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The Mail Herald Jan 28, 1914

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m m
■ Railway    Junction and   Dlvis- :*'
W ional  Point.   Headquarters for M
S Columbia    River     Navigation, g
| H Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral »
H Zone,   Agricultural     Bands  and 11
M Vast Water Powers of B. C. ;»'
a m
N M H P W W M i»! I-',«!'■! M M M M M
"Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-Herald
k s ai a-s:«ii r*'■'*«: s a ® •
H ■
a Circulates  twice  per  week am- H
h! ong tbe prosperous citizens of 9
a Canada's     Premier     Province. 9
a The      recognised      advertising 9
a medium lor  Kootenay and  In- 9
■ tenor British  Columbia. 9
m a
Vol. 20-No 8
$2.50 Per Year
^usiastic   Proceedings. —
°ntSpeech by Sir Rich-
Dominated       *
ut.iiusiasiu which
♦.ant and hear
and      the
ti..  annual eon
found expression .
ty oheering of tho t
leaders Of the party
vention of the Conservatives oi British Columbia assembled in the ball -
room Of the impress hotel.
The room bus probably  never seen
u more enthusiastic sight than   the
reception given to Sir Richard     McBride hb he  walked up  the Moor      ol
the  convention hall.    He  was accompanied by the Hon. W.J. Bowser and
the  Hon.  H.K.  Young,  and  as they
approached the    platform the whole
audience  rose  to  their  feet  cheering
lor several minutes unci seiiging "For
Hc'b a  Jolly Good     Fellow."       The
applause had scarcely  BUbsided  when
lifter a  few   words of introduction    by
acting  President  Shutford, the  Premier arose  to address the  tbe delegat.
es.    Again the whole  assembly leapt,
to  their  feet      nnd   gave  an  ovation,
wll'ch   was  as  Unique   as   it.   was spur
etaneous in the annals -if the political
history ol British Columbia.
Sir Richard McBride proved himself
worthy ot the occasion and in a mus
terful speech dealt with the leading
activities of the Government and
Mriu'ka dominant note of optimism
and faith in the future of thu province.
At a well attended meeting of
Court Mount Begbie, Independent Order Of Foresters in their Bodge
rooms on Monday evening, Bro.
I Hun, organizer for British Colum -
I la, acting as Supreme Chief Ranger
presented Bro. H. V. Morgan, on behalf of the Court, with u handsome
Past Chief Rangers jewel in recogin -
tion of his services as Chief Ranger
during 1013,
The Independent Order of Foresters
are making rapid progress in Revelstoke, their membership having in-
creased by over twenty-five since November last. They contemplate holding a reception concert and dnnce on
Monday evening, February 2-".rd, full
particulars of which will be announced later.
Constitution and Objects I xplained.—Should Ministers Be On
the Executive ?—Speeches on Many Subjects. Mr.
Manning and "Voits tor Women."
An  Up-to-Date   Flant
" 1  was glad     to receive    the sum
mons today to attend the Conservative convi ntton, and it gives me an
added pleasure to be supported by
two ol my coUeagues, As a resident
ol Victoria, l would add my words
of welcome to the Invitation extended
by His Worship the Mayor, fori appreciate the great asset, of our city,
which the gathering ol this great or
I anil it: en can further.
"Since the last convention the Con
servatlves <if this province have suffered an irreparable loss in the death
of their president, Mr. John W. Ice,
formerly Mayor of Now Westminster.
His boundless enthusiasm dominated
every act and Word, and, above all,
lie was a worker who cheerfully    ap-
The premises of the i-ew laundry iu
the McCarty Block, were the scene of
great activity on Monday afternoon,
when a Mail H-raid man dropped in
tei inspect the premises and the new
machin ii   which  Is  installed there.
A look around was sutlicient to con
vincc one that the new venture will
lack no degree of succ-ss that up-to-
date machinery und experienced management can secure. Mr. C.J. Bonzo
the superintendent manager of the
concern, was busy BupiTvnrlug the
many activities which were in full
swing. He has had a wide experience
of laundry w>rk in all us brauchrs,
and lie has congregated in his new-
premises what can only l.e described
us u splendidly adouuute plant. Practically all the preparatory work was
completed except the instillation of
the e-lgine, which was due that utter
noon from New Westminster, "if the
engine arrives today as we expect it
will," scnl Mr. Lonlo, "we will start
operations en Monday next."
The ecu:,.. e,.c 151• ground floor, is
excellently fitted and most commodious, but it '-v.is the m iny pieces ol
novel machinery that attracted the
keenest attention of the visitor.
These Include a big five roll mangle.
four washers, extractors, a full set
of shut machines, finishing machines
Fprav dampeners, etc., all of the latest pattern  and the best make, most
plied himself to any task  assigned to ,,,  them     bearing the Trey     mark.
him by  his party.   His end was      a i,;v(n   ,„   Ull.  m.,Ul,r  0,  ia.Jmiry  bas-
very tragic one, for   death suddenly kcta thifl  V1,ut,lr,, ls     up-to-date,    us
cut down a career full of promiSe.HiS , ,„,  Btock of"   beautifully  made steel
loss will be felt not only  in the par- fr;im,,,|   c.lllV;1H  hold-alls    abundantly
ty ranks, but as a citizen of New
Westminster and as chief magistrate
of that city. I believe that I voice
the sentiments of every delegute in
this room when I extend to Mrs. Bee
nnd his family our hcurty sympathy
on the death of a man who was be -
ginning to make a name from one
end of  Canada to the i ther.
"Canada today also mourns for the
death 61 land Sirathe Mia, a leader
of empire. The press of the world
wus this morning tilled with accounts
of the passing of this great states -
man, who, as High Commissioner to
the Dominion, served the land he lov
«'d will, both faithfully and ably. Nothing that would, in bis opinion aid
the development of this country was
too small for his consideration, and
lie set before him always the great
goal eif a stronger imperial movement for the binding of a solid and
estable empire.
"The Conservatives of British Columbia have good cause for congratulation today, both locally und federally. Any citizen of this Province,
who has followed the attitude taken
by the Hon. B. B. Borden towards
this great WeBt, and especially towards the Province of British Columbia, must realize that never before in
our history have we received such
Fplendid recognition as has been accorded  us since Mr.   Borden  took of-
A new w.cter pipe is laid right into the building, two inch, to ensure
.in adequate .supply, and wonders
have been worked in the wav of truns
forming the premises into a carefully
planned laundry, equipped with ev -
erything necessary or desirable in the
way of plant.
The spacious top floor will be used
for starching and ironing, and all the
hand work e ssential to the proper
turning out of every description of
laundry work will be performed there
under ideal conditions both from the
view of the workers and Jhe patrons
of the laundry.
The   laundry   will   provide  employ
incut under  healthy  conditions lor  a
stall ol about fifteen, > 11 white labor
and will prove a boon to the citv as
legards utility and a .nost welcome'
addition to the induatiies providing
local  employment.
Praises Mr. Tapping
(Continued on Page Two.)
All "h ni'-e. of ads must positively he handed into this
oltlce by Monday evening in
order that the obange shall
app, sr In Wednesday's Issue.
nnd any changes inlended (or
Saturday's issue must be
banded in not I ater than
Thursday evening of eftmh
we-ek. Btmineaa men please
take note of tbe above.
It is indeeel gratifying to know that
cneof our '  rizens  Mr.  Robert Tapping has been so highly esteemed  hy
the  big  nursery  company he has until  lately   represented.   The  Washington   Nursery  Company     of Taflenish,
Wash.,   in speaking   of   Mr.   Tapping ,
says:—"Please  keep in   .nind  the  fact
that the Washington Nursery Co. has
nothing  but  the highest   personal regard f.cr  1{.  Tupping,  his  honor,    his
ability, and his integrity.     This paragraph Ol praise will be read with in-
n teres! by all tiie.se who may in the fu
m ture become customers  of Mr. Tap ■
gj  ping in his new capacity as agent for
j  the  famous  Riverside  Nurseries       ol
Ij]   tiranil   Forks,   IH'..
-a      Possibly      no business    in existence
«  needs an  honest,  truthful agent more
an  than  does a  nursery   cecnpeny.   and in
(UiMi. Tapping honesty   md lair dealing
m   are preiininent.    We     predirt   a  good
a   business ahead of him  in Ills Capacity
■a   as district  representative  of tbe Riv
erslde Nurseries   it   Revelstoke.
The organization shall be known
as the Citizens League of Revelstoke.
The object of the Beugue shall be
the promotion of good citizenship,
and the welfare of the city In general. This .shall be done by co-op
crating with the City Council, !'<>
lice, Commissioners and License
Commissioners in heartily support
ing them in the enforcement of law
aud order nnd by such educational
legislative or administrative act -
ion as may be deemed necessary or
The above are the i ssential paragraphs of the constitution of the Cit
iu'lis League which was inaugurated
at a meet ing held in the city hall on
Monday night, when there were, present Mesdames Stevenson, Busulcy
Hull, Sturdy, Needham Coursier,
Laing, Miss Hardy, Revs, Bnohley
Hall and Stevenson, Mtssis. II. Man
i Ing, W. Bews, R. Tapping, T. Pug-
din, W. Johnson, W. A. Gordon, C.
B. Hume N. R. Brown, and seveicil
Mr. Manning was voted to the
chair on the motion of Mr. Bews, sec
onded by Mr. Tapping.
Mr. Manning said the objects ofthe
meeting were well known. It had ar
isen out of Br. Hendersons visit some
time ago. It was proposed to form
an association along the lines of a
citizens league and he th. night it
would be well to elect otlicers and
bear from them the lines of the work
and the plans fpr carrying the work
The Rev. Stevenson i.ctei'. as secretary pro tem at the request ol the
chairman, and read lb minutes 'of
1 revious meetings.
