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"Empire" Typewriter
Fur ease of operation and perlection
in results produoed, tbis machine
is unsurpassed.    Puce, $<H).OU Casli.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
o t j n,.
Tne Mail
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B   PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol 15.—No 22
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
—and so does every othrr well-dressed man here. They're the
smartest shoes that m incy can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're made in quarter-
jlze.t, giving you an exact fit Regal Shoes are lhe creates! shoe
values in the world—that's why we sell them.
Let us show you the new Spring styles.
C. B. HUME Sr Company
Agents for RevelstoKe, B. C.
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Star** at R«v«lstoke and Arrowhead.
This is Ihe season of the year that the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kalsouiine some
rooms, Varnish tlie woodwork, Paint the Moors. Varnish
Stain some pieces ol the furniture. Enamel the beds or the
baths, Kegild the picture frames. We arc best able lu
supply all these wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry tbe goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting. House paint,
Kliuir paint, all ready for the brush. Aspinall's Enamels,
H. A. P. Enamels for bath ur woodwork. Unplac Varnish
stains, Ironite Varnish stains. Lacipieret in all colors.
Berry Bros, house varnishes, Liquid Granite f jr flloors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture, floors, boats or carriages.
all for all inside work.
Painters .Supplies in all lines and at prices that cannot
he beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money. I^eave your orders for work with us and we will
send you a man and guarantee that he will give you the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
(bandies or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents In Great Britain and United States—London, England.
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago Kirst National Bank, Oom Bl-
change National Bank, Seattle--Heat tie National Bank, Han Francisco- Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane -Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 91 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
;' and Children's Boots and Shoes
I have jti.it received a large shipment
of Spring and Summer Shoes for
Ladies and Children. Made from selected material by experienced workmen
these shoes arc guaranteed to give'
good service.    The prices arc right.
MRS.   A.   CJ.  CRICK
""" Flrat   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Beautiful Services Held by all
Eastur Day dawned dull and cloudy
on Bunday last with an uncomfortable
wind blowing. In spite ol the adverse
elements the church going public
turned out en masse, the ladies with
the latest creations in bead gear, the
men in the very newest cuts from
tbeir tailors. Easter is the greatest oi
the Christian festivals and on Sunday
in thousands ul churches and in many
languages was the story told of the
R- surrection of Jesus. Special choral
and musical services were held in the
local churches which were decorated
with Iresh and beautiful flowers, symbols of renewed life.
A large number of communicants
attended the earlyjcoiuniunion service,
the chinch being prettily decorated
with greenery, flowers and (lowering
plants. The choral celebration at 11
a.m. was a beautiful and impressive
service being well attended, the choir
rendering special Easter music, anthems, eto. The evening service was
also attended by a large congregation
and fine music rendered. The Rev. C.
A. Procunier preached at both services,
taking as bis subjects the signilication
of Easter and the Christian faith as
based on the resurrection of Christ.
Easter Sunday waB one of the greatest day* in the Methodist Church.
The lirst service at 10 a.m. was one of
real fellowship. Tbe public service at
11 o'clock wsb one to be remembered.
Tbe congregation was splendid, practically a full house. We have never
heard the junior cboir do as well in
the service of praise. Two special
Easter autbems were rendered, both
of which delighted the hearts uf the
isteuers. At the close of the public
service the paetoi introduced to tie
church 21 peisunB who entered into
lull membership with the church, aev-
eral of them frum the Sunday School.
A large congregation assembled in tie
evening. The adult choir sang in a
most inspiring manner. Two anthems
one quartette, and one solo were given
as special numbers. Special mention
might be made of the lirst anthem,
"Unfold ye Portals." The congregational singing was very hearty. "The
death, burial and resurrection of
Christ," was the pastor's theme in the
morning, and "Our Lord's first appearance to tbe collective body ol the disciples on the first! evening after HiB
Resurrection," his theme in the evening. Altogether a grand and j.iyuue
day was spent.
Tbe Easter services on Sunday were
largely attended, the pastor, Kev..). ll.
Robertson, preaching both inuining
and evening. The evening service
was principally one of praise, the
anthems by the choir, "Hark the
Celestial Sound," and "Christ the
Lord is Risen," beiug particularly
well rendered. The Easter lillits
and other plants which graced the
pulpit presented a pleasing appearance
and were greatly admired.
Hundreds of People Brave Elements in Front of Land Office
Edmonton, Alta., April 13.—When
the Dominion land otlice opened here
at nine o'clock this murning to receive
entries for 40-1 homesteads there were
nearly 500 peuple in line. Some of
these man had been waiting thus
lor two days.
Both preceding nights were bitterly
cold, and a number of those in line
wore without overcoats and shivered
iu thu chilly breeze. A rain storm
yesterday afternoon made matters
worse lur them, and a number dropped
out, A lew had eoiue unprepared fur
the lung wait, and were without food,
but several times yesterday citizens
passed hot coll'ec alung the lice,
Tbe first man in the lino was a (ia-
lioiau who could not speak a word ul
English, and il ho is wise enough to
make a good sclectiun wil) get 100
acres ul land worth from 120 to filfi
per acre Ior his $10 entry fee and residence duties.
Behind him were three hall-breeds,
but the majority in line were Americans, a number ol whom will get valuable (arms (or virtually nothing.
These homesteads arc nuw forty-two
miles from Ihe nearest railroad, hut
before the end of the year thero will
be a line through lhe tract of land.
One uf the largest deals in the lumber holiness that has taken place in
the frazer valley (ur many months
was com1.1.1ctl at Abbutsford today
wheu the sawmill and timber limits ul
the Abbutsford Lumber Company wore
•old for 1375,000.
Cricket Club Whist Party
The lady patruns o( the Revelstoke
Cricket Club held a progressive whist
party on Monday night in the City
Hall. Other attractions the same
evening prevented a very large attendance Seven tables were occupied with
card players till eleven o'clock, the
winners being Mrs. D M. Rue, and T.
Hook, the consolation prizes going tn
Mrs C. A. Procunier and Mr. Broadbent. A feature of tbe evening was a
novel guessing competition arranged
hy W. li. Humphreys, the prizes being
secured by Mrs. D. M. Rao and 0. W.
Gordon. Refreshments brought a
very pleasant evening tu a close.
B. of L. E. and B. of L. F. & E.
Entertain 800 Guests
Once again the great excursion run
uuder the auspices of the B. of I, E.
and B. of L. F. aud E. at the opera
house and the second annual "at,
home" has pasBedinto history. Without exception the dance laBt night was
the so?ial event of the Beason and the
greatest undertaking in the entertainment line that has yet been held here.
Passenger trallic was very heavy
round the opera house depot last uight
and extra crewB and switchmen wero
busy piloting the throngs of invited
guests that surged intu the hall. The
room was handsomely decorated with
many colored lights, streamers and
Hags, the loco trophy on the stage
being a feature. The attendance was
a record one, nearly 80J Bitting down
to supper. The committed handled
the affair admirably. The "headlight"
waltz was extremely popular. Space
will not permit of an elaborate account
of thiB great dance but we are safe in
saying that there are no more popular
hosts in Revelstoke than the mem hers
of the B. of L E., and B. ol L. F. & E.
"Here's to tbe man at the throttle and
the man behind the furnace door."
Music was furnished by the Independent Band.
A pleasing feature of the evening
was the presentation by F. R. Mitchell on behalt of the Brotherhoods to
W. W, Foster ot a Masonic ring and a
handsome jewelled scarf pin as a testa-
muny of the high esteem felt fnr him
by bis railruad friends.
Annual Meeting and Election
of Officers
The annual vestry meeting of St.
Peter's church took plact- on F.as'er
Monday evening. The customary
orders of business were followed.
The Rev. C. A. Procunier, M.A.,
rector, submitted his 10th annual
report. In brief, the report touched
upon the vacant pew and place of one
of the faithful, gone to everlasting
peace and reward; well may ive say,
"grant them Lord eternal rest, and
may perpetual light shine upon them."
Baptisms and ennfirmations are waxing, nut waning, am) there is an air of
increased interest in the work of the
church, spiritually, "good Samaritans
and men striving after I lith, hope and
sincerity " Among uther items dis-
cu ssd were tbe building fund fur a
uew church, esst city mission church
wiib curate, the strengthening ol the
present church fabric and increased
church meiube ship.
The repnrt uf the  Ladies'  liuild  by
Mrs.   II   Cunningham   Murris, secre-1
tary. was read showing a most success-
ful financial year, a great amount of
valuable work   having  been  accomp-
lished.   The   report  waa   adopted  as j
read.     C. W. Gordon, secretary ol the !
Sunday school reported on a progress-
iveyers work,  which   was   atlupted
The report, nf H.J. Hayluck, People's!
warden, waB read and adupted,
The following were appointed Lay
delegates tu the Synod to be held at
Nelson on June o-lll—S. WilBun, II.
Cunningham Morris, 0. W. Gordon.
Substitute, J. M. Lay, (Nelson.)
By a unu in im kim vute 11. K. Hay
luck was set timed as people's warden,
the Vestry Leing thoroughly appreciative ot his abilities in that position
during the past year. The rector
appuintud II. Cunningham Morris as
his warden.
The lollowing were olected as sidesmen : A. II. McCleneghan, Thus. W.
Bain, II. \V. liurtlnn, E. W. II. Paget,
F. B. Wells, C. M. Field.
A. H. Allen and W. If. Pratt were
appointed auditors.
Many matters ul general interest
were discussed, votes ol thanks being
passed to the Ladies' Guild, Sunday
school teachers aud retiring ulllcers.
