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The Mail Herald Jun 5, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
Fur ense ol operation and perfect ion
in results produced, this machine
is Unsurpassed,    l'i ice, $11000 Cash
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
l'r.: -        .,:. I  Publishers
Vol. 15.-No37    pt
"i*"" «*,
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Here is something for
real comfort for the fool
in hot weather. We
^^^^^^^^^^^^^are selling ihem at a
that anyone can afford to have an extra pair of
and be kind  to  their  feet   in  the  hot  weaiher.
Men's Grey Colored Canvas Shoes
reinforced with Tan Leather, in low cut, a good,  dressy,
clean-looking shoe with  two-strap fastener:
They are a regular $^.25 shoe.    Special at
Men's Grey Canvas  Boots --Reinforced
with Tan leather, laced bals.. noi  laced  too high,   solid
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Special at            $ I • I O
Men's Fancy Hose, Light  and   Cool
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plaids,    All colors  and   si/.es.     You can   buy    CI"Ia
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June Weddings
<iA Snap in Cut Glass
A beautiful s inch Berry Bowl, latest designs, only a
limited supply, regular $.s..10 Now $4 50
Water Bottles, regular $8.50 Now S6
Hull' gal. Waler Pitcher, n beauty, reg. $12,50, Now *7
in inch Celery Dish, regular $7 Now $4.50
12 inch Celery Dish, regular *s.."-0 Now $5
Llmoge band painted China, coin moid decorations,
every piece guaranteed.
25 Per dent Reduotlon nn nil Standard Silver Quadruple
Plated Goods, comprising Tea Sets, Tureens, Cake
Plates, Berry Bowls, Pickle Jars, Butter Dishes, etc.
I'm tbe balance nf the month 25 per cent oil'.
A Rare Chance to get Wedding Gifts at Cost
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ljmited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offico—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Canada,
Anente in Great Britain and United .Slates -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited,    Ohloago-Wwt National Bank, Corn l-.x-
chnnire National Hank.   Seattle-Seat tie National Bank, SanFran-
Cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.     Spokane-hxohange
National Bank. .     _
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of  $1 and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
current rate from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Afk   Per  Cent
T"U   Counl for
Cash  ^U
llll'. MOM II
MRS.   A.   G.   CRICK
First   Street             LOppo»lt«   Windsor   Hotel           g
Engineers Make Record Time
On Reconstruction— Trains
Running on Time Again-
Clever Work Done.
Ilailwaymen have all kinds of
troubles of tbeir own, and when tbey
have not enough uf their own tbey
have the railway company's troubles
to worry over. This week tbe superintendent uf the local divisiou and the
members ol his stall' have abuut all
tbey can attend to heenuse of the
damage to bridges and other incidental
wreckage tlmt follows a sudden and
unexpectedly high rise of water.
Trains have been late, mails delayed
and all tbe troubles incidental to
residence in an inland city have been
experienced by the people uf the city
during the last few days, but it is
asserted that happily tbe probable
inconvenience is over.
The chief difficulty as betweeu the
city and tbe coast branch cecum d
because of a washout just west of
Three Valley where three bents of a
bridge were swept away by a driving
and furious burst of water following
tbe downpour nf Tuesday uight. The
engineering dilllculties incident to the
rapid repair of the bridge that took the
force of tbe torrent rellect tbe greatest
credit nu the stall', every engineering
and superintending member ol which
has been kept busy negotiating tbe
trouble. The i[iiickness witb which
the bents iu tbe bridge were replaced
and transportation on Ihe main line
restored, has been 11 matter of surprise and wonder to the large number
of passengers who were stalled by tbe
break in the track.
The men wbo have charge of the
work in tbe various ollicial departments of what is called among railroad men P. D I., and to common
people I'acilic Division No. 1, evidently
know their business. Must ol them
bave been in charge of their woi k for
a period ol years in tbis division and
have studied every foot of the line
within the range of tbeir reap nsibility
Moreover, most ol them bave grown
up with their business in tbe mountains and areas well prepared for sur
prises, such as occur among the hills,
as could well be imagined
What is true of the competency of
the official stair is equally true ol
trainmen, engineers and crews, including eveiy member. They all
know huw to act in an emergency.
Disastrous Wreck of Valuable
Span Crossing lllecillaweat
Great inconvenience has been ix-
perienced by tbe residents ol the valley to the south of the city, owing tu
the washing out of the new government bridge which spanned the llli-
cillaweat river, a short distance nurtb
of the C. P. K. tracks, which cross
tbat river in navigation between heje
aud Arrowhead. The bridge was swept
away from its moorings on Wednesday night. Kvery effort was made by
the bridge inspector and a gang of
men to prevent the disaster, but in
A largo jam ol lugs came duwu tbe
river and some of them penetrated the
sheathing on the end of the pier and
worked tlieir way in amongst the
piles. The Btrengtb of the current,
together witb tbo rest ul the jam, thon
exerted such leverage lhat the piles
were broken oil Blmrt. Aller this happened it took but a shor time to
finish the pier, as, once the nose piles
were gone, the rest were fully exposed,
and the rock with which the pier was
filled was gouged out like so much
paper. When these piere were laid
out by the government engineer he
placed them in line with tbe old piers
ul tbe C. P. K. bridge, which wsb then
standing, bis idea being that the 0. P.
K. piere would afford protection,
Last winter, however, tbe rai'way company put in a new steel bridge wilh
cement piers, and the position ul tlicin
arc such tbat the whulc force ol the
current wab thrown against government pier, antl it is quite evident lhat
nothing shorl nl a criniiil pier will
■laud there in such a curriut us was
running on Wednesday. At tbo time
it lm).i"-in .1 a witness standing on the
0, P. H. bridge, stales tbat the water
was exactly three inches below the
high water mark in Juno IUIH. The
bridge was buill eight ( et above the
high water mark ol 1R94.
Salmon—Two cans lur 25c. at Mc-
lu tyre's,
Wireless Telephone Tests Satisfactory—The Great Trolley
Strike Ended—Corsicans in
Danger of Starvation.
Philadelphia,  Ju e  5.—The cur
strike has been settled. Tbe men will
receive 22 ceuts an hour, beginning
tomorrow in .ruing and ten hours will
constitute a day's work. Notwithstanding tbe strike was settled befure
six u'cluck yesterday eveuiug, nu effort
was made to ruu cars after dusk Tbo
saloons were closed at six o'clock to
remain closed until six o'clock this
morning, The present strike haB
beeu tbe most coinpleio tie-up ever
experienced by the local trolley company and tbe temper ol the people
was mors violent than in the strike of
ToULON, June 6.—Trials of the wireless telephone system invented by
Lieuts. Jeance nnd Oulin were made
yesterday bel ween the armoured cruiser Oonde which was at sea and stations ou shore. The results ate said
to have been extremely gratifying.
Tbe conversation was carried un at a
distance of 110 kilometres.
Bastia, Corsica, Juno 5 —The populace ol the Island ol Corsica is in
dire straits lor tbe necessities of life
by reason of tbo strike of Marseilles
sailors which control the means ot
getting ol the island, or ot obtaining
supplies from tho outside world. In
addition the strike of the railroad men
has now beeu going on for a month.
St. John, N. U., J ne 6.—Captain
Beasitt, commander 0! government
steamer Laudsdowne died at his home
here last uight, aged 64. He bad been
21 years in government service.
Tom  Watson   Asks   Rational
The cause of foreign missions is
undergoing a series of elaborate attacks in Tom Watson's JelVersuniau
Magazine. Mr. Watson is himself tbe
author ol the criticism which be bases
un both scriptural and economic reasons. Paul aud lhe disciples did not
conduct missions as men of to-day are
doing, Mr. Watson asserts. They
established churches which became
sell-supporting; whereas the missions
now established in foreign Inn.Is require an immense expenditure for
support, most of which is drawn Irom
ihe home church. Mr. Watson in-
-inuates that by Ibis means heathen is
''hired" tu call himself a Christian;
that bis cuuversiou is not sincere,
out his natural cupidity is played
upon and encouraged. Mr. Watson
thus interrogates tbe piesent  system:
'•By what right do you exist? By
what right do you tax us ? By what
right are you clamorouely demanding
so much more of our money to be
drained oil' iuto foreign countries V By
what right do you bring so much
unfair pressure to bear upon comparatively poor men in America tn
furnish 1 In burnt eeilue 1 tinu to lie.it lien
children in such rich countries as
China and 1 ndia and Japan ?
" Unless scriptural authority can be
shown for it, the system should be
abandoned. China is abundantly able
tu feed, olotbo and educate ber children. Let China do iti The wealthier
classes of India can easily afford to
support tbe educational system of
Hindustan. It is tbeir moral duty to
do it, not ours. Ho witb Japan. I'ntil
we have banished illiteracy from our
own country, 1 cuiitoud that it is unnatural and unpatriotic and unwise
to be taking upon our shoulders the
ilitcracy ol the nations beyond seas."
Character Arrested
BiiANTKoiii), Junofi—The stationing
committee nf the Hamilton conference
enminiied iu session hero today. One
feature which has developed in connection with the conference is tbe
ease of Clair Montrose Wright, the
young divinity student, who figured ao
conspicuously in the Kinrade oase. He
in a prnlitti inner ol the Hamilton cun-
(cronce. Under the rules pri dint itinera
must be passed by thrco tlifltrictB from
year to year. It develops that Mr.
Wright was passed in the usual way
by his college district, but that the
llriintford district took no action in
his case. Beforo bo can como belore
the conleiencc in proper standing he
must he passed by Drantlord district.
Just why the local district did not
pass him iu the ciinlomiiry way ut the
annual district meeting ban not been
divulged. A special meeting uf the
Brautford district lias been called lor
today when be will attend.
Successful Flight of Zeppelin's
Airsnip Stirs Diplomats-
Comments of English Press-
Threats of War
LONDON, Juno 5.— I'he facts that
Count Zeppelin's dirigible balloon
sailed 860 miles before meeting witb
an accident; that the accident in no
wise alVects the airship's power ol
speed, ability to manoeuvre and etuy-
ing p .Ivors aloft, and that it carried
nine men, have deeply stirred England. It is noted that the distance
covered is much greater than that
between Berlin and London and
alarmists are shaking tbeir herds
ominously. The Zeppelin is called
the Dreadnaught ol the air autl the
people are asking if tbere is any reason
why the giant member of Germany's
successful Meet might not sail over
England, and what possible safeguard
tbere is against such a visit.
With these questions and forebodings has come a revival of the alarmist stories which have been current
for weeks ol mysterious airships hovering over eastern Eugland during tlio
past lew weeks, sume people going eo
(n: aB to intimate Ilinl such invasions
of tbe upper air us Couut Zeppelin
might conduct have already been in
progress by more secretive German
Commenting on Count Zeppelin's
achievement, the Daily Telegraph
" Xo Englishmen can reid tbe telegrams frum Friedsrichshafen without
feeling a keen sense of patriotic regret
tbat we bave nothing similar to show
in this couutry, and without tlio conviction that our neighbors are getting
a very long, and, unless we bestir ourselves, a very dangerous lead.
The Daily Graphic says: 'When
Zeppelin's airships take au appointed
place in German military manoeuvres
it is time lur the most lethargic intellect to speculate on the part which
aeronauts may play in luture problems of national deience."
Buffalo Roundup
Howard Douglas, commissioner ol
dominion parks, is in the oity, says a
Calgary paper, returning trom 10 days
spent at the biitl'alo round-up of tho
last of tbo government herd purchased
from Pablo.
Mr. Douglas stale-, that the difficulties met with have been tremendous,
but that Pablo, wbo is in direct charge
of the round up, is going at the work
systematically and thoroughly, aud
that the herd will very probably be
all gathered in by n oouplo ol weeks
or so.
The round-up cuinnicnci d when Mr.
Douglas arrived ten days ago, and the
headquarters arc at the corrals about
18 miles Irom Hunan, and right in the
Flathead mountains During the
past ten days 118 bead have been cur-
ruled and arc being held and led in
the corrals. The work of ruuuding up
tlie animals is very difficult, and ul
though there wero 100 horses and 86
men at the atari, and each horse
worked only every third day, yet it
haa boon found necessary to get more
mounts, as the preseut number is not
able to stand the work.
Ecclesiastics' Dispute
The dispute between Catholic and
Protestant statisticians over the size
ol tbe Catholic church in the United
States has been noted from time to
time. Dr. II. K. Carroll, the leading
Protestant estimator, puts the number
of Catholic communicants at 12,394,-
TAl, while Archbishop Ireland, as
quoted, puts the ligure at 14,236,451,
with lhe additional remark tbat "to
represent fully the reality,'' tbe figures
"Bhould not be under 10,000,000(1 or
17,000,000." The Archbishop's statement was published in the London
Times, and Dr. Carroll uow writes to
that paper to justify the itatistics. Ue
alleges that lho Archbishop "was led
into error, particularly when bo slatod
that census office at Washington
would accept as its own the figures ol
tho Catholic Directory—11,286,461."
