... hundred per cent.
Don't wwtte lime asking fooliili qumlioin,
bui send one dollar for (int'sl Hamples in
Spate |, n* 0 ville St.,
Vancouver) U. C.
Rcvolmoke iJ'ii'l District,
I.i-.i-.,-..,! Wi-.*t Knoteuay.
%.....-.- thai Oli: .-liuiilii'-ru, nf Allinri
mi  iln
Iiu in it.'.iilv repaire
\m\. hni'iii' - ti. nl.- tu*
itl.jl      I        li'-M.
Al. kiinl*'.] Whip-■ ..u.l Si,,l,|i.....|iii.
iit.nl ki'| ■
.ml    Ti*
Opposite ib.- I   mm Hotol
iii-:vi-;i.st(iK1-;. ii. c.
Tho attention ol nwnoril ol bones is
.:;.ll<-.l l.n tSection 211 ol Oily By law
Nn. 7, providing that no horso eto
shall bo loll nn any street or public
place wi'hotit being -uilit-n mly tied
Owing in the frequency ol runaways
rroently, the polioo have instruction!!
in on for co rigidly the provisions ol Bald
lly-luw in this respect.
JuikiS, l'Jt)7,       It      Mayor,
Rogislurril Office
Authorize! Capital,
Enderby, B.C.
$200,000 00
in Shares of $1.00 Each.
iNI     ill
I    *
le 4
|   | . ,        Sharea.
■ * timi
i m' . ■.    'I
ihare. payable,
ipptii ii !   •
pti n        vil
(•July Ml   i h ,-
ROAHAM RO.'-OMAN, Sno-Tronn., Endorhy, B.C
.lAtion Mil
Umber llconoe
mid-i loapnly fur
over lhe i'i .Hi m*i nn
. .. ing ni ;i pofl plantod M miles
north of lhe north-owl fork of Do*nlpCreolr,
nnd inarked "Olo Baudlmnt'a norl h*we«t oorner
;,.,-!, thonce eiwl 10 ohnlna, thonoo uouth IW
■ iicp wesl lu chalna, thenee north KHi
iiuu,i of commencement, and con-
lAlninu 610 aen ■ more or loan
111,1*. BANDBKRO,
hm** May Mthf1907 w.Hiii.i
Notice Is lu-reliy given tlmt 00 daya nfturdntu 1
intend to npply I,, the Ilnn. lhe Chief rnn.inis-
s nner nf Lands mul Wurka for pormlulnn to pur-
I'liimc the fullnwinn dodcrilisil liimls, Nitual«d un
Galena Hay, West Kootemy dislrict:
Cni"in -mi int; nl HpiMl planted 20 ehnins south
frmn thus W. CnrniT nl Lot 6,140, nnd mnrkeil
"(ton. Ti Newman1*} 8 l*i- tinner Pnat," thunee
iinrtli Ouch ib b thenc woat *.n elinins, tlience
south 40 chuina, tlienee west au i'liains, thenen
aouth an clmiiis, thuncu east 40 ohalna tn place uf
cuininuuuoinuut, cuntaining nm m-ren moru nr less.
Dnted at. Arm wheat I, .lime Isl, me7.       wed j (i
in tho Bupromo Court of liritish Co'umhla.
In lhc mntter of lhe Ksiulti of Juhn K. Wuud,
deceased, und iu ibe nmltoruf the "Ollicial
Adniini-tralurs Act"
Tat o notluo that by ordor of HisllunorJ. A.
Il'orln, L. J., mndo tho 13th day uf Muy, 11)07,1
wan appointed Administrator of the estate uf
.lului V„ Wood, deceased, and all pari lea hav*
mt: claims AKulnal the said estate nre hereby
required tu furnish same properly verified to
mu un ur before tho 30th day of June, 1007.
Ami all parlies Indebted tu aaid estate are required tu pay lho amount of iheir IndobtednesH
to me forthwith.
C1KO, S. Mc'-ARTKlt,
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated the 26th diy of May. 1007,     w my 29
Certificate of Improvements.
Richmond Mineral Claim, situate In the iter
elsluke Mining Division uf WchI Kuuteiiay
Where located:—At Standaid Basin, Smith
Kork of Downlo Creek.
Take notico that I, tt, Smith, F.M.C. No.
B88712, acting ok agent fur W, H VVtllcox,
Free Miner's Ccrtitlcalo No. lt8HiWl, intend,
sixty dnys from date hereof, to apply to tbo
Mining Recorder foraCcrtillualeof Improvements, for lhu purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of tho abovo claim,
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, musl. be commenced before llie
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 28rd dny of May, A.I). 11)07.
wed my'29 R SMITH.
Notice is hercbj given thnl 80 days after dale
i Intend toapply tu thet'hiel Commissioner of
Lands nml Wnrks fur a special license tu cut
anil carry away timber Irum ihe following
described lands in ihe Rcvelstuke Division uf
West Kooteuay district:
Commonolug ut a oust plnuted nt llie N. K
corner 01 See, 22, Tp, 27, U.l. West Uth Meridian,
marked "J !',. Kelly's S.K eurner pnsl," ihence
nnrth 40 chains, thence west40 chains, thenee
nnrth -in clmins. th nee wesl tin ehains, thenco
smith mi chains, ihenee east Ml chains tu post
nl uummeneoment and containing 040 aerea
more ur less.
Dated May anili 1D07
saljH        JAMKS PKRItY KK'LY,
Rovelstoko, 110.. Minor.
IE is hereby civnn thnt thirty duys
. . Her date 1 intond to apply to tbo Chief
Ciiminissioiior of Lnnds and works for special
licenso to cut uud curry nwny timlior from tbo
following doscribnd lands situnto in Wost
Kooteuay distriot 1
Commencing nt a post planted at the muuth
uf Canoo Itiver and markud "K. Sv.ilzor's
north cast coruer post" thenee wost ft) chains,
Ihence auulh 80 chains, tlience east SO chains,
thencu norlli bt) clmins to tin* pninl of commencement.
Dated May 2nd, 1007.
wod my 21) K. SWITZEtt,
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi after dato I
intend tu apply to the Chief Comuiissiunur nf
Lands and Wnrks fur permission tn purchase the
following described lands, situate iu west Kuuteiiay District:
Commonclng at r p"Bt planted 40 chains
norlh ol south east corner off, L 7010, and
marked -11 CM orris's uorth-oast curuer post,"
thenee suuth HO chains, weit tti cnains, north
hli chains, cos; 80 chains tn poiut uf 00 in men cement.
Haled June Olh, 1007,
ffedjunl*- H.C. MORRIS,
I, Thm. Watson, acting as agent for J. Watson,
intend sixty days after date tn apiily tu the
Honorable the Chief Cuminisslnniir of kinds ami
Works for permission to purchase the fulluwing
described lands, situnluil nn I'pper Armw Lnke
ami inure particularly described as follows:
Cumuieneing at apost planted at thu S. K. enrner ut Timber Limit v;.,S*t, frmn ihenee south 10
eliains, frmn llionce west KKI chains, from thencu
north 10 chains, frnm tlience east 100 chains In
puint nf cniuuienccment.  (Oalena Bay district.)
Dated April an h. 1007.
wed my 1 Agent fur J Watson,
tolci i-i'i'i District,
Di  1     '.1 -'" u * K may,
, itlcfi thai ni" Satidhurg.ol Aii.nl
.  -, .   -.Vi-,], Mini 1, Intends to apply f«»r
 .-I  licence ovor thofollowlng
i-i.,.; ..ne!-
Common* Ing -i1 s posl pim.ted nbout mm
yard ■■■ I 'if lhc north oaat fork uf Downio
• ., mil marl wl Die *tndborg'a north east
,-.,. .,1 r po 1 ml join I rig "J, I', Konnedys No, ll
nl -i, ohalna, thonce went w>
bale.   Lhance north wi ehaliuj, thonce owl ►"
1 ;."i.   of eomfi w no iii. and eon*
mining Oil *u re. more or (»,
Date M.i, Mth, \Wt, wj^
All kiinl-.,r bulldliitfnnd plnaterlng
Revolstoko Uml DlslrloU
DintriH nl ivi l K (may. Fl 0,
Take nm in* 1 hnt K. Hwiiwr, of lleavor h,
ft (■., occupation t'roNpoctor, Inlondi to upply
ii n-n upoclal ilmber lloonco over n,« follow Ing
ili in ibod lnnds: Situated In Wesl Kootenay
District, it 1.
Cominonoing al n po«l planted al the mou'h
nf   River mul marked "K, Swluei!
 -lh ''ast corner." thenoe west   -(| chains,
thenoe uouth S) chains, thonoo oasl 80 chain ,
thonce nurih Rd chains lo poinl of commenci ■
men!, nml i-ui>lu)ning 010 acres, mon* ot low,
Datutl May 2nd, 11)07, wed my 2D
Hevelsluke Land District,
D.strlct of Wosl Kootenay.
