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I   Drink HhIojoii Liiliia Lemon Sour.
Made from pure cHrbonaled Haley-
Lillila Wnter.   When you ask for Haley*
be sure you get it.    Sold ;tl nil hold
L-aml cafes.
Vol. 13.-No 90
uiiiiitrp erti.—r-iuubi'Tuu
Provincial Library
j Interior Publishing Co, 'gents a
$2.50 Per Tear
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the names of some of the new wares—
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You will see by thc display that there
are manv new designs and novel patterns.
They certainly are a beautiful collection.
We can put you on the same basis as
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Ht TW f M IH tp tp IJ," tp ip tp ip ip rp tp tp jp tp tp t^t \^t s^t *£» tp *p tp tp
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Residential Lots, 50x140 Feet, West of Hospital
4-Acre City Lots.      -       -       Best Fruit Land.
Box 704
AtO. M. Sproat'B Kanvoll Estate Offlce, Cowan Block, Third St,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohantt J
Potk Paotori sntl Osilsr 'lo i,i<« stuck. M«s»t« in «ii tho principal dltla sstl •
i-owtii nl Altor.".. BrlHih ...lUinhln and thi Yukon.  Packer, ol tho Celebrate,. Urn... A
'a Itnpenti.t" Ham. .i.ul 11.1c,.., and ■ l«at Unl. a
Stout, Wanted for the Killing of
Robt. Williams, is Cornered
Alter Long Chase—Resists
Arrest and is Shot.
Kamloops, Nov. 16.—Last evening,
jiiBt about dark, the man known as
Stout, wanted for the killing ol ltobert
Williams at Little Fort, on Tuesday
lit!, inat, wiib shot and killed near
HcL"..n's ranch on tbe west side of
the North Thompson, about 20 miles
from Kamloops.
Alter killing Williams, who attempted to atop bin. from crossing the
river at Little Fort, in a fracas in
which b lh men had drawn revolvers,
Stout took tu tbe bills with a posse at
his heels. Stout came down the river
to Dunn Lake and stole a canoe. An
Indian woman saw the cnnoe with its
solitary occupant gliding down stream
and information was gi"en to Constable Fernie Mr. Fernie came here
and started up the river again, this
time a close hunt being made on both
sides of the river. Last night Stout
was seen by tbe party on tho west side,
on the wagon road. By making a
detour they managed to surround him
and closing in, he demanded of them,
"What the H— do you fellows want?"
When told they wanted him, he Baid
be bad been working in a logging
camp, whereupon be was told tbey
would take hini along anyhow. D.
Conl.m asked him il be had any arms
and Stout gave up a 32 rifle in a case.
Asked if be bad not something more,
Stout quickly drew a revolver and fired
point blank at Gordon The bullet
missed its mark, but Gordon's cheek
was powder burnt, bo near was the
call. Gordon staggered back and
Cha.ies McLean, another of tho party,
thinking the former had been shot,
fired bis rille at close range. The
bullet penetrated Stout's neck and be
lell dead at their Ieet. Word was at
once brought into Kamloops by McLean, snd s coroner's inquest will be
held on Sunday.
While answering the description
given of him in many reBpects Stout
had changed his appearance to a considerable degree. He had removed
beard and moustache He had discarded his heivy laced boots lor moccasins, but there was no mistaking the
physical characteristics that made him
a marked man. In his possession
.verelounl articles that it is strongly
suspected are the property of some
prospectors who went into Blue river
district some time recently. Word
has been sent to Little Fort and witnesses to identity the body will be
brought down.
Interesting Meeting- Popular
The first of the regular monthly
meetings ol the Kevelstoke Liberal
Association was held on Thursduy,
with a large and enthusiastic attendance, President C, K, Maedonald
took the chair. After general business
was discussed several speeches were
made on popular topics ol the day.
The Kev. J. II. KobertBiio gave an
interesting and forcible address on the
History of Liberalism throughout lhe
world and the reforms associated with
it. E. A. Haggen dilated on the
Asiatic question, bringing out Btrong
arguments for exclusion of Asiatic
labor. W. I. Briggs delivered an excellent address touching on the Liberal cot. ven tion at Vancouver and the
need of strong co-operation and unity
iu tbe Liberal party. \V. B. Kobert'
eon pointed out a fow facts in connection with the finances of the association. It was decided to hold the
general annual meeting ol the Association in December.
Verdict of Guilty of Intent to
WixxiPEti, Man, Nov. 15.—''Guilty
of tl.e lirst 1 ffonce, and so say
we all," was the portentous v- .'diet
of the petit jury on Saturday last,
alter just ten minutes deliberation in
the Qnigley case. "Seven years hard
labor," wss the shortly alter decision
of Judge Perdue.
The charge wns thit of having attempted to murder Dr. Clyn Smith,
an American citizen travelling f
pleasure and to recruit his health.
The prisoner struck up a friendship
with the doctor, went out and about
with him, and finally enticed him for
a drive on a lonely road at du-k, and
deliberately attempted, as he admitted,
to shoot with a view to maining him
The story told by "(lie prisoner was
one of the most remarkable that has
appeared in the annuls of crime. He
sought to make the jury believe that
he was so ihocked by the conversation
ol the man upon whom he forced him-
•>elt, that, like a knight errant of old,
he sought to take his lile to protect
the worjd of young and innocent women frcm his wiles. The prisoner appeared to bave known that the doctor
waB pn.sessed ol a considerable sum ol
money, a diamond ring of value, a
splendid gold watch, snd other valuable effects. Throughout the long trial
the prisoner preserved a calm and unmoved demeanor.
Dr. Smith is a shareholder in the
Prir.ce Mining A Development Co.
Ottawa, Nov. IB.—The post, .dice
dep.1rt1.1ent gives out tho following:
Although the usual official notification
was given of the fact that the unit of
weight under tbe inter-imperial postage scheme, was raised from J ounce
to 1 ounce, there is some reason to
believe that thc public has not shown
due appreciation ol the fact. The
public should understand that, whereas, since Christmas, 1898, they bave
been able to serd letters to Great
Britain and all parts of the British
Empire Ior two cents one-hall ounce,
they can now send a letter neighing
up to one ounce Ior two oents. It is
a great boon, as it is no longer necessary to employ very thin paper to send
a letter ol moderate length to Great
Britain or one ol the colonies for two
cents, and it brings the standaid
weight into conformity with that in
uso for domestic correspondence.
Recognize Status—To Protest
Against the Chinese— Two
Suicide.-—C. B. Seriously III.
—Lemieux in Japan.
London, Nov. 16—Sir Henry Campbell- Bannerman iB seriously ill.
Tokyo, Nov, 16.—Rudolphs Lemieux, Postmaster-General., and Minister of Liibor of Canada arrived here
yesterday. He wiib received at Yokohama by Count Teraschima, who ie
representing tl.e Japanese Department
of Foreign Affairs.
WINNIPEG, Nov. Hi.—Wholesalers
here will relt.se to accept without a
struggle the now C P.R, freight tariff
on reshipment about to be enlorced
throughout Western Canada by tl.e
Railway Commission, claiming that
it is fatal to their trade.
London, Nov. 16.—Lord Elgin's
dispatch to Earl Grey on Sept. 21,
waa published here yesterday. It is s
formal official recognition of the new
status of Canada, Australia, New
Zealand and South Africa, as doinin
ions of the Kings, as distriot from
crown colonies. These governing
dominions now have their own department io the Colonial office, and
with it is linked a new secretariate of
the imperial conference.
Victoria, B. C. Nov. 16.—An
order-in-council protesting against
tbe clause in tbe act governing the
admission of Chinese in Canada
which lies made the schools of the
province a dumping-ground for Chi
nese boys ranging from nine to 16
years of age, has been passed by the
Provincial Government. The order-
in-council requests the Dominion
Government to revoke the clause
referred to and sets forth at length
the reasons why this action should be
Red Deer, Nov, 16.—Tbe inhabitants ol Red Deer were thunderstruck
this morning when it became known
that George Beatty, the proprietor ol
the Alberta hotel, had committed
New York, Nov. 16.—Chas. T. Bar-
Bourne's Tea
That's a very pleasant sound
when you are tired snd feel
like aumething refreshing.
You won't find all Tea refreshing, but you will find
that our's is not only refreshing, but it is pure,—the most
j.iiporu.11 thing of all.
and BOURNE'S SPECIAL on sale now. These sre tbs
choicest Ceyl in Teas, specially blended for the water of the
di. trie Don't forget we are headquarters Ior Tetley's Bulk
and Package Teas.
Vpo-f+aVi1i°c We "" the very be8t that grow*  'P60'*'
V GgCla-UlCo  Price on quantities,
Stoves and Heaters 0i these this f»h, but have a
good assortment left.   See us before buying.   We catty the best and
will set them up free of charge,
Bourne Bros.
"If a city has not an isolation hospital it is not liable lor the damage
resulting Irom thc aa of its health, ney, for many years one of the most
officer who quarantined a boarding prominent fiuancies of New York city,
bouse where the disease may also be committed suicide  at  bis residence,
lodging.   His act makes him a pro- Thirty-eighth sheet and I'ark Drive,
vfheial health officer, and he has uo today.
Vancouver, Nov. 16.—Sir Charles
H iliiieit Tupper bus ace. pted the Conservative nomination f r P ctou, N.S.
Reserve Should be Equal
Ottawa, Nov. If. —The present gob'
power to bind the city to the payment
of damages the imprisoned roomers
may claim, or the audi dy." Such
was tbe ruling of ll.e lull court yesterday afternoon in the following case:
In the case of Taylor v, City of
Rovelstoke, when the plaintiff put in
.1 claim for ll.e loss of r nt and oilier
monies occasioned by the quarantining of her boarding house in April
lust, by the city medical health officer reserve of tbe Dominion government in
Dr. Curtis,   for ,1  diphtheria case, 8e'!U,l',i.t-v" fo[  ba,,k  no's ojwulstlon,
,. ,        '       . .       ,      . tonilliug   between   $48,000,000 and
which case was given against the city ^n.uOO.OOO, is about $1,000000 more
by Mr. Justice Form in Coonty Court than actually required     This may be
in August, the city  appealed  to  tbe set free so as to relieve the demai d ol
Full Court of B. C, Vancouver, wiih the grain trade, but it will only afford
.,        ......',.     „„.,     t,„ temporary relief as elevator companies
the result that  the appeal has been , r     '.    ,   ,           •..!...
",               „ rely upon banks for practically all that
heard and allowed  with costs,  all jB required.
judges of the Full Court concurring. At all events, the idea .eems to
Messrs. Harvey, McCarter and Pink- place say. $10,000,000 to the credit r.f
ham appeared  for  tbe plaintiff, in- certain banks, by way of loan, that are
recognized in thc weBt as being grain
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
u »
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
structing W. A. Maedonald us counsel.
Messrs. Scott A Briggs for the defend
aut, Joe Martin as counsel.
The Leland Hotel, Nakusp, which
has been purchased by Mr!. McKitrick and W. Ogilvie, two of Revel-
.toke's earliest residents, will be
formally oiened on Tuesday next,
November 19th. The hotel, which is
one ol the best snd largest nouses in
the Bouth country, has been thor
oughly overhauled, relurnished and
made as up-to date as any in the
province, and the new management,
intend to celebrate the opening by a
big dance and supper. All ate cordially invited toatte d the event and
every arrangement has been made to
ensure a good time (or the guests.
Revelstoke will join in expressions ot
goodwill towards thc new management nl the Inland and wish them
every sticcen in their venture.
Mrs. McKitrick and Mr. Ogilvie,
ilibo igh settled down in another
will aiiil keep in close touoh with
Revelstoke, where they will be always
'We are King," with Mr. David B.
