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The Mail Herald 1908-05-20

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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Provincial  Library
The Mail-Herald
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this Machine
is unsurpassed —PitlCE: $60 00 cash.
Vol. 14.-No  37
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY 20, 1908
tntgnor Publishing Co, Agents
50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boys' and Girls' Tennis and Lacrosse Shoes in
Pure Rubber and Flexible Soles, the low cut, sell at
$1.25; High Lace $1.35.
Ladies' and Men's Sporting Shoes, lacrosse, tennis,
etc., in White, Tans, Blacks, extra good canvas tops,
flexible rubber soles. The low cut sell at $1.25, the
high cut lace Balmorals at $1.50.
Boys' Fancy Canvas Low Shoes, strapped and
reinforced with leather, light and cool for hot Summer
days, very economical for the dry Summer days. Sizes
1 to 5, at—$1.50.
Men's White Canvas Shoes, delightfully soft and
cool, very dressy, made in the new shapes, extra good
leather soles. The Low Shoes or Oxfords sell at $2.50
—the High Cut Lace or Balmorals sell at $3.00.
Ladies' White Canvas Oxfords in extra fine
canvases, made in the new shapes, plain or toe cap,
American Ties, very stylish, the acme of shoe comfort,
at $2.50 and $2.75.
Tan Canvas Mercerized 0> fords, in very new
shapes, the very newest heels, Fancy Silk Ribbon Ties,
light and cool.    Selling now at $3.00.
SHOE DRESSING—Tan Beauty and White
Beauty, in liquid form, for cleaning Canvas Shoes—
25 Cents.
Stores at Reveletoke and Arrowhead.
Flies are coming—Get ready. We will sell you new
Screen Windows and Doors, or fix up your old frames.
la your Lawn Mower in shape ? if not we will put it
in shape for a su all charge. For the edge of your lawn, get
Grass Shears or a Sickle, also a Sharpening Stone. We
have them.
Who does not enjoy a Hammock ? You'll enjoy ours
more. Beautiful patterns. We have also a splendid line
for the baby.
Now tbat tbe hot weather is here, and you find it bard to
keep vour food from spoiling get a good Refrigerator. We
sell that kind only.   See our best white enamellod inside.
Freeze your own cream and make  it  to your  own  t-iste,
Delicious creams in n minute with our Freezers.
Lawrence Hardware Co..
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Rrauoha. in tha Proviaeaa of Manitoba. Albarta.Saaaatclnwau,
British Colombia, Ontario, QtebSS,
Oapital Authorised - •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up - ■w.aas.eoo.oo
Reserve Fund .... 04,035,000.00
D. R. Wilkib, President; Hon. R. Jakfkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Buelnese ITrantaoted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Locomotive Engineers.
Cot.tiMiius, May 19—Whether the
tlriitliertiiiod of Locomotive Engineers
ahull admit motormen employed on the
steam and interurban railways to
membership, was ono of the questions
disouesed at the biennial convention
in this city. The queetion waa relerred
to a committee of ten members. Ap
plications for the organization of divisions in South America and in the
canal zone was discussed and referred
lo I'.oiiitnittccs. The application, from
South America came chio y from which lias no representative
Pink Dominoes
The Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Club will present as tbeir Victoria
Day theatrical production on Monday
night, the three act comedy "Pink
Dominoes," one of the most amusing
pieces ever staged in Reveletoke. The
play will be produced aa a benefit for
tbe Y.M.C.A. and the public patronage
ii invited both tu further tbe cau-e
and alao to wind up a good day's
holiday In witnessing thit special
operatic attraction. Tbe comedy is
full nl (un, amusing lituationt and
sparkling with humor, and tbe public
will thoroughly enjoy it. Seats on
sale at 0. R. Maodouaid'i.
Successful Fishing Trip up Seymour Arm
Messre. .1. Leslie, J. McSorley, Dr.
Croas, T. Walsh and S. Youill returntd
on Saturday night from a three weeks'
hunting and fishing trip up Seymour
Arm, Lake Shuswap, Tbe party left
here on May li, with a goodly supply
of sporting equipment and provisions
taking their own boat. Mine host
Congreve of the Bellevue Hotel, Sicamous, very willingly lent his smart
motor boat and towed the campers
through tbe long reaches of the Salmon Arm narrows and Seymour Arm
to the head of the latter, where he left
them. Camp was located near tlie
junction of Seymour river and Celesta
creek, and the dayi were spent in
trolling and rod work, the daily catch
frequently reaching to over thirty,
trout, dolly vaulen, rainbow, etc.
After a successful outing tbe party
essayed to return and tbis time enlisted tbe services of tbe tug belonging
to tbe Arrow Lakes Lumber Co. at
Celesta who brought them down in
quick time to Sicamous. The weather
wae pleasant during tbe trip and the
party all report a moet enjoyable time
and speak in loud praise of Lako
Shuswap and ite attractione. While
on the trip the party met Mr. and
Mra. Walter Duune enjoyiog their
honeymoon trip up the lake.
Ottawa, May HI.—The April financial atatement covering receipta and
expenditures fnr the past fiscal year
ending March 31, ehowa total revenue
for the year aa entered eo far, to be
I'.i.i.iHl7,il"ll, but when all returns are
in, il will probably total well over 99
:i illume. Mr. Fielding in bia budget
speech on March 17, estimated tbe
total revenue at .96,600,000. The
total expenditurea to dale have been
fRt),OG9,058 on consolidated fund and
131,531,88- on oapital aooount.
Special Attention Paid to Fire
Alarm System
The regular session of tbe City
Council was held on Friday night with
Mayor Lindmark and Aldermen Stone,
Lefeaux, Woodland, Sawyer and Foote,
From chief of police, reporting tire
alarms O.K. and reporting also on the
false alarm on May 12 and the fire in
the steam laundry.    Filed.
From G. M. Sprout declining on the
part of his company to contribute to
the opening up of cross streets.—
From H. W. Kent submitting catalogues of fire alarms.—Filed.
From G. Lembke, resigning hie position as city electrician and requesting the Council to forward him a
testimonial. The council resolved
that his resignation should be accepted and that tbe testimonial be
From C. North, applying for the
position of city electrician. The
Council resolved that the position be
offered to Mr. North with a salary of
|100 per mouth, and in the event of
bis not accepting, tbe same would he
From the Antituberculosis Society
re contribution from tbe City Council.
From the Pioneers Fire Insurance
Company requesting a share in the
city's business.    Filed.
From H. Loughead complaining of
From D. Gallicano applying for
compensation for having to raise his
building to street level.—Filed.,
A petition largely signed was read
requesting tbat sidewalks should be
laid on certain streets in the vicinity
of 3rd and Ctli east. Tbis matter was
dealt with in the report of tbe Public
Works committee which recommends
that the tenders be let and tbe work
carried out.
A petition largely signed was read
requesting that the Laggan time be
adopted. After free discussion the
Couocil agreed that tbe matter be left
witb tbe mayor.
A resolution was passed to the effect
that the chief of police be requested to
report any faults or defects in the fire
alarm system when testing same and
that the reward for information given
of any peraon ringing in falae alarms
be increased to $100.
It was also resolved that the mayor
be given authority to arrange with
C. M. Field to assist in the city
assessment work for the year
Bitch assessment to be made at
The accounts were then paBi-ed
the meeting terminated.
Grand Trunk Pacific Construction will Affect City Commerce by Big Bend Route-
Citizens Wake Up!
A meeting of the Board ol Trade has
been called for tonight to discuss ways
and means for extending and opening
up additional transportation facilities
in tbo Big Bond country in order that
the trade which will flow from the
construction of that part of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway between Yel-
lowbeud Pass and Fort George may be
obtained for Reveletoke. Those who
have been in a country wheio railway
conetruction bas been carried on can
readily comprehend what an enormoiiB
quantity of goods are consumed in the
construction of 300 or 400 miles of
lailway. At present the Fraaer river
country produces nothing and every
pound of food, horee feed and supplies
must be taken in there. Contractors
who are figuring on tendering for the
construction of the Fraaer river section of the railway have had, and now
have men in the Cauoe river country
looking over the route with a view to
obtaining via Revelstoke and tbe Columbia aud Canoe rivers a quick and
easy route for taking in tiic thousands
of men and horses and ibuusandB of
tons of supplies that will be required
in the construction of the Fraser river
section cf the railway and there is
every prospect tbat the route will be
chosen because tbe route via Kamloops and the North Thompson is 100
miles longer and is impracticable, and
tbe route via Edmonton and Yellow-
head Pass has been found impracticable for a wagon road owing to the
fact that there are 150 miles of muskeg
to pass through. On the other hand
the route via Revelstoke consists of an
almost unbroken stretch of navigable
water from Revelstoke to a point ou
Canoe river within 45 miles of the
Fraser river near Tete Jaune Cache
the only obstacle being Death Rapids
which can be gotten around at reasonable cost by means of a short tramway
of about 3 miles length, a charter for
which has been obtained by the proprietors of the Revelstoke Navigation
Company, which company during tbe
past six seasons have by means of the
Steamer Revelstoke furnished an excellent service as fur uorth as Death
Rapids. Surveys for this tramway
bave been made and equipment lias
been secured and just as soon as th<j
conditions warrans it the actual build
ing of this line and of a steamer to
operate on the Columbia river above
Death Rapids and up Canoe river to
the Big Log Jam, will he commenced.
It ia to the interest of every business
man and property owner in Revelstoke to use every effort to impress on
the Grand Trunk Pacific people in tlie
Strongest possible way the fact that
Uin  is the most feasible   route 10 the
are paying licenses on. A trail has
been built part of the way, it is true,
but it ends "nowhere." It miiBt be
said however tbat this year's estimates
contain provision for completing this
trail, but if the government bad realized ita duty to this constituency they
would have completed it years ago and
without requiring the Board of Trade
and otheiB to keep pounding away at
them year by year to build it.
What is wanted in the Big Bend
country is the spending of just a fraction of the revenue it is producing and
tbe people of thia burg should insist
on it being done, or know the reason
why. If the Grand Trunk people decide to go in this way it mesne that
the population of Revelstoke will
double in two years.
It means that Revelstoke merchants
will have more btteineBa on their
hands than they can handle. It
means that real estate in Revelstoke
will double in value and it means
work for every man in the community
and more revenue, for the government.
