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The Mail Herald Jan 14, 1914

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 '■■KHHSlHilS! HH a 1-1 HH1B
m *
fj| Railway    Junntio« and   Dlvia- M
H ional  Point.   Headijuarters  for M
fj Columbia    River     Navigation. ,»',
■ Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral S
■ Zone, Agricultural    Leands and S
■ Vast Water Powers ol B. 0. H
■ B
Vol. 20-No  4
"lleoelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-Herald
H ■
1            THE MAIL-HERALD U
:« Circulates  twice   per   week  am- W
gj ong the prosjioious citizens of [■#
(1 Canada's     Premier     Province. ■
■ The       re. ognise.l       advertising Q|
[js] medium lor  Kootenay  and In- '4
« terior British  Columbia. |rf
$2.50 Per Year
Two Candidates for Position of Mayor. Six Aldermen Return' ; Unopposed.—Eight Candidates for City School
No little exoii
city on Mondayi n
the  positions of  May.
■school  trustees  [or tho
The excitement reac bod it
tween one  and two o'clock  l vic
inity of the city offices, when cundi -
dates, probable- und their supporters
assembled io discuss the nominations
already made and the prospects of others. Just before two o'clock, the hour
ior the closing of nominations, u dl-
ccrsion was caused by Mr. R. Tapping,
who coolly a-ked lor a nomination pa
*>  orevalle41n bhelALD. McKINNON'8   CANDIDATURE
' n day    lor | FOR MAYOR.
■mien nnd i    The  two candidates for  the  position
year,  of Muyor nre  naturally  very  busy men
lj8.   just now.   So far thu campaign      has
been  conducted without   the   iutroduo ■
Hon of personalities except so fur   as
misguided supporters of the candidates
in isolated iiis'tanccs are concerned.   It
i- in be hoped that  this liuppy    state
ni affairs will continue until   the   poll
I,as been closed.   We know that     Aid.
McKinnon is conducting thu contest in
just that straightforward style all who
know him expect, and wu Iiulievo his op
.    poneul to  be  actuated   with an equally
per and began a prolonged aearch in alt  ^ {de& qJ ^ majmer ^ which „ut.h
liis pockets for a peu.-il. He was sup-
■pliedwitha pen. but no fresh nomination developed and nominations
were delated dosed by Mr. Reynolds,
the returning officer, with iwo candi-
date-tor the olti.e of Mayor, six for
six vacancies as   aldermen, and eight
condidutc-for positions as si liool ttus-
teoes.   Mr.   A.  McRae's  name was  froo-
ii contest should be couduuted.
Tomorrow is election day, and just
before going to |>rcs3 we gave each oi
the candidates an opportunity ol ex-
prossing their view.- through the med -
i ii in of our coliinins.
Aid. McKinnon said bo would like to
-ay a few words with reference to a let
ter published in our last issue ubovo
the signature oi    Mr.  Lund.    " Tukin,
ly mentioned   us ;l probable for    tho
mayoralty during the morning, but  ha  M, Lllujes  lettw  paragraph  by    para'
w»s no: nominated, the contest for the
civic   cliair thus remaining between the
two condidatea announced  iu our previous   issues.   Ev-Alderniau  H.   McKin-
graph, the tirst matter uicntioiiud is
that the Board of Trade and the Couu
til should get togetner on a scheme of
street    Improvement,    my    suggestion
ttropficd in tht    J»    J»
Hiil-ltenM Post Box
ivddioi Mail Herald:—
Reviewing the election campaign and
being approached by both parties i,.i
my support, 1 cannot but comment on
the different arguments advanced to secure same. One niau comes out un.l
tells you  be is going  to cleanup       ibe
bunch, anil they have not been giving
ihe  oitize&s  Value for   their  money,     it
has been a  one-man-rule     throughout,
and other persona! matters.   The oth
ci one  says lie i-a  friend of  bis  oppon
nil, has nothing |>ersoiiul to .-ay again
si him,  and  that  while his  opponent
i- a good fellow, he considers he himself is in belter touch with the city's
welfare. and lias been triedaud not
found wanting and wishes to bo elected
on bis ability, which he harf proved.—
Now, Mr. Editor, weigh both those
applications for your support, like I
baie done, and tell me are we going
back to the old'lays of diction and
quarellng, nr are we going to elemin -
ate it from our every day life and
i lent a man who is not controled by
.my pergonal maiter and is broad min-
■ .. .1 i n .u^li to he a friend to all, whether for him or against him.
Editor Mail-Herald:—
As correspondence his been invited
re ihe proposed tax-exemption of the
churches'real estate holdings. per-
I apa you  can  afford me space lo     ex-
Women's Csnauian     |
mud Ming
A well  attended  meeting of  tho Wo-,
men's Canadian   club    met iu regular
monthly   mooting On   Monday  evening.
In the absence ol the president, Mrs. .). '
D,  Sibbald,  nice is suffering from      a
severe eofd, the  chair   was   taken     by
Mrs.      Robbins,     \ i.c-presidciit.     The
mooting opened at eight o'clock with a
half hour of business. Arrangements
were made to have Rev. Dr. Ohown
superintendent of the Methodist church
address the club on Thursday after-
noon from I to 0 o'clook, Mrs. W.M.
Lawrence kindly offered the use of hut-
drawing room for thu    meeting
Enthusiastic Convention at Arrowhead.—Officers for 1914
Appointed.—Delegates Elected for Victoria Gathering.
—Important Resolutions Passed Urging Appointment
ot" Minister of c^Vlines.—Flourishing Condition of the
Association.—Good Work of R. F. Green, M. P.. and
Hon. Thos. Taylor Appreciated.
A most  enthusiastic  meeting of the
District Conservative Association     oi
the Revelstoke Killing was  bold in the
uim Public Hall at Arrowhead on Tuesday,
tho Kith iust. Vice Preside nt W. R
Roid in the absenco of President Rund
Gibbons, who was unavoidably absent,
occupied  the Chair.
Alter  the   reading and   adoption      of
the   minutes of   the   previous   meeting ,
important correspondence    was
connection wiih matters efteot-
Ing the district.
The full membership oi the associa
made smne .-light study of the subject,   lion being present  practically  a- foi ■
Only    three     short years  have elopse.l  lows:
-.ii"  the   industry   began, and already tfEMBERSHH
the stock valuation in the one province     Arrowhead—W.R,   Reld
it was moved and carried that an invitation be extended lo the clergymen
of ihe city io attend.
Mrs. C.H. Macdonald then entertained Ihe club with a most, interesting paper mi the fox industry in Prince Edward Island, The facts and ffgures "onie
quoted of the rujiid growth and value lead In
of this bianch of livestock raising,
were surprising even to those who had
alone was estimated at $3,700,000 which
at a tazof 17 per cent to the province, yielded$37,000 revenue. Instances
were quoted where uu investment of
MOO to $10(10 developed returns of $10-
000 in one year, of course this was
exceptional, yet all investments were
pretty  certain    of returning anywhere
non at! i Mr. W.I. Briggs, Aid. MoBor-  whm int lllleiAiowej by you roj{lirj..
press my entire satisfaction with    the between 40   and  260 per cent
proposal,   a satisfaction that    is not num.   Detnils as to  th [ui] nt and
marred by the prospect of my having management of a fox ranch were given
to foot auy of the bill, not being a tax
N orris     U.
Smith, Harry Cook, Ale.s  I'urney.
Galena    Hay—John      Ulaud,     John
.Shaw, j. DesdcoBsence,
Beaton—W.A.  Suuti, Ed.  Hillman,
i amborni—W.S. Renniu, Hoot. Qunu
i omaplix   .. e     i.. ins,  S.   Soule».
Wigwam—John Lewis, Thos.  Beeob.
Allien Cauyon—Frank Holder.
Illocillcwael—John Td tor.
Ulacler—iiavid Sttunucy.
Hulls    Landing— Josh  Day,      David
ley .i n lining pressure brought lo bear
upon him to allow his name io be
put forward a- Mayor, but accepting
nomination .i- Alderman for Ward 1.
Tiie result of the nominations is that
there will be  no coutest for aldermen.
The tioraiuauons were announced by
the  Returning Utlicer as  follows:
ing   the Ma. orulty.     My reason     ior
bringing that subject forward spedfli ally is  that  street  improvements aiu necessary in the business part oi the city
in  which business men are  vitally    in-
ten   ted, and I   do not  consider       ihttl
auy  extra  taxation should  be      placed
on them without their sanction,      As
to the remarks ubout my  work during
the time 1 haw been an alderman, my
Bx-Alderman H. McKinnon, propos- efforts have always been directed niong
ed by  J.I).  Sibbald,  and     W.  Cowan;   those lines, and the expression of    my
W.I. Briggs, proposed by G.W.Bell and   views previously  published was    meant
H.  Mai.umg.
very fully, h   was m,t generally known  HaU,  Will.  Qregson.
t=^i---^= ^r      Crawford  Creek—Robert  Armstrong
Ward   1—Aid. H.J.  McSorley,    proposed  by  H.P.  Maddalcm and  J.   Mc-
to be an intimation that 1 should not
allow those efforts to cease if 1 am elected Mayor.'
"As to the financial portion   ot    tho
letter,   evidently  Mr.  Lund,    ulthougn
Leod, A.   Pradolini,   proposed  by W.A.   perhaps an authority on  finance,    has
Sturdy  an i T.  Wadman.
overlooked the  fact     that  the     city'
Ward J—O.W.   Hell,   proposed  by  R.   finances    cannot     bo  put into  proper
Howson and W.A. Sturdy; W.A. Smy-
shupe iu one year, or two years,     but
continually  <workins
the,  proposed by C.R.  Macdonald and only    by continually  working     along
A. Hobsou. right lines.   This maiter of finances is
Ward 3 Aid. F.H. Bourne, pro|K>sed cue   that    needs continuous   attention
■by J.A.  Stone and T.E.L. Taylor;  S. aud care, and the citizens of Revelstoke
Needham,  proposed by A.  Mcltae   aud I think, realise that there has  been n ,
•G.  Rosser. Rip-Van-Wuinle methods in couue> tion
There being two aldermen required in with my  duties in  regard to  that    de-
each   ward and ouly   two  nominations partment for  ihe past few  years."
in each ward the foregoing were declar "In regard to Mr. Lund s 'logical iu-
■ed elected as Aldermen. furences,' 1  am not sure that  it would
\k  possible for  Mr.  Lund to draw      a
FOR  SCHOOL TRUSTEES. logical inference, even if he had     good
Three members required for a term of grounds for one, which is not the case
The Annual Meeting of the Revelstoke Con:erva-
tjve Association will Le held on MONDAY EVENING,
JANUARY 19th, at the Lour ol 8 o'clock, in Smythe
Hall,'for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing
year, and delegates will be appointed to attend the B. I'.
Conservative Convention to be held in Victoria on Jan.
23rd and 24th inst. All members of Association
earnestly requested to attend.
two years:      «.
T.E.L. Taylor, proposed by Messrs.
Kincjid and Howson.
J. y. McKinnon, proposed by Messrs
Coursier and  Barnes.
Eu. Trimbl
Sutton and Armstrong.
A. McRae,   proposed by Messrs.   0
Holt-n and Sutherland.
„    ., __ „„n„j  i,_   vi,,.,.,    cause for complaint why did he not m-
H.   Manning,      proposed by   .uessrs. ,   t _ ,
111 this instance, at least not in  ihe di
ection ho sc-cks   to indicate.''
"I notice that neither Mr. Lund nor
my opponent in the contest ior Mayor
were present at the public meeting   on
Wd.  Utipont.
1'iiigs'ioii - Rand Gibbons.
St. Leon—R.C, dmith.
Halcyon—William lloyd.
Revelsto>e—Jus. ll. Armstrong, H.
J. McSorley, U.K. Blacklood, Eaward
Trimble, M.C, Lawfer, R.D. Macdonald, T. Wadman, R. Bquarebriggs.
Tho following officers for 1'jH weru
ili.n elected:
Hon. it. L. Borden, L.L.D., K.O.,
aud sir Richard MoBride, Hon. Presidents.
Hon. Tho.s. Taylor,  M.P.P.;    B. b\
Qreen, Esq., M.1J. and W.W. FosU-r, M.
i'.\'., Hon. Vice Presidents.
W.R. Reid, Arrowhead,  President.
H.    J.   McSorley,    Kevelsioke,   Vice-
R. I). Macdonald, Revelstoke, Soero-
N,   R.  Smith, Alex  Purney,  Arrowhead;  John Llaud,  Galena Bay;  W.A.
Sirutt, Beaton;    W.   S.  It. nnic,  Cam-
  borne;  Russ  Evans, ComapliX;      John
— Lewis, Wigwam; Frank Holder, Albert
layer. Of course, were 1 a church-goer that our province has supplied a large Canyon; John Tector, Ulecillewaet; 1).
my satisfaction might be yet more number of both black and silver foxes Swanuey, Glacier; Josh Day, Halls
complete in knowing that others,    und   to the eastern breeders. Landing;  Robt.  Armstrong,  Crawford
particularly non-church-goers, were     At   the close   of her address,      Mrs.  Creek;   Rand  CibboiiB,  Ting-ton;   R.C.
footing the bill for me, aud feeling as- Macdonald Was tendered a hearty vote Smith, St. Leon; Win lioyi, Halcyon;
■ured that thoy would deserve it of  thanks from  the    Club.     Mrs.  Mc-   J|l-  Armstiong,  Ed.  Trimble,   Revel-
True, I have heard    some of     tboso  Lean served coffee, cake and saadwioh-  stoke. i
latter vehemently objecting lu ihe pro-  es und  Miss    Francis  LawVou    played      DELEGATES   TO   CONVENTION.
poiJal as an altogether unwarranted im-   Several  selections.
