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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA  WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Vol. 14,-No  14
F. ivincial Library
r easWotarnXfition and perfection
i  results  is^/luced. thi*   Machine
\> is ityj.jjni.s-1*^—Piuce: *6l) OU cash.
- I./L'rJ j
nterior Publishing Co , Agents
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For Your Feet
The " Patriot" carries with it style, service
and comfort. It's made over foot comforming lasts.
Fits from the start. No " breaking in " necessary
" PATRIOTS " won't hurt, burn and blister your
feet. Over half a hundred of styles. This means
a shape and a fit for any man's foot. Cork insoles
in " PATRIOTS " keep out dampness.
All the Popular Leathers.
Cost no more than the ordinary kinds, but
give an unlimited amount of satisfaction.
Wear Shoes to give you Comfort. The
" PATRIOT " will please you.     Come and See.
$6.00 Now $5.50
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Coedi Arriving Dally.     Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, 2nd Floor
(  A Stoek-Taking  ^
Bargain Sale
See our south window for the greatest  display of Bargains ever offered in the City.
Your Choice for 25 Cents
Some goods slightly damaged worth $2.00, now yours
for 25 Cerits.
i\ Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited j
Choice Ituilding Plot, Second Slreot, 50 • 100 feet.     — f J160
Comer on Third Street, I'M x 100 feet. • — fl'00
Two Inside Loti Filth Street, fill x 100 feat. •       — 300
Two-Acre llloeki suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
l'or Acre - flOOandfloO
Fraternal Revelstoke
Fraternal societies in Kevelstoke
are exceptionally strong nnd in a
nourishing condition, Keen Interest
is taken in every branch, and the
various orders, besides beiug inter
fraternal, extend their hospitality to
their li inula in social and other ways.
The followiug orders are represented:
Free Masons, Knights nf I'/thius,
I 'dependent Older nf Oddfellows,
Independent Order nl Funsters, Loyal
Orange Lm'g , Wo dmen of the
World, Fiitlernal Order ol Kagles,
Order of Owls, Y.M.C A„ Brotherhood
of St.. Andrew, beside tho various railway brotherhood! and labor unions
The luteal. 111I1I1I mn |s ||i> I minim
liank uf the Knights of I'ylhias.
Sen unr Liintiirn plates at Til) cents—
Lawrence Hardware Oo,
New Hockey Association.
NELSON, Feb. 28.—Tho first Steps
were taken last week for the formation
of a hockey association. It is proponed
to take in Spokane, the Horn duty,
llusaliiud, Itcvelstoke, Slocan, Nelson,
East Kootenay, the Crow country,
Coleman, l'inchor aud Calgary, in fact
everything within a radius of two
hundred miles. It is proposed thai
the clubs at those various places shall
form a central association, draft and
publish rules and play and ofTcr a
western championship cup A big new
rink will la) built this summer in
Nelson with a cement Hour to acciim
module tho association.
Our special weekly sale (of next
week unly will be Hem/, I' rk ind
Ileum in Tomato Haiice, I tins fur l5o,
at C. II. Iiliuin it Co'a,
Dominion Inspector will Prevent
Influx of Undesirables.
Vancouver, Feb. 28.—A*, a result
of strong representations, says the
Vancouver Province, made nt Ottawa,
the Dominion government has ordeied
that ii.spsotors will shortly be stationed at various points between the
coast and the ensteiii poition of  li C.
It is admitted that while the Immigration Act was enforced At the front
door—in Victoria and Vancouver—no
precautions are adopted to carry out
the regulations along hundreds of
miles of the frontier. Tins neglect
enabled all classes of aliens to indiscriminately enter Canada by the "back
door" iu si range contrast to the rigid
system of inspection adopted by the
United States government at all points
between the Atlantic and Pacific
where railways cross the border. Crim
inals, paupers aud other undesirables
were free lo come to this country
without danger of being held up by
Canadian ollicers.
Tbe new plan soon to be carried out
by the Interior Department will provide for as strict an enforcement of the
act at points on the frontier in the
interior as at Vancouver and Victoria.
It is also likely that a Canadian officer
will be stationed at Seattle, In this
manner undesirables who buy tickets
fur any place in Canada will be inspected and forbidden to cross the line
befure Canadian soil is reached.
$2.50 Per Year
Final Revision of Anglican book
—Three Years' Work
Toronto, Feb. 28 —Three years'
work on the revision of the Anglican
Hymn Book will be completed within
the next few days.
The committee which has the work
in baud is now engaged on the fin il
It is expected that the new hymn
book will be brought out so as to he in
the hinds of the Anglican church congregations all over Canada before
The work of producing the new
hymn book has spelled labor in big
letters. When the committee has met.
it has been to sit down steadily for
eight hours daily.
"The hymn book will be absolutely
new,'' said Rev. Dyson Hague, of London, Out., a member of the committee,
iu discussing it. "We have now in-
cludid over 700 hymns. When we
conclude there will probably be 750.
"Every hymn has been microscopically examined. Thole we have considered nre the product of the last 60
Elections in November—Liquor
Traffic—Attempted Assassination—Little Scrap-Canadians Sound.
Toronto, Feb. 29— The Mail and
! Empire's Ottawa correspondent says
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will appeal to the
people early in November.
London, Feb. 2!1—The chancellor
of the exchequer has brought down
his new licen.ung bill, which is the
most important government bill of
the session. If, provides for lhe compulsory reduction of 30 per cent of the
licenses to sell intoxicants throughout
Great Britain
TEHERAN, Persia, Feb.-29.—An at
tempt was made in this city yesterday
afternoon to assassinate ihe Shall of
Persia by a bomb. His Majesty was
not hurt. Three of the outriders who
were accompanying him at the time
were killed.
Montreal, Feb. 29—A -pedal cable
says the Canadian loan of $15,000,000
at par is over subscribed. Sn.inll subscribers were allotted in fu'l nd the
others get 97 per cent.
London, Feb. 29.— Lord Kitchener's
litile frnntier war in the Bazaar valley against the Zikkakhels tribesmen
is making r'pid progress The object
is to punish the natives for raids into
Indian territory. The tribesmen have
ben scattered and broken and th. ir
funs de-troved.
Keys Cease to Click in Memory of Inventor.
Poii'ri.AND, Feb. 29—To commemorate the ilc'th of Samuel li. Morse,
inventor of the telegraph, by the silence
of every telegraph instrument in the
country for live minutes on that date,
was the plan discussed at a dinner of
old time telegraphers at the Hotel
Lennox, The Idea will be taken up
by the operators nil over the country
and lie put into effect next .April on
the date in i|iicition. As near hi pos-
•ibl', the exact time that the great
inventor breathed his last will be selected, us a mark ol respect und veneration, and every instrument will
cease work fur live minutes.
Insurance Man Arrested
Cai.uaiiv, Fell. 27.—I) (I. Lainnnt,
ex-iniinuger (nr Ihe North American
Assurance Cninpiiny, was arrested uu
Monday nn n charge of embezzling
12,000, the proceeds nf collections for
the past three months. He wns allowed out on bail nnd will come up
fur trial tn day. Liunoiit's friendi
tried to settle with notes at six and
12 months, but the lawyors who are
looking after the company's interest
refused to sccept this.
Will Fight Three Men
London, Feb. 28—According to
Sporting Life, Tommy, Burns, tbe
Oiin.dian heavy-weight, offers to light
b 'Ih " Tiger" Smith, and Hill Squires
on the one evening, the fight to lake
place in April, nnd to lie ol ten rounds
each, with 15 minute intervals between. Burns also offers to meet any
three lighten Ureal Britain enn pn-
dure in a single evening, the bouts tn
he uf six rounds each with a 15 minute
Hews' Witch II He! Cream excels
lor the lace and hands,
Dams   Would   Kill   Spawning
Vancouver, Feb. 28—Considering
that the application of the Shuswap A
Thompson River Booming Company
to the Dominion Government for permission to build dams und booming
grounds on the Shuswap and Thompson Rivers would, if uine-tnct'dly
granted, endanger the work ol propo-
giiting salmon in those streams and
tributaries, the salmon can hits of the
Fraser River will oppose tlie petition!
It is understood, however, that tbis
opposition of the oanners will only go
us fur as to iusi t that the Government
lecure the building by the timber
company of fish ladders wherever obstructions are placed in the rivers.
The Thompson and Shuswap rivers,
their tributaries and sources are
among the finest natural spawning-
grounds for salmon in this province,
and were obstructions permitted thousands   of   square miles   of  spawning-
grounds would be cut uff from the lisb.
Municipal Convention
Nanaimo, Fell. 28.—At last night's
session of the Association of Municipalities of British Columbia, the following ollicers wore elected: President,
Mayor Keary, New Westminster; vice
president', Mayor Bell, Enderby; Bccy -
treas., lleevo Hose, Surrey Center;
executive, Mayor Kculy, North Vanoouver; Mayor Hall, Victoria; Mayor
Plants,  Nttiiaiinii;   Mayor Robinson,'
Kiiinliiiips; Reeve Evans, Sahiiuii Ann;
Reeve Byrne, Burnaby; Alil.Cavniiugh,
Vancouver, About 40 inpiesonlatives
of the various provincial municipalities were in attendance.
Faulty in Design.
Ottawa, Feb. 28.—The roport of the
QuebM bridge c.uinmission will lie presented to parliament next week. It is
Understood thut the finding in brief is
that the collapse was due to the defective design and not to any fault
either in material or iu the way it was
put together. Details seein to have
been worked out with greatest accuracy, but in the calculation of this
immense mass of detail the designers
would seem to have got away from the
basic principle of stress and strain
which should hnve governed them.
Attempted Murder
Victoria,    Feb.    sw.—Attempted
murder, a daring holdup and robbery
at the Gorge hotel last night constituted a series of crimes which for boldness and celerity are without parallel
iu the history of the city, To-dny
Richard Diuicy, for tho past eight
years u tniitornian employed by the
British Culiinil.in Electric Company,
is lying nt death's door nt St. Joseph's
hoipitiil, his right jaw •buttered by
the bullet from the revolver uf one nf
the holdup men, nnd the police nre
scouring the country nftertwn bandits
u ho so quickly Mini niurili muslv
robbed tbe llll al the hotel of its cm
louts, aboul $19.
It is on the Forward March of
Revelstoke's reputation among the
travelling public us well as in other
circles of influence, is steadily in
creasing mid we can claim that the
name of our city has been heaid
wherever the British flag waves. Visitors here curry away with them every
impression tbat is good, even in winter
and circulate that opinion among
their friends in every part of the globe.
Revelstoke is steadily forging ahead
und today is one of the most prosperous cities of the Interior. Building
operations are barely keeping puce
with the population, but at a conservative estimate the increase in number of residences, many of them mi d
em and artistic in design, is lull 30
per cent over the previous year. Commercial buildings and blocks have
been erected, while extensive improvements in municipal works have been
entered upon.
as an indication of the material
growth of the city one can turn to
some interesting figures supplied by
W. Cowan, manager of the Revelstoke,
Big Bend and Trout Lake Telephone
Co. lu 1002, the number of teleph ue
calls wa 27,000; in 1904, 01,090; in
19U5, 100.0UO, and last year 300 per
ceut more.
This company, besides running an
Up to-date city pi mt, has a long distance service to towns of lhe Lurdeau,
bi sides Arrowhead und the Bi;   Heud.
Within the last few years uftentiun
has ' een direct-d to ihe pos.il iliiies
ot    froi,    groin, g   uud   agriculture.
With good .oil, nu iq' hie climate
and at ahm dune "I wa nr, i e bench
lands dju'-i'lli to h ci i me now
comiiiaiiiiiiig good puces und ure lieing
gradually bbtiglit up Besides small
(runs, appes, pears, plums and
cherries do remarkably well here, and
iliere is an abu d nice of opportunity
for practical men tu gu into the in
diistry un ii commercial balls,
Sp riB are nut the least iiem on the
list of inii'iici.iiiiip to this mountain
city and every branch ia tnkeii up and
carried on witn a largo degr C ul
success. Revelstoke Hub not neglected
to keep in touch with ihu tourist
trallic. There ia ample scope b*r« lor
every class of tourist. One of the
must delightful "one day" trips is that
up the sinuous and ninje.lically turbulent Columbia river on the s.-.
Revelstoke, a staunch craft, provided
witb ample accommodation. Large
numbers have already taken advantage of this meant uf seeing one nf the
most picturesque sights in the country
When one learns that there are over
25,0110 tourists annually carried
through tbii city by the 0. P. R., it
does appear that a very considerable
trude could be derived by securing a
share of the tourist business—und a
satisfied tourist is one of the beet
dverliseini'iils a citv can get.
Ladies of the Maccabees.
The L. O, T. M. O. T. W. held their
annual Installation of ollicers on Feb.
20th, 1908, Owing to the illness of
Mrs. T. Taylor who was Installing
Ollicer, being unable to attend al lhe
regular review, the Installation ceic-
iiiony look place ut her residence i n
Sixth street when the following officer!
were Installed:
Past Lady Commander—Mrs, M,
I.mly Commander—Mrs. L. McDonald.
Lieut. Commands!—Mrs. A. Fret/..
Record Keeper—Mrs, .1. M. Moran.
Finance Auditor—Mrs. A. Corson.
Chaplain—Mrs, A. Leu,
Hingent—Mrs, A. Cressman.
Lndy Mistrcss-nt-Aiiiis — Mrs. F,
Picket—Mrs, McMalnui.
Sentinel — Mrs. Tupping.
The L. 0. T. M.O, T. W. i« oneol
the greatest wowen's fraternal beneficial organisation in existence. It
alVurds protection to lhe aged, the
infirm, and tbe orphans. The ladies
of Reviilstoke urn invited tn acquaint
themselves with tho different forms of
protection offered hy Ibis Order and
they   will   ho   cnnviiiccil   that   it  is
woman's i pportunlty,
Dr. White Will Speak to Men.
Tho S lay  meeting  in tho Y M
0. A. tomorrow afternoon  from 4 to 6
offers an enjoyable progiamme,
The Methodist church choir nre to
nssist in the music and give n speoial
number or two.
Dr. White's address is sure to prove
ntmng and interesting, as he is n mini
of wide experience with men in nil
stations iu lif". This gathering is
upon to all men.
Selling at specially
low prices here, also
extra cash discounts
on all Crockery lines
during- this month.
Hams  and Bacon
A shipment of Hams and Breakfast Bacon just received.
These are genuine Smoked Meats, mild in flavor and the
nicest we have seen for a long time.
Salt and Smoked Fish
We have Labrador Herrings, Holland Herrings in Kegs,
Mackerel, Digby Chicks, Finnan Haddie, Halibut, etc.
Washing Machines; - Wringers
A number of the best kinds kept in stock. They can be
seen set up ready for use in our Hardware Department.
Bourne  Bros.
SARD COAL BRIQUETTES al   $9.00 per ton  is the cheapest
Coal on i be market.
Tbey start the as easily as dry wood and bust us long us bard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feedeis and
open guiles.
AVe have u large stock on hind ready for immediate delivery   and
wUT*All your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
^McKiiofl & mm
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
First St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Oft ice   Toronto, Ontario.
