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 "3__v.ire" Typewri_3r
Kor eiise of operation and perfeotinn
in results produced, llli-s iiiiicliine
il unsiirpi.nud     Price, . (it) 00 I'ssli
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
For e.ise of operation snd perfection
in .re*nits produoed, thit Machine
is upstirp.isseil —1'kicf.: $60 (HI cash.
Interior Publishing Co , Agents
V  i '
voi. 14.—No 71
REVELSTOKE. B. (.. SEPT. 23 190S
$2.50 Per Tear
nicial  Li
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Ai r.whcad _..tl Revelstoke.
OooCTT-ucWaxT tew
Special among our Fall Shoes i.s this
shoe as cut. This is a medium weight Shoe
made in Vici Kid and Box Calf. For a shoe
for men who wear a medium weight all the
time, it cannot be beat.
Ladies' Blucher cut Laced Shoe with soft
kid mat top and plain patent front. A lovely
shoe, very dressy and neat Goodyear Welt.
Boys' Patent Leather Blucher Laced Boot
—a nice little Gentleman's Shoe,
toe, Goodyear welt.
Misses' New Style Patent leather
Shoe welt, Fancy Tan Top and large
eyelets, one of the seeson's novelties.
A very drcssv shoe for young ladies.
Buy'" Peter's ".Overalls, Union
made, and live up to Union principles.
Wear Hansen's Union made Gloves
and vou not only have the best glove
made but you are living up to the
Union requirements.
Long List of Claims
Been Considered
A lung list of claims of  over aBfle.s-
nient was presented at the first session
of the Court of Revision on Monday,
and   although   (he    principle   under
which assessment was made this year,
has     heen       changed       from    what
hss    been   dune     in    former   years,
the  list   was   nut   so   formidable   ns 1
might have lieen supposed, The claim
ol   It.    Tapping   caused   considerable
inteiest nud discussion      The list as a
whsle containi d  nothing  particularly
ditlioult to dispose of   and  although
the work ol the Court  nl  Revision is
by no means ended,   apart from  the
necessary discussions aud  arguments,
the list should be gone through  satisfactorily.     The   work   of   the    city
assessor and the plan   ol assessment
which has heen adopted this year  has
been generally approved ot and will te
of material benefit  to   the city.   In
many   cases   where    claims   ol   over
assessment were  registered, the owners objected to the values put upon the
buildings   and   other    improvements
and not so much on  the  lots  themselves.    As each claim   wsb taken   up,
C. M. Field, the  assessor,  who  seems
to have  the details  of  every   lot  in
the city at his finger's euds,  carefully
explained  lhe  reasons of  the assessments made.    A   long  and   minutely
detailed 1-st of claims from the Really
Co. was duly disposed of.
The court adjourned  last  night
11 o'clock.
•tare. M n*v*»l*tO--» and Arrowhead.
Shooting *. shots
We hsve as usual gut one ol the best assorted stocltB ol
Sporting Goods in B. C. In tae small "Arms" we have
■tl! the 22-cslibre rifles mud. by the Winchester, Savage,
Sevens and HamUtun Arms Co. In the military and
sporting sites we have the Rnss llitle, Savage 303, Winchester 303, 30 w.s, 32 Spec, 30-30, 38 55, and all the
most popular arms made.
SbotgunB, single and duuble Iarrelled—Parker, Ithica,
Winchester ad St'vena makes. Loaded shot shells in
all the bust makrs. Military cartridges iu Canadian,
English ami A;iieri<-«n makes.
^hooting Omits and Vests. Bags and Cartiidge Belts.
Ti nts in all sues.    Knock-down Camp Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Theodore Ludgate Will Not Sell
Lease for $250,000
Mr. Theodore I.udgate, nt Arrowhead, B.C., the well known sawmill
man, has stated that he is willing to
sell to the City "f Vancouver bis
lea ie of Deadmsn's Island lor |250,-
Unless the city purchases the lessee
ot Headman'. Island, there is every
probability that a prominent New
Orleans iron manufacturer, who haB
sold out his interests in the latter
place, will offer Ludgate the required
Accordiug to information received
this New Orleans capitalist, who waB
in Vancouver a couple of days ago, is
nn rely waiting upon the city's decision »nd, upon the latter's refusal,
will acquire the lease and erect an
iron foundry on the much disputed
A report wae current to-day, which,
when triced, appeared to be founded
on good authority, that in the event
of the city taking over the lease of the
island, the Dominion Government will
relieve itself of all further burden in
the matter by banding all its interest
over to the City of Vancouver.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
JUST   RECEIVED   A    FEW   8 A M r I, E 8
I intend lending iny order for Kuril "t   t_-   em!  O.
Anyoue wishing to order any special Pur can can
see Catalogue and K-t prion at the Btor* In-fore then.
Opposite Climax
Hotel, First Street.
Annual Convention of Alberta
and B. C. Newspapermen.
The Alberta and EaBtern British
Columbia Press Association will hold
its annual convention in Nelson during fair week, September 24th and 25th
The arrangements for the entertainment of the visitors are in the hands
ot Vice -President Deane, W. G. Mc-
Morris and V. W. Oblum, aoting in
conjunction with a committee ol the
Board of Trade.
The work of the convention will, it
is anticipated, be concluded on the
first day aud the second dav will be
given over to sightseeing. It is planned to take ihe visiting newspapermen
out lo Bonnington to inspect the two
big power plants, and probably arrangements will lie made lor a launch
trip on the lake.
The A. A E B. C. P. A. includes
the publishers ol moat of the papers
of Alberta and eastern British Columbia, and their presence in Nelson st
lair time should materially assist the
work ol the publicity bureau.
The Big Ship Mauretania at the
Mercy of the Sea—First G.T.
P. Train- Fires at Port Arthur   Other Items.
NEW S iik, Sept. 22—For mondial! hal: ii hour lust Wednesday tin
great turl'i.iu -.'earner Mauretania with
all her cabins lilted with crowded
passengers, rolled and pitched help
lesely iu mid ocean, with waves constantly breaking over her decks She
had run into the storm bonis before,
but had been k.pt under headway until one of the prop slier blades Huw od'
with a crash thnt a'aunrd nearly
everyone on board. So tremendous
was the force of the blow which the
loosened propeller dealt the ship that
the whole middle siciiun .ecnud lo
rise, the 11 .oring buckled until the
tackB from the carpets were burled
against lhe cilinns. and paBsengers
were thrown alinut. in the catilns. The
engines were stopped nt once, and the
big _ltl|i, losing her wuy U'gMi to wallow in the trough uf ihe seas, while
the pti-seiigers besit ged the captain,
itnplniiiig bin io till the future uf
the accident. Every effort was made
to quiet the frightened ones, but the
inieiis-c excitcim nt. did not subside
unlil the steamer started once more
on her way. The compiirtuieut adjoining ibe propeller j ints iill d with
water. It is believed that Ihu etached
propeller drove a hole in the ship's
Winnipeg, Sept. 22—The first
Grand Trunk Pacific train left Winnipeg for the west this morning at
8 30 o'clock, officially inaugurating a
new railroad and almost a r.ew era in
the West. There waB a large number
of railway officials and ether citiiens
at the CNR atatiou tu see it off, and
\* made a fine appearance as the conductor in aharge, Frank Niddery, gave
Engineer Culber the "high b ill." At
the same time the Station Mister
broke a bottle ol wine on the engine
wheu the wheels began to turn. No
formality was omitted which; from
ancient usage, would help inward ihe
suceesBtul inaugurate n of the service.
Pobt Arthur, Ont., Sept. 21 —The
dry air and winds caused tbe forest
fires in the neighborhood to break out
again last night aud to-dny, but they
have not yet reached damaging proportions. The steamer America which
came aloug the south Bhore yesterday
afternoon, arrived here this morning,
and reports that there was a lull in
the flres about Grand Marias and it is
not thought any more damage will be
done, though the situation is one of
considerable danger.
Regina, Sept. 11.—Twenty-one
laborers employed ou the Parliament
buildings went on strike to-day, and
something in the nature of a free
fight took place. One man was thrown
off the works by the foreman, and all
the strikers allege that they were
forced from the grounds at the point
ot a revolver.
Double Service Will be Maintained Throughout Winter.
A double daily Bervico between Vancouver and Eastern poiuts during the
Winter months is planned by the C.P,
It. and will probably go iuto effect on
Sunday, October lltb. Says the
Vancouver Ni ws Ailieitisor. At present a double dully scivice is niitin-
luined during the stm.mer months
only, hut owing to thu increased travel
of the pu.il ye r the officials uf the
company have ibuiileit to have the
d mble daily train service in operation
throughout the Winter.
The present service will le discontinued on Saturday, October Uhli, and
the following day the Winter time card
will go into effect, ace .riling to present platiB. Although the traffic department has nut yet announced the
new Winter time tabic, it is understood that trains will depart from here
at 0 a.m. and 3.15 p.m , No 2 train
leaving in the morning and No. % iu
the afternoon. Train No. 97 will probably arrive here al 1 o'clock p tn. and
train No. 1 at 10 o'clock p.m. In the
event ot the latter trai.. lieing a fixture
on tlie new card it wiil enable passengers arriving from the Interior and
Eastern poinis to make i iiniedinte
connections with a steamer for Victoria
and Seattle, the C. P. R. steamer
Princess Victorii leaving here every
night at 10 o'cloc- tor Victoria and
Power & Light By-law Carried
by Narrow Majority.
