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The Mail-Herald
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Fivo Gord Luis
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"■e, W.'_i. .».V_.E*r*^Jl»Kenzlo Ave.
UjNE   39
Vol. 14.-No 84
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J.  H.   Hawthornthwaite   Propounds Socialism — J.  M
Kellie     Defends    Himself
Against Attacks.
A fair percentage of citizens turned
out on Wednesday night to hear J. H
Hawtliorntbwai'e'B, the socialist leader, address ou tlie issues of the day
and the great problem of Socialism,
at the opera house.
\V. W. Lefeaux took the chair and
iu a lew words reviewed the past history of feudalism and chattel slavery,
and why the present wage Blsve system, as the socialists call it, evolved.
Chattel slavery was the result ol war
since tbe old time masters found it
more profitable to make their enemies,
captured in war, work for them than
to kill them. Mr. Lefeaux endeavored
to point out bow tbe slaves in tbe
early days were better off than the
wage slaves ol the present century.
He asked any political opponents to
come on to the platform and speak but
said that the socialists got but scant
courtesy at either liberal or conservative meetings in that direction.
Mr. Hawtbornthwaite said that the
reason politic 1 opponents were backward in coming onto the platform at
Socialist meetings was because they
knew nothing about socialism. He
denied that the report was true which
claimed that he hud been turned down
by the miners at Nanaimo but tbat be
bad been robbed of votes which Bhould
have been his. He showed how socialism had increased 100 p.c. and was
the great iesue o! the campaign, although liberals and conservatives refused to discuss tbe question. He
referred to the fact that Smith Curtis
had refused to meet him on the public
platform, and refuted Smith Curtis's
idea of capital and saved l.bor. He
said that the workers were robbed of
4-5 of tbe value of tbeir labor, and the
middlemen were tbe robbers. He
pointed out that il a worker bad saved
up bis wages thousands ol years ago
he would oot have anything like tbe
amount of cash tbat Bockfeller, for
instance, bad, wbo never saved up
anything. He referred to tbe wage
trick system and explained bow the
workers were robbed ol the greater
part of what they ptoduced, saying
tbat this would always go on while
capital owned the legal possession ot
the means ol production. The workers were not paid in full value for
their labor, and after they had receiv-
ceived their wages the rest of tbe
rest cl ihe wealth they produced went
as profit to the boss. He bitterly complained tbat the feudal system, chattel slavery und wage slavery today
were all the same; the workers were
afraid of tbe boas and were compelled
to submit in order to live and produce
what would never belong to tbem.
He pointed out that he had never
attacked religion, tried to pull down
the British ilag or overthrow tbe
British constitution, as he hsd been
accused of doi.ig, and cited tne case of
how he hid refused to take off bis hat
to Dunsmuir at the opening of the
parliament, as being similar to what
is done in the Hriiish House liefore
the speaker, the representative of
royalty. He reviewed the difference
between an autocracy such as Russia
and a limited monarchy such as England. He showed how be had been
called to order when trying to bring in
an impeachment against Dunsmuir
lor bringing in Oriental labor. He
allirmed thai socialism was here now
since necessities ol lile were being produced collectively iu mills and factories, and all that is now required is
socialist ownership.
He made a dramatic appeal for tho
starving thousands, the result of capital rule, and urged that the people
realize what it really meant. He reviewed the present political campaign
and referred to the statements ol the
liberals und conservatives, that the
socialiits hud done no good in the
House (or labor legislation, claiming
that Smith Curtis had tried to rob
bim ol tlie credit of putting through
many bills for tbe benefit of labor,
when he (Hawtbornthwaite) bad been
largely instrumental in putting thru'
these bills himself in spite of opposi-
t 1 ni Irom liberals and conservatives.
He explained that the "Coal Mining
Bill," 'Trades 1'nions Bill," Workmen's Compensation Act," and other
bills bad been his own work and
allirmed that Smith Curtis was mil)
hypOOritioal in his interests lor labor.
He pointed out that Smith Curtis had
never got a bill passed in the House,
and wss  always   bringiog in amend
ments, thereby getting the name ol
"amendicitis." Tbe speaker then went
into the Columbia A Western deal
and showed bow he bad been accused
of voting for land subsidies to tbe C.
IMI.. the explanation being that he
had objected from the first to millions
ul acres being given and voted with
the others that this Bhould be cut down
and beld out that he would have
stripped the company of everything to
which tin v were not legally entitled.
He attack I .1. M. Kellie at thiB point
as being pn rty to this scheme ol land
Mr. Kellie came up on the platform
and explained the nature of tbe Columbia it Western deal, claiming tbst
Hawthornthwaite had voted for tbe
subsidy whioh the C P.R. bad no right
to. He said that Hawthornthwaite
only pretended to look after the people's interests and had only quibbled
when he claimed that he didn't vote
for the subsidy.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite upheld that
Mr. Kellie bad not done his duty in
tbe House and could give no satisfactory explanation of bis action in the
matter, and contended that he had
never voted for a subsidy bill and
claimed that he would cut land grants
down as low as he oould, which was
more than bis liberal and conservative
friends could do.
Mr. Kellie said that Mr. Hawthornthwaite didn't carry out hia principles and still maintained that Hawtbornthwaite had voted for the C.P.R.
land subsidy.
The matter of the Kaien Island deal
was taken up, a lengthy argument
ensuing, both Mr Kellie and Mr.
Hawthornthwaite valiantly holding to
their own convictions.
Mr. Hawtbornthwaite claimel that
the socialists and a few liberals were
the only ones who voted against the
grant to the G. T. P. for lands and
went ou to say that other motions in
the interests of tbs working man and
settler were voted down by the combined forces of liberals and conservatives to gain their own ends. He
pointed out tbat be had gained many
concessions for farmers and had introduced measures protecting the workers
against increased taxation and that
neither liberals or conservatives bad
brought in any labor bills. These
patties, be claimed, were not working
lor reforms but did their best to make
the life ol the workingman a struggle
for existence. He urged that the people study tbe issues at stake, freedom
and capitalistic robbery.
Mr. Kellie strongly poiuted out tbat
be had introduced several measures
for the benefit of labor and said that
Mr. Hawtbornthwaite bad taken a
mean advantage ol him in bringing
him into the discussion of the C. &\V.
unawares, he not having time to collect bis facts aud data, but be said
that he would bring necessary evidence
on tbe 11 tli of Nov. wbicb would
force Hawthornthwaite to take back
bis accusations.
The latter replied that Mr. Kellie
should have known that tbe question
would come up, since it bad been
thrown at bim (Hawthornthwaite) by
Smith Curtis. In conclusion be urged
tbe electors to think of tbe great issue
and do their duty to themselves and
their freedom on Nov. 12th.
A collection was taken up and the
meeting terminated.
conservative' candidate
Premier McBride Addresses a
Large Audience Last Night
A large audience attended at thu
Opera House last night tn bear thu
Hon. Richard Mcliride, Premier ol
IJ. C, address the electors on the
political issues ol the day supporting
A. S. Goodeve, tbe Conservative candidate for Kootonay. A number of
gentlemen were called 011 the pliitloim
by Chairman W. W. Foster, who gave
a cordial -invitation to political opponents to speak.
W. W. Lefeaux waB tbo only one
wbo look advantage ol this invitation
and spent thirty minutes propounding
Socialism, despite the numerous interruption" from what he termed
drunk wage slaves,"
T.Taylor, M. P.P., delivered a short
address on behalf of the Kootenay
Conservative candidate. Mr. Mo-
Bride gave a forcible and eloquent
speech on the issues uf the campaign
alter levelling an attack on the Socialist representative, W. W. Lofeaux,
whom ho slated in vigorous terms.