Hi.i i.ilis-  in  ths I'ri'viiipss nf hUtiiUitia. Alberta, Mtiikatctiowaii,
British  i iiliiniluii  Di.n.ri.i. gusliw
Capital  Authorized SI0,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    04,860,000.00
Rosorvo Fund .... ■4,880,000.00
II. K. W'n.KiK, President :  blOM. H. Jakkkav, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts 1.11I1I available tn all   purls uf  Canada, Cult ed  Slates uud
Kiirnpe.   Spool*] attention given to Collections,
Savings Bank Department
Interest   ulluwed   mi deposits frum data of deposit und credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.   H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Kamloops Presbytery
The meeting ol the Kamhsips   l'res-
byleiy opened on Wednesday morning 1
ut LO o'olook in Bti Andrew's  Church,
It"v.   .1.  (1.   Duncan,   moderator,   of
H1I1111111 Arm, iu the cbiir.
Rev, A   11   Cameron, of Palrview,
wns   elected    modcrstor,   vice   .1,   O.
Duncan who retired,
Among the interesting itenu of,
business tmiisiieteil was the adoption
uf 11 scheme lor c iii^n gallons to pay
in purl the travelling expenses of
co iimissiotieis to the gcnersl assembly.
Rev, J, II. Miller, uf Kield, tendered
his resignation ol tlmt charge. This
will Ihi dealt with at a special meeting
ul the Presbytery next week.
The following were appointed cm-
missiiiners tu the general iisseini. y
which «lll meet ill Winnipeg in .In ,
next,    it.ivs, W. J. Allen, J. It.  Hub.
ertsoii, Kevelstoke, D. K. Allan and
I. Mull. The session has been moil
A Useful Book
Volume two, I'srt two of Martin's
Mining and Water Cases bas just been
issued from the publishing house nf
the Cars well Co., Toronto. The compiler is Mr. Justice Martin of the
Supreme Cnnrt of II. C. and tho casts
are the decisions of the various cniirts
having jurisdiction over our local
mining matters. Contained in the
volume are several appendices in wbloh
there is much useful inlormation and
handy references, These works srs
necciarily of greater interest to the
professional man than anyone else,
but even laymen can appreciate their
Hpring's Harsaparilla 11 a a ionic and
spring medicine lor sale at The Rod
Cross diug store, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE    OP    HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND    COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD.       ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
HZ&Ezaasama&HBgiir!* sehhshi sbsi s-sa
Hbe flftaiMbcralb.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Cha?. Murphy.
Harold Fisheb
B rri--. :..: Sol    tore, Kl".
KEVELSTOrca ami TJt.it I LAKH B. 0.
i    i: ....   e J. 0. Kixinrr
OrVICKS :     I.M'KH.U.    .lANK    I1L0CK.    Kl.VKI.
-STuKK,  11. C.
Cranbrook, B. l.
Money '" loan.
Officer    'avoUloks, B.C
C:r i. J
4. A
11, M,
.-'. ike   B.C.
J. A.  lUtlVKV,
Cranbrook, li. C.
M. it., t  i.L.I)
Dl'T    A.M)
W. I. Brlgjra.
Barristers, Solicitors,
M'lNKV  Tn  1-llAN'
SOLICITORS Full Mui.sii.ns Bank
Revelstoke, B.C
First Street.
_ AS. A. M i FA It L A N E
.A--*!   ol all Ores,   Stmplei by mall or sxpreu
recelre prompt attention.
Turin. Moderate.
Altar.-.      -      -     -       Buxis.J K..S1..J, b. C
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Uiix 106, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared tor Conservator;
and L Diversity Examinations.
BTDDIO   Ai   M:
uaua-bl A.snu«
Uulcliisiin's    i'ule
Mining, K-al Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile A^enis.
Fire, Lite, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compile.! on Mines, Land an.I Timber,
will lie in a positiou of trust hy
the nation. The great need of Oanada
today is not so much the people, al-
tliuiigh we welcome into our land good
huiiest men and women to work
shoulder to shoulder for the good of
themselves und the good of Canada,
hut fur stronger church organizations.
The strength of these organizations,
next to their mural force, lies in their
linanciiil aliility and fur a rich people
iu general, Canadians do not fulfill
their duties toward their churches.
Let the people of Camilla shoulder
their responsibilities in this respect.
.No money can he better invested than
that which is expended to build up the
moral character of the youth of the
nation, fur in the long run that will
ho found to he the greatest ol all
SI.UUC09 of strength and national
prestige. Physical strength is the
outcome of moral strength and one
cannot live without lho other.
The winter months seem to have
the effect of making people untidy
and dirty, and iliere is no more reason
why refuse should bo promisci.ously
dumped out of the hack door unto t .e
snuw than onto the ground in summer. Everything Irom a tin can to
cast off clothing can be seen lying
around the streets and a very interesting collection it may be no doubt
to ii rag picker, but hardly the sort of
thing that is expected in a city like
ihiH. The habit o( consigning all
refuse to the streets and lanes is, to
say lhe least nf it,depraved, and shows
little interest in the ol -aiil.ness of tho
oity. The snow, no doubt will cover
a multitude of sins, besides refuse, but
the time bus now come when the remits of many lazy actions round the
huuse nre being brought to light.
Nothing looks so bad as refuse uud
garbage of all suits lying about and
besides being unsightly, is also unhealthy. Why not take a little more
trouble, place youi garbage where it
cannot gut disseminated and when
possible have il removed': Very
shortly no doubt the public will be on
the path of those offenders, and will
rigidly enforce the law. and very rightly so, but it seems hard to think that
such drastic measures will have to bo
adopted to ensure cleanliness.
on stormy days
by wearing a
iA       *ttmij»v
Clean - Light
Low in Price
-'sfWi'r?^,^-?1     "sT- *»-
why not save from
$5  TO   $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
c. w. o. w.
Mountain Viow Camp, No. 229.
Meels Second anil Knurtli Wi-ilne diivs in
each month, ill Selkirk Hall. Visitin Woodmen cordially Invited to at Lend.
w. I). ARMSTRONG. Con. Join.
J. Mi'INTYllK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tlio roK'iliir meetings are held in thefSelltfrk
Hull every Tuesday evening at So'doo*. Visiting brethren am cordially invited.
J. LESLIE, President,
w. e. McLauchlin, 8ECUETAEY.
Kootennv LodUre No. 15 A F, *3E A    I
The regulai' inept*
inn- are held lu th'
Mai-onto Temple,
idrl Fellows Hall.on
'hi- third Mondaj in
aoh month ii >
.m. Visiting broth
en    cordially    wel
ri:u(L'N*iKii, Sksrbtary.
ar     iniMipSl/^S"""   at   8   o'clock
^™^dlally  Invited  to attend
<i  U:\lHIvtC, NU.
B. C.
Black Watch
Black Plug
The Chewing Tobacco
of Quality.
Che fl&aiMbcialfc
Finds   in  the   Findlay
River Country.
L. Mcru, who ha* been for the bi*t
three years in the Fiudlay river district, Northeastern Idiiisli Columbia,
caiiR. into town last Thursday from
Quesnel. Mr. Mero with several others
bss been prospecting in  that district
for three years and bave struck a rich
placer ground on McConncll   Creek, a
tributary ol Inglnllca  Creek,  Itself s
tributary to the Kitiillny river. Panning iu mu.-i places showed good
results, and tbe prospectors '
the waters o( MoConnell Creek and
made a cross cut, panning! I wbieh
ibi wi il   s. von   oenti   to   the iian oi
■rI Si to the yard.    It  is the int. t
uf the party i" operate their claims on
slur e scale this a ing season,   thi
uiitlunk being very promising
M.i: y repi rt- have come in  rega  I
inn thi i lobui -- of pay   dirt   In   the
I-rn Hay i Ivsi ■ ountry snd   muoh   i
tint) will in- seen tbis coming ii ■
Tin-claims nil McConoell I'ri'i'k   null-
oats   ii  rich   pi icer   propei tj   sas
■forked and bandlad
I'l.i-    (nut     l.'i-in. -s    || bettSl   thll
year tlniii  SSrllst   aiiticipiil nnia    Indi
a tied,' isld   a   prominent   w
wholesale (rull dealer to « reporter In
n ply t'i Inquli Ita       Kv. ry   olast   .'
ourselves I fruit is sailing well,   Ws handle Brit
It is not lib Columbia fruit-   In   '.ur   Calgary
iltton   nation   lo become ma-j iton   but the supply frum  that   pro
.   * great, but it  li difficult for It I vlnce is still Hi id, and but little    i
I   bee t morally great, but il moral  "" I}*" Winnipeg,  Ths fruit grown
i' si »'' * '".i devi h pel ildo by sii e
*. ti, i       r ,i strength we shall make
a I I  His  century   a bioli ws
■ i.     rn,     We are tnld that poll
i   -  i s g.me of grab and lugb ollice
ui     I i Ul .1    a- a m. mis nl    pi rs' nn
aggraiidisenu nt, Happily this is doI
entirely true, fur there have been men
wiin liiu- refusd to use power for per*
» mul gain and whose patriotism rota
superior to selfishness.    On the othoi
hand thsrS have   l.ot-ii tlmse  who have
v ..latcl tin it obligations hs public
in"n mid who have by being ostracised
received  their just reward.      The    re
ipoDslbility ol purifying public life is
one nf the Brit. Ws invite Immigration aod let us see that tlmse who
c.um' smong ils have a good and linn-
I'Sl example se(    tbem   by   thuse wbo
Tr.nr., .1 ... Iis.t ,,f u-
iO 1   -.. iini.-l, ...... i .:, |I|« u .,-1 ol ii
. i-.i res .mi ol d
... utlli sl-mt tbi rs.i i,f ii-
.-Al I l.l'AV.I 1.1,III \i;v iiii wis
-"' BCE 01 ORE \l.\K.-s.
If it in true ilm tbs 'twi ntieth century belongs to Csnsds      ui rsspou-
libilltlSI    is   .i   people and  unr day as
i.  '    i. len   i-   DC   light task      1 ii
t      rdei   I ii iinati i rents it has corns
aisjut ti.it a   peopls  numbering li.«
than tbi   lab     .' 'i.t-      I    I,,,ml,,1,. am
I"-" i il '    nd   i iinj"rial iliiiieu-
■ I  li., wbioll .(    mUSl   'I  vilnp and en-
rich.     I oi- li   ths   task <ve bavs -"i
OUrsalVM    to   dc   and    tin' iiiaiiiior Ii.
which "    -    ,,...,. iii. .iinj, ii ,,| dip
greaiesi ni inenl a t only t
I humanity .u   large.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Revolstoke, B. C.
'■v tepl Third Wednesday ol
cairn 1.1..niii in Un. Oddlellows'
Mall in B o'clock, Vlsilinn
Knlnlil. nn- nordlatly   nvlU'd.
ii   11. BROCK, K.lol HAS
H. A. IIIIOWN. M. id K
That's Itoyal Crown kind—
made iu Vancouver—Largest
.Snap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the  money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
lluval Crown Wrappers. Send
fur it—Free—Alsu try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
ri i.i.i'   NOTK E  . ■ herb)  riven    .. u the
1 iiundi r    P R ■   .v iv   i ii!iij„,[,v be   this
day deposited In tbe Distrtel Lend Regiitry
Otlice it Nelson, In tbe province of British
Columbia a plea pruflieend book -.f reference,
ihowing s proposed  br i  iii e fr m the Rev*
ol-stokn Smelter   9pni   U> i     B. Hums
p-itij    wareboa -«. •
I   Br List)  i olumhie
.'■   "•   .i    ;     .     ' • ||   ,
H ■   w iv Oomptnv w ifter
foar *-'■ ■    - ■    ■
I -,-i
ippl* •,' the Board
far!  .
Art and Beauty
nre combined iu our new designs in carpets. Our stuck i.s
cenipiete, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
Is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and ive
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality befure.
R. HOLVSOM Sr CO.'Y.    ^S^eKa^s^^-;
*K>     ***■   *-»'*  ■*-<**»   4Efc—t+jf
Fur Agricultural Implements.  Carriages, Wagons   Ktc, John
Dflfre Ploughs.  Mnlino  Wogons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plpnet jr.  Garden Sooilors and Cultivators, Whoel-
■        wrlgbt aud   Blacksmith  Work  attended  to.   Horse Shoeing n
i Specialty,. f
L-% %'-*jV-Vt«V*%V% %JiV^'^%'»4 ^■%'%'%'%% *^%%'%^%%'%'%^%^%^%% -%^-si
IIKAD DKKICI''.:   CauJaHV,   Ai.ii.'UI'a.
Wholesale and Retail Moat Merchants
Pui-k I'.u ki'is in.I Dealers in Live Stuck.    Markets ill all lhe pi-lnt-l
pal I'd i.s uui Tun lis uf Alberta, British I'm hit and Ihe Vukiui.
Puckers r-f iin- Celebrated Brand  " Impenit  r" Hauia nnd Bacun,
Land " Sbiiniiiii k" Brand Leaf I.ml.
%%-»*s*»vta.% *a^*»*^*r*-k**s^*l»*V%**>****K'-S^^-ar^^
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wosi ICootonay.
Tako not loo lhat I, B. IT, Beamy, of Poplar
Creek, it. c., ocoupalion Prospoot-or, iniends io
apply  for a Bpcolal Hccnoo lo cut nnd carry
for  u   tip-
Imbor fr
um i ho following  dosoribea
1. Comuienoing at u post pinniped about 200
feet on tho north side "-f Poplar Creek, marked
**lt. y Kcamy's north-oast oorLor post.' adjoin'
ing iho wost. boundary of Timber Limit No.
LUU2, about ono mile west of lho first soutb
fork of Poplar Crock, thenoo west BO chains,
i liriu'o Bouth Hi) chains, thonoo oast hii ohalns,
ihence north BO ohains to point of commencement, containing WO apron moro or less.
2. Commencing at a ikikI planted about 2(0
feet on the norlh side of Poplar (.'reek, marked
"M. Y, Reamy's south-east corner post, adjoining lho wost. In miliary of Timber Limit No
U4o:', nb nl ono mile wc-1 of ttie first SOUth
fork   of   i'oplar Croek,   1 hence   west-HO elmins,
theuce uorth 80 chains, thonoo oust so elmins,
thenue south BO ohalus to point of commence*
inenl, t-oiiiHining Ulu aores more or less.
tt. Commini-ing at 11 post, planted on the east
bauk of tho second son lit fork of Poplai' Crook,
about one mile up markod "II. Y ReamyV
north-east corner post," tlience west 40 chains,
thenco Bouth iw ohalus, tbonoe oast 4** chains,
tlience noriti 160 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or Ichs.
4 Commencing at a pustoUntcil almut l'»
miles wostoiiy from the lirst south fork of Poplar Creek, marked 'H. Y. Hi amy's north -west
corner pusi," thenee cast 80 cliains. thence
soul h SO ohalnB, thenoo west, 8n chains, thenco
north mi ohalus to polntof commencement,
containing <i4<> aores mure or less.
5. Commencing at. a post plantod about. i\{
miles westerly from the lirst south fork of P"p-
lar Croek, marked * H. Y. Reamy's nurth*easi
corner post," thenco wost io chains, thenee
• mul) 160chains, thenceeosi 10obaino, thenoe
north ion chains to point of commenueuient,
containing Wi acres more or Wm
ti. Commencing al a post planted about live
miles westerly from the first .-oulh fork of P »p
lur Creek, marked "B. *', ReamyV noulh-west
corner poot," thenco east Iti*.J ehains, thenoe
north 40 elmins, thence west 160 ohaiua, thence
Miuih 40chains to point of conimeuuutneut, coutainiug 640 aoro-i more nr lesn.
Located 17lh December, 19U7.