Polling for tlie by'l iw authorizing
the birrnwing oi IflU.OOOi.ndelentnies
for the purpose of completing the
auxiliu-y p wi r and light plant, took
place un .Mmday with the result that
tho by-law wascirried, although hy a
very narrow margin As usual, when
such questions are before the public
in this manner, little or no interest is
taken either way, and on Mund y
pulling was slow at d it different, on
several occasions ehomrs beine reminded s f their privilege of voting
and not bothering to gn to tbe l-onth.
Voti; g on money Iv'aws shou'd
oteate more eiithnsi ism than it d es
iu Revelstoke aid very rarely is the
real voice of the community heard.
The results uf the pulling were:
For the by-law—64.
Against the by-law—28.
Spoiled ballots—0.
Ballots cast—82.
Taking a three-fifths vote of the
whole number of ballots cast, the by
law ouly carried by four, which is an
extremely narrow margin.
Cement Sidewalks
The work of constructing the new
cement sidewalks is lieing rushed
through under tbe management of
Mr. L. H. Buck. Mr. Buck was fortunate enough in being able lo get
sufficient silica sand, free from mien,
on Fifth street, where the city is
improving the roads, The cement
UBed is nt first-clasB quality and purchased from the cement works on the
Coast. A carload of cement from
Exsbaw, Alliens, will be used on Borne
of the work, and as tbe Exsbaw company makes a first-class cement, there
is no doubt but first class and lasting
work will be accomplished.
Shift in Wind Saved Much Loss
—Incendiaries Blamed
Chki-ska, Mass, Sept. 22.—The
whole eectiou of Chelsea that escaped
the conflagration ol laat winter, was
burning this morning. Aid was sum
mo i led from Host on, Maiden and Everett and it was at first feared lhat tie
rest of the town would be destroyed
belore the damns oould he e.heokcd.
Police believe the tire was ul incendiary
origin, so quickly did it stint. Tho
flames were first noticed in tbe block
bounded by Sixth and Vales streets
Everett avenue and the Boston and
Maine railroad tracks. The whole
block waa soon sfiro and by about
SI o'clock sixteen bouses and a large
box factory and showcase works weie
destroyed. There was tbe widest
confusion al the box factory. Over
250 employees, who had just gone to
work, were compelled to flee lor their
lives and their escape was out off on
all sides but one, by a wall ol (lame.
Mass Meeting Thursday Night
Under the auspices ol tho Lord's
Day Alliance, a mass meeting ol the
different congregations and unions of
the city is called to meet in Knox
Church tomorrow evening to listen to
Rev. T. Albert Moore ol Toronto. Mr,
Moors is a strong man, and well able
to present bis subject in a way tbst
will delight and entertain the people.
Tbere should he a crowded house.
Revelstoke in Line
The following clipping frum the
Victoria Week will be especially
pleasing to nnr readers and it is gratifying to know that the Revelstoke
First Fair is icceiving favorable comments on all sidou.
"Reve'stoke bas lined up with the
other cities of the Interior by instituting a Fall Fair. As might have
been expected it differs in no respect
Irom them, having just the same clini-
ats', soil, and natural resources.
When it has been in the business as
Iiiii!* as Nelson it will make pretty
nearly as good a show. In addition
to l e exhibits, there were the usual
amusements, sports and entertainments, including first class races.
Everything passed off well, aud there
is uu doubt that tbe popularity of the
tlmt Fair ever held in Revelstoke will
bring much "kudos" tn the city by
the It ikies."
Corrals and Fences at Ravelli
Not Ready for Herd
BANFF, Sept. 22.—Howard Douglas,
inspector of the National parks, was
to leave to-day tor Itavelli to bring
up the balance ol the buffalo that the
Canadian government secured, but tbe
wing fence and corrals are not com
plete, and pmhably will not tie unlil
Oct. 1.
A special train of from 15 to 20 cars
will be used, and it is expected that
in the neighborhood of 250 buffalo
will be secured.
 _- m .	
The annual general meeting of tbe
Ladies Auxiliary to the hospital will
be hold in tbe city hall on Tuesday,
Sept. 29th, at 3:30 p.m. All interested
in hospital work are particularly re
quested to attend. Election ol officers
.iill Like place. td
Lace nnd tapestry curtains, curtain
p-ilcsHinl fixtures.   C. B. Hume A Co.
Yon Will Wait
If you w?it with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our customers.
Both are chosen on account of their select quality and both give
the greatest satisfaction U those wbo are used to the best.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Green Corn, '1
cumbers, etc.
Cantaloupe*, Apples, Plums, Pears, Peaches,
nniatoes, Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cu-
Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Pishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition and
Camping equipment—the best Stoves anp Ranges on the
market. Sherwln-Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes and
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
Proper clothes for little
Swell Dressers.
.opy.i-|kt, I9_*.
When you send your little men to   school
wish them to have on good clothes, don't you ?
To wear good clothes is a good habit,
well to begin good habits young?
Is it not
Your little mau will study
he has a bran new suit.
lessons  better if
We can give you a
tumble boys' suit.
good  two-piece rough and
Good for every day and Sunday too.
Headquarters for clothes for little men is at
McKinnon <_& Sutherland
At 8 Per Cent.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branoh**.
Interest allowed at highest current rat*.
Gbe flDatMbrralb.
tJA.\  AT
Barristers, Solicitu.is    Ktc.
0 T T A W A
Parliament it_v,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.        Haroi.h Fishek
S ILLAN A y.l.lO'rf"
B&rrlatcn, Solicitors, Mic.
0. X nu i is J 0, Ku.inn
BARRISTSRS, hiilii'ITokb, ktc.
Omens:   IMPERIAL   Hank   BLOCK,   IUvki
.iiikk, It. C.
Money le loan.
onicois: Kevelstoke, H 11    Cranbrook, li c.
iso. B, Md'AKTKH,
V.  M    l'i Mill AU. J. A.   Iliiivii,
Hev.l.uikt. B   I.      I'ranlirook, ll.C.
J. M. Scott IX W. I. Brings.
Musky to Loan
solicitors Fun Molsons Hank
Firut Street. Revelstoke, H.C
Provincial Surveyor,
Mill iik Sn'veyor
lini.ii.e ling
Box luti, Ukvki.stiikk
tJt'i 11fieiit e*l Teacher of
I'ii'ii . Vocal Theory.
.logical Kindergarten
Lin -ies lor young children.
st udlo over
Stratikona, Alta
velstoke,   -   R r.
_tem.6rs Alberta Association "t Ari'liiluct... I
H. M  WmDDISGT.S Vi  A  Whiddikuton
Stratbcuna, Alta Rovelstoke, B. ('.
C he-art ng Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
The big black plug.
.Ibe fl&a.Mberafo
Thsre i? s.s mucti bud iu ths Irfssit ol Q9,
An. ao mucn ^<sod in i:.« wur.l ol aa,
That it hardly IwsIionTflis any uf us.
Tu talk aboul lli-i rt>-t -sf u=.
One of the most every day things
in Revelstoke is tbe passing round
of a subscription lint, which, among
some ui tin- community lias become
a byword, Subscription lists are
prepared for almost everything under tbe sun, frequently irr, -pective
of any direct hearing ibe movement
may have on the city and often
quite unnecessary. The most deserving cases, unfortunately, seem
to have no enthusia.-tic supporters
at their backs, lo work for them
and endeavor to rou«e a little interest in the people for their cause.
One of these cases which the gen-
e-i] public seem tu forget and
mink little about, until such time
when tbey may be glad to make
use of il, is that of the hospital.
which is the one institution in the
city deserving of more pubic interest than is- t'xlir. meted out to ll.
It hae been -aid that the hospital
was beine run by a clique or set.
for tlieir own ends, who would
brook no interference frum outriders, lit thai a.- .t ma*,, there is not
one individual in Revelstoke who
would dare stain] up and point
blank accus-e his neighbor of graft.
Iiefore the public. No! the kicking
is usually done amongst a few disgruntled soreheads who must habitually havi» a grtldge against
somebody to make life worth living.
The hospital i« a public institution
ami tbe public can appoint whom
they like to the directorate, if they
take ihe necessary trouble to become eligible to have any say in
its management. We understand
that the donations this year of
goods in kind have amounted practically tn nothing and that the
Revelstoke public have been far
from generous. This is a snd state
of affairs and hardly a thing to be
termed creditable to Revelstoke.
A hospital   among all other things
Banff Hard Coal
We are now receiving a full supply of the
different siz™ of this Coal,   the  best do-              j
mestjc fuel on the market.
All orders will be  promptly  and satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
should appeal to the public and is
an institution that; on humanitarian principles, can demand a
share of public support. Too much
thought has been given lo the manner in which the hospital is "run"
and not enough lo the ways and
means of running il! If the public would look to the practical side
of hospital work and less to theoretical, far better results would
accrue. The hospital deserves the
support of RevelBtO. as a whole,
and we Jare glad see that the
matron has insti ted two days in
each month for the reception of
gifts of every description from the
people. The last two days of September has been set apart for this
work and Revelstoke is asked to
give and give liberally where possible, to aid in tbe carrying on of
what is only "for humanity's sake."
