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■p     sep 10 1907
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Crosse & Blackwell's Jellies
Jams and Condiments
All l-'i-uii.*. Raspberry, sii-uwl.c.-.v, Peach, Plum, Apricot, etc, Orosso & BlackweH's finest thuname is it giiiii'-
anleeofqimlity,   Put up in 1 lb. tins. 6S Sents
Made of Finest Seville Oranges, Crnsse A Blnokwell's
goods. Purity is ass..i-e.l. These people turn out Ibe
linesi lo he hn.l.   Put up iu 7 lb. tins al One Dollar
O. A IS. Best Mult Vinegar. This is something ymi
should look for purity In, Put up in quart bottles to sell
nt ■^*B_B__B Gents
Or Olive Oil for Salad Dressings, elc. Perfectly pure
Italian Oil, put up by Crosse ,V Blackwell in 111 ounce,
hollies. 50 Cents
English Sour Pickle. Put up hy Cross.. & Blackwell.
We have a flno assortment in Glass Bottles ... finest mult
vinegar, all sizes. Finest Italian Olives, Real olives, no
imitation cheap goods, but the real thing put up by
ClnsseA- Blackwell in nil si/.e bottles,
We have any amount uf nil kinds of Glass
Jars and other Preserve Jars. Crown Self
Sealing Gluss Jars.
Pinl Sizes at per dnzen  SI. 15
Quart Sizes at per dozen $1.40
Half Gallon Size at per dozen $1.75
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
'i tVi if11*1*1 tTi iT> iti Ai iT*. iTi t*_*t l*!*! iTi _i'i iTi iTj tTi itj itt At .'t'i A* .i*. A, .♦.
Financial Situation—The Crop
Outlook — Deceased Wife's
Sister-Polar Expedition—
B. C. Salmon,
New York, Sept.7.—Some improvement can be recorded in the financial
situation, whicli was due partly to
reactionary influence, partly to tl.e
Biitisti.clory policy of Secietary Cor-
telyou, und partly to the efforts to
luke up the new forty million New
York Cily bond issue which indie.Ies
reviving coulidencn.
Victoria, Sept. 7.—The trouble
which lius arisen in the Supreme
Court of this province, and in which
the principal (actors nre tlie Chief
Justice and Mr, Justice Marlin is to
go to Ottawa for adjustment, the
Executive Council of the province
having declined cither to repeal rule
or ieler the same to tbe Supreme
Court ol the province for a ruling as
to its validity or constitutionality.
Wl.VNll'KG, Sept. 7.—Reports Irom
all purls of the province received by
the Government ollieials show that
harvesting is in full swing, and tlie
outlook is very favorable for a splendid
crop. Iu many districts in Southern
Manitoba cutting is practical.
London, Sept. 7.—The first application lor a marriage license under
tbe new deceased wife's sister law was
made in Aberdeen yesterday. The
license was granted.
Vancouver, S-jpt. 7.—The 160 Japs
who reached Victoria un the Teucer
on Tuesday are expected here tonight
or tomorrow. The steamer Woolwich
iB reported to have been chartered to
bring another batch over from Yokohama.
Copenhagen, Sept. 7.—Capt. Am-
undse, who in 1905 navigated tlie
Northwest Passage, is preparing for a
polar expedition.
Ottawa, Sept. 7.—Agent Larke, in
Australia, Bays British Columbia salmon commands the top price in the
commonwealth. The sovernnient will
take Severe ...easi.res against dinners
who have been labelling their product
as liritish Colombia salmon.
ty In order to introduce, we will allow any responfible
T party to take on n 30-day trial one of our K00K1ZERS, and
** show that what we sav ubout it is undeniable- that you cun
ty cook your food for hours without fire.
|T, -e
S™        This offer, and ut n price of $7.50 each, only good for *£*
Thirty days. ty
f Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
iTi At A. At A. .'t'i ita ii*i sti At .I'i ti'i ii*. »♦. i"!*. At ."fr. A, t'i1. st. At .i'i A. At A, At
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots IfiJ x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $1)50, terms on balance. PRICE $2,450
Two-Storey Dwelling, plasteied an.l stone basement, Lots
75 x UK) on'Second Street,     Cash $1150 and terms on balance,
One-Storey Dwelling, Loi  50x100, near t'.iwiin Hlock
PRICE  $850
tmmm***mmmmmmmmi'mt-**i'^——t--    " i	
At II, M. Sprout's Farwell  Eltlto Olliee,
COWAN BLOCK.       -       -      -       THIRD STREET
R. W, Haggen, of Revelstcke, and
Ed. Feuz, of Glacier, made the first
ascent of Ur8us Minor, formerly known
as Mount Sulzer, 11,020 feet, a peak in
the  Hermit  Range.    Leaving   the
Glacier House at 5 o'clock on Monday
morning, the C. P. R. was followed to
Rogers' Pass, then   the  rnute taken
wus along Hear Caeek trail lo its end.
From   here  the  ascent commenced
following a sleep granite creek bed to
the timber line, as the timber was too
thick to break  through.   From  the
passbetweeu UrBUS Minor and Mount
Grizzly, a rock ridge wiib followed to
the summit.   As there was no trace
of any previous ascent,  a  big stone
man was built and  a  record of the
climb was  placed  in  it.   Tlie  view
from the Bunmiit iva> somewhat  obscured by clouds, but glimpses of the
big peaks to the nortli were obtained,
and  Mountain    Creek glacier    and
valley were in good view.   The descent
was started at 12:30, the ascent having
taken li hours and an hour and a ball
spent on  the  summit.   Tne 'leecent
was made to Bruin's Pass,  and the
climbers intended from here to ascend
CrsuB Major,  which  has  only  been
climbed once, but a big thunderstorm
came up and they  bad  to abandon
thc attempt.    The    storm,   which
passed Revelsloke about noon, came
to Hermit Range and stayed along the
summit,  spending  itself   after   two
hours of cannonading.   The climbers
were obliged to drop their ice  iixcb,
which werc apt to attract the light
ning, and take shelter  under  a  convenient rock.    Alter tlie storm passed
they crossed lialoo Pass and came to
the Caves, going through  the Big
Cave, into which  nobody  has been
taken lor two years.
The meat inspection act went intu
effect on Wednesday. Thirty-eight
inspectors have been appointed. They
are all qualified veterinarians and will
bc assigned lo the meat packing es-
lahli-hi-ienls whether doing an export
or interprovincinl husincsj. Twenty-
seven establishments are placed under
inspection, and Ior a general supervision over establishment Inspectors
have been appointed in Toronto,
Calgary, Winnipeg nnd Montreal,
Each iuipector gets $1,200 a year.
The regular semi-annual meeting ol
Kamloop. Presbytery was held iu the
Presbyterian church, Peaohland, on
Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 3rd.
and 4th. There was a good attendance
ot ministers nnd much import uut work
was done.
One ol the chief pleasures was to he
in the laud of peaches und to realize
the great strides that the Okanagan
Valley is making as a grent fruit
growing centre, Needless to say the
members ol Presbytery entered most
heartily into the mutter ot Iruit con
lUmption ami tested tbe lurious
peaches to Itn-ir lullest capacity,
On Wednesday evening tho congregation cl Penchlaiid entertained tlie
Presbytery at a church banquet und a
great many ol the Iriends were present,
A number of addresses and songs were
given. A public meeting wiib also
held in the evening and addresses
were given by Revs..I, It, Robertson,
I). Campbell, and G. A. Wilson,nn the
subject ol *' Temperance, Social, Moral
Relorm." This is the name.of the
new department recently organized l.y
the General Assembly and u committee of Presbytery consisting of Revs,
J. R. Robertson, Logie Macdonnell
and Messrs. McEachren and Swanson,
elders, were appointed to have the
matter in charge in this Presbytery.
Ol special interest was tbe  pref-encc
of the newjion.e Mission superintend
ent  Ior  B. C, Rev. G. A. Wilson,
,     ***>
whose duties began on Sept. 1st.   Mr.
Wilson wus heartily welcomed and it
is expected that he will soon master
the Home Mission question which Or.
Herdman had ao well in hand.
The Home Mission report was presented by the convenor Rev. D, Campbell. The work ol the PreBbytory is
well in hand and some new fields are
being opened, Okanagan centre gives
promise of soon becoming a good
mission lield and Rev. Jno. Smith bus
charge of this field. A church will
soon he built hero.
The question of Church Union was
taken up nnd a resolution moved by
Revs. Logie Macdonnell and J, R,
Robertson waa adopted, viz: "That
Presbytery request ministers to give
lull information to their people with
reference to the proposed basis ol
union, and instruct sessions to gather
from congregations, opinions and suggestions regarding the proposed basis,
and report to next meeting of Presbytery."
Many other matters of interest were
taken up and after a very heavy
session tlie Presbytery adjourned on
Wednesday at Midnight, to meet in
Kamloops Ior the next regular meeting
Bellingham Mob Rounding Up
the Foreigners.
Iliii.i.iMiiiAM Wash, Sept. G.—Six
badly beaten Hindoos are in tl.o hospital, 100 frightened und hall-naked
SikliB ure in tlie jail and corridors of
the city hall, guarded by policemen,
and somewhere between Bellingham
and the British Columbia lino are 150
natives ol India, beaten, hungry, naked
nr linlf-clotlied, making their wny
along tho (ircat Northern railway,
bound for Canadian territory und the
protection ol the British ling. The
long expeel.al lms ..(.cured nnd "Drive
out the Hindoos" was heard throughout the cily nnd ull iilung the waterfront last night, The polioe were
helpless. All authority was paralyzed
and lor live hours a mob of half a
thousand whitniiieii milled the mills
where the blacks were working, buttered duwn dunrs ol lodging houses
sheltering the foroigne.B, dragged the
invaders from their beds, and with a
beating started them trom the city
limits with orders to keep going.
All tl.e police could dn wns here and
there stive u native from the violence
of the mob. Several were pulled from
the water where they bud been chased,
others were found naked, cowering beneath the docks on the tide Hints,
others, bruised nnd bleeding, were
picked up und sent to the hospital,
What is to he dune with the captured
Hindoos tuday is nut known, The
authorities appear dead. The city is
quiet, but there is a strung undercurrent of opinion which approves of
the action of the mob, nnd it will be
found impossible to prosecote the
leaders, though they were well known.
Racial holing lius played but a small
part in the all'air. Every day whites
are being replaced in the mills by
blacks. Tne invaders have become
bold and insolent, ninny instances ot
women being pushed into the gutter,
iiiB.ilted on street cars, etc., being reported, and general uneasiness following their advent heing given as reasons
for the outbreak.
The lawn tennis tournament Iiob
proved of great interest and daily
numbers of spectators visit tlie courts
to watch the play and enjoy the excellent refreshments kindly provided
by tlie ladies. Contrary to expectations, Kamloops did not send a con-
New Y'oiik, Sept. 6.—CuBtoms ofl'.c-
ls unearthed a smuggling sebemo
yesterdny when they ordered the arrest of IV. L. Hardy and Burton Baldwin, cabin passengers on the steamer
Kron Prinz Wilhelm, an hour afterthe
arrival of the vessel. The search of
Hardy's logguge resulted in the discovery of several thousand of dollars
worth ol lace which was pinned inside
sbiriB, pajainn suits, sleeves of coats
and trouscr., in tlie trunks, and In tlie
pockets of a huge travelling coat,
which Hardy earned .... I.-, aim.
| When Custom Inspector Campbell
looked inside ll.e first shirt and saw
that it was lull of luce, Hardy said
coolly, "Never mi .d taking out the
others, they are all alike." The cus-
toniB officials think  they  have  un
covered a syndicate of smugglers who
have  witbing  the  lust  three years
tingent, but Golden  was  ou  hand. brought int0  t|lja  p()rt  mQn t,wn
Jh.Plougbwrightsucceededincarrying |i|UOOiuoo worth ol dutinblo goods.
olt the cup in the men'B -doubles, but
got no further than the second round
in the singles. Thia alternoon should
should see splendid tennis in the
Anderson scr
Hov, Ktiboridou .si'r
Foster plus l-i 16
Broo.or plus 1-21,1
('improve owe 1*215
Nairn owe I-- HO
Goddard scr
Slssous own I'i 80
Ploughwrlght own i'i 1
lliillitiiui ner
HastiiiKS iilu- 15
Parsotu owe Mj IS
CH.Miictioiiuiild phis !•_ 1
/ Anderson
j      by 'lofmilt,
I Foster
\ U-.I (H
\ iiy mif'iMili
i        bydofanlt
(       (M-Utdef)
i I'lmij-'liwii*;h!
( 0-2 'i-n ll 2
I HusLUiK"
i       by ilnfiiiili
| Mucdonuld
by default
In the second r mini tho winners
were Anderson 0»8, (14,—Nairn default
—Sissons 0-1,64—HftBtinga tt-1, 7-5,
Semi-linals—Nairn won from Antler-
Hon 2 <>, 6'2,8-8, and Slasone won from
Hastings (i-l), <i-(i, 7-5, Finals to bu
played this afternoon.
MoDimalil and HastloaB pin-1518-5 won
I'louffliwrlKlit hikI Nairn own 80)0*1
SittODl ana Aiitlur.-im owo I'i-MM! won
Taylor aii<l Foster scr yi-\
IMouutiwriglit ami Nairn {,<•- on -.* •>.
SIsbods and Anderson    [
MIXED   liOl'lll.liS
Miss S.....Iinn and Nairn I.,„ „ , ,.,,
Mrs. H. C. Morris soil A.ulors.11. )-""*' M
Miss Hardy uml fuliumu l .11 H-'I
M rs. Kl.-fiu. mul Sissons   .      u.ifluisl.o.l
Mrs. l<Jls..u .....I SIbsods i ,, „,,.
Mrs. Mel.iiiiiiiiii fimi Kev. Htiliortson/       '
LAMES smui.iis
Mrs. Elson won (rom Mrs, II C
Morris, 4 (i, II 8, (i-l.
Miss Hardy won (rum Mrs. MoLen-
nan by delimit.
Mrs. Hlsun wnn (rem Miss Spurling
li-2, 2-6, Oil, and Mrs. Klsnn plays Miss
Hardy in finals this afternoon,
Thc date nl the closing nl tenders
lor the construction ol the new power
plant hnfl been extended to Sept. Ill),
the various lirn.s tendering stilting
that it was impossible to give estimates sooner.   We learn that 916,000
Ottawa, Sept, C—Tl.o long-promised revision ot salaries and ..llowunccs
to rural postmasters has gone into
etteot. The minimum salary is raised
tu $35 per year, allowances ol 40 per
cent, on the lirst $801) lius been increased to 50 per cent, on tlie lirst
$1,000, while thirty per cent, will be
allowed on all business between $1,001)
and $10,0-11) instead of twenty per
cent, as at present. Over $20,000 the
allowance iB increased (rum fifteen to
twenty per cent,
7,000,000 BUSHELS
Edmonton, Alta., Sept. 6.—The
days have been very favorable for the
hum sling of n bumper wheat crop
throughout the northwosl, and to
d.iu Alberta stands first among the
provinces with an estimated ylo'd nl
7,000,000 bushels, The entire harvest
lor the Hurt I.west, is estimated ut
75,003,000, This loot, coupled with
the knowledge that evory wheat
growing country in the world will
show a decrenBclor this year is enough
to w.-1 rant tl.e prediction lhu I May
wheat will be taken  rapidly at one
dollar per bushel.