Tbe Independent Band was in attendance and gave several selections
piior to the opening of the  meeting,
A lull report ol tbe addresses will be
given in next Wednesday's issue.
Ferreted Emulsion ol Cod Liver Oil
lor coughs and colds at Bews' Drug
New Weighty Organization in
New York
New York, Nov. i—One of tlie
weightiest organizations ever torn ed
in New York was established yesterday. It is tho Fat Men's Club of the
east side. There was not a man pret-
ent who weighed less than 300 pounds.
At the outset a lew slender persons
who weighed not more than 280
wandered in, but there was a heavy
vote against anyone tipping the
scales at le-8 than 80U, becoming an
active member.
The pr"Bident ol tlie new order ig
F. J. Dabyles, 380 lbs., and the object
of the club is to further the development of corpulency. Members weighing 500 lbs. are life members. Ten
barrels ol beer where consumed in the
work of organization of the new
A special meeting uf tiie city coun-
was held on Thursday night with
Mayor Lin.1 mark and Aldermen Woodland. Sawyer, and Lefeaux present.
Tbe bylaw called tbe Tax Levy Bylaw for 1908 was introduced, passing
its three readings and with tlie unanimous consent of the council.
Tbe question of hospital charges
and city patients was taken up, the
council feeling tli it the city should
receive more consideration at the
hands of the hospital in regard to
medical fees and attention for city
patients mid a resolution was passed
that the city clerk should communicate with the hospital board to the
effect tbat considering that the city
suppl.es the hospital with water and
light iree of charge ami also that the
city has exempted the hospital from
taxation, and bas supplied all material
for installation for light and power
and bus also agreed to wire the new
wing, when built, free of charge, the
city council does not expect in future
to be charged witb any fees for the
city's patients, either for medicines,
medical attention and hospital treat-
meet; and the city oouncil would like
to have a written assurance from the
board ol hospital dir. ctors, carrying
into effect the requests as outlined.
A resolution was p isted that during
the absence of the city medical health
officer Dr. E. H. S. McLean be appointed to tbat position.
Tbe city scales were discussed and
the need of the scales being iu a more
central position. The council deemed
it necessary that they should be pro-
protected from tbe weather aod in
charge of the police aud a resolution
was passed that tbe mayor and chairman ol the public works committee be
authorized to have the citv scales removed to a position in the vicinity of
the city gaol and that the constable in
charge at the gaol must look after the
The meeting then terminated.
Local Option League
Last Wednesday evening a well
attended'meetiugof the citizens was
held in the Baptist church to consider
tbe forming of a Lnoal Option League.
The meeting was held under the
auspiceB of the local W.C.T.U. Mrs.
Spafford, ol Victoria, tlie prominent
organizer, addressed the meeting on
the issue. The aim is to organize all
forces interested in local option law
and piesunt to the government a
monster petition to have such a law
passed in tho Province of li. C.
Mtiyor landmark and others addressed the meeting, after which a
resolution was unanimously passed to
form a league in this city. This committee will report ut a mass meeting
to lie held in tlie Baptist church ou
Sunday evening ut tlie close of the
regular services in the churches. Mrs,
Spafford and others will deliver short
uddresses at this meeting. All who
aro in anyway interested in tbo passage ol a local option law are requested
to be present.
Coming to Revelstoke
The Ily Y.M.C.A. have in prospect
an engagement ol the celebrated
Schubert Symphony Club and Lady
tjuartctte Company, of Chicago, and
it is expected tbat tbey will be scoured to give one of tlieir delightful
entertainments about Dec. 8, This
Com pan v gives a prog/am of the
greatest variety, consisting of Lady
quartettes, mandolin and guitar club,
string, violin and vocal solos, amusing
readings. In the Schubcrts wc wil
get a musical entertainment that is
enjoyable irom the first to the last—
not a long, dull, classical affair, but a
bright interesting program ol music's
choicest gems,
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Our Plumbing department is up-to-date and we are doing
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We make a profit.
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Savings   Bank   Department
Deposit! of '.I and upwards are received anil interest
allowed at current rates, and is paid four limes a year. Account*9
muy lie opened in the names uf two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the Dumber or by the survivor.
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Zbc (T&aiMbcralo,
Barristers, Solicitors,   Ere.
Parliaments s,,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Hauulu FlSHEB.
lint    .etc.,
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J. M. Scott LL W. 1. Brlffie.
Barkistkks, Solicitors, Ei
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'mmjlicitdbs for Miilshnc Bank
First Street.
Robert smith
Ke\e -.oke, B.t
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Mining Surveyor
jMcKenzik Avenue,
Box loti, Bevelstoke
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Piano. Vocal Theory.
Musical Kindergarten
Classes tor young children.
Studio ove
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of Quality.
Zbc flftai.^lbevalb
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sidered both in political us well as
in civic relationships;. A man docs
not deserve to have a vote if he
will not ubo it rightly and an
amendment to the eleotion law
that would Btrike from the list the
names of all wiio do not go lo Ilic
polls and record their votes would
lie in the direction of having much
cleaner election?. The surest way
lo inlluence a voter is to pay him
ior staying away from the polls
ami wc venture to say that a
scrutiny of tbejjunpolled voters at
elections would reveal a list that
could lie suspected of being influenced by considerations other than
that of their duty as citizens. One
of the favorite arguments of those
who advocate personal registration
is that a man who does not take
sufficient interest in public mailers
to go In the trouble of registering,
does not deserve to have a vole- It
follows then, logically, thai after
being on tlie list, if he does not
exercise the right to vote, he should
be struck off the list for want of
interest, or what is worse, of having
been bought or unduly influenced
to  stay  away.    At   election   (Hills
conies tlie chance of every man lo
say what he wants and if he is
weak enough to sell his own mind,
there is little use in giving him the
privilege of a franchise to he used
by some one else for his own   ends.
The city council have at lust
carried out what is perhaps tiie
most important work of their administration during this term, uud
une which is t.i particular interest
to the citizen- in tlmt it affrcls
their pookcts, wbicli are in reality
the scats of nil interest. Th.'
Oouncil have been very dilatory
this year in coming tn a (lecis-nii :,s
to what tax rate w.il to required
for all expenses, and although this
delay has given them morn time to
get as near as possible to lie correct figure, yet on the other hand,
it only gives the taxpayers but
short notice in which to pay their
taxes. Wc do not propose to go
into the question just now as to
how the present administration
have acquitted themselves, or bow
they have carried out what they
promised they would   do  at ihe
commencement of their term.
Suffice it to say, however, tlmt the
public improvements curried out
this year, can speak for themselves
and tin- hui of something along
thut line has been accomplished for
the lirst time. The tux rate is
always a subject for discussion both
for and against whatever has been
fixed upon, and although our property has gone up in value it has
had the efiect of reducing taxes
considerably below those of last
year, although tlie present rate for
many reasons, sooner or later to be
discussed, is higher than it should
be. It should be the aim and object of every council tu prepare the
estimate und strike tlie tax rate as
early in the year as possible and
not let expenditures run on indefinitely till they arc pulled up with
a jerk to Iiud out that money is
going out faster than it is coining
in. We give tlie present council
credit fur nnl being guilt} uf the
usual wild expenditures in public
works that are not permanent, but
claim Unit they cuuld havo very
easily struck tin- tux   rale  earlier.
There never was n preacher, poit
or politician, or even a cily council
that could please everybody. There
never was a profession of any sort
that could suit us all. Show us a
doctor, a lawyer, nr merchant, who
pleases the whole multitude. The
Lord himself according tu the ideas
of many, perhaps more or less
cynical, has never half succeeded
in comforting the human race.