Gaily in the leading role, playing here
Monday and Tuesday, Nov, 18 and 19,
is a bright cumedy, and was used by
Mr, Walker Whiteside for three seasons as a starring vehicle
The action Is in Kahuburg, a small
prit cipality in Germany and deals
with the complication in trying to
dethrone King Hect ir, a despot, who
has run his kingd 111 into debt and
ground down hie subjects.
Gu.tavuB Venner, correspondent for
the Loi,don Record, a light-hearted
fellow, wanders into Kahuburg in
-earch ot nows. He is arrested as n
spy. The Prime Minister ol Kahuburg aud his followers, who are plot-
ling to rid the kingdom of Hector,
are so impressed with Venner's mar-
vellouB resemblance to the king, thut
tbey induce Venner to impersonate
the king, who is away on a secret
Venner, under the impreBS.on that
be is tendering the king and the court
a favor, and seeing good "copy" in
sight, consents. Hector returns unexpectedly and is dragged away to
prison as a spy, while Venner, costumed as the king and accepted by
the court, proceeds to run tbo kingdom, He lowers the taxes on the
people, throws the palace open to the
public, and gets himsell into all sort,
ul ludicrous com plications througi
bis ignnr-n.ee of court affairs.
An excellent cast and complete
scenic equipment has been provided
by Manager C. P. Walker,
bunks and that are loaning money to
move the crops.
There are some four banks mentioned as likely to get part of this
loan. They are: The Bank of Commerce, the Imperial Bank, tl.e Dominion Bank, and the Bank ol Hamilton.
Tbe Union Bank is also spoken of.
Tbo railway companies have assured
parties concerned that they will do all
they can to facilitate the moving of
the crop.
New York Fire Underwriters
Sound Doom of Skyscraper.
New York, Nov. 15.—The doom ol
tbe modem skyscraper has probably
been sounded iu this city by the drastic regulations adopt, d unanimously
by the building code commission.
These provide that alter January 1st
next no building shall be over 260 leet
in height. The new law is to stop the
feverish race for the construction of
high buildings. This is due largely to
ihe warning ol lire underwtitets, the
insurance men fearing that the forty-
one Storey Singer building might be
lollowed by litty storeys, Tho law has
yet to be passed by the board ol estimates and aldermen,
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
.ranches iu .),«. Prnciucns ol Vanitob.., Albert,., Saskatchewan,
Hritlpb Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Authorized        ...       $10,000,000.06
Capital Paid Up -        -        •       •    •4,860,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       •4,860,000.00
D. R. Wilkie, President 1 Hox. R. Jaffray, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
(js Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and sredited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Your money deposited in a Savings
"unk at three per cent is practically
lying idle. First class mortgages on
unproved real estate at current rates
it interest oan always be secured Irom
tbo Ilevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Brick's Tasteless Cod Liver Oil at
Bews' Drug Sture.
Good Coal Stock Is Better than a Bank
A consolidation of the Rimes Mine, just north of Lethbridge,
Alberta, wllh several surrounding sections, nuking it one of tne
largest and moat valuable coal Inn.It in Alberta.
Capital, $3,000,000-3,000,000 $1.00 Slam.
Amiii.i.' of Coal undei lying their lasdi is variously estimated st
from 80,000,000 to 70.0OO,O00 ton!.
They have the same coal measures and the same quality of Domestic and Steam Coal as the famous Gait and Diamond Coal Mines.
The Barnes mines has been working for years, and has large
areas of coal blocked out. In less than a year this stock will be worth
double the price at which it is selling. Gait Coal is coining money fur
its stockholders.   So will Royal Collieries,
Unlimited Demand.   Unlimited Output   Unlimited Dividends
will bo the result when this company compleUs its tipple nnd layi four
niilea of track across the level pr.'iirie to Lethbridge, where they
connect with the A, R. A I. and C.I'.R.
Get in the Hrst issue of treasury shares which we are offering to
the public in blocks of 100 to 5,000 .it 25c. per share,
Tl.e same people who floated and made such a success of the Granby
Mines and International Coal and Coke Co. are the prims tuovsrs In
Royal Collieries. International went on the market at26c. per share,
and is paying 32 per cent, annually on the money invested at tbis pries.
Onedollar invested then is now worth.i8.92, an increase of 98 per cent.
per year, Why be content with 3. per cent, when an opportunity
such as this presents itself?
mv at
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmenial
and Patent Oflicc Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.
H.uioi.n Fishes
l;,.n..M-l*-l.Mi„i*. Klc.
c i: fjiius J i'. 1:1.1.1.ni.
Ofr.c.f,*    h. in!,., Hink Block, Hkvki.-
'-ToKl. H.i'.
Moncj '  too .
O.Ik','... ItevelHoko, B. Cl Cranbrook, H. C.
QUO. S. M'.'U.I.iB,
K. M. IWUWt, J- A, Haiivkv,
I-.. ,.;-:,,,,   B, C       Crai,l,i..ok 11. ('.
J.M. 5001. l.L.H VV, I. Ilriggi.
COT!   ami   BRIGGS
Barrihtrrs, Solioitors, Etc.
M..NKY to Loan
Firsl Street. Kevelstoke, B.C
am.v ol all Orel, Baoplsi by mill or oxprei!
receive prompt attention.
T.-rm. Moderate.
>m>«e>> ■     ■     Box 182 KAILO, B. 0.
of ibe Koo.eiiays, it cannot bu denied
that we are practically the centre ol
both .1 producing and distributing
oountry. The speaker goes on to say
tlmt Rovelstoke us tlie headquarters
,.l the Fruit und Produce Exchange of
li. C. lacks tl.e speciul advantages ol a
headquarters and is merely 1111 order
distiibuting agency, posse-ted ol no
maohiuery forlruitinspcotion and quality r. gulfttion, Since the Exchange
is not yet a year old it is hardly to be
expected tbat tho whole machinery
can be in full working order, and tbe
Okanagan must net forget that the B.
C. Exohonge bus sold oinslderable
quantities of their own fruit. Ii appears that the Okanagan are le.rful
le-si llieir Iruit should t..kean interior
place as compared with others, :...il
are polling llie blame 011 the possible
mistake made by the bead olliee. We
think that tbe attitude cf that country is a little iiiiclntritiible, especially
its there are oilier fruit sections
equally til good as the Okamigiiu
which tire staunch snpporle.sol the
Exchange, The Fruit it Produce Exchange of li C. has been organised
by representative men iu the province
and when fully equipped with all the
machinery for bundling and distributing fruit, will undoubtedly improve
the conditions both for buyers and
sellers in every section uf the province
as well as outside points.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Su.veylng
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 10J, Revelstoke.
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and L'iiiv...*iiy Examinations,
STl'DIO-At  Mr*. J.  c.  Hutchison's ('....■
uatife-lfl Avenue
Zbc fltatMberafo
"1 would . . . cm -jc-tly .id vise them for
their good to order thi* paper to bo punctually
served up. s.ifl lo bc looked upon as a purl of
the lea. impage."-Au.»l8UN.
SATURDAY, NOV. 16, 1907
Much 00111u1e.it has been aroused ol
late by the fact that there seems very
little liklihood of a regular monthly
mail service being kept up during the
winter into the Big Bend country, and
it is significant that only two tenders
have been received for this contract,
These tenders have beeu refused by the
government postal authorities who
have relused to pay more than *f50 lor
the round trip. When it is remembered tbat there are a large number ot
men employed in the Bend even in
the winter, who can keep in touch
with the outside world by mail ouly,
and who probably look lorward far
more eagerly to their monthly mail
than we do to our daily, it is by no
means right and just that we should
allow these men who are working for
tbe development of the country to go
neglected through the long winter
months, and keep them ignorant of all
civilized news, let alone their own
per-una; interests. A monthly mail
service should be organised at all costs,
all the year round, else men will not
be got to wurk in that district at all.
Moreover, tbe trip iB an extremely
hazmioiii and dangerous one and the
mail carrier who taket perhaps 75
pounds of mail in his pack bus bis lile
in hi! hand= the entire route. Seventy-
rive dollars ia little enough for the
risk and the government could well
afford to sustain this, when tbey remember that many ulher sections ure
better assisted, where the danger iB
less and tl.e needs are far less, We
are pleased to !ee thst the Board of
Trade have acted in this matter and it
is to lie hoped that such a deserving
section of tbe country a tbe Big Bend
will not be allowed to sutler on this
icore ior lack of assistance in this
Apropos..( tbe Speeches made by 0.
1). Rat.kes, Secretary ol the Arm-
strung Farmers' Exchange, recently
at Vernon, in regards lo the union ol
all exchange! in the interior, it ii interesting 10 note that be 10 forcibly
decries tbe Fruit and Produce Exchange of B. C. as being useless for all
practical purposes as regards tl.e
Okanagan, and makes -ptcial mention
of tbe fact that a mistake has been
made In selecting Revelstoke as a
headquarters, as not being in
any way 11 central or distributing
centre To any one who ii acquainted with commercial lile it will easily
be leen that few cities bave letter
claims to being a centre than Revelstoke and a look at the map will show
this. No other point, either in the
Kouttnays or In the Okan.igan can
claim a bitter position geographically
than Kevelstoke which is in touch
with all parts of the province. East
and west freight, as well as all the
trathc ol  the  south country pusses
The money stringency now exercising the minds ol the whole of the
Nortli American oou'inont, and particularly Canada, has been accounted
lor In many ways, Wc would add
still another suggestion, nnd not un
unlikely one, us lo tlm tightness of
money. It is generally admitted that
within tho last few years Canada has
ninde cnorniouB strides in development
and her prosperity has been the recognized tlienie ol the worhl. Canadian
commerce Iiiib increased and industries
have started up and nourished, while
thcpopiilutiou bus almost doubled. As
commerce expands so must tbe means
ol carrying on that expansion, whioh
is nothing more or lesB thun money,
actual c.ish.
While expiiii8ii.il has been general
tbe circulation ol money litis never
been increased, consequently as years
go on the money now in currency lias
become inadequate to maintain tl.o
increase of commerce, and by circulation from one quarter to another to
help up a balance. Many yearB ngo a
Dominion Act was pi.ssed authorizing
the circulation of $30,000,000 of which
1.5 per cent, wiib to be in Bpecie and 10
percent, iu securities guaranteed by
tbe Imperial Government. Anything
above that was to be in actual specie,
in lull value, dollar lor dollar. 'J hat
act l.as never been altered, consequently the currency Iiob never increased in proportion to the expansion of commerce und population, and
until tbe act is an.e.ided authorizing
the putting into circulation ol more
currency there will never be enough
actual money to go round or be available for new enterprises and developmental schemes. lt seems only
natural that us Canada advances, she
must have moro money to work with
and her marvellous growth will well
warrant the increased coinage.
Among the many suggestions thus
put forth for the cause of a finanoial
stringency, this above mentioned
should certainly be considered, for
Canada can never prosper and expand
nithout the equivalent in currency to
carry it on.
A Laugh in Store for Everyone
There is no performance so funny ..s
a woll conducted, Olcan, bypnotio entertainment,.mil no performer before!
the public -o c.i|iable ..( giving such a S
performance us the Creat MoEs-en,
the litinouB Scottish entertainer. His
years of experience, bis wonderful
until.i.l gilts, nnd years ol study along
the line, of psychology, enable him
to present a hypnotic p'ogranimo un-
equtled for scientific interest and
wholesome amusement.
While hypnotism will constitute the
nuij r portion ol MeEwen's entert.iin-
me. t, thev. will bo 11 varied program
that will be of greatest interest to llll.