Mr. Pagden stated that the nominative committee previously ap -
pointed had met and decided to sug
gest names for otlicers including Mr.
W. Baws as president, Mr. Munning
as vice-president, Mrs. stmdy as secretary, and Mr. Johnson as treasurer, Several names were BUggested as
members of the executive.
Mr.    Bews said    that  feeling  that
something      on      th"    lines proposed
should be done he had felt it his duty to uccept the nomination,  but    if
they cjuld obtain abettor man   for
tbe  position  he  would  gladly    stand
aside  as  he  could   be  helpful    apart
from being an official.
Mr. Tupping—Stick to your guns,
you are the best man  we can  get.
The nominations as above were agreed to, und Mr. Bows took the chair
amid applause.
Un a ballot Messrs. N. R. Brown,
Iiume und Mrs. McLean were appoint
ed as the executive.
Mr.   Pagden   said  the      nominative
committee decided to recommend that
all clergymen  in  town should  be ex
officio members ol the executive.
The Bev. Stevenson thought it
would be unwise ut the very sturt to
depart from the constitution which
they had adopted. The constitution
suid nothing about clergymen being
ex-offlcto members of the executive,
ind if it was desired to call them
in it would be better to cull them in
as consultative members.
The executive wus intended to deal
with everyday atlairs und be thought
it would be wiser that ministers as
such should not appeal on the executive. The executive would not take
any aggressive action without consulting the league and that would
give opportunity for ministers views
to  be ascertained.
The Rev. Lashley Hull said on this
question he could not see eye to eye
with the Rev. Stevensen. He- thou -
ght the suggestion rather an anain -
oly inasmuch iib if ministers were to
be edeHive forces anil make diiiy references from the pulpit from time to
time they must be ou the inside or
they would not be able to deal with
matters with the requisite degree of
(onhdence. This was the first time
he had heard of the clergy being expressly excluded from any move
ment of this kind. He felt strongly
that this suggestion would bo a tactical blunder. They could not expect
ministers to come in on sufferance,
ininisters were leaders and occupied
a peculiar position. They could not
possibly be associated with any mov
ement on such terms. The movement
was primarily and essentially a moral movement and it struck him as a
tactical blunder to make such a suggestion. He would like to know
the reasons that had led to this view
He waB very sorry he hud not been
indirectly approached about the matter before the meeting because he
thought it would have been better
had he known.
The Rev. Stevenson said the Rev.
Lashley Hall was present at the meet
ing at which the constitution was
adopt id. He would be glad to do
what he could anyway and he wanted to be associated with this move
ment not because he was a minister,
but by virtue of his position as a cit
izen of Revelstoke.
The Rav. Lushley Bull said he
.mist beg to differ. He bad hud a
good deal longer experience than Mr.
Stevenson in regard to this work iu
British Columbia and he felt Mr.
Stevenson's suggestion to he a tucti-
cal blunder. He would do what was
in his power, but it stood to reason
he could not hold himself responsible
to ta'te any action in any way unless he was in the tirst place associat
ed wit'i the formation of the policy .
'Ihey could easily see that a public
man, a minist.r, could not do 'chat.
He strongly inclined to the view that
this would be a tucticul blunder.
Mr. Pagden said his impression
from previous meetings was that the
suggestion to have ministers as cx-
ollicio members of the executive was
in harmony with the views of both
ministers and the closest approach
they could get to paying then the
respect  they   wished  to do.
Mrs. S1 urd . i i seal --l i ...a the matter should stand over for the necessary amendment  of the constitution.
Mr. Tapping moved that the matter be lei! to ihe executive and be
brought up ut the next meeting.
The Chairman said he felt it would
he an advantage to have ministers
ex-otlicio members of the executive,
lut he did not want his view to In-
I'uepce anyone else.
Mr. Manning moved that the matter he deferred tothe next meeting,
which Mr. Johnson seconded. Mr.
Tapping withdrew his motion and Mr.
.Manning's   was  carried.
Mr. Tupping asked (or Information
as to terms ol  membership.
The Rev. Stevenson thought they
should start enrolling members right
away and getting in money. They
could not do work of this kind with
out money.
Rev. Lashley Hall asked would it
not be iisvisable to have- .-n express
ion of opinion from the meeting as
to fe°s instead ■ >f the dollar sub.
mentioned iu tho constitution, die
idea was to have as many as possi
ble associated with the work. There
were pros and cons on the Bide both
c>f a special fee and of personal contributions. He wanted to get at the
largest number of people.
Mr. Manning said if tiny wanted
anything to be n failure let them giva
a man  Something  for  nothing.    There-
was no reason  why one or two men
should    advance     the rlty's  welfnre
themselves, this was up to every citizen and each should dig down       and
also  work.    They  had  got to a  stag-
ill   this  city      when  it  took   courage,
nerve and the best people in the city
to have the courage of their conviction to enter that     hull  that night.
Kveryonc was known for u (prtnin re-
uson, he knew it    and they knew it.
They  had  had  experience  of  it.       If
they  wished  to  make  this u success,
to mill it to the cross, and go after
Something they wanted and had inadr
up  their   minds to do  so they  should
not let  it  die a  natural  death   before
almost,  the birth  took  place,    Then-
was  nothing  n      mini  detested  morn
than  the   passing  of      the  hut.        We
have started  as a  legitimate    body
and  they  had started on the     right
road.   They did not want to tnke up
anything that win antagonistic   unless it was absolutely  necessary,  but
if it should be necessary he sincerely
trusted   there  would  be  grit enough
in    that organisation  to  turn  round
and carry it through.   There     would
be things ceeine up from time to time
he understood such  as bylaws    that
would  require some  organisation and
a Utile thought before they were pas
sod by  the city.   They should     look
before the leaped and think about it
liefeei e  they   authorised    expenditure,
sponsible  for  placing  the  money    in
and  not grumble at the city council
because  of  taxes  if  they  had   been re-
their   hands,    There   would   be     other
subjects.    IP- spoke  with all  earnestness  when   l-e-  addressed  them  as    regards  Bome  of  the  places  their  lads
Were   allowed     to go Into,   from 11
years up.    lie had been on the school
board   (or the   last   ten  years  and    ho
had had   .evasion   to  take  notice      ol
some boys entering places,   Mothers,
if they  were aware of the facts  would
weep,   They must take notice and see
if it ceiniei net pe remedied,   This was
the .dace they  had to live in whether
it was or was not the mosl  beautiful
spot on earth, and there was no place
like home.    He had not joined      the
organisation  with uny. intention   of
being  ill   any   way  antagonistic      hut
for the betterment of the city.      He
believed  they  were seeing better times.   I'ii'y hud   organisations     which
beat tin- -ialciiiri i lenient in tins city.
Eut perhaps this was too »■:.11y     to
mention    these  things.   They     were
there to advance the best interests of
the city.   He congratulated  them up
'on  the appointment of Mr.  Hews,   as
president.    They   wanted a   few     good
strong      healthy  people on  the  right
Bide   and   twenty   WhO   meant   l.u-:: BS
was better thu i e  mob there for   no
other     purpose that to  trail     them
down at certain times.   (Applause).
The   Chairman   endorsed   Mr.   Manning's remarks!   He hud been in conversation   with  people  in  town,    and
had  been  surprised  :it  the      amount
of sentiment in favor of such an   organization, a great  deal which    was
not  represented     that  night.   Tbero
was a Btrong  feeling thit something
should be done.   He had accepted the
position as president  perhaps bl
of the manner In which he bad been
approached on so many different   occasions  to  stand for  office as  Mayor,
iii declined everyone ot those re
quests, though it was very hard indeed to do so to some' ol them as he
felt he was not fitted fi r it. He felt
such an organization as that would
be a means to an end and the giving
ol attention to (acts concerning the-
city ami     the training so    received
would lit a  man      tee accept  nomine
tion for such an oflice in a years time
perhaps,     Noi that h.-   would   take
thai   position  again,   it would  not be
u matter of seeking  on  his part.    As
to the opinion  eif some that things
were In a bud shape in th; city, thai
might be so in some regards, hut   in
others  they      might   be  better  than
they  thought.    They  could  judge that
hy   comparisons      with     other   cities.
Since  Ins  term  m   ihe city  ceeiincil he
had  kept his  eyes open  in  municipal
matters and hud paid soma attention
to the annual financial btatelriVnts.
There l.e had noticed increases in
some departments of the muuugcment
of tin city which bad i n very marked since- 1010, He thought citizens
should Investigate und get to know
about things. He had nothing t..
say about the present council, perhaps some of them ha 1  l-oiic- in as he
did in comparative n'"' ranes of what
they hud to contend With! He judged from the reports in tin paper that
some ol the members knew nothing
about qui'stions that w.re I r,eight up
He  eliel   not   blame-   them   lor   th.it      ■•
oauM he had the same- experience. He
felt that the- league ".did take- up
thi'se   matters and see tint bybc I
leady existing were enforced,      The
loiilevaids Should l»' kepi trimmed
to add to the appearance of the city.
The   bylaws  they   had  should   he      en
fonvei. There were metteri .pertaining to tin- moral condition of the city
to which Mr. Manning bad referred
in  regard  to  Which  bylaws had      not
I n  infieired.    He believed  if  the cit-
izciifl signed a petition te. the council
that they were desirous that bylaws
should be enforced the council would
do its duty, i'nly a few yt-iirs ago
a petition was presented as to the
gambling   with   slot .machines,       and
th.ct bad been stopped iii hotels nnd
had Bevet been put back. He believed a good many other mutters might
he stopped if the ratepayers express
ed a wish to that sfiCCt, ll< idvntrd
members of the- league to attend ro-
Uncll meetings and to k<sep m touch
with their proceedings.    (Applause I
Rev. Stevi-iiMecii moved that the regular meetings of the league he held
ecu  the fourth  Monday • of each month.
Mr.  Manning seconded.
