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The Mail Herald May 17, 1913

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m m
HI   Railway    Junction  and   ^Wis-   U
HI   ional  Point.   Headquar       ^       ^1
Hi   Columbia    River     Na.
g   Hub of   Timber   Belt, Mlnei-        aJ
H|   Zone,  Agricultural    Lands and   l*i
|g   Vast Water Powors of B. C.        1
m s
MM 11 HI ill IB HI II11 III II
"Hevelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
he Mail-Herald
Hi ■
g Circulates twice per week am- g
g ong  the prosperous  citizens  of g
g Canada's     Premier     Province, g
g Tttib     recognised      advertising g
g medium for Kootenay and In- g
g terior British Columbia. g
1 B
Vol. 19   No 39
REVElSTukE, B. C. MAY 17. 1913
$2.50 Per Yesr
Record Match at   Peach   Oity.-Score   3-2   in
Former    Resident   Galena     Bay
Shot While Out Duck Hunting
—Coroner's   Inquest.
Mr.      John    Olson,   ihe  well knowii
^^^^^^^^^ ^      . Catena Bay  rane-hsr,    passed through
favor of  Okanagan   Town.— Exceptionally R-eveistoke   yesterday,  on his   way
~, ,-., 0-.1.U   o:-i home.   Mr. Olson has     just returned
Clever Playing on both Sides. flom tlM painuU duty of burying his
brother Anders Olson, ai Quesnel,
where he was ac-identally killed by
lhe discharge of a shot gun. The following from the Quesnel Observer will
speak for itself:
SherlQ Peters received a telegram
on Tuesday from the operator at Bob
tail station, informing him thai the
body of Andy Ol-on, the well knowii
pre-emptoi- at But her Flat, had been
found  that  morning,  shot  dead,  sup-
Railway Men Meet at Empress Theatre and Discuss
Baseball Pans of Rovelstoke—"Are
we Downheartedi'"
Belore answering the above momentous ciucry, take a look at the following table and description of the game
by our correspondent, which will convince each and every one of us that,
though we may not be showing up
strongly as "Spoilt Barlings ol Bame
Fortune.'' with moderate good luck
our predictions as to the lifting of thi
B.C. Interior League scalp by the Revelsloke boys at the end of the season
will assuredly be fulfilled.
Although, naturally, we ai" disappointed that we have to take the
(-•hori end of our initial game in the
•league, there is no disgrace in beiug
beaten by the smallest margin possibility a team sui h a3 Kelowna put into
the lield on Thursday. The class ct"
tall played was a revelation, and can
not fail to ensure permanent and eu
thusiastlc support of ihe game thru-
out lhc Okuna-an Valley.
Our t ...... li  i ii.   spirit  Is "hasten
rd to some est nt, but ibis ^boul 1
have the eflect ot pulling the boys together, and tea hing those of us with
who.n modesty is not a besetting sin,
to respect our opponents' whether
they lie trom sunny peach Ian Is o>-
windy  terminal-.
Wc hn\e. a good line un ihe strong
and weak spo'.s in our team, and
though Manager Colllson is more than
satisfied with the showing of the team
in general, there may bc necessary n
slight re-arrangement of the lineup
aga nst Vernon on tbe 'J ith.
The score of the Kamloops-Vernon
game la-i week, must not be taken as
a criterion of what ihe Vei in lutes'are
capable of, Ior we understand they
were unable to place a lull-strength
ii-ain in the field on that occasion.
Thc RevcUioke team reached Kelowna on tbe south boat on Thursday,
after an enjoyable trip which was
enliven cl by ihe contributions of tha
"Pawl Quartette,*' composed of Messrs. Philips, List, Deri and Noel, and
arrived a' the ball grounds 15:46 and
lined-up wiib Slim and Goosey a-
the battery.
Revelstoke tir-t io bat with Fisher
to bat and Wilson on deck. Henning
fanned Fi-'ii'f; Wilson bren/.ed, Pulley
and Derr breezed.
Second inning—Storey breezed, Phil
Pulley caught out on long fly to left
field, Derr fans and Storey out on anothei Infield hit.
Seventh—Philips thrown out on well
bandied hot one at short, List ollt on
Ily to center Bruce out to piteher Hen
ning's assist.
Eighth—Fisher caught out ou infield hit to second, Webb caught steal
ing second, Wilson hit by pitched ball
walks, Pulley hit hotted ball ou third
strike and out.
Ninth—Derr     singles,     Storey fans.
A  large number of railwaymcp   and   Lution,  finance  and management
others,   including  several  ladies,    met  the rftore.
Goes to London Early in June.—
Will Sail on Empress of Britain
Hon. Thos. Taylor arrived on the
south train last Thursday from lake
points. He had intend d visiting Nei
son and Cranbrook, bii; owing to his
having received a wire while en route,
Empress     theatre on Friday      On our way we opened up a store in   he only went as far as Nakusp.
nighl  to discuss,   the  organization   of   three departments of our entire block      Hon.   Mr.   Taylor   left   last   evening
National     Railway Asso.-iatiou,  they  have r>22 customers pledged     to   i'or  Vernon, where he  will  today dt>al
Limited, under which name is disguis- 'dealing there and with an $S0,OOU
ed the very latest attempt t0 solve stock tree ot debt, doing a cash busi-
the high coBt of living problem, by ness. 'lhi good will of such a busi -
Canadian railwaymen j ness alone is worth a very  large  sum
At   8:15 p. m., Mr. Willis Armstrong j of money,
look the chair, and in a breezy speech '    This is not a co-operative rftore, it is
and amid     applause,    outlined brielly ' a straight joint stock company, oper-
posedly  by  accident.      Olson  was    in  the  objects of the     meeting as being   ating stores  ona  business basis  and
Quesnel last     week,  and    reached his   ,0 discuss     the     organization of the   no other.
with an important matter in con-
is ction with locating the C. N. R.
through the city oi Vernon. From
\ enn n he will piOCeed to Chase, to
keep an appointment, after which he
will most likely proceed to the coast.
Hon. Mr. Taylor b'poke in the high-
i-t terms oi ihe public works in this
vicinity,     including  th'  .-ourt  hous.-.
pre-emption on his return at noon on  Bt0re and hear Auditor A. Moore,   of      Our store     manager   is Mr. Bonald  The roads were in excellent condition
Derr     steals     second, Philips singles,  Monaay,   ln the afternoon he decided  Toronto,     and    Thos. Hueston, vice-  O'Brian he has no money invested in  in fact better than any he had seen in
Derr Safe on third, List single-', Bruce
drives hot one to short, which Heu-
ning by an unparalleled play grabbed
oil his shoestrings and still running,
touches third making au unassU'ted
iloiiiile  play and  retiring thi  sid...
Kelowna comes up with Henning to
bat, who fans on thre ■ of Slim's favorites, Tieadgold walked into a fast
breaking inshoot and is walked by
umpire' Syers swings at two good ones
and then the bad luck started for Revelstoke by old Slim throwing his arm
out of place on the third, Webb with
o'.it a'iy preliminary warming up goes
in in Slim's place, has to do it all
o.er again to Syers, who fans, Kin -
raid -iiules. on error by Derr advancing Treadgold to third, Henning singles >. or.n; Treadgold. H. nniug steal
second, advanced to third on A Hen-
nlng's single and gets home Gn passed
ball, Pulley's error. Tait tans, —Two
Second—Fuller, Hunt aud Feeny all
thrown out at tirst on inneld hits to
s..o;t and pitcher.
Third—F. Henning gets two bagger,
Treadgold out on pop Ily to second,
Syers ian-', on error by Webb in a
throw to second Henning gets to
third, Treadgold singles, scoring Hen-
inn., Kincaid out ou long fly to center.
Fourth—A. Henning singles, reaching first, Tait -ingles advancing Henning one Bacv, Fuller caught out on
Iiy to right. Hunt out on short fly
to second, Feeny fans.
Fifth—Henning fans, Treadgold is
thrown out at flrst by Webb, Syers is
oui at  flrst  on hit to Fisher.
Sixth—Kincaid out on short By to
second. li.-nniU' fans, Tait do. s likewise.
Seventh—Fuller    tans,   hunt   out  on
to go dink hunting, and when he did president  also of Toronto, and
not return in the evening Ban Murray Were present on the platform.
who was working for him, and J. C. Secretary      Kempster,    called upon,   in $511,000 for he has made money     in
Co' of Maples, started a search which th. n read figures'    showing that 5,790   his own business of course, even if he
lasted until ten o .lock, without     re- shares had been allotted to the     am-   had 550,000 of stock it would make no
suits.   They started out     again     the 0i.nt of  ^28,950 and that the   money   difference as our voles are in -inilividu-
ut'.xi  morning, and found the body at was being  rapidly paid into  the bank  al shareholders.   One shareholder   one
seven o'eloek.   The gun. a     12-gauge, anj prophesied thai  the whole     am -   vote,  no matter how many shares he
was lying beside the body, which was 0..nl  subscribed  In   Revelstoke   would  might  own.   Ladies can be shaiehold-
distant ahout a mile and a half from reach $.'.0,000 by the cn 1 of this week.   cls and vote, provided they a
hi» cabin. —Loud applause.
Coroner Gnrd.er was     immediately The chairman then called upou Mr
communicated with, and owing to the Thos. Hussion, vice-president,  to ad
Impossibility  oi  securing  a jury     at dress the meeting,
the scene he gave Instructions lo have Mr.  Hueston  then      too';   th? plat
ihe remains     brought here, and they or.n and said in brief:
reached  town  yesterday   morning,  ac- 'Ihis organization
who   ln's business, he is not a railwayman;   the district.   He wa-     much  giatifi-d
he is our manager.   He offered to put  to 'end the erood     news   in the Mail-
Hera'd. regarding the successful trip
of Messrsl Gibbons and McSorley to
Ottawa in connection wiih Mo.int Rev
i Is o .e beinj ma e a government reserve. The opening of Dominion lands
an I ih - new post offici.
The Minister of Public Works i- also
much pleased to -ee sir h a g o.l feeling In Revelstoke and thai cun iitions
lompaniid by Messrs.     Murray,  Coe,   ..\ , k company, formed by railwaymen
and Friend.     The Coroner arrived on  as a result of meetings held in Fast -
fled  In  railway connections. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Our lo.-al stores are    managed on a were so rood,
strictly  busim-s's  I asis.      We are     a The Hon.  gentl man will  have ear-
$1,000,000 concern    today and 31)0,000 ly In  June' ona  two-months' trip   to
nun can do something we are organi". l.on !on in connection wiih the lnt:r-
ed from     Atlantic to Pacitic   Quebec nut..nal  Good  Road                .' mi. He
a joint stock  City i"1 our lasi  equipped -tore,  th.'y will -ail fiom Quebec on the Empress
Thursday night. Dr. Baker performed
a postmortem examination of the
body yesterday morning, and the inquest slatted at 2 o'clock in the after
noon, but was not concluded when we
we-nt to press.
John Olson,  a bro hr of  the     deceased  residing at  Arrowhead,  B. C,
was communi at.. I wiih. and i>'
pected here tomorrow.
em Canada by railwaymen who felt
that the time hud arrived when some'
thing must be don" to secure to railwaymen the full iruits of increase's in
pay, etc., secured by organization,
bul which in the past have too often
disappeared into the pockets ,>i middle
men. Our capital was nr-t fixed at
ex - §40,000 and has now been increased
$5,000,0110.     The tirst store was ope
The late Anders Olson was 30 years'  ed at Mimico, Ont., uu July 16, l'J12.
subscribed $1"),000 in three days. of Britain.
'ih,' sooner the t'.vh is paid in and The  Minister ol               -.'orks     will
the  -oon: i- the store '-an start-     We not likely vi it  Revelstoke again un-
are going to be ihe biggest cash buy- til after bis v,-u  io the old country.
ers in     '.'anada.    We are  the  bighe-t Durin.': lis ab Mice                 irtmci
paid men in the world     We have thi public works will be                       . on-
i iggest purchasing  power now and it trol of his en                     ty,  Mr. WW.
is do tiding     with railway extensions Foster.
every tin  year-.    Canada is a banner  —
railway country and the railway me. i • < n~r ! r ll n*»i tlio are going to cut a big figure in Cana- |H hif |[N [i|j! ftj
>n_  dlan buying circles.   We are organi ..'
of age on May 1st, he was a native of
Swed n. but came 'o Canada some is
years ago. Three years of whieh was
sp.nt at Arrowhead and Galena Bay.
The deceased was a member of the
Presbyterian church. He left his father in Sweden and one sister and one
brother in the old country, as well as
his brothers John and Yons in British Columbia.
