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The Mail Herald Feb 28, 1914

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■ KHBSlKSSliir.siiilsa
m ■
■ Railway    .lui'etiim  and   Dlvis- M
<H ional   roint.   Headquarters  for [fi
S Columbia    River     Navigation. ,»
H Huh of   Timber    Belt,  Mineral ».
<■ Zone,  Agriculluni)    i,finds and H
H Vabt Water Powers of B. 0. B
* a
■ 1   ^ 1 SI 1 ii HI SI ■ ■ ■ m ■
.     o    :	
Vv\^0—No 17
"Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps*9
The Mail-Herald
M ■
.            THE MAIL-HERALD %
. Clreulates  twice  per  week am- y\
m ong  the  pro-ni'ioa-  citizens  of 'q|
ID Canada's     Premier     Province. >i
(g The      recognised      advertising [ft)
g medium for Kootenay and Ic 5J
S terlor British Columbia. *
m a
manning mgissi a
$2.50 Per Year
An Am     Made
Lee    Walruth,     believed to he thc
man  who aided the  escape of     two
bandits who held  up  the Great Northern passenger train at HanilHh last
Friday,  was arrested  Wednesday     at
uoon at Birch Bay  hy  Hheritt Thom-
iiH of Bellingham, as ho whb heading
toward British Columbia. The prison j
er is being taken to Bellingham In a |
Walruth is accused of stealing a
launch from Bellingham just heforo |
the holdup. Saturday morning ho ap |
pcared at the Liimnii Bay Packing
company plant, on Lummi island and
sought Bhelter. Ho remained there
until Tuesday with the caretaker of
the   plant.
Wednesday morning Sheriff Thomas
with two deputies, started out in a
fast launch to SCOUT the lays he -
'tween here and British Columbia. At
Birrh bay they found thc stolen launch. Wall nth had stopped there,
turned the boat over to a farmer and
told him he could have the use of
thc craft for a month as he was going Into British Columbia.   The Slier
iff nnd his men then startod for
Blaine in a wagon and overtood Walruth.  placing  him  under arrest.
The theory is that Walruth aided
the bandits t'> a hiding place on one
of the Islands and then started out
to take care nf himself. He carried
two revolvers and a rifle when arrested.
Anot.ier ho ci - U tj
San Pr inClBOO, — The police are
combing the city ana BUpurbs today
lor the man who robbed the conductor, a brakeman and express messenger or. a Southern Pacitic train last
night and umped ofl j.st before San
Francisco was reached. He is described as ahout r. feet 11 inches (all 160
pounds in weight, thin features and
slim. He ware a dark overcoat and
the Mam g t of the Southern Pacific has oSered a reward of slCOO for
his arrest.
The bandit swung aboard the train
as it was leaving    Burlingame.     At
the  point of a  pistol  he forced     the
conductor,  Frank   P.  Cox,    to    enter
the baggage car,   rohbed him of $45
and some jewelry and then turned his
attention  to H.  Cairns,  a hrakeman,
and Frank  F,  Foster, a Wells Fargo
agent,   obtaining    from  them    small
sums.     Neither Cox nor Foster were
quick  enough to suit the bandit and
he pummelled  them  with the butt of
his revolver,  splitting Foster's scalp
The  express  messenger then       was
comp-lied   by  the  bandit to open the
company's safe.      Its contents    were
'    ransacked  by thc  robber,  filling   his
pockets with  packages. How much he
obtained has not heen  made known.
As  the  train  entered the outskirts
of  San  Francisco  the bandit jumped
eff and escaped.
The robber climbed on thc train be
hind the conductor, F.P. Cox, whom
he drove ahead of him into the baggage car, where were the hrakeman,
H. Cairns and the helpless messenger
Frnnk F. Foster.
Three shots came from the robbers
"That's what I'll do if any of you
try any monkey business," he said,
and took from thc men their valu -
ahles. From Cox he got a watch, a
diamond pin and *ir>; from Cairns ,
a watch and $G.50 and from Foster
a revolver, a watch and 93.50. Foster was slow in giving up and tbe rob
ber struck him with his revolver,
cutting a gash in his head and felling
In the tunnel nearest the railroad
yards nt Third and Townsend streets,
the robber jumped.
Fire Escapes Act.--Plain Speaking by Aid. Smythe.-City
Office Staff.- The Assessment. Should Bartenders Be
Licensed- Grave Allegations Dog 1 ax Items- Power
Plant Problems.
Mayor McKinnon prcBided at a
meeting of the city council held on
Friday night, when there were also
present. Aldermen McSorley, Needham
Bourne, Bell, Smythe and Pradolini
with the city clcrk(Mr. W.A. Gordon)
The following report from thc Chief
of Police was read'—
Bear Sir and Gentlemen:—
As per your instructions, I have
made an examination of all public
buildings iu the city, re Fire Escape,
and 1 beg to report them as follows:
Hospital—This building has un up-to
date escape.
School.--They   are   In  compliancewith
Fire  Escape Act.
King   Edward   hotel—Good  iron     escape,   iron  landings.   Entrance    to
same through door from wide hall,
this  is good     eBcape,    though  not
quite iu compliance with  the  Aet.
Selkirk Hotel—They have made   provision for good Iron  Escape,  with
iroo landings, in this building, but
it is not finished,' material expected
in any day.   There is also fire hose
On  each  landing.
Windsor Hotel—Escape, wooden lad -
der fastened to side of building   at
back,   with  wooden  landing,   ladder
teaches to  Bat  roof of kitchen,  entrance an landing is made through
door  from   narrow     hall,   no      red
light to show escape, and no other
Way  of  escape.
Revelstoke  Hotel—This building    has
thru' escapes of iron ladders,    but
no landings,     entrance on same is
made  through  window  at end     of
halls,   halls  are  wide,  and       there
are length  of  hose  and extinguishers  on  each  floor.   There  is a watchman on duty at night.
Onion Hotel—This building is provid
ed with a ladder mgde of iron rods
fastened  on  the wall of the build -
ing, leading from doors at end   of
halls to top of flat roof of Kitchen
There are no landings.
Central Hotel—Escape wooden ladder
at east end of ball     with   wooden
landings, entrance on same is made
through  window from hall.
Oriental Hotel—No escape at all.
Victoria     Hotel—No escape of     any
Canadian  Bank of Commerce—Nn es
cape,  lire hose  on  each floor.
1 think the above are all thc build
iugs In the city, which come under
the provision of the Firo Escape Act
in  B.O.
Awaiting your further instruction
iu the matter.
H.  M.  PARRY.
The Mayor stated that the old council looii up the matter of fire escapes and the Chief of Police was re-
1 quested to report. It appealed that.
in some cas s there were good es -
capes provided though they Were not
in strict accordance with the Act,
v. men .wis verj explicit and definite
in  regard  to  d 'tails
Aid. I.ell said that the Chief of
Police should be instructed to see
that all buildings should he provided with escapes in accordance with
the law.
'I he Mayor—The point is that the
law regarding fire escapes is veiy,
Very strict. Whilst some local build
Ings are not quite in compliance with
the act they are very good escapes.
Some of the escapes are probably
good ones though ihey do not exactly comply with the Act.       *
Aid. Needham—How are you   going
to draw the line?
Aid. Smythe—1 think we should
draw this line, that is some of these
places have no lire escape they should
be put out of business. If these pluc-
68 which have no fire escapes do not
huny up and do .something we should
get busy. It is not fair to tho e
who have escapes that others have
not escapes. There is a new hotel in
the town and no tire escape is in it
yet. There is a new act before the
legislature at the present time deal-
Ing With two storied buildings, an
amendment to the Fire Escape Act.
It. Is a shame that some of the buildings Bhould have no escape. Some
lintels in lower town never have had
any fire escapes and they have been
told about it time and time again.
We should keep in touch with the
new act.
The Mayor—There is the point of
obviating unnecessary trouble to
those who have good tscapes.
Aid. Smythe—We shculd get after
these hotels that have no fire es -
The balance of this report will appear in our next issue.
Y. M. C. A.
On Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock,
the Men's Meeting will ho, held in the
Lobby. The speaker for tho mooting
is Rev. J.W. Stevenson, of the Prcs-
[ hyterian church. Soloist, Mr. Thos.
1 Pagdin, instrumental duet by Messrs
IS. Dickey and P. Samson, Orchestra
in attendance. Every man should
niukc it a point to he present. Come
and pick out your favorite hymn and
We shall  sing it.
On Tuesday afternoon at three In
the Methodist church, three key-men
of the Laymen s Missionary move -
ment, will address tne men of Revelstoke who are interested in the welfare of our churches and Missionary
enterprise. On the evening of Tuesday at 0:80 sharp dinner will be Bcr-
Ved in the Association gym, at the
small sum of B0c, after which the
Leaders of the Missionary cause will
address us. Every young man ought
to make it a point to be present and
hear what is going on in the land
both home and foreign. Education is
the key note that is being sounded in
Revelstoke at the present time, come
and hear what is being done nnd
what can be dune by an united ellort
amongst the church people of our
TO BOWLERS-Captains of the
various teams are requested to get
busy and see that all games scheduled are played oil next week so that
our league will he finished at once.—
Bowling Alleys will be closed Tuesday evening owing to tbe Laymen's
Missionary  dinner.
One of the most interesting garnet
of basketball was played Friday morning at 11:80 sharp, when the Snakes
composed of Messrs. Sumner (Capt.)
1). Adams, M. Stanbury, W. Cowling
I. MacFadyen, came in close range
with the Neversweats, composed of
Messrs. A. Thomson, (Capt.) C.Harrison, W. Faltus, G. Still, C. Freder
ickson. The genie was interesting
throughout, thc Snakes wen out by
six to three.
The linesmen and referee were some
what dilitary In giving their decis -
ions owing  to  the becoming name of
the  winners.   Neversweats nre  keep -
ing cool for the next game.
Project Progressing.--Official Name Recommended. -Letter from Mr. R. F. Green,
M. P.
Mr.  T.   Kilpatriek     presided  at   a
joint local  bodies which  have  inter-
ested   themselves    in  the   Kevelstoke
park project, held in the city hall on
Tuesday,  when there  were  also  present Messrs.      Kincaid,    Sibbald,  sr.,
and  jr.,  CR.  Macdonald,  McClenegh-
an, McDonell, R. Lawrence,     W.     M.
Lawrence,   Howson,      Armstrong,   W.
H.   Pratt,  Sturdy and others,      with
Mr.  CR.  Macdonald as secretary.
The Chairman announced that the
meeting had been called to reply to
u message received by Mr. Kincaid,
from Mr. Wadman, who was at present in Ottawa, In connection with a
name for thc park and the amount
that had been expended by the city
and citizens in furthering the matter
Mr. CR, Macdonald read the telegram from Mr. Wadman to Mr. Kincaid, as follows:—"Please wire which
runic at once for park Revelstoke.—
Kevelstoke National Park or Mount
Revelstoke Park. Order in Council
being prepared. Also what amount
city expended on Lindmark traill Everything working good. Advise at
A  letter    has     also  been  received
from  Mr.  R.F.  Green,  M.P.,  Ottawa,
in the following terms:—"I am  in receipt of   a   communication   signed   by
His Worship Mayor McKinnon,   President of the     Board of Trade,  Presi
dent  Progress  Club,  President    Conservative   Association    and   yourself,
(Mr. CR. Macdonald) congratulating
me upon securing an     appropriation
for the auto  road and  park  at  Revelstoke,  and I  have  to  thank       you
very  sincerely  for thc  kind thoughts
expressed  therein,  and  I  quite       believe that     thc opening up  of this
park will he of great benefit to your
city.   Would  you  he good enough  to
convey  to the   different     gentlemen
who have signed this letter my warm
appreciation  of  their  thoughtfulness
in forwarding it to me.   P.S.—I am
not at all sure that any portion   of
the appropriation can be used    upon
the auto road outside of the limits
of the park."
The Chairman said the first matter
to be dealt with was in connection
with the name.   Two names were sug
gesteil   and   Revelstoke    occurred    »"
each.   Which  dm in-  metiaug incur ?