Dr. Carroll declares that alter inquiry
bo was informed by the Census Bureau
that "it waa distinctly understood by
Archbishop Glenn.ui. who did the
work, that Hi per cent. Would bo deducted Irom the ligures Inr the Catholic population.''
Howsun's cubIi prices on go-cntts
arc us good ns eastern Catalogue prices
freight added, Wo can pruvn what we
Tutnlps, nut Woody, two cciiIb per
puuud, at Molntyre's.
New Seeds. Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McClary's Stoves
Crockery, Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
^> Ar Swell Dresser
^**Wws the
"Swell ©reaser"
tiftde AWI,      Rt* io V. S.
To get the right clothes must you not go
to the right place?
We sell clothes with no cotton in the
Just now you perhaps wish a light weight
suit to celebrate in.
You can got right into one of our two
piece suiis and wear it away with one oi our
negligee shirts, ami as for straw hats we have
them for men or boys.
b. e. wajjcih, prssidsnt I Paid-up Capital, $10.000,000
AIXXASDtH LAIHD,General Manager    Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
tWrn new Travellers Cheques recently issued by this Bank are a most cooveoieoi
way in which to can*) mooe) when tra elHng.    I he) wr issued in denocnioabaaa of
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
aad lb* exact amount pays Vtiatrla,   Belgium,   Hen mark, Franca,
Germany, (ircut Britain, Holland, Italy. Norway, Russia, Swedes
mad Switzerland Is stated on ths face of ra.-li cheque, while in other 1 imii^iIm
thay mre, payable at currenl rates
Tbe cheque and all information regarding ihrni may be obtained at »w, y after
mt tlu. Bank. UU
It's a Wise Chef
I but    kniiw-   line   inenl  before
be cooks It, Ami It's a wise
butcher tbat knows not only
how in buy, to freeze, to trim
to least waste, but also bow to
'... ep down pi Ices on
High Grade Meats
-'nb as we always keep on
hand. Beef, Lamb, Mutton
md Poultry always the best,
kept Inspotless iee-chests, and
ul pine-, thai lie always satisfactory. Oive 11- 11 chance In
prove il.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hums and Bacon
Timely Warning
The llevelstnke Sawmill   Co., Ltd.,
ends, must bo lot alone. I.ven though
tbe logr. have passed their Iwoins they
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ rem.iin their pn.peity, and others canine stlvising Un public tbat t en llol Jrivc ulli|8 0r spikes in them or
logs,  which  are  marked "IS" on the 1 tako tbem Ior any purpose whatever, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, ii. (
——— ___    i.
McKenzie Avenue, llevelsloke, H.I'.,
on Friday, June lit lm. IIKI1I, bet ween
the hoiii'H of Nine o'clock, a.ni., aud
Seven o'cloek p.m.
Olerk ni the Municipal Oouncil.
Zbc flDafl*1bcralb,
PUBLISHED V___l.--l.-niY   \ N I'
Jntcrior pubtlabino Company.
Barristers, Solicitors,  En
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Otlice and befoie Railway
Hun. Charles Murphy, Ml'.
-..K..IU .    liU-tKlAI.  I ASK   lllILCIMI KKVUL-
S1UKK.  11. I
.'.loutr loloan.
Offioes: Ravslatomo, u C
go. 8. Ml i.inim
. M.  I-.skham J. A. Hakvi.i
Cranbrook, B-l\
A. Habvbv,
Cranbrook n C
lirin ister
Solicitor, etc.
S ilicitor.fon-
Thi: Canadian Hank uf Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
McKknzik Avenue,
Box 106, Revelstoke
c.  w.  O   W.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 210
Meets  Second  aud   Fourth   Wednotdays In
cart inoi_-.ii. in Splldrk Hall.Visilin   Wood-
men cordially invited toutuuid.
J. MiTNTYKK. Clerk.
F. O. E.
Price §1550. Kent
Price $2100. Rent
on corner of Kifih
Six   Roomed   House  with Plumbing,
S^l7,50 per month.
House, nix  rooms,  on  Third  Street.
$20 por month.
liuoil buy in Lot.. 23 and 21,  liluck   II,
und Robson Avenue.    Price $450.
Two good  buys  in   Lots 21   and 22, Block 22, just cast of
Queen's Hotel,    Price S750.
Two good Lots on Eighth Street and corner of Orton   Ave,
100 x 100.    Price $850.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on  Sixth  Street,  improved
ground.    Price $3500.    House nnd Lots only $8250.
Double   House, renting for $.'!0 per month, for snle ni $2750.
,, 'cluck
..  ......        ,_,.-,,rdiiilU; Uiviteil.
lllll, uo" ,     ^ \1.SH.   I'UtHlUllST.
Ths rsgnlar meetings urn held lu tl
Haii   ei-O   Tuesday   ovoiiluK
Kootonay Lodge, Ho. 15, A F. * A. M
Tho ri'^nlur iiioul
,,,.. ere lu-ld In Hie
i_j.IIIp1I.iw~ llnil. ii"
ilm third llmidiiy '"
■ .tt-li    ntoutli    ni    K
. ,n. Visltluitbrethren cordially welcome.
l/NIEK, SacKKTAiiv.
" Mee^ sWry.Th'urs
.lay   Bvoiiiin;   in   Sol
kirk Hull «t 8 O'clock
 Visiting liretlirnu nre
jas mathie;bb
cor.iialiy Invited t<
VV. A   FOOTE. N.ll
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
exi*i'|ii 1:: oi Weilnesdi.y n
each mntiili. in iddleUow
Haii    ai    8   o'clock.     Vininni
Salgbtssn oordlally  uvlted.;
Q. H. SHUCK   K   Di   H   A B.
J   H. SCOTT, M. of K.
PHONE   118
Zbc fl&atWberatt)
W ■>'
There U S*. much bad in the be-t of u."
Al i 50 mnch pirnd iii the wor.it nf oa,
That i; hsrdiy bofaoOTM auy of u>.
To talk abnot tbe rwt of as.
t-ATVKDAY. JUNE 5, 1909
An article on Canadian banking
appearing in another column
touching tbe banking question has
—as is usual with natural products—it- sting in it.- tail. Whenever a dollar i- not used in the
drained locality but "pipe-lined"
t . .ii ; -j ■ ilai rs in Wall street ■ r
any other i   •■ - it is well ■ oined
] o bridge ..r not to I ridge thai
the •..:•■-': m     Whether  '•■.■ ere I •
ter ! ir •■•... i     I ■ Igi thai iro iid
u    :.-• ind   a   ll      . ■   •: .  ■
low n bel or
element   maj    .   -   .- | i   -■
Whi I hei to      tin thing i- 11 im lei
di I and mi eting      ibles end them
Whethei   •.'.   li .11    .   i r. |g<      it
Is tl    ■ I gruil ol witter
ii • ... iii n-e and tall nr whether
to put | . -•: - tun lhat will
,- second p iuse.
How .an you buy up multitudes
uj -. ■•■<_- .. ess )'". build a bridgi ,
but afterward how can you keep
ti. .-• oti inles* tin keep that
bridge an uestions that . di ent
inun wont adj. Vet alter ill snime-
i ii iiji.-t (in ■ ib. tank
determination  on  lhe part of em
plovers to settle, for a time, a question iih to whether employee! Bhall
have the right to dictate tbe conditions undor wbicb they sbnll be
The resolution   to settle such an
important   question   is   both wise
and opportune   for  it must be settled   sooner   or Inter.     Organized
labor has made   a gallant light for
the alleged rights   ot   the laboring
man and   has  evidently forced the
capitalistic and  employing class lo
take such organized steps in retaliation or   self   defence,— whichever
term one   chooses   to use—as have
enabled   the   laboring    classes   to
reach   tbeir   present     position   of
power.    Bntb   .-ides   have been ill-
advised in   their contests hitherto
but the unfortunate   result of these
bas been that the brunt of the cosl
has   [alien   on   lhe liboring man.
Realizing tbis   the   laboring made
his light and    up till  the lime that
the employer   awoke   lo tlit; situation onlv   lhe lliinkei  paid any al-
tention   In   him.     Now it appears
that   Ihcrc   are   other penple who
will have   lo   take   notice and the
lint bus gone forth   that there will
be a war against   organized   labor.
The question cannot   be settled too
sunn as In    who    -ball    will  in the
nf exploiing aud surveying the i
regions i- in ■ -- >n rii} slow in a
country     broken     by    mountain
raneeii.       This    ye ti    no  less than
twenty-one surveying parties will
be in the field, and the large sum
of $280,000 bus been appropriated
for the work."
Following these surveys with the
interest lhat is being manifested in
the country by prospective investors and immigrants development
of the most complimentary kind
will certainly result.
There slmulil be a broad and
general recognition of the work of
prospective development which is
being carried on by the governmenl
Pageant at Calgary
Calgary Fair announcements state
that an exhibit nf shearing sheep by
machinery at the grounds on July 9th
will prove interesting to many visitors,
so will the butter making, and dairy
competitions on .Inly 6th, 7th, and
8th. An nrrangenient haa also lieen
made with E. O'Brieu ol Montreal, to
provide an art loan collection of 1100
paintings, the wurk of celebrated Canadian mul European masters. Tlicie
will In- another monster pageant nt
tin exhibition similar to the one held
at the Dominion Exhibition last year,
Init on u niiinli more elaborate scale.
.\i-lsi_- 'ir i.ivi, UATIONS lil.1
l.N'Cli; UK  BRITISH COUU.illiiA.
A LIUKNSii lo i-ui limber nun bu ac
oulrod   only   ul   puiiliu   competiuon.    a
.Ylllill   ol   *j   pur   Mill.no   milo   is   uliulgui
tor ull iiiiiiiii- berths except ih.'St: snu-
.iioii west ol' Villi' lor Wllicll Ilio lulllul la
u tiie cute o£ i nuns per aero per uniiuiu
lu uddliiou lo tin. rental, dues ut tin-
Hollowing rules ure ohargeal—
Siiivn   lumber,   iiii   cnnis   per
Hallway ties, eiulil uud nine leet long,
I 1-iiund 1 il-! cents each.
Siilllflo bolts, ■£. iviils u eonl.
All  oilier  proilucla,  •;  per  cent  on  ine
A lieense is issued so soon us u berth
i.s grunted, but In surveyed territory ao
Umber cue be cut on u berth until Ui«
licensee Iius niude .1 survey increot.
Permils io cut limber are ulao granioo
at nubile competition, except in me easi
| of uclunl  settlers,  who require  the um-
i,i  iiii ii  own use.
tilers   mul   others   may   also   obtain
I permits io cut up lo ii>i cords of wood lm
sine   wiihoul   coiiipeiitlon.
The iiin.1  iiiiviniii-  uiiii.-i' u  permit u'
si r,o per thousand feel  U.M..  tor squiu
.   ,     inu   suwiugii   ni   iinj    «oud   '■>•
. .   ni   ,i,:   .I..in i .: a   I 1-2 i ems pai ilneu
. ,  ,, ,._.   . ...      iroiu   i:  I ■  !« -
i mi   ,.  mi. i i'i m '"'■   "   '
;, ,   tin    ii. ■' ij   Ileal   al'u  •'
.    miii tor sli ugh  bolts.
,.,.,.-,_, im   giuzing  pui'imsi b   ire Issue
m    ui     iw.-liii   "In'    J COS.    Ul    I
;' .jrf'wo Unts pei  acre per annum
io nds   "..I..   I"'   i""'',1"',""''.,^,,;,
;.,, soft     iu   and I2u toi antura
...,    mole  niiin ii-" acres  may di
,  ,,.,,  i ,   one Individual or company
Itoyallj ai lhe rate ol to oents per ton
pounds  Is collected  on  the giosi.
°Knirloa for luml Cor agricultural pur
poses may bo made personally at the lo
cul land offlce ior the dislricl In which
the luud to be taken up is situated, m
ii the homesteadei desires, he may, oi
aupllcatlon lo lhe Mlnlsier ol lhe Inleroi
at Otlawa. ihe Commissioner of tmmlgia
lion ul Winnipeg, or tlie local agent to
the District, within which ihe land lj
Bltuated, receive authority lor some om
io innke entry for him. ,„,,.„„
A  fee Of $10 Is charged  for homestead
"a'si'iUci- win. luia received un eniry fm
a homestead, is teuuircd lo perform thi
conditions connected therewith under on.
of the toiiowinK plans:-
Uj At least sin mouths resilience upor.
and cultivation of the land In each J eai
during lhe term ot three years.