The  deceased     had  some live years
ano taken up a ranch at Butcher Flat
and in spiie of tremendous opposition
uom traders had proved such a sue-  ,b" P°Wer "f organization.   We
cess thai eleven others have since been   Propose to combine for buying
for protection, our lodges have proved
on one s'. tion oi     'he economic field
an I
Th..i,. are     :'.00,000 	
Canada, the highest paid, most intelligent and best organi ee' bodv oi
workers in Canada and our pun-has -
ing power is such ihat we can easily
control the biggest business in the
_^^^^^_ """*' * ""    hard hit ball to Fisher and Fe-eny    is
ips hit by pitcher, stole second,     ad-  )h|.on.n quJ on ^^ ^rm qm   iQ
vanced to third on Lists single and
scored on Henning's wild pitch; Bruce
fanned.—One run.
Third—Webb ian- Fisher hit by pitched ball store Bei ond, Wilson fans i>ul
ley singles, advancing Fisher to 3rd.
Derr -ingles scoring Pi-'b-r, steals to
second: Storey thrown out at first
<n -cratch hit
Fourth   Phillips caught  out  on    111-
-F. H'-nnhg
I hlllips,
Webb on
out ai  tirst on     Scratch hit to Webb,
Syers thrown out on  infield liner    to
The  umpire's  were  Wil-on of Kelo -
wua, and Noel of Montreal; the total
I believe that in Revelstoke ., greal
in the Quesnel  district and had     ob -   future is before us and you can easily
tained     a crown  grant for   his land,   assure this by all putting your shoul- branch  out  and  put   '.he  resources  of
der to the wheel and pushing ahead. ,;'       '-m  ""  oration, , ur own    re-
Auditor Inspector Moore then  took sour c^ nt,, operation for the  benefit
the platform and asked the audience i':     :i    bareholders.
to go fully into the details of organ- (To be Contlnued.j
Will Arrive To-day to Hunt
Grizzly Bear An and Rt v-
elstoke. — Ciito.n ly the
Prov.ncial G..;r.e Warden.
r    ..;.    th re -.- m Revel-
a  loan  ofilce if  we choose.   Later oi,   <u"' s son ct
as our surplus funds increase we shall  Coi nt cleo. Patacki, who i
we can  use our power  io still
railway men in   further benefit economically;  we     will
help one mother; we want to slop th.
credit sy-tem, all railwaymen can ge:
credit.   Wc prepose to     put  ourselvei
out ne 1 it.    our charts'.'
gives powers :o branch out into     ail
mi a -  ,,f  biis'.ne'ss.    We  can  run
His untimely death will be keenly felt
by his relative'- and fri.-nds
in;iiest on  the' body  ol" AnderS
caught out by  uUon_ tne Buu-her's Flat  rancher who
Pop Hy, Treadgold thrown wa9 foim,, Bnot dead on his ,.aIll.h ou
the 29th o; April, and whose; death
we chronicled in our last is'sue, was
held at the court house last Friday,
before Coroner H.J. Gardner, with A.
M. Far ,i!hai as sworn atc-nogiapher.
The  following   gentlemen  were  em-
Id    v.  l.isi  fans Bruce caught out  score was 3-2 in favor of     Kelowna;  pannelled as jurymen:—John A. Fras-
r,n another Infield Hy. the total time of the game was     one  er, foreman;  J.F. Brady, J.B. Scobie,
Fifth—Webb     breezed   on three fa^t   hour and   fifteen  minutes,   with eight   A. F. Curtis, G.A. Broughton and R.
one-,   Fisher  and  Wilson  follow  suit,   minutes to an inning. i;.  Carver,   E.J.  Avison atte-nded    in
, - —  th ■ ini-rests oi the relatives.
After viewing the body, the exam -
ination Ol witnesses took place, and
_^_^_^_^_^^^_^_^_^__ l°n, and exhaustive evidence was sub-
St. Francis Hall was the 1 ens of a mined as to the find ng oi the body,
cay litt!" party last-evening when the th? search therefore, the examination
Tennis Club gave an .-h'-:- ol those ' the Burrot'.ndin - foi track* whi b
jolly dances which have enlivened the ii...b- I ad to , bu picion of foul play
spring se-a-oa.   This ball has .1   co-y     ,t  no evidence   could   be found    tc
lloor cau  • th:     slightest suspicion.       Dr.
also gav.. the result  oi bis post
Oanadian women, perhaps more than
thos.' of any 01 her nation have reaii-
long been it''   and    an
form a local branch ol the    Women's
Canadian   -lub b..s been on the tapra
for some time..
Accordingly on Thursday atternoon
a very repi .11 c gathering ol
ladles 1:   1 ai tli   bo ne ol Mrs. J. D.
Sibbald and 1 icded to organize the  i.rday
Club, and elect   their oilicers. Rothwel
The club is to be called    'The Wo
.    other
mad •
through A. I .vincial
d :.
      Mr.  \s,i..a:        :
agitation to cation with ■
Rothwell  of   He ■
ject for     -. 1 ast,
Rothweh 1
the Count a few
Conductor (cpttii !   Tennis Club Dsnce
The  many  friends  oi  Conductor  A.
I*.   M. t'11 lo 1. h      will     be     pl used   10
learn thai be has been honorably ac-
quitted ol the charge o' theli hi ought
against  lum  al   Kamloops. B
Hia case was tel foi bhe a--i/.es   at appearance anl such a peiie.-t
Kamloops this     week   and bhe grand M" " " ''''- •'*"*' admirably to smul-  ra
jury in hi- ease returned 'no bill''. '''' ',al1''''" of this kind.   About thirty   n ortem exgmination of ihe body. The
It will be remembered thut Cotiduc- coupled attended and tripped the hour, la' ing of tbc evidence was not con-
tor Mc-Cullough was charged by a away to t'ie 'isl,'r'ng music ot the chid d until 7::i0, and alter deliberate
passenger some months ago with Revelstoke Orchestra. Most of the ing for half an hour the jury rendered
Stealing so.iu* baggage, bul when It Ken''°'nen and many ot the indies, B verdict that "dicea-e,l met his dea-
oame before the grand jury that body wore 'ennis costume, which always th by th' accidental di-cbarge of a
threw ibe case ,,,it, thus completely «iv™ a '-harming effect to the appear- shotgun in his possession."
exonerating Conductor McCullough, ance o( tennis dances. Supper was The funeral took place from the
who  resides  with his (amily  at Kam- »>rved at midnight  by the committee th-  Presbyterian church  on  Saturday
on to be loyal to and love their coun-   men'H  Canadian   club ,,( Revelstoke.'
try. From the earliest day a- a coun-  T1'° ottlcere elected are:
try, they have taken place shoulder to
.shoulder with tho men and helped to
nake history,
in    recognition  of    this  fact  some
in ebii.-e.  and dancing continued     a afternoon  last,  at  two  o'clock.        A
couple     of     hours  longer.   The  last lar^o  number of friends  attended  the
hams of     thc     moon saw the party obsequies,  and    much sympathy    was
wending homeward tired and happy. expressed tor John Olson, thc brother
The Tennis     club have    bought the who was advised  of the tragedy     by
ground  on    which their    thr^ courts wire', and arrived Friday afternoon.—
me built, and it is abeady proving   a Quesnell Observer.
very     profitable     speculation,    being 	
worthy      nearly     double'  its  orteinal An    official .'cnsus    of Christians in
IIIIII HUH MB 111! Mill! H ll ll  iiriiv-   A 'en™ '> to be run around the Jajan taken in 1911 has only     now
Ensign Margaret l^wis of the Hal-
vat ion Army at Toronto, is visiting
tier parents Mr and Mrs. Thomas
Lowis. Hhe and Mrs. Ilngadier Potter hftVe laken OUt a party of clomcs-
lics to Vancouver
Regular    Monthly    Meeting
y.m.c.a.  Board ol Director!
will   be   hold   Tuesday   evelng
n.xt  In  Y.M.C.A.  Hall.
(Jfj grounds at once. The new pavilion is tx-cn Fum-nari/i-d Ioi the public. Tab-
*£] nearly completed. les submitted include the following flg-
p] The*' Improvements are being fin • uren Roman Catholic, 68,081; Greek,
„ .,,, ,.,1 i.v ibe elub dances, which il a 14,749; Anglican, 15,0'JO; Presbyterian,
[§ method heartily approved of by all 1-.441; Con/reeationalist. U.,115,
(§ who have been attending these    most | Methodist, 11,763; Baptist, 4191; other
H 1111 I i 1 Is I Mm] [1 d p 11; enjoyable affairs.
Iserts, 12,240; total, 155,681.
years ago th.. Women's! Canadian club
was formed as auxiliary to and in affiliation wiib the Men'- Canadian club
which bad been In existence for nearly  '"iin
twenty  years.
Wherever  formed  tbo  Women's  cleb
has 1 a received     with the greatest
.ator  .nl given everj  encourage it
Boon   liciiiu'  considered  one  of  the  di
i 1 iris  or  cities   mosl   valuable  assets,
Irom  an  e.lucaiional.  instructive    and
general  uplifting  Uandpoint.
At. everyone is aware the Women's
Canadian club is undenominational,
non-sectarian and non-political in
■ haractor.
Its object primarily, is t0 fo-tei Patriotism in ltd broadest sense, and lo
study the resources of Canada in every branch, and to unito the members
in all work for the welfare and progress of the Dominion.
Thc Club makes a specialty of tho
"eCOgnltion of native worth and the
utilisation of native talent, thereby
forming a connecting link, uniting lo-
1 al with outside talent, to thc broadening and betterment of both.
Presidenl   Mrs   J. D. Sibbald
It Vie  Pros! lent—Mrs. S
ind    \    ■   I'n s.  ent— Mrs.
sm bi' laiui.
3rd  * ic   Pre 1 Int   Mrs. W
Literary Sec—Mrs. E. H.
abb     N.
this   -
a wire   from
daj - .. g tba'.
bc woiii.l arrive in Revelsti
y I.   In., ii   ,.  ■ , 11    ib e
ha-   !e
cun the l> - ava lal.... and to
maki ill other arrangement!! .'or tbi;
bunting trip lor tins titled bui    1
Rothw li informs u
after caie.'ul     consideration
:, ten     )•'■   I    Terrj 1      known
1 C aim's
..       •  ...,■ e*
. -Il-lt
M     01   ij   Mi    \   Bryan W    la i . tbi pro
\ incial fs ■  well for
# 1 ara .i •
: bunt -
,,'      le.it.
.. di 11.     Wa
t.'i.r   Mi.   Will.am-     has
good m !    that  tbe
Count's  par y  will  bave  a  most  suc-
G.   Roi
Sc. >. Tr.-.is.   Mi . m.n. Kennedy.
Men,i..is  ,,f  tb    Eio utive—Mrs   It
it.   \i  Mi . w. M. Lawren ■, Mr<
ll. N, Coursier,   Mra. Cha .    HoM ■
Mrs. c. it. Macdonald. M
The matter oi a lopting the p cs rib
e-ll    .Oh  'I lllll loll    lee   suit      IU  111      I .'Ildi  - 	
lions, is in the bands of bhe executive md     enjoya le  bunting  trip
ami will be placed before thc    next through the around Rcvel-
meeting,  due  not !■•■ ol  which  will
niv.n through  these columns.
Last Wednesday evening fire broke
om iii Selkirk Mail ami badly damaged the Interior ol the building,     and
would  have  completely  consumed  ihe   ■
whole  structure,  but  for  tne  prompt B
a.i ion of    '•e tire brigade. ■
Itli -'apposed thnt the lire was cau- J[
-ed by some trampi who might have ■
gained entrance through the I.a k door ■
and started a lire among a ouantliy ■
of old papers in the building. S
One thing, however, Is aPl>arentand Tf
Tb.-  papei    will  publish  from  time
1 •■ the success anl ,il ventures of
thii prominent hunting party and
their personal views if Count Patacki on hunting big game at Revelstoke
f MA.VNINi; s.
No  matter  what  the weath
er is like, you an- ,i-sured of
n 1     weil    served   at    our
Fountain.   We  serve  1>oth hot
drinks' and  I■ e .
Tho need ol somo such sooiety am-! that is that a new hall Ik now requlr-
ong tho ladles of Rovelstoke,       hea.cd very badly.
1 «.
■  ■■■■■■'a  ■■■  ■HHU
SATURDAY, MAY 17th, 1913.