Tnke nt.lice thnt I. (i, N. Ulrkcn-oii of l-tev-
elstokc,occupation Parmer, Intoud loapply
tor perii'tssloti to purcbiu>u lhe followingdO1
sorl bed land i
Commonolliu at a i* st planted at llie B. K,
corner L "s.u, ti. 1, ihence west -111 chaius,
thenoo soulh 80 chains, theuco "nsl 4ti ehains
theme nurih wi i'luini". to point of eninmciicc-
menl mid containing 820 Acres mure or loss,
llninl May ICtll, llKl7.
Kotlco Is hereby glvon that sixty davs alter
date I Inlend lu Hpph to lhe llnnorable lhe
Chief Coimnisslopor of Lands nnd Worka tor
permission to pn rob two thejfollowlng lands
riRuated on Upper Arruw Lake and described
Inn molflg   at   h    post    |ilunled un  Hall
\\n\ i ieek. Hliuiu * uud a IihII mills (rom
ink!--hm*'mid markod "J K. McLean'i s, K,
cornor nosl," ihonua west mi ohains, thence
nmiii lOchains, ihouco oasl mi chains, iheuce
-.nuiii in ohaini tu place ol eniuiueiicemcnt
< ui.tiihitm* D20 acros mure or less,
Dated Mm 7th, ym,
it my 8 J. K. Mel KAN
Notico li
! Imend b
i ummlssii
mission la
lioroby jlvau .limn..lay.Ir..ii>ilitle
npply ....l... Il.ii.i...rnl)l. II... Illilcl
,6f iii I h.i.Ii. ...nt worll] im ..«
...ri'l..*.' li.i. lollnwlDI 'li-»i-ril*.l
.1 nl I.til...... BtJT. Ill v.hiIK.m.11.
. ...iiiiu-iii-iiiK nl h ..i.-i ni.rki-il "W. 11. lU-IT.
■OIlUl'DKI l'ii...i-r poll." "'i-1 I'llllll'l "I Llllllll
■1..1.I1 Irum lli.i .i..rili-»i'Ho.r...r..l IJ. Ilu.-k'i
l,..i 7i,i:t, ti.......... w...t m rlu.li.i tbince norto
i ,.imi,.., ii,... ..-i -j. .-i.il...',li.i-...-.. .....iii
....'lin..... [ii ....mt ..I '-' .....leliifeiiii'iit, hii.1 oon<
miniuk i>" ion - ni"..- or leas.
liilMMiy«ii'l, 1W7. „
umiy.. W, H. lihlU
NOTICE 19 HKHKBY UIVKN tlm-, thirty
daya afler date 1 intend to apply to tha
Chief Commissioner uf Lind* and Works fur a
spocial license to cot and carry away timber
frum tlie fulluwing desciibed lauds situated in
West Kootonay Diatrict:
Commencing at n poal inscribed "K Ann-
strong's S.W. corner pust," planled at a post
inscribed Uit 7088 N W„ thence uorth 1G0
Ohalni, west 40 chains, south 100 chains, west
nii-liniiis to pdulof cnnimeuccmcnt.
Dated June Kth, 1007,
wed jun 12 ROBERT A HW8TRGMO,
Notlcu 1» hereby nl ven lb.it 30 day. nltor .talc
l Intond to apply u. the cl.iel Coinmlmloner ol
IjuiiIs anil W'orkK for nupeelal lluci.eo tfl cut
.....I carry nway Umber from the lollowliiK
describe.! landa situato in Yale Ditttrlot:
■U. (.'on....e..i:i..K at n posl plant-id at tl.o
Huiitli-t-itHi. corner ol No. il, and mnrked "A. M.
Byuioni 8. W. corner pom." llionce north W
oI.iiIiin, ll.ei.oo cast 80 onnlni, tl.enco BouthWI
cl.nl.m. llienee went 80 chains In placo ol com-
"■JflgStf^"1   A.M.8YM0N8.
NOTICK Is hereby Blve. that60 days ufler
ilmol Inletnl to npply to tl... Ho... ll.o
Chief Commissioner ol Unds nnd Works for
iii-rnilssliin In pnrehnse II... lollowing descrilieil
hinds, slUnilcil in Wetl Kooicnay:
Ciinimcnelna nt n pint planled 20 chilni
uesl..I 111....I Hay, marked ll. M. Hac'snorth-
...isl (..irm-r poll,' tlu-in'ciiHlth 8 clinltiH, welt
hu ehains. ....rth mi el.aim, cast 80cl.Htni.to
..imiii of eiin.l.i......t.i.ie.ll.
I.atc.l J.lneOth, 111.7.      w|U     11. M, HAK,
Notice Is hereby given that on days after dnte I
iuteud to apply In llie Chief i-niiiiHissinncr of
Lin i- .in 'iw 'iii.- fnr ii'itni'"-nm tu purchase the
following descrilied land**, situate ill West Kuuteiiay district:
Mnmeiiclug «t a pust planted 40chains
north of m, ulii-east eurner ul T.l.7ul0and
marked "J. K. Johnsou'i north-weat corner
thetice easl mi chains, souih HUchRiiin.
st 80 chnlns. north 80 Ohalni lu
Daied June Olh, lOOi.
wedJuuU J. fi. JOHN-SON.
I Continued frmn Page One.
Slide opposite. As, thn rld>>e mi ivl.ii'lt
«-.. annul wis streaked ivith " nch
ye Imviali r.ick our guide cll.il it
:'Y.-;l.nv Ridge."
Turning to proceed on our way the
weight ol die mountaineers grief Ml
upon ii", for between us nnd the mutt
hi., ridge whs ii deep ravine, 3UH or
■100 feet deep. This ii:...*t lie crossed,
».. down ngain we wont, crossed over a
wide swniiip, discA-creil snn.o bear
trucks, nnd then*stored up tbe big
ridge ihnt lends awny up towards the
heights ol Mount Begbie. This ridge
can bo distinctly se. n from Revel-told;
niul .is it formed the main route of uur
HS'jent up to the Hiiminit it was suggested by Kev Roberts m that il be
culled "Ascent ltid/o." We climbed
the I..wer part of this ridge still keeping in a south-westerly direction until
we got over, then we gradually turned
tu the ni.rth-west full..wing the upward course of the ridge and keeping
on its left shoulder. Ily so doing we
av .Ided the sleep sides and ravines ol
tho right shoulder of the ridge and at
tho same time found plenty uf streamlets to refresh ourselves, On ihis I- li
sh..older nlso we discovered a very
leautiful mountain stream which we
followed for si-vernl miles nnd ly which
we ei.n.pc.1 both nights. Because ol
lh,8 fortunate discovery, fur we had
expected to have to pass one night on
the ridge whoro no water cm.ld he
fn.ind, Mr. Haggen suggested that
we give it the nnme of "Sillicum
Oreek." Al about Hve u'olook itt lhe
eve!.ine we found that we hnd reached
an altitude of 3,600 feet, we had been
climbing hnrd nnd sle dily for Hve
hours, we were ..11 a little s.ift for such
strenuous exercise, and Hnding a suitable spot to pitch uur lent wo decided
to camp for the night. Beside tlie
mountain stream and "nder the big
cedar trees we pitched our Hi Lie tent,
built a bentitiful camp fire, warmed
our pork and beans, literally boiled
our tea and had a lavenous (esst. We
"turned in" early su as to have a good
rest in preparation for the next day
Our guide slept at the dour ol the tenl
with an nxe under his arm to salute
any bear that might sniff .ir.iu.id, the
sect.ml mnn snored, the third could
not sleep It-entise ot ibe snoring, mid
the fourth had", ra ing toothache ..ll
night nnd thus ive rested in pc.ee till
tli-'daivn ..(.1 .y. The miming w..s
benutifu1 and in high hopes lor the
success ol the day and many beautiful
sights, we ate our breakfast, packed
our pucks, and were oa our way up the
Asee it Ridge l.y se en o'clock.
Our climb on Tuesday forenoon wsb
steady hard work.    We nil felt much
Btronger for the task than on the day
belore, and between resting places we
made stages ot 100, 200, and 300 toot
reaches.    We had now uo ii'iderl.rusb
to contend with, though there was a
lot ut devils club right up to lhe snow
line and by these our bands were considerably   blistered.      The   trees   by
degrees  ware  becoming smaller and
thinner, though very beautiful cedar,
spruce, fir, etc., are found right up to
and pnst the 6,000  ft.  altitude.     At
about 4,000 ft. altitude we came to the
Hist  patches of snow and here we
lound   some  beautiful   snow  white
llowers growing closely to the ground.