Mi It Tapping said he wi-nld like
to mnkp himself useful as a lneinh»r
of the community. The main thing
was to do the     right thing at     the
(Continued on Page Fo«ir»
C. P. HumeA Co.. of This City
Win First  Place for   Xmas
Display Window.
It is indeed gratifying to the prosperous firm of c.B. Hume and Company, as well as to their many patrons to learn that this popular stor*
has wen first prize in the "Xmas
Window competition" crtercd by the
Canadian tirocer, published at Toron
to, Ont. The securing of this prize
is a huge honor to any ste?re and we
congratulate ibe C. "3. Hume Co.
store ou  this event.
Tin- annual meeting of the Cricket
''lub was held m tbe city hull on Friday night, and was the largest and
:.....t entbusis tic ever held in the an-
n.eis.-t the ciuh. The' President, Mr.
F.H. Bourne called the meeting to
order at 8 p.m.
'I'lic-   secretary   treasurer,   Mr.      K.
Fleetham,   read      the   annual   report,
evhich showed   the  club to be  in  good
standing both   from a   I nanc.al        aud
hershlp point   of  view.
The report upon the motion of Mr.
un.  Wallai •. seconded bj   Cbas.  M.
field,   was  unanimously  ad i] •
The   next -    . ::   the   program
was the  election   eef   officers  for        tho
B   f el-
lie.:.. PresldentrrHon. T. Taylor, M.
I .1'.
Hon.   Vic.- pros.- 11.   McKinnon,  A.
McRae,   \.K.  Kin<cald, T. KUpatrlck,
w.W. Foster, M.P 1'.. B. Trimble.
President—G. i lartwrig
Captain—F. Fleetham.
'. ic.-.c 'aptain—G. Ml
Sec:   ' ■ er— \.K.   I'.cVey
nittet—J. Maley, F.H. Bourne,
I:. Dabell, C. M. Field, !.. Poplam,
L.W. « Is, C. North.
It wa I to hold a smoking- «
concert in aid of the funds of the
e lub about the middle of February ,
i.nd a committee appointed to ar-
tange same.
\ vcte- ol thi nits u-,i.- passed to the
letirir.e officers Mr. !•. H Bourne,
president: J. Maley captain; W. H.
Wallace, vice-captain; F. Fleetham.
Sec.-Treas.,  (■■!   the;: during
t hi   ; est season.
Mr. H. Manning I at a meet-
o'L'        eef     the      8<ChOOl     B   '.lilt     held    laSt
i ight in  the City  Hall,  when      there
rare present messrs. Sturdy,     Kenward and Taylor
The coiisldt-ratieen  ol  the  estimates
In detail was commenced and occupl-
(el the whole ,,f the evening, the meet
ing being adjournctd to Thursday
right,   when it   is  hoped  to  complete
that important business,
February   13th   is  th"  date,  and the
1 tal   DaUM   the   event
Mis    Coper  arrived   from   the  (lid
IJetrj   a  couple of  days ago aud is
a gueit at the King Edward.
All ol Revelstoke with his best girl
will take in the skating rink thiB ev-
(inng. Cood ire and the Bund will
tender some* rheeicc selections. Bon't
miss  it I
Alelerman H. J. McSorley returned
yesterduy on tbe noon truin from
attending the Conservative conven-
(ion at Victoria. The irstof tbe local   delegates   ate   exp-cted   home   to-
e .iv oi tomorrow^
■ ■■■■■■■* * ■ x '41 g'«
- a
■ Ontr IT AT M
■ " THK SUUAlt BOWL '' i
m •
■ cp.P.AM RUTTBR N'l TS       ■:
■ — m
m The niei-i   dele mei-     Bwa I E
■ Meal    in lown.     Havp     you ®
■ trieed ihem.    If not   there i-   a fl
■ treat in -tor- lo   vou, ■
i «
. OUT  IT  AT «
■ "Tfii-: sua \u iiowi, "      ■
s?» », w v.«■• Ksnfcx;^iiJ PAGE TWO
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per garment.
Opera Cloaks
Reg. $35 Now $19.00
Prices Marked j)own All Over the JYore
J> *Reid CSL young ^
 , /
or Paraffin
Opening of Laundry
The New Revelstoke Steam Laundry will be in
operation on January 26th in their New Fire Proof
Premises        :        :        ::::::
In The McCarty Block
A Hint to the Vlanter
Coal mining righta ot tbe Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
>• rth-we-gt Territories and in a por-
- a of the Province of British Columbia, may be leawd lor a term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rent
al of tl an acre. Not more thar '
i '■• , acre* w;il be leased to one ap-
9 .cant.
Applicat.oD fcor lease must be mad*
by the applicant ,n person to tbe
A,vei.t or Sub-Agent o' the district
In which  the rights      , are
•.* lated.
The leas* wl.l ,r,.■; . le -.he '-oil mia-
ler rights only, but the leseixe may
be  , f   *hate»er
sih table I •   .. ,y be con-
' the   *'jtt\og ot
the uy.ne at • •• rate : I'.Q.OQ ar.
Ic ,- .i .   .       • •• ".anel min*
t>e     Am i.e.       ,   *■   '   .ne.  cr    I  .
•Ub ■: • -   '      l.  and  in  un
s .rvpyec'   t<rr I ';»ft   »;
tor shall be staked     it bj   the   ap
l I   himself.
«; plletai t m'ift I e arcompan
.r a fee eel I,', which irtll bt r»
funded if tbe rights applied tot arc
-not available, bet not otherwise, A
r<oyaltj iball b» paid oi tba mer
chantable output ol tbe m,u« at. ths
ratt eef five rents per  tern.
The" person operatenir th» mir>» shall
furn.sh the Aire:,; with iworo rtturn*
are-mint.nt for the lull quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
rcynlty thereon. If the roal mining
rights are rieit being operated, such
returns should he furnished at least
onee a year.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to the Agent or Hob-Agent
eDf Dominion  Lands. I
S.i\, if you want the very best of Nursery Stock
see R. TAPPING. Salesman for the Riverside
Nurseries at Grand Porks, is. C. the liemie of the
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ence, k. Tapping can take your order in your best
interest. Order -,,n for this Spring's delivery.
PRICES   RIGHT. P. O.   BOX    136.
*R. TSapping Sr Sons
&       A*       Revelstoke.  B. C.
(continued from page one)
fice. I have gone on record repeatedly, both here and in. the East, that
we want no favors from the Ottawa
government, and all that we demand
is fair and legitimate recognition.
This has been withheld until two
years ago, when the Borden administration, acting on the advice of 'The
Solid Seven,' in the Dominion House
and with the approval of the people
of this province initiated the pro -
gram of public works and undertakings that to some extent, is commen
surate with our just dues.
"Millions of dollars are involved in
carrying to completion this great pro
gram, and already activity is giving
proof that the votes and nppropria -
tions mean substantial improvements
I have every reason to believe that
within the next few months th<5
whole of the vast program of the Bor
den Government in British Columbia
will be under way.
"The ministry at Ottawa has realized that adequate harbors and docks
are necessary if we are to reap the
advantage of our transcontinetal rail
ways and the operation of the Panama Canal. Mr. Borde.i has realized
that such improvements are not lo -
cal, but national, affecting, as they
do, the Provinces in the Bast and in
the middle of Canada r.o less than
British Oolambia.
"Ottawa has lately given evidence
that it is actively concerned with a
problem in which this Province is vitally Interested. I refet -to the Asiatic qucation, and if the pi ogress has
not been quite as rapid ca Bome of
us would have us would have wished
we must appreciate the magnitude of
the task and the grave and serious
complications involved in the iBsue.
"We Conservatives, are, above all
th'ngs, constitutionalists, and the
attitude we have taken In this mat-
t r is not beyond the bounds of constitutional law. We haV9 set ourselves to consec-ve the Province of
British Colum'iia for the white man
and the Dominion of Canada for our
own race. I do not mean any offonce
to the yellow men across the Paciiic
because we stand for a white British
Columbia. I believe In A,=ia for Asiatics, Japan for the Japanese, Chi.
na for the Chinese, and India for th2
Hindu, and I would take it as no im-
position if the same restrictions wen
enforced on Canadian Immigrants in-
1o these countries as we would enforce on  those peoples.
"We realize that there are      many
important  aspects  to   this  question ,
but we,  who control the government.
1 ave  taken a firm stand,  and we de
tire that  negotiations shall  be carri-
id on consistent with this measure of
firmness.   If it is found that International treaty obligations are affected,
let t he  representatives of the affected
I atlons gather in a board room for a
fieeand  full discussion of th?. whob
Ip that  our     neighbors across
•   •   Pacific may know that the action
■■•- ti.kee is founded on self respect con
• nt   with the conservation  of out
mes and our country for white people-.
"Witb   regard to  Provincial   affairs,
Province  cm  speak for  itself.    A
tei   program for public improve -
lias been carried out during the
-   year than hns ever been  recorded In the annals of Provincial histoiy
oui e ■• ol   upreroi gratification
Government that this     vast
i a  has   been carried out withat i  e.f scandal  besmirching    the
•   • ens of those concerned  in its
ment,   We    have honestly tried
e   me hundred cents on     every
• - 'Ice!   fi din   i he   Provincial
ll ei   ive  are  proud ol      the
... i       \s ct.h regard
British I lolum -
loors of eat   Institu
■ ii    li       Point.
■        Tin- Icnnda
i il with all the pre-
ll b v. • can
•   thai  tbe In
i i<e none     In
:     •  -    with tbe
I    plre tbe
'   ■'      PI csillHlll
ib tacles .md
■ ■!   Which   we are
■VORtl  I'l.TI  RE
thi he pro
ram of gov
lally  iu   tbe
• ■bi'-h   was  in.cm-Hi ited
ei   ' m. thi  recepl ion
I lob   it  de '■> ..      Tbe  Roj il   Com
• ■:    which has been sitting   f,,r
'    e  months, has prepared an ei
h iiiHt.ive- report,     and I hi lleve that
hat the lej i will be In
trod need     ne' i   >/eai,    baaed  in their
Hay, Grain, Feed
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(Oontlnned on Page three.)