Tl.e tlicat McKi.cn i. r.c.gn'z tl ■•>
the w frill's 1.taster magician, noil > s
act of magic, novel nil ...y-l.f.i g
will be a decided feature .-e y ('Veiling A large un.l eliiboinlc magical
oqtilpmc.it is carried for th'iB work,
Mr. MoEwen having spout tbe summer in the I g.wtoiliesof Eil.'..| e ,. d
Am rica 80UIoiling tor noveliie-'.
Three high-.1 a-s vaudeville acts are
carried by this organization, together
with a complete scenic equipment,
entirely new.
The Great McEwen and his com
pany will appear in Revelstoke for
two nights, commencing December
Will Sever His Connection with
Company lo Start for Himself
Mr. J. Knox, who forabout six years
has been tie inspector of tbe C, P. R.,
with headquarters at Kevelstoke, will
sever li is connection with the railway
company at the end of the present
month, and will go into business along
the same line, with olliees al Vancouver.
He has been associated with C. P. R
interests for several years, lirst in tbe
Eust, and latterly in British Columbia
His business has taken him particularly along tbe main line and the
branches in the Kootenay, and in every
city he bus a host of friends. As a
timber authority he has lew equals in
the province, and having thorough
business characteristics his success in
an independent line is assured.
It is probable that Mr. Knox's successor will be Mr. John McMahon,
who will arrive this weok Irom Winnipeg.
Ottawa, Ont., November 15.-The
question of aiding tho banks in
financing the movement of grain
from the Canadian West before the
close of navigation was considered at
Tuesday's Cabinet meeting. After tbe
meeting was over Mr. Fielding announced that the Government had
decided to co-operate with the banks
concerned in financing the movement
of grain before navigation of the lakes
Power to Revoke Will Streng
then Hands t- the Law.
Victoria, Nov, 16.—The provinoia
government i.as issued an order can
celling practically all the licenair.
districts no tl. ..f the,'.Oil. parallel ol
latitude, with the exception of Atlin.
Licenses will in future l.e Issued by the
Superintendent tl Provincial Polite
under terms of the act. Tbis decision
has been arrived at owing to the in-
tlux of settlers iu the northern country
and the commencement of work by
theQ. T, P. With power to grant or
revoke licenses it will be much easior
for tl.e provincial police to enforce the
law in theso districts. Ily th is order
the licenses in Prince Rupert and
Port Simpson will be controlled fron.
here, removing the issuing ol them
from local influence.
Local Rovelstoko
Socialist Party of Canada
Meet! ['.r,t and Third Wednesday if the month
... Selkirk Hall,upatain it. i Sttbiectloi
dl.cua.Ion 'Am;n.in-lit ol CaDtt&ltsm, All
Inter, .ten* *r- welcome.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp  No. 229.
Mi-...- Second  tnd I" nn    Wedi        -
each month, in Selkirk Hall.   Visiting Wood-
men .'orriully aivio-ri ;o altend.
W. D. ARMSTRONG, Con. .'on..
Tho regal u I " Selkirk
Hal! every Tuesday evetiina at lo'cloc*    Vltit-
imr brethren are cordial y in riled,
H  A. BROWN, Pmromi
Kootennv Lods-n No. 1.4 A F A AM
Pho regular meet*
lngi> nre bold In tbe
MJUonlc Temple,
Md Fallow* HaU,on
i.i ' 1 Monday in
m> I.   month   at   i
p.m. Writingbreth
r.'ii 'wlinlly wol
Ouv j"\veli*y i'0|iri*nt*iit6 llm iikM
iiili-tk* i■x|iii's-inii nl the jjnldsiiiilli's
iTllfl,   r.li.lj   .•ilti'-li' an   ciitiri-lv    H.'W
creation, fa-liionaMi' In the tiigln'St
ile^irc, ilinl wi I ti|>|ii< 'I tn ymir
Interest tho moinmit yuu \ i**\\ \t, Our
ilianiumls come iltirul from lhe out-
(-ers ami are mltl in vou atplejislriK
prices fnr kpiiih of such quality antl
K'.-nily. Ple.'Wil lo hav.* ynu sec ihem
ill anv lime.
Hastings, Doyle k Allum
Art and Beauty
..... combined in out' new designs in carpets.   Our stuck is
I'.'II.mImI!■   f.i. I   ll...   roll.IS l-icll
.... I i-UVotlvi', thi>desigi.8iii'tl8-
li.'. ..u.l Ilu- " Inul ...isenil.le "
if -iriking foil li.-iiiiiir.il. IVe
li.'ive never show., su ill .. wide
villi.... of |.i.lt.'in-, ..nil we
IlllVe   lit1 .'.' pi...o.l   sueh  low
prices upon so ni.t'h high
qunllly befoi'i',
Incorporated hy Aft   f Parliament, 18ft).
Wm. M.iLst.N MACPUKRBON, Pics, S. H. Ewino, yice-Pres,
Jamkb Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
x Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches in  Canadu and  Agencies  in all parts of the
Interest credited four times a yenrat current rates .... Savings
Bunk deposits, until I'milier notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 874 x 11", on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $9311, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,  plasteted and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Street.     Cash $950 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 60x100, near Cowan Block
BELOW will be found the names of some of the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this nmst popular and liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will bc given by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstoke securing tbe largest number of votes in
the lollowing maimer: The business'men liBted below will give with
EACH TEX OENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
Oth and ends Feb. llth, 11)08. A ballot box has been placed in the Canada
Drug A Book Store where tl.e votes are to be deposited. At the close of
the contest the church, school, society or lodge having the largest number ol votes will be awarded tl.e library. Current accounts when promptly paid wil. be entitled to voces. Remember, votes can only be secured by
trading with the merchants listed below. Each week the Mail-Herald
will announce tho standing of the contestant.
The library and case are now on exhibition in the show window ol
C. B, It nine ,t* Co.
Groceries,    Drygoods,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
li . ne Furnishings.
Meats, Etc.
I      '   nfectionery, Ice Cream, Etc.
Coupons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Printers and Publishers.
.'. v. .'.:..' . VIKI: -nf'uKTu.v.
. I Central Hotel
|.'„ TI.IMI.I.K, N..1.
Met,. oToryThnrads,
mlnit in .-tclkiri.
Hall at 1 o'clock.
Visiting hrpthrc. cor-
liully Invited  in al-
... MATHIE, -i'f
Cold Range lodge, K, of  P.,
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, fl  C.
ex ..I Third Wsdneaday ... j
..acl. . ...in. In the Oddiellow!' j
HhII a. s o'clock, vi-ltinit
KrilRhlHsr.. crtrdlrtlly nvl.O'l.
'    (J, II. IlltOt h*. K   nl K   AS.
H. A, HROWN. M. ol f\
dewly built,     First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience.
Larfic Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Sper.i I Weekly Ratei.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same managemeni
is thc nne to ,-isk who keeps
lhc Iiest. She will tell you
.MANNING'S is;, long way
ahead of any mnde:. Delicious in all flavors, always
uniform in .|iialit.y anil
always fresh.
Mail's (mill Mm
suitably furnished with the choicest tht:
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Raffs $i a day.    Monthly rate
J.   ALBETiT     STOJSrin     PROP.
Queen's ftotel
Best 1.rands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
I Mil V  llll
r'irbt-Clats Clover and '1 imii hv I lay fi i :-a!c. Also a
kinds of Garden Produce,
telephone 20.
Front Street,    Revelstoke
Th.u's Royal Crown kind—
innile in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory wobI of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its hei p.
An.l the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells whnt we give Ior
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C.
r, NIKS,
I have many enquiries for
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
their holdings, large or small,
will do well lo list them wili.
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, eto.
Oldest established nu.sery on the
mainland ol B.C.   Catalogue free.
Place your orders for your
Harness.,—Hand-make Boots
and Fancy Leather Hoods. . .
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
TOR  or
do a
IMIM     I rtiitfimir.    " Don't *
III Ml     I thing" till you wee
U U 11     1 whftl/H best by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, disease, lovo, marringv and parentage
Telia what you'd ask a doctor, but don't liko to
211) pagon, illustrated, itf eenUi; but to Introduco
it wo wind ono only to Any adult for postage,
10 conts.
M   HILL, PUB. 00.
US last 28th Street, NEW YORK.
UKALKI) TKNDKHS addressed Lo the under*
fl signed, nut) oudorsed ''Tender for Pot-in*
liun Building, Vicuiriii. Il.C, wilt bo received
«t Ihis nlticit until Monday, Docomhor U, IlKj'i,
inclusively, for tlio construction of it Detention
Bmlatogat Victoria, Il.C.
Plans nnd specifications can ba seen nod
forms of tender obtained at thin Department
and on application to William Henderson,
Eflo,, Resident Architect. Victoria, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified thai tenders
will not be considered unless mu le on the
printed form supplied, aud signed with their
actual signatures.
Ench tender must be accompanied by au ac
cepted oheiiue on a rhartered bank, made pay*
able to the order of tho Honourable tbe Minis*
tor of Public Works, m, mil to ten 111) p.o.) of the
amouut of the tondor, which will be forfeited if
the person tendoriiiff decline to enter into a
contract whon called upon to do so, or if hu fall
tocompleteithe work contracted for. If the
tender be nol nccep.eri the cheque will be returned
Tho Dopurtinout does not bind Itself to accept
tlio lnwn.-( or any tendor.
Ily Ordor,
Department ot Public Works
Ottawa, November 2,1907.
Nowspapors will not bo paid for this advertisement if thoy insert it v, itlmiit mthi.ril.y fr.ni
tho Department. sat nov U
[UreUtoko Uud District,
District, of Wost Kootenay,
TAKK NOTICR that George McCurter, of
Revelstoke, I), C, AkoiiI, Intends to apply for
iii'inn- "iiiii to purchase tho followingdoscrfbed
lunils :
i '.iii.iiii'Ni'iiiif iii ii -id-it, i IfinUnl at the imrtli-
'■■i i riiMinr nf Lot hElHi, in Oroup One, Kooteuay
Dlitrkl) tbenoe west ll.lllti clmins; thenco
north Wohalnii thouco wost in chains; tlienco
norlli UirhiiiiiH, Uu'iiri' ini'i L'l.iil.i rlinins more
r lesa to thn ivi".t bank of tho Columbia River;
tUii'-i'fiilliniiiii* tlm \\*"-i liiiuk of the Columbin Id'."i -iniiIn-rly tu ilm [mini nt commence*
limnt, containing !U acres, more or less.
Dated November 1st., Iinil. Nov. tf
Hollos I. In-., l.y given .1... Ibe |.s. menhir.
I.crct'.luri* ...Msllng between IIS, tho under.
.iKiiifl. II. M. Illnrieii lliil Edwiril C. ,'•(•*•,..
Sheet Mend Workers, In thei'luol Revel-
a....... Hrlil.lt ..'olum'.la, under the aljilcol
IIInr.rl. tod I'noe, hu thl, .lay been dlsulved
by iiiiiLn.I ...na-iit. All debt.or accounts
owing to f.l.l Partnership are to be paid to
mild Kilw.rd >'. Pace.
limed .hla lib day ol October. A.D., 1907
Tbe best Brick 111 Ibe Piiivhice.
Well bofiit Bl'iek in bilge nr
small i|ii.ui'ili.s .1 Priisiiniihlc
ENDERBY,        C.
White Help Only
I. HARRIS, HilijH.
Mnuufactured for all classes of buildings
All kinds of bulldine and plnstorlnR
for snlo in In run or small quantities
at the lowest, prices for cosh.
All kinds of building nnd plnstering
Storay e
All Kinds ot Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dea    in Wood, Ooal and Feed.
Phone 71.
