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 The maii-neraicr
 . Victoria, gy^
Vol. 13.-No 52
$2.50 Per Year
C. ft Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
New- Natural Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers, shaped
felled scums, just the thing fm- these hot .lays.   At per
Garment 50c.
Pino Natural Balbriggan, also the same quality, In
Black, extra nicely finished and shaped, .veil sewed. Pearl
Butt.u.s.   At each 75c.
Natural Wuol Shirts and Drawers in all weights. A
nice Sunn..et-line, all wool, very light ami nice for people
who like to wear wool.   At each $1.00
Mid Weight Blue Marine Pure Wool. These are extra
nice.   You will like the feel.   At eaeh SI.50
Yuu will he interested In the following list of Crockery
Here is n line nway beluw the usual prices. A splendid
chance I'm- the thrifty housewife to stock up
They ..re all white in a raised fancy design, neat and
pretty. You can buy them in any quantity. Ynu will see
l.y the list ibat you can make up a full dinner, tea or toilet
sett very cheap.
Plates—5 inch, per dozen 70c,s ll inch, per dozen, 85;
7 inch, $1.Q0 per dozen: S inch, $1.25.
Cups .mil Saucers—uer dozen $1.00, Sugar Dishes,
60c. ench. t't-euni Jugs 2<le. each, Berry Dishes, ollc. per
dozen. Vegetables Dishes, (inc. and Toe. each. Platters,
.'! sizes, lillc, -lue, and ti.">c. Salad Bowls, loc, 20c, and 25c.
Soup Plates. 1,25 per dozen. Pudding dishes, 20c,, 25c. and
30c. Jugs, 20c„ 25c, 80c, and 35c. each. Wash Basins,
75c. each.   Water Jug, 75c,   Chamber nnd Cover, 75c.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
. i_'i iti {ti itt {t\ it'i {ti ifi _ti i-"i _tli iTi it'i iTi iTi iTi ifi tit fTi -fa tti it'i A ti'i r*t*->
♦ ■■■■■■_M_«H_ta_H_i_Ha_^_a €■>
builders' hardware;;
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
■   Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stovea and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's  9
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.        ty
.t. .j-. .i*..-.-. .1*. .-Ti .i*. .*r. .-r. .-r, ,i", ,"fr, .t, a ,j.. ."t. .->. .j*. .j*. .-i-. .-**. .->>. .■*>.,*k ,+, ,-K
^fWWV^vVfv'*' '*!'+' '*' '*■ *** v'V'+' WW 'V v '*' '*'
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     . $2,100
Dwelling and lu.t, Second Street  1,800
Dwelling und Lots. Third Street  4,200
Lots on Second St., east of MoKenzlt Avo,, each  . .     250
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . .2(10
Lots on Fourth St., eoefc of McKenzie Ave,, each   . .     175
Lols on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each    .    . .150
1—2 and 5-acre Blocks suitable for fruit,
Some ot the specially engaged features in the olio with tlie Dandy Dixie
Minntrcls whicli cornea to the Opera
HoiiBcnn Monday, July 8th, include
the Cotton Pickers' Bnntl ol matchless
musicians; the Campbell Brothers,
musical comedians; Williams and
Stevens, comic Impersonators; Toney
Trio, dare-devil aorobatB] Bcmry Jones,
the Texas tenser; llich.ir.l Barrett, tbo
greatest colored baritone; H.8, Woolen
an Indian Territory tenor, and tbe
Oklahoma Octette ol unrivalled vocal
ists. Tho performance begins with a
big spectaculni flret part in tlie "Itoyal
Palm Grotto" and couoludt'8 with a
screamingly lunny lurce "A Fowl
Deed", in which Cbnrloa Williams in-
terprnts the lending rolo. Among the
delightltil [oi.turi's ol this merry and
magnificent minstrels ia tbo snug
luatiirtiB, which abounds throughout
the programme, all the popular tonga
ol tho day such as "Bill Situmonds,"
"All Wiso Chiokons  Fulluw   Mo,"
"Waltz Me Again Nellie," "Der Ain't
Going to be no Itine," "The Songs My
Mother Used to Sing." "Moving Day,"
the sweet old time Southern melodies
nnd the popular clilsa songs ol Yule,
Harvard,Cornell, WillianiB, Princeton,
Gcorgestownjand University ol Virginia.
One ol the features of the proceedings at the Niagara Military camp at
Toronto daring the laat month, was
tbe presentation of tbe Colonial Aux
lllary Forces, Long Service medal to
Hergeant-Mujor Burridge, ol the Oth
Field Buttery, at tbe general parade.
Belore the parade moved from the
Armory the medal wna pinned on the
laithl.il i.iiii-i-nn.'s tunic by Lieut.
Col. Davidson. Scrg.-Mujor Burridge
also wears the North West Rebellion
medal, and boforo joining the lit).
Battery served with the Royal Grenadiers and 12th York Rangers. Sorg.-
Major Burridge is a brother to E. G.
Burridge of this oity.
Spocial compasses lor timber cruisers—Lawrence Hardware Co,
By-law for Power Plant to be
Again Submitted to People-
Proposed Reduction of Light
Rates to Citizens.
The regular bi-weekly meeting ol
cily council was held last night with
Mayor  Brown  and  all tlie aldermen
present.    The  minutes  of the last
regular ami special meetings were read
aud adopted.
From T. W. Bain nnd F. Terry reporting  lire alarms  working  O. K.
after several slight repairs to batteries
bud been effected.
From C. Goddard, Winnipeg, consulting engineer, lequeBting tbe city
to inform bin. as to what they intended to do in the construction nt tbe
auxiliary plant.   Filed.
From the Dominion Wood Pipe Co,
apologising (or delay iu shipping iron
tunk castings.   Filed.
From E. Baker and F. H. Farrar,
applying (or position us dynamo ten-
d r at the power house.   Filed.
From thc CP.lt, urging immediate
closing of rond on Fourth St. East to
dumping ground, which is not city
property and the removal of nil reluse
and other obstructions tbat might injure the property. Resolved that the
C.P.R. be notified tbat tbe matter will
be looked into. Tbe Mayor stated
that Fred Fraser would assist in mapping out a new road to the dumping
ground, and that the Government
would assist in construction.
From A, Potter applying for position as consulting engineer over Bew-
age system.   Filed.
A resolution was passed authorising
the Public Worka Committee to let
tbe contract for laying sidewalks,
Minor matters on public works were
discussed and the accounts passed.
The Board of Trade deputation
waited on the council during the
meeting. E. A. Haggen stated the
cuee and object of the Board meeting
tbe council, pointing out that a reconciliation in rates of power and light
between them and the C.P.R. was
necessary as an aid to industries in
city. The Board wished to bring
about a settlement snd meei tbe C P.
R. on the 2) and 5c. basis and put the
by-law before tbe people.
The Mayor Baid that he did not feel
inclined to make a deal which would
involve loss to the city and by giving
light at 5 instead of 7Jc. as at present
tbe Iosb would be considerable.
Aid. Howson and Trimble felt satisfied with Col. Trncey's figures.
The Mayor referred to Mr. Boyd's
figures which showed thnt these rates
wero low,
A. E. Phipps urged that the council
submit the by-law to the people, as
required by those who were buying
the debentures,
Aid. Abrahamson said that the city
could not Boll power belore they had
it and no one can figure what the cost
will be before the plant goes in.
F. B. LewiB pointed out thnt the
debentures would Bell better if the C.
P.R. had a contract with the city for
the Bupply of power.
E. A. Hnggen snid that the by-law
should go before tbe people and the
result would be a test ol public opinion
as to whether tbey wished the plant
to go in or not.
W, M. Lawrence said that if the city
consumed 60 h.p. at 11c. which amount
was in view then the reserve troni the
C P.R. would be all profit.
F. Ii. LewiB urged that the mayor,
il he didn't wish to accept responsibility of tbe matter, should place it on
the people and let the council issue a
...anile-to explaining the renl facts ul
the case.
Aid. Trimble stated that the C.P.R.
weie using 80 h.p. steadily and would
probably lake mure.
E, A. Haggen naked the council for
a resolution to put the by-law belore
the people to be accepted or rejected
and thnt a manifest., be also issued.
This the council did and the deputation ol the Board of Trade, alter
thanking the council, retired,
Tbe question ns to what Bteps to
take to can-el the by-law and submit
it again in the ameuded i'.r... to the
ment by the 20th nl each month and
ibat the minimum charge lor light to
any one consumer shall be $1 pet
month including meter rent. The
foregoing to be conditional, that a
contract is entered into between the
city and tlie C.P.R. at 5c. per k.w. (or
light and 2.1 Ior power, anil that rate
lor power shall bo the same to all
"That the by-law amending by-law
No. 07, be Submitted to the electors
and that the electors bo notified that
tbeir vote on B.iid amending by-law
will be taken as an assent or otherwise to a proposed contract with the
C.P.R. to supply them with power at
2ic. and light at 5c. per k.w. and that
thc necessary steps lie taken to submit the amending by-law.'
Both resolutions were earned unanimously. Tbe council then adjouruid
till Saturday night, July Oth.
Camp at Paradise Valley -Interesting Letter from Member
Alpine Camp, Tuesday, July 2 —The
second annual cump ol tbe Alpine
Club of Canada iB meeting this week
in Paradise Valley. The date of the
official opening of the Camp is Thursday but a few are gathering each day
lor a week previous. Mr. A. O. Wheel
er, president, with Mb full survey
party, arrived early to lay out the
camp and plan the white village.
The camp is beautifully situated
in Paradise Valley at an altitude ol
6,400 feet. Near by iB the Horse Slice
Glacier at the head of the valley with
mountains surrounding in horse shoe
shape and towering above in magnificent rugged heights. The mountains
guarding this glacier are Mounts Temple, Pinnacle, Eiffel, Hungabee, Mitre
and Aberdeen—all but Mount Mitre
being over 10,000 Ieet altitude. From
the glacier Hows a beautilul glacial
stream beside whicli the camp iB
pitched in the midst ol babam, Bpruce
and fir trees. The campers after leaving Laggan make their first stop at
tbe C.P.R. Chalet at Lake Louise and
then reach camp by loot and pack
horse, 12 miles away.
The Paradise Valley scenery is very
different from that of the Yoho where
the camp waB last year, yet its magnificent grandeur easily makes it one ol
the greatest and grandest pleasure
grounds on tbe continent. In the
very heart of the Rockies there are
surrounding Paradise Valley over 20
towering peaks with summits over
10,000 feet.
There was no climbing done on
Monday as all who were at camp were
assisting in clearing grounds and
pitching tentB. When evening came
and all were gathered round the camp
fire it was found that there were already about 30 in the circle, and as
some one reminded ub that it was
Dominion Day wo lilted our voices to
Splendid Showing During Last
Fiscal Year-Natural Resources Swell the Funds of
the Province.
V.ctoiiia, July 5.—The McBride
government will bo able to announce
to thc people ol British Columbia
surplus ol $1,000,0011, the greatest surplus ..[ nny which Ihe Conservatives
have been able to pile up on the
tleiicils ol previous governments.
The fiscal yeur ended on June 30th,
utnl the returns made to Hon. R. G.
Tatlow, minister of finance and acting
premier since that dnte show that the
record breaking mark ot $1,000,000
will be reached when the balance (or
tlie year 1900-07 is Etruck.
Tliis splendid showing reflects unbounded credit upon the administration ot the finances of the province by
Hon. Mr. Tatlow. As is well known
when he took hold ol the finances the
treasury was not only empty but
obligations contracted by previous
governments had to be met in order
to save the credit ol British Columbia.
Not only was the situation saved at
tbat time but the internal affairs ol
the province were thenceforth so skilfully handled that au annual surplus
have been resulting ever since.
One tuctor in tbe situation whicli
has enabled the production ol the
million dollar surplus has been the
immense development ol the natural
resources ol the province under the
present administration. The vast
timber areas ol the province during
the past fiscal year produced over
$800,000 in revenue and the receipts
from that source will next year run
greatly in excess ol the million mark.
people was discussed and will be refer
red to the city solicitor, The council
then according to thc wishes ol thc
Board ol Trade passed tbe lollowing
"That the following rates for light
go into effect when the proposed
auxiliary puwer plants be installed,
viz. :
First -10 k.w. nt 12c. per k.w.
