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JUN 17190/
Vol. 13.-No 46
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
It Delicacies
Wagstaff'ri Preserves. The
perfection in bottled preserved
fruits, iu small bottles—very
delicious and appetising. They
comprise Pear?, Pouches, Apricots, Plums, etc. These are
ovoly for a nice dessert.
A decided novelty in the line of Delicacies.  This Peanut
Huller ranks very high in food qualities.
Raspberry Vinegar, tho renl old fashion
kind Inul mother used lo make.
Frail Syrups, that make a delicious
drink—a change from tea and eoflee
Wllh your meals,
Lime Juice, lhe mosl cooling drink
known. Purify your drinking wnter wilh
a little Lime Juice—il prevents crumps nr
New Neglige Shirts*   W.  G.  &  R.
Shins, the easiest and mosl comfortable
filling Sliirt made. Some in the new coat
style, others in the open back and front
in all the new colorings aud from the
ordinary priced muslin to the finest wash
Men's Kancy Hosiery in New Embroidered patterns, lace effects, tan shades,
Ribbed Wools, English Cashmere, Limbs Wool, etc.
UMBRELLAS- a great assortment of new ones, from lhe
Ihe linest Silk tVesenlation Umbrellas wilh gold and silver tops.
Railway Crisis—Bill to Amend
B. N. A. Act-Another Plot
Discovered—Telegraph rates
New York, June IB.—That the
National Government will be forced tu
lend its credit te finance the needs ol
railroads ul the country was the statement mado by James.I. Hill in an
interview today. The situation might
lend to the Government ownership nl
Lokdok, Eug, Juno 15—Winston
Churchill, as under seen lary fur the
Colonies, brought up in the Hon e ol
Commons yesterday afternoon the bill
amending the Britisli North America
Act respecting fclcr.il subsidies to llie
provinces. The bill passed its first
rcadiug without opposition.
St. PuTEiisnuRn, June 15—A plot
to assassinate tlie Czar and establish a
democratic government in Russia was
announced by Premie. Stolypin in
the Duiima yesterday.
Toronto, June 15.—The telegraph
companies have advanced rates on all
messages to the United States trom
twenty-live to sixty per cent. The
new rates came into effect yesterday
Directorate ol Fruit and Produce Exchange of B. C,
Hold Session—Appointment
of Sec-Manager.
At tbe general meeting ul the
delegates Irom the various Iruit growing sections ut the province, held on
May 22, tbe directorate was appointed
tu conduct tlio affairs ot tlie now ur-
ganiiattnn lor the coming year and
the imporlant question of U| pointing
.. s.-cr.tary-iuanager was lelt lorn
month, to allow Ior the applications
tor that position to bo received, advertisements having been inserted in
all the leading provincial papers.
The directors met yesterday at the
City Hall to discuss general business
and to receive the applications fir tlie
position ot secretary-manager, the
lollowing gentlemen being preBe.it.—
J Johnstone, Nelson, president; H.
E. 11. Smythe, Revolst .Ice, vice
president; Dr. M. S. Wale, Kamloops;
P. Wilson, Chilliwack; VV. J.  Bran-
cheapest to
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
'« »V, . f | »♦« ■♦» V.
*.t »Ti iTi tTi .Ti iT. iT. .'
7 + *X' *X* 'X  X  X \
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanic*' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in gieat variely.
*.*        Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
4**       Convenient Offices for Rent UpBtairs.
? Dealers in Hardwire, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
snd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 9 'I' 'I' '•''»9 w '*' » '*''»'+' '+"*"*"*"*' 1"l"i
Ki.montos, June H.—Victor Houde
lormerly of Ihe Winnipeg fire brigade,
charged with killing George Woods in
a shack on April 4th, in the eaBt end
ot Edmonton, is again a Iree man.
The jury, alter being out fitly minutes
last night, brought in a verdict ot "not
guilty" ot manslaughter. Judge Scott,
in his charge to the jury, slated that
there could be no other conclusion
than that the accused hud killed
Woods. The only question to decide
was whether he was justified in the
act or not. A feature of the trial was
the statement made by the prisoner on
his own behalf when he admitted that
he and Woods had quarrelled, and
tbat be had struck Woods with a chair.
The act, he claimed, however, to have
been in self delence, after Woods had
thrashed him and threatened to "fix
Vancouver, June 14—In a collision
on the Lplu Island brunch ol the R.
C. Electric railway on Wedneiday
alternoon, one man was totally and
another Beriously injured, while several
were badly bruised and cut.
Wm. McColl, hta-1 bookkeeper tor
the Imperial cannery, Sievcston, had
his skull so badly fractured that l.e
died this morning (mi his injuries.
J. Grower, a butcher of Eburne, received a compuund fracture cl the hip,
but will recover, A Chinaman was
badly injured, but it iB not
thought that his injury will be fatal,
School Matters.
Editor Mul.-llK.U.,...
Having Been in your paper ol recent
date, that our esteemed High School
Principal (Mr. Sissions) has resi ned,
I thought it might be a good time to
ask a few questions concerning Bcliool
matters in general. We have elected
a Bcl.ool board to manage the educational affairs ol our city and it is now
a question as to whether it amounts
to "management or mismanagement."
For some time it has boen Buspected
matters wcro not running quite
smoothly with this august body and
this " board o! management ?" has
allowed more than one good teacher
to leave our Bchool Ior no apparent
good rcrsou, but ae a parent having
children attending hoth the public
and high school, I feel that it is high
lime to enter a protest against a lew
matters affecting our interests.
I have always uiideistood Mr.
Sissons liked Ids work here and I
know whereof I speak when I say l.e
lulds the oonlidonco and respect ol the
children under his oaie. Thereloro 1
do not consider it is in the best interests ot our school to allow a competent
principal (as ho has proven himself tt.
bu) to give up bis work here, il it is his
intention tn cuntinue touching as a
proli.sjii.ii. and il it is not alroady too
hue, a.) effort should bu made to retain
his services. KevelBtoke has reason to
bc proud ol its lohonll and teaching
staff, ranking lavorably wllh the belt
in the province, but il a high standard
ol excellence ia to be maintained, surely the best way is to retain the services
ol the teachers who have been tried
and found conscientious and capable.
We cannot afford to be making experiments with teachers every term, it
puts the pupils out in their work and
olten hall a term is lost " getting
acquainted" as it were with different
I think I have the opinion ol all the
parents sending children to the high
school aud it is the earnest wish ot
both pupils and parents, that Mr.
Sissons be retained il possible. This
trustee board by thc-way lias no
children attending tbe high school,
consequently one can quite see how
their interests are not directly touched
in the matter, nevertheless it is up to
them now to take this matter up and
ask Mr, Sissons to reconsider his
decision. II they are in any doubt as
to my statement concerning tl.e wishes
of the parents having children attending the high school, let them take a
list and visit these parents and friends
for themselves.
[We learn, on going to press, that
tho school trustees have nii.de arrange
ments to retain tlie services ol C. li,
Sissons as principal ot the High
school and that a suitable assistant
will bo engaged. The trustees have
acted wisely in this decision, and
Rivclstoku cannot afford to lose men
who have given satisfaction to parents
and pupils alike unless tlie reasons
are ol a serious nature which demand
their retirement Misunderstandings
will occur, but wo leel that general
satislactii.il will be the result ot Mr,
Sisiuni' being retained.—En. ]
The meetings in the tent have been
well attended in spite ot tl.e unfavorable weather the past week. Tl.e use
ot a fine electric lantern in the song
service and illustrutid hymns is
greatly enjoyed. During the week
Rev. Mr. Hatt, Supt. ol Missions, and
tbe evangelist, have been takng the
service alternately. Mr. Hatt has
gone to Nelaon over Sunday. This
evening there will be a tree illustrated
lecture on the lite ol Christ. The
pictures are ol the finest possible pro-
duction and the lantern with its
powerful arc light makes them show-
up beautifully on the screen. Tbe
lecture will begin at 8:30.
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
devotional service and band ol fellowship to new members. At 4 p. m,
mass meeting lor young people,
Evening service at, 8 p. m. MrB,
Shanks will Bing "Tbe Holy City,"
[ill-Btratcdj Everybody invited;
meetings tree.
drith, Laduer, Sec, (pro tern); F. B.
Howard), Salmon Arm, proxy for J. J,
J. Johnstone, as president, tuck the
chair a.id calltd lhe meeting tu order,
stating that the imp..riant nature uf
the business which there was fur
discussiun. He Baid that thc question
ot tilling the position of secretary-
manager was an extremely important
one, since the whole business ol the
Exchange was practically devulred
upon his shoulders and tbe success ot
the organization depended largely
.1 not entirely upon a thoroughly capable head. W. J. Brandritb then read
the applicatiuns Ior the position,
which were very numerous and were
received Irom all parts ut the Dominion. Nearly forty applications were
received. These were lully discussed
and their respective qualifications
reviewed. By this nn ana tl.e number
was reduced to a lew und alter much
discussiun, pro a -Vm, it. was moved
by Dr. Wade and eecon led by Mr.
Wilson that T. Morley, Nelson, application Ior secretary manager be accepted and that he be notified tu ilia,
Mr. Brandritli then explained and
reportid regarding the incorporation
of the Exchange, staling that urratigi -
inentB ha I been made for tliis to he
carried out. The expenses ol ihe past
month were passed and a rc.-o'ntion
adopted approving of Mr. Brandrilh's
actions in the matter. General luisi-
iusb was then discussed and die work
for tbe season laid out.
During the alternoon session a wire
was ice lived frum Mr. Morley, who
has been intormed by telegraph ol his
appointment as secretary-manager,
stating that he could nut are-apt the
position, A long dismission ensued as
to who should he appointed, L. M.
Hagar, late ol Fairbanks & Co, being [ "ess in their futur
finally chosen. Mr. Hagur iB well
known in the Northwest and is in
every way suitable fur the position.
Tbe session was taken up with discussing tl.e season's work ami the
arranging of prices, the secretary
manager being instructed to get in
touch with all the local associ.ittons
to see what they had got. Tlie next
meeting of directors will tie held on
Saturday morning, June 20, and tlie
local association will meet the same
night at which Messrs. Brandritb.
Johnstone and Kipp will deliver interesting lectures on Iruit growing. Thc
vice pre8ide.it, H. E. R. Smythe and
the secretary manager will arrange for
suitable olliee premises. Alter discussing freight and express rates, and
packing, etc., tl.o meeting terminated.
Mob of Galicians Attack a
Party of Merry Makers with
Fatal Results—Nineteen Persons Arrested.
Lut! St-riihy, aged 20, waB killed In
a Galleian light at 501 Burrows Ave.,
about midnight on Tuesday, says the
Winnipeg Free Press, by being struck
Willi stones thrown by (ellow-country
men who had been attending a dance
ut lhe house.
Snots were find, and that other la-
talitlus did not iesi.lt is a surprise to
llie p.dice. The house, a small three-
roomed cottage, is a total wreck and
theie is net a whole pane ol glass lelt
in it.
Deer Unwed freely and was probably
the cause of the murder, Outside the
house were seven empty beer kegs,
while inside theie «ere six more. The
II tors throughout (he entire house
were c -vered with blood and mud,
while Iiileml about were the fragments of the broken windows, huge
rocks picked up Irum the street, which
is i.eing asphalted, and loaves ol
bread which had been trampled under
toot during thc ftacas.
It was a [rightful spectacle when a
repoiter lur Ills Freo Press arrived.
The police had huddlid tbe occupants
of the liuuse logelher in a couple ot
groups ami guarded theni with d'aivn
batons, while :n the rear room were
two prisoners, the de d body ol the
murdered ...nn and several empty beer
At abuut 12:40 while the house was
full ut poiice, two shots were heard by
several nenr the scene, while the
vhistling ot the bullet could be beard
alter each shut. These shuts were apparently liietl ou Alfred street, east of
Nineteen persona were aricsted.
One of then, is Chnet Lazarnk who
was connected with the King murder.
In Our New Store in the Burns' Block.
JUST ARRIVED—New Stocks in Every Department
A fresh slock of high class goods—quality
A fine assortment of Enamel and Granite,
Tin uud Wood.-uwui... Heavy and Builders'
Hard wai u, .Mining Supplies, Hose, Lawn
Mowers and all Garden 'look Screen Doors
und Windows, MeCluiy's Stoves, Ranges,
etc, Hides, shot (inns, Revolvers and
One of iho best assortments in the Province
Ten, Dinner und Toilet s.-ts. Wecarry a fui
line of Hotel Supplies. A line Belectlon nf
Rich Cut (Unas.
We enrry ii line st.ii-k nf these goods. Just
usk for what vou want.—WE HAVE IT.
Tulki'IIiini-:   37.
A strawberry and ice cream social
under the auspices ol the Ladies' Aid
ol the Methodist Church, will be held
on Mr. Lindmurk's lawn on Monday
alternoon and evening nexl, The Independent Band will be in attendance.
Arrangements have been made to hold
the social in Selkirk Hall should the
weather prove Unfavorable Ior outdoor
entertainment.   Everybody welcome.
fresh mnde creamery butter in lib.
blocks, 30c. per lb. at Hobson & Bell's.
Fort William, Out., Juno 15.—According to tho opinions ol scientists
and experts, Northern Canada is destined to become tlw greatest diamond
producing country in the world. Dr.
Ami, a distinguished member ol tlie
Canadian Geological Survey department, states that it is his firm conviction lhat a diamond field—probably
the richest in tho world, will, after
railway Communication has been established, be developed in tlie great
nontli land. At different points important finds have been made liy
proapecting parties, and tl.e tact that
vari-colnred natural carbon gems-
white, yellow, and black—hnve been
lound scattered over a wide area is hold
to indicate that they have heen carried along by glacial drills Ijoiii sonic
point further north,
A quiet Wedding aas celebrated at
St. Andrew's Churcli on Wednesday
evening last, Miss Bessie LeVine
Cl- man ami Donald Alexander Mac-
Donald being the contracting parties.
The Rev. VV. C. Calder performed the
ceremony, lhe church being very
prettily decorated tor ihe occasion. A
huge n 11 ill bor nf Iriends witness, d the
service. Tlie I.ride was supported hy
Miss Nellie 1). Mcltae while Chas. P.
Latham pottul'ln d I ho same duty lor
■he groom, After the c remony a
riceptiiin ivas held at tl.e residence of
Aid. 11. II. Sawyer, until.-.-( the bride
when an enj.yil.lu wddi g supper
ivi.s disp.fsiil ..I. The happy couple
left the same night on tliu west bound
train Iur Uka.mgiin points ami alter a
short honey moon will take up theit
residence ut Sicamous, B. C, The
Mail-Hkiiai.ii joins with their many
Iriends in wishing thorn every happi-
Kroll) our own corr-i|H»iilcn..
Tlie entertainment on Friday evening was all that could be desired. A
programme wiib cuntributed by tlie
best local talent afler whicli dancing
wus indulged in until abuut midnight.
The net prut eeds were in the ne'gh
borhood o! $50.
Mrs. (leu. B. Campbell lelt un Friday for a visit to her parents in
Wctaskiwin, Alia.
Miss li, Asson, of Vancouver, spent
a lew days in town as the guest ol
Miss Elliott.
Three Lots on Fifth Street, the
only good site now on the
Market north of Sixth Street.
PRICE $850
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, ltd
Offices .'—Molsons Bank Building,
in &
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first a Op.
S. Irvine spoilt the
the week in Nelson.
utter part
A. E. Phipps, ol Kevelstoke, win in
town recently.    *
Mrs. Chambers and Miss Salley, ul
New Westminster, are visiting their
uncles at Hall's lanche.
Mrs. McKechnic returned Sunday
t.'un. Ontariu.
N. Wisenor, H. Doyle and W. Rubi-
worm havo gone to Gemini's.
On Sunday alternnun Mr. O. May-
bee, ol Nakusp, nnd his bride, pa soil
through here un llieir honey.....on
trip. Tho yuiing couple have many
Iriends in Arrowhead, all ot whom
wish them a long and happy lite.
Mrs. Bain spent Sunday in KevelBtoke.
Mr, T, B. Baker is spending a lew
days here belore leaving tur Victoria
where lie has been appointed manager ul the Imperial Bank.
Itev. W. T. JohiiBtuno is renewing
acquaintances in Vernon.
11, Irwin left Monday on a trip to
J. B, McGaghran brought home a
line boar skin as a souvenir ol hil
last hunting excursion.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
llriiii.-li.if. in the l'rnviuces nt MuuiU.ha. Alberta. BukltohflWRQ,
llritisi. Columbia, Ontario, Quebec
Oapltal Paid Up
Reserve Fund
I). It. Wll.KIU, Presi.l
nl: Hon. H. Jakfhay
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Speeiul attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received and inteiest allowed at current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four times n year,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Foreman in Charge of Mill
Killed by Falling on Saw,
EDMONTOH, Alta., Juno 14.—Word
was received here today Iron. Dunvegan
ol the death ol James lliggins, lore-
man in charge ot the sawmill of A.
Brick, M.I. A.
lliggins lost hil balance and lell un
a circular suw and waB instantly cut
in two. He waB a native ut Craig-
hurBt, Ont.
Carpels nnd linoleums at Howson's
furniture itore.
Fourth Annual Celebration at
Dominion Day, July 1st, iB being
celebrated at Arrowhead this year, in
a manner befitting the occasion and
the committee iu charge has prepared
an excellent programme. Among the
events are athletic sports, boat racing,
lug rolling and burling contests. $500
in prir.es. Cheap excursions on mil
and steamer will be run and a general
good time is anticipated. W, It. Reid
is chai uiau, and G, VV. Bridges secretary ol the eclebratiuu, DAV AT
i     ON   HATES.
1   ..'.. . j      . I, Cnlted States
Ily th,-y ir lliu
i ,
if. m	
. 1.01
r*'v*»     **HSiiI.«.11v»i»'-iIN   n" whioh the new Exchange is intend
une ni)au=nxiaio. cdtormii Wod ,,;,,,„,,,,„,
I'l BUSHKD WEDNESDAY IND SATUll „     .     ,      ,      ,
cause  ll vi Istoko  ha    - n i lusen us
the headquarter! of opi ations, thai
ili,- Koolonays takes the precedence
and we ure not s-. selfish as to imagine
ihal all we hnve to Ihink aboul in the
choice is how much Kevelstoko will
....,, ii. iy it, N ■ narrow minded and
selfi-h views Bhould lind a plnce here,
vlii-ii we consider bow greal Ihu issue,
as benefitting ll.e whole province is
concerned, We tmsl then thnt ere
lung all sections will be working in
harmony along lines ot progressive
and co operative business for llie good
of ihe industry, the ivellare ol growers
nnd c msumers .....I the ultimate popularity nl Britiih C ilumbin as the
premier, banner fruit producing country of ll.e world,
J -..   [tlXTlN'Q promptly exoouledut reason
TERMS  '.-,   Subscriptions payable in ad
C ItRESPONUKNCE Invited on matter, ol
public li'-:- -:. ' - n munlca'.ions in Kdl-
tor must be accompanied  by  nam.  ol
-.if.-.:. not f...-.-- irllj ;'.. pul [icfttlo.i, but
.  o pi
■   ■ *■■..   faith.  Com <i ondenci
,1 la- brtef.
i -.■:.--: union
■- .. Ml
Mi ,..-*.
,!.-..-..;. li ■     M.i   -■    " - "• ..---■
... ,.,
;.. ■  -
tiiii   ■
.      .... ...fl.-MM
...       II,   . ..   Sllll.llll.il-
V ,.   ll I.M.I.M-
.-  .;.:-  --;
-...   . :       ■•
nun!- n -i-i
: ,. •       ....I Irlduj ul
.      .       - ..   .f .;:-; .....
lucurponitod by Act c( Parliament, ISVi.
Wn. Mow .   Macimiei ff-.N, Pres, S. II. F.Wl.vo, Viee-Pi-es.
J..MK8 IIi.i.i.it, General M .n.-qtm.
Capital pad up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Stxty-lwo brant
luteres! crodiled four li.n.-su  y.
.nl, deposits, until fin liter notice.
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
in O.in.uhi .....I Agencies in nil pai
at current rates on Savings
Rkvki.stokf, R. C.
25c. Pes*  Lb.
2Ec. Per Lb.
[Iiiii EGGS
20c. Por Doz.
Ba iristkrs, Solicitous, Etc
0 T I A \\ A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
.-.-..: Patent Office Agents
Pi ictici bei -;c Railway
.-. Ml 81:
■:sim i:
li.l.A.N A.
: i
in, l*.
i: U.
mv :y,
BARKIS Tl .,-. 601 if IT0118, ETC,
i  ,    --      f -     .. ■ ., .,-.;,   llKVKl.-
■-   . m n.i*.
iiejr I
■       . .-. 1:. i ., I'l.iiM.iM'i1.. ii. (.*.
. -   ,1     M.    a,
il ■ HUM.
R, ..-..-,..  ... . .
.1. A. Habvkv,
. i; ...uui:  U.. .
,i. M, -  ut I.I..I. \V. 1. .ifi-.-.
.   .. :   AND   BUIGCS
Wi- would suggest  thut the nttcn-
lion ni ilm oity authorities be drawn
: , .1,,- present .......liii.... ..i ll.e power
ll:.....-   .vhicll   is   far Iron, being in a
thoroughly cllioioiit state ..I repair,
llv the expenditure ut a fow dollars
.own heavy drain in au emergency
i-a.-i- ,ii some luturoilii.- upon Hit- oity
treasury can I.- avoided, At many
points serious leaks un- appcarii g nud
if; ,-| fi- oi lhe work which has been
done find is being done iu n small
Bcalo, thc structure is in serious need
nl g i repair,    Lei   tin- council in n
li ..ly visil ilu- jniver house, dan. and
llunie :.i least  tui--" a month uml get
■ - idi n "f what i- g.-ii g on. Shuuld
-.  i.f..-tn.  i  - i  what happened lwo
years ngo occur, which is n-il in.prob-
ible, tl.e city may I.- put (o enormous
expi use  and   lho citizens lo harmful
.......yan.-e.    The planl is the city's
chic! asset and it should be I...died
liter  ccordingly.    A varolii'' is not
....timely and careful inspection of thr.
llunie und thorough repair cl same
should not he lost advice.
; .:
..    .   I     I   .
* -,.-..    . - iu '..-;
.    ■  ■ ..   in ■   Sai   . - bj manor express
-       •   -.'..-. ui,
■f -'
•    ■     Box . .: Kaslo, IS. C
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
'Mine So. ve) ing
McKenzie Avenue,
Box li"*.. Revelstoke,
uwAitn a ii \i.iii:n
Mi ml ■     Ami . in   Institute   of
Mil ing I ' . Beers.