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(Continued from Page Twol
findings, will conduce to the betterment of the agricultural industry of
this province. We have sought, thru
commissions, to carry on investiga -
' tions that are thorough und practic-
! al in order that in framing our legislation we may have the benefit of the
latest developments in science and in
l.ractical application.
"With  regard  to the activities    of
the  various  departments  of  govern ■
, ment, we  have passed  through  a per-
j iod of increased development and continued  prosperity.   The departments
today handle twice as much work as
they  did a few years ago,  and  if  occasional  complaints  are  made,   they
are only to be expected in the carrying on  of business  that  requires ex-
jtreme precision  and highly technical
knowledge.   The record of our public
' works for  the  last  year stands     out
(dearly as the     biggest     undertaking
which any     province has ever faced.
We  have doubled  our roads system,
and erected buildings in all the civilized centres of this vast country. The
The same record  of success  is found
in the  fisheries,  timber nnd      Crown
"During  my  trip to   London,      the
Attorney-General,  who acted as Premier during my absence,  was obliged
ty reason of differences in the industrial situation at Nanaimo, to   take
very  firm  measures  for  the  enforce -
ment oi law and order.   The govern -
ment of British Columbia, both     individually and collectively,  was much
| concerned     at baying     to resort to
j these extreme  measures, and     when
the moment arrives when law and or
der cannot be enforced, it  is time for
the  destruction  oi  this  government.
In referring to this emergency, I wish
to mukc it quite clear thut the gov--
trnmentas a whole, and the Conservative party as well,  was behind   Mr.
Bows i  :;c     Wh it   he   did,    This   d.ers
not  mean   that   tlie  present  government is a government oi persecution,
or that it is not humane.   I  believe
that excesses were committed in   the
l.eat of the moment that would not
have     been  committed     at  normal
" The strongest protection which
the workingmen of toduy have is
their right to strike, tiven them by
Sir John A. Macdonald, and, personally, I have never combated this
right, but the working people must
ohey the laws, and th?re can be no
exceptions and no qualifications in
this regard. I hope that the trouble
will soon be removed and that the
i men will return to work with the ac-
company-'ng corollary of contentment
in their homes and that prosperity
that tbe Almighty intended in his sc-
1 c • e.f ti1P universe for this fair pro
"All  the troubles during  the [Summer on  Vancouver Island have   been
laid at my door, both    in the press
and on the platform I have teen    licensed i'f being tbe prime author   of
the unsettled     Industrial  conditions
These  rumors are  manufactured      fur
political   purposes,  especially  to as -1
sist the propaganda    of the Liberal
party  in  British  Columbia.
•■Nee c.ciie- realizes mora strongly
than I do the need ol a trenchant opposition. The Liberal party became
so Inefficient and SO feeble that their
own people cast them i ut, the voters
nf British I olumbia preferring lead
ers who were openly Conservative to
a party which was Liberal only in
Provincial  politics.
"I often  wonder how many people
believe the  rubbish  that  is  published
in tn-  press of the Opposition .ibcciit.
the  misdeeds oi the present  govern' I
ment.   We are all working, or we all
should  be working for the best     in
terests nf British Columbia, and     1
wonder     what Eastern people think
of   our   province   when   they   sec   eel
linn  after column   tilled  with  state
ments,  althcir.-h  not fc led em  facts
eif a general tone to the effect that
the province Is "ii the verge ol insol-
\ency and despair, unci the British
Columbia is In a Btate ol anarcby
and bankruptcy and rottenness tothe
core.   What ran the Intending settler
think of the moans aa 1 groans which
fill the tiles of the Liberal papers of
this province. This sort of publicity
can only be a detriment to our development.
"I have no quarrel with th<sse pa
pers, for 1  believe that their twaddle
has driven  thousands of  good   Liber
als into the Consetvntive iiinks   and
made the  party  as  powerful as  it  is
*o Cherry
^ Pectoral
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coughs and colds.   Sold for 70 years.
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For terms, etc., apply.
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iaOOTENAY      LUUeiE.   No.   lb  A.   K
and a. It.
itegiilar meeting* are held in MA.-c
'.NIC TE.Ml'Llj;, Uiiuioiiowu rial,
in ths Third Monday in eucii moult
at » p. m. Vuiinid brethren ai.
cordially  welceeine
A. Q. BROOKER, Secretary.
O.  W.  O.  W
Mountain \ it*  Camp,  No. *«»
Mttti Second    and      Fourth  VSedu*«
days    in  eacb   month  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Vi»itiUK   Woodmen  ejej-«
cordially  invited  to alicnd
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
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every Second and Fourih Monday
in Month. Vi-itin^ Bretheru are
cordially  welcomed.
G. W. CARTWR1GHT, Rec.-Sec.
Meets every first and third Tuesday
in St. Francis Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A.  R.  Grant, Die.
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Meet* every Thursday evening le
.->elkirk Hall at 8 o'clock, VlsltlDl
-nfthren   cordially   Invited.
JAS   MATH1E. Bee.
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Dominion and  B. C. Land
Surveyors  nnd   Contractors.
P. 0. Box 3(7       Kamloops, B.O.
BrMch   Ofllce—Watson   Realty  C«.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Block,  Revelstoke. B.O
.SO I'airs oi
English   Kiel
tele eve
We do
Shade Dyeirtx.
Parisian &ye USorks
"In all quarters of the world then-
has been talk of money stringency,
i ut I do not believe that this province has suffered more, if indeed, it
■ ei as severely as other
parts ol the Dominion ol Canada.
You are not to conclude that, because
business is quiet the Stability of the
irovinreis in jeopardy, If real N-
tate is not  so active as formerly, we
(Continued on P.'iire Four)
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A    n    CUIInCDT   I^o   2S-27 WIST AUSTIN AVE.
A. D. onUDLK 1, inc. p.^. 577 Chicago.us.a PAGE FOUR
HE   v» Alu-HERALD
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e I'
li. 0.
l.ocul Rending Noi ices and IHiwinoH«
local* Ul rents per lino each insertion.
Minimum ll"'al *d charge 25 cents.
Display advertisements 2.r> cents per
ineh  eaOb insertion, single column.
Legal advortl<iinn of any form, also
lovcrnmeni and Muniolpal Notices 12
■cut-  per Im" Hrsi  insertion   ami     8
eenin per line    subsequent    insertions,
iilowlng 10 "nes to the ineh.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for
Licenses $7.50.
Lanil purchase notices, $7.00
Wnter Application     Notl-es, up to
100 words, $7..r>0,  ovor 100 words     In
All other classes of advertising not
included  in above  ''o  be charged      a*.
rate to I"- arranged with manager on
nil 1 icn i ion.
(cont.nued from page one)
right time find say  the  right thing
in the fight place.   But    sometimes
there  wis a ha id  talteing  without
apy elleCt.    He llKed to he cpusistcnt
He   boptAl   Ul..t   Wllsll   IIH lIllierH   of    tllB
Uiuunei. passed tlnough the city steps
would lie taken to usK. them to meot
the league or special public meetings
ut which tut-y could be asked to give
Hie liuUeH'tne iraiiciiise. He thought
Ihat   tlie   root of   the   i.ucstion. If
given the vote the ladies of the city
would have un Irresistible effect, The
Mayor nt i be city who wus a good
churchman wus elected by the ladies
wiicii they hud ii vote. If they hud
liod on their side they  would be vie-
rranstor  of  liquor i tovious
I ■' Mr. N
Jntertoi" UMibltsbtttfl Companvj
J. K.  JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH  G.   SCRUTON,  Editor.
The Provincial Conservative Asso -
elation convention just concluded at
victoria  bus  s.rved  to  demonstrate
n a striking manner the strength of
the party in British Columbia. The
speech delivered by Sir Richard Mc
Bride to the delegates wus a feature
of the early stages of the convention
und is well worth the attention of
thee general reader. The usefulness of
the convention hus been amply evi
deuced by the discussions on wide
issues which it has produced, which
cannot but prove helpful to the legislature,  which  should appreciate such
would   1
Jt. Brown, who had entered
tlie meeting late, gave Information as
to the WOt* undertaken by the New
Westminster      citizens  league    which
tooK an active Interest in everything
appertaining to the wclfar i of       the j
c.ty,   held regular meetings and special  meetings as they  wore  necessary.
Duiing tins w.nter that league      had
tJU'ii      very uctive along temperance
Hues.   He questioned whether it was
perhaps, advisable to put him on the
executive us his stuy in tho city  was
uncertain and    ^permanent residents
might  have,  im.iv wi i, lit  wiih       the
council  but if he could  do anything
to  li Iji tlu oiij els of  lha league   bo
uld  he only t.io pleas.d to do so.
use).    Cntlle  he  hoped  to    live
to   seethe  day     whin   Women   would
have the  [rdr.clliBu be-   lid  not like the
idea i f  in n  s,i/in.,'  if  Hi y   oii.y   let
the women vote ih y  Will do our dirty  work,   (A|.p ause).
The < bail man—Do the coast lc.ig-
uea e rganiese a platform or select cun
dat. s lor i lections.
il..  Brown suggtsted that the   ar-
rasiglng I, r lectures on Munlclpul uf-
la v't might be undertaken by tbe league w.ch beneflc.al  results.     Instead
of  linding fault  with  the  mayor    and
nldi-nii.ii  lt't  th in  get in  -olid  tej  u
tliey could not ho.p them,   The council   infill   le   glad of   tleir  .' ssisi.aiice
and  adVice along certain  lines.     The
league could    undjrtakn hducatlonul
work for a   start.   A   lot  of     tilings
went   em  in councils and  other  bodies
which   might  not  look  right  if    they
stood   hy   and   criticised   whereas      :f
The Official Grand Trunk
Pacific Divisional Point
Vancouver, B, C, Jan. 5, 1914.