Mr.  McDonell suggested  Mount Revelstoke  National  Park,  ll  that ■ would
he  acceptable.   Thut  would  combine
. thc two  names.
Mr. Pratt—Is Mount Revelstoke the
correct   name of this mountain.'
The Chairman said tljat was a
doubtful  point.
Mr. Howson thought ,the Revelstoke
National   Park  a  good  na#«c.
Mr. Kincaid said all other import
ant parks had the prefix National,
and In his view it would he advisable
to retafn thut here too. The .Revelstoke National Park would create a
better impression he felt than the
Mount Revelstoke park. He moved
that the name of the Kevelstoke
National   Park  he  suggested,
Mr.   R.  Lawrence seconded.
The Secretary said that name got
away somewhat from the idea of a
mountain park.
Mr. McDonell proposed that the
name of the park be the Mount Revelstoke National Park.
The Chairman—That might not be
the  proper   name of  the   mountain.
Mr. P.. Lawrence said he did not
think    the name    .■ .  in    the
published maps. 1
Mr.   Kincaid's   mi t -Tried
e    The   I'hair:.,.,n   Invit  d On
ss to the amount  that ex-
penned locally upon the park and
submitted figures bi ba I h *>! prepared on the point.
The matter bavin ...ne c.ire-
fuliy into it  was del '  the fig-
t re of 93,000 should be I  das
approximately the I   that had
l een expended locally upon the park.
The  folle :>■   to      Mr.  Wad
man was th in - 'Ri <  I
stokp  National  Park   appr  vrd   j lint
meeting of ei' spend id
in Llndmark .trail, not It idh private suhscriptie'ns and voluntary
Before the meeting concluded it was
i nnounced that the special write up
of this district which is to appear In
re,- Calgary Herald, ...>uld not bo
published until nd would ap
pear tn  instalments.
Victoria, C. B., has gone Conserva
tive for thc first time in 3d years,
and is now entitled to' congratulations from Victoria, B.C., says the
Toronto Mail  nnd  Empire.
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« P.
A great shock was received by the
community early Friday morning, as
the sad news spread rapidly tbat
one of our fellow citizens had been
suddenly taken away. Mrs. B. M.
Corley was found dead in her bed about seven o'clock on Friday morning
Feb. 27th and it is presumed that the
end ciinic about an hour earlier. The
night before she had suffered an attack of acute indigestion immediately utter supper but the pain had
passed away and she was apparently
recovered when she retired. Through
thc night the trouble returned and
she succumbed to heart failure about
6 a.m.
The late Mrs. Corley was one of
the most b -.hly respected and beloved women of our city. Although
of a somewhat retiring disposition,
she numbered her friends among all
those who had come to know her and
there is many a one in this town in
whom she has taken a truly motherly
interest for many yeurs. Her whole
life has been a model of patient, per-
severence in the face of difficulties,
which would have overwhelmed a
soul of less noble attributes. Al -
ways cheerful in disposition and char
Ruble towards the world, she will be
greatly missed by a host of friends.
Mrs. Corley was a widow and leaves two children a son, Robert, now
iu Alaska, and ,\ daughter, May, Mrs
CR. Macdonald, of this city, who
will mourn the loss of a kind and
loving  mother.
Mrs. Corley was all her life a member of the Church of England. Funeral arrangements are awaiting the
arrival  ol  her sister from the east.
Business Men's Views
On Friday afternoon a large party
of the business meu of the city ac -
companicd  the   Mayor  on a   trip    of
inspection to the power plant.     The
journey  to and  irom was made       in
four     cutters.     On    arriving  at the
plant, the whole system by which our
city  is  lighted  was examined       with
the utmost cure in an endeavor       to
rind the best possible solution for the
problem of how to ensure dependable
tlectric     lighting    in future.   It was
found,  in  brief,  that the old     plant
of huge bulk is     practically  useless,
that the auxiliary  gas plant installed some seven or eight years     ago,
is incapable of generating more than
about one-third of the power the city
requires.   Its  full  capacity  was demonstrated  a week  or two ago    when
the new plant, was out of order. LaBt
ly there is the new plant operated by
the new flume from the dam,        and
which is capable of producing sufficient electric energy for the present requirements of our city.   That is,   so
long as it is not put out ot order by
thc  mud and dirt which washes thru
the flume from the river.   Tbe problem  which  now     arise. o#  to
guarantee  constant light  and  power
for  the  city,   while   depending  solely
on one unit.   It may be necessary to
install an  additional  unit  which      of
course  will  entail a large outlay.
Governor  McGovern,  of  Wisconsin,
who is «  candidate for re-election Is
making a campaign tour of the state
en foot. He expects to win in a walk.
Liberals who ure complaining of
conditions in Canada should, instead
be thankful that this country as
a country has stood the test of
the world-wide depression so well.
In thc United States so grave has
become tho problem of the unemployed that President Wilson has asked
the recently appoiuted Industrial com
mission to undertake an iuvestiga -
tion and to seek to alleviate thc distress. The Commission, in undertaking this work, has issued thc following statement:
"Stirred hy reports of DaO.OOO men
and women out of work in New York
alone, the Commission has undertaken an immediate investigation looking toward action hy the Federal
government to relieve unemployment
During the next six weeks the activities of four of thc Commission's investigators will he restricted to a
rapid survey of unemployment in industrial centres from Bostou to Kan-
sas City."
The Industrial commission draws a
harrowing picture of conditions, hut
seeks to regard thc problem as one
more permanently confronting the co
untry than one that hud arisen recently.
All over thnt grcut country the unemployed nre in armies; millions out
of wwk and depending on charity. So
serious is the problem that the Federal government must act at once.
In Canada the depression has not
been felt In any degree compurcd
with the United States. In this coun
try the unemployed have been a very
small percentage. Liberals havo been
injuring this country with their pictures of gloom and disaster should he
congratulating Cnnnda on the splendid showing made in a difficult per-
j iod. Candian conditions present a
bright picture when compared with
the United Stntes, where the problem
of the unemployed has become so ser
lous aB to be 8 national peril.
Hon. W. R. Ross's Policy
Victoria, B.C., Feb. '27—In response to a request for his policy with
respect to grazing matters on public
lauds, the Hon. Wm. R. Ross, Mm -
ister of Lands, said today:
"I am   particularly glad   to be  asked that question; for while I do   not
believe  that thc    somewhat    ..atural
misunderstanding of    thc policy   of
this Department with respect to graz
ing ou the public lands is more than
a  superficial  and  a  temporary  thing
1  feel that the quickei   and  more thor
oughly   that   misunderstanding   Is   removed the better for thc above solution  of  this  whole  grazing   problem.
"So long as I remain Minister   of
Lands    of    this department  its attitude  towurdB grazing  will  be this:—
To promote in every     way possible
the  legitimate development  of       the
stock   industry  in   British   Columbia.
I  believe  that the  administration  of
the range in this province should  be
based upon three fundamental principles, which ure these:—First of all to
protect  those  now  using  the  range,
and    those     who will later use the
range, in the enjoyment of thiB privilege.    Second, to build up by govern I
mental co-operation a stable und sue
cessful stock industry in thc province
and third,     and that is also fundn -
mental,  to husband and so far       as
practicable to improve the carrying
capacity of the range itself.
"This does not call, at least It
does not call upon provincial lands,
for a multiplicity of departmental
regulations. It calls for the gradual evolution of a practical plan which
hears in mind the welfare of the
range and the welfare of the stock -
men and the wclfnre of the stock in-
, diiBtry.
"There will of course' be no precipitate action in working out or in applying this plan, nor has precip t.ae
action ever been contemplated. I
look forward during the coming season to taking this matter up .n person with the st. ckmen, and to having it carefully investigated hy members of the Fires! Bran<ch. About a
year from now I shall probably be
ready to announce a definite plan of
action. In the meantime 1 shall attempt to develop that plan ubove
all through the CO-operation of stock
men themselves, who are pioneers In
developing the stock industry in British  Columbia."
HfiSPiTftl Ui
The public is cordially invited to
the nft, given in the empty
store  in  the  Howson      Block,  under
the ample s of  the  Ladies'  Hospital
Guild,   on   Friday   afternoon,   March
6th.   The  ladiefl   will  commence      to
serve   tea at   three   thirty.   Everyone
is welcome and everyom   ■ promised
i  good cup of tea, and splendid heme
made  bread  and  cuke v  th it.
While no charge is in ide, a voluntary offering will be acceptable, and
should prove a liberal one at tbe
cause is worthy.
^  > I  ■   <   >  I  ■  a  i  >  • > f  I  <«
- 3
eg " THE SUGAK BOWL '           i
» '»■
1 DO  TOO   KNeiW ■
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IB Season bus ■
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Here'* a  New  Book
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Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased ior a term oi
twenty-one years at au annual rent
al of tl an acre. Not m.jr* thar
2,5m acre* will be leated to one applicant.
Applicat.cn for lease must be made
hy tbe applicant in person to the
A^ent or riub-Aft-ent of the district
In which tbe rights applied for are
The lease will Include the coal mia-              -—__•—
ing  rights only,  but tbe less**    may I
be  permitted  to     purchase  whatever   Give US 3. C3
available eurface rights may  be considered necessary  lor  ths working of =r.
the mine at the rate of     110.00     an
In surveyed territory the land must
he described by sections, or legal
sub-diTisions of sectii.ps, and In un
■urTeyet* territory tin" tract apphee!
for shall be staked out by the ap
idlcant  htmielf.
'. applicant n. nt he acrompar,
;»-il tv a fee of Is which will bs re
funded if the rights applied for ar«
not available, but not otherwise. A
roynlty shall tie paid on the mer
charitable output of the mine at th«
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
turnieb tbe Agent with iiworn returns
accounting for the full  quantity     o)
merchantable coal mined and pay the '
royalty  thereon.   U  the  coal  mining
rights are not bHng operated,     such |
returns should  be  furnished  at least j
once a year.
For full information application |
•bould be made to the Secretary rt |
tbe Department of the Interior, Ot- I
tawa, or to tbe Agent or Sub-Agent j
of Dominion Lands. I
Fill in and mail this
coupon TO-DAY. Do
not put it off until another ".mt. Belter tear
it off and mail NOW.
<• the thought is fresh
in your mind.
Address .
Mi-, m \i vinv
.   : ':       .'
.   Ill'    111 1
Open until 12 p. in
New S,
One CIjiss 'II   Cabin Service
■ feel long l
e * %
.1 |.e.
i;ii WN I
One Class 'IL Cabin Service
\i .len
"e'e l.-e I   long .
$.u;s        I
I S.S    I
S'Cllie  I   . I I!.,'.
For Sailings. Illustrated Booklets, Ktc. .ipplv to
COMPANY'S OFFICES, 619,2nd Ave.. Semile
Revelstoke General Agcncii      I   P \ -• 1.1, Revelnioki
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up under new management
Canadian Ports Development
Wito tho letting of the contract
this week for the harbor work at
Victoria, all of the big national port
undertakings from amBt to count
will be started. This development of
tbo great Canadian ports is only one
phase—hut. an Important one—of the
government's great national trans -
portation policy.
Under the Liberal regime the nat-
Ional iiiiiiioi'H were starved. While
millions woti' spent on the building
of the Nntlonnl TrunHContinent.nl, no
attempt was made to improve the
outlets, to prepare for thc bundling
ol Canadian traffic when it reached
the sea-ports, Hon, Robert Rogers,
with his foresight nnd energy, has
carried on a vigorous policy of harbor development, nnd now, in only
a little more than two years' time,
work is ii) progress nt every great
At Halifax t.he Intercolonial is carrying out a big scheme of terminal
und harbor development, When this
is completed the Novu Scotia Capital Will have harbor facilities equal
to any on the continent, while tho
Intercolonial, the public-owned railway will he In ii position to Bccure
more than its share of Canada's traffic.