"•■ .-.-  i-l   uu tia.i Milling Institute)
Revelstoke, ll. t*.
Min-.-   Management,   Examinations
and Rep :'-.
R. j  .--     uipil. d, Plans nnd Blue
Prints of Laud.Titnbci Limits, Miues,
.'-!.      -ii...,.:..- -, -,. pnt-ed in shape
: : - .-   lissi :.' i pi spi  ti ve ill vestors
Cbc fl&aiWtbevalb
-■■ ■; to ■■.-'..;-. :-. i» punctually
■: - ■ : .:. ui 11 - -:   ;;ioii as a part of
' .
-■ :■
;.■ - *   .    ..'.; Lg
m mer appropriation work
: I* It, I'ncilic Division is
now well under woigh. At, the i ew
l.ridgi ovi r the Columbin river here,
great prugresi has been mado with
the ercotion ol tlie piers aud these
have now been built up to a point
beyond the reach ol high wator. The
steel lor the bridge has been manufactured nnd will be on ilm ground
this fall.
In the case n gui net Joseph Mc-
Sichol, Wabash conductor, of Windsor,
diargedttithcriniin.il neglect ol bis
duty, nt St. Thomas while in charge
.[ a theatrical special which collided
with a C.P.R. train last August. The
grand jury brought in "no bill*' and
dcNichol was discharged,
Mr. CM. Hays, general manager
ul the Grand Trunk, has been served
personally wi'h a summons to attend
Mngistra e Ellis' Curt in Kast
Toronto to answer a chargool violating the Lord's Day Act by running
liains on Sunday. A number ol othi r
- Ilicials and employees of the oompany
have been summoned on similar
Houses, Husiness Blocks
Husiness &  Residential Lots
Suburban Lands
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Revelstoke,    Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
House Cleaning Time
brings I..' the eye >.f the carelul
housekeeper ilm blemishes of the
carpets under her supervision. When
necossiiry to make renewals in carpets,
rugs, mailings and oilcloths, visil
HOWSON'S and see their well se
lec.ted stock before 1.living. You'll
fiiul ii :i lime and money saver. Our
Spring display beats anything we
ever offered.
Howson & Company
45c. Per Bushel
We Ship Those Direct
to the Consumer.
We Guarantee Quality
and Packing.
Cash to Accompany Orders or
C. 0. D.
A. URQUHART & (0., Ll
Butter held by
Us in Cold
Storage, and
Shipped by Refrigerator Car.
Wednesday, June l 9th
Performances at 2 and 8 p. ni. Performances at 2 and 8 p. m.
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party ot  Canada
mmWMKmmWmWmWmWmWmmWmwmmmWmWtmWm^Mam RHBBQOBUHBMiMnntUi
Import direct from Country ol origin.
Central Hotel
Newly  uilt.
FitBt-clBBE in every respect.    All modem convenience*
Rates $1.50 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rater,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
MeeUPlrsI anil Thli I Wc li i - moid
.:, >.1ki:k II ill, upstairs, ;it ** p.ll -     i
lis ii--. in ■[..■*.-.:■ I'i"; I*: itfnrui ■■ ■ i i -
ti. imp Socialist Party Platform." All lutervsted
ri trek mu
suitably furnished with thc choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rat2s $ i a day.   Monthly rate.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain V'cw Camp. No. 229.
Mecti Second an.l  fourth Weill
■ mo ill, in Si Ikirk li ill,   Vlsltln :' ri
:.n-i. cordiall) inviti
W. I), AllilSTRONO, Con. Com.
11. w. KIWARDS, rj]   .
F. O. E
Tfa. regit   -    .-■-■- ire held ... tho Selkirk
ii,   ever. Ti      .) eve ina ate o'c *   "> .it-
[un brethren f.r.- cordially invited.
II   .. BROWN  rifff-ifiisf
W. K. M.-I.Vt*. HLIN.Si..-n.;.-i!.v.
KooUnav LoUru No. 15 A F.& A..n
Tin; r.-giilii.-  in..-
V      ..ik- nro ili-lit ill I...
Tf]   M.i...nf.-      I.-iiii.li',
'/    ..1,1 K.-iiuu-lUl....,
>       rl... FIM...I    ............  ,,
third Mondaj I.
.i.-i. month  .ii   •
f, in. Vlrtttngbreth.
i-il  cordially  wel
•£» co	
r. .i. i-Kiii i Sua;. Srciuctarv.
.SELKIRK LODGE. NO  12, I. 0. 0. F.
mfng   fi.
1!..;     ll    -.   ii. Iihfk.
Waiting bn
.Iiiiii) Invltod   o  .'
In the app intnu ul ol Mr. Haj;ar ol
V -.:.- ivi I -.- S( ■ -.-. irj"-31auagoro.' ll.e
Fruit and Produce Exchange ul Britiih Col imbia, Limited, the .li:- ol ra
have.-; | arently made a wise ch -ice
and havi put a j*.. .1 and useful niun
at the I I .:!...:-. Being 11 man
practi- -.;. utside. I Britisl I '.iiuibia
there -   u| iini ol any dis
trict ; ... la. d by the ch iceol
a managei I ng ol  thi
meeting aa Bt. :.. . linat any acl
whi. d ight cause other district, wh
had uo! joined th. I.- hange to sup-
I - ■ it thai, listricta were beinf
ki: *. it -: th. .-::.• -- By tbe ap.
p. intmi nt ol Mr, II igai we think
thai ,i really c«| .bl. man bn been
sec::- il :,.- h m lhe
iir-:. -..:.. - I :, ..!. mm lias n in the
Wurk il it ■ ; d -.- bj the Ex-
change,... I wl    has I ill km sledge
ol What     ■ ■       ■   l|   :.   Ililll fi* .-.et.:    |j
ttry-Mac ig. -  [tin    _...   .-, :,   Al-
tl     -,-:;   "•   :*':      '•        --     • ll :    I    :■     .    I..M ..1II.IN. N...       .1. MAIIIIF. -ii-
signified  its  intention to  join  tl,. Cold Rango Lodf?o, K. of P.,
Exchange •"■   -    - ;. i,    -/(Gf'vi    No. 26, Rovelstoko, B. C.
time will !-l..|.. I-'' :■■ 'I.,* iii-ir,.-t 9JB||'f| wil- tvi.tiv ivm.vk.-i.aV
at.il the li » wli :. ivi n : , imii "ill \/^
-. - tl .it : y i mp elc i -opera! n ol
a ■ ran h ■-- eiati mi the It lit gri
ing industry ol liritirh Columbia will
pi igret, and develop in a lar quickei
- .undi r and stronger manner iif..n by
the operation! ol several exchanges in
different seetioni, wl... will act In
direct oppoaition mil probable antagonism t" each other and thereby cause
tlie grower, and consumers tf. suffer
i ■ . asou .:' -'.eh plir edinga Evury
district lia* conlidence in itacll bul to
give general talis/action t.. growera
B.f.l consumers alike, co operation ill
in :easary il 1! (.'. fruit is going to be
properly distributed and shipped All
idea cl jealousy among fruil growing
centres t I and by
i.ii.-i- gi -: < .'■ '. derivtd iuul niori1
busiucai accompllBbed along the lines
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek- will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - •        Proprietor
LENGTH \i v:y
ii, n.trtHo
Double Menageri
mi tan
icores of Trained
rho Only I-utly in lhe En
:n?iYL£KSAULTS on tlv
o Swiftly Runn
,.--. Thuntlering
^ilj Lady JapnriBse Artists in America
0 Astonishing Asrobats
4 .:■
Under   New   Management)
LAUGHTOr-i,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B.   O
First-.. -- u. 0mm idation lur travel era,
Besl brands nf Wines, S|.irit.j, and
| igars,
RATES   $1   AND   Sl 50   PER   DAY
.'1  . '. .      im. .I.,   ,,.
....    on i [In  Oddlelluws1
.....       ...
r luili)-   nviti-.l.
.1  A. LESLIE, .  '
i.  il  lil'.Ki K  K  ..f II k 8.
II A. BROWN, M. i.i K
That's Itoyal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory wosl ol Winnipeg, House cleaning and
wnshingarocasy with its help.
And ll.e money saving le the
Premium System
Booklet tell-i what wc givo lur
Roval Crown Wrappers, Hend
tur it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
in thru A
reintond tn a *   I
i. ...      ......
■   .'    ■  I
l   Comme i
.   .■■  nl
" 'ii'" i
.     .     ■'    MMM   ,'
...i cnine
- ■
»■■■   - ■ . .
I   M, ..■.,
Ii-Min   ... ky Pulnl, .....rk.-:   H     1.0     .. a. ., , »   M
uimln. theni a west . i Rhalns, them ■
.■iuiiii-1" i i ■ I.--; -fi mem
;     iii.-l|,-lli-..   it s n  ll '.
..,,!.- Ir -' liank nil nlnmbl; ■ - i [ Intend to  .....:. ■   -.
.    ,'m.i... nf«fk-.| ■ tt.H.M i n,-   il ,  , ,„|   ,
.-,..■.    Ill
.,,■ .. Hichsliu thi iifi-ii-.tiii i n.'i  ' '.-
nm i'i
IMM...   ....I,'    I.h  lOtff,
Kb. MMMki.: Saw Mfi.i Co,, I.imitxo,
sm j.i.ii- -. John Hixon
Notico iBliufobj glvon tlmi K) dayit nfter lute
1 intend loaiiply tn tho nhlel' omml - I mi i >-
Lands and Wnfkn lur a 8iioclal lleonnetocul
and carry away timber ir  lli« followlnii
ileiorlbed landa in the Itovolatoko Dlvl ilon oi
.1,-vt Kootonay illatrloti
Cinnmonclni al a i>*>^i planted al lhc '' K
i-ornor oi Hire. 22, Tp, 27, K,*/. WohI i.i Ii \lnrldlan,
n nrk ml"- I', Kolly'aH I. corner pout," thonc1
I..,rih lOfbalnn, thonce *oiil Hi chiilii-*, llienco
north I'i'ii'.iii-. im life wo«i 'haln» thoncu
Hill -... iliiln , ii.dn ■ oai I   IWl i*ini.ii   lo :.*■ '
, [ piiiiimoni anient and containing frill ai roB
more or leas.
imluil Mny .'ilii, I'm''
KntJH     .1 ME   I'KKUTf KB' LY.
ItuveUtoke, Il.C. Miner.
i    i.  i pp. t A     - I
-   ■     -.i i. -.;;..■
planted r-V-tit ■-. miln
I  hiin.-r [.unit ,  ,.,
tii ■  north .     . bi ■!■•'  -ii * iini.-
"""i1 •" elialn    ■       o ehalna lopolnl of wun
*.i'i kcrflit mori oi \mn
a. - ■ -i,-. itfi    -
veil in- 1,  il   Mi l.l* IN
Ni-tice In licn-hj Kiron thnt 00 daya aft rdntn I
intend In opplj Utho lion. Hm ( hlel Commla
- "II' ■   nf  I l| :   Iti-I   \\ ml      |n|    l."li|.|:   1(1)1  i., ,,    ,
c)iann Cic fdlliiM i... iln rrllmd Innda,  ItnnUil m
(inli-im Itay Vfoni Rmiiona) dUtrlcl .
floiniiinnclnu ill n pn i plantod UO di iiuu   milli
ii    *     w. Corner »l l,nl 0.140, and maik"il
"'i''". T  Newmmra M. K. tlornor hml "' tin m-n
1 ■ i"' 'in-',  thenco west lii chain**; tlieticu
"'th i-i'h.    . i '■ iv.*4 SO cliiiliiBi tlionco
nithUoclalita. il ree ua i IIIohalnhto placo ol
"•» ■ ii'int, eoiitalnhiB nm noren mor 'lorn*
Dated al Arruwliuwl, June lnt, 11KI7.        woilJ6
Revolntoke Uiml Diatrict.
District 'if Weal Kootenay.
Tiki* Notice ilm' oi" Bnnrtberg,of Allien,
- &nyon,ocoiipalion Min r, Intends loaptily for
:."'■(! Umber licence over tho following
doaoribed landa!
i ( ommonelnu al n po*«t iilimicd i| ihIIch
nortb of tbo north-coal fnrk of Downie Crook
nnd marked "Olo 8andbnrg'a i)ort>h*wost comer
noat," thence eaal I" oharna, thonco woutli IfiO
- halnM tbenee weat m ohalna, thonce nnrtli HU)
.' poinl  nf commencement, and con*
■.I*' ier."-, more or lean.
-  ilny 25tb, 1907. wjmifi
. ■! DUtilct,
- * of Weal Kootonay,
-    i,..t Olo Sundberg.of Alborl
M Miner, Intend* to aupl) for
.1 .-1  ,... m.- over tin- following
■", landa:
' niiuii' ii'*inif at ii p'i-1  planted nboul 300
* i.r ii.i" nnrth-eoal furk ol I'ownlo
1 . irk''i 'Olo Hitndborg'H northeait
-.■I, ng ".'. I'. Ki*iiti'*'l>'** No. 8
■   j -. thonw  weal on
ini *■  north KJ 11 ■-. ihi noo cn il BO
i- poinl of coi -I mont, and con
. -i'i iu ti*   more or loan,
Dal   '.ii   -. h IW7. wjfl
:. ,   ,      ,, Dial llity darn after
date i Inten I      i| .     lo lho IIru mlo Iho
"..II audi and  *\"rk« lor
■  in [iiirclia ■■ ihe Jfolloalnij \mu\n
lliu nti -I i.n i pper Arrow l*ko ami deacribed
11 - .■*
i .f.m.'M ni.- hi ii poat planled on ii«ii
.* rt, i icon annul one and » hail mll« from
Inkeahoreand marked 'J K. McLean'* B i,
enrner i>oi t." ihenee weit"" Phalna, ibonci
nnrth hii ha *.. ihenco onal BU rhalna. thenoo
outh tu chain* to placo «t commi ncemoitl
oolalnlnx :" n fi more m leal.
Dated MuyVUi, Y.lfl,
iv im -t J, K. Mel KAN
iiiii*linir-*,lii|i horotnffiro oxlltlng belwenn
■i i'' ituiH nmi Krnnk Blilploy, oarryliiK mi
hn ini... uu Tim RoTolatoke Cignf Stnrohiw
lieeii dlnaolvad.
Tin' i.n n will in future bo cnrrled on by
the undorslanod, who la entitled to reootre all
Diunoya due tho Into llrm.
Diilml .limit IHLh.lWn,
EXAMINATIONS for lho position of InipOO'
toraof Stomn Doileri uud Machinery, under the Steam BollewInspiMtlon Act. iikii, will
im Imiii ut the I'.irliiiineiit HuililliiKS, Victoria,
oommanolng on Monday, June 24Uii 1907. Ap
plication nnd Inatructlon formBcan be bad oi
nppllentlon to thn innl.*r ],:nr,tl, u> wlium llm
fnniior must he returned- correctly lllled in,
nnl Intnr thun .hum 17th. Sulnrioa, 911(1 and
^ll.'i pur mnotl.
Chief Inapeotorot Mnchlnery,
wjl2 td Nuw \Vo.iln.inslor, B. ('.
Certificate if Improvements.
Miifii-ni. Minora) Claim, situate lu tlio Hovol-
stoko MinlllK lllvi.lii.i uf \\i--l Kiml. iiiiv
Where I.....I.-.I: A the htiul ..( tho Middle
Hi.nl h  l.'urli .if Ilnwiii.f Crook, inli.»liilliu;
iii.-ciiirf nt ii.-iiiii-Mi ni claim
Tnli... notico iiiiii I, It. S.i.l.li, C..M.C No,
iiw.;i-j, ...'iim. uk iiKi-iit (nr A. M. Clark, I'rce
uiu. i--- .'i-i-iiii.-ii.i. Nu. iWi'ii, Intond, sixty
ilny* frmn iiuu- hereof,... apply ... the .MinltiK
ll.c.inl...' lor n  I'l'l-lill'-iil.t i>( llii|tliivrl.li:lils,
hi llii* (i.iijiii.i- uf obUllllllIK ii' ..nv.. Ornnl Oi
Ami furlIn-i tiiki- liotlto Unit, nctliin, .....Uir
■i-il.un .... ..m-i  li iiiiiiii'iiifi'il lii>fi..'i. lhu
iHiifiiii-inf-mli I'itI Iiiiiii-i-iif [iiiiirnv.-nii-nlH.
I.f...-.lilii*::inl.|iu nf May. A.11..IW.
wod my 89 ll. SMITH.
yiill. K.»lii'i..l.ypivi.... Uml IVI .lay. f.ttu. il'ile
,\    1 ...I.....I I.. n|.|.ly I., ll... I|..n Chief < "n.
 .....er..( U...I-. k.i.I Wi.rki. lor |ierinl»Hl.iii In
...... I.;.*e tlm I..11..»-...-( .Ii.ir.lln.fi lnmls   in tl.e
Weil Kootensy District:
Commencing nt a nmt planted almut M mile
nnrth nlaonth-iut corner ol Timber Limit 7.ini,
II ne 11..rlh SO rhalns Kilt »n .-halns, soulh W
chalna,.-.-... 80 chains to point ol cotdDisneeniBnt.
Cfiilfiiiiiii. lliu ili-res more or less.
Ilnleil May I.h, IIW7
wedtniya wai.hk.n a.ndi.EWo
Revolstoke Land Dislrict.
Dislricl of Wesl Kootenny.
Tnke notice Ihal I, A. McCallum, of
Revelsloke, occupation JLogger, inlenil lo
apply for a special limber licence ovor Ilic
following described lands*.
1. Commonclng al a post planted at S.
K. comer of T, L. No. 4296, and marked
"A. McCallum'sN. 12. cornerpost," same
lieiim 1 'i miles east of townsite of Gerard
and about 1 )i miles suulh ol Lardo River,
thouce south 40 chains, thence west 160
ohnilis, (hence norlh 40 chains, thence
oast 160 chains lo point of commencement
niul containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated June lth, 1907.
wed je ia Per A. C. MoE,. Ageni,
Revelsloke Laud Dislricl,
District ol West KooletiHy.
Take nolice Ihal I, Angus McCallum, of
Hevelsluke, occupation Logger, intend lo
apply for a special limber licence over lhc
lollowlng described lands.
1. Commeneing at a posi planted
about 1 mile cast ol townsite of Gerard
and aboul 1 mile south ol Lardo River antl
inarked "A. McCallum's north-east corner
posl,*' llienee south 40 chains, Ihence wesl
160 chains, ihence north 41) chains, thence
cast tOo cliains to point ol commencemeni
nnd containing 640 acres, more or less,
Dated June -.111, 1907.
wed je 11      I'er A. C. McE,, Ageni.
N .tico is horoby uivun that ti(l day** nfter dnlo
I iiiti'inl to apply to tho Hnti the Chief Cum
' -i*Inner id Luu In mul Works for jier-
•iiiin In piri'lin-e tln< fiillnwiiii," lands i-itirit*
un Upper Arrow Lake and described ua
Com mencing at a poat planted on Half
Way ircck about three, mile*" trom hike ihore
ind marked ' J. P.McU'au'H h. K. corner noat,"
llienee weit BU chains, theuce north 80 i'liains,
i hence eaat -30 chaini), tbeuee aouth HO ehalna
in place uf commencement, Containing 040
acrei inureorleiiN.
Dated May 71b, 1907,
wea may 8 J. V. McI.UN,
*-, m a
at the antiquated desk In
hli private offloe reading
a fatter -which he had Juit
received ln the morning
mall. PhUand**i private
office waa almoat aa narrow ta hla mind, and waa
devoted to the same pur-
poie, the calculation of
Intemt and tht figuring
ol percental* Hla wall-
worn talt hat, of the crop
of '«. reposed on the top
of tht desk, and hli cow-
hlde-ehod feet wart ele-
vattd to a poaltlon beside
It. Tht letter ht waa
poring over waa wrttttn
on paper bearing tht
nrlnt-d head, "Office of
Bamei A Snyder, Pen-
aion Attorneys, Boston."
and read aa followi:
"Dear Uncle:-Snyder
thinks the Mayo claim will go through all right. He says
It would have Uen pretty ahaky It It hadn't been for
them affidavit! you got from Doc. Ballty and tht rest.
How you got 'em I don't ate. Snyder aaya that Uphe-
lefa only eervln' for three monthi in tht war and then
not dyln' for ten year afttrwardB makes tt hard to prove
thnt he got bia rheumatism ln the army, hut he thlnka
the affldavlta will fix it all right Snyder's a keen one
und pretty level-headed, ao I gueaa lt will do to bank
on. There'i ao much back pension due now that if the
claim goes through, Mellssy '11 havo a good-alaed wad.
"What are you op to, anyway? 1 know you ain't In It
for your health. Why don't you give a fellow a tipt
Voiir loving nephew, ANTl.
rhtlander read thia epiatle three Hires, puckering
his eyes thoughtfully behind hla apectaclea and twitting
hln grilled chin beard Into a point. Anty Taylor-tha
nlcknami being a contraction of Anthony-was a nephew
after hla own heart. He had early dlacemed symptoms
of prnmlrie n the young man, and Md been mat rum en tal
In getting him the poaltlon he held In the Boaton attorneys* oft'ce. But, Anthony being a prospective heir,
Mr. Baxter did not think a tip advisable under iht
present  circumstances,
lie pondered over the letter for aome time, philosophizing perhaps on the efficacy of a note of hand In
soueerlng affidavits out of unwilling physicians, and
then, removing both feet and hat from the desk, stood
upon the first and covered hla bald head with the second,
and  left   the  office.
Tin minutes later be wns walking slowly betwwi
the box hedges up the path that led to Melissa Mayo'n
front dnor. When he retched the turn that led around
the house—only strangers and clergymen call at front
doors In Orham-he paused a moment to look at ths
ho.is.' and Ite surroundings.
Ellphalet Mayo had faJlen heir t-) a fine estate and
some monpy when his father died, back In the fifties
But Ellphalet hail succeeded In getting rid of the most
of the money before he In turn passed away, and hli
widow, with the able assistance of her brother-in-law.
Nnpoleon, nad spent the reat. There was llltle left
now but the farm itself.
But the farm was not to be sneezed at, and that was
precisely what Philander was "cal'latin" " as he stood
there A gocd-slzed orchard and garden, seme acres of
cranberry swamp, badly run to weeds and buBhea, but
capable of being wade profitable; pasture land, cornfield and the houae and barn; that wm the Iht ae Mr.
Baxter itemlred tt. A pretty good home for a man to
tpend hla old age ln, and the window wai a rather pleas-
"Hello, Napl" he aaid, rather tartly. "What art
you up ter thli mornln'?"