Donations of any kind are acceptable and those who have a spark
-f feeling in their hearts at all will
not he slow to respond.
Once more the voice of the people has been heard on a matter of
public, interest and it is passing
strange how mild and weak that
voice is under any ordinary circumstances. '1 be Revelstoke people apparently never realize what
their duty is in regard to questions
that affect the city and the administration of its affairs. A great
deal oi fuss is made on the street
comers nnd kicks are registered in
private meetings or over a convivial glass, over matters that are
being conducted noi exactly in
accordance with the views of those
who think that they have been
rdly used, but very randy does
the general public give a true voice
to its opinion and take advantage
f its privilege at the polling pontb
when an appeal is mail.' to the
ectors to decide important questions. Out of a possible 100
ivailable only 32 were polled an
Monday on a matter that in its
entirety   affects   Revelstoke   as   a
whole,    lt   is   in. ceivable   why
the public will not interest itself
n.ore iii civic matters, and il the
lectors are too indifferent to turn
lit anil have their say through the
ballot when they get the chance, it
cannot be expected that their com.
plaint- will receive mui h itt	
at any time.     If lin- people  ire li"!
tatisfied with   ilu- administration
'.'.•■■. :     ,t    -   • Iieii    in'
how it ni tbs- righl moment.    The
passing of tins \>:   ;;i«   1)11    Mmi'ln .
meanl 'bat io much more « i
tied to tin- public 'lel't and Ihi'
i- .i in ittei w hull concerns e ret
ratepayer in the i ommunity .N-*
ii happened, tin- righl thinking
leople were in iin- mail a r i i ■. and
ihoose the lessci of two evils thai
of further pledging I he di '<• credit
to the extent nt 110,000 of which
their children will have lo pay
their share Instead of allowing the
money to be taken out of the current revenue which would come
Infinitely harder on the present
generation. A word to the wise—;
we would advi-it the city council
that the public generally won Id bfl
better satisfied, if, when money
bylaws are In be voted on, that a
HU tu Sufficient to cover with a
reasonable margin ov"r, the work
for which the money is r quired be
asked for and avoid lhe continual
appeal to the ratepayers for small
sums, which practice arouses sus
picion   of   ill-conducted
and creates discontent.
In a very short while tbe whole
of Canada will be in the throes of
elections and their accompanying
disorder. If there is anything that
the people want to-day, for they
are getting more enlightened every
year, and anything that  they   aro l..'n; |i„„ju.ij,, UHll8 ,,[   [_. C. as an ex-
entitled to have, it is a square deal,  cellent Held fur investment.     Cuusid-
uf the game in the H. 0. hinterland.
The iteiel.ti ke • uljilO will not he
slcu, ahould such u scheme mature in
extending a warm welcome to the
many clubs ol the aurrouuding cuun-
Irj lo vt-.it is liere sometime and will,
in ucc"iilnt..e with the maiked spi il
it allows lo nil well conducted and sue-
cesiflll spurts clubs, assist by every
possible nu uiis to in.ike it a successful
au I enj lyable cricket-week. Further
pn. ocular* announcing tbe successful
formation of this League will be cordially welcomed by the public.
British, European and Canadian
Engineers Tour the West.
'lie I it'tc party if Uritish and
European milling expeits who are
t lining Canada ns gcesls ol the
Canadian Mining l<is|i'ine, arrived in
tlie i it) by special irnhl on Sunday
nl!'.i :i. i-i., i. ml lilt ilu' same eveuiug
mt S.. 07 fur Ihe coast. The personnel el ti is distinguished party is oom-
poscd ni about 41) of the most prominent and i .pectt mining engineers
in in 'lie t lliitiiin, Europe and the
I'ln-.i, and h is I'i'cii augmented all the
wn\ fr'nn Cobalt, Ciuw's Nest, and
Ivi ulei'iiy by mine managers and en-
uineers. II. M-rtiner Lamb, the
i-ecii-l.iiy nf the Canadian Mining
Institute, stated tlmt so far the tour
had been eminently successful and
that the putty bid been received with
open arms at every point they stopped
ni. lhu visitors weie much struck
with what t hey bul .seen and weie
astounded at tbe mineral resources uf
this province, readily recognising its
yrent   p isaibilitiei   ad   speaking   in
As Canadians, we boast that we
area free people and that we have
a free and representative government. And the question comes to
us these days when men are asking
which party they shall vote for,
what each party proposes, if successful, to do for the country ami
tlie people. We do not want to
hear continually discussed, in
terms more or less distasteful, the
shortcomings and misdemeanors of
the different parties, and what
should have been, etc., but we want
it to be told what these parties will
do for the public benefit and how
they will work for the country and
the people. All the mud slinging
and abuse in the world will not
win an election and the public
want something better   than   that
eru'iie sin pi iue was experienced at the
great, am uut of development already
Bona Fide Settlers
llii'.vnnls of fifteen new setllers have
taken up their residence within the
lust three months at Queen's Bay, on
Kootenay lake, says the Victoria
These are altogether Old Country
t-eltlers nnd people nf substantial
mean", among thc:n being a retired
tnnj ;r of tbe Biitish army and a member of the medical | rnfesBion.
Ii is learned that Lord Aylmer hss
purchasedn property at Queen's Bay,
on Kootenay Lake, where he intends
to tettle in the nenf future. Lord
Aylmer recently vacated the position
cf adjut nt general of the Canadian
militia »i'b  headquarter-i  at  Ottawa
A clean,   honest,  discussion   as  t0 j "bidi h- bad - cciipied for a  number
the merits of  the  respective  plat
forms, will lead to the best results.
New   Movement   for   Interior
Cricket Clubs
Revelstoke   is   justly   proud of   its■
sports and  sportsmen, nourishing as
it does, capable and enthusi - ie aup
porters   of   -.11   I -and ■•-   t      athletic
gsmes an■!    outdo..r   sports      li take.
[.ri.ie   as. a   t'lWii   in   its et!   rtt to en
courage this and claims  as a  oausi
the  excellence   I   iti   -;     it men, the
.i  - .j,;,   l linesa *   I oivic
nunity   by   monetary   sasistanci
ami splendid  ground ace    tttiod itioi
It is t...t   nragging to sav that in K--
elsti ki- there  .-   more provision made
and to tx       -. •      i healthful recrea-
i     and s        ic pursuit, man in any
t. wn ol    in ,■   o tbe wesi   ind tl ii
also, a greater   natural advantagi  pi
t ban m    ■   ■ -
ft i- pariicularj    tting ii this iime,
■  ■ .' ising >l ■ bi -'i- ew tin
record    il   am    ol   Revelstoke -   beal
sporting cl ibe—the Hevelstoke Cricket
1     I       Ii   hia   played
far nine   matches   mil It   ol hst   i lubt
from and
vi«   Vei arm—which   il    u
. il
sir..na te tin.     It hi
i .-ii Ing oi Icketen and  \ ■ •
nt i
' ol   the   t ikanagsn   Valli y      l
membership  ol   SO,        whit
|.hiiI   up, and   ol   i hii  40 an  ,   ij    _■
embers,     It   holdi    n  leaie 11
recreation  ground   from   I be I   r R
i  .    md,  with  some  paramount in -
provements,   it has in that really jiic-
tnresqne   |il"t. tbs   making ol one ui
the lini'Hi   and   nicest cricket groundi
in the country.
With   tlm   object of promoting the
Still wider scope of its effort! (.ind wn
hope success.— Kn ■ the Revelstoke
Cricket Club are now moving ll lhe
direction  of the formation of a II. H
Interior Cricket League—a most laudable and   sensible Ida—winch mtllt do
a good de.il  for the promotion of tbe
nobln game.      The coast, is too lar snd
the expense too great, fit i be clubs are
not ton stroii**! '"r the SUOCeSsful "i'p
reach 1st ion I bere of inlciior teams
Much better that an annual tournament, moved or fixed In character.
should be in Id somewhere nearer
horns and accessible to ail exponents
of yours; a' il it is bis intention to
speed the remainder of his years amid
the mountain
iind   lakes of   British
I.   O    i-'.
I niirt M.iunl I'nuhii', V -4S1, mo-stss 'iiul aud
ith Mon-tayi In Oddfailows Hall, nan in Opera
FIotim Visiting brethren oordlally iuvited to
J.W. Oakland, C.B.
H   W. Edwakds, R.S.
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain viow Camp, No. 2IB.
Meet   Sroonil and  fuurth   Wednesdays In
each uiontli, In S.slki,k Hull.   Visilin   Woodmen rordiiilty in. Ited tn stttund.
iV, li. ARMSTRONG, ('-on. Com.
I    MelM'YKK.  Clerk
F. O. E.
... :,,._■- are beld In tlm HelWira
' Toe .!i> "f mid' tmilitli. 8 p.m.
. r .rihally invited.