J AS. H.
Presides i.
proposed  by    Messrs.   Saturday  last;   apparently  they
not take sufficient interest in the matters to be di-ciissed there to put iu an
appearance.    If Mr.  Lund  hal genuine
Mrs. Stevenson resigned as convener
of the program committee, and Mrs
Macdonald was appointed to tho vacancy.
Hocobin and Howson.
Two members required for one year.
Alf. Kenward, propos<ad by Messrs.
IBel!   and   Donaldson.
W.A. Sturdy, proposed by Messrs.
fTrimble and  Abrahamson
W. Sews, proposed by Messrs. Kin-
<-aid and Howson.
The election for Mayor and school
trustees  will take place on Thursday.
Of the new aldermen Messrs. McSorley and Bourne are the onfytwo   retir-
tend the public: meeting to say so, and
huve matters) explained to him as oth
ers did?"
"Ill thought the citizens paid any
attention to the correspondence signed
by Mr. Lund the publication of the letter above his name might have caused
me a certain amount of uneasinesB but
such is not the case, as I believe the
letter refc.; i to would draw tho peo -
pies attention to the fact that I had
given their affairs careful consideration
rathen than  achieve the  object^     with
position, not to say a magnilicent    exhibition of  unadulterated gall,   nut    1
think then   attitude is most unreasonable and inspired  by sordid pecuniary
considerations.   They     should    retlect
that  the church is  nearly two  Ihous -
and years old and in an advanced state,
of decrepitude, nnd something     really
should     bo     done to ease its declining
years and  genily  support its tottering
footsteps to  the grave.    And if its owa
children are 'o unnaturally lacking   in
filial  affection that   they  neglect to sup   lowest  prices—A.  Douglas Tourner,  at
port their  nged  parent, it is  up lo  tho   the Trucman Studio.
Victor and  Edison CcTamaphones and
Records.—Trucman  Studio.
Amateur     photographers    will    find
their work given closest attention   ut
ing aldermen  to be   re-elected to      the
•i       j a» _        m ii,,..     „„,i which it  was apparently penned.
rew council, and Messrs. McRae     ana B»"»"        »   >
Manning are the only  retiring     school WITHDRAWALS OBVIATE AN" ELEC
trustees to seek re-electdon. TION FOR  SCHOOL TRUSTEES.
All   those     nominated  are well known      Uis^   A   McRae and j.q.  McKln-
locally. DOQ   havjn,_f   withdrawn     iheir    names
HEHSaillllHHHHIiliElilH tr"m lhe "ominuUons for ^ho°l lrus-
g tees  the Returning Officer  has declared
AU changes of ads must pos-    1 Messrs. H. Manning,     T.E.L. Taylor,
itively     be   handed into this    (p and Ed. Trimble duly elected,
office  by Monday evening    tn    H Mr- W. BewJ having retired from the
Older     that the change shall    9 lil!l ot nominee- ior school  trustees the
appear In Wednesday's issue,    ■ Returning Officer has declared Messrs
and any change* Intended lor
Saturday's     iasue  must     be
handed     in     not 1 ater than
Thursday    evening o».    each   W Dr. B.H.B. McLean went to tha hot-
week.        BUHineM men please    M P1**1 Tuesday morning for a two-we.'ks
take note of tie above.              H rest-cure.   The doctor is suffering from
n a  heavy  cold anil   a   nervous     strain,
■ III■ ■■ HHIIHH IH I brought about by overwork.
public to do so, especially as its case
is a most deserving one and will bear
the strictest investigation as to its antecedents.
Besides, if  people  can be induced    to
i ontribute to  the      church, even  under
.-ome compulsion, they   may
tuke some interest in it, uu
cording to  many eminent divines,      is
the crying need of the age.
Moreover I have pointed out lo these
objectors, though 1 don't quite know
why myself, the Church is conceded to
be on acquisition to a town, and the
town should therefore support it. But
to this they retort that  the town       iB
Our Electric Arc Lamp gives evening
sitters daylight advantages—The True-
man Studio
;§  A. Kenward und W.A. Sturdy,     duly
g  .elected.
Gold Range Lodge, No. H<i,  Knights
f Pythias,  will meet in future    every
ventually   Wednesday at H o'clook, in Selkirk Hull
this,    ac-  Visiting  brothers cordially    invited. —
A.E. Kincald, CC.
GALT COAL Is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
"At HomeB" will nevor bedull and
i c en 11 nine 1 if you have a good gramophone.   It is a  "host''  in  itself.   L'Us
also an acquisition to the Church,   und   fret at the Trucman Studio.	
the Church should therefore support it,
instead of   trying to   foist oil  its  shine    '"K   house, otherwise   known as   the   Y.
of the burden onto those who, in many  M.C.A., and would suggest for exemp-
,,.-. nre  already  hard    put to  it   to  «on the     C.l'.K-   hot-d. the   machine
make hch ends meet. shops, and anything else which 1, the
While 1 am   al it, 1   mifrht  add    that C.P.R.'s.
1 also approve of the proposal to    exempt Irom  taxation  the C.P.R.  room- THE  POOH SCOTCHMAN.
Very truly yours,
The following dclegutca to the Victoria convention were then ele< ted:
W.R."Reid, Arrowhead; H.J. McSorley, Revelsftoke; Josh Day, Halls Land
ing; hid. Tumble Revelstoke; W. S.
Ki'iuiie, Camborne; K. D. Madonaldl
Alts.—W. A. Strutt, Beaton; David
Swanney, Glacier; J.E. Bland, Galena
Bay; John Lewis, Wigwam, Wm. Boyd
Halcyou; R.M. Evans, Comaplix, F.
Holder, Albert Canyon; N. B. Smith,
Arrowhead; John Dc-dcoBejenco, Galena
The following* Resolutions were then
unanimously passed:
RESOLVED—That we, the members of the District Conservative
Association of the Revelstoke Riding express our confidence in the
Right Honorable R, L. Borden,
Premier of Canada, and in the administration of which he is the
head. We desire to express our
approval of the policy which he has
pursued since assuming office, nnd
in particular of his standing on
the question of naval defence. Wo
believe a consummation of his
policy will tend not only to the
great advantage of Canada, but
to the consolidation of the British
copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Right Honorable R. L.
Borden, L.L.D., K.C.. Premier of
RESOLVED—That this meeting
of the District Conservative Association of Revelstoke Riding ex-
press its coutidence in the Government of the Prov ince of British
Columbia so ably led by Sir Richard McBride. Dnder the long rule
of th" present Provincial administration the all.or- of tho Province
have been administered in an ln,n-
est and business-like manner and u
progressive policy has boon raain-
tained throughout,
e o.iy of tin- resolution be forward-
■o Sir  Uiciiaid.M'llride,   Premie i of British I'oLumhia.
RESOLN KIj   - That this met I t
of members of the Distrii i Con   i
vuiivc  Association  of   ti..    Riding
expren its     appreciation of     our
Federal  memb r  R.F.  Green,  M.P.
an I  express     its ated    outi-
Ue ti  • in huu.
RESOLVED—That this meeting
of the District Conservative Association of  thi-   i :i_     [press    lis
hearty appreciation oi its Lo al
member Hon. rhomas Taylor, and
would ■ i .e|ipoi tun.... , . U ..
n. ratulations u, -
on the esteem in which be is held
tlii.eughoui thi- pic a ■■.
furthei   express    .       . ouu-
in :. : i   c    ii'       ■ a a -
this RWing.
FURTHER K10.-nl.\ ED—Tl a
copy of  thi-   i. ■  I", .va   .
■ed  io    the  Honj  Thomas  Ta
Minister ot Public Works.
Ri  ulut ion  "as- 'i •' ging '...e  P
Government  the ne<ed  for the  crea
of a  portfolio of Mines.
That When -. ihe Mining industry ... . in • of tho most
important in th- Dominion, aud
ihe said . -howu a
steady growth thi- past few years;
And whereas. th< growth and development of the whole mining industry for the Dominion ,,f Canada
■ an be materially ni led by greater attention being paid to the requirements and possibilities of the
-1 ry,
And     Whereas,    ihe   eontiol   of
■ ■  :■■'■■.   to the mining  u.-
du-try  are     at    present   un ler   the
control of  a    Minister   of     anil' ; ai tmi n .
And Whereas1, Judging from pa<t
experience in linti-h Columbia,
the Industry would i>" stimulated
were the quMtions relating to the
protection and development ol tie
Industry in ih ■ ban i of a Special
Ministei ai liberty to devote hi-
whole attention thereto;
Therefore be it f-olved; that io
tbe  opinion  of   Un-   Meeting,      the
timehai arrived when the e onomic
importance of the Mining Industry
an I its safe n),d propel .'ontr.il demand tic creation of a portfolio of
Minister of Mines for the Domin -
ion oi Canada;
And be it further reBolVed that a
copy of these resolutions be for-
wai'leJ to the Right Honorable
R. L. Borden, L.L.D., K.C.. Premier of Canada, to Sir Richard
McBri le, Premier of British Columbia, and to R. F. Green, Esq .
M-  P.
Mi.  Th<eo.  Wadmun      wa-  nominated
.• - Be retaty, but doclined to accept -ho
(Continuo'l on Page    Four.)
P H is a a ■ * « * »• « ■ i * IB
ii a
" THK SKI. \lv  l: IWL "
Have you ever tiled our
"Fluffy P.uilies" the Delicioui
Candy with the marsbmallow
il M
1.SSSififili""" I I IH
Drop in  for Aftei noon
and  Hot   Drinks.
Our January Clearing %Sale
Extra Stock of Womens' Suits, Coats, Wraps
Furs and Evening Dresses at 30 Per Cent.
Ladies Dresses
One-piece, all wool serge.     Regular
$8.50 Now $6.50
All our Trimmed Hats are reduced
to half price.
For Ladies and Children to clear at
Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Heavy  Underwear at 30c
per garment.
Opera Cloaks
Reg. $35 Now $19.00
Prices Marked fiown Jill Over the Jtore
J* *Retd SSL Voting A
or Paraffin
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
tn Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
tma, tlie Yukon Territory, xh*
North treat Territories and in a portion ol the Province of British Columbia, may t'( leased ior a term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more tbar
I.SM here* will be leased to one applicant.
Application (or lease must be mads
ly the applicant in person to the
Agent or sub-Agent ol the district
in which the rights applied for a"
The lease will in elide the coil mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchaee whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary loi the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an I
In surveyed terr.t, ry the land must
te deeenbed by sections, or legal j
aub-diris-.ons of esect. -,s, and in un-
s .rveyei' territory the tract applied
: r Khali be staked out liy the ap •
1      it   himself.
applicant must be accompanied by a fee of »& which trill be refunded If the rights applied for art
not available, but not otherwise. A
rc.\alty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the |
rat* of five cents per ton.
The person operat.ng the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable cobI mlne"d and pay ths ,
royalty thereon. If the roal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
rrturns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary o*
the Department of the Interior, "Ottawa, or to the Agent or Bub-Agent
ct Dominion Lands.
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
A By-Law to exempt from assessment and taxation for other than lfiCH'
improvemenl rates certain I inde in the City ol Revelstoke used for church
WHEREAS, under the provisions of the Municipal Act, every building sel apart and in use for the public worship nf God, la exempt from
rates and taxes.
AND WHEREASa petition sign<ed by the assessed owners of al least
one-tenth in value of the land ir real property rated upon the laat revised
assessment roll feci- the Oity of Revelstoke, has been presented n. the
Municipal Council of the Corpora I I Revelstoke, praying
that a by-law be introduced and passed bj        I  I    uncil for the purpose
of exempting f i assessn cation for othei than local improve
■■■•-. n the ('in --.eke-   but  not exempting any
more thai     U feet by 1731 ■-•        w or hereafter from
time to tiin I by oi   ised Idinga  -.-i   ip li i
ind u«mI f\ he public '.i   ; -hi|i e.i I
(Ul ii  '
tssent •
i :■■'. elsl oke
the < e'ity of R<
'     .    ' I ol
1. l''c ■  ;   I ■  ■
Revelstoke now ml imi
pied by or u ■     ■ on with h md  used
ively for the- imi.
lands more tl by 1' emp
taxation by the i j of Revels!  -
2. This i I inleee.1- and
have hei                            bed                ed El
e in the in innei proi ided by law,
By-Law -hull. If assented to by the Electoi
come  into force immediately upon the final passing and
thereof, and inuary 1st, 191 I
the ae ' ind taxation of an; property afTeoted thei
I     This By-Law maj he cited for all purposi
I c   Exemption li'. -Law, Number e,t ,
Read a First time December 5th, 1918.
Read a Second time Decern her 5th, 1013,
Read ■' third  time
i ouncil, I lecember 5th, 1918
i.'cc'.'iMMi ihe,i sent of thedulj ijuallfled ESlei fai  tary
Idi i "d ei-! tin illy pas ed ei,.; ..; :,-. ,i by < \,    .
i .li
Ma von.
f   I   I- UK
T \ l< E NOTICE i hat i hr above In a t rue oi pj ..ft he pi
upon which the vote of the Municipality will      taken al  'I"' Olt;   Flail,
Corner of McKenzie Avenue and Second Street   Revelstoke, B. (
Thursday, Januarj 16th, mil, between tho hours of nine o'olool   in Hi"
forenoon and (even o'clock in the afternoon.