House Phone
Revelstoke Und District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notlct* that Donald Dewar, ef Arrowhead,B.C,. occupation Timber Cruiser, intends
lo apply for a special timber licence over the
lollowlng described laud:
Commenolng at a post planted at the south-
west, coruer ol Timber Limit No. 11171, and
market "Donald Dewar.n uorth-east comer
post,'* thenco south 160 ehains, thence west 40
chains, thence north 160 --.haiit , thence emu 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated October 2nd, 1007.
Revolstoke Land Distriet
Dlstrictof WestKootinay.
Take notice (bat Krlc strand, of Poplar
Creek, B c , occupation Miner, Intends to
apply for a special timber licenso over thu followiug described lauds:
Commeoomg at a post planted on thc went
sldool I'oplar Creek, tbout 600 leet Irom tbe
Creek, and about seven milos Irom tho town of
I'oplar, tbeuce south VO chain*, ilienre west 80
chains, tbenee north tx chads, thence casi 80
chains topoint ol commencement, .aid containing ti-lu aerea moro or leu.
Dated October 10th, ILU.
Oct 10sat KR1C STRAND.
Revelstoke Land Distriot,
District ol Wesl Kootenny,
Take notice that Henry Magnuion of
Poplar Creek, occupation Miner, intends
toapply fora special timber license ovor the
following described lands:
Commencing ata post planted on (be cast
sido of Poplar Creek, aboul tn feel Irotn the
Creek, ami about six miles from tbe town of
Poplar, Iheuce easl 80 chains, thence sun in 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence nonh 80
chains to point ol commencement, aud containing 640 acres, more or less,
Dated October 1* lb, 1»)7
oct 19 aat Por Krlc Strand, Agent
Notico la hereby given that an application
will be mado to the Parliament of Canada at
its next session (or an aot incorporating a
company under tne name of "tibuswap k
Thompson Hi vers Room Company," with
power to Hitucli booms to de shores ol the
I'hompKou River, ibe Nortb Thompson River,
tbe ami ili Thompson tflvor, Kamloops Lake,
shuswap Lake aud ih several arms, the Luwur
npallumc' een River and the navigable tributaries of each aud the navigable waters connecting therewith and (heir respective oavtn-
able tributaries all in the Province of liritish
Columbia, and lo acquire, construct and maintain booms, weirs, chutes, dams, slides, piers,
cribs, wharves, canals, Humes and all workB of
any kind whatever that may be deemed useful
or necessary lor transporting, driving, towing,
allccting, boomiug, stor.ug, sorting and delivering pulp-wood, poles, logs, timber and
lumber of all kinds, and accordingly to deepen
and widen by any means whatever any ol said
rivers or bodies oi water, and remove therefrom
all Impediments or hindrances to navigation;
and for said purposes to expropriate such
lands as may be necessary, nnd lo collect (oils
from other parties making use of thc Company's works, Improvements or services; to
acquire, maintain and operate lands, wurks,
water powers, franchises and licences, loads,
tramways, docks and wharves, ami for the
company's purposes only lo acquire and operate telegrhph, telephone and electric Ilu.s;
ho acquire) construct, navigate and charter
penis, uius aud water oratt;io acquire thu pro*
derty, rights, franchises, stock, bunds aud
to beiituros of any other com pany, und to sell,
lease, hold, exchange or dispone of any of ibo
Company's property, and lor all other necessary ami Incidental rights, powers aud privileges; and tbat thu Company's undertaking
may be declared to be for the general advan*
tages of Canada,
, solicitors (or the Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa this lit day ol October. A.D,
1007. ior ll
Notice to Creditors and Others.
In the Matter of the Oompan-
iee' Winding-up Act 1898.
The crodl.on and uthem ol tlie Itovelntoko
8tenra Ln.ii.dry Company, Umltod. of Betel-
atolto, are boreby ....tilled that on tho 18th .lay
ol October, 1IK17, tha Coin pany pas.ae.1.... intra-
i.rdinnrj' ftaiolutlon to tha effect that the Company lie furthwluil wound-up voluntarily, under
tl.o above, act, an.l William J. Law, ol Hovel-
.toko, wan appointed Liquidator ol tho .aid
Notice Ih hereby glveu thut all creditors ol
thn.ftld Company nre hereby notified to send
by pont prepaid, or otherwise deliver to the
...Id Linuldutor, William J, Law, at Revelstoke, District ol Kootonay, ou or before Niitur-
day, 311th dny ..I November, linri, tholr full
uuu.es, uddrcsses and desc. Iptious, aud lull
particulars of llieir claim, account, or Interests, und lue nature ..I securities, if any, hold
byllio.n. Immediately alter the Hald SUth day
o. Novomber. IUU7, the assets of (he said Company will be realised aud distributed u.nong
the pitrtios entitled thereto, having regard
i.i.ly to the claims ol which tbe Liquidator
shall then bave notice, and all other, shall lie
excluded from the said distribution.
Hated tbe 22nd duy of October, iwn.
8COTT ,1 BliiaQS,
Revolstoke, B. II.,
Solicitor, (ot Iks Liquidator, I
$15 to $35
Fit-Reform Suits range in price
from $15 to $35 You may
pay one or the other—or anything between—and know that
you are getting the greatest
possible value for the money.
Of course, the quality of cloth
and linings increases as the prices increase.
Yet the Fit-Reform guarantee is the same for the
$15, $18 and $20 Suits, as it is for the $25,
$30 and $35 Suits—
"Money back if you are not perfectly satisfied.11260
Revelstoke, B. C.
The oven door
of the Kootenay
drops down and
provides a shelf
upon which to
rest the pans
drawn from the
The door is
strongly braced
and will
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
For Agricultural Implements. Carriage*, Wagons Ktc, John
Deere Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Pis l jr., Garden Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheelwright aud th Work attended to. Horso Shoeing a
4                   Specialty 4
4* %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % %%%%%%%%%%%% %4
To Whon it May Concern:
Tako notice that I, tho undersigned,
Iron, this dale, positively declare myself not responsible (or any bills contracted by my son, Frsnk McMahon.
Dated st Reveletoke, B. C, Oct. 19th.
Mrs. J. McGinnis.
Revolstoke Land District.
Diatrict of Went Kootenay
■NOTICE is hereby given tbat 30 days aftor
dato I iutend to imply to tbe Ohlef Commls*
siouer of Lnnds ami Works for a special timber
licence to cut and carry away timber from
certain lnnds .situate iu the District of West
Kootenay described as folly wa:
Commencing ata jwst planted on tbe West
Hank i'f the Columbia River and on the north
boundary of the railway belt and marked "fl- 8,
McCarter's Sotitb-Hust Cornor"; thonce ISO
chains wost* tbeuce north 52 cbaius; thonco
east 120 ehnins; to the Columbia River; thenco
south aluug the west bauk of the Columbia
Rivor 52 chains more or les9 to the pointof
commeucomout and containing Hit) acros inure
or loss.
Datod Novomber 1st., 1907,
Members of above Company will
muster lor Company Drill every
Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
1 ni Captain.
Revelstoke, B. C . Nov. 6,1907.
uvnnu   w.      ■ > ■, > w ».
Important Business Transacted
al the Regular Monthly
Meeting on Thursday Evening Last.
The regular monthly meeting ..(ilu-' unless tomethi
Board i.l Trade was held .... riiursd.iy would I n...
evening ill tbe City Hall with a large
attendance u( members. President
C. F, lindmark took tbe cl.air. Tbe
minutes ol tbe previous meeting were
rem I and adopted.
Communications were read Irom Vi.
Whyte, 2nd Vice Pres. C.P.R. dealing
will, ibe excursion rules Inm. tbe e:.*i
to Revelstoke, and it was moved E, A.
Haggen, seoouded F, E, Sine. tbat. -
letter be sent to Mr. Whyte asking
bin. to reply as be bid promised,
A communication Irom tbe Provincial On ine Warden, declaring llie Rovelstoke game district, orgauised, was
Notice ot an application to parliament of tbo Thompson River Boom
Co , forwarded by Messrs. McOlverin,
Hayde.i & Greig was read, this communication having beeu r (erred to
the Board of Tn.de by the City Council. The president read it letter from
O. I.ttchtntiiid uf tbe Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co. stating that several companies were concerned in .be venture
and that all companies and individuals
wilh timber could join operating on
the Thompson River, Shuswap Lake
snd tbeir tributaries. Moved G. S.
McCarter, seconded W. M. Lawrence,
tbat the charter of the Thompson
River Boom Co. l.e endorsed and tbat
uotilications be sent to thc members
and genaiors of B. C—Carried.
F, li. Lewis commented on the fact
In  di'C.ifeing t'
•' q.itwti.. ..I  tl.e
Rig U. nl  iiif.ii  s.'.-\
ice, the pre idem
-■ ited that   the  G
'.er.ini'.'iil   had io-
fll.-li   '       / '   f
i-n.l t..( $75 for
the trip, -..-....  ..
...    ......Id not
|f.\ ...ore than Ifou.
Ue  also st.ted
thai   .... n   would i
..I go ior llmi and
were dona   iln-re
up there at nil,   He
pointed  nut'  the  ueci)*.i»y  oi some
action  being  taken  ..s their were a
large number of men up in the Bend.
Moved F. B. Lewis, seconded H
Cunningham Morris, that the Government be urged the necessity of maintaining tbe mail sercce up llie Dig
Bend during the winter months and
ihnt tbey do it regaidlesB of expense
in recent years.—Carried
The all important question ol the
tiiillic bridge over tbe Columbia was
dealt willi a deputation was appointed
to wait upon tbe Premier, tinned with
a pet il ion signed by ll.e Revelstuke
public, to urge upon him tbe necessity
of a trallic briege being built. It was
also agreed that Sir. Taylor's co-operation be asked and ih.it It. Gordon.
Government Agent, be requested to
lay the mutter belore the Public
Works Depart ment.
Mr. Gord.ui said that there was
already a delegation organised who
had an appointment with the minister
of the department (or this object, and
l.e advised tbe Board not to clash with
another deputation.
The meeting then tm.limited.
].Yi|t S.ile-Pigs, Young Y...UI..M
P liv registered Ron.., Apply I),
21 Mile Bind Aii'owlien.l,
yUHSINli iii pi-ivi.lp h.inn's .cuiled
*     l.y a wi in of expel (ence, good
i-.-im.-.i,'.-.-s. A.l.li.-.-fMis. ill. OverKiu,
Revelstok.', ,,.-■ 30
WAN I'M)   ll....... l..Rent, pully
furnished,    Applj   to   Hu.it.
do furnished mom,
bout board.  Si ale
terms,  moderate, in letter to A. W.,
Mail-Hkhalii offlce.
I.    -lie-fa..'..'.     ..i.-i:    ...    Du.ii'ua,
Arm, declare that my wife Irs le't n.y
bed and boaid of ber own free will anil
without cause and tint I will nm be
responsible for any debts that she or
my children may incur Irom tbis date.
Oct. 2i.il 11)117,
Al I-XANllFK MniRilX.
Iu every city, town and village
to sell Western ('.......b.'s new weekly
newspaper, "Tho Westo.'.. Ho.ue-
steiiil." H list let's ("in mnko bit. money.
No capital required. W. ll.o tor terms
imme.lbtl. ly, Tl.u Western H.nnesleinl
GnlK-.'*y, Alia       L	
WANTED i.i oin.lms.. In.' client.i
see.....I hand Safe apply to E. A
Hnggen, Revelstoke.      ...ivi)
rooms, furnace, two lots (one comer).
Convenient to business part ol city.
A desirable homo for anyone. Price
moib't'iite on easy terms.
Apply.—Mail Herald,
Cariboo' and District,
Dlntrlct of Cariboo.