At the City of St. John every en-
deavor is being made to expedite the
completion ol the hnrhor work, nnd
for the ocean liners which make the
port of St. John their winter terminals, a second pier has been placed
In onler to provide ndeiinate dockage
under contract In the west side, in
conformity with the scheme of liar-:
hor development decided upon, which
consist i of ii scries of docks nnd ships
extending southward towards Partridge Island.
At Quebec there has been started a
nn.si comprehensive scheme or harbor development. At Levis is being
built the great new dry-docks, which
is one of the must Important unilcr-
taklngfi started by the pirsent government. The urgent necessity for a
dock rn' first-class dimensions, where
the largest vessels crossing the Atlantic can lie docked and repaired has
for si ime time heen apparent. The
new dry dock will supply a long-felt
The dock is being built to the cast
of  the  present  government  dry-dock,
and will be  1.150 feet long,  120   feet1
wide,  with a depth on thc sill of   40 !
feet,   lis operation will he hy elect-1
rlcal  power generated  by a plant to
be installed on  the  dock property.  It
will he the largest dock on the North
Am irican continent, excelling tn dim
- any  of  the   docks  at  present
ie   United   States  sea-hoard.
\t Montreal also the liar; or com-
misaion Is being substantially assisted In completing work at that port.
im the I'acitie coast the large break
■ it  r in the ..iter harbor of Victoria
Is   well   under  way.   The  scheme    of
development   for  Victoria's outer liar
bor provides lor a series of piers inside  the  breakw iter,  and  in     view
ol the speedy utilization of the Pan-
- anal  for Inter-oceanic      com -
the contract  tins now been let
: thi building of the first two of
these piers.
The contract has already been   let
'   ■   new   public  dock  at  Vancouv-
t    .'ure -mi feet long and   300
tion  has about  reneh-
llrolt   in  Maryland, where      a
has intro-
e  bill making it  punishable by
of  'rum i for  women
B to im with high
■   •■ lectoi   for     [owa
i  i'.-  thai  a
•  'I    en-
i age family in
...    nspectoi nei-
ther t he hivi    ai e
•  i   stove
the   honor
the I < press
i in-  A t lantlc    ue, in
'   ,| I ' i t   to   Her
."" foot vi ser nt ' lie
■      lyvllle,   i.i.
e    than  1000 mil
tion "t the
■', miles from Berlin,   Ths
I   Vncelger,
. <   fieri• i ■  eel   as  f'.lle.WH    "The
■un, nf .'• ,•','. V"i li tends cordial gr< et
Ings tn the Lokal An» I bis tbe
i i mi   Hies me? •■ tei   sent    'in,-ft      to
lei many by wireleM The Bun hopes
ihat the extension of this new ■ <■ ins
if communication will Increase tbe
fi lendshlp and Inti ri mi ie between
the two nations
Hay, Grain, Feed
Sherwin-Williams Paints
McClary's Stoves, Furnaces
Canadian Oil Co., Oils, Gasoline, Etc.
Williams' New Scale Pianos.
j First St, Revelstoke.    Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
beg lo announce that they liave o|>eiie<l up offices at the
corner of First Street ami Connaugiit Avenue for the purpose of h,nulling real estate, limber, etc. It will pny you to
call and get particulars, atut get ill on ground floor prices.
We also make a specially of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick,
P. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. J21.
^/Iltvays the   "Best
"ShamrocKl* 'Butter
P. BURNS & GO., Limited \
□onnnnai 3 jaanaao
Golden Russet, Picked No. 1 Apples, per box ... $2.25
Cabbage, clean, fresh, solid heads, per lb       5c
Chicory—pure ground—new, per package     20c
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Phone 254 *
Doors, Windows, Mouldings.
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Fire Clay.
Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
Either price gets   a   solid suit—
a suit that you will feel at home
in   that   you'll feel dressed in —
that willb. strong and thoroughly
made. :: :: ::
It will he cut to fit vou perfectly; it will he fashionable and it
will he big value for whatever money vou pay for it.
H. F. MORTENSEN tail or
Pint Street, on way to Post Office. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 191.
Thinking about Jewellery ?
In addition to an unsurpassed choice of dainty articles in Gold arid Gems, Silver and superior Plate,
Cut Glass and Bric-a-brac, there is always good
VALUE for every cent spent with F. G. Bews.
Won't you drop in and see for yourself.
No pressure to purchase-just values that will
F.  G-  BeWS,    The Revelstoke Jeweller
Capital and Reserve,        -    $8,800,000
Savings Department At All Branches
Interost allowed at highest curront rats.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Ladies' House Dresses
and Dainty Blouses
_yl Nice assortment of the above to hand
Newest Designs and the Latest Styles.
Your inspection invited.
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .
But th<ere are still a few people who don't
know what a safe combination Bell's Breail
iiml   New Zealand Butter make	
(i. W. BELL
P. ••»   Box  -oh GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
Phone No. 340.
Some Pointers
Popular opinion hllds the lumber -
mun responsible for the wastage ot
50 to 73 per cent of the timber which
ho bundles, this waste consisting of
high stump*, broken trees, logs and
uncut timber left In tho woods, nnd
of suwdust, slabs, edgings and trimmings at the mills. The lumberman
maintains that he saves us much ma
terial as he can at a profit, and that
be Bhould not be charged with wilful waste when he refuses to handle
material which cannot be sold for at
least tho cost of production.
Conditions which make possible
closer utilization in logging and ma-
ulaeturing are:
1.    Heady  markets.
..   t heap   transportation.
'.',.   Character of timber.
•1.   Efficient management.
"i.   Proper equipment.
The labor costs in handling waste
material are often prohibitive, The
present low price of stumpage makes
it mure prolituble for the manufac -
turers of many small wooden articles
to buy logs, and entire timber tracts
than to manufacture them fiom tho
waste of  lumbering  operations.
Many by-products plants require
such large investments and an assurance of a long-time supply of material that their erection is possible only in connection with very large lum
boring operations. The conditions
1 surrounding many small operations
are such that close utilization is impossible.
Material is saved only as it is valuable.   Closeness of     timber utiliza -
tion is in direct proportion  to stumpage values.   In some iargc and favorably situated     Eastern   lumbering
operations,  high  timber  values    and
good markets for a  wide variety    of
products permit the  utilization       of
practically  all waste.   In  many  Paci
fie Coast operations  where  standing
timber of low value  is abundant and '
sawing capacity is in excess of mar- j
ket demand,  much  waste  is nt  present unavoidable.
Over-production of lumber and other wood products is a prolific cause
for forest waste. Over-production results from unlimited competition in
the exploitation  of forest resources.
Educating the consumer to the use
Of grades and sizes of material    now
reject id will accomplish much In decreasing forest waste.   Thc consumer
j has  the final  say  in  the disposition
of tbe products of the manufacturer.
This  is  not a   condition  peculiar    to
Inn,  'Ting  alone,   but applies to  the
for   ill  manufactured and agricultural   products.   A   market      for
forest pr iducts equal to that in Ger-
| many would result in as close timber
I Utilization  In  Canada  as exists     in
I Germany.
—at any tale not for a few
days. We are putting in
an entirely NUW and UP-
TO-DATE stock of Cameras, Films, Papers, Ktc.
It will pay you to deal
with us, so wait and watch
our windows for tlie arrival
of these goods.
A. Douglas
The Trueman Studio
Civil Unglneers
Dominion and B. C.  Land
Surveyors  and  Contractors.
P. 0. Box 347       Kamloops, B.O.
Breach  Otticd—Watson   Realty  Ce.
Advertisements,  Catalogues,  Polders,
Circulars,   written   and  designed.
:     Sales   Organised
0. B. N. W1LKIE
Office: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.  WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 31}. Hevclsiok*
P. O. Box 462
Hi&h  Class   French   Dry   Cleaners
and Dyers of Everything.
Orders called for and delivered promptly.
Special   attention given to  mail  orders.
Office and Factory, 1382nd St. West
The New Steam Laundry
The. New Revelstoke Steam
laundry is in operation in their
New    Fire   Proof    Premises.
A Hint to the Planter
Say, if you want the very liest of Nursery Stock
see R. TAPPING. Salesman for the Riverside
Nurseries at Grand Porks, B. C. the home of the
trees that grow and bring Rood fruit, true to name,
not killed by fumigation. Aflcr 13 years experience, R- Tapping can take y.nir order in your best
interest. Order soon (or this Spring* delivery.
PRICES   RIGHT. P. O.   BOX   136.
Of all women in the world, probably those on the Btage are most particular about their personal appearance, and especially in the care of
the hair; and when such lending
stage beauties as Ethel Barry more,
Elsie Kenruson. Natalie Alt, Louse
Dresser, Rose Cognlan, Laurette Tuy
lor and many others arc so enthus -
iastie ubout Harmony Hair Beautlfl-
er as to write in praise of it, that
is certainly evidence that it docs just
what they say it does—that is, beautifies the hail. There are many women right in this town, and men too
who regard it as indispensable because it makes the hair glossier and
more silky, easier to dress and make
stay in place. Sprinkle a little on
your hair each time before brushing
It. Contains no oil; will not change
color of hair,  nor darken gray hair.
To ke"p hair and scalp ilandrutt-
frce and clean, use Harmony Shampoo. This pure liquid Bhampoo gives
an instantaneous rich lather that immediately penetrates to every part of
hair and scalp, insuring a quick,
thorough cleansing. Wushed of! just
as quickly, the entire operation takes only a lew moments. Contains nothing that can harm the hair; leaves
no harshness or stickincssl
Both preparations come in odd-
shaped, very ornamental bottles with
sprinkler tops. Harmony Hair Bcau-
tlfier, $1.H0. Harmony Shampoo, 50c
Both guaranteed to satisfy you in
every way, or your money back. Sold
only at. thc more than 7,0110 Rexall
Stores, and in this town only by us,
the Bews Drug Store.
KOOTENAY     LODGE.  No.  ifc A.  *
_a.l A.  it.
Hegular     meeting* are held in MAS
ejNIC TEMPLE,     Oildlullowa'      Kali
-.in the Third Monday  in eacu month
»t t p.  in.      Vuitiug brettiixn      «r«
cordially welcomn.
ROBT. GORDON. Secretary.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain Vi»w Camp,  No. lit
Meeti Second    and     Fourth WedMi-
dayi    in  each  month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen &r>
■cordially invited to »tt«nd
H. W. EDWARDS. Clerk.
CO_RT    MT. BEGB1E    NO. 3101
OF I. 0. F.
Meeaeta in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
In Month. Visiting Bretbern are
cordially  welcomed.
G. W.    CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-8eo.
Meets every first and third Tuesday
in St. Francis Hall. Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
A.  R.  Grant, Die.
H. L. Haug, Sec.
.SELKIRK     LODGE IX,  1. O. O. T.
Meets every Thursday eveninj In
Selkirk Hall at S o'clock. Vlsltlaj
hrsthrsn  eordlally  Invited.
3*. Gapping Sr Sons
&       A*       Revelstoke, B. C.
Meets every    Wednesday
evening  at 8k.   Visiting
brothers cordlnlly invited
We are clearing out our stock of Dishes
at prices never before offered to the public of
Revelstoke. We find we must reduce our
stock in this department before Feb. ist. and
are offering these goods at greatly reduced
Just a Few Prices to Convince You
Cups and Saucers.   Reg. $3.00. Doz. Sale Price $1.95
8 Inch Dinner Plates   "     3.00     "       " 1.95
6 Inch TeaPlatcs       "      2.50     "       " 1.50
5 Inch Side, Plates     "       2.25     "       " 1.25
Covered Vegetable Dishes 2.00     "      " 1.10
Come in and See the Different Stock Patterns on Display
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
is the envy unci despair of home
bakers. The many varieties, all
delicious, that we produce, are beyond the reach of the most skilled
home baker. Hut to test us thoroughly try the cakes you bake   the
best.      Then you'll know bow i; !
cake can be.
Phone 41
Box 734
By sending to your friends those Photographs
you have been promising them for months. Our
styles are up to the minute and the price is right.