B F. KKAMY   Locator.
tl jau 15
Central Hotel
r^-.      RFV?FI RTOkF   B. C.
Newly built.       KirHt-cliiBB in every respect.     All modern convenience)-
Large Sample Rooms'.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under s;imc  management
suitably fiiniislii'd with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.     Kalis $i a day.     Month!)' rate.
J".    ALBERT      ST03STE      FROIP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Travellers to
Fish Creek will lin J excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
in II it 1-ii Oo Ltmbia nootdm to me tn be
of ox col lent quality and id verse ro-
I'uri- in respect to It arc not yol war-
ranti-d, at tbsy bav6 not been thoroughly proved, 'I he fruit Indus) ry ol
'hit   rn vinos, 1 think, will become an
nn) nrtant  one."
■ .
i    1  .■
!  ' 1     ' 1     ,\ ,,.„
4 .-,,,,.,
I . 1    .
to, llll
I        t|,     W   ,..!■■    -
'in   I.,  I        %.  -I     *•)   ■   I, .-.
■   ,.:.       ..I     tores
,   11  .
11  1 .
fj   WOODROW   \/a
r- Und II
.f Vi    1 1 .,.,1,,,,)
■   .f I'opl
n   C     ip'ii Ion Pi ■ ■; ■■■ 1 [.[.ii
foi 1   i» ''nil III ont -■ Ui 1 ul .ml
■,     ..ii.       .   i   . ■    ■ 1  ,,. .,
' •■ ie Ins   ,r  1 ;'''■'   ;':"  ■ I 1
nn1'    nut peri]   fron     he (1 mile hoard on ■ he
(',P.R. railroad ndjotnfna 1 inber Limll   it^i
1 'i" ■, md tno   outh I*
1 In '".   Limit BftX mu-bad    c tt, v
■ 1 ' 1 .,, 1   1   urn 1 " 1 hem <   •        ((chain
■   lOUl I     "  ■ I'.n'i ■   	
r| ■ nori ii  i"  - nalii   tn p< Inl   il
11 1      DtitniniiiK 'H" i' ■■    mot
1 1 1 'Hi nfofl  1007,
■■v.-1 Ian IA ''. 0. HTOODflOW, toi
I    havi    1 hi '■' ■
upland |>r in ie hay
and   I mi'iilr,
feed i" offer in 1 ar
I )elivered pi
on  requi  L
CALGARY,   All...
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
lor ihe   I arm,  (iurden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot V\ e-a Koutenay,     "^
Take notice   that   1. It. Y. Kearny of  Poplar,
ll.l', occupation Prospector, intend 10 apply for
aepeclal licence to out ami carry away timber
from tlio followingduferibcd land<t:
1. CommencinK at u po-it planted on the
weBt bank  of  Uuaty   Creek, marko-t  "B   Y.
lieamy's s..u li ea.-l euniel pnul," almut » iinle.-
souilii rly from tho Lardo rivet, ho ween Kapul
(reek and 'ieiuii rtoul Cieek, mt joining TllUbur
Limit 11250 run 11 in8 went, tin nee west 1U>
ehains, tt.eiico norlli IIIuhatutj, thulice oat 10"
chain-, thoncc south to chaitin 10 point of com
iiieiu'eiiienL, cont linn-K Wn-icron mure or lew,
2. t'oinni' neing ai Q poHt plantod on iho worn
bank of ltuitiy « reek, umrked "M r. UeauiyV
in mil oarit corner unet," anoui Unulee HOulherh
from tlie Lardo river betweeu Itapid Creek um.
'I'endt rfoot Croi k, thenco we*.t 1UU chain ,
tbeuce nonih 10 chains, Uieuce ea>i liiu uhalu-s
theuce north 4n chaiiin to point uf commciiee
ment, coutiiiniug Ulnueren moro or 1c*h.
li. UOQimODOiliM al a post planted 011 lhe
west hank of Itunty Creek, marked "U Y-
Uoamy'H north west corner post," about 3 toilet*
southerly from the LukIo river, between Kapld
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, tueuce COttttiU
obalna, thenco .••unih «o chains, thenoo west bO
ohainn, tbenco north SO uhafufl tu point of commencement, coniaiuing tilo mrei- more or lesn,
IjocuU'd lath December, 1UU7.
WOdjan lb It. Y. KKAMY, Locator.
Uovel-tokc Und District.
District of Went K001 enay.
Take noti'-e tha', we, 0.0. Woodward uud 0.
Y. Iteamy, of Poplai Creek. H. C, occupnttun
Prospccturs, Intend to apply for a ttpt-ulal licence to cut and carry 11 way Umber from lhe
following described laudu:
1. Commcncingal a post phtitltd on the west
bankol I'no 111 1 n i'k. almut .J mile.-; up, mat k
cd ''0# O. Woodrow ami JL Jf, Heamy's SOUth1
east corner tiost," runnlnn ulmig O K HuvcllV
north boundary of No. 2 Timber Limit r2l»fi.
I hence .\ e-i Ml chains, Ihence norlh ni chaius,
Ihence QOflL 8(1 chaius, thence south 8u chuins to
point of commencement, containing Oil) OOMM
or less.
2. Commctu'inK at a post planted on the
wesi bttUk of Poplar ("reek, aliout 6M mites up,
marked   "C.   0.    Woodrow   anil li. Y. Koainy'H
noi'itieast, corner pusi, thonoo went hn chaius
along (i. L. llovell'o No. 2 Timber Limit 19180
south boundary, thenee KJUl h ~" ehains, thenee
cast ho iliiiiiis, theuce north 80 rhauin to point
01 ooinmonooinent, comiiiMing itiu acres more or
Looatod iSth December, 1**117.
wed jan 10        C. O. WOODKOW,
11. K KKAMY, Luealom.
Ucveisiiik.' Land 1'isiii.-t.
DiHlrlet of West Knot may.
I nl. i- noi lee thiil I, I: i PaikH, of Arrowhead,
ft.f' , lumber man 1 intend to apply for a special
timbei licence ever the following described
CommeuoinB at a post plante 1 at the south*
west oorner of Tlmbor I ImU Ne, iiitlhihI
markod "H. J, I'nrks' uurth-ciiMl corner post "
them c Houlli P.'i cliains, thenee went -in ehaliiH,
thetlOOnorth ItiUu' alus, tlieucecaHt 40 chaius
tu pomt oi oominonovmom.
Luted Due. 1 tin, 1*1'/.
wed jan tl H. fioHitr, Agont.
K''l   11	
It'll ilile   \'.il ii'l-i"   ,|I   I'I'll .nll.lllle j,| il'I'H
N'llli.lels       Nil Nellie.     Nil  I'llllli^lll lllll
to 'I.un.if"   tuck,    Nn ivinili nKeiils In
■ nn i j mi.   Buy iiiieei mul
null  mail. Uml  groH',
I'.! 1111/.111, ii.eHunplli's,Hiirny Pump*
llll . i in,'   \l 1I11 nil, I ul    Mullein,   i'|i-.
I ll'l"  1     HI   .ilili  llHll     iihihi'I'J'    uu    Hie
..... 11,1.iiiii .it 11. ('.   i laiiilugitii friii*.
 Imi  •    .nl Beeil Houwi
•.vim iiiiii 11111, Munnlng'i on nil lea
without having loin* little del
Ing uf  grntltude for   tlm  donor,
1 il anuria you've gut to Ii«1 >i - unr
mi ii love Inl ties, yuiiiiK lium,   litlt
unr aonfeotloni you'll Hnil to be
ii itrong iilly in your wooing.
taiufj Candy Hm
KeveMoke Laud In.-iti. 1.
in in. t ni West ICootonay,
Tako notice, thnt w , tin) Liiiiih-Wiitsuii Linn*
bur Company Limited,of A no whom I, It C,
OOOUpatfon LuRlbormtOi iulund lu apply for
permission   to   Ions')   ilia   following d<it*cr>bed
inin-imiu, bolugpart of um forosbonof (laiomi
H.i>. for In. i'in,; pm |n. i.
I oiniiinuciiiK at a jsist scribed "Liiiiib'WiitHon
Lumber Co," plantoil ut tlm s \\ i<imiMi nt
L"i nto,, tnOUOQ HoiitliwHslnrly following IiIkIi-
wator mark, 11 diiiiiMi.nl tin cliiiiu -.
Dated tula 80th day of Ootobor, Mfl.
Lamii Whi'in  Li miok Co , Lid .
Jim lifUH D/0. !>■ N. Wilkle, Agent.
If.   Ml   l,,l .'   1,1111.1   I),   -in |.
DlHlrhl of Unit Kooieiiay.
Tako nut Ice tlml All, .loltmifoii of Poplar
Creek, OOOUpatloll Merchant, Intends to npply
loi ii up olol tluonoo to cut uml lurry awuy Dm
ber f ioni I lie following deHi'rll.od lands:
'omuuieliig al a nosl. plantod about -;|
miles up Poplar Creek fiom Puiilar lOWIlsftU,
■ nl.log (or the imiilh east corner ol TIlUDOl
Lmil |81tf, marked 'A. U. JuullitOITS B0UtU<
win   corner pOSt,   thotlOO oaHtMII chain**, t hence
noiitiNi ohalns, thonoo womi 80 ohalns, tlienor
south mi ohalus Lo point of nimiuumiuinoiii,
containing lltu acres more or Iohn,
LooaUra IHlh Die, IUU7.
wed jau In II, K. Keiimy, Agent.
I ll      I  i.inelil |-Ifi0 i'i
Hunk of Flrltl -li BulumbU I l'i »»M
■ ' .   '        |      ,11   .,ke IKI (XI
I nlil.1,1.' , I'miiI   ..ml  Lnnil inn oo
i I '-lines
lluvill I nliii.
Chillies    lie k.'in In   ,
W INTRO TO l'i it' H mm
fii i-itl. Wesi  Limn
\hove   uiije' i in I'liiiiliiiiiiiion,
l'i ii.|.ei I ii on    nnil    |nii I n iilm h    iiii.
. nn  ,'      in V    uT    Un sn    I  ..ln|i Hues    in.
rinnlli ni loll.
Al'l'lil     'ID
Mulviiii/io Avoiuin, Kvvi'lstjku.
I'll',it I.i.'.  ClovcrJ .nnl   I
nihy   Hay  for   sale,    Alsu
"" km.I' n( (iurden Produce,
TKI.KI'lloNK 20,
Front Si rbbt,    Ri i eustoki
I>.. r II I-.. A.iIiiiiiIi   Minis,   li.li, IBM,,
Mill N'i'Kl)
Aiilni'il  Units Mntintsil,
I' H  liiu ,ii,
Itinllu!   riiiiini'iit I'lisl HI,, mul 11.1)1,. At,,
ll-T..|.i..k..  U. i
Itsvelstoko isuiii liisirii'i,
Ill-Ill,'I uf West Km.I I),
'In tin nnl lei. I Iiul I. Iiniiiiiii lli'iiur uf Airmvlii-nil,
i'i'i'ii|iiiliiiii i ntisi'r. lull-ml In ii|iiily lur in-rinlsslnn
I.i I'llri'liiisi' Ihi' liilliitllliu ilrsi-illii'il Inn.I
I 'iiiiiiiii.ni'lnii  in tin' siiiil.li-ui'iil. niirinir uf  l,i>
I'lll.  il |i   I, In  ..in.I  illslrlnl, tlii'inii   wul «
nlnilii.,   Ilium-,   niitlli   £1  i'IiiiIiis, lliiinrn ni'.lltn
■  11..■ ii.-.-   -..mil   4il  iIiiiIiih,   tl, „,,i |
rliiliis, llii'iiiii inuiii nil uliiilni ... unlnl ..( oiilll-
llnliil .Inn   IMIl, IIHIX.
«i..ij„ii/i, mm a i.i. dkwah.
Certificate  of Improvements
IIIk ll'.|i.  I' iiiiiiiii  Mi I I'liinii, ->llnnl,. in
il.    li   Lrtkl .MIiiI'ik Hn   ■'" ■ "i li. in in ui
I'   in i     ll lien' in il-   1'iiiiiiir i.'ri'i'ii,
'lik in... I mil I.i Inni..  J.,...i .Him, S,.«.
.... I'.iili.). nf Ni-l-nii. II • ., ii.e Mlinr's' ...ii
ll ni" mi   i>.. ii   iiiii.iiii, -ixi, il ,. friiin ililr
III' r, In H|i|il)   In Ills MIUIHM II 'iilili-r  I..1 ..
I i mil, iiii. ol lii,|.|iin.|ii"iils. |„r .hn |..,,,i.,.i. „|
nliii ik * ' i'"«n iiiuiii ul  Hn- si,,,,,-1 fun,,.
Ami iiirtli r Uui hull,-" thui ,m Uui., nn .,-1
si'.iliin    17,   mnsl   |H.   I,,,,,,, ,|   I,,.!,,,,. Ih,
is nun e ni -no  i ini ill .in ot ImprnY, nt.,
ImtisJ iinsUili <li.jr ul J„iiiiiii'jr, A.H.Iiii',
w -t jmil.', ', ,1   A. N. I'AlU.KV.
Cariboo Land District,
District of Cariboo
Tako notice that L Noll MoKaohorn of Rev-
olstoke. occupation Timljer Cruiser, intend to
apply for special timber licences over the following doFcrlbod landi:
1. Commonclng at a post plitnt-ed about 3
miles east of Dor.' Creek ind nboul IJ miles
south of Eraser Blver and marked "Nell Me-
Raoheru's sduth-enst comer," ihence west 80
chains, i hence north .mi chain*-, thence cist SO
chains, thoncc south 80 chains to pohi of cum*
mencement, 0 intaining iiiii itcrc*. moro or loss.
2. Commeiieing at a post planted about S
miles oust of Doro Crock and ah ut PM miles
south of tTraser rivor und marked Neil Mc-
Baehorn's south-west oornor," thonoo oast bO
ohalns, tbonoe north su chains, thono* west80
ehains, theuce south So i hains to point of coiil-
menci'iiu in, containing lite aorea mure nr less.
3. Commencing at a post planted ahuul 4
miles east of Dore Crock ami about 4J in ties
south of Eraser river and marked "Neil Me*
iCachern's south-west corner," thonoo ,o wt so
ohains, thonoo north ho ohalus, thenco west80
ohnlns, thonoo south so chains to point of commencement., containing t)4<i acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted about •!
miles cast nf |>oro Oieokand about 4J milci
south of Fraser river and marked "NoiiMo-
Kachern'o north*west oornor," thonoo south It)
ohains, (hence oast 160ohalns, thoncc north ■t'J
Ohalns, thenco west Kin ohalns to point of commencement, containing (Jlo were- more or loss.
"'. Comuicncing at a post plantod about fl
miles oast of Doro Creek and abuui 4 miles
BOUth oi Fraser river und marked 'Neil Mo-
Kaehern'H norih west oornor" thoncc south 10
Ohatns, thenco O08t 100 cliains. ihence north 10
chains, theuce went 10) chaius to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted about. 5
miles east ot Dure Creek and aoout 4 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Noil Mo-
Kaehern's southweat corner,' thenco north 40
chains, thenco easl 100 chains, thenco south 40
chains, ihence wett 1G0 chains to point of com
mencement, containing (140 acres morn or less
Located Dec, 18lh, 1907.