At aliout 4,500 ft.  i.ltiiude  we  were
walking   in   snow   most of the time,
tli.ii.gl. the snow was solid enough to
carry    us,    with   occasional   breaks
through to make it interesting.    We
came across the tracks of Cariboo, unc
truck very large, larger than a large
ox, tracks of smaller dear, frequent
bear tracks and trucks of mountain
sheep,  ptarmigan,  etc"     Having tie
ride with ns we did not pursue any of
these enticing trucks and  we saw no
animals on the whole trip, except a
(rog, a squirrel and a tew birds. When
we got on tbe  b-iek  ol the Ascent
Ridge we  had  some  very  le.ulittil
views of the oity  of  Revelstoke,  tbe
Columbia River Canyon, the valleys
below  and  the  g eat  sens ol white
crested mountains extending awny to
the horizon.    By  half past eleven we
hml reached the summit ot Ascent
Ridge, a point distinctly  seen  from
Revelstoke at an altitude of 6,500 ft.
Prom this point we bid our best view
during thc trip. The clouds were continually shifting their places and the
mists were rising and Hying here and
there.    Between tho clouds and the
mi-ts were glimpses ol beai.tif .1 vistas
ul snow capped peal s to the north east
and south with liegbie  to  tlie  west.
Tbe panoramic views  were beautiful
and the moving clouds and mists were
magnificent.     We were hoping, however, for a clearing uf the skies so thai
the vision Irom Mt. Begbie would be
clear.   We hardly knew however what
now to do.   Our guide feared that we
would see  nothing  from  the top of
Begbie tbat afternoon, and moreover
he doubted whether he could get us
back from the summit that afternoon.
On the other hand we hnd the whole
afternoon  at  our disposal, which we
did nol wish to waste and if we hnd to
make  more  than  one attempt  we
would need all our time,  and  moreover we had no assurance  that  the
skies  wuuld  be any  clearer ou the
fulluwing day, consequently all agreed
tu make the attempt that alternoon.
Su taking a hun icd lunch  and  then
piling our Luggage under a tree we set
out wilt, hut a small lunch in  case of
need, and a climbing rupe. Our hearts
were nuw beating with anticipation for
we wire off to attempt the ascent ol
tho centre peak that afternoon.  First
of all we had to descend sume 500 ft.
and cross tbe deep ravine  separating
the summit of Ascent Ridge (rom lhe
glaciers snowlields nnd summits of Mt.
Begbie,    This meant descending to a
6,000 ft. altitude and then climbing to
a 11,000 ft. altitude, all  to  reach  our
destination,    A few minutes took us
to the bottom ot the ravine and being
l.csli frum tbe burdens on  our  backs
wero not very long in  regaining  lost
ground.    Tbo  guide struck a pretty
fast gait for we bad to make thc most
ot our time.    The cluiids and mists
began to settle Instead ul lilt.   The
rain cm.in down mure heavily and tho
wind wns blowing  strongly.     Up wo
climbed until we came to   tho   broad
expanse ol so..wli.-Id .ixt.ii.dmg over a
mile before us and beneath whioh wu
over   lino   mi'iwiii-iu   "c ivu.kiu.ii <■
good puce, passing only .. e ereva,.*.
to our left whiub gave us an i.L-.i of
what we would have to .-..counter in
July or Au.(list, and straight we mndo
'or thc rocky dill's on the north  lace
of the great dome,   Right to the rucks
we cnine and though tl.o dill's frowned
down upon us threateningly, as if t.i
say, "let no man dare to sole  these
crags." aud feeling in  ourselves  thnt
this surely   is  an  impossible  route,
nevertheless thc  guide  uncoiled   Ills
rope.witho.it hesitation, tied it around
himself as had nud Itev. Robertson its
anchor, with Dr. Hcrilm.in and R. W,
lliiggen in tbe c.-titr.., an.l  then  sniil
"now I gue s we'll go up here." What
up there I    A perpendicular precipice
Blightly overhanging in  some   places
nud seemingly bidding defiance.    But
.here  were stops there and the nek
was solid nnd places to c.itch with our
hands, and in  a  low  monents  thc
guide was over  th"  wall  au.l  each
following  carefully.    And  now  for
three Bolid hours we climbed up that
ruugh rocky craggy fa-c, picking nur
steps  slowly, steadily,  surely,   over
snow ridges, rocky w.lls and crnggy
heights.    There was, however, no serious dilliculiy, no one  hnd  any   fear
and DO one mado a false  step.     The
wind was blowing strongly, the  sin w
was coming down upon us in clouds,
all  oilier  mountains around us were
being hidden Irom our eyes  by   snow
nud cloud, and we were going  upward
into white darkness.    During all thi.
time the climbing was good, very line
loose rock to bother, good I oting and
just enough of t lie I"., p.-ndicular walls
dizzy   heights  ami   jutting  crags to
mako it interesting.   And now we a e
near the summit—100 [eet more—nuw
only 60 feel and now just a few steps;
bii■ look, what d .os that mean; wiih.n
20 del of the iunin.it we are told to
hold, and a hold defiance frowns upon
us.   We seem to hear ..n angry voice
oryout from I he windy heights.    No
loot of mnn bus e'er yet stood  upon
this height—bow (Lire y u try i:, now."
To the right the rooks seem to give no
steps to help us up  the  final  stage,
while above us at an angle ot  about
1)0 degrees rises a si.o-v b.uk   to   the
very erest and Irum this topmost crest
is an overhanging "c ..nice   of  snow
Can it be done?    Will the snow ba. k
nffo d solid looting nt, such an angle ?
Will the cornice  if disturbed  come
down upon us in a block and disturb
us?   Our guide says, "I guess we'll try
it, set your leet solid boys, drive  your
axes in, and bold  on.     Don't   move
for anything."    Up that steep wall ol
snow he went slowly placing his ieet
lar into the silid  blow.     When   he
could reach the cornice overhanging
he touched it with  his  ice axe  and
down came a chunk  on   Robertson,
which partly pined bis leg but did not
dislodge his feet,    "Are you all right
boys," called the guide.    Yes we aro
perfectly  solid, can you make it, we
answered.   Carefully he worked nwny
at this cornice till ho opened a passage
through it and then  slowly  crawled
over the crest and called back.    "I'i
up, now I cnn get you  up alright
Slowly each one went  up  the  same
way with ihe help of the rope, and no
word ol moutb or shout of victory was
spoken till all four stnud nn tbe sum
mit ol the virgin central  peak,  9,1*00
(eet above the sea,
jgAs soon ns all were salely on top we
looked to see if  any  truce  of  many
were there before us, and finding nunc
Mr. Haggeti called for "three cheers
for tbe guide."    Then  we  built our
cairn Ir- in the few Iuobo rock that we
could find  around and   planted    a
Union Jack on tbe c.irn.     All   ibis
was done as hurriedly as  possible   for
we were all wet to the skin  and there
was raging around ui a tenible  blizzard ot  piercing  wind  and   driving
now, nnd wo bad to get off the   sum
mit belore we  were  beuumbed   with
the cold.    The cairn  built  is only
about three feet  high  and  the  Hng
rests in the stones as we had no pule
to iillix it to.    Wc doubt whether the
cairn cnn on seen  trom   Revelsloke
but there is  no  doubt that  Mount
Begbie wns scaled lor  tbe  first,  lime
by our party on  Tuesday, June llth,
at 4pm., 1007.
Ol course we were much gratifiea at
tbe success of our trip, and though we
greatly regretted the clouds  and   the
sturm which prevented us from seeing
anj-tiling from the summit, we hope
that others who climb will have this
glory lor theirs, so that we  are  content with the glory of climbing  tl.e
virgin summit.    There was not much
time fur meditation in the midst of a
rnging  Btorm,  nor much  room for
sentiment    when  perishing  in  wet
clothes, nevertheless there was a peculiar  sensation  and  a thrill of joy in
standing on a height where man   had
never stood before.    And as tliis was
the first virgin peak which Mr.  Haggen and Rev. Robertson had   climbed
tbe pleasure was theirs in the fullest
Vour readers who have followed thia
account to the summit will not wis),
to follow  any  narrative down again.
Suffice to say that we made a hurried
descent  by  the same route over tbe
rock lace, thence over the snow field
and  back   to  our baggage, reaching
there by six o'clock,    l'icaing up our
baggage, as we did not wish to camp
on  the snow  if  we  had  time and
strength  to go  further, we  huirie.l
down the  same  Ascent Ridge till we
laid  down  our  packs hy the stream
Tiliicum  and  camped  at  tbe same
place as the night belore.   Sleeping|in
our wet clothes and a gentle rain cuiu-
itig upon us all night we arose at 4 in
the morning and fullowed our course
duwn  tu  tbe Culumbia reaching ..nr
l.uat on the beach about 11.......
Were it not that we had still a
thrilling experience tu relate the
writer would cIobo this account, and
to guard against any undue alarm
over our dip in the Columbia a lew
words will give tbe fuels of the ense.