There is not a thing on earth or
anywhere else that meets the approval nf ell mankind. Then it
would he nonsense fur editors and
correspondents to fret when their
honest efforts fail to please a certain few, and it is these few who
when raising the most disturbance
hnve the biggest shortcoming.!
themselves. Write, then, with
Bound judgment, an honest purpose and a decent pen, and the
majority nf sensible people will
rise up and cull ynu blessed.
Tbe eleotion was disappointing to
manv, but nil mny rejoice and give
.banks, not only on ihe day appointed
hut every other day if tbey lire up the
lurnace und cook with Coursier'.;
One of the most interesting results of the recent election, sayB
the Calgary Herald, will he the
accession to the cabinet of \V. 1,.
Mackenzie King and the establishment nf a separate department of
labor with him us the minister.
The establishment of a department
of labor by the Dominion Government is significant, and should
prove to he a beneficial departure.
During recent years the organization of lahor has made great strides
due largely to the recognition by
the labor element ui the fact thut
to make an impression upon public
sentiment requires on its behalf the
use of the same diplomatic and
political qualities as have proved
Ueces-arv to the advancement of
u-.iier interests. Tiie leaders of the
laW element today are diplomats
snd they have succeeded in impressing the claimp of lahor on
governments with a force lhat
would have been impossible while
mere demagogues represented it.
Underlying all labor claims, however, there iius been a tendency tn
insist .su the demands uf labor
more than on its rights. Tic great
weakt.es- uf ibe cause "t labor bas
lain in .*.- insistence "i those mea-
-■ires' tbat ire f"r its own beni fii
without regard tu lb. rights ui
'.•'.her. or to the general effect upon
ootnmercial policy.
This tendency, however, is. gradually decreasing and there i- noticeable among tin- leaden ol tli" labor
movement an inclination towards
that spirit of compromise which
must he the basis of uii common inl
transactions. The liability to strike.-
is '.oiistantly decreasing and the
employers oi labor in tbeir relations
with the men under tbem un* finding that each demand as made is
not so much u demand underlaid I
by threat as a financial proposition
which is open to reasonable dis-
cubs ion.
Public Meeting of Electors
will be held in the OPERA HOUSE
Wednesday, 11th Inst,
when Mr Ralph Smith and other prominent
speakers will deliver addresses on live issues
of the day, and questions of local importance
to every citizen of Revelstoke will be dealt
Come and hear the closing address of the
Dominion Election, 1908.
All will be welcomed and reserved seats for
the ladies.
ifj^s III      reputation is a potent factor  tn  be eon
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Don't forget, the name ol the linn.
They look let Special Prise at the
Vernon Show on the Kith Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Manufactured fur      ol asses <>f buildlugs
fur sale in Itirrto nr small quantities
ui the lowest prices for cash.
ah kinds of build ins aud plastering
All    kinds   of   new
l'i nlcr-i in
Wati Chans. - Front St.
I"   B .x  206.
I'iium: 211
Tiie   privilege  ol   a    franchise
should it very dear to every ri; 'it
thinking citizen but in man} co
tbe privilege iB but lightly  oon-
To Trappers
Raw Furs    ought
clash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
,s..i 1. ,• In luiroliy given 1 hnl I, II. Mo.
1 .      .   I, .  ■  I   ll.il,'., '.ll   I Inl   Hpi Ml/   .   Iir.,
Intend In ipiilv ' 1 I ho Miijipi Intendeiit
I,I  l'i       11. i.'l I'lilu'i-, nl  the explial inn
ni um. month 1' 1 inn dull' hereof, iue 11
rem ■ ii 'st in) retail li<|u<.i lloensu for
1 Ic prniril ie known as lhu Halcyon
II..1 Spring   Hotel al Halcyon, 11.■'*.
II     \M .mill.
1 s.i. 1 ,1 Halcyon, IM),, Nuv 2  11X18,
in.1 1 lm
Notice ii hereby given, thai thirty
days after dale, I Intend to apply to
Ihe Superintendent of Provincial Pu
lice fni a renewal of the retail liquor
1 Hie i'n  the Quoen's Hotel, I lorn .-
plix, n.i".
Dated Nov.Srd, 1008.
nov I Im J, H. Yotnc*.
Revelstoke Land District,
West Kootenay, B. 0.
Take Notice that 00 days after date
I K. W. Lindsay of Camborne, 11. 0,,
occupation, inei-ch-int, Intend to apply
401' permission to purchase the following described lands sitiuited on I-'ish
River, West Kootenay dlstriot.
Commencing at the north-east cornel' of A. IJ. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked "H.W. Lindsay's North-Wesi. Cornel' Post;" I hence
8 chuins to west, line of "ileKinnn.i's
pre-emption; Ihence 5(1 chuins south:
thence8 chains west to MaoKay'sj
thence north 5(1 chains to point of
coiiiincnci'iin'iil, containing III acres
more or less:
Located Oct. 15th, 1008.
It. W. Lindsay, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Start Eastern Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division oi West Kootonay District* Located on the Norlh side of the North-cat.,
branch of Laforme Civi i..
Take notice lhat I, Guy I.. Williams,
Free Minor's Certificate B132O5, as agent
for Ohaiies Walsh, Free Miner*-. Certificate B94266; for lid. Adah, Free Minor's
Certificate 11942511 Samuel McMurty, Free
Minor's Certificate Bctya62i Waller Waleh.
Free Minor's Cerlificale H94265; V. G.
Walsh, Free Minor's Certificate B94264]
Gilbert Wilson, Free Minor's Certificate
B94261, and K. F. Greer, Free Minor's
Certificate 694263, intend 60 days (rom
dnto hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further tako notice that action tinder Section ,17 must he commenced before
the issuance of such certificates ol Improvements.
Dated this 17th day ofSeptember, 1908.
sop 23-nov 23 .ii v L, Williams.
Take nnl lee thai I Inlnlid tu make
application Io the Siipurllileiidenl uf
Provincial Police for u renewal of the
rci.'iil liquor licence, fin lho City Hotel
ni \rrou head, II. O., I'm the hair year
I'n nn .Inu. I.i, 11 i"l I. In,lime IS), limn.
Dated Nov. lib. inns.
liny   I   lm .lull.    C.M.I.Y.
lu ih..  11 ti* nl  mi application for
the i mu ul .1 duplicate nl' ihe CerllH-
unto of Title to Norlh . of Villa Lot 20,
Tumi t.i Rtivelsluke.
Not Ieo Ih hereby given that Ids my
hi tent ion in issue ai. i In- expiration of
unu num th ii f tnr the llrat publluattuii
hereof, duplicate Cei'llflonle of Title In
Ibe n I in vi' mentioned lnnil-in Ibe nn tin
nl John Larson, which Certificate of
TIHh Is dated ibe 1st dav of September
HUM, uml numbered 27IIA.
District lioglstrar,
Llllld li.'i; Cilice, Nelsnll, H.C.
7th October  1008. net 1(1 lm
Notion Is heii'liv given I hal thorn
I'liiinci ship,   lii'iolnfiire  existing   be-
in n ihe undui'slgbed us Ileal Estate
and Ciiiiiuiis imi Agents, under the
Hi in iiiine nf Mlbbald .v. Kield, at Rev-
'll'ilie,    H. ('..   has lieen this day dis-
.olved by iiiiii iiiii consent.
All (bins, due lo the said partnership, .ire iii he paid nl the imperial
liiiiik. Rovelstoke, B.C., and all partnership delits. In he paid iii i'iiiiiiI pin-
portloni by snid John O. Slbbald und
('h.ii Ies M. Kield.
Dated al  Revelstoko, H.c, :ii»t Oc-
liiliel.   ItHIS.
J,  I). SlBBALD,
oct lll-lm Chas. M. Field.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden Lawn     *
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees and
seeds lhat grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,  Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B. <\    Catalogue tree.