Next BO   "       IOc.     "
Over 100 "        8c.     "
with diacouut ol 20 per cent Ior pay-
L. 0. L. Excursion to Kelowna
on Orange Day, July 12th.—
—A Large Turnout Expected.
-Many Attractions.
The boys will celebrate the "glor-
ioiia twelfth" this year at Kelownn,
where a  big demonstration  will be
held nnd elaborate preparation made
to entertain a large number ol visitors.
A special L. O. L. excursion train will
leave Revelatoke to connect witii a
special   Bteamet nt    the  Okanagan
Landing.   Everything bus been dono
to ensure n fitting celebration on the
"twelfth'1 and many attractions in
sport nnd other amnaenicnts will be
found.   The Independent Band  will
the hills around singing the National accompany the   excursionists   and
Anthem and giving tliree cheers for' ma»y  im* alr«"d)'   signified  their
Canada, intention of   going down.    Special
Ou Tuesday most of those in camp rates and further particulars will bc
oontinued with the preparations for announced later.
camp, but a volunteer party ol lour -——-■•■*	
went out to scale Mount Aberdeen. IMPERIAL LIMITED DITCHED.
Those werc Mr. R. W. Haggen ol Rovelstoke, and Rev. Dr. Herdman, Mr,
Fred Herdman and Mr. Sutherland ol
Calgary. Tlie climb was an interesting one and wns made in less than
ten hours,
Alpine Camp, Thursday, July lth,
..in.—Today is tho ollicial opening
ol the Alpine Camp and the great
majority ol the campers are expected
to arrive during the day.
Tl.e lirst ollicial party is being sent
out to make the ascent of Mount
Temple. The party consists of Rev.
Dr Herdman, P. D, MoTavlsb, Stanley Joiicb, 0, A, Sutherland, ol Calgary, and Rev. J. R. Robertson, ol
RcvolBtoke, with Peter Kauffman as
Swiss guide, This mountain is 11,020
feet altitude. Another party is being
sent up Mount Aberdeen which is
10,340 feet and .flitch is one of the
official clitubu,tMr. C. 11. McDonald of
Itcvelatoke is one of this party.
Mclntyre v. Rosoberg.—Tills interesting case came on boloro Police
Magistrate Pinkbam on Thursday
evening. Roaeberg, a lad ol twenty
was charged with usamilting Mclntyre's son aud breaking two ribs, tbo
doctor having pronounced two ol his
ribs fractured. Tho lino ol deln.ee
set up waa that tbe Mclntyre boy had
no ribs broken at all but wiib suffering
Irom a disenBO called rickets, whereby
the bones become twisted, ...id that
what appeared to bo a Irncturc was
deformity caused by Hub disease, and
that the boy Mclntyre waa nlao suffering Irom another disease whioh made
hii testimony unreliable. The delonco
was upheld and tho case dismissed.
G. E. Gillan appeared Ior tbe prosecution and J, M, Soott lor the defenoe.
Express Messenger
Eight Cars Burned.
WiNNii'Kti, July 5.—The Imperial
Limited train on the Canadian Pacific
Railway wiib ditched Sunday night
near Latliom, and eight ol the cars
were burned, and one life lost in the
fire that followed.
Win. McKinley ol Orangcville, (Int.,
an express messenger, was killed by
the explosion of an nc.-tyline gas tunk
in the express car.
The first Intimation tlie passengers
had tbat sun.ell.ing wns wrung, was
when the wheels ol the coaches began
to bump along the ties, and then the
train suddenly came to a standstill.
The passengers rushed Irom the cars
ami lound the express car in llan.es
A high wind was blowing, and tbe fire
Boon swept through thu train to tbo
other coaches, The engine wna....
coupled and run to Lathum, where
word was sent to Bnseuiio lor an ongino
to haul thc cars trom tho opposite
direction. An engine was rushed from
Bassano and arrived in time to Bnve
the dining car and three sleeping cars.
By thu time the rescuing engine
reached tho soono, tlio express car,
three cars ol I'ibIi, the baggage car, a
colonist conch, a first-class each ami
a tourist coacli had been consumed,
Express Meiaenger McKinley was
standing at some distni.ee Irom the
burning cxpreaa car when the acetylene gas tank exploded. Ho wiib struck
in tl.o groin by tl.o top ol tl.o tank,
All that medical skill could do was
done lor tbe injured man, but hu died
on thu train that was bringing him to
this city. His body was shipped to
Orangcville lor burial,
Dwelling for Sale
Value $1650 OO
Sale Price. $1300 OO
The above is a Six-Roomed House in good locality
with Fifty feet frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, etc.
The owner does not live in Revelstoke und consequently needs money.
Tbe actual cash value is as stated above and $360
cannot be mado easier than l.y buying this property.
We will loan you money io assist in the purchase.
We have for sale 00 acres of choice bind on Cranberry Creek, rear Arrowhead, suitable for Fruit and
Horticulture, A man of enterprise can make a line home
and a splendid Independence for himself and fninily on
this properly.
Price—$30 per acre on good terms.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union lie
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
HrHI.cl.Of. it.  thl PrDVlnOMOl M,.:,.l- I'.l. ..il..-rt".,Sn-..iitffi1wtili
initial. Colombia, Ontario, yueb«.
Oapltal Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Ii, It. Wilkie, President:
Hon, lt. Jai*
•     $4,700,000.00
'hav, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts eold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposiis t ivo.l and Interest allowed al current rate from date
..f opening account, and compounded four tunes n year.
AGENT £bc fltatMberafo.
I. '.:'.:. - i     .g. li   Knglnnd, L'niteti* Suites
and Canada.
P, the rear (through poslotllce]  tl'ri
Ball            l.»
i>   .rt. r "        " "   1.00
J -i;   RIXTlNGprompUyexMutodatroason-
.-.    : .-• -.
T.-:HMs-i.i*li.   Subscription- payable in nr\
C .ltltBMPONDENCE Invited on ...alter- ol
public iiii.-r.-t. Communicati ns to Edi
lor n.u.*t be accompanied l.v nftinc of
writer, nn: nece&arily f.i pablicatlon, Imt
a. evidence of good lalth. Correspondence
should U- brief.
Leg      ■   .. I   ■  •- f nserllon
-.-.;. line ca - •■ f f fi.-M-in.il
Uea. f. ■ v f . -. il. ..!.-■ in..I..-..if
Incbl SI in I gi ■■ ■ - :,:i
■      -.     f ;  '!■■
P   •  'M f      -ill   HI*
■      f
dltl - . .-,  Ma.    -•■-   fimi  1..-...J.-.
'.       ...   f    .: MM   :        I. •  ---■■' "
Und .   .   ■  !' ■     ■-•■'• f.li.-iii-.-iii.-iii-
 -*- ment.
.... MTurtlwiiii-nU:
Hel|    « ,:      1. Mlu.ll.i.l.r.
Vacant.   Toachora
SI     .    ■ \\ .. led, l-  worda or
  ...I lltio.... lln.. 14   ceuls,
II. - ,,.!..:■::-■ -in.-ii'- musl
■  ,, ;.,  1 .-1...   ind I ri.litj- ni
■ . -    ;. go ■■: display,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
s, MrnniY.
l.i.AN .'. Ki.i.lnl 1
MM    Soil   illll
.. Etc
.. VH1 -Tor.. .
: i: C.
ii-..   i.
'm   KE, B, C,
[,   I'.tv.;..-
■' ■ ;■"        '■ ■
. *.-
.,. !'. C.
a  "  '   .      ■;
lev. -    ■
J. .*.
'".      (
. Habvky,
hi,....* ii I.'.
J. M.Scott I.LIi
1. Hriggs.
Money to Li
,   T ll ■  :
1.   V.,i.
.i.e. B.C.
.       ■*
:   .
,    ,
.  .
-  lllli
.1 1
mil Sun
ne Sun
■ i
kENZl 1-
Ijleml •'    Amei    in    In-litiit.
...   ii. Engineers).
Membei Canadian Miuing Institute)
Revelstuke, ii. t*.
Mine  .Mi.niigi-.nei.t,   Examinations
Reports compiled,  Plans and Bine
I': tits of Lfin.I, Timber Limits. Mines,
Mil - .nd Buildiugs prepared in shape
in. submission tn pi-ospectiveiuvfsfeCTg
Cbe fll>ail*1focialb
"lwcral . . . eni-iC-ily n visetheui for
tlitir good to order this pap. r to l.i- punctually
-■    ed up, and to        ...; upon fi* .i partol
....   apagi    -Al    - m
hour, an.l light nt 5 cenls, the rates nt
which they (C I'.l!.) can .In it themselves by installing their uwu plant,
The city cnuncil ihen these too luw
and without sulllcionl margin ..[ pro
lit   fur  sale   running.    Col. Tracey'-
figures and esti t's show that these
if.',.- ;.',■ low although not at a loss tn
the city, ....I he himself favored a
sliding ,-c ilc of 3,11 and 2, saying thai
,". cents I r a small plant like Revel-
.toke was very low. This report by
Col, Tracey has ol course taken the
very outside llgure in the cost ol
operating. Now the question presents
il self thus, the C.P.R. are willing to
buy puwer and light nt rates whicli
will show but n small margin ot profit
and will probably, ns time goes on,
consume considerably inure; unless
the city fall it. with iheir terms, they
will install iheir own plant thus depriving the eity ..( nn annual revenue
of about ifll.ooo at the present timo.
Against this is the fact tin.t the I .P.R.
will not guarantee that ihey will take
any specified quantity and sinee all
tl.e calculations have been based ou
SO h.p. tho cost ol production wuuld
bo increased and tbe profit lessened .1
a smaller quantity were only taken.
Vet we do not look to the C.P,R. only
as cotiBumeis, for we would bo har.l.y
justified in putting in an expensive
plant merely lor that; there will be
many other consumers in Revela'oke
which will bring up the profits to the
city. And, moreover, llio fuel lhat
cheap power is for sale here will be ihe
greatest advertisement that It. velstoke
ever hnd and ail. encourage the estnl •
l'.-lifin nt of other in.ins: rie.*, as hue
been evinced by the letters and in*
piirios received by the Hoard ..[ Trade
from mi si le i oinls. Iron, tb *n who
an .... sinus I.) establish industries ill
..if midst. Ibis mutter cannot im
hanging lire much lung, r, nnd some
definite nctint. should bo taken. The
Board 11 Trade, aa u representative
business body, should have as much
say as the city council, and principle
should noc stand in the way ..[ whnt
will undoubtedly 00 .1 benelit to Hevelsluke.
The linn intending to pi..'chase nur
debentures require   that   the   by-law
! should go i.'.u.c :in- people again inr
their sanclion, n .1 why not let them
hate wnnl thoy mut '.' lhe citizens
nr. ii i in short sighted that they cannot seo ih.it tbo uuxiliaiy phi.,t is an
absolute nice.-s.ty to the cily and thai
the C. I*. li. will be an even bettor
customer than belore, if their terms
are accepted, The benefits that v. ill
accrue to Revelatoke by co-operating
with  the  railway oompany us fur aa
I possible, will be far greater than by
placing liciM-K in direct opposition,
knowing thai the C. P. li. cannot
very well remove Iheir shops nnd
gener .1 support. We nre well aware
thut this is tl.e ense. but du we sh"
a right spirit iii trading on -'..is lact;
is that ibe ivuj ,,. gu about the business ..|,d then expect that lhe railways
will go out ol their way lo help us'.'
Let  the  city  nnd tbe C. 1'. It. meet
each other half way, let the by-low go
belore tbe people again t. r endorsement and let the matter be put on a
business like basis, convince lhe
peoplo that the rates as asked for ly
tin- C.P.R. will bear a margin .-I i ri •
11; (or the city at il that tbe railway
company will be thc firsl customers,
B the
We Imve 11 iv I. .'ight out lhe
pre...is." nf Cha-ic I ing, Lot No.
Five (:'.), Blook Uno (1), and in
lc nl opening up n tii-..-. nil
Chines- Stum.