City Clerk.
Interesting Action
Mayor Baxter wa* ll") star witness
iu the action of Kivil Fraser, ot Revel-
Btoln', against Theodore Ludgate winch
in now bolny beard bafore Mr. jusiico
Murphy. Both plaintifl and delendant
wero on the stand before lilt worship
wus placil there nud each dainted thai
in lulu thu mayor wai noting a* ins
Kcciic.iicir. Whin tho mayor arrived on
the -e cue, liowovor, be clalmod that liu
j »a acting only lor the uetendant l.iul-
gatu nnd not lor Eraser,
Fraser is suing with a parlnor, Arthur Johnson, for a deolaraUon that
they are the legal owners ol iwenty-
thirlluths ol thirty limber limits iu
the neighborhood ol tho Arrow lak<sa. I
He says that be and Johnson pos -
Hcsiccl twenty-two milesof timber
limits there, having secured them in
I'm;. Adjoining tbcm wore right |
miles which were owned by Ludgate
anil letters passed between the two
parties by which a partnership was
entered into so ihat the ibiny miles
of timber might be sold altogether .
Ludgate, ii is stated, thcu represented io Frailer that lie was seeking to'
get a purchaser for the leases'in Seattle at SSO.IK'O. 'Ibis was at the ruto of
$ 1,01111 n mile, It is1 alleged, however,1
that Ludgate uiily put up this siory
in older to got ihe timber leasee from
Fraser and Johnson and that he later
sold tha limits to a Mr, li.-t/y.nm, ol
Seattle, at f$2,0(HI a m.lc ,,r borrowed
on the utrength of ihe lenses the sum
nf .«..".!i,(lllU from this same party. Of
ibis sum only .$22/000 «n- paid over
to Fraser ami Johnson le.-s commis -
-urn ai I.;, per cent., which ii was
said went to Ludgate and Mayor
Many letters were produced in the
cn-e in which Ludgate said he was
getting a purchaser for Ihe thirty
leases at J1,U0I1 each. A statement of
Ludgate in ihe examination for dis-
covery that he -till held the leases
wa- also Introduced from the side
of ihe plaintifl, .Mayor Baxter said
iba: Frnser was aware that Ludgate
was Belling the limits at $30,000 and
cceulel be under no oilier impression.
The evidence was all hoard yesterday
and counsels' argument will take
place ibis morning, Mr. I'.VV. Craig
.■un! Mr. W.S. Anderson appealed for
the plaintifl and Mr. Douglas Armour
for the defense,
The return of twonty-iwa timber
limits in the Arrow lakes district from
lossession of Mr. Theodore Ludgate to thai nf Fred. Fraser and A.
John on cci Revelstoke, was ordered
by Mi. Justice Murphy al tl"' contusion e,f an action   brought by Fraser,
I   .Icelin ion   agaia-l    I,ml. aU>,
Tho evidence   ''»cloiiod   ihat Ludgate
■ pi   ein.-cl to the men  ihat     be
id a customer willing tn  buy  thirty
for 830,000, "inl  that be would
In    uf his   own   lease-    go       lor
if   the plaintiffs    would     sell
• ntj I wo     ol  theirs     iui    S2"J,000.
! r iln-  representation    the    plain-
told,   Later „n  they     discovered
al I,  ih ii   L idgate had  a.'inure.1
'. n,i     holding them   for
hei    figure Ac .o.iingiy, ihey
1'i.cii, alleging misrepreienta-
Lud   ite     conl ntion was that
■•I  to sell     folic lie     ba I    borrowed   Ihe
i out. He
.  who bad ac o I
the  lime.to   cor-
il   i,   plaintiffs
the  limits
ii. y.   C.il-
.       idenoe     liy
'■   i i        .inl  w.c.   Under
bow<od,     how
i  that Mr.
lyer  foi Ifoe
'■'       I' '' A i iiiniir     ap-
IlLW   lLr.il u  Mt
I the    city
ii       i        New
ity   by    an
I.,-     .le    e'V
.ci i  Me.  be
. i in  oditoi
.1     hi
ip a   la
,    nmdei
r In th 'i.e.     ,.   . i
lie poinl  before tfi
.vs|cii|.. i    ikii   ii ii,,ii,.,a |y       an
lr,  <bnt. It  will refrain
■ in tin : tl ii'iic  IV ie   lystetn
•' i' n i   to   . hall  bj  obtaining   the
• be    budgi ■
li  merely published ite declaration   of
foi  Mi"   odiflcatlon    ol  its
■     ,   1.1!. |
Hay, Grain, Feed
Sherwin-Williams Paints
McClary's Stoves, Furnaces
Canadian Oil Co., Oils, Gasoline, Etc.
Williams' New Scale Pianos.
First St, Revelstoke.    Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg to announce that they liave opened up offices at the
corner of I-'irst Street and <Connaoght Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, limber, etc. It will pay you to
call ami pet particulars, and pet in on <ground lloor prices.
We also make a specialty of liste<l property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick.
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
^/lliovayf the   *Best
"ShamrocK!9 'Butter
|  P. BURNS & GO., Limited
Plain Mixed randies, per Hi     ISc
Candy, large round halls, per ll>     20c
fancy mixed, per lb     25c
Gum Drops, several colors, per Ih     30c
Chocolates, fresh and tasty per ll)   30c-60c
John McIntyrb «& SON
First Street. Telephone No. 93
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
Consisting of Tar, Roofing, Ct% White
Paper;   Lime, Cement, Plaster,   and
Fire-clay. Doors and Windows.
SjTJJcBBBBBssIiIsssmsIsssssssssWiMBIMI IMIIII lllllll ago
J mcli to Call voiir attention to tlie fact that I have secured
the agency for the famous l'rcnrh corset, "Le Furet," direct
front Paris  and cordlall) invite your inspection.
In elegance, elaitlc and hygeinlc qualities it has no equal.
I dar<ssay, If you'll conn- and inspect same, that you will say
it in the best von have ever see*.
Get a "Le Furet," the newest and liest,  from  Paris.   They
guard vcmr figure, health and purse.
I have about half a dozen eatnplM to show you and it will
takeal«)Ut six weeks after ordering.
Have you reckoned up how much yonr eyetlght is worth in
dollars and cents ? Can you (inure »s quickly or do line work Bl
well as you used to do? Don't let a false pride or a mistaken
idea of expense ruin your prospects  or  cause  you   to  risk   yorr
If you feel your eyes are "going," if they are heavy ami
easily liili«ui'il, i( yon have headaches continually without
apparent cause, slip in and consult me.
It you do not need glaiietl will lell you (rimkly. II you do
I will test you thoroughly und lit yon well at the lowest possible
Optician. Mackenzie Avenue
Capital and Reserve,       -    $8,8C0,CC0
Savings Department At Ail Branches
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
But there are still a lew people who don't
know what a salt- combination Hell's Bread
and   New Zealand Butter make	
P. O. Box 208     GROCER & BAKER     Phono No. 23
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson <3& Co., Ltd.
Tlie second annual sleigh drive and
[banquet ol .St. John's Young Mi'h'h
Bible Class was held on Thursday evening and proved a great success, Three
■lelgh-loads ol young people Wl the
t li ii i- a promptly at <'inhi o'ulouke, and
ni'i.i a delightful drive (or iwo hours
teturned to enjoy throe hours moreol
unalloyed pleasure in tho banquet ball
down   .in ■    i in' ban |uot was ol mora
titan ordinary Interest, as ii had   I i
prepared entirely l>y the young nun.
under cover ol profound socreoy. Whan
ihe curtain was drawn aside and the
guests entered the banquet room, tho
ilghti that mot their eyes was long lo
le remembered. 'I'ho room had been
translorm<ed inio a shower oi evergreen , He.- and bunting, interspersed
with alluded lights, while in a uouslpici-
nil- |el ii'.- sal ill.- class iiiasiol Wearing
tIn- Miule lli.u docs not i onie oil. I'.uu
.ilion . minimis and lilies, formed ilio
table decorations und a datatji mora
caul mar. ed the place o; each gue i.
Before silling down, the class sang a
chorus, which eipres-ed in no uucei -
oertain lerms a welcome to all. and
Home in pai ticular.
it i> needless to say ihat lull juBtlece
was done io tin' spleadid menu, which
lontaincd mosi c)f uie old tavoritBb1 but
witli new nami'S.
Wlii-ii president Howard Cook uroso
to propose ihe toast lo t'he King, lie
was greeted with u hearty round of
rpplause. Mr. J.W. McDlarmld, in a
bright patriotic speech proposed the
loasi lo Canada, and '.lie company role, iidi il with "u, Canada." "Our Pastor" wa- proposed by Mr. Thomson,
imi respon led io by Rev. J.W. Stav-
(iisciii, while the former had to roplr
to "Our Teacher" |n opo.s 'd in a clever
-,ec ich liy .Mr. Jus. I.. Hay. The toast
lo "Our Clai-s'' proposed by Mr. U.
Mennell, was heartily received, and
replied to bj Mi. Ceo. Watson, Both
gentlemen made bright, thoughtful
.-pe li.'-. "The Ladies'', tlie ever popular toast, was proposed by Mr. J.
McFudyen, who in a winy and origin-
1 ul speech tfouuded the praises of the
i fair sex. while Mr, B.V. Lawson yrace-j
idly respond Ul on their behalf. lu a
ueul little speech Mr. O. Ainslio pro -
I o-ed "Our Guests" and Mr. J. Inglo
responded. .Mr. Geo. Matheson in a
bapp] vein proposed "Our President",
to which Mr. Cook ably responded.
After the t..a t had all been honored,
a >hon musical program intersp i '..l
wiili games was presented. "We're equal to ih- occasion" and "Clementine"
wiih local variations, were ably sung
by ihe class- Solos were sung by Mr.
Thomson and Mr Woddon, while Mr.
Mc liiirmiil contributed a humorous re-
adin;:. The pe,pular duel "Larboard ;
Watch" Was well snug by Messrs.   Mc-
Fadyen and Hay A gran 1 eliiuu-' and
"Anil Lang Syne" brought lo a close
the lno-1 successful soeial affair ever
held in St. John's church. Great credit is lut- to Mr. McFadyen and his com
mitt'- for the able manner in which
they carried out all the arrangements.
Rich Hair
Long, thick, heavy hair. Want this kind?
Ayer's Hair Vigor promotes growth.
Does not color the hair.
Ask Your Doctor.       Montreil, OiutiU.
Pupil of Blgnor Giovanni Olorlol, K.
C. I., Hon. It.A.M. of Florenuo
and London.
\ mil i     nnd     ee ci■ c.     Pupils    for
Vol'O   Production   and   Pianoforte.
For terms, etc.,  apply.
BOX    306,    HI,    FIRST      3TKHHT.
Mail  Order Publicity a    Spocialty.
:      Sales    Organised      :
0. B. N.  W1LKIE1
Office: Lawrence Hardware block
W.   H.  WALLACE,   M.D.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 318. Revelstoke
KOOTENAY      LUUGE.   No.  » A.   F.
aud  A.   tl.
•tegular     meetingd are held in MAS
'JN1C TEMlJLE,     Oddfellows'      Hail
on ths Third Monday in each month
at a ii.  m.     VUitiug brethren      «n
cordially  welcom..
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
O.  W. O.  W.
Mountain  View  Oamp,  No.  i'U
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednss
days    in each month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen  ais
cordially  invited  to atienu
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
OF I. 0. F.
NO.  3101
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second aud Fourth Monday
in Month. Visiting Brethern are
cordially  welcomed.
G. W. CARTWR1GHT, Rec.-Sec.
Meets every tirst and third Tuesday
in St. Francis Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. R. Grant, Die.
H. L. Haug, Sec.
Parisian D u   I
138 Second Street, Phone 340.
Destroyeo by Fire
An outbreak of lire which was discovered early on Thursday morning, resulted in the total destruction of a
newly erected bouse on lot 19, ■ block
C, near the south truck. Mr. 1). l'ra-
tieo recently   completed   the   building of
a house on the lot referred to and     ii
Was to have been occupied within a few
days. On Thursday morning the wife
of the section official noticed from the
window of her room that the new house
was on fire. Mr. Pratico, who also
lives in the vicinity, was informed and
an alarm was raised in response to
which Brigade No. 2 turned out.
The Brigade was unable to render
any service owing to the tact that the
building was' outside the city limits,
and consequently there was no hydrant
available. Tlie brigade returned and
the tire was perforce allowed to burn
itself out, Involving the   total   destruc-
j tion of the house
The building was valued at about
$-,50ii and it is understood was fully
(Mured, through the Revelstoke Gener-
e al  Agencies, in  the Royul  Company.
SELKIRK     LODGE  U, 1. 0.  0.  F.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
tirethren   cordially  Invited.
JA3   MATH1E. Sec.
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B. C. Land
Surveyors  and  Contmeters.
P. 0. Box 347       Kamloops, B.C.
Branch   Office—Watson   Realty   eCe.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Block,  Revelstoke, B.C.
50 Pairs of
English   Kid
Til"    ll :il ll ■  Ilf    a    I'll 'IH'' ■ ■<    ll'itur    j i
reflected in it.i Htationi'ry. It Path
In  hilt r  Mi,    lie .1     tliat'a   run-:      Wt!