Green Houses ami Seed  Houses
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. -   $.500
Ii!. Company, R.M.H., will drill every
Thursday evening until further notice.
Hy Order.
octal Hlld I!, SMITH, O.C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
&■ SAILINGS „!£,
Sat. Nov. 7 Lk. Manitoba
"Fri. " 18 Emp. Ireland
"Sat. " 21 Lk.ChaiiiplftinWed.Nov.4
"Special Christmas ships
Intermediate Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class i,,ii. Class jrd. Class
$qo oo   $4« 75 $i8 75
isi. Class 2111I. Class 3rd. Class
$7J .so       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points  in connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other ctintine till polls.
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B.Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Revelstoke. Vancouver.
Certificate of Improvements
Winslow Mineral Claim,situate in the
Trout I,'ike Mining Division uf
West Kootenay District.
Where located;- At bead of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that I, 0. B, N. Wilkie,
acting as agent   l'or   Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. !i7ti;i: William Bennett,
K.M.O. Nn. B0_877j Bruce While, K.
M.O. Hll."i2l: nnd l\ H. Murphy, K.M.
C. [____87; inl end. sixty days frum thu
date hereof, to apply lo the Mining
Recorder for 11 Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Brant of the above claim.
And further lake notice thai action,
under Suction 87, iniisl be commenced
before the Issuance of such Oei'tlllciito
ol Improvements.
Dated  this ailh tiny uf October, A,
l)„ WON.
nct-l-eOtl 0. H. N. WILKIE,
Notice is hereby given thut 1 intend
to npply to the Superintendent nl
Provincial police for a renewal of Hie
retail lii|iior licence for the ICi/'leiiiy
hotel, Hurtim Cily, B. C.
Dated Oct. 24, 1008.
Wm. 1-ovai'i
In thkHui'iiumk Cih-iit or Bhitinii
Is THK MaTTBH hi'Till.: Wimji.\ii.I"|.
And iu the Matter of 'I'he l.hvund Tin
Workers(Inlil Mining Ooiupanj of
Lardeau, British Columbia, Lfml
led, Non-Personal Liability.
TAKE   NOTICE  thai   the under.
signed has appointed Kridny, the SUth
day of October. 1008, at the  hour of
eleven o'clock in lhe forenoon at the
Court, House in the Citv of Hevclsliike,
B, O., for the purpose of hearing mid
confirming   the Report of   lhe Ollicial
Liquidator upon  the olnlms of   creditors, and of setiiinn. determining and
finally   passing   Hie   Dividend  Shut,
and of passing the Official Liquidator's
nccounu, and settling hlsremi ration,
And let all parlies attend.
Haled Ibis  twelfth  day of  October,
A. D„ 1UU8.
District Registrar at Revelstoke, B, C, ___.
Notice Face Above 1
It Signifies Peace.
Notice thia Scowl!
It Signifies Trouble.
draft ia operated
at the front end-
no work—no danger—no leaning
over hot pota—no
getting steam in
"Ordinary" direct
draft operation
is over cooking
top —mostly requires a towel-
always a acorch-
Ing job—sometimes disastrous.
Which Face Represents the Wisest Mind?
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Canada's Greatest Success in
Hand-Tailored Garments
<__$*^^__k Fit-Reform has won its
FIT- *%L kig success under the most
REFORM w ^'rect comparison with
garments made by the
leading merchant tailors.
Men, who wanted the
best garments that could be made, tried
both, and are now wearing Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats exclusively.
Any man, who wishes the greatest
possible value for his money, should make
e same comparison.
^■r. _.*!_!._,   D. c
Import direct from country ot origin.
RBVE1LSTOKB'   ___!.  O.
Queens jfotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Festival of rejoicing-Revels.oke
Has Much to be Thankful for.
Thanksgiving Day has again come
round and this great festival in its
ever recurring cycles once more reminds us that we are to return thanks
for mercies past received and to acknowledge that tbe Almighty has
showered bis many blessings of prosperity upon the people. On Monday
Revelstoke will celebrate tide festival
and all should remember that during
the past year there bas been much to
be thankful for. Kevelstoke has enjoyed good health, and she has, in
spite of the many dark shadows that
have fallen about her by reason of dull
times and eommercfal depression,
kept up her bead and emerged radiant
and bright, her people standing by ber,
convinced of ber strength nnd of ber
solidity. We cannot but be thankful for what Providence has given us.
Aro we not a prosperous people? Are
wo not blessed with health and a certain amount of the good things that
go to make life bright, and this world
desirable to live in. Our people are
reasonably happy and content and it
is to be hoped that at this festival of
Thanksgiving, we, in Revelstoke, will
return thanks for all the goodness of
life, and strive to still further improve
our condition and live in harmony
with our fellow neighbor.
Monday will be observed as a general holiday aud it is to be hoped that
people will give a l bought every bit as
earnest and sincere to the spiritual
aide of Thanksgiving D.iy as to the
temporal, and make up their minds
to profit by the lessons teamed during
the past yeai, and be gratified for the
bounties of peace, plenty, happiness
and prosperity.
The first Thanksgiving held on
American soil was by tbe Pilgrim
Fathers in the year 1621, shortly after
they landed at Plymouth rock. It
was not very much of a Thanksgiving
for tbey did not feel that they had
very much to be thankful for, but was
rather a revival of the English harvest
Over 3,000 years ago the Israelites
wandering in tbe desert were instructed by Mores to observe a holiday similar in character to the modern American Thanksgiving Day when tbey
came to tbe promised land. It was
called the feast of tbe tabernacles and
took place about the end of harvest
time. For eight days they dwelt in
booths made of evergreens. They partook ol corn, wine, oil and the fruits
of the ground. The priests performed
a magnificent ritual of which melodious choruses formed a large part.
In modern times the festival is generally an excuse to have an extra large
feast of rich things. The turkey is
prominent among the delicacies from
which tbe legend:
•To some tbe white, to some the dark,
Carves fate's myBterious ways,
For some it quite forgets to carve,
E'en on Thanksgiving Days.
Here's hearty hopes you may not be
Of those forgotten quite,
But may your plate return well filled,
With dark meat and with white."
Revelstoke Bride Receives Congratulations
One of tlie prettiest of weddings
took plsce last Wednesday evening,
when Miss Isohel E. Grant, sister of
Mrs. W. M. Lawrence and Mrs. J. T.
Telfer, was united in marriage to Mr.
Duncan Macdonald of Shoal Lake,
Manitoba, at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. W. M. Lawrence, McKenzie Ave.
The drawing room, where the ceremony took place, was daintily decorated for the occasion, and the wedding
party stood under a beautiful arch,
while over the bridal couple bung a
lovely floral bell.
Promptly ut 7 o'lock the bride entered the drawing rocm on the arm of
her brother-in-law, Mr. W. M. Lawrence. Sin vas attired in an exquisite
soft whitt fr;n empire gown, beautifully trim ,icd with insertion. She
wore the regulation veil und wreath of
orange blossoms, and curried a sbower-
boquet ol white carnations and maid-
en-hair fern.
The bride was attended by Miss
Gertrude MaeFailune, wearing a
sweetly pretty pule blue silk eolienne
trimmed with tucked net and buttons
and currying a lovely bouquet of pink
carnations. Little Miss Aileen Lawrence, neice of the bride, made a
charming wee flower girl, wearing a
dainty soft white silk frock and carrying a basket of sweet pink blossoms.
Mr. W. J. W. Biown performed the
duties of beat nmn in a capable manner. The ceremony was performed by
the Rev J. It. Bohertfon, 1" D.
After congratulations had been received, the wedding parly sut down to
a recherche supper. Following the
usuul toasts, the bride retired to don
her travelling costume, a handsome
striped cloth. The coat opened over u
duinty ecru luce blouse. Witb this
she wore a stylish blue bat smartly
trimmed with wings and velvet.