Ari'owhrad, June 19th, 1907,
"fl FS .."*    IsrATD   :.'".I* ■.'"•    TS A WTT
a ii._i MULa' *xi j xsAik sx
i ivi:.
l.ii-.iriM.rn.iiil l.j A.'t
HK.\!i OlTil'K,
Wm. M.U.H..N .M.u-1'i....its..N, Pies,
J.UIKS Kl.l.l.lT, (J	
nrut, 1SV>,
S. II. UwiMi, Vue-I'res.
Mm get.
Lee Box, Mm.......
Local Revclstohc
Socialist I'arty of Canada
Meets First n.ni Tl.inl Wednesday In tl.e month
in .Selkirk Hall, i.|.stnlr«. at 8 pan. Subject for
illttrinwinn  "Arrnlnwneiit ..f I'npitiillmii.     All
i.itm-slt'.l arc iv leiinie
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Mi-en Second and Konrtli \Vedne8dai'
.-..eh uii.iiili. in Selkirk Hull.   Vlailing Woodmen cordially Invited toatluud.
W. 1). AltMSTHONU, Con. Com,
II. w. EDWARDS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tin. rojzulnr meetings am bold In tho Si.*'».irk
Hall ovory Tuesday ovo'ilun- nl In'eloos. Vlslt-
hut brot; run ure cordially invited.
II.   .. IIHOWN. I'snlDKNT.
W.E. M.fl.AI*. lll,IN,S.,ii..;.-Ar.v.
Koot. nuv Lo-Jko No. 15 A F.ir A IVI
...    sf"t-. Tlie regular  ineol-
"V ,'V^- -v    lug. aro held lu th.
-■*./.'.n>>* \ IX)  Mii.i.i.ic    Temple,
I:   *   .A-' /   Jilil Fellow- llnll.o.
.1 ' : V'-/. ' i* II" third Monday..
.'!         '.Ji' , jakencl. month  at  >
-V       -fM^ "•***'£-- ..»-JM^>    L-Qiny
0      .  I'lllllTXiKU. SKCllK-niiV.
SELKIRK LOS'.ia. NO 12. 1. 0. .J. t-\
Moots overyThuraday
f$P**V ovuning  in   .-elkii'k
K.     *\Hnll   nt   8   o'clock.
f Visiting bretliron cor-
,U*.;I1I,1N. N.i
.1. MA'iniK,
-"I'l Tl
sffiJSk  Cold llaime lodge, K. ol  P.,
fM$m   No' !(i' Hevel'j'.oke, B, C.
^*lUr        Kni^lil
.1. A. LESLIE, (LC.
U. II. liliO.'K, It. .if li  4 S.
H. A, IIHOWN. V. nf F
ir.l Wednu-dB) ...
: th.. Oddlelluivs1
I'elnck. Visiting
ritluiij fiivltod.
■ lleails, Animals, Birds, l-'isli, Elc
Animal Hugs M .led.
I'nil line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Ktc.
Fn»uh atock always arriving at
lowest prices.
Capital pad up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
...  nil  parte
in  Cumuli. .....I  Ag
Sixty-two brand
Interest cre.lil...l lour limes., y
Bunk depuaits, until In. ther imt ice.
W. H. PRATT, Mannger.
nf the
R. C.
in ram MM
Houses, Business Blocks
Husiness iv  Residential Lots
Siiiuifban Lands
in Ac.e.tge Lols
Pine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Revelstoke,     Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
Rk-'VELSTOKE,   S.  C.
ttExr noon to
Tbat'a Rnyal Crown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Snap Factory west of Winnipeg. Bouse cleaning and
washing!, re easy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give lo.
Kov.ll Crown Wrappers. Send
iur   it—Free—A Isi.  try   the  j
Royal Soap Co., Ltd. 11
Vancouver, B.C. j;
Aionj With You
It. out- Slore if yuu want to purchaso!
a New Cu .pel, bine Uriel.tnl or Wilton rug, .....tl ing nr linoleum and see
how much fun.her its contents will
...ke v.... it. p.u'clui.-ing tin... it wiil ul
nny othei si..re In the city. Om
Spring styles ...e  ready    for your|
M-li-cl in...
Import direct from Country ol origin.
iTinriorriTTTTWiTiBiTfi "ii~T n    1   —— 8MB——
(V^ t,W%\* MHHMUUfMVM *V*WW* Vt
*    V
IIKAD OFFICK: Oaloakv, Ai.i.kuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ackers and Dealer in Live Stock. Markets in all tlm principal Cities and
..1 Alberta. British „uiu<nhla and the Yukon. Packers ol tl.e .'oleliiuted limn,.
-  ..r" llf........1 111.-...., fimi Siifi.nri>,:k llr.uiil, l,.i.if ...ir.l. a
It is very satisfactory to note that I this doue, nnd there w
tbe Board of Trade hnve at last evinced it. carrying tl.e by-law, satislyi
i mething more than ordinary inter- debenture buyers, purchasing and in-
est in matter! ol impottsnee relating stalling the plant and one of lhe besl
to tht   city  and public benefit,   The and most progressive  movements  in
Board!   b the opportunity ol inter- municipal .1 v. lupmeut nud improve-
viewing tbe C.P.K. officials last week meut will have beeu established, with
onl    .    visit here and in that inter- U promising  outlook.    Antagonism
view learned much t  it has kept them Bhould find no place hero  whei
thinking and talking ever since.    We welfare ol our. ity i- cone rm ■
teler to tbe question  I the supply by justified,   I .-operation ia this matter
ti.e city ol power and light to the C. will Bhow better results, and when it
P.B.   This matter has been discussed is remembered that in spite ol sll the
again aud again lor nearly two years  resentment born for the C.P.R., the
neither corporation showing their full railway company keeps many oitisens
hand and neither coming to anything | going, and ia responsible lor thecircu-  J ) A
latlon ol money here In   Revi Istok
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will it be so tow
•t%V%***V* ,^*^-V^V*VVV^'%*%%V»^»'*'V*%%%Vt
'■' * \ •-- itnral rmplements, Oapriagea, Wngoii8*i Rto., John
Doere Ploughs, Mnliue Wagonn, Oaundn Carriage nompauy'a
Buggies, Plauel jr., Gardou Seedora and CuHlTatnrs, Wheel-
¥ ffrighl and  Blacksmith Work iitteu-lod to,   Htir.se Shooing a
P 81 acialty,
One '   "
r«      .     .      ■
■ ■     '.
<■ ■
li Mi K
RevcKtokc, B. C
Central Hotel
bull.     Firft-clnBB in every w),ect,    All modern convenience-
Large Sample lluoms,
Rates $1 50 per Da-,, Spcri I Weekly Rale.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same miinajrimeni
w A N T l-i ll
.   i    -ii  with the: choicest the
.-.-..■', affords      Iiest Wines, Liquors and
i igars,    Riii :s$i a day.   Monthly rate,
■J.    ALBERT     STONE     PROP.
like a istislaotory and amicable Bgrei -
::. :.-.. Tne present counoil, it is true,
:.,- .: me '■ osidera le w rk with figures in I '•■•:-..'.-■ agreeing that an
a..... iar) planl ia s necessity to Rev>
eli! .ke and passing a by-law suth ir!z>
Ing tbe b .rr .wing I (3 1,00 by deb o-
tores pledging as sec trity the water
nn.1 light rates. Thedebenturei were
submitted to an eastern firm who, dissatisfied with the security offered, demanded that Inrther security, oamoly,
tbe general credit ol the municipality
at larg. bea -1pledged. Nowtoobtain
this without any Inrther loss ol lime a
and ti. aa   pay   roll  ol  V   .  t
month la by no means tob. . I
ween, easily ieo tbat  the -
benelit by a give ai I take policj   ia
ivill also the other corporation.
Until "in' del enturea ire old re
cannot install our plant, and until the
buyers are satisfied that uur citizens
are willing to pledge tie- additional
security ol the general credit of municipality at large,  they   will  ink.-  ..,
'...■:■      IC| -.      .Meanwhile the C I' 11.
will install  their  uwu  plant, and a
luce slico   I   -   nue nmoved and
r-ifre.t-i.Mt.vc  ol  the  citv   went  to the fily will have lost an opportunity
,.'     . , i   •   „.„.„,i„„ which rnny never present itself again.
Victoria nnd succeeded   in procuring       _
Irom tbe Lieutenant.Govcrnor by an
order-in-c n c   in am u dmenl to th.
bylaw authorizing this further toour
!i.M nu- again submitted loth.
.... were oegi tiatingloi the pur.
ntun?, but I
. • Ul.It.-9
th. ,- | It Kevolsl ke *
gained, which new ti at lb. by-law
will have t . belore the people agaii
Ior their cnn*. nt.
To explain the position now cxial
ing between the city and tin- C.P R
we would say lhat the railway com
pany, according 10 Mr. Buaieed
statement",..... willing to take powei
Iiom  tbe city at 2} cents per k. w.
Kill th.mail.
No flon.l fl.»«
lylnsr about
when uHd ■•
IOr„ par imokiit, or 8 p>Ol»U ftr 360.
will lut a whol* ••aion.
[.eland lb i-l. N iku p |3l) ;--i
1 iotl   - ILK   A   l:-..
P   mil - 8123    w
$40,    Mc H    !   ire ' -
• - -,:    m .
I a feu
ill ;-,.irpn*	
wnuld   in ike   -.'-' d  detivi ■
Plea -'      fi i".i n- -ui -n:
l-i. A. li.-.im Itevelsti ke, I:. I .
W.\.N"l'l-;i>      Everyone   ii        -   ■
bouse to  --ll ni   renl tn if-' il
wiih in...   I au. Hooded
for huii-e propell.--■     Ph. ne, cull, or
drop ...e a curd with full de nipiii
nnd p.urlei--- prh --.   I renl required,
I-,, ,\, r   •■'....!. I:.-..I Estate  ...cl In--.i
line A.' nt. Revet", -ke. B.C.
WW i Uf)   ,Vle .  antl   W ........   tn
li, i-n linrhei trade    "litunl
Queens ftotel
tnds oi Wine., Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
.    h treeK will find excellent accommodation at this
il tel,
0HIEF  YOUNG, Proprietor
.-        i.i-in
...      Perl
*   fr.
., I .,!|m,'m.   ■
..  11. .'.
n .
, Vuu
.-.   ....   :■!'■
n  ,.      1
i n
. iln
■ 1
ui   II  I
■ ,,- il
M   ,   11,1    ....
-' , *
INTKI)    \
Hotel  IteV
Itres .
iplj    n
Well    Ine.
■red.    ,1.   1
ii  Lil
Illll'   Ml
211 ill
Thirty .hi, alio, dittn I Intond lonpnlj. to the
I,;, ,     . i       rn in   !..■  il   .    'm  i'.'..|,.'i...
immmm.-i Ib.tol, Nnk.iB.i, to II I., lira I.
ilo obory, il. C, Juuo 7. WW.
wad jo lit «. McCarthy
Under   New   Managementj
LAUGH TON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
(find .fin-; accommndation for '.rnvellers.
Besl  brands   ol   IVincs,   bpirils,   au.l
RATES   Sl   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Ri ,-   tokoIiHii I fHntfloti
li.Kir-'*1 ii(M    * Ko 'MMiuv.
Tftkonorieo tlmi I, (I, H, tM«kPn»nn 01 Hpv
ulitoke, oci* ti put I in Karmori Into id liMi|i|i|y
lor ii' nnlf-'ii'ii lu |-urrli  tin* [ollowlng(lo-
i-r i land:
Commoni luu al n p1 Hi [ilnntod iti tlm •. i*.
orner i. v, 3 ti I, Llieim i m i 10 ohnliiH,
thouco noulli miohalru-i tlmitne cnn I m i inilim
iIipucp north h«i idniinn io |iolnl of mriici1
...■in ,ii,.i ooninining Hiu norus moro or li u
Dated Maylfttli.ltw.
'■■ Moo I li"r,.i,) -,-iv-i.ii (.Iml i'/i .l.'iy i nftnrilnto
i Iutond in Rpnij to tha Dou ths Unlet rum
'in loner nf twirln and Wnrki ror imr-
mhalnn to i nrchann llio following landa lUiii*
i"i nn I'pper Armw Lnke end doscriljodfli
i •iiuu.I'M* im; ni ii pout ptanled on Hull
iVav i r,". k almul ihten, rnilon Irom Inkn nhoru
nnd marked ' .i '. M Lean'i B. K.pornorpom,'
thenco m*\ Welminn tlience imnii 80 onain^,
the il BU chaini). ihenco uouth juh-IirIih
i" placo ol pommoncomont,   Containing MO
acren more ocIobh
Dated Mnv7iii, )i>i7,
wod may B J. D, McLklAN.
