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The Mail Herald Dec 11, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter r
l'or ease of operation and perfection ''"ciai £j,
in   results   produced,   this-   machine j ■,
,s unsurpassed.    Price—$00 Cash.        I '•-.'.
Interor PubllhlnjJ Co.,
A tie ills
Visiting Cards
Make a Suitable Christmas CH/t
We have a good  variety at
a reasonable price
Interior Publishing Company
Vol, 15-No. 89
$2.50 Per Year
Looking for Poultry?
If   your  search  brings
yuu to  this   Market   you
will liml ;i splendid lot of     J ■
Chickens        Ducks
and Turkeys
awaiting your inspection.
s y~..
|fc       TOijlTm**
I —
They are all tender and
tinu in flavor, and the
l.t'ieet. are ns low nn yuu
will find anywhere. All
the choicest cuts of Beef,
Lamb, Mutton, Veal and
Pork, too, to help the
housekeeper to make a
pleasing variety on her
own correspondent.
Regular Session Last Night- |p;::SgdtW;,:
Report from Supt. Duck
aoroBS the luko to  Windy  Point, which
The regular  meetiug
will replace llie cable which has gh
of  iht-  Council  so much trouble oi late, owing i,
wan held last Bight witb Mayor Lind-.boing damaged bj didos from tho
mark in tbe chair, and Aldermen Saw- mountains, At prosonl C. P. K. tele-
yer, Pradolini,    Wells, Kimberley, and graph messages     aro  nenl   via (ouu,
Maodonald  proeenl |Plis  <""'   l'"'al"1"   ,vl '' "  """     "'
The following report  bj   Supt.  Duck  '>"» "f telegraph I  hus boon     con-
of the powei houso wae laid beforo tho,structed to conneol      witl   ihe formor
oouncil, covering i h,-
Sept., Oct. und Nov.
I.ighl    plum   k.w,
Power   plant   k.w.
Light, liuui..  ruii
Power,  hour.-  run
mouths of  iVub
'lino at Galon a lin.
I    11.   L.  Wiillis  hitr,   tin, appointment of
Police  Magif-traie  for  .Vrrowhead and
A vicinity.   In   thit   u  long  loll   waul   lu
7,313.3 'natiuliod,
 bright man
k.w.32,691 (' '
he  position  goes
i ihe
rhe ga-i plum wu_, in oporution dur,
ing  this month  lit) houi>
Light  plum li«' 32,116
Power plant         6,519,5
Light,  hours  run
Power, hour?! run
Maundrell Meat Market
P. 0. Box 181.    Revelstoke. B. C
Gai, plant in operation io hour., in
this mouth, the eoal consumption being S.150 pounds,
Light  plant  k.w     45,331.4
Power plant k.w     5,236.i'
Light,  hours run   , .H7
'Power,  hours  run   ..442
Vulno faces an ill great vogue in
tho village, uud oue might thiiih ihu-t
Bvuuo had forgotten to hold up, and
that  the     village     widow'- goal  had
Iuul  iib discipline.
lhe first real ynow storm ol lho season eume to us on Wednesday, briug-
iug the usual chill which crealoi. iu
itself a place for King Edward IV ,
especially in tho Iload.
Mr. Swan, of tho linpouul Bunk
-.tail of thio place, has boon transfer
red to Moyie, to be iu charge of tlmt
branch, Tho boys gavo him a good
send off and every one iu the I own
wishes him success in his uew posi
At tiie Opera House, Monday,
December 13th
Tho chiel  aitraetion  no.\t   wecli      in
lhe  opera  house  i-  lho  production   ol
the well known    and   popular comedy
"Our Hoys" staged by tho Hevelstoke
Amutuur    Dramatic Club.   Theatre-goers who enjoy     a good laugh, will do
woll to see this play, u^ tho amateurs '
with thoir customary study uud attou-
i i->ii  have doue     ovorythiug    in  their I
power io produce this comedy us perfectly us  possible.   The caste i-    woll
lilled  and  the  rich  humor,  quainl   re
partoe  and   series    oi  laughable  situs-
lioim will be faithfully carried out
The publie know what the Amateurs
.an do, their roputation boiug of ihe
highest, and secure in ilm knowledge
that they have never fallen short in
thoir promises lo please lhe peoplo of
Hevelstoke, ihey are contideiil lhat on
ilii.-, occasion "Uur Boya" will add
a not hor success to their already sue
I'essftil career. "Our Hoys" is a good
corned) uml ihe publie should uol
miss it. A dunce will be held at the
close of the performance, prices for
admission und seats iiuTucling both
the play und  the dance.
A Queer Affair
Imperial Bank of Oanada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in J anadn.
Agents in tuviii Britain ami United States-London, Kngland,
LlovdS Bank. Limited.    Chicago-First National Bank, Corn bx-
change National Bank.   Seattle-Seat tie National Bank   SanF'uu-
cisco -Well- Fm go Nevada Natioual Bank.    Spokane-Exchange
i  National Bauk.
; Savings Bank Department
Denoaits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
j  ourrent rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
|     Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
ii. il. McCarthy, formerly of Arrowhead, who a few months ago paid a
visit to Victoria uud enjoyed while
there tho hospitality of the Dominion
hotel, is oue of thoso judividuals to
whom Ichabod Drousou would perpetually refer as "careless boy!" So
careless was .Mr. McCarthy thut when
ue went    away     lie did not take    the
•oublo to put  in  his pocket un      lm-
perial   bank     draft  for >?t>'2b,  together
[with sundry other articles,  papers aad
less     documents.    .Someone    else
I eame iuto  lhe  room and  on  the     do-
loll   through      'lie  grates.    A   concrete'           » .... , ,
!,   , e        ,   .,    , parture ol  this second guest   the vulu-
; belt   race  was bull   between the      gas     ,, ,,c ,      i  .
|       . ,,,,,, , ables  were  uotett.   Of course  the   lat-
engine and  the lack -halt making the L , ,.
,,    ., , i.i      . .ter guest   was  thought   to  have      left
walls '.' leet  iluck with a view to     in-   , , ,
I      ,,. ,., , , 'lliem, antl us he was known,  lhe inan-
stulltng an idler to lake up the sack' ,  ,,      ,
1 agement held     Un-  treasures  in  trust
two concrete floors
The gas plant was not in operation
this mouth.
'.as plant     ',ii-    in   operation this
mouth     10   hours.   Coal consumption i
was heavy on   account of having   to |
stand  by with  tlie plant  during     the
cold spell      and  also  to   the fact  tha
jihe refractory     lining of lhe producer  e,
I was burnt  badly,  letting green      coal
The Hospital
-Miss A, li. White, matron ol ihe hospital, has handed in the following report for the month of November:
Patients      3fi
Hospital Days   . . 447
Operations    . ... S
Out-door patients   Vi
Dressing."          ..     204
The matron reports that just now
there are uo particularly serious cases
under treatment end that the pressure of  work  has eased down.
Xmas Groceries
The Plum Pudding or Fruit Cake will be O.K. if the
ingredients purchased here, especially if cooked by a
Kootenay or Saskalta Range, which will happen to a
great many in Revelstoke.
Our stuck is complete- with New Season's Goods,
comprising Raisins. Currants, Peels. Nuts, Dates, Figs,
Glace Fruits. High Grade Candies in Bulk or Fancy
Packages, Cigars, etc,, all the tinest we can obtain.
We are showing' smne nice designs in Cut Glass, also
Limoges' ware. Fancy China Vases, Cake Plates, Bon
Ilon Dishes. Jardinieres, Dinner and Tea Sets. Toilet
Carving Sets, a splendid line of English Cutlery,
Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc., in all sizes at prices to suit
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    PlumbinJ
Crockery    Glassware    Sherwin-Williams Paints, etc.
The Chojcestjms
Can be Secured for Your  Friends,   and  at   the
same time Save Money,   by making your selections of Christmas Gifts from us.
The Secret Is This:
We wish to Clear our Large and Well-Assorted
Slock, and to do this we will sell to you at a
small advance on CASH COST whatever you
choose to select. Call and See Our Goods
It will Pay You to make your First Christmas Call here
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
The Little Folk's Store
A Store Full of Toys from 5c to $20
Each and every article at a very reasonable price.
A Nke Plate In Shop; ovory Hunt) on tlw
Ground Floor.
Remember Manmny a for Fred) Candy
They are made To-day.
ou the main belt.
. in the producer room were laid down,
I making  it  practically fire proof so far
as iho iioor^ were concerned.
The report concludes by staling lhal
considerable repair work has l>eeu going on on the plant,
I'he report was accepted. Mr Iluek
reported also on the breaking of the
turbine shaft in thi thrust bearing,
stating that there was a flaw in the
centre of the shall, but when the
break occurred the loud was light and
j there was no reason to believe that
it was caused by a sudden shock sueh
| as might occur when throwing on u
heavy load suddenl) Mr. Duck i> of
opinion that contact vibration wus ihe
real causa of iho fruuture.   I'he  Mayor
-tilled   that   ,i   new shaft   had  I n <>r
tiered and  would mine nhy day now.
',     X   communication  was    lived  from
Mr-.   Moran,     slating   ihut      she was
claiming -vJ'i from the   city for gravel
taken      from    her land.    In  discussing
the mutter      n      was  found   that   the
Hickman  pipe  making  company      had
used the gravel and  the mailer     was
left in thu hands of the Mayor.
j    lhe communication from  the  hospi-
i toi board laid over from last meetiug,
.wherein  they requested    2ft  additional
I lights for  the new hospital wing, wos
, taken up.    In  the original plans      the
light* were placed iu the centre of tho
wards  instead  of over each  bed   which
wus now- desired.   The matter was left
ovor till after the meeting ol the hospital   Board  -ui  Moinlay,
lhe Mayor reported ou the progress
or the smull pox and tw,, scarlet [ever
cases at  ih" isolation hospital, as satisfactory.
lh.- questiou ol the li< em ■■ i"i  plai •
es of amusement  mi- discu I     and
, the necessity foi a special  inlaw  gov*
erulug moving picture balls hi regard
Ito propel   tiie protection,    I'he tie	
foi  amusements onlv  covorod the outside company coming in i-> Ihe oily.
,    I'he luw  I'ux bylaw received its Un-
al reading and waa unanimously pas-
jsed, si^i„.»d and soaled.
The meeting I lieu adjourned aud the
Court of Revision on Votors' list then
took   lip  il     -'.""nun
until he returned, lie know nothing
about ihem, so tho search for Mr. McCarthy was begun, in order lhat his
money might be crowded bach oc him.
He has not yet been caught up with
but tho Masonic craft, of whieh he is
i member, are lending their assistance
■o   that lhe game is us good as won.
Timber Cruisers Missing
Kamloops, D. 0. Dee. 10—A considof
ruble amount of anxiety is being felt
by their friends over the mysterious
disappearance of n young nmn mimed
.*-. \ . Howe, and Ids compunioti, a
timber cruiser named Cunningham,
who nearly three mouths ago lefl
Kamloops to look over some timber
lands up ill the I'learw aler river,, and
of whom no word has been received
since November  13,
Young Howe i- a ie,-eul gi a
duutc of Yule, and ihu sou oi u millionaire lumberman oi Minneapolis,
Cunningham came to Kamloops about
Septembor 13 with the object of going
to lhe Clearwater country, us stated.
They purchused some supplies locally
and a couple of horseB and left for up
the river.
Kelowna Postoffice Robbed
Flic postoffice at Kelowna has been
entered and eight registered letters
stolen. One waa Kent to Dr. Keller,
Kelowna, by Mr. Irwin, and contained
a government check in payment for
medical services to Indians. The robbery took place "n Suuday or Monday
night. The Keluwna police are busy
Uying to locate the thief.
Japanese Hanged
Vi'» Westminster, Dee. 10—Al eight
o'clock thi-- morning tho boll was
withdrawb from lho scaffold by Exeou-
lipner RudclifTe,wbich allowed Ybshik-
uwa, the Japanese murderer to drop
into eternity.
Tragic Death
Seattle,  Dec.  U—Struck  by   un  ovei
turned derrick  and  buried  ten foet in
the  mud   and   slime   of   tlie   tide   Huts, j
William MoCoy, u laborer, wont to   a
tragic death at Fourth avenue,  loday,
Princess May Aground
Vancouver, Ite.     0- The     C, J'   li.
liner  Princess   May.   lOUlhbouild    ii	
Skagway, ran agrouud on a small i_-
lund in Johustone stroll ut 0.15 on
Thursday    morning.   A     lerriila gale,
accompanied   bj   ll   blinding   IUOWStOl'111
prevailed ai ilu- nine, making ii impossible to -,.,. objects a few foot in
Ihe vessel wa, moving at slow
speed and lortunately did not strike
hard. She floated nli nl high lido Iwo
hr,ms later.
be afraid of
your shadow
ake a good
Copyritjkf,   l9')7
by /?  fOi.iTa..
$** ****«H»**#***^**^*****
n McCarthy bai re oivod the "on
'i ei i"i erection of Ihe Mi. Bogblo
ichool from Ihe provincial  government
ihe   Uellt-   defeated "lie    I      I' ' It.   in
il    Bowling    League   ^„,< n  Wod-
ii, ..hr,   by  'J'J pins.
\ I lie Problem Club wan organised
on Friday nighi in tho I.v Y M 0
A  for the Intermediate!
il. McKinnon sooted two first, two
.e "iid and h third prize at the poul-
ir s|,,,n ai Bndotbj -.' iterda) wiih
hi    huh" leghorn
i he ' olonisl  denim    ie   auliioi i
lj    'i  Hon    I'""     I lylor,  thut  W   «
I ■   •'     lm- lind tin  publii   appoint
'ie ill    'ii ici tl)   lepoi Ieo
Head-on Collision
Ilu- World hiivs. "The houvy _■!„,«.
Storm thai was raging is ..aid by ,,ll].
eiuls   to  be  responsible   for  a   head-on
coUlaion, which i ured Tuesday nighi
eust of Norih Bond, According i"
the 0, P. ti officlul n light engine
crushiid iulo lie engine of n froigllt
wming wesi. Both locomotives were
badly damaged but no one wn hurl.
A wrecking In.ii, wns sent out i',-,,,,,
Vanoouvei  lo "lour up the wreck.
lias removed the building
from behind Hell's itore oi| 2nd uti-in'l
to site iie;o In-- residence on Victoria
ltd .  uml      «ill  utilise     Ilia  ..ami'      f,u
itubliug purposes-
N'o. _ llrigudo beg to tender their
hearty thanks t" the members ,,t V,.
I Brignde for the hospitality extended
lo ihem ni ilie Masquorude Bull on
Wednesday night, and express their
appreciation of whin proved i" be ihe
most enjoyable ovonl of lhe kind c\ei'
held  In  ihe  city.
C. It.  MacDON U.l),
K. Wf Sinclair will complete the lay
iug of the main sewer in a few days.
House connections are being made as
"Our   Boys" and  our girl--  will meet
.Monday night at the Opera  House to
see the piny first and then lo dance
Any sittings made up to Saturday,
18th will have your photos before
Christmas. We have electric printing
light. Morning sitting preferred al
Triiouiun's Studio.
At the Enderby poultry show yesterday mi Okanngun lady bought lor
a high priee partridge and while Wy-
audottos shown by a Seattle exhibi
tor, The birds wore prize winner it
llie   A.   and   ^ .  oxposilloU,
"Is Anything Worth While is iho
theme "i Rei. UP Froomnn's address t., men in tho Y. M. C, A. Sunday  al   '.I.Iii.     Ihe  musical   part   of   tho
programme in u feature <>f all thoso
gatherings and every man is invited
I.,  attend.
Ilo. low practice will be hold in the
skating ri nl. mi Mondaj night noxt
betwoen the hours ol 7 and 8 o'clock.
All  who «'l-li lo plat   I key  this win
im arc rcquosted to lie on hand foi
the purpose of forming teams foi the
coining winter.
Among the many beautiful and u,"
ful articles for sale al the sale of
work held In the Ludiui Guild of St,
Polors oliurcli on Tuoadu) noxtal Lho
home of Mrs, A. B. MoClonoglinu, lm
pei inl Bank, aie it number of splendid
pieces of lathe turned wood work and
iiwinj.; lo the outbreak of Bcarlut level   in  ihe  schools,  ilu-  triistoes  have
d led  i"     close    ihem und so stun
the Christmas holidays. I'p till yes-
leiil.'ii thero Here four en -,■_-,, ci,, li
,'online from the same room, and to
dm   the  school,  mid pai'ticulnrlj   lho
     nil      ihlll'Ollglllt     fumigated,     lh'
schools weie closed yesterday.
You can't cast a shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light unless you are dressed well.
We can dress you well let us coat you over
with one of out Blue, Black, or lirey Beaver overcoats. 1} will please you. We satisfy otu custom-
eis. We say "customers'' because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A clearing sale of Bovs' and Youths' Overcoats
and Pea Jackets, sizes from 22 to 55—$1.85 to S6.75
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arianiieineiita have recently been completed  undei   which  th« ttrmtm\mmm
of this Bank
aie able to issue Drafts ow the principal pul wis
in the following countries!