It is the practice uf lhe Department ti
require a settler to bring 10 acres undci
cultivation, but if h,_- prefers he mny sub
stltute slui'k; nnd 20 liend of cattle, to bi
uctually his own property, with buililingi-
roi- liieir accommodailon, will be requtreo
instead of cultivation.
till If tlie father mr mother. If the fa
ther Is deceased) of any person who If
eligible lo make a homestead entry undei
Ui" provisions of the Act, resides upor
,i farm In the vicinity of the land en
tered Tor bv such person us a homestead
ihe requirements of the Act us to real
uence prior to obtaining patent may pi
satisfied by such person residing with tin
lather or "mother.
CIi If the settler has his pormanenl
resilience upon farming land owned b;
him in ihe vicinity of his homestead, thi
requirements of ihe Act as to resloenci
may be satisfied bv residence upun tll«
-alii   land.
Application  for patent should be mad.
i the end uf three years befure tlie loci
agent, sub-agent or a homestead Inspec
Before making application for a paten'
■ lie settler mual Kive six nionihs' untie
In writing to th' cmnmlsslnni-r of !>•
.-ilninn Lands at Oltawa, of his Inten
lion  to do so.
W.   W    TORY.
Deputy  Minister of  th*   Intnrloi
M 1"~ I 111 -III 1.1.11
i.it there will I" n ir hi Iween
individually allied loreos ol
labor and i apital neede no judgment to forsee. The war against
the open .-hop which is being slowly
waned and of which new.- ie oozing
into tbe channels ol tbe press ie an
indication of lhe fact thai Ihere is
Is.ing carried   un a well organized
and which will tend largely In llie j
expansion of the resources of the
country. The citizen who bus fewl
opportunities for travel has an
excuse for being unfamiliar with
these and no amount |of reading
can familiarize une with lhe circumstances of actual development
that is taking place. The bigness
oi the province ie however being
held up to tlie eyes of the world
.-uin day to day and no more sn
than by the fact that gradually the
various parts of the country are
being opened up.
The   government   i- apparently
fully aware of   this nnd the money
of   the   taxpayer   is   being  wiseb
pent in BUch   exploratory work a-
B necessary.      Heavy  respone
ties rest on tlie government.  R
have lu   be built, trails bave '
blazed and  Burvey of   agrii iltural
area- are necessar
fn the matter t ur eys wi
think lhe governmenl is making
go ni   this yeai        \ --.:., toi
:     i rs ■ i.     ■ . '■ ■ ■ • ' ■ ■ ' . '• x
;   survey   large   Ira
f the pi
hat is non  ittrn
!, '-
. . • • , i-    gated
— in I   i utiiDi  ■.. n
northerlj ■'
:   n extretn
, ii   from   the   N«« ■ Advertiser  ol
.  • i         ritl
ililliculties   ol   both expl n
curveyiug the . .1-1 aren? of Ihe pr'.
.-   e but .1 hii ii    how    that at ten
tion i   heing paid  to  the |
i i    in tbi- direction.      I he quol i
tion reads as below
A i nmparativel y   lev
many "f   themi region.u were pi u   -
•■ally 1111kii.iui.       '  ■   mull pari ol
I hem    li id    been   .■ i plured     .. h
only n   mere  (motion nl tl	
icen   sui  eyed       During   i he . i
I \ yeai -    mu. h   lm-   I '''ii llniie ! ■
improve lhe littiation,  Pruliiniii 11
explorations wore   firsl   made, and
il,i-i-   have   been   followed   up i.
i urveye   in   lhe Hulk ley   Noch u o
K'lt-iiiiikeliiiii   and  other district!
These are being extended each  es
-on, -n thai   in another year tbere
will I.n a belt of  surveyed farming
land- stretching   from the Skeonn
Hiver lu   tin'    liluck water and tracer-ed by a Wagon roiid.   The work
r rf mltr of 9«»kat<ihrw»ii
r-iJ'.. ,3; .."I,    .   _^tA_» i:i___l__Udtfj. i«_^____!-*J______illl
it,  %. foam, k W i
thin i    of    'FRESHNE13 n    -•    rrequent     ii-nppnintmpnt
an j roicv I".' TaciiHER ,     _ fiiitling them Sat
wh  n   vou   i w   3  dji irancc     You
in Foley a Sodas.
v-    shipping from
u roof,   air proof   cartons.
'      lerfoot,   freali,
\ it ory
ick   ; fresh sodas.
Foley  3os.   Larson & Co.
By-law No —
A By-law to raise by way of Debentures the sum of $9,000
for Street purposes.
WIIKRKAS ii is deemed expedient
Ibal the streets of tho City be liuprov-
i mil fur the carrying out ot .such
in 11 un in. nits to purchase uecessiti'i
I'liatl-iiiaktug in icliiiitTy.
AM) WHEKBAS n petition has
lieen preseiiteil to the Municipal Oouncil ol ilu- i iniioiiiiion nf Ine City of
Kevelslnke hignetl by lhe asseesed
nviieiN o£ nl least one-tenth 111 value
of ihe real property within the city of
Revelstuke as shown oil the last revised Assessment Hull of saiil City,
i-etpiesllug tlmt a by-law he introduced
for the purpose of authorizing the borrowing by ihe suiil Corporation of the
.um nl Nino Thousand Dollars ($9,000)
for Ihu purposes above mentioned:
AND WHEUI5AS tbe whole a tint
nf the nunIih' property within the suit!
Oily nl' llevelsloke according to the
last revised Assessment Hull of the
said Oity uf Kevelslnke, is lhe sum nf
ijlI.IIIS, IS'l.TiU;
AND WIIKHKAS ii will be necessary tn raise annually hy special rate
sufficient therefor the sum of $090.00
for paying the said debl and Interest
NOW, THER.i_FOH._J_, the Municipal
Council uf lhe Ourpoi'illion nf tlie I'ily
uf Rovelstoke in open meeting iitssem-
lileii enacts as follows:
1. il shall he lawful Inr lhe May nr
nf ihe Corporation uf tbe Oily of Revelsluke for the purpose and with the
object aforesaid Lo borrow on lh*' credit uf the Municipality liy way of debentures hereilii'illel' metll inned i'l-nin
my person, puisons, firm, limlv or
iiodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the biuiui as 11 loan, a sum
.I' money, uot exceeding in lhe whole
ihe sum ni Nine Thousand Dollars
($9,000,00) and to cause all such sums
so raised or received to be paid inin
the h.-inds ul' the Ti-eimurer of tho Corporation of the Ciiy of RoveUtoke.
2. ll 1-I1.1II he lawful I'm- llie ,\l .vol
iif the said Corporation of I he ('ily nf
Revelstoko to cause any miiiiliot- of
debentures lo be made, executed and
issued for such sum or sums as may be
ii.i|iiiri-d ini' lhe purpose and object
aforesaid, mil exceeding, however, ihe
sum ul'Nine Thousand Dollars. Such
debenture" shall be uf Ihe denoniina-
lion of Hue Thousand dollars each,
and all of such debentures .shall Ile
sealed wit li the seal of the Corporation
nf lhe t'ily nf Kevelslnke and signed
by the Mayor antl Clerk thereof.
3. Thesiiiil debentures shall hear the
date nf USUI, and shall he payable
in twenty-five years from the snid date
in lawful money ni Canada, al the
offlce of the Molsons Hank nl Revelstoke  aforesaid,   which   said pl,-u f
payment shall be desie-nafetl by the
said debentures, and shall have attached in them coupons for lhe payment, of
interesl, and tbe signature lo lhe
interesl coupons may be oi ther written, printed or stumped or litlui-
I. The said debentures shall bear
Interesl at the rate of five pei cent
(5 ) per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall be paid semiannually at the offlce of the Molsons
Hank at Revelstoke aforesaid, in lawful money nf Canada un the day
of and on the day
of respectively in each and
every yeav during the currency thereof, and it shall be expressed in suid
debentures and coupons to be so payable.
5. It shall lie lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
anil sell the suid debentures or any nf
them fnr less I linn pur. but ill nu case
shall the said debentures or any of
them be sold fnr less than ninety-two
and one-half per centum (92J 1 nf the
face value Including the eust of sale
and brokerage and all other nejossary
ii.   There shull be levied autl raised
in each   yeai-  during   the currency of
snid debenlures the sum of  Four llun-
.h.d .unl liny dollars 1.SI.Mi. 1'i 11 for the
U i\ inenl of interesl and Two Hundred
nnl  Forty-six dollars and Sixty cents
(KJItl iKji foi   the pay men I   nf the said
debt under   ihe  snid   debentures hy 11
1..i.ii  mie  sufficient   therefor tin all
. liable   leal  pnipi't'ly in the saiil
1 Muuicipalil y
7. li shall Ih* lawful for lhu Municipal I 'ounejl nl 1 be aid Miini'-ip-ilii v to
I11   ';   II '.   . i I lie   said llein-nl lues
i'i' li   lei 1111    .<■    ma) be agreed
.1 ii li 1 le legal  holder nr holders
I   l-ltl .-i III ih" ii  nl Sill ■ III
..I. i-i 1 in nt   im e.   mul  iill deben-
■ -I   shall I e loi I li
  lied   ot    ihsi 1 ,,\ 1 ,|   and nn
del .ii   I.      hill In- made in
• ii ei;   enei' ol   licit repineluise.
.        I.ii!    I.ike ell'ei I   llll
.ll  till lllll III
I A.I).,
'      I 1      lil..    I,.ill. I,. ..,1,. 1 |M. lin,,I
■'■iii      i In    .1 - -elli   111
payei     ..I     1 In-   (loi pot il on
io n■ 1 1 1    anil in
el  1 bed  t.\   1 be Willi ei
\  li
\  li
'I   .1    il
I  ■ 0
.   third  inn.   lhi
I 1 ■    1 IU I   1 une
21  1 .I.n nl
'! 1 ri 11 ..1
'I   I   till)   ol
■il   IM  li ihe
<'i|<ly Webb, prim ipal ( omedian "I ilu: San Pram isi n ' Ipi ra
Co,    As Tweedelpunch in Klorudora, Teddy is at his bt it,
inl  >.|  I he I ..011.-1I.
d .
■ I
d, ,,.|       ul. p|i
||, Hi.
\   11 ,   Willi
.1   lhe 1 I. elol'i
nl I. '..Hi '
il   .    •
in.  iiiii
I IKI   NOTICI'I ih il tin   iIkivi i   a
11 no . up> ..I ihe priipo mil Hi i.m upon
« Imii   1 he  vote  nf   > hi  Mitnli i pull I \
mil be taken ai the < llj Clerk's uffli.
ciiy II.ill. cornel ol Second Slrvel antl
By-Law No	
A By-taw to enable the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke to raise by way of
Debentures the Sum of
Forty Thousand Dollars
($40,000) for the purposes
of the Board of School
Trustees of the City of
WHEREAS the Board of Sohool
Trustees nf the Oity of Revelstoke
have in piitsun ee nl ih-- powers
granted to them by Section 12 uf the
"Public    Sell.nils   Act,    1005,"   us   re-
eunoteil by Section 82 of the "Public
Schools Aot, 100S, A1111.nd11u.nl Aot,
190(1," caused to be prepared and laid
before the Municipal Council a detailed estimate nf the sums required to
uieci special or extraordinary expenses
which may be legally Incurred hy the
Board, and such estimates have been
considered and finally approved by
the Council :
AND WHEREAS iho said estimates
provide for the erenlion of a new
sohool building, furnish lug and
equipping same, aud the purchase of
additional school grounds:
AND WIIKHKAS, in meet the expenditure as provided by said estimates
tl is necessary to raise on the part nl
ilic Municipality the sum nf $lii,iiiin.iiii:
AND WIIKHKAS ii is deemed expedient to raise upon the credit nf the
Municipality the sum of $I0,IHK..(KI for
school purposes as aforosaid;
AND WIIKHKAS lh" Iiilnlnmi,nnl
leipiii'i'il lu lie i-ais, d annually by
special rate for paying tbe suid debt
and interest Iheroon and I'm' creating
a sinking luud I'm- paying the suid
principal debl wil bin 1 weuly-flve v. ars
Is f :r Interest ¥2,(KS) nu aud forslnking
luud $1,01111.1111, making a total of
AND WIIKHKAS the amount of
the whole ratable land within the
Municipality, including ihe lerrltory
comprised within I lie Kevelslnke
School Di-liii-i for school purposes,
according lo the lasl revised assess-
 nl roll is $1,077,783 50;
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municipal Council of lhe Ciii'poi'niion ol' the
Oity of Revolstoke in open mttetiug
assembled, en.lets as follows :
1. ll shall he l.nvliil l'or tlu- Mayor
nl' ihe Corporation of tin- Oity of Ruvelstoke for the purposes aforesaid, and
he is hereby authorised, to borrow on
the credit of 1 he Municipality, by way
.nf debentures liereinal'tur inenl inned,
from any person, persons, linn, liotlv
or bodies corporate, who may bo
willing In advance I he same as a limn,
u-11111 of money, mil exceeding in the
Whole the sum of Forly Thousand
Dollars (840,000), and to cause all such
sums sn raised or received tu he paid
Into the hands uf the Treasurer of the
Corporation of the Oity of Revelstoke
for the purposes aforesaid and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. Ii shall be lawful for the Mayor
ul' the snid Corporation of the Cily of
Kevelslnke to cause any number of
debentures to be iinulc, executed and
issued for such stun ur sums as may he
required for the purpose and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however,
lhe sum nf Fuity Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures shall be ,,i lhe denomination of One Thousand Dollais
eaeh, and all such debentures shall
be sealed with ihe seal of the Corporation of the Oity nf Kevelslnke and
signed hy Ihe Mayor and  City   Clerk
'A. The said debentures shall boar the
date nf 1908, and shall he payable
in twenty-live years from the said date
in lawful money of Canada, at the
office of the Molsons liank at Revelsluke aforesaid, which said place of
payment shall be designated by the
said debentures, and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of Interest, ami the signature to
the interest coupons may be either
written, printed or stamped or lithographed.