End of day in otdmaiy fatiguing ihocs
You can't atand in one posihon live minutes without tiring. You can't
lie long in a plaster jacket without tiring. You can't ride many hours
in a train without bring. And you can't walk any distance or atand
any time in hard, stiff, rigid, shapeless, ordinary shoes without tiring,
Why) Because anything that confines the muscles and hinders or
impedes freedom of muscular action produces fatigue. Want lo
know how tiring your ordinary shoes are ? Well, just pull them off
alter a strenuous day and note the soothing, relieving, refreshing
sensation that creeps over the body.
Foot-rites are built with six ingenious devices to give the feet
absolute liberty ol muscle action, viz:
With Plumb-Line Level Heel and Sole to keep heel and ball on
the precise level Natut. intended, which gives foot bottom freedom,
With Unwarpable Soles to insure the feet lying ftee and flat
instead of pinched and curled up.
With Toe-Freedom, Uncollapsable Box Toes to allow the toes
barefoot freedom.
With Hurtless Instep Seams and "Won't Blister" Hooks and Eyci
to promote freedom in the uppers.
With "Normal-Calf," almost as soft and supple a the calf a live akin,
to provide a pliant, yielding, freedom-feeling canopy over the feet.
And with Easy Insides, formed exaclly the same size and shape
as die feet which inhabit them, to eliminate pinching, squeezing and
binding and give the foot muscles free, unconBned, natural action,
These insides are produced by Foot-rite Foot-Sculptured Lasts.
The Foot-rite retailer in your town will prove the free muscle action
feature and consequent "Won't Tire You" improvement of Foot-
ritei, if you'll call on him. You'll find his name below and his door
swinging inward but never outward to Hnd a more welcome store.
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4.00 and
$5.00. Every pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite SHOE
boston   THE Fost-rlts SHOE CO., MAKERS   Montr cal
End ol diy in "Woa-'l Tin You" Foot-rile.
McKinnon >& Sutherland
SOLE  AQiiNTu  fli.:
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Britiah Columbia,
Write for our Latest Price List, it is
mulled Iree on request.
We only handle the "besl goods money
cun buy, only goods of beal mills, main.-
l.n Hirers and packers shipped.
We mnke Prompt Shipments.
Wo absolutely guarantee satisfaction
nml Delivery.
A'l Cooda Guaranteed or Monoy Robin.but.
o is a duly lu Vou, lo Your Family nud
toyour Pocket Monk to Investigate our
I-.i. .-*.
We do nol belong lo Ihe Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
Roferenooe t Any Hank, Railway or
Express Company in lhe City, or Iho
names of Iwenty lhausand satisfied customers in the lour provinces,
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Northwestern   Supply   House
2,39 Jll|(l j()I Stanley Slreel
No Seedless l'liiina; No Pitlesa
Apples; No Coblens Com,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Jlee Supplies, Spray l'umpa
Spraying Material, Out Flowers, etc,
Oldest established nursery ou the
mainland ol B.C.   Catalogue Iree.
P.8.—If your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
We prepay lilty packets, assorted
varieties of garden seeds in 5c, papers
(teated stock), to your nearest post
olliee for If LOO, twenty packets for 60o,
trial collection.
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Fied.
I'hone 71. House Thone 7
' I
■ I
We have a few lots left at $100 each.   These are close in
and we guarantee them all perfectly level.
They will be on the market for 30 days only.   Prices will
be advanced in the course of a few days.
Lethbridge is fast becoming an important city and its
future prosperity is assured.
Buy now and get in before the advance.
Three Railways,   vast   coal deposits, and best wheat
lands in Alberta.
C. P. R. Officials to go Over
Route - Line May be
behind a trip lo be made next week
Irom Golden to Fort Steele and Kootenay Itiver Valleys by Mr. William
*.\ byte, aecoi.d vice-president ol tlie
0 P. It.n.id Mr. F. F. Busteed, gen
cnl superintendent ul ibe Pacilic
Division ol the railway, there is much
8i-.nillcf.nce to the people ao.t interests along Ibe route of the Kootenay
Central Uyilivay,
Mr, Busteed will meet Mr. Whyte
al Goldon an.l in company with the
t cud vioe-president he will run over
ll.e surveyed route ot the line. It is
understood that Messrs. Whyte and
Busteed will cover the entire distance
between Golden and Fort Steele il
tbey have sullicient time at their
disposal for tbe trip. In any event
they will traverse the route fer a considerable distance out Irom Golden.
Last Bpringthe C. F R. awarded a
contract for the construction of ten
milea ..I line Irom the Golden end ol
the r.-ud, nnd work was commenced.
Since then no other contracts ol thia
work have been let, and considerable
speculation has been indulged in regarding the prob.ib.lity ol further
activity this eum . er. It is reported
that on Mr. Wbyte's observations on
the present trip will depend the nature
01 the next move.
Aside tiiin the development ot the
rich diatrict which would foi ow tbe
completion of thc Kootenay Central
there is a li-ature whicli appeals to the
C.P.R. nian.igin.eni which has ntver
been touched upon in the press—the
furnishing ..I an outlet lor an enormous amount ol freight trallic which
has become something ol a burden on
the capacity ol the main line ui the
At present an immense freight tonnage eastbound from the cast tor ihe
country served by the Crow's Nert
P ss Railway ia handled over Ihe main
line through the mountains to Dun-
in re Junction and Iron. Ihere switched hnck li. the Crow's Nest line.
With the construction ot the Kootenay Central the greatest portion ol
this traffic would l.e diverted Irom thc
main line at Golden and swung
through Fort Steele to the Crow's
Nest line.
Will Prevent Disaster From Fire
and Danger in Travelling.
Wooden passenger cars will be replaced, it is said, with cars of steel on
the Canadian Pacific railway,
The increase io cost will be about
85 per cent.
The Pennsylvania Railway Co,, is
about to place 2,000 steel passenger
curs on its line, allowing the extent to
whicli a railway company haa yielded
to public opinion in the matter ol the
safety of the travelling publio in the
United States.
The change Irom wooden to steel
cars will materially reduce the dangers
ol travel, of which there have .been
already during the present year bo
many '■' rible instances,
With t e steel car the danger of the
imprisonment of passengers would be
largely removed, as the burning ol tho
debris ol a wooden ear, amongst whicli
a passenger might be entangled or
held, was one of tho chiel causes of
fatalities in railway wrecks.
With tho increased cost ol valuable
woods, steel and iron is replacing
con.l'UBtiblo tu.iteii.il to a great degree
iu large buildings, bridgea antl all
structural worka,
Tho Steel passenger car will not
prevent collisions, but. it will remove
tbe possibility ol one ol the chief
causes ol death and untold sulVcriiig
Eva Adding Stamp Mill—Silver
Dollar, Silver   Cup and
Broadview Developing.
Cam o.ne, B C, July 5— Ground
ia lieing prep.rpd for a s.cond mill for
the Eva gold quartz mine. This properly lias been paying dividends (or
the pa-t two yen's, ..nd the e.larg.d
capacity ot the n.ill will make it one
ot the best paying properties in tie
province Tl.e addition will hnve UIU
st.ni|is making a plant uf 120 stamps
it. all.
The Silver Dollar mine bus beet.
developed steadily lor the inst live
years hy In lian. Capital. Th.-y have
just llniilied erec'i.ig a 40 stunp mil',
a nd have nifflcie.)t ore blocked out to
keep the mill going for five years.
Each stamp represents nbout 21 tons
of rock a day.
For two years tbe Silver Cup has
been simply developing and blocking
out tho ore, not attempting to break
down oro for shipment; but Irom tbeir
development work they are shipping
an average of threo carloads, nbout
sixty tons of ore, a month. This ore
will average about $100 a ton. They
have readied a depth of 800 feet, and
they are at preseut running another
tunnel to gain an additional depth of
700 feet.
Next in importance is the Broad
view mine, nbout eight iniles east of
Beaton, which has been operated since
last September by Ciucit.ati Capital.
About $128,000 was spent on this
property in 1896-7, by an English
company In 1807 this company
threw up the property, and it lay idle
until 1005, when ten of the local men
acquired it on a bond ol $10,000. Ol
this amount $1000 was paid down,
and belore the bond was sold, $2,000
more. On acquiring tlie bond in November, the new owners began work nt
once, and during the winter ol 1006
with lour to six men employed thev
shipped 329 tons of ore ol the average
value ol $10 a ton. In September, 1906
alter a very rigid examination they
sold the property lo the Cinciiinti
people for $35,000. Since that the
development haa been curried un by
an avorage force ol twenty men. No
ore baa been shipped, but last month
an examination was made by three
engineers, who reported $12,000,000
worth ol ure in actual eight, which it
would co.t about $8,000,000 to treat
and market, leaving a net profit in
sight lor eight months work of $4,000,
000. A working ledge 221 leet witle
was found, which the English people
had said was no good. A concentrator
with a capacity ol 600 tons of rock haa
been started, which will give about 90
tons ol shipping or. a day. The company do not propose shipping tor two
years, but intend going ahead with
the development, The atock, $1,000,-
000, is held by sixty-eight cwners and
is not lor sale.
Patronize  Horns  Industry,
Revelstoke Cigars.
^ Furnace
Shaking is a hard, back-breaking exercise,
peculiar to common furnaces, while you can
stand erect at the Sunshine—and moving the
lever, to and fro, about half the length of your
arm, a few times, is mere play. A child can
easily do it.
Grates of the Sunshine are in two sections-
right and left. By gently rocking the lever, a
few times, the ashes aie released from the right.
Repeat the operation on the left and the ashes
from that side drop into the ash-pan, too.
You couldn't wish for anything easier than
the Sunshine Method.
When this lever is not in use it can be disconnected from the grates and the opening
capped. But when connected it fills up the
opening so snugly that no dust from the falling ashes can escape.
Every detail is thought of on the " Sunshine "—that's what makes it
the best.
If your local dealer does not handle the " Sunshine," write direct to
ui for Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS*, • Local Agents
First-Class Logging anil Mining
Boots mnde to order.
Hand-Sewn Logging and Team
Haane.'S n ppeoiality
All kinds of Puck Straps and
Tie Lines stocked.
Opposite the Union Hotel
James Evans
Dealers iu Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fiah and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
(Limited Liability i,
lhe annual meeting of the shareholders of
The Prince Mining: and Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be held
.it lhe Company's Olliees, First Street,
Revelstoke, 0, C, on Wednesday, the.
Seventeenth day of July, A. D., 1907, at
lhe hour of eighl o'clock in lhe afternoon, |
for lho purpose of circling officers for the
ensuing year, and for all other purposes
relating lo lhe management of ihe Company,
AND TAKK NOTICE thai al the suid
meeting it Is proposed lo amend lhe
by-taws by reducing the share qualifier.'
lion of tin) directors to such muiiber of
shares as the meeting deems tit.
TlufTr.-itisl'.-r Hook ot* lhc Company will
be closed during the fourteen davs immediately preceding the meeting,
Dated at Revolslokc, B, C,, this .;th
day of June, 1907.
President,   3-17 Jy      Secretary.
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready (or the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries 10c.
Per Lb.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchan-
di3e,9toreil i n dry-well-built warehouse in convenient locution.
Real Estate and l.i.-iiriiii.-.- Agent
Kevelstoke, B.C.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
men lo repronl the very latcsl novelty-.
Agents coining money. Get wise, star!
working for yourself. K\ "body buys on
sight. Profits over one hundred per cent.
Don'l waste lime asking foolish questions,
l)iit semi one dollar for linest sampled in
A in uric a,
Spate 4, 435 Granville Sl,,
Vancouver, K. C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new iiuinageu..>i.t|ol'
Harry MoIntosh,    oilman  House
Kn. slu.id.
1_   cyon are tbo most curative in the
world.  A perfect, 1111l11.nl remedy for
nil Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney .....I Stomach ailments
and Metallic Puis..nine;.   A stir., cur.,
for "That Tired  Feeling."    Special
rates on  all   bonis  nod hums.   Two
mails airive nnd ib alt every day,
Telegra h cn......... ntlon  with nil
marts of the world.