Revelstoke, n. c.
Please take notice that on " l-'ebruary l-'irst " prices all unsold lots will
be Increased an average of thirty-live per cent.
l'or full information about Smlthers apply to II. w. II. Marshall,
Exclusive Local Ageut, through the Kevelstojte General Agencies Ltd.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN D, SIBBALD, Puns.   Phone 12    J. D, SlHitALD, JR., Skc.
a means of keeping in touch with the
equirementfl of the Province and the i they kmw the whpl
c-Ver   shotojn   tn
Upper Country.
I _    ii  III !■ MIMIilii   III*    M TIT I
Diamonds, Cat Glass
and Crobvn Derby
China.     .>    >»   ■>   ->
facts and  posi -
many  of  its prominent | tion they might take another viowf
many   resolutions    on '    Rev. Lashley Hall emphasised     the
fleeting       tbe   importance   of co-operation with   the
at  the  Con-j ] ()w«rs that "be" as far as possible
He  ventured to say  th-re was u new
- |eii it abroad  which   wus  being  felt iu
personel of
men.   A   great
important questions
in evince  were  discussed
ventiou and many    of them adopted.
Mr.  W.J.   Bowser emphasised to   the
e ling the' organsation still further in
view ccf the redistribution of representation ii' l'. ('.
J. Guy Barber.
*fc %V. % * %<%e^ec%
-%•» VVVW'* V %%-"*"V'»'***•'*'•*• ^-^
Cansgpvativa Canventtan
■ ,. .:.    I from Pap 3 I
to the conclusion That
•   .   , .      of -ll real estate ha
... ...
■K.e    I-. JoUj G    d Fel-
Ifter 1
Acting -■   "    fed,  iQ   ' sb Columbi
| delegates the Importance of strength-  B.C.-as elsewhere among the people
indicative of a new interest in inuni-
clpal affairs generally.
Mrf   .Manning  offered  at  the      next
meeting to give an     address dealing
with  the educational  system   Of   the
city.   The only interest taken in that
important subject hitherto was what
'   i    -r   each year and  when the      tux
■   due.
Mr. ! agden said the thief sentiment
. I previous meetings had been to ap-
ich  thi   council  on the first possi-
cccasion,     and   he tnc,tight that
should  be dons.   The idea  hud   been
ippi   ach the council  in regard to
reform and enforcing the    law
1 ng  liquor licen«s.
Mr.   R.   Tapping  sail   he   did      not
evant  the. ladies to do the dirty  work
■  only the clean wi rk.     That was
• tizens of Rev
■   -  .;   to the   new     High
it i  e:aplete
eady for oi        I Tl al     Is,
led until the warm
' ler.
ptioi lriccnt
kind in Bri
aI1,l  tue- rirst step tec take to improve the
I, iwser, Vt I
it  I  believt   that J    tist
j thi
rt eel
•  •   « 1 am. confident
; •    ■ - to the
•  .
Bril l l« con
rk of develt ;.a.'-nt will
■   ,    -.       t.  The i j'Ti-
■ .■   f the I ' '
•   ■•        pivot ol
ii,  .md     It
•   ...   .cl
■ Th- "I the d
•    ■ •    ringing
• c   •
let  the coun-
Igl ;. e,f
• ook,
. •    ION \l. UNDBRTAK1SOB,
Columbta I I   ■
•■  program of   natii idertaklng.
■   • ature I in i
..11 her   tins   spUl 11 A   hi
t Ion ol natiot il d .< li - Bvi i y man
In th'- province nhould. In cc.ii,,ieRQtne
manly fashion, set blmiell to thi talk
of proclaiming to the world hi   faith
in   its   future .   This i-c    id   tlie  time
t., be downhearted, but it is the day
when each should walk with optlm
ism  and faith  that  Will  suffer no qu-
\^ the ric.se e,f the rifiiier's speech
idience  rose      toils  feet      and
there  was u  repetition of the cheer •
of    clie<nr.t-
'    ■ '
.     ■
Pil -'     ..  •
! 1   i 'le e
, ■•;   Her-
•• : Pel
■ • .    •
■ ■',
bloodl hirst v  dlspostt ion      The    mo
' Ion    •  'en.mission   ol
'I its annual
report      I i     (80,000  was spent     in
■  ' he  pert. . > > i  a lone
i ie [oi i,  ipet li
ilr.o      ire 'iivided   Into      I hree
classes,    domestic,    mlgi itm
woodland    Thee fli imesi Ic   ipecies Is i e
way there will he nothing left to ab-   spohslble for the transmission of mo
ollsh     iic«   Hamilton Heralj notes a larls    Eliminate it    and  the 6
■He,wen aiming to abolish    the   will  lisappear    To prevenl theli pro
lei in  Ontario.   Burnham   at Ottawa pagatlon training of or filling we1  ai
proposing  t.c   abollgfl titles   in Canada   (as,   emptying   water   receptlClBS    anil
" .   -I
11 B    M i
I ■     I i        ■ clinic.;
■     .',
Mr    T.   Killei'i
tbe Resolution  i the re
i ei,r  i 'on lervat Ive
while  Mr,   \ E   Klnt ild
ted te, the I 11 dential I 'ommlt-
,. e
at la ,
Impt i
Three      miles  make B   league,
lase ball    leagues
ttoul ■■
When icn.,lit innists have bad     thi li
I Btanding e.f the city.   It would
ing to 11 ing about a   very
dean     moral city if the ladles
given Hi' franchise.
i' nrsier Bald  Bhe ;e rsonally,
■ ■       ■ ll h    Mr. Tapping11
of   wc.aiens fran-
•i  un c: ing      Tin y had
tan . ci al   with
ind if Mr. Tapping or any
'•veei  tin -,   .•., re- working
dd help in that
itlo      Bui    hi   did  met      ap
■   bi In -iiie-  that   sab
ip I len     Tl •  ■        ere bol ti i
'    il  and   she   cell-
c .     I
•   evas it  you
•  . -■  ti
il .i ping on i.ete-s for
■  '        ll c.-e       eagui    em" t.
if     tbl        Veillieen'H
she   did noi  think i haf  women
'    to    take    thee    we.lk    oil!     ol
■a at   all.    She   Object-
r ipplng  making 'ins   one
.  ii, '   neeting
•   Bnt    li in   ' mi
■ m: .i   moved  that the i
he barred,
Mi   Tapping said be we.otd like   to
ports ii ither  leagues
had done
it.'   I lui i man appealed te, all pres
snl   i" come to 1 be nexl  meel ing pi n
pnred to speak on Bum" topic of     interest,    We,mens franchise wus a  j.urr-
Ij iieeiiticni question and he thought
ii would ic n laid place lo bring II
up there
30 Boys'  Overcoats
20 Boys' Buster Suits
McjftDij   rlerc uitiie Co., Ltd.
subjects of real interest each nicetint;  stopped as the wagon bridge at Kica
Mr.   Hume  thought   members      the  .nous wus completed  la December uu-
niiest  pressing need at present at all  tiir the direction of      Messrs  lleadly
t vents  and  sunRested  that  everyone    Miller and  lt.W.  ltruhn.
present  should endeavor to get   new      Directly  after  the  holidays,      they
members before the nexl meeting. VU-  started on the bridge two  miles    up
felt   that   the  obtaining   Ot   members    tbe   river   from       Malakwa   and   last
was the most important proposition    night the tirst team passed safely ov-
(hey  had  just now. er this bridge this we consider one of
Mr.   It.   rapping said  be would    be  the  most Important in  the valley, as
pleased at the next meeting to pay a   it  makes  a direct   road  from  Malak-
few  words In     connection    with the    wa to   Craigellachie.   The  completion
work of the Agricultural Association   ol this bridge iu the short time     it
i ml the Partners' Institute. took speaks loud praise to the builtl-
The motion fixing the fourth Mon ers, there being over l<000 feet Of pil-
day in each month for the regular Ing and trestle work, Including the
meetings of the league was carried.      spun of  ion feet or more, not only is
The Chairman invited Mr. I'agtlen this a ere lit to the builders but the
to bring forward the matters be hail   government   as   well.   Though   it  unB
teferred to in a definite form at     a   I > long in anticipation, it Is an ac-
future aieeting so that they might go ceptable result of a combination ot
ahead with them. It was a little ear- untiring elfeerts anil we look for the-
ly to launch themselves Into the development of the North side of the
matter at  once. river to take on new energy and the
Mr. Pagden said the moral    tines- past Inconveniences will soon be for*
turn  was the principal  reason for the  gotten.
calling of the meeting. Mr. Manning Our school is geiing along nicely,
I ad mentioned one cause of failure he under the efficient management oi
would like to mention another, irrev-  Miss o'llrien as tenchcr
Messrs.   Mizon and  Waddill  went to
Victoria,  Mr.  Mizon .is delegate tor
tin. Farmers' institute and Waddell
as tblegate to  the  Conservative convention,  he did  not  Bay  what other
.' lance.
This  concluded  the  proceedings.
lirvvurrl in tht   J*    .>
Mdil i«ii Post lot
business  he bud,  but don't  look
anything bad  from  13111.
If you want to know what  the ex-
cilinient  was about a ft w nights ago
ask  Hilly  or l-arl or Ole,  it  was interesting,
Revelstoke, U.c., Jan. J7th, 1914     Chas.  tehl, cur gonial landlord   of
Dear Mr, Editor:  "IP Hotel Malakwa, Ik's his Icebousa
Overheard   on a   street   comer.—"I ready for the r.rst crop    ol ice that
say   Mutt,  what's the  use shovelling snows up.   ic expedite matters   wu
the  smew      oil the    walk,  while it is  would  suggest ;   pair of frost-d  gog-
i no ■ Ing?"
ii   "Don'l   you see that     lady
tie.iilng with her baby-sleigh?"