Take notice that Charles I., Hyde, of Revelstoke, B.c,, occupation, Umber cruiser, Intends
to apply for a sneeial Umber license over the
following described lands:
1. 'Commencing otn post plnntod about ouo
mile above tho mouth of Ptarmigan Creek, and
about ouo mile north of Cnnoe River, thence
160 chains north, tlionco Vi ehains oast, tbence
Pin cbnins -milli, thonco 40 chnius wost to [mini
of coinmoucomeut.
2. Commencing nt n post plnnletl about two
mllosnbtivo tbo mouth of Ptarmigan Crook,
and about ono milo uorlh of Canoo Rivor,
thouco UIO chains west, thonco 40 ciniins south,
thenco llll) chaius east, thonoo 40 chains north
In point of commotiGometit.
tl. Commencing ot n post plnutnk ubout
throe milos ubovo tho moutb of Ptarmigan
(trunk, and mu mile north or Cauoo River,
thouco HO chains north, thouce IK) uhaius oast,
thouco 80 chiiiim south, thonce K0ebains west to
point of uomillHUCU nl.
i. Cutnnioix'ing i\i a posl plantod about
throe miles nlmvo the iiinuih of Pturnlgait
Cri.nl.', and nno mile uorlh of Caimo River,
thoncu 80 chains north, thenco Ofl chaius west,
thenco 80 olinlus snutli, thence 80 chains east to
point of comuioucnmont.
Dated October Uth, llKff.
ww nov 13 UHARLKBL, HYDE.
Real Estate, Mining and Financial Agent, Stock and
Share Broker
Has for sale choice Residences,
City Lots, Fruit and Farm lands
Hotels, Stores, Livery Stables,
and various business opportunities.
Now is the time to huy coal,
copper and other investment
sbares when they have readied
rock boetom prices and ate again
Subject to oon.lrmtt.or. I will buy
Canadian Marconi II .6
North Star     tl
tubjoo. .0 no.....million . will Nil
International Ooal and coh. ........   S3
Siberia Ooal       40
treifk6nrlilKO-Li.ndCo.il     87
Diamond Vale Ooal     IS
Onlbrallh Ooal     »
Weo.orn Ooal and Oil, (Pro.d)
Soyal Oolllerlee   	
Nicola Com 	
Dominion Oopper	
B. 0. Oornor	
. 3 50
..    25
. J 48
4 76
NIpluInK and Footer
Shares are food bu,e al ..rooonl
Caused by Over-Confidence of
It is certain, we are told by the
that the crowding of cars on the Ar- jScienlilie American that the great
bead branch had been effectively Quebec bridge which collapsed on
Aug. 2'J, owed its insufficient strength
to the too great contiilei.ee of tbe
engineers in their theoretical calculations. The bridge lell becuuse of the
buckling of tne bottom chords, and
investigation lias proved, we are told
tbat the whole of the bottom chord
members showed signs ol weakness
causing much anxiety to tbe workmen. Evidently at the time of disaster tbe vnri ius struts, posts and
chords throughout tbe whole bridge
were suffering Iron overstrain and
were on the verge ,..f collapse. In an
editorial entitled "Formula and the
Testing Mn bine," the same paper
recon..i.e.ids that actual tests be substituted tor calculations in the luture,
even where the tests would involve
great expense.   It says:
"The Quebec bridge was the victim
ol a too l.lin.I uiiii iu formula. This
primarily. Possibly it was the victim
of tbo unwise practice ol permitting
the sucees-ful c.mraetor for a bridge
to work out the deiails ol the design
himself, We u ideriftaiid tho coulract
for this bridge was taken fur a lixed
sum. If so, ihis obviously imposi-d
upon the engineer who developed ibe
plans ibo ti.sk of k oping down tbe
sum total ol mate.ial in the bridge to
tbe lowest possible lig.iie compatible
with s.fety.
"Among the many le-sons taught
by this cat.str. plu, tl.e one which
stands out- pre-eminently is that soma
of our bridge iiigiueots luve been
placing an altogether too implicit
faith in ihe"counuonly accepted formula for compression meratursaud
aiso ibat thoy In.v... been too anxious
to piucuce economy of materials,
"Does it not look its though tbe
time has arrived when, in view ol tlio
enormous interests involved congress
must appropriate (unds for the institution of such a plant, in whicli tests,
even as costly as these could be carried out? The testing ol large siz- d
bridge members would form only u
part of the work whioh such a plant
would accomplish. Tlie rapid development ol concrete construction for
instance, has brought in its train a
number ot problems which call for
immediate investigation. Evidence
of this is afforded by the many failures
of armored concrete which aro continually oourrriug. it iB positively
appalling to think nf tbo number
buildings, factory chimneys, bridges,
etc., whioh are beiug mailed up all
over the country and contemplate tbe
fact that no small percentage of them
embody inherent weakness either ol
design or construction, which bring
about their ultimate collapse. In the
field ol concrete steel alone a government plant of tbis kind would yield
invaluable results, lt is true that the
government is doing and has done a
large amount of work of this character
in its plants of limited capacity, but
tbe plan we advocate would call for u
thoroughly comprehensive, well-equipped plant, presided over by a corps of
oivil engineers, permanently assigned
to their positions, who would thus
acquire that store of cumulative
knowledge and proficiency which con-
linued service in a spooial line such as
tbis enn a... o insiiie."
A resolution passod by tho City
C.iHncil, urging that the growth oi the
city demanded tbe placing ot addition-
al drop letter boxes round the city.
This resolution was handed to the
Board ot Trade. G. S McCarter said
that the number ol drop li-xes were
sufficient but what be strongly urged
was that there sliould be belter facilities for the delivering of the mail as
soon as it had come in. He said that
tbe postmaster had promised to bave
a night man on duty for that purpose,
provided that the city gave tbe pest
office free light during the nignt shift
He pointed out that only one of the
drop boxes whs collected by the Dominion Government, whereas the box
outside Bews' drug store was established by private parties and cql'ected
by them as a public convenience.
E. A. Haggen said, he thought that
the Dominion Government should pay
Ior all collecting.
Moved G. S. McCarter, seconded E.
A. Haggen, that tbe Dominion Government be asked to collect Irom the
drop boxes and that tbey be asked for
better facilities for delivering of mail
on arrival bith day and night. Carried
Several communications were read
Irom tbe Dominion Government regarding the dam works. E. A. Hig-
gen said that ace.riling to u statement
made by Mr. Aylmer, it was too late
now to do much but that early in tho
spring work should te commenced.
F. B. Lewis said he bud ovory reason
t. believe that sufficient appropriation
for the completion of tbis work would
he mad' ul, tbe next session.
Tbe Hoard .greed to le.tve the matter in (jbeyauce until tbe spring and
then once mure remind the Federal
authorities of it,
Considerable discussion took placo
regarding tbe question of s eeping cut
berths and tbe compl tints that conductors had given such berths to passengers only lor a consideration. Cor.
respondence between tbe C.P.R. officials in the matter was lead, showing
that Supt. T. Kilpatrick bad strongly
represented the case to headquarters,
and the necessity (or an inquiry into
complaints. From the correspondence
it appears tbat the head sleeping car
department required Revelstoke to
furnish them with specific cases, where
conductors bad received consideration
for sleeping berths, otherwise nothing
could be done,
G. S, McCarter pointed out two
instances where this had happened,
and which could be verified, the porters as well being to blame.
A conmitteeof Messrs. McCarter
and Howson was appointed by tbe
Board to collect evideuce of such cases
and report to the superintendent.
The question of a double train service was freely discussed, tbe board
recognising tbe necessity ol such service all the year round.
H, Cunningham Morris said lhat he
understood fron. the local C.P.R. office
thst a train fro... Rovelstoke to
Vancouver had been arranged for in
the schedule ol thc time table but had
been canoellcd by Montreal.
F, E. Sine said tbat Ihe trains were
always crowded and running in two
Mnwd E. A, Haggen  and seconded
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, ■ East End
Meals at all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Open Day and
Special attention given to
Supper Parlies & banquets
i, 250.      Meal Tl kets, t . o
OPPOSITE Y. M.  (*.  A,
D.tr II-i.:., \.i insl. Iliir.l-   I lib, {Ktc ,
Mill Nl Kll
An m.i  Im;;* II.m!.i,m.
P||0. I'oiSI.
Nta.tlu;  .M,,,er ,1 Pint St. &D.I Fori. .,,.
II. >  • "... B f.
Beware of yellow (ciroulais which
claim others have tbe I cthhridgo
coal ! They lie 1 You can get Loth
bridge coal from ono source only, and
that Is (rom its agency.
Place ynur orders with me and get
the real goods at f8.SU pel ton lor lour
ton o.ders, weigh where you pleate.
ti\|»^ J!
Marriage Licenses Issued
To Whom j    Jay Cosoebn :
Take notice that I, the under-ig'.ed
from thia date, positively declare my,
sell not responsible for any lulls contracted by my wile, M.B, Juhn Car'a.v.
D.tod at Rovolstoko, D.C, Oct. Kith,
wed lm Jons Carlaw.
Notice is hereby glveu that at the next meet*
Ing of tlm Licensing Cum miss oners for lho
Hovolsloko District, application will be made
I'or lho transfer of tho licunse for too Reception
llniul. Camborne, to Cory Monhennick.
Datod Nov. lltli. 11)01.
sat nov 10 1m M. J O'BRIEN.
N.ilico is liorehy givo... I,,,, at tho ni.xt moot
bis of tbo Llceuslug Gomraissiutiurs ior Km i.l-
stoko llislri.it uiM.llcatii.it will lis made Inr tho
triliis'tir nl tl.o license I.irtho belaud Hotol,
Nakus|,. tf. OKul.ii: *. McKitrick,
Dated Nnv. 2nd, 11.17,
sat uov 10 L. II, McDOUCULD.
F. E, Sine  that a circular be «ent to
sll the Boards cl Trsde between here Admiiision 25o~,~ children 16o.
snd Vancouver urging thst the matter frosbments free.
See tbo latest thing in moving pictures and bear a vuriu.l programme by
local ta:eut—Selkirk Hall, Nov. 28th.
Hevelsluke Assessment District
Take notice tbat I shall hold n Court of Ro-
vision and Apnoiil. under ihu AaBOBBmeiitAet,
pm.)." fnr llm Revelstok.) Assessment District,
nn Monthly, ilii.jliilli day of December, IWil, at
tho hour of i'Iim'ii o'clock iu tbo forouoou, al
tho Court House, Kcvnlsloke.
Dati'd al, Ruvolstoku Ibis Uth duy of Novum-
ber, iwn.
Judge of tho Court  of Revision uud Appeal.
K-volsiiikn   Assessment District ol   Wust
Kootenay. aat nov Iti wilt
Revolstoke Und DUtrlot,
DlHlrlctof Went Koo onay.
Take notico that w , tbo Lamb-Watson Lumbor Company Limited, of Arrowhead, 11. (',
occupation Lumberman, intend to upply for
permission to lease the following descrbad
l.iri'-luim, beiug part of the foreshore of (laleua
Hay, for logging purposes) ,
Commencing ut u post scribed "LiimlrWnlsiin
Lumber Co," plantod nt tbo 8, W. cornerof
l.'iiMuV, thencu southwesterly following high*
watur mark, a tliatainaof lit)chalna,
Dated this 30th day or Oclobor, 1007.
Lamii-Wathon LumuV.e Co, Ltd.,
Janliioa ByO. H.N. Willie, Agent.
Itevolntoke Land District.
District of Wost Kniilfiiay.