7. Oommonolng at a post planted about 2
miles west of Dure Creek and about 4 miles
south of Fraser river and I minted ".Noil Mo*
fajOohorn's couth-west corner," tlience uorth 80
hains, thenoe east SO chains, thenco soutb ni
chains, theuce west 80 chains to point ol ooni-
menootnont, containing Otu acres more or less.
8. Commonclng at a post planted about 4
mllos wist of Doro Creek und about SK miles
**ouih of Fraser rivor and markod "Neil Mo-
Laohern's. north west corner," thOnce south 40
■ hains, thence oast jgu chains, thence north 40
ohalus, thenoe west 160 chains to point ut com*
meiici-iuonl, couuiuiing Old acres more or l.»;.s.
0. I ommenolng at a post planted about 4
miles w< slot' Dore Creek and about Xu miles
soutliot Fraser river uud marked "Neil Me*
Haohiern's southwest corner,' iheneo north 40
chains, tlience east 100 chains, Ihence south 40
chains, tlience west I tin cham- to point of commencement, containing liiu ueres more or less,
10. Commencing al it post planted about 4
miles of Dore creek and about8tt mllos sou. h
or Fraser river and marked "Neil MotCooberu's
uunh-easl eurner," thenee south 40 chains,
tbonoe «ost 10n cliains, thence north 40 chains,
LUOUOO east 10^i chainn to point of commence
inenl. uoniiiinmg id'i aoros inuru or less.
11. Commencing ut a post planted about 4
miles wosl of Dure Creuk and about :Ca imlos
s<tutli uf Fraser nvei and marked "Neil Mc-
L.o hern's suulh oast conn r," thenco north 40
ohains, ihence wosl 100 chains, ihwuco bouth 40
cliuiiiN, ihence east lOJ chains tu point of com
Hit-in eim-iit, (,-oiiiauuiin OPi acres more or less.
lAicauu Dec  i:nh, 1007.
l'i. Commenclug at a post planted about A
o.Kos west of Doro Creek and about6 miles
south of Frasur river and mar vied "Noil Ale
Kachern's suuth-we«l corner," theuce north 80
chains, thence east 8d ohaius, thulice soulh 80
chains, (hence west so eh.*ins to point of ooni-
1110000011*111, containing 04o acres more or leea.
18. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore Croek and about 6 miles
suuth of Fraser river and marked 'Neil Mc-
Kaehorn'H suiitliuutt corner," thenoo noi th BO
chaius,,thmieu wexl 80 chuins. tiiouoe south so
chains, tbeuce cast SO ehains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres mine or ie*. -.
14- Commencing at a posl planted ahotit 4
miles west uf Dure Croea and about .'>'i nine*.
south of r rascr river and marked "Neil Mc*
Kachern's uortli-easl corner," thence suuth 40
cliains. ihuiu-c west 100 chains, thence nuiih 4d
chain-, iheneo east 100 chains tu poiut of commencement, containing 010 acres more or less,
i.i. Commencing at a pusi plantod aboul 4
uiile.- west ot Dure Cruuk and aboul uj nulos
south uf Fraser river and marked "Noil Mo-
Kachern's south 0OSt ooruer," thenco went 100
ohains, thtnioe north 40 chains, thence oast 160
chuins, theuce sotilli 10 chains lo puint ul com-
ineiicomeni, containing 04o acres more or less.
10. Commonclng at a post plant cil near Mucin t OSh <-rcek andOUOUt H mites souihol' Fraser
liver and marked "Nod MoKachero'-. north-oasl
oruei," Ilieuee SOUth 80 chains, llionco wosl 80
chains, thonoo norih HO chains, theuce easl 60
uualiiH tu puint ol cummcnccmeiit, uuiiiaiuiug
040 acres mure or loss,
Local ed Dec. MU, 1007,
17. Oommonolng al a post planted near the
lliroo Mile Itoserve Lino on ihu north side of
h rasor nvcr aud lying nurih ui where tho Uual
river empties mui the Fraser river, marked
"Null MeKachern's nuulh wont corner," thonoo
east 80 chain-, thence north Ml chains, tiiuiicc
wost 80 chants, thenco south au chains io point
uf coiiiiiH-n, ouicul, uouiaiiiing 010 acres inoi'e
ur hss.
18, Commencing ul a post plauted 3 iuIIch
north of Frusor river and lying north ol where
Uual river empties lutO brasor river, marked
"Null MeKuehurn's suuth oimt eurner," thum o
west 8d chains, thenee north SO chains, thence
oast SO chains, iheneo suuth so chains to point
uf * ofoiui'iu I'lncui, < outuiiilug 010 acrcH mure
ur less.
10. Commencing at a post planted 8 mllw
north uf Fraser river and about 2 mile- wesi uf
Victoria Crook, maikud "Nell AlcKaehorns
south-west ooruer, thou o card r>o chains,
Ihence norlli su chains, thoncu west 80 chains,
i n. in. .until so chums to point uf .oommouuc-
mejii, ■ nut.iiuiiiK Olu acres muru ut less.
to. Cummeiiemg at a post plained 8| miles
north ul Fraser rivor and aboul - miles «, -., ut
vlutoria Creek, markod "Noil MowMlhorufl
-out ii in. i corner," thunoe we<u Kid t hains,
Oiuiieo nurlh 4u chains, thence mutt 100 chains,
thuiicti nouiii 10 chums tu point uf cuiiimuncu-
ni. ni, ■ umiuuiiik old acres mure ur less,
Luculed Due. JUt, I0U',,
sat I nb 1 NKIL M« KACIIKKN.
Tn II   K.  Iliamy, Mrs. A.  II. Nnok ninl U. V.
II,'III,,I, ,11     t,i     W,„,,l ,.  I      ||,„,     MI.IJIlliM
ti,"i ,|,.|ii„l limn 1111,,,'o.ls:
Tiikii   iiulH'U,   Uml   »,..   ih,,   uiiiliirslmind lie
iiwlinrs   willi  ,1111  in   un,    ..il.,■„,„,:    I,,,,,,,,,,i
nliillils.   ,1(1,1     in mu',   Lmk   Nu.   1. Vivian's
1,111'k Nu. 2. \ iinin . Liii k Nu. |, Vivihii'i, Luuk
N,i. 4, Viviiiii's busk Nu. .'i, Vlvlm'l Lmik Nu, il,
mul Um Hit viil   I ruWIl   i.nun.ml   mi li.mi Al,,in,
nun. I,.ul,i.in Mi.iiiik   llivi  lull nl   W. ..  I, i
li.U  llisliii'l  ill   Ilm I'riiinii ii el  lint.  I, I ..nn,,
iiiii, i.n v.i iimiii iiiii i|..,inuiil wurk un in,i ni„,vu
inuiii I iniliiirnl    ci ft. III, H lur lllll   li.iii  im, III, k
Denilmr   ailll,    iwii, in i.iil.n   m   In,I.I i|„,	
lli.ilnl Hum mn Zl nl Hi. .Mile,,,.l Al't.
Ami I lllllllll Iiii.ii in,.in. Mm. ||  ,, ill,ii, .,m,|,i w
I nun ilm Ural iiiiiiiii ui mn ul un mu n ,i, j I,,, |U||
"I inin n I",,,iiiiiiiii.iiyi.nr iiniiiiiii ul   uucll ux-
i,i.iiliuin.,, Umiiilrtir win, il,o ,.„.,i ui this ndvur-
ii .rn.mui, your  inn.i,1.1   iu  Hi,i i.niil mn,.nnl
l-lllllll . Will llni'iillin lllll |ii,,|„,rl.y nl tlm iin.lrr
simiini, ill,il.,I .'mi, I,mi, i,||„I  ihu MIiiiiiiii Alt.
iLilnil Hi   l .IIMli.illin,   II,IJ.,  U„ ,   21.1   ,|lly   „f
Jsiiiiiiij, I iiiiii.
. ,      , IlKi.TUIt I'Olltllill,
»«Oiiu2ri t;u-owii«M,
ItovelHluks I.ninl iiisiiioi.
I'li-ll li'lul 'I'si KiiuU'itHV.
I.ku iiiiiiuii mm 1, J, ||, Vu,um,i,I Cumin,I.,,
lnnil |i|ii|.il.ilul, llililul ii, H|i|.l> Iii III" I I,ml
I uiiliiii-siiiniT ,,1   I.mills  uml Vl'ltrk,   I.n kmim.
".ul iiiniii.r lii'vmii in viil suit tarry away
iimlMir num iiiii union iiiK ilunuribuil lauilai
I.    I'llllllllUlli'llIK   Kl   a   pusi   hlaillml   mul ml
Ji.iiiina im. mu in ..usi iiuruurul I.m n u „,„i
uiaiknl "J ll.Vuuua'a flUlllll-USat uullllT nusl,"
iin.liiliiuli.il   .li.nn   |4   mil,,   mil in ii.ihIiiI   n,,.
in...I ul mu aiui ill Airuw Inks, iiuini. wusiau
uiislul, i in ni-f uuriii nu rill,,,,... munu, ,,,.., mi
ulislul, un im,' miiiin mi . Iikiiih iu i.i.iiii u
. in,un..in inuiii. isjuialiiiualilu ai >.s in.,,., ,,,
1.   i ..mi... in in«   al  a   |  t-.nt  ,s i>.I
J 'I ul IIH Um liuriu-ia.1 luiiiur ui ,,„i 11,, mil
marai'il ■ mi  ,   u.,,. -. •.„,Ui-na.l OUIUir,'  ami
• llualuil abuui,i.uillu   n ,.,.,, .1   ..1   ||,,, |„.a,|
ul ll,« aim ul ,111,,* I,,,, lliouiu 11.,1111 nu
'"• llii'iiuuuasi mj ilnuiia, 1USUUU suiuii mi
• nam., tliulii-a nusl sil I'liaiii. 1 • | ,  \^,,\\.
niuiiii inuiii, uuiiiaiiiiiiK 1.1.1.. rin inuru ur i.bk
Uaiuu iiut'oiulwr AlrU, Ikui.
Tlie Palace  Resiaurasii
$5.00     Board By Week    $5.00
:enzie Avenue.
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities are most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8.75 Per Ton Delivered
Incorporated by Act cf Purl lament, 1855.
Wm. Molbon Macphkhson, Prcs, s. H. Kwinu,.Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in  Oanada and  Agencies in  nil parts nf the
Interest credited four times« year at current rates on Savings
B.uik deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Of Northwestern   Canada- Interesting Lec'ure.
Edmonton, Feb. -'s.—The largest
audience yet intending ihe meetings
of the Association, gathered lo hear
Mr. ll'iiiisiin Young'* address mi tlie
fur-bearing animals of Canada, The
lecturer did not give an ordinary address, but dealt with bis experiences
among the Indians as an officer of the
Hudson Bay Co. He lias been eotne
40 years in the wilds of Western Canada.
Tbe best fur-reserves in the world
are in Oanada, and our own provinoe
is the centre of the Canadian fur
trade, The Mackenzie River Valley
ind tbe Peace River District are favorite haunts of these animals. Some
idea of the extent of lhe trade can be
gathered from the fact that in a single
year some two million nmskrat skins
were sold in Loudon abne.
There are many varieties ol bear.
The black and brown are most common, The grizzly and white are also
quite common. If a bear rinds the
den in which it has slept during a
winter, has been dry and comfortable,
he will clean it on leaving in the
"PrmB-» I'1 l'ie 'all he will return if
iu the district. The grizzly is as much
afraid of man as is the black and
There ia no such thing as a black
fox. The so-called black fox is merely
a dark silver-grey fox. The red variety and the grey often pair together.
Many stories are told of the strength
of the badger in his bole. Men have
had badgers by tbe bind legs but
found it impossible to pull the fore
parts out. Cross the arms and give
the animal a twist and he comes out
quite readily.
The wolverine is the most difficult
animal to capture. They set off traps
as often as set. They have been known
to bite a piece of poisoned meat in two
and spit it out. They rub the trappers' pit-falls of the bait, but never
get trapped. Two steel traps set one
above the other, is about the only way
to outwit them.
The timber wolves do not hunt in
packs in Western Canada ai tbey do
in Russia. Tbey are much afraid of
man and have never been known to
attack him. They are very destructive and destroy a great many horses.
Where wolves abound, buffalo, musk-
ox and other large animals are scarce.
There is quite a large herd of buffalo
in the north country yet. The Indians are said to be killing them off,
but Mr. Young thinks that the wolves
are their greatest enemies.
Tuere  was  one   winter long ago in
Wood Pulp & Paper Co.
The fiscal agents having disposed of the first 100,000 shares, now offer
for subscription the second 100,000 shares of the Preferred Stock
of this corporation in blocks of 100 at $1.00 Per Share, each 100
shares entitled to a bonus of 15 shares of Preferred.
The first 100,000 shares carried a bonus of 25 per cent, of Preferred. The Preferred Stock is entitled to a dividend of 7 per cent., commencing November 1st. 190S,
but unlimited as to further dividends. That is after 7 pir cent, has been paid upon
the Preferred and Common, both stocks thereafter participate equally. There i.s no good
reason why the Preferred Stock should not pay from 30 to 5 1 per cent, dividends.
of turning out 180 tons of news and 27010ns of wrapping paper per week. In order to
make this great industry possible we have been granted the water lights oi Kaincy River,
which is capable of developing from ,3,000 to 6,000 horse power.
Within ,10 days the directors and fiscal agents have secured sufficient subscriptions to
mure than build tlie lirst unit of this modern plant, whicli We hope to have in operation
within four months.
Within one year this Stock will be selling at live times its present value. Then
it will be too late to buy. The experience of every industry has demonstrated that the
time to secure its stock is in the embryo stage, before a wheel lias been turned. Remember
there is no watered stock, no Inflated values, or huge promoters' profits in this enterprise.
The books of tlie company are open at any time for the full inspection of the public,
Unlike most corporations, instead of allowing from |j to 25 per cent, for sale of
stock, the entire commission, brokerage, sale of stock, literature, advertising, &C, is limited
to 10 per cent.
PAYMENTS- 10 per cent, on application, 15 per cent, on allotment; balance in 8
ctjual calls of ,ni days each.
Address Subscriptions for Stock to
Columbia Agencies* Ltd.
the Peaoe ttivei eouutry thnt iv.is very
exceptional. i'liii suutv wns so deep
that all the horses unci buffi In were.
sun tin red in it. Mr. V..11 g had a
line I'laek mare running on the prairie
which he wished to save if possible,
He hunted all d y and at last gave up
the eearch. On bis way home be
noticed, what he thought, ivus a iiiuiire
on tbe snow. He went up to it, il
was the ear of his mare. He dug her
out, put her on snow shoes and managed to get her to the H. B. Co. post.
She became the mother of that wonderful breed of horses which is tbe
pride ol the Peace River country. Mr.
Bredin, M.P.P., for Athabasca, vouched for lhe truth of the story and
pointed out many excellent qualities
of the horses of the Peace River District.
The wo d burl'alo are the same, practically, as the prairie buffalo. On account of being exposed to the sun so
much, the prairie buffalo are lighter
in color. Mr. Young killed the last
buffalo of the Peace lliver country. It
was pure white and an old lady in
Winnipeg bought the skin for an
enormous sum. He kille.l it with a
hammer, the year ol the deep snow.
It was buried all but its held and was
easily despatched,
The caribou live in enormous herds
in the north country. Tbey immigrate southward in the winter, but in
the summer return to tbe Aictic coast.
They are much like the reind er of the
Take notice that by Ordor of His Honor P. E.
