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 " Empire " Typewriter
Fur ease ul operation und pel led inn
iii n Mills produced, Ibis machine
is in.sin pa.-sed.    Prioe, If00 00 I'usli.
Interior Publishing-Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Hera
New Wellington Coal
E. W.  B.  PAGET,    McKnnzIo Avo.
Social Lib
Vol. 15,-No  19
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead anii Revelstoke.
Get the hoy a New Suit. Wc make
a specially of Hoys' Clothing. This
Spring we have a line of clothes for the
hoy that are just ;ts well made as that of
lis dad's.
Dress your boy like a gentleman  and
briny him to onr store to yet the right and
up-to-date class of goods.
Boy's Norfolk Suit  of " Wear-Well "   Tweed.      Nice
line  boyish   patterns.      Dark  colors,   complete  with   belt.
Sizes 2,}  to  _}o.      Double   seats,   knees   and
elbows.      At per suit	
Hoys' Three Piece Suits, swell new  style  cut.     Light
and dark  Tweeds, Trousers lined.    Sizes 2.3 to ,',.).     Double
seats, knees  and   elbows.     A neal and dressy
suit at the small sum of	
The Littie Gentleman
A New Shoe for the well dressed boy. Patent leather.
Doll Kid Tips. Bleucher; fair stitch. Just as good a Shoe
as the " growns-up" wear. Si/es 1 to 5. ^Q 7C
At per  pair „ -..-...     yO*'i v
Vici Kid,    Hoys'   Bleucher   Cut.      Solid   soles,   line
quality Kid, takes a line polish and look  neat.
An exceptional  bargain at	
C. 13. HUME  & CO..  LIMITED
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is lhe season uf the year tbat the gnnd housekeeper wants to brighten up Ihe home, KiiL-minine smne
riiiims, Varnish the woodwork, Puint the Hoots. Varnish
Stain smne pieeea nl lhe furniture, Knainel the beds or the
balhs, Regild the picture frames. We are best able to
supply all 1 hese wants, we cater for the trade, and ive
carry the goods that give tbe satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all teady tor the brush. Aspinall's Enamels,
Ii. A. P. Boanu Is fnr bal h nr woodwork, Baplao Varnish
.stains. Irmiite Vmnish si ilns. Lacqueret in all colors.
Berry Bins, hnuse varnishes, Liquid uranite f >r Hlnors or
oilcloth, Varnish for furniture, Boors, hunts or carriages,
all fur all inside wurk.
Painters Supplies iu all lines and at prices thnt cannot
he heat, give us a chance 1,1 quote ynu, we can save ynu
money. Leave your orders fur work wilh us and we will
send yuu a man anil guarantee thill he will give ynu the
be.-l nf gnuds.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
f _ 	
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents ul all principal omuls in Citmuia.
Agents in Uivui Britain and United .States—London, England,
I.loyds Hank, Limited. Ohloago- First National Hank, Oorn Exohauge National Hank.   Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Fran-
risen    Wells Fargo Nevada  N'al inual Hunk.     Spnkane— Exchange
National Bunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit! of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rale from date of deposit.   (Jorrespondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
d Children's Boots and Sh
ies an
I have just received a large shipment
of Spring and .Slimmer Shoes for
Ladies anil Cliililren. Made from selected material by experienced workmen
these shoes arc guaranteed to give
good service.     The prices are rifjlit.
M R H .   A.   G .   C RI C K
First   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Happenings  Throughout Week
in British Columbia
A party ol C.P.K. surveyurs is nt
wurk surveying tie line which is to
cuunect the Arrowhead branoh ol that
railway with the Crow's Nest line ut
Kuotenay Landing.
The citizens nf (Ireenwood will, on
April 7th, vote nn a by-law to authorize debentures amounting to $00,000
(nr the burrowing nl a tunnel under
the mountain between Plmonix and
that city, The tunuel will be fur the
acciiiiiinntlatiun nl a tram line tn esrry
ore to the smeller.
Mrs Kate Uroscutt is dead at
Namiimn as a result uf burns which
she Buffered Irum the explosion of a
lamp in wbicb she was burning wood
alcohol, She lingered iu great agony
several days.
Fur a week past the stevedores at
the port of Vancouver have heen on
strike with a demand for higher wages
and as a result the unloading and reloading of the big ocean liners has
been seriously delayed. At tbe last
report there was some modification iu
their demands, but no settlement.
Mystery surrounds the death of
young Thomas Allan, of Nanaimo,
whose body was found drowned float-
iug in the harbor on Wednesday. He
was a native of Cumberland, England.
The artificial lake, in Beacon Hill
Park, at Victoria, was lhe scene of a
suicide on Thursday, David A. Connor, a young barber of that city tiking
the water route tu eternity at hie own
The Cuuncil of the Board of Trade
at Vernon has resolved to raise the
sum uf $2,000 to pay the expense of
engugiiig a competent expert to
superintend the development of the
Okanugan fruit exhibits this year.
The expert will select lhe trees from
which the iruil :.4 '.2 be taken and
then watch the growth from the tad
to maturity, picking, packing and
shipping. Whatever may be tbe result as far as excelling in fruit qualities may be the experiment will at
least demonstrate what is tbe actual
value of careful oversight of fruit
during the formative period.
James S. Kaney, a B. C. electric
railway conductor, is dead, having
been crushed between two work cars
loaded with earth 011 tbe Interurban
Vancouver-Westminster line at Coll-
ingwood station.
Tbe international Federation of
Miners has ordered a strike of all tbe
operelives in Eastern British Columbia and Alberta, owing to a failure to
come to terms with the managers on
the question uf wages. Tho miners at
Fernie and iu the Crow's Nest Pass
are uot affected, as since J. J. Hill
acquired contrel of these mines lie has
paid satisfactory wages.
Dr. A. P. Proctor, of Vancouver,
has been appointed chief surgeon to
the C.P.K. with juriediction from
Vancouver to Laggan including the
Kootenays. His appointment took
effect un the lirst jf the mouth.
Pleasant  Wind Up to a Jolly
A lilting climax to a winter's first-
rate spurt un tbe snowshoes was
brought abuut on Wednesday night
when the Suowsboe Club entertained
their friends at a "snowslide" dance
iu the Selkirk Hall. The Ski and
Snowshue Club formed this winter hai
proved one u( the julliest and must
successful ventures ul its kind. During
the months uf deep snow it was ahnoit
a nightly occurrence to see the members ot the club with their iboei on
their feet, arrayed in more ur lees
picturesque garb, speeding over the
gleaming surface of the snow, tbe
sweep of tbe shoes creating pleasant
music. As a social institution tbe
club has bad no equal, its members
being each snd every one full of life
and buoyant spirits, and after each
tramp many a pleasant hour has been
spent at the homes ol tbe various
members. Un Wednesday tbe club
determined lo have the time of tbeir
lives and incidentally to wind up the
recreation for tbe winter. The Selkirk
hall has seen many dances of various
sorts, but none bas been so full of
fun and light-hearted pleasure as on
this occasion. The walls were tastefully decorated with trophies of snow-
shoes, skis, etc , characteristic ot the
club. Dancing was kept up until
midnight, when excellent refreshments
were served, the many delicacies
(including the claret cup) receiving
lull justice. Such dancing lias been
rarely seen, but yet the merry throng
enjoyed the romp and broke up in the
"wre snia' hours," after a delightful
time. Messrs. Veith and Aldridgc
furnished the music.
Bowser on Furlough. Servian
Crisis. -Interesting Developments re Stevedores' Strike.
—Oxford Wins Boat Race.
VaKOOUVBR, April 8.—Hnn.   W.  .1.
Bowser, Attorney-General, arrived in
tho city (rum Victnria yesterday, und
un Sunday will leave with Mrs. Buwser
[ur a five ninnllij' trip tn Europe, Mr.
Buwser, while he well deserves a Imii-
day, will eumbine a certain amount ul
business with pleasure.
LoNliuN, April 2—Circumstantial
reports cuutintie unncerniiig the probable (all ol the Servian dynasty. It
is allcdged that King Peter has informed the British Minister at Bt.I-
grade of bis intention to ahd'eate if
he is guaranted a yearly allliwuuce ol
VANOOUVER, April 3.—-Further in
teresting developments in the strike
situation took place yesterday. Fifty
men left Winnipeg for this point under
contract 10 tbe C. P. K aod one hundred more bave been telegraphed for.
It is stated that these men will be
housed either in the detention shed or
somewhere along the waterfront, and
will be engaged, specially, in loading
the Monteagle and discharging the
EmpresB of India.
London, April 3,—After a very
exciting cuuteBt, the Oxford bout
pulled in a winner over Cambridge
this nn.riling by three lengths, in the
historical Inter-I'niversity boat race.
Large and enthusiastic crowds witnessed the race.
Fine Performance By Y.M.C.A.
—Prize Giving
A gymnastic exhibition M IV," v M.
C.A. will always attract a large and
interested crowd of spectators, so popular bas tbe physical side of the Association become. Tbe exhibition on
Thursday nigbt was perhaps tbe best
of ita kind that the boys bave ever put
on, and the large gathering of visitors
were given a highly typical demonstration of the abilities of our boys in
physical culture. A happy feature ol
the gymnastic displays ia the introduction of tbe comic element into the
programme. Space will not permit
of going at length into describing the
many varied iteniB carried out, but the
really excellent work of seniors and
juniors alike must not be passed without some mention. Tbe junior tumbling by the Public school boys was
very creditable as were also the exercises on the parallel bars, mat pyramids, by juniors and seniors. A
pleasant diversion was caused by the
presentation of the Lindmark shield
by the Mayor to H Mulholland Cup-
tain of the Uym Basketball team
wiuuers of the shield this year. The
road tisam, it may be remembered,won
the trophy laBt year. Mayor Lindmark also presented a handsome cup
to Bert McEachern, captain of the
Star basketball team, winners of the
intermediate eh mpionship league.
R. N. Doyle presented the Citizens'
trophy to H. Scott, captain of tbe
baseball league. Wrestling is hut a
recent innovation in the work of tbe
Y.M.C.A, and has proved a popular
sport for the boys. The match between S. Carmichael and A. Doyle
resulted in a win fur Sammy, who has
never yet been duwned. Ladder pyramids by the Intermediates showed
clever training. Sharp shouting by
W, Veith and heavy weight lifting by
C. F. Norris caused cunsideruble
amusement and few of the audience
saw through the deception. Morris
Anderson and Don Calder put up a
hot wrestling match resulting in a
win lor the former. A novel feature
of tbe evening was a pillow fight between Bert McEachern and Caihato,
causing endless fun and laughter.
Illuminated club swinging and pyramid tableauxs brought a really excellent display to a close.