It also means renewed activity in
mining in the Big Bend, and while
there is now one lumber camp in tbat
district, tbere will be dozens of them
when once the country is opened up
and in all probability a railroad north
and south at an early date. Tbe
benefits will not only be coming in
during tho period of construction of
the Frazer river section, but for all
time to come. As booh as people can
get into the Big Bend country beyond
Death Rapids and once see its resources, there will be no "let up" to
its development and Revelstoke will
thrive as it never has in tbe past as
we have a comer in the trade in tbat
country. Therefore let all good citizens get iu and boost in every possible
way and show the Grand Trunk
Pacific people that we want to help
them to come this way and at the
same time help ourselves, and last but
not least let all our people give the
Federal and Provincial governments
to clearly understand that we are in
earnest and that we want them both
to do the rigbt thing and at once.
arden Requisites
Comprehensive Scheme to be
Tried by Victoria Authorities
Victoria, May 19.—A comprehensive program for tbe better protection
of tbe British Columbia forests from
fire this summer is now in course of
preparation by tbe chief commissioner
of lands and works, and it is expected
that within a very short time the appointment uf lire wardens will Im
Last summer 23 wardens were in ac
tive service all over tbe province, but
this year more than that number will
be employed on the coast alone, so that
in all probability the fire protection
service throughout the province will
be doubled. All the deputy wardens
will be employed full time by the
province, and on the occasion of dang
erous bush lires scores of extra men
will be taken on the force temporarily
to light the outbreaks. At one time
last summer during the dry season
there were some '200 men on tbe tin
protection pay sheets.
Fire warden McKay having resigned
last [all to take the   position   of   pro
vincial timber officer, it is believed that
Mr. W. C. Gladwin, iiis lieutenant last
summer, will be appointed  chief  war
Fraser river, and  having succeeded in  den this year.
convincing  them of   that   fact, to de-1 -—«-•-<	
mand that both lhe Dominion gover-
inent aud the Provincial government
extend liberal assistance town.ils the
building of such lines of communication as may be necessary to open up
this route.
It is tlio bounden duty of the Dominion government to so improve the
Upper Columbia river as to make
same safe for navigation in all ordin-
ajy stages of water, by removal of
rocka and any other impediments
capable of being removed uud also to
assist iu providing some means for
transporting goods and passenger!
around Death Rapids which is the
only non-navigable portion of the Columbia between Revelstoke and Cauoe
The Provincial government is yearly
drawing thousands of dollars in taxes
and license fees on the hundreds of
square miles of timber along tbe Columbia and Cauoe rivers and tbeir
tributaries, and it ia not seeking too
much of that government that tbey
be asked to make a grant of one quarter of just one year's revenue from the
timber lands in that district towards
providing roads and other menus of
getting into that Canoe river country
where there are thousands of ucrce of
good arable land that will be settled
upon as soon as people oan get in
there and see what the country is like.
The Provincial government although
pulling in thousand of dollars annually for license fees on timber lands between Smith creek and the mouth of
Canoe river have not as yet done bo
much as complete a trail  so that per
sona who have timber  holdings thore
can get   into   their timber except   by I bo along and bitter one  between
•mall boat in order  to tee what tbey I government and the opposition.
Struck an Unexploded Cartridge
With Fatal Result
Fi 1:1.11, li. C, May HI.—Another
fatal accident has occurred at the new
tunnel here, where the C. P. It. ie
having their great piece of engineering
work done.
The accident occurred in the tunnel.
Some charges had been blown, and
then it Gulioiun went in tu do Borne
pick work after tbe explosion. He wns
iibiuil 11 hundred yards from the other
men who were working.
Suddenly another explosion rent
the air, and when help arrived it Wat
found lhat the Qaliaiau had been
blown to pieces. It is supposed that
it cartridge had not exploded when the
llrat blast was shot, and tbe workman
struck it with hia pick, with tho fatal
result as given above,
Long Fight  Between   Government and Opposition.
Ottawa, May 11).—The discussion
on the Aylesworth Bill wns continued
yesterday, but wan simply a case of
"marking time." Sir Wilfrid Laurier'B
latest proposal is for the appointment
of a committee of both sidea of the
House for the purpose of considering
amen Iments, but the Premier, while
disposed to drop the marked ballot
provisions, still adheres to tbe principle of "padded" lists. Tbat is he wants
specially appointed enumerators to
prepare the lists, which iB practically
the old proposal, und which the Opposition apparently will not tolerate lor
a moment.
The Conservatives met in caucus
yesterday and have decided un "no
compromise."   The fight will probably
Your garden cannot possibly lie a success unless you
hnve the proper tools to work
With and GOOD SEEDS to
sow, all uf which can he obtained at our Store. You will
then require a length of our
guaranteed RUBBER HOSE
and a sprinkler to water said
garden and possibly a AVood-
yalt Lawn Mower or a pair of
shears to cut the grass.
If your house needs painting, Sherwin-Williams'
Mixed Paints are the best, but at any rate see that the colors
are mixed with Sherwin-Williams' " Screw Press" Linseed
Oil for which we are agents. We also carry a large stock
of dry colors, colors in oil, varnishes, alabastine, etc.
Our Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers, Oil Stoves,
Screen Doors and Windows, Wire Netting, etc., are in big
demand these days.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  $9.00 per ton  is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders and
open grates,
We have a large Btock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will^flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
7}y ,
cJwell ©reaser*
TVa, .n-.,.     R>^a,u.&
sryLE.   if  Dusy.  tho me  us youn
McKJnnon   (<&   Sutherland
Fit "Reform Clothing.
At 8 Per Cent.
<Ibe fl&atMberalb.
Hii   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc
0 T I' A W A
_.riiamenury.    Departmental
.nu   Pdtent t itficc   .gents
I    , a_.sL    •-'*'     - -    - - ■*'
Ohas  MraPHV.
lLAliOi.!'   Fl.HfcB
Barrister.. BoWrltom, Etc.
j. S. On-LiS
j. (   ELUOi-r. |
Otfices:   Im 'Kh:ai.   .Unk   IIi-ock,   Rkvm.-
aiuKfc, B. C.
Mod.} .0 loan.
Offices: K-veissioke, B.C.; Oranbrook, B, 0,
llKO. S. Md'AKTtK,
t M.  I'lVKHAM, J. A.  liAHVKY,
Hevol-'.oke, IJ. Cranbrook, B, 0.
VV. L IlriKK-.
J  M. Scott LL.D
,('OTT.   AND
B.VKBIST-.K8, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
HouotTOHB fob Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Auay   ol all Ore..   Samples by mall or express
receive prompt attention.
Term. Mtideraie.
Bol 43J Kasixi, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sutveying
McKenzie Avknce,
Miking Engineer
Member American Iti-titute MiuitiK Kuniijoer-;.
Member 4'Inadixa Mitring Institute.
Mem. Jjomtniun Iuartitute Associated EitKiii oorv
Revelstoke, B, C,
Examination of aud Reports ou Mineral Properties for Investors•
(.'able Address—"Kanagan." Revelstoke. B, ('.
I'odes— Bedford-McNeill; Morelug Jc Neal;
Western Union; Clough.
red tape policy wherever possible.
In government departments all
over "the world the quality of good
Bound sense is taking the place of
ancient and useless working meth
ods tinged with meaningless etiquette and running only in the
grooves prepared for it.
Mining, Real Estate,   Businei
cial and Share Brokers,.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Slock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
"Biggest and Best"
Chewing Tobacco
It has frequently been daid that
every warship that is launched if
one guarantee more for pence on
eartli. Naturally the only peace
which tlio cultivated conscienca of
today will tolerate is the peace
which will imperil no vetted rights.
The somewhat celebrated peace
which passetli all understanding,
the peace which Bhould come of
men and nations alike doing as
they would be done hy, this is
quite out of the question in these
days of national progress and when
commercialism is the all ruling
spirit which dominates every power
on earth, because, (if for no other
reason) it would have a   tendency
 to deprive hereditary princes  anil
(potentates of the job to which long
prescription entitles them. In the
meantime, where the other cheek
is sheathed in brass and studded
with spikes, it is turned with vastly more effect than where, it is
wholly unsophisticated. It is the
soft answer to which the big stick
gives palpable irony that really
does things to wrath. "Si vis
pacem, para helium," "if you  wish
A Frenchman's Idea of Golf
"But your game of golf! Oh, yea ! I
know him. You put on the tunic
red, bo red as the Ingleesh rosbif underneath-done. You strap your sack
of bended-head slicks on tbe back of a
boy twice ao amnll aa the bag. He
scrape a mud pudding to make balance
a leetlc white ball. He make three
bad tries to balance him, then very
angry you call loud: 'Four.' Then
you what yon call address tho bull,
and, mn foi, your address Bometinies is
of language to make afraid Yon
strike, and the ball find himself in the
bonkaire. You cull aloud for the nibe
ltingen stick, and beat the dust till
your partner say: 'Ho, chukit '.' You
say but, my friend, I excuse myself to repeat what you Buy. Ah! my
firend. you are a great nation, but
your golf game gives me what you
Ingleesh call ze hump."
I.  O.  F.
Court Mount Boubie, No. 8461, meet. 2nd and
Ith Holidays iu Oddfellows Hull, nnxt to Opera
House. Visiting brethren cordially invited to
J.W Oakland, CH.
H. W Edwards, r s.
c. w. o. vv.
Mountain view camp. No. va.
Meet. Second and Fourth Wednesdays in
each month, In Selkirk Hall. Vlnliin Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
W. II. AttMSTltONG, Con. Com.
J. McINTYItK, Clerk.
and Value
Some men put correct
style above everything else,
when selecting Suits and
Overcoats. Others demand
The Fit-Reform trademark is in the pocket of Fit-
Reform garments to guarantee that you will get both.
This trademark is the
all-important part of a Suit
or Overcoat.
It's the biggest "little
thingn in Canada, because
it stands for the best there
is in tailoring.
Look for it when you
come for your new Suits.
Revelstoke, B. C.
F. O. E.
The regular moutings »re beld iu the Selkirl
Hull every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cloctc. Visiting brethren are oormally invited.
J. LESLIR. President.
W. K. McLAUI'HLIN, Secbktahy.
Kootmnv Lod
The Spine Located.
A class ol boys in a school have
been studying physiology with remarkable results. They were ordered
to write a composition on "the spine."