*, p
C. .1. Lee Warner, a young Englishman from Victoria, was drowned at
Nanaimo on Wednesday, being seined
with cramp while swimming near
Protection island. The deceased was
representing the "Westward Ilo"
magi, /.ine, ond  was  Ior sumo  time
liifin.- s Kiii.-i       imnnui ...■.,   ■?..,,„*..,. ,„«a» .,   ----
worth ol debentures tor this plant have I previous to his going to the ooait,
been suid and that the balance will employed in tho C.I'.R. olhcoi at
ihortly be dispoBod of. Revelitoke.
Who are in doubt as
to where they can best
obtain all kinds of up-
to-date SPORTING
GOODS should bear
in mind ihe fact that
we carry a splendid
slock   of   high   grade
sporting    goods
Give Us Your Order
For Groceries, we can fill il to your own satisfaction.
We will take as much care with it as if you were here
to watch us. Ilo not worry about the quality of the
goods-we never keep anything but the best.
Bourne Bros.
$500 GASH
Buys New House finished with all modern
conveniences and ready for occupancy.
Msle General Agencies, ll
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.     Telephone ;,i
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
M St Op. Dni
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Ilnuiclins in the I'o.vince.. ol Uloltobs, Alberts, Slskltobswin,
llrilii.)i Columbia, Ontario, <Juel»oc.
Capital Authorized        -        -        -        C1O,O0O,O0O.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   •4,83o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....        S4,83o,ooo.oo
I), It. Wilkie, President; II.in*. It. Jaffhat, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold avail ible in nil parts ol Canada, United Stales and
Europe.   Special attcnlltn given to Collections,
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C- A. E. Phipps, Manager. lhc fl&afUlbevalbs
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Cus. Morphy.      H.iKoi.n Fisher
II.i.i -..i-l*!,  ton, Ll'--
,- hoilus . c. union.
Aiim-mis. BOLI0ITOR8, KTC.
Ornctsi li -miAi. Bins iu.ock, Ukyki.-
' SO Hit, Il.C,
Mo: .7 •-. I	
Often: RoreUtoke, B. C| Cranbrook, H, 0.
Uno. S. UcCihtsx,
>,. M. I'.SK.I im. J, A. IIa.ivkv,
K«iei-tokc, il. c.     Cra.irook If,   .
J, M. Scott l.l-l' W, I. Brings,
M..NKV to Loan
|s. iLirn-i ms Yi.ii.Muls. .ns Bank
First Street. Revelsloke, H.C.
Amy ol sll Ores, Sanplsi by rasllor express
receive prompt attention,
T,-nin Moderate.
AIibBEal      ■      •     •     Box 182 KASLO, I!. (
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Su.veying
Box 106, Revelstoke,
Pkoywcui Assaves A Chemist,
rtont.'     NEW DENVER, B.O     P.O.Box 10
(Membei    American   Institute   of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Mine   Management,   Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared In Bhape
for submission to prospective investm-.-
' or purchasers.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
STDDIO-At  Mr?.  J. C,   Hutchison's Con.
naught Avenue
She fltelMberalb
•-1 '.voulf! . , . earnestly advise theni for
their kioo.1 to onier this paper to be punctually
served up. and lo be looked upon as a part of
the lea ■ Li'iipaife."—Addison.
One oi the most important princi
pies that ihould be instilled into the
minds ol our children and tbe rising
generation, and bs foremost among
the subjects taught at our schools is
that of nationalism and the true value
of i ur imperial loyalty as demonstrated by the flag. Tradition lias
woven a halo of romance and reverence
round the dug of the Empire and not
without reason, since the tlag has
bee' Hying ior centuries unsullied and
untarnished, The tlag is the emblem
oi the British race and represents, or
ihould represent, far more than is
really imagined. It denotes the
Solidity of the British Empire, although scattered all over the globe,
and serves to remind us ol the unity
o! hi--d and race instincts that exist
in every portion no matter how small,
of the vast domain uver which the
influence..I Britiih rule is felt, Our
national dug reminds us that we in
Canada ..re an integral part ot the
Empire ind si luch should teach our
children t cognize lew great and
important a meaning is attached to
the flag. On every ichool In Canada
shwld the ilag ol the Empire be
flying and the importance regarding
it be taught to every child, We
Would suggest in looking at our own
schools here to-day tbat the national
emblem and its real meaning have a
prominent place in tbe brunches of
education now in use, and thnt the
origin ainl importance ol tbe Britisli
Hog t«e strongly impressed upon them
Every class room should have its own
Dig and on the building Itself Bhould
the colors l.e Hying while school is
going on, By this means will the
coining generation be taught to recognize imperialism and understand thut
slth'.ugh widely separated from the
motherland, they are part and parci-i
of the grest race where blood is
thicker than water.
Afiatic rule and despotism in the
East, with itB corres|>ondiiig results in
the West, hns been looming up large
ol late and the scent ul power once
obtained by the .Ispaneic will not he
easily destroyed, The occupation of
Korea by Japan has praoticnlly taken
place, but sudden silence has cnve'«
oped all events in lhat country, The
outside world knows little of the methods resorted to by tbe Japanese to
orush out the spirit ol independence
ot the people. Japanese censors hnve
prevented the passage, of all news giving true pictures ul the atrocities perpetrated on the Koreans, but in spite
of the religious precautions taken llie
outride world is beginning to sec Hint
the Japanese us rulers are prune to
commit nets which are gross broaches
of what civilized nations demand in international law. The
Japanese Imve taken entire control ol
affairs both in Korea and in China,
and have su sysleini/ed commercial
and political undertakings in the East
that ina slnrt iiinn till Buropoini and
Amerloan Inlluenoes will bo entirely
shut uut. The aggressive rise ol tlie
Japanese nation is typical nf their
nature and will, unless eiirheil, have
sinster Influences on tlm civilized
world, We hnve possibly to thiink
the Irritation whicli has developed in
California recently In relation to the
Japanese question lor the discovery in
Enstern Canada that a Japaneso question in British Columbia muy involve
the Dominion uud thc Empire in unpleasant complications. Tho question
ul Japaneso immigration into this province haa bee.i'very vividly brought
out oi lute and nut without much
and rankle between authorities' in tin-
cast und weit ol the Dominion. In
treating with the situation tbe Mail
and Empire says:
"There is no foreign nation, however
worthy nf admiration and respect il
may be, for whose sake we shuuld risk
the exciting ol such antipathies be
tween a province and the federal power
as those roused between California and
tlie government of the United States
over tlie educational rights ol Japanese
children resident in that state. We
could not afford to violate tlie spirit
ol our constitution in order to enforce
to the letter an article of a treaty. A
motive ol at least us strong force as
either of the other two is tlnit ol keeping the people of tliis country broadly
homogeneous. This does not mean
that it should be the aim ol the government to confine the right of immigration to those who speak the English language, or to people of Teutonic
und people of Celtic stock, but it
melius that white men should be overwhelming by predominant in every settled part ol this country, if no check
is put upun tlie influx of Japanese,
British Columhia, with its population
ol a quarter ol a million souls, may
soon be possessed by Asiatics. That,
tor the reasons already mentioned,
must not be permitted."
The fifth annual Nelson Fruit Fair
will be opened on Wednesday, Sept,
18th, at 1 o'clock by Premier McBride,
and will continue (or tliree days. Tlie
display of fruit tliis year promises to
be larger than ever, and will show the
immense possibilities of the Kootenny
District in tliis line, ln the amusement line a change Irom former years
hat. been ninde by the directors. The
Nat lteiss Carnival Cunipany, who
carry several large and varied acts,
have been engaged to give two free
perlormances daily in front the ol
grand stand. In addition to this thev
will have niiuii rous other shows, including a Ferris wheel. This company
has been playing at the various fairs
throughout the territories and comes
highly recommended, T..e prizes (or
horse races have been considerably in
creased thil year. The open races will
consist ol three-eightb-mile purse $260
one-quarter mile purse |'2--"i, ami one-
hall-mile purse $200, besides a one-
[Uarter-mile race for local horses. All
races will be run best two heats in
Tliis year's lair lius been made the
occasion to organize an association ..(
the lire chiefs of the different cities ...
the province, und in connection with
tlie organization a Bremen's tournament has been arranged, consisting ol
sp.-.-.l races, »'-t tests, etc., for which
large cash prizes are being given, together with a cup to lm known is the
"Cbimpiomhip Cup of the Paoil *
Coast," i.nd which will Imve to be won
two y.urs in succession, A number ol
entries hav... been mnde md this prut
ol the progiiinitiie bids fair to be a
greut drawing card.
From all Indications this year's lair
promises to outrival its predecessors
not only in number of entries but in
attendance. Cheap excursion rutrs
have heen arranged on all transposition lines.
The attention ol all thus,: intending
to exhibit is culled to the iact that all
entries must be In the hands of the
secretary   not   Inter   than   Saturday,
Sept, 11,
The resurvey ol the British Columbia boundary from the straits of Georgia tn the sum .nit ot the Rockies, a
distance of-110 iu iles, will be completed
this year. Two hundred and seventy-
three bronze pillars will bo erected at
a distance ol one and onc-hslf miles
apart. Wnrk casi of the Ruckles wiil
be commenced next year, beginning
pn.bi.bly at Lake Superior tlienci to
tbo westward.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Boby of William Baty Found-
Inquest and Verdict.
The body uf William Huty, tlio unfortunate imbecile who gut away frum
the glial here on Wednesday morning
while taking Ids usual walk iu the
corridor, and jumped into the river
uud disappeared, was found tlie sume
afternoon about 2:30 by Messrs. Green
and Black more, lace downward on the
upper side of the wing dam, half ill
and hill nut ot wuler. The body was
rescued aid brought ashore, in the
evening C"loner Cross hold an inquest
on lho licensed, thc jury bringing in
tin following verdict, 'That the de-
ccfii.-.l enme to his death through sui
chic l.y drowning, having escaped from
c istody at the provil.oi.il goal at Hevelslokc. II. 0 , and we, the jury, exonerate the ulHolals uf tl.e gaol frum any
blame in the matter; and, further, thai
it is tbe opinion of Ibis jury thai the
present gonl p.emisoi uro absolutely
in.si.lV uml u .less fur Ibe care uf prisoners, nnd wnuld rnpicst lhat the government be .ifl.e.l to immediately
commence the election of tl.o proposed
new lockup." The funeral uf the deceased tunk place yesterday afternoon
(rum It. Howson's undertaking parlors
firFchiefs of b. c.
An Organization Meeting to be
Held at Nelson this Month
The organization meeting nf the
British Columbia Association of File
Chiefs and Firemen will hc held in the
court bouse, Nelson, on Septemler
18th. Mayor Gillett will welcome the
visitors and Chief Wutson, of New
Westminster, will occupy the chair.
The temporary ollicers arc: President,
.1. II. Wutson; secretary, Thos. Deasy;
execusive committee. Chief McKay,
Kamloops, Cl.iel Martin. Rossland,
Chiel Savage, Grand Forks. Within
tlie past week three of the Kootenay
representatives were in Nelson and
consulted with the secretary regarding
the details of the meeting. Tbey
were: Chief Fink, Cranbrook; Chief
Snvngc, Grand Forks; and Chief Mc-
Dungiill of Fernie. The president will
be accompanied by u party of chiefs
from tlie lower mainland and Chief
James Smart, of Culgary, will bring a
delegation from Alberta. Delegates
from the Ilevelstoke lire departments
will al o be present at the convention.
A nuniberuf races will beheld during the convention, Ior which valuable
prizes ure offered.
Government will take Steps for
The Department of Justice has decided that nu investigation into the
affairs of the Britisli Columbia penitentiary at New Westminster will l.e
nuide.it an early date. This decision
was reached following the receipt ol
il.-tailed inforniatioii relative to the
escape uf Bill Miner, train robber, under life sentence, and thr--,- other
convictsfroni that institution recently,
lt is learned that severely strongly
worded demands tor an inquiry, not
ly into the escape ol thes. ind
other convicts, but into tiie general
affairs of the penitentiary, have been
mode.-- tbe Department by parties
prominently connected with the ad-
ministration ol isticoii British Columbia. The Department ielayed
action pending  the I -
il est tdvices relativi       ths  Miner
To Move Wheat Crop   15.000
New Cars in the West
Montri  i -       Ve 1 ive nevei
i •-. M ... iuoh k ->.l shape 11 ws are
now for handling grain traffic ■ the
west, We l.a-.e more cars and more
power in proportion to tin traffic than
we hu.l before"
Buch was lhe ttaten ei - madi by
I-*. w Peters, usistai I i igbl traffic
in iii.i-.rr il the C IM! it w innipeg.
•■Hy the time thai the Hnl carload
il ■ eal  ■ ■ idj lor tramp, rtati n
he tinned   we ivill  have  15,000
ire.Miit , ar, i:   rendu,i-.*   n,   .he   west,
uml these will be „■ p -
ing ' ...ween the grain . o u try and ths
great lakes,    Besides this, we shall
experience considerable reliel
ilie double tracking ol the Iini
Winnipeg und  Fori  William,    -it
half of Which is now completed
Local Rovelstoko
Socialist Party of Canada
M.-.-l, l-'ii-hl .....I 'l'liir.1 IVuilnosilay in Lite mi....!,
in Kelklrk lhii, upstairs. ..IS .......   Subject lor
ilis.-ii*-i..ii  '■ .iriiiiKini-i.t ,.E rnpilaliHiu."   All
...[.•ri-sti-il f.rn weUf.iine.
C. W. 0. w,
Mountain V.ow Camp. No. 229.
Me.-.- Second and I'Vurth Wodnosftoys in
ii,-l nub, in Bell-irk Hill.   Visiting Wo it-
i.iin i-.iriliiil.y invi. eil........ -ml.
W, ll. AllMSTIlONG, ('en. .'inn.
.1 M'-INTYliK, Clork.
Ivory pn-fko*
will kill
mfir.. Ho -I lh....
SOO Hhftotl
of otloky paper
.00. per packot, or 8 paokots for Iio.
will Iat. a whon swoon.
F. 0. E.
Tin. ri.B.ili.r inooli...... nr.. hold ... lho Selkirk
Hull  oven 2nd and Ml Tnosdaj cvo.i.i.ii ...18
o'eloon, Visiting brethren are cordially invilml,
II. A. I.IIUWS. I'iiksiiiunt.
W. K. M.fl.Al'l IILlN.SKel.lfTAHV.
Kooti.i.iv LodK'. No. 15 A.F.& A.M.
The regular nieot
Inge, firi- lield in tht
MlU-olltO     Temple,
Id.l rVlb.iv* lll.ll.in.
.1..-third Monday 1.,
-ffich .......It.   ut   E
...ui. Vlstllngbroth
ren cordially wol
I'. A. I'ltUlJUNIKH, Skci.|,;i'a..v.