The underwear
without a fault
Just the
style, size
or weight
you    like
1 Underwear and Hosiery
for any season or climate,,
for man, woman or child,
h ■»•■* «
a>t»,the .right   price%
VW,   WY:    «...'.   '-I:.1.   '- 'V. ■-:'".'   .   >i. '.   Ji«     ■ M - ■■       '*  y*+1
I «*;>'->
1^};- "■-purchaser- :'W
A .   ii   '' •!-;  |"    j.   , ■■■, i'| .v;.k;
::; .o:.,, the, trademark/
j" It's   on 'every1
ftn&r garment-in red
\ fry    No.   95-
J* medium weight
Qi/ick  Sale
H3US3. Cirnsr Second and McArthur, 50
Feet. Easy Terms   $2950
Hjuse.   modern,   Fifth   Street,    50  Feet,
Easy Terms  $3000
H)U35, Corner Robson and Fourth Street,
5 ) Feet. Easy Terms   $2900
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
s- 1)
Consisting ,>f every conceivable size snd make ol
Hats, Gloves, Shoes mi'l Underwear; also a most
extensive stock  of  Neckiics  of every  shade ami
stj le.
We have tlso i specially fine assortment of samples
for u-.ir Spring Clothing Order Departtneet.
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stetson Hats        Foot-Rite Shoes
At thk Busy McIntyre Corner
Beans, small, white, easy to cook, 3 lb. for.
Japan Rice, finest, cooks soft 3 lb. for
Stephen's Chow Pickles, per 1.
Sliced Lemon Clin^ Peaches, small tin
John McIntyre ^ son
First Street.
Telephone N
GOO -KliKl)
Winnipeg, May SI—The Cunailian elub
of Winnipeg tonight hml as its guest
Uol. Hon. James Allen, minister .of
defence for New Zealand.
Mr. Allen delivered an inspiring ad-
dress on "Empire Patriotism" in the
course ul whieh he outlined the policy
of New Zealand and showed her pro-
gross in military and naval matters,
lie urged the necessity tor eo-opcr.ii-
tion oi Canada, Australia and New
Zealand in maintaining and increasing
British control ofthe sea lanes of tho
Pacific both from a commercial and
imperialistic standpoint.
Thr minister declared that should
ih,. time ever come when Canada was
menaced hor sister dominion New Zealand, would he prepared io throw in an
"oxpcditii nary army" of 80,0011 men t.()
aid her in defence and tliis force would
be drawn from a populatli n numbering
i oi more than 1,000,000 people. Ho admitted t hal ih ' quotd ion of defence
uas more pressing in New Zealand
because ui li.'i- closer proximity to the
f.,i east, which brought ibe question
ol an oriental menace into tbo realms
of possibility,
A feature of the meeting was the
resolution adopted tendering an honorary membership in be club to Sir
Oharles Tupper a- otn of Britain's
eu al empire builders.
To Pay for Damages
London, May 10—The Homo Office is
considering the introduction in Parliament of it bill providing for tho reeov-
iry of compensation from the suffragette funds for damages snllered at
lbe hands of tbe militants.
The lm est device of tbe suffragettes
is to sow tho streets with nails thrust
through pieces of stitT leather bearing
a suffragist Inscription, with the ob-
je,.|  of puncturing automobile tiros.
Anothc lire due to KUlfragutics, oc-
riin, ,1 al Folkestone yesterday. The
"Daily Minor'' asserts tbat a suflra-
gotte plat has been discovered to kidnap n CaMnel member, dress him ln
wo inn's clothes and s'ubmit him t.o
a mock trial.
. .    „, ,■....... fl$-Mm*$
- •■'  •■■«iA ■"••' '■■
■-.•>. x // v„ -  jtiiy,
... j^L
..:■■■■■     "Ml
1   ■''       T.W. ■ .1
!'..;ife. \'.k?Ai:i'iV
i    . -       t\
<& 9
A Grtiesome Theft
New York, N.V , May 10—One of thi
most remarkable thefts ever committed was that charged against some
person unidentified who is today In
possession of a band wbich Alice lie -
runier, :l French maid lost last night
when the fell in front of an elevated
t ain. In a faint she toppled from
thc itation platform, and was dragged for so.ne distune- by ibe train
v.hi'b tore down upon ber. Hundreds
wbo looked on expected io hear that
-;: ■ was ground to death, but her
worst injury was tho cutting oil ol
li-i I it band. Realizing the extent
of her injury, -ho shrieked. "Where
in my hand; don't lo-e my rings." Id.-
ws i. ation proved that the severed
band, on whieh she had worn two
rings, one a diamond, had fallen to
the street below.
A policeman was immediately sent
n ■ arch of the missing member, but
there was n > sign of it, and he de-
cl i'. d si me i • ■■ in I hc crowd had
picked et up n.l mad ...I with th>'
V u cannot (jet at the ordinary restaurant The quality of lhe food, the
exce'lence of the cookinu ami the perfection ot its serv lie make a dinner beri"
une lo be remembered with pleasure.
the in \' lime you fee] 1 ke enliliR sime-
hi. ge vua  nice     We  ran   gi.ilifv   you
io th" queen s ' isle C me alone ifyou
•n -t   with .i fi it'll. 1 if v .a can,      A good
dinner like ours ought  t.>  be  eaten   in
>■; od i ompany.
A   !'•.   I'll I \ K is:, in  Manager.
Th ■ Ta-: ir F nruary
nsi  577,970 in Feb
ruary,  1912 month per-
. ■
THE PLANS (< r Rood plumbing differ
irom the ordinan kind You may not
be able to note the difference, bul even
good plumber know . OUR PLANS
include onlv materials that will give
lasting satisfac'ion and w rkmanship
t'n it vvill prove du able.
No matter how itnpoi tanl or how unimportant the i'b mav 1 e, we never
slight any detail of PLUMBING WORK.
th :n A cup of
* HK1A.   IlLKXD   TKA"
Prii  -.   5 >c, ■'- ) .  an 1 oOc. por Ib.
P. O    Box  20fi
CKOr.C's   &  BAKF.R
Phone No. 23
ft FIT-
Every man who appreciates the
fad (h-.it his personal appearance
can be a business asset, will
appreciate the good style and
good tarfte of Fit-Reform Suits.)
Let us show you some of these
attractive business Suits for
business men. 782
MeKinnon &
it-fit ■.'
A Pail, With Water—
a Brush—and a Pkg. of
of nit
'.,.:■■ HffiJssi
V- MI,!, tmnife-erm llir u;-.lif"it *e;i!lu Iuto walla of licauly
-,,f leiiiieuietit.   Ainiusiinc walls mc plcashiH tn the
most cultlviueJ   I.is-*.    A ,;, eeir een upiily
A'ntn'.iijeby follow!   r t'l^directions,   Alt
you nent is a pull, witli wit i, atiJ a fl it
brush,   The rest Is easy.    A.1abas'.ltie, unlil.e
evrill \i eji t au.l ikalsomine, ii ird • is, an I bee nn ■ -
part of the wall itself.     Alnbustine elicits in the wall
p-ieei .e.ceitly    It eS ilu- .»•! y nlesi-iiil.'.y s.iiiil..ry wall Covering.
COLD WATERaiESJu •'-    '-
A new coat ran be applied without removing old one Alabastine is made in
white, and twenty-one charming tints.
Come in and get tlie Alabastine tint
book. We'll show yon how really beautiful Alabastine is.
.\iinr I.'inline
Wilhoul Utile
Chitit.lt on 1 ,.'ftl
These free Sti ncils are worth from 50c.  to
$1.00. They enable you to more beautifully decorate your home. Call
in for particulars.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating . Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
Now Is the Tims for Fertilizing Vour Garden
Have a Car of Fertilizer on Track.
Save money by buying direct from
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
....................................■:«i«,«!«i«i«), eM"L>!lj'
I C H I G l:*
■ ■■■■■■■■WiMlwlMlMlMlBhrirt
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
SWIFT'S . . .
Blood and Bone
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
A Remarkable Expression
of Public  Confidence . . .
I \\\
■   t
m     *
nd n •   '•! .   »,
i   -
.   ,i
'i:,. ,915.72
: I    ■ '.
: *
Ql  M'     IR    ':.;.I','.'    DOLLAR     fjOANRD     y
-    i
a       #
TO  CON . nl.l'K ' '   CKIt    i, II'IJ.;   fN
TRRKflT in RING THK ,• i   ■   m      ,:\i:
if foil Desire n Horn mr Own—1      on  W.,ul,|   Be  In
: J
The Canadian Home Investment Co., I td.
I Reliable
Home Offlci     PAI IVU   Bl ILDINO, :■ .1 ['low
Revelstoke Office J. B. WATSON RF.AI.TY CO.
aiMi-a«ii5i»r««f-j«i-r«r»«f»«r*«.'««j>-f-T««f«[»«[- r«r*-i*«i«i-i««i-i-j*«(-«i«i«[*-r«-i»-i»-i«[»f«j«i-i»i
$50-Cash  (Special! Prize—$50
Given   in Log  Rolling   Contest
RAQT7PAT  T Reveletoke ve. Vernon
JDr\OI-jDr\.L^JL^    -      -       Bnderby     vs Salmon Arm
T   Af^TPOQQT? Reveletoke
LnVyJWJOOli       - vh, Armstrong
FOOTBALL -    -   -    - ^-^a**
Open to All Owners.     $10 anil $3 Cash frizes.
I N   A T T B ND AN C !•:
B. C. Horse and Boy Scouts in Parade
Numerous Special Features of interest to all, ainl everything
looking tn tne entertainment an 1 comfort of visitors mil he
proviut I
S|ienal train from Kevelstoke ami I 'It in i;. in  Landing and way
points.     Excursion coacbei will aUo be provided on the retrn-
1 ir ir.iin leaving Revelstoke at 7:M a.m.. returning same night.
One tue and a third fir ronnd trip.
I'or any further information ulclress:
U Secretary Celebration Committee, Enderby, B. C.
■%.-■*.-%.-%.-%. •%-*^^%.'%.-%^%^%.'%.-m,'%^.-%.-m.-%-%'*.%%.-%.'%^.'%.i SATURDAY, MAY 17th. 1913.
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
Six Room Modern House, Corner of Ecbson Avenue
and Fourth Street _ $2800
Six Room Modern House, Fourth Street $2200
Eleven Room House,  Fourth Street,  near McKenzie
Avenue  $3000
100 Feet Seventh Street, near McKenzie Avenue  $1500
Store Building McKenzie Avenue for Rent.
Give in Your Listings if You Want a Quick Sale
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
W.  H. HOROBIN, Manager.       Local Agency American Casually Co.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
!9<X) 1911
Capital        -      -      -      -        I 3.000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 4,600,000
Deposits      ....        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments          -       27.4">7,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -       -       -        33,000,192 48,237,284_
Has 83 Branches in Canada, nml Agents and Correspondents in all ""
tho Principal cuius in the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelsti ke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Another Shipment to hand of Spring
and Summer Styles in
Voiles,  Panama and Lustre
London   May  10—Tho Morning Post
publishes this morning „ column inter
view with Sir Charles Tupper,    murh
of which is di-volod to thc delenou    of
j tho naval proposal now before       the
Dominion government,     Questioned as
to thc probable fate o! tho bill when
it roaches tho senate, Sir Charles said
ho  had  not  the slightest doubt    but
that it would pass.   Tho senate, in his
opinion,  would    be largely intluencod,
to addod, by the fact that Sir George
Itu--.'is ono of the etn urn-host of imperialists, and ho regards it as beyond
tho  bounds oi    possibility  that     Sir
George Koss would allow his imperial
Ism to be thrust inlo the background
i by the pressure of purely party influences, I
"I regret exceedingly," said the aged
statesman,  "that   Sir Wilfrid Laurier
' did not  see  his   way  clear  to    lifting
tho question of naval defeuco     above
lhe party level.   Not only would    the
| offering of his services to the premier's
proposal  make him stronger with bis
i party, but the party itself would have
■■ taken stronger hold upon tho admiration and appreciation of thc Canadian
people.    It 1 were in:luencod only    by
party considerations,"  pointed out Sir
Charles,  "I might  not  regret Sir Wilfrid's failure to take advantage of this
unique  opportunity  which    came     to
make  himself    and  his  follower.-.     so
strong with the country, but I prefer
to look at this great question as one
of both national and imperial importance.    If purely party opposition could
have  lie-en suspended  for this supreme
oeoasion,'' pursued Sir Charles. "I believe it  would have been certain that
the naval proposal would have     been
supported by Liberals and    Conservatives alike.   During  my  vi<it to    the
Dominion I e^ame in contact with men
of all  occupations and of all  shades of
lif". and I am proud to  believe    that
my countrymen are overwhelmingly in
favor of the proposals. They must be
carried through tho commons in   any
event but I would have rejoiced if they
had been carried unanimously as thoy
■nab,'  ' febbrtb/fo-
ttu    J%6 o4im/Ub
DYB, ono ctD Uuy-.Why you don't «v«n hivo lo
know whil KIND of Cloth your Goods ure mado
11I.--S0 Mt-ttiitu'fi »r« Impossible.
Send for Pre* Color Card, Story  Booklet, antl
Booklet giving reiulti of Dyeing over other colon.
Montreal. Camilla.