PfaUnd                          lrftiand                       Rumm
PenaoM                   Italy                      Servitt
Franc*                           i.ipan                         Siam
Fr\h Cochin-China   [ava                        South Africa
Cennanv                     ht&nchuria                Straiu ScttlaaMflli
Great Britaia            Mexico                  Swed««
l. me
Greece                      Norway                 SwtaeH—e
Holland                       Perai i                       Turkey
Iceland                        PWH pine Ulan.is     West Indiae          \m
Karoo l.ioi.i.
India                        Roumania                   -"d eUcv^aM
NO   DELAY   IN    ISSUING.          f U l L    PARTICULARS    ON    A R l» 1 1 0*T*»H
Xmas Presents
TOYS "I   ' very dew li| U    I)"1U. Hull's Oarts, Hand Slrds
Roi king liorsi
FANCY  DRESSING CASES, Manicure Pieces. Military
Brushes, Oent'sand Lnlii-s Travelling Sets,
PERFUMES   Besi French ami English make,'., Atomizers,
Pipes, Smokers'Outiita, Olgoi and 0l(iarette Cases.
KODAKS and Cameras and everything yon need wiih them.
xmas cards   Thousands to choose from,
BOOKS by Hundreds   the Poets,   ill  lieumifully bound in
Leather and lhe Newesl Ko.,ks in Cloth.
'Ml   IN   Wl' iJinK AROUND AT
C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store
^W%PPia»i   MHP^«iW_L.-»Hi'       --WWP^«^«««WM«*«aMM^«MM«rt«_|« THE MAIL-HERALD REVELSTOKE/B. 0.
I&e fl&atuibcralbsl
(•UBLIjHEli wbd  Bsnav ASP
Jntcrtoc publlablitfl Ctompatts,
Uml led
Subscription   Rates
laclulins postage io Ku^iaed. United Suiw
ilUil Cilli*Uil.
liy Ihe Jt^ir lltiruin.li iKlsluttlcel     *J-5o
ui^<        ;:      ::      }•£,
quarter "   tlUU .
/7b    lUNTlNii prorouil)- executed at roanou-
subscriptions payable In ad.
rlD.e dlo,
1'KKUS-t a*li.
I.vgal none
lOoeots per Hue first Insertion,
inenl iie-erlioii
c _■_,_.,_. n.,r line each miDSOQUOni   uiscrin
USwSmm! No",,..,-! Sum tnako e
tachl Btorc and general businoss an-
■s Ic.-i-.-'.-- »-' • it inch per month.
i-retorred porittuof, M POI eeiil. nil-
jS'stat Ulrttw. Marriages and Doaths,
.c   fft--b  Insertion. ,       . ,
Snd uotice* iT-1" A" advorUssmanU
■nUeot wiheappruN-aimthemiioagoiiiout'
WaulJn <ud Goudonwd AdTsrllwnieotsi-
i"\. v'._!.• J. Help IVaoted, Situations
Waufcd, Mechantw Wanted, 10 ,"'.?,,,..
In,, t. ,«.i, adililioiuil Iiiie 1" cants.
," „■ •,'.' oi -mii'luni advertisements uii'-i
"I'n'Vr J »- nn 'I-n-H.il.>' and Mday el
utca week lo aeours suuu ui-l'i»>.
• iKKKr-iuM'tNCi-. invited on matters ol
outvie it't.-i-'. l ciiiiiiuiiica'.iona tu r-in
tor iwi t» sooompapisd to name «
vmur. cot no«i»^m> to publication, bu
misSIsdos ol good ffim. Uorrespoodenoi
rljoiild Dc uriiT.
Kinlit Roomed House on Seoond Street, close in to
centre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six Boomed House on Fifth Street; all modern except
furnace; exceptionally warm fur winter, at $25 PER
Seven-Roomed House nu Third Sired; plumbing com-
plete,at$25 PER MONTH.
b'ive-Roomed House on leased land for -ah. ut $200
Pour-Roomed House on Fifty Foot Lot, for Bale at
&ysv   ho must  rely oo the "Ul methods nil
now  itiif! successful  ones ure discover
ll c
Kl  \l,   ESTA IT,   I.II 1
IP I    A NO   \' ' TI'I N I    INSUK VNi I
ed,   The   -ine problem  i-:  thus   hodgod       I'he  drumaiiialion  pi       Rider  Dag-j
round  with    diflieultien,  and  if  n  eon- gard's   wonderful   -lory  ul   lho  Edison !
iT'iic"     iicli  i,    ihe  S'elson  Hoard   of I'arlor Tlioiin-c     Friday and Satuiday
Trade has convuiied, cun do soniothing nights,      This   picture   is   one    of  the
to 'iiai   lhe ground an ,   lhe most  uluborntoly Btugutl  pieluroit   ee.
zitxi   (.iiiuking   iiiilu.,,,   in  ' ,ii,,.,In    it put  on in     moving pieturos uud    'I
will h.no -,,1,,-ii thi  piobleni [Staging and     Klocli-icnl    FITeets «.-i
if    lhe
under tbo direction ol  I'hoiiins A    ISdi
.-.ni lho fumous inventor ol electricity
This is n li-eol for the moving picture
lovers  ,,f  Rcvolnloko.
Shooting Affray
.. t'ity, Di"
I.llll.'IIS.    II
tl    I he  iii lenipi ol
AM> 1'I.NivHAM,
Omen:   lsirua.M. ■ AjwJWODMO i-mei.
»,'».., II.C,
iloney to luan.
OtUoea: BOTOlstoke, » I •
J.__.o, ti. Mc<Jaktkk
\_. M. VVtiOUtl
raabrook, e, i'<
.1. A.  U-tBVEV.
C'ruubrook, 13, e.
V\T1LL1AM l' bK1(Ki,S
Bolicitor, etc.
Bollcitor fori-j
The Canadian Bank of Commbbob,
Thk Molsons Bank, Etc.
ine   1 Laud Surveyor,
.Mining hui veyoi
{cKenzie A.VBN0E,
Box 106, Revklstokb
WE   HAVE   A   CAR   OF
Christmas Poultry
Turkeys, Ducks
Geese, Chickens
P. Burns & Co.. LU,
I'ln- promolui's of iho Ni I
ing have outlined the busine
meeting ns the ostablishmcnl ..f a ziuo
smoltcr, fnelories lor nine produel .
govornmonl aid im- oxporimontal worlt,
a bounty similui- lo lhal givon for
load, ainl a protoctivo tariff agaiiisl
imporl i of /in,- produel -. Load bountj Km
has not done lho worli oxpoel »l if it, Churl
in benelilling lho mino-nwiier, tin Kaimti cily, to nen-o pnpurs in o dl-
I'oii-'oiiiliiieil Mining and Snieltiug Co, vorco suit on Charles Unlloway, a pro-
being lho onlj extoiiKive bchollcinry, so peroii busine-- mini, led Ip the hill-
lhal ii .1 li."ini, i adopted ii "ill iug of billions, lhu mnrtul wounding of
have to be on n diffcroiil basii The (.iullnw-iij uiul the orlous shooling ol
"'liet mallei's let down im- discn-■ inn I Hul'l'} Vlidorsoil, n dotoctive here lust
"HI give ample scope foi uggeMion lighl flullowa} died later al tl lo
nud  lei   ii- hope ihe eoiiful'ollco "ill ro-   eul ll'ospitlll,
-uii   in    "iii,   pn  ,1 good \ companierl hj   IV,  Drew,    uv  mur-
linl      of    lj I'llc   Kan.,   I ul.eii'   .'it
'etnpleil   In    nrvn  ll e papei'h   nil finllo
raj     tinllowu}   run   und   the  author]-
lie      follOWCtl,      I he    "llf'el       lllll     III    I lie
loeiug   man     u ho     returned the lire,
hootinjj      I illicit    ihrougli  Ilu   heart.
Drew lired nl ClulloNVtiy bul  hn escaped
Sh,, iii      Vlbcrl  Bockei oi Wyandotte
'Oiintv. then ory.'iui/e.l an armed posse
bi arch     for     ' lalloway.   He was
louud   leil'l'i'il'led   iu   the   house   of    his
business purtnor in  Kansas City, Mo,
When the     oflicori   forced  an outrauce
he jumped     mt" a closot aud     liring
through tho door Bhot Audersou thro'
ihe     arm.   Tho oflicers  lired   through
lho door and Galloway foil, shot thro'
the stomach.
Card of Thanks
I he member*  "I  No   l   Fir.   I'.n. ule
dosiro   to OXprOBS   their   ili.'ink-      I"     nli
those " ii" asi istod in makinj  the boi
ond   annual   Masqiiot-adc   Hull  on   IVed'
iiosda}   nighi  sin h h    ignul     i
thief   F.   IV.   N'o.    I.
Co-Opeiitive Mining
Edmonton, Dec. I.—Oue outcome of
the coal minors' walkout in the ' d-
inontou mines will be tho co-operative
working of tho I'lirkdale miuos iiuar
the citv
The miners thi ui ioIvi have formed
un association to take over und opi i
ato the mine on tho oxi ting i uio of
wages, turn over the ■ o il al u itatod
price, pay the running expenses 'I (he
mine and pny a dividend to llie minora
from lhe profil m - i-uod, prop"! tion
| ate to ih" ",i c   earned,   lhi - i       ihe
I'" ll    ' ' pel iineiH     ilnii:      m, h    pore-
. tii e line    lo be tried in Canada
kALLON \-  KVELEltill,
akci1iti-i 'i-
Vascouvkh inu Revelstoke,
aeon uo thing     of nn official chnractor of courso rest wiih tho eoal companies
bearing thia out but it  U u certainly The  transportation   compnnios   should
that "in. of the ruilway- ■..ioitij_;  thro' be rigorously brought  under discipline,
li, C,   the  yellowhead will  sock  to  tnako ox- and  the froighl   rule?  o ml  reduced
tensions    down      tho Columbia   Valley to   the  lowosl   possible  business  basis
,,U]1J|| addressed to Poi-I   into South Kooteuay and  the Bound- The fuel supply of  the people   should
L-Blce   Kevelsloke, will have prompt   ary,      and   tho    people  of   Kovolstokc nol  cosl much more tlmn half whal  i>
attention, have had the assurance "i lion   Frank does  now    The  retail dealers  are noi
Oliver,   Minister   of   the   Interior,   that to  blame     In   some  ,'„n'~   theii   profits
C.   W.   O   w tIif    Dominion     floverumeul  ..ill ni." aro limited by the mine,  mpplying thu
Mountain View Gamp No. 229 bui h financial assistance as will ensure coal,  and     in  the eases of  this  kind
Uil_- Bend couu- within om   kuowlodge  ihe dealer     tire
i he    near LtottuiL,'   lhe worsl   of  it
future lb1'  labi "guiiizations  and  Inmrd
of  trade  might   with   udvniilugc    give
' "      _ CliKISTMAf-   SllOPI'INO somi      tion   I.,   th.-e  mailer    with
BJJVELSTOKh. .   ■ •      ' \t,, ,.nuco,  .,, , utrongly urge ou our s  vj™   n, reducing to the publi.     the
F. O.  B". readers  the desirability  of doing  their cosl  of  llieii   fuol    apply and eliuiiu,''
- ■- Christmaa   shopping   oarly     Dusiuoss is iug   the  eve...  min.,   pi-oiit   and   ii-mi--.
Iho regular oioetlnes srs hold m ths   o siti|  ,ueroutiiitf    all  lhe     time    und    whou portatiou charges now   levied on  coal
ffull     ev^rT      TUOSdSJ      iidliin^     ni      »!_,•" ° "
?olooi    fW«!"Hrl'™H,,r5?Jw^_r«,n_,MVT! Christmas shopping is lefl   to tho lasl -    -- -   -
get     l he
i^iiiiHi' and Syii;ifie
Mountain   viuw w-nip   •■»«• --" "«'■"   nnnwvii.i   ubowiuui.i
mra owdlalir Invited to »Wond. try by such    n  railwaj
JjUN CARLSON, ton. Com.
J. MoINTYKK, Clerk.
Coasting Accident
.Sei    Vic itiniu ■'"!',     Dc.    7—A badly
erushccl   ankle  wu    received  by      illiss
I'Uuru   Lavery  in  .,   coasliug   accidont
today.   While    sliding  down  the stoop
hill on  Sixth .'reel in company     with
Mis-j  Tiielni'i   lusley,   they  ran   into   a
delivery     rig. nt the coruei  ol Agtiet,
sireet.   Mi -     I 'ii cry'i   lool     iughl in
ipokos ol 'he rear wheel  and was
severely injured beforo ii  could bo ox-
Iricatod    lli'  liompani scaped with
ii ...    ,i       ■    ii       i       ii,,.      "   '-vere shaking up
li i     uc .  • — Jii     I rank  M    Du- j
korsou, ugod   III,  «a    found   .tabbed to I
dentil In t  uight  in  lhe doorwui     ol  i
combined   itnre   and   tini   Imilding    al
".'I   li'il.ci     irepi,      and    hei   hu baud, A   large  hone  witnessed   the produc
who  i-  char I  with hei  death,  i    dy tiou     of  "Wanted n   Wife"  ln--l   nighi
iug '"("i.i   elf-inllieted knife id '"   the Maj   Boberts-Gillurd Compauy,
\boui  foui   ml.    aco Mi     lu le i ''"' exccllouce of the dran-o "Madam
    lefl   her   lm bund   mi   neeoun!      ,,i Titian"   staged on Thursdu}   uight hull
"i     ,11,   ed    enieltii     and   seenrcd  em- altrtictod n  big crowd  lo   ieo lho i'oiii-
ploymenl   in   n   baken      I.n  I   nighi     i '"'>■    '"      -I'11'' "'   ''"'  l;lrl   'bat      the
eitrhlu t     t'eturuin^      home diseox'ered pioee  wns woll     produced   there      "as
'In      wnuiiin'.'     luel.   in   [he ihiorwnv. uuicli  disuppoiulmciit   nmong   lie.'audi
"Wanted ft Wife,
T   J   WALSH- PEESlDtsr.
ff.'B. MoiiAUt'HtIN.8eOR«iA«'    moment   it   ih  impossible
service, uttentiou, selection und satis-
/.l\i    Ml\|\i,
Kootonay Lodge, No. is, A F. St A. M.     faction  tlmt  can  otherwise  be oxpoct- I 'be -an    mining   indiiuli}   of   i:
^-_                                            iod.   'J ho   hevelstoke   stores   have    ihis Columbia   hu ■  hud   it-  eve   to bluckon
.f^f                   The  renul.-ir moel-                                                         ,        ,, ,   ,                                  ,    ,    "..
-\ ,_■'■';..    -       niBs ars hold iu il"-|year   B     luugiulneiu   and   well-asBOitcil   od by   tho ro|    ol   thi   .A,    ' "inini-
S 'v- '*£*"''V    9)  Oudtouiw^Hall.iu   selection of Christmas gifts,   ,uch    .is siou, coupled with  iho lieavj  duty on
P-      A%<<(>''    X  tUetaird Moudayii   h would be difficult  lo beal anywhere,   zinc  o ipotled        the   I i   ted   -'■
J, -^ fAb*      ,    ^JAeari,   ineutli    at    f
J ,-           *•"•          toSf,   "'     W.sitlLiKbretl      thus     giving   ample       opporlliiul.      for . te-,   thai     i-        \,-    ,,,,   llonrd   ot    ['rail.-
""■•**"' "    "     persoual     choice which cannot bo ob-! bus culled a mei    ng for
laineil from outside departmenl   storo- ertuiin  ivhelhei       ome
and oui of lowu orders. be   taken  in   n
Then, as u mutter "i fuirm   -  lo  lho ireului    ■:        it I
LK1KK LODGE 12, I.O.O.F,        employe"  in  tho  stores earl}   selection ol   frade
<m   ciinliHllr   w
7-.  -. Meets every Thnt.-
aa>'   oveaiLfc-  iu   c-,n
i.i. Hall nt go'clocl
^   Vjsitia^ orelliren at,
d t" aitead.
of  Chrislmuo giii-   i-  a  uecessity.   Hi     lurkel      ih   for  I'n:,
talk about     reducing the houi.- ol
bor, und making life happier and  better for our fellows.   Those who are in
earnest   in  these  professions   ..in   lune
Cold Range Lodge, K.^of^P;  jno bettet  opportunity  than at  ' ;
mas time to put  then  profi
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
EEl..'     Vi-.K'i   •, BuShellA .
xn iti. :i ^ssUnesdii
en. r. mui   ... ddiellcK
tlali    »'.    S    ,'cie.-i_;.     Vlsitin
Knigi.u •     ■_■ 'fl.- ay   ui Ite I.