-I. The suid debentures shall bear
Interest nt lhe rate of live per cent
lo .) per nullum from the dale thereof,
which interesl shall he paid semiannually at the offlce of tlie Molsons
Bank ai Revelstoke aforesaid in lawful
money nf Canada on the day
ul and uu lhe day ill
respectively in eaeh and
every vear during the currency thereof, and It shall be expressed in said
debentures and coupons lo busouav
3. II shall lm lawful f01, n„. Mayor
nf the suid Corporation nl the Oity uf
Ro elsinke to negotiate and sell the
suiil ileheiiiiues nr any nf them foi le-s
than par, hnl in lm ease shull I he saiil
debenlures or any ol ihciu he sold for
less 1 linn ninety-two mid one-half por
c niiim ili2'.. 1 nf the face value, Including the cosl nf snle mul brokerage und
all necessary expenses.
ii.   'nine shall  he levied   und raised
111 I .I'll leu dlll'lllg 'I he I'lllT. Ill-V tlf
-1 in ili'l'i'lil III e lhe slim ol    Two 'III. ■ 1, -
- ind dollars i¥'-!,niio.uui fiir ihe pay-
i.enl    nf   im. ii'-i   un.I on,. Thousand
 I   Ninety-six thiUnm ($1,090,00)   for
ihe payment nf the wi'd ilehl under the
h ml iiein niuies in ,1 special rate mill-
eienl 1 In-ill all   llie  ratable 11 ul
property In lhe said Municipality,
7. li shull l„. lawful lm ih,. Municipal 1 011110II ol lhu said Municipality in
lepurchiise not .a ihe mild  debentures
111  sued    lei ms   ns   n, k    |„, ngivcd
ilium with llie legal holder or   huM- rs
Hie I. ellh.-l  ill   llie ti  ,,f m],i ,„. „,
iinj   subs nt   1 n.e, und uij deben-
    so 11(1111 ■ Ii 1 sod sluiii he forthwith
. uncoiled nr destroyed, und no reissue
nl rii-lii.nl lire shull he   ni.nl,.   ||| COIINe-
■ I Ill-Ill e 'I     oh  I ■ plueh.-i   ,■,
s.    Iii this by 1.1.1 ih..  word   "Muni
• q allty   -lull  lie deemed 1,, extend lo
"I'I   ilii hide    ill     1,Ml Uu, j   ,,||,|   |,|,,|„.|| y
 pii "I    wil liiu     u,,.     RevelNtoke
Hi 1 1 In-iii. :. and nil such property
shall be liable lu UB-e8sini.|il hereunder
.1 prut Idi .1 bj S,-i lion 11 ,,| 11,,. ,„j,|
"Public Schools Aet, inn;,. Amendment   Ael. I IW HI. "
II,     This hy law, if pn- I, shall   lake
■ iiiii uml come Into lorce mi nud after
llie day of i  IIMKI,
10. This by-law may   he cited for all
purposes ■;- the "Revelstoko (School
Board) By-law No,       ,., luuu,"
11, This hy-linv shall, before Ibe final
passing thereof, receive the assent of
Ihe electors ucool ding tu tlie provisions
of  ami   In the   manner prescribed by
the Municipal Clauses Act.
Head a thst time the28th day of
May, 1IKI9,
Rend a second lime (lie 28lh day of
May, 1IHJII.
Head  a third   time tho 28th day of
May, HKKl, and passed with the unanimous consent of lho Council.
Received the assent uf lhe electors
the day of , 19011.
Ke-considered, adopted and limillv
passed the  Council   thu day of
Citv Cl.KltK.
Ma volt
TAKK NOTICE thai the above Is a
truo copy of the proposed By-law upou
which the vute of the Municipality
will lie taken at the City Clerk's offlce,
City Mull, corner of Second Street and
McKenzie Avenue, Kevelslnke, B.C,,
uu Friday, June llth, 1000, between
the hours of Nine o'clock a.m., and
Seven o'clock p.m.
iny2i>   Clerk iif the .Municipal Council,
ibe Municipal Council of iho Corporation nf the Oily of Rovelstoke intends
lo undertake ihe construction of Concrete Sidewalks on certain purls nf
First Sireet, Second Kireol, and '•'i-uni
Street, within lhe said Cily; viz:
lin the North side of First Slieei
from tbo corner of Campbell Avenue
in the corner of Boyle Avenue, and
the Ninth   side of Second Street from
tin riii'i'  nf   Pearson  Sln-el  tn the
corner of Ford Street, and on the
South-west side nf Front StreeUfroin
the eorner of King Street to the corner
of Victoria Road, according to the
specifications aud estimates prepared
by the Oity Engineer, and tn assess
lhe expense or cosl thereof upon the
land ur real property abutting on the
purls of such streets us above mentioned, and io he benefitted thereby,
mid 1 tint .1 sliileiiieni showing tlie land
or real property liable In pay the
assessment therefor und the names uf
tlie owners thereof as far as can be
ascertained togother with the specilt-
calionsand estimates uf lin-('ity Engineer and the proposed assessment
and report thereon of the City Clerk
.•tie nuw un die iu the office nf the City
Clerk and open lot' Inspection during
office hours.
The estimated eust nf the wurk is
$1911.50, of which il is intended that
the Cily at large shall bear the whole
of the eust nl Ibe wurk on street crnss-
ing und necessary retaining walls and
one-third uf the cost of the Concrete
Sidewalks, nnd tin- property owners
bearing two-thirds of the cost uf the
said sidewalks,
The total estimated cost In lie borne
hy ihe property owners being $3271. HI.
and by the City at large $1637,10,
Any objection to the proposed undertaking and assessment therefor
shall he made by petition In the City
Council within FIFTEEN (16) days
from the date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being the owners uf
the lands thereby affected.
Dated this 29th day of May, IIHJI).
my 2!l Oity Clerk.
Revelstuke Kind District.
District nf West   Kooleiiuy.
Take Notice that I, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
tn apply fur permission to purchase
the followiug descrilied land:
Commencing at a post planted on
lake shore, at the northeast corner of
lot 7965 and marked "A.W. Dickin-
sun's Northwest Coiner," thence south
40 chaina, cast Kl ohains, north 40
chains, wost 40chains, following lake
shure tu place uf commencement.
Dated April 7tb, 1900.
Ap. 10. A. W. Dickinson.
Certificate of  Improvements
I. \. I„  ninl  Silver  I'ick   mineral
claims, situate in Ibe Trout Luke
Milling Division uf Wesi Koolenny
Where located, between ibe north
unit soulh links of Lardo Creek.
Take notice that I Cut hei iue Florence lleniiv, nf Vancouver, B.C.. Free
Minct's Ceriillcale Nn. 111X1711, Intend
-ixty dav8 from dale hereof, in apply
In lho Mining Recorder fur a certlfl*
caie ni'itupi'ov, ments I'm- the purpose
nf obtaining Crown   grants   of   the
above cluiuis.
And further take nolice thai action
under Section 87 must be commenced
before the issuance uf such Certificate
nf Improvements.
Daled   this   I Weill v seventh  day  (if
Mny, A.D .  IIIIIII.
mv2ll Cathkuink Fi.uiikm k BUSATTV.
llevelsloke Lund District.
llislrict nf West Kiinleiuty.
Take nnl lee that Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend to apply for pei mission
tn purchase the following described
Commencing at n post planted iit
siiiiih-i'in-i corner of Lot 8800, Iheneo
west 10 chains, I hence south 7 chains
more or less In lake shore, thence along
lake shore in point nf commencement,
Duted did April, I III HI.
iip 10-no.i      JULIA A. simpson,
Private Sale
A private snle nl household furniture including slid range, fl boles,
also brass mounted single eiprcs"
bamest, The above may be seen any
day,    John MoPHAIL, First street.  THE MAIL HEKALD, KEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Royal Standard Flour
TjflftB&ffijKTSff       The  following   iire   th'3   luiky n_i_n')3ri
Ml       m   _»       lsfljdrawn for May:
J/11250       .'DIS!       43503       56152       -11 Hi 8
9  15637      31039       43192       39723       41U3
j^' Here are the u i u li oi son; of   tin luiky
* winners to date:
Mr-. Coakley Rossland, B. C.
Mrs, Conners   Nanaimo, 11. C.
Mrs. Shannon   . . .1145 Seventh Ave., Vancouver
Mr.-. K. .1. Smith Little River, Comox
Mrs, Telford North Vancouver, B.C.
Mrs. UU Ids Hamilton St., Vancouver
Mrs. A. E. Adams Anaconda, B. C.
Mrs. Crawford     Sixth  Avenue. Vancouver
Mr-.   M.   ll.   Hutchinson   Langley,  B.C.
Mrs. C. Adshead Aldergrove, B. C.
Mrs.   W.   Rowe   Harvey  Victoria,   B.  C.
Mr-. M. Miliums Comox, B.C.
Mr.   W.   II.  Heighten Mission City, B. C.
M rs. M. Ferguson Saaniohton, B. C.
These have each received, free of all charges, a handsome dinner
Bet ol 109 ni -. Cut this out and keep it for reference. All the coupons bearing the above numbers have. Left our mills, though some of
them in iy - iii be in the hands of the dealers. Prizes will be awarded
no matter when the lucky coupons are. returned. We are giving away
]u Bet6 every month, and every 491b. sack contains a coupon.
Buy Koyal Standard Flour and save the coupons.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. WATT, Manager.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a re-
lieival of the retail liquor license for
the Union Hotel, Arrowhead, B. ('.,
for the half year from June .'lOllt, 1909,
io December81st, 1909,
Dated this 5th day of May, 1900.
may 51m W. .1. Liohtburnb.
Take nolice that we intend to make
application tn the Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor lieense for the Lakeview
Hotel, Arrowhead, li. 0., for the half-
year from June 30th, WOO, to Dec. 31st
Daled May oth, 11100.
my 5,  llll I'l.l'.MI'TllN   &  ClIAI'MAS.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license fnr the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, B. ('.
Dated May oth, 1909,
.1. H. Young,
Notice is hereby given that I Intend
fo apply in the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Kootenay
Hotel, Burton Oity, B, ('.
Dated May 5th, 1909.
Wm. Lovatt.
Belore the First of May, two six-
roomed houses, in Revelstoke, with
two acrea nf lnnil each; including, il
wanted, horse and rigs snd ull garden
tools. Situuted west of C P.R. track
Lower town.    Apply to
to Box 231!, Revelstoke.
Take notice that I Intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for ,a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Oity Hotel
al Arrowhead, ti. '-'., for the half vear
from June 80th to December Mist, 1909.
Dated May oth, 1909.
John I'aley.
\ni ice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to applv tn
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for a renewal of my retail liquor
license for the premises known as the
lintel Beaton, at Beaton, B. ('.. for the
half year from June 80th to December
81st, 1900.
Dated Mav .ith, 1009,
A. Evans.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our Handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, nr
damask, with frames that ure in every
conceivable design, uud made to wear
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beautifying the home th it are taste
ful, effective and inexpensive, and will
shoiv your rooms tn the best advantage.
^^^MOfi!        H.  HOWSON Sr  CO'Y
are disposing of their
entire stock at a small
advance over first cost
For Cask Only
Take notice thai 1 intend lo make
applieation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Eva Hotel
at Camborne, B. t'.. for the half year
from JuueSOch, 1009, io December31st,
Hated May 5th, 1009.
John A. Thew.
Take notice thnt I inteud to make
applieation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal ol the
retail liquor license for the St. Leon
Hotel, St. I. .nn Hot Springs ti. C.
for the half vear from June 30th, 1909,
to I embei 31st, 1009.
Dated .May 5th  inuo.