The hippy couple left on the midnight train for tbeir future home in
Shoal Lake. On their way east they
will visit at several points.
The groom's presents to tbe bride's
maid and flower girl weie dainty pearl
pins, and to the groomsman a pearl
stick pin. The many and handsome
presents wbioh the bride received testified to her popularity with all who
knew her during her stay in Revelstoke. Tbe Mail Herald joins with
the many friends in congratulations,
and wishes tbe happy couple all
future happiness.
Teddy's Next Job
New York, Nov. 6.—In its issue ol
next Saturday tbe "Outlook" will confirm the published report to the effect
that President Roosevelt will become
associated with tbat publication after
his retirement from otlice. According
to the announcement be will be associated with the editoiial stall' of the
"Outlook" after March 6th, as "special
contributing editor."
Cheapest fuel on the market—Briquettes—manufactured from Banff
hard coal.
Figures for the Year Reach Two
and a Quarter Millions
Tlie receipts on account of provincial
timbej und coal licenses fur Ootober
continue to approach tbe lf_U0,000
mark, and tluae receipts for the lineal
year recently ended ure in the neighborhood of $2,260,000. These figures
do not include royalties on cut timber,
but represent the iinnuul contributions
to the treasury of those who are holding timber on Crown lands for future
use. These figures effectually dispose
of the contentions of the opponents of
the government that the system of
timber license which they introduced
amounted to giving, away the timber
resources ol the country.
The October returns follow:
Timber licenses west of the
Cascades $101,184.96
Timber licenses eust of the
Cascades     73,973.80
Coal licence*) fees        1,800.00
Transfers      1,248 00
Penalties         850.00
Total $185,006.76
Workmen  from Great Britain
Sent Back
During the Canadian Paoific strike,
which has recently been settled, the
company brought from the British
Isles a number of mechanics to act es
strikebreikers These parties, totalling in all 353 persons.
In all enscs the men were submitted
to a severe civil and medical examination, but as they understood fully the
circumstances under wbicli they were
brought out, and as they were physically fit they could not be debarred
under the Immigration Act, for although numbers of them were not
possessed of $25 in cash they had
asBiired employment with the Cena-
Pacific Railway.
Nevertheless before the immigration
otlicials allowed them to land tbe
company was obliged to give a written
guarantee that in tbe event of any of
them becoming public cbargeB the
company would be responsible for
tbeir keep, and if necessary for all
risk and expense entailed in returning
them to their former homes.
Already thirteen of the parties
brought out have shown by their
actions since arrival that they are
not desirable settlers and have been
deported and the same course will be
adopted if any more < f them prove
B. C. Fruit at Calgary
Calgary, Nov. 6.—Some very fine
samples of British Columbia fruit have
been recently shown herefrom the vicinity of Notch Hill, B. C. Two apples
Bhown measure fourteen and three
[uarter inches in cicumference, and
a musk melon weighing 65 pounds.
The Notch Hill district borders Shuswap luko, und there is boutconnection
all along for u distance ul -100 miles
Hiuillln Hiiiui ol Orown I.i .ml
"iVli_.nii-.uii tli"'.'iuli 'Inv "( Ni-vsmliar, KW7. n
(TIIWII  llrilllt. WH •  i. -IHI'l 111 ll IIIIIII nf .  1'lillH
ick WiisMkniri.ti for Usi 'Hi. (.roup 1, Knnta
liny   lilsirirl.   Thnt   I'Vlilniirn  Inn   llllcn I.-....
Isfsisu I t,i.lii..is.l ..hnwiiia Uml "m stniil I'milnrirk
\\ .i lil,...in... .1... I nn Hit' Iih nf Aiuu -i, HHTIi
:iinnntitun prior tn il"i i-.iiiini'n ol Inn is'il
i'mini Hi.ml Thiilliv nitfi'iiiiii'iil 'littwl'.lull
Auuii.l Hum, thosiniil Krisilniirl, Wiis-liliinifiin
ii inn. .1 nil his< os-tnlo. tiitlit, tltln, iiiliirn-l
claim nuil tlmmitiil wliiilstnovi'r in lhu sintil IiiiiiI
I.. Tin i. - hn. i.   HoPhornu,
Nnlit'ii 1st   ll,<T.sli.t.s   In.i..I.v   ulvnn   in inir.it.
Motor Motion Martha ''(.tint! Act,   lhat Ilu
ilm iiitiiiiln.il   I ini'iil  11... ii.i.l Ifiitvii (lnnil
i i..iin.1 in  11   ..(   Knnlnrlrk WiiililmiiriHi
..ml I., i ' un nun In II*-twiil In Ih'i tuiniis of
Th..inn- Shmil.    Mi-l'liiii nn tli run in"lill si (nun
ilm ,1'ii-s hereof unless food osumIi shown Us
' lm i'ihiI um
ciiint i uiiiini..iniiiM ..i i.nu.i i worsti
i .nn.!. and Work. Dntiatlmeul,
TlfMilt, U <".. Uth Ootobar. ttt*.    ocl 11-m
A. H   SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   65.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Hi.I.I.Ink" I.'Iiul lll.lrirl,
ttimrli't "i Weal Koolonsjr.
Take ootid mat I. Mormon 1 Ms,, [,.•...I ol
i,i.llilirl.!_■■•. Alia , Ofonpollon llf.ik.r. hilrndl
in n|.|.lv (nr narmlatlnn lo pnrehaae tin' lolloa
lint sl|..i'filii''l Ininl- ;
I'limim-iii'luK nt a pool l.Uuli''l at Ihr ..."th
mini earner i.t uo( III) tn m-Ufll v.iv
almni:*'. mils', w eel »l tin-wr.t .linre nl it
nuv |,at■' ami inarki.l "N I Mar" M, «
I'tirHiT," thrtii-c III tlialn. ni'tllti, lln-rrji
rhnltnt rail, llti'liri" in rlltllii. nnrtli, lllr r _i
rlnllllH tint, riililaluliiK I'll .,.[.-.  more nr Ir-.
Dan If pi. 4, inns.
NOKMAN  I    MAl'l.KOIl.
..j. IJtW'l Hy Juhn K. Tay|..r, hi. i.inl
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease ol operation and
perfection in the remits produced the " EMPIREi"
TYPE WHITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cured for also due to the
Strong lines of simplicity that
are part ol the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" Frenoh Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
t^\ 5t__f ©
Bargains! Bargains !
Bt"Y NOW ' Don't Wait ! liny ivhen stock
is at its heft. Read this ad. nnd tnke notice
i ;' tbe Bargains- that are olt'ored hero.
Handsome Mantles
At special discount prices. All the new
models, tiyht and semi fitting garments,
Fall Millinery
Ar.   you wearing   one   of   "tir   Huts'    Von
ahould I They   are  lieing   worn  hy  the  best
dressers, It cobU uo more to huve the
Fall and Winter Underwear
We carry all the best makes—natural wool—
white and grey knit goods. Drawers and
Vest to match. Ladies' and Children's Black
Tights. Prices on Underwear range from 25e'
tb ifl.."iU per garment.
Men's Suits
Special  Bluo and   Black   Worsted   at   $11.50
.Men's Odd Pants from ifl 2fi to  . l..r)0.
Men's Overcoats, regular $12, now $7.
Boys' Tweed Suits
SpeoialTweed Suit $2.50, Sizes _l to 28.
$8.50 huysii Tweed Suit, sizes 28 to 32. Every
Suit new and this season's goods.
Boot and Shoe Department
See uin Boys' Sohool Sloes. Kvery pair
Come along and see what we can do for you.