"Oh, nawthtn' much. I wu Jctrt wondtrln' If 'two*
goin' ttr bt u hot'i thli all luptmer. Don't item '■ rn
I over remembered a much hotter spill. Klndar dry
fer vegetables, ain't It?"
"Humph!" grunted Mr. Baxter, glancing toward ths
gardsn. "Don't ie«m ttr bc too dry fer weeds. Why
In tlmt don't yer clear out that patch?"
"Wa-a-l, I have be'n goin' ter fer sotns tlmt, but ant
thing tr 'nother'a come up, and—"
'Ont thing; tr 'nothtr yer granny! I tell yer what
'Mi, Nap Mayo, if thli place b'longed ter me you'd have
ttr work harder 'n yer do now. Settln' round all day
and sunnln' yerstlf like a ret. I snum If I wouldn't bs
ashamed of myself!" *
Mr. Mayo'i dignity waa touched.
"I dunno 'i my avttln' 'round It any of your afaln,
Philander Baxter!" he observed.
"I dunno 'i 'U«, either -not yet," aaid Mr. Baxter.
Then he entered by tho back porch and slammed tht
door, leaving the namesake of the mighty Corslcan to
speculate on what the last two words of his remark
might mean. It wan it subject which required consideration, and Napoleon sat down on the wash-bunch
again In order to do It Justice.
Mr. Baxter's knock at the back door wai answered
hy Mrs. Mayo herself. Melissa Mayo was all that a
widow should be, being "fair, fat" snd the rest of ths
"Why, haw dy'do, Mr. Baxter!" ahe exclaimed. "I'm
reel glad ter see yer. Walk right Inter the dlnln'-
Philander complied, and after helping hlmaelf to a
seat In the best armchair and "hanging up his hat on
the floor,"  proceeded to business.
"Mellsay." he asked, "yer ain't heard nawthln' more
from that pension,  have yei?"
"Mo, Philander, I ain't. Yer don't s'pose"—there
waa a tremor in the widow's voice—"yer don't a'pose
there'a any chance of my not glttln' It-do you?"
"Well, yer can't tell. Anything ter do with gov'ment
ls mighty onsartln. However, 1 reckon them affidavits
I got '11 fetch It through."
"Laud of Goshen! I hope there won't bo no hitch
anywhere, 1 do need that money somethln' dreadful.
What with taxee and groe'ry bills and things Uke that,
aeem's If I should go distracted. I should never have
thought of a pension If it hadn't been fer you, Mr. Baxter. You've heen so kind ln all this I dunno what I can
ever do ter thank yer."
Mr. Baxter waved the thanks away with the air
of a philanthropist to whom such manifestations of
gratitude were everyday trifles.
"You're welcome," he grunted. "Now-«r—Mellssy,
I come up this mornln' ter have a leetle talk with you
on—on—er—a matter of business, so ter apeak."
The widow looked a little alarmed, but she said,
"Yes,  MV.  Baxter?"  Inquiringly.
"Yes. Pact ls, Mellssy, you need a man round this
"Well, there's Napoleon."
"Napoleon!" acornfully. "I mean a man with some
hosa sense. Fact Is, Mellssy, I oilers liked you. You're
a good, likely woman and a worker, I don't know'e I
ever see a better worker 'n you be. Er-er-Mellssy,
how'd yon like ter be Mrs.  Banter?"
The widow turned red, then •-«*• and then red again.
"Why—why, Mr. Baxter?" ahe gasped, "What do
yer   mean?"
"Jest what I say. You've got a good place here, and
you need a man ter run lt I've got some money ln
the tank and I need somebody ter make a home fer
me. Of course, yer understand I think a heap of yer—
love yer better'n anything on alrth, and-and all that,
yer know," he added, as hn afterthought.
Mrs. Mayo was so entirely taken aback by the unexpectedness of ths proposal that she sat for a moment
"Then he held the two letters over the steaming nose of the teakettle."
Ing person ,o spend It with. True, It would require
some money to put the place Into n!.upe null.., hut tilers
wiib lhe perslun. Mr. Unxter snafpcd Ills s.iuore Jaws
tncelher. us one who cnnii's lo n decision, ami passod on
to the back dour.
Napoleon Mayo w.is sitting on the wash-bench hem-nth the open window ol lhc dining-room, mi.ill.ii.li.it.
Al... he sm.iki'il. Napoloon wns a llrm l>el|pv.-r in II...
villi.c- uf .....Ill.ul.in ..ml rm..kc. <lf Hi,, value of ninnual
labor, however, he «... by m. means so rartnln. Hi.
th....gills on Ihis particular forenoon were n trifle vague,
nnd dealt principally will, the Mens tlt.it It wns a hot
dny, thnl the Hies wire somewhat troublesome, nnil thut
... ivns sleepy. The lads Unit tho w.-eils In the garden
were a font high, and that hla Blmer l.n.1 Legged hlm
to clean them out .11.1 not (ll..t..rl. hi... In the lenst.
As Mr. Baxter ennui itr.n.iul the comer of lln, house
Nlipflenti  awoke  will. i. start  from  his  liiliuc.-n  trame.
"Hello, l-|illun.].»r! How lie yer?" he snid. rising un.l
strct.-liltig expansively.
M'r. Baxter snorted, Napotsrm wns the one Item on
.lie wrong side uf hli mental ledger In the calculation
Just completed*.,
or two speechless, trying to get her thoughts Into some
sort nf order.
"Well, what d' yer pay?" Inquired the ardent lullor,
Then the widow Mid what others have said before,
Ihot.rh nol always wllh so much reason:
"l:ut thls-ls-ls io sudden, Mr, Baxter!" she stammered
The suddenness of It had not struck Philander before,
hul he w..s willing tr. allow nnvthlng In reason.
"Well I dunno hul *lls." he said. "Tell ver whal
I'll ilu, Mellssy, a'pose yer think I. over till ler-morrer
or ter-nlglll and then drop me a line.    How u that do?"
Fill! trembling Melissa agreed to this arrangement,
and Mr. Ruler got ut. to gu.
"I gln'rslly lik r Fifttle anything up right of when
I mulie up n.y .......I .er do It," he said, with hla hand
nn the latch, "hut 1 si use 'twnr sorter sudden fer yer.
However, yer .-an write me ter-nlght. Oood-mornhV:
I'm gol.r ter huvo .but cranb'ry bog cleaned up fust
The la.t remark showed that Mr. Baxter considered
It   already   settled.
N.poleon wm still sealed on the wash-bench when
Philander cnn, out of the house, but the mm of bual-
neas did not deign to notice (ilm. Mr. Hayo'i medlla-
lloni nun have been absorbing, for h.i had allowed hli
pin. to go out, lomethlng he did not do unlesi under
•evert, mama! ttraln. Kor lomn time alter Mr. Baxter
had gone, he aat these, icralchlng hli ehln and drawing
ihsmt-mlndedly at tin d.ad pipe. Then he go. up, put
on hli hat and mo?**! off toward the village. He hurried a little, too-an almoit unbelievable action.
He walked on down the main street, pait the poal-
ofllce, pait Mr. Baxter", real eitate offlce, past Web
gaundar'i billiard saloon, until he oame to (he road
which led to th* ihere. Town thli he .limed and
slopped at a lillle houie by lhe ilde of the road. Thli
wu where Abljeh Colton lived, and Abljah hlmialf
op«l«1 lhe door In answer to Napoleon's knock.
All the gossip In town, beginning wllh Matilda Bui-
teed and ending with Mn. Jerry Burgess, were lorry
for Abljah Colton. They all said (hey didn't im how
'Blje Colton made out ter earn a llvin*. Ao Min Bus-
teed fee'lngly put It:
"He'o got more leetle pullerln" irons In the fire, and
.hey don't none of 'em amount ter nawthln'. Leeds
mite of an lyiter bed here and a leetle mite of a cranb'ry
bog there, and doln' a leetle bl. of barrel coop'rln' thli
..me er year and a leetle ipeck of icallopln' and sea
clammln* that time er year! Beats me how he keeps
ou. er the porrhuuse!"
As Abljah, being close-mouthed about his affairs,
didn't see fit to enlighten Miss Busteed, the lady bads
fair to be "beat"' for the term of her natural life.
"Hollo, Nap," said AMJah. welcoming his caller.
"Come In find set down. What's the matter? If '.wai
anybody else but you, I thould think he'd been runnln'."
Mr. Mayo was too full of tho Importance of his news
to notice the sarcasm.
" 'Blje Colton," he raid, solemnly. "I want ter oak
you sunthln' Important Be you thlnkin' of raarryln'
Mr. Colton was surprised. Ha sat down ln a chair
rather suddenly and  whittled.
"Well, I snum, Nap!" he said, nfter a pause. "That's
what tho lawyers would call a leadln' question, ain't it?
What are yer drlvln' at?*'
" 'Cause all I've got ter say is," continued Napoleon,
wagging his forefinger solemnly, "that If yer be, yer
went tor brace up nnd ask her. Philander Baxter wai
up ter the house Just now poppln1 the question himself."
"Who?    Phllan-    Oet out!"
'Hnnut Lord'i truth! Heard him rr.yiclf. Said
she waa a likely woman and i> worker, and that he
wanted her ter be Mrs, Baxter."
"What did ihe lay?" anxiously asked Mr. Coltm.
"Finally decided ter think It over and write him yes
or no ter-night."
"Well, well, well! I swan ler man!" Abljah wo.
talking to hlmaelf rather than to Napoleon. "Philander
Baxter! Philander—that mean, miserly old— Humph!
there must be sunthln' In this more'n there looks ter he."
Then, after.a pause, "gay, Nap," he aeked, "what
made yer s'pose I was thlnkin' of marryln' Mellssy?"
"Why," said Napoleon, slowly, "you be'n a-co-nin'
ter lie her off and on fer four er Ave year now, and I
klndir thought yer might be thlnkin' of keepln' comp'ny.
Course I ain't had no experience myself, betn' a bachelor,
"I seo, I see. Four er five year." musingly: "that
does seem a long time. Mebbe I have been a leetle mite
slow. Comes of my everiastln' cautiousness. I'm glad
yer come down and told me, Nep. Jedge yer didn't
like the Idee of Philander fer a brother-in-law; he le a
toler'ble  hard  driver."
" "I'wnn't thnt!" declared Mr. Mayo, reddening. "I
don't care how hard a driver a man ls. Work don't
scare me. i Jest thought yer oughter have a chance,
that's all."
"Well, I'm much obleeged ter yer. Cal'la.e I'll s.ep
up snd see Mellssy a minute er so. Reckon you'll
excuse me.    So long!"
And MT. Colton hurried out, leaving hil visitor to
follow or not, as he pleased.
If any one not cognisant of the facta had seen
Melissa Mayo getting supper that night they would have
had strong doubta as to her sanity. She made the tea
In the coffee pot, and Just caught herself ln time to prevent putting on the baked beans to warm in the sugar
bowl. When a woman at the age of ii receives two
proposal!, on the same day she la apt to he somewhat
flustered, and mistakes are excusable.
She had long ago given up the Idea that Abljah Colton meant anything serious by his visits. He had been
calling for ao many years that his dropping In every
now and then had come to be taken aa a matter of
course. Besides, Melissa shared the prevailing opinion
that Abljah was on the point of going on the town, and
theirfore, not being able to support himself, had no
Intention of taking a wife. But that afternoon he hod
come hurrying to the back door, and, on entering the
dining-room, had without preface asked her If she had
ever thought oi belnp married, and, If so. how she d like
to ship long with hlm. After this he appeared too
much engaged In wondering ut his own temerity to
say more, und shut up like one of his own r-callopa.
The astounded widow, afler several "Lnndsakes,"
and I'm so flu.toreo I dunr.c what ter do's," had finally
stammered that she would like a Utile time to think It
over, and would send an answer In wrltln' lhat night
Abljah, who had sat on thn edge of his chair, twirling
hla hat and h'tchlng uneasily, indented to this proposition with alacrity, and departed forthwith, leaving the
much Bought Melissa to wander about In a dazed state
until tea time,
Neither Napoleon nor hte sister-in-law had much to
say during the progress of the meal. Tho former ate
rather hurriedly and kept glancing furtively across tho
table. After he hhd finished hla third cup of tea, however, he blurted out:
"Wall,  Mellssy,  which  it'll be   Philander or 'Blje?"
The relict  of  the martyred Ellphalet eet  down  hur
cup with emphasis,
"Napoleon Mayo! you'vu be'n a-llstenln'!" she exclaimed.
"Hain't, nuther!" declared Mr. Mayo, guiltily,
"Yes, you have, and dun't yer have the face ter deny
It.    Huw else did you know 'bout lt-I never told yer!
"Well, I happened ter be scttln' or. the waBh-benoh
when Philander was here, ami he ledlered so loud a
decf man could hear him. Besides," and Napuleon ils-
turned an all* of Injured dignity, "who's gol u better
right ter listen? Ain't I your brother In-law, and didn't
'Liphalet say ter ine, jest 'fore he died: 'Napoleon, I
leave Mellssy In your care; you look out fer her?' And
I've done It, too; laid awake ulghtB and planned and
planned, so's ycu'd have a easy Ilniu Worked myself
h't f ter death, and nut a word of tfinnki, This l.i an
lmpnriant matter; yer oughter nsk my advice."
"Vour udvlcel l naked your advice and took It when
1 put that thousand dollars In the Buy Bhore Investment
Company, and where'd lhe advice and the thousand
doilais go to? Where's the profits ive wna goin' tor
mark-it un that other thing I took your ftdvlco about—
that patent clam dlggor? They're ln your mind, tliat'i
where ihey be, and that's when- molt of your work Is
done. You march your bonis Inter tlmt woodshed and
slay there! I don't oak advice of folks that's dishonorable enough ter listen under winders."
The discomfited Napoleon retired to the 8t Helena
of tbe woodshed, and the milled Mra, Mayo cleared away
the Ua things with a bang. Then sh'.' aat down at the
Old-fashioned desk and prepared to write lhe letters that
should carry Joy or woe to two palpitating hearts.
In her rational Intervals that afternoon sho hnd
turned the matter over and over In her mind. Inclination i-olnted one way; duty and prudence tlm other, Sho
had always liked Colton; In fact, llie gossips fn town
weie agreed thut, had Ablpih mustered up courage to
propose In the old dayi: when he ami Ellphalet weru
courllng the fair Melissa, he would have won. Bul
Abljah delnyrd, and Ellphulet didn't, and so thu Inl ter
came out ahead.
At the present time the facts were these; AMJah
wae poor, and, so the widow reasoned, could not uirry
on the farm. If ahe should yj-t the pension \hw might
have enough to get along on, but It whs Philander who
hnd suggested thu pension In the firsl plnce. and who
had der,? so much tc help her to get It, From her point
-if view It would be thn worst sort of Ingratitude tu
marry Abljah and live on money thnt Philander had
obtained. No, It waa her duty to marry Philander, find
he was rich enough to keep the old home and pruvtdu
for Napoleon and for her.
She had never written n letter of this kind before,
fihe could and did write pages of news and small talk '
to htr niece In Enst Boston, but thil wis no ordinary
subject, and no ordinary letter would do It Justice Hhe
roBe, and, from the shelf where It Stood along with thu
"Life if Captain John Smith," "Pilgrim1! Progress,"
"The Pirate's Own Book," ''Goapel Hymns Number 2,"
and "The Home Doctor," ahe tuck lhe "Complete Letter
Writer" and opened It at the page bended, "From a
Young Lady Accepting nn Offer of Marriage."
The young lady In question iruist hnve tmen a very
formal young lady, fur htr Idea of a latter waa a grand
.'affair, almoit painfully so. No "Sweethearts" and
"Own precious darlings" for her; no, Indeed But Melissa thought tho epistle the pink of perfection and proceeded to copy It
"Dear and Respected Friend -I have cons Id«red, with
a henrtfelt sense of responsibility and solemnity your
proposal, seeking my hand and heart ln marriage. I
rea Ilia the importance of the decision which I am called
upon to make, and am conscious of Ita potent effect upon
mv happlneis In the future. But, dear friend, I reallxa
also your sterling worth and stainless character, and
feet that I may safely trust myself to your guiding care
aa we travel together the long pathway of life. Ltear
friend, 1 accept your proposal. Yours affectionately,
The widow read this mournful screed over again with
a becoming pride, and, placing It ln an envelope, sealed
the latter and addressed tt to "Philander li. Baxter,
Orhain, IrUus."
"Aba!" sneered Philander, exultlngty; "w yer tee ver
ain't so Independent, after all. You're a pauper! And
yer-ve killed the egg that laid the golden mam, too. But
don't yer flatter yerself What d'yer s'pose 1 -wanted ter
marry yer fer? Far yer good lookit I guest notl
"Iwas the lind and the pension I wanted. Tried ter ba
Burcaatlc, too, didn't yer? Callin' ms a 'young man.'
You ain't no spring chicken ysraelf Jfapolnon agraea
with yer, dnet he?  lie's another nlci one; hi's-"
"Philander Baxter, 1 don't know what you're talkio'
about, but I do know thut the Lord's be'n good enough
ter let me aee what kind of a man you be. Walk out of
that door this minute!   Not another word!   Tou march!"
The widow's eves snapped and her flngars twitched.
Mr. Baxter hesitated, essayed to speak, thought bettar
of It, and—marched.
Napoleon was elttlng or. ths wash bench.
"Nice  mon.Ing,   Philander!"   he  said,   cheerfully
"You—yuu-you-l-" gaiped the choking owner of
bonds, and puied on, speechleBS.
"Half an hour later Melissa stood at the back door, waving a good-bye to the jubilant Mr. Colton."
Then, with a sigh, a sigh that meant the relinquishing of a lifelong dream, she returned to the next page
of the book and proceeded to copy the letter, "From a
\oung Lady Rejecting a Proposal of Marriage."
"Keapected and Honored Friend:—I have considered
with a heartfelt sense of responsibility and solemnity
your proposal seeking my hand and heart In marriage.
I realize thc Importance of the decision which I am
called upon to make, and am conscious of Its potent
effect upon my happiness In the future. Honored friend,
I realize your sterling worth as a young man of high
moral character, but 1 cannot but feel that the difference
In our temperament and Ideals makes It Inadvisable for
me to consent to entwine my career with yours and
travel with you the long pathway of life. I feel that It
la wisest for me to decline your proposal. My parents
agreu with me that this decision Is for the best I shall
always be your friend. Yours with sincere respect,
When Melissa reached the words "my parents" In
the copy she healtated, pondered, and at length aubstl-
tnterl the word, "Napoleon." Then, Just ns she sealed
this second letter In Its enve'ope and addressed It to the
luckless Abljah, the Methodist minister rang the front
door bell.
"Why, how'd you do, Mr. Salterfl? I declare, what
a stranger you be! Nnpoleon: Nap-o-le-on! Take
them two letters off my deak and mall 'em down ter the
posiofflce right away. Yes; them two there. Walk
right Inter the setlln'-room, Mr. Salters."
And MeiUsn hurried awny to enlirtnln her guest,
who was making his formal round of pastoral calla,
Napoleon took the leiter-j Into the kitchen, took his
h^t from the null, and stood turning the two envelopes
over and over In tils hand.
'Jest like her," he muttered. "Nevor naked my ad-
vlcn nt all, and there ain't no tslltn' what'a ahe's been
and done. I oughter see whnt's aho writ; It's my
boundeu duty ter ate."
He held the letters up to the light, but It was nearly
sunset, and  the paper was thick,
'"That woman needs a guardcen, that's what she
needs," he soliloquized.
He tiptoed to the dining-room dnor nnd shut It carefully. Then he hold the two letters over the steaming
IIORe of the ten kettle.
Twenty minutes Inter ho started for the postoffice.
MellHia'l spirits were not nf the best the next morning, a state Oi mind which had Its effect upon her tamper
and calmed Nnpoleon lo seek Ihe QUlet nf the wnsh-lieinh
tor the most nf the forenoon. To tell the iruth. the
widow was not looking forward to wedded life with Mr.
Baxter AS a dream of hlUs, Philander wm not thu
lde.il bridegroom. Then, too, she could nut help thinking
how much happier ahe might have been with Abljah. If
Circumstances hnd been different, Poor fellow, how
disappointed he would be. Melissa1! onl> consolation
was the thought lhat she wna doing her duty an.l that,
perhaps, Philander would take Iter t" Niagara Palls un
their wedding trip. To go to Niagara Kail* had been
her dream ever sines Ellphilet had promised tu tnke hor
there nnd had been unable to keep his word.
Sh'j wna dusting the chairs in the "sett!n'-room" and
looking nut nf the window when Philander slammed the
front gate and came up lhc walk. The accepted juitor
didn't look happy; not nearly bo happy as lie should look
under the <1rcumntanees, Melissa thought, Boforo She
could gi't to the buck door, he had opened it and stamped into tlm dining-room.
"Oood-niornln'. Ph'lander." said Melissa, blushing becomingly.
"yoti—yott—>'0U!" tpittered Mr. Baxter, whoso face
was the color of a danger nlgnnl.
"Why, what's Iho matter', began the widow, but
Philander Interrupted her.
"Voil—you jumper, yuu! he shouted, shaking his fist,
In which two envelopes, nne hrown nnd one white, wero
clutched: "vou mis ruble pauper, you!"
■Philander Bnxtor,   whnt do  you   ?"
"Dutit yer talk ler me' Pont yer do It' Thought
because vou was goin' ter gll the pension money yer
didn't need inc. hey? Do yer rccllze whu I be?* im tl.o
richest mnn In this town, that's who I bo. I've got
money in the bank, 1 have! Vcs, and I own bonds, And
-and-who are you? That's what I aak! Who aro
Tho bewildered Melissa tried to Interrupt ence more,
hot Mr. Baxter would not 'illow it
"Who art you? What have you got? Not a red
cent! Thai's what yer've got! And >ou think yer'va
gol a pension comin', don't yer? Well, yer nln't1 Hend
Automatically, Melissa took the brown envelope from
Phi Ian dfir'S lingers. It enclosed n telegiam to Mr. Baxter,
"The Mayo pension clnlm turned down by the government.    Your affidavits wan't hefty enough.
MV. Mayo eaid nothing, but his shoulders shook.
Melissa returned to the dining-room, sat down in th*
rocking-chair, rtad the telegram again, and began to cry.
Her wrath and mortification at Phllander'a insults wero
keen, but they were forgotten ln the crowning olnnppolnt-
ment of the rejection of the penFlon claim. The farm
would have to be soid. for she had not money enough
to pay the taxes. What would become of them? What
should she do?