0.  B.  N.  WILKIE
Oftlco: Lawrence Hardware Illock
W.  H.  WALLACE,   M.B.O.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313. Reveletoke
Barrltt*r»,  Solicitor!,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank Building   Itevel
■ Ink.,  B. O.
Money to Loan.
n*V.c»«-R«,vBliitiik»,    B.    C.     aad
Crenbrook, B.  O.
0*0.  S.  MeCarter,
\.  M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Hevelstoke, Cranbrook
MT.      BEGBIE.
OF I. O.  K.
No. mi.
Meetn in 1. 0 O. F*. Hal) next to
Tapping's 0'iern House evory second
snd fourth Monday In month. Visiting  brnthran  mrdiallv   welcomed.
H.  V. MORGAN, C.  R.
WM. fl. CAMERON. Rec.-flsc
SELKIRK     LODOB  12,  1.  O.  O.  V.
Meets every Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall at S o'clock. Visiting
brethren  cordially  Invited.
20 Per Cent. Discount for Cash
i „„„!,- k„,.« 1 i. .1 Z.iZ  r 'a   KOOTENAY     LODOE.  No.  U A.
could have been if tho opposition h».l
pursued  a far-sighted policy."
aud A.  M.
Laughton C8)> Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
 ■ r*#-
CANADIAN     feffill
H. J. kiUlUi- htftittct.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Fare and One-Third
for Round Trip .   .
MAV 22 to 24,1913
Return Limit
May 27. 1913
R. G. McNkili.ii:
District Passenger Agent
C. W. O.  w
Mountain Vltw Camp.  No.  .'.'*
Me«t« Second    and     Fourth  Wedne* |
eluvi    in  each  month   in     Selkirk
Hall.      Viiltlng Woodmen  use
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS. Clerk.
Meeta every tirst and third Tuesday in Oddfe.lows Hall. Visiting
brethern cordially invited  to attend.
A. Grant, Dictator.
H. L. Haug, Scrctary.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
**/*        At Prices Never Belore Ollered ••^»/',
+fc        to the Public of Revelstoke     .-.*        +/*'
We are offering some of the many seasonable and attractive lines and hope to enlarge the impression that we are
ready with the goods that are wanted, as they are wanted,
and at the lowest possible price, consistent with good
Screen Doors $1.50 to $2.75
"    30c to 45c
Step Ladders $1 to $4.50
Hoes, Rakes, Spades etc    from 50c to $1.25
Lawn Mowers  $650 to $10 50
"    Rakes     50c
"     Hose      $+.50 to $11 per 50 ft.
Sprinklers 40c up
Grass Cutters $1.50
Alabastine in all Colors
The Famous   MINERVA Paints--The  Best in  Canada.
SPORTING GOODS of all kinds
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Rurg-s.
Regular     nicotines arc held  in MAS
ONIO'TEMPLE.     Oddfellows'      Hall j
on the Third Monlay in each month j
at 8  p.  m.      Viiiitinu  brethren
cordially welcome.
A. O. BROOKER, Secretary
* I
Men's Suits,—latest European £
and American models, $20 to
$40. Every shade, every style
and every pattern,by the leading makers, Coppley,Noyes CSb
Randall, the House of Hob-
berlin and the famous Society
Brand, now being displayed
by McRae Mercantile Co., the
[     home of good clothes.     .    .    .
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Kates
Phone 42  -    Nitjht Phone 85 i
It Miaht Bo Co'ii
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly anil monthly rates to he arranged.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for f6.00
A. P. LBVBSQUB, Proprietor
• i -,
■ f! C
, 11
££**OT*    >' V l
-    . - -a-        f...c*"t—
Phone 41 Box 734
are being constantly received,
which insures our customers receiving perfectly fresh articles.
We handle only the best and
most reliable brands of every
kind of food products, and sell
them at bed-rock prices.
Hobson's Bakery
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
in irket affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Z\w*     R^tf %\ a day.    Monthly rat"..
J.   J±.llttTBTVT     STOHSTIE      PROP
Read "Mail-Herald" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The Ptvle, the workmanship and wear
And tomfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts fiat's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon  Hot  Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters arc tne most  wonderful health restorer on the Continent   Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Locatprl among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, •        Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
The Kootenay Brewery
// FACE F0l"R
SATURDAY, MAY 17th,  1913.
Just Arrived, in Great Variety, our Complete Stock of
Screen Doous
See the Latest in these Lines
Th" Combination Screen and Storm Doors
Beautiful  in Design and Workmanship
Screen Windows
35c to 75c
Screen wire
All Si/.es from 24 inches to 42 inches Wide
. V imMoil n.
-■-..»   .•„ ,.■
.   ■
, . .  i  lanimi
Will   ¥::j  Fo-
: mizer
for a Gurney-Oxford range
:er will do it.
It v.   II   '
tc pay to- its
This ■ saves 1 ten of coal in every 6
ordinarily ( ... ra ', enabling the thrifty housewife ent range with
exc .....  ctically no cost.
. '.:■ represi ' thc lower con-
. i    wiil pay back the original invest-
very sl:ort time.
Pi       ■ ritten about the Economizer could not
fits real value ta the household as has been
prov.:;   y the most scientific tests.
You owe ii to yourself to investigate the Economizer before concluding your purchase of your
new range.
There are other vital points known only in this
Gurney-Oxford, such as the Divided Flue, the New
Special Grate and the Broiler attachment.
All these scientific improvements lead the
housewife t j perfection in the art of cookin
Her uniformly heated oven works with her and
gives her the baking results she is striving for
light   delicious biscuits,  flaky wholesome  pastry
and evenly baked bread.
The bright and shining appearance of tins stove
with its nickel trimmings and polished top which
requires no black lead charms the heart of every
good housekeeper.
She realizes that the Gurney-Oxford can fulfil
here every need.
'Hardware Co., Ltd.
& «E^ *££ &* & *$ & & & <S* *££ ^
e  loait-ioecalfc
PHL18HKH   vv|.:i.M|.N|i\Y   anu
iilCVK. - ' iiKt    11    C
ipn   i iuim Company,
K   jtiHNHUN,  Manager.
I'H •  l M PON.   Kditor
SATURDAY,  MAY  17th,   1918.
A  Iiii' gang ct
government men are
now at work tn
Iding a  wagon    miel
uutotuobile road
ii um iin' top of Mc-
Ki n ;le     n\ I'niiM
in    ilie'   government
wharl recently completed.
in order to avoid a very awkward
grade the road is tx-in^ ■.""•oBtructed
to i ii trom McKeii'ii' avenue in a
loop , some nice work la lieing put
in, ure it skill being exercised to carry iln' new tlu rn.u hfur.' along the
side ii tho hill lown to tho Hats with
a minimum grade. The graders with
iun t.'anis are Doing utilized and the
work when completed will constitute
ihe Enal touch as ii were, to the
Bpl inlil service already rendered in
equipping Revels.oke with an ado-
.ii.it;' whut. li can bc predicted with
confluence that the new road and
v.hiii will develop into not only a
business travel highway, but also the
fashionable promonade lor Hevelstoke
citizen* during the' "good old summer
time," forming .,n ideal walk, leading
from ihe center of town via McKenzie
avenue .lown to the Mais an:l wharf,
whe:-e a magniflcen: view of the t'ol-
umtia river ^a'ley can be enjoyed.
Wlin this cal i-- io "-pleted Revelatoke "i'ii) n" v ill '.i a fact ic co n -
i lish el. [i j~ only a i'e j it was not
ready in time for this year's -nun-i
ci Btumi ■. I'til n '.ei- mind ' lad! is '
iot-' of opportun i - and . erhaps h t-
.'■!• weath !i* in Spring 191 I
ikseiiaii Ground impim
i h oun :il have recently    ha.l
carri .1 ... . some improvomi n s io the
■ ii     ■ 1     whh !i  in  view    of
, he .   m       of th    la       a on,     wlll
be apprei iai   I  I •    ol b  | layei      an-l
fan .
i ■ i ipped and
 i Id   ha
.'. bilst  a nat-
ovided for     thj
up,  or as
•     M
■ t1 ire .:: any
Spring Assizes
. it. c, May i —Mondfty,
IG, ban been tixM as tho date
: r the opening of thf spring term ol
a' New Westminster. This
fomp'*'' • the ;Ting assi/" calendar,
with the exception r,f Clin'on, where
the docket is exceptionally heavy, in-
• several murder trials with
which tho at i orne'v general in not yet
quite ready to pro<*ed. Hon. W. J.
iie.e ei will lix Clirvton dato n* soon
;, he returns from California, for
whieh slate hc loft onMonday on n
purely private trip, tho purpose of
which Is rest and relaxation from
official cares. Hc wns accompanied by-
Mrs. Dowser.
te, sen !
morning   if  the
hold   lb   i     igotta       hi otflra   ■
there from i In m
loop . Eodei by   ind   11
•ire iii tailing Iwi       ip     hm!   |
morning's   hool    an  lie looked
Wan!   tO.
Mr,  Bl ini.erg ol Windsor, (ml,nnl
.I.f,.   Calbfirt  r.f   Vernon,  at"  hero tliii-i
Ladies Tweed Skirts
Ladies 1-piece Dresses
Ladies' Suits
Only a few Suits left to clear at
Special Prices.
in   White    Lawn,   and   Muslins.
Regular $4 and $5.     Your choice
for $2.00
White Wash Skirts
Prices $1.75 to £2.50.
Women's Spring Hosiery
Women's   White Underwear.
ladies' House Dresses
Re?. ;'!, $3, $3-to clear at $2.00.
Spring Wash Goods
O.ir stock Never Better.    Prices
marked down from 40c. and .'55c.
Now 2r'c.
We are keeping in touch with
the Eastern Market.     You can
depend upon the  latest styles,
f Homi; Portraiture
Those who find it inconvenient to get round to the  photo-
gripher's, can have a first-c'ass portrait taken .tt home,   in
almost any >t\le, and   with   unique  and   pleasing  effects.
*s"" """'"" n,o,i a card or ea I in at the TRUEMAN STUDIO and an
The Ti'u 'rn ii Studio    ,ip io nun nt «ill at once I) • m ide.    Kxtenors .also taken.
Ji. Douvlas iourncr
■'.".r?-.t.f.'■"..•■' ..- aa .■•.j:...^i.:-•":•'••.-. m^.tlz:mc'T'.^ ■■cjrxstw.'^tm.rsuat \
il Tone, Suscepti-
: Te.i'.e !i. Hi ntj ol finish, Work-
ii mship .iii'l Dural ility.
nl tins .ill the
i.fl ileviei s     They
ne,    r'i-tie'   iii  <K-siv,rn
d      nil1 mm vice.
':'!  the   best
ire  are   em-
Lie n.
iiitjh Class Decorator
Painting and Paper Hanging
Residence   =   Victoria Road
BOX   354 Bstimates Given Free on Applicati
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
/.gents for Calgary Beer
I!    C.
■ mto, < Int.
.   .11,"'.
f,  fine
•   il
nine   ii I lr  ;.
.i Iv mi  ■ ill
it makci do difference whal y»u flfOM on
phkoii    ■.»<■   cm  ni|i|ily  ymi.
in,'i wuh His Hiicil qunlity or ourwry itook
All  irew,  ptnntfl,  vIiim.  berrlNi  ibrabt,
, lold 1 >y uh uro RU'ir
t. fl
Till i: TO NAME
n iii p v | ia lo |cl  in loneli wllh u1*.
J FlV I'l.willt NRRD9 OUR BOOK—
62 PAGES,        lO^(STAMPS)
Now is tbe time to secure your lieil-
'litiK  plants, fruit miel ornamental
trees nr licrry liuslies.     WealtO lmve
;i few Teisi- liusli-s.
The building bylawi of Point Qroy
I   yotl   „,,. noW  being given out Iiy tbe bniUl-
ahoul i  ,„.  dnpartmenl   in  thn form of unoat
I booklet, in   .vliiih nil the bylaws with
regard  lo the erection ol buildings aro
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,
Revelstoke, B. C
A. I    K [NCAin, Managei.
set down.
P.p, Murray ol Winnipeg, l» in   tho
,,,,,.       ,   ,   . The   family   remedy    for    Coughs   and  Colds
City, u gU0«   eit   thfl  Hotel   Iti'Ve'lstoke. j "shilah costs   co   little   and dce»   somucbl*
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty ol Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets aud everything
required in your business.
I SATURDAY, MAY 17th, 1913.
During This Month There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- ftum $ Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
Radium Hose
Ladies Black and Tan, a fitting compliment to the
finest shoes   loud  pedal  on  quality; soft pedal  on
price.    You can see this advertisement sticking out
of overy  paper and  magazine like  a  sore finger.
Worth  advertising,   worth   having.   Same price  in
Revelstoke as in Montreal, Toronto or New York.
$1, 50c, 75c.