Tako notice that Bowman Lumber Company,
Limited of Hevolstoko, U.C0, occupation Lumbermen, intend to npply for a special timber
liconso ovor tho followiug described lands:
Commencing ut a pont plautod annul I mile
on -i of llliitil Bay, thonco oasl BO cbaina, thouco
south h**) chains thenco wout 60 chains, thenco
uortli bO chuius to point of oomihQucoineut, und
cnutuluiii'.M.IO ucrus, in to or less,
Dated November 1,m)7.
Bowman Lumiikh Company, Ltd.,
sat dot 16      By their Agent, M. C. Lawlar,
James Evans
Dealers iu ;Beel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Ke'.oUtoke Laiid Distriet.
Dlstrictof Wen ko.,teuay.
Take notice tlmi 1. W. A. Smith, agent, tt)
days after dale bland to apply to tim i inef
Commissioner of Lands and storks for per*
mission to purchase tiie lollowing dsicrjbcd
lands j
Commencing at a poil plauted about 4 mile
norlh of south-emit comer of timber limit 7018,
and marked "W A- Smythe1; 8W, coruer post,
tbence north 80 chaini, theace east 10 cbiini,
thence south 80 chains, thsnes wt-i 80chains to
point of commencement, costainiig MO acres
moreor less.
Dated Oct. 28th, 1807.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West K<> <ieuay.
'Like notice that 1. J. Sauudsrsoo, miner, 60
lays after date intend loniplv to ibe Chief
ummissiooer of Lnnds and Works for ner-
niskion to pun-hat,e tie followiug dtat'ribad
l ommeuciug at a post plantfd 20 chains west
if Blind Bay aud :ii,.r»*H 'J. Sduuiersou's
iorth*east corner post." thenca sonth 80 chaius,
.heme went SO chains, iheuca uorth 80 cha mi
hence east So chains to point of commence*
neut, coutaiuiug 640 acres more or Jess.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1W7.
Per W. A. Hiuyiha Agsnt.
Berelstoke Land Diatrict.
District of West K.wuuay.
Take notice tbat I, ¥. H. Gnffey, mine manager. DO days afterdate iuteud toapply to tba
Chief Commissioner of Land; ana Works for
parmiasion to purchase tha following described
Commencing at a post planted 40 ehains
north ot tlie south-east corner of timber limit
;npi.iijil marked "P, H, (iu(ley's nor-th-east
corner post," thence soutb Du chains, thenca
west 80 cbaius thenca uorth 80 chains, thenca
east &0 chains to point of commencement, containing 'itn acres more or lass.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907,
Per W. A. Smythe, Ageut.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that Donald Mcintosh of
Revelstoke, B. C, prospector, intends lo
apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commenciug at a post planted about 2J
miles above Blue River, marked "D. Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," thence north 120
ciniins, thence west 40 chains, thence
soulh 120 chains, thence east 40 chains lo
poinl of commencement, containing 480
acres more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug 21 D. McINTOSH,
Revelatoke Und District.
District of Weat Kooteuay.
Take notice that Jumea P. Kennedy, ef Ilie-
clllewaet, B. C, Miner, intends to apply for a
Hpecial timber licenao over the following de-
MTibud Unds:
Cummencing at a post planted on the north
bank of the north*eaat fork of Downie Creek,
aliout six miles ubove tho Forks and marked
"James P. Kennedy's 9 W, corner," thence 10
ohains north, thence east 100 chains, thence
touth 40 chains, theuce west 160 ehains to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated September 84th, 1907.
oct fi sat JAMES P. K EN N EDY
Revelatoke Land Districl.
District of West Kootenay.
Take noti e tnat Andrew Kitson, ol
Ui'velstOM1, B. 0., miner, intends to
apply for a special timber license over
lhe following described laiuls:
1. Commencing at a post planted
...it-quart..i mile above the north fork
of Flat Croek, on the north bank, and
marked "Andrew Kitson's S. E. Cm-
t.er," Iheuce north 41) ebains, thenco
wesl, 100 chains, tbeuce so.ill. IU chains,
thence oasl 100 clialns to point of
commencement, .uui containing 040
acres more or less.
Dated Augusl 20 b. 1007.
2. Commencing ..... post pl...u.-.l
it...-qtlf.l-l.-r ...lit. i.t.ove lhe Iml ll tv.i k
uf Fful Creek nil Ihe onii. hi.uk and
ma.kod "Andrew Kitmin'sS, VV. C...-
i.t-r," ibeuce uurlh SO cli.ti.is; iheuce
oust 80. halns; I bene.' sou. I. N) chat.is,
thence wesi 80 chains, to point ...
M...u.iiei.c..|i.t-t.i and cuutainiug Olu
... i. s ...ore or ies-..
Duel August20ib, 1007.
it. (' in.noticing .it a pnst pb.iit.-d
about tii.e mile au.l three-quarters
lielow lhe n.'iIII fork of Fift. Creek, in.
the ti..rib bank, .u.d marked ''Andrew
Kilson's S.W. Oi.rner," Iheuce nurih
80cliiiins; lbence ens. 41) chums, theme
smith 40 ch.ii.is, theme easl 40 chain...
thence soulh SOcluuis, ihence west 4(1
(halns, thence north 40chains, tbence
west 4li (lif.iiis in imiii. ... pommel.cell.enl and conlaining 010acros more or
Dated August 20th. 1907,
Ankkkw Kitson.
In the mutter of the estate of Charles Gittsmiu
Bacher, late of Rovelstoke, British Lolum*
ma, deceased,
Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Re*
vised Statute! of British Columbia, 1891, Qbap.
|.Vi. that all creditors and "tbers baviuu claims
against the esuie of the snid i harie* UiilMnnn
Hadier, who died on or about tboL'UJuue.
I'.tol, .-in. ii'(|iiuul on ur belore the Uth "lay of
Du oml»-r. IH 7 to solid by post prepaid or
deliver to Uessri, .v..n A lin .-,■-,.( the City of
ltnvelstoke aiorodiud, Solicitors for Frederick
W. Jyltner, Adimnisiraior o| the j-nr-., »|
estate nml nllu<is 1 the said deceased, their
Christian names aud surnames, aiidreN»«i* and
des'Tii'iiuus with lull particulars of their
claim*! lh** Miti-miit'iii • f ih'-ir ucount aud ibe
ualuro of thu at* nriuo- (if any) beld by them.
Ami further take u lice lhat after buch last
mentioned dnie tbe said A'lmmiKtratorwill pm*
coud to distribute the assets of tbe deceased
among the parties entiileu thereto, having regard only to the claims of which be then shall
have notice, uud lhat the said Administrator
will iml bo liable for tho said assets or any
part thereof to any persou or Mnoni of whose
claims uotice shall not havo been received by
him at tho time of such distribution.
Datetl at Kevolatoke, British Columbia, this
first day of November, 1U07,
Solicitor.) for Frederick W. Aylmer, Admlnis-
ministrator uf the personal   estate and
ellects of said Charles Giitsmnu Bacher.
deceased, sat uov 9 4tw
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice Is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore subaistlng between us, tha undersigned, as Confectioners, in tha city of Ravel
stoke, has this dav been dissolved by mutual
cmi.I'M. All debts owing to the said partner-
shin are lo bc paid to Allan l> llornell, and all
claims against the '-aid partnership are to bo
prusented to tbe said Allan D. llornell, who
will In future earry on theiald businesa and
by whom tbe same will be settled.
Dated at Kevelstoke, B, c, this llth day ol
October, 1907.
Witnesai-A, M, Pinkham, MtU
Revelstoke Land District,
District of Wesl Kuuteiiay.
Take notice tbat I, R. Jl, Smythe, merchant^
0 days after date iuteud to apoly to the uhiel
ComminsioneOof Lauds and Wurks for per*
mission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains
north of the i>outh-e?t coruer of timber limit
"-Olti and marked "H. M. Smythe's north-west
coruor pusl,'' tbeu'e east SO chains, thenca
south AO chains, theuce wesi 5u chaius, tbeuce
north 80 chains to poiut of commancemaut,
containing No acres mora or lass.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907,
Par W. A. tfmyihe, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, W. A, Baav, locomotive
fireman, 60 days after data ikteod to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Land and Works for
permission to purchase tha following described
Commencing at a post plastad abont •} mi la
north of tha suuth-east corner of timber limit
7016 and marked "W. A. Beavo's south-east
corner post," thence north 80 chains, theme
wast SO chains, tbence sonth 80 chains, tbence
east 80 chiins topoint of commencement, cua-
taining 640 acres mora or less-
Dated Oct. 26th, lWui.
W, a. BEAVO,
PerW.A.Smyihe, Agent.
Take notice tbat Donald Dewar, of Arrow*
head, B. C, timber cruiser, intends to apply
for special timter licenses over the following
described lands:
1. Commencing at a poet planted about 91
chains north-west on a blazed trail from Boyd's
oabin on Plngaton Creek, and marked 'Donald
Dewar's north-east comer post," -.hence weal
160 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence east
lt>J chains, thenoe north 40 chains to point of
2. Commencing at a post planted atthe
nortb east oorner of Location No. L and marked "Donald Dewar's south-east corner post,"
tbence west 160 chains, thenoe north 40 chains,
thenceeast lflu chains,thenoe soulh40cbaina
to point of commencement.
Dtitwl September 21st, 1907.
3. Oommenclng at a post planted at tha
-south-west coruer of Timber Limit 11160, and
marked "Donald Dewar's south-east corner
post*," tbence north lflu chains, thence wast 4*
chains, thenca south ItSo chains, iheuce east 49
chains to point of oommsnuemunt
4. Commencing at a post planted atthe
south-oast oorner of Timber Limit No. 11170,
andmarked "Dunald Dswar'a south-west corner post," thence north 8u chains, thenoe eut
80 chains, thouce -uuib so chaina. ihence west
B0 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated September 23rd, 19n7:
wed oct 2        DONALD DEWAR.
Take notice tbat I, George T. Newman, of
Ariowbead, B.C , occupation Clerk, inland lo
apply fur permission to purchase tho following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted atthe N.K.
corner of Clara McQuarno's Loto4wj, Llieuue
north 60 uhalns, theuoe wosi 5u uiuun* tneuce
mid It > chaina, tbeuce cuil in chains, tlience
nouio lu chains, in. m-e vast lo chains w point
Ut tun,nu n..t..iiit;,iL
l),\i< a sept. 14LU, IM.
a-p 21 »ii        UhioRGE T   NEWMAN.
R.velstoke l-and District.
, lain, tut Wesl Kuiii,*!..
Take uotice tma Elijah McBean of Ravel*
stoke, B C, occupation Minor, lu.tud* to
apply (ur special timber licenses over tha foi*
lowing da.*nbed lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted two milei
eaat ol the Columbia rivet, uuttr ibe MiutntNUt
corner of Timbor Limit WlH, aud marked 'K.
.Hcld-.iii's north-went coruer," lhcuce oust 160
cbama, tiience soulb 4o --haius, ihuiiet) wt*»i ItiO
ohaius, tbence north 4u chains t" point of com*
nn 11 cum uui, aud containing 640 acree u.ora or
Dated Otb September, 1907.
2. lommencing at a post planted on tha
north bank uf Biginouih Creek about i mile
aliove the south lork. and markud "K. Mc
Bean's aoutivwust cornor," thuuee north 40
chains, lbence east lliu clwius. Uien-w wu h 40
chains, thunce west 160 t*a pointof oomruence*
menl, and containing 640 acres more or lesa.
Dated nth September, 19u7.
3. Commencing at a poal planled on tha
south bank of Blgmouth Creek about 3*| milea
above the soutli lurkaod m irked "lb McBean's
nurth-east coruer," tbence 4»- ohains aouth,
ihcnoe 1G0 ciuina west, i hri.ee 4u chains north,
insnce lOOchains ea-t to pulut of commence*
iiiuut, aud coDlainiug Olu acres mure or Itss.