J    LB8LIR. PHKiuiKir
K. il'-I.U'' III.IS  Sm llliTlBV.
Tin- r.-_'ui:ir innnt-
„. ir.s li.il.l Hi Hi"
M-iilNIi TK.MI'I.K
lildrsllnw. Hull, un
in third Muinliiy in
„.|, month at *
i, . .i iiils broth*
unrdlalty   wel-
... , ! I.'ir_lai
E ft;   12. I. O. 0, r,
ll.ill .it . Hillock'
.IMii^ 'iri-ilirisn nor
.illy iiivit.sit t.i at
. 'I
I   V \ i 111 K    IK
'.'.'.I   Hi UK-    .,il_(ii    K. Of    P.,
No.  .«, Rnvelstoke, B. C.
i ■( MOBBU '    '
(I   H    I'll      K   K    ..I   H   *:H
J   I!   SCOT I
I .  . ,  - I . A  i
>i,,.-.l. y  •.
-   '   It
Boarding    School    for    Qirls
all  11.mi.im..........      i i
milted   Comp'   ■ Prepai item y Si tdii
I li«li Si          l     n -      Vfn iii      I', in. i,
Innli  -ii  I- imi ■   and  ntlis-r
pply '..     '.l-.l SR Si l'i inns
SEPr      la*       1908
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boagh.
Uaah Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
reputation is n potent factor t.i  Im enn-
h   sidered   as  it   is   .ynonymous  with   the
'i -   ipmlily, merit   nnd   pr:ces   of   the   no ids
uld.    ft you deal at   llissiing-.  Dnyle  A
Hastings. Doyle &        LlmUd
A New Carpet    M IW&SBSl
—- .        m.\ uBBBR
froin our choice nnd handsome
stock of Axminster, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and beau iful i tVccts of tbe colors
and patterns and the durability
ol the fabrics Our carpets are
made by the best manufactures,
nnd are ihmiIc to wear well, as well
as to Ivok well.
ll. HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PftATT, Manager.
Import direct from country ot origin.
R-BVELSTOKE    _bl-  O-
_,    P.
^   r-.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
LPoik Packers antl Deiilers in Live Stock.   Markets in all I lie prinei
pal Cities mid Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and lhu Yukon
Packets of the Celebrated Brand  " Iinperut'i'" Hams mid Bacon
ami " Shaint-oek" Brand I.'.-if bard.
-*»y%^«w%«/%._/»**-%/v%/v«_/»-_/-v%%4_.%•_.-%.*%*%.ty\ <
For AKricnUiiral Implemauts. ^nrriHtfos, Whiioh. Eta., John
Dm1 re Ploughs, Motine Wagons, Canada Carriage (-ompa-iy's
Buggies, PI ■.mt jr., Qardeo Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse hoeing a
Central Hotel
z________REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built       Fin-d-olaBB in every reupect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
suitably furnished with the choicest thi
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Month!)'rate.
J".    ALBERT      ST03ST__t!      _P_R.O_P.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands Ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Itevelstnku Land Dlstriot.
Iii 11 is i ni VVesI Kootenay,
Like mil ice Hull John Michael  111.I'll-
nf ItevolsUike, IM'.. Manager, Intends
tn apply for permission lo puretinae the
follotvlnf. ili'Hiiilieil lnnil:
Cnmmenclng at a pust planted on
the easterly bank of Lho Columbia
River nl tlie ttori b tvesi corner of I .nt
2771 (iroup 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John Mi Doyle's soiith-wosl eorner
post," Iheneo waul 10 chains; thence
inuiii 10chains! thenue wesi II)chains
mora  ot   less, in il tuileily bank nt
[he Columbia riven thence southerly
iilott).; i he b.uik ol in ill river 40 chains
more m Ii'hm to t he point of commence-
ment, containing I'fi acrei nnue or
By bis agent, Goo, s. MeOarter,
Dated Jiinfl_8th, 1808, j27iKsl
DlBTRICT Of WBBT Kiiotknav
TAKK   NOTICE   Unl    I,    Su I
.lami's. II iilmv. ol Nakusp, B. t't. nn in
patlnn, farmer, Intends lo apply fir
perinlsslon lo piii'clinse the followlrg
ile. 1111ied |.mil ■
('iiiiniieiii im; at  ii post plauted al a
iioint taveiity (Ull) chuins east of a point
elglitv chains south nf ihe south weal
corner of Loi No, H. 1 111: thence soulh
10 chains, thenee easl IDrhnlns, ihence
mu lb It) cliniif-, ih> IK (' wesi 10 chains-,
In poinl of i iiiniiii'iiceini'iil and con-
tiiliiliiK one liiindli'd antl sixty (lllli)
iicii'H more or lere,
(SgilJ Hamiki. .Iamkh Haui.oiv.
I) I July II, 1008,
Notice Is hereby given thai lhe undersigned will, at the expiration of one
month,   npply   to   lhe Sttpei intemleiil
oi Provincial Police for a transfer to
Coronation Hotel OompanVi Limited,
iliiirl.lni •  l.aii'l lii.'ri.l
|    nis.iririiil Vvn Knoiennj
Tsks nntloi iiihi i. Kormsn  r IfseLsod ol
LslbbrldM. aii„., oeoupalloo Broker, iDtsndit
1 In applv Inr in.rini»lnn 10 tui. Iih... tt,,. follow
, Iuk ilosoribsq Isodai
' iiiiiini.iiislii. at h |.u-i  i.iBiilr-l nt this no-ilh-
wi-m  rnrner  nl   I.ut   -IIS   in     ,..iti. li \ m .■
HlHiuisi^ mlti"i Wen   .,( id., iv...i-t,i.re nf  Ar-
titil sod  msrkid • s   T  Uso' . N. n.
tlii'ins*   1(1   rhain.   aouth, Ihenrt 20
of ibe hotel lloense now held liV llie in
reflpQGt   of   tin-   OOCODIil lOO   M(iti>l .it   rinii'iN ..«,.!. iNffii »■ id rhtltiH norih, thence 2"
(IfLmhntmn   B  (' ohtlM WMli OODUInlu BO acres, more or lottfr.
«  miiiium in .   i'. v. t...    uftlli a  lam
Dated Ibis Hid day of A.tlgust| 1808, norm a M t. mac. boh,
iiuK'ilm C'liHY Memiimi K.    I    •s-|.ijmi.| By Jnim K. Taylor, hii agent.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Canton Lawn
or Oonaervatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable priees, No borers, Scale
or ..imitation lo damage stock.
No wind)' ayents to annoy you.
Buy tbrrct and get trees ami
seeds that >»row.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cut
Flowers, eie. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B. V.    Catalogue free.
Grecil Mouses ami Seed   Houses
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat. Sep.26 Lk..Manitoba
Ki-i  Ocl. 2 Emp. Britain
Sat.   "   10 Lk.t.'hiimpliiin Frj. Sep.28
Kii.   " 16 Emp. Ireland Fri. Oct. 2
Sat.    " _4 Lake Kiic     Wei'.    "   7
Fri.     ••   4 Kmp. Britain Fri.    " HI
Ii'.ermedia'e Seas in from Mont eal
and Quebt:
I si. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$0000   $487. $28 7 s
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$72 50       $42 50       $27 50
Otiibr i.akk Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$1500       $27150
Cheap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
points iii connection with utearn-
sldp tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other conMne tnl ports.
Fin fiirth i' information applv to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
N15LSON, B. C.
r, 23, 24,  25, 26
Larger and Better than Ever
Free  Entertainments Daily
three horse races daily
four days
relay horse races
Eagles' Day, • Thursday, Sept. 24th
Children's Day, • Friday, Sept. 26th
For further information or
Prize List, write to
D. C. McMorris,
., -  Secretary
BOX 96, NELSON, B. 0:
Dray ing
Storar e
All Kinds of Light and  Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
TENDERS are requested tor lhe
purchase of Lots 12 and 13, Dlnck 57,
situate on Eighth Street near MoKenzie Avenue, in the City of RevelBtoke. These fine building lots belong
In tbe McDonald Estate, and will lie
sold at a sacrifice to close up the
estate, The highest or any tender
not itccossarily accepted. Forward
tenders on or belnre lut ot October,
ItlOK, to the undersigned.
Barristers, Vancouver.
Itw, Iws.
Sixty   days  after date   I   intend to
apply to the chief Commissioner of
LiiiiIk and   Works for  permission to
purchase    lhe    following    descrilind
Hi'nitininK at a post planted at I he
south-east coiner of  I/it No. Hoi'll pur.
chased  by Julius   Dpugal,  running
west 20 chainR* thence sbiilh 20 chains;
ihence eaat 20 ehains;  thence north 20
chains tn point of commencement.
Dated June 24th, 11KI8,
Bdwabd Wolf. Applicant,
jly 4 D. Dewar, A|.ent, THE MATL-HEKAIJ), REVELSTOKE, t. 0
Tho even does
the baking1, tho
fire-box controls
the oven boat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
+ \Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made
in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.
Ashes over one grate can be shaken without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both
ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When
grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way — and that's
"Sask-alta" way.
tendon, Tortnt•, Msntreal, Winnipeg, Vanoouver, St John, Hamilton, Calgary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Wha! it Means to You
This trademark is the most
important part of a Fit-Reform
Suit or Overcoat.
It is a definite promise of
quality and service—or
It promises that you must be satisfied with
your purchase or you can get your  money back.