"Mellsay!" called Napoleon, "'Blje n comin'."
The widow sprang to her feet, hurriedly wiped her
eyes and bravely greeted Mr. Colton as he came up the
back steps. If Philander bad looked too gloomy for an
accepted lover, certainly Abljah looked too happy for a
rejected one. He was dressed In a new suit of clothes,
too, which the widow, even tn the midst Of her grief and
excitement, did not fall to notice.
"Well, Mellssy'" exclaimed Abtjnh. Learning like the
sun In  August,  "here  I be.  yer see!'
"^eh." stammered the lad\. "I-I see you be, Abljah. '
"Yer se*.> I be! Weill is that al! yer've got ur sa> ter
me th's mornln' of all mornln's? Why. I've pot a heap
ter say ter you. my denr!"
At this fond appellation Mrs. Mavo Inoked up In
astonishment, and Abilah saw her swollen eyelids.
"Me'.issv Mayo!"  he exclaimed,   "you've been cryin'."
"No.  1 Bln't-that Is,  I—"
"Mellssy. you're too good a Methodist ter tell yarns
like that. Now what's the matter? By thunder' 1 know.
It'* that mls'rab|e Philander Baxter! : see him comin'
down tho street here lookin* like he was crazy mad
1 on sent him packln1 and he come up lure and mjdo
you cry    Well, damn  him.  I'll—"
"Atljnh Colton. What did you jest sav ter me about
belli' a Methodist?"
"That's po. Well, I'll see Philander later. Now,
Mellsay, what's the trouble"   Out with It"
Melissa could keep the secret no longer.
"Oh, 'BIJah!" she sobbed; "I've lost my pension. Tho
gov'ment wouldn't allow It."
"Wouldn't, eh?" .«ni.l Mr. Colton. calmly. "Well, I
ain't B'prlsed.   1 wouldn't cry 'bout that."
"Wouldn't cry! Why. what am 1 goin' tor live on?
How can I run the farm'1"
"Why, 1 reckon I'm goin' ter look out fer that, ain't
I* when *t man marries a woman he gln'rally cal'latas
ter support her, and new that you've sitl.1 y*r'd marry
'•■Paid lil mam* you"   Why, what do you mennv'
"See here, Mollfsy, am 1 crasy or are you* tldn't
you write thl« letter?"
Mellssy took the proffered "-heel d taper and unfolded ii li wai lh« lettei From i young Lady Ac-
ceptli g a Pn I'osa! of Marriage Philander'** references
tn Napoleon and the "young mar.' wen- plain enmiah
now He had received tin -.ther letter. Bhe muBt lmvo
put tl.e letters In the wrong envelopes.
"linliit vou wrne Dim letter   .\Wissy?"
"Why, why, yes, Abljah, I write it; but-"
"Thank the Lord' I begun ler be afenrd that some>-
boly had put uj a Jub on rne. Well, then, whai'B tlie
"Uut, Abljah, we cant It married How could you
run this great frirm and support Napoleon and me>, when
ynu'ra sti poor?"
V-   Coftor slapped Ills knee and roared with delighL
"Ho! ho!" he laughed; "that's where the shoe pinches,
Is It? Weil Meltsty mebbe I ain't bo starvation poor,
after all I know Matlldj Busteed says I am. but Mailldv
dun't know more'n nine-tenths of tho business of everybody "n this earth. I've done fairy well this season and
Init. I own a share In Sl Hardin's mack re) schooner,
and Bhe brought me In a few hundred last year, and my
cranb'ry bog paid me four hundred more, and my
coop'rln' trade's wuth some more, and I put a little cosh
Inter a lry goods bus*ness In Hyannii three years ago,
and 'hits doln' well, and— "
"Why, Abljnh; you must have money In the bank"'
"Ya-.is, tomi'wheres round three thousand last timo
I cal'late-d It Then I've got a leelle railroad stock and
some gov'ments-J'-st  a  few—"
"Great lend of Qoshon!"
"So, I callate we'll be able ter scratch along without
csl'ln' on the nrlghtiors. Put. Mellssy, If you ain't goin'
ter marry rne l'rr li'ble ter be stuck wllh some Nlngry
Fulls tickets, 'cai.se I ordered some up ter the depot as
1 come along, tlggerln' that we'd l-o married some time
next week and gi> up there on our weddln' trip."
"f'h.  Abljah"'
"Why   gnnd land' vou ain't cryin' again'"
"Oh, not rer-ly, Abljah; I was only thlnkin' that God
had leen awful good ter me ter-day."
Half an hour later Melissa «(0'>d at the back door,
w-ivlng a good-by •! lu the Juhll-int MY Colton. She wai
smilingly happy, bul hei face stUI were a s'lghtly pushed expression
"I don't see," she said, aloud, how I come ter mix
them letters up. 1 thought 1 was i'o very careful with
"em. Sei'tn'i If there must hnve been a special Providence
In it, some way,"
Nipoleon, M1H enhroned on the wash-hen-h, M-mv a
thick Cloud of smoke from his lips and smiled blandly
at the sky. Close llan$e
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■*■ *-      Arc lhc writing of all historian
tnd travelers in the Northwestern wilds, up
to lhe present, delusions basal upon loo superficial observations?
ll'hiit is lhc usual conception of Poor
Lo? A smileless man, dressed in buckskins
ami fancy moccasins, wilh painted face, with
feathers streaming irom his back hair—a
bloodthirsty, lazy man, who spurns his wife,
has no natural feeling for bis children, no
seme of honor in dealing wilh fellow-man.
And Mrs. Lo? A misshapen, bedraggled hai, outfitted in rags, always picking up
chips while carrying a child or lun on her
(,;, ;■—(i rileni, forlorn creature whose only
A-. *. LITE   truthfulness   iJ   .1 -I...-.I   for   tills  lire
.1 ii .   .1 W.   Schulti, and thia gives it :. stamp
.1 peculiar value.   Admitting Its veracity, one
musl   admit  ih-  force  ot  thl*  portion of .lie
■   • f      . f ....
■ luthor has penetrated the veil nf racial Indifference and misunderstanding r.nd I.e.* gol close t"
th.    earl   il the people  ibou   whom he writes
We feel that the men and women portrayed are
if. ... women ol actual llv'ng existence, Ills .tlie
Bla kfoot'sj are the mine loves and hopes and halo.
■ ira .s ours)."
- -i. ol Puritan parents In .. Mew England town,
f-f.f! In his ,-outh I. Ided to go West, Describing
his !,     n ... ■;::- on th. Mlsslssl. nl, he wrote
lerds   .1 buffalo swimming the river often
I. |. f  - ■ .-• ...    ■  the boat,   All through Da
kota ind th. igh M .. ' ma, .lea. to for. Benton,
Mon buffalo were dally In evidence, on the hills. In
.     .   .. ... s   ....... .. . . ..... river
i. Ir. ■-   ■       mdreds ol ihem. drowned, swollen
1: stages posltloi    lay  on  the  - all m
bar. wheri thi irrt nt had cast .!. fin, or drifted by
ur. down th    sti .am
It  was   ill Interesting  to th.   you g adi ei
• ilthougl m f    Idea that he would st iy In
tl. w. -■ ire Ilia. . few .onths—mui less thai
he  would eve. the  n Iski. -    Regarding   the  Iti-
: •   - iniered surprise at th    .'ery start
.arne.1 tbat ti r:     ty India.    : I u  ;   line
.-  ■ it  tin   gorgeously  attired   eagle-pluiiie-bedecked
vai    is prints and written .!•-- -m.-     .
, ■      if co ff *-.   Ill of tlieni pos-
-■      f attire   but It was foi   itate   icca-
,   ...   saw wore blanket oi  cow (buffalo)
mm    -   plall    •:     eaded islnl     ill. and
...   ..... ,;...  oi     iw  ■   the.   ■ it,    M .*' of thoin
reheaded, theli .-       ral led, and their
(.--   were  painted   with   rod Ish   brown ochre   ..
en      •     So.n.     -■•   f     .w     nd ..utver ar-
i • lit ii       i :   .. -   . ten . ire mod-
lie n ires*
All wrung. Know now lhat
Ihe Indian—at least he of lhe Blackfoot tribe
—was in his aboriginal slate a happy, aljec-
donate fellow, who kissed and fondled his
wife, helped her with her work as much as du
men of the white man's country, who would
die for his faithful friend—in fact, lhat "the
Indian is lhe white man without the veneer of
civilization." And jusl as completely must
we reverse our conception of Mrs. l.o and the
This is the conclusion of ./. //'. Schttllz,
who married a Rlackfoot woman and lived
long with her tribe. His remarkable ston
is lold in a bonk, "My Life as an Indian,'
published by Doubleday, Page Cm I".'.'.
him a hearty kiss.   The spectators shout with latigli-
......    I'm-  tlil--  It..-..-,   pay.".'"!  must  i><- made .... the
morrow,   if tin' young man tlilnk.-. a Kr.'ot deal of the
girl. In. may present hor with one ur lwo horses; he
FAe TTedkim Zoddle,
F/ie Pride
if tie Indran ffome
must give her something, If only n copper bracelet or
string of heads."
Berry had married a Blackfoot woman and waa
living happily with her In their tepee.- One dny Chief
Weasel Tail abruptly asked Schulti why he did not
do likewise, adding, "You have the right to do m~
you killed a ('ree and you look a Cree. horBO In tb*
tight at the llalrv Cap."
Theae things, Indeed, he had done, for his daredevil nature prompted hlm to join the Indians In any
exciting adventure.
"Oh!" he evaded, bashfully, "no one would have
me,   Isn't that a good reason?"
ThlB tickled the funny-bone, of easel Tail's wlfp,
and-doesn't this show that the BOUaw doea nut really
occupy lhe Inferior position . ..imionly attributed to
her'—she exclaimed teaalngly: "There isn't a girl In
the camp but would Ilk,- tn .,,> hln woman. Why, If
It wasn't for this lazy one h'-re'-glvlnir Weasel Tail's
hand  an  affectionate  suuee-ze—"If he  would  only  go
omewheTc and  never come  hack,   I'd  mako  you
Young Schultz envied his [.lends Berry nud Sorrul
Horse—also n white man—who seemed to he so hnppy
with their women. "Never a cons word, tilwayn the
beat of good-fellow ship anil open affection for each
So, one day, when he snw a maiden whose looks he
liked, he said to Berry; "I'd 1 e lo have that girl.
What do you think?"
"I'll see. my old woman about It.' responded Berry.
And Merry's woman fixed It, sure enough.
"What nm 1 to pay?" asked the overjoyed youth.
"Her mother says there Is to be no pay, only that
you ar« lo koep your promise to b« good to her daughter."
N'nt-ah-ki (that was the name of the girl) simply
came over to Schultz'a lodge one day und made hot'
home with him, This was the Indian custom. Afterward, though, there waB a legal ceremony.
Z*3p/#nd TZzmbourfnt cf
f/.sA2?o/?es and   o7srM<zr3
t ■■
ire --.*.-,   lays- t* Montana I   i .   ■'
■ ■    ■        •-.-■    leal    s young  ma
i rig  ■    *        a f ou nd
ght It slrange-was a g     .,- ->f In-
... i .       pi on the
-..-.-■■      wen if good flgu
;:...*. ;    even
■    :    . : ■ *. ■
gutty, that om     'uld aee at a gla And
*-*  -, .   * tiled Ing
.     . ■■*,•. omen
-1 . ■    '.*.;. ina "'>••-■■•
-..-■-■:        ■ ■';;-■■■■■:■■ -;   '
thing . king with the freedom
...*.'       *    ■ tunate In fall    g In with
* ;   .  i.     Imsr-lt. who knew
■ i ..       .    - *     that
was what tl ■   *        * —all     igh In .-. civil ■
|,    | If  IS 1
He Joined Bi ng tou    '    the Indlai
Blsckfeel   i   I learning i hi    language    Joining b iffal i
bum    with thei    ho 1
!,, a camp ■-' some  ' i   ml   ''   i :    pie
young Schultz, not ■'   l    ■■■ «   In a posl
lion to make a ite stud     I '     India      n>* at-
I     . ■, ■■     ; i.    i, and glvi    this dei rlptlon   if tl -
a ince
■  ■,-.-.   .■ v, .■•.-:■ i : ion ind won * n pirl
(11 .     Tl eli   elden   theli   ; arenl -   ind . * lal ho il
t,,„   |, ,-■,.  and  ning   ti.-  datici     mg   an  extn n ■
ilv |y ont       In   '■■■'* ■■' I     f ,:-'   '"'Ik*'.
,.,     ..,, on (he othei    But all the fun comes In toward
thi ai 1
;.■,".   i girl t ilsea 11
... . .     :      I that of the yo tth
■ • . -
\1 ,*.: -   ■-.   ■   11
.-■;     ..'','■:
pr 'V- ::>-. ' -    ■'
an.l ui.- [?'•/
m3/;.>--,.. ;.
if '* '   •     .
n peoplo I..-, ".tn- -ii-- ■  ' '■'.   ffi ' *■''
I pi.*
...... be . h      run ...
In tIf.. -
...     ....     . ttorialai.il
ll-,.-  musical instru
liriinf ire ear ■      ■
would ■.
Afru-fii. Ilotti ■
rfe/dle °f
A'ortfrrn Frjner
7sJ-y>i" [Jrum
.* he
casts it over hei
- choice an I g \■■■■
- ■      | ■ . -. T
■ .  .
if the    *    *   -
■  *
ber  if    hml     *
i:  igl
* * -■ ,...-• .   , ■ I ■
.."....-       'the i ami
.;. ; ■!'.'!.■■•.'
*;   ■   .   ■-,'  ■■;:■'. "  ■       *
thfl negi  ■■' ■'■ -1    ■     ■   '   *  * • Afvlcn ■
rather listen to m ......   i.. i    i
ndi "( -' harp   while the
in.,si depths   ■•/ -i  i- ■    i ■
■■ d *     i ■■■''
:■ igal
v,-*.- , nr where th» first di     I
...-.■■.   : it In the haw
• . .      it long aftet .-.!-.    .
grandfn Iim
Man learned '■   ' ike hold nl   .     ■'.■■*     u        -     .-  .
.   ,  ■    .
i Hot time )       * -    -
■ .
Perha     li  ■■■ i    thn wind e     I   *■■. thi
■■   '
the i * 'in* -■ hewed wl lit Inn nl   *
All vurli re wei I Pu      >i*
. ■ ■ ■.    i ■ ■    ■   -
■    ■      .    | I ■
mimmed (he
, . -   *      . . nddled
gra has heen
■ . -''I' **
■    '   to   ''-1
(tht th' ;■   ■ i ' lam
ffl   '.il,     H   on,
bberlfis ■    -.-■ ■ !   witn  »
. -':, ,, iam
*,  ■ * -; ■
rest hn      i [
with i ''■'■<
i«nli   * * i ■  ■- foui
.   .ii-,
i-* .*
../.-., ■ • ■ -■.-,..
' , . and
■ ■
■ree of
. .   . ■ . .- i   ..    ||<
[e and      ,        I - arm
ligltfe feed by <§ever*I
nearted people, nne readily recalls thc beautiful myth
.if Orpheus inarming wild bears by his marvelous melodies nnl that "f Ainphlnn erecting the walls of Tbebu**
to thc music of lyres Before the K'.il'. appeared came
ght and entrancing music.
The most ancient ot wind Instruments ave the 0-reek
"flogera'1 anl Homan "falvos." The latter was nothing
mon* than the flute which the Roumanians still play.
The pipes nf Ilu* l\ni may be heard by any one traveling In Ii'iumiinlii, while the .Servians amtlSQ themselves
l.v playing a one-Htringed violin resembling the ancient
Armorlcan crout, Compared to the modern violin lt Is
■ I .■■i.i g bui musical
The musical instruments nf curly races hnve th*>lr
counterpart In the Instrument of the urn-age tribes today.
'. ryfophone of the Paclflo savages, descrlbol by Captain Cook, wns used thousands Of yearn before Abraham,
inul the modern Instruments tn a Chinese Joss huuso
probably antedated Moses
a Chinaman has no appreciation nf half tones, nor
does  he thrill uh  an orchestra ascends tlm chromatic
p ni- to ii marvelous crescendo, ii inm been asserted that
the jiivImii Oieeks had n poor bdva d( hnrmony.
"Whftl does the lefl hand do in the undent lyreB?"
writes  Hiiint 'Baens,   the  i mlnent  compoear.   "Pictures
nhow the plectrum striking the strings al the base of
. lyre, while ths lefl hand Is higher up, spread oul iik.i
,  fan, behind the iirinn*    It lms been explained that
lhe Mght hand beats   thfl principal nli with the aid
nf the plectrum, whlla tho lefl hand performed a counterpart
.'.M,'" traveling n Bgypl i found a man playing n
i.lg lyre In the Aral quartet iu was Bitting In the ex-
.1,1'. ol ths ancient paintings I could not understand ni hi'H how ic managed to execute n series of
several notes with hli lefl * i ■ cnergi tlcally nibtiing iho
iti ,-.f i looked ci""''', nnd found tho mualclan'a l"ft
hind I   ■ !• I lightly oi\ tho strings he did not wish to
  i    md il ' '■'■ ' '"i bj  thoy  w"r,)
,.   rk hy the i l"i trmti    H In I ■■ m i lh« method
lhc s        t On
They were a shy couple fo. awhile, she especially,
fihe answered only "yes" and "no" to his questions.
But this wasn't because she \.'us dlssatlsfled wllh him;
she simply thought It becoming dignity to us« in hil
But there wae n revelation of love when he volunteered to go with a war party, one day. She began
to cry and grasped his sleeve. "Don't go " sho pleaded,
"for If you do, 1 know you will be killed, and 1 love
you ao much."
After this she threw off her reserve, laughed and
danced, na ho puts It, "the aun always shone."
Ono of the Indian custom*., which be Insisted upon
disobeying was that prohibiting a man frum seeing
hla mother-ln-law. Aa for him, h« liked Nut ah-ki'a
mother, and Insisted upon having her sit In the Mg«
and tell storloa.
Ludicrous scenes were caused by the mother-in-law
order. Schulti saw n tall and dignified chief fall backward behind a high counter an hla mother-in-law
entered the door ot the attire; another Jumped off a
bank, clulhes and all. into the water, lu order io
avoid meeting Ills Wite'B mother.
These Blackfoot women. Mr. Schulti found, re-
Bponded to tlia ordinary devices of llattery and kindness which win white women, thfl only difference being
tbat thoy had better command over their umoilons.
"Who did ynu think the prettiest girl at the dance?'
staked hla wife one ei.iy,
"Thu little while woman (meaning herself), who
Uvea In UiIh lodge," he replied, nnl as she turned her
head shyly aside he detected a uulek rush of blood lo
tbe cheeks and a Hash of lovellght In the «ye».
Being an Inquisitive whito man, he learned aome
things which even the Indian bucks, perhaps, do not
know. For Inatauco, when the young men and glrla
wore engaged In their games on cither aid" of the
common, 11 was well known that tlmae of each side
wore closely eying the other side, although they gave
no palpable sign.
Worn iNut-uii-kl h*1 learned that when the girls got
away by themselves they had merry times discussing
the boys, and especially laughed over the unties of
Home tellow corresponding to nur "masher1 who considered himself the dandy of the village
That UiIr Indian wife had In her veins the samo
tire of romance and love as her white sister was shown
after the public maiming of a womnn who had been d«v
teoted In liuldellty. The woman's nose was cut off-
the usual marking In audi cases,
"You aee," Nut-nh-kl told her white husband, "the
woman wus not to blame. She had always loved Two
Stars, but lie Is verv poor, and her bad father made hor
go lo bad nltl Looking Hack, who had already
live women, and 1» very mean and cruel to them, Oh. I
pity her!"
After a year of life with Nat-nh-ki her white husband left her to return East, lie thought he wad going
back to his Puritan people. But he round he no longer
liked the life of olvtlUatlon, He hinged contlnua ly
for the plains and found luve for this girl of the wilds
Stronger than other Ilea.
As he entered the lodge on his return, she was on
bor knees before the fireplace blowing the flames. Hays
BchulU: "She threw her urine around my neck and
klsaed ine, and iu nnolher instant was in the othor
room crying out, 'Awake, mine; my man has returned
•"MUle woman,' 1 said, taking her hand, 'pily
your man; he Is not ns guud na lm might be, them
are bad places In his heart—
"'Stop!'  she  exclaimed,    "Stop!   You are good,
good,   ^ou have come bnck to me.'"
As to morality of the Blackfoot womnn, one might
Judge from an incident. One day. white the women
were laughing and talking gully, Schultz walked ln
with a Methodist Kplscopul clergyman. "' "■-'-'■
he whispered: "This Is u -"Acred man.
hlm to sacredly marry us,"
"Oh," she cried. "How did you ever know my
wish? Il Is what 1 have always wanted you lu do, but
1-1 was afraid, ashamed to ask you."
An Instance given In the story shows thnt Indians
at tlmeB are moved bv love for a friend to do herolo
thl nan There was a bad Indian in lhe camp whu was
opposed to Schultz living among them; he tried twice
lu assassinate hlm. One day the Indian was found
dead uo the plains.
It was supposed he hnd lust his life on one of the
warring expeditions, until a young Indian of the tribe
came fnrwnrd and confessed! "1 killed him. He would
have killed our white brother I meaning Schultz), and
I killed him." ,    ,    , ,
This astounded the white man, who had been raised
to believe that lhe Indians wore selfish and ungrateful Instead of mourning, tha bad man's wives Joined
In the general rejoicing.
SohUltl tells at some length of an Indian elope*
merit at which he assisted. He and the redskin lover
rode several hundred miles, but were received with
coldness In the camp of the young woman. Very op-
nortunely a rival tribe attacked he camp, and during
the excitement the two men slipped away with the
eirl, who rode behind the lover on his horse.
It Ih somewhat astonishing to the white man to
learn that Indians are-or were in those days-^emon-
stratlvo in their affections, Kissing was a common
token of luvp among tho Northwestern tribes, and a
I.rave was not ashamed nor too blase to give outward
evidence of his feollngs—which In Itself throws a new
iiirht on the Indian character.
Charily'.' This remarkable man found lhe Indiana
brimful of U- Wrum a child became orphaned, every
lodire in the cump wan open to It.
After a happy life together, Mr, Penults wns deprived of his wife liy death. Sin* passed awny of
rheumatism in a hospital.