Moots ovory Thursdui
evening   il.    s.-llorl
Hall    nl.   8   o'clock
VlHillng brethren our-
linllj- inv.o-il lo al
.1. MATH IK, Bill
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cxeept Tl.lr.1 Wedriosdsy ol
each i.iinilh. In lhe llililtellows'
II..II ni s o'clock, Vmi.ii,;
Knights are cordially invited.
. W, BRADSHAW, 0. C.
0. H. 11ROCK, K. nf It, A S.
11. A. IIHOWN, H. ol F
Mem Don of both sexoa wish to ex-
change funis. Pond 25 cents lo join and
receive 16 fancy, liandBomo, lniimriud
Post curds anil jour name entered on
Hat, nu U1 di
10   Haddon   Bldg., Vancouver.
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wiishingiireeusy with its help.
And tlie money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give Ior
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Storaj? e
All Kinds of Lighl and H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71, House I'hone
To Buy Property In and Around
Never Again will It be so low
I have lor sale iht- lollowing:—
One Cotl ige, corner Charles ami
Douglas Si. - S.Soo, easy It-rins.
Two Houses,  Third St.—$1,500
One   House,  corner  King and
1    ■ ■ Sis    $1,700.
l.m- House on Douglas St.—$800.
Eighl Acres jus. outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre.    Together with larger  iols
of Fruit Lands near lhe City,
Also one 25 fool  Iol  suitable for
-    *- - fr on Firs. Street, close
e Vve.
For 'nil particulars appl. lo;
Revelstoke, B. C.
From France, Holland and
1 sties at ressonabi.    ■ -
■  BeeS ipplies Spray Pumps
Spraying Mui.-r.al, Cut Flowers, eto
Oldest  esl ih shed   nursery  ou   the
mainland of B.C,   Catalogue free,
Halcyon Hot Spring.!
Under the 11 -w managempnl of
Hai.IIY   VI. I      HII.      olfin m    Mouse
J cyon are tbe most curative in the
world. A perfect, uut..ml remedy f...
all Nervous ..nd Muscular diseases,
Liver, Ki.li...y and Stomach ailments
.md Metallic Poisoning,   A ,,.r-.. curs
for "Thnt, Tired Feeling." .Special
rules on all boats und brains. Tw..
mails  strive nnd  (If   'ill. every   day,
Toieg.-u li  common ntion  with all
maris of ibe win-Id,
Tl-fllMH   $12  tO  $IH  per week.    Fm
f.u 1 hei- particulars apply to
11A It lt V McINTOSH
Halcyon Hot Spring.!
Arroto Lake. 11. C
Full line ol Groceries und Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Elc.
Fresh stock always arriving nt
l.m est prices,
FIRST STREET, - citv restauaaht
Place your urders for your
Harness..—Hand-wake Boots
and Fnncy Leather (lnnds. . .
M11 uu hie tn rod for al! clnsseslot buildings
All kimls.nf building and plaatoring'
Thn besl Brick In ll.e Province,
Well Inn-lit Click in Luge or
sumII ...nullities ni Reasonable
James Evans
Dealers in Beef, Fork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds o( Green Vegetables ready for the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries ioc.
Per Lb.	
Front Street, Revelstoke
Rilles, Shotguns, Revolvers,
Fishing Tackle, Tents, Hunting and Outing Suits, Canoes,
Bouts, Typewriters and Office
Desk, Field nnd Opera Glasses,
All at less- tlinn half price.
Write at once for big list,
Nauwigewauk. N. 11., Cnnula.
r, Mines,
Fi Lands
I have many enquiries for
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
their holdings, large or small,
will do well to list them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
■Jash Prices Paia
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
In ibe mutter nf James Oruwfoid,
In Hi., mailer of lha "Official Admin-
Isll-iilnl-'s Act."
TAKK NOTHK that hy order of
11,, II...in. ,1. A. Fniin. made nn Ihe
bull ib.y of Augusl, IIHI7, I was up-
pnlnl ed fidmluistratn. of the estute ..I'
aaid .fames Crawford, deeenseil, und
til pm Ies having claims  ..gainst lhe
1 ,1 estate are hereby required to
1.1 .M.h *,ion- proi ei ly verified tn uie
on in- before the Ist, day ..f October.
1007.   And nil parlies Indebted to s,i.l
■ ■ ite ...- li- r. l.v ii- pined iii pny the
........... of ilii-ii- Indebtedness 1.. n.e
1 nil. m.i Administrator.
Daled lhel*7ih duy nt August, 1007,
Revel lnke Land Dislricl,
I. 1   ,1 W *i Koolcny.
Tnk Hie thai I, lloborl Sim, of
Kevelstoke, II. C, occupation, Lunn
iieiuiii... niiciiils to upply for a special
11.nl..-. ii- i-.iie over Ibe foil.living des-
erl bed lnnds:
Cumm in ing ..I« posl plnnted uboui
20 rhalns Frnm Die soul hivest cornei- nf
Timlin I,....ii 1082 and 10127, and aboul
2ehains wesl "f the wesl huuudnry
mil ... irked "Unhei'l Sun's N. K. Co.-
u-r foal," miming wesi hi .Ii.ins
thence so.HI. 80 chains, thence eu-.i K)
. halns, thencu nnrth 80 chnlns lo plnce
ol' beginning, enntulnllig 010 iicies
more or less.
Dated Ibis H1I1 dny ol Aj.giisl lIKIi.
25c. to 50c. on the S
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT in nny railway Bullion
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta ......I Britisli Columbia.
Write for our Latest Prioe List, it is
mailed Iree on rcqtiesl.
We only handle tho'best goods money
cnn buy, only goods of ties! mills, inuiiii-
I'.u-tiiiers uiul packers sliippe.l.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
1 .Ail Coods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is n .liny tn You, lo Your Family nnd
to your Pocket Honk t.t Invcsllgtle our
We do not belong lo ilu- Jobbers' or
Retailors' Guild or Association or  any
References: Any Bunk, Railway or
Express Compu.iy in the Cily, or the
.mines ol* iiveniy thousand satlslled Ous.
tomei's ii. tin. lour provinces,
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
n. n. ttiHHiiud
Doer lli.inls. A..i.....ls. Hints, I'lsli, .Ktc,
A 1111,1 il  lius, M llmi,
I* 0. Hi'l.31.
stinliii:  .l.trnrr nf l-'ir-tl SI. 1111 llnvln Av...
Iti.viil.inkii, It. 0.
Northwestern   Supply   House
239 and 1(11 Stanley Street
18, 19, 20, 1907
Largerland', Better
Than Ever
Something Doing
Every Minute
Cht:;ip l'.xcursion Rates
On All Transportation
L iiu s
Kor   Information   or
Prizi; List, Write
P. 0. Hox 95,
C. W. BUSK,   President
BELOW will be found the names nf some nf the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular nnd liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will be given by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Rovelstoke securing the largest number of votes in
the lollowing manner: The business men listed below will give willi
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE ono vote. The contest begins Sept.
Dili and ends Feb. Oth, 1908. A ballot box has been placed in tlie Canada
Drug A Book Store where the votes are to be deposited. At the close ol
the contest the church, school, society or lodge having the largest number of votes will be awarded the library. Current accounts when promptly paid will he entitled to votes. Itoniember, votes can only be secured by
trading with the merchants listed below. Each week tho Maii.-Hkiiai.i.
will announce (he standing of the contestant.
The library and case are now on exhibition in tlie show window ol
C. B. Hume A Cn.
Groceries,   Drygoods,    Orook ery
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
Aleuts, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Crenm, Etc.
Coupons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Central Hotel
asm.    REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Newly built,     First-class in every reBpect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratss $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queen's ftotel
Iiest brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Kish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        ■        •        Proprietor
Under  New  Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
First-clan accommodation for travellers.
Iiest brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50  PER   DAY
Nuilicl- hereby glveu that ihiri* dayi alter
date I Intend to apply to the Hi morn bio Chief
Ciiiiiinisbiuiirr nl Lnmls and Works lm speciul
In i'iim' to eut mul carry away limber Inmi the
f.ilkwiiiK described lauds situated m Wont
Kootenay. l*i»i>ur Arrow Lnko District:
1. Commenolng at a pust planted ou Ihe
in.utli sldo ul Uuii (.reek, ind ahum twenty
iimiiih truin tho Greek, ami nbout lour iuih*i
frnm the mould ul said, innrkeil "K, N, Hal*
luik'as-iuLh-weat curuer post," thoneo easi hi
rlinins, thenee m-riii BUohaluii tbenco wt*sthu
chain.- thonee souih su chains, lu I'laeo of
2. Commencing at a post iilanled ou Hie
iinrtli hide of Leuu Crook, ami about SO feel
inmi Uiu siiiiili-easi ucriicr [insl uf ol 'Jim at
Limit No. 74HSi iuul aljiuit 'M loot fioui tLO
Hinitii-ivL'st corner post of Timbor Limit 7812,
uuu kn! "Jf, N. II m lisn-k's riil.nl  posl," tlienee
wesi mi chains, thenco auuth -id chaina, theuco [
cast ii.u ciiiiiiis, thouoe north 40 chains, thouoe
west fit) uhalns to pluce oi commencement.
8, Ctinimonolng at a pust plautod on Llie
'uuth hide ul Leon Creek, nbuut nine miles
Irom ltio inoulli, near tho soulh*west oornor of
T. i, No, 7-i.hi, marked' K..-, Halluck's uon* -
west corner pust," thouco B?uin iu ehains,
tbonco east lot-chutus, thonoo nort ihu chain-.,
thoneo wost Nil) eh-iiua to plaoeol beginning.
■L Commencing ai a pust planted oa the
fist sale of the huiiiii fork of Leon Creek, ami
about two milos from tho forks, marked MK. N,
Halloek'i north-west rorner (ioat," thenee
smiiii gtifbalns, tlionco eaal en chains, thouoe
northbuihalus, iheuce west 50 chaina tu plnce
Ol beginning,
fi GOUilDenolllg at a post ,laiited on llio
WtfllelUQ ill Uie south forkol I "uu (.'rook, and
Auoui three ami one half nn lus irom llie muuth
oi said furk, marked "t. n. iiniiuck'a north*
west corner pusti" ihenco south 8u ohalni,
th-jtioo oast 8u chaius, tlioucoiiorib su chains,
llionce wesl o chiiius to placoof beginning.
6, Commonolng at a p<sl plnuted on tue
wesi side ul the suuth loi k ul Leuu trout, and
iiii-Hii lut.i mul um-1,nit ij.Men Loin Hie mouUi
of said lork marked "K N, lUiiuok'a north-
west corner posi," ihence souih W chains,
thenee oan bu chains thence north hu ohains,
theuoe went BO chains to place ol begiuuing.
Dated July Bill, IQuT, Kovelitoke, 11. C.
Hevelsluke Laud Distriot.
District, ol Wost Kuulenuy.
Tnke e .n.il Audiew Kilson, ol
Itevelsio„c, U. 1'., miner, iuieiids lo
apply fora special limber liien.se ovet-
llie lullii.ViUfjl deser.l.ed lands :
1. Oiiinnieiicing ui u posl planted
one .j..ml. I inlie ul...ve the luu III fork
of Flat Cruuk, on .be north bank, und
unitkei. "Andrew Kitson's S. K. Om-
ner," lhe.i.e nnrlh 411 ehnins. iheuce
west IBO clialus, thencesouth 40 chains,
Ihenee eusl 100 cliiiins lu point uf
to....i.e....-.in-ill, nud containing 010
ueres more or less,
Dnled August 3).h, 11)07.
2. Oouiinoiii'iiig ui a posi planted
one q.in.-lei' mile above the nni'th lork
of Fiat Creek on the nu-ili li ink un.l
mn. ked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Our-
ner," theuce north **0 chains; tbencn
eusl SO ibuiiis; Ihence suulh SO chains,
Ihence «es. 80 chains, to point of
eo....i.e.hi-....-.a and containing 010
acres more ur less.
Daled Augusl 20lb, 1007.
It. Coniiuencing a. a post planted
nboul one uiile nud three-quarters
below lhe north fork of l-'iui Creek, tin
the ii.nib Lailk, and mnrked "Andrew
Kilson's .S.W. Corner," llienee iioch
SO cb.. ins; llieuce ensi lOchains, thence
soulli 40ihailis, Iheneeeast 40 ebains,
thenee soulb SO ehuins, thence west 40
iliuins, ihence norlh lOchains, theuce
west 40ehuins lo point ol mitnineiice-
iiienl und containing 610 acres more or
Dated August 20th, 1007.
In the matter uf Archibald Sqi.air,
In lhe in.tterof the "Ofttcinl Administrator's Ail."
TAKE NOTICE by order of His
Honor J, A. Forin, mnde lhe loth day
of Augusl, Wl", I was appointed
administrator of Ihe eslnle if sui.l
Archibald Brecbln Squat.-, deceased,
uud all parties b.ivn.g claiu.s agnlnsl
the said estate are hereby reqi.l.etl lo
furnish sume properly verified to me
nn or before the 1st. dav of October,
11107. And nil parties indebted lo said
estate are required to pny tl.e anu.nnl
of their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Olllcnl Administrator,
Dated the 27th day of Augusl,1007.
Cariboo Lund District.
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Tnke Nolice tbat II. McMahon, of
Revelsloke. H. 0., intends to apply for
H special limber license ovei lhe following described lund :
20. Commencing at a post plnnted
al the Forks of Albredn  River, North
Thumps  marked  "H.   McMahon's
S W. Corner," .hence enst SO chains,
tlienee suulh SO ehuins, tbence west SO
chiiius* thence north SO ehains to point
of cumnience.ue.it, containing Oil)
acres inure or less,
Dated April Mtli, 11)07.
H. McMahon,
Notice i« hereby glvon Hint su .lays alter
ilaUi ive intend tn apply lo the Hon tho Ohiel
Commissioner of Unds and Works, for BpOOlsl
licence to cut and curry away Umber from lho
following described lands:
Commoncing al a post plnnted al the north-
oasl cornor of Robert Oloiullnniiig's (tre-omp-
lion Nu, llll, Wesl Kooicnay l>i.*tru:l, ami
markod "Bin Bond Lumbor Company's suuth-
east cornur posl," llionoo uorlh ..I chulns.lhcnco
wosl, lliu chains, tlionco south lu cliains, thouco
cast lliil chains lo poiul o( communconiont.
Arrowhead. IU., July Ml., ill".,
sal jly *        "I" BBND Li'Mumi Co., Ltd.
WeitKootsnay Und District, District ol llov-
e!lt0ke,*B.O.   'lake unlll-u that Rupert William
llASgei) i'f Kevelstoke, H.C, micupst'on Insurance A|t>-..l, li.lv.iils to apply fur permission ...
purchase the l.'ll.uvillg   described   Iwi.li-Ci.lll-
.......iilu ai a p ml planted .... tlio wester., shore ...
