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The Mail Herald 1906-11-07

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 -t'Pl.V TO THK
j    nit? lviaii-jcxcraiu
Vol. 12,-No 126
CB. Hume&Co.
|    WE   AHE    lj AGENTS |     FOH   THE
Ladies tloMEjoiiRNAL
hontiuy ymi book rate \Jg/
A lew ol those Misses' ami Children's Coats that we aro clearing at $2.96,
10yards ol Royal Blue Velveteen, 24 inches wide, line pile,
good color—mnke lovely children's dresses. Regular 75c, per
yard—a Bargain at 39c.
A lot of Black and Colored Snteen Underskirts, wortli $1.60
to $2.00 for 95c.
A number of Ladies' Belts, in black, white and colored Silks,
and are worth $1.00 aud $1.25.   Selling at 15c.
It would be worth your while to call nnd see Bonie of our
striking patterns in Five o'clock Tea Sets, Cocoa Sets and Chocolate Sets, all of tlie latest design.
We are also showing daily something new in Fancy Plates,
Cream and Sugars, Biscuit Jars, Bon Bon Dishes, Berry Bowls,
Fancy Jugs nnd Vases.
We have just unloaded one carload of assorted Winter Vegetables and will be able to supply you with any quantity ol the
following : Turnips, Carrots, Beels, Onions aud Parsnips.
These vegetables are in first-class condition and special rates are
given on 5 sack lots.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Ilevelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Thai is what wc claim lor
Nairn's Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil.
It Hires protracted Colds ami Coughs.
It* builds up a run down system.
It makes l«'" people fai anil strong.
It so strengthens lhe system that colds
arc avoided.
It is always fresh nnd sweet,
It is as easily taken as milk.
We guarantee that il is the Best
Emulsion of Coil Liver Oil in the market
Red Cross Drug Store
D, NAIRN, Piim. B,
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for (look Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Bitch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Denying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Resoii-
ahli* Kates,
Office Next P. Burns'
Meat Market.
TELEPHONE       -       -       73.
.***•. .fi .T. ifi iT. iTi »T. .T. iT. iT. «T. .T. .T. .T. »T. .T. iT. .T. .♦. .T. iTi *T> »T. .Ts.'
*Z "X' 'X "X   X   +   X   X   +   4*    *r    4*    +   V X   4*   V +    t   ♦    X   ▼   +   ♦   '
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given.
Tinsmith Work.—Eitimates Given.
Repair" Work a Specialty,
Electrio Wiring lor Houses.
Electric Bell Fitting.
Electrio Supplies, Shades and Globes,
We carry a complete dock ol Tilden-Gurney Stoves and Ranges
We invite you to look ot our beautilul selection  ol Chins, 3J
including Coalport China and Limoges China a.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinamitblng.
Prince Edward Island Cut off-
Famine in China—Chicago
Baby Farming—Bridging the
Halifax, N. S., Nov. 7—Prince
Edward Island has been completely
isolated, owing to the wires being destroyed by a terrific, hurricane raging
Shanghai, Nov. 7.—Famine conditions of a most desperate nature prevail in the Ilin'lllOI'll partol the great
Province of K.ting-Su, Ten millions
of people are reduced to stern want.
The crops are nn niter failure.
Chicago, Nov. 7.—The trallic in
children said lo he carried on by
certain private institutions in Chicago
was exposed at the state conlerence ot
charities by Rev. Charles Viidcn
DAWSON, Nov. 7,—A three-span, two
of the cantilever type, bridge across
tlie Yukon is one ol tlie possibilities
of the near future.
Loniion, Nov. 7.—The government
has been again defeated in tlie House
ot Loids on the Education Bill. Last
□ight the clause providing that tlie
local educational authority- "may"
afford extended facilities for speoial
religious instruction wns amended by
making it mandatory. The amendment was carried against tlie government by 157 votes to IB.
VicroniA, Nov. 7.—Between $10,000
and $50,000 will be spent tliis winter
on the construction of a new hotel at
Prince Rupert, the western terminus
of the Grand Trunk Pacilic railway.
The next musical attraction after
Jessie McLachlan, that delightful
Scottish singer, will be Mignon Duke
the young Vancouver singer, who will
eive a ooncert on Tuesday night, the
13th, in the Y. M. C. A. Hall, under
the auspices ol the Ladies Auxiliary of
the Y. M. C. A. Mies Duke is now
booked ior an all American tour, including all the principal cities, under
the management of Irving Beers.
Mis- Duke is not so well known to
us as those other great artists, Miss
McLachlan and Mr. Jarvis, but according to the music critics she stands in
the same class. This clever young
lady graduated with honors from the
Toronto College of Music in 1902 and
appeared as a soloist in many ol the
leading churches of that city. The
past three years she has spent in London, England, where she graduated
Irom the Royal Conservatory ol Music,
and lias taken lessons {rem Shakespeare Levi and other acknowledged
lenders in vocal talent.
At a concert in Kensington, given
in lienor ol Princess Henry of Batten-
burg and at which only the best of
London talent had the honor of singing, Miss Duke scored a veritable
triumph and carried away more than
her share of tlie honors. Of thia concert one musical critic said: " A part
of the evening's success hung on the
trim shoulders oi Miss Mignon Duke,
a young Canadian singer who, if she
continues in a careful training will no
doubt be an artist ol international
repute." Miss Duke's voice is one ot
magnificent volumo and rare sweetness, a manner simple and unaffected,
and those who go to see her on next
Tuesday night will not be disappointed.
The programme will be a mixed one,
two or three classics and the remainder old favorites that reach the hearts
of all, She will be assisted hy local
For the first time Harold Jarvis, under auspices ol St. Andrew's church, appeared belore a Revelstoke audience in
the Opera House on Monday night.
There wns a large audience and the
general verdict was I hat. never belore
bad such magnificent ringing beeu
heard in the city. Mr. Jarvis has a
handsome and striking appearance
and sings without any visible effort
reaching the higheBt uotes will, ein-e
and eleirnecs. His voice is rich and
powerful with vast range uver which
lie has perfect control, and is suppressed into suit whispered tones oi licll-
like clearness. Every number thai
Mr. Jarvis sang was encored, the on
cure numbers being quaint and catchy
Scotch and Irish airs lb it captivated
the audience. Mie-, H. McLennan
i.'bn, accompanied Mr. Jarvis on the
piano, Koqtiltted hen-ell creditably.
although the instrument used outlld
scarcely he said to do credit to either
sinner or player.
Mr Wallace Graham has a comminuting appearance, attractive manner, with a quiet grace and bearing
not usually found in masters of elocution. His subjects were well chosen,
well rendered and thoroughly enjoyed
and appreciated.
The local talent too, are dcBOiving
of much praise, another indication ot
the music loving qualities of our
Ottawa, Nov. G.—Tbe speech irom
the throne at the opening of* parliament on the 22nd instant, in addition
to the reference to the intended tariff
revision and an amendment tn the insurance act, will promise an introduction ol such legislation ns experience
has proved necessary Ior the perfection
of the Canada Election Law. The.
Government has already given consideration to tliis, and it was tlie subject also ol a special inquiry last
session. Tlie act as proposed Will certainly include clauses of a most drastic
character and penalties Ior its infrac
tion which even the most unscrupulous
party workers will hesitate belore
iucuning in.
II the view ol the special committee
last session prevails, one feature will
be a clause requiring every qualified
voter to record a ballot in parliamentary elections on a penalty ol disfranchisement for a term of years. This,
it is thought, may meet tlie case of the
man who "hasn't the time to vote,"
unless ono ol the candidates makes it
worth his while.
That an aggregation ol iavorable
circumstances, following on the purely
patriotic and non political doings ol
Premier McBride at the conference at
Ottawa, on better terms would be taken advantage of by tlie party in power
to precipitate a general election in the
province, nobody seems seriously to
doubt. In tl.e interior, preparations
are rapidly being made for thc fray. It
iB a little bit too early yet to foreoast
with any degree ol certainty as to who
will stand, but both parties are very
active and have practically selected
their men.
One ot tlie best attractions ol the
theatrical season will be tlie well
known Jessie MacLachlaii Company.
Miss MacLachlan, the "queen ol Scottish song" has been heard in nearly
every city in the world where English
is spoken and from tlie highlands of
Scotland to the plains of Australia she
has received unanimous praise, her
exquisite voice being rare and sweet.
Sho has won a host of friends in Canada whore she has delighted all who
have hoard her. The personnel ol the
present company is Miss Jessie MacLachlan; Mr. John McLinden, 'cellist;
Mr. Douglas Young, Scotch lyric,
tenor; Mr. Robert Buchanan, accom-
piiii'ttaiid conductor;and Mr. Murray
Graham, piano soloist, It wili be ol
interest to music lovers to know that
Mr. McLinden is the possessor ol one
of tbe most valuable 'cellos in tl.e
world. Miss MacLachlan will give
her larewell concert here tomorrow
night at the opera house.
Emulsions, all kinds, at Canada
Drug Store.
At 33 for the stock the property ot
the Nipissing Mines Co. is telling in
the market Ior $39,000,000.
The total capital stock ol the company is $6,000,000, divided into 1,200,-
000 shares ol the par valu: of $5 each.
The Blupenduus meaning of the
price at which this property is selling
is better appreciated when it is considered that a mining investment to
be profitable must ultimately return
to shareholders the whole ol the capital invested as well as interest thereon
during tlie lite ol tlie mine.
In addition to tho amount ol silver
and cobalt that it will be necessary
Ior the property to produce to return
the capital invested, much more must
be mined to pay cost ol operation.
The total lor these two purposes
may be estimated roughly at $50,000,-
000. But the interest feature will
also be important, as it may be taken
as a certainty that it will require a
considerable period in which to mine
so much ore.
Taking tliis factor into account the
property will probably have to produce $75,000,000 of silver and cobalt
to justify present prices ol the stock.
It is stated that a rather well known
C. P. R. man, who resided in Montreal
at one time, is carrying 1,000 Nipis-
sing that he got at 6 and 1,000 at 7.
His profit at the present level would
be over $50,000.
"Autumn" is probably the more
orthodox term lor this season of tho
year, but "fall" conveys better that
sense ol passing and ol decay which is
most strikingly exemplified in the
falling of tl.e leaves. On such days
as these, cold, groy, cheerless days,
when the chill wind strips tlie trees ot
their Blight remaining foliage, all
brown and sere, ihere. is something
strangoly pathetic and expressive in
tlie word ".all."
Ottawa, Nov. 5.—Tin. Canadian
commercial agent at Leeds writes that
business in connection with the importation nlappleB is at present vory
active, large cargoes of Canadian
apples having been received at Hull,
Leeds, Sholtield and Newcastle.
Twelve representatives ol English
houses aro at in Canada for
tlio purpose of buying apples, and live
others are being Bent out. it may bs
significant also to note that much
alarm is foil, among English manufacturers at the increase in the importation ol Canadian Hour, it lieing (eared
that the native product will bo supplanted hy the Canadian on the home
Mr. Teeter, one ol tl.e oldest former
residents in Rovolstoko, is spending a
weok or so in town visiting some of
his Iriends.
Chest Protectors are Life Preservers
in cold weather.   All sites at Nairn's,
Of the Roscian Opera Co. on
Monday, Nov. 12th.
Owing to a change in thc Roscian
Opera Company's dates on the const,
Mr. Cranston is obliged to fill another
week in tliis section ol B. C, nnd Mr.
Tnpping has arranged [or the company to play in Revelstoke another
night—Monday, Nov. 12th,
They will present Gilbert, & Sullivan's famous comic opera success,
"Pinafore." This is a happy selection,
for those who hnve already had the
pleasure ol hearing this beautiful
opera will bo glad to go again, and
thoso who have never heard it will be
pleased to have this opportunity.
In Spokane, where lhe Uoseiuna
sing iheir entire repertoire ol Bixteen
ononis, "Plnafpro" was credited with
being their best production. Already
this company lias given the public nf
Revelstoke four of the best theatrical
entertainments that have been seen
here, and Mr. Cranston, tlie manager,
ha. given every assurance thnt "Pinafore" will be equal to any of the others.
A complete scenic equipment was
specially painted lor tliis opera in
Spokane only a short time ago, and
the costuming is most elaborate and
This will be tlie last chance tliis
season to hear the best company that
ever visits Revelstoke, Tickets are on
sale at the Cauada Drug & Book Store,
Portsmouth, Eng., Nov. 5.—A
mutinous outbreak on tlie part ol live
or six hundred sailors last night necessitated tbo immediate mobilization of
the entire force in the naval barracks
here in o.der to prevent the affair
Irom developing into a serious mutiny,
Tlio men had assembled in the gymnasium when the senior oBicor, a man
nf .short stature, wishing to administer
a reprimand for breach of discipline,
ordered the front rank to kneel so
that he could see the men in tlie rear.
The order was resented and some of
the eailors who refused to obey were
arrested. Their comrades, aggrieved,
ran amuck, wrecked the canteen and
other premises, started to break out ol
barracks with intention of wrecking
the quarters of the obnoxious officer
and were only prevented from so doing by the fixed bayonets ot an overwhelming lorce. A number ol men
who attempted to break out of barracks
were also arrested.
Dkak Sir,—I beg to state that 1 am
responsible Ior the mistake made at
the opera bouse on Monday night in
announcing the engagement of the
Jesiie MacLachlan Concert Co. as
being under the auspices of Knox
Church. I learned later that tbe said
entertainment is under tbe management of private parties.
Yours truly,
R. Tappinc
Now that the investigation report
of the zinc resources of British
Columbia hns been published and a
summary appeared in our last issue,
it will bo interesting to see at a
glance whnt proportion we have in
our vicinity. Zinc is reported to
occur in considerable quantities in
some ol tha claims already located in
tho Big Bend. Ono of these deposits
oi zinc blende has boon located ou
Downie Creek, (10 miles above Revelstoke) and about nine miles from the
mouth. No claim has been staked
and no details in regard to its size or
mode of occurrence are available. A
specimen shown by J. I. Woodrow has
beeu analysed with the result ol:
Lead 11.81 per cent
Zinc 31.15  "    "'
Iron 11.30  "     "
Insol 12.10 '•    "
Silver   1.65 oz. p. t.
Zinc ie also said to be an important
constituent of the silver-lead ore of tbe
Silvci Belle mineral claim, one ol the
Shield group on Keystone mountain
These claims are situated to the north
uf Five Mile Creek about 40 mites
Iro... Revelstoke, the analysis showing
36.00 per cent ol zinc. Two mineral
claims situated in the Illecillewaet
division, contain zinc iu commercially
valuable quantities. The Donald and
Hound Hill claims are situated at
Flat Creek aliout one and a hall miles
north ol the C. P. It. track at an altitude ol 2,900 leet. Tl.e Donald
claiin is owned by D. Woolsey, William
Elson and J. Lawson ol this city. An
analysis of tl.e Donald claim shows
an average ol 13,39 per cent zinc and
3.02 oz. ol silver per ton, with a trace
ol gold,
The report oi an intended increase
in capitalization ol tl.e Nipissing
Mines has been received. It is said
that tlio new shares will ho issued as
bonuses to tlie present stockholders.