As tbo boat wns too small to tnke dl
lour across the river with the baggage
it was agreed that Dr. Herdman
would remain with lhe stuff while the
other three would cross and Mr Rob-
erlB-.n would then letum lor the Dr.
and baggage. We hail a delightful
trip ncrosB thu river and wen-lo. king
lur a placu tu land ns suod as possible
«u as to avoid the hard row back
Blue Serge
An absolutely fast blue,
It is the only one that
we think worthy of
bearing the Fit-Reform
Made especially for Fit-
Reform, in a famous
West of England mill.
It's the richest blue you
ever saw—and fadeless
—remember that.
In the new summer Suits
—both single and double
breasted effects.
McKinnon I Sutherland  »  Revelstoke
It's a real pleasure
tu own a Sunshine.
Il's so easily regulated,   Drafts work
-do just what you
them to.
from thc lloor ahovi,
if you fed a Irific chilly,
ong draft through tin
pit door is opened.
Fire  iinmci
atcly  burns i.p
briskly.    In :i
few minutes you
e.in have ns hot
:i lire .is you like on zero days.
And one inst warm enough lo keep
L.e chilly feeling absent when a
thaw comes,
Fortunate is the man who owns
a Sunshine,
will be warm and
comfortable. Then
drop the chain again.
You see, it's not necessary to go
down to the basement and turn on
the drafts when you want a warmer
fire in the Sunshine.
Sunshine is a labor-saver as well
as a comfort-producer.
If your local dealer does not
handle the Sunshine, write direct
to us for Free Booklet,
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
against stream. Not finding a place
to land when we came to ll.e shore we
had to drilt down stream in search uf
a landing pluce, nnd ns the current by
tl.e shore was very strong we drifted
swiftly down nnd did not notice in
time u long tree re idling far out over
the r„pid current about a loot above
tbe water and held by other trees not
tar from tbe shore. An eddy ewirled
tlie boat suddenly sideways and we
smashed ugninst this overhanging
tree. The boat was cspsized in a
moment but fortunately all tliree
ennghtthe tree, and though the current was Btrong we worked our way
along by degrees until we came to
other logs and pulled ourselves ont to
salety. Our guide was the farthest
out on the tree and was rather seriously frightened for awhile but with a
little assistance whicli we were able to
give Iiim we soon had him witii ub in
safety. A few more minuteB and we
hnd worked our way over the tew logs
that were reaching out from the shore
and we stood on dry land thank lui
that no one was hurt. Our boat wont
down the river bottom side up and we
expect is lost, our bats also ull went
down tl.e river and a number ol other
pfick.d belongings. We were a [or-
lorn, dripping, hatless trio as we trekked intu Five Mile Camp, but we were
treated royally, given hats for our
beads, and a good dinner, and then
ihrough the kindness ul Foreman
Thomson nnd Mr. Lee,a raft was built
d Mr. Lee put across the river tu
rescue Dr. Herdmni. uud tbe baggage,
The Doctor alter a live hours wait un
the ..ppusiie shure and being somewhat anxious to know thc (ate ol uur
accident wns nothing more than n
g md dripping.
Thin ended mi Wednesday afternoon
the three days' interesting experiences
in connection with the scaling ol
.Mount Begbie.—J. R. ROBERTSON,
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ot all others.
Thu partnership heretofore Misting Imm ween
J. K fioos and Kr.mi. Shipley, carrjiim uu
Itu-ui.'.- u Tlm Kevcht-ile Cigar Store hu-
liooti dissolved.
Tbfl buslnta will in futtirp Uf ciiTritHi <m lij
the Undersigned, wlm i.» entitled tu rocoive nil
oiioj-s.luo tin. Lite firm,
Dft.ei.lni)-" i r   1".
mam. siiiruv.
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Green Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
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Exporter of Purs.
Furniture. Pianos, or Msrohan-
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Revelstoke, B, C.
NELSOj^ 0.,
Monday ._. Tuesday
Grand Street Piirndiiof ihe Voeck-
bei Si Nolan Minstrel show,
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Uliuui.inleil   I'...-...le.
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H. O, Patterson, Local Agent.
Olliee:    -    •   Davidson's Tailor Shop
McKenzie Avenue.
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to any railway st.ilion
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All Coods Guaranteed or Money lit
it is a duty to You, to Your Fi.milp.and
lo your Pocket Honk to investigate our
We do not belong lo the Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or  any
I rust.
References: Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in the City, or the
names of twenty thaiisaad satisfied customers in lhe lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Northwestern  Supply   House
239 and itn Stanley Slreel
Halcyon Hot Springs
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H Allll Y  MolNTOSlI,     olfmuu   House
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World, A perfeet, nal.t...il remedy for
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Halcyon Hot Spring's
ArroUi Lake. B, C
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
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FIRST STREET, ■ city restaurant
Di.'i'T Heads, Animals, Blnli. tflih, IHto.,
A ti iinil   I'm: * M'HIIlU'il,
' 0, llnx ill.
Ntmllo,  Cornur of Mmt St. and Huylu Ave.
Uuv-dUt'iku, li. C,
ler  il iti*   I  inii i..l 1.     |i
I L'l'iiiii.issiniiii' .'1 Uan Is  ■ -■ \\
j speciul licensi' lo cui and earn
1 Iht from Liu; follow inj>  iles riled
situated in Caul oo Uislricls
1. Commem inj* :.i ;i posl pi ml 1 iboui
-• ';■ miles up * il icier i reek nu
"Gus K. HeiLstr im's \. E. cornei p isl, '
llienee i on ill So cli tins, nv-il i i i .
norlli Sn cliains, easi 80 chains lo poiul ol
.'. Commencing* at a posl planted about
-*1.  miles up Gi   '
"Gusli, Hedstru
llienee   soulh So  chains, easl 80 chain
north Su clmins, wesi So chains lo poini o(
3. Commencing al a posl planled nl Ihe
south fork of Glacier Creek and marked
"Gus l_, Hedstrum's N, VV. cornerpost,"
ihence south So chains, easl 80 chains,
north 80 chains, west So chains lo poinl of
4. Commencing at a posi planted al lhe
soulh fork of Glacier Creek andmarked
"Gus E. Hedstrum's S. 1*1. cornerpost,"
Ihence nortli So chains, wesl 80 cnains,
sonili .So chains, east 80 eliains lo poinl of
5. Commencingal a posl planled al lhe
south for]; of Glacier Creek and maiked
"Gus 12, Hedstrum's N. I*., corjier post,'
llienco soulh Sochains, west So chains,
north 80 chains, easi 80 chains lo poinl ol
Daled May lolh, 1907.
ii. Commencing al apost planted t^
miles tip wesl lork of Glacici Creek and
lour ehains norlh ol lhe creek and marked
"Gns li, Hedstrum's S, K, corner post,"
ihenee wesi So chains, north 80 chains,
easl So chains, south So chains to point of
;. Commencing at a posi planted ahout
three miles up wesl fork ol Glacier Creek
and about lour cliains north of the creek
and niarked "Gus K. Hedstrum's S.W.
corner post," Ihence north 160 ehains,
east |o eliains, south 160 ehains, west 40
chains to point 01 commencement.
8. Commend tig At a post plan tod nboutjthtee
milos uinvest lurk of dl.icier Croajk mul almul
tout chalna north uf tin' Crook ainl markoil
"Gns K. Hocitilruni'a 8. K. conior [mst," tlionco
nnrtli 100 chains, westJOehainssouthlUOchains,
oust IU ohaius in poiut uf eommeucoment.
Com ni 0110 ing at a post plautod almnt threo
nmi a Imlf milo.- up wost furk nr Gla ier Crook
I about four chains north of tlm Crock ami
mnrkod "Gub lil, Hodstrum's N. VV,corner post,"
llioiico nasi 160 chaiUH, soutli tO chaius, west 160
chaini*, mirth In cliains tn puint uf commence-
I". Commonclng at n pnst planted ubout
th ron and a half miles up west fnrk uf Glacier
Creek ami obout four chains north of 1 lie Crook
ami innrkoil "Uus K. Hodstrum's S E. cnn.or
pest." thonco north 80 chains, wost sti chain.",
south 80 ohaius, oaat HO chains m point of cum
11. Commencing nt a post plautod about
threo aud a half milos up west furk uf Glacier
Crook aud about four chalas north of tueCrook
ami maiioil "Uus K, Hodstrum's N, J3. comer
post," Ihouco wost 1110 chains, south -in chaius,
oust 100 chains, uorth 10 cliain- to poiut of com-
11!. Commonolug at 11 post plantotl about uno
half mllo bolow mouth ol north fork uf Glacier
Crook aad murked "Gus E, Hedstrum's 8. W,
conior post," thonoo uorth IliO ohains, oast 10
eliains, snulli HU) cliain,-, WOBt tO.Chai.US to puint
ul cinnnionceinoiil.