Terms-$12 to $18 per week. Kor
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arreb, Lake. 3. C
Mnnufucturod For all olaiaofllof buildings
All kinds of building mitt pins Wring
Notice Ih hi-ri'liy given ihnl00 days frmn ilnto
I Inleml toapply to Un Honourable tlm Cnlol
Commissioner of Lands and Wnrks Inr per-
milieu In purchaso tliu fdllfiWillK described
lamia, lltUAted nl llulcnn Hay, lu West Koolo.
nuv diatrii I;
Commonolng al a post markod "W, it, Hold's
huulh-eail oornor punt," nud -j'liiniril -It) I'll iii iim
uouth frnm tlm uorlh-woBt oorner of 0. Benk'a
I.ul 7ni:i, llii'ii,".: wesl in chains, ilii'iii'i- iii.rtli
I' (iniin**, thenceeast '2» chains, thenee suulh
40 chains to puinl of commencement, uml containing so acres moro or less.
Dated May'..Mud, 11H>7.
Hat my i W. R. I.EIR
Niitlcc Ih hereby given Unit (in days ufttTdale I
Intenil lu apply In tin' HoliorablH. the Chief {Com
ml*siuuemf Lnnds ainl WnrkH fm |iiii'|||1hhIiiii In
purchase tliu fullnwhig described IiiimIh, HitimLi-d
nn upper Arrow Lake, District ol VVwt Koolenayi
Com men (j i tig ul u post pluutod ul lhe H K.
corner uf |{al|ili Blmpaon'a uii)ili<-uliou, I honou
i'u diiiitiN uorthouitorly fallowing ihu Uke
shuru in (Jfih.ua Hay; LllOIICO norlh 20 chulii*-;
tlionco wml li westerly 106 ohuitia paralleling
Uiui ahon; lln in -.- HOUlh lid cliulliH to point of
coinmeiiuoiiicnt, uml eonlnmlng 117 acres, more
or hm
Datod Arrowhead, II. U, .Iunu 1. UN".
Jun Wwit A, W, DlCKlNHON,
Agonl for Lamb'WaUtou Lumbor Co, Lid,
Lillooet haul District,
DistHel uf Llllonet,
Tako notico tlmi .lohn Manning Scott, of Uov-
olstoke, li. (.., Rinvtri-ni Uw, Intends Lo apply
for apodal Itemises over too following described
i. Commeueiug at n pnst plantcil ahoul -ioo feet
cast of tlio north tork of Colton Creok and ahout
five miles nnrlh ol the oaat fork uf Seymour river,
Cotton creek being a tributary of tho east fork of
fceyino.tr river and murked ' John Maiming Hcotfc'a
N,E corner." thoneo south I" chaiiiH,|tiience weBt
ICO ehalm*, Llienee imrth 10 chain*, Llienee oust liiu
i liains tu point ul commencement, uiul containing
01(1 aerea.  Uated June loth, \m.
'i Commeuelng at n post planted ulmut 400 feet
eaat of Um north furk of Cotton < 'reek and nbout
live miles north uf tin* east fork nf Seymour river;
Colton ereek being a tributary of tlm eut furk of
Seymour Kivor, nnd marked "John Manning
Scott's s. IC. eornor," tlienco muili su elinlns,
llieueo weat Hi chaina, tlmnco aouth 80 uliains,
tlienco oast HO cliains to poiut of commencement
nml containing ojo uores more or leas. Daled
Hum LOth, 1907.
;i. Commonclng at a post planted about ouo
mile west cf Iim niirtli f. rk uf Cotton creek and
ahont five milea nortli Of the east furk of Seymour
river, Cotton Croek being a tributary of Lhe out
furk of Seymoiu river, and marked "John Manning SooLL'a S, K. corner," thonce nortli 80 chains.
Ihenco west Hi ohains, theuco aoutb 80 elialna,
Uience east *0 chaius tu point uf commencement,
ami containing (HO acres more orless. Dated
.Imm llth, lOtij.
4. Commoncing at. n post ptanteil almul tliree
miles ii]> a sum 11 croek H*»wiii« fnnn the east mtn
tlm north fnrk of Seymour river about ton milea
almvo tlm forka ami markod "John Manning
Scutt'fl N. I'i. corner,' theuce aouth 160 chains,
thuncu west 411 eliains, tlience north liin ehuins,
Llienco east 10 chains tn puinl nf commoncomont.
ami containing (lln acres nmre ur less. Dated
.1 nne Dili, 1007,
fi. Commencing at a pnst plan-toil ahout three
miles up a small ereek Howiug fmni Llm east Into
Llie north fork of Seymour river, about ten miles
above the forks aud marked "John Manning
Scott's N.W, comer,"thenco snutli IOO clialna,
tlience east In clmiiis, thence nnrtli 100 chains,
tlience west 10 chains to pnint of commencement,
mul containing 040 acres inure or less, Dated
June llth, 1907.
0, Commencing at a post planted almnt three
miles up a small ereek flowing frmn the east into
the north folk of Seymour river almnt ten miles
almve tlm forks and marked "John Manning
Scott'a S. W, corner," th 'lice north 80 chains,
i henco east 80 chains, tlience south 80 chains,
tlience west 80 chuius tu point uf commencement,
ami containing 040 acres more or leaa. Dated
•lime Uth, 1007.
7. Commeuelng at a pust planted ahout ilu
miles east uf the north fmk of Seymour riverand
i hunt J of a mile suulh uf a small creek flowing
irum the east into the nnrtli fork of Seymour river
ttld almut thirteen mllea almve the forks uml
nuiked -'.lohn Manning Suit'a N. K. comer,"
thence south SO rhalns, thence west 80 eliains,
ihence nortli  8" cliains, tbence east 80 chains tu
jiuint nf common 'euient and containing ol ■ aires
iiiui-i- <ti- less.  Datod June nth. 1907.
8, Commenolng at a post plantod about2M
miles east of tlie imrlli fmknf •Seymour Itiver ami
ilmiiL'jnf a mile soiittiof a small creek flowing
from the east inin the north furk of Seymour rivei
ilmiiL thirteen miles almve the forks aud marked
■John Manning Scott's S. W, enrner," thenee
nurth au clmins, thencu east 80 chains, thunce
thence south 80 chains, thenee wcstSQ eliuiiis to
puint nf commencement, and containing 0PJ acres
more or loss.   Dated Juno llth, 1IKI7.
0. (Joinmencing at a post planted about 21
miles cast of the north lork of Seymour river and
about >4 of a milu nortli of uruiilII creek flowing
from the oait Into the notth fork ul Seymour river,
about thirtoou miles above itn t rim and marked
"John Manning Scott's N* i\ •■••iner," Ihence
smith 8u chalna, thonce woat &• ciiains, tlienee
nnrlh SO chains, theuce eut 80 ebains lo poinl of
commencement, and containing 610 acres mure or
less.    Dated .lime llth, 1907,
in. Commencing at a pnst planted about stl
miles east of tlm north fork ot Boymonr rivei ami
about j nf a mile n..iih uf nsinall creek flowing
frum Lhe east intu lliu nnrlh fun; uf Seymour river,
almut thirteen miles almve ihu forks and marked
"Juhn Manning scull's S, W. conier," thenee
nnrlh 8D clmiiis, tlienee oasl, 80 chaina, theiieo
suulh SO chains, tlionco west HU cliains Lo point ■ I
commencement, ami containing oio acres muru ui
less.   Dated June llth, W07.
Rovolstoko Lumi Dislrict.
DlKlrlotof West ICoulcnuy.
'Puke notico thai John Manning Scott, of
ItevdsLoke, ll. ('., Barrister, inlend* Lo apply
(or special Limber licenses ovor Lhu following
described lnnds;
1. Commonolug nl n posl planted al llio
ltorttl'0081 cornet- ur Timber Limil HUM nud
Imlng niiuii i .id ohnins norl h uf (J uld siren in and
40 chains cnsl of Caribou Creek and mnrkod
"J.M.fl.'fl B.K. corner," tiionoo wett incimins,
Ihonce norlh 11)0 ehaiiiH, Lhcnco ensl 4U elinins,
Ihonce south 1U0 chnius to pulnL uf com 11101100*
mont. coululiiiug Oil) acres, more or less,
'i. Commonolug ul n post nlnnlcd at lhc
ntirllit'iisi cornor uf Timlier Limit Slill, nnd
being abuul :to chains norl h of Uuld stream uml
in ohalna oust uf Cariboo Orook and markod
"J.M.S.'s H.W. oornor," thonoo cut 10 ohalna,
Ihoneo norlh lfin chains, thonco west lo chains,
Llionoo .-.uuih ioo ohalna io poini oi oommonoo*
menl and containing (Ilu ooros more ot- less,
Dated May l.ilh, 11)07,
;i, Comincncing nl u poat planted about 180
rliiiin--'iuiiii fnnn allOflCS miles up the suulh
furk uf dohlslream uml niaiked "J.M.S.'s N.K,
cunier," lllOIICO we-i lo chain-, lllOllOO miiiUi HO
chains, Ihonoe cast PJO chains, LllOllOO muili lo
clmins, Llionoo woat SO ohnlni, thonco uorlh in
.■bam'- to pulnl. uf commoncomont nml contain-
lug 010 noww moro or leas,
4. Commonolng nt il poat plnntod about flvo
mile-, up Lhc iiurlli-i'itsl lurk uf Uuhlslreiim uml
uliuui 40 olinlus cnsl uf *mmi und murked "J M
S.s B.IC, corner," thonoo wesl 80 elinlns, thonou
north Ml chains thonco enst 80 cliains, thoncu
muii b so chiiiim iu poini uf oommenoomont and
cuiituliilug OKI acres mure or loss,
.'>. Commencing nt a post planted about uno
mllo up tho north Turk uf (luldstream und
mnrkeil "J.M.S.'s H B. cunier," Ihenee uortb
40 chnius, Liionco wesl S'l chains, LllOIICO south
120chains, thouco-out lo chnlni, thcncoiiorth
suchiiiii-, Llionce east 10 chains lo point of com-
mcnoomonl ami ooiiLuiiilng (Ho acres more nr
(I. Commenolng at a posl planted about one
milu up lho muili fork uf (ioldsLri'iiiu and
niarked "J.M.S.'s S.W corner/1 thence nurih
40 ohains, thonoo out 100 ehains, I honoo Bout h
40 ohaltiH, lhcnco west. I0U chain-. Lo point of
oummoncomcnl und cuiiiuluiug 1110 ncres moru
or loss.
Dntod May hi h, llH)7.
wed .lun Yi     JOHN MANNINtl SCOTT
Nollco ta lioroby glvon that sixty daya niter
dnte I Intoml to upply tu the llununihlc the
Chief CummlHsluiicrnl I.amis nnd Works fur
permission to purchase the fulluwing huntr-
sltnnled on Upper Arruw Lake and deacribed
ai IoIIowh;
cumim■nriiiK at  ii   pest   pluuted on Hull
Wny i'i "'uk, h bun i ■ nud a hull miles frum
laku shore and marked "J, K, McLenn's H. K.
corner pOHl," thencu weal SO chnlns, thence
north 40 chains, thence east HO i Imins thence
aouth 40 I'hiiin.s lu placo ol commencement.
t,uui niiiliii; I'jh acres inure or leaa.
Dated May 7th, 1907,
wiuyti J, K. McLKAN
Rovelstoko Und District.
Disiriel of Woat Kootenay,
Take notico Lhat Hon ry Ambrose MorrlB, of
Hevelsluke, H.C., occupation Krcc Miner, intends toiim.lv (or special Limber HconccB over
tho following deacribed landa:—
1. Commeneing nt :i imst plauted iW miles
trom the muuth uf ilm south futk uf Downie
Creek, innrkeil ''Henry Ambrose .Morris's, K> cornerpost," thoneo wesl lit" chains, thuncu nurth 10
clmiiis, tlienco eut 10) cliains, ihencu suuth 40
chains In point ul commencement, containliifj ujo
acres moro or less.
2, Commotio! ig at a pust planleil IU miles
frum the immtli uf the south fork of Duwnie
Creek, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N K corner post," thenoe wust [00 chain*., thence south -iO
clialns, (hence east loo (hains, thencu north 4'J
ehains tn puinl uf cumin ■iieeiiictit, containing 040
acres more or less.