Today, thousands of men in every part of
Canada will not buy a garment that does not
contain this wreath.
It means much to you.
Look for it whenever you buy.
Suits and Overcoats, $15, $18, $20 up
".1 .-velstoke,  B. C.
lhe Municipal Council of Ihe Dorpon.-
tinu of the t'ily of Re.clHloke intends
lo   undertake     the     eunstfUOtlnn   of
Boulevards on certain streets within
the Oity of Revelstoke, lo wltl .McKenzie Avenue ou both sides from tbe
north aide ol Third Sti t loll nrlb
aide   of   Eighth   Street;   aid on bulb
Hides or Thud Strut t. Fourth HI t,
Fifth siicetainl Sixth Street, from tho
east side of McKenzie ..venue to the
weft aide of Vei'iinn Avenne, anil on
Imi b Hides of Doii-ilns. Si reel fiom
KiliK   west   10   CIMt.   iiiiii of way,
according to specifications and estimates prepared by  the City Engineer
appointed   for   the   purpose,   and   to
assess the expense or conl thereof upon
the land or real properly abutting on
the parts of Hueb streets as above-mentioned and to be benefitted thereby*
and that a Statement showing the land
or real properly liable lo pay the
assessment therei-ir, and the unities of
tin- owners thereof, as far as they can
be ascertained, tngel.her with the speci-
flciitioiiH and estimates of the I'ity Engineer, and lhe proposed assessment
and report thereon of Iho Oity Olerk
arc now ou llie in the ollice of Ilic (Iilv
Olerk and open for Inspection by ail
persons during office hours.
The estimate*! cost of the work u.
$112II.UI, to be Inn lie by I he owners of
Hindi propel lies as iilinl on the part a
of Hindi Hli-enlH its above incuthumd.
Any objection to tha proposed un-
deiliikiiti' and iiHHCHsniet't tlieicfo'
■bill hi'in.i.Ir by petition Iii the t'ily
Council within I'I .'TEEN (Id) days
froin lhe date hei'Sof, the persona en-
titled to  petition bei tg   lhe ow neis nl
the iiliuin affected thoroby,
.. Oily Olerk.
Hiledthin tilth dayof 8. ptenilmr. HUM.
c. p. Ft. strik:
Situation Along the Line Favorable to Men
Several strikeb-eakcre at the coast
quit this week and eaid they would
not work under ibe conditions that
existed nt tb1. shops and two spotters
or special police aleo lolli-wed unit.
Another gang of intended .strikebreakers came ill by boat from Seattle
and lhe strikers complain that none
of the men were examined by the ini
migration oflicers as to their financial
condition, which was that they were
not poesetiBed ot any money. Another
mat', who was hired in Chicago, left
for Seattle this morning. He was
brought to Vancouver without knowing there was a strike, but when he
learned of the true position he refused
to work for the C.P.R. and has nude
enough at bis trade at Westminster to
tnke him out of luwn.
They have received a report from
Winnipeg that 25 Scotch mechanics
who hud arrived at Winnipeg would
not go to work t..r tbe C.P K. when
they teamed there was i rouble.
The official circular front Montreal
'•The nn u bete turned out in lull
force in the parade and were cheerid
all along the fine Labor day. March,
i-ig tour i.breast the C P.R. strikers
covered upwards of a mile and were
distinguished by printed cauls- in theii
hat. No one who saw tbe patade,
and   it   is   stated   in   the press that
10U,-00   | pie   lined the streets, can
entertain any d "iihts now on whether
the men hive returned to the shops
or not, Labor d y otherwise wns quiet
all alinig the line. At McAdam the
boys nun cited up to tbe stati n wilh
bauds playing and the strikebreakers
took to their I.eels, thinking as was
afterwards discovered, that the strike
was settled. They dug for their pens
and it was some time before they
could be induced to come out again.
Tlie bunch of men brought ont from
Glasgow are shut up in the Angus
shops, exop*ing six who came out in
npite of the threats of the special-*.
"At Winnipeg, we are in',.rmed,a
number ot eases could be cited where
the company have offered fabulous
money to men whim they desired to
remain in the service, all of which
gees to show tbat the ordinary man
will uot scab if he can pnstibly avoid
it and the fairly good mechanics can
11 ways avoid it.
''The situation in the west is rapidly
assuming serious proportions trom the
public point of view and the company
are so nearly stuck for power that they
are using the passenger engines ol
branch line runs to haul wheat on
Sundays, which naturally prevents any
repairs on the engines and reuders the
passenger service that much more
"The officers ol the different departments are lighting among themselves
over the condition of the power, the
train service officials complaining tbat
tbey are unable tu do business with
the p over handed over to them by tho
mechanical department."
Locally the situation remains much
the same, although there are moie
men in the shops working than have
been for eonio time, hut fn in all reports the work turned cut by them
lacks all pretense at skill. Complaints
by the trainmen of rolling stock being
in dangerous condition are frequent
W A N T E i)
Certificate cf Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. 'A,  Vivian   Luck
No, 4, Vivian Luck No.  5, Vivian
Luck No. Omul Silver Crown mineral claims, situated iii tbe lairdeuu
Minion Division of West Koiitunny
Whet e    local ed:    At   Head  of   Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd I'lVek.
TAKE NOTICE that   I,   0.   II. N.
Wilkie, noting   as   agent   for   Hector
Polrler,   F.M.C.   117-lHI.   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. BflOOfil, intend,  sixty
days from dale hereof,,to apply to the
Mining   Recorder   foi   a Certificate of
Improvements, for the pm pose  of  obtaining a OrOWn ilium of tlm above
And ftirther lake notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
befure the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this _Sth day of May. A, D.
w my27 Trout Lake, B. 0.
Certificate of Improvements
Hkookiiin, I iiiiiii I uiiiini >n and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situ-
ate iu Hevelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located;   On the  north Hide of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. Biiggs
of   Kevelstoke,   II. C,  Boitoltor, Flee
Miner's Certificate No. B04388. acting
an agent for and on behalf of His Ma-
Jest v King Edward VII, in the itighl
of this Dominion of Canada Free Min
er'a OortlfloateNo.B8_287, intend sixtv
days frOQI (latt' hereof to apply to the
Milling   Itecmder   fur   Certificate,   of
Improvements for ih« purpose nf obtaining Crown (it.nit-- of the above
Ami I'm I In r lake not ice that action
untilf section 117 must las commenced
before the issuance of such Certillcules
of Improvement*!
Dated tbis 2ml day of July, I'.«"■•
jly 4 W, I. Hun...!-
Ciuolv- l'iisi 11 n-s, white workman,
l wants in change, Giiaiautees
satisfaction. No cheap mil Hi consider-, d. Jas. Bishop, Cottonwood,
li. c.
mediately l'or the Union Hotel,
Arrowhead, Apply to W. J. Light-
hiii'tie. Arrowhead.
DRESSMAKING     at     reasonable
terms.    Apply Mrs, G. W.Green,
Fourth Street.
URNISHED HOUSE to Kent-Apply to Columbia Agencies Ltd.
FOR SALE—Arrowhead Drugstore
for Sale, possession November 1,
Apply tn M. J. Donovan, Arrbwh'iad,
B. 0, sep 1(1 ll
TjlOR SALE—Two good Milk Cows
JT Apply to Miilbison A Crowe,
South Track.
FOB R\LE- CHEAP- Nine first-
el,is   !' dry Cows.   Apply to   Hox
(1(18, All.
Sal 12 Hull
FOUND Juld Watch, owner can
have-uiie by proving property
uml paying I'm- ibis nolice. Apply E
J. Macy, Thiid Street,
PRIVATE NURSE open tor engage.
X inciils Maternity canes a specially. Hi_lu-i (pnil'tl.'iiini.-. Address
H.'ll , Hox 4iV>, It wist, k . I*. IJ.
I )00MERS WAN IHI)   n   i nnilWi
1\,     I,I.|..||   lis.. neXI .1 ■   I On "l .lYI  C
I. A,
J5   I'loi'i.-h -I   ii' « ui" d I'.ie light
hoiiHcke, ping.    Appy "  M 'i -Herald,
T'TTANTED    l'p-i„tis wi rk  or tils—
\Y     III !  I'V     Xpsl-'i'il   I" I    illl.
Apply in once In M   A nl   Golden.
WANTED A good general servant
f r n family nf iiv», Apply to
Mrs. A. B M_(>l>-iii-gh.ii, Imp-nnl
Bank resilience.
WANTED TO LET—14 loomed
lioii-e -iiirilv furnished, $25,
6 roiiiuad linn— 812-Apply Columbia
Agencies, Lint ted.
PiiM.llll   .IO. seats   Iii". for   biie liy
the day i'i' llo.II'   'I   leasomible I el tils.
l{.-tiill n sire. I  li  p- all day.
Stands -Union Hotel, Phone 27.
Oriental Hotel, Plum • 18.
C. TURNR0S6, Proprietor.        Phone 41
A. H. SINQ, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals   -  -   25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS,  -  $5.00
An interesting gapic of basket ball
will tuke place tonight in the Y.M.C A.
between a picked senior team and a
picked intermediate team, com-
menolng at 8.30 p.m. The intermediate's Hue up consists of:—Carmichael,
Doyle, McEachern, Burridge and B.