" Rest Room," Second floor up—take
the  Elevator.     There  are  plenty of
nice, comfortable chairs, writing table
and telephone.    C. B. Hume  C& Co.,
Limited, provide them for the use of
the public.    You can get a good view
of MacKenzie Ave. from the window
while you wait for me.
Children's Wash Dresses
Four dozen Children's Wash   Dresses and  Rompers
to sell on Friday next.      They are worth 75c and $1,
fit children up to five years.     All at one price	
50 Cents
A new lot of Children's Wash Presses, fit girls from
1 to 10 years.    Worth looking over, at	
$1.35 Each
Sewing Cotton
Six Spools of  Standard  Sewing   Cotton,  black  or
white, any size	
25 Cents
Towels     Towels
A great, big, dandy towel,   fast  colors,   large bath
size, English goods.    A 40c. towel.    Friday bargain .
25c.   Each
Torch a.i Lace
Five hundred yards of real Torchon   Lace,  selling
now at    	
IOc. Per Yard
Cotton and Lisle Hose
100 Pairs of Womens' Lisle  and  Cotton  Hose,   fast
black, double heels, toes and tops. Friday Bargain
s  Furnishing- Department
fl   f N the  years  we  have been handling
20th Century Brand  garments we
have never had such fine clothes from
these famous tailor shops as we are now
showing this Spring.
They are smartly styled, beautifully
tailored and produced in the choice of
the world's best fabrics.
We are exclusive agents.
PRICKS :   $20 TO 82o
The smartest line of slippers and pumps ever shown in the
city. Sizes from infants 24 to children's 10} or misses' 2.
All the new leathers on the nobby little wide toe lasts. Black
Patent leather, black gunmetal, chocolate, kid, and white buck,
both turn and McKay sewn. Tan, Calf and Patent Leather
Pumps in Go;>dyear Welt, Roman Sandals and Barefoot Sandals
in patent leather.   Ask to see them.
PRfCBS:    Sl.:{"    TO   83 OO
MEN'S WORKING BOOTS at a price which will make any
man take notice. All pegged or standard screw. Genuine
solid  leather.   All sizes from G to 11.
Owr Grocery and Crockery" Department
The Best Medicine on Earth tor Colds
JOHNSTON'S FLUID BEEF, (16 ounce Bottles)
BOVRIL, 4 ounce bottles,        -  ■
BOVRIL, 2 ounce bottles,
A Large  and Well Assorted List of Pickles
Crosse & Black .veil's Walnut, pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, Mixed pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,  Chow-Chow pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, Gerkins pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, White onions pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,   Imp. Relish pts. 35c	
,,        Oriental pts. 15c
,, Sweet pickles pts. 40c
Swan Bean Chow-Chow and Mixed	
 20 ounce bottles, 35c
Victoria Cross Chow-Chow and Mixed 35c
Heinze's Sweet Sauce and Chow-<"how and
Indian Relish in Bottles.
Gillard's Relish, Chutneys, Pin Money Pickles
Steven's White Onions, Mixed,  Chow-Chow,
Walnuts and Gerkins.
Flower Seeds, in bulk and in packages.
Vegetable Seed
Lawn Grass Seed '
Lawn Clover Seed	
Timothy, Red Clover, in bulk and in packages.
Sweet Pea Seed in the best varieties.
$'.Ti iti iTi iti _Ti it* iti iti ii'i iTi t'li it*) iTi iti l'ti tTi i"ti tti it\ iTt ifi it* iTi 1*1*1 ii'i ii'i iii iti iti ii'i itt ii'i i~ti tti tt, t*t.
*X*'X TJT'X TJ* *X \J,' TX~ ,4.1 '4. '.J.1 "X1 *y *X 'X 'X 'X 'X* fX 'X *x 'X fx   •+   £   +   X*   +• H-   +   X ^*   «t   +   +' ***
I Specials For Friday and Saturday |
I   I
T ^oung Herrings in   Tomato, per tin  Wc    *$•
*? Two Tins of Cowan's Cocoa     15c    z
% Meata Whole Wheat  Flour, Six Pound Sacks  25c
#t Three Tins Quaker Pork and Beans  25c
iTfcfc.+. .j*. a .i*..+. A ***** ***** ***** ■**** 1T1 i*Ti .l'i tti l't, i*ti i'l*, ttt i'ii ttt 1*1*11*1*1 ttt i"ti iTi -Ti 1T11*1*11*1*1 iTi 1T1 iii i'ii tTi \ti
tPtpTT *iT V4*' '* '+' 'V *•*• '* * * W+* *P'll ■+''+■ *+''+'•*''+' •+''+' '4*1 ■*' '*' 'VWV'V'VFw
House Furnishing Department
Reduction Sale on Carpet Squares still on. Do not wait but buy now.
VERANDAH SCREENS-Something everyone requires. They will
keep out the sun and at the same time let the air in. We have them in all
Sizes and colors.
WALL PAPER"We carry a complete stock and can please overy taste.
We also handle Beds, Mattresses, Comforters, Pillows, Curtain Shades, Curtain Rods, Linoleum, Carpet Sweepers.   Goods and Prices are Right. PAGE SIX
SATURDAY, MAY 17th, 1913.
Vresent De-Velopment Warrants the Assurance Uhat it is Coming to Its Obvn
The Reasons :
Railway developments alone within the next four years will put into circulation in the vicinity of
Revelstoke forty millions of dollars. This^City will ie the Pay-Roll town for the distribution of
the bulk of the wages paid out on the double-tracking and the big six-mile tunnel through the
CROWN LAN DS—The rich agricultural lands tributary to the town are opening for settlement and will mean much for the future
prosperity of the district.
TIMBER RESOURCES—Tributary to Revelstoke is a timber wealth estimated at about fifty billions of feet, situated upon the Columbia River and its tributaries.
Within a radius of thirty miles of the town are five large sawmills   with the offices  of the   Forest  Mills, Limited, situated within
the corporate limits.    This Company is admitted to be the largest corporation of its kind in the interior of British Columbia.
TOURIST CF.NTRE—" The Capital of Canada's Alps," has been chosen by the C. P. R. for the location of one of its world-famed tourist
hotels. The Park Reserve on the summit of Mount Revelstoke, known as Victoria Park, makes scenic attractions unequalled in
any part of the mountains. The scenic Auto Road, from Revelstoke lo Victcria Park, is in itself a unique attraction not found in any
other part of Canada.
What the Empress Hotel has been to Victoria, such will the above attractions be to Revelstoke.
This Tourist Trade will mean to Revelstoke about one million dollars per year.
REVIVAL OF  MINING    The financial world has awakened to the opportunities now offering in the mineral realm, and never since the
golden days of the nineties has the mining industry had such a favorable outlook.
Thc Lardeau and Fish Creek Camps to the south, the golden Biu   Bend district  to  the north, are tributary assets which mean much
for the prosperity ofthe town.    The new mining camp on Shuswap Lake, to the west, cannot be overlooked in this connection.
PREDICTION —Within five years the railway development and exploitation of natural resources will make of Revelstoke a town of twenty
to twenty-five thousand people.
I take this opportunity of asking (he public of Revelstoke and those owning property here, to give me their listings,  or. if in search of property, to give me
an opportunity of showing my lists of inside and district bargains.
REMEMBER that I am handling only local property and ask the support of all citizens loyal to the interests of Revelstoke.
Having a wide connection throughout the country owing to my association with the local newspapers for the past sixteen years, I am able to place before
the investi ■■ . .       c the claims of Revelstoke for consideration.
Art* Johnson
Offices :   MacKenzie A*Ve., Opposite City Hall
mvm.ti-i.M'.fam.. Tin rf-,.";:;cjMaM«n—ifi —Mil ii mu twana
teasateittr -t -szxmmieit, innrn
i   y
.     1 \_J   (■••4   .  - w
ngle Sad
rani i
PRICE,    t, LB. IRON   S3.90
Dominion  Security Co., Limited
•   SI
A. McRae,
T   Kilpati
Plymouth flocks
'   in   Strain        I
Exl    ■        3traii  »*oo
TE   R0CK8  	
d   -*  W.OO
F.i:.'. tl  n    8tl  »3.00
: ■ I I       13.00
tting o' '.    Bgi
i v.- have won
wherever     ihowo   at I oth Provincial
Shows I won   >*.x Pi I ■*•'■-
rarer of
n Brlen, formerly of     Ireland,  who lived at one time in     Cal-'
gary, but    whose   present address Is
• . ha   fallen heir io an estate
,000, and a   Bro
oi  -oli' i Ore  .n  Dublin!   ln-land,     aro'
anxious to locate ber, that the estate
rding  io a letter received    real    man     from     the
.vln'i lasl heard
n  : neral houac-
■    ils.i   work-
iint* in western
h .,( th'' local direc -
ii ii' lords
be solids'  a  very  a''tivo
6 Imperial Bank of Canada
0 Kaad 0*rfico--Toi*or>*o. Ontario.
£ Capital Subscribed -          6,000,000.00
9 Capital Paid Up -      -       6,770,000.00
$ Reserve        - 6,770,000.00
0 Totnl Assets,        - -              $72,000,000.00
Branches or Agents at all principal points In Canada, (S
Agents in  Great Britain and   United  States   London,  England, JL
Lloyds Bank, Limited.   Chicago   Firm National  Bank,  Corn  Ex- M
change National Bank. Seattle   Seattle National Bank.   San Fran- Q
cisco   Wells Fargo Nevada National Bonk.   Spokane   Exchange X
National Hank. O
Savings Bank Department 2
Deposit 8 of $1 and upward, received, and  interesl   allowed at   Jk
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. M
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.   V
You Know Us
We are in business rijfht here where you live. You are an
acquaintance, neighbor or a friend ol ours. This money back.
[f«not»sati er Should prove the -incerity of our claims.
Make Us Prove This
v.. :
run ;
E. G. BURRIDGE <fc !
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
'i .i ■ iperienee •■ I id the
u 1    e'i fr •.,;     bowel remi
■ ,t
R      I Ordei       tasti likr- nandy.
ire toothing • r.<] ■■ i
■  IU  ■     it;;.
I'iri'ir.t: iir RXI l      ivo
thl     U     el!   ph)     M     Uf   I  ' '   e',     . J' ij
Ordcrlii m   to in *   >
stronathonsf upon  the n I
tot thenowels. They prompt-
Try Them at Our Risk
lUnl   f'.r
lie I lil     ' i ..■    In    wr-at,
•f      Uir-
.CAUTION: Plniuw* Ixmr ir, mind that k-t'iii Orderlli < tn not sold i,v ill druif
guti.   Vein run buy Urxnll Orderlii- i only tl fl," Retail Stores.
You can buy It>*xnll Orderlies in this oommunlty only it our stars:
"Repairs,    Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Ttonnaught Avo.   •   Rovelstoko
The *fo*a$Jl Store
British Columbia
Tbm ll » !'"tiII Store in nirirlv Dnty town nn.l nly In th" t!nit*»l Rl»t«i, Cnnn.lii ind
Qteet Jtrilnin. Then i.i n ilitltitilil Kfiiill llMine.lv f'.r tipurlv rrrrv orillnary tiuinftii ill —
CAch oepccinlly rilMlgnsd tor I i.r. panMUlai ill f"f wleirli it in rerymirnnnrifttl.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest Drug Stores
anv  e-han'-e,
II raid,    anil      the
. II pre
i.     it
III    t|l<!
'llll!      lie,IM I
| ■    e,   tei
».    •    • I  will     un-l
pi ni  Morir-iin, j
I at Ro > March :<i  lut,
ind   ■! ■ iped     r>vi
fro crowned head i    of
Rlirope,     wa".    n      fortn ,-b■      In'er.
bro   [hi   bfti k   10 hm  .iwn  liti'l.     and
borne to its    la»t if Hinj pin r    at
II. .   el
quickly   utoiw   le.nitlii,   curet   cnl.li,   nn.l   tin-In
the throat »nJ lund.       II ss cenu.
What kind of music do you like best—opera,
concert or vaudeville ?
The Edison Phonograph
plays records covering every phase of music—records made by the
world's greatest artists.
A sapphire reproducing point that won't scratch, a
imooth running motor every detail contributes in bringing out just the riyht volume of tone, clearly and sweetly.
Ask your Kdison dealer to play some of the new
Blue Amberol Records on an Edison Phonograph for
you, and you'll not bc satisfied until you own an Edison
outfit. The entertainment in your home is greater than
you ever dreamed of.
Tborau A. Edbon. Ine., 100 LtkaakU At*., Omit., N.J., U. S. A.
A compete Una of Editon Pbonogr.pht and Record, will Im found at
Household Rubber Gloves, per pair 75c and $1.00
Rexall Celery and Iron Tonic  $1.00
Rexall Neove Tablets  50c
Rexall Rypophosphltes  $1.00
Rexall Sarsaparilla  $1.00
Rexall Cod Liver Extract  $1.00
Remember that every Rexall preparation
is fully guaranteed to give satisfaction or
your money is returned.