Then the heartbroken widower returned to his own
people to spend  the  remainder of his dnys mourning
To  Nat-ah-kl
I have asked
altor -liis mil-
l.y tl.e rwilnf ihnl
affectionate uf wive
lint l.ls g.-l'.f Is sweatenetl
hud   one   of  lliu   lluest,   .....et
./*-.'"'*'        I •     I    t'i       /<
■Xr   lM"*'^ " '
ll '*
ND now," observed urms-
by, "having absorbed. If
not assimilated*, one of
those remarkable 'Best
dinners In tho city (or
35 cents,' I will go down
to the Capitol and talk
to tho Governor like an
equal nml a brother. I'm
sort of weary of it—thoso
'hist for iV I moan."
Randall laughed. "Well,
why don't you end It, my
boy?" he asked. "This
l* ih.. ilrsi time i ever
made it my business to
hunt up a youngster and
offer him a berth In the
II. and C. W„ and I'm
free lo say 1 can'l qulto
understand   your reason-
of being a king pin
very good, Mr.
answered   ihe
num.   his   tone
serious,    "and
sec,   I'l
ll   tup
Western, he's well worth tying
hould bi
fond of thoso be
. as you
■when a man's g
Hartsdale and C
up to; hut, you
railroading "
"Are you sun
call them?"
Orrnshy assumed an air of profound solemnity.
"In a high, clear voice t want to sny." he declared,
"that I'm not 1 will depose" further that 1 am lacking
lu fondness for the worthy young grocer clerks who
Infest the modern sanitary boarding house which shelters
me. that I'm not enthusiastic over this sitting up all
nighl to prepare breakfast table literature; that I'm sure
the gentleman who thinks he's a good city editor, because
he tearB Up moat of my copy, in an unhappy idiot; and
that l can't see a ray of hope for becoming purse-proud
or haughty on the contents or the yellow envelope they
hand me on Saturday afternoons. Oh, I'll admit, Mr.
Randall, that sometimes 1 get Jolly well discouraged and
wick of this newspaper business/'
Again Randall laughed. "I thought you could see tin*
great white light of reason, Bobby,' he said. "Now be
sensible, Here you are, a year out of college, and as
bright nn they make 'em, and what are you doing for
yourself Absolutely nothing. You're Just a hack
horse for the Herald, and that's all you'll ever be. You're
getting ahead. 1 grant, but what does It amount to?
There Isn't any real prosperity In It, and It's prosperity
thai counts. Yon cnn only Just exist on the salary
you're getting, vou can't lay by a penny, Look al your
besl men Why, boy, your managing editor, with all
lhs disarranged alphabet the colleges let him print altar
likely to earn In tho days of your youth."
Ormsby winced. Then he smiled brightly. "But I
ran go down and make n Governor speak politely to
nu1," ho laughed.
"Oet Into railroading, and you can buy a Governor
before breakfast if you want one," snapped Randall,
bluntly.    "I own one or two now."
Ormaby looked up sharply.
"Come," persisted the other. "Oet rid of this high
and mighty, strenuous llfe-upllftlng the rn asses-mis-
Dlon-ln-the-world idea.    Say you'll act sanely."
Ormsby returned to lhe hat. which he straightened
reflectively. "I'd he more comfortable-a lot more comfortable," he admitted, "bul I'd he more like a substitute
than n fellow playing right up close to the line I'm
sort of used to being in ihe scrimmage, you know, air-
got the habit up at the university- and l don't know
just how I'd behave on the side lines, But I'll think It
over, Tlw scrlmmagfl season doesn't lasl very long.
perhaps n ought to bo over for me"
"Don't he a kid. It Isn'l necessary nny inure," advised Randall,
"I'll make up my mind before night," answered the
ether. "Probably one more; yearning glance Into the
palm-bespangled entrance of Mwrrlll's after the theatre
will coat the crown of Journalism one shimmering jewel.
The oal! of the flesh-pots Is about ns strong as the call
of the wild with mc But Just now, I can't ihink of
anything but that Interview I've got to extract from his
Excellency. You'll excuse mo, Mt*. Randall. Business,
you know."
"I'll be at the Allyii Just twenty-four hours longer,"
announced Randall, "If you come to your senses by
that time, let mo know.    Good-day, Hobby,"'
ormsby trudged down the narrow canyon of towering
buildings, paused for a moment on lhe bridge giving
entrance to the park to gaze idly over iho low stone
coping at the turbid river beneath, and swung into the
broml asphalted promenade leading to that glistening
pile of white stone which Centrallu Is wont to proudly
designate "ihe finest State Capitol anywhere." It was
still green and fair In the park, despite tho crisp air and
the litter of faKen leaves on the driveway. il,td Ormsby
Blackened   his  steps,
"Now, why do I hang on?" he asked himself, audibly.
"Why Jo 1 Inflate my manly chest and picture myself
magnificently spurning the gifts the gods provide—the
mine being old Randall and his swlvel-chulr in the
H. and r. \V,7 Why do I do It?—that's what 1 want
to know.''
A party of department clerks, homeward bound to
begin the» Saturday half holiday, passed him, Landis, of
the Treasurers otrice,  in the lead.
"Hello, slave!" hailed Landis. "Just beginning when
the good   people quit?"
"That's right," grinned Ormsby, In reply. "Idle
upper classes rub It in ou the poor worklngmaii," But
to himself he continued: "They're right, thos-1 fellows.
1 am keeping myself in a world Hint's upside down.    1
"'Opt into railroading, und you cnn buy n governor before breakfast
Randall bluntly, '1 own one or two now.'"
want one/ snapped
his name and the power he is In the State, Isn't as well
off as our division superintendent. There's nothing lu
tt, I tell you—unless It's the glory you get out of heing
permitted lnstdfl tha tire lines. Now here I am. using up
Valuable time Jusl lo give you n boost. Yuur father
helped me along when I was a young man, and I'd like
to do Well by his boy. That's why I'm here. This Is
your opportunity. I'll put you Into our offices at double
the salary you're earning 'now, and I'll give you every
chance to rise If you've got the stuff In yuu The thlng'll
give yuu Bubstance nud standing, By the time you're
AH, you'll be a solid man. Prop this Bohemian, rag-
teg-and-bobtall midnight life, nml come wIr-io you belong '
Oimsl.y pulled his soft, gray hut further down over
bin cye«. "I'm glnd I Walked Into you," he commented
"It saved yuu clambering up those Btalra to lhe office.
anyway. It's h vory alluring propoaltluii, sir, and a
kind onn.    I'm more than half tempted''
Hang It, thai, nreept! You're westing yourself
here You can never be anything more than n rolling
•tone nt this. You can't ever hope to have a home or
■anything else that's decent. A chap of vour antuce-
iWiit*  and  training can't marry  un   what  UUU'  you're
have to have B day made out of electricity by night, and
a night mndo out of curtains by day-and," hn concluded,
plaintively, "I have to eat mv supper In the morning
1 guess I'd better change. Yet—by Jingo! I believe I
will ohange,"
He Btamped ns he entered the vaulted marble, corridor of the Capitol. He always stamped there, because
no matter huw many people there might be at wurk
in the offices which fined the sides, or p taring wonder--
ingiy at the limp, discolored battle rings in the glass
cafes and the hugelv overgrown statues of departed
heroes which here nnd tlmre seemed lo bar the way
with heroically uplifted right arms, it was always hushed
nnd still; and stamping made pleasantly vigorous rumbling noises and echoes as It reverberated uni^r the heavy
carved galleries nnd up In the vast hollow of the big,
glided  dome.
lie climbed the massive marble stairway, and swung
open the dnor of the first olflcs In the Governor's suite.
This door has over It a very plain black and gold sign
with the "iie word "Governor." *nd it openi Into a verj
plain, bushes-Mike -oom with flat-top flasks and waste-
basket^ iln.1 a steel manning if Wail igtor crossing
the   Delaware,     Beyond  It  are  cha tube n   with  much
gaud!!) iipiioi-stei l fun lure, wheivln the succeeding
Chlel Magistrates o( Centralis smoke cigars and democratically push the great American cuspidor over the
silken rugs toward Important constituents who prefer
their tohacco In another form.
Easterbrook, executive clerk, by virtue of long familiarity with documents of State and much earnest
pleading on the pari tif Influential family connections
who wished him well, wus writing at one of the desks,
Essterbrook was a mild little man with thick spectacles,
who always looked up apprehensively when people swung
the doo'i*. As Ormsby entered, he almost jumped. Eaa-
terbrook did not like Interruptions, Sometimes they
made him put his pen In the wrong rack.
"Afternoon," hailed Ormsby. "Where is the Governor?"
Easterbrook wiggled, "The Governor," he answered,
hesitatingly, "is In his office, but you can't sec him. Mr.
orrnshy-really, you can't see him this afternoon."
"Why not"" In the city room they held lhat Ortns-
by's forte was In getting nt the root of things,
"Well, you see—It's—*' Easterbrook hnd never succeeded' In active politics. He lied only with perceptible
effort. "The Governor's very busy," he concluded,
"Fudgeklns!" snapped Ormsby, "Easterbrook, you
tit rlghi duwn nud go on 'lotting your I's with great care.
I'm going in, and If his Excellency doesn't Uke ll, it's
his royal prerogative to kick me our."
lie pushed forward. The executive clerk caught, at
his arm "Don't go In, Mr. Ormsby." ho pleaded, nervously.    "You mustn't—honestly, it isn't right."
Orrnshy paused. "So-0," ho whistled. "Same old
alnry, and In a mighty had place is It? Where's Bora-
buck'.'" Roraback was the Governor's private secretary,
his counselor, defender and refuge in time of trouble,
and one whom Ormsby viewed with much respect.
"Mr P.ornback's gone? for Sunday, and—and—Mr.
Ormsby, that citizens' committee to demand the veto of
the fl and C, W. bill Is coming here at 'A o'clock, ami
the Governor's got an iron-dart appointment with them.
What am I going to do? Say, whnt am I going to do?"
There wns helpless dismay In Easterbrook's slinking
Voice, and the hand on the reporter's arm was trembling.
"You're going to keep very quiet for a few minutes,"
assure! Ormsby, "and I'm going to take n look at
things," He brushed aside tlie protesting clerk, und
stopped Into the first office of the Governor's private
suite. It wns vacant, lle pulled the heavy drapurles
dividing it from the second room. The Governor was
there, lie was careened, a flabby, heuvy-Jowled llgure
of a mnn, across the billowy arm of n great cushioned
chnlr, his feet weakly entangled in the wreck of a
tabouret. Ilia eyes we-re bleared and watery. He
drooled Idiotically.
"H'lo, Ormsby," he gluttered. "Hav" drtnk--good
The Governor of the sovereign Stale of Centralia was
hopelessly drunk!
Ormsby viewed tho spectacle without the shock of
surprise. He lind found what he had anticipated when
tho frightened Easterbrook hnd first essayed to bar hla
progress. He knew the weaknesses of his Excellency.
There were many of ihem. and this the worst of all,
since lt was the highway for the others. He had seen
the Governor noisily hilarious In the utile coterie of his
military staff at the summer encampment of the State
guird. He had heard half-suppressed whisperings of
disreputable exploits In distant cities. He knew the man
for the weak figurehead of designing political powers.
Rut never before had the weakness brought him tottering to this disgusting, pitiful besottedness. Never before
had Centralla's Capitol been chosen as Its theatre,
Ormsby hml few ideals. He was lhe crack reporter of
a morning paper. But the situation was extreme.
"Faugh!" said Ormsby. "You're a sight!"
Easterbrook stole to his side. "Whnt are we going
to do?" he quavered, hysterically. "The committee's
downstairs now."
"Hav' drink," persisted the Governor.
"He ought to sec 'em," argued Ormsby. "He ought
to see 'em, because thai railroad franchise is an out-and-
out steal they rolled through the Legislature on gold
dollars, and this committee of heavyweights might
frighten him into vetoing tt like a man. But, of course,"
he added, "he can't see 'em. He Isn't tit to see anything but n patrol wagon. We'll stave 'em off." He
turned toward the door.
The Governor wallowed rn his chair with sickly effort
to rise.
"Whosh Gov'uor?" he demanded, thickly. "You
show'm In, Goin' grant franchise. Got ail fixed. Ran'all's
gen'1'man. Road have anything 't wants. I'll settle
'em. Been prepar'n for'm. Goin' grant franchise. You
show'm in."
Ormsby wheeled about. In his blue eyes Hashed the
sudden light that comes with discovery and swift decision. For a moment ho eyed the weakly floundering
executive lu disgust. Then he sprang to action, "Easterbrook." he ordered, sharply, "In three minutes you show
ihal committee In—right In here."
The executive clerk paled. "But Mr. Ormsby," he
sobbed.   "I-I can't.   He's-"
"Kastorbniok," repeated the other, quickly, "you do
just exactly ns you're told or something very terrible fs
going to huppen to you. You chump," he added, more
cheerfully. "I'll run Ihls show ull right."
He hesitated a moment us he heard Easterbrook's
shaking tones In the outer olliee. Then he strode toward the Governor, who had ceased his vain attempts
lu stand, and with bt aided chin sunken on hla chest was
now breathing heavily in slumber.
"So Randall bought ynu before breakfast, did he?"
h*> questioned, very coolly now. "You're pnrt of tho
H. and C. W.'s equipment, are you? And you're going
to give tl.em ihnt franchise that'll protect them forever
p.nd amen from competition by the trolley, and let them
throttle the Slate al their own easy leisure? You're
going to lei the-m haul all the grain at their own line
young rates, are you—were you, I mean?" he corrected.
"Well, here's for State tights, as lhu misguided said
In '61."
With harsh hand he seized the executive of Centralia
by the collar of his dignified frock coat. Spineless and
collapsing In many Joints, thfl helpless, upturned feet
drawing great grooves in the velvety surface of the
rug, he dragged him to a corner behind the curtains,
threw open the window to let th» fresh air blow on the
purpled face, and pushed the flabby, Inert body Into place
with his fool.
"Lie there," he snapped, panting frum the exertion.
"You're making a lot uf iruuble—for a Governor."
Tlie citizens' committee, to protest agnliiBt* the
granting of the Iniquitous perpetual rights franchise to
the Hartsdale and Centralis Western Railroad, filed
slowly in from the anteroom of the executive clerk. At
tis head was General Rutherford, a gentlemnn of years
snd a somewhat formidable pomposity, who hud been
found useful In the soldiery of his Slate lu two wars,
but who had been almost shamefully negligent In the
acquisition of "financial consequence" und "vested Interest." Close behind him were Bronson, of the farmers' Federation; Boyd, lhe leader of the little valley
towns In the Assembly, Knapp, the keen young lawyer
accused by the H, and C. W. of professional entanglement with the proposed trolley corporation, nnd a dozen
Ormsby knew them ull. They were lighting men of
strength ami purpose und honesty, but under existing
political ie/,idiiluns in Centralis they were men with
whom It was not necessary seriously tu reckun. Their
faces were stern and *d They enme. the forlorn hope
of a cause which already knew lis (ate. They sought
for that always possible weakness In the aunur of a
relentless foe, hut tbey were not hopeful.
The general held lu his hand a thick roll of foolscap!
presumably the petition oi remonstrance of which the
papers hod told, and ho smrvd In surprised displeasure
at the alert, smiling young mnn who confronted him,
"We have come,'1 he began, "to see-"
"Your pardon, general," Interrupted Ormsby. "Permit me to explain thai i am temporarily acting as prlr
vnte secretary to Governor Abingdon in the absence of
Mi*. Roraback. The Governor Is, I regret lo say, unable
to keep his oppolntment.  He
"Ah-h-h!" snorted General Rutherford, Indignantly.
The committeemen grouped In his rear whispered in
Ehnrp  dissatisfaction,
"He Ih." went on Ornish**, In even tones, "most disappointed ai his Inability to receive you In person, lln
was-er—prevented from sn doing"—Ormaby shot a
gin nre over his shoulder ut lhe iht<*k portieres now
closely drawn  "only by n most Insistent matter which
l,-i'i him no choice However, gentlemen, Governor Abingdon is, of i'i.im*..', well aware of tho errand on which
you come; he has carefully Investigated the situation,
weighed tin* causes with deliberation, und, in order tkal
you mighi not be forced to wait an unseemly tii'"' for
nls decision, he has made it possible for me to Inform
you of the course he will follow."
"Ah-h-h!" snorted the goneral again. Knapp buttoned his coat ami squared his shoulders. Bronson leaned
forward. The committee's attitude wns one of stern anticipation.
"Governor Abingdon," pronounced Ormsby, with impressive deliberation, "will veto In its entirety HouBe
Bill No. f.io, amending the charter of the Hartsdale and
Centralia Western Railway."
This time it was the men In the rear rows -if the
committee who drew In their breath sharply, and said
"Ah-h--h!" Knopp'a Arm lips parted In startlod surprise;
Bronson tossed his shaggy head "Young man," stammered General Rutherford, clearing his throat hoarsely,
"young man—"
"I beg you in hdieve, gentlemen," persisted Ormsby,
quickly, "that, despite ihe apparent Informality of thesn
proceedings, 1 speak with authority, Investigation has
convinced the Governor of the Injustice I might almost
say the cr Iml nail ty-of ihls measure,    His veto will he
"Ouch!'   grunted   the   Governor,   feebly,     lie   half
itrelgl tened      ■      ink back
Kgaln Oimsb)   lu tged the hipping head  With vlcloui
pleasure he slipped a bit   tt Ice   lown tha broad back.
"Ouch!     rled    ■  G ivernor.  His features were clear*
Ormsby rumt   . . tl    * >wi Is an I i * tp boxes
in the closet    Again In  slul ed the head    Then he held,
an uncorked bottl*    * ■ ■   .*.- i    loss  undei  tha
wide  tiostrl.-     1 he 11 ivei 01 sat up.
"Shea liere," he muttered     f«ook out '
A not hei  plti her dcscendi gain the amm nta was
applied.     Th.-  Governot     - rabered     nsteodlly   to  his
feei     This time the flood "      lashed In hla tact.
Ideas began to course sloi -■
"Oo you want anothei
"I'm-hle-all right,'  ; i
Splash went  the conti r.
the hnse of his skull     Orm.- ■
- br:     ■ -.*. -
isk< I • irmsby,
■d th'.* Goven *
■i' a fifth pitch* r ag ilnst
lelsed him by the arm.
"You keep thin!.mg very hard that you're not drunk,"
be commanded -You're going to du something important now Easterbrook—oh! Eaa terbrok—bring in
that railroad bill."
Th. Ilnle clerk came timidly back, his weak blus
eyes averted before the half-oomorehendlng stare of his
chief   Kll hand WM shaking jj he delivered the bulky
"The Governor sprawled across tbe desk. The glistening drops from his dripping hair and the ink
from his shaking pen mingled in ugly smears on the typewritti ■ pages."
transmitted to the Assembly at Its next meeting. General Rutherford, you have there, 1 believe, the petition
of protest against the bill, signed by hundreds of Centralla's citizens, M'ay l ask that you leave tt with me"
If Governor Abingdon needed any further justification
of his course I am sure that would supply It."
Silently, for the suddenness of the victory had dazed
him, the genernl surrendered the roll of legal cap. "In
behalf of my colleagues aud the taxpayers of the State
whom we represent," he declared, ponderously, "I wish
to say that we are surprised ami grateful nl this unexpectedly prompt recognition of thfl righteousness of our
contention. We cannot"—the g°nerul cleared his throat
again and surveyed his followers challenglngly—"regard
It f'therwlse than as convincing proof of his Excellency's
loyalty to tlie welfare of our Commonwealth and the
noblest trtisiiltlons of its government. Our only regret ia
that we canot thank him In person. Gentlemen "—the
general faced the committee with dramatic gesture and
thunderous tones—"our task Is ended. The executive
power of Centralia Is In safe hands."
Ormsby dropped his hardly worn formality. "Quite
light, general," he assented, guyly, "and I'm glad to
hear you nay so. It gives me a sense of personal elation,
so to speak. Gentlemen"—hi' was still carefully guarding the entrance to the second room, und thc committeemen, radiant now and conversing excitedly, went pn-islng
him hard—"1 really must beg you to excuse me. Governor left a lot of things to do. Sorry yuu couldn't have
seen him. He's sorry, too. Yes, lt was quick work,
wasn't It? How dlel I come nere, Mr. Knapp? Oh, I'm
the Herald Legislature man, you know, and I Just cam*
over to help out while Roraback'a gone. Good-day. gentleman, good-day."
With one hand holding ihe dark curtains lightly together, hc waved the roll of legal cap genially at the
departing general, as that slout old warrior led his
Jubilantly conversing forces out of the dour. His eyes
were glistening nnd his breath coining swiftly.
"Well, 1 played through the first half In good form,'
he snid, In frank self-admlrallon, "Whew! I'll bet I
sounded like Wellington Smith making a bird o' freedom
speech to his admiring constituency, Nuw I've gol lu
point oul the straight and narrow path lo his Excellency,    Heyl    Easterbrook, come here."
Eastorbrook was white uiul trembling. Then*, was
real terror In the eyes behind the thick lenses of his
spectacles, "tih' Mr, Ormsby, whul huve you done?"
he gasped. "I hoard what the genernl said when he
came out. I don't know whnt the Governor will do to
us.    We—we -could get arrested for this"
Ormsby parted ihe curtains nnd gazed at the prostrate form, still lying helpless where he hud dropped It.
"Easterbrook," ho said, gravely, "this man here Is
a Governor, sworn to do honorably by the people of his
Slate. And lie would have sold ihem out, Easterbrook;
he would huve sold them out for pieces of silver, But
he got drunk, like the loafers the police pull mil nf the
Front streol alleyways and send lo the workhouse He
Is a Governor, hut hu got drunk Just like the loafora Bo
he couldn't sell his people out, you see, and now he
Isn't going in.    Help me gel hlm up.
Thev raised the soiled executive lu lus feet. He was
limp nnd pilltii.lv collapsible, his dull eyss as they
opened blinking dazedly in animal fashlun His hnlr „
and heard wore malted, his clothlnng was awry, and he
smell".! abominably wllh the heavy, pungent smell of *.
country taproom on market day. Hut tlm senses wers
coining slowly back to his addled brain, and he feebly
steadied  himself ngninsi  bin own sickening lurches
"Go bock to your door, Easterbrook," i oinmnnele-td
Ormsby. "Keep everybody out. I'll look nfter hlm."
With firm grasp he led his reding charge tn the marble
lavatory In the inn>T room, and allowed him to drop Into
n chair, with swift fingers he removed tbe guuurna-
lorinl i'oat, waistcoat and neckwear, Shorn of his dignity nf raiment, his great bull neck bare, bis features
coarse and common In tholr bloated Mush, the Chief
Magistrate eq Centralla's 2,000,000 people sal before him
In befuddled atupldlty He took up iln* big silver pitcher
from tn1" table, fll ind ii to the brim, ami emptied It
fairly over the Governor's head.
document,   and   he   slunk   hurriedly   back   to   his   own
"Pull yourself together now," ordered Orrnshy, with
a note of fierceness tn his voice as he deposited the*.