M. Grady.
Take notice thai I intend to make
application to the Superintendent uf
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for tic premises
known as the Halcyon Hoi Springs
llotel. Halcyon, ll. ('.. from June 30th
;,. Decern hei 31st, WOO.
Dated May 5th. 1900,
H. Mi Ivi.i-ii.
The New Edition ot" ihi*
Vol, VIII issued May, 1901), contains 1500
pages, with nearly 50 per cent, more
matter than lhe preceding edition. The
chapters with nine descriptions and on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the bulk of the matter therein is
There are 25 chapters,
Covering Copper 11 is tory, Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, LeachingtlSmelling, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Su list it uii's. Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, Stales, Countries nnd Continents; Mini"> in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Kxports,
Finances) Dividends, etc.
The Copper Handbook is concededly the
The Copper Hanbook contains, in this
now and greatly enlarged edition, about
50 per cent, more matter than   the   Bible
though not necessarily .t betler book
because of its greater bulk. It is filled
with FACTS 01 vital importance to
Price Is $5 in buckram wiih i^ilt top, or
$7*50 in genuine lull library morocco.
Tonus an- the most liberal, Send no
money, bin order the book sent you, all
carriage charges prepaid on ono week's
approval, to be returned it unsatisfactory,
or paid for if it suits, Oan you afford not
to see the book unci judge for yourself oi
its value in you _J
Write now to the editor and publisher,
Horace J. Stevens
HOUGHTON',  MICH.,  U.   S.  A.
Department Issues Statement
on B. C. Surveys -Big Terri
tory is Explored
Becoming Known
Canada is
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol' Wesi Ko itenav.
Take notice that I. Ail ran La Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation married won,an,
Intends lo apply for permission to
purchase the following descrilied
Commencing ai a post planted on
the south-wesl corner of Lol 111 III,
thence west 10 chains: thence north
00 chains: thence easl 10 chains: thence
smith Ilo chains lo place of cotumeuce-
Mn-. Ami VN I..\ Hn isii.
H.J. I.i Bhasii, Agent.
Daled .Mav 17th. 11109. my _iti
Take ti tice thai I Intend
application to the   Superintendent
Provincial Police for i renew
retail liquoi I for the Linili
Take notice thai ive, Ogilvie and McKitriek, intend lo make application to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal ol retail liijuor license for the
I.claml hcicl at Nakusp, B. C, lor the
hall year from June io, 1909, 10 December
j'-   l'10'I.
1 l.ilcl May 5th,   1909.
lluicl ai (lomaplix, li- C, I'm the
year ft in ' 1 ■ llth to I 'ed I -
Dated Mav
Joseph  .
lm If
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after  date   I   intend to  apply to the
Superintendent   of   Provincial Police
for a   rone val  nf  the  retail lii(iioi llie foi the  Hotel Grand al Nakusp,
■ ■    ihe  I. ilf-vear  from June 30th to
1  31st, III id.
I luted M iv I-J Ih. 1009,
■ ov 151m 11   .1.  LaHrash,
f -'%'%.'%'%-*.'<^'%.',nv *•"»-*.•%.-% ■%,%.-%.9_. %■%■%.-%.-%-%. ■%.■%.■%.•*■%■% 1
J   P.    BJ/M3     St.    COMPANY,    LIMITED.
*f   p
tf   .'   -■ i
1 1 'i   1 . 1   1.   il   1. ir 1. v
tLx% v* %-*-»>*».»^.^st*.*-*-**^* v«.%«.'%^w«W'*%-W4_. v-i
:  . \ :     '-VI  11       C nn ue      MliKlir
Wholesale and Retail Moat iviorchants
.   " -  m I 'I ■ o.T-   11  I. v 1 Stock      M trkets in  1 $
1 r • A'lieru. British C $
"1  ttt I  Bran I " Impel 11 tins an     I 4
B  ml L  if L     I
I Ile I. '■     I'.,
Take 11      ell       I   intend  to  make
npplicni: Supei-i   '"inl.-in   of
1  ri    eu al ol' the
li ''i,-.' I'm   the   ('iiinliiirne
Hnl ne. II. f\. i c Hie half
1.   11 Di   eiuher 31st.
:. h, limn.
*■ .
•   lirect from 1 igin.
'   "   il    tn   make
t tenet   tl of  t he
tu   tlie   I;■■    :.
1 . 1 ::l-i.
The annual summary report for the
calendar year. 1008, of the geological
survey, Ottawa, haa recently been
issued, and is now in the procesB of
distribution. The volume contains a
summarized account ol the operations
during the past season ol this branch
of the department uf mines, and the
results are of direct interest to the
mining public in general.' In case you
should desire to direct the notice ol
your readers to matters of general or
local interest ynur attention is called
to the following synopsis uf the more
important results of the year's work.
An account (pp. 18 21) is given by
the director, K. VV, Brock, of the pro-
missing Sheep Creek camp, near Sal-
mo, B.C., in which are many apparently persistent i|tiart_. veins carrying
good gold value. lt is expected that
aliom $250 000 will he recovered from
the limited operations of the year,
and the outlook is distinctly encouraging for profitable, small mines.
I) 1). Caimes (pp. 21! 32) mid party
were engaged during the year 1008 in
mapping and exploring the district iu
the Yukon lying between Whitehorse
and Tantalus. The result of this year's
work has heen to extend the known
arer of eoal bearing rocks, an important point, since the advancing mineral production ol the Yukon will iu-
1 evitably produce a demand for coking
coal for metallurgical purposes. An
account is also given if tlie copper
prospects to the southwest ol Montague and again in the neighborhood
of liiltana lake.
Dtirtng   the summer  nnd  winter of
1907 08 and the summer of 10"8, .1.
Keele (pp. 33 38) conducted an exploratory party across the mountains
lying between the Yukon and Mackenzie river basins, in about latitude
03 dnerties north. Though no special
indications of economic importance
were discovered, the result of the
party's wurk ia important since the
country traversed was virtually an
altogether unknown one
The examination of the Pacific coast
of British Columbia (pp. 38-40), inaugurated in  1900,  was continued   in
1908 hy K. P. Graham, over a distance
of about 100 miles north ol Kingcrome
\Y. \V. Leach (pp. 41-12), continued
his work ol ihe previous season, in
the Bulkley valley, British Columbia,
not far from the proposed route ol the
National Transcontinental Railway.
The i'miling of a new coal area aud
details concerning oilier previously
known, nre given. I ifortn itiou is also
given bearing on the gold and silvei
bearing sulphide oreB of the district.
I'llXi.llA    1-1   IM.
During  the  past seasnti, 1»- * *. Mc
Council   I pp    17 50), « 1 • engaged  in
examining   the northwestern  part of
Texcli islind, British 1' iltnuhin     An
;nvi uut   i-i   given   1 '■   »idel     miner
iilizi'd portion of the island    The de
p isits  includ    ipjitriz vi ms with free
li   -cs  iif e ppi r e ihi   ere- and
-  - of   magna ite n-uinl.y  carrying
-■ une   11'" 1    •   il 1.   1 |i  ■    ill    IPS       Til"
1-,n,   1 • ■   ,r ■ . p. n ..I   large
,     -  111   linn-* 1 \ line  2 'I  i.i"   in
length. The abundance ol the ores
their high grade in iron and easy accessibility must make them extremely
valuable in the event of au iron industry being established on the coast.
C. H. Clapp (pp. 52-60) and party-
spent the season in performing a geological reconnaissance of the southern
portion of Vancouver island. It is intended to examine, eventually, and
map the whole of he island. Tbe
copper deposits of the district are important and the report contains an interesting account of tbeir general
characters. Though all the ores of
the district are low grade yet some
of the ore bodies are so large that it
would appear that, mined on a large
scale, they should prove profitable.
O. E. LeRoy reportB (pp. 05 08) on
the examination o( Phoenix camp, B.
0. of wliicli it is proposed to pnbblish
a map on a scale of 40(1 fee., to 1 inch,
prepared under the direction of VV.
11. Boyd. The mineralized zone in
this camp has au exposed area of
about 120 acres; within this area
chalcopyrite hns been concentrated in
ore bodies of enormous size carrying
fairly uniform values in gold, silver
and copper. The low grade character
ol the ore is offset by its lluxiug quali-
ties, the size and favorable situation of
the deposits, and by many economics
that can be, practised in the handling
of a large tonnage.
G. S. Mnlloeh reports (pp. 70-70) on
tbe Big Horn coal ha^iti on the Bra-
zeau river in Alberta. Details of a
section of the coal measures on Trail
creek show the presence of a number
of coal seams, ranging in thickness up
to a maximum uf 13 feet.
The examination of Mr. Mclnnes
(pp. 87-92) during the past seaeou of
the then unexplored portions of the
Churchill river, including South Indian lake. Saskatchewan nnd Keewa-
tin, has shown tbat. in this district,
there is a considerable basin of cultivable soil.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Manufactured for nil classes of   ImiUtiiigs
for sni" iu large'or small quantities
at the lowest prices fur rash.
AU kin.Is o( huildiiiK and flustering
order to complete the present
knowledge ol the territory bordering
un Hudson Bay, uow assuming greater
importance in view ol the probability
ol the early extension oi a railway
line to some port en this island sea, O,
O'SulIivau (pp, 98-94) surveyed the
shore line from Severn river, easttnard
to the cape at the west side of ibe
entrance to .lames Buy.
V. Sttffanaon (pp. 00 202) contributes a repnit dealing with the Kski-
1111' of the Mackenzie delta. Mr.
Steffansou has already spent nearly
two continuous years in this northerly region and docs not propose to return until the end of the summer ol
1000. He is collecting much valuable
ethnological material for the survey
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office -McKenzie Ave
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
anil proven Our trees do
not have to be lumigattd.
Tiny are grown in the 1 11 ly
part of the continent not
infested with the San Jose
157 l'age Catalogue Free.
Calgary is Chesty
The Calgary Herald says: It is
very apparent that all the graiu and
elevator firm* d.-iiiH business bave
rec igniz'd the fict that Calgary is the
commercial centre of the territory between Winnipeg and Vancouver,
The Alberta Grain company, ol
Strnl 11-oiin, have I insfcrred tlieir
headquarters to this . . y and will do
btisiuees here in the futu ■ Calgary
nis.1 lo .ki good '. 1 the Suuuy Bell
Grain Co.nl bel 111. ri, Ige, anil I bey hive
ils. opeiu ii mi Tie in the city The
bead - IHec 1 1 Rai il ill, Gee A Mitchell
ol E hn.ni,ni. will in a few d iys he
loi-iii'il iii Calgary, and the bu?mes<
of 1 In linn '• inducted from this poiut
M.   J.   HENRY,
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3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery
South Vancouver
IW (
H 111I1IA
•auu win ri.NG
Work   Guaranteed.
>  Promptly  Killed.
3rd Street and Rohson Ave.
al Hotel
•       . I ETOR9
Queen's Ho1
choii - .1  the
■   . : Vlonthl
J       .' 3IR.T     S -f E      Pi" >'■
ueens J4otel
Best brands ni Wines, Liquors and Cigars,    Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation ai this
CHIEF   YOUNG. - - Proprietor
Sonic 1 n 1] H11.11 up rubers ol  I he Sun I • i.uu 1 ieo 1 Iperci Co. who will appear in "F lorodora' at the Opera House, Wednesday, J tins 9 ri'
Notice to Contractors
VVjlmkh School
j KALIS D TENDERS,  superscribed   'Tender
SuhiKii-iuuisd,'' win bo received by the
Kuu. llie Minister ul I'ublic Works up to HOOD
ttf Woiimesday, tlio Hiih day of Juue, 1909, for
tho preotdoo and cnmploiiot) ot a small one*
room frame School-house at Wilmer, H u.
Piuus, specifioftttoQB, ooutraot and forma of
tendor may ho soon on and afinr the 21st day of
Mi>, VM*, at tho ollices of the Uovoniitioitt
A«out ai (j ildeu; of F U Hall, ttsq , Sei-retary
of the School Hoard, Wllmor I! I' , and at the
Public Works Deimrtineut, Victoria,H   0.
Kach proposal must bo Hccmnpauiod by an
HtTopted bank cheque or certilicate of deposit
on a chartered bauk of t'anada, made payablo
to the lion, tho Minister of Public Works for a
■ um equivalent to ton per cent of the amount
of the lundar. which shall bo forfeited if rho
party tendering decline to outer iuto contract
when called upon to do so, or if he fail to complete tho work contracted for. The cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to thorn upon tbe execution of
tho contract.
Tenders will not be Considered unless made
out on ihe forms supplied, signed with tho
actual signature of tho tenderer, ami enclosed
in the euvoUipos fi.ruishod.
Tho lowest or auy tender not necessarily
olio Works Bnginaer.