It   was   decided   to    hold   regular
monthly meetings ul the church com-
niitl.ee tu carry  un   the   work.   The
meeting terminated with prayer,
I.ADIK81 hi I i.ii
The annual meeting of the Ladies'
Guild ul Sl. Petri 'a church was held
un Easter Monday afternoon wilh a
good attendance. The secretary's report showed excellent iv .rk with a
substantial bank balance. The follow
ing ollicers were returned by unanimous vote. Pres., Mrs. W. II Elsun,
Kecy.-Trees., Mrs. H. Cunningham
The  Vanctmver  Grain   Exchange,
Ltd., has just been incorporated with
the object ol dealing iu futures like
similar organizations in Winnipeg,
Chicago and New York. This innvti
is significant in view ul thu likelihood
ol a largo volume of Alberta retl wheat
seeking an outlet to lureign markets
via Vanciuiv r. Tho capital slock is
♦100,000 in 10,001) shares ui tin; pai
value ol |10 eaoh.
No. 2 Brigade Receive  Early
Call This Morning
Dancers, wending their way hunie
about fuur o'clock this morning frum
attending the ii. ol L. E. and B, uf L.
F. and E. "at liuinu," in the Opera
House, were startled to see a lurid
glare in the northern sky and lung
tongues ul Maine shunting up frum a
building adjoining Mrs. Turnross'
hnuse nnrtli ul the truck. An alarm
of lire wns immediately turned in to
No. 2 Fire Hall, to which the brigade
promptly responded. Fire had broken
out in the hnuse, thu property of Mrs.
Oarr, near Mrs. Turnross'   house,   and
had    gained  considerable    heud way
when the brigade arrived. Nu time
was lust, however, in getting water un
the burning building, in spite uf the
fact that the nearest hydrant was un
First street and consequently a great
length uf llOBO was necessary to get
water on the llames. The lire was
quiokly got under cnutrul, but the
building, which was light ami uf
llimtty material, was practically gutted.
Mr. Macdonald Reports Rapid
Progress When Interviewed
J. Macdonald, whu with W.Gillette
haa the contract from the Provincial
government lur the trallic bridge uver
the Columbia river here is en route fur
Prince Rupert where he has sume
business affairs to luok into. In an
interview at Vancouver prior to his
ilep rture Mr. Macdonald is reported
lo have saitli
The ice is not yet out of the Columbia river at Revelstuke, or was not a
week ago.
" This is  not  impeding the  wurk,
however. flierc  is a great deal of
preliminary work to be done be fine
the work u! actually putting up lhe
bridge is started. This is well under
way now. \Xu have got uut the necessary louse ruck, and are alsu getting
uut lhe piles and timber needed. Thus
we shall be all ready tu rush the work
tu completion as suun as the high
wul' r subsides. There will he nu
lillieiiity in getting the bridge finished
this seasun."
Mr. Macdonald did a good deal of
work at Prince Rupert la-tyear, On
his return he will go back to Revelstoke to superintend the completion
ul the bridge his linn is building.
Public Local Option Meeting
Rev. Dr. Spencer, Sec. of the Provincial Local Option League, will
address a public meeting ton ght
(Wednesday) iu the V.M.C.A. gymnasium. A large attendance is expected. Whether you believe in local
option or uot, come and hear what the
doctor has to say abuut the move
ment. Questions may he asked and h
disoussion held. No admission will be
charged, but a collection will be
taken.    All are invited.
Happenings  Throughout Week
in B. C.
The date lur the Salmon Arm fall
lair has been fixed lur September 23,
Salmon Arm has at. last organized a
Board ol Trade with a strung list ul
ollicers and promising membership,
A lax rule of 20 mills has lieen
struck iu VanOOUVor (or the current
year, this rate being tlie same as thai
ol last.
I'ii run ttt sh,mid hear in mind lhe
regulations that new pupils can enter
the city Bchuuls unly during the lirst
week after Christmas, Easter ur Midsummer holidays, therefore new pupils
who are nut. eiirnlled wiihiu the nexl
week oannot bu accepted until next
Armstrong Inst its nltlest pioneer
last week when Anion Mill passed away
early an Tuesday murning. The dc
ceased had been ill lur several months
anil his death was nut unexpected
Mr. Hill hail been a resident ul the
province for 20 years, cuming here
frum the Oltawa river in 1888. Ile
was a prominent Orangumen.
Mr. William White, scciuid vice
president ul   Ihe   0, P. It.,    made   lhe
announcement in Vsuoouver last week
lhal his railway wuulil be prepared to
handle all wheat shipments that
might he sent cuiistwisu (rum lhe
prairies during the Doming Fall.      lie
also announced thai elevators wuultl
be built by tbe company on the sites
formerly   selected.      A   mon:   ililinitc
statomont was promised alter an  in
lerview  with   F. W, Peters,   who   had
gone  to Mexico   to   complete   trallic
arrangements clous the isthmus.
Florence Roberts To-night
Florence Roberts and what the critics fleem lo agree i« a company uf
really remarkable calibre, will appear
at the opera bouse this evening, in tier
latost success, "The House ul Bondage," by Seymour Obormor,     In this
play, Mis* liobertS i» seen in a character that is mti<l to lit particularly
well the grunt emotional talents ul
wbioh she is pussensed.
\\ hatever kind of Tools or Hardware you may you
will he sure oi t!u best quality here and at lowest prices.
We carry a great varjety of Tools  for all   trades.     House-
lold I tcnsils, Curtain
Stretchers, Step Ladders.
Kitch Helps and] Builders
Hardware. ^fcWire Netting
and things needed for the
garden and farm. Alabastine, MurescOj Sherwin
Williams Paints,
JMcClarey's   Famjus'Stoves,J Ranges   and   Furnaces-
Enamel, Copper ill rinware.     Plumbing Supplies, etc. fc
Groceries        Hardware        Harness        Plumbing
i 'IIP F & IT&flri - ■' &0 0> ftoTV
._& ii Iv JlsiVbS a IU    JL ..• .■„ tw 11 m\.jr
■,    ^ „        , E      -   LOOK AT
i^»?i \ v,   s      . -;\» ^
1 ;'--W
v f lr. hm
Mir Swell Dresser.
e    .t ,,o7 his coats
eopynqhl, I9o7 .	
fcy /?-FTO"■(*«■"■ ir\s\ y
The wool in.'our clothing does   not come—
no part of it—from the cotton fields.    Many a lamb
has had his   lleece   shorn   for the benefit of tour cus-   /
'    tomers. -   ■     .
We   try to  sell  our  customers only such    i
elotliino   as   we   ourselves   know   to be good. The
cloth is  all   right;   the lit is all right; the price is all
Then   the  Carter   Hat and a pair of   Foot-
rite Shoe will make your dress complete.
Fit Reform Clothing
b e. walker, President Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
alkxahdrr laibd,Osoewi BUnsgsi   Reserve Fund,  -   6,000,000
Tli« new   I i.:■ .1 d h    ll   s i;..',U air ■ most ronveotant
way iu wtm t> 10 I -t" • 1      '  -" ' i**ued in denominatiofu of
$10.   $20,  $50,   $100 nnd  $200
and  tha  exacl  .iiiiniiiii pai Kii-'ria.   Belgium,   Denmark, France,
Germany, Great Britain. Holland, Italy, Norway, Roiii*, Sweden
unit Switzerland lhe fare of each cheque, wbik In oth^r rountriaa
tlu^y am payable a' rui-renl rale*
The cheques .in.I • I  nforotalioii ir^Ai.i ng them maj be obtained at ^very ofice
of the Rank. Ul*
Ai tIn Intermediate baseball nn. <-
mg la»t uight in tin V.M.C.A. there
mis a gnnd turnout of llie boys, which
bus a tendency I , show tha! they ure
ii ii i ii ii is tu gel ii -tarl at training. A
list ol 21 players was made out as a
commencement, and any nf the buys
whu wish to be enrolled shuiilil see the
Committee and   net   placed   at   once.
The committee ohoses in as follows!
K, limce for the Poblic school, F.
Daniels for the High school ami B.
McEachern fur the Empluyed boys.
The team ia lo   have  a   nigbl  ii   week
(Thursday)on the grounds mul it is!
up to ihe Iny* to got out and practise,
Ii was decided ihat the bojn ."li  one
nl the older players tu act as coach
and the choice (ill upon W, Melnciny
who mul. r»in i..l- the game.
Address on Local Option,
Bev, l)r. Spcnoer, travelling secretary uf the Local Option licaguo ill
British Columbia, paid hi* first oili-
tiial visit In Rovelstnkc un Sunday,
ind in addition tn preaching in Pt,
Andrew I Vo-Lytertaii Church in the
ne.ruing and the l)a|>tisl I'hun-h in
the evening, addressed a mass meeting
iu the Kdisiui I'arlur Iheatte in the
afternoon at ■!o'clock. The afternoon
meeting was a summing up uf the
events which lead up tu the present
movement tor a local option law.
Edison Parlor Theatre
I'he F.diaun I'arlur lbcatre will he
p it ou Friday nigbl with the usual
ln^h class prugrammes. .Sums new
lilms have been secured ami an interesting and pleasing entertainment is
i uii i.i_. A,
':''$*^&tt&&«^gt&*«t«t!!tft I   protection of fruit
'   month      •£
LOO per month       ijjre
■    ..       ■
'■'    '    IKTKH
■-..  v..        	
J. A. Hakvbv,
Cruubrpok, it C.