Nipissing Minos lias boen run up to a
new high record on the Now York
curb to $211.} bid. At tho Now York
bid price tlie market value of the
property is placed at $112,500,000.
Loss than two weeks ago the direct
ore ul the Hudson's Bay Mining Co.*!
declared a dividend ol 1,000 por cent
to stockholders. The directors met
yesterday, and dooided to declare another dividend excelling the previous
one by 600 per oent, or a total ol 1,600
per oent, or $15 ou each $1 ol paid up
$2.50 Per Year
High Class Crooeries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry.
A large, supply ol this wood has been received at our
yards and ia now ready lor delivery at
•4   FOUR   DOLLARS   PER   CORD   $4
The best and cheapest coal for all purposes. It is free
rom dust ami doeB not eliukor. We guarantee satisfaction
nr will refund money.   I^ave your orders for luel at our office
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Motions Bank Building.
This space is reserved solely I'or the best special real estate
bargains on our list each week.
The double corner we advertised last week has been sold and
taken off the market.
A 10-roomed dwelling with modern conveniences and two fifty
foot lots on corner, for the remarkably low price of $2,100.
The owner is in need of ready cash and is sacrificing the
We will loan you $1,200 on this property and alsojbelp you
finance the balance,
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Brandies lu Mauit-ba. Alberta, Sank, tchewan,
liritish Ciliiniiiiii, On: . j,, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed ...        •6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....    •4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        •4,280,000.00
D. It. Wilkie, President; Hon, R. Jaffkay, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS Department—Deposits received nnd Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts ol Canada, United States and
Europe,  Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Import direct from Country of origin.
lliinir,.ir>il,i.l li. All cl I'.llloui. - '.. IBS.
W.M. Miilsiin Maii'iikiisiin, I'iis. 8. E. Kwinii, Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager,;
Capital paid up, $3,000/100
Reserve, $3,000,000
Kverytlllng in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year at current .raUtB Ion Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,        -        Revelstokk, B. C.
For the best situated RESIDENTIAL and VILLA Lots
in the City or on its borders, and for choice FRUIT
LANDS, Call and see 6. IH. SPROAT Soon.
Farwell Estate Office,  •  Cowan Block hay at
revelstoke, b.c.,
Ban-liter., Sold lion, Elc.
i;i: Li-iuKi: isnTBOin LAKH, nc
'    1   ii.ll.i- P. C.>r-.
Offices:  lMieni.lL  Hank  Block,  Rbvei"
*sTOKK. H.C.
MoDcv lo loan.
Offloea: RevelsUike, B, (".; Fort Stoolo, H. (J.
■Ino. S. Mcl'.iartK,
A. M. I'iMiii.iM. J. A. Harvey,
Revelitoke, It. C.        Fori Bteelo, H. 0,
J.M.Scelt I.L.H VV. I. HriKKH.
Barbisters, Solii itors, Etc.
Money to Lo.'n .
Soli, in..■• iui: MolsoNS Hank
rir*t Street,
Revelsloke, 1!.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sinveying
McKenzie Avkntk.
llnx 100,  REVELSTOKH,
Mining Engineer,
Mem. American luslitute Mining Engineers)
i auudlan Mining Institute,)
Revelstoke, li. 0.
^lamination ot mid report* on Mineral P j
pertlea a Specialty.
Bank ens k Brokers.
Dividend paving, mining, oil und industrial
investment?. Highest speculative profits -.-oni"
trned with bank security; r,.,KKi dividend
'■het-uc* mailed every month to cllonts. Call
on me or write for particulars.
Agent for Kootcnav.
Zhe MaiUlberalb
"I would . .  . ea.j'-tly advise Ihon. Ior
t*ieir ko' 1' ' order this paper to be pi'iiclilully
serv.-.J un, and Ui bn luoke.1 iijioii as a purl of
ine t,.i equipage."—ADDISON,
The last months of I'JUli are fast
declining and with tbe approaching
new year comes the heat and excitement nl the civic elections and all the
accompanying turmoil that centres
round this most important event, when
the city submits to the hands of new-
rulers and directors, and those who
have come through tbe strife and
survived the campaign, with municipal honors, assume the levers and
steering wheel ol our ever increasing
and prosperous city. There is every
likelihood oi an almost complete
change of faces at the city hall, and
we would not be surprised if but one
ol tl.e present aldermen iB tbe only
survivor atter election day. From
rumors around the city some of those
who have been unsuccessful in past
elections, and also those who have
already figured at the aldernmnie
board, will again offer themselves for
election and with the passage of time
that has elapsed since then, their
chances are not unencouraging. As
regards new candidates n ore will be
said later.
With the prospects of even a larger
influx of people to the city next year,
one of the foremost issues of the civic
campaign will be the undertaking of
tbe completion ol the already contemplated sewerage system. The sanitary
demands are such that this question
will now le (ultilledand the ratepayers
feel very strongly upon this matter at
present. The rapid progress thnt
Revelstoke has made during the past
year ban had the effect ol keeping the
men "ii the council busy and it cannot be altogether expected that they
shuuld neglect their owu private
affairs, and this is where the administration by commission suggests itself,
but. after all, if men are not willing to
give the necessary time and thought
to the work, they should stand aside
for those who. to say the least, are full
of promise.
In many parts of Canada and the
United States, the school boards have
solved a problem by starting night
schools for young men who are fnrced
to work all day and who have never
had a to get a proper education in their early days, lt seems tn
us that there are many young men iu
this city, more particularly on the
railroad, who would be glad to loll
through some selected course of
mechanics, electricity or chemistry if
they bad a chance, The life of a railroad ma. ll very hard and strenii,,.-..
and he has ry little opportunity ol
studying. If the uiea..B of obtaining
useful instructions in subjects as have
been mentioned was afforded, we feel
sure that it would bs cjadiy taken
advantage ol.
The country from the Veliowhend
Pass to l'rince Rupert and fur miles
north and south of a line drawn between these two points, will be tin
scene next year of great activity.
Not only will the location ol agricultural and grazing lands lie large but
the country will, be prospectca very
extensively lor the precious metals
other than placer gold. Many immense copper, silver and gold quartz
veins are known to exist but were
valueless at the time discovered un
account of the danger and difficulty
of getting to and Iron) them. Now,
however, that a railway is assured,
sooner ur later these men may Ik-
expected to return to the linds ol
earlier days and in their wake will
come dozens whom they have indirectly influenced. The next couple of
years will witness exceptional activiiy
along tbe lines above named and we
believe that the next few years will
give to this province the richest and
biggest mines nf the country.
PraassssMry smoker the "Maroa
Mr. Juhnnihan 1'. Smith, vice-president of the Canadian Mine & Smelter
Co , with a strong syndicate ol United
States capitalists have recently purchased the Monarch zinc mine near
Field. This mine, like many others,
has stood former operators severe
lo.<ses running into thousands nl
dollars. The property bus been secured on exceedingly fair terms. Mr.
Smith states that ho and his peoplo
were much amused at a letter from
one of the former operators, who said
that tbe great percentage ol zinc contents in the ore would cause much
dillioulty in treating it and that this
excessive percentage of zinc "froze up"
thc furnaces. Commenting and laughing over this Mr. Smith stated that he
and his friends bad for a number of
years been "exposed to failures of this
sort," because it was the zinc he was
after and it was his practical knowledge ul separating zinc (rom other
minerals which lirst attracted his
attention to the Monarch. He further
said that the zinc in the ore, shows
tho Monarch oro to be the purest and
freest from iron of any zinc oro yet
met with in liritish Columbia. Orders
(or an aerial tram and full mining
equipment have been placed and active shipping and development work
is being engaged in.
Pleases every smoker the " Maron
That's Royal Crown kind—
nii'de in ViincoHve*"—Largest
Soup Factory westo." Winnipeg. Hoiibo cleaning nnd
washing arc oasv with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give ior
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Fre;—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. f
Manufactured for nil classes of buildings
All kinds of building and plastering
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date I
Intenil to imply to Uie Hon. tlie Chief Commission*
er of banda and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away tlinbar from the following described lands in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at, a no-at mnrked "J, porter's
north-east corner pot>t," at the south-east corner
of Thomas Pearson's pre-emption, thence smith 81'
chains, tlience west 80 ehaiiis, tlience north 80
i'liains, thence east 8U chains tn point of coin
Located Sept, 17th, 1900.
novS .1, PORTER.
Notico is horoby given that 30 days after date
I intend to aoply to the Chief Commissioner nf
Lnnds and Works fnr n Special licorice to cut
and carry away timber frnm the following described lands situate i» Wost Kootenai'district I
Commencingat a postmarked "L. H. Fraser's
north-west oorner" and planted abuut .V, miles
imrth nf Capo Homo nu tlm oasl. side ut Upper
Arrow Lake, ubuut ono half mile fmni the
shore; tlienco oast 40 chains, thenco suuth Pit)
chains, theuco wost 40 cliains, thencu north 100
chuius tn the (mint nf niutnioueomout.
Dated this Uth day of October, lBQfl,
oct20a L. H. FRASER,
Notice is horoby given that 3u daya aftor date
we ink-nil to applv to tbo Chlof Commissioner of
Lands and works for permission to oul and
carry away timber fnnn the following described lands Minute in Wesl Kootenay district:
Commencing at a posl planted 20 chains north
of tho north-east cornerof Lot 7687 and marked
mb-Watson Umlier Co.'a north-wesl corner."
thence M chains south, tlience SO chains east,
theuce su chains north, thenee SO chains wont to
point of commencement!
Located October 17th. 1906.
Arrowhead, B.C., Oct. 86th, ipob. eel :il
Notice Is liorubv given thai 30 days after date
w9Intend toapply totboCblefCommissIonerol
Lands uud Wonts fcr a spocial license to em
and carry awav timbor Irom tbe following
de crlbod lands in West Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted uboiir mie
quarterof amllewest of ihe fork?-uf Fosthall
Croek ond marked "Bit: Heud Lumber Company'-a south-east enrner post," tlience west 160
chains, thence north 40 cnains. thenoe oast ion
chains, thenco bouth-il chains to poiut uf e.mi*
Dated OtuLef 2^ud, IttHL
oct 27 I3ir. BfiND Limuikh Co.
Notice is hereby given that m days frmn date I
intend tn apply ti* tin.' Honorable the Chlel Commissioner uf Lands aad W-.rks (or permission be
purchase the following described lands In the
West lv otenaj District:
Commeneing at a post markid "L P. Me*
Uougald's south-wesl corner," planted ou the
•■ .■■..•i: i| Upper Arrow I. ike Smiles nurih of
Nakusp, fl.i , thenoe north ohains, thence
eaat t; i halai, thence north ai clmins, thenee
ea.-H'iehain*' thence soutu -SOohains, more or
len, t.i Arrow Lake, thouoe westward BO ohains
more or less, along the Arrow Lake to pointof
rnmntvuc-iiueiii i outlining S0Q acres moro a
Dated iini Ii.-.h day ol October, 19C6,
ucl-i U V yeUulir-ALD
VOTICK   Is   Iwrebj   wren   tlmt   Mi   days
^\ afterdate I - iten I to ipply tothe Horn
able the Chief Commissioner of Laud- .
Wnrk* for s   ; ee .    een a i  ont and carry
away timber from the following de 111 so
landi In We-t Kootenay Dlstr H
Commencing at i post planted on the north
ildeof Downie ■ reoB ibout one-fonrth of i
n.;,. , ith if tbe Do *-,*. ■-1 reeli Trail, near the
liiyMile post, and mnrknd "fl. It. NhkIo1 ionth*
eait eorner poet, thence north to chains,
tbenee wait Iw ohains, ilmnm south 40 chains,
thence east 160 ohains in tbe point of enn-
Dated thil lllhdny uf SuplnmU'r. 1906,
novl O. H  mow*:
Notice li hereby given that 3tldaya after dale
1 intend to apply lo the f hlef I ommisslnner ol
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
mid carry away timber from tlie following
described landd situate in tha Yale district
Commenolng at a   post   marked   "fl,  Hi
soutifoast curuer post" planted almut one
mile east of tlm Shuswap river, aboutll milos
north nf Cherry Croek, thenoe nnrth sn chains,
thenoe west SO ehains, thenco ionth SO ohilns,
ihenee east so chains to point of com menoement
Dated October 25th, lw»,
uovl a. HILL
NOttCfl l« iVrdiy fjtv'Mi thai so days after date
i intend to apply to the Chlof Commissioner
of Lands and works lor a special llconne to out
and carrv away limber from tlie following
described liuuU In tbe dlsirli.t of West Kootenay :
Commencing at q poat marked "L. fl, Km-
sor's north-west euro* r," nnd plnntod {about 2
mllOS South of St Leon on the east -udn-if Uppor Arrow Lake ids.1.1 one milo frmn the shore|
thonoo easl to chains, Uience south lOOchains,
thODCI WOIt40o*fanJufl| Mi once north Imi chains
to the point of romuiomnmnut.
Dated this9th day of October, I9Cj
i-,-v, L, H.FKABKU,
A can Operate
a Kootenay  \
Steel Range ^^>l
Lond"r.n>T-iro*.-. fa--Montreal
Winnipeg -Vancouver*
Sfr. John N"
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
COMPANY of Canada
Head Office— 46 King St. West, Toronto, Ont.
Revelstoke Office -Molsons' Bank Building
Capital Subscribed,  $1,000,000.00   Paid Up Capital, $200,000.00
Oovernment Deposit,    100,000.00 Reserve Fund,       50,000.00
Speolut attention pniil to Accident and Sickness
Insurance I'm- railway men. Policies being issued on
the most approved plans and at low Premium Rates.
Investigate the following Policy Benefits: Payments
for loss of llfo, limli or sight; weekly indemnities for
total und partial disablement; Optional Indemnities;
Medical Fees; Travel Indemnities; Sickness Indemnities; Hospital Indemnities and face value of policy
for Total Permanent Disablement.
See our Special Combination Policy for Select and
Preferred Hisks, covering $2,000 Accident Insurance,
$1,000 Health Insurance, Weekly indemnities for any
Accident or any Illness.- Costs $1,00 per montli.