4- Commencing al n po«t planted on the
soulh bank uf Bigitiuulh i reek aboul 31 mllea
above thenouih lurk and markud "iv McBean's
north-wesi corner," lhcuce ifi chains east,
thtnue in chaiuM uorlh, thence 40 chains east,
llieuce ."" chains houth. ihence 40 ohaini west,
u,.-i.i.-1" cliaim south, thencu io chain* west,
thunue so ohaius north io poini of commeuca
UiflUL and oouUlolUg iim acres muru or less.
i>. t on iiMiicingaL a post planted oil theeast
bank uf biguiuuih creek, aboul five milea
above Catijuu Creek, aud markud "K. Mc
H.-un ■- north weat, oorner," llieuce 40 chains
i-uuLh, tbence in clialus ea*t, tbence Uchami
couth, Uience tsU cliain-* east, thuOOO ill chains
nurth, thencu to chains went, itieuce 40chaiua
norlh. Ihence uu chains west lo poiul uf com*
muncumeut aud coutaiuiug 640 acres more or
Dated Utb September, 1907,
ti Commencing al a poat plaated 100 yards
south ol Hitfiuouiii Creek aud above the north
furk aud marked "K.McDoan's uoribwes', cornur," thenc*: 80 chains, tbeuce 80 chains south,
thunce IV chains west, Ihence 8U chaina north to
point of oummuueemeat, and oontaining 141
aerea mure or less.
Dated Itith September, 1907
haiM'pite KLIJAH MeBEAN.
Revelstoke Land District,
Districl of Wust Kooleuay.
Take notice thai Robert Y. Goodman, of Mar*
incite, WI*,,U.tiA,.occupation lumberman, In*
tends to apply for special timber licences over
the foliowiiiK dwerioed lauds.™
l. Commencing at a post planted on the
cast branch of llaly Creek, abuut threedourlh
mllei from forks, and 6 mllea from mouth ef
llaly Creak, marked "Robert F. Uoodmen's
south-west corner poet," ihence N cbalm
north, ibanee 10 cbalni eaat, thence Wehalii
aoutb, tbenoe IM ohalni wut to place of com*
Dated Ith Bepi. 1907,
■I. commencing at a poat planted 2U mllei
up Canyon Creek, marked -Robert P. Good'
man'i iontb*weat corner poat," tbanoe IN
chains eaat, theuoe 40 ehains nurth. theuoe IM
cbaina weet, thenoe 60 chains south le plane el
commence ment,
Datad llth Beit. 1907.
4    ,,      UOBUT F. GOODMAN,
tegular slu and $20 Conts
Now $9.25
Our marked-down prices In Dress Goods make
easy buying.
We have a good range to select from, All
Wool Cashmere In all colors at $2. Lustre
Blousesol $1.50, White Vesting Mouse, good
,.ilueat $2.00. Now $1.26. Flannelette Blouse
al 00c.
Dand A Corsets with (..tilers attached, selling
atOOc. Wo have put In stock the now Bias
Corsets.    This if the llrsl lime offered In If. O,
Cannot be excelled   for .foil, otc,  Try a
Suits Only a few of the bargains left. Tweed
Suits at $11. $12 Units al SS, $11 Suits .tl $10.
.Men's good heavy Tweed Pants selling at $1.10
per pair. 'Ibis is just, the] p.ico of overalls.
Oa.ll and see Ibeto.
Men's Heavy Underwear .selling at .VI... oach.
Men's Cashmere Sox, .**. pairs for $1.
.Men's Heavy Working Shirts at 75c.
Vou want the t esl value when buying. Wo can
save ynu money. These goods were bought
direct from lhu Eastern manufacturers boforo
tho advance In price,
This Department wo piy particular attention
to, and always enrry a fresh and up-to-date
stock.   Goods to blind daily by express
* M      l
i      Just   opened   up   a   ship-   A
9 ment  ol   Fountain Syringes   V
Sand  hot  water bottlcB—the
very best makes.
ty    Come and see them  bf
* purchasing,
| Canada Drug & Book Co. f
a Limited. ty
T        Revelstoke, B. C, X
ty 9
■lore ty
Saturday, Nov. 1G—For 24 hours;
Unsettled, cloudy, bright at time6,
probable snow; temp. max. 69 deg.
min. 34 deg.
Monday and Tuesday, Nov. IB and 19.
Drama, ''We  are  King," D. B.
Gaily A Co.
Tuesdav, -Nov.  19.—Smoker,  Cricket
Wednesday, Nov. 20—St. Peter's social
and sale of work at tbe Rectory.
Thursday, Nov. 21.-V. M. C. A
Opening Dinner.
Thursday, Nov. 28—Bazaar aud Social
R 0. Ohuroh,
Friday. Nov, 29—Scottish Concert by
local talent.
Thursday, Dec. 5-Ye Old FolkB Concert, by Choir ol Methodist
Friday, Dec. 13, Saturday, Dec. 14.—
McEwen, Hypnotist and Vaudeville.
Local and General.
Remember that the date ol the Y.
M CA. opening dinner is Nov. 21st.
E. C Fromey is building a small
house for R. Samson on Second St,
Vi. Fleming's little son, who was
rectntly ,o badly scalded by boiling
Water being accidently upset over him,
Is progressing as favorably as can be
expected, although tl.e little lad suffers
much at times.
Holiday Cards
nt Bews' Drug Stun-.
Holly Greeting Post Cards
from Revelstoke.
Fancy Xmas Post Cards.
Over the Sea Xmas Cards.
Dominion Crest and Emblem Xmas Cards.
Fanrv Celluloid and Velvet
Fancy Oak Framed Calendars.
Special Prices for Cards by
the dozen.
Send your Mail Ordets to
W. Bews
Phm, B.
Druggist and Stationer
Filling an Order
for Groceries
to lho letter, and wilh tbe
vory best tb.it is in lho store
whether tbo order is sent by
messenger, telephone or
otherwise, is always appreciated by the good housekeeper, Our foods are all
high grade and you never
make any mistake when vou
order from Hobson A Hell.
that Bread is the most
essential thing in life?
You cm gel. along without mosl anything else,
but bread you must have
—and yet how many
people arc careless about
this indispensable food
product, Wo make it
...tr particular business
lo turn out the finest
bread in town. THY IT.
can l.eacdressed to tl.e Savoy,
A party of Arrm.he.iil Mason, will
pay a fraternal visit l.i tl.o Masonic
Lodge here on Mtiida; ev. ning
A lady who knows yon and me,
Asked a Iriend to Ibe Savoy (..r tea;
Her friend said, .1.! what!
For.. cup or a poi,
Look Here for 15 Days
We have the exclusive sale of 40 lols on Irani line between
Vancouver and New Westminster, Size of lols SO x 122.
PRICE, $125. $20 down, $10 pei on.utb ..n balance. This
offer is only good till December 1st, next.
Kincaid   *x
Come and see tbe downfall nf China
at tbe "At Home" in Selkirk Hall.
Nov. 28.
G. M. Clark is building a residence
at the corner ol Campbell avenue and
Third street.
Buy your candy from tbe candy
table at the Y.M.C.A. opening, Nov,
A meeting of all those interested in
the Cricket Club Smoker will be held
in the City Hall this evening,
Dun't lorget the sale at cost of lall
millinery tor one week only commencing today—Miss A.Maslen.
Seven beds are now available at
thc Provincial Sanitarium at Tranquille and will be occupied at once.
D. McCarthy has the contract for
tbo work of repairs and alterations to
the Drill Hall on tbe upper lloor.
At a meeting ol the provincial executive on Tuesday, it was decided to
call the legislature on.Iiinuary Hi, 1908
R. A. I'pper is now stationed at
Field as manager of theiMonarch hotel.
Mrs. Upper and family leave in a few
days to Join him there.
Of the large number of former
citizens ol Revelstuke, who are now
residents ol the OOBSt cities, there is
not ono but is making a success of
business life on the Pacific slope.
The complete furnishings of a modem ten-roomed house will bo sold l.y
auction in tbe Selkirk Hall st I p.m.
on Monday, Nov, IS. II. Manning,
auctioneer,   Everything must go,
The run spots whioh are calculated
to be twelve times the size of lbs earth
and whicli will reach their solar mer
idian abuut the middle nf November,
are likely, lays Signor Alfuni, director
of tl.o Florence Observatory, to lead to
violent magnetic (list.irl.ances, storms,
volcanic eruptions uml e..rtl.intakes-.
.1. K. Rae, ol Olasgow, Scotland,
win. is visiting bis son ll. M Rao of
tho .Maii.-IIkiiai.ii stall', paid a visit
to lln' High School on Tuesday where
ho delighted   the   pupils with several
amusing and Interesting Scotoh leadings. Mr. Rao also visited the Public
Hchool yesterd .y afternoon when bo
'again gave some excellent leadings
and sketches in tlie Scottish dialect
whioh wore highly appreciated by
pupils and teachers alike,
A lib. box ol best csi.dy lor Ihe most
appropriate addition, Competition
open for two weeks.—Savoy.
Men's  hair  hanging  duwn   in long
Tbe hoops worn with old fashioned
Will he Ihere on that night
Aud to your great delight
You'll   see   many   ejiiee.'   fashioned
—Dec. fi tit the Opera House.
The lirst meeting of tbo E-peranto
Club was bold in the City Hall on
8at.ii-d.iy evening. There was a good
attendance null every prospect ol a
successful season, Members v bo wete
not able to be present at the first
mooting should not miss tbe second
as otherwise it will be dillicult to
overtake tl.o class. Tl.o second meeting will be held this evening at the
High School at 7:!!() sharp.
Tbe young people ol Knox Church
wiih tbeir Iriend*. will hold a social
gathering in- lho church parlors on
Monday night at 8 o'clock. A program with games, refreshments, etc.,
will be enjoyed A special lea tu re of
the evening will bo a number ol
Scotch readings by Mr. J. K. Rao,
which wc promise to bo a treat. All
the young people with friends are
most cordially invited to be present.
Rev. T. Mi. Hfill bus secured the
promise ul two ot tlie most ....led
evangelists nn tho continent, il nut in
the Christian world, to pay Revelsloke
a visit in the'near future. Revs.
Hunter und Crossley, who are now
engaged in holding evangelistic services in the largest churches in
Victoria, and expect tn spend lour
weeks in that city, will visit Revelstoke on their way to Mousejaw, where
liny are expected to take charge ol a
similar service iu that town. All
churches in thi* city willing to join in
a great miir.il and religious iv rk will
be invited to co-operate. No date ol
tl.e arrival ol tbe evangelists is yet
(ixed, but will be soon.
Bring yuur children to git something from the lish pond at the Y.M.
IC.A. opening Nov. il*t.
Dun't miss tbe Auction Sale at
Selkirk Hall un Monday, November 18
.all p.n. All lirst-class household
'. effects.
(FOR SALE-Nov. 28th. in Selkirk
Hall, a variety ol articles suitable
for Xmas   gifts.     Funds  in aid of
I    R. C. Churcli.
Woolsey and Lefeaux will be carry-
! ing on their   businesa   in   their   new
[ premises on McKenzie avenue by the
1st. of December.
A spirit testing apparatus is being
\ installed in tbe Customs House, where
spirits destined lur the whole of the
interior will be tested belore consignment. The plant, though simple, is
delicate and costly.