- .. . IA.M 1. liRIGOS
-  li liior, etc,
S.il   llor for:
The Canadian Bank of Commerce,
1 nn Molsons Bank, Kit.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining -Sin veyor
McKenzie Avknok,
li. ix iug, Revelstoke
Seven Roomed House, Third Sireet, Price $3,000. S?
Corner Lol 50x100. Central location. We have also a £jj>
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would be well for intending purchasers to look into.
C. w. o   w
Mountain   View Camp. No. 1229
Mei:- Second and b' unh Wednesdays In
each month, in Selkirk Hall. Visitiu Wood-
tui'ii cordially Invited to allend,
IV, li. AHMUTKONO, Con. Com,
J. MclNTVttlS, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tie tegular meetings are l.elii i* tho Selkirk
Hall even Tm la) eveuiug at b ..'cluck
\ uitiuK t>f._threii hi.i c.inllally luvltod.
Kootenay Lodge   No. 15, A. F. & A. M.
Tlie romiliir ineol
inn* ate I'e''' i" U"!
%J$&       -        »..	
ftU^As \  .    >t\   MASONll TKMI'l.i;
' • ■_.--..      i      •-,'   Oddfellows Hall, ou
'        3__«£,v\     i    the third Monday iu
...'i i,,iil,   mouth   at    U
- .-I*. _ &&jjg p.m. Visitiug broth-
T "   -*^_*»^■ter r0,i    oordlally   wel-
_, .   tr?:'w^2....Ti,  c.'nie.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12. 1,0,0. !•".
Meel.- tiviiry Tliut-
day  evoiiitii;  in   Sol
Akirk Kail in 8 o'clock
-_____r -^JrVisitiug liroltirtin lire
cordially invited to atlnml
Vi. A   I   II ITE, N.O.
JAS. MAT HII! .-ll.
^-j.v    Cold Range LociRe, K. ol P.
No.  26,   Revolstoke, B. C.
Sli.r.1.-  __.V_B.KY   IVEDNKSUAV,
I" ... ept .,...<! \\ ednesdaj .
each imiiilli, in ie <iitlli_ll.i_v.
Hall et » .'nick. Maitln
Knisnlii nre oordlally .uvlted.
"    SMITH,! . i'.
... H. HKO \   K. of K. k 8.
J    :i. SCOT!, .il. iif F
Zbe ri.OaU-'lbcrato
-     :/.'...i
the I    tufa
' .    .  v.   .' '     ;
That it hr.M
'..  _. '    ■
country where the laws are more
admirable and better enforced than
in tlieir own, they have simply
resolved, in the prime of life, to
duplicate their earlier experiences
and die, twice, four or ten times as
wealthy as if they had stayed at
home. In a few years they will
have learned to look upon Canada
us she deserves, not us a land of
adventure, hut as. a great nation in
the making and one in whose political future they will have u
strenuous personal interest.
But Ihis is not the only type of
desirable American immigrant nor
perhaps the one to whom the glad
hand should be most willingly
given since he is in u position to
shift fur himself. There boarded
the I'. 1'. II. train (eastbound) al
Vancouver the other day an American citizen with his family of quite
a different type, lie had been a
pioneer in the Sacramento Valley
and while always holding to his
land hud engaged in gold sluicing,
! learning, timber work uml every
I nondescript form uf occupation
which would add tu his meagre
earnings and build  up   his   home.
I'nlileBt with   education   and   the
j slave   of   circumstances,   he   read
little and knew less of the land  of
', promise in the north till last month
I when he met in San Francisco an
old chum, who  niter  inuiiy   years
carried oasily   ami gracefuli}   the
i.   of prosperity.      From him he
learned   of   tue   Canadian  North-
West,    nnl    immediately   became
thirsty inr kuowledgo even tn parcb-
:        i.       end 1 lid   . ...    Imi
... ii ..   Lioine   and
.i   tuki
out Int..
C ' --
. oil ■
ing comparisons of what UBed to be,
no recollections of betterjdays given
up for fortune's sake. Knowing
neither king nor president, he hails
his adopted country and becomes a
patriot, caring neither for tariffs
or reciprocity with the land he left.
May his tribe increase.
.    ■• i       .... ...■:..
:  bis son      , hi
e farmed un ler tbe
Stars .;.. -■ .i ■ . tnd wen once .,
lew years ago, wel       nil      with
•_.•....-  .    .■■.• ments,   1 be weir I tales
.1.    to ilic north .•!
afloi ling opportunities   ior
more pi    u lib  invesl menl ol
Capita]    Uiii   tun.    ul    lirst   fell   t,,,
their ean hi e llese But the i on-
slant .nul steady impact ol the
evideni i    ■:   prosperity  in Canada
i" .■ "i.i thi    .r. un- of ll,,.; f  ;,    ,,],,.
:,'■; I • lhi. . ■_ ,u,i with genu
ine Vaiik.. .,.,-•,!,. i • j;, •• disposed
of their holdings under i ni le Sam
at undoubtedly satisfactory profits
to • ';• msel ,-i 'ii. . j. new iheir
youth, challenge lhe pur| o li t/.e ol
tin' farther west, .nnl iMlli lull
equipment lor lhe eai rj ing on nf
comparativi,. large agricultural
enterprise! they have come mul
ure coming tu take tbei i plai ■• in
the making nf the new Canada,
Tbere .- ni ithei sentiment oi poll*
tit.-, in iii.- move, With tin- knowledge iliat they an removing to a
u     .....        I      I-    I
■    . I,,.'li'    lui   ill-   ::.
....    i...-  next   ii
r uii he in oi.- ■! personal
-I ... i    | aesenger, pi  ing   .
.i i ,i a multitude ol q lestions
the Imi I  and   other  laws   ol  the
prairie proi im e, as well .,- to - i
. .. ttions (or a man ol bit
me in- and experience. Fortunate!
he met with people who knew Al-
: better than they knew their
prayers and he soon bad a ponderous notebook full oi promiscuous
scribbling! destined to guide binary leet, Nothing could turn bim
frnm bit mccca, lie listened attentive!;, to tie. discussion ol fruit,
farming within the province, but ol
thi- he knew nothing and would
make no experiments,
Will be succeed .' Being of the
type who know how to make lhe
most out of little, there need but
be one answer to the question, in
a lew year- hi.^ hoy." will be buck"
ing bronchos like old timers and he
will bo telling bis wife that was one
lime when be was wise in moving.
Though these are in the minority
tbeir name is still legion and it in
ol thi.- class thai lho bo.-t sotllor is
mail..    He cume,- with nu disturh-
His Excellency the governor-
general has at last exposed himself,
thoughtlessly, let us hope, as a
target fur the marksmanship of the
ecclesiastical air gun. Karl Grey,
as is known, is enjoying his holidays and last week in Toronto, in
company with Sir Mortimer Clark,
he looked in at the Woodbine race
meet. \\'-oo-h! What unigh
have ended in nothing more than
an afternoon socially and otherwise
pleasantly spent by the Earl without anyone knowing very much
about it becomes a National scandal on tlie part of the unco' guid—
those who are always putting fortli
their hands to catch the falling
Ark of God to save it, for immediately a member of the Presbytery
of.Toronto, the)) in session, notified
the Moderator of the governor's
fall from grace, and a formal resolution was prepared tu bring tlie
subject under debate. The debate
war heated and the motion laid
over for tho ecclesiastical gorge to
hue.- ii   noi  seem strange that a
scion   of   the    Knglisli nobility   a
keen liner nf spurt one iill bis life
interested   in   watching the evolution   of   speed   horses   by studied
a   country which—at
most    recent  years
iness  h rsi ■   in the
■   irn
. I. I j
■    -
,. b i own cl
.■ ani ind
Lord ' irey
. ■     |    .... •      our   ol
..--•■■ ' and n- ior
n._, liiing    to  do with
uakeri ibe  suggestion is   ab«
surd      Bul   bal  be should volun-
i.i,   trom Ihese admitted
i     ■     iri i- imi enougb for
. i  ,'. oleataslii -  lhe Uoi
.  t   not    even   luok nu tbe
.... i mtesti wbioh have givi n
Btin  reeling during mai
i      On |        .' i ' AimI      Iiei ,iii-e     : •
liroU'- their i hurch-made rule—one
which .an inmi no man's conscience
nor ui... ' hi l nnling in the K ing-
• luin of i .rue be must, lirinij down
an avalanche of censorious criticism
ami reprobation,
We do imi think Mis Excellency -
ci'iariiier will be damaged his reputation injured or his peace of
mind disturbed, • Ine whose no
ioe- ■■ bean the high murks carried
ii Lord 'irey all his life will be
al.le with a smile in properly dl
miss the incident from lus thoughts,
Strawberry Plants "I'ZZ:
" DUO .1 ALPS ' Berry Thoroughly
acclimatized) of exquisite llavor, At
f2.00 por lininlicil.
Tlims.  HKINNKR,
Rovolstoko, li. 0.
British    Columbia's    Methods
Meet With Approval
As an Indication ol the rapid
advance of tbe fruit-growing industry
j u! British Columbia it is interesting
to note that at   the   provincial   fumi
| gating station there are at present no
fewer than eix carloads of nursery
8tuck,"sume from tbe United States,
some from Ontario and some from
France Belgium and Holland, says tbe
Vancouver Province. British Columbia is now importing from all parts of
the civilized world and very Btringent
precautions are taken by the provincial fruit inspector's department.. All
these trees are inspected individually,
and Inspector Cunningham stated to
the Province that he had a start' of 12
men at. work at the provincial fumigating station. On April 3 over 4,000
trees were cremated for various diseases and recently 3,000 trees were
condemned and will be burned.