Wilson, L.J., mado the 231b day ul February,
19JS, 1 was appointed administrator of tho
estatn of said Thomas McNaunht. deceased, and
all parties baringI'laiinsaiiainsi the said estate
are heroby required to furnish s.iinn properly
verified to me ou or before iho .'list day of
March, 190S. And all parties Indebted lo taid
os'ato are reuuired to pay the tun -nut of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Oriicial Administrator.
Datsd tlie 2.1th day of February, 11)08.      f»> 3t
A. PERKINS, Deceased;
Take notice that by Order of His Honor P. E.
Wilson, Ai'iiiii: Judge, made tbo 25th day of
February, 1901, I was appointed administrator
oflheesta o of said H. A Perkins, deceased,
aud all parties having claims agaiust lhe said
es.ate are hereby required io furnish same properly vurilii.nl to mil ou or before the 31st day nl
.llurcli. H.18. And all parties iudebted to ssid
estate are rco.ti.red to pay ttie amount of tbsir
iudebieduess to me lorltiwith.
GEO. S Mol'.ART ■■%,
Ollii-ial Atluiiuistrator.
Dated the 211 li day of February. 11*18.   126 2t
MARY ANDERSON, Deceased, iutestate.
Tsi,.. ii..ii..f tlim by Order of His Honor P. K.
Wilson, J, ,1 . made the 2-*,lh il.iy of Februari.
nnia. 1 wns so' united administrator of tbe e>-
tiitout said Mary Anderson, decea-ed. and nil
parlies I..1,1111.- rltiiuis against tlie said e.-tal-
areiii".iiy rsQOlrod tofurutsb sums properly
vrntieii to in-, 1 11 or btilur.-lll-l dny nf M .rcli.
ii««. And all parti s ludubled to Bald estate
nro required to pay lbs annum of iheir indebtedness 10 me forthwith.
Official administrator.
Datsd the 2Sth day of February, 1808.  W1288
To the Rjv3lsiuk8 Public
We .olir.it vmir patronage
to Revelstoke'R FIKST
(iood work uml satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specially
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
.1. C. HUTCHISON, Prop.
Open Day and
.Special attention  given to
Supper Parties A banquets
Meals, 250.        Meal Tickets, S5.60
OPPOSITE   Y.  M.   0.   A.
mmmm■■tBF"™"™ ""f
Meals at  all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
D raying
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,   Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Restaur in' and Furnished Kooms
Meals frum 25c. Up.
Second Street, ■ East End
Mauufiictured for nil classes of buildings
for laid in large nr nintll quantities
ut tlit; lowest, prices for cosh.
Ulklndi of imiLiiru hii i ulaatorlng
A. P3AD0LM1,-   RE/cLSTOrU
\J< Telatekc I,mid iJinrii'i.
Dlnrlt't..( Well Kuntenav.
lake UOllUfl H.at I, Y U. •iraunn, Of Niki.ni>,
hree .Miner, intend ion |-1\ im npecisl liii'ii-
06i to cut timber Irom (lit* luilowiug described
1, Coiumeneing hi a post planted about too
(uiil-   ii-mi   pOHl  of   T,   i.   J.\.'i.i mul i iinniuc
"iith 160 ohgdua, theuce wont it' obalhl, tbenou
imrtb LfiOchfUtUi iti unco oust in chains in point
n( comiiieuueuieui.
2, Commencing at a poit planted on lhe
iiorth*wo«l coruer of Limit No 1 and rulining
went 80 chains, tbeuce uor b HO chains, thenoe
•mm tto chaitiH, llninc m».uli HO chains tu point
a Coiuuiuncing at a pout planted on or near
the 8. W, corner uf P, L So, 7Ilii, and running
MMithhO chains, thi'iH-i- iH-,1 H . lulua, .thenee
uorth HO chains, theuce west (to chains to point,
'   I  ' Dill !llflli'»-lll''lll.
lulled Dec. 14, iuo7.
4.   Commencing ut a poit plantod on ur near
tbe B.W. corner uit l. No itt.vH.1, and running
M>uth too chaina, id. in.- en-1 i<< i (...mi., tbttUOe
norlli Itto Obi'lnii thuuee next io chain to
point oi t'oiniiienc.•ment,
b. t.'iiiiuuciiijinK ut a poit planted on or near
the h K, corner OfT.L. No 10,24'i. and ruu-
mux wi-Ain ohalns, thence houth l<>M chaini,
theueu i If.i n> chaina. iheticu north 160 chalua
to point o( coinineucemuut.
0. Commencing el a poit plant* d ou ur ucnr
the :-.U I'l.iinl nl lltiiluT l.linil No, 10388, ami
i un in nn Mint li lo r Imi.it. thoucveant Ittochnlhs,
thenee north 40 ebalmi, thenue wtst n.o ubalim
tU pOllll Of eoilllll'llr lllll  III.
I'atcd 1'i'ir i«  JV07.
7. t'oiiiinem Ing at a KWt plauted un or near
the | K. eurner of Timbur J hull Nu iu,'*!4u
HOd running north M chains, tbotiiu east 10u
chaiiiH, thuuee south 40 cliains Uivuco went 100
uhalUH to puint <il euuiuicureineul.
Dated Dec it*, Itfn;
sal fob ID K   i). HTHAUHH.
Curilxrii Land District.
Distrlet of Oariboo,
Tnke uoLicu that I Alnxnuder UrHau Latimer of Kevnlrttoke, occupation ('miner, Inland
to apply for n IDjMlaT timber licuueo over the
fOUOWing doHcrilwd lauds:
1, CunimeiiuiuK at a (Mint plnuled un the
right liauk uf Little Bmoky Ulcer, about one
mile from the riiuutb, thenee west I0O chaluH,
theuae uorth 40 chains, theuuo oast MO ohulux,
thence Nuiith 4') chains to point of cummenoo*
ment and t tainini- titn acr-ci mure ur Ions.
I,   Oommanoing at a ixist pluntml nn the left
hank   of   I.M tin   Hmoky   Hi ver, ii I I .nut miln
from tho mouth, Uionoe east lOOobunii tbeueo
north tneliinii', thouce wnHt IMi.chnlii'., tbenne
mhiiii 40 eliiiiii- tu iHiJufofcommenooiuout uud
cuntniiiinr 040 aoros moro or Ions.
H. Cummenoliw ut a |aiHt plantod on tbe
tight bank of Llttlo Smoky Kivur nhiiut I',
mile ■ frum tho tiuiulh, thenco ttto chnliiH west
theuce nurth Id chains, (hence east 100 ohuliiH,'
Iheneo Mouth 40 obalni tnpuiutuf ouiumnnee-
niunt nnd eontaluliiK 010 iiereH mure ur less.
4. CgmmouciiiKnl n wist planted ou tbe loft
hunk of Little Hmoliy Kivor alamt H mllos
fiem the mouth, thonco mui 100 chains, thouce
north 40 olialiii, theie e wimt 100 oliHiua, Uioiicu
south 40 chains to point uf ooinmeiiuement mid
cuiiiiiinitiK tllO ucroH more ur loss.
!i, CommnucitiK it a im»k( plantod on iholnft
hmik of Llttlo Hmoky Kiver. .ilatul 2 mllus from
tbe tuoiilh, IhfiiieouiiHt Wl ehaiiin, thence north
no <'im in., tfaanea wait so obalni, theuce lovtu
rtn . imiii to iKiinl of noinineiH'emeiit, aud eon*
tuiiiliiK iii" neron more ur latt,
H. CumiuoiicliiKal I nod. planted on tbe rltfhl
I-p.I. ol Little Hmoky Itivor, >  ^ miln*- from
iho month, tbonoe west .-i ■ hum.,, ti,„inn north
Wl eh ii int., tli'uifo oast HO chains, thoncu south KO
ehalic Ut puint of ciuiimoucoineut, noiitniuiut*
040 aorai mora or Iomm.
Dated Doc. IVth. 11*07,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
StjSn iAIllfKlJ  LiverH
Hut, Feb. ai. Lk. Manitoba
Fii. Meb.ii.   10i.ii> Ireland
Sat.    "      II. I,k.rli;iiii|ibiiu I''eli2ll
Fi-I.   "    90, lOiiip. Britain  Moh. n
Hal.    "     '2H. Luke  Erie, "   II
Winter Season From St. John
1st, I'lusH gnili Class ,irii. Clnsi
$Ho no        $4     i)       $iH 75
ini. Class snd, Class .inl. Class
|6j iki        $4i 50        $i? go
oiiiiu i.Mii: Boats
indi Class 3rd, Class
$45 00       $27 go
Cheap rates io Atlantic Seaboard
polnls   ill eiinni'i'tioii   with  "leaiii-
sbip tlikelH
Passengers booked  to Norway.
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all iitbi'i i'iiiiiIne lal porta,
For further information apply to
T.W. Brad-haw,    E.J.Coyle,
Agent,, .    A.G.P.Ai
Roveletoke,        Vanoouver,
MAnitv, DOCTOR ur
doNpiiir. "Don't do a
thine " till you seo clenrly
whuls boat by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
1 nrlh ,,     ,'i !     ihifi'-t,
1 .   .    1  , ■   * ri boo
1 ■■ null i- that • I*-X'tn-i.-i M'i;*!«. Latlroeroj
Heve itoke, 1'.. ('., u.. iiji.ttiuii ■ iu -wi. n,i. tidi 1-
aiiplj fur ;i r>pecla] timu-r liueuae o«r ilit (..lluw
in.; deseribed lands:
7. CoiumeuciuK at a post p]nntctl nntbelefl
bank ul 1I1. Little Hiuek) river, about ibr eiutle*-
fr in it^ in..mil uui marked * A M Lti vv corner
thuuee ease 11m i'n;nn.. Uience nurtb 40 cbajrts
ih.-nee weat 10 oliaina, tbenco -ouiii tuch&bu u.
point ot euuiuianceuitint ami eontatmni M0 acr*rn
inure or les.1.
8 Com in'iieing .11 a poat planted on tba right
bank of the Little smoky rirer an*.ui ihrt-e uuu-a
from tba rooutb and marked A M.l. 8.B. corner,'
lii-nrc west iou chalna, thenc-* north 40 ebauu,
thence ea.tt mu ebauu, theuce sooth 10chains to
point ot cummanoanant and containlni *>tu aorea
more or Iumm.
9. Ootnmenolna at a poat planted on tlie lpfi
ii,ink 1.1 the LittleSuioky river at>uui three au.t
on« naif miles from its moutb and marked ''Asii
Li s.W. coiner," tbenco easl 1* chains, thew 1
nortn  10 vliauis, tbenoe west Ifiu chalna   th nn
.south 4U chaina to point ot cum mencement uui.
cuulaiuuiK til" acraa mure ur lesn.
In, Commencing at a p-.,t planted on the right
hankof thu Little Smoky river anout three an..
one-half null's trum nu mouth ami marked "A M
L    S.K.  corner," thence weet lriu chaina, tnenct.
OOrth 40 Chaini,   theme   east   loo iliaiu-t. the-u. t
■outh io ehaUu to point ol tommencement au-
- ■■•ni.iiiinit: t>4' inu-.- more ur lenu,
11. Commencing at a p<>-.t plai.te.1 .01 thr led
liank uf Hit-  Little Smoky n»«r about lourmilei
from Ita mouth and marked "A.m.i,. S.W.corner
tbenoe cu»t  so chain*   Uience north 80chalna
theuce west 80 chain.i, lbeuce  Bi.utt) &} Chalna to
puint uf commencement and oontalolng mo aorea
more or lens.
12. CommencinK at a poat planted ou the riahl
bank uf the Little Hmoky nver »'. ..,t four »ue?
from its uitiuth and marked "A M.L. s.K. comer,
thence  »ent -< chams, thence north BOcbalna
thence east   8u  1 Iiains, theuce  south SO chain* to
point of commencement and containing iMOaoraa
mure ur less.
Hated Dec. 17th, 1907.
13. Commencing at » poit planted on tba left
hank Of lhe Little Smoky rirer about live mile*.
from its mouth and marked "A.M.I.. S.W.corner.'
tlience mirth bv cliains, thence eaat su chains
thence south 90 chaius, thence weat s0 chains to
puint nf Commencement and euntaiuuiKUOacrei
ni'Ti- or less.
Li, Commencing at a post planted 011 the Mi
hank uf the l.itiie Smoky river about aix miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L JS.W.corner,
theme xouth 8u chaina, theuce eaat W chains,
thence north 00 chaina, theuce west so chains to
point of commencement and containing tuu acres
moru or less.
lb. C'umtueticiutt at a pest planted mi the left
hank of the Little Smoky river about six mUea
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,'
theuce north MJ ohaiua, thence east oO chains,
thence suuth >-u chaina, thence weal Oh chains to
puint of commencement and containing 04U acres
more ur leas.
10. Commencing at a post planted ou the right
bauk of the Little Smoky liver about tieven miles
from its mouth and marked "A.ML. N.W corner,"
thence south 80 chains, thence easl 80 chains,
thence nurth Su chains, tlience neat 80 chains to
puint of commencement and containing MO acres
more or teas.
I?. Commencing at a poat planted on tbe right
hank of the Little Smoky river about aeven muea
from its tmuitli and marked "A.M.L. S,W.corner,"
thence north &0 chains, thence eaat 60 chains,
thence south 80 cliains, theuce west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 64' acres
more or leas.
18. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky river about eight mile*
from its iiioiirh .in.l marked "A.M.L. N.W.curner,"
thence aouth bO chains, thence eaat 8U chaiiia,
thence north 80 chaina, theuce west 8*1 ehains to
point of commencement and containing (HO acres
more or lesa.
10. Commencing at a post plauted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky nvtr about eight raiJes
from the mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
Uience north 80 chains, thence east -" chains,
thenee south 80 chains, theuce treat r-0 chains to
point id commencement and containing &4<j acrea
more or less.
20. Coinmeiuing at a post plauted on the right
bank of the Little BmoL) river aboul uiue mUea
from its mouth ami marked "A.M.L. \.W.corner,"
thence suuth 80 chains, thuuee east ,•»■ chains,
thence north 80 chains, theuce west 60 ehams to
point of commencement and containing Mu acrns
more or less.
21. Commencing at a post planted on the right
hank of tue Little Smoky river about nine muea
from its mouth ami marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence nortn go chaina, theuce east t>u :baiua,
theuce south qo chains, ihence west bo chaius to
point of commencemeut and containing 04j acres
more or less.
2i, Commeuciug at a post planted ou the right
bauk uf the norm fork, of tUe Li t.e smoky river
aoout une milt* frum tue fonts and market! "AM.
L. S.W.corner," thence east loO ch-.uu, thence
norlh 40 cbaius. lbeuce we»t 100 chains, tn- n .-
south 4o chaius to point uf commenevment una
containing wu acr»» mure ur le»a.
28. Coiumenuiug at a post planted 011 the right
bank ot Hie in.1.1. tora ai tue Little onuay nVer
about one mile trum the turka aOj maraeu 'AM
L. SK-coruer,' thence west i*>; 1 nam., thence
north io chains, thanoa east leu OMUOa, tueuce
soutu lo chains to point of commeucement aud
containing mu acres more or less.
Dated Pee. iqui, 19o7.
34     ' oiiiiu.- i$ .11 .1 pn-i planted on the right
bank   ut   tbe east torn ul  uia LtltlvS-auay roei
Hi. il   1   1.