EEID   &   _3___._ElTOa>I
I have now an opportunity of offering you
something in the Coal line that you have not
had before.        : : : : :
"A Coal That Has Mo Equal"
Its qualities are :—lasting, hotter, little or r.o
ash, no soot. Give it a trial and you will
want more       : : : :
Phone 341   S.  G. RobbinS   Phone 541
Armstrong & Co.
Penetang Shoe Packs, Pack Sacks, P*xk
Straps, Rubber Shoes, Horse Covers, Mitts,
Gloves, Trunks, Valises, Hand Bags, Etc.
Boot, Shoes   < Harness Repairing
Before starting on his contemplated visit to .South America, King
Alfonso might confer witb Ool. Roosevelt regarding the biding places
of the big game.
In the case of u parcel post carrier
who refiiBcd to accept a package of
limburger for delivery, the depart -
ment ruled that he had a Btrong
leason  for declining.
Denier in   SII.K GOODS Mil   BANO
THINGS.    I'rettiest Designs.
DRESSMAKING.   Fit Guaranteed
I    Buttons for ladies'  costumes made in
' any material to suit special orders.
|BO TOUB FUB BUSINESS DIRfCT Milh tht ImvU hartr In lis lexK
uteaUni cuhnltf'> In UUS1I V. UM ti,»S
Get "More Money" lot ytmr FURS
ft erelir.bl*—reMpnrntble-^ftfe— Fur Hi-j:e v'tli imi ur.V'TrraKhced TtvA
utati.ui exUtmic (■ r "more thiinn'ii.rr'T   fai i ■..   a lotifftuoj
i-eCMful niiirl < f - "mling I'urbln; l! ' A<TORY
AND VROKITAHLF. return*.   V. r ■ ■ :   r "IV *hitt-l artwr."
the only reliable, accurate market r,v .rt a:.d price lint t'Ubli*l.ed.
Write lor H-NOV-lf. FKi:K
lA    R   CUIIRPRT   I-..   25-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE
|A. D. -HU-tlV 1 , InC. pep,, i?7 CHICAGO,U.S.A. PAGE FOI'R
Made of the best tempered steel, with all attention
paid to handling same. The prices are as right as
the goods. Single or double-bitted axes, handled or
not. o4U guaranteed goods. Handles of best selected
We have the best selection in B. C. c_AU the best
brands. Disston, Sinunis. Atkin. and Shurley and
XCbc fltatMbcralb
jntertoc publtabtng Compans
RALPH  G.   SCRUTON,  Editor.
Local Reading Notices and Business
locals 10 cents per line each insertion.
Minimum local ad charge 25 cents.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
inch each insertion,  single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government nnd Muniolpal Notices 12
cents per line first insertion and 8
■cents per line subsequent insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the ineh.
Applications (or Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications lor Transfer of liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Land  purchase notices, $7.00
Water Application NotkfiS, up to
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words in
All other classes of advertising not
included in above to be charged a".
rate to bo arranged with manager ou
ei)er   shottffl   in   the
Upper Country.       A*
Diamonds. Cut Glass
and    Crobvn     Derby
China.     J»    ->    ->    J»
J. Guy Barber.
%■%■■* v*%
■v*. %%* ■% tke^/v^^^-v v%^vevev%. «v%.'%^%.'%%. ■*■-<♦
Edison's Latest Wondsr
The Blue Amberol Record
is so faithful and lifelike in its tone reproduction,
so fine and broad in the scope of its selections,
so hi'jh in its plane of artists, that you can
almost see the stage setting.
Fot more than f our minute?, ihou- give ynu a concert free. Specie-
sands of timei. the Blue ArnUrol ly the Blue Amberol always,
unwinds to you the most luxurious entertainment you ever knew.
It never wears out and won't
break. Drop in on your Editon
dealer today.   He'll be glad lo
Eduon Phonogr»plu «nd Recnrdi ur. «old by
I Douglas loonier ■ C. R. Macdonald
ni . ( r. i.ii Itmn I
In  ■       •  uu rj   I' i ■ i
It I   Roll f     w ■■
.  ■ ■ i i ■■ e itlmtti
M  l   I   Hi.   .1.1
tlcctrlo Pr«n
We-  Offl I   '.i ll  e      | ■ ■        I'f   i  '
.      .nlle.,,, .,     i f |       I.. (.,
In lilt   I"     '      • i< ' '       e     -f   |   i, i
' l |.i-   ...'
Promises of marked increases in
Canadian trade are held out by the
report of the Department of Trade
and Commerce just to hand from Ot-
tawa in tbe form of a blue book. Tbe
report snows thut the British Preferential tariff of New Zealand has prov
eel a great benefit to Canadian manufacturers and exports in the extension of Canadian trade with that Colony, it is only reasonable to expect therefore as a result of thc tariff concessions granted to Canada by
certain of the British West India
Colonies that Canada should secure a
large portion ot the vast trade now
carried on between the l'nited States
and the British West India colonics. I
A study of thc comprehensive tables
accompanying the report indicates
that during the month of October,
1913, Canada imported from other
portions of the British Empire goods
Ito  the  value  of $12,327,837.   Of    this
1 amount thc relntive importance of
Borne of the principal countries from
[which tlnse goods were imported is
as follow.: From the United Kingdom,   M0,801,08-;   British  East   Indies
!-|o:,.in .;    British   West   Indies,  827-,-
594;  New    Zealand,  (264,785;     Newfoundland,   $-50,925;   British   Guiana,
3173,614;   Australia,   $58,539.   During
■  ■  same month the Imports from all
foreign countries amounted   to $41,-1
11)3.   Of this amount the following - in tbeir relative order
principal  ce.tintries:  —
From  the  Un I 1,154;
' - 771;  France,   $1,335,
■ um,
I       Holland,                  -       Domingo
Thi                   rrom  Canada
er 1    the     Britii
t the I irger
■' ■ e,he
•   •■ •        for
■  .   ■
Freight Held Up
ea will
■ i
In anj
■I   growing,
td" ne.■ i o_k i i  Into the district   »U1
■ I  r.'inieii, -    There    In
■ id Interest In Intei
iIt .lien.- in central  Alberta, ni b re
suit of which thousand i e,f pui
eatl !•,   h nn      • ei  hog    nre     being
; from i he United   Itates and
pari    eef  Europe,  principally
ii cotland,
The Literary Digest (New York)
says:—"Congressional wrath over the
Canadian advertising campaign among American farmers does not seem
to be greatly shared by our press.
The Senate's Lobby committee Is reported to bave discovered that Canada has been spending $110,000 a yeur
for advertising—and has drawn some
Siio,lino Americans over the border in
thc last ten ye.irs. Home $42,000 of
this Canadian money was bandied
by Mr. Alfred Washington, ndvertis -
ing manager of the Western Newspaper Union, according to bis own testimony before the committee. His ad
mission brought down upon him the
demand from Senator Nelson: "You
were hired by a foreign government
to do an act of disloyalty to your
own country.    Are you not ashamed"
Mr.   Washington  replied,  according
to the dispatches,  that he did     not
think it unpatriotic or dislayal     to
circulate    such     matter as that     in
Of course not, agrees the New York
World, which adds that "if the Lobby Committee has swept the lobbies
clear of every nuisance, but this it
might, as well report and get a new
"What in the name of common sense," exclaims the New York Telegraph "h there to be ashamed of?" Canada, It remarks, "is not a bad country . . . some day the United
Stat B will annex Canada, and it is
lot a bad idea to have a few hundred thousand of your own people al
i. ady in the section."
And   tbe  New   York   Evening  Post
wonders    that      Mr.   Washington  did
not live up  to bis name by arguing
that so far from being disloyal,     he
■WKB     iu   fad     li ■  agent   of a  process
f peacaftil penetration which at one
time had patriotic Canadians serious
ly worried." The episode does bring
up a line moral issue. The Evening
Post further reflects: "Where does
business cud and patriotism begin?
In the business more disloyal than
the business of selling war munitions
to a nation that might, use them
against us? Is it more unpatriotic
to induce American labor to cmi-
■late than it is to make American
capital emigrate in the face of labor troubles."
86, too, the Socialist New York
Call remembers that while the departure of Middle Western farmers is cs-
pecially regretted by thc "capitalist
and the capitalist politician," because they "take their capital out of
country," this "is the very thre-
il that Is made by capitalists themselves when their wage-slaves made
demands that they considered extor-
i innate."
Turning  to those    more concerned
er the  northward  movement,     we
id   that   at  the  Lobby committee's
hearings   Senator    Cummins  wanted
Mr.  Wm. J, White, the Canadian gov
• s advertising agent to tell
f the  results accomplished  in Iowa.
ee   fowan Senator's anxictywas
ly  not   lessened  by  this frank
Bent   from   the   Canadian:
"We have done a great deal of ad-
Ing In   Iowa   with good results,
ind I heli ve that een the whole those
'  ' ha to I an ida from Iowa
bave been benefited. They sold their
holdings, and I have heard little or
no complaint from them. We try to
a d would lie emigrants by pointing
(cultural lands and
Ig   them   to   locate."
the mm
I    of   bright
'i  5fi minutes;
ti    perature
'   "    I        ll      '.I,      i-'ll.
i   of  bright
OUI , miles,
 Bl  temperature
' i on t 38 on
■   I   '    imo mt   ol  ni Ight
"•I  30     minutes,
■ ■      blghe t   temperature
I 1.19   inch.,
I   '  mpi i   i tire 56 on 20th, low
on  l»th.
loops   Total amount of bright
nnd i. minutes, ruin
Inch, t ti mpei iture  U   on
'lib, lowest 2'i on the   !0th
"en'e.e i rllle   Bnow ■'■   0 Inches, high-
■  I   tempera! en -   ■•: on 21sl,.  lowest. 0
Pi nee     Rupert   Rain    ! I   Inches,
i   tempera)ure '•■   em   i ith, and
1   th    lowest   'I on 21  nnd 32nd,
Ulin    Snow   ,80   inch,   highest   t •„,.
perature  10 on  18th, lowest  r below
Dawson   \,, §now,  highest  temper
itiire 21 on I'Mh. lowesl   sero een the
Fire Insurance placed iu the most reliable companies.    Prompt
settlement of all claims.
Call and see us  about Accident or Life Insurance.    Do not
delay.   We are nt your service.
Money tc lo n on first mortgages.
J. D. Hniu.VL,!), Pres. J. I). Siiiiiai.d, Jr., Kec.-Treas.
Howson C& Co.
beg to thank the numerous customers who
availed  themselves of their recent  sale.
While thi big sale is over we desire lo
emphasize to ail present and future customers that we always endeavor to susjily
at cash prices which will be found to compare favor bly with those in any ci y in
We are now opening up our Spring Stock
of up-to date lines in draperies, scrims,
nets and cretonnes.
All the above are special values in new
lines, and we confidently invite all ladies
who think of beautifying their home to call
and inspect our goods and notice the prices.
C. P. R.
Pay day on the C.P.R. is an eagerly anticipated event; and each month the company pays out over $(i,000-
•00 in cheques, distributed over the
s\ stem.
Hy actual count the cheques reach
a total of 1211,0410, and this number
with the growth of the system aud
tbe consequent need of more men,
ever grows.
"We do everything in our power to
accommodate the employees," says
Mr. H.K. Stickling, thc treasurer of
tbe C.P.R. "There is a great denl of
time and work associated with tbe
monthly pay day; nnd if we had to
have it twice a month, as is the case
In certain of tbe states—well, it
would mean a lot more trouble, and
doubled stall, and considerable more
expense. We bave to do it in Ver -
mont and Maine, which we pass thru
and which have the bi-monthly payments, and I can tell you it is work.
In several of tbe states it is thesame
but wherever it is found it is because
state legislators pander to tbe so-
called labor vote. Our people have
not sought for short term payments;
and in fact, seeing tbat they know for
a certainty that on a certain date,
without fail they will get their money, they are perfectly Battened to
have it once a month. Think of a
job of sending out twice a month
l2ii,0H0 cheques. There was some talk
at Ottawa some years ago of initiating bi-monthly payments; but tbe
matter was not pursued.