A great deal ol interest is taken in
Britiah Columbia's method of protecting her great fruit industry. Dr. E.
ti. Sanderson, writing Irom one ol the
New England states, concludes an
important letter tolnsp Cunningham
witb these words: "You are fortunate
in having such a thorough-going system for the detection of such imported
pests as the gypsy and brown tailed
moth, I wish tbat tbe people of our
American states were as wideawake in
protecting their own interests. III
can be of further service please command me."
Inspector Cunningham remarked
that the American experts evinced a
most Iriendly spirit ol co-operation
towards the methods in vogue in this
New Programme of first-class subjects in motion pictures at the Edison
Parlor Theatre next Friday and Saturday.
Before the First of May, two six
roomed houses, in Revelstoke, with
two acres of land each; including, if
wanted, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated west of C P.R. track
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Box 236, Revelstoke.
llevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Julia A, Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend tuappiy for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted al
south-east corner of Lot 8800, tbenee
west 111 chains, theuce south 7 chains
more or less to lake shore, thenco along
lake slime to point of commencement
Dated 3rd April, 1000.
i|> lu-iSkl        .IILIA A. SIMPSON.
Provincial Eleetions Aet
TAKE NOTICE that I have an ob-
ion in writing to your name lieing
■-.; un i in- List of Voters for  the
...    Electoral District : -
lira, Thomas, llevelstnke
Ulio.   M ,_.'!   ,
Anders      Ja oies K. "
Andersm    J  lm,    Albert Canyon
At,I,  U'.i.iain ('., Revelstoke
A-.;.-.  U   i!|...n (i .
Percival,   B„      McCulIooh
.\v.|... M>. /.-i Arrowhead
Herbert, Revelatoke
Bangs, If itolil, '
l;,i. .....  Vntonio
Ii.u a...   Lk i pence,       Arrowhead
ii.i.kii ..I—, Roy s.
Bayi rnesl A. "
l   Inl lev, ' ninl.til in-
Beixle ' ii.u' ''ii It , ' loiuaplix
Bell,   Norman   Lawson,  Btrawberv
Benjamin, Hallle B.,    Revelstoke
li inert K
li.'i ii .lm,.. lion.ile   In-
H.■! ,iimil. Jacob,        Arrowhead
li. / i.i■■■!,. Melborne W,
Blakemore  Alfred Camborne
Hluli. Bert, Revelstoke
•. Henry, * lamboroe
Bonnell, Louu
i iiiu-M. Revelstoke
r.. ,i ni   loiui Duprs
I  1,1,  I'l'l.'l
Brault, Kilmutifl,
Butlei William, J. Camborne
i el    in. Thtunai, I omapllx
in, Joe. P., Revelstoke
Campbell, AriKiia ''■• Arrowhead
' impbell Geo. B., Revelatoke
' n   Chilstle
t.in. Ken ,   B.N
Carlyle Geo, D.,
i'ulyie, Leonard K .
M O , Churchill
1   i '   il'-nl ine. O.H
i hiitl md, Wm. A., ''iinili'iine
i ini'.i,   I.,i,ti Wm , Revelstoke
t/'hristopherson (ttma, GoldHelds
i ink  Albert A, Oamborne
i • il     \\ vmiiii, Ai rnivliciid
. ..i.i  I, Mam Hnvelstiike
I loll  I.",   I'lloiuene
'nl on,i', liniseppe
I   lo '!"    ,\    lh.un
Dnriagh, John A.
Damigli Alexander      (Intnhnrne
DllVltlH,   Mivill I),, IteveUlnke
I l"i i no. Onmeptie,
Dflutschman, Onarles
Dickenson, Frank,       Arrowhead
Donald, Charles,        Rocky Polnl
Donohoi  Charles, wigtinm
Donovan, M. ,1., Arrowhead
Donnelly, lliiunllnii        Kcvclsl'kc
Dorey, Fred, O. Arrowhead
Duff, John, Galena Bay
Duffy, Jnhn, Arrowhead
Dully, Joseph "
Dunsmore, Joseph, Revelstoke
Edgar, Andrew "
Ellis, Arthur E. Comaplix
Ellis, Will. Arrowhead
Ervin, Thomas J. Revelstoke
Ervin, .lames "
Evans, Russell, Arrowhead
Evans, Weston, "
Eveiitt, Elmar, Camborne
Faint, Edward, Revelstoko
Fleming, Wm. B. "
Fletcher Melville S. Comaplix
Floyd, Henry Revelstoko
Fohlin, Harry .    "
Fowler, Arthur Oamborne
Fraser, D. 0., Revolstoke
Gallicano, Abel "
Gerow, David H, Oamborne
Goiiing. Albert, Hevelstoke
Gorrelf, Charles, Camborne
Gould, Arthur, Arrowhead
Graham, Walter, Revelstoke
Grimsley, Ernest T., "
Gullet'o. James "
Gtinn, Arthur E. I'ltmhorne
Hall, Thomas Revelstoke
Heavener, Harvey Camborne
Hill, Josh Beaton
Hill, Snnii Revelstoke
Hilley, James Camliorne
Hinman, J. G. Revelstoke
Holhert, John Arrowhead
Uolloway, William Camliorne
Hornell, Allan D. Revelstoke
House, H. M. "
Howe, Jesse Comaplix
Hudson, Thomas Revelstoke
Hull, Robert Arrowhead
Hunerfotu-th, Fred. "
Hutton, Charles Revelstoke
Jackson, Edwin S. "
Jay, John W. Arrowhead
Johnson, Peter Glacier
Johnson, Frans Camborne
Johnson. O. E. Revelstoke
Jones, Clement "
Joigenson, J. H. "
Kellie, Robt. W.     Albert Canyon
Kennedy, Peter Revelstoke
Kerr, Edward, J. Arrowhead
Kirk, John A. Revelstoke
Kit k, Charles B. Arrowhead
Lade, James A. Camborne
Lade, Vincent F. "
Latham, Charles Peter Revelstoke
Lavery, James "
Lee, Joseph "
Leeming, Fred "
Lembke, Geo. C. "
Levesuue. August "
Liilille, A. E. T.
Liness, John Beaton
Livingstone, John C. Bevelstoke
Long, Tony "
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Michael, Rocky Point
May. Charles "
MacDonaltl. A. A. Revelstoke
MacFaiiantl, Duncan C.       "
MacKay, Chas. R. Beaton
Moore, Norman T.W.    Revelstoke
Morrison, Frank B. Comaplix
Mulholland, Jack W, Camborne
Munrtie,   Walter, Kevelstoke
McAllister, J.P.
McAlpine, Daniel Arrowhead
McCarthy, Jonathan G. Comaplix
McCorvie, James Revelstoke
McDowell, John Oiniborno
McDowell, Clarence A.
McEachern, Duncan, Arrowhead
McGowan, Frank Revelstoke
McGuire, Edward Chas,       "
McGuire, John
MeGurlie, Julin Comaplix
Mcintosh, Iiiiiii Oamborne
McLennan, John I). Revelstoke
McLennan, David Oamborne
Ogilvie, William F. Revelstoke
Osborne, Lewis
Osborne, William E.
Perry, Roger F. Go'dfields
Phipps, Albert E, Revelsluke
Plumtnn, Llewellyn Aril whead
Pool, William B. llevelsloke
Powers, John J. GoltlHelds
Pi ice, James Revelstoko
Itaynham, Leunaitl Caiiilinrne
Reeve, Albert E Kevelstoke
lihiitle, Kihiiiiil Guldflelds
Roberts, A I) Rrvelstoke
Roose, Jules T "
Rush, Julin Arrowhead
Rumens, I' ,1 Rsvelstoke
Rtls'ell, Jnhn "
HaiiiHtin, Robert "
.Schneider, lrfiuis
Sharp, Albert M Arrowhead
Shannon, George Revelstoke
Shannon, James "
Shannon, Geo W "
•Shannon, J W "
Sii'iiinni, Gitiseppe "
Smith, A B S
.Smith, James "
Smiles, Silas 0 Oniu'tpllx
Soring, Clill'oril Revelstoke
Steiss, Robert
Stevenson, Harry K ■'
Stewart, Geo A *'
Stringer, Alfred "
Taggart, Robert J "
Tavlor, Jnhn Edward "
Taylor, James H Arrowhead
Thomas, Lionel J Revelstoke
Thomson, Frank V "
Thomson, Jnhn T Claim illinm
Thomnson, Orville   McCulloch Ck
Trimble, Gen J Revelstoke
Vallroth, Charles
V'einot,. Kenneth B Arrowhead
Vincent., Nezero Revelstoke
\'vi., Alfred S
Wall, ErneHt Arrowhead
W.tiiis, Harold E
Winner, Frederick "
West, Cecil Camborne
White, John Hevelstoke
While, William Wigwam
Wilson, William Revelstoke
Williams. Hubert W
WoodrOW, James I "
Znro, Peter Oamborne
AND   TAKE NOTICE that at   the
Oourt nf Revision In beheld nn the
.'ltd day nf May, 1001). at the Court
House, Revelstoke, at 10 o'olook In the
forenoon, 1 ahull bear and determine
tbe sumo, nnd unless ynu, or some
Other provlnolal voter  on your behalf,
satisfies me thai said objection Is not
well founded, I slmll strike ynur name
off the said It.'fU-'li'i,
Dated ihis nth day of April, 1900,
Registrar "f  Voters for Revelstoke
Electoral Distriel. ap 7 wilt
i tff^jiB0ttt}FttVt\m%mmH\tnm,
Ten China Dinner Sets
Monthly for Users of
Royal Standard Flour
Every 491b. sack of Royal Standard  Flour leaving onr mills
contains  a  numbered coupou entitling tbe person wbo holds it to a
| chance to be one of tbe lucky persons who win one of the handsome
china dinner sets given away each month.    The duplicates of these
coupons are placed in a receptacle and ten are drawn each month.