T   P.   sUITH, C. C.
lj   K. -SH'J' '-.   K. ol   II. A U,
J. 11. SCOT!, ,.'. ol F.
£bc nbatMDeralb
practice.   Store employes,    worn    oui
with lute and rushed servi a Chi
mas Eve, are too tired  to get  any enjoyment out of Christina ,
titled   to   that   consideration   al     this
festive  season    whi. li eai
shopping  «ill  give  them
ires i    the L'uited Stati
freight  rai
;f   imp ill
chargi    .:
■   ■   ■ ilu,
this i'i"-. ini -
ly rii
I t hi m, is thai
lk, I he si
ia]  wiih  several
a piano from
.1   Kelly"   i-   being   played.
she had     I n    tabbed    twice  iii  tho  l'"''1' ua  ''"' plu}   "Wanted u  Wife" is
c i.    ■      n .   ni t|le i,,, merel}   another nuino for  the familiar
"June"    which   u-as   [day ,1   twice    la>t
-, i    -j     i 'Vt'"1   "'''' 'i'"'1 success by   tho Rovel-
tSLrBflQ6    fiCC!02!lt "''-" Amateur     Dramatic Club.   This
afternoon   tho comody   "Tho   Marriage
H iud    ■    ' mi    |l 11 Idle om|)loy-
r  men  in  cnrryilig
idetl'c   "ti    lion-all
I    Mil.aughliii, aged       ""    Uuil-Horald   repres alivo  paid
13, wa      ruslici          li ith in   the piano :'  visil   v"sll'r,l".v     '"  '>"'  ''-'die house
:,■■,,              ,. recently  erected  ul   the  rear of    Hell's
___________ store,  jusi   to see  how   a   record   batch
of bread
; ii
: " ig.    Tl ven   used   is   a   new   pal-
:'" ■ i.i    'Hubbard    -md".    made b,    thi
I small goods is turned
out. Without going into dotuils over
baking,   the work  proved   highl}   iiiler-
'fe'eui   Warren   Mfg.  Co., of  Toronto,  and    is
''   •'"'   ■"!"     of the    best  of its kind  in  li. C.
'I   ■<■ >•     Wilh      r„|  ci.      of Hourly     loaves
1   ■   the  oven  eui a-il>   regulated,   lho
' "',,'al   heat   being   passod  contimiousl}   round
the      ovens     and  not   bciug  interfered
with  by opening  tho doors  to e'et    at
i|   tho  insido.   -V  feature of the oven    is
temperature can be attained
moment's     notice for different
i baking.
Duft Forget to see kkOur Boys"' L";,::'"
Jat Opera House Monday Night
u>l   nl   l L'I
■    s st, i.iag>
ITUKU.H    i'K   . ii.
-     ■
i he I aleary   oun i up t
: "    '
tin   inl ihi
it}     oal yard
■     '
: ■ ■ '
:'.    CO 31
ill    «   I
A  _. ■   i (improved >.|
ditiwii '■ ■■      '    ' '
• , ■       I '
i■   ■*■        .     . Mm- ■ and woi .i- -li
u| though it jlreigl
, _ ■ -■: -i" i   j,-   .'.■!■
.._.:.. BU 1-       '" :
a   : ...   measure  i :   f..-' ■ it)',   "        .     ■'•   " '"
:ma    '. iosilng  Dovertboless munt,
_   _— i'i
ll    vn^   ,,"•      f    ""   :■"■'   "'   ■'   '"    .      ■      .
Hou»-on If  lbs     1   r Tgi
does ro-     i"   »h.    I.   In the Tribune
iloto i-i n «    iciuu:, lit g tin   ■ "■ ' |ni
"!  •■ ■   Domini n G    ei umi nl ■   . ,
-. ■^■,.:-\   il       kly i  I ir'   ,,|  ,„.  , .
George,  i-xteusioi     I  ihi   'i il   n      le       [-]_,,, , ,,„      ,,..,   ,
grupu line iruu   Bluckwatei    rnsi li ,,   , .    „    , ,,  |f|
F^rt    George,      iud     iu  experimi-i   t     ,_,   ,,.
luim in the norlberu c-oiintr;        i ■ •>■
,r» id  ule  objeel        : ■!  all
i. .ve    : •       .'Ore*'   of  the  provin ■■  t
heart will  back Join,  up ill h;    pITi
-r,  h ..:\  ■.....   mgi'   ' ion    given  el ■
i   I  lhe   ,i ilil'n   Iho,        iurln  I
liml   lhi
.       .     implii
,„,ce        ll
peliei     i '
A i .,io ' was im ol ia tho ity i
■.'.,«'_, thai the ''raict lrunk I'a
railway company nre applying foi
■ nu. iei for a branch lim fron
Juan Cache to Revelstoko aud Ai
Lakec, opeDU'.: up 'ho Big Bend
Canoe Hiver -sn,:_■;.'.    So fat   we h'
tltat   theii   iulen   •      hall   In
11.    till       ipol ''       llelt    I'll   '",
hu-   alw i .      Ills')
ja "■ i-i',,,      .. ii      rii eh   oi   lhe ■
contract  with  ihu • om|      ut t 'I   ihe •
il   -a    lid be .uii,!  , rl, uui  onl ''
tn,      nmpun}   lull   ■■  ",'   ''' In i     iipp limiti i- ul
ie-   ;i   [ii ime neee    il;    liki   In"!    ii l'i itish   I'oltimb
the  i pie  in i     In    rn ■    "     ib   di hub  ■   -I".   lu-i       n     i    ,-   .,     ,,,
..    po    ible  ,. lm'   i ui"       '"I    i til,"      |f|;,,.   funnel
mm li   >  ie" •    ity of  I lie home  ;,uA  n,    '' '''    is  tl   i .;. ,      ^
dustrittl life ol tl tutr.' ''"' la Her, ilienihepi old u| ■,    ,,,
Ihis state el pioteotion ihould _■      ,'ueltei hs. ti   make up hu mind thst
 '       i-ai-fl      ;
Ladies of Leisure
(lentlumen of Taste
Particular People Everywhere
Royal Crown Witch Hazel Soap:
Is a Dainty- Efficient—Toilet Expedient
And Produces Beautiful ComplexioiiH.
nrsioa rnoucTio ov coeysicHt
By'slHSW-ffBOTBRSK rat
Robin Hood Mill
wn". sisrtcd ii hns been working
irvinj; to keep up m the de-
Hood Flour.
our fir. I , ;>< into the homes
success hss been nomiiig
lo be s pane to this sue-
r.n we iruiuctr you ?
u*lity?      Pohln Hood
.  Uy best value? This
Jam, why  noi you
r grocer aboul our
Back  Guarantee.
CO..  Ltd.
Mooie Jaw,
:-a:W-i=sa_ic4^ III! :'—$
Your Xmas Gift
For it Suitable, Sensible and
Pleasing Present for Father,
Mother, Brother, Sister or
Friend, there is nothing to
compare with a Handsome
Piece of Furniture. Wc hnve n
New Slock.
Onroe and choose your Xmas
R. Howson & Co.
,» '.v •»■*.•»'«, *-a,»t.^.«na %«■«"•♦--% %^%.-%^%.-*%'*''%.-^^%'%'%%.v-#
The Vernon tire showed the need   t
Tin I i'M lafc-giiiiiil iii which you cun invest.     livery   hotel should
In  fitted wilh lhi-»e us u matter ol  safety  to occupiiiits.      Kvcr.i bouse
sl "eld lune one -ui its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C.
is*"*. '»-'%-%^'%%%>*'^*'%*-'%^%»'».^^t.^%%^%%v%^»^^.-*» <
■MMI t«v.r «■>
Ml—  M \V ROBERTS Mr.LAlil)
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Mas (i5 ISranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
■ «
Scotch   Whisky
twsr_a--TEin i
t.'lell n d
e you open has lh
same fni'iotn
iavi'i .   tli.
Keeping up the Standard.
Watson's   Scotch   Whisky   it
wurld   over   for   its   unvarying
exceptionally   fine   flavor.
Every Dot!
taste —the   same   rich,
same characteristic aroma.
We use the old-fashioned  Pot Siill method
of distillation.
Then   we  leave time
maturing and mellowing.
I -< ensure against tli?
any whisky before it is
continually   keep a   stuck of
in wool
d i   its   work   ii
necessity ot shipping
properly  matured, wc
gallons, absolutely  our   own  property, ageing
I hat is whv uur wluskv never varies.
o n
"THREE STAB '   A mild, than:
"NO. 10" -A lull-boditd. richly Pi
ifllily matured Scotch,
/orcd Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO, limited  -  Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Roval Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods. Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Pa^et Supply Co'y.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Municipal Council of the Oity of Rue
elstoke intends to undertone lhe con-
stiuotion of oertaln works of local i
Improvements, vi/.., the construction I system
of brunch sewers to tbe line if street
and for constructing branch sewers to
connect the landsorreal property and
buildings tbereuu «ith main oi-common sowers laid in or under lhe streets
and alleys upon whieh the said hind
or real property fronts the said streets
and alleys in or urder which main or
oouimon sowers are uou laid being as
According to a report In lhe
ineering News, ilie Swiss railway
ministration havo decided lo go
tn tho use of steam locomotives on
ilie Soebnch-Wittobgoii railway after '2
year's trial "f electric locomotives,
The governing reason why oloctric operation i\n. abandoned mi ibis par •
'ticular Voad was iiini tin- oloctric "p
erntion .ost aboul 814,00(1 n year
moro than operation with stoain locomotives, or somolhing like $1,000 pel
mile of roud operated, li Iius beer
widely stated thai tho entire riiilwiij
f Switzerland was uventaulK
_ha:c.        chief
to bo operated by olo
seems good renflon t«i
Iuul boon conlemplalo
As a  i-fsuli   t.i" h'lri
ever it  is now  Rtatod
I  hy
i.I lh.
t experience lm
thai   flrriiii-
Victoria   Ho.ulaii'l
Government si net
e between Campbell
son tin- eaat,
■ between l-'iist and Second
i.ni Charles street ml tbe wesi
id   Boyle
for  a
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    .AJLBIEIIRT     ST03STE3      PROP.
In lune between
First street from
on tbe ii'r-l in Inn
nnd Bnyle avenue
In lain
streets fr
I.n lane bet ween Campbell
avenues mi tin- e.isi,
In lane belweeii  Second  nud  Third I
streulB from Kooteuay street on the (
west,  to lane  between  Campbell  and , th
Boyle avenues on the east; S(,|(l
In lane between Campbell and Bovle  river
avenues  from  Victoria  Road un the !,„.,,„
north to Third sireet on   the   south,!
thence along north side ofTbird street, |Vl''''
to t'uiiiiiiii/iii avenue;
Along Connaught avenue from l-'irat
street mi the north to City boundary
on   llie  south,   thence  to   Columbia
Along First si reel fiom lane between
MoKenzie and Orton avenues tu Connaught avenue;
In lane between McKenzie nnd Oon-
niuiglit avenues from Victoria road mi
the norlli tu Cily boundary on ilu.
In lune belweeii McKenzie and
Orton uvi lines from Victoria road on
the north to City boundary on the
a ,ntli:
Iniiini- between First and Second
street. Block.OU:
In lane between Second and Third
streets, Block UT:
In lane belweeii Third and Fourth
blivels, Block08!
In lane between Third nml Fourth
streets, Block Oil;
Along Fourth street from lime between McKenzie and Orton avenues
on the east io Connaught Avenue
on the wesi;
In lane between l'i Ith and Si Kill
Streets between Orion aveuue ou the
easl and the lane between McKenzie
and Orton avenues ou the west:
In lane belweeii Fourth and Fifth
Streets between McArlhur avenue on
the east and the lane between McKenzie and Orton avenues on the
In lane between Third and Kourth
streets between McArthur avenue on
lhe east and the lune bel ween McKenzie and Orton avenues on thu wesi;
Iu lane between First and Second
streets between Block 120 on the east
antl the lane hetween McKenzie and
Orton avenues on the west;
In lane between Victoria Road and
First street belweeii Orton avenue on
the east and lane between McKenzie
and Orton avenues on the west;
Along Hobson street between First
aud Thiiri streets.
omotlves will
I i run
ml   .
heavy   gl'lldo
n divisions
I  T
rank    Pacific i
r ,-t Dominion i
from a point
ivostorn divisii
Lake  and   Tele
in   lhe
n   bo-
Jim no
main line of
I ween      Moo
Cache,  ihence  through  tho draiuugo of
Clearwater rivor, Bonuparto rivor,
ui ainl Anders,in lako and  Lillooet
the  Sipininisli   rivor  "i       be-
la-i   two  rivers   i"  Vuneou-
Vancouver,  I)."'.  6 .Western Ontario
Manitoba.     Saskatchewan,       Siberia
mountain  nnd const  sawmill  men  will lj
j moot in conferei  horn on  Friday.
li is significanl  thi i is tho first tinu
\ lhal   llie spruce nnd pine  lumber inter
ests ol West,.rn Ontario and  lho prui
■rie    provinces—hithorlo     n  disturbing
factor in the    maintenance "i prices!
have accepted    an invitation  i ime
to the coast. The conference was cul
led by tho li, IV I.umber and Shingle
Manufacturers' association,
Forty dologatos, of whom lho On
tiirii, nnd Prairie mill men are expor
tod to contribute a dozen, will bo In
attendance from tlio interior as menthol's of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' association, oxi-lnsh
the coast delegation.
The question     nf  the  rogtilul
prices will be one of  the princip
1 lions down for consideration,
I    Arrangement^ will  be  made  i
a strong deputation  I" Otlawo t" oppose   legislatiun   tun.    bolttg   sought   ll)
nl M
n    of
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
Coast Weather
Seattle, Wash Dec 7 -Siiowslurmn,
accompanied by hi^li winds ami low
tempera lures j prevailed t Iii- morning
along- the greater extent "I Lhe Pacific
coast. In ihi- iilv snow began falling
early in the morning following a night
ut oxtremely high wind.
A blizzard .struck Portland si\ inches
of snow having fallen. Tho damage
wrought in tho city nnil ilm Willamette valley \< estimated at several thousand dollars. All ihe telephone and
telegraph wire^ to the south arc down
The storm seems to be general over
Oregon and southern Washington. In
Portland the storm is the severest experienced in years und street car service today is all but  tied up,
Reports f rom California slum an
unprecedented snowfall, oighteen inches
being recorded throughout Shasta,
Trinity und  Siskiyou counties.
From Southern California come reports of unusuully cold woather. At
Los Angeles the temperature dropped
to u maximum (if 31, which is said to
lire insurance companies, i
granted will lune the cffei
ting the mill mon from
wiih non-board companies
Tho adopt
for all lhe '
be urged I
gos in the grading systoir
"Yes  sir,   this   i<   lhe   s-
it prev.
rPHIS bog is oneol the most useful
■ i: icle   mad pecialli   for
;_..v tui'' who trovi Is. Jt is made
ham lhe finest quality calf leather,
lined witli silk, un 1 holds 2i hand-
kerchiefs. Scut postpaid to any
address in Canada except the
Yukon upon receipt of $1.00,
Order hv the number 633.
i lur hnmUomeh lllnitroted l'i nige cita<
logue ni Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware,
I rather, ArM Cloodi ind Novettir*. free
upon request.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
IH.H8 Vonite Slrocl
, Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
VM a\tillable Dominion Lands within tho
Bailway  Ball iu Hmiah Colombia, may
t,.. iii'n..-.ii- Hit-ii by any person who Li  the >ol«
of a family, or nu> raaio orer it yoarj of
age, to the extent of une-qnarttr seotton of 160
.1 re ■ mon or lei -.
Entry a nsi be made i*r*onni]y nt tha looal
land offlce for Uio district ia which tho land u
Hitu ite: Entry by proxy may. however, be
mnae on certaio ronditiou by tho fatbor,
3 other, daughter, brother or iltterofiui
intending home ;*;iider.
The borai isadtr If re<iuireu uj parfuiui tin
conditions ci . ■ - . therewith under ono of
the following plans
i At least -ix months1 ronidence upon uud
cuitivaiioii uf tho land in eaeh year for three
If the father ior mother, if the father ts
deceased) of the  hotnaMPiuier resides  opoo »
rmi y of the land ei tared for, th*
n ..*■...- i   ,, reaifieuca  iuay i>« satisfied
by   nucO  ,'■■-■1    residing with   the father  or
i If tbe settler bas Li* »«ni ., ,..-m r^bidence
upon farming l.*nd owned by him in the tioIo-
ii) uf his homestead, tho requirement* an to
residence may be  satisfied  hy  retidenoe upon
the -uid laud.
oe in writing   :..,.... be si*
1'nmuion Land."
Sis months notu
10  tht*   iijinm,' ij   ier
Ottawa <>r intantioa to npply fur patent.
i-'M., (ual mining rights u_u> Lo leaded for
h period <.■( iwrtiij one jwar* at au annual
rental   nf, ll   per   acrv.    Not   more  than  2.MC
icrei     ball   be   leaaed  to ^ne  ludmdnal or
con pany.   A rojn.n  ;it the rate of Bt« OMU
lhall twrolleotdd on the  inercheoubie
oon 1 mined,
w. W. COBY,
Deputy ol tne iiii.^ter of the Interior.