Upper Arrow Lake, at lluiii.oi-k Point, an., mark,
e.f "11 W- Hans'-..* soutleoasl corner posl,"
siiuate almut 311 eliains from ll.o wiiUnrn extremity of ll.uu.oi-k I'niiii. theuce north ,u clialns lo
the loutliern boundary ol Ucrie Boyd's pre-emption, then.-e west ,0 cliains to llie eastern boundary ..(Lot 811, llieuce uouth SU chains to the shore
ol Upper Arrow Lake, tlienco oasl (oil..wing tlio
shore ol Uppor Arrow Uko to placo of commence.
mont, contains an area ot 180 seres, more or less,
Ilateil July 20th, 19W, Rupert Williams Haggen.
in the Mutter ol Duncan McEucliran
TAKE NOTICE that by order ol
His Honor J. A. Forin, made on the
20th day of August, 1007, I was appointed Administrator of the estate
of said Duncan McEachren, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
tlie said estate are liereliy required to
furnish same properly nirilii.l lo mo
on nr belore the Ist. day ol October,
Ami all   parties   in.I.-bled  to said
estate aro required to pay tlie amount
ol iheir Indebtedness lu me lurthwitli.
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated this 81st day ol Aug., 1007.
Hevelsluke Liu.I Districl.
Dislricl ul Wesl Kooi, v.
Take N.il.ce Ilul I. ilhiri.-s L,
Hyde, ol It'-vi l.-li.U, 11 ('.. on ii|iiliuu
Timher Cruiser, iiileuilsliiupiili Ior n
sptci ll lin-n.-e  [o ....   I iiuliel    on   lie
fnllnwlng iIhsi-1-Hi.'iI I.iii.I :
1 Ciiiiimenclng t.l pnsl plunled nlio.il
:| mites up ilu. no.-ll.-eust fork of Uuld
■Ir    inn. ked    "I'll..-.   L.   Hyde's
N. W.Coiue.   Post," Ihence SOIllll SO
chiiius, tbence ensl  SI) ciniins, iheuce
nuiili SI) chii.is, Ihenee wesl SO cliiiins
top.iiiilof c .........i.e.......nt, and con-
talulngOlO acres u-e nr less.
Dated Aiir.islS.1i, 1IHI7.
2, Cm.ini-l..-ing .ti ii posl planted
about 3 miles up 1 be n.u-lh-i-asl fork of
(lol.lsl.eniu. .nnl murked "Ohas, L.
Hyde's N. E. Uorner Post," thenc
souih SOchaius llieuce wesl 80 ehalm
Ihence norlh 80 cuius, thenee enst SO
cliains tu pnlnt uf cinumenceuienl, and
ronl.lining 040aires mure or leas.
Dated August 8 h, 10117.
It, Ciiiniuciiciiig ui u post planted
Sand a half miles up i he nurth fork ..I
Unlilsii-enni, uud I mile west, of ihe
nuiili link, in.-iiki-.f "Clins. L. Hyde's
N.W, Corner Post,'' ihence easi SO
rhalns, I hence soul It Sl) ehuins, I h.-nc.
wesl SOchaius, then... u .rlh SO chain.
lo poim ol* ciiuiiiii.|i(-eiu.'ul, and cou
Lainit.g 010 ncres, mure or less.
Do..I Augusl Dili, 10117.
Llll -1   Lii
I 1)1-11' cl.
l).,l|icl of 1.
'I'.l. li.-.. i
ti<vel»liik.>.  H
1 . ol.
h.i. A   li   i 1
C .   Hi..-.. i
I'plv for usp.
le- f,iilim,._ ,
, .,1     MIIMMI   lj,
1. *llll.' .1   lllllll
I,  Onuimeni'lng at a post planted
nboul Sand fi hull' miles up llie north
fork of Giildsliea.il und nbnut I mile
wesi ..I* ihe iiurili fork, mnrkeil "Chas.
L Hyde's   North-cist  Cornel   Post,"
tile...... south  100 ehuins, Iheuce went
40 cbnins, thence nnrlh llll) elinins,
llieueo eusl 10 eh.lius lii point uf c..m-
ilieiiceu.ii.it, uud eonl.-.ining Oil) acres,
inoreor less.
Dnted August 0th, 10.17.
5. Commencing at u post, planted
al.u.it 3 und ll hull miles up I lie norl li
fork of liol.lslri-ini uml nhout 1 mile
wesl of llie .....lh fork niarked "Ch.s.
L. Hyde'sS. E. Corner Posl," Ihence
nnrtli Hi.1 chains, thence .vest 40chains,
theuce south lOOchains theuce .-.si 10
chains tn point of commencement, and
ennlnlningfHO acres, mure or less.
Dnled August Olh; KTi.
0. Cummencing nt a post plunted
aboul 1 mile up Oamp Creek ami almut
half a milu east of creek, Oamp Creek
heinji n tributary nf Gnldslream,
narked -'Chas. I. Hyde's S. W,
Corner," Ihenee norlh K!) ehuins,
ihenee ensl 80chains, Ihence si.nth SO
chains, thence we?t SO ehuins in the
pmo.i of .iiiiiiiii.of-i-iiu-iii, un.l containing (110 ncres, more or less.
Dated August 12lli.l007.
7 Commencing ul u post planled nhH.it
half a milu from Columbia, River and
ubout 10 chains snutli uf Downie
Oreek, marked " Chas. L, Hyde's
S. W. Cumer," tbenee north (II) cbnins,
thence east 40 chains, Ihenee north 40
elinins, Ihenee eusl, 40 ehnins, llienee
soulb lOOohuins, then.-e west 80chilllls
in pninl, of (-(..nil.element, nud containing 010 ncres more or less.
Dnled Augusl l.'lih, 11X17.
Chas, L. Hyde.
As' I have purchased a suitable
building I intend tn remain in the
city and open a fancy, dry good, dress
making and millinery business on
First street, opposite the Climax hotel.
Mrs. C E. SpilBbuiy ol Vancouver will
have charge o! the millinery department A. Mablen.
Anyone wishing fancy work for
Christmas should leave their orders
now, Iiattenburg tea cloths, embroidered centre. pieces, cushions ol all
kinds, drawn thread work, hardaiiger,
etc.   All work guaranteed.
Anjone wishing to see samples of
work can call at residence.
Airs. R. A. Upper
Corporation   of the City   of
The City Council requires the services of a Power House Superintendent to take charge ol tbe Hydro-
Electric Plant. '1 lie plant will shortly
be augmented by the addition of a
dynamo for the supply of Power, and
an auxiliary gas producer plant.
Salary $125 per month. Applications,
slating experience and accompanied
by references, to reach tlie under-
signed by Friday, Sept. 20th, 1007.
City Clerk.
Revelstoke, 13. C, Sept. 5th, 1007.
Notice of Change in Sailings.
During the remainder ol tlie season
ol 11)07 the steamer " Revelsloke"
will make trips to Downie and return
twice per week, leaving Revelstoke on
Tuesdays and Fridays at 1) a.m., reaching Downie at 5 p.m. uud leaving
Downie on Wednesdays and Saturdays
at 8 a.m. reaching Revelstoke ut 11
a.m. Parties desiring to make this
trip over the linest scenio route in the
Interior will lind goud accommodation
on board, Reduced rates to parties of
10 or more.
In the ninl I i-l   of  William ,1,   Ellin),
In Un. matter of ibe ''OHklul Administrai or's Ac."
TAKE NOTICE that by ordel ol
Ills Honor J, A. Fori.., made nr. lhe
I.VI. day uf August, 1IHI7, I wus appointed nd.iilllistniiornl the eslnle..I
s.ii.l Willi.iii .1. Elliott, deceased, aud
nil parties having ciniins against the
said eslnle are hereby required to
furnish same properly verlHed to me
on nr before tne 1st. day nf Oclober,
1107.  And all parties Indebted to sni.i
eslnle ure herehy icipiired lo pay lhe
am...ml of llieir Indebtedness tu .ue
Diii.-iai Administrator,
Dated the 27lh day uf August, 1007.
1. Coiului'iii-lug .it   a posl  ph...led
. II ll ii*i   '.ink i,|*  .he .null.  Iinki.t
Sevmnui Itiver, iii...i. IJ iniles nbnv..
lhe fork nl   Hie  si.ine   .ml   nluilll  111
iniles up  frum  Slin-.vfip  L-.k...  and
marked "Andrew K.i-u.i's S W Corner," Uie..........ib IliO chains, limine
easl 10 ehuins, 1 hence soulb 100 lhaius,
Ihence we.-i 40 chains 10 point of nun-
1.......a-uit-n1,1.ml containing 010 ncres
molt'or loss.
Dated July 81st, 1007.
2. Commencing ut u pust plunled
on ill-i-i*f li,ink of Ibe nortli forkof
Seymour River about Ll miles itbove
the fork of ihe same and about III
miles up fi on. Shuswup Like and
uuu ked "Alldtew Kilson's S. E. Corner," Ihonce norib 1110 ehuins, thence
west   III .Iinins,   II m    soul.    100
llllllis, lh. uie ensl III .Iinins In poinl
uf no.iiiii,.i,r...ii.-ui and conlaining Illll
fi. res luo... or less.
D.lle.l Jill)'Dill, 1007.
It. Commencing ul a post plnuled
.... lhe ensl l.nnk ot lhe uorlh fork ol
Seymour Hive.-, .1I.01.I -1), miles above
lhe fork ul Ibe s.uiif "nnd uboui III
uiili-s ubove Sbuswap Like, .11.1
mnrked "A.idiew Kilson's N.W. Corner," thence .suulh so chains, theme
eusl NO, hams, the. orth SI) chuius,
llienee wesl 80 ell..ills In  poiul nf L'n.II-
meneement and coi.laEuh.g Olo acres
inure ur less.
Dnled July'ilsl, 1IH.7.
I. Co....ne...ing ... a post plunled
on lhe eusl Imnk ..I* lhe nnrlh fork of
Seymour River, about II miles ubove
the forks of lhe same .....I nboul 84
miles up fro 1.1 Sl.iisw.p Lake, und
marked "An.I.ew Kilson's S.W. Corner. Ihence uorlh SD cbaius, Ihenie
eusl SO ehuins. llienee soulb SO ehalus)
thenee west80chains In point of com-
uieii.-euieut uud containing Olo acres
iiii.r.' or less.
Duted JulySlsl, 1007.
ii.   Guminenclng at a post plnuled
011 the eusl bank of the nurih fork of
Seymour Rivei-, niin.it ...... half mile
lielow lhe furk of the same, and ahoul
21) miles up fit.... ShiisWf.i. Lake and
in.uked "Andrew Kilsona .:*. E. Curlier," ihence iinith SO chuius, thence
wesl 80 chains, lheiiresol.il. 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 dli tins to point nf commencement uud containing 010 acres
inure or less.
Dnled August 3rd, 1007.
0. Comineucing ul 1. posl plnuled on
the ensl l.e nk of ll.e nortl. forkof Seymour River, nl....it (.ne half mile below
the fork of ll.e sume nnd nbout 20
miles above Shusivup Lake, and
innrkeil "Andrew Kilson's N. E. Coiner," Ihence soulh 40 cliiiins. Uience
wesi lOOchains, (hence nurih lOchains,
thence enst 100 chains to poini of commencement ..nil coiiliiiuing 010 ueres
moreor less.
Daled August 3rd, 1007.
7. Commencing al a pnsl planted
on the west bunk uf the norlh fork of
Seymour River, ubout three miles
below the fork of lhe same nnd ubout
2dj miles shove Shuswap Lnke ...id
mnrkeil "Andrew Kilson s S. E. Corner," thence norlh 80 chains, ihence
wesi 80 chains, Ihence south 80chains,
llieni-.! eusl80 chains, tn point of commencement and containing 040 ueres
more or less.
Dated August 3rd, 1008,
8. Commencing at a post planted
on lhe ivest.bank uf lhe norlh fork uf
Seymour River, about 24 and a half
miles above Shuswap Luke, and
maiked "Andrew Ki son's S. E. Horner," thence north 80 chains, thence
west SO ehuins, Ihence soulh 80 ehuins,
Ihence east 80 ehuins. to point ol commencement nnd conlaining 040 .ices
more or less,
Daled August 3rd, 1007.
9. Commencing at a pnst planled
ahn.lt one mile enst of lhe nnrlh folk
of Seymour River, on 11 tributary of
the sume almul 21 miles up from
Sbuswap Lake and marked "Audiew
Kitson's S.W. Collier," tbence norlh
40 cbnins, ihenee eust 100 chains,
thencesouth 40 cbnins. tbenee west
100 cbnins I.. puinl of coiumencemeiil,
aud containing 010 fines mwre nr less.
Dated Augusl Oih, 1(107.
10. C.........wingat 11 pusl plunle.I
about one mile east of the north fork
of Seyiiniiir Itiver, ou .1 tributary of
the same, about 21 miles up from
Shuswap Lake, ...id mnrked "Andrew
Kilson's N.W. Corner," thence south
40 chains, thence east 100 chains,
thenre norlh 10 chains, iheuce west
100 ehniiis in puint of commencement,
uud containing 010 ncres more or less.
Dated August 6th, 1807.
Andrew Kitson.
In tlie matter nf Lewis Eyrn Sleeves,
In the matter of the "Official Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE thut l.y older nf
His A..11..1. J. A. Forin, made the 15th
day uf August, 1007, 1 was appointed
Administrator of Lewis Eyru Sleeves,
deceased, nnd llll unities having ciniins
tiKuiiist llie suid estute are liereliy
required tu furnish name properly verb
Ibdio uie nn or before lhe 1st, day of
October, IDifi. And ..II parties Indebted
to said estate are required to pny lhe
amount of Indebtedness to me forthwith,
Olliciul Administrator.
Dnled the 27th day of Augusl, 11107.
In the matter of Willimu Thomas,
In the mutter of tbo Ollicial Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE Hint by order of
His Honor J, A. Forin made the 16th
duy of Augusl, 1007, I wus appointed
administrator of the estate of said
Willi.un Thomas, deceased, and nil
parties having claims Hguinst the said
eslnle ..... hereby required to furnish
suine piopei-iy verified to me on or
before lhe 1st. day of October, 1007.
And nil parties indebted to snid estate
nre required to pny the amount of
their indebtedness u. ine forthwith.
lull, isl Administrator.
Daledtho 27th day ol Aug, 1007.
Any person or ptT.«.,ni found culling or car.
ryltiK Ana*- tlmticroft the Gomftpllx lownsile,
without pcrmlanlon frnm the owner Hon,
Hewitt He lock, nr his a-kcnl Chief Young,
will l>' proteouled an-urilliiK io law.
Dated thia Kith day of Augi!*.., 1907.
*«d aug It 2m UKWHT BUHTOCK.
novel iok- Lund DJmrH
ni-irl'i-.i Wist Koiiiiiav,
ink- notice nmi '•\Urn-n ndrcwaol Itcvol-
Mnko, n i' ,••(•puliation I'rofpOotor, Intends to
apply ii'M-ii-i ,i nrabur lioonsos over Hie foi-
ltnviugdekcrlbed lnmls:
1. rommenciuR ul y pnit planted at tho
uorth-eoat corner ofl! L IW19. markod "Warrou
Audrews1 N W. corner," tlioueiioa-t li'J)chains,
tbeuceanulli Ju chain**, thouco wo-i 100chalna,
thouoe uurth lu clmins u> i ini of commence*
mont cootuinitigftiO acres moro or lo*;*.