•Another Tired  Mother"
chi.e.   Mail Herald —
Deai  so,   it has been a long time
since any mention has been made   eef
 len  of  I'lden  Valley,  you may
ol   thought   WS had   taken  flight In  an
;.. i.nt far from thai the   fact
i' that we have been so interested ill
11 • bustle for the COmtortl "f life,
ml the opportUnltlM for getting
then, ate so iniiiiereins thai we cati-
• ot   '-land   still   unci   IM  them  go    by
end  for proof of this <ne only     has
ok over the numi roui piles    of
gles as it  is h. rd to detect frost    in
these iieild mornings.
I'lven the generosity of the henB   of
the   valley   is  beginning to  manifest
itself in  her expectancy af spring    hy
delivering a generous supply of egg«
dally as shown by  the ncuiramula-
tion  in  eeur stores.
The nicest uncertain thing about
Malakwa is our ice crop. The picture
show  is coining.
Kgypt exported over two million
dollar! worth Ol onions last year.
Piled together they would mnkc a
1 vramld that - would come within
snttfiing distance of  the  Sphinx's nose
poles, fence pests and coreliof wood
Rev, Stevens..ii ted thatspe- crowded around the Station grounds
kers should in future be limited   tee from present Indications there   will
Blckerdlke giving notice of a reiolu-1spraying with oil, and the sprinkling i,Ve minutes earn be no less than ion cars shipped out
tion to abolish capital     punishment,  of oil In cesspools, watering troughs,      Mrs. Gottrslei    Ind only allowed to of* Malakwa between   iow and     next|
Mcditioii appears to be the fad    In catch basins, rainbarrels and puddles ppeak once. August of timber products, and   not
ing that marked his ,-ntry 'nto     the  political circles,"
IH   ICt'lllllle,cneled.
The Chairman hoped they would gat only this but our road work has not
■ WKDNEs'dAY,  JANUARY  28, 1914(
r    '■'-'  —
PAQH viva
i<K-->.   r
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Good Acccrr,modation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Hon. W. J Bowser's View
The year which has closed bus been
on<s* of stringency with the rest of the
world, and Hiinsh Columbia bus Celt
this to no greater degree perhaps
than any other Province. It has been
a stringency, however, not due to adversity, but to prosperity, and perhaps for that very reason has beon
the harder to bear, since to tho av-
erage man it is iniexplainable.
"To us in British Columbia it has
b i a period ol re-adjustment,   and,
however painful the process, we cannot doubt that ii has been a healthy
one. The Province has borne the
test admirably, Emphatically there
is nothing wrong with British Columbia.
"The  gross eftocl   of this situation
lias     been tee  throw  greater burdens
upon the Department over which     I
preside with u prospect of an increase
I in its duties.    At   this critical period,
| it is eminently necessary that all expenditures, whether private, municip-
| al or gove rnmental, should be, not
necessarily curtailed or dimiuisned,
but given very careful survey before
being entered upon.
■■ Westerners an'    characteristically
optimistic.   We are prune to discount
; the future.   We have seen prosperous
j cities spring up where a few decades
ago was primeval foreBt aud we have
; a boundless faith  in their  futures and
j their prospects. Wo mist remember,
however, that London and Europe
look at matters through different
eyes, and weigh them in different bal-
[ ances, anh it is apon London and Europe that  we must  depend for the Ca-
I pital necessary to development. With
that in mind, it is eminently ueces -
sary to  retain the confidence of Lon-
i don and t.no Continent in us and    in
our borrowings.   Last year   British
Columbia     municipalities     borrowed
$3,750 (100 in London alone, ami 191 I
will see these cities doubtless iu     the
I market for additional Loans, Now, 1
will not say that there has been reck
I less expenditure by British  Columbia
municipalities or     that    money has i Si
been wasted, but 1  will say that ev-H
I ery   precaution  must  be taken to as-' U
Slll'e'   I.e..Ml.ell    .,1111   the      UDI'lei's    hall'.U'l'S
thai, the' money our cities borrow i-
- ndod to  tlie'  Lest   advantage.      It
m:! • necessary to give   i he^se-
tions the cachet ol governmental
approval. Just how it is to be work
eel nut 1 cannot discuss al present,
but steps will lie taken tu provide
the' machinery for such ..ctie.n m the.'
near future.
I   naj  state that I hav'J every con
fldence in   the  future' ufejr  cities us   1
' of   our Proviace.   Our
»,7 ■ ,00U m
the' /!  -s during   the
orrowed     by
with tbe Ml,
ll    3
IS "f
he  Do
It   will ,e
11,  1
8 S
1  Baby's I
I  Birthday 5
is a good time to  have'   a      ji
photograph taken. Nothing will be so interesting
in the years to coine ih a
collection of early pictures. Watch baby grow
again! Anil your child
when grown up will prize
that picture story of his oilier life.
Baby and childhood
studies are a feature at
the Trueman Studio.
Quality and permanence
guaranteed. Best value
in town.
I  A. Douglas
4  Tourner
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
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work a. Specialty
-WORK    8HOP-
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First-class wood.
Pull measure.
All orders delivered promptly
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Terms   30 days en   lo per
cent, oil for <cash.
P. 0. Box 349
"Twelve Stories of Seilei! Comfort*
In thecentra oi things*-llie.ilres
and -.'..r.-~ <n l»,:ii ,1,1,-. Bull nx
abolulch fireproof—concrete, gti, i
;euei marble,
EUROPEAN rUN-SIperdeeyup
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nil the returns from the
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in .
suitably furnished with the choicest the
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Union   Hotel
A. P. LBVB8QOB, Proprietor
one >,', the meest unusual and i  I
flre l[m<l"ree-el
Bl      'I."
el.'!   (ii|
,. reaa ol li.   All tb»<
ih 1 squired if spear to   'eea
I •  11 .   Jinel      1
hag     te,  put   11   In.    At  night  It     In
■ r iped   and ed   according    to
si/.i' and   e|iin|i', In   digging," q»y«
« writer in PearBon'i Magarino fon
e h|nv nil the exoltemeni of gambling
without Incurring the nin.   And tl	
to    Weelk    feel     V"ll'lee|f    when    Mill    like-.
where you like, nnd Imw Men like li
delightful beyond belief, AIho yon
nre free to live al your faney turiifi ,
nnil to have as tunny Mends al you
wish or     as few."   The climate      Is
A strunge scene was witnessed the
either day In the executive chamber of
nent Buildings at Victoria
thai 1 is not without a touch of pathos, when the wives and mothers of
■ .e'ei miners e,f the coal
m net of the  Island,   waited
McBride to plead     with
ou   sixty women nre-
•  in the room, and as they    laid
efore Blr Rich erd   many
:   .jith te us,
it  ' ■•• broke
[taking their    ippeali for
leal  'enes
Winnipeg's new  directory  gi
■ • 1 Dpi 1 in of a
•    : lion.
The   family   remedy   for   Coughs   and Cold*.
Shiloh cost*  to   little   and dexei   to much1"
m the   '01,AD BYK."
The Revelstoke Open Air Rink is now open at
the Tennis Court Grounds, near the Court
House, on First Street. Surface of ice is
200 yards in circumference. Warm Dressing
Admission, 25c Children, 15c.
Season Tickets, Gentlemen $4.00
" Ladies $3.00
Children $2.00
Terms for Family Tickets given on Application.
Rink will be open in the afternoons from 2:30 to
5:30, and in the evenings from 7 to 11  o'clock.
HARRY P. PARKER, - Manager
so promptly and perfectly as yon are
at this restaurant. Ami the service is
only a foretaste >il
it is ':,iiel that the way to a man's
heart is through his stomach. We tire
sure to reach yours it you'll drop in
nml try our bill of fare. If perfect victuals, perfectly rooked ami perfectly
Bervetl, will K;|i" your friendship, we
are absolutely sure of yours.
A. (1. Thiakihon Manager.
w. parry assr
McKenzie Ave.
Iron Hed Springs   and    Mittr.ijsaa
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Dressers, from $8.01! up
Chairs $1.00 Each up
Rockers $2.t50 up
Kitchen Tables    $8.00
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J nut anything you ma yneed
for I liiiiNt'lnilel   Furniture.
W. PARRY i".t,T,
McKenzie Ave.
A Signed and Sealed Accident
Insurance Policy
shinilil he in the possession of every
man even II be doesn't elo much
travelling. There are- plenty of
things linn ean  happen no matter
where VOU may lie.
The Low Cost of Our Accident Policies
their broad and definite guarantee
make them an investment that no
prudent man should (all to make.
A postal will bring us to see you.
A. E. Kim Ain, Manager,
THINGS. Prettiest Designs
I'll.l.uW 1 USHIONS
DRESSMAKING I'ii Guaranteed
The Revelstoke Nurseries
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
Phone 42    -    Night Phone85
Phone 363
Come and look at our Triangle Sad
Irons   guaranteed for ever,
PRICE   6 LB. IRON, $3.90
A. G.    DUCK
Kstimates (riven free.
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying your outfit of working clothes
(or the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
retqairM in vour business. WEDNESDAY,   JANUARY  23, 1914
spend your money in Revelstoke
—your home town ?
Every dollar you send away means
so much less work and wages here.
We speak generally, as well as in
reference to printing. Even if you
do pay a few cents more to the
local business man (and that does
not always follow) you get more
for your money in the end.
Look to the future ! Support local
trade and industry and it will support you.
Call or ring up the MAIL-HERALD
if you want anything in the printing line. We will please you in
style and price.
.1. 11. Reid >'f Vancouver, !s In the i
Don'i lorgef the hospital dance on
F riday, February U th.