8. Commencingat a posi planted ij^jmiloa from
the mouth of Mm smith fork of Downie Creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K. eorner post,"
thenco west 180 clialna, thonto north 40 chains,
thunce east 100 chains, tlienee south 40 chains to
puint uf ui,niiiieticeiiielit,eniitaiiiiii|i 040 acres mure
ur less.
4. Commencing at a post planted 2}.i miles frum
iln-umutli of the smilli mrk uf Downlo Creek,
narked"Hourj ■Vmbrnso Morris'N,B.comerpoBt,"
ihence west ion chains, thence south40 chains,
Ilienre east Uiu chains, tlience uoitli 40 chains lu
puim uf commencement, containing wu acres
nmre or less.
6, Commeuelng at a post planted 8^4 miles up
(rom the muuth uf Mm south furk uf Duwnie creek,
luarkod ''Henry Ambrose Morris' S.B-Corner pusl,"
theuce west IOO cliains, Ihencu imrth 40 ehnins,
Uience en-t 100 chains, ihenee smith 4(1 chains tu
point uf commeneome nt, containing olo acres mure
ur less.
Dated June 21st, 10.7.
0. ('mn neuolng at a pnsl planled ;s1,, miles up
fnnn tlm mouth uf the iouth fnrk uf Duwnie creek.
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.B.coruerno8t,
thuuee west luu cliiiins, theuce south 40 chains.
llienee east ioo chains, thencu north 10 chalna to
poiut of commencement, containing Woacrestnoro
ur leaa.
7, Commencing at a post pUnted on tin* smith
furk uf Duwnie Creek about ii mllea frum ihe
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K corner pust," theiieo west I0'i chains, thence north 40
chains, thence enst 100 ehaiiis, thence south 40
clmins to point uf commencement, cuntaining 040
acres nmre ur less,
8, Commencing at a posl planted on the south
furk of Dowuie Creek ubuut 4'J miles from the
inuutii, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.B, enrnor post," tlience west KK) ehuins, tlience aouth lo
chains, thence ensl IOO cliains, thence north 40
chains to pointof commencement, containing Glfl
acres more nr lesa.
li. Com in cue ing at a post planted on the south
fork nf Downie Creek, about 8 miles frum tlie
mouth, mnrked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K. corner post," tlience westbO chains, Ihence norlh 80
clmins, thence enst su clmins, Uience south 130
clmins in point uf commencement, containing 04o
acres more ur luss,
10. Cummencing al a poat plnnted on the .iouth
fora nf Downie Creek about six mllea from the
muulli. marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.I-;. eurner pust," ihence west 40 chains. Llienee smith ltf
chains, thenco eust to chains, thence north 160
cliains in poim uf commencement, containing w
aerea moro ur lew.
Dated Juue Mud, 1907.
aat jun _9        UKNRY AMBROSE MORRIS,
Furniture Stock and Premises
Fop Sale.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned
up to 12 o'clock noon on the I'.Uh day of July.
1907, for lho purchaseof the stock In trade of
carpets, furniture, etc., belonging io the estate
of the lute John E. Wood of Revelatoke, and
also for the purchaso of the property lately
occupied by bim un furniture stun- and rooming house, sltuatoon Uil 25, Hlock 2.. Plan 030A
Rovelstoko, Separate tenders may be made for
llie stock in trade and fur lhe real estate, or
tenders may bo made fur the atock and real
estate together,
The hlghctt or any lender will nol necessarily
be accepted, .Stock lists and the properly to be
sold may be examined uu application to the
Dated June 12th, 1907,
Jim :"J lit Official Administrator,
Notice is hereby given that 80days uftor dale
we intend tu apply tut be Chief Commissionerof
Lauds and works fur a special licenso to cut
and carry nway limber from the following described  lands iu district, uf West Kouttmuv:
1, Commencing at a pust planted about unc
mile frum enst bank ol Columbia Kiver, east
from Kucky Point, marked "K.S.M.Co's cornor
post," thenceeast 40 chains, thence BOUth 100
Chains, ihence west 40 chains, thence north|100
ehnins to puim uf commencement,
"i Cumnicueing at apost planted alumi Li
miles frum east bank uf Culumbia Kiver, ens'
from Rocky Point, marked "RS.M.Co's comer
pusl," Ihenee east 4U chains, theuce mmiOi 10o
chains, tlience west 41) chains, Ihenee north iflu
cliains Lo polut of commencement,
;i. Commencing at a post planted about 9
miles Irum east bank uf Columbia Kiver. cast
from Rooky Point, marked '•R.S.M Co'.-, cunier
post," them-e east 10 eliains. suuth 160 chains.
wesi lu chains, ihence north Ito chains lo point
of commencement
Dated June 4th 19o7.
tat junu 8 John Nixon, Agent.
Notice la hereby given that todays after date we
Intend U apply tn the Hum ruble Chief Cnmmis-
sioner of Lands ami Works for permission lo purchase the following descrilied lands in Weal
Kooteimy districl;
Cnmmenciuii at a itost planted uu ibo S.E.
coruor ol Thompson preemption W5, markod
"EvansAOgilvleiN.W.corner post,   theuco
4u chains ea-t, 40 chains sooth, lu chaius west,
in chains north to polut uf cotnuiouconieut, cun*
talnlng 160 acres more or loss.
Dated May EStb, 18W,
Tnke notice tlmi Andrew Ritsou, of Revel*
stoke, n.e Miner, lutends *o apply (ur a
special timbor license uver the lollowlng de-
Borlbcd lnmls situate iu the Revelitoke ulvi-
sion 0 West Kooleuay District, It C.
l. Commonclug at a post plauted on the
north uank of 1'lal Creek, about ^mile above
tlie north lurk ami murked "Andrew Kit
soil's S K. eurner pnst," thence running 40
nti ins norlh, ihence ioo chains west, tlience
4ti rli-iiits -imiii, ihenee 100 chain- eut to
point uf commencement and containing 640
acres m-*reor ivss
Daed -Mav _7Ui. 1907.
'I. Commencing nt a poat plauted about U
mile north of rial Creek, aud aooui f4 mile
ulmvo Uie imr ili iork and marked "Audrew
'•-. i-i.n's 8. VV, corner poat," thenee running Wj
on I. ii- north, theuce 80 onaina eut. tbeuce 80
OhuiiiB oulh, 1110110" 80 cbnins we-t to point of
comiuuiii u.ueiit, ami containing olc acres more
or less
Daled May _7th 190".
8, uommenclug at a post planted about W
mile north uf Flai Creek nnd I mile above the
no;ib fork ami maiked "Andrew Kltsou'aN,
W. cumer post," ihence running M'chnius
Bouth, tbouie 80 chains cut, tbence fto ciiains
nortli, tlienee 80 cbaina west to point oTcom-
tiieiiceineiit, aud containing Olo acres more or
Dnted May 27th, 1907.
4 Commencing at a post p'antel uu the
nurih buuk of FlatCrock about.l^inllei below
tbe north lurk and mnrked "An,irew Kitson's
s W. turner pnal," thence running *•" chains
north, 40 chnius eusl, thence 40 cbaina touth,
theuce 10 ehnins eust, tbence M chnlmi south,
thenca west 10 chaini, tbonco tt cbaina north-
llienee 10 chaius vn-hl tu point ul commence*
meut ami containing hOrcmi more or lens.
Dated Muy 5th, 1907.
6, Commonclng ut a post planted un the
nurth inmi. "i KlfflCreok.about J\ milu below
ihu uurth lurk ami markod "Andrew Kltaon'a
B.W, corner poil." thence running so chains
nurlb, tbeuce 40 chains eut, thonco20chalna
iouth, thonco 40 chaini eut, tbence 80 ohalni
suuth, thenee 40 clialns west, thenre Ju rhnius
nurlb, llienee iu chnlns wesl to point of com*
inuiiceineiil, and cunlniulng Olo ncres mure or
Dniud Muy*:;th,l'J07,
saljnne 8 ANDREW KITSiiN.
SollOC ll herebj given llmt 30 days after laic
I Intend io apply tu tbe Chief Commlnhjuer ol
bunds nnd Works lor n special license tn cut
nml carry nwaj timlier irum ihe fulluwing
described lnmls in the Revelstoke DfVlllonOl
We-i Kootonay district:
Commencing ut a imst plunled at the N. K
cornerol Sec, % Pp,w, R.8,Weat6ih Meridian,
innrkeil "I. P. Kollj'B B, B, ror nor pust," iheuce
not Hi 40 chnlns, theuce wesl 4u cbuln*, thence
north 40 obaina, tb noo woit 60 obalni, tbence
suuth BO chalna, iheuce east ion cbalm to pust
ot commencement and containing 040 acres
more or leaa,
Daled Mny *J.ilb, 1907.
sat J 8        JAMES PERRY KK'LY,
Rovelstoko, l(,C„ Minor.
t'uder and by virtue of Ilic power of sale
nm lu ini'd in a cerlain mortgage, there will be
iiH'cred fur snlo by public auction by II. Man
ning, Khi|„ Aucliunccr, at the Citv Hall in lhc
City nf lto\elsluke,un Wednesday the P'tb day
of July, A.11. P. |), nf ten o'clock a m-. the following valiinblc propeity. namely, I/jI numbot
8, Hlock number '-'"i, according to map or plan
number 630 A uf lho said City of I'rvtlsiukc.
Ou Lhc pn-mi'-i'- is snid to ben sub-iaiiliu.
OUO nnd unc-hulf storey frame dwelling. hOUH
containing modern runvrim i-i - ■.villi suitable
TERMS OK SALE Ten per cent uf the pur*
utilise money In be paid at the lime of lhe sale
uml the balance within thirty days thereafter
For further terms and conditions and par*
Oculars uf sale, apply to tho Auctioneer or to
Macdonell. McMuster & Geary, Traders Rank
Jtulldmg, Toronto, Ont. Id
Owners of property on which thistles
or noxious weeds are growing are herehy notified to have same cut belore
By order.
City Clerk.
Kevelstoke, June 29,1907.        3t
Kevelstoke Land District,
Districl nf West Kootenny,
Tako notice that Tom Sundl of RovolatoKO,
occupation Timber Cruller, intends toanplyfor
a special timber licence over the following
doscribod lands:
I. Commencing at a po-t planted H DitlM
-mith of the mouth of Smith Creek, and 160
haius west of tbo Culumbia River and marked
■ r, Bundt'a s, K. corner," ihenee m chalna
WOSt, tlience 8n ehniiis nurih, Ihenc Sl chains
caat, thonco 80 ohalni south to point uf com*
meneement, containing 610 acres inure or ies.-.
3, Commonolng at npo-i planted I'i miles
south of the moulh of Smith Creek, und BO
chalna we-t of Columbia Rivor and markod
* T, Sundt'-. N. K corner." thonce SO chnius
iouth, tbonco 80 obaina woat. tbence sodiaiiH
north, thence BO ciniins east to point of cum-
mencomont, containing ■***■• iotoi more or lou
3, Commencing ut u noat plauted <5| miles
BOUth of ibe mouth Of Smith Creek, and IJ"
i Imiii- woal of ihr Columbia Riverand in irked
"T. Bundta s. E oorner,11 thenco west, ion
cbaina, thonoo north 40 olialua, thenoo oail nw
chains, tbence soutli |Qchains to point uf commencement, containing 040 ncres nmre ur less,
4. Commencing al a ppat plunted .'>! milea
smith of the mmilhof .Smith Creek and P.'u
Chains WOlt nf the ('uliimbia Ittvor and nmrkcil
"T. Sundl- N. K, corner," tbcice -outli 10
chain- thenee we-t Iti1' rim in.-. Ihence norlh lu
ohalni, tbonco oait 166 ohalna io point uf com-
moncimont, cuntaining 810 acres moru ur |QM,
j. Commenolng at a PMt planted li'i milos
suuth of the muulli of Smith Creek, and SM
mile- we-t uf Columbia Rivet, nnd mnrkod
"T. Bundta H. K. cumer,'' tbence west ]0ij
chains, thence norlh 1" ehaiiib, Ihence uit 100
chalna, tbence south I" chains io point of com-
nmiiiTiiiunl. containing 011 uores more ur less.
o. Commenolng at a poet plantod 6W mlloa
-outh of the mouth uf Smitli Crook and i mllea
wesl of Columbia River, and marked "T,
Bundt'a N. K. corner," thoneo iouth 40 ohalni,
thonoo weal 100chain*, thenee north 10clialna,
ea-t lOo cbaina to point of commencement,
containing lipi ncres mure or less.