Public Works Department,
Victoria, H. 0., 18lh May, 1009,
inn 12
court house, fernie
QBALBD TKNDKHS. kupersoribed "Tender
O tor t ourt Housei Fernie, B 0 ," will bo re-
ueived by the Hun. tho Uiuister of Public
Works, up to noon of Wednesday, the 9tb day
of June, 1U09, for the erection aud completion
of a Concrete aud Krick Court Souse at Forme.
Plans, .--pecilicatlons, contract and forms of
tender may be seen on ami after the HU h day of
May, 11* Ht, at the ntlice of the (ioverument Ageut
al Ferine, the Govornmeut \.;imii at Nelson,
the Governmout A^'out at Revelstoke, and at
tho I'ubiic Works Department, Victoriai H i\
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bauk cheqno or certilirnio Of deposit
on a chartered ham. uf Canada, made payable
to the Hun. the Minister of Public Works, for
a sum i univalent to ten percent, of the amount
ot the tender, which shall be forfeited if the
party tenderi ug decline to enter into ooutraot
w ben Otillud upon lo do SO, ur it ho fad to cuiu-
piute i in: wurk coutrauiod for The cnequos ur
uurtifloutoo ol deuudit uf uuHUcuesalul Louder-
ew wul iir iciiiiin.it iu iiiciii upon the uxeuuUou
ut the ounli'tiut
Tentlers will not be considered uuleas mado
out on tlio forum bUpputd, sigmn wiih un-
actual elguature ul Lhu touderer, and enclosed
iu the envelop e turulsbod.
The lowest ur any tender not neeo-un j
PubUc Wuiks Kiniiueer.
Publio Wurk- DoparUuuut,
Victoria, H, ^ . -Way im, lUuU. id,
AMDRKW K. F. LIDDLE, Plalutllt,
(Judgmeui Prodi tor)
T. J, Tompkins. Dofeudaut,
(Jadgmeut Debtor)
BBFOBB His Honoi'k JCDOB Gbani In Cham-
BBSs, Monday, the 17tb day of May. A.D.
Creditor uud UPON HEARING Mr. A G. Harvey on bohalf of tao Applicant aud UPON
HEADING the Affidavits Of A. E F. Liddle and
A.G Harvey -*.-:_._. htiem, the 1-uii day of May,
A.D. HtV and liieu;
IT IS ORDERED that service upon the
■ludguiout Debtor, T. J, Tompkins, uf lhe
Notice i 1 Motion aunoxed hereto, calliug upon
him to suow cause wh; certain laud ihoioiu
named should eut be sola to realir.o the amount
of the Judgmout heroin by publishing this
Order together witb the Notice annexed hereto,
In four oonseoutiTe weekly editions ol a uews<
paper published or circulating in the Pity of
Kevelstoke, H.C- be deemed good aud sutlicieut
service upon the aforesaid Judgment Uebtur,
ui the .-aid Order and Notice ol Motion;
cost of aud lucideutai to thia Application,
should be added to the amount of the •Judgment
TAKE NOTICE that a Motion will ho made
belore tho Presipiug Judge in Chambers, at tho
louit House, Vancouver, B-Cuou Friday, the
15th day of Juue, A.D. 11W9, at the hour of IU
o'clock iu the foreuuon or so soon thereafter a-
couusel may bo hoard un an applieation on
hohalf of the Judgment Creditor, f< r au Order
calling upon the Judgment Debtor lo show
cause why I..a- one (1) uud two (2) iu Blocks
Forty-Mi, Forty-seven, Forty-eigbi t*t>, 47, *S>
Di>trict Lot Twu Th< useud and Tweniy-two
(2021), Vancouver District, or a competent part
of said laud, ahould nut be sold lo roal>z-i the
amount payable under the Judgment herein;
support thereof, will be read the Affidavits of
A. E. F. Liddle  aud   A.G.   Harvey, both SWom
tho 18th jay uf ditty, A.D. 1900, aud hied.
Your money
back if
does not prove entirely
satisfactory in the baking.
Buy high-     f
DON'T simply buy flour from tlie dollar ami cent snle of it.
quality flour. That means n'RITY FLOUR. The first little extra
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returns, not only on account of Purity's ability to product more, bul because
Purity contains the greater nutriment and tlie vim of a strong hard wheat
flour. Food made from Purity Flourgives the consumer health, snap and
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more than sonic flours
but you'll find its more
than worth the difference. To be genuine,
must bear the Purity
trade mark.
Office, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. Boniface, Goderich, Brandon
Sunshine  grates  have
maximum  strength
Solicitor for Judgment Creditor.
ToT. J, Tompkins, Esq ,
Judgment Debtor
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West Konli-iiuy.
Tnke Notice that Kodenok W, Lindsay, of Camborne, B.C., nocupution
merchant, Intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following
desorlbed land 1
Commencing al a post planted at the
umili-1-u.-.i 001 uur uf A. li. McKay's
pre-emption, No. "mio. uml marked
"It. W. Lindsay's North-West Oorner
Post) tbenoe about n iluiins east to
west lim-ui MoKlunon's pre-emption,
tbenoe about 00 ohalus soutb, thence
iiimiu 8 chuins west iii McKay's side
line, thence north about .*>n ohalus to
p.iint ul iiniiiiiii'lii'.'iiirlii   und   nullum-
ing 411 aores more or less.
Roderick William Lindbay,
Dated April 8Mb, IU0U. my 22
Revolstoko Lund District,
District oi West Kootonay.
Take notice that I, John II .Selkirk,
Agent, of Vancouver, H.I'., intend lo
apply to the Commissioner of Lands
and Winks fur permission to purohase
1 be following desorlbed landsi
liegiiiiiiiig ni 11 post plantod about
21) I'liains east of the north east oorner
of Timber Limit No.   12160 Upper
Ariiiw Luke, Wi-hi Koiiiuiiiiy,running
wuhI 80 chains, tbenoe north HO chains,
thenoe east tui chains, thenoe south i"
ohalns, thenoe eaat 211 chains, thenoe
• ■nul ll 211 rlliiiim lo pollll of riilllllll'lll'l'-
Dated April 7th, num.
up ll JOHN 11. SELKIRK.
Take notice Unit thirty days after
date I Intend tn applv tn the Superintendent of Provlnolal Police for a
reiiiil liquor lii'i'iiMi' fm ihe Springs
Aotel ui Albert Canyon, B.O., from
June 80tb to Dooomber Blst, lvw. 1
Dated May llllli, 1000,
liVSMAItli MuKllW.
Sunshine    Furnace    has
four triangular grale   bars,
each  having three distinct sides.     In the
single-piece and  two-piece grate no   such-like
provision is made for expansion or contraction
and a waste of coal always follows a shaking]
On Ihe left- and right-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit the grates to slide out.   These four grate bars
are made of heavy cast iron, and are finished up with bulldog
teeth.     The teeth will grind up the toughest clinker ; and
because the grates are made in sections, not only can nothing but dust and
ashes pass through, but after each shaking a different side can be presented
to the fire. Also, with the Sunshine grate there is no back-breakintr
movements attached to the shaking. By gently rocking the lever, first on the
left and then on the right, the ashes are released on both sides.and fall through
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Aeronaut Satisfied
The Zeppelin airship, on ite way
back to Kreiderichshafen, from Bitter-
field, came down in an open field today. The landing was only for a
manoeuvre but the envelope ul the
pointed body of the vessel came into
contact with the branch of a tree and
was torn. The aeronaut is thoroughly
satisfied will his journey which is the
longest excursion yet undertaken.
The airship covered some Kf>0 miles
including its man leuvring, within Al
War Temper Growing
London, June 5—Lord Eslier, speaking at Callender,in Perthshire, referred
to the recent trend of events in Eur
ope snd the near east, and said that
his earnest conviction mis thst unlets
the government ol Britain ai tl the
oversells dominions tuok strong and
immediate steps the hoys he r.-ss addressing would have to tight Iur tic
freedom ol Britain and the freedom uf
Where Christie's Biscuits
come from—
The cleanest factory in Canada
'THlE Christie, Brown biscuit factory is in keeping with
*•   the international  reputation of  the   firm.    Visitors
know just why Christie's biscuits are the best baked—and
hundreds visit the big factory every season.
The Christie, Rrown people stake their reputation on
cleanliness and quality. The raw product is the purest
and ix t ;.' -ney en 1 buy, and every ounce of it is
carefully analyzed 1 ■ 'fi>re it can enter the bake rooms.
Every dovioe nnd nutchin^ making for the perfection of
tho product is used I lie big factory. The bright and
cheerful employes, all arrayed in spotlessly white uniforms laundried on the premises, speak volumes for the
sanitary conditions under which they work. You just
buy Christie's Biscuits once and you'll know why your
neighbors call them "so good." Tht best g;rocers keep
them and they cost no more.
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
Ryan Discusses Iniquity of the
Canadian Laws
Mr. Peter Ryan cuutiibutes the
following letter concerning changes in
the Banking Act tu the Toronto News,
For obvious reasons I never expected that any leading Canadian
journal would openly approve ul any
demand that the Banking Ant of
Canada should be reformed so that
the bunking corporations be made to
"render to Caesar that which is Caesar's," but trust you will permit me in
brief tu ask you to justify if y.u can
ihe extraordinary privilege grauted tu
tlie Canadian banks of issuing currency without contributing Bumetliii.g
to the State for this profit-making
law. At the present time thero is in
circulation aboul $90,000,000, wbicli 1
claim should be issued by tlie State
or a tax imposed on the amount in
actual circulation, us in nearly every
uther country.
Wlien we cunsider that from this
brunch of the blinking franchise 111 cit-
tire bank nutes representing the value
of the entire wheat crop ol the great
Xurth-W'est, in circulation, every
dollar ul which should be contributing
something to meet the expense ol
Uoveriinieut, surely 1 am justified in
calling public attention, on the eye of
the Banking Act coming up for consideration and revision by the Dominion Government, to this important
It will be advanced by the bauk
advocates I bat to tax the bank circu
latiuii will result in .. 11 inciease ol the
rates uf discount. Tins is nul pnssi'de
for there is only so much which ihe
mercantile and mauufucturing community cau stand, and tbiB poi 1 has
tn.eii reached. As ii is ibe average
rate ol discount charged by tbe Amer
iuau banks lo their ouatom is is less
than the average rate ol discount
charged by the Canadian banks today.
Again, is it seemly in this day when
prosecutions ol trade guilds or combines are being instituted, that the
banks bhould be allowed to go without
whipping when they cumbiue to depress ihe rate uf interest on deposits,
and which combined rale uf interest
i- unly allowed on the minimum
monthly account and not on the
lu New York City, where money is
usually cheaper than anywhere on
this continent, the savings bank give
4 per cent, interest un deposits, although not enjoying the right to issue
currency. To sing the old sung about
our banks being strong is nut necessary, and tu harp on the one single
string about the soundness of our
currency is like "gilding refined gold."
The curreucy is practically ol unquestioned soundness. The American
currency is equally so, but the difference is just here that the American
bank.- pay tribute for the bills in
circulation and deposit g Id or United
States bond, as security while uur
banks pay nothing neither are their
notes backid by gold on the bonds nf
the Canadian Government,
It is true that all tlie b..nks unite
in securing the note issue, but the
inlluence ol the banks was sulliciently
strong 11 pasi parliaments, and with
all Governments to make the redemption ul the notes a tirsl claim and lien
on all the suspended bank assets, even
the deposits are tu be used for this
purpose. Therefore the banks run 110
risk whatever in guaranteeing the
geueral currency.
In this day when every institution,
however old and valued, muBt show
cause fur existeic when challenged,
il is Mirely UO crime to point out "Pro
Bono Publico'' a feiv of the very many
reasons which exist lor such changes
in the Blinking Act of Canada as the
changed conditions ol the Dominion
It is surely a sulje-t worthy ol I'.tr
liamentary inquiry how it comes that
the hanks ol the United States, Mexico
Argentina, Chili, Peru, Belgium, Austria, Bolivia, Prance, Germany, Italy,
Spain, Portugal and other nations
impose a tux on bunk nulls in eimu-
littiuti and c.x.iet a percentage iu many
cases on lhe profit!   while  uur   I auks
pay nothing, but are permitted tu be
planted whorever a dollar deposit oun
be secured and which dollar is not
used in the drained locality, but pipe
lined frequently to aid the speculators in Wall Street and uther gumb.
ling pits.
Department of Agriculture Will
Aid Farmers.