Many interesting papers were turned
in on this subject, but there wns one
tbat was a gem. The boy wrote: "Ti<e
spine is a bunch of bones that runs up
and down the buck and holds the ritu
The skull sits on one end aud I on the
No. 15 A.F,« A.M.
The regular moot-
lugs, are held In the
Hiifonic Temple,
jdd Fellows Ball.on
lhe third Monday In
each month at I?
p.m. Vlsitingbreth
ren cordially wel
U, A. I'lHil'L'NTF.U, Skcretakv.
Meets. cveryThuraduy
evening tn Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
dially Tuvltod to attend
J   M VTH1E, Sue
Hastings* Doyle & Allum
Mtitiufticturod for all classes of buildings
for sale in hir^o or nmall quail titles
at the lowest  iti on lor cosh.
bnil-Ui-K ai'd plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughb
Cash Prices Paid
Exporter of Furs
D raying
All Kinds of Light and  H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Q.LEMBKB, N'.'l.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. 26, RevelBtoke, B. C.
ex-.-epi Third Wednesday ol
eachaiontii, in ttie Oddfellows'
Hall at a o'clock. Vls-iting
Knights are cordially  nvitcil.
J. MATHIE, ('  ('.
Q. H. HROCK, K. of B. &S.
H. A. J1BOWN, M. of F
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs in carpets, Our stock is
complete, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
R. HOWSOjS Sr co.r.
•¥_. «**_. _tfc..,*T
£be ffl>aU-1beral&
Trier* Ij |i  Tnact: btti iu the best of u.=.
..-. 1 - . ivieh _f.•■ *-H ia the wor-i nf up,
T(_*t it n*r Uj behooves any M us,
T j tAiK ah mi the re-t of tu.
Columbia,   [n the Matter of the " Winding
Up Act", being chapter lu of the Revised
statutes of Canada
Int..-   datter of The El*  *I Tin  Workers  Gold
Mining Company of L&rdeau Britinh Colura-
1  ' ■ ;: ■■ -  % ILia .tn___.ui*_*u_.^ __—   l •-.--__,-___  _________ ____»!
Tu-Ki-■.-.... -.,  'Flashlights on human Nature
^^^^^^^^ love, mari i*w aud pareutage
e   j                  .   i               .       »   | above matter dated the 27tl  lanuan ■-    I   in   Tells what rou'd aalc a doctor, out don't like to
multo ol l lie preseni <.uu ,   noi oiit\    i. ,,, „,., v u tpp ■., ■,. |. .•>       . -        -   no pages, Hi titrated, i.< oenta; bm to Introduce
■               .•        .           ,-   .,,        „„„     >■■       imed Comp It we send one only to any a^lult for po>*taKc,
where national questions are con-1  n,^,,,,,,. ,„th ,'u/nf Xnrtx XM. Iiooont
nrtll.T MARRY,   DOCTOR   or
11 I I IM      I detpalr.     " Don't do   a
• 1 ll     I thing" till you ao. oloarly
UUM      I what1! boat by aid of
for pence, prepare for   war ! " is the | ,,ylhe Bonourahle Mr. Jn.tlce Slorrlaon In thelonhealtJi.diiea*
HEAD OEKIUK :   Cai.hakv,   Ai.hkhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Puckers nnd Dealers in Live Stock.    Markets in all the priori
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and Ihe Yukon.
Puckers of the Celebrated Brand " Imperat r" Hams and Bacon,
j    and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard,
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Ruy direct ana get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Blowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. C.   Catalogue free.
(IreenhouBes and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      -     B. C.
oerned, but also in every pha_>e of ]
life, business and occupation.
Dao-st thia l'.th .lay ol April. WO..
| tat Ap 11 :»' '"'
0 itns't lU-K'..trar.
M    HILL,  PUB. CO.
-1  Baurt 28th Stroot. NEW YORK
The twentieth century may. perhaps, be cJis-tinfiui-i.ed in a manner
by an  abatement  oi   the red tape I old storj   ol    lidu'i   kno« it was
piai»ue. which  has  hitherto been a j loaded," although uot in every case
We understand that instructions
h;i\'-  ueeii issued  vi all the B.C. |
provincial  constables, un-Hting on
a   ■strict   enforement   of   the   law
at_;un..t tuinot-. carrying tirearms ol
any description.   The promise   •
handling  by  boys of   all   a_s-   :
weapons haa frequently ied to dangerous   and   fatal   result* and lhe|
coiisuierabie hindrance to the rapid action, expancii-.n or development, Iwth of the country :■.- n
whole, and alco uf individual fec- '.'i   mi
i ii   ■      , .   an;  person
under   ho age ol I I    ea      inli
accompanied hu   father    ur
tiotii anu communities,     it   any*Iguardian, who   tha ri    i jun
thing has prevented progress In a | rifle  or   pistol,  or other tirearms,
hundred  different   diri- tiona thru-
out Canada and even down to a com-1
psratively unah city  iike Revel*
■ toke, it has been the   highly artistic, inane  bumnlednin and officialism.    It  is impossible for red tape
and cum mon sense  to be joined together   and   work  in harmonj for
any lietternient,   either   in governments, railroad" and other corporations,   ur     in    movements   and
schemes  for  developmental   work,
and while it lasts friction and complaint are bound to continue,    it is>
noticeable that the minds of all our
large   and   influential bodies and
sects are broad   and   more unconventional, which conventionality is
in   reality   another   form   of  red
tapism and   their   movements are
less   hampered   with old hard and
fast   rules   and   regulation, whioh
very   well   suited   the  minds and
judgments of our ancestors.    Mod*
ernization   has   changed   all tlutt
and   every  city   and community
should   endeavor to   minimize lhe
shall   on   summary    oonviotion
thereof, be Liable to a penalty noi
••v eeding ten dollars, or in dels ill
of payment ol Ibe penalty, to the
forfeiture oi the gun, rifle, pistol or
other firearm.     Exception is onl;
made in   the case uf  boys shooting
on   tbeir   parents' farms, or when
employed by farmers to shoot birds
or vermin upon the  land.      While
every   Canadian buy should learn
huw to shoot  and handle a rille or
anv firearm,   it   is, however   to be
reasonably   expected   that     some
restrictions should be placed upon
them    which   will   teach   them to
observe   thn   law   and make them
less   careless   in their tme of  such
wen] ions.
Import direct from Country of origin,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Central Hotel
_s____-REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built,      First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Mains $1.60 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   managemeni
Sat.   "   23 Lk. Manitoha
Fri.    "   20 Kmp. Ireland
Sat. June 6 Lk.Champlain Wed. 20
Fri.   "   12 Emp. Britain Fri. •• 20
Winter Season From St. John
lst. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$9000   $4875 $2875
IS!, Class ind. Class 3rd. Cluss
$80 00      $42 50       $27 5p
Otiikr Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points In connection with steamship tickets.
l'lisseiigi'is booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg nnd
all ether pontine tal ports,
For further Information apply to
T.W.Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Bevelstoke. Vancouver.
suitably luriiihlii'd with the choicest thp
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors »nd
Cijrars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ^XiB-EIRT     STO_CT_E3      PEOP.
C. B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B. C,
Free miners' licences expire (sti May
81, when tbey miiM he renewed for the
ensuing year.    Wo would remind all
miners thnt the Hint lull- on „ Hominy
this year and W6 advise  nil those wiio
wi«h to renew their licences to do no
nt the Con.I House belo.e 1 p.m. on
-nt Hi'biy, May lillth, next, after which
time the olbce ia closed till Monday,
who oan eat Manning?! osodiei
without InivliiK mime little feeling of gratitude for   ihe donor.
Of COUrie you've got. to light your
own love battles, young man, but
our confections you'll lind to Im
a strong 111 Iy in your wooing.
it's Candy Pilate
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Revised   Statutes of  Oanada,
1908, Chapter 115
Pursuant to lhe  above Statute tl|t:
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited) give notice that they have
applied by petit ion to thu Hovernor-in.
Council for approval of the site and
plans for certain booms proposed to be
const misled in the Columbia Hiver
near Golden in the Province of Uritish
Columbia, a plan and description of
the proposed Bite and of tlie booms to
be constructed have been deposited
with the Minister Of Public Works at
Ottawa, and n-duplicate thereof in the
Land Registry omce at Nelson, 11.0.
Dated this HUtli day of April, 11X18.
Columbia RiVbr lumbbb Co., Lro.
my 2-1KI d Managing Director.
Certificate of Improvements
M.j'inlis Msull, Mill, rt., Iron Mml..nil Lull*
Fraction mlntr*l el*lma, titliit. In tlm
Nrmit' *kc Mining 111 vision ol Weal Kooto.
u*r lilntrlot,
Whuris liicutcl: In Uoat Crook Bails, adjoining the Heatrlee tlroup,
Tako nolloe that 1, ll. Smith, F.M.C. No.
IISH7I'-, fiKisnt for J 11. Maokisimlis, i-.M.O. No. B
sM7_ and Archer Martin, . M 0. No. B17.__,
tnti'ii'l, Hlxty iIhj'h Irom (lntis liuroof, to apply
to tho Minion itisrnrtler for a Certificate ol
Improvements, lor the purpose ol obtaining a
Crown Or.nt ol Uie above claims.
And further take notloe tbat action, under
"isisildii 87. must be commenced before tbo
issuance ol suob coruscate of Improvements,
Hated this 16th dav ol April, A,D, IM.
l(iivisl>Ksk!s 1 .mi 1 IM.trlct.
iii«iri,.i ut W1..1 Fnnunav,
Tnlii. s...ll'ss that HA dill ntlKr lilt* I inl.nil
t.s iii.iily Iss si... I'hi.rI'ssniiiiliiiiiiiiiirnf Linrls
mul Work, fnf M'l'i" .i-." to i-smsIms .. 11... f..'
liiwlinr 'Ipirrlliml lnnil. 1
1'..n"s""i'mu' nt si pnsl I'lnntoil nt thn nssrlli.
east os.mar ul Lnl ,mi'i (I. I.OH Flub,
IIissiis'si ,.., I ! rhnbil more or Is. - I" wn-t lins,
ssf A. A. ttneKlnnnii'i pri*lii(ptlon, tlience
sntutli do i'Imsii,., il.ssiii..'wss t st iiiiiiiii. more nr
I.s ■.. is. "si-si linn ut l.ut 7H(r,, (1. I, ttiotice north
Idlrlmliis, lis i.sliit nf ciiinninnnnment.