2, Commonclug ui it poat planleil nt tho
north-easl corner nf T. U 90S7i marked "War-
ron Amlruwa' N.W. corner, thonce oiir-t 8»
chaius, theuco snulli su chains, Ihnnco west 80
' chaina, thonco uorth B0 chnlns to puim of com*
meucemont, coutaiuiugW0acres mnroor lo-,*-;.
i 'A. Commouciug at a poat planted out! miln
: easl of tlm Boutli*oast coruer nf T. U0657.
marked "Warreu Androws' H. W oornor,
tlionco ca-i ni chains, thenoe norlh 80 ehains,
Liionco wosl B0 chains, thonce south Bt) chains to
pointof commeuooment) containing (110acros
nn.ro or loss,
4. Commencing ul a post phinlijn it thn
-outl.-oiivt cornorof T. L. 10109, marke. 'Wurreu Andrew*-' H. W, curnor," Hmnco istSII
chains, tbenco nortli Ml chains, them-o \ st m
cliiiins. tbeuce Bouth hOchaius in pnint o torn-
moncomeut. contaiuiug i>l(1 acros muro ur     g,
i>. Comiueuciiu; ut apost planted ono ilo
eust nf tho Bautll-aasl corner of T. Ll 0.',
marked "Warrou Androws' 8. W. curi. ,
thoncu east mi chains, thenoe north 80ohn ,s,
theuoe wosl mi cl nius, tlionco soutli 80 chains to
point of com mencomont, ooutuiulngfl-lOuoros
more or loss.
'. Gommenolug at n pout pl-miml ul. the
north-east corner of T. L.lOiOD, mnrkml "Warrou Androw?*' S. W. eornor." llioucn north Nil
chains, thonco onst 80obulns,thonce mntli m
ohaius, thonce wast 80 chains to pnlnt of cm*
nii'iicoinunt, oontaiulug M0 ucros more or le-H,
7. Commeuofug nt a posl plunled one mile
east of the norlu-eait corner of T.L.IWOD, inarkod "Warreu Aud rows1 S. W.eorner,'' thoneo
east 80 chains, thenoo north si chains, theuoe
west80 chains, thouco south hi ohnlns to point
of cuininoncoiuotil, containing M0 acres moro or
8. Commeuelng 'it a post plauted nt lho
south*east eornor of T. L. WJH, markod ' Warrou Androws1 N.E, corner, thenco Bouth20
chains, thenco east 20 ohaius, thonce somh im
■Imins, thouco west 20 clmins, thencu mirth-U
ohaius, Ihouco WOSt20 chains theuce uortli 14D
ehuins. thenco oast -0 ohnins to pninl. uf oom-
 in-* u. containing i>40 ncres mure or less.
Dated July Srd, 1907.
',(.   Commonolng  at a   post  planleil   ill lho
south'West eornor of T, L. 9785, marked "Warreu Andrews' N.E, oornor," theuoo south80
chains, thonce west 80 cliains, thenco uorth 80
clmins, tlionco oast 80 ohaius tn point of com*
iiii'iii'oinoiii, ciilnim ni,- t'.lii aero- more or loss,
io. Commencing ut a post planlcd at tho
eouIh*weatcornor of T. L. 9785, markod "Warreu Androws' S. E. corner," thenco wesl HII
clmins, tliouce norlh 80 chuius, thenco oast 81)
chains, Ihouco soulh 8(1 chains tu point otcom*
inoncenioul, containing 1140 acres muru or loss.
11. Commencing at a prist plnnlod ot tho
north-west coruor of T. Ij. 'M'i, markod "War-
ran Andrews' uorth-east curuer." tlionco south
mi chnius, thence wost ill ciiains, thouco north 80
ehains, ihonce oast SO chains to pniutof com*
meneement, coutuiniug (Ul) ucros moro or less.
11 Commencing at a post plumed atthe
north-west comer nf T.L. 9785. marked "Warrou Andrews' south-east corner, theuce wesl 80
chains, Ihenco north 80 chaius, thonce east SO
chains, thence south 80 chains to point of com-
niunoemeut containing 810 aoros muru or less.
13. Comineucing at u post plautod at the
south*west corner of T. L-SS'-'H, mnrkod "Warrou Andrews' south-oust enmor," ihenco weal 80
clmins, tlieuce north Sll clmins, thenee oust 80
ehains, thenco south Su ehuins to poinl of commencement, containing till) ucros muro ur loss,
14. Commencing at a post plantod nt tho
uorth-west corner of T. L. 8823, markod "Warren Andrews' Bouth-east eornor, thonce wesl 80
ehains, theuco north SO chains, thenco oust 80
clmins, tliouce suuth SOchaius to point of commeucomout, coutaiuiug tj4u acros mure or less.
15. Commencing at a pust planted at tiio
north-enst comer of T.L. 9782. mnrkod "Warren
Andrews' south-east coruor," thonco uorth Sll
chaius, tlienco wost 8(1 chains, llienco soutli SO
clmins, thonco east 80 chnius to ixitiit of commencement, coutniuiuK '■'" ui'ros more or loss. -
Hi. Commencing ut a pust pluutod al a point
80 chains nurih of lho north-west cumor of T.L.
9192, marked 'Warren Androws' soutli-easl
cornor," thonce wesl bU chuius, thence north 80
chains, theuco east 80 chains, theuce suuth mi
clmins lo point of commencement, cuutaiiiuig
040 acres mure or less.
17. Commencing at a post planted so ohaius
north of tlio north-west cornor of Timber
Limit 8823, aud marked "Warren Andrews'
.-uuUi-c.tsi corner," thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, ihence oast 80 chains,
ihence south 80 clmins tc poiut of commencement, containing M0 acres more or less,
18. Commencing at a pust planted about 20
chains north of tho south-west corner of T, L.
7345, marked 'Warren Andrews' south-east corner," thence north 100 ciiains, thence west 40
ohaius, ihence south ItiO chains, thence east to
chains to pointof commencement, coulaiuing
(Uo acres mure or less.
19. Commencing at a post planted at (lie
souih-west coruer uf T. L> 7856, marked "Warrou Andrews' south-east coiner," thouoe west
60 chains, thonoo norlh 80 chains, ihouco oust
all ehuins, thouoe south 80 chains lu pumloi
commeuooment, containing (ihJ acres more or
20. Commenoingat n post planted at tho
south-west cunier of T. L. 7859, marked "War
ren Andrews' south-oast corner," thenco weal
80 ohains, thenoo uorlh so chains, thonco oaat
Hi chains, tliouce south 80 ehains lu puint oi
oommenoement, couiiuning i;i i acres moro or
Dated July lth, 1907.
Revelsloke Land District,
Districl of Wesi Kootenny.
Take notico that Tom Saudi, of Rev.
elstoke, H. C, timlier cruiser, intenil..
to apply for a special license to cut
limber on the follow iug described land
1 Coniiuencing at a post plunled
fimi-nnd one-halt miles smilli of Smilli
Creek nnd two miles west ul Coluinbin
River ami mnrked "Tom Sundt's south
eusl coiner posl." thenee wesl SU
ehuins, ihence north 80ehains, ihence
east 80 chains, tlieuce suuth 80 chains
to lhe point of co.uuieneeiueiit und
containing 010 acres, more or less.
2 Co .eniing nt a post plunled
loin un.l one-half miles viuilh ol'Smll h
Creek nnd Iwo miles west of Columbia
Itiver and mnrked "Tom .Sundt's mirth
eust comer posl," thence suuth 60
chains, llieuce wesl 80 chains, llienee
north SO ehuins, thenee east 80 cbnins
in the point of commencemeni and
containing 040 ueres, more or less,
3 Commencing nt a post planted
Hve nnd iine-hulf miles suiuh nf .Smith
Creek and two miles wesl. of Colunihiu
River nnd marked "Tom Sundt'a south
eusl rorner post," thence west 100
iliains, thence norlh40 cbnins, llieuce
eust 100cbnins, llienee south 40 ebains
lo the point of commencement and
containing010 aires, more or less.
4 Coinineneilig ul a post pluuted
live und one-hill! miles suuth uf Smilli
Creek und twu miles west of Oultmibia
Riverand maiked "TninBundl'enurth
cast corner post," Iheuce snulli 40
I hains, (hence west 100 ehnins, ihence
north 40 chains, tbence easl 100 cbnins
tn the puint ol commencement and
containing 010 acres, inure or less.
ii Commencing at a post plnuled
six and iine-lii.il'miles soulb of Smith
Creek and two und one-half miles west
nf Columbia Riverand marked "Tom
Sundt's south east corner pusl,"ihenc..
west 100 eliuiiis, Ihenc. -Ill -ID Chains
thenee ensl llll) ehuins, llienee soulh 40
chains lo the point of commencement
ami containing 010 acres more or less.
0 Commencing al a post planted
about six and ono-half miles south ol
Smith Creek and lwo -llnl one-half
miles west of Columbia River und
marked "Tom Siiudl's noi III east corner post," tl e   south   10 ehuins,
theme west 100 chnius, thenee norlh
10 elinins, thenee ensl 100 chains to the
poinl ofcominenceino.it und contain.
ing 040 ncres, inoreor less,
7 Coniiuencing al u post plunled
uliuut seven un.l one hull miles soulb
of Smilli Clock -mil Iwn und one-bull'
iniles wesi >of Columbia River and
marked "Tnlll S,mill's nortb eust eurner pusl." thenco soulb SO ehuins,
thence west HO cbnins, limine nurlb So
iliains,' thence enst ho chains tothe
puiui of con.me...- ent and containing MO acros more or less.
Daled Ann. 5.11)07,
sat aug HI TOMHUNDT.
Cariboo I.,-....I District,
Dlsl .-i.-i ..I* (',-..-.I......
Take notice that D. Mcintosh uf
Revelstoke, Il.C, occupation Blacksmith, inl.-...Is In apply lor spocial liin
ber licences over ll.,. following ile-
Bcribed landsi
1. Commencing ;.t u posi planted al
upper cussing of Alb.-eda River, and
innrkeil "I). Mclnlosh's 8. IS. corner,"
ihence wesi so ehnins, thence north so
eliains, thence eusl SO chains, thenee
sum li SO cbnins In puinl of e ...meuce-
menl, containing 010 acres ...ore or
2. Oommenclng at a pnst planted
alongside II. Sawyer's Mo. 2 posi, und
marked "I). Mcintosh's S. K. corner,"
thenci. west, 100 cbnins, I bene., nortl.
40 chains, tlience ensl IHO ebains,
llieuce snulli 40 ebains to point ol
commencement) contaiuiug HID acrei
inoreor less.
8, Commencing nl n posl planted
at lower crossing of Albredn River,
marked "D, Mcintosh's X. I'l. eorner,"
thenco south llll! ehuins, lb.'nee west
III ehnins, Iheuce north IIIU ehnins,
ihenee ensi, pi chains lo place uf commencement, containing Oil) acres inure
or less,
Dnled August ulh, 11107..
Commencing ul a pusl planled
at mouth of All.i.-.la lliver. marked
I). .Mclnlosh's N. H. corner." tbeuce
west 80 chains, ihence south 80 chains,
tbence ensl SU ehnins, llienco nurth SI)
chains, tu poiul of commencement,
..'......'.iiiini! Oil) ncres moro ur less,
Daled August Oth, 1007,
.'.. Commencing nl n post plnnted
2} miles above Appe.-.-ill camp, marked
"D, .Mcintosh's S. K. corner," thence
west lu chuius, lhenee oil I. IIII) chains,
thence east III cbnins, tbence suulh 100
chuius (1. point of commencement,
containing 010 acres more or less,
(I, Commencing nl it posl planted
alongside No. ii, murked "I). .Mclnlosh's N. 15, corner," thenci. west 40
ehaiiis, Ihence soutli IHU chiiius, theuce
east 40 chains, tlience north ltio ehuins
tu point uf commencement, containing
Hill ueres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted
one-hull mile above Apperall cninp,
niarked "D. Mclnlosh's S. W. eorner,"
thence east 10 chains, Ihence nurth 100
ehnins, tlience west 10 eliains, thence
south ioo ehuins topoint of commencement, conl.lining Ull) acres more or
Dated August 2nd, 10U7.
8. Commencing nt a post plnuled
one-half mile south of Apperall camp,
marked"!). Mclnlosh's .N.K, corner,"
llienee west SU ehuins, thencu soulh SI)
ehuins, lhii.ice eusl SO chuina, Ihence
in 1 rLh SO ehnins lu point of commencement, containing 010 aores more or
0. Commencing at 11 post planted
alongside Nu, S, markeil "D, Mcintosh's S. 15. corner," tbence west 80
chains, tbeuce north SOchaius, thence
easl SO chuius, Ihence soulh SU cbnins
in poini of commencement, containing
040ueres inoreor less.
Duied August Isl, 11)07.
10. Coinineneilig nl n pnst plunLcd
acruss river from Apperall camp, and
marked "D, Mcintosh's N.W. eornor,"
ibeuce easlSU chains, thence soulh SO
clmins, thencu west SI) chains, thence
norlli SU cbnins lo point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or
Dated August 0th, 1007.
0. Commencing at a post planted
alongside No. 10, marked "D. Mcintosh's S.W. corner," thence eust 80
chains, tbence north 80 chaius, thence
west SO cbaius, tbence suuth SO chnius
10 pointof com meneement, containing
040 acres more or less,
12. Oommenclng at a post planted
une-hull mile beiow Roue Creek on
wosl bunk of Thompson Kiver, iniiik-
oil -ii. Mcintosh's S. 15. corner,"
tlieuce nonh SO elinins, Ihence west SO
chuius, thence soulli SO cliains, tlieuce
east So cluiius tu point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or
Dnted August 1st, 1007.
13. Comineucing at a post plunled
at moulh ol Uoue Oreek, marked "IJ.
Mcintosh's X. VV. corner," ihence
souih III ehnins, llionce eusl Hi I chains,
Ihence north -IU chuius, tlieuce w.sl
100 elinins lu puinl uf coinim.,,. ment,
conlaining iilu acres inure or loss.
Dated August 7l.li, 1007.
14. Coinnieiiciiig at 11 post planted
alongside uf S. McMahon's No. 4 post,
marked "D, Mclutush's N.15, corner,"
tbence west 1H0 chains, tlienci. south
40 chains, thence east 100 chains,
llienee norlh 40 chni,is lu poiul ol
commencement, containing Oio acres
more or less,
Duted August 1st, 1007.
15. Cominonoing at a pust planted
2" miles lielow Hell Homing Oreek,
marked "D, Mclnlosh's S.W. corner,"
Ihence east SU chains, tlience north Sl)
ciniins, llieuce west SU ehnins, Ihence
soulli SU chains to pnint of commencement, containing 010 ueres more or
Dated August 7th, 1007,
10. Commenolng ... a post plunled
uf upper end ot Meadow, uud uuirked
"D, Mcintosh's H, li. corner," thence
west SO cliains, Ihence uorlh SOchaius,
llieuce nasi SU chains, theuce south SU
chains to point of coiumencoment,
cuntaiuing OIU acres mure or less.