The follow ing lift last night tor
Kiimloops to play that city at baseball
this afieinoi n:—Scott, pitcher; Mc-
[nerney, catcher; Eberley,  1st base;
Dalgleisb, 2nd I'iihc; I'rouli, 3rd bare;
CiIder, short Stop; Hope, rightfield;
lil.ckadar, centre Held; Cochrane, lelt
Held; Palmer, spare. Mr. Alldritt,
physical director, who accompanied
the team will stay over lo look after
tlie track team, whu do business tin re
Tbe track tesm that goto Kamloops
today for the Fair sports, are a strong
line up. Palmer will try for honors
in tbe 10 mile race, snd Astle snd
Williamson will do tlie sprinting,
while Hope and Cameron are strong
in tlie J mile. Crowe is in fine fettle
(or the pule vault and high jump
March will take care uf the broad
jump aud Proulx the shot put. Taking it all round the Kevelstoke rcpn -
sentatives are good all ro"tid men and
should make a fine showing. The
relay team is composed ot B. Williamson, E. Cameron, .1. Watson and T.
The Y MC A. gymnasium will opi n
on the 1st of October aud the boys are
already looking (orwsrd to s gtii (I
SSSton of gymnastic work.
Carpet squares snd rugs, choice
colors and design. C. B. Hume it-
The Sleanipr leaves Five Mile
Landing ( during stage of high
water) at. a.m on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Creek and way
pointB, returning same day.
Freight mubt be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must'lie
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for the Boat Landing at 5:110
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
corned 6 with the Steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday aud Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchangi—No. Hl.'I'.l. HiHch nf
sailings may be changed without
Notice is hereby given lhat ilu* goods
hoc! chattels distrained for rent on Ihe
28th day of August, 1908, by Frank H.
Bourne the landlord of the premises of
Clement Jones, lhe tenant, will be sold by
public auction at the paid premises, being
the Bakery Store on McKenzie Avenue,
oil Tuesday, the Hth of Sept., K)o8, al
eleven o'clock a.m. Said goods and
chattels consist of pictures, chairs, stock
of candies, beds, bedding1, etc. Complete
inventory can be seen oi\ application to
the undersigned.
W. J.   LAW,
Daled at Revelstoke, B. C, September
41 h, 1908.
POSTPONED — Tho above sale is
herewith postponed until Monday,
Sept. 14th, at 3 o'clock p.m.
\V. J. LAW, Sheriff.
Notice of Sale
Pursuant to the Order of the County
Court of West Kootenay, hoklen at Kevelstoke, made in the action ol Hig Bend
Lumber Company, Limited, V. Columbia
and Kooteuay Railway and Navigation
Company and Charles B. Kirk and W. J-
Kane, there will be offered for sale with
lhe approbation oi W. E. McLauchlin,
Esq,, Deputy Registrar of saiil Court at
lhe Court House, in lhe City of Kevelstoke
on Wednesday, lhe 30th day ot September,
1908, all and singular lhat certain parcel
or tract of land and pre nises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C, and being composed of Lot No.
Four (4), Block No. S.-ven (7).
On the lands is said to be a two story
frame building 20x26 With seven rooms.
The properly will bu offered for sale
subject to a reserve bid.
hurl her particulars may be bad from
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block, Kevelstoke, B. C,
or from
W. E. McLAl cm.in,
Deputy Registrar al Kevelstoke.
Dated at Kevelstoke this 4th day of
September, 1908.
Revel.*!oke Luud llislrict.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat George McCarter,
9c, of Rcvelsfke, H.O.. Ag-nt, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands)
(Joininonctn.- at a post planted on
the west bank of lhe Columbia River
at the smith-cast ■ inner ot Lot 8_05,
Group 1, Kooteuav, ami marked
"George McCnrler, or., north-east coi-
nei post," tbenee west 10 chains;
tlience siniih 20 chains; thence eust 20
chains more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia river; thence northerly along the west bank of lhe Columbia river to the puiut. of commence
ment. containing 25 acres more or less.
Bv his agent. Geo. S. McCarter.
Dated June 2_lb. 1908, j 27 U0.I
Wkst Kootenay Land District
Take Notice that 60 days after date
I Arthur E. Ev ns, of rJeaton, B. 0 .
occupation, prospi clor, intend tu
apply for permission to purchase the
following deseribed hinds shunted on
Fif-h River, in West Kootenay ilis-
Commencing al the north-eust corner if A. D. M ii is iy'» pre-empt i >n No
7,805, anil marked "A. E. Evans,
North-west Corner Poat," theoce 8
chains lo west lin i I McKinuon's
pre-emption) theuce fin chains south,
thence 8 chains west In Mai Kay's,
ihence north 60 cbains lo point nf commencement, containing 40 acies more
or let.s.
Loi filed Angtisi 8rd, 1808.
A. E. EVANS, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that Hastings, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will,
three months after dale, apply to the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council for an
Oider-iii-Coinicil changing the Company's name to "Doyle A Allum, Limited."
Dated tlie 20th day of June, 1008.
Hahvky, Mi-Cai.tku & Pinkham,
Solicitors   for  Hustings,   Doyle Ai Allum, Limited jly4 Sin »
Revelstoke Land District.
District o" West Kootenay.
Take notice thai G. Brink, of Halcyon, Ii. 0., Cruiser, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at. a post plauted on
the east Bide of Upper Ai'ioW Lake, al
the south-east cornor of Lot 2-I51. and
marked "li, K. lliink'H North-West
Coaner Post") lbeuce east 2'i chains)
thence soulh 20 chaina; Ihence wesi
20 cbains lo the lake shore, thence
northerly along the lake shore 20
chains in,ire or  less to  the   point
Inoi e or less.
containing    10 acres
Ii. K.  DRINK.
I) il.il AngUSl nth, IU0H.
All   kinds   of   new
Dialers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P, (). Hon, _0(i. Phone 26
MlHill.HCtured   fbf cln.'.(MW of   l.ull.lihKr.
fur hii In in lni'i'n nr    iiuill ipniiil it lu-i
lit tl." Inwimt price* fnr GMD<
All kind! 0l Iniil'tiiiK mid plHt..orl.)f(
Im tho luuo of a duplicate Certificate •' inl.
In 11,1 Mr. "nuie om., i', imi uf Kootenay.
" I nn |.|--uru" Mtiinriil I'lalin icxisi'iiIIhk mi
un 'iinlnl urns t»iuthiiiinriiHi therein),
ml nl nn tn l_.ni' ill. Ilm i it.nil i..i. nf nn.'
uml.tit iiiilr Ilm lll.l I'lllilli'.illnii lirrflnl ii
ilns.l .....   ..I   Ilii'   I . , 1111.-..I.    uf     lull-    'nr   I i.I
nn.   '• |.  Oti.i,   niHlrli'l  nf   Km.I.uui   '"Inn.
I'I    ni   " iiilni'rnl rliilln I, i. - t.iiiiK 'in iin.lis nt. .1
1,111- I lYl-Hlll   lllll'll-.t,   llmrilllll    III    tllll   IIHIIII!    nf
II at IiSwiih, wlllell I urlllli'llli!   In llstnl Ilm
ITtliuf    iiruli, t s.i,..unl iiiiniiiisrisit 32113 ('
II. K. MACI.l.llli
DlslrlOt lira I..Il.il.
I..U..1  I'l-Ki-lry Mil,-.., N.IhOII. B. V.
.-.-i.i•->■■ !».-■■ imii. linn
Certificate of  Improvements
Mian it niiiiiTiii I'liiiin, -inuiii. nr iin- ii.hii i.ni •
Mlimn. Inu.mn ..I Wn.l K.inlisnny in.in, i
Wliurn I It.ll:    At, till- In'.1.1 ..I limit OrSSI Hi".'i
iiiljiiiiltiitUn'(luisiiiiii iii'iiitiI clalm,Lot US7,
(Iroup 1.
Tiiku null,.- tlmt  I, It  Smith, K.M.Q, i:t_uitll.
actlnii iih iikliiI f.ir.l  II. Miirkenslr, I'.M.Il. Ns..
Illil'.s.'.i, inl. ii.I. lilt, il'iysi lnnil tlm .1.1.. Iiisn-nf, In
iipjill   tn I In. Uiiiini II. . ..r.'.'l i.n   A   l'i UUI. 'ill.' '. I
luipriiviiiuisiiIh. fnr tlm |ins|...■--• nf  ..l.i.iiniiiH  a
Crniiii llrinl -if tlm itlmvn isltiitn.
Anil tniiti.it  takii  notlofl  tlmt   Risllmi,  DUdsi
Hortlnii 117, milHt  Iw |.|iniliiiiltc-iil r- i-i-  Hi" Ihsiii
ant'ft „f HIII'll I ■.■'lltlrilM nf  lili|,...s..|in ills,
ii.iti.t tiiii ".iii .im ..t.i.iii" a.11 . lyos.
hii    •>:; ll SMITH
1 Don't do   a
llll ynu »oo rlnmrl)
bsst liy um of
"Flasblights on Human Nature"
on In tilHi, illNoaHii, 1'ivr, mmi lutf i- ilimI pan-tntAge
I ell- wlmt jnii-l ii ■■_. ii th -inr, iiut  don't Ilk n To
ltd p-<H''", UliiNlriitrM], Vtrrui*; but tn intriM.iH •■
II wn (.nnd ono only in uuy adult for piniimi,
10 rt nt«.