<^<>c<>-o-o<y<y<>o-<><>o<><><fO<H>o<K> o-o-o <
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club   ,
Rents Collected,      Loans      Notary Puulio  0
Blankets and Comforters
All-wool blankets, full size, good weight, at $1.
Reg, $8 all-wool blanket for $11.fit). Blankets
that were $9.50 now selling at $8, A good
range ol Comforters al i.ll prices.
ill l|l ifr l|l l|l l|l l|l fl ifr fll i$h$h
I Cod
* Liver i
* _*_•_ 4
♦ Oils «
We have .ill kinds of ii
Sweet tasting, had last
ini.' and ihs- pun' Luud
Bion in $1.00 bottle
made by n new pt  cess
Revelstoke, li. 0
Kam is Kinp-
The righl  Piano at the right price.
Call and -i'i' us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
l|lltll|llt' '|"|"I"l"|l'tl «$H$*I$-
Weather Forecast
Saturday, Nov.7.—Unsettled, bright
intervals and cloudy. Temp , max. 56;
min., 3o z ■
Local and General.
Bring tlie children to the Fish pond
ou Monday, Nov. 9th, at Opera House.
They will enjoy it.
Monday. Nov. '.Ith, is tbe C7tb anniversary oi tbe birthday of His Majesty
King Edward VI1.
Lon't forget the dance to he given
by Rebekab Lodge, No. 21, I.O.O.F.,
ou Friday, Nov. 2-th,
D'.u't let this opportunity to consult Ih. Harvey elip. Your eyes are
too valuable to trille witli.
The railway commission opened its
November session tbis week with a
long list of applications for hearing.
Thanksgiving Dinner at Opera
House, Monday, Sov. 9th. Sale of
faDcy work, candy booth, dowers and
6sh ;•..!.d.
The new .1000 candle power flaming
arc lamp has been installed ai the
corner of First Street and .McKenzie
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter.
Church will hold a meeting Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 11th, at the
Monday, Nov. 9th, is Thanksgiving
Day. Don't forget the excellent dinner provided at Opera House, 'tickets,
adult:. oOc.    Children, 25o.
The K. M. K. dance on Thanksgiving   night   promises to   be a suci—
Tiie drill ball bas been tastefully
decorated f"r the occasion and a g d
time is anticipated.
Tii>- L'.'A" O.W. local camp will give
a '\List party, supper and dauci_at the
s.i-irk ball, on Tuesday evening
Sov, Kt:.. Further particulars will be
. .;.. mci I later. Ily urder of tlie
.:•.(.•   i arraignment.
Ibe St. 1'bomaa, Ont., Times sayi
tbat Judge Latchl :.'. bas decided that
fonetables   have   ii"  right to use tin1
revolvers which  tbe  law  allows tbem
to carry, in stopping  tbe flight ol an
escaping  prisoner.    In tha-. i <-
not arm them with  h..i.'-'l i| i
Included in to-nighl I pr gramme
at tbe Edison Parlor Theatre »n
several concerted numbers by tbr
Edison orchestra and  the up-to-date
Ims, "Bulgarian Army," "SI ry ol a
Foundling," "Down un the Farm,' a
laughable comedy; 'Magic Dice," 'I
bave lust my ball ' each picture being
nteresting   ami   amusing     Mrs,  Vi
Ch-inhcrs   wiil   smg   thi   Illustrated
- .ng.   Ui bavi i.   ....   i    ...
uow, '   Bpecial pn grams . i   I banks
giving Day. matinee ind 	
annoum ed elti where in tins issui
Real Estate, Inauranoe and Financial Agents!.
Money io Loui.        ,^§'
i ■ ,i ' imii) cough medicine of proven meril
It cures old people's
coughs, young people's
coughs ami children'*
cough.s. An ev client
preparation fin
throat and hoarseness
| Come to the Opera House on Monday, Nov 9th and enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner provided under the
auspices of Knox Church Ladies'
Remember! Time to sit lor Xmaa
photos now 1 Don'l corns later limn
three o'clock for the besl work. Come
either in clear or cloudy weather to
E. F.jTuoker, ''hut igrapher
Kev. Dr. M icltuy, Principal ni West-
minster Hull Piesbytorian College,
Vancouver, will be in Revelstoke on
Sunday, Nov. 22nd, and will preach in
St. Audrew's and Knox Churches.
(J. Harrison, of tbe Oanada Foundry
Company, who is superintending the
erection of the new municipal auxiliary light and power plant and gus
producer, 'states Unit the machinery
will lie in operation in about a month.
We would suggest that beforo the
B. C. School Trustees' Convention
takes place in this cily mi November
[8th and 19th, an effort be made t"
erect the flagstaff in the school
ground aud hoist the llag furnished
hy lhe government.
A new paper, "The Observer" it announced lur Bevelstok . the lirst issue
to appear on December Ith. It is- under-stood that the editorial matter
will be supplied by l*'. \ Haggen, formerly editoi oi the Mail-Herald,
A mass  meeting    I cil i :ena will be
held in the Baptist Church on Sundaj
evening at   ">..'"0. to elect oil Cl
I   cal   Option   League   aboul
formed   in   this   oity.    Miss S|       I I
and others will   address   the met  i
All   who   are    interested   Bin i
A -erionss light othi r
day at Field   betwi en   twi
the Big Hill construcl ion cat
scrap started uvi r a dis puti  rega
money   matters not   an
ourrence, and thi   result was thai
of   them   is   lying   il
Golden, with his head battered ii
Dr. Harvey, win  conducts the clini-
cal department ol  the Emp
i i Ipbtl almolog     I   (
ssiine   a.-t iiiiiliu riea   in the
treatn enl ol belt
defects ul sight .' I
by the use    f  tbe   Is r
ment t" straight!
est pain or in i ar ition tyes whioh
haw   crossed      I     li      -:r '
. : tbe Duct      ■'     Guy Barber's
ii da irday, S        I
M     chouse's i
■.   the    iaked   i       ind
tbr..'.. ..--        hi
mul a. ' No-
wm!.. r un clear i
well defined. I he Leno'd metei r
-...%..       Iiii ■■.    -      la
uurnii.g. Sol    I fii   .
But t in r« i- i ., r'.atv.ii !.. .   | • el
:' i dliplaj thit y  ir, 10 It wl
worth littii .- ui ti - ■
Advil' - i    i. Berlin -tan that il
tin inti nti the
li "til  to ta-  i .ir...'.'.l i
bill ii- the  direct     itoi u
tion in.nn-   li   i lie .- I U
,ur Revi   itol • ■  '" hnli
...   sume 'it'-. '
th't ital '' ■ ising
i.i amount i i gi  il a « -
I  nee   can   si   .. i '
i .      ;;.     ..iii.
., ■   . a
The I'vpi'iniiia' g.' n
past   li ii   weeks by 11     i     ily • i,.. 11
ihuuld   he sufficient  i'i..      i i
icli needed ohange ne il y( r in the
■baps of a syatematli plan ol road
. making  The mud Is ii m n
.li i,.,  un   tin    itroets,   .1 i ■'
Haiti which .s- .. disgrace to in   city
i If   orui h' J   n '■!   had been placed on
lbs road jurlai mud dirt,
. mil and   oind ■    a biota hai hitherto
11'ii the practice ol   luooessivc c   in
iiiurii   money, lahor  and al uso
would bave heen saved
MOVING  PICTURE _—_o-night.
Thanksgiving Day matinee. Dots
open at 2:15 at Edisou theatre
We understand that there i- i" be a
doll's millinery opening nt the Knox
Ohurch dinner ou Monday night,
li. Tapping states he had a large
parcel sent him by Dominion express
the other day, in the shape of a cow.
Good music, good pictures at Edison Parlor Theatre Monday and
Tuesday. Matinee—Monday afternoon.