Bonds issued for Dominion and Provincial Em-
Iiloyees, Municipal Corporations, Banks, Loan,
financial and Commercial Institutions, Fraternal
Societies, Administrators and on all parties occupying positions of Trust. Absolute security and Low
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, (ity Agents
H. F. McKinnon. Special Railway Agent,
E. H, Lewis, General Agent.
Has appointed me agent
district. This company is associated with
tho General Accident, Fire and Life Associiition, of Perth, Scotland, whose assets
anioiint to over $5,000,000, thus being financial the st.onges Accident & Indemnity
company iloin^' business in Canada. The
General Accident Assurance Go, also otters
Ibe mosl liberal accident and sickness policies. Thi- sickness policy covers over 30
diseases at a cosl of $2 per duy fur each $ii
of weekly indemnity guaranteed for loss of
lime mi nccoiinl of sickness, The Company
offers i pni'ify covering uny disease or sick-
in**, with iiiiii-ninity up to $2o per week.
1 *ii ill in- m ,,i -    ... n with .1          ■    [i -..iii in M
nipliiu Hi           •- ml prole m h vm m I bj ilii- ml
mini lei  mpanj   I il                    nt uui Mr p u.
wilkit- Director an I Pre. Imp.
,r- r,-*p,- -.-■..; Preii i-i
E- A. Men
- ~B	
Iii small or large Lots, from 100
lbs. to a Carload,   For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Fresh Hay      Mew Potatoes
All K-nds of Vegetables
Central Hotel
Newlj '■ lilt.     First-olas! In every respect.    All modern convenience-
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1 50 per Day, Special Weekly Ra';v
Queen's Hotel. Trout Lake, under same man*?-?ement
Under   New   Management)
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B    C
Kirst-i in- aocommo lati in I ra .cllers.
Best brandi ol Wines, Spirits, and
Front Street, Kevelstoke
■    IV,   b-..'.'a
SELKIRK LOD.'.E, NO It, I. O. 0. F.
Meuto every Thiir-i'lii'
Hull al 8 oVIoaik
Visilin-i liri'llui ii nm-
illiilh- ini'llml l.i ill
II. J.T.l.iliAKT, N..1. ,1. MA'IIIIK, SIX
Mrs. 11. J. Hu.ibury. Managross.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.urco iMiiiiinrninii (nr
Ualiquets, ,Su|i[n-r*, elc,
Furnished Rooms To Lat
Forwarding and Distributing Agont,
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, 8afes and Furniture.
Ceneral Draying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. K.,'r K
Oflloo Phone No. 71     Homo Phono No. 7.
Door lliiiul«, Anliiiiils, lllnls, I'lsli, Eto.,
MOUNT l!l>.
...iiiiiiiii Ilniu Mountoil.
P. 0. llnx Sl.
Studio: OPPOSITE P, 0.
Iliil'illiUokil. I!. O.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Harry MoIntosii,  Hoffman  House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most curative in tbe
world. A perfect, remedy for
all Neivous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails airive and depait every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.  For
further particulars apply tn
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu LaKe, 2, C
good potatoes, onions, carrots,
sauerkraut, homo made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken or eggs, or
If there is anything wrong
About Tour House
that wants fixing, from open
ing your safe to cleaning your
Queens Jtotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
I have clients who wish to
obtain houses, rooms and lots
Ior building purposes, and shall
bo glad if parlies having such
will advise me of same.
Resl Estate anil Insurance Ar-ent,
Rerolatoke. 1!. 0.
VfOTICK is hereby given that, -SO dnys after
IN date, I intend to npplv to the Chief Com*
missioner of Lnndri nnd Works for permission
to purchase the following doscribod lnnds
situuted in West Kooteuny district:
r.iiiiiiii-iii'ini; at a post iilaiiii'il un the Lake
tihiire ahout 2ti chains freni tho nortli-west cornur
of Lot Mil anil marked "Jas. McQuarrie's southeast corner post," thence north 20 chalna, to the
north-west corner of Lot 2111, tlience west 20
chains, thence south tn Lake shore, thence alonu
tlm lake shore to plnce of comineneumeut, ami
containing iO acres more or less.
Dated this loth day of September, 11106,
sep 15 J. G. Taylor, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days afterdate
I in-Mid toaiiply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Uork.s for astieolal license to ent
and L-irry t.mber from the following described
lands situated In West Kootenay dlrtrlct:
K cornmencfiiff at a post marked "Ous
Ln nd's south-west eorner post," planted at tbe
norlh-west cornerof Timber Limit6201, thenoo
norlh iO ehains, east 160 chains, south 40
ehains, wesl 160 chains to pojnt ol commence
Dated Pept, 18th, 1906.
26. Commencing at a post marked 'Ous
I.und'R north-oast rnrner post," at the north-
west cornerof Timber Limit 6206, thence south
Hi)chains, west-10 chains, soiiti -lOchains, west
■Hi chains, nortli BO chains, east 40ohalna, north
10 chains, east -to clialns to point of commencement.
Dated dept. 23rd, WW.
octal OUS LUND.
NOTICK ii hereby given that 00 days af ior
■Jute I Intend to npply to tho Hon. lhe
( hirf Commissioner of lands and Wo-ka for
oerinisslon to purctia*-. tho following dosorlhea
innds, dLimii-ii In West Kooti-imy, on the eiial.
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
i ommoil ing ^t a imsl adjoining T. L 4/80 on
tho north lido nnd marked "L. A. Dowar't-
north-weal corner," thenco eaat   91 chains
>,.]..( -tnmli '/»> chain***!, thencu woat HO chain-
more or Iw to tho east shore of Uppor Arrow
like thence north following Mm shore of sale'
uke B0chains tothe point oi coniiiiuiicciiiunt.
DttedOo. io,b. IVI.
Ml ji L. A. DEWAB,
NOTICE 'i beroby given ihal 60 days after
date I Inl jnd to apply to the lloiioiirah'
tho Chief Commljwionor of Lundaatid Worl
I for wrmlwlon I'lpun-l'ii-u ii-h fol-owlrjfda-
;-.*rbod lands i.i the vv-jj* Koot3iiaydlotrioi,
Qalena Hay. oaal Hide 'if Upper A ri iw L ;lc*
i   Commencing al ftp* *' pinntel at P, Manor1,
■oath*eoal oornor and marked  'tiruoo A. Law
ion's ii'itiii i'.ihi. cornor poit,  thonco houthip
chains, thenoe west i'i obaln  thonco north si
ebalni, tSenoe oi : 21) ohnins, theiieo norihijii
chains, thonco oa"t W chains lp pmoo of com
moncjmont nnd oontalnliig im acrei moro or
Dated Q lena n iy, i 'Hh ipth dny ot BppL :f«i;
suitJilily furnished with the choicest thc
market affords, Unst Wines, I.H'uors and
Cigars,    RfttSS $1 a day,    Monthly rate.
.-.nil' i-1, ii'-r-il,,- .-I,' 'I llm' 10 'I"- tlltr 'Inin
I i ii- In inlku j;,|.ll,'iii..ii III llm Illll.I Com-
iiiliiliiii.r nl l.iii'l. i* Work, lor -,(tiiiIiiIiiii lo
Finrrtii.'- thn follnwlnii dssorlbsi. Imi'l iltuiic
Hi lln- Wn. Koi.lcnay .IIItrim :
QommsnolpB nt l pim. plrniteil at tlie niirlh-
wiiit rurnir T. 0. VdW!. n"'l linirVwl "1'li.m Mr-
(Jtinrr.e'i ,nii|i| wi-.l i-iirniT," lli.nro no,-h ifi
rliiunH, Ihenci mi.t ki -ii'M-i-.i'ii-ii'-'' intitli so
rhn.iiH, llii'lirt, ffoit .11 rom
inmii iiiniiiit', nml i" ntnlnliiK Hil SoTel more or I'm
II roloostion nl Ssninilo'r-i prseniptton,
IMtml tin, mlh ilny ol Si<|itoin.K'r, ion.
1.1,118 M ll. Mcyunrrle, As«t.
Cold HaiifTO Udgo, ','.. of  !'.,
Ilo. 20, Rovolsti-ltc, R. C.
ii-,-*' llllll ill S
'.'I'lmii VI-Ihi,.; Kiiliililn nre
i-urilinlli iivii.-il
i. ,i. iiiiwi:, it.
ii. ii. i.uorii. K, ni n, it a,
II. it, IIHOWN. M. ul K
F. O. E.
Tlio roffilliir iiiiinliiifM urn linli! In the Holkirk
Hull mi tlio 2nd. uiul llli Tiinuldyiol .lie montli
'. 8 n. in.  Vlnllluii brethren uro cordially
E. Q. HIlKIimOB, PnssiDBST
The Revelstoke Hospital Society
A spocial general meeting ol the
Rovelstoke Hospital Society wilt lie
held at tin* Oity Hall, Kevelstoke, on
tho Slut dny of Novemtior, 1906, ut 8
p.m., for the purpose of electing directors and receiving and considering
the Oniinai.ll statement (or tl.e year
ending 81st July, 1906, and for the
triinsiiction of such other business as
is usually transacted at the annual
general meeting.
Dated Oct. 17th, 1906.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Pricea Paici
F.   B.   WELLS,
Rxpoi'ter of Purs
Certificate of in.proveniints
Bllyorlloll Mlnorui (', ulliinlo in iholtov-
ulnlnku Mining  Division of  Woit Kuutunny
Whoro locatod:-Koystouo Moiiutuin.
'lake notico thnt 1, Junius |. Woodrow, F,M,C.
No. HHhiUii, ngont for Alex. W. F.M.
('. iJSiir.j Ubo. Johusoti. I'.M.t'. IIK.SI74, nud
Kluaboth McMnl.uu. F.M.t'. No. 1188(141, iutond,
sixty days from the dato heroof, to apply to tho
Mining IW'rtlor for u Certificate of Improve-
mitiils, for tho purposu of obtniiiing u Crown
11 runt of the above claim.
And further tale notice that action, under
suction 37, must bu com me tired before tlio Issuance of such Cortilloalo of Improvements.
Dntod tliisMb day <-f Odohor, A,I)., won,
oct 27 JAS. I. WOODROW,
Henry's Nurseries
Extra large importation of
Dill DC   to arrive fnnn Holland, France
DUfaUtf and Japan in Septombnr
For Fall Planting
Thousands of Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, Rhododoudrous, Rosos nud hardy
plants now growing on our owu grounds for
future plnnting.
No expense, lossordelnyof fumigation,
inspect Ion nor customs duties to pay. Headquarters for Pacific Const grown und im-
■jxirtnl Harden. Fiold and Flower Seeds.
Visitors nre always welcome to inspect
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants
Cut Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Bee Hives and Supplies, Spray Pumps und
Spraving materia I.
No agents-therefore you havo no commission to pay. Our catalogue tolls you
about it. Lot me price yuur list boforo
placing your order.
We do business on our own grounds—no
rent to pay, and nre prepared to moot all
competition. Eastern prices or less. White
labor.  Catalogues Freo.
Greenhouses: - 3010  Westminster   Road.
Branch Nurseries)—South Vuucouver.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 daya after dare
I intend toapply lo thc Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worka for a special licence to out
and carry away timber from tho folio win?
described lands in the Big Bond dlstr'ct ci1
West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at n post planted nn the south
side of iveyBtone trail at Half-way Creek and
marked".!. H, White's south-wesl comer post'
nud running north81)chains, thenco east 811 chains,
thouce soutii 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
2. Commencing at a po»t plnnted on the south*
side of Keystone trail, j mile east of Half-way
Creek and marked "J. II. White's north-west corner poHb," and running south 160 chains, thence
east 4(1 chains, thence north 180 chains, thence
west 40 chains to place of commencement,
3. Commencing at a post planted on the south
sideof Keystone trail, 1 mile east ef Half-way
Creek and marked ''J. IL Wliitu's north-west corner post," and running soutli 160 chains, thence
oast 40 chains, tiience north 100 chains, theuce
west 40 chains to place of commencement
Dated October 1st, tow.
net 14 J. H, W1IITK.
ii days after duto I intend to apply to the
Chief Commission cr of Lands and Works for a
special license lo cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands in Weit
KuiiU'iiiiy district:
Commencing at a post marked "II. H. Hunks
norih-woHt cornor," and planted at tho southwest corner of Timber Limit No. 0143, at Galena Bay, running south 40 chains or to post
No. 7043, thenco west W chains or to poet No.
ill!:-!, thence south 40 chains, thenco east W
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenco **-,<>jtCO
chains to place of com in en cement.
Dated this 1Mb October, liMi.
od 21 U. H. BANKS.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days fmni date 1
iiili'iiil to apply In lln'llmi. the Cliief Cuiiimlf*
sinner ol Landsaud Works forperniiwkur.o nur*
cliane the following described lands, In the UV,
Wm it i"iay district, west shure of Upper Arm..*
"Commencing at a post mnrked '-.I. L. Hirsci's
south west corner," atthe south east corner o'
Lot 4670; ami abont li tulles suulh uf Fosthal1
Creek; thence north 80 chains, thence east 40
chains theuce suu:h 80 chairs thence west■.*■)
chains to point of oouweroetrent, c<>n.,'.-ilngiMO
acres mure ur less.
Dated this 21st dav of May, 1000.
j. L. lilrwi ii,
oct IB I'er Ralph Slye. Agent.
NOTICK IH HKUKBY GIVEN thai sixty days
after date I intend to apply lo the Hou, Cilef
Cuiu miss inner ul Lumls and Works for permission
topurctinse the following desciibed lnnds .n tlie
West Kootenay district, on wi-sUVo ol t.ieCul-
uuiblurivur, about three n::V-.f'ii,u Mrowiiei < :
Commencing at u post uVi eilal Willrui' eg-
u(iii'rimiitli-W(istcouie<, .hence wi'sUO cliahis .o
T. t urll-v north-east nrner, tlience soulh 40
(■halns t» Wyue's north-wi'.'tt, cn.ner, Hie-ceottst
'0 chains tn Day's tniLli-wesv come*, tlience
inntli in cluihiH to po'jy of lommencoiiient,anil
rmiluiuliig 100 acres mo.e •>' less.
Located Sept, 4th, m;o.
sep8 Uy his Agent, H.J. Harlow.