"The single monthly paymentworks
well; it is n certain fixed date which
does not vary; there is a fixedness
which u'ives security, and it suits all
the people with whom they deal.
Branch banks will be found all over
the system, close to the place of work
and payment, so tbat there Is no
trouble in getting tne cheques cashed
The wanes list is constantly increasing on   the  O.P.R,
\ decade ago the total number of
employees was something like 05,000.
Today it is over 1211,000 in all grades
f activity. It mlgnt be said that
over 500,000 persons are directly interested in, and look forward to the
monthly pad day, While, if we consid
'i ' e allied interests, thc indirect
i'I tions sustained one way or ano-
tl . thc commercial and industrial
imitations of the     company outside
the regular list of employees, wc get
over 1,1100,01)1) people more orlces directly concerned in the issuance once
a month, of these seemingly innumerable bits of paper which are so cag
erly transmuted into bread and butter, lf, however, wc get beyond all
those who are more or less directly
interested in thc company, and reach
out to the various activities which
depend on the company—each industrial organism witb its own army of
employee's; if we consider every allied
or affected interest, we find that the
entire population is, remotely, it may
be, but, nevertheless, certainly affect
ed in their lives and outlook by tbe
operations of the C.P.R., and, with
measurable closeness, concerned Ior
the pay envelopes.
The granting of a new trial to
Lieut. Becker, tbe New York poli.ee
officer convicted of the murder of
Rosenthal, tbe gambler, makes it
practically certain tbat he will never
occupy a seat in the electric chair.
The powerful Influence behind him
will see to tbat.
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plumbing ami
heating   supplHs
Bros. Ltd
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COMPLETE $16 *•-«*•».■«
Furniture, Carpets and
Linoleum at Eastern
Prices, Freight Added
w sy ■    'T,'--]""'s-"<
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SI! ^;- 1
;• wm. rt'., .ejv.iiws ? v .■'< ..i'ii/ "-.i f'   <i
^__S«-S^60*(Vf_«^',^rr:^;  .:".':-   ■   ' /' ;_r»
m-t,V .: - *••«.   ■■   isvTtSs      '---.-_"""»    7   «™-tI
Tfcs^?Mf       a.
HH^V 4 A H
^       g    ^m'W
r< -y
, 11»'. \
K  _. ^>^wJtMffMB8aHB*«l
% '   ...i;- ULm
(Rj-UATD PIH Jill'
osi    r.N *,
HH   Lron cvim >av or thi vr.An '■
j1.' :          <
ffl I!  I
1   .
< <
•..'      • • r/.vs^r.ir/:.1   y#     m    h»J  $* 2^ //IPS
;     ■=_ d \ ■ -    .»   - .      .  ■  ' ■    ' i . i_   * ■ . .     ' ■* tr        ■       \  • ■  <■ ■ .   i, l..'        if
March Smallware Sale
Among the thousand and one things you can
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Women's Patent Button Boots—Cloth top and
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Women's Patent Button Boot —Cloth   top,  toe
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Last, Goodyear welt, plain toe. Prices in black
Gunmet al, Tan Calf and Patent	
$4.50 Per Pair
Cann d Vegetables
are In great demand just now.       Look over   your cellar
and see what you need in these lines
SUNSHINE TOMATOES —15c. per tin or per case ol
Twenty-four      $3.25
THISTLE) BRAND  Corn—2 tins (or 25c. or per case
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THISTLE  BRAND  EARLY    June    Peas,   2 tins for
25c., or per case of Twenty-four     $2.75
THISTLE BRAND WAX   Beans,    2 tins for 25c, or
per caBc    of Twenty-four    $2.75
VAN CAMPS Pork and BeanB in Tomato Sauce, 1lb.
tin  15c, 2 rb. tin  -  25c.
Can-ied Fruits
II10IN7/S    PORK     and Beans,  lib. tin, 2 for  25c.
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OHTLL-WAOK CHERRIES, 2 ft. tins   25c
sunshine   PEACHES, 2 lb, Uni   25c
OLiOBfl PEARS, 2 ft.  tlnn    25c.
LOMBARD I'LUMS 2 lb. tins  25c
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Friday and Saturday Only
31b. tins of Pumpkins.    Regular
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O. & B. Jams in 1ft. BottlH, 4 and 7 Pound Tins.
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Hardwood Floors
OUR LIQUID VENEER Floor Polish is just what
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17tri._ATJ5"ir.rw_,-rajrKc Ar,,___;.,_a_RHr_.)_
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Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. Boyd, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
"Twelve Siorles of Solid Comfort"
In the centre of thlnn—theatres
niui Btores on both sides.   Mnihlinir
abolutcly fireproof—concrete,eteel
nml marble.
\iith lii'tli..—S2 per day up
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .
Notice is hereby given, in accord -
ance with tha Statutes, that all assessed Taxes, Income and School
Taxes, assessed and levied under the
"Taxation Act" and "Public Schools
Act" are now due and payable Ior tho
year 1014.
All Taxes collectible for the Revelstoke Assessment    District   are  due
and payable at ray oflice, situated in
the  Court House,  Revelstoke,  B.C..
This notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persons liable for Taxes.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C., Janu -
ary 26th,  1914.
Colle-.tor  for the Revelstoke Asscsh-
ment District. 1st iss. J.28 lm
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers cf Aerated Waters
i    )R
\gents for Calgary Beer
Ihe Revelstoke INu;
Rates t 1.00 a Dayjand Up Phone 1629
Furnished Kooir.r. by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. il. J. I tY,    -     Proprieti
Steam Heated Throughout     Housekeeping Suites.
Corner View
and Douglas Streets.'.
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Kevelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
PRICE    6 I.I .
Central Hotel
Abraharnson Bros.  '
First-Class in all
Ail Modern
Special Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Beat Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 B day.    Monthly ratei.
Important Recommendations
The report ol the Royal Commission on Agriculture presented to the
Legislature proposes the creation ot
a board to be known as the AgriCUl
tural Credit Commission, consisting
ot a superintendent and tour directors, to deal with all matters appertaining to administrating of government mortgager-loans to farmers. It
is proposed that the superintendent
and two members of the council who
are to be practical farmers, should
be appointed by the Lieutenant-Gov-
ernor-in-councll and to serve for life,
the Deputy Ministers of Finance and
Agriculture to be ex-officio members
of the commission.
It is proposed that the Legislative
Assembly should authorize the Minister of Finance each year to borrow
up to a specified amount by thc is -
sue of stock or debentures bearing in
terest at not more than four per cent
and having a currency of 36 and a
half years. These monies shall be
available for the credit commission
to lend to farmers in respect to per-
i manent improvements made on their
land and for other productive measures. .Such loans shall be repayable
by a mortization  over such  periods
I as  the  commission   muy  decide  and
I applicants for loans will be investigated as to their personal character
(and responsibility und thc  adaptabil
ity of their funds.
It is propscd     that the productive
value,  after the improvements    shall
i be ascertained by appraisers,     under
the direction ol the commission, and
the u. ixlmum     loan vvu c    i ... ■     be
made on  any  land  shall  uot exceed
sixty per cent of the value,  calculated on a     productive basis.   No loan
shall be made for less than     8260 or
more than  $1(1,11110 to  one  applicant
■ i   i| on    i    : roperty, and it is suggested that      applications  for  loans
not exceeding !(i-,00ii shall be     given
With regard to land settlement the
coniai .-sum, [.11 wing the closer settlement plan in operation in Australia. :"a:- ■•■ ' il certain areas bo
determined upon iu suit aide parts of
| the pi whii b Bhould be throw ei
open lor i loser  lettlement; tbat theae
areas be surveyed with special     retire tu  tli"    "living areas."      and
that fully di tailed infoimat on be re
corded v. ith regard to such sections
s-o as  to cany   nut   the8e   . is  a
: f the land depart -
i  should  be formed,  to be called
: eition branch     and
■   In the province be reserved un'
'il such time as the government wish
in   a on   this
le.    It is  also  suggested    that
preference be given to these areas In
construction ol roads.
The commissioners report that Oriental  ownership or leasehold of farm
da is detrimental to the truck far-
mlng  Industry as ■• n ed on  in this
evince bj the white settlers, and
that the Hindus are becoming troublesome competitors tothe dairymen
o supply the Victoria market with
• 'I 'h rel ire ilny    sub-
that      the
'ild take the  matter
up with ' he authorities at Ottawa,
With   regatd  to  land  clearing   the
commiusioni is ted I bat  the sg
bOUld   carry
rk nn
nl   land  i"
' '   ds   In        he
...   i.,   [lye dem
(plosives ,
n Investlgo
ii ted with i '-.'.ii ,i
nee  and safety
tbat    tlre-
'.'.•i, inn ,i  , ret
Ional at pi rralts     lor
■ ■    ll   Slash,   and   that       no
• Ity     shall  I xaCted
that bears   the stamp   of
originality and good taste
Estimates and ideas gladly
given.    ::   ::    Phone No. 8
drawn upon to assist immigration ;
from England. The appointment of
a board of immigration is rccommen
ded aud tbe establishment of training
schools for children, such as nre now
existent In Ontario. These children
should be taught tbe elementary and
practical side of farm life to boys,
and the duties required of domestic
servants to girls, land after having re
ceived an elementary training it is
suggested that they should be placed on farms until they are able to
provide for themselves.
in dealing with the question of mar
ketlng the commission finds that it is
desirable to  promote co-operation am
ciit.r the producers and    also among
the buyers of agricultural     produce;
mat the maintenance of the present
amount of protection afforded by  the
custom tariff to the produce ot farmers     is     necessary and reasonable;
Ihat much assistance can be given to
me     producer in     his light for the
share of the Northwest market bythe
active co-operation of the railroads
and    express     companies    operating
throughout   the  province.   The com-
mission recommends that the co-oper
atlve movement Bhould be encourag
ed, but that it should be Btarted on
a   small  scale.    The  report   also    BUg-
gests the organization of a market
news service to collect and disseminate Information ns to supply      nnd
for garden and farm ore best
for B.C.soil.See Catalogue fox
solid guarantee of purity
and goru-irmtion
Send now for Copy free
Sutton SSons.Thc Kind's Sosdmon
H .....' i i e ,i 1Z nft lend
Victoria      8,        Vancouver
615 rort SI. <.t>7 Oronvillo St
al this restaurant.
ii !   a fort taste ot
perfectly as
And  the s
yon art
:-. I il
It in said that the way to  n  man's
through  his  st< tnnch.   \Vc ate
sure  lo i. a. b  yours it you'll drop In
■ a ml try um hill of fare,     if perfecl vie-
Iti Is,   pi i' i- !■.   rn ,:,i-il   and   pi i •■
•■veil, will gain your friendship,    vi'
A. «i. Thiakison Manager.
With regard to agricultural education the report emphasises the fact
that the majority ot those engaged
m farming In British Columbia have
aad littlf training Ior their profession and suggests that a beginning
be made with the rural schools with
the teaching of nature study  and  the
Fundamental principles of agriculture1
Bided by the use of schools or home
I lots.   It suggests also that the agricultural curriculum be extended    to'
the high schools and  urges thnt the i
system    of     agricultural    education
should be extended from the smallest
school to classes at thu new Univers-
ity of British Columbia!
That the ministry of agriculture
Bhould be a separate portfolio in order that the official head might de-
vot ■ his entire attention to the dut-
li ..f tin- department is another pro-
poaal contained In the report. g
llty.nlno   places  were   visited      by
' mission ami over six hundred
M it Messes  were  heard
The   family   remedy   for   Cougha   and Colda.
Shlluh cost j  ao   tittla   and dota   ao much'"
McKenzie Ave.
N|>e- ,       |l|Ctcd
'        llllll-e 1
■    1
1      I
Union   Hotel
A.  P. LEVE8QUB,  Proprietor
I  ii i ve pili W el     'I   lialiirn i
Bankrupt Htnnk which I boug
.it Vancouver'
Now i defj ■ ompei ll Ion
Dinner Sets. 86 pieces, $10.20
The Hnesl  Imitation I'ul   n\nn* ,,t
It will nmie than pay you In eall
Inspect these goods.