I,.11 iit's'l tin" :inl ilny of Fell. 1901.
sat fab »        THOB  VV   W1LLIAU8, Locator
TAK I. NOTICI5 that lhe shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
I'lruigi' tin- name of ihe Company to
" Revelstoke    Agricultural   Hoclety,
Limited," and Intend In apply lo the
Liiutenant-Ooveiniirbi-Couiieil for an
Order changing the name accordingly.
I luted Uth January, 11X18.
A. Y. Anokhson,
feb 8 8m Secretary,
Certificate of Improvements.
Hevenue Mineral Clnlin "Itiinte In the Lardenu
MIiiIiik llivMim uf VVohI hs.siiteiiiiy Ulstrlof.
Whereldcntedi—On Pool  Creek,  hi'lnx au extension uf the TnrllT   inlliiiriil eliilm, and
iinrnllel wilh tho Unstcnw and Miihnwk on
the south-woslurly side.
Take  notice thnt I,   11.   Hmilh,   F.M.C. Nn,
8H71-I1.   nsmit   for  Dttn AIiiiIIiik, Bpocliil I'rnn
Minor's  t ertlflcate No. SKW, Inieue, Hi»tv ilnys
from the dale hereol, to npulr to tha rlu.h.u
Heonrder fur 11' ssriilli'iiin nf Impriiveinent., fnr
the purpose of obtlilulug nCruwo Grant ot the
above claim.
Aud  further  take  uotice that action, niiiler
Section 37, must bo commenced before the Ihhii.
ance of such (.rtltlcate of Improvement.,
Dated this Pith day ot March, A.D. IMS.
meh 11 wed
Heading off a Risk
Gas is liable to puff out
ot the fruut door of any
furnace   unprovided   for
gas escape.
"Sunshine" Furnace has
Automatic Gas Damper
directly connected with
smoke-pipe. Gas pressure
sways damper sufficiently
for it to escape up chimney
(see illustration), but heat
doesn't escape.
-.   "Sunshine"
Means protection to the
furnace parts against evil
effects of gas.
What does "Sunshine"
Gas Damper mean to
"Sunshine" householder ?
Means furnace can be
operated without fear as to
"puffing" gas j furnace can
be left without doubt as to
whereabouts of gas.
What docs "Sunshine" Gas D-imper m<Mn to "Sunshine" coal account ?
It means, instead of owner with "ordinary furnace" fear having to keep
check-draft indefiniiely closed to "let otf" Ras— when there's two-thirds
parts of heat-energy to one part of gas p tssing up chimney-— draft can with
all safety be opened, and co al saved lor another day's duly*
St. John,
Hamilton '
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, IS.".!..
Wm. Molson Macphkbson, Pips. S. H. EwiNG,;Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four   brandies  in   Camilla  and   Agencies   in   all   parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on  Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
VV. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Eto., John
Deere Ploughs, Mulino Wagons], Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., danism Seeders and.Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Borse Shoeing a
I %%%^»^'*^%%^*_^'%*_^s4_^f>»^^stV».%4V%*^
White Plague Lurks in this Dangerous Appendage.
1( tbere is une article of woman's
wearing apparel that seems to set nt
defiance both grace and hygiene it is
the scavenger skirt. It trails through
the mud and mire, through the snows
of January, the slush of March aid
the showers of April, and wherever it
winds its blthy length, men arise and
call it not bleBsed. The Montreal
Star commenting on tbe subject says :
"Just why tbe dainty sex is deter
mined to sweep up the filth of tbe
streets with her skirts and then carry
a large portion of tbe collection home
with her to distribute between the
carpets of the living rooms and the
lecesses ol the wardrobes, must be aud
ever remain a mystery to the mere
man. He gets his boots into the dirt
but he takes paine to tbem as
often a. possible. Moreover, when he
fails to leave as much of tbis refuse of
the streets on the door mat as possible
he anticipates a lecture from tbe
household guardian just as soon as she
has bustled about tbe house "Ith ber
dusty'skirt and provided microbeB for
the children's breathing." RevelBtoke
is the same as any other city in tbis
respect and our fair sex should take
heed of this and exercise more care
when using wet.muddy or dusty streetB.
Legislation on tbe subject would
never be tolerated in this free country.
We can forbid smoking in certain
places; we can attempt to cut off tbe
supply of cigarettes; we can prohibit
tbe scattering of papers on tbe streets.
But to interfere with a lady's right to
trundle a microbe-museum at ' tbe
bottom of ber walking-skirt would be
too much for the Constitution. Only
tbe etl'orts of men to dottle the air and
litter up the streets can be attacked
iu this community, where women are
denied the ballot.
Tbe remedy of this abuse lies with a
few independent women i, ho may induce their lesa courageous sisters to
refuse to trail tbe scavenger skirt
] through our city thoroughfares. For
'a dinner gown or evening dreBS the
long skirt may be graceful and becoming; on tbe street it is not only a
nuisance but a menace. It would not
be out of place for those interested in
tbe work nl fighting consumption to
consider how the scavenger skirt has
helped to extend the ravages of tbis
white plague. Fashion iB one of the
greatest forces in the world, and when
under its influence woman will fall
into strange capers. Tbe stout matron
will wear plaids with flounces if she is
told that they are to be in style; the
slender creature will don stripes uncomplainingly   if   she is asBured that
British Canadian Wood Pulp
and Paper Company, Limited.
Owners of the Townsite of Port Mellon, Howe Sound, 25 miles from Vanoouver.   Head Office, 813 Cordova
Street, Vanoouver, B. C.
We recently offered (or subscription the first 100.000 Preference shares of this Corporation
nt $1.1X1 per share, each 100 shines entitled to a bonus of 25 shares of Preference Stock; the first 100,000
Shares was Immediately taken up.
We now offer the balance of the second 100,000 shares of preferred stock at Jjil.OO per share, each
numb nl shares entitled to a bonus of lo shares of Preferred stock.
First allotment on second 100,000 will be made May 19th, dual allotment May 80th,
tinns should tie in the ollice of the Company by tl o'clock, May 10th.
All Bubscrip.
In order to treat all applications, large and small alike, and to make no discrimination, all subscriptions received prior to llnal allotment,   May milh,   will  be allowed   pro rata on tbe second lt"),0O0, and
balance on third 100,000,   There will be no bonus stock, however, allowed, only on second issue,   The
third 100,000is tube sold at par, $1.1X1 per share  without bonus, anu those subscribing prior to May 30th
aro given absolute preference on third issue
Thu Preferred Stock now being offered is entitled to an annual dividend of 7 per cent,, commenolng
November 1, 11X18, but unlimited as to further dividends, I.e., after 7 percent, has been paid upon the
Preferred and Common, both slocks thereafter participate et|tially. There is no reason why this stock
should noi pay from 30 to 50 per cent, dividends,
PAYM1NT8    10 percent, on application; 15 per cent, in .'U.I days; balance in H monthly payments.
Hereafter no subscriptions will be received by telegraph or Intii' distance telephone, Unless accompanied by tM'application payment pf \l\ jier pep,t,   '
We are rushing work on I ho first unit nf this great plant,—the entire plant when oompiete will have
a weekly capacity of1H0 tons of newspaper, and 270 tons of wrapping. No better site fora great modern
paper mill could nave been selected than Poit Mellon, only 25 miles from Vancouver; unexcelled drainage and magnificent deep water harbor. We have secured the water rights of Itainy Hiver, which Hows
through the property, and have also placed a 20,000 inch water record on Clowhoin Falls for the  pur-
Ilose of manufacturing ground wood pulp.   Theso t wo sources have a combined volume of over 20,101
torse power.
Those Interested aro cordially invited to visit Port Mellon and inspect the progress of the work up to
date.   It will not be long before we are turning out 80,01X1 pounds of wrapping paper per week.
The public are also invited to visit the demonstrating plant of the Company, 819 Cordova street,
and witness the manufacture of wood pulp and paper.
Office of tho company opou Wednesday and Saturday evenings until 0 o'clock.
Pies, British Columbia Tjuqt Corporation,
W, II. It. OOLLIHTER, Manager Albion Iron Works
Vancouver, B, 0.
.1.   HUFF  STIIAHT,   Managing Director, Clark  A
Stuart, l(ld., Sliitiiiniirs, Vancouver, li. O.
COI„T. II. TKACV. M.C., Soc. CH,, I'.fi.S., I>.I„S„
(Jon.. Fug., formerly City Engineer,   Vancouver.
r'HEDK.   AI'I'LETON,  Managing   Director  M.   It.
Smith (in., Victoria.
FRED SMITH, Member Smith Wright* Davidson,
Wholesale Paper Oo., Vancouver,
II. M. BURRlTT, Western   Manager  Corticolli   Silk
Co., Vanoouver,
.1.   0,  W. STAN LEV,   formerly   General   Manager
West London Paper Mills, London, Hug.
0APT. II. A. MELLON,  J. P.,  American Lloyds
Agents, etc.
EUSTACE II. .lENNs, Barrister, etc., Vanoouver,
GEO, K. CATB8, dates, shipbuilding 0o„  Vanoou-
H. C.
ALD, W.J, cAVAi.AHll, Member W. .1.' .ivaiuigh (UlEELY (COLTS, fm-in-rlv General-Manager Paclfli
** do,, Vanoouver, Coast Soda Co.
tbey are the proper garb. Hut may
we not. hope that there is enough
-living common Bense among womankind to keep them from further endangering the health ot their households? There is nothing more ungraceful and amusing than the
spectacle of a woman struggling to
keep a section of a scavenger skirt out
of the duet. Perhaps the curtoouisi
could meet the difficulty and ridicule
the "train" out of outdoor existence.
Visitor Brings Seeds of New
Hybrid Plant.
Capt. L. P. Bowler, who is visiting
I!. O , and who is at the coast now,
bas brought a email quantity of cotton
seeds, which will be given to those applying. He is desirous of Beeing
whether or not the'tree will grow in
this province. He thinks the chances
are fairly good, especially in the dry
belt as tbe tree has been a success in
Mafekiug South Africa. Capt. Bowler having brought the seeds from that
portion of the world.
"Tbis is not a shrub, tut a tree,"
Capt Bowler remaked, ''being a hybrid between Peruvian sea island and
Mexican long Btable. It is more productive than the ordinary plant, and
gives a far greater percentage of lint.