The Dominion Hi partment of Agriculture, under ils b inch ol tbe dairy
and colli storage commissioner, has
issiuil a circular announcing tbat
blanks are supplied by the government
wiMi tlie object iif fill-warding the testing uf individual rows in owners!
herds for the purpose of discovering
tbe profitably productive capabilities
uf each. The scheme suggests a
measurement nr test of the milk
values, with a view to reaching definite
oonolusions aB to profit produoing
values of individual members of the
laid. A single paragraph from the
circular letter will nmke clear (be intension of the guvernment in issuing
the di iiunii'iil.    It states:
"Some check Bhould be kept on the
yield ol each cow. 11 the milk iH
weighed on unly three days a mouth
and samples tested once a month, then
the owner will know very closely
which are the heaviest producers. If
wei hts are taken at every milking
any sudden variation will be Immediately observed, steps can le taken
lu remove lie cause. If a record is
kept of the Iced, the most profitable
cows can be detected, and some that
might produoe more il fed better will
be given lhe opportunity "
Cood feed is then as important for
cows as (or men,
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Medium Clover,
Mammoth Clover
While   Iiul, b Olovei
Sutton's Lawn Grass
German Millet
\n.eiii-itii Wonder Peas
Champion   ol   England
Black   Eye   Marrowfat
11.■id.-ii Wesi Beans
Beats, Carrots, Turnips
1 iiii'.n Sets,  Multipliers
Sweet peas Nasturtiums
ikl Ruse, Harvest
Wheat    Sheaf,
Vindictive Intentions
Vanoodvbk, June 6,—A fire of
clearly incendiary origin was discovered 1 11 the steamer CiiBsiar on her last
trii> from the north. When it whb
put OUt, the OOftl oil Hoaktid hay anil
cotton was discovered. Muring the tiro
11 hallbrei'il logger jumped overboard
and was drowned. This it is thought
explained the fires on the Union
Steamship Company's sliiiiiicr Coniox
last month and the Cui|iiitlam last
week, the latter costing three lives and
endangering about 'ill. It is believed
some crank  is  seeking  to   avenge a
landed injury.   The drowned halfbr I
is nut suspect nl On tbe arrival ul lhe
Cassiar here seamen and firemen
deserted, nor cuul'l they be replaced
owing tu the lear ol other (ires,
The San Francisco Opera Co.
The th.'Hire mt rs will, on Wednesday night, June 9ih, h ve another
opportunity ol attesting heir appreciation ui the Sin Fraucii-coOptr.i Co.
' This real y 1 dented organization is eu
route io Vancouver, B.C., win re on
June 14 it opens a season uf ll! weeks
at the beautiful Empress Theatre.
'Dully Varden," which has been given
in Kevelsloke, as well as every oity of
prominence as fur east aa Port Willi nn, will be llie opera company's first
offering iu Vancouver. The San
Francisco Opara Co., when it appears
hire Wednesday nigbt, Juue Oth, will
present exactly the same c isle ol principals and the same chorus as it will
at the Empress Theatre. Teddy Webb
ol course heads the comedy section,
aud the beautiful voices of Mabel Day,
Lucille Palmer, Amy Leicester, .1.
Russell Powell, and Pred. Suouk, arc
still retained. J, Francois Lieb, a
Boholarly high baritone and Frank
Wooley, a diameter comedian with a
Broadway reputation, have proven the
most popular of the newcomers. The
most conspicuous changes will be
noted in the chorus. All of the dilatory mem hers ol the old 1 hurus have
been supplanted by young and pretty
girls that can both sing and dance.
Mr. Will H. Sniiih, an English stage
director ol i.ote, has been especially
engaged for the Vancou.er engagement and has aire dy commenced his
work with the company when the
San Francisco Opera Cumpany appears
at the Revelstoke Opera Hnuse Wednesday next. Mr. Smith will be in
the first entrance and will see that
there is not a dull moment Irum the
rise to the fall of the lin tl curtain.
"Florodora,' the English musical
comedy wbioh the company will pti-
sjut, fs tou well known to require
much mention. Suffice it to slate
that it is the must successful musical
comedy over written. It has established box otlice records in pretty much
every portion ol the civilized portion
of the globe that will n ver be equalled.
Five Roses, Royal Standard, W
Queen, Western Hungarian,
Whole Wheat,    Graham.
Barley Flakes,   Toasted   Corn,    \\
P lakes.    1
Oats,     \\
oasted   Corn,
heat Granules.
Hay, Wheat. Oats, Cracked and Whole Corn,
Oilcake Meal, Vetches, Chick Food, Beef, Scrap
and other Chicken Specialties.
initoba    Frost    Wire    Fences    and    (iates,
iriiuck's   free  Paint,
The Paget Supply Co'y-
*        These destroyers cannot live wharo trees have been treated with     ^^
W A K N O C K '
I'ear Blight. Rabbits, .Mice, Borers
shell, Rarli Lulls.' nud Sun Scald.
not wash oft'.   One application pro
S    T R E
Canker Worm, San .lose Scale, Oyster
acts for two years. Warnock's Tree Paint
Is not an experiment, li has stood the test fur six years in all parts of the
I'nited Slates. Ii is an absolute pieventative and cure for Pear Blight. We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used ibis tree
p.iini I'ur three m-iu-s. November, 1007| ihey ptu-chrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution amoug leading orchards.    Send for  16-page free booklet to
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B. O., Sole Manufacturers for B. 0.
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
j-ittitiw-i;.-_Pv_.>_i/E, r is. -^aflt^nEafin
The Leading Cigar Store
and Poo! Room in the City
best  and largest   Stuck
of Cigars and
Pipes  in
Original   Mac's   Mixture
nuw   nn   hand
and madi
expressly for us by 1 >.
K. McPherson.
in C. P. R. contract for facing Kevelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By fnr the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about have ymir insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
Railway Earnings
The Uiand Trunk April statement
issued shows groBfl receipts of the
Grand Trunk proper are increased
£20,009 while working expenses tie-
creased 1700. The Canada Atlantic's
net profit increased C1770; Grand
Trunk Western net profit increased
\ i a M >t i
Apply First Street Went
At D o'clock.
Steamer Revelstoke
On account ol tbe sudden  rise ol
water in the river the steamer left today lor the I'ive-Mile landing and will
until further milieu leave that landing
in ery Tuesday and  Friday at  I!  a.m.,
returning the same day.
stage connects with lin
T. A.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds, Stoves, Tin
and Enamel ware. Hoots and
Clothing bought, suid ur ex-
j. i). huh, Prop. !..'i"'r.";;:;',■ I'm
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
June :M
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
PUBLISHING COMPANY, Ui. Hi E ,\l A [LHEKALI), \i K V ttI ,ST<) K bl  li 0.
Seasonable oMerchandise
At Special Sale Prices   Substantial Cuts in all Lines
Men's Suits
Men'.- Tweed Suits selling nt $9, Tliese
are new—this season's goods bought at special
price.-, easily wortli $15, Come in and look
tlieui over.
Men's Worsted Suits—Snle price $10,
These -nit- arc made by one of the best
manufacturers anil come in blue uml black.
Your choice now lor only $10; good value at
frum $1G to $1S.
Boys' Suits
l; ,-,--' Tweed Suits ut $2.50. \\Y ure
_. ..,h. ... our boys' suits ai great reductions,
I'bis ;-   your opportunity lo drest yuur boy in
hby -Hit at little cost.
Ladies' Specials
Special prices nuw given on Wash Suits,
Wash skirts, New Blouses, Ladies' Underwear, Bells, Collars and Hosiery.
Boots and Shoes
MenV elaslie side lmuts, regular $.'!..ri0
selling nuw at $'2.'2"i. Men's box call lace
boot, regular $4,50, now $2.00,
All   I,mlies'mid   Bouts and Oxfords that
have    lieen    on   Bale   al   $1.50, are  now lieing
cleared  at  +1   per  pair.     These are regular
$3 anil $1 goods.
Never before in the history of the city
have such bargains lieen offoreil us are to be
found now at uur store.
(>0-CK><_H>O<K><><>CK><>-CK> 0<H>0-0-0-<>-CK><?
Roal Estate, Insurant!!) and Commission Agent
Olliee on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public      Q
) <K)^<KK^<KK><KK><KH>0^<>(>0<><K>
We -ell all lhe besi
makes ol Talcum
Powders, Kor the
Baby, foi Shaving,
fnr Sore Keet, etc.
Guaranteed not lo
in itato.    Suid in
25c. and 50c. Tins
Macdonald's Drug Store
Hakvh.-I.ki . ii—Ai Bevelstoke, B. ('■,
,,ii Wednesday June 2nd, 1909, by
Kev. J. R. Robertson at his residence. David Hai vie ol Shuswap,
ti. C, t.. Ellen Elizabeth l.sech of
Gillingbam, England.
G A R 13 E IN    S E Va 1) S
Call and inspect our stock of Onion Sets and Oni'deii Seeds of all kinds
None but new seeds kepi in stuck
i carry   n   complete   line   of
( hii' bread, cake aud pastry trade
plu and fancy ^focuries,  antl
is   rapidly    increasing,   ;i   i rial
otter yon the  liesl   goods .it
order for any one of ilu* above
same price ;i^  yon pay  fov
will explain why.   Our aim is to
* ri • • f lint's.
keep only t he hest,
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
$15,000   -STOCK-$15,000
We are giving up business and selling  out  our  entire   Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will be continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie ave ue
Local and General.
The Saoranient ol the Bird's Supper
will be uliserved at the morning service
in Knox Church tomorrow.
Several cases were heard in the
police curt on Wednesday, the result
b*-in(t the usual tines. An unfortunate
drunk and disorderly as well as the
keepei I a "disorderly" were taxed
i-c    rding to the statutes.
ii. engine was badly needed on tbe
:     -        ■;,      ;   Wi iin- i iy  ',;;;!:! lu
work on the   washout   there,   but  the
C.P.R. would not allow une t.. go over
ih- new steel bridge owing to the fear
I tbe piers being undermined.
Annivcrsory services will be held in
the Baptisi church tomorrow to celebrate tbe birthday ol the organisation,
Appropriate sermons will he preached
by thi past r snd a special musical
pr gram will be furnished by an eu
larged choir.
First snnual "At ll imi and dance
will be beld in tbi Opera House n
Friday. June lvh. under aiie auspices
of C.W.O.W. Independent Bind will
be in attendance. Dainty refreshments
will be served Gent's tickets, $1,
L»die=   50c,
The meeting ol the board ol trade
authoritatively called for Thursday
night did nut materialize. A number
.-.f the members were present including the president and secretary, but
the lack of light from the source of
local artificial light supply decided the
few to adjourn the meeting.
The visitors wb   wen   man ed in
the city by the stalling of the traiim
on the main ini h id i ■ spend in hour
lie: n Bndin .■ il b w ti bave a good
time. 1 hey -| • edilj ecoven tl them-
lelvi - and as i tin   » b ile com
pany a- could .'■ 1 with
expressed tbemn Ives as Is   It ■
at   tbi. '■ • i -: .1      "I hey bad a
who;- barn in ing to tbi
m ••- - :i - I thi i. idi ni- incident to tbi..-    - '       flit not be g    I
•;;.:.' i • I thi I WOrth repeating as an uniq u ;
the i periences I mat med 11 ivelle i,
A largi part) went inl   ■ loc, church
:   ik   ■    ion        lhe building and
- ■ . tongs I ' hi i ■■ panimi nl ol
::.■ .      .   i ■ ne ol tin
party    Then   just helon     ivi ng tiny
red tbi  .    d   Id    isi  n       tak
up a collection      rhe si lontri-
buti ii oeti ing i , Iteen dollars
,i.i-   :•• ,-erenl..    |   iced   n   the a ien il
ie-.. .,'.:■ r wbicl thi beni diction was
pr n   'M - d    SI ■'. I1 irty    lell tlie
ss red i difi« ,
Your Insurance
Is  one ul   the   most   important   items
in yi iur business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
and games  brought a  very   pleaS'H t
e I'ening to a cluse.
Percy F. Gudenrath, a well known
n ivspaper min a id j urna'ist, f
Vancuuver, who has been on a three
month tour of the east on a Imsiness
ii.it direet to Montreal was among
the arriving passengers in the city
yesterday noning Mr. Godenrath
asserts that thero is a growing npti
mistie feeling in the east as regards
the west and thai great interest in
every part of the province is being
manifested in the commercial centres
o' Ontario and Q lebec. He returned
to the coast on the outgoing train
accompanied by Mrs Godenratb Both
are delighted to get back to the Province.
Editor's Lament
Where was I when the lights went out
And all things lost to view?
Was sitting in niy sanctum and
Was wondering what to dol
No mail Irum East; n i mail from West;
No telegrams in sight
With printers downstairs haul al work
Yi s working day and night;
Where is a man to gel the dope
To Iill this little ran'.'
That is a question gives us pause,
Makes wheels ul progress drag.
If 1 had time to Iill this rag
With all the rotten stutT
That men pet paid good money for
By Heck I'd write enough.