Ki. Cnnimeiiciiig at n pnst planted about nue
In If mile lioluw mirth fnrk of Glaclef Crook nml
innrkoil "tin- E. Hedstrum's S. K. cornor post,"
theuce uorth 1G0 chains, west in chains, suuth
UK) chains, east 4D chains lu puim uf Commencement,
it. Commencing ut a post plauted at no
uorth fork of Glacier Croek ami marked "Qua
E, Hodstrum's 8, E. cornor post," thonce north
KIO chalas, wost40 ehalus smith LOOohuiua, east
lu chains to puint nr commencement.
15,  Commenelug at 0 pnst plantod tin west
furk uf Glaeior Creok nud almul nno Imlf miln
above tho uorth lurk mid mnrkod '(in- lv
Hodstrum's N. E. corner imst," theuco west 160
ohaius, snulli tu chnius, oust lOOchains, uortb In
chains tu puiut of eommoiuoineut.
lii. Commouciug at a pnst plnntod ou WOSt
fork uf Glacier Croek ami about nuo imlf mite
aliuvo lho nurih fork aud markod "Gu- K.
Hodstrum's S, E, corner poat." llienco wost 160
chuius, uurth -10 Chaius, cast PH) ehuins, south 4n
chains to mint of cuinnioiU'omonl.
ball"! May 11th, Hi if.
17. Commencing ai a pnst plniiu*ii about a mile
up the south fork of Glacier Creek and marked
"Oua B. Hedstrum's N. W, corner post," thence
south SO chalas, east 8-) chains, north sn chains,
west bn cliains in point nf commencement,
IS. Commonolng at a post plantcil ahout one
mile up the noulli fnrk of ulacier Crock and
maikcd * tins If. Hoilstruih'sN. K corner pnst,'
theuce south 80 chains, west Michnins, imrlli au
chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement.
in. Commouiichig at a 1 ust phnted about three
iniles up the smith fork nf Glacier Creek and
marked "GubK. UuiUtmiu's S. W. corner post,"
theuce mirth SU chains, eaal 80chains, south all
eliains, wost 80 chains in pnint of commencement.
20. ('111111110111*1111: ui a post plautod about
throe miles up lho south lurk nf Glacier Creok
and mnrkod "Gus B, Hedstrum's s E corner
post," thonce north sn chains, Ihoneo wost y-
chains, theuco south 80 chains iheuce east SO
eliuiiis tu -[mint nf commoucomonl.
21. Commonclng at a pust pluuted about
threo milos up tho south furk of Glacier Creek
and marked " Gu- V„ liuii.-tiuiu'.- N. W. corner
post." thouco south 80 chain-, oast 80 chains,
north hO chains, wo-t 80 chains to point of commencement,
22. 1 ummeuclug at a post planted almut
throe milos up the south fnrk uf Glacier Creek
Hi.dmari.od'GusK Hodstrum's N. E corner
post, tnence south lOOchains, we-t 40 chains,
uonh lou clm'iis  east in cbaius to point ol
common, cu enl.
Dated Mu) iaih,lD07.
2a. Communcing ,n
.' Tih bank ui li,,u;
i    ius from ihu ii,...
'a S.K. cnn
.      .     ; * .....
. . ■     .
'      ■ .    . ■■ ■        ..
.      . ■
... ...
*      : ■      ■
*   ■
■    ■' ■
':<     .:    ..-        1    ,'
■.  Con * -    ■    ■
r Creek and marked ■  -'  : ■ ina about
\  \V   corner oosl "  "    :' '''
'     1    I ' " * ■ ' it fork ol
■ -
■ Scott's 8. K. con <t
tl .-ii.-.. wesi       chains, 1
tlience oul • 1 rhainu :■■ -\
ind containing 01     ores or
June 10th, IW7.
Corarai -'■'       .:
mile wesi i,f thi north firk of Cottoi
almut live miles north of the east!      1 -    ioui
river. Cotton Creek belnjr a tributary of tin
fnrk -if Seymoui river, lohn Man-
cult's 8. I'-, comer,' theuce north
thun ■■■ *■•'*■:  BO chains, them •- south si      1 ,
*     IIC-  ■ •-' N    < ll I*:-   ■•   point Ol I "inn.* li' I
and containing 6*0 acres more orless.   Dated
June nth. IW7.
c Coinmeneing at a post planted about three
mllen n-i-i una)I creek rl wring from the ea*t into
the north fork n| Seymour river about ten milea
i[- ne the ' ■'*.• m | m ■-'-.■ I "John Manning
N 1 ' 1 rnt r, tbence auuth WO chains,
thence *i-t in chains, Uience north IW chains,
thence e ut 10 chnlns to point of commenoement,
an I contain! t . m< re or If". Dated
■hm" uth, lii
B.  Comu ■ ■-.  . p -•■  pi ■..'. I .J. ml three
ii lies up 1 -*- ill   .* .      Ing f  the east Into
the north fork of river, ah ul ten miles
fchove Ue* forks        ■   rked     lohn Maunlng
Si itt'i N. u. , ,n .-.. itti |6Q    ■
tlience eaal  1 thil   chains,
tii nee west 10 cli il,- to poinl ul um ..• m •»• num.,
snd cont lining 610 ... u--..   luted
lunelllli 19 ;.
1..  Comnn : - I ;  . .: three
milea ups sn sll ■ 1 -I. li ■■•■ ing froi thei ■* Into
the mntli fork oi Seymoui ten mllea
ihnve th* forks and marked "Jehu Manning
" 8 -• W 1 .11 :i. m■ n< rtli si1 rhalna,
In tn c easl 8 chalna thenci *.•■:■ tins,
ni' nee ** ■ -' 30 ch dim I i- inl I 1 mnn nromi nt.
..ml containing W0 acres more 01 lesa Dated
June 111!-   IS
7   Comiuenelng al a post planted th
cast of the north fork of £ nnn .1 rivi 1 ini)
I of a mi] : ■ |i flowing
tr- -in iln- east inlo the nortl fori      Se)      rrtvei
and aliout thirteen mil - ah * .* the I rl   ind
marked "John Mann ng H uti'a X, R.        1
tlience suuth fiu 1 halns, then r wesl W)i   das,
thence uorth BO chafns, thi nee eaut 80 cl
uf roinni- u en enl and mm Lining 11     res
01 lew    Dated June Ilth, , -
Commencing at a 11 ■' pla te I      nl -''■
mllea east of the north forki * •■ j     - Iti ■■■ and
thoul , of a mile ionth ol ■       wing
from tlm east Into Uu northforkof Heyinom m
'. ut * nei 11 inih • ibove the forks and m irked
John Manning Scott's s. W. corner," thence
miih sn chaina, thence eaat 80 chains.thence
tlience south - ■, a,ln . them - wesl 50 chains to
point of commencement, ami containing 610 ai res
tnoreoi I- •-.   Paled June Mtli, 1007.
D, Comment mu al a post 11 inted aboul 2}
mil easl of iln* north forkof Seyinoii rivi I
tilHiul -| nf t mile I. irtbof a small 1 reeli fl - "*.
fronl the east Into the north fork nf Sejmn * ver.
ahout thirteen miles above thi forks and marked
"John Manning Scott's N.  K, conier ' tbence
■ uth   -   chains, ihence wi nt -■■■ chains, thence
north 60chains, thence eaal S ■', dm lo|
commencement, md * ontainlng 610acrn   n   ■
lesa.   DatedJuno llth, :•:.
10,  Commencing al a p ist planted ah it
iniles east of the north fork   1 Seymoiu river inii
nliuitt 1 of .1 mill* north of 1 small * reel fl
from the east into thtf north fork >>f Si jrinour river.
al t thirteen miles ibova thu forks and marked
"John Manning Scott's *-. tt*. corner," tlience
imrth su chains, thence east B0 chains, thenci
smilli ,-n chains, thence west B0chaina to poinl of
commencement, and containing W0 acres more 01
less.   I' -"Mum* nth, 1007.
wedjun 19 JOHN M.i.N.NINti SCOTT,
imst planted mi  tho
1 reek and about 11"
nud marked "Gu.- K.
post," thence uorth ino
t lOchains,south 100chains, oast40
chum-... poinl of commoucomeiil,
24,  Conm sing at a post planted on the
uorth bank et ti itglas Croek about 110 chains
frum lho iiiuuui uud markoil Gua K Hodaiium's
N. W. eurner poal," thonco oast 80 chains,
south SOohains westSOohnius. aortb »i chains
to point nr i* mencomeut,
2.'i. Commencing at a mst planted nn the
nortli bank nf Douglas Crook uml .llmut lln
ohains from tho mouth und markod "GusB.
Houdstrum'sS. W. corner post," thenco uurth
100 ohains, eaat in chains, south 160 chains, wost
4U ehains tu puiut of cummeucomont. *
20. Commencingat a post plunted on tho
suuih hank uf Douglas Croek and ulmut two ami
a i-uurtormile-frum the muuth and marked"Gu«
E, Hedstrum's S.W. coruor post" thenco north
160 chuius, onst 40 chains, -uuth 160 chains, west
ID chains tu pninl uf cumineiicoinont.