H.S. Papage of Vancouver, is paying a  business visit  to     Revelstoke
this week.
v> ^.rraitage of Taronto, was notio
ed among the guests ni 'the King Ed-
tvaed   yesterday.
The' Revelstoke City Band will play
at the Open Air Rink this evening.
•i... ,,. is in first class condition and
everyone is assured of a good time,
Warm dressing rooms are provided,
and the   rink  is well  lighted.
Dr, Ferguson, superintendent of
Missions for the Presbyterian church
ol B.C., arrived In the city by the
south train TueBdaj and addressed
the Young Peoples' Society of St.
e,.leu's church in the evening before
: g for the east on the midnight
To Deal With Immigration
With the navy out of the' way
this  session the  general  feeling
the  Capital is  that th:
session will
be comparatively short.   Both Bides
at the present time are making this
prediction.   However, politics as play
ed at Ottawa Is    a funny game and
you nevei  can tell.   Tho Btorm centre
promises to be the redistribution bill
it is si.iel that Ha' Liberals have al -
.    lei    led to  oppoe •  the'  measure
tee ihe  utmost and  force  the'  Govern-
put  it through hy closure.
The' Liberals have not waited foi I his
decision to see whether the bill   will
be fuir or  not.
The   Westeir. provinces    id particularly tbe two far Western provinces
of Alberta and British Columbia, will
prominently  in   parliamentary
ind legislation tins Bes don .
.. i>   first   bill oi   which  Premier
B ■ ■:■    .-a .•  notice aft •■ the opening
•   • was a measure tee     In.
■ the  representation of the West |
in the Senate by  nine members.     At
i resei I   the West  has fifteen men b
i       •  House.   '1 he three Pra
Provinces have'   four each     and
Brit i-.iiia  three.   By  thi
bill I'.ieh   province  will  have'  Bix n
• ■   ■   . four in   all.   Tins   wll
vide the   Senat. representation    Into
i   groups of t ivent> tour each.
t;" .    Provlnci 6   have   t ■■■   nt
mbers; Quel i c,  twenty '• ui, I inl i
■    ■   ir and now thi  West will
have twenty-four.   There have    heen
rumors that the upper chamber might
thre'-.v     .'Ut thu bill,  but  thi~ Beems
■•ly credible.
•'. a subject   in
Bi us;   . 'olumbia Is vit -
rted, pro to be t
a full-dr. tins  Bessloi
C'err- •   leal ns on  most
it^tive  sources that the Gooernment
is a ., j., i man
vexatious s
. .  ' ntroduced.
The     Story   of the famous London
Inrce the Glad  Eye which  comes    to
us eeu     Saturday, January iust,     is
[ormed on Irresistible    comedy lines.
In ae'l eiue Old Mons. (,.ihi aUX and
hit- trustful daughter appear so hap
|iy at  the  breakfast  table,  and      Ihe
old gentleman's pride, when he tiuds
ins s,en in-iaw's name In the local
paper is bo refreshing, and the diseov
ery that he, too, has beeu honored
by a paragraph seems so natural that
ii would i>e pathetic in any but u
comedj surrounding. Thin Maurice
appears,  but he does nut  : eem at all
Lucienne Booard is a woman who
thinks tilings out. She is staying
With Ini' hnshaud ut the country house of M"iis. Gallpaux, and. having
doubts about her husband's hehav
leuir, she causes enquiries to be made
which confirm ber suspicions, Her
form e>f punishing him is original,
aud effective, she incurring heuvy
dressmakers'     and milliners'     lulls .
■ She keeps tbe knowledge of ber hus-
ii.mil s infidelity to herself,
UdStoti and Maurice invent a little
story about a balloon tiip when real
ly they Intend to have a gay little
lime in Paris, Suzanne, the wife ol
I 'linguae is  genuinely  concerned    ab-
' out her husband, hut Lucienne, not
believing the story about balloon
trips, only pretends anxiety, and after the departure of their husbands,
she confides her suspicions to Suzanne, who of codrse is    immeasurably
Alter a couple of days the husbands
I return, having spent jll they took
with them; hut no one ippeara to he
at home.    Then   they   learn   that     the
; balloon in whieli ihey aie supposed to
have useenned has beeu blown many
miles out Of her course, and cannot
posslblj  descend tor many hours and
many   miles away   Iron,   home.    Their
predicament is patent.
[f the balloon has nut come down,
i ..■'.. cai.nol be at  home, and they decide t>e leave the house, and go buck
lee  Paris, and  await the descent.  The
whole family     unexpectedly    returns,
and they find it Impossible I i    leave
without   being discovered.   Their trials and troubles at tlrs point     are
excrutiatingly funny,   They run every
risk, even to the one  if I •
eel as  burglars, and eventually,  thru'
the medium, Chausette,  gut cleat
ay,    M inj   ■ ■ I. :■   I   .'        i .  •;
in the making oi the  Merrii si   little
! lay that has     be many
years; Ki K 1. a   modisti .  ( ha .
a  pretei led spiritual  m idium,
ficlal of ih.' Frenc
■ ■
Ve'S    (the    Olle' trUSting,    the'       t
"wise"),  "11 Galipaux, the mcontin-
in  Spirl       ■  •
i.il order), and others.
The Gad Kye has had a veritable
tiium, a|
. da,
Mi. Mej iwner of i
ea out
ry   lift; . ; ; .
ive lef- th
have bi
TAX NOTICE     '■ \ .
i;kyki.sti)KK ASSESSniHNT'
Notice is hereby given, in accord -
ance With the Statutes, that all <ta-
se'ssi'el Tuxes, Income and School
Taxes, assessed and lc, ied under the
"Taxation Act" and "Public Schools
Act" are now due and payable tor tho
year   till I.
All Taxes collectible for the Revelstoke Assessment District are due
and payable at my Office, situated in
the  Court House,  Revelstoke,  B.C.,
This notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persons liable for Taxes.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. 0., Janu ■
ary 26th, 1914.
Collector  for   the   Revelstoke   Assessment  District, 1st iss. J.28 Im
Notice is hereby given that, a Uourt
of Revision and Appeal, undor the
provisions of the 'Taxation Act' and
the 'Public Schools Act' for tbe Revelstoke Assessment District, will be
held us follows:—
Ait Court House, Revelstoko, B. 0.
Tuesday, 17th day of Fobruary, 1914,
at 10 o'clock iu tho foioncon.
At Government office, Nnkusp,' B.
('., Friday 20th day of February 1 IU 1
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Dateel at Revelstoke, B.C., January
26th, 1911.
Judge of Court of Revision and
(Signed)  ('HAS.   M. FIELD
1st IsB. Jan 28 to Feb. 20th
W.   F,   Callins   of   New   York,      has j    Tlle      Revelstoke      O.P.R,   Rnsehal
I n  spending a  few  days iu  tbe city  ij-eam vq\ hold their annual meeting
this we-k.
B.  D,  Firth Of Three  Valley,      was
I in the City Hull on Thursdny even -
Ing the 29th Inst at    8 sharp.   Busi -
noticed  among  visitors in  town    on  ncBs:-The     reading of   the linancial
Remember  April   13th,  Easter  Monday,^ ihe date of ihe L.A. toB,   ot
!{. T.  Dance, to lie heM at  the Opera I
statement of 1913, also election       ot
otlicers for I'.tl I.
Every citizen In Revrlstoke is welcome.
K, G. McRae,
Secretiuy Treasurer.
Now comes the Big Bargains in  all Our Lines
Men's  Dress  Shirts,   regular   %   1.25 to   $2.00   now $     .45
Men's Shoes,  regular $  6.50 to  $7.00 now $  3.95
Men's   Suits  and  Overcoats   $25.00 now $15.00
Men's Heavy  Sheep-lined Coats  $15.00 now $  9.00
Boys Cowhoy  and  Indian Suits   $   1.50 now $      90
House Coats, regular  $10.00 now $  5.00
Underwear  regular   $ 2.50 now$   1.45
Men- Hat*, regular  $  3.00 '   now $   1.95
Blank'-ts,   regular   $  6.00 now $   3.50
Men's Working Shirts, regular  $  3.00 now $  2.10
and     International character  of the   tiful • : furniture, etc.   The
I   ■ r.sent ol the' home authoi -
■   ■ pro -1 tour ii lian foi
•    ■ ;
all immigratii
.   British
•    '•' Tl."   i .r le'r In-Councli
Ut       I..
• it h   til'    . e r
•• ,v-
EMI : tAiM
IUt March II.
ever, t ent topee t      ,
• ■< ire 1   it
Prii  te   li
light this year,  but  the rail's
Illation,    >if which ne.tire- has
particularly alfecti tbe
W< -■ i  :, provinces,   Amongst I
j-.   British Columbia roads which .ie-
seeking IneCorporatl  a     la   me kn.ivn
as the   Atlin   Railw   y  Company,       .t
proposes   te,    rur;   from  th"   sen,tee, a
the present Atlin Railway near
the   tOWn Oi   Atlin.     It    'AllI    111 i   I'D   A
generally southerly direction to B
point on the Taku Rlvir. en tbe iou
td.'iry line. Another brunch will run
IMterlf to the southern end of Teslin
Anotbe: British Columbia line lei asking for rash compensation, and
tjin Nbbb Valley & Neerthern Railway "moral reparation" for the territory
wVeh propoiM to start on theNaaa expropriated bj the United States In
Rim. running north to Btickeen riv   the construction of the Panama Ca*
»r, thence  following  the  lb<OTei  of the | i'ii.    With  an  r|r>. i |.,n   due  next, nieeii
I' . ..
\   Light
,e.ii t two      Like     ii ■
- .until -,   11 .
'' .i.