12U laat _t8tH atro.t, NEW YORK
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease nl operation and
perfection in the l -ulte produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Covernment
«' Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptly
and Neatly Executed
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rate*
tt» ifr» ifri .Ti .•_*. -fr- .'ti ttt A t!tl_._______i____.____!i
| Sunburn |
| Tan and g
f    Freckles    ||
Y   iin a   Bottle  ot   onr   Eldei   ^
_p   Plowei   Cream.     Just what   *4+
.&   yon are looking for. &
4$> SOLD AT 4*
.-i-, ."t-. ."t. .i* >Xi .f i tTi iTi tit, iTi iTi I'll iTi
'V 'V 'V 'if 'if 'V 'X 'i' 'if 'i> 'V "J.1 'At'
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Sept 23rd,—Generally
fair, cloudy, moderate winds, cold
nights.   Temp. Max. 02 ° . Min. 83 : .
Local and General.
Victoria Falls to-night at Edison
Parlor Theatre.
Kor first-class Dressmaking, coma to
Miss McDonald, at MoLennan's.
K H. Trueman, photographer, is in
the city and will semsiin until the
Tbe report of the Socialist meeting
in the i ipera House on Sunday, will
appear in uur Saturday's isauu.
I in. baseball malch tiatween Kam-
loops and llevelsloke at Kamloops
today, dtiriti)! the lair is the chid attraction tbere.
The Northern Crown Hank have
arranged lur u sel of handsome ctiun
ters, titiit ,;6. etc.. which will bo shortly
installed in their premises.
There is n movement on font tn
raise a "syndicate next year to operate
a number ol motor drays and passenger
ears in the city and district.
Thn team going to Armstrong tor
the Trap Shooting championship of
li. (.'., tomorrow, have been putting in
-ome good practice this week.
Senator Unstuck wss a visitor to the
city on Sunday en route from lloss-
land where he attended the banquet
to the mining engineer at Ducks.
11. U Hojipins, sale manager ot the
Arrow Lakes Lumber Co., Arrowhead,
was brought up on Monday to the
local hospital suffering with typhoid
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's
church are holding an afternoon tea
tomorrow (Thursday) at the residence
of Mrs. T. Sturdy, Third street. Silver
coin admission
To-nigltt and to-morrow  night inu
beautiful scene. Victoria Kails, Zambezi river, South Africa, the highest
waterfalls in the world, will be seen
at the Edison Parlor Theatre.
fresh and moist for n lon_-
Iluu* in I lie tin' ul l'"\. That
i- If it isi allowed lo stay
there. Generally, however,
people like il so well the-,
don't uive it n chance to see
how long it Will keep, Try
:t lew loaves nnd your family will at iitiei' become big
bread eaters. What do yon
like best . Vienna, twist,
Ion.;, round, French or
square .
that ive believe is even a
shade better than usual; and
those who buy tea here know
bow good   it   is.    Ten  is the
standard by which many
people judge a grocery store.
We are perfectly willing, yes
anxious, lo be judged by that,
standard. Try the tea and
we know you will have a
high opinion of this grocery.
Karn is King
The right  Piano at the right price.
Call arid see us before vou buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, insurance and Financial Agents.    Money to Loan.
11. Cunningham Morris, of the
Mail-Herald, lelt this morning for
Nelson to attend the annual convention of the Alberta n l Eastern B. 0.
Press Association.
Coine and see the Victoria K Us,
South Africa, at th- Kdison Parlor
Theatre to-night. On Friday and
Saturday the heau.iful picture
•' Christinas" will tie shown.
A. .1. MeDonell, Alex. McRae, VV. A.
Sturdy and .I. Guy Barber leave ibis
evening for Armstrong to take pait in
the trap shouting contest fur the
championship ol tlie Interior.
lt is certainly pleasing to see that
the choir ot St. Peter's church has
been remodelled and enlarged and it
is the sincere hope of tbe congregation
that the revival has come io stay.
K. Gordon, Government agent, made
an inspection on Sunday u the Wav
erly Mine trail from Albert Canyon.
The government have been clearing
out the trail this year, and repairing
all the bridges.
The four-legged  chicken, which f.ir
some time has been au object of interest in the City Hall here. 1ms gone on
s tour  of   tbe  provincial  fairs, com-      Tbo matron   of   tbe   hospital   will
menoing at Vernon last week receive donations of   every  kind,  for
.   ,.  „,   .,  , , ,     1 hospital use, on Tuesday and Wednes-
i Mel ha.   baa  purchased   a  fine dtt.r8epti 2g and 30.    The public are
limitary baud organ a  self contained | „£,„,& tll81 Bny gift ,„, matter how
orchestra for the roller skating   rink, j     „ h Mce    We«
from   Winnipeg,   winch    will   arrive
will be rendered every j k N. Cooke, who has been ao-
icountant at the MolsoiiB Hank at Calgary for five years, has been transferred
to tbe position of accountant at the
Kevelstoke branch and has entered
upon his duties here.
Smith Curtis, the Liberal nominee
ini Kootenay in the approaching elections, will address a public meeting
tonight at the Opera House, All
»-K»f parties are cordially invited to attend
aud seats will lie reserved for ladies
The river picnic arranged by the Si
Peter's church congregation on Batur-
shortly     MllBl
Isn't it ati'.'it time that the dag,
supplied by t.. • provincial government
to the local t_uools, .bould 1* rlyii g ?
Does it take all this time to s.core a
Bag pole I'll., i (Ti-i of n dug living
above onr well    kept   school    grounds
would I"' certainly pleasing.
Eaton   Hurlbut
and Crane's
Note Papers
._' _..- _to k   U-. i & • iv-ed
Prices on Bulk Goods
I i im   i v .   to 75c.   '* quire
1 ■ ■ ■' »|>e_ : ;. . lo ; $i. pkg
I—.   11 tVedding S(Mtiuner\
Tonight—Victoria Falls at Edison
Parlor Theatre.
R. Tapping and his road gang have
commenced work 011 the new proposed road from G. Laforme's aid
Dan Mcintosh's ranches to the Cil
umbia river. A large number of
settlers have located in that vicinity
Smith Curtis, Liberal nominee for
Kootenay, passed through en route for
Savana from the south on Sunday.
He returned this morning and will
address a public meeting in the Opera
House tonight on the political isiues
of the day.
.1. Ashwortb, president of the Man
Chester Geological and Mining Society
of Manchester, Kngland, a prominent
member ot tlie visiting mining engineers who are touring Canada, conducted Divine service in the Methodist
church on Sunday night.
The following report for the month
of August, of the hospital work, has
been handed in by the matron: Hospital days, 40.; patients treated, 41;
outdoor patients, 33; outdoor visits,
114; operations,'.I. The matron will
receive donations and gifts of any
description for I be hospital on Tuesday
and Wednesday. Sept   29th and   80th
A. M. Pinkham, who is leaving Rev
elstoke to take up his duties at tbe
law oinoeol Messrs. Harvey, McCarter
A Pinkham, at liolden, was thu recipient nf a handsome gold watch and
chain [rom his confreres on Monday
uight. The best wishes of all Revelstoke accompany Mr. 1'inkham in bis
new field ot usefulness.
All sre cordially invited to the mass
meeting   in   Until   Church '..morrow,
Thursday evening, al s o'c1 ck, Rev
T Mbert M ; re will !«• -, esent and
will deliver an address in tin practical |
work  ol   the  i. rd's     'a.    \lliance of 1
Ho 1. \Y'ii. Teoitiletnari was cho-in
cindi'biti. f 1 the Lib tals at Victoria,
on Monday.
A meeting of the vV. C. T. U. will
ie bold iu Hie Baptist ohurch on Fri
lay, -sept   -,rii)i    it 3 30 p m
.1 hn iVIcQuarrie, .1 reai estate agent
ol Vsiii'.s.-u er. wss drowned at tlie
Royal City Mills wlimf yesterday.
M, Hagar, inauagu' nl Lombert A
Earl's Store nt EHkhiirn, Man,, was
shot and killed by a burglar Tuesday
Mr. McKensie King, Deputy Minister of Labor, waa nominated on Monday in the Liberal Interest for North
Waterloo, Ont,
Maxwell Smith, Dominion fruit inspector, rslinvitrs lhe value of the
fruit CiOp of this province for the year,
nt one million live hundred thousand
Me«.is Keid A Young will hold
iheir hall millinery opening tomorrow
ilf'ei'Ut on and evening The public
ar- coi'diillly invited In inspect all the
lan'ii  in idcls
Messrs C. II Hume rt Oo. will hold
their Fall luillinciy opening tomorrow
if ent 1 11 and evening The public
ire I'ordiilly invited to inspect all the
'a'e.-t tut di Is.
Gen. A Walkeiit is again before the
1'muits nt Vancouver rn a rehearing
of lhe f.milts case .if last Spring.