Mention must be made of Niel Lee'i
fine exhibition of special tumbling
acts. The raited platform on which
the exhibition took place was a great
improvement on tbe old method ol
putting on tlie work on the floor. The
boys have improved wonderfully and
much credit is due to Mr. Alldritt,
physical director, for his successful
scheme uf training. Mr. Alldritt has
devoted his whole attention to the
development ol our cily youth and the
present physical stamina iu our buys
tu-day is largely due to bis conscientious work.   Tbeexhil Ition wus the
Jap Fined $150 for Selling Beer
Without License
We are glad to see that the Chinese
and .laps, wbo are, unfortunately, allowed to rub shoulders in this cily
with white men, aro being taught that
llevulstuko is nu place wherein they
can iin as they please and defy the
law. lt is bad enough tu have to
tolerate these people in uur midst
wilhiiut giving tbem unlimited free-
iltiin and allowing them tu break the
laws uf the cummniiity. One oi these
brown gentry by Ihe name nf Ski-
in il th , whu lives al. the Shanghai
restaurant,  un I-11 nl   street, east, wus
hauled up on Wednesday befure the
authorities nn the charge uf selling
beer without a license on Saturday
laBt. The culprit fell nicely into the
Imp which the police laid tor him and
was found guilty. The .lap was fined
$160 and ousts. A few summary convictions of this sort will tend to make
them yellow and brown members of
this community Bee that they cannot
with impunity take the law into their
own hands. While wc will have to
leave the Chink or the Jap if they do
not offend yet on the other band
Revelstoke will not stand any nonsense and will keep those undesirables
in their right placo and su long aB
they do uot as ert themselves, tbey
will not be interfered with. —■___.
Willing Workers'At Home
The  Willing   Workers  of St.  Andrew's church Iiud  their  annual   "at
home"   in   the   church   ou   Tuesday
evening laat.   Tlie church was tastefully decorated,  being   made   to   resemble  a  drawingroora   as    far   as
possible.   The young   bustosses   were
on hand to receive their guests   and
gave them a hearty reception.   Some
200 invitations had beeu sent out aud
quite a large number were present ut
this  unique   function.    An   excellent
program of music had   been   prepared
ar,d a number of games  provided Ior
tlleeIltertaiIlmen^'0, tbe guests.    The
Willing  Workers  were   a   bus}'   and
happy lot of girls iu striving to make
this function a  pleasant   one  for all
present.    Mrs.   Creelman   sang   with
feeling one of the   latest   ol Scotch
song,   "My Ain'   Folk,"   Messrs.   Le
Feaux   aud   Annan,   as   usual,  gave
great pleasure in their  singing.   Mr,
H. Coukesing "Rucked in the Cradle
of the   Deep "   in   good   voice.    The
young organist ol the   church,  Miss
Pagdon,  gave considerable aid   in   a
piano luett with Miss Bertha Hubbs,
a'su a piano solo.   The   young  lady-
has a tine soprano  voice   oapabl i   ol
reaching easily high   notes  and   gives
promise  ol   doing   guud   work.    Her
Bung  was   greatly  cujnyed.   Refreshments were served at 10:30,  the oom-
pany   bieaking up  ut  11:80, and all
present seemed  to enj iy themselves.
The Willing Workers are   In  be  congratulated   on   tbe   success   ol   their
"at home," especially as   it  was the
lirst effort ol a yi ger lot ul girls who
have to take the place uf thuoe who
have outgrown the work or been
scattered abroad.
Power House Report
Supt. Ihick has submitted lhe foi-
lowing report for March lur the power
Lighting plant, .'i(i,7(ll.5k.w. Huurs
run, I7n.
Power plant, 3,102.5 k iv. Huurs
ruu, 150.
Wutor plant working sutisfact irily.
Railwaymen to Vote Any Place
Mr. .lames Confflee has introduced
a bill into the Federal House to permit employees of railways to vute in
any constituency in which they happened to be on duly on eloction day.
Tho bill lias been read tor the lirsl
time.   Tbe Oalgary Herald comment-
ing on this bill says "If thut bill
goes through, in which it is prupusetl
that a railway man can vute iu any
constituency iu which he happens to
be, it will be the greatest assistance
to the 'vote early and often' plan that
was ever put through.
By Gum
Josh Billing hits the right nail on
the head in his lollowing trite remarks
We are told "that an honest man is
the nobleBt work by''—but the demand
ior the work has been so limited that i
have thought a large share ov tbe lust
edishun must still be in tbe author's
I never liet otiiiy stamps on the man
who iii alway» telling what ho would
have di J if he had bin tbare; I hav
notised that this kind never git thare.
Succots in life is verry apt tew make
us forget the time when we wasn't
mutch. It is jist so with the frog on
the jump.
Have you tried any ul our Labrador
salt herring. If not get a ball dozen
windup of the indooi sporting seaunu land give them a trial, alsu Holland
aud (rom now unward uiitdour reoru-1 herrings iu kegs ut $125. All new.
atiuli will be the urder uf the day, Q, II. Ilium ii Cu,
Whatever kind of Tools or Hardware you may
will be sure ol the besi quality here and at low , i
We carry a great variet) of Tools  for tradi
' 'i"T' V
!>■: ■'«;«
t   ■:•    v.  \
hold   l     n      ......
Step Ladders.
Kitch I lelps und Builders
Hardware. Wire Netting
and tilings needed I
garden and i irm, Alabus-
tine, Muresco, Sherwin
Williams Paints.
McClarey's   Kunous  Stoves,   Ranges   and   Furnaces.
Enamel, Coppei  md Hnware.     Plumbing Supplies, etc.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness        Plumbing
Tfouli have a f i
in feipur store
copyridHt^l9o7 /   jg*
V&fO<'A*<*r7m   $■
No matter how good the cloth is
unless it is cut right it won't fit von
well when made into a suit.
And remember the suit that will
lit the other fellow won't lit you. You
must come to a store that lias suits
enough in it if you want to gel on that
will lit you right.   We carry a big stock
Remember our clothing is not
sawed out and slung together, but are
hand-scissored ami hand-made by the
best tailors.
McKinnon k Sotto
Fit Reform Clothing.
I M (III ls.II 1 li   ISHT
b. e. walker, PrtiUut Paid-up Capital, $10.000,000
.tttXAasiRUJSD.GtntniMinagti   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000.000
i Bank -or a most convenient
■i denominations of
Tbe new Tr.n ellei    '
wmy in which to eai I y ,
$10.   $20,  $50,   $100 rind  $200
and the exact amoiiiu ; .   ' . in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
lierinani, lireut llriiuin. HnllajiU, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland l« Hated on iin- face of each cheque, while in oilier countries
they are payable al oni-rcnt rules.
The cheques ami all information regarding them ma   be obtained al every oilier
of the Dank. ,JU
Edison Parlor Theatre
A large crnwd  attended both per- j
fiirmancCB uf the moving pictures at '
tho Kdisun I'arlur Theatre last uight.
The programme was particularly in-
tereating and included some splendid
lil ms. "Fire Scenes iu I'aris" were
especially fine mid realistic, shuwing
the Fire Brigade at wurk. The military airship and its manoeuvres was
perhaps the linest picture yet seen in
Kevelstnko, and iB particularly interesting on account of the recent
marvtlloui development! In aviation
Anlndiau drams, good Comedy,  illus
11 .ii"I stings and  music   make  up   a
lirst-rate bill.    The performance! will
be repeated to-.light.
Easter High Tea
The Ladies' Aid of the Mothodisl
Church will give an Easter high tea
on Easter Monday in the V.M.C.A.
Many will remember with picture the
Faster Tea given by these ladies latt
year, which was eunsidered the very
hest aud pretiiest ever given in this
ci'y. This year they will strive to
-urpass their (nrmer effort!, aud give
a tplendid supjier tu all wbo will patronize them. Cume and bave yuur
tea in the Y.M.C.A Faster Mnnday
instead nl troubling with making it at
li'iine, and have a social time in pleasant convene with (neuds.
A nice iissurlineii! ol Japanese malting aud mats,   C. B, Hume A Cu, i'UK MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B C.
Zbc flDail*1focvalb.
\\ I- I'SI-siiay AND su '11
!■ A "I    IT
Ml KI'HV  &  MMll.K
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
0 T T A W A
M*e^^^*l^^ H.ev   cm     .i.i   iich.jj
lire um ie; v  careful iliev viil lind
I       TO RENT
bupremi and Exchequer court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office    and   befoie
Five Roomed House
Sn a
Seven "
Second Street $1">.00 per month
Third Street $25.00 per nionlh
Fourl'i Street      $25 00  per month
I -   Ml RI'IIY,
11 AH. UL   I'l-III.H.
\i:\ I V, McUARTKK
liMiUlsil'HS, i-iu ICITORS, BTO.
lM,,, ,,...    i        .     Ill  lll.lM.  ItKMU.
81UKK.  11. I'.
§   For Sale (Special)
,',,,. | lol urn.
•.iffl.-,-. Kevi latoko, II
u-.., S. '•'. ' mti n
».   M     I'INKIIAM
.1. i. Hum v,
, . ,  ... ,,i, n i
11.1.1AM  I, BltlliUS
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would be well for intending purchasers lo look into.
,.,    ,  ...v,,,i> Hash   u  fuMMKiifK
¥ _\l,,:...,n- Hank, li'n
1 IBS! >1
......     ; Land Surveyor
M" bugU-eermK affeCtiDK   t'"'"' oolonittl ri8hts aml
Dux : "   R
w.~o   w
Britishers iluui ihey would a|ipoar
lo Canadians bul ,it is a pity thnt
ihe-e .-liniiKl have distanced Canada in what evidences u spirit of
untain vmw ca."p. no. 229        would appear t hat the (sentimental determination to conserve the soli-
,■   u b   Wvdnobilajs In ' '
dream ol  n land on which the sun dnrity uf   empire   at nny oust and
privileges they huve not received
he tallest nnl fairojl consideration
from   Downing   street.      Now,   it
*•    ,   ■,!,..- L'HONU, Con. Com
J. Hi l> i •. i.'" Clerk.	
.;,'\ i-;i,.-li_H-.'. A.EK1E Nu
F. O. E.
never sels   must   give place to the
I..;;      mure practical relation of  the purl
to the whole and   a   recognition of
,   the responsibility of   each integral
'    :V |*j| ••"»"■""   part, in the evolution of ■ uch con-
. , _.-.
...   ■■ '•""
v. k.■ji'cl.aJv'ii'un.s'" u«Attv.  ditions, seems   to   have seized, not
Kootonay Lodge, NO. 16,* F. & A. M
Tlm luuuhir nioul-
lagi, urn beld .in the
"' A-^\      ~\r, MAsOMC'l'lfMl'LE
-,.. ■ ".-y  ■■ .     'I! uaauUuWB nu'i.uu
vi'Vj,-'.,       / ...olinrJ M..u.liiy ill
'      '. "yij- •        • i    iii.iiiiii   iii    8
in. Visltlutlbretti
cordially   wel-
l'1'.l.U l.N'II'.lt. SKCBBTABY,
Meet- every Tliura
_E|V^'N_. .Iny evoulug  in  Sel
I klrlt Hell at 8 o'clock
  _   i Visiting liriulin.ii are
oot I ... y Invited to attend,
K. a i i  ite, N.Q, JAS. Mvruii:;-!..'.
Cold Range Lodge, K. ot Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
MSETS . Vr.liV  •' K-iSi.-|.   V,
except ' ii ul Viednesdii)
each hi..mn. m      '     ddlellow
Hall    »t    8    .vi .i-«.     iimt.n
Knights art' e -i-'li.illy  nviteil.
G. H   BKUl'K   K. uf  R. .1 ti.
J    I!   SCOTT,  -i
;■! F
Che fl&aiUlbcralfc
There la bo much bnd iu iho best uf us,
And so much good in tho Worst "f ua,
Th«t it hardly behnu»e> any of us,
To talk about the rest of as.
the acceptance of lhe necessary
evil of the machinery of militarism,
There is no probability thai the
mutter will be allowed to drop
frum the attention of the House ol
Commons and il is now before lho
hoine-lovers of the country in the
fullest   sense   for consideration in
only the statesmen but tli" people
oi the various purls of the empire.