.,. pUiltl Ul   C'.ltl-
uk)  ■
.-i.-vllia     '    -       ■     -     - -'    1 l.-s
in. ue      i...un nj   111*.1
..l4  Oi.
*        ' •        -   _ -.. --   pus   i>'..Mie.. on
Un  a •■!   Ui     *«-.   1 <> 01 tue 1 iti.t oo
■■"Ul 1 -fcU aoU "in.- 1 .til uule*. fiuit. Lot.
UUsTkeil 'A Mi., ft tl, euiUel, lliuliie
clialHB,   tlJi'Ltct    c*-1 en   uu   Ule,   thence   aoUlu &J
c(t .in,.   Hi-net* v,u-l   00 cuaius to   poiut   of   com.
meiiueoaeut aud con nmiiig • * ■ atr. a muie m iea&.
il i. uiiiIulU' Uig at a pobi piali.eu on 11k- r.gbt
"auk ul iltti'a*. li,.ai/I tin- L.ltle btuukj liver
aouut uiue ami oue-u-i.l mUea lloui tue   turaa and
uaiii'i A.ii.L. .N.W .torn i, tbenoe east bO
luuua, Uieuce ouutn t*o tnaina, tbeiiue mlsi eu
riialna, Uieuce n^iiii oo (.hams to -oiui ot com*
ustnc  ui-.nl ami tuijmuiiuti i+>- ai run mute or Jess.
.-     t ..ii.i^i in t..t .1, I, c   ■, pbuitwd on ibe iigut
bMiik   if  Um 'mi lura. ui   .ii. i.i.ii- *>iii.i>.i iiTcr
..i-i...L nine auu . nt.--i.aii   uii.ni ttuut 1U1 luiaa *nd
maiked   'A.M.L.   S.W eurner.     luetic* uuitlt *-0
......:..-,  tbaoee  etut  eu  tu»,      iueu^« m ..u aO
cbaius,   thwnce   Hsat   &.■ en....      ■■ ^uii.1   ot   cum-
meuceuivut atte eontaiUiug Otu a-.rv» wore ur list*.
la, . ".*. .-oi,. iur a( h pnsl piautvu m, luv tight
u..UK ol lite caal flltk Ol tin- tiliii .Inin.) i.UT
. UwUt tail ...ki w.n ■;.,.,I unit's lu.il. tile luiss -»i O
markod "A.M.L. .N.W.curner, tbtiUie eaat 8U
Daina, tbeuc« suuin au mains, lueuce mjtiail
. .ia.Ua, Uience uuitu so cbauu u- pomt ui mn-
men smentaod cuuiaimug Uc acres u-wit* erlesn.
4*.     luutiuebn. f. -ii   a puSt piiillted OO lUe right
utauk uf Ute ■ .-vi :i'i» ut tbe Lu.Ua bmuky n>er
.uuiit leu auuuii. I..I! BlUoa 1 iwlu lUe lurkn and
marked "A ji.L. S.W.corner,' tbeuce uuiih oO
.....;.~ theifc« euat e ■ cbailis, theuce auUtU 10
uauie. tue rn. e »e*.t bu cuaius tupuiutof com-
..-•■i. ' ;..tin ana containing i-i   acre* a.ore er leaa.
i'.i.".. live, t'.ith, i,.j:.
*i. i oaiuieuciug at a po-i plauted uu '.be right
iMtik nf tbe eaat lurk ul the Little Bmoky river
Abuut eleven and >nv-half miles ii.nu tu« lurkn
mi marked A.ML. s.W .corner,' ibence north 10
cbaius, tbeuce east v chains, thence aouth a0
cbaius, tuence weat au chains Lo point of commencement and cuutaiuing tao acree more or leaa
ie. Cummeucing ai a poat planted on tbe right
n.tuk ot Uie east lurk of tbe Little Smoay nvei
sii-uiu ileveo and une-half mUea trum the furkn
aud marked * a.M L. N.W .corner," thence east 10
iduUna, tbeuce mnitb 60 chains, thenoe weal oo
chains, tbeuc*- nurth bo chains tu poiut uf cum*
lueiiceuielil md cuulainiu*- 040 acrea more or lesa.
47. Commencing at a puai planted on the ngnt
uank of tbe eaat lork oi the Little amoky nver
dibout twelve anu ene- jalt miles from the lurks
and marked "A.M.L, >.W.corner," theuce east *■
babu, tlience aouth eu chains, tbeuce «e*. su
uu.i.ii- ifiriii't' noith 8u chains to puint et com
menoement and coutainiug otu acres mure ur ieoa
«a. louiiui-ncing at a pust plantwl on tne riaut
bank of tne eaatioikot the Liiileamuky nvei
Airuuiu*in; and one-halt nudes from tbe forka
aiidiuttiked A-M.L H. W.ouruttr," tuence nurth
eo cnains, ihence eaat *sj cliains, Uieuce lotttll OO
chains, thence weal o\i cb.i.ii- to point uf cum*
uieucuinetit and cuiitaiuiug ulu acrea tuore ur less.
4v. (. uinmeucing at a punt planted on tne ri#;ht
hank uf tue east lurk ut the Little bmoky river
<*b..ut tniiteeii and one-ball mUea fiom tlie forks
and marked "A.M L. N.W.curner," tbenoe eaat bo
Chaius, thence aouth ni cbaius, tlience weat bo
chains, theuce nurth oo chalne to point of com
meuceiueut and containing 04u acres mure or leas.
bo. Commencing at a poat planted on tbe right
bank of the east lurk of the Little bmoky river
about thirteen and uue-half miles from the forks
aud marked "A.M.L, S.W.curner," theuce nurtb
ou chaina, thence eaat io chains, thenue south eo
chains, theuce weat 80 chains tu puint of commencement and containing G4U acres mure or )«ea.
61. Commencing at a post plauted uu the right
bank of the easl fork ut tue Little Smoky river
about fourteen und one-halt miles from the forka
and marked A.M.L N W.corner," UunceeaatW
Chalna, tbenoe -.outh -a chains, tbeuce ■■*.-»;. &u
chains, tlience north bu chauis lu pomt of coin*
mencement and containing bii acres more or lesa.
bi. Commencing at a ptjst plauted on the right
bang of the eaat lurk uf the LitUe Smoky river
abuut fourteen and one-half miles frum the forks
and marked ■ AM L, s W.cunier,'thence norlh
>i chains, tlience east eO chains, thence auutb SO
chains, theuce weat tM chains to point of com*
ineucement and couuining b4u acrea more or leas.
Laud Lee. Si st. lo.:.
wedjan xl* Locator.
,,e lo
iN,vV.ooruer, uieuce suuoi Mcuaui*,
easl jo cuauin, tfauni e Ourto eu i B-uu •■
est an i iiniiii to pumt oi t-OiU me live meal
taiuiugtMo aur. a mure <>t ie»a
' mg .it .i pu-»t ui iiued uu the ri*;11
SEALED TENDERS, addreaaed to tbe Pust*
mabter (ieueral, wul be rttcoitod at Ultawa
until Noon, uu Friday, the Luu .March, 1*4,
tor tue conveyance uf ia.; Majesty s Mails, ou a
proposed contract fur lour >uars, as Ooscribed
between propuaed street Leiter ikum* aud tho
h>vyi-:.)ka Fust Ullice, irum tue Poatmaator
tieueral'e piea->ure-
Priutod uotices cuuteiuiug farther inforaa*
liuu as lo cuiiditioua uf pruyustal . uutruct m ty
be *>eeu aud biauk luruis ul louder may bo
obtained ai tne Pu»t Uib a at Ueveistoke aud
at the odice oi tbe Pust Otfke luapecior,
Po-.l UllKe l^.-sptt' Lur : UiUce, V^UCUUVOr, B.C.
31st January. 1;*.5
fob j lw for 3ws Pust Odice Liapector.
Kevelstoke ...m.i m-uric-
Diatriel ui i^eat f'ooteuar.
Take uotne thai 00 days after data I lot aod
to uppiy to the Chief Comtniasiuuerof Cauda
aud fturkafuf periuiaaiou iu purcnase the fui*
lnWJI-g ilesi ru>ci i&u<L>;
Oumoiouctifg ui * p.iai plented ai iue north'
**a>.   v   luti   ut   L .1   .*jj  u   1, -»u  r.-., i\.»*sr,
ut     ll
ule    Iloiu
lia.lls .u 0..111.
.un   out.
oik ul
nail 1
i.r lesn.
Wl  plWUsSMl "II   tile righl
.tie   i.ulie o.nu ) n*>r
lie* trum uit.-lor .a alio
Her,      UlHlhM)   aou.U »
ftfrfWl     UleilC*   il'/tll OO
marked  ' A .ut. ti,»%
cuaui.,  theme   .-..-t    eu
uiiaoua, tn«u u *-.-s. »> uiiatun io   po.ut oi  u'W
no uueiii* ut and conutuimg otu a ti- more ur u.»3
•J 1. Cum.in ii' ink at . ponL piaiite 1 uu tlie r.gut
li.tuk   ut   the  dual   fork ul   tue Untie  ft.nok; itVit
auuutuueaud uuo*Uaif   uiiea it<»u Ui* forat aim
.11.lifted 'A M L. ft. u dIihI, l..-.iu« UUtlU O
. n.iiiin, Utt-Uue wUt 8-< cii.sina Uioecti -tuutu 01
,'iiiiiii.., UKiiiv rival ou cbauu .u pumt ol IMU-
meiicuiueiii ami uuuuuuwg 0i 1 acres mote m loaa.
ii, OouimeuoUig ai a puat planted <>n tne n*iii
b.ink of me 1 .mi jura ui tue untie omuk) nvei
aoout mu ami uue-nu.li muea frum thu furfcaanu
ni.n 1.00 A.M.L. N *V .coiner, Uience auutb tbi
clntui*. Iiii lice oast 1-AJ .U.ilin, tbe.ice uonu *
iliailla, in. iue wesi luu cUiilis t.. point ul iuih'
luuiicuiueiit ami cuulaiiullg b*u a* res more Of leaa
^U Cu1u111-.1i1.-u1g at a po*»t piauie.l mi ttie rigbi
Isiiik uf in.) ea.it. fork uf Iue l.itiie ftuioky ritr 1
abuut twn an 1 UIR-11.1I1 milea inun in (oraland
iii.nk.nl '''.Al L. ft. rt", lUiuer, tueuce uuitn »y
. 11,iiiii. ihuiicu eaat ieu iitiainii UieU *■ xouiu n
cliaiAa, Ihence weM lo*r ObaUU to point Ol rvui
nil-pi riuent aim cuulatlltag Mu ut'lei uiuie of lu»*
SO,   Uomineneini at a noai planted mi Uu ng'n
lunik uf the eaat fork m tim bun  -,i.- k> n><
about four anu onedutlJ tnlloafrom tue loraaaao
m<Llk'Ht 'A ->l L. N.W .miner,' tnelice aoUih liu
I'luiitis, thein.e t-.i-t 4o chaina, Ibuncv uuitb loo
ch.tllia, thuuee wea. 4u chuins to |»uiiil uf c iu-
luenceiueiil and containing Un a< TOM more or U-m
HI. Cuiiimeiii'ing ii..* poat plsiited on ih*, right
bank of tin- uaat furk 01 the Little atnokf nvei
about four und  nimhall   milin from the lu.ks Mini
marked "A.M.L. I.W. corner," tbanoa north lu
ehaiiM, tbanoa east no ohalnij tbanci iwnUi n
CUama,  tbanoa w-eat  AU ehaina lo point <<t  eon*
menoament ami soaiittUnj oiu aataa mure or leaa
H t'uiiiini'm-iiig at a po*l plaiiled on tha right
hankof the east furk ul the Little in, .) rnei
it bout four and ulie-half uillei (ruin lho forka ami
imirked "A.M.L. N.K. euriier,' tbeiue aouth I0u
. I,.un ., thence weat 4u c halua, thvbte n nb IM
chains, ihence east 4" chaina to pi.hit of ooiu
iiiwiM-Htiiortt and ceiitaliiing ft I" aafM mora ur te«a.
XI. Cnmuisiirlng at a poat planted on tha tight
hank "f the saat fork uf the Little Mmohy nver
almut live and one half  miles (mm the furke ami
marked "A-M.L. n.w. comer,' tbanoa north IB
chains, (hence wast Mi chains, theuce south so
ehains, tlmuce weal eO chains to puint nf com-
iiiem-eiueiit aud cuiitainiiig Olu acres more or leaa
114, Commencing at a O'-at planted ou tbe righl
hank uf thu uaat fork of Little SiU'ky river about
live and one-half tadea from the forks and marked
'A.ML. .N.W.curner," thiiue eaat 80 chaina,
thenee soutb HO chulrii, theuce went |0 chalna,
thuiieu north BO chaini to poiut of rumiuancemeiit
and cniitaifilng 040 acrea more or teas.
If, Cmniiiencing at a puat planted nu the right
bank uf the eaat furk uf the Little lOJOD rhei
■ ib.itn aix ami oni half milea from the forks and
markod "A.M.L. S.W. cnriisr." thenes north au
chalna, thenee Met Ml chaina, theme 4011th HJ
'inui-, ihenrs went m chaina lu puint uf ■ ■•w
uieiieument and containing (HO acren more or I.««
.it; ('ummoneliig at a OOM plant*>'l uu the right
hank uf the uaat fork uf fhe Little Baob river
.ih.ini six aud one half mllea from the fnrka and
uiarki.l "AMI. N.W.eurner.'' thenee east W)
ehailtt, tli-'iii. -."Hi It .so iliinis, I li.'iir.- weat t«i
ehitini, theuce north sn chains i*> pottU «f rum-
meiiremt'iit and cotiUilning 040 acrew  nm-e nr leaa
Dated Dee. Itflh, iw.
ou lu'itll Ii. dlHditMU, love, man liitrn ami patent«$«■
ToNh what you'd ask a doctor, lint dun't like In
'-Ho p.'iKc-t, ilhi'tiruled, .•:> ri-u\>.; but to Introduci'
II, woNoml ono only tn any adult for tioataffo,
1(1 renin.
129 Kaet 18th 8«reot, N1W YORK.
ATTBNTION- M§u nnd Womtn
wiintril bO livtrn haibnr trudV,
I'liT. ('uiil «(*" in nil li-iitllng Aini'ii
run rlllt'H. Hcwnri' nf iinll'itora—MoIit
Bftihor Oolloge, a** GarrtJl Ht., Van-
CMiivor, IJ, (!.
Corn MOM ing nl a Mat planted mi th-< right
uf the eaat fork of the  Little Sm^kv rivor
.ilioiit siM ni and mn' half milea from Ihe forta and
bunk of the
marked "A.M.L. N.W, Corner*" thence eaat tt)
ehaina, tbiDOl aoulh gP chalna, thenre *•.-!-'
chain*, thenee mirth go chaina >• point of com
menrement ami ennuielng Oan acre* more or leaf
i-   Qonnonetng at-* pool j i.nr-1  n ■ • ■ ;.jit
hankof  tl a«t fork of   the  Little  gaokl n»«r
.ii.ost ..\.-n and one half mlh-a fruin the f'»rka ami
marked "AMI, .1. W.corner,' thence nurtn go
chaina, thenee *«ast HO chains, thenee anuth w>
chain*, Homes went Hn chains lu puint '•' • •<■
in en rt* i u ant ami eunlalnlng Ole acrea more Of leaa
HO, Commenring at a poat planted nnthe Hght
hunk nf (be net fork *>> the Little Bmokj r...r
abuui eight ami one half milei fmm Mi- forka and
marked  "A,ML,   N.W.corner,"  thence eaat  00
t     ru...  n, ........ r     , ny..