Kive you ili" lur.l'i   i   '(ii'il'M   ut It*
lowest priiv.    r'tt'i* eSltlnftUli
Electric Prn«
We i.ffer you expert nernce. Print
it* I'tir liuflinens it ml our bobb) tnn
To thi l*»»t flflettinn of paper aixl
typ« we add originality anil •niart-
iii'SH of deiign and rapid ilelifcrv
I possess the personal note that ordinary printing lacks. Drop in
the Mail-Iferald and ask for quotations on our printed facsimile
typewriting. Letteri, circulars, mailitiK cards, *c. with all the
effectiveness of real typewriting at s fractiou of its cost.
According to a London paper, the
next British navKl budget will call for
more than ■<$,000,000 to build eight
or ten dirigible war balloon-, which
will be only tho beginning of a fleet
of these Dreadnoughts of the air. Despite the many disasters lo dirigible
balloons, Germany keeps on building
them, and England is not likely to Indulge in any "naval holiday" in that
respe< i.
The   family   remedy   for   Ccutha   and Colda.
Shiloh coats M  little   and docs   bo much1"
In ordp-- to popularize our
Real Ostrich Peal hers. We
will send absolutely FREE
a pair of well known English Kid Gloves to the first
5l) purchasers of our beautiful Real Ostrich Feathers, at
$4 75 or $6.7,5 each.
Post Free—Worth Double- Post Free
These dainty Ostrich Plumes
are of extra fine fibres and
come in black and white in
two sizes.
14 inch Plume $4.75     _.-.. I.;S8.50
2(1 inch Plume $6.75 or 2 for $12.75
This offer is only good for a
few days.
Mention color of plume required and size of gloves.
We   have a   few   Osprevs -Samples   at
$5.50, $6.50 and"$H.50.
Send us your old feathers to
be curled, cleaned or dyed.
Charges moderate.
The   Davison-Grant Millinery
810 Robson Street
We arc clearing out our stock o( Dishes
at prices never before offered to the public of
Revelstoke. We lind we must reduce our
stock iu this department before Feb. ist and
arc ottering these goods at greatly reduced
Just a Few Prices to Convince You
Cups and Saucers.   Reg. $3.00. Doz. Sale Price $1.95
8 Inch Dinner Plates   "     3.00     "       " 1.95
6  Inch TeaPlates       "      2.50     "       •■ 1.50
5 Inch Side Plates     "      2.25     "       " 1.25
Covered Vegetable Dishes 2.00     "       " 1.10
Come in and See the Different Stock Patterns on Display
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
By sending to your friends those Photographs
you have been promising them for months. Our
styles are up to the minute and the price is right
EBID   &  B^RTOlsr
iv . 27th, l >13.
S. <'.. ROBBINS,  ESQ.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Tbe subjoined copy ol Letter oi Thanks in connection   with
loss, in which some 2o Companies were involved,   may  be  ol
Yours (aithfulli.
Montreal, De<, 24th, 1911,
'j'lik royal exchange ass'x. co., city,
Re Loss Policy 4104941 Mackenzie Mann C& Co.
Weare tins morning in receipt of \"iir ch« in- for ,-';..;'.''.i 5
in payment of your  loss under the above policy ;.ue! b    ■■
thank vou for the exceedingly prompt rayment oi the same.
Complete discbarges will be forwarded to you in due i mrse.
Yours very truly.
(Sgd)   C, H. HANSON, Managing Director.
See Our Agent S.G. ROBBINS. ior Fire Insurance
We Call and Deliver to Any Part of the City.
Best of Work Guaranteed.
Managers, Front Street.
Armstrong & Co.
Penetang Shoe Packs, Pack Sacks. Pack
Straps, Rubber Shoes, Horse Covers, Mitts.
Gloves, Trunks, Valises, Hand Bags, Etc.
Boot, Shoes - Harness Repairing
DO YO!lt FOB VCHNtSS DUin with the Uru : l-v>,t u luc Wuricl
(kallnj Mclo«lvt!y In UtBU<CAN IAW FOBS
Get "More Money" for your FCHS
a reliable—responsible—»afe—Fur Hoes* v.-itr ar, unblemished rei>-
utation existinK far "more than a quarter ' f a ■. entur ,\" a lonccsac-
ceasful record of sendinK Fur Shippers proir.n! -.SAT ISKAl TORY
AND PROPITAULE returmi. Writs tot "~li; »lrabitt frlnniet."
Uio only reliable, accurate market rep^r". ar.d pri'e list published.
WrKc lor l«—NOIV-U*« FREE
|A. B. SHUBERT, Inc. Kgjgg£%S!iAg: PAGE FOUR
WKDNRSDAY,   JANUARY 14,   191*.
XEbcrftail Ibcval^
Made of the best tempered steel, with all attention
paid to handling same. The prices are as right as
the goods. Single or double-bitted axes, handled or
not. o4H guaranteed goods. Handles of best selected
We have the best selection  in  B. C.    r__A\\ the  best
til        )       n    riil.    V.  : i .   \\\    i i t • ;/•   11 1
KKVKI.CTOM':.   II.   t!.
%•%.-«> vvw ■■v*.-*-*^-* %%.*-^%-%"V'
esJcr   shohun   in   the
Upper Country.       A*
Diamonds, Cut Glass
and    Crotntn     Derby
China.     J*    J»    Jm   Jem
J. Guy Barber.
"We Clean the Town
jutertoi ftubltebino Company
,j. k. JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH  ti.  SURUT0N, Editor,
The      eagerly    anticipated   Muniolpal
elootiona hnve Hied down Into a con-
lost feir tll<0 position oi Mayor, six
aldermen and flvu school trustees being returned unopposed. Thecandl-
dates for Mayor    are each well known
liiciilly. Aid McKinnon linn served on
the  council for  sonic   years,   nul    clone
conscientious and good work as Ohulr-
uinii of tiio finance Committee. Mr.
W.I. Brigg was for a busy term Ifha
holder ol the Important post of city
solicitor, and his services to tho community iu that capacity will be well
i.ninnlii i'"l. Thoco is no strongly 'de-
l.ni'd difference on essential lactors in
the p.iatfonu-'of the candidates, and
ilie ratepayers have an opportunity to
chooie for themselves the Mayor ior
the Forthcoming year, unhampered   hy
extraneous      interests    and    Influences,
j Whichever way the vote goes ii is to be ,
I hoped thai   it will be loyally accepted
j liy the resident* as a whole as the   expression of the will .if thi; community.
The six aldermen who have boon     re ■
i ii in- -1 without opposition are to     be
congratulate!upon  thai  result.   They
I include  two old  .indwell   tried  personages    in Al I, McSorley nnd   Bourne.
Aid,  Bell, though new to civic honors,
i has been identified with the Board    of
Trade and the Progress club, AM. A,
I Pradolint Is not without experience   of
public business lll(| ;i|taii, which should
I stand him     in   good  stead, and  Aids.
Snij tli   ... ' \    I ham are residents   oi
.i type  who   ,ue  particularly  welcome'
upon public bodies,   Al J. Smythe    is
well known .is the proprietor   ol    tho
Empress   theme.       He   has   iiiude     an
■ ■'it landing si -s of bit own business
lo.ally, and deserves the thanks of tho
pleasure loving public for having put
ihe show business lucre on a clean, heal
thy and sound footing. Aid. N<eedhnm
Is, although energetic and youthful   in
en liusiaim regarding public aflnti i,
almost an     okltimer in regard to r4si-
i ' I- tic  here, and should make an      ad-
new able and    ound    eo inclllor,      Tho
lined  trustees returned unopposed In-
. lu le ol.i  tree -i.' is in the pei sons      of
■ ! •' c and Sturdy, who have
i,i.e. led with the forwar i move-
tion    loiall>.
...• eh .ii leriiwd  r.'' en'    years,
•   ib it j  and
,   M   -■    T  ic'' ■. Tay
I Kenward trusteed
cije    ' ii -ir  responsible    dutie-
" ■    n y.
<<ii   the
■      I
re |vn
Parisian Dye Works
High Class Cleaning and  Pressing   i S
1 tdies and G< it's Kid Gloves made I ^^
We call and deliver to any pan ■ I
Parisian Dye Works. 138 Second St.
I ■■■■■■■ efJMB <MMM ■■■ •§ fl^HB •■■• ■*■■■ *■■• eSJBimiBK "^P
(Continued from Page Bight)
bands of   tlie  cili/ens to   say if  hi'   hud
made mistakes, if he hud no juiMfloa -
tion for them and if ho had not (he
utialiUes to    redeem himself.  He did
not desire to  critisc anyone  anil lie  hud
nothing au'ulns'i Mr. Tapping for speak
inu h.is mind, Everyone was wefeome
to his opinion,   (Applause.)
The Rev, LaslUoy Hull sold Revel-
stoke wus ideally sltuntod in th» mid-
si of scenery |lPOtty Well unrivalled.Un
the other  hand one  eould  not  liel|>  no
(icing matters In which the picture did
not correspond to   Ihe  frame work    so
lo speak.   Hi' thought   they would   be I
well advised lo tako somo long   looks
into the   future   in-len I of   I lie   |>aHt.   If
they wanted to attract desirable ciii/.-
eiis they  would bdVO to  make iheircity
attractive, Ho was sorry lo know
that th" finances hero as elsewhere were
in a iij:ht condition, but it was not
too early to forecast some pinna      for
Ihe future. Would il Hot lie well lo
have in Hie city a civic centre, where
they eiuilcl electa city ball and olvio
c.flices generally nnd possibly a lil)iary
As Ihe result of the O.P.R.'s policy of
beautifying their  slalions   Ihe  view pre
sen ted to those who entered Revelstoka
by lull was attractive, but unfortunate
ly us-non as they crossed the tracks
they found nothing very striking or
attentive. They seemod to have no
policy of parks or open spaces ami the
Importance of that BOrt of thing should
not be lost siidit of because il would
attract just   I hose sort ol peopfe   they
want 'il to have as citizens. The pres-
c nee in tho principal sheets of tlie city
of -hacks did not create 0 very happy
impression upon the tourist. He he -
Iicw I this pluce could be made a stopping     place for      tourists'.   The heallh
side of things was most important and
ii was of vital necessity that the city
-iwtoit that all refuse burnable was:
burned, li was from refuse and garbage that epidemics arose. He went on
io refer to the danger of the Introduction of bubonic plague and other disease* from tl rlenl  and said it  was
a good policy   lei .'cl    thee   troubles out
of the  way in the curly  singes of   the
. .ty's history,   Another desirable lining
wa- the encourngomenl (,f Bobrlety. He i
had li id some painful incidents brought
io his knowledge.   Sobriety was ono of I
tho best   things for a  city.   They  were'
living      under conditions   today   when   j
they   were beginning to sec things differently ih regard lo what  was termed'
ution and so forth.   He thought |
they ought  manfully to face that situ-
ai.on and  nrrlveat a  policy ol having
u  clean .-ity iu every sense,  though  he
'.new thai   problem   was a  difficult an I
delicate one.   (Applause?)
Mr. Peterson asked why Ihe council
cut  ids trees In lower town?
Ml   H.iW-on   replied it   was  done oy
en    unanimous    decision of Ihe   coun-
having been felt that thetroos referred to constituted a   nuisance,     and
m    ■ i'   !       .mis'   the  street being kept
■ on in ion.
Mr. I'eici   cc ...,,,1 other trees had not
interfered with and his were   eut
without notice to him at nil. He I
n to   refer to   the   houlevard   by-
I how   ih y  could call    a
i   boulevard where  there were  no
M.iv. i   inl itO 1    leiesiions. aii'l no
Forthcoming,   the  meeting
M\ fc.il US fet
■'■  .inn
I    ■       explained
' . ktion  were
with  Mr. Oram,
th    Di     nion Public
•  question
- '   le grant-
Park W IS
Opening of Laundry
The   New Revelstoke  Steam   Laundry will   be  in
operation on January 26th in their New  Fire Proof
emises :::::: :
In The McCarty hi.oc k
la Um cciilrc of tliini.'«—thciilrei
■ U n em 1. th m.Ic ..    Ilciilrlinir
aUeiliite'l)' fireproof—concrete,Mo I
earn] ni.'irlile.
ELROPEAN PUN—il peril.} up
With Balha—12 per day up
Mr. Neil v. McKay, MP., for the
Ca tie Riding, is making a tour of his
constituency at the present time, vi«i t-
ing Beaton, Trout Lake Oity and nth
cr  points.
There is no Ice yet on the north east,
arm of the Upper Arrow Lake. A year
ago today ice breakers were at work
there. This 1b a most unusual evidence of the mildness of the season.
M I. \
s( rue ted    to
• nl   i. • | ii    t
■  I
■    I       .
i        v      a'
,■!• ,i'e  i and
!l l0ll I,'
.end.  has  ■
ly   ■ on i it .lection   ice
the im Ui '/ i .1 lughter,
ttc-.'i i.inei c,,   i,   Beaton m
nri'l li' erymnn, made ■ < lip lo Net on
tlni week.    Mr,   U.K.   Ilrew
of th" itore in the meantime.
'■    '
ni'c RBRN
ie        ■ c i '.,   ur mem
I ' Ml'
hi   hfl   I in     ii   eie'iniii* up     the
•    i       Is to m   tl'-tnent.