Prince   William   of  Weird,     made    n
M'le farmei        I    d cleai     bopping tour ,,f the Buropean cap-
Dg operation, lli,|H before leaving to   assume   the
Witt, regard to road building,    tiiu,''""'"" "f ,l"'  A-banian throne. Ii he
commission •  tbe daywage '"''""' "|,|"HB Ul,y bargains in a coat
iras justified in  tbe past, but  "' '"'"'  '"' m*Kbt find it very useful
many cases thi  conti id syi   "' ,IJH B** home,
ten, might now he used to advantage ~— ~
'i hi '■ immlstlon reports that on m
count of th" high cost of road build
Ing and tbe iragea paid that the bull |
ding of roads line deti rred farm   de
relopment  and tbe adoption ol   the
plan "f agricultural credit  suggfistpd |
would rendei muota road  »ort    ken |
ueeeHiiiry as a meant of support, and
■ niil'le fnrmerH    to    attend    to    t.helr
own work at the proper Maion,
Stop. Falling Hair
llall'i Hair Renewer certainly Mops
(ailing hair.   Mo doabt about it what
ever.      You will surely he satisfied.
Dealing witu the qu<ntlon ol agri-
eultural labor the report of the com-
miulon pointi nut that efficient labor te.i the farm in Marcetand it sag
geiiin thai  Ihe oriental tax should Vie
rilaUnf l'lll eir Women,  j:, a box nr i
jiu. Hni'i at ell Pi   ■      •    • r mailed t» any
iiililrr.niiii reecli'ti.t |.rici".    im Bioiiili. Ham
l'i    .   -1.   I t I I     -it, I fill	
\ a lilt'-11 .r   Ni m anil nrriti; Irii-r^m- , -\- ...
matter'in Tonic -wttlballd jrou op. ii«i«i ,,r
te' ■ feir J'•. nt Urns ,i T"«. or hjr lnml i'ii r-'ia i
«(prim.   Tim I   •        ■ i i ithorlnn
isn'i M'oiih a
lake action,
am chancea
picayune if you don't
There's no one lakes
it all Ihat insures here.
We   Write
Accident Insurance
thai often the most inducements to
ihe policy-holder.    When you have
us in mind drop a note to US at oiu-e.
A. B, Kincaid, Malinger.
Transfer      Draying
HandHng Pianos a Specialty
Phone M   -   Night Phone85- SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1914
That ..
Pays . .
Pays you
Your business status is often judged by
the style and quality of your Printing. A
poor circular hasn't half the convincing
and business-bringing power of the better
one. A cheap and common-looking letterhead lowers your credit with the wholesaler.
Pays Vs
You are delighted with MAIL-HERALD
Printing—for we do our utmost to please
you. We have the staff, stock and equipment to deliver the goods—so we get your
next order, sure. Then your satisfaction
results in recommendation and so our
business grows.
LooK. For
This Sign
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information—we
can help you.
We Prints
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Meinoriam Cards   -   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mail-Herald Electric Press
Revelstoke, B. C. Phone No. 8
Commission's Grave Charge
"We find that the Transcontinental
Railway Commission, the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway and those hav
ing charge of the construction ot the |
Railway did not consider it desir-
able or necessary to practice or en-
tourage economy in the construction
of this road.
"We find that, without including
the money which was unnecessarily
expended in building the Railway
east ol the St. Lawrence River, For-
ty Million Dollars at least was needlessly expended on the building ol
this road."—Report ol the Commission to investigate thc Building of
the  National  Transcontinental.
"When the daze produced by his defeat passed off," says the "Mail and
Empire,"   "and he  began to  get his
reckoning,  Sir Wilfrid Laurier     was
able to see that, however small    his
chance of     getting back    into  office
might be, it would grow only smaller with the flight of time.   The tac-
] tics for him, then,  would be to     do
I everything to drive or lure thc gov-
| eminent into another general election
i without delay, and thus, if possible,
! head off exposure.
"If the late government had resign
| ed otlice, or could have speedily got
back to office, the seal it so watch -
fully kept ou the National Transcon-
remained on, and the account of the
frightful waste, to use no harsher
term, which has just been exposed in
the report of the Commissioners to
investigate, the cost of constructing
the railway up to the time of the
iesignation of that government would
not have appeared.
"of the monumental scandals that
stand out in the history of govern -
ments' dealings witb contractors,
where is there another of the magnitude ot this? In its early days the
Panama Canal was a sink hole of capital and of reputations, but the losses charged to bad business methods
in connection with thnt failure fell
very far short of forty millions of
| dollars."
In reference to the National Transcontinental, the "News" says:—" It
clear that Mr. Fielding did not know
what he was talking about when he
put forth his original estimate of
the expenditure involved. He was
merely making a guess in the dark ,
a guess which fell astonishingly wide
of the mark. The line is costing about four times whut Mr. Fielding
said it would, and we bave to go
back to the Darien scheme, or to the
South Sea Bubble to find a wilder
prospectus. In the height of the spec
illative craze in Walpole's time the
public was offered stock iu a company formed with a remunerative object, but "nobody to know what it
is." That wus almost the position
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his Finance Minister ilwn Lb y launched the
National Transcontinental, Railway.
"The upshot of all this looseness
and inefficiency is that the road can
never serve the purpose for which it
was projected. It cau never give
such economical competition as will
check freight and passenger rates on
other lines operating to and from
the West. The capitalization of the
road Is so excessive that it cannot
yield a reasonable return on the investment and at the same time nflord
the farmers and manufacturers of the
East and West such an alternative
as will lower rates on privately owned roads. In short by its bungling
of a great national project thc Laurier government imposed such a financial burden on the line and upon the
people as is likely to postpone for a
generation the effective control and
regulation of Canadian railway
In the course of its leading article
! on the N.T.R. scandal, the     Halifax
"Herald"   Uas  the  following;—
"The report  of     tho  investigating
i Commission   exposing  and  condemn -
I ing the waste and graft in the   con-
j struction   of  the   National  Transcon-
tinental under Sir Wildrid Laurler's
| Railway  Construction     Commission,
will not prove any     surprise to the
public, for the intelligent people     of
this country had been fully prepared
by previous exposures to expect such
revelations  when a complete investigation had been made.
"Our readers should not fall to
pursue and ponder thc fullest sum -
mary ol this report ol the Cummin -
sion of investigation of a most scandalous system of public administra -
jtion, or unparalleled waste of public
money,  of     colossal     private  graft
made with the virtual assistance and
connivance of the Laurier govern -
ment, and as the natural and not un
forseen outcome of Laurier's whole
political railway scheme, which was
first, not a reasonable transportation
scheme, but a mere device to carry
tbe elections of 11104, and, secondly ,
a device for the enrichment of Laurier party favorites, at the cost of the
A  Victoria exchange says:
No more  amazing report has issued from the press than that     which
tells the Btory of the building of the
National  Transcontinental      Railway
and the squandering of $40,000,000 In
the     process.   This     branch of     the
Grand Trunk  Pacific line    was built
by  tbe      Laurier      government.   Mr.
Fielding informed the House that the
total cost would not exceed $01,415,-
UIK).   Tbe report  of the investigating
committee showed that it had reached the amazing sum   of $'234,661,621.
Today  it stands saddled with  an interest  charge      of $5,40U,0OO,   or  •'514,-
Snii per day and the general impres -
sion  is  thut the     handicap      is  too
great to carry  and  that iu     conse -
quence the G.T.P, will refuse to tukc
the line.   If so, the government   will
have to  operate  it and thc  country
will  be  saadlcd  with  another Inter -
colonial,      which  will  probably  take
many    years     to reach tbe     paying
stage.   These  are      the      bare  facts.
When one comes down to details, the
report is even more amazing.      For
instance, we read that there was   no
proper system of competition  in letting thc contracts.   Instead of    open
tenders with  unrestricted  conditions,
they were all so arranged that   only
a few favored firms could tender, and
they appear to have done so not on
the lines of  competition  but  of  combination,   thus   eleven   firms  secured
over eight hundred miles of railway
and re-let it to  ion   sub-contractors.
The original  firms cleared an immense profit for doing nothing.   The   11
contractors     secured     S8,SO0,000  for
transferring their contracts. The firm
of M.P.  DaviB & Co. figured  largely
in this connection and in thc case of
two contracts received the sum       of
$740,000 for simply banding them over.   A   practice  which  if  not  dishonest is certainly open to the gravest
suspicion was  introduced in the  mat
ter of      "classification."   New  terms
hitherto unknown in engineering prac
tice were coined to enable contract -
ors to be  paid  a     higher   rate than
that agreed  upon, and to crown    all
the committee points out that     the
line through New Brunswick    should
bave never been  built; it was purely
a concession to political clamor;    it
parallels the  Intercolonial;  it has no
business offeriag;  "grass is  growing
along  the  permanent  way,  and    the
ties are rotting,"   This is a fine com
ment upon the railway building     of
the late Administration,   That it is
a true one cannot be doubted, for Mr
GuteliUS,   the  engineer  of  the  Com -
1 mission is one of the ablest railway
engineers in the Dominion and a man
of unquestioned integrity.   He     has
simply  told  the  truth.   What the effect of the report will be no one can
, say.   It   will   be  sufficiently  unpalatable to  Canadians and one can only
hope that  its effect outside  thc limits of    the     Dominion have already
been  discounted  by such an acquaintance with tbe methods pursued that
the report will not come ns a     sur-
, prise.   Incidentally,  it is only a mat
ler of justice to remark what an important      light      this     investigation
throws on the charges made  by  Major Hodgins a  few  yean; ago.      The
major suffered   because be was  unable
to substantiate  them but after reading the  report of Mr. Outelius    and
his associate, there will  be a general
feeling that   bis failure to do so was
' not  besaiisc his  chargeB  were  incor-
r.ct,  but solely  because be was    not
in a   position   to  secure  the  necessary
evidence.    After this expose the resig
nation  Of  Major  Hodgins and    later
on of Mr. Peter Lumiden require   no
further explanation.
Agent-General's Report
How A Clever Girl
Helped Her Mother
Since the recent revclnt li ns in Mon
tre.'il, the Citizens are said to have
acquired the "dictaphone voice" and
conduct their confidential con versa -
inns in Whispers and pantomine.
"""'"•a unit mum -'"»- n"""""-'""'"
■w_l    TORONTO OUT.    w*_g
The high regard in which thc Province of British Columbia is held in
London, and throughout Great Britain generally, is graphically set forth
in the annual report of the Hon. J.
H. Turner, Agent-General, which was
I resented to the Legislature the other day.
After referring to the fact that dur
ing the past year there has been a
steady advance in the work of the
department, owing to the increased
and more accurate knowledge regarding this province being dissemlnnted
among the people of the country,
knowledge appertaining not only to
the province's natural resources and
her industries, but nl*'j to her edu -
cational facilities, health statistics,
climate and general attractions, the '
Agent-General says:
"Thc great interest taken in the
Province at the present time is not
only by one class of people, but ap-
piles equally to all grades of society ;
and leads many to decide upon making our province their future home."
The Agent-General recounts the var
ious successes attained by Provincial ;
exhibits at tbe different shows held |
throughout the United Kingdom,and
indicates that the effect of these in
arousing additional interest in this
country has been very marked indeed
He makes an interesting note regard
ing the visit to London which was
made by Mr. W.E. Scott, Deputy Min
ister of Agriculture, and compliments
that official upon the excellent work
be Was able to accomplish during bis
brief stay.
Referring to the lecture courses
tbat have been inaugurated, thc Agent-General deals with the agreement
which was made by the government
w ith a view to having a series of cin
tmatograph pictures in natural colors taken of the various industries
and activities of the province.
"The operator," says the Hon. Mr.
Turner, "was one of thc beBt in the
employ of the Kiueto Company, a representative of which company ac -
rompanied Their Majesties the King
and ejueen on their visit to India.