Governor In his desk chair. "This is Randall's llttla
grab bill, you know. I've written the veto on It New
you «ign lt. Do you understand'.' You—sign-that—
The Governor steadied himself against the desk Hy
sheer force he was struggling to hold his senses straight
In  his  slowly   whirling  brain.
"Shall I steady your hand " askej Ormsby, still
holding the ammonia bottle.
The Governor caught himself for a moment on
ground that quivered and rolled only a little
"Veto noshln'," he mumbled. "Goin' gram franchise.
Ran'all's all right."
Ormsby showed his t"eth ns he leaned far over,
"Listen," he said, with the emphasis of absolute distinctness on ench word. "You are drunk. You are so
drunk you couldn't seo the committee when they called.
1 saw them. I told them that bill would be vetoed. Now
veto it."
The Governor sank back in his chair His eyas
closed. They opened suddenly and he gaspeel with thn
choke of the biting ammonia.
"Sign!" commanded Ormsby. "Yuu can understand
now. Veto It. or the story of why Governor Abingdon
couldn't see that committee will be printed lu big black
type all over the first page tomorrow morning, and thtt
Impeachment proceedings will be under way. Easterbrook has seen. Under oath he'll have to corroborate
every word.    Sign,  1 say *
Tho searing inhalations of the alkaline spirit and th*
dynamic force of the steady, Inexorable command drove
the fumes of the drink back from the weakened, confused mind. The Governor stared In piteous horror. He
gu'-plM deep In his throat. He fumbled the pen With
nerveless Angers,
"Sign"'  thundered ormsby.
The Governor sprawled across the desk. The glistening drops from his dripping hair and the Ink from his
shaking pen mingled in ugly smears on the typewritten
pages. I'nsfadlly and with labored breath, as of physical powers strained to their limit, he pushed lhu pen
across the paper's surface. There, wavering and mis*
shapen, bul attll his own. was ihe executive signature
tu the words which broke tl\* grip of the corporation on
the fair lands of Centralia-Henry '• Abingdon He
giued st it fully. Then his head sank upon his arms
and bis vast bulk shook with maudlin sobbing
Ormsby folded the sheets and placed them lu his
■J U.ked forward to kicking you before I went,'   he)
laid  slowly    "I ought to, yuu know  and nobody In our
family's ever kicked a Governoi      But  l  won't     I'll
ju't see that this document goes Into ibe Assembly In
tomorrow   for  your an*
!pt a se* nlld term "
that this docume
,{■■.•  form,  aad   we'll  arrange
nu'-iricement that you wou-t aco
\>.i aftei he had written th*> Herald's story of the
■freai veto (with no reference as lo the processes of its
being), (jrmsb) lounged Into the glittering lobby of th*
Allyn Randall ial In a corner, bul ins manner was
no . ngei affable His forehead was wrinkled ii. something verj I ke i scowl, and he bit nerveualy st his blaok
With ■ ■ '■ fearlessness of unknowing no< si e, i irmsby approached, "I dropped In to tell you Mt Randall,"
he sad, "thai i think lii stick to i11 newspaper Job,
Rail road In gs all right, of course, but 1 itoni think it
gives you quits so muoh chance to run with the ball"
Back at Hie entrance oi ths palm i on tlw rcl itra
began to play the slUy little topical song from tha
comic opera st the Hyperloi With ■ grli of apprecla*
tion ne took up the all In .. »'','   clom whistle.
Th-rn w alwivi lomel   ng      «(
.. , .        . . ,      ...
Id cnu and        "titi
. . | thai
"li's a man a Job," said Ormsby,
,1 IfK
et Tft DUO It'll  DAV H 11   J-aiw    a a
t ■•I" null, run  uiiuiivi.  «....,.
1        Presbyterians   in   Favor  oi
i MoNTiiK.u,, luno It—Hy tlie over
1 whelming majority nt 137 to 11, the
Prrahytrrinn general   asaembly  lms
\ declared itself in lavor ol the proponed
union tt tlm l'res'.yterian, Methodist
and Congregational churches nf
This result was arrived at with one
ol the must protracted and animated
il.-liit.-n that hits taken place al a general n-senil.ly tor many years. So
numerous were tho apeikota who were
eater to express 'heir views, that it
hnd to he continued to an evening
Vl.ile at- limes tl.e speakers l.eonme
pointed in tl.cir orguiuents, the more
temperate among them contrived to
keep tho excited ones within the
hound, that should murk so Important
a discussion.
It, wis ....t. until tour votes hud heen
(..ken llmi (he Huul result wns achieved. There wis originally a motion tor
thonoceptiii.eeol tiei.nloucommittee
to which two iiini'i dnieiits were presented, hoih nt thi-i-e being withdrawn
by its pre.entors, hut only afler n vole
hnd bee f don il'i'led by its supporters.
Tho d.'.t.a i.iin.: thus cleared the
final motion was put in order to show
conclusively how the ii.--ei.il.ly st... d
on the question ot lho proposed union.
There were 137 fur lho union and only
11 againsl it.
The question of teniperai.ee and
mor.il relorm evoked « livelj and in-
tPR.8iii.gili.cii6.ii.il, Striking features
of tho disoussion were a strong speeoh
by Rev. Hr. Gordon (Rulph Connor)
of Winnipeg, who dwell on commercial
and p..'ideal conditions, and lelerred
to reeent revolutions regarding the
private morals bl s-nnc public men,
and a linging speech made hy Mr Q.M
Ma.'Di.nnell, K.C, ot Kingston, who
declared lhat the principal evil Canada
wassulTering Iron, to-day w..s not intemperance, but grult.   He snid:
"1 object most s rongly to temperance being put first in this question
Canada today is not suffering Irom
intemperance one-hundredth part ol
a degree tn what she is suffering from
gralt. F.very man in business knows
thnt, and it this General Assembly has
anything to say ol moral reform, let it
deal wiih the first thing first."
The Big Feature of the Norris
& Rowe Circus.
Mr. Chas. Sasse, lhe famous European agent of Morris & Rowe, finally
secured, alter several years aitempts,
tlie  troupe of   Cossacks   and  wild
Russian acrobats and dancers which
bears  the nnme ol  the Newekyotf
Troupe.    These people are naiives ot
the wild Steppes ol  far off  Russi.
They acknowledge no Sovereign and
theCz.irofi.il  tl.e  Rixsia-  is  wise
enough to let them alone.   They have
never  been conquered an.l know no
master save tbe chose., leader ot Iheir
own particular cli.n. They have a love
of  wild  udveutu.e  but are seldom
willing to  venture into civilization,
but Mr. S;isse painted lhe new country
ot America to them   in  such  golden
colors and offend tl.em a salary that
simply seemed princely, and so they
determined to come to  this country.
It is doubtful if they will remain long
for  they  are already pining for their
wild tree fi"rce  life of their native
mountains, but Norris ,*v. Howe have
put themselves under a heavy hond
to return them to their native land at
the expiration of tho  present circus
season.    The exhibition they give is
said to be wonderful and marvelous in
tl.e weirdness of their customs and
ceremonies.     The  men  are super-
naturally stiong.    Their daring teats
ot expert horsemanship arouses the
wildest enthusiasm.   The women play
upon old musical instruments and are
the most graceful dancers and acrobats
this country has over seen.    Upon
the elevated stage in  the middle of
the vast arena of the Norris & Rowe
circus, the Newskyoft* Troupe perform
a series of strange contortions.    Tl.e
acrobatic is mingled with tl.e singing
and dancing and while it iB all new
and strange to this country, still it is
graceful in the extreme, by the very
expertness of it all.   The act is one of
absorbing and most intense interest
and must be seen to be fully appreciated,    While  the Newskyoff Troupe
are exhibiting, everything else will
come to a standstill, no other act
being allowed to interfere with the
lull pictinefquciiess ol it.    Tl.e cob-
tomes worn by the troupe are wonderfully  beautilul      The act will be
exhibited hero when Norris & Howe's
oircus conies to Revelstoke, Wednosday
Juno lllth.
All the hot weather aristocrats
are here-
English Flannels
Imperial Serges
Gray Worsteds
Scotch Tweeds
Irish Homespuns
Light fabrics, dark fabrics and plenty
in between —from lhe dignified
plain effects to all manner of daring
stripes, plaids and mixtures.
No trouble to pick out your summer
suit, with so much elegance to
choose from.
$15, $18, $20. and up.
McKinnon I Sutherland -  Revelstoke
MoRdoy and Tuesday
IIY I & I If
Grand Slreel Parade of iheVocck-
hei k Nolan Minstrel Show,
with their own Brass Band
Concluding will, an Elaborate
Pyrotechnic   Display  nnd
llhunin.iti.il   Parade,
.The Nelson City Bund will be
in attendance each dny.
Exc.ii.-slim Rates from all parts
Chairman Secretary
llis Wnisl.il. lhe Mayor
W. fi. (ULLKTT,
Honorary Chain..i.n.
Shaking is a hard, back-breaking exercise,
The Best
peculiar to common furnaces, while you can
stand erect at the Sunshine—and moving the
lever, to and fro, about half the length of your
arm, a few times, is mere play. A child can
casiiy do it.
Grates of the Sunshine are in two sections-
right and left. By gently rocking the lever, a
few times, the ashes are released from the right.
Repeat the operation on the left and the ashes
from that side drop into the ash-pan, too.
You couldn't wish for anything easier than
the Sunshine Method.
When this lever is not in use it can be disconnected from the grates and the opening
capped, But when connected it (ills up the
opening so snugly lhat no dust from Ihe fa'ling ashes can escape.
Every detail is thought of on the " Sunshine "—that's what makes it
the best.
If your local d-al, r does not handle the "Sunshine," write direct to
us for Free Booklet.
A most unusual opportunity to have
Ihe best make of Sewing Machine on
the world's market in your home is
possible tn the extra valves embodied
in the modern iiiachiues manufactured
l.y the Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Al this seiison of ll.e year, sewing
machines nre pai tiuularly saleable,
Inasmuch as homes nre refurnished,
nhi.iles changed and bridal apartments
are set up.
To he possessed of the mo.t recently
Improved models—macliines that reduce fine sewing to a pleasant and
minimum of labor, tlie guaranteed
qualities carried hy tliis Big Reliable
Firm should l.e carefully inspected and
Sold on very easy terms.   Liberal
discount for cash and short lime payments.   Old machines exchanged,
R. 0. Patterson, Local Agent.
Offlce:   -   -   Davidson's Tailor Shop
McKenzie Avenue.
Inin hii-1 im mi l ii, apply li, ll..- rabli
I'l.i.'l   < ...l>llll*.il.|lrr  l.(   ...... U  fill.I    .' ' I.     I"'
gUUClill li.,-ii*|. I.„,,|ii Hl.iIi'llIT)' it..-.' tinili.i .'..-il.
.1... Ml, ivii-B ili-.-.,-.-il,i.,| 1, ., sllualnl In W.*
K.h.i, ifiiy District.
1 Ci.iiiini'lii-iiiif nl n posl nli-,ul s mllo frmn
il.el.nna ..I Carll..... nkc, ...nikt.il ■ A. Evint'
iiorll.-ivtist .-'.rii.-r p..*.,"   tl i-.u-i.-   in...., si.
uUI..., nasi 81) (...Hin. ri I, h' .-pains, uo-.sn
i.|.nli.s in. .-in' .'I.'...nm.'iii'iuii..in.
■J,  ri.iinii-'i..--lii|. ... ii ... si ftbn.il U-n tulle*
'roin  llio bead ". (Ji.rlb.-o'aim,on llio nisi
Mfiu... miukul "\. Evni.fi' nor.li-wesicornor
■ -.,".I.i-l-.-.. mini, H. .-Iniin.*, ras. kiii-Iiiiiii*,
....rtl.goonslns, ivesl BO utialiir. to ino pointol
Uated April /2nd. 1007.
i   ::. Ctimmeiieini. nt n p..*. nbout two miles
Mi.,... iho iR-ii.l ol (larll  Lake mul about one
mile leek inmi -iii.l lake, ...nrkmi "W.Ed-
...nit' north-west i-i.rt.i.r posl," tbence soulli
Boolinlni, i-n*t 8a ohnins, north mi * - h ui i.s. ..-.-si
ni ehalus lu puiui ..I .....in...-n.i-i.ic.il
liuiud u.ril Kind.MOT
.. ('i)!iint"i!..|:tL' ... n post nl...... one mile
i'm.in ilu. lu'iid ... .'i.rll. o I nke nnd lino mile
l.u-k fro... iRkeshore. markod' A.Kvan.' northwesl ...irut-r post," thenre soutli nn i-liulns, ens.
Ml I'll  ills. ll....]. HII pllHlllS, WOSt SU i-lllillH to
poim of r'.uin.-ni-'-lnt-iit,
Hald April-.'and. HOT,
A.   'VANS.
.i. I'liiiuiiMicliiK nt ii post ulmut h ...Ilo I'roi.i
Ibelioad ol ..oil. .. Lake nml ntutul n in.li-
(rom ll.o lake iln.r... ninrlmd IV  liilwiinl-'
 lt.-'''isl roruitr post," ll.'-iu-i: .vestsu if liains,
norlh 80 chains, cast SO chains, iouth clmins
... point ofcommenncmo.it
ii......1 April 22nd,lib?.
.'..    oinmoncl.ni al n pmt planled nt Hit
niirth-eaii corner ulllaril take, marked "A.
'■-villi-. rlli-o««l eorner poit," thonce woat 80
chain., south KO chaini, east ni clialus, uurth
Hilrlmill, lo polul iilt'Ollllllilicl-lllcllt.
Haled April IS.li, 10UV
1 ronuii.'iiiiiiK nl .. poBt planted about :i
...iln.- up.. mull crook on.ptylng nt tbe boat! of
r.irii.o.1 Lnko, i..itrl,i..l '"A. Hvoub'north-wen
corner post," tliouce south 80 chains, oast80
chnlns, i.ortl. UOchnlns, well HI.chains to point
nl toininuiioomoiit,
Dulod April Hill l;«.7.
8. Commencing ntn posl plnntod ntA.Evaus'
uorlh-wost con.or......I iiim... 3 miles Up u sninii
.rail emptying Into hond uf Carll.00 Lnko,
marked "W tiller Edwards' south-west corner
..." the.co north 60 chnlns. nnst 80 chnluB,
h 80 chnlns, west 80 chnlns to pointol com-
Datod April 21th, tOM.
II. CofiHiiiiii.-i..'.' ut .. post plnntod iil.i.iit..
...ilo ..p.. biik.II creel, ouiptyinglnto ilm north
cnl ..r I'firiliiio I.ul,.. ninl ninilioil "A. Kviitis'
south-oasl corner post." theuco wost 80 chains,
iioiili 81}chnius, oust £11 chains, south80 ohnlns
in point i.i comuiuiicoin'!ul.
Unled April 24th, noi.
IU. I'oumioi.cing at .. post i.lautuil about Itfj
...ilo*.... u creok rnuulug iuto lho hond of Cari-
bin. Lako. in. iho oast sido of said lako, and
iii.irko.i -Waller Edwards' uorth-wost onrnor
post," thonco south Sutohiiius,enst81)chuius,
iiorii. BO chains, west SO cuius lu point ol commeucemeut.
Dnted April 21th, HOT.
\.ii| l.fr, if* ,.
1>    ililJ'sn-.-i-
"l   'it'.'
.1 't'i'
...... ...ih*.
Ilo.. . hlofCuu
. Ill .    "I
niul Wurk.
.or a spuol.il  lie
.0   ,11
.ii .1
..   i .,    .
limber f.-oiii the
«• It- .1
1 1.mils su.
......I iu the Dial
M    Null
kooti ii.--
t.'!... a... -i  f
un the wesl
tide ..f Ooal
s iipfr.-ni
lii.-li lilvor, h.tl ■
: ■ '  ...
Kurt Im*.
■mil, ll i:., ...i.i
'-.v. 1
,.,,' nortl.
west .-„rn,-i.,.,..
i. .. . f.
1 ,,..
.in., thence
sM.fth 80 oil..in-,
..  -,,.-*.
hl|  ,1
. ti, .Iini..-
.ui-th Wl chalna '.u
...inl ..I
ic. ment*
Dfilod April 2...I.
.:. «'
■J.  fipniinelicbifi
],„.i nl
n.oil ,
n [lie enst
i.l....t.i...i. Creek,
il fuur mil s -i
frit... Jin*. 11
fiver, In .ho Dill
of Nur
tt I...-1
1. C. and marked
IV. Cut
.' nuilli-wesU'i...
,or pus.,'- tlienco
BO chal.
-. ll....
ie sun h 8,
I...... i, thenco wei
t 8
tl.el.ee uurll. h-
liains tu ilm poini
Dated April Sill.,
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
No Seedless PluniB; No Pitless
Apples; No Col.less Com,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue free.
•    M. J. HENRY'S
P.S.—II your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
We prepay fifty packets, assorted
varieties. Oi garden Feeds in 5c. papers
(tested stock), to your nearest pnst
office for |1.00, twenty packets for 50c.
trial collection.
25c. to 50c. on ihe $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Orygoods and Shoe Bills
Take notice Unit Andrew Kitson nt Rovelstuki.
li. ('., Miner, Intends lu appl) fora special ti alter
license over iln* folluwtiis iteserlbeil landi
sitinvle In tliu Lllluuut District:
l. Commencing at n imm planted nt tlie nontli-
east corner of T-I,. tan und markoil "Andrew
Kitson's s. \V. ciiiin-r piial,'' tiioiicfl running nortli
ion cliains, eaat -in cliuiim, soutli ll)i> eliains,
ivest lOeliai ih in pninl iift'oiniueucciuttiilaiitlcoii*
talning oin acteu more or Ih1 *.
lJuteit May lfllh, ii"1".
•i. (.'otumenclng at ft poat planted on tha wast
side of tlie nurtli fork ol sej moiii' lllver nbtnit two
niili-H inntli of T. I.. 8227, and marked "Andrew
KiUmn'-aS. B> coiner post" tlience running nortli
Wl clmuis, we.il SO elm inn, sout li 8i- ciniins, uasl w)
i-lniiiH lo puint of coinnieueoinuut ami coulatntng
lil'i iiiti's more nvlcss.
Datud May 16ttai ltxff.
8. (..■< un ni em* int> nl ii pnst planted on the west
ilde of the norlli folk o( Heymour Kiver about four
miles imrth of T-1. 5*^7, anil niarked "Andrew
Kitson's N. lv em ner post," tlienee running south
fll i'liains. west HO ehnins, nurth SO chains, eust hd
chains to point nf eomnieticenientjand containing
Din acres more nrless.
Dated May Itith, 1D07
i. Ooioinoiiclna ftta pnst planted mi the west
itidenf the north fnrk of Heymour river about fi
miles imrlli uf T. I„ 8227 ami marked "Andrew
Kilstnfs B. K corner post," llienee running north
•n chains, wesl 80 chains, smith tO chains, emit 80
hains to point of commencement and containing
IHO anes more or loss.
Dated May 16th, 1007.
fi, Commencing at a post planted on the cast
side of the nonh fnrk of Heymour Itiver about two
miles north nf i. 1., 8U& and mnrked Andrew
Kill-mil's S. W. conn r post," Ihence running nurth
Si chains, easi 80 chulnd, south SO chains, west fcO
'hains to puint nf commencement and containing
liin acres more orless.
Dated May loth, wot.
Commeuolng at a imst planled one-half mile '
8, Commencing at a post plantod on the eait
Ir of (inni Creek, about live miles up from Uuuh
Ivor, in the District ot NortlhKast Kootenaj*l)
li C, and marked "Q. W. Oatei1 uorth-west cort
nor post," thenco east BO chaiiu, thence BontliSQ
chains thence wost m eliains, llienee nortli 80
chuiiiB t" i he point uf commencement,
Dated April 20th, 1007.
1. Commonclna at a post planted on the east
side nf limit Crook, alumi bIk miles up (rom Bush
Itiver, in ilm District o( North-Bast Kootenay,
n.i'.. and marked "fl. W. Oaten' norlh-west cornor nost." tlionco cast so chains.thence uouth SO
chams, thonce west sn chains, thence nortli st)
chains tn the poim nf commencement.
Dated April Mb, 1007.
a. W. OATBS.
S. Oomraencing at a posl planted on the east
side nf Ooal l 'r.'i'k, alumi OU miles up fnnn II11-.I1
liiv.t, in Uie DHlrli-t of Sorth-Kast Kootonay
B.C. andmarked "Q, W. flites' north-wait corner nost," Ihence east 100 ohaius, thence uuu th 411
chains, thenee west Hin cha Ini, tlience imrtli |o
chains to the point nf commoncement.
Daled April Mill, lUl'7.
li. Commencing at a post planted on the oast
Bide nf float Creek almnt seven miles uptime
iim.li tth-er, In tlm District nf North.Kast Koot
nay, H.i'.. and marked "fl, W.Dates' notth-
Wi si oorner pnst," thence easi itm i'liains. tlience
smitli 40 cliains, thence west liin chain*, tlience
north -to chains to the pninl nf commenoomont.
Dated April 20th, 1007.
7. Commonclng at a post planted on the easl
tt'nf Coat Creek, almnt 8 miles up from Hush
ivor, in the Distriet ..f North-Host Kootenay,
B.C., nnd inarkod "0, W. flatus' north-west cor-
ii r imst'* tlienee east BO ehains, llienee smith Ml
ehains, thenee west 80 chains, thenco north 80
eliains Inllie pnint nf iminiiimmcnii'iit.
Dated April 20th, 1007.
aw. (IATKS,
8. Commeuelng nt a post planted on tho
east side oi Goaturoik, ittmiit nine miles up
from Hush Kiver. in ihe District nf North-East
Kootonay, 11, C„ mid innrkeil "0. W. Ufttes1
uorth-west corner post." tlience eait so clialns,
tlience south 80 ohaius, ihenco wost 80 chains,
thonco north 80 ohains to iho point of oorn-
Dated April a)tli, 1007.