S B,   Ludiithur
vertisemeot will i
led publioatiu
•t be paid fur
id    thi.-   ad
in  fin
uniform ittat
h delegnlos.
r nf making
kIoiii will al
sond largest
>mmenta the
i minster as
Kiver Lum
■ visitor and
bo ibt' i*ol(lcnt  day
in  llui
1  city
for 32
Dawson,   Yukon,
a tompei-a-
lure of '10 degrees
constantly for the
Thy weather  is  un
or     <o
I'arly iu thu season
Big Labor fight
Pittsburg, Dee. 6.—One week from
today the presidents of the various
organizations   alii Muted   with   the   Am-
are disposing of their entire Stock M a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
i-vestigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
In Block 21, between Coumuight
ami McKenzie avenues;
In Block Hi, between Connaught ami'
McKenzie avenues
The expense or cosl ot said works is :
to be assessed upon the l.mds or real I
property fronting or abutting on ilu-
streets, lanes  and  alleys   aforementioned ami  lo   be   benefited  thereby, I
said works to be curried onl according
to   specifications  and   estimates prepared by tbr City Engineer under the
provisions    of    [ycal   Improvement
Branch Sewers By-law No. 115. 19(10.
A statement showing tbe land or
real property liable to pay tlie assessment therefor and the names of the
owners there, f t-o far as ean be ascertained together with the specifications
and esiiu.aies of llif Oily Engineer
and tlie proposed assessment and report theieon of tlie City Clerk are now
on tile in the ofiice of the City Clerk
and open for inspection during office
The estimated coat of llie work is
$3,509.50, of which il is intended lhat
the city ill huge -bi'll bear $2,594.01!
and the property ownersof .S'i.wl 88.
\ny objection t" the proposed undertaking and assessment therefor
shall be made by petition to the City
Council within fifteen days from Ihe
date of Ilu- first publication of this
notice, the persons entitled in petition
bring ibe owners of the lands thereby
a I I'ec I ed.
Daled ihis _i!ith day of Nov,, 1000,
ericatl   1
to take
policy      ,.
Steel Corporation.
11 in expected il
llridgeport,     and
work  at   Martin's
ing, XX
sawmill  in   tin1  world,"  ■'■
proud   i'ili/eli   ol   New   \V,"
lie  points     oui   llie   l-'ia-i i
her Company's mill- i" if
tho Royal city has iu-l cause for pride
in  the huge     industry  which wiili  its
townsite covers 500 acres  between  ilu-
foothill, and tho Frasor.
The proseut line manufacturing property was begun Jan, 1008 and exactly a year after the lirsl cargo ol lumber from lhe mill lefl for Valparaiso
on tlie Chilian bark Ivanhoe. Since
Jnnunry of this year tho mill have
been turning oui an average "f S00,
000 feel in n double shift day of 20
I hours and by tho end of iliis month ii
is expected lhat tho output will exceed L'uii,imii,iBin foci. The yards have
a storing capacit.i ol 50,000,000 feet
and still lhe 500 hands employed keep
busy turning out mor,- lumber as Iho
coasoloss and veritable rivei' "f logs
continues to enter lhe mill
In am of British Columbia's 'Jin
lumber mills something like tins ean
be sen but ill not a sin__l ■ mill in this
country is lhe work corrioil onl on
such a gigantic scale and there is only
one larger mill in  the world.
On dune A lasl ill n teu-lioiir run
lhe mill cut ITU.nim (oet, the world's
recovd for iliai period. On the day
previous the mill nit 118,000 feci and
on the day following 111,000 feci a
total of l.-Xi.WHi feel in throe day:..
The year's cul of 200,000,000 feel
would build 10,000 houses using the
safe estimate of 20,000 feel lor the average house of seven rooms. -Province.
I   I .alio
tho "open
United  Stales
o strike trouble   al
the suspension  of
Ferry, Ohio, Wheel-
Va., and Pittsburg, In the
f the American Sheet and Tin-
impauy,   a   subsidiary   concern,
sold lo il
Lumber C
c s
. fo
iill II l
>a_\ w in
Kigali en
i'i u een    I
■d   limber,   Th
includes   K.  U.  I
min     li Tdylo
inire lumbermen i
ml   I'ugel
nsidornlion     pi
crown grantod
i: ii
I    Mirlli
Why Pay Rent when yoi
can ()wn your I lome '
Kill!   I'
Uuiltling  Lots
i Business Property
I'l.AKN  AI'I'I.V Tn
First Street
E.    G.    BURRIDGE
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace  Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke oc80
Palace Restaurant
KeveUtoke Land Uisliicl.
Distiict of Wesi Kootenay,
Take Notice thai 1, M. K. LaWSOB,
of llevelsloke, housekeeper, inlend lo
apply for permission io purchase tbe
lollowing described lands:
Commencing al a pon planted at th«
7-uiiili east coinei oi Lot 'i.Vnifi, and
maiked "M. K. l__HWSOn*S North-west
Corner Post"; ihence 40 chains sonlb:
tbem e 10 chains wesi: Ihence 20 chain*
norlli: Uience 21) chains east! ihence
20 chains north to line ol l.oi 8,908:
thence along «aid line lo place of commencement'
Dated October l?ih, 1V00.
Nov. 17 tf.    MINNlh K. LAWSON,
Kevelsloke Land Dlstriot
Distiict of West Kootenay'
Take notice that Roderick WUliiuu
Lindsay, of Ferguson, U.O.,oocupatloo
merchant, mteude to apply for psr
ujissioii t" puichase the follow.ng
described lanu:
Commencing at a post planted en
easi boundary line ot Lot T(*06 about
I" clmins north of south-east turner of
said Ior, thunce easi 'JO cbains, thence
north 20 cliains. tbei.ce west 20 chains,
tbenee south 30 chains lo point of
Dated Oct. 4th,  1909,
Alhxxndkh McKay,
\gent for K. W. Lindsay
McKenzie   Avenue
BYuit,iCandie8, Cigurs,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Wrappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter cf Furs
be given especial al tent ion
Ralleys Comet
onih the great llnllcy (
now seon only by means i
nul larger telescopes, will It
i the naked eye. So far ill
3 is received wiih anticipn
delight by lhe inquisitive in
Dale ol Iir
I i.e. num.
U   publiiallon
< ily Clerk.
lsl. dav
Dec. 1-tt.
This   n
which is
visible t
tions of
lure plantod within the human brain,
but what is predicted will follow is
calculated lo create dismay if nol serious apprehensions of disaster from the
wonderful  visitant.
It   is    predicted-and   the  predictions
of astronomical  science nre a  verity
I lhat it will nightly increase in bulk
and length, until ai its most brilliant
development, tho comet will probably
stretch across one-third of the sky.  It
: is gstimated to be 100,000 miles In
diameter, four times thai of the earth.
Members are Making for This
f th,
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props
Enlarged and Im|iloVed      l-'Irst-Clnss in every respect.     All moil
Rates, $2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B.C.
Flr»t-01aS8 in every respect
Large Sample llooms.
Special Weekly Rates
■pairs ol all   kind.-  1
llloyclc and Cun w
Kstiiiiiltes iilveii
of nork.
r o n t     S
icailv  eairied   oil
-rk llfpcclalty
.ui any class
t r e e t.
\ t:i;■ • v111-: aii. li r.
Special Attention giv,-i, to commercial
nun   aud   leu.isls.     I- irst-elass   naiuple
ro ms. Finest scenery In British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arro" Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
lis eclipse is al ils perihelion 36,000,-
000 from that central luminary, and
500,000,000 farther than N'optuno, lho
most distant  planet  in our system.
li is this comet whieh in MfiO drove
Furope wild with excitement and fear.
It has reappeared with rogulai' pace
ai Intervals of "5 years, and always
with serious appi'eheiisiipi of some at-
mospheric or material disturbance that
would result    iii disaster to mundane
life. Older people ean reliielllljer lhal
iis children ihey heard accounts of lhu
"shooting-stur" period in IHIln, when
the same comet gave rise lo such coin-
i ii from ihe nebulous appearance of
il- train or lail ii" il is commonly
lulled. As il is assumed lhal its neni-
i"-i approach i" the earth noxl yoar
will be ubout 6,000,00(1 miles distant,
there is probably no more danger
thun  was  incurred  7,ri years  aiio  when
all the disturbance noted was figured
as a possible switch of lho cornel's
lail. It is hardly possible liml any
lliing serious may be apprehended
irom the visitor lhat will In- so prominently before the public noxt spring
..nd Biimmor,
Cen.'va.       I    7,     111.
confirmed      lho  report
exodus of  meinhei
who mean  I" lind a n
i Cons  iu   Amoi'icn.    ll
'his iiHij'niiiLi  that   an
I ihese    chariictei-s,     '
'been expelled from
! making  i boir way I
io ihe I nited States,
TheiC men were lol'lllel
gang "f 20,000 Indian-
ihe construction ul ilu
tunnel through ihe Born
.scene of industry becam
Blaekhandeis, In of who
ciistodv   there  awailinu
i wh
field of opera
levolopod    nisi
I,..-  than im    o
if whom   in  han
Switzerland,    iu-<
circuitous route.
'lj purl oi
employed in
• Lootsehberge
ese \l|'s. This
- a hotbed of
in are now iu
uial on char-
it blackmail,
■ null
nl   i I"
The Dominion lixpross Coiupnnj .,|,
eiiud an ageuoy ai Kdgowood on Ai
row  I.nke Friday last.
Fire Valley ■oinpiisc-' aboul 12,111)0
acres of vory fertile land, and at pre
scut iin- fifty "dd -iiiiler- residing in
ihe district aro ongaged In mixed farming, and aie in a prosperous condition, An I'Xi'i'llenl inaiki'l for the products of ihe ranch Ih furnished nl  Na
klisp,   lh.'       C,   I'.   IC      Heel   of  .leal  -
on  the   \now Lake-,  NcLon and olli.r
nearby poinls, Win. Williams lm- .
distinction of farming one of the l.i
esi field'- in lhe province, comprisi
I'.'.'i acres. Tin-' nooson he raised
crop "f timothy hay on it which u
aged throe Ions i" the ncre, Hoi-nii
he disposed ol 20 head of prime cui
and he has 20 more ready for the m
k, i lie also supplies Ihe C. I'
jtoamors with ohickuns   Trail News,
r Fell Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers,
Homegrown Iruil and ornamental
tiees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part "i
the American continent not infested with the Sun Jose scale—
Garden, Field nnd Flower settle—
I'osted stock fri m the i'^t growers in the world—Wire fencing
iii il tiati—S| i ;• ]i . ps, Fi rlil-
i/' i - Hi e Suppl i B, Cut tlh ucrs,
Splaying materials, etc,—While
I...' r only.—New  167 i sgc Cats-
f,i (J
Kevelsloke l_-tnil Dlatrict.
llibtnci ul Weal Koolenay.
Take notice thai Walter P, Colitart.
of Winnipeg, Miuiitoba, occupation
printer, intends to apply for permis-
sion to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
ihe re-entrant south-west corner of
Lot "OTH; thence wesi 4H chains: thence
suutb I'J chains; thence east 40 chains;
ihence norlh 4U chains to lhe point ol
commencement, and coniuinini: lftn
acrt -. more or less.
Date Sept. 27th. 1900,
oo80     WAI.TKK P. CONFARB,
Kevelstoke Ijind Dislricl.
Distiict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Annie Louisa Con
Ian, "I I'nioniow ii. Pennsylvania, V.
S.A., occupation matried woman, in-
lends tn apply for permission to purchase tin- following described land:
Commencing al a post planted at
the Bouth-wesl corner ,-f Lot 7IW;
thence south 2" cbains: tbeuce east 20
chains; thence south 20 chains; thence
easl i chuins; thence noith 10 chains;
thenee we-; 00 chaini to the point of
commencement and containing 2no
acres more or less,
Date, September'^7th, lww.
M.   ,F.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
For people who use milk it is Very
Impoitanl lhat they should insist open having a certifloate from aqualUled
veterinarian thai the cows wbicb jn-o-
duce ii ii.- free from Tuberculosis and
all otliei disease germs.
li Is calculated tbat over 50 p.c, uf
Ihecowa In B. 0. are more or less effected with Tuberculosis, and a family
win, li i- now in town lost one of then
children through milk fiom a eon
alTected with tuberculosis. But per-
bap- the monl feature of these germs
Is ihat ibuv remain in the human system f"i at h-asi lo years and the». un
der favorable circumstances, develop
disease and death,
Uur cows are all certified to be free
from all disease. W,-sell dean milk
In covered buttles. Special milk in
ball-pint bottles for babies.
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
MmitilsrlQrail for all *__,,... ul   hulldlnxi
fur    ■■ ft in  ..,-_.„;■.,'     ,,.,.;    ,:n:_:,l!„
nt lhi Imrtn i .-..■». for .«,h
ill «:-i i- ul ini.il,.. aDdSplailerlUK
1 Fire Brigade Scores a
Great Success
Masked Ball.
The second annual Masquerade Ball
under the auspkes of the KeveUtoke
Fire Brigade No. 1 ha., passed iuto
history and another signal BUCCess has
been ' scored. The ball Wednesday
nighi was voted the best both from
"i \iew as woll as
Miss M. McLennan—liuliun Princess.
Miss F.. Burget—Colonial Belle.
Miss MaoFarlane—Fashions 'for all.
Miss Filote—Dutch I'oasunt.
Miss Bruce—Spanish Belle.
Mids 1". V. Watson.
Miss 0. Watson.
Mis- B.  Heywood—Goddess "f Liberty.
Miss XX. Macdonald—Joan of Arc.
Miss B. Bal-tlow— Western Girl,
Miss K. Allen—Prairie Belle.
Miss F. Morgan.—Star of Night.
Miss Pasquott—Gypsy.
Mi-s N. Book—Pierrette.
Mis" M. Gillam—Pierrette,
Miss M. Beck—Shepherdess.
Miss   A    Burget   -Swiss  Maiden.
\li-.  M.  Edwards -Rosalind,
Mis. Stratford—Domino.
Miss K. Paget —Domino.
,\   |S, White- Puma Uouua,
M.  Buck   Vunice Moredith.
i;   Lucia- -Swiss Maiden.
Splendid Performance by May
Roberts-Gillard Company   I
hy the railroad managers and vtrilu*
leaders today in reference to the
switchmen's strike,
Conserva m tonvention
Ottawa,     Dee.  7.    The  repi
.. spe :tal ii - !   ■'•'
so-'iaiiy,  that   Hevelstoke  has yet seen.
Scldon   he    then   been witnessed    uch
j„l .  . .I,.   ,    thai  pm truyed iu the
rated hal Wednesday
-.  , -._;     n, ■'        '■ ■■       '■'     'I 'ativc
I .. .       ■ . ;, i        ii   the    v hole
...    __        .   .' [] ibh   ind artistic.
Bunting and    flags wore used ud libitum  while   rope«       I     'lored  electric
lamr*   gleaming     like gigantic pearls Mlh„ \\,„y   Polly
imonz the gra -iui festoons ol varioga M|r. jj,  i    Hay—I'lirl
l, | streamers gave a bright and llashy \   Morgan— Jack Tnr
spp«ara:'.:e  to  the hall.   An enormous j   Hooley—Jack   lui
eleciric  sign  su«peiuleJ  over  ihe stage ,     ,|   Wood—Italian Priu
fc«anns     l-" le'.'*"    "   F- ^   No   1, Quy Barber—Babe
caugh-. the eye on e-ituiing ihe    ball- p      s.    Squarehriggs—16th Ccnturj
room,  while   trophies  ol  firemen's   ap- Knight
para-.u-, added to th" business side ol .!,„, Callin—Gamble!
u.e nremou'i tailing.   A melee of dan- g   Seodhom—Tho Devil
cers tilled the hall about 6 p. m. and r   ^   Moir—Foxy Grandpa
shortly after, the Grand March, bead- rov Macdonald—Othello
ok by  Fire  Cdief  C.   Abrahamson  was ]),    t\, McConnell—Colored Gent,
in iull swing, over Pf* couples in fancy r,   U. Brock—ICth Century Courtier
costume  'akin,:  part    The  ponglomer- (-,   ft    Stingley—Courl  Joster
anon of color wae seen  to advautuge £    .\   Spring—Cow Boy
in the many intricacies ol the fascina- jji MoBae—Hunter
ting     circle,    the guaersl effect 1-siinj; p   jr   Jackion—Clown.
superb.   It     is   saie to say that wh j. \, McMillan—Pierrot
an exhibition of art, 'este and decora- j. j>, Wateon—Prince.
ti%-» skill and variety in tho many new \   Connelly—Cowboy
and     original     costumes worn,   that |;   Hodgson—Trooper,
mingled together blending in an    oxer p,  p   Gigot—Harry Lnudor,
whang.eg     kaleidoscopie     galaxy,  has |.;   y,  Butlor—Viking Chief
rarely  been  witnessed  in  Kevelstoke, p.  Holten—George III.
The  general  feature of  tho  Masquer- y,  White—Ambassador.
aJe was the richness and newness both r,   Shaw—Conoy  Island
in design  and effect  of tho fancy dies- o   ,1 ones—Prince Rupert
ees, some     being    magnificont, others p. Warloy—Minstrol.