The pictures are pronounced by experts to be some of the best ever
shown in this country. I have made
arrangements for them to be "exhibited during the coming spring nad sum
ir.er. by a cinematograph company
working in conjunction with the Australian government, and they will be
shown in towns throughout Great
Britain and Ireland. It is very certain that these vivid, real life pictures will lead to a still greater appreciation by the people of the Mo -
thcr Country of the wondi rful natur
al resources and business activity of
cur great I'acific province."
The Agent-General also deals with
the proposed Provincial building in
London, and explains the negotiat -
ions so far as they have ulreadygone
and briefly outlines the general idea
in regard to design and interior arrangement of the structure.
"Some delay occurred in obtaining
possession of the ground, and in the
design of the building being approved by the government, but the work
is now well nuclei' way. Tbe original
building on the site, the Hotel Continental, has nearly all been removed, and actual construction on the
new British Columbia block will com
mence shortly and it is expected to
be v f- • advanced as to be readv foi
the laying ol i n cornerstone by the
I'rst week in Mi./. His Royal High-
nrss Prince Arthur of Oonnaught has
Consented to perform this ceremony"
"It is proposed to lit up the Inter
ior in a good, but not extrav. I
manner, sons t'i make it a convenient and comfortable place for visit
crs and Inquirers; for people not only of the Mother Country, but ulso
for British Columbians, who should
always register at this, their own office," says Mr. Turner. "On the
ground floor it is intended to havi'
an exhibition hall, in which practically all thc productions of British
Columbia can be faithfully and artis
tically displayed, it is hoped that
complete and well selected specimens
of its timber, minerals, fish and ag-
ricultural products may he represented there."
Drloraink, Man.
I must tell you about my mother.
She thinks there is no other medicine,
ms good as GIN PILLS, for Backache.
She tried a lot of other medicine for her
back. Sometimes she would ^et a little
better,  and   then   be  as  bad  as ever.
Then a friend advised me to get (UN
PILLS.     Mother trieil the-iu  and  has
not been troubled will backache since.
Hackache is the surest sign of Kidney
Trouble—and GIN PILLS are the surest
cure for weak, sick Kidneys, If you are
troubled with backache, don't hefitate
a moment but get GIX PILLS and yon
will get relief. If GIN PILLS do'not
do all tbat we say they will—let us
know, and we will cheerfully refund
you your money. 50c. a box, 6 for fi 50.
If your dealer does not handle them,
write us for free sam; Ie box,
National Drug and Chemical Co., of
Canada, Limited. Toronto. 104
can use
kThe Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
1 All Kinds of Cloth.
Clean, Simple, No Chance of Mi.takea.  THY
1    I'll   Send (or Free Color Card and U.-pklcl
I Tbe Johi~on-Rn.l_iii.oii Co. Limited, Montreal
A New York man disposed of a S50,-
COO estate in a will containing only
:t2 words. Lawyers for the heirs expectant are subjecting it to an X-ray
The transparent waistcoats featured in the fashion journals for men will
give the wearers a chance to exhibit
the fancy suspenders they were presented with last Christmas.
In a report submitted to the Academy of Medicine in Pari3, it was
recommended that cooks be required
to wear gloves when cooking. In the
event of restaurant .patrons discovering a section of a gauntlet in their
tolls or the thumb of a kid glove in
their consomme it would be an easy
. matter to trace the alien  ingredient
1 to its original source.
The Mexican government is reported to be arranging to raise a war
(und by disposing of nationalized oil
lands. It is a crude method of floating a loan but it needs the money.
In its parliamentary jotting, the
Ottawa Journal states that Sir Char
les Tapper is the senior prlcy coun -
cillor of Canada, with Sir Wilfrid
Laurier next, Sir Mackenzie Bowell
third, and Hon. John Costigan,
There ure a lot of people in thin
town whti cannot afford to be sick.
Terhaps none of you feel that yon
can, but certainly some of you can't
lor as soon as you are sick, your
wage a stop and worry and debts _.»•
gin to pile up. The semiU, thing
Ior you to d 1, .-is a onus you feel
run-down and worn out, nei matter
.-' • the cause, is to tt-ke something
just as eiuick as you can to build-up
strength and health. Make yourself
more comfortable and provide against serious sickness.
\\v don't believe tin-re is any other
medicine that will do as much
towardi  ■ your health and thus
helping you I ■••■ yi 1 money as Retail Olive Oil Bmul_ion. It is a med-
t gel 1 ight at tho troul le ,
and relieves It bj toning the nerves,
enriching the blood, and giving new
strength and health to the whole body. It doesn't do thiB by 11 eans of
alcohol or habit-f. inning drugs, be-
cause it contains none. Its strength
end health-giving power Is due to
jure Olive Oil and the Hypophosph-
ites, long endorsed by successful phys
icians, the one for its food value, the
other for itB tonic value. Here, for
Ihe first time, they are combined and
the result is a real nerve, blrod and
body-building medicine—a real stren-
ghten^r that we are proud to tell
you nbout. You don't need to hesi -
tatc in using it, because if It doesn't
do all we Bay it will snd Bat sfy you
in every way, It will cost you nothing. If it doesn't make you strong
and well agnin, come back and get
your money. It will be given to you
without word or question. Sold only
at the more than ,7,000 Rexall Stores
and in thiB town only by us, The W.
;Bews Drug Store, $1.00 PAGE EIGHT
Our  fountain  starts  today.—Mannings Candy Store.
The schools will open
on  Monday, March 2nd.
'.i  a. m.
There will be several first-class attractions at this popular play house,
during the' next few weeks. Theatre-
goers will do well to keoj
Every child in town get a toothbrush at Hume's great Small Wear
Sale.   See big ad on page live.
onthese columns  where
uews will  be found.
their    eye
The G.I.E. and B. of L.I'.'. intend
holding a May-Day Dance on Friday,
May 1st.   Don't forget the date.
Florida boasts that the state produces a   million of  hogs annually. Per
•        i his estimate   Includes alligat -
A   stick of     timber went   through
Revelstoke   yesterday    rVhich   was    yJ
feet  long and   17.37 inches square
.-'nine timber, eh?
FOUND—Valuable Dinnei    Bell,   witb
It is not, perhaps, generally known
that  Mr. Martin  Harvey,  the famous
English  actor-manager,   who  will    be
seen  in   Revelstoke  at  the     I'lmpress
theatre on  March 20th, in repertoire,
is not only in the very front rank as
a  romantic actor,  but is also regard
ed by the leading  London critics   as
■   of I  '■   in.'st  i ra Bdlans on     the
English stage today,    I Us     Hamlet,
and  Ins  King  in  "Oedipus   Hex" have
established  for all time his Indisputable right  to be considered as ono of
the   ablest   exponents  of  tragedy     in
initials "G.M." engraved thereon.—   England today.
Finder can bave Bame by applying     Mr.   Harvey  is  not  playing either
.Manning's  Candy   Palace, of  these  dramas on  this tour,      al-
' rhougb.  he  hopes to  return  next season  and give a  much  more extended
repertoire.    In  "The Only  Way"  how
ever,  he has a  play  which comes   as
It is a polgn-
It is to be noped that all interest-1 Miss Frances Lawson is maintain
ed in the land will try and make the ' ing a steady improvement in health
moat of the lectures to be delivered
in Smythe's Hall on Tuesday next
by the gentlemen sent hereby the Ag
ricultural Department. The subjects
to be covered are of great import -
ance to the different sidesof agricultural life. The afternoon meeting
will be of interest to poultrymen and
market-gardeners and the evening will
be of special value to those interested In hogs and to any cattle and fod
,|,t crops. The lecture of Mr. G. S.
Harris on heigs and dairy cattle promises to be af special interest.
It is hoped that the general public
will take a warm interest in theBe
meetings as they mean so much to
the general good of this city and
Mrs. G.W. Bell will not receive on
Tuesday, March the third and not
again this season.
Tobogganing on Haner's hill continues to be a popular sport with
both old and young.
The Young People's Society of St.
John's church will meet on Wednes -
day evening of next week instead of
Tuesday as usual.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Girls Hospital Auxiliary  will be held
at the hospital on     Monday, March
2nd, at S o'clock sharp.
Forthcoming Festivities
As announced  elsewhere  in  this is-
pure milk from Aryshire   cows,
is now obtainable locally.   The cows
• ■in  tested      by a  government
Rev. W. R. Yahner of Pittsburgh,
Penn., arrived in Revelstoke this
: i Is to remain in the Revelstoke district to assist Rev. Father
MacKenzle. Father \ ahner will preach at the High Mass i St. Francis
church  tomorrow.
Begin the month well, the theme of
discourse' on Sunday, March 1st,   at
tethodist church will be at     11
a.m., "Things that  do not change";
. •   7: in p.m.     "Tiie' Evangel."      We
shall  be  glad  te' see  you     at either
Suuday  school     in
Iternoon  at  2:30.    Pastor,   Rev..
; ley Hall.
The music lovers of  Revelstoke will
be afforded   the opportunity of     attending another  musical  treat      on
March  ''.1st,   when   the   "Haymakers"
-   •    will be pn sented at the Empress  th    te.  under  the auspices   of
thi"  Methodist   church  choir.      I'opu-
Ici s.   R m mber the date
■  i pen.
Mi. Coy, manager of the new steam
laundry, has rented the reBideuce ot
! Mrs. D.W. Koote ou Fifth street aud
' moved In some days ago.
The Ladies' Aid of St. John's
church will hold their regular mon -
thly meeting In the church parlor
next Tuesday afternoon at 'a.'M.
There has recently been  issued fri m
See a  twenty-
six page cirriculum and syllabus based on tin   course of   Btudy presrlbed
for  gi common  schools    of
near tragedy as any.
ant Story, as all who have road Die-
ken's "A Tale of Two Cities" will
remember. No other novel of Dickens
which has been dramatised has ever
had such a universal appeal, or captured the sympathies of so large a
proportion  of  the  English  public.
Mr,   Harvey  brings  with   him      his
complete  London  company,  most   of
the members of which have been as -
sociateel      with   him  throughout   his
long and arduous     fight for success.
It includes     Miss N'. de Silva,     his
gifted and brilliant wife, to     whom
he ackn iwledges that he owes a large
-I ire  of the success that is now his.
The     productions     will be identical
th th        that   v.' :i ; a. i retained the
idmiration of the London public and
i evi ry  way I he pi. i  rm - i
will be   m the    Bame ] nes a- those
given in  the British metropolis.    Mr.
I   -itan     on the English
aanj        pects,  unique.
Mrs.   W.A.   Foote   returned  Friday
In the Mining, Engineering and noon from  a months'  visit to the
Ul  I4_ •  coast.   Mr.  Foote     will be detained
a wri.ei
Electrical Record
Says :
week   with   important   busi
In connection with the arrange- ; Tue meeting called uy the Political
ments for the extension of their plant E.uulity League for yesterday after-
[or the electrification of the C.P.R. aoon at Mrs- Manning's was post -
line between Trail and Rossland the l,uued loT u week on account of the
West Kootenay Power Company have suu newa uf Mls- ^orley's sudden
placed with the Canadian General El-' death.
>ctric Company an order for a 7,000-]   uuu, VuaMB Lawrence was     the
;.w.   generator  of  the same  time    as  tj.y  hQSteBB _t uer Be_e_th year ,)ir.
   generators already  in use at the t]jduy  p. ny  ou ThurBua-  ufternoon.
Bonnlngton Falls  plant; also cootrol A|jout      dozeu    little    maideM      iu
Saturday  and   Matinee,   2:30—Lady
•    I ady  B ibl i        rt t-n      Lads   v"olt  direct
Bal bi        '■        '      "  e-kly
Calm After the Storm.— Empress Or
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Monday-; MeGinnis,     part
the Province of B.C.   Thc book was "    ■      reat ti     reel come-
-  i- use in 1 ' nd     McOli rl   two;
and it .. lects the >. ghest credit ' rt
It comprises for rhe Pa8a
teachers and .duct oi Is th   ffan  '
I contains a complete  «**   Part two;     Missionary    Box;
witchlniard and bank of transform
i rs similar to the former installa -
tion. The waterwheels are 10,000 hp.
of the same vertical type as now in
use In the plant. Owing to, their
great size these wheels are being constructed ut tbe     plant of    the Allis-
i hairnets Manufacturing. Company at plnymg games fo_ umJtb(n. QOur<
Milwaukee, Wis.