Tbere is no better Hour in existence for bread making tban
Royal Standard Flour. It is rich in color, pure, strong, delicious and
nutritious. In using Royal Standard Flour you get the best llour
value money will buy. In gathering coupons you run one chance in
ten each month to secure a handsome prize.
The lucky numbers will be inserted in this space the first issue
of each month.   Watch for them.
Jt    youviyrt
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund - ■    $3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohea.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one nl our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, witb frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
iiulellnitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the borne that are taste
(ul, effective and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the best advantage.
Big Discount
on all
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
'  P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HKAD OKD-ICK:   OaloahX,   Ai.iikkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stuck. Markets in all the pi imi
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " Iinperatiif" Hams and Bacon,
an! " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Import direct from country ot origin.
Central Hotel
a—      p"/cl CTrii^c a c.
Newly built.      First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates tl.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.. Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STOlTIffi      PEOF.
Queens Jtotel
Best brands ot Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
**"       These destroyers oannot live where trees have been treated with    ***
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THE COST IS VERY SMALL. It will
not wash off. One application protects for two years. Wat-nock's Tree Paint
is not an experiment, It has stood the test for six years in all pints of the
United States, lt is an absolute preventative antl cure for Pear Blight. We
invite investigation. Tho Arkansas Experimental Station has used this tree
paint for three years. November, 1907; tbey purchrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution among lending orchards.     Send for 16-page free booklet to
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B. C, Sole Manufacturers for B. C.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B  C.
Seeds for the Farm, Oar-
den, hiwii or Conservatory. Tested stock from
the hest groweru in England, France, Holland,
United States, Canada.
1'Yuit and Ornamental
Trees, Small Fruits, English Hollies. Grown in
the only part of American
Continent not infested
with the San Jose scale.
Our trees do not have to
be fornicated and conse
qtiently damaged.
140 Paga Catalogue  Fraa
M.   J.   HENRY
Green Houses and Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
Notice of Assignment.
NOTICE is hereby given that pur
miai.t to the -'Creditors Trust
Deeds Act, 181)1." and amending acts,
TheFiuit and Produce Eichange of
British Columbia, Limited, a corporation having their head office at Ihe
City of Revelstoke, B. 0„ Commission
Agents, did on theSlth day of March,
1009, assign all their peisniial estate,
credits and effects, which may be
seized and snid under execution to
William Blair Robertson, nf the said
Oity of Revelstoke, Accountant, for
the henetl! of tlieir creditors.
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting nf the creditors of lhe said
dehlors will be held In lhe office of W.
B. Robertson, First street, Revelstoke,
B. C, on the Seven) h day of April,
1909. nt the hour of 2:30 o'clock in the
All persons hnvingimyI'liiimsagaiiist
the said debtors are required to toi-
ward particulars of the same duly verified, to lhe assignee ill Kevelntoiie, B.
O., on or before the 1st day of May,
And notice is hereby given that after
that date, the assignee will proceed to
distribute the proceeds of the estate,
liming regard unly In the claims of
which he shall have received notice and
he will not he responsible fur the
assets, or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
debt he shall nut then have received
Dated this 25th day of March, 11)00.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
mcb27 Solicitors for Ihe Assignee
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion  Mineral Claim, situate   in
tbe Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Knnlenay Distriel.
Whet* located:—Rapid Creek,
Take notice thai I. Catherine Maud
Fraser, Free Miner's (Yitilieale No. B
!l42Wi. Intend, sixty day- frnm the dale
luueiil', In apply to Ibe .Mining Itecord-
er fur a Certificate uf Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
lli mil of the above claim.
And further take notice lhal action,
unilecseclii.n 'Al, must he commenced
before I he Issuance of such Oerl iii ate
of Improvements.
Dated   this  '-"-'nil day of   February,
A.D. 1999.
iiihv 12      Cathbrine Mai 11 FltASKR
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
31sr.  DECEMBER,  1908
Security For Poliey Holders
Paid on stock . .$ 39,490.00
Bal. uncollected 1'.8.470 00
Government requirement.. 192.6U8 03
Balance at credit      24,976 29
Total Security $375,584 32
(established half a century)
IOR 8ALE—A Six-roomed cottage,
apply R. N. Doyle. tf
FOR SALE—Eighty aeres uf good
land in Salmon Arm, $50 per
acre, to he sold in 10 or 20 acre hlocks,
new schnnl on corner; sawmill half a
mile away; enough dr and cedar on
ground fur hnuse building and all mil
buildings; nn main road tn Enderby
and Armstrong and three miles from
town.   Apply Mail Hkkai.ii.
IriOR SALE-Simpson's mill ,sile
' Galena Bay, Arrow Lakes 320,
acres, half mile water frontage, hest
mill site un the Arrow Lakes, For particulars apply to XV. A, Smytiik, Hevelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE—One dozen thoroughbred White Leghorns, with Cockerel, Blunt-hard's strain; 2dozen Brown
Leghorns, witb Cockerel, Morgan's
strain. Apply or address J. A. Morgan, Box 227, Revelstoke, B, C.
FOR SALE—Four acres uf rich laud
cleared, fenced and planted iu
red clover; only 75 feet from cily limits
electric light and water mains; un main
mad tu city: valuable property; suitable for market garden ur resitleutal
purposes; owner must sell; price $1,000
Apply Mail-Herald offlce.
Notice of Dissolution
the partnership beretoforeexisling between the undersigned as eig.tr muini-
faetuieis at Revelstoke, B.C., under
the name of the I iron Cigar Factory,
has been dissolved hy mul mil consent.
The business will in future be carried
on by James Walker, wbo assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and who
Is entitled to receive payment of all
sums due and payable to the partnership.
Dated April 3rd, 1909.
/ H. A. Brown.
(Jan. Wai.kkr.
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto ind Gallllm Mineral cl.laii. situate Id
tha Trout Lake Miolug Division of Watt
Koot.imy Dintrict.
Whar. located : ■ On Divide between Caaeide
nnd Poplar Creek, and about yt mile Irom
A- A K. Ruilimj.
Take notiee that I. O. H. N, Wilkie, acting ih
•Kent lor Edward llaillie, Free Minor's t erlifl-
eat* No. BSSSM, intend, ilitr dava from data
hereof, to api.lj to the Mining Recorder for a
Certlflcata of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Qrant of lhe above claim..
Aod further take notice that action, under
section 17, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Ith d.y of March. A.D, WW.
fab tt Trout Lake.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Harry J. LaBrash,
cf Nakusp, occupation hotel keeper-
intends to apply fur permission to pur.
chase tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
nurtb-east corner of Lot 7806, thonce
west 80 chains, thence north UO chains,
thenee east 30 chains, tbenco south 60
ehains to place of commencement, containing 180 acres moro or less.
Dated Feb. SU). 1900.
lib I.'l       II Aim y .Iamih La Hiimiii.
Notice is hereby given that, nt thi
expiration nf three months from dale
hereof, application will bu miidi lu His
Honour, the Lieutenant Goveinnr-ln-
Counoii for an Order in Council change
ing the name of Woolsey, LeFeatli A
Company, Limited, to "Lefeaux A
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated Ibis HI li dav nf February, 1ISI9.
Harvky, McOartkr* Pinkham,
Solicit ors fur the said Company,
way 11   •
FOR SALE - Twelve silver-laced
Wyandotte hens, good layers and
one prize rooster. Apply .Mail-Herald
FOUND- on sidewalk bel ween upper
uud loner I own, gold safely pin.
Oivnei can obtain same on Identification of article, and paying for Ibis
ONEY   \VANTED-$500  » led
I leillai't
Apply tn Mail-Herald for par-
V    gill 111 ye.in. old, wauls situation
hn hiiiisek.'ep._'i' ne  t k, will du luim
dry work.    References   given   and required—Box 76, Pnnnkii. Alia.
rnnmed house mi Second si reel,
belli een he Longhead blni k and B, II.
Cilllliizzi's store. Apply In F. E Will' n
WANTED Ily gentleman, Imaid
ami room iu priviie family, or
1 iiiiiii ueur gnnd hi.ar.liiig hnuse.
Terms leasiuiahle. Apply M. A. I,.,
P. O. H-ix 255. up 7
UrANTED-S. A. Win runts. Will
'' pay $725 Send Mere-hunts Bank
Vancouver, B. C, wilh sighi tlrult nn
B. Wu   ckell.
WANTED—Experienced  tirsl-eluss
liiinhei man wants employment
as travelling salesman, nr any position
of trust wil ii lumber concern. Apply to
"Successful," Mail-Herald, Revelstoke.
inch 27
WANTED—Position us yard fore
man ur edgeruiun by firm-class
lumberman. Apply In --Faithful,"
1009, Mail-Herald. Revelstoke.
FOR SALE-Safe and Cash Register
Second   hand.     Cheap, — Apply
Box 014. City. ap 10 41
wanted quickly in every town
with little cosh, to sell the du.itless
Ideal Vucum Cleaner. Gootl profits.