Notice Ik hereby given that thirty days after
dale I "o npn'y lo thc Chief Commls.
sluuer ol Lvda and Wo'l s .'orasneelal license
to i ut and i irry away t'mber from the foi'ow-
Ingdchcrih-d leudsiii West Koii.euay District:
1.   (niiitiiO'T "j* at a pi ^ i  |iliiii,i-i'almut twu
milt's *iih»;i oi Ujpe Uoii. on eaat ah'e of Upper
ke nmi  iimrknd   "I'liMlp Kings norther," tlienco 8(1 chains or-su. thence 80
i ill thence 80 chi-i*n* west. Ihence 80
.li to *i"f*ii o' cmiiniinH-rment,
.. iiionclng at Philip K'-'h's suiii,h-west
comer, one mile imm the Luke, thence 80 chains
mnth, tnence 80 cliains enst, ihence 80 ol'uiri
smith, Uience to chains v.i*.*,t Ui puint of cum-
Dated October (lth, IOCS
Arrow  I
west cu
clialns i,
rliiii'm in
Notice Is hereby given Hint CO days after date I
intend to apply to the Honourable tho Chief Cora*
mliilimer nt Lands and Works fur permission to
purchasi' lhe following described lauds in the district ol West Kootonay, Kevcisioku division:—
Commencing at a pnsl planted on the west bnnk
of the Ci'luiubla Rlvnr oppnsiU) 12-Mllc Kapids
and marked "K. C. McCnrU'r's smith-east eurner
post," tlience west ISI chains, thence north i'i
chains, thence east 20 chains more or less tn the
ne-4 bank ol thc Columbia Hiver, thence south
following the west hank nf; no Columbia River 20
chains more or less to the pointof commencement.
Dated October LDtb, 190G.
oct 21 K, C, McCARTBR
Notice Is hereby gi vou that 30 days after date
I intend to up] y tu ihe Chlof Ccniuilssioner of
Lands and » irks lor a special license to eut
and carry awny timber from the following described lauds -itiiai d lu the Dig Bund district
of West Kootenay:
1, Commit*ing at a post marked "Gub
Lund's houi ti ,'ji-st corner post," plunted ubout 1
mile up Ilo'..iiuh or ouo .Mil.- Creel, and about
1 mile fi-oiu iho we-t Hank of Columbia River,
theuce noi-- u Mi uhnins, west 80 ohains, south 80
clmiiis, i n-t HchiiiiiHto pointof commence*
2, Commencing at a posl inarked "Oua
Lund's south wesl corner post," planted about 1
mile up lloldlcb or Ono Mile ('reek, uml about
1 mile from lhe west bunk of Columbia Kiver,
thonce north 80 chains, east 80 ohains, south 80
ohains, west 80 chains to point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked "Qua
Lund's south-east corner post," planted about*)
miles up Uoldiuh or One Mllo Creek, east bunk,
and about 2 mllen 1 rom Columbia Hiver, thenoe
north till chnlns, west 80 chains, south su chains,
east 80 cbnins to point of commencement,
4. Commeuelng at a post marked "Our
Lund's south- west corner post," planted about 2
miles up Hold ic 11 or Oue Mile Creek, east bank,
and abuut 2 miles frum Culumbia river, Ihenco
north 80 chains, casi Ki chains, south 80 ohains,
west80cliains to pointof commenuumeiit.
Located Out. 21st, 1000.
nov3 GUS LUND.
Notico Is hereby given that 30 days after dato
we intend to applv lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works turu speoial
license to cui and curry away timber from the
following described lauds:
1. Commencing nt a post murked "G. B
Campbell und C. B. Kirk's uorth-went coraor
post, planted on tbe east bank of the north fork
uf Fife Creek, 5% miles abovu the forks; thence
east 40 chains, thence 100 chains suuth, thenco
H) ehuins west, thence 160 obaina north to point
of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "O, H.
Campbell aud C. B, Kirk s north-oast corner
post, planted on tho eust bank of the north
fork of Fife Creek, 6' u mile-** above the forks
ibeuce 40 chains west, i hence 100 chains south,
thence 40 chains east, tlience 100 chains north
to pointof cummmicumunt.
3. Commencing at a post marked "G, B.
Campbell and C, B. Kirk's north-east oornor
fiost," planled on lho easLbaukof the nurth
nrk of Fife Creek, 5'4 miles above the forks;
thencu 40 ehuins west, thuuuu 100 chnius uorth,
thenco 40 chaius e-wt, theuce 1(30 chains louIIi
to pulnl of commencement.
4. Commenolng at a post marked 'O, B.
Campbell and U, H. Kirk's aouth-west eurner
post," plauted on the uasl bank of thu uorth
fork of Fifo Creek, it-i miles above the forks;
thence to chains cast, llienco 80 chains norlli,
thenee tu chuius west, thence 80 chains nou.h
to poinl uf commencement.
fi. Commencing at a pose marked ' G. B.
Campbell and 0. B. Klrks north-west corner
Post, planted on tho west buuk of the uorth
fork of •mu* Creek, 8 miles above the forks;
thencu ("J chains eust, ilieucc HO uhnUis south,
thencu 80 chains west, thence bOonnius north
to poinl of comuioucumc'il,
6 Commencing al a poit marked "U.I..
Campbell and C. 11. Klrk'a luut.i east oorner post," planted on tbe west side of the
nor.h fork of Fife Creek, 8 miles above tne
furks; thence 80 chaius west, thenee 80 chaina
uorth, ibeuce 80 chains east, tlience an chains
soul 'i to point of commmicemunt.
7, Commencing at > post mnrked "G. B.
Campbell and CM. Kirk's south-west coruer
post planlcd ou the wet side uf the nurth fork
of Fife Creek, 8 miles above the forks; thence
MU chains cast, thence 120 chains north, thence
4n chuius west, lliuncu 80 chnius south, theuce
40 chuius wesi, thence 4B chaius suutb to point
of uoiuniencumunt,
8, Commencing ut a poit murkvi 'G. U,
Campbell and C. ll. Kirk's south-cast corner
pul," pluuted on thu. wesl sido or lhe north
fork of Fife Creek, 10 miles utovc the forks;
thunce 80 chains woit. tbenee 8'! chaini norlb.
thencu 80 ehuins eust, tlience 80 chains south to
point of oumiiiencumeikL
9, Cummcicing ul a post murked "G- !'•
Campbell aud C. li. Kirk's norlh-easl come--
post,' planted on lhe wcitaiduof tho nurth
fork of Fifu Creek, 10 in1 Ies above thu furki;
thenee 80 chains west, thonoo 80 ohains south,
thunce SO chains east, llionce 80 chains ih rlh to
point of conimeneemuut.
October 20th, 1'JJ.i.
nov3 O. B, KIKK.
days after dato 1 intend to apply to tha
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following dutcr'hud 'lands situated
lu the districl of West Kootenay:
1, Coinnieiiciiig nt a post marked "Alex, Mc-
Crae's north-west corner, planled on the Hamuli
Creek irail, abuut 18 miles from Arguntu, running
east 100 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
west 100 chains, thence north 40 chaius to place i.f
2, Commeneing at a po«t marked "Alex, Mc*
(-rue's norlh-west corner," planled on tbe Ham-
mil Creek trail, uboutlU miles frum Argeulu,
running eas. 100 ehuins, thunce auuth40 chains,
theuce west 1U0 chains, thence nurth 40 chains
to point of commencement,
3, Commencing al a post marked "Alox,
McCrae's nurd-cast cunier," planted on the
Hammll Creuk trail, about 16 miles (rom Ar*
geniu, running wesl 160 chains, theuce south 40
chuius, Lhuiice uasl 11)0 ehuins, thunce north 10
clialns to point of commeucumuut.
Dated October 18th, lUOti.
out 31 A, McOItAK,
Certificate of Improvements.
Silver Boll aud Laurel Mineral Claims, situate
lu tho Illecillewaet mining Division of Kootonay District.
Where locatod:-Three-quarters uf u mile oust
of Illccillewaet
Tuke notice thnt I, J. A. Kirk, acting as agent
for John Newell, Froo Miner's Cortiflcate No.
H. 8851)4; O. Robert Duhl, Free Minor's Cortifl.
cato No. B. 88T)llo; aud George W. Jell's, Free
Minor's ('orlifictuo No. B, fftSifi. intend, sixty
du) s from tho date hereof, to upply to tho Mining Recorder for u Con'Iii ute of Improvements,
for the purpose of obta*uiug a Crown Grant of
tbe above claim.
And further tako notico that- action, undor
section 87, must be commenced  before the
issuance of such Cortillcato of Improvements.
Datod this Utth dny of September, A.D., 1916
oct 20 J. A. KlrtK.
Certificate of Improvements.
Adventurer, Imn Duke, Watchman, Outlook and
buushino mineral claims, situate in the Arrow
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenay Die*
Where locntud:—On tho north side of Pingston
Creek, about 5 miles west of Arrow Lake.
Take notice that I, John Druinmond Anderson,
P.L.H., of Trail, B. C.. agent for Thomas Abriel,
F.M.C.  No. 11115244; Richard Smith, F.M.C. No,
U-9524*), and Elisabeth Hcott, F.M.C. No. B8520H,
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the M ining Recorder for Certltlcutei of Improve-
ments, for tho purpose of obtaining Grown Grants
of the above claims,
And further take notice that action, under hit-
tion 87, must be commenced before the Issuance ot
such CoHiflcates of Improvement*,
Dated this mh day of June, 1900.
aeplt J.D. ANDEBJQN, J-,j^-b'±J±JNCirS5   UJeJUK^L HOUSE
onclay, Nov. 12
clan Opera Co.
Positively the last appearance  in  Revelstoke  of this
Clever Company this Season.
PRICES $1.00 and 75c.
PRICES $1.00 and 75c.
Notice is hereby given loat 30 days after date
1 intend to apply «o tha Chief Commissioner oi
Landsaud Works fora special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situato In tbe Yule Distriot:
1. Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner of timber license Nu. i*?*jO, on Cherry
Creek and marked " D. Woolsey's north-west
corner pust,' thunce south 100 chains, thence eaat
40 chaius, tlience north 100 chains, thence west 40
chains to puint of com meneement.
Located -J.ith September, iiwtS.
2. Commencing at a post planted at the southwest corner ol 'timber license No. 8374, on main
Cherry Creek and marked " D. Woolsey's southeast coruer," thence north 80 chains, ihence west
80chaini, thence south 80 chub's, -.hence east 80
chains to the point of coinmeiiceuient-
Lwated 1st October, lv,*).
I. Commencing at a post planted at the north-
west corner nl limber license No. 8X87 and marked
"D. WeoLey'i south-west corner," thence noiUi
100 chaius, tlienc.1 eait 10 chaius, thence south
ISO chains, thince west 40 chains tu the point of
commence m L-nt.
Located 2nd dsy of October, ID0C. ,
4, Commencing at a post plauted at the
north-west corner of timuer license No. s:s;
and marked "i*. Wuulsev's south-east curuer
post," tbenee north 180 clialns, tbenee west 40
chains, thence south 160 clialns. thence east 40
chains to the point ul coinmencement.
Located-md October, 1006.
& Cummencing at a post planted al >ut 1J4
miles north-east of the south-east corner ot
timber license No, a'.Tg and marked " D. Wool-
isy'inorth-wi's. corner post," thenoe east 80
chains, thenee south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chaius to the puint uf
co mu eneenieut.
Located llth October, 1906.
6. Commenc'ng at a post planted atthe
south-easl corner of timber licenso No. 8278
and nia.-ktd "D. Woolsey's south-west corner
post,'thence m.-i 40 chains.thence north80
chain*,*, ihence cast 40 ohalna, thence north Hi
chaius, thence west go chains, thcu-oe south 120
chains to the point of commeucemeut.
Located 15th October 1006,
LUf-d this 20th October, 1906.
Oct 24 D. WOOLSEY.
Notice ia hereby given that 60 days a'ter date
I intend lo triply to the Chief Commlm-ioner of
Land*, aud \* urks for permission to pure'iase
the following described lauds ii WeutKoote-
nay, ou the cait shupj uf Upper Arrow Lake;
Commencing at a post adjoining T, I. :ii-8
on the gaum-west corner and marked "D.
Hewer's no,-tb-wcst enrner post," thence east
tK) oha'ni, ihunoe south bO Lhaius, theuco weat
M ctutns more ur le-s to t ho shore of .-iini lake,
thence nonh along the east sho.*e of said lake
80 chains to the point of oouimeiicement.
Dan d iK-t. lO.ii, 1900.
oct 24 D. DEWAR.
Notice is horuby given that 30 days after duls
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works for a special liceuse to cut
aud carry away timber from the following de*
scribed lauds in Big Beud district, of West
1. Commencing ut a post planted about 4 milo
from east bank ot Coluinbin river, about Ijj miles
billow Rocky Poim, marked "C. V. Lludiunrk a
south-west corner post," iheneeeast 100 chains,
north 40 chelm, west 160 chains, touth 40 chains
to poiut of commencement
i. Commenc'ig at a p* at planted about .1 mile
[torn east bank oi Culumbia river, and about iH
miles below Rocky Point, market. ' C. F. Liiul-
mark's north-west comer post," thenceeast IiXJ
liain*, south 4U chains, weat 100 chains, north 10
chains tu point of commencement.
Dated n.i.-g.!i. 1900.
3. Comuieuceiug at a post planted ab, nit \ mile eaat bark ol Columbia river and about1,
mile below Rocky Puint, "marked "C. F. Liudmark's south-west comer post." tbniice nortli luo
chains, east 40 chaina, south ,uu clialna, west40
chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post oUnteil about 1 mile
* um ea«t bank oj Columbia liver, and about ]4
mile beluw Itocky Point, matted "C. F. landmark's suulh-weal corner post' theuce north 160
chains,eaat 40 chaini, south lOOchains, west '0
ehains to point of commencement.
Dated Oct. Mh, louti.
6. Comtuenciiife ut a post planted nbuut l\2
m"es from east bank of Culumbia river, and about
>*j mile below Kocky Point, marked "C. F. Lit'd-
marks lout'i-west corner pus-.,'' thence north ll.,i
chains, east 40 chains; lomh 100 chains, west 40
cliains le point of commencement,
6. Ommenciug at a post planted about % m-'en
fron east bank uf Columbia river ahout} mile
beluw Rocky Point, marked "C l-', Llndmark'i*
unUh-wM-. corner post," thence north 100 clmins,
east 40 chaini, »-u.b 100 chains, west 40 chai*is to
pointof commenca.nent.
7. Commencing at a post planted about i\t
miles irom eas** hank uf Culumbia river and about
% mile below Rocky Poiut, marked "0. Y. Lind-
mark'ssouth-west comer post," thence north 11)0
clia'ns, easl 40 chains, south ice chains, west 4ti
chains tu point of commencement.
8. Cominedclug ai a post planted aboul 8
miles .rum east bank of Columbia river aud
aboutJ*jmile beluw Itocky Point, murked'U.
r. Lluduiark'isoulb-weat corner post," theuce
uorth 160 chains, eaal 40 chaius, south 160
chains, west 40 chains to pointol cummenc-
9. Commencing at a poat planted alwut :iw
mllei ironi east bauk ot Columbia river, and
about i mile below Kucky Pulut, marked "C.