-iinple yet     dainty,      the whole being C   Gordon—Mexican Paeon
wildly     fascinating    To the onlooker, ((. (amp—Prince,
—and  the gallery wai   crowded to   its U   S. Hay—Chef
utmost  capacity  with  spectators,   the Ross—Cowboy
scene "as one oi ta .ination, the effect s, McRae—Hobo
being heightened by  the fact   that  few     p.   Hooley-Kevelstoke
of the dancers could be recognized be- _\|. Macgeola—Kidd
hind their mink- Dr,  Hamilton—Pasha
Unmasking waa     the signal lor end- llevelsloke    Symphony      Orchestra
less amusement as the characters were Pierros.
identified.   Soldiers   mingled   with   ori- , ll(. a(,ovo [;„,  ,_.  ns  complete  us  is
ental beauties, coy peasant girls made |,08Bj|,|,, ,,, obtain it. us a law uum-
eyes at     dashing cavaliers     and .-ow- uf ll|OS(, JM ,,„.,„„„, did not  give
boys,    while clowns,  fairies,  mythical L    lhpi|. nalm,H   consequently  their id
goddesses,  Scot 'mien  and Turks, suf- Lutity could not be ascertained.
fragettes and statesmen, took life to- M,lMV  |ftdl(!a ,„„„, in uve„ing aoWM
gethei  as happily  as   could be       rl,'~ ,.nl>. as woll a-  several    iu   domino-.
was the Sc ialist's dream, and the bo K   ,,,,,.,!,,,, olliciated as master of .ere
gini ing  ol  '.he  milennium,  when  peo- lnonjM,   xin      local     firobrigades  arc
pla of all nations, languages,     color, ..„..v 1H,p„iar as ontorlaiuers  and    ,,
Bpeech  and  "reed wer-  hobnobbing  to- <wh _.|m.y pu,   .j,,,;,. dutjM ,v(,n
gether on pleasure    bent.     As    hosts, ^ n   cold water nrmj   who
the firemen ol Xo    I  excelled aud the never break  ,,„.„. pMge (?) „ml wi„,
gathering was    regaled wul. the many d(, ^^ y      ^^     „M,|(1,„,  .,,,,,
srood   thintrs   I i   whi '■    Revelstoke   lu- ,     ,                      .               ,,
ato     "" -                              ,     ,, thank    instead  ol   tears.   Mav  n    lire-
Hie can hold their own with ull-com
ers, namely—dainties ol home cooking
Supper i> always a  time ol good nn
lured chaff and fun, and  a merry half
hour  was  -      •       vol   tbe  cakes    and
The ludependi I   supplied lhe
music,  whili   man;   i icellent' dance  selections   were  given   bj the   Revelstoke
.1    the
special committee uppuinved l>y 11, L.
In the production on Thursday night Borden ior ihu purpooc of lol.ing i ilo
at the Opera House, of the drama consideration matters connocled ,vith
"Madam Satan," by the May Roberts- ,|le approaching ' convention of lhe
Gillard company, those who were for- party was presented as follows:
lunate enough to be present witnessed "That a committee of 50, of whom
one of the most superb pieces of emo- ,,,,( ,,„„.,, ,1,.,,, -ju shn]| h,, members of
tionnl acting that Kevelstoke bus ever|parliament, to be known as the coin-
seen. "Madam Satan" is a drama of I n\ittoo on preliminary arrangements
unusual force and deals with the mn-lf,,,. ||„. Dominion convention of the
chinations and scheming for fame and ;Liboral Conservative party be appoin-
populority ol a Froneh adventuress in
her insatiate grcod to bo included in
highest social     circles.   To gnin      her
ends she ensnares an innocent i^irl iuto
her toils by fraud and false statements and is only outwitted 011 I li"
eve of her triumph by u man who
learns her history and b} means ol
her greatest enemy a Corsican assassin, secures her departure from her victim's house.
May Roberts-Gillard iu undoubtedly
the best a,'tie.— thut has ever visited
Revelstoko and in tho role ol "Madam
Su'an" gave a splendid exhibition of
emotional acting, portraying tho handsome adventurOBS iu a manner superb
and passionate. Her iinal escape from
iho secret police formed u splendid
linulu to u wonderful drama, L- Victor Gillard uud the rett ol the company possess unusual ability, their liis-
triouic powers being of the best. The
costumes worn by May Roberts-Gillard
were extremely bundcoimv Such plays
us this deserve u. fur bigger boujo
than was accorded it on Thursday
night, and this company is "i"' whieh
gives full value for  tho money.
This play will be repeated tonight,
nnd those who have n"l had an opportunity of seeing il should not miss
Johnson-Ketctiel fight on Friday
The picture-- of the Johnson-Ketchel
light, which will be shown ut tho Kdison Parloi Theatre on Fridaj nicht,
an- attrueting much attention in
places where tho} have been shown.
They are verj plain aud -how Kelch-
el's weak poiuts and Johnson's strong
"lies. A rebellion', small boj taking a
sound thrashing. That'-; what Stan-
lev Kctchel was in llie hand- of .rack
Johnson us shown by the moving pic-
lures "i lhe fight which local tistic
followers will have a chance to see for
the lirsi lime ui the Edison Parlor
Theatre noxt Friday nighi He was
bul a toy in the hand- of the
i,re(l champion. Ile hnd
■ hame to win un outside
that  oi pulling over one ,,f  tl
led by our leader.
"That suid committee bn callotl lo-
got hor nt Ottawa for their lirst mooting on some day in the month of Jan.
19in, to decide on lho besi waj of
getting the party throughout tho Dominion io join heartily in the convention  t" arrange a system "i obluiuing
dulegntes for th nvenlion, which it
is suggested, should be held in the
eity of Winnipeg two or three days
previous to lho Winnipeg exhibition,
held early in Julv.
May Roberts-Gillard
"Wanted A Wife"
Saturday Matinee and
Evening to Be
Prices, $1.00 75c. and SOc.
Matinee SOc, 111 Over the House
Symphony    Orchestra,       Dressed      us
pierrots this    orche-tur    attracted
much attention, and their musl'- was
much appreciated. No. 1 i- lo be congratulated on the success of their ball
which has now be'.-nme such a popular
winter feature.   A   new system  of jud-
man    never be
never kick  ihe
, ladies never
flumes "I"  then
coat be watorpr
proof, and  l.i-   spirits
velstoko  i-  proud  nl I
are Ihe lirsi  to be nun
.■i lhe bells     (belles)
deal i" their calls.
i until ,'f hose and
bucket, ,u\A may the
-t '"Id wator im the
tilTcctinU-H Mav his
of,   hi-^  bones   I'raetiii
big colli-! one
0  uiutiy
lerrifie      liu-ht   hand wallops   he   tried,
but missed carl}  in the fight.
Keieliel landed jusl one of Iboso awful -wing- which have uiowed down
the middleweights like .. scythe Bul
wheu he cot that punch houi" his
strength wus too far gone, and although I
er    pi
The Guerillas
I onight     lhe      splendid      i iv il   ^ ai
Drama "The Guerillas" will be pul
ging the costumes Ioi prizes was in- at tho Edison Parlor I'hi itn
troduced, each person having a card picture is brim full of exciting
where on they could write ihe number jtion,  and some splendid riding b;  the
knocked the i hampion down
i ,   did ii".  'akc any of the steam out
nf the bi«     fellow,    lho punch  terviug
only   to rise  lho ire "i Johnson     and
I;,,    i   ike  him      n-nll}   lighl      foi   the first
       ■'■,,   time  in  the encounter with  lhe result-
i i,,   iiii   Sound   iu '  knoekoui ■ I        ■        ring his-
iu,l   ! l-i   io be ' '"'■>
\, foi   i ee     km    . :■  ■
•   .  ...     . ■ ■
was us clean
mall would
lo   those  ■■-
I I     rig
caught  the
on the i process, he
I ht
of 'he ma-k or domino they thought
deserve I a prize. < h :o tume I- ing
numbered on entering the hall Bj
thih plan every one had a chance ol
voting and tiie popular vote is what
tells today. Many costumes rnn keen
ar.d rlo-e contests and the task ol
counting was by no menu- light. The
_•-_,_•. ol the ballot  was a« follows
lie-!  Lady—Mrs   C      Uolti pel
clre-«i 'Egy] t"—Prize _• rnel and
gold sunburst brs
Be^' gentlci ^
ki.-.g Chief"—Prize,  Briai  1'ip-
Beet    '_ omi —Gu}   B irbi i     ''
Priz»—SUvei   '■'
~p^:ia!-.Mr-    !       : swren -
I -,    Brigade"—Prize- Peii    I   ' ff«
Glass \'»i,e6
fhe I      wing list    [thou
were  ; resent
" • -   -■._>■
Mn. G   II   Brock—Chinese 1 adj
".:-   a   B   Qrant—Duchess    I i ■
t>.  jugh.
Mrs. W. 91oan—Vellov   Primi
Mr'.. E   C irning   Night
Mis. J. Agni -        •  Idea
Mr».  D.  Mclntyre -Gay  Peril
Mrs J   ii  L; on     I ino B . ■
Mt-   K. HcBso-0 -■; Lu ',■
Mrs   Br,.— Scotcl   Ls ;i-
Mrs. D   HaDonald-Daughtci ol L'-. ■■
ire. A   Mcfa-i-":.—Spanish  Imi. ■
'tr«. R, Macdonald—Western '.iri
Mr«.     T     Edwards—Gypsy  K"r- , ..
^rs      It       Squarebrigg — Egyptlai
Mri. L-irnl/—Piere:--
Mr-   G. Knapp—Mli   Columbia
Mi-» Walker—Domino
Mr-   0,  Holier,-F.t'.p'
Mrs. J. T. Tel/er-Spanish I ady
Mr-   D    M    Ha'-Poll,
Miss  A.   Thomas-IreluleI
Mi--- L. Campbell—Carmen,
Miss Camming'   Gypsy
Mi8« A   Jon»»—fipafljsl Wueen,
ttoops and Guerillas. The eomedie
in also good. Vou should not mis-
to-night'    progr imme,
Political Notes
1'ile      big
I '
• i rued    leal
■ ,.-      ■ I thi
It  i-     undei  -■""!  thai   thi   pn miei    ntion
will -it  for Victoria in the ni «   li
laturc    Mr   C.   \   Semlii   ma
\ tic in the Coi
■•, ic - lection i
Somlin i - a  '■• ■ ,• ■ •   i rellliel
"•• , 1.1.   ll".
'       !  '                                     |'IM'
bere i      '•■   ■
■    lion nt  ' tic in
derail       mil
ei"     ■■   Pn ri lent   1 ill
Grip and Password
\     ■..    ■ i.
!  idgi So. 15        \    (■'
Monde; • ■    '
■■'. etc  ,',
Z,   i ll   Macdom
il    Hr   Bamllv i
,i -,i ii  Scoti
- ii-s I!     H."    I     \    l'i
- rib. '.'   0   Hain-.t
I    fi «    A   M irrl
- - \l   p..,
i    - «    Jl   Lawreno
lie      I.   \i   B   Pagol
Ivloi -Hi   xx    H      ithoi
IK     ti
h   x   M
pell his   Iii
■ iiu|
en   ovei  him,    ul ■        '     ' ■
.    illun f's      It di
i    ■ f life W
ib thi
i. Ki      el      ■  ■ •■ .
■    :  '   .
, r ■ ' '
KM'.II I-   Ol   I'S I HIA -
llie   lollowing   an-   the   now K    olectl
"it, .i    for the currenl lorm     of Gold
Range Lodge,  No. 'in
C, C-  li. A. McDonald
V. f.'.-.l   XX. Garland
Prel.-IL   Sawyoi
M. of W- ,1    \    Simpson.
M.  at   A     W    Fleming.
M. of |J,    I    \X   Bradshaw
M. ol I     I   p   Smith.
K. of l(   h S    G   II   Brock
I   i.  -A   II   Reader
"     '•     -'I.    H.    Scolt.
Railway Situation
.   iti hincii  employed
.in     i alb oad ■ Itled
lho.'    '    ' i io ,     Iill '   lhe  un
.   men   ipproach  tin   proposition  iri
,    piril  ol tin miridi dm  ■
! ' .        ',.,.• ■     .:.     toclll
w   ',    It., lei.   hum, ii.   a ■ he ' lenei nl
Managei •       oriutioi '    opro icnts
ol  the railroad   onli rin| I ork
 iih- with  -lelt     mon"   aid Chaii
The     railroad     don'l     .  ml    any
■ i :', Denial, ■■. ho is   ilso    ice.pre idenl,
'and I don't think lho mon   - ani  any
'cubic with  the railroad
If  the demand    -.f  the  11 linmeli  and
v itcltrann nm   utoi ilecl  lo II  e:     pre
de led   I ho   I ail"' el      till   n    nil]   I ale Up
11... que ition "t in n ,, oil freight   rntoi
-i      Paul,     ll."    ■■   "lh"    tnke     Is
I'l'iken" cud    ihe railroad.     led
up Ughtoi than ■ bi ," ure il nflii
ting statomsu'i given out iespoct|vely
tM fi J.
ettjpfjgci WSitt
A boa Of chocolates is the
always-acceptnblo nilt to t$ rtu
of all uses. The youngest lo*a
them- anil no man thould ever
think his wife is past lhe choc •
late stage.
Bul the '-nl- "I nu nge viil
■ -mini for '' poor i-lioi-oiat' •■
Tbev waul the best nml lhe besi
ii I'oley's "Canii'liaii Girl"—the
rich, exipiisitely-llnvnred rrul-
cl late fliocolllles.
Mnili     of    purest    iugri'di -.
Iliivoreil with llie niiliiinl ginted
I'ruii. ihey are in i'\i-iy way lhe
mosl delicion- con feet ions soli',J
I olev'i Canadian Girl" (Tmt-o-
Intes an- the best for Ilic girls of
I he Wesi Buy n box and -ee
for vmuself
iii Dainty Unxi-s u hi l'i ver good
i „„,.}   is Sold
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
At Canoe River
WIIKHKAS the tfi'h day of N-v.,
11)00, was fixed as the day tor holding
the Poll at Canoe River In the Hi-vel-
stoke Klectoral Dislricl, and, whereas,
lhe polling place at Canoe Kiver could
not lie reached In lime to hold a poll
i.n the 25th day of November, 1!H«,
notice is hereby given Ihut n poll bain en granted and n ill be belt! al Cauoe
Hiver on the lll'b day of December.
: llK'l).
Roturning (llticer.
WHY  PAY   KENT 1      Own    ynm
own home. Secures lot ill Clearvipv
Ul the auction  sale to be held in this
ci y Die. !l. Lois are large, i he view
. is unobstructed, the price is y nr own
I choice nt tbe auction,      Make furtbei
et ipiiries froin ILMauning, auctioueei.
pr J. D. Sibbald.
Have yon seen Tucker's special offer
and prizes given from Nov. 15th unii
Dec. 31. It is worth youi while t.
visit his studio. tf.
I. 'e--,
WINNIPEG Vunonuver
TO OUH PATRONS haviug heard
(hnl n rumor is being circulated tliat
uther puriiea, other than tho owners,
havo tho management of the Opera
IJouKe, wo wish to assure our patrons
and tho publio thut the statement in
not correct. All ilatoH required by our
local patrons, or the travelling shows
will bo held and protected by the uu-
dersignod. Thanking the local patrons
for their liberal use of the opera house
wo rfifnain,
VouiH truly,
MINION      LA.NDS      WITHIN      THh
A   LICENSE '.-j cut  Umber can be at.
, iin ii     nl)    .U   iililjLc   uompetiuon,     A
U   ■:   *.,  por  miuiu e  milo ia cUarge<
rttia except  iliuac aiiu
iied west jl  i*ait  [or wbicli tl»o renuti b
: .■ cents per aero ptr annum
iddiUOn   10   the   :t_.:;lai,   Uul'b  at   tn-
ni rjtea are cbargert:—
Hawn   iji'iiU' r,   io   ccn.a   per   tbuasam.
[ ■ :   B.M,
Lallwa ■ jht   md nine feet lui.s
•1 and     - i i enu eacb.
~     bolts, _£ cents a cord.
Ail otbei  products,   5  per  cent un  th*
A   ItCCDM   ia   iSSUeU   so   SOOU   as  a   ben;
-  granted,  uut m surveyed  l«;ii*ttury  ik
nber    an   i--     it  un a  benb  jiuii   tti<
:..a<Jc a survey  lh>-;
•.lober art. also grantee
.   , .:.- .- , eti tion, except in tiie ^as-
:   ictual  settlers,  wbo  require  tbe Um-
:  own use.
.. -.    and    . ..■ ■■        alao   obtain
.* -ti..-- to    Jl  up to . >i   ords of wood Foi
irltboui     ompetlUon.
dues payable  undei   a  pi  mit  Jtr>
Jl V; p'.r  thousand  feet  B.M.,  for ftQU.un
md   sa       k     •■>'   an^    wood   '-'x
•tk, from J-;' to 1 12 ^:ents per iine.i
t foi      Hiding logs,  from 12 1*2 tu lien is pei     ■  I foi   *. ni, 1 cent I
rail iraj   Lies,  tunl  v
■ . ■ ■ foi h..:iigie bolts.
I   .h   ,, Irposes   -ire   id*ueo
of  twenty*una years,  at  *
. *    a■ -    snu i        per annum
as    lands   maj   b«   purobaaed  at  \>
i   -tiid Xih for antara
• <•   mora  una  &» aores  may   b«
.ii . Id tn..   Oi   company
Koyal ty i ats of 10 oents per tor
■ ...   tbe  gios*
i    foi    agr,„ U     .