17 Commencing at a poal planted
alongside of No. Ill, ami ....irked "ll,
Mcintosh's N.li. coruer," iheuce soulli
SO ehaiiis, thenoe west SO ehuins,
thenoe nortli M) chains, thonoo east so
chrltiB lo point of commencement,
coutalnlug Old ueres moro or less,
18, Commenoingat a posl planted
buck of Meado.V, anil marked "I),
Mcintosh's S. li. corner," lliioici. wesl
SO chains, thenoo 1*. -.h SO chains,
llieuce east HO ehuins, .hence soutli SO
ehuins in point, of oummencomont,
containing 040 acres more or less,
10. Oommenclng at a pust pluuted
one milo south of No, 18, marked "D,
Mcliilush's N.I5. corner," thonce south
si) ohains, tbence west so ohalna,
lhcnco nortli SO ehnins, thenoe eusl SO
chuius to point of in ..nun inc. 'in enl,
containing OIO acres more or less.
2'l.   Con.nn iiriii-.' ul n i n-i |-l -.1
;ii-i.i-s river finni (loose i .nn;.. und
..linked "II. Mcintosh's S.W.curuer,
lhe ■ easi 80 chains, tbenee north sn
cbnins, Ilu nee wesl HO cliains. Ihen. ■
soulh HO.-hains In point of commence-
ment, containing OIO acres more or
Dated Augusl 7th, 1007.
21, Commencing al a pnsl planted
alongside of No. 2*1. marked "D. »'•-
lm.wli's N.W. corner," thence east 80
chains, Uience south HU chains, ihence
wesl SO .-hains, thenc.. north HO chains
lu point of commencement, containing
040 acres more or less.
2.".. Coinineneilig at a post planted
2 miles suulh of No, 21, niaiked "D.
Mcintosh's N. Mi. .'orner," Ihenee oust
so i'linins, tbence s.u.lh so chuius,
Ihenc. wesl SU chains, tlience norlh .SO
ehnins to poini of commencement,
eoutiiining 010 acres mote or less.
Dated August 7th, 1007.
20. Commencing at a posl nlanted
lOchains frnm month of liig Slough.
marked "D. Mcintosh's S. li. corner,"
thonco wesl SO ehuins, thence norl I. 80
ehnins, ihence eusl SO chains, thenci.
.nil. sii ehnins to poinl of commencement,   contaiuiug mo acres more ...
Dated Jiily-20th, 1007,
wed aug 21 ' I). McINTOSH,
_h. Oomiiietiolngat a poat planted
alongside of No. in, uiarked "D, Mc<
Inlosli's 8. IS. cornm'j" Ihence west 80
till nine, thonco mn Ji Hi) clmins, Llienee
i-ast 8)chains, tbenco smith Hi) ehuins
topoint ol' commencement- contain
Ing 040 acres tuot'o oHcsti,
Daled July 80th, 1007.
21. Commencing at a post planted
:.;, iiiiles below Hint' River, on (>ohi
imnk oi Thompson Biver, marked "I>.
.McIiHuhIi's s. \V. corner." tlienco east
HI) chains,  thfttica  north  HO chains,
hence wesl 80 chains, llnmee south Hi)
chains  to  puinl nf OOUlUiOUOemotlt,
lonlulnlng n'o ncres moro or less.
tl Commencing ui a post planted
alongside of No, 21, inarked "I), Mo*
liiinsh'sN.W.corner," tbenoe cast ho
chains, thenoo BOUth80ollltlns, Ihence
west Wl ehuins, thenco mntli H0 ch-iins
Revelstoke Land District,
DisirU-t of West Kootenay.
Take notice thai Hugh McLean,
RevclstukC) H.C, occupation Prospector)
intends lo apply for special limber licences
over lhe following described laiuls:
1, Commencing at a post planted a
north-west corner t'i T. I.. 9251,
ifil "llugli McLean's norlh-easl cor
' tiience west Ho cliains, ihence south
lains, thenca easl Ho iliains, thence
norlh Ho chainslo poini of commencemeni
conlaining '140 acres more or less.
2, Commencingat a posl planted 2)
miles wesl ol Columbia River and 21.
miles soulh ol Smith Creek, and marked
"Iiniii McLean's north-easl coiner posl,'
llienee south Ho chains, ihence wesl Ho
chains, Uience north Ho chains, thenc
easl Ho chains to point of conimencemen
containing G40 acres more or less.
3, Commencingat a post planleil 3^
mill's wesl of Columbia River and 3^
miles south of Smith Creek and niaiked
"Hugh McLean's north-easl corner post,'
|rihence south Ho chains, thence wesl Hc
chains, ihence norlh Ho chains, ihence east
Ho chains lo point of commencement, c
mining 640 acres more or less,
4, Commencing al a  post   planted 4
miles wesl   of Columbia   River and 4'
miles south of Smith Creek, and markt
'•Hugh McLean's north-east corner posl
llienee soulh Ho  cliains, Uience wesl Ho
cliains,  thence   norlh   Ho chains, thenct
easl Ho cliains to poinl ol commencement;
containing (140 acres more or less,
5, Commencing at a post planled 4
miles wesl of Columbia River, and 7 miles
soulh of the mouth of Smith Creek, and
marked "Hugh McLean's north-east cor
ner post," tlience sonth Ho chains, thence
west Ho cliains, thence north 80 chains
Uience east Ho chains to point of com
meneement, conlaining (140 acres more or
6, Commencing at a posi planted 4
miles wesl of Columhia River ,i.ni\ 7 mile
south of lhe moulh of Smith Creek an
niarked "Hugh McLean's norlh-easl corner post," Ihence soulh Ho chains, thence
wesl 80 chains, ihence north 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chains lo point of commencement, conlaining 640 acres more or
7, Commencing at a post planted 2}2
miles west of Columbia Riverand . miles
norlh of Forty-nine Creek, and marked
"Hugh McLean's north-east cornerpost,'
thenee south Ho chains, theuce west Ho
chains, thence north Ho chains, thence
eesl Ho cliains to point of commencement,
conlaining (140 acres more or less.
8, Commeneing at a post planted 3$
miles west of Columbia Riverand 2 miles
north of Forty-nine Creek, and marked
"lluj;!! McLean's north-easl corner posl,"
llienee south Ho chains, thence west Ho
chitins, tlience north Ho chains, tlience
easi Ho chains to point of commencement,
conlaining 640 acres more or less,
ij. Commencing at a posi planled on
lhe noith bank of Forty-nine Creek, 5
miles wesl of Columbia River, and market
"Hugh McLean's south-east corner post,
thence norlh 80 chaius, ihence wesl Ho
chiiius, llienee soulh Ho chains, Uience
east Ho chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
Daled Julv 6th, 11)07.
10. Commencing at a post planleil on
the norili bank ol Forty-nine Creek, 5
niilea wesi of Columbia River, nnd marked
''Hugh McLean's norlh-easl cornerpost,'
thence lioulh Ho chains, thenee west Ho
chains, llieuce uorlh Ho chains, ihence
easi 80 chains lo point ol commencemeni,
conlaining (140 acres more or less,
11. Commencing at a posi planted \
mile norlli of I;ortv-nine Creek, b miles
west ot Columbia River, and marked
"Hugh McLean's soulh-east comer posl,
Ihence norlh Ho chains, theuce wesl Ho
chains, Iheuce soulh Ho chaius, ihence
easi Ho chaius to point ot commencement,
Containing (140 acres more or less,
ij. Commencing at a post planted)
mile norlh of Koity-nine Creek, b miles
wesi of Columbia River, aud marked
"Iiniii McLean's north easl corner post,
thence south So chains, Uience wesi Ho
chains, ihence north Ho e'-.ams, Uience
easl Ho chains to poinl of commencement,
Containing (140 acres more or less.
13. Commencing at apost planted 4
miles WOSl ol Columbia Riverand :J miles
soulh ol Smitli Creek, and marked "Hugh
McLean's souili-east comer post," llienee
norlh Ho chains, ihence West 80 chains,
Uience suulh Ho iliains, thenee east Ho
chains tO point of commencement, containing 640 acres more 01 less.
14. Commencing at a poM planted ,vi
miles wesi of Columbia River and t\ miles
SOUth ot Smith Creek, and marked "Hugh
McLean's north-east corner post," thence
south So chains, tlience wesl Ho chains,
thence uorlh Ho chains, thence east 80
chains in poiul oj commencement, conlaining 640 acres more or less.
15. Commeueiug at a posl planted 5
miles west from Columbia River and z\
miles south of Smith Creek, and marked
"Hugh McLean's south-east corner |Wsl.
thence uorlh Ho chains, thence west Ho
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
easl 80 cliiiins lo point ot commencemeni,
Containing O40acres mote or less.
Hi. Commencing at a post planted 4*|
miles wesl of Columbia Riverand :$ miles
south ol Smith Creek, and marked "Hugh
McLean's north-easl corner post," Uience
wesl Ho chains, Uience soulh Ho chdins,
thence easl Ho chains, thence north Ho
chains lo poinl of commencement, containing 640 acres more or Ies-.,
haicd July 7th, 1907.
sat aug .1 HUGH McLEAN.
■  ■   " I..ml nuttict,
i .       *   ■ ■.', ■■-' Ko iei .;
Taki no -"■    ili il    tt wren    -. ■' •-■-■ -   of
llevi    oke. BC, Prosp clor, i . ply
:■ 1- .1     ntcr Hi Bit* - ovei tb<  I... iwjuii
ed -. ■!-:
1. 1 omineti Ing nl a owl nlanied mi north
"'-' ■ IT. 1.. aw, ind marked ' W \«
draws N, w corner," Uience BastSfleliaiin,
tnence -■ itli BO chainB, thencowefl 8 ■ ■ ■ iu,
tbenco norlh cl tin* lo point of commence*
mont, contaluti gUI 1 ncn - more or loan'
2. Commencing al n ■■ •■ [.Unled ,u the
south-east cornerol 1 1. :<.,.<. md marked "W,
\t,.in-*,-,--> IV.con ... i-at.t sui baiim,
thence north 80 chains thenoe went 80 chain*,
thenee soutb 80 ohalna to point ot coinmencement, containing MO aerea more or less
3. Commencing m a post planted at the
Bouth-east cornerof T.L Tsne. and marked "W.
Andrews' B.W. oorner" thence north Bu 1 haina,
tbence east s> chains, thence south 80 chalna,
theace weat ffl chains to pointol commencement, containing M0acrei more ur leas.
1 Commencing at a poi planted at the
BOUth-oast cornerol T.L. ftD7, and marked "W,
Andrews' S.W. corner," thonco oaat to chalna,
ihence nonh So chains, thence* westd chains,
tlienee souih BO chsins to [mini of coinn.i-nce-
ntent, containing Wi acres more or Ies.-.
5, Oommenclng at a port planted at tho
-iiuih **ii-t corner of T.L. 7808, nnd markeil "W .
Andrewa' B.W. corner," tbenoe caat SO cbaina,
tlience north *n cbsuM, thenoe weat 80 obaina,
Ihence south vi chain** to puint uf to in men cement, containing 010 aerea more "r le--.
il. Commencing at a post planted at tho
south-coat corner of T.L, face, ami marked "W,
Andrewa 8, W, oorner," thenee east 80 ohalna,
thenco north B0 chaina, thence wesl 80 ohaina,
thence-outli BO ohaina to polut of 00m cnee-
niont, containing 010 acroa moro or lesa
',. Commoncing al ;i posl planted at the
iouth-east corner of T.l* 7810* and marked "Vi,,
I Anilnii-' 8.W. corner, thouce eaat sucliaiim
thenco north 80 chaina, thence weatSOchalns,
thenca iouth BO chaina to point of commence*
ment, conlaining Olo acred more ur less,
Dated June 88th, l ■'..
8. Commencing nt a po-t planted 80 chains
oaat uf Boutli-ooal corner oi T. L. 7810, and
marked "\V. Andrew- N.W. comer," tlience
ea-t 80 chains, ihenco aouth 80 ohoiua, tbence
woat 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains to puint
of commencement, containing WO acres more or
0, Commencing at a poat planted 80 ehalna
easl m south<easl curuer ol T. L. 7*011, and
marked "W. Androws noruVwost corner,"
Lhcnco eaat I0i chains, thence south 40 ohnlns,
tbenco wost IU)chalna, thenc nurih in cbaina 10
poim uf commeneet, i^i aerea mure or loss.
in, Commonclng at apost plantod 80 ohalna
easl "i north-east oorner of i. L.7807, and
marked "W.Andrews1 8.W.corner, thence
oaat 100 chiina, thenco norlh W chains, thonoo
weat 1i>j chains, thence kuiilIi yi ohalna to
puint uf commencement, oontaining M'j acroa
mure or le-.-.
11. Commencing at a po-t planted 80 chalas
east uf north-east cornor of T.L 7607,and
marked "VV. Andrews' N.W, corner," thenca
east IM clmins, thence south in clmins, thonce
west 100 obaina, ihence uonh lu chains to point
of commencement, oontaining ton aores mora
or loss.
12. Commencingal a post planted 80 ohaina
eaat of south-east cumer of T, L. 7807, and
marked "W, Audrews'8. W. corner," thenre
east n't* chains, ihenee north l ctiaii-s, tlieuce
west lOOchains, Uience aoulh in chains lo point
of commenced lent, containing tilu acie*^ mors
or lew,
li, Commencing ai a post planted 8Qchalna
east of north-east corner uf T. L. 7Wi, mul
marked l,W. Andrews' N.W. corner,'' thenca eaat
ISO chaina, tbence aoutb luclia.ni. thenca treat uio
chalna, thence nnrth in cliains tu place of com-
nteneeioent, containing oiu aerea mora ur leaa,
u. Coninencing at & pust planted SO chalna
east uf siMUi-eiiat cornerof I'l. 7808, and ui_rke<l
"W. Andrewa' 8. W. corner," thence eaat ISO
cbaina, tlu-nce nurth iu cliauns, tlieiii-t* ue.-.' Itn
chalna, thence aouth 40 clmins to pointof com-
meneement, containing 840 acroa mure or less.
Dated June fifth, 1907.
aat aug :i ffABBEN ANDBBWS.
mw ri || r   du you send your
Yk] H Y   Job Printing oul
* f 1.1 I    of town when you
can get it done in
youi' own town just as easy?
Hevelslokc Und District.
District of West Kootenny.
Take notice that Hugh   McLean of Her-
elstoke, B.C, Prospector, Intends to apply for
special timber licenses o^'nf the following do-
scribed laude;
l. Cummencing at a post planted lwo mllea
uortli oi Uijj Muuth Cree'k and three milt.-* east of
Columbia Kiver markeil "Hugh MeLeaii'a ». W.
corner poat." thenco nortb B0 chains, tbence eoitt
su ehains, ihence -iouth 90 cliains, thenca west SO
chains to point of commencement, containing M0
acres more or les-j.
s, Commencingat a poat planted on the nortn
bank of a small oreok fuur mllea nortb of Hig
Mouth Creek, and two miles east ol Columbia
Biter, marked''Hugh MeLean's 8.W, corner post.,"
thence north Su chalas, thenee «*st BOcualna,
thenee suuth 50 chain*., tbence weel80 chains to
pmnt of entuii.eui.etiieiit, containing GU> acres
moreor less,
3. Commencing at a poll planted 80 chains
east of aouUi-eoal corner of T. L- sti, marked
"Hugh McLean'aS. w corner post," thenco nuith
80 cbaina, ihenee east go chaina thenee uouth si
chains, tbence weat sj chains tb point of com*
meiiiiimeni, containing WO ocree more or less.