\i' . ■. . | .i     .   ion     on
ll in ittoi   took  pine e. when      thn
. umu la tie and err-at. t    eon
c ..n  of iliis important   Association
.     ■   held al  Allow head  terminated.
The Official Grand Trunk
Pacific Divisional Point
Vancouver, II. C, Jan. 5, 1914.
KllVld.STDKK  Ol'.NICRAI.   Al'.l'.NOlHS,   l/l'll.
Revelstoke, 11. C.
l'lcasc lake noticetliat on " February First " prices all unsold lots will
be increased an average of thirty live per cent.
l-'or full Information about Smithera apply to H. W, 11. Marshall,
Exclusive Local Agent, through the Revelstoke Genera] Agencies'I*td,
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN I). SIBBALD, I'kks.   Phone I.!    J. D. SIBBALD, JR., Sue.
is the way we deliver grocery orders.
You can depend absolutely on getting
your groceries when we promise them.
Our service must be perfect to match
the character of our table necessities
and luxuries, and our attractive prices.
If you don't know tlurm from experience
you should certainly get acquainted at
Phone 41.
.' Box 734
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
A By-Law to exempt, from assessment anl taxation for other than
local Improvement rates certain lands in the Oity of Revelstoke belonging to or used by the Railroad Young Men's Christian Association.
WHEREAS the Railroad Young Men's Christian Association of Revelstoke are the owners or otherwise entitled to lots numbered 7, 8, 0, 10,
11 and 12 in Block numbered '22, Plan 638-A. Revelstoke, which lands are
used exclusively for the purposes of said  Association  together with the
buildings and improvements thereon.
AM) WHEREAS a petition slgned~by the assessed owners of at
least oiic-lentli in value of the land or real property rated upon the last,
revised assessment roll of the Oity of Revelstoke, has been presented to
the Muniolpal Council of the Corporation of the Oity of Revelstoke, praying that a By-Law be introduced and passed by said Council for the purpose of exempting from assessment ami taxation for other than local improvement rates, (lie said lands and the buildings and Improvements
AND WHEREAS the said Municipal Council bavo determined to pass
sneli By-Law in accordance with the prayer of said petition, subject to as-
s"nt thereto being given by the qualified Bleotors of the ('ity of Revelstoke. being those entitled to vole upon money By-LaWS.
Now THEREFORE the Municipal Counoll of the Corporation of the
Oity of  Revelstoke enact as follows:
1. Prom and after the .list. December. 1018, Lots numbered 7, S, !l, 10,
II and 12 in Block numbered 22, Plan 038-A, Revelstoke, and all buildings
and Improvements thereon, being the property of the Railroad Young
Men's Christian Association shall (so long as the same remain the property of the slid Association, and continue to be used and occupied by the
said Association) be exempl from assessment and taxation by the City of
Revelstoke for all purposes Other than for local improvement, rates.
2. This By-Law slcill not be effective unless and until the same shall
liavi i i assented to by the duly qualified Electors of the ("ity of Revelstoke, in the manlier provided by law.
8. This By-Law sb ill if assented by the Electors as aforesaid come into force immediately upon the final passing and registration thereof, and
shall lake effect as of'January 1st, 1011, so far as relates to ihe assessment and I ix-itinn of aay property alfected thereby.
I. This He-Law iniy be cited for all purposes as "Riilroad Young
M ii s Asi ' iation Tax Exemption By-Law No. of lill.'l.
Head a llrsl time I) niber 5th,  1018.
Kind a second t'me December, 5th, 1018.
Read n third time and passed with the unanimous consent of the Counoll Deielilliel  .Mil.   1018.
Ilceeiied the assent ol the duly qualified  Electors January 1914
Reconsidered and finally passed and adopted by the  Council January
Ma vnit.
Citv Clkrk.
TA K E N( ITICE I hat I be above is a true copy of the proposed By-Law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the City Hall,
corner "f MoKentle Avenue and Second Street, Revelstoke, B.C., on
Thursday, January l.'illi. IIHl. between the hours of nine  o'clock  in  thci
forenoon ami seven o'clock In the afternoon,
City Clerk. WEDNESDAY,   JANUARY 14,   1914.
I'AUH 71 vn
Watch this
Page for
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jtume & Co.. limited
500 Pieces of Ladies' and Chil-   VZf
dren's Underwear, per garment   vOVj
Five Hundred Yards of Prints   1 Ap
and Wrapperettes at    -     -     -   ■ "^
1,000    Yards  White    Cambric  1 Kp
Embroidery, value  to 35c.    See  ■ ^
To the Drygoods Department, on
Top Floor, and see these Bargains.
Boys   Overcoat Sale
Boys Reefers
Russian Overcoats
up-to-date models -all this season's goods. One of these Coats
offers you the best investment
of the season.     Regular Prices,
$7.50 to $11.   Sizes 28 to 34.
IN PLAIN  BLUE, and small sizes in
gray friezes.   Neat, nobby and
good fitters.     Prices up to $5.
All the one price.
FOR SMALL BOYS-Just a few   of
these left.    Right now the  boy
will need one.   Sizes up to 26.
Sale Price       	
$3.00 Each
Sale Fnce $5 Each
$2.50 Each
Pure Clover Honey
Five Pound Pails    $1.25
Quart Sealers          85
Eighteen Ounce Bottles          *0
Fourteen ounce* Hot ties         35
Nine Ounce Dottles         25
One Pounil Combs  ..         30
Smoked and Salt Fish
Labrador Herring, Holland Herring. Mackerel, Bonod
OodBshi Stock Mshi Kiuporctd Herring Finnan HsddU'j,
mil   ,11  kinds  oi  ''nuiod  Fish.
Johnson's Fluid of Beef
and Bovril
Better Than Medicine
Fluid Beef,   16 ounce Bottles  $1.00
Bovril, 4 ounce Bottles        65
Bovril,  2  Ounce Bottles  .■         35
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Lettuce, Cauliflowers, Celery and Brussels 3proats ,
Sweet Potatoes, Spanish Onions, and Cabbagei Navel
Oranges from 35c. to 75c. per dozen Lemons and Bananas.      Jap Oronges, Grape Fruit, Florida.
 4 .
Clark's Canned Soupes 2  tins for    25c.
Pine Apple, sliced, 2  tins lor    25c.
Qreen Gage Plums, 2 tinH for    25c.
■""'" "■  1        '' •
Lombard Plums, 2 tins for  „  25c.
These Grocery Specials only advertised for two days. First Come, first
served. PAGE SIX
WRDNKSIUY,   JANUARY 14,   1 i»111.
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the must wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfori and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
.  --
Agents for Calgary Beer
$1.00 a Day and Up] Phone lb29
Furnished Rooms by the Day, Week or Month
Mrs. H. .1. Hanbury,   -     Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout      Housekeeping Suites.
To the Electors of the
City of Revelstoke
l.\e [ua am' Gentlemen:—
I again reppeotfully soliolt your
support pa Alderman fur Ward .'!
for 1911. H elected, I shall continue to do nay best n tin* interests
of ratepayera and thu City generally,
To the Electors of the
City of Revelstoke
Ladies \m> Gentlemen:—
Having been ifquested by a
liir^e number of citizens if Wind
Two, 1 have di oided to placa my
name lor election, and if returned,
will do all In my power to advance
the interests oi Revelstoke.
(i. W. BELL.
A Public Meeting will be held in the
City Hall, on Baturday, January 10tb
nt 7 p.m., to discusB with tho ratepayer- th.- Financial Statement published
in tho last  issue of tho Mail-Herald.
News in Brief
In tho aerial
can   not  loop
about   lilt) e-ainc'
who   holds  the
liuly bartbaolc
circus the aviator who
the loop, is regarded
as the ring attendant
palter  hoops   tor    lii"
ider to jump through,
There are now living three ex-preni -
iirs ol Canada, Sir Wilfrid 1,mirier, lined 7'J, Mir Charted Tapper, agod 93 and
air Muukenjde Howell, aged 111), sir
Maoktnilt, who is npnln editor ol the
Belleville Intelligencer, which ho controlled Home sixty years auo, celebrated liia ninetieth birthday lust week, sir
Maekemjc liowell   and Hon.   John  Oos-
Ugan are the only two mon who bavo
been member* oi cine or oilier ehamlier
of luirliament continuously sineo Oon-
The   jury    in      lln:  ease   ol      llan.s
Schmidt,    charged  with    the     brutal
murder oi Anna Aumullar    ot     Nuw
York, were unable to rouoh an agreement after  being   out     for  thirty-six
hours.   The Newark Star states that a
fund   of   ¥10,000 was     raised  lor his
counsel,    aud JMOOtl each lor   the four
ulienists who   testified    in  bis    lieliali.
One  ol the   hypothetical     questions
asked is  said to have contained ,',0,O0i)
words.     The  Star adds:—"This    trial      The  candidate  who  goes   too  oftou
may prove ihe Inst  stand ol ihe mon-   to the  polls  meets    the iato   ot      thu
itrous iniquity of   practical suborned pitcher'in tho table.
'cx|ien'testimony.      If      tho      system
Tlie Revelstoke (.'pen Air Rink is now open at
the Tennis Court Grounds, near the Court
House, on First Street. Surface o( ice is
aoo yards in circumference.   Warm Dressing
Admission, 25c Children, 15c.
Season Tickets, Gentlemen $4.O0
Ladies $3.00
Children $2.00
Terms for
Kink will
Family Tickets given on Application,
he open in the afternoons from 2:30 to
5:30, and in the evenings from 7 to 11  o'clock.
HARRY P. PARKER, - Manager
breaks down  under  the  tost   tho     ro-
■pectable  mcdieal  profession  may      be
heartened to do what it ought, for its
own credit,    to have done long     ago,
rise   up  against Ihe  whole   mercenary
tribe  ot  conscienceless
opinions for Bale.   The
bad enough.   The  Schm.lt case is re
Tho policemen's band in Philadelphia
is never called a brass baud by the ad-
iiiiiin^r small uoys—always copper.
Philanthlophy finds '.hui the children's letters to Santa Clans which fill
the mails during the Christmas holi-
clu.v.s have opened a splendid held for
work. The majority of these infantile
appeals are genuine and reflect conditions among the poor of the laud
lhatappeal 10 humanity. Tho responses  10 these appeals this   year by
_0 _,.v,..~  u^.u  cwQ generous.  By
over lo   the  private
post oilier depart-
Imenl performs a splendid Bervice for
philanthcopy which otherwise could
] not he brought in touch wiih yearning lesires of indigent children in th-j
[congested quarters of the cities. In
! New   York  city  alone     neatly    2O.U00
Tho shipping returns of  the     Clyde
how   a record output of 707,000 tons,
'alienists'   with   ;1n increase of 120,000  tons over 1912.
Thaw case was ., , . _   ,
"Newspapers, remarks      Lord
Northellfle, do one-half of tho police
work of the world." Yes, and thou
they are expected also to excuse the
other half, adds the San Francisco
organizations have bee
turning the letter
organizations the
Scientist-    thai     thai time    pusses I
more slowly  at the  Kcpiatoi   than auy
other   place   on the   globe,    Applicants
for  government  jobs  at  Oitawu know
of  another   place  where   time      move-   j
wiih leaden wings.
Sir ErneBt Shackfolon is profiting by
the experiences ,ii Oaptaln Scott and '
Oaptain Amundsen. The airship ae a
traction machine is a new device. But
the 12" trained Alaskan and Siberian
dogs, with trained    Canadian drivers,
make- an outfit   which might have saved '
Oaptain Scott's expedition.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
for the bush. 1 make ■
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required invour IniBineRH.
Corner View
■ I Douglas Sti
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reaso  able Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Airahamsun Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
perfc 'il   are
man -
We oi
lip,     Vi
.Mien      wrote  letters   aud  thousands
o« them  were made happy by kindly       » !■ ■*■*•* thn' B movement is   on
men    and   women.    The magniacent 1°°* »«"»* thoM concerned with the
n ponse oi our own genorous-hearted   •*»'« °£ Canadian apples in  the     Lon-
citizens is  a matter ot record.     This don market to    break down the    com-
providence well organized in all cities
will  hereafter lieu marked  feature   of
the Christmas celebration.
The dream of finding a modern Utopia on Easter Island, in the South Pacific, whi ii has claimed the attention
.jf man]  a piring young Bwains     who
.I the island beauties,
thereafter lead a life of luzurioui
buttered today by Siu\e Drink-
water, one ol ihe survivors of the
.-I'hoouei Rldorado, who recently found
c refuge on  the island.
"1   ~;cnt     l.r ii'..reel   months    on
l   Island,"  Drinkwnter said     to-
.iy, ' and if thai place is Utopia, give
...'• the nothei -
Drinkwatei   Bald   he  would    I<e     In
c   in expedition to    Easter Is-
or ihe purpose ol   al-
ng    cif   the fifty-
.ice. have   urvived      a
le <■   populous     libc.
Ih ■ lew of thi s.   Bad oilier faots   ro-
arcHngthe   i land,   Ma.or  Krnnk  Tool
bine which exists amont; London dealers under which Canadian apples are
sold practically at any prieo tho combine chooses to fix. Arrangement are
I einj in.ide on behalf of Ihe apple shippers of New Brunswick, linlario and
British Columbia io instituto an Independent sale centre in London solely
and for Canadian apples. Investigations
ease, also are being made into the allegations that recent consignments ol apples have been tampered with whole' -
Bale al tlie port of entry, inferior ar-
ticles of English growth being mixed
in large numbers with the genuine Canadian apples.