F, Llndmark'i soutb-west corner post," tlience
north 160 chaini. (.ast 40 chains, south ico
chains, west 40 chains lo pointol commencement.
Dated Oct. llth, 1908.
NOTICE IS IIKLtKBV UIVKN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Com.nlssiuner of Lands and Works for permi ■sion
to purchase tile followlm- described hnds situate
ln the West Kooienny district.
Commencing at a post planted at the north-east
corner of Lot 2417 and marked "J. Paxtnn's no Mi-
wei-t corner," thence east lo chains, thonce south
80 chains, tlience weni, 40 chains, thence nm-uh to
chalna to placo of commeineinent and containing
NO acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of September, 1900.
aep 16 Win. Toye, Agont,
Not ire Is lice iy given that 00 dnys afterdate I
Intend to apply to the ('hlef Commls donor ol
Lands and Vi orks for permIsslun to the
fuilnwliig de.ii'iibe.l land In West Koo.euay, two
mil-is Hiiutu ol Nakui)i;
Commencing nt a post marked '-J. It. J.'l UOrth'
wesl comer, thoncn 80 chains ei<sb, 40 chains
snutli, 80 clialna went, id chains north to place ol
commeti' omnnl, confining 820acres more or Inn
Located Sept, litb. iboo
top 19 -J. K. JAMIK8UN.
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty days
alter date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worka for spocial
license to cut nud curry nwuy timber from the
following described lands situated in West
Kootenay district, B, Cl
i. Commencing at a poit owned "Uus
'und's south east corner post," about six
miles up French Creek, thence north 80 chains,
west t'Ocbplds, south 80 cbaL's, eist 80 chains
to point of commencement,
2 Commencing an a post roirked "Gus
Luud's . mlh went corner poit," at out lx
miles up French Ci'eea. ihence nor,ft COcha* s.
ensiMj chains south CO chain, wesl 80 ch. s
to point ol' ommencenifliit,
3, Conime.iclng at a   poik marked "    s
Lund's no.'h-weat corner pojt," a'-out •
miles up French Creek, thenee ''ast -IO clip'   ,
south  '(i> chairs, -fn chains, no- h   J
ehaiiis .o point, of commencement.
4, Com .euc"! at a po.*t   mavked   '(
Lund's . m* h-eaB. loruer post,"   about
mil-; up French Creek: Ihenee west -'Ochal
soma lfio chaini, east 40 cnains, uoiv.i j ■
chairs io lo'ntof com in ent.
Haled Sep.. Ll'i.NLti.
5, Comiieocl'i-t at a poit marked 't'r.s
Lund's .io, l*-west coruer posi," about too,'
m'lesupl1' erch Cieek- thence east lOo^AlOi
s.n-ib ll) cliains, west 40 cbai.'s no',hl.D
tihnii■ s io polii.. of toiuuicii e .iciii.
6 Com/euulig at a p h, inarked -'lius
..und's sou h-ei*. corue- po*r,," about one
mile no Co'ds, eau ro.n mouiti of French
I reek, inei ce noi.h 80 i-.iains. west to chains,
south mi chaius, east 80 chains to poiut ol commencement.
7. Commenc'ng at a po: t marked "i'us
Lund's south-west curuer post," about oue
mile up Uo'dstreim from mouth uf French
Creek, tbenee rorth 40 chains, eas. bio chat as.
soulli -M cliains, w-nt 160 chairs lopoin.ol
9. v-oiiimeiji'ing at a post mirked "Oua
Lund's sou,h-west co,rer p-js ," pUnletl a. the
norl h-weit corner of limbo - Limit 7550, -neuce
nurih 40 cialns, e-ut 'u0 chains, sou.a -tu
chaius, west luO chains'o point of commencement.
10. Convnerc'nj at a port marked » us
Lund's soiitj-we't rorna.- po:t' about one
mile Irom mouth of jerch Creek thence
nor.h SO chains, east80 chairs, so.'.th 60 cnains,
weat 80 chains to point oiiommenietneiil,
i&ted Sept. 18th, 1906.
11. Commencing at a post miked "Gus
Lund's ROttb-wes*. cori-er poii," about 10
cnains noi th 'mm nortli-cia-. corner ol Timber
Limit 7»«i8i ihence aouh 80 chairs  e.s. 80
hains, worth UI chains, west to cialns to
point of commencement.
Daled Mpt. lllth, 1900.
12. Cijiiiiuem-iii; at a poJt maiked "Gus
Lund's uorih-we -* comer pout," p1 .u ed at i he
uorili-eiat urnerolTliube*.' Liin 7j7;i, ib.iice
soulh 80 t-nairs eastSOcnalrs, nor.h80 chains,
weit80 cb tins .o p lint ol ,
18. Commencing at a posb mased "Gns
Luud's noi' i oiiie.- pot" plauted atthe
south-west comei* of T.mber LimitL-J03 thence
suuth SOc-ua'cs, east80ohilrs. i,o'..h80chains,
west 80 chains to {.uliitu[co,i)tnei<ce.ueiu.
14. t.uiiHucni:*n0' at a po it icu-ted "i'us
Lund's worih-wc ;t i-o.-ue.' po t.': pbtuied at the
si-iith-we .tu.uuroiT; •>berL:mltu2i.J tbenee
south 80chalna cjs.uo«*.*■-ins, no -. i fiucb ,i.*s
west 80 ehalus to pointo? e ne-iC
16 Co.i-meueiu-; at a pu , ma Led -'Gus
Lund's " 'I'.incl atthe
suutti-wcstcuiuei-ol'l'mbe* L'iiil7"j tlience
suuth 80 chairs, cist 80 oh i'us, no Ji 8uciiaius,
weal Ml ciiai'-s io ,-uitlt o.'   t iiiiu-ut' -.lH-ui.
Dated i]ept.L ub, 19i *.
10. Cominenclii*j at a pox ma.ked "Gus
Lund's iiortlt-woatto.'jie.'poj." ;i'auted ut the
south-wc'tto noi'ofTimbei Lltn't73.7,tbenee
south 80 chnius. e Ui80 chains, nor.h wi chains,
west 80 chnius to point ol oommeoietnent.
17. Comiuercluj at a poj. nia* "Uus
Lund's norlh-west oorner po;*.1 »lau.ed at the
south-west comer of Tlinbo. Lln.t7.".i thence
suuth mi chuius,eas- mi iy lins, uoiih Oi chuius,
west 80 chains to puint oi ommciiconieni.
18. Couiiiienelu-j ul a poj. mnraed "Gus
Luud's 'ii).'tli-we*iti,oiner i Wt," uln.itcd at the
uorth-cai*. comer ut Timber Limit "jjI, ihenee
south mi clialns, eistWohalna, north to ohains,
west 80 chains to pUJUV Ol coin re Ji .en-clit.
Dated Sept.'Jist P.Mi.
19. ConiiueuciU'j a, a po.i niuik-d "Qua
Lund's north-wc iconic.' posi."pU iied at the
soulh-wcjt corner uf'l.'ubor LtmU7678. theuce
soniii 80 clmins, east 8n chains, uu.-.h 80cliains,
west 80 chairs to point ol cummeii^emeut,
'.0, Cuiiiim-uuin; u. a po.n marked "Gus
Luud's nor It-west OOi ier post," pluuted at the
south-east eoruer ol Timber Limi. W78, thence
south tut'haius,east80chaine, uu. h so chaius,
west 11 cialns to point ut cjmmeiicemeiit.
21, Commencing at a poa msrked "Gus
Lund's northwest (oiue; post," nt the southwest corner of No. 18, thence uist 80 ehalus,
luuth 80 chains, wes.Weh.rns, noith 80 eli sins
tu pulut uf comnieiicemeiu
Dated Sept. '/il d, 1906.
22. Commencing a*, a pcit iv:> ked '(.it's
Luud's nurlh-weai cori'er post," )> ' i .ed at the
south-viesi corner of No. U, be ice east tki
ulrtiuS; soulh 80 chs'us west 80 uli:i:us, uorth
SU chillis to poinl oi cuuineueciic.ii
il, {■jiiiiui'iiciug at a post maiked 'Cus
Luud's norlh-west curuer post." p-aulci at the
south-west curuer ul No. '6, theuce easti-j
ehalus, south 80 ehains, WO8-.80 chaius, uorth
8u chains io | olut ol coiumenceiuuul
21, Couiiueuciuif at a poit marked "Gus
l.jnd'suurlb-wut correr post, aithuiouih-
west i oruer ol Nu, 16, theuce easl ;,u chains,
south 80 chains, west 80 chains rm-'n su chains
lu pulut of cojnmeuceuient.
•'), cuinuiencln,' at a poit maikcd Gus
Luud's north-cast corner post," ut the north-
wesl comer ot Timber Limit Wl tueuce south
80 chaius westso chains, nurth Ml chairs, cast
bii cliains to point of comiuenremcn>
Dated Sept. IBrd, »l*06.
Notice Is hereby given thatt i daye aftvr date
I int ..nd l j e'lp'.v to C'u C ilo-! Commit n!u>*o - ol
Lands and Wcrss for u spuc'il l'-ceDsutocn
and curry nwuy timber ftoni tbe tollowl <g do
surfbudhtudH on Uppc* Arrow Lakes, McKeu
rlo Cruo.., Oulutii Hay di»ii*ic., WcjtKooieuay
Commercing at a post planted at Cie rorth
cast coiner oi Timber Llui't No- 6113, mn-i 1
"H, H« I'ttiik-)' north-weit oorne-.-post,' iur-
ning i.oiith 80 chains, llienco eau 80 o.iains.
thence nor. h 80 chains, t'leuce wc:t 80 rhams
to poiut of uoniiuonuemeut.
Datod tola 18t.i t'ay o: Outobar, 180k
H. H. HAN %
Nn. ii-« ll lioroby given thai fill ill)-. :i- .t .'lie I
Intend ie An ily to ilie Honour., lile uie (Jllie! Cun
niii-.lune.-ii.'IahiIi nml IVorh. (ur |n-iiii*,--ii .u
liiiM-luM. ,,,ii- fnllniiii^ tleic-iueil Uui'* in l.ii- -.I-
i i-lct ul Went Kuuteiiiiy. r.oielft.nhe i.irl-.iohi-
Cu.ikmtiric.iig nt a 'iu.. •>! l.,..... on . lu- "ei. I.  -
nf .lie I'uli'llltiiA lli.i-i-.i'.i.i.i lull .. null-l-i-
I'i ii-*-. l!|i,;ilili ami mi-ii-it - w. 11. .Su.iiei-lr .
iinillini-n, enrner p«,," iln-nn- ,-n.iti u cln,
lllum-u eait III elialm more nr lus. tntlie ...-.*.. I,   k
uf tlie I'lili-inliiii lll.i'n lliulii-e in a l)ur,ll-iTi-...< ty
ilm-rii.mi,.nl iiilliiiilli^ 111,. m,h, Muin! 'lie.. lllv.-r tn tbe puint nf
Hale,. I lib H'.ll (lay nf UCnlur, IBM.
OGlU W. 11. SUIUBB1.AS1).
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
niter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a s| cciul license to cut
Hnd carry away timber from the foi
lowing described lands situate on the
east side of Upper Arrow Lake, West
Kootenay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted
ajout 1 mile east ol Arrow Lake on
tbe bank ol a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake about J mile north
of the mouth of McDonald Creek and
murked "J. McClay's north-west corner," tbenee east 80 chains, thence
somh SO cbnins, thence west 80 chains,
ihence north 80 chains to the point oi
2. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles east of Arrow Lake on
the bank ol a small creek emptying
inly Arrow Lake, about lj miles north
of the mouth ol McDonald Creek, snd
marked *'J. McClay's noith-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence noith 80 chains to
the point ol commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles east ol Arrow Lake on
the bank of a smalt creek emptying
inlo Arrow Lake, about lj miles north
of the mouth of McDonald Creek and
marked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence eaBt 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to the
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at u post planted
about 2 miles east of Arrow Lake on
the Imnk of a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake, nbout lj miles nortl.
of the mouth of McDonald Creek and
...sckt-d "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to the
point nf commencement.
5. Coinmeneing at a post planted
on the bank of the north lork of
McDonald Creek, about lj miles above
the mouth oi said north fork and
marked "J. McClay's north-west nor-
ni'i- post," tlience east 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
iOO chains, thence noith 40 chains to
the point of commencement.
fl. Commencing at a post plantc I
(in the wus*. side ol the north lork of
McDonald Creek,about 2J miles above
the mouth of said nortn fork and
mnrked "J. McClay's north-west corner post," thenee east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, tlience weBt
80 cliains, tlience north 81! elinins to
the point ol commencement.
7. Coinmeneing at a post planted
one mile east Iiom a point on the
uorth lork ol McDonald Creek, about
2J miles above tbe mouth of said
north fork and niarked "J. McClay's
north-west corner post," thence east
80 chains, tbenee south 80 chains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence noith
80 chains to the point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
one mile east fron. a point on the
north fork of McDonald Creek situate
about 2J miles above the mouth ol
snid north fork and marked "J. McClay's south-west comer post," theuce 80 clmins, tbenee north 80 chains,
thence wett 80 chains, thence south
HO chains to the point ot commencement.
9. Commencing at a post planted
on tbe east side of the north lork of
McDonald Creek, about 3J miles above
mouth of said north fork and mnrked
"J.McClay'i north-west corner,' thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chaius, thence north
80 chains to the point of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
on the west side of the north fork of
McDonald Creek about 2J miles above
the mouth ol said north fork and
marked "J. McClay's south-east corner," thence north 80 chains, thence
west HO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to tbe point ol
11. Commencing at a post planted
on the east side of the north lork of
SIcllii mid Creek, about 3J miles above
the mouth of snid north fork and
niarked "J. McClay'i south-west corner post," thence north 80 chains,
tlience east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence nest 80 chains to
the point ol commencement.
Located September 20th, 1900.
Dated this 8th day of OotoLsr, 1900.
oct 14 J. MoCLAY.