•   made p-   tonally at t..«   o
.. . r,,:    ta  whlcl
llCI .p   .rt   »l lua Ird,   Ol
r«_i    a«   triay,   00
b Minister of tha .ntenor
mm.■•toner of Iminlgia
.    ..      «r   UlS   lOOaJ   agent   for
bin   whlcb   tbo   land   lr
.1 itborlty   for some on*
A fee   if | i »■ ■   fi     .   .. stead
A Ml .    i an erj'ry (Of
- ] lired   I i  peiforrn   th«
i tl     as i Un :» with under on<
ii-     fi,     .x   t,t   pl^j fl
■i   i, .■.,'■ hs   . ■ sldei   a   ipon
id tf tbs land in ee*     ,■ U
lurlni irrn   ..  u>re»s ^a-ht*..
a of tbs Departmenl t<
require n settler to itt.nm 16 ncre» under
r be p s»rs a« may sub
nti■ ite ii ■< it and 20 nead of cattle, to '>•
'i property, with building*
for their iccomra -i«'ion, *n, in; required
inFfHd    '     ,   I vat Ion,
(oi   notbsi    .' tbi fa
.'   iu,   i.v   ,.,   n\\ .  it
■ .i bomestead enirj undei
pi ■ tie  a- I   resides up«»r,
•i farm  I inity  or  tbe  land  *r\
tered for by     . h ^nrnon aa a nofn'-stflad
Oia requirements of tho Art an to  rael
rtnnw* pr. it   • i  obtAlntAg pai^ni   rn«y   b<
natlanrd by hui     person real ding with tie
rather or  rnoih«r
(8)  If ttlsr    bas    bis    pf-rrnancnt
rpalddi'o upon furmlng land OWHSd b)
him In tha vicinity of hn iinmoetuiid. tb'
rnqulrpm^riiH ,f thn Act is to renldfnr*
may U*> satlsfled b/ r^ald**noe upon tbf
*n\r\   (and
ApplloatiOn for patent ahould be mad*
it the m.i nf ihrea y<-ara before ibe n>oa
igenl nl  or .i  hornosh a<\ infpae
Before making npplfofttlon for a p-iteni
(ho aet tier musl glvo alx months' rmllc
In   wrltlnir   to   the   (VimrnIaalon»r   of   l><
minion   Lends   at   Oltawii,   of  h\n   Intan
Hon   to  do  I i
W.   W.   CORY,
fMptify  Minister of  tha  Interior
New and Different
There is never anything
commonplace about Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats.
We create styles — we select
patterns at the mills—we show
effects that are confined exclusively to Fit-Reform.
Honest value for
your money,  is  ^ F|,_
the Fit-Reform fffflEfORMj
Suitt sad
Sole Agent: in Revelsloke.
Import direct from country ol oiigin.
REVELSTOKE    ti.  r-.
LP. LeBeaiF
Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave
HorseS/lBBl/ij! t [image Worka Specialty
the Gram! Trunk Pacilic Branch
Lines Company "ill apply to the Parliament of Canada, at its present session,
for an Act further amending ilie Act incorporating the Company, Chapter om o-
tlie Statutes ofiyob, as amended by Chapter 86 ol Ihe Statutes oi' 1909, by authorizing the construction ol" the lollowing
additional lines of railwav:-
(1) From a poinl on the Western Division ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
between the east limit of Range i-' ami
the west limit of Range 17, west of thp
third meridian, thence in a southwesterly
.mil westerly direction to a point
in the vicinity of Calgary, Alberta,
Ol lo .1 point on the line which
the Company is authorized, udder paragraph 14 of clause t.i of said Chapter 99.
to construct to Calgary;
12) From a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (il between 1 lie
east limit of Range jo and the wesi limit
ol Range 28, west of the third meridian
thence in an easterly and southeasterly
direction to Kegina or Io a point in the
vicinity thereol;
(j) From a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (21 between tho
•■ci limit ol Range 24and the west limit
ingt ^1 ^'esl of the second meridian,
to Moose |aw, or to a point in (ho vicinity
1,    I inin .1 poinl on tbe Western Divis-
n of thi   Grand    I runk   Pacific   Railway
ion Aril ind and VVainwright,  thence
nan easterly and southeasterly direction
to ' poinl on the Hue which the Company
,   nit hi rited    undei   |> iragrapb   13  c-f
clausi  H ol wid Chantei  <,'), to bo con*
mn ted  0 Battleforui
i rom   He gins,   01   11  poinl  in the
1. ty thereof, 'hence in a southwesterly
I v    terl) direction to Lethbridge.  01
in the vu nm \ of Lethbridge on
im li  the < om pan)   is,   under
.-  ipb 14 ol ' lause 1 j of saiil Chaptei
ithoi 1 ted 1 1 < onttrui 1 trom Calgai j
1 bo indaryol  lhe Province
1 \.'.-•!' 1 at 01 near 1 outis.
(6)    Prom a poinl un   flu    main  tine  ol
the U •■■ b  n Di     on bi ' ween Moose lake
ind   I eb    ; turn   ( i« he,  Ihence through
the   draii agi    pi  lhe 1 leai walei   River,
H     ipartf   Rivrr,   Selon    I    Anderson
I iV<-- antl the Lilloei Rivei or  lhe Squn
.   ,,   River, 01    belv - en   the   lasl  two
\<i'.rr ■• to     mi.   ., ei,   Hritioh Colunibiu i
... c ol bund , lo theexlonl
of 9jo,oi o, 1 01 Ic "I the naid lines ol
r;i.iv 'v, numbered (1) to (5) inclusive and
comprising (he said lim*'- within what are
defined by the snid Ai 1 ■ • tho "Manitoba,
Saskatchewan nnd  Alberto  Extensions")
luthorizing an issue ofbonds to 'hr- extent
of $50,000.00 a mile of the said line ol
railway numbered IM and comprising the
it Id line within what is defined ny (he »ald
\, 1 is the "Ibiiisti Columbia Bxlenslonsi
,ui,l also amending pai (graph 11 ol clause
II .ii the snd Act 1 as regard 1 lhe southern
terminus ol lhe line (hereby authorized,
haled iii Montreal ihis 29!li day ot N"o\ -
ombei. 1909.
u. if, BIOOAR,
Solicitor for Applicant*
I You Don't Have To I
fc Go outside of Revelstoke to make
gr your  Real   Estate   Investments.
£ The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
£ have the best bargains in the City.
E Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
liffffffifflSSSfffffff ^p
,mmfftimnfm.M.„.a m  W^JKZ
We would nol imi ,ui' iiuinu on Ihoso shoes if wc did
not know thorn know jusl what is in thorn—know
what i.i hack of lhom.
Our immense factory equipment gives um a tremendous advantage in miking tiia.-i.; shoes. It reduces
factory expense:] and enables us to buy material moro
cheaply, and to secure more ..kill nl and competent lahor.
And the labor counts for much in the making of a per-
feci shoe. After all it is pretty nearly the samypaint
lhal paints the wa?on imx tiial makes iliA artist's mas-
terpieeo. The difference lie.i in tha workmanship- in
the use of the materials and Ihis is .■ here thsse sF.oos
excel excel in nupcrioril / of workmanship. You wi
note this in their finish ••! nppearans i -you will feel ii
in the perfect fit you will detect it in their wearing
ind above all i.i the fact that Ame»-Ho!den
■ •nsMsn**
Christmas Gift Suggestions
The useful is combined with the ornamental in the splendid array of Holiday-
merchandise which we are showing for the Christmas trade. Useful gifts are
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QILVERWARE that's iho
nearest thing to solid
silver—wears lor years, is
rich in design —that s Standard Silverware. ^ ou 11
know it by this trade-mark.
Its wearing qualities are
absolutely guaranteed.
You 11   like  it   as soon   as  you see   it,  (or  the
It's tbe kind of plate that wears well and the kind of design
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Wc ve just received some  of tbe  latest   Standard  Silver
designs and we would like to show them to you.
designs  are
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Round Trays $2, 3.25, $5, $6,
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A Christmas Gift
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We would like you to see our Christmas display of
silverware. We have p"iuc very handsome pieces and
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lasl   lor  years.
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are sure it will help you
settle lhe Christmas gift
This handsome sel with tray
Fish Sefc
in   Leatherette case?, silk-lined; silver-plated blades and
pearl handles.   Makes a handsome  present, at
$7.50 a case.
Children's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets 50c.
In Leatherette    *
Cases, plated
Pearl Handles
In Leatherette
Cases,  plated
Pearl Handles
Skates !    Skates!
A very acceptable present a I this season
is a handsome pair of skates. We keep
them in all makes, shapes and sizes. We
can lit the child of 7 to ihe man with
the large feet.
A good present at Ibis season. Wu have
the heavy Uocky Mountain pattern at $6
Men's Club Shoe at U, and the Ladies
Club Shoe at $8 50. No harm to look
Ihem over.
Carving §tis
Wu  have  three-piece sets, in   Buckhorn or Bone Handle,
guaranteed tinest quality   steel, in   handsome plush-lined
cases.    An appropriate and seasonable gift at
$4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00 to 15.00
Im,:- ii:.'.:.:- ."M^xsmvlv_-ffi,pw""wr'vrsur. ,':;-v<?!m'i'n\rf&?f
1 ■— --».*■ J«;~-- -    -■     ■-   -   ■ -
Boys' Tool Chests
We have thu sets in a small box for the
very small boy and we have better sets for
the larger boys, and we have sets that every
household should have with good tools in
them from JJ5 cents to $0
Ladies'   Companions
We have a small assortment of tbis line
lhat we got from a traveller's samples, got
them at cost. Selling al *1 26, 1.50, 2.50, $1
Electric Goods
If you want to please the Old Polks give
them a nice portable IDlcctrio Lamp or a
new Chandelier for the sitting room. Come
and make a selection. We have some
beauties witb silk shades at $3 and $3 50:
some with faucy domeH irom fl 50 to 13.50
Burnished Brass Chandeliers in 2. :>, and
1 light at from $8 to *15, complete with
shades and lamps.
Rich, Sparkling Cut Glass
There is nothing you can give a lady that will
please her moru than a handsome piece of cut
glass. We offer you this season the best selections of the world's markets, in beautiful designs
THERE'S nothing so acceptable lor a wedding
gift as a piece of silverware.
Of course, you must be sure
tbat it will wear well. The
absolute certainty ol long
wear is assured when
ynu see this
trade -mark.
That means the best silverware made. Rich in design,
perfect in workmanship, and
plated to last a lifetime.
Call in and we'll show
you some of the latest designs in Standard Silver.
Berry Dishes
$4.oo to $7.oo each
Rifles     Rill
What will please thu boy better than a 22
liitlo'.' Ask him ! We hnve them in various
styles and makes at   $3, if I, $4.65, Six 50, $12.50
Glass L
To your friends on the Kami a Lamp is very
acceptable, and we can give you a  beauty  fur
si, (11.25, 11.60, $2.00, W.60, *M.'25
This Handsome Water Carafe Only $6.50
Here we give another illustration of one uf uur
numerous eut glass dishes, Note lhe exquisite
design. There is something superior about our
cut glass—a distinctiveness which fascinates.
I" I* I'" - *-".tiL_ _r.*P- ">
*v-<y.i,. '«.__tf-'__.-f.'-'iv.
Look at this gem, only $4.50
Glass Water Sets
The   popularity   ol   this   line   last  season
induced us to offer them again this year.
Colored Pitchers and Six Tumblers at
prices ranging from ifl 25 to $2 Per Set
Covered Class Cheese l'i-lies. New and
Handsome '5o
Four-Piece Table Set, comprising 1 Sugar.
Cream, Butter and Spoon Dish at
$1.00 and $1.50 Per Set
Vinegar Dottles. Ketchup Bottles and
Pickle Jars at 25c each
Flat Ware
Here is where we shine. We certainly can
show you a stock to select from that will
astonish you. Knives, Forks and Spoons
in all the best makes. Roger.-' 1847, Wallace 1865, Roger Bros.. Meriden and Kng-
lish goods. Oneida, 25 years' guarantee.
Fruit Knives in Cases, 1'earl and Ivory
Handled. Butter Knives in Pearl, Ivor
and Stag Handles. Sugar Shells in silver
and gold. Pickle I-'.irks. Nut Cracks and
Picks.    Pie Knives.    Berry Spoons, Cadles.
Nice Chinaware
There is nothing more suitable, more highly
appreciated and more often shown to friends
than a good piece of China.
We have a seleeiimi here that is seoond to
none in the province. We are showing the very
latest designs in Crown Derby, Coalport, Royal
Worcester, Copehind's and Aynsley, and in a
Royal Donlton we hnve all the favorite piece-,
Cnaching Scenes. BayeaUX Tapestry, Knight-
in Armor and many Olhors      In   Wedgwood  we
are showing an entirely new line, just tbe line
when you   want a  single  plate   for   your   plate
rack.    Prices ranging from 60c up
Lawrence Hardware Company
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early. Do It Here. Do It Now
Auction Sale of Lots look Place I The Rebels Lick  Government
on Thursday Night Gorces
The auction sale ol 1"-.- iii Clear-
view addition ■:■ -.he city was hold at
the hdUon Parlor I'heati i Thursday nignt, H, Manning handling the
Hammer, inerc was a good attendance of ihe public. Plana were dis-
tribuied among ilu- audience. The
new townsite parallels the C. P. R.
track and 400 ieet north oi it. extending irom HicKenzie Avenue to east of
tae c 1'. H station, and include
some beautifully located bencn lauds
waica wodiu make ideal resiacntial
sitea. Lhe streets ■■• 'i"' now subdivision ure: Hcnenzie Avenue extension,
bircn, Maple, Limerick, Mulock, Hater
ana  lainarsck streets.
Lot 1, block 1 was the Brst ! il sub-
muted. It has frontages to Maple,
Alulock and Limerick streets, and was,
knocked down to <_'. I". Lindmark at
|300. Mr Lin-imark also bought lot
2 in same biock at ?K'vi. block A
brougbi spirited bidding, lot t being
sold to G. i". I.indni-ira for 8306, lol
- io W A Foote lor Si 10, end lot 3
io C. F. Lindmar* i'.n "11" William
Henung bougut i to 6 inclusive, bloc*
-1 a; tne lollowing prices;—-Lot i fyo,
lot 2 ill*, lot a *ii.o, lot 1 81U6 ond
lot j »w. ». A t-cs-ito also hougni
lot  'fi,  UluCii   1   ioi   >,an,  lol  'W blocu
1 eiw, lot ia oiocs l, eliU and lot
•3 uiuca i avo. A. iiauoiiur oougnt
lot .; Dloca i lor <sW.i. Uvhpr sales
weie. UH oi, bioca 2 Slft>; lot 17
oioca i ci'.-o, aud lot lo, oloUi 1 8185.
tne rest oi tue suouivision of I",
io.- ..i.i u« eoia pnvateiy on application to t_>- heveistoae cenerai Agon-
New   lli-li-iii
La.,   Dec
'I'liii  for-
cos of Pivsidt'iit Zeluya, uiidi'i' C'eiicral
Yasquez, woi'o defouted in n bloody on-
-gugemont today by revolutionary forces of Provincial President Estrada,
who re-encamped in the vicinity ol
According to a wireless despatch
from Managua via Port l.imon, '200
were killed in Iho battlo which raged
-i\ hours.
Tho revolutionists captured sovci-al
cannon and a large quantity ol am
munition. Many ol lho government
troops wero oaplured and taken t"
llama as prisoners of war.
The revolutionary forces under tion,
Metuty arc in undisputed possession
of Rama and llie contiguous territory.
\k ikdiiiey uup
A rumor it :n iiicuiation that tho
iustoi.c oinniey '.up nas oe*n stolen
from Ullawa, nuen quesiioiiod on ine
Buujeut, rre».uon' >_.■ .uoii^al! stau-u
that tan person "no ttaa startott tlio
rumor nam nave oeou unuer tne im-
piftabion mat tne Snuinroclu had iust
11.11  Llt-.n-va.
Willie it is jjcnoraih understood mat
the Ucleiiuers, ol tuo cup will liu" up
mu.n me same bs last season the Ottawa cIud is ainl or. tlie trail ol several .tor piayers. And you can paste
it in your medicine chest tbat such a
little tn.ng as in" salary question will
not aeter Ottawa from malting h bid
for tflese men. 1 ii" cup was absent
Irom tiie capital for some time nnd
now that tbey nave h back they will
leav* no stone unturned to keep it
Ottawa will piobab'iy have thu ldgh-
«it saiane-i uocKoy club in tbo world
T^. retain su I men , won the cup
las: yeai   meal ■   ■ xpenditure of    :i
barrel -■: money, bvery oue knows
'ha-, me average professional hockey
player is cot in tne game Ior the love
of pmymg, bu; ior -.no brigbt shekels,
Hniki ino Ottawa club is paying fabulous _>ui_tt_> for players to defend the
cup tn. Shamrocks arc uot looking for
any monetary gam in '.heir effort to
bring  it  back west
lhe U'.tawa hockej learn is now
oompiete The lub wired Toronto accepting -.a- terms oi Bruce Ridpath to
play right wing, 'i.e position held
down lar-t yeai by Billy (jiunour, Hid-
path get- gltuKJ for ihi season 11"
was :lc beal man in the Uutari" pro
•'• monal league last winter.
lie Stanley Cup line-up will bo:
i_>oal, Leeueur; point, Lake; covw i
Ta;., ,r rover, Stuart; "n're. Walsh;
r. *mg, KiupB-i I wing, herr Hen
irew 1,8s iuau'.' -a-' fabiUous offer "I
lls'A' to i\eir, but it i expected that
he wui stici w:':. •_.';,  Uttawa team.