The Independent band will play at
the Roller Kink on Monday afternoon
at 3 o'clock. The rink will open at
2.40 p.m,
Tbe new C.P.K. sidewalk from .McKenzie avenue to the depot, is ii great
improvement on tbe old structure and
more accessible.
Don't forget tin-dunce to be given
by E Oo, of the K, M. R. in  the  Drill
Hail, Thanksgiving night, Nov. 9th,
Gouts$1; ladies i.er.    Band orcbesti i,
F. Moodie, ol Calgary, and other
business nun ol that city are i •■
for lho lh,_ Bend up the Columbia to
look over -. me mica claims li cati d
a ill enjoy   that   beautiful   pic-
■ ::      i ;.   1 ■..   id    >l  the   Ghosl
Pa rheal nday
afternc      Monday     anu
lay at-1 i in tin  Rj   ^   '•!.
c. A. is an inti restinghou
ths. A- - few good
- nge and a briel - i:-'..
vV. G. Cald - - row    Every
mar.   -
St. A nd • ■ -
-s at 11
Ur     Hall    wi
tin' polici
tram,.- ■ I
i tin Ii
pai i.. -
poinl     i
mul ttii' effecl lenii
■    I
caused I he de ■     f rail
morning,     So,    16   will  t
.   .h.i
R,  ll'.W-ss.ll      ....   •.
_uhur    Onl       n   Wed
..f in- si iter, Mrs. I
I ,i.    'iiiii ii inch in • tiling
■   Bly  (UII...I; .      Utl    ig
.  - a;. yet  lacking    m    iiiilcrstand
i.hiit ,\lrs, Hoott and hi
s-trnck hy a light engine   *     .
Ing ihi- .1 Iwaj 11 io.    '   :
i.rn.i-i. Instantly k111.< 1      I b    •
news wm   ai  .,i    com in un • ,.,.,i  |
M r  Howson here,  who lefl i m
p.iiiy witli Mr.   Howson  on   No
tt ■ due laj night lor  i he sasl     I
will In  || thi lor  nhoiii
(Wo weeks,
' ins -.I tho ii". I
cal pi ldll( 'I .in   1 lull    has  h.
iii Itevelstnki   was i ■• n I""1 I    irsda
i  form "I the " n ily Cit.
ii irold Nelson Co, 'I his areal bil I il
drains ii diffi rent I n trie ububI i un
.,1   play i   inon here and i lion
few whu   dill    lint   Hppii ei'iln it.    'I lis
drams is centred round John the Bap
tist and the successive events up to
the crucifixion of Christ, the wonderful story being faithfully carried out.
While tin.' caste did good work, the
parts being admirably filled, the full
strength of tlie company was not
sufficient to produce such a play us it
should le piiilnced, where each scone
denial did a large number of actors to
lie nu the stage at once The piece
was well put. on, the various tragic,
pathetic and historic tableaux being
particularly striking. Such n drama
as tbo "Holy Oity" should appeal to
Social and Personal
Mrs. I). VV. Fri' to will not receive on
Tuesday, Nuv. 10 h.
W. i. Briggs returned yesterday
morning from a hnsiness trip to Vancouver.
Miss Hardie, of the C P.K. staff bus
returned   from  an   extended holiday
visit to the const.
.Miss Smith, of Woodstock, Out.,
siisler of II, Smith, P.L.S., wbo is
suffering from au attack of typhoid
fever, is visil ing in tlie city.
Business Locals
Dennison's ll iral crepe tissue paper
j11-s.i arrived at Bews' Drug Store,
A car and n ear ani lour more cars
if (loursii i'.-. coal & tiling.
Waterman's Ideal fountain pens at
Bews  Drug Store.
Banff Hard Conl, al! s /.,■» in (stock,
llevelsloke General Agencies, Ltd.
Dennison's artificial roses nnd carnal iuns at Howe' Drug Store.
Chimneys cleaned for 2ri emits.
Get one of our Imp, Soot destroyers
anil save yourself the trouble and
annoyance of getting snot all over the
bouse.    Lawrence Hardware Oo.
Don't forget about your Cranberry
Sauce for Thanksgiving dinner. We
have tlie Cranberries; you make the
sauce.   C. Ii. Hume A Co.
If your lire is burning dull aud
oven i.on't cook and chimney smokes,
try one of our Imps, and for _."i cents
you can have a clean chimney. The
Lawrence Hardware Cn.
Mince .Meal—hulk 10c. per lb., 1 pt.
package l'2i.! , ".' Hi glass jars 86c; ('.J
lb, paib $1.00, .  d 30 ib. pails $3 25 at
l'.  K. i. imii. ii  Co.
E, A. Haggen ha*- arranged to take
over the business oi the Columbia
Agencies limited, and retains the
agency : ir  the   nun tariff   insurance
companies   huh i.     represented    by
that ollice.
California grapes, eating pears,
jnow .i.u Spy app es, also line oook-
ng ap| li -. toati) at C, li  Hume & Co.
Yon expect   t"  pay  for   wbat  you
\\ by .l.ii.'i   ... u   get   what  you
pay Ioi       lar U-.   yuu  don't always
order Coursier's coal,
.  :    ni of unr cheap dinner
-•■'-      rbis ie yi ur   last  chance.   We
lake   : u     lards  off    I hem    Tuesday
'       iy is a holiday. C.
A  dnesday night the I ntei nnil
.-. - the A erts to I be i une of
. I   i    I ia  game was   fast  in   spite  of
irgescon hates had
i ind   played  all
bt    ■-      ■■   .    II. C. A. I he
North    81 i
• • a    fast
■ '     ' oui   19-16.
rhai                    i'i
rning    The
he  .    VI. C. A
Will      :     III     IS!
-  cl .-■    ■' levi ii
nd pres-
i ?ery
bard  me     r\ hi u led i hi
ui'.. tat ng thi
tired ■ 11 .s.i    <;.   I'al
■ •   ■
H. Mu ■      .     ■  " ke.
Knox Cnurch Dinner
... •
.• . i , .
. :.   ill
Icaolei   uf the
I wi .i.i manner
noted   fur.
■   ires will in- thi   !   i  i   land
•   li1 .    sandy   booth    fish
mi -I ' id doll      ■ .  im .,  ipi ■.
rinigiil in   irdei
■ ■       .it-     .... one need
go hungry on  Monday  iih   the   larfiot
1 indanoe  ol good
things enough lor 111 Kevelstoke.
•■  program has
.     . id   Will   I"'   '■ iiilrnil
■ ",  n,il alii.geIlu r thi'
affair pron one til  i ho  most
■ i.   |in!,'.      ... v.- 11m ,,[ the season,
I >..In l   I    ll'llll    6.80 p.  III.
tn      10 |   m       'ul lltS,    50o ;   children,
Edison Parlor Theatre
A special matinee performance will
he given on Monday afternoon,
Thanksgiving Day, commencing at
2 30 o'clock. Included in the pro-
gramme, which contains several musical numbers, is the latest, tilni "Le
Las Kicucliet," or the 190S French
ilying motor boats. The picture shown
these wonderful vessels racing thru'
the water at n rate of (ill miles nn
lii'iir, and is one of the best subjects
ever Been in Revelstoke. Auo'.hir
feature will bo the "Legend of the
Ghost," n beautiful colored film showing ninny kaleidoscopic changes in
marvellous scenic and realistic inci
ileuts in the journey through the
lower regions to halls of pleasure.
nearly 50 performers and 2 automobiles on tlio stage This production
in scenic effects is tlie bent ever put
on n western canvas. Other lilins art
the "Animated Doll," and "Perfumed"
highly comic pictures. This program
will he repeated on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Complete changes for
Friday and Saturday, The public can
nut do better than spend an interesting aftei n ion and evening on Thanksgiving Day at tbo Kdison Parloi
Catholic!. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
nnd Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High nss
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
instruction nnd Benediction,
St. Andrew's Preshytehian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Nov. 8.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m , Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Ohoir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p.m.