Ordinary cotton gives about 48 per
cent, lint, while this produces 60 per
cent., the other 40 per cent being
seed. Not only tbat, but the new tree
produces from 1,000 to 1,500 poundB
per acre. Moreover, it iB a perennial,
whereas the other is an annual, and
bears 18 months after planting.
In Egypt, the new kind in grown
on an enormous scale, aid a large
company bas'been formed, with the
nephew of thi Khedive in charge, to
specially grow it. It is nlso grown iu
Queensland, and in India the government is di.-tributing ton-: of seeds to
email planters to see what can be
done witb it there. As it will nearly
always grow where peaches grow I
do not see why Uritish Columbia cannot produce cotton, and if the Province can, another ;.reat resource will
be added. Warm valleys, with light,
sandy soil are required, though it
grows well in loam. The seeds are
planted ten feet apart, about an inch
deep, and 450 may be put into the
B. C. Will be Well Represented
at Calgary Fair
The provincial government has decided to arrange (or an exhibit at tbe
Dominion exposition, which will take
place early in Julyv at Calgary. Tbe
announcement was made yesterday by
Hon R.'G.Tatlow, minister of finance
and agriculture. He stated that,
twhile it would be dillicult to prepare a
display which would give an adequate
idea of the fruit growing poesibilities
of the country, because of the dates on
which the fnir would tako place,
everything possible would bo done to
make tbe exhibit representative of the
resources of Briti.h Columbia aud
creditable in every respect.
Hon. Mr. Tutlow stated that in
place of fresh fruit there will hn sent
to the exhibition fruit in a preserved
state. A complete display of tbe
various timbers found in this province,
ot tbe mineral deposits, eto , would be
included. R. M. Pal.ner, provincial
commissioner of horticulture, would
have charge of the arrangements, and
already had  commenced , reparations.
There will also be individual exhibits from the following six districts
of the province; Revelstoke, Vernon,
Nelson, Kelowna, Cranbrook and
Forecast and Destiny
Apropos of the numerous recent
automobile accidents in all portions ol
the globo, the following is significant
ol the times.
The Rev. G. I., Merrill, of St. Paul,
Minn,, soes in automobiles tho fulfilment ol the prophecy ol Niihum ii,!;
"Tho chariots shall rage in thestrcots,
they shall jostle ono against another
in the broad ways; they)sball seem like
torches, tli y shall run like tbe light
niiigs." A reference to the chapter
further discloses that iu verso eight
there is also a seeming allusion to
these same chariots in the sentence:
"Stand, stand, shall they cry; but none
shall look back." No better description could be given of the conduct of
the average ohaelTeur and his companion a.
By way of warning to our modern
charioteers wbo "rage in the streets,"
it may lie well to quote tbe concluding
verse ol the chapter as foreshadowing
the doom to which, il tbe Minnesota
interpreter of prophecy is correct, the
soorching chauffeurs may look forward;
"Behold, I am against thee, saith the
Lord ol Hosts, and I will burn bur
chariots in lho smoke, and the Bword
shall devour thy young lions; and I
will cutoff thy prey Irom the earth,
and the voice of thy messengers shall
no more be beard,"
and careful attention in Rents,
Settlements of Rents made monthly,
Culled ions made everywhere hy expert, collectors nnd adjusters— Ouhitn-
iiin Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Ave.
Revelstoke, H. O.
ITlQGhS fm Hatching from a splendid
'J strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Reds, $1.50 for 15.—Mrs. Drew,
Reliable Poultry Yards, Camborne,
li. C. ap 22-lmo
FOR SALE—Eggs for Hatching—
Tho'oughbred, silver laced .\yan-
duts, best winter layers. Price $1.50
for 15 eggs.    Address Box 237.
IjlOR QUICK SALE-Ohenp cash
' register, safe and store fixtures,
Splendid condition. Apply Unx 014,
Jt by 1st of Mny at Halcyon Hot
Springs., must understand horses and
milking; wages $10, with board, room
and washing,
LOST~At the Roller Rink a few
nights ago a $10 gold piece. The
Under will receive $2 on returning
same to owner through Maii.-Hkkai.ii
-VTURSING-Mi's. Alice C. Lee, nf
W Fourth Street, is prepared to go
nut nursing.
PRIVATE   HOME   for   maternity
cases. Second Street,  West, or P.
O, Box 211—Mrs. A. E. Bennison.
Liquor Licence Act, 1900
Notice is hereby given that at the
expiration of one month from date the
undersigned will apply to Ihe Superintendent of Provincial Police for n
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, B. C, of the hotel
liquor licence now held by n:e in
respect of tbe " Windsor Hotel " at
Illccillewnel, Ii, C.
Dated this 22nd day of April, llJ08.
C. D. Mounts.
WANTED-A competent girl for
general house work. Good
wages, no children. Wages $25.00 per
month.—Apply tbis Otlice.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence for the Hotel
Queens at Comaplix, B. O., for tbe
half year from July 1st, 1008, to Dec
31st, 1908.
sat my 2 30d J. H. Younh.
Take notice that I. Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, H. O., intend applying
to tbe Superintendent of Provincial
Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Reception Hotel at Camborne,
Dated May 14th, 1008.
sat in I680d        Coky Mknhknick.
Take notice that I, Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. C, intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, nt lhe expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for tho premises known
as the Coronation Hotel, at Camborne,
Dated May 14th, 1008.
sat in 10 8(ld CoiiY MknHKnick.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to tbe superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Glacier
House Hotel, at Glacier, H.C., for the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
for six months from July 1st, 1008 to
Dec. 31st, 1908.
Dated this 12th day of May, 1908.
w my 18 30d " G. S. Fundi.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, M. K. Lawson of
Revelstoke, occupation house-keeper,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing al a post planted ou
the line of Lift No. 7583, and marked
M. K. Lawsou's N. E. corner post,"
tbenco south along said line 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 20
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 20 chains tn P. Maher's pre-emption, thence east 20 chains to point of
Minnie EC. Lawson,
Daled April 6th, 1008. w ap 29
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between
I'.ie undersigned and carried on und e
tbe firm name and style nl lhe Enter
prise Brewing Company has this day
in.en dissolved hy mutual consent,
Mr. J. P. Sutherland withdrawing
from the partnership. The business
in future will be carried on under the
same Him name by Messrs. Thomas
Downs and Climbs Holten who will
assume and pay all liabilities of the
bile partnership firm, and all debts
due the late firm are payable to tbem.
,l. p. Sutherland,
Charles Holtkn,
Thomas Downs,
per, E. Edwards, Attorney
Witness.' Geo, s. McCarter.     np26
To John Euiicst, or fo whomsoever be
may bave transferred bis Interests!
Take nottoo Hull I, the undersigned,
co-o.wneip with you In the following
mineral olaim, vi/.,: (lold Fly mineral
claim, situated mi Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, of the Provinoe of
llriiisb Columbia, have done there-
quired work iiii the above mentioned
mineral claim for the year eliding 1007,
In order lo hold Ibe same under Section 21 of tbe Mineral Aot.
And furl her take notice that if within 90days from Ibe Hist publication of
ibis notice, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with ilm oostof ibis
advertisement, your Interest in the
said   mineral  claim  will   become   the
property  of the underslgnod, tinder
Section 25 II of Ibe Mineral Act,
Daled at Camborne, II, O,, this I llh
day of May 11X18.
sni. my iii ikm ,i. A, Lewis,
IN   Till.   HIIPKUMK   col iti    Ol'   liltlTINII
t' In Hi.-Mill I,■! .if Um "Win.linn
I'p Art", liiilm; chapter III lil Um Unvlsunl
Ninl nli-s nf (liuiatln
III Um MlitUlt "I Tlm ICUiinil  Tin   Wiirkn,   ((..I.I
Mlltlliu Cnni|iiiny nl Lariluiili, Hrltisili (liillllu-
Iiiii, liiiiiti-ii, Non-psnioiuu l.llllilllly.
Tliu orwllton nl Um llli'ivis tiiiinisil .■<>iii|i:iiiy  nisi
rei|iilrml nn nr istiiurc tin. lira ilny nf June, inn*.
tn tii-nsl l.lis.ii Hamuli uml tulllroiSflS, mul Dm par-
tUsnlarH nf lliulr ilulil. in cfnlnil, ami Um naniHH
uml aililriiHHUK nf llmlr,  II liny, In Julin
K.limissi, I1. II   tlnx Kin,   ItiiviilHlnkn,   Hi  ('ill-
iillltlla, Un- Olllulal Mqillilatsir nf  Hi" .alii 1,'tnil-
fiiny, anil If hii riiniilri-il l.y nntlisu in writing frimi
Im wil'l iIfllislul l,li|iililalnr, arn by thulr suillcllnrsi
In !•iiiiiii In anil iirnvu tlmlr smlil tlulil. nr liafni. at
Hiicli Unu' ami plaru iih .liall Isu h|iisi:II1uiI In Hlirli
null''., nr In liufanlt lliurimf lllny will Imi oxrlinluil
frum tlm lii'ii.'tll nf any illsitTlliillliiti lllmlu Inifnrii
sun li itulitfl am |irnvui|.
iiui'.si at'inisiki', iii ii uii Columbia, tin. 'lay nl April, ltm-i.
Ut Apll lw Iw.      Hnlli'lUim fnr tlm h.iIiI
Julin K. JunuH, lllllrial Lii|iililatur.
Take notice that we, Messrs. Ugilvie
and McKitriek, of Nakusp, intend
applying to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police at the expiration of
one month from date hereof, for a
renewal of our hotel license for the
premises known as the Leland Hotel
at Nakusp, for the half year from July
1st., 11X18, to Dec. 31st, ilXJS.
Dated April 30th, 1008.
sat my 2 30d,   Ouilvik & McKlTRICK
Take notice thai I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel, at Halcyon, B. C,
for the half year from July 1st, 1908,
to Dec. 31st, 1908.
wap20 Harry MoIntosh,
Take notice tbat 1, F. T. Abey, of
Camborne, B. C, intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Criterion Hotel at Camborne,
Dated May 9lh, 1908.
w my 13 30d F. T. Auey.
Take notice that 1, Dave Orr, of
Camborne, B, C, intend applying lo
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
[ruin dale hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence, for lho premises known
as the Camborne Hotel, Camborne
B. C.
Dated May 9lh, 1908.
w my 13 30,1 Dave Oku.