Easy nnd clean work. Applv fur particulars to Fkank Frank, Guelph,
FOR SALE-Four 1 acre lots, 600x06
feet, ten minutes walk from post
offlce, fenced and cleared for sale, price
$240 per acre—$100 down, $100 iu tine-
months, $75 iu six innntlis. Suitable
for home, market, or fruit. Apply 10
Eggs for Hatching
Single   Comb   Black   Minorcas—The
Large White Egg Fowl
No. 1—Exhibition Pen $3 per 13 Eggs
No. 2—Heavy Laying Strain $2   "
Apply-G. H. 8MEDLEY,
Enderby, B. 0.
Revelstuke Land District.
District, of West, Knotnnay.
Take Notice that 1, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C,, occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
In apply fnr permission to purchase
the following described lnnil:
Commencing at a post planted nn
hike shore, at tlm northeast corner nf
hit 7985 ami marked "A. W. Dickinson's Northwest I'm nee,'' thence south
4(1 chains, east 40 chuins, ninth 40
chains, west 40chains, fnllutviug  Ink
shore tu place uf commencement.
Dated April 7th, WW,
Ap, 10, A. W, plC'WMiON.
More bread and Better bead
 And the Reason for it
A STRONO FI.OT.'R can only
*a be made from strong wheat.
Manitoba bard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Every grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properties.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Caaada Flour Mills put the hard
wheat through a process so exacting
that not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance of getting
in with the high-grade.
Of course this special process is
more expensive to operate but it
means a lot to Pitrity flour users—
tint's why we use it.
It means that Ptiritv Flour is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
in the world.
It means a high-class, strung flour
and therefore yields "more bread
ami better bread."
r.irity may cost a little more
than 6onie flours, but results prove
it the cheapest and most economical after all.
Western Canada
Office, Winnipeg, Man.
Fi.oi-r   MiiT.fi   Company,   Limited
Mills at St. Boniface  Goderich, Hrandon.
Organization   for   Systematic
Agitation to Secure Law
The local option movement, which
has lately been organized in tbe province of B. C, bas entered upon a
oampaign wbicb is destined to bave
lar-reaching results. During the late
session ol the Legislature there appeared belore the House the strongest
delegation tbat ever waited on tbe
Provincial Government to ask for a
provincial local option law. This
delegation was supported by petitions
of about 35,000 signatures and the
hope wss strong that the Government
would grant the request. Some disappointment is lelt by the advocates of
local option that tbe Government has
not seen fit to do thia, and virtually
answers "not now my child, Iiul something else;" what tbat else will be, let
the oracle make reply. The local
option advocates will certainly pries
for local option or something better.
As considerable attention is being
given to this question in Revelstoke
a few considerations just now may be
oppurtuoe. It iB not a mere local
movement, it is not Borne new thing
led by a few temperance fanatics, it is
not a more passing enthusiasm.
1. It  is  a  world   movement.   The
those who think that province ia be
hind in temperance reform. Out of
about 900 municipalities, smne 700 are
free from the sale ol liquor as a beverage. Ontario is still badly hatuli-
oapped by itB three fifths majority
requirement, yet out of 862 municipalities, 360 are now under local
option; a large number of licenses
were recently cut off in the city of
Toronto and each year sees a large
additional area added to the dry belt
of the great banner province. "Manitoba long ago declared for provincial
prohibition and should have heen the
first province in the Dominion to
receive it, but it became the football
of politicians and in the game the ball
never got through the goal. The
present government have recently established the simple majority vote
on the question, has amended smne
of the present laws, and a great forward movement is now being undertaken. Saskatchewan last year passed
a local option law for that province on
the basis ol a majority vote To the
great credit of both political parties
this law was supported by both sides
ol the House. Alberta has still to
work with the handicap ot the three-
filths majority, but the present laws
are being amended, and the sentiment
in favor ol local option is bo strong
that the secretary of the Provincial
Temperance snd Moral Reform Association, Rev. W. G. W. Fortune states
Member for Yale-Cariboo Discusses Oriental Question
Advices frnm Toronto indicate that
Mr. A. S, Goodeve, M.P., fur Yale-Cariboo is not only paying close attention
to the needs of the various parts ol
his constituency and that he is presenting and pressing the claims of the
various Buards oi Trade on the consideration of the government, but that
he takes 11 broader and more statesmanlike view of the problems of empire than would confine him to his
constituency. On the question of
Oriental immigration his words ring
true and clear and will meet with the
unqualified endorsement of u large
majority of his constituents.
Addressing a meeting of the Suuth
Toronto Young Conservative Club in
their new rooms lest week on the
Oriental question Mr. Goodeve delivered himself, among uther guud things
of the following stirring sentences:
"The Asiatic question is not one for
Uritish Columbia alone. It is for
Canada and tor the British Empire.
"We have the right tu say who shall,
and win, shall nut, come in and posBess
our In nils.
" Nu ciiizi.'ii nf .Inpiin leaves the em
pire without receiving permission, and
without signing bonds thut, in chso ol
trouble, he will reluru to   fight fur the
"The life uf the Japanese is hucIi
that he can never nssimilut with the
''It iB not that thej are two low to
associate with us. It iH almost exactly the oppjsite.
"They arc our friends ted ty, but
they are ambitious. I am not an
alarmist, but il trouble comes will
tliese Japanese light under the British
flag? Nu, they will return to light fur
the Mikado."
"Are you going tu hand over the
country fur which uur forefathers have
fought to these people? Or are yuu
g ling tn keep ii Inr ihe grand old Hag,
the best, gem in the British Empire?"
The serious side of the question, Mr.
Goodeve explained, is that by years of
training the Asiatic is able to live so
cheaply, and yet accomplish his wurk,
that the Canadian cannot compete
with him. In Japan skil ed workmen
are receiving only (ruin ten to fourteen
cents a day, und by these men coming
into the Province ul [Stilish Columbia
an economic disturbance is being produced,
"We are uot narrow," continued Mr.
Goodeve. "The country is open to all
who are willing to come out and assimilate wilh Ciimidiiius and live under
the uld llag, but when people come
out who Bay they will never become
Canadians then 1 sny it is time that
ive cume to a stop. We have a right
tu say whu shall and whu shall not
come out and pusses* uur lands.
"The abore fishing industry is one
of ihe gie.iiest in Uritish Columbia,
and now ibis industry it- almost entirely in the hands ol the JapaTieee,
while, in   a   few yeurs.it is fell these
-,:     \>-*-:-A
l ________ '1      ' ^.: ■ 1
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
m     ■■ 1
r ranting
Tonight at the Opera House in "The House of Bondage"
greatest reform movement in tbe world
to-day is that of world wide temperance reform. In Russia the deplorable
state of the peasantry bas led the
Government to appoint a commission
to investigate and correct the terrible
evils ol vodka drinkinj.
2. It is a I), ininion aod Provincial
movement in Canada. Tbe movement
is an urgent one in all the provinces
ol Canada. Prince Edward Island is
the first and only province in tbe
Dominion that has reached tbe goal ol
prohibition. In this regard the greatest
bas become tbe least. Some olaim
that there ii still some drinking in
P.E I. This we all admit, but P.E.I.
claims that prohibition iB working
well. Nova Scotia has eighteen counties, ol wbicb sixteen are under local
oplion. New Brunawick has ten out
ol filteen counties under prohibition.
Both tliese provinces recently Bent
large delegation tn their respective
governments asking for provincial prohibition, but the oracle's reply was
"not now, my child, but sometime
10011,"   Quebec is s great surprise to
A Specialty Wiih Us*
■ :i ior Estimates arj Advertising Rates
astronomy and navigation, will
affected by this Aot.    It is understood
tbat all the Canadian boards of trade
will  be  asked  to co-operate   in   this
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given tliul 1 he partnership heretofore existing between
tbe undersigned K.J. Branfnnl, h'rauk
Hill and A. Wallace Dickinsuu, carrying on business us E.J. Branford .V Co.
as freighters and packers al Camborne
and Beaton, B. 0., bas this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. The said
A, Wallace Dickinson retiring from
the said firm and the said E.J. Bran-
ford and Frank Iiiil continuing tbe
business under the -nine name of K. J.
Uiiinl'iii'il .V Co.
Dated April llth, I00U.
II.  .1     BUANI lllll),
A    W.   I III KINS IN,
up l l-uiy '.       1 il VNK   llll.I..
nnieg in In*
penple will eunti'ii
try as nell."
In    el. -ing,    Ml     II live    made a
strung plea fur keepug this men
we-icrn pruviui-e tor lin Uritish Empire, nnd urged the member- !■> study
this question care'ully, fnr ue lell 1 t..
be um .•! lhe greatest ubie.li is before
Canadians at the present titnu.
nl-    AN    M'i'l.l-
h" 1    .t
ite •     1  ':
loel    HI,  1  ..■. 11
Co-operation of the Canadian
Boards of Trade
V.\ II  I.N    I
tliiplieii e 1 ,-1   il
1..-   I.-is id  ;.
nf II     ■        ki     ;! ip ii '■
Mil U'E 1- IIKit 1 in 11 N
11       111 y i 111e 111 i 1111 I in
I 1 .11 •■!'  IHU'   llinlll 1      tl thi
I'ill en    111    .   if   ll
, I Cerlillc llll    "I     'I 111"      1..        1
... ii ioned I.i - in 1 he name < 1 Dennis
McCarthy, which Cei il ate is tinted
ih ."iih nl December. II) II, and
numbered I13I8D.
II   11   .mi; IND,
Disli..'.;_     car,
Lund Kugfalry Office,
Nelson, II. C„ March 'M, 1900.
I '    -
ti&   • ' T-
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
.   nds ■ i' shingles,   bul   tin
'. ''I illLi  1 lilt!   ,:U.V    11,.in    I'll
off with
Fire Insurance Policy
So 1 h at i f th 1
ine   in   ashes,   he
gel - 'i ■ 11-   without  d  lav.