Knox Presbyterian—,1 It. Robertson', H.D., minister. Sunday services
at ll a.m. and 7,30 p.m. Sunday
School nnd Pastor's Bible Class at 2-30
p.m. Morning subject, "A Grief
Stricken Father." Special Thanksgiving service in the evening, subject,
"Our Religious and National Thanksgiving." Special music: Anthems by
tbe choir, "Sun of my Soul," anil
"Awake and Sing the Sont» " Solo by
Mrs. Fred. Camcri n Prayer meeting on Wednesday night. Choir practice on Friday night. Welcome to
ali and strangers specially invited.
BAPTIST—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services nt 11 u.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class nt.
2.30 p. m "li. V. P. U Monday at 8
P in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p in. All aie invited to these services.
Morning subject, "Thanksgiving."
Evening subject, The third word from
the Cross, "Woman, behold thy son. .
 Heboid thy mother."
Methodist—Kev T.W. Hail, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
Morning servient It o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class nt 2:30 p.
in. Evening service al 7:30 p.m.
Morning subject, "Wisdom, the chief
good; how to besought, and bow to he
enjoyed." Evening subject, "What
should we thank God for tomorrow?"
A hearty invitation extended to all.
There will be meeting of the Epworth
League on Monday evening. The
Quarterly Ollicial Board will meet on
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening at 8
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Kev. 0. A
Procunier, M.A., Hector. 21st Sunday after Trinity, services, 8u.m. Holy
Communion. At 11 a.m. Matins and
Sermon, 7.30 p.m. Evensong. 2 30
p in   Sunday School.
Wedding or
Birthday Gifts
are shown in such variety
in tins store ihai noi one
buyer In n t housatid will
f.nl to find whal Hu- in
tended recipient will be
gl it tu receive
Call and ace them.
J. duy Barber
i ifficial Issuei "f Mai r .■>_••
D VTK OF l'i HI.li VI ln\
4 - DECEMBER - 4
Subscriptions mul advertisements
received al the offlce of
E. A. HAGGEN. McKenzie Ave.
HKVELSToKi;, I), (.'
Fancy Work
Our fin-sl lot of articles suitable for .Ninas Gifts
has just conic lo hand and comprise a lot of
useful pretty things such as 'Pie Holders, Whisk
Holders, Key Racks, Post Card Albums, Photo
Frames, Towel Racks, etc. These are all very
prettily tinted and we furnish you with mounts,
rods, rings, etc., to complete them.
Our Line of
Cushion Tops and Centres
is large and we have a lot of pretty new designs.
New Cushion Cords, Ribbon and Scrim Ruffles,
Belding's Celebrated
Art Silks
We carry a complete line of the above in Floss
and Filo, hoops, needles, etc., and in fact everything required in Fancy Work.
Capital - - $3,374,000
Rest Fund -    $3,374,000
Has (>5 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
J\_   ers  wanted   in  private   family,
Apply iMail-lli'inlil.
1.10 R SALE—One bedroom miite,
i also one tliiee-qiiiirtet' Iron bed.
All ill Ih's-I iluss condition. Uin Insect) hi't ween 111 ii,in. ami r> p.m. Address P.O, Hox 720
I..OR RENT—Resider.ro of .1. Al.
Jp    Scoti.   Apply to Siott & Briggs.
ClAPE In good loiidilioii, I'm'sale at
"^ bargain, Address at mice, Safe,
Mull Office.
rnWO Furnished Bedrooms tn let, all
I     modern conveniences.   Box HtlO.
WANTED—A girl for general hnime
work in family of three.   Good
wanes.   Apply 10 this office,   le
WANTED Qedl'001113 to let t'ui-
nishi'tl, hoard it required, (ci-ms
moderate. Apply A. (lain, llh sire I,
corner of McKenzie Ave.       ml 21 lm
WANTED—Ui'iiiilei's ninl Roomers
in ii comfortable home, Moderate terms, home cooking, Applv to
liox 772.
WANTED—Furnished rooms or
eoiiiiuesiiitai.li' fnrlighl housekeeping, State lowed terms. Apply
to Mail-Herald.
path toll will follow, That ol
taking nut an  ndei|iiiite  Eire
Insurance   Polioy  ut a low
premium and every iidviin-
lilgeous condition which in
case of a large or small lire
will repay you foi* nil damage
sustained, or do you propose
to save ii few pennies to day
and lose IbiiiiHiiiids uf dollars.
to morrow through your false
Real Estate. Insurance
Commission  Agent
Revelstoke. B. C.
Take notice Unit we Intend In make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence lur Ibe Lakeview
Hotel al Arrowhead, H.C, for the half
ve.ir lnnil .Inn. 1st, 1009, to June80th,
Dated Nov. 7th, 1IKI8.
nov 7 lm      I'i.i'.mtiin & Chapman,
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Lai'deau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the bal
year from Jan. 1st, 1IHI9, to June 80th
Dated Nov. 6th, 11X18.
nov 7 lm Joseph Dcmont.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the .Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for the transfer of
the retail liquor licence of the Lardeau
Hotel, now held hy me, to Joseph
Dated Nov. lit h, 1008,
nov 7 1m R. M. Evans.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to lhe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of tbo
retail liquor licence for the Camborne
Hotel at Oambome, B.C., for the half
year from Jan 1st, 1000, to June 80th,
Dated Nov. 5th, 11108.
nov 7 lm Dave Ohh.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel at lllecillewaet, B.C., for the
half vear from Jan. 1st. 1IKJ9, to June
80th, 1901.
Dated Nov. 7lh, 1908,
nov 7 lm 0, D. Alliums.
Noticu is hereby niven that we Intend to make application to the Superintendent of Provincial Police l'or a
renewal of the retail liquor licence fur
the Glacier House, at (tlacier.B.C, for
Hit' half year Irom Jan. 1st, 1009, In
.1 im-: 80th, II*ih.
Dated Nuv. 7lh, IIXJS.
nov 7 I m C. P. Rv. Co,
I hereby wish   to   stale Hint 1 Iihvi
no partner in my blacksmith business,
and neither em  I  operating the sane
in conjunction with   any other person
rn persons,
W. P, I.K Bkau
Take noticu that we, Messrs, Ogilvie
A McKitriek of Nakusp, Intend applying to tin' Superini.nd.nl of Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
liquor license for theLeland lintel at
Nakusp, B.C.,  for  the   half vein from
January 1st, IflOO to. BOtD, 1909.
Datea Nuv. 7ih. 1908,
nov 7 1m     Oi.ii.vie & MoKtTlUCKi
Take notice that   I intend to make
application to (he Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for lhe Coronation
Hnlel at Camborne, H. O., for lhe half
year from .Inu. 1st. nmn, to June 80th,
Daled Nov. 7th, IIKI8.
nov 7 I in CtJU- MkmiI'.mi ii.
Take notice thai.   I   intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor licence l'or the Reception Hotel nt Camborne, B.C., for the
ball' vear from Jan. 1st, lliuii, tn June
80th, 1900.
Daled Nuv. 7th, IIKJ8.
nov 7 lm Cniiv MKNiii_\t( k,
For Sale
Dry cedar   conl   wood—Revelstoko
Qenoral Agenolea Ltd.
Liberal Committee Booms
Old Salvation Army Hull, Flrtt Stm.l
Alt Interested in the election of Mr.
Smith Curtis as member for Kootenay
Hiding  in   the    Dominion   House   of
Commons, oordlally welcomedi
Open Dally from 0 a.m toll o in,


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