Take notice that I, William Lovatt,
of Burton, intend applying to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one month from
date hero?, for a renewal of my hotel
licence for the premises known"as the
Kootenay Hotel at Burton.
Dated May 1st, 1908.
HinyOHOd Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that we intend to apply
to tbo Superintendent of Provincial
Police fora renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Lakeview Hotel at
Arrowhead, B. C, for the half year
from 1st July, 1IKI8 to 31sl Dec. 1908.
Dated this 8th day of May, 11X18.
satmy9 30d     PLUMTON A CHAPMAN.
That notice that I intend to apply to
tue Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of tbe retail liquor
licence for the Eva Hotel at Camborne,
B. C, for the half ye ir from 1st July
to 31st Dec. 1908.
Dated tbis 8th day of May, 19U8.
sat 0 my SOd John A. Thkw.
Nolice. is hereby given that I intend
lo apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence for the Lardeau
Hotel ai Comaplix, B.C., for the half-
year from July 1st, 1008, to Dee. 31st.
win 0 30(1 RnsSEL M, Eva.ns.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fur a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the .St. Leon
Hotel ni St. Leon, B. C., for the half-
year from July 1st, 1908; to Dec. 3ls-t,
wmyOUOd M. Grady.
Nolice is hereby given that I intend
to aup,y in the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
liquor license for the Union lintel at
Arrowbeud, B.C., for six months from
July 1st, 1908, to December 31st. iixjs.
Dated this lib day ol .May, 11X18.
w my 11 30d W. J. LlGHTBDRNB.
Take notice that   I   intend  to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provlnolal police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson, 11. C, for tbe half
year frum July 1st., 1IK18. to Dec. 31st,
.lulls Stai-iikk
'fake notloe  thai I Intend lu make
application to tin' Superintendent  of
Provincial Police fora renewal of  lhe
retail liquor licenss for the City Hotel
at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half yeai
from July im, r.«>\ to Dee. Blst, r,«i\
w up 29 J. Cai.kv.
Notice is hereby given that I  Intend
to apply to the -Superintends it  of
Provincial  Police   fin    permission   to
transfer   lo   Messrs.    Cliaiiiniin     mul
sal my:
Notice is hereby given   thai   We  intend to apply to tho Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police for tt renewal of lhe
retail liquor licence now beld In respect of the Lakeview Hotel at Arrowhead, which license has been transferred to lis by D. Cameron, the
bolder thereof,
Dated Ibis 1st. day of May, KKJH.
Hilt lliy 2.'tillI      (,'IIAI'MANft I'U'MITi'N.
Take notice that I Intend to make
application io ibe Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Hotel Bea-
lon, Kenton, H.C., for the half year
from July lsl, HHX., to Dec. 81st, 1008,
w up 50
Wm. Boyd.
Advertisement of Sale of Mineral Property.
In pursuance of the Order of the
Honourable Mr. Justice Morrison
made in the matter of the Winding-
Op Act and In the matter of The El-
wood Tin Workers Gold Mining Com-
pany of Lardeau, British Columbia,
Limited, Non-personal Liability, and
In pursuance oi directions thereunder
of Robert Gordon, Esq., District Registrar at Revelstoke, British Columbia,
lenders will he received by the undersigned for the purchase of tbe assets
of the above named company consisting of the follow ing property situated
in the_ Lardeau Mining Division of
West Kootenay, British Columbia:
Nine Crown Granted Mineral claims
to wit:
The Iron Dollar being I/ot 7059,
Group 1. Carbonate Hill being Lot
7000, Group 1. Carbonate Hill fraction being Lot 7001, Group 1. Little
Johnnie being Lot 7002, Group 1, Copper Dollar lieing Lot 3087, Group 1.
Western Star being Lot 7354, Group 1.
Western Stai fraction being Lot 7355,
Group 1, St. Kew being Lot 7303,
Group 1. And Gilman fraction being
part of Lot 4490, Croup 1.
Millsite lieing Lot 6935, Group 1;
Tramway; Stamp Mill; Saw Mill; Compressor plant and pipe line; Assaying
plant; Water Recinil No. 48; aliout 70
tons of Concentrates; buildings; bunk
houses and all goods, machinery and
chattels on the company's properly.
Such tenders to be made in writing
and sealed and marked "Tender for
Elwood Company Property," addressed to the tindeisigned Official Liquidator, P. O. Box 238 Kevelstoke, British Columbia, on or before the Fourth
day of June, 1908.
The highest or any tender will not
ecessarily be accepted,
n Further particulars of the property
will be furnished on application to the
undersigned, or to Messrs. Scott A
Briggs, bis Solicitors, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Dated this loth day of April, 1908.
sat ap 18 w4t        Official Liquidator.
rpHE attention ur tbe Lands And Works De*
1     partmiut having beeu directed to tb* fact
that iiiwn Ini-- iu a tuwn.-ite named Prince Ho
pf.ri being a subdivision of Lot 642, Kauge ■>,
Coast District, situated on tbe mainland between tbe moutb of tbe bkeena River and Kaieu
Island, are being offered for sale, it has been
deemed necessary to warn the public tbat tbe
said tnwn-ituated at tbe terminus of the Qrand
Trunk Pacifir Railway, aud is not the townsite
which is 11 who, | jointly by tbe Government of
British Columbia and the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway Company.
Chief Commissioner of Laud< and Works.
Lands and Works Department.        w my 6 lm
LN ACCORDANCE with Chapter 78. R.S.B.C.,
UBT, "Feme.- Act," the Government of
British Columbia invite applications for a
charter for a ferry to ply tcrou the Columbia
River at Spillimachine.
Applications will be received by the Hon. the
Chiel Commissioner up to ana including the
30th day of May. 1908.
Tbe limits of the ferry shall extend for a distance of two miles above and two miles below
The charter will cover a period expiring on
the .'Mi. June, 1^10.
The ferry shall beoperated whenever required t»>twe*n 1 a.m. and 7 p.m., every day except*
ing Sundays.
Applications shall give a description of the
>cow or boat it i; pnipo-ed tou-e-
Application- -.hall -tale the tolls it is pro*
posed tO ask for
Each adult passenger.
Each child (uot in arms] under 13 years.
Kach head of cattle, hor.-e. mule or donkey.
Each calf, sheep, goal or swine.
Kach vehicle with one hotse and driver.
Each cart or waggon  witb ono  horse and
driver, loaded.
Kach vt-tiiclo with two borsas and driver.
Each vehicle witb two h>ir_>e_i and driver.
Kach parcel of Wi lbs, and uuder.
Freight per _<■'..»-   and   under, perishable
Freight, per 1 •• Ibi. ana ,,.  lor, perishable
The ttuvernmeut of British (Columbia is not
uece-'.-urily bound tu accept any application
Public Works Engineer.
L%nda and Work? Department,
Ficiorm, B.C , April 80th, 1 .**,       w td
It is tbe intention of tbe B. C, Government to
bring into force thy fallowing amoudments to
tho Act a-* cited below, it.tho DOXt sitting of
the Legislature-
(Hon. Chief C.>mmi..»_on'BR
No. 85 J J 1908
Aii   Act   to   amend   the   " Highway
Traffic Regulation Act."
HIS MAJESTY, by and witb tbe advice and
ponsent Of the Legislative Aai-embly of
British Columbia, euacu as ollowi :—
1. This Act may b • tjted as the " Highway
Traffic Regulation Act Amendment Act, 1908/'
'_!. Section 8 of the " Highway Traffic Regula*
tion Act.' being chapter W2 nf tbe Revised
Statutes. 1897, as en a <ted by section 2 of chapter
;«j of the Statutes of ltfg, ii hereby repealed and
the following sectiou is substituted therefor;—
''8. It shall be unlawful for any waggon or
vehicle carrying a load of more than two
thousand poomfi to be drawn or driven oo any
public bignway  uiit the tires uf auch waggon
or vehicle «ha(l be at least four inches iu width.
;.. Section 10Or MM chapter 92 is hereby repealed and the following sactiou is substituted
therefore :-
"IU. It shall he unlawful for any person or
persons to drag log*, or timber over or along any
public highway "
4. This Act shall not oome into force eO fir
as that portion of the Province of Uritlsb
Columbia situate east of the Cascade Bauge of
mountains is concerned, until the 1st day of
January, li'"
Certificate  of Improvements
Big Hope Fraction Mineral claim No. 1.
Situate iu the Trout LakeMmiug Division'of
the Kootenay District. Located ou Poplar
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, C. J. A. N.Padley,
Free Miners Certificate No. B B8S16, iutead HA)
la) from the date hereof to apply to the Mining Keoorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for tho porpote of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the aboveclaiin. And further take notiee that
action uader Section .TI must be commenced
before the i.-*>uance of such Certificate of
Dated this 4th day of April,|19US.
l'air ol general purpose geldings,
six and seven yean, weight twenty-
one hundred, well broken to work
amnio or double, good roadsters. Also
Main wagon, double box and brake,
nearly new; one J. B. Armstrong
Democrats, two seats and brake; one
•ingle open buggy; one set work harness; one set t'riviug harness; one
single buggy barncst. All as good aa
new—at a bargain.
Special Inducements for Cash
The Best Bargains fall to the
lot of those who come early.
■ 1          ■   |"      1         ■ 1            ■   Linen    Blouse
Hand Embroidered ^ff*™
$4.50 now sf(2.75; $7.."ill now $1.00
si      ■         oi  '    ■       Made from Ootton Silkl-
Under Skirts LKnt_!11?1"un*
Millinery Department »i^
is now complete with new goods coining to hand by
express, and keeping up-to-date with the newest styles
f> i Imported direct from one of the
1 arSSOlS lal'Best European makers. The
' **' **\jwi*ji ,u.e protty and different from
what is generally shown,
Ladies Rain Coats jSfelS
and $10.00.    An exceptional bargain for the money.
Misses' Rain Coats i™M?s
veins of line.    Now $3.50
Dress Good Bargains r°S
good bargains, remember these prices. -$1.50 Tweeds
now $1.00;    $1.00 Voils, now Toe.;      7.")   cent   Dress
Goods now 66c.;    .">ti cent Fancy Fabrics now 80c.
r»         i          O      OL                Ladies'  Oxfords,
Boots & Shoes %g* & gj
Calf, Hals and Bluchers, $4.50 now $:i.00
Semi-Ready Dress Patterns
These   come   wilh   skills   already   made and
enough material for Mouse with Lace and   Insertion,
$7.00   Patterns   now   $8.75;   S10.00    Patterns   now
$4.75; .S12.UU to Slj.txi Patterns now $7.5(1.