.   .      ':      111ant1f.il liinglet
I tn I..- il   • his •     li'  mil   in-
: in ty   be   tin        ie.
Luwesi       "ii ......
Es' n 1.  inu
I NBl   li AM  I.
B.   ('.
that  in   live years the bars will be
banished from this province,
3, The movement in British Columbia, tbis greatest province in Canada,
bas no local option law. We havo a
licensing law with Borne 700 liccnsm
in the province. About 375 of these
are in sell-governing municipaliths
wbere they are administered under
license cominiBBioners and 325 in the
unorganized municipalities administered by the Government through tho
Attorney-General. To the oredit ol
the Gove-nmcnt, there aro a number
of municipalities iu tho Okunu.an
valley, Princo Rupert, etc., where
licences have not been granted uml
where the communities aro thereby
greatly benefitted. But tho penple ot
this province are feeling very strongly
that tbey ought to have a voice in this
matter. Nearly 18 years ago the
Plebiscite in I). C. declared in favor of
prohibition. It is surely an abnormal
thing that this principle of democracy
Bhould be denied the people of the
province. Hence tbe present campaign. I.et all citizens .nfurm themselves fully, lot all advocates bo wise
and sell-contriilled. let 11,1 politicians
seek tu handle it wilh Btiitesmauship,
and let all conoeriied "do justly lovu
morcy and walk humbly."
J. R. RoilKKIhO.N.
U 1
SARD VVR1 1 I.n.
I'AIVl l.\i,
II A.M,l Sii
first e
Work     ...
Mail Orders  Proi , I y  I- .
The secrctury ol the liuard uf Trade
is in receipt ul a letter frnm  M. M. V.
McLean, M.l'., at Ottawa,  legarding
the question ul Mr. Lewis' " Daylight
Suving Bill," which bus been rend  thej
first time belore tlio house on   March
12th.     The letter slates, among other
things, that the Daylight Committee
arc deslrOUB   of procuring,  as   far   usi
possible, lho opinions uf the people nf
Canada   respecting   the same.      The
effects uf the bill if passed are citotl us ;
1. To move the usual hours ol work
and leisure nearer to sunrise.
2. To prumoto tho greater use of
daylight f r industrial and recreative
purposes ol all kinds.
3. Tu benefit the physique, general
health and welfare uf all classes of the
•I. Tu reduce the industrial, com-1
merciiil ami domestic expenditure un '
artificial light.
The bill will nut intorfore with the
present huurs ol labor. Those who
go to wurk at 7 a.m, and wurk until
fi or li p.m., us Hi'' cast)   may   bo,   will IT1 J^        Wj
still keep lho same hours,  only   have)
more daylight alter work   is   nver.    A I
number ol boards ol trade and school
buitriU have passed resolutions approving ol tho Bill. Tho Act will come
into lurco one year after its passage,
but will not apply In any way to the
Yukon territory.   From after  2  a.m.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Kobsou Ave.
To Trappers
P.aw Furs Boughu
Cash Prioes Paid
of tho Inst day ul April in each year
until 2 a.m. of the lust day of October
in each your the luiyil times shall be
uno liuur in advance uf the standard
time nuw In use. Greenwloh meau
time   as   used   fur  the   purpose!   ol
Exporter of Purs.
Vancouver Acreage
Pe-' ription, Prici
Terms to
Andrew E.  Liddlc
Ken! Estati   Vgonl I
500 Has'uiKti Si. Wcs>, V_uicouvcr,B, C
Mm !■ ctingi
■.    ia larga nr small inantittea
st ihe lowe 1 prioe; fnr cuh.
Idles and plastering
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
>.«   1-   the time to order your mill
I in   l.iuds and uver
$1.75 Per Load
ered   st   any point  net ween Mil
and Kootenay street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at office ol
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
Arrange How for Your
Summer Supply of
. .in
l'hon3 J9 Office    McKonne Ave
New \\'.t-,h Goods al bargain prices. Victoria Lawns, special at i2]/..c.
White Waistings and Cross-bar Muslins at ioe. per yard and up. Pretty Muslins in
dots, check, _tiipo, etc., selling at i2}ae. per yard. linglish Gignhains and Galateas
in plain .nnl stripe, selling al 15c per yard. N'ew Whitewear in skirts, gowns, corset
covers, drawers, cie , .til at special prices. Spring arrivals in men and boys' wear-
Come and pick out your liastcr ll.it, we have it here. New Tics, new Gloves, new
Boots, new suits ol Underwear, etc, Ladies' and Misses Hoot uud Shoe Department
O ir newest Spring styles will be o( special interest to everv woman.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Hunts Coi.i.kutkji. Loans Notary I'iiiii.io
> <K>0<K>0<><>0<><H><><H><>0<><><><><K>0 <
ii     Millinen   Department is ;ii  its  best   now.     Vou can depend upon seeing the
ip-to-date modes and the ver)   latest  styles.      This   department   is   under   the
ipervision of Miss McKenney, while her skill and   experience  should   be  a   sufficient
larani     ;" one and all,
iii . ; ,-itli eaiefu)
.- npoi ding, prompt
•. . very and reasonable
pricei    :.'   ile    tactora
:: have built up uur
iin .bs to its j ri seul
mmense p r oportions,
Urine your next prescription hen- if ynu
wan' satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
We iiini   In   keep   unly    the
Out Bread, Cakes and 1'astry
best iu Orocerios.   A trial  order
are made fresh every day,  when
will   be appreciated  us we   are
tired uf yuur  uwn   baking,   try
convinced that we can save  yuu
ours for a change, you  will   lind
it very appetizing.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
If you want good Potatoes we have
just unloaded a ear. Special prices
for ton lots. Now is your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke, B. 0.        'Phone 248
* Sl
Local and General.
In.  Spencer will address voters  at
Y..M.l'. \. tu night «l S o'cluck.
The Canadian  Hunk  of Commerce
.    pencil  a   branch   nl   Uawardou,
1 he Ladies lluspitul Cuild nill hold
;i calico ball in the operu limine on
April 20tb
K. M irioli Crawford the eminent
novel -1 died til Sorrento, near I'otn-
peii, It dy, on Saturday.
Th ..i!_pitul board are still disous-
sing lhe mutter uf plane and drawings
i r tbe new hospital wing.
Do not  make nny engagement on
Thursday, April 22nd, but attend the
given bj the Ladies' Auxiliary
I  e B.R i nl
Don't forgel   the lecture and stere-
iptic n viev-  by A. 0  Wheeler, Estj ,
F.K.G.S., in the Edison Parlor Theatre
on the loth.    . sp 11
Ainung the recent arrivals in the
city trum the tiu-i to become permanent residents in Kevelstoke are .Mr.
sud Mr?. R. !. Watsou, Mr, Watson
haviug beeu appointed superintendent
of thi . ' ci - if the Dominion Government bere. Mrs, Watson, wbo nail
a prominent church and social
w rki ' i". Burke's Falls before her
departure for the went waa uot allowed
tu leave ber old hi me without u show
1 •' ' --.eetr. and .1 ti 'timonial of regard
. n be 1 .1' il her neighbors. A
1 : net un.- tendered at which an
umameuted address was read and the
presentati n ol a handsome and 11
beautifully engraved oak cabinet of
sterling silver mounted mother-, if-
times cutlery. The banquet was
1 :.-. uued till a lute hour with felicitous speeches by the ladies present.
Mrs. Watson prizes the gilt and the
lemory as among the priceless tre.i--
ures uf life.
1 ij.- i- oi ,eeU& in glow
bit   1 . 1 ,- .•, - Uiuu a loi '-
Lawu   „-.   - -   seed,    White
■ . _ ■      '...■.
btlVa'   in. ;i:   STORE
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six    roomed
House  for    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of Insutv
Agents  for the cele/
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Hear Dr. Spencer to-night ut the
Y.M.C.A.   Address to voters.
Keep the date—Friday, Mny 7th, for
the annual May festival, under auspices nf the Ladies' Auxiliary uf Knox
Prizes will hi given to the winners
of the Marathon waltz hy the Ladies'
Auxiliary to the B.K.T., Thursday.
April 22nd, at the Opera House    td
S. (i. Rubbins has purchased the
building formerly occupied hy Dr.
Curtis ns 11 surgery and will ha»e the
same fitted up as an insurance ullice.
For the benefit ul those who di> not
dance at the lluspitul Calico   Ball  on
Tuesday, April 20th, cards  and  card
tallies will   be  provided   iu   tbe   gal
The treat ul 11 life tinu—Mr Wheeler's lecture on the Mountains ol Canada on the 16th. Ticket.- on sale at
0.   It.   Macdonald'B   aud   Bews' drug
stores. Hp  11
The following remark wan   verh  n
this  morning during  the   emova
tin- Utile building to he ucoupied   by
by   B. Ot,   Rubbins   .1- - irance
ii   on a site opposite the Club on
I- irst atn et.   "1 say, you fe
comes tin i.. » post oflici    I   isi
J, R.Thornton has completed 1 verj
line open   electric   light sign   lor tbi
Maundrell   Meat   Market.   This
which contains   i -,;   light! is t hi
I kind   to   be  manufactured in
-nke ami is a line piece nf work
iinI » great icqui litii m ta tiie ligl 1 1 1
:._■■ ices   ;. .M.i'.. nzie avenue.