7, Commonolng nt a poat planlcd i miles
south of tho moulh of smith Creek, nnd U
miles we-i uf Columbia Rivor, and mnrkod
"T. Bundta N. E, coruor.  thence weat 80
chains.thence south BO chains, thenco cast80
cbnins, thence north BO 'haius lu puiut uf com-
iiieiii'cincnt, i.-onuiuii.K'01" ncres more or less.
Dated Juno 16th, 1907.
hutjlyo TOM Sl'NDT.
Tho partoenbtp heretofore oiistiug betweoo
J. v Boot and Frank Shipley, carrying im
biulnoaa u Tho Rovelstoke Cigar Store hli
Iweu dijsolvwl,
Tho bu-iuBss will in future lm carriod uu bj
tbiundenlgned. who is eoti-riod to reroiio ell
ti)"i.t**. ■ *hiu ilu* Intu llrm,
Dated June 10th, 1907.
JU FRANK bUU'LEV, This is the time of year when
how to keep cool.      Read our
Ladies are at
list of Cool Wearin
leir wits end to
Shirt Waists
Selling from 75c. to $5.00 encl
jusl ... band by expess,   Our slock
both in price and sizes.
l«l nre
Wash Skirts
The price
Colored n.n.1 White
. $1.50.
fi-.itii 82
White Wear
Ladies' (low.
and L*
. -,-t  ( over
f.  Under
Ladiey' Underwear
Under Vests, Ludies' Under lltnwe.
Sl........... Weight.
Fancy Parasols
We Imve <i well assorted stock in Parasols both
in Ladles and Children's
Tweed Skirts
special pri
l.y manufacture
Only .1 few left.
Selling now at Si.
Into and hough
Keguhtr $5,00
We cordliilly Invite you till to inspect ui.r stoek
..I* II..I Weather Quods, We are sure we havosoiiio-
tiling In the various lim-s in stock you re.|..lre, Our
pi-ices uill suil the inosl careful buyer.
___il_j. ijmj  ulmi**--u_iwmi i   ■mn^wi mn I   iiiniin -Tin—n mr nm *ir —~»—i "    —   T~"~— iiwii ■■««• nt uinffr
it"$"t"p|i"t"t"i"t"i»i"itf i
Ymi should leave yom
scription with us
We use the Purest of Drugs
and Chemicals
Every Prescription is checked
before il goes oul
Our prices are reasonable and
we will deliver your prescription if you wish it.
Canada Drag k Book (io,
Only a i*fl;iiu-i- at our stuck
i.f Groceries will enctviu"..ge
you to try them.
A trial will convince v....
they iu-.. lh.' purest and best
.... li.r market, Try our
I Hobson & Bell j
, Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners .
To Buy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lot
close in.
To Buy
Splendid Fruit
Saturday, July Uth. Ior 24 hours-
Unsettled, cloudy, probable rain
moderate westerly winds. Thunder
Btorras locally. Temp., max,, S'2
d.frees; min. 58 degrees.
Local and General.
Mrs. F.iton is tl.e guest o! Mr, and
Mrs Im Somes, during her visit in
It. H. Trueman will he at his studio
oi Saturday, July 13th, and will remain in town :'.-r ten days, -i
i - dag -; th taff >n the City
il .11 - :. Domini in Day July 1 wns
.-  npicuous by ic* absence,
Mr Taggart and Miss Mclntyrt
.. sing " Tarry with Me," at the
evet. ;:._• service i-. St. Andrew's church
: -i   Trow.
It is expected that the results of
the promotion tests held recently in
the Publio school, will he ready Ior
publication next Saturday.
The  last  B. C. Gazette announce
t';.. appointment ol Joseph Lonzo and
B bert Tapping of tlie ciiy oi Revel-
be Fence Viewers
!.- -.-..istoke Elector-
whioh bus been
iti f. und whicli
. talk ol inaugurating ou the
.'.i'.i:. is meeting with the disap
proval oi President Shasgbnessy oi
that company, who says that eacli ;.
rats would ruin the railroad.
Capt. H. A. Brown. R. M. It., wishes
it to be announced ti.f.t all rilles now
iu possession o! the met..hers ol No. o
I ■:.; usy must he returned to the
Armoury belore Monday, July 8th,
in order that they may be thoroughly
cleaned Ior inspection,
Fifty huge locomotives ior use in
the mountains are now being built
l.v the C.I'.R.   They wili have a draw
I 'ir  pull    cl   10,000  pounds.   9,1	
I un ';- ..-■ .le: than ti, -.- •:. 1.1 yi.i
at pre-:.:. ;.:.-! «*.il i-e tif largest
engines ever built in Canada.
J. Morrison, of tiie film ol Creiiman
The physicians uf Nelson and the
surrounding districts are desirous of
forming an interior medical associiition and a circular has been issued to
the medical fraternity asking for
views on the subject, and, if favorable,
to name a ti.i.e and place for im
organization conference.
The Railway Commission has issued
at. order approving of a new Canadian
freight classification lo become efl'eot-
ive not Inter than September next.
Somo 240 con..i.unities bill.erl..
carried at owners risk will hereafter l.e
carried at the risk ol tl.e railway
coinpanics without any advance on
tl..- rating.
The Baptists, of Kevelstoke, have
-i nt a c-.H to the Kev. Freeman, of
North Toronto, who will he ber.. in
August. The new minister is a graduate oi MoMastor college, Toronto,
and also of Manitoba, Plans ior a
lifintl-iiine church are ready to he
oonstruoted on .second Street, near
McKenzie Avenue.
11. Kipp, ol Chilliwack, n member
of-the executive of tl.e li. C. Fruit
Growers'Association, while lecturing
here last Saturday among other
things slated that within leu years
the C.P.R, fro... Kevelstoke to Cran-
brook wuuld be lined with orchards,
lie co.isi.lets tl.e conditions ns favorable fur fruit growing in this district
as in any place iu Cnn.la.
Wc have received the intelligence
that.. rock and gravel slide came
down on the alternoon of June 26th,
at the workings of the Revelstoke &
McCullough Creek Hydraulic Mining
Co.'s plant on McCullough i'i. - k, in
the Hig I!.id, causing a I.tti.- damage
I.y filling Tu feet oi ti..- bedrook flume
and tipping the lower monitor inlo
ilu...e.   It i.s expeoted that ii will be
cleared away hei in- tlie 15th ins:.
J. R. BottrotV, general manager oi
the Elwood Tinworkers' Gold Mining
Co., of Elwood, Indiana, nccotnpani
by Messrs. Win. Slinn, Chas. Lewis
and Wm. Reese, ot Elwood, ind.. and
C, A. Coffman, of Marietta, Ohio
arrived in tin' city on Thursday i ven-
iug and went south yesterday morning
lor Camborne, where they will inspect
tlie company's property, tl.e well
known Silver Dollar group. They wiil
go to Trout Lake on an insj - ol
il..: Broadview for a month. Mrs.
Slinn and Mn, Lewis are with the
party ami are travelling through the
Lardeau  an.l  will visit the diftorent
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate antl Insurance flirts.
Power and Light Discussed-
Board of Trade's Action
The regular monthly meeting of thc
Board of Trade was held in tho Cily
llfil on Thursday night lost, with
I'l. A. Haggen, vice-president, in lhe
chair, and Messrs. J. McLennan, \V.
M. Lawrence, W. 11. Pratt, A. McRae,
II. Cunningham Morris, A.E. Phipps,
F. B. Lewis, F. Young, U. S. McCarter,
R. Howson, II. MoSorley and Mayor
Brown, present,
The minutes nl last meetings were
read and adopted. Communications
were received (rom Wm. Whyte, 2nd
vice-prrsiilent J the C. P. It., regarding immigrant rates to points west of
Calgary, stating that Ihe tare lo Van-
00UV.tr was $.19.31) and to Revelstoke
$31,05, hut inking more delinite statements regni'diiu excursion rates, lt
w.is pointed out l.y Mr. Lawronco tlmt
there were no rates from Revelstoke
oust and ret'Jl'n, A resolution was
pas-id to the ell'ect that the secretary
should write to Mr. Whyte requesting
Unit Revelstoke be placed un the
same ground as Calgary anil Winnipeg. Communications were received
Iron, many outside points in other
provinces, requesting information as
to tlie possibilities ol establishing
factories iu Kevelstoke, and faciliti.-s
fur su doing. It was resolved tu answer
I these letters explaining the opportunities Revelsloke could offer.
Among orders ol business, proposal
of members brought out two, L. M.
Hngar, sec-manager of the Fruit and
Produce Exchange ot H. C, proposed
by W. M. Lawrence, and Sam Sutherland, proposed by F. B, Lewis, Ihese
gentlemen being duly elected.
The chairman then stated the real
object uf the meeting, and pointed out
the facts ol the ease nuw existing between the city and the C. P. R., regarding power aid light, saying tlmt it
misunderstanding had arisen somewhere and that the new council had
upset tbe old councils plans, consequently the C. P. R. would not consider the t.ew proposals and had arranged for the installation of a plant
of their own. Mayor Hrown said that
the rate offered by the city fur 3c. nnd
5c, were turned down hy the C. P, R.
He said that 2c. for power wiib a losing
rate tor the city and the new council
bad proposed a 3e. flat rate and periodically take the cost ol production
and profit and uinke a rebate, but the
0, P, R. would not accept tho terniB.
Mr. Cross, ol Winnipeg, is the man to
ileal with and he (Cross) arranged to
send n mnn whose report would be
considered final. They agreed to 2,Jc.
but tbe C. P. K. sprung the light on
the council and wanted it for 5c,
whereas it would cost the city 0c. to
produce, and tlie city had nu right to
soil anything below est, and as yet
they hnd no power to sell.
A. 1'.. Phipps pointed out that, the
purchasers in the lield were not satisfied with the security.
Mr. Brown urged that by au order
iii the  Lieut. Governor had
tmended ihe by-law and inserted the
, -    ithi if.-.iug the security of tl.e
if the eity.   Tliis wna
and delay.
Parton 2 I    I
Mclennan s
From ..in- i)w.ii i-oirsin)iiileiit..
Dr. Elliott's new gasoline   i.iuncl:
arrived Ihis week Iron. Vancouver.
E. Holbert and Mrs. R.  r>'mi\
re in Revelstoke a few davs.
son wi
Mr .1. Whitebread, nf Calgary,spent
the lirst ol the week at hia home here
G, Flood and .1. C. Connick were in
Kevelstoke over Sunday.
Mr. Pringle, of New Westminster,
visited friends in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, of Calgary, were the guests..! Mrs. White-
A- Morrison, lelt on Wednesday on a
visit to hil old home in Ontario, and-
will   also  visit New   York and other oampeand chiel  points ol scenery en
cities  I ti.-   United States ti inspect r""1"-   Mr-'."' "*:U1*°De'
. lib.    .test styles ol clothing and '* tr"i1*"
Mr. M .rri-... will be awsj loi
about three m othi
.,11111. ol W --!;'■
ton in the State ol Ohio,
The only succei I il
remedy tc rid these pests
from thc house. If not
acquainted with tlie use
of this powder, have us
demonstrate for you.
F -r House Flies and
other insect pests.
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail Onl,-.* promptly attended
u. :,: this Store.
■    Gold li-..-   . N'o, 21), Bpenl a
, ,-. i-i.   -. ib ■   ind .       otlvi
Ing. :i   Wednesday last, il
i occa.-i ni - f the I. n i inn  d in tall i
tion ol officers,   A good al ei il    I
•number! was the result ol the general
call. J. I!. Scott, De| -*-. 0 an I Chan-
uellor, fi- iated by Stewart McDonald,
acting Grand  Master at Arms, and A.
.1. IImwi , acting lira...I Prelate, per-
lurmed the installation ceremony, an.l
sp ke;-. fow  "-fl- on behall uf the
newly appointed officers,   The following received - flico lor the ensuing six
t'.r.T IV 11 .-I-i.i'v.