Take full advantage of these
Special Prices throughout our
stock. Prices for thrifty buyers
■♦. ■♦. ■'f. ■'ti A i'i*i t'ti iti \ti i"t*i \t\ iti ft*!
I Spraying |
I Fruit Trees      I
*¥ You   can   get    all    the *&
S Chemicals   for   any    re- *&
ceip' bere. We have tbem *&
ready and can advise you .Jr
the best to use. &
C. R. MCDONALD       Y
Kevelstoke, B. C. Jh
Smith—At Bevelstoke, B. C. on ?atur-
day, May 16th, 1908. to Mr. and
Mr. ,T. J. Smith, _, son.
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, May 20. — Unsettled,
prolsnblt shower, or thunder, cloudy.
1 em,.. tu. r , 63 0 .; min., H 0 .
:a! and General.
tteosive improvements and alter-
atii.r.s have been made ill the Queen's
Dr. Robert Bell, assistant director
of tbe Dominion Geological Survey,
lias been superannuated.
Keep in mind date of auction sale
at A. E. Pbipps', over Imperial Hunk,
Friday 22nd.
Don't forget the young folks social,
Friday, May 22 in St.Andrews church.
Good programme.   Admission 25c.
Remember "Mrs. Wigga of the Cabbage Patch,"at tbe Children's Festival
May 29tb, Choruses, drills, etc. In
tbe Opera House.
C. North has accepted the appointment of city electrician, iu place of li.
Lembke, whose resignation bus been
received and accepted by tbe council.
The Independent Baud will give »u
open   air   concert   tomorrow evening
'Thursday,),    weather   permitting,   iu
the bam! stan.U Oppoi le  tbs city hall.
Tbe reward for information le.iding
to the cjnviction of any person found
tampering with the lire alarm- or
ringing in a false alarm, has Iss'en
raited to $100,
Mr. Ward, secretary oi tue Edmonton V. M. C, A., has arrived in the
city to attend the funeral oi hii
brother wh" died here on Monday.
The services will be conducted by the
Kev. W. P. Freeman.
A man. a desk, a telephone,
Another inun, tbey two alone
A hig proap<-cliiB, an sssay,
A mine, two thousand miles away.
Photo, ol three hydraulic muckers,
Ah, gentle spring'-1 is time for suckers
While a number nf section men
where home from work on
Monday night near Allx-rt Canyon, on
a hand car, one of them dropped bis
hat anil Stooping to pick it up lost his
balance »r.d in ..rder to i-ave himself
from falling caught hold of another
mat) near him. causing the two to be
violently thrown off the car onto the
track. One ol tie men named K.
Leonard sustained a fractured leg and
severe bruises, the other, J. Beld,
lieing cut deeply about the heud. The
injured men were brought to Revel
stoke snd conveyed t<i the hospital.
is about the worst thing you
can eat. Try some of ours
which is always light, always fresh and always sweet.
Try our cukes and pies, too.
That they are excellent, no
doubt you have heard, But
it needs a personal trial to
disclose bow much better
than the ordinary tbey really
is important for the man who
winks—the day starts with it
and if not good the whole day
is likely to go wrong. "The
cup that cheers but not inebriates," can be brewed from
either the line leas, aromatic
Coffees or delicious cocoas or
chocolates from llobson A
Hell's, fit for Ihe palate of an
epicure. Our groceries are
kept up to the best standard
in fine roller process boms and
cereals of all kinds.
Social and Personal
(Ins Lund left last evening for a trip
to Victoria
E. A Bradley left yesterday on a
vieit to Calgary.
F, C. Ellioit returned on Sunday
from a visit to the east.
Mrs. S. G. Bobbins will not receive
tomorrow, Thursday.
Mrs. T. If. Dunne passed through
yesterday from Notch Hill en route to
Mr. Scott of the Molsons Bunk
stall' left on Sunday night for a visit
to the coast.
J. G. Cooksey, late of the Imperial
Bank staff here, leaves this week for
Engla id.
Mr. Bcihuiie, manager of tbe Imperial Bank at Arrowhead, waa in the
city yesterday.
K. Gordon, government agent, left
this morning for a trip through the
south country.
Kand Gibbons, manager of tbe Gibbons Lumber company, Pingaton
Creek, waa in tbe city yesterday.
W. I. Brigga haa returned from a
business visit to Camborne and the
Lardeau, and left last night tor Victoria.
H. A. Brown of Sicamous, the newly
elected Gran J Chancellor of B C.
Knights of Pythias, came to town yesterday.
J. B. Scott and G. H. Brock returned yesterday from attending the
Grand Lodge session of the Knighta
of Pythias at Victoria.
Premier McBride, Attorney-General
Bowser and Minister of Education
Young, paBsed thro gh on Saturday
morning eu route for the aouth where
tbey will make a tour.
Mrs. J. McClellan, family and friends
of Melbourne, Vioturia, Australia, who
have been the guests o( Mr. and Mrs.
VV. A. Morris, lefi on Saturday for a
trip to Banff and other points to New
Double Service Commences at
Midnight, June 14
At midnight on June 14 the summer transcontinental train service ol
the C.P.R. will go into effect. Pending the gaining of some knowledge of
the probable amount of transcontinental t rn Ilic during the summer tbe
fast trans-Canada express will not be
p'aced in operation. Last season thiB
last through train was not inaugurated till the end ol June. Should
traffic warrant the running of thia
express again this year it will be put
on about the end of June or beginning
of July.
Aocording to the new time bill
train No. 517, westbound from Montreal, will arrive in Revelstoke at 17.20
o'clock. Train No. 1, which at present runs Irom Montreal only aa far
weat aa Calgary, will come through to
the coast, arriving in Revelotoke at
4.20 a.m.
Eaatbound expresa No. 96 will arrive
beie at 9 a.m. and No. 2 eastbound at
23 25k.
The south train will leave Revelstoke daily ut 9.20 a.m. arriving at
Arrowhead 10 40k. and leaung Arrow
bead daily at 15.40k. arriving at Rev
eletoke 17.00k.
One Ladies' Bike—in use two
months, cost $45, will Bell lor $20
cash.    Lawrence Hardware Co.
On quet Seta at a bargain, 4-ball
Bet $2.50; 6-ball aet, $8.25; 8-ball aet,
$4. All tirst-claBa goods. Lawreuce
Hardware Co
See tbe laughable game of "Pink
Dominoes" at the opera house on
Monday evening, May 25tb KeBerved
seats on Bale at C. R. Macdonald's
drug Btore. Bojk youi seats early.
Do it now I
Free Miners' Licences
All free miners' licences expire on
May 31, and renewals must- be made
before that date, which [alia on a
I Kl NC All)     «S_.
L^ I' 1 I. S T
And er s t > n
S T I. E
should Iw packed away in
moth proof hugsiir in chests
along with camphor or Tar
Do not neglect Ibis matter.
Call for these lines at
Druggist & Stationer
Mail Orders receive prompt
The ladies aid of St. Andrew's
will hold a young folks'social in the
church on Friday, May i'l-A. Admission; adults 25c, children L6c
A joint meeting of the exhibit, booklet and finance committees of the
Board of Trade, detailed off lor the
Revelstoke exhibit, at 'I" Calgary
Dominion Fair, in July hits heen
called tor this evening sharp at eight
Speaking of tbe nal rs gas .acili-
tieaol Medicine Hat. Alberta, Rudyard
Kipling, the famous author, on the
occasion of hia visit to that city on
October 13 last, remarked "This
district s,...|ns to have all hell
A joint convention ol 'he 3ociali I
partes of Alberta and British Colombia baa been called  ;'. r Saturday 23rd
inst. at Femie,   H    0        Business will
probably  be  completed  by Moods
W. YV.Lefeaui leaves tomorr i morning to represent Rovslal ike district
Tbe I'.auksif Vanoouver bave opened
stock subscription lists at tin .11 .•• i
the Bevelstoke General Agendas, Ltd
and those desiring to lubioribe can do
so by   calling   at   (heir office Molsoni
Bank Building, Terms of payment
will l»s furnished in request
The funeral of W, R Ward, who
| died in the hospital on Monday, took
I place thll afternoon   from   Howson's
undertaking   parlors       The deceased
i has been Bono time in thll  oity,   em
. ployed as .i teamster   Hii brother has
\ came in from the east to take charge
| of the funeral arrangement!,
Knox Church annual children s festival will lie held on May 29th in the
opera house. A program will he given
of ch'iruses fanny drills, solo., ami
three   scenes   selected     from      ''Mrs.
wigg. of the Cabbage Patoh." Bale
of work in ilm afternoon, also ice
cream, cake, coffee and n lish pond.
Tbe Vanoouver Saturday Sunset has
inaugurated a novel Competition for
citciiiatioli purposes through ita circulation manager Miss L. J. Asseltiiie,
who was in Reveletoke yesterday.
Twenty of British Columbia's young
ladies ure to be given a   three   week's
trip to California Md Max loo at  the
expense ol the Sunset. Three young
ladies in each dlstriot in thn province
sin selected und the 20 young Indies
gi tling the most votes get thn trip.