The Revelstuke Steam Laundry will
shut down on Monday lur the balance
nf the week, owing ihe non-arrival of i
material and appliances fur certain
classes of work. The hotel washing
will be gathered on Monday morning
ami run out the sninc day.
ife Olde Polks Concert bis a kom-
patent kommlttee on Ye Olde Folks
dresses which will l.e see... l.y candle
lighten Dec. ".th, at Tapping's Singing
House. Bents have your boiledshirti
and iluud knll.irs in rediness, and
something ek il ly appropriate for tbo
True....ill's Studio will be upon from
Tne day, thc 12th inst., an.l will be
represented by Mr. I. F, Allen ..I Winnipeg, and ynu may depend as usual
on receiving the very best, wnrk, as all
our finishing is done in onr Vancouver studio, which is onr guarantee
that the work will ba satisfactory in
..very respect. |
Tl.o Revelstoke Cricket Club Smoker
on Tuesday, Nov. Ill, at Selkirk Hall,
promises to bo tbo most attractive en-
lerTaininont ol tbo soason. In addition
to tho varied and pleasing programme
already advertised. Messrs. iMacgiiire
.....I Had.lick, well known exponents
ol tbo manly art of sell defence, have
kindly promised to givo a three round
exhibition, whicli should ta. a groat
at.ruction lo all lovers ol sport, and It
is hoped a large crowd will testify
tbeir appreciation i.l tbo .'Hurts of tbe
Social and Personal
A. E. Phipps has returned (rom a
visit to theeast.
Postmaster McRae is on a business
trip to Vancouver and Victoria.
Mr. and MrB. T. E. L. Taylor are on
a holiday tour to the coast cities.
Mrs. McKitrick, of Ihe Leland
hotel, Nakusp, is in the city today.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Elson have returned Irom an extended visit to the
Miss Bourne, a former resident of
this city came up from Roseberry last
night on a visit.
Mrs. W. H. Sutherland will be at
home on Wednesday and Thursday
next, Nov. 20 and 21.
Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Scott have
taken up their residence Ior the winter
at Ocean Park, California.
A. (lish, C. P. R. train dispatcher,
has been transferred lo Nelson and
left yeslerdaj for his new field.
Percy Dunne, of the Dominion Express Co , left yeBtorduy morning for
Calgary after a holiday visit to tbe
Catholic.—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Servicesevery Sunday
at the following hours; 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Bunday School; 7:3np,m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian*—Rev.
W. C. Calder. pastor. Sunday, Nov. 10.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 pm., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Morning subject, "A Test Applied." Evening subject, "Tbe Men
who Lapped but did not Kneel,"
Young People's Meeting Monday, 8
p.m. I'rayer Mooting Wednesday 8
p.m. Choir Practice and Teachers'
Meeting Friday H p.m.
Methodist— Rev. T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services nn Sunday as follows: Class
meeting at 10:30 a.m. Public service
at 11 a. m., subject, _"The Secret of a
Strong Man's Strength." Sunday
school anil Castor's Bible Class nt 2:30
p.m. Evening service at 7.80 p.m.,
subject ."The Source of True Greatness.'* Epworth Uagno on Monday
at 8 p.in. Prayer meeting on Wednesday nt 8 p.m, A cordial invitation
i« extended to all.
Knox l'iii-.'.vrt;KiAK—.1. R, Robert-
ion, li. H, minister. Morning service at II o'clock; Evening service at
7:80; Sunday school at 2:30 o'clock.
The paslnr will preach at both seniles. Morning subject. "The Story
ol Gideon." sacrament o( Baptism
will lie observed. Evening subject,
"The Work ol the Church In our
Homeland, Good music. Opening
anthem, "Our Father' Offertory
anthem, "Glory to Thee My God."
Organ Voluntary. "Tbe Angels' Serenade, Benediction anthem, "Bow
Down Thine Est."1 The Young People's Society on Monday night at 8
u'clock. I'rayer Meeting on Wednesday night and Choir practice on Friday night at H u'clock.
St. Peter's A.vru.ifA.v—Rev. C. A.
Proeunier, MA..rector. Trinity X X V.
Following i. a list ol sorvic a: R a.m.
Holy Communion, 11 am. Matins,
Ante-Communion, 7.30pm Evensong,
sermons by Rector. Sunday school
nt 2 so [l.m., W. H. Humphrey!, Supt.
Baptist— Rov. W. P. Freeman, II A
pastor. Services aro held in tho Mission Hall, First street   Preaching at.
II a.m. anil 7:30 p.m. Sunday school
ut 2.110 p,in. Morning subject,, "Tho
(lontlonosa ol God's Greatness." Evening subject, "Wanderers." On Wod-
nosday evening the prayor mooting
will bo iu tho charge of the B.Y.IMI.
Mr, Stevens will bo the leader, All
are welcome.
Save Money This Week
of splendid money savers. Lots of people saved money at our
liig Sale, and many have asked if we would not have them for therii
pay day. We can't offer them all=they were too good to last, and
we can give you a good many yet.
You will want a Winter Coat for some one in thc family. We
have them in all the Late Styles. Our regular prices are as low as
most sale prices, and our Sale Price is below everyone.
Children's and Misses' Dresses
In all sizes, at less prices than you can make them.
TOWELS, in honey comb, Turkish or Linen.   This is a good time to
buy them.
Men's Winter Clothing
Mi.,' Wool Underwear for 85c, per garment up. Men's Homespun
nn.1 Tweed Trousers for $1.10 up. Men's Shoes, all sizes, up to $6.50,
selling.pt $3.95 per pair. Men's Heavy Woolen Shirts, all sizes.
R;rjulaT$i.75 and $2 values—Now only $1,15 each.
Ladies' Seasonable Furs
In Caperines, Stoles and Throw Overs from $2.25 up. You will find
these the best values ever shown.
We are ofiering some great values in Flannelette in plain and fancy
Our offerings in Dress Goods astonish everyone and they will not last
much longer, Lustres, Cashmeres and Fancies at 25c. per yard, Heavy
Tweeds worth $1 to $2, only 50c. per yard.
Business Locals
Furniture repaired at the Ideal.
Nothing better than Our "spsolal
Jardincres to suit any home or any
purse on show at C. B, Hume A Co's.
Holly tags and stickers at Bews'
Drug Store,
Out picture framing department is
kept busy these days.   Your next.
Patronize Home  Industry.    Smoks
Revelstok* Cigars-
Hews'Senega cough  syrup, unexcelled Ior coughs,
That double bed and spring lor $9.76
at the Ideal is a winner.
A new and complete Btock ol Ideal
Watermen pens at Bew's Drug Store.
All wool white blankets at the Ideal
Special, $4.00.
No old stock in Bews' Christmss
card selectiun.
For to choose Irom tbo largest assortment of Fancy China in town see
the display at C. B. Hume A Co's.
Revelstoke Cigars-Union Made-Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
The Rindel Somersaultic Davenport
Bed, the most complete folding bed in
the market, solid, comlort, at the Ideal
We can sell you real estate when
others fail-Revelstoke General Agencies Ltd.
Secure a Staffordshire China Jardi-
nere il you want something neat in
this Hue. Large assortment at C. B.
Hume A Co's.
Alter you are through worrying
over the smoke, gas and dirt ol nearly
ull soft coal, come in and order a load
ol Banff Hard Coal—the only hard
coal mined in Canada—Revelstoke
General Agencies Ltd.
Attention of our readers is drawn to
the announcement of the shares of the
Royal Collieries Limited, now on the
market at 2fic per share. This company has been organi-ed by the men
who have made such a suocess ol
Granby Mines and the International
Coal antl Coke Company, and whose
names stand lor financial strength
an.l successful mine management.
Tbis Compa.,y has over 80,000,000
tons ol coal ot the best quality and
will be shipping within a year. The
opportunity is ono ol the best ever
presented to tbo small investo". Applications lur shares may be made to
E, A. Haggen, Brukor, Revelstoke,
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sell a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design. We
have just 15 of the same left.'*'
Do not wail, but come'in at once
l..r ynur sittings (nr Christinas photos
and avoid the rush near that time,
You will find bore everything—workmanship, scenery, cameras, lenses,
mounts snd art folios of every description, style and color found in tbo beBt
Studios in the oaat. All work finished
completely here in my building.'
Special—Do not come for sittings
alter ,'l p.m. during tho next two
months ol short days.
Vory respeotfully,
to Photographer.
I.Svi-Utokl: I......I 1.1-Kiel.
I.ls.rli-t.il Wr». .'......'..av.
iakn ..o.hii. tl.«i Al.ixan.lif MoUnrtnlck, ol
lt..»l...i, li.tr , occupation  rcannler, Intends in
......iy for s *|.criai timber Hosnioover losfol.
Ii.wIiik tfeierlbtld landa:
a. Oommsntllag ... a ...... i.l.nt. -I Almiilono
mllo woat..I John Croll'. No '. poll, marked
' A, MctJorml.fk's No. a, no..tinea., comer,"
Ihonoe weat si) ..Lain., thrnee nor th so chalna.
Mi...11. i'rt-i su ..hai..,. Ihoneo aoulh 80 chain.
I', point oi mm hi tu.< i.e. infill.
Iiatcil Nov. -lit, IW.
«»i aov 16      AI,KXAM.i;a NeCOKMlUK.
ONE WEEK ONLY, commencing
Nov, llltb, I anticipate closing
tl.e Millinery soason for tl.e Fall
and will soil tho entire Fall Stock
at cost.
The complete stock of children's
wear at SO per cent, discount.
iss A. Maslen
Oppositk -   Climax Hotel
Opera House
Monday, Nov. 18
Tuesday, Nov. 19
O. W. Walker ..Iters the
Be.utilul, Romantic Comedy
And an Exceptional
Comedy  Company
An Elaborate Costums ami
loenio Iqulpmsnt
Prices, $1.00, 75c, 50c.
Scats on Sale st Canada Drug
A Book Company.
Pure honey just arrived Iron. Brus
sells/ Out., In bottles snd tins at C. J).
Hume * Co'l. .     -,'■,'
At Ono O'clock Sharp
'   MONDAY,   NOV.   18th
Consisting of complete furnishings of
Jf a TenJloemed House as follows;
Fine Desk, Carpets, '■ Parlor Tables,
2 Weathered Oak Chairs, 1' Ouk
Rocker, 1 Wicker Arm Chair, 1 set of
Oak Dining Chairs, leather bottom, 2
Oak Dinini- Tables, 1 Fine Oak Buffet,
1 Heating Stovo.'i Cook Stoves with
tank and hot wale connection, Fine
Oak Hall Rack, Book Cases, several of
the vory best iron bedsteads, several
bureaus and wash stand, child's
couch, child's sleigh and go-cart,
cuckoo clock.
Fine Cabinet Sewing Machine.
Everything must go of this Ural-
class home. Sale to take place at
November 18th.  Terms Cash.   Don't
miss it.
A reward ol |25.00 will be paid by
the Council for information leading to
the conviction ' ol anyone tampering
with the Gity Fire Alarm boxes tor
sending in a false alarm.
net 30 It Mayor.'
Kevelstoke Laud District,
District of Weat Kootenay.
Tike notice tbat John Croft, of Beaton. B.G ,
occupation Lumberman, Intends to applj* for
special timber licenses over tbe following do*
scribed lauds: I
1. Commencing atapost planled about two
miles wutluij A. Mccormick's pre-emption on
Hftlmon Creek, markoil "Noi I, Jolin Croft's
-miHi-west corner," thenct' .east HO chains,
ihence nortb flu chains, tbence west 80chains,
thence south M ohaina to pointof commence*
2. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles south of A. McCormlck'a pre*emptlou on
.-iilmtin Creek, marked "No. 2, John Croft's
Miuib-cwt corner post." tbence west 80 ebains,
Hence north SO chains, tbenoe east 80 chains,
iheuce south 80 chains to point of commence-
(Dated November 7lb, 1907,
} satiwvW JOHN CROW.
M  -


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