Notice is hereby given that aoplication
will bs made to the Legislative Assembly
of lhe Province of Brilijh Columbia ?, the
next session, for an Act, incorporating a
Compumr io bui'd, equip, mctilain anil
cpc.Hte a line or lines of railwjy of siand-
ardor oilier guage, wi.h p i ' Lind of
mo. :ve Vfir from a poinl on tinker An ow
Lrk , \\ .Kootenay, near Pv oivlie:nl,
the. e .Vlowing tlie Colnmbia R'.ver
no. t':'y r.i either side lo a point ai or
ne . *he< ifluence cf Canoe River wiih
Ihe . jluftioia River anu ihence following
alonj'Canoe River en either side, o a
po:n at or near Tete Jaune Cache, on
Fra.ser River, wilh power io cons uct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
poiiu wiJiin i -venty miles frcm lhe main
line of railway; anu wilh power to construe, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and fetvies; find to
consiruct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection there-
witi* and to construct, own, acquire,
equi;> and maintain s, earn and other vessels boats and operate the same on
any navljab'e wa ersi and to construct,
operate and niahiain telegraph and ele-
piione lines along* the routes of the said
ra'lway aud iis b*. tithes, or in connection
theiewnb, an., to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; to generate elec-
ii iciiy and supply Ojlit, 'neat anu power.
and erect-, construct, build an-, ma in* ain
t'.ie necessary buildinjs and works, and to
genera e any kind ol power i'or lhe pur-
pOaesut'oresaidfOr in connection therewith,
ior reward; anu to acquire and receive
Irom any Governmen , corporation or persons, grants of lane1, money, bonuses,
p.ivi'e^es or other assistance in aid oJ the
construction of'the Company's undertaking; audio connect with and enter into
11'. ffic or ol her arrangements wilh railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
eT.*ei(.'ina such powers as are granted by
pans land 5 of lhe "Waler Clauses
CoiiboMdation Act"; and for all rights,
powers and piivileges necessary in or
im idental to the premises, and for oilier
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 190(1.
Solicitors for llie Applicants.
NOTICE Is hereby given that flil days after date
I intend to apply t-o the lion. Chief Com-
nipw'onur of Lnnds and Works for permission to
puiclwno the following descrilied minis in llie
■*.Vr-*l Kootenay Districl, oil the oust side ni* Upper
Arrow I/ike. about u miles nm 111 of Nairn-- >:-
Commencing at a po.t planted nr-ar lho Like,
thence ninth 40 chains, tiience west 80 chi Ins,
thence noiUi 20 ehalm, tlienco wust 8U chains,
th ''in-? south uoclmiiH, more tho Arrow
Uke, tlienco eust on chaina along the lake to
point of coiiiiti'iict'-ni-ii, containing ino nc ea
moro or leas.
Daled this 17Hi t'ay f Eept., HKW,
Bcp29 L J. HOWARDS, Locator,
Noii'ee Is hereov given that GOdayseCI ir dale
we intend to nop-y to tho Bon. Chief Comml
.voi'cn.f Liui'.s end Works for nwmMou to
pnrcluiso tho fo.'owittfe describe** lindsluthe
d Utr'ot of West n ootenay:
I'tii uo.'oingutn post p acted 20 ehuins we t
fro n tiio nortb eust comer of Lot 4,1, % und
mined'-Dig Deud Lumber Compi-nv's south-
west corner post," t-'-euce uortli io chn'ns;
thonco oa t 40 oba'cs) tVeuco south i"i chuius.
more '*r less, to iho I. Wo shore; thenco west
alongu'.io'e to south 0:1st cornerof uot 4,ltl9*
th-Mipe north 7 cii*i'is to north-enst cornerof
Lot 4.i"0j theuco wost 2'J ehuins topo'ntof
Dated Octobor 2nd, 1906.
octtf Bio Bknd Lumbbb Co.. Ltd,
Notice is hereby jtivun that (ft daya after date I
Intend toapply Lo the Hon. Chief CnuimiHs'uner
of Lamia and Wnrka to jiu.'-lifsi; the fullowiiiK
il.'sci.1"'! hinds sitnatoil m the dial 1 id of West
Coiu.iienc'ngnt a pout placed at the north-went
corner uf Lot l.44li:i. marked 'J, 11, Muclieip.'e's
toUltl'OAat ciii.ii*''," Uonce wi-st 40 chalus, ihence
north ii chains, thence ci.-L luelialiiH to shore 0*.
Iiiil.i', llieni-" ti.llmi iiij; siio-e ul Lnko to slurt. .j
puint. t'uiiiiiiiiiiin nm aorea.
Dated the 15th nay of St-a 1DO6. -
aep io iiy j. a. h\te, li sagent.
N01I10 Is hereby (,ivnn 'hatOOdaysailcrdf o
I iiileml to applv 0 tli-0 Hnnoia.ile'he Chief
Com mi sooner of bain's and Works for perml.-
sif in to purchase the followimf de to 'I bed 'untie
In West Kootenay Diatrict:
Be-:!uning at n post mnrked "Mivgaret llani-
moiid's soutli-west eorner." and planted on
the cast short- of Upper Arrow Like, about one
mile south of Cape Horn; tlicco north B0
chains, thenco west 40 Jcba.ns. more or Ies, to
the shore ol Arrow Lake, the <ce I'ol'owln ; the
lnke shore in a general . oniherly and easterly
direction 80 chains, more or leas, to pointol
commencement; contalrUs ■'-J) aorei, moro or
Dat 'd this 1st day of Ootobcr, liJfi.
oct 10        MARGARET HAMMOND,
By V. L Ham room1, Agent,
N'l.lce is hereby g.ten thai days a. jr
dm-' 1 ..('. d to anplv '0 the Chief Com*
m'v one"' 'Lint*' and Works lorpeim'asion
lop' retire tbe following deaerilod 'audiiu
the < Is. ic.oi Weat Koateni y:
' . mooc' jft nt a post markod "Hirb irt Red*
fen-'n PQiil'tWest cor"er po-*.." and ploutod on
vhet st I*. 'Jk pf the Co umbla r.W". about four
in'ir--.-1)111.1 of Nukusp; t loncoonst 40chriua,
then. 0 s mtli 40 cbuins, theocewe:t40chaiiB,
tber e noith 4) cl lius lo poiut of cu-nmenct
me it. uu W'liimtloJac'es IDOlSOt less.
Dated the20th Heplemb:r, A.D., 19CJ.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after dnte I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and WorkB Ior a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from tlie lol-
lowing described lands situated in
West Kootenay district, B. C",
1. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-east corner poat,"
planted nbout 60 chains north of Uoyd
creek, and about 2} un'es from Fish
creek, running south 80 chi.ins, thence
west 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of
2. Commencing at a p st marked
J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
planted about 60 chains north of Boyd
creek and  about  2£ miles from Fish
creek, running south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence  west  80 chains  to point ot
Dated 12tl. October, 1906.
J. M. Kellie, Locator,
By his agent George Edge.
3. Commencing at a post niarked
J. M, Kellie's north-east corner post,"
planted about 60 chainB north ol Boyd
creek and about 4$ iniles Irom Fish
creek, running weat 80 chains, thence
soutli 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 ohains to the point of
4. Commencing at a post niarked
"J. M, Kolliu's noith-west corner post,"
planted about 60 ohains north of Boyd
creek and about 4J miles from Fish
creek, running eaBt 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of
5. Commencing at a post niarked
J. M. Kellie's north-west corner poat,"
planted about 25 chains nortl. oi Boyd
creek and about 5J miles Iron. Fish
creek, ruuuing eust 160 chains, thence
south  40 chains,  tlience  west   16U
chains,  thence  north  40 cliains to
point of
Dated 12th October, 1906.
J. M. Kw,, Locator,
oct 17    By his agent J. B. McKenzie.
Notice is hereby given that iiO days
nfter dnte I intend to apply lo the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
und WorkB Ior a tpecial license to cut
uud curry away timber from the lollowlng described lands situated iu
West Kootenay district, B. C.
Commencing at a post niarked "A.
l'ayue's south-west corner post,"
[■hinted on the north-east corner ol
Berth 7112, on the Big Beud trail,
thence nortl. 40 chaius, east 160
chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Octouer 10th, 1906.
oct 14 A. PAYNE._
Notice is hereby given that within
30 days Iru.u date we inteud to apply
to. the Hon. the Chief Commissioner
of Lauds & Works for a special license
to cut and carry away timber Irom
the lollowlng described lands, situated
in West Kooteuay district:
Commencing ut a post planted at
tl.e north-east corner ol Lot 5604,
about 10 ohains north of the Trout
Lake wagou road, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's south-east corner
[iost," thence north 80 chains, west
160 chuius, Bouth 20 ohains, east 80
ehuins, south 20 chains, east 50 chains,
south 40 chains, east 30 chains to
point ul commencement.
Duted this 10th day of October, 1906.
oct 13     Bowman Lumiieu Co.
Notiopteliorobv glvon that UOdaya nfto" dale
l iinunil tu u'i|ily Ui tlm chin' of
Lailtls Wur!.» Ior u Hjmiili.l llin-mio tu mil
und rarry nway tlmlxir from tlio folluwin-t ilo
Hcrltiud !,mil* Hitiiiilcd In tno 111k "ond iI'm " '-
of Wont'i-
Uominoiiotan nt n postmiiruocl "Juii-i.Ai
derHuu h mirth-wont cornor pout," jilticod i'l .)'{•
lido H, JJuunelly'i, uorlli-eutit corner ,'.01100
thu wont sido uf Frisby Crunk, mnuiim south
um nluiins, tlience oast 19 chains, llieocn nortn
00 chains, thouce wost 10 chains, thoui-e norlli
lOchains, thencu wost K) cuiiiis to place of
Datod Soul., 1906.
Notico ll hereby given thftt thirty days after
date I Intend lo apply to tho Honorable Chiof
CommlRSlonor of Laudannd Work-i fur a special
llconse to out and carry awny t'mbor irom the
following ticcrbe-u lands In wort Kooloruy
dint riot;
(Jommunclug al a uont planted i mileu un Dig
Creek, on north altlo oi iruek, and un.ked "Hubert Armstrong's south-west corner," thunce er it HO
chalna, tlience nor.h UO ohalni, tlience west*S3
chalna, tlience southi 80 chains tjpo'ili ni com*
Dated Nept. 10th, 1000.
oct81 litJUEUT AUMSTRUN-l.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
niter date I intend to upply to the
Ho... Cliief Co.uiniss.onei' of Lands
and Worka ,'or a apecul licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in
West Kootenay district:
I. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west corner post,"
about J mile up north fork of Uoldstream, thence north 40 chains, east
160 chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Luud'B south-west corner poat,"
nbout J mile below tlie mouth ol the
nortli foik of Goldstream, thence
north 40 chains, east 160 chains,
south 40 cbnina, west 160 chains to
point of cominencment.
II. Commencing ut a poet niarked
"Gus Lund's south-west corner poBt,*'
pluuted about 9 miles below the north
fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, east 80 cliains, south 80 chains,
weat 80 ohains to point of commencement.
13. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's north-west corner post,"
planted about 9 miles below the north
fork of Goldstream, thence south
chains, east 80 cliains, north
chains, west 80 chains to the point of
24. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-east corner post,"
planted about 2} miles up Camp
creek, thence weet 160 chainB, north
40 chains, enst 160 chains, south 40
chains to the point of commencement.
Dated June 12th, 1906.
oct 17 Gds Lond.
Vf OTICK is lie eby glve'i that CO days aCiW fate
ll I I.Loi'd to npnly m die Hon. The Cliief
Coimuis'iioiieroflji'iKi!) and Vfo'lit n- a Soecle]
Llcen-'o to cui-cii.. carry away urn ht from the
following described lands tn Wea. Kootenay District:
1. Cimineuting nt u post mar Led "£. R.
BchooimeVor's nurkb-wust corner p ist." p'unt-
ed 2} I.*''os south of bo'i'.trer.ui, and about 1'-
m'.os onst of Dig Lond trail, t'lence eaat 100
ciia'ns,.outh 40cha:ns we t loo chains,north
40 clia<iis tu j vtu uf comnioucomout.
1 Cummonci'ig at a post marked '*£. R.
School maker's nortb east corner post." planted[2J uTos south of tjukis.rei.rn. and about l'j
miles erst of Uiu Hond trail, thenco wel lt'J
oheiua, south Hi chums, oast lOucbuvs, north
40 ehuins t j point of commencement.
a. Commencing at a po-it marked "K. R.
Bohooumaker's north-west curuer jiust." p'aiii-
odl); miles .-outh of Qoldstream, and about !J
miles eaat of Big Heud imi', thonce east lot)
chnius. south 40 chalai, west li'tichaiu--, uurth
■ititvaii's to pointof eommoucome it.
i. Cumironcin-f at u i>o-t niar'.ed "K- K.
Boroonmaker a uortn-east corner post," pla ited
about.'! nii'os south of Qoldstream, aid about
II niiiosoustof B-*,' Hond trail, thence wos. 100
c.iitius, south JO chains, east 1 > t halns, nor Ji 40
chuius t, point of conimujiceu'eni.
Dntod Ue Ui ber 12th, Ji .13.
5, Commencing ut a mrrled "£. H.
Bohooumaker's north-wet coruer post,'' plant-
eil iibiuii :ij mi'es south uf (Jijldstrou'ii, and
iilioui.'c. mile*! east of Hi« Bend trail, tlience
oast I ichains.south 40cbjirs, we t li'ichiins,
uorth 11 ehnins to imiut of commoucemeut.
0. C'oniuioncinK ut a post mnrked 'E. K.
Sehoonmuker's noi th-oust corner -jot," plauted
ubout :i!4 milos south cf Goldstrea-n, anu about
3'j mllea easi of Dig Ceud trail. t'lQi-co wes-. Iiiii
chains, south '0 chnius, east 1C0 chi- >is, i-u-ih
li chains to puiutof commencement,
1. Cominouciiiif at u post marked "E. R.
Bohooumaker's oorth-wett c-ji-ner post," planted ni-uiii 4 mllea south'of Gold.iroum. .-nd
■i out lj m'les eust of Hiv Hend trail, ihence
ou-1 li.n chuius, south 4'i chains, we-.t ICO ehains,
uorth J'l cheiiu, 11 jioiiii uf com ui ence neut.
Duted October lUb, 1!  i.
8. (ii ii'im iriiii* ut a poet marked "E. 1
S lioouuiiiLar' corner post, planted
aiHiut 1 mile south of laml's tree, at tbe south-
weat corner of H.A. Luud's Tlm uir Li-nit Nu. I
llionce wost 4'1 ehalus, nor»'u l.i) c.ia-u-i ea-t4j
chi1' *s, south 1*90 OnaltlS i" point i." coiime'-ie-
i,ii il.
Duted OctoberH'l,l! I,
Notice hhe-e'iv given thai :iu dat j after date
hc iu end uapp.y i ,u< Hon, cliief lomml.
(loner ol I \n 'tajd IVOiS'S for a ipeeUI liceusc
o out and car v awav hut tr fnnn the ciio*-
'igdcnTlb-'d Ir ds.sniii' -in Wen Kootepiy
I, Ciunmeiu-inf at a pu - plain >t aboUl one
mile noiji .'o.n ine no <i--w t< > ner of K, &
b. Hlock fiflO and uia te-t ' B'« Bend Lviflhei
iiituMiii)1-, lou.meat noracr post," thence
nun.i «o chains, theme m tWc.ialns, luence
i outii ihi eiiHiin, t hour eel i* obales ." i-o'iii
uf ciiiiiineiiceiiicii.