Xeiion, B.     C. Dec, 8.—Nelson
not seLU a hockey '.earn alter -._.,
atauiey i_up Citing the present season,     lt   '■'•oe   hoped   n\    -__.__■_,,el    1'atllca
ttiiii the L__.en interested m the Nelson
Cluo mat Staale) .;, late, would ue
wvuica in January, but mc trustees,
havu.g scon hi uot W giant Nelson's
ie,.■•_,-..   Nelson    '•*...  wait  until next
>ear.   Nelaon     will    : • :.g'   next  m
matter where the    .,   :-  . ■ ite ;
''Si" '_':.:.. ■ md 1 im Phillip, who
weu •', hare played unl. me Nel on
team, aanouo . -.noy will not do so,
ow.ng -.o thi dropping : ':.-.- Nelioi
' u; challenge. Urillithji aod Phillip'
bolh i.dve uflars (rom eaatera dubs,
but be oot leeopted uu> a. )■' '•
Ldmuutjii hoekey magoati, are anxious to *jgn tbem i-i  '■'.•  • ■■     ■-
British [lections
London, Dc- s.—The Birmingham
Puily Posl today publishes nu articlu
from inspiiT'l sources outlining i a riff
retorm policy whioh is liaely to bo
proposed  by  tho  Unionist  government
It is proposed to establish a general
tariff, placing duties ou practically all
goods that aro not, dt-oinod raw material wilh tho objeot, tirst of {raising a
ro\fniio, so-xiudly of 'lecmiag ihn
homo prodii'-xir againel foreign con-
-"imp'iou, third, oi giving proM'pin'-e
to tho colonies; fourth, of securing
bettor '"nm from foreign countries;
aud fifth of giving employment aDd
encouraging home production.
The tariff "ill bo of the simplest possible form, not protective in the «eusn
• hot i( is understood in "ormnn.v and
lho United State".
Tho plan favored is to allow raw
materials in duty free nud to impose
a fivn per ceut duly ou manufactured
goodB, ten per cout on articles nearly
completed ami fifteen per cent on
ihoso completely manufactured. There
may possibly bo a slightly lower duty
iu favor uf the colonies and a slightly
higher tariff against countries seeking
unduly to penalize British goods.
Foreign wheat will lie liable lo a
duty of two shillings per quarter with
tho preference to the colonies but not
the removal of the whole duly. Flour
will pay a higher rate in order to oil-
courage home grinding while barley
uud miii/e will be oxcluded from the
free list
Imported raw material, such a- '■"!■
tou  and wool, will outer duty froe
Mr  Charles  Wright   Mocara,  head  of
I the Cotton     Federation of Great Dri-
! tain,  in  au interview  on   Ilia  political
crista revealed himself as a strong advocate "f free trade.
lr, lilteen vein- Lam n-hire." lie
.dd, luw doubled iii population, doubled its cotton-spinning and manufacturing machinery, and built up an ox
port trade three times bigger than
lis home trade. This growth has been
maintained bv the cheapness "i pm
ductiou. Tux food and mill requisites
.md our pre-eminence would bo endangered. Protected America, where two-
thirds of the cotton erop grows, ox-
ports only t.-n per cent of her manufactured goods, ngninst England'* 7.1
I ent.
Spokane nppie iinow
Among   lli"  p.-u«  winners  »'.  '-ta; b:|f
Spokane    .llOW    '.acre    v. > : c    tOOtt '   '
Kelowna, 7 lir.u »■ i 7 '■'    i :
Vernon, 1 i.i-i, nr.-! 5 leuo&d.;
Nn-,0.-, i Lrm. aud 7 seconds;
K'kuj,  1  tirst end '2 v-.onds,
fsaliron Art-.. S fir.t. and  1  teouod
SpeO'.- s    Hirlge,  -' first, "'id  I  "OC-
Cersoa,  1 !irtt and  I  6-:onH,
;Vrrow Lake., i .■,•• ^id,,
ilikiiig a     WUl o| K Drat, and 'Z'
-'XOodi  which     were  cap'ured  by   tin
provloce, riiia will in all probability
1* ougmeuted by many more pritee,
ns the rewards wero not all made h<
'■hu time the abuvu Hut was given t'
the publio.
T-atcu Ourlbut Xma«      tat   nnr
ftrrm'  I»rng  Ht/j-
hi N'KliK iiii i   wn m i i i\ \\
rhe  report   "f  lho  Biinkei   II'
Sullivan     Mining aud     Concentrating
1 "inpac .    i i- '    isi i.      how
income for  the year nndinp   x\„
last  mi    .s.'.i:,:i..',',ii llisbur emei I
.'.. r.- froighl  and treatmoiil  on "re. *l
;:' 1,6611     operating expen i      *761 I!" I
other ex|iendituros,   rj-.-":    livid,
«-_'"',""•'    ure  reserves   bl ■ ; ■ out
amount to 3,071,672 Lona During
lhe yeai .111,17" • . . were tre i ted,
but the new plant  jusl    ompleted will
admit     of   local    treatment ol I".	
Ions [>er month, su ihat iu, lading
high gradi ore ihipped direct io smelter, the output will exceed t",",1" ■
pei  annum    I he mine i- thus   een to
be neai. ■     ■ ■ en       ■• u ■ ahead of mill
req liremenl      I hi     ., era
ti.,- "re mined « b. 11 71 per   ent   • id
and  i 33 ■-/   ulvei per ton     l
e .'i o ■     ■■. ■•    il $3,9711 331
in mill tailing   'in" in'-"! to  i- -■ p. r
cent of the e-ad and _!_i.li'J per cent  ol
the     silver,    making  ID II  pel    onl    (
the combined market  value of lho lead
■ i :  illvoi
In the tutu ■ being driven bv Ow
Argo Mining ' orapany, near tiroen-
. ,-,n, i: twentj Inch Mgc .,f galonn
i.ss bo»i. roootu 26fl feet from 'he
I bo pui'i." .'■ Uo air n bonded the
Hig Ledge m Pingstoa Crock will lari
i ii-volopmenl     work fir.l   thing in  the
iring and  tl wull   ui lhal    work
ill  iliiieriniii"  wliethm   'I   will   lake
0 their bond
ifames I'.n en, the millionaire mining
i paratoi ,nw ",x fen yeai hence
hen bet Uu transportation fncilitlea
nail have been provided, British Col
mbia will be one ol tho groato.l min
.g  countries in  llie world
lhe Hig bond mice deposits aro nl
reeling attention, Messrs, Ibigg   and
ind having tbla week had n casll of
ir  for   the  claims   thoy   hold   at   hand
1 Mica Croek, and which they pui-
liaM-d from SfoflflN \ii'I'tsoii "'id
-!""••'   of Ooldta,
Substantial Buildings and low
Sometime before spring the full sj/,,,
model of Edison's concrete house will
bo erected and the votorotl electrician
thinks tli.it tho world will hail the invention as the crowning glory of his
career. The task of F'lison was to
make concrete How like water, builders and all other practical men will
tell you lhal conci'oto i-iuuiol How.
Edison says liny .'ire wt'oiig, ami he
hits proved it. In one sonso however,
they are righl. The sort of concrete
they work wiili will not flow. Edison's
trick was to discover something to
mix with lh,' concrete liml would
cause ii I" (low, nnd would m-i otherwise affect  it.
Tho concrete house is almost ready
to be placed on the market. The inventor Hoes not expect to tnako any
money out of the concrete houses,
There will be no royalty. He will
give certain reputable contractors in
different localities exclusive rights to
make lhe buildings, allowing (hem a
In )kt cent profit for their investment
in the necessary plant. Tlie houses will
be placed on the market at 81,'Job
each. This price will include uol ouly
tin' cement, but tin- doors and windows, ind overythlng but the furniture.
Tho scheme as described by Edison,
i- to "pour concrete into ■-, mould as
though you wore moulding a statue;
thou takn owoy tho mould, and find a
house complete, from roof I" cellar,
wall frieze, bath lub, stairs and porches, nil fireproof, vermin proof and
everlasting." The 81,200 house will
contain a cellar, divided into two
compartments. 01, the next floor will
be a kitchen rtud a large living room;
two besi rooms and a bath room on
Iho next (loot-, and two children's
rooms in th" attic. Tlinrn is also an
8-foot porch: all ceilings are high and
the windows unusually wide. The roof
looks like tile but ia only concrete
tinted to resemble tile. All panels,
mantels and ornaments are to bo
moulded iu one piece with the house.
The objection urged that the houses
would all look alike has been over-
como by ihe ingenuity of Mr. Edison,
"ho has the moulds arranged like the
parts ,,f „ puzzle.They can be shifted
and rearranged ho that six kinds of
houses '-an be built with a single set
of mould-. Tlie tinting, oruamenta -
tion, locution of the porch and other
esternal features enn also be varied as
the owner may elect but thn interior
of the houses will bo alike.
A zet of moulds to build the houses
will   cost   8'26,000  nml  arc  componod   ol
last iron Ordinary wooden moulds
v.iu'd cosl 81000 ami 82000 more for
1 ibor, Iheir lifetime would be diort
however ind they could not be used
i i  winter    The  iron  moulds  not   obly
■ I" a far bettor job, Lri^ ine a surface
like glazed  brick   to  tli uiciete,  bin
■ ev can be used for wintoi construction, as l>\ heating the moulds -he
concrete will readily How oven in very-
cold weather. Moreover -he iron
mould-  are     practically  indestructible
■.'I one  -et  .'an  l„-  used for pouring
ci .ind- of ie'ii-.'     i- will ' ike '   .
tO   .1 .-■ "lie
'   '   polil    li,.',!!   full     .!        ■ . :,.-, .  ,| ,,
'  i- setting .iii'l fou    '       I      removing
moulds.    Th.:."'
I    might  to build
rough thi .. ■     .-,.;„.
■    ■
■".  •       -  •  ■
■"   l	
Coin Inter, ci
-  ■
r.   nn  '!-, following
'•     ,    '
i Ke.. i       Is wh
'      ' ■' ■ .
: K''i h iei i.k.' i braied
i Raphael Tuck .\ Sons om,
Also o other* ni .... ppii, ■
i!l\   sal
»l •■'! we •- ;i' refund your  a
eturn    ■. -'■'.■       \\
nude a wondi  .-
II I      '!' I     '
in    address ii	
s     \
t in   U ,<t, ■    ',-,,
\ ANcOl VER    ft. i
W A N T E I)
vyANTED   in   ni'.vr   f„i   three
> V     mom Ih a f irnUhed hon in irom
'  d   nf    lie, ernl,.!.      Apr.lv  el    Mail
I  nfflri.
b'UK SAI.K    Half   in   .,,1" of   land
I      "inl I'oiiii .1 hr.iiac   'inl .."i
'iii il iil' "' Cl ni.iplix.   Bein Ing or di ud
'"'" 15-11'.    Vpi'l) Ui I'. Qiininl, If'
I-1. k
T"HI .-i.vl.l-. I .,, of ll,,,,,- W, rk
I llotses also ii Riding and Driving
M "!••   i'"'i I 'ii   t tbe mill.  Revel-
' le *«..•» t.. -11 (V,.,   I, ".
| "in    BALK        Ily   a    private    sale
I     lion-el,,, d   Puiiil.hliiga,    U.  D
I " I I-'-    I' - d, III , ,    4l ||   Slieel,    in ill
II ,\11 Iiiir Ave.     Kn i vihing must go
'b    IM I    ,,.,.
/ ii.l'.AMM. in ii PiesNlng. Ucpulrlng
" "'I I n. ii g nml Plain aewing
i |,li i" Mi„ Cook, T.iipug Block,
I.iuH iti-'.Xi    I'Mineii'ii linnma for
■     Light   II"ii-n-ki-i-j.ini'      Apply lit'
Mall-Herald Office.
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock if printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cylccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the fan ous
.■_■—.    ..         -     .  ■-  ».'.'.—   ..    .08 V. ..L 1'. _-J '      ll       '     -1
Conic aud Bee the
First Paeeenger Elevator in a retail
store between Winnipeg a tut tbe ooast.
Saturday   Dec. 11
Saturday Dec. 11
Awake ! Spirit of Yule Tide. Christmas that joyful season is
upon us when even the most pessimistic of us make a mental list
of our friends.
Mail Orders.
Telephone tinier?.
Telegraph Order?.
Send the children.
Come yourself?'
Have our traveller
sail for orders.
Christmas Gifts
for Men and Boys
Don't Worry! |us,t read this list and you will surely
Iuul thai one acceptable gift which yuu have been
trying si > hard u i locate,
Silk in plain ami lancv borders,
10c, 50, 60, 75, and '$1 each
Silk,  initialed,  GOo., and 753. each
Exelda, plain, white and fancy
borders, 3 for 50 cents.
Linen, from 15c to 35c. each.
Handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, 0 to
box, $1 to $3 per box
Put up  in   a fancy box, 75o. to $8
String tii-, 35c. each or 3 for $1
Four-in-hand, new ainl nobby, OOc.
Too . -fl. and $1 25 ea:di
Ascot Tii's. 75c. '.ind $1
(iold handled, $4, 6,6.50, 8.50 each
Clothes brushes, leather bucked,
.sterling mounts, 1.50. 1,75,
•2.50 and $3.
Mier-chautn Pipes $3 to S7.50
Companion   Smokers' Sets lb, 7.50
auu $'.'.
Tobacco Touches. 75c. to $2.50
Cigar  und  Cigarette holders from
GO cents lu $2 75.
Cigar Cases, all sizes, sl to #3
in fancy boxer
35c. li
Put up in separate fanoy
hoxc.- of lmnl and attractive
designs; just right for mailing.    All colors.    Prices:
75c. $1. 1.25. 1.50, $2
Suspender Sets
A most suitable gift for a
man, the l-i Bt of embroidered silk suspenders in different shades of blue, green,
brown and red, with hose
supports and armlets to
match. In neat fancy
boxes at
$1.25. and $2 per set
Suit Cases $2.50 to $18
Travelling Rags $2 to $7.50
One to a box, any size, $5 each
.Ittegec pure wool $1.50 to 8.50
Jaeger pure wool $1.5'.* to 7.00
Jaeger pure wool from $S to $15
Jaeger Kelt, $1.76 and &2
Leather, $2.75 per pair
Pullman, $2.50, $2.75 und $3 ii pair
Men's, 18.50 a id $1.    Hoys' $:'■
Lion Brand from $4.50 to $11 a suit
Put up in fancy bnxoe 50c. to $1.75
per pair
Gloves for Xmas
A specialty wilh us for the
Xmas trade—lhe best of old
Country and Domestic makes,
Kiuviii'- silk lined Mocha, in
dark and light brown. Tlie
neatest and dressiest glove on
tin- market
Price  $2.50
Our    special     Fleece-linotl
Mocha,   made   bv one oi   mir
hest Canadian lirm.-, ligbt nnd
dark   shades
Price $1.50
See our display oi
largo Parlor and Dining room lumps, fancy
china cups and saucers
biscuit jars, tobacco
jars, cake plates, shaving in tigs,vases, mocha
seis, cream and sugar
sets, sugar sifters,salad
bowls, chocolate jug-"
rhe hitet-t, newest
and best designs in
l'i liner and Tea Sets
just iii. We will offer
a big reduction on
thoso sets to anyone
buying between now
and New Year's Day
Call and ask to see
Ihem   and   get   prices.
Everybody will appreciate a nice piece of Cut
Glass for a Xmas (lift.
See our display of elegant
Cut Glass, the riceest and
best on ihe market. Our
prices are right, too.
Wine sets at S27 and
$20; Berry Sets at $20 for
7 pieces.
Howls at $12, $10, $7
and $5.25; Water Bottles
at $6.
Water Sets, 7 pieces.
Creams and Sugars at
sli 2. $7, $6.
Vases at $9 and S5.
Nappies at $4, s.i.75,
and $".
Fun Pots at $U.
Photos at S2,
Butter Dish,'- at S>4.
Salt Dishes at "ov. and
8 Cans for $1
i )n Monday and Tuesday of next week wo will
give our customers a bargain in Tomatoes—8 Cans
for only Sl. Don't forget
the date, Monday and
Tuesday onlv, Dec. 13 and
Milk and Cream
We have this week
made a big reduction on
the price of Aylmer, Canada Kirst Milk and Cream
and are now in a position
to offer the same at the
following prices:—
Canada First Milk, 8
Cans for $1
Canada First Cream—
I- amily Bize,10 can- for $1;
Lung can.-.    7    " "
Hotel size     5   "
This milk and Cream
stands as one ol the highest
government tests of any on
the market.