(1. W. flATKS
'.).   I'cinraeni'iiiK «l "  post   plumed on ihu
wostiddo of Goat Creok, nimur.iJ. miles up from
Bush Kiver, in ilie District ol North-KastKuot-
enny, It, i;„ and mnrked '■(.., W.'.ales'snnth-
irnor post," tiience north 160chains,
theuco oust40 ohaius, ihenee smith lOOchains,
llienee west  lo chains to the pointof commoncomont
Dated April *JHli, 1907,
10. Comincncing ul apost planlcd on the
weit Bido Of Huul Creek, abuul OU miles up
from Hush Hlver. In lhe Dislrict of Nnrtli Eut
Kootonay, B. c„ and marked "Q.W. Gales'
south-east eorner nost," ihenee woit 40 chains.
ihence nortli 160 chains, theuce east 10 chains,
tlmiiee smith 160 Chains to the point olcom*
Dated April 20th, 1007.
fl. W. AAIKS.
11. Commencing ai a punt planted on the
wesl liank of limit Creek, about live miles up
from Hush Kiver, in thu District of Norlh-Kosl
Kootenay. B, i;., and marked "0, W. OatOB1
south-east corner imst," thenee west fin chains.
theme north SO chains, theuce east 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated April Mh, 1'.H'7,
ml my 18 U. W. GATES.
n't -nd ii-si-pii-in li ■' ni ti 1 - mu ;-- one 1 01
I.a id*, am! V\orke fur a ■> eeln .: . .
aul cirrj - mber (rom the following dcurrlbed
Undsi mate'I iu the Cariboo District, H I  ;
1 '       '11 [ng -it 0 posl marked   W.J Otfwi's
north '"-1 corner," pUntwl Dn Canoe 1:
11 imi- from month of Ptarmigan! reek, thei
•■ chali -. mnth Ihence tO
thaiiw weat, tlmuce si elm Iiu north tn puint of
' inimencement.
Dad 1 Sl ..'..■* tl  m.
'-'•  Com  Ing il Kposl niarked "W.J. Oito's
-mth-west comer," planted nn PUrulfU Cnwk
 l' miles up from mouth, tbence BO cl •
ast, thenco 80 chains imrth. thence w chains
nest, theuce 80 ohalm south to poinl ol eommen-
3. Commencing at a post marked '*\V.J.Otto*a
v.nth west corner," planted on Ptarmigan Creek
nbout? miles frnm mouth, thence 90 chains east
Ihence ^0 ehains south, thence 80 chains east,
thence 40 chains imnh, tbence BO chains west,
ihence w chains north, thence SO ohalm west,
ihence tu chains snutli to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post msrked "W, J,
Oito's south-west comer," planted on I'lurmt-
Kan creek abmiiy miles frmn lhe mouth.ihence
100chains last, thenre 40 cliaius north, ihence
i'-o Grains west, thence 40 chains soutb to
poinl of commencement.
Dated March 28tb, 1007,
o. Commencing at a post msrked "W, J.
Otto's north-eaM corner, planted on 1 anoe
Itiver about SO miles from mouth, ihi-iicelGo
chains west, thence 40 chains sout1', ihi-iieeltW
cliains esst, ihence 4ti chains nnrth tu poiat ef
Dated Maroh 81st, 1W7.
il. Commencing at a net markod MW, J.
Ottos north-east corner, planted on Canoe
Kiver about ft' mile- frmn mouth, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains north, ihence mi chains oast to point uf
cum menoement.
7, Commenolng at a post marked "W.J,
Ottos south-east eorner, planted on Canoe
Itiver about 63 milts from the mouth, ihence
w chains north, ihence so chain* west, thenco
ni chains south, Ihenco 80 chains east to point
oi commoncomont.
8. Commencing at a post mm ked "W, J.
Ottos uorlh'Cost conier.' plantod on Canoe
Kivor abuut 7n miles from month, ihence hi
chains soulh, thenco80 chains west, thenee 80
chain- north thenoo 80 ohains oast to point of
0. Commencing nl a post marked "W.J.
-.' m south-oast cumer, planted on 1 anoe
Ulvcr about 70 miles from iis mouth, thence
IliO chain i west, thenee to chain,- north, thence
loo chains east, thenoe lo chain- south to point
of commoncomont.
Dated Maroh 30th, 1007.
sat jun 1
Take notico that Alex. McOrae. nf Revalstoke.
B, C.( l*rospoctor, Intends lu a,i|ily fur aspecial
timber license ovor lhe following described lands
lituate in the Lillooet District;
1. Commencing at a pusl planted on the west
imnk nf iln-imii h i.tik n| lliu Seymour Itiver and
ahmil twu miles nnrtli of T. L. 8M7. ami marked
"Alex. McCrae'aN. V,. eorner post," thence running soutli 160 chains, wert to chains, north 160
chains, east 40 chains to point of commencement
and containing 010 acres more nr less.
Dated May loth, 1007,
2. Commencing at a pnst planted on the east
fide of the nortli fork of Seymour Kiver joining
(ne nnrth end uf T.L. 8--.2S and marked "'Alex.
McCrau's H. W. corner post," thenee runnin
( .„,„,., t „   ll(ir"' Sl1 eliains, east SO cliains, south 80 chains,
11 < "r Lii Vtt't fi'ol (U k'sT olf "t fie "iu !rt'ii"fV, lit Iir '.v'yiiuiiir  ***\ .M! I'liailw tn l'"'"1 of commoncement ami
Notice w hereby glvon thai 30 days aftor dato
1 Inteud 10 appt) to theChief Commissioner ol
Lind-and Work- for a speoial licence to cut
and carry away limber from lhc following described lands in North-east Kootenay Dislrict:
1. Commencing at a post marked "W.J,
Otto's norlh-easl cornor," planted on the Columbia Liver about -UOehalac up stream frnm
Kinbasket Lake, ihence wesl lOjehalns thence
soulli lOchains, thence ea.-l HV' clmins ihencu
north in chain- to point uf tj'imineiiceiiKUt.
Dated April 7th, 1007.
!. Commonolug at a po-t marked "W. J.
Ito'ssouth-wesl eorner,' planted on Middle
lliver, about yj uhain- from tbe mouth, thence
north 80 chains, thenco east Ml chains, thonoo
Bouth 80 chains, thonoo wost Bo chains u> point
of commencement.
Dated April tith, 1W7.
sntjiuil W. ,1. OTTO.
Certificate of Improvements.
Uiehmond Mineral Claim, situate in tho Hev
elsloke Mining Division uf We-l Kootenay
Where located:—At Standaid Basin, South
Fork of Downie Creek.
Take notice that I, U, Smith, P.M.C No.
B'-s;ii, acting as agent for W. H. Willcox.
Free Miner's Certufcale No. 1188580, intend,
sixty days frum date hereof, to apply to the
Mining lu'corder for a Certificate oj lmpiuvu-
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Urant of the abovo claim,
And further lake notice that action, under
lection .17, must la.* commenced before the
Issuance of -such Uertlflcato of Improvements.
Dated ihis 23rd day uf May. All. 1807.
wad my n H. SMITH.
WE PAY FREIGHT loany railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Snskatche-
wan, Alberta and British Culumbia,
Write for our Latest Price List, it is
mailed free on request.
We only handle the "besl goods money
can buy, only goods of besl mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Goods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is a dutylo You, to Vour Family and
to your Pocket Book to investigate our
Wc do nol belong to lhe Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References: Any Bank) Railway or
Express Company in the Cily, 01* the
names of twenty thausand satisfied customers in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Itiver and inarked "Andrew Kitson's N. K, cunier
post," thenee runulnn south 120 chains, west 80
chains, north lo • halns, e.ist 40 chains, nnrtli 80
chains, easi 40 chains tu pnint uf commencement,
and c"iit;i iuitij* iim acres mure or less.
Dated May 17th, 1007.
7. Commonolng at a post plantod ono and ono
half miles north of lhe forks of the north fork of
Seymour Kivor. and marked "Andrew Kitson's
S, \V, cornerpost'," thence running east SOohains,
soutli MJ chains, west BO clmins, north 80 chains to
puint of commencement ami containing 040 acres
more ur less.
Dated Way 17th, 1007.
8. Cumnii'lumu' at. a pusl planted ono and one-
Inlf miles north ol the forksof Hi" imrth furl., nf
Soymonr lliver, and mnrkod 'AndrewKitson's
s K enrner pest," theuco rnuninii imrtli "inclmins,
wost40chains,uorth «n chains,va-l 40'hains,
smith 120 rhalns. east hi clmins in puint of commencement ami 1 unlalulhg 0-iu aerea more or le.-s.
Dated May 17th, 1007.
lotiuySB ANDUI5W KlTsnN.
that 80 days aflor date
Nolice is hereby j-i
1 iutond to apply lu the cli
Lands and Works lorn special licenso to
and carry away timbor from tin; follow
described lands in West Kuuteiiay dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted 10 chains soul h
of a small creek nmi tying into Mosquito Cn ok
near tho norlh west corner of K.&ri. Block
No, 870, marked "W. It. Keid's south-west corner post," thenee norlh 80 cliains, thonce w
so clmins, thence sout h 811 chains, theuce cast 811
cliains to point uf commencement.
Ddii»l May 22nd, IIW.
sat June l   W, It. HKID.
containing 040 acres nmre or less,
8, Commencing at a post planted nn the west
ddu nf the nortli fork of .Seymour Itiver aliout four
iniles north of T. lj.82S17.and uiarked "Alex, McCrau's S. K. cm nor post, thence running north so
cliains, west 80 chains, smith e'O chains, east 80
1 hains to pnint nf commencement ami containing
MO acres more nrless.
Dated May Kilh, 1007.
4. Commencing at a pint planted nn the east
side uf the north fnrk uf Hey 111 nur Itiier almut two
miles imrih of T> L 8228. and marked ' Alex. Mc-
Crae's N. W. cntnei* post," thenco running smith
8<i chains, east 80chains, north 80 1 hains 1
< hains in pnint uf commencement ami containing
Oltlaer-s inure nr less.
Dated May 16th, 1907.
,1. Commoncing at a post planted outli
iidu uf the iinrtli fnrk nf Sejmour Biverabout
threo miles north of T. L. 822*. and inarked "Alex,
UcCrao'rtS. \\. comer pnst,'Ihenee munlng imrtli
jfichains, oast80 chains, smith SO chains, west ^
■ imins to pninl nf commencement and containing
nm nres nmre nrless,
Dated May 10th, 1907.
0   Cummencing al a pnst planted oue and one-
had'i. iles imnh ,,f the forks Ol the imrth furk nf
thi-S'v '..in* liv.-r, and marked "Alex.Mci
N. k eornor pust," thonce running south wi ch
.,  west mi chains, imrth 80 ehains, easi BO chal
j  poln*. nf commencement and containing tic
Ilevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George H. Campbell, of
Arrowhead, occupation limber Cruiser, intends to apply tor a special Umber licence uver
the following described huids:-
Comiiiencing at a post planled on the south
ilde of IjOI Cist about IJ chains wesl of 1'oplar
Creek, thence west 2*" chains, Uience uuith:':'
chains, thenee wost 140 chains, thenoo south u
ohains, tbeuce oast 160 chains, thence nortb 90
chains to puim of commencement, and contain-
ing Olo acres, more ur lest
Dated May Utli. IIUjT. wed my 20
Green Vegetables
Meinliora ol Court Mount llcgbio,
uml violin k t.rotl.rou ot the Oritur,
will..»«....Mi. in lo.l|>o room, ovor |...m
niiiiT, Hun.i.iy evening, Juno 10th, to
i.tten.1 divine worship at St. Andrew's
Ohuroh,   Do on hand at (1:45
W Ily Oidor.
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
men lo reprent llie very latest novelty.
Agents coining money. Get wise, start
winking I'or yourself. K\ -body buys on
sight, Profits over one hundred per cent.
Don'l waste lime asking foolish questions,
but send ono dollar for finest samples in
Space 4, i.i.s Granville Si.,
Vancouver, 11. C.
Manufactured for all oUuestof buildings
All kind,, of Imildinu ami plustoriiiK
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Pa>
Exporter of Purs.
Furniture. Pianos, or Merohan-
dise,Btorcil in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
Ileal Estate and Insurance Agent
Ilevelstoke, B, C.
Northwestern  Supply  House
230 and 201 Stanley Street
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new ni.in..g(.nii*nt|of
Harry MoIntosb,    oilman  House
1. cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, nntuial remedy for
nil Neivnus and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney aud (Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats nnd trains, Two
mails airiwe and d. * att every day.
Telegia h common alion with all
marts of the world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week. For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotti Lake. "B. C
Notico is hereby given Unit Gil days Iron, dale
I inteml tn ti|.|>ly In llie llomiurabli. llie (Ililcf
Cummlssionor nf Lauds anil Works lur permission lo purchase tliu l..ll..wi..K .les.-rlts..l
laiuls, sluittleil at tiiilonii Hay, in wesl Kuole-
miy dlsirlet:
CominoiuiliiK at n pnst mnrkeil "W. II. Hei.l'a
soiltli-ea.1 corner posl," A...1 planted VI eltaltis
soutl. Irom lln. nortli-weslcunii-r of 0. Bfllilt'l
Lo. 7IHII, thenee wes.-Jn clialns, llionei. nnrlh
I .htiniff, tlu-i.c.' .-n-i 'JO chains,tlienee south
■lin-linl.is tu point of c< imncnccmcut, and con-
tal ..Inii sll acres more or less.
Dated May au.l, 1111.7,
saliny/5 W. It. IlKIII
VTOTICE Ih horoby uivon that thirty days
1\ .aflor duto I Intend toapply to tlio Chiof
Commissionerof Lands and Works fur Bpoolaj
license to eut and curry away timbor from tho
following doscrihml bind.-, •■imam in Wost
Kootonay district:
Coiiimcncinyataportl ph.nlc 1 nt Lho moulh
of Canoo Hivur and innrkeil X'J&, JWltKQrfl
northoaslcorner nosl," tliuuco ivest80uliaiim,
tlii'iiei' Hoiith 80 chains, Ihenco east si chains,
thonoo north wi chuius to the point uf com-
Datod May 2nd, lOOT
wod my 29 K. SWITZKIt.
■ ur loss.
hated May 17th, 1007.
, t'nmmoiii'iug ut a posi planted ahoul one
uid ii Imlf miles north of the forks of the north
[ink .1 .*» :-iiimii lliver,and inarked "Alex. Me>
Urao'sS, *\ ■ inner pust," thence running north80
chalns.east S chains,south SO chaina, west 80
Qhalns in point nt eonnnonooniciit and containing
Ulii acres inure nr lohj,
Dated May 17th. 1UU7.
sat myw AI.KX. McClUB.
, Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock alwaya arriving at
lowest prices.
Doer Heads, Animal., Hlrds, Fish, }Bt0.,
Animal Huns Mounted,
P 0. 1(0X81.
Htudlo: Cornor of First St. and Boyle Avo,
Uuvt-lstoko, H, C.
I, Thin. Watson,acting as agent fnr.I. Watson,
intend sixty days after date to ai-nl)* Lu thu
llmiorahlo the Child (JoinmiBsioilor *>' Lands nmi
Works for permisHion to purchase the follnwini!
doserlbetl lands, uiLuated uu Upper Arrow Lako
and moro particularly descrilied uh followsi
Com m one ini; at apost plantod al the S, )<;. cor
nor of Timher Limit (Sw, frmn tlienco smiLh 10
chains, frum thouce west U'U cliahm, from thenci
north 10 clialns, from tlionco east hm chains t<
point of eomiuoni't'iiiont.  (tlaloiia Hay districl,}
Dated April 20l.li, Wl.
wod ray l Agent for J Watson,
In tlm Kuprcmu Court of British Col umbia
In Lhe matter of tho Kstatc of John 10. Wood,
decuuHcd, and in the mailer of tho "Ollicial
Administrators Act"
Take notice Ihal liy order of Ills Honor,), A,
fc'orln, D, J., mado the lllth day of May, 1007,1
was appointed administrator of Din estate of
.Iniin  K, Wood, ilccisascd, and all parties hav
ing claims iiKiilnst the said estate nro liereliy
ioi|uired to furnish same properly vorllled lo
me on or before the Mlh duy of June, 11107.
And nl! parlies indebted to said eslulu aro required to nay Lho amount of thoir Indebtedness
to me forthwith,
ouicial Administrator,
Dated the W\ day ot May. n«7.    w uiy 20.
Take notice tlmt Andrew Kttsou. ol Revel*
moke, B.O.. Miner, intends to apply for a
Hpeolnl timber license over Ibe following described lands Minute in the ItoveUtoko nivi.
Blono Went Kooteuay District, B.C.
1. 1,'ouiineneiiiK at a post plnnte-l on the
north ouuk of Flat Creek, sbuut L-fmile almve
the north fork and uiarked "Andrew Kit
son's S V.. corner post," thenee running 4o
ciialmt north, thenco U>0 ehalus west, thenee
-III eliains south, tlience 160 chains eul to
point oi commencement and c«niaiuiugt>iu
Hcres moro or lens
Dated May'.Tih, 1007.
2, Commencing at a \-o*\ planted at> ut \
iiiilc north ol Flat CreeK, and aisitit l1 mile
BbOVfl the north lork and marked ",\ndr«w
Kitson's S. W, eorm-r post," thence riiuiiin** si
chains imrth, thenco so chains eut, tbenee80
cIihIiih south, ihi-iim:'.' dial tin we-t to pulnl ol
oinmoiieemeiit, and containing t/IOacre-, mure
or Icsh
Dated May 27th ml.
B, CounneneiiiH al a post planted about \
mlli- norlh of Flai Creek and | mile stove the
north fork and marked "Atidrew KlUon'sN,
W, .(orner post," 11)0000 riinulm: N'chiuni,
south, ihem o hu chains caul, thenc- ho (main*
north, thence 80 chain- west to point of oom<
menoement, and oontalnlng WO lerosmoreot
Dated M»y27ih,u»7.
-I (JommenolUfl al a poit p'autad nu Die
north Imnk of Flat Crock About.lUmtlu below
thu mirth lork and marked "Amirew KlUon's
S.W,COrnorpost," thence running so chalim
north, iu chaini earn, theuce IU chiiii*. uouth,
ihenee 40ehalns easl. iheuce mi chains Miolti
thenco west 40chains, thenoo40 cbalni north,
ihence 10 chains Menl to pointol ewtiimeiice-
mont and t-un*'.uuu.: i in a. i ■- more or lens.
Dated May 27th, tOOT,
fl, Commeneing at a post planted on tin-
north bankoi FlaKreek, about 'i*. miles beluw
■ he north tork and marked "Ai.drei\ Kltwn'a
S.W. oornor post," theuce running ho ehaiiis
north, thence -10 chaius BUt, thenco80 cbalni
Miuih, thence 40 ehalm* BUtfthCQCeBOcbatni
south, ihence 10 chains west, tlienee .-o chain.'
north, thouoe 10 chains WW lo point uf com-
nn'iici nienl, ami Minuiiiiuii: 11" ikti's mure ur
Dated May'fllh.liW.
sat juuo h ANDRKW KIT80N,
i Is hereby given ihat 8
days alter dsto
I Intend to anply tu tbeUblef commiAiiionerof
Lands and Murks fur a speck I license to out
una carry sway cinber from the following
described lauds situated on McDonald creek,
Upper Arrow Lake, Wesl Kootenay district;
1, Commoncing at a po>t markod "W. K.
Keid's Boulh'Weal corner post," ritnated i.ear a
beaver meadow, about 7 miles from the muuth
..i McDonald creek.'.hence north 80 cliains,
thenoo east on chains, tlienee -uui ti -SOohains,
thence west to chains to point of commencement,
J, Coinnieiiciiig at a poet planted at tho
south-west eurner of No. 1, marked "W. it.
Hold's uorth-wost ..orner post," thenoe south
Niiliam-, thonce east SO ohains, thence north so
chain-, thence west »i eliftlns to point of com-
3, Commencing at a post planted at the
QDrlh*eaSt conier of No. 2, marked "W, It,
Keid's norlh*west corner posit" thenoo --.outh * '
chains, thenco east so chains, thenoe north 80
chains, tbence wwt ■vJcbauiitoi-ointof commencement.
Hated .May B6th, IW7.
wed my 30 W. H  KE1D.
Kevelstoke Und Distriot,
Distriet of West Kootenay, B. C.
Take notice that K.switzer, of Hcavermoulh,
B. C, occupation Drospeotor, intends io apply
fur u special limber licence over thc following
doscribod lands; Situated in West Kuuteiiay
District, H.c.
Commonolng at a post plantod at the mouth
of Canoe Kivor and maiked "K. BwlUer'a
northOMt conier.*' thence west Hi cliains,
thouce south SO cliains, thence eut SOohains,
tlience north B0 chain** to poinl of commence*
men"., aud conUimii| dpi acres, more or leu,
Datod May Snd. lUi;. wod my 20
Notice is lier.-ltj- liven that tu.tuy, iltei daU we
intend I. apply to the Hniicralilfl .'lil.-f C.ii.mM-
filnner of I ..in,I. ik.i.l Work* In, p.-nin-.i".. t.. n-.r
llllllfle the following (lescillit'il luel, In We-t
Kniiti-niiy dislrict:
('.)...n.euei..K nt .. poll planted on the S. K-
i-'iriinr of Tlioinp.-nii iire-onilili....'st'.. mnrked
''Kraoi A OitlvTe i tt. W. eoroer i-»-i." thence
II) clmins ensl. 4.1 chni..s sontli. .M cliain* wc-t,
1.1 clmins norlli to l«- ml ..f ..ntiiiioliconie.il. eoli-
liiitii.m IW ncrii* moro ..r less.
Dated Muy:.'..!., !'■•>.
■at mi IS EVANS ,*. 001LV1E.
Till-: C..1NTV   C.rilT ..I*   W'l'.rt
K....TKNAY    111.I.I.KN   AT   Ul-IVlil.-
In lhe matter of tbe Batata ..f Oscav
K. sti'viMis, deceaied, and in tho
matter ol the "Official
Aduiiiiisliiili.ts Act,"
TAKE NOTIOB thai by ..i-di-r ..f
llis Ilium.' J. A. l"'...-in, Judge, made
tin- 2Sih .inv nf May 1007, I wai ap.
pointed ii.liiiinisti.it.>.-ol ll.e oatnteof
Oioai* V.. Stevens, deceased, and all
pattlea having clalina against the aaid
estate are hereby required i» fun.ish
s.iu.i- properly verified to ine on or
before the UStbday olJune, 1007. And
nil parties Indobled loaald estate are
required ... pny tho amount ol their
Indebtedness t.. me forthwith,
Qgo, S. M.-.'ahtkii,
iiitiiini Administrator,
Dated ihi* Ist, dayof June, limi.