As we have Baid, Canada has not jail that it involvi
yet gone So far us to commit herself in the building of warships for
lhe imperial navy but the matter
was projected in the House of Com
minis by a resolution, introduced
by Hon. Ueo. K. Poster, expressing
the conviction that in view of the
resource.-, the prosperity and the
financial ability uf Canada the time
had arrived fur the Dominion to
pay its tribute to the cost of protection at Inline jUM.L upon "the high
seas. iTus was briefly debated during the week but lhe action of the
Hnuse was inaction.
While we are not of those who
can see no good in the administration uf >ir Wilfrid Laurier uml belong not   to the partisan class who
'I'he policy of all civic administrations should lie that of having
the future in view and lhe possible
development of the city. The lack
nf this is particularly noticeable in
the size and accommodation of the
present city police station. The
last council would have "Been wise
if-l.'y; "i'i:ul listened to advice on
the in iiiei ui tin- construction of
this building, and although we do
nut by any iue.in- insinuate thai
crime is so rampant here that n
large gaol is necessary yet al the
same time better judgment on the
plans approved hy lhe city for this
gaol would huve resulted in u more
discover in every action of his some suitable   building   unu  one wl
covert determination  to loosen the I would be mon   in accordance with
ties which bind Canada to England, the requirements   I ; city.
Une of the significant signs of the
times is the almost universal movement  among  the colonies of   the Iol   resolutions   which   practice
British empire with a view to Bhare ' "ro''1 procrastinatioi
we   think it a  pit\ thai he should At ti"'   present time there is a
nave muz/led   his followers in the Mutely   no  accommodatio
House Li the submission if a sei ■ ■    ■
ing   the   military   burdens of  the
Mothei countrj  an i the • a n
ist oi   tl ii   '■    foi '  • •    tectioi
'  .'-I consideration of the question
and of action in the premises.
' ist   clause   in Sir Wilfrid's sel   :
■   '• ■.
yet it fr happei    I
■  ■ rises.       v
iheinselv! - i nl ingled with I lie law
lo their oust. Another new regula-
ii.ni is thai no troul weighing lei a
il.in three pound - Cun he bought,
snlil nr exposed for sale und lhat
ill ti'iiui under eight inches in
length imisi ho returned to tho
witter after being caught. Some
local iingli rs have been guilty of
infractions of these laws and will
lie ,-iiiiiiiiiiiilv dealt with if convicted.    A true sportsman will nut
go mil    of    Iii.-    way  to help in the
destruction of what is n greul iibroI
tn the country, and Uiis practice
of sliuiiiing or fishing oui ..f season
Bhould he stopped and the game
hog put where hu belongs.
ii.'.. ..'."£.....'...,... ...      .A
Ten Costly 109
Piece Dinner Sets
As Prizes
Prayer For Landlords
Sir I.ii,n Bonn in lho IlinifO ol
Commons on Mond iy ipiesl i un .1 the
prime minister upon lhu advisability
i.f restoring lu the |.i,iii r book the
f.illiniii.i! pr ijei Iii.in Ilic lilurgy ol
Edwaril  VI,:
"Tin earl n is Thine <i' Lord i and
•ill I Imi i- ut uiiiini .1  I li.'iTin
We heartily pray Thee to Bend Thy
Hi.!)' si;ij'.'',t inin tin hearts of them
ilinl possesB the grounds, pastures and
dwelling places of the earth, thai they
remembering l in msi Ives to be 1 i y
tenants, may not ruck and stretoh out
the ien! s nl tlieir houses and lands,
nor yet take unreasonable lines nnd
Incomes alter : I o niaiim r ul c ■ ■ « a
worldlings, bul so 1.1 llieni out to
others that the inhabiiants ihere f
may both he sli e to puy tbe runts
and also honestly live l i inuirisli their
liimilies oud to relieve tlie p ior .
i,ut to j un li ii- j I i i ni- i. ii ir coup e
land tu Itttui, tu lli.' liiuii'ivi i i-iiini nt
1 . : in rs, hnl m. bell ive i'n- ■ . n
letting oui I heir tonei eul lui . .1
pastures, that niter thii lite they mny
be received into everlasting dwelling
place-., through Jesus Christ > ur Lord,
Mr A quitb, in reply, Biiid bia lion,
friend had, he thought, dune h public
s.-rvice by reviving tho recollection if
this remarkable prayer, bul he did
not think any adiantage would be
gained hj^bis iskiBg~ttu biepS Biffjs
'1 be in it'.er then dropp il.
Busteed Will Inspect Kootenay
Brandies of C.P.R.
■      n merceaud its   lependen       ' ;" ''"•
.   ,.       '.,..s   iealand   nd Austi il
bavi    a In idy   - mi    lui   afii I ;
- ■ -
,  that whei
theii   practical     ei .■    ready and
gi   -■   '     -    re       -
"     lautboi ties thi  ■    sl
enng to ia> do« ....       -operation   in e
Iditions I     -  cement for the ma
honor uf the British euo| ,
.... •' .    ■     .   :  ■
t in u tv..'.". - uispeeti 'ii tuur o! I
K i itenay lint n uf I he Cai adian Pacilio
i; ii way, Mr I-'. !•'. I'.'i-u eil, n r il
superintendent ol the 1'nc.ilic divisi u,
, it Vancouvei yesterd iy tor the interior, Hi- li.-Hi stop will beat Nelson
,i here I i u i i ter with the divisional
engineer respecting various improve-
ments to be carried out during the
coming summer, These improvements
. Ive the expenditure of a great
many hiitiilrril-.il thousands of dollars
:    -     l.e.l     If dg   -.    Will    C-'l.-
prie     ■   - '   di »1   ol   i'. ;:iu;   in   of
large cir-
ot ireome  the
• impleted
.       ' '..      '   '.      .'U r-.
ul    the
tcb as
the   ua\   .   ■'.- ngth    ;    I ngland.
.  il    ■   _
iar   thi     •: ' ment
. r   - :■ ,\ ilfrid i.i- m      et ca
in : fr .i.   ' '■•  II '■••   ol ' "h-'i. :-
lowi    through   the   press  ol   thi
'•   111! '
ii ... i.-    il  tin        mil       ever}
; ■ isi     il    ■:.■    -   ' •  '    -   lieing
brougbi ■ -
■ bingi   •'■ iuld seem to in-
it then   - .   ..   ■' ■  . con-
-:.-•- '     :     the
spirit   ol   the   ol her i ■ lonit -
. .ni i ooceive th it
tanl   pirit thai    I    tralio
, ".il ind ha .
ance  in i   practica
There is   neithei   the
vanity  bombasl ur   he "•
nf   in,i n     •
Florence Roberts Coming
•i. ■
.    .   .[
Kvery month we will distribute if'250 00 worth of beautiful
CHINA DINNER SETS to the persons holding lhe lucky duplicate
coupons obtained from JUlli. sacks of Royal Siaiulurd Flour. Save
your coupons, compare Ihein each month with the prize winning
nu in here as they appeal in this space. Whin ynu lind your number
among thorn all ynu have lo do iu lo return lhu coupon to -u-, and we
will deliver free of all charges a handsome ami costly 100 Piece
China Dinner Sot. The lull detail, m the cnnlest are on lhu hack of
each   coupon,
Vnu will require liltlc inducement lo use Itoynl Standard Floui
niter oncu having tried it. li is tin purest., strongest, niusl delicioui
und nutritious broad Hour o.i ilu market.
MAM I' Ail U RI' 1)   ONLY    BY
FO?. TKf.
Sei tie I'nr I.he Kiuiti, li ledum Lawn nv i'iiii-ii'i v.i
tony. Tesietl sloelt Prom
the besi growers in Hiir.
land, l-'cine... Holland,
I'liiicil si,-ih,■■, Oaniulii,
FhiII anil Oi'iiiimoiital
Treos. Small Fi nits, \'',,m-
lisll    llnllie-..       (Ii-nivil  ill
Hum.iily pari of American
Continent noi Infested
with the S in .Inse scale,
Dm trees do mil hnve in
in- l'iuni'_;,'ii,'.l and coiiBo
quenl ly tliimngetl,
140 Piigo Cat.-iiottruo  rrcc
M.    J.    HENRY
Grei '"."■ ' nl Seed  Houses
!'|.' IVoslminslei- II.. i,l
uiiiii'.H iiuiistnr. snurH vancliuviji
i.. •-..■
Capital Paid Jp
Rest Fund
lias 65 Brandies in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all iiic Principal Cities of the World.
At an Branches.    Intorcsl allowcrl at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 6. G. Branch, W. ii. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
wilh ti e nl  um hand   ■   '   purl r seii.
n    '    ....   .■,     1  .     h.i-     :■   .,i|..     fillt,   ".
.1 insult, li it ii Ir nu e linn nre i-. i i-i 1
c ■. ' e vuble th -in1 , mio mstle to ive i
in 1. Ilnii. ly. We : n i.' mn ny tn t\ n .1
I' nr ifnl put I r •-.''' a ."I nild i ii ci - I n
I .'nul ifi ini: t he h" i e ih il are I "'i
fit1, i IV cl ve nml ii i pei sive, antl ill
t-hutv   ■ .-I"   ruuius  to tin-  ii -i sibun-
•:l    . .
Fi.  HOWSON *r  CO.'Y.
on a
asn jaies
Ooyie & Ailum, Ltd.
.VM !*••&. IS**** % V
o. -* 1V^ti-*-Ja.'*.-V^!Vfe'^-*',lvi».'*-Ml-"i_i.,9t''*«- a
I P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. ';.
4/%-v^-<ii.-*-%'%'<i>-/<fc^^^^%''^»'%'W'^'*v'*^-'fc''^t.'iii-iv«_.ia-t^ %r
HEAD ll|.'l''|i'K :   i-ai.i.akv.   Al.i'.iii'i.i.
Wholesale antl Retail Moat Merchants
Pork P in    nul Dealers in Live Stuck,    Muikels in nil thi- priuci
:, ,| i m i ■ ■ ni I T..,vii. ■.'  Albei'ta. Rrlliali Ooliiiiibi-i ami ilm Viikim,
j. . .i    h    ('■!,.in .I...I  Ur ... I  " Imp i iii" II uu    unl li. im ii,
ul I   "  -h nir  >   l"   Hi cil   Ij   il   bill'il,
lenders   bul    in ippnrenl re-
. ognition of the fai I lhal     time
il   ihe is '"■ approaching  when the , iri
I      .   .. „.. .     .,ii- par'- oi the empire must Bhare
. . •,., Dear proportionate responsibility fur iu
■  .,,.   can  ,„. ,,r, existence   or   disintegration   may
doubt of   lie1 ilm e
.;,,,.. I, i.. . - menti n   I  a ir of the
.  .   .
the iir-i uml the plan)
hi re i
will   bi ir
Imi     i   '..  ut fiom country ol origin,
.i.n I. . \l.l;.     PliALKKS    DMA'.