......... ...eu. -• woe   o
.i -.  i.m* U. L -.   • *• -. u
tiQui,.  u.'l.b
u. ku e
IS <J>v4    iu;
1 nUO    tt
too. **-o.
\A il>ui A AS, L _
Uevelal >ke Laud Distriet,
li...ir.ct ui »»-aat Jtuutauiajr.
Xasu u./iictt tuai i, 4 1) ugat of N.,kn-p
i -a|H tiU) !■'• ■■•' i i*' ■»,■,'■> ■•( s-U' iiiiealiru .u pur*
I...  e .1, . luUuwtug .in.- Mi .-.J im..I.i.
i i.-ii.i,...■■...«;   ..i   ■»   puat plauted at 100 N. W.
Coruer ui  ij... N". .ill,, 1 uuu.ug mjUIU  M CUaiUS,
■ •-.. o mui M ou t.ua, UHhwa   uonu _u cuaius,
tn.te u-.-l -Oi tiitiu- ." ,n.i.i. oi C"U»u.eucoui*-ul.
.J.i.e i  .it;      IJ*,., itfji.
JcllO  JUt UAL,
jau 4 sat u   iit-wsr. A^eut.
Kovelsloke l.*a . vu ti i,
Lisiriii ul tto>t MHtituMj.
lege notice that Ll) .», freeman, uf Kaalo,
mi.," iu,-»nuu JSiuer lUivo iu a^*pj> luf a
■paetal uivuce over tne luiiuwiug described
i. commeuciag ai a p at plauted uu ibe
.test lastta ut umi - iraaati n i«iies Irum *ue i.ar-
naau - 11er no i hOuui - Uiiien nutib vejiuny
uTwtf   tba  M e Ouruarol  l.-. *^>, ■.. l m u.e
Meal 4 - cbsiui. iue..ce uortb loo u-liui, lbeuce
I'lulkituaiiu, Iheui-e toUtu iOo euaiua lo iue
p.iOt ul     ■ .iiim.iniiii'ui.
.' Couiuieuciug at a pual plau.eduutbe
ir-*a|   bsua  ol   loin   Croat, g u.i.e- .roei tne
• atdeau uiver and si.oi.i. miloa uunh .asierly
..    in  i..e -■>    (..,,.run    ul    Ui m.,   >■   1, lUeiu-o
• suti «o it. hj ii, theut-e Uurtu ieo chalua, tueuce
Me«t locbaiua, iheui-e suum ieo euaiua to iue
puiutuf commencement.
3, Couimeiiciug ai a poat planted ou the
weat i.'i'i. ol i.'iiii i rtck, i-.j tulea Irom i-er
O'-v mvur and abuut IH mi,.-- uurih euteriy
irom the N b. curuer ul Loi eat, li< 1. lbeuce
nuiib w chalna, lbeuce east luu ou->lQa, l em e
aUBtb 4u«u.ma, theuce  weat  .t-lliheiua to Mi*
|ioltil ol i oiniueiu vineui.
4 i umiueucing ai a poet planted on the
we.i bank ni Win i reek. . *• wilaa irum the
.•rdesu Ivvr aud about LM milea uurtu eaat,
eny Irom tbe N. 1.. corner ol Imi e.tv, * 1,
iheiict -.... in 40 chain,, ibeuce eaat 100 cbaina-
thuuee uorth 40 chalua, tneuov wen ilu - u«iu«
lo iue point ul eumweucemeut.
... i iijuiueuclug ai a uml plauted ou Ihu
weal nana at Drill Creek, 2 muea from me
i.ard. eu rOver and abuut 1 mile north eaaleny
inuu the Hi h, coruer ol Lot akV, u 1, tueuce
wr»i 4w chains, ihuuce uunh leocoalna, theoce
eaat 10 euaiua, tuence aoeth iOOouaioa to the
point ul cuiuinenceuieui.
Dated Dec    JHh, IWi.
_ wed Jaa ti  C. A. rhKkMAN,
Notice to Millmen.
'IVmlcis will l„. n-ri'iii'il liy ilm iinj
derslftliad up to tin- iWili d»y of Feb,
ll>iH. fin thu purohAM of thu Canoe
Cin-k Lumber ('o.'h pioperly lit SaI-
iiiiiii Ann, II. 0.i cuiisistiiig of u saw
mill wit 11 it cn|uici(v of twelve to fifteen
tlniiiMiiiil ii'.'i per day. KverytliiiiK is
ni'.. .mil in lli'si-I'lnss condition Inning
ln'1'ii run only aIkiiiI three inonlhs.
There in i. locoumtire boih'i 3ft h.p.;
I I..H. 11x10 Clminpioii Engine; I lt.ll.
.Sum I'Vaini' and MttiiiK"; IB.Il.H, cur-
i ini"' mill four blocks; a 52 R. II. lint
Inverted tooth saw; 1 saivdmt convey-
ii .vu|, nil nttings; 1 Hdger, 1 Swing
Saw; 1 Planer; ftlackiiiuilhs tools;
Cooking outfit] 2 tennis hnniea; 2 aetls
Inu ihsn: 2 wagons; 1 logging sleigh
nn I all tlir Company'), interests in real
nr other pniperty, pari irnlurs „f whicli
mar Ik- nbtained by application tn the
iinili'i'Mlgnvd. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
.!. W, MoOALLDM, Assignee,
NewSpring Good
A Job Lot of
Manufacturers'    Ends—not    many—
bought at a   Bargain,   \],i  yards in
Piece,—embroideries and insertion to
Corset Cover Embroideries at 30c.
Nov; Spring
7  ess Goods
Lustres in Cream, Navy, Brown, Grey
and Black. Voiles, Cashmeres, Suit-
ings, Panamas, etc. Muslins—this
Spring's showing, -a great
and excellent values.
Boots and Shoes
This Department is full of New Spring
Footwear, and comprises a lot of the
latest fashionable makes.
Towellings and Towels, Table Linens
and Napkins. Dressers and Stand
Money Refunded If You are
Not Satisfied.
Vnu ciii -re Cn.pt. Jack nt the opera
house, March 17t  .
In the I ,si edition uf ilm 1! C, (in
zi tte tin' (ullow'ug appointments an
iiiiniiiiiit'i'ii: Tu he members uf tin
lloiril uf I' lien Commissioners fur ilu
eily til Hi nisi, ke, Aid. (1. 8. McC.liter, Willis,I. Arms'rong. Tu hr members of lhe Bonn) uf Licensing Commissioners for the city of Rovelstuke,
Al.l. W. A. Foote, W. VV. Foster. W
hi. Humphreys tu he a clerk in-tlie
office of (In- Government Agent, Ri-v
el-loke, from  July I, l!li)7.
.^-. A .-1*. .-T. .-T. .r. A A ."li ."Ti i*1i 11*1
IJ,! H* '4.' 'J.' '+' '"•  l*-  'J.1 '-J.1 '+1 'X  '+'
♦f* FOR
<|t Pure Drugs
-•$» CarefulCompounding
J* Prompt Delivery
♦fl GO To
t|i  Canada Drug 6- Book Co. Ltd, *|t
+J» Revelstoke, B. 0.
3|     Mail Orders Promptly filled
HoK—At Port Alleghany, Pa., on Feb.
22nd, 1908  Mr... T. C. Hoe.
Weather Forecast
Saturday, Feb. 20.—Changeable,
mild, probable light snow. Temp.
Max 40: rain. HO.
Local and General.
Keep in mind the date Marcli 17th.
The Supreme Court Bitting will be
held iu Revelrtoke, for civil and criminal Cases, on May 5th.
Kev. J H. Hodges will conduct the
services in Knox Church tomorroiv on
Recount of the absence of the paBtor
who is ill.
Monday. March 2nd, is the anniversary of St. David the patron saint
ol Wales "Mar u Gaw yw Cymru i
Gyd y Gwyr yn Erlyn y Byd."
Snow sii'i.o have commenced, a
heavy mass 70 feet by 8 ieet covering
the track Od Thursday, at Clniiwilliuni
Tralhc has uot been interrupted
Tbi Selkirk I.edge, I.O.O.F., have
arranged to bold a social and dance on
April 27ih, being the anniversary of
tbe fuiindatioii of the Order,
llT/rS^Mfttl °are
iW£2mW —
Is simply to supply our
customers with the best the
market affords. We carry
a superb line of staple and
fancy groceries. Everything selected with greal
care.    One  trial   will   con-
It   pleases   every   family
buying it. It is  not  only
fresh   but good   in   everv
sense   that word   is   used.
Every loaf of bread  baked
by us is lit for  family   use,
10   matter how  particular
he family.
An ezbibition of manufacturers,
samples consisting of silk costumes,
Suits, okirts and jackets, will be given
st K'id i Young's store, Monday,
March 2nd.
Life and
!•• I R
&   Anderson
Social and Personal
.   Perks
bus   returned from a
will  not
.1.   V
visit to
Mrs. C. A. Proounier
ceive during Lent.
Postmaster   McR e   lett   ye
morning for a visit tu the ea-t.
Mrs. Kennedy, of Iilecillewaet, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs.W. Kl-un
Mr, ami Mrs. F. E. Sine have re
turned from a visit, to Flie e.isf.
A. E. Kiurniit returned yesterday
from a Iri;  to  Banff aid oilier points.
Sim y McRae, junior, was at home
to his fiieiids on Wednesday afternoon
it a birthday party.
Miss Creight n's many friends will
regret to learn that she is confined to
11 r room with a severe attack of la
Miss Follick, uf Exeter, Ont., spent
Wednesday in the city, ihe guest of
vliss Hriniiici'iiibi-, while t-11 route to
the coast.
J. B. McKenzie and his bride arrived
m Wednesday night from Scotland,
mil will tnke up   their   residence   on
Se: ond St, west.
The Very Kev. Dean Paget, of
Calgary, Alberta, arrived here on
Holiday night on a short visit to Mr.
and Mrs C. B, Paget,
Mr. and Miss Maundrell, who have
,een spending « few weeks in.the city
with Mr. and Mrs. H. Maundrell,
returned home An Armstrong on
A birthday parly given by Master
Gerald Buck to the little folk took
place on Thursday and was much
enjoyed by lhe large number of children present.
Rev. Dr. White, superintendent of
missions, of the Methodisl church in
B 0 , came into iho city this morning
mi No. Oil and will be the guest of
Kev. Mr. and Mrs. Hall until Monday.
Dr. Hall will preach missionary sermons to-morrow morning and evening
in the Methodist church.
Mrs. W. Elson entertained her
friends at progressive whist, Mrs.
Haggen, Miss McCarter, Mrs. A. Y.
Anderson and Messrs, W.M. Lawrence,
E. M. Alltlin and .1. M. Doyle,
being the prize winners. Thirteen tables filled the pretty rooms.
A dainty supper 1 r night a most
enjoyable evening to a close
Bowling Contest
There will be something doing iu
tlie Bowling alley Monday nighi al
7:30—a championship game between
the " Western Wonders " and the
" Stars 1 f the K.ist " The losers to
give an exhibition in the swimming
pool.   Spectators invited
Basket Ball
Last Wednesday evening the Sham-
ruck basket ball   team   went  down to
defeat nt the hands of tbe strong Road
team, who now top tlie league.
The game, though   inclined   to   be
—~ :        *"    r  ,:.•':.   .vi- vi ry f:i-t and brilliant plays
The  Ladies'   Aid   ol  St.  Andrews      The first of a series ol  -ucial even-   were quite common.    The noticeable
Church intend holding s basket social . ings in the V  M  C. A  will lake place   (eHtur,. uf tU cveni     w„,  New,orae's
in    the  Selkirk   Hall   on   lluir-day.   Monday evening.    All   men   are  wel- ,-, .,      ,   ,,
March IO1I1. oome. scoring ability,—the  ball   was   mag-
rrect an  item in   social  and Mr. Cross, president of   the Calgary j-„   r ,-  H a ol   Port   v ■ „h.„v neti'"li "1;"" '"!  K"1  hj» nmd hook,
pen 1      last  week.   Tne social   and Board of Trade, ba.  stated   that   the ,.,    ,.,,.,. ,,,..'   , '.,,   ,;'*'"-, ""'     An-Vl"'w be couldn't  miss the
dance which wa. stated to have  been Oomini,,.. government  have   praetio- ,,.,..„.   ,     , - -         ..Vim-' basket,    Next  Wednesday  night  the
KIWn by Mr. and Mrs D, Jackson was „,,     deejd»d   t„    erect   a    ,.111Ilinilin l"   '    '..,.'   '   "" ,,, l»,v   of   Mr.- ,;„,,.„;,,,,,„,„,   .,,,„„   ft     „„,„,
given bv tne UsOurue Brothers. < ,,, ,,,,,.;,,„, i„ ,i,„ u,,Pi...   m ,„„.«;„• '
Sanatorium in the Kooic*,   .Mountains | team meet the shop* and offices   This
The experiment oi   introducing tbe for tuberculosis patients. The Edison   Harlir Theatre,  under L,i| be , hard same as    Vrd   Bradker
1 Mi.A into Russia baa been 10 sua       Keid A Young received  word  from  the management   I Lemhke A  North   ,,111 be sure to have a good team out.
oeas ul at 8t. f'twsburg that aoian the Salesman, who was to have shown   ■     '"•■-    " ' Mondays, 8boM    the Shop* win,  it ties three
'•'a;*:i:''      ruble*   has been ,,mp|M at their Store 00 Friday ":'>"  ' ' ■■ ' Saturday   Men    ., |£- t,  „„.   nml| „.„,„
";'1' b-v  l 'Women* for- it* sup- be will be in town on Monday and will   ™n>«   ■""■   Songs     Prices   lie. aod  win   .,.v   h,M   ,ne    championebip
P"rt- lhe pleated  to show  lamplea   of silk   Wo nailed   down.     Gel   out snd see the
K bert G inthony entertained a la-ge coats, suits, oostumea and dreaaea and
n die ce ui the Opera House on W'.M- to take orders,
uesdsy night,   Alter tin-in. r ilu.-" i       |i,- Morrison has gone  to  Cbioegn
Gsntb.i y sn • 10-i''.n.| ..ny to   take up  a su  weeks   course
'■i'        Istnke  !■•-   Icli   dla ,- p..-: graduate dental   work,   meb   u
U"   nt. rtaiiui.'-n- pr.v.ini porcelain and 1 rVhili there
.'• ..      l'i'   ityle of performance he will make     tody
m old hardly appeal to « meth ida uf li
«■ -, ii .,.:.... • •. mg tin
11 awing 0. n. .aiif,y. hi,i]
i: ii llj , isufi ,1 tne elaborate favorable
criii'ilamt whiob heralded tin- arrival
:' this c mpaoy here Tbe program
could bsve been better chosen and was
bj 1. oeam typical of this cl.is- of
entertainment such as Mr, Grossmith
■ r Mr. Coroey Grain or Mr.Melbourni
Bpurr bave given, Mr. Ganthouy ia
undoubtedly a clever man and his
burlesque terniona and quirk   change
descriptive pieces deserve credit.   Miss
Fairfax, pianist   and   Miss   Manners,
In Isdist, lightened the program    with
musical selection!.