4. Comnenctas at a post planted 5 miles north
uf Big Muuth Creek and two milea eaat of Cob
umbia Bi*rar, marked ' Hugh McLean'a rs, W,
corner posts' tbence nurth no chains, tlienee ea.*a
B0 chalna, ihence aoutb BO chains, thence we-nm
iliains to point of commencement, oontalrlng wo
acre-mure ur leaa,
5. Commencing at a post two miles east ol
Columbia Kiver ami 0 miles u<>rtu ul Big
Moulu Creek, marke.t -Hugh McLean's 8. w.
corner posl," thence nortb si chaius, iheuce
eaat80 chalna, ihenej souih 80 chains, thenco
west80 chains tu puiut of eummeuccment, conlaining olu acroa moro or less.
0. Commencing at a post planted atoutti
miles uurth ul ttlg Moutn Creek and s mllea
east ol oiiiuiiia Klrer, marked "Hugh Mc-
can's S. ft', comer post," tnence Uurth at)
Cbaina, tbence east au chaini, Uience smith si)
Cbalni, thonco west 80 .-hains to puint ul commencement, roul-UD.ng Olu acres mure or less,
7. cummeiii.ug at a. post planted3miles
ea.-t of rulumbia Kiver and 0 miles uorlh of
lllg   Mouth  Creek,  marked "Hugo McLean's
8. W. corner post," thence north Ju chains,
thenee coal SO ehalna, thence sunlli so ehains,
tbence west 80 chains topoint ol commeuce*
ment, COOUdulng t'lu **.:«.■ mure or less.
8. Commeueiug ai a posi planled 3 miles
eaitol Columbia Kner'aiull miles uorth ol
Big Moutb Creek, marked "Hugh McLean's8,
IV. corner poii,"thence north wciiains, iheuce
east >u chains, tbonco tuuth ao ohalna, ihence
west bo chains tu puiut ot commencement,
containing t»iu acroa mure or less.
a. Commencing ai a j-ost planted 8 miles
ea-t ol Columbia Kiver and* mile.-north ol
liig Muuth ( reek, marked "Hugh McLean's!),
tt, coruer poit," ihence nortb so cnains,
tbeuefl east ou ehains, theuce BOUth fi chains
tbence west &u chain*. 10 point of commeuce-
meut, cuntaining otu acres mure or less
'J. Commeueiug at a post planleil miles
nortb oi liig Mouth Creok and 8 miles east o,
Culumbia Hlver, markcl "Hugh >lclean's N.
w. curuer post/' ihenoe east 80obaina, thence
iouth 80 chains, tbence west su chain-, thenco
uortb B0 chilni to poinl of commencement,
C'UtHiuing i-to acre* uioie or less,
lu, commeneing at a post planted 2 milea
nurth ol Dig Moulh t reek and i miles easi ol
Columbia liner, marked 'Hugh McLean's
_. W, eorner poal," thuncu north bo chains,
thenee east M> chains, tiielicc souih ts) ehalus,
hence weal mi ebains 10 point uicummvucc'
inenti conlaining HO acros mure or less,
1], Commeuelng at a pott planted at the
north-easl corner ol T.L. 1688. marked -Hug.
Mouian'a ■•*. K, comer noil, tbenee north60
chains, thonce wesi bu chains, thenes m»ui„ ni
balm, thenoe eul w ehains to point oleum-
menoement, cuntaining olu acres mure or lesa.
ii. Communcing at a post planted at the
nm ih east corner of T. 1* 7m. marked "Hugo
McLean's 8, W. corner pu»i," theuce north n'
chains, thenci eail bu cuilni, thonoo iouth 80
chains* thinoe west Mobiles to pointol com-
mi'Ui emeiit, -containing bl" acres inure or Ilti,
lo, Commencing at a poll plauicl al lhe
uurth-easi corner of T, I. 7608, marked -Hugh
McLeau's N.W. corair," thenee cist bU chains
theme suulh eo eliains, lhcuce nest s- hains,
thence north 80 chaini to puim ul commence-
ment containing olu anres more or luss,
It   Comineucing at a podl planted one mile
ea>it ol the uuru-casi coruer ol T. _. n*jl>.
marked ■ Hugh McU-an's 8, Vi. eurner pust,1'
ibeuce out bu ihalns, tbence north 80 ehalna,
ihence wosl BO ohalna, thencesouth w chains
1 1 elm ol commeucuuieni, coutaiuiug HU
ins moreor leas,
16, commencing at a pom planted . miles
easl ol lhc tiurili-ea«i cumer ol T. L.-joOS,
marked "Hugh McLean's ii. w, eoruer wit,"
tbince cost &u chain*, ihtuce north So ehalus,
thenee Heatsu chains, thence south w chaiua
iu puiut of oommenoement, coutaiuiug ow
acres more or less,
16, Comtnauting at a poil planted one mils
n«rth ol the norlh-easl eoruer ol T, 1.. 76SJJ.
marked "Hugh McLean's 6. E, comer posl,"
1 heui c noftb iw ciiains, ibeuce wealtu ehalna,
ihence south lw chains, thenci eaat W ehalm
puint of commencement, contaiuiug Gin
ncres more "t ion,
Commencing nt a pi*; planted ona mile
nurih ol Ihe norlb-eaat eorner ot T.L. 73_»,
marked "Hugh JcLeau'i^.tt', eorner," theuco
nurth w chains, thuuee east bO chains, theuce
sou Hi SO chains, llieuce west mj chains to point
ul commencement, containing d ucrea more
Dated July 1st, 1907,  '
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Misses Coats
Don't buy your New Fall Coat wilhoul
first looking over the lines we are showing.
ladies'and Misses'
Qolf glouses
These are new  and direct  from  the
makers,   |usl right for this weather.
$oys Knick Pants
Good Hard Weaves  jusl the thing for
school pants.
Soys' School
We will guarantee our Hoys' Special
School Shoe. Try a pair of these for your
Boys—we know they will give good satisfaction.
Men's Suits
Men's and S°ys Sweaters
We have put in stock lhe largest and
best assorted slock botli in styles and prices
ever offered by us in the above lines.
i|it|ii|niii|it|i iMntnHnM
I      WHY?       I
*r V.in should leave youi1 Pre- 1
9 scription with us 9
9     BECAUSE     f
ty We n- the Purest of Drugs ty
A nnd Chemicals a
|     BECAUSE     I
7 Every Prescription is checked 1
ty before ii goes oul 9
9     BECAUSE    f
ty ii... |jrici'S are l-easonable and ty
X wm will deliver your prescrip- ty
9 lionifyoi.wis1.it. *T
| Canada Drug & Book do, J
ty i|i i|i i|i i|i t|i i|i i$i >$i 9 ti 9 9
Only a glance al our stock
..I* Groceries will encourage
ynu tu try them.
A trial will convince v..it
they are tho purest und best
on the market, 'fry uur
j Hobson' & Bell j
I Grocers, Bakers & Couleotioners ■
. •
Saturday, Sept. 7th, for 24 hours,
—Fair, cloudy, probable showers,
light and moderate, south-westerly
win.lt.   Temp, max., 7*2; min., -19.
Local and General.
WANTS! —Ten laborers—Bowman
Lumber Cu's. Mills.
R. H. Trueman will be at his studio
till Monday evening.
R Smith, P.L.S., has exchanged
offices with H. N*. Coursier on McKenzie Avenue.
To-morrow (Sunday) will be celebrated l.y all Jews as lhe beginning ol
the New Year 51108.
Applications for catering and refreshment privileges on the race track
lor Sept. 12-13 must be forwarded at-
ouce M A. Y. Anderson, Sec.etary.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of Knox
Church wish to thank the Independent Band who BO kindly lent their
valuable services at the garden party
last nielit.
We have pleasure in announcing
that the dressmaking department will
be opened next week by au experienced
dressmaker t'r...iii the East, who comes
higl.lv recommended. McLennan 4
A demand for a new wage schedule
and an eight hour day has been made
by several thousand mechanics em
ployed in ihe shops ol the C, P. R. on
western lines irom Vancouver to Winnipeg. Tl.e principal Hades affected
are the machinists, blacksmiths and
car repairmen,
A luccesstul garden party was held
last night by the Ladies' Auxiliary til
Knox chu-cii on Mrs. Kincaid1! lawn.
The garden had l.een tastefully decur
ated lor .lie occasion with dags and
bunting, while electric lamps were
strung across the lawn giving a
picturesque effect. The ladies were
kept busy dispensing refreshments to
the visitors who, in spite ol lhe chilly
night air, turned out in numbers,
The Independent Hand were in good
lorm ami gave an excellent programme
ol music.
Tbe Revelstoke Football Club has
bad . Ibort i lit v. ry successful season
and has tii "su gov't promise ol even
b. tt,-i V. .rk than they have done
hitherto. In thc three mstel.es
played the team won out, the opposing
.-iile- icoi i g no goali Field, 1-0]
Nakusp,  .'.-ii    Kamloops, 3.0.   The
c. i.l.in.iii in play is very encouraging,
It is proposed that it lho members ol
the club hold together to take tho
team to the Coast next season and
endeavor to bring tlie ohainpi. nship
of the province as woll ub that of tlie
Inlcrior, which has already been won,
to Revelstoke.
Lust Saturday night the Woodmen
ot the World held a special meeting to
welcome the members of Camp Arrow
head, who were paying the local camp
t. Iratrmal visit. At 8:30 the camp
opened in regular (urm und one candi-
dute wus initiated, after whicli three
new ollicers, Sov. J. Mclntyre, clerk,
Sov. G. F. Curtis, M. D, physician,
and Saw R. E. BenBon, Bentry, were
installed. At the conclusion of these
ceremonies the members and visitors
went to the Savoy tea rooms and sat
down to a good supper, interspersed
with music, songs and witty speeches
from visitors and hosts. All present
expressed themselves pleased with the
enjoyable evening spent.
Social and Personal
J. D. Sibbald leaves next week lor
the east.
A. Le Feuux bus returned Irom a
trip lo England.
.Miss White, of the hospital staff,
bus returned from the coast.
The Very Rev, Dean Paget lelt on
Thursday night Inr Calgary,
Mrs. Corley and Miss Corley have
returned from an extended visit to
the Britisli Isles.
Mr. and Mrs. F. \V. Aylmer have
taken the new residence just coin
pleted by J, P. Kennedy, nn Second
Street, west.
A very enjoyable dunce and 8i.ci.ii
evening was given by Mrs. C Holten
at her residence on Thursday night,
the young people being the guests
The Independent Bund played excellent dance music.
To Buy n Houkb,
. To Kent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
. Lands.
Kincdid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Special.
Ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, beets,
carr.as an.l celery, at C B, 11 inn
A Co'l,
A new lot of Souvenira ol Revelstoke
opened up at the Canada Drug
Come m and see them.
Revelitoke Cigars Union Made Our
Special. The Union, and Marcn Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
See our corner window lor all km.Is
of breaklaat foods, at C, B, Hume
A Co's.
Sp.ii.ge» for washing windows and
cleaning carriages only 26 cts. for a
big sponge at the Canada Drug Btore,
I   Vol, Carlyle      Sin.....
.; Vol, Huskin     15.00
10 Vol. Hiiro	
, Vol, Macaulay's Essays.
1 Vol, M.ii-iiiiiiv ■ Essays
i  \   . Geo. Elliotl	
(Hall sheep)
. 1.00
W. BEWS.Pt.,
Druggist and Stationer.
Nexl Iliiiin' Block,
Caiiiiii.ii:.—Itev. Father It. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sunday
at iln- (..Bowing hours; 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Vns..
and Serm.ui. 2 p.m, Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday Hchool; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
instruction ami Benediction,
Sl. PtSTEn'rl Am.1,1. .*,— Rev. 0. A.
Proeunier,     rector.     Trimly     X V.
Holy communion at h a m.; and after
matins at 11 a. m , and evensong
7.30 p in. Sunday lohool, 2 30 p.....
This is tho olghth anniversary ol the
recti.r's incumbency, General outlines of past an.l future wnrk will be
dwell upon.
Si ANDREW'S I'lii-isiiviKiiiAX—Rev.
[ W. (!. Oalder, panlor, Sorvioos 11 a.m.
7:30 p in , Sunday Hchool ami Pastor's
Bible Class, 2.30 p.m.    Morning sub
ject; " A Gracious Trinity." Evening
subject : " A Look that Pays.*'
Young People's Meeting Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
at 8 p.m. Choir Practice and Teacher's meeting on Friday at 8 p,m.
Methodist—Class meeting at 10:30
sharp. Public service at 11 a. 111.
Sunday school und Bible Class at 2:31)
p, 111. Evening service at 7:30. Morn
ing subject: " Christ's Anxiety to
Complete llis Work Belore Hi-
Death " Evening subject: " Job's
Deliverance, Exaltation, Honor and
End1' All welc.n.e, Come early;
service sharp on time.
Kxox Pkksiivti mm—.'. K. Robert-
sun, B. I'.. minister, The usual ser-
vices at 11 a.in. and 7:30 p.m. At the
nn rn.ng service Rev, Mr. Romig will
preach on the subject; " The -j ver.
eignty ol Jesus Christ." S 1. .1 ij
school and Bible Class at 2 30 p m,
Evening Fervice, subject : "Lite r .
Look." Good music, Invocation
Anthem by choir "Ou. Father,' Organ
Offertory in A lal y Edward M.
Read, Disn -.1 inthen low D iwn
Thine Ear."
Leader of Opposition will Speak
in Vancouver,
: -    ...   -'•[,',    •'■ — il  -m   K.    I..
Borden 1 itinerary lor W ester.
contemplates    that    :.-    sha      esvi
Toronto on Sept. 11  inr the   Psc
coasl m a tour 1   1 ••      ring him in
. s    the
-. itlve party He « - * every large
centreon ti... way west He •> I -;--
one day in Winnipeg srriv ng in V in
00 .mt t, Satui : - ning Bepi 21
II.- ..ill speak in Vancouver on -• pi
21, in Vii.tun. .,.1 Bept,   26,   in   New
Westminster on Bepi   26, K -
-.ii Sept 27, Mellon on 3epl ."- Orand
Forks -.ii  Sept, 80, Cranbrook   on
Oct. 1 Lethbridge on  - ictohi r .
ail.-r.i 1   M .oil  m ,      ening - !
the -fii...- duy. Medicine Hal nn' iclob-
er:!    i'-i -r     Oo     - ■   I    Red   1 1
October   ".   W ntn .awin  Octohe
Edmonton 1 ictober il Vermillion October In Prince  Albert  Ool ib.    I
Saskatoon, October 11, Regii
Di, In.l.aiil.eud October I", M       lai.