.  . : ; V B■ i .: i'i OK B    _B. O
fact •that    .;.;   proposal   for their
Beveram i :   im  ircal Britain would
be re . ■.. . « sdain, it cannoi
re-nil.     '1 hat   the   surest  way to
-..•cure ihis   cohesion  is by shariri
the burdens of   mutual   defence is
apparent at. u glance, especially as,
under strained
relations with an-
,;,,.. ,,, ,. other couiltry these defences could,
...      •      ,,   parts of   'in   and would  be strengthened at any
empire   lo   the   Motherland   have
I. bi   entitnental  rather than -m h
a-   involve   the broader and moro
,, . |ing     .    deral one ol materi i
interest.   Moreovi r, all the colonies
bave felt at   times that, in matters
time by the cheerful co-operation
rn" ilm colonies. ' The prospects associating themselves with the
awakening of the K ir K ist are probably mnre clearly in lhe pcrspei -
(IAME HOG Mi    ■ N
For i he benefit of   those
ignor hi' ni   the .-1 ni
and lho <■ wh   wilfull
we again remind fishermen of both
these   classep,   thai      -     -in the
changes in   the I lominion fin
ment   regulations, i he   sea son   fnr
tmul.   fishing   not  dpen lhi    i >
uiiiiI   May   I-i, instead nf   Mareli
25th   as   prnviotisly,     Tin n
heavy fine fur the Infraction of Ihis
tive of Um vision of the Antipodean   law, and if some nf unr local   por It
cheapest in the
end hfcauseit
wears loffljtK
1l,.„ t ■ ".I,... C. Mull
Central Hotel
nilllAIIANIlSilN    IlIlOH,    Pll'll'IlII'.'IOIIS
|. . : evi ry respei I,     ''II modern coni-enh net
i .. i...e Rample Kooui
. Bl 50 per Day, Spocinl Weekly Rater,.
Queen's Sotel, Trout Lake, under  _win«   m;in;ijieineni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
IT.   ^LIBERT      ST02STE      PEOP.
Certificate  of  Iinprov.iiieiils
I lelllil II li ill   .Miiiei..I   ( I.   Hilllule    in
llie Truiil I.ii.' MiutiiH I'u i-i. .ii i.i
Wei i ICtinlenuj  Dislrlul.
When, lucileil:      lilipill  (',,■..I,.
'I'ulio notiee lhal I, Halherliie Miuitl
Km ier, l'i.'.- Mini i''s (Vi'llllenle Nn, li
lliaill, lull'ml. nixly il.iv. Iiiiiii lh.. ilnle
hnieiii', lu apply lu the Mining Iteeurd
er I'm il (lell lllenle ul' Impruveiuenls,
liiilhe piu-piise nl nliliiiliing il IVnivn
(Iniiii nl' the iibiive eliiim,
.Ami Iiiii 11. t- tnke mil ice I bill nelinii,
ttmlt'l' secliiin  h7,tni!-t   In-ciinnneiii'i'ii
I eh ne   lhe is-uiiiu I' elich Ctutilleiitu
nl' ImpruvemeniN.
Dated   Ihis  2and day nl'   I'uhi'iiiiry,
A.D. 1030. "   •
may 12       Catii mil st; MAUI) VliAHIill
Certificate of Improvements
riul.i nnl (liilllliin Mincnil .lui um sitiinlu in
the 'I'n.nl l.nl.i. Miniii'; Divisiou ni Wn-I.
Kuiitoniiy Dislricl.
Wlioro   Ini'iitiiH:   i'n  Divido butwuott (-iincude
nil.I I'   l'i   I  '  1.'. 1...   Ullll   -11...», l   ',  ii,,;.. McIII
A   ..; li, RltilwilJ-
Tiil-lllllitifl    ll.nl    I   ll   11   N, Willi....il:...   I
ii::i.iii fnr I'i Iwiinl U.nli.... 11... M .m.i i mil.
onto No 118 ailll nl in l, .'.: . thi) lr..ni',Inn,
In-1'..,n. tn .|.i i In lho Mini li in ■; lur ll
i !i rl illi'itlo   i I niirnvonii nl    Inr i ho iiurimto nf
niiin Iiiil : ;i I'l'IIWII lirillli III Ihilllllnfo .-':. ...   .
Unl   Ini'.!.. r   lllll       • i...,;   ,. 1 inu,   until p
i-i-ii,,ii .17, niusl ii !■■ il liofnro tlio ia if
ll I nl  -iii'Ii ■ "l'i ill. nl., "I   I in |ir,.\ iiiiiiiii i  .
Uni.-.i tlila uii ilny n( .M.ii'.ii ,\ ii . mul).
ii. II. N. WILKIE,
fill. 21 Tri.nl l.nlio.
Notice of Dissolution
Nnl i, e \-. li lehy ;;i i ii lllll 1 he part.
ei.-h p hei fintn. r exi&l ing heliveen
he uml. i sigi ci i,a  im 11 html m ,i    li   .
'I--, nki .    li    t '..    in, i   l-    : In    i   iill i
-iiic nl lliilisnii ,V Bell, Iius ilu- .i.ii
iin il uMilveil Ui nnil um inin-eiii. I Ilu
li.|.-ii.i.-- n ill ini lie i in in e In- i ni i it-il
ai in Alex ind. i IIi'Iimiii, tvlinttsmtmi s
i 1 h.t iiiiii icH ni i lie (Mi 11 er-ihip ..nd
.. hi. im i-i. 1 iI led Lo n l-e I e piiyini nl i 1
. u -inn-, ilue and pu\ nhle In lhi | tr!
D iiiil Mini li 21!iil, IIIIII),
AI.KXaMiI'.I!   Iliili-'i'.,
li.   \V.   liKLI..
.      .,     ,.' .i ii i.a i ni.\ ■;   . IO>
,:i,..i.'.|    nli-.   UIBFOSAL,   ul-    DOMINIUM      LAiNDH      Ul'llll.N      Jill'.
UA11-.W A ,     11'.1.1    IM    'llll..   I'ltui-
1...  ...  n|.'   liltl'i'loll  OOLli.illJI.'..
A   i.ii '.i.^il     n.  .'in   inn.nr  call   in    •
.i_,i,  ,i   only   in   iiuiiliii   . onipi tltion,     A
iciitiii ui ;.j ,.. i'  . ituai i   nul..'  .    . I...    i
Cor  all   11.i.I.i 1   ii.:i ilii.   ui -til   Hi ie     811
iin-ii ...   i    :   .....   iu.   m.iiei. tlie ii-iii...! is
l ll     ..1   il   {_'■  1..S  i'l'l    ill . i    ini'   il.IH.    ..
In   . .1 ll   tu   Lhi!   iiiiiii I,   tiiii-b  ai   lllfl
following r.iiis a. ■■ . n .iKi.'i—
ti.iivn lumber, .w couta pel" lliunsitini
feet  11.41.
um.,-..ij lie-, eight mul nine Ceet long,
l , _; mm i i.-i centa each.
blnligie  bolls, -ii cciily a col'.l.
All other products, i p.-r cent un llie
A license is Issued so noun as n oerin
la gtuuLi .1. nn "i >- m I.-.' a i.'. I'ltorj ao
iii.,...i   ...in  ii.- ..-iii  .ni  ii berth until Hie
111    :.. ■      h        111   ...    m   BUI v >    Lhi	
f, I ,.,:...   ...  i. ii.    I.l.il.. I   .in    ai   ..  ill A.  li   1
iu public mil" ;•' nli mi. iA.ii'1 in nn' case
ul .iciu.il suiticrB,  who  i-eijulre  the  um_-
.....   own u.sc.
Sulllci'.s   anil   otli.ii.   may   also   ulilaln
1 uin iu cui up tu lull cords ol wood tor
sale   without   competition..
i tie dues pal abli undi r a pel am mra
ii..... per thousand feet H..U., tot suuar.
iininu and sawlogs ol any v.uuii .'^
,|.i oak; from I-.: lo l t-8 cents per unci
n,,,i im building inn... Hum HI 1-2 lu -o
cenia per .'ini mi wood; l oont lui isuca
r. . centa Cor railway lies; and nil
., ii   pai cord Cur shingle bolts.
Leases Cor giiuinn purposes are issil •
.,1 ,, ii - iii oi Lweniy "in.' year*, al n
rental "i  iwo corns pei  ."ii  poi aiiiium,
rum lauds may be purcliosod' at »m
pel .n.i: Ioi n.iii -niil I""i >-■' 'ur ii.iini.i-
,.11,■ .Nui in ic than ii-.' ucu'i, maj bu
,, . i,,,,i  :,)   one  Individual oi  cum pun j.
tioyalti ■•'■ in   rals i.i li) cunts pur ion
, . ,   .    colli ■ ii a .ni un  gross
" 1.'n'.'i,'.n i. i i.ii... im agricultural pur-
,     .     i ,ai   ni' lii.i.i.i ii     ..ii illy al lhe ■"•
 i .    ii...   .i   the iliHiriui   In  wlni n
li     ,..,i  lu  I..-  i.... •  '■■ iltuaud, or
ii  ii,,   i..un,....,., i  il.. .ri i, In may, uu
i ,  .mn, in th- Minister ui um laiurior
il un.i.i,i. in   ''. unu...i.i..rn i ui Inunlgra-
Hun ul  Winnipeg, in  tin' local agenl  nu
i.,. i,i;.in.i, iiiiiiiii which ilic land i»
iltuaicd, rocolvs authority tor some ono
m hiuku entry lur linn.
a ni   ni Ilu in obargGd tor nomcri9aa
A "..'iiiii' whu has reanlvod un jniry Col
ii lioiuasiuad, la ieiiuitcd to uerlorin in*
ciihdiniiiis connected therewith under uu«
ol   .lm luiinwing pliinsi-
ih ai luusi nix inotiilia rusldoncc uimn
and culllvallon ot the land In each year
iniiini,' Um term of three years,
it is ih.- praotlce uf lhe Deparimont to
require a mailer Lo bring 10 acres undor
ctiiiiiiiiiun, bin if hu prolors ho may suii-
atliuto sunk; and 20 head ol caitlf. lo bo
■i. niniiy Ins own proporly, with tiuililn.ga
Cor iinir accommodation, will be required
ill   1' .ill   Uf   CUlllVllllUll,
ui If iiiii hither lor mothei, If lhu father Is deceased) uf nny person who Is
till. to make a homestead entry undi r
the provisions of tho Aot, resides ni'un
,, [arm In tlio vicinity of tho land eti-
terod for by hihIi person as a Homestead,
the iciiulri'liieiil.s of the Act us tn rt-st-
,1,11.... i.riur tu tilmilnliig patent mny bu
latlBllod by mi.il> pi'i'Sun residing with lho
. tilier ur mother,
nn ii the seiner luia his permanent
residence upon farming itnul ownetl bv
him In Uu- Vicinity uf Ills lioiiusli'iiil. tlio
requirements nf the Ad us lo resldcnco
nine ii" sntisi'eii by residence upon the
suid   land.
A|i|»Hcu'..on fnr p-ttotit rIhiiiIiI be mndo
,i 'ite "tiij nf three yeara before the leoal
........i, Rub-ngeiit or n homestead Inspeo-
Il'offiro ititiklnR npi'llcn'lon fur n pnlont,
lettlor  must  give six nionllm' nntlc*
In  w-iilliui  tu  lhe  r'onittilssloni'r nf  le-
minion  LrihIs  at  Ottuwu, of hlB  Inten-
'liui  to du lo.
w. w. coht,
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior n
ll C
loney ^•«*5»^
•-'    f ■  «    - r--.-.-;W
. .      i, *»*s
fit,   Puy high-
;      . ■.. little extra
..   ni'i i     1 it inakes-
F Ilavcii nnd nour-
Yoii Ret large
,1      hi      I "
,       ml
..    '       /'  D "
i n lil Ile
I   -i. ■ "
ii     " inline,
he r tin   Purity
..: r   .