Knob vole must be on the printed
firm in lhe Sunset uud thn coin-
pi til ion cloina on July lHth,
There pissed away   yesterday in tbe
li'.sniial  if tbe Ftevelatoke .listrict -
timers and  erstwhile   re.(.lent   nf
thia city in  h. pen        .   Gen.   Beli,
kn mn    tbi mghout    the   who i
1;..-   di ceaai d   pri >r to b -
!••.•:. was residing .it Tr at Laki   bi I
' had iie;;n   m   tht    hospital   i ere   li i
whu       e suffering osumptiou
I it   ineral .ml take pi ice  tomorrow
.    del ■ ed linf iterdsy
......      ice Adi
ei   of   Mr and Mrs. Roberl
i   md   Hugh   M. Him
I bi Hi'v C a   Proc .  it
ited   it the ceremony srbia    t  -
al ■ be  residence    '   hi  I i di
Second   8treel       I bs   M •     H
heartily   congratulate!    tbe     happj
■ Ishi -   ibeen   all future
happim ia
iVe lis red  lome amasing
physiologies! features in   tbe   pepei
I lately,     One  man   wa. "ibol in tbe
.'-' ' box "   .mother  .v.i-    .itaii;,   sh. t
■ tin..ugh ins dooi' . -till another ' received s fatal wound in tie. window '
Quickset death   of    all    wa.    Ids    who
"wa. ihot in tbe luburbi        For  thi
general public ibe following facts will
-illiri- - .'He kissed   her    pa-«i<n .'■
I upon ber reappearance"    'Mr   Jonei
walked in upon her   invitation   ,   "ibe
seated    herself   upon    hi"   entering'
"she mil down n(<• sr. her being s«k"ti
'she f.nnii d upon hia departun
A very Hiicce«.fnl sale ol   work    wa.
held yesterday afternoon and   evening
it the borne of Mn   a   y   Anderson
under the auspices.,(tne Lediee Guild
of St. Peter's church The artiolei
, displayed for .ale were charaoti ri/id
by llmir usefulness., mm! very neat
and dainty work    being    prepared    hy
the ladies.    A large number of peopli
j attended during the day, and  refresh
merits were supplied in many forms,
tho home rooking table being special
Iy patronized. Candies, ice cream atcl
tea were on sale ai.d presided over by
the ladies of the guild. In t.he evening an excellent musical programme
was rendered.
Just received another shipment, of
childrens' white dresses, Indies' wash
coll rs and belts and liliiek lawn
blouses.    Miss A. Maslen.
FREE—To every purchaser ol our
Mtir.ilo who buys live packages nt IBCi
a package formerly sold for fiOo., wo
will give one package free Lawrence
Hardware Co,
The last cup match in tbe first
round was d cided on Saturday by the
narrow margin of one run, in favor of
the Victoria team over the Shamrock.
With most of the afternoon taken
up by improvement work on the
ground in preparation for the match
with Ve-non on 25th inst, play could
not commence til 3.30, but when a
start was made the cricket waB niter
esting to watch, fur the keen rivalry
etween the teams kept tbe result in
doubt until the last ball was bowled.
The bowlers for each team came out
with almoBt the same average, Maley
and Entwistle each securing 5 wickets
for a fraction over 3 runs apiece, and
Norris and Shaw's wickets coating 9
runs and a fraction, each.
Quinn, who was keeping wicket, put
up the smurte-t piece of work lor tbe
day in stumping Shaw, and in that
department of play showed himself to
be no stranger. Only three byea being
registered againat,
Edwards, run out	
Bourne, b Maley  11
Field, run out  1
Annan, A b Maley  1
Foster, b Shaw  12
Norris, b Sbaw  2
Entwistle, c and b Maley      . 2
North, c Shaw, b Maley  0
Skinner, not out  2
Goble.-b i-'haw  3
Qbinn, c Brooker, li Maley  12
Extras 4
Total 50
Atkins, a Field, b Entwistle  2
Maley, run out   0
Sbaw, stumped Quinn  8
Brooker, c N'nrris, b Entwistle ... 17
Brsss.k*. b Norris   0
Coggin, 0 Field, b Entwistle,   ... 3
Young. C. W. b Entwistle  I
Brier, not ont      11
Ketterson, h Entwistle  0
i,....rn, I, Norris  0
A .   I li ier, Is Norris  1
Extras 8
Total 49
'I ue -t.lulling of the teams to date is
as folia
Played    W    I,    D    Point!
Mapli Leal    2        2    0    o        1
Victoria 2        I     I    ll       2
Shamrock      2        0    2    0       0
Thi match on Saturday, May 23rd.
is ts, i,e between tbe eleven chosen to
play S'eruoti   and   the   next   fifteen of
ib, Mpteined hy W  W  Foster
Y. M. C. A. Sports
Iii. 'j.'sih athletic meet arrange
meota »r» now almost complete.   Tbe
pi /•• I is I i- complete  ami   will   he  on
exhibition    tomorrow   through   the
'•urtflsy of C   U   Hum"      Oo,   who are
allowing tbe nie of tbeir window. The
enl     lie! li getting large and   if  the
day is favorable some   excellent   time
.1 be made as a   number   of   fsst
men bave entered Poor ten lor teams
bave entered tbe relay raoe and four
In tbe junior race     All  events   will
.tart on time and competitor! must las
on hand when the rat* is called or
fo■ fWit the right to run.
In (.lie morning,  starting   sharp  al
0.46, a senior bete bell game  will in-
played OH the Y. M. '! A grounds.
A. non as this game is finished n
lacros.e mutch will take place between
tlm V MCA and city teams, this
should draw * good crowd as both
learns are playing guisd lacrosse.
i be rest of the Athiii.m programme
takes place on the McKcn/.ic nvtmim
athletic held, while the walking race
starts nt the post olliee nnd finishes
su, MoKODltl avenue grounds
Base ha'l practise tonight, base hnll
and looil.iill tomorrow night..
TO PAINTERS—To climi oui our
line of Hollywood paints We will
make you a price of f2 a gallon.
Every gallon makes two gallon! ol
paint    Lawrence Hardware Oo.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent nf
Provincial Police for a renewal )l tho
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel, at lllecillewaet, B. 0., for six
months from July 1st, 1008 to December 31st, 11108.
Dated this 12th day of May, 1IHI8.
0.  D.   MORRIS,
w my 20 3(ld
Tenders are requested for the clearing, levelling and plowing 70 acres ol
land, one and a half miles from Revelstoke.
Tenders to be in by June 16tb,1908.
The lowest or any tenders not necessarily accepted.
Tenders to be addressed to
w my 20 Revelstoke, B. 0.
We have a lot. of reduced pi ices to offer you the coming week. You
will find your money will buy a lot of goods here. We would call your
attention to out Special Price List:—
Coats and Skirts
Only a few of our Spring; Gnats aie left and to dispose of them we are
offering them at 25 Per Cent. Off.
Spring Skirts
Lustres, Venetians, Broadcloth, etc., all shades and all sizes. These
were good value at marked prices, but we are selling them at 20 Per
Cent. Discount.
Wash  Collars
A lot of pretty designs Regular 5l)c.   Now 3o Cents.
Hats at Half Price
The balance of our Trimmed Hats to go at Half Price. There arc only
a few left, but they must be sold.
Correct in style, quality and color effects and selected to
meet the requirements of most fastidious or conservative
Perfect Fitting Underwear from fl5c. up to $3.50.
Fancy Wash and Silk Knitted Vests from $1.25 up to $7.50
Fancy Hosiery in all new shades from 25c. up to $1.00.
Latest conceits in Neckwear, and Ihe famous Tooke and
Star Brand Shirts.   They merit the approval of those men
who demand style, excellence of quality and lowness   of
Landscape Gardener
Florist and
Work done by the day or week.
Contracts Undertaken.
'Id'lresB '
The Hteainer leaves Five Mile
Landing ' during stage ol high
water j at li a.m on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Greek and   way
points, returning leme day.
Freight must Is; ready for delivery to tenuis of Revelstoke
Cartage CO., Ltd., on Mondays nnd
Thursdaya al 1 p in , nnd must bo
The Oertige Company'i Stage
leaves for the Boat Landing nt 0:30
p m on Monday nnd 'I humility and
connects wilh the steamer on a i rival
hack in the evening, ami makes
special trips, when required) on
I nesdny and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a m.
Comfortable bertbi and good
meals on Hteainer. Telephone connection la-t ween «t en mor and local
exchange—No. III3II. Dates of
sailings may be changed without
Turnips, Guaranteed Not Woody - 1   i-_c.
Carrots, Small, (.lean, Like Fresh • 2 Cents
Beets, Medium Small, Flavory - 2 Cents
Parsnips     - - - - 3 Cents
And All Other Vegetables at Current Price*.
The City Council invites tenders for
clearing and grading of certain streets
and lanes, and for building sidewalks.
Full particulars may bo obtained at
the City Hull on and after Monday,
the IHt.ii inst.
Tenders to reach Ibe undersigned by
5 p.m. on Friday, May 21)1 h, W08.
No tender necessarily accepted.
11. FLOYD.
City Clerk.
May 1(1, Iikih, 2 t
Off The Beaten Traek
Holies of unique popular lectures
Miss Ada L. A. Murcutt
Fellow of (be Royal (Scottish Oeogl'ii-
phieal Society. One of the World's
(Irealesl Women Lecturers.
SUNDAY. May24th,8|80p.m,
"Nulliinal Righleouin.ll
MONDAY, May tfilb. 8 p.m.
"Japan and lhe Japanese"
I Mel 111 ill Iht, ('llllllh)
TUESDAY, May 20tb, 8 p.m.
"Now /..'aland, the Home of
WEDNESDAY, Mov 27th. 3.3(1 p.m.
"Women of Other Lands"
(For Women Only)
WEDNESDAY. May 27th, H p.m.
"The Sweating System uf
(ileal lliituin"
THURSDAY. May 28th,8p.m,
"Russia   and   Its    Island
Prison, Hughalleti"
Admission  to all  lectures, Free, rx-
dpi Thursday nlebt, when a charge of
flBu, will he made. Coll.i tion ul, .til
Free Letiiiies, Vocal and Instrumental Music.
made to your measure at
prices ranging from
When having a suit made by
us  you   run no risk   whatever;
everv garment we turn out is
guaranteed to give satisfaction—
to fit perfectly and al the same
time lie strictly up-to-tbe minute
in style. Then, too, there is no
nl her establishment that will
give you a suit of clothes of the
Name quality, combining good
workmanship, at lhe price we
oiler. Nothing but union labor
being employed, insuring you of
most perfect and skilled finish.
53H Hastings Street, Vancouver.
Electoral District
A convention of the Liberals
of Kootenay will be held at
Nelson, B.C., on
Thursday, June 4th, '08
For tho purpose of selecting a
candidate to contest the riding
in lhe next Dominion election in
lhu interests of the Lilmral
pari y.
Tho convention will open at
2 p.m.. and all Liberals aro Invited to attend, but only accredited delegates will be allowed to vote.
Tbe IiohIh of representation
will be 0 ie delegate for every
60 votes, or fraction thereof,
polled at the last dominion election. Properly accredited proxies will lie recognized.
Nelson   Liberal   Association,
F. .1. Deane,   Pion.
m04t D. Pi'oudfoot, Hoc,


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