Datud Maj 15th, 1907.
'i'i. Commoncing at u post planted almut Iiu?
chains uorlh of Boulder Creek and almut two
and a hall inl"- In,m the mouth und marked
"Gus K. Hodstrum's N.W. corner post," tbonc
south SOohains, oast 80 chains, north sn chains
west 80ohaius to [mint uf commencement.
2s. Commonclng at a post planted about livo
chaina north of Hunldur Crook and almul two
and 11 half mile-hum tho in.mtli ami marked
"Qua E. Hedstrum's S. B. cornet post," ihouco
uortli 100 chaius, woit 40 cbalni, south 190 chain j,
oust in chain- to point of com mencomont.
i'.i, Commoncing at a post plantou ulmut flvo
chains uorth of Boulder Croek and almut two
uml u Imlf mile-fmni iho  mouth and marked
'lus E. Hodstrum's s w. corner post.'' tbence
nnrlh 160 chain.-, oast t" chains, uuth I1''
ohains, west 40 chains io puint of commencement.
Datod May Pith, limi.
wed may 22 GU8   E HBDSTRUM.
Revelsloke Und Distriet.
Dislricl of Wesl Kooleuay.
Take notice that I, Aliens M'cCnllum, of
KeveKtoke, occupation Logger, inteml lo
npply for ,t special timber licence over (he
following described lands:
3, Commencing at a posl planted al
the north-west eorner of T, L, No. 3540
and the south boundary of Railway Block
No. 365 and lying soulb of Tenderfoot
Creek and' marked "A. McCallum's north-
easl eorner posl," thenee soutli Su chains,
llienee west 80 chains, tlienee nortli So
clmins, thenee ensl 80 chains lo point of
commencemeni, and conln'mlng 640 acre
mure or less.
Dated June 5th, 1907.
wed je 12      Per A. C, Mi K., Agent,
Thirty .lit)- nlti.r.lf,li. I iilMfl In applj ... lho
l.i.'Olio.. .'..liiit.i-.iniiiir. fnr n If ni-f.-r ltcer.,6 ol
tlm <in.i..| II..Iol. Sfik.i-ii, In II. l.n lir,,-li
Roiobory, U.C., June T,1WI.
Rovelstoko bind DL-lrk-t.
District of West ICooUymy,
Take notico that GeoiVe It. Campbell, 'if
Arrowhead, occupation Timber Cruiser, intends to apply for n special timber licence over
the followiiiK described lund*.;
Commencing ut a post planled on the south
-id." of Lot 0281 about it chain? wosl of Poplar
Crook, thonce we-t 20 chains, thenco uortb 82
chains thoncewcsl 110 chains, theueo south 12
chains, thence eaal 160 chains, ihenco north 20
chains to poim of commencement, niidconUtiii-
inif Wn acrca. more or less.
Dated May ilth, 1907, wed my29
Notice Is hereby given thai fto days after dale
I intend toapply to the Chief com'missidiierof
Lands and Works fnr a spccls I license to 1 it
and carry away limber from Ure.follo.vfng
described lands situated on McDonald creek,
I'pper Arruw Lute, Wesl Kn itenay district:
1. Commencing at a post markod "VV, It.
Keid's south-west comer *»i-t," situated Leara
beaver meadow, about 7 miles from the mouth
of McDonald Creek, theuce nortli 80 chains,
thenco cast .si chains, theuce south SOohains,
Uience weat 60 chains to point ut" coninionce*
*.',  Commoncing al  a posl  plantod al the
oulh-wi-at eurner of No. I, marked "tt*. It.
Kohl's north-went comer post," thenco south
Suehalns, iheuce cast hains, ihence nurih ni
chains, them-e wosl Sl chains to point of com*
3, 1 ommenclng al a ; **-■ pi inted .it tho
north-east corner ol N'o i, marked "\V. It.
Hold's north-west corner post," iheuce Bouth 80
chains, them 0 oasl SO chains, theuce north 80
chains, thence wesl B0 ohaius to point of commencement
Dated M.»v 25th, 1007.
wed m) -\'  W, i:   UK ID,
Notico is herebj givi n th it tO la; - iftei date »o
intend'' apply to lln Honorable Chief Commissioner of Luiiil- and Works for permission to pur
chase the following described lands in west
K-.-.t* ni> district;
Commonclug al .1 posl plantedontbeS.fi,
curuer ol Thompson pre-emption 505, innrkoil
Evans & Ogilvieh N. VV. corner post," thonce
40 chain- east, 40chains -num. 40 chain- west,
in chains north to point of commencement, con*
taining 160 acros moro or le.-.-.
Dated Muy 25th, 1907.
sat my 85 EVAN8 It OGILVIE.
Notice i- herebj given Ui it thi u idi reigned ku
applied to His li".i"Ut the Lieutenant-Governor
hi Council under tbe previsions of the lliversnnd
Sin ■. Vet, ta * Is 11 ind remove obstructions
from Frisby Creek In the District ul tt'esl Koote-
nay, British Columbia, from a poinl wliorelt
empties into the Columbia lliver to a poiut on
laid creek about t miles from Uie Columbia liner,
nnd tn construct and mainl dn -.■ mi ■■ 01 ibout
ih.' mouth of said creek and in tbe Columbia
Ulver adjacent thcretrO,and i* itlach booms to
the slmre nf friib) Creek and said Columbia
River at sahl points, for Iml.luu. sorting and delivering logs and timber brought down said creok.
The lands it* 1* directed by the said work aro
Crown lamh nnd the tolls that are proposed tol»
charged are such .• maj Ite fixed by a Judge ol
the umnty Court ol Wost Kootenay.
Dated ihi- l.'-fliihi-, ..i June, 10
w< 1 'i-i9wni 11 DONKBUiY
i\ nn   County Court op West
KOOTBNAY    lliH.llKN   AT   UkVI-.i.-
Iii llie m.i. 1.1 ..I iln- K*i..ti- nf Oscar
V.. si..\-i-i.*, deceased, and in tl..-
mallei' i.f the "Official
...li..iiihtt.iiui-. Act,"
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
llis Honor J, A. Forin, Judge, made
the 28th day ol May 1007, I wn* appointed admlnlstratm of the estate of
Oscar K. Stevens, deceased, and all
parlies hAving claims againsi the --i.i.l
estate are hereby required t.. furnish
same properly verified to in or
before the loth day olJune, 1007. Aud
nil parties Indebted lo said estate are
required to pay the ..in.mut ..f their
Indebtedness to....- forthwith.
(il-fn. S. Mi('auti:ii.
Official Administrator.
Dated this 1st, day of June, 1007,
\ •  ud tiereli) given thai 00days afterdate I
Intend t nl) i- Ihe i lilel Comroisaionor ol
Lands snd Works for permission to purchaaethe
following '!■ wrilie-j lands In the tt'esl Kootenay
Conines rig at i post planted at tbe east bank
.-■ thi Colun      lti.«-t|il i Uie hood ot IS-Mil*
liiffl.* imt marked "F, B. D's north-west enrner"
Ui nt i   i< nn   thence soutn u chains,
Uieiio whi sq chains to the Columbia Hlver,
ti ■ nm   in  -  n- rtherh  direction following Uie
uieiiii pot the ohniLiit itiv.-i fr" chains to
pnlnl oJ CMUiniviicciueiit, oontalutng about I6u.
iM' i March Bid, A.D., wi.
wod jo 12
wed ap 10
K   it. DlllON, r
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timet is, Bakers k Confectioners .
Wednesday, June 1'Jth, for 2-1 hour.
—Unsettled and cloudy, light to
mi .1- rate variable I reezes, indication.
.1 _■■: ■:■:.; iair weather. Temperature:
max. 60, min. 48 degrees.
Local and General.
Prince Fushimi will puss through
ilevelstoke by special train on Friday
en route:' r Vancouver,
; .. reg .-. weekly hand concert
n;il bi ;•• ndered from tin* lower town
mm I stand on Thursday evening.
v .. ,,.f, f •■,. 1 cense Comn is
-. ners ol the llevelstttke licensing
district was held yesterday at Arrowhead, B. C,
A message received Monday evening
■inceil tbe death oi Mrs. Austin,
, i Ualiburton, Ont., mother ol Mrs. K.
J T'n impson. Fourth St.    •
The Ordi r   :'  the  Maccabees  will
'   .: their memorial service on Sunday
' next, and worship  in   St.  Andrew's
church at the evening service.
\ .1.1; anese charged with torgery ut
the p sl Bice  some  time back,  was
mitted for trial yesterday at the
court sitting next Ml at Kamloops.
The ladies ol ibe R. 0. ohuroh will
I ■:   ■ .•- .wberry festival on the
lawo at .-it. Francis church on June
25th  instead  "I  the  26th inst.. us
announced in last issue.