, ..." ice, Goderich, Brandon
O OI&l _A._FLX.K_.
".. bran is oi Wines, I   quorsaud Cigars.     Travellers to
h CreoK will ii i   excellent accommodation at this
,: •   '
(:■'.-:' v. '"
ITlOK S ILK   Two  25-fi   lots on Me-
Kmiz e itveliue, nexl tn Mr, Bill k'
usi : li .-i   local ion   mi avenue.    VV
Sum lm.
lyuiK SALE    Lot 12, Mm k 51, 50x OU
J       i.n   mu , In .i-i   mi tier  ■ I' Si unl h
111   1. n rtl II. ih- mi itvenue, i ex'   to I he
i ■ iv "   ii n  -i html    block.    1' iri h ttlai -
i i \\   sn i the.
immermg  i-iway
ii.u _-.■■ i :.   i   ! •■   i   nr Liiferi
i, ..  in l'i iii  . •. ■■ 80 ■'  ■
hei ring Inst yenI,    i     I I i-i es ivil
i hi.-  i -iii: ..   jr.-. [limns, i Iiei i ips and
netirs; one "i lhe hesi I'ttiit nt-chards in
li. t'.    I'.iii'i lilies nl XV, Sinvihe. Rev.
eh-lnke. II. 1.
Ital   • .ii   eai
.,.!    .-..I ifiicl ive
• - only  i In-  lin.'-!
'   •   .     .   1      :.-. thlp,
..:,.-     ■    eetion      sn'      lard
!     .   "'■ . .1.   ' ■ .'
;    in   - lotion   ui   i|iia!ii >',
ileal I h y-saving,  We
ii \jjte inspeel;  n of i.m h prem-
-   • d p. ii es. (live ii- a trial.
J-lDIt   SALE—One   dux li   ill iinngli.
lu'.'ii Whi,. Leghorns, wil h Cm -
i ■ '. Blanch u tl's sl rum; 2 •! /.", I!."', ti
1    thui ns.   wit h   Cnekei '1.     M   •
.mini,     \   i  i   ur .1 hlress  .1. A. Mob-
■an. ,; - 227, Revel     I e, i . C.
1710H   - ' LM    !■' ' ii   ... i■■- . I i i h    ■! ■
'     i lean .1.   fenced  mil    nl I it.eil    in
let! . lover; ...ily 71 feel fi im ;
li .  i i   lighl  ii ■! ivati i iiiiiiiis; mi main
i ■    ..   ii v:   V'i'ii ihi.- prop ■: i v:   suit -
-iiiii- fnr ui it-ki i   ■; Li'den  or tysiil >i i t'
|i.n puses; ..tv ler in.lit -ell: pri e iill.'111
Apply Mtiil-Hi'l i tl uffl ...
\ Jli.N'KV   V\ A.\ I Kl)   $5lKI   un,led
^M   in. too ■ t ii.c ... i .i	
.    ii.pl,. to Mu    Hi.     " ;■■ • ■
i ii .i ir >,
| m
A Shingle in lime
Saves Nine
M nu kinds of shingles, lull llie hest
ii.nl euveiing tbat  any  man  can  top
oil' u iih i- a
.la Insurance Policy
in a reliable an . puny. Wo lhal if lhe
Inr li, .i.I lavs     i-   lm    iu   ashes,   he
...,. dollar '..•    '"'lui'   withoul   delay.
i'n, i! c n,.nu fm nn I-. nl' shinnies
o|Ti i a kind in nil this? ll noi iu-
.,11, ,|, :. i i'- Mi.ii .'.,■ ynur uml' Ti    i > :
foi       I'n Miilll.-i.'A      may    he    Inn    In'".
lowest preml mn in heal cnmpiiutes
) ESPECTAHI li   \\ II.U \.N
I     [rill IK yell's ,,hl, ilnlil: .   '     "i
_. -   Iii.us,'keep, i- tit-  i  .i.k, will ihi I i'in
ill V uii'. .     Rl I     I'llces   iti'.ili     in.1   i  ■-
u'ired     ll ix 7ii. !' iiinkii, Alia.
ii'.IXI' Tt) SELL. OR REN I'a li ve
\ \      in-uui.il In1.1-e . n S i-mikI street,
lll'l A c   II    lie I, llllgll ' i.I ill '. 'i   ill I   11. II
Camnzxi's store,  Apply in !•'. K W'il'n
W'A.v ['EP   s.  A.  WiuraiiLs.     Will
>»     puy  *72.'i   S 1 M...,.|i.i,,is |i,.,k
\'.,m nuv  :. li. I'., v, i;h sighl   ilt.it    on
i;  W   Ilu. kill.
WAN I'ED    Expel    need   Hrsl-elass
lunihei in in w .nu- eiuploytnei t
as travelling -tili'suinn, or any push inn
nf i nisi will. I uui Lit concern. Apply in
"Successful," M iii Herald, ll'ielsl .'.ke.
nn h 27
Kl.'.AI. Efl'I       i     IN'll  Ivsi'llANI'l-:
«irANTED I'.suiiii, .is y.tiil I.i.-
V\ ii. in mc iiii,'..iinan hy lhst-i lilt.,i.Ici mini. Apple In ••Faithful,"
lliuu. Mu I ll.r..' I, It'-vilslnk...
Before  tha  First  "l  May, two  six-
r ..iiini   Imii-. c,  in    Revelatoke, wiih
inu min    nl   land - loh; including if
.    ., liiu.-i   n, .1 ,i. il   il   gl        i
timls.   situ ited   wesi ..:  0 P.R. track
Lower town.   Apply to
to Bi v 236, lh •.
Mniiiiriicttireil fur all olanea of bolldlngi
lirvelslnki I and District.
District nl' Weal ICootonay. '
Take notice that   tltirry J. LiiUrush, nmni/o
„i  Nakuap, occupation hotel  keeper- f|R[    CLAY   AKD   FIRE    BRICKS
intt'lidslo apply foi'permission in pur.
chase ilm following described lands:
Commencing  . i   a   pnsl planted at
niiitl, ci-l   ci.'i   a     I'   I.m  78110, Ihence
wesi nil chains, limn, n  ill hi' chain-.
limn ital nu chains, thence south 00
chuins In placoof ■   innience nt, enn
Mining inn acres more or less.
hilled Feb. sn,. i 'DU.
fell 13       IIauuv   I A AI is La   IIuasii.
Nniici. i. hereby given lhat, al th
expiration of three month • frail  date
hen nl', application "ill he mad. lo Ilia
Honour, lhe  Lleutennnl  Gtiveinnr-ln-
Council for'in lur in (' icil uluingu
inn ilm name nf  Woolaay, LcFenux «
Company,   Limited,   to   "Lefeaux  ft
Sni hei'land. Limited."
Dated ihisSih dm of  Kolntmry, 1000,
llAIIVKV,   Mil   Alt I IH A'    I'INKIIAM.
Sollolt mi fm the said Company,
mny 2
I.,r -uin iu Inrt.-'! ■■.' -tn.ill qusutlllal
ul tlm lowest prlcefl foi cash
All kinds ul 1.nil,iiinr mul plssterlni
under) tlteo
Vancouver Acreage
>eii'l I Ii scriplion, Price and
Terms to
Andrew  £.  Liddlc
iteal Batata Agenl    Boj   131
300 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.B. C
Revelstoke Peiitions for Immediate Construction.-- Board
of Trade Favor B. C. Dread-
The regular monlhly meeting nf the
Buard of Trade was held un Thursday
night in the Cily Hull. W. M. Laiv-
rence, us   preaident,   tnuk   the  chair.
The iiiiiiules nf lhe last meeting
were read and adopted.
ct'MMi Nli'.lTHINK
Frnm ihe Vancouver Board uf Trade
enclosing a copy nf n resolution passed
ui their lust meeting, Tim Bubatanoe
uf ihe resolution un- thai ihe Board
in ul opinion that the Dominion uf
Canada ahould at once offer t.. ihe
Imperial authorities u Buftioient Bilin
in hiiial a modern " Dreadnaught" of
ilm sli.iugi si type, aud that the rcso-
lu| Ion I' telegraphed to Sir Willrid
Laurier, Suppli men ting this, n telegram was received and rend, cuuehcil
in the lollowing tirms. Relerring tu
a te mil i. aulutiou nl lhi-1 Hoard,
"line.- yi ur In.ard favor some contribution liy Iiiiiiiii Columbia l" a
Imperial navy, independently uf Dominion." Alter considerable discussion hit the suhject. llie feeling nf
ihe Board heing that B.C. sliuuld
assist in bearing lhe hurden uf the
Empire, it was moved by F, Fraaer,
and seconded hy F. 1'.. Sine; that the
Revi l-inkc Board ol Trade is in lavor
uf li. C. making n substantial grunt tu
the Imperial Government fur naval
purposes. I'he motion was ctrried
nuil a telegram was despatched yesterday tu Vancouver embodying the
From VV. S. Kidder, I'nrt Henry,
N.Y , asking iur information regarding
Reveletoke and its advantages. The
secretary waa instructed in write and
furnish thertquired information.
From R. Gordon,Government Ageni
in connection with the minora] exhibit
fr in Revelstoke i I Seattle Fair. Mr.
Gordon, who was present, Btated thnt
he h.nl written In si v. ml points such
is Guillen, Can borne, Trout Luke,
etc , asking 1 r specimens if minerals
.1 hie would ' ■ sent In llie Fair
through Revelstoke uial lhe Board of
Tr dc. :!■ . ', , -".id that lm had
n e ded I i ihi' G ven ."mn' thut
a sine, uf ui nev be appropriated tu
ihe I! uird (nr th" p irpose el defraying
nil expeua - As regards ihe actual
transportation from the city tu
Seattle, ihe Dumiuion Government
nould look ufii r ih.it.
The lollowing were appointed a
committee t" ' ike up ihe matter and
nake nil arrai •.' mc: is for ci lleetion,
ii ,• . ju .'' i m witli Mr. Gnr-
don, I'. A Bradley, E.A. Haggen and
11. t'.imii.  n un Morris, I -cc.)
Frhm A. S. '■ lodeve, M.I'., Ottawa,
stating that   he had    taken   np   the
■ I : A ixpi linn iiini fuini.- in
!; c . ;i Ivoca ii .. '.he special claims i :'
.;         iy.    I!.,   pointed  i"ii   tl   I  bi
■ y . pportunil of pressing .. ,i cl lima mi the Federal gnver:.-
!, u ■ and il" ni in his power tn urge
the Provincial goverumei t  tn   .--isi.
Fr in Sydney Ki her, Minister ol
Agricul ure, Ottawa, stating thut the
li ninioi Fair grant had heen given
in every province in ihe Dominiop
except Saskatchewan and New Bruiie-
wick. It is arranged, however, that
tlm two pr .viiiL-es shull receive it in
l'.ill mul 1912. 'I'he Government
have not as yet given nny consider
ation aa to the advisability ol extending the grant for another round and
therelore be oould not hold out any
hopes for Revelstoke.    viled.
From Hon. \V. Templeman in seply
t.. a ii it in t er ni reqtli 8 s from ihe
li ii l regarding matters affecting
i;, velttoke.   Principal  among these,
he     slid.      tiint    lhe    A. A'  K. li   It.
charter extension hi I hid received its
..,., tl reading and hnl been relerred
to the R.R. Commission. He hoped
tu Iiii'0 ii urcat ilea! done during tbo
■ I, -.: few years in the woyol geological
work in B '■'•• eapi i illy in Big Bend,
if the mining p oapecti will warrant it.