BEWS  The JsgOJ2 Store
Corporation of ths City
of Revelstoke
lay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Oumming-s Transfer Co.'y
Second  Street
Howson £&> Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Phone 262.
MCKENZIE  AVE. Revelstoke
B. i'.
Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity. Call at BINCHAM'S MUSIC
STORE .ui.i inspect the large stock of Mandolines. Violins, Cuitars, Aocord-
eons, Piccolos, Flutes, Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums,
Player Piano Rol's, Silk Piano Drapes, Etc, Selling st Eastern Prices.
Edison Phonographs and Victor Cramophones with Cood Stook of Records.
Also 2.50 Edison Wax Records Belling at 40c. to clear. (Usual price, 65c). Ask
for Catalogue of tlu^Now Edison BluoSeal Unbreakable Records.
Come Early and Get First Choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a Specialty.
Re reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laundry.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80
New S.S. Laurentic. .(15,000 Tons). .New S.S. Megantic
First-Class-$92.50*      Second-!?53.75.     Third-$32.50
S. S. Teutonic
582 feet long.
Twin Screw
S. S.Canada
514 feet long.
Only One Class Cabin (II) $50.00 and Up
and Third Class $31.25 and Up, Carried
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, etc., apply to
C. P. R. Ticket Agent, Revelstoke
A By-Law t.i nuiblc the Corporation
oi tbe City of Hevelstoke to raiso
by way of debentures the sum of
Twenty rhousand Dollar.-' for tbe
purposes of thu board ot School
Trust ■■■    of  ilu' Oily of llcvi'lstokc
WHEREAS the board of School
Trustees ol lhe City of Revelstoke
bave in pursuance of thu powers ron-
lerred on ihem by iho Publio Schools
Act, caused to be propared and laid
before tbe Municipal Council ot ihe
Corporation oi the Oity of Hevelstoke
B detailed '-innate ot ihe sums required to meet special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally Incurred by the Hoard, and sucb estimate has been considered ami linally ap-
1 roved by ihe Council;
ANU WHEREAS the said istimate
provided for the erection and equipping
of a new -chool building part of
Block numbered Six between Second
and Third treets and between Garden
Avenue and Government Street, Rev-
el toke, B.C., and the acquisition of a
part of paid Bio ek for a site for such
s hool building;
AND WHEREAS to meet the expenditure as provided by said estimate it
is necessary that tbe Municipality
-hould raise ihe s'um of $20,000;
AND WHEREAS it is deemed ex-
pi dient to raise upon ihe credit of the
Municipality the sum of $20,000.00 for
s. in ol purposes as aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS the total amount
required to be raised annually by special rate for paying the said debt and
interest thereon and for creating a
sinking fund for to pay the s'aid principal debt within Fifty years is for
interest SHOO.00 and for sinking fund
§131.00 mavinj a total of $1231.00;
AND WHEREAS the amount of the ;
whole ratable land within the Muni-
i ipality including the territory com- \
prised withiu the Revel.-tokc School
District for s hool purposes according
to tbe last rev Ned assessment roll is
NOW* THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the' Corporation of the
City of Rcvelstpke in open meeting assembled enai ts as follows:
1. It -hall be lawful for the Mayor
of tbe Corporation of the City oi
Revelstoke for the purpo-e aforesaid,
and he is hereby authorised, to bor- j
low i.n the credit o' the' Municipality
ly way of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person, persons, firm
I ody or todies corporate, who may I
te willing to advance the same as a;
loan, a sum of money, not exceeding
in ihe whole the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollar-- and to cause all sucb
sums >o raised or received to be paid
into the hands of the Treasurer of the
Corporation of th'' City of Revelstoke
tor the purpose aforesaid and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. lt -hall be lawful for the Mayor
of the- said Corporation of the City of
toke to  cause any number     of
debenture^ to be     made exe-uted and
issued foi  smh sum or -urns as   may
U   required for  ihe purpose and     ou-
jjiM-t  afore-aid  not   exceeding  however,
I the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures shall be of the denomination of die Thousand Dollars each
and all of whi'h debentures shall   be
J sealed with tbe  -eal  of the Coi pora -
tion  of the City  of Revelstoke     and
signed by the Mayor and Clerk thereof
3. The said debentures shall bear
' the date of 2nd of June, 1913 and
I shall be payable in Fifty years from
. tbe     said     date in lawful   money of
Canada at the office of the Molsons
Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid, which
p!ae-e of payment shall bc designated
by the -aid debentures, and shall have
atta he'd to them coupons for tne payment of interest, and thc signature to
the interest coupons may be either
written, printed, stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear interest at the rate of Five and One-half
'ptr cent, per annum from the date
thereof, which interest shall be paid
semi-annually, at the office of the Mol-
ons Ban'4: at Revelstoke, aforesaid ln
lawful money of Canada on the 2nd
day of June and on the 2nd day    of
' December, respectively in each and
• v.ry year during the currency thereol  and it shall be expressed in     said
! d^bonturee to be so payable.
It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the caicl Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to negotiate and sell     the
, sail debentures or any of them for
less than par.
(">. There shall be levied and raised
in each year during the currency of
the said debentures the sum of Eleven
H*:ndred Dollars for the payment ol
interest and One Hundred and Thirty-
One Dollars for the payment of tho
baid debt under tho said debentures
by u special rate sufficient therefor
on all the ratable real property in tho
■aid Municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for tho Muni-
tipal Council of tho said Municipality
to repurchase any of tho Baid debent-
i res upon such terms as may bc ag -
reed upon with the legal holder or
holders thereof either at tho time of
sale and at any subsequent time, and
all debentures so repurchased shall bo
forthwith cancelled or destroyed ami
uu reissue of deben lures shull be mado
in consequence of such repurchase.
S, In Ihis By-Law the word "Mun-
Icipalily" shall be deemed to extend
in and Include all territory and properly comprised within the Revelstoke
.school District nnd all such property
shall be liable to assessment liereim -
der as provided by tho i'ublic Schools
9. This By-Law if passed shall taku
e.'cii and come imo force on and after  the 2nd  duy  0f June,  11)13.
in. This By-Law may bo cited for
all   purposes   us   tho     " Revelstoke
1 School  Hoard i  Loan  By-Law  No	
11.    This   By Law      shall   before  the
i mil passing thereof    receive the assent  of  ibe electors according  to    the
provisions uf and in the manner pre-
■ I ibed  by   the  Muni.-ipal   Act.
Read a flrst time the 2nd day of
May, 1913
Head a second time the 2nd day of
Mav, L913. »
Read a third time the 2nd day of
May, 1913, and passed with the unanimous eons.ent  „f  the Council.
Received the assent of     the electors1
(he   day of May, 1913.
Rei onsidiTi-d     adopted  and     finally
passed by the Council the  ..,  day
of May, 1918.
system aud   electric     light system of  |22nd,  1913, between  the hours of 9 b
tho said City and it shall     bo lawful   m. and 7 p.m.
for the     Muyor of the said Corpora - W. A. GORDON,
tion of the City of Rovelstoko to hor-   Ailing Clerk for the Municipal Council
row on the   credit of     the   said Oity   May Oth, 1913.
end on the security of the rates   and 	
charges by way of debentures hereinafter mentioned (rom any perBon or
persons, body or bodies, corporate wh0
mny be willing to advance tho same,
lhe sum not exceeding in the whole
the sum of $15,000.00 und to cause all '
such sums so raised lo be paid into
the hands* of the Treasurer of the said   EXAMINATION
FOB   AN   l.NSl'EO
Examinations for tbe po-ition oF
Inspector of Steam-boilers and Machinery, under  "Boiler   Inspection Act"
Cily for the purposes and with tbe
Objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It .-hull be lawful for tbo Mayor
to cause any number of debentures to
be made executed and issued for sucb
sum or sums as may be required for
the purposes and objects aforesaid not will be held at the Parliament Build*'
exceeding the sum of 815,000.00; each mgs, Victoria, commencing June 'it!.,
of said debentures lieing of the de- i 113, Application anl Instruction
nomination of $1,000.00 and all such firms can be bad on application io
debentures shall be sealed with the the undersigned, to whom tho former-
Seal nt the Corporation of the Oity oi must be returned, c irreotly filled in,
Revelstoko and tlgned by the Mayor col later than May -2nd, 1013. Salary
and Clerk ihereof. ;ii"  per month,    increasing $10   per
3. Tho said   debentures     shall    be  month per annum to a maximum   of
dated the 2nd day of .lune, 1913 and   J200 per month.
shall be made payable     in lifty years
from Hi aid date in lawful money ol
i anada at the office of ihe Molsons
Bank at Revelstoke, aforesaid, which
place of payment shall be designated
by siid debentures and shall have attached io them coupons fur the paymenl of interest and the signature ot
the coupons may be either written,
printed, slumped or lithographed,
I. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of 5j per centum
per annum from the dale' thereof,
which interest shall be payable semiannually al the office of the Molsons
Buuk at Revelstoke aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada on tho 1st day
of June und 1st day of December ro-
Chief lu pector of Machinery,
New  Westminster, B. O.
1st life M.T io M.21.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
n   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan   and  Al-
■ertu,    the    Yukon    Territory,      the
peetively in each and every year dur*   rVorth-west Territories and in a portion  of the  Province of British  Col-
City  Clerk.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
irue ropy ol" the By-Law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be
taken in the City Hall, corner of Second Street and McKenzie Avenue,
Revelstoke, B.C., on Thursday, May
22nd, 1913, between ihe hours of 9 a.
m and 7 p.m.
A.-tine; Clerk for the Municipal Council
May tlth, 1913.
nx the ciirnn y thereof and it shall
! e expressed in said debentures and
coupons to be So payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the said
Mayor io negotiate and sell said de-
debentures or any of them for less
thnn par.
il. For the payment of the 3aid
debl ihere -hall be sel aside and with
drawn in each year during tbe curren-
cy of the siid debentures from the annual current rove nue of the Municipality as derived from said water and
ele. trie light rates and charges the
sum of $98.25, and su. h sum shall be
transferred from the annual current
revenue account and be paid into a
special account to form B -inking fund
for the purpose mentioned herein.
7. For the purpo-e of paying the
inier"-t on -'aid debentures as the
same becomes due and payablo there
shall be set aside and withdrawn in
i ach year from the annual current revenue of   thc   Municipality  as  derived
umbiu, may be leased lor a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rent-
il of tl an acre. Not more than
i,5CD acres will be leased to ono applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant In person to the
Vgent or Sub-Agent of the district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease will include the coal mia-
tng rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface righu muy be considered necessary for the workicg ot
the mine at the rate ot $10.00 an
In surveyea territory tbe lar.d must
be described by sections, cr legal
sub-divisions of  sections,  and  in  un-
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
WHEREAS the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke deem it neces.-ary nnd expedient in the interests of the City of
Revelstoke that the present water supply system und electric light system
of the said City should be improved |
and extended;
AND WHEREAS to defray the costs
thereof it will be necessary to borrow
the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars,
which thc Couneil of said Corporation
proposes to raise by thc issue and salo
of debentures secured upon the rates
and charges which are chargeable and
enforceable for the user of water and I
electric light under the Water and
Electric Light Regulation By-Law 1903
and amendments;
AND WHEREAS the estimated am-1
otint of     the    said rates and charges
chargeable and enforceable for the year
in  which this By-Law    is passed     is
AND WHEREAS the amount charged on the -aid rate's and charges is
thc sum of $17,-188.21;
AND WHEREAS ihe debt hereby
created is on the security of the said
water and electric lighl rates and
tharges and i.s further guaranteed by
the Municipality at large,
AND WHEREAS for tho payment of
the said principal money and interest
during the currency of the dobenturos
to he issued it is necessary to set
aside' and withdraw from the annual
rurrent revenue derived [rom Baid water and electric light rates' nnd charges
unnuafly the sum of $993.25, the specific annual sum required for the paymenl of interest being $S25.00 and for
th" payment of the debt $98.25:
AND WHEREAS thc estimated de-
fi-ienev in said rates and charges required to make up the amount of tho
annual interest and sinking fund up-
cn tho d"bt hereby created is nil;
Be it therefore enacted by the Cor-
t oration of the City of Revelstoko as
1. The sum of Fifteen Thousand
Dollars or so much thereof as shall be
necessary shall be expended in improving and extending tho     water supply
from ih.' said water anl electric light surveyed terr.tory the tract applied
rates and charges th* sum of $825.00, ' fur sha11 be staked out oy the ap -
whi.-h sum shall   be transferred from  P**cant himself.
the annual current revenue of ihe ac- Euch applicurt must be accompan-
count of said City and he paid into a ied by a fee of $5 wbich will be re-
special aceouni for such purpo-e and funded if the rights applied for are
to be disbursed when and as thc in- j not available, but not otherwise. A'
-talments of interest become due. royalty     shall    be paid on tho mer-
B.    During the currency of said    de-  chantahle output  ot the mine at tha
bentures sai.l rates and charges to the  rate of five ceDU Per ton*
extent aforesaid shall not   form    part      Tbe person operating the mine shall
of  the annual  revenue  of the  Muniei-   furnish the Agent with sworn return!
accounting for the full quantity     ot
9. 11 shall be lawful for the Muni- merchantable coal mined and pay the
cipul Council of said Corporation fr0m royalty thereon, if the coal mining
time to time to repurchase nny of said rights are not being operated, such
debentures at such price or prices as returns should be furnished at least
mny be     mutually agreed   upon with  once a J*ear*
ihe legal holder or holders thereof aud Fur full information application
all debentures* bo repurchased shall be should t-e made to the Secretary ol
cancelled and no n issue of any such the Department of the Interior, Ot-
debenture or debentures shall be mado tawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
in consequence of -aid purchase.