Ihe Revelstoke Nurseries
Another popular fullacy lias been
exploded. We have lorn; regarded
with envy and admiration the man
with the lofty brown unci massive
bead as the embodiment of intellec -
tual greatness. According to a brain
specialist who delivered an address
licfoie the American rhyaiolotjical
Society the  weight   of   the  brain    has
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42
Night Phone85
un mar -
Signed and Sealed Atcident
Insurance Policy
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best. Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
Uo    much
thinv; pen
The Low Cost of Our Accident Policies
make them an
prucl' bottld   fail
A posts 0 Me you.
a. E   Krs'i ail. Manager
By,  a retired British army officer, has nothing to   do with the potency,   and
all previous theory regarding mental
ec|iiipment must go glimmering. Tho
result of it all is that the man with
ihe big head may no longer claim
mentalsuperiorlty, and all that we
have been hearing regarding the
brains of great men seems a sort of
scientific fairy tale. Your brain may
Weigh a half ton and may be most
intricately marked, and yet, if the in-
utsible cells haven't the mysterious
quality the speaker was unable to de-
line, you may bo as dull as some of
tlie men one sees at afternoon teas.
inounced   thai   th.- proposed expedi
young lie n has
"01 i  lit     natives,"     says
'lit.     are.   women
liy     nine of    them ure
i ried."
Union   Hotel
A. P. I,KVKSQUK, Proprietor
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot Atr and Furnaco
work a Specialty
Oortnaught Ave.   -   Revalatoke
London,  amid   her Christmas pros-
lie problem of pau-
cA'e now support  over  100,000
lunatii«.   Of these,
ne  wholly maintained   in  Instt-
The  Tune    Annual      Review,
whi'h  c     a  elassii   on  the     'piesiion,
■how  our  total  I     readily  diminish
.n.     i- ago, it    reached the
marl   ol   130,000.    IxihI year
it was   11 t.'"i'i  Tlie   reduction i«  main-
. ■ .. pen Chi     Paupei. in
earl) I !0,000,000 yearly
i he 'I'm ,i a groatei  simiiii'
i'v in  h iii, ii trntion, the   j > rx > j | >• - • • now
I  ."I ne   twenty nine    sparate
BctMl   lJ  Of    ' ■   c  el'llliri I'     ul io UHl        (  el
lion of  en    edu  il ional       v ■' »..
wlii' li will hildren leaving
inc.I .in oquipmeni •'• bic h * dl prevont
i li"iic cati'c  on   fl >iii     tl pping   o  er    the
boundary line ol pauperism Voluntary
agencies fin dealing with paupers have
greatly Increased. These figures show
ihnl about I person in 7'i in the Metropolis Is „ pauper and in receipt of public relief There is somelhiiiG very '
wrontf when this enn be possible; but
perhaps,    if  w»  luvd   the   -tatistles    of '
other cities, we would find that Lon -1
don is not   exceptional  in  this  respect, j
—■Loudon  Kxcliange.
Come and look at our Triangle Sar.
Irons—guaranteed for ever.
PRICE-6 LB. IRON, $3.90
A. G.   DUCK
Estimates given free.
Phone 363
McKenzie Ave.
CASH   :   :   :
Team of Horses, Wagon and
Gordwood, $4.50 Per Cord
any length.
WPAPPV Auctioneer
. lAIUM McKenziAve.. If
WEDNESDAY,   JANUARY 14,   191'4.
IN FULL SWING. We would again urge
upon you the necessity of buying early as this
Sale is scheduled to last
But a Few Days Longer
Men's Suits and Overcoats %Teh;lr°L
A large assortment, comprising Tweeds and Naps,
in smart looking Greys, Browns and Blacks. Overcoats have up-to-the-minute Belted backs, American
and Canadian Styles and backed up by the maker's
One-Third Off Regular Price
Men's Hats
Soft and Derbys, in
all the latest blocks.
Reg. S3 values,
A limited number of
these also. Reg. 3.50
Men's Fine
Negligee Shirts
Verv Neat Patterns.  Reg. $1.75
Still Collars and Cuffs.   "      95c
Ree.   $
■*6. V. 50,
Sale Price
$2.00 and  $,}.50
$1. $1.35. $2.75
Sweaters and
Sweater Coats
POR BOYS—Lot   1 —n    only
Sweater Coats 90c
Lot 2—Sweaters S.^c
Lot ,\    Sweaters 60c
All weights, colors
and sizes. Every
grade reduced.
Men's Heavy
Working Shoes
Only a limited num-
of these. Reg. 4,50
Sale Price
Regular /5c and $1.00
50c Per Garment
Splendid Opportunities in Boys' Wear
Our Boys' Stock, not being very large, we would advise you
to come early  as  the   Bargains we  are  offering  won't last.
A FEW BOYS' SUITS—Our complete stock—(About 50
Suits) all the newest colorings, in Bloomers and straight
pants as low as $2.50 One-Third Off Regular Price
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Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public notice U hereby given to the
electa™ ol tlio Municipality ol Revelstoke that I rec|iiiro the prosonco of
the Buid electors at tho Oity Clerk's
Oflleo, City Hall, Mackenzie Avenue,
in the 8aid City, on the 12th J|,nunry,
1914, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent
them In the Municipal Council as
Mayor and Aldermen, and also for the
purpose of electing Three Sehool Trustee.
Tee mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:—
The candidates shall Ixi nominated
In writing; the writing shall 1)8 subscribed by two voters of tho Municipality as proposer aad seconder, and
shall be delivered to tho Returning
Officer at any time between ihe date
ot this notice and 2 p.m. on the day
of Nomination; and in the event of a
poll licing necessary, such poll will bo
opened on Thursday the 16th day ot
January, 1914, in the Oity Hall,
in tho City of Revelstoke, and kept
open between the hour of nine o'decU
in the forenoon und 7 o'clock in tho
afternoon for taking and recording the
vott'3 of ihe electors of the said City,
of which every person is hereby required to lake notice nnd govern themselves accordingly.
The persons qualified to bo nomin -
ated for and elected as) Mayoe- shall
be such persons as are male British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years nnd are not disqualified un bunny law, and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of
nomination, the registered owner in
the Land Reentry Office of land or
real pro[>erty in the city of the aBses-
\ sed value on the last .Municipal Assessment Roll, of One Thousand Dollars
nr more over and above any registered
: judgment or charge, and who are
otherwise duly qualified as Municipal
' Voters.
The persons qualified    to be    nomi-
i nated for   and elected     as    Aldermen
shall be such persons as are male Brlt-
I ish subjects of the full age of 21 years
nnd are not disqualified under any law
! and have been for the six months next
preceding the day of nomination     the
I Registered     Owner in the Land Registry Office, of land or real property in
I ihe City of the   assessed value, on tho
! last  Municipal     Assessment     Roll  of
F ive  Hundred    Dollars  or   more over
and above   any  registered judgment or
charge, and  who  are    otherwise qualified as Municipal voters.
The persons    qualified to   be nomi-
| nated for and elected as    School Trus-
| tecs shall  he  such  persons  as are Brit-
! Mi  subjects of  the full age of 21 years
] nnd  having heen fnr    the six months
next preceding the date of nomination
| the registered owner. In the Land Registry  Office,  of  land or real  property
■ in the City  School district  ot the as-
1 aessed value on  the Inst  revised aseen*
I ment    roll of five  hundred   dollars   or
I more over    and  above any  register^
judgment   or  charge, and  being  otherwise qualified to vote at   an election of
.School  Trustees  in the  said      School
Every candidate nominated shall
signify by a writing accompanying
the nominal ion paper, his consent to
such nomination, except in ease such
person be absent from the Municipality
when such absence shall be staled in
the nomination paper.
Every    candidate      nominated      for
Mayor or Alderman shall, on or before
the hour of 2 p.m. on the day of Nomination,  furnish the   Returning Officer
a statement  In  writing   specify-
To the Electors of the
City of Revelstoke
Ladies and Gbntlbmhn :■
I am offering myself to tho Elector's of Revelstoke im a candidate
for Mayor.
1 am running Independent of any
party or interests.    If  you sec lit
to elect me 1 will give your affairs
the name attention I have in tbe
pant and will devote tlie time
necessary to put the Oity'l finances
and other buBineu oo » proper
I feel that your Oity is at the
point where drastic measures maybe necessary to ensure your future
You mny follow my record an
Councilman for the past four yearn.
You will find it has been the
citizens of Revelstoke first, foremost and always, starting with the
building of the power dam until
the present time.
I have always figured Revelstoke
as my home, and   have  never ex
ploited your future interests for my
temporary advancement.
Yours truly,
To the Eleetors of the
City of Revelstoke
Ladies ind Gentlemen:—
At (lie urgent solicitation of
many ratepayers and friends, with
whose views regarding the present
unsatisfactory oondltlon "f municipal affair* I agree, I have consented
to allow my name to go in nomination for the ollice of .Mayor for
The tenor of the?e solicitations
has largely heen of complaint
against the autocratic rule, otherwise hossism, that during the past
few years has dominated the civic
life of Revelstoke.
lf there is one thing more than
another that tends to destroy municipal decency and honor it is
one-man-rule and clique interference. Clique has !>een defined as
a small group of persons associated for exclusive or intriguing
purposes. The evidences of hoee-
ism have never heen more openly
and notoriously displayed than
has for some time heen apparent in
I feel that the time is opportune
I to shake off the strangle-hold this
individual rule has upon the com-
munitv, Some say such a thing is
unconquerable. If so it is only
because the voting public has lopt
its convictions and its co'irage.
This 1 refuse to believe, Soch a.
thing is conquerable. < ireater things
have heen done. The people have
only to assert themselves and by
their ballots on election day de-
iclare their disapproval of such
Those who assume public oflice
should he trustees for all the
people and >hould not allow themselves to be swayed by the "lienor
motives of designing individuals.
I believe in publicity in municipal
    affairs.   The people are entitled to
Public notice is hereby given to tte,know what business has been trans-
electors   of the Municipality of Revel-j actedam,   how   .,   hfl_   Wn   con.
There has been a tendency for
some time past towards temporising with City  by-laws.    I  believe
the laws enacted for the governance
and well-being of the City should
be enforced in a  spirit  of  fairness
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
stoke that I require the presence of the
saUIelactors at the City Clerk's Office,
City Hall, Mackenzie Avenue, in the
said City, on the 12th January, 1914,
at VI o'clock noon, for the purpose of
electing Two School Trustee,' to fill
the vacancies caused by the resigna •
tions of Messrs. Edward Edwards and
Thomas W. Bradshaw.
The    mode of   nomination of candidate' shall be as follows:—
and equal measure to all.
Public expenditure and improvements   should    be    kept     within
The candidates Aall     be nominated | bounde of the (''<*'« finances,
in writing; the writing shall be   sub-       Financial    matters    should     be
scribed  by two voters of  the   Munici-   more closely watched.     An inquiry
pahty a? proposer and seconder, and should be made into all   branches
shall   be  delivered    to the   Returnln*   of the   City's   I xpeuditures with   a
Officer at any time between tbe    dan view to applying business methods.
of this notice and 2 p.m. on the  aay      a proper revision of the assess-
of Nomination: and in ihe event of   a   „„.„, r„n ^ ft ^^ lfcat ^ ^
poll being necessary,  such poll will b«        ... ,
opened on Thursday  the  1Mb day    o*   a(n">1'"'   WW   ol   the   revelations
January,     1914,   in   the    City Hall.' th:lt h-u> c ,me t0 ''g1^   regarding
in the City of Revelstoke, and     kept   last year'.- revision.
open between .he hour of nine   o'clock!      j, e]pr,(,(1 j, wjl] )|(. my „n(k,a.Qr
to promote and encourage every
undertaking that will tend to the
best intere-ts of our City,
Yours sincerely,
Inn:   tbe land   or real property    upon
which he qualifies.
Given  under  my hand, nt  Rcvelsl,    i
this 2nd day of January, 1914.
Returning  Officer.
THINGS. Prettiest Designs
PILLOW cushions
DRESSMAKING. Fit Guaranteed
in tbe forenoon and 7 o'clock in the
afternoon feci taking nnd recording the
votes ot the electors oi tlie ai i city,
of which cm ry person Is hereby re-
cpiired to lal-e notice and govern themselves accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nomi-
neted for and electa as School Trus-
lec- hill be such persons as are British subjects of the full age of 'Jl years,
and having been for the six months
next preceding ihe date of nomination
the registered owner, in the Land
istry Office of land or real propert
ihe city school district of the assess |
value on the last revised nsses-'ment roll
of five hundred dollars or more    over       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
end above any registered  Judgment or   LaDIES AND GENTLEMEN:—
(haiL'e,   and   beln^r  otherwise   'iiinlifled , ,   ,
i Li        , a v.  \ m„. Being   requested   hy     numerous
to vole at  an election of School Tims- h        '
tees in the said Sehool District. ratepayers I have decided  to stand
Ev>ry candidate nominated shall for election for Alderman for Ward
signify by a writing .•lecoinpnnying Two. If elected I will devote my
the nomination paper, his consent to attentj0n to the interests of the
such nomination, except in ca* •"°-»> (City to the he.-t of my ability
person he absent from th** Muniiipality '      *
JX To the Electors of the
City of Revelstoke
when such  absence shall    be stated    .n
Ihe nomination paper.
Given under my hand, at Rcvelstote.
this 2nd day of January.  1914.