Mr Templeman stated that there
would be no appropriation fur the
Revelatoke publia building ibis year,
in view ol the deoision ul lhe gnvern-
lur-nt in reduce expenditure hy sume
Iiii I.) l i mil no new wurk will he
started. The erectbn nf this building
'a nut abandoned but poitponed. He
did not hold out the slightest prospect
nf Hevelstoke getting an appropriation
lor the Dominion exhibition, laying
that Revelatoke did not have an
Miooiation strung enough to meet the
condltiona,and he mliistil the Bonn!
not In press further. Deal ng with
the G.T.P., he laid that construction
wus being Carried on as Inst as possible.
1 i tliacuasing the Idler the llnard
f,|l i hui Mr. Templeman seemed
ami.ms to throw Oold wilier nn Kevel-
|tl ke gl III i .illy.
a dee ib bate arose on the Federal
building matter, the feeling being that
li  '■ li  .,!,■.. »   - leing it''-,' d   '.ui'i  n
SplTl,       A  -I ■' 'Ug    i' -"I  it I'll    .Villi' up   is   follow*!     M.i'ii!    hy A.  II
. n, .-. conded Ly C. F, Lindmark, j
tha rn ■ ii w nf the luct thai the
ii. itier ei ilm Federal building (or
Revelstoke bus been hanging lire fnr
sn he g and that a site has been chosen
that is satisfactory, that a oom-uittee
h" appointed tn circulate u petition
fm- immediate construction nf the
Feili nil building for Revelstoke, that
copiea ut this resolution be sent tn Mr.
Templeman and the Minister of
Public Wniks ilt Ottawa. The motion
was carried unanimously.
Tbe petition will be circulated round
the city hy the following committee
appointed for the purpose; F. E.
.Sine, A. H. Allen, E. A. Haggen and
when filled will be Hent to the Minister
of Publio Wurks at Ottawa.
The meeting then adjourned.
Co-operation Will Ensure Ultimate Success
The following is lhe rep'irt uf the
late dircctora tit the Fruit & Produce
Exohauge ol B, O. Limited regardiug
the clnsing up uf tbe hnsiness nf the
Exohauge, and states concisely the
reasons as tu why thu hnsiness was
forced In assign:
The directors of the Fruit A Produce
Exchange of B. C. Limited, beg to
inform those interested in the cu-nper
ative movement throughout the Province that they hava found il necea
sary to clute uut the business uf the
Exohauge for the (ullowing reasons
At the meeting ol the Exchange held
in Revelstoke, Feb. 3rd, 1909,  the following   members   present   gave their
personal   guarantees   to the Imperial
Bank   lor  a sum sufficient to pay off
the   debts   due   shippers on fruit, and
produce shipped, as at that time every
thing pointed to the probability of tbe
Exchange   being    able    to   continue
business successfully with at least tbe
mural   support   ot   the B. C. Govern
ment,   J. Juhnstun, 0 J. Clarence, C
S.   Henilesrun,   O.   Suit,   H.   E.   R,
Smythe,   L. M. Hagar VV. B. Robert
Mr. Johnsioiie spent two weeks iu
Victoria but fuiiud that the pressure
brought to bear on the Government
by persons in high places interested in
the furniaiiun of joint stook companies
was tun strung and no aid could be
obtained fur the oo-operative movement. The Government was peiition-
ed by the Central Farmers' Institute
theu in session, tu withliuld ail assistance lr, in ihe Fruit it Produce Ex-
change oi li. O. This circumstance
aluue prevented any pruiuise uf financial or moral support to the cu uper-
ative movement ami that being the
oa.-e the Exchange cuuld not secure
the ri quired coniideuce of ihe growers
and shippers uf pruduce uud had uu
course open but lu close up tlmir
business in the near luture. The per-
security was therefore withdrawn
(rem the hunk, aud tbe Coldstream
Valley Fruit Tucking Cj, and ihe
ukiiuugnii Produce Association iu-
Btructed the sheriff to seize the office
effei ib ui.il disposed of same, to cover a
small debt.
Growers ull over the province are
aiive tu the necessity uf a central distributing agency in older tu prevent
the speculators from securing control
oi the fruit output and to put a stop
lu the cutthroat competition of past
We consider the lack of support
from uur members and the desire ul
individuals to sell outside in order to
save coinmissi'un, nud by su doing, not
contributing to the support of the
Central, is the cause of our failure.
We consider that the Government
having appointed inspectors on the
prairies whu will examine into claims
fur rebates, will eliminate largely a
cause of dissatisfaction, and we see no
reason why, if growers will contract
their produoe to tin ir I eai Exchanges
with the privilege ol selling outside ii
Ihey su desire hy paying the enm-
mitiion, the Central Exchange shuu'd
not be a complete success, as this has
been the main cause nl mir difficulties
in ihe past year, N'n concern ,'i,u
poasibly be successful which has not
the support iif its own members, and
except fur une nr twn cases for iitlinst-
nient, at DO time during the past year
has any complaint as tu tbe management ur running nl the Central been
laitl belore ihe Direotori uf that Institution,
When the gnuvers are ready tn tin
as outlined above, then ami then only
can a Central Exchange be made a
BticcesB. Two ways lie open to the
growers to-day—to combine together
in the co-operative plan boloro it ia too
late, or to he in the future as the
Ontario growers are to-day in the
hands ol the trusts and nn way uut,
I have nearly une thousand nice
enleniliira (ur plintngraphs, anil (rum
nuw until they are gone, I will give
mie oomplote with every dozen any
size phiitns taken hy inc. Come either
on clear or cloudy days. K. F.
Tucker. lfi-tf
Many  Atrocities  Laid Bare by
the Melting Snows.
Snow, like the Bcriptural purple
cloak, covers a multitude ol "ins, nnd
the sins uf Revelstuke happen tube
ohlefly composed ..f piper and other
rubbish, scattered round the streets.
This is particularly noticeable just,
now. There is one public, nuiftance
win) dcseives newspaper castigution
and that one is the fellow who persists
in throwing paper around tho streets,
This habit in u very bad one and keeps
the streets dirty. Wc beg to remind
all and sundry, the people of Revelstoke, beginning wit!, the oity authorities, and going up or down as the
case may be, that the street is prim
arily not a place lur the deposit nf
rubbish, old waggons urn out stove
pipe, paper, cans   antl uther   things ol
that kind of oourae the presence ol
such lirica-bruc In our leading tho r
glilures is a sign of the degree ol
freedom that is enjoyed by tbeoitizensl
I this burg. It, ilsi sh m't a sense e
superiority nver trlllea, whioh bespeaks
the existence nf a mind basking inu
serene atmosphere composed chiefly ul
its own self conceit, it demonstrates
to strangers thut the people uf RevelBtoke have souls ubuve the grovelling
things nl the earth, Our heads are
among the stars and we cannot he
expected to think of sublunary things,
such us inlteil planks, discarded lumber, broken water pipes, nigs, pieces
ot fire wuud, uld shues, tins, paper and
broken boxea, and wretched things ul
this kind. Wc scorn and ignure
them and the meek antl lowly stranger
who thinks tbey are disfigurements,
ought tu knuw better and ought tu
think of mure noble matters. We in
this fair city of Revelstoke have risen
to such a plane of superiority to things
which are merely ot the earth, earthy,
that we only notice them when some
misguided visitor points them out to
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
31.1T.   0KCKMHER,   1908
Security For Policy Holders
Paid on stuck   .$ 39,490.00
Bal. uncollected 118,47000
Government requirement.. 192,608 03
Balance at cradit      24,976 2.'
Total Security..
ii:si.iiii.|siii;n 11 \j.i
THE   PI    ■
j.     ■ ,:>
Su Clear, So Shining and ' nt that ii
will glimmer through a   Wind  Ma       Eye
A Canadian Made \\ riti-nt
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the "EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
Tin- '■ EMPIRE" embi lies
nu complicated movements,
while ils nianife cling alignment, margin 1 facilities,
automatic conv nience . durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make il the typewriter par
The" EMPIRE" iiei-1- less
cure than any other machine
because tfiere ure fewer parts
to bo eared for al?o due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. beg in us i
EMPIRE Typewriter
1895, continued to add I
number, an 1 now ha a
constant use more thai
of tlieie machines.
The British Government
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational instilu-
.   !    1 '.!'! 'lllll
, *-•■ _f *7 i   -«   -•
3. O.
Moving Pictures tunight.
To Trappers
R.aw Furs Boagtio
Uash Prices Paic
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter o(' Furs
IN THK MATTER  OF AN  APPLICATION   for   the   issue   of   al
duplicate Certifloate of Title I'.n
Lots I, 2 nnd :i,  Block 99, Town
nf llevelsloke (Map 080).
it is my intention to Issue nt the expiration of one month after the liisi
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certifloate  of  Title   to   the    above
mentioned lots In the name ul' Dennis
McCarthy, which Certificate i- dated
the   iilli   nl'    December,    1900,    and
numbered 0348D.
Distriel  Registrar.
Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, li. O., March 24, 1909.
Notice of Assignment.
NOTICE i- hereby  given  that   pur
snail   In   ill.     "I'liililnis   'I'm,!
Deeil- Ad. Imii. ' anil amending mt-.
The Ki ull mil Produce ISxchiiiige .4
UrlHuh t nhiiii'ii i. Limited, a em pm i
umi having linn   he.i.I  nftU-i   ul   lhe
Cily nl    Iteli l-lnl,e.   ||.  I   ..  Cl li — i.ill
Agi'ltls. iiiil llll Illi'-Jlih day of Mulch.
IINIII,   assign   nil   Iheir   pelsiilinl e-lale.
cieihis and effect*, which may be
Hiu/eil ami snid under exocutlon in
Wilh.nn Blair Robertson, of the -nnl
City   nt   llevelslnke,   Aeeoillilillil,   I'm
the henulll n! iheir creditors.
Ami iiiii ni- is hereby given thai n
meeting of the creditors of the saiil
debtors will he held in the offlce ol \V.
II. Itiihciis,.ii, Kirst street, Revelntoke,
II. 1',, nn ihe Seventh day  of  April,
I1KKI, nl the lllllir uf  2:110   nclnck iu llie
All persons htivitignnyclnlmsagainst
lhe said debtors nre required to lor-
ward particulars of the same duly ver-
illeil, In the assignee al   Revelsluke, II.
C>, on or before the Isi day  nf May,
Anil nnl ice Is herehy given I hnl after
lhal. tin!e, the assignee will proceed to
distribute the  proceeds of tbe estate,
hilling regard only In   lhe   claims   nf
which he.-lm 11 have received not Ice nud
he will nnl he responsible for the
assets, or any pari   (hereof so dlslrili-
uteil to any persnli or pelsnns of whi.-e
debt he shall nnl then have received
unlit e.
Dated this iiiiiii day uf March, 11)09,
11,1111 IA .  All UAllTBII fi   I'INKIIAM.
inchiiT        Solicitors for the Assignee
Jt:^ .     ' ''
tCtU ij r__^.' «»*   i
Ail Work Promotlv
and Neatly Executed
, I ^;
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call ior Estimates jnd Advertising Rates
New Wash Goods ;it bargain prices. Victoria Lawns, special ;it i2^_.c.