,- -; 1 my Drill ol the Rocky
Mountain Rangers will be resumed in
the! . Hall and will be continued
every evening, except Sunday, until
the- inspection uu July 5th.
The city council have ma lo a wist
mote in the purchase of a bicycle for
the use ol the police, which will greatly facilitate their covering the city
and carrying out tbeir duties,
LOST—On McKenzie Avenue,   be-
; '.<•■!  f     ISl    it and rail   iy I
:. 1 11 -:... •■••-..: g, a pair ot  go
1 ....   in   It iti ■ 1  case,    Finder
I lease  return   -..me  to   Mail
I1i:ra:.'.i itftce ..-Ml receive reward.
Mrs. W. H. BpotTerd, pn vincial organize!   ; r   the  W. C.T, U.,   is  at
j.-. sent   in  tlie ciiy and will ! 1 i-l a
(I.  Kahnrngi, of Vancouver, official
giivi.i-ntiieiit.lui.iii.es.' interpreter ivus
in town yesterday serving in the torgery case which wns being tried. While
bore Mr. Kuboriigi bus purchased tlie
splendid  ......si-  bead   Iron.   Hack's
hairdressing saloon, First Street, which
!..: intends shnll be u gilt to Prince
Fushimi Irom the Japanese colony ol
Vancouver, on bis arrival there on
Saturday next.
This week's provincial Gazette is
two or throe pages larger than thut
issued lust Tlnitsday. The additional
space was found necessary principally
for ibe purpose of permitting the in
sortion of a largo number ot new applications for timber licences, A
similar increase is noticeable in the
application lor the pre-emption of
public agricultural lauds, Judging
from 1 he nature ol the notices an influx of settlers to the fertile valleys ol
the interior is assured.
Social and Personal
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid M Mum
Real Estale and Insurance Agts.
of liosi-lii-ry,  is in the
left on a visil
J. McOrutl
Miss McLennan
to the coast.
Robert Armstrong from Arrowhead
Bpenl yesterday in town.
A. Clarke, of 1*. Hums ,v Co., lelt on
Sunday for a visit to the coast.
1,   Morrison   lelt   this
isit tn Arrowhead.
realized a handsome Bum. Tbe need
of more extensive itccominodation wn
lully demonstrated by tbe large
crowds who attended the event. The
canvassing campaign for raising funds
lor tho clearing off ol the del I and ior
n.uki.ig additions to the building it
progressing well, ..ver $0,01)0 being
collected with good promise of mote to
con..'. Interest in the institution is
being aroused nnd with social events
and other attractions, both in ..inter
.....1 summer, .....1 with inn-eased
accommodation Revelsloke cnn boast
of ns due and far-reaching Y.M.C.A.
is any iu tbe Dominion.
The meeting for young people on
luuda] last, ai I |...... «-..- enthusiastic and greatly enjoyed by all, Mr,
Shanks spoke on "Naming the Baby '
faking 11 list of Christian nui ■* bi
gave  their  meaning,  vin. A
1   b  Ch irl -I man  ind I   I how
. ach one must make liis 1 an -   -
Dl   ■ turning I - the namii :
babe .1   Bel   -  - -if. wh    w -
Dr, and  Mr
tnorniiig Iur :i v
Mr. niul Mrs. H. A Brown returned
last night Irom a visit to Arrowhead
aud south point*.
James Giletto, a leading merchant
ot  Mar.,, lormerly ol   Revelstoke, 1*   'Q ._
spending a lew days 1.1 the c.tj renew-     ,d| . ,;       _
ing acquaintances. .,„-.. Christian-       -
-*" the  1 brisi —ni .ke ium<
in the evening tbe tent
Mrs S   ■--■-.           H      -  ■-.
Tbe Ladies' Aid of  the Method sl       .    ■
church held .1   picturesque  and de   Shanbsd.   1  i 1	
Iightl.il strnwberry   and  ice   cream     M'"; nBB * ■*   '■'""
■ ,        mi' ..    each evening a Slianl
social on   Monday  evening  ..n   Mr. . *
..     .ing ai     the services
Liudmark's lawn.    The garden    id rendered g by the n.
been prettily festooned with electric   I tbe splend I  intern and i ml ite.
lamps, and tables daintily draped and  "5
. 1    -..     1    . 11 SText Sunday at 4 1
decorated with   plants   and   it overs .
I.oni.on, June 18.—Tbo billowing is
tl.o text .J Iho resolution on tho subject of the House ol Lords, which Premie. Cnn.pl'll-lii.nn.-..uan will move
iu tbo House ol Con iiiohboii .1 me 24:
"Thnt in order to give >H*ect to tin
.ill .I people iib expressed by thoir
elected represented, it is necessary
Ibat the power ot the other lions.. I...
..It...- or reject bills pnssid l.y this
house Bliou'd be s.. rest.doted as to
secure within tho lini'ts ..I a Bingle
parliament the final derision uf the
House of Commons b1i.uI prevail."
It is nndcistood tht .his re-.ol.il ion
hns heen approved by a lull mottling
ol iln. cabinet, lt isexpoctedth.it the
debute ou tho question of the House
.if Louis will Inst tliree or ( ur days,
and prove one ol tbe most, interesting
ol the session,
A horso 'lied in tny bay lield on
17th Jii"'.-. The owner cun have the
same by proving property and paying
di.ni.iges to the amount ul Twenty-live
(125) dollars.
The Ladies Aid ul the Methodist
Church desire to express tbeir thanks
to all I hose who so generously assisted
in n.aking tbeir evening garden party
on Mohdny such a success, and especially to the member! of tbe Independent Hnnd, who so kindly lent
their services.
The Folder Post Card—tour views
nf Rovelstoke—Ench 11 di-tinct post
cud combined so tbat thoy may be
mailed - one or ns separate post
curds, Two tor --i ceuls at Bews'
Ding St.-re.
W, ,1 Curtis, piano tuner, is in
town thi* week AJ1 orders Ior tuning
nay In- I.ft at Hun-son's Furniture
--. re and will receive prompt atun-
ruling, Cool and Comfortable
Describe our Lingerie Waists to a nicety. They-are certainly worth looking at.
We have had an immense sale for them and had run short in some sizes, but new
arrivals this a. 111. have made our range again complete.
OUR STOCK OF LAWNS is very complete. Wc have them with tucked
fronts, with prettily embroideried designs, as low as $1.00. Others with pin tucks
and insertion, some with Ruffles, Fine Lace, some of Dainty Swiss Mull or Mercerised Swiss Muslin—in fact a complete range of thc newest creations in Summer
IN CHINA SILK WAISTS we have one line trimmed with a fine Valencienne
Yoke, Ya sleeves, that we sell at $2.50. Then wchave them in all styles of trimming
up to $10.
IN LACE WAISTS wc can show you the latest designs, all made-over Silk at
$5.00 to $10.00.
in dotted Swiss, with pretty embroidery yoke, in waist and  medallion trimmed skirt
at $8.50.     White Lawn, both waist and skirt, trimmed with insertion—Duly $4.00.
Lustres, in Cream and Navy Blue box pleated blouse and skirt—only $6.00,
$8.50 and $9.5:1.
CHINA SILK dresses and White Net Over China Silk at $15, $18, $20, and
$25 per Suit.
Wash Collars and Belts
We can please you in this line with our new lot just to hand. We have one of
the prettiest lots of Collars and Belts at 25c. We have cheaper if you'want it and
lots of better ones.
Some pretty accordeon pleated Skirts in Cream Lustre, wide hox pleated Lustres
in cream, black, blue and brown, and some very cheap and pretty Wash Skirts.
^>_———«■    ,1.      ■    I    ..     ■    ■    ■——.■»!»■        »     ■■" ■    ■■—»■——«■———■————»■■—•
Marriage Licenses Issued
Jewelers and opticians
Next to Imperial Bank
Improperly filted glasses tire worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Depart men I is In charge o
Mr. M. Si Hustings, Rcf. DM and positively guarantee satisfaction.
Ii has been proven thai «)o per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
ami ii duos nol follow ihal because you
have good eyesight that your eyes arc not
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense.
be .1 meetii ; I. r m. n.
- eeting thii alternoon in the interest   vere arranged on the grass, the gleam- „*.■ aing,
if the work, in which  all   ladies  are ing damask china and silver, making 	
1 rdially invited Tbe meeting wil
.. held in the Gospel Tent, lirst St.,
• :;   'clock.