VI ies Blanche II0111I, (he accuser, is
..jivi'sj! i vid. nee again,
Tho Conservative, meeting announced to be held tonight in tbeir
committee run ns, ia postponed until
Friday evening, on account of Mr,
Curtis' meeting in I he Opera House.
lt is the intention of the city council
to instill two more electric arc street
lamp«, one at the Intersenti in of Mc-
__i n/.ie a venue and 2nd street and the
itlmi Ht tbe in'erseclion ol 1st street
md Campbell nvei.tie.
.1 C ilii'chison h-in installed a Bet
>f c'ectiic irons in (be. steam laundry.
The new B) stein has been found to be
far si potior in every way to the old,
when the presence of coal stoves
m 01.g the [limey articles, was always
a source of danger.
(lie ul the latest and most proniia-
iiiii nub,:citions in ibe Interior,is the
Summerland Review, pu> lish-d at that
thriving municipality by .I.F. Watkii s,
mannger. The new journal is a weekly and besides bn'tig neat and attruc
tive in magazine form contains a full
account of the doings of that locality,
besides other newsy and interesting
iteiiH. The Review should fill a long
felt want in that section of the
Okanagan and deserves the support of
the people.
Social and Personal
Mrs   0,  B    Paget  will   not receive
this week
G.   S.   McCarter   is   on a business
visit to Goldeu.
A. E. Kincaid  has  returned from a
visit to Calgary.
Entire Change of Programme
Special films have been procured
this week for the Edison Parlor Theatre. The programme (or tonight aid
Thursday night will include:
1. "The Victoiia Falls" ou the
Zamtiizi. A beautiful and interesting
picture. One of the finest films evi r
2. " William the Puncher." A pretty
scene aud true to life.
8. "The Poor Man's Romance." A
pathetic scene.
4. "The Unfilled Hurglnr." A comical picture.
6. " Overture."    \V. Veith.
li. " Illustrated Song."    W. Collins.
'lhe programme on Friday and
Saturday nights includes:
" How Jones Lost. His Roll." A
highly interesting and comical pietuie.
" Cliri tmas" A beautiful film,
lull of line effects, and oilier illustrations.
New illustrated song and   music.
Business Locals
Do ynu need blankets 1 Call and
sic our choice range. C. B. Hume A
W.J. Curtis, Piano Tuner, will visit
Revelstoke in October. Orders left
with Mr. R. Howson or Lewis Bros,
will receive prompt attention.
A   special  invilatie
i.       • ., I> ri uf lalmt
lay last nn the s. a    Revelstoke    was  1 anada.
not   as   well   patronized as it should   tended!
have been.       It   is   not often that tin-     at,   ni to A |i'"iiet,i
Revelstoke people get a ftljance 1 f
having a river trip and Saturday »m
an ideal afternoon, coi I ami pleasai 1
Landing was made ipposite Greenslide
where the part)   nail'   tea snd rambled
among the woods, Some on sporting
beni indulged in fishing, leveral fine
catches beiug the result       lb. return
trip was   made   111    tb I   ..I   the
is ■■ ■
l! 11  ntena,   .
ic diow —
■« \\ s..(.,  1. (1      ...   , ..I, sppoin
r general   ol   the iirii.-r
Mai      Immaculate      I n
1 ul ireles the honor ia regarded
.    .     eai    !,.       Thi   si p dntmenl   -
for lib.     It  will necessitate establish'
1 p mis nenl residi nci   in It, ms
Mrs G. F. Curtis will not receive
tomorrow the 24tli.
.1. M. Dnylf* • 't on Monday night
f. r a visit to tue const.
Mr. Steed of tin M Isons Bank staff
left yesterday for Calgary.
Mr. and Mrs. R Howson have been
spending a few days this week at
The Hon. F. W, Aylmer returned
on Sunday from a visit to New Westminster
Mr. Lammers nf the Adams River
Lumber Co., Shuswap, «.s in the city
On Satuiday.
.1 faihinunrl ' the Arrow Lakes
1. i.tH i'.i ot Arrowhesd. was ill the
eit) ;. • at t lay
... B.,-,   Clark   left   last,   night   10 '
all. od 1 lie  Toronto University for his
_i 1 md ■ • 1 r's medical course
: he   1.1,.s  ..1   Knox   Church held a
..... - e sful im yesterday afternoon
ii ihi " -1 leneeof Mrs  I   M. Doyle,
Mr- I'    Clear)'   who has been the
gin -t .,' he/ dam liter Mis. A John.
., 1, has ii it   Im   11-1 home in Ballard,
The Liberal Candidate
for   Kootenay
will address the Electors
al the
Opera House
Revelstoke  on
Wednesday, Sept. _M
at 8 p. m.
All are Invited
Seats Are Reserved for Ladies
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord   wood—Reveletoke
General Agencies Ltd.
M.'iiiiifitcturt'it fnr
■Iu-ho   of Inn Id i tig-
fur ia Is in lurtfo nr small quautllfBH
lit  I lin  liiWH- t     [illi'H-   fill   ( H    ll .
All Iti mil ul buUflliiff ami jitttNterii ig
n li'lnrUt trail.
New Dress Goods
We are now showing the latest novelties in Full Dress
Goods and Trimmings, l'or women who want exolusiveness in
Dress Goods, this showing will prove more than interesting.
They are distinctively new weaves and colorings in ihe latest
UnII materials an I shades. Only one suit of a pattern. No
I wo alike.
We also have, a lot of new patterns for Children's dresses.
Vol expensive, but pretty, neill patterns and colors, that make
up into neat school dresses,
Dress Making
Miss McDonald will be 111 charge of our Die smirking, and
on Monday, will he prepared lo do your work in a thoroughly
satisfactory manner.
oit"_t B_A.___:__a_E-ir
Entirely Under New Management
. I iic-t ai lived—a large consignment of HI st-QJaesoun taction) ry.
A aplendid assortment of Bund aud Cakes delivered daily,
W'.-itdiiig nud lint hiliiy Caii'ts a specialty. Special terms to
parlies and banquets,    After.in ui Teas.    Lunches put up.
J. I_. Headrick,
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"       paid up 2,2oo.ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President' sir n. H. McMillan, K.O.M.G.   Vice Presidents—Edward Gur-
ney and Oapl. Win. Rotilusou.   Gen. Man.   J. W.,deC. O'Grady,
Special attention paid to Savings Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
Open every C P. R.  Pay Night, also Saturday Evening* from T to 9 p. m.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives from ub the same careful attention
as the largest one,
Offico   Corner first St. and Coni-iaugh. Ave.
A.  F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branch
for the BRIDE
If you wish to make
a really us *>*l and pleasing
Gift to ih,. Hride, see our
assortment of
Cut Glass
Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry
Ollicial  Issuer of Marriage
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Slar, Kasiern Star, I'.rund
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District. Located on the North side of llie North-east
branch of Laforme Creek.
Take notice lhat I, Guy L. Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B13265, as Rgenl
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate H94.66; for Ed. Adair, Free Miner's
Certificate It..*..'51; SamuelMcMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate B94262; Walter Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94265; F. li.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B942.41
Gilbert Wilson, F'ree Miner's Certificate
B94261, and R. F. Greer, Free Miner's
Certificate B94263, intend 60 days from
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements
l'or the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take notice thai action under Section 37 must be commenced before
lhe issuance of such certificates ol 'improvements.
Dated this 17th day of September, iyo_i.
sep ,-3-nov 23 Giv L. Williams.
Fall Millinery Opening
We extend a most cordial invitation
to you to visit Uur Millinery   Depart
ment and  view the   exclusive  models
[gathered there.
Tho Second Week of Our
Sale establishes new records for
Great Bargains and Values
Dress Goods
We   nre   offering a   25   per cent,
liscount on all  DRESS GOODS.
In slriprs and plain, 25 pt'r cent,
'li'.aiimt r)ii this splendid line
of Goods,
Ladies' Costumes
per  1 ''nt.    I 'isi mmi   mi  all
1 "i inn
Re. ju|  1    I       1 and $2   0 al   iOi
prr   pair        You  ar':   av,ur''.il   ol
1 good   bargain,  as we plai e qu
Our i ntintei   50 r*\(\ pairs,
Blankets, Comforters
" 1 pi r 1 ent. disi ount. All nnr
Wn'il Blankets in Grey and
\Vhit'1, bought flirf 1 Irum one
ui the best mills,   (inly in  stock
.1 ff-w days
Ladies' Blouses
White   Lawn Blouses,   50 per.
cent, (discount
Clothing Department
Odd I'ants at $_._.s per pair,,
Worsted Suits at $11,50.     Regular
Hoys' Suits selling from $_.,')0 up.
Men'*. Overcoats.   Reg. $11.     Now
$ 7 .1 K I.
Men's   Hest Overcoats with  Satin
Lapels.    Rctf. $16.    Now $11,
Men's Odd Pants
100 Pair put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.35
per pair. Heavy and dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at $3.
Now Sale Price $2.25.
Boys' School Boots
T|ie good wearing kind at 20 per
cent, discount.
Men's Boots
Regular $3.00.    Now $2.25.
Ladies' Boots
A job line.    Keg. $2.50 and $4.00.
Now at ¥1.50 a pair,
Mackenzie Avenue        REID      &     YOUNG Bevelstoke, B.C.


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