% (oinuieiK'lu ' ala | j t pi n • <1 al >ut one
uilleinn ih from tne no*'ii- -es. in aorofK.-&
H, Hlock BOG, and juIischj ''B'j Lenii Lumber
iotupany's north*0fit   » u*.  po," 'heoce
WOlt60 ehaiiis, ilie.1'" hoc n m i','.lins, iticni'-j
e.-ufHi iihaliit, ."lence . ui i v) ci* --h to poim
oi i iliiiin'.n*«-iiii*-i .
Dal'MlOct.lKI', KW.
OotlO        Hlti UEMi LUMlibK Ui. LV.
No..eels lice r ^'ve'i ur, :.u d IVS aficr date
, c In,end loan j y o die II <u. t ,iie' Commissioner of Lao. s and ffO is o- h ■' cUltlce.iso
.oeu. and i. nr.v aw\y l-j'ie . oui he loiluw*
'ngdonerlbed landi, ti Ikela Wen. Kooteuav
i 'itrioti
, Commerclcat I poll a'xiiu.tvo
mi ch wetf.o.u ..'nnock rolntoo upper Ar
row ljueaiiu .nvked "It. ll L. Co'l SOU.b-eiat
'ornorpost" titenco uo..h Ml chains uience
wosl tki ci aliis, 1.1*.'-■'■" "-imi di ao cIirlji,
t iiiiu chaliih   i potp.ulcoiiMue.iceueul,
' Cu„nncucln; n, a po * plflutid abooj
three mi'es wes. from llunock',,'
nor Arrow I-'ke a-d ira.keu 'it. 11, L. Co/i
. mlli -caii cu, 'ie pov' tlience iurth su
I'tiatin, t,i.'iUT wc:i N''* i 'l''i, ili***'..-c i-oilthlW
eliain-, ilit-iiic t'is."" * i u' s 'u.j'.itui commencement,
Uan 1 Oot. iMli. M>.
oct'4)        UIU LEND LUMBER CO., LTD,
Notice Ii hereby Kivun thai tlilrly days
dale I Iuieml to apply- tu lhc Hon. Chlol Commissioner of Lands and Work. Ior a speiia
license lo cu. lull carry away timber from the
following described lands in the West Kootr-
nay dlitrlct,
1. Cunimciiclnir at a post plnntod aliout 2* 58 and about li miles west
of thc L'ppcr Arrow I,akc, inarkod "C, Silo-
ner's norih-went corner." thence south 80
ciniins, .hence east 80 chains, thence north 80
cbnins, thenoo west 80 chains to p'ace of com
2. CoinmcncinK at u post planted about 2
link- soulh of I'.... 5* and 'i mi'es west of the
Upper Arrow Lake, niarked "O. Skinner's
north-easl corner posi," tlience soulh 10 chalnr.
thenoe wesl 80 ehalus. thenco north .0 chains,
llieure east 80 chaius lo place of commenci
3. Uomnicncinu at a post planted 1 mile
south of No. 1 aud niarked "C. Skinner's no.-th-
wesi corner pos," thence soutli 80 chaini
llienee east 80 cL-ains, thence norlh SI chaini,
tlicnie west 80 chain, to place of commencement.
Dated October mh, 1906.
,   „ , A. SI. Symons,-.Kent,
I. Connncncinij at a pjit plant, d I. mllea
north ol T, L. Iiii aud 1 nii.e we-slof Upper
Arrow Lake, uiarked "A. M. Symons' norlh-
i-il*. eurner po*..,' Ihence wesl 80 chains, thence
suulh 81 cbnins, thence eait 8u coalns thenco
norl.180 chains to place of commencement.
Dated (Jciober 20l'i, lm*.
oct 21 A. Sl. SYMONS.
Koli"e Is he.-cly niven I hai 30 days alter dato
1 inlonii to nii'ily to the (jluef L'omniissionur of
Lands and \\ orks for a sp«-ial license lo cut
and curry away limber Iiom ihe followingr!e
.CTioeil lund;, .iiuaie on thc east side of Upper
Arrow Lake. Wesi Kootenay dis,rlcl :-
1: Cumuieicing ala post marked "HarryMc-
Inlu.*h* suuts-west eyi-ner lust," ahou. 8 milei
ea.ioIXakusp, un asm.ill creek trib iary to Na-
kii-.]] c.eek, ami about lo chaim wesl (mm the
nonh-eilli coiner poit of li.u'itr limit So. 7310,
llienco norlh 100 clialns, Uience east .0 chains,
liicii, e likJ eliains to above named corner
,10 . of timber limi, No.7So0, ihence wesi ,0 chaini
on ihe line o! i-u'jer No. 73S0 u, poin; ol commencement.
2. .'omm-iicingr. a post markid "Uarry Mc
Juloslis ooum-wesl coruer post," .0 chains west
.rum pnst No. 1, and on the north lin« ot timber
limit No. 73M). .hence nonh loo clisios. .htmiS
ea-.lurlialn>, Uie'ii-e sou.h lsu cliriiis lo nortb
li.'c of umber limit No, 7MO, tlience weiWO
ni.,iiis ou thi line ol timber limit No, 73tO to
|ioin.of L-umiueneement.
S. to.miniiligata pos; marie,. "Harry Mcintosh s cunier pott," ,1 chaini WMt
.ion poll Xo. 2. ami on tlie nn-th line o! timber
IIS. No. ISM, theoce north l»u chaini, ihenee east
10chaini, thence ou.h miciains, ilnnce we-itlO
tlmi'is on line of ti.uu*-r limit Nn. 71*'i(i to point o*
.. Commencing at a pot. msrL, d -ilai.y Mc-
Intolh'l sout'i-we.*, corner -io-1,'' .u umini west
[rom put No. I, nndonthenonih Lue of timber
limit No. 7160. ilienie imrlli 1C0chains, tlience
out tt ch»m, thonce somh !B0chilli tothe
nu-.ti line of tiin'.i-r limit number 7.'(oo, thence
iveil ttcualnion.he liin-ul UiuIk-. I'mit No. 7:ioo
t" poinl nf ciiiiiiiii'iu-eiiient,
.',. Commeuelng ai a poit marked "Hal,y Mo.
Into.ltI s-viih-west eo. .ier po-i.'-.i) clmins i i-st
Hum tlie nn ,l--cast cunier posi of .luilier I..nit
!.o. 73J1. ilieuie loo cliaii«, Ihenieenst .0
..uiiii,, ihence iiiii J, .00 rliai-i, to northeast mr-
ne. |io-t ul tinliei llmi. No. TJil, ihenee we.-,t ,0
Chllttl mi line uf Utli! er limi. No. 711;,1 tu point of
co nmencemenl,
e. Oommeoclngat a po*. maiked "Hairy M •
liitnsh's M.ii.u-i,est corner ims,,-' lochsln, went
irom poit No, I and mi the linen, limner
limi. Nu. Ml. luetics nurth lliu cha'ni, ihenco ea i
10 ehaiiis snutli ifju eha-u to the nnrlh
line nl Umbel liiul. No. Ml, thence wesl.'l
cli:»-ns nn the innii line of l mberlimil No. 735.
t.i Jiuiiil nl eiimmencemei .
7. Ooiumencing at a poat m.-.rLeil "Harry Mc-
l-t jmIi's.uuiIiwjs. come pu t,"anil en the north
line of timlier limit No. Mi, tbonco no-Ut 10"
cln.'n.*. thenee umi ,0 eha'n*. Uience south 'ou
du loi in Hie iu. h lie of timber limit No, 785',
llieliii- »,,(,,ti tlie inntli line i.f timlior limit Nn.
;....   illchll II top ijul ol i-nillllientemellt.
r. l ,,i.iiiiii .ns at a ,,ns. innrkeil "Uarrv Mc-
In.ii li* loulbeai. cornerpoat/'slnnt80cna,ni
nu'.h ..I ,iii..i .-.o.;. Uience »es. Wchain., ihence -Ji iliiiin.. Uieii.e woii :jchalna,Ihence
mult n chain, thenco «.••: to chains, thence
imi.Iii"! chili',, thence we.. 2u chains, ih -ice
im .ii ji chajo.,thence v.e*t -.j ebalnj, Inence
ii„-in is culm.thenee easi IW elmlm,ibeuce
wuth 106 ubanu lo i it n! cu iniun -eini-ni..
ll.i-.lll. .nl -llstlt. Iuuk.
U.H1IIY, I/icaUir.
' HO UyliUagentO. K Lrlnk.
Notice ll l-e.-ehv t.|veu thl.11.layi alter dale
lutein, io .n'v l(» l.-e Oulel (lotto. Mloner
11 siiil, s... i.oiti.o a looclal II.anno (
au-l ,-srr, awtty inoU ,.,.m .In- .o.luwlng
tlfflcrlbed laml. .Uui cd a! nu a ball mile
a. >tol lhe Upper Arrow lake, anil acroiillie
lake Irom Nskiisp, ll c, In the dlilrlct ol
.Vet Kootenay-
I.  ioi cneliiK al a nosl   tuarkil   "hi
ljf.-ti.--J -• -iiiilli-eii-l coiner jio.t." runnitig
wi -l 10 chain-, ihence nu. Ut 80 cliains, thonco
CMl-oili.iii,-, llienco soutli «J chillis io jiolnt
m! I-U11M..MU ,Mill 111
I, Oominenclog at a put planled at the
-outhoast oornor ul No, 1 Umltur limit and
marked "BI Iqn,', nuiili wcsu-o-iier poit,"
running eeitcii lut,it., tlience -.uu-h KOeluiins,
theuce west SO chains,.hence north 80 clmins
to point of comnuiii iuhii ,.
!l. I'oinint'icing at a pot planted at lhe
unrth-wee. coruer ul Umber limit No. 2anu
marked "Kll LegaMy'i Hlllli wc.-t corner iwst."
tunning north 80ehalm, il, noo m-i m ehuins,
theuce soulli 8(1 cbnins, thenee well all chuius
tjo point of coinnienconienL
Located Sept* 2blh, ljuc.
oo.ll K. Provosi, Agent,
Notice *8 lmreby |<iveu tbut (10 dnys
after duto 1 Intend to apply to tlie
Chief Co.nmi»8"'nner of Lac's mul
Works for pSMotSeiOH to [ii.rc'iiUie the
(Ollowlog I'esc-itieil lauds «ituiil«d iu
A\'.-,*t Kootenny dlttl'icti
(joiiiiiien. i*v{ at a po-tl pUptedon
tbe north n'de o," Uowpie Ureek, nlioat
oi'e-foiirih of a in"e sou.h oi ihe
llov/iiie creek trail. DM!'ibe M mile
post and lei-i-ked '-lii-ueso .Vcliean's
Hiulli-wi'Si eorner," thence north 40
ebains tbei'oe cast (10 chains, thcice
BOUtll 10 clii'Mis, ,i'e 'ce wis.80 chains
to  polulo! cu..u<e,ieeii.eil: totitaln-
log 210 seres mo -e or less.
Uatea this Utli d:iy of Sept., 1800,
sepa) BKNB8T licliliAJN.
Uur Range ol Blankets never us good ne now. Nice, suit, all-wool, unshrinkable blankets
selling .u -f.'l 50, $5,00, $6.50, $8.00 nnd $10.00. These Blanket"* woro bought from the best
n-.ill8 in Canada before the rise in price, making thc value and prioes lower thun any In lhe
nt tin present time,
COMFORTERS—We huve Comforters-all thc Heat kinds-Prices ranging from $1.75, $2.50
$3.00 snd $4.50,   Down Comforters at $8.50, $10 and $12.
FLANNELETTE SHEETS-Whito and Grey.   A lull assortment in stock,
111.Lows-Good Feather and Down   Pillows,    Prices, 75c, $1.25, $2.50, nnd $8,00 each.
FL'KS ;   FURS!!   At prioes that will save you money.
The Store
that never
The Store
that never
f####$#f ;b Ei in A. u
Ii ymi trail I an oxce'lciil
Tonic and easy in lake, get a
$1.00 bottle of our Poll wine
-bottled especially for our-
Canada Drug & Book
Company, Limited.
Why do you hake your own bread
when we can deliver it to you fresh
from the oven every day. There is
none better, il any as good.
Cakes and Pastry
j\ large assortment of Cukes nnd
Pastry on hund.
Quality and workmanship A 1,
Wednesday, Nov, 7.—For 21 hours
Light southerly winds, squally, colder,
unsettled with sluwers, fog.
Local and General.
Duke Conceit in Arrowhead Opera
House, Thursday, Nov. 15,
The date of the hospital ball should
be kept in mind—Wednesday, llth.
Don't forget the Jessie MacLachlan
concert tomorrow nighl at the Opera
The new bridge is under construction at Greely Creek, on the C. P. li.
The price of admission to Hiss.
Duke's concert will only be 50c. iib it
is her initial tour,
L08T—An evening's pleasure by
not attending the Hospital Ball next
Wednesday, Nov. llth.
An enjoyable two-hour treat is
awaiting those who attend Miss Duke's
concert next Tuesday, the 13th.
All lovers of good music sliould
attend Miss Duke's concert on Thursday night, Nov. 15th at Arrowhead.
some ol the German lire insurance
companies which have not paid the
losses sustained in the 'Frisco earthquake have now determined to do so.
Mi=*- Evans, who has spent over
eight years in mission work in India,
will addr ss a meeting in Knox church
to-night. A cordial invitation is extended to all. A collection will be
W. S. McGuire, physical director of
ttaeY. M. C. A., is recovering from
blood poisoning in his foot. The
gymnasium classes are going on jus!
the same by tlie leaders in the work of
this department.
All lovers ol music Bhould go and
bear Miss .'e-sie .MacLachlan, the
"queen of Scottish song," at the Opera
House tomorrow night. This concert
should certainly be one of the musical
events of the season.
The Dominion parliament has been
called to me.-t on the date generally
anticipated, Nov, 22nd. It ia expected
that the tarirt will l>e brought down
immediately alter the address in reply
to the ipeech from the throne has been
disposed of.
W. J. Curtis will arrive here next
week from Vancouver. All urders for
piano and organ tuning cu. be left at
K. Howson'i furniture Btore, or at
Lewis iJroe.. and will receive prompt
attention, and every satisfaction will
be guaranteed
The Willing Workers and (he Ladies
Aid ol ?t. Andrew's church are making preparations I n the -al- ol fancy
work and Scottish concert on St,
Andrew'.- night, Nov. 30th The
Scottish concert promises to be ol
more than  rdinary intereal lhii year,
More of Eaton Hurl lint's noted
Note Papers 10 hand. As you
are judged by the style anil quality of ihe paper you use in your
uTesponaencf) wyou may judge
our More by thee ork ef Papers
and Writing Materlftli wc cany.