Friday   'itri O the v> i
'Ijrl ii the  '.' riemoi
les    The' i amet i Plend.—Bmprt
Satin on iccount
ol tbe "Olnd Rye at i he' Kmpi i
• ie night  'Unmaaked, part '>ne\   t'n-
. nked part I wo; Unmaaked, pal I
three, i niversal w.-^kiv. The Baeba
Ion  Girl  I'l'iie  • RJmpri sh i irchi
Coming   Protea, nvr reei«
| Empress Theatre I
0 One Night 9
| Saturday, Jan. 31st. \
P The All-Star British  Company
(\ in " The Play  That Makes the
X Whole World Laugh.' ie* -10
\ "The Glad Eye"
(*) Uirect   from  IS months run   at   the  Globe.
Q eo    and     Strat !.     London     Kngland.
The'   little   ItepilliHe.   nf   < loliimliln   in
Teslin Lake to the junction of the
Tnkon Mid llootalmyngn rivers in
the Yukon.
th the aelt iHtriiiiien win he more In ,
■latent on the ready money than   the
moral reparation.
' The funniest play within memory.   - London Daily
The best   .ornedy company seen here in yetrs."—
Montreal Herald.
" Brilliantly played in  the spirit of high comedy."—
Toronto Globe.
Two and a half hour', of continuous  laughter.''—
Winnipeg Telegram.
The He- if English Comedy and the beat played ever
seen here.' -—Montreal Star.
Prices, 50c to $1.50
Grand ice at the Skating rink on
Virat sticet. The RevelBtoke Band
will be In attendance this evening at
eight o'clock at the  ltink.
A dhnce promoted by the Girl's
Hospital Auxiliary is to be bold on
Feb.  13th.
For Cheap Wall Paper, go to How-
mui's Durnlturo Store.
February 20th—Reserve this date
for the Second Annual Dance of tho
B. of L. F. and E.
I.O.F. Court Mt. Begbie, postponed.
—The Whist drive and dance for further dismission.
If you want to dispose o! that old
piece of furniture. Call and sea Howson Co., they will exchange.
fill's. Lashley Hall will receive tomorrow, Thursday, from  4  to 0 p.m.
Mr. U.S. McCarter went east this
morning on the early train, and will
le gone about a week,
The Snowshoe Club tramped up to
the end of the motor road on Sunday morning, though the going was
pretty  heavy.
Semi-annual  examinations  for  promotion  are  absorbing  tho  attention
of touchers and pupils this wwk   in
till the  public school classes  in     the
Why  pay oxhorbitant prices for furniture.   See W. Parry's prices, furniture
at fu'tory priees.   lf not in stock, will j fco und 0ftke ut the     homl. ot
order anything for    you from factory,   |iierco
at 10 per cent commission.
A skating party lnBt Friday evening bad a jolly time on the open air
rink at the tenniB grounds. They
were afterwards regaled with hot eof-
Don't forget the Second Annual
Dame of the B. of L.F. and BI., to
be held in the Opera Hotirc, on Friday, Feb. 20th.
Gold Range Lodge, No. 20, Knights |
of Pythias, will meet in fiilure    every
About two dozen young people, iu-
ilulling most of tlie teachers, enjoyed a lively afternoon's fun on Saturday tobogganing down Hancr'e bill,
where the slido is over a quartor of a
mile in length.
A   Japanese  Tea,   where  the      cos-
Wedn»s<lay at 8 o'clock ia Selkirk Hall j, llln08      refreshments    lighting,  etc..
Visiting brothers cordially
A.B. Klmald, CC.
Remember HowBon's Exchange Furniture Room.
will be carried out us Japanesy as
possible, will be held Thursday afternoon and evening from 3 to 6 and
from S to 111, at the home- of Mrs.
Haug, Sixth street. A Bpccial invi -
Dressmaking, plain and fancy sewing.I tatlon ib extended to the veiling peo-
cooUng,    housework at  ladies homes. I pie for the evening.   The tea is in the
Two dollars a Hay.    Instructions givun   iiU\ 0f missions.
in all branched of Domestic economy at I
moderate'  rates.—MaeRae,  Box  109.
I ist of  Vancouver, is     en route  home
Before sending your money out of from a trip to England and will tea-
town for goods, call and see W. Parry ci, our city Thursday, February 5th.
the a I'tioneer, it  will save you     time   ;ir. Hall will address a mass meeting
Dr.  Ernest Hall,  the noted special-
aiid  monoy, whleh wo need   in   Revelstoke.
GALT COAL is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agen'ies. Ltd.
Furniture Kxchan^e—Howson an 1
Co. have opened a Furniture Exchange
room, old  furniture  taken  in exe'liango
for new.
Any time you want to know if the
Ice is u'eiod at the Rink, just call up
1 hone  227.
Hie. Iinr Minimum 25..   fasti in Wvanci
euaisisjc. . i    !Ejajaiaiaisiaiaiai
FOR SALE!   Clean, Drj  Cedar Wood.
Phone  'i. or Willis Armstrong.
■>ANTKH—To rent for
see-,md  hand  Piano.
•".  Revelstoke, B. 0
.'   \ i .ir, a good
Apply to Box
I Full KENT—Well heated furnished
rooms, with or withoit board. Apply Mail-Herald.
I In  the  afternoon at 1  o'clock  under
I the auspices of tbe Pollticnl Equality
i League an  on  the  subject  of  "Equal
Suffrage."   This meeting is for     the
public both men and  women, and the
I lace will be announced later.
Another Revelstoke hoy has beeu
reflecting honor on his home town
lei a way our hoys have led us to expect when they go out in the world.
Mr. Leon Cotirsier's former teachers
and .tlil friends are not surprised to
learn that he has passed his mid-win-
i or examinations very successfully in
the Ontario college of Dentistry, at
Toronto, taking an average of over
ii per cent on the whole and 100 per
cent  m the subject of prosthetics.
The first woman judge to be up-
poiuted in Canada is Mrs. U.K. ,1am-
icson, president of the Local Council
eef Women of Calgary, who has beeu
appointed by the Attorney-General to
Lo commissioner of tbe juvenile court
in Calgary, She will have the same
powers as a police magistrate, aud
judge of the district court, but wiii
e nly try cases where the accused persons are under eighteen years of age.
Sho will commence her judicial duties  next  week.
At a largely attended  meeting       of
,1 xecutive of the P.B. League held
FOR SALE—Timothy und Prairie Hay Tuesduy afternoon at the home of
in carload lots (or sale. Writo for Mrs. W. Bews, arrangements were
prices to Joseph Cre-sinan,Ciosslield made for Dr. Hall's meeting on Feb,
Alberta. ."th and a lettergram  was dispatched
 to Mr. <.'. c. Wood, member for    Al-
l NURSING—Maternity, cerliucale. Ap- lemi, thanking him for advocating
ply to Mis- Sealer, care of Mrs. W. the' cause' eef equal suffrage and pre-
E. McLauchlin, Second street. senting a bill   to that effect in     the
Ist iss. Jan. 3rd,  lm.
Wedding iitlis
On the afternoon of January 8, at
Vernon, B. C, Mr. Albert Coy of
chase. Penticton, Oroville, Mt. olie,
.mil Reveletoko, took unto himself a
wife, Miss iirv.'i l'ayne of Oroviye,
Washington. Rev. Mr. Elliott ofthe
Methodic! Episcopal church ot Vernon perform d the    clerical operation
that made the veiling rnuple a legal
'entity. Clever little Dan Cupid, the
loveamltb, had already welded the
f.nid two hearts. Mr, and Mrs. Coy
have arrived in Revelstoke and will
■•'I up housekeeping after Albert gets
thrieiigh putting up the cigars. -
i enticton Hwald,
The Mall-Herald Oiler! congratulations to Mr, and Mrs. Coy and welcomes them   tee   Hi'Velstokc.
Mi and Mrs, 10.II. Mayhew ofTbreo
Valley, were in town the fore part of
Ihis  week.
K II. Moon of Winnipeg, and I.
QeeeplH of Vancouver, are in town
thin   week.
The guests eef I new Chicago hotel
nre given the use of safety razors,
shaving   noap and   hot   water  at    cut
Satiiulny the "Glad Kye Company
will he at the Empress theatre, the
motion pictures and Orchestra will be
e ver at the Star theatre with special
nmttnee at 2 .10 p.m. for ladles and
I Children,      Remember Saturday  only.
Provincial  house  on    Tuesday. A
parlor meeting was arranged for at
the home of Mrs. R. Gordon on Friday next at 3:80 p.m. All in sympa-
! thy with the movement are invited
to attend.
MrB.  F.W.   Laing entertained a
number  of  ladies  Monday   afternoon
In   a   pleasant   little   "sewing"      tea,
concluding with a dainty repast.
The annual election of otlicers for
the Missionary Society of St. John's
church nB held Tuesday ufternoon, resulted as follows:—President, Mrs.
Stevenson; Vice-1'res., Mrs. Laing;
secretary, Mrs. Creeche; treasurer ,
Mrs. Haug. This business being con-
i luded the meeting lieti ned with in-
I'test to a paper on the Rutheninns
in Canada, given by Mrs. Creeche.
Mrs. Stevenson followed with a very
entertaining article on their history
In tbe old  land and the new.
A fully attended meeting of the La
I'iee' Auxiliary to the Hospital, waa
held at the hospital on Monday ev -
ening commencing at eight o'clock.
Election of officers for the ensuing
year, on recommendation of the nominating committee was proceeded
with and the following chosen:—Hon
I res., Mrs. Hamilton; PreB., Mrs. H.
.1. Bews; vice-Pres., Miss Curric,Miss
Robinson and Miss Williams; secrc -
tary, Miss Davidson; treasurer, Miss
Florence Lawrence. Further business
of the meeting Included arrangements for the third annual Valentine
t'ance to be given on Friday evening
February 13th in the opera house/The*
hirrillnry concluded by voting X7.1.0O
to tbe supply department of the hos-
- pital. Future meetnngs of the Guild
! wilt be held this year aVMie hospital


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