10. As additional se.'tirity the credit of the said Municipality at large is
hereby pledged for tbe payment of the '
annual interest and sinking fund re-1
quired for the extinguishment of the
debt created by this By-Law nnd the
Municipal!!; hereby guarantees payment of the same to the lawful holder or holders of said debentures.
11. 'lhi By-Law shall come into
force and lake effect on the 2nd day
of .June, 1013.
12. Tbis By-Law may lo cited for
oil  purposes as the    Water and Kb' -
iri    Lighl   Hates I,oan  Bv-IjUW No	
Heud a first time tbe 2nl day of
Mny,  1918.
Read a second time ihe 2nd day of.
May. 1913.
Bead n third time the -nd day of
May, 1!H3, nnd passed with the unanimous consent of the Council.
Receive*] bhe assent of th" Electors
on  the  day of May, 1113.
Reconsidered nnd finally passed nnd
adopted  by the Council on the 	
duy ol May. 1913.
of  Dominion  Lands.
Notice is hereby given that nt the
next meeting of thc Board of Licens-
n.' Commissioners for the Oity of
Revelstoke to be held fA\: a.'t'r ho
■ xpiratlon of thirty day- from the
dati bereol application will be made
;', r permii . *n or.! Tap
ping to to John C, Lee I
nf Bev ito e hi :•■'•■    ■ 'Uf ■ to sell
liquor by  retail  now udd by  Laugh -
ton ami    Tapping in    respect of tbe
■ -   ,-  Revelstoke known as   the
ffjndtor Hotel.
Dated this lit day of May, 1913.
I.am-hton und Tapping.
I'er J. Clayton Tapping, John    0.
•on. st iss. May 3 lm.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the By-Law upon whieh
Ihe vole of the Municipality will be
tnken in the City Hall, corner oi Second Street and McKenzie Avenue,
Revelstoke, B.C., on Thursday,   May
Notice is hereby  given  tha'" a*,  tho
net:   regular meeting of the Board of
'   I ceoAog Commissioners for  the Citj
Revelftoki    o be beld after tho ex-
    piratton oi thirty days from the date
Mayor   hereof, application     will be rnade by,
the tmdersL-ned  for     permission     to
li.hn  Caley to  transfer to J.C. Tapping the Hotel License to sell liquota
hy retail at tbe premiws known as ihe
City Hotel  RevelitOke, B.O.
Datod this ?n.'. day of May, 1918.
John Caley. by his attorney in fad,
W. H. Pratt.
May Tth, 3Qd. ' \
SATURDAY, MAY 17th, 1913.
J. A. Carrington of Oaigary, is    in
. Claim of Calgary, is here this
was .,  visitor
P.  Jackson of Toronto, is in town.
Mrs. (i. Ralph Lawrence will uot re-
evive OU Monduy, "Mny 19th, nor uga'"
this season.
W. Middleton of Vuncouver, is trans
acting business here this week. Ho
arrived Tuesday,
A. B. Hunter of Boston, Mass., is a
visitor to town. He can bo seen at
the King  Edward.
a small quantity will light readily,
and cook a meal—Counter's range
A. Moore oi Toronto,
'io town this week,
A.  L.  Eaton ot  Vancouver,    is    ut  guest, Mrs. Cunningham
- .    Hotel Hevelstoke.
.:    • ;.  Morgan     Irom far-off plaint
city Fl il i I i Ls in town,
u guest.
Tho lirst  Canadian  contingent  tbat
went to the Boer war were insured for
Denton Invited •        few   $1,000,000 in the Ocean Accident    and
ladies Wednesday evening to meet hor  guarantee     Corporation.   Tho Revel -
No trouble to Hnd the real estate
boom with oue of our olectrio torches
or bioycle lamps, como and see display of Fishing Tackle and Sporting
Goods, the best over shown in town.
—Bourne' Bros. .
Mr.  Murray  hns  completed  auditing   [or  this compnny is Chas. M Field —
the books for the Swift Co., and leav-   **,,s- policy in Ihe market issued to all
The  practical examinations  in Mus-
io of McUili  University,  will be    held
in  St.   Peter's  rectory  on  Wednesduy,
May the  twenty-first, commencing   at
ten o'clock iu the morning.
Are you a Moose? If not, why not? |    will the candidates interested in this
stoke Fire Brigades are also    insured'This    Five     Dollar   Initiation Fee is examination,   kindly  tako notico   and
in  this company.   Tho special    agent j something you don't get overy  day.— govern   themselves  accordingly.
vs   I'. Stein   city auditor,
,,■   the Hotel  Hevelstoke.
a. Hood i I   V ictiii ia,   am1* in from
. cry lasl Monday.
w. J. Stin on e.f Van ouver, was an
m tbe wesi   Monday.
es for the east ou Monday.
Mr.   Loughead      and  his  son  Willie,
especially to railroaders.
You make no mistake by coming In
leave un Monday for Toronto and will  to the Moose now.   Tho charter is op-
B, Dayfoi t of Geoi   town
..■::■:• Week.
1-   U
probably be gone for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peacock of Cam-
don, Nova Scotia, ure paying a visit
ie.   Revelstoke and district lhi-' week.
Mrs. H.N, Coursler will not receive
en, and the rates aro low.   You can't
leal it for a good, s'otind order.
Only four companies settled their
losses in lull In ihe Sun Francisco
earthquake and lire, of which the Lon-
don Assurance Corporation was one.
Tuesday   uext,   but  will  receive    OU   This  company   paid   out   .$7,000,1100   In
R, H. Forturn i non Ann,    is
•  the Hotel Revelstoke.
J, W. Woodham ..1 Toronto, is here
4flj    .,,. . ing ovei    o nil;tions.
.1 une
ITthi and  not  again  until  Octo*
li. Morton of Winnipeg, i   mak
to  Revelstoke this week.
A. A. Ba   ford ol  Ca - ary, is       a
.   itoi to the city this week.
H.M.  Peai on oi Calgary, and C.S.
. , : Winn peg, are In the city.
L.  Codhart  of     Montreal,   arrived
tioai the eaM*.  the  fore  part of     this
F. A. McFarlane oi St.  Catharines,
Cm., is a busine here     thu
M.   MU a   I   alld   wife
in the city,  gui  I
v il I.
C   ii. A. Grant ol
- 'algary are
ihe  Kin.;    Ed-
There will  be a  meeting  of all  Intel
■ -ied in baseball on Monday evening
next at the v.M.C.A. All members
urgently requested to attend.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of St. John's
church will given tea on Wednesday,
May 21st, iii the Howson Block, from
;; to 7 p.m. A culinary table, Bower,
, nil candy  table- will  be iu evidence.
Messrs. Foote and Pradoliui are
making rapid progress on the work of
erecting u new residence for Mr. W. A.
Austie, situated In the heart of Revelstoke's choicest residential district ou
McKenzie avenue. looking out over
the recreation park and Columbia river. The cement basement i- well a.l-
vauced und the House will bo coni-
1 leted ready for occupancy in about
three months  time-.
Montrea,     was
•   this niid-
E. Erickson of Out   ■ ...  riask., and
Bam Mclntyre of Vancouver, are   in
A. 11.   li.." ..'.i.s aud  Johu  Dawer of
Van . the llotei Revel-
A. Lawrence   was among  '.h'- many
, •. tors here the fore part    o:
A. L ■ 31. I'--
.  C. Langhi ■ i.-oii,
nd W.e uth o;
n the ipi -ug at
ol Kelo >°na
• ■■-■ek.
Joe Muck, for some years shopman
agei ui the Roy McDonald tonsorlal
parloi . im- launched out on the seas
of business on his own ac ount,     aud
.ii,. ued up a union barber shop titled
wiih th most iieeibin sanitary equipment, in the Cutler A: Stokes billiard hall, Joe believes in treating
■ be publi ri jhl ind he propose: to
jive railroad i md ol hei - a good
.lose shave  tor  their  money,  and   as
. • ry in' el   in    Revel   e. •
e ne    -111.11.''    b i e
..i i. li ■ •" •        el lerable
bare ..1 tb ng as  wi        a
li    ..iler    tonsoriu
I     Ol l.' '.
thai   disaster,   their   poll'ies aro  written here by Ohas, M. Field.
Coupler's clean,  smokeless coul    iB
lie kind for cooking.
Forty years in use, 20     years     the
Standard,   prescribed  and  recommend.
■ ed by physicians.   For Woman's Ailments, Dr.  Manel's Female Bills,    at
your druggist.
Railroaders,  beware. Iio not put on
; life or accident insurance without first
' looking over the attractive and     low
priced policies ollered you by Chas.M.
I Field, in his sound and reliable companies.
See the Suffragette picture at    the
Star   theatre   tonight,   showing      you
how  women can take the place of men
Uon't mis-- this as its one 0f the great
| questions of the day.—Star tonight.
Remember  the  dute of  the     Opern
[House Ball,   May  21 th next, givcu  by
the Management r.t.d.
Remember,  it raises  to Twenty-five as
soon as the charter closes.
Soo Chas M. Field about that Life
Policy you are contemplating putting
on in the company of which Lord
Strathcona and the President ot the
Bank of Montreal aro directors.
Do miii wain a goivd income invest
meni or a desirable residential prop -
crty'.'   C,,n uli   Il.N. Coiiisier.
Special price on Ladies Tailored
suits $40, balance of Spring Goods.—
Leave your order early and have your
suit made by expert ladies tailors.—
Cressman St Co. Ap.30 It.
Now that ihe snow is oil the roof.—
Ho is doing it again—Who, the Chim
ney Sweep, at  the Oriental hotel.
It only costs you a Five Dollar Bill
for Initiation Fee to become a good
Loyal Moose. This is for a short time
only, so make hay while th
Mrs. Murray Hume is ddwn with an
uttack of the grippe.
A full report of Miss Lawson's recital will appear in Wednesday's isfsue
Miss Myrtle Lindmark, accompanied
her father to Vancouver ou Wednes -
duy last to visit for a week.
Mr. Bert Lawrence returned Friday
Tho young people ot this city   uro evening from Montreal whore ho bus
to  be  congratulated  that  MoUill  Utt-   been attending  Mcliill OollOgO.
iversity bus opened her doors at thoir
very thresholds, and given umplo opportunity for honors und distinction
by practical tests. Thus, McUili is
strct-hing out her hand—hor latest
i n.l last venture in our greut Provin-
ci  of unusual promise.   "Wo'' said Dr for
rriu,   tho   heud   oi   the   Conservator-   ing
Mr. Charlie Procunier has takou u
position us payroll clerk with lho
Forest  Mills Co ,  for  the summer.
Mrs. J. Herchlmer who bus beeu tho
gUest  of   Mrs.   HopgOOd  this  week, Icil
her  home   in.  Kamloops  lusl  evou-
Master Fred Skene,
Mr. uud .Mrs. Chas. R.
lined to his hed with a
lack of pneumonia.
second son   ot
Skene,  is con-
threatened at.
nun of Music of     McGill    University,
"ure trying io build up a Canadian in-
-litution,  under Canadian circumstance- und conditions.    We ought to build
up a   musical  liie uud  thought peculiar
to Canada."      Surely    therefore   we
ought  to grasp  the baud uud co-oper-  egram this morning witb the welcome
ute In their great work and endeavor.   ,„.Ws   that   be   hus  successfully   passed
A   thorough  musical  education  is     a his uxams.  in  pharmacy in Torouto.
cultured  grace,   und  moreover  an  in -
Mr. Clifford  Urquhart received a tel
valuable asset of toeial life. Many
people realize this truth, und provide
competenl tuition and instruction, but
there  Ls  one thing  that  mu>t not be
GALT COAL ls handled exclusively
in  Revelstoke  by  the  Hevelstoke General Agencies,  Ltd.