Thi   C.P.R.   bave  placed the    order      on Thursday evening the Five Hun-
for the plant in connection with the   dre(j club met at the     home of Mrs.
'' I "!l  of  their  Rossland  s,s-  ,smau   Urquhart.   A  number of the
ivith the Canadian General Elec-   c\uh were out 0f town but six tables
trie Company,  but will manufacture
charge of some older girls were taken for u couple of hours' sleighride
around the town which aliordcd them
all the greatest delight. Returning
to Mrs. R.G, Lawrence's home they
were treated to the uaiutiest of birthday supper and spent a jolly time
(if players enjoyed the usual number
of games. Miss Curie won a lovely
hand embroidered tray cloth as first
prize, and Mr. J.M. Paterson received one of the newest books. Mrs.
Urquhart served cake and sandwiches
and a short time poBBed in music
and a few dances brought a most eu-
oyal ie evening to a close.
Next Tuesday afternoon and even -
Ing our   city   will   have the  privilege
ol entertaining three delegates ol tbe
Laymen's Missionary  Society of Can-
tb  useful uot-
i    helpful     hints.   The publlca-
-   ■ -i  thi
al re i ol  BChools and  it  is
' ted to worthily ful
fill tbat  aim.
ad   In   tl
Reserve  March   17th  for  the    Irish
•At Homi -•. Francis Hall.
Here Mister.—Do you enjoy  Letting
-  Bm-
d  rful       Bis :!      ar
tory; Tbroug
Comii f—8 'th M .rch, —
: irch,        Raid of   the
eat an-
Ihe  motors  in   the  railway  shops.The
to   be  adopted      is the  2,400-
eurrent system which      is
oi   the  Anaconda,  Butte     and
i'acific Railway.
C.P.R. bavd taken up the pow-
Surpi   •   ' lapids on the Colum-
I  nlnet len miles south
-ei   B -.'■ tl  a   v ew   to ut-
II   for electrification of      the
ttinn '   now   being driven  thru'
ntains.   Tie ri       hi iw
• ulied from the plant   ada.   These   gentlemen,   Rev,   C.   M.
.   Pow i   Com-   Rose  of  the  Anglican church,      Rev.
it  Bonnlngton Falls,  and thou-   C.E.   Manning of  the  Methodist chur-
:-. line       of   ch and Rev. Robt. Laird of the Prcs-
I b, the company's man-  byterian     church are returning east
imphell,   M.   after holding a series of rousing meet
em  presents   Ings  In  Vancouver.     Their object   is
ease a  more  active   interest    iu
nt  the West Kootenay    Power  church work  in every denomination ,
- i     re    and especially to get men more alive
ch a  line  would    make  to the work of the church.   At three
■ ait markets   o'clock  a mectim:  is called  in     the
the    mines of the Slocan,     the    Methodist church when thc delegates
ity,  Silverton.N'ew   wish to meet all thc    officers of all
; ers.
up in the night to shovel more   coal   rtve  ;
ic   your  furnace.   And  do  you      like    ;" B! '
carryl pan of ashes out daily      u' '
Well, here Is a remedy,  Robblns1 new |be started at the Empress, theatre.
.- ■ ml Hard Coal.
Denver,  Roseber: .. utiles     Mi.   Ho.vson  will    oc-
lustries    al-   cupy the chair.   In the evening a big
he C.P.R. tourist   banquet  will be held in tbe v.M.C.A.
;.\I.i      HAL i-  handl-l    i : I
in Rev. Istoiee by 'he  Reveltto<_a   I a
eral  A^-ncies, Ltd
How Men m
■ fo r« :. - feir Bet imi
Draperyi ,md i retonn^s
tiful  patterns  you  ever  saw.
if you're lond ■)( ' Qreen" tea, d
not forget to visit the ladles 'ef It
Francis f'hurrb  in  their  ball  on th"
afternoon   .; st. Patricks Day.
.nething new In tbe coal line.
More heat, less ash and no Boot.
See ri. G. Robblns.
The first step to reduce tbe
cost of living, is to economize on the
big fuel bill. See Robbins about
that Semi-Hard  Coal.
W. Parry payB spot cash for furniture, Btoves, gentlemen's cast-off clothing, or anything you wish to dispose of, real estate included.
Bale over at Howson's, but prices
still  right.   Call   and  inBpcct  goods.
You can save 25  per cent,  on your j
fuel bill by getting Robbins' new coal
Another car of  Robbins'  Semi-Hard
Coal has arrived, order now.
Where cun you go on St. Patrirk's
Day?—Why, everyone that you know
is going to be at the "At Home" in
St. Francis Hall.—Might as well take
it In.
London, the law
road     buildei ■  In     Datr lit   in I
kera,  insurance age
tailors,   teachers,
service  and      prison    reform  leaders,
_  ever-,  profession and calling meet annually   in   convention   l.o  confer,      I I
est  and  co  iperate      They
go back to their   work   with new  Ideas
"8" I nnd new ambitions, and work and ser
PAi 6
•    r, IP
partni; '
of     P. B.   I
the   iuI
ry 2f,th, I'm.
Harvey, Mc<  iri      ind Com
.'    i      ,:,'• tors for   B -■   igollSM.
and to this all the men of the city
ordially invited. The ladies aux
lliary have taken charge of catering
for this spread BO a tempting menu
expi cted. Tickets for the
banquet   are oti y    0 cents.     After -
tin • e   a. I ill   be   dellV-
ne   e,f   jnui ii.il   excel -
acb speaker is said t" be
gifted  with "loci
vice     move on to higher standards
from  year   to  year.
Sheinbl    members  of    the   Chi
Church  be  one  bit  behind   in  asking
what, others have learned to he practical,   helpful   and of   greatest,   efficiency   in   the  service  of   tho     Kingdom
Shall  a year  pnsH  withemt. new  goals
set and new records established in t.he country  from
work e>f our Churches? siiccce(|e,|    inj	
l onic   to   thfl      United     Missionary study  of   ,-tir   Richard   Melli iele,      nnd
Campaign  Meeting  in  the.     Y.M.C.A. many words of  praise  .vie .n-cordnd
on  Tuesday  evening,   March  3rd, and 'his   young   artist,   yesterday,       The
hear    what, the  lenders  of  this    wor
I   \ltli   OF  THANKS
Clvlt i   bandmaster     of
\ erdl band, «bo has r<sstded
I;. . dstoke   f'.r   fourteen      months,
and d ii ,' n to add to tbe enjoy
' thi public by bis sei viccb In
iion with the hand referred to,
nexl   week   for   San   Fran
Cisco.    He  desires tei  acknowledge the
 ready  suppe.rt   uncorded   lum  in his en
,vi.r.H   to   aelrl to   tht   pleasures       of
,i.,,.,:      ofl  ,h" rwltati of Revelstoke, with his
Monday In  the     Minute, '"kH-  '""» «Pt*Wl»  '" thank Mr.
Room  In  the     Parliament   Buildings,  "■  f;»m™"" '""'    "■ lamlly,     Aid.
,   broiin  Hum of the Premier   i''"'1"1"" '""' '"'"'>'•    '"'  M'   ,; *■
iccordi lace of bono.      The   v"'r'"t"r "" k""1"""  notlntl.
reproduction  is the woik of Mr. Mar-'
co Bufforl. a young iculptoi  i if 'iiu'h '
a.11 taste and skill, who cone to this
Luxembourg.   He  has
'.   a    iltstinclIve I
thy  movement have to say  in  regard
tei t.hiH subject.
'Riot, in the Diet." rends a despatch
bust   was presented  to the  Premier
by several admirers In     Vancouvn.
Mi llulleirt baH also recently com-
l.ieted ii bus! of the late BlShOp
i ridge,   which   is saitl.   by  those    who
from Tokyo, This is not the first time I knew  him,  to be  a lifelike presenta •
diet has been responsible for a riot.
Sir Thomas Bklnner was appointed
governor of th* Hudson's Bay Company      In  succession to  L'iril   Htrnth
opna,  at   a  meeting of  Ibe hoard    in
London,  Kng.
Gentlemen I do not feel tbat you
will he embarrassed by attending the
"At Home" In 3t. FranciB HbII on
th« afternoon eif Mnren 17th. You
are invited, you nre expected, you
will meet all the Ptopl* there; and
von arc Riire to hnve ft very pleasant
THOSE   OF    YOU   WHO    HAVE  not   yet
selected your new clothes will not regret having
Special Measure Expert is now with us for a few days
only displaying the Season's Choicest Styles and
During his stay here we are FEATURING
Visit This
Quality Shop
McRae Mercantile Co.
The Up-To-Date Men's and Boys' Furnishings Store.
The Royal Shoe Store j
wiii open i:p for business
in the first wetk of March
in   the   HOWSON    BLOCK.
•_7.v__i, w.-amnmumTinrMrjirxm..^ • awnmM
JlOt. line Minimum 25e.   dish in AJuinec   j
WANTED—Hoy  to learn  good  trade.
—Apply Mail-Hcrnld.
KOH SALE—Cleau, Dry Ccdnr Wood,
l'hone 94, or Willis Armstrong.
WANTED—Position as Chambermaid
Apply  B.  X.,  Mail-Herald. It.
WANTED-House Work or Stores to
(lean.      Mrs.  Fame,   115 Third  St,
Wetl. 4t.
Thoroughbred Ayrshire Milk for
Sale. Milk tested. Box 73 and Tele
phone fi*2.
Full SALE-Stag-hound Dog,'Price
f-0.0O. Apply to J. Hay, Threo
Valley, B.O, ... Mr.U
TO LET—One Furnished house on
Third Street, west. Apply to A.
W. Connolly.
LOST—On the night of thc Firemnn'B
dnnce, either at the opera house,
or between opera house and Y.M.
('.A., a sum of money Finder will
bl rewarded by returning same to
March   17—Irish  "At Home" In
Francis Hall.
March 17—Mut and  Jeff, at the Empress theatre.
MARCH 20-Martln Harvey, at   ths
Empress theatre.
Yielding to cxtrcmo pressure from
un exalted quarter, Alexander Drode-
rick Leslic-Mclvillo, tbe weulthy banker, bus withdrawn bis petition for
divorce agaiiutt his beautiful wife and
'ut the same time, of courBe, his
charges   against     Earl    Fitzwilliam,
, King George's fuvorltc courtier, und
Thomas Comyn I'latt, both of whom
ure named us co-respondents by the
In lieu of divorce preiccedings, Iiub-
liand and wife will agr.'c to a separation. Bar) Kltzwilliam will go Into
tbe witness box and emphatically deny the charges against him.
The withdrawal of the suit is not
wholly  unexpected in view ol the pcr-
! sonully expressed displeasure of King
George,  over  thc scundul.      Several
i weeks ago the King insisted that Fitz
William should take immediate steps
to cleur himself, intimating plainly
thc uddisublltty of a settlement ot
the suit,  if possible,   without a pub-
I lie scandal.
For some time counsel on botb Bid
es have been discussing tbo proposed
settlement, which wus made difficult
because Fitzwilliam felt strongly that
be was tho victim of attempted black
mail.     At an earlier settlement   at-
1 tempted, be says, that tbe payment
of $350,000 damages would end tbe
Enrl Fitzwilliam, who Is probably
tbe limit romantic figure In tbe British peccage, van born in Canada near
Fort William. He attained considerable notoriety owing to bis hunt for
tre.asure In Cocos Island and Patagonia. During the South Alrlcan war
he won the disttngulahed servica order. He has worked as a locomotive
engineer and has also wielded a pick
tn his own coal mines in Yorkshire


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