White Waistings antl Cross-bar Muslins at ioe. per yard and up. Pretty Muslins in
dots, check, stripe, etc., selling at 12'jc. per yard. English Gignhams and Galateas
in plain and stripe, selling ai 15c. pur yard. New Whitewear in skirts, gowns, corset
covers, drawers, etc , all at special prices. Spring arrivals in men and boys' wear—
Come and pick out your Easter Hat, wc have it here. N'ew Tics, new Gloves, new
Bo its, new suits of Underwear, etc. Ladies' and Misses Boot and Shoe Department
Our newest Spring styles will be of special interest to every woman.
Our Millinery Department is at its best now. Vou can depend upon seeing the
most up-to-date modes and the very latest styles. This department is under the
supervision of Miss McKenney, while her skill and experience should be a sufficient
g iarantee to one and all.
Pure Drugs
combined with oaielul
compounding,   prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices are the factum
which have built up uur
business to its present
immense p r..portions.
Bring your next prescription here if you
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Local and General.
We nini   tn keep  unly   the
Our Bread, Cakes and Pastry
best in (Iruceries.    A trial  ortler
are made fresh every day,   when
will   he  appreciated   as we  are
tired of your  own   baking,   try
convinced that we can save you
ours for a change, you   will   lind
it very appetizing.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Nice Five roomed
House for $1,800
Nice   Six roomed
House for $1,900
Kincaid and Anderson
Real EBtnto, Insurance and Financial Agents.    Money to Loan.
Don't forget the ") .M.C.A. social on
April 27th. ap 7
Good music Easter .Monday night,
tea -t-rveii from six till  nine
The Ladies Hospital Guild will hold
a calico ball in the opera house on
April  20th
Tbe Ladies' Auxiliary to B.R.T. are 1
givmg a dance in  opera  bouse, April
22d    Gentlemen Jl; Ladies 50o.   td   j
li n't foiget   the lecture and stere-) _
optic 11 views  by A. 0. Wheeler, Een ,;"
FRUS   in ihe Edison Parlor Theatre      Keep   Good   tnday
on i'he 15th. »P H ! bear Sacred Concert.
meats     salads,    lemon   pies,      H.   Sbardlow   bus  heen appointed
i..;   bread and cakes, will be city pound keeper.
- me of tbe dainties served at the Tea      -j.[ie oharge fur the Eaater Tea in the
on Easter Monday. , Y.M.C.A. ia only 50c.   Children 25c.
Tbe Giobe Lumber Co are erecting      \V. G.  Smith,   of   Arrowhead,   bus
a commodious  lumber shed  in   their' n£en gazetted a justice of   the peace
yard   bere   when    specially   selected 'fur jj (jt
in   er wi.l be stored.
Other Houses at reasonable
prices.— All kinds of Insutv
ancc. -Agents for the celc
brated KARN Pianos and
Piano Players.—Money to
night open to      Don't fail to hear Sacred Concert in
! opera house Hood Friday.
The city council are considering the
purchase of a rock crusher for street
Excellent programme of vocal and
instrumental music, opera bouse,
Good Friday evening.
WANTED—Comfortable, furnished
Mr. and   Mrs.   W.  H.   Pratt  havel'i00.'   fl'""1   ty  a single  gentleman.
Lawn tennis  has  began   and   this  taken tlio   house    recently    ocoupied   KBPv B- Mail-Herald.
afternoon the Jmlies   are  playing  on | by  the   Bank   stall   until    the    new!     J.   H.   Jackson's   appointment   as
Molsons bank in completed. city auditor for   the current year at a
Be sure to hear Mr. A. 0. Wheeler's  '"iary ".' *260 wasoonfirmed last night
the   courts.   Tennis  promises   tu be
.     Sl  ,   pulai game this year.
D   McCarthy   has  the contract Ior
structi ii    i  a warehouse  fur
■V. VV. Fo=l     .ud      en cumpleted the
jilding will b(  ueed by the Mountain
_. | y Co.
The treat o! a lifetime—Mr Wheel-
ir- lecture on the Mountains vi Can-
la on   the   15th.   Tickets uu sale at
C.   R.   Macdonald's   and   Bews'drug
Itor -. ap H
C.^.' V ung,    ' Comaplix, was a
-.    :   to   tiie  city   yesterday.    The
stated that the Bowman Lumber
i ... .itrre re-optniug  their  mill  there
i u Mon day.
The I-.iJi._5 Auxiliary to the B B T,
uill   hold   a shirt   waist dance in the
.  ra house, April 22nd.   Every effort
ing put furtb to   make this dance
s success. id
K Strangeways, who has been operating a small Venetian biimi factory
hen north ol the C.P.B., left Wed-
.. ■■- iy nigbt for Vancouver tu open a
business in that city.
1 I '. I .li was overheard the ..ther
. i. it ibe Empire i ir saying tu his
. uial cnusiuo: "I've been a-buying
,. . eg tin., md did I ear b'any ui
yon gents •' rain. Have a liread-
: ii,;,:   ;. me
enian'i li iter read
■ t tbi ird   ol     I rich'    ue '-1irjjsr  on
1:. .--:-. night regarding matters ol
.,  inu ■•.-!  .:  -••    -  tbal be is not
it ■ -   ted t .a arils Kevelstoke.
i i -.,■• what the honi rable
in  bas against thii city.   As
a mat'- r ol   (act Revelstoke k»v
■ . rj   mpp rt   in tbe by eleotion f..r
. rai -, it ind the c ilumna ol
tbi M ..-ll i i.At.i gave uvid argil
•■ • nti   in   favor ol   bis eh etion, and
Why be sinml'l  p.illr   Oold water oil us
seems unfair.
lecture oo the Canadian Buck es "it
Thursday, the 15th. The lecture and
illustrations are both extremely interesting, ap 14
The decorations nn Easter Monday
iu the Y.M.C A. will be worth seeing,
the ladies having sent tothecnaat Iur
Easter flowers. Flowers will be ior
sale lor a small charge after tea is over.
at the city ci ni ncil meeting
Supt. A Duck of the power house
lias lep.irted that the dam crib work
is getting shaky and needs attention.
The council have the matter   in hand
The city tire, water, light and power
committee at their meeting this week
have .lecided to purchase the Game-
well lire alarm system apparatus lor
Mrs. Corley has given a contract for j tbe city,
a fine modern villa tu J Anderson, to .,-, n:. _-. ■. v , •_■ i
be erected at the corner nf Boyle Tn,e U'-v C""ncl1 ha? ?eclded *°
avenue and Third street. The bousi •'"'•' ' P««*°tograph '"«• »j* «
will be fitted with all the latest im- '
pr ivements.
Monday, April 5th, is  the last  day
nn which names can he place! on the
voti rs
lector will also lie  purchased   loi   the
power bouse
The City Ci nneil have decided tr.
provincial voters' list This privilege purchase a Smith concrete mixer from
will not be granted again fur six Mussens, Ltd, Montreal fnr use in
months. All those who desire to have manufacturing concrete sewer pipe
tlieir names on the list anil receive * alas,
the privilege    f   the   franchise should
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
(lee on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
> <KHKK><>0<KH><)^<KK><>0O<KK><H><> <
If you want good Potatoes wc have
just unloaded a ear.      Special   prices
for ton lots.      Now i.s your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
^W4»««->*«i«^^'ie>-^^^^-««-ist««^i««^^«^^«-i«i-«-4^^s$__.«.4$-. :»:-^«-i(n*ciej-<:.i#i.^9^<_! **»■**«»
* *
Social and Personal
L, M. Hagar has returned Irom a
visit to tho east.
Mre. J. J. Porter will not reeeive on
Wednesday the 7th.
Mrs. A. E. Kincaid will not receive
ou Monday, the 5th.
Mrs. Hobson will uot receive on
Wednesday, April 7th.
Mrs W. M. Liwrenee will not receive on Wednesday next, April 7th.
Mrs. 1). McCarthy left Thursday lor
a visit to Ilu nti' for her health, she was
accompanied by Mrs A. Johnson.
Mrs. R. J. Watson and family
arrived from burk's Falls, Ont., laBt
evening and will take up their residence here.
J. Guy Biirber left this morning
fnr Winnipeg where he has been
called on account uf tbe illness uf
bis faiber.
Miss J. Whitebread, who has been
the guest uf Mrs. L McCarthy, returned to her home in Arruwhead un
The yuu tig people were entertained
on Thursday night by Mr. and Mre
C B. Paget in honor of their guest,
Mies Day, of Victoria.
Mrs Creelman will be "at home" to
her friends on Wednesday next Irom
half past three tu six pm., and not
again before the autumn.
G. K. Singer, who had his back bo
seriously hurt while repairing the mill
here has fully recovered after a year's
reit and has accepted the position as
sawyer for the Bowman Lumber Co. at
Business Locals
tain ii tice before it is too late.
The usual Sunday social   service in
l.'y.  V.M.C.A   to-morrow  at four
H. H. Morris, Inspector of the Can-1o'clock.     Mr. J. G. McLean has this
it.liiiu Banks ol Commerce, visited -li*.  meeting in charge.     lhe ringing ii »
local   branoh   "0   Thursday   and   ex-   feature   f flu- liuur
Easter Goods
i,,iihiml of  Violets
lln-e Leaves
I.n wney's    Ivi-lei
Hastei   Cards and Novelties
Tuck- Post  Cards,
Paper up your bnnae fnr spring. Get
ii.' iu west style paper antl colon, ynu
can buy it at C. K. Macdonald's.
For wall paper, burlaps, carpets and
linoleums go to C, B. Hume &Cn.
If yuu want a nice new Kodak and
outfil we have them from fl to $60.
Cume in and see Incm at C ft. Mac-
Windc -hailes, regular si«e, nr
mads ll '   any sue desired at  C.
I!   II        . Oo.'l
order at  the Bevelstoke
Genera     Vgeneies   [or a load ol good
\  neeting ol  ihe executive  oom    :"•  "■'■"   oot   io   16-inch   lengths
i mittee il the Hevelstoke Crlokel I I ih       ' W Wfor fall cord,
wa- beld yesterday   evening   m   tbe     i ,, .   Madras muslin, our-
Office   .;    C    M     Field     particulars   il .    ,„,,|    tin„r,.,   Q, p
winch will is1 published  in uur nexl   y
. photographer ,« m.w
i i.    ildents i     Ird itrsel  vesl are  bere   until   Monday, April   tbs
petitioning   lor   tbe extension ol   inr ,.   -.p. enlargement  il
sewerage system   u'«i ol the sohool to  j iur ph .)•    r view of city; special f..r
1)0 not faii I. procure a ticket lur
-le progressive whist, party under
the auspices ol the lady patrons ol
the cricket, club tn is- held at the City
Hall nn  Easter Monday   April 12th
pressed himself much pleased at the
progress the hank had made since
pening up here. The inspectio i
■bowed excellent business and steady
increase. There are now 19;') brandies
nf the Bank ol Commerce in Cumuli!
I'nited .-lutes ami Great Britain.
The Ladies' Ani ol the Methodist
church expect to serve ' High Tea'
. n Eseter Monday, alternoon and
evening, in the gymnasium ol tbe
V'.M.C.A.    Tlmse whu patiouiied onr
last Easier Monday tea will   be uhle to
remember the beautiful tables and
tasty viands served at that time, and
will   naturallv   expect   as   gnutl   this
i     L,  ',,,  iA.,1   .....,__,_,_._, Onvi-r the block   nl   hiiuses in that vi-   this visit on y.