Another ear of Choice
Fancy Groceries for our
Xmas trade just unloaded,
made up of Extracts, Candy. Nuts, Gelatine, Spin-,
Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Mince Meat in 12.
lb. pails, iii lb. pails, 2 lb,
Jars and I lb. paokagee,
Dried Fruits in Peaches,
Pears, Apricots, Prunes,
Raisins, Sultanas, Currants
Kigs, Dates, Table Raisins
and Candied Peels, Our
Confectionery Department
is tilled to overflowing with
the good things for Iho
little folks. Bring them in
and lot ilu in see ior themselves.
Furs! What better!
and your chance the best
this season. All the Furs
we have in Block we are
g ling lo p .-- on lo you at
a log reductio i this week.
II you know the slate ol
the Fur market—every
piei e going i kj ward
'i "ii    will   appreciate
these prici -
$25 Stole for 1750
$36 Neck piece for
$15 Muffs for $10
Same reduotion on any
fur in slock.
Christmas Gifts
Ladies and Children
Here we have a good assortment of useful holida)
gifts for the Ladies md Children. No trouble to
choose rt jjift here,
FOR   A   LAD^
Fancy   Neckwear from 50c. to $3
Fancy Belts from 50c. to S5
Fancy Muslin Blouse $1.75 to 5.00
Fancy Net Waists 3.50 lo S15
Waist Length $1 to 5.00
Cuff Buttons,  .o". to $ -
Bracelets $1 to $5
Coi'st Cover 75c. fo $3
Motor Scarf, $1  tn 7.50
Fancy Linens, 25_-. to $7,50
Dress Length, $3 to 20.00
Gloves, 50o. to 3.50
Die: sing Gowns 2.75 to 10.0U
Fanoy Box Frilling? 25c. to $1
Fancy Hair Combs 25c. to Sfi
Fancy Barretts 25c. to $3
Silk Hose $1 to 5.00
Needle Cases, $1 to $3
Toilet Setts $1 to $5
Manicure Sets 2.50 to 10.00
Purses 50c. to $5
Silk Skirts 4.50 to H.fiO
Ladies' Christinas Slippers
Ladies Colored Poplin Slippers $3.50 per pair
"        Patent Slippers 3,50 and S-l per pair
"        Patent Boots S5 per pair
Felt Juliettes #1.50 to 2.25
Jaeger Slippers 1.75 per pair
Infants fancy soft soled shoes, 35c. to 80c.
Children's Boots and Slippers $1.25 to $2.75 per pair
Children's Felt Slippers, -15c. and 75c. per pair
Silk Umbrellas
A prized giit. a Silk
Umbrella. Some swell
Directoire au Moyen
age    style   stalks   on
 H     these  new   umbrellas
fori,   lies the  Btftlks   are   in   Old Silver in the grey finish and
Holland   famed   Oak   Mission   style   at   prices    ranging   from
$4.50  to  10.00
V$/V_V*    g
A Hand Bag for Her
The pleasure tbat one of theee
Hand Baps would give her cannot
beestiinated in Kilowat.-. They
conn !u ilu inoilist little leather
i.n; al 50c. up, to the 1 laborate
ami   pretentious    diamond   close
pii'iiit   leather reticule bag wtich    H	
the swell dressers on Broadway are carrying at the present tinu,
For The Darling Baby
Wool Jackets 50i   i" $2
i'n ii re Dresses 1.50 to $3
Fancy Bib- 25c. to ifl
Booli-e-  250. I" $1
l oilel Setts $1 lo 2.00
Rubber Dolls 25c. to 2.0u
Cashmere Kimonos $2 to $'■
Wool 1 lakers 50c. to $2
I'li-tt. Wool Shoes 50c. lo $1 50    Wool Overalls 50c. to 1 50
Ik-ar Coats and  Robes  .$2 50    Wool Mitta 26c. to $1
I,. Jfl ! Barrow Coats 75c. to 3.11"
Anything you tuny wish
lo select we will store for you
iill you wish  it sent borne,
A Carpet Svweper
Can you imagine a more
suitable gift for your
Moicer, Wife or   Friend,
than 1 of Bessell's ( yco
Ball Bearing Carpel
Sweepers. Wn have Ihem
In all  the latest flnishee
Prom $3 00
Baby Toilet Set
Could   a   more charming
gift In thought of. 'Could
alii thing bu cuter—Bone
ring, bone powder box.
Comb. Brush and Rattle,
and other arlicles all in a
lovely little hamper, for
Military Brushes
Men's Fine Milium hair
brushes, -i sets ol Plouoh-
aril's Frciii'h Brushes,
extra loOff, lir.-l quality
bristles, solid Ebony back,
hull   marked, pul up in
holly box w ith twiflfl thll
price lhe pair
Ladies* Fancy Belts
l-'nin-\ Bells put up in
l-'atii'\ II "ll\ Boxes that
add holiday attraotlveness
to the every day worth ol
lhe goods, The new Jet
trimmed Belts. One of
then, would be sure to
please the lady.
$3, $2, $1
Visit 'Toy Lund" on
the second llour Bring tin-.
children and make lii.-n.
Do You  Know::
Fancy Neckwear, Ciolf Coats, Lined and Unlined Kid
Gloves, Dressing Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Christmas
Umbrellas, a beautiful range of Silk Waists in assorted
colors, Fancy Net Waists, Silk Underskirts, Fancy Hose.
Fur Sett—Separate Stole, Separate Muff, Table Cover,
Table Linen and Napkins, Hand Bags. Xmas Handkerchiefs, Eiderdown Comforters. Children's Oolf Coats.
Sweaters, Windsor lies, Tarns, Toques, Mens Xmas
Half Hose, Xmas lies in Fancy Boxes. Mocha Lined
Gloves. Suii Cases, etc,
Warm Winter Coats for Ladies and Children. Latest Styles.
Buy Your Xmas Hat   Now--while   you   have   an   oppor
tunity   to  take  advantage   ol" the   greatly   reduced   prices.
th il   i   !  ive '.
ami   can   supply
Bread and Cakes
er the City Bakery
the Best
vou     Willi
... .-      (i.   W.   BELL.
Grocer*  am>   Bakeu
3IK-N      i-  rising    it  value   havin|
reached 51-}e.
H. Tapping i^ out for tbe oHiix of
Mayor ni the City for 'hu „u»uiug
Ibe lioard of Frado will uiewi Mou
day afternoon ai il p. m., nt iht> Cit)'
aiargeoii falls teaohers have t^oui
out ou sirike owing to iheir salaries
'—'in^ h-. arrears
ileum's. Poriei 'inil Bradshaw uio
iue retiring -chooi Irueteefl al tin- annual municipal elections.
Speaking at New Wostminatot Mayoi
hoary slated lhe Dominion Trust
Block wai     th»- moat  immoral  in   the
Xh* (.treat    Pantoimno    by      l'otlie
Frenv, "Moonstruck",    at  tliu  l.dison
Parlor Theatre   Tuesday   mid   Wednos
K^ieUiok, aiei'chants ure to bo cou
^ratulated on '.h-' splendid quality of
the holiday joodi they are -bowing
•nis year
Vou must noi unsa She" at the
fcxlisnn Parlor Theatre next Tuesday
ind     ^e<lnesday    Two     performances
-   '      '. OUU.rf
lohnaon—Ketchell Fighi   Fridaj   ami
Saturday  next  week   at   Edisou Then
tre.   Admission     5'J cents,  children 2.r>
.en-.*, gallery 78 cents
Kleven thousand B&loone were voted
out ol existence nud 4000 more forced
to close their doors in 1909, according to the report of Dr. A. Baker,
general superintendent of the Vnli-
Saloon League in convention al Chicago.
Owing to ilm increasing demands of our BAICK
HOUSE PRODUCTS we bave greatly Improved the
quality of our goods hy proouring one of the best.
Bakers in the Province in the persou of Mr. V.
Boyle, (.Ute of Vanoouver) -vlio makes a specialty of
high class goods, and in order to prove our statements we invito our friends tn try some *ol our
Almond and Cocoanut Oaki:', Marguerite?, Kisses,
Russian Cakes, German Tarts, Cream Puffs, Rolls,
etc., ulsn nnv Fancy Goods to order. A TItlAl.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kii eaid & Anderson
The Ames llolden sinus are mnde ior ('milfoil
and Service from specially selected material by
i miipi'ii'iit workmen A complete stock alwayn
on hand in Ladies ami Children's sues, and al
rcaponable prices. A pair of uhoee make a Ben
Bible ami appropriate ' hrii una.-' gift,
First   8+roet
<i.   CRICK
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
> eai a *.. mj«» tetunmmwi-iw <
Christines Toys
ftSow on View
Mountain Supply Company
General Merchanciito
Telephone 9-i8
\\. X. Sturdy has loft the stall of PIECE CARPET SPECIAL.—For
ilm Lawrence Hardware Company and |next week we arc oltaring two speoials
«ill shortly eutor the employ of id Brussels pioco carpets, regular price
Bourne Bros., iu charge of the hard- 81.65, This weak 81.20.—C, It. Hume,
For Chapped bands aud face net a
box ol oui Face (-'renin; ii will euro
you in inn- nighi Macdonald's Drug
ii      Mn.doniild'-,    Drue
\inas Curds
Got  a doll's    led  oi    i  'ouster for i
foi  Cluii nuns trade.—I    It   lluiiic.
your child.  Mac
linn  nil  kinds.
' III i una    pic.in   foi
donuld's  Drug  Store
All niToptablo Clnistiniifi um, tod oi
block cocker spaniel pup, irom l,„ i
-i "'k in   imorico. Sec ,1, ,1,  Devine.
\ ■ ive I'ill.'ii.
■ lino Chi' Umax
jet tluii! -a  Macdonald
li.'iy   IJii/mi
I onl    V'oi
nn  afterward    ,u
e.   Monday nighi,
nnil     "hui  happened
the  Opera   House  on
We are ready to serve you with
one ot the nicest stocks of sensible
and useful articles for Christmas we
have yet shown.
What can be more suitable or acceptable for a nice Christmas Gift
Jl Nice Suit Length.
Jl Stylish Costume.
Jt Good Winter Coat
Jl Handsome Drawn Linen
A Pair of Wa -m  Gloves
Jl Handsome   Sofa   Pillow,
We have lots of useful Novelties from 26
Come and See Our Store.
Get Your Coupons—One for every 2,r>i
Christmas Goods!
Holiday Buying Should be
Done Now
fiiir Btnck i- i.'-inplpie We
invite you ic our store where
yon may bave an unlimited supply ' f Fancy Goods, Books, etc.
from wbicli to eelect gifts.
We are siways pleased to put
aside goods selected early, and
de'iv>r them at any time.
Bews' Drug&Stationery Store
A public library haa been opened at
Kamloops nnd it proving n great
boon to ih*' city. It was organised by
the ladies uf Ivuinloopt
Tho work uu  i lie    onstruclioi   ■ if tbo
iroutlo   road   over   the   sandsHde,
Ueud  road   i - being  a u hed  ahead  and
will be complete in   • U v,  v
lhe     Ladles     Guild     oi >■   Pi  -
Church are     holding  an
aud sale of work on   .Tuesday,  D<  en
ber  Uth, at  the home of Mrs    A      B
HcCleneghan.   Imperial   Bunk
useful      articles will be  01    sale,  while
afternoon tea will be served
I'wo Ursl '       - !'"
nn tonight.
" rhe ' luei ilu ■
• r  rheatre I
(J. £j. McCnrti
A. Dudge        I Comapli
itor to tow •
Mrs   R   J
rill not n
Ben   a
Considerable     work i    goii
the C. P.  R. shop-, ih"  .11.nv    aer    i
machinery   employing   i   large  number
of men beside      thi   usue
pairs   to   rolling     lock
hand- have i a taki n   ■•■ '       "   '
?hops uud Mr. Sadlei    I Kamloo]
nppointcd foreman.
Come to " Our Boys   at Opara House
Monday,   Decembsr  13.     Dance  aftor      ,\
'fi/-'*''_! -
>i!JE-' 'AW
..i*\< 'tis
tho Show
Don t Wait Come it Once "
Cut Glas    Hest in  Town
Silverware. Siterling Silver
ir.se->    Purses
Everything i
ie  lewelrv
md Bags
J. Guy Barber
Hodman and   [1
day      . ■...
ODvenlioc a'   Kamloopi,
j  ;  .
'all or. • -
ipe Horn   •
snodian    politician,
tent, in ■
„oner'ii   •"•■■
ie«n Dominati d for ml i it
■ i»ne]
Vfr     l        II i,mi
'■an*   .i    ommei -     - ■ • tu] •
li-«   Allan   mil] ,, ■   ,   ■ . ■
j-.-nd.vi  bolide
A whi ■     w
. I\i*q au'l l oront I     aan;
lion  Mr   and  M       illen  ha' o made
.    RflVeUtOkfl      til   '-,'iah    I hi-iii    .1    olna
ml  ■ '.iidio
Christmas Gift Buying
isy ror the Ladies
_a. tmBmtttm
i":4<A^ .j.-sSL   /'•i
' ..rl .      - '■'"'».. Aft
■'    ?-_*..'
- I   • ; -ar :*^*{\ -v
A visil iu our slon: will readily convict: you
ul this fact, We have this season the most
elaborate and varied stock of Men's and
Hoys' wearing apparel ever shewn in Revelstoke. These goods have been carefully
selected from the best wholesale houses of
the fast. The most appreciated present is
the Useful Present. Our goods all make
Useful Presents, and they appeal par icularly
to the Ladies. We have something here
Inr father, husband, brother, lover, or gentleman friend, and  at   prices  to suit all purses.
Look over This list of Holiday Presents for
Men and Boys.   Call and Examine Our Stock
i ...
I'"'i.'."ii . if,       I K.
"I- ;,"■ '.'.'i-'i'i'   "-    i    home on
/(   Fifth stroot,    'hi   j,, i/i' n ii noi    being
lli     'u.i'ii iroot, ii  hand omo     bi i
bowl; Mra    A     K   Kincaid, n dainty
box ol itatii : - , and Mr    .1   Suthoi
' ind,   i    ..,,, nliilion      i   prol I)   i uloii
I "        I 111!   "ii '    11 r 111 ■ 111      Wl.l'O   i V'i-i'dlliL'
rlolightfiil,  iin' lm to     boiii|j  n    i
ed  b,    Mi-.    \li,, |el   Ilm I     Hi      Uloanoi
I'aKOt.   Mi.      M,,,.,    1 ,i i     and    Mi
:•  '''""
p [■ '
• hi-    'I.. ii mail,
roi        • i'i   />
,, noi ml,
I.UK    I,      '
\ ll put   ip In fancy Iki
' iiiiifui ni,'     mi|
|il.'ii.l.', I ,11.-1 y,
■vl"' hi    ilk I'll- d (| i.'i In   S'J ,',|l
Wool l,,„,l S|  Iti SJ.MI '
Kid    , ni .   ni    unlined   irmn
-l 23 tu .<"..,0
Xl\ iin- liml   makei, pul   up in
1" ■ oil for   \in;i'., n
'"" I 'i ■ iui md appropriate glfl
i"i ni'ii mil ho)      50c, io $2
i ■"' y    i oiiiiiiii.iiiini    Soli
[i "d"i      VrinlotH  .md   i.n
''■'    i" -ill popilllll  ..li.idi... p||| up
.ii boll 11 j boxen,   H*I t" k'l 50
\     I " . Ill till' 1,1     Hi      pi un
I fail     color*, pm   up in noal
 llniiK    iiiiv   mui
i I .     l'i Ii "    .''.'•_ lo $2.60,
Alivnya in K"°d laale, Unko
a liiiii'lMiini' pii'si'tii VVa i-nrry
a iplondld line in up-to-date
put term from $2-"i0 in Kill 50.
Ask lo boo our American
"Two in One'  Vest, lometbldg
mom nud nobby )fa.00
Jii-.i the thing for bousewear.
Kvei-j in-ill appreciates ouu of
lln-Hr Some iiiil Hwi-ll ones,
Pi-loea lM.60tofI0,
i heaa vour Boy likr ii gentle-
unu,. we havo Uio gooda nl
I";, ,,iniiilii prloea. I'll liim out
with one of our nobby aulla for
t'In ixtuui!.. Hath, caps, boote,
hlnii:., iblt-ta, Btockluga, Buspeu-
di-i'N. necktlea, glovoa, miits, etc,
Bverytldng yoiti- hoy needs.
I 'ome iri nnd see onr slock
Bradley full fat-hloned ratifller
Ills   iiiiii   mound   thi-  neck, a
great lellor at 75c.
Phoonlx Muffler in all colors
at 75c.
Ncckacaiis iu fancy silks und
poplins, a dainty glfl, $1 to -S2.75
Pull Di-bss Scarfs $2 50 to %'A.ln
Imported K°oda. , SomelliiiiK
every man should have. Prims
$•1,60 to $20.
Whun you take your Xmaa
holidays you need a good suitcaoe
Wi liiue juut what you limit.
Prloea $3.60 to #10.60.
•Solid Leather Suitcase lined
ivilh Moire allk, and lilted with
toilet article.-, steilllia silver
mountings.   Price KI17.60.
Mercantile Co. Ltd.
lhe Home of Good Clothing


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