They tell me that the world is young
But when the world gets old
Twill he too hoe to have regrets
We're herded in the fold.—"30.:'
Notwithstanding the delay iii trains
and Hie cancellation of the performance of tbe Norris & Rowe circus
which was to have performed on
Wednesday, the aggregation mad.,
guud this afternoon. The street parade
drew the usual crowd. There was B
guud attendance at the Bhow which
was up to the usual -tan.lard ul
Norris & Howe exhibits with several
um leaturee displayed lien for tbe
first time.
Stanley Leleaux haa been receiving
the    congratulations   uf    his    many
friends  on   account  ol   bia marriage
with Miss Florence Scluili/   on    I    -
day evening. The marriage took ]
at i-t. Peters's church.    Miss  Schultz
arrived   iu  the city  only a few days
ago.    A   testimony  of  the esteem  in
wb ch   Mr.   Lefeaux   is held was (ur-
nished by the Kevelstuke Independent
Hand,    winch     -erenaded    the
weddrfd oouple at   th"ir  residenci
Third   street  alter  the   happy event.
The gratification was rendered great) r
by the fact that  the  members ..I  the
band made a presentation < I  a  hand
-.1   butl'el      I he  kindly  wishea
tbe   band   boys    in    not  conftnei
ll    uii.     iip  but will   be snar.'.l
Li the whole community,
l i,   -; ,   ed I   i  I:   trains kepi
' i,   a   large   u'ltul •
■  ,-,   lera deslined   lor tbe o iasl
-..',   would ia- iu tbe parlance ol  thi
ival   re] orts di lignati d    coaetw ise
passengers.     While  the   unavoida
holdup    here    K is    lomew nil
venieut and even expensive to most
the travellers,   ill ..I  them  in..k tin
iu unr in tbe best spirit and wandered
,r.,iiinl tin- ciiy view ing the lights
winch Revelstoke has no reason to   i
ashamed.    Mel al I heir various boti
,  -I       :    tbe    iiiiwillinir    visil..is
I.r• ■ --nl i hemselves  as delighted   ■ I
i in- town  .unl  those  whu apparent lj
had   shewn   business   InBtinoti
careful in passing the questions, While
the i mil' rs !■ tiled Irom all parts ol I In
continent, none ..I  tbem   were Irum
Do   you    know
ii.u die   - ii     ' ■   ei (I It ng foi
the bain . vi/..
l< \i:V FOODS .Ml.uii.ui v -.
Mellln's, Nestles, Robin-
on' Mai ley, Koliiu on
i,i.„iii. II. ile k- .M.Ik
Lactated Food, Neavcs',
Eskay'i, eti Also the
the best lines ol .Nipple-.
Soothers, Feeding Bottles
and Talcum's,
"i Social and Personal
John i lliver, M, I' I'., lor Delta i in
the city.
F. K. -inn wa- an outgoing passenger to Rossland yesterday morning
Mr-. Cunningham Morris has ro
nn mul from a short visil to the ooai t
Mrs. Hunk will not receive on Wednesday, the ninth Inst,, nor again
until autumn,
Andy Cinig returned south yesterday morning t" Trout Lake, Mrs.
I'raig and family will remain in the
oity for a lew days, the guest   nl   Mrs.
w. l'omllnion,
Dr. Hamilton waa one of tbe Ki \ i I
Btoke delegates to tbe Masonic lodgi
convocation ..i id Bsland. He lefl
A li K iocaid waa a mi ml er ol a
party whioh lefl yesterday to attend
the annual o a\ cation of tbe Grand
iu. ; Ma-, l.ll i unningham Morris will leave
uii Monda) : ir N Ison to atti ad tbi
ei ing oi thn Anglican synod n biota
convenes there on \\  dnesday.
I, I..rn. n wi   ■ ■ ...      ■. ...
I senger aunt, bound       M  nday having
been elected i       gateti tbi Anglican
synod -'
I   W.   Han .    | -ilar   chief   ol
loki     ■ ■ i - -
passei .
Dave Oi       i
lere  she
i    .-ar.
erly   of   thi
s   - ii      Irum
iiy morn-
I-   i.i- ..a only
il tend tbi
• llasonic lodge
ewa    '   iin- deal It ol
u   S ipier   M. /     I be lid
• i-   une    ii  unusual and
•- selivily,
1      M  ntgomer)    returned
.   Spudaue     He    leaves
ipper gold p
■ -   •   ■ viil super
intend nl   voik
• ! I   . i !     '.   . .
'■   -   -\
if I I   .-   .11 111
tended   visil   ii    kevelstoke      Sbe   .
- i sl       iiei   sister, Mrs  H. Cun
■•■   it    Flini   well  known   to
printing men in   British  i lolumbia   is
i um.lim  American
l.iiintypi ' urp ration   p iid a Irie
■ al   at   i hi    Al .iu. II i.iiai.ii   ullice   y..-.
lenl.,.     lie i- -hi hit way to tbe eoasi
ii in- son who residi ( in Van-
" uvei
A delightful evening waa spenl    i
liui'-.i.iy at tho reaidenee of  Mr. and
Mi    I   i. Lawreooe, Filth street, who
entertained a  number uf   friends  in
h  noi ol the   Missel and   Messrs.   Mr
I'lniil. who will shortly   leave  the city
to take up their future residence In
Vancouver Progressive whist was the
game, seven tables playing, The
winnars ol the pretty prices were Miss
Morrison, Mr. O, Knapp ami the consolations wore awarded tu Miss Mae
donald and Mr. C. I rqubart. A dainty
supper was served, alter which dancing
Sporting Notes
On Wednesday night laBt the ijchoo's
played the North Stars in an Intermediate baseball fixture The Stars
w.n uut by the large score HHo 8,
in. .-—i -il buy- played a good game
in the ii- Id but cuuld not bat the ball
n il  would   have   brought in runs
ior them. The batteries wen Schools
I'., i - r Vi . -I. . . North Stars,
Burridge Calder. The following is ihe
standing ol the Intermediate league:
I' iv I.       I' c.
North 9l ir- ....220     1000
Beavera ........ 1       1        0     1000
Schools 2       0        2       000
1   night    in    the   senior league the
Intermediate team will play the Soots
Greys a   eaguegame    A goud game is
lh, -•  si    baseball team have
acce| ti .   an    H i lo play a team rep-
-■        _    '        '  i . and   Enderby at
Armstr ng on the 1st   ol   July, there
being a     g al ion on   t bi re then.
I ,, - ■•■ ted   Reve Btoke on ih"
local   boya are
an put it all over them
-  given again.    It is
■  big crowd will gu into
that d.y ,i   d us
Arm-' ..        I   being a
■ ime .- I--U1- d.
players ha
..      stcly  and au effm I      iuld
them   ■ ■     ■ uch
!    . -il ,-,    i,   ■ um
- ;.. ii I ■    leh
team will  meel        I
y. M. i tnd draft    i   ichci     ■ ol
The Weekly Shoot
i  ip i
Ships Pass in the  Night Tell
Weird Tales
During the night befure the battle
oi Saduiia, a division commanded liy
the archduke, retreating belore Ile
Prussian army, had bivouacked near a
town in Bohemia, Al midnight the
archduke, when rest iug in a peasant's
cottage, was awakened by the arrival
of a gypsy, who insisted on seeing him
personally, having come to repnrt the
advance ol the enemy. The archdude,
who spoke Romany lltiently, asked.
"llnvt do ymi know? Our (imposts
have uot reported any movement."
'• That, ynur highness, is because lin
enemy is still some way nil' " " Thin
how dn ynu know ?" The gypsy,
pointing to the dark sky lighted b>
the moon, observed, "Yuu see thosi
birds Hying uver the woods Irom norlh
to SOUtb?" "Yes What ui t ein'i"
'■Those birds do not Ily by night unless
disturbed, and the direction of their
flight indicates that the enemy is
coming this way." The archduke pin
his division under anus and rt-en
forced the outposts, which in two
hull's'lime were heavily attacked,—
Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood in
London Satuiday Gazette,
Woodmen Attention
Members ol Mountain View Camp,
OO.W.O.W., are hereby notified tn
attend lodge room next Sunday even
ing, June Oth at-6:30k. to attend
Woodmen parade for Divine service at
St. Andrew's Church.
James McIntykb, Cleik.
Stylish Neckwear
usi the touch of daintiness and style that is required
ady's costume is found in the new line of collars, etc.
that we have opened today. Nice, cool,
summery-looking collars, up-to-the-minute
in style, dainty enough to wear with any
suit, and yet will launder well and look as
good as new.
We have them in the Mannish style,
either plain or embroidered, in white or
colors. The new DUTCH COLLAR in
linen or lace and lawn, with jabots to
match. These are in great demand at the
present time, and worn everywhere.
Muslin Underwear
We are showing a nice lot of these goods, in Gowns,
Drawers and Corset Covers, nicely trimmed with embroidery or good wash lace, at wonderfully low prices. It will
nay vou to see (hem.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
W A N T E L)
WANTEO-Eilgeiiniui   and  Seltel
lm   i in u! ic   mill.     Apply Lee
Lumber Co., Wigwam, II. C.
WANTKD Planer hand, able to
handle 18 inch matcher and
make mouldings. Apply Lee Lumber
t lompiiny.
FOUND—A Rosary und Crucifix.
owner may have same by proving
property and paying' for Ihis notice.—
Apply Al.\ ll.-ll KUAI.li ollice.
i Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
■ i,die. ip   I )
Bro ■ n
Challenge Rugby
Karl  O i ■    li .nl. .1   '       IT.|   ■<
,i i pi ■ ilii age uup foi   ■ ou pel i
i cm Iur Rugby   football Io hi   i   ible
matic    il   possible,   of   the   amateur
championship ol tbe Domi n  N. B.
Mc.i. ivi uu \i I',, Ottawa; Rev Bruce
M Tiunaid, Toronto,and Percy Mulson
ol Montreal, are named al the tru 'eos,
Their decisions will be absolute. Thn
regulations are similar to those cun
trolliug the Stanley and  Minto on
WANTED-Waitress   for    Palace
Resiaiii'iint,   $i"i   per mouth,
Apply P. t). Hux  ll-J,  Kevelsloke, B.C.
act as iiui' agents in uniepi'e-
i iiii-.l territory. Sample wheel Blip
plied at wholesale prices, Particulars
tree.    runs. Pmjii.ky, Victoria, B, C,
I 11ST Iteliveen Kil'lh and Third His
i iii the vicinity of AliAri li ir ave,
n silver mug und pitcher, both gold
lined, Mug has "Borden" engraved
upon it. Will finder return same tn
A, W. Mt In tyre's hnuse and receive
reward, my 211
WWIKH       A    girl   for    geneial
housework,   apply    lu    MAIL-
II i ii >. i li, ju 2 III
rin K ROOM HOUSE loci Ion ('.
I P,   I',    u'l Is near station, with
.|u yeai lease on ground.    This bouse is
ui  k I   I'epnli  wiih line garden and
II ni   ii,-.--.    Will -.-ll ai  a bargain II
..id u .nn"      Apply   I'm further par
lic-tilai   lu I'!, I. limn im, I'irsl street.
Ivili HALK   Columbia gru ph.me
"nl i >ii>' unl unr hall' ,|,,/, , cent'ds
I'lh.S'.l.,     \,,|,h   M Ml. Ill-U W.liulllic.
.111Mi- 2   III,
$20 DOWN
llll )      iiiiii    ul    lin    l»'S I
building   lot    near   Van-
■ :     Lol    vory easily
i n'arm! ii ml ■ lose iu Tram.
Nun is the lime to invest.
Allow     tne    to     ui in-    mui
fuller particulars.
Money to Loan un Household
Revelstoke Opera House
Prank W. Healy's
San Francisco
Opera Company
Positively the Biggest and Best Theatrical
Attraction visiting Western Canada
Presenting by General Request
The most successful English   Musical
Comedy ever written
Teddy Webb, Mabel Day, J. Russell Powell
Amy Lcicc'ster, Lucille Palmer, Fred Snook
and all the Old Favorites
J. Francis Lieb, Frank Wooley, Helen Vick
ami uther New Faces
Noti Ilu' Sun Francisco Opera Company ^oes
direct to Vancouver where tin June 14th it opens
.111 engagement of is Weeks at Empress Theatre
Seats on Sale Now at Macdonald's
i Prices:
^^----W "-■_».»-.-■■ I.    »«'.»_IA.-
75c. $1, $1.50 „
Howson A Oo, are still unloading
furniture and carpels to clear cost—
g't a  bargain.
Brown mixed candy, lur tuday only,
2 fie. per lb , at Mclntyre's.
Howson's monster carpet and furniture Bale waa a winner, a few things
left yet—special discounts.
Our lugs are stamped on the end
"K," and all persons arc warned
against taking them, or the driving of
nails er spikes or nails therein, Do
not touch uur lugs
KievKLBioKt Sawmill Co., Ivru,


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