W. Bews, Phm. B.WtfSfir
Miss Mignon Duke will sing in ,
Arrowhead on Thursday night- next,
Nov. 15th.
A. E, Phipps, manager of the Imperial Hunk, has given the contract
ior his new residence to W. A. Finite,
A speciul meeting of the Ladies
Hospital Guild has been culled in the
City Hull on Saturday alternoon, at
3.80 p.m.
A still' church iid'air? No Sir-e-e!
Lols of tun and music and everything
that's good ut the It. C. Church
bazaar Nov. lllth.
It is probable that pending negotiations will result in liritish legislation
imposing heavy penalties ior fulBe
pretences in inducing men to em ignite.
The Canadian government will cooperate.
11. F. Hay has returned from the
coiiBt with his son, whu recently
sustained serious injuries to Iub loot
at Mission Junction, which ueccssi
tated an amputation ul half the
injured membor.
A oompany lias been formed at
Trout Luke called the Trout Luke
Mining uml Development Syndicate,
Limited, with u capita.l of $50,000. It
is intended tu take up properties of
merit, uml open them up Buffloiently
to demonstrate their vu.lue, and place
them uu the market.
It seems impossible to do away with
that rowdy and disturbing element
that invariably has to be put up with
in the Opera House whenever a piece
ia playing, Many und pointed have
been the complaints made on this
score and it is ubout time the management took some steps to stop the
The freight curs have been coming
into town this past week having on
their deck several inches of snow,
thus bringing signs of a colder country
to the east of us. After standing in
the yard here for a short time, however, the snow was quickly dispersed
by the mildness -of our climate in
The ollici'rs nl Company No, 5,
Rooky Mmintain Rangers, are making
every eudea vi ir to increase the rank
and tile of the company, and have
organized clauses fur recruits, the lirst
ot which uill be held tomorrow night
iu the drill hull. It is urged that all
the young m,3n in the city should enter their names on the roll, us local
and resilient membership shuuld place
thecompany on a strong and efficient
basis, i Sutherland, general
merchant" j of Ferguson have purchased
the i. '.!, iluoDonald bu.inesa here
and took possession ,m Monday last,
Mr. S Sutherland will tie in charge ol
the business here, The llrm ■ I Me-
Kiiiiion ,v Sutherland is well known
throughout Kootenay as being live
businesa men and have given universal .-ati.-iin- M n, Revelstoke will welcome theni ..- un acquisition to the
businesa Internals of the city in general.
After a inm nf fllteen weeks, -l
\.. It Tn.i ter, organizei I ir the I u
\ Labor t mm-.': «s has returned tn
Winnipeg Cou nei a have been formed
in nil the princi pal citiei Al Hovel-
-t ki, 'In Machinists Union ilTilUtcd
-.utli Co ngress nml an agitation or i
Trades Council ivns begun, which
resulted in thei ilabliflhing ol a central
I. .iy nr ih-- i.-ii .-n trip, The Revel-
atoke c mncil is* woll officered und
might -Mi become xi power in the distriot, 1 Hiving already been chartered.-—
The V uke.
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Nothing better than Our" Speoial
Fresli Figa from Citlilornia in lib.
paokages, just in it 0. B. Hume & Co.
Florida Water and all kinds o! Toilet
\Y:itins ut (Jnniidii Drug Store.
Finnan lluddie uud Uigby Chicks
iu small boxes at C. II. Hume & Co's.
lt. Ilowsun & Co, have a line line of
iron buds to select from, cull und see
We Bell old magazines, li for 25c.
excellent rending—Tin: Canada Drug
New specinltieB in Japanese china
being opened up ilu-ly ut 0. II. Hume
it Co's.
You help your doctor by having
your prescriptions dispensed at
If you want wall paper cull nt llow-
Bou'a furniture store—that's the pluce
to get it.
A lirst clues stock of wull papers,
curtain poles and fittings at 0. B.
Hume & Co., Ltd.
Auction sale ot household furniture,
Nov. lllth at Mrs. Leo Anderson's. Sale
begins nl I o'clock tlliirp, lil
Fountain Syrlngoa and Hot Water
Bottles, the best quality only kept ut
Tin- (.'lunula Drug Sliiiu.
For tt choice • election ol oarpets,
linoleums utnl Ilo n* oil cloths go to 0,
B. Hume & Cu., Ltd.
Cull nnd inspect our slock of King
appLB which urn on show iu uur window—O, li. llunie & Co.
Nitin.'i Emulsion ul cod liver oil
makes weak people Btrong and thin
people fut.
Liquid Veneer, tlie vory best furniture made, nu trouble tu use, sold at
The Canada Drug Store.
Ro.nen.ber the auction sale of household furniture at Mrs, Lee Anderson's,
Nov. 10th at 1 o'clock. td
We have just placed in stuck a tine
line of woul uud union squares, choice
colors and design—C. 11. Hume & Co.,
Carpets! Carpets! The latest designs und colorings; carpet squares Ior
parlor, diningrooin or bedroom at R.
Howsou's luruituru store.
The service in St. Andrew's churcll
on Sunday evening Inst was largely
attended, some 300 people being
Beated in the church. L. O. L., 1658
was fairly well represented, a number
of tlie members oi thc lodge connected
with the railroad being unable to be
present. The choir, assisted liy aome
ol our best lucal talent, rendered in
good form the anthem "Fear Not Oh
Lord." Mr, Harold Jarvis sang with
power and feeling, " Beautiful Isle of
Somewhere," and before the benediction the "Glory Song." Mr. Calder
took fur his text l's. U'J, v. 130, "The
Entrance uf Thy Word Giveth Light."
The singing ol Mr. Jurvis was greatly
enjoyed hy the large congregation and
u il-cp interest wus muiiifcateil in the
sermon, a highly interesting and impressive service was brought tu a cluse
by tho benediction.
The ladies committee who are managing the hospital ball on Wednesday
nexl, baa been very busy of late, aud
will be still busier this coining week,
us they intend canvassing the city for
provisions and dainties for the forthcoming ball -upper. The result is a
foregone conclusion, for who are so
persuasive and can canvas hotter than
the Indies',' And who knows better,
than the   fail'   sex,   bow   to   extract
promises and other thing- far nmre
tangible than that, fnnn a man! Tlie
hall should be a huge, and it
will not be he fault of the ladies organizing it, ii the affair doea nut turn
.nu !" ii- iiii- best that Revelatoke hn«
hml. I; is Imped that the citizens will
be liberal in their gifts oi good cheer
tn help in the good work undertake!
by the Ladies Guild.
tdkflim {yvsmmiuvs
Social and Personal
Mr Stokes will shortly return to
hil        - in Vernon.
i      1 Nelson, is
-:.  - ;'•    . .
K .\. Bradley baa ret irned fr u. a
iai ■   the i ! -*■mi-
Mi- and Mrs. It. Hj ai iavi
i| -         summer in K.i mi iopi   bavi
If Revelstoke
Mik    i Fsrrel,  nephew  ol  G, S.
M    i       it- iii the city --ii Monds)
mi ,- ute  ir Edmonton,
Mr. mil Mrs. C. J, Amun gave n
very enjo; il - c .rd party lasl evening
ut their residence on Firsl atreei
'■I i        ,-  ipeni i lew -Llv, lust
week in '. ernon, renewing acquaintances uio . -    n businesa interests
j   J. Cur. .,-.- i   f tl.e I    in   i.i
Rivor Lun.:-   i a    .1   Kault   passed
through Irom the easl la     -
Mrs. S. G. McDonald and Mra Me-
Kii n left thia morning inr Edmonton, MH-i'i' they will m ike I ■
ll    MH
Mrs, II. A. Brown iiaa fron
her visit to the United Seal	
-In- attended the Grand Convention of
the Rathl  Sisti r   ti N
(Prum Our Own (*uiTt)li|luliilunt)«-J
On Hallowe'en there wiib a skating
party on tlie pond near the west yard
limits. After skating the party went
to tlie home of Mr. diss. Wyckoff
where an oyster supper wiib provided.
There was another Hallowe'en party
at tlie Manse where u lully pull and
Hallowe'en games constituted tlie
programme. Both parties report having spent a most pleasant evening.
Wm, Renolds moves this week into
the houBe he lately purchased Irom
Geo. Meicklcjohii.
The hour of church service, bus beeu
changed from 7:30 o'clock in tlie
evening to 3 o'clock in the afternoon
The change has been made with the
view to making it more convenient
for all those who wish to go to church,
A praver meeting and bible study
class has beeu instituted to meet in
the church every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock.
Wm. Adamaon has returned Irom
Montreal where he went to meet his
mother and sister who have come Irom
their home in England to live with
.Miss MoEaohern, who spent the
summer ol '95 nt tbe Mount Stephen
Houae as houaekeeper and tl.e past
summer us clerk ut Lake Louise
chalet, is spending aome days with
Mr. and Mra. Cancclor at the Mount
Stephen house.
K. Jenon bus come here from Revelatoke to keep the C. P. R. stores and
assist Mr. Clark, locomotive foreman
Miss Yates, of Golden, spent last
week here visiting Mrs. Fred Mackin-
Mrs. Turnbull, who has been on a
visit to her husband who lives up at
3rd switch, Bpont a lew days of last
week with Mr.-. Carlin.
K-,,:u our own i:orrt-*ni)tii|i-lll.
W. S. Dickason, president of the
Palliser Lumber Co. has gone n his
, in Kansas City, He will not
iiki-'iy re!    .  '    l'aliit-i-r until spring.
Mr- Finn, whose husband is the
manager ol the lumber company, has
come Irom their home in Marionett,
*.'. -   ■   taki   ip housekeeping here.
.1. R. Huliley has gone to Calgary
and points north on n business trip
ir tbe '■ i j i ny.
Wm. Jones, miii foreman, spent
.',t ami Sunday visiting
Mrs. Jones st Banff.
I binga seem to go well at the lumber camp, which ia twelves miles up
lln- river About ten men ure yet
needed I 0 nplete the gang. Mr.
Dempsey with hall a dozen men is
busy trying t, break the big jam which
formed .'! tl e (oot ol the Kicking
II .!-•■ lasl spring.
Kr.'.nk l.i-;y camp foreman,ipont
i      .   iter.
Wt: have received by express to-day six elegant Lace
Costumes in Cream and Black. They are beautifully
embroidered, have enough material for every part and are
marked at very low prices for goods of this quality, as we
wish to dispose of them at once. Take a look at our
Slippers, Long Gloves, in Kid and Silk, Lace Handkerchiefs, Fans, Lace
Hosiery, Hair Ornaments, etc. Our stock in these different lines has been well kept
up and we are now awaiting your order.
pr winter Comfort
The splendid values we were offering in Furs, cleared
out all our first shipment. We were fortunate enough to
get hold of about a dozen more of the same line and they
are extra good. There is a good variety of shapes among
them, They are all nicely satin lined and trimmed with
tails and feet.   You will be surprised how low the prices
IAIlIES—Kin-dressmaking und sew-
j Ing for children, fancy goods nnd
notions, see MlSB MABLttN, opposite
Windsor Hotel.
LOST-On Thursday, a Collie Pun,
black und white.   Return to .1.1).
McLciinnn, First Slieel.
LOST—On McKenzie avenue, between the Imperial Buuk nnd
Fifth street, an Amethyst Brooch set
with funny pearls. Finder will be re-
wnrded by returning to this nlHce,
WANTED-Dressniuking    hy  the
dny tit ladles' homes by experienced dressmaker.   Apply this office.
LOST—Yesterday on the Big Bend
road, between city und cemetery,
a hand bug containing a small purse,
in which was un amount of money and
a culling curd. Kinder will please re-
lurn to the office of the MAIL-HERALD.
>##*^**|hH|^-| i$i i$i i|i i$ l-ft **fH$HfH$H|
J. A.
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
MiTi itt iti it\ iti iti iti it\ itt itt itt itt itt itt itt itt itt 1T1 tti itt itt itt i i
'•V iy IJ.11^,1 lj,< lj,l IJ.11J.I iji wi ij,i ij,i ij,! ij;i ij,i tj,l If! Ill tjj im WWl 1| J
WANTED-Young Lnd to do light
work.    Apply at Y. M. O. A.
ANTED—Two first-class Carpen
ters,   Apply to E. C. Fhomky.
WANTED—By expei ienced young
women,    position   as   housekeeper.   Apply to this office.
WANTED- For a lew weeks by u
couple with small child, well
furnished and heated bed und sitting
rooms, with or without board. Give
full   piu-lieulni'S.    Address A. J. G.,
cure Mail-Herald Office.
Good, sound, No. 3 Apples at
85c. per box, f. o. b. Vernon.
A Bpecial ilrill olasa forrecrulta will tie lielil in
tlio Drill llall on Thursday, Nov. 8th.
II. A. UltoWN, 0. C.
l will sell by Public Auction the
entire Furniture, ol Mrs. Lee Anderson's home.
Everything must le sold.
Friday, November 16th,  1906
at I p. m. Sharp.
H. MANNING. Auctioneer.
\d A %
F. C. BROWN'S (if
Mignon Duke
who will appear ul, the. Y. M, 0. A,
Hall next Tuesday night, Nov. 13th,
Evans & Woodrow
Iliiln* in lli-ef, I'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
season, Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Buys one of the mnsl roomy,
i comfortable and convenient residences in the (ity, with two lots,
corner site, In first-class location.
Terms may be arranged. Particulars on application to
!•:. A. HAGGEN,
Real Estate Sl Insurance Agent,
Fresh Groceries      Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Dairy and Creamery Butter
First Corner East
of Imperial Bank
Houses and Lots
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Doore Ploughs- Hollue Wagons, Onnado Carriage [Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders mul (.ultlTators, Wheel*
wriglit nml llliicli.-mitli Wnrk [nt-tendm! to. Horso Shoeing a
Si'oclalty. f#
For all kinds of up-to-date nnd reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Ii you are lookinj,' for something nice in 8POON8 AND
SPECIAL " lor .Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
o. p.
' P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.   \
iikad omcrc: Oamary, Atautu.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
fork PwlteM ami Dualur In Live Block. MarkuU In all tho principal Citloit anil
Towns nt Alberta, llritisli U-iUtnhlu ami tin- Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Braml
"Itnpenitor" IImhh and Bacon, nmi Shamrock Brand, Leaf I-anl.
ZT?. Furniture!
John E. Wood's Furniture Store 0. M. SPROAT, Office, Cowan Blk,


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