Returnim:  OW ■*'
W. A. Sm-i ihi:.
in     the
A   Winnipeg  contemporary di eu
the provision in the United States income   tax as far   as     it relates     *o
| income above $5(Hi,000. What Was this
that we lately heard about a financial
The most  important issue     m     me Mrjn„ency7
Ottawa civic   election     was (he question of  securing  a supply  of  pure  wa- I    A contemporary comments      grimly
tor for   the  cor/Hal.   This  is a  matter upon   the     tree    publicity    literature
of Dominion-wifle    importance.      Rep- whioh it  throws imo  the waste paper
resentatlves  from      Cape  Breton      to basket.   This  is  unkind.         Justthimk
I'vine-o Rupert cannot  be expected   to how eagerly th* office furnaoe consumes
io their full duty to the country when it, nnd think alfto what it adds to the
there   is    the least suspicion of   bacteria Intheir bath  tubs  or "chasers."
po=tal revenue and the employment it
gives to printers. FACIE RIGHT
WEDNESDAY,   JANUARY 14,   1916.
Mr. Ronnie Mayoi  ol Camborne,
in town for a few 2aj
Mr. R, 1''. Green, -^' ompanlud bj
Mi. .il'. Funic, Dominion disirb ' en
gtneer, i- making > lout ol thu Slooan
iu iri< i.
i be id   ii. » (J P.R- ■ ai »lip ha) been
iompleted and wu   lauui bed it  Arrow
head on   Ni n d ij and   po ttloned   on
The !•'"" t Mills iicai the Qoo. F.,
I',,..,, ha ' !■ 'ni"■J rsgulai pa ienger '
i .1,■ ic i wen.     i omaplls un I  iie.nou
g .,!   A: cow head.
u. Parrj the auctioneer, ba<  return-
from   .i   week     trip   to the coast,
wheic he purchased a carload ol     a-.-
i furniture,
Owing to the delay In shipment   of
machinery  fiom     Chicago, iho
Istoke Steam Laundry, will
in   uperaiion    till Jan. 26th.
I  ■ ;i  adeslsewherein this tissue,
The Empress theatre front is   oom-
. . •■•d and  withi ul  i doubt ■-  the fin-
.11 B.C.   Not another bheatre in the
province can  loach ihis,  and     great
reditu due to  the Mauager, for   the
best yet,
\  new .-pou is becoming ■■cry popu
lar ni our oity tin-   winter.   The lung
slopeoi the road down ' Hume's hill''
h is been luumi io mae.ee a .|ii,.udid toboggan slide and  large  panic-       have
.il-uu enjoying some exhilarating lun iu
u moonlight party last  Friday nighi.
Lin Saturday  afternoon ibe school  tc-
,ind ihoii friends were oui to 'he
ei oi twenty or more   and thor
oughly enjoyed themselves,     Another
large   rowd of boy   and jlrb of grown
iij   ,       obi   . meed  foi    evei al   hours
on Monday evening,     returning offeror  ho     COffee*     ••■'.!
Murray Hume has |n ' returned from
i . la nre   ti ip     to  Halcyon
lio. Spriu) Mr. Hume aye that Indian siunn weather prevailed, with
Italian skj i in his visit. He Can-
i.oc , • .i highlj enougb of the
bosi id hostess' of the Sanitarium.
Mr. cud Mi Boyd He thinks that
real home comfort In the way of
.' board and piths weie even
i:        c.uiiij i    nown to the citis-
.u  c c        •       irrounding die-
in at  present,  ihat favorite race ild  even he   betur   patronized
•,t present, although     ; n
;. ar     Ir.Boyd ha   i-en doing a   most
;   ic di.   Hume    .;,   ihat
to     .   «ei ■■ end      st    Halcyon    Hoi
rtaii BeU    all require
\i\ > and li. -<;^
t-    ,    ,    ■     . ., iih
6 nil
c_  .     .
WA1\THD— lo   buj    itock   of   .lothiu^
• •  :•      81 y  stock
J. Cohen, Kamloops.
ft ■..    bJD—Posil    ■- a- housekeeper, by
a    I   ','h     Girl    \pplj     1!   u
use, h. C.
There will he several llrBt-eliiss at"
tin. lions   at   this   popular   play   hou o,
during the nexi few weeks. Theatre-
goui    will do well to keep   their   eye
on he       e  cluiuns   where   the   theatrical
Qow   will be found.
\ i. a.i.e! bouse enjoyed tho presen-
tnhc.n ci I hi charming comedy on
Baturdnj ol hi. The trai bnssi and vd-
vuelly ol iciuhaui Mollut's play hou
I,, t none ol Its original charm, and
Miss Daw • s MoNaughtou bj wheodl •
Lug and commanding noi only efiooted
her Mo ic i pen posies but made a now
Incsi ol ire nd-aud renewed acquaint
anueshlp with icores ol old admirers1,
"Bunty "is a delightful oonwdy, sparkling with the real humor of North Brit-
am unci   re Onant  with  the  hiui of  rich
jaolic ih.ci loundedso homely and rem
un,cent of memory to • many of the
audience. Mi-s McNaughton showed a
strong appreciation of the comedy of
the pluy, and the lights and shades of
her dialogue pro> ed us bewitching as
the clevoi lines with which the author
i, i enriched the pari. John Clancy us
Haii, proved himself worthy of ihe par'-
.\li-? Esther ford did oil that woe required ol lei a Tecnie, looking charming oud playing her part with a, t'asciu-
aiing  freshness,   Mi--   Madeline   Powell
ai the aunt who was Tammas' old
sweetheart, infused that touch of sadness that tilted well with the pawky
liunicii of  the  author.    Wcllum  proved
himself an actor of great opabl.lties.
As Mis Sue Simpson, Miss Grace Richard on was altogether admirable, her
sourness mid her dour rei riminaiions
being 0 -plendicl foil io the i-i.-h coino
dy ci   the rest of  the play.
The beadle, the village policeman,
who doe- noi work ou the Sabbath and
the village .tos-ip, were in capable
Fun in plenty was provided by the
"Missouri Qirl" at the Empress ou
Monday, when Mildred Ford took the
lit >e role    and was Capublj  supported
by U ca-l which inulud d Flunk Karc.-ll
Os Y.'^v, Kc\ Downs a the 0la farmer
Kailuyn Cameron an Mrs. Grubb, ffm
Miilikenas Col Sweatman, Harry
Gormond .i Phil Sweatmun and Ralph
Ralston as the tramp. Miss Fond kepi
tho pie e gob c lively swing and
-he wa ... i  by  iSeke In
liar.   The  vaudeville     pecialities
In tl ■     .     pro
great 1} ;o 'he liking of thi  audi' n I
Grand opi ning ol   be     Empre     Phi
atn      c. omoi io«
Thuredaj night, witb a
ft    i Irama,
. nd ih,   woe By, H  iiy
Staflo Willia      P<  ■ r-
Whii" ind Chi
Minii i i ihor. '
Thi   i
Work of Oouncil for 1913 Discussed. Financial Position Explained. Residents Advised
to Look to Future.
a publii meeting, oa.lsd by Iho Mayor, Mi. I' Kilpalrlck, and Aldormun,
wa-   held 111   the city ball  on   Saturday
night "to disouss with ihe ratepayers
ii„. financial itateraent for the year
1918." There wa-* a good otiendunco.
The Mayor presldodand was lupport-
od on the platform by Alermen McKinnon, Howson, Horobin, .McSorley,
and Bourno.
The Mayor, in his address, said that
when the council entered offloo It was1
llio hope of most of them ihui during ihe  year  ihey  would     bo able      to
■tart some permanent street Improve*
meiit■', but ii had been doomed wino
not to do -o on occouutof ibe stringency in ibe money market. Two money bylaws hud been submitted to tbu
people, one for the extension of tlie
Water and light system and the other
for tho      high      school.    Those  bylaws
were carried,   Difficulties bud been on-
countered at ihe dam, which he des-
cribod. Water and light hud been very
I i.eminently before the oity since Incorporation and unfortunately it had cost
.1 good deal ot money, and Mr. North
the superintendent, said in a recent report that more expenditure would bo
necessary there as the load was al-
nic.-i up to its limit and ho proposed
to put iii another unit. His own opinion wa- that a rock tunnel should bo
built on ihe south side of the river to
io away with the temporary piping,
which be thought would   l>e a source of
$3,7i9,301| Kamloops (3,821,«90, A
g0od many people wars complaining ab
tun assessment, but those figures show
ed where ihey stood us regards     olllur
pbicos. Improvements, Revelstoke H,«
688,418,  Vernon $1,352,480, Kamloops
$4,177,150. ul course Ll might bo said
ihat assessors varied, lull each place
was Under Ihe one Aot, Tax rale, llov-
elStoke 21 mills, Vernon -li, KamloupB
31, Dubonture debt, Rovelttoke *CiSr>,-
60», Kamloops $1,088»8T8, Voriion*7'.)5-
5liU. In electric light rules tbu com-
pui-is'ou was bard to make as thoy had
three rates but so far as ho could arrive at it the figures were Vernon 8
cents per kilowatt,   Kamloops 13,  liuv-
elstoke, with discount, m two-fifths,
The total light revenue figures wero
Revelstoke 838,976, Kamloops. 46,383,
Vernon 82-2,251. A comparison of Water rates was ditllcult because of the al-
lowonces ior lawns. The water revenue
wiib, Revelstoke $iri,3au, Vernon S13,-
E'Jti, Kamloops V2U,0U8, Ho would like
to say a few Words regarding the schools, Tho bylaw for the now high school had been passcxl audit was hoped
to complete the building within iho
amount raised. He would have likod
to have seou the school tlnishod during his term of office as he wasanxious
to seeono or two departments started
there, including O business school where
children could get u business education
without having to g-o to Vancouver or
Oalgary, also domestic science training
could be got for money and tho banks
wore asking a high rate of Interest the
oily only got four percent.
Aid. McKinnon, who bad staled that
the oily was gelling 'tout per cent, on
that money, said up to 18 months ago |
only three and a ball was received 0I1
that amount but tl»e rate was increased to four after representations io tbe
hunk. 8190,UOG of iIn- sinking [und wus
l'>ud io buy back city debentures soma
two years ago and ihe Interest ou
thoso debentures was paid into ibe
sinking fund from ihe cily just as if
someone else held, the debentures, fn-
? lead of .Jelling delieniiirus ul a low j
rate it was decided to sell ihem to tho
city's linking fund anil thereby humi al
least. nv„  ji,,| mm, but on  going      into
the matter the oily solicitor adviBod it
was noi legal lo do thai and according
ly the matter, dropped and some of iho
debentures bud noi boeu sold up to the
Mr. Tapping said ii might be alright
that the rity should pay more for mon
ey tbun ii received on its owu money
bul it struck him as rather  peculiar.
Aid. McKinnon, chairman of the t'iu
nnoe Committee, pointed out that the
Muniolpal Act defined the kind of seour
ilies Ihey could invest in and did not
give much latitude.   Tl
Mr. P.O. Ainslie
■law Sunday nighi
weeks at  homo.
returned to Moose
alter  a    couple  of
Mr. Murray Hume tooli a three days
health trip to Halcyon Hot Springe
last week, returning Sunday afternoon
Mrs. Hugh Mucdouald of Spiflmacb-
ccn, who has     been visiting her Sitter,
Miss Croolman, returned home on tubs
day morning.
Mr, Cecil Atkins has returned irow
the survey work he was engaged upou
lust fall and is spending thu winter vacation with Mr. ll.lt. Aikius.
Mr, and Mrs. J.KUoX of Third St.,
left ibis morning for a splendid holiday,
They arc going to Southern California
aud iu lend remaining for two months,
enjoying iho buliuy hioe/o.s oi ihuu
winter paradise.
Now comes the Big Bargains in  all Our Lines
Men'.  Dress Shirts,  regular  $   1.25 to $2.00  n.>w $ .45
Men's Shoe-, re^lat  $  6.50 to $7.00 now $ 3.95
Men's  Suits and Overcoats  $25.00 now $15.00
Men's  Heavy  Sheep-lined Coats  $15.00 now $ 9.00
Hoys Cowboy and  Indian  Suits   $   1.50 now $ 90
Coats, regular  $10.00 now $ 5.00
l'ii iei wear  regular   $  2.50 now? 1.45
M'l.                  .rular  $  3.00 now $ 1.95
Blank.              lar   $  6.00 now $ 3.50
•Working shuts, regular  $   3.00 now $ 2.10
The   ladies of   iho   Altar   Soeiuty    ot
Si. Francis chinch mo planning a Ug
whist dine iu thu lmll on  tho evening
sceurities tho  oI Thursday,, Jon. iUud.   urr's oruhes-
Act allowed Ilium lo invest in were not j Ull w;i| play, aud after supper luiuish
Paying much more, than four per cent,   i mugj0 (0,e a [ow hour's dancing.
In respose to an invitation from tbe I
rllair_ Mrs.    Kcllie is back  from    \lciona;,
. visiting    with    her sister Mrs. Uiekio.
ller daughter, Mrs, Ki"d Manning with
Mr. It. Tupping
ing.    As one oi   lb
her little boy, who bad been visiting
Mrs. Kolbc iu Victoria, accompanied
her, aud remained for a few days be-
foro proceeding io her home m Saskatoon.
A meeting iu the interest oi women
oid children will be held on Saturday,
al lii noon al  li.30 al  the  homo of  Mie.