.. charming contrast against the dark
vi rd 11 re I the I li ige, The Independent  Band  was   in  attendn  and —
rendered ael, *   ns ol   music "grave     The  Right  Rei      Dart  Bi
I and gay" lo the ap; reciative throng  '■- ' Weal ninsti
whocanu to taste ol
. hn chonounds i
:      idles had piepared     Cl e wns lully chorn
incewasg    I and the          tin, 1    ,   -
end rt linment realized n .- ner  raxpl 1 .1  the
Menl n musl bo made ol the ludj
waitres >-. »bo in plain wl ite rill  in
. are probably no two pairs
■ ■-,-■  the same shape in
the whole world, bul in one respect
■;,..■■ .hm  pretl)' much  the statue
.-   gel   I     :.  hot,  -u-.-f.ty   and
.ore.   i m   ven by the  re
markable sale wi- have for "tit-
l full .upply always on band
Red Cross Drug Store
To Buy Property In and Around
Nevor Again will it be so Low
I han- lor salo the followingi—
One Collage, corner Charles and
Douglas St.—$800, easy lernts,
Two Houses, Third St.—$1,500
One House, corner Kin.,- and
Fronl Sis.—$1,700.
One House on Douglas St.—$800.
Eighl Acres jusl outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit- $100 per
acre. Together witii larger lots
of Fruit Laiuls near the City.
Also one 35 foot lot suitable for
business site on First Street, close
tt. McKenzie Ave.
For full particulars applv lo: -
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dwelling .mil Lot, Second Street     ,      ,      .      .
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  .
.    I,H(H>
Dwolllug and Lots, Third Street	
Lois on See .nd St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  .
.      250
Lots nn Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  .   .
.    2110
Lots on li'iiuclh St,, east of McKenzie Ave,, each   .
.      175
Luts on fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each    .
.   150
1—2 and ii-.icrc lllui-ks suitable for fruit.
. 5 Company, R. M.R.
> _ The Company will parade loroom-
Allf^^i-nn   RjHP'   wy drill  In  the   Drill Hill every
Mills HUH   VJO.IU i „ignt| Sunday exconted, at S ..'clonk,
AT   lv  Wil \T \\ I    \l:K
-***'... KED Ill.AVi  IN
He,/,..   Glycerine   Soap  oilc.
p.-r dozen.
Olive Oil and Ci iber Snap
.■,1.. per dozen,
11..1111..1I St ap  :! cakes 23c.
High  Claw   French   Soaps
doc, to 8.2.50 a box of 8 cakes.
W. BEWS. Pta, a
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail Orders promptly attended
good taste if. decoration and arrange
The Ladies' Auxiliary ol thc Y. M.
, C, A, bold a vory successful social in
tbo institute parlors last night, to
,which a largo and liberal crowd ilu.-.k.-.l
The rooms had boon tastolully decorated, ainl tables dressed with Howori
were placed I.ere and there, when. Ice
err..111 lm. and colt'.-., w.-re served,   An
excellent musical ami variety programme was render..I in tin: gym-
m.si.iin, which wns orowded tti the
door; some ol the numbers being
particularly pleasing. A colli!.:!ion
was made during tue evening which
at 1:30 p. m.
- notions Ir.un   MIIN, II.
.1 will -II I-.   l'-;-
e fui
.... , -. u       the follow
Thr  Oal   -■     ■ "i Suit.-.
Hnl mom Carpets  Bei     - I
lc„ I A 1 Hoi
Desk,   I   - -'
(!|oi ■■     m      11 ■ gi-nl
I f. strong and powforlul  iei   on il  -. \..,, \, ,„,„, .,.,,.,.,1 1: ,
i in- evening service,
lb- exhorted
■'.'   M  ■> .      ■
- *   -     il  dfi.-h   ol    00I1 r    danced llae'u]  j,.,. ,,,,1  ,. members ul  th.
attendance on the guests.   As uncial church  to  lie iinces
...,,: th.   affair was very 1uccossI.1l   'll" Victoria Daniels  Vlnstor  1   Sib
, 1    1   i-    ,-    ,, al.l .inil .mother youns  t-ir!  received
and credit is du- to tin- ladles lor their        , ,.     ,   ,
the laying 4 hand, alter wl
Holy .-Her.......it, waa partake
many communicants im    1
newly confirmed,   The Bishop presch
Mackenzie Avenue (South)
Thursday. June 20
ommnneing Thursday, till Inspection
.. Inly .-.1.
Ily Order,
ol II. A, BROWN, O, ('-.
W A N T 11)
A VI Kll   A    .lin.i.k   room   girl,
l„.|f..«l Hotel, Nnkiisp, $80 per
imm Hi,
I -,»|( SAI.I-: A He.nil.et..n Tvpi-
V wilier, ."-i $123. Will sell for
Sin.   \pply Lawrence Hardware I*
lk% vv%v%.*».wwv%%wv^%%v%w* *www vt
For Agrteultural Implements. CarriaKes, Whkoiis Etc., John
iJorm riouuhs, Muliiin WiiKnns, t'liniulu Carriuijo ('omimny's
RiiffKios, Plauot jr., Uiinlim Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel-
wrkhi and Iliacksmith Work atteudod to, Horse Shoeing a
HKAD OFFICK: Caloaby, Amikkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'.irli Packers ami Hauler In Livo Stock. *.tiirkt.ts tit all tho principal Cttttj*. and
Towns "' Alberta, llri.ittl. ....itiinliiii ami tlio Yukon. Packer, of the Celel.mto.1 Brand
"lm or or" Hams anil Huron, ami Hl.ainrnok Braml, Loa! Lanl. A
I ^%%%%V%%%%^^%%%*%%%'VV%V%*V%^%%%%'vi
lluy Lots in "Beresford Place" and double your money in a short time,
This Siilnlivisioti is near the centre of the Cily, surroiinileil liy subdivided
Properly inul is a good lnveslme.it.- Prices $75, $Sj, $.00, $135,. ■ Terms,
ten per'.....1, cash, balance In $5 monthly payments,   Ton-ens llllo,
Write lor Particulars to**-
p. e. box, us,
11.      C     \/      OTArifl      REAl ISTATI AHD
».o. r.  V. O I rvJVJI,  mhirai morihi
Ki i-i yniii'   having a
Business Locals
Nothing hotter than our •"-..........I
Lime juice un.l fir..*." juice, at
Hews' Drug Btoro.
Patronize Home Industry, Smoke
Rovelstoko Cigars.
Foot Powders and Talc... Powdors,
1.1, Hews' Drug Btoro,
Remember Bows' Fruit Saline—
cooling and refreshing for hot sum-
in.:, days.
house in sell'..   rent to list it
.vnti im-   I inn flooded with enquiries
foi hou - proper! Ies.    Phone, cull, or
drop i.e-.. curd with full deseilpllon
ind 1 lii-..- price, "i- rent m'.iltfd.
K, A. Hnggeii, Ileal Rstate and limui
.nr.t Agent. Bevel tuki'i H. 0.
al Bn    1 -
■     .  T,l,|.   Oak  liol Back
\ I Mel lary's Bango wllh liol water
-..in 1  and  bolter,   Onk    Music
(iliiin-i  Oak liii.ii.KTat.li- and 1 hairs
in match, Fancy Brlc a firm . ind ..11
other  I'i sitings  in  this   III t-cl u
Everything mini bo -'-l'1 Hi pari
nm-. nn' away .> . / 1 1.. 11
This la your greatcs! opportunity (0    o„nco |, .,,„.„ ..i,.,, n,.,. 10 rtai nf ler .Into
In.ni h v -lion..- will, iln- very 1  1 Intnm -i-iy i" H.oHon i:hlsfl>mml.-
- 11 y -ow,.,,.!.-.-.        tt;i!d;;lv;tC7mnL'.lteq
Tin' nnods will nol  lie open fnrln* InRiieMrlhMl '■  Ituntw In Weet Kootonny
1 ,.'ii. ing ii n po«l plnnted m (eet weel frnm
tlm nnrth ■ ' Hirnw rt Tlmlw Umll in<a "fid
mnrked"W, (I Mrlmllp'* nuiitti well cornel ihh'.'
Hi,.my sn . iniiii-i piwl, tlionco wi chaini north,
thence to lnko «lior.i tlience front like ihore lo
puilll ef commencement.
AM KD   ai mihi- 11 Dlnlnprnniti
Kill.   Apply (miKSTAi, HdTKli,
.petit..it till .lime Hub.
place al above .whitest nl
at I fiO p tn.
Don'l fnrgcl tho date, JUNK -'ml
f.i I18O p.m.
II. MANNINO,    ■    Auctioneer.
Ilnli-il .liun-l.tli, Iim:
«lil J 111
W. ti   SIIIUI./.K,
A .lidding, All-lit.
Look Well! Feel Weill!
Do you onjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
It feels like'I.. be hot, to be cold, or to lie lived, nnd it is
just iis li-tii.'lbiil wc all knowwh.it if feels like to be well
dressed,   ll feels g 1, and It's good to feel good.    Yuu can
never Iii. well dressed if your clothes are mil made by the
right milker. ,
(lei i„ know we handle the SUMl-llKADY GARMENTS
mul vuu will Hml what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to be
well dressed,
Suits and Overcoats ilB, »I8, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $26
Right Overcoats, up-to-date - Prices: $18 and S20
Special Troutors $5 and $8.
Tailoring is our business, We make a man luok well
and be knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..


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