Unu-''. on Fifty Foot Corner,  Second   street,   west,   ncur  Court   House.
sun-bines [c),.t sight of: — vi/, progress and achievement. Whal proof is there that
the teacher, however expert that tutor may be, has accomplished the do-
sired object; und that ihe pupils have
made proper use ,,i iheir time? There
is nothing  better  thai  is known than
bath and pantry, electric heated mod
j i rn     plumbing,  open  lire'    place.   We
hnve* ., special price on this quick salo
I J. B. Watson Realty Co., next Star
! Theatre.
7trop;iir>. i.i  tm-
mum post box
Erected in Nineteen Twelve, five rooms  examinations.   Thus we  get  not only
ibe best, but ul-o, the reward and sat
islu'tion of  recaiving u  University cer
titieutc for f.iithiul  bard work.
C.  A.  Procunier,  Local
Representative oi   McGill
Wedding Bells
A quiet  little wedding wus celebrated at the Presbyterian Manse, at Kum
I When the Selkirk school was voted up
on there was just stie-h opposition offered us now prevails ugaiusi the high
.- hool. The ror.'^igbt of the school
board in providing au eight room
.-chool iu ihe Selkirk school has   been   l00ps,   on   Tuesday   evening,   the   l;iih
Mrs. Hopgood und Miss Maude H0p-
■good, leave tomorrow ou u three months' trip east, when they vvill visit
l'i tends and relatives in and near Winnipeg.
Mr. Greenwood of Seventh street,
west, le'fi on Tuesday for Vaucouver,
to bring home Mrs. Greenwood,    who
has uow quite  recovered after     being
iu tbe hospital  there for muny  wooks.
Miss Janet McKay arrived her from
Winnipeg on Thursday to spend the
summer with her brother, Superintend
■ in McKay. Thej are living'In Mrs.
Ki lined)'    bouse
Mrs. II. .1. McSorley is having a
number of improvements! and nltcra-
lion- made In the Taylor house on
i-isth Btreet, previous io moving in
Mr. McSorley will probably purchase
the place.
■»■».»■%»■%.^•»■%.-V*.*»*k■»•%.•***•» *k-»*»• •»
amply vindicated by  the result.-.
For my owu purt ii the city of Revelstoke cannot give my family high
school lie i ities. 1 can remove io some
town which cau. My occupation fortunately doe- not call for residence in
Ret i. - oki   above all other places
Kditor Mail-Herald:—
Through  the    olumns ot your valu-
cutting       li   paper 1 would like io present   a
..... h     .ii      ium  tion  wiib  tho
. a bi ii     boo! build
in the thoughtful  have remained her.- largely  because I
remark old  ;imo citizen    Mr.   was convinced that Revelstoke schools
rappin worthy a-    that  would afford an excellent training ior
y  pub-  my   grow,n_-  children.   But ther-    are
I a-' a  others  who are  not sn fortunate     as
.     .it   I and are we io deny to the     wage-
o which .ea -     the ol the only blessings he can
...-•. ' .        pas'.
.    .   ■
m-t..  when Mrs.  McKittrlck au.l Mr.
W. F. Ogilvie,  formerly of thi;
were' uni led in marriage.
Mr, Clifford Urquhart completed his
pharmacy   course  this  week  and     returned home yesterday from Toronto.
ity  cliff's pleasant  smile wlll  ie seen after  Mon.lay morning  in  Waltei   Bews'
The  bride  was handsomely    dressed dispensary,
in cream dotted ne.i over bluse silk,
an 1   carried  a   boU |Uet   ot   white   cai'Il-
- I ■ -   ns o: Nv
of Th.'
-on, made tbe
:i the     -outh
v. \\T' lent,   furnis
....   -I I,
B        has
to giv- to his children a "
■ lucation."   In the  biographies
ed .men  how  many  time'-  do
tad  tbat  "hi was e'.lucated  at
...*h  school   in  hi-  native   town."
I ation-.
After tb.- ceremony thi' wedding pai-
ty pai look of u dainty wedding luncheon. Mr, anl Mrs. Ugilvie are both
well known in this city, where the/
have many fri nd5 who will join with
ilie' Mail-Herald Ln extending their
mo-i heart.,   congratulations.
'lh" bappy couple will make their
home ai Kuiiiloops for the summer.
le' yi.U   iroing      to
ha .,    ..    ballot  uud say     One ol the really novel booking- oi
n shall    have    no    better  the season, ut the Kmpress,     Friday.
it I had.   I have work- May -"•, will bc tli
ed by i my children mutft  Bollard     Juvenile
hlUMttl uuwLhiLLii
Mr. Aubrey  Doyl i,     a former well-
known Revelstoke boy, bus graduated
as a   dentist   liuin   the   Dental   i olh'ge.
Port land, i Ire., where he wai ul end -
Ing along with Mr. Charlie Dent.
Aubrey intiiid- l.u,ing the ll. 0. ex-
an s.   in  June  also.
Mr.. Wilson and family arrived on
Sunday afternoon fiom Burton-on-
I ' i. . England, to join Mr. Wilson,
1 .ret ,1'y ul the Fores I Mills Co., in
ihis city. Thoy are occupying the
suite of rooms above the company%.
oilier   , n Vi. toria Road.
Mr.  F.  Laing,  .,. ompanied by   hi.s
daughter Muriel, leave on Monday ior
.ppearance of the   Toronto,   where   Mr.   Luing  has      heei.
Opera Compauy, appointed la) delegate representing Bt
train themselves   which i-     no.v     upon Its tilth world   Johns . hur-b at  the general assemb-
■     in.n- and     take  tour, coming all th' way from Aus* ly.   He     will   also spend to uo little
ide wish the pro-  tralia.  where the Pollaid system had time wltb in    mother in  Dundas, ont.
Anu      eereeilliielliie.      nf      eltilel
Hemouibi r tbe tea and sale ni work
j    •
M :•
■ :   "
!. I
on M
i    -ta. •
a ne
• Ion.
i hin rv
J.J.  K |                   . ■ , arrive 1
I .   in  tb*  ■ ty  on Me n.i He
is lo in here and
can be f een at 'he Hoti RevelBtoke.
How apt is   'ts  origin.    Many   companies  of  child
i) -  Elegy in   a  performers  ba?e endeavored io unit -
ate  the Pollards of recent years,  but
.    Milton here  '•• remains for tb   originals to furnish
tho greatsst amount of pleasure      to
L-iiil !,■     of hi-' theatregoers on this continent.
'lh       Pollard     Juvenile     Company,
ilir hand to       any   which     will  visit  th.s city, is     com*
which   would   bani.-h   posed of some lifty of the cleverest 0t
a       i ■  their God  the    different companies of    the past
on   By ''    and as the tour is to com-
ite wh, h is pay-  l"   ' to Bvery principal city on
.ration '   1''-'    management has used
in  the    i■.'■■ Hou of the
Sydii'y,   in   liouoiiilu,
Coast, as well   as'
■  Ati um      lime    ol  Unlti .1  .states,
.iii I i anada the t,   ,rds foi mei ly held
>   the Po lai d cn.n| anies ha' o   been
eclipsed and tlie public everywhere pro
mi thu pre i ic ui. aiii/ution tho lin-
I. and irti ticail)   .m.I  otherwise,    that
., |ave  ba   been brought to tbi* continent.
made       jn       Anion.-     In    in  liners   of   the   present
-, ,,,1     ompany   who  ha.e  mudo  names    for
llieni .!.•■   here un previous "Pollard"
  Toddy  McNamara, i}uoonie
Williams,  Willie Pollard, Eva Pollard
we  pay  May  Pollard.   Nellie  McNamara, Bot-
.,,„ .   | articular can
tnnoi      : ■ ' "■'     ln
on •
■■ inch
'  / arge fo
Gladly  would
.     .,],,,   tie  Brown,  Daisy Wilson,  Leslie Bon-
f spending  sav    eventy   agtoey,  Pattie  Iiill and many others.
J. H. Sdmondion, ll
and J.W. ' 'ami ron, all
are doing  busine a     hei
They are it tb
Rev. R H. Huntlej
th» Bai . ' 'hurch at
7.30 p.m. Evening subject 'Wedding
Carmen*. ' Mr. Allen Thomson will
ting 'Face to Fac-.' All cordially
St.   Peter's   church,  Trinity   Sunday
Service*f    as     follows:—g a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m., Matins and An
te-Commtinior*     7:30 p.m., Evensong
Sermons by  the rector. Rev.     C. A
Hones ta
Ban.ford,     Single animals pei   month, j.-,.o>>.
il '■ inco iver,        - ial
■e  this    week.   '■'•' •'    'n '" ■    '■<*   moi
. Iward.   "n" animal.
I    Pastuie  well  It. ,,   ;
.-.ill   prea-h  ln   • I   and lotl of fee.!.
ii  a.m.     and     Apply to w. Fleming,   iss   mm St.,
'• ing tils
■    riayor    had
...    0
whi-h they
..Mud ba " ''.re- Into tar thor-
■   '■     in inii th<- -it'/ .
No   Moderation ha   i>een overlooked
1 ie .   ire nil ii'vl bended men,
May  23—The  Pollard  Opera  Co.,
the Km pres- theatre.
-en Monday evening al "he Method*
* church, the Bpwortb League will
.'   m  charge  of   ihe  CitLennhlp     de-
Thei        , lother aspeot whl.-h    ap-
peal   to iry forcibly and which I partment,   MeKursi  itodent  and Tour-
h  in bring  to  the   ittentioB or my ner  will  Itipporl   the affirmative   and
May 'Pnnce of Tonight," „i  thn f„Mow wnrk„r, ,n ,hl, „„,,, of lnbo,.„ Mel ,,.   pattar»on and     Maxwell
held   by   ,Si.   John's   Ladies'   Aid   next
Wi dm lay from I to , o luck in ihe
lioivson Block. There will be a table
of bedding planta ior sale in addition
to the i ijine oouing aui candy tables, Ice cream tea und cake will be on
Mr. Aus ie, manager of tbe Forest
Mills Co., is uway io Winnipeg this
week, Mrs. Anstie will return wiih
him tbe lirst oi next week ii bur health is sutticlentlj improved a- lo permit her tia.elllng. Thej will occupy
mi . I laggt n's bouse until thi lr new
residence on McKenzie a\euuu i- completed.
Mr. Fi id I i .nliai t will not i ome
n.nne this summer. He has been so
fortunate u* to be one of the few chos
• n io remain foi ihe summer months,
a- ho-pital assistant. This speaks
volume-,' for Fred's ability aud popu-
larity and Ins old friends in Revel-
Btoke are proud of his success. He
will be home for the month ofSept-
ember for a short re-i before commenc
ing hi- linul year.
Revelatoke •.uhragettes are up-to-
date alright. Many citizens were star
tied to learn yesterday tnat a "votes
for Women" placard had been discovered tacked up on the charred re-
li'ii. the Pollards uro growing up mains of Selkirk Hall, just two days
now an.I ni h member i- above tho alter the lire had taken place. The
age ni fifteen m.ei yet none have rea- fact that ceitgin well-known members
bed nineteen years. Then careori^ra of the political Equality League wero
in and their talents doveloped und observed ln the neighborhood of tho
rounded out. They may be judged by hall on Wednesday night, apparently
same standard us tho "grown- taking keen interest in the eilorts ui
ups" and i" i the boast of the man- the firemen, us well as the furthei evi-
agemenl thai lhi*y will not sutler in denoe that several ladies, known to
tlie comparison. The engagement here have strong sufirugc sympathies, have
promises  to  be a great social  as well  been frequently seen of late setting fire
Like Maude A.lum , Mrs. Fiske Muio
it oui id.. p.,ints. M'lna, Henry Ulxlc,  ilabel Taliaferro,
n Wn t    nt rm    CortnlM und  a    score  of  othei   stars
, tably    for the   "ho began theii  itage Careers us chil-
eni   ol   ho'< '    ,,,u
•    foi
• that i have me' Iran
ndulgence,  I am,
' hankfully,
Kmpress theatre.
May  20—Opera  House Ball
Wr  Imve in  Revel  tnkn n public bcIioiiI
by     the'with n reputation  for  proficiency    un-
| equalled in any part oi tbo provlnco.
iMgaUvo of (l debate on tha resolution
"ltoqolv(*d thnl Labor Bnions arQ a
Benefit to the Commdnily."*
n- nn ui tistie 3UCeess.
Tho Bollnrd's will play "Tno Toy
Maker" This is exactly the same com
pany which is appearing at* present in
to heaps of rubbish in their own back
yards, lends much credence to the theory that the blazo on Wednesday ov -
euing wa= without doubt the work ol
tbe militants.


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