V, C.,J, Mathie
Prolate, II ' n ningham Morris,
M.f.i IV., T, P, Smith,
M.nf !■:., E.G. Burridge,
M. olF.il. A. B.
K. ol K..'. S,, G. II Brook,
M. nl A , S.I/iPeaux,
I.G., A. Hillier,
0.., ,.i. i, I- .Uo,
At tl.e close ul the o. i't m mios the
nllicers ehct took then slati mi and
the lodge closed.   A banquet wan then
hiiltl at which  many toasls were honored antl  speeches   deliv.-eeil, the ele
nieiils outside, in tlmslu.po of thundor
iinil   lightning,  joining  in with the
merriment of those loaning.   Tl.e
harmonious nnd fraternal galliorlng
broke up in the early hours after an
enjoyable evening.
Much interest was taken thii year
in the Domini in Day celebration,
The lollowing is a list of prize winner!
in the different competitions Tug-
of war—Employee! ol Lamb-Wation
Lumber Co, 100 yard dash—S. Lefeaux, Ut , S. Hillier, 2nd. ii ,—:.-; -
and-jump—J. Jaoobson, 1st, 29ft, lin:
K, Simpson, 2nd., 28ft, Sin. Running
broad jump—A. Hillier, 1-t.. lilt.,
J .-■ ■ n 2nd. ll;:. Fat men's
race—It. A. Upper. Csi Races
M.-.r.- singles—E
.- il ; ■;. 2nd., W
: —Mrs
ii fe, Isl      Hill      ..     -■•     Men -
.   .    It
'.   Pari   .   and  R. .1
.    -      ,
■     ;a --   Kirli    111    ■■■
.'■'.-. ,      - ...-.
-cu 1 Id.  men •---.•
Parton, 2nd.    S
lire Fj - -   -  il        -   —
Another lot just to hand
with .some of tlie swellest
Patent leather Bals.
Oxfords in Patent Leather,
Cun Metal and Dongola.
If you want the BEST
Women's Shoe to be had
in tlie town, made by a Factory that makes nothing but
Women's Shoes. Buy tlie
Gmi.s* Stockings
Fast Black and splendid
wear—Gipsy and Princess
You cannot find anything
like the variety and values in
town like this Store shows
you, We can fit out any one
of the family. They were
bought before the heavy advances of the past season and
you will find them cheap.
Wc have Lisle Hose, in
Plain, Lace Boots and Full
Lace, in Black, Navy, Grey
White, Pink and Blue.
Cotton   I lose,
White and Tan.
In White and
Lisle, Black, White and
Black Lace
Infants' Hose
We have a new line of
Children's Sox, in white,
cream, black and tan. Tbey
are very pretty and cheap.
Fine, Soft Cashmere in
Mack, Red, Tan, & White.
For  men
We ivn    '
spiei did
Mb m fo
Ball riirr
values   in
We   have
Fine Wool
r men,
in Lis
ine Wool
for ladies,
Po yen wanl something
to wear — Hercules and
Rock Rib
Mi - - lid that the  onl. r  in
- iflicienl ain! would not
tiers, but that the
i -.--.,i.v ii..-: .gain have the const nl
1 'bis ■ pinion was Bbared
:  - ,i whole,
H -.-. xi said that Mr. Busteed
in   this   matter   and
- i     . -      - - ..- with the city.
.,   a .* $90,000 per
a .i i ur duly to oo-
E. I Armstrong and W. Parton   1-t
., '2| ---   M.nany.
-H : ;   ' '"  *"P TV
Carter   2 '   ""«■'  "'r  li"v'/''
ited  lowering   the
.  I bringing up the light
contended  that the
were no
" .   '  M ■
and otheri.   '1 In .
i    dn   i Day wai   i
\i nic -.- hirniihed  bi   th    Irrow-
head Orchi il
■ -I . .:. their pockets
lis i   :   K. lines the C l*. R
  I r  .my  onel  benefll
to wl loh  A   K.
.1 Ing .mu the C.P R,
E  \ Haggen pointed mil     u   I
... luld'nl I - -    r the C. P. fi
tit would
- il
:   - irgi I tbal
■       - tbeanti
it tha       i......'I be
Marriage Licenses Issued
•MKttT '
Ji-wki.i-rs and Opticians
Next to Imperial Hank
Improperly filled glasses aro worse I han
no glasses and neglected byes often means
Our Optical Department is in charge o
Mr, M. S, Hastings- Kef, I),, and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven lhat 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and ii does not follow lhat because you
have good eyesight ihal your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save trouble and expense.
n Mais; 10:3U
ind tfernt m;  2 p.m liapti
- . M .     7 :ll
; -      i. , Bi i - ■'■
St, Andrew's Phirbi ...i:,.\ —Rev,
.*■  c    tl.).,- i-i-- i.
7 30 p in., Bund ,.   cl.   I and 1
llible Cli i 2:301        Morning nib-
j. ..     Ho .-.I -  Vies"I.-
subject, * nur  Eni mie«      I,. O. I.
1(168 will hold their annual t
lln-  evening  Sen ifie
Young People'i meeting Mond    il
"   .. .. MM .1 .1 . I.'        I       I.   .   .
tly i
thai he did       id :;" C I'   It. b it
- ..-'.-■-
- cilj
., -   , p it thi
: * ■...n  il... oil
(    i" ;■     - ■    ily | -m .'.'.i-i -.i   ■ ■
■i  i.       ; - aughed sl the idei   I
P i:    ml -rn lor the
p in. Prayer meeting Wednoiday al
B p.m, Teaoheri' meeting and onolr
;. actios Friday at H p.m,
Knox Pun bytbuus —Rev. .1. H.
Rolwrtion, H I'. minuter,   Servic.
af 11 a rn. ami 7:80 p.in. I dill ed bj
E.M. Cook, v.M.<: a, aeoretary li
the evening a special ohoral service
(.-ill   bo   held.     Sunday   Hchool and
mills Glass at 2:1(1 p.m.      t
Ht. Piter's. Anglican.—Sixth Hun
day altor Trinity. Holy Communion
i.l. H, and alter Matins at 11 ,1 ...
livenH..11 g. 7:30 p.m. Hunday Hchool
a: 2:30 p.m.
Mi.iiiol.isi—Morning subject: "The
most important ilii.n.e in preaching,"
Evening!    " National and Patriotic."
K  \, II ...'■-! 1 snd   thai   ti.'-   p-iiii. y   nlli    guarantee
I ',0011 I wil        irlty   .nd
place thi      -.'■•■ rn a very ihort time
,   ..-fl 0, VV. \l. I.ir.v
n net -'■'■- ndi -l by A, E, Phipps thai
opinion ol thc board be thai  the
1   p, I: i.. ,, : ..1 nn- rites offered
.1 .",.- 1 ii 5c. nml that the by law
be put m shape and pUoed before the
people that thi' money may he  mim-il
Moved A, lv Phlppi, lee.iiuh'd P. ll.
I,e.vi» that the meeting l.n COnltltUtOd
,. committee to wait mi tne council at
tin- nexl meeting.—Carried.
Thu Board then thanked the Mayor
for hla 11tle1.1l.11.ee  and  opinio..-, and
the meeting then lorn.iiiatod.
(From Oiir Own CorraspontlentJ
Much regret is expressed at the unexpected and early death ol Mn, G. E.
l-'inucane in the Ilevelstoke hospital
on the 22nd ol June. \
The ante-vacation examination and
closing exercises were held at the
school on Friday morning. The children exhibited considerable progress
and performed their allotted tasks very
well, reflecting great credit 01. the
training of their teacher Miss M.
McArthur. The exams wero followed
by the usual picnic which has become
an annual institution hero. The
catering of the ladies was even in advance of the high standard with which
all such Innotipni iu Malakwa arc
A serious accident, involving the
loss of Mr. Bruhn's team, wagon and
numerous personal ctl'oots ..(Mr,J,
M..Z..11, occurred on Tuesday evening.
Tl.e horses were being driven onto the
MOW, to cross the river, when the
snulli,ing rope broke, the scow moved
t before the a Imali were hall on
and the weight ot the wagon forced
i.i.-... int.. deep water. Mr. E liosslcy
-. '1 ..en- driving bad   a   very   narrow
Mrs, T. U'u.ilsey and Miss .McArlhiir
. [I ... hi.lay ior the cast. Mra.
tt    l-'-j- 1- vlllling her lirother Mr. A.
m  I in Vancouver,
I be quality ol the strawberry crop
uporior to that ol last year,
- il ih. quantity is laoking, nevortho-
■ II dally sl..p....-nil are  lining  nni.le.
,  petition li on loot to obtain a
i ridge acrosi the river her...    One nl
-   talked ol ooloni»ation   roads
-ml 1.1- a boon to tlm districl as well
many othori in the province.
1 in-. teams some likelihood ol our
.'.lining telephone communication
■nli tho iiui-nl"  world  iu  the  near
luture.   li cannot como too soon.
Mnn,...,., ... -in..- than Our "Speolul.
I.i-.i  So'.loway,  I'.l' ll.  engineer   ..I
Vanoouver lormerly ol Itev. Moke, is
.. ndlng  n   lew days in tlm city re-
iievvlng old acquaintances,
The brighten con..-t aeen in  (our
yam Ilal juat c....... to the  iintici. ol
p 8, Plaikett ..I tl.e Dominion obior-
vat. ry, Ottawa,   'I he body is getting
nearer llm  sun   daily,  growing  11...N.
brilliant, At proienl it cm bo isen
through opera gl.iHses in the early
.....ruing 11. tl.e snutlie,.sl.ai.il will in n
lew weeliH be llltble to the naked  eye.
a Dandy Dixie
$10,000 invested in  magnificent Minstrel Mountings.
First Part Scenic Splendor—Artistically reproducing a
Enchanting Ensembles Star Spangled lla...ier Salutations
Songs of Dixie Melodies of Ante-Bt>lli.ni Days
Modern Musical Masterpieces Vocal nnd Instrumental •
The Show HI. of the New York Theatre, Wistaria Roof Garden, and Manhattan Beach Theatre, Coney Island, where
was ll.e big-featured and pre-eminently successful atli.iclii... of IIiom;
niliceiil and multi-million dollar amusement palaces during the
Summer of 1906.
Seats on Sale at Canada Drug & Book Company
L. 0. L.
All members ol L. 0. L. 1058, are
requested to meet at the lodge room
on Hu1.day evening next at 18:30
..'clock, lor the purpose ol attending
divine service at Bt, Andrew's Church.
Visiting incmlieri arc cordially iuvited.
By Ordor,
Patronlzo Home
Revelatoke Cigars.
Industry.     Smoke
Business Locals!
Ii.ind sponges at the Ci.ni.i1a Drug
Cleveland Bicycles, bust grade,
OUlhlon friimo and cu.iHter brake—
I,awrci.ee Hardware Co., agents.
Foot ease and loot elm lur tired and
sore lent at tl.e Canada Drug Store.
Howson's Furniture .Store is the*
plaen In I..ok lor carpets and all lines
in lit..ist. furnishings.
Revelitoke ClgarB Union Made Our
»ii....i.il, Tho Union, and Maroa Vuelta
uro ahoad of all others.
Fot carpet squares nnd lini.lt ...n,
Iluor oil and matting, fco Howson's
slock, largest in lhe city.
Ileinen.l.er tl.e place whero you get
ll.e purest ul medicines mixed up in
yuur prescriptions. Canada Drug &
Book Co.
Hiiles,   ammunition,   orthoptics,
Special sights, and all equipments lor
trappers and hunters — Lawrence
Hardware Co.
New lot ol artists' water and oil
colors, drawing instruments, academy
board, aud cauv.ss jmt opened at tbe
Canada Drug Store.
For Sale by the Crate
$2.75 and $3.00 A CRATE
t       -APPLY TO
The Oity Council desires tenders for
laying sidewalks, *
Tenders to reach the undersigned hy
noon on Thursday, .luly lllli, iKfi.
Cily Clerk.
-\TTANTEU-Uood tract of timber.
W    Well located.     OroWI.  grant
U. 8, A,
J.  l'hehin
L.bby, Iowa,
s 21)31


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