I.'iiik nut  lur art. next week , .,,..__ '
cinity.       lt is probable that the cniin-        ,   .
i."!' ic-    green   anions,
■ mons   sn.l    iiananas    fresh
On the Canadian Rockies by
A. 0. Wheeler. F.R.G.S.
Under the auspices nf the Bevelstoke
Mountaineering Club, A. 0. Wheeler
Esq., FR G S , President of the Alpine
Cluh of Camilla, will deliver a lecture
on the Canadian Rockies, profusely
illustrated by Btcreoptioon views, iu
the Edison Parlor Theatre, on Thurs
day April 15th, at 8 p.m. Ad iu i sion
20 cent-; gallery utl cents, ap 11
Good Friday Concert
Se'ection.     . Taniibauser.... Wagner
Revelstoke Independent Bai d
Cboius. .Unfold Ye   Pnrtals, .0 uinod
Methodist Chnir
Mixed Quartette. . Lead Kindly Light
 Wc ueeker
Churns... .        OJi ri i     Mozart
with urehestrnl accuiui uuiuicut
Vncal Trio. . . Angel's  Lullaby . . ,Abt
Misses Creelman, Pagden, Patrick;
Masters Pagden and Samson.
Methodist chnir I 'in a Pilgrim
Obligato by Mrs. Dent
Solti   Angel  Land I'insuti
Mrs.  Squirebrigge
Male Quartette   Wayside CroeB
Selection... Bridal  March .. . Wagnei
Revelstoke Independent Band
Mixed Quartette ...  Crossing the Bar
Chorus. . .Glory of the Lord ... Handel
Vocal Duet My Hope is Built.
Mrs Dent and Mr. Allum
Song Ave Maria .Mascngni
Mrs.Pagden; accompanied by Miss
Bird, violin; Mr. Sawyer, comet
Anthem. . .0 for the Winge of a Dove
Methodist    church   choir,   with
obligato by Mies Pagden. . Mendelssnhti
Hallelujah   ChoruB    from    Handel's
Messiah, with   orcheetral  accompaniment.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
for March was as follows:
5      Es
«     *.S
s   as
«       2"
0.     a.
School—Div. 1     II
05.08     (i
'     II.    II
08.89     8
School—Div. 1.    21
05.47   M
—    "II.    21
98.68   18
—   " III. IH
111 60   20
—   "IV.  86
Ul 111   22
—   " V.     118
98.64   Ki
—   "VI   -Hi
HII7H    111
-   "VJI.61
92.70   21
—   "VIII 17
lli II    2-1
"     —   " 1X    67
110.07   26
—   "    X     1!)
98.84   27
His I'll
98.14 218
The new
in    this
nlitnrnim '   n.,w   under   cil will .icceile in their reipiest
nstruotion   by   the  Amateur  Drain uic Club, near the skating rink, is      '" ,hr Polio« ''"'r'  thia  morning, morning at C I) Hume it Co.«,
progressing very rapidly and  will SO00   before Magistrate   Foster,  the  charge;     A large StOOk ol   paint brushes, .Ins-
he in readiness tu take the large stock | "a1"""''Ah. Hlntt  ,or having illegally   t„„  whisks brooms, carpet iweep rs,
ol valuable scenery   belonging to the   supplied    liquor   to    patmin   Of   the   _|lri|, ln{j  ,.|,,B„,    hrusbes, mop*, stable
club.    It   ll  Oopeland   has  charge  of  «'«>• restaurant, wai heard and   die-   hi ..,.,i.    curtain   stretchers  and
the wurk.    The  amateurs'  next   pro-1 """"ed     '.illan  fnr the City antl Mn
diictinn will   Is: staged in   the  Opera 1 Carter |..r the defence    A fuller report
House   on   May   24th   in  aid   ol  the! wl11 '"' P"blished next week
Ladies' Hospital Oulld. A   ,„.,„„„,   largely signed by mer
The handsome prizes supporting the'chants on McKensie   Avenue was reatl
Calgary Brewing Cup curling trophy I at the meeting ol the city council last
arc nuw nn vieivinlluy Barber's  stnre . night,   requesting   that,   the   OOUnoll
prevent, the opening nf a Chinese restaurant nn MoKenile Avenue, in tbe
premises nuw occupied   by G. Knight.
and   H.   N. Coursier, on the grounds
that it is a menace In tbe public. Thn
Oouncil have acted on this previously
and passed tiie lire-limit, bylaw un
that lilnck, thus ell'enl.ively preventing
the Clunk's move,
and consist of line cut glims bowls.
The winners of this cup are A. E.
Rose, .1. Kinger, Vic. Woodland, W.
IV. Foster, Ae ict the prizes supporting the Burns'and the Equitable
cups have not yet been duiiated, bul, it.
i- anticipated that the duimrs .( these
handsome cups will as usual, come
aluiig with tbem.
Is'hlers at BonrnS Bros.
See >ur display oi garden  and field
seed)     Ws carry only the Imst  gr (le
and nnr prices <," rigbt,   0  B Hums
,v i .,
In-i opeoed ■■ lot of  spring spn ting
guiiis   tennis racquets, baseball mitts,
Catobei -    glovei,   musks, scare lm  ks,
new rules antl anything else ynu wa.nl
—<;. It  Maodonald.
a new shipment ol Ram Lais pure
Indian tea just nl rived in \ lb pack
ng. s, I lh. packages, .'I lb an.I .'■ II.
cans The liesl 60o lea m, the niiiikot,
Try a pound,    G. II   Hume &. Co,
Sewer  Pipe Contract Let
The public wurks cnmiiiittee of the
city OOOnoil bave brnugbt ill the following re|K>rt nn enncrete sewer pipes.
It wai, resolved that the contract (ur
milking concrete sewer pipes for Rev-
elstoke   be   awarded   to the Ricktuari
Cement and Constructing Co, ol Vancouver, at the following prices
li inch concrete pipe, 17c. per fl.
H    " "     2IIc.      "
10 ' lite.      "
12 I0n.      "
II 60o,      "
16 ' "        "    llfic.     "
IM " " "      HOc.      "
All pipe to lie delivered at the factory site in Revelstoke. The council
have accept il Ihe lepnrt and have
made   arrangements   fur I he drawing
up nf the contract with the Kickmao
Cum pany.
Easter Snaps
If you want some of the New Easter Goods at very low
prices, you want to come in and see some ol our  late  arrivals
New Leather Belts
A late purchase in this line enables us to offer you values
far bevond any yet shown. Leather Belts in black, tan and
colors, regular 50c, now 40c. Leather Melts, metal on
leather, covered buckles, in tan, brown, black and colors,
regular 65c., now 40c. Fancy embossed Leather Hells, floral
designs in natural colors, regular $1.25, now j^c.
Fancy Collars
nave a
All   the   Newest   designs   and  colorings.      Wc
splendid line, good value at $1.00, now 65c.
New Skirts
Our Spring Skirls are marvels of stylo and cheapness.
Beautifully tailored Panama Skirts, with bias folds and button
trimmed, Taupe, black, brown and Navy, only $6.75,
Chevron Stripes, Voiles, Mohairs, Venetians, etc., in all
the  popular colors.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes in
best   and  largest   Stock
of  Cigars  and
Original   Mac's   Mixture
now   on   hand
and made
expressly   for   us  by 1).
K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Sloven, Tin and  Knnmelwure, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or ISxcbanged.
Furniture Packed lor Shipping.   Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
■*"       These deetroyers cannot live where trees have boen treated with    ^"^
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Danker Worm, San Jose .Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THK COST IS VERY SMALL. It will
nut wash off. One application protects for twn years. Warnook's 'Tree PalTii
is not an experiment, Ii bus stood the tost lor six years in nil parte of the
I'nited States. It i.s au absolute pieventiilive and cure for Pear Blight. VVo
invite investigation. The Arkansas Kxpeiiinental Station hits used this tree
paint for three > ears. November, HKi7; they purcbrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.    Send for Ill-page free booklet to
(i. K. LAWKS, Enderby, B. 0.. Sole Manufacturers for B. U.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B C.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Ilaptisma; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andiikw's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Apl i.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible ClaBB, 2.30
p. in. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M.A., Rector. 6th Sunday
in Lent. At 8 a.m. Holy Communion.
At 11 a. 111 Matins and Holy Communion; 7 30 p. in. Kvensong and
Sermon; 2.30 p.m. Sunday School.
Evening service on (iood Friday at
7:30 o'clock.
Methodist— Itev. T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
Praise and fellowship in theclsss room
10 lu HI: I.i a.m. Regular public
eervice at 11 a.m. Sunday School
and Bible Chu-s at 2:30 p.m Evening
service 7 30 p m Morning subjeet,
"Christ's great entry inin Jerusalem
nn the lirst Palm Sunday." Evening
suhject, ''Chtlst leading the Passover
Song on the night of His betrayal."
Epworth League un Mniidny at 8 p.m.
Prayer   meeting,   Wednesday,  8 p.m.
A cordial Invitation is evtemled tu all
those services.
Knox Prekiiytkrian—J, ll. Hubert-
sun. Services nn Sunday us follows :—
Morning servic at 11 o'clock. Sunday School antl Bible Class at 2:3(1 p.
10. Evening service ai 7:30 p.m.
.Morning subject "A lircat Experience."
Evening subject, "We are iill here
pjeeert belore Hod.' (luud music.
A curdiul welcome to nil.
Baptist—Rev, w. p. Freeman, 11.a.
pastor. Services al 11 a.m. nnd 7:.')0
p.m. Sunday sclui'il anil Bible class at
p, m B. Y. P. 11 Monday at 8
Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
Morning subject. "A Fight fur
Evening, "A Man's Opinion ol
The Christ "      Men's Bible class sub
ject, "Trusts, mid Christ's   Relation to
p m.
IVill BALE Twelve mlverdaced
J' Wyandotte hens, (rood layer'and
une prize rooster.   Apply Mall-Herald
WANTKD   Men's csei off clothing,
hoot»,  dc - The  Revelstoke
New slid Second'huud uturc.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   McKenzie Ave
Eggs for Hatching
Single   Cnmb   Black   Minorcas—The
Large White Egg Fowl
No   I—Exhibition Pen IJ8 per 13 Eggs
No, 2—Heavy Laying Strain $2    "
Apply—li. H. SMEDLEY,
Enderby, B. C.
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
White  Leghorn    froin    Bliinchard'e
nl iii iti.
Brown Leghorn from Morgan's strain.
Itliiale Inland Reds from Miller's si rain
A sel I ing nf 16 fiiun any of lhe above
strains$2.   Apply or address
.1. A. MORGAN,
Bnx 227, Revelsluke,  B, C.
Strawberry Plants ^ZtZ
" DUO il A LPS " Berry.   Thoroughly
nccliniiiii'/.t'd, of exquisite flavor,   Al
$2.1x1 per hundred.
Revelsluke, B. 0.
"tenders wanted"
Tenders are Invited   for clearing,
stumping   and   plowing I weiil.y ncres,
ns   follows!    Sevenlt    acres   lying  |
mile east nf Big Eddy Sawmill, ami
three acres lying I mile easi nf c.l'lt.
siniiiin, and joining the right-of-way
in each install! e.
Tbo lowest 01 any lender not necessarily accepted,     fenders' must hu in
by April bill) inst.
For fuller particulars apply personally oi' by lei ler to
Kevelstoke.   II, 0,
llevebtuku April Uud, 1UJU.


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