Notice is hereby given that tj) days afterdate 1
Intend to applj to lho ChM Commissioner of
Landi and Works for pennlulon to purchasi- the
following described lands In the Wut Kootenaji
Commenc ing at a poit planted at the eMt Imnk
if the Cuhiuihia Klu'i-I'i"■ ■• the head of 1 J-Milo
itlftte and marked 'F. B. D'i uorth-west eorner"
Lhenei Mat to chains, thenci Main y) chains,
tbenee wst ta chains to the Columbia Biver)
iln-nrt! In a nottberii dlreotlon fnliowinx the
raeanderlnp ol tha CtelunWa River so chains to
puint nt cum u i ence tu ent. cmtainlng about ioo
Date.| March ttrd.A.D., 1007.
wedaplO i*. B-DUTWN, argams I
//    Special Pr'oes!'!!
The Early Buyers Secure ihe Best.
..: ir prices,    i1 ic
f   :    . ilues over offered by us
fi  V
Uo oth in all  coloi -,  ai cl
rs,  ell '.. at 8 cents per
Nottingham Lace Curtains,    No better
( irtain made for the price.   Selling at 75c.
j $1.50 per pair.     'Ihere are special prices
.-   special q lality.
en's and Bop department
Natty New Goods. Our stock .ever
better than at present. We mike a specialty
in Union Made Goods. None oilier if possible to procure Union made Our prices are
guaranteed the lowest.
Goods as represented or your money
itimi- iTrniiinwTB—m^ < irai-f
t stock foods        | \ ONLY A GLANCE \
9 :
9 \l
€*    We are Agents for die 9, \
9 famous     " International 9
$ Stock Food." 9
44     Large stock kept here. $
9     Write   for circular or 9
9 call and see it. 9
9   9
f Canada Drug & Book Co. f
9 9
Ml . OXALD—COLEMAX— At      St.     All
drew's cliurcli, on the 12th inst., by
the Hev. W. C. Calder. Donald
Alexander McDonald to Bessie
Le Vine Coleman, Loth of Revelatoke, 1!. C.
Saturday, June 15th, lur 2-1 hours—
C .. tti. I, cl ud} and Bt irmy ivealher,
• :. -..:.- and c Id, bright intervals,
strong wester y wii ds. Temperature,
:: ix. 61 degrees; min. IU degrees.
Only :. glill.ee f.i our Btock
..I' Groceries will eiicoui-ige
yuu tn try them.
A trial will convince vou
they are the purest and besl
mi tin- market, TVv uur
ttr..ers, Bakers it Confectioner!
Local and General.
Welcome news: Gait coal coming.
A c irload now on the nay. A limited
mm.ber ol orders can be booked.
:■ :-■ - me, first served. Cash transact! us—J. C. Hutchison.
A reporl 11 tbe ascent ot Mount
;,..- ii tl - •-.   t will be given in our
:.■ ■ ■ IS! Il
Ice  co. n        I sl      lii rries al tlie
il 01   Mr, I. ndn ark'a lawn, Mon-
ai ;-.-..  *-
■ ■ get theFisl ;' nd .it lhe
i'.M.C.A .' Tuesday evening
run. ISth,   j- tl.e Ladies' Auxi iary.
.   '-.     ....... need
■■.   new residence 0!
Mrs. '. ..::-■ 111      -    'iid St, 11 st
Mi   -     ■ ..-■-! ssioi .
will sing     I       '*•      1  .    .:•   Sl
• Chii    .      Sunday evening
1':, Wed. ■.-   iv, tl --      :.. ■
to.ih Toronto,'
-■  - :..-   :        ■   --..:   in tl.e
.Mr. Arm.... will sing the "Holy
Oity on Sunday evening at St. Andrew's Church.
The subject ol the next meeting ol
the Social'.*; patty will be " Arming
menl of Capitalism."
E, M Co .k, secretary ol the Y M C
A., lelurucd la-t night troni .. irip
through the United Stales.
The ICootemty fruit districts will be
well represented at tho forthcoming
Winnipeg exhibition, the 20,000 club
of Ncl.-.n. having taken up the matter,
We have received .1 communication
signed "Deorslayer," describing n hunting trip supposed to I..ive been taki n
i.y 1. I! McGaghrnn of Arrowhead.
We would be pleased to know whu
"Deorslayer" is.
The Woodmen have arranged lo
hold .1 grand entertainment in tbe
opera house on the evening of July 1,
including a performance by the Amateur Drni. ..tie Club and a dai.ee
Watch lor further announcements.
All Oddfellows arc requested tu
assemble at tbe Selkirk Hall to-morrow aflcrnoon (Sunday, June 10th) at
1:30 o'clock, fur the decoration ol the
graves ol departed brethren. Visiting
brothers will please accept this invitation.
To Buy a Houso.
To Rent a lions...
To Buy Ni
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Catiihi.ii.'.- I;, v. Father tt. Pecoul
O.M.I, pastor, Services overv Sunday
;it ihe lollowing noi.rs: 8 a.m. Com-
miniion M.i-;*; 10:30 a.m. High "..ass
....fl Sermon* 2 p.m. llajitisnis; 2:110
p.m. Sunday Scl. ol;7:3')p.ni, Rosary,
Instruction nnd ller.edicti, n,
St. Ani.iu-:w**i I'nnsnvTEitiAM—-Rev.
; W. ll. Calder, psaio-. Services II a,
in., 7i'!0 p.m.. Sundi.v School .....I Pa,-
tor's r.il.l.. Cl.s-f. 2:30 p.m, Morning
suhjeut, "The S... g ol Miriam.*' Eveu-
ing subject, '-Our Ideals and How to
Reach Them." The inenibers ot the
Mount Begbie Court, I.O.iT., will par-
ado nud worship at (lie eveningser
vice. The Young People's Soci-ty
will meet Mond..y nt 8 p.m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday, 8 pm. choir
practice and Teacher's meeting Friday
.it 8 p.m.
Knox Phesuvte.iian—.1. tt ll ih-
ortsou, It.I)., minister Sunday morning serviec at 11 ..'c'oclt. Subject—
"Out of Egypt." Sabbath School ami
llible Class nt 2:30 p.m. Evening
.iervice.it 7:30 ... '.-lock. Subject—"The
Basis of Ohuroh Union " This will be
the third senium ivliih the pastor lias
prcaohed on the question of Church
Union in Canada. Anthem by the
choir—"I will bless tlie Lord lit all
times" The Young People's Society
-..ul-l-i- half au Iiuurat olose evening service. A cordial welcome is
givcu to all nnd strangers are specially
ST. Pktkh's.—•Rev. O. A. l'rocuiio-,
rector. Third Sunday aller Trinity.
Holy Communion at 8, and alter
Matins at 11 a .... Evousoug at 7:30
p.m. The Lord Bishop of How West.
minster and Kroteuay will preach
both morning ami evening. The Rite
.1 Confirmation will be administered
at the morning service
KiDcaid and Anderson
Real Estale and Insurance Agts,
.■iunumini....■■.■iiiiiiiii ii n i   i   I
E. A. Haggen left ycsterdiy oua
business trip'to Golden.
Rev. T.W. Hall, ibe newly appointed
minister of ll.e Methodist church, and
Airs. Hull, arrived this .....ruing,
Mr. awl M.s. II. A, Brown went
south for a lew days this week. Mrs.
Hrown has been discussing the question with the Arrowhead ladies, ol
organizing a Temple of 1'ytiiiau Sis-
tets iu tlnit town.
There passed nway this morning one
ol Revelstoke's oldest pioneera, in tl.e
person of Joseph Dolan, well known
io ail in this district. Deceased was
72 years ot age und his lived in
and near Rovelstoke ever siuee the
lowu became a town. The fui.oral
will take pluee from the Roman Catholic church on Monday, at 2 30 p...
The canvassing campaign now being  W ji o i n n o r>   I   fl fiO I 0
carried on by tire direotors of the Y.M.  U U OHIO 00   LUbdlO
CA . i* meeting with great support
and so far lias been very successful.
Over $4,500 has already been i ecterl
and the work is being pushed ahead
v■■: rously this week.
The public school museum i as ..
■ ived  notable  additi ns ree
iiu .-!- p.-  .-I  two cases ol butterflies
i   '   mm-  p i ■ i.i.,i bj I
Donald m I R U irdi u    Hi. Gi
Nothing bettor than Our "^ucclal,
Fresh Stra .herriee, I - icl ■■-.  1' ■ ..s
Patronize   Homo   Industry.     Smoke
Revolstoke Cigars,
[i you wan
icts, a. I
.   Slll'v. :  ,-
.....   with a cal   et
ot -' -.: ad
■'evclJtoko Cigars   Union  Mads   Our
Special, Tho union,  and Marca Vuelta
are ahead it all otlio  I
The Co..mil desires tenders for
carpenter work, etc., al No, 2 Fire
Hull, according to specifications to he
-eei.nl the. City Hull.
Tinders to reach lho undersigned In
June 18th, 1007.
City Clerk.
.Iunu 8 h, 1007,
The attention ol owners of horses is
call, d to Section 23 of Oity Ity law
No. 7. providi g that no horse, etc.,
<lii.ll he left on any street or public
plan wi'bout, being siilHiiiently tied
Owing to the frequency ol runaways
recently, the police have instructions
to enforce rigidly Ibe provisions ol Baid
lly-luw in this respect.
Juno 8,1907.        -It       Mayor.
Mackenzie Avenue (South)
Thursday, June 20
at 1:30 p. m.
Undei in-11 in -lions frnm Mils. II
BOURNE, I will sell hy Public Auction the ....tii-.. furnishings of hoi*
home, consisting in part of tho following, viz :
Throe solid Oak Bedroom Suites,
Bedroom Carpets, B.-.l Springs, Mf.it-
:..-*-.■*, i-.i-.. I A 1 Ho.* iug Chairs,
Writing l'--*k, 1 Sewing Machine,
Clocks, 2 Bicycles (lady's and Rent's)
il Pine, I.- tinges, several lt.uss Lamps,
Oyns Parlor Table, Oak Hall Rack,
A 1 '.i.f lai-y's Range with hot water
connection and bolter, Oak Music
t, . Ink Dining Table and Chairs
to tu itch, fancy Biic-a-Bi'.ic, a...I all
.ith.-.'  furnishings  it. Ihis   (irst-class
..  -- he sold as pai i v is
f grentesl opportunity to
nine with Ihe very liesl
uu ..«-.. price.
il be ..|hm fm* in-
i .. e 10th, Sale takes
uhlre.-is on June 20th,
late, JUNE 20th,
ii.;:.M> cash.
..    - i V... Auctioneer.
Is often a bard proposition to lit out, but if you come to this store
we can make ileasv for you, for we have everything you boys need
from bead to foot.
Wash Suits in white or colors, all sizes, Tweed and Homespun Suits, light or dark, separate knickers—from 65c. up.
Wc have a nice line of Boys' Shirtwaists in Light Cambrics,
C'hambrays, etc., in sizes 12 to 14 collar. Each one has a collar
of thc same material, and they sell at 90c. and $1.00.
Boys' Underwear, in Cotton and Balbriggan from 4 yrs. old.
In Hosiery we can give excellent values. We have wool,
Cashmere and Cotton, in every size, Kock Rib and Tough as
Leather, are well named and will stand tbe roughest wear.
We would be glad to show you our line of Shoes for thc
hoys. We can give you any grade, from the Light Dongola lo
the heavy grain leather. Shoes that arc made to wear well and
give satisfaction.
The large sale we had in these goods reduced our stock very much, but
we just have a new lot that are remarkably good values. We have Corset
Covers, Skirts, Drawers and Gowns, in both Laee and embroidery trimmings
and you will find the price very attractive, too.
Children's Drawers and Skirts
In line Cambrics, for ages from 2 to 14 and at prices too low to attempt
to make them at home.
Cotton and Lisle Vests
From 10c. to $1 each. Wc have them with long sleeves, short sleeves
or no sleeves.   'I hey are the best values we have yet shown.
Summer Hosiery
See the pretty lines we are showing in Plain and Lace Lisle—some arc
beautifully embroideried,    Wc have Black, White, Tan, Grey and colors.
*h_bii»,„ii.iiimii—im,i.- »■» ■ "1 i-ii ——■—>.—1— - r-MT -l-Mrm-rgr-w——■—1—*~*^~~w—^^M
Marriage Licenses Issued
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will it be so Low
I have for salo the following}—*
One Collage, corner Charles and
Douglas Sl.'   $Soo, easy terms.
Two Houses, Third St.—$1,500
One House, corner King and
Front Sis. 81,700.
One House on Douglas St.—$8oo,
Eighl Acres just outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit-$100 per
acre. Together with larger lots
of Kruil Lands near the City,
Also one 25 foot lot suitable for
business site on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave.
For full particulars applv to;—
Kevelstoke, B. C.
jewelers ano opticians
Next to Imperial Bank
Improperly filled glasses arc worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Kef. D., and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven Ihal 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and il does nol follow that because you
have good eyesight that your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save trouble anil expense.
- . .
.:-...-..-.-      ,
lapp ng rcportsc   psintl
hood ol Malakwa .-•     king I rat-    --
A tub-agency ol the Dominion Land
Office, K .:: I ■ .- 1 1- i-i. pened in
town thia week at the oorner ol First
Street  an I    '■•'■ :■••   avenue,   W. J.
• M-   ' ■ .* I W :'l
,1    |H   WHAT  UK  AUK
-]... KKI 1 III.AY*.   IN
Il.-nzi.   Hli-
peril /.-n.
Olive Oil i!..l Cucumber So.
50c. per dozen.
Oatmeal Si -|-   : - ikes 25c,
High 1 lass   French  Soaps
05c. to $2,50n box ol 3 citk. 1.
W. BEWS. m. b.
hirudin ami Stationer.
Mail Ordera prompllj attended
to al .In- Slore.
in I v L-i
eceipt -1  acopyol  the j r, h, Tru
report of the Rocky Mountain Park ol i„gnnd ivi
u ida .*- led In ... the Depit *  |m,e 1:1
til  the  Interi. r, prepared by Howar I ,    „
i-  iglaa thesuperint. d         flier. R" " ' -'"
;  r: ia vi. tl and tlesi        e.dets
every bin   ih   lth. district and show- !o'      "         :   r'"-y-"r
;  pulor the park has been to Lace and tapestry curtain, curtain
■   .;.-•- if I viail   ■ pnli, and
Jau,..-1*. Dale, wa, _ _ .
i:..iii..   ...
V. M, 1 . e IH:
l.y Mi   ! il ice Cl.
. I  at   K in.    i       1 July 18, lor 1
irdet    I l ■
• ...- er, ia
■it;: .ii M .--.;-.    .-     I .'.::,- ..  Mill. I
1 ie cilj - m.i-:;. r ,.t... in   I   - ■
:   moving  ... tl." matter ol having a
tion ..f the death
petit: -1  1- also being ch   1  * ■'■
1 ngly 1 ipi irting the a| p Ication,
Vi - . . I iggeal that tho oitixena
I iy more Irequi nt vislta to the eloc
' Ic light power In..ist-.on the lllecille-
!. :       if.    Mil   :   IJ ti lhs is
. 1- nl and 1 Bay .1 -l the icenory .-
...  ilarl   fine,   N .1 only that, but
viail   1 -  1 lam mil power house
uldca I-. ing inti resting In the .-.<-
- . :i..- I- alao instructi 0 an I the oitl
11- Bhould tali.- more interi -1 in thia
p ant which h 1- 1  ind 1- now, ..t
. at in-...-:.i lo llovolatoke,
Owing t'. an error tho local an-
:■ ..11.ceii.ent ol the Booial to 1.- given
under the aua-ilcoi ol tin lad 111
Slothodlal Church did nol appeal...
'.'.-.Ii.es.lay's issue '.| .his |n.|..-r. The
1 ..lies wish it to he Ulldoratood tint
f it-so.'ial will  l.e'lii-l.l Monday aller-
a 11 ..nil ovenlng, ou Mr. Mnilniark'i
un. Should the weallior prove uu-
vorablo, arrangomoiiti have hcon
....le to Isold  the stieial  in Bolkirk
'all, The liiilepei.ilenl Hand will be
I ...sent.
Odette .l.ianii.i
fl. -I
I-*,-.-.....I Borden,
.|.   il.    .1 ■   .1 'M-tii-.-. Le I-'-..iv
iml I ii....!.- .
I'ianoHolo M     U
uctcd l'
Itncitatlun  Conntln ■ V.
\ ...il 1 11
■  Win per, and I Shall Ileal
,i      111 ini-...■ an.I Mr, Taggart,
1 .li theni. lln 11 di   - ■
Hi     Di . M	
'I'lii' In- .1 i.l<- - - finny
        Mr, W illi.cu lai Pt.aux
I.   "II Trnvalore"	
.   ,Mi** S|ii..l:.i:
mg   " When the lleart'a young"
Mi-. Shanks
Itecllatlon   "Thn Outcast"  	
. . Mr. W, M. Uwri'iicu
(Written by W. M. fjiwrcnce]
1 ..it.11 Hulo  . '       Mr, II. Uml
\ f.t.il 1.11..1   ■ • 1,.i.- - Drown Is-O'cr"
Mrs, Hini and Mr, Mugiih-c
I'l.i.n, s.,1.1 .. Miss Mel'halnii
.-.uuu      Mlsa Manson
1.1..-in-   -- 'I lui Purling Ki's"	
Silver collection t.. pay for platform.
TIh-i e uri probably nn two pairs
-- feel '   ' ■     tbe same shape in
oh. .-.  - mi, hul ... one respeel
much  tbe mine
"f. hot, aweal     -   *
nine,   This    ■ proven by thn  re-
i-e luu   foi   ui
Ilu.ies* neatly repaired.
N'.-vi harness made to order oil the
shortest notice.
Al, kinds of Whips and Stable requl-
-i.i- kepi in st.i.fk.
Ldgglng anil Train Ilurness a
I .Ity.
Opposite ih.- Union Hotel
RKVBL8TOKE, It. 0,     .
-. li ind
Red Cross Drug Store
riTANTED  A   iliiong room girl,
\V    Lelanri"'
id lloli'l, Nakuap, pi per
TheEnderby Goal Mines
Rogistor.l Oflics    -    Entlirljy, B.C.
Authorl/od Capital,   •   i2',fj,QO0 00
In Shares of J 1.00 Each.
. .   1.1 in. .ii ..me.
,, i.n
..;      :  1,. 1 M--, Share
\ in* ie thai   n   loci
ol lln-1  miii   ii 1. 1 11 placed
on lhe open markel,    The prt. p
Will In    .... 'Mi     |i. imIi.iim, |m
■,  cents  on apiilicalion, anil   ■
.-.-..Is itt im il.it...     Im 4 .a sppli
I  .llll Ilti     .til   lll'l I...II t    lllllll 111,1
lion, 1,1111..- 1.1...I......11 iii. in
dersigiied.   Subsi riplion Hal   will
|i..-.innlnl July iat, 1907,
NllAlltlM IIOaOMAN, Sm. .,,.,,.,„ 11 , 1,,, p,0.
UrANTKD  Ai.in.-i' a Dlnlnernntn
Kill     Apply OlIIKNI.ll, II11TKI..
\\rANTI-;ii Kverynne having ..
VV    house io sell ol1 renl tn llsl it
Mtli ui.-.   I am 11 led with enquiries
fm h...i*i. prnperlb's.    I'l......', .'.ill, or
drop nu. a ni.-.l will, full deaeilpllon
ind |.>u.I..1 11 pi 11 c, i-i n-iit 1.ijiiiii'tl. ■-
K. A. Haggen, Real Ratate and I.imii-
incn lge.1, Kevi'latokc, II. H.
H   1
:-,   A
ll pi
ll for
Haul <
e Cr,
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .      .      ,
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  .
Dwelling nml Lots, Third Street ....
Lots on Second St., eust of .McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  ,
Lols on Poiirlh Sl„ east of MeKonssie Ave., each
Lols on Fifth St., easi of McKenzie Ave., each   .
1—2 and 5-acro lilocks suitable for fruit,
.   2110
,   150
Fur Agricultural Implements. I'nrriases, Wa«....s Klc., John
Doi.ro PIoubIis, Mi.liue Wagons, Cnnarte (larriiwe Company1!
Buggies, Plnnel Jr., Garde.. Seoilors aun" ("ultlyntors, Wheal-
Wright .....1 Blacksmith Work attended to. Hi.™ Shooing a
HKAD OKFIIIR: Uamjaiiv, Auikbta,
Wholesale and Rotail Meat Morohanta
P.irk Puckora anil Dealer In Mve Stoek. Markets In all tho principal (Jltlcs and
Towns ..1 Allierla, Brltl.h u,.u.nibla and tl.e Vukon. Packera ol lhe Celebrated Brand
' lm or nr" Il.m.s and Baca., and *lhn.nr...:k Brand, Leal lard. jt
Buy Lols in "Heresforil Place" uml double your money in n short time.
, Subdivision is near the mitre of lhe Cily, surrounded by subdivided
perly anil is a good invi'slineiil.-  Prices $75, $1*5, $100, $125.—Terms,
per conl. cash, balance in $5 monthly payments.  Torrena title.
Write lor Particulars ... ^aoaMe^
p,0.box, na,   r   w   ftTA^,-.   ««»■■ nxmm
RiviLiTOKC.1.0. r.  V.  O I PSjSJI,  obmi««i irokibi
IA .. i SALE tl'iivai.-ln at ilu*
I le nl-....- ..I VV, M. Lnw-.i-nee,
1 .. ki.n/,ie Avenue, I dining bible, 1
del.. 11,1, I m.li.. .lining room .-hairs,
■ 1 11 kei i, I ii-niiv tables, I innnllo, 2
Hm .1 - arpel si|iiui'i.s, I No, li Kii-
tht-.. rani....   Can he «.'. .1 al anv hour.
Mr, iuul Mrs, AIbx, Mcdrngnr desire
In oxpreaa their sineeresl gratitude to
all those who extended to them sympathy and coiiiloleuco during their
recent sad bereavement,
*><H*H>0<>^<K>O<KK><><K)<><>0 OO-OO-OCK
Look Well I Feel Weill
Do vou enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
il reels like Ui he hot, to he cold, or to be tired, and it is
insl ns Irur tln.1 we ull know what it feels like to he well
diessed, ll feels good, and It's good lo feel good. \ on can
never bo well dressed II youi clothes are not made by the
right maker,
iit-i lokiu.w- wo handle the SEMI-BEADY GARMENTS
niul you will Hnd whal a pleasure an.l satisfaction it Is to hc
well ilressed.
Suits and Overcoata aT.16, $18, and $-20.
Blue and Black Suite, the beat made, S20, & $25
Right Overcoata, up-to-date  Pricea: $18 and $20
Special Troueera 18 and (8.
Tailoring is our business, We innkn a man look well
and he knows It.
..Cressman  and Morrison..


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