I. nduo   leading   dentist
".-lit  Chicago,
Bev, .1  K   Rol it'-on
. nmittei 1 . •   ■■-• ■ ...i   let alia ol the
eeremoniea till next Item
■  .on   \ti   Begbie I 11 K were at
home to tln'ir friends lasl nighi in tbs
p, -■   I '■•   o ill   .1   large crowd ul
guests   itti    ling     Musi     sarda  snd
-' ni nt*   ■ '.!-.■ ided     ■ < dan s
issed  st ..,,   , ,■ . . vening,   1 hi
,1 all tbi   1   .
Willi   -Ollll' III   I IIH
md    profess in   in
A lull t" regulate tbi tale of patent
mi die ties ■■ 11 Inl rod urn d it 1 be lit.
ting of the Hun 11 tba other day by
\i 1 Manson (Oswdoey) It provides
thai t he formula or prescript on shall
im pn 1 ted on the outside of eaob to tils
or pickiigc mi piiin uf a heavy line
Tin. bill is to ko mil. force A igusl
.- in 1
School Attendance.
iittcndanci .it the public schools
Service as Well as Worship is
Coming Into  Prominence.
1' stuns of nil churches will rend the
following clipping from the Presbyter
ian of recent date with sympa'hetic
interest The idea of -oivice ns well 11-
worship is coming more and more in
to prominence in the church of today
nnd the organi/.ii'.inns that, primarily
met fo" public worship are now beconi
ing hives si industry in Christian
elV. rt. The mticle which follows is
un editorial from a recntlssii":
"There is in all churches 11 large
amount of uniiBcd talent and unharnessed power. The problem of the
unemployed is as real in lhe church us
iu lhe economic realm, There nre
hundreds uf men and women whose
idea of church membership is to at
tend ihe BorviceB with greater or less
regularity; to pay a share of the cur
rent expenses, and to live a fairly
decent life. They mny lie pointed to
as models fur "their diligent attend
ance un the means of urace" and yet
the spirit of unselfish <e vice may be
entirely lucking in lhe! 1 lives. Some
clue to the wrong conception of   what
church membership   involves  may be
found in the fact   tl.n'    ue   speiik   ol
attendance at worship us being at the
"service.'' To sit in a comfortable and
well-appointed church; to listen ton
clnnr uf well-trained voices, nnd to
hear a stimulating and well delivered
sermon does not involve much of self-
denial. It is not service, but rather a
preparation and stimulus for service
The man who is constantly receiving
without the giving out of himself in
some definite form of service is doing
himself 11 serious wrong. He is (level
oping into a religious pauper. The
minister lias cause to be anxious when
Ivs people neglict the assembling ol
them.elves together. He his quite as
great cause to be anxious about, tne
man who mistakes equipment for service for service itself, and who is liv
ing his life ns sellisblv as if Christ had
never lived and ns if lie had never
for , ' vmae fo low.
ral orni d yesterday morning from attending Prci
hytery meeting at Kamloops, He la
,u present confined tu 111 '"I by si.,k-
iii-s- 1,111 mil likely he around again in
ii few days, He reports nne of the
i.rgcst and mosi Interesting rmetinga
which the Presbytery has ever hi Id.
Km-    Father  Peooul. o M   1 , has
ii-t received notice of his change from   u.'\ 'I"!"1   "iam**"   '""''  I'1'"'"
Revelstoke to tbe Coast.    Rev, Father   VVedneiday evening ol this  week at
Coceola will succeed bim as pastor of "'"  M«hodist  Peonage.   The son
St    Francis church.   Father   Pecoul  (fWing^partiei   were
- 1
.   -    . .nl—Div  I.
"       —   " II
' V
' VI
vm .'.:t
1 x   uu
im :<2
BI 56
B8 B8
'.)l 07
H.r, 86
For Strained Muscles
\NI' lllll'ISI'S
Till   mu I  .ilVi'iliV" lilliln
thi- market
-nl on
J',r..  unil 50c.   Per  ll.,tl    ■
Dri c .im .<■   Si
Phm. B.
\ I H'.S'KU
bus made many   friends during his
; work   ill    tie'    111 niatry    here    nnd    a
gi'iit-ral rcgrel will he lull nl,   his   loss.
The Department of tbe Interior has
issiiprt a most  valuable pamphlet en-
I tillM " Canada's  Fertile  Northland,"
[accompanied by maps ol the  territory
described    The Information cont lined
I in the book coiiipii    11  large  ranga
and full of iiitoresting n ading boaldi
I In ing    I'ltn lili'ly    list ful    nli'l   sl.iinii
j latlng and  it   preaonted   in   n   most !
readable und Interesting form    The,
illUtl rations,   ot   which    ll or •   ,np    1
I large number, uro bin piocoi  of work I
ninl well soleotcd, depleting scenes nt |
I Viirious puinlH of lhe great   nurtIiiii■  !
This pamphlet ought to have a whlo
I olrotllal i"ii    nnd    nid   . 01   iilioiibly   in '
iidvi itiling 'im country nud   it.   rt  j
souroos, being undoubtedly a valuable
Henry   l'egg,   nnd   Miss    Blisan     Inn,.
Bweeton, both of Salmon Arm, B C
Rev. T. W. Hall performed ths lere
ninny, and the young couple  left on
No  1)7 for   their   home   at   lhe    \rn,
where Mr. l'egg  has   hit   farm   and
where they Intend to reside
u tbe hockey tournament  held at
Trout Luke Oity on   Friday   last,  tor
the   silver   cup,    which bus I.i, he *,,,,
three yean In  succession   before be
Coming the   property   of   any   team,
between teams representing  Gerraril
Camborne,Trout Luke and Ferguson
Ferguson won out In ihe  Anal,  thus
teciiring the cup   for   Ibe    lirst   year,
The Ferguson team wat constituted as
follows—.1. Callahan, goal    I''. Ilarhei,
(Oapl ) point, it, ,1 Shannon, oovtr
point)  if,  Hnnii,   rovor,  (i.   Basket,
COIItrej It. A. K irkpatiink, right, wing,
E, Garret, left wing.
T r-.lt.
..'177 9019 166
Catholic.—Rev. Father R. Peooul
O.M.L, pastor. Servicescvery Sunday
at the following hours: 8 n.ni. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.in. High .Cass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev
W. C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Feb. 23
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 pm, Sundny
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Morning subject, "Tlie Interpretation of a Sign." Evening, " Do
we desire a Higher Spiritual Life.'
Young People's meeting Monday at 8
p. rn. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Choir practice and teachers'
meeting Friday 8 p.m.
Knox Presbyterian—J. It. Hubert
son, Ii. D., minister. Sunday services
at 11 a in and 7:30 p m. Sunday
school at 2:30. Rev J. H. Hodge I
will conduct the services both morning and evening. Evening anthems,
"Our Father," "Great God Thou Hast
Decreed,"' 'Bow Mown Thine Ear."
Young People's Society on Monday night at 8 o'clock. Prayer meeting on Wednesday, and Choir practice
on Friday night A cordial we conn
is given to all tlie services.
Methodist—Rev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
At 11 a.m. Sunday school and Bible
class at 2 30. Evening service at 7:30
Kev. J, H. White, D.D , Superintend
cut of Missions in tbe Methodist
Church in B. C. will preach at both
services Anthem, "Praise ye the
Father," (Gounod); vocal duet, "Over
the Stars there is Rest," (Franz Abl);
bass solo, "The Song ol the Old Church
Bell." Epworth League of C. E. on
Mnn lay evening at 8 o'clock. Prayer
meeting 00 Wednesday evening. A
cordial invitation ia extended to all
the services
sr. Pktbb's Anglican—Rev. c. A
Proeunler, M A., rector, '{iiinquagcs-
iiini  Sunday.     Following   is   a  list ol
services;  h  a.m.   Holy Communion)
11 n.in. Manns mul Hulv Communion
7,80 p.m., Evensong, Sundny School
2 .'1(1 p iii Tbe Very Kev Dunn Paget,
D.D ul Calgary will pruaoh at evening
tin vice.
Baptist—Rev. w. P. Freeman, BA.
pattur.   Service!al Hum. and 7:3(1
p iu Sunday school at 2.3D p. in
Homing tuhjeot, "Rewards uf Waiting " Evening, "Tbe Great Loadstone'
H Y I' 11 meets Mi ndsy at Hp in.
Prayer  meeiiog   Wed  enday at 8 p.m.
Business Locals
Nrithlmi botter than Our "Special.
Stock   and   poultry   food   at Bews'
Uity of Chilliwack
On I'l'hriiary   tin;   20th,   Cbilliwsck
town wns proclaimed a city by letters
patent mn id t.y 'he provincial gov
ernment and received hereon Friday
im', ini hereafter then fure, I lis new
municipality will be known nn the
Cil,   f Chllllwsok "
Prescriptions ilispensnd acouratoly,
quickly, and as your dootor wants
them nt Tim lied Crust drug store
Ravnlstoko Clarnrn Union Made Our
Simnliii, Tho Union, nnil Mnron Vuelln
nre nIn,nil ol all olhora.
Crosse A'   Blaokwell'i ohlokeu ami
tongue, VSal   and    hum   and   chicken
hieiist.H mc something ohulw, put up
iii glass jars at C. ll. Hume iV Go's,
linoleums    at    0
Inn' nole papers at
drug store,
CsrpStS   and
Hume it Oo'S
Patronlia   Home
Revelstoke ClKore
Kat n   llorihiil
Bews1 drug 'lure.
Let.liii'i, watflr   cress   and   new laid
eggs, fresh today at 0, B Hume, A Co.
II.,ml painted   cups and siioccrs for
60 osnts st l.awrenoe Hardware Oo's,
Cry a bottle of Number 12!) (or that
i gh, lor snle at     I hs lb tl Cross dltlg
Pur window shades, wall paper, curtain pules nod fixture* go lo C. B.
11 nine it Co's.
Navel oranges, sweet and juicy;
hn nun in", lemons alid eating tipple- at
c ll Hume A Co's,
AR E-^ou-RtrA-Dv t^oY?
f^^^N   Bu^TfR CROWN
'*"iln»t|s •«•«•■ co   €.«• i*sa
Curtains and Curtain Muslins
You will find here the daintiest lot von have vet seen in the city. We
hnve Niittinghain Lace Curtains from O.V. to $5.00 pee pair, mul you cannot flud values like them in town. They me our mvn special Import
Swiss Applique Curtains, beautiful designs in serviceable Net. The
very daintiest tiling iu window draperies.
Ecru Net Curtains-Silk Enibiolderied.—These nre the newest and
swellest Ihiug in the curtain line yel shown.
Madras Muslins
All the new shades end new designs. These me having a greater run
than ever, and if ynu want a pretty window or nicely draped inch. These
are tho matorliils that lend themselves tn soft drapes and folds. The
prices range from 86c. to 75c.
I'lclly Nets, ImjIIi plain and Point d'Espirit, with lace edged ruffle
and insertion. Nothing nicer for bedroom windows.' They are cheap and
wash splendidly.   A large range of prices for 25 cents up.
Box 1
" 3
B.-x 2
" 5-
" 6-
.i 7-
" 8-
Fire Alarms.
—Near Woudrow's butcher shop.
Near   E. A. Bradley's   and N.
T.   Edwards'   residence, 2nd
street, wes'.
B.  A.   Law-sen's comer, oppo-
Cowan  lllock.
Call from Fire Hall No. 2.
xo. 2 KltiE MALI..
-Alarm at No. 2 Fire Hall.
-Mrs. Little's resilience 2nd st E
-Opposite tho Roman Catholic
Church, McKenzie ave. W side
-At Canada Drug corner.
-Opposite   Custom   House and
Opera  House, and call from
R-velstoko Club corner.
We are clearing  out some odd lines
of china.     Everything goes at 50 cts
See our   job table.—Lawrence  Hard
ware Cu.
Bissel's cycu bearing carpet sweepers
are Ibe best, a nice assortment at C.
II. Hume A Co's.
Any one wishing Gray's Rheumatic
treatment cull at nunc. Only oue day
more in Revelstoke.
L. O. T. M O, T. W.
Until iiiiiii ruKular furtniKlitly Reviews tin.
Hoi-oiiil mill   I'linrlh  Tluir iliiys in such iiiniitli.
nl .1 |i, in. in llis Miisiiliio Hull, Siirniiii Hlrsst.
I,.  MilillNAl.il.   I.mli I'l.iiiiiiiiiiilnr.
J. M. MOHAN, lim-iiril liui.|..ir
Two acres of land just oulsliln Oily
limits with 7-rooiiied house, newly
built; healed hy fiininces; city wilier
laid on; hind nil cleared and mostly
well fertilized I rent, 1*25 n month, or
piiichase price $2,2110.
Also 2 acres ol land adjoining city
limits,  half  an   iicif   In   Unit   trees.
Garden planted ni h small fruits in
go.ul lieniing; onion crop that will
Iniiig $150 lo $200 wn in as snow is off.
Itcnl $25 per in.nub or piiirhnse price
iioth  properties  »lll  he   sold for
$I.2IK) inehiiling horse, wagon, cutter.
plow, seeder, incubator,  brooder,  and
ill neootsary linpleuients neeeSiMfy io
operate tbe iihuve,
Terns cstn be arranged,
Revelstoke, B, C.
TAKK NOTICE ihat the shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
change the name of the Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Booiety,
Limited," and Intend to apply to the
Lieutenant-Governor-In-OounoH for nn
Order iliiinging the uninu nccoitllnglv.
Hiiied nib January, iww.
feb. S-Hni. Secretary,
ATTENTION - Men and Women
wanted to learn barber (rude,
I'Vee. Colleges in nil lending American eiiies, Bewareiif luillnlina—Moler
Ilm her  College, 2IKI ('urriill Hi., Vnu-
■•waver, H. 0,
rriXPERIBNURD Waitress wanted.
Ill   Apply CLIMAX I10TBL.
1710R8ALE CHI'lAI'   l-'.nii- gasoline
'    I |ts, am, mm. tiki mui 80Uiandie
power, ail in good working urdeii wll
llghl 100feet building, Apply to Chief
Yuiliig. ''uniiipbx, 11  C.
VI AltltlEH COUPLE umn piisition
1VJ.   iu  hnlel in  on much—Apply to
Uuiiimbla Ageniiiw Limited,
MATERNITY Cases inken  al   my
Inline ur   utberwlse.      Fur   pin-
ui'iihii's apply Mrs. A. E. Bennison1
Second St.. Wesi, or P. O. Box 211.
lib. 12. llll
client wilh $I,IHKI who wants il
guild Imi il iiiiiii with like ((mount lo
.join him in iiimiiiig n hoiel. Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limited.
WANTKD-AII   kinds   uf jobbing
work tu do. cleaning snow frum .
loot's, tending   furnaces, wood  chop-
■ iui< any   other    general   work.
I'hiiigea moderate, Anyone renuiring
such wink done please drop post ciuel
in K. Bennison, General Delivery, P.
O, Revelstoke. fell 1 2w
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of lhe lies!  simps to be had
ui City house property froin us.   Two
liuiiseti ami HKl ft. I'loiiingi- to 2nd Nl,
lit ft 'I $2,600 of  win, booty $1000 cash
is required md balance can remain on
inoriaitge.—Apply at once to Cnliiinhin
Agencies, Limited,
J10R BALE- Bed, spring,  mattress
ami   Dressing  stand,  $25.    One
i.upel  11x12 feet,  $10.     Apply nt Ibis
Rent a iiist-i'iiiss furnished house
for ii month. COLUMBIA AiiKNC'lKS,


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