Laing,   An address will be given     by,
Mrs. Lashley Hall. Thoso meetings
ire  under the  auspices of   tho  l'olitioal
Equality   League aud  are open  to    the
.   .l.K-A  -M foo'.  Jio'j:   i.auu u
n 111' , Fairbanks cngin'.  w-.t
v. II » a
," ..'.   Ic berts,  Arc -. b
WA '• c'i D —  .\'u   .n i    Mr-
McDoSald,  Com a:.h
ood   . ■ ■•  ■' o i)   :    - ■ •
•     ■ r. I'.-  •  an I Second    l
E ill
Prtdaj -Th
WAN! ED—G rl  for   light      iu ••  work.
.'-.   •  y  Mrs.  L foi me,  B
TO   RENT—Furnished   Roc
Irit ben   if   required    Ap| ij    B,  M
=trett,  east. Jan.id   It.
FOH   SALE—Pedigree      Bull    Terrier
Pups.   Fine      parents,   good   .
and fond ot    children.   Can b
any day frr.ni  2 :o   5 p.m.  at   t J
dence   of   E. G. Haym-in   on
naught   avenue
WANTED—To buy, a second hand office safe.   Avply to Box 9M, City.
WANTE-D—To Sell, two choi e  Fact
ory Site Lots in Revelstoke on track
age.   Apply   to Roi 914, City.
NURSING—Maternity, certificate.   Apply  to  Mis-   Sealer,  care of  Mrs.   W
E. McLauchlln, Second street.
1st is-   Jan. 3rd,  Im.
TO RBNT—Cheap, Three Urrfurnishiyl
Rcoms, McKenzie avenue, Apply to
Mail-Herold Office.
pfANO LE880NS — On the 1st ol
November, Prof. A. De Feo, will
start his la— of Piano '" onn In
Ms Studio at the corner of Second
street and Rnllway avenue. Phone
202. The teacher prefers to teeach the
pupils at their own homes.     D.172m
..      Imi      of   the
.- : !.:r the pres-
the   V.M.C.
A. last night.
. n-
clisclos y  balance.
The   late   of tl
was ch Saturday nigh',   from
ic ll of  ti, .lay  m   each
Mr. Hayi wa- re-elected as iirenident
l.y a maionty ,,tv over Mr. W. E.
Hnnih,    ind   Mr. W.C,   Oaklet     wad  re-
sppointed as leeretary.
In  thanking 'he-  iriembi'rs  for his   r»-
appointment, Mi 'abler referred <•>
the organisation diffleodttiess dna to the
facet thin   the members were a   .aiicersd
community, end laid they had benefitted as the re ill I ol the exinTienr; of the
' wive months. Circumstances
had omrtellesd hirn to take B itofflswhat
prominent paii In ihe mfletiags, again
st his own f|,  jri.     .,,r >,,,, Maared tbem
he hH'i alway  been actuated by     an
unselfish   pirn   and    had fulfilled   the
dulie of hi-c responsible office to the
best of  his  ability.    lApplaiise.)
Other hu-incs of a routine character Was transacted.
as i        a a    . uere.   11
j...     .-it the      P.R.   would
.,.- tracrang at tnat point,
-  .. ...    ;ug   the
.     .. a Spe   .ine   ^
it account j
P.R tor   might
ly m ihe  ;i •
i ro - .     .,   -loin ibe
i.. ■■ dealing wc
:,e.     lb    I .
■ .   na i:    in    ci    iom/1
o .i. • o   be boule-
,, a * .  uey pro
ra        . -cipiete
■   .' j 'u'! • o   itand tn«
i hi,  had    ow a IJusted   the
K'l the city generally from that .oad by charging it to the
people     who  actually I  henein.
Th»-y uad  attempted d o    .d
connection with     • c*-,   out
pedal  legislotion  would   \m mnues-caiy
■ c  : ,   thai.    \{r  Inl   no'   know   '
.a i   rould  n"    abl
pliah it or  not     II  001 It   meant
eral  lax to the     extent   c^f iora
like   I1CO0 per  yeai (oi   the  newer.   An-
c'lcce   matter which it bad been  in •   ■
ake up  this year,   but  which
• Sided ii   would  b
dc,, w is  tbe revising and
Phi  re c on   wa-   tha»      a
new Municipal Clauees1 4ot wai
dealt    with 'hi ...
mi(;h' iffec ting  bylaws    *hi b
ncr^ jsiiaice them   Irf-int;
ci^ain  next year.    They  had  a'
ly led  that matter over until th«   ,„..*
ai I   hoiiid be detalt with.   As to     the
i a.in a  of the 'ity, be had some com
I arat i       9    II      ''awarding   thus'
lor cities whiah were of mteiest., rleel
ing  with  Revelstoke,  Kamloops     and
v ■■ ri',n      Those figures showed,   Area
m acre , Revelstoke BOB;  VsrBon 2000,
Kamloop 'jr.', real    property asrai
ment,   Revolstoke     11,499,885,  Vernon
,:ad inanu.il training if  thoughi  uooos-
iry.    Kooms were piovidod lor     and
ue  thought ii a bu.-ineso college  was es
• ibliahed    ma^iy  .icholar.s      would go
^••ro from the public school in prefer-
;. ■: io the    high  school.   He thought
uat Would be a wine course unless stu-
lents intended >o take u|i some piofea-
loii.   There  had been  talk about    tho
0'' ol I      boo]  but the cost of
tenturas would never he felt by
anyone ni- it was only about half a
,ml fe,i tice lebenture interest and sink
ing funcl. Then ample a<<"iiimodation
wouki be available for sc hool purposes
or any other use it was wished to put
them to. As Bhowing their position in
this connection he said the school debenture tndebtedne figures for the
three place- he had previously referred
IO were Revelstoke $58,000, Vernon
$47,000, Kamloops .$63,000.   The atten-
. ince figures  were  Revelstoke e">7G, Vernon 586, Kamloopi   170, the total cost
,'. maintenance wa   Kevelsioke $:''J,(i.r).r>
. $26,000  and   Kamloops 823,000.
; he   oil   of the    <),oc,Ih in  the   .arious
plaoBs    for  regular     souoof    atu-iid
,i   ihe past five years was start-
witli the   year   1908-9,   Revel   lole
- ' e". !:.'H, 13.00, 11.11, 128.62, which
tn,wed a decrease for iho pa-t ihroo
jrear at uch i ia'-- thai only one place
ui his list wa- below Revelstoke which
c . ■ lund, while Kamloops,
Kelowna and Vejrnon wtn higher, Be-
fore conelodlng be denirci io thank the
ill- 'or I for Ihe libs i al uppm I a cord
ed him when he stood foi Office and ml
rled he was1 not in the Held 1 his y«r
n« a candidate. The" Mayor went on
10 invite questions about the business
.,1   the  city  during   1918.
Mr ft. Tupping asked for information about an item on the financial
cetatflinent "sinking fund invested in
•feying* bank" ft Hlriick him as rather peculiar  that   when eight per    .cent.
iddressed the meot-
pioneers and a resident who bad served on the city council he hoped thoy would at the coming election gel ihe right men In ihe
right places so as to further the oh
jeet of building up a lino city here. It
had been suggested by some business
men that there were ways aud means
of [lutiiug the Btreets in proper shape,
fit for vehicles at any season without
tho risk of them going up io the axles
in mud. if a company would do iho
work and lake for it some of the city
debentures it would be a good tbiu^
for Revelsloke. Ho suggested that to
the incoming council. He wanted to A jolly load of about -.'a youug poo-
see men on ihe council who would be plolefl town last Saiurduy evening in
a credit to the city. Revelstoke re- one big sleigh. Mr. Hanoi's ranch ul
quired some factories. Tho oity was Cicely Sreek, eight miles away wa*
designed by nature for a big inland their destination and their route wus
centre but thoy needed something to accompanied by melodious music luiu-
bring people here an I .keep them hen', Ishod partly by seven members of the
some winter occupations. He went on city band who wore in iho party, aud
io refer lo the names of those who [artly by many a familial song aud
had been suggested as candidates at the chorus. The ranch was reached short-
approaching election. He was sorry u> ly before eleven and a hearty welcome
hear the finances ol  the oily were     in extended the traveller by   Mr.      aud
bad  Shape.    Morally   he  believed        the Mrs, Haner.    Hot      COIIee   and supper
lown was about as bad as it had evor were served in the u-uial  way, aud  iho
been.   He  thought   the law  regarding return trip was begun,  the city being
ihe sale of  liquor  should   be a      Utile safely   reached some    tune after   uud-
bii better enforced in certain pans   of uight.
lower town.   He  bad  hoard of  oue wo-      The  SnOWlhoe Club  bad a prelimu. -
man    buying $ I "»00 worth oi liquor to cry   warm-up run on     Friday  evening.
.sell in that way.   That wa- not lair lo trumping up the hill us' iar as Mr. Pro
licensed dealer-   md no  credit   to    :ho miner's ranch, returning   afterward   lot
city   Ho belived in  what  was fair and refroshmenla to the home of Mrs.  ciib-
right  and he did not  ibink any  sen-ihlo I..dd.    i in .Sunday   morning   ihe      club
man who knew thu     difference between assembled at  eleven o'clock and aujoy-
rlght and  wrong and  who  bad i-espent od a splendid ouWng.   The route taken
for himself aud  hiB  family   would    put was up Ihe west hill road until the mo-
up witb certain  things  without raising tor road was   touched.   Tin-   was   iheo
a kick.   Ho thought  those elected this followod to the shack at  the uppei end.
year should see to it   that the  law  was The club   has had a    roof  put ou  thi-
enforced.   They     did not     want     ihe and  purpose  u-in^ n us    a  rendezvou
name   of a w"''' open town, they wore bouse during  th.- winter.   Here u  h..i
not a      wild    und  wolly   west  mining was made while lea was prepared      ou
Camp and  they  should  try   lo attract the cookstove and lunch eaten.     The
the right  stamp of residents.   Another return I rip  afforded some  glonous slid-
thing he objected lo was the laige uum us for those oi the party on skis. Town
ber of yelpim;     curs about   the town was reached shortly  before five o'clock,
without tags, which constituted a rut" The next tramp will  probably  be tak-
ular nuisance.   He thought a good city en up ihe obi  Jordan  trail to the lum
council should make the dog tax about ber comps.
double.   He declared bo intended      io	
vote for Mr, Briggs as Mayor. (Laugh
ti r, applause and a voice "shul up").
lie would listen to anyone who wanted
St. John's Sunday ticnool
i to speahand if they  did not   wani      to      The learner-and olbceis oi Si.Johns
lisloiito him, well he  would give them Sunday  .-'.hool held  their annual  iuibi-
.-omeibing thicker.   He went on io re- noss meeting and election of officers oa
ler to last  years  public meeting. I Wednesday  evening at   the  mane.   The
The  Mayor—Its  no use  referring    to committee having charge oi the Christ
what took place lasi  year. mil tree entertainment   reported    ihat
Mr.  Tapping—Sometimes  when   lold it had been an unqualified success       in
loshut up I talk all the faster.     He evcry wuy.   The Secretary-Treasurer's
declared  that certain  tbiugs that had
occurred  here would  warrant n      now
chapter  being added to a -book  "sports
end scenes in savage lauds."
The Mayor said that the     meeting
j had been called to discuss  the fiuanoial
statement for 1913.
AM. McKinnon said ho regretted certain matters had come up in that way
Thai meeting was called with the intention of keeping strictly away from
(he pending election. Ho admired Mr.
Tapping for striking straight from the
shoulder and for coming right out into
Ihe open to express his views. There
was no hard feeling between him and
Mr. Tapping at all. (Applause.) He
imbably made a mistake last year in
connection wiih ihe misting. It was
noi a matter of the questions that
were asked or anything of that kind,
il was the position lie nad been placed
m, rhirinj; the absence of Ihe Mayor, In
inking the responsibility for something
over which he bad no control at that
lime.    He did not  intend to  make any
■ le. ii,,ncering Speech or to say any- the ostnte of the late H.O. Killam ol
ihing alone that line, lie had only re- Revelstoke, B.C.. that same must bo
(erred to the question because his n«e leceived by the undersigneBd within one
had been mentioned, he was willing to month from date, substantiated by
hnve the matter entirely h the hands proven legal form of 'I* bciati.cn.
of the citl/ensof Revelstoke. ( Ap - Dated nt Revelstoke, 7tb Jan. 19M.
plause.)     He left it entirely    in     the'    G. T. Killam, executive nf Kstate of
late HA   Killam, 2649, Quebec St.,
report showed the receipts to bavo
been $450.70, with disbursements amounting io $872.15, leaving a balance of
,884.55 In the bank. Dining the year
the school contributed $125.45 for Missions. The average attendance for
each Sunday was 120 and the averagv
weekly collection $6.80. The figures
show1 a marked im rcase over the previous year. After discussing plans of
improvement for the ensuim: year, the
following officers were elected:
Superintendent—  Rev.   J.W.  Stevenson.
Assistant Supt.—Mr. A. Thomson.
Sec.-Trras— Mr.  J.W. McDiarmid.
Asst. See.-Treas.—Mr. J. Little.
Librarian—Mr.  E.V.  Lawson.
Organist—Miss V. Crowe.
Leader of Singinc.'—Mr. Al Thomson.
Supt.    of     Cradle    Roll—Mrs. H -1
I  hereby     notify  all  parties having
claim  against, or owing accounts     to
(Continued on Page Four)
Vancouver, B.O.


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