October 18 and Welburn on October
"One of tlm topics nl conversation
in town today i» the lecture giv,... nl
tbo Baptist church lait evening by
Evangelist J, A, I.. Romig on 'Honolulu the, Paradise ol tbe Pacific' The
hug., auditorium ol the ohuroh was
filled to the full capacity, and all
listened with hated breath to eatoh
the wnrdH n[ the speaker as he gave a
description ..(life and conditions on
the Island,"— I'rnphi.;, Portage la
Prairie, Man.
This lecture will be given "ll Monday night, Hept. Uth.
Successful 'At Home'   Presentation of Shooting Prizes.
On Thursday night llm ollioera, uon
commissioned oltlceis and n.on .-( Nn
5 Company lt. M R. were "at homo,"
when a dance was ci.'-n to their
friends, lliu occasion bei.it tlie pre?
citation (.1 prizes w in at Ibe nil
tmmpetitii.il hold on Labor Day, The
drill hull had been lustelullydecorated
.villi llaiia and limiting, while all
n.uiid the walls were displays ol arms
and accoutrements, the scheme of
decoration being well carried out
Proceedings commenced at I) o'clock
und a largo number of dancers took
the floor, which was in excellent condition, music being Buppliid by Mr
Voith, Alter a few dances bud been
called, Capt, II. A. Brown s|oke a few
words in connection with the rille
shooting, thanking those who had donated prizes nnd asking that every
enoourageme.it should he given to the
militia company who had done much
1,0 dosorve it (cheers), Mrs, II. A
Brown then distributed the many
handsome prizes to tlie successful
sbnta. Allcr this interesting cercninuy
dancing waB resumed, an Interval being called while refreshments wen
handed round, tlie members nl No I
doing Iheir duties in an able manner
The affair has been successfully popular in town, tlie guest, spending a
guud evening's pleasure
The lollowing are the prize winners
in 1 lie several events:
200 yards—First class shotB, Corp
Vonal.les I, Pte. Mulhollnnd 2, Sergt
Shardlow 3; second class shots, Pie
Bennison 1, Hergt. Davidson 2, Ptc.
Pte. Mclnei-ny 3; third class shots,
Pte. Pa-kins 1, Pte. Linden 2, Pte,
Milne 3
500 yards—?.rat class shuts, Sergt.
Shardlow 1, Pte. Page 2, Pte, Mulhol-
lund 3; second class shots, Pte, Bonni
son 1, Ptc. Mclnerney 2 Sergi. Davidson 3; third clnss shuts, Pte. Leslie 1,
Pte, Linden 2, Pte. Wr.od 3.
000 yards—First clnss Bhots, Pte.
Page 1, Capt. R. Smilli 2, Pte. Mulhollnnd 3; second class Bhots, Pte.
Bennison l, Pte. Mclnerney 2, Pic
Savident 3; third class shots, I't*. Linden 1, Pte Wood 2, Pte. Leslie 3.
Non-commissioned Officers prize,
200 yard-, off-hand shooting—Sergt.
Major Wheeler 1, Sergt. Hawkins 2,
Corp. Veiiiibles 3.
Disappearing target, all classes, 200
yards—Hergt Donald 1, Corp. Hall 2,
Pte, Page 3, Hergt. Shardlow 4.
The |2 bill prize—The bill was placed
on the target and prizes went to those
who Bhot nearest the date. First cIubs
Sergt. Shardlow, one-hall inch; second
class, Pte. Bennison, one and a half
inch; third class, Pie. Wood, 11 inches
200 yards, optional,standing, Bitting
or kneeling—Pte. Long 1, Pte. Eberley
2, Pte. Page 3, Corp. Vcnables i, Ptc.
Mulliolluiiil 5, M. Hustings (i.
Private Wood won special prize ol
$1 for lirst bullseye in competition.
For the highest aggregate in the
shoot Private Bennison obtained first
and Sergt. Shardlow second prize.
Sergt. Major Wheeler was presented
with a handsome silver egg stand from
the companv as a recognition of his
valuable services.
From our own corrspomlont
Mrs. R.J.l. Parks and family have
returned from visiting Iriends in
Rev, E. C. Mi. McColl attended the
Presbytery inciting in Peichland.
Mr. and Mrs R. Lane spent the
lirst of the week in Kevelstoke.
Allan Smith has gone to Golden.
Miss, M. Wilson, oi Neapolis, Alta.,
is th.- guest of Mrs. Vi.ughan,
Mrs. 0. Lacbmund is in Nelson.
f, Fl ! left this week to visit his
parents .11 1 irillia, Oot,
.1, P. Boyd, of Golden, spent Sunday
in town with his sister, Mrs. Gibson
Winton Smitli left Thursday lor his
home in Chester, N. S.
E, Wall hai started for Callforni
where Mrs. Wall has been [or some
Mrs, u. Smith returned on Friday
In 11, Vancouver.
A recent gambling row lias caused
nmenl     llth nigh gambling
er pi      lition here, .1 is a recog
:   ,,-■ >    ■ the practice is curried
,h quite   1
Ao sccident ■ courted at tbe Lamb-
Watson Lun ■> ■ I - ■ mill on Monday
last which did serious damage to the
head saw Repairi ao- being arranged
,! ii |i - • jpected the mill will be
ready to resume operation! loon
I,.. REM      Furnished m   unf
■  .. ... t - .. lhe En '-...
.   P It,    Apply to .1
,, 1, -1,1-1 ce
WANTED  Third 01 Fourth 1 lass
i    .   ■ ,   ■      Apply    to    Jiilltl
Salmon Ann, li. 1 .
W INTED     Dining   Room   Girl.
V, ,-.„   g3Q |,-i mm in    Apply
1! , ikusp, I). 1 , Sep7 In.
WIN ; ED   \ gentleman   ,1 gin -i
lj   mil  with    Univi 1 lily
qunlilli mi ns   di sires   pupils  [. 1  the
...    Modern  languages,
English   and    inalbi'inath
1 moderate,    Highes!
- testimonial.
nUHNIHHED or partially 1 11    hi 1
J'    inm ■     ping 1 1 PI) wanted
up town,   moderate rent,  I'm   ladlei
only    *>ddi     Box 732, Cily.
1 'i.i: SALE Hev...,.I teams of guud
Y logging horses, suitable for any
kindof teaming, Apply to Rn mm.
Ii,...vi-f, Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd,
WELL EDUCATED capable lady
requires position as mothers
help, useful companion nr housekeeper,
Could tench.   Apply Mail Hun an,
WANTED I'.i.fllnlile proposition
open tor reliable man acquainted among fruit growers nml with
ability fis Balosuinn. Full oi piirltlme,
Slntc nge, experience nnd references,
Ltd., Brown's Nursetjei, Out,
New Fall Styles at $3.50 to $10.00
Our New Styles for Fall aie certainly far in advance
of any tii ing yet shown. Exact copies and close
adoptation of recent Paris models—the new moss-
greens, the New Dark Blues, the new Golden
Browns, in all the new Fall shapes, materials
and trimmings. Made by experts in their line and
equal to any custom made at from one third to one
"half less in price
We have opened a splendid showing of Table Cloths
and Napkins in matched sels. The clothes are 2 yards
x 2)., yards and 2 yards x 3 yards, and the designs are
very handsome, with border all around the cloth. The
napkins are an exact match. Linen Damask Towels
with fringed ends, make handsome stand covers,
White Bed Spreads in Honey comb and Marseilles-
all sizes.
Nazareth Waists for Boys and Girls
If you have both hoys and girls at home you'll be interested to know
that the Nazareth Waist is suited for both—button it in thc back for the
girls; button it in front for the boys—and it will fit in both instances.
There are over four million of these little underwpists sold every
year, and we've never handled anything of thc character tbat was half
so satisfactory to child and parent.
Sizes i to ia Years
Marriage Licenses Issued
Itovelatoke Uml District.
District of Wont Kootonay.
Take notice that K. A. Bradley, of Kevelstoke,
H, C.| occupation Minei', iiitonda in apply fur
special timber licenses over tlie following descrlbfltl
l. Commenoingat a post planted on llie east
side of Columbia river antl ono and a half miles
east 1 if Columbia rlvrt* and two and one half miles
north of Big Mouth Creek,, ami marked "K. A,
Bradley's N. VV. corner post," running nontli ko
cliains, thence east Sii clmins, tlience uortli 80
chains, thencu west 80 chains to point of flow
■i. Commonolng at a post planted on tlie euat
s'nle of Columbia river and east nf Columbia river
.me ami a Imlf miles ami two ami a half mllea
north of Kii; Mouth Creek, and marked " ti. A.
Bradley's fi, W, corner post," rmniinn north 80
chalna, thenco oast SO i'liains, thence south £0
chains. Ihence west 80 chalna tu point of coin-
Dated thia Wth day of August, wot.
3, Commencingat a poat planted on the east
Bide of Columbia river nnd east of Columbia river
nm' and a half miles and 0110 mile touth of  I'lt-hi
Mile Creek, and marked "K A. Bradley's N. K.
uorner poBt," running south 80 chains, thence
west  80 chains,  thenci*  north 80 chains, tlieuce
east 80 eliains to point of commencement-.
4, Commencing at a poat planted on the east
ilde of Columbia river and east of Columbia river
one ami a half miles and one mile south of Bight
Mil.'Creek, and marked "E. A. Bradley's S. II.
enrner post,' running north mi chains tlienee wesl.
B0 chains thonce south 80 chana, tlience east 80
chains to point of commencement.
5, Commencing at a poat planted on the east
ilde of Colnmbla river and eaat of Columbia rlv
one uui a half miles and nm* mile south id Kit-lit
Mil,, creek, and matted "K. A Uradley'a N. W,
corner post." running iouth *i chains, thonco east
io chains, tlience norl h HO chains, thenee went gu
chains to pointof ooi ncoment.
B Commencingal a posl plautod on tlm mist
tide of Col hia river and one and a half mites
,. 'i olumblariverandone inlloaautnof Kight
Mile Creek, and marked" K. a. lira (ley's s. w.
.mei post," running north 80olialna, thence east
Wchaini, th -o loutluW cbalni thenc.- weat wi
chaini to poinl of commenpement.
Dated thu 17th day 6f August, 1907,
, i ommenclng at a poil plantod mi Hie weat
ilde nf Columbia river iiid went of iim Columbia
n-...| .ie. hundred ch ilns aud three miles aoutli of
[aim    - ree* ami uiarked" B. A. Bradley'i N.ti.
;1|l. i * aiming south 80 chains, tlienco west
,,,.,.., „ii, B0chaina,thonce oaal mo
p .,,1 o| commencement,
Dat-all     Wh iU) of AtuiMt, 1007.
*,   i ..ii,,,..-,.-*,ii,' ..i -i poil planted on the wait
tide of flotumbhi rivi done and a hall mile-'
.,. ..... [uml -.' i and ono mile north of
Dome Cruel- andmarked1 K A. Bradley'i H, K,
,,,., ,.,, ii   running north DO clialna, thenee went
,    ii nth mi chalna, thence oaal wi
-1, mn'., |i ' ol commencement.
■4   1 >,nm.< 1,1 Ing al 1 poil planted on the west
,.],. ,,f 1 ,,) .ii.i.i • nt. 1 i.ml lwo ainl  11   hall  miles
,,..1 .11 olu 11 ■"' "I'l half mile north of
I , ; , 1 markoil I". \. Bradley'i H, K
corner \>m'.   runnlnK north W chains, llienee west
:., n Lueucii aouth 80 chalna, llionce ''.ist w
halm Ui point of commencement,
Dafa i 1 !»th day «f Augun, IW7.
10 ( ommem Ina .it a poal planted on ihe mnth
sideof llorneCreoa and nm mile from ils montli,
ml marked I-., a. Hnulli) < m I. cornor nost,'1
- mnina n iftli Wi halm, thence woal B0 clialna,
Li mtli ■ chains, thenca eaat wi chaius to
nolnl ofi "imii-- mont,
II (Mmmeni lug al n post idnniid on Hi" imiili
lile of I nrno l reea and one luilefrora Its mouth,
indmarked K \ Hrodlej (N K cornel post,'
imnlnfi iouth •■"■ huul', thonce weah «i chains,
i,.. north ■'" hainii thonce eaal 10 chain* to
nolnl if commenroment,
1/   1 .,11, I. lug al ' posl planted on the north
iMnof Home Crenk nnl Uo mllea Irom Itsimnith,
uui marked "K, 1. Uradle/aB, K. corner poat,'1
running west 80 chains, Uience north 10 chains,
thonce wesl 10 chains, thunce north 10 chaini,
thencooasl wi chains, thence iouth 20 ohalna,
llmnco sail j,i ch ilm Llionce iouth <n chalna
to point of commencoment.
-Sited this 80th day ol August, 1807.
13, Con inclng »i a p'^' iihinied on the
wost fide of Columhin rivor nnd ono mllo weal
of Columhin rivor and ono mllosouthof Rome
creek, and marked " R. A. Brndloy'a N. ti
corner pout," runnlnjtaoulli mo chain-, ibeuce
weKlHOehnin-, iheliciilioi'lb >n eliiiiii, Uience
oast wi chalna lo point of comtnonootnonti
inne.l i|im:ii-.i ilny nf Augoat, IW7.
sat apt T   KDWAIID Aiuisr HUADLKY.
Hobcrt Ayro Hlackmorc, Agent
It will daninge your general
health ns well us ruin your eyes.
You cun procure the very Iiest
glasses ut II listings, Doyle & A limn,
Ltd, the opticians, and wli.it i.s ui
..|i..il importance, the glnsses we
furnish will l.e made to suit your
particular ense—no guess work.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
lo our Store if you want lo purchase
a New Carpet. Fine Oriental or Wil-
tiii. rug, matting or linoleum nnd sec
how much full her ils contents will
Ink.* you in purchasing than it will nl
any othei- store in the cily. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
lnoorpi.r..tod l)j Act cl PaMinmeut, 1855.
Wm. Molson Macphkiisiin, Pres. 8. H. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capiat paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two brunches in Canada and Agencies in all parts nf the
Interest credited four liine.i n yoar.it current, rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until fm tiler notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Import direct from Country ol origin.
^V VI %%%% V% VIVl VV*V'*'-l'lV»V%*-l V*%**%1
IIKAD UPKIIIKI  OaloabV, Ai.iikiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Port I'uckurs anil Denlor 'In Live Stock.  MnrkutJ In all the principal  Ultloa ami
Ti.ivns ul Allii-rln. llrltisli.... 1i11nl1lan111ltlmY11k1.il.   Packer., ol the Celebrateil Biaml
a   "lm or or" iliiin, nnil lliii'uii, .u.'l Sl.iuuriiifk Unuiil, Luaf Lar.1. js
For Agricultural Imi.lomonts. Carriages, Wagons KtcKJol...
lifii-ro I'lf.nuiis, Mi.lino Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
HugglBI, I'lnnol jr., Qardoi. SeeHers and Cultivators, Wheel-
wrlght a...I Blaokstnltb Work attendm] lo. Horse 9l.ooi..g a
Choice eating pears and peaches today at O. II. Hume A Co's,
Always look lor the latest in inaga-
zinrs and new books at the Canada
Drug Store,
Ynu cnn [always get any drug or
ini-diciiio you want at the Canada
lung Store.   Purest only kept,
Fancy cream jugs from lOo, to 60c.
each, at C. B. Hume A Co's.


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