Owing ta the great cost lores had
uued in the iatest estimate the B
.nt.in Kleoiric Railway Company
.1-   been    obliged    to   withdraw    its
i.e fur ihe reclamation    f fl
I.in.        i he   in:. > inoemenl    »
■■I      ■.     general   egret,   lines     id
.: .. -eii'-iiie been carried out   il    •    ■  I
have meant ihe addition ol thousands
ul ur.:. •      . loteotia
veultb   ;     'i     ....■■    1 ,.
11 em of the plan       ...
in toe route ul  ihe  Chilliwack   tram
was    1 i^inu.i) desigi
run thruugh lhi  1 91 ■   hike.
Be sure tu hear Mr. A. (I. Wheeler's
i lecture   un   the Canadian  Rook es on
, Thursday, the 15th.     Tho lecture and
illustrations ure both extremely interesting, up 14
A   Marathon  waltz  will  be a new
thing for the dancing people ol Revelstoke.    The Ladies    Auxiliary   to  the
, B.R.T. will introduce the latest  dance
Thursday, April 22nd, at jpera bouse,
The Ladies' Uuild, ol St. l'eter's
church, are holding a bazaar on Saturday, April 17th. at tbe home of Miss
McCarter, MoKenzie avenue. Hume
cooking, candy, aprons, corset cuvers,
etc.    Afternoon and evening.
The printing plant ol tho Observer,
lias arrived in the city. The Observer
Publishing Cumpany has secured
temporary .(tiarters in the premises
ucoupied sume time back hy the Revelstuke Herald, ad inning IV. I   Briggs
law ullice
Social and Personal
F. B. Lewis, from Vancouver, is a
visitor to the city.
Mrs. A. H. Allen, Second street, will
uot receive to morrow.
J. M. Duyle of 1*. Bums it Co.,
Nelson, was 11 visitor to tbe city this
Mr. and Mrs. II. S. McCarter have
returned Irom a visit to Seattle and
other coast cities.
We learn with regret that S. Wilsun
ol the P. Burns' start' ie leaving Rev
elstoke, having been transferred to
Mrs. R. J. Watsun will receive on
Saturday, 17th ult, from 3 to 6o'clock
and after that date, on the lirst and
third Wednesdays of each month.
Congratulations are pouring in un
all sides to Mr. XV. C. Pettipiece, ol
this oity, and his hride, whu have just
returned humo (rum their huneymoon
trip. Mrs. Pettipiede, nee Miss Kit
ebon, uf this city, is popularly known
here, anil the bride and bridegroom
have a large circle of friends. The
wedding took place at Portland on
April '2nd.
Business Locals
Aged   Veteran Sends Greeting
to America
■ satu  :•   lui Gei    Bo :.      ead
■ -.   il on   '..-'I      sent the lol
1    -   .   ssage •    bis  disciples  am!
• - spending eighty yam w tiiis
' 1 with allied ,■ laotless opportunities fur observing the purposes fur
1 men generally  ive and tbe dis-
a; p intments thi-y nn commonly
-utter. :t seetni reasonable that I
.1 Save formed lomenpinion as to
the course they ooghl to follow if tbey
are tn have anv real sucresi-
30  . bin bdsy I tell the peo-
' America  that,  if  tbey   will   Bl sk
I <.. <!. the n ix-.   .! righl
he welfare  .( tbe friei    ■ 1
or, and   the ru-hes thai   ....
lorever, with the same self sacrificing
• ',;.- .    ■   ..■      -, , -      ,    .
.- ire   il tbe world
.   ..  . ,; .......
lal Islaotion  which  nuw so
■ - them and   ' building
ittern   nation   fur   the   world   ;■
Huyler's chocolates, fresh, at Bews'
Drug Sture.
Kttelniaii kodaks  and   films  always
I new at C. K. Macdonald's.
2a oz. bottles ol household ammonia
lur 25 centr st Bews' Drug Store.
-ome gootl bargains in dwellings
conveniently situated—H. N.Coursier.
.rest uf drugs  put into yuur
prescriptions at C. R. Macdonald'B.
Ten handsome dinner sets given
each month with Ruyal .Standard liuur
—see sample at Paget Supply On
Dahlia and gladiula bulbs in separately named varieties   at.   Hews'   Drug
Support   home   industries—Ruyal
Standard •!   ,r is milled in the pmv-
•. • t,y Paget Supply Co.
I;;,   government  demands that  all
(roil trees be sprayed tins spring. Vnu
... gel ' is «praying solutions chemist (_   R    \| lodol aid's   Drug
-    * ball)   li    h ap   and  spraying •!.,,. .  nes
:.. arl)    .ue   thousand nice
\.n lur photographs   and frnm
tbey an- gone, I will give
■ -.    with   every   dozen  any
- taken '.y me,   Come either
I    cloudy   days.      K     F.
On the Canadian Rockies by
A. 0. Wheeler. F.R.G.S.
Under the auspices ol the RevelBtoke
Mountaineering Club, A. 0. Wheeler,
Esq., F R GS , President of the Alpine
Club of Canada, will deliver a lecture
on the Canadian Rockies, profusely
illustrated hy stereoptiaon views, in
the Kdison l'arlor Theatre, on Thurs
day. April 15th, at 8 p.m. Admission
2ii cents; gallery fiO cents. ap 11
Card of Thanks
1 hereby desire t thank the members of No. 2 Fire Brigade and others
who assisted this morning in try ing to
save tny property from destruction by
fire. Mlts   H   Cahb.
If you want style in your Easter dress, you should
patronize this store. We have exclusive sale of some
of the best lines to be had in Canada. They arc what
the good dressers want and our priees are right.
In the fashionable Spring Shades
plain and stripes, all nicely hiittun
trimmed. These are splendid
We have goods from a factory
that makes "Skirts to lit." They
are properly finished, seams all
hound and all ready to hem to your
correct length.
We curry "Fownes" Gloves in all
shades. Tbey are tbe very best
guide of French Gloves and are
made uf real Kid, keep their color
and shape until worn out. Every
pair guaranteed.
We have 11 splendid showing of
Hosiery in all tbe popular shades,
in plain, open work and embroidered.
Fancy Neckwear, Belts in Kid and Elastic, all
colors. Wash Belts, Ruchings, Linen Collars,
embroidered and plain. In fact everything that a
well dressed woman requires.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and  largest   Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture   now  on   hand
and made   expressly   for   us  by D. K. McPherson.
Lawn grass and Sweet Pea semis   at
Bewo' Drug Store
Moving Pictures Friday night.
Revelstoke Opera House
Friday, April Kith
Cordon Muir presents
Imperial Scots
Concert Company
Direct Iiiiiii Scotland, with
World's  Greatest Scottish Tenor.
The greatest attraction iif the
kind thut over visited America,
Packed the theatres in all the
great centres Irom New York to
San Francisco and from Halifax to
Prices $1, 75c. and 50o.
Children, 50c.
Tickets Now nn Hale al McDonald'8
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Hkahon   HMtll
All who wish to be members and to
be Included In the list of players, are
requested to send their names at mice
to W. II HUMPHREYS, Hun. Secy.,
P. 0. Mux 701.
Membership Fee $.'>.      ap 10 my 8
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, stoves, Tin nnd  Knamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
A Burst of Eloquence
on  what constitutes a well-regulated
Fixtures, electric lights, and marble
tables May add to tbe artistic settings,
but for genuine Meat Value that insures health and the pleasures of the
dinner-table, you've got to have meat
kept in a zero temperature, in sanitary surroundings sale from too much
handling — prime, rich, juicy — tbe
kind you'll always find here
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Sausages and Cooked Meats a Specialty
The Paget Supply Coy.
Have opened a store on First Street for the
sale of Flour, Feed, Seed and Chicken
Specialties, and would respectfully ask for
your patronage.
Royal Standard Flour        Burpee's Seeds       B. 6- K. Chick Food
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John fl. Selkirk,
Agent, of Vancouver, RO., intend to
apply to the Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
the following descrilied lands:
Beginning ut a pust planted ubnut
20 ehains east of the north east corner
of Timber Limit No. 12150, on Up|ier
Arrow Luke, West Kooteuuy, running
west KO cbains, thenco north UO chuins,
Ihence eust 60 chum-, thence south 10
chains, thence oust 20 chains, thence
smith '2D chains to puiut of commencement.
Datrd April 7lh, 1009
for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
White   Leghorn    from    Blum-hard's
Drown Leghorn frum Morgan's strain.
Rhode Island Reds from Miller's strain
A setting of IS from tiny of the uhovo
strains $2.   Apply or address
Box 227, Revelstoke, H. (J.
II you don't like Standard Flour as
as well or better than any other brand
wt will return your money. Paget
.Supply Co.
3?S r£^E By far the most important event in the history of Revelstoke Theatricals
w__f.dm_f:si:.a.y- , l      t ,     r f,       ,     „     -,.       _
John tort otters for Her first Tour of Western Canada the Famous Emotional Actress
And   a   Company  of Extraordinary   Merit   m   one   of the   Big  Successes  of the  American   Season
THE      HOUSE      OE      BONDA&E'
A timely and intensely interesting piny produced with a magnificence of stage environment never excelled
1 \   i iperbjpln )    upei lily pluj ed.      I'oi i land
1';, . niau,
"Nothing   Mi--   Robet'le   lins done in more
in•-1 ii..in ii-.     Vuncouvei  I'l.'i im-.■.
"An absorbing  play   Miss Roberts at her
best."—San Francisco Kxamiiier.
" Miss Robert! In her new play eclipses her
own Ih-sI effort*.'    Seattle Host   Intelligencer.
PRICES :   Reserved Seats $2.00, General Admission $1.00.
Seats on Sale at C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store
i     